Finally I get around to actually posting a story...

Well, actually, I feel kinda sheepish posting here, because I've never had a public accident since I was a little kid. Probably the worst thing that happened to me happened on a family vacation to Hilton Head, about four or five years ago. For anyone who doesn't know, Hilton Head is a posh island resort off the southern East Coast frequented by the rich and powerful; as I understand it the Clintons visit it on occasion. Well, anyway, I was on a trip with my dad and his side of the family, which is not-so-coincidentally quite wealthy. We stayed for a bit at my grandparents' house in Washington D.C. before taking a chartered bus to catch a ferry to the island. Well, the night before the bus trip, the family was sitting around, watching movies, and talking. I had not yet adopted my present, reasonably healthy dietary habits, and while everyone was talking I OD'd on a huge tub of caramel and cheese popcorn. This didn't sit well with the stomach bug I'd contracted probably a week earlier. My stomach started killing me, and I spent most of the rest of that night moaning in agony in bed. It was a really vile bug; I felt absolutely terrible but the illness stayed right in my stomach, and wouldn't move out either end. Usually with a stomach flu I either find myself on the toilet several times or end up puking my guts out, but neither of these happened. Well, finally I fell asleep, and woke up the next day feeling somewhat better but not really recovered. I was really worried about having the same thing happen on the bus trip the next day, but, luckily, I ate very little that day and felt well enough to play the usual family poker game on the bus that night and slept just fine. The next day we got to Hilton Head, and were shown our lavish suite (really more of a house.) We were told it was the favorite suite of the Clintons when they stayed; they were actually there at the same time we were but were staying somewhere else. I saw what I thought was them once going to some sort of nighttime ball from a very great distance, and my dad saw a cloud of Secret Servicemen going for its morning jog one morning, but other you never would have known they were on the same island as us. But I remember that the logistics somehow turned out that I had a bedroom with two single beds all to myself, along with the adjoining bathroom which was covered in wall-to-wall mirrors, and I remember wondering several times a little excitedly as I took a pee if Hillary or Chelsea had ever sat on that toilet seat watching herself take a dump! Well, the morning of our arrival we ate breakfast in one of the hotel-suite-resort-complex restaurants, and, thinking my stomach was fairly recovered, I ate a few strawberries along with my light breads and things. I stopped when my stomach gave a little twinge at all those wonderful fruity acids, but by then it was too late and that night was a return to the stomach-churning misery of two nights ago. (Like so many bugs, it only seemed to strike at night.) I lay in bed reading old Dragonlance fantasy novels and feeling very bad about the whole vacation. It was the same story as before - no throwing up, no bowel movements. It was kind! of an odd bug, actually, because I hadn't had any bowel movements since the bug started, as opposed to the usual. Well, the next day I came up with a clever plan to deal with the heinous virus, which was basically to eat nothing until the bug went away or I died of starvation. And, lo and behold, it worked! That night my stomach was growling at me and churning a little bit, but I didn't feel nauseous at all and I felt rather good about the success of my stragegem. It was a little premature.

Sometime in the darkest dark of night, my consciousness was dredged up from deep sleep through a tangle of dreams somehow related to me losing control of my rear end, and I woke up with the most terrible pressure to take a dump that I'd ever had. I staggered, still half-asleep, with loose, wet shit leaking slowly through my control, into the wall-to-wall mirrored bathroom, took down my underwear, sat down, and watched myself have a loose, wet, absolutely huge bowel movement into the toilet from every possible angle. It was over very quickly; it wasn't one of those endless bouts of diarrhea that comes and goes for hours. I totally lost everything and that was it. After it was over, I sat there on the toilet for a few seconds thinking that Hillary and Chelsea had probably never been in that bathroom in quite the same way I was right then. I then dispiritedly surveyed the damage; there was a huge circular brown stain on my underwear. So I wiped myself with a good deal of paper and threw that into the bowl, and then took off my underwear and threw that into the bowl also. Silly me. As I flushed the toilet I found out the hard way that underwear doesn't really dissolve the same way that toilet paper does (eh, Blake?). I'd avoided looking into the bowl up to then, but the flush didn't quite sound right, so I turned around and stared at the masses of used toilet paper and floating shit with a sinking heart. I flushed again, with no luck, of course. Unfortunately, there was no way that I could just leave all of that waiting there for someone else to discover. So...have any of you ever seen Trainspotting? It wasn't quite that bad, but retrieving that soiled underwear bare-handed is not something I'd like to do again. After that bit of unpleasantness, I flushed the almost-overflowing toilet a third time - finally, success! I then washed out the underwear as best I could, found a plastic bag in the kitchen to put it in, and hid it in my and my sister's travel bag (though I later had to retrieve it, for fear of discovery, and hide it in my own bag.) When I tried to go back to my bed, I saw another large brown stain there; I made that bad and slept in the other one, and, well, the resort staff could think whatever they wanted. The bug went away after another day or so without anything more than another tiny close-call, and we went back home with no one the wiser.

Not a public accident, but I still think it's valid...any responses welcome!

I also like to hold on as long as possible. I have always been sucessful in not pooping myself except for once. I was driving home from a supermarket and was eating a chocolate bar. I felt the urge to go while I was still in the store but based on passed experience I thought I would be able to hold it until I got home. About two minutes after leaving the store the urge got very strong and I realized I could be in trouble. I pulled into a shopping mall and parked my car. I started walking towards the Mall enterance nearest to the bathroom. As I was walking the need to go got stronger with each step until I exploded right in the parking lot. In order to avoid the embarrasement of walking through the mall with a load in my pants I walked back to my car, emptied a bag of groceries and put the bag on my seat and drove home. It was a wet poo and as soon as I sat down it spread everywhere. It was a very uncomfortable drive home and thoughts of being in a traffic accident or getting pulled over by the cops kept going through my head so I drove home very carefully. Luckilly my wife was not home so I quickly got into the shower and cleaned myself up. My pants were a mess but I put them in the washing mashine and they actually came out clean. I through my underwear out. My wife never found out about it.

Like Susan I once wet myself on a bus, not a train. I was coming home from school, I was 17, and had run for the bus, although I had to pee really badly. Well, traffic and bad timing combined, and after about 10 minutes of great struggle to hold it in, ended up flooding the seat, my dress and my panties. I completely wet myself sitting on the bus, with a few people looking at the growing puddle on the floor.
What was (almost) worse was that when I got up to get off, I was dripping wet and my blue dress was pretty see through where it was wet. I'm sure my (wet) panties were visable to all, and I got endless looks on the street. Somehow I managed to talk the two blocks home, and when finally home I looked in the mirror: I was soaking and my panties were totally visable under my wet dress. I showered and changed, but was really glad I didn't see anyone I knew.
I guess this is transportation related. I also once wet my pants in my car while stuck in traffic.

Lydia & Kelly-
We would love to hear your stories, of when u messed your pants as children!

Lydia I like to play hold it also and have several times not made it and messed my pants this has happened to me in public and I have been embarressed more then a few times. The last time I was at the mall and pooped my pants on the way to my car several people saw me and I was embarrassed but I still do this all the time. maybe I like the idea of getting caught with a load in my pants. how about you. if you would like to e-mail and talk about this with me just let me know

Joe B
I like to hold back my poop before I take an enema. It makes the enema so much better and the felling afterward is great.

Kelly, it was very interesting to read your post because I also have a history of trying to hold it when I have to poop. It started in childhood and it resulted in messed panties a few times. What you might find hard to believe is that I never realyy outgrew the habit and still like to hold it, sometimes to the point of desperation. I will try to come back and tell what happened on some of these desperate occasions. So, you are not the only one who likes to hold it.

Does anyone like to hold back when you have to poop? I actually like doing that.I don't make messes,but i just like to keep it in.The other day i felt the urge but i decided to wait for later.So i held it back.Soon it came again,i held it.Later though,i thought i'd just go.AT that time i didn't have the urge but i felt like pushing hard,so i went.And i did push and a big one came,and a smaller one.
Yesterday i only did a hard little ball.When i hold back,i like to stand and cross my legs,sqeeze my butt cheeks in,etc. And when i decide i want to go,i love pushing!I like watching in the mirror beside the toilet,watching the poop coming out my butt,hard and big.I lean forward,and push while pushing in my t??y with my hands.I hear the crackling of the poop coming,i'm out of breath and plop!I look to see it and if it's small,i try pushing more to do more.
I like hearing other people pushing and grunting,and the sound of it dropping into the toilet.How i'd love to see what they did.
Anyone else like holding back for awhile?AS a kid,it was real bad.I'd do it too much and constipated and sick,and messes in my panties.My mom would know the sign of holding back.I'd go pale,stop what i'm doing,get a funny look on my face,sometimes she'd catch me with my legs crossed,and she'd make me go to the toilet.
Sometimes though,i'd go to be alone,cross my legs and start grunting and squirming. THose were the days.

my son pees on the toilet seat he needs a seeing eye dog for his Dick

I've had a bad expeience with diet soda drinks. I found out Nutra Sweet causes me to have an almost instant poop emergency. As soon as I took a drink I almost lost it in my pants, I'm sure I would have had an accident if the jon had been occupied or i had been far from one. Anyone else had a similar experience?

My fovorite time is when my girlfreind holds my penis while I pee. you see she has penis envy.

Crossposted from Mass Transit Horror Stories
I don't know which section this should be posted in but here goes. Was my first day at my new job and was particularly nervous. Was starting as a receptionist and had got myself nicely dressed up. Took an early train so as I wouldn't be late for my first day. I had to run to catch it and immediately I sat down I knew I should have visited the ladies. Well the stupid train was held up by a broken down one in front of us and what should have been a 30 minute trip took over an hour. My need to pee got worse and worse and I just couldn't sit still and when only about 5 minutes from town my overfilled bladder let loose and I peed myself all over the seat. I was distraught not only from embarrassment but also because I couldn't turn up for work. I had to go into a dress shop and buy some new clothes so that at least I could turn up late.

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Late night Dump
It was 11:15 at night and before going to bed, I figured I would take a dump. I was the only one home. My mom was out with my aunt. 11:30 aproached and my dad was home from work. Of course, I was half asleep on the toilet. All of a sudden, the door opens, frightening me out of my daze. It was my dad. "Honey, I'm home! Oh, you're not Edna. Where's your mother?" With my pants down, I jumped and went "Agh! i'm in here! She's with Aunt Pat!" The next day at breakfast, we laughed about it and told my mom and my aunt the story. They got a kick out of it. The moral of the story: Wait until dad is home from work before you fall asleep on the john.

When I was younger, I went on a train trip with my junior high school. Upon visiting the bathroom in the train car, I was surprised to find merely a hole in the floor, below which you could see the track, and a roll of toilet paper. Apparently, you were supposed to squat above the hole and do the deed, as that was exactly what I did. I didn't have any choice, because I had to pee so badly.

Train toilets dumping onto the tracks is very common in Europe (particularly U.K.), and there I have seen MASSIVE loads of crap and toilet paper piled upon the tracks, particularly near the stations. I suspect those "don't flush in the station" signs are supposed to keep you from flushing until the train is moving and away from the station. Also, there is this little sign which says "please put T.P. in the wastebasket". Is this to keep the tracks clean? That would be a big smelly mess to put all your used T.P. in the wastebasket. I think nobody does this anyway, since there is so much T.P. on the tracks. I wonder if anybody cleans this mess up.

Recently I have read a lot of stories concerning bad effects from laxatives, does anyone have any stories, about foods that act like a laxative on them?? (like milk does to me)

While I have never had a peeing accident after today I can well imagine the embarrasment that would go along with the accident. Today I spilled a glass of water all over myself at work. My colleagues look at me funny as I explain that it was only a glass of water. I sure hope they believe me.

see that the Daily Dump has now been closed down. That's what happens when idiots get involved. I think a nice moderated site such as this is better. The traffic here is likely to increase, as the opportunities on the Web for those of us who are fecally obssessed are very limited.

My brother, Joe has a sick sense of humor. My wife, Susie, and I went on a road trip with him and his wife, Joan last summer. We were driving from Chicago to Phoenix. We were staying overnight at two hotels and spending the rest of the time driving. We left at about six on a wednesday morning. We brought lunch and were planning on driving straight through to the hotel, unless we needed gas. He had slipped chopped up laxatives into his wife's chocolate chip muffin that morning. They were the strong kind that worked within a few hours. We started driving and at about eleven, Joan said that she needed to go to the bathroom. At this point, nobody except Joe knew about the laxatives. We asked her if she could wait a few hours until we needed gas. She said okay, and we kept going. We ate our picnic lunches in the car, and decided to stop at about two for gas and a rest stop. At noon, Joan was looking very uncomfortable. She was squirming around, but I think that she was too embarrassed to say anything, because we didn't want to stop so soon. At one, she started to pass gas. She really looked upset, and she finally spoke up. "Joe, can we pull over now?" "No, there won't be another exit for forty miles" "Okay, I'll wait". Then, at one-thirty, only fifteen miles from a rest stop, disaster struck. There was road construction, and the highway was backed up for miles. "Joe, pull over, please" she moaned. She was obviously in pain. Unfortunately, we were in the far left lane, and so we slowly tried to get there. We had cups from lunch, and he offered her one. By this time she was upset, and she snapped, "I have to go BM and this isn't going to help!" Ten minutes went by and we still were one lane away. The right land was full of trucks, so this would be tricky. All of a sudden, a spot opened and Joe jerked the car to the right. Joan completely lost control and began to fill her jeans. "Oh my god, I'm going BM!", she groaned. He quickly pulled over and she jumped out and pulled her pants down. There were no trees, but only a few small bushes. As she pulled her jeans off, liquid poop was bursting out and into the grass. She was crying, and many bored drivers stuck in traffic were watching. She must have been constipated for days, because the poop kept coming. Susie went to the back of the car to the suitcases and got Joan a change of clothes. Joan shitted for another five minutes and as she cleaned herself off with some old towels that had been in the car, she suddenly ran to another spot and squatted down for five more minutes. Susie and I were concerned, but Joe seemed rather amused. She slowly got dressed, and got back into the car. She left her dirty clothes and towels by her massive mess. She was incredibly embarrassed, but still sick. All night long she was up in the bathroom and it smelled so bad that we had to open all the windows and we were freezing. The next morning, she was feeling better, but she didn't eat anything all day. Joe came up to me and told me what he had done. He hadn't expected it to be this bad, he just wanted to see her squirm a bit. She didn't feel completely better until near the end of our trip. I told you he was sick.

Does anyone else have stories about laxatives causing problems?

Last summer, I had been constipated for a few days because of a new diet that I was trying. I went to a fourth of july picnic with my cousin, her boyfriend, and my boyfriend at a forest preserve. There were only two outhouses. I ate alot of potato salad and soon started to feel the need to have a BM. Both of the bathrooms were being used. There were long lines for both of them, so I decided to go into the woods to do my business. I was starting to get very strong messages, and my stomach was staring to hurt. I knew that this would be a big one. I started to walk off into the woods, and after I'd walked a few feet, I saw someone squatting in a small clearing. I realized that it was my cousin's boyfriend. He must have had to go pretty badly, because he was letting out a huge load of loose, wet crap and some liquid diarrhea. I watched him for a second, and then my bowels told me to hurry up and I started to get cramps. I kept walking a little farther and found a nice, secluded spot. I pulled down my pants and my poop rushed out. I pooped foer five minutes straight when I had to move because there was so much poop it was piling up to my butt. I felt momentarily relived, except that as I stood up, I knew that there was still alot more to come. I decided to walk down a bit further, so I wouldn't stink up one part of the forest. I walked a little further when I started getting severe cramps. This was unusual, because I usually don't hurt this much. I quickly found a clearing when my boyfriend who had been looking for me came up behind me, grabbed me around the waist and picked me up. He pushed right on my t??y, and I fell to the ground, doubled over in pain as a little squirt of diarrhea filled my flowered panties. I felt another wave of severe cramps and pulled my shorts down just in time. The shit kept coming and coming. I had to move a few feet between each burst so that it wouldn't run ito my shoes. Fifteen minutes later, when I was finally done (luckily I had enough kleenex in my pocket) I threw out my panties and stood up. I was afraid my boyfriend would have run away, but he hugged me and asked me if I was okay. I told him that I was sorry and I started to cry. He told me that he came to get me because my cousin's boyfriend was sick and we had to go home. By this time, I was tired and I felt so empty. My boyfriend picked me up and carried me back to the car. My cousin and her boyfriend were waiting for us. Thankfully, my boyfriend didn't say anything to them. The car ride home was long and we had to stop every few minutes so that her boyfriend could go to the bathroom. I fell asleep in the back seat in my boyfriend's arms.


I have had a lot of accidents while I was around 16, although most of my posts have to do with grade school. When I get sometime I will type up some of my high school accidents! Don't worry it happens to everyone! Have you had any other accidents?


To Shelly
Worst Date story- when I was 16 I took a girl out, we ate dinner at a friends house first, then drove over to a dance. As we were on the road, I began to get cramps and feel sick. My friend also was sick to her stomach, and asked me to pull over. She jumped out of the car and began getting sick- we were both throwing up and had diarrhea real bad. There was not even time to pull down your pants. We both messed in our underwear too, but there was nothing we could do- it was like a big wet explosion in your pants. I helped her back into the car and drove right to her house. Her mom opened the door and almost fainted- we were a mess, with poop all over our jeans and puke on our clothes. Later we found out that other people had gotten sick from some bad food, and one person even went to the hospital

The other day me and my dad went biking to the flea market and after looking around for a while I realized I had to go to the bathroom to have a bm I asked my father and he said wait until we get home well as we were leaving I completly lost control and filled my panties. My father couldn't believe that his 16 year old daughter had soiled herself and he yelled at me, well I had to ride home on my bike with my messy panties still on, and it was weird sitting on a bike seat with watery poop covering your butt and private parts. Anyway I got home and changed and threw my panties away, I did get grounded for a month though.

Has this ever happened to anyone else, who wass or is around my age of 16??? Tell me about it

Yours Truly,


Recently I was driving into the city, and just HAD to go. I came to a large park that I knew had toilets, but they were a few minutes walk from where I could park the car. I hurried, and came to the toilets, but I could only see the ladies. By this time I was getting DESPERATE! I had a quick look around, and as no-one was nearby, in I went. Fortunately there was no-one inside. I (just) made it in time, and saved the mess in my pants. I heard some one come in whilst I was there, and a tinkle into the water in the bowl. I quickly left without being "spotted".

Another time, another city, another park. I was that the ladies was on the left hand end, so I went to the door on the right hand end. I went in and did my business (BM), but when I came out, I did not see the urinal. As I was washing my hands, two ladies came in, and gave me a terrible look. I was sooo embarrassed! As I left, I found that the mensroom was actually in another block that was hidden from the direction that I approached, and that the ladies block had two entrances. How embarrasment!

Has this ever happened to anybody else?

Has anyone here either began to pee (or poop) their pants, by accident, and become so embarrassed, they do the other as well?

More From Blake

Last summer, I went to a luncheon at a friends house. Her adorable little eight year old daughter had helped prepare the food. We had chicken salad, fruit, and strong, but good iced tea. The tea was fabulous and we all drank alot of it. Just as we were finishing lunch, one of the women excused herself to go to the bathroom. A couple minutes later, another woman got a strange look on her face and went to the other bathroom. Then, I started getting cramps and gurgling in my t??y and asked if there was a third bathroom. There wasn't, so I waited for the first one. I waited another ten minutes, and was about to have an accident in my pants, when the first woman came out. The room reeked. By this time, all the women (there were about ten of us) were waiting for one of the bathrooms. I rushed to the toilet and barely had my pants down when my lunch started gushing into the toilet. My cramps were pretty severe now, and I let out two more floods of diarrhea before I could leave. I had been in the bathroom for ten minutes. As I left, the next woman hurried in after me.

Five of the women had already left because they didn't feel well. There was only one more woman in line and as I talked to her, she tried to hide her expression, but she looked very uncomfortable before she finally let it go in her pants. I felt sorry for her, and left. The hostess was apparently in the other bathroom, so I couldn't say goodbye. I still had cramps, and I wanted to get home before I had an accident. I had only a fifteen minute drive, but after ten minutes, I had to pull over because I was doubled over with cramps. I was on the expressway, and I got out of the car and let loose all over the grass. Some of it got on my skirt, and all I had was a few kleenexes to wipe, so I took of my skirt and sat on a pillow in the car in my undies, poop squishing all over my poor butt. When I got home, I threw out my undies and the pillow, and put my skirt in the washing machine. After another trip to the bathroom, not quite as bad, but still a lot of toilet paper and three flushes, I decided to call the hostess to apologize for leaving so quickly. She told me that most of the other women had also called, and everyone she talked to was sick. It didn't seem like food poisoning, because no one was throwing up, and the only symptoms were cramps and bad diarrhea. She apologized, and I hung up and went to bed. My t??y awakened me twice during the night, and all through the next day at work, I frequently had to go to the bathroom. It wasn't as bad as the night before, so I hoped it was going away. That evening, the hostess called me, sounding very upset. She had gone over everything that we had eaten and didn't know what could of made us sick, until she talked to har daughter. She asked her daughter to get out the tea that she had used, and her daughter pulled out a box of laxative tea, almost empty. Her daughter couldn't have known what laxative tea was. She was very apologetic, and I told her that it could have happened to anyone. Later, I found out that one of the women was very upset because she ruined a new dress and had to miss a day of work. She had had an accident on the way home with her husband in the car.

The moral of this story is don't trust kids too young to read big words.

Happy posting!

To Diane.

It's great to hear that you enjoy peeing outdoors; I have often pulled over to the roadside rather than using a washroom purely for the convience of relieving myself. I always try to find a tree or bush to go on; I've never tried standing in the shelter of the passenger side door. Is it possible for guys to do so without peeing all over the door and having passing motorists see you?

Well, it is time to make my presence known too... Those of you from the Daily Dump, will recoginze me as Handmaiden to Queen Marsha and Princess Rhonda, but I am not certain that the folks here want what I do exposed here.
maybe there will be some comments...

Most of your material is okay. Thanks for your concerns we will be fixing on the faq later today in an attempt to clear this issue up.

To Diane.

It's great to hear that you enjoy peeing outdoors; I have often pulled over to the roadside rather than using a washroom purely for the convience of relieving myself. I always try to find a tree or bush to go on; I've never tried standing in the shelter of the passenger side door. Is it possible for guys to do so without peeing all over the door and having passing motorists see you?


That was a great story. It reminds me of an accident that happened to me. It was not at a job interview but shortly after I started a new job as a legal secretary the lawyer I work for took me out for lunch. During lunch my stomach started to feel uneasy but I tried to put it out of my mind.

Walking back from the restuarant I became quite desperate. As we were walking I was trying very hard to prevent an accident while at the same time carrying on a conversation with my boss. While I was speaking I felt some shit squirt into my panties but fortunately not enough to be noticed. The ride up the elevator was almost a night mare. I felt another squirt but nothing noticable except for the smell but I figured he may think its is from any one of five people on the elevator. Once we got to our floor I went to the bathroom and let the rest out in the toilet. My panties were messy enough from the two leaks that I threw them out and it took me about 20 minutes to clean my bum but overall I can't complain. If it would have taken another minute or to to get to the bathroom I really would have been in an embarrasing situation.

I have had a couple of accidents before but never in public. I think I would die of embarrasement if it ever happens. I certainly would not have been able to face my boss again had I have had a full blown accident.

Gas/wind can give just as many problems as the need to shit, and sometimes it is difficult to know what is going to happen till you get there and get your pants down. That happened to me few days ago. I had already done my number 2 twice that day, and by late afternoon, I felt really bloated. So I adjourned to the men's room, locked myself in a stall, got my pants down and sat down. Nothing happened for a couple of minutes and then a gigantic fart came blasting out of my anus. I remained seated, and over the next 10 minutes I produced three more enormous farts and belched very loudly twice.

When I left, without needing to wipe, I felt as empty and relieved as if I had had had a BM, and indeed felt fine for the rest of the day.

Another x Dumpster. It is nice to find a civil forum to discuss our common interests. I look forward to posting some of my accident stories as well as reading about the experiences of others

More stories: grade school

A few nights ago, I was dreaming about taking a piss and I suddenly woke up. I didn't know why at first, then realized I had wet my pants. It was so embarrassing! I was able to clean it up in the middle of the night, so my parents never found out.

Here's the first of my experiences that I promised to post. I think we all feel better when we share these things. I first posted this in April, '96.



I have noticed some posts from people who have accidentally pooped in their pants. I have often wondered how often this happens. I mean people don't talk about this sort of thing, so all you have to go on are your own experiences and, if this happens to you, you think you are rather strange or not properly grown up.

Over the years I've had a few close calls and some actual accidents. I'll begin by telling about something that happened quite a few years ago. I had to travel to another city for a job interview. I arrived the day before, and being constipated took a laxative before going to bed in the motel. These things are supposed to work over night so that you can go without any problem the next morning. In the morning the damn thing still hadn't worked, so I took another dose and headed out for the day. My only previous experiences with laxatives had been that they allowed me to poop, but never caused any problem of creating an "emergency."

The job interview went well and my interviewer asked me to have dinner with him that night and I agreed. We had a very interesting conversation over a good dinner with drinks before and a bottle of wine with dinner. Then we had dessert, coffee and liqueurs. Right after the coffee, as I was drinking a liqueur I was reminded of the laxatives by feeling the need to poop. But my dinner companion was in the middle of a story and I didn't want to interrupt, so decided to wait till he was finished before excusing myself to go to the ladies room. What a mistake! After a few minutes I was hit by a sudden almost uncontrollable urge to take a dump. I almost gasped, my eyes started to water! I stammered an excuse and stood to head to the ladies. As I stood I almost pooped my pants right on the spot, the urge was so strong. Now I had a real problem. The restrooms were at the back and down a flight of stairs. I tried to walk in a dignified way in my tight, short skirt and high heels. The hardest thing in the world is dignity at a time like this, when all you can think about is, "Please don't let me mess my pants!"

Every step I took I though I was going to lose control and shit in my pants. Going down the stairs was the hardest part. I had to stop twice and concentrate, squeezing my cheeks tog ether as hard as I could to keep it in. Finally I got to the ladies, but there were only two stalls, both occupied! Your worst nightmare when you have to go real bad. I just stood there going through contortions trying to hang on, to just wait a few minutes till a stall was available. I could hear the sounds of someone wiping and knew it wouldn't be long. But as one of the stall doors opened I felt a hot wet sticky feeling in my panties, just a little bit, but I was starting to poop my pants. I rushed into the stall, but couldn't get my skirt up and my panties down fast enough. I completely filled my panties. By the time I got on the toilet it was an anticlimax, although there was still quite a bit more to come.

Now I was in a real dilemma. All I could think of was that my potential future boss was upstairs waiting for me and I was down there with a pair of very shitty panties around my ankles. Fortunately, I had saved my skirt from disaster, having gotten it up far enough just as I was forced to let it all out. I cleaned my shoes, left my panties on the floor and returned to table in the restaurant. I excused myself for being away for so long, and my dinner companion was none the wiser.

By the way, I got the job. This was twenty years ago, and I have never told anyone, not my husband, not my closest friend. How would you even bring up something like this? I have some other stories I'll tell at as soon as I get time. You know it feels good to get something like this out, even if only to anonymous strangers in cyberspace!

I encourage others to share their experiences.

Francine, Lurk & Keleigh,

I understand what y'all mean, it is a lot easier to "deal" with my accidents when I learn that I am not alone! I will post some more accidents when I get the time! And being lactose intolerant, I have had tons!

Hey Lurk,

I too am a refuge from the Dump. Used to post before it got infested with idiots. By all means post your stories. I will be posting mine as soon as I get the time. I have gotten myself into a number of desperate situations where I messed my pants from having to wait too long. It's a relief to be able to tell about these embarrassing experiences in the anonymity of the net, and to find that others have had the same thing happen and we're not alone.

Wow, the traffic here certainly has picked up lately. I suspect the kinder, gentler half of Bianca's Daily Dump will wind up here, while the other half will probably go play in the mud over at the Anti-Dump Forum that was set up...

As one could probably guess from my name, I'm a "long-time listener, first-time caller". I'm 17 and male, and I'll admit to sharing the same voyeuristic tendency shared by a number of the other males I've seen on this forum. I've had only one or two real accidents, but I've had a few near-misses, and I think I can write vividly enough to convey a sense of the situation. And because of the particular interest I just mentioned, I have a few stories in that line of thinking as well. I'll post the stories if anyone wants me to...

I didn't have any more accidents in jr. high school, but that summer I began to dribble and spurt when I really had to pee badly, which was often. Most of those didn't really end up as accidents, I'd simply get my panties damp, and on occasion, I'd get my shorts or pants just a little wet, but given my real accidents, these were minor. I began to call them (to myself) my daily mini accidents. They were really mini, and happened so often (maybe once a day, maybe more) that I almost began to ignore them. It seemed thatthe closeer I would get to the toilet, the more I'd have to do, and the more I'd have to go, the harder it was to control the first dribble, so I'd end up dribbling in my panites. I'd often have to cross my legs right before I'd take my pants and/or panties down, just to control myself. Less often I'd actually have to hold myself to prevent an accident. Most of the time this would be right in the bathroom, so no one would know. Sometimes I'd have to cross my! legs before I got to the bathroom, and less often I'd actually jump around a own 'pee dance.'

While this was all new, I actually didn't pay too much attention. At first, if I was home, I'd sometimes change my panties, but I dribble so frequently that I stopped doing this.

I managed to avoid a real accident until sometime in the middle of 9th grade. It happened right after a date I had with a guy I really liked, who was about a year older than me. I really had to pee on the way home from a party were were at; we talked from there to my house. Our usual kissing and making out scene in front of my house was quicker than usual since I was really afraid if her kept kissing me and touching my breasts I'd wet my panties (I was wearing a skirt). I stood there kissing him passionately with my legs crossed and squeezed together. Finally, I told him I really had to go to the bathroom and we'd better say good night. He agreed and kissed me once more, for a long time. I felt the first spurt, and said, "I really gotta go....". I ran to the door, while he waited near the sidewalk. I fumbled for my key in my purse, and just then began to feel my spasm, and my panties get soaked. Pee was falling between my legs and on the insides of them. I was afraid my boyfri! end would see, and quickly debated (having opened the door) whether I should go in side, unable to stop peeing, and pee on the floor, or just stand there. I went inside (he never had any idea I was wetting myself), and just finished peeing in the hallway. I pulled my dress up and spread my legs (already wet), and then clearned up. I don't think my family knew about this. I went to the bathroom, took of my wet panties (and socks and shoes), thinking how embarassing it would have been to wet myself while making out.

Have any others had a similar experience?

I spend most weekends working as a guard on a tourist railway. The line is only about four miles long therefore we normally keep keep the toilets in the carriages locked. This saves a lot of cleaning and avoids mess on the tracks at railway stations. One day, after the passengers had left, I found that someone had been messing about with one of the bathroom locks and had opened one compartment. There was a terrible smell from a package wrapped up in paper towels which had been left in the wastebin. It appears that someone must have been absolutely desperate for a shit and had spent a lot of time forcing their way into one of the locked bathrooms. Unfortunately for them, this bathroom only contained a wash hand basin and no toilet. In despairation they must have closed the door, laid out paper towels on the floor then squatted down and let their bowels explode. They then must have carefully folded this sticky mess into a neat parcel and left in the the towel bin. Unfortunately by the time I found it, it had soaked through the paper and was dripping onto the floor. I had to lift the bin out and hose it out under the tap. Whilst this would normaly have been an unpleasant task, I couldn't help but think that only a lady would have taken so much effort to neatly parcel up their mess. The thought of a woman in such desperate need made the chore a pleaasure.

Ohhh, I've literally gotta run. The cheese pizza from lunch are catching up to me. I just got out of the bathroom, diarrrhea with chunks of god-knows what.Gotta go again, nore later.

As an avid participant in outdoor activities, I prefer to avoid public restrooms and use a bush or other secluded area whenever possible due to the foul odor in many public restrooms. I have always enjoyed taking a pee outdoors, but have recently started to have BM's outdoors as well when I feel the urge. I feel that if you have to go, you have to go and should not have to wait until you get to a restroom if alternative cover is available.

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