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Answers and thank-yous

Hi everyone, it's me again. I want to give a quick thank you to everyone who answered my question about pee shyness. I didn't expect much of a response but you guys surprised me. You're awesome.

Thunder - Thank you for your reply, I understand that I am being shy over nothing and it's something that is completely natural, everyone does it. I guess I enjoy my bodily functions? I mean they feel nice but it's not something I have given much thought.

SquatSpotter - Thank you for your suggestions, I agree that they will help keep the noise down but I think I would find it even more difficult to pee into a cup or similar.

Taylor - I will try not to fret about it. I would have thought Others peeing next to me would actually help because they are doing the same thing and masking my sound but it appears to be the opposite.

Rosalynne - Thank you!! Your story about Bethany has helped me a lot. I hate asking to go to the bathroom so I never do it, I'll try and talk to someone and see if I can get a pass that excuses me. I never thought about putting some toilet paper in the bowl to hide the sound, I assume it's just placed at the bottom of the bowl, sat on top of the water?

As to what has caused my pee shyness, I think it comes from when I was much younger. I hated people knowing I needed the bathroom so I would hold it, and if my parents asked if I needed to go I'd say I didn't. This resulted in frequent accents until I moved to secondary school, and a lot of bullying. The side effect of this was when I DID use a bathroom, students would sort of congratulate me in a really patronizing way, it put me off using them altogether.

I would be able to use a single bathroom at a gas station if nobody was waiting outside and I think I would manage to use a portable loo because all the noise would hide everything. I've been at this school for nearly 5 years and I've never crapped here once, I always go at home. Public places I cannot do it unless I'm alone, just like my pee shyness.

Thank you so much for such a helpful answer, I cannot possibly say how much that short story about Bethany has helped me. I will keep you updated.

Much love,


Steel Toilets

My friend Jaylynn, who attends the same community college with me, and I both like to bike. There's a series of trails in our city where each ranges from beginners to advanced and both she and I like to challenge ourselves on the more demanding ride.

Since I've had a problem with re-occurring bladder infections, I remain under doctor's orders to double my fluid intake every day. Cranberry juice is basic as is the usual morning coffee and luncheon soda. Jaylynn jokes that my need to piss has at least doubled, perhaps even tripled. And then there is 3 or 4 water bottles.

Because of my need to hydrate, I have to piss every 45 minutes or hour. That means a pit stop for us. For some reason, Jaylynn thinks it is because there's been more vandalism of the toilet rooms located about a mile apart, and some federal money available, the normal porcelain toilets have been removed. They are replaced in several of the locations by totally steel units. They are 50% less comfortable to sit on. I've seen movies where toilets like this are used in prison cells.

A couple of times when it has been over 90 degrees out, the seats are as hot as "low" on the burners on our stove. And on a colder day over Christmas break, the steel is freezing. When I was taking a shit beck in February, Jaylynn kept warning me to hurry up because my butt might stick to the steel. That is easy for her to say because in all the years I've known her I don't ever think I've seen her seated on a toilet anywhere for longer than 30 seconds. Sorry Chick, I don't have that talent.

The non-normal toilets cause me problems. Overall I feel better without the severe bladder infections of the past, but the need to piss every hour is a problem.

Anyone else out there who has been victimized by uncomfortable toilets? What has your experience been like?


A friendly question

Amber: how old is your little sister? I mean, I imagined her as a kid, but maybe I'm wrong :) I sometimes do poops that are more than a foot long. Those feel great when they're done because I get that super relaxed, cleaned-out feeling. I get frustrated when I can't poop very much.
Lavah: it would be nice to have a friend that close, that we even felt comfortable helping each other in the bathroom! Yeah, pizza apparently causes constipation because of All. The. Cheese!
Laura: I don't know how often you read this forum, but I loved your story about your daughter's friend Sarah! I also am a chubby sixteen-year-old girl. I do enjoy hearing the plops, too! And I wouldn't mind if someone enjoyed hearing me do it as long as they were nice about it.
Annie: this is late, but to tell the truth, you've experienced one of my main fears in public bathrooms! Don't worry, I wouldn't laugh at you.
Mina: it's especially awesome to have a friend here from Japan! I'd love to hear more of your stories. Poop stories are the best if they're also friendship stories!
To close, a friendly question for all of you: well, sometimes I do really big poops and then they aren't even tapered at the ends. I think I inherited this from my dad. Do you think this means he and I have bigger than average anuses? If so, is there anyone else here who has the same thing going on? No shame, we all poop and all of our poop stinks!
Hugs and sweet wishes,


Re: Jry

Thank you for sharing that experience. Sounds awkward. I have a similar story from when I stopped at a rest stop off an interstate highway. A long bout of driving also made me constipated, as I'd been eating nothing but restaurant food and hadn't defecated in 24 hours. I'm used to eating a very high fiber diet and normally make 3-4 large BMs a day, and I felt bloated and weighed down as a result of not going.

As I passed a sign notifying me of a truck stop ahead in 2 miles, the turtle's head immediately started poking in anticipation of release. I pulled into the rest stop at the exit.

I waddle to the restroom as this cleaning lady is in the way mopping the hall. She was this old lady that resembled Tom Anderson's wife off of Beavis and Butthead. The interruption cost me a few precious seconds that caused me to wince in pain. Each footstep threatened to ruin my underwear. I finally made it into the Mens' room to find that it is crowded. Not only is it crowded, but it was an atypical accommodation. The stalls were only about waist tall and I could see a burly trucker dude from the torso up as he was sitting in a cubicle. The urinals, sinks and mirror were directly in front of the toilet cubicles, and I could see this trucker in the mirror from the torso up.

I was already not very fond of using public restrooms simply for the fact that at the time, I looked like a 15 year old kid and I had some negative experiences with pedo-creeps trying to check me out in them(I was 23 in age). The compromised privacy of those short stalls only made things worse.

I had a choice to make. The turtle's head was poking out and my anus was dilated. I probably could have held it for a 10-15 more minutes, but I knew it would be foolish. I very much wanted to avoid having to take an emergency stop at the side of the highway with my pants down and cars passing by, and saw that as a potentially worse alternative, and certainly didn't want to soil myself.

I took a seat and shut the tiny little excuse for a door and dropped my pants to my ankles. As I sat there making rude noises, me and the 5 or so other dudes in the bathroom could see each other in the mirror as they were washing their hands. It was awkward. The trucker dude using the cubicle was wiping and quickly finished up.

Two college-aged white dudes walked in and went to the urinals in front of me and one commented "That kid looks like Harry Potter." I was farting up a storm as a turd was slowly snaking its way out of my lower orafice, centimeter by centiimeter, push by push, and then the other white dude commented, "That dude stinks." The other commented back "Man, I couldn't do it. I'm not that brave." As they were finishing up at the urinals one commented "Poor kid must have really had to go." All I could do was try to avert my gaze and pretend they didn't exist as I loudly continued to void my bowels. They neglected to even wash their hands, probably wanting to get out ASAP and not have to look at me through the mirror. I now had the place to myself, or so I thought...

As the rock solid and compressed morass is mid-way out, I hear footsteps entering the room and a ladies' voice: "Housekeeping."

I announce "I'm in here!" right as I see the old cleaning lady I saw earlier walk in. We see each other through the mirror and she immediately turns around, saying "Oh dear! I was told this room was empty." as she left more quickly than she entered.

The restroom had no actual door to the outside, just a wall for visual privacy that forces one to zig-zag to enter, so anyone waiting outside could probably hear everything. I heard what sounded like sweeping by the entrance. I sit there pushing for another minute or so, farting up a storm, the sounds echoing around the room as the large morass forcibly spread my butt cheeks apart and smeared itself all over them as it slowly and somewhat painfully slid out. I heard what sounded like a trash bag rustling outside and then a spray bottle being used. It took a lot of effort to push the last of it out, and a loud fart accompanied each push. The turd finally hit the water with a loud *BLOOSH*.

It was an awkward next 5 minutes as I sat there wiping up a mess. I kept wiping, and wiping, never seeming to get clean. It was like trying to get peanut butter smeared into carpet cleaned off with nothing but toilet paper. I noticed that it was now quiet outside as I kept wiping. Then I heard the cleaning lady knock on the wall and ask from outside "Are you about done in there?" as I was rolling more toilet paper, trying to finish. I responded: "I'm almost done."

I eventually finished and then flushed. To make matters worse, I ended up clogging the toilet. The massive solid poop was too large to go down, even though the commode was one of those high-suction industrial models that could swallow a small child, and even though it managed to suck down most of the toilet paper. It plugged the drain hole, stretching all the way to the edge of the toilet bowl. I washed my hands and left the stall as the commode was spilling water and who knows what else all over the floor. She was waiting by the entryway as I awkwardly let her know the toilet was clogged as I left the restroom.

I drove off. I don't envy her job in the least.


Benefit to farmer

I forgot to write Hisae's saying in post of high drama. So now I write. Sunday, Hisae said with growl, "Why you forget?" I wanted to say "Chae you also forget" because she watching me when I write, she didn't pinch my bottom this time although she always pinched before.

But I didn't say. I didn't want to say. Her eyes were twinkle even she was growling. So I showed sorry face to her. Then I turned round and pulled down panties and bent down. So she spanked. I shouted "Aaaaah" but it was sham, because spank was not painful. I heard little noise behind me, so I turned a bit, then Kazuko spanked. Then Maho spanked! So I said "Aaaah" three time, but they were sham all of them. I like spank from my friends, so I am happy, they always spank both cheeks same time it is even better! (I learn "cheeks" on this site, thank you toiletstool for new vocabulary for me.)

Now I tell you Hisae's saying. She is from very countryside, more countryside than me. In place where her family live, many farmers. So she said, "why farmer is so angry? Human turds is very good fertiliser for farmer's crop. Instead of angry, he should pick up and mix with earth in cucumber bed."

It is very true. I remember story which my college friend Yuuki told me, about her mother, in very south of Japan where no big cities are. Yuuki said, when her mother was little girl, in her small village, at corner of one field farmers dug 2 pits with fence in between, one for girls and one for boys, and little children, under age 9 she said, when it was good weather and no school, instead of doing motion in toilet, they should do in pit, then farmer can mix with earth. Pits were not so deep, about 30 centimetres. So children didn't scared.

Yuuki's mother and her friends liked to go to pit together. They squat in line, two girls face to each other. Pit was long so enough space for six children. Then they did their motion. Boys were other side, and they did, but boys were quick because liked to play football so they didn't want to stay long time. Boys talked a bit with doing their motion but girls talked a lot, so they stayed long time and talked and talked and talked, and because they squat long time, intestine gets feeling and more motion come out. And more and more.

I understand that feeling!!!

Farmers said, girls more useful than boys in morning, but later in day, girls' pit empty but boys' one had something, so equal, only timing different.

After age 9, children prohibited to do that. Maybe "healthy shame" like Catherine said. Actually when they were little, boys sometimes looked over fence, and girls too, but never laugh, because feeling of doing something for farmers was strong very much. So they said over fence, "are you doing well?" something like that.

Yuuki said, now those pits are not there. Custom stopped.

Kazuko said, never she tell that story to her mother. Her mother go through roof and fly in sky. (Her mother is city woman, but her grandmother born in countryside.) Kazuko is now recover completely. Today it is good weather so we dry futon and go back to routine. This week I sleep in beige flat with Chae. But tomorrow is last public holiday, we call "Golden Week", so we have breakfast together in beige flat and then all use beige loo maybe, this morning Maho didn't do motions so tomorrow she will do, she says.

I hope everybody is happy and no corona, and find way to live good life until we are all vaccine and have freedom time again. And enjoy comfy time on loo, do lots motions and feel good.

OK, I stop to write. "Chae, you can pinch my bottom now because I finish." So she pinches, and Maho and Kazu also pinch. I like pinch!! My 3 crushes say I am their lovely (???) baby.

Love to everyone.

Your very own Mina and 3 crushes


I hate urinal troughs

About 15 years ago I was at a state park/campground.

During a morning hike, I had to take a poop. I stayed overnight and did not take my evening poop, and really had to go. I drink a lot of water and go through a gallon a day, so I'm usually peeing every hour or two, in addition to eating like a horse and having 3-4 BMs a day. So no evening poop means an emergency th next morning. I was about to dig a hole in the woods and go outdoors when I found a single seater outhouse on the trail. I latched the door, dropped my pants all the way down, and took my seat as the door covered everything but my feet/pants/ankles, and had a softball-sized cutout at eye-level as I sat for light.

It was a lot of matter and was coming out slowly. 3-5 minutes passed. I could see through the cutout in the door while I sat as a family with a late 20-something husband, 30-something wife, and three kids roughly between ages 5 and 8 formed a line about 10 feet away from the door. More minutes passed as they waited patiently for me to finish up and avail the facility for their use.

My offerings finally started to drop out and made a soft but audible *plat plat* noise in the dirt 30+ feet below me, interspersed with some muffled flatulence. It made the kids laugh hysterically as they ran a running commentary on the noise and began imitating it. The kids were trying to get a glimpse of me through the hole in the door. One of them said, giggling, "A boy's in there pooping!" They probably didn't see much, but could clearly tell I was young-ish and a male by what they saw of my face. The wife/mother told them: "Be respectful. You're here to do the same thing. Do you want everyone to laugh at you?"

I realized there was no toilet paper and asked for some. The wife was kind enough to come over and hand me two packets with wet wipes in them from under the door. I thanked her, and wiped. They did the job well and the cleanup occurred in less than 30 seconds. It was mildly awkward to exit and let everyone see who I was after they'd heard the sound of my turds dropping in the pit below, the muffled farting, witnessed me ask for wiping material, all while seeing my pants and underware at my shoes with my ankles bare, but in truth it was little different than using a stall in a public restroom with others in the room, something I'd done perhaps thousands of times by that point.

After I exited, she also provided me a blob of hand sanitizer as their oldest boy of about 8 entered the outhouse and shut the door. I thanked her as I saw his shoes hanging above the ground in my peripheral vision as he was sitting there. The other two kids, a boy and a girl who both looked about 5 or 6, were giggling at him. I heard their mother scold them "It's not funny. You do the same thing." As I was walking away, I heard a comment about this being the "best bathroom" here to take a poop. Thus far during my stay here, this was the only bathroom I'd used, other than the outdoors to pee.

I ate lunch a few hours later.

The need to do both #1 and #2 materialized at the same time soon after. My need to pee was very urgent, as I was about to burst, but my need to poop was not and I assessed that if it must, it could likely wait until I was scheduled to get home since I'd already pooped that morning.

I decided I'd let the restroom environment dictate my course of action. I'd never been in the main restroom building and was about to see what made the single-seater outhouse the preferred choice for that family.

I proceeded to the restroom building and was greeted with the site of a urinal trough and two open vault toilets, with some old, bald, fat, bearded white man sitting on one of the toilets, the one nearest to the trough. He was looking forward, seemingly minding his own business, and I pretended he wasn't there.

I decided I'd do #1, but #2 was out of the question, being that I prefer not sitting on the toilet in view of others, and was not too enthusiastic about doing so in the open mere inches from another person. I could feel the turd knocking on my back door, but it was not an emergency or anything that couldn't wait at least another another hour or three. My poop at the outhouse earlier that morning was enough awkwardness, and this would have been on a whole new level.

I was anxious. I never did like peeing in front of other people either, and this place offered me zero privacy. If someone walked in, they'd get a full side profile view of what I was doing. I whipped it out and started letting out a strong stream, doing my best to ignore the man sitting on the toilet.


The relief was immense. I'd probably drank about 2 liters of water by that time that day and had only urinated once in the morning, during the hike, and didn't need to when I used the outhouse.

About 30 seconds into it, I noticed the man on the toilet was making not a sound. No farts, no grunting, nothing. I stared straight forward and tried to ignore the blurry image of him in my peripheral vision as I continued urinating. Some 30 seconds later, piss still streaming out, he then spoke:

"Damn kiddo! I bet your dick gets HARD. Do you mind if I come over and rub it for you?"

I looked over to my right to see this creeper who is sitting on the toilet staring directly at my midsection with his hand massaging his crotch, while I'm awkwardly standing there with my right hand on my genital member with a warm liquid forcefully streaming out of it.

I stopped the flow and accidentally got piss splashed on my hands in my rush to zip up and got the hell out of there. I also saw that the man was visibly pleasuring himself, of which I'll spare the gory details. It is one of the few times in my life I remember deliberately not washing my hands after using a public restroom. It is probably for the best that I decided not to poop there. Had I not used the outhouse that morning, I'd likely have had no choice.


First Diaper Test

So it happened- I required my first diaper change today, it was my first time having an accident in my depend silhouettes. Well, poop anyway. I did wet the bed wearing one once. I had to change in a public bathroom unfortunately. It was my day off and I went shopping at Target, and I cramped up bad while I was looking at storage containers, the kind where your stomach rumbles violently first. so I started to make my way to the bathroom, but I only made it about halfway before I wound up messing my diaper in a big way... It made a very loud squelch when it came out and there were a couple of people close by so my face turned as red as the Target logo! It felt almost exactly the same as pooping in my panties, but not quite as wet feeling. I guess the diaper wicks moisture away from your skin. I considered that since I was in a diaper that I could just finish shopping and change at home, but then I smelled my accident and it was very stinky, so I needed to change my diaper immediately.

I will say the cleanup was only marginally easier. All the poop stayed contained and didn't get on my leggings, so that was good, but I mean I still had poop all over my butt and had to use a lot of wipes. But it was nice that I could easily ball up and discard the dirty diaper. Dealing with soiled undies is a pain because you have to wrap them all up in something and keep them in your bag or you have to just sacrifice them and throw them away. Anyway, I put on a clean diaper and I went back to shopping in target like nothing happened. Oh, its also way easier to take off than regular underwear because of the way they hold the load, it doesn't get all over your legs or fall on the floor like when you try taking off pooped panties. All in all I would say the silhouettes did pretty well handling a poop accident, better than i anticipated actually. Also, I saw that the silhouettes come in an active wear style too that are even more discrete but they don't say maximum absorbency on them so I feel like they're more meant for small bladder leaks and not full blown pee and poop accidents. I will probably continue to wear these though. They helped a lot with bulging and obviously they prevent staining through so I definitely felt confident that no one could see that I pooped my pants. If only they were better at containing the smell...

I have been staying dry at night still. I guess it really was the stress I had been under that was causing me to bed wet. I will keep wearing the diapers to bed for now but I'm thinking if I stay dry at night for another week or two I'll change back to regular underwear for bed. It would be nice to not need a diaper 24 hours a day.

One last thing. I might have a potential problem with the diapers though... I noticed a couple times at work that there is *major* temptation to just pee in them when i need to go. i had to pee so bad while helping a customer a few days ago and i desperately wanted to just let go in my diaper, but i held on and eventually made it to the bathroom. But that's dangerous! I don't intend to start peeing myself out of convenience. But the temptation is certainly there.


Tuesday, May 04, 2021


My sis

I was reading here and saw how some were talking about some doing big loads. well I thought I'd chime in on a few of the many my little sister has done.

one time I was taking a shower and she asked if she could go, so I let her in, and when she got done she told me she'd let me flush when I got out, when I went to flush it I saw a big log in the drain then a very long log over that had to be around 2 feet, it took a bit to flush had to use the plunger.

another time I had a shower she left a single log but it was around 2 inches thick and a foot long

another time it was 3 fat short ones about 4 inches long each

one time she ran on me in the middle of using the toilet and told me she had to go really bad, she ended up squatting in the tub, 1 short thick log and 2 long ones about a foot each

There more I could talk about if people want, also I should mention most times do need the plunger just in case


comforting a constipated friend

Hello, all! I have a quick story for you today that happened last weekend. This is about my friend, Hayley.

Hayley and I both got our second covid vaccines around the same time about 3 weeks ago. To celebrate, we had a little 2-night sleepover last weekend at my apartment. Like me, Hayley is really open about her bathroom habits. She doesn't struggle with constipation often like I do though. On Friday, (the first night) we went to the store and bought lots of chips, chocolates, and more junk food, plus a pizza which we both devoured by the end of the night. We were up until the early hours of the morning catching up, watching movies, and what not. We slept until afternoon on Saturday and lazed in our pj's for the whole day. Around 5 or 6 in the evening, Hayley said she was going to the bathroom and asked if I wanted to come. She'd been to the bathroom a hand-full of times since she'd been here and never asked me to join her, so I figured this must be her way of telling me she needed to poop. I said yes and we headed to my bathroom. She sat on the toilet while I sat on the bathtub and we talked for a while. She peed and remained seated as we chatted. Every now and then, I'd see her face tense up which let me know she was pushing. We continued conversing when she suddenly gasped and grabbed my hand. "Unh! Sorry," she said, "This is a stubborn one." I asked her if she was constipated. She told me that she'd been pooping just fine lately and that it must be the junk food from last night. She kept pushing while squeezing my hand "Unnnnnh.......... Unnnnnnnnnh........... UNNNNNNNNNNNNH!" "Want help?" I asked. She nodded. I massaged her ???? while she relaxed. I felt it gurgle under my hands after a few minutes and she drew in a sharp breath. "UNNNNNNNNNNNNNHH UGH!" she grunted as a loud plop was heard beneath her. "Man, I never get that constipated!" she shouted and we both laughed. She thanked me for her help and I told her not to worry about it. She let out about 3 more turds after that without any effort. We both decided to eat a little healthier that night and made a salad. She went home early the next morning. That was the only time either of us pooped all weekend.


My response to Iris

My response to Iris:

I go to a large high school where I have to pee 2, sometimes 3 or more times a day. Peeing can't be avoided, although I had a friend who in 6th grade was getting frustrated by pee shyness.

She saw the school nurse who suggested she avoid the most crowded bathrooms. Her name was included in an emailed list to teachers of students who needed to take medication or needed other assistance. So Bethany no longer needed to try to go during class passing periods. She would be automatically excused from class. Often she would go to the top or lower floor of the school because those bathrooms received less use. Bethany was taught to take an end cubicle, lift up the seat, and then tear off toilet paper which she laid over the water in the bowl. Then she lowered her seat, sat down and had almost total silence as she peed. She was crying with happiness the night after school when she told me about her 2 successful pees earlier in the day.

Iris, what do you feel has caused your peeing shyness? Were you teased or bullied? Would you be able to use a single toilet in a small space such as a gas station? A portable potty at a carnival with a lot of other noise around it from traffic and the other rides? Have you had any problems crapping at school or public places?

Wishes and love!


Can you tell the story about pooing between the cars?


high drama in my flat

Happy Birthday to Tiana.

Greetings to Kendal, when I found you are Tiana's mother I read some your posts. When I read about Andrew, I cried, my friends too. Condolence to you.

Thank you Catherine for your kind words. Like you I had no interesting story for long time.

But now I have. There was big drama in my flat on Wednesday!!

I got mail from my French friend, she was my friend when I was schoolgirl in Wales, so ancient history now but we are still good friends and send mail each other.

She told me rather shocking story.

She found on Internet, a woman lorry driver in West France (she is East France) delivered some goods to a farmer. Then she walked back her lorry, but suddenly she had terrible pain in stomach. She needed loo. She didn't want to borrow farmer's loo (perhaps she can't because of company rule, my friend said), she couldn't go to cafe because all close for corona, and her company office was 30 minutes from there by lorry. Her pain so bad, she pulled down panties and did a diarrhoea beside road.

And farmer saw her, and beside road was border of his field, and he very angry and took photo of her diarrhoea and sent her company. And her boss said her, "you are fire, you go away and never come back." So she went law office to sue her boss and force him give back to her her job.

Then my friend said in her mail, one day later, story was delete from Internet. My friend think it was because in France people don't accept existence of defecate of woman. Even everybody know, woman defecate just like man, but it is taboo to say and think. My friend try her computer's history function, but even that, story was not there any more even it was there Tuesday.

Of course I told my friends all the story. But when I said about delete, I suddenly heard high noise "uuuuuuuu". I look at Kazuko, she had very red face then she suddenly burst into the tears and she began wail and wail very big voice.

Maho and Hisae run to her. Me, I didn't move. I remembered that Kazu is terrible scar because her mother always angry to her if she stayed loo more than ten seconds. I remember but it was too late. Mina is bad wicked horrible girl. Now my face also red and I started cry lots, but no voice because I hold back with efforts.

Kazuko cried long time, and me too. For many minutes Kazu couldn't say anything, but finally she say, "why they think female motion is taboo? So stupid big fib! I want to do motions on their face." and cry more, big voice.

After lots cry, she suddenly said, "I have to do motion. But I do in loo, not on face of Internet people." She stand up and go to loo. Hisae went with her to massage, and Maho stand at door. I didn't move. I didn't have courage to go near to Kazuko. I though, if I go near to her, she get angry more. I hurt her too much, I don't want hurt her more.

I heard two very heavy plops. Kazu still crying. But suddenly she stop to cry and said loud voice, "Minappé come to loo! I want you be near me." I surprised! I wonder, maybe she hit me? But I thought, it's OK. She can hit me many times if she want. So I went to loo and Maho made me be between her and Kazuko.

Kazu took my hand and said, "Minappé I am not angry to you. I am angry to Internet people because they delete story. They had stupid idea. Bad person is not you. You are good person and I love you. Stay near me. I love you (she said "I love you" many times.) She squeeze my hand hard, suddenly she pushed with her bottom and eight loud plops in loo. She gave little smile. They were not so big turds, but they came out high speed, so made big noise. Hisae said to Kazu to stand, then she flushed, then Kazu sat down on loo again.

I was still crying. Kazuko pulled me to her and hugged and caressed. I said sorry, but she said, "no sorry. if you say sorry I hit you." I changed my mind about hit is OK, I don't want hit now, so I stop to say sorry. Kazu caressed, and at same time she pushed with bottom so burururururu into loo, she started to do a diarrhoea. She still hug me hard and she did burururururururu many times with hugging.

She said, "I hope woman lorry driver get back her job." We all thought same thing.

Maho suddenly said, "Minappé's friend said story was delete because prejudice to female
defecate, but perhaps delete was because of fake news?" I and Hisae said at once, "maybe that is true! It is good if it was fake news." Kazuko smiled a bit, she doing only little pieces now because her whole stomach was in loo water. She turned head and blew kiss to Hisae, then she kissed me on my head. And she blew kiss to Maho.

She said, "sunnda", it mean finish. She was on loo about half an hour. She did a very lots, but I was happy with that because she defy stupid society prejudice. She washed with washlet and then Hisae and Maho said "Minappé dry Kazu first." So I dried her well, then Maho and Hisae dried her too.

Maho said, "Kazu-chan and Chae, come to sleep in green flat tonight with me and Minappé. I and Chae sleep in futon in Japanese room. Tomorrow is public holiday so no problem, deshô?" (deshô is Japanese word which express future.) Maho's mean is, Kazu must sleep with me in my bed. (This week's normal plan was, me and Maho in green flat, Hisae and Kazu in beige flat.)

Kazu said, "Ureshii!" It is mean, "I am happy!" I said to Maho, thank you, and kiss her, then give Kazu her panties which were on window shelf of loo. (Her jeans were in Japanese room, Maho folded them there.)

We took bath. Me with Kazu and Maho with Hisae. Kazu's hole of bottom was very red because violent motion, so I washed gently and carefully, and Kazu said, "good feeling!" After bath, I put cream to her.

In the bed, of course we hug. Then I caress her bottom. She said, "good feeling! Please caress more." So I caress more. She purr quietly like happy cat, but after about 15 minutes of caress, she stop to purr, so I look at her. No, she not sleeping. Her eyes open wide. She smiled to me and made her mouth shape of kiss. And move her eyes, so I caressed more. But after more ten minutes, I heard little snore. I looked. She was sleeping. So I took away my hand, very slowly. Then I don't remember more. Maybe I also sleeping.

I cut story here. I planned to write about motion of me and 2 crushes (not Kazu!) of next morning, but this post too long, so I stop. If you read all this, I say "how courage you are!"

I love everyone this site. My crushes also love.

Kisses and hugs from your very own Minappé and 3 crushes

P.S. Mina is happiest woman in the world.


Helping my date

I have been seeing this guy for few weeks. Last night he came straight from work over to my house to watch a movie. But when he arrived he looked uncomfortable. I asked if he was ok. He said "Yes, I kinda have to poop, but it's been stuck." I told him that I could help and to take off his clothes and let me see. He looked at me nervously, but knew that he didn't have any better options. He bent over and I pulled his cheeks apart and there was a huge firm turd just sitting there in his butthole. I said "Wow, that must be uncomfortable." "Yes." He breathed shallowly, clearly nervous and embarrassed. I went to get some coconut oil and I put it over his hole and a little into it. I could feel just how hard it was. I led him to the bathroom and told him to put his feet on the little stool infront of the toilet. He looked at me doubtfully and I said to give it time.
I asked him about his day and we chatted for a few minutes when suddenly he looked panicked. He told me it felt like whatever I did might be working and that I might want to leave. I told him that I wasn't going anywhere. He resolved himself to the situation and I saw him concentrate and give a good push. I heard his poop start to crackle and slowly emerge. After a minute he said it was stuck again. I told him to lean forward so I could see. He did and it was sticking straight out like a tail the size of a toilet paper roll. At this point I felt the strong urge to pee and I let him know. I told him to sit back with his legs apart and I pulled down my pants and panties. As he shifted to make room for me, I heard the huge turd drop into the water. I asked if that was it and he said no, so I sat down and started to pee. He said he felt like he could push more now. I felt his stomach tense against my back. I was done peeing and spread my legs to look down into the toilet as he gave one hard grunt and push and a huge log slid out. It went from the hole of the toilet to the top of the bowl. An inadvertent sigh of relief escaped him. I smiled and turned around and said that he must feel so much better. He nodded still in shock of what had happened. The smell filled the bathroom but it wasn't too bad. I wiped myself and I told him he could wipe his own butt and that I would be waiting for him in the bedroom. When he came out he was still acting sheepish and I told him how much I enjoyed helping him and that next time he can watch me poop if he wanted. He agreed and I kissed him and we forgot about watching the movie.


Enjoying your bodily functions?

I agree it would be/is nice to enjoy your bodily functions. Now that I'm in college I can say that with more certainty than 6, 7, or 8 years ago. With so many of the toilet doors being removed in the public schools, some find it intimidating to sit with clothing down and to have other eyes and ears on you, your privates, underwear and how scared you look while you drain or drop; and for some I know that's on a good day.

An example: in middle school my friend Teena took it literally when told to dress up on picture day. Just before her picture was scheduled to be taken, I saw Teena come into the bathroom. She was wearing a brand new pink dress her mom had just bought her. She had also been taught before standing in a long line to do a precautionary pee for obvious reasons. While I sat with my slacks down trying to hurry up my slow-coming crap, Teena took the toilet just past mine. I complimented her on her dress. I could tell she was stressed because she was getting close to her photo sit appointment. Her underwear fell to the floor immediately, but instead of hearing her take her seat, I heard her fumbling with her dress, she turned a couple of times and I heard her whack her arm against the toilet paper holder. She cried out in pain. I said what's wrong hon? Then she dropped herself onto the seat.
She started telling me how her big dress was so hard to manage. This was her first bathroom experience with it. I could hear that she was turning around, twisting to check the back of it.

When I heard her stream starting, I made a joke and asked her if she was happy she wasn't shitting? She laughed and then I realized I shouldn't have said that since it was only 3rd hour and we had an 8th hour history class. I'd seen her take a bathroom pass then quite a bit. I know that worried her. I stood, wiped and flushed and took my time at the sink because I wanted to continue to show her support. With no doors on the toilets in our wing, I could see in the mirror Teena still looked frustrated. She was worried about getting her sprawling dress creased or otherwise messed up. Then she stood and within a second, the auto-flush went off. It surprised her and frightened her. My toilet was one of the older ones and didn't have it. Luckily! I scanned down the row. I figured out the older toilets with the black seats didn't have it; the white seated ones did. Teena came out, turned and asked me to check the back of her dress. She slightly fell against me because she had forgotten to pull up her panties. Yes, she had splashes on the back. There was a lot of splash on the back of her toilet seat. I don't know if that was from the flush or left over from a previous user. We both knew a couple of our classmates had taken up hover pissing and they weren't very good at it.

I got Teena composed and walked her to the picture line. By the time I got back to my class, my teacher was a bit upset with my being gone so long, but I don't remember she followed through with any consequence.
Little did I k now that when I got to high school my friend Kennard would have a whole new set of bathroom issues.


School trip accident when I was 17

Hi again, my name is Deb.

My bowels have been rather calm since the accidents I had on Easter weekend. My period has also settled down which has been nice.

I was at Walmart the other day buying some Pull-ups for my daughter. I decided to stock up on some pads as well. While I was in the maxi pad section, there was a teenage girl also picking out some pads. I could hear her moaning and I could see that she was shuffling around. She selected a package of pads and as I went to get mine, she moaned, hunched over slightly and let out a loud wet fart. Almost instantly, the back of her tight tan pants ballooned out and turned brown as she had massive diarrhea in them. I felt really bad for her as she put her pads back and shuffled out of the store.

It reminded me of a really bad accident that I had on a school trip when I was 17. It was May of 1995 and I was in grade 12. A bunch of classes went on a day trip to Toronto to the Ontario Science Centre and then for a walk around Chinatown for some shopping.

That day I decided to wear a nice pink blouse with a jean jacket. I also wore some pink bikini panties and a pair of nice fitting jeans that made my bum and legs look really good.

I didn't have my period which was nice. I was actually in between periods at the time so I didn't have any pads or a change of clothes with me. Since it was only a day trip, I only brought a small bag with my wallet and a few snacks for the three hour bus ride.

As we were walking around the Science Centre I started feeling a bit off in my ????. I thought it was because I hadn't eaten much since I had breakfast several hours earlier. Our tour of the Science Centre ended and then we were dropped off at the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto for lunch. They gave us two hours to eat and do some shopping. The food helped settle down my ???? a bit. Before we had to go back to our bus, I went to the washroom and with my girlfriends Carrie and Lisa. I peed but didn't have to poop at all.

On the bus ride over to Chinatown is when things started getting bad for me. I started having some really bad cramps, but I didn't let on to anyone. We got off the bus and within 20 minutes I was getting desperate to find a toilet to relieve my bowels. A few minutes later I just couldn't hold on anymore, no matter how tightly I clenched my butt cheeks. A little bit came out of at first with a squelch, which then seemed to open up my bowels as they turned to mush. It was soft and it was a lot! The mess completely bubbled out of me, filling up my pink bikinis and spread all through my panties. I could feel the mess swishing around my panties and bulge out my jeans. It was terrible!

This all happened at 2pm and we were not scheduled to leave until 5pm. I still had at least three hours of walking around with a massive load of diarrhea in my pants. Throughout the rest of the afternoon I was letting out more and more diarrhea in my pants. I did my best to keep myself at the back of the group and my bum away from everyone. I reached behind to feel my bum and my jeans were wet from the mess leaking through so I decided to tie my jean jacket around my waist.

Finally, after a long three hours, it was time for us to get back on our bus for the ride home. When I got to the bus, my teacher, Miss Williams, pulled me aside and asked if I was okay. I lied and told her that I was fine, even if that was the furthest thing from the truth. She said, "Are you sure? You've been awfully quiet this afternoon, which is not like you at all". I said, "I'm okay, I'm just not feeling the greatest." She asked me what was wrong so I told her that I just had really bad cramps. She said, "Oh I'm sorry. Do you need anything?" I said, "No, I'm fine. I'll be okay, really".

Sitting down on the bus was horrible. The mess in my pants spread all over my panties, up my back and down the insides of my legs.

An hour into the ride I started cramping up again and let out another wet rush of diarrhea. I had the window seat and rested my head on it. It was then that I started crying. I was sitting with Carrie and she asked me what was wrong. I told her that I wasn't feeling well. She kept asking what it was and if I had my period. I finally whispered to her, "I'm sick and I pooped my pants." She said, "Oh Deb! I'm SO sorry! When did that happen?" I told her that I first pooped my pants at around 2pm. She couldn't believe it.

When we finally got back to our school, I stayed on the bus until everyone else was off. I didn't want anyone to see the mess that had leaked through my pants. Both Carrie and Lisa stayed with me. Lisa felt really bad for me too.

Carrie's mom had dropped us off that morning and my mom picked us up. I gingerly say down with my jacket still around my waist. I started crying again when I got in the car. My mom asked what was wrong and I told her that I had gotten sick in Toronto with diarrhea and had pooped my pants over and over.

By the time I finally got home, I had been walking around and sitting in my mess for almost seven hours! Both my panties and jeans were stained right through. My panties were covered all the way up the back to the waist band, all over the bum and well up the front as well. My jeans were soaked in diarrhea in the same spots but also down the insides of the legs. I remember cleaning up taking a long time but feeling really nice.

At school the next day there were rumours going around that I had pooped my pants in Toronto. I know that it didn't come from Carrie or Lisa, so I think that one of the other kids in my class must have seen the mess leaking through my pants. Of course I denied it. That all went away the next week when a girl in my class bled through her pants. She got up from her desk when class was over and everyone saw that she had bled through her pants. Her period had obviously gotten really heavy and she soaked through her pad. She leaked through her bum and even through the front of her pants. She had to call her mom for a change of clothes.

Well, that's all for now. I'll be back again as I think of other accidents I have had or if I have any others.

Thanks for reading!



Replies + Pooping in half-stalls while being made fun of

Kendal: Dear Kendal, thank you very much for your reply, for your kind words and for being willing to answer my questions! No problem at all on the delay. I must say, I was quite heartbroken to read that Andrew was in such a state after Ellen's passing. But I was also quite happy that he went back to being the lovely young man he was for that special occasion with you! Be certain, although I never met him personally, I keep him in my mind, through his essence in his posts and in your stories. And throughout all these years, I have also kept you and your family in my mind as well, so I am very glad that you and your lovely daughter can bond over toilet matters : -). So, it seems that I have understood Andrew's pooing habits correctly! And it seems I was also right about our age difference: I am only slightly younger than you (not that it matters for anything practical, but by reading your stories even after you stopped posting years ago and before I ever started posting, I would feel part of the community that you created here). When you feel like you have the energy, keep posting, I will keep reading. It has been lovely to have you back (even if, for all practical purposes, we are just starting to meet).

Tiana: That was a really great story with your mom. I also wish you find this site a very welcoming site and that you can find fellow posters who engage with you and create a community similar to the one that was going on when Kendal was around your age. Fellow poster Abbie has been here since around the time I first started posting, I think! But she has been much more active than I have been. I think you will find her stories very special (I also really do like them). Hope you find in her and others here a kindred spirit! On that note…

Abbie: I just want to compliment you because we started posting at about the same time years ago, but you have been a consistent poster all these years while I often disappear for months and years, and all your stories have been of the greatest quality. One thing that I must say is that I would have hoped that your big difficult poops would have gotten better by now. I think that is just part of who you are, and also part of what makes your posts special. I just wish you would have an easier and more enjoyable time instead of frequently struggling on the toilet. In any case, I think the big and difficult poops have led to special moments with your friends throughout the years.

Queue: Thank you very much for the compliment. Since you have read my stories over the years, you probably realize that I often make promises on some stories and then don't deliver (a story from one time when I was in the hospital with another teen comes to mind) because I disappear for months or years! So, what I think I will do in this latest run of posts is: today, the half-stalls story; next time, the final part of my trip to the UK with my friend Frank (which I have been writing for some time, but it is very long); and finally, the second part of the hospital story I posted all those years ago and never finished. Ironically, I dislike not having closure on things that interest me… says something about me, does it not? :-P

Tricky: A big thank you for your detailed replies and detailing what seems most uncomfortable for you and what you have come to accept over the years. When I first started posting here, I used to feel much more uncomfortable about pooping near others, whether in a public restroom or at someone's house. I have become more comfortable over the years, although a significant degree of awkwardness remains. But, since the story on using half-stalls happened in my mid-teens, it makes it a very mortifying experience. It was not in a school, fortunately, but in a public place. Since you also wanted to read it, here it is:

I cannot quite recall why there was some kind of artisanal fair a few towns away, but back then it seemed like a big deal since it was only for a limited time and my family had decided to go there. This fair was meant for whole families to visit. The day we decided to go to the fair, which was a few hours' drive away, I was hesitant to go because I had not pooped the day before and I had felt a fullness in my intestines that morning after breakfast. When I had gone to the bathroom shortly before leaving and tried pooping, however, nothing came out. I pushed a couple of times but there was no sign of anything moving, just the heavy feeling in my bowels. Frustrated but resigned to the fact that there was a risk that I would need to poop during our time at the fair, I simply pulled my pants again and left the bathroom.

Once in the fair, which was honestly quite nice and fun, we spent about 2 or 3 hours walking around, going into shops and eating. While my parents went to eat at some vegetarian restaurant near the fair, my younger brother and I stayed eating some hamburgers and French fries. As I was finishing my meal, I started feeling a big mass of poop move from my lower intestines into my rectum. It is weird to describe the feeling: not quite the need to poop yet, but a fullness feeling that let me know that the time to poop would come sooner rather than later. Now, I started getting worried. My parents would not want to go back home soon, and even then, it was not a certainty that I would be able to hold my poop for the duration of the drive back home.

After finishing our meal, my brother and I kept walking around the fair and I had hoped that doing so would take my mind off the impending need. Of course, walking did the opposite: the movement made the mass of poop finally reach a point in my rectum that signalled that the time to release it was near. I soon broke into a cold sweat: If I did not like using the toilet to poop neither at school nor at home with others nearby possibly listening to me, much less would I like it if it were a public place like this. As we walked, I tried clenching both my sphincter and my butt cheeks in the hope that the need would pass and not be a problem for me anymore. It worked for about 15 to 20 minutes, until I got a stomachache and felt a large, solid turd starting to scrape at the inside of my rectum, generating in me a stinging, greatly uncomfortable sensation.

I stopped walking and held my stomach for a bit. My brother noticed, turned back to me and asked what was wrong. "I'm almost shitting myself", I said. My brother burst into a short fit of laughter. On occasion, he would tease me both about how I did not like using the bathroom near others (which led to situations like this) and about the sounds I made while on the toilet. But in this case, while he had fun at watching me suffer through this, he also decided to help. "Stay here, let me see where the nearest restrooms are", he told me. He went off and about two minutes later he came back, "There's some large restrooms behind that store", he said while pointing to a restroom complex behind a shop that sold Mesoamerican-inspired stuff. "I have to pee, so we can both go there now".

As we walked, I was feeling the head of this big turd trying to force its way out and started opening my butthole juuuust a little bit. Time was running out, and I knew that I would have to use that restroom regardless of its conditions or how many other people were in there. We went in and this restroom was really weird. It was shaped like a triangle of sorts. The sinks were located in the middle. To the left and to the back of the restroom, there were several urinals. To the right, there was a row of six half-stalls. These half-stalls had stall walls that were made of some obsidian-looking rocks mixed with concrete, and had wooden doors that only covered the upper legs, thighs, crotch and lower abdomen of the people there, but anyone standing to the side, by the sinks or in front of the stalls could still get a pretty good look at anyone who was sitting there from the torso up.

This restroom was packed, although people were entering and leaving constantly. Many, many people were at the urinals but I did not notice in detail how many since my urgent need to poop led me directly to the stalls. I even left my brother behind, not paying attention to where he went. When I reached the stalls, all of them were occupied. A guy had gone in just in front of me, and I was the next in line. Very quickly, two other guys, maybe in their early 20s who seemed to be friends, got behind me to wait for vacant stalls as well. Because the guys sitting on the toilets were visible, I was able to see at what stage in their pooping process they were in. Most of them were still dropping their loads, although I saw a man maybe in his late 30s beginning to wipe. I was getting quite anxious by the fact that I could see the others, and that others would soon be seeing me on the toilet. This layout and the half-stalls were incredibly uncomfortable for me, but it was either using them or going in my pants.

Once the man in his 30s went out of his stall (one of the middle ones), I went in there, closing the door behind me. I stood there, facing the toilet, wondering whether I should pull my pants and underwear down while facing the others in line or while facing the toilet. I decided to do the latter. I carefully pulled down my pants and underwear and sat down. Once sitting, I faced everyone in line - the two guys who were behind me in the line, an older man, and a group of three boys who must have been 12 or 13. Almost immediately the head of the first turd started emerging. It felt hard and hurt a bit. At this point, I was trying desperately to not make any faces that could be seen by the others, although I acknowledge that neither my stall neighbor nor the others in line seemed to care. While this was going on, the two stalls at the end became vacant, and the two guys behind me went in.

I had some inches of the first turd already sticking out of my hole, but I was mildly frozen due to the feeling that I could be seen. I hesitated whether to push or try to let it out slowly without much effort. I tried for a minute the second option, but it soon became clear that just trying to let it come out on its own was not going to work. It did not seem to be moving that much, probably due to the fact that it was becoming wider and started hurting a bit more by stretching my hole. At this moment, the man that was occupying the first stall (the one nearest to the entrance) left and the older guy waiting in line went in. This left, unfortunately, just the group of boys waiting in line. Only one of them was looking at the stalls, seemingly waiting for someone to finish. The others were teasing him about his need to take a crap. This made me a bit nervous, since they were making fun of him even before he took a stall. Nonetheless, I needed to start pushing if I was ever going to get over with this particular poop session, so I did.

That moment was when these kids directed their attention towards me. I am not sure what kind of face I was making, but I was feeling myself go red from the effort (and probably a bit for the embarrassment). "Uuugh!", said mockingly the tallest of the three boys. "See how that guy is pooping? That's soon going to be you!", he continued as he started laughing. The other kid who was not going to poop either looked at my face and started laughing as well. The kid who wanted to poop looked at me nervously, as if thinking that this was what he was soon going to experience as well. The fact that they were looking at me and laughing caused me to tense up, but because the widest part of the first turd was still at my hole, I made a weird grimace that made them laugh even harder. "Stop it!", the boy who needed to poop said back to his pals, "This guy is going to kill us once he comes out! You should leave". They did not listen to him, of course, and I was seriously getting angry at them by this point. But, being in my position and with a lot of poop left to come out, I could not do anything at this point.

I got the strength to bear down hard and expel the rest of the first turd, which made a heavy POLOMPT sound as it hit the water. The boys laughed again. "Did you hear that shit?!", they said, laughing. "Hey!", said one of the 20-something guys who had entered to the end stalls. "You shit as well, don't you? Then shut up". I was grateful that guy had intervened, since these boys tried to stop laughing for a bit. But when they saw my pushing face for the second turd, the tallest of them again went "Uuugh!", in a mocking way. They laughed at the plops and my faces for this and for the third turd. When the fourth one was about to come out, however, my brother appeared from behind the sinks and, after taking a look at me and laughing quietly for a moment, went towards these boys, stood behind them as if being part of the line waiting for the stalls, and said "You better leave. I need to shit as well and I don't want any of you to be here while I am doing it" (note: he did not in fact need to go, he was just helping me). Now, my brother was back then only 2 or 3 years older than those boys, but he looked significantly taller. Not wanting to risk anything, the two boys who did not need to poop left, leaving only the one who did need to go standing there. "Sorry… they're always like this", said this boy, looking and talking at me. He also immediately apologised to my brother as well. My brother, meanwhile, was grinning at me, having had the satisfaction of shooing away these boys but also seeing me in a humiliating moment.

I finished pooping rather quickly, expelling 2 or 3 more turds, and wiped several times quickly as well. I flushed the toilet and went to the sinks with my brother. "Well, that was fun!", my brother said, laughing a bit. "Yeah… whatever", I replied. Although he does not enjoy using public restrooms either, he seemed to be much more comfortable than me using them back then, and still is. We went looking for my parents soon after, not mentioning anything about what had just happened.

So, this was my story. It is rather long. I feel a little embarrassed that I was made fun of by some boys 4 or 5 years younger than me at the time and could not force them to stop. But I am also grateful for my brother and the other guy who intervened at that moment.

Keep up with the great posts! See you next time!


This Morning

This morning's poop was probably about a 5/6 on the brystal stool chart. I had to go 3 times. In regards to my last post, my favorite bluegrass song is from the 50's not 30's. Speaking of the 50's, I bet the toilets looked different than what they do now. I also believe there was a time where you had to pull a chain to flush. Here's something that may seem unbelievable. On Reddit, someone had posted about a drain clog in the toilet at a hotel. The snake had pulled out a shower curtain from another bathroom. Either that person was imagining such a thing, or maybe the curtain somehow got dragged through the plumbing. That was the most craziest toilet story I ever read. If I come to an agreement on the blindness group home, I hope it has the nice fast flushing toilets. Since graduating the training center for the blind 2 years ago, I've not found another double flush toilet. I've heard of a toilet known as a dual flush, but I don't know if those sound like they drain twice. One thing's for sure though, I'd have to get used to increased responsibilities at the home if I go. I'd not let this bother me if it increased my mental, and bowel health. As with any new situation, it's the in between that's emotionally the hardest. Bye.



Tiana, it's great hearing your stories! I'd like to hear more! Kendal, it's great that I get to read stories from Tiana's mum! Haha, if Eleanor has no interest in pooing together, how does she feel that Tiana and Louise watch each other going for fun?
Violet, I'm about your age! We could be friends, if you like.
A story I have is that when I was eleven, I had eaten some fast food and my stomach felt terrible, but the nearest toilet was five miles away. My mom rushed me to the grocery store so I could go there, but it was too late. My little pink panties were full of hot diarrhea, and I didn't have a change of clothes, so I left my panties in the trash and just put my pants back on. My little sister, age five, was also very sick. We had to miss going to my aunt's house for dinner, and she is a very sweet person and a wonderful cook. That's all for now!

Shannon: I wish you all the best with the steps that you've taken to take charge of your health! I've worn some form of Depends when I've been really sick with diarrhea before. I have a had some diarrhea slips in them, and they did fine. But I never did the whole load in them. If an accident happens, I'm sure they'll be secure! All the best!

Taylor: It is really different to go in a dress! Glad you tried it! I wish you and Jennifer all the best and thanks for sharing about Francesca!

Anthony T: I can't imagine how horrible that woman felt!

Xander: Thanks!

Jack: It seems that when things like what you described with Kelsey happen when we are at impressionable ages, then it really does "open a door" as you described!

Love to all!



That must have one an awkward walk home after Josh saw you pee? It's understandable though, you focus was more on having a seat.

Sorry, Kendal!! I know I was around when you all were there, but I may not have posted anything to you because you were underage and I didn't want to scare you. I didn't post much in any case. But I had read that someone thought you all had been in an accident and that's why you weren't posting. That was many years ago. I don't post much anymore, but I did tell a story awhile back of the worst bathroom experience I had since Covid took over. Today's was pretty close to that. I need to eat better, I guess. Pretty hard during a pandemic, but I get by!! Keep up all the excellent work!! You're doing a terrific job keeping everyones' legacies alive.

Sunday, May 02, 2021

Marcus W

Re. Divo's Survey for Men

1. Do you poop in public?
I've no hang-ups about doing so and I'll happily have a poo in a public toilet, but it doesn't often happen since I normally go at home in the morning and don't often need to do it again.

2. Have you ever clogged someone's toilet at their house?
I don't think so. Again, I've no problem with going for a poo at someone else's house but I don't think I've ever blocked it. Might have left skidmarks on a few occasions though!

3. Do you spray when you poop with company around?
If there's a spray to hand I might use it, but I'd rather open a window. Sprays seem a bit pointless to me: they just add to the smell rather than getting rid of it.

4. Do you tell people when you have to do a bowel movement?
No: just sidle off and do the deed discreetly!


Re: Jry, Bianca

Jry, do recount your story. Did it occur at a school?

My embarrassment stems more from when other people call attention to what I'm doing, rather than them briefly witnessing(and probably ignoring) the act itself. When they call attention to it, it means I'm not being ignored or left alone. It's a reminder that my privacy and personal space is being violated while in an intimate position of vulnerability. When I used the half stalls at that high school when I was 14, it wasn't so bad, mostly because none of the other students made fun of me, at least in part the result of there also teachers in the room. Not that I had much choice in my usage of that facility.

In middle school, I once saw a student being bullied while he was sitting on the toilet in a doorless stall. Two 8th graders urinated on some paper towels and pelted this 7th grader with them while he was sitting in the doorless stall with his pants at his ankles, calling him names like "Faggot!" and "Queer." It made me very fearful to poop at school, and most days I was in a rush to get home from holding it in from after lunch or longer. For my entirety of 7th and 8th grade, I only used the doorless stalls once, a story I will eventually recount. My first two years of high school were similar, until I moved and changed schools, the new school having doors on the stalls which allowed me to poop whenever the need arose without fear of being ridiculed or bullied.

I've used half stalls at other locations after high school. No one really sees much, sort of akin to using a partitioned urinal. They can see who you are and what you are doing, but are spared the gory details. Like any public restroom, they'll hear it though, just as well as they would if I had a normal stall covering everything but my feet/pants/ankles. That doesn't bother me as much because it's all men who tend to ignore my presence and leave me be, as they tend to do when I'm standing at a urinal. I do have stories of exceptions while using similar setups which I will eventually recount.

What made the post job interview poop so awkward was that there were a number of women, some of them quite attractive, who got to hear the shit show, and the fact that attention was called to what I was doing once my noises interrupted the meeting. Everyone there knew exactly what activity I was engaged in. Then they got to see me exit the restroom. And I'd have to see these people again while I worked there. That to me was more embarrassing than using the half stalls in the view of other anonymous dudes I'd never see again.

I can hold in a small amount of diarrhea much more easily than I can hold in a massive amount of solids. It's large quantities of solid poop knocking on my back door, stretching my rectum and colon to their limits, causing me pain, that tends to encompass 95% of my emergencies. I rarely ever get diarrhea. I eat like a horse, and suffer the consequences though. Normally I poop 3-4 times a day, usually once after each meal and sometimes a second occasion 2-3 hours after my post lunch poop before dinner, or 2-3 hours after my post dinner poop. If it is late afternoon or early evening and I haven't pooped all day, my insides won't give me much warning when the time comes, and it tends to be an emergency. Same if I've gone more than 24 hours without a poop. Those emergency movements tend to by messy, smeary, and clog toilets. My most awkward stories tend to involve sessions like these, usually because I'd take any toilet available without regard to privacy due to the urgency of the situation, and often have an unwanted audience. Normal stalls, half stalls, or single occupancy rooms didn't provide enough embarrassment to make me hold it in any non-emergency situation anytime I've come across them, but doorless stalls and stall-less toilets or residential toilets with others in the room were only used in emergencies in my earlier years, that is until I stopped caring altogether whether others saw me. A few of these emergencies have even been outdoors when I couldn't find a restroom in time.

Bianca, the only thing I've ever clogged a toilet with is excrement and toilet paper. Sadly, it happens quite often. I keep a broken coat hangar handy near my home bathroom to break it all up before flushing, because low-flow residential commodes often cannot handle my volume. I have many horror stories regarding clogs. I've clogged plenty of commercial high-volume toilets as well. Few things are more awkward to me than notifying a cleaning lady who has been waiting outside the restroom for at least a few minutes for me to finish that I clogged the toilet, a scenario that has happened to me more than I have fingers.


Re: Teen guy needs to poop in my apartment

I enjoyed this story.

I've also heard others engaging in the act of defecation in a similar manner, including a former girlfriend, as well as multiple friends and coworkers. I do my best to ignore the noises, but it is sometimes difficult to do. I will be able to recount those stories at some point as well(a few of them "buddy dumps" with coworkers). Fans to drown out the noise are lovely in those situations, but sadly, not always available. Apartments and office trailers are not built with the needs of tenants in mind.

I know others have heard me plenty of times too. Many times I've found myself in a similar situation to that teen guy, where I'm in someone's apartment and need to drop a serious load. Unlike that teen guy in the referenced story, I have pooped at the homes of dates with them in the next room. As long as I have coverage from prying eyes, the embarrassment is minimal, provided it's a non-emergency situation and I'm not engaged in a noisy ablution, provided I don't cause a clog, and provided everyone can forget it ever happened once I'm done because they at least pretended to ignore it. In a non-emergency, I won't hesitate to use a single occupancy facility of any kind, provided it is clean. I'm not embarrassed at people knowing that I in fact do poop, so much as it is that I get embarrassed when someone actively points out when I'm pooping. Single-use facilities mostly mitigate this risk.

I've also been in situations where I had to ask for toilet paper because there was none there after I'd already pooped, and crack the door open to receive some or an item that serves the same function(the worst of those incidents happened on the back of a crowded bus after a particularly messy emergency BM in the onboard bathroom, the emergency resultant from my refusal to use a doorless stall in a crowded restroom at a previous stop).

Literally thousands of people have had to have heard me poop/pee by this point in time, mainly from all of the public restrooms I've used, as well as residences of people I know. But I'm certain at least 50 of them who have heard me in the act of defecation were girls/women, whether they were in the same apartment/home/office as me, unwanted intruders into the same room as I was shitting(one story I will recount from when I was a teenager involved a college aged girl who saw/heard me on the toilet because she forgot to grab her car keys, and there was no lock on the door to keep her out), or even female janitors waiting outside the Mens' room for me to finish(on a few rarer occasions they cleaned in the Mens' room while I was blasting away in a stall and got to see me exit).


Replies and pooping in a dress

Iris - I'm not sure if this will be much help but try to remember that everyone is in the bathroom to do the same thing, everyone pees, and I'm sure they all make noise too. I doubt they will pay the slightest bit of attention to your tinkles so try not to fret about it.

Music Man - I can stop my pee stream at will without any issue or discomfort. The only time I might struggle is if I'm absolutely bursting and I've just started, but give it a few seconds and I'll be able to stop just fine.

Hi Catherine, my friend Francesca used to always poop like you described. She's a really girly girl and is always in dresses but she would let them drape over the bowl. She always looked so elegant and you would have no idea she was sat on the toilet if it wasn't obviously in a bathroom. I've shared a couple of stories involving her on the site.

Your question inspired me to try it myself, I've probably done it a few times in my life but I don't recall it, so I decided to change that. This morning I put on a nice flowing dress that went to my knees and Jennifer did the same before we went to the bathroom together. I reached under my dress and pulled my underwear down to my calves before gathering the dress at the back and sitting down, then just letting it flow around me, covering my legs still and kinda falling to the sides at the back; I was nicely covered. It was only a few seconds before I felt my backdoor dome and I let out an airy fart as the head of my poop crowned. I felt really pretty sitting there like that while my poop slowly made its way out. It fell into the bowl with a quiet splash and I peed while I pushed out the remainder. I wiped, flushed and then it was Jennifer's turn.

Just like me she pulled down her underwear and sat with her dress spread around her, she looked so beautiful. A faint hissing signalled her first pee of the day, fading away after about 30 seconds and I saw her facial expression change slightly as she sighed. Moments later there was a quiet splash followed by two more in quick succession and she got some toilet paper to wipe. She reached behind a few times to clean her front and back and flushed while seated before standing up and redressing.

To answer your question, we do feel different while using the bathroom in a dress, we feel more elegant, or refined. I'm not sure how to put it, more prim and proper? It just feels nicer than sitting with our jeans pulled down for example.


For Jry

Hi Jry--I have enjoyed your posts over the years. The story you briefly referenced about the half-stall like the ones Tricky described recently sounds like a really intense experience! I hope you'll post a more complete telling of that story sometime soon.


More Memories

When I was a kid, my bed would often stink due to being peed into. The bed I most remember having accidents in had drawers on the bottom. I used to jummp on the bed to various styles of music as well (everything from R and B to Bluegrass), so my bed also developed holes in the mattress. Bluegrass favorites were mostly instrumental, and some of them are still nameless to this day. This was back when I still pooped myself a little. Nowadays my favorite instrumentalBluegrass song is Pike County Breakdown from the 30's. I don't have poop memory accidents to report related to that time in my life when I started enjoying that old song 3 years ago. When I was having mini accidents during my Bluegrass loving days as a child, I believe most of my favorites were released in the 60's. I was wearing protection against accidents when I had gotten that tape, too. So, when my jam was playing, I'd jump standing up facing the back bedroom window with a diaper on. I might have even jumped in a slightly poopy one, but not with full accidents. I even remember a time when I was laying in bed with a soiled diaper on while listening to the radio, and realized that I had woken up in the middle of the night to play in my poop. Once, I think I had peed the bed a little with a bit of poop on my clothing as well (before I wore diapers). I was wearing my Rugrat pajamas, and had messed my bottoms. This is the end of my story for today. Bye.


Reply to Iris

You could try keeping an empty cup in your purse to tinkle in while you are sitting on the toilet. Just hold it down there like you would when you pee in a cup at the doctor's office. The sound won't be nearly as loud since it won't have as far to fall or any water to splash into. Or get a female urinal which is basically a bottle with a funnel opening you can go in while standing in the stall and then empty it or the cup in the toilet and flush. Let us know what you try.


Peeing and pooping problems

I find the discussions on peeing and pooping problems to be of a great interest to me. As a woman in my mid-30s, it just seemed that using bathrooms away from home intrigued me at a young age. Two friends and I spent of a lot of the hot summer days on our bikes when we were 9 or 10. While we were supposed to use the bathrooms in one or another's house, we liked the adventure of riding over to the park, a nearby gas station, or a fast food place. My friend Sasha saw it as a way of keeping from being bored. Often when nobody was around we would all three take a single-toilet break at the park or the gas station where the bathroom was entered from the outside.

A couple of times our toilet trio held it long enough to do the same function. Taylor was at her best when she would clown around fastly spreading her legs and then closing them like the windshield wipers on a car. Then as her crap started coming out she would use some of the most hilarious facial expressions. Then when we expected to see a full bowl, we would see one piece the size of a golf ball. Sasha would dance around when I was seated and point her finger and boss me like her mother did with her taking too long and keeping others worried about having an accident. So I seated myself and within 10 seconds I was done and stood for applause. I had let go of about a quart of 100% diarrhea. This was a gas station single toilet bathroom and once I stood they all gasped at the smile. I faked pushing the flusher twice, but not hard enough. Sasha pushed over me and used her foot to get relief. Taylor pulled off a brown paper towel from the roll machine. She dared me to use it. I did. By folding it and some extra hard wiping I probably did about 80% of a good job cleaning myself. The last few wipes really hurt and Taylor noticed some blood on one end of it. I got into trouble with mom, however, because what remained after wiping was mixed by the sweat of my butt and my bicycle seat. She didn't like dirty underwear, although when correcting me she sometimes reminded dad that he could do a better job in that department, too.



To Shannon

By all means do what is feel is right. I didn't mean to imply what I was saying was the only solution. I hope your appointment with the GI specialist goes well!

To Catherine

I totally understand what you are saying. I wasn't necessarily saying go on purpose. An ex of mine could go when she wanted but she would often make herself desperate as kind of a game but was in a controlled environment. She would go about doing whatever she was doing at home or at my place then she would get to a point where she couldn't hold it and have an accident. She enjoyed doing that and it was never a problem in public. Like if she knew we were going out she either just go before or use a public restroom. She would put herself in a desperate situation once or twice a week. I thought it was strange at the time but it didn't hurt anyone.

Anthony T


Thanks so much to everyone who replied to my story about the accident I witnessed on the plane. I'll try to address some of the topics raised.

To Catcher J: I'm kind of in the same boat as you regarding my interest in bathroom subjects. It's a bit of a phobia for me in the sense that pooping myself in public or in front of someone I know seems like an absolute "worst case scenario." But perhaps for that very reason I also have a fascination with it, because it is so taboo and such an extraordinary event for an adult. Like you, I also feel a great sense of sympathy for those who find themselves in that situation, and think I would try to help in any way I could, whether it was offering extra clothing, wipes, or whatever. That wasn't an option this time, since the victim was of a different gender and not all that similar in size. As unhelpful as the cabin crew was leading up to the incident, they did do their best for her after the fact. They provided a change of clothes and cleaning supplies, and one of the female flight attendants actually helped her undress and clean up.

To Catherine: I agree that the cabin crew could hardly have been less helpful before the accident happened. Anybody could see that she was desperate. At the moment when she started to lose control and was banging on the lavatory door, she looked so panicked that I think if a bucket were available, she would have pulled down her pants and gone in that rather than mess her pants. They should at least have ushered her to the front of the line, if they weren't going to make an exception for her when the seatbelt sign was on, which honestly would have been easiest. For her to have this massive accident just a couple minutes before she could reach a toilet, after holding it for hours, just seemed cruel.

To Shannon: I think that not being able to get away and leave the scene was the worst part. In fact, the entire situation was the epitome of being trapped. I'd never seen someone so mortified, and after I got off the flight couldn't stop thinking about what she must have been feeling. Whatever plans she had for the day, I doubt she was able to do much of anything but curl up in a hotel room and cry.

Thursday, April 29, 2021


Mum having a wee !! (& a poo again)

First let me say thanks to Abbie for liking my story about Louise and I having a poo together. I look forward to hearing another story about you and Lucy sometime :- )

To Tom W: Why would I want to measure my wee ?!? I'm guessing there is going to be an old post about this sometime that I haven't got to yet :- )

To Jry: Mum says you'll give me a big head saying I write well :- ) I do try and I'll be trying again now. Mum was writing a post when I got back from school, so I said to her to come with me while I had a wee and then write about it. I'm looking forward to seeing what she wrote !

But now, I just made her go to the toilet so I could write about her visit. Here goes :- )=

We went in her bathroom and she lifted up the toilet lid and then she turned to face me while she pulled down her knickers. Then she sat down on the toilet. She then made a joke about why I wasn't holding a notebook and pencil to record down what I was seeing and hearing (and then smelling!!) I said my memory will be just fine thanks !

As I perched myself on the edge of her bath to watch, she decided to do this funny thing with her dress. She didn't just gather it on her knees/legs like normal. She actually lifted it up so high and held it there with both her hands I could see right to the top of her ???? !! In fact, I could nearly see the bottom of her boobs even !! Then she started to do her wee while sitting on the toilet like that ! I asked her why she was doing such a silly thing with her dress and she replied that she was just reminiscing about when she was my age and that was how she used to go to the toilet. I said to her "you needn't think I'm going to start to do that". She just smiled at me and then her face went all serious looking. I said "What?" She said "Tiana, I think I have to poo now my lovely". I had enjoyed watching her wee and now I was going to get to see her poo as well !!

She let her dress fall down around her hips and legs. In fact it was like the dress was draped down either side of the toilet. "How's that?" she said. "Better Mum" I said :- )

And then she shushed me. "Can you hear it coming out?". I told her I could. It was very crackly today and then I heard the first piece flop into the toilet with a second one quite quickly after that. Then we locked eyes. Mum has these completely mesmerising eyes. They are the brightest blue and we just stared into each others eyes. I love my Mum so much when she does that. It reminds me when I have been upset and got in her bed with her. After she's finished cuddling me better, we lie facing each other and I look into her eyes and feel much happier. I fall asleep and more often than not, when I wake up in the morning, Mum is still facing me with her blue eyes. It's like she has stayed awake all night to guard me and to keep me safe.

Well today on the toilet we looked into each other's eyes and just as I began to feel that familiar warm, safe and happy feeling, her eyes started to go watery right about the same time as mine did. Sadly, we weren't having a touching Mother and Daughter moment, we had both just smelled Mum's last poo !! It also went flop into the toilet ! I tried to hide my nose inside my school cardigan while Mum coughed and spluttered a bit before saying "God that's awful, I'm really sorry about that Tiana !" All I could do was to start to laugh from behind my cardigan before saying "I'll let you off so long as you don't make me stay while you wipe!" Mum said "Deal !" And we hugged for a couple of seconds until I realised that standing there between Mum's legs was even worse as the smell came up from between them !! I pulled away and said "I'm going before I'm sick !!" :- )

Love from Tiana x x

PS, If I've forgotten to speak to anyone who has written something to me, I'm very sorry and will try to do better next time. x x


Response to Iris

I was very pee shy and hit hit me suddenly when I was 14. It was difficult for me standing at a urinal with others around. A long time ago I was in hospital and had to use on of those bottles after surgery. It was so difficult to get a flow going and I was uncomfortable for a couple of hours till I could go . Now things are totally different. I have been in hospital a few times and have had no trouble asking for. And using the bottle and handing it back to a female nurse. In fact the last time I was as in hospital I did a poo in the toilet in front of the nurse..... no problem! What has changed is my psychological approach. First thing is everybody has bodily functions so what is so special about you ? The next and important thing is to learn to enjoy your bodily functions .... this really is a game changer! Hope this helps because if it does you will be so much better off


To Jry and Others

Many apologies for my absence this past month or so ago. The re-reading of old posts affected me far more than I anticipated and I needed to take some time out to recover. Tiana has been a little gem, preferring to wait while I got stronger so she could continue to read the old posts with me. We are going to have another session this weekend all being well :- )

To Catherine: regarding wearing dresses and going to the toilet, I've always been a dress girl, only occasionally wearing leggings or trousers/jeans. I probably wear shorts more often in warmer times. Wearing dresses is just something I like to do, makes me feel feminine, and dates back as far as I can remember. My partner Eleanor has no interest in toilet bonding and the odd times we do visit the toilet in front of each other, it's basically just a bodily function where she's concerned, while for me, I have to admit it is rather more than that ! Eleanor is very aware of what I like and will from time to time decide to go to the toilet and make a point of taking me with her. The rarity makes it so much more special :- ) When reciprocating, I don't think Eleanor is bothered whether I'm wearing a dress, shorts, leggings or whether I'm just plain starkers ! I think the thrill is pretty much mine at her watching me. When I was young and especially during my times with my Cousin Andrew on the old posts, I would wear dresses a lot, but I did retain a phobia that my dress, particularly longer ones below my knees would somehow droop in the toilet behind me and that I might get it wet in the toilet water, or wee on it or worse still poo on it !! So I would sit on the toilet and hold my dress well up, showing off my stomach ! This continued into my 20's until a 3 year old Tiana started to make comments about why I did it, and then decided to demonstrate to me what to do instead when she sat on the toilet. I can see and hear her now as she bunched her dress up on top of her legs and then used both hands to support herself on the seat. "See Mummy, its not in the toilet and I can't poo on it!" So from that point on, I've followed the lead of my dear daughter :- ) I think I've always known that it wasn't necessary to hold my dress up so high, but in the day when Andrew and I toilet bonded, that's the way I did it and I was encouraged to carry on that way because I knew how much he liked to see me sitting on the toilet like that saying how feminine it made me look. And none of my friends saw fit to pass comment on me doing it that way. But it is a phobia I'm now completely over :- ) Spreading my dress around the toilet bowl is not something I've considered doing. At home, fine, given I know how clean the bowl will be, but it's not something I would do in a public toilet ! Catherine, next time Eleanor and I go together, I shall spread my dress like you describe and see what comments I get from her and report back ! Take care x x

To Anonymous Poster, Thank you for your beautiful and heartfelt words about Andrew. I remember RJogger and Melissa's passing as well. I'm sure Andrew would be very proud of his son Steven and as for Tiana (who is Andrew's first cousin, once removed!), she is learning from the old posts about Andrew and his character. He would have absolutely doted on Tiana and I'm sorry she lacks his influence and love. Andrew's son Steven and Tiana are quite close (They are second cousins), but it's not like Andrew and I were and certainly no toilet bonding!

To Tom W: When Tiana and I reach the post to which you refer, I expect she will send you a personal response. So please be patient with her :- )

To Cammy: I'm so sorry I don't remember you, but I'm glad to be involved as a reason for your return :- ) Did you use a different name in the old posts ?

To Jry: What can I say, the man who likes to ask questions that deserve a detailed response ! And a man who clearly cares about what has happened to me and is now extending that care to my dear daughter. It is such an honour to be told that Andrew and I inspired you to begin writing here. Your first reply to me was kind of enquiring how old I am ? Well, I'm not my Granny who would have said "I'm as old as my tongue and a little older than my teeth"! I was 31 in January :- ) To avoid this post getting too long, I'll just answer the first of your questions about Andrew pooing. I think at the time in question on his 18th birthday, the concentration came out of him wanting to put on a good show for me. Andrew had struggled to give much attention towards toilet sessions having been so affected by Ellen's passing. For him, when I was witness, it had become just a mere bodily function. He didn't care if I was enjoying it or not. And when I took him to the toilet with me, although he paid attention initially, it became very obvious that his eyes had glazed over soon after I settled on the seat and no matter how I presented myself (taking care over what I was wearing and my appearance) or how my wee or poo sounded, or if I reached for his hand to try and bring his attention back, it seemed all in vain. On his 18th birthday, I had the old Andrew back, paying full attention! The concentration told me he wanted me there. He wanted me to enjoy the experience again (although why I would ever enjoy the terrible smelly poos he always did, goodness knows!) But it was all about the bonding, the looking into each others eyes, to feel special and to want to make the other feel special. For me, his plops and the wee were almost secondary. And you're right Jry, the vast majority of the time his poos would just come out without a lot of effort. It was mainly just the first one. If I was holding him round his ???? to feel the pushing, I could feel the muscles working to start with, but once I felt them relax, it was time to move back a bit and grab whatever I was wearing on top to cover my nose !! I'll move on to question 2 next time :- ) x x

Tiana has just returned from school and found me posting this, so she is insisting that I come with her for a wee and that I should then describe it here !

Ok, so I had to go in her room with her ! She threw her school bag down on her bedroom floor and her coat (so in a hurry then! I avoided the Mum words of "Don't just throw your things down on the floor") Her feet clad inside her grey school tights padded on the tile floor as she made her way to the toilet. Lid up (with a clatter !) and then she lifted her school skirt right up to be able to reach for the top of her tights pulled high up her ????. The tails of her school blouse were showing neatly tucked into the waistline of her grey skirt, over her tights, and were getting in the way of her attempts to grasp the top of her tights, so while still holding up her skirt with one hand, she used the other to pull her blouse up through the waist band of her skirt. Now free of that incumbrance, her thumbs inserted into the top of her tights and she eased them down to around her knees before fumbling for the much lower waist band of her panties and then pulling these down not so far, perhaps two thirds down her legs, with three or four inches of skin showing between them and her tights. She then sat back quite heavily on the seat and let out a long and happy sigh as she bunched her skirt up on top of her legs such that the hem didn't quite cover her yellow panties and then she reached back with the fingers of both hands curling around the toilet seat either side of her little bottom and her wagging legs settled down to complete stillness while her toes curled upwards and downwards contentedly two or three inches above the floor tiles :- ) She beamed at me waiting for her wee to start which surprisingly took several seconds and while waiting she shook her head so her beautiful wavy red copper hair fell neatly around her neck resting on her shoulders. It was then that those warm brown eyes fixed with mine and she breathed in and held it, concentrating on getting her wee to start, and when it did, she let her breath out through her nose before continuing to breath normally as her wee cascaded beneath her making a tune to rival any of the great composers as it tinkled into the water below. That's my daughter ! If she shares one thing in common with Andrew, it is how steadfastly she keeps her attention on the matter in hand and how her eyes can entrance you, even if they aren't his sapphire blue ! But I'm glad they're not. The brown sets off so beautifully with the red hair and isn't so contrasting as it would be if she shared mine and Andrew's eyes. What I'm saying is that her hair and eyes match together in the most magical way :- )

Take care everyone, Love from Kendal x x



Eleonora from Italy: hi Eleonora, thank you for your response! I definitely think that having weaker muscles might have something to do with it. That's often what the feeling is like when I lose control, like I am just not strong enough to hold it back. I would like to hear some of your stories!

Xander: I certainly wouldn't call my issue newfound. Its been happening for around 20 years, though I will say that in the last 3-4 years or so its been getting progressively worse. As far as saying diapers may help me stop having accidents, I was more making a comment on how ironic that would be if it were the case. I'm not too sure buying expensive underwear is the way to go lol. If being in a place like my job, in front of my coworkers and a customer isn't enough of an "incentive" to keep from pooping myself, I don't think pricey panties will be the difference maker. As for your other suggestions, definitely! Working on diet and routine is a big part of what I've been trying to work on in life and trying to improve my self discipline. When I'm going good I've been successful, like last year I had a few good stretches and this year I was doing well for a little bit in March when I was actually putting in the discipline. I definitely notice the accidents ramp back up when I get lazy with it. Thanks for your reply!

Week one of exclusively wearing my silhouettes is in the books. I am pleased to report that I have not wet the bed or pooped my pants all week. Ya know, since I was prepared lol (see what I mean Xander?) Anyway, I think they will be just fine. It definitely takes some getting used to the feeling of extra padding, but its not much. I'm pleased with how they look under leggings- which was a big reason I was always hesitant to wear diapers, I was concerned with how obvious a diaper would be under them because I wear leggings like 75% of the time lol. But these seem just fine as long as I wear a top long enough to cover my butt, as they do have a slightly more prominent panty line than my underwear. Alexis assured me that she can't tell at all and she is proud of me for having the courage to use them. But it remains to be seen whether or not they're worth it.

Am I weird for actually feeling kind of disappointed that I haven't pooped my diaper yet? Lol. I'm actually very interested to see how well they hold up to a poop accident. I'm sure it will happen soon enough and I'll let you all know how it goes. BTW my appointment with a gi specialist is finally coming up in early May so I might get some more idea of what's contributing to my incontinence problem and how to deal with it so at the very least ill have that to report on soon.



Replying to Jry

It does happen with me sometimes, that I'll sit on the toilet and know I have to poop a lot, but it doesn't all come at once. If I have the time, I'll just sit there, often bringing my phone so I'll have something to do, while sometimes pushing gently. I find it satisfying to just sit there, and wait for the next urge to come, and be able to pee or poop when I need to. Just let it out as naturally as I can. It's very relieving.


Forced Fart

This morning I was feeling a bit under the weather, and dry heaving while on the toilet. I forced out a loud medium pitched fart, an pushed a bit of near-liquid poop out. To Karen, when you made that joke about needing to check your pants, I was lucky that I actually didn't have to do this. That's wonderful you use farts to cheer up your kids. I did more really soft poop later today after unboxing my new cornhole beanbags. I love juicy farts too, as long as they're not literally juicy as in the case of a shart. To Kamdyn: I hope you got to poop completely after that sudden fire drill. I know about the being startled by fire alarms, because that has happened. It hasn't happened on a toilet though. When being lucky enough to have had a warning of an upcoming fire drill, I'd just pop in the earplugs, and be good to go. Happy pooping to all. Bye.

Eleonora from Italy


To Kamdyn: I know what you mean, I am also a sincere person, so when my mum asked what I had to do I also replied "I have to poop", and there would start the lecture about how I should go only at home, how public toilets are dirty, how I should be able to control myself… only at 12 I understood that I have to always say "I have to pee" and it would be all right. But I didn't understand (even today) why pooping makes a so big difference and pee is allowed.
I was the same also at school, for my mum it was unthinkable that I can poop there, but the truth was I was doing it 2-3 times a week.
Anyway is really go to be an adult now and not being frustrated by asking permission and lying on basic bodily functions, now I can poop where I want.

To Shannon: I also have some incontinence problem, but I don't want to wear diapers. I mean I'm only 25, not an old lady… I'm curious to know what the specialist will tell you, maybe it's the same problem as mine. I have weak anus muscles, and so sometimes when the poop knock at the back end I can't stop it from going out.
I find out it only a couple of years ago, until then my mum and friends didn't understand how I could have those accidents like I was a baby. Almost all people have at least one diarrhea accident in their adult life, so they can empathize with it, but my poop is almost always quite hard. At some point my mum even thought that I was doing it on purpose because I wanted attention.


To Xander and Shannon


I really appreciate your kind words about our fascination with solid accidents. For me, though, I really do not want this to become a habit. The times that I actually had an accident, I resisted the urge so long that defecating in my panties was a reflex in which my body overtook my ability to control. Doing it "on purpose" does not have that same effect, if that makes sense. Too, I just do not want it to become a habit. I appreciate your affirmation though.

Also, with regards to Shannon, I think she is taking charge. Obviously, your advice is good advice, but I think she feels that this is the best step for her right now.

Shannon, I continue to send prayers and positive energy your way! All the best to you!




Undies and sneezing

This happened to me the other day. I had a sneezing fit probs hay fever and when I was sneezing I farted and let out a spurt of piss, not loads but enough to show on my jeans - has this ever happened to anyone else? I did need a piss at the time so that might be why.

When I hold my poop sometimes it starts to come out like on it own and then I have to go to the toilet kinda quickly, if I am sat down it stops at my undies but when I get up I have to really hold it and when I do that a bit pinches off in my undies but then the pressure stops a bit and I can hold it for like another hour. Seems weird but sometimes that doesn't happen and then I know I gotta go. Anyone else do this?

When I start to need a piss but I don't wanna go I have worked out that if you let a little out at a time it don't show and you can put off going for ages but it don't work if you really need to go as too much comes out so it shows and the need to piss gets bigger. Anyone else do this?

Anyone else got soaked in the rain so just wet there pants as it didn't really matter?
I have done it but I think others must do it as well but idk.


To Catherine


Thanks for your reply! I've read a number of your past stories and enjoyed them. Congrats on being capable of such big loads! I'd lie if I said I wasn't at least a tiny bit jealous. Unlike how you describe yourself, Kelsey isn't particularly curvy. She did play basketball and I think tried a few other sports in high school, so she is athletic, but she was not tall either, maybe 5 foot 5 at best. This is what made it all the more perplexing about how she deposited such a monster in our toilet. You also mentioned being irregular or eating a lot. I don't have any way of knowing her regularity but have been with her while she eats and she doesn't eat any crazy amount, certainly nothing that should equate to the size of the shit she took.

I love the story you shared about Jason. As I said, I did have a huge crush on her but she was definitely too old and was practically family so there was no way I'd ever say anything to her about it.

I would love to know if this event was anywhere near as memorable for her as it was for me. If only she knew what a door it managed to open for me. Was she too amazed by that dump, or was it business (haha) as usual for her? As I said in the last post, my plunger detective works leads me to believe it was most likely the latter.


Pee shyness help

Hi, I am Iris and I'm 16/female. I suffer from horrendous pee shyness. If there is already someone peeing when I enter the bathroom I will wait at the sink until they leave, and if someone walks in while I'm peeing I will stop and hold it until I am alone again. If the place is busy all bets are off and I have to find somewhere else. I literally cannot pee if anyone is around and will hear me.

Any help? It's making me miserable.

Thank you


Replies + Story: Teen guy needs to poop in my apartment

To Pooperlady: Thank you for replying to me. In my case, I think it is quite unusual that something like that happens. I usually do not have to wait significantly between waves of poop unless I am constipated. Also, I do not really enjoy spending that much time in the bathroom. Sometimes I do spend quite a bit of time, but because I am not done pooping yet. But I would not want to spend that much time in there while I could be doing something else. This means that, when I spend more time waiting for the next wave of poop to come, I get a bit stressed! I know, that's not the right mood to be in, but at least during the week (when I have lots of work to do), I would prefer to be doing my work and not waiting on the toilet.

To Tricky: Thank you for replying to me as well. So, I read your story about pooping just after the interview, and I could imagine myself being in your position, and it was horrifying! I don't think I have been in that position ever with a solid poop though. Most often, it is quite soft, mushy or even diarrhea when I would get so desperate that I would not mind that much getting to a toilet even if it is within the hearing space of others. As for using the half-stalls, it seems surprising to me that you only experienced that mild degree of awkwardness. I remember one instance in which I used a half-stall in my mid-teen years, and it was the worst. A couple of pre-teens were in front of me and could see my pushing face while I pooped. They were laughing at every pushing face + plop combination. I could elaborate on this story on another occasion. I guess, as you mention, that what is most uncomfortable for you is someone else seeing your butt or your private parts while you are on the toilet. While I understand that, I get more uncomfortable with the idea of someone seeing my face, listening to my pushing or relief noises, or hearing the plops.

Something unusual happened the other day that I think was worth sharing. I was in my apartment working on a project when I heard a knock on the door. This was unusual, since most of the time no one visits me or delivers me anything. My apartment is located on the second floor of this apartment complex, and it is a studio apartment. I went to open the door and found Paul, the teenage son in a family of four that lives 3 apartments down the corridor. Paul is about 16-17 years old, I guess (incidentally, that was my age when I first started posting on this site!), about 1.80 meters tall, lean but fit, has tan skin, maple eyes and dark brown hair. I know Paul because I have seen him around in the complex, sometimes with his friends, sometimes with his family, and sometimes with his girlfriend. He is a friendly guy, and has helped me on numerous occasions by carrying heavy bags to my apartment.

I was surprised to see him since I don't otherwise interact with him or with his family much. Upon opening the door, I saw that he had a look in his face of mild desperation. "Jry (he addressed me by my real name, but I will write Jry instead), may I use your bathroom?", he asked with tension in his voice. This was a rather unusual request, since his family's apartment was within 1 minute's walk from mine. "Sure", I said, but then I inquired, "Is something wrong with the bathroom at your home?". He hesitated for a bit, and then he told me the reason: His family had some guests over, and one of those was a pretty girl he really liked. Because the only bathroom that was available to him in his family's apartment was just beside the living room, he had been very embarrassed to use it with his crush present. He said he had intended to go at a nearby supermarket, but with the pandemic's restrictions still in place, he was unsure whether the restrooms would be open.

Now, I have experienced several instances of being near others who I would not like hearing me while I am on the toilet, so I could empathize with him. Looking at him, he seemed like he was fighting to keep a huge amount of poop inside of him, and judging by the tension in his face and the fidgety movements he was trying to hide, he was losing that battle. I agreed to let him use my bathroom, although I would probably have agreed even if he had not explained to me his situation. The apartment layout is such that when you enter, you have a closet on your right, then there is the kitchenette and a small table with chairs that works as a kitchen. To the left, there is a long wall that has my desk where I work, then there is the door to the bathroom (quite small, to be honest) and then there is my bed. Hence, if someone were to use my bathroom, I would definitely hear everything going on in there.

He came in, and I directed him to my bathroom. He thanked me and closed the door behind him, while I sat again back at my desk. I heard him lower his clothes and sit on the toilet. Then silence for a second, and he stood up and pulled his white and blue Bermuda shorts back up. He opened the bathroom door and asked me with a shy smile on his face, "Erm… Jry, do you have another roll of toilet paper?". Now, I did have some toilet paper left in the roll, but that probably was insufficient for him. "Sure, let me get it for you". I went to my closet, grabbed a roll, and gave it to him. "Thanks", he said to me while smiling shyly again, and once again closed the door.

I sat at my desk and heard the same noises: shorts and underwear down, and him sitting down on the toilet. After a few seconds of silence, I head an airy fart hiss out of him. This was followed by a stream of pee, splattering in the front of the toilet bowl. Then, I heard him inhale deeply, and silence followed. After about 10 to 15 seconds, I heard Paul blow his breath out in a huge burst, which he followed by drawing in another deep breath. After a few seconds in silence, I heard a small plop, followed by a very heavy and deep KERLOOMP noise, as what I imagine was a huge turd dropped into the water below. "Hmph!", he sighed. A few seconds later, I heard him inhale again and very quickly two other turds plopped into the water. "Ugh", I heard from Paul, probably from the relief after a somewhat tough beginning of his poop process.

The rest of his poop seemed to be easier for him. I heard him take out his smartphone from his shorts. He spent a couple of minutes browsing in it when I heard him inhale again and one, then two, and finally three turds dropped. For the next 8-10 minutes, Paul would be sitting on the toilet, with about 1 turd every 30 seconds or so dropping into the water with a quite audible plop sound. I honestly lost count of how many turds he was dropping, although I figured he would be filling the toilet quite nicely. Sometimes, after a turd of his would drop, he would sigh in relief. At other times, he would stay quiet.

Just before finally finishing, he grunted a little, as if pushing just to make sure everything was out, and a "blip" sound was heard. I then heard him shuffle in his seat. Probably looking at all the poop he had produced, he decided to flush before wiping, just to make sure everything went down. I know that my toilet can handle poop mountains most of the time, fortunately. He then started wiping, and he wiped for quite a while, probably for about half of the time he had spent pooping. I heard him take some toilet paper, fold it, wipe, fold again, wipe, and drop it in the toilet. It was then that I understood why he had asked for another toilet roll. He would definitely have finished the remaining toilet paper in the roll and he would have still had a messy butt. He repeated this process until he was finally clean.

After he washed his hands and came out, his face was much more smiley looking than when he went in. "Feeling better?", I asked. "Yeah, Jry, thank you so much. I really needed that. I could not have done that with (name of girl) in my living room!". I said it was no problem, and that if he ever found himself on such an occasion again, he was welcome to come knock on my door and I would let him use my bathroom again. This is the least I could do, since he is such a nice guy and has helped me on other occasions.


Good Day

Hi folks on The Toilet. Today was a wonderful poop day for me, because I stunk it up in the bathroom after I opened my box containing my elevator call stations. They're pretty good for being replicas, and I think my butt agreed, lol! My poop was sort of soft, and crackly. Other than that, I just peed for most of the day. I'm on a current debate regarding moving to a group home for the blind, and I have mixed emotions. I love sharing a bathroom, but I just don't feel ready to move again yet. Werever I am in the future of this year, my toilet stories will keep on coming. To Tricky: if I had to use a doorless stall, it wouldn't bother me. I don't know about you, but I've used a toilet as a garbage disposal. Once not too long ago, the toilet at the day centre I currently attend got clogged by a strange plastic animal toy from a happy meal. I acted all innocent, and got away with it for 2 days during the time it was clogged, and even after the toilet was plunged. I've flushed stuff I was bored with before, but never clogged the toilet since high school. Today for instance, I flushed mechanical push buttons down the loo. I get a joy out of anything that I think is flushable going down the drain. I enjoyed flushing as a child, too. Bye.


Another bathroom lock out

Friday afternoon right after the dismissal bell rang at my middle school, I hurried right across the hall to use the bathroom before me and my friend Josh started our walk home. Doors to both sides of the room were locked. An announcement was made on the PAS to leave the building and teachers were reminded of some meeting they had. I just stood there feeling defeated because I had a mile walk home and I had to pee bad.

I got to thinking also of what had happened three hours earlier. My crap had come later that morning and I had to hold it until my lunch period. I tried to get into two bathrooms, on both the first and second floor, at about noon but there was a line extending into the hallway for each. I ended up hurrying up to the third floor. I almost didn't make it onto the toilet before my anal explosion.

So me and Josh met up and started the walk home. It would be a couple blocks out of the way but he came up with the idea to stop at a gas station. I kept wondering whether my system would cooperate for another 10 minutes or so. Josh tried to be understanding of my need, although he said he's never needed to crap at school. But he doesn't like the style of urinals, how he loses his privacy, and he instead pees in the toilets. Some of the guys make fun of him and make jokes about lifting the seat first. Stuff like that.

We continued to walk fast to this gas station. My need was now an emergency. We walked around a large passenger van and into the store. What Josh and I saw we couldn't believe. There was a whole pack of girls, probably a sports team, jammed up for the ladies room. Josh walked down the other hallway because I was willing to use the guys room. I was that desperate. I knew I could count on him to watch the door. He came back shaking his head. There was a line there too.

If there had been a back hallway and a cleaning bucket sitting in it I would have used. We went out a side door for emergencies only. My heart was beating faster and I was sweating worse. Then on the other side of the parking lot Josh spotted one of those do it yourself laundry places. Luckily we ran in through a side door and to my left I could see an open door and a small toilet with the seat already down. I was 2 or 3 seconds from bursting open.

I yanked my slacks down so fast right as I was dropping myself straight down onto the toilet. My fingernails slashed onto the skin of my right thigh. My book bag bounced on my shoulders with a thud. I was so worried that I hadn't tried to close the door. And Josh was standing there seeing it all. It was when he said "F*** you really saved yourself" that I realized the door was open. Then I closed it for some privacy and to catch my breath.

Music Man

Question For The Ladies

Hey everyone,

I've posted a few times over the years, but it's been awhile. I've got something that I'm curious about, and figured this was the place to ask about it. As the post title implies, this question is mainly for the ladies as I'm a guy and I already have that perspective!

Ladies, what is it like for you to stop peeing in mid stream once you start? Here are a few more specific questions:

1. Is it difficult/painful to stop?

2. Are there times that it's more difficult/impossible to stop (like you have to go so bad that you can't possibly cut it off once you're going)?

3. Do you have any stories of times you've done this? These could be intentional or unintentional (eg. someone walks in on you mid pee and you stop involuntarily , or someone rings your doorbell and you stop on purpose to go answer it).

It's definitely possible for us guys but it's not very comfortable (for me at least). I also know it's not healthy on a regular basis. I'm just wondering what it's like for females!


Just some thoughts - Using the Bathroom in a Dress

I really feel bad that I don't have any stories to contribute. We've led a pretty boring life during the pandemic. But we've really become close as a family, which means a lot to me. Marrying Alan meant becoming his daughters' mother, so their acceptance of me is important, for me as well as them. Then, watching our boy grow as been a joy!

During the time I was a way for the Lenten Season, on up until now, I've defecated twice daily and without exception, they have all been 4's on the Bristol Stool Chart - long, thick, soft and minimal smell. I haven't had any accidents or toilet adventures.

But I think I shared somewhere back on this forum that since giving birth, I've felt more feminine, womanly, or whatever, than I have. Now, I have always tried to dress professional, but I'm more of a slacks and top woman. But since giving birth, I've bought and worn more dresses, more color and such than I did in all my adult life prior to giving birth. I roll my hair and wear it down more than I did in the past, instead of my signature pony tail.

So, Alan commented to me the other day that he really likes it when I wear dresses and such, but also doesn't want me to abandon my original style. While I don't necessarily dress to please him, I appreciated him sharing with me how he felt about how I look.

Then he says to me, he really thinks its different when he sees me on the toilet with my dress draped over it versus my bare hips. I asked him why, while blushing a little. He said it gives me an almost goddess look. So, yesterday morning I put on a nice floral dress, rolled my hair and wore it down, along with a little makeup, and waited until I had a strong urge to go.

I invited him in, sat on the toilet and did a pretty thick, long poop, with my dress draped over the bowl, and let him watch. Of course, last night, we ended the day with some intense intimacy.

However, I wanted to ask other women about using the bathroom in a dress. Do you do that often? Do you drape your dress over the bowl. Do you feel different when using the bathroom in a dress. Has a significant other ever seen you use the bathroom with a dress on?

Just wondering if this is common or not? Thank you!



Monika B.


I'm not sure what this says about me, but you know that burning sensation you get when you poop after eating spicy food? I like it. Lol. Is that weird?

I do have a high tolerance for spicy food, but still.

Skidmarked from Columbia

Questions about skid marks again

Last time I asked I noticed that it's not just boys but girls that get skidmarks.

When you became an adult did you still get skidmarks in your underwear?
Do adult women get skidmarks too? If so less or same?
How does it feel when you notice a skidmark?
And last when was your last skidmark? -& what you think caused it?


Daughters friend

My daughters friend came over to stay the next day we were having breakfast my daughter went for a shower and Sarah sat with me she is 16 blonde hair quite a chubby girl with big bum anyway we were talking and then she said I best go to the toilet I thought nothing of it and said no problem she go up and walked along the hall to our downstairs loo in her pjs went in and bolted the door I was In the kitchen doing some washing up and It had been over 5 min and all was silent. I decided to walk quietly down and sat on the bottom of the stairs and be naughty and listened I could hear the odd deep breath so she was trying to poo then there was a small plip plop like small pieces you drop when backed up then there was nothing for a bit then a massive kerplunk and a sigh of relief as her big log fell in the toilet which I imagine felt very good to pass she started to wee while another plop was heard then a minute or so passed then a big plop as her final log fell in the toilet she started to wipe so I dashed back to the kitchen she came out looking a bit red faced but probably enjoyed having had a big poo I enjoyed hearing her aswell xx


Two Funny Incidents

Though yesterday's post has not been shared, I wrote that I really had not had anything interesting to share. I did have two funny incidents yesterday.

Yesterday at the pharmacy, it was nearly time for lunch. As I have shared, I can be pretty gassy sometimes. Mine usually do not smell or have a strong odor, but they can be loud. Following my pregnancy I struggled to control my farts and some would slip at inappropriate times. I've been doing Kegel exercises to strengthen my muscles down there for a while now, and they help! Until was nearly lunch time and I had been holding some gas for quite a while. My stomach bubbled constantly. We were not really busy, but I didn't want to leave for the restroom until time for lunch. As I was explaining a prescription to a customer, answering some technical questions she had, I lost concentration on my gassy situation and let out a pretty loud, bassy fart, that had at least five bubbles to it...Fortunately, this customer was close to my age and I profusely apologized. She told me not to worry and we continued the conversation. I was so embarrassed!

Second, last night our little "Joey" proceeded to the bathroom in the hall, as he had to "doo doo." We are trying to get him to say "I have to use the potty" but he thinks poops and farts are funny. Boys! He proceeds to clog the toilet. I didn't know so much could come out of a child his size! He is bigger than all the kids his age, but still!

I hope everyone is dooing well!




desperate walk

I met up with a friend for coffee today as the weather was so nice and now we're allowed to. I kinda needed a wee when we were at the coffee shop but not too much, so we went on our way and walked and talked for over an hour. We parted our ways and by this point I was really quite desperate with an ache from my bladder. I looked around and at pubs but they were all pre book only so nowhere to sneak for a wee! Eventually I found a McDonalds and ran to the loo, one small leak escaped while I was getting into the cubicle, so my turquoise knickers had a small spot but nothing major. Felt so relieving to let go!


Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Re: Jry, Queue

When I've used half stalls, the level of discomfort was a mild degree of awkwardness, akin to standing at a urinal. Using completely doorless stalls or stall-less toilets where people could see my butt was a lot worse. I've generally preferred privacy for both functions, and I didn't like other people hearing or seeing me perform either of them. I've had so many embarrassing toilet experiences for both functions that these days none of it bothers me anymore. I eat like a horse and go through a gallon of water a day, thus it was inevitable that awkward circumstances had presented themselves repeatedly.

I posted a story three days ago, but it must have been too long since it didn't get posted here. I will repost a shorter version.


Meagan's self-consciousness question

Meagan's self-consciousness question is one that I had to confront back about 10 years ago. I've found my initial concerns about giving in and using public bathrooms came out of my inexperience and a defining characteristic that still defines me today: I'm in college and although I've grown some over the past years, I'm still the shortest girl in my class. Most every time I sit on a toilet my feet do not reach the floor. Beginning in middle school and continuing throughout high school, many of the toilets were open. Their privacy doors were removed due to a number of abuses ranging from vaping, vandalism and outright truancy from class to other things that were referred to the police.

But the fact that I was in a lot of school activities, often causing me to be at school from as early a 6 in the morning to sometimes 6 in the evening, there was no avoiding 3, 4, 5 or more sits each day. Almost every morning my longest sit-down would be for my bowel movement. In order to get to my next class on time or another responsibility such as Stu-Co projects, it was recommended to me and I kind of figured it out that I had to minimize my actual time on the toilet. I wouldn't go into the bathroom and take my seat unless I was sure that my bowel movement was knocking. So after I dropped my panties to upper/mid-thigh and took my seat, I could eliminate my waste often within 1 minute. After I got that timing down and my soft craps cooperated, I was tested at the beginning of the next school year when toilet paper rolls were removed, I guess for conservation and economic reasons, and replaced with pre-cut toilet paper squares. They were a dismal failure. Some of my classmates covered their privates by working on their lap top while taking a crap. Then the administration put in a rule about not having technology out in the bathrooms. One friend would take off her sweater or jacket and place it over her privates as she sat. She was warned that coats and outer wear needed to be kept in her locker.

I've been in a couple of places where there is great privacy in the toilets. This one hotel that my parents and I stayed at for a wedding reception had full-size doors with a lockable from the inside knob that you would turn to open it. It reminded me of what I've seen in some clothing store dressing rooms. Now that we're of age, my boyfriend and I go to some country bars. A couple of them have much smaller doors on the toilets, but what is different, is that the swing-type doors start higher up off the floor and will cover the privates of a person of average height, and often up to the top of their head. There's this latch that you turn before you seat yourself and it locks the door. A sign outside clicks over to say Occupied. There's very little, if any, peeking room.

Public toilets can be made safer and more comfortable for users. Almost anything is better than what I used daily in middle school and high school.

Eleonora from Italy


To Kamdyn: I know what you mean, I am also a sincere person, so when my mum asked what I had to do I also replied "I have to poop", and there would start the lecture about how I should go only at home, how public toilets are dirty, how I should be able to control myself… only at 12 I understood that I have to always say "I have to pee" and it would be all right. But I didn't understand (even today) why pooping makes a so big difference and pee is allowed.
I was the same also at school, for my mum it was unthinkable that I can poop there, but the truth was I was doing it 2-3 times a week.
Anyway is really go to be an adult now and not being frustrated by asking permission and lying on basic bodily functions, now I can poop where I want.

To Shannon: I also have some incontinence problem, but I don't want to wear diapers. I mean I'm only 25, not an old lady… I'm curious to know what the specialist will tell you, maybe it's the same problem as mine. I have weak anus muscles, and so sometimes when the poop knock at the back end I can't stop it from going out.
I find out it only a couple of years ago, until then my mum and friends didn't understand how I could have those accidents like I was a baby. Almost all people have at least one diarrhea accident in their adult life, so they can empathize with it, but my poop is almost always quite hard. At some point my mum even thought that I was doing it on purpose because I wanted attention.


Forced Fart

This morning I was feeling a bit under the weather, and dry heaving while on the toilet. I forced out a loud medium pitched fart, an pushed a bit of near-liquid poop out. To Karen, when you made that joke about needing to check your pants, I was lucky that I actually didn't have to do this. That's wonderful you use farts to cheer up your kids. I did more really soft poop later today after unboxing my new cornhole beanbags. I love juicy farts too, as long as they're not literally juicy as in the case of a shart. To Kamdyn: I hope you got to poop completely after that sudden fire drill. I know about the being startled by fire alarms, because that has happened. It hasn't happened on a toilet though. When being lucky enough to have had a warning of an upcoming fire drill, I'd just pop in the earplugs, and be good to go. Happy pooping to all. Bye.


Replying to Jry

It does happen with me sometimes, that I'll sit on the toilet and know I have to poop a lot, but it doesn't all come at once. If I have the time, I'll just sit there, often bringing my phone so I'll have something to do, while sometimes pushing gently. I find it satisfying to just sit there, and wait for the next urge to come, and be able to pee or poop when I need to. Just let it out as naturally as I can. It's very relieving.


To Shannon

Hi Shannon,

I was thinking of your somewhat newly found incontinence. You mentioned in your last post that you thought that diapers would help you stop the poop accidents. I think they may have the opposite effect. A diaper is kind of "safe" place to poop and cognitively you might start using the diaper more than you were "using" your underwear. I do have an idea you could try and both semi-revert back to potty training days but the 3rd one .

1. Buy more expensive underwear so you have an incentive not to ruin them.

2. Try and make yourself go before you need to. Try and go before you go to work, on your breaks at work, etc.

3. Adjust your diet so that you can try to get on a regular schedule. Probiotics help. I drink kombucha or kefir about the same time every day and go about the same time every day. Increase insoluble fiber or take a fiber supplement like Metamucil or an equivalent. It will take some time for you body to adjust

If you have genuine incontinence then by all means, use the diapers. But maybe try these things in conjunction.

And here is the thing about all this and this applies to all the SPAS; if you enjoy pooping in your underwear and you can regulate it so it is at least partially in your control, the continue to enjoy it! It doesn't hurt anyone if you decide to go into the bathroom and and just go in your underwear! We as a society tend to shun pleasurable things that are outside of the norm and even some normal things. If you like it, just do it, enjoy it, clean up and go about your day. There is nothing inherently wrong that.

Just my perspective! Best of luck to Shannon and the rest of the SPAS or anyone else who enjoys the act of pooping!

To Meagan re: self consciousness

Meagan, I feel similarly to you about public bathrooms - they're not private enough, and people look at you way too much - but for me it's not just that someone might see my 'private bits', for me it's something about the position of sitting on the toilet. Even if my 'modesty' is covered, I don't like people to know I'm sitting on the toilet, or to see even a hint of it - including my feet under the stall. IDK, it just seems like for me, pants down, legs exposed, sitting or squatting on a toilet, is just something very private and intimate. I don't like leaving a stall when there's someone else in the bathroom, and I feel this way whether I've pooed or not. It's not the function of peeing or pooing that I find embarrassing, it's the position of being seated on the toilet. Does anyone else feel that way?


To Jack


I loved your story about Kelsey! Being a curvy, athletic woman, I can do some pretty large doodies like that, especially if I am off my routine and miss one or more of my usual two bowel movements per day. It sounds like Kelsey may have either been a pretty hearty eater or perhaps she was a little irregular with her bowel movements, leading to these large, solid logs.

Either way, I wanted to share that when I first visited this forum, I met a guy named Jason who lived in the same condo building as me. I was at his condo on labor day for a cookout and fun time with friends. During the football game that night, I had to go. And, I mean I had to go. I clogged the toilet with a really large, solid log. The whole crowd saw it after it was announced what I had done. I was a little embarrassed, but played it off.

But Jason asked me out. I could not believe it. However, he would always try to get me to talk about my bowel movements. I broke up with him after dating for several months because I realized his infatuation with my bowel habits.

Just a word of advice - most women would be glad that we don't turn you off by our doodies. However, we would not be flattered if that's why you found us attractive! LOL!



Monika B.

So I made this spicy sauce that had chili oil, Thai chili flakes, and basically everything spicy that I could find. It's very good, but... wow...

The day after I ate it with ramen, I pooped like 5 times. And it was urgent! Weirdly, it wasn't exactly diarrhea. I ate some more spicy ramen yesterday, and the same thing happened today. Lol. I took some meds to hopefully slow it down because I had to work today.

This week, I also had 2 8 hour shifts (I usually work 5 hours, so I'm not used to it). I was very worried about making it the whole day without peeing, but I did it without any real problems! The first day, I felt a need about halfway though, but just a little bit. It was manageable. During the last hour and a half, I definitely really had to go, but I still held it until I got home. I had another longer shift today, and I weirdly didn't even feel a need until I got home. I was a bit dehydrated, though. It's strange, because I drank about 16 oz of water on my last break, so I should have felt a need to go.

I usually pee like every 2 hours or even more frequently, so this is an accomplishment for me. Lol.

Catcher J
Jonathan: Thanks for responding. I frequently remembered to return here to see if there were any responses--I actually wanted to talk more about how I felt on this subject. I'm still thinking a lot on the account I mentioned in my last post, a lot. I've been trying to open up with how I feel about bathroom accidents, but honestly, I think you just look like a weirdo when that's like, the only phobia you have. Cool to hear about the nursing position--Being empathetic and all, I'd considered a care-related job myself. I had to take care of an elderly family member which included their bathroom needs once they weren't able to handle it themselves. It was a shock the first time, but as my mom said on the situation: "They (the older member we were caring for) did it for us, so..." (the clear implication being that we had our diapers changed by them when we were little, so it's only fair to return the favor when they need it). I agreed with that sentiment and ever since then I've been less on edge when it comes to changing others, such as would be a duty in a care-related position. It's understandably a shock for the first time--which of course, is a fact that just cements my anxiety a little harder knowing that in, as you said, a non-clinical environment and strangers--just makes me remember that most people will have an unhelpfully rude reaction if the reality's suddenly exposed right there in front of them.

I tried looking for other outlets on this. I have to say it's not exactly easy to find, and there's a few negative aspects when expressing or looking into this stuff two. My main issue is one particular thing: Inflammation. Both in my direction, as well as those that potentially have similar issues that feel inflamed over expressing themselves on it. In other words: I feel bad when trying to express my sympathy or indulge my curiosity (since, in my opinion, our minds sometimes 'normalize' trauma by becoming familiar with it--therefore, no longer making it a scary concept anymore) yet I end up reading stuff that really rends my heart, and to be honest it just ruins my day, or week. Years later I could be doing something completely unrelated, remember about some terrible accident story I read and/or heard about and there goes the whole day!

So like I said, kinda easy to seem like a weirdo. Most folks don't have a lot to say about it. Luckily, a huge majority express their own sympathy for these situations. I have to remember that many people would be sympathetic if they witnessed an accident, and I have to accept that some wouldn't be. I also understand that, like in the story mentioned in the previous account--Just being sympathetic doesn't mean you either can or should do something about it. But really, it is what it is. I never witnessed anyone have an accident, or if I did it was probably so long ago and so inconsequential it doesn't matter. I never had #2 accidents but I did have a string of #1 accidents--at least some of that story's probably buried in this site somewhere but, anyway--I sorta think the way I was treated after those probably introduced the guilt/shame aspect to me. Prior to all that, I would have called it a curiosity since I was always found more catharsis in satisfying bathroom habits, and not really ashamed to express it. After that string of accidents on a long car trip, well--maybe some details are best left for later, and others more personal. But it was that day that proved it was a new dawn for me. Gone was sorta accommodating family member that used to help me go potty and wiped me for a few years--Whatever was there reacting to nebbish, transparently sorry and guilty me--was someone else, and I felt like I wasn't trusted to take care of myself, and the situation was framed as if I did what I did intentionally. I know most probably know this, both accident-havers and have-nots, but it makes you feel like a failure. A special failure--Having bathroom problems is so unique and on a different tier of social recognition, and it's really awful knowing that this is probably what's responsible for all the negative reactions--'Cause it's not like any other little problem out there. Well, that's what I think at least.

It makes me think of what's been referred to as 'exposure therapy'. I have a lot of thoughts on it--more or less similar to the concept I mentioned earlier, the idea of exposing one's self to trauma in order to familiarize one's self. The long and short of my thoughts on that is that I acknowledge such a practice works, but I shudder to think of anyone who'd been put through it before they were ready. But the reason I bring it up is because it seems hard to apply to an accident scenario. Take me for example--What am I supposed to do? Go on another road trip and wet my pants on the way up and down, again? If talking about it were enough, all the people whose ears I've talked off about this anxiety would tell you it did something--But it doesn't really. I mean, it's cathartic, but it's a catharsis you get used to, and frustrated knowing it can't penetrate a deeper level of calcified sadness.

But anyway, don't mean to ramble. Nothing too notable about my bathroom habits that would be interesting. I don't wanna ruminate on this stuff all the time (I do enough of that already) but I am glad I can express how I feel somehow. Not so easy doing it anywhere else. Would like to post with other thoughts at another time though.


The Interview

I had graduated college in 2007. I was jobless, broke, and living off of pinto beans. Lots and lots of pinto beans. They were inexpensive and kept me fed, and I couldn't afford much else. They made up about 75% of my calories, of which I went through about 4,000 a day at the time. Since I am not North Korea's "Dear Leader", they also made me fart and crap. A lot.

I had a follow-up job interview coming up. I recently had a haircut and ended up looking a lot like a younger 14 year old Daniel Radcliffe at the age of 22.

I had a bowl of beans and chopped onion for and/or with breakfast, just as I did for the breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the days/weeks before. I had been farting every 5 minutes on average, but had managed to keep from releasing it during the first interview, and figured I would do the same successfully on the second interview.

I was crapping out about 3-4 massive loads each day, thanks to the frequent ingestion of pinto beans. I took a big hearty dump that morning an hour before showering, getting dressed, and leaving out. I picked some black Dockers slacks and one of my dad's black pinstriped Polo shirts for the interview. I got to the interview 5 minutes early, and had just gotten off the elevator and was waiting outside in the lobby area on the top floor, when I felt my insides gurgle. It was a gas attack, and I ripped out some loud farts, but I was outside of the main room to the business office and to my relief, no one was present. The relief felt good, but I knew that more was on the way since I'd been eating beans pretty much all week. I figured/hoped that I could hold it in during the interview for a second time.

The manager came out a few minutes later to let me into the office. She was a tall, attractive Caucasian broad with jet-black hair, looked to be in her early 30s, and had a very impressive rack that I struggled to avoid staring at each and every time I was in its presence. She also interviewed me a week prior, but this day she seemed flirty. We passed the conference table in the middle of the main room where a meeting was going on and went into her office, where she asked me a series of questions to see how much I knew about solar power systems, spreadsheet software, and certain mathematical concepts. During the middle of the interview, my insides started rumbling very audibly.


It even interrupted one of her questions as she asked it to me and she had to re-start her sentence. The gurgles continued as I answered.


I remained composed through all of this while once again having to hold back a bad gas attack so that I didn't rip what I had guessed would be an unusually rambunctious fart in front of her. I had to hold back a bunch of gas during the previous interview as well, but without the noisy peristalsis. I wanted this job and was desperate for it, and I was of the opinion that an embarrassing gaffe such as ripping a loud fart during the interview would have harmed my chances of getting it. My insides were gurgling partially as a consequence of not farting.

*raur-r-r-r-T-T-T-T-T-t-t-t-t-t* *RORT*

The interview continued on for another 30 minutes, my insides gurgling obnoxiously loud like this the entire time, fart gas building up to painful levels. I didn't dare try to let any of it slip out to ease the pressure, as I knew that if I did, it would all come blasting out. My insides were in pain. At the end of the interview, she let me know that she would be contacting me within the next two weeks or so, so that we could negotiate a contract and that I had basically gotten the job. The position was temporary, to last only for a few months. She ended the interview by letting me know that she had to join her co-workers in a meeting outside in the main room.

It wasn't until I stood up from the chair to walk out of her office that I felt it. My intestines felt that sensation as if they were being torn by something solid instead of gaseous. I felt a large solid mass now pushing downward on my o-ring, accompanied with the massive gas buildup that wanted out for the better part of an hour. It took all of my wherewithal to keep my ass cheeks clenched and myself from unloading into my expensive dress slacks. It was an emergency.

Me: "Is it okay if I use your restroom?"

Her: "Go ahead. They're right outside, across from the conference table."

A meeting with about 15 people, both men and women present, was going on in the main room at the conference table. The two single-occupant unisex restrooms adjacent to each other were located 10 feet away from the conference table. I did an ever-so-careful crab walk into one of them, flipped on the light switch, locked the door, hurriedly put the toilet seat down making an audible *plack*, unbuckled my belt, dropped my slacks to my feet, and seated myself, unleashing a thick, hard, solid sludge. It felt very impacted, stretching my nether hole to a mildly painful position. So far it was all crap, and thus making a quiet crackling sound not dissimilar to unwrapping a taffy, the gas that had haunted me earlier now painfully pressing on the inside of my gut, acting as a propellant for the sludge, but not finding its way out.

I could hear the conversation at the table outside, which made me cognizant of the fact that I could also be heard if I wasn't careful. The sink was at the opposite end of the restroom and out of reach from the toilet, and I was afraid of getting up to run the water lest I make a mess on either my pants or the floor.

I sat there, carefully squeezing it out millimeter by millimeter, deliberately avoiding making any loud noises.



About 5 minutes in, I'm still being ever so careful with regard to how much I let my sphincter expand while I can feel this seemingly never-ending impacted sludge extruding out. As I think the last of it is about to exit, my sphincter loses all control as a massive amount of built-up gas violently propels more crap out of my ass, somewhat painfully.


The sounds produced went on for around 5 seconds straight. The noise seemed to make the walls shake. Immediately after the gas was done rushing out...


The turd fell with such velocity that the water below splashed up and soaked my ass. About one second or so after, the subject of their discussion at the table outside suddenly changed.

Male voice: "What was that?"

Another male voice: "That young man we just interviewed is in there."

My bunghole immediately puckered up now that I heard the exchange outside, but there was more to come. I didn't want them hearing anymore of this, but I didn't know what to do, as I only had a few more seconds before I was going to have to let it all go again as a painful level of pressure continued to build thanks to the efforts of both solids and gasses that remained as of yet unreleased. I didn't dare try to get off the toilet to run water at the sink, knowing that I was likely to make a mess on either the floor or my pants, further complicating this blunder.

I heard the voice of the woman who conducted the interview with me just minutes ago: "Ugh. I should've told him about the fan."

Another female voice: "Please, do so."

There was only one switch that I could see as I sat on the toilet facing the door, and it was a light switch just to the right of that door, which was currently on. A fan to drown out my noises would have been much appreciated, but I didn't know where it was at, and it didn't occur to me that one was even present until I overheard the exchange taking place outside at the table just now.

A few seconds later, I hear the female interviewer's voice again, this time right outside of my door: "There's a switch for the fan to your right."

Me, speaking awkwardly from behind the restroom door: "Thanks."

I look 90 degrees to the right of where I am seated, and there's a round dial on the wall. It was barely in reach from the toilet. I stretch my right arm out to turn it, and it does nothing. About five seconds had passed since I said thanks to the lady for telling me where the fan was, and I could hear the meeting resume as if nothing happened, being that they appeared to be a bunch of emotionally mature adults. I press it in, and the fan turned on, but it wasn't very loud. I could still hear talking outside. I couldn't hold it anymore and my bowels gave way again now that my right arm was stretched out to manipulate the dial.

*plur-r-r-rt* *prop-OP-OP-OP* *ploop-t*

Sounding like a sputtering pontoon boat, I continue fiddling with the dial while I'm machine-gunning the toilet water like a WWI fighter plane, chunks of solid impacted crap painfully scraping my dirthole while obnoxiously-loud farts continued to explode out of me. After a second or two of this, I discovered that rotating the dial adjusted the level of the fan's output, and therefore the noise. I turned it all the way up, and continued blatting away. I could no longer hear the conversation outside, could barely hear my own noises, and was now free to let it all loose, thanks to the loud fan. I just let it all go. The sound of a sputtering pontoon boat morphed into the sound of a sputtering airplane propeller and the relief was instant.


I was confident that no one outside heard this. The fan was a lot louder. It took me about 5 more minutes to finish as more sludge and gas came in various noisy waves, concealed by the fan.

I wiped, gladly pulled up my pants feeling well relieved of that terrible burden with a satisfying vacuum feeling in my colon, flushed, and the low-flow residential style toilet couldn't handle the load and clogged. I was afraid this would happen. There was a massive pile of solids at the bottom of the bowl, blocking the flow of water. It looked like brown oatmeal, the remnants of a diet of lots and lots of pinto beans, with the color to match. Fortunately, there was a plunger underneath the sink in plain view, and I was able to unclog it in less than a minute by pushing the pile around with the rubber end of the plunger, freeing up the hole at the bottom of the toilet bowl. I shut the fan off, washed my hands, and exited the bathroom feeling quite a bit lighter and a lot less bloated than before.

As I exited, a few of the people at the conference table briefly looked my way as I did that long walk of shame over to the door leading outside the main room into the lobby to fetch the elevator. I guess they had a morbid curiosity with regard to who had just tore up the nearby bathroom with such sound and fury that it interrupted their meeting.


Hotel has really slow toilets

Hi everyone, Kenna again, sorry i havent posted in awhile, ive been really busy! This story happened last weekend when josh and i went out of town on a small getaway. He hadnt gone poop in 4 days, so he had to go pretty badly when the time came and it was pretty difficult! The hotel we stayed at had horribly slow toilets and i found that out when we arrived froday night. I told josh i had to go poop shortly after we arrived. I sat on the toilet and pushed out a pretty solid but normal turd which was around 15 inches long. I wiped twice and flushed but the toilet didnt really go down and just swirled and swirled. Of course there was no plunger either. Come to find out the whole hotel had really poor water pressure! Josh said oh great, this will be interesting if i have to poop! I told him we would figure it out. Sure enough the next morning (day 5 of no poop for him) he said he needed to go finally. I came into the bathroom with him because i knew he would have trouble going. He sat on the toilet and told me it would for sure clog since we barely got my poop down after several flushes. I told him to just worry about going, then we would figure it out, or go buy a plunger if needed,etc. Josh began working on going but it was really hard and pretty painful. Do you need a suppository? I asked. We can get one and a plunger if you need. Josh said no, i have to go really bad, its really uncomfortable but i will just push it out. I sat on the edge of the tub and held his hands as he pushed. It wasnt coming out though.i had him get into a squat and told him to keep trying. After several more hard pushes his poop finally started to come out, but really slowly. I spread a bunch of toilet paper under him and told him to stay squatting and keep pooping that way. I held him as he pushed and strained to comfort him and to try to take his mind off the pain of going. After 10 more minutes of really pushing hard his first turd came out and landed with a big thud on the floor. He stayed squatting and told me he wasnt done which i figured anyways. I told him good job and encouraged him to keep pushing but he needed a break first. We watched some tv for awhile while giving his poor butt a break, then headed back to the bathroom to try again. He squatted and resumed straining. I held him and encouraged him as his next turd began to come out. It was just as hard as the first and took its time coming out. It eventally landed under him with a big thud. He kept pushing and more poop began to come out. This log wasnt quite as hard or big and only took him a few minutes to get out. Overall his poop was about 2 feet long when he finally was done going. He wiped once and flushed 3 times to even get the paper down. I had an idea to get rid if his poop, and grabbed a plastic walmart bag. I wrapped my hand in toilet paper and put his poop in it. I covered it in a bunch of toilet papar and threw it all away downstairs in the garbage outside. Joah thanked me and thanked me for helping him go. I pooped again before we left and had just as hard of a time flushing it as before. Ive never seen a place with such slow toilets and told josh there was definitly no way that his poop would flush! He agreed that we did the right thing! It was nice to get away! Ill post again when i can! Take care all, and happy pooping!

Sunday, April 25, 2021


Toilet interruptions are a problem, too!

Most of us know of times when using a bathroom has been denied, or in the case of myself and some of my friends, discouraged by parents, coaches and teachers. Craps should be done at home, my mom use to say when I was growing up. OK, I guess I started defying her in middle school because she wasn't around to manage things every day. Try traveling, tell her I need to take a bathroom stop, and she questions me whether I need a #1 or #2. One of my babysitters back when I was in grade school just suggested that I lie when I asked to use a bathroom. I've been forever indebted to Barbie since then. Because that is where I got the idea to lie. Example. We're traveling and I say I have to pee. My parents would pull over at the next opportunity so I could 'pee." I would be allowed to go in myself, no lecture or guilt trip laid about me about not having gone at home.

I continued my daily crap in school when I got to high school. Not under the best circumstances Often crowded bathrooms. Privacy doors taken off for whatever reason. Peeing and then pooping with someone peering in on you from like 2 or 3 feet in front of you. In such a situation, I surely didn't try to start a conversation, although that might have made me feel more comfortable, especially if I wasn't able to produce something early in my sit. One morning I had just sat down on the toilet for my 2nd hour crap. The laminated hall pass was on my lap. I had the whole bathroom to myself and I was thankful. Suddenly the fire buzzer went off, the lights flickered, and I jumped up startled. I knew I had to leave and probably stand in pain in the closest parking lot. While I was pulling up my jeans, one of the security guards yelled in for me to get out. I passed down several staircases and spent 10 or 15 minutes seated on a broken curb in the parking lot. A couple of my friends came over to talk while I was trying to suppress the time bomb in my intestines. One cursed when she asked why I was holding my gut. She said I should have stayed and finished. But if I had disrespected the guard, I would have been in trouble. Now, in college, I'm treated like an adult. Almost all the bathrooms have stall doors for privacy. There are no hall passes, fire drills, and stuff like that. Also, my mom hasn't asked about how my bowels are doing?

As a mother of two girls and two boys, farts have came in handy whenever I need to cheer them up. My favorite farts are the juicy ones. They always make my kids laugh the hardest and I always make a joke about needing to check my pants.



Hi everyone, it's been a while. I just wanted to say that today I was very desperate for a big poo, I went to get my vaccine today and my stomach was cramping the whole time. I didn't get a chance to go this morning because my appointment was pretty early. So I was clenching my buttcheeks for what felt like an eternity. Thankfully it was an in and out situation so it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be,although I almost pooped myself, that would have been very embarrassing lol. As soon as I got home I plopped my butt on the toilet and shat out a wave of diarrhea. I must've eaten something last night that didn't sit well with me. Thankfully that seems like the end of it, although I wouldn't be surprised if I had more tonight. Hope everyone is doing fine and being safe.



A Turd to Remember

Amy, your story and question about Lauren encouraged me to share my own similar story about how some people just seem to poop bigger than others.

As a kid growing up my parents would hire a neighbor Chris to babysit me. By the time I got to 8th grade, Chris was headed off to college so my parents hired a new one who was the daughter of a friend of theirs.

Her name was Kelsey. I'd known her for a long time, but never well. Admittedly, she was I think my first real crush. She was then a senior in high school. My parents let me be home alone once I started high school the year after so it worked out that Kelsey could babysit for just the one year before she too went off to college.

She was super chill as a babysitter. Since I was pretty much old enough to be on my own, her job was pretty dang easy. She'd come over, and usually just play on her laptop or read while I would play video games or watch tv in my room. It felt a bit silly to me that my parents paid her to do pretty much nothing but whatever, it made them feel safer so I guess that was plenty worth it.

Anyways, one time she was over while my parents went out to some super late night event or something and as usual we were each doing our own thing. She knocked on my door and asked if I knew where we kept our plunger because she had clogged our upstairs toilet. I had no idea if we actually had one, but offered to help her look in the garage. We weren't having any luck. She texted my mom who called and my mom told her we did have one somewhere, but that she too wasn't sure exactly where it was. My mom told her not to worry and that they'd handle it when they got home. Kelsey seemed kinda embarrassed but agreed and hung up.

I thought nothing of it and we both went back to what we were doing. Whenever my parents were home later than a certain time, they'd have Kelsey make sure I was asleep and then she could leave before they got back. Eventually it was my bedtime and I turned off my tv and pretended to go to sleep. I had already forgotten about the toilet. Kelsey came to check on me before she took off to make sure I was asleep. It worked as usual and she slipped out and went home. Like most kids my age would do, I just got back on my tv and kept watching.

Around midnight I was practically falling asleep while watching tv. I got up to pee but remembered Kelsey had clogged the toilet. I could've gone downstairs or to my parents' bathroom, but I was tired and decided I could just pee and not flush. I guess because she was a girl I assumed she had just tried to flush too much paper down at once or something. I stumbled into the bathroom and flipped on the light. The toilet lid was down and the room smelled pretty strongly of the cleaning spray my parents kept in the bathroom closet. Sure enough, the can was out on the counter so it looked like she had sprayed to cover the smell. As I lifted the lid, I realized why. In the bowl lay an absolutely massive turd. It was stuck down the hole and went almost all the way to the front rim. From there it broke off and there was a second log - clearly the remaining portion - next to the giant log. It didn't take long after opening the lid for the smell to start to overpower the spray. It had been about 3 hours since Kelsey had clogged it, and the water from the bowl was nearly all gone, which surely didn't help the smell. I was totally grossed out.

There was no way I could piss on top of it, so I did end up going and using my parents bathroom. As I was peeing, I couldn't stop thinking about what I'd just seen. As I headed back down the hall to go to bed, I felt an urge to go look at it again. Maybe I'd hallucinated it or something. Even just in the 20 seconds or so I had opened the lid, the smell had totally overtaken the spray. I walked back in and opened it again. Another wave hit me as I opened it the second time. For whatever reason, I was no longer completely disgusted and instead my reaction turned to more one of awe. Now all of a sudden I couldn't look away. I just had to know how big it was, so I went back downstairs to the garage and got a tape measure. I went back up and measured the massive piece as 16 inches, plus whatever was out of sight down the hole. The "small" piece was 6.5 inches, so Kelsey had taken a 22.5+ inch shit. I didn't think to measure the width, but it more or less filled the entire drain hole. After I had finally had my fill of taking it all in, I thought I'd try and flush it away and try to save Kelsey any embarrassment with my parents. I figured maybe it had softened since she had tried. Whether it had or hadn't, it didn't matter. When I flushed, the big piece literally didn't move. The smaller one did get picked up by the flush and twirled a time or two as the toilet filled with brown water. Yep, definitely still clogged. Thankfully the water stopped before overflowing.

I lowered the lid back down to limit any further smell escaping. I resprayed and finally headed back to bed to sleep for real this time.

My parents got home at last shortly after. I heard them shuffling around trying not to wake me, but I was still awake. I could hear my mom remember about the toilet and told my dad she would fix it. She went and retrieved the plunger from the garage (who knows where it was hiding in there) and came back up. She was in the bathroom for a few minutes before coming back down the hall to get my dad for help. I could hear them both whispering and couldn't understand much, but I did make out my mom saying the word "enormous". I must've been dead tired, because despite my interest, I fell asleep right about then as I don't recall anything else that night.

In the morning, I got up and went downstairs for breakfast, again managing to have forgotten all about the toilet situation. My mom was making pancakes (a weekend tradition) and my dad was at the table reading the newspaper. My mom asked if I had gone to the bathroom and I said no. She said good and told me the toilet wasn't working in my bathroom and to use another. I'm not sure why, but I instinctively asked why. My mom cracked a bit of a smile and said that Kelsey had used it last night and plugged it. My dad laughed and that caused my mom to laugh too. My mom admitted it was a huge poop and that they weren't sure how she had done such a big one. They had a plumber scheduled to come later that day to fix it. I guess my parents failed last night and gave up trying to plunge it. It was so bizarre, but I was totally intrigued by the ordeal at that point. After breakfast, I headed back upstairs and tiptoed into the bathroom to see what was left. There was now a plunger in front of the toilet. I pulled up the lid and saw that the big log had been broken up into a bunch of chunks. The water level was still pretty high and a mess of the big chunks and shreds of toilet paper were floating in it.

When the plumber did end up coming, he fixed it in only a minute or two. He must've had some special tool. So anyways, that's the story about the time my babysitter took a dump so big my parents had to call a plumber.

I actually do have a bit of a side story follow up on this! I'd wondered if she always just takes huge shits or if that was an outrageous outlier. And although she never pooped again at our house nor did I ever see another of her poops, I do have a hunch it wasn't a one off...

As I mentioned, our families are pretty close friends. About a year later, Kelsey's family invited us and a few other families over to their house for an evening pool party. They had a huge house and a really big pool so they were always throwing parties. During the party, I needed to pee so I headed inside. I had asked Kelsey's brother, who was just a year older than me, where to go and he told me I could use the one in his room upstairs. I thought I knew where it was, but it had been so long I got lost when I got up there. Anyways I ended up in what was clearly Kelsey's room (she was the only girl). I figured what the heck, I'd just use hers and she wouldn't care. I walked across her room to get to the bathroom. As I was peeing, I noticed she had a toilet plunger just sitting there beside her toilet. I'd never seen that before, a plunger out in plain view. It could have been that maybe that's just where her family kept theirs, but it also could've been because she uses it so much. I finished up and flushed and exited. I decided I'd play a little detective. I walked down the hall and found her brother's room, my initial destination. I checked both her younger and older brother's bathrooms. Neither of them had plungers in them. Maybe it was entirely coincidental, but it certainly seemed like it was just her that had one in her bathroom, ready to be used at a moment's notice when she clogged it.

I credit Kelsey and her big toilet clogging monster turd with getting me interested in the whole topic of pooping. It went from something I thought of as disgusting to something I now enjoy discussing. If it wasn't for her, I'd never be reading a site like this!


Replies + Today's poop story

To Tiana: I was proven right! You are definitely quite the writer and have inherited your mother's talents! That was a very lovely story that you posted. I look forward to reading more stories from you and your family.

Tricky: You have narrated here some of your experiences where people have seen you poop. How uncomfortable have you felt when they have seen your face? How have you felt knowing that others in the room can see your "pooping" face (in case you make any faces)?

So, again, I decided to post because today I had another unusual poop to what my current "normal" is. As usual, I went to the bathroom, closed the door behind me, and pulled my pants and underwear to my ankles and sat on the toilet. On this occasion, I started peeing almost immediately. This stream lasted for about 30 seconds. I knew I had poop inside me, but it felt unwilling to move. Not in a constipated, stuck kind of way, but as if it resisted to come out by simple relaxation of my muscles.

I started gently pushing and very quickly a small turd, maybe 3 inches long, came out and dropped with a "blip" sound on the water. But I felt a whole lot more still inside of me. I leaned forward until I was in a 45-degree angle, took a deep breath, and began pushing harder for several seconds. A medium-sized turd, maybe 7 inches long, plopped into the water below, followed by another, and then another of very similar sizes. I let out my breath and relaxed for some moments. Weirdly, despite having already released some poop, I still felt that fullness in my rectum. Not in the sense of "I'm not done yet", which is normal, but as if I had pooped almost nothing! I took deep breaths to relax my muscles, hoping they would allow me to feel a stronger urge and release the rest of my load.

After about a minute of deep breathing, I felt the urge getting stronger again, so again I leaned forward, and pushed for as long as I could, letting out 6 more medium-sized turds. I could feel myself getting red in the face, and but after the last one came out, I let out my breath in forceful exhalation, but felt very relieved. I produced a final small turd that landed with another "blip" sound. I started wiping, and this time it was less messy than the last time.

Has anyone else had this happen to you before? Where you release a decent amount of poop, but still feel as if you have not released much yet (and it turns out you're right?).

Hope you liked this story!


Re: Catcher J

I know how you feel. I have the same fear and feel sympathy for others that have accidents, particularly poop ones. I'm a nurse in a hospital so of occasionally I have patients that have accidents And I try to be kind as possible. It's obviously different than being out in public as I'm expected to take care of a patient. I also don't expect a sick patient to be perfect. The trouble I have is I expect myself and non-patients like me to be perfect and when I have evidence to the contrary I get anxious and have panic attacks. I actually shit myself a little bit a few weeks ago a little bit, it could of been a lot though. No one said anything and I didn't say anything to anyone. Yet I still have the fear.


Self-Conscious in Public Restrooms

Hello everyone,

I don't know if it's just me, but I always feel extremely self-conscious whenever I do my thing in public restrooms. In my early morning seminary class, I always have to pee so I have to their public restroom in the back. The problem is that the cracks in the doors are so wide! You can clearly see people doing their business there! As I pull down my pants and underwear, I always make sure to also cover my private part with my hands whenever I see other girls hanging out in the sinks or enter the restroom. I was never comfortable talking in the restroom, it's my private moment to relieve myself! Sometimes I swear some girls are purposefully trying to look through the cracks as well through the sink window or "checking" if each stall is occupied, which is why I cover my private parts. I think one time some girl in a public restroom did see my private part which is why I started to do that.

Does anyone else feel the way I do??

I knew there had to be a reason I came back!! :)

Kendal!! We never talked much when you were here before that I know of. Probably because of the fact that you were a minor then, I don't know. In any case, I'm glad you're back and doing well!! Especially after hearing the worst awhile ago. That was at least speculation. But whatever. I hope you and Eleanor and your family are doing well!! I'm also sorry for your loss!! Andrew was very good to you and very supportive. I know you are making him proud every day!! Wishing you all the best with everything!!


For Tricky

Tricky: please keep your stories coming! Whether about lack of privacy in public restrooms or any other situation, I love your way with describing scenes. It's as if we all are right there with you.

Thursday, April 22, 2021


Skidmarked from Columbia reply

Skidmarked from Columbia

About skidmarks in your underwear?

Hey I am a boy age 27. I been on here since 15 years ago. I like this website but honestly I haven't posted more than like 5 times so far...

When was your last skidmark in your underwear? Got some in my undies I am wearing today.

What do you think causes most skidmarks in underwear?
Farting and holding my poop in. I am a joker when it comes to farts and sometimes I push too hard to get a loud one.

Do you think it's just a boy problem?
Na but I guess I have only seen em on boys underwear.

When you see a skidmark in your underwear... Do you feel embarassed or shrug it off and just don't care?
I don't care - most of my mates have seen em at sleep overs and changing for games and stuff. My mum has told me to change em sometimes. I was a bit embarrassed once when they were pretty bad and my sister and her friend came in my room and I was in my undies and t-shirt as I had got out of bed and went on my PS5 my sister asked me if I had crapped my pants. I was stood up playing and had my back to em.

When you see a skidmark... Do you immediately change your underwear? If not, why?
Na, I just change em every other day normally unless I forget or I am staying at a mates.


Explosive Diarrhea

Hi my name is Violet. This is my first time posting so here is a few things about myself. I'm 17 I am really petite. I am only 5'2 and 105 pounds. I have really long dark hair. Now let's start the story. This happen a week ago I was sitting in my he last period of the school day and half way through I felt my stomach rumbling and it really hurt. I knew I had diarrhea because the night before I ate a lot of greasy fast food and that never sits right with me. But there was 20 minutes of class left so I thought I could hold it and I really did not want to use the school bathroom. For the rest of the class period I sat clenching my butt cheeks. Then finally the bell rang and I got out of my seat as fast as I could and ran to my car. But the car ride back to my house was 15 minutes long and I didn't know if I could make it. But I had no other choice so I started to drive. About two minutes in I felt a fart I thought I could trust it because the pain in my stomach was not as bad. But as soon as I farted tons and tons of hot pure liquid diarrhea came out of me and there was no stoping it. It literally lasted all the way home nonstop. When I got home luckily no one was home and I ran inside and cleaned up an then went and cleaned my car. But my diarrhea was not done I spent the whole night and all of the next day on the toilet having pure liquid explosive diarrhea.
That was my story thanks for reading.
Xoxo, Violet

Catcher J

Overwhelming Accident Sympathy

I've been coming here for a few decades now, posted once or twice maybe. I'm as interested in my own and other's bathroom habits as much as anyone else is here, but I feel like I have an unnatural sympathy for those that end up going through bathroom accidents. It would be one thing if if was sympathy alone, but it gets so bad that it sometimes turns into anger whenever I have to come to terms with the fact that there are are those that are...Let's just say, 'unsympathetic' towards those in that situation. Nothing else makes my blood boil quite the same way.

I should mention a few things first: I'd actually have considered it a phobia, yet outside one or two stand-out occurrences, I don't have much to say as far as accidents myself. Wrote about one or two here a long time ago but I forgot the page. But I was always ridiculously afraid of it happening to me at school or somewhere else.

So why is it then, that I seem to be so drawn to stories and accounts like this when the subject both scares me so much, and I get so worked up with sympathy it's kind of hard to function after? The answer, well...I dunno.

I think the first time this happened was a few years ago when I was working. I wouldn't dare mention anything specific, but let's just say I saw a rather vivid account of what I'd consider 'a worst case scenario' when it comes to accidents. I remember it bothered me so much afterward that I basically had to take a break at work to calm myself down (out of a panic-like feeling, I guess?).

I suppose it's happened again, very recently and right here. I should preface my reaction by saying I enjoyed the account overall, I think it was well-written and very descriptive. But I will say that Anthony T: Your account of your plane situation you witnessed really melted my heart. I feel like I've been sitting here looking like a basset hound stewing in empathetic angst for like an hour now. I too wonder what I'd do for someone in such a situation--if anything can even be done. When someone is feeling unsafe and scared, even approaching them can be risky. It makes the situation all the more sad, but despite being a normally bashful and withdrawn person, I feel like I'd brave anything to help someone in that situation--Again, only if it were explicitly clear something could even be done.

But if I'm to conclude before I really start to ramble: Are there others like me? If you ever get down over these sorts of subjects, what do you do? Why do you think we're still interested in it? The stuff we're scared of can be really interesting, but really stressful to explore. I've found that bathroom stuff overall is a particularly effective breeding ground for "interesting-yet-stressful-to-explore" situations.



How carefully do you chew your food? I've always eaten much faster than my boyfriend, and I realized he chews each bit really well while I more gulps down everything. I've heard it's healthy to chew the food properly, but maybe it's actually good for the digestion to not over-chew? I rarely have any problems, while he easily gets constipated. Maybe it's a case of slow in, slow out?? What do I know?


Finally doing it

First some replies

Anthony T: I had forgotten all about when you mentioned you had that story to tell, I'm glad you came back and shared! That poor girl must have been mortified, its certainly one of the most vulnerable feelings when you have an accident in a public place. And I know it was a lot worse given that she couldn't leave or get away and had to face the witnesses after the fact. I can relate to that aspect because of the time when I peed my pants on a tour boat and just had to sit through the ride in wet jeans in front of all the witnesses. Ugh. But that story is a big reason I'm afraid to go on a long flight. I've been on a number of flights that are like 2 to 3 hours long but I think getting anywhere around 6 hours or more is risky to me. If I developed an urge to poop on the plane and was faced with turbulence or a long bathroom line, that would be bad news for me, as there would be a good chance I would end up messing my pants in front of everyone like that girl.

Deb: hi Deb, I'm sorry you had a tough weekend! That's super embarrassing that you had diarrhea in your jeans in front of those people and its too bad you had a long trek home when it happened. Sorry about the other accident too but at least you were at home for that one. I had a bad week myself so maybe it's just how it's going right now for those of us with bowel issues. Feel better!

Stinky sister: Thank you for that story, it was a good one. Having an accident around your siblings as a kid is always bad news because of the fact that they could use it to make fun of you! I don't totally blame you for taking the opportunity to make fun of your sister about her accident since she was meant to you. One of my earlier stories here is about when i was 16, i was on vacation with my family and i really had to poop in the car and i of course went in my shorts after a while. my brother told my first boyfriend about it to try to embarrass me!

Catherine: I want to thank you as always for all your kind advice and support. You're a very sweet person. I think you will agree with what i decided to do, which i will write about now.

As for me, after the week I've had, I made a decision that many people here probably think I should have made long ago. I decided I need to start wearing diapers even during the day, not just to bed.

The week started off with that accident I had under my skirt after work where some got on the step in my building. It wasn't that big of a deal except for the fact that it was less than a day after I told Alexis I could make it a month without pooping my pants. I told her a little while after I posted here about it, and she seemed a little more determined to convince me to wear protection. i resisted some more, but I knew in the back of my mind that living up to the vow was going to be really, really tough. But I managed to hold things together for the rest of the week, and everything was going well.

Then tonight happened. Alexis spent the weekend and this evening we were shopping for a few groceries to make dinner tonight and I started cramping up as we were shopping. I held it at first and kept shopping, but soon the need became more intense so i told alexis i was going to the bathroom. i hurried off, but it was already too late...I was walking down the vitamin aisle towards the bathroom when I felt like I couldn't hold it in anymore and sure enough I started pooping my leggings as i walked. By the time I got down the aisle into this little hallway near the bathrooms, my underwear was completely full. The bulge was really big and obvious, and it's warm out so I had nothing to tie around my waist to hide it, so I just awkwardly stood with my back to the wall. I called Alexis on my phone, and when she picked up I quickly said "I didn't make it to the bathroom...Can you bring something for me to tie around my waist?" She didn't sound surprised in the least, but quickly agreed that she would run and grab a jacket from the car. In the meantime I just stood there in shame hiding my butt against the wall and trying not to make eye contact with anyone as they walked by. I felt like a little kid at the school nurse waiting for my mom to pick me up. When Alexis arrived she inspected the damage as she tied the jacket around me and she said "oh shannon" in kind of a loving but concerned way. She was then quick to point out that since i said i would go a month without an accident its happened two times in one week. So ultimately I finally agreed that I better start wearing protection. Especially since I like to wear skirts in the summer and there is always a major risk of poop falling out of my underwear to the ground if I have an accident under my skirt. So I definitely acknowledge the benefits of wearing a diaper. 32nd birthday is soon and I will definitely say....I never thought that at this age i would be in diapers. But since i started wearing them to bed i have only wet the bed one time, so maybe now that i will always have a diaper on i'll stop pooping my pants so much :/


Anna from Austria

Getting walked in on in School

Answer to Annie

Thanks for sharing your Story. That must really have been embarrasing.

I have been careless a few times at School as well and almost get walked in. But due to sheer luck I Always could jump up with my pants and panties down and hold the doorknob of the toilet stal as soon as I noticed that the door was About to open.So the Girls that were About to walk in could not see much of me if anything at all.

I am realy thankful that the "Intruders" had the Right Timing und decided to walk in before I started taking a leak or Dump. In case they would attemped to walk in middle of my Actions I couldn't do anything. Jumping up and Blocking the door would have been impossible in that Scenario.

I am really glad that never happened.

greetings from Austria


Monday, April 19, 2021


Evening poo

I have just got off the toilet I had not been for a poo since yesterday evening and as I result it was large. I got in from work had my tea then the urge came I usually go twice a day but when I am in work I can't be bothered trying to push it out and never usually have much of an urge but it makes me need a big one usually in the evening anyway I went to the toilet pulled my pants and knickers down and took the weight off my feet I had a wee and started to push I started to be opened up and it slowly started sliding out it was a nice feeling especially as I was still having my wee my log fell in the toilet with no sound as it was already in the water whilst the other end was inside me i finally finished my wee and got up to wipe I looked in the toilet and to my surprise about 3 inches was above the water line it was good as I only needed one wipe but the relief was great just one log it must have been a good 8-9 inches no smell to it or mess and not to firm so was vert easily passed I pulled my knickers up and pants one flush and it was gone best poo I have had in a while


A response

This is a response to the person who asked me about pooping in public. I try to avoid pooping in public. I hate it. I have had to obviously but I still hate it. I have had situations where I had to poop in public that wasn't in a toilet. I've had to pop a squat in a parking lot before. Not the best moment but it was better than shitting my pants.

Hope that answers your questions

Do any of you Ladies have any true stories of you're selfs as little girls need to pee but not not being allowed to ? Like a car trip when you're mommy wouldn't pull-over or stop somewhere of what ever reason or in class and the teacher wouldn't let you go pee-pee for


Drawing a crowd with my crap

This happened when I was in 6th grade. It was my first month of middle school and was my first time crapping at that school. The place was big with about 800 students and three grades. Although I peed at least once each day at school, my craps were usually on the list when I first got home. I don't know exactly why, but by the middle of the afternoon the bathrooms were badly in need to attention. Some toilets were clogged, a few had run over, some of the sinks were busted, and the holders of those toilet seat protectors were either jammed up or the papers were used up.

This one Friday afternoon I was on my third day without a crap and I was supposed to go to my friend Monique's house for a stay over. So I didn't want to take my constipation problems over there. I could feel the crap becoming more active in my gut and on the way out of the school I decided to stop by a small bathroom I had been passing in the music wing. I had finished off my afternoon can of soda and that usually makes it easier for me to go. So I walked into the unfamiliar bathroom. With four toilets, all of which were vacant, it was a third the size of the other ones. I figured I would have more privacy until I went into the first toilet, took my bag off, reached to the side panel and pulled off a seat protector, spread it out and put it over the seat. I took off my book bag, dropped my jeans to knee level, and carefully placed my butt down on the tissue paper.

That's when I reached for the privacy door to tip it shut and latch it. To the left. Nothing. To the right. Nothing. There was no evidence of a door ever being connected to the panels. I could feel my crap sliding down and about to emerge. It was really dumb but I bolted up and started to leave the cubicle to see if I should be finding a toilet with a door to my right. It was awkward because my feet were restrained by my clothing and the dumb set tissue was stuck to my butt as I moved toward eyesight of the next toilet. I was fully exposed as my eyes scanned the cubicles and could find no privacy door. Before I could process what was happening I could hear doors slamming, lots of multi-way conversations and it was obvious some kind of mob was coming fast.

I unfortunately froze. Just as a mob of girls were squeezing and arming their way into the bathroom, I could have been hit and shoved out of the way. They were noisy, gross and each was talking about her immediate need to pee. I staked my claim by throwing myself back onto my original toilet. The room literally filled within seconds and while they waited for toilets to become vacant, many of their eyes were on me. I was being terrorized as the first of my BM pieces hit the water. I got some splashback and when I looked between my legs, I found the crunched up toilet protector was actually filtering my crap. I stood, ripped it off my now sweaty bottom and tossed it on the floor. It was gross but from my seat is was obvious that at least one of my turds had rubbed by it. Several of the girls directly in front of me while waiting their turn for a seat were pointing, snickering and a couple of older students hurled some words at me that can't be repeated here.

All I could do was to sit, keep pushing my turds and stare down with my head between my legs. I could feel my tears drop onto my thighs as I sat. A couple of them tried to say something to me, but I blocked everything out and didn't look up. I learned later that this had been a music class that was returning from a field trip. Although it was interrupted and I was an emotional zombie, my extended sit which I think was about 15 minutes, enabled me to clear my bowels. After the room cleared and additional trash was thrown about (water from an overflowing sink reached my book bag), I was still shaking but did a good wipe. I flushed it, but sat back down for a short wee. That's normal for me when I'm nervous or upset. Then I noticed that my left shoe was stuck to that dumb seat tissue. Sure enough now I had my soft crap on my shoe.

It has been almost 20 years since my "walked in on" experience. I've gained a lot more confidence since then, but when I see those dumb seat tissues sometimes in bathrooms when I'm traveling, they bring back the bad memory. Me and most of my friends got away from using those tissues when we got to high school. I just don't see them much today. That's fine by me.

whatever reason or anything of that nature. I was curious because I was on a car trip with my sister and my niece on a car trip recently involving my niece really having to pee and some point.



I have the silhouettes :) Those are what I bought to wear to bed.

Steve A

Desperation at Work

While I was working the register at work today, I saw group of girls run past our store to Starbucks next door. However, since Starbucks was closed at the moment, they came into our store and were looking for a bathroom. I pointed to where our bathroom was and the group of girls ran to it.

They probably were driving around looking for an open place to use the bathroom, or they might've took a break after a long road trip as well.


Getting walked in on in School

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to tell a story of an embarrassing story in school a little while ago.

I was in my middle school bathroom needing to badly pee. As I pulled down my pants and underwear to my ankles, a girl walked in my cubicle! I forgot to lock it! She saw my hairy vagina and she was standing there in shock, and other girls walking by the bathroom also saw my exposed vagina as well! Out of shock myself for a little bit, I covered myself and begged her to close it, which she did but then another girl would open the stall as well which meant more girls saw my vagina! I could not show me face in school afterwards. So embarrassing!

Has anyone else gotten walked in before like that??


Hi Deb

Deb: I'm so sorry you had accidents with diarrhea. I hope you feel better soon! Speaking of diarrhea, I had a bit this morning. Unlike you, I have better control over mine internally, so I've not had any accidents. I bet eating some bananas might help that upset bowel of yours. Bananas are great for firming up your stool. My diarrhea in severity was manageable, and stopped without any treatments. I only tried medicine for diarrhea only once when it came during my period. Since that one time, I just let it pass. When playing with my air putty today, I remembered that it's green, and I can imagine that color is what a bad case of diarrhea looks like. To keep the putty in the right condition for forming shapes etc, I keep it in a cool place so the glue doesn't melt. I wish everyone a great day, and have fun pooping. Bye


In-law visit

When Adam's father came recently to our city for a visit, he and I bonded pretty well even though he's in his late 80s. I had a lot of time with Dad, especially since Adam had some extra work projects coming up. Dad is really energetic for his age and each morning he accompanied me on the morning walk I take our two dogs on to a large city park. On one morning we decided to take a more difficult route up a couple of difficult hills. Of course our two leashed dogs love the exercise. For Dad it was a good workout, too. I found, however, that such a healthy workout activates his bowels. We were probably 85 percent to the top when Dad asked about a "head." I had never heard the term used as he did. It is an old word for toilet. He was very apologetic when I changed directions of our walk. I told him I have my morning craps there three or four times a week and how I tie the dog leashes to my shoes when I take my seat. It took us about 10 minutes to get to the nearest bathroom building and I noticed that his shoes and the bottoms of his sweats were damp from the dew and high grass. At Christmas, Adam gave me boots what are good for such walks.

So we finally got to the bathroom building. His stride increased as we got to it. He jokingly asked if I had a dime and something else that I didn't understand. As he hurried in the mens' entryway, I could hear a seat dropped and almost instantly something that sounded like a firecracker going off. I walked the dogs up to the entryway and we could hear occasional splashes into the water. This building is an interesting one. Its made of concrete blocks with an arched roof. It goes over both sides: on one side are three mens toilets, two urinals, and a sink. A wall about 70% high separates that bathroom from the three womens toilets and two sinks on the other side. Although I have many of my craps there early in the mornings, I have noticed the smaller privacy divide between the two rooms could be abused by precocious individuals--if you know what I mean.

In a very apologetic voice Dad called me to the entrance. You could tell he was embarrassed to say there was no toilet paper and that he had a "full-shaft" cleaning job ahead. He asked if the ladies room was better equipped. While juggling the dog leashes, I pulled one roll off its holder. I tied the dogs to the toilet paper holder. Then I stepped up carefully onto my toilet and at 6'7" I looked over the wall and could see Dad seated almost directly below me. He had has hands on his knees and seemed to be trying to figure out where my voice was coming from. He's the oldest person I've ever seen in a vulnerable situation as that and as a high school and college athletic coach, I've been in plenty of locker rooms. I asked him to cup his hands above his head. He seemed bewildered, but I explained what I was going to do. I gave him a three count and then made the drop which he bounced a couple of times but managed to hang onto.

After he cleaned himself I heard a flush, a basin being used, and then he came out to get a greeting from the dogs and me. He bought us coffees-to-go and when we sat and enjoyed them he talked about the toilets of 60 and 70 years ago and some of the words that were often used to refer to them. He said many of the public buildings in his city in the 1950s had pay toilets. You put a dime into a slot, turned the handle and then the toilet opened. He said he thinks they were closed down about 50 years ago. Thieves were busting into them to steal the dimes and helping shove friends under the stall doors was common. In grade school he and friends would play a game they called "piss-pong" in bathrooms away from home. One thing hasn't changed, though, he said: relieving himself of a pound or two each morning with his sit on the head.


To Anthony T

I read your story with interest, as I have been there before as you recalled from my previous posts. I have not flown but maybe twice in my life. I'm not that adventurous! At the same time, it seems that the Flight Attendants could have been more helpful. The least that they could have done was to block the bathrooms and allow the lady to use them instead of allowing anyone enter, forcing her to wait. But, even beyond that, when the delay occurred at takeoff, they could have allowed her to go. I really hate that it happened.

Too, I can understand how that incident would "impress" a bathroom related interest on you.

Thank you for sharing and glad you are on the forum!




Re: Divo

I do fart around women. I don't try to make a spectacle of it and give it the tried and true one cheek sneak, and most of the time fart silently as a result. The only time I hold in farts is if I'm in close proximity to someone or in a confined space. I try not to cause other people unpleasant situations or discomfort. I assume no one wants to smell my farts.

One time in 2013, at an office I worked at, I was passing by the desk of a very attractive 20-something secretary on the way to the Mens' room. She was away from her seat at the copy machine 20 feet away, and I had to fart, while holding back something solid. Being that this was the least occupied space on the floor at the time, I did so while walking. It turned out to be exceptionally stinky and the smell followed me as I walked. I returned back 10 minutes later and it now smelled of strawberry scented perfume, a sign that someone had sprayed something to cover the smell. Some months after, a coworker told me a story of my boss telling him of me farting near her desk, and he sprayed some of her perfume to mask the odor. I was caught!

I will relay some of my doorless stall experiences as full stories eventually. You can find one of them on Page 2728 titled "Unexpected Visitors". I've always tried to avoid pooping in them when younger, being that I prefer privacy for this function, to the extent of holding it in and causing myself discomfort(in most of these cases, this was during middle school and high school decades ago out of fear of being bullied). After too many close calls from refusing to poop in view of others coupled with enough situations where I was forced to use such restrooms during emergencies, I eventually started using them without hesitation. I've pooped in a doorless stall at a crowded bus station Mens' room during a layover, multiple park or campsite toilets with either no stall doors or no stalls at all, a doorless stall once in middle school, and doorless stalls at two different gas stations. I've also been walked in on by females while pooping at other peoples' houses because the bathroom lacked a lock, and I've even pooped in a friend's one room apartment where the toilet was literally in the corner out in the open and in view of him and two women he invited over(don't judge me: it was late at night, we were all intoxicated, and the only alternative locations were not within walking distance).

I also have a number of experiences where I used stalls that had such large gaps so as to be effectively worthless as stalls, where others could clearly see me sitting there as soon as they walked in or through the mirror as they washed their hands.

Also, on the current page as of the time I've typed this, perhaps it will become Page 2869 for old posts, I recounted an experience of using a stall so short that others could see me from the torso up as I sat on the toilet, titled "A high school poop story". I've used similar restrooms as well multiple times, and did not find them as objectionable as doorless stalls, but still found them awkward. I've used setups like these at multiple highway rest stops, a mall's department store, a city park, a gas station, and a restaurant. In one case, I was taking an exceptionally large BM at a highway rest stop and an old cleaning lady walked in on me, quickly walked out, and was waiting outside the entrance as I exited the Mens' room. She apologized, which made it all the more awkward because I clogged the toilet that she saw me using(she didn't see anything other than my face and perhaps shoes/pants/ankles while I was seated, but still embarrassing).

At some point I will elaborate on each of these stories.

I'm certain hundreds of people have seen me poop during my life, as much as I would wish they hadn't. These days, I really don't care much. I'll make a basic effort to have privacy when I poop, but I won't go so far as to refuse to poop if privacy can't be found. I'm certain thousands of people have heard me poop before or after seeing me use a stall, or heard me while using a toilet in a residence or confined space(such as an office trailer) after seeing me enter or exit the restroom. My bowels are dangerous to ignore given the quantity of food I eat and the fact that I don't accumulate fat due to burning all of those calories off. Holding it in has caused me many a dire emergency, so when nature comes calling, I don't ignore. I no longer have any inhibitions about it.

Saturday, April 17, 2021


grunting to poo actually is worse

I read here about both girls and guys grunting to poo, especially from Abbie my favourite poster here that seems to have to grunt a lot. I was reading online that there was a study into how grunting actually does not help matters. Do a search for 'grunting to poo study' online and have a read. Basically grunting to poo reduces the pressure at your anus through your mouth, actually making harder work. But if you find grunting helps you feel better when passing a giant rock log than just go for it. I never have to grunt when I poo as it just comes out with the suggestion I sent to Abbie in a previous post. Do this and never go back.
To Laura: thanks but not much of an update yet. Still no satisfying poos for me, back to being soft just not very long.


Today's Morning Poops

I'm on a roll with the stories lately, so I'll keep em coming. Today I felt like I had to do 2 urgent poops minutes apart. I was partially clenching after breakfast as I took my coffee cup etc to the sink. I did a mushy poop hovering over the toilet before sitting to finish. The second time however, I didn't want to risk getting dressed since it felt a bit urgent again, so I pooped in the bathroom while half naked. Poop wise, nothing has happened after those 2 episodes. To shanon: Sory you pooped yourself again. In regards to the diapers for daytime poop accidents, if I'm not mistaken, their's depend products that feel like underwear, and I don't think they make that plastic sound when moving. The ones I'm talking of were mentioned in a commercial, and start with an S. They might be like an adult version of pull ups. I hope you can slow your bowels down enough so they're manageable without resorting to incontinence products. Although I've not been given a diagnosis, when I have my urgent poos, it feels like what I believe an IBS urge feels like, so I understand your issues deeply. Good luck, Shanon! Bye.


My tough weekend

Hello, my name is Deb. I'm back with another story from last weekend.

I had been feeling really good lately. My bowels have been under control and there has been absolutely no sign of my period whatsoever. I haven't even been spotting, so I have been able to go without a pad in my panties for the past several weeks.

That all came to an end last Saturday. We got up at around seven am and I was feeling great. We had coffee and a nice breakfast. Since it was nice out I wore a pair of pink hipster panties and some snug fitting high rise jeans as well as a tank top and bra.

At around 10 my husband and I decided to take our daughter for a walk to this really nice park across town. We got there at about 10:30 and walked to the really cool playground which took us about 25 minutes to get to. There were quite a few families there with their kids.

We were there for quite a while when I started cramping up. I thought to myself that my period must finally be coming back. Just before 11:30, I got a really terrible cramp and I could feel my bowels turn to mush. There were public toilets near the playground, but only one was open due to the current restrictions. I told my husband that I was going to to the toilet but I had to wait in line for a few minutes. I tried keeping my butt cheeks clenched, but I just couldn't hold it. I got a really terrible cramp and my bowels opened up. I hunched over slightly as a large rush of mushy diarrhea exploded out of me with a large squelching sound into my hipsters. I gasped quietly when it happened. I just thought to myself "Oh... My.... GOD!" I turned around and a lady with her daughter looked at me in shock. I could feel my face turn bright red with embarrassment. I got out of the line and walked as quickly as I could back to my husband and daughter with the mess swishing around in my pants. As I got to him I had to go again end this time the diarrhea was quite a bit runnier.

I said to my husband, "We have to go. Now!" I don't thing he could sense the urgency in my voice.

He said, "What wrong? Are you okay?"
I said, "No! I didn't make it." Then I whispered, "I had a really bad accident in my pants."
He said, "Awe honey, I'm sorry."

I was having a third wave as my husband got our daughter sorted out. More wet and mushy diarrhea came out and filled my hipsters again. By now the mess was going up my back and leaking down my legs. The walk back to our car took what felt like forever and I was still letting out more diarrhea every few minutes. I got some very horrified and sympathetic looks from other people as we walked. It was very obvious that I had gotten very sick in my pants with diarrhea as it was staining through the bum area of my jeans. Fortunately we brought the stroller with us otherwise it would have takes us even longer to walk back. Once we got to our car I put a shopping bag on the seat. Sitting down was terrible because the mess spread and bubbled out everywhere.

After a 25 minute drive, we finally got home and I went straight upstairs and into the shower. Cleaning up took quite a while. I was able to get my high waist jeans cleaned out but my pink hipster panties have permanent diarrhea stains in them.

I was feeling a bit better on Sunday morning so I decided to do some gardening in our backyard while my husband worked on the grass and our daughter played with her outdoor toys. I had on a pair of grey tights with a pair of light blue bikini panties underneath.

I was starting to cramp up again so I stood up to go inside to the toilet. I took a couple steps and once again pooped my pants really badly. I pooped right though my bikinis and tights with a really wet load. I said out loud, "Oh my god!!!" My husband looked around at me and went pale. I said, "I have to go in." He just looked at me and said, "Okay."

Just like my massive accident on Saturday, the one on Sunday morning was bad as well. It wasn't as big because I was at home and was on the toilet for the rest of my diarrhea. Cleaning up was still a big chore.

Later on Sunday afternoon, my period started. I wasn't wearing a pad, so I totally bled through my panties and jeans. I had more diarrhea, this time on my Always Extra Heavy Overnight maxi pad because I wasn't able to get to the toilet in time. My pad was totally filled with diarrhea. My period has been super heavy and I have soaked several Extra Heavy Overnight maxi pads right through. I bled through my pants at work on Monday morning. I didn't have anything to change into so I had to tie my sweater around my waist for the day. My period is still really heavy but I'm well prepared with extra pads and clothes in case I leak through my pants again.

Thanks for reading.



Females and skidmarks

Because of my wicked schedule at my high school and my need to transfer trains to the other side of our city in order to go to this school, I use toilets away from home quite a lot. Yes us girls do get skidmarks sometimes in our underwear. It's inevitable.

When was your last skidmark in your underwear?

My date was early this past weekend to pick me up for a spring street carnival. Luckily I had a mask in my purse because he wanted to get a good parking space. I was just going to take my morning crap when he rang the bell. So once we got to the carnival I had been holding my crap for a half hour. Although I didn't have to wait in line, the portable potty smelled from Saturday's users and was starting to heat up from the sun. I was only seated for a couple of minutes and I emptied my bowels. I got 2 or 3 wipes in before the toilet paper ran out.

What do you think causes most skidmarks in underwear?

Desperation to go. Lack of toilet paper. And increasingly, a lack of privacy from those in line peeping through the cracks or making rude statements about accidents. One or 2 swipes with a piece of toilet paper isn't going to do the thorough cleaning I would do at home.

Do you think it's just a boy problem?

Of course not! I see numerous skidmarks on underwear by those using the PE class locker room at my school. This is gross, but a couple of times they've been seated on the dressing benches and left their mark there too.

When you see a skidmark in your underwear, do you feel embarrassed, shrug it off or just done care?

My mom has talked to me a few times when she's doing the laundry and found one in my underwear. She recommends that I learn to regulate myself to go at home more. I don't think that would be possible. When I'm crapping between classes I'm fast down, like one wipe, and out! I'm not going to risk another tardy to class and Saturday detention.

When you see a skidmark, do you immediately change your underwear?
That happens once or twice a week when I'm seated taking my noon hour pee at school and in look between my legs and see one from two hours earlier. Not much I can do about it then. My boyfriend saw my skidmarked underwear once when I asked him to bring me some more toilet paper from the pantry. He was somewhat cool about it but I was embarrassed. Another time at school, I had messed my underwear badly, you could smell it, so I just dumped them out after 2nd hour. Luckily I was wearing jeans that day, although the feeling was sure strange.


To Shannon

I don't want to give unwanted advice, but I see no reason to tell Alexis every time you have an accident. You've been honest enough to tell her what's going on with you. You've been vulnerable. And now you are seeking help.

Also, there is a brand of Depends called Silhouettes, which are hardly noticeable underneath your clothing. They may be a little more expensive, but might be a good option for you during the day.

I wish you all the best!




Answering Skidmarked From Columbia's Questions

When was your last skidmark in your underwear?
The last noticeable skidmarks was when I wore fruit of the loom tightly whities briefs as a teenager in the early 2000s. Ever since then I only occasionally see them but not very often because I wear mainly black underwear.

What do you think causes most skidmarks in underwear?
As a teenager it may have been gas. I know I wiped well enough. I also got bullied a lot as a kid because I was small. My sister and I shared a bathroom and she would get mad whenever I stunk it up. I was diagnosed with IBS later but I didn't know then. She was three years older and stronger and would sneak up behind me and wedgie me as a prank for stinking up the bathroom which I'm sure caused many skidmarks. She yanked on my undies at least once a month up until she left for college. I also got humiliated in junior high by a bully named Troy who would wedgie kids all the time in the boys bathroom. He was much stronger than my sister and would sometimes yank on my fruit of the looms so hard that they would rip clean off and I would have to go commando for the rest of the day.

I thought my skidmark days were over by high school when I switched to dark boxer briefs but as a freshman I took a dump in a boys bathroom only to find no toilet paper. Three older bullies had hid the toilet paper and hid in a janitors closet in the bathroom. When I came out they proceeded to give me what they called a skidmark group wedgie yanking my underwear up to my armpits and then shoved my head in the toilet and flushed it several times. By the time I found another bathroom to dislodge my boxer briefs underwear from my butt it was covered in skidmarks and I ended up just throwing them away and going commando. Those three guys pulled this same skidmark wedgie prank on at least two other freshmen and got expelled. No one found out it happened to me except two upper class female students who saw me get shoved out of the bathrooms and giggled at my wet hair and underwear pulled up to my armpits as I walked funny trying to get to another boys bathroom.

Do you think it's just a boy problem?
I don't think so. I wear black underwear now but my girlfriend Sofia wears all different colors and will occasionally get skid marks. She doesn't have IBS like me but she gets just as gassy so I think it's probably caused by gas. Every once in a while when we get up in the morning I will see skid marks on Sofia's underwear as we walk to the bathroom especially if we had something unique for dinner the night before which will sometimes give us both gas and cause us to fart all night long.

When you see a skidmark in your underwear... Do you feel embarassed or shrug it off and just don't care?
I did as a kid but I don't notice them now due to only wearing black underwear. Sofia doesn't get embarrassed when I see her skid marks because we are very open about my IBS and both being gassy. We live in a small one bedroom one bathroom apartment so when we get ready for work Sofia gets up a little earlier to pee and shower and I usually have to take a dump while she is doing her hair or else we would both be late for work. It was embarrassing at first but now we are so comfortable that it is just a part of out routine. Of course that doesn't stop Sofia from giggling every time I loudly blast some gas while sitting on the toilet.

When you see a skidmark... Do you immediately change your underwear? If not, why?
When I was a teenager yes but it only depended on if I was at home or not. Every time my sister Lisa got bored of yanking my briefs up my butt I'd have to do some sort of inspection and would usually change. One time she got me in public at a skating rink while I was sitting on a bench getting my skates on. I had stunk up our bathroom the day before so I guess this was her revenge. I checked for skid marks in the bathroom and saw a few but I didn't have time to run home and change.


To Abbie

Great Post about you squatting in the park! I've had a few outdoor wees recently because of the good weather. Thankfully it was girls who walked in and they needed the same thing. Must have been embarrassing to poo outside though, have you ever done this yourself?

Take care and stay safe


Anna from Austria

Funny observation and question

This time I have got just a Question

Does anybody have a idea why some People are more "explosive when the do their Number 2 than others.

For myself I am more on the explosve side. To poop without doing some farts is almost impossible for me. Even pee farts are very common for me.

Since last month we have a new coworker at our Office that is quite regular and seems to Need to use the restroom the same time as myself. So I could listen to her a few times when she was pooping. And as of today she managed it to all of her bms without a single fart. Quite a funny observation because all of the ladies like myself are more on the explosive side?

Mabye it has something to do with the Food? The coffee maybe or the smokes? We are quite coffee addictives at our Office and also smoke. i only smoke irgular but when I do I cannot deny that the Taboco can have some effects on my bowel movement especially when combined with some coffee.

The new coworker does not like coffee She prefers Tea and does not smoke. Maybe that is the reason?

Greetings from Austria


Anthony T

Accident on a Plane

Thanks to Catherine and Shannon for answering the question I posed back around 2858, when I asked why having a poop accident was such a "fully body" experience, with the uncontrollable trembling, hot flashes, crying etc. I think they hit it on the head. It's one of the few situations where we're fully focused on trying to do one thing, while our body is trying to take control and do another. Plus the social/psychological element of it, that you're doing the one thing you just do not do as someone beyond potty-training age. You're failing at the unspoken, yet ubiquitous task of daily life; pooping in the toilet.

As I mentioned in my first post, for a long time I had trouble believing that an adult could have a true "solid" poop accident. I had been with a friend of mine when she got an upset stomach at the wrong time and ended up having diarrhea in her pants on our way home, but didn't think that an adult could otherwise have such a dire emergency that they simply "couldn't hold it." That was until I witnessed an unfortunate and frankly sad situation on a cross-country flight. I suppose that isn't the most unlikely setting for such an incident, since it is one of the few places where we genuinely might not be able to get to a bathroom for a long period of time. But even still, it took an incredible run of bad luck to humiliate a poor woman in her late 20s or early thirties, wearing gray slacks with a matching jacket and very much looking the part of a confident young professional. It was as if fate and everyone else on board had decided that no matter how hard she tried to reach a toilet, she was going to take a massive dump in her pants in the presence of 100 strangers.

Because I was still a student at the time, I didn't exactly have my pick of seats, and was only 2 or 3 rows from the rear lavatory. On this occasion, it just meant I had front row seats for the embarrassing spectacle. As it turned out, we had to endure a lengthy delay on the tarmac before taking off. After 40 minutes or so, I saw the victim for the first time, casually strolling towards the rear of the plane. There she was met by the flight attendants, and told to take her seat, as we could take off at any time and didn't want to lose our place. She was still fairly calm at this point, but perhaps regretting that last coffee or too-heavy breakfast (it was a mid-morning flight). 30 minutes later we still had yet to take off when she reappeared, walking briskly this time. Once again she was rebuffed, but by now her demeanor had changed. She complained that they had already turned her away once because we were taking off "shortly," but in reality we had hardly moved. She added that she "really needed to get in there soon," before she returned seething to her seat. After another half hour, we finally achieved liftoff; now she only had to wait 20 minutes or so for the plane to reach cruising altitude. I could see her taking anxious glances towards the back of the plane every so often, trying to see if people were up and about yet. But just as she was no doubt anticipating sweet relief, it was snatched away; turbulence hit, and the seat belt sign stayed on. This didn't stop her from making another desperate attempt down the aisle, ignoring the FA's loud orders to sit down. Once she reached the lavatory she began urgently jiggling and knocking on the doors, thinking they were occupied, before the FA gave her the bad news. They had kept the lavatories locked, in order to discourage passengers from getting up. This time she was explicit: "I'm having a serious emergency. I'm going to have an accident in my seat if I don't get to a toilet soon. Please let me through!" At this point they would probably have relented in order to avoid an incident, but this was "flight attendants be seated" level turbulence, so they held firm and she wobbled tearfully back to her seat, probably wondering why no one would give her a break. Her heated discussions with the crew had attracted quite a bit of attention by now, and I wasn't the only one wondering if she would make it. I was also probably not the only one hoping, on some subconscious level, that she wouldn't, though I really did feel bad for her at the same time.

After another 5 minutes or so the fasten seat belt sign was finally turned off, and we were set free to roam the cabin. As the woman hobbled towards the back of the plane, it was obvious she was in big trouble. She was breathing hard and shuffling awkwardly, with one hand drifting behind her towards her hip/buttock area. A couple teenage boys sitting across from me snickered as she went past, obviously amused at the predicament that had befallen her. One of them bumped the other and said "I think she's gonna shit herself. She tried to go to the bathroom like four times already." Unfortunately for her, she was not blessed with a seat close to the lavatories. By the time she reached the back she was maybe sixth in line. Her frantic pleas to cut ahead of someone were refused, callously I thought, but then again after such a delay she was not the only passenger in urgent need. I slipped into line behind her, partly because I also had to go by now, but mostly because I wanted to see how this would end; so did one of the teenagers. Even the FA's looked worried. I'm not sure they had realized this was a "number 2" situation up to this point.

She was second in line for one of the two toilets when it happened. Her time ran out. She suddenly surged forward and began banging on the lavatory doors: "Someone please hurry it's an emergency!! I can't wait any longer. Oh my G-Oh no! No! No! No!"

She gasped as her body stiffened, her legs drew together, and her hand went involuntarily to her butt, as if making one last-ditch effort to hold everything in. Maybe she had already felt something happening in her underwear. She was shaking like a leaf and crying softly as she bent over slightly at the waist and her body gave a massive, involuntary push. Her butt twitched, and I heard a strange crackling sound as it started coming out. A bulge began to form in the seat of her pants. It grew and grew as she went and went; she had obviously been holding it for hours and the poo just kept churning out of her. When the bulge was the size of a grapefruit it dropped into the seat of her pants and nestled just below her buttocks and between her legs. A second, smaller bulge began to rise before drooping down to join the first, and then a third. The pungent smell of fresh feces filled the air, and the jerk teenager behind me took the opportunity to exclaim "oh gross, that lady's taking the biggest dump in her pants!" The only other sounds, apart from the poor woman's sobs, was farting and the rustle of poop falling into her clothes. Then the softer stuff came, squelching and gurgling into her panties, filling the space around the firmer material, moving up her back almost to the waistband and probably into her crotch area as well. A brown stain began to sleep through her pants where it was touching the load. I heard a pittering sound: her bladder had given way, thinking she was seated on a toilet rather than filling her pants outside the lavatory door. The insides of her trousers darkened and and urine streamed onto the carpet. It met the gigantic mass of poop and partially liquefied it.

Her panties had done a surprisingly good job of containing the load up to that point, but this wasn't an accident: it was a catastrophe. Pieces of poop began to detach from the main load and make their way down her legs. One glob of mush emerged from her pant leg, slid down her ankle and dropped into her shoe. Another ended up on the floor. All this time she couldn't stop shaking.

Finally, mercifully, it was all over but the crying. She was still bent over slightly, as if afraid any movement would cause the mess in her pants to spill out. She was beside herself with embarrassment and anger; her face was beet red and she was mumbling incoherently through her tears: "Oh my G-, I can't believe this. Why couldn't you just let me go to the bathroom? I told you I couldn't hold it." I didn't blame her. She had held on for hours, done exactly what she was told, and then just moments from relief, had experienced what was probably the most humiliating moment of her life.

The cabin had snapped out of its silence and was buzzing with murmurs, mostly of the "that poor girl" variety. But there were a few people near me complaining about the smell and calling her a baby, saying that she should have worn a diaper if she couldn't control herself. I felt terrible for her, and was just hoping that she would be ok after this ordeal. I'd never seen someone so mortified.

Now the flight attendants were trying to figure out how they could even begin to get her cleaned up. Sending her back to her seat in that condition was out of the question, but this wasn't a "little accident" where she could just trash her underwear and spend 10 minutes cleaning up in the tiny lavatory. Her clothes were essentially unwearable, and she appeared to be covered in excrement from the waist down to her knees, and to a lesser degree her ankles. The lavatory had finally opened up (I can only imagine what the person inside thought when they blundered into this scene), and one of the older, more motherly flight attendants gently guided her inside by the elbow. A pair of pajamas was brought up from first class, and from somewhere they produced a box of baby wipes and a trash bag. The phone booth-sized lavatory wasn't going to cut it for this kind of cleanup, so the curtain was drawn across the rear lavatory/galley area, which was vacated except for the mortified woman and one or two female flight attendants. I heard a crinkling that must have been plastic being laid down across the floor, and for the next several minutes I heard a rustling sound as she slowly peeled off various shit-encrusted articles of clothing. Then there was a muffled scraping sound as she began wiping down her soiled body. From the sound of conversation that drifted through the curtain, the older flight attendant was wiping her feet and lower legs, while the victim focused on the "sensitive" areas. She was still sniffling, and the FA was trying to comfort her by saying that it was going to be alright and it was far from the first time she had encountered this in her career. I can't even imagine what the poor woman felt like. She had gotten onto the plane two hours earlier as a prim and proper young professional; now she was standing naked, her poop-filled clothes spread out around her, as a perfect stranger helped undress and clean her up.

After about an hour she finally emerged in her pajamas for the "walk of shame" past dozens of people who had just seen her poop in her pants. She kept her head down and the rest of us studiously avoided eye contact as she made her way back to her seat, but I could see that her eyes were red from crying. The rest of the flight passed uneventfully. Afterwards I wanted to go up to her and ask if she was alright or there was anything I could do, but I figured she was embarrassed enough as it was, or perhaps I should say traumatized. I often wondered how she managed in the days after the event, how often she thinks of it to this day, and whether every flight brings a flashback to what must have been one of the worst days of her life.

I'm sorry to drone on for so long, but this story has been on my chest for a long time. In many ways it spurred my interest in bathroom-related subjects, and I still can't get over the intensity of the experience. I remember almost every detail vividly because of the slow-burn, suspenseful build up to the event, how unfairly the victim was treated, and how horrified she was by the whole situation.

Thursday, April 15, 2021


To David

Hi thankyou I think that's what makes a good story plenty of description which is sometimes lacking on here they were rather large and very satisfying at the same time plenty of plops so gave my loo quite a bombing I'm sure you will have a good poo soon xx


Reply - Divo's Pooping Survey for Men


Great questions!

1. Do you poop in public?

Yes, I am not bashful about using a public restroom. In fact, it can be less embarrassing due to the anonymity.

2. Have you ever clogged someone's toilet at their house?

Yes, definitely, too many times to count. Most of the time the I could remedy the situation because the bathroom had a plunger or other tools. I'll often try to flush midway to avoid any issue. Sometimes it comes out too quickly or is simply too big.

The most embarrassing was a time I stayed at a friend's apartment overnight. There was only one, small bathroom off of the living room. I thought I would leave before I needed to go. Unfortunately, I ended up needing to use the bathroom shortly after coffee and I had substantial evacuation. I flushed before wiping but the toilet badly clogged. It took a couple flushes and plunging efforts to clear everything. I then wiped. I guess it didn't do a great job of clearing it the first time so I had to plunge again. The whole ordeal took about 20 minutes, had to plunge three times with five flushes. My host, his fiancée, and another friend were in the living room. No one said anything but it was obvious what happened.

3. Do you spray after you poop with company around ?

No, we typically don't use air freshener because it often will make things worse. We either leave the fan on / window open or sometimes use a match.

4. Do you tell people when you have to do a bowel movement

I do not.


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