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Great stories about the dorm loos. When is the most busy time? And are the toilets next to the showers or get clogged offten?



Hello Tom I had a question about a doorless stall experience you've had. I wanted to know have you ever pooped in a doorless stall and someone just stood there and watched with fascination? If they did were you embarrassed or proud and let them watch? Also do you fart at the urinal or hold it in?


Ayurvedic Theory, Body Type and Bowel Movements

So, Carlie's posts made me ask the question about body type and bowel movements. What follows is very generalized and meant to be informative.

Ayurvedic medicine is based on the theory that there are three primary energies that fuel our bodies - wind, fire and earth, or Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

The Vata are lean and lanky and usually our creative types - musicians, etc. Vata's tend toward constipation when out of balance. They have low appetites and graze throughout the day. They may be very sensitive.

The Pitta are our leaders and athletes. They tend toward diarrhea when out of balance.

The Kapha are our nurtureres. They tend to be "bigger boned" and may have hearty appetites. Digestion doesn't seem to be upset either way, but it says that Kapha produce larger stools. Mucous might be found in the stool when out of balance.

It seems that everyone of us has a primary dosha and a secondary one. My primary is Kapha! My secondary is Pitta, which may explain the large bowel movments, and why I go twice daily as a norm.

Just some generalization, but those of us who are bigger boned or framed may tend toward larger, more satisfying bowel movements.

I would love to hear what others think!




My most efficient poop ever.

Hi guys I hope you are all doing well. I just wanted to share a quick story about my evening toilet visit, I think it is the most efficient poop I have ever had!

At about 7 o'clock this evening after eating dinner I felt the familiar urge of my evening poop wanting to come out so I went into my bathroom and pulled down my jeans and knickers before sitting on the pleasently cool toilet seat. Within seconds of being seated both ends opened up simultaneously, it was like my body was on autopilot and it felt *heavenly*. The quiet tinkle of my pee hitting the water filled the room as I was gently stretched by my poop quickly coming out in one long continuous rope. It fell into the bowl with a quiet "flumph" and I peed for a little longer before wiping., I needed two pieces for the rear and used one for the front. Once clean I stood up, redressing and flushed.

I was off the toilet in under a minute! It was amazing.



To Wes....Thanks and I agree and as for the "go to town" just my way of saying no limits or just do it wherever. LOL I think i mentioned my younger is more into it then older and because of this she has no respect or regrets about doing it or making the biggest so much so that most of the damage in the car is from her.


To constipated girl

Your diet must change immediately. Learn to love vegetables and knock it off with the fast food. Drink a lot more water and less bread or dairy products. Also get tea with senna pod in it and drink that hot. If you don't make these changes and make them fast, constipation will be the least of your issues.


Crap Report

Hi guys! My craps were soft today, and I had gas. In fact, none of it was firm at all. It began sometime after checking my email on my Ipod )I usually use my notetaker, but a browser error came up). Anyway, an interesting thing came up after having some beer mixed with Cola at a German restaurant. I had to pee a lot. Has that ever happened to anyone after drinking beer? This post is short for today, bye!


Pooping farting survey for men

Hello males I have a survey for you to answer I'm a 35 year old male myself.

1. Have you farted loud in class during school and was it on purpose or accident?
2. Are you a total shameless pooper and go anywhere you feel the urge?
3. How long was your biggest turd you ever did ?
4. Growing up did your dad embrace farting with you or was it a taboo thing in your house?
5. What foods send you straight to that bathroom for a dump ?
6. Have you ever left your dump in the toilet for someone else to see?
7. Do you enjoy farting and taking a dump and why?

Tyler C

School Accident

Hey, I'm new here. I'm 21 years old. This happened back in 7th grade. I woke up late on this day, so I didn't have time to use the bathroom before I left my house. I wouldn't say that I was afraid of using the school bathrooms in general, but I do usually avoid going in school because I just find that interrupting class to ask the teacher to go is embarrassing. I'm usually good about holding it all day but this day was different. I had a dull need to pee throughout the morning, but around lunchtime, which was about noon, I started to realize I probably wouldn't be able to hold this until the end of the day. After I ate, I went to the bathroom by the cafeteria, but it was being cleaned. I stood outside till the end of lunch, but unfortunately it never opened. So, I ended up not going then.

So, I went to my next class which was science. As class started, I thought I might be able to hold it till the end of class, so I could go between classes. But about halfway through class, my need had gotten so bad that I was bouncing my leg and fighting myself from physically holding my crotch. I focused on the clock. There was 25 minutes left. I still didn't want to ask, though. About five minutes later, I felt a little squirt escape into my tighty-wighties. (I was like the only boy who didn't wear boxers or boxer-briefs) Luckily, it wasn't enough to seep through and show on the outside of my jeans. That's when I decided enough is enough. I raised my hand to ask the teacher. Sometimes it feels like time passes longer when you really have to pee, but I remember it felt like she ignored me for almost two solid minutes. It was a wide classroom of about 30 or so kids and she wasn't looking in my direction. Finally she looked my way and called on me. I somewhat shyly asked if I could go to the bathroom. For a split second I was glad that I finally put aside my stupid phobia and was about to be able to get some much needed relief. That's until she retorted "Give me your bathroom pass." I totally forgot! In this particular class, the teacher gave out a sheet of paper with a limited number of bathroom passes in the beginning of the year. If you went to the bathroom without one, you'd lose some participation points for that class. I opened my binder, but I couldn't find any! I don't know what I did with them, but I guess that's what happens when you never go during class. I reluctantly had to admit I didn't have any, and I didn't want to lose points, so I just told her I could wait. Of course, at this point, I wasn't sure how true that was. Now, my situation was even worse than before because people knew I had to go. I tried really hard not to make it look obvious how bad it was. I did the classic "changing positions to cover up the fidgeting." In hindsight, I don't think too many people cared, but at the time, I could have sworn a couple of people were sneaking glances at me. I sat near the back corner, so I noticed when people turned around. With about 12 minutes left, the teacher started handing out worksheets for us to do. As she was doing that, I turned to my friend Charlie and asked if I could borrow one of his bathroom passes. He didn't really want to because he only had a couple left, but he gave me one. When the teacher came by I showed her the bathroom pass, but she said I had to finish the work first since there wasn't much time left in class. I really wouldn't have called her a generally mean teacher, but she really was unnecessarily strict with her bathroom policy. Staring at the worksheet I realized that I had barely retained any of what she said that class because of how focused I was on not wetting my pants. I started guessing, but I was so desperate that it was hard to concentrate on the page. As I was filling it out, I felt a few more little bursts of pee squirt into my underwear. It felt like I was getting pretty damp down there. Just as I finished writing I looked down before I got up to make sure you couldn't see anything. I saw tiny wet spot a little smaller than a dime. It was just small enough that you wouldn't notice it unless you were looking for it. I turned my paper in and asked "Can I go now?!" but she said she couldn't let me go with less than five minutes left in class. It was a really stupid rule that the school had to keep kids from leaving class early. I don't see what harm that caused. I walked back to my desk feeling somewhat defeated. I gave Charlie back his bathroom pass seeing as I wouldn't need it. He told me "Man, that's not right that she won't let you go." In the couple of minutes before class lets out, everyone usually gets up out of their seat and lines up by the door, so I just got up and started pacing around to try to take the pressure off. It worked a bit, but I ended up letting some more go. I don't know how much was showing. I just held my books in front of my crotch the whole time.

Finally, the bell rang and everyone started moving to their next class. The thing is, the break between classes was only 5 minutes and my next class was on the other side of the building which was about a 3 1/2 minute walk. That meant the window of time to walk to the bathroom, pee, and wash my hands was only a minute and a half, but I said "Screw it! One lateness is better than walking around the rest of the day with a pee stain on the front of my pants." So I sprinted to the nearest bathroom. I busted open the door to find EVERY STALL AND URINAL TAKEN! Really! There were three stalls and only one urinal. Granted this was one of the smaller bathrooms, but it was the closest to where I was. To make it worse, there was a line of a couple boys waiting. I decided I couldn't wait so I dashed out of there and headed for another bathroom. Moving around helped to take the pressure off, but this was just getting to be too much. I made it to another bathroom to find the damn cleaning crew again! So I quickly bolted in another direction to make my way to the stairs, hoping I could use a bathroom upstairs when I accidentally bumped into a girl. I accidentally knocked her books out of her hands. I said "I'm so sorry!" and I helped her pick up her books. As I got down on my knees. I felt myself start to let go. I stopped it after about 2 and a half seconds, but I glanced down briefly and saw that the wet spot was now about 2-3 inches in diameter. Once I gave her her books, I quickly returned my books to the front of my crotch before getting up. I couldn't believe I almost peed all over the floor in front of a girl. At this point, I wasn't just holding my books in front of my crotch. I was pressing them hard against my bladder. I wasn't even sure I would make it up the stairs before humiliating myself.

Then, I noticed I was next to the nurse's office. I thought, "I wonder if she'll let me use the bathroom in her office." It seemed stupid, but you do crazy things when you're desperate to pee. I ran in and went up to her desk. She asked what I needed. So I said, "Can I use your bathroom?" "What? Why can't you use one of the other bathrooms?" she asked. "Because... I um..." I was about to explain my situation when I realized it was just too late. I felt the pee escape into my underwear again, only this time there was no stopping it. Out it poured full force right into my briefs. I felt the warm relief spreading across the front of my pants. "Well...?" she said, confused at my absence of an answer. I had officially given up. I remembered that when I wet myself in Elementary School the nurse gave me some spare pants. "Actually, nevermind. Can I just get a change of clothes?" "What for?" she asked. Just as she said that, I saw her face change as it dawned on her what was unfolding in front of her. The sound must have given it away. I moved the books away from my crotch. "For this" I said as I hung my head in shame and showcased my ever growing wetness. "My goodness!" she exclaimed. She called over her assistant to get help me out. "Cindy! I've got a kid having a accident over here." Cindy rushed me over to the bathroom. I hadn't even finished going in my pants when she started walking with me. I left quite a trail behind me as I walked. She took my books and I went it the bathroom. This all happened so fast that I was still peeing by the time I got in there. I must have peed for a good minute and a half. I didn't bother to finish in the toilet. I just faced the mirror and let the last few drops seep into my pants. I inspected the damage. The wetness covered my entire crotch area and ran down both of my legs. I peeled my pants off and my tighty-wighties were basically tighty-yellows. I cleaned myself up the best that I could. I stayed in there for a while until Cindy knocked on the door and handed me a pair of gym shorts. I put them on without underwear. They gave me a bag to put my wet pants, undies, and socks in. They let me keep it in the nurse's office. They gave me a late pass. Luckily, no one from my previous class was in this one, so no one questioned my change of pants. My Dad later came to pick up my clothes. He said he thought I spilled something on my clothes, but he could have been lying to make me feel better. Other than that, I think I can say I successfully got away with going to the bathroom in my pants.


Close call this morning.

Thanks LC glad you liked my story. It so much fun sharing them.

I had a super close call this morning. I was working from home today, so I took it easy. Woke up and went to the bathroom. I had to pee a lot like I usually do in the morning. Sometimes I poop as well, but most often I poop later, a couple of hours past noon. While I was peeing I felt something and thought I had to go, but it was just a fart. I went to the kitchen and had a big breakfast, and went upstairs to get some work done. About 30 minutes went by, and I could feel the urge to go poop, not super desperate, but that feeling of being full and needing to empty. I kept on working as I used to normally I don't need to go right away, unless its diarrhea. I did not feel ill or anything. Another 30 minutes went by. By now I thought to myself okay I need to go bad. So I got up from the chair, to realize that I had left too late. I could feel that I was actually going I was starting to open up back there.
I literally ran to the bathroom, clenching as hard as I could. I reached the bathroom, no time to close the door, luckily I was home alone. In one continues motion I dropped my panties to the floor, raised my semi-long nightgown and turned around to sit down on the toilet, as I was hovering over the toilet it began I could not hold it back anymore. I dropped a soft log, that hit the toilet seat, no time to think about that, I just sat down and did a big mushy load. Followed by three small pieces and a very little amount of pee.
When I afterwards looked at my panties, there were no skidmarks at all, I managed to hold it, surprisingly considering how close it was when I got up.


Davidd - I absolutely loved reading your origin story and it really resonated with my own experiences which I'm going to share.

(For context, while I'm a transgirl, these stories happen while I still thought I was a boy)

At my primary school, the boys and girls in Years 1 and 2 shared the same bathroom. I think there was ten cubicles all in a line; these were not the floor to ceiling type ones that gender-neutral bathrooms have today but just regular ones with a gap at the bottom. This is very important to my story because, and I can't recall why, one day I looked under the gap and saw the shoes of the girl who was using the next toilet along. Similar to Davidd's experiences, I was captivated by this image. In my case this led me being more and more fascinated by how girls sit on the loo to wee which in turn made me want to sit on a toilet to pee and not just any toilet but a school toilet. This is perhaps one of the first times that I wanted to do what girls do. And if I was already sitting on the loo then it made sense to also have a poo. Unlike Davidd, I can't remember the first time I had a poo at school, but I can remember that when I did it the time after, I selected the end cubicle as, if I leaned down enough, I could see right to the other end of the line and therefore could see the shoes of anybody else using the loo - bonus points if they were a pair of girl's shoes. Eventually I moved into Year 3 and this meant that we used the Key Stage 2 toilets which were separated by gender. While there wasn't a social stigma around pooing at school in Years 1-2, there was certainly one in Years 3-6. I only pooed once during this time and this was in Year 5 when half-way during playing football at lunchtime I suddenly needed to go and as I didn't want the 'other' boys to know what I was doing I went as quickly as I could.

Fast forward to when I was at secondary school in Year 9. During the Eater holidays I had been thinking back to pooing at primary school and wanted to do it secondary school. My solution to the question of which bathroom to use was to use every boy's bathroom (one each in the English, art, science, history and geography buildings) and because there were two cubicles in each bathroom I would use one cubicle the first week and then the other cubicle the next week. The first toilets I used was in the history building, but as I had had a poo the night before I couldn't produce anything. The next day was the turn of the geography loo's and this time I did poo. Indeed, I had just started when a group of boys entered the bathroom and one of the entered the other cubicle. I thought he might have been having a wee as there were only two urinals and it sounded like there was four boys in his group but looking underneath the gap, I saw that he was sitting on the toilet. His friends finished at the urinals and waited at the sinks until he had joined them five minutes later having made a couple very audible plops to no comments. This was however the exception that proved the rule that you shouldn't poo at school. When I was in the art toilets a boy called out to his mates "he's having a shit" and hammered on the door. This really scared me and luckily, he soon lost interest and left the bathroom. But, like Davidd, this didn't disturb me enough to stop pooing at school. At the end of the two weeks I vowed to keep on pooing at school and now that I had sampled every bathroom, I would use the geography ones as these were the cleanest. This was until I started Year 10 and discovered that the history toilets had been done up with better lighting, contoured seats and modern cubicles so I swapped to using these toilets.

I got into the habit of needing a poo every other day at lunchtime (except for one week in Year 11 when I needed to go just as I arrived at school). I noticed some girls who would enter their bathroom at the same time as I went going into the boy's and we would both exit at the same time which would make me wonder if they too had been pooing. As far as boy's having a poo there were a couple who did it only once, some who would do it occasionally and one who did it every lunchtime. I would sometimes deliberately leave the cubicle at the same time as these 'other' boys to see what who they were; kind of like put a face to the shoes. Evidently, the boy who had a poo almost every time I was having a poo had noticed this and once remarked upon it as we were both washing our hands. I, however, was too stunned to say anything apart from a "yes" and afterwards I kicked myself for not saying more as I thought that if I had we could have bonded over our shared activity. Indeed, I felt a kinship with all the boys who had a poo at school as it seemed to me that it took a lot of vulnerability and as I hated the pressure society placed on boys to always be strong it was extremely welcome to see others challenge this notion. I think it became my quiet version of teen rebellion. But it was a shame to see how others were constrained by these expectations and the assumptions that you would be mercilessly teased for having a poo at school. On one Friday, after the last lesson, I nipped into the science loos to have a wee and as I entered, I noticed that a cubicle was being used and a boy was standing by the sinks. This boy upon seeing me coughed and as I was using the urinal the boy in the cubicle exited and quickly left the bathroom with his friend. I realised that he had put his friend on guard and that the cough was a sign that someone else had entered the bathroom and that it wasn't safe to be pooing anymore. I wanted to catch up with them and say to the boy "it's okay, come back and finish your poo" but decided against.

Alongside the belief that you shouldn't poo at school, there's also the rule that boys are prohibited from going into the girl's toilets. Indeed, I think one of the reasons why I was so fascinated with the girl's bathroom is exactly because it was forbidden fruit. During a religious education lesson, which was happening in the English building, I needed to pee. The toilets were off in a side corridor and when I got there I stood looking left to the boy's and right to the girl's thinking that it would be unlikely I would be caught if I went into the girls as everybody else was in class. However, I bottled it and used the boy's loo. Yet I couldn't stop thinking about how close I was to going into the girls bathroom so the next week I once again asked to go to the loo (I didn't really need to go) and after getting permission, with my heart beating out a samba, I walked to the girl's bathroom. The thing that struck me was how having eight instead of two cubicles and no urinals somehow made the bathroom seem more compact than the boy's one even though they were similar sizes. I went into a few cubicles and honestly wanted to stay there forever, but after a few minutes I knew I had to drag myself away (which was a good thing too because I passed a girl on the way back to class and saw her enter the corridor to the loo's). As I had thoroughly enjoyed this experience the next thing to do was to have a pee in the girl's bathroom, but I also wanted to see what the other bathrooms were like. I thought that the end of the school day would afford me the least opportunity to be caught and also spend the most time in the bathroom. It just so happened that Thursdays was the only day my mum couldn't drive up to pick me up from school so this was my only day I could put this plan into action. As drama was my last lesson on Thursdays, I would use the girl' loos in the art building. I didn't pee during lunchtime and by the end of the drama lesson I was bursting to go. I waited outside until the hallway had cleared of students and then walked back in and up to the door of the girl's loo. I was just about to push it open when I heard the sound of two girls talking on the other side which was enough to discourage me from going in and I went to empty my aching bladder in the boy's loo. As I was walking home, I thought that maybe the girls were talking while using the loo and I could have nipped into an empty cubicle (assuming there was more than two) and if they had been washing their hands I could have said I had made a mistakenly thought it was the boys. The next week I again went up to the door of the bathroom and this time pushed it open to see four cubicles (again having the sense of the bathroom was more compact), but I found I was so afraid of what would happen if I was caught that couldn't step into the bathroom. As I wrote earlier, some girl would be regulars to the history toilets and as I had recognised them, they too began to grow accustomed to seeing me and probably almost certainly knowing I was pooing which I didn't mind about as these girls seemed to be kinder and more understanding that pooing was a natural bodily function than the vast majority of people in the school. In fact, a girl once said to me as we were just about to enter our respective bathrooms "wonder who will finish first - you or me?". About six months later, I was just leaving the boy's loo just having had a poo when a different girl I had seen go with her friends into the toilets on more than a few occasions emerged from the girl's loo and said that her friend needed some loo roll and could I get some from the boy's. I asked how much her friend needed and she replied that she needed a lot. After going and getting some paper from the boy's I went to hand it to the girl but she was like 'why don't you come into the bathroom and give it to her yourself'. I wasn't going to miss out on this opportunity so I followed the girl in and walked to the occupied cubicle where I handed the paper to the other girl under the door before I made my exit from the bathroom although I wished I could have stayed longer but again I was worried about getting caught. I stayed outside in the corridor waiting for the girls to come out of the bathroom and when they did they thanked me and just to confirm my suspicion I asked the girl who had needed the loo roll if she had been pooing and she confirmed that she had. She then asked commented that I spent a longer time than most boys in the loo and asked if I was pooing when I did this to which I replied with the affirmative. We continued talking about pooing until the bell rang to signal the end of lunch and we went our separate ways although I kept replaying out conversation back in my mind for the next few days afterwards.

I hope you enjoyed reading this stroll down memory lane as much as I did writing it. Stay safe everyone.

Jasmin K

To Constipated Girl

Hi you sound like you are in a similar situation to me.

I to don't like to eat vegetables or follow a diet that stops constipation - I tried and hate it so I gave up on it and just accept being constipated. I eat loads of junk food, crisps,sweets and chocolate. You might try what I do and that is I go on the toilet every morning and make myself poo, even if it is only little hard pellets like rabbit poo and I just keep straining hard untill some comes out. I eat sweets or chocolate whilst straining on the toilet to help to pass the time. I too get the constipated swollen pregnant ???? look. My ass bulges down a lot sometimes I hold it up on 2 fingers whilst straining. I also find wearing a pair of high heels or boots that raise my legs up when I'm on the toilet helps, I find I can strain harder that way. If I havn't done much poo for a couple of days I find the time to stay there untill I do it this can be up to 2 or more hours. When I've finished especially if I've had to push my ass back up inside it hurts to walk or sit also it gets very sore after a prolonged straining session, I just ignore it, my ass has been getting bad like that since I was younger and believe me sitting in hard chairs at school with a sore bulging ass is worse than on an office chair or walking. If my ass bleeds a lot I use Kotex or a wad of toilet roll - unless my ass hole is too sore to have anything touch it then it's a couple of pairs of knickers and a small fold of toilet paper between them . I also use tena sillouetts knickers if it's bleeding a lot or leaking soft poo, the sort that seems to leak past the constipated hard poo . Very tight knickers or a thong and knickers are quite good if it's bulging after you get off the toilet ro help hold it up.
I've never let constipation or a very sore bleeding and bulging ass stop me doing anything.
Feel free to ask
Jaz K


To Sarah S

My mom is the reason I'm so open about it. She has always been open about body functions and has taught me to be. Sadly, none of my friends are open about their body functions so I don't really poop around them. I do poop in public though. My mom and I have pooped side by side in bathroom stalls and talk while doing our business. The first few times I pooped in public I was nervous and embarrassed, but my mom was there and comforted me. Seeing how she was while she pooped in public helped get rid of the nervousness and embarrassment. I have pooped a few times when my mom was taking a bath during the night. Funny enough, she actually used to do that when I was a kid. So, in the end our morning routine is something that bonds us and makes us closer. My mom has even woke me up a few times when I overslept so I could shower. She could have just pooped without me showering but she didn't, and it honestly warms my heart. And trust me when I say there have been times when she was about to straight up poop herself but still woke me up.



Constipated Girl: I don't mean to sound rude to you, but you deserve so much better in life than the hell your bowels are putting you through. And, there's no way to do it without vegetables, whole grain, high fiber, lots of water and eliminating junk food and fast food. I would encourage you to talk to a doctor about your symptoms. And, you don't want hemorrhoids to get out of hand. There's so many ways that you can add flavor to vegetables to help get used to eating them. Please make the change! You are worth it!

Victoria B: Not a total vegetarian, but you are right, I eat a lot of vegetarian recipes. We usually eat fish and chicken, but many days are completely meatless. Again, kudos on your lifestyle change! Love your posts!

Carlie B: I'm going to doo a little research on body type and bowel movements and see what I find. I'm glad you're hear. Also, I saw your bowel movements would be 3.5 on the Bristol scale. The firmness might contribute to the clogs, I imagine. Glad you are here and I hope to hear more from you!

Mina: I'm glad you are here!

Sarah S: Thank you so much for your kind words! Glad to see you posting again! If you knew me personally, you would be surprised that I'm not as open about pooping as you would think. I rarely talk about it. Yes, going in front of Alan creates an extra special closeness in our relationship. But it's not the center of our love. I don't want to give the wrong impression. But this forum has given me an outlet to talk about my fascination! I hope to hear more from you. Have you tried to go in public lately? What makes it hard for you to go in public, assuming you are holding it?

LC: Thanks so much for your kind words. I appreciate your posts. Alan always shared that the guys' locker room could be a place of clogs, giant poops and wreaking smells! I hope to hear more from you!

Peter: "Dead rat up your bum" Haha! I will never forget that! Always good to hear from you!

Moderator: Thanks for the forum! It's a great space!

Love to all!



Sarah S

Hey Sarah. It stinks you're supper shy about pooping. I know it's hard. I have been there. I have pushed myself many a times to poop in a public place just to try to get over shyness. I really hope you continue to post here. I know you said you were too shy currently to tell stories and asked for encouragement. Well this forum is great for encouragement! Maybe a survey will help you open up a little? Answer whatever you feel comfortable.

When was the last time you pooped away from home?

What made you decide to poop away from home?

Have you ever considered or have someone poop with you?

How often do you poop?

Are they extremely smelly? Does that cause the embarrassment?

Have you tried to get over shyness by pooping in public or at a friends house even when the urge could have waited?

Have you ever pooped yourself because you were too shy to go in public?


My work toilet

I've started a summer job in the kitchen and as an order taker and cashier. Our small fast food place has about 12 employees. There is one toilet room for both employees and guests for each gender. Each is the size of a closet. One toilet. Sink. And a hook on the inside of the entrance door for coats or purses. Four times when I was on duty one day last week I was told the ladies toilet was clogged. There are two large institutional-type toilet paper rolls on the wall and three times last week the toilet paper was all gone by the end of lunch hour. So I was told to change it out. That's when I've discovered the problem.

More users are nesting the toilet seat with with a couple of covers of toilet paper, taking a big crap, doing their wipe, and then flushing. If the next user comes in to urinate, that plus more toilet paper used adds to the clog. By the time I'm told, it is quite a jam. I think the seat nesting is fear of COVID-19. It is also because our owner is cheap and I've been told the toilet is a residential one, with inferior piping and not meant for what is public use. The owner's wife told me she could buy the seat nesting covers,but she doesn't think that is a solution. I don't enjoy cleaning the toilet every time there's a problem reported, especially if my urine's burning to be released.


To "J"

Hello J

That was a great story about your experience with your friend's sister during your long trip to London. I'd like to hear more of your stories.

She sounds really cool. I like her non-judgemental attitude towards people with bowel problems such as ibs. I suppose her having ibs-d -like you - helps with this. It was sweet of her to reassure you not to feel embarrassed when she was at the sink and you need to poop more. It sounds like she was very desperate herself and had to poop a lot too.

Her mum was kind and considerate by allowing you to use the female toilets. It likely prevented you from having an accident. Personally, I don't see any issue in people using toilets of the opposite sex if they ahve a "toilet emergency".

It was good that you were able to share experiences with your friend's sister and bond with her.

Anyway, if you have more stories about you and your friend's sister it would be nice to read about them.

Best wishes to you both



Responses and Toiletstool Advice

Hi friends!

Marie: Please continue to contribute content. That's what keeps the conversation rolling. I tend skim posts and if I see keywords, phrases or storylines that grab my attention, I respond. There are several people on the forum that I relate to immediately and others that I don't. I went back 4-5 pages but did not see a story from you. Keep posting!

Elphaba: I feel the same about you! I hope you continue to post!

Also, Jenny from Seattle and Jess from Australia, I hope that you both are well and would love to hear more from you!

And, I hope the moderator will allow me to post this. I've had a few stories that I've submitted that may have crossed the line. Obviously, the moderator doesn't have time to respond to us, or keep our content, etc. But I try to understand that the moderator is simply trying to make this a safe space. So, if a post gets rejected, please keep posting. Read the FAQ's and continue to contribute to this online conversation that will be 25 years old next year!

Love to all!


Thursday, May 28, 2020

Constipated girl

Constipated with bloated stomach and swollen asshole

Due to hating eating vegetables and consuming fast food everyday, I am constipated for over 2 weeks and just go to toilet every 3-4 days. But each time, I can only push out very little, just like rabbit turd and have to strain really hard for about 2-3 hours in public toilet at my workplace or at supermarkets because when having the urge to poop, I go right away but what a disappointed result for me. I think until now, a great deal of compacted turds were packed inside my stomach, which makes it bigger like I am pregnant and due to too much push and finger-digging for such huge and rock hard shit, my asshole seems to become loosen and swollen to the point that it is quite hard for me to walk. Because my pooping process happen in a very long time, I try to lay in bead while giving birth to these turds on diaper, but they stuck despite my struggle to use finger or my mother and my friend's help to pull them out of my hole (this is quite embarrassing). Right now, when sharing this issue, I was sitting in toilet trying to strain with sweaty and red face. Constipation really mess up my daily basis while I can only focus on shitting and farting only all the time. I have tried enema and a lot of laxatives but still can't poop. But they can help because if I want to poop, I have to pump at least 3 tubes into my full of shit asshole which is really painful. Recently, I see something like hemorrhoids appear, so I really worry. Do you have any advice for my poor asshole ? Thank you.

To Richard.
Here also many public toilets at parking lots at recreational areas have been closed for several weeks now. When in need hikers etc just have to go in the bushes. I have done it myself several times. I always bring toilet paper in my back pack. Therefore I have managed without using leaves etc. But it is a challenge to pull down and squat just out there with no door to close. Always afraid that somebody should come by. Luckily that has not happened till now. But I have a few times seen other persons going to toilet in the bushes. Last week end I saw a rather old woman (over 60) squat to take a dump outdoor and some days before I saw a male jogger squat to poop too.


Kieffers survey and a story.

Name: Charlotte
Age: 41
Gender: Female

Males only
1. Have you ever tried sitting to pee? At what age? Why? How successful?

2. While seated do you sometimes find you have to crap?

3. What do you do about the large number of seats that are splashed with urine?

Females only
1. Have you ever tried squat peeing over a toilet? At what age? Why?
How successful were you?
Yes I have, can't really define the age, because that is something I do often, and have always done through my life. I will tell the reason why: I travel a lot by car both private and on my job. In my country there are few rest stops, and often there is quite a long way between them. Most of them are really disgusting! It's quite hard for me to know when I have to pee, as it often hits me hard, and then I have got about 10-20 mins before I start dripping. So those toilets just have to do. In those situations I do a squat to pee over the toilet.
I'd say most of the time I am succesful, of course some times a little bit can run down the legs but that's not that often.

2. If you use the seat do you sometimes find the comfort helps you to also crap during your sit?
Actually yes, sometimes when I sit down, I realise I have to poop as well.

3. Have you ever tried using a urinal? What was the reason? What type of bathroom was it?
No I have not. I have tried peeing while standing up, but not in a urinal.

___Outdoor pooping experience___
I have gone outdoors quite some times over the years. This was maybe 10 years ago. It was one of the first times I pooped outdoor in "semi" public.
I was out for a long walk, and I was about 4 kilometers from home, in a small forrest there is nearby where we live. I did not poop at all that day, I came straight home from work, and headed out for a walk because I had a headache and needed som fresh air. I suddenly felt that I had to go, I was not super desperate, but it would be very uncomfortable to walk the 4 kilometers home, and I was also uncertain about if I would make it. I thought since the area was pretty secluded and I had the option to sit behind som bushed, I could just try to poop outside. After thinking about it I went for it. I pulled down my pants and squatted. Even though I did have to go, it was kind of hard getting it to start, the first 20 seconds nothing happened. It then started to drip from my butt, my poop was fairly thin, but I guess I was shy. I sat there for like a minute with only drips here and there. Then my butt finally gave in and I made a big mushy load. It was not diarrhea, just more mushy than normal. I tried to wipe with some leaves, but I ended up with skidmarks in my panties.
This was definitely much better than walking home while needing to poop.



Response to Marie

I enjoy your stories. You're not annoying at all. The best ones are the ones you have about going potty in special places.


Driving school

This happened about 15 years ago in India when I was learning to drive. I was on a training session. The trainer takes me and 3 other boys out in a Ambassador car for a one hour session. Each person receives 15 minutes each of training. This happens in morning 7-8am. I poop in the morning about one hour after I wake up. During one such day, I hadn't pooped in the morning as I was late. I had gotten up late and rushed to the driving school.

I was third in line for the driving session. When the second person was driving, I started to feel the urge to poop. When I get the urge, I can at best hold for 30 minutes. Soon, it was my turn to drive. Now, I had to fight the need to poop as well as drive. I somehow managed to control. In fact I found that everytime I needed to apply the brakes or the full clutch, I could actually apply extra force and somehow control the need to poop. I got through my 15 minutes of driving session and the fourth person started to drive. Now, with no means to control my urge, I HAD to go.

I asked the trainer to stop the car and told that I need to go to the bathroom. He wasn't pleased, but stopped. Now, we were driving through a suburban area and there were unused plots with lots of buses for privacy. I went to one such plot and behind a bush. I pulled down my pants, squatted. As soon as I squatted a mushy semi solid wave of poop came out of me. It was a fairly pleasant feeling and my poop quickly passed out as my diet has lots of ????. My poop made a fairly large pile. I peed and then pulled up my pants. I had some more poo, which would take time to come out, but I didn't want the trainer to know I had gone for a poop or delay the training session.

I went back. The trainer made fun of me at the end of the session, which was embarrassing.


Replies (Second Try)

Looks like some replies didn't make it through in an earlier post so I'll try again. I apologize for any redundancy.

Victoria: it looks like your survey sparked some interesting stories and discussions! Nice job!

OhioTSF: I relate to your insecurity. I've always tried to maintain a plutonic relationship with my co workers and pooping in their company seems to cross a boundary for me. Regardless of that, I've still been in situations where I pooped in adjacent stalls with a co-worker or took a major dump with co-workers in the bathroom. I think I posted a story about one such incident a while back. I've also had co-workers who are so open and uninhibited that they want to talk business while taking very loud and malodorous movements. It's hard for me to even concentrate during those times!

Charles:. Great story and candor. Yes, I also get a bit of a thrill or odd sense of satisfaction about taking a massive, toilet clogging poop as well. There are many other people who I know who have expressed the same feeling, both men and women fwiw. In fact, the most out spoken of the group was a woman I was friends with many years ago and I heard her brag about "blowing up the bathroom" or "clogging toilets all the time" on quite a few occasions. I never experienced anything first hand with her, and I never pushed the topic beyond her announcements.

Carlie B: Great stories and thanks for sharing! Have you always been such a big pooper? I would like to hear more if you care to share.

To your question, I played high level sports through college and a bit after. I also partake in some pretty high level amateur athletics now in my mid 30's. I can tell you from experience that on average it seemed that a sports team of guys that are both larger in size and eat a lot due to caloric needs cause more issues with toilets due to large offerings than I experienced elsewhere in life. I noticed this more in college as we all had to spend lots of time together. Post-college, there isn't as much time management by the team on the individual, so less chance to experience people's bathroom habits. College males tend to need a lot of oversight compared to people in their late 20's and 30's.

In high school and college, I had a few teammates that took dumps so large at a couple older hotels that it not only disabled the hotel room toilet but caused issue with the building plumbing. I didn't see their offering first hand, but it became something of folklore, which we all had a great laugh about. Others tended to go more than once or even twice a day, which obviously limits the overall size per offer. The locker room bathrooms before games got quite a bit of use as well. It wasn't uncommon to walk into a stall with a strong smell and lots of streaks, required multiple flushes to clear it for use, or was clogged and out of commission.

I don't have any experience with women as a group in athletics, maybe someone else can answer that? However, I have some women that I train with now and I can tell you that at least their gas can be as strong as any of the men I've been around. None seem to be interested in bathroom topics, so I don't even mention it.

Arianna: I also enjoyed your candor. Thanks for sharing. I am curious to hear more stories from you.

Catherine: I appreciate your candor, stories, and remarks, as always. It also sounds like you, hubby, and your children have a nice, open relationship about bathroom stuff. I think that's pretty cool!

J: That's a crazy story about the camera in the bathroom. I am not sure if there is any justification for something like that and it sounds non-consenting from the standpoint of the user of the bathroom.

Charlotte: Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to hearing more from you and your husband.

Taylor: I appreciated your answers to Victoria's survey and enjoyed your stories from other posts as well.


Sarah S


Hi, I'm Sarah, and I used to post some months ago, I'm 23 years old and incredibly shy and embarrassed to poop around anyone, and in public, which given COVID is not really an issue, before I share some stories and experiences I have replies to some people who have posted.

Michelle: I've read some of your posts including your most recent one about pooping in a porta-potty because of how desperate you were, you sound like me who would hold in poop, short of an accident. Were you embarrassed about having to poop so close to the man outside? Please share any more poop stories.

Arianna: Are you embarrassed to clog toilets, I would die if I clogged any toilet especially at my boyfriend's. friends or in public, the idea of pooping in those places scares me enough, but to clog a toilet which I have done before is the most helpless feeling, especially if someone has to come in and take care of it.

Linda: I used to live in the dorms and would make myself sick trying to find a place to poop where no one could come in the bathroom or know what I was doing, I would NEVER poop around other girls in the dorm bathroom, and since it was Coed it was around guys as well, it's embarrassing enough to poop with other girls in the bathroom, but guys (which I've done) please share more stories.

Taylor T and Amelia: Please share more stories

Carlie B: Great story about your big poops, I'm interested in how you can poop so openly around your friends and at the gym. Are you ever embarrassed about big poops?

Jane: I envy how close you and your mom are where she can poop while you shower, do you ever poop while she showers, are you able to poop around friends or in public, I hope you can tell me how you're so confident and open about pooping

Catherine: I don't like to pick favorites but I think I've read most of these pages on the site bout you are my favorite and your interest in pooping is really cool, and it's wonderful how open you are with pooping with Alan, and how you've gotten your girls especially Chloe who I know is shy about pooping. I loved your stories especially about pooping at your church, and pooping around your friends both when you were a teenager and when you were at the condo. I envy about how open you are with pooping, I know that everyone poops and that the whole "girls don't poop" thing is in no way true but I'm still embarrassed about the idea of anyone knowing I'm pooping.

I hope to share my own stories, but I'm embarrassed to share them even on a forum like this which is anonymous and private, I hope others will help me be more open about sharing and pooping in general.


Marie annoying ?

Marie, you are just fine. Keep the stories coming

Carlie B.

To Jessie:

1) Whats your height and weight and general build? Does this contribute to you pooping so big?

5'8", i was on the curvy side but with recent yoga and exercise I've lost some weight

2) Whats the longest you've gone without pooping?

When I was younger I could go a few days but now it's every day.

3) Have you ever tried purposely holding your poop for as long as possible to have an even bigger dump? If so, how long?

See my last story!

4) Hypothetical, but if you were legitimately offered $10 million, would you be able to go 2 weeks without pooping?

I doubt it.

5) What size are your poops usually? How many inches long and thick? Have you ever used a small scale to weigh your dumps?

No, but my recent events have led myroommates and I to do a pooping contest and maybe we'll weigh them to see the winner. we have a little kitchen scale we could use.

6) How are you able to produce so much poop? What do you eat to do so?

I don't really know. I eat normal food, no special diet. My whole family are big poopers but none are close to me.

7) What number 1 to 7 are your poops on the Bristol Stool Scale usually?

A 3.5 I would say.
8) Have you any recent stories where you badly had to poop but couldn't use the toilet right away?

None that come to mind.

Not much to report for me. Took a huge dump at a park the other day. No plunger provided so I just left it clogged.

Victoria B.



Just a few replies today

To Minappé + 3: Hugs and kisses back to all of you!

To Carlie: Wow, we seem to have a lot in common. I'm also 24 and 5'10 but it sounds like we have the same body types and similar styles of pooping: I'll generally start one one huge log and then either a second massive turd or a bunch of little ones. I prefer to flush sitting down but I know from experience that most of my clogs come from the first piece being so big that it physically blocks anything else in the bowl from making it all the way down.

I have a bidet that attaches to my toilet seat to cut down on paper but it hasn't made too big of a difference in terms of frequency of clogs-my turds are just humongous and always have been! Are you also a vegetarian or vegan? I'm a vegetarian and I think Catherine is too from what she's said on here before. Non meat-eaters also seem to poop more!

It makes me so happy to hear that you're in a situation with Lindsey and Hayley as roommates where they're understanding of having to share a toilet with a massive dumper and they take it in stride and with humor and don't try to shame you or make you feel bad about your body! My own friend group has a lengthy history of playful in-jokes about having a toilet with a "Victoria flush" option and indeed my personal plunger was a joke gift from them! The rubber part is pink and the handle was painted white and has my name in gold sparkly paint. I'm pretty detached from material possessions overall but that plunger means a lot to me.

The reason why I got it was a dump that did end up requiring rubber gloves after I bombed my friend Monica's old, unsuspecting toilet in the tiny little studio she lived in when we were in undergrad together. The other one.... will need some editorial work to keep it PG-13 and publishable here because it's not nearly as funny/traumatic out of context and that context is, for better or worse, a time when I hooked up with someone and got the urge . . . while we were in bed!

I look forward to hearing more of your toilet misadventures-you're gonna fit in great here!



Grandma's public bathroom memories

This past Christmas Grandma came to spend the holidays with us. I met her plane at the airport at about 2 in the afternoon. I had my pretty regular crap at the airport, despite the long line for each toilet, but I pushed it out as fast as I could, wiped, and I might have cheated a bit at the sinks because I figured she would be waiting at the gate. (I moved to fast I guess because at the subway station we both had to pee and I one square of toilet paper stuck to me when I took my underwear down). Also there was a dreaded skidmark that served as the glue. I had a second surprise: grandma is one strong pee-er. Although I didn't see it and she immediately flushed after she stood and wiped, I would think she had a full collection of bubbles in the bowl.

We sat on the train bench for about 45 minutes. A number of trains came but they were standing room only and I figured grandma would do better with a seat. I told her how I frequently use the subway bathrooms when coming home from school and how a lot of my friends hold their craps until they get home. Its OK to pee in school but beginning with middle school, crapping at school goes against the normal. She seemed more than amused and she told me a story from the late 1950s when she was my age that was unusually interesting.

Grandpa owned a gas station on the other side of town. All of his workers, with the exception of a couple of daytime mechanics, came from two high schools nearby. They worked for him as attendants (pumping the gas), doing tire repairs and Grandma took over at 3:30 right after school. Her first stop after putting her books and purse under the counter was to grab the ladies room key and rush to the side of the building where the two restrooms were. After that, she had a five hour shift as the cashier.

Even some older drivers got into the act. Before she and grandpa could turn the lights on at 6 a.m. out of the first few cars were drivers who needed to crap while their car was being filled. Most of the homes they came from only had one toilet and other family members would have to use that one.

In addition to the bathroom another attraction was a brand new Coke vending machine. You'd put a dime in a slot, there would be a click and a light flashing and you could open a door and pull forward the bottle of the drink you wanted. Grandma said some of the attendants, who were required to wear white uniforms and a bow tie, were so popular with the girls that their friends would come in every afternoon after school to see them and get pop. Eventually grandma had to ask them to move on because the bathroom lines were too long and on some days she had to do two or three plunging jobs per shift.


Poop Blobs

Hi folks! The only poop that's worth mentioning that happened today occurred after a wonderful night listening to my beautiful nature music, and a ???? breakfast. It was one of those number 2's that came out in what felt like blobs. The amount per push was maybe a couple of ounces at a time, but felt great! I'd classify it's consistency as semi firmness. Wiping wasn't too bad, and I estimate I took close to 2 minutes. Overall, it made me feel as good as my nighttime sleep routine. Bye.


Running accidents

Regular reader, very occasional poster. I have been doing a lot of running lately. A few weeks ago, I found myself needing a poo as I was approaching my house. The urge got stronger the closer I got to the point that I found myself considering letting a tiny bit of poo out, just for it to stop hurting. And then, about a minute or two from home, I did. Except it didn't stop hurting but made me want to go more so a few steps further I let some more out until a small turd could be felt in my underwear. It was dark and there weren't any people around to see, but I still felt strange, even if it wasn't altogether a bad feeling. And then I let out some more, until with my house in sight, I let a huge turd out. I was home within a minute, went straight to the loo and tipped the poo out into the toilet. It was a mess and quite a pain to clean up... but it didn't feel like a bad experience, perhaps because the naughtiness of it all, the fact that I was doing something very forbidden.
And then a week later pretty much the same happened. And, honestly, I again didn't mean to. I wasn't sure if someone might see me (or smell me!), like a neighbour or something.
I've never had control issues on either end since I was very little so it confuses me but also keep thinking of it and the naughtiness of it all.
Well, that's my story.


Twice in Thirteen and two third Years

I continually read about shitting at school . I went twice only and they were on consecutive days in primary school . Both times I had to leave class mid morning and both BMs were large, quick and soft. The toilet paper was as rough as can be . In all the years I had no necessity to poo at school. I think there would be a real lot of boys in that category.

Monday, May 25, 2020



Here in the Northeast a lot of people will be doing outside activities over the Memorial Day weekend, I know that several of the toilets are closed due to Covid 19. I am just curious if any of you will share your pooping stories. Maybe you left skid marks in your panties from not getting to relieve yourself in time or lack of wiping. Perhaps you wiped with your panties. Please share your outdoor pooping stories.



Hi All, I was just wondering do you all actually like my stories or am I annoying?



Thanks Davidd !!!

A nicely written story! I can fully relate to your pooping story at school. I pretty much experienced EVERYTHING you did about being told NOT to sit on public toilets, the anticipation of taking a shit in public, etc. My grade school was similar to yours but our restrooms had NO DOORS on the stalls. This was back in the 1950's in a small town in Michigan. Initially, I also tried to avoid pooping at school but honestly, you had no choice and just had to do it, or your day would be miserable trying to hold it back. Our restrooms had six toilets, two rows of three, facing each other, with NO DOORS! After the initial shock of pooping in front of other kids, most of the guys just faced it and realized that everybody has to poop. For the most part, there was little or no teasing or embarrassing moments involved. Sure, if you let out a loud, echoing pre-shit fart, which most of us did, someone might yell out, "I bet that felt good"! To which you would reply, "It sure did". My "normal time" to have my daily shit was mid day. Those six toilets would usually get very busy during the lunch hour. It was actually like a social hour of guys pooping and talking in front of one another while doing their business. With the open front seats on the toilets, you could actually see the turds dangling down into the bowl from the guy across from you IF HIS LEGS WERE SPREAD APART. I also learned and life-long lesson while sitting on these grade school toilets, too. I learned how to wipe, WHILE STILL SITTING DOWN on the seat. Previously, I had always stood to wipe, but after seeing others wipe themselves while still seated, I tried it myself and have done it that way ever since. Fortunately, most of the kids just accepted doing a Number Two as a normal bodily function, which IT IS, and became comfortable doing "the deed" without being embarrassed in front of their friends. As for any concerns about dirty toilets, at this school, the janitors kept everything clean and the TP was always well stocked.

Now, when I got to high school, the restroom conditions were not so hot, but that's another story!



Victoria B: Always happy to read your posts and will participate in your surveys any time!

Ohio Toiletstool Fan: I'm the same way when it comes to embarrassment from public pooping. I would much rather have a smelly or explosive session in a public place where I know no one and no one knows me. Times I've been most embarrassed have been when I've been with people I know. I would rather hear, "That tall woman with the big butt blew up the bathroom" than I would get looks from friends, family, co-workers, customers, church members who are thinking, "Wow! I can't believe what Catherine did in the bathroom." Most likely, I will never see those strangers again. But it can be awkward when it's people you know. I would love to hear more from you!

Love to all!



Questions for Carlie B and welcome!

Welcome Carlie B! I have a few questions if you don't mind.

1) Whats your height and weight and general build? Does this contribute to you pooping so big?

2) Whats the longest you've gone without pooping?

3) Have you ever tried purposely holding your poop for as long as possible to have an even bigger dump? If so, how long?

4) Hypothetical, but if you were legitimately offered $10 million, would you be able to go 2 weeks without pooping?

5) What size are your poops usually? How many inches long and thick? Have you ever used a small scale to weigh your dumps?

6) How are you able to produce so much poop? What do you eat to do so?

7) What number 1 to 7 are your poops on the Bristol Stool Scale usually?

8) Have you any recent stories where you badly had to poop but couldn't use the toilet right away?

Thanks for taking the time! Jessie!

Dear Victoria,

Maho is very happy her idea was useful to you! And yes, when we sit on new green loo long time we think of you and blow kiss to you. Same when it is beige loo.

Love from Mina


Jon's post about sit-down peeing

Jon and I pretty much think alike about sitting to pee in public restrooms. Whether its the mall, concerts, or the dreaded school bathrooms, standing at a urinal with a crowd of others around you gives you no privacy. It also exposes your wares or lack of wares to others, especially in the older bathrooms where they have a horse trough-like tank to piss in with no partial partitions between the users. I'm in high school and do some babysitting of grade school age boys when two of my sisters, who also babysit, overbook themselves. One of the boys, Nathan who will be starting 1st grade, is small for his age. The bowls on the urinals in some places are too high for him to reach, even if he stands on his toes. I suggested last year at a carnival that he take a toilet cubicle and seat himself. Sure he has to slide himself up onto the seat but he gets the job done a lot faster and has been getting a much better experience in using a public bathroom. As for me, I switched to sitting down to pee my first week of middle school and I've continued it into the first half of my high school care. Its so less stressful and no one is breathing down my neck for me to get done. And a couple of times my first week of middle school I was disrupted when two or three guys behind me at the urinals were deliberately shoved into me while I was trying to get my pee going. Once my face was smashed into the flusher which gave me a fat lip and nose bleed. I just like having my own space and semi-privacy by seating myself on the toilet. Even if I have to wipe urine off the seat first it is still my choice.

I have a short survey below:


Males only
1. Have you ever tried sitting to pee? At what age? Why? How successful?

2. While seated do you sometimes find you have to crap?

3. What do you do about the large number of seats that are splashed with urine?

Females only
1. Have you ever tried squat peeing over a toilet? At what age? Why?
How successful were you?

2. If you use the seat do you sometimes find the comfort helps you to also crap during your sit?

3. Have you ever tried using a urinal? What was the reason? What type of bathroom was it?

Thank you.


Clogging the toilet at rest stop

Since everyone's talking about they're experiences of clogging toilets here's one of mine

A few months ago before lockdown started I had been constipated for 4 days I usually have sloppy diarrhea and get constipated not very often
But anyway we went in the car up to London it was a very long drive half way threw I needed a poo I was with my friends family so felt reluctant to go but I got really desperate and asked if we could stop at the next rest stop my friends sister said she needed to go and he said he needed to go to so did there mum so there dad pulled over after a few miles when we reached the rest stop I was so desperate so I got out of the car started running but so did my friends sister

She was running with her hand over her but she ran into the girls my friend when into the male with me he took the last stall so I was waiting so desperately my friends mum saw me waiting I was grabbing my stomach and she could tell I was desperate so just told me to go into the women's toilets because there's a few stalls free so I wlaked in got some funny looks caue I'm not a women but my mates mum was just like he's desperate I sat down next to my friends sisters stall wich I heard her having quite severe diarrhea and sloppy poo crackling out

I instantly sat down and a massive log came out really quick and made a loud plonk after 2 more logs some gassed passed it was loud and I know my mates sister heard it then sloppy mush started coming out and crackled out loudly echoing in the bowl she was still having diarrhea too

She asked if I was unwell like her I said yer kind of I have ibs d to my amazement she knew what it was and then said she had it to and that's how me and my mates sister became good friends cause we can relate to each other as I was talking a loud fart came out of me with some more sloppy poo we just laughed about it as she let out some diarrhea too

A random person came in to the bathroom in a hurry they sat down and had some diarrhea to whilst em and my friends sister was still having diarrhea tbh I felt sorry for anyone else who came in because it didn't smell good in the bathroom

Finally my mates sister finished and was waiting for me at the sinks I said I've abit left so she can go to the car she must've read my mind or something because she went it's ok if Ur holding back alot of gass and poo because Ur scared u will be embarrased cause I'm here don't be I experience the same thing so I finally pushed the last sloppy mess out and a really loud fart came with it I finally finished after a fe wmore mins

I flushed but then the water rises and it wouldn't go down I just went uh oh she said what I said it's not flushing I came out the stall she looked in and was like jeez that was alot r u ok I just mentioned I had been constipated for 4 days she was like jeez

Another women cake in and as I walked out of my stall she walked in them gasped walked out and went into my mates sisters stall instead me and my friend's sister just got out of there isntantky before we were properly cuaght

The rest of the 2 weeks in London was good because me and my mates sister became really good friends and were relating and exchanging past accidnets and story's

I know whenever I go mates house she lets me use her personal bathroom that's in her bedroom so she ends up hearing everything but she deosnt care because she has the exact same thing

I have more story's with this girl so if u wnat I will share the story's


To Catherine

Hi Catherine,
Trust you are well.
Loved those Poopouri ads.They are classics.
We agree that the smell of our intestinal sausages is a cause for embarrassment but we could add the often involuntary nature of the deal.
Often my need for a dump goes from zero to full on in 2-3 minutes.
Fortunately for me,this usually happens at home so it is no big deal but if it happens at work or in a social setting it can be a disaster.
You mentioned the "dead flesh"dump.Here in Australia we call it the"dead rat up your bum"dump.This one is always bad news no matter where it occurs but particularly if there others around.Invariably there is no where to hide.
Best regards,


New to the forum + Toilet clogging survey.

Hello. My husband and I just recently found this forum, I've been reading a lot of stories the last couple of days, I find many of them very interesting. So I thought I would write an introduction and then also answer the survey about toilet clogging.

My name is Charlotte, I am 41 and live in Europe(English is not my first language). My husband and I both have an interest in bathroom habits etc.

My fascination for pooping/peeing started in an early age. I went to a really worn down school, the toilets was not nice at all. Bullying was also a major problem, the doors could quite easily be opened from the outside. So well you had absolutely no privacy what so ever. It happened to me once when I was very young, and since that day I never went number two at school again. Between the girls pooping was not something you talked about, and it was embarrassing if you had to go. That kind of fueled my interest.
The mornings at home was always busy, because we were three girls that had to leave the house at the same time, and I require some time when I go to the bathroom, I can't go if I am rushed. So when I got home from school you can probably guess how bad I had to go.
That feeling of coming home, being seconds away from going in the panties, and then finally get to the toilet, that sweet relief. This kind of kept my interest in this topic.
During this period of my life I would only go at home, I did not use public bathrooms either.
When I reached my early twenties, that changed, I began using public toilets when I needed to go, today I really like going in a public bathroom.
For the last ten years, I've experimented with pooping and peeing other places when I get the opportunity. That being anything from outdoors, the floor, in plastic bags etc.

I am really happy to have found a forum about this kind of stuff that is not about sex. Which many forums about this stuff unfortunately are.

___Survey answer____

1) Have you ever clogged a toilet?
- Yes many times. I often go once a day only so I go a lot.

2) What do you do when you block one up? Grab a plunger? Break up the turd(s)?
- Grab a plunger

3) Have you ever had to put on the rubber gloves and take your own poop from the bowl to get it to flush again?
- No

4) Have you ever clogged or had to use a clogged public toilet?
- Yes I have clogged a public toilet a few times, and yes I have had to use clogged public toilets as well multiple times.

5) Have you ever blocked a friend/family member/significant other's toilet?
- No. I have no problem going in public, but I am not that comfortable pooping when there is family around (except my husband and kids of course). So I do generally not poop when I am with friends of family when its possible.

6) Have you ever had to admit to plugging a toilet after trying and failing to get it to flush again?
- Yes some times at home I had to tell my husband, but not anywhere else.

7) When it happens is it because you're a huge pooper in general or because you used too much paper?
- Its because I poop a lot since I often only poop once a day.

8) Are you familiar with the two-flusher trick?
- Yes, I have used it a few times, but generally I forget to flush in the middle of it all.

I am looking forward to reading and sharing experiences!



Transition from Coffee

I decided to quit caffeinated coffee during the shelter in place orders. I wanted to quit for a while prior to SIP orders but there never seemed to be a good time with work, training, or social engagements. I wanted to quit just to try something different, as I've enjoyed coffee for most of my adult life. Though I was an avid drinker of coffee, I only had between one and two cups per day. It helped wake me up and it also helped me go first thing in the morning. It helped keep me regular.

It's been almost two months with life without coffee and I've returned to a schedule that I remember from my childhood and adolescent days when I go about four - six times per week. Sometimes I go every day and sometimes every other, or even every third. Sometimes it's the alternate and I go more than once in a day. Often times, the urge to go is gentler than it is with coffee.

This has caused some interesting experiences. The regularity that coffee brings is great. There's never a concern that I'll be interrupted in the middle of the day or caught in an awkward situation, even if that happens once in a while. However, I cannot deny that this change has made things a bit more pleasurable. Despite the fact that I cut down on my calorie intake during the SIP orders (plant based diet, fyi), I'm finding that things are quite voluminous, thick, and less segmented. I also noticed that I have two or three rounds of evacuation, whereas with coffee it was usually one and a half rounds. It still happens rather quickly and I'm usually done in a few minutes, unless I decide to linger, reading and such. For those wondering, I end up requiring multiple flushes or it usually clogs the toilet.

Last week I missed a day and then had to go the following day. It felt like I barely had to go at the time, but as I've learned, it's just not as urgent feeling as with coffee.

I sat and felt a large mass move into position. It began to emerge and felt medium in girth and denser than normal. It continued to pass easily and almost silently with whispering crackles, breaking off every couple seconds to gently plop into the water. I passed six such pieces capped by an air couple farts and a small chunk.

I sat for about sixty seconds just browsing on my phone when I felt a second round move into place. I punctuated its commencement by breaking wind. It felt very much like the first and would extend a certain length, nearly to the water, before breaking off under its own weight. This carried on for another five or so pieces.

I peaked between my legs and could tell the bowl was quite full with a series of smaller, banana-like turds, probably an inch and a half to two inches wide and ranged from four to eight inches in length.

I continued to browse the web and about two minutes later a third round made its way to the exit. This round was very much like the first two. A ropey coil exited and broke apart about every six inches under its own weight. The segments no longer plopped into the water, but had filled most of the water area and piled above it. Only the quiet crackling could be heard now.

I stood to wipe. I completely filled the bowl with this offering. There must have been fifteen or sixteen even brown banana-like segments of similar size and shape, and several smaller pieces, all coiled and piled, and buried and floating together.

I flushed before wiping but the toilet only managed to take down a modest amount before the volume interrupted the flush. Brown water back flowed from the trap with bits and pieces that mixed together with the remaining contents. It took about six wipes to get clean. I threw tissue in with rest of the contents. I flushed again expecting a full on clog but the toilet managed to suck down a portion before it stopped up again like the first time. It took two more flushes to clear everything away and restore normal function, though some modest streaks remained.

I left the bathroom feeling much better but noticed my scent pervaded our make shift home office one room over.


Victoria B.

To Catherine


I read your response to Carlie and I agree through the context of my experience as a living, pooping human being that some of us, women especially, seem to have both more and bigger BMs. It seems like toilets are more calibrated for the average pooper and that's why living somewhere that allows me to pick out and install my own toilet is a dream of mine. I think a lot about toilets and how they're designed, probably more than most people. They're like furniture but at the same time they aren't but you still sit on them and you're naked when you do it. Just a bunch of interesting paradoxes!

Love always,



Victoria: it looks like your survey sparked some interesting stories and discussions! Nice job!

OhioTSF: I relate to your insecurity. I've always tried to maintain a plutonic relationship with my co workers and pooping in their company seems to cross a boundary for me. Regardless of that, I've still been in situations where I pooped in adjacent stalls with a co-worker or took a major dump with co-workers in the bathroom. I think I posted a story about one such incident a while back. I've also had co-workers who are so open and uninhibited that they want to talk business while taking very loud and malodorous movements. It's hard for me to even concentrate during those times!

Charles:. Great story and candor. Yes, I also get a bit of a thrill or odd sense of satisfaction about taking a massive, toilet clog


Morning Routine

My mom and I have a morning routine of me showering while she is pooping. We've done it for months now, and it has only been really nice. We will talk and laugh at her farting and make jokes. She usually gets done pooping before I get out of the shower and will sit she wait for me to get done. In the past when she has had diarrhea though, I will get done before her and I will get dressed and stay in the bathroom with her. Our routine has been great.


To Davidd

Is it Davidd with two d's on the end?

You are an amazing writer!

While I am not sure that I can relate, it was still fascinating to read your story. I "doo" look forward to hearing from you!



Clogging Toilets etc

I have never clogged a toilet. The only cloggings I have seen is were too much toilet paper is used or other things flushed down the toilet . In Australia the plumbing system must have bigger pipes. To Elphaba constipation can be a big problem. Some people are constipated for no obvious reason and sometimes is the for runner for various diseases . Neurological conditions often are accompanied by constipation and that is my case. I also have an umbilical hernia that makes constipation that bit worse. Did you know that about ninety percent of people diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease reported constipation before any other Parkinson's symptoms. I should be taking Movicol or Osmolax daily but I do not. I wait till the turds become big and hard and then try a big dose of Osmolax and if needed a couple of suppositories for a spectacular result!!!!! No toilet clogs !!!!

Carlie B

Oops I did it again! + Big Gym Dump

Hey everyone, I'm back again with a follow up to my last story

First a few replies:

Charles: a foot or so is what I would call average sized. The giant one that caused the toilet troubles was much longer though. I would guess 18 or so inches were visible and another 6-8 down the hole? Hard to say for sure. While impressive in length, my logs are even more impressive in width. They are also super firm which combined with the width is why toilet rarely handle them. I'd say it's a 50/50 split between one gigantic log or two big logs.

Catherine: at 5'8" I'm not quite as tall as you but it sounds like we have similar body types. Not sure how much height plays a role though because my roommate Hayley is 5'8" too and my other roommate Lindsey is 6'0" and neither take big enough dumps to clog our toilet. They both are really skinny though so maybe body shape has more to do with it.

With the toilet fixed, my roommates were able to go back to using our own bathroom. We decided it would be a good idea if I continued to use the pharmacy toilet so I didn't overload the toilet again. Funnily enough, when I returned to the pharmacy bathroom after I had blocked it, there was now a big ole plunger next to the toilet. I guess whoever had to clean up after me didn't want to do it again. It turns out the plunger was a good idea because I took another toilet clogging shit. One big log. Not super long but very thick. It felt great coming out. I flushed twice with no success and then used the plunger. Just a few flushes later and it was good as new!

My roommates got a kick out of me telling them about the pharmacy. My roommate Lindsey thought I should try and hold in my poop to, in her words, "bless" the new toilet. Hayley, my other roommate, and I thought it was a bad idea since we didn't want to have another unfixable situation. Lindsey must have really wanted me to do it because she said she'd clean up if we couldn't plunge it. That was enough for Hayley and I to agree.

On Thursday I didn't poop and then the toilet was installed late in the afternoon on Friday.
Late that night I felt the need to go. I don't think I've missed a day pooping for the last 5 years at least. I sat down and noticed the new seat felt smaller than the old one. It was comfortable though so I was happy about that. Well my shit was huge, and I didn't feel done. The new toilet has 2 flush options of different strengths one weak flush and one powerful flush. The flush seemed much better than the old toilet, but my turd was still too big. The toilet gurgled to a stop. I called Lindsey in to get to plunging. She nearly fainted when she saw how big it was haha! Hayley and I were dying laughing watching her futile attempts to plunge the toilet. My dumps are very firm and not easy to mash up with a plunger. After a little bit of progress, I felt the need to drop another log. I announced I need to do more and Lindsey thought I was joking. I pushed her aside and sat back down. I pooped another huge log into the already backed up toilet. Lindsey spent the next 45 minutes or so trying to plunge, but my enormous dump was just too much. She finally gave up and resorted to the gloves. After removing my second log and about half of the first, she resumed plunging and finally got it to go. The toilet was caked with skid marks again but nothing the toilet brush and a little bleach couldn't handle.

We decided after this that I should probably not try skipping a day again. I've taken two dumps since in the new toilet. Both clogged but only needed a few plunges and flushes. Hayley joked that the new toilet needs a third flush option for "Carlie's horse sized poops" lol.

A question for others: what are your most memorable poops, be it because of their size or time/location.

For me off the top of my head:

-on a first date at a super fancy restaurant when I deposited a giant dump that wouldn't flush with a line of 3 people waiting.

-clogged a toilet at a friends house at a middle school sleepover party. The toilet overflowed when another friend tried to flush it twice in a row without waiting for the water to recede.

One other funny story was back in December (maybe November?) I was a member of a kinda crappy gym. The locker rooms were not taken care of very well and the equipment was pretty bad, but it was cheap. After a long yoga and workout session, I needed to poo. The stalls were all taken so I waited a few minutes. Finally one opened up and a beautiful Asian girl who I see often at the gym came out. She apologized saying her poop was too big to flush. Indeed it was! She had left a giant sausage plugging up the hole! There was little bits of toilet paper swirling in the water but it was clear it was her poop and not the paper that had blocked the toilet. I couldn't resist the opportunity to buddy dump onto it. I sat down and added my own monster. Looking in the toilet, hers wasn't as big as mine but it was still probably the biggest I've ever seen that wasn't from me. Her poop was still big enough to clog a high powered toilet, so you know it had to be big. The other stalls had opened by now, so I switched stalls to wipe. One unsuspecting woman tired to go into the one we had used and gasped and quickly got back in line. She warned the next person that the stall was clogged.

Well a couple days later I came back and both our dumps were still there!! There was an out of order sign on the door, but that didn't stop me from peeking and confirming they were both still clogging it up. It's pretty gross that no one on the staff cleaned it up over the last 24 hours but maybe they didn't have a plunger on hand. I went to the gym again the next day and it was finally gone. I was feeling naughty, so I went to workout and then when I was done went back and took a huge dump, once more clogging the poor toilet. I flushed four or five times but it was just too big. I wiped up and left, apologizing to the girl waiting in line.

As I mentioned in my last post, I think my new yoga and exercise has made my dumps larger. I didn't use to clog public toilets every time, but now it's more rare for me to NOT clog them. I don't really understand how centuries of engineering has resulted in toilets that can't flush a normal 24 year old girls poop. Do pro athletes who are way bigger and eat a ton have the same problems?

While I was walking home from work, I was beginning to need a poo so after arriving home and, due to it being still warm, taking all my clothes off except my panties, I went to the bathroom. Pulling my purple panties down to my ankles, I sat on the loo and had a wee which lasted about twenty seconds. Then I started to push and within a minute a turd had plopped into the water below. Over the next five minutes, while I still had to push more than I would normally, I got rid of a further seven logs, but considering this was the most I've done in one go and it was the shortest amount of time I've spent on the loo in about a week and a half I'm taking it as a victory. Honestly, there's nothing like having a good bowel movement to lift one's spirits. With this good feeling, I wiped myself (only needing to wipe my arse once) and then I pulled up my panties and flushed the toilet.

Saturday, May 23, 2020


To Anja

Dear anja: I never pooped/peed in the bushes before, but I went to summer camp, and I think I used a moderately sized outhouse during an outside camping night. When I think about it, I might have started my period there as well because from what I remember, I wasn't allowed in the water. You can swim on your cycle btw. Anyway, the pooping/peeing outside stories on here are quite nice to read. If I had the chance, I'd poop in a bucket, and bury it just for fun. To be even more adventurous, I hope one day I could use a pit toilet. One of the neatest toilets that I can recall using are the automatic flushers. Those don't bother me. Although I had some somewhat stinky farts today, poop wise nothing was interesting. Despite this, my day still had an interesting twist to it, because I bought a bucket of sand that you can play with like play dough. Bye!

Victoria B.



Just popped in today to say how much I appreciate the responses to my survey! Catherine, Arianna, Taylor T., Carlie and LC, you're the best! Part of the reason why I wrote it was to help other people who've ahem.... been hard on the plumbing over the years feel less alone and weird about themselves and their bodies. You're great no matter how many times you've needed to plunge a toilet!

To Minappé: Tell Maho that Robyn and I have our matching bookmarks now-they turned out great! I'm sorry to hear that the green loo is no more but please think of me when all four of you make some nice plops in the new one! I love all of you so much!


Ohio Toiletstool Fan

Clogging toilets + embarrassment

Hi all. So I've kinda skimmed down the current page and noticed the idea of clogging toilets is the thing. I'll just say that in many instances I've taken huge dumps and have not clogged the toilet. Maybe it's because my turds aren't usually thick. I always say the soft and gassy dumps are my fav, but I don't clog toilets. From what I've witnessed, based on the people I've lived with recently, it seems toilets get stopped up more by someone who uses lots and lots of TP per dump. In my opinion I don't feel as though so much TP is necessary to clean your bottom. Mine get relatively clean because I wipe several times, but with a little TP at a time.
Another thing I've noticed is some posts referring to what may make a poop embarrassing. That's interesting. For me, it's not the sound - even if it's a gassy, sonic-boom sounding dump, or a dump that stinks the bathroom all the way to high heaven. I'm simply not embarrassed doing that. If I'm at home, the toilet is my personal throne and I'll poop proudly in my own bathroom no matter who's visiting my home. For me, true embarrassment would come if I'm pooping in a public restroom - in the presence of coworkers. It's unusual I know. For some reason that's embarrassing to me. However if it's people I DON'T know , I'll blow a public bathroom up no problem. So ultimately my embarrassment isn't about sound or smell, it's depending on who the witnesses are. Happy pooping all, stay safe during these strange times.


Clogging the Toilet Survey.and Recent Story

Hey Everybody, I saw this survey and felt compelled to reply. From what i have read so far, there are alot of us on here.

1) Have you ever clogged a toilet?

1a)It is a pretty frequent occurance. I have even clogged public toilets.

2) What do you do when you block one up? Grab a plunger? Break up the turd(s)?

2a)I always use the plunger. If in public i just leave it.

3) Have you ever had to put on the rubber gloves and take your own poop from the bowl to get it to flush again?

3a) No. If nessesary i will break it up with the plunger or plunge until it finally goes down.

4) Have you ever clogged or had to use a clogged public toilet?

4a) I have definitly clogged them, but if possible, i will choose not to use them if they are alreay clogged.

5) Have you ever blocked a friend/family member/significant other's toilet?

5a) Several times. to all of the above.

6) Have you ever had to admit to plugging a toilet after trying and failing to get it to flush again?

6a) Usually they figure out if/when i think i have unclogged it but its still partially clogged.

7) When it happens is it because you're a huge pooper in general or because you used too much paper?

7a)My poops are pretty large, so i never need to add toilet paper for it to clog.

8) Are you familiar with the two-flusher trick?

8a) Yes, but i rarely use it. If i am at home i prefer to clog the toilet because i am a proud clogger.

LC: Its great to see you posting again. i enjoyed reading your stories and reading about what you do to toilets reminded me of myself at times haha.

Carlie B.: Welcome to the site, and as an infrequent poster but as a fellow/frequent clogger and lurker it is nice reading about another huge pooper. i am curious about how big yours get though. How long was the one that broke your toilet? also, how many pieces usually come out for you? I think it feels amazing to take a big dump and know that the toilet isnt going to flush when im done with it.

Speaking of that, i have a story to tell. Recently i was on a vacation from work and went on a junk food eating spree. Im 30 years old and im pretty active so I usually eat quite a lot and i try to eat healthy but i was really enjoying bieng on vacation. after a couple days it was getting uncomfortable but i was feeling no urge to go. After about 4 days i couldnt take much more of the discomfort so i took a few stool softeners before bed to help things along. after eating several bowls of mini wheats cereal the next morning i started to feel things shifting in a big way. I started mowing the lawn but had to stop when i got a very strong urge to go. I knew at this time that i was going to clog the toilet and was anticipating it along with the immense relief that i was about to feel. I grabbed a magazine on the way to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet. after about 30 seconds and a couple long wet farts it began. A column of two and a half inch thick poop emerged and started to descend into the bowl. The urge to push was extremely strong but i held back so i could enjoy it coming out. After about 20 seconds of it coming out i felt it touch the bottom and with slight push, begin to coil around the bowl. The cramps werent really letting up but after another ten seconds or so it ended with a splat as it fell on top of itself. I read for a few moments as i waited for another cramp. The thought crossed my mind that i should flush the toilet at this point, but it was probably clogged already, and i wanted to see the final result anyway so i decided against it. At this moment i was hit with a sharp cramp and a loud fart announced the beginning of large burst of soft poop. I could hear it thundering into the bowl beneath me and besides one large splash at the beginning the only sound to be heard was the crackling of the burst coming out. This ended after about 10-15 seconds. After that burst ended, i kept reading and was occasionally interrupted by more small cramps here and there which led to small bursts and splats as more landed on the already large pile of poop in the toilet. When it was all over, i looked in the bowl and saw how badly i had stuffed it. There was a very long smooth log about 16 inches long coiled around the bowl with a very large pile of soft poop all around it and on top of it. the pile must have filled that small bowl about halfway. I felt soo much better and after plunging and about 6 flushes i finally got it all down, but the horrid smell and copious skidmarks and smears in the bowl remained. Im not going to lie, pooping like this gives me quite a rush when i am able to defile a toilet this badly. am i the only one who enjoys it and is very proud of my abilty to torment any toilet i use?

Until next time, i hope everybody has very relieving dumps and stays safe in these uncertain times.



My Origin Story

How does one become like me? How does someone become fascinated like me? How did this happen to me? I ask these questions to myself more often then I should. And honestly, I feel as though I know the reason, but I beg of my mind to continue pondering them. I keep seeking out an answer that explains what's become my natural existence. It's all rather strange to most, but it's all too common for me. Perhaps this is why I am so compelled to write this very post to a sea of anonymity.

To know where I started, you must first know where I am. I'm a mid-thirties man who is utter fascinated with public bathroom pooping. Not shitting, not dumping, not dropping a deuce: pooping. The very word just drives me to a whole new dimension. And the act? Well, the act is my mental escape from reality. And doing so in a public bathroom is the only place where that escape becomes more of a fantasy. And more than a fantasy, it's become an obsession. I'll actually hold it when I am at home, and wait until I am in a public bathroom to poop. I'll leave a hotel room to make my way to the lobby to poop. And if I'm in the car and I see the sign for a rest stop, I'm stopping to poop, even if I don't really have to. It's what I do.

I remember as a child being taught that public bathrooms were harbingers of filth and germs. Never should you use one. And if you do, it's only to pee, never to poop. This was ingrained in my psyche. I vividly remember peeing myself in Kindergarten because I was terrified of the bathroom. Damn all the shame and embarrassment, I was satisfied knowing I hadn't allowed myself to become contaminated with germs.

Before first grade, I really began to act out. I become more of a challenger of authority and rules. I remember getting into a lot of trouble. I still can't understand why I needed to rebel, but I did. So, by the time I started grade school, I didn't care what my parents had to say. If I felt like doing something, I did it. And that meant, if I wanted to pee in the school bathroom, I would. I remember the first time I went into the bathroom at my school. Four urinals along the wall, two small stalls, and a handicapped size one. Peeing, in my mind, was rebelling. I went almost everyday. And on one day in particular, I discovered something that would change my world forever.

It was during the day when I felt the need to pee. I asked for permission to go and out the door I went. The hallway was empty and I fully expected the bathroom to be the same. But when I entered, I was immediately greeted by a sight I hadn't expected: two feet dangling with pants around their ankles under the first stall. I remember stopping and looking at them. It seemed like an eternity of me standing there, staring at these feet. The faint smell of poop lingered through the air. Who could this be I wondered to myself. I finally broke from my trance and made my way to the urinal. After finishing up, I lingered at the sink while I washed my hands and I happened to notice that I could faintly see this mysterious pooper through the crack in the stall door reflecting in my mirror. His face looked troubled. Almost worried. I recognized him from school but not in my class. The intrigue became almost overwhelming. It was fascinating for some reason. Later that night, I remember laying in bed and thinking to myself about what I had seen. My rebellion crept into my mind. The ultimate expression of individuality and independence. I knew then what I wanted to do. What I needed to do. I was going to poop in school.

My body was used to rhythm. I would wake up and pee. I would pee after breakfast. I would pee after lunch. And by the time I got done with school, I would need to poop. Somehow, I needed to change this rhythm. My plan was to hold it in after school and see if I could make it until the following day. The next day, I set out with this plan. I over ate at breakfast, I begged my dad to get me a donut on the way to school, and I stuffed my face at lunch. And, by the end of the day, I was feeling fine. Once I got home from school, I felt the normal churning but I kept the sensation suppressed. By the time I sat down for dinner, I was certain I would be able to accomplish my feat. I almost couldn't sleep that night. I had this excitement in my head that kept me awake, accompanying an increasing urge in poop. This was going to be my moment.

The following morning I woke up to stomach pain. I didn't really have to poop, I just didn't feel good. I tried my best to eat breakfast but I wasn't feeling that hungry. I tried to shrug off my uneasiness but I struggled to get myself together. After spending the morning feeling sluggish at school, I finally started to feel normal by lunch. I remember eating rather heavily at lunch due to my skimping of breakfast. After getting back to the classroom after lunch and recess, I had forgotten much of my plan and focused, rather, on the activity we were doing. I remember sitting on the floor and listening to the teacher when it finally happened. Two days of plotting, preparing, and waiting had finally paid off. I felt my stomach tense up, my intestines shove loose, and that firm push against the inside of my bowels. I needed to poop.

My plan relied on one simple element, I needed permission to go to the bathroom. I raised my hand slowly and waiting to be called on. "Can I go to the bathroom?" I asked. And then, the most delightful of sounds breaks the air. The moment I had been waiting for was finally about to happen. "Yes" the teacher answered. I rose from the ground in a state of ecstasy. I made my way to the door and out into the hallway. The silence that surrounded me was heavenly. I am going to do this. As I reached the bathroom door, I was only moments away from doing the forbidden thing. Alas, the bathroom was surrounding me. I remember the quick moment of panic. Where do I go? Which stall do I take? I looked into all three. Each seemed to be calling out to me, begging for my approval. I first tried the large handicapped stall, only to realize they had removed the door latch. This wouldn't work. The first stall seemed to exposing in the off chance that someone would come in. The middle stall would be my choice. I felt the overwhelming excitement of moment. I closed the door to the burnt orange stall and carefully latched to lock. I stared down at the industrial styled toilet. The white porcelain bowl mounted to the wall, the metal pipe extending up from where a tank would typically sit, and the most fascinating element of all: the black, open front toilet seat. I turned away from this beautiful monument and began to undo my pants. I slowly slid them down to my ankles along with my underwear. As I lowered my butt down I couldn't help but remember all those warnings about germs, filth, and disgust. My bare skin slowly began touching more and more of the plastic seat. I had to push myself back as the toilet was taller than I could manage. Finally, I was firmly planted on the forbidden seat, about to commit the forbidden act.

I felt my body begin to relax. It was a natural position for what I was about to do. Years of muscle memory was telling my body exactly how to react. I was full of lust and wonder. Thoughts raced through my mind of all the boys who had sat on this same seat before me, doing the same thing as I was about to. I was ready for what was to come. But my mind was immediately jarred from that nirvana as I heard the bathroom door creep open. I froze. I was panicked. Shocked. My moment of sheer joy was over. My excited was immediately erased. Fear washed over me. I had been caught in the act of the forbidden. I heard the footsteps walk up to the urinals. I heard the distinct sound of a zipper being pulled down. I heard the faint trickle pee as it washed against the urinal. Ok, I thought, I can wait this out. But I couldn't. Just as I heard their feet start to shift I lost control of the moment. That large, two day mass inside me started to involuntarily make its exit. I felt my hole open up with a hissing crackle. The solid mass began to slowly snake its way out of me. I watched nervously as the feet made their way over to the sinks. There, staring through the crack in the stall, I see them stand there, and just above their line of sight, I see me. I was now that nervous, worried face peeking through the stall door crack in the bathroom mirror. Just as I thought they wouldn't notice, I catch the reflection of their eye staring back at me. Our eyes locked through the reflection. I wanted to look away, look down in shame, but just as the thought had entered my mind, my first turd fully released from my grip, falling to the waiting water below. My eyes briefly blinked as my sensation of relief manifested onto my face and I let out an audible sigh.

He continued to stare back at me through the reflection in the mirror. I couldn't gather why he was interested, and why he wouldn't just leave. He wasn't washing his hands. He wasn't drying them off. He was just standing there, watching me watch him. I was trapped. I couldn't leave the stall. I couldn't hide from his view. And to make matters worse, I had only just unclogged my impending eruption of poop. I felt myself clench up. I really needed to poop. I had to poop bad. It needed to come out. But I couldn't poop. Not with this person staring at me. Try as I might but I couldn't keep this up. I kept looking at myself in the reflection of the mirror and his eyes as he looked back at me through the same and I saw my face as I relented my defeat to the situation. I relaxed my hold and felt the next turd start to push its way out. It crackled more prominently as it flowed from my hole. Following it was a more gassy turd that hissed and popped as it flowed freely from my pent up bowels. My eyes nearly rolled back in relief of pressure, but not far enough to break from his persistent stare. Here I was, doing the forbidden thing, in the forbidden place, with an unwanted pair of eyes catching every moment. After I finished the intense first round of pooping, I had seemed to have lost his attention. He moved on from the sinks but didn't leave the bathroom. I pushed a few more turds with a few faint farts following. I felt adequately emptied when I reached over to begin wiping myself. Some of the joy of the moment returned as I pulled the cheap, single ply paper from the roll and cleaned myself to satisfaction. I pushed myself back off the toilet and reached down to pull my pants back up. Knowing my audience hadn't left the bathroom, I stressed about making my exit from the stall. I knew at that moment I would come face to face with the ever-so-curious set of eyes. I unlatched to door and walked from the stall to the sink. Without looking over, I started washing my hands. I felt him looking at me, but I wasn't going to look back. Once I finished washing my hands and turned toward to the door, there he stood, staring back at me, smirking with his lips. "Taking a poop?" he says to me. "Ah, yeah" is all I could muster from my mouth. I walked past him and left the bathroom.

Sure, that would have been enough to traumatize any kid to never wanting to go anywhere near a public bathroom ever again. But for some reason, later that night I couldn't stop thinking about it. There was something about that moment that kept replaying in my head, that still replays in my head. It wasn't him looking at me, it was me, looking back at myself. That nervous, worried face through the crack in the stall. That genuine concern of having to poop with someone lurking outside the stall. That feeling of being caught doing that forbidden thing. It evolved with me. It stood out. No, I wasn't ever going to be the shameless public pooper. I was going to remain that worried, nervous public pooper. That guy that's doing the one thing you're not supposed to do, in the place you're not supposed to do it.

I spent the remainder of my time in grade school never missing the opportunity to race off to the bathroom to poop when the bathroom was perceived to be empty. Sometimes I would get lucky and have someone come in when I was in there. A few times I got really lucky and got the opportunity to share the bathroom with someone else who was pooping. And other times I was able to poop without another soul knowing about it. Regardless, since the first time I had ever walked into a public bathroom and saw someone in a stall pooping, I've kept a mental diary of every occasion since then. My own personal treasure trove of memories that bring out the deepest, oddest, most rewarding personal fascination.

Til next time...


Closed off toilets at box store

The other day me and my friend Jody were bored. We decided to take a walk about 6 blocks, stop for fast food for lunch, then walk another 3 blocks to this box type of discount store. Because of the virus at the food place we could only by take-out. So we started our lunch by sitting on the curb near the drive thru. A manager told us that was illegal and ran us off. So me and Jody ate and drank our supersized drinks as we walked along a major street with cars and trucks buzzing by within a couple of feet of us. One guy leaned out of his truck window and almost grabbed Jody's bag of fries. That excitement caused her to announce she needed to walk faster because her shit was coming on fast. When we got to the store we both hurried for the closest bathroom. There were 5 toilets and about 5 or 6 ladies waiting. One had an adorable child by hand who was crying in pain. The 2nd and 4th toilets were closed off. I noticed the seat had been taken off the toilet, the door was locked from the inside and black garbage bags were placed over the door. So Jody and I gave up on sitting next to one another and talking while we went. And more people were reading the signs about the pandemic rules. Finally Jody ran for the toilet at the far end. I got the other end toilet. There were eyeballs on me as I sat and somewhat felt sorry for the others being inconvenienced. But I got done in about a minute and a half. I flushed and left with a smile at the lady and kid shoved by me. Jody took more than 5 minutes on the toilet and was flustered when she came out. Then she had to wait for a sink since the 2nd and 4th had been deliberately turned off. Both me and Jody hope these rules are not going to be used in the fall when we start the new school year.


I saw the mention of toilet clogs on here, so I thought I'd contribute a clog question. Has anyone ever had a complete sewer backup including your toilets? Our house had the biggest clog in history, and it was cleared not too long ago, thank goodness. We have 2 toilets, and when Mom plunged ours, the poop/etc went back into the other side of the line. Basicly, everything from the toilet all the way into the main sewer cleanout, and city pipes were all clogged with poop/pee etc. It turned out the real cause of the clog was both baby wipes along with butt wipes. Once after doing a soft poop during the clog and telling Mom, she bagged it up, and threw it in the dumpster. I didn't poop directly in the bag, so she had to skoop it out of the toilet first. Feel free to drop a response on this forum. Bye!


my job has made me see some weird shi

so some back story. my job currently makes me hit the road a lot to close deals with clients and so i travel a lot during the year. so i have seen/heard some crazy bathroom experiences. here are 2.

the first starts off when i had to travel to kansas and was driving and i realized a had to take a big poop. so i found the nearest restaurant as i was hungery and decided to poop there. as i entered a young 16 yr old female flushes a toilet and it sounded clogged. as there was 2 stalls with the other in use, i went to go in there. there was 3 logs blocking and toilet paper clogging the toilet and it had no chance of going down so i waited for the other stall. this women was clearly pooping and was making groaning noises and was taking a few minutes. soon she got up and left the stall after flushing and i walked in. there was a few skid marks in the white throne and pulled down my skirt and thong. as i started to poop, it started to break apart and made loud plop noises in the toilet. soon a young girl walks in. she seems in a hurry and opens the other stall and immediately closes and waits outside for me to finish pooping. after a few minutes she knocks and says "can you hurry up please?" and i told her that i wasn't goin got be finished for a while so she walks in the other stall and sits down. after a few minutes i hear a few plops and some soft poo. she then gets up and flushes and leaves. after awhile my poop is starting to slow down and I'm now starting to have to push. then a girl walks in followed by another. The first girl opens the stall and closes it. she then tells the other girl that it is clogged and she is waiting for me to finish. the other girl walks in the stall and starts to have a wee for 30 seconds and unlike what i expected she doesn't immediately get up but sits there still. i let out a soft poo after moaning and she drops a turd. she then gets up and washes her hands. the other girl realizing i am not coming out anytime soon, she goes in the stall and immediately has diarrhea for a good 2 minutes. soon she wipes and gets up and I'm done and wiping and curious about the other toilet. i get up and flushed to toilet after two attempts it went down. i walked over to the other stall and was greeted by diarrhea on the back of the seat and 2 turds in the bowl with a mound of diarrhea.

another time i was in west virginia and was hungery and stoped at a local mall there. after eating 2 hamburgers my bowels were ready to be emptied. as i found a bathroom four young girls, all around 13 or 14 walked in before me. luckily there was five stalls so i took the last one. as i sat down i noticed the divider along the wall had a 3 inch gag from it and the wall and the tiled wall was very reflective. when i looked back i could see my neighbors on the toilet. i leaned back farther was able to see my neighbors butt and the toilet bowl below her. as i started to poop. i heard a few plops from the girls and leaned back and saw my neighbor pushing out a medium sized turd! as my poop was coming out slowly two girls got up after taking a pee. my neighbor was till pushing this turd and it finally hit the bowl and was around 7 inches long. as i concentrated more i pushed a long log out that never broke off and it was around 15 inches long and went down part of the bowl. as i new this was one of those perfect poops i sat there curious to what my neighbor was doing. i learned back and saw her push out a 4 inch log with a little pushing. she started to wipe and used 5 pieces of toilet paper. she soon flushed and got up to leave. the other girl sat there pushing and making a few noises from phishing until there was a loud thud as the log hit the bowl and the water was lower then normal so it was very loud. after 2 more small turds she was finished and wiped once and walked out to catch up to her friends. i got up and flushed my poop away and walked to that girls stall. there was a 20 inch log with 2 2 1/2 inch logs in there! it was HUGE. i soon left and headed out of that mall as i had been there long enough.



Carlie B: Welcome to the forum! I share your love for large bowel movements! Would love to hear more from you! Because it seems to be a theme, are you taller than an average woman? I'm 6'1, athletic and curvy, but older - 39 years! Glad you are here!

Taylor T: Good to hear from you again!

Regardless Guy: What an awkward situation. But if you gotta go, you gotta go!

Love to all!



Beware of toilet cameras

This is a warning for all of you people

So a few months ago I was in school and was desperate for a poo all day I had diarrhea I often have diarrhea due to my stomach condition IBS

This particular day on my walk home I couldn't hold it any longer and so I went into the park toilets in my rush I wasn't careful just ran in slammed the door took down my pants and instantly sloppy diarrhea crackled out with farts it was very explosive and went on for quite some time having the worst poo in my life

Only when I finished and wiped when I flushed and because there was no toilet brush to wipe the mess of the bowl I got some toilet paper and wiped it off so it was clean for the next person to use when I done that I noticed a small camera on the under part and what seemed like a mile and there was a hole in the coat hook wich had one in to I got instantly scared and left my walk home consisted of worryes and stress who's going to see all of that is it going to get posted or why would someone do something like that and invade others privacy I was really worried about it and was getting quite upset

I didn't know what to do but I told my friend about the whole experience I the. Asked my friend for help in if he sees the video to instantly let me know about it so we can try our best efforts to get it took down

And finally a few days ago my friend found the video on ???? he seen my face in the video that's how he knew it was me the way he found it was just using the description of the events I told him and typing them into numerous websites with that type of content I done all this to but had no luck

The video had lots of Veiws and I'm mortified such a horrible event having diarrhea especially in public is embarrasing but it's even worse the fact lots of random people have heard it and literally seen it coming out

I'm trying my best to get it took down but don't know if I can I just hope no one in my school finds it

So people make sure you keep a look out for cameras check everywere the ceiling the coat hooks under the seat or the underside of the bowl because I would not wish the amount if worry and embarrasment I have felt upon my worst enemy's so please everyone be careful


To Carlie B - Replacing Toilet


I reread your post this morning and realized I missed the part about replacing your toilet. When I moved to the city to begin my career more than ten years ago (when I would have been closer to your age), I bought a two bedroom, two bath condo near the pharmacy where I worked. The first thing I did to the condo was replace the toilet after several clogs. Maybe some people poop larger amounts on a regular basis than others. I don't know. But sometimes I wonder how small most people's normal bowel movements are. Toilet designers must design the bowls, plumbing and pipes for average.

I did read that Americans, especially those in urban areas, like San Francisco, or the city where I lived, don't get near as much fiber in their diet as they should.

Just a few thoughts! Again, I hope to hear more from you!



Wednesday, May 20, 2020


School Accident Using Urinals

Has anyone else had a situation like this happen to them? at school I was always a bit pee shy but using cubicles tended to mean you'd be poked fun of so often I would struggle using the urinals. Well in the 8th grade I was doing just that between classes with a few friends in one of the school toilets. We didn't have that long to get to the next class and I needed to pee quite a lot but my bladder was being more shy that normal. I was having to push quite hard to get even a small stream of pee going and when doing this I could feel I needed to fart, I remember thinking what the hell it might be a little embarrassing but pushing hard enough to get my pee done was worth it.

Well in reality it was rather different, I pushed extra hard but it wasn't a fart instead I got a nasty supprise as a mass of semi soft poo exploded into the back of my underwear(y-front slips) with a loud squelch before I knew what was happening. My friends instantly came out with something like "ewwww someone's pooed their pants!" at which point I admit I panicked and just ran out of the toilet. I didn't know what to do and spent a few mins just hiding behind the sports hall but I could feel by know the back of my underwear/pants was a disaster area, could feel wet poo all over my bottom and on the back of my legs.

In the end plucked up enough courage to go to the school nurse who was actually very nice, had a private toilet and shower for me to use but I did end up having to change into my gym shorts whilst my underwear/pants were in the washing machine and naturally it didn't take long for what had happened to spread around the school and did tend to come up for a couple of years whenever I had a disagreement with someone, as far as school name calling goes I'd say "well at least I don't poo my pants" is hard to beat, lol.

I'm guessing I can't be alone in this? being pee shy and pushing hard to overcome it always seems to have that risk and honestly these days I prefer to sit in a cubical when I can to make sure it can't happen.


Constipation sucks!

I thought that after having my bowels cleared out by that laxative would have solve the problem but, no, it's continued. What's more, I haven't made any changes in my diet apart from cutting down on the amount of chocolate I eat which, if anything, should help me from getting constipated. Also, as its been warm, today being the warmest this far this year, I've been drinking more water which again should prevent constipation. I was on antibiotic ear drops last week, but surely, I would have been constipated when I was on them and not a week later? Last night I sat on the toilet for half an hour pushing and the tip of a log kept on emerging out of my bum, but every time I stopped pushing it got sucked back up which was really frustrating. Today, after dinner, I was about to start washing up when I suddenly felt like I could poo, so I went off to my bathroom and lifted up my skirt and pulled down my red panties to my ankles before sitting down on the loo. I began by having a pee and then started to bear down and push whilst also going onto my tip toes. Luckily, this time I could feel movement within my rectum but it was awfully slow. I had been pushing for about ten minutes and had started to grunt when I felt a bit of a log break off and heard it drop down into the loo. After continuing to push and grunt for five more minutes I heard another 'flump' as the rest of the log exited my arse. Even though I thought there was more poo in me and despite further pushing, I couldn't produce anything. I got some loo roll and wiped; my poo must have been on the dry side as I only had to do this once. I then pulled up my panties and let my skirt fall around my legs before I flushed the toilet and went to wash my hands.

Victoria B, we never got that post.


Massive Clog

Hey guys. We had the most biggest clog in our mobile home that we ever experienced before elsewhere! Both toilets were clogged extending all the way to the main cleanout, and the city connection pipes. When I thought our problem got better before, it eventually intensified. The problem was fixed today, and it turns out the past renters flushed wipes down the toilet. Mom says when the really bad area got cleared, jets of poop shot out. I'm glad everything is working out now. Bye!

A comment to the story about building a cabin. A few years back my family spent the summer refurbishing an old house at the sea side. For about one month we had to manage without running water and a toilet. We always peed just around the corner. In the beginning I think we all tried to poop when going to the village for shopping etc. But after a while I think we more and more went pooping among the bushes in the seaside dunes. I think my parents as well as my sister and me did so. Not not only we did. Even the craftsmen working for us did. Once I walked in on one of them (the electrician!) when he was squatting to do his duty. I came up from behind and luckily he did not spot me before I managed to get away.

Taylor T
Hey guys! I've had no stories to share lately so I haven't been posting as much :(.
Although today I do have a one story for everyone! First I wanted to respond to some people!


1) Have you ever clogged a toilet?- Oh yes I have many many many times, it's very normal for me unfortunately, if anyone keeps up with my stories, I have some massive dumps.
2) What do you do when you block one up? Grab a plunger? Break up the turd(s)?- I just grab a plunger and plunge it down.
3) Have you ever had to put on the rubber gloves and take your own poop from the bowl to get it to flush again? I don't think I've ever had to do this.
4) Have you ever clogged or had to use a clogged public toilet? Yes, I remember one time in 4th grade I pooped right after lunch during my math class and I clogged the toilet, I just left it because I flushed 3 or 4 times. And one time I had to use a clogged toilet, I was at my friend Britney's house and her 7 year old brother had clogged the toilet. Their plunger was broken and she had pooped so later on when I pooped I had to go on top of theirs, very gross!!
5) Have you ever blocked a friend/family member/significant other's toilet? I have, at my friend Jenna's house, I'm very welcome there and always poop if I need to. I've blocked their toilet about 2 or 3 times.
6) Have you ever had to admit to plugging a toilet after trying and failing to get it to flush again? Again yes, my first time pooping at my friend Jenna's was the day after Thanksgiving, I took a massive poop in her mother's bathroom because Jenna was showering. I admitted to her mom that I clogged the toilet and she was very understanding.
7) When it happens is it because you're a huge pooper in general or because you used too much paper? It's kinda both to be completely honest. Sometimes I'll take a huge poop and use little paper or a lot of paper.
8) Are you familiar with the two-flusher trick? I am not


What is the longest you have gone without pooping and what was the result of that?
2 months ago I didn't go for 4 days because I wanted to build it up, I ended up pushing out 4 or 5 foot longs and clogged the toilet
What is the most desperate you have been? Did you make it? I was desperate at church class one time. I was probably 13 and had to take the biggest shit. The bathroom was a single toilet and I felt bad because I did clog the toilet, and there was no plunger.

Okay so due to quarantine I have been stuck at my grandmothers house all the way down on Cape Cod. I am from Kansas so I'm still getting used to the place and I should be going home some time later next week. Anyways two days ago on Wednesday I ended up going grocery shopping for my mom and grandmother while they were visiting my aunt on the other side of the Cape so I drove my mom's car to the store. I put on my mask and had to wait in line for about 20 minutes before going in. I took a small carriage inside and got a few things. I got some blonde highlights because mine were starting to wear off and I like my hair dirty blondish. I was walking out and my mom texted me saying she and my grandmother were going to stay over my aunts house for the night because of a storm so it would've been hard for them to drive home. I was soooo happy to be home alone cause I could dye my hair again and watch some good movies in the living room. I drove home and got settled in. As I was putting the groceries away I got that typical feeling in my stomach for a dump. I'll be honest it made sense since I hadn't pooped since Sunday so I was excited. I put away everything and headed into the half bath upstairs. It was a small bathroom with a toilet and a sink. The toilet had a round wooden seat and was usually always cold. I left the door open to the bathroom since I felt safe enough, I started my usual set up and pushed my leggings and pink undies down to my ankles. I sat down and farted and began to pee. I finished peeing and just sat there to let the big log come out on its own. My hole expanded probably 3-4 inches and the turd started to crackle out. It was about a foot long and 4 inches wide. Once again, I'm a huge pooper lol!

Carlie B.

Clogging Survey + Huge Poo!

Hi my name is Carlie and I've lurked here for a while and thought now would be a good time for a first post. I'm 24 and living in San Francisco! I loooove to poop and luckily for me I poop really big! I was struck by the new toilet clogging survey.

1) Have you ever clogged a toilet?
Almost any time I use a normal, non high-powered public toilet. And I can even clog those with some frequency when I take a big dump!

2) What do you do when you block one up? Grab a plunger? Break up the turd(s)?
A plunger almost always does the trick. Occasionally I'll need a snake if it's a really bad clog. If I've clogged a public toilet I'll usually just leave it.

3) Have you ever had to put on the rubber gloves and take your own poop from the bowl to get it to flush again?
Rarely, but it's happened.

4) Have you ever clogged or had to use a clogged public toilet?
Definitely clogged them. I've used a clogged one a few times, but it's been a while!

5) Have you ever blocked a friend/family member/significant other's toilet?

6) Have you ever had to admit to plugging a toilet after trying and failing to get it to flush again?
Yea, although I agree with Arianna that admit might be the wrong word.

7) When it happens is it because you're a huge pooper in general or because you used too much paper?
Not paper I just take giant dumps lol.

8) Are you familiar with the two-flusher trick?
Away from home if my dump is multiple pieces I'll do it. But at home I would rather just plunge when I'm done.

I usually poop twice a day but sometimes just once. I currently live in a 3 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment with a couple roommates. When I use the bathroom at home, I clog it almost without fail. The toilet is really old and makes all sorts of weird noises. I know it's not just the toilet though for a couple reasons. First, neither of my roommates ever have trouble flushing. Also, they've both seen my poos in the toilet and think they are absolutely massive compared to theirs. I've recently gotten really into yoga and fitness in general and am eating a lot more. As a result, I've started pooping even bigger than normal. Because of me, we have a plunger right next to the toilet so there's usually no issues with me blocking our only toilet.

Last week though, I took an enormous dump, maybe my biggest, in our poor toilet that really clogged it up. It was one big log that felt amazing coming out. Even after nearly half an hour of plunging I couldn't get it to go down. All I had accomplished was shoving it further down the hole. I let it sit to soften up but it still wouldn't go. We left it till the morning. By morning, the entire apartment reeked of it. Because it was so big, a lot of it was above the water making the smell way worse. We didn't have any gloves, and I wasn't about to stick my barehand into the now brown water to pull it out. I went to a few stores around the city looking for gloves but they were all sold out. I ended up ordering some and paying for rushes 2 day delivery. In the meantime, the three of us used the restroom at a pharmacy down the street (one of the times I went I clogged it too, oops!). The apartment of course continued to smell like shit no matter how much febreeze we sprayed. When the gloves finally came I pulled most of the log out. The toilet was still clogged by a piece out of sight, but a few flushed and plunges later it was working again! After 3 days, innumerable flushes and 4 cans of febreeze my monster was gone! The bowl had a giant brown skid mark and the line where the water had sat for a couple days was stained brown. I got the skid mark off but couldn't get rid of the ring. We decided that this event was the last straw and convinced our landlord to replace the toilet. Luckily our landlord is a really nice guy and agreed. The new one should be installed in a couple days. Even though it's not technically true, we have been joking that I took a shit so big it broke the toilet!

That's all for this time. I'll be back to let you know about the new toilet.

Arianna: That's funny that your responses to the survey are similar to mine! Do you know of others that poop as big as you do? I have a couple friends who I know can take big ones but I don't think either quite compare to mine! Take care!


dorm pooping

hey this is my first post. so i am in college and live in the dorm. a month ago i wasnt pooping for 2 days and ate a lot of food. on my way to lunch the feeling hit me, i had to poop. as i was on my way to the bathroom i saw my brunette teacher enter 20 seconds before i did. as i entered, the smell hit me. someone was pooping. this bathroom had 5 stalls and one was open. i entered and as i sat down i heard someone drop a loud plop and someone started a very loud pee. as i relaxed my poop started coming out and it broke into little pebble sized pieces with a lot of them falling loudly. as this was happening two girls entered saying they need to poop. the girl who peed wiped and left and the two girls decide to share a stall. one pulled her leggings and her panties down and sat on the back of the toilet. the other girl did the same and sat in the front. almost a few seconds passed before the first plops were heard. as they were pooping the two other girls were dropping a load too, with one having extreme diarrhea and the other being very constipated. the diarrhea for the girl just came every fast and she left very quickly. my teacher was still silent until the was a loud fart from her stall, and then a lot of plops very fast. as this is all happening i was pushing out a couple huge turds and one after the other they shot out of me. after a bit my teacher got up and left but didn't flush. the girl with constipation was moaning very loudly and then there was a loud thud as a piece hit the bowl. i was almost done now but was curios what the other girls were doing so i took awhile to wipe. the two girls in the same stall were almost done and one had started wiping, soon after the other did too. they got up and left very quickly and didn't wash their hands. the other girl was still struggling with her poop and after 2 mins there was another loud thud. soon she started wiping and washed her hands and flushed. now it was just me and as i got up i felt more coming and quickly sat back down and realized there was no ripely paper so i was forced to go into a different stall. i want in the one where the girls shared and saw the biggest pile of poop in my life. the toilet was filled with brown water and at least 30 turds. i sat down quickly and a wave of diarrhea shot out of me. once i was finished i tried to flush all the poop but it wouldn't go down so i left it. i looked in the other stalls but there was nothing except a few marks and turds that didn't flush correctly. as i left a girl came in and instantly ran out because of the smell.

Mustaf Dump

Post Title (optional)Khazi King

I needed a poo, but the bathroom was occupied. I tried to hold it but no luck, so I walked into the bathroom where my 11yr old daughter was pooping, lifted her off and sat her on my other daughters potty. I sat on the khazi and relieved myself loudly and abundantly. My daughter got off the potty and asked me to wipe her bottom, as
there was poop all over it. I wiped her 4 times, and when I had finished, she replaced her knickers, and washed her hands. She said she didn't mind using the potty as it was an emergency!

Regardless guy

Very urgent dump

I was on a trip out of town when I started to feel my stomach rumble I knew what was coming . It started to feel worse and very urgent find a exit off the interstate . I am saved there is a small station ahead. I park my truck walk very briskly to the door make my way to the restrooms and no the was was propped open and a bigger Latina woman mopping and sweeping I just stand there she sees me and ask if I need to pee I look at her and tell her I need to sit on a toilet as fast as possible I gotta go she smiles and says hang on she finishes the end larger stall and tells me to go ahead I thank her I figured she would leave but she stayed cleaning the other stall and sinks . I tried to hold it but when you are on the toilet and about to die she was right there and I just let go it was a sloppy soft gassy mess I was so embarrassed. She moved quicker after I let the initial blowout go she left and I felt so much better i was still pooping when another gent came in and had severe diarrhea in the other stall. While we occupied both stalls few came and left then a dude came running guess he saw the first guys feet went straight to my stall trying the door he just sighed stood and waited he spoke up after few minutes asking one of us to hurry I told him I am about done . I flush excite and runs in and erupts that was one busy bathroom.


Response to Victoria's Survey

1) Have you ever clogged a toilet?

Yes, countless times. It's a regular occurrence unless I implement other measures.

2) What do you do when you block one up? Grab a plunger? Break up the turd(s)?

Plunge if possible. Sometimes I've been caught in situations where there was no immediate solution.

3) Have you ever had to put on the rubber gloves and take your own poop from the bowl to get it to flush again?

Yes, once or twice. I'll use a pot of boiling water if it's really bad.

4) Have you ever clogged or had to use a clogged public toilet?

Yes, clogged public toilets many times. Yes, I also been forced to use a clogged toilet due to no other options and obviously made things a lot worse.

5) Have you ever blocked a friend/family member/significant other's toilet?


6) Have you ever had to admit to plugging a toilet after trying and failing to get it to flush again?

Yes and I've had situations where I wasn't caught, mostly as a boy.

7) When it happens is it because you're a huge pooper in general or because you used too much paper?

Huge pooper

8) Are you familiar with the two-flusher trick?

Yes, I use it a lot at home, because plunging all the time gets tiresome.



Being marked by Wal-Mart

When we were out in public back when I was in 1st grade my mom didn't extend me any independence when I had to use the toilet. She would walk me into the bathroom, many times look into a couple of cubicles and then select the best one for me. Once in there, I could be in pain, have my clothing down to the floor and be a couple of seconds away from an accident, and she would pull of some toilet paper, wipe off the seat, then pull another sheet and wipe off the flusher before allowing me to take my seat and do my thing. I remember a couple of times I cried out "Come on!" while I was in pain.

I always was wondering why mom didn't have the trust and confidence in me like when I was out with my friends and their moms. So the opportunity arose one afternoon when I was at Wal-Mart. My babysitter was Ianne, a high school student very calm and matter-of-fact who would walk in with me, take a toilet and go about doing her own thing. The cubicle next to her was still in use but a girl came out as the toilet was flushing. I couldn't wait to use more of my independence. I noticed there was a large paper soda cup floating on the water. The fact that it hadn't flushed didn't surprise me. I dropped my clothing and placed my butt on the warm seat.

I partially burst out laughing when Ianne tooted a couple of times an then I could hear some exasperation of relief as she pushed her poo out. She had her jeans at her feet and I noticed she was widening her legs as she worked to get the job done. My pee stream was picking up and I felt great about my independence until I felt my underside getting sprayed. By sliding back on the toilet and looking between my legs I could see the floating soda cup was the problem. I reached down, tried to grab the rim and push it, but that didn't work as my now painful pee started up again. Ianne sense something was wrong. I told her what was happening. Since we were the only persons left in the bathroom, we switched stalls. When I seated myself and got my pee going again I got to think about how big Ianne's poo was and how my peeing on it wasn't causing any problems.

I was impressed that Ianne stood for just a couple of wipes, but than seated herself again for the conclusion. After another couple toots and a splash, she pulled off more toilet paper. I knew there was no way she was going to be able to successfully flush with that cup in there. A couple of minutes later when Ianne and I were exiting the bathroom, she told the first sales clerk about the stopped up toilet. This clerk, who seemed to be a few years older than Ianne gave me the most cold, icy stare. I thought that was so unfair.


Not my idea

Dear Dear Victoria!

Thank you your sweet mails! I am happy you like bookmark idea. But it was not my idea, it was idea of Maho. I told her you like it, she was happy and blow kiss to you. You are so sweet! We love our very own Victoria.

I forgot tell everyone, but in March, green loo had leak near floor, so we changed loo. New loo is off white, but we still say "green loo". We went to showroom and of course we chose loo which makes biggest plop noise when we drop turds. We all look forward to plop music when crush sit on loo long time with beautiful busy bottom! New green loo is noisy, but loo in Wales was more noisy. (But flush of new loo is very quiet.)

New loo's washlet doesn't have drying function, these days most loos don't have I think. Beige loo also doesn't have. But we all four are happy to dry wet beautiful bottom of lovely crush!!

Now lockdown is ease, in Japan too, but please be careful everyone. Distance 2 metres and wash hands and disinfect. I want everybody be healthy.

Love from Mina and Maho, and Hisae and Kazu


Peeing and Pooping. Monika B

I note the posts by Monika B. As to peeing I just pee whenever ! One thing I wish to raise is the subject of a big BM. When I sit for a shit I usually we first and then poo . What I particularly notice is that when I am lucky enough to have a big poo I then wee again and soon after that flow stops I wee yet again , I am wondering if a loaded bowel , in my case, impedes the flow of urine and when my bowel is empty my bladder is able to fully empty as well? What do you think ?


Embarrassing truck stop poop

Hi I am a truck driver delivering goods across the is. Ot always easy to find a place to stop when you need to go, that mentioned my gut was really hurting bad probably gas station bbq I finally roll up on a older looking truck stop. I run in looking for the bathrooms they are in the back I walk up to the men's and there is a sign right under saying ladies also bathrooms are being reminded one at a time. I open the door and see a lady waiting for the 2 stalls I close the door and wait in agony I am literally about to shit myself . The door opens and a girl walks out that works there cause of the uniform she tells me there is a urinal I am sure they wont mind I just stood there and said I need to sit really bad she ohh they be out soon. Couple minutes pass a lady walks out I rush in she says her sister is still in there I told her sorry this is the men's and I need a toilet now. The stalls were wierd solid concrete swirling to floor with no doors just shower curtains but I didnt care I rush in close my curtain sit down and trying to be quiet but once it starting moving there was no stopping I exploded very loudly moaning in relief I heard the lady flush and leave and I was still erupting must of been the bbq I was still pooping when my curtain flys open there is a heavy set lady looking at me she said omg I am so sorry closed my curtain and went into the next stall I could hear her having a semi soft poo as well she was only a couple minutes when she flushed I heard another voice get out Carroll I am busting she also had a more of a diarrhea poo. When she finally finished I got up and proceeded to make my getaway. I am sure glad they are remolding those damn shower curtains suck.

Jasmin K

Typos and replies

I just want to point out that my name appears to have got a typo in my last post. It shows as. n K. Then in the post above from Victoria B the first part of my name appears above.

A quick hi to Abbie - good to see your post and how good it is that you and your friends ar comfy pooing around each other.

Constiguy. You asked about having a poo under unusual or different circumstances. Well apart form the ones I've posted about before like my friend Chloe and I sneaking into a hotel function suit toilets and havin a who could do the most poo competition and after a couple of times being found out the only other that comes to mind was when we were on holiday abroad in Spain.. I was about 7 years old at the time and me, my sister ,mum and her BF went to Spain.. The actual problem started at home in that as I recall I had been quite constipated before we travelled to the point on the day we left home I couldn't do any poo at all. ,Mum wanting to avoid any dirty knickers en route and during the flight made me wear a pull-up ( i soiled my knickers a lot and had special ones to wear when I was constipated I also wore a pull up in bed because of it coming out when I was sleeping and wetting). Anyway first couple of days I remember we were exploring the area and I remember wearing the knickers I had for when I was constipated. Anyway we were going to spend the next few days on the beach and despite an hour on the loo each morning before going I really couldn't poo. Anyway this day on the beach I had my bikini on and had been playing in the sea and so on. Any way I ended up doing some poo in my bikini but just carried on knowing I would get into trouble. Any way mum spotted the dark patch on my bum and called me over to her check me and said right young lady we will sort this and with that picked up my spade and dug a hole in the sand and put my bucket in it. Pulled my bikini bottoms down and plonked me down on the sand over the bucket and said to me that I had to sit there untill I did it. I had too sit there on the beach with lots of other around and make like I was playing on the sand whilst straining to poo into the bucket. I don't know how long I sat there for but I remember mum had brought food and I sat there eating mine. I did quite a big load as she dispatched her BF with the bucket with food wrappings on top of my poo for him to empty it somewhere suitable. I remember my bum was bleeding when I stood up but she just pulled my bikini up and told me to play in the sea.

That's all for now

Jazz X

Here to night right after dinner my wife really had to go, holding her stormach complaining loudly. She sure looked like she had to go a lot!
She tried to hold it for little while but then told me that she could not hold it back.
She went to the bathroom. She only had a little shot of diarrhea, and that was all, but it was really urgent!
I bet there is more to come later to night.



To Peter


My apologies for failing to respond. I am very familiar with V.I.Poo. We sell Poopourri in the pharmacy gift shop. They have hilarious YouTube ads! But I've also heard that it is very important to smell your poop. I mean, all of it stinks, but I'm always on the lookout for a healthy smell, as opposed to a dead flesh or sulphuric, eggish smell.

I hope you are well!



hey, this is my first post on here. i am currently in college and living in the dorms. last month i ate a lot of food and was constipated for 3 days. I was on my way to lunch when the feeling hit me, i had to take a big shit. so as I'm walking to the bathroom i see my brunette teacher walk into the bathroom, about 20 seconds later i walk in. the first thing that hit me was the smell. it is a 5 stall bathroom, and 4 were in use. my teacher took the closest stall and the 3next were taken so i went to the far stall. as i sit down i hear one of the three girls release a plop, and the other was releasing a hard stream my teacher was silent. as i fell my butt start to relax another girl starts her poop, it was a few snakes that were pretty dry as she was moaning a lot. when my poop gets closer i knew it would be a lot of pebble sized pieces and was prepared. PLOOOOP,PLOOP,PLOOP.PLOP as the poop hits the water. as this happens the door opens and two girls come in saying that they need to shit. a few seconds later one girl stops her pee and leaves the bathroom. the two girls decide to share the stall and walk in together. one drops her leggings and panties and scoots to the back, the other does the same and sits in the front. moments later you start hearing a lot of shit hitting the water and the two girls complaining about backsplash. as this is happening i start feeling more poop coming and most of it was harder so it stayed together and hit the water very loudly. another girl ends her poop and starts wiping. moments later she gets up and leaves. that only leaves my teacher, the two girls and me in there. I start having diarrhea and my teacher gets up after 3 plops and wipes and washes her hands and leaves. now i can hear those two girls still dropping turds and one gets up to wipe. the other soon does the same and they leave without flushing. now I'm the only one in there and I'm starting rap things up. now my poop starts shooting out very fast making a lot of noise, after i wipe and look at my creation, there was Alot of small pebbles sized peieces filling a lot of the bowl with 4 medium turds in the middle. i flushed and got curious what was in the toilet next to me. I opened the stall door to see the two girls had made a huge pile of shit that filled the bowl and was starting the pileup with a lot of small turds. I decided to let it be and check the other toilets, one had a bit of a snake that broke off but the rest was gone and left a few skid marks. In my teachers stall was a very long log the didn't actually flush correctly that was floating at the top. I left and swore to never eat that much again.

weird experience

so a few years back i was a senior in high school and our school was very old so it needed repair and they paid the seniors to fix the place. so me and my guy friend were like "sure easy money" and we got employed to do it. well turns out i was the only girl in the whole thing and one day there was job in the girls bathroom. of course i was the one who had to do so i went in there and was told to clean the bathroom and fix the smoke detector. so i cleaned the bathroom first and it went smoothly. as i started to fix the smoke detector, there was a soccer practice and a few girls came in. the smoke detector was right above the stalls and i had to use a ladder to fix it so i put an out of order sign on that stall. well the girls come in and didn't really notice me and took the other stalls. well i was fixing the detector, i heard a few people pissing. they soon got up and there were only two girls left, who were presumably pooping. well i looked down and saw the stall next to mine had a girl in it presumably constipated. she was moaning and leaning far forward to get the poo out. I looked down to see a 4 inch turd hanging from her butt and was in shock. she didn't notice that i was there and continued to push. as the turd grew bigger the started to make more grunting noises and it grow to be easily 10 inches before it broke off with a loud splash. she looked relived but still had more coming. out shot a 3 inch piece and she was done. she let out a loud moan of relief and started to wipe. she got up but her poop wouldn't flush, so she left and walked out. moments later i herd big plop from a stall farther down and realized there was still someone pooping. she started to groan and her poop started to break up into pebbles and drop in the bowl. for a good 3 minutes that happened and she got up and wiped but was weird and didn't choose to flush. as i was already done with the detector i got curious and closed the bathroom door so no one would come in. i looked at the stall next to mine and saw how big the poop was, it was HUGE and it wouldn't flush so i had to fix that too. after cleaning that stall i went to the other stall and there was at least 60 little pebbles and a medium sized turd sitting in the bowl with a lot of toilet paper, lucky that flushed so i didn't have to clean that up. after i left i heard a few girls go in to the bathroom. i'll save that for another story.
thanks for reading
have good pees and poops everyone!

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Huge poop at naptime

At naptime shortly after lunch I felt the strong urge to poop. Went to the WC, pulled down my undies & shorts and sat. Gave a gentle push and a HUGE poop came out and kept coming and coming. Finally I was done. I stood up to wipe and turned to look at the monster I created. WOW! I had filled the toilet about 3/4 of the way with a giant log! After a few more wipes I tossed the TP in the toilet and flushed the beast down. Wow!

Happy pooping!



I saw the mention of toilet clogs on here, so I thought I'd contribute a clog question. Has anyone ever had a complete sewer backup including your toilets? Our house had the biggest clog in history, and it was cleared not too long ago, thank goodness. We have 2 toilets, and when Mom plunged ours, the poop/etc went back into the other side of the line. Basicly, everything from the toilet all the way into the main sewer cleanout, and city pipes were all clogged with poop/pee etc. It turned out the real cause of the clog was both baby wipes along with butt wipes. Once after doing a soft poop during the clog and telling Mom, she bagged it up, and threw it in the dumpster. I didn't poop directly in the bag, so she had to skoop it out of the toilet first. Feel free to drop a response on this forum. Bye!


Peeing during a 17k run

I was a regular jogger in my college in India. I could run upto 25km during one point of time. I run three times a week - one slow but long run during the weekends and two short but faster runs during weekends. A trip around my college campus is 5.5km long.

This happened during a 17k run in a Sunday evening. I drink water every 5.5km round the campus. Normally, I do long runs in the morning. the water is enough to compensate for the sweat lost due to the hot tropical sun. However, this was a evening run and I drank too much for the weather. Hence towards the end of my 17k run, I had a little bit feeling of piss. Under normal circumstances, I can ignore this and do my work. However, I was already near exhausted and the feeling of need to pee was annoying. Hence I went through an desolated road in my campus which was away from the eyesight of hostels. I loosened my running shorts and relieved myself. Feeling relieved, I ran.

Nobody saw me. Even if I had been seen by a security guard, it wouldn't be an issue. People do this all the time here.

Monday, May 18, 2020

5ft Em
Hi everyone, I'm a long time lurker, never really posted but sometimes I think actually I'd like to post that experience! So this time I will!
I've just got off the loo after jumping on & off about 3 times to make myself go. Heres a bit of history - I've suffered with chronic constipation my WHOLE LIFE. I'm 27 now, I've had this for as long as I can remember since first school so my insides must be so broken. Anyway, because of this I can no longer feel the need to have a BM. Only when it gets very VERY bad and I am super compacted I feel something but that's literally when my rectum cannot hold anymore, so I have to force the urge.
Right! Now story time!
About an hour ago I put in a suppository because I hadn't been in a couple of days and knew I'd be in for some trouble (i'm supposed to take a laxative called movicol everyday, but it's usually once a week). So an hour goes by and I went up to sit on the loo. As usual, I had to force the urge and sat on the toilet, nothing happens. I pushed a bit with the urge but only some liquid came out. I get back off then on again, push some more and a little bit slowly came out and plopped into the water. But there was an obvious big piece that was being really stubborn and just would not budge. So again I get off then back on and push as softly as possible then start to feel the tip come out but it sucked back up. At this point I was getting SO frustrated, I thought one last time give it one more then I'll take a break. I got back on the toilet, let the urge build up then started to push. It slowly came through the point of no return and plonked into the bowl, it must have been dense because it was quite a loud thunk below. There was still more so once that piece came out I started putting the pressure on again and a final bit fell into the toilet with another kerplunk.
It was so good to get it out & if I have anymore good stories I will come back & share!


Story and answers to Monica B's questions

The past few days I've been getting constipated. Instead of my normal load I've only be able to squeeze out a few pebbles despite feeling like there was a big fat log in my rectum. So, I brought some Ducolax and, like the packet said, took a tablet just before going to bed. At three-thirty in the morning the worst stomach cramps I've ever had in my life woke me up and I made my way to my bathroom. After dropping my panties to my ankles (as its been warmer, I've haven't been wearing my pj's to bed) I sat down on the loo and had a long pee. Then a couple of minutes of sitting there and my stomach going round and round, I farted and a wave of liquid poo shot out of my bum followed by another and another. My stomach was still hurting so I massaged it for a few minutes until I had a further wave of diarrhoea and sounded off more farts. Then I stood up and looked into the bowl to see that the water had turned a light brown colour. Next, I sat down and wiped a few times. I thought I was done but didn't want to be caught short so I kicked off my panties and walked back to my bedroom to get my iPad. Sitting back on the loo I watched a few Who's Line is it Anyway clips. And good thing too because suddenly my stomach cramped and this pushed a load of mushy poo out of my arse. Sensing, this time, that I was finished I wiped again and put on my panties. I then went back to bed and eventually drifted off to sleep again. After that experience, I'm going to avoid taking those tablets again!

I'm also going to answer Monika B' questions
1. What's the longest you've held your pee?
Seven and a half hours. This was actually a few weeks ago when I pee'd just before leaving my flat for work at about half six in the morning and because it was extremely busy on my ward that day the next time I had chance to use the loo was at two in the afternoon
2. What's the longest you've held your poop?
Three days. I wrote about the time when I didn't poo whilst on a school trip to Berlin and when I become constipated whilst visiting New York a few weeks back.
3. Do you use public restrooms?
Yes, I have no qualms about this.
3a. For poop?
Absolutely. I love pooing in a public bathroom and actually I'm really missing doing this with being in lockdown

Building a cabin in the mountains

Last summer my family was building a new cabin up in the mountains. The whole family took part in different activities. After the roof was placed we slept in sleeping bags in the cabin. No kitchen, no bathroom, no toilet. We washed ourselves and our clothes in the creek and we went to toilet in the nature. I think we found it a bit awkward and even embarrassing but there was no other option. There was an uwritten rule saying that it was "occupied" out there when the roll of toilet paper not was available just inside the door! Therefore we managed to get things done in privacy from own family members. But there were other cabins also under construction around. And they all lacked toilets! Many amusing situations emerged!!!


To Arianna

Both of your ideas are good. It would be good to go in the woods to poop. You can always take a little trawl shovel with you and dig a hole n then squat and poop in to it, wipe n bury it that way, that way when you have found a good place, you can go back to it for a while and just dig a hole in different spots. That's what I do when I go in the woods sometimes, especially when I'm on my property. How are you with pooping on the woods? Would love to discuss this with you further.


Responses and brief survey

Victoria: That sounds amazing! I hope you are well!

Mina: Loved your story!

Arianna: Thank you for the shout out! I hope you are well!

Recently, I discovered a hashtag encouraging us to "normalize" pooping. What does that mean to you? What do you suggest that we can do (or doo) to normalize bowel movements?

Love to all!



Clogged Toilets + New Place to Poop?

Seeing as everyone is talking about clogging toilets, I figure I might as well chime in and take the survey.

1) Have you ever clogged a toilet? Many times lol

2) What do you do when you block one up? Grab a plunger? Break up the turd(s)? Use a plunger and keep trying to flush

3) Have you ever had to put on the rubber gloves and take your own poop from the bowl to get it to flush again? No

4) Have you ever clogged or had to use a clogged public toilet? Many times to both.

5) Have you ever blocked a friend/family member/significant other's toilet? Friends and family many times, significant other no.

6) Have you ever had to admit to plugging a toilet after trying and failing to get it to flush again? There's not really anything to admit, people who know me know I clog toilets lol.

7) When it happens is it because you're a huge pooper in general or because you used too much paper? I take huge dumps. I don't use much paper, I'm not a meticulous wiper.

8) Are you familiar with the two-flusher trick? Yeah but usually I get too focused on getting all my poop out to remember to flush, plus it would be uncomfortable to hold my load back once I start.

I usually take 2 big dumps each day, and since I started thinking about how I clog toilets so much I thought maybe I should find a new place to poop at home. I've pooped in the trash before when I knew I was going to take a really massive one, and that is easy to clean up but it stinks the house up bad.

I could poop in a bucket in the back yard, then throw the poop in the woods and rinse the bucket out with the hose. My neighbors couldn't see me, but they might be able to hear me if I grunted loudly and I don't know if they'd be able to smell my poop. I don't know if I'd care either.

Or I could just walk to the woods and poop. This would be easier but I'd have to go for a bit of a hike and poop in a different place each time because I wouldn't want to build up a big pile in one spot. What do my fellow toilet cloggers think of my ideas? Does anybody have better ideas or experience with this? I'd love to hear what you think. Thanks.

Shoutout to Catherine, Victoria B and Mina. I love your posts.


Answers to several questions

In my almost 10 years on the forum I've posted several times about my childcare work. I started at 11 and it keeps me very busy. For some reason, at certain times, almost 3/4 of my kids are boys.

Peeing in the car--it has only happened in a few cases, real emergencies, where this college student has encouraged it. Most recently, in January I picked a 8 year old up at his apartment for a weekend. I reminded him before I locked up but he was too anxious to leave. He lied to me about going. At his age, I don't think I should have to watch him pee, but....... Unfortunately, we were stuck on a freeway, with no place to get off for a few miles, an accident up front along with some construction had us moving at 5 MPH and Tomas was starting to cry out of pain. I had him climb into the back seat where on the floor, where I'm kind of a slob, and grab a large energy drink can I hadn't thrown out. I told him to lean up against the back of my seat, hold it tightly and pee into it. I knew he was in pain as he grabbed the can, almost cutting his unit as he lined it up, scraping his unit a bit on the aluminum opening. I turned the radio down and heard a rain-on-the roof like patter that went for about 60 seconds. As the can filled, Tomas said it was warming up. Then I told him to zip up. I held the warm can with my right hand while he finally got zipped up. Then I handed it back to him and told him to keep both hands on it (insert curse word that I was later sorry for) and not spill it. About 10 minutes later the traffic jam continued but I showed him a large sewer right in front of us. Thank God it was the curb lane. Instead of getting out and quickly pouring it out, he got down on his knees and dropped the can in. I didn't complain about his not following directions. We still had another 20 minute wait for the accident to be cleaned up.

What do I do when I have a 4 year old in tow and need to use the bathroom? I tend to be pretty strict on this because I care for so many boys. I enter the ladies room, go into the stall, latch the door, and insist that the boy stand nose-against the door while I do my thing. Then I flush, wipe and he leads the way out where he stays close to me at the sinks. By the time they are 5 I have them do the same thing, but they are on the outside of toilet stall. I'm very good about keeping my eyes on their legs to make sure they don't wander off.

Thursday, May 14, 2020


The Smell

To Catherine,

The smell! The smell! I agree Catherine.The smell is the biggest source of embarrassment from having a dump.
You said that you stocked toilet sprays at your pharmacy.Do you sell a product called v-I-poo?You spray this one in the bowl before you sit down.
Back in 2017 here in Australia an ad for this product ran on prime time television.It talked about punishing the porcelain and stinking out the toilet.It created a lot of commentary on social media and is still on you-tube if you want a laugh.


Different Pooping Situations

I note the posts by Enna regarding Plumbing Issues. The question I have has any one got stories about when they had to have a BM under unusual or different circumstances? It could be an attack of diarrhoea on the golf course or a desperate poo behind a tree in a park .... and so it goes on ! I look forward to replies ! The


My "other bathroom" experience

My "other bathroom experience" for me happened first about 20 years ago.
It was in July. I was 11. I was spending my usual vacation week with my grandma. She lives in a large apartment building so much of our time together was she showing me her city. So I was a couple of days without a poo, although I was seated and punched out a couple of pellets while waiting for her to pick me up at the airport.

So a couple of days later grandma had to work a funeral and reception at her church. Tamika, a year older than me with Afro braids to die for and an adventurous attitude lent me an extra bike so we went out on this bike and running trail. I think we rode 4 or 5 miles into another part of the city. As we neared a park area Tamika, after we stopped to catch our breath after pumping up a bit of an incline, told me her f*****' bladder was going to explode.I told her the exercise made my poo immediate.

We would both have had a accident if we hadn't run with our bikes to this weird metal building. It advertised Toilets in really faded letters. We were so defeated when we got to the Ladies door. Tamika immediately said our best bet was on the mens side. I could tell she was in really great pain. I told her my poo was turtle-heading. There was no door problem for the mens. I was worried when she barged in without looking because some guy could be on the toilet, pants down and understandably pissed off. No problem though. There were two fixtures. A sink off the wall, really filthy, with the single faucet leaking steadily. Then across from it was the toilet. Equally or more so dirty and smelly. The oval black seat seemed bigger than the toilet and seemed loose. How many others had unflushed poo in the bowl I wouldn't want to guess at.

Tamika didn't waste any time. She dropped her red shorts and underwear to her feet and placed herself awkwardly onto the sink. She was so steady. That surprised me and I told her. Her pee started immediately and continued and continued. She was watching me and said this was either her fourth or fifth such sink piss. I needed a little push, then came an eruption of gas and a poo the size of two bananas that I had to give more push to. But it came out. Both Tamika and I felt relieved. I wasn't about to try and flush my toilet. It was so filled that my poo was all above the water. She jumped down, turned the faucet on, and with her hands she splashed enough water a around to hide what she did. The length and strength of her pee was amazing. I told her she was lucky the drain wasn't clogged.

Nickel Plate

The other bathroom

The other gender bathroom I have used. I had to poop and I went in my gender bathroom at work. and the only toilet was being used so I sneak i the the woman and they only had two toilets. I am a truck driver and I just came in not realizing that it the beginning of the day shift. I went in and use there pot. and than few ladies came in. and used the other pot. I got done and left when I stop hearing ladies so I could sneak out sorta.


Clogged Toilets + New Place to Poop?

Seeing as everyone is talking about clogging toilets, I figure I might as well chime in and take the survey.

1) Have you ever clogged a toilet? Many times lol

2) What do you do when you block one up? Grab a plunger? Break up the turd(s)? Use a plunger and keep trying to flush

3) Have you ever had to put on the rubber gloves and take your own poop from the bowl to get it to flush again? No

4) Have you ever clogged or had to use a clogged public toilet? Many times to both.

5) Have you ever blocked a friend/family member/significant other's toilet? Friends and family many times, significant other no.

6) Have you ever had to admit to plugging a toilet after trying and failing to get it to flush again? There's not really anything to admit, people who know me know I clog toilets lol.

7) When it happens is it because you're a huge pooper in general or because you used too much paper? I take huge dumps. I don't use much paper, I'm not a meticulous wiper.

8) Are you familiar with the two-flusher trick? Yeah but usually I get too focused on getting all my poop out to remember to flush, plus it would be uncomfortable to hold my load back once I start.

I usually take 2 big dumps each day, and since I started thinking about how I clog toilets so much I thought maybe I should find a new place to poop at home. I've pooped in the trash before when I knew I was going to take a really massive one, and that is easy to clean up but it stinks the house up bad.

I could poop in a bucket in the back yard, then throw the poop in the woods and rinse the bucket out with the hose. My neighbors couldn't see me, but they might be able to hear me if I grunted loudly and I don't know if they'd be able to smell my poop. I don't know if I'd care either.

Or I could just walk to the woods and poop. This would be easier but I'd have to go for a bit of a hike and poop in a different place each time because I wouldn't want to build up a big pile in one spot. What do my fellow toilet cloggers think of my ideas? Does anybody have better ideas or experience with this? I'd love to hear what you think. Thanks.

Shoutout to Catherine, Victoria B and Mina. I love your posts.

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