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Posting from the UK and you're not Adrian or Jasmine? Read this faq^^^^ Every addendum, clarification, everything.

For the amount of traffic from one small country, the number of rules violations, and failures to read/understand the FAQ is baffling. A number of you specifically make it your business to violate rules, spam, and or post as multiple people. Three women, in particular, the worst of the worst, have been at it so long, that entire parts of the FAQ are about each of them. The latest fad is thoroughly covered as well. It is all there, and as we have been saying with increasing frequency over the last few years, please read it. None of your questions are new. The answers are in a fixed location as It does not bear repeating the same things over and over in the forum to [those who read and understood]. We keep finding ourselves checking to make sure stuff was actually said, and clearly. Some days it is a trip down the rabbit hole. This last part will be added to the FAQ eventually, and that's it. For the thousands of you who get it right, thank you. We won't trouble you again.


Dear Kayla

To Kayla: I love your halloween story. Sounds like the kids that were with you had to go to the toilet a lot! I don't have anything to say about Halloween, but one odd thing that happened on a Friday was my left ear ringing quite noticeably for a period of time seemingly out of nowhere. While this was going on I had to go pee a few times, but luckily, I could hear my pee over the unwanted noise. I had pre-poop farts this morning, and pooped a medium soft amount after a big bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. I haven't had to poop since, and have enjoyed playing Simon, etc. I also had another toilet related dream. It featured a computer that you could talk to, and ask it stuff. One day, I asked it if the computer could tell me about toilets. It played a documentary all about them. When the computer shut down, a voice came on and said "Your computer is getting very sleepy". It then snored 5 times, and shut down.


Out sledding(snowmobiling)

So this happened yesterday. My friends Ashlynn and Jenise went out sledding (that's what Alaskan's call snowmobiling) about 100 miles from where we live, so we are out in the middle of nowhere. So anyway, we have been out for about two hours and the feeling of having to poop comes on strong. So I drive my sled over to the edge of this treeline of a forest and I ask the girls if anyone else has to go, and both of them had to poop as well. So it took a little bit for us to get our snow pants undone and down, but we finally got it and so I got off my sled and almost immediately I let go a couple of large logs of poop. It took me another 5 minutes to push out da 3rd turd but I got it out by God. Jenise did a squat too but she did it while hanging on to her sled, so her feet are on the foot rest and she held on to the handles and her ass was hanging out and she shot out of her ass a huge line of liquid shit lol.
Ashlynn moved to the back of the seat and moved her ass over the edge of the seat so she used it as you would a toilet. She pissed a lot too and then she finally after about 10 minutes pushed out a humongous turd, she was straining and pushing, I thought she was giving birth lol. So after we were all done with pooping, we got the baby wipes out of our pockets and wiped up, it took Jenise the longest to wipe because she had diarrhea. Then we stayed out another couple of hours and then headed back to the truck, loaded the sleds on the trailer and headed home. It was a good time.


Questions for Aaron

Holy macrel Aaron....that's some crazy story about your wife at the party!

-How many days had it been since she last pooped then? How often does she usually poop?

-Is is usually large amounts when she goes?

-How tall is she?

-Was she able to go more after you gave her the suppository?


Art building toilet bonding

The art building on my campus is very quaint. There are several creative labs in this industrial looking structure that I've been told was military surplus at the end of WW II. Since every student is required to take a general ed art class, the toilets in the middle of the building are widely used. It is a rather long walk to to the nearest alternative, so most of us use these toilets. In the womens room, which is separated from the mens by triple pieces of metal, so feeble that if a football player was to lean against them, they would probably tip over. So me and my ceramics partner Audrey took two stalls right in the middle of the row. Audrey was 2 days constipated and brought a suppository along. There are 9 toilets available. Toilets on both ends are larger, modern with with white seats that are getting increasingly stained. They are the newest we think because they are attached to a concrete-block wall and have the auto flushers. Me and Audrey find the middle toilets to be the oldest, often with lots of hairline cracking in the bowls. Some of these toilets are attached to the concrete rear wall; others are mounted on the floor, seem to be a bit higher to sit on, have oval black seats and flush levers behind them that are about 1 foot higher than they are. Audrey thinks some of the toilets were probably also military surplus and that they are breaking and then being replaced by more modern toilets.

Since I'm just over 4 feet, I'm use to sitting with my feet off the floor. No problem for most of my morning poops on campus because they tend to be soft and released within a minute or two. I'm lucky with my pees, too, because if I don't want to use the sit-break to rest and reflect in privacy, I'm not going to be seated long. Interestingly, I find some students below the privacy door see my legs hanging and they assume I'm a young child. After I jump down, wipe and flush they are surprised that I'm a adult college student. A few have said they mistake me for the young daughter of a faculty member or something like that.

But on this day I was going to stay seated and be supportive of Audrey. She's been having constipation problems since transferring in this fall and she is getting more dependent on laxatives. She thinks it could be the food and much more stress for grades. And breaking up with her boyfriend of 2 years didn't help either. After about 30 minutes of staying with her she found the suppository worked within 5 minutes. She was so appreciative for my staying with her in the bathroom. She ended up buying me dinner and then we went out for a drink.

To Erin S: How are you doing now with your coed bathroom situation, I've had some embarrassing stories in coed bathrooms, one time I was pooping and farting badly and stinking up the bathroom, when this HOT guy came in who I had a crush on, it was soooo embarrassing I wanted to die, so from then on I only went to the bathroom at off times, or in other bathrooms on campus, but I could barley poop in public in general soit was very tough to deal.

To Catherine: Would you mind telling me about your girls's pooping habits, Clhoe is the one who is embarrassed to poop in public, what do you think caused it? Does she poop at school, what about Zoe, do you or the girls have any embarrassing pooping stories.

I've been reading this sight for a couple of weeks. I'm a 19 year old female who just started college. I use to be pretty regular before college but since coming here it's really messed up that regularity. When I first got here, I was uncomfortable going so I'd hold it. Now I go once every four days. When I do go I usually poop 12 to 14 inch poops and wipe multiple times. The smell is always so strong. We have a suite bathroom and I'm always so embarrassed to have my roommates smell after I go. Not going to lie I love pooping big poops but my poop schedule has taken some getting use to. I was wonder even anyone else had this problem in college?

Also forgot to give info about me because I see you tend to do that. I have blonde hair with blue eyes. Weigh about 120.


Question for Kayla Re: your twin sisters


I find twins a fascinating human experience. Would you please tell us more about their pooping habits? In particular how alike are they? Do they usually go around the same time and are their poops alike or different in consistency and regularity? Do the same foods make them bound up or loose?-- JW


Pooping Partners

I have been really enjoying my visits to the bathroom in our apartment when my wife takes a dump or pees. By the way she enjoys me being there also. One day she said to me, "You know I've never seen you pee or poop. Don't you think it's time?" I said, "Now wait a minute. You grew up with two other sisters. You had no choice but to share the one bathroom. You told me that in the morning getting ready for school, one of your sisters was taking a dump another one was showering and you were at the sink brushing your teeth then you would all switch. So you have been comfortable pooping in front of people all your life. I'm an only child. I never had to share a bathroom." She said, "Watching your life partner pee and poop is the last frontier of intimacy, I think it's time you started. We'll take baby steps. Let's start by you peeing in front of me. You've peed and showered with other guys during gym in high school as well as peeing in public restrooms." "Alright the next time I have to pee I'll let you watch," I said. "Awesome!" she exclaimed excitedly. A few hours later I said, "Ok I have to pee come on." We went into the bathroom and I unbuttoned my pants lowered my zipper and pulled my pants down half way to my knees. I took out my penis and held it in my right hand. "You don't just unzip and reach in and pull it out?" she questioned. I said, "No it's more comfortable this way." "So that's how you hold it, interesting. We've been together four years and married two of those four years and I just learned two things I never knew about you," she mused. "OK let it rip", she said gleefully. I stood there for about 30 seconds and nothing came out. "What's the matter?", she asked. "I guess I'm having a hard time peeing in front of you. I've never peed in front of a woman." I said frustrated. "I guess we REALLY need to start from square one.", she said barely containing her laughter. She said, "Here's what I'll do. I'll go in the other room out of sight from you but I want you to leave the door open." She left and about 15 seconds later I started peeing. I had a good stream going and it was gushing into the toilet water. all of a sudden my wife comes in. "Hey you are supposed to stay out!" I said. She laughed, "I figured that once you got a good stream going I could watch and you would just keep going and I was right."
So that was the beginning. After a couple of weeks it became easy for me to pee in front of her. she would watch and it was all good. Although I knew that it wasn't going to end with peeing. Soon she said, "I think it's time for the next step. I want you to hold your poop until you really, really have to go. then go into the bathroom and leave the door open. I promise I won't come in. So I held my poop all day and told her I couldn't hold it any longer. I went into the bathroom and as soon as I sat down, I let out several loud farts. I couldn't help it. "I heard that. Is that how I sound?", she laughed. I said, "Yes it is and I love it!" Very soon a big turd started exiting my rectum. "I hear a crackling sound. I bet your pushing out a big one!" "Hey you sound like you're right outside," I said. Just then she pops around the corner. "I can't resist!" she said. I kept pushing and she could see the strain on my face. I knew she was loving every minute. Finally my big turd hit the water with a loud splash. I rested for awhile then I felt a fart coming on. I started farting and the air caused another turd to blow out my asshole. She couldn't contain her glee. I was just about to wipe and she said, "It's too quick. Stay on the toilet and talk to me. You will push out more turds. Trust me I'm an expert at taking a dump." She was right. After a few minutes I farted again followed by another log. After that I farted a couple of times but no turds. She said, "I think you're done. Those farts sound like mine when I know I'm finished. You'll be able to tell eventually. I always thought you didn't take the time you needed in order to clean yourself out."
After a few weeks I was able to poop in front of her and I have to admit it brought us even closer than we were. One day she said, "I've been looking on line at portable toilets. You know the ones people use for camping." So we went to the computer where she had bookmarked the page. I asked, "Why do you want that, we're not into camping?" "I want it for the apartment so we can poop and talk as we are taking a leisurely crap together.", she said. I gave her two thumbs up and said, "Go for it my life pooping partner!"

Sunday, November 17, 2019



hi I'm Kayla found this site recently, I have a story about my twin little sisters.

I was taking them around trick or treating, when while we was going to the door of this one house Lily told me, "I havta go potty" I ask her if she could hold it until take quick stop home and she shook her head, so we go up to door and they do their trick or treat and get some candy then I ask the lady if my little sis could use the bathroom, she was really nice and let us in and showed us where the bathroom was and us 3 went in I helped Lily get her costume off enough to pull down her purple panties and hop on the toilet then she peed for a bit then her toot and hear her grunt and then crackling then a couple mins later she says "done!" and hops off the toilet and I see this thick long turd coming out of the drain hole all the way out the water and to the side then she wipes herself and I decide to do a quick pee as I wonder if her poop will even flush then I wipe and then I ask Mily if she needs to potty too as and she nods I ask her what she has to do, and she tells me "just peepee" so I help her with her costume and she hops on to the toilet and begins to pee then ask Lily if she needs help with her costume and she shook her head "I can do it" and she goes to getting it back on then after a bit Mily gets done and get off then wipes her self then goes to flush and I see the water begin rise and I get nervous and I grab the plunger next to toilet and use it a bit and it all goes down. we wash our hands and make sure costumes are on right and leave, I thank the lady and then continue our trick or treating.

well after 30 or so mins later while we are at another house a girl maybe 16 or so answered the door this time while we was getting candy Mily says to me "poopoo" I ask her if she can wait until we get home and she shakes head "go poopoo now"
the girl offers to let us use the bathroom so I thank her, and she shows us to the bathroom and opens the door and we see another girl sitting on the toilet with blue panties at her feet and she quickly shuts the door saying sorry to her, she looked to be about 12, she then tells the girl "Sorry sis, I didn't know you was in there, but umm this girl here has to go, so can you hurry up please" then she turns to us and says "sorry about that, you'll have to wait just a bit for my sister"
then shortly after that I hear a flush, and a spray can then the door opens and the girl looks pretty embarrassed and I tell her sorry as she rushes off, and we then go into the bathroom and can smell and see a can of febreze spray and in the toilet I see skid-marks and a couple tiny pieces of unflushed poop Mily tells me "poopoo coming" so I hurry and help her out of her costume and pull down her lavender panties and see poo poking out as she in getting on the toilet then she bears down pushing I hear crackling then a splash, then another splash, then after a bit I hear her toot and another plop then she gets off and starts wiping herself, I look in the toilet and see 2 short turds in the drain hole, and one a little longer than the others on top of that, I ask Lily if she needs to peepee since she been drinking her juice alot while we were going house to house, she shakes her head "nuh uh", I tell her "ok but we are going home if you say you have to later", "so do you need to peepee?" "ok, a little" so I help her with her costume then hop on the toilet and begins to pee for a good while then "emm" and hear crackling and then after a bit she hops off and goes to wiping I see another thick real long log that makes a circle around the bowl, I look over to Mily noticing she not pulled up her panties yet "ok how bout you?" "maybe" she tells me and gets back on the toilet then after a bit "emmm" then her pee some then see her bare down more "emmmm big big poopoo" the hear a splash then she says she's done and gets off and I see another poop it's pretty big I was actually worried if it was going to flush with all the poop that was in it, I then notice the plunger in the corner it looked like it was recently used, so I guess the girl probably used it, I had to use it when we flushed too. I made sure we washed hands and had the costumes done right before we left the bathroom.
I thanked them again tell them sorry was in there so long and stuff and then Mily says thanks to the older girl then she looks around then runs off and I run after her then opens a door and says thanks again right before I get to her and I see that girl sitting on the toilet again, "HEY!" I closed the door quickly, "sorry!" I tell her through the door I tell Mily not to do that and to tell her sorry, she then says "sorry I opened the door" and then I take her back and apologize and thank the older girl again who is just laughing her butt off and leave.

Well that's pretty much it for that night. I might post some more if people want.

The other day I had a business lunch with JR, a guy who sales for another company and with whom I working to get him to come on with my employer. We each had three beers and a great lunch. He was the first to take a bathroom trip. I knew what he was going to do because he took his sport coat off and placed it over the back of his chair before leaving. He was gone about 10 minutes and came back with his tie thrown up over his shoulder and the left side of his white shirt not tucked in. It was obvious what he had done. Because of the alcohol I got a little facetious with him and how long it took him to drain his lizard. He put his hand inside his belt and said he had reduced his weight by about 5 pounds. This restaurant was on the second floor of a building and he has slow on the steps up. I made another smart remark to him as he pulled out his credit card for our meals.

I felt a crap coming on, but didn't want to tell him. My preferences for craps: 1) at our apartment, 2) at the office although I go up a floor for privacy, 3) at the health club where I work out. About 9 times out of 10 I can hold my crap for at least 20 minutes or so. That was my plan because its only a 10 minute drive back to my office. I don't know if it was the beers, the stumble I made when I was getting out of the parking garage elevator or because I had to twist/turn/take off my purse in order to squeeze into my car because the car to my left had parked over the line, but as I was swiping my card at the gate, my load was knocking. Then I was hitting every red light for blocks and that added to my panic.

I checked and sighted an old tissue box on my back seat. I got to thinking about ditching into an alleyway and from my seat, crapping into the box. I did that a couple of times when I was younger, semi-drunk, and low on alternatives. It wasn't that hard, but it was at night. Then I saw a break in the median and I swung across and into a dingy looking, 50s-like gas station with a sign advertising clean bathrooms. I pulled up fast to the side doors for the two bathrooms. I turned the knob on the ladies door. I shouted out "S***" when I found it was tightly locked. I didn't feel like going around the front to the office and asking the attendant for the key. A couple of months earlier I had this old guy both smile and wink at such a request. It gave me the creeps. I didn't want to go that route again.

So I grabbed the knob for the mens door. It opened. I immediately went in. Slammed it shut. The oval seat was down with the most dark yellow pee in the bowl and splatters over the front of the seat. I grabbed some toilet paper from the roll and quickly wiped the seat, although not with the vigor of my mom or by lining it was I would often do. I yanked the bottom of my suit down to my knees and dropped my butt onto the somewhat chilly seat. An open window on the right side told me why. During the first minute I used only about 10% of my pushing power. Not feeling empty, I widened my legs and the 2nd and 3rd logs emerged almost effortless. I wound off a considerable amount of toilet paper and probably used 70% of it wiping from my stance. What a relief it was! I washed my hands, dried them on the cloth roll that I almost had to tear about to get it to move, and I got back on the road.

About three blocks into my trip I hit a single-lane road construction site. Now the beers had gone through me and were waiting to come out. I glanced around for options. There was none. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to hold my urine until I got back to the office. Just sitting in the traffic jam caused an even greater pain between my legs. Like 15 minutes later I got on this frontage road that led to several businesses. I stopped at a small bowling alley. It didn't open until evening. Two doors down I thought I had the answer with a donut shop. They had just closed for the day. Finally I got to this auto parts store. At the point I was surprised that I wasn't already leaking. I was greeted by a Closed for a Funeral sign. The word "F***" was somewhat audible; I just wanted to kick in that door.

I scanned the area between my car, a large dumpster near my car and a service alley that wasn't paved. I ran out to the alley with big ruts, weeds and some broken car parts. I was as far from the street and people as I was going to get. I spied what looked like an old wheel barrel that had been left there. Luckily it had been left there a long time. Lots of rust, but it looked strong enough to hold my 145 pounds if I was to sit on it and relieve myself. I yanked the bottom of my suit down and although I was feeling the tears of the rust on my butt skin, the dam I had been holding broke and my torrential pee started into the rusted wheel barrel. I didn't dare shift my weight, but even the pressure I felt on my knees and the pain of the rusted metal on my skin could stop me. If a car, kid, or anyone would drive or walk into the alley, I feared I would be arrested. The satisfaction of the pee, although very uncomfortable, overwhelmed me.

On my drive back to the office I reviewed with myself a couple of times 15 and 20 years ago when I had drank too much too fast on dates and how I had vowed never to do that again. I also remembered an early boyfriend, who when I was a passenger on his custom cycle, refused to pull over so I could pee. He called it bladder training. That was the end of our relationship.

Marcus W

First post

Hi. My first post on here, so answering a survey to introduce myself!

1. How old are you? I'm 38. Male.

2. How long does it take you to poop? I'm normally on the toilet about ten minutes, although I've usually finished well before that.

3. What is your poop like usually? Big and normally quite solid; not hard or dry, but firm and greasy, and getting a touch softer as it comes. Sometimes when I've been drinking the night before I need to go again a bit later - anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or so - and then it's usually softer and gassy.

4. Do you fart when you poop? Not usually when I have a normal firm shit, but when I have a softer one yes.

5. Does your poop plop loudly in the toilet? Yes, very.

6. Are you comfortable pooping in other toilets than your own? I'd probably prefer not to use a new partner's toilet until we'd got to know one another better, but apart from that yes, I've no hang-ups about it.

7. Name all the places you have pooped. Home most often, but then work, friends' places, at university, at school, in public toilets all over the place, in hotels, outside … the list's endless.

8. How bad do you stink up the bathroom when you poop? Say 5-6/10. My poo does smell quite strong sometimes, but it's not often a particularly rank or nasty smell. Well, I don't think so anyway!

9. Do you do anything to keep you occupied when you poop? (For example, Do you read, do your homework, surf the net on your phone, or play portable video games) Read or play games on my smartphone. Sometimes I think I ought not to, and that having a poo must have been a more involving experience before I got addicted to the little plastic thing.

10. What time of the day do you usually poop? Most days I go at home early in the morning, after I've had my coffee and first cigarette. Sometimes I either don't need to do that, or not so badly I can't hold it, and I'll go later, but not often. That's a shame, because I prefer to go later in the day, but it's the way my body seems to work.

11. Do you courtesy flush? No. I'm not sure it makes much difference anyway.

12. Have you ever clogged the toilet before? Probably, but I don't remember any specific instances.

13. What sort of things make you poop? The kind of diet I normally eat: high in fibre and with lots of vegetables. That's probably why I'm so regular! On occasions when I've not been eating so healthily I do find I go less often.

14. How long does it take you to poop if you are constipated? I never get constipated. I can remember doing so once or twice when I was little, but not since.

15. How does it take you to poop if you are having diarrhea? I don't really get diarrhoea, but a loose hangover poo - which usually follows a firmer, longer one - takes a minute or two.

16. Have you ever thought you were done and then felt like you had to poop some more? That's pretty much what happens some mornings after I've been drinking. It doesn't happen often otherwise.

17. When you have finished pooping and left a terrible smell in the bathroom, What does the next person who goes in there think? They've never been so impolite as to tell me!

18. How do you sit when you are on the toilet? Trousers and pants around ankles, leaning slightly forward with top hitched up and elbows resting on my knees. And smartphone in hand, of course.

19. Would you rather be constipated or would you rather have diarrhea? Diarrhoea: at least letting it go gives a good sense of relief!

20. When was the first time you found this site? Years ago, and I've browsed it occasionally ever since. I've been thinking for the best part of a decade I ought to get around to posting on here, and finally I have...

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Sonya Sue it sounds you had a rough day.

To: Sherryl great about your poop in the snow.

To: Marie great stories about your poops in that playhouse in the woods.

To: Becc great story it sounds like you all had good poops.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Steve A

To Erin S

The dorms at my college are newer and the bathrooms are gender separated. However, we still have single occupancy gender neutral bathrooms throughout our campus in almost every building. Some people use them for maximum privacy, but I usually use the regular ones on my floor.

I couldn't imagine using gender neutral bathrooms today, even though I wouldn't have a problem with it, but other students may.


To Everyone

Hi folks! I had an interesting poo later today. Although it was solid and soft, it still felt a wee bit rough on the way out. My slim jim was fat, but not that spicy. Maybe I was feeling the aftereffects of the mild spice? Who knows. Sometimes my farts can stink for a few moments or so. Other times they can sound loud, but not smell much. While listening to bodily functions on Youtube, I heard farts during a song about those functions. It was about sounds your body makes. To Taylor: You made a double mess in your pants at 7 outside your house? I don't even remember doing that at such a young age. I'm glad too, that sympathy was there for you. Bye all!


Party Pooper

My wife and I were invited to a party at an acquaintance's house. It was a large party and we really didn't know very many people. After an hour or so my wife said, "I really have to find the bathroom!" So I said, "I'll help you look. Let's start on the second floor." So up the stairs we went. We found the bathroom but when we tried to turn the knob it appeared to be locked. My wife said, Shit I really need to go. This morning for some unusual reason I couldn't go. I've been farting all day." Just then from behind the locked bathroom door we heard loud farting followed by several splashes. My wife laughed, "Someone's in there taking a shit!" A couple of minutes later we heard flushing and a few moments later a woman in her forties came out. Suddenly her face turned beet red. She said, "I hope you didn't hear me in there, I'm rather loud when using the toilet." My wife said, "Don't worry I'm louder than you and my husband loves it!" The woman laughed and appeared less embarrassed. We went into the bathroom and it really smelled of poop and farts. My wife climbed onto the toilet and let out a loud fart. "I've been doing that all day!" She lifted her skirt and prepared to squat with her back to me so I could watch the turd come out. After straining and grunting I could see her asshole getting wider and wider. Then a big turd poked it's head out. My wife strained and strained. "I think I'm constipated this might take awhile." She kept pushing and pushing and she was able to get some of it out but it appeared stuck. "I have to really concentrate, this is a hard one I can tell." She pushed and grunted for a couple of more minutes and it didn't budge. "She asked, "How much is sticking out?" I said, "About five inches." She said, "I hate to ask you to do this but desperate times calls for desperate measures. I want you to take hold of my turd and when I start grunting I want you to pull on it but not too hard. I don't want it to break." I said ok. "I grabbed her turd and said, "This thing is rock hard I don't think I'm going to break it." She started grunting and I pulled on it with a little pressure and about an inch more came out. "Ok lets try again." she said. I pulled as she grunted and strained. Slowly but surely we were working it out. Now about ten inches was showing. I asked, "How long is this thing?" She said, "I don't know but my asshole is stating to hurt from being spread open for so long. Then she started laughing, "Wouldn't it be funny if they started looking for us and found us in this position with my ass in your face and you on your knees trying to pull a big shit out of me!" As she was laughing her shit started moving and slowly but surely the two of us got that turd out. As soon as it dropped she blew a big fart right in my face. "That was an ordeal!" she exclaimed. "That turd must be a record. I wish I had my tape measure here. It's got to be 16" long and about 2-1/2" across." I said. "My poor asshole would agree. I want you to do one last favor for me. I think you'll love this one." I just loved what we were doing," I laughed. "Wash your hands and get my pocket book while I wipe. In my pocket book is a suppository. When you come back I want you to push it as far up my rectum as you can. I want to have a leisurely dump when we get home. I still have more to go but I think we've been away from the party long enough." "It's always a pleasure to help a lady in distress." I joked. She punched me as we walked down the stairs.

Anna from Austria

just some random thoughs

A old and overdue post I wanted to do since I came back but never had time to do.

I just want to share some random thoughts. Have been to the US last month so I could experience the American toilets and I would consider pooping in American public toilets is way more embarrassing than pooping in Austria.

Although we both types of toilet in Austria too, the one were the poop goes straight into the water, also have the one were the poop feels on a tray first before it gets flushed down.

Where I grew up the toilets with the tray were omnipresent, the toilets with the direct water hole were more uncommon.

Another thing is that gaps between the stalls seem to be in general much bigger than the ones in Austria. If the toilets have gaps at all you can just see the shoes of your neighbor while in America you can see the legs of your neighbor too.

Another thing that with the type of toilet where the poop falls directly into the water is, that the plopping sounds are super load. So it is impossible to hide the fact that your are pooping. I found the plops quite embarrassing at first. But after some times I got used to it. I was just not used the sound because when using a toilet with the tray the number just hits the toilet in a more silent and gentle way. So it is more easy to hide the fact that you are pooping in Austria, if you are not farting.

In my case that is irrelevant because I always do some farts when I do my number 2. But for some ladies that do not tend to fart a lot it easier to mask the fact that they are pooping. But that seems not to be possible at a American toilet. Even you are not gassy you make certain sounds that tell everybody you are pooping.

In the end I got used to it everything was ok, but it was still a bit awkward at first to get used to the new types of toilet. I tended to pull my pants down the ankles, in Austria it does not matter because the gaps are not big enough to see it, but due the bigger gaps in the American toilets I could have presented my underwear to everybody. Probably not any of the other ladies cared about it, but it still felt a bit embarrassing. So I adjusted my habit and pull my panties just down to knees. I do up do this day and did not change back to my old ways when I was back in Austria.

That are my random thoughts for today.

greetings from Austria


Jasmin K

Big hard poops and more

Hi it's been ages since I last posted, I've been so busy with work then being away on holiday I haven't had time to think about toilet stuff it's been difficult enough finding time for the long bathroom visits I need..
I have a few days off now and have just done a huge poo but not yet empty which I will talk about when I've made a couple of comments from looking through the posts this morning.

Firstly Hi to Mila
I understand the problems your having and at your age I had very similar problems (see my old posts) in fact I've had poo issues from as young as I remember and still do.
Don't be too worried about your bum bleeding or hurting - it happens when your poo is hard or large especially if you have to strain hard to get it out. The diet and fibre stuff helps but I tried that and decided to eat what I liked and just deal with the large hard poo's and sore bums.

Ok so my poo this morning was the result of not going for about 5 days due to being so busy and not having time for a long sit on the toilet, it's been a case of 10 minutes and if it's not out then holding untill next day( as readers of my old posts will know this is not my normal toiletting routene which is staying on the toilet straining untill I do it)
Over the last week I've only done little hard pebbles and had to give up before I'd even done more than a couple of them and go to work and been so busy it's been crisps / chocolate bars /'sweets that I've been eating, That was until 2'days ago when my mum made a vegetable heavy meal and I was home early enough to eat a load of it. I think that helped to push everything through. I went on the toilet for my usuall morning sit and started straining hard and as I had time I strained really hard, I checked under me as I knew I was full and as I was straining my bum was bulging down it felt like a solid log came out but it was just the inside of my bum poking out ( I've been told it's a prolaps) it doesn't bother me and I just kept on straining and was staying there untill I'd done a decent poo. After a few minutes I started to plip out little peanut sised pebbles then I felt a log stretching my bum and the pipe bit sticking out my bum. I pushed down hard it kept getting further out and stretching me more. it felt so thick and lumpy but hard I just had to keep straining to get this out.and kept squirting jets of pee. It took about 30 minutes before it splashed into the water. My bum was sore so I wiped and eased the prolapse back inside and stood to check what I'd done, it was sticking up out of the water solid and about 2 inches across and probably 8-10 inches long, I couldn't tell how much was in the water as my bum bleeding had turned the water red and I had dropped paper in as well.
I didn't feel completely empty so flushed that away and then sat down and strained again but noting except the inside bit came out.. I kept straining and eventually did another lumpy log followed by a solid but more smooth piece followed by a couple of small sausages that really smelled. I pushed the bit back up and wiped again.

That it for this time

Jaz K

Kung Poo
A mid twenties friend of mine, Jocelyn, was telling me how she doesn't push when she poops. She believes it weakens the rectal muscles.

'So you just sit that and wait?' I asked.


'But what if it's big, hard and dry and requires pushing?

'I breath out, relax, and urge it out'.

'And if that doesn't work?'

'I lift up my feet and go into a semi squatting position. Like using a squatty potty, except I don't own one, I use a small step stool.'

'Ever had to rush so you have no choice but to push?'

'Unfortunately, yes. Just last week, I was rushing for an appointment, but needed a huge dump. The poop was also hard and big as I had a fibre supplement. Man, I was pushing and crying in the toilet as that turd baby crowned way before I was ready.'


Strong Urge

Hi again folks. I had 3 poops today that were solid, but one of them was urgent. While typing up an Email just minutes after doing my second poop, my 3rd urge came that got worse as I wrote. I just had to go before I finished my message. By the time I got into the bathroom, I felt it sliding down. This poop urge was like how when you have to pee worse the closer you get to the toilet. I involuntarily started pushing as I was sitting down, and the solid poop came out at a steady pace in one load. I'm sure you all have had one of these urges before, and if so, I'd love to read your experiences! Bye!


Replies and Pool Party Clog

@Optional Dev, I appreciate the kind words.

@Charles, thanks for the note. Yeah, it's too bad so many, especially women, have been shamed over these types of things. Here's one such story, as per your request.

This story occurred nearly 20 years ago towards the end of our freshman year of high school. One of our friends invited a group of us over for an afternoon pool party. His parents weren't home until late that evening, so we had the run of the place. The two female friends I mentioned earlier were there as well. The small get-together carried on into the early evening. By this time, some kids had gone home while others were listening to music in the garage or shooting hoops. The two girls, one other guy friend, and me sat at a small table near the hot tub, which itself was also off to the side of the pool. Our guy friend decided he wanted see what others were doing in the garage and excused himself after a natural break in conversation. That left the three of us at the table.

For those wondering, the first of the two had blonde hair and blue eyes despite being of Italian descent, about 5'6 and had a curvy, youthful figure. She has a great sense of humor and an infectious laugh. She also had a lot of suitors. She was the one who mentioned that she blew up the school bathroom and would also cut SBDs in class and let nearby guys get blamed. The second was taller, 5'10 or 5'11, brunette, looked more Mediterranean even though her family was from the UK. She was also curvy fit and an emerging star on the girls varsity soccer team as a goalie, despite the fact she was only a freshman. She went on to play in college as well.

Soon after he left, the first volunteered that she needed to use the bathroom badly and left the table. She had been away for about ten minutes by the time she returned. She laughed as she told us that it all went down but that the toilet may not flush properly. She also warned us that the bathroom needed time to air out.

I had to pee and made my way over to the bathroom after a couple minutes. The door was shut and I heard the buzz of the fan on the other side. I opened the door and her strong, eggy scent quickly greeted me. It was powerful and thick, and filled up the deep, rectangular bathroom. I flipped on the lights. The toilet was in the far right corner opposite the door. The toilet was square and stout looking, standard white porcelain with a deep basin. I closed the door behind me.

I walked over to the toilet and I peered inside as I prepared to relieve myself. I could tell that it didn't refill all the way. The water sat noticeably below a water line that barely stained the otherwise well maintained porcelain. Light brown streaks marked up the bowl in spiral fashion. The shallow water suspended bits of poo and paper near the bottom. More bits and paper seemed to emerge from behind the bend as my stream strafed the hole. My pee lasted quite a while, which provided moments of solitude to further familiarize myself with her aroma. It was similar to what I had smelled in class, but more pungent and ripe.

I flushed once I finished. The bowl filled with water but didn't drain. I began to feel alarmed as the water level threatened to brim to the bowl threshold. I didn't see a plunger. Fortunately the water level stabilized before it spilled over. More bits and paper swirled around. I opened the cabinets below the double vanity and found an old plunger with a wooden handle and red rubber cup tucked away behind other stocks of toiletries.

I carefully insert the plunger into the water so as not to spill any. I didn't want to have to clean up any of the dirty water. I pressed the cup over the trap and gave it four or five pumps. More brown bits filled the bowl before the clog dislodged. Water raced around the cup and I could hear it pour into the empty pipes beneath the toilet. I flushed again and waited for the toilet to refill to clean off the plunger. I shook it around in the water, the level of which now matched the slight discoloration on the porcelain. I tried to shake it dry over the tub and then returned it under the sink.

I washed up and left the bathroom with the fan running, as her scent barely dissipated during the few minutes of my occupancy. I returned to the table. She asked me if I enjoyed myself. I smirked and told her something like that. Our other friend looked at me expecting more details but I didn't offer any up. I figured that some things may be better left to her imagination.



I enjoyed Optional Dev's posts about the odor of poop. I am interested too in the smell of my creations. I eat a lot of fiber and have large, satisfying daily bowel movements, usually at work around 10 AM after a cup of coffee that I nurse on the bus on the way to work. My stools are usually easy to pass and soft with a little gas. After I push out my stool, I like to separate my legs, look at what I created, and then sniff the air. My bowel movements are usually quite smelly.

I work at a large medical school and usually the bathrooms when I go are busy with young men having their bowel movements. Depending upon the state of the air freshening system, I can often smell their poops. Sometimes, the odor is fruity and not too offensive. Sometimes though, the smell is very sharp and pungent. It's amusing how the guys deal with their smells. Sometimes, a guy in the stall next door will flush immediately after dropping. This is almost like yelling, "Sorry dude, this one is really bad." Most guys don't seem to care, and I often wonder if they might even be proud of their aroma. How interesting this topic is!

Jasmin K

Big hard poops and more

Hi it's been ages since I last posted, I've been so busy with work then being away on holiday I haven't had time to think about toilet stuff it's been difficult enough finding time for the long bathroom visits I need..
I have a few days off now and have just done a huge poo but not yet empty which I will talk about when I've made a couple of comments from looking through the posts this morning.

Firstly Hi to Mila
I understand the problems your having and at your age I had very similar problems (see my old posts) in fact I've had poo issues from as young as I remember and still do.
Don't be too worried about your bum bleeding or hurting - it happens when your poo is hard or large especially if you have to strain hard to get it out. The diet and fibre stuff helps but I tried that and decided to eat what I liked and just deal with the large hard poo's and sore bums.

Ok so my poo this morning was the result of not going for about 5 days due to being so busy and not having time for a long sit on the toilet, it's been a case of 10 minutes and if it's not out then holding untill next day( as readers of my old posts will know this is not my normal toiletting routene which is staying on the toilet straining untill I do it)
Over the last week I've only done little hard pebbles and had to give up before I'd even done more than a couple of them and go to work and been so busy it's been crisps / chocolate bars /'sweets that I've been eating, That was until 2'days ago when my mum made a vegetable heavy meal and I was home early enough to eat a load of it. I think that helped to push everything through. I went on the toilet for my usuall morning sit and started straining hard and as I had time I strained really hard, I checked under me as I knew I was full and as I was straining my bum was bulging down it felt like a solid log came out but it was just the inside of my bum poking out ( I've been told it's a prolaps) it doesn't bother me and I just kept on straining and was staying there untill I'd done a decent poo. After a few minutes I started to plip out little peanut sised pebbles then I felt a log stretching my bum and the pipe bit sticking out my bum. I pushed down hard it kept getting further out and stretching me more. it felt so thick and lumpy but hard I just had to keep straining to get this out.and kept squirting jets of pee. It took about 30 minutes before it splashed into the water. My bum was sore so I wiped and eased the prolapse back inside and stood to check what I'd done, it was sticking up out of the water solid and about 2 inches across and probably 8-10 inches long, I couldn't tell how much was in the water as my bum bleeding had turned the water red and I had dropped paper in as well.
I didn't feel completely empty so flushed that away and then sat down and strained again but noting except the inside bit came out.. I kept straining and eventually did another lumpy log followed by a solid but more smooth piece followed by a couple of small sausages that really smelled. I pushed the bit back up and wiped again.

That it for this time

Jaz K

Optional Dev

Best dump ever.

The other day in school i felt the need to take a dump. It was noon, around lunch time. I had been pretty gassy the day before, and on the day of the dump. Since then I still have been pretty gassy. I guess my body is used to the new routine.

The day before, lunch and dinner consisted of a hamburger, fries, and soft serve chocolate ice cream with crushed oreos and soda. At lunch they had little mini corn dog things and i had some of those. i stayed up late that night and in the middle of the night ate an entire bag of sausage style beef jerky. I had also eaten cut up apple slices from home as well.

So anyway it was lunchtime and i had been passing stinky gas ( smelling like damp grass) and i knew i needed to poop. i decided to head back to my dorm toilet. It is winter so i had my thick winter coat on. I had my earbuds in listening to alt rock music and i didn't want to take them out.

i pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet. even through the ear buds playing music, i could hear some loud gas induced by poop shooting out of me. it was an explosion. for a couple more minutes it felt like it just kept coming and coming. it felt good. I felt very light at the end of it. This was rare for me to have pressure to go that matched the volume in the toilet.

when i got up, it was amazing. the center of the bowl was full! A mass of stinky poop that look like a lot of freakishly large worms piling on top of each other. The back of the toilet bowl and some of the sides were dotted in poop dots from the first explosion.

I stand to wipe my butt and so i admired it as i wiped my butt and watched as i tossed the paper covered in brown fall into the toilet. it was all soft poo. it flushed no problem. it left a ton of skidmarks and of course the explosion dots. there was a toilet brush. but i didn't touch it. i loved what i left. i pulled up my pants and washed my hands and went to go eat lunch.

i hope you liked this story. it is rare that i have one worth of a ton of detail.

btw LC, i love the story of you destroying the toilet in the bar. i love reading about you pooping. i can picture it well. i am sure we'd be great buddy dump buds if we knew each other.

Catherine, i just wanted to say again that i am glad to have you be a part of this forum again, even if you can't check in as often as you once did. you have been a long time favorite of mine.

Something for me i have noticed (because nothing about me gets to be normal) is that when i really have to poop, most of the time it isn't a big urge, and when i barely have to poop, its a huge urge. does anyone know why that might be? This story was one of the rare examples of when i really had to go as much as i felt i did.

i love you all, continue to enjoy pooping/peeing/farting. continue enjoying the experience.

Thursday, November 14, 2019


A poo in school

Today before school I went to McDonald's and got a McDonald's breakfast cause I was hungry and had some time before I had to be in school
I ate it and then walked to school got in about 10 mins before the bell I went to first lesson and my stomach started feeling abit weird I was sat next to my friend and he always farts we just luagh about it and my stomach felt abit bloated so let some out it smelt so bad and I knew I was gonna have diarrhea my friend even siad to me he was like Ur deffo having the shits later like the first burnt when they came out and stunk really bad luckily no one in the ckass guessed it wa some but my friend knew anyway in second lesson I was still letting out these smelly farts I gues it was as I wa sdigesting it I just had a constant supply of gas cause it must've been some bad food anyway when I was in 4th lesson before lunch my stomach really started hurting and it was near the start of the lesson I realised quickly that I'm going to need to poo very soon other wise it was gna be very embarrassing I was sat next to my friend and let out a fart and I felt something less air like exit I quickly got up asked to go to the toilet but someone else was already gone and had the only toilet pass so I had to wait it was the longest 5 minutes if my life I could literally feel my ass shaking form holding this mess in I was sweating finally the person got back I asked if I could go now the teacher said yes and I took the toilet pass and waddled as fast as I ever have as soon as I got in the boys toilets 1 person was in ther already pooping made me feel less embarrassed because no one poops in school as soon as I got into the stall I dropped my pants and instantly my poo started crackling out like Uno the sound when it's sloppy and it crackles that sound and it just shot out and gas escaped after each log all u could hear was just so many plops mixed with crackling and farts the guy next to me sounded constipated so I was kinda glad I was in my position instantly I smelt my poo it smelt horrible I felt bad for the poor guy next to me after about 5 minutes of pooping I looked in the bowl and I could see the water it was all floating and there was loads on the side of the bowl it was a big mess someone else came in the bathroom and said wtf to themselves th other guy was still next to

End Stall Em

Gender neutral bathrooms at college

My friend Reese, three years younger than me, is getting acquainted with the gender neutral bathrooms in our huge dormitory. We hang out a lot when I'm not at my boyfriend Spencer's apartment, I got her a part-time job at the mall I work at, and we get along pretty well. Like me, we come from conservative families and these giant restrooms, each serving one floor of the dorm, are bigger than big. Imagine a long room, separated by a big wall, like 30 toilets on one side, about that many urinals on the other side, dozens of sinks at each end, and an entrance or exit at each end.

Reese has been treated for constipation problems before and at one time was required to maintain a poop diary provided by her doctor. Although college is 90% more laid back than high school with no bells limiting bathroom time and really rude toilet users, Reese was grossed out one morning about 7:30 when she was sitting for her crap. I was on the toilet in the student union and she texted me to tell me that this guy came into the toilet to her left, didn't lift the seat, and immediately sprayed his urine over the toilet, onto the panel separating the two stalls, and a little got splashed on her left foot.
Unfortunately she had just gotten out of bed and was in bare feet, a mistake she said she will never make again. I told her he probably came in drunk, slept in his clothes, and now was flushing his infected kidneys. I texted her that I had laid a long and soft one that extended from the bowl hole all the way to above the water line. I flushed it while she and I were texting. Then I re-seated myself to begin the wiping process. She knows the problems I have with thoroughly cleaning myself in such situations and that it might take two or even three cycles for me to fully clean myself. I know Reese gets kind of envious, but I try to show her some empathy, but having guys right next to you or waiting on the other side of a semi-privacy door isn't something you can prepare for.

Both Reese and I are early risers, mostly due to a 8 a.m. class. So we've begun meeting in the dorm bathroom about 5:30 each morning. We use adjacent toilets, talk and I find it is taking some of Reese's anxiety away as she waits for her crap to come out. Last week she held to a schedule of 4 of the 5 days. Her mom would be proud, although I don't think she's giving her mom a day-to-day account. And she's not required to fill out the doctor's log book poop diary as was the case a couple of years ago. But on Friday morning Reese and I were on our toilets talking when we heard footsteps hurriedly come in. The person
threw the door to the stall next to me open, closed it, and I heard a large amount of toilet paper being yanked off the roll. Reese texted me What are they doing? I replied back that its probably a f*****' clean seat freak whose building a nest to take a 20 second sit on the seat. And she's using the wiping paper of the next three or four users, Reese replied. I texted that I agreed. After the toilet seat was neatly lined, the jeans dropped to the floor and immediately it seemed as if a fire hose had been turned on. Both me and Reese exchanged texts about some really irreverent things about the girl that can't be printed here. There was absolutely no movement of the legs or feet for almost three minutes of the fierce pee.

Then the phone rang in that stall. The person answered with an obscene greeting and in a really gruff voice. We were both startled because it was a guy and he was apparently late in getting to the dining hall. He mentioned twice how he was taking his morning Leak and getting his usual hard-on until the call interrupted him. He must have put the phone right down closer to the water when he stood, flushed and then bragged to the caller that that was evidence that he was not over-sleeping again. He stood, pulled up his jeans and walked out still talking on the phone. Reese couldn't figure out how he used all the toilet tissues and I explained to her that some guys prefer to sit to pee. My Spencer is one of them. He lined the seat at my parents house
the first time he visited and he does that anytime he uses a toilet away from home. I explained to Reese that some guys are see simply more comfortable sitting to pee, in privacy, rather than at a urinal with other guys sneaking a look at their junk.

I know that Reese is being exposed to some things in our dorm's gender neutral bathrooms that are surprising to her. The bathrooms have their advantages and disadvantages, too, I guess.

Hi everyone, my name is Deb.

My last post was about my first accident when I was 12 years old, in grade seven. I had had diarrhea that day and went in my pants. I also got my very first period that day as well. I wanted to keep writing about my accident history, but I had another one just last Friday that I wanted to share...

My husband recently started working at a shipping company and he works the early morning shift. He leaves for work at around 3am and usually gets home between 7:30 or 8am.

Our daughter woke up at 6am so we went downstairs for breakfast. After that was done we went down to our basement, which is also where our main entrance is. I had the tv on for her and we were playing around with her toys. Just before 7:30, I was getting some cramps, but it wasn't too bad. Just before my husband came home, I had a bad cramp and knew I needed to use the toilet. I went to pick up our daughter and as I bent over, I let out a wet fart. I could feel a rush of diarrhea want to come out. Another fart came out, this time with a squelch and started having diarrhea in my pink hipster panties and pyjama bottoms.

A minute or so after I filled my panties, I could hear my husband coming in. He came in and said "Hi". I just looked at him and didn't really say anything. I was just like, "uhh..." and another rush of diarrhea shot out of me. He came over to me and asked what was wrong. I told him that I had a bad cramp and that I just pooped my panties really badly. He took our daughter while I went upstairs to get cleaned up.

The mess was really bad and had leaked through my panties and was leaking down my legs. I showered and got ready for work.

My husband drove me to work that day because it had snowed and I'm not a fan of driving in the snow. He dropped me off and told me to let him know if I needed anything.

About a half an hour after I go to work, my period started. Luckily I was wearing a pad in my white satin hipster panties, but it was just a regular one. I also had on jeans.

I texted my husband..:

"I just got my period"
A few minutes later he replied,
"Ahh jeez. Are you okay? Do you need anything?"
I said,
"No, not yet. It's not that heavy right now."
He said,
"Okay, let me know."

A while later I had to get up from my desk to get something. When I got up I felt a huge gush which made me squeeze my knees together. I thought to myself, "oh my god!" I grabbed my purse and went to the washroom to check things out. My pad was soaked and had already leaked over the back and also through my panties and jeans. The wings of my pad were soaked as well. It was a really bad leak and I was bleeding heavily. I went to change my pad, but realized that I didn't have any extras with me. I pulled up my panties and jeans and went back to my desk to text my husband.

Me: "Hey. I need you"
Several minutes later...
Him: "Hey, sorry. What's going on?"
Me: "My period just got super heavy. Can you bring me a few things?"
Him: "Yes, of course. What do you need?"
Me: "Clean panties. Pants, black ones. And pads. The heavy ones. The ones with the purple packaging."
Him: "Okay no problem."
Me:" Thank you!"

A few minutes later:
Him: "We are on our way"
Me: "Thank god! It's bad. Really bad. I'm bleeding so heavily."
Him: "I'm sorry. We will be there soon."

As I was waiting, I tied my sweater around my waist to hide my accident. When my husband got to my work, me came in with our daughter and gave me the bag wth my pads, panties and pants. He stayed while I changed and got cleaned up. He took home my soiled clothes and washed everything out for me, including my pyjamas and panties that I had diarrhea in earlier in the morning.

I'm still bleeding heavily. This whole peri-menopause thing really sucks.

Thank you,


Toilet Blockages

Greetings from Australia.
I am a semi regular visitor to this fun site and enjoy the posts,particularly those from the ladies.
I am intrigued by the number of people submitting stories about their loads blocking the toilet.You must have very narrow sewerage pipes in the U.S. Here in Australia,no ones load on it's own would block a toilet.The only way you block a toilet here is to go over the top with the toilet paper.
Best wishes to everyone!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


The time I crapped my pants.

Hi guys I hope you are well. I spent some time with my family yesterday and I was reminded of a story from my childhood. When I was seven years old my sister,my mother and I was locked out of the house and we needed to wait an hour or so for my dad to get home and let us in.

I really needed to pee and no neighbours were home so I couldn't use their bathroom. After a while I couldn't hold it any longer and completely wet myself. My family was sympathetic at least. I needed to poop as well so I said I still needed to go. My mother said something like "You've started in your clothes Taylor you might as well finish" She thought I still needed to pee.

I will never forget the look of horror on her face as I stopped holding my poop and a bulge developed in the back of my tracksuit bottoms. She couldn't get upset with me because technically she did tell me to do it. I had followed her instructions to the letter. When my dad got home I cleaned up and it was never mentioned again... Except for family reunions like this!


Great BM Day

First off I would like to say that I prefer squating when I poo.
1) I find when finished their is less to wipe from your cheeks
2) I enjoy watching my poo come out.

Had two great BM's today. The first shortly after waking up. Droped a long thick poo to start followed by some shorter ones but just as thick.

Second BM was about two hours latter. Sooft but weel formed. Six to eight inches long not to thick. Six came out right in a row.

Very pleasurable morning


Quick Ones

Today was another one of those quick days concerning my poo. My stuff was sloppy/loose, and I estimate I went almost 5 times again! Interestingly, I wasn't stressed today, and since I've eaten fatty stuff before without this problem (in the evening for instance) it just seems to come and go like this. The good news is that it didn't get in the way, nor was it overly urgent. I enjoy interesting stories from other people, so bring them on! hopefully, you find my poop history interesting, too. I still think a physical change in the invironment such as being more productive might fix things. Bye!

Sonya Sue

Halloween, diarrhea & Lacy

I will probably remember 2019's Halloween for a while. I woke up that morning in my dorm with my gut feeling funny, 90 minutes to get more studying done for my mid-term in poly sci, the need to find 5 more sources for a research paper, but still needing to meet up with this girl Lacy who was one of about 20 needy children a group I belonged to "adopted" for trick & treating and a party afterward.

As I sat on the only available toilet of about 30 in our floor's dorm bathroom, I was still in my jammies but I made a mental note to wear my oldest undies and jeans because the fireworks in my gut told me this was going to be a diarrhea day. The first spurt came about 2 minutes into my sit, followed by gas, and then 3 more spurts. As I grabbed for the toilet paper, I could feel more draining going on. My boyfriend and I had celebrated his birthday the night before. The overeating and drinks were now exiting. I worried about being able to sit nearly 2 hours writing my poly sci exam without a bathroom trip or two. As it turned out an hour later I decided to sit for a moment in the 1st floor bathroom of Arts and Science Hall. I think I released another half cup or so. That took me through the exam, but not by much. Within a minute of me turning my exam in, I was back on the same toilet. This time it was a couple of semi-formed chunks. This got my hopes up that the worst was over. It wasn't.

Three more sits while I worked in the library would come. Almost an hour in between each. The last couple seemed to be more yellowish. With the exception of a couple of cups of tea, as a substitute for my usual black coffee, I hadn't eaten. While my research went well, I was still feeling and burning and commotion in my gut. With each dump, I got rid of more diarrhea. I felt better for a few minutes, but then the cycle started back up. By my 4th or 5th sit my arse was starting to ache and when wiping I was starting to get more pink and then red on the toilet paper I wiped with.

I was hopeful but late in the afternoon that I was going to be what my mom refers to as "all cleaned out." I wasn't. I reported to our field house at 5 p.m. to meet this darling 6-year-old. Lacy was in this adorable queen costume. A photographer took our picture together and my assignment sheet listed a trip to the nearby bathroom as mandatory before we got on the bus and were taken to a designated neighborhood for trick and treating. I had to pull up Lacy's costume and partially boost her up onto the adult-size toilet. She began her pee immediately and within 30 seconds she was on her feet and I reached back and flushed. The line was 3 and 4 deep for each of the 6 toilets. I hadn't eaten anything so I was confident my diarrhea was over.

The short bus ride and the bouncing around on a couple of unpaved streets with deep ruts and some tree branches that really scared the kids because the raked noisily against the windows, caused my gut to start feeling bad again. It had been at least 3 hours since my butt had been on the toilet. My assignment sheet said I was to take Lacy to 10 homes with lights on and then wait with her for the bus to return for the pickup run. She tooted twice, although I don't think she knew I had heard it. The only question was could we get the trick or treating done without a bathroom break. And if we needed one, what could be do. Rules signed by her mom, me and our volunteer administrator said we could not enter a person's home.

We made pretty good time getting around to the houses, although there were a lot of other visitors at the same time, too. Once done, we were about 15 minutes ahead of bus pickup when I started to feel gas and diarrhea coming on. We couldn't eat any of the candy since it had to be run through a portable scanner once we got back to the field house. I was becoming more nauseous as I thought of alternatives. I was thinking of squatting over by a tree, but figured it would just run down my leg. So as we were walking back toward the bus stop I spotted one of those toilet portables in front of a house that was being built. I gingerly opened the door (thank god it wasn't locked) and I seated myself for another load of diarrhea. It came in one pop and was over in 10 seconds. There wasn't any toilet paper but I didn't care because I knew I had my oldest pair of undies on. In coming out and grabbing Lacy's hand because the ground was hilly and rocky, she said she had to go also. I asked her which one. She said pee. I opened the door for her and again she wasted no time on the toilet. She came out, said she felt better, and we walked to the bus stop.

Back on campus before some games were started and cake, cookies and cider were served, Lacy had to use the toilet one more time. This was a rather large poop and she was on the toilet, swinging her legs for about 5 minutes in order to accomplish it. She walked over the the side and flushed it on her own. Then we went back to the program.


Goodwill pee

It was when I was in this job training program for goodwill where I would go out to different places or stay at the goodwill there so after working that day on the way back home I developed an urge to piss and it was gonna be awhile til I got home because there were other people on this drivers route so I tried holding it and it was working for awhile but when it was my turn to go home as i was the last on the route.....I would usually bring my lunch with me in my lunch box so I thought about peeing in it cause I was getting desperate but didn't want to end up having to rinse it out but I got a better naughtier idea as I was nearing home and close to possibly peeing my pants.i first checked to see if the driver was paying attention to me/looking back towards me then I slowly unzipped my jeans and pulled out my throbbing piss filled dick and aimed at the seat in front of me and released a torrent of hot piss for nearly a minute onto the seat and floor then snuck my dick back in and zipped up then after like 5 minutes I was home


Desperate at the beach

Hi my name is crystal I am an 18 year old girl 5"5 blonde hair I was reading on this site after I discovered it after searching for someone with a similar story to mine that happened to during the summer at the beach I really enjoy reading the post hear and hope everyone enjoyes my post ^_^.

This happened during the summer me and a few friends were at the beach on our way we decided to eat some breakfast we were planning an early day of fun in the sun. I was wearing a sky blue bikini and as we were on our way the tacos were already making there move aswell as the lemonade I had .

As we got there I told my friends were I was heading and made my way there . Once I entered the ladies room there was only two stalls and both were occupied and a girl was ahead of me she smiled at me and I smiled back as I cross my legs as one of the stalls opened up and the other girl farted as she quickly started wiping and I was able to replace her as I pulled down my bottoms to my ankles as I started peeing and the girl to my right that was ahead of me had her red bottoms to her ankles and was pushing down her toes as she was grunting .

I also got started on my poop I didn't have to push as it started coming out of me as I was plopping away as I gave a sigh of relief as I was on the toilet for a little and was able to get done quickly wiped up washed my hands and left as the girl was still trying to poop as I she was constipaded as I wanted to give her some privacy.

Optional Dev


That is an intense story LC. It is impressive what you did to that story. i could easily hear it crackling out in my mind. I wouldn't have minded the smell. I am kind of curious about it. I liked that you described what you smelled in your smell. The smell is one of the coolest part about poop. i also like how you tell the story. you are very detailed. you paint a good picture. clearly you pay a lot of attention in the moment as to what is coming out of your butt. i appreciate that. This was a good story. At least no one was in the bathroom after you came out with it being clogged. I think it is awesome that you made it reek though. its a natural and primal thing. it probably would have gone down if you had done a courtesy flush earlier into your first pile of turds coming out.

Optional Dev

Skidmark Question

I am not sure if this is common or not. At least for me, this seems unusual. My last poop made skidmarks. The skidmarks eventually settled into the toilet bowl hole. I thought that was weird. usually they stay right where they are until the toilet flushes again or a toilet brush is used. so i am unsure what caused them to drop. I peed later and then the sunken skidmarks went on the journey to find the poop that made them.

the question is, have any of you ever had skidmarks sink into the toilet bowl hole?

Erin S

Intro -- My Freshman Year

Hi all --

I'll start by introducing myself my name's Erin I'm 18 -- I live in Maryland but am a freshman at a state college in the North East US. My first semester has been great minus dealing with the "dorm life" bathroom situation. I'm in the Old Dorms on campus (built in the 1950s) which only have large, gender neutral bathrooms. Starting college and making friends is hard of course but I think I speak for every girl in America when I say that having to share a bathroom with the your male friends is a whole lot worse.

Im an early morning girl mainly because of the dorm situation if I'm being honest. As soon as I have my coffee it's time to go. And I mean it's TIME to go, I need to be on the throne within minutes or I'd be in a world of trouble I don't even want to imagine (especially since we share showers and a laundry room).

Today I was up around six getting ready for my 9am psych class. My roomate Charlotte (I call her Charle) was out of town to visit her highschool friends in Massachussets. I toasted a bagel in our toaster and poured myself a mug of cold brew coffee from the fridge. And woof did I feel it immediately.

My stomach was churning and I knew I needed to go, but atleast it was too early for anyone else to be up. I pulled a tshirt on and rushed to the facilities, cutting on the lights and sprinting into the first stall, prarie dogging the whole way.

Y'all I let loose in this stall. Farting and honestly filling the bowl because I hadn't gone in two days. It stunk to high heaven in that bathroom. I finally finished and wiped a few times. I turned around to inspect my work and there was a massive log poking out of the water and jesus it smelled worse than I thought. I flushed and walked out feeling five pounds lighter.

And immediately made eye contact with my friend Evan, who was at the sink, quietly shaving. He stared at me. I thought, uh haha he mumbled looking down. Thought that was a guy he murmured. I sprinted out of the bathroom without saying a word, leaving my stench behind..

Anyone else had a rough time in a gender neutral bathroom in their day?



Hi everyone! It seems I got some details mixed up on my other story. My first poop felt effortless, and my second had the gas sensation. I had a chunky poop this morning before breakfast, and a smaller more solid one later. To Marie: You were very creative in turning an abandoned play house into a potty! To who posted about the multiple toilet clogs, doing it twice in one day is quite a lot of poop. Bye!

I've been keeping up on reading here once in a while.
Sorry to hear your family got sick! That's never fun! I'm glad you enjoyed Your powerful poops. I actually love a good, noisy, powerful case of diarrhea! The only time I don't like it is when it's a small stream of liquid that just sets your anus on fire. Not fun!
There is just something really pleasurable about a powerful blast! Lots of gas, chunky, gloppy poop that sprays the toilet bowl, and then the booming toilet bowl farts! It's my time to let loose and have a blast and it feels so good!

Victoria B.
I loved your mirror dump! Gotta love toilet selfies when you have someone special to share them with! I have used a few toilets with mirrors in front of, or beside the toilet. Once I was in a very fancy bathroom with a whole mirror wall beside the toilet! It's a fantastic and sexy view! It feels good to see myself on the toilet. Sometimes I have hoovered a bit so I could see my poop hanging out. I might have to see about getting a mirror by my toilet!
By the way I agree, echoy toilet bowl farts are the best!

Well, gotta leave for now. Happy pooping!

Sunday, November 10, 2019


Poop Moments

Hi folks. I just now thought of something regards to my childhood that's worth mentioning. From what I remember, there were times I wasn't allowed from school staff to have milk products, because they thought it was the cause of my accidents. I thought this had occurred at the school for the blind in Austin when I went for part of my elementary school years. I even think I had an accident one day while wearing a velour dress, and either sitting in the nurse's office or the principal's. It's too bad to have poop memories that have become fuzzy over the years! Anyway, I felt gas shifting from below while waiting for the HOP bus, and knew a messy poo was coming on. As you all know, sometimes with an urgent poop, your intestines start rumbling. I felt a bit of that today too, but I also felt a drop sensation from my rectum area as if an air bubble burst inside. I also had a needy poop earlier this morning after breakfast before putting on my shoes. As is the case with the second poop, it was messy, but was nearly effortless. You know, as you sit on the toilet, you involuntarily start pushing it out. However, unlike the second poop, I didn't feel gas. Bye everyone.

Rose Y
Bianca: I think I know what might have caused your mysterious whirring sound!

Sometimes when toilets need to be installed in places where the pipes are smaller than normal, toilets will have a macerator installed with them. Essentially it works like a food disposal once things have gone down the toilet, so everything is in liquid form to make it down the smaller pipes.

So, if you had a poop in that bowling alley toilet, odds are your turds got shredded on their way down.

Tim E.

To Alex - Peeing on a Wall

Hey Alex! I have a story that happened to me when I was in my teens. I too have a fascination with peeing and men's rooms and that sort of thing. I decided that one day I would pee on a wall in a men's room instead of in a urinal. And so I did. It was amazing for sure! At first as I peed there was no one in the room with me, but then after I began to pee for a few seconds another guy walked in. I was both nervous and excited, wondering how he'd respond to me peeing on the wall like that. Then to my surprise, he walked up next to me and began to pee on the wall too. It was awesome! I actually made him think that the wall was a urinal! There was a drain nearby, so I guess it did look like it could have been a urinal. And so we both peed there. It was awesome to be peeing on that wall. It was a tiled wall, and I defintely felt the splashback, like you said. It was like a little sprinkle, even like a misty rain. I couldn't feel the other guy's pee though because he wasn't close enough to me, but I could see out of the corner of my eye his pee stream running down to the floor. It's funny that he didn't think anything of it. And also that he didn't notice the urinals on the other side of the room. I was glad since I wasn't sure how he'd respond. I also felt so cool becasue I actually made him think that the wall was a urinal. Of course I didn't dare say a word, I just waited for him to finish, and enjoyed the fact that he was peeing there with me. But then something happened. Another guy suddenly came in. I wasn't sure what was going to happen next. Then suddenly I heard the words "Dude! The urinals are over here!" and then the guy next to me said "What? What the f***??" That's when he knew it was my fault. Of course he figured I was just stupid, not doing it on purpose. He cussed me out like crazy though, and said something like "I've got a good mind to make you clean that f***in' wall!!" Then he left, and so did the other guy when he was done. I still felt cool though. I stayed in there for a while longer. It was amazing to see all the pee on the wall and on the floor, slowly trickling into the drain. Thanks Alex for reminding me of that wonderful memory! And yes, I too wish I could see and use a round circular urinal trough!


Response to Mila


This is not exactly the question you asked, but if you go back through the forum, I have helped my daughters when they are sick. However, since I've only known them for a few years (they are not mine biologically), I haven't been with them through every twist and turn of life. I did introduce them to my diet, which is high and fiber and full of vegetarian recipes, vegetables, fruit and grains. They have commented on how large but soft and easy that it is to poop since I began cooking for the family.

I would encourage you to talk to your mother. Those issues are not normal and can have adverse effects on your health. I am a pharmacist, not a doctor. But for what it's worth, I encourage you to add cereals high in fiber to your diet. I eat Cheerios with All Bran buds sprinkled on them every morning. I changed from Fiber One, but that's a good cereal as well. Eat whole grain foods, wheat bread, plenty of fruit and vegetables. Also, drink plenty of water. Lastly, I eat Oikos Yogurt, but adding any yogurt to your diet will help. But tell your mother! You need to take care of your health right now, because it will cause problems as you get older.

I know it may be impossible to control every aspect of your diet right now, but do what you can to get the nutrition you need. As someone told me once, what you see in the toilet is an indication of what's going on inside you.

I hope you are well, that this didn't scare you, and that you will take charge of your health so that you can live the incredible life you were meant to live!




Inquisitive Ian

The other day I was returning Ian, who is 5, to his father after having a visitation weekend with his mom, who sales real estate and unfortunately had an open house come up on both Saturday and Sunday. There's about a 40 mile drive between his parents, who are separated.

I drink a lot of fluids. I try to have those I babysit drink a lot too because I know its good for their health. So here we are, my bladder bursting, but near a rest stop on the interstate. Ian told me his grandma has a jar she has him pee in when they are on long drives. I told him my driving complicated most peeing options. He said something so nice and kind of funny that I just wanted to reach over a hug him.

We finally got to this rest stop place. The driveway was long and there were three trucks ahead of us inching along. If Ian hadn't been with me I probably would have considered a couple of other things out of my desperation.

Finally after I got a parking space, which was the farthest down from the toilets, I took Ian's hand and took him over this grassy area as fast as I could without dragging him. When we got to the ladies room I yanked the door open, lifted and almost threw him up the step as I ran for the first toilet.

I had Ian close the door behind us. Of course, he had an awkward grip on it and it bounced back open. I yanked my torn jeans down and my thong mid-way to my drop onto the seat. I hadn't even noticed the seat was down, as I remember it. Luck for me, I guess, when you consider the options.

I found it humorous a bit as I saw Ian standing almost nose and forehead against the door. Much of the lock was missing and he was doing me a big favor. I reached past my red underwear to get at my jeans pocket at floor level. I took out a half-eaten candy bar and handed it to Ian to keep him occupied because he's at that awkward age where I don't know what to do with him in such situations.

In fumbling with the wrapper, Ian dropped the candy which slid backwards very close to a couple of pee spots the size of a couple of quarters between my legs. As he turned to pick up the candy, I grabbed at my clothing and raised it to almost knee level. As he ate his candy, Ian asked me if the pee on the floor in front of the toilet was mine. I knew it could have been, but I told him to turn around and give me my privacy. I'm a noisy pee-er and this was a 1 1/2 minute sit. To make matters worse, I saw some words marked on the inside of the door in front of Ian that I didn't want him to ask about. The name scribbled about the governor was bad; I could only hope that the three syllables were over Ian's comprehension.

I quickly wiped, but when I stood my butt stuck to the seat for a second or two. Ian laughed at the thud it made when I used to my right hand to separate it from my butt.

Back on the road for the last 10 miles of the drive Ian asked me several questions about the pee between my feet when I sat on the toilet. And he asked what caused the seat to stick to my butt. He's the most inquisitive 5-year-old I've babysat.

I didn't want to give him too much information so I tried to steer the conversation elsewhere. However, I remembered when we stopped at a gas station a couple of months earlier when he had to crap. He had several questions about that experience too.

Because I'm only his babysitter, I don't want to piss off is parents because they are going through a delicate situation.

Do you guys think I did the right thing?


My first accident

Hello, my name is Deb and I have posted a few times here before. I'm my last post, I wrote about the first time I went on a date with my husband and how I had diarrhea a few days before our date and then had a bad period accident during the concert we went to. It started thinking back to other accidents I have had. Here is what I can remember of the first time I pooped my pants...

It was way back in 1988 when I was 12 years old. It was towards the September, at the beginning of grade seven on a Wednesday.

That morning I wasn't feeling the best. My ???? was off but I wasn't sick. I was just feeling off.

I went to school on the bus. Before our morning recess, I started feeling really bad and was having bad cramps. I went outside with my friends during recess. All of a sudden I felt a terrible urge to poop. It came on really quickly. I tried getting inside to the girls room, but I couldn't make it. I ended up having a really soft diarrhea poop in my bikini panties in the school yard. I went to the girls room to try and clean up, but I only moved the mess around my panties. The bell rang and I pulled up my panties and jeans. It felt so gross. I wanted to cry.

I still had to go during class. I was having diarrhea by then and it kept slipping out, filling up my panties and spreading all around.

I didn't feel like eating too much at lunch but I went outside with my friends to our hangout area anyway. During lunch I had to go again and let out another load in my pants. I started oozing out of the leg holes of my panties and was going down the insides of my jeans. I also felt wet in the front area, like I had peed my pants without realizing it. I looked down and realized that I had also gotten my period for the first time.

My friends noticed that I was bleeding through my pants. I told them that I wasn't feeling well and that's i was going to see about going home. When I got up to go, the mess in my pants sloshed around and was also leaking through my jeans. I was in quite a state.

They helped me walk back into the school and to reception so I could call my mum. My one friend told the receptionist that I was sick with diarrhea and that I had also gotten my period. So the receptionist called my mum and told her that I needed to be picked up. I could hear her tell my mum that I was sick and had a bad accident. I heard her whisper "diarrhea" and "she also got her period". I was so embarrassed.

When my mum got to my school, she came in and signed me out. She gave me a hug and led me out to her car. By now the front of my pants were soaked in blood and I was still have diarrhea in my panties.

We got home and I got cleaned up in my shower. My mum brought me some clean clothes and some pads. I remember the pads being really big and bulky, not at all like what I use today. These ones had little tabs to keep help keep them in place in my panties, but not full wings like they are today.

I had many accidents during my first period as I kept bleeding through my pad and clothes. Growing up, I continued to have accidents with my period and the diarrhea was so bad at times that I would have accidents. I will be back to tell some of those other stories later.

Thank you, Deb.


To tim

I also am in Tokyo at the moment for a few months I've only been here a month and just about getting used to it but I have the opposite problem than you I have diarrhea alot due to ibs and in Tokyo my daily routines been messed up than my usual life I have had a hard time adjusting to the public toilets cause some are squat and then if Ur lucky in a nice place it's a fancy toilet

Anyway my first week in Tokyo I was having the worst days ever because of the stress the stress makes my stomach worse and i was walking in one of the main streets when the urge took over and I ran into a public toilet and as I was running there it started coming out I got into a stall and it was a squat as I started squatting and pulling my pants diw it just splurted out and completely missed the squat toilet and landed on the floor next to it I quickly realized that as I looked to either side of me the gap between the stalls are surprisingly unprivate I could see other people's butts and BM coming out and they could see my well accident and what followed after that of my loud loose bowel movements and I seen a few people peaking under to see what all the noise was

I'll let Uno the rest of my weeks events from Tokyo another time but that was one of the things that happend on my first week


First snow poop

Hey everyone
Sorry for the long absence. A lot has been going on for a while and now I'm back. So a couple weeks ago we hadr our first snow of the year. Well, I couldn't very well pass that up. So after work I went in to the woods on the drive home, as I had to take a massive shit. Well, it only took a few seconds after I pulled my pants n panties down n squatted for it to come rushing out of me. I left a huge brown pile n stain on the freshly fallen snow. I got my baby wipes out of my purse n wiped a lot as it was a wet n messy poo. Got up n walked back to my car and drove home.

Glad to be back


Clogging Toilets

LC - I am also a big pooper and have clogged many toilets in my life. Its nice to know that there are people like me out there who if they want to can usually clog whatever toilet i use. I am proud of this ability its great to be able to relate girls on this since society doesn't seem to want to admit they poop let alone take huge toilet clogging dumps. I would love to hear your stories from the girls you knew in high school and you are lucky to have had the ability to talk to them about it since it seems like most find this topic gross.



So this story happened last night. My girlfriend's mother boiled a lot of hot water, and I wanted some for tea. So I poured it into my mug and she tossed some loose tea leaves in for me. After a few minutes, I tried to drink it but leaves kept getting in my mouth, so I looked everywhere for a strainer. Jackpot! I finally found one in a teapot. Eyes on the prize, I took it out, happy to finally have found a strainer. This is where I apparently completely forgot how they work. Without thinking, I held it over the sink and poured my entire mug of tea into it. My girlfriend was watching. Her mother was watching. We stared at what I did for a bit, I think in disbelief, then broke into an insane cacophony of laughter and tears.

In between us laughing and making fun of me, her mother shrieked, "I PEED MY PANTS!" We all thought she was joking but... a nice puddle was forming in the hallway. Even worse, my girlfriend was nearby and got it on her socks So yeah, just when our laughter couldn't get louder, we were practically roaring at when that happend.


Replies and Steak House Clog

Optional Dev, thanks for the kind remarks.

Catherine and others, here is another story.

I work at a large, national corporation. Each divisional in the country has an annual review where the highest ranking executives along with a battery of regional officers fly out for a two-day dog and pony. This means a lot of extra work and preparation for the folks in the divisional office. As a member of a divisional office, this often means arriving early in the morning and working a bit later in the days leading up to the review. This effort doesn't go unappreciated. The execs are generous and often treat the folks in the divisional offices to a lavish dinner with drinks at the end of the second day, especially if the division had a good year.

This change in schedule can often provide challenges to one's routines. The first day of prep went fine. I bombed the work bathroom mid morning with a two flusher, but nothing too out of the norm. I went at home on the second and third day. I managed to go on the final day of prep leading into the conferences in the afternoon that day but not a full amount. The second day of conferences started early and I missed any chance to go. The day went as expected, we managed to have a good year, so everyone was excited to dinner.

The restaurant was a high end, bougie surf and turf placed that opened on the waterfront a year earlier. I'd been before and the food was actually quite good despite some of the pretentious undertones. My coworkers know my appetite and playfully challenged me to eat the porterhouse for two, a 36oz, bone-in offering. I thought twice about ordering it because I ended up seated across from the president of the company and didn't want to seem egregious with my expenditures. He's an older, affable gentleman from Texas with a lot of subdued style and charm, in the customary southern way. He's always kind and generous with his wisdom. He asked if I thought I could finish it, I told him, "Yessir, with apps and sides." He laughed and nodded with approval.

I decided to show off a bit. I powered a salad, an ahi tuna app, bread, the steak, a side of potatoes, a shared side of mushrooms, and about half of a halibut entrée from my co-workers next to me. Needless to say, people were in total disbelief. Honestly, it was a great meal, and feel fortunate that I got a chance to indulge in such a way. It was a completely Roman experience.

Now, such actions aren't without consequences. This meal put my body at its limit and needed more space, given that I missed bathroom at least in part over the last day and a half. Dinner carried on for another 30 minutes as folks shared desserts and sipped coffees or fine liquor. I didn't partake and soon became encumbered with a need for a huge release. I felt wholly uncomfortable by the time we posed together for a company photo. I immediately slipped away to the bathroom after the photo, though, I had prearranged to share an Uber with some co-workers.

I opened the bathroom door and became overwhelmed with an unyielding urge to go. I clenched my whole body to resist. I felt like I would lose it if any muscle relaxed. I panned the bathroom. It had three sinks to the immediate left, hand dryers across from the door, next to that a return wall hid two urinals and a stall on the far end back corner. There appeared to be a cleaner's closet across the aisle from the first stall. Then a second stall was to my immediate right, left of the closet, and across from the urinals. I wanted the first stall in the corner but could tell it was in use. I begrudgingly opted for the stall adjacent to the bathroom door. The bathroom was also crowded with men going in and out, washing up, and at the urinals.

I opened the stall door and immediately recognized the toilet. We had a similar model at work, which sometimes could not handle larger amounts from me and others. It was a Toto, white and tall, with a high seat height and elongated bowl shape. It also used water efficient technology, which meant a low default water level, narrow trap opening, and a higher suction flush.

My body made an involuntary expulsion as soon as I sat and relented my full scale clenching efforts. A thick, soft rope roared out with a constant crackle and gas that hissed. This was wide but I felt it as though it expanded even more as it left my body. I heard it stretch into semi-connected segments as it reached the bowl. A pocket of gas interrupted the rope. This continued for a second or two. My body continued and soon another column interrupted the fart. It felt the same as the first. It too crackled loudly and stretched apart every 3 - 6 inches. The segments no longer made the quiet plips of water entry, but a rolling noise of it piling up on itself. Things finally relented after 15 seconds or so.

The smell was enormous. This was definitely a 9+ out of 10. I could smell specific odors within my aroma: heavy, copper, coffee. I began to feel self conscious, only because I didn't want my coworkers and executive team to know it was me defiling the bathroom in such a way. Men continued to come and go. I imagined that the swinging door carried wafts of my signature cologne out into the corridor as its hinges whined open and close. I decided a courtesy flush was in order. I peaked between my legs and saw that the first push was five soft, ovoid segments. This was a round peg square hole scenario that caused it to pile up at the trap, fill much of the water with the final piece flopped off to a side above the water line. The second series of segments stacked up in a similar way, but layered on top of the first. The final pieces piled up to the opposite side, above the water, too. I could already see streaks on the white porcelain. The color was an even brown. I know the dimensions of this toilet, from the trap to the water line is 15" and I'd covered that twice and a little by the looks of it.

I pulled the flusher and luckily the poop was soft enough that a majority got sucked down despite some oversized dimensions. Suddenly, the suction cut out. This left four full segments and parts of others rocking in brown water. I figured it must have clogged, just my luck. Skid marks adorned all sides and poop built up around the hole where the flushed forced the oversized dimensions through. I don't think it helped reduce the smell and I still had a heavy feeling in my bowels.

At this moment, I also realized just how badly I had to pee. I aimed myself downward and let go a strong stream that persisted for 20 seconds. My scent seemed to continuously billow out from underneath me. Just then, the door swung open again as a man left and I heard a passing woman say "-ohh-hhohaha" as she chuckled. It sounded like one my coworkers but I am pretty sure it wasn't her. She would be the type to laugh, though.

I had to sit for a few more minutes as my body wasn't as eager to finish as it was to start. By now, I had stopped caring as much. I'm sure no one cared either way. Most of the men had left the restroom by this point, either by coincidence or surrender. Things commenced again with a muffled puff of gas followed by a crackle. This column wasn't as thick as the first ones, though, it was just as soft. I heard it breaking apart as it continued to grow and plip into the water. This carried on for longer than I expected. Things came to an end with a couple more puffs and a few small pieces.

I turned to wipe and saw that the final round piled up on the unflushed amounts with the latter third beached up the front of the bowl beneath me. This round was just as malodorous as the first. It took five or six wipes to clean up and I tried to throw the paper to cover the mess, as I thought I'd have to leave this heaping pile as is. I didn't want to offend anyone anymore than my assault on their olfaction. I pressed the flusher again, just to make sure I was out of luck. The toilet lurched and choked, what was left of the water area began to sway from some internal force. Then, the trap burst free with a popping whoosh. It sucked some of the contents away but soon cut out again as wads of folded paper met a solidified heap of segments at the trap. The toilet refilled. I pressed the lever again and the toilet made a bassy sound that indicated it was truly out of order.

There was a brush but no plunger. I tried to clean the sides and push things more towards the hole. It wasn't much of a consolation. It was still a brown, heaping mess. I left the stall and noticed the once busy bathroom was completely empty and reeked badly. The whole ordeal had taken about 10 minutes. I washed up and headed back outside. I found my two female colleagues waiting with an Uber. Both grinned as I climbed into the back seat. I wondered what they knew.


I've been keeping up on reading here once in a while.
Sorry to hear your family got sick! That's never fun! I'm glad you enjoyed Your powerful poops. I actually love a good, noisy, powerful case of diarrhea! The only time I don't like it is when it's a small stream of liquid that just sets your anus on fire. Not fun!
There is just something really pleasurable about a powerful blast! Lots of gas, chunky, gloppy poop that sprays the toilet bowl, and then the booming toilet bowl farts! It's my time to let loose and have a blast and it feels so good!

Victoria B.
I loved your mirror dump! Gotta love toilet selfies when you have someone special to share them with! I have used a few toilets with mirrors in front of, or beside the toilet. Once I was in a very fancy bathroom with a whole mirror wall beside the toilet! It's a fantastic and sexy view! It feels good to see myself on the toilet. Sometimes I have hoovered a bit so I could see my poop hanging out. I might have to see about getting a mirror by my toilet!
By the way I agree, echoy toilet bowl farts are the best!

Well, gotta leave for now. Happy pooping!



Hi everyone! It seems I got some details mixed up on my other story. My first poop felt effortless, and my second had the gas sensation. I had a chunky poop this morning before breakfast, and a smaller more solid one later. To Marie: You were very creative in turning an abandoned play house into a potty! To who posted about the multiple toilet clogs, doing it twice in one day is quite a lot of poop. Bye!


The time I crapped my pants.

Hi guys I hope you are well. I spent some time with my family yesterday and I was reminded of a story from my childhood. When I was seven years old my sister,my mother and I was locked out of the house and we needed to wait an hour or so for my dad to get home and let us in.

I really needed to pee and no neighbours were home so I couldn't use their bathroom. After a while I couldn't hold it any longer and completely wet myself. My family was sympathetic at least. I needed to poop as well so I said I still needed to go. My mother said something like "You've started in your clothes Taylor you might as well finish" She thought I still needed to pee.

I will never forget the look of horror on her face as I stopped holding my poop and a bulge developed in the back of my tracksuit bottoms. She couldn't get upset with me because technically she did tell me to do it. I had followed her instructions to the letter. When my dad got home I cleaned up and it was never mentioned again... Except for family reunions like this!

Curious Bathroom-Goer

Weird bathroom I saw

Yesterday I was out to eat and I saw this really weird bathroom. It was a tiny bathroom. When you walk in, you see a sink straight ahead. You walk toward the sink, and to your right there's a single urinal. And it was weird because if someone was using it, you'd have to ask them to move for you to get by. In my case, some guy was using it so it was awkward. I just waited. Once he was done I went to it and on the right there was another urinal. About a foot away there's a tiny space covered by just a shower curtain containing a toilet. I had to poop so I used the toilet and just held the shower curtain closed the whole time since there was no lock. The shower curtain was barely a foot away from the toilet, so my knees were touching the curtain while I was sitting there. Luckily no one else was there, because I needed more space so I had to open the curtain to stand up and pull my pants up. I flushed and washed my hands and went back out. It was the weirdest bathroom I've ever used. At least the weirdest bathroom recently. What's the most bizarre bathroom you've used/seen?

Bowl Snaker

Anybody ever have these? You know, the longbois which coil around the bowl a seemingly endless length? Have you ever noticed when you have one of these it's always a poo that just bursts forth and is over in a flash. There's no waiting period at all. Instant gratification.



It finally happened!
I clogged the toilet with my poop.
After having bile acid malabsorption for years which mainly causes diarrhea, I actually had a massive normal poo.
It's the first time in 50 years I've ever blocked the toilet.
I'm actually quite proud and didn't mind having to unblock it because there is usually no such thing as a normal poo for me.

Friday, November 08, 2019


Poop Moments

Hi folks. I just now thought of something regards to my childhood that's worth mentioning. From what I remember, there were times I wasn't allowed from school staff to have milk products, because they thought it was the cause of my accidents. I thought this had occurred at the school for the blind in Austin when I went for part of my elementary school years. I even think I had an accident one day while wearing a velour dress, and either sitting in the nurse's office or the principal's. It's too bad to have poop memories that have become fuzzy over the years! Anyway, I felt gas shifting from below while waiting for the HOP bus, and knew a messy poo was coming on. As you all know, sometimes with an urgent poop, your intestines start rumbling. I felt a bit of that today too, but I also felt a drop sensation from my rectum area as if an air bubble burst inside. I also had a needy poop earlier this morning after breakfast before putting on my shoes. As is the case with the second poop, it was messy, but was nearly effortless. You know, as you sit on the toilet, you involuntarily start pushing it out. However, unlike the second poop, I didn't feel gas. Bye everyone.

Victoria B: I am so happy for you and what appears to be a bright future! I'm glad that you are having some really healthy, enjoyable bowel movements!



Mila (prounounced Mee-la)

New here and question for Catherine

Hi all, my name is Mila and I am 14. I just found this forum. I am 5'5" and pretty skinny but I make very very huge poops. I wanted to ask Catherine a couple questions. Since you have two girls, I was wondering if they ever have big poos too? I go poo about once every two days but when I go they're giant. My bum hurts every time and I bleed. They are thick and rope like and pretty stinky. Sometimes it's longer before I can go too. I spend a lot of time in the bathroom but not too long because I'm scared what my mom will say. I feel like I need help pushing sometimes but I'm too embarrassed to ask my mom for help. Do you ever have to help your girls have a poo? I'm worried I'll clog the toilet and that my mom will gross out.

Also, Catherine do you have any stories about helping your girls poo? I think it might help me feel less embarrassed.

Thanks! And nice to meet you guys.


Play House in the Woods

So way back when I was tweenaged girl about 12 years old. I was playing in the woods by myself and I came across a Play House (probably someone's airsoft fort or little girls hideout). Well I as some who was well versed in pottying in special places and for those of you who read my story about the toy box you know. So I quickly remembered where the play House was in the woods so I could make it into my personal out house. So some background on what this play House was, it was one of those standard FischerPrice play Houses that a lot people had as a child. The next day when I felt a good load in my booty and pressure in my bladder, I grabbed my roll of tp and went on a hike to my new potty spot. When I got to the play house, I opened the little red door and saw that the play kitchen in there would make an excellent toilet. So I pulled my pants and panties down and sat on the sink. First I let out my pee which made a funny sound against the plastic sink. Then for the main event, I farted out a nugget and then began pushing out the first of my two logs. Which made a lovely little pile under me. I finished up and gave myself a wipe and giggled about what I had just done.

I used that play house a few more times, until I came by one day and found it smashed to pieces. I never did find out who it belonged to.


I love your stories and I was excited that you replied to me. My question for you is, have you ever pooped somewhere special I know you mention peeing in special places but have you ever pooped somewhere special? I do hope you get a car too pee in soon.

To JW: No, I rarely have to strain or push hard to go. My poops almost always are firm but still easy to pass. When I'm on my period, I do thicker and harder ones, but even then it's not really a struggle. And I can't say as though I recall my girls struggling particularly to poop either. There was one notable exception when Lynne was 8 years old she was badly constipated. She had come to me complaining of that her stomach really hurt and after ruling out a few usual suspects I asked how long it had been since she pooped and she told me it had been four days. I called our doctor who told me to get an over-the-counter laxative and if that didn't work bring her in. Luckily it did the trick for her.

Hello all. I have three stories today all involving clogged toilets. The first happened yesterday. Sunday was Julie's 12th birthday and we had all pigged out on cake. Then on Monday morning, I woke up with a big urge to poop. I went to the bathroom and found Lynne on the toilet and Julie in the shower. Luckily for me, Lynne was nearly finished and needed just a few minutes more, because I was very desperate to go, both ways. When she finished she didn't flush because Julie was still in the shower. I saw a huge amount of poop in the toilet and must have made some sort of unconscious remark about it, because Lynne told me Julie had gone before showering so that was both their poops together. I sat down and added several more turds that splatted loudly onto the mess below. By that point, Julie had finished in the shower so I set to unclogging the toilet. It took a lot of effort and three flushes to clear the blockage, then I needed to use the brush and flush one last time to get rid of all the skidmarks.

My next story involves Julie. A while back, she stayed the night at a friend's house. When I went to pick her up, she was in the bathroom. After about 15 minutes she came out and we headed on our way home. Later in the car she told me she was sorry for the delay but she didn't poop the day before so she took a huge poop and then had to unclog the toilet, which took a while.

My final story takes place years ago when I was a teenager. I think I was 16, or maybe 17. I had gone to a friend's house after school and we were studying. I'd had to poop for a while but I was trying to hold it. I was embarrassed to go at my friend's house because I knew I'd clog the toilet. I tried to hold it so I could at least go at home and clog *my own* toilet, but no such luck. About an hour and a half had gone by since I first got the urge and I couldn't hold it anymore.

I excused myself to the bathroom and sure enough I ended up clogging the toilet with two huge chocolate snakes. To make matters worse, there wasn't a plunger in the bathroom. I just closed the lid and went back to my friend and sheepishly asked where she kept her plunger. She told me she thought there was one in the basement bathroom. I went down and found there was, then I went back up to deal with my productions. I got everything down okay, but there was a new problem - I had to poop more! I yanked my pants down and sat on the toilet again and pooped out another bowl full. I remember it was several long ropes of poop all coiled up in the bowl, and I'd clogged the toilet again. So I worked the plunger for the second time and again got the toilet in working order once more.


automatic flush

I too don't like. I usually flush twice when I do motions because my motions very big and I worry about clog, but once in outlet I did motions, and automatic flush was activate six times. Twice is enough! Six times is not need! We have lot of water in Japan because many typhoon, but I don't want to waste.

Kazuko sometimes flushes three times when her motion is giant, but first and second time she use small size eco flush, we have in beige loo and plan to put in green loo.

And I think many Japanese use paper too much. Most loo have washlet so we don't need lots paper. I and my friends always fold, never crumple, because if we fold, we can wipe dry with less paper.

I have stories, but very busy now and not much of energy, but I hope I tell you soon.

Love to everyone.



Replies to Abbie and Taylor

Abbie, great to hear from you again. I hope you got over your accident without too much embarrassment, and glad you got on the loo in time when Lydia was there. You must get on well with your friends to share a bathroom!

Taylor, I like to take my time, because if I don't i usually find I'm pretty desperate to finish off a short while later! The only time I'll rush really is really manky public toilets.



hello, I have story of friend, also sorry if my English is bad, not very good at it. my friend had to go, only place to go was public restroom. but stalls had broke door lock and not stay close so I look out for her, she hurry and lift her dress and lower panties and squat down as I turn my back to her to give privacy, after while she gasp and I look back at her to see lot big poop coming out her but see she not in toilet I tell her but too late she done 2 long poops and 3 big thick poops she move up does last in toilet then clean with paper and move poops that miss with more paper, she was very embarrassed.


Darcee's treatment in school bathrooms

My Darcee, who is 10 and started middle school in an accelerated program four months ago, continues to have problems in the bathrooms at her school. I last wrote about these on Page 2787. I thought I had made a dent in her apprehensions about using the toilets at school, but what do I know!

Our family's down to one car and she now has a 5 mile ride by bus to and from school. She has to be at the stop by 6:10 each morning or we have a bigger problem on our hands. Therefore she now is taking her daily BM at about 7:30 when the bus arrives at her school. There are 8 toilets in the bathroom she's forced to use. There's always 2 or 3 others she says waiting for each of the toilets and she says each morning one or two teachers with classrooms close by come in to use the facilities. They wait in line, talk to their students, and then take their seat and relieve themselves.

One day last week Darcee waited about 10 minutes for a toilet. When it opened she dropped her book bag on the side of the cubicle and quickly seated herself for her BM. I've bought her extra dresses to give her more privacy on the toilet because none of the toilets have a privacy door. None! I asked one of Darcee's teachers about that at conferences last week and was told that there has been vandalism, smoking/vaping, students messing around on the toilet, and at least one case of a boy and girl caught in a cubicle together. So the privacy doors were taken off over the summer. I'm pretty reluctant to accept that, but.....

On that morning last week Darcee was seated and had her school-issued lap top out as he was reviewing her 20 spelling words for later in language arts class. The principal walked by and told her to put the technology away so she could concentrate on getting done and getting out to the commons area where the lap tops were allowed. She heard the girl next to her having her phone taken away for the same reason. Then later in the day a school-wide announcement was aired about having such items out in the bathrooms. Darcee heard that a boy also got into trouble for having his lap top out while he stood and peed. I say there's enough bad stuff being done to keep the administration busy rather than hassling students using the bathrooms.

I told my mom about the rule, how lame it is and why it should be challenged. Back in her day, late 60s, early 70s, I asked her if students read or did homework for their papers while on the toilet. She said he didn't remember a time when she had to have a BM at school, although she admits that she held it until she got back home.
I just don't think that's realistic today. I just don't want to see Darcee sit idle when she could and wants to do something more productive on her lap while waiting for nature to do its thing.

Optional Dev

Replies, a thought, and a question.

LC - thank you for the aunt story, that was very fun. That sounds like a huge poop. there are always people i am curious to see the poop of, so i am glad you got to have that experience and know who it was.

Also thank you LC for your smell survey. i made it, and i am glad you took it. those were some very interesting responces.

Taylor- i wish i could be that relaxed, that was one of the more simple and enjoyable stories i have read here in a while.

Ohio Toilet stool fan - i agree, it is fun. i just need to eat healthy so i can do it too lol. i agree with you in agreeing about arianna and catherines messages. i also agreed with what Brittany B would often say when she still posted here.


Relief in Tokyo (m20)

Hello all, I'm glad to be posting again

For those who don't remember, I have some posts from a few months back, relating to constipation.

This semester is no exception, even when I'm studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan. Its been lovely so far, especially the food, but my issues still come up (and don't come out.)

I remember a particularly difficult session about a month ago. I hadn't gone in about 5 days and was determined to squeeze something out. I spent at least 30 minutes trying realllly hard. I was about to give up until I remembered that my toilet had a bidet attachment. For those of you who don't know, a bidet is a toilet attachment that shoots water at your hole to clean you. All of the sudden I had a crazy idea. I turned it on, and spread my cheeks. The water squirted directly into me, acting a bit like an enema. I felt the hard mass in me loosen up a bit and I stopped the water so I could start pushing. I didn't hold back and pushed as hard as I can and could feel it working. It was still a struggle, but I managed to strain out a good amount of poop, and felt much less bloated. I used to bidet for its actual purpose, wiped, then left, feeling triumphant.

Anyone else have any similar experiences or other constipated tales? I'd be happy to read them and support, as yours support me. Special shoutout to Ronnette, Lavah, and Abbie.

Good luck pooping!



To JW: I'm glad you didn't have a bad accident while naked in bed. What quick thinking of your roomate to get that container for you just in time. Do you want to know something interesting? Once while at a bowling alley in Austin, I used a toilet that made a whirring sound during the flush cycle. This strange occurrence reminded me how my white noise machine emits a soft 2 second whir while running the cricket sound effect. I love how ordinary objects (such as the toilet) can be mysterious sometimes, too. Bye!

Steve A

Biggest Toilet Clog That I've Ever Seen (At College)

In the men's room, one of the toilets on the other side of our dorm was badly clogged. So, I went to see what happened after one of my friends told me that it smelled bad in their.

It looked like a big horse poop pile, yet I can't explain how it happened.

Even though the janitors fixed it the next day, someone told me that something similar happened a month ago. So, who knows if it'll happen again...

A Chinese Boy

First post

Hi, I just found this site one week ago and it's my first time posting here. I'm 14 years old, 175cm tall and weigh 100 pounds. Although I 'm from China, but my ancestors were actually the nomadic people from Siberia, so I actually look like European instead of Chinese, I have brown eyes, white skin and higher bridge of nose. Many of my classmates said that I have great looking, it's weird thoughts in China that people all thinks the European look better than Asian. I'm very thin, so I'm not a big pooper.
This just happened last week, our school held a basketball match, I led our grade basketball team to the final. This race were huge and our enemy were also a strong team. I felt very nervous. During the race, I suddenly felt a familiar feeling, the urge to poop. Because of the uncomfortable feeling, I didn't play very well, so I decided to poop during halftime.
Ten minutes seems like thousands of years, finally, it is halftime now. I quickly ran out of the court, and I went to a bathroom nearby, it's actually a really small bathroom and there's nobody in here. So I can relax myself here. I have poop shy.
In China, almost every toilet were squat style, the advantage is that there will be no embarrassing splashing sounds when you poop, and it's also more comfortable when squatting. But your leg will easily get tired if you squat for a long time.
I quickly get in to the first stall and squat down, after peeing out my stream, I let out several airy fart and began pushing, the turd was hard, I just keep pushing it, after 3 minutes, it slide out and fell into toilet, the second turd just slide out quickly after the first one with a fart, but the third doesn't came out, it's very unusual for me, because when I poop, after the first hardest one gets out, the rest of the load just slide out. So I grunted and push hard, what I did was just letting out some farts, but I can feel the turd was there, so I keep pushing, after 5 minutes, the turd almost get out, it was a massive turd, but I've stinking up the bathroom.
Just then, another teammate in my team went in and get into the stall next to my stall. As he squat down, my third turd finally drop and I felt empty. Before I wiped, I accidentally let out a big loud fart, and my neighbor hear it for sure. And he asked:"Is that you? Captain?" I signed and said:"Yes. How do you know it was me." He push out the first turd and said:" We've looking for you for a long time, the second half will start in three minutes."
He tried to poop more faster because there's no time, after he push out the fourth turd, he flushed and met me at the sink, I suddenly blushed, he just laughed and told me it's alright, we ran back to the court and we're just in time.
In the second half, I played very well, and finally, we won the race.
That's all for today, and I will have the second post real soon.

Wednesday, November 06, 2019


Clogging Toilet

I continually read about clogging toilets . Where I come from I never see a toilet clogged from shit. .... only too much toilet paper. .


Current Poops

Hi everyone! Yesterday I had thick sludge after being solid for awhile. Today, it was on the chunky side. My chunky poop seemed so quiet that Mom didn't notice from outside the bathroom. All I know was, those beans in my breakfast tacos sure threw a punch in the number 2 department. While at a dollar store today, I bought a banana squishy that made me think of the S shape of normal poop. I'm sure mine becomes that normal S shape from time to time, but since I can't see it, I'm only guessing. To Cathrine: sorry to hear about the diarrhea, and puking! I hope all is well now.


The Park

Hey all! It's been forever, seriously. However, I had a great experience this morning and it made me think of this site and all the stories I used to post here!!
So....I was out taking a nice walk today in the park near my home. After a time I felt a gradual stirring in my bowels, and was excited at the prospect of using the public restroom at the park. I continued down the path and saw the bathrooms up ahead. Much to my delight I saw a 30ish woman and her daughter approaching the building so I knew I'd have company! The bathroom, which I have used many times, is fairly primitive. There are four "toilets", basically outhouse style. No doors, just a small divider between each.
As I approached the door the woman and her daughter had already entered. As I walked in I glanced to my right and saw the young teen girl already perched on the first toilet, and the mom was lowering her pants to sit down on the seat next to her. We made eye contact. She gave a slight smile and I did the same, and proceeded to take the seat next to her. At this point I heard a loud echoey fart from the daughter as she started to pee. The mom immediately let loose with a loud crackle and started dropping her turds into the pit below with loud splashes. I freely let myself open and let loose with a loud fart and crackle and my logs splashed noisily into the void below. The daughter was grunting loudly at this time, and eventually discharged what sounded like quite a large poop which landed with a splash! I was so enjoying the fact that there were three of us happily pooping together with no inhibition!
I pushed out another log and felt finished, so I began to wipe. Shortly thereafter the mom did as well, and we both finished around the same time. We left our seats and met at the sanitizer dispensers. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed the daughter leaning forward forcefully, then heard another grunt, fart, and splash. "Meet you outside honey" the mom casually said and exited along with me. I must say I really enjoyed the casual, carefree pooping dynamic!


To Kenzie

I have used my car as a potty many times. The car is easy to clean if you have a solid poop and you drink lots of water. Solid because then you can just pick it up and remove it. And if you drink a lot of water your pee will be mostly water so it'll evaporate. Just some febreze and baby wipes are about all you need. The easiest way to go is to sit in the back with your pants and panties around your ankles, sitting in the seat as you would during a car trip and go. I hope that helps and wasn't to badly written.

- Marie



Victoria B: I'm not a fan of automatic flush toilets. Yes, it is a waste of water. That's another reason I don't courtesy flush when I defecate. I imagine that automatic flush toilets were an answer to those who refused to flush. I hope you are well! Also, i agree with you about how unsafe kids must feel regarding toilet regulations. It's sad the world that our children must grow up in.

Grace: Amazing story about Bryanna! How y'all are you? I'm 6'1 myself!

Christy: Hello!

LC: I would love to hear more of your stories (I realize you were talking to Grace). I played sports in high school and volleyball in college. I'm 39, so that was a long time ago...

Love to all!



Reply to Halloween Bomb /

Yes, I had something similar happen to me.

This happened some years back. I hadn't taken a full one in a day or so. I can't recall what through me off of my schedule, but I remember feeling bloated most of the day. My friend invited a group of us to go to a house party of one of his co-workers. As it turns out, it was more of a get together, pre-game type of thing before we all went out to the bars a few blocks away. Sometimes drinking gives me a bad stomach ache and can induce a big clean out. I had one beer at the house and immediately knew I would have to go to the bathroom very soon. I checked out the downstairs bathroom and noticed that the toilet didn't appear well equipped to handle the situation. I thought I better hold it until we got to the bars since we would be leaving soon. As we left to go to the bars, several sharp cramps hit my stomach and rectum. This dump wanted out so bad and I almost lost it right there. I quickly regained myself and said that my ID had fallen out of my pocket inside some place and would catch up. I don't know if anyone believed me but they said they would walk slow.

Anyway, I rushed inside to the bathroom I had scouted out earlier. I ripped my pants down and could feel a thick tip force its way out as I sat. The first part log was firmer than normal for me. It continued to crackle out and grew softer before the tail was basically loosely formed. This only took 10 seconds, maybe less. I looked between my legs and saw a girthy log with the front end flopped over hole while the rest of it traced the water line and curvature on one side of the bowl. The soft end reached the front and kind of bent back into the middle while disintegrating and spreading in the water. It wasn't as wide as the hole, but probably 80% of the way there and 15" long plus the soft stuff. My stomach cramped again and I let go a load of thinner, soft segments that poofed out, capped by mush. It only lasted five seconds but seemed like a lot, as the pile broke the waterline. Such relief. The stink was unbelievably strong, which contributed to my moment of euphoria. I couldn't bask too long as I knew the others were waiting on me. The whole thing had only taken a few minutes, so I hoped no one would know what I had done.

I turned to the paper holder and saw there was none. I leaned over to the side and peaked into the cabinet that was under the sink. No paper there either. I didn't know what to do. I was pretty messy so I don't want to risk moving around. I panicked a little and decided the best course of action was to wipe with my boxer briefs and a sock if necessary. I didn't end up needing the sock, but it ruined the underwear, which I stashed at the bottom of the trash bin, under some small boxes and beer cans.

I turned to address the toilet. I pressed the handle and it was clear that it wasn't very strong. The ill-fated toilet sucked down most of the pile but the log got turned in such a way that it jammed up in the hole. The brown water quickly rose and left large segments of the log floating around along with smaller bits from the pile. There was no plunger and no brush. I had to leave. I washed up and caught up to the group minutes later.

At the bar, I had to confess to one of my buddy's what had happened and he just laughed about it, especially the underwear part. Truthfully, this story always makes me feel a little bit naughty and thankful I don't write my name in my underwear, in case someone found it emptying the trash.



Common Bathroom with My Aunt

Common Bathroom with an Aunt

This story takes place about 8 years ago when I was in my mid twenties. Every Thanksgiving a large group of my family members head to my grandparents house to celebrate the holiday. They live alone now but have a couple extra bedrooms for the grand kids or whoever to use when we come to visit. The rooms are smaller and furnished with single beds. The two bedrooms share a common bathroom. These rooms are often reserved for parties of one, whether a family member or guest, during larger family get together. Attendees with spouses, kids, or friends usually have to rent a hotel room nearby.

It's worth noting that my Grandma passed away many years ago and grandfather remarried a younger-ish woman. We view her as our Grandma now too, since this happened when we were kids. She comes from a smaller family with a sister and a brother, and not much in the way of extended family. She also wasn't married previously and she did have any children. Her sister is the same. Both women were smart, well educated, and personable, and decided to put their careers first. Over time her sister became one of our aunts.

My aunt almost always came to family gatherings alone, which meant she got to use one of the smaller bedrooms. I think she had been involved in a long on-again off-again love triangle, which contributed to her status of single with no kids. This always surprised me because aside from her brains and personality, she kept herself fit and had a classical beauty despite the fact she was in her mid 50s at this point. She is probably 5'7 but often wears heels and tight fitting cocktail dresses to family events (we all tend to wear our best at family gatherings).
I was also single and unaccompanied this particular year, so I got assigned to the other small bedroom. As a grand kid, I had stayed here before and was well acquainted with the bathroom. The house is much older, pre-war era. The bathroom can accommodate a couple people at the same time but not easily. The sink vanity is a single and I can reach across from the toilet to the sink. The shower is a door width away from the sink and toilet, which sit opposite each other. The toilet itself is white, round and low to the ground, to the point where it feels like a supported squat. The toilet hole / trap is smaller than the modern diameter. The toilet has a slow, prolonged flush in part because the chain attached to the handle and the flapper is too long. The bathroom also has thick pile carpet and heated via radiator. It doesn't have a fan but there is a window that can be opened.

I heard her rise the morning of Thanksgiving, enter the bathroom where she peed and brushed her teeth. I did the same after she left and joined some of the family down stairs in the kitchen. Everyone had assignments to prepare for the formal Thanksgiving meal. We completed these by noon and then had to get ready for the big meal. By 5pm, we were all gorged. I remembered I had not pooped earlier and began to feel a strong need. I took a pause in the conversation as an opportunity to excuse myself. I nearly bumped into my aunt as I rounded the corner for the stairs. She smiled at me as I turned to climb the stairs. I thought maybe she had needed the bathroom as well.

Her aroma poured down the hall as I came with in 10 steps of the small bathroom. It was an earthy scent with some sharpness, it had a warmth and fogginess too, but it was distinctly hers. I pushed open the ajar door and her aroma only intensified as the noise of the old toilet let me know the tank neared refill. I locked the door behind me and walked over to the toilet. The lids was down. I opened the lid to find that some of her product didn't make it down. I could immediately tell she had clogged the toilet, though some of the water had already drained out. There was a thick, dark brown turd wedged in the hole with some dirty paper, in addition to three or four 1 to 3 inch pieces gently swirling on the surface. There was also some huge streaks leading to the hole but on the opposite side of the big turd. I knew I had to resolve this issue before I could use the toilet myself. There was an old plunger behind the toilet. I gave it a couple pumps and it pulled the large turd and paper out of the hole, though, it made the water a lot browner as well. The turd was probably 10 inches in length and of good thickness. I flushed the toilet again but the water only rose. The clog must have been from another piece that caused the huge streaks. I pumped the plunger probably a dozen times and the clog relented, punctuated by a loud choking noise from the pipes. The water swept away the rest of her contents but left an array of streaks and dirty water. I waited for the tank to refill and flushed again. Things appeared to be working normally, though some of the thicker streaks still remained.

It was finally my turn. I pulled down my pants and sat. The toilet felt even lower than I remembered and placed my body in a comfortable squat position. I took a deep breath in and exhaled as my body relaxed. Again, I realized how powerful her scent was. It made me feel an odd sense of closeness to her. Soon, my body opened and a large, soft column of poo began to crackle out. Silent gas somehow escaped around the sides while the evacuation continued effortlessly for a good ten seconds. I could feel the column break apart into segments as the tip met the back of the bowl and the other end continued to grow. It finished and began to spread out over the water. My scent mixed with hers. A minute later my body let go of another thick, soft turd that broke into segments. It wasn't as long as the first, but still spanned the length of the water and then some. The tail flopped on the water's edge at the front of the bowl. I felt done. I stood to wipe and inspect the damage. The color was uniform, a mid brown, there must have been close to 32 inches worth, half floating and in a variety of lengths and widths. I decided to flush before wiping, given the preceding events. The toilet looked like it was about to clog as couple of the larger pieces merged at the hole. The water rose for a couple seconds but somehow the clog broke loose. The pieces were soft enough that they only provided temporary resistance. The water whooshed out but there was still too much for one flush to handle. The tank refilled and I flushed again, no problems this time. I cleaned up and flushed once more. By now there were only a few faint streak marks left. As I washed my hands and left, I could smell myself but my aunt's scent still hung heavily in the air.

To Catherine.

Yea, I am still here, I just ended up submitting stories that didn't belong here and the moderators did what they had to. I am glad you are still here too. i missed you on this forum.

Thank you so much for taking my survey. That made my night.

As far as your issue. You told your co-workers. Just because you are the boss, i mean people have hearts, i am sure they genuinely understand. I mean farts are funny, they may laugh about it, but i dont think it would be to hurt your feelings. don't be embarrassed about what you aren't sure of. As far as diet changes, You are so proud of your huge healthy poops, they almost seem to be a part of your mental health. I wouldn't change too much. maybe just cut out one or two things to try to help. But just keep letting people know why its happening. Maybe talk to your doctor if you haven't already. they might say anti gas medicine, which i bet you wouldn't be about. Honestly, if i were you ( judging by who you seem to be) i would just own your farts. Maybe this is a chance to feel free and less embarrassed. i promise the people that love you the most will love you and your farts. At least, thats how i think it should be. i hope this was any help at all catherine. it is good to have you back.

Optional Dev

Ideal dump.

My ideal dump is just what i had a minute ago.

1. pressure to go but not overwhelming

2. makes squeaks and crackles as it comes out

3. fills the toilet bowl hole with a pile

4. is messy to wipe to show that i pooped

5. kicks up a bit of a smell as it flushes.

6. leaves skid marks.

after a long day of driving and seeing my parents and practice my train hobby, i was coming back to my college and needed to poop. i'd left campus needing to poop but held it in. luckily it cooperated and i didnt feel it, after i told my brain no. i spent the day eating mcdonalds, and quick trip food and seeing trains. then i was heading back and could feel the need. but i drove nearly the whole 30 miles back without going. it was then that i saw a train off the interstate on a different route that was rare, so i spent time using google maps on my phone to get to it and back to my university later. sun was setting. i finally get in and no one is in our hall so i get my stuff in my dorm and slide in the toilet. i sit down and relax. i let go. and proceeded to squeak and crackle poop out of my butt. it felt good. it filled the hole of the bowl up with pieces of poo in a nice mound. i wiped and the paper was thick with poo. flushing it went down nice and easy and left some skidmarks and a bit of a smell. and i left feeling so amazing and refreshed.

catherine, i would just explain to everyone that you have a issue controlling your gas. the people that love you wont leave for that. plus you love your big poops so you need to eat well still. and i remember the story where you and alan had fun with your gas. i wouldn't loose what makes you happy and healthy. just explain to people whats going on and work on feeling more confident about your gassy booty. its ok catherine. i promise.

Optional Dev

Great Dump.

My body has been taking a while to get used to my new food schedule and diet since being at college, from having diarrhea the first few days at the dorm to basically being constipated. I now just had the best dump i have had here.

I felt the need to go around 2 pm. i held it for a meeting and it really didnt feel like a huge need. just a small need. i finally got back to the dorm from being out and went into the bathroom. as soon as i cleaned the seat of what may have been dried puke spots, i sat down and started.

i was surprised as i felt good relief of a nice log pushing its way out . it fell and a few more small logs quietly plopped out. the toilet area began to smell of that kinda death " damp grass" poop smell. i like dumps that surprise me. that don't feel like i need to go, and then i have the urge as i am going. of course i let out a little fart and the poop squeaked. it was great.

i wiped, flushed and sprayed febreeze and left the room feeling very great. i am glad i am starting to have better poops here. pooping is a fun thing.

A dump i took the other day left skidmarks, and despite the toilet brush i left them. i like to think of it as the poop leaving something to remember it by.

i again want to shout out catherine. and this may be redundent, but incase the other posts dont make it, please know that its okay that you are gassy. you cant help it. just tell everyone your issue, and continue to enjoy being the gassy big log human you enjoy being in your private moments. its all good.

good bye everyone. i love you all. i am glad to be back. And thank you to Ohio toiletstool fan and catherine for taking the survey.


To Laurie

Laurie, thank you for appreciating my posts and for the sympathy for not being able to pee in a car. I hope with all my heart that I can get a car soon, and I know when I do, I will be showing it no mercy at all! Thank you so much, Laurie!

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