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First Post And A Survey

Long time lurker first time poster here.

I have some questions for the folks on this forum who regularly have another person help them poop when they are constipated.

Do you remember the first time they helped you and could you share the story?
Do you have to ask them for help or do they usually offer to help?
What do they do to help you?
How often do you receive help from them?
Do you ever help them poop too?
Do you like to be helped or is it painful or embarrassing for you?

I look forward to reading responses to these!

Danni xxx

Carlie B.

It's been a while!

Hi everyone! I've been so damn busy with work these past couple months I've had no time to share any new stories on here. Rest assured, I've been checking in every once in a while and reading as many posts as I can. Nothing crazy to update for me, but I took a huge one this past weekend that I needed to share.

I've discovered that, at least for me, working out heavily right before pooping makes me poop bigger. I have started doing these outdoor workout classes on Saturday mornings and the poops I have after them have been consistently quite huge, even by my standards. I must be moving around, running, and jumping so much that it really gets my digestive system going.

I joined a new gym, which is still closed because of the pandemic, but they have outdoor classes at a park next to the gym. I do this heavy intensity high interval workout class that lasts an hour. Then I go to the locker room, shower, and take my morning shit.

This past Saturday, the class was extra hard. One unfortunate side effect of the heavy work is that I tend to get fairly gassy by the 2nd half of the classes. This one was no exception; I was farting up a storm. Luckily the music is always blasting so no one can hear me and since we're outside the wind seems to quickly dissipate the smell. By the end, I was soaked in sweat as always, but even felt a bit light headed, which was not usual. I laid down outside for 10 minutes after class and that made the lightheadedness subside.

Once I got to the locker room, I needed to go badly and didn't think I had time to shower before my dump. I stripped off my tank top and walked over to the bathroom in just my sports bra and leggings. What's also fun about going here is that there's a scale in the locker room that reads to the first decimal place. It's obviously great to track my progress from the workouts, but also fun to step on before and after I poop and see how much my big dump just weighed. I started making a list in my notes app on my phone to keep track. The last four weeks were 1.2, 1.0, 1.2, and 1.4 pounds. For reference, the 1.2s were both noticeably bigger than average, the 1.0 slightly bigger than average, and the 1.4 was a giant one. I stepped onto it and got 164.6.

There are just two bathroom stalls in the locker room. The class this week was very small, and I had spent the extra time laying down outside, so by then the locker room only had one other woman in it. She was showering as I went to the toilet. She was older, maybe in her early 40s and a regular in the class. I didn't know her by name though. I am terrible at guessing accents, but I think she is German. She had a very thick accent and didn't speak perfect English, but it was understandable at least.

I plunked down on the seat and let out a couple big farts. With the shower still running, I doubt she could hear them, although I'm sure she smelled them as the steam from the shower always seems to make farts smell worse. And for some reason, the toilets were right next to the showers. She shut off the shower and seemed to be drying off when out of nowhere, she started to strike up a conversation. While bold, it did sort of break the ice as we were literally the only two people still there. She asked what I thought of the class and I told her it was the hardest one yet for me. She said she was looking forward to doing what I was doing (pooping) after her shower. I told her I was equally looking forward to showering after mine.

She kept the conversation going as I kept going. I guess the conversation had me distracted as I failed to notice how big my dump was. As I stood up to look at it, I was amazed by the size. A very solid, thick, at-least-2-footer. As usual, it stuck down into the hole so I couldn't see the full length, but it was my biggest in a long while. I wiped once and tossed the paper to the side of the log and flushed. Not that I expected any different, but it didn't budge an inch and the bowl quickly filled up. Even if it had moved, there was no way my massive shit would've been able to fit around the bend. Since I knew the other woman was going to use the restroom in a few minutes, I had a dilemma, I could tell her I had clogged this one and to use the other one. That way she wouldn't see it, but I would have to admit to clogging it. The other option was to say nothing and hope she used the other stall. I enjoy showing off my work to close friends, but definitely not strangers and double definitely when I'm still at the crime scene. I ended up taking a chance and saying nothing.

I exited the stall just as she was leaving the shower area to go get dressed. I quickly stepped back on the scale. I was now down to 162.9, so my dump had weighed a whopping 1.7 pounds! Holy crap! After recording my numbers, I took off my remaining clothes and got in the shower. The showers were in full view of the two stalls, so I would know which she chose. After a few minutes, she came back and just my luck, tried going into my stall. She came back out quickly with a big grin on her face. She said "wow, you did really giant poop!" She said she had seen another giant poop last Saturday after class in the same toilet and asked if it had been mine too. I'm sure my face went red as I had to admit it was. To make matters worse, I was standing there completely naked in the shower as she kept talking. She finally went into the other stall and I finished up showering. As I was getting dressed, she came back to the lockers and said she too had had a large poop. "You are the prize winner though". She said hers was still there if I'd like to look. She said goodbye and left. I thought what the heck I'll look so I took a peak and it was pretty big. Maybe a foot or so, but only half as thick as mine. As a courtesy, I flushed and it was quickly whisked away. I stopped back in my stall to take one last look at mine. That was not going to be an easy plunge job for the janitors.

Like the other woman, I'm guessing the janitors are noticing a trend of the same toilet clogged with a large turd every Saturday afternoon. I do worry about being a repeat offender in the same place on a set schedule and people figuring it out it's me leaving the turds. The only other place that used to be a problem was at work in the office. About a month of so after I started, they put a plunger in each stall so at least there I could do it myself.

A question for others, have you ever tried weighing yourself before and after taking a dump? Or directly weighed your poop (Eww)?

To Megan: Megan, your story about Jill could easily have been about me! We had a sleepover camp in 7th grade and I remember blocking one of the outhouse toilets. Unlike Jill, I didn't dare have the courage to admit it was me much less take pride in it.

You're correct in that it does often provide a bit of a thrill to take big dumps. I remember back in middle school when I was just starting to have trouble flushing a lot of my turds that it was kind of fun trying to guess whether the dump I was taking would flush or clog. Back then it felt like a 50/50. Nowadays it's far more memorable when I take a dump that flushes without jamming.

To Victoria: loved your story, sounds like you had a nice big morning turd! Glad to hear you plunged it away fairly easily though. Nothing worse than one that just refuses to go away.

To Brandon: great story about Naomi. Sure sounds like she may be a frequent clogger like myself and some others on here. Seems like she isn't embarrassed at all by it which is good. I have a couple embarrassing stories about pooping on dates but she seems to have handled it well.

I do wonder how common it is for people to be interested or impressed by significant others' poops like you seem to be. I'd wager it's more common than you may think. I've dated three guys, two of which, like you, I think secretly enjoyed my 'talents'. The third, definitely not so much. Maybe that's why we only lasted a month! Haha I hope you two continue seeing each other and hopefully you'll have more to share!

To Catherine: a few weeks back you asked about a feeling of pride in taking a big poop. Absolutely! Now, depending on the situation and potential embarrassment, the pride can become more of an afterthought, but taking an enormous dump is so rewarding both physically and mentally.

A general thought I've had: it seems like on here quite a few of us report being bigger than average poopers. Reading through the pages of this site, you'd think large craps and clogged toilets were fairly common, but In real life its pretty rare to find a clogged toilet or a huge turd someone else left. Do you think people who take larger poops are more likely to seek out a forum like this and share? As if a story about a normal or small poop that someone takes isn't worth sharing. Basically, the only thing worth sharing on a site like this is an unusual or memorable experience, and those are more likely because of particularly large poops?

Best to all!


What do I do??

I am letting go of little drips in school and I really have to pee. I would like to pee myself but I don't want my parents to know. What do I do??


Reply to Victoria B

Victoria: I love your story, thanks for sharing! Congrats on your huge poop haha! I admit I'm a tad envious of people like you and Jill and your "abilities." I can never imagine pooping large enough to clog a toilet. I can't recall a time I've even come close, even with paper included!

A few questions for you, and anyone please feel free to answer. ..

Did you get a bidet, at least in part, to reduce your need for TP to make flushing easier? I'd imagine that someone who poops as big as you often do that adding paper to your already big loads can cause some serious jams.

Secondly, do you find it much harder/rarer to clog a public toilet (those seem way more powerful) vs a home one? That's maybe the most impressive part to me about Jill's log: not only did it clog, which again is more than I can imagine doing, but it was a public toilet, the kind with the high power flush.

I love how you described squatting down to push the plunger in. I don't have that experience. I'd always considered the extra time you have to spend in the bathroom, but never the physical effort. Do you ever have significant trouble plunging? What's the longest you've ever spent trying to unblock a toilet? Have you ever gotten worn out and needed to return later?

As you note, I'm sure it does get a little old needing to plunge after a while and lead to some embarrassing situations, but it sounds like you've learned to handle it well.

Thanks again for sharing!


Leena's question


I believe it is a post called "Tales from the Latrine - Part III" on Page 352. One of my all time favorites as well! Let me know if this is what you were looking for. :). And if you could in return post a story about you peeing in a cup for the doctor and/or for convenience. If not I'm glad to help anyway just thought I'd ask. :P

Asha The Weirdo

Snakes On A Plane

This next story took place right before the pandemic, it was in February of last year. I had to fly to Nashville for a shoot and had to take a massive dump. Didn't have time to do so before my flight cause I had to be up hella early and I also just have this thing about being late, I hate doing that and because I didn't wanna miss my flight I had to put my shit on standby. However I was ripping major ass from the time I woke up to the time I got in the lyft. The poor driver had to endure my horrible gas all the way to the airport. It was embarrassing but hopefully he doesn't still hate me. Once in the airport I was getting some head turns and looks from guys, I didn't mind the stares cause if only they knew what comes out of my ass throughout the day especially that morning. I was wearing denim jeans with a slight flare, some black high heel boots, a white cropped tee, and a black trench coach. Someone this cute and fashionable can't possibly create such horrid odors from her ass right? WRONG. Once on the plane I literally could not stop busting ass. It was horrible. I sometimes fart on planes as gross and inconsiderate as that is but holding that shit in hurts. Now holding in farts AND a giant turd on a PLANE, a deadly combination. The lady sitting next to me had her face permanently scrunched as I was letting off silent lethal gas. The dude in front of me kept sighing in great annoyance. As I said in my previous post, I've only recently began getting used to public pooping and that also includes public farting. Is it embarrassing? Yes but it's not as mortifying to me as it once was. So I'm sitting there legs crossed trying to look as unfazed as possible, blowing ass and clenching my hole every so often so I don't shit myself. I was honestly hoping the plane didn't have to do an emergency landing cause of the smell as I've heard stories like that on the internet. After like an hour I decided I didn't want to subject these innocent people and myself to this awful stench and headed for the restroom. Now everyone KNEW it was me stinking up the entire coach but oh well I REALLY needed to go and I'm sure the passengers would've agreed wholeheartedly. I walked to the bathroom but had to wait as it was occupied. When the guy finally came out i was immediately subjected to whatever he did in there, the smell was putrid but I guess what goes around comes around. I walk in, lower my jeans down to my thighs, and lift my jacket up over my lap as it wasn't that long. I passed gas a couple times before my turd began sliding out and hit the water with a big *KLOMPP! I had to put my shirt over my nose as the last guy really did a number in there. The shit is pretty mushy and wet coming out, it was long and combined with the water splashing back up, my ass was really muddying. It was getting difficult to breathe with my shirt over my nose so I took it down and sheeeesh. My shit stink had overtaken the other dude's stink and it was ripe af. I then began wipe and heard a knock on the door. "Just a minute" I called out followed by an "okay, sorry" from a man's voice waiting outside. Dude was in for a real stinky surprise and I was soon to be added to yet another enemy's list. I blame my diet honestly, I eat like crap. Due to my metabolism I can eat a whole box of pizza and the only consequence is bad gas and a nice round food baby that I'll shit out the next morning. I look in the bowl as I usually do and see long, mushy snakes piled on one another creating this sizeable load sitting in the toilet hole. The water was brown due to the pee I took. I flushed and it thankfully went down. Washed up while being grossed out by the overpowering smell and opened the door. The guy was standing nearby, we smiled at each other and I headed back to my seat. Lord knows his how his reaction was to the stink but I'm sure he wasn't all too happy about it, kinda like a couple the passengers' faces when they saw me again. Sorry..

More to come, stay tuned

Wednesday, March 03, 2021



o Rachel - I definitely think the stress of current events have worsened my constipation issues. I'd say I normally pooped about every 4-5 days before covid, which I know isn't great, but it's more like every 7-8 days on average lately. In fact, I think I went 12 days between poops during the holidays. I'll admit, it wasn't the first time that's ever happened as I used to do that frequently as a teenager, but it was not fun. I've tried the sitting backwards on the toilet technique along with the other techniques I've mentioned on here. As with all of them, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, which I'm sure you can relate to. I hope you're able to get full relief soon and that the process isn't too painful for you. Best of luck!

to Danni - Welcome! I found your survey really interesting, so I figured I would answer it.

Do you remember the first time they helped you and could you share the story?
I've had constipation problems since I was an infant, so my mom has been helping me poop frequently since before I can remember. I believe my dad used to help me too but he hasn't been in the picture since I was 5 so I don't remember it. My mom still helps me out on occasion, along with my sister, some of friends, previous partners, and when needed, doctors. I do have a specific early memory of my mom rubbing my ???? while I laid on the floor and tried to poop on a towel when I was maybe 3 years old.

Do you have to ask them for help or do they usually offer to help?
It depends. Sometimes I'll ask them for help either if I'm really constipated and know I'll need it before even trying on my own or after trying and failing to poop by myself. Other times, they'll ask if I want them to come with me when I say I'm going to the bathroom or they'll knock if I've been in there for a while and offer to help me.

What do they do to help you?
I've mentioned this on here before, but they'll rub my ????, back, and hips, squeeze my hands, spread my buttcheeks, give me bear hugs, put vaseline up my butt, or pull my poop out if it gets stuck. Or sometimes, they'll just encourage me by saying things like, "Keep pushing, you're doing great! It's almost out! Come on, Lavah, you can do this!"

How often do you receive help from them?
It can range from once every 3 months or so to a couple times a week depending on the season. Pretty often lately. Probably once every week and a half, I'd guess.

Do you ever help them poop too?
Yes, when they need me to. My mom is pretty good about getting out herself and so is my sister, but there have been times where they've needed me to assist. I've helped several friends and a few partners out as well.

Do you like to be helped or is it painful or embarrassing for you?
I don't mind having help when I need it, although if I'm at the point where I need it, I'm usually already in a ton of physical pain. I don't find it embarrassing at all. It's something I've experienced all my life and I'm not ashamed of it. Whether I'm the one helping or being helped, I think it's a great bonding experience with people close to me.

Emma, please read the FAQ, all of the FAQ.


First Post And A Survey

Long time lurker first time poster here.

I have some questions for the folks on this forum who regularly have another person help them poop when they are constipated.

Do you remember the first time they helped you and could you share the story?
Do you have to ask them for help or do they usually offer to help?
What do they do to help you?
How often do you receive help from them?
Do you ever help them poop too?
Do you like to be helped or is it painful or embarrassing for you?

I look forward to reading responses to these!

Danni xxx

Victoria B.

To Megan


Welcome, first of all I want to say that Jill sounded like she was a pretty cool person. In my lifetime I've clogged many toilets and the best way of handling it from the 20:20 hindsight of years of being bullied about my huge poops is to own it!

You're in luck because I also have a story about clogging my toilet from just yesterday morning.

I was by myself in my apartment because Robyn, my girlfriend, was sick. Don't worry, she tested negative for COVID! As a precautionary measure we nevertheless decided to physically distance until she feels better. Anyway, I ate a banana and a little peanut butter for breakfast and by the time I got to coffee I was feeling full back there and headed to my ensuite for a number two, enjoying the feeling of warmth and pressure between my moving legs on the way.

My plan was to shower after I'd done the deed so I took off my oversized t-shirt and boyshorts (red with navy blue stripes) and set them on the tank before putting the lid down and taking a seat to get to work.

The coffee filled my bladder and it emptied with a hiss as I gave the first push. I knew it was going to be a big one; the log felt a little firmer than my normal output and must have been more dry as well because it didn't seem too excited about its impending departure from my butt. My pee died down to a last few tinkles and at last I could bring my undivided attention to bear on the turd. I felt a sudden rush of warmth inside after a slightly bigger push at least began to open me up. My discomfort was matched by pleasure and my poop crowned as I let out a full moan with the next push.

Now it was a little farther out of me but strangely enough there were no signs of a complete exit or of the log breaking off. It was almost done when I decided to take a breather and savor the feeling of fullness for a little longer. It was unreal and managed to linger a little while after my final push landed it beneath me, silent with the exception of the contented sigh I let out. I used my bidet to wash myself front and back and then got up without bothering to wipe since I thought I was going to get in the shower right away. I was wrong about that one!

In general I prefer to flush sitting down but my instinct that this latest creation would require extra attention was validated when I got a better look at it than the peek between my legs I took after my body let go of the moment. My monster turd was at least a foot long and about an inch or 2 1/2 cm at the widest diameter. It was so long that the tip was already touching the bowl before I'd completely pooped it and that must have affected how it landed because it was perpendicular to the mouth of the bowl-90° from where it could be flushed! There I was, naked, standing in front of a toilet and trying to figure out how to deal with yet another monster load!

Not wanting to bring my matching black brush and plunger set into action unless it was absolutely necessary I flushed, thinking that the water pressure would be enough to break my number two in two. I couldn't have been more wrong. My pee was sucked down the drain but the log just sat there, mocking me. I tried again and this time it split in half. "That's right!" I said, confident and happy that my plan was working. The two pieces would be much easier to flush, right? I reached over to the left side of my toilet and pressed the handle for a third flush. The third time was not a charm as the two pieces sat in the drain and the water level in the bowl rose. I had clogged yet another toilet.

This wasn't my first rodeo and I got to it right away, carefully positioning the business end of the plunger to cover the entire drain and putting the weight of my body into each pump as I plunged, just like doing squats. The first salvo didn't quite get there so I kept at it, this time allowing myself to get vocal in the course of plunging. The toilet had started to swallow the water so I finished with one final plunge before flushing again. It worked! I'd done it again! I was so excited that I fist-pumped with my free hand before putting my trusty plunger back into its black plastic holder. With that I hopped in the shower and got myself clean, restoring the world's illusion of a woman who never pooped and certainly did not know her way around a toilet plunger

Another victory for someone with her shit* together



My Birthday Motion

Hi everyone, lazy Mina is back. I am 30 now. We are all four of us 30! We are old women? But I don't think so. Hisae is nearly 31 but she bounces all over flat like she is on a spring. Even on loo she bounces.

(Chae, stop to pinch my bottom. I can't to concentrate.)

We had big party in beige flat yesterday. Ate and ate and drank and drank! It was home party because of a corona. So we cooked ourselves, but 3 crushes said to poor Mina, "Minappé you don't cook, please be lazy! It is your birthday!" I didn't feel good and began pout, so 3 crushes run to me and kiss my top of head and said, "go to liquor shop and buy bottle of champagne, get chilled one." And gave me a money. So I went to shop and bought bottle of champagne and ran back to flat and put into fridge to chill more, and then helped to cook, because I wanted, so they allow me.

This morning after breakfast it was our usual expression of face. We all thinking same thing. Inside of four bottoms is growl and growl. All four of bottoms need to be active. Beige loo is waiting with impatience. "When you come? I am hungry!!"

We clear table first, then go to loo. Loo gave us smile. Hisae took off pyjama and panties and sat down. Maho next to her. Usual style, many plops and about 5 minutes. Then Kazuko with me next her. It is so pleasure to watch Kazuko when she is busy her bottom. She feel so comfortable and we can see in her face. And movement of her bottom also show she is comfortable. Turds came out and came out and came out again. She paused many times, then started again many times, that is her style and I love! It was so a pleasure to dry her after washlet.

Maho look at me so I said, "Maholin I want to be last, is it OK?" Maho said, "Mina everything you want is OK. It's your birthday, and you are sweetest woman in world, so I give you anything what you want." And kiss me on my top of head, and take off panties and sit on loo.
Kazuko next her.

"You are sweetest woman in world." Many times 3 crushes said this to me yesterday and today.

Maho was on loo very long time, she never hurry and she need to drop many turds, one at a time and they are heavy so make loud plop noise every time. (But Kazu was also on loo very long time.) I feel OK. I am not in hurry so much. But I have feeling, I am going to stay even longer time than Kazuko and Maho, that is reason why I want to to be last. I don't know why I had this feeling, but I had message from body. I look at Maho with a full of love in my heart. Hisae also looked at her with love and held my hand.

Finally Maho finished and Kazu dried her, then I sat on loo with Hisae next me so she could give me massage.

Different with Kazuko and Maho, my first turd came quickly and broke up many pieces. Very soft motion! I stayed on loo for next one. Kazuko said, "Minappé when you are on loo, you are so so beautiful!"

I said, "Kazu also, and Maholin and Chae."

Maho kneel down and touch my knees with her both hands. "Minappé beautiful beautiful beautiful." Strong voice. Kazuko's eyes gleam, and Hisae's massage became stronger. I was busy because my bottom said, "now is time" and motion came out, plop plop about 6 times because soft again and broke up.

Hisae said, "I flush so please stand. Loo is full." Maho pulled me up. After flush, I sat down again, quite quickly because my bottom sending urgent message.

Burururururururururu. Burururururururururururu.

"I think is only little pieces now, so flush is not need." Hisae said OK.

Ten minutes later, little pieces still coming out. About one minute one piece. One of them not so little, Hisae said. About 7 centimetres. That one came out with two more smaller ones at same time.

Why I did so many little pieces? They all land on top of huge mushy....

"Minappé, if you are not satisfy, it's OK you stay on loo! We can wait!" Maho said.

My bottom said to me, there are more little pieces. Stay on loo. So I nod head. Kazu now kneeling in my front, and hold knees. I push and push and many more little pieces, time was ten minutes more. Hisae still did massage!! How sweet she is.

Last little piece came out very fast. Pakan! like bullet. I said, "this is end." So I washed with washlet, and then 3 crushes all dry me. "Minappé you are beautiful." "Minappé we love you." "Minappé you did so beautiful motion." "Minappé we are happiest women in world because we live with you." "Minappé thank you for being born." "Minappé your bottom is cutest one." So many kind things they say while they dry me. I am crying and crying, I can't stop to cry. "I am happiest woman in world because I live with Chae and Kazuchan and Maholin" I said with crying voice. It is true. I am happy happy happy!!!

After we all wash hands I hug and hug all three crushes. I was on loo nearly 40 minutes but they never said complaint. Then we drank tea. Maho made me sit on her knees!! I am little baby....

Now I am writing in evening but my heart still warm from this morning. And so many caresses while I writing.

I hope everybody on toiletstool site is well and happy. Please be careful everybody. Don't catch a corona. Winnie the Poo, and Mr Oldpoop, are you still in this site? I hope you have vaccine soon.

Love to all of you.

Mina and 3 crushes


Mini Training

Hi folks. This occurred a long time ago, so some details are sketchy. In the summer of 07, I went to a mini blindness training program held in Waco. The hotel was big from what I recall, and the bathroom attached to my room was small with the toilet facing the door to it. I only remember one memorable urgent bathroom need (I had to go 2). I rushed into my room, and dropped everything in order to make it. We took a van in the morning to go to a different building for classes, but I don't recall bathrooms their. When I think of the hotel in Waco I was at, I even believe I was on one of the upper floors. I seem to recall being in an elevator with someone on the way to my room after buying a baby doll that said Mamma, etc. I was sad when I accidentally spilled water on her after taking her home, but at least I didn't get anything gross on her like pee. What I mean by that is that I'm glad I'm not a bed wetter. If I was, the doll could've gotten ruined by pee soaked sheets/clothing. I'm sad to have forgotten a lot of my mini training experiences especially the bathroom. Once, I did a wrongful thing that taught me a lesson. That incident was being in the same room with a guy, and being in the same bed with him. We never used the bathroom together, but in the end I was just mad for braking the rules. This guy was named Willie, and we never became friends for long. I bet Willie has had his good share of awesome poops, but I'll never know now. As for my poop today, it was runny. My period has given me diarrhea before, and strangely, Pepto didn't help. This was back when I thought I had a virus. I guess it was withdrawal from birth control hormones giving me diarrhea, and maybe Pepto doesn't fix that cause of diarrhea. It wasn't too watered down today, more like sludge. My story was a bit longer today, and as always, hope you enjoy. Bye!

End Stall Em

Question about the first poop

My now live-in boyfriend is Spencer. We went to the same high school, but he was a couple of grades ahead of me. One hot summer afternoon when I think I was in 9th grade, our doorbell rang. It was this guy they called Sodbuster Spencer because he was laying sod in our neighborhood. He was drenched in sweat, knew my name, and asked to use our bathroom. Since I kinda knew him, I led him down to hall to the bathroom. I could hear him pick up the lid, tear off a lot of toilet paper, so I thought he was going to take a crap. Then silence. Then he dropped himself onto the stool. After a minute or two of listening, I opened the linen closet door, grabbed a large bath towel, knocked, he said I could come in and I tossed him the towel. He seemed most appreciative and smiled as he caught it. Just as he did, I heard a couple of splashes of crap into the water. What was most surprising to me was that he was sitting on a nest of toilet paper. It was hanging off the front, on the sides, and from in between his legs over the front. That surprised me. Mom cleans the bathroom once a week. This wasn't at some gross truck stop, with some urine on the seat, and that type of thing. While I was in the kitchen pouring him a drink, I could hear him flushing the toilet one time after another. Finally when he came out and Spencer and I had a talk I asked him why he would waste so much toilet paper on papering the seat. He said that's what he was taught at home, and that he always does when he's away from home. I was like WOW! I never have worried about sitting right on a toilet seat away from home. That includes at my college, at the mall I work at part-time, and everywhere Spencer and I go, too. The first time Spencer saw me poop was on the first trip we took together to visit family at Christmas. At an Interstate rest stop the ladies room was closed for cleaning and it was 90 miles to the next stop. I decided to use the guys' bathroom. Otherwise I would have exploded in his truck. So he stood in the bathroom doorway at 2 a.m. While I seated myself in the first stall, a stall without a privacy door I might add, he seemed surprised that I just "went in." I guess I was suppose to check out all of the 8 or 10 stalls. Why? I explained to him that I always take one of the two end stalls. I sat right down. Jeans and underwear at knee level. I explained to him about the time and toilet paper that I don't waste by wiping down or covering the seat. Spencer admitted, however, that I did a more through wipe from the seat and a good washing of my hands with soap. He also seemed surprised that I flushed from the sitting position, just as I stand up to leave.

MD Dan

Job Site Buddy Dump with a Girl

I had to visit a construction site recently for work (something I do often) but this visit turned out to be a lot more interesting than usual. I was meeting with one of the Project Managers on site to discuss the job early in the morning. The site was a new home being built and had open framing, a roof, and the exterior walls only. There was a bank of 3 port-a-potties for the workers tucked next to the roll-off dumpsters.

So I showed up on site and was greeted by the PM, a woman of about 37-40, blonde hair tied up (for safety), and she looked a lot like Sara Jean Underwood. Her mask hid most of her face though. It was about 20 degrees outside so we both had on heavy jackets. She was wearing jeans and short boots, as was I.

So we were walking around the site and discussing the job for about 45 minutes and I started feeling the coffee I had on the way over. My gut was starting to cramp and I kept letting out silent farts as we were walking around. The wind was blowing through the house every so often and I tried to do it when we were walking between rooms. She may have noticed a couple of them but this is not an uncommon thing to happen on construction sites. At some point I started smelling someone else farting too, but I didn't know if it was her or not. There were a couple other workers on site that had passed by close enough to us that it may have been them.

After about the one hour mark I couldn't take too much more and we came to a natural pause in the discussions so I asked if she minded if I took a bathroom break. She immediately seemed a little relieved and said, "No, go for it! I was about to head over there myself!" We made our way out of the house and down to the porta-potties. The one on the right was leaning at a precarious angle due to some erosion underneath it. It was probably fine for a guy taking a piss but definitely would have been awkward to sit down in. The middle and left ones were fine. All 3 were tucked up against each other to save space. She took the middle one and I took the one on the left.

I knew there was no possible way to hide was I was about to do so I just embraced it and hoped to finish quickly. Being used to porta-potties, I was able to undo my belt and get my pants down pretty quickly in the cramped space. I sat down and checked for toilet paper, which there was plenty of. I heard her fumbling around a bit. She probably wasn't as used to the cramped space. I heard her jeans finally slide down and she let out a quick fart as she sat down.

We both pissed at the same time, taking a few seconds each. I had to go bad enough that my poop quickly started flowing out. It was about 6 or 7 semi-solid globs of poop. I was farting at the same time as they all fell out in only a matter of 10 seconds or so. I ended with a deep blubbering fart. They all made soft splatting sounds in the chemical below. Immediately after I was done (which only took about 15 seconds) I heard her start to poop. Her dump was pretty much identical to mine, just with about 12-13 soft logs and a lot more gas. I heard a few logs splat out from her, followed by bubbly farts, then more poop, then more bubbly farts, then more poop and finally a last mushy fart. She only took about 15-20 seconds.

We both wiped, pulled up our pants and got out at the same time. She glanced over at me, clearly grinning even though I couldn't see it through the mask, I could tell by her eyes. I just said, "All good?" and she let out a short laugh and said, "Yes, I'm good!" As we walked back she fell back a couple paces and blasted another bubbly fart. She caught back up and said, "Sorry! I have some bad gas this morning and figured you wouldn't mind since we just heard each other pooping like that." Then she held her stomach and said, "Oh my god..." and farted yet another bubbly fart. She laughed and said, "I am so sorry! This is crazy!" I said, "Hey, it happens! Don't worry about it! At least we are outside." We dropped the conversation as we came back into the job site to finish the work we were doing over the next 30 minutes. I farted a couple more times walking through, as did she. Neither of us not worried about making any noise around each other now.

I have to meet up with her again a couple more times before I'm off that job. I'll let you know if anything like that happens again.

Leena P.
Can anyone help me find a post from the old pages? All I remember is a young man on vacation with his family at a lake. He met a girl there. The 2 of them went into the woods to use relieve themselves but she was constipated. I think he pulled it out of her. Somebody please help me find it!

Anna from Austria

Air Refesher

I have never been a fan off Air Refresher and never have used them in my life. And after using them for the first time I do not regret it that i have never done it.

On Monday I had to visit a different part of the Office Building to submit some papers to my higher ups.

After doing dad i felt some preasure at my Backdoor and headed to next bathroom. Never used the bathrooms before at that Floor so i didn't know that were no normal separated big toilet Rooms with plenty of stalls for each gender like at our Floor. They just had single room Unisex toilet.

I locked the door pulled down my pants and panties and sat at the toilet. At first I peed quite a lot, then I did a prrft type fart and a big log. some more farts and then another log. Then I felt empty. the Toilet room was smelling Pretty bad now. I felt embarrased because lots of People saw entering the toilet. Then I looked at the sink and saw the air refresher. I first cleaned my self flushed and then I headed to the sink to wash my Hands and use the air refresher. But somehow it did work out as it should. it changed the smell in the room for sure but it did not cover my poop smell entirely. it just produced strange stench. A mixture of my poop and the smell of the air refesher. Quite a diguisting stench for my likings. I left the toilet fast and headed back to my Floor. I really hope nobody entered the toilet after me in the next 30 or so minutes.

That's my Story for today

Greetings from Austria



Post Title (optional)pooped my pad on the bus

I was riding the bus this morning to work and let out some routine gas. However it felt like more than routine gas and more like I had pooped my panties. Like, oh my, it just slid out, unexpectedly. Luckily, I was wearing a large pad because I was expecting my period. I was quite anxious because I couldn't tell how much damage was done in my panties and if people on the bus could smell anything. I stood the rest of the way because I didn't want the poo to squeeze past my underwear and pantyhose and stain my skirt. I felt really self conscious standing there with empty seats, wondering if anyone suspected that I had just shit myself. I tried to sneak into work to get to the bathroom to check the damage, but my boss intercepted me and spend several minutes going over what needed to be done urgently that day. Finally I got to the bathroom stall and managed to wrestle my spanx off, as well as my panties and pantyhose. Of course, there's only two stalls, with my co-worker pooping next to me and no where to hang my spanx and pantyhose. Luckily there wasn't much damage, the pad had contained the surprisingly amount of poo and my panties were only slightly damaged. My problem was that my pads were the kind with wings so the wings kind of went done the legs of my spanx, which felt weird. Then I had to figure out what to do with my panties and pad. As I was leaving the stall I was palming the panties and pad, and I quickly stuffed them in the trash, not being sure if the other person noticed. I figured I could come back later with a plastic bag and retrieve the panties. I had rough morning with cramps, bleeding, and diarrhea, as my period came on pretty heavy as I could sense the wetness. I didn't want to take too many trips to the toilet because I didn't want to draw attention to myself and also deal with the struggle to get my spanx down and back in place. So I spend most of the morning trying to hold it as much as possible through my cramps and urgency. I worried that my pad wasn't in place and that I might lose control and when I felt I couldn't hold it any longer I rushed to the toilet. Trying to hold it while wrestling with spanx isn't easy. By the afternoon I was feeling much better. It was a very stressful morning.



I do not recall when the first time was but I do not believe there ever has been embarrassment about it--she's medically trained, that pretty much gets rid of any squeamishness about what the body does. Neither of us cares if the other is there, the bathroom door only gets closed for temperature reasons. I can't recall a time when our relationship was not like that, but in our initial dating time there were appearances that had to be maintained, there were no sleepovers and no access to toilets that were not shared with others. It was only when we moved into an apartment together that encountering each other in the bathroom was even possible.

The other way around is slightly an issue--I don't like wiping with her there, but that's about showing an unwiped ass, not about pooping. She doesn't understand it and I've never figured out exactly what my issue is with it as I know it's not a problem for her.


Film Farts

I have a project for school which is to record and ask people in my family important question. I'm spending the weekend with my grandmother and I decided to ask her some questions.

My grandmother is in her early 50s, brown hair, and around 5'8. She is very sweet and caring, but she wasn't particularly okay with being recorded. I was able to convince her though.

We sat on the couch in her living room to record. She was nervous and she kept her hands on stomach the whole time. When we finished the questions, I went to turn the camera off but I guess she thought I already turned it off because she did the most unexpected thing and let out a huge wet fart.

The thing about my grandmother is that she is very proper and fancy, so her letting out that fart seemed so out of character for her. I turned to her and said "Grandma?". She burst out laughing and I started to laugh too, but her laughter caused more farts to come out of her. They are sounded so wet! I thought for sure she may had pooped, but she didn't.

When she finally calmed down and stopped wet farting, she said "Thank God the camera isn't on." I didn't tell her the camera was still on because I didn't want to embarrass her. I'll probably just tell her I accidently deleted the video and need to record a new one.

Bonus: An hour after that, she had came out of the bathroom and told me she thinks I shouldn't go in there for a while. She had a sheepish grin while saying that. I'm honestly glad I'm getting to see this side of my grandmother.


Latest update

Hi everyone, I've got a couple of comments before sharing my latest news.
Imogen- good to hear from you and glad you made it home before you totally wet your knickers, sounded like it was close!!
Jasmin K- great to hear from you again, your belly must have felt better after pushing that massive poo out although it sounds like it might take a while for your bum to recover!
As I've mentioned before my constipation troubles started when I went to secondary school and I started holding in my poo because the loos were really gross and bullies used to hang around there, a few times I had other girls looking over the cubicles at me while I was on the loo, luckily every time that happened I was just having a wee, I would have been totally mortified if I'd been in the middle of a poo! My body clock is actually very regular, I usually start to want a poo late morning and when I was at primary school I had a great routine, I always went on the loo at the start of lunch break, I would be pretty desperate for a wee by then anyway and probably every other day I would go for a poo. I've always done pretty firm solid logs which take a bit of pushing to get started, but back then I wouldn't have said I was constipated. The girls loos at my primary school were always really nice and clean and a couple of other girls in my class followed the same routine as me, we would go off to the loo together at the start of lunch and most days I would hear them having a poo as well so I never felt awkward or embarrassed at all. Unfortunately that routine got disrupted pretty much as soon as I started secondary school, what I didn't realise back then is even if the urge for a poo went away because I was holding it in I should have gone on the loo as soon as I got back home, but I just thought I didn't need to go anymore and then it might well be a few days before the urge returned. Of course by then my poo had got really hard and dry and so it was a nightmare to push it out and I would be on the loo for ages. I know what you mean Jasmin about wanting to do it in your knickers, I think once your actually on the loo you can sometimes tense up and I've often thought if I could just sit there and poo my pants it might actually be alot easier! In fact quite often when I was at school I would be sitting in class desperately clenching my bum to stop my poo from poking out in my knickers, sometimes I lost the battle and I would end up with bad skidmarks but I never completely pooed my knickers at school even though it was quite tempting sometimes in a funny sort of way! Luckily by the time I was in Year 10 some refurbished girls loos opened up in the Humanities block and I was able to start going for a poo at school again, which did help my constipation a bit and meant that my knickers didn't get as dirty which was a massive bonus, I used to get quite stressed about changing for PE as sometimes the skidmarks would show through to the back of my knickers which was really embarrassing. Fortunately the bullies never went to those loos and alot of girls used them when they wanted a poo, so if I was a bit constipated and needing to grunt and strain there was a good chance the girl on the loo next door might be making similar noises! I changed schools for sixth form but luckily the loos were much more pleasant so I would go and have a poo at school whenever I felt the urge although I did still get constipated quite often.
Well anyway, back to my latest news- we're still in lockdown here although luckily the end is now finally in sight!! Just like before its totally messing up my bowels and my constipations really bad at the moment, I'm lucky if I can have a poo any more than twice a week and when I eventually manage to go I'm on the loo for ages trying to pass really hard, fat and dry logs- the worst possible combination!
Anyway, I have a story from a couple of days ago one evening after Lucy and I had eaten dinner. We were lazing around on our beds chatting when I suddenly had a few twinges in my belly, I felt it and realised I was pretty bloated. Yet again despite going to sit on the toilet 3 or 4 times a day and staying there for at least 20 minutes I hadn't managed to have a poo for 4 days. Lucy must have seen my face, she said, "Are you OK, Abs?" and I said, "Yeah, its just ages since I last had a poo, I really wish I could go more often!"
"Oh God, I haven't been for a few days either" Lucy said, "I guess I should really try to go in a bit, I don't even feel like I want a poo though!"
"Well, I've got a bit of bellyache so thats normally a sign that I need to go!" I said. "Actually I'm gonna have to take these jeans off, there really tight!" I've put a bit of weight on recently around my belly, bum and thighs so some of my trousers and knickers don't fit so well any more but I'm stubbornly refusing to get any new ones!! I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and pulled them down, I realised my pink and yellow stripey knickers were coming down as well so I had to hold onto them with one hand. After a bit of a battle I finally managed to get my jeans off and sat back on my bed.
"Actually I think I'll have to take my jeans off too, I'm feeling really bloated," said Lucy. She felt her belly and said, "God, my bellys really massive, no wonder I was struggling to fit in these jeans!!" She started to take her jeans off too, it made me feel better to see that her orange knickers came down as well and by the time she'd got her jeans off practically her whole bum was showing, she quickly pulled her knickers back up before lying on her bed. "Now I come to think of it I think I last went for a poo five days ago so that probably explains it!" she said.
"I just know its gonna be a massive fat one, you know the ones where they come out of your bum a tiny bit but when you try to push them out they keep getting sucked back up!" I replied.
"Yeah, I know what you mean, every time I have a poo at the moment I have the same problem!" Lucy said. She was still feeling her belly, she said, "Actually I'm bursting for a wee, I shouldn't have pressed my belly so hard!" She quickly got up and hurried into the ensuite, her knickers were stuck up her bum quite badly. I followed her in more slowly, I could feel that my knickers were stuck up my bum too, all my decent pants were in the wash meaning I was down to ones that I hadn't worn for ages. When I got into my ensuite Lucy was already on the loo with her knickers round her thighs and a look of relief on her face, a strong jet of wee whooshing down into the bowl. As I sat on the floor I could see there was a wet spot on her knickers, she must have caught me looking as she blushed, I said "Don't be embarrassed, it happens to me too!" After she'd finished weeing she stayed on the loo and I could see she was starting to strain, I was sitting there feeling really hot and bothered as the radiator thermostat in my room has been playing up again and its been like a sauna!! As Lucy kept pushing I said, "I'm gonna have to get undressed, its too warm in here!!" I took off my top so I was just in my bra and knickers. After a few hard pushes she shook her head and said "I don't think its ready to come yet, I'll try again in a bit." She wiped her front, stood up and flushed, and then took her knickers off and put them in the washing hamper. "Actually I think I might be able to go for a poo now," I said, getting up and walking over to the toilet. I eased my knickers down to my knees before sitting down on the warm seat. Lucy said "I'll be back in a sec, I just need to put some clean knickers on" and she went back into the bedroom with her bare bum showing, I saw her opening her underwear drawer, she took out some white knickers and quickly put them on. She came back in to the ensuite, sat cross legged on the floor and said "God, its boiling in here, I don't blame you for just being in your knickers Abbie, I'm gonna have to take this top off!" She pulled her top over her head so she was just in her bra and knickers too and then asked, "How are you getting on?" I just finished another massive push with a loud grunt and said "As usual its really fat and I'm struggling to get it out," with that I bore down again, I could feel that I was going red in the face and a huge poo was stretching my poor bum. I reached round behind myself and pulled my bum cheeks apart, that usually helps if I'm struggling to have a poo, and did another massive push. I was grunting a bit but knew I'd never manage to pass this monster poo without really grunting it out so I said "I really need to grunt to help it out, sorry I'm gonna make a massive noise!" Even in front of Lucy I was feeling a bit embarrassed but she told me not to worry, she quite often needs to grunt when she's having a poo so that made it a bit less awkward. I bore down hard and did a really loud grunt, luckily that did help and I felt the log slide out a bit more. After a few more pushes like that the log started to move faster and eventually it dropped into the bowl with a splash. I sighed with relief and said "God, I'm glad that one's out, it was huge!" I noticed Lucy shifting around again and she said "Are you nearly done only I'm starting to get really desperate to have a poo, theres a log trying to poke out of my bum and I don't know how much longer I can keep it in!" I'd already started to bear down again, I could feel another log starting to come out so I said after I'd pushed "I'll be as quick as I can, I just need to do a bit more!" Luckily this log wasn't nearly as fat so after a few pushes it fell into the loo with a loud plop. I said "Right, I'm done, do you want me to wipe standing up so you can get on the loo?" Lucy said "Yes, if you don't mind, I'm going to get these knickers dirty any second!!" She quickly tugged down her pants and sat on the seat, I heard her moaning as she relaxed her bum and she said "Oh God, that was just in time!" I finished wiping my bottom and Lucy moved forward so I could throw the paper away. I pulled up my pants and sat down on the floor. Lucy said "Right, its slid out a tiny bit, I'm gonna need to start pushing now though!" She took a deep breath and I could see her bearing down hard, she grunted too after she'd finished pushing so as I predicted at least it wasn't just me! She did a few more hard pushes and then said "It keeps getting sucked back up every time I stop pushing, its so annoying!!" I said "Try to push for as long as you can and don't have too much of a break in between pushes, just do your best to keep up the pressure."
"OK, I'll see if that does the trick," panted Lucy. She pushed for ages until she went really red in the face, and then quickly took another deep breath and kept on straining. "Is it working?" I asked and she nodded. After a few more pushes like that she heaved a big sigh of relief and said "Well its not going back up my bum any more, but I still need to push it out, at least I should be able to take a break every so often!" She bore down again and did a loud grunt, she said "I told you not to worry, I knew I'd need to make a lot of noise as well!" After a few more hard pushes she said, "Its speeding up now!" and shortly afterwards she moaned with relief as it dropped from her bum and splashed into the bowl. She farted and finished with some smaller pieces which were alot easier to pass, and then she wiped her bottom and pulled up her knickers, before flushing and washing her hands. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!

Sunday, February 28, 2021


Lavah: Your Weekly Poops

Lavah, I'm very sorry to hear that you're having a harder time than normal trying to poop, though sadly, it sounds like normal for my sister and my mom and I. I think with all of the food shortage issues during lockdown, it's harder to get access to fresh food for a lot of people, so I'm sure it's making the symptoms of those who struggle as whole families with near constant constipation even worse; I think me and my family have had a harder time for at least 6-9 months. You talked about crying when it's bad, which is something my mom does a lot, but she's stubborn about being helped. I will say that something that I think you've described before really works, and it's something my mom taught me when I was younger, which is sitting backwards on the toilet. I'm guessing you're already using that method, since you said you had before?

My symptoms have changed a little this week bc I miscalculated that my period was due, and though I've technically been able to poop finally it's been hard bits that I haven't succeeded at each toilet visit to actually get unstuck, so it's painful and frustrating in a different way, and I'm having extra trouble pushing.



I regularly read posts on the above and I am a long time sufferer. The answer is osmotic laxatives for me . Start at a very low does and keep increasing until nature takes its course . Also in my Arsenal I have suppositories and fleets enemas, but due to the use of osmotic laxatives I only use suppositories and enemas occasionally.

Anna from Austria
Reply the Erin B

I know the phenomenon you describe pretty well. That are also my standard poo times. Cannot say that there was more bowel movement activity at my work place but I already noticed at school and university days that many girls had to poop after the lunch break at around 2 just like myself.

Greetings from Austria



Question about your first time

What were the circumstances the first time you saw your significant other pooping? Discussion? Embarrassment?


Jasmin: Family Constipation Routine


Thank you very much for your input/family history. I also have other extended family members, like my cousin, and my grandma, who also have chronic constipation issues. Daily sitting and straining sounds like a really good idea, but I've never that I can remember ever been able to poop every day, so it seems like a waste of time for me. So, in my family, every 3 days makes more sense, like you, I think that rule comes from my grandma originally, for my mom and aunt when they were younger. Some days, in between the big poop of the week, I can do a couple of pellets per day sometimes, but I don't figure it makes a lot of difference in helping discomfort in the grand scheme of things. I've felt really bloated the last two days and hoped that some poop was moving down into place, so to speak, but all I could do yesterday was a couple of pellets and mucus, which feels and sounds gross coming out.

Your poop you described sounds pretty much like my typical ones when I've had a really rough time of it, I don't really know about the size of it or anything, but I usually have to pass the pellets blocking the entrance, and then a big hard piece or two, and then all of the softer stuff that piled up in my stomach/intestines behind it that was probably causing all of the bloating. My mom likes to have privacy for herself, especially when she's having an extra rough time of it, but ironically, like you described, no privacy and supervised trying sessions have definitely been a thing for my sister and I since we were really little. I understand why it happened for comfort and medical reasons, but it's actually harder to poop when pressure is put on you to go. Unfortunately, sound really travels from our bathroom, so there really isn't as much privacy as one would hope during a trying session that lasts a long time. I don't really know how long it takes for non-constipated people to poop, but my mom says you have to take that into account and multiply it by how many days it's been since you last were able to go a decent amount. So, if regular people take 15 minutes or something per day, that's over an hour if you only go every 5 days, so the time you said for your last poop totally makes sense to me unfortunately. My mom always tries in the morning, but I've always had better luck after supper, like you described, and my sister usually goes before bed, which is also a time that works best for me. I know it sounds super gross, but like you, my sister and I have also gone in bed for comfort reasons when we really sick with constipation, but it was more in a pull-up situation because we had constipation-related bed wetting issues when we were younger, so my mom let us sometimes, especially when we felt too sick to go to school like you said. When I was a freshman, I had to take off school during an extended rough patch and do a lot of trying, and it's one of the times I ended up at the doctor's office because I was beyond my mom's help at that point, which I don't recommend because it is the most embarrassing thing ever. It's bad enough that my mom has had to dig it out when I ended up with too many pellets all stuck together that hurt too much to push, even though I really, really needed to poop by then, and that portion was making it feel pretty much like I was never going to be able to poop ever again. Yes, I'm dramatic, lol, but I'm sure you understand how that feels, unfortunately.

The bloating is pretty uncomfortable and my stomach is hurting right now, but I don't really feel any urges like I feel like I actually need to poop, which has been the trend lately, so I'm not sure how much longer until I can actually go and hope that I don't have any troubles where I can't go when I need to push, which is what happened during a bad time of it a couple weeks ago, and before that, the holidays were really, really bad for my whole family constipation-wise, just like every year. On Christmas Day, it was actually so bad for me that I was too nauseous to eat Christmas dinner, but I couldn't get any poop out, even though I was so miserable and tried longer than I should have had to on Christmas, but I was desperate at that point and I struggled forever to push the day I finally went because I couldn't strain long enough on each push for it not to get stuck.


Toilet stuff

Hello I'm Maddy and this is my first ever post to this site which I came across whilst googling information about doing hard poo well actually foods that cause hard poo amongst other things. So having read some of the posts I though it seemed fun and very open on here and quite a lot of information.
As I've said I'm Maddy I'm 11 and and a bit, totally bored with lockdown, into unusual things for a girl my age, being fascinated by the peeing and pooing that we all do I like to experiment with mine like how much I can do how long I can hold, eating different things to see what effect it has, at the moment it's rice cakes / biscuits things as they give me big poos I ate 1'packet in a day and next day my poo made my eyes water as it came out so today I'm trying 4'packs with only little sips of water anyway you get where I am on this. I'm also into anime / cosplay dressing, was raised by my dad who didn't pay much attention to potty and toilet training and wasn't bothered where I did it as long as I did it somewhere so long as he knew I had peed each day and that I told him when I was going to poo so he could check. He likes to see when I poo on the toilet so comes into the bathroom to watch and check what I'd done, I don't mind being watched I quite like it as it happens When we went camping he couldn't come to the toilets with me, instead in the tent I had to lay on my front and push it out into my panties so he can check if it's hard or soft or if I need to do more. I do it in my panties at home when I'm told to and sometimes at other times to, he doesn't bother and doesn't get stressy about accidents or messes in fact until he met my now step mum and she moved in with us before the 1st lockdown I still had pull-ups that I could use instead of going to the toilet and I still do when playing xbox.
So the poo I did yesterday I did in front of the long mirror in our bathroom kneeling on all fours so I could see it come out. I put a white towel down to soak up my pee which was very yellow. My poo was 2 days worth of mainly rice cakes plus normal meals with meat and veg ( yuk to veg but it keeps the peace ) my poo was solid and was sticking out 6 inches long before it broke and fell and then I did another piece about 4 inches long. The first bit was quite thick and really stung as it came out it made my eyes water.
I also like peeing and pooing in other places in the house like when playing Xbox or watching TV I often put a pull up on and also outside like on a walk just squat down and pee if I'm wearing a skirt or dress and pee through my panties or if it's jeans I edge them down just enough. I think it's funny if someone sees. I've done a poo out side lots of times especially at the swing park but only when wearing a skirt or dress. I check no one is looking or if it's busy I go behind the park toilets to take off my panties or sometimes pull them to the side then squat like I'm doing my laces or something and do my poo and quickly stand up and walk and adjust my panties or go behind the toilets and put them on and sit on the swings and watch when someone sees my poo. They often make comments about dog owners who don't clear up after their dogs. I know my next poo is going to be big and hard as I can feel it building.
Ive read lots of posts about constipation and yes I do sometimes get constipated not very often but when I do it's quite bad so I just really force it to come out, I've got very strong stomach muscles which I think may be needed tomorrow. I've made my ass really bad and had bad ???? aches quite a few times but I don't care I like my eating and poo pee fun
I am happy to share my stories like when I drank a bottle of green food colouring to see if it coloured my poo - not really very green but my pee was or when I took a whole pack of Imodium tablets or when I had uncontrollable runs after eating 2 whole bars of laxitive chocolate
Bye for now


Replies and update

Catherine: i really do appreciate your advice! I will certainly try your suggestions and see if they are helpful! I hope you have good healthy poops during your hiatus and I look forward to hearing from you when you get back!

Trina: thats a very interesting accident to have witnessed. I'm jealous that you saw someone else poop their pants!

I have not pooped my pants since my recent work mishap. It was tough going back there after my accident, I felt so embarrassed about people knowing. On my first day back I was queasy and shaky walking back in there because I was so nervous lol. I couldn't look anyone in the eye for a little while... I talked with Brian about it and he told me that people kept asking what happened and he was just telling them that I got sick, but he leveled with me and said most people knew that i went home because i pooped my pants... throughout the day it seemed like more people than normal acknowledged me and said hello, I guess trying to be nice, but no one brought up what I did. I asked Brian if it was really obvious when it happened, and he just kind of smiled awkwardly and turned away. I blushed and turned away too because I knew that was a yes, then he said "unfortunately yeah it was pretty clear what happened." He went on to say that he first heard "popping sounds, like bubble wrap" and he looked over and I had my hand on my butt and I had "poop face" (!!!). He said my face literally looked like I was going to the bathroom! which I never even considered to be a thing when I have an accident but now it's one more detail to be self conscious about. He said when I moved my hand he saw the bulge in my pants, and then he could smell poop. It was all tough to hear, but I needed to know how obvious it was in case it ever happens again I will definitely leave immediately instead of staying with my customer. But oddly, as embarrassing as it was, I also found it kind of exciting hearing about how he basically watched me poop in my pants. I am sure he appreciated it and I am kind of glad its out of the way so hes just another person in the fold who I don't really need to be too afraid of it happening around...

So while I haven't pooped my pants since then, I have had an accident. For some reason I wet the bed again. That's never been a problem for me but this is the second random bedwetting in just a few months. I read about this online and (among other things) it suggested doing kegel exercises too like Catherine suggested for my other problem... usually I wake up one time during the night to pee, but that night I never did. I slept straight through for about 7 hours. At one point I had a dream where I was about to go horseback riding but I had to pee. I kept complaining that I can't get on a horse if I need to pee and finally the people in my dream told me to just go pee, and pointed to a short wooden wall. I went over and squatted down behind it and peed. It felt very very real, the tingling as it came out and the relief, but I also had the very real feeling of warmth spreading all over my butt and my hip, and my side and lower back. I went on to get on the horse and in the dream I could tell I was wet. I cant remember the dream anymore after that I just know that I could feel the wetness. When I finally woke up, I didn't put it together at first until I sat up. I just felt a whoosh of cold air against my wet underwear when I moved, and I looked down to see that I had peed my bed. I just sat in disbelief for a little bit then carefully got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I was sopping wet and it was cold by then and super uncomfortable. I got my wet t shirt and undies off and just quickly took a shower, because there was still the matter of the wet sheets on my mattress. I hurried out of the shower and went and stripped the bed and put all the pee covered stuff in the laundry. I dont know if this is just happening because I keep peeing in my dreams but I don't know how to control that:/ I'm just really glad I was alone this time. But since i'm already a chronic pants pooper i could really do without developing a bedwetting problem in my i hope it stops lol



Biggest I've ever seen

Brandon, your story about Naomi and her bluntness and/or pride about the big dump she took makes me think back to this one girl in high school I knew named Jill.

Freshman year of high school, we had a three night overnight school retreat at a nearby campground/retreat center type area. We all stayed in cabins and it was an outdoor oriented event where we would do hikes and learn about nature and bond with our new classmates. This was a private high school with kids coming from various middle schools so not everyone knew each other the way many kids would at a public high school where everyone comes from the same middle schools. I guess the retreat was mainly a bonding experience with our new classmates.

Anyways, there was this one girl named Jill who I didn't personally know but she seemed pretty popular and outgoing. She was pretty and a good athlete too. I was definitely not popular nor particularly outgoing so we never became friends. Nevertheless, she was always nice to me during high school and I liked her a lot.

There was a single large bathroom building that all the various cabins shared. I think it had 10 or so toilets and a bunch of showers. So apparently sometime during the first evening after dinner, Jill had taken a massive dump in one of the toilets. It was no secret it was her the time I had woken up the next morning people were talking about it. I don't know who first figured it out, but even Jill wasn't denying it. In fact, she seemed rather prideful when everyone know what she'd done.

By lunch, one of her friends had taken a picture and shared it with the boys, who unsurprisingly thought it was hilarious and awesome. Again, I wasn't particularly popular so I didn't get sent the picture. Jumping ahead a tiny bit here, but the picture actually ended up in the internet at one point. I've looked for it recently but can't find it anymore.

Someone had put a hand-drawn "Out of Order - Do not use" sign on the stall door so she had surely clogged it, which was telling of its size given that the toilets were the super strong ones in most public places. Well it remained a major topic of discussion the rest of the day.

The next night, I needed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night so I left the cabin and went into the bathroom building. I was surprised to see the sign was still up. I figured it would have been fixed by then but it didn't appear so. The bathroom was totally empty since it was the middle of the night, and I had to admit I was curious, so I went in to see it for myself. How this thing had come out of Jill, who was maybe 5'3" tops and 100 lbs soaking wet was beyond me. It was a single thick log that curved into a U. If you took a banana, doubled its length and thickness, and painted it brown, that's probably a pretty good idea of how big this thing was. Suddenly I could understand how one of these industrial toilets got clogged - it was no match for Jill's colossal dump. There was also no paper at all, which was kind of gross. Hopefully she had gone to a different stall to wipe or something. I don't recall exactly how, but I remember getting the sense from some of her friends that this wasn't the first time she had taken a huge shit. It sounded like she had a history of it.

Somehow, the toilet never got fixed the rest of the retreat. The sign stayed there the whole time. The Teacher chaperones had their own bathroom so maybe none of them ever knew about it, although someone had put the sign up. Or maybe no one wanted to go near the thing. Luckily the bathroom seemed to be aired out enough that it didn't stink the whole place out, but I did use a stall two down from the clogged one on the last day and it definitely smelled from there.

On the last day, with the out of order sign still up, one of Jills friends took her picture with her standing in front of the sign pointing to it. Jill ended up posting it on her Facebook page like a trophy, although like the picture of the actual turd I can't find it anymore. I do like to imagine her dump still in that toilet today.

The rest of high school, I always wondered if I'd ever run into another of Jills dumps blocking one of the school toilets. I never did. Given that she was only a freshman, I do wonder how big she shits today.

I myself take what I would guess are normal sized poops. I've never clogged a toilet I don't think. It does seem like it would be a bit of a thrill to take toilet clogging dump. I'm a bit envious!

I love the stories on here of people doing or seeing large turds. Some of my recent favorites have come from Catherine, Victoria, Carlie B, LC, Leah, and Josie. By the sound some of your stories Jill may have some competition!


Today's Story

hi folks on the site about toilets etc. The good news is our water is back on, so we've been able to flush the toilets again. Although my electronic dictionary never came (got damaged in transit) I enjoyed looking up a poop related word in an online one. The word I looked up was shart. I've always known what shart meant once I became an adult, but I just wanted to see if it was in there. Since I love birds, here's a good poop rime. It goes: There once was a bird who ate a big turd! Lol, if I ever do get the electronic dictionary someday, I'll write that in the messages menu. Also you could say something like: Act like a basketball player,and throw that poop through that hoop. I'm in a funny mood today. On a more serious note, the Hilton Garden Inn hotel in my city had a massive fire, and I miss the bathroom. From what I remember, it was on the left side of the entrance to the room, sink on right when you entered, toilet straight ahead, and bathtub on left. Anyway, I had a really soft medium poop after having a hard time dealing with Gmail on my ipod. For the rest of the evening, I've been farting around sometimes in between doing my peeing. I hope you enjoy my jokes and story for today. Bye.


An audible near accident

Hey everyone!

I hope everyone is well and staying safe. I have an update to share with you on a recent near miss accident.

On Tuesday I was at home and in the early afternoon I went out for a jog. I like to get out and enjoy the fresh air as much as I can at the moment. Anyway I'd been drinking tea all morning and obviously went for a wee before I left, but after about half an hour I felt a need to go. I wasn't too worried because I was heading back towards home anyway, but a few minutes later and I was starting to feel desperate. I just set my mind to keep on jogging towards home and to hold it in. As I went past the local park I did think about going for a squat but because of all the rain things were really muddy so I didn't fancy going off the path and getting dirty.

I reached home and was seriously dancing on the doorstep and breathing heavily. I must have looked and sounded so silly. Anyways I got through the door and ran up to the bathroom, tore my joggers and pink knickers down whilst groaning and breathing heavily, then flopped on the loo and sighed as I let it all go. It was heaven! I checked my knickers, there was a wet spot about the size of a 5p coin.

I was so relieved and it was the nearest miss I've had for ages!

I hope everyone is ok and sending best wishes to Abbie, Taylor and all the others.


Thursday, February 25, 2021


Quick Post

Just making this post to say hi to you guys, and to reply to Audrey. Sorry, A, but I haven't actually transitioned. I definitely would, but my parents are still talking about it all. Anyways, keep doing your thing, everybody.

I've always thought of this place as a weirdly wholesome place, and after being away for a while, I would definitely still say the same. You guys are really nice, despite the weird context behind it all, and I'm glad that you guys have been accepting. It means a lot. Anyway, I still might buy a potty chair post-transition as a novelty. I won't get too involved with using it, but I will a bit.

Love you guys. Stay cool!


to rachel regarding slow transit constipation

As you may know from reading some of the stories I've posted on here, I've dealt with constipation my whole life. My mom and sister have too but they've told me that theirs has never seemed to be as bad as mine. (They've had to help me poop countless times, so they would know.) I've never come across the term "slow transit constipation" before. I will definitely be looking into my family's history beyond my mother and seeing if there's more to the story. Thank you for bringing this up, Rachel! As for you, Melanie, and Jasmine K, here's hoping your next poops are as easy and painless as possible.

I don't have time to type out a story today, but I will say that my poops lately have not been pleasant. I've only been going about once a week (twice if I'm lucky) for most of 2021 so far and every time it's taken at least an hour of crying and grunting on the toilet with someone helping me. I don't think I've managed to go on my own without help in over a month. I'll try to post soon but in the meantime, take care everyone! Happy pooping!


Toilet Snake

Hi I'm Mika I'm new here and I wanted to tell a story that a I was reminded of when I was watching a youtube video by Brew today.

OK, so I was playing some video games with my little sister Amy she was 9 and I noticed she wasn't paying much attention to the game we was playing so I asked her if she was bored of playing this, an she tells "No", so I asked her what was a matter and she tells me "Nothing, I'm fine"

so a little bit later I tell her "Um I gotta go use the toilet, how bout you?" she look at me and seems unsure and goes "Um..." so I say "I'll take that as a maybe, so just come with me" and grab her hand and pull her up and she tell me "Sure" and comes with me on the way to the bathroom I notice her holding her butt, so when I we get into the bathroom and close the door I tell her "Since you need to poop you can go first" and she just holds on to me and I notice it looks like she might cry, so I ask her "OK please tell me whats a matter" she tells me "um I'm scared", "of what?" I asked "using the toilet" she replies "why?" I asked, "umm snakes" "oh I see, you mean because of that story" and she nods at me.

Yeah last week our aunt had talked to our mom about how a snake had came up the pipes in the toilet once a long time ago.

I tell her "It's OK there's no snake" "but what if one comes while I'm sitting?" she asks while squirming I tell her "it won't, but if it will make you feel better do you want to use Jessi's potty chair?" and she looks over at the potty chair and then nods to me "OK then I'll use the toilet while you use the potty chair" and she goes over to the potty chair and pulls down her panties and lifts her skirt and sits down then I hear her fart, then I go over to the toilet and lift my skirt and drop my panties to my feet and sit on the toilet and start peeing, I hear Amy farting again, after a bit latter I'm done peeing and start wiping then flush then I see Amy grunting pushing hard then she looks up at me and says "it's stuck it won't come out any more" I tell her "when I have trouble I take deep breath and lean forward and push hard" she tells me "OK I'll try that" then takes a deep breath and leans forward then I hear her sigh and hear crackling echoing behind her "It's pushing out!" she says with a giggle "I think it was just stuck cause it hit the bottom" giggling then I the door opens and Jessi (she's 3 btw) runs in then and says "Peepee" I ask her "Amy had to use the potty chair can you wait?" she then shakes her head and says "no gotta Peepee bad!" while holding her self and squirming " I ask "then you want me to help you go pee in the toilet?" she shakes her head "Peepee bad now" and pointing at the potty chair Amy is still using, I then ask "about the sink you want to peepee in the sink?" she looks over to the sink then nods "Peepee bad sink" "OK then I'll let you go peepee in the sink" she the pulls down her pull up and I lift her up on to the sink and then she start peeing strongly in the sinks for a bit then in slows down a bit then I hear Amy grunting a bit then hear more crackling and her peeing too, while I'm holding on to Jessi I see her stop peeing then see a turd drop into the sink and she say's "me done" and I let her down and she runs over and gets some tp and brings it to me and I wipe her. and toss it in the toilet, then get her pull up back on then she runs off, Amy says shes done now and get up to go wipe I looked in the potty chair and it had alot of poop in it, a thick real long log and 3 more shorter ones and some pee "So I guess you haven't pooped since last week huh?" and she says "umm.. yeah" "so I'm guessing you peeing somewhere besides the toilet" "yeah I was peeing in the sink" she said with a giggle "well at least you didn't poop in the sink" I joke, and she just kinda looked at me "I was just joking!" "it was just once a little bit on accident", "it's fine, I was just joking" and we just laugh, "So if want I can come to bathroom with you, if you want that is" "ok thanks" then we emptied and cleaned the potty chair.


Work From Home Habits

Hey all!

I must admit that it's been a long time since I've been here. Glad to be back though!

With the pandemic being the way it is and working from home being my new normal, I've come to get more comfortable with my bathroom habits. First off, I love that working from home has made it so I can fart whenever I need to. Back in the days of working in an office, I had to hold it in which leads to big discomfort or slowly let it out without anyone hearing of smelling it. Now I proudly blast whenever I need to and can enjoy the feeling of it being release without the embarrassment. As for pooping, it gets a little dirtier I suppose. I've always been a fan of taking poops and it's an important experience for me to have daily. I live for the hard ones that build up pressure that causes farts to slip out. I will hold it in for a bit until I can't anymore and then I head to the bathroom and either let it out on the floor, toilet or in my pants if it's hard enough. Being at home means I can enjoy this process daily without judgement. Pooping at work always was a worrying point because if I had a gassy bm, I would always worry that I would be heard and smelt. Now I can just let loose whenever I feel like it.

I look forward to another year of being more comfortable in my home! Cheers!

Kung Poo

Lactus Syrup

My wife Jodi has been constipated for almost 5 days, so at advice of our doctor, she started taking a laxative called Lactus Syrup.

It was after dinner when she took a spoon full. We proceeded to watch TV, both of us lying on the sofa, her in a T-shirt and panties. An hour later she felt a little rumbling in her intestines, and started passing gas. But that was all. She started lamenting about how lame this laxative is, and I started suggesting trying a glass of prune juice with loads of water.

We realised we spoke too soon.

After we finished the rather forgettable movie, which means it must have been about 2 hours since she swalled a does of the Lactus Syrup, she suddenly said she need the toilet NOW. She immediately rushed to the toilet in our bedroom. We have an open concept toilet, which means glass walls, and we installed blinds for guest privacy, but we usually don't use the blinds when it is just both of us.

She rushed in, lifted her T-shirt, lowered her panties, sat, and then she moaned a low nasal moan"nnnnnggggggggggggggg" then she goes "ow ow ow ow ow big one big one ow ow ow". I was watching the whole time and I asked if she needed any help, like a lubricant or something. She said nonononono it's big and it's coming out and she moaned again "nnnnnnnggggggg" and at this point I heard a loud PLOMP and then what sounded like craaaaaaaack SPLASH - the plomp must have been the hard nugget blocking the entrance and the craaaaacck splash is the large turd that slides right out once the gates is opened.

Ahhhhhhhhhh, Jodi moaned. She looked at me and smiled. "All cleared, feels sooooooo good!"


Really Cold Weather and More Peeing

With the really cold winter we've been having, I'm finding I have to pee a lot more. On 3 mornings last week I peed before I left home for school. When I got to school I practically ran through the parking lot and up the outside steps to get into the building and onto a toilet. Once I got to the large bathroom I practically broke my wrist because when I pushed to open the door it was locked. 7:15 and the janitors had forgotten to unlock it and turn on the lights. So I ran down the hall, getting very winded, and thought I could duck into the boys for a fast piss. That too was locked and I hurried to the staircase that would take me up to 2nd floor. I climbed with a couple of stumbles that would most certainly have resulted in an accident. I kept reassuring myself that I wouldn't have any clothing problems like unbuckling my jeans. Or the time I was in 6th grade and couldn't get my suspenders down fast enough. Big accident in my jeans that ran down both of my legs. Yes, the upstairs bathroom was open. I turned into the first cubicle. Even though it didn't have a privacy door, I didn't give a damn. I yanked my coat and loose-fitting dress up and thudded my butt onto the seat. Even though the seat was cold and I was sighing relief, within seconds something didn't feel right. Then I immediately remembered. I hadn't pulled my white underwear down. That's why the draining into the toilet bowl seemed quieter than normal. I knew my underwear was drenched. I took my coat off, placed it over the panel. It fell of twice. I got angry and thought 'F*** it!" I left it on the floor as I re-seated myself, raised my legs and pulled my underwear off. I needed several pieces of toilet paper for wiping. I threw my underwear in the trash and the bell rang for 1st period and I had to run. I took my crap 3rd period. It was messy and I needed to do a lot of wiping. Then at lunch I had to sit down for another long pee. That was different, too, because one of our security matrons took the toilet next to mine and did a really nasty crap.



I have written about outdoor pit toilets and I am very interested in them. My last post was about my wife and me pooping in one. 20 years ago we used to go camping with friends and there were many stories about pooping. My wife used to love to give me a "show". One morning she was gone when I woke up and she came back and said she had to crap without me. She just couldn't take time to wake me up. So I got up and started making breakfast and our other friends rolled out and were enjoying coffee. After breakfast I had cleaned up and was getting ready to go to the toilet. Our friend Julie stood up and said that she had to go and she wasn't sure if she would make it. I was on my way when I heard this so I moved along to get a seat for the show. She entered the last stall directly behind me. I looked between my legs and I could see a reflection of her ass. She exploded creamy poop before she sat down. She didn't realize it but it went all over the seat and she sat in it. I hollered "surprise"! She wasn't happy and sat there laughing as I dropped my bomb. I peered down once and saw her looking so I stood slightly to show her the reflection. She seemed preoccupied with something else and started to moan. I thought she was pooping again but she was doing something else. I guess I turned her on. She went back and told my wife all about it and we all laughed and joked for years.


To Erin

Erin: I love your office poop story. Seems by your description that you had a lot of bowel action in there. Hope the person with diarrhea felt better afterwords. I listened to videos on going potty in space. As stated in an earlier post, astronaughts wear diapers on space walks, but have special equipment for the bathroom. The bathroom stall uses hoses,, suction, and bags to catch poop. The pee gets recycled to turn into safe usable water. The space station seems so neat, that maybe I'll dream of pooping/peeing in the cool bathroom. Also, I think composting toilets are awesome, too. Sadly, my mid-sized poop this morning had to be left chilling out, because the water is still being worked on. Boy, I had to keep from gagging too hard at one point after a pee. Speaking of things in the toilet, I'm sure some of you have dropped your phone in one. I haven't done anything like that since I normally don't carry a phone around, but I did however, something crazier. My old government phone plan is discontinued (has been for awhile) so I disconnected the battery and broke that phone in half. Lol, that was a lot harder than breaking apart the toughest poop, because it envolved slamming to weaken the plastic, etc. I didn't have to poop after all that excitement, but I was certainly glad when Mom came home to help dispose of my morning solid toilet deposit. Hope all of you enjoy. Bye.

So one particular traumatic accident was when I was 10. I was playing at the neighborhood park and suddenly needed to pee-pee. I knew I'd never get home in time but I needed to go bad and so I (wrongly) thought if I went just a little in my panties I wouldn't need to go so bad. I hid behind the jungle gym area and let out a little pee. But a little was just a little too much and I squatted to try to stop the flow but I couldn't And not only did I completely wet my jeans, I also accidentally pushed a thick solid load into my panties. Tears filled my eyes as I watched my puddle soak into the ground. I knew all the other kids would see the wide wet stain that ran down to my socks And the bulge in the back of my pants. I wanted to go home but I was nervous to be seen and teased. But when I came out nobody seemed to notice my wet, messy jeans except the only adult there. I'll never forget this b----. She was a sub at my school and knew very well about my potty problems. She also wasn't at all understanding or sympathetic. She called me over to her, grabbed my arm and turned me around to examine the softball size load in my pants. "What's wrong with you. No other 10 year messes her pants. I tried to pull my arm away but she gripped it tighter and I started to cry. She said I don't want you here anymore; you're a freak and your parents have obviously indulged you too much. Now go home and please don't come back around my children. I was in tears trying to explain that it was an accident but then she yelled at me to get out of here. I ran home crying. On top of that, I got spanked for going potty in my pants yet again. I never told about that lady because I was afraid she'd call me a liar and then I'd get spanked again. I felt so traumatized and as was frequently the case I wet my pajamas that night.


Manual Flush

Hi guys! The city is experiencing water shortages, so our family has been doing manual toilet flushes. This means instead of the automatic fill, we do a manual one. Because of this, I've gagged a bit smelling the decaying poop in the bowl in between "flushes". Also, from my experience, the water drains from the toilet tank quickly. The other day, Mom had to throw a solid turd out the back yard. This morning's was a little softer, and smelled a bit ripe probably because of the seaweed I ate. Btw, that pee covered heater is gone now. I found out a little while after the incident that it was an infrared model. Lol, just imagine having an infrared toilet. Maybe your shit could glow. Anyway, have to leave soon, bye.


To Erin B

Erin your great story about dump time at work brought back memories from a few years ago when a lady named Amylee used to post stories about the 10am and 2pm dump times at the insurance office where she worked.They were always a good read.


Snow poop

I'm Stephen and this is my story of what happened to me a few days ago with my friend Anthony. He and I were "sledding" in my backyard and I put the quotation marks because the hill isn't that big but it's enough for us to slide on our sleds down. We were doing that and I felt that I needed to poo. Actually felt that urge for hours while we were out there but didn't wanna go inside because I'd get snow everywhere.
"Man I gotta take a crap" I said to Anthony and he said "ok go ahead" and I said "I don't wanna go inside because I don't wanna track snow in" and he said "well then go out here"
I thought that idea was ridiculous because we had neighbors and everything but I was so desperate to poo that I did. I went over to the side of the house where the roof kind of covers a small bit of the side of the house from the snow, the trash cans were there so I took my pants and underwear off and put them on the trash can to keep them dry, meanwhile Anthony walked over and made fun of me for being half naked in the snow, but I ignored him. I knelt on my hands and knees on the snow and started to urinate. I put my head down and looked between my arms and saw my penis starting to pee. I was done within about 10 seconds. Then I started to push. I felt my bottom open up as a long turd came out. Anthony was behind me watching and laughing. All of a sudden there was a cold breeze and I winced because I felt it in my penis and scrotum. But I kept on pooping. I asked Anthony after a minute or so of pushing "is that thing nearly out yet bro? It's taking forever to come out" and he said he didn't know. It very slowly came out after just hanging out of my bottom for a couple of minutes. I pushed out some more long poops. Anthony found an old rag and wiped my butt for me quickly and I put everything back on. We got an old snow shovel and disposed of my poop by putting it all in a plastic bag and throwing it in the garbage bin, and we threw the shovel away too. We went back to sledding after this. Hope you liked my story, it's my first post here

Monika B.

Small accident

I hate my bladder! So I carefully plan how much I drink before going to work. I have a cup and a half of coffee and a little water at least an hour and a half before leaving. I'm usually okay, barely needing to go by my break time and feeling it more by the last hour, but it's usually easily manageable.

Not today.

I felt a need to pee by barely forty five minutes in. It wasn't bad; it was more annoying than anything else. This happens occasionally, but on an urge to pee scale, it's like... a 3 or something, so it's easy to hold. Today, I'd say it felt closer to a 5. Still manageable, just uncomfortable.

So this was at about 10:15, or 45 minutes in. Then, by 11, I felt a much stronger urge. By 11:30, I was really feeling it. I'd say the urge was maybe a 7? But then ALMOST the worst case scenario happened. It could have been really bad. So I was walking around the sales floor and suddenly, the urge REALLY got bad and I LEAKED. I couldn't hold it; I leaked for a couple of seconds at least. OMG. THANK THE STARS I was wearing a pad! I think it caught... everything and didn't show on my pants. I guess I leaked enough that it eased the urge a bit, and I was able to hold the rest until I got home. Weirdly, it didn't get worse again until the end, but I'm used to needing to go by the end of my shift. I didn't drink any water on my break either, which I hated, since I hate being dehydrated.

It was kind of embarrassing, but I also felt like I got away with something. Lol. I'm mad at myself at the same time, since holding through a 5 hour shift should be easy, but not today. Ugh.

If anyone says I should have just used the work restroom, I'm honestly not sure I could have controlled my bladder if I did step into the restroom. Especially since I'd wash my hands before even stepping inside. My breaks are only ten minutes, and if I did decide to use the restroom, it would have honestly taken the whole time because of my whole ritual. Plus I would've felt disgusting for the rest of the shift, like I'm covered in COVID. It's honestly much easier to just hold it. I SHOULD be okay in the future; I think today was just weird and my bladder is kind of weakened from earlier this week when I held a full bladder for like 2 and a half hours. I know for most people that's probably nothing, but my tiny, sensitive bladder makes it feel worse than it probably is. I'm honestly really bummed that if I did work full-time, I know I couldn't hold it for a whole shift, at least not regularly. Blah.

Jasmin K

Chronic Constipation

Hi It's been quite a while since I posted but having been catching up on posts today I read Rachel's post to Melanie, and it made me think about the constipation situation in my family and the description of slow transit kind of fits with us, although we always though we just got constipated easily and so were constipated most of the time.

I've just done a really large hard poo, about 10 inches long and fat and mainly knobbly chunks stuck together. The last 4 days I've only managed pebbles and they have taken ages to get out so when I pulled my knickers down and sat on the toilet straining this morning a few pebbles came out first. As I had more time I kept on straining hard as I knew I hadn't done enough poo to be empty. I felt some more poo putting pressure on my bum inside and kept pushing until a big solid log started to come out of my bum. It stopped coming out every time I stopped straining. After it dropped I strained some more and produced some softer but formed little logs. I would say the total length of my poo would be around 14'inches and total time on the toilet 1 and half hours, state of bum very swollen and sore.

Rachel and Melanie

Im my family my Gran, mum,elder sister, my cousin who lives with us and me are always very constipated. My Cousin was on a special diet to help as she was very constipated but at the start of lockdown she told us she wanted to eat what she liked and stop her diet ( it was rather bland and none of the stuff kids like ) We told her that she would have a hard time to poo and she said she would do it like we, (me and my sister) do.
Rachel my mum had a similar rule for me and my sister, except we were made to go everyday,which was the same rule that my mum had from her mum when she was younger which basically was every morning before school,it was my sisters turn first as she was older, whether we had felt the need to poo or not, we had to sit on the toilet straining as hard as we could for up to 1/2 an hour whilst mum stood there to make sure you were straining. If you were able to make yourself do a poo that was good if not you had to go on the toilet again in the evening for up to an hour. If on the second day in the morning you didn't do a poo that evening it was for up to 2 hours on the toilet. On the third day it was an hour in the morning and if you did it you went late to school with a note if not mum would phone the school to say you were sick and wouldn't be in. You spent most of the day on the toilet until you did it. I remember 1 really bad time when I was 10. I was kept off school after not going poo for 3 days, I had a swollen belly and was only dropping tiny little pellets of poo, my bum was so sore on the first day it hurt to walk and I was straining so hard on the toilet it made my bum bleed. My mum used to feel underneath me when I was straining to check that I was straining down hard and to check if there was poo coming out. She would also insert a finger with Vaseline on it and wiggle it around which was supposed to make the poo come down, it also caused me to strain down very very hard but the pain would make me try to stand so she always had a hand on my shoulder to keep me sat down. When it had got to that stage I wasn't allowed to get off the toilet because I used to try to do it in my knickers as it seemed to hurt less and in the comfort of my bedroom and often in bed the pain of it coming out seemed less. On that occasion it was 3 days before I did a massive poo which hurt so much coming out it made me cry. I was kept off school the next day as my bum was so sore it took more than 1/2 an hour for me to do my poo in the morning. I don't think I had much time off school after that because I realised I had to get the poo out before it got so big so I strained very hard every morning even though I made my bum bleed and if I didn't do it on a morning I stayed on the toilet on an evening untill I did it, most times anyway.
Might post again soon
Jaz x

Monday, February 22, 2021


Reply to Mike

Hi Mike , it's been a while . I had a really big poop this evening , Biggest one in a long while . I hope we will talk again very soon . Love from Eileen xx



To all your adventurous peeers out there,today one of our family members set an example of how pee, and electronics don't match. The pee got in one of those plastic upright heaters with just the heating elements inside. Any kids who have ever peed on something hot like that knows that the smoke smells bitter/acrid like burnt copper in combination with the pee turning into steam. I don't know if any human child has peed into a running heater, but the dog definitely was lucky he didn't get an electric shock to his pee hole, or start a fire. Also, our pipes have froze, so I've had to leave a turd deposit in the toilet along with all the pee. When this happened, we closed the lid so the bathroom doesn't stink as much. The pipes in the bathroom didn't freeze completely at first, so I was able to flush some poop. I went nearly 3 times. I think I've read about peeing into plants, but I believe peeing into a heater is a first for this forum. All I know is, as dangerous as that was, that is something I'd surely not do. I guess family members (humans or not) try to be sneaky and act up. This incident has made me think that their's surely been a child that has peed into electronics. Maybe they've done it to the point of not just frying the device, but cooking their pee, too. Bye!

Erin B

Poop at work

Hi guys! I'm back again! Today I wanted to tell a short story about what happened at work this week. I'm finishing up college soon and have been working part time at an office in my city.
So today I was sitting at my desk and felt the familiar need of pressure in my stomach and knew I would probably need to take a dump soon. I got up and went to the restroom on my floor. My urge wasn't too bad I just needed a nice healthy unload. When I went in it was really busy. It was around 10am and that seems to be a pooping time for everyone on my floor. There are six stalls in the bathroom and all 6 were in use with one girl waiting at the sinks. I could hear some farts and plops from a couple stalls and it was clear I wouldn't be the only person in need of a poop. The girl waiting was wearing a nice skirt and jacket with nice black heels. Two stalls opened up at the same time and I went in. I was in the end stall while she took the one to my right. I pulled down my black slacks and panties and sat down. As she sat down I immediately heard her toot and let out a number of turds in succession with farts as they came out. The bathroom really smelled with all these women pooping at once. I heard another woman in some other stall have diarrhea and felt kinda bad for her. Meanwhile, my poop was taking a while to come out. I pushed hard and felt a knobby turd slide it's way out. It was super long and the relief was so nice. I sighed once it came out and started to push another. My stall began to stink really bad and I heard some women at the sinks comment about how they need air fresheners in the bathroom. I pushed some more and three big turds came out in a row with a big fart at the end. I felt done and began to pull some toilet paper. My neighbor was still pooping and she kept on farting. I wiped about 7 times and I was really dirty back there. I looked at my creation in the bowl and it was a couple banana like turds in the bottom. I flushed and left some huge skidmarks for the next person waiting. As I was washing my hands someone took my stall and I felt kinda embarrassed that she knew I totally left those haha. Anyways I went back to my desk feeling a lot better and was able to get my work done early for the day. As I sat at my desk I kept on thinking about the times most women in my office poop and I've noticed that around 10 and 2 is when most people take their dumps on my floor. Have any of y'all ever noticed this phenomenon? That's all I have for today! Hope you guys enjoyed it!


Responses and Farewell for Lent!

Hi friends,

I am a day late doing this, but I wanted to make some quick responses before signing off for Lent. I will be back after Easter to catch up! I had every intention of posting before yesterday, but I did not want to ghost this wonderful community that I care deeply about.

Shannon: I am so sorry that happened to you! Are you OK? Sending warm thoughts, prayers and positive energy your way! I am not one to give unwanted advice, but since I will be signing off, here's my two cents worth. Just please know that this comes from the heart. I do agree that seeing your doctor would be a good thing. We all have accidents but it seems that yours are beginning to interfere with your work and your life. And, it's OK not to be OK. It sounds as if you have mild IBS or perhaps something is not agreeing with you if your urge to go is accompanied by strong cramping (if you are not sick). Here are a few suggestions: First, try Kegel exercises. After I gave birth, I had an issue controlling my farts. I've always been slightly gassy, but I've hardly ever lost control. My problem is that my farts are not the stinky kind, but they can be loud and bubbly. The Kegel exercises helped me to regain tightness and firmness in my rectal and anal regions. Second, try adding some yogurt and fiber to your diet to help with the cramping. I eat Oikos Triple Zero daily along with All Bran buds on my cereal. It seems counterintuitive, but having a more bulky stool helps with control and cramping. Third, try to make sure you are taking care of you - plenty of rest/sleep, prayer and meditation, and regular exercise. These will reduce anxiety, which can affect your gut. Again, these suggestions are come with love and concern for you. I don't like giving unwanted advice but since I will be away for a while, I thought this could be helpful. Sending love to my fellow SPAS!

Victoria B: You asked about our toilets. Yes, they use electricity for most of the functions - warming the seat, air purifying, etc. Charmin told us to "enjoy the go" and that's what lead us to splurge on our toilets!

Trina: I hope you are well! I look forward to hearing from you!

Adrian: Just plain water makes me pee, as I don't drink a lot of beer and no energy drinks. I only have one cup of coffee daily. Hope you are well!

I hope everyone is well and will have many amazing bowel movements in the next several weeks! Until then...

Love always!


Marie: You mean one where it's just an ergonomic bucket that you pee and poo in? The porta potty box has a little toilet bowl which you pee and poo in, and a hatch which dumps it into a box below which you can open later to flush. I did a poo in it yesterday, but I didn't want any cleanup, so I just put toilet paper in the bowl, did a poo, which is fun because in such a small bowl it pushes back into you, and peed in a drinking glass. Then I just flush the piss and shit down the toilet.


Dear Josie

I think size and shape of intestine is depend on diet when we are children. So because you came to Japan when you are adult, maybe no change even you ate like Japanese.

But I have lots of questions, I don't know answers. Kazuko has very long intestine just like me. But she digest her food more quickly, so she eat even more than me, and she goes to loo more often to drop twenty turds. She need very long time to finish her motion because always there are more and more and more to come out. But she is so happy to be on loo. It is her favourite place! I love to see her smile when she is on loo long time with her super-busy bottom. (But when she finished, she stop to smile.) I don't know why her digestion is so quickly.

I and Maho sometimes cry when we see Kazu on loo. Because we are so happy for her!

Thank you Victoria for information on your washlet. It is different type with our type.

Love from Mina and 3 crushes

Monika B.
So I'm still holding throughout my shifts, and I've gotten very used to it. For the most part, I barely even feel a need until the last half hour or so, and it's not even urgent. I've almost perfected the timing and hydration. My shifts ARE only 5 hours, so it's not super impressive, but considering throughout my whole life I've generally gone every 2 hours (I'm known in my family for my tiny bladder), it's impressive for me. Like I said, I'm usually not even desperate.

Not today.

So I got to work at 9:30, and I kind of felt the slightest need to pee. My bladder is often weaker in the mornings because of the coffee. I felt okay; I felt more of a need on my break at noon, but I could easily hold it. I drank about a cup of water still (I usually drink a little water on my calls). I probably should've skipped the water today; by 12:45, I really had to pee. The feeling would kind of come in waves, and I would actively clench it in. Usually, I'd feel okay after that, but near the end, there was just this constant dull pain in my bladder alongside those strong urges. Basically, I couldn't stop thinking about how badly I had to go. I had to make a stop at the post office today too; a quick one luckily, but omg, I had no idea how I was going to hold it until I got home. I refuse to use the work restrooms because of COVID and I surely wasn't about to try to find a public restroom.

I ride a bike, so while riding from work, I would push hard onto the seat to help hold it in. I made it through my post office stop without embarrassing myself, although I made a mistake while writing the address. Then, while FINALLY on my way home, I had to wait for a train to pass. By that point, I had to go so badly that I was pretty sure I was going to have an accident once I got off the bike. Luckily, I was wearing a pad today, so it wouldn't have been a total catastrophe if I had. I MOSTLY made it; I did leak while unlocking the front door. I rushed to the bathroom immediately and I swear I peed for over a minute.

I don't even know why I needed it that badly; I didn't drink that much today. I sometimes enjoy the feeling of having to pee, but I don't know if I enjoy holding a full bladder for two and a half hours! I know others on here have gone MUCH longer, and I'm not sure I'll ever get to that point. A full bladder will always feel painful to me; not unbearably so (I actually quite like it sometimes), but I don't think I can put up with it for much longer than I did today. Btw, I'm not feeling any pain or anything after, so I didn't overdo it, luckily. Just wish I had a bigger bladder, or at least a stronger one.



Hi guys. Not much new happening with me. Living that #quarantinelife and not going out too much.

Shannon - sorry (?) about your embarrassing work accident. Having peed my pants behind the counter serving a customer before I kind of understand, though a poop accident would of course be worse in that situation. Hope you can figure things out with Alexis. At least Brian is helpful!

Since I've had no more accidents of my own to share, I guess I could share some I've seen others have. Growing up I had a friend who was also somewhat accident prone, so I have a few stories about her. I remember in elementary school around 3rd or 4th grade we were on the playground after school one afternoon near our houses. She had been fidgeting for a little while and I knew she needed the bathroom but she didn't say anything and didn't want to stop playing since it would be time to go home soon anyway. We were taking turns on the swings and she was swinging and I was behind and pushing. She was wearing a skirt and white panties (hard to miss when you're under and behind while pushing a swing!). After a while I noticed a small brown mark under her butt but didn't say anything. A few minutes later I thought the brown mark looked bigger. She was swinging kind of quick so it was hard to tell for sure. I tried to pay closer attention every time she swung back towards me and she was exposed. Next time I could tell for sure the spot was bigger now instead of the size of a quarter or smaller before. A few moments later I looked again and the brown stain was a little bigger and poking out some, like the size of an egg. She slowed down and stopped and said maybe it was time to head to her house. We walked to her house a couple of minutes away. I didn't say anything and neither did she, but was was clearly walking a little funny. We got to her door and while she was getting the key to unlock the door she stood very still and her face turned bright red for a few moments, then she got the door open and hurried inside and straight to her bathroom. I waited in her room until she came out and then I went into the bathroom so I could go, but also because I was curious, and after I peed I looked in her trashcan and found her panties stuffed down slightly to be covered up. I carefully pulled them out and examined them. There was a large stain under the butt as though she completely pooped them before getting to the toilet, but seemed mostly solid. A little damp in the crotch as well from pee. I found it quite exciting. I carefully put them back and went back to her room and didn't say anything and neither did she.

Enough for now!

Monika B.

Small accident

I hate my bladder! So I carefully plan how much I drink before going to work. I have a cup and a half of coffee and a little water at least an hour and a half before leaving. I'm usually okay, barely needing to go by my break time and feeling it more by the last hour, but it's usually easily manageable.

Not today.

I felt a need to pee by barely forty five minutes in. It wasn't bad; it was more annoying than anything else. This happens occasionally, but on an urge to pee scale, it's like... a 3 or something, so it's easy to hold. Today, I'd say it felt closer to a 5. Still manageable, just uncomfortable.

So this was at about 10:15, or 45 minutes in. Then, by 11, I felt a much stronger urge. By 11:30, I was really feeling it. I'd say the urge was maybe a 7? But then ALMOST the worst case scenario happened. It could have been really bad. So I was walking around the sales floor and suddenly, the urge REALLY got bad and I LEAKED. I couldn't hold it; I leaked for a couple of seconds at least. OMG. THANK THE STARS I was wearing a pad! I think it caught... everything and didn't show on my pants. I guess I leaked enough that it eased the urge a bit, and I was able to hold the rest until I got home. Weirdly, it didn't get worse again until the end, but I'm used to needing to go by the end of my shift. I didn't drink any water on my break either, which I hated, since I hate being dehydrated.

It was kind of embarrassing, but I also felt like I got away with something. Lol. I'm mad at myself at the same time, since holding through a 5 hour shift should be easy, but not today. Ugh.

If anyone says I should have just used the work restroom, I'm honestly not sure I could have controlled my bladder if I did step into the restroom. Especially since I'd wash my hands before even stepping inside. My breaks are only ten minutes, and if I did decide to use the restroom, it would have honestly taken the whole time because of my whole ritual. Plus I would've felt disgusting for the rest of the shift, like I'm covered in COVID. It's honestly much easier to just hold it. I SHOULD be okay in the future; I think today was just weird and my bladder is kind of weakened from earlier this week when I held a full bladder for like 2 and a half hours. I know for most people that's probably nothing, but my tiny, sensitive bladder makes it feel worse than it probably is. I'm honestly really bummed that if I did work full-time, I know I couldn't hold it for a whole shift, at least not regularly. Blah.


To Melanie: Slow Transit Constipation in Families


I hope the squatty potty helps you poop. From the sound of your symptoms, I think you might be like me and my family and have "slow transit constipation", because you can go a week or more without any urges, which sounds like something that happens to you a lot. I'm surprised you aren't bloated or uncomfortable right now because I tend to get really bloated with bad stomachaches when it's been a while since I pooped, which is how I'm feeling right now. I know how hard and miserable it is to poop then, once your body finally decides it's time to go. I don't think you've ever mentioned it before, but I wondered if you knew if your mom ever gets constipated, because chronic constipation usually is hereditary. Maybe she isn't though because then she'd be more understanding during the times she had to help you poop. Like you, I've had constipation problems since I was a baby, and my mom has slow transit time too and doesn't poop more than once a week or so, just like me, so she understands what it's like to struggle to poop pretty much always and have it be hard and a lot to push out and be hurting and miserable when you can't go. She's very understanding and has helped me and my sister many times in the same ways that your mom has helped you and a couple of other posters have said about their moms also. How often are you usually able to poop successfully? I looked it up and it said it can be as bad as only every 2-3 weeks for some people. Thankfully 10 days is about my average worst, which happens a lot, actually, for me, my sister, and my mom, but I had to go to the doctor once when it was really bad and had to get disimpacted, which was so awful. I don't know if that ever happened to my mom, but I think so. She also has mentioned that she was really constipated each time she was pregnant and my sister and I had issues pretty much since birth. My mom has a rule for my sister and I and also herself that we have to sit and strain to try to poop every 3 days, so we usually can't poop until the 2nd trying session of the week, and more often than not, not until the 3rd trying session. I know straining is bad, but I rarely actually get the urge to poop, which is so frustrating.

tip for Abbie

here is a tip for Abbie. i read that you get splash back and get embarrassed by plops when you poo. if you put toilet paper in toilet first, then it will stop unwanted splash. eat healthy foods and your poo will be soft and not splash either.


Very Eventful Update

Hey everyone it's Brandon again with an exciting update! Less than 24 hours after I submitted my last post, Naomi came over to my place for the first time. She was spending the night. Right before we went to bed, she used the bathroom. I couldn't hear anything for a few minutes until I heard a flush. Shortly after I heard the toilet paper holder sound. Then another flush before she washed her hands and came out. She rather bluntly said she had clogged the toilet and asked if I had a plunger. I did not since I've never managed to clog my toilet. She started laughing saying how now we were screwed since it was past midnight and no place would be open at this hour. I suggested she let it sit for a few minutes and try again. To my surprise, she came out and said it was quite big and would certainly need to be plunged.

I found it refreshing how open she was about all this. Had it been me in her situation, I would've been ridiculously embarrassed, but she seemed quite open about it all. Well an hour or so later, I was still awake in bed. Naomi was asleep at that point so I decided I'd slip out of bed and take a peek at the damage. I quietly got up and went into my bathroom. The lid was down so I pulled it up to reveal a big fat log coming out of the hole. In fact, I was pretty sure this one was bigger than her last. It's no surprise my toilet couldn't cope. There was a single piece of paper as well. It didn't smell too bad, which was surprising. I put the lid back down and tiptoed back to bed. I thought I had gotten away with it when Naomi, again super bluntly, asked if I had just gone to look at the size of her poop. Thank goodness the lights were off because I'm sure my face went bright red. I lied and said I had gone to pee but forgot about her poop. She probably didn't believe me, but she chuckled and said yea that was a big one wasn't it. At that point I couldn't resist and admitted I had seen her dump the other day in her apartment. Again, instead of being embarrassed she was cool with it and apologized that I had to see that, saying she was in the process of plunging it when she needed to leave to meet me for the hike. The toilet had overflowed a bit hence the towels that were around the toilet. She said she usually takes big shits and credited genetics for that. I guess it runs in her family? I didn't ask. She said she only goes once a day and usually clogs up the toilet unless it's a strong one.

The next morning we went to the hardware store nearby where she bought me (I tried to pay but she insisted) a plunger for my apartment. She said it probably wouldn't be the last time I needed it if we were going to keep dating. She came back and did the plunging herself. At that point I was comfortable enough to joke with her and asked if she was also going to pay for the extra 5-7 flushes it took her to get it down. She told me to F off and accused me of secretly enjoying it. I don't think enjoy is the word I would use, but she wasn't totally wrong.

Reading through some of the stories on here it really sounds like it isn't super uncommon for people to take such big dumps. I've read a few on here so far that are surely exaggerated, but even so it seems Naomi isn't alone in her pooping powers. Maybe eventually I'll get the courage to show her this site.

Anyways, that's my quick update. I really am into her and hope to keep things going. Based off these first few toilet encounters with her, I expect I'll have more to share here in the future.

Friday, February 19, 2021


Australia's Highest Poo

Many years ago I camped overnight at the foot of Australia's highest mountain. .... Mount Kosciusko and upon waking in the morning left my tent and pulled up some thick undergrowth, which was like moss and " had a shit ". It was one only large long and soft turd . Just very recently I , and my partner, walked up the mountain again and she became a bit desperate for a poo. They have now constructed toilets and she went and did the deed...... I only managed a fart.... that was all that was within me , The bucket list being a poo as high as you can go in Australia.

John H

Forgotten close call

Hi all,
As mentioned in my last post I am going to share a story from my childhood that I had forgotten about but was reminded of the experience after reading a post by @Sarah E.
So I don't remember how old I was when this happened but I guess I was around 8 or 9 years old. I was with my parents who were shopping. I was sitting in the bacc of the car and I don't remember becoming desperate to go but I must have been holding a poo because I do recall needing to go.
I can recall the building desperation and holding for all I was worth. I remember telling my parents that I needed to go to the toilet. At the time our car was parked in a car park outside a supermarket.
It was at the stage that I was so desperate to go that I was begining to except that I was about to have an accident and the pressure was so strong that I almost wanted to just let go so that I could have relief though I knew that if I relaxed for one second there would be no stopping it from coming out.
Looking back I don't understand why my parents hadn't taken me inside the shop to go to the toilet but I think it was at the stage where I wouldn't have made the walk to the shop as we were parked the far side of the car park, right at the back.
I remember telling my dad that I really couldn't hold it and I was hoping he would have some magic solution but there was nothing for it. I had to get out of the car and go behind it and drop my pants.
The second I squatted down what felt like a massive log rushed out quickly. I can remember the total relief and I needed to go so bad that I don't remember worrying about other people seeing me dropping a log in a public car park.
I am not sure what I wiped with but I guess we had some tissues in the car and I remember getting back in and still feeling so relieved. It would have ben such a mess if I had have went in my pants but it was the nearest I recall that coming close to happening. It was such an intense pressure and I wonder how much longer I would have lasted before a definite accident if I had not have went behind our car.

Thanks to @Sarah E for the memory. My last post turned up a page down from the top and i included comments to @Sarah E, @Marie, @Audrey, @Kaycha and @Robyn if anyone wishes to go back and read it.
Thats all for now. Take care all.
John H


Help with Bodily Issues

Yesterday I saw an occupational therapist, and amongst many other things we spoke about bowel and bladder management and things like difficulty wiping my bottom. Also we spoke about incontinence and how I manage same . An example is that although I want to poo early in the morning nothing happens till later and I think it is because the necessary muscles are too exhausted. The other problem is that sometimes in bed at night I am up and down for a wee and the compounding problem is that it disturbs my sleep but each time I get up I have to sit on the bed for a while as I get dizzy and do not want to fall. Will keep you lot posted



Catherine: so far, Alexis hasn't seemed judgmental or grossed out about my problem, but its hard to tell. Her demeanor when I've talked about it with her seems like one of concern. I really don't think i'll be able to tell until it actually happens and I see how she responds. But I'm pretty worried that she's going to be put off if I have a poop accident in front of her... the story I'm about to share has a little more on Alexis' attitude towards it, and on Brian, too.

Accident number 4 of 2021 comes in on February 12th... its shaping up to be an even messier year than last year... I think I need to get real with myself and talk to a doctor about this. I've let it go for so long since I don't mind doing it in my pants as long as no one knows, but that's the catch- I keep winding up in situations where I can't hide it from people. It just seems like I'm getting less and less warning before I reach the point of not being able to hold it, and the cramps that hit are more painful than they used to be, making me more likely to let go too soon. My risk of not making it seems to be going up rather than down despite the measures I've been taking to get better control over my bowel movements. I talked at length with Alexis today about it and she agrees that it's worth making sure I don't have some sort of underlying health concern that could be contributing to my incontinence issue. She's pretty worried about me because of the accident i had at CVS a couple weeks ago combined with what I did yesterday. speaking of which, heres what happened.

I was at work and I accidentally pooped in my pants at my desk while talking with a customer.

I just had to go so bad... I had been holding for close to an hour but hadnt had a chance to get to the bathroom. I had a customer come to my desk when I was just about to head to the bathroom, and I desperately looked around for Brian to take the customer, but unfortunately I saw him coming back to the desk with his own customer so there was nothing I could do. I just prayed the man would only have a quick question or something easy, or something that I could excuse myself from. I said hello and we got to chatting and i learned that he had a lot of things to go over and he wanted to get some materials quoted. I knew it would take a few minutes and i just felt this wave of anxiety ripple through my body... I clenched my butt a little tighter and crossed my legs as I stood behind my desk and tried to focus. But it didn't take long at all before I was wiggling around like crazy- crossing and uncrossing my legs, tensing up my hands and feet, taking deep breaths and resisting the urge to hold my hand over my butt. Then, I got the cramp. My eyes filled with tears from how bad I had to go. Whenever I'm about to have an accident it always feels like it's the worst I've ever had to poop in my life, but I swear...this WAS the worst I ever had to poop in my life I think. I started commanding myself "don't poop don't poop don't poop don't poop don't poop" over and over really fast in my head. I knew i just had to make it through this one wave of pressure without letting go and then i could quickly excuse myself and rush to the bathroom... but I'm Shannon, so instead I started pooping my pants...i tried to cover my butt with my hand to hold it back but it just poked right past my clenched cheeks and slowly crackled its way into my undies, tenting out my leggings into a bulge that felt as big as an apple.

It. Was. INCREDIBLE. just... absolutely 11/10 on a scale of relief and pleasure as it came out.

Too bad I couldn't enjoy it because I was at my freaking desk with a customer! I think my heart was pounding so hard that people could hear it. My face was so red that my ears felt hot. But worse, I still needed to poop REALLY bad. I couldn't see because my eyes were still welled up with tears and I was just blindly nodding at my customer while he talked at me and I couldn't pay any attention to him at all... I was too busy focusing on trying not to make the mess even worse... I managed to regain control after a few seconds and could somewhat pay attention to my customer, but I was only looking for an in to excuse myself. I felt my stomach cramping again and before I could even interject to excuse myself, I pooped again. It came out a lot faster, was much softer, and it made some funny noises when it came out....I just felt the warmth overtake my whole bottom, and I discretely pulled my cardigan down to hide my butt. I stood there nervously while the customer continued talking, and I was just trying to keep myself from having a panic attack and make a plan of what to do. I was very far from the bathrooms and in order to get there I would have to go past Brian and his customer leaving my desk and then I'd have to walk past the waiting customers, and also my supervisor who was doing something nearby. This wasn't like my other work accidents that happened just outside the bathroom... this was a bad, bad situation. I didn't know what to do. I really didn' I just went about my business hoping no one would be able to tell.

It was going ok for a minute. We began working up the quote and I just tried not to move around too much and would occasionally tug my sweater down a little to keep the bulge covered. But then the smell got me... I could catch a whiff of it every here and there, and it was bad, but I was hopeful it was staying close to me...but my heart sank when my customer scrunched his face up and started looking at the bottom of his shoes. He was clearly looking to see if he'd stepped in dog poop or something because he could smell my accident...I was mortified. That's when I noticed Brian looking at me funny, too.... I got sick to my stomach with embarrassment because I figured he knew what I did by that point...

I carried on through the rest of the quote and the customer never said anything about the smell... when he finally left I breathed a huge sigh of relief and turned to head to the bathroom... I took a couple of ginger steps away from the desk when Brian stopped me...he just said "Shannon" and I said "yeah?" And tried to avoid eye contact. I felt him staring at me and he just asked, knowingly, "are you ok?" With a funny tone. I started to cry a little and said "I'm not...ill text you" and I rushed away to the bathroom. I had to pass my supervisor and two other coworkers on the way there, and by then I was in tears. They all tried to stop and ask me what was wrong but I just kept going...unfortunately me being in tears heading to the bathroom while leaving a stinky odor behind was a pretty dead giveaway about what was wrong.

I texted Brian from the bathroom and told him I had another accident. He said "I know I'm bringing your stuff to the bathroom. You'll be ok". I was embarrased that he said he already knew but I felt relieved that he was already taking care of me... within a minute he was at the entrance to the bathroom with my coat and my bag, and I left work early yet again due to an accident. On my way out my supervisor was looking at me with pity and just said "feel better hon...". Ugh. It was brutal walking out of there knowing pretty much all my coworkers were going to find out what happened. This is what I've always dreaded.

I was really upset on my way home naturally. By the time I got back to my apartment I had calmed down some and was trying to at least take pleasure in the sensations of my accident, and I spent a moment reflecting on the initial moment of release and how good it felt despite the circumstances. I got home and cleaned up right away.

So I've texted with Brian about it obviously. He's been really really sweet, reassuring me that everyone at work loves me and just hopes i'm ok and says that he promises no one will bring it up when I come back. It doesn't help me feel less embarrassed but its sweet of him to try. He has told me to let him know if there is anything he can do like 5 times lol. I was finally like "bro I crapped my pants. Youre acting like I lost a loved one!" in a teasing way, and he said "I know i just hate it when you're upset" :)
A little while later Alexis got home from work and I texted her to come over. She asked why I was home so early so I told her what happened. Her response was "oh no, babe!" Before we got into a whole discussion about why it keeps happening and what I've been trying to do about it. She didn't seem judgmental or upset with me but it did feel a little lecturey like a parent grilling their child. It wasn't bad, just more of a tough love kind of approach in a way? Anyway we ultimately got on the idea of me bringing up the problem to my doctor and going from there. So thats where I'm at... anyway, I will update further soon.



Which bathromm can or shall I use?


I have in the moment one question. I'm non-binary (so neither female or male) and I am not sure which bathroom I cn use or shall use. It would be great if everywhere all gender toilets would be available, but that is sadly not the case. Do you have any experiance in this case?

Victoria B

To Mina

Interesting! The way it works with mine is that the cleaning function also is what heats up the water. There are two knobs: one of them controls the temperature of the water and one of them controls the cleaning function and the pressure of the water.

The angle the water comes out at is controlled by a separate lever. The way we sit and go is opposite: I take off my jeans and panties and sit as far back on the seat as possible both to pee and if I need to go poop. The water warms while I do my number two and if I need to flush after two or three motions I stay sitting down. Once I'm done I slide forward on the seat and either reach behind to adjust myself or have Robyn do it if she's with me. She's been known to pinch when she does that.

The reason why is because I have a large bottom and the part of it that gets to do the honors of kissing the turds goodbye is set low and close to my vulva. Opening me up from the rear means that the water goes only where it needs to go. Then one or both of us washes and wipes. It's the same when Robyn goes except she also leans forward for her number twos. Like her, I also don't let the opportunity for a nice pinch go to waste!

Victoria and Robyn


Pit Toilet

Hi Everyone,
I have a story for you. Last Friday night my wife and I went out to dinner for Valentines Day. We went to an upscale restaurant and had a fantastic meal. The ride home is about 45 minutes. About 10 minutes my wife said that she had a special present for me when we get home. Well about 15 minutes away she said honey I am not going to make it. She then said that her present was going to be to let me watch her poop as she had been holding all day. There was a boat launch with a frozen lake nearby. She wanted me to pull in so she could get some relief before she filled her panties. I drove in and started for the outdoor toilets. Luckily the snow was shoveled and they were open. I had not told her but I felt a loose one coming on myself. So we each took flashlights and she went in the womens room and I went on the mens side. The toilets are back to back with a concrete wall in between the rooms. However the pit is all open and frozen over so you can see what your neighbor drops if you look down. I shined the light down the hole and she exploded runny goo all over. She was having a bad case of the runs and made a huge pile. As she finished I informed her that I was sitting down. I saw her put the light in the hole and I really let a loose mess of sludge go. She really enjoyed watching. We both cleaned up and as we were leaving another car pulled in and the passenger was a woman and she got out running to the toilet. I am guessing she may have had a case of the runs as well.
On the way home my wife said that there was a pair of underwear on the floor that someone had pooped and left. Does that happen to women very often?


Reply to Audrey and Red

Audrey: I mean like a baby potty seat, I have one it's great. What's a Porta potty box?
Red: im excited for your story :)


Monday, February 15, 2021

One particular accident I remember was at the zoo on a field trip. We were on the bus for over an hour and I needed to potty pretty bad by the time we arrived. I knew my mom had packed dry clothes as usual but I had just started middle school (almost 13) and I desperately wanted to stop having so many accidents. I quietly asked the teacher if I could go pee-pee and she said to wait until someone else needed the toilet then we could go together. But... Feeling shy, I tried to hold and enjoy the animals like everyone else. My need grew. Dribbles dampened my panties then wet my crotch and my inner thighs. Finally I knew I needed to pee-pee now!!! Not sure id make it I quietly asked the teacher and told her I couldn't hold it. Then a pee trickle ran down my leg then another then spots appeared on the ground between my legs then more spots. She didn't seem to notice but she told me to go in an irritated voice. But...too late. I finished going to the bathroom in my pants right as I got to the rent a can. I even had peed on my socks. I was so thankful for black pants. I didn't want to change and let everyone know id wet. The teacher asked me if I'd made it in time. I said yes But as the sun slowly dried my pants, my potty smell became more obvious. A teacher took me aside and asked me what happened. I was so embarrassed. I started to cry and said it just all came out. She walked me back to the bus to get my dry clothes bag. Rough day.

Marie: In the garden, I just like going in naughty places, and the garden is a pretty risk free one. I put down just about all of how I do it.
In the living room, I was seeing if I could pee there, because it is often easier mentally to pee in the toilet than not in the toilet. I didn't even expect to pee, but a bunch squirted out.
My family gave the potty to another family with a baby, but recently got a porta-potty box that I might use soon, I might have talked about it. I would love a potty seat, but what do you mean by that exactly? I remember a baby potty seat that would go on the toilet, and I've see videos of people using collapsible toilet seats on stands for camping, so which are you referring to? I've never really wanted to tell my parents.

Just Another Girl: I was a little nervous, but, it was secure enough. Also it's AuDrey, not AuBrey.
Shannon: Can you tell me more about your pooping competitions at new year's?


To Mina

I think you're right about different foods makes different poop. I've been to some country in Asia including Japan, but I haven't been to Korea yet. I saw different motions in different Asian countries and I can see the difference between them. Not every Asian motions were big. Chinese, Japanese and Indian motions were pretty big, but West Asian motions were smaller. So I think rice and vegetables make big motions, also, I can see that west Asian motions were often smellier than Japanese motions and Japanese motions often have more gas than west Asian motions.
As you said your turds were medium size and not so thick, sometimes fat. But for me and my family, we often did a lot of soft or loose ones on toilet, and they rarely break apart. Maybe that's one of the difference cause by our food.
But also, I think the size and shape of our poop were connected with our nation too. Four years ago, I stayed in Japan for three months and ate like a Japanese, but the size and shape of my poop wasn't changing. This is probably because of the difference between our intestine.


Peeing in preschool

Sorry I haven't been on in awhile, Havelock E. those stories were pretty cool; I wish everything wasn't so private in the US. Can you share more of your stories? Any stories about peeing in the same toilet with other boys, or comparing penises? Did all of the boys in the schools you went to in France and Germany have foreskins or were some of them cut?



Dear Victoria,

I think our washlet use electricity. When we push button, it comes out from back of loo. I know that because there is another button we push to clean washlet, and we see it come out. But if we are not sitting properly on the loo, it doesn't come out. We always lean forward to do motions, so when we are ready for washlet, we have to move back so that our bottom completely cover the loo.

Love to you and Robyn, and to everyone. We hope you all have happy time on the loo.

Maho, Hisae, Kazu, Mina. (Your very own.)

Saturday, February 13, 2021


To Tyler C

Yeah that was me, I forgot to leave my name lol.

That is an interesting story though, I haven't ever seen someone who has had a legit accident before in public. Also good idea about the TP in your undies tho idk how comfortable that will be, also a full on accident would probably not work. Still worth a try. Of course you can always test out a full on accident to see lmao.


Reply to Marie

Marie: Not in a car, but yes in the house! I'll post about it soon when I have some time... I actually may have the chance to go again tomorrow (probably today by the time this gets posted) so I'll be sure I share when I do.



I love the hall bathroom in our current mobile home, because the toilet is next to the tub. Those designs are nice, because if you've gotta go, the toilet is right there for emergencies. I've really enjoyed taking a bath not only for relaxing in my bathroom, but because the bathtub drain (located near the back close to the right wall) makes this sucking noise while the water goes down. The noise reminds me of the vacuum character from the 90's TV show Tellitubbies. You know, La La, Dipsy, etc. For you toilet fans, I've not heard a toilet sound like that cartoon vacuum, but maybe there's some toilets out there that make other cool sounds. Noise wise, my bathroom toilet is sort of bland as far as cool goes, but it has sounded like extra air entered the drain sometimes. As far as volume, the toilet is the quietest while the hot water on the bathtub runs with a squeal. The only downside that has bothered me is living a bit far from the dumpster leaving me more likely to get lost easier. That being said, the bathroom trash will be going to the kitchen garbage by default, or a small outside bin when we get one. To Marie: I miss Car Mom. She wrote such good stories that I could mentally put myself in them. I don't think I'll pee in the bath anymore since I last did it in elementary school. For now, my favorite thing to do is sit in front of the drain to listen to the water flow. Just like at the 1954 house that we moved out of some years ago, the faucet on the tub (cold water side) keeps its presence known with a constant small drip. However, it seems less of a problem then the old bathroom. Lol, I just hope the squeal from the faucet running doesn't give me nightmares.I could imagine a bad toilet like that could freak someone out.Bye.


To Catherine and Deb

To Catherine: Yes sometimes I have a feeling of pride after taking a big dump. I often get kind of anxious when I'm constipated, because I can feel there's a lot but I can't push it out. When I'm suffering from serious diarrhea, I feel desperate because the messy poop just keep coming out from my sore butthole and never stop.
To Deb: Nice story. I know it's terrible having diarrhea accident in pants, especially on birthday. Do you usually have serious diarrhea during period? That sounds weird, I sometimes gets pretty gassy during period but never had diarrhea.



Celine: Being constipated for 5-6 days, I'm sure, is uncomfortable and I imagine the reward of relief outweighed the potential embarrassment caused by going at school! A poop like that should make you proud! Thank you for the reply and I hope that you are well!

Jay Bee: Thank you for the kind words! Our family is doing well and dooing well! I like for the urge to build too! Glad that it gives you pride!

Ohio Fan: Yes! The big, long, thick ones are the best! I mean, I want to tell everyone what I just did! I'm grateful Alan gets a rise out of hearing my bathroom boasts and getting texts of my best ones!

Shannon: First, with Alexis, do you think she's a little grossed out by the thought of you having an accident. Does she ever mention her bowel habits? I hope that she would be supportive and empathize with you! I hope she knows that she has something special with you!

Thanks also for answering my question! I also think that it's a sign that our bodies are functioning at an optimum level! When it comes to poop, bigger is definitely better!

Mina/Maho/Kazuko/Hisae: Thank you! I love the intimacy with which you four have when you share the bathroom!

Victoria B: Yes, those are the best kind! Too, I'm so happy that you found someone who can appreciate this aspect of your life! Please tell Robyn we think she's a keeper!

Elphaba: Yes, I too am sad when I doo a perfect poop and have to flush it. I mean, I want to leave it there all day! I guess that's why I keep pictures of my best ones on my phone!

Trina: I'm so glad that you had such an enormous poop the other day! Yes, I've had the same thought when I've had one that was really big and firm. I've thought, "God, that would feel so good in my panties!" Still, those feel so good when you have them. Always good to hear from you! I love my SPAS!

Love to all!



Drinks and their diuretic effect

Which drink makes you need to pee most?

A) Coffee/Tea

B) Beer

C) Water

D) Energy drinks

I my answers in order of priority are:

Energy drinks




Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: JustAnotherGirl great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop.

To: Marie it sounds like you both had a rough day at least you got to the bathroom before things got worse.

To: Jennifer first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a good poop.

To: Ms. Orthodondist great set of stories.

To: Kristen great set of stories.

To: Erin B great story

To: Mina as always another great set of stories about you and your friends.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Victoria B.

To Catherine and Mina/Maho/Kazuko/Hisae


We're both getting a slight case of toilet envy; having the temperature control for the seat and the bidet function all-in-one would be pretty nice! Right now both of us have bidet attachments that go beneath our seats but don't use any electricity: the hot water setting draws from the hot water pipes to the sinks and takes a little time before it's ready to wash your buns or your underneath. Is that how it is on yours? Mina/Maho/Kazuko/Hisae, are yours also Totos?

On an unrelated note I've started taking psyllium husk to help compensate for the insomnia meds and that has helped me get back to normal in terms of how often I go. Production is about the same and that's fine because my BMs are always huge!

Victoria and Robyn

Maho Hisae Kazuko Mina

some answers

Dear Catherine,

I am sorry, I didn't answer your question clearly. I wrote, "our favourite bowel movement" but I wanted to write that we are proud of our bowel movement when it is our favourite.

Dear Richard,

"Pit toilet" is toilet which doesn't flush with water? We have in Japan in countryside, but it is less common every year, when toilets connect with sewer system. We call "botton benjo" in Japanese. I wrote story about it before. You can see on page 2330 and page 2430.

Usually a such toilet is on ground floor, but sometimes on upstairs floor. If it is upstairs floor, turd drop to low level with big noise when it arrives at bottom of pit.

I once had experience in friend's house when I stayed night, she lives in countryside. Loo in her house is sit down style like European loo, but at bottom there is trap door, it is metal, and under the door is pit. So I sat on that loo and began motion. After about 5 "splat" sounds on trap door, it opened with big noise, then I looked and turds were disappear.

I always drop many turds, so I sat down again and started to do. Then I finished, and cleaned my bottom. Then I flushed. Trap door opened at once, with little water, not so much. My turds and paper dropped into pit. I couldn't hear sound.

I said to my friend, "very interesting loo." She said, "it is countryside style. You stay long time!!" I said, "Yes. I relaxed." She was happy hear that. Some of my friends don't stay so long time to do motion, so they surprise when I stay long long time.

I can't look inside that loo because of trap door. But it is possible to look with toilet that is squat style. Sometimes I look, and see my huge pile. I am proud of it!

Dear Josie,

I was relieved you liked my answer. I was worry very much that I wrote offence things, so I rewrite, but first writing was on site and not second one. But you don't angry so I am relief.

You wrote in post "she pushed twenty turds in five minutes" so I replied. But I think, it is not twenty turds but maybe five or six turds that break up into twenty pieces. So there are twenty plop sounds in loo water. With Kazuko and me, it is same. Our turds break. Usually they are not so thick, medium size, but sometimes we do very fat one. Maho does fat one more oftener. Quite often we do pile of mushy at end of motion. It makes burururururururu sound in loo water.

We don't clog loo (touch the wood) because after we drop some turds into loo, we flush. Then we do more turds.

Yes, we are from Japan. But I and Maho are Korean Japanese. Our ancestors in the ancient history were in Korea. Chae (Hisae is her real name) and Kazuko are Japanese. Last time I wrote in post "Hisae don't pinch my bottom" but actually I said, "Chae don't pinch my bottom."

Asian intestine is long, I heard. Because we eat vegetables so much and also rice. So Asian motions are very big. Somewhere this site I read, motions of Japanese are second biggest in world. No.1 is somewhere in Africa. I and my friends love vegetables, so we eat and eat and eat, then we sit on loo 10 or 20 minutes and do huge motion. And flush in middle. (But as I said earlier, many Japanese don't stay so long time, and they go 2 or 3 times in a day. Chae is a such person.)

We are happy that Jane and Mike are settle down. They seem so nice girl and boy.

Love to everyone.

Kazuko, Hisae, Maho, Mina.

Wednesday, February 10, 2021


To stan

Hi I think you are probably right as I think the older toilets had a higher drop and bigger sump. It reminds me of an ex gf from over 10 years ago her parents house had old type toilets with wooden seats she used to comment that they made big splashes and plops when she dropped a big log and would sometimes ring me while she went or take a pic when she had a big load usually 3 or 4 logs around 6 ti 8 inch with big kerplunks she used to take big pops for a girl of 16 ish


Reply to Audrey and Other Marie

I was alone at school one evening and I really had to tinkle. So because of that and the fact that I was alone and had my STP I decided to use the men's room. I walked in there found the urinal, pulled out my STP and lifted up my skirt and had my tinkle. The beach is a lot like yours just squatting in the sand or sitting over a hole. I have done many car pees and poos. Can you tell me more about going in the garden and the living room? What happened to your potty and would you want a potty seat? And finally have you ever wanted to tell your family about your interests?

Hi Other Marie! I guess I'm not the only Marie on here anymore. :)


Tyler C

Witnessed a Messing

To Steve: I'm assuming you're Steve since you didn't leave your name this time and Steve is the one who always responds to me. Sorry for not getting back right away. I haven't had any major incidents with pooping lately, but I witnessed something back in December that made me more conscious of the possibility of soiling myself.

I was shopping for some Christmas presents for my parents and some friends at the mall. I took care of my peeing and pooping needs before I left because I sure am not going to use filthy public bathrooms in the middle of a pandemic during peak shopping season. It would be a real hassle to do so even if I wanted to because it's a pretty big mall and there are usually bathrooms all around the mall, but because of Covid-19, only a few of them are open. When I got there, I could see a huge socially distanced line forming near the bathroom in the food court.

I was glad I didn't have to go, but not everyone was in the same position. I went into one of the big department stores and started shopping around. At one point, I overheard a girl who I guess was probably in her early teens walk up to an employee and ask where the bathrooms were. The employee explained that the in-store bathrooms that are normally available to the public are closed and the closest one was back at the food court. He started explaining to her where the food court was. I tried to mind my own business, but they were just one isle over and I couldn't help but hear them. I glanced over quickly from where I was and she seemed to be red faced and squirming around a little bit. She had curly brown hair and glasses and was wearing a red hoodie and jeans. She seemed really shy and reluctantly managed to squeeze out the words, "I'm not sure I can make it there in time." I don't blame her. The food court was pretty far from this part of the mall, and even if she got there in time, if that line was even half as long as it was when I was there, she'd probably be finished doing her business by the time she got into a stall.

She was trying really hard to keep her composure, but you could tell she was in a bit of a panic. The guy she was talking to seemed pretty sympathetic and said he'd ask his boss to make an exception. She thanked him in a somewhat pained voice. She kept squirming while the guy walkie-talkied his boss. She slowly stopped moving around so much and lurched forward slightly. She grabbed her butt with her hands that she had been keeping at her side this whole time. She was trying not to be obvious, but it wasn't hard to figure out what she was doing in her pants. Before the guy could speak, she very quickly said "Actually, nevermind. I'm fine." Then, she turned away from the guy and ran off. She ran right past me, and I think I saw a bit of a lump growing in the back of her jeans. I guess in a way she ended up going to the bathroom, even if it was in her pants. I glanced back over to the guy who seemed a little stunned. I awkwardly made eye contact with him, but I quickly looked away and continued shopping as if I didn't notice anything.

I didn't see her after that, but this scene made me realize how easy it is to get caught short and have an accident during the pandemic. So, for the last two months, I've been lining my undies with toilet paper every time I think I'm going to be out for a long time. There haven't been any real accidents, but there was one time a couple weeks ago where some poop started poking out of my butt and it left some marks on the toilet paper that, had it not been there, surely would have skid marked my underwear pretty bad. I'm not sure how effective this method would be against a full on pants messing, but I guess I'll have to wait and see for when something like that eventually happens to me.

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