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Dutch boy

Poop log survey

a) Where you last pooped?
Behind a bush in northern Finland. I am on a camping trip with my parents. We stay almost every night in a tent in the wilderness.

b) Date/Time you last pooped?
Today (Sunday 14th Augustus) at about 08:30 (just before breakfast).

c) What you read if anything?

d) How long you took you to poop?
I think it took less than two minutes because I had a very strong need.

e) Were you shameful?
Not really, but I was anxious that someone should come by because there were several others camping around.

f) Did it smell?
Yes, it did.

g) Did you enjoy it?
Yes, because I had not pooped for about three days now. It was good to get it out. It was quite a huge amount. Four lumps, one hard, three soft, each 10-15 cm long and diameter 3 cm, light brown.

h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today?
Before squatting I pulled my shorts till just above the knees.

i) Any other interesting comments/share your bathroom story?
After I had pooped, my mother went to take her morning dump at the same spot. I am not sure that she understood it was me that had been there before, because when I went to poop she was bathing. I also think my father pooped this morning, but I do not know where and when. I think he probably did it before the rest of us went up. My sister pooped yesterday evening and I do not think she has pooped yet today. She almost always poops just before it gets dark in the late evening.

When wildcamping there is a possibility for quite a lot of unusual pooping situations. I think that I have only been spotted once (by another camper, one of the biking women to be mentioned later). Last week my mother told that she discovered a boy lurking around in the woods behind her when she was pooping. I have seen several other campers when peeing or pooping, not only my parents and my sister. Some days back we stayed in the same area as a group of scouts. Then both my sister and I spotted some of the girls and boys pooping in the woods. My sister also walked in on one of the adult leaders when he was squatting late in the evening. She said that he looked like being very embarrassed when she came by.

A few days back we camped near two biking women. In the morning I walked in on one of them just as she was wiping her ass after pooping. I think both of us became surprised as well as a bit embarrassed. She smiled and said something in Scandinavian that I did not understand. Some minutes later the other one walked in on me when I was squatting. She smiled and said sorry and went in another direction. On my way back I got a glimpse of her squatting with a bare bum between the bushes.

One day when picking berries my mother and I discovered another berry picker (elderly man) just as he was pulling down and squatting. We immediately went away and he did not observe us. Later, when passing where he had pooped, we saw the poop (a very long cable) he had left and my mother smiled and said that obviously he had had a strong urge. Later we met him and his wife at the parking area. He smiled to us without any knowledge that we had spotted him just as he pulled down his trousers.

I was at a gas station today and had to pee. The bathroom was kind of nasty, so I immediately went to the trashcan and started peeing in it without a second thought. It felt great, almost as if it were second nature.


Public bathrooms with little privacy

Has anyone been in a public bathroom that has not a lot of privacy and do you have stories about them. For example a big gap in the partition of the stall door or the tiles reflecting the other person on the toilet. It makes me wonder why the people who designed the bathrooms would put reflective tiles. It would make people uncomfortable however in my case one of those situations led me to meeting this guy I'm currently dating. We've been dating for a month now. I went in to the men's room because I needed to pee. There were only 2 stalls and a bunch of urinals. I saw someone sitting in the stall next to the furthest urinal. I went to that urinal to pee. The guy was sitting in there wearing black flip flops and black shorts with white stripes and they went down to his ankles. Seeing his feet he looked like he was either Latino and Middle Eastern. I get to the urinal to pee and there was a gap between the back of the stall and the wall and I could see his back while he was sitting on the toilet. I couldn't smell anything or hear anything but I finished my pee and then I went to wash my hands and while I was doing that I glanced over and I could tell by the way his feet were positioned he was wiping. There was someone in the other stall too and he was wiping. I took time to wash my hands and I saw him pulling his shorts up. He came out and I thought he was really good looking and we happened to smile at each other. I walk back out to the store and I saw him looking around in the store and wanted to talk to him. I said hello to him and everything went from there. Not a conventional way to meet someone mind you but he's a wonderful man and things are going great!!

To Sarah

I enjoyed your recent story hope everything came out smoothly. I dropped a deuce this morning had to push a little bit to get it out. What is your most memorable public poop? just wondering looking forward to hearing your story!

jen c

more accidents

hello I'm back, in my last post I talked about the first two times I pooped my pants when I was 12

this one is from when I was 13, this time my friend was coming over my house. she called me to make plans, I got the urge to poop while on the phone with her, but once I got off it went away, I figured no biggie, well an hour went by then I had to poop again. but I didn't want to go just yet in case my friend got there while I was in the bathroom, she's a loud mouth and has a tiny bladder and has no problem yelling out that someone had just shit in the bathroom. well I wasn't about to go stinking it up and have her walk in there to pee and smell my poop. she got there 20 minutes later, I had to poop pretty bad by this point. my friend picked out a movie. during the movie I released 2 silent farts, one of witch the smell didn't go away. I looked over at my friend and saw a huge bugle in the back of her pants. she pooped her pants. out of no where I lost my battle and started pooping my own pants. my mom came in and saw me going, she was mad at me but no too mad, she cleaned me up. once I was done my friend went in to clean her accident up.


When I was 15 (summertime accidents)

Hi Rachel. Thank you for your kind words. As I mentioned before, I'm really glad that I found this website. It has been very therapeutic for me and it's really nice to know that I'm not alone in having accidents, especially of the messier type. As for my periods are concerned, I have noticed that as the older I get, the heavier they have become. On my heaviest days I have started using extra heavy overnight maxi pads by Always. I will switch between the ultra thin version and the thicker maxi pad, depending on what I am wearing. If I am wearing tighter fitting pants, I will typically wear the ultra thin pad otherwise the thicker one will be noticeable through my pants. As far as accidents are concerned, I am usually able to cover up with my lab coat at work. There was one time however when one of my female coworkers told me, very discreetly, that I had stained through my pants.

Also, yes, I do now live in Ontario, Canada. I'm not from here originally though. My family moved here from England when I was 10 years old and my sister was 15.

I wasn't able to post anything last week, but I'm my last post I made mention of a second pooping accident that I had when I was 15 years old. My previous one from when I was 15 was during a math exam in January. I had diarrhea during the exam and completely messed my underwear and jeans. My best friend Megan had her period and bled through her pants during the exam as well.

I didn't have any other accidents that school year. My next incident happened during our summer break in July. I actually had two accidents that summer. Here's the first one…

It was towards the end of July. It was Friday and it was really hot out. I wore a pair of pink full cut bikini panties with high-rise jeans. I had on a matching pink bra and a white v-neck t-shirt. My period had just needed the day before but I decided to wear a long ultra thin pad with wings just to be safe. My mom dropped me off at Megan's house at 11 that morning before she had to go to work for the afternoon. Megan and I were meeting up with these two guys, Riley and Aaron for lunch.

Before we left to meet up with the guys, we both used the washroom. I was feeling good at that point. Megan came downstairs with a handful of pads and put them in her purse. She said that she had started her period the night before and it was getting pretty heavy.

We were going for Vietnamese food and it was about a 20 minute walk from Megan's house. Riley and Aaron were already and the restaurant and had a table for us when we got there.

We ordered some really nice dishes and took our time eating. When we were done, we sat around the table and talked for a while. I could feel the food digesting through my bowels and I was getting some light cramps. I felt some gas coming on so I said to everyone that I needed to use the ladies room. The washroom was just a single use one and I had to wait a few minutes before I could get in. The cramps got worse as I was waiting and I let out a fart which felt really wet. I could feel it soaking into my pad. It felt really gross and squishy between my bum cheeks. I finally got into the ladies room just as another cramp was coming on. I let out another wet fart as I was pulling down my jeans. I lowered my underwear, sat on the toilet and let out a wave of wet gas. I looked down at my pad and it was a total mess. I was glad that I had worn it, however there was no way that I could keep wearing it, given the state of it. I didn't have any other pads with me, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal since there was no other signs of my period. I cleaned myself up and went out to meet Megan and the guys.

We decided to walk to the mall to go to the arcade which was about a 15 minute walk away. It was so hot that day and as we were walking I started cramping up again. I knew that I needed to get to a toilet within a few minutes. I did everything that I could to keep my butt cheeks clenched but it was no use. A tiny bit of mushy diarrhea squeezed out and I could feel it between my butt cheeks. As we were walking I could feel it soaking into my panties. Everything just felt hot and sticky. We were stopped at the light across from the mall and I heard Megan quietly moan to herself. I couldn't hold back another wave of diarrhea from wanting out and as we started walking across the street, more mess came out and into my underwear. It wasn't a full load, but I knew that my panties were definitely messed up.

We got to the mall and Megan said that she needed to go to the toilet. I went with her, doing my best not to totally lose everything in my pants. We both had to wait for stalls to open up. I was moaning and Megan let me go in front of her because she could tell that I was in trouble. Before a stall opened up she quietly said to me, "I'm totally gushing right now. My period is so heavy". A stall finally opened up and I shuffled in. I pulled down my jeans and they had a small stain on the inside between my legs and in the bum area, but luckily it hadn't leaked all the way through my jeans. My full-cut bikini panties were a bit stuck to me, so I had to peel them down. They were quite a bit messier than I had anticipated. The mess went from the crotch, in between my legs and around the bum of my panties. I cleaned up the mess the best I could with toilet paper.

In the meantime, Megan went into the stall right beside me. I could hear her pull down her pants and underwear. I could hear her say to herself, "Oh my god" over and over. When I was done, I pulled up my underwear and jeans which felt gross and clammy. I left the stall and gently tapped on her door. I asked her is she was okay and she said, "Oh Steph, I have totally bled over the wings of my pad. I'm completely soaked and I've bled through my pants." I could hear her put on a fresh pad. When she was done, she opened up the door of her stall and asked if her leak was noticeable. She turned around so I could check her bum. She had a slight stain, but it wasn't as bad as she thought it was. Then she turned around and opened up her legs slightly. That's where she leaked the worst, right between her legs. It still wasn't that noticeable because it was pretty much right underneath her.

We met up with Riley and Aaron at the arcade and played a few games with them even though neither of us was really up to it. We didn't stay that long and decided to walk back home.

I started cramping up again and needed a toilet, but there were none in sight. I started pooping my pants again as Megan and I walked back towards our houses. She asked me if I wanted to go to her house. I told her that I wasn't feeling well and that I needed to go home. I just couldn't hold back another wave of diarrhea. I stopped walking and totally filled my panties with a load of mushy, wet diarrhea. It spread out everywhere, in all directions, up my back, towards the front of my underwear and even down my legs a bit. Megan said, "Steph, are you okay?" I said, "No. I'm sick. I think the Vietnamese food went right through me." She said, "Oh honey, I'm sorry." I said, "I just got totally sick in my underwear." I told her that had actually pooped my pants on our way to the mall as well.

We kept walking and Megan went towards her house and I went towards mine. It was a desperate feeling walking with a massive load of mushy diarrhea swishing around my pants. I had to let out more as I walked home.

By the time I got home the mess had leaked through my jeans. I was a total mess. A few minutes after I got home, my mom arrived home. I was standing in my washroom upstairs not quite sure where to start. My mom asked me if I was okay and I just broke down crying. I told her, I'm between sobs, what happened. She helped me get cleaned up. We decided to throw away that pair of underwear but my mom was able to get my jeans cleaned out.

This next story is a period related one. It was the Saturday of the August long weekend. Megan and I decided to go to the beach for the day. She was right in between her periods and I was expecting mine to start the following week. We got a ride with my sister Terri and her friends who were also going. I wore a white hipster bikini bottom with white and pink stripes and a matching bikini top. I also had a change of underwear and pink shorts to wear. I wore my bikini bottoms underneath my shorts, which were snug fitting and showed off my bum and legs nicely. I also packed some maxi pads with me for just in case. I'm really glad I did.

It was really hot that day as well and we were in and out of the water quite often. Midway through the afternoon we were lying on our towels on the beach, getting some sun. I sat up and said to Megan that I was going back into the water to cool off. I stood up with my back to Megan and something didn't feel right. Megan sat up and said, "Steph! Sit down, now!" I turned around, looked down and felt a chill go down my back. My bikini bottoms were soaked in blood. I sat down on my knees and just covered my face with my hands. I then reached behind to feel my bum and I was soaked in blood as well. My towel was even covered from when I was lying down on it. I had totally gotten my period several days early and it came with a complete explosion. Megan helped me by wrapping her towel around my waist. I grabbed my bag and went to the ladies room to get sorted out. By the time I got there my period was leaking down the insides of my legs. I had to change out of my hipster bikini and into my full cut bikini panties. I had some thick overnight maxi pads with me and put one in my panties. I put on my pink shorts which were snug fitting with my bikini panties and pad that I had to wear. I looked at my bum in the mirror and it was obvious that I was wearing a pad because the bulge from it was very noticeable through my shorts.

I finally got back to the beach. Megan had folded up my towel for me so that the blood from my accident wasn't noticeable. That ruined any more chances of swimming for me for the rest of the day. My period was crazy heavy that day and I had to change my pad a few times before we left. It was so heavy that on our way home I actually leaked in my sister Terri's car. I had to sit on my towel to keep from staining the car seat.

Well, that's all for now. I had one accident the following year when I was 16. I was playing football (soccer) and had diarrhea in my kit (uniform). It was bad especially since our team shorts were white. I'll be back with that story at another time.



Constipation problems and public places

I'm starting my second year of middle school and my mom says I don't have a lot of confidence in using bathrooms away from home. The school toilets sucked last year because the privacy doors were taken down because of vaping and other misuse. We only had those cut-off toilet paper squares for wiping. I had difficulty in just handling one of them and doing my daily after crap wipe without getting crap on my fingers. When that would happen I would be forced to stop and wash my hands and I would get detention time because waiting for a sink to open made me late to class.That meant I had to report four times to school on Saturday mornings to serve my time. My dad, who drove me to school for those, kinda sympathizes with me but said I will see it differently with more maturity.

This last week me and my friend Monique have been spending much of the time of our last week of school at the mall. We're getting school supplies and looking at new outfits. We also go to movies there. Monique uses the bathrooms there with no problem. Her pees start immediately when her turn comes, she is seated for about a minute, then she flushes and comes out and I take my shift. Like a few minutes earlier I felt a strong need to crap, but once I take my seat it seems like my crap stays inside me and it frustrates me to no end. I take very positions on the toilet and change them to feel more at ease, which is something my pediatrician recommends. The longer I sit, I hear other shoppers waiting tap on my door or worse yet place their eyes against the space between the door and toilet partitions. I've had a few ask me how long I'm going to be. Even my dad thinks that's a dumb question. Or they tell me they need a fast pee. Like I'm suppose to get up and turn the toilet over to them. I just don't know what to say. Monique has come up with some great one-liners, but I'm not comfortable using that language to people I don't know.

On Friday morning Monique and I went into one of the largest mall bathrooms. I hadn't crapped well in three days and the previous evening she had given me a large laxative pill when I stayed over at her house.
Now it was nearly noon, a crowded bathroom, and it was working. After about 10 minutes a toilet opened, I ran for it, latched the door, dropped my panties and jeans to my feet, and sat on the warm seat. Monique was at the doorway. I told her during the wait I had lost the feeling in my gut. She told me to chill and take my time. After about 10 minutes I was ready to give up and head out with Monique to the movies at the other end of the building. Monique said no. From under the privacy door she handed me a suppository pack. I had used one after school one night at her house, but never while on a public toilet. She told me I had nothing to lose. Luckily I had no problem inserting it, although she was willing to help me, and she told me it would take about 15 to 20 minutes to make me go. She suggested we walk down to the movies. First, I told her it was a dumb idea and I just wanted to sit and wait. But she usually gives me good advice and has been a great friend this year, so I gave in.

We walked a little faster through the mall because I didn't want to have an accident between bathrooms. That exercise sure helped. While she stood in the line to buy our tickets, I rushed to the lobby toilets, praying that they were not busy. The middle stall was open and I practically tore the button off my jeans to save a half second. I dropped my butt onto the toilet so fast I think I bounced. Immediately there was a series of explosions and immediately I got relief to my pain. I texted Monique that it was over, but that the three-inches left on the toilet paper roll were pretty short of my wiping needs. Within a couple of minutes she was at my door with a mitt full of what I needed.

When I got home my mom was concerned that that I had used a suppository at my age, but didn't seem concerned about a streak in the seat of my white undies. She's getting me blue and black underwear and several new loose-fitting dresses for the new school year. I'm so lucky that Monique had taken a suppository out of their medicine packet for me.

Both she and I enjoyed a pee we took after the movie and while my mom was coming to pick us up. It feels a lot better to have success on the toilet than to leave without it.

Sunday, August 14, 2022


Re: David P

Hey David! I try and do my best or whatever i can to help josh out during his struggles! I rarely get constipated myself and am a pretty regular person. Once and awhile though i have hard poop which can hurt coming out. Were so used to seeing each other use the bathroom that josh comes in and sits by my while im going. If it is one of my harder poops he usually just rubs my back and holds my hands until i am done. Sorry to hear that you have been struggling too, hoping things get easier for you to pass!!


survey answers

poop log survey
a) Where you last pooped?
at a wendy's

b) Date/Time you last pooped?
around 6pm

c) What you read if anything?

d) How long you took you to poop?
i remembered to time it 12 minutes exactly

e) Were you shameful?
no the bathroom was busy and i took a big noisy dump and farted a lot

f) Did it smell?
it smelled pretty bad

g) Did you enjoy it?
yes it felt amazing i really had to take a shit and the relief was amazing

h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today?
i pulled my sweatpants and panties to above my knees and moved them to below my knees as i shit and they fell down to my ankles as i wiped

i) Any other interesting comments/share your bathroom story?
i will share the full story. i was out doing rides and at about 4:30 i started feeling an urge to poop but it was not very strong. it suddenly grew a lot stronger and my stomach started making noises. i dropped off my ride and went offline to find a bathroom. fast food places are the most reliable for me so i stopped at a wendys nearby to unload. they were having an afterwork rush which was inside the store and not just drive through. i located the bathroom and it was three stalls with the last being a handicapped. all three stalls were taken and there was blonde teen girl waiting. she was telling the people to hurry up and i put together the first two stalls were people she knew. shortly after i came in another girl who looked mid20s came in she was dressed in the uniform of a nearby store. it sounded like one person was peeing so other two were pooping. i really needed to take a shit but i was enjoying the busy bathroom. the one who was peeing finished up and a girl who looked similar to the blonde girl exited and they talked while she replaced her. she started pissing loudly. i could hear some plops come from a stall and wiping. both the middle stall and the first stall opened at the same time. i took the middle one and the girl behind me took the first. while the bathroom had four other people in it i unloaded my massive shit. i really needed to go and barely made it and did not cover the seat i needed to shit right then. as soon as my ass hit the seat my shit began to come out. it was log working as a plug then a torrent of very soft poo. not diarrhea or mud just very soft. it all came out very loud and very fast and i sighed loudly in relief. i never heard a plop from the end stall but she started wiping. the two girls washing their hands had left. the girl in the first stall started peeing. it sounded weak at first but grew louder. she finished her piss and the end stall was wiping still. i let out a long and loud wet fart. my stomach still really hurt so i stayed seated. the end stall girl flushed and left. i could see the first stall girls shoes under the stall and she shifted. i farted another wet and loud fart. i could hear her grunt and let out two short but loud farts. i heard another grunt then another even louder then a crackle sound and what sounded like a baseball dropping in the toilet. she sighed and grunted again and i heard several loud plops. she started wiping. I did another very long fart and started feeling better. it took me a long time to wipe. the other girl had left but a girl did come in and piss in the end stall while i was wiping. i flushed and left feeling very relieved.

babysitting survey
To babysitters:
1. When you use the toilet, do you let the child or children come with you? Why or why not?
i babysat when i was 15 at their house. i would just excuse myself.
2. Did you ask the child or children to face the door while you went, or did you not care if they saw you?
3. Do you remember the first time a child you babysitted came with you while you used the toilet?
they never went in with me
4. What was your most memorable experience using the toilet in the presence of a child you babysitted?
never in presence but i did shit at her house a few times. i was embarrassed to poop at her house but got hit with diarrhea once. my stomach suddenly started hurting. i knew i had to shit and when it hurt more i knew it was diarrhea. it was not urgent so i tried to hold it. after half an hour i got a major urge to shit and knew i could not hold it until her parents returned there was still 3 hours left. she was watching tv downstairs so i went to the bathroom upstairs i was not as open about pooping then. as soon as i sat down i erupted like a volcano into the poor toilet. it was a giant torrent of hot diarrhea and smelled like rotten eggs. i tried to finish up before she thought about it. i left the window open when i was done. when i got home that night i needed to shit again and it smelled as bad but was not as much shit.

To those who were babysitted:
1. Did you accompany your babysitter whenever they used the toilet? If not, where you did you stay while waiting?
my babysitter never took me from my house. they did use the bathroom at my house usually for pee but sometimes for a poo. i would stay where i was.
2. Did they ask you to face the door while they went or did they not care about you seeing them?
3. Do you remember your first experience accompanying your babysitter to the toilet?
was my home so this did not come up
4. What was your most memorable experience involving your babysitter using the toilet?
she clogged our toilet once. she said her stomach hurt and she needed the bathroom and she put on a movie to distract me with. she did not come out for about 20 or 30 minutes. she looked pale and panicked when she came out. she told me she clogged the toilet and where the plunger was. i said it was in one of the bathrooms. while she looked upstairs i went and peeked and she had dropped a enormous log in the toilet. it was as wide as a coke can and it came out of the water and smelled very earthy. it took her the rest of the movie to plunge it down.

camp survey
Name: sarah
Age: 22

1. Were you at a camp with or without your parents. If not your parents, who supervised you?
i have camped both with my parents and youth groups as a teenager.

2. How were the bathrooms different than the ones you were accustomed to at your school, around your city, or at home?
all campsites i went to had toilet buildings. all were a mix of private rooms and rooms with stalls.

3. Did you think about going to the bathroom outside in the wilderness?
What would have happened if you had been caught?
i have pissed in nature before but not on these trips. i had to really take a dump once on a hike but i waited until the hike was over and i was back at camp.

4. If you were with friends, did you look out for one another and perhaps shield them from being seen going to the bathroom by other campers.
my friend pissed in the bushes once and i looked out for her.

5. How did you get away from the others and gain your privacy while going to the bathroom outdoors?
i would often wait until a good time and sneak away.

6. Have you ever doubled-up (used a toilet for both pee and crapping in a single sit)? How did that work? How long were you seated?
no. i did overhear a woman have very explosive diarrhea though. i was waiting for my family at the toilet building. a woman ran into a private room and i heard the loudest diarrhea of my life. she really had to go!


Back When

I invited a client to meet me at a bar after work the other evening. I'm trying to get a bigger part of her ad budget. As soon as Lisa came in, she hung her purse on the chair next to me, asked me to watch it, and then ran to the bathroom.

We both went to the same large urban school in our city, but we didn't have any classes together or hang out. She's very forward. Coming back and taking her chair she complained about her hectic day in the corporate world and how she misses her mid afternoon pee stop that she got accustomed to in school. This was 20 years ago and she would get her work done ASAP in class, then sign out for the bathroom. I can't believe the memory she has. She would use the same 4th floor bathroom that I often did. My classroom was right across from it. I too would sign out and go in for a pee. It was hard to get a toilet during lunch because the lines were long and it seemed the shitters were all semi-constipated. But they would sit and sit.

Both me and Lisa did our pissing in stalls next to one another each day close to 2 p.m. She got there first and I remember being envious of the high quality athletic shoes she wore. She would lay her yellow hall pass next to her left foot as she sat. She admits she wasted time on the toilet because her class was boring. Of me, she said I was fast in, often forgetting to latch the door, spent time tearing off toilet paper and laying it over the seat. Then I would sit and my pee would start immediately. It would stop, but there would be a couple of small spurts coming at the very end. I didn't sit a moment more, flushed by foot, and then practically ran for the sink.

What a memory Lisa has!

Jen C

my accidents

hello my name is Jenny, I'm 29 years old, over the years I've had quiet a few accidents. for starters, I don't like to poop in public or if anyone other than the people who lived in my house were there, so if company was over I would not use the bathroom and that lead to some pretty embarrassing accidents.

my first story is from when I was 12, I was sitting in class, when I realized I had to poop. I knew I could hold it till I got home. well it was around the end of the day, I got up to go to my final class of the day when it started to become an emergency. nothing that I haven't held before. I got to the last couple minutes when I lost some of my confidence that I could hold it. I some how made it to the end of the day. got to my bus then it got real bad, i had to poop worse than ever, to make matters worse I lived on the opposite side of town where the school was. I had a long battle and about half way home I get the tip start to poke out, I now thought I was going to poop my pants right there on the bus. it was bad. we got to my stop, but I had like a 10 minute walk after. I got off the bus and began my walk, the whole time "I got this..12 year olds don't poop their pants" over and over. about 5 minutes into my walk, it happened, I stopped to regain control, and I couldn't, the poop forced its way out of me, I just squatted down and let It happen, I was so ashamed, but my mom wasn't strict so I figured id be ok when I got home and told her, I finished my walk home now with a solid load of poop in my panties. I walked in the house. my mom saw the bulge in the back of my pants and asked if I had an accident, I lied and said no. she saw right through it spun me around, felt the bulge, then smelled the back of my pants (my poop doesn't stink that bad), then she pulled my pants out enough to look inside my panties. she took me up stairs to the bathroom to help me clean up the mess.

my next accident was a couple months later, i got call from a friend to stay the night at her house, now before I go to friends houses I always go use the bathroom so I don't risk an accident. on this day tho my older brother had a friend over, like I mentioned above, pooping with people over is a no no. so I went to my friends house still needing to poop, but I packed an extra pair of panties just in case. when I got there her older sister let me in, I went up to her room and she wasn't there, her and her mom left the bathroom at the same time. my own need to poop got bad after being there for a couple hours. then I gave in and went to the bathroom, I pushed as hard as I could but could only pee. I was constipated. I gave up, dabbed my lady parts. washed my hands, I looked in the sink and found a pair undies soaking in there, I knew it. my friend had to have had an accident. so anyway I dropped it. went back to her room, my need to poop came back stronger than ever. I couldn't even try to hold it. I pooped my pants. it was huge, this time it smelled a bit this time too. my friend didn't seem to notice, but her mom came in the room to tell us dinner was almost ready, then took a whiff and knew there was an accident in someones panties. she looked at my friend and said "did you poop your pants again". my friend said no. she took her by the back of her pants and smelled her butt. then looked at me she asked me to turn around so she could "check" me. sure enough I pooped myself. I went to the bathroom, dropped my pants and underwear and took a shower. her mom got my undies clean while I was showering.

that's all for today. ill post more later on

Friday, August 12, 2022


Difficulty peeing at my job

In addition to a lot of babysitting, I also have a summer job of 48 hours a week at a family-run amusement park. I sell at the concession stand, but also double as the person running the nearby miniature golf course. There's not enough applicants for all the open jobs so I have two things to manage and when I have to go on a bathroom break, I have to text my manager, who gets someone else to temporarily replace me. It is not that easy and usually this girl Tiffany is brought over. She's like 2 years younger than me and has attitude. She makes snide comments about me using the bathroom too much during my 8 hour shift. Tiffany started like a week after I did and said she has never used the bathrooms at the park. OK she must have a bigger bladder than me because I typically need to go 3 times during each of my shifts. Since I'm out in the heat and drinking a lot at my concession stand because I've had some occasional bladder infections, Tiffany makes me feel like I'm so different. Sorry I can hold it and regulate my system better like she brags about. Like her, however, I have never had to crap while on duty at the park.

What is really troubling for me is the simple pee. I will text my manager and ask for a bathroom break, but it my be 15 or 20 minutes before Tiffany comes over to relieve me. Twice I have some leakage the size of a quarter in my red shorts while I've waited and the pain of holding it is bad. I know the economy is bad and they are short-handed throughout the park, but I worry about my luck and how it might not hold out. What's also embarrassing is that the single toilet bathroom for my area is located right behind the concession stand. It is the size of a closet and you open the door and whether you are customer or staff you have one wide-open toilet that's very dirty and which is stained beyond belief sitting there. About the only thing good is that there are a couple of rolls of toilet paper on the wall.

My problem though is embarrassing. I'm worried about an accident and I slap my butt down on the seat. But no matter how hard I try, it might take me 10 or 15 minutes just to get my painful urine stream going. I will sit still, and sometimes a few drops will trickle out of me, and if the stream doesn't often pick up, I will start to cry and feel frustrated until I can get my stream going consistently and heavily. Just sitting there and seeing Tiffany's nasty question or slur come across my phone is so defeating. Probably 9 times out of 10 at home my heavy pee stream starts up immediately, but the tension of using a public bathroom is so frustrating for me. The problem started at my high school a couple of years ago when I had to wait in line for a toilet, and once one opened and I sat down, the 1 minute warning bell would ring, and I would get all tensed up about another detention. Even washing my hands would be a pretty alien thing. When I finally come out and thank Tiffany for covering for me she almost always mixes sarcasm with cursing and tells me my sit times are not normal. Maybe that's true, but I don't like to upset people whether they are my teachers or Tiffany.

I have another month of work before I go back to school. I like the job but I'm hurt by my frustrating sits and Tiffany's cruel remarks.

Babysitting Survey Answers:

As a babysitter:

1) When I'm on the toilet, yes I will let the younger girls come in with me especially if we're home and I'm going to be on the toilet for more than a few minutes. I'm very reluctant to let boys over 5 do that, but in public toilets I do require them to turn away from me and stand quietly. Once I had 4 year-old twins try that, one threw a punch at his brother, and I forgot I was pooping and I jumped from the seat to break it up, we were at the big downtown library, and a turd splattered between my legs and onto the floor. Both burst out laughing. I cried.

2) I had one boy that I had to pick up at grade school and bring him to my high school where I had a 3 hour theatre practice. These were doorless stalls. Instead of him watching my friends at the mirrors or dressing in their costumes, I had him turn toward me as I sat and peed.
Later that night, I figured out I could just ask my friends to watch him while I used the toilets. I found they actually enjoyed entertaining him in the large theatre.

3) The first time a kid came in with me when I used the toilet was on a horrendous Saturday. I had made the mistake of taking a laxative the night before so at the movies and in the mall, my choice were limited when I was on the toilet. I think he was 5 and very energetic. During our 30 minute public bus ride home my colon was acting up again and I had to get on a toilet fast. So we exited the bus early in front of a gas station, I hurried with him in tow to the side of the station where the toilets were, and he got to see my gas and turd eruption. He asked a couple of questions and I could tell he was embarrassed.

4) My worst experience was Number 3 above.

To Those Who Were Babysitted:
1) When Chelsea used the toilet, if we weren't home I had to accompany her. When I was like 5 or 6 I would be afraid to stand and wait in a big place because of all those around who I didn't know.

2) Sometimes there were no privacy doors.

3) Yes.

4) My most memorable experience with my babysitter using the toilet was when at the park Chelsea almost fell in. The seat was quite loose. I think I laughed and that upset her.


Reply to Sam

I have to say my favorite public bathroom is one at a park close to my home. I've taken my kids there for years and we've always used it.

All the cubicles are made of stone, with wooden doors. The toilets are mounted to the walls and have black seats. Despite being public, it's almost always clean and there's always been toilet paper. I've used it at least 100 times, and I know I've pooped there at least a few dozen times.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Emma two

Needed three flushes

I was getting ready for work this morning and I was busting for a poo so I went to the toilet. I could only pee and after ten minutes of pushing and straining I gave up because I had to leave for work. I got mystery shoes on and walked out of the flat towards the bus stop and after a couple of minutes my bus arrived and I got on. I sat by the window watching the work go by as I felt my poo trying to come out and I clenched hoping I'd be able to go when I got to work and forty minutes later I got to my stop and got off the bus. I was really feeling the need to have a poo by now and I had to clench tightly as I prayed I would make it to work without having an accident in my knickers. When I got to work ten minutes later I was seconds away from doing it in my knickers and I rushed into the toilets holding my bottom trying my best not to poo myself and I just about made it into a cubicle. I pulled my jeans and knickers down together and threw myself onto the toilet seat with a thump and relaxed and immediately felt my poo coming out into the toilet and it was such a relief. It was huge and a thought it would never end and I remembered I hadn't been for a week. By the time I finished I'd filled the toilet and I wiped my bottom and flushed the toilet and not surprisingly it blocked so I waited for it to refill and flushed it again and this time about half of it went down. I waited for it to refill again and flushed it a second time and most of it had gone leaving a lot of heavy skid marks Below the water. I cleaned it with the brush and flushed the toilet again and I was pleased to see it was clean so I left and washed my hands and started work feeling relieved and thee Kilos lighter.

Babysitter/babysitting experiences survey

Here's a survey for both babysitters and people who were babysitted.

To babysitters:
1. When you use the toilet, do you let the child or children come with you? Why or why not?
2.. Did you ask the child or children to face the door while you went, or did you not care if they saw you?
3. Do you remember the first time a child you babysitted came with you while you used the toilet?
4. What was your most memorable experience using the toilet in the presence of a child you babysitted?

To those who were babysitted:
1. Did you accompany your babysitter whenever they used the toilet? If not, where you did you stay while waiting?
2. Did they ask you to face the door while they went or did they not care about you seeing them?
3. Do you remember your first experience accompanying your babysitter to the toilet?
4. What was your most memorable experience involving your babysitter using the toilet?


Lorenz's Camp Survey

Camp survey:

Name: Blake
Age: 20

1. Were you at a camp with or without your parents. If not your parents, who supervised you?
Without, I was there with my Friends and we were supervised by a councilor who was about a year older than me (I was 16 at the time)

2. How were the bathrooms different than the ones you were accustomed to at your school, around your city, or at home?
They were horrible, old two seater outhouses with doors full of holes and hardly any privacy.
3. Did you think about going to the bathroom outside in the wilderness?
What would have happened if you had been caught?
Yes, and I did several times, if I had been caught I probably would have tried to cover myself in embarrassment.
4. If you were with friends, did you look out for one another and perhaps shield them from being seen going to the bathroom by other campers.
We went to the outhouses together most times, one of us would stay outside the outhouse to make sure that nobody was trying to peep.
5. How did you get away from the others and gain your privacy while going to the bathroom outdoors?
Like I said we usually went in groups.
6. Have you ever doubled-up (used a toilet for both pee and crapping in a single sit)? How did that work? How long were you seated?
It felt amazing, even though I do this all the time, I was seated for about ten minutes because my dumps are really big and it takes a while to fully empty myself.

Hi. Anyone have anymore stories about getting caught with a huge poop in their pants by the smell?

Kazumi Maho Hisae Mina (writer is Mina)

shopping mall

Thank you Thunder for saying we are good girls. Most people think, not so good, if they know our daredevil. But nobody know, except member of this site.

Yesterday we decided go shopping all together. Dangerous? Off course we were careful very much. First we had a lunch in shopping mall. Not so many people because already 1500 hrs. So we all ate a bibimbap, it is a Korean food.

Then suddenly Maho's face change. We know that face expression! We said her, "we think you want to go to somewhere, no?"

Maho was constipate since about Wednesday.

She nodded her beautiful head. Then Kazu's face became to red. So two people want to go same place and do same thing!

Mina and Hisae look each other. At that time Mina feel something funny her stomach. So we decided to go to loo. We went ground floor, because loo there is big, many cubicles. We don't want lots women wait long time while we do and do and do. We know we are going to drop something same size with elephant's produce...

But with walking to loo, we say, "bibimbap was so delicious! Why we are need motions now??"

But Kazu said, "I think it is not a diarrhoea." Mina also think.

We enter ladies' loo. Only one cubicle is engage. So we chose last four. Hisae next to wall, Kazu to her right, then Maho, then Mina.

And we were correct; it is not a diarrhoea. After wee, we start to do, all of us plop sounds, not bururururururu.

While we doing, many women come in, mostly they wee only, but Mina's neighbour stay after wee, and we hear plops, quite many plops. She also ate bibimbap?

She did and did for about five minutes and then we hear washlet sound. (We didn't bother with Otohime, it is artificial flush sound, because waste of electricity we think. She also didn't bother, so we heard her plops well. She also heard ours maybe. All four of us, many many plops! We didn't count.... Maho's plops were more heavier than other three, but number was about same. We all flushed in middle, about two minutes after neighbour start to do her motions.

We hear neighbour pull up her jeans, then we hear little gasp sound. We don't know meaning of it, but Mina's gut feeling said, she is think, "those four women, they already start when I enter, why they are still doing?" Off course us four, it is still plop, plop, plop, plop, more and more.

Finally we all finish, use washlet and pull up jeans. We were about 13 minutes in loo maybe. We later said each other, very good feeling after finish! And not diarrhoea, so bibimbap was no problem maybe!!"

We came out of loo. One woman there, she is washing hands and checking makeup. We are sure she is Mina's neighbour, because she looked at us funny look, then she gave little bow. She was about 17 years old maybe, very very pretty girl. She gave another little bow and went out of loo, with swinging her very sexy beautiful bottom from side to side.

Then we did our food shopping and went back to home. We talk about that girl. "Why she looked at us so funny face? Why she waited for us to come out from cubicles??" But actually she had nice face, and we didn't think she was angry. Her funny face had some affection in it, we were feeling.

Now we think, it was good experience. We enjoyed that big motion very much all of us. Maho's constipate finish, she did about 10 large turds and felt relief. All of us felt relief. It was nice to do together even we are not at home so could not see, only hear.

We hope everybody is fine. Now very hot in Japan, and some parts very heavy rain ad floods. We hope weather is Ok in all places this site's members live!

Love from Hisae, Kazu. Maho and Mina


Pooping at work & Favorite place to poop

Tell everyone about your poop today (Poop log):

a) Where you last pooped? A hotel Public Bathroom during anime con in NC

b) Date/Time you last pooped? During the late afternoon like after 5:20pm

c) What you read if anything? Just checking my phone

d) How long you took you to poop? Roughly ten minutes

e) Were you shameful? Nope

f) Did it smell? Nope

g) Did you enjoy it? Yes

h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today? Had my black jeans & orange Black Panther printed boxer briefs down around my ankles

i) Any other interesting comments/share your bathroom story? Another day at work, another day I had to poop while I was at work. I went to the Men's room today during the anime con I was working. I took the second stall out of four. Someone was already in the first stall pooping. I unbuttoned my black jeans and pulled them down around my ankles followed by my Black Panther printed boxer briefs down around my ankles. I peed, farted and pooped. Basically stayed in the stall for ten minutes before heading back to work.

Question to all: What's you favorite Public Bathroom to take a poop?
One of my favorite places to poop is at Cooper Union at the Great Hall Public Bathrooms & The Center in NYC. The Center has one of the cleanest Public bathrooms in NYC. It took me a long time to get comfortable to poop in public bathrooms but since April 2007 right before I turned 20, I gotten more comfortable to poop in public bathrooms

Anna from Austria

poop at public swimming place at the lake

Hi everyone this is my latest story.

Despite the fact that I have to use public toilets for a bm almost on daily basis due to my biorhythm I will going to get used to it completely and I will always feel a bit embarrased. No big problem though so far. But this time a the lake I felt super embarrased and I did not see it coming a all.

This time I had to stay at a different place at the lake because my favourite place was crowded. Not a big surprise it was Saturday after all. My friends were busy I had to go alone.

The swimming was fun and at some point I felt familiar feeling at my backdoor so I headed to the ladies room.

I have never been to this part of the public bath so I was not familiar with the ladies room at this side either. It was different than the toilet building I usually visit.

at first there was no entrence door and everything was open. Everybody could see area where the stalls were.

And the room was full with other ladies.

At first I was not thinking anything bad about it. I waited until I get a stall. The poo itself was standard for me a short wee, pre pop fart, then one turd another prrrft type fart and some mushy poo. It was smelling pretty bad. The toilet also had rather big gaps for austrian standards so the chances where high that the other ladies could smell it. They heard everything and also smelled it. Then I started to feel uneasy. It seems that I was the only one pooping in the big toilet and everyone in there heard and smelled it. Maybe even some people outside heard it including some guys.

I lef the stall did not look left and right, just washed my hands and went back to my place.

It was not that anybody said anything. in the bathroom. It was just that this public poop was a bit too public for my liking.

that's my story for today

greetings from Austria


Andi from Germany

Jalapeno shits

Hi everyone,

today I had the biggest shit in years and I want to share the story. I can't remember anything comparable to this, seriously!

Yesterday at dinner time, my gf an I ordered some fast food from a burger place we like. As we had a pretty hefty party the night before, I picked a gigantic burger and a large chili dog. Unwrapping the items, I noticed they didn't skimp on pickled jalapenos, they were everywhere. I love pickled jalapenos and I finished the burger and the hot dog within minutes. Though slender, I'm a pretty good eater.

Today at 6am I awoke with no particularly bad feeling in my guts. I had some bread and coffee for breakfast and was mentally preparing for the normal five-minute morning shit I do very regularly. I was ahead of schedule and planned on arriving early at work to get some stuff done, before everyone distracts me. No home office for this guy!

At home we have the toilet and the bathroom separated, which is genius. My gf can do her morning routine while I'm on the john and vice versa. So after I finished my coffee, I stood up and went for a dump. It wasn't urgent at all but I know, when I'm sitting down it'll set in soon. It usually works that way for me.

As soon as I plunked my ass on the seat, I got a cramp in my lower abdomen. I let out a fart, followed by three firm turds. Just a few seconds later, I shot several loads of semi-soft sludge into the toilet bowl and my anus began to hurt. The first wave took about three minutes. Then I waited a little, hoping I was done. But I was completely wrong there! My bowels really started working now and a second wave of soft, hot shit came out of me. At this point, I started sweating and my guts were churning out more and more mush. The smell of spicy shit started to build up, it was pretty strong but not unpleasant.

After I thought I was done, I relaxed a little and wiped my sore butthole. I flushed and the moment I stood up, yet another cramp overcame me and back on the seat I went. I pushed out whet seemed like endless ropes of semi-solid and steaming hot shit. I looked down and it seemed I've produced as much as in the first sitting. I wiped my now very much hurting ass again and flushed the toilet. The whole session took almost 20 minutes!

As I exited the toilet, my gf waited outside to take my place. We tend to have the same pooping schedule, so taking turns on the toilet is our routine. I personally love it to go directly after her, to enjoy her odors and the nicely warm seat. The same must be true for her.

I made myself ready to go to work - making it barely in time though. Damn you, Jalapenos!


gas station morning dump

this story happened on the weekend. i got home late the night before doing rides and forgot to get gas. by late morning at 11 i noticed i needed to get gas. i was already out for the day so i finished my current ride and went offline. i stopped at the gas station. when i got out of my car i suddenly really had to take a shit right then. i quickly went inside and found the bathroom. it was a small single person bathroom and nobody was in it. the bathroom smelled a bit but was mostly clean. i papered the seat pulled my jeans down to my ankles and took a seat. i decided to relax and savor the shit. i relaxed and the poo began to poke out right away. i stayed seated and after a short moment of nothing it began to slowly edge out. it felt really good as it came out. it started getting harder to pass so i shifted a few times to help it along. while i was doing this i heard someone try the door. i still wanted to enjoy my shit so i did not hurry but my shit began to speed up. when half was out the rest quickly slid out. i then pushed out a few softer small pieces and farted three times when i was done. i had to take a piss so i did. i then wiped myself. it was a hefty shit and almost did not flush and left a skid. i stunk up the bathroom too. when i came out there was a woman who looked a bit older than me waiting. she went in the bathroom. the line for the cash register was long now and it took a few minutes. the woman was still in there so i think she had to take a morning dump too.

Emma two

Good poo

I came home from work on Friday evening dying for a poo as I'd been holding it all day and when I got into the bathroom I quickly pulled my jeans down together with my knickers and sat on the toilet with a thump and relaxed. A couple of seconds later I felt my poo coming out and I pushed gently. It was big and it hurt a little bit as my bottom stretched around it. I kept pushing as the poo grew to six inches before it broke away and I pushed again until another six inches broke off and I still had to go so I pushed again until the last few inches plopped into the toilet and I felt so relieved. I wiped myself and flushed the toilet feeling two pounds lighter. I washed my hands and left the bathroom as Sarah came home. She said she had to pee and when she got into the bathroom she remarked about the smell and apologised for that as I'd just had a really good poo and she might want to leave it for a while. Sarah said she was going to wet herself so she didn't have time to go wait and she went in and had a long and relieving wee.

Emma two

Poo in the woods with Sarah

I went out for a walk in the woods with Sarah on Sunday morning and of course I had to poo and so did Sarah. The only problem was there were a few people around and we couldn't find anywhere private enough to go so we spent half an hour looking for a place to go where we wouldn't be seen. Everywhere we looked there were people around and we were thinking of giving up and going home but Sarah was getting desperate and as so was I so we decided to keep looking in the hope we'd find somewhere before it was too late. After an hour of walking we found a nice secluded spot and not a second too soon by the way Sarah was holding her bottom. I was just as desperate and we pulled our shorts and knickers down and squatted opposite each other. Sarah had a lot of lose poo and I did a couple of more solid poos and it was such a relief. I wiped myself using the toilet roll Sarah had in her bag and I was surprised she was still going. Her poo was more solid now and by the time she finished I was amazed at the size of the pile she'd made. She wiped her bottom and pulled her clothes up and we left before anyone came along feeling so much better.


Re: Lavah

Hey Lavah! I hope you are doing well! Hopefully you have been finding it easier to poop since your last post! I feel bad for you too the way you describe your bowel movements :( yes josh has been struggling alot lately to go unfortunately! We have had a crazy summer so our schedules are all over the place so its been very hard for him to stay "regular" and he gets pretty backed up. Its definitely been a chore to get some of his poops moving but ill gladly sit by him and help him until he finally goes! Have you and nathan had to help each other poop any more?

Sarah S

Questions for Martin

I was wondering if I could ask you some questions Martin, about your situation, because I can understand and sympathize with why it would stick with you having to take some stinky poops in front of friends and family.

1. Did you ever ask anyone in the bathroom to leave when you were pooping?

2. Did anyone in the bathroom ever specifically comment on the smell or did you notice it yourself?

3. Did anyone in the bathroom comment on anyone else to do with your pooping?

4. Was it just pooping that bothered you or was it anything else (the noises you made, farts, peeing etc.)

5. Did you poop at school or in public growing up, and if you did it, was it to avoid those embarrassing intrusions.

6. Did you ever talk to those people nowadays about them being in the bathroom?

7. Did you ever go into the bathroom while they were pooping?

8. How did those people get into the bathroom was there a lock on your door you could have used?

9. Did you talk to that girlfriend about your experiences you had, and did she encourage you to poop with her around, did you tell her you had to poop?

10. Did you think your poops were stinkier than other people and is that what caused you embarrassment?

Thanks and look forward to your answers and hope you feel better about it and thanks for sharing


Sam's log survey

1. Where did you last poop?
Fast Stop Gas & Smokes

2. Time and day of poop?
7:15 a.m. on August 2 just off the radial highway on my way into work.

3. What did you read, if anything?
Graffiti carved into the privacy door of the single-stall unisex toilet.

4. How long did it take you to poop?
Less than 10 minutes and that included 3 or 4 separate flushes.

5. Were you shameful?
Used up at least 1/4 of the toilet paper roll cleaning myself. I'm not sure the pipe below the toilet was performing at full capacity.

6. Did it smell?
Some, but to mitigate it while I'm sitting and dumping I will do 2 or 3 separate flushes to cut the odor and chance of a drain clog. This was something my mom taught me to do about 25 years ago. That makes sense.
She also taught me to line the seat with toilet paper before I seat myself. That makes no sense and I don't do it.

7. Did you enjoy it?
Yes. And by not shitting at the apartment I share with my boyfriend he can sleep in and not be disturbed by the noises. The walls between our bathroom and bedroom are really cheap and thin.

8. How far did you pull your pants and underwear down?
Since there was a full privacy door and a somewhat decent latch, my jeans and thong fell to the floor.

9. Any other comments or interesting things?
The father and his young son were very complimentary about how fast I got done and the fact that I thoroughly flushed and washed my hands. He said I was a good role model.

Monday, August 08, 2022

David P

Constipation getting better

David P here, A quick update first some comments and a survey reply for Sam.

Kenna: really enjoyed your story, I totally get how your boyfriend felt as I get constipated too, it sounded a really hard poo he had, it was also nice to see your close bond and that you can help each other out. Do you ever get constipated yourself and your boyfriend returns the favour?

Now onto survey
a) Where you last pooped?
At home
b) Date/Time you last pooped?
Yesterday and today
c) What you read if anything
My phone
d) How long you took you to poop?
20 minutes
e) Were you shameful?
f) Did it smell?
g) Did you enjoy it?
Yes I did as I have been constipated for a while and I am finally getting it out
h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today?
As far down as possible for more comfort when straining
i) Any other interesting comments/share your bathroom story?
Just that it seems that things are now getting better for me constipation wise, it was really hard to push my turds out and they hurt but they got softer and easier to pass.

So onto my quick update, I have been pretty badly constipated do read my last couple of posts. But things seem to be getting better, I got the urge to poo again yesterday and it took me 20 minutes to strain out two turds, it was hard work but I forced my way through it as I just didn't want to be constipated anymore. Also today I had another urge to open my bowels, the first turd was really hard and knobbly and must have been left over from my last attempt somehow. It made a really loud sploosh as it hit the water. I felt more up inside me so bore down again but the next poo was actually much softer and smooth, it sploshed twice as it broke into two as it fell from my bottom. It really stunk bad. I felt empty so wiped my bum but didn't need much wiping as it was still dry. I was really happy to have opened my bowels and that my poo is getting softer and easier to get out. I think the blockage must be over now so my poo should be softer now hopefully.


Camping experience with 4th graders

A couple of weeks ago Melany and I took up an offer from our university to serve as supervisors for a 4th grade summer camp sponsored by a civic organization. Our expenses were fully paid, plus we got a stipend for our time. The camp lasted a week, but staff had to arrive three days earlier for training. The trip was 3.5 hours each way so Melany and I divided up the driving. About half way there Melany was the first to call for a potty break. I directed her into a huge truck stop. It had a whole billboard devoted to its shower facilities. She said her older sister had used those facilities on one of her first dates because Lisa was too inexperienced to ask the guy to stop so she could use the toilets. She ended up doing both ends in her clothing and it cost her like $10 to use the shower and laundry there. Of course, that threw off her budget and I lent her school money for her lunches. I had never heard that both-ends term before and Melany said she too doubles up on the toilet. One sit for both a piss and crap can be done in two minutes, she said. I timed her, she used 2:10 so she had obviously been holding it and planning it.

About a half hour later with me behind the wheel I told Melany I didn't think I wanted to chance it getting to the campsite without a pee pit stop. She likes to tease me because she's a year older and has had more experiences than me, if you know what I mean. I had tan cotton shorts on, almost brand new, and she asked for my plan to keep them from being splattered. Of course, I knew what she meant. She's seen urinal splashback on me before. I also hate to admit it, but a couple of times, she found that when I sit for a shit, I'm pushing so hard that I get pee dribble because I don't, as she calls it, "tuck Tucker in." Sometimes I get a dribble circle the size of a half dollar in my briefs. Sometimes I also get a partial erection.

With about 100 campers, ages 9 and 10, Melany and I were assigned to 20, almost an even split between genders for toilet times, dining hall and some gender-specific craft and recreation activities. Much of each day was devoted to group activities such as swimming, softball, some rafting on a nearby pond, and nature hikes. The boys I had were triple bunked and there were a couple of cases of wetting the bed. Melany had a girl who had forgotten to bring her subscription for a laxative and Melany had to drive her to a nearby town to get the prescription refilled. This was the first time the girl had traveled and Melany had to spend time with this girl who had no experience in using large bathrooms away from home. The girl was sometimes 10 or 15 minutes late to activities because Melany stayed with the girl who was traumatized by a simple pee.

Both me and Melany agreed that the bathrooms were pretty crude. Each gender's bathrooms we in an old wooden building at the top of three or four stairs. I almost fell through the wood on one step and by the end of the week the step had come apart. In the guys' room the toilets were wooden, a large hole was drilled into the wood for each user to sit on. I got a couple of slivers on my butt from moving around too much. There was no privacy and there must have been 10 to 12 toilets in each building. Each user sat about a foot from the others. You'd crap, reach behind you where there was a wheel of toilet paper on the wall, and you would wipe. Most of the guys had to stand to wipe. Across the back wall there was a long water pipe and the pipe, about 6 inches from the ceiling, had a chain that would be pulled behind each toilet. That would produce a gurgle or two that sometimes sounded like an explosion which was the flush. There were two horse-trough urinals against the wall opposite the toilets. These were made out of metal and looked like something military troops would have used. Some of the boys had to stand on their tip-toes in order to get their penis onto the metal and piss into the trough. Some of my boys simply sat for their peeing. Melany was surprised that the girls facilities, like the guys', had no regard to differences in user size. She said the toilets were very uncomfortable and were worse than portable toilets. I know she took laxative tablets a couple of times and she borrowed my car to drive about 10 miles into a town where she used a park toilet to move her bowels.

One of the toughest jobs I had was supervising the boys in the shower building. It was one of the newest buildings, but with only 5 or 6 showerheads, several dozen campers had to stand in line and wait. That led to several scuffles and a couple of fights. I fell and hurt my knee breaking up a fight among three boys that got into it over the shower water being too hot. One boy hit his head on the wall and I had to carry him outside.

Both Melany and I got back from our camping experience physically drained and constipated. We stopped at that truck stop on the way back and took a refreshing shower After a good night's sleep Melany was finally able to clean out her bowels. Both of us knew while getting away from campus was good, the experience at the camp was something we didn't want to do again.

Camp survey:


1. Were you at a camp with or without your parents. If not your parents, who supervised you?

2. How were the bathrooms different than the ones you were accustomed to at your school, around your city, or at home?

3. Did you think about going to the bathroom outside in the wilderness?
What would have happened if you had been caught?

4. If you were with friends, did you look out for one another and perhaps shield them from being seen going to the bathroom by other campers.

5. How did you get away from the others and gain your privacy while going to the bathroom outdoors?

6. Have you ever doubled-up (used a toilet for both pee and crapping in a single sit)? How did that work? How long were you seated?

My answers:

Age 20

1) I was with my parents. The camp was at a state recreation area.

2) They were about the same as the ones at school, only that the lighting and smell were horrendous.

3) I did most of my pees outside. Sometimes in some rough terrain where I knew I wouldn't be disturbed. I don't know what the penalty would have been, but I saw others walking around with toilet paper in their hands and I figured they had the same idea.

4) There was a group I observed from behind a big tree on a hill where a girl was learning to squat-go and other girls surrounding her were shielding her and cheering her on. Some guy from another direction yelled out a couple of vulgar words at her as he ran away.

5) I remember a couple of times I lied to my parents about where I was going when I walked away from them on the trail. But I wanted to avoid my mom questioning me about how my bowels were working. I was 15 at the time and wanted to be more independent.

6) I few times when I was traveling with my parents and didn't want my dad to have to make a special stop for me too many times because he would fall behind his travel schedule on the Interstate. I both peed and pooped in the toilet and was back in the car within 5 minutes.


Another accident

Hi again. I'm back with another story to share. My last one was from when I was 15 years old and had diarrhea during a math exam. With about 30 minutes to go, I completely pooped diarrhea into my light blue full cut panties and jeans. My best friend Megan also had an accident when she bled through her pants during the exam because her period was really heavy.

Well, my post today is about an accident that I had this past week on Thursday. For the second time in less than a month, I pooped my pants.

On Thursday my husband Chris had to go out of town for meetings so he wasn't able to drop me off at work because he had to leave earlier than normal. That meant that I had to take the bus to work which normally isn't that big of a deal. It's about a 25 minute ride on the bus and then another 10 to 15 minute walk to my work from where the bus stop is.

I decided to wear a light pink blouse as well as a pair of snug fitting light grey dress pants that make my bum look amazing. Underneath I wore a pair of white and pink checkered hipster panties that had lacing around the waist and leg holes. Chris always loves it when I wear this because of how it makes my bum and legs look. It drives him kinda wild.

Chris left first and then about 15 minutes later I left for the bus. I went to the toilet before I left and was able to empty out my bowels. At least I thought they were empty.

I was feeling fine as I walked to the bus stop. I had to wait a few minutes for the bus and right as it came I could feel some mild cramping start up. I was able to sit on the bus but the cramps were getting worse but the minute. I stood up when my stop was close and rang the bell. The cramps were just unbearable and I let out a fart that bubbled out of me. It felt really wet and I knew that I was in trouble.

I got off the bus and stood there with my bum cheeks clenched for dear life as my bowels cramped up even more. I let out another fart which was wetter than the first one and could feel a load of mushy diarrhea want to come out. I had no other choice but to start walking to work. It wasn't easy going at all. I was doing that stiff-leg walk in a futile attempt not to make a massive mess in my pants. I couldn't help it though, I just had to go so badly. I tried walking quicker but that only made my need to go that much worse. I could see my building and could only think of the sweet relief that I could get if I was there. It felt like a mirage really, as I hurriedly shuffled on. I couldn't hold it back. I had another bad cramp and some mushy poop started leaking out of my clenched bum cheeks. I had to stop walking to try to regain some control. People from my work were driving by me so I pulled out my phone to look as though I was busy on it and not standing there pooping my pants. It was no use. My bowels wanted relief and they wanted it that very second. Then it happened…. I uncontrollably pooped my pants. It's something that has happened to me many times throughout my life, but it's still a completely helpless feeling when it does happen. I started walking again, this time with the mess spreading all through my panties. I could feel it swishing between my bum cheeks and going up my back. I tried my best to walk normally but it was though with a big load in my underwear. I finally got to work and did my best to put my bag behind me to cover my bum.

I grabbed my lab coat and went into the ladies room. I checked out my bum as I walked by the mirrors and could see that the mess was leaking through my pants, between my bum cheeks and up my back already. I got into a stall and carefully pulled down my pants I took them off completely and hung them on the coat hook on the door. I then very carefully pulled down my panties and they were a wreck. Unfortunately I didn't have any extra panties or pants to change into. I cleaned them out the best I could then pulled them up and put my pants back on. Luckily my lab coat covered my bum, so I wore it all day long. I didn't sit directly on it as I didn't want to stain the back of it.

I was really wishing that Chris wasn't out of town. Megan was also away as she and her husband were on holidays, so I didn't have anyone who I could call for help, or even a ride home to get cleaned up and changed. I was way too embarrassed to say anything at work as well, plus it was really busy anyway.

I was still feeling pretty rough all day long and had diarrhea a few more times. I actually lost some in my panties again, but it didn't really matter since they were messed up already anyway.

Fortunately Chris was back from his meetings in the afternoon and was able to pick me up from work. I kept my lab coat on since I didn't have anything else to wear to cover up the stains on my bum. I got into his car and he asked me how my day was. I started crying and told him what happened. He felt really bad for me and helped me get cleaned up when we got home.

I ended up getting my period on Thursday evening. It was light to begin with but on Friday it got really heavy. I leaked through my pad at work and stained my pink full cut panties. I bled through my jeans as well.

I still have more stories from my past, but it's not like I am always pooping my pants. I've had maybe two or three accidents a year since I was 14. I'll post my second one from when I was 15 next time.


Anna from Austria
Hi everyone. I have no big story this time just a funny observation.

I was having some drinks with 2 of my lady friends last weekend at one of the friends appartment.

Shortly before leaving I had to pee so I went to bathroom in my friend'appartment. While peeing i say some matches lying on the toilet paper holder. I was puzzled because my friend not smoking and even if she did smoking while sitting on the toilet was a bit weird.

I was rather tipsy at that time already so the first thing was when I come back from the toilet was asking her right away in front of the other friends about the matches.

She told me right away that lighting a match is good way to get rid of the smell after having a bm. Me and my other friends where puzzled about that because we never heard about that before.

Luckily everybody was tipy at that point so nobody felt embarrased about that toilet talk.

And to be honest I am curious to find out if the matches method of my friend is really working.

I might try it out next weekend. From monday to friday as a morning and after lunch pooper I always need to go at work but at my day of the chances are hight that I need to when I am at home.

that's it for today

greetings from Austria



Pooping in Public bathrooms food courts in the mall

Hey all!

Tell everyone about your poop today (Poop log):
Here is my latest poop experience

a) Where you last pooped? Union Station public bathrooms by the food court

b) Date/Time you last pooped? Yesterday morning around 10:12am

c) What you read if anything? Not really, just checking my phone

d) How long you took you to poop? About 10-15 minutes

e) Were you shameful? Nope

f) Did it smell? Nope

g) Did you enjoy it? Yes

h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today? I had my black jeans & my Hanes Gray boxer briefs down around my ankles

i) Any other interesting comments/share your bathroom story?

Here is my latest bathroom experience that I was traveling back home to NC and felt the urge to poop before I catch my train. I found some public bathrooms in the food court area in Union Station. I entered the Men's room. Bathroom was empty. I took the middle stall out of five.

Shortly after I entered the stall I unbuttoned my black jeans and pulled them down to my ankles followed by my Hanes Grey Boxer Briefs. Bathroom wasn't busy that I was the only one pooping in the bathroom. I peed and farted few times. After 10-15 minutes I was done and pulled up my black jeans & underwear and left the stall after flush the toilet.

Another old story I want to share that few years ago I checked out American Dream Mall with a friend of mine. By the time we got to the food court I felt that urge to poop. I told my friend that I was going to the bathroom and I meet up with him later. I went to the Men's room and the bathroom was busy. I took an empty stall and I took off my coat and placed it on the hook inside the stall.

Then I unbuttoned my jeans & pulled my blue jeans & boxer briefs underwear down around my ankles and sat down on the toilet. I knew this could be a slow moving poop. At least two other guys was in the bathroom that they also had their pants & underwear down around their ankles. One of the workers from the mall followed me and took the first stall next to me and he pulled down his pants and underwear down around his ankles. At one point all the bathroom stalls in the Men's room was occupied by men pooping that we all had our pants & underwear around our ankles. I peed, pooped,farted. I spend around 20 minutes in the bathroom pooping that early afternoon around lunch time. Felt better and pulled up my jeans and underwear and flush the toilet and left the bathroom.

Have many more stories to share soon.


Hey everyone, I'm back!

Hey guys, I'm so sorry I haven't posted in so long, I got super busy with school at the end of the year and then I was on a study abroad trip to London which was amaaazing (lots of stories to tell about that later!) But even though I haven't had time to post, I have been thinking of all of you and reading lots of your updates.

In case anyone has joined the site since I last posted I should reintroduce myself quickly! I'm Sofie, 17 cis girl, and I started posting here to see if anyone else shared my problem with not always being able to wipe perfectly clean after pooping, and sometimes getting stained panties or thongs as a result. I was SO glad to learn that I wasn't the only one, and to hear from awesome women like Skidmarked in Seattle (Jenny) and Abbie.

Abbie - I don't know where in the UK you live but when I was in London and had to use public restrooms, any time I heard a girl struggling and straining to poop it made me think of you and hope that you are doing okay with your constipation!

I got quite constipated during my first couple weeks of study abroad, which was quite embarrassing when I had to try to strain out my poo in the bathroom at my host family's house. Their guest bedroom was right next door to their eldest son's bedroom. He is 19, home from university for the summer and so was often hanging out in his room when I got the urge to poop. It didn't help that he is also super cute and has been really nice to me, so I would get so embarrassed knowing that he could probably hear me straining, grunting and moaning on the toilet, or when I would fart or plop really loudly and then sigh with relief when I was done. I tried my best to be quiet but it's hard when I'm really constipated.

Fortunately I wasn't the only girl in the house making noises in the bathroom. My host mother was so nice and kind to me, and when she suspected that I was constipated she took me aside and offered me some gentle laxatives or stool softeners that she sometimes uses, and she even offered to let me use the ensuite bathroom in their master bedroom if I needed more privacy, and because they have a squatty potty to help elevate your feet and help you push better. And the host family's younger sister was also really sweet, she was a year younger than me but we got along really well and she let me hang out with some of her friends. I was a bit less embarrassed about using the bathroom in the house after I heard her farting and sometimes moaning a bit on the toilet, then coming out and smiling at me with no embarrassment. It also made me less shy to put my sometimes stained or streaked panties into the laundry when I saw her putting in panties and pajama shorts that were also often skidded. And my host mother never said anything or commented on them, which was a relief.

Anyway, I have lots more to share about my time in the UK but it will have to wait, I'm supposed to meet my friend for our tennis lesson now! I'm feeling a little bloated and gassy (still adjusting back to my regular diet, I guess) so I really hope I don't have to use the public toilets at the tennis courts, they're always really nasty and I have to squat because I don't like sitting on the seats, but squatting always ends up making more of a mess between my cheeks when I go to wipe. I'm not going to have time to shower until tonight and we might be meeting up with some boys later, and I really don't want to feel icky and stinky all evening. Ugh.

It's great to be back, can't wait to hear more of your stories!



No privacy

Hey all I'm a newbie, this happened to me years ago and I figured I would share in case anyone else had the same experience.

This guy we'll call him Steve, myself and him lived on the same street went to the same school obviously so we were always together. One day after school I went up to his house his parents were working so we were just hanging out watching tv. I got up to go pee while he got us something to drink I could've swore I told him what I wanted but you know men selective hearing so anyways I'm sat on the toilet jeans and panties down past my knees when suddenly I seen the lock on the door move and the door open. I put my arms around my waist as fast as I could to try and cover up while he asked me what I wanted to drink. I thought that was just a one off thing so as weird as it was I just brushed it off.
Flash forward to that summer, every time myself and him were together wether it be at his house, at mine or out enjoying the beautiful day if I had to pee he was watching. I was at his house one of those days he was in his room so he must've heard the bathroom door close and with that he followed me in I tried to get rid of him by saying I was pooping but that just made him more curious. Once we got to senior high he only followed me in the bathroom once and now whenever we hang out it doesn't even phase him anymore so I'm thinking it was a puberty/hormonal thing. Creep factor aside what do you guys think?


Question for Deb

Deb: I enjoyed your accident stories from your trip to Liverpool. I'm curious, how did your friends/ family react to your accidents? I think in one of those stories you rode home in your friends car with soiled pants. I imagine it would have been an awkward ride.


For Stephanie

Hi Stephanie! I loved your stories and I am so happy that you decided to join this website. If you don't mind, can you please tell me about your period that happened afterwards? Did it happen because of the stress that followed? And since it bled through your jeans, did anyone at your work find out? If you like you can tell that story just to get it off your chest.

And are you from Canada by any chance ? I am; I'm from Manitoba :)

End Stall Em: Your story felt like it ended with a bit of a cliffhanger. Did you poop yourself in bed during the dream, or did you make it to the toilet when you woke up? Either way I enjoyed reading it, great twist at the end!


Poop from yesterday

Tell everyone about your last pooped (Poop log):

a) Where you last pooped? My last public bathroom poop was yesterday afternoon during my break from work at anime con in NC.

b) Date/Time you last pooped? Yesterday afternoon after 4:50pm

c) What you read if anything? Was checking my phone

d) How long you took you to poop? About 7 minutes

e) Were you shameful? Not at all

f) Did it smell? Not really

g) Did you enjoy it? Yes, farted few times

h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today? I had my blue jeans & my Grey Ren & Stimpy printed boxer briefs down around my ankles

i) Any other interesting comments/share your bathroom story? I work at sporting events & concerts for a living and this weekend I work at an anime convention. I finished up my lunch break and felt the urge to poop. I had at least ten minutes before I resume my shift and was the perfect time to poop. I went to the bathroom. It had two stalls and I took the last stall. I closed the stall door. I unbuttoned my blue jeans and I pulled them down around my ankles followed by my character Ren & Stimpy Grey Boxer Briefs down around my ankles. I peed and farted few times. Was very relaxed and pooped. I was the only person in the bathroom at the time which is very rare at conventions during the day. I finished up pooping which took me about 7 minutes and left the bathroom after I was done and went back to work.

I have many stories of pooping in public bathrooms especially in special events like conventions.

Kristi's gotta go
It's Kristi. It has been WAY too long since I posted. I still read but I haven't felt inspired to post. I haven't had any really memorable bathroom experiences lately M

I'm lying down in bed as my stomach is gurgling. I've really, really gotta poop. I was going to hold it until Steve comes home, but I've got to go now. He got to watch yesterday so it's okay. 😉

Ahhhh. That wonderful feeling of butt on porcelain.

Oh, it's coming. I didn't poop this morning so it's going to be a big one I think.

Ahhhh, it's coming out. Nice and easy. PLOP. That was a nice, big one.

Here comes my pee.

More poop coming out.

So, I do have a story from this past Saturday.

We had our county fair this last week. Steve and I went with a couple that we're friends with- John and Dana. John's a taller guy with brown hair and a goatee. Dana is very pretty. Blonde, not as petite but has a very nice figure. (I'm straight but I can recognize an attractive woman if I see one. But Steve's the only man I'll ever have eyes for.)

So, I like fair food. I don't eat greasy stuff that often, so I'll indulge at the fair.

And I know that fair food is going to go right through me. I'm probably going to have to crap within an hour of eating. So a lot of times I'll save eating until right before we're going to leave so that I can poop at home.

I can go in port-a-potties. When you gotta go, you gotta go. I just prefer a restroom.

But since we were with friends, we ate after only being there for a few hours. I had a corn dog and some beef tips, and a HUGE lemonade.

Within 90 minutes, my bladder and bowels were full. And we were about to go on some rides. I knew that I needed to go relieve myself before doing anything else (especially before going on any rides). I whispered to Dana that the food had gone through me. Dana said, "I have to do the same thing you have to do."

All four of us made our way to the port-a-potties.
I'm sure all port-a-potties are different, but a lot of them have screens that practically let you see into the potty next to you. And you can hear everything because they're stacked right next to each other.

It's very unnerving to think about a male stranger hearing me go. (If it's a girl, no problem.)

So we worked it out so that I was between Steve and Dana, with Dana's husband John next to Dana. (So it was, from left to right, Steve, me, Dana, and John.)

I took some toilet paper and put some hand sanitizer on it, with which I wiped down the toilet seat.

I sat down and tried not to think about the smell. The lemonade (did I mention it was a jumbo size lemonade) immediately jetted out of me. Because the seats are so small, I'll confess that a little bit went onto the front of the toilet and onto the floor. (I cleaned it up with sanitizer when I was done.)

As I said, these port-a-potties are right next to each other, so I could clearly hear Steve and Dana. Steve just pissed in the little urinal thing and was done. But Dana had other business to attend to, as did I.

I don't know if Dana would want to post anything super graphic about her, so I'll simply say that she was in there for about 4-5 minutes and that I could clearly hear her taking a poop.

Once my pee had slowed to a trickle I focused on pooping. Steve was done peeing and left his port-a-potty. Within a few seconds someone else came in. I wasn't too happy about that. Guy? Girl? I'm literally mid-poop (as in a piece is hanging from my butt) as this person comes in.

Fortunately it was likely a female as whoever it was sat down and peed.

I took this as my cue to hurry up before the next person came in. Dana was wiping. I pushed out the rest of my load. I stood up to wipe (reaching under myself in a port-a-potty makes me nervous) and finished up (I cleaned the bit of pee that had accidentally not gotten into the bowl).

As we went to wash our hands, Dana told me that she "hated those things" (port-a-potties). I told her I hated them too.

Well, that's my story.

As I was typing it I dropped a couple of nice-sized chunks.

I feel a lot better. Really needed to go. Gonna wipe and say bye!




Pooped twice today in Public Bathrooms

Tell everyone about your poop today (Poop log):

a) Where you last pooped? Sheraton Charlotte Hotel Public Bathroom

b) Date/Time you last pooped? Earlier tonight around 8:16pm for my evening poop

c) What you read if anything? Not this time

d) How long you took you to poop? Roughly 5-7 minutes

e) Were you shameful? Not at all

f) Did it smell? Not really

g) Did you enjoy it? Yes

h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today? I had my US Polo Blue Jeans & my black Star Wars printed boxer briefs down around my ankles

i) Any other interesting comments/share your bathroom story?

Had to poop twice today in public bathrooms. First Public Bathroom poop of the day took place earlier in the afternoon. Was riding the city bus with friends that felt gas and farted on the bus. I knew I had a urge to poop building up in my insides. We all went to a used bookstore that the urge to poop build up enough to use the bathroom.

I told my friends that I going to use the bathroom and it may take awhile. I went to the unisex bathroom located in the back of the store. The bathroom had two stalls and took the first stall. The bathroom was empty. I closed the stall door and placed my backpack on the hook and then pulled down my US Polo Blue Jeans & my black Star Wars designer printed underwear down around my ankles. Took my time to poop and peed. Farted once or twice. Took me over ten minutes to poop and then pulled up my underwear and Jeans, flush the toilet, wash my hands an left the bathroom.

Probably be pooping alot this weekend in public bathrooms and will share my experiences soon. Happy pooping!


Hard, Hard Constipation

I have had the hardest turds ever...fluids , some exercise, and meditation.
Ejecting those stubborn turds expends so much energy and stress I almost pass out on the throne...
I have the bidet and put in on the enema function and it squirts high pressure water on my hole but even then it is so hard.
Will keep you updated


Pooping in Public Bathroom while at work

Been a long time since I made my last post. To reintroduce myself I'm now 35 years old and moved to NC last year. I still love to poop and gotten more comfortable to poop in public bathrooms, especially while I'm at work.

Here is a recent story that happened few weeks ago. I work in a minor league ballpark that had a day game that started at noon. It was Dino day in the ballpark. I went to work bit early that I realized I didn't do my morning poop at home. Little before 10:30am I felt the urge to take my morning poop. I decided to use one of the bathrooms that was near the main entrance. I went to the Men's room. Bathroom was empty. There was at least 6-8 stalls and decided to take the middle stall. I unbuttoned my pants and dropped them down to my ankles followed by my blue Hanes boxer briefs to my ankles and placed my butt on the toilet. I had a relaxing but slow moving poop that on occasions I farted. I was in the stall for over 20 minutes but felt very relieved and relaxed. The majority of the time of my morning poop before the game I had the bathroom to myself. Once I left the bathroom the bathroom got more busy and people was doing their morning poop. I ended up had to poop at work three more times during my work shift.

Feels great to poop in public bathrooms. I posted my first story on page 1763 which details one of my best public bathroom poop experience.

Feel free to fill out the survey. I will try to post more often and keep track on my pooping experience

Tell everyone about your poop today (Poop log):

a) Where you last pooped?
b) Date/Time you last pooped?
c) What you read if anything
d) How long you took you to poop?
e) Were you shameful?
f) Did it smell?
g) Did you enjoy it?
h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today?
i) Any other interesting comments/share your bathroom story?

Here is my results about one of my poops today (poop log):

a) I last poop at my childhood home visiting NYC
b) I pooped in the morning around 6:30am & after 11am
c) I was actually reading old posts on this site & checking Instagram
d) Took me about 20 minutes to poop
e) Not at all
f) A little bit
g) I really enjoyed my morning poop, it was relaxing and refreshing
h) My pants and underwear were down around my ankles (floor level). Best way & most relaxing way to poop in my opinion.
i) See this story I mentioned above and check out my old stories on pages 1763, 1771, 1776 (my earliest posts on this site) Will definitely post more stories in the future.

Happy Pooping!

Monday, August 01, 2022

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Poo Survey for forum

Before I forget I wanted to ask this open survey to the forum. I will answer them as well first, please reply with your answers.

a)What is the average time it takes you to do a poo?
For me it is usually between 6 to 10 minutes normally and 20 to 30 minutes when I am constipated or my poo is hard to push out.

b)Does it hurt when you poo?
Usually no, but when constipated or having to strain hard then yes it does, I have often had blood when I poo and painful fissures and piles sometimes.

c) Does your poo smell?
Not usually but can do at times

d) if you know the Bristol stool scale what is your normal stool type?
my poo is usually between a type 2 or 3 and have had type 5 or 4 sometimes.

I look forward to reading your replies to this survey.

yourDdd name (optional)

Post walking the dog Title (optional)

When walking the dog me a woman in her late 50s with her dog .I mentioned I hadn't been feeling great and had a stomach bug .I said I'd been out with dog and nearly done don't make t home as I was desperate to poo saying t was awful She laughed and said a month earlier she'd been at the doctors and on the way to her car she wished she'd gone to the loo .Driving home she was desperate and said it was just normal poo as she hadn't been for a couple of days .She then got stuck behind a car and by the time she got into her drive in her words she was clenching and sweating She said she waddled to the door and when she opened it the dogs jumped on her She said that was it and I just filled my knickers and leggings Then laughing said it was operation cleanup time I couldn't believe she'd told me and still think about it


Camping comstipation

Hey all! Finally have some time to post this story (its long!) Sorry in advance. Josh and i went camping with some friends recently for a week. We brought the bucket with the toilet lid on it to use in the tent along with suppositories and vaseline in case josh struggled with his bowel movements. He pooped the day before the trip and it was hard but nothing crazy to post about. A few pebbles, and a hard thick 10" log. He got really backed up after that. The 2nd day we were at camp he got the urge to poop after dinner so we took a hike. I brought toilet paper and the vaseline just in case. We hiked for awhile when josh told me "this is a nice private spot, im going to try pooping". He took down his boxers and shorts, knelt on the ground and stuck his butt out towards me. He pushed for awhile but i couldnt see anything trying to come out. "Its not ready yet" josh said. "I have the urge but its stuck further up, and hasnt moved down yet". He gave up and we went back to camp. He tried getting it moving again before bed on the bucket but it wouldnt move. After breakfast the next day i needed to go poop and took josh with me to the bathroom. We practically had the place to ourselves and the bathrooms have shower stalls and toilets separated by curtains so its plenty private. We snuck into the ladies room and i picked a stall, and closed the curtain behind us. I sat on the toilet and peed first, then began to push. My poop was pretty hard since i hadnt gone in a couple days. "Whew, this is a hard one" i told josh. I gave a hard push and he held my hands while it was coming out. It took me a few minutes to finish, and i stood to wipe. "Wow good one, kenna!" Josh exclaimed. My turd was about 18", thick, and sticking out of the bowl. I didnt flush and josh had a seat. I held his hands and rubbed his back as he began to push. "Take your time babe, just try and get this moving, im here for you" i comforted. "Ugh, it just wont come down further kenna!, im having a really hard time getting this poop moving!" Josh got up and said it wasnt ready yet. We flushed and left the bathroom. The next morning, we went back to the bathroom to shower. Josh was taking longer so i texted him and asked if he was ok. "Just trying to get my poop moving, theres no one in here, you can come keep me company" josh replied. I snuck into the mens room and into joshs stall. He was on the toilet looking red faced. "Anything happening"? I asked. "No, im starting to get umcomfortable kenna, i feel pretty constipated". He pushed slowly and steadily for another 10 minutes but couldnt get anything moving. We spent the day in town and ate a ton of food, and arrived back at camp late evening before a large rainstorm moved in. I really needed to poop again and took josh into the tent with me so i could go without walking to the bathrooms and getting soaked. This time my poop was easier and smaller, 14" or so. I asked josh if he was going to try but he said not yet. I wiped and replaced the bag in the bucket. The rest of the night was uneventful. Josh and i went to the mens room once more and tried to poop in vain before bed for about 15 minutes. "I hope this happens soon, kenna, im getting really uncomfortable and super constipated!" "Im here for you babee, ill help you thru it, whatever you need"! "I just wish i could get my poop to move down to my butt so i could work on pushing it out!" Sure enough, after breakfast the next day, his poop was getting ready to move. "This will be hard and take me awhile, i need time and privacy" said josh. I grabbed the vaseline and toilet paper and we took a hike. We found a dead tree just off the trail and i told josh he could climb up it and hang his butt over the edge and poop. He took off his pants and boxers and sat on the tree with his butt facing me. I apploed some vaseline gently to him. "Babe, this isnt good, it feels incredibly hard and big". "I know, im going to struggle and have a pretty hard time kenna". "Im here josh, ill coach you and encourage you thru this". Josh began to give short test pushes to see how hard it was, then squeezed my hands as he began to give fuller more complete pushes. He would gently grunt and moan after each try, and complained to me that it hurt and was stuck. I walked behind him and spread his cheeks. "Give it a hard push josh. Ill see if its coming out any and how big it is". He pushed and his anus slowly dialated. His poop began to show and stretched him really wide. It was black, and very hard. He couldnt push it any further and it went back in. "Try again baby, ill help you". Josh gave a loud "rrrrrrrggggghh" and i pushed on his perineum to try and un stick his log. It wouldnt come out though. Josh rested and told me he needed a suppository. We walked back to camp and went into the tent together. He layed on the air mattreas and i got a suppository ready. I gently lubed his hole and inserted the supp. For him. Our friends wanted to go swimming so we did that for awhile. The beach house has bathrooms in it and josh and i changed aftee swimming. He tried going poop with me on his lap coaching him thru each try but it was still too hard and stuck, plus we didnt want to leave our friends waiting so we left the bathroom. Luckily when we got to camp our friends wanted to take a nap so they went back to their site. "Ok josh, lets try this again". We went into the tent and he bent over with his butt facing me. "Push hon, lets see how that suppository is doing". His massive log showed itself again with the melted suppository stuck in it. "Youre good josh, lets get this thing out of you!! He sat on the bucket and pushed hard. He was going red with each effort and almost shaking he was straining so hard. "You poor thing, Are you trying to poop or have a baby?" I playfully joked. "At this point im not sure!" Said josh. He gripped the toilet lid on the bucket hard and resumed trying while i rubbed his back and comforted him. "Puuuush baby.....concentrate". He took a deep breath and began another push. "Push, push push, keep going....let it come out babe, it will be done soon!" He stopped to rest and told me his turd got sucked back in. "Idk what to do kenna, this hurts and its totally stuck". Josh was sweating. "We can try another position. Just hand on a sec". I left the tent and went to our cooler and got some ice in a ziploc bag. I wiped joshs forehead then told him to lay on his back and pull his legs up. I took an ice cube and rubbed it on and around his anus for awhile then applied some more vaseline. "Ok baby, try again. This poop needs to come out of you" i helped hold his legs back while he pushed on his back. I pushed up on his perineum as he strained. The turd showed itself again and again as josh continued to struggle with it. "No wonder it took so long for this to move to the exit" i remarked. "Its really hard and big josh". "You can do this though, keep pushing. Im right here for you" i encouraged. Josh strained against the mass over and over but he was having so much trouble making any progress. "Take a rest babe, lets use anothr suppository. Its almost coming out so this should do it. If you can start it ill try to gently pull it to help you". I gave him another suppository and we took a walk while waiting for it to work. Our friends were still passed out so we still had some time. We hiked and walked quite a ways when josh said he was going to try again. He squatted in front of me and i held his butt open. The giant began to come out again but would stick in the same spot. "Just a little more Josh, once it slips past your hole youve got it"! He worked at it and strained with me coaching him and it finally started to come out. It took its time though. I got a text from our friends asking us to join them back at camp. I told them we would be there soon. I inmediately told josh to keep taking his time and not rush. He pushed and pushed and finally his turd snapped off. It was 6 to 8 inches long, hard knobby and dry. He kept pushing but couldnt get the next piece moving. "We gotta go back to camp and meet our friends. I might need another suppository later to keep this moving". We spent the evening relaxing and had dinner. We sat around the fire before heading to bed. Josh sat on the bucket again in the tent and began to push again. After a couple minutes he got up and squatted over it . "Good job baby, its coming out!! You have about 3 inches sticking out, keep that up!!" I held his butt open and coached him. I gently wrapped some toilet paper around my hand and pulled gently as he pushed on it. After several more minutes it was 15" in lenghth or so when it snapped off. The next piece took its time also and was hard to get started. I pushed up on his perineum and once it started to come out, i gently pulled and guided this one out of him too. It was about a foot long. He pushed some more and finally was done. He wiped, i cleaned up his poop and replaced the plastic bag in the bucket. He thanked me for my help and being patient with him. I told him of course! We snuggled and relaxed for awhile before he passed out hard!! I dont blame him, he must have been exhausted from that effort! Take care all, and happy pooping! Xoxo kenna



Hi, all! It's been eons since I've posted a story on here! Sorry for the absence. Life has been busy for me, but good! Hopefully I'll have time to post a story soon but in the meantime, I have some replies:

to Laney (or Lacey?) - Welcome to the site! I haven't posted in a while but my name is Lavah and I've dealt with constipation all my life. I'm in my mid twenties now, but I remember what it was like dealing with constipation and adolescence at the same time and it was not fun. I'd love to hear the full story of your ER visit. I've been in that situation before several times. I've actually written about it on this site somewhere, along with more of my constipation episodes. If you have any more stories at all, really, I'd love to read them. I hope you're well!

to Kenna - Poor Josh! Goodness, I just have so much sympathy for him from the way you describe his poops. They just sound so painful and unpleasant. I know the feeling and I wish he didn't have to deal with it. As I always say, I think you're great for supporting him like you do! Much love to the both of you!

David P


Hello David P here just for a quick update as not much time lately.
Abbie: Thank you for your reply it is good to hear from you, sorry to hear you have been constipated lately and struggling for a poo. Totally get it as I am the same, things got much worse and Yesterday was my first poo in 7 days so this is the worst constipation I have had in ages. I was only having some small pebbles that take ages to push and also hurt pretty bad when I tried in the week but yesterday I managed to do a few turds but after 7 days you can imagine I had to sit pushing and straining for a good twenty minutes. The first turd kept sliding back in and then just stayed hanging halfway out for ages! I passed three very hard poops, first one was about 4 inches long and the next two were about 2 inches long and really hard. I felt some relief but later on the urge to poo hit me again but despite straining really hard only managed a really small ball of poo. I know I haven't got all of it out as ai keep getting these urges to go and belly aches but nothing yet. Do you ever get this where you feel the need but nothing happens? I also look forward to your next post.
Jennifer: thank you also for your comment, as you can see from my reply to Abbie my constipation only got worse. Look forward to your next post



Hi this is Nickel and I been reading these for many years and I enjoy some of the stories and experiences that the writers have had. I do notice that most are young from school age to collage. just a few that are older. Some of the desperate is when teacher had to go with their students and just made it. Or when teacher had to share with student because both had to go the same time in the same room location. Another few stories where baby sitter used the same toilet as there young client did and often different gender, and it funny what they said what they saw.

I remember one time after the baby sitter went and finish and the little boy said " You look just like mommy." That funny and cute.

It interesting when both people compare poops and tell the sizes of what they or had chance to see the other and say what they see or a student hear the teacher go and talk about what they hear the sounds of the teacher. If it outside what the teacher does or how big vs theirs's.

What I was wondering because everyone has to release their waste and nature, when is it that we get worried about privacy, and is it really necessary about it. Is that just after they are productive adults? I do understand we need to go where it does not create a sanitation problem for health of the public.

One other thing when going outside, it okey to leave the deposit, but take the wipes away.

David P

Constipated part 2

Hello all David P here again, here is part two of my constipation ordeal. So yesterday I managed to open my bowels after 7 days but still felt the need to go today. This ordeal continued into Sunday where I had a constant urge to open my bowels but whenever I sat on the toilet no amount of straining would produce anything, despite pushing hard and pressing the skin between my bum so I gave up many times. On two occasions I had some loose poo leak out but nothing solid. So I spent the whole day constantly on and off the toilet, the urge was lying to me and was really annoying. I struggled to eat my dinner as I was really uncomfortable and kept farting smelly farts that felt very close to liquid leaking. I was hit by a big urge for a poo so instead of ignoring it I thought I had better see if I could poo even though it was the last thing I wanted to do. So I sat down on the toilet once again, took a deep breath in and pushed and pushed so hard, I was about to give up again when the tip of a hard poo started to emerge, I pushed really hard again as it slowly emerged, it was really hard work as it was a knobbly log and hurt my bum. I sat for a breather as it dropped from my bumhole and plopped into the water, the water gave a splash back and hit my bottom. I then pushed out a load of hard pebbles that took a lot of straining. The turd stunk really bad and was also dark brown almost black. It was only small in length but I guess the hardness of it made it so hard to push out, it was really knobbly made of a bunch of pebbles. So I wiped my bum but it didn't need much wiping as it has been so hard, but my bum was also very sore so I got in the bath to help it soothe. My bum feels in pain from all the straining. I still feel bloated so my constipated is continuing. I usually enjoy doing a poo but when it's like this, it's not fun at all. But I do not opt for any laxatives as diarrhoea is awful so I do things manually which means a lot of pushing and grunting. Also my diet has been pretty awful lately and not drinking much water, having lots of fizzy drinks and junk food so I bet that is not helping.

Abbie: Do you have any tips I could try since you have this alot? I know I need to improve my diet and drink more water but I often forget and don't like eating fruit so it's a tricky one. Like you, I don't mind having to push and grunt for a poo in fact I do enjoy it sometimes strangely, but it's getting pretty bad.

David P


Replies and embarrassing accidents

I've posted a couple of times in recent months, but my posts went up with no name on, or other people's names for some reason. I wanted to reply to a few recent posts though.

To David P and Abbie:
My bowels were also affected by the recent extreme heat. I usually find that a sudden heatwave (or travelling somewhere very hot) causes me to get a bit constipated for a couple of days, and the week before last was no exception. However, I usually adapt pretty quickly, and if the heat continues I tend to find that things become a bit looser than usual, and then stay that way until it cools down. This time, the heatwave broke fairly quickly, so I just had a day or so of mild constipation. I had a night a few days later where I felt really bloated and unsettled, and thought I was probably going to have diarrhoea the next morning, but my poo the next day was completely normal - not sure what that was about.

To Deb:
I felt really sorry for you hearing about your Liverpool accidents - it's always a real pain messing yourself on holiday, even if you're visiting somewhere familiar - I think it's always easier to manage the clean-up when you're in a familiar bathroom and have access to your own washing machine. I've had a few accidents whilst abroad (in fact some of them due to prolonged hot weather loosening my bowels), but I've been lucky that the ones I've had on holiday as an adult have been quite small. I did do it in my pants a few times in a row as a teenager during a road trip through the USA with my family, but that was because I'd got food poisoning from a dodgy burger and the gaps between rest stops were very long indeed, so my parents (and even my brother) were sympathetic. I had to clean myself up in some pretty horrible toilets on that trip though.

To Stephanie:
I had a lot of exam accidents at school, some of them quite like the one you wrote about recently, although I think male underwear does a better job of containing a mushy or runny poo than panties (at least as long as it's not completely liquid). I've already written about a few of them on other pages, but I've included another one in this post, below. As well as that accident, I've had times when I did it in my pants in two different exams on the same day (both with and without the opportunity for a clean-up in-between), and single accidents that were so large that it was a near-miracle that none escaped at the waist- or leg-bands. If I did a particularly large pile of mush I would try and shuffle in my seat a bit (it's kind of hard to describe in words - sort of lifting myself up a bit and lowering myself down with the back of my bum first) to spread the poo forward as much as possible to avoid having too much in any one part of my underwear, which helped keep things contained. It happened so often in exams that eventually it stopped really bothering me - rationally I knew I shouldn't still be dirtying my underwear in my mid- and then late-teens, but it was almost part of my exam routine by that point.

To the recent unnamed poster who asked about getting caught with dirty pants:
I was quite lucky when it came to getting caught with pooey pants at school. I've posted quite a few times over the last year about accidents that I had in primary school that could have easily been detected, but where I was spared any public shaming. When I was in the older part of primary school (aged perhaps 9-11) this was partly because I was better at holding on, so more of my messes happened either on the way home from school or just before the end of the school day. I also developed all kinds of strategies for avoiding being caught - for example, whilst I was messy, if we had any choice about where to sit and what activity to do, I'd try to make sure I was sat near a window, as far from anyone else as possible, and doing an activity that didn't involve moving around much. Sitting very still seemed to help reduce the amount of smell, and also made it a bit easier to hold in any remaining poo so the accident didn't get any worse (at least until I was out of the classroom).

Another factor was that the teachers at my school were usually very discrete when they did notice that I (or another kid) had accidentally pooed our pants. I mentioned in an earlier post how I'd seen a girl have an accident whilst stood at the teacher's desk when she and I were about seven - it was quite obvious because some runny poo escaped from her knickers and went down her leg - I mentioned this in my post about how I ended up pooing my pants for a dare with my best friend. The girl was very matter-of-fact about her accident, and so was the teacher - she sent her off to get cleaned up, and she received any teasing afterwards, it wasn't obvious enough for me to notice it. I got found out by teachers a few times in my early school years, and they never made a fuss about it - I would be quietly sent out of the classroom with one of the teaching assistants and either taken to the nurse's office (mainly when I was in Reception, or if the mess was obviously really bad) or to the nearest loos, where I would be supervised to clean myself up and given a spare pair of underwear. This was one of the ways in which I became more independent about clean-up over the years.

I think another factor in rarely getting openly found out was that most kids would assume that any poo smells in the classroom were due to people farting rather than someone actually messing their pants - and even if they suspected that someone might have had an accident, it would have been unusual for someone to be sure enough both that it was poo and that they knew who had done it to try and call them out on it. More often, there would be some giggling about who had farted, followed by other boys trying to out-do the 'fart' with their own smells (presumably not poos though!) until the teacher heard them and stopped them. This wouldn't apply if the accident was more obvious, such as if someone had a brown, wet stain on their bum or they were leaving a trail of poo from under their skirt or their trouser legs, but as I wore black or dark brown trousers and briefs with wide elastic at the legs even my worst accidents were rarely visible - or at least my parents' choice of clothes for me bought me enough time for the school day to finish before anything showed.

I suspect that the teachers probably did detect more of my accidents than they intervened in - again, either they weren't sure enough to ask, or perhaps they wanted to avoid having to send me out of class with the TA. One teacher (I think in Year 3) used to ask me whether "I needed the toilet", and at the time I assumed he thought I doing a lot of pre-poo farts, but with hindsight it's kind of obvious that he knew what I'd done but was trying to give me a non-embarrassing way of getting to the loo to finish my poo and clean up. Usually, the kids whose accidents were identified were either the ones where the poo leaked, or the ones where the boy or girl who had messed themselves reacted by bursting into tears.

Probably the most embarrassing accident I had was in my late teens, but I will never know for sure if I was actually found out. I was sitting one of my last A-level exams and (unusually) was wearing light-coloured chinos instead of my usual black cords (cords do a particularly good job of hiding accidents!). I was so used to having an upset stomach from the combination of exam stress and coffee that pooing my pants was pretty much just what I expected to do if I badly needed the toilet, rather than putting my hand up, waiting for an invigilator to come along, asking to go, and then waiting again to be accompanied to the toilet for a very non-private sit-down poo. This time, I'd managed to get most of the way through the maths exam before the pressure got the better of me, and a medium-to-small amount of mush had come out, after which I'd got control again - so a much smaller accident than many of mine. I didn't really think anything of it, especially seeing as I'd put a few layers of tissue paper in my pants as a liner in case this happened. After the exam, no-one said anything to make me think they knew what had happened. Once I got to the part of my way home that went along a path through a field, and no-one else was there, I reached around to try and feel whether there was a bulge - there wasn't, but my trousers felt very damp in the seat. I craned my neck round to take a look, and to my horror saw a very obvious brown stain running from half-way up my bum to between my legs. It was about the size of a ten-pound note but with a teardrop shape, and there was no possible way that anyone who had seen me like that could have thought it was anything other than a messing accident.

No-one ever said anything about it (at least to my face), and I'll never know how many people knew - I just about died of embarrassment even though there was no-one there when I realised - I was 18, which was far too old for this kind of thing. Fortunately, because the exams finished the following week, I didn't see most of the other sixth-formers again (other than my friends, in subsequent university holidays). After this I was always much more careful about what I wore to exams, and over the course of my university years I became more willing to ask to go to the toilet rather than letting nature take its course.

The only time I was publicly caught in the act by other pupils was when I was about six, and it still makes me cringe a bit to think about it. It was the summer, and we had a PE lesson outside on the field after lunch. Our PE kit was charcoal-grey shorts and white polo shirts, and as my shirt was quite a bit too large for me, I used to tuck it in to stop it flapping about. As often happened, I felt the urge to do a poo start to come on soon after lunch, about fifteen minutes into the lesson. We were playing rounders (for non-UK readers, it's a bit like baseball but with a smaller bat and ball), and my team was fielding. I'd been sent very deep and so was squatting down on my haunches, which was good as it helped me hold the poo in. I could feel waves of pressure steadily building up towards desperation point, but I didn't think we were allowed to go to the loo whilst outside on the field (we were, of course). I was unusually gassy as well, and was trying to sneak out some farts, which were feeling wetter each time I let one out. Suddenly, I had a much stronger wave of pressure, involuntarily farted, and then the fart was followed by a wave of mushy poo mixed with more gas. Luckily, it was all being contained in Y-fronts, and I shifted around a bit whilst squatting to even it out a bit. I was quite confident at this point that no-one knew, and because we were outside in the fresh air there was little chance of anyone smelling me either. I felt I still needed to go a bit, but I wasn't desperate any more.

Twenty minutes later, it was our turn to bat, and I joined the queue. Again, no-one was any the wiser at this point. I was a bit worried about needing to run, especially given that I could feel I was getting desperate to poo again, but I figured I could just wave the bat wildly and miss the ball so that I would be out. I stepped up to bat, took a wide swing, and heard some gasps and someone shouting "ewwww" behind me. I wasn't sure what had happened, but then I realised that my polo shirt had pulled out of my shorts when I swung - and I must have had it tucked into my pants instead of just my shorts, as the bottom part of the back of my shirt had a huge poo stain - in fact it was worse than that, because there was visible mushy poo clinging to the material. I burst into tears as the teacher came over and asked me to go to the school building and the nurse's office - she was very nice about it but I then had to walk all the way back in view of the other kids with this huge semicircular stain visible to everyone. Just to add insult to injury, the pressure in my bum overcame me before I made it back to the main building, all the remaining poo rushed out, and this time some of it leaked out and went down one of my legs (fortunately I was far enough away that none of my class would have seen this bit). I reported to the first-aid room in tears, with poo up my back and down my legs, and it was one of the only times I ever got sent home early because of an accident - luckily my mum was at home and was able to come and walk me home. I was dreading going back to school the next day, but other than a bit of name-calling the next day, no-one really gave me a hard time about it, and the summer holidays started the following week and gave people more of a chance to forget about it. The next term, the boy who became my best friend joined the school, and as I've written before he was a bit of an ally when it came to accidents.


Hearing my pee scares me!

In middle school, at what my mom calls an impressionable age, I think I've made the adjustment in the past year in regularly using large bathrooms, sitting on so-so toilets under stressful conditions and with some really bitchy classmates who socialize, mess around, and then call-out those who care about getting to class on time, while still getting a pee or crap in without getting into trouble with the teachers or administration. I just hurry into the bathroom, take advantage of the next toilet available, do a fast wipe, and then run to class.

The other morning I had a different experience at the park. I woke up at 4:30 to help my best friend Nicole. Her cat had run off and not come back before her family left on vacation. Often Patches will roam about three or four blocks over in this big park. So I got up early, dressed and rode my bike over to the park to look for Patches. I guess I just forgot and I didn't take time for a pee before leaving. So my first stop was the restroom, picnic area. It was so quiet being able to hear birds, my bike's tires on the rough trails, and even some insects that were flying behind me. Some even hit me in the face.

When I got to the toilet shack I was moving faster because I didn't want to have an accident. Two of the three toilets had been busted up in the two days since I had last used them. The middle one was dirty and had a beer bottle floating in it, but I joked to myself that I was making the best choice. I took my seat, scooting farther than usual back on it, because I didn't want splash back from the bottle, and I blasted away. Full faucet, was what one of my childhood friends said, kinda critically, when she and I shared a toilet a few years earlier. I peed up a storm, so loud that it sounded like an amplifier was under me. And it went on and on. With no privacy doors on the toilets at school, I remembered getting some snickers and being called Mean Bitch at school by those waiting for my seat. But that was different because for the entire minute and a half I was seated, my stream was strong and I kept my mouth shut because I didn't want any trouble from the others. With 15 toilets being continually used, there was adequate noise. It kind of scared me hearing my own pee. At home it doesn't happen because there's almost always media going in the bathroom, plus there is noise from the nearby rooms.

I don't know if I'm giving it too much thought. Many times I've heard classmates explode and blast away with their shits. A couple of them have even gotten some applause. I know I wouldn't be able to take that.


Thanks for all the thoughts

Thanks to everyone who replied to my childhood inquiry, as I wouldn't say I'm exactly traumatized or anything by the lack of privacy but I still do feel affected by it at times. For awhile after I left home I reacted against it by absolutely refusing to ever do anything poop-related anywhere around any other human being even if it meant holding it in painfully rather than use a public restroom. Fortunately I had a girlfriend in my mid-twenties who helped me get past it a *little*. I at least believed her when she said she didn't mind using my bathroom after I stank it up. Never got to the point of leaving the door open though.

But still I get a real frisson of embarrassment from remembering my family members smelling what I did almost every day.


Four Bad Girls & a Pot

To Maho, Hisae, Kazumi and Mina....I read your last post and if that is the worst you do then you are very good! you are not bad girls....just a bit different in a healthy way.
The only time I have used a pot is when I had an enema for constipation and laid on the bathroom floor whilst my therapist massaged my full and bloated colon. She suggested that when I could not hold it any longer she would put a pot under me to save me getting up to go to the toilet.
I think she wanted to avoid me loosing control and making a mess.
Anyway...when I could not hold it any longer as I lay on my back she put the pot under my buttocks and told me to relax and let it all out. I let is all out , alright, almost filled the pot to the brim.
She then took it from under me and through it is the toilet...I felt so much better and the pot was a safe idea.


Farts and Adoption

I really wanted to share this story, and I think this is the perfect place.

My mom has always been strict, bossy, and often cold to others. However, children is her weakness. She loves children. My mom is in the law business, and she recently became a foster parent to turn a seven-year-old boy, who I will called "Steven." mom has adored him since the moment they met, and they have become close.

Anyway, yesterday morning, the three of us were having breakfast together. I have been visiting them a lot to see how things are doing. After we finished eating, my mom took out a cigarette and placed it between her lips.

And then she let out a small fart. Steven started to laugh, and my mom chuckled and said "excuse me" before lighting her cigarette. A minute or so passed when my mom made eye contact with me and then Steven. She then loudly farted. Steven started to laugh again, and I chuckled. I found it funny, but I was a little shocked by my mom openly farting.

We talk for a few minutes before I see my mom smirk. She says Steven's name and proceeds to loudly fart again. This time, all three of us laughed. When we calm down, my mom finishes her cigarette and calls me to the other room. I tell her about how I was surprised she was openly farting.

Her response?

"Oh, there will be more of that as I plan to adopt Steven."

It was a heartwarming moment in a hilarious morning.

Mrs BigandHard

Another really big wide one this morning....

This morning I had to push and strain really hard with a lot of force to get started...
once i got it coming out, I measured the diameter with a micrometer was 2.105 Inches in diameter. I had to strain really hard and use two of my fingers inserted into my butt hole too pull my anal opening wider.
Next I took some TP and rolled it into a round ball , then I used some petroleum jelly to lubricate the surface of the round paper ball. then I began too push it into my butt hole. It took a bit of force pushing it in
to my butt hole. so after 5 minutes , I was able to get it in.

Now wider than ever

...Got up this morning and felt something pushing on my anal opening...
it was my usual wide-hard bowel-movement.
I new I had to start straining it out... but this one was even bigger than before. because I ate a bunch of chocolate candy bars 3 days ago.
Now I am paying the price.!
They compacted me right at my anal opening. I had to strain hard and bear down as hard as I could...nnnnn errrr uah release.. repeat..
finally my hole was stretching to the max about 2.5+ inches wide ( I had my boyfriend measure it ).
So that is my update on my toilet stool response for today.
Thanks to all...
Mrs Bigandwide.

My struggle with constipation and very large hard stools

Mrs-straining hard
For several years I have had a very hard time straining to get my very large bowel movements to come out of my tight butthole. when I go to the toilet I can tell it is going to be a big and difficult painful time.
I usually have to prod and poke myself using my finger inserting it into my rectum to help dig it out. I start straining and manipulating my anal opening with my 2 fingers. pulling my anal opening wider.
So I just 'dig' it out of my butthole as best I can.
When I flush the toilet, it sometimes does not go down. so I use a stick to break it up into smaller pieces.
Thanks, Mrs straining hard.

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