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Jenny Sis


No not oops I got a skidmark ( you guys expect that now ;)

I posted on November 25 and I forgot to write my name. That's what I get for typing on my phone at the toilet at work :

I posted a response to :

M, Jennifer, Anna in Austria, and Sofie as well as survey questions:.

SURVEY QUESTION 1 : Doesn't any one else fart on places with minimal shame when no one can hear like on an airplane? you can always blame someone else lol

SURVEY QUESTION 2 : Has anyone every stayed on the toilet on their phone so long after finishing, you assumed you already wiped your butt and forgot to wipe...I have


Replies and Restroom Design Flaws

I have a bit of a long post today with many responses and a question with a fairly long story to go with it.

So glad to see you checking in on this forum! I have enjoyed reading your posts for years! I hope you can now get some enjoyment out of reading mine. I always remember you referring to your bowel movements and "voluminous".

@Anna from Austria
I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my question! Sounds like Sabrina really didn't have much shame in her bodily functions. You know it's loud when you can hear it outside of a bathroom in a commercial building!

Thank you for the response to my question! I would be interested in hearing about some of the loud poop stories involving your wife. It sounds like the two gentlemen you mentioned in your post were not feeling well at all. I find that during those circumstances, it's best just to let them be alone and do what they have to do.

M/f Male
Age 25
1. What's the longest time you have gone without pooping

I honestly can't remember ever going more than a couple days without pooping.

2. Are your poops normally hard or soft and are they chunks or logs?

They tend to be soft with an equal amount of chunks and logs.

3. What object would you compare your widest poop to

A hotdog

4. How often do you poop

Anywhere from 1-4 times per day.

5. When was the last time you went poo

A few minutes before writing this post.

6. How often do you get constipaited

I haven't been constipated in years.

7. Where do you feel comfortable pooping

Obviously at home, at most relative and close friend's houses, select public bathrooms, outside in nature

8. do you have to poo right now


9. How long would you hold your poop in for

Not any longer than I have to.

Do you ever poop in public? Yes
Do you cover the seat? Generally not
Do you pee in public? Yes
Do you cover the seat? Doesn't apply since I'm a male
Are you OK with someone seeing you on the toilet? If it's my wife, yes. Otherwise, I'd rather not but it's not the end of the world.
What is your typical style while pooping on the toilet? My legs are spread apart with my butt settled comfortably into the seat. I am probably leaned forward a bit with my clothing down past my knees or on the floor.

Yes, I absolutely scroll on my phone while I'm on the toilet! It also definitely can extend how long I'm sitting, however, I'm not dependent on it to get my poop going.

I would have never guessed around half of the women using airport restrooms are pooping! My experience is that there are always a handful of men pooping in airport restrooms, but nowhere even close to half. I can imagine that it must be interesting to hear all the different pooping noises from that many women, and that the smell must be pretty bad!

I was out taking advantage of the sales and deals going on Black Friday at a local store when I had to go use the restroom. As I stood at the urinal, looking at the tile on the wall, I could see a clear reflection of the toilet seat in the stall to the right of me, including the poor teen or early 20's kid's butt sitting on that toilet seat trying to poop. The fact is, I wasn't even trying to peek. I was just minding my own business at the urinal, yet the tile acted as a mirror that would have me watch someone pooping whether I wanted to or not. That experience made me think about a question. What bathroom or toilet design flaws have you noticed? I will share some other observations that I have made to start with!

One huge design flaw that I see in many public restrooms is the aforementioned reflective tile. I know that American public restroom stalls are not the most private, with a foot or so gap underneath, an overall height of generally 6 foot and under, and smaller gaps on either side of the door that would give you a glimpse of the user sitting on the toilet if you intently tried to peek or if you were standing at just the right angle. However, those design flaws will generally give you a view of the user sitting on the toilet only if you intently try to invade their privacy (maybe with the exception of the gaps on the sides of the stall doors). Some stalls are secured to the rear wall using only two small clips, which leave an inch or so gap between the back of the stall and the wall. Many of these bathrooms have walls that use tile that is very reflective. The result is that you essentially get a crystal clear view from the rear into the stall next to you. If you're also pooping, it's not that big of a deal since you're facing forwards most of the time, but if you're at a urinal, you're facing the wall and pretty much looking at that reflection whether you want to or not. Because you're standing, your vantage point is higher than the toilet by a few feet, so sometimes you can even get a glimpse of what's in the toilet bowl. Sometimes that's a little more than you bargained for. I've seen many people's butts on the toilet from the rear, and I know many people have seen my butt from the rear as a result of this design flaw. I will admit that sometimes it's intriguing, but other times it's just not what you want to see.

One particular bathroom at this restaurant has a particularly odd arrangement. Instead of the 2 stalls being grouped together, there is a stall on the left, a stall on the right, and a urinal in the middle. I had to pee, so I went and stood at the urinal. Of course, I got to see a perfect reflection of two butts sitting on the toilets on either side of me. The one on the left was sitting on a thick layer of toilet paper, while the one on the right was sitting with his bare butt on the seat. The guy to the right of me stood up while I was at the urinal, and I saw a perfect view of the couple of logs he dropped into the bowl. That wasn't exactly what I was hoping to see right before I chowed down on a hamburger! I didn't shame the guy for pooping, but it was definitely a bit awkward to see him later. There might as well have just been two toilets and a urinal out in the open.

Another odd restroom design was at this fair that I went to a couple years ago. The women's room was fairly standard in setup from what I could tell, however, the event staff propped open all of the restroom doors, I assume due to no air conditioning. That being said, with the entrance doors propped open, you could see a side view of the first stall in the women's room. What makes it really lacking in privacy however, is the fact that the top of the toilet seat was lower than the bottom of the stall panel by a few inches. That means that if a lady were to sit on the toilet in that first stall, any person passing by could get a very clear side view of her butt on the seat. Almost needless to say, I did not notice any women using this stall. You would think someone would correct this extremely obvious flaw!

On the private residential bathroom side, I've also noticed a few different flaws over the years. One major one that I can think of is at a relative's house. There is a hallway that goes next to this bathroom, however the hallway is at a slightly lower elevation than the bathroom, with a few steps to get up to the area with the bathroom. There is a vent that is shared between the bathroom and the hallway. If the vent is open in both the bathroom and the hallway, you get a very clear view of the toilet and whoever is sitting on it. I will admit, when I was in my early teens, I did purposely peek a few times and watched my sister and my aunt pooping. Over the years, I did coincidentally see my grandma, two of my other aunts, and a couple guests peeing. One time, when I was around 16 or 17, I was sitting on the toilet trying to poop, and my sister and a couple of our female cousins were snickering. I knew they were watching me poop through the vent. I didn't say anything and thought that well, if they want to see my naked butt on the toilet while I'm pooping that badly, I guess I'll let them.

The other poorly thought out bathroom that comes to mind was this house that my wife (then girlfriend) and my mom stayed at on a vacation once. Imagine a house that's sort of built into the side of a hill. On the top of that hill is a patio with a hot tub. There is a bathroom on the uphill side of the house towards the hot tub, however it was excavated down into the hill 7 or so feet to match the height of the rest of the main floor of the house. The ceilings were the standard 8 foot tall ceilings, so that meant a foot of the bathroom was sticking up out of the hill. In this foot tall space, the architects decided it was a good idea to put a very long window along the top of the bathroom. Well, if you were sitting in the hot tub at night, and someone turned the light on in the bathroom, you could see a very good view of them sitting on the toilet.

The first time I noticed this, my mom told me she had to go to the bathroom. I told her I'd be up by the hot tub. Well when I walked up by the hot tub, I happened to look towards the house and saw a perfect view of my mom sitting on the toilet. It had been the first time I'd seen her on the toilet that closely since I was a little kid. She had her white pants and underwear at her knees and sat with her legs together and back straight, a very ladylike posture. I watched for a few seconds before I looked away. The next night, I happened to see my wife sitting on the toilet leaning slightly forward with her pajama pants pulled down a bit past her knees. I had seen her on the toilet plenty of times, but it still felt mysterious to view her on the toilet the way I did. I also saw my wife a couple nights later on the toilet while she pooped. I was in the hot tub, looked over, and saw my wife sitting on the toilet completely naked. Her legs were close together and she was sitting more upright, so I knew her well enough to know that this meant she was peeing. After a minute or so, she spread her legs slightly and leaned forward. She was on her phone while she was pushing her poop out. I watched her for about 5 minutes, but then my mom came by the hot tub, so I didn't want to make what I was doing obvious. Later that night, my mom was sitting on the toilet, and my wife walked in and started brushing her teeth at the sink. When my mom finished peeing, she didn't even flush the toilet, and my wife pulled her pajama pants down and sat on the toilet to pee. I thought it was neat that my soon to be wife and mom were comfortable enough to sit on the toilet and be that intimate in front of each other. The final night we were there I will never forget. I was in the hot tub late after I assumed everybody had gone to bed. I saw the light turn on and immediately turned my attention to that window. I saw my mom walk in with nothing on but a shirt and sit down on the toilet. She was completely naked from the waist down. I assumed she would pee and then go back to bed, but after a minute, she remained seated. She sat with her head down a bit for several more minutes until she did something I haven't really witnessed anybody do before. She picked up her left leg and placed her left foot on the front of the toilet seat. This put her into a semi- squatting position. She must have been constipated, because I could see her face get red as she pushed. After a few minutes of that, she returned to a normal position, scooted forward, and wiped while sitting down. I could see the soiled paper as she looked at it before throwing it behind her butt into the toilet. When she got up, I got a clear view of the toilet bowl, including the several smaller pieces she pushed out.


Mushy Story

As the title says, my poops were mushy today. I changed from my regular bathroom routine at dayhab a few times. Instead of using the middle stall, I used the end handicapped one. It was used for some peeing, and a really soft poop load. I also had 2 rounds of this poop type at home in the morning. They were close together, and slightly urgent. Once, the middle stall toilet was clogged for almost a week. It would clear with a return of being clogged again. It's uncertain how it was fixed, but I think it was plunged really hard. If the maintenance guy snaked something out of there, I'm sure there would have been a client meeting about the matter. I blocked the world out with the computer, but luckily, no one said anything. All for now. Bye.

Carlie B.

Thanksgiving Aftermath

Hi all, hope all my fellow American posters had a good thanksgiving. As is usually the case, Thanksgiving dinner led to a Thanksgiving dinner-sized dump.

My family travelled to the East coast to spend the holiday at my Uncle's house. I must've eaten too much (like everyone else to be fair) because I was completely stopped up for two days after the meal. I'm normally a twice a day dumper so this was very unusual for me. Being on vacation, I also wasn't doing any exercise which usually really gets things going in the pooping department. I did feel completely fine despite knowing I hadn't gone for a while.

I finally started to feel the need to go on Sunday as we were packing and getting ready to head to the airport. Knowing this could be a "forget a plunger, call the plumber" type dump, I spared my Uncle's toilets and held it for the airport.

Being the Sunday after Thanksgiving, the airport was packed. The line for the women's room was out the door. Our flight did end up delayed by a couple hours, so I at least had no issue waiting, though when I finally got to the front of the line, I was thankful cause I'm not sure how much longer I could've held it. The stall and toilet were surprisingly clean given the amount of traffic through there. I pulled down my leggings and plopped down on the toilet and started pushing. The relief as what I could tell was a very thick log came out was indescribable. When it finally ended, I could tell I was not finished. I peeked between my legs to see the monster I'd just laid. It did a big U with one end of the U going down the hole and the other near the top. Probably 18 to 20 inches. It was quite firm but still softer than my usual. I sat for another minute or two trying to get the rest out, but nothing else was coming. A bit disappointed, I stood up to wipe and leave. It was never going to flush so I didn't bother, but the automatic sensor got triggered and I got to watch my log move and inch or two down the hole before the toilet choked on it and clogged. When I exited the stall, another woman tried to take my place and I had the oh so fun task of telling her I had clogged it and to wait for the next toilet.

With so much time to kill due to the delayed flight, we ended up going and having lunch at one of the airport's sit down restaurants. After lunch, I could tell I was ready to poop again. The line was even longer than before. As the line moved and I got into the bathroom and in full view of the 4 stalls, I could tell the one I clogged was still broken. I watched amusingly as a handful of women would walk in, thinking they'd use the only open stall only to quickly exit after discovering why it was open. The stall on the end opened up for me and I headed in, hoping I wouldn't be clogging this one too. I once again stripped off my leggings and took a seat. I pushed out another big log, same thickness as the first but this one broke off maybe 2/3 the length. I tried a courtesy flush but it was still too big to go down. With the water level rising, I pooped out another shorter, maybe 8 inch or so log that plopped into the water. As I stood up to wipe, I felt my stomach churn and sat back down quickly and exploded, very loudly, with a wave of soft chunks. When that finally subsided, I knew I was finally emptied out. I stood up and saw the soft chunks had turned the previously mostly clear water into what looked like mud. You couldn't even see the logs I'd clogged it with. Clogging one toilet is bad enough, but now half of the toilets in this bathroom were clogged by yours truly.

I returned to my family at the gate, feeling the usual mixture of embarrassment with a bit of triumph mixed in. From where my family was sitting in the gate, I could actually see the line for the restroom. It was getting noticeably longer given that now only two of the four toilets were still useable. Hopefully the staff would be by shortly to unclog them.

Hope all is well with everyone else! Sorry it's been a while since I've posted…I've been very busy.


Reply to Ronette

1.Why do you hover over the seat while peeing in public?
2.What are the advantages?
3.Do your friends sit or hover?

1. Most of the public restrooms I pee in, including the ones at school, are frankly quite disgusting, there's always something on the seat. Also I don't feel like fully sitting down unless I have to take a dump, I know it's kinda odd, but that's just what I do.
2. There aren't really any advantages other than not putting your butt on a dirty seat, or that you have bragging rights that you have better aim than most men.
3. On average, most of my friends hover when in public, but I do have a few that don't really care and just sit on the seat.


Just Jerika


When me and my friend Gopi were about 8 or 9 we got our first bikes. Our moms first let us ride only on the sidewalk of our block, but later that summer our area was expanded. Then the neighborhood and by the end of summer our territory was expanded several blocks over to the large public park. We knew it was off-limits but it was so tempting. The park went for a couple of miles with several baseball fields, picnic areas, two swimming pools and these toilet buildings in several places. When we wanted to rest our legs from racing and tackling some rugged grounds, we would layout on a picnic table, talk and usually one or two people would come half running into the bathroom.

One girl, probably about the age of our babysitter, parked her car very abruptly, and left the door open as she ran for the bathroom with one hand on her butt. As she entered the doorway she let go of an F-bomb and had both hands on her butt. She was in there quite some time cleaning herself up. We never heard any flush but we did hear the sink. After she left, we went in to see why she didn't flush. Gopi said we should have given her a detention or a ticket. There was a toilet paper stack coming out of the bowl about an inch above the seat. We both agreed a shovel would be needed. The flies were going to have a treat.

On the guys side, there were a good number of delivery truck drivers. Many wore shorts and ran fast for the bathroom. Gopi and I sometimes disagreed as to whether they were peeing or crapping. Sometimes we could hear them take their seat. Sometimes they would flush and then quickly sit. There would be a gas blast followed by splashes. Sometimes we didn't hear a flush and would go in and see why. Sometimes it was busted. Gopi said big people with big feet would stomp on the flusher and break it. That was so surprising to me because my arm was weak for my age. It would take me four or five attempts sometimes to get the lever down. One guy had super skids, I guess, because we knew there wasn't any toilet paper and he crapped without knowing it. He had come out running for the truck and he tore off. Gopi said he would probably be fined if he fell behind on his route. I was more worried about what he wife or girlfriend would say.

Gopi and I would use the bathroom there pretty regularly. She and I would sometimes add constipation drama or sprint peeing for our entertainment. But we had to remember when we got back to our neighborhood and went into one of our houses for lunch, we had to head right for the toilet as if we had been holding it. We were forbidden to go as far as the park. And our parents didn't feel those park bathrooms were suitable. But they did supply us with some amusement.


Winnie the Pooh

Transition Tuesday: Woke up this morning at a early felt good thing I did, went in my bathroom, took off my robe hanged it on the back of the hook and close the door and went and turn on the light and went sat on the toilet, started to peeing good minute or two, pass gas silent, got relaxed sat all the way on the toilet and shortly my butt open and feeling good that little stinks start dropping out one by one till the big stink came had to hold my breath and hold my hands together and it finally got out of me and I had to see so I got up it was very wide 4 inch 9 inch long, that's extremely big for me. So afterwards I wiped clean, flushed wash my hands and turned my shower on went to check my phone it was 6 so I was on the toilet a good 20 minutes so I don't try to force myself to poop come out on it's own except in public cause I don't want to be on toilet long unless I'm only one there , but when I got done in the shower I went to my closet got dressed in my jean skirt that touched my knees nice shirt and panties of course and bra and my crocs on went downstairs to meet Dean I invited him over for a quick breakfast I made pop tarts and juice lol . So he carry my back pack for me and open the door again for me, well lunch time is almost done I catch everyone later and by the way Dean says I look beautiful as normal,


Airport restroom.

I was traveling with a friend of mine recently and we were in the airport, heading home. I told him I needed to use the restroom just a few minutes before we were about to board. I go in and see the maintenance room is inside the restroom and there's 2 women in it, one comes out to mop the floor. The partitions are high enough that I can see the guy next to me is wearing red underwear and white shorts.

I go into the first stall, drop my shorts and underwear to the floor, fully aware that the women in the maintenance area and everyone else can see my legs, shorts, and briefs when they walk in.

I'm in there a couple of minutes and I hear my buddy's voice right outside my door, telling me we need to go because boarding has started. It was kind of funny how he must have just walked in, and recognized my shoes and shorts and came straight to my stall. And now he also knows that I wear colorful briefs, and I lift my heels up when I'm taking a dump. And stand to wipe. It's something that apparently anyone else in the restroom would have seen, but it's a bit different when it's a buddy who knows that.


Winnie the Pooh

Coming to realize:

Talking with Dean on my ride on our way to school today, I enjoy sitting on the toilet with no worries at all, I know reading others posts how they get treated for using the toilet, sometimes without toilet paper and at times long lines, being given a hard time if they choose to poop , having to cover up the seat cause of dirty seats, or harass because you are a different race, but I wish no one had to go through anything like that. But I'm thankful for what I have here, so I hope things get better for those who are giving hardships for various reasons and it's encouraging that you are willing to go anyway you are heroes to me, so that's all I have to say. So Dean stopped the car and gave me a kiss on the lips and said that is a great statement and no one should take anything for granted and it helped him out cause he be the last person that wants to crap at different places but it has given him courage and I kissed him back on the lips and I let him know that I'm here to support him, and we got to school 20 minutes early and he said come with him and i didn't ask him where to because I trust him, so I got out and slipped on my crocs , cause I feel comfortable riding barefoot with him and it's comfy letting the air hitting my toes and all and warm carpet on my feet, so he took me to the gym men locker room and open the men bathroom and he said it's clear and I said okay, noticed no doors on the stalls, but one stall and he goes for that one and he reaches down for a kiss and thanks for the support, I see him enter and see him dropping his jeans and boxers to the floor and see his feet planted that he on the toilet. I walked away feeling happy that my Dean got to poop in peace and he was able to feel comfortable with me knowing that his fears. So lunch is up wasn't feeling it


Winnie the Pooh

Yesterday after school: Dean took me out for dinner I was so flattered by it and I told more about myself and himself, I ate very light cause I was nervous to reveal that I'm lactose so early on and so I just ordered small fry and small salad and with no cheese on it please, he said wow he never knew a girl that didn't like cheese on the salad and no dressing, weak smile, so we got seated at the booth facing each other, I told him that I wanted to eat all that stuff but I didn't want to ruin our date cause dairy is not fair to me and it works fast, he told me hold out my hands and I did and he kissed them he said it's okay just know that he was cool with me from the jump and he doesn't mind, so I ended up getting cheese and ranch dressing and I ended up on the toilet before we left the restaurant, so mid conversation I felt the war going on and I told him I'm sorry it was time, he said it was okay he wait for me, so as I was leaving the booth he asked what size shoes I wear cause I have small feet I said 5 lol he said that must be nice to find shoes easy, I said hold that thought, I sped walked in the ladies, older lady and her friend being two stalls I had no choice but take the one by the door poor people but the older lady complimented my outfit and all , I smiled and said thanks, and went in the stall, I uplift my skirt and lowered my panties to far and they fell to my ankles I didn't want them knowing that I had to poop, so I hurried up raised them to my knees and the other lady must of saw and said that it's okay to let go and I sat down on the toilet and let my panties down to my ankles and we sure were stinking up a good one and she was talking to me and I just listened, it was refreshing to hear what older people have to say and we finish about the same time and after we washed hands and apparently I was wrong about them being friends so they switched places and the other older lady took her place and was doing what we just needed to do and I gave them my number and I talked to them last night after Dean drop me off and Dean was supportive of me being lactose and I gave him a kiss on the cheek . So I guess it's okay to let loose more especially if the person doesn't mean harm . What that's all back to the lesson before I get a break for lunch i, I miss Dean hope he having fun with virtual


3rd tines the charm... apparently

So I've mentioned before that I was late to toilet train. My mom started train me at 2 1/2. Tried for about six months before giving up. Not once did I go potty on my own. I knew what to do but "when" eluded me completely. About 1 1/2 years later, she wanted me to go to preschool so she tried again. Plus it's embarrassing to be the only mom in the pre K playgroup whose kid was in full time diapers. I still wasn't getting the "when." My mom tried a buzzer system (a vibrating watch) telling me to go potty every two hours. It worked somewhat but I still had alot of oops moments either in the bathroom or on my way to the bathroom. A full bladder just tended to come on suddenly and pretty randomly too.thwb it would be drooling down the inside of my leg before I could get to the bathroom. The sudden urges were just too much for a little girl. Finally came a day that pleases my parents. Their just turned 6 year old went potty on her own, no nagging no reminders and no wetting. It just kind of clicked and I went in and went potty. So that's when my mom decided that 3rd time was the charm and she could quit worrying about me going to first grade in 2 months. Wrong. And earlier today I had an accident. My bladder was absolutely bursting to the point that i was crying a little. I was in a different little town where I'd gone to pick up some things from an acquaintance. In my way out of town my bladder began to hurt and beg for release. Three gas station bathrooms out of order or occupied. I was beyond desperate. And then my heart sank as I bwgan to pee. No pull up-I'm out til pay day. I just peed in my pants and all over my shoes and the ground. It was dark out so no one walking by could see the huge wet stain down the inside of my pant leg. I was humiliated even though no one knew. I try to be careful and potty before it's too late but this urge thing really kicks my ass.


Winnie the Pooh

Continue from Monday: so during gym class I knew that I was not going make it doing anything after eating lunch today, Dean brought me Taco Bell and it had sour cream and cheese a soft taco supreme what a good guy but I haven't told him about my lactose intolerant issues kinda of shy about it, so anyway as I was changing my regular clothes into my gym clothes, I just knew that it was now or all over me, but I took the risk of telling the P. E. coach which is also the varsity basketball team, So I told him that I was feeling bit woozy he gave me a pass so I can go to the nurse office, and I told the nurse and she told me to lay down and she will get me some medicine, I said to her will it be okay if I use the bathroom, she said sure , just be careful okay, I shook my head, I closed the the locked the door and lowered the seat down and pulled down the shorts and panties around my ankles and sat on the toilet, within seconds my butt open up wet farts and all loose stool , lots of gas pain holding my stomach and the nurse asked me if I was okay in there , I said yeah just need some relief, I flush the toilet handle, I wiped a good 5 times, got up looked in the mirror at my bottom and said oh yes you have to be have yourself, I wiped one more time to be sure all clean, so I laid down for a good 15 minutes after pooping for 15 minutes so I was 15 minutes left of PE so I went back and coach told me just watch the game don't worry about going in , as I was watching the game one of the student's turn her ankle wrong so I had to go in , big mistake so I knew that I was not 100 I was out of breath and I went to grab the rebound a taller girl went for the ball too and she elbow me right in the gut within minutes I check myself out of the game ran to the locker room bathroom, into the end stall threw up, , so the game was called, and I stayed in the locker room took a shower got redressed and after school let out I met up with Dean and he treated me like a princess again . I'm excited about tomorrow

Anna from Austria

Using phone on Toilet

I want to answer the question about using the phone while using the toilet.

I have to admit that I always use the phone on toilet for browsing when I have it with me. When I need to use a public toilet I have the phone always with me so i also use it. It can also happen that I sit longer on the toilet then needed because of it.A When at home things are different.

When I have to phone with me at home i also use it on the toilet. But when I do not have it with me and I need to go I do not get it before going to the bathroom.

Greetings from Austria



Response to Catherine

Hi Catherine,

I just wanted to ask you, do you like seeing Alan on the toilet? As I've mentioned I love seeing my wife on the toilet. And I think she likes seeing me on the toilet too but has never said it. She doesn't normally come into the bathroom while I'm sitting but when she has I can tell by her body language that she kind of enjoys it. One time in the last year or so I was going to take a shower so I got ready to go in the shower and had to poop. She came up and said "are you taking a poop" I said I was and she just said "oh ok". I asked her if she needed something in the bathroom and she said yes but she can wait. I told her she could come in so I unlocked the door and let her in. She got what she needed but didn't leave. She stood there for a minute or two having a conversation with me and stood directly in front of me. And I could see where her eyes were looking and I could just tell by how she was talking she had kind of a smile going while she talked to me.

One time when we were on our honeymoon we got back to our room on the boat and I had to poop. I told her and she said "ok go" kind of excitedly. I go in and take a seat and then she asked if I wanted her to take a picture of me on the toilet and I said sure. So I let her in. She never did take a picture since this was the days of getting film developed and we weren't sure if they would print it. And again I could tell where hey eyes were looking and truthfully I think she just wanted to see me on the toilet.

Take care. I had an excellent morning poop today and I'm ready for the day. Have a good one!


Buddy Dump with Jennifer

I talked to my girlfriend, Jennifer recently about enjoying pooping next to someone and we decided it would be fun to do it together, a planned buddy dump if you will. This afternoon we both needed to go so we went to some public toilets to get our relief.

We shared a smile as we walked into our respective stalls and pulled down our clothes, I could see her jeans bunching up a little underneath the stall divider while mine went all the way down to my calves. Within seconds of sitting down I could hear a quiet hissing from her as she had her pee. She always starts quickly and she always hisses. There was a brief tinkle as her pee slowed to a halt and we quietly waited for the rest.

I was the one to break the silence. My backdoor domed and a fart squeaked out as the head of my poop crowned. It slowly crept out of me and I just let it happen, fully enjoying the sensation of going. After a few seconds it fell into the bowl with a "flumph", it sounded like a big one. I heard Jennifer take a deep breath and she went onto her toes, she was pushing. I started peeing and she exhaled loudly before taking another deep breath and pushing again. Moments later there was a loud splash quickly followed by another, smaller one. I finished peeing but I knew I wasn't empty so I stayed seated and waited for it to happen, I didn't want to rush anything.

While I waited, Jennifer was crapping up a storm! It seemed once she had passed the initial log things moved much more easily. I could hear a quiet splash from her every 5-10 seconds, one after the other with an occasional small sigh. After about a minute I was gently stretched by another piece coming out, my body lightly pushing without any input from me and I just let it happen like before. There was another splash from Jennifer and she started pulling off toilet paper as my second log hit the deck.

I was satisfied I was done so before wiping I stood up and looked at what I had produced. There was two pieces sat at the bottom of the pale yellow water, one about an inch thick and eight inches long with another one next to it, slightly thinner and about three inches long. I sat back down and began cleaning up, I used a few squares to dry my vulva and then two handfuls for my behind, I was expecting to need much more! I flushed and pulled up my clothes as Jennifer left her stall. I met her at the sinks and we washed our hands before continuing with our day.


Poo relief

I have been ill with a bad cold for a few days and been taking the usual pills and lemsips to try ease it my bowels have been sluggish the past couple of days and I have not been able to have much of a poo. That changed tonight after I had my tea I felt a strong urge to go so I went to the bathroom and run a bath whilst I sat on the toilet I began to push and I felt discomfort as it came out with it being a large log after about 3 inches had passed it was softer and felt good as it slowly came out and slipped in the toilet with no sound then straight after another log dropped followed by a wee I got off the toilet and looked in the toilet they were massive especially for me first log was around 10inch and second around 8 they were sticking up out the water by a few inches so I flushed before I wiped the water rose up and I thought great that all I need a blocked toilet then all of a sudden there was movement and my poos went down leaving a lot of skid marks in the toilet I wiped and flushed again using the toilet brush to clean it I then had my bath feeling relieved but also a little sore after the big load


Emma two

Waiting for the bathroom

I was walking home from the bus stop after I finished work last night and I was busting for a poo. I'd been holding it for most of the day as I wasn't desperate to go but as I was walking towards the flats it quickly got worse and by the time I got home I was desperate for a poo. Sarah was in the bathroom and I was waiting for her to come out I could hear her straining so I knew she was constipated. I hear a plop which which made me feel even more desperate and then I heard another three plops in rapid succession and now I really had to go. I asked her if she would be long and she answered in a pained voice as she pushed her latest poo out that she would try to hurry up. Then I heard a loud PLOP and then another one and Sarah said she was done and she just had to wipe her bum. All that detail almost caused me to lose it and I had to clench tightly to avoid ruining my knickers. After a while she flushed the toilet and I prayed she hadn't blocked it because if she did I would be using my knickers as a toilet. When she came out she warned me that it might be a good idea to leave it for a few minutes as it was a bit smelly in there. I was too desperate to care about that and I went straight in but it didn't smell that bad to me. I quickly pulled my jeans down knickers and sat down on a nice walk seat and relaxed. I peed a little bit as I started to feel my poo coming out and man it felt so good after holding it all day at work. I did a big load and it was then I realised that I hadn't pood in three days. I pushed gently but I was done so I wiped my bottom and pulled my knickers and jeans up before washing my hands. I looked in the toilet before I flushed it as I like to see my creation and then I flushed and left the bathroom to joint Sarah in the living room.


Response to Sophie

Hey Sophie! To answer your question, my skidmarks are enough to make me feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. Its just unpleasant to go around with stains in my panties and so its really just my own desire to try some different approaches to preventing skidmarks.

I went back and read your account of trying your Always Radiant pads for skidmark prevention. Im sorry those did not work out for you. I have some friends who use those and they speak well of them. I myself use Always Maxis (size 3 and then size 5 for nighttime) but I have not tried those for the skidmarks. The first time I tried a liner for skidmark prevention, I used my Always Discreet Boutique pantyliners that I wear daily. I get those little leaks that can happen from time to time when I cough, sneeze, or do strenuous exercise (yes, this can happen to you even in your twenties and thirties :( ), so they work out great for my needs. They worked out okay, but clearly they were designed to be worn in the gusset of my panties and not the seat, so I kept looking. I just got my order of the Butterfly liners, so I'm going to wait until after I have my BM tomorrow to give those a try.

In addition to trying some protection, I intend to talk with my doctor about this issue. I have to go in for my annual physical exam later this week, and while I'm not looking forward to what sort of examination she might have to perform to evaluate this matter, I know it's important to know what is going on with my body. Sophie, are you due for next physical exam soon? I want to encourage you to ask your doctor about your skidmark issue to insure there is not some kind of underlying issue.

All the best to you!


Traveling with Destini

My cousin Destini came to our city to spend a week with us. She is 12. She had a week off school and the money to fly in to see us. However, since she couldn't afford the air fare home, I had to drive her. No problem really. I like to drive, but six hours of Interstate is a bit long. And there was another situation that made the trip longer for me and Destini. She has real difficulty peeing in a public toilet. I don't exactly know why but I know parts of the explanation.

First, she doesn't travel hardly ever with her family. There is not a lot of money, her dad only works on and off, and her mother is mostly just getting tips as a waitress. Second, I guess out of need, Destini has a scholarship to attend a private school. There are only about 250 students going there so the bathrooms are not as big or threatening like those along the Interstates. Three, Destini says she averages only once a day using the bathroom at her school. And she has never taken a shit there. Having gone to a large high school, and traveling there each day by train from one side of the city to another, I pee three or four times a day, sometimes more at school, depending on how much I drink. For me it is coffee in the morning, milk or soda a lunch and another soda and/or water bottle in the afternoon. If I don't crap at school, most times I'll crap later in the day at the subway station when I'm transferring trains. Often I'll take a precautionary pee there in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon because I don't want to get caught on the subway, especially if the train is slow stop-and-go with my bladder ready to give out.

When I picked Destini up at the airport, her flight was running late. I went in the bathroom, walked down a line of about 25 toilets, and dove into one on my left just as this well-dressed girl of about 10 came out. There was no pee on the seat so I was seated and peeing into the bowl just as I remembered not to move around much because the auto-flush would kick in. I sat four about 10 minutes, checked the flight info on my phone, washed my hands and then waited at the gate.
Destini arrived about 45 minutes later, seemed really frustrated and sweating, and as we were waiting for her bags, she said she had been holding her Number 2 since she arrived at the airport four hours earlier. I took the baggage ticket and pointed her toward the restroom which looked like a very popular destination. I texted her after about 10 minutes of waiting and she said she had just gotten on the stool. I was a little suspicious as I pulled her bag toward the restroom. I saw black athletic shoes under three doors, but none was hers. When I texted her again she said she didn't remember which toilet she was using or whether it was on the left or right side of the aisle. Finally, the door opened and she came out looking disoriented. She had done a full shit and then found there was no toilet paper left on the roll. So I took Destini into an open toilet right across the aisle, it had two toilet paper rolls available, and as I seated her I could see that she was shaking out of fear. She already has a souvenir about an inch and a half long in her white underwear. While she was seated I tried to help her out. She was very frustrated and not a good wiper. I tried to show her how she could be more effective, but she seemed so distracted and aloof. In driving her to our house I got to wondering whether she had much experience in using public toilets, or whether she had tried to avoid them.

During the first day Destini was with us we took the train to my campus and she went to my classes. I know a couple of times she left the lecture hall for the toilets, stayed out about 10 minutes, then came back only to excuse herself again. Her only explanation was the bathrooms were really busy. So after class I went in looking for her. Her shoes stood out for some reason, perhaps with her slacks all the way down and halfway covering them up. So I knocked on her door, asked for her to let me in, and as she sat frustrated and apologetic she told me that she often is unable to get her pee stream going when she's away from home. From turning a faucet on in front of her toilet to her using a single toilet in a family bathroom or convenience store, I made several suggestions. She's just not use to the busy toilets in large cities. Or being called a B***h because she sits and ignores those persons peeking in or beating on her door. I tried to show her a couple of other techniques when we shared stalls in the rest stop bathrooms. Driving back luckily there probably were less frustrations for her. Oh, and just before we started our drive back Destini did the biggest dump our family's toilet had ever seen. I plunged it while she was loading up the car.

Anna from Austria
I agree with you that park toilets are the worst vandalized.

That's a good question on phone scrolling. Home or elsewhere--I'm guilty especially if I'm shitting.

Why do you hover over the seat while peeing in public? What are the advantages? Do your friends sit or hover?

I think the incident was an inappropriate obsession on the part of the mom. What would his friends have thought if they were hanging out there too?


Thanksgiving Poop Stories Part 1

Despite our Thanksgiving plans being shifted a little (due to some relatives contracting the virus), we were not short one bit of pooping stories! Originally, we were going to go to my Aunt's for Thanksgiving dinner, but instead my wife Anna and I hosted Thanksgiving. We had 10 other relatives and friends come over to our house, and all of them definitely made use of our toilets to some extent. To make things even better, now that our harvest season has concluded, I finally had time to finish the remodeling of our bathroom off the kitchen, complete with a brand new toilet just in time for Thanksgiving! I will probably make two separate posts just because I will be typing for quite awhile.

Anna's cousin Maddie, whom I have mentioned in several previous posts, came over from college a couple nights before Thanksgiving. For those who don't remember, Maddie is 22 years old, and a fit and attractive blonde girl. I view her like a little sister. She stays over at our house pretty much whenever school is not in session, and is very open with us about her bathroom habits, especially with Anna. The 3 of us really enjoy bathroom humor together. I don't think she's that way with everybody, but she is with us. I woke up Thanksgiving morning and made us all some breakfast. I didn't make us anything too giant considering the meal we had planned for later in the day, but it was enough to make everybody's bowels start to move. I know that the 3 of us all generally poop in the morning after breakfast. We all finished eating and were just talking in the kitchen when Anna said "well that food is working its way through me, I'll be back in a few minutes, guys!" Maddie agreed, saying "I'm thinking the same thing." Anna went into the bathroom off the kitchen, and Maddie went down the hall to the master bathroom. I told them "when one of you finishes, I'll trade places." I started cleaning things up in the kitchen as I heard the faint noise of my wife's butt hitting the seat of our new toilet and her pee tinkling into the bowl. Before long, although muffled, I could hear her let out a fairly loud fart and then the plopping sound of her poop landing in the bowl. I just kept cleaning things up while the two girls pooped away. About 5 minutes had passed, I finished cleaning up and went to our bedroom (which is right next to the other bathroom) to get changed out of my pajamas. When I walked by the other bathroom, it was apparent that Maddie was still pooping. As I got changed, I could hear Maddie rolling off some toilet paper, so I thought she would probably be done soon. I finished changing right as she flushed, and after washing her hands, she came out, and I could smell a faint poop. I asked her if she felt better, and she laughed, saying "yes, I definitely enjoyed a nice morning poop." I responded with "good, now I need to do the same." I closed the door and noticed that her poop smell was definitely more noticeable. It wasn't extreme at all, just noticeable. I noticed there were some skidmarks in the bowl, which don't really bother the 3 of us, so I pulled my clothing down to the floor and sat my butt on the warm seat. As usual, I aimed my penis into the bowl and got my pee out of the way, and then settled in for a good dump. I let out a few sloppier pieces with some farts that didn't smell very pleasant. I sat on the toilet for probably 10 minutes before I felt empty. I scooted forward and wiped, and when I got up, i could see the many smaller pieces I let out. I definitely felt better as I washed my hands and got ready to start getting everything in order for later in the day!

The 3 of us started getting the house ready for all the guests, including cleaning the bathrooms. Anna told us to "make sure we put a few rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom, because we will probably need it!" We all laughed when Maddie suggested we put candles in each bathroom too. I said "yeah, Anna, you know your brother is going to absolutely destroy one of our poor toilets." We all laughed, almost to the point of crying, knowing his habit of taking absolutely giant dumps that have clogged many toilets. We actually took bets on if he would clog one of our toilets that night or not. But regardless, we knew both of our toilets would be seeing a lot of butts later in the day. Just so that you get the idea of what our bathroom situation looks like at out house, there is the bathroom that is technically the master bathroom, but we aren't at all snobby about people using it. I put a lot of work into that bathroom and made it super nice. I love how roomy it is! We have another bathroom sort of off our kitchen. That bathroom is a half bath that I recently remodeled. Both bathrooms have Kohler elongated comfort height toilets with contoured seats that hug your butt really nicely (my wife agrees). I do have plans to make another full bathroom in our basement, but I just haven't done it yet.

Around noon, Anna's mom came over to help with food prep. She brought over some groceries, and as soon as she set them on the kitchen counter, she told us that she had to use the restroom, and went around the corner to the one by the kitchen. I could hear her sit down and start peeing pretty forcefully. She sounded like she really had to go. She complimented us on how the bathroom looked and said we got it finished just in time for it to be enjoyed, which we both agreed with. We got busy with getting our turkey and other food ready, and before we knew it, our relatives and friends started filing in. I was preoccupied, so I didn't pay super close attention to what was going on in the bathrooms, but I did notice people were occasionally making use of them. We started eating our Thanksgiving dinner at around 3:30, and everything turned out awesome! I think mostly everybody got stuffed, and while a couple people had to get going, most of them stuck around for most of the evening, ultimately leading to some big dumps. I noticed Anna's mom was one of the first to disappear to the bathroom. Shortly after, I noticed this lady who we go to church with, Sara, got up and headed to the bathroom. She came back and told Anna and I that someone was in the bathroom by the kitchen, and wondered if there was another bathroom she could use. She looked sort of embarrassed, so we tried to make her feel at ease. I told her to make herself feel at home in the bathroom by our bedroom. Anna said to let her know if she needed anything. Sara hurried off, looking desperate. About 5-7 minutes later, Anna's mom came back, so I was pretty sure that she pooped. Maddie's dad replaced her. I ended up going to our bedroom to grab something. The way the duct work is in the house, you can hear from our bedroom what is going on in the master bathroom more so than just standing by the bathroom door. I could hear Sara let out a blast of diarrhea quickly followed by the sound of the toilet flushing. I knew she was really embarrassed and felt bad for her! I went back to the living room where everybody else was, and a couple minutes later, Sara came back. I could tell she wasn't feeling the best. Shortly after, Maddie's dad also returned from his pooping session.

We all had a great time, with some of us playing games and others just enjoying talking to each other. I was talking with a good friend of mine when he excused himself to the restroom. I think he just peed because he wasn't gone for more than a couple minutes. I noticed Sara disappear to the other bathroom again for awhile, so something must have made her stomach upset. I went to the kitchen to grab something to drink, and overheard Sara telling Anna in the hall "I'm so sorry that I've been taking over your bathroom!" Anna told her "don't worry, honey, that's what it's there for. We all understand." I went downstairs to the basement to grab more drinks from our extra refrigerator, and I noticed that someone was in the bathroom by the kitchen. The bathroom door is basically right at the top of the stairs going down to the basement, and if you are at the right point on the stairs, you can look back and see under the door, not quite to the extent of a public bathroom stall, but still enough to know what someone is up to. Coming back up, I could see feet with purple socks under the door. The feet were close together in front of the toilet. I recognized the feet as Anna's friend, Kate. She curled her feet up like she was pushing, and I heard a small plop. Kate is about my wife's age (27), and is a very attractive and ladylike woman. She is sort of uptight with her bathroom habits, so I knew she would absolutely die if she knew someone heard her pooping.

After most of the guests had gone home, I was talking with Anna and her brother, Chase, in the kitchen by ourselves when he rubbed his stomach and told me "well I think it's time to hit the bathroom." Anna and I laughed, and Anna jokingly told him "oh boy, we might as well all run out of the house." I told him "careful, I don't want to have to redo our bathroom again!" He knew we were all joking and played along by saying "I'll try my best, but no guarantees." Chase isn't quite my height, but he's still pretty tall and has a similar build to me, but he definitely out poops me. He's about to turn 19 and just graduated high school this year. We heard him sit on the toilet and immediately let out a huge fart, causing both of us to laugh. Since Maddie, Anna, and I were taking bets on if he would clog the toilet or not, Anna went to grab Maddie. When Maddie came, we went by the door and Maddie said "Chase, we all took bets on if you'd clog the toilet or not, so we're going to wait and listen to you poop." He said "I can't even take a dump in peace!" We all went down the stairs a bit and saw his jeans bunched up on the floor with his legs spread out in front of the toilet. We heard some pretty big pieces plop into the bowl and we snickered. He said "well I guess I'll give you guys a show if that's what you're after." We started smelling it out in the hall, and Anna said "gee, we can even smell it out here now!" He said, "shut up, sis, I know what you're husband (me) is capable of!" Anna's mom came by to use the bathroom again, and saw us all on the stairs, and she asked "what are you guys doing?" Anna said "waiting for Chase to poop." Their mom said "oh boy, you'll be there awhile then. You kids are hilarious!" and left. After 20 minutes, he wiped and said "ok, I'm done." I said "well, let's see what happens." To our amazement, the toilet took down his load, which means Maddie lost the bet! She got to be the person to clean the bathrooms after everybody leaves! He came out and the smell was awful. It made us all gag, and I said "well, Maddie lost!" He said "better luck next time, cuz!" Anna's mom came back and said "whew, Chase! Open the window next time!" Bless her heart, she went into the bathroom and opened the window to try and air things out. We told her about our bet, and we all just couldn't stop laughing!

Well I think I have quite a post for now, so I will type up part 2 soon. I wanted to make an awesome post for what I believe is the best time of the year for poop stories!



Library diarrhea

Hiii, I'm a long time lurker but have never posted here before- figured I'd give in and try typing out a post just to see what it's like haha- I guess I should probably describe myself a bit?
I'm a uni student living in London. I'm 20, 5ft 4 and have a small, petite kind of figure- my friends like to tease me about being tiny a lot! I can't remember how I found this forum originally but I've always been weirdly fascinated by pooping. I love doing it myself and I love hearing other girls go too!

I go to the toilet about 3-4 times a day to crap- my poops are usually solid enough but I have a sensitive stomach so I get diarrhoea really often unfortunately... :(

This morning was especially bad- I'd gone out with flatmates last night to this cheap takeaway really close to where we live, and decided in my infinite wisdom to try their naga chicken wings. They burnt almost as bad going in as they would going out later! I didn't feel anything until I woke up the next morning with this dull ache in my stomach. I kinda wanted to stay home but I knew I had to get an essay done, so I forced myself to head to the library to work. I had a feeling I was gonna have the runs, so I decided to wear a skirt.

This really paid off, as I'd only been 10 minutes into working when I felt that familiar ache in my ???? and something far from solid settling in my colon. I got up pretty quickly and rushed to the bathrooms across the hall. I'd never been to this one before, and two things really surprised me: firstly, these bathrooms were completely gender neutral, and secondly, the toilets were really square- like they had square seats and square bowls.
I didn't have time to think though, as I only just got my tights and knickers down before I started peeing completely liquid diarrhea out into the bowl below. The first wave lasted for about 10 seconds before tapering off. I knew I had wayy more coming, so I kept on sitting, adjusting my butt to get a bit comfier. I opened up my legs to look into the bowl and I'd turned the water this murky yellowish brown.
Not long after, I felt another wave on it's way, and I sharted loudly before painting the bowl brown again with a mix of liquid crap and very wet turds for about another minute straight. I couldn't believe how much I was shitting, but the relief was AMAZING after I finished, even if my butthole was reallly stinging after!

It took me a couple wipes before I got clean, but I didn't have diarrhea for the rest of the day, so it was totally worth the mess.

Ig that's it for now?



Hi! I do have a Thanksgiving story but very little time to write it tonight. I hope I can in the next day or two! It was a doozy Thursday night!

But I wanted to respond to old and new friends!

Brandon T: Thank you for the shout out and your kind words about my post! You have been posting for quite a while now and you are always so kind! I hope you are well!

Robyn and Victoria: I am so happy for you both! I've missed you both as well and hope to hear more from you soon! All the best to you both as your relationship grows! And, I hope you have some fabulous doodies too!

M: Thank you for your response. Alan likes seeing my hips too! I think he just likes seeing me on the toilet, LOL!

I hope everyone is dooing well!

Love to all!



Winnie the Pooh


M or f
1. What's the longest time you have gone without pooping
2. Are your poops normally hard or soft and are they chunks or logs
3. What object would you compare your widest poop to
4. How often do you poop
5. When was the last time you went poo
6. How often do you get constipaited
7. Where do you feel comfortable pooping
8. do you have to poo right now
9. How long would you hold your poop in for

16 F
1) almost two days
2) it all depends on what I ate
3) video game console
4) at least twice a day
5) last night
7) )pretty much anywhere I have ever been
8) maybe in a hour or two
9) not long I rather it get it over with

Happy Monday: so far today has been amazing and yesterday too, Dean picked me up 15 minutes before school started and he came to my door and introduced himself to my parents and I told them that he was picking me up, so we make it to his car and he open the door for me before he goes to the driver side and close the door for me , while I'm telling you this I'm on the toilet I'm done peeing but I feel like staying longer lol but anyway I'm wearing my second favorite outfit, plaid skirt that goes to my knees right now I have it up around my waist and panties are down to my knees and I'm wearing my crocs with yellow socks lol later on the week it's going to be nice so no socks for me lol okay I better get going, bye for now

To Hollyrae

Pervert brother huh? I take it he's tried to watch you before?


Technology on the toilet

OK, I admit it. 9 times out of 10 I use my smart phone while I'm on the toilet. It doesn't matter whether I'm home at work or at a store. As soon as my clothing comes down and I take the seat, I'm scrolling. I probably shouldn't admit it but I do it for the most simple pee. While I'm peeing away, as long as I don't get lost in terms of reality, I don't think there is really anything wrong with reading and responding to messages. Who gives a damn whether I'm in my upstairs bedroom at home or in Cubicle Number 29 on the 4th floor of Arts & Sciences Hall. 3 or 4 of my craps each week are away from home. I have a small bladder so you can draw your own conclusion on my pees.

The worst situation I was in was in a summer rec league at our local park. This was before smart phones and I had a flip cell phone. I called my mom from the toilet on the northwest field of the park and said my team had been eliminated, but I wanted to stay longer and see the next round. While we were talking and I was dumping, this girl a couple of years younger than me, came running in with her phone, thumped her butt onto the toilet next to mine (which I had rejected because it look liked someone had peed right over the seat), and as she did, her phone rang. There was a steady pee stream hitting the water and she just started yelling and cussing at her mom, calling her a moron and some other unprintable names. I guess her mother asked her why she wasn't at the pickup site. The girl started swearing and then when the mom didn't believe her, the girl put the phone between her legs so her mother could hear the drain. If I had talked that way to my mom she would have confiscated my phone and grounded me.

The lady in the apartment across the hall from us is currently practice teaching. She said students are getting sneakier in concealing their phones and taking a trip to the "bathroom" during a class is just code for sitting and talking to their boyfriends. Also, some of the boys are texting their girlfriends to meet up with them in one of the remote bathrooms. Principals are afraid to act because they don't want any confrontations.

Underwear advice

Survey responses

Question 1
Yes, I totally take advantage of being in places where people can't hear to fart when I need to and let out any gas I've been holding. I'm not normally super shy about farting unless I'm around boys, but when I'm on a plane I get really gassy for some reason and I just let rip. Usually they don't smell though when I'm on a plane. Last time we were flying transatlantic and my parents used their miles so me and my sister could go business class and we were in those seats where you face in opposite directions to the other person. So then I was extra uninhibited about farting when I got a bit bloated after the meal. After farting like 6 times I didn't think anything of it but when I shifted in my seat I realized my panties were wedgied pretty bad and felt like they were sticking to my asshole. When I went to the restroom and pulled down my sweats and aero hipster panties I was shocked to see I had a pretty bad skidmark. It was like 2 inches and gross enough that I had to try to wipe it out as much as I could with the crappy airplane toilet paper. It's weird, it didn't feel like the farts were wet at the time, but I guess I just pushed a bit too hard because I was so comfortable knowing that nobody could hear me. The rest of the flight was uneventful but it was just weird.

Question 2
Yes, it's embarrassing but I tend to daydream and when I'm pooping at home and I don't have to hurry to push out as much as I can in the few minutes between class at school, sometimes I will be sitting there on my phone for up to 30 minutes. Sometimes i wipe and then feel like I need to poop some more and then have to wipe again, and this can happen multiple times. I don't know why I'm weird like that. But anyway, after 20 minutes on my phone I sometimes get distracted and forget that I pooped abit more after my last wipe, and just pull up my panties and bounce. Sometimes I realize my mistake right away and have time to fix the problem with minimal damage to my panties, but other times I won't notice until later when I go to pee and see the brown evidence of my forgetfulness staring up at me from my panties. Either that or I'll wonder why my butt is so itchy, and then figure it out. So embarrassing!


Anna from Austria
I want to answer the question from Midwestener this time about the loudest poop every heard.

It happend many years ago in the early 2000s when I was fresh at Unversity.

There was this tutor girlworking at Uni named Sabrina that was a bit older then me. She was in her mid or even late 20s already when I was just 19. I never talked much too hear. Whe just meet quite often when I was doing self study at the self acess center for learning stuff at my Uni. S was working there. I spend there many hours almost every day in the morning so it happend quite often that my morning coffee kicked in and I had to poop.

Sabrina seemed to be a a morning pooper as well because I had some funny run ins with her.

The first time was when was bursting for a poo and headed to the nearest ladies room from the self acess center. When I was about to open the door to the ladies room I heard some loud blasting farts through the door of the ladies room. I was not eager having a neigbor so I headed to the ladies room next floor. When I was my way back I saw S coming out of the other ladies room where I heard the blasting farts. I was not thinking much about it yet. Was not sure if it was her or another person I also did not care much. A few days later I had to go again and this time to nearest toilet to the acess center was empty so I went in. When I started to get seated somebody entered the ladies room. That person was talking to somebody else on the phone. I recognised her voice imediately. It was S. After finishing her call so took the stall next to me, pulled down her pants and panties and she did the same blasting farts I heard through the door a few days earlier. I am not a silent pooper myself, pre, mid and sometimes even post poop farts are normal for but they are tiny and small compared to the farts of S. The most impressive thing was that she is always that loud when I head some run ins with her at the toilet. There were many more in the next month and years to come.

That's it for today

Greetings from Austria



Responses to Winnie and Midwesterner

Winnie: Thanks! Can't believe it's going to be 20 years soon either. I really can't imagine myself with any other woman or smelling someone else's poo after using the bathroom. Lol!


I have a couple other loudest poops that I have heard using the men's room. Most of the loud poo stories involve my wife but a couple come to mind using the men's room. The first one is when I was working at an airport, funny since there are many airport stories lately. I worked at a rental car company years ago that was in an airport. This is a very small airport and I would go upstairs to eat my lunch where the offices are. One day I had to pee before going back to work. The men's room had one stall and one urinal. The stall was literally the first thing you see when you walk in. Then the urinal is right next to the stall so you're very close. I go in and I see feet under the stall and I hear a man reading the newspaper and as I walk up to the urinal to pee he is squirting out a little bit of liquid poo quite frequently. It sounded like he was peeing out of his butt and every time he would squirt some out, he would moan quite loudly with no embarrassment. He sounded like he had a bad stomachache just by the sounds of it. It was someone I knew too because I recognized the voice. As I'm peeing he continues to squeeze liquid into the toilet while turning the pages of the paper. I've pooped in that stall and it has a magazine rack with stuff to read if you need to be in there for a bit. He sounded like he was feeling a bit sick. Since I knew him I kind of felt like asking him if he was ok because he sounded like he was in pain because of the moaning. But I didn't, it would've felt awkward. So I finish peeing. I flush and then go to wash my hands. I kind of waited at the sink in front of the mirror just to hear what would happen next. He had another squirt and another painful sounding moan. And then as I walk out and as I'm by the stall when heading towards the door to leave he just unleashed one of the biggest loads of diarrhea ever. I hope he felt much better after that because he didn't sound like he was well at all.

The next one was when I was at a store and I was pooping. I had already finished by dump but I sat for a little bit longer just to make sure I was done. This was a two stall bathroom and the first stall was out of order so I'm sitting in the second stall. I hear this man walk in breathing heavily and he sees the first stall is out of order and attempts to open the stall that I'm in but when he finds out it is lock d he just said to himself "oh no, oh no" and almost sounded like he was crying. I felt bad so I started wiping so he could get in because sounded like he wasn't going to make it. He stayed because he heard me wiping. So I flush then pull up my pants then open the door. The man goes in while still breathing heavily holding his stomach. He's moaning before he even gets in. I'm washing my hands and he dropped his pants and as soon as his bare butt hit the toilet, just a huge ass explosion which rivals anything I've heard my wife do.

That's it for now. I'm sitting on the toilet while I'm typing this out. I've been in here for 15 minutes no but feeling constipated so I might have to come back in here or maybe poop at work today. I've just farted a couple times but nothing doing. I hear my wife getting ready for work too and I just heard her rip a couple of very loud farts so she might have something brewing in that butt of hers. Take care everyone!


M or f
1. What's the longest time you have gone without pooping
2. Are your poops normally hard or soft and are they chunks or logs
3. What object would you compare your widest poop to
4. How often do you poop
5. When was the last time you went poo
6. How often do you get constipaited
7. Where do you feel comfortable pooping
8. do you have to poo right now
9. How long would you hold your poop in for

Victoria and Robyn

Survey answers

Hey everybody it's Robyn!

We're all settled in and happy to say that living together is going very well!

We thought we'd do some question-answering today.

Our answers to Jennifer are both a "sometimes" and "more often in a public bathroom" than at home, whether peeing or going #2. I do it more often than Victoria does but it's by no means a necessary condition for relieving myself.

Here are our answers to Winnie's survey (V= Victoria, R=Robyn)

Do you ever poop in public? Yes (V,R)
Do you cover the seat? V: sometimes R: no
Do you pee in public? Yes (V,R)
Do you cover the seat? No (V,R)
Are you OK with someone seeing you on the toilet? Yes, we regularly go together 2-3 times per week and we're also in a group chat with close friends where we try to take the funniest bathroom selfie
What is your typical style while pooping on the toilet? V: at home feet on Stool #2, jeans and panties down to calves, sits a little more forward on the seat, wipes front-to-back sitting down, flushes standing up under doctor's orders to always check the bowl before flushing. Away #2: no pooping stool, jeans and panties around knees, also a little bit more forward to grab ankles or cheeks if necessary, wipes front-to-back sitting down, foot-flushes standing up if not an automatic flush, which she tries to avoid.
R: #2 at home feet on pooping stool, jeans and panties around calves, sits further back on the seat, uses bidet, wipes front-to-back and flushes sitting down. Doing a #2 in a different toilet: everything is the same minus the pooping stool and/or the bidet.

Catherine, Victoria's so glad that you're back. She's missed you and so have I!

See you again soon!

Love from Robyn and Victoria


Winnie the Pooh

Black Friday madness

M: Awe that is awesome coming up on 20 years anniversary congrats
Brandon T: thanks , yeah I'm happy pooper lol regardless where I'm at though I never been to the airport or airplane when it's time for release my mom says it's good to sit down and go and after go about your day.

Woke up early Friday morning like 2 something swollen eating too much ???? food, slide on my flip flops, walked to my bathroom, turn the knob it felt locked I knocked hearing voice from it my brother girlfriend Patricia was in there said it's going be little while longer I said not in my bathroom, she apologize that Jimmy said it was cool, I went out my room downstairs to fill a bucket of water cold as I can get it and ice from the freezer, I was fuming I don't like when people come in my room let alone bathroom when I'm sleeping, that stuff is creepy, so I marched up to the end of the hall to Jimmy room and his room opened laid out sleeping beer cans here and there like those two got water, so I went to the side he was sleeping and dump the bucket of ice water all over him and he jumped up so fast and Yelp , I ran out of the room so fast that he couldn't get to me. So the rest of house woke up at the commotion and I went back to my room and slipped off my flip flops crawled under the covers and laid there pretending like I was sleeping. So my dad came in sat on my bed and said that we were going to discuss this matter later, so finally Patricia was coming out of my bathroom long shirt of Jimmy, my dad gasped said to her what happened and she said that she really had to go badly and Jimmy was in the other bathroom at the time, and that what happened, so my dad whispered to me that in 15 minutes family meeting, I said but daddy I don't feel good he said be there and he close my door walking out and yelling downstairs family meeting in 15 . So I hurried got out of bed and went in my bathroom and smelling stench and more than half of my tp gone , splatter of poop on the side of the toilet, feeling so irritated I just gave in lower my pajama shorts and panties to my ankles and sat down and started to pee and my butt open up and start dropping massive poops, one after another feeling some better, my dad said 5 minutes, I knew that I wasn't going to be done by then so I tried to stop mine poop and wipe and get up and get dressed, I felt the urge to poop more but I didn't want to be in trouble so I slowed walked downstairs, knowing that I had to go back and finish, so I sit on the bottom of the steps and everyone was there and my dad went down my throat and Jimmy cause our shenanigans again, Maye and her evil stare , I didn't care cause I live by principal, after the meeting I went back upstairs and finish pooping. Black Friday madness


Survey Response

Age 51
1. What's the longest time you have gone without pooping - 10 days
2. Are your poops normally hard or soft and are they chunks or logs - hard chunks
3. What object would you compare your widest poop to - a lemon
4. How often do you poop - once every 4 to 7 days depending on when I take a laxative
5. When was the last time you went poo - 5 days ago
6. How often do you get constipaited - I am constipated pretty much all the time
7. Where do you feel comfortable pooping - at home, my office and at the gym
8. do you have to poo right now - no
9. How long would you hold your poop in for - a week or morw

Saturday, November 27, 2021


Response to Winnie and Kristi

Good morning. I'm currently sitting on the toilet while typing this out. Just dropped a couple loud plops and it's starting to stink in here.

Winnie: My wife and I have been married for 18 years and been together for 21 years. Thanks for asking. That's a lot of pooping between the both of us!!

Kristi: Yes that totally makes sense that there would be lots of pooping in the ladies room at the airport. I never pooped in an airplane before but can't imagine it is very comfortable. Oh wow I just farted loudly and dropped a huge poo in the toilet. It stinks so bad in here. That's what's nice about having more than one bathroom. We both get ready for work at the same time and I can take my regular morning poop in another bathroom and don't have to wait for my wife to be done. Luckily for her she doesn't have to smell this one. Anyway I got off topic. Back to the airport bathroom thing, come to think of it while we waiting at our gate when we go on vacation I'll get my pooping done at home or at the hotel normally but my wife's pooping is kind of all over the place and what she'll do is while we're waiting to board she will go to the ladies room to try to go before we get on the plane. When we went to Mexico a few years ago she bought a magazine at one of the stores and said she was going to try to use the bathroom before we got on the plane and brought the magazine with her while she sat in the ladies room. She was in there for a good 20 minutes or so. When she got out she said she was able to go and she was happy because she didn't want to have to wait until we checked in at our resort because she did not want to poop on the plane. Well, take care. Time to wipe now. This was a really good poop. Hope yours was good too!!

Anna from Austria

Broken toilet locks

@End Stall Em Not at every place where I am from but at some places the locks are quite worn out. It happens in older buildings where the toilets have not been renewed at all. Our old office was quite prone to that.

At the new office building such things happen from time to again as well. At our office I would say that heavy usage would the main case for the malfunction of the lock. I would rule out vandalism as the case of that problem. Only office workers have acess to the toilets and I see no reason why the ladies working there should do such a stupid thing like vandalism .

I have seen some acts of vandalism at same very public toilets though. Toilets in parks for example are very prone to fell victim to vandalism.

That's it for today.

Greetings from Austria



Just in time seat wipe

There is this matron who cleans the bathrooms at my junior high. It was 3rd hour and me and my friend Roxie came hurrying in with passes because our class was reviewing for a test in like 10 minutes. Roxie had been holding her crap for an hour or so. She was so afraid she was going to lose it in class because our teacher called her up to her desk twice and Roxie almost fell over this guy's book bag once. She stumbled but caught herself before she hit the floor. Problem was she did a large cracking fart and this group of guys started hassling with her. I felt so bad for her. She doesn't have a lot of confidence. I guess neither do I.

So we finally got to the other end of the hall where the bathroom is. There was a Closed for Cleaning sign blocking the door and we both jumped over it. Our favorite custodian Megan was just taking the spray bottle and some rags off the cart when Roxie ran in front of her, into the middle toilet stall and her butt instantly thudded onto the seat. I told Megan we both were desperate and apologized for us ruining her cleaning routine. As always, she was very friendly. The toilet next to Roxie hadn't been cleaned yet. So Megan grabbed a rag off the side of the cart and wiped off the seat as I was yanking my panties down and my loose-fitting dress up. I felt so privileged that she did that for me. When I flushed, there was some splash on the seat so I took some toilet paper and wiped it off.

Then me and Roxie went back to class.

Now Winnie's survey.

Do you ever poop in public? Yes.
Do you cover the seat? No, unless mom's with me!
Do you pee in public? Couldn't survive without it.
Do you cover the seat? No, unless mom's with me!
Are you OK with someone seeing you on the toilet? Yes, if I'm wearing a loose-fitting dress. Under no conditions if it is my perv brother.
What is your typical style while pooping on the toilet? I try and keep my knees together with my clothing at knee level.

To the airport poopers:

I enjoy your stories. I've only had to do it once. I was flying with my mom. She wouldn't let me use the plane toilet. She said it was too dirty and some other things to scare me. When we touched down, after about a half hour of circulating the airport, she took me into the terminal and the nearest bathroom. I was 10 at the time but she wouldn't let me sit and get started until she covered the seat. I almost did a splatter on the floor while I waited. But then I would have gotten an even bigger lecture.


Phone scrolling?

A quick survey: Do YOU scroll on your phone while sitting on the toilet? Do you think that makes you sitt longer on the toilet? Are you dependent on the phone to relax enough to get your bowel movement going?


Airport Pooping

The posts about airport toilets reminded me of a situation I experienced a few years ago. I was sitting at the gate waiting to board and a woman and her teen aged son sat down behind me. She asked her son, "Honey, when was the last time you pooped?" He responded that it was Friday (it was Sunday when this happened). She then said, "You should try to go before we leave. You don't want to poop on the plane." He agreed and wandered off to the restroom. He was gone for about fifteen minutes, and when he returned, his mom asked, "Did you go?" "Yes," he replied. She then asked if it was "a big one." He replied that it was in fact very big. I was intrigued by this exchange between mother and son. I wasn't sure if this was a healthy interest in normal bodily functions or if it was an inappropriate obsession by a mother with a son's bathroom habits.


My stomach!

Hi hope everyone is having a good day. I'm sitting on the toilet at work right now because I have a major stomach ache. I ate sausage for breakfast and that probably wasn't a great idea. As soon as I shut the door to the stall and pulled my pants down I sat down and had a really loose poop. When I sat it made a big loud plop sound followed by a deep sounding loud toilet fart. Then I squirted out a bit of diarrhea that was very liquidy. It really stinks in here too. I don't know what it is with these bathrooms here at work. The smell really stands out when someone is taking a dump. It's different from when I poop at home. Not sure why? Does anyone else notice the smell of poo is different dep being on what bathroom you are using?

This morning my wife and I were pooping at the same time. I was on our main level bathroom doing my normal dump after my coffee. It was a nice, healthy, solid poop. A very big one. It started off with a fart then a push to get things moving. It was such a good satisfying poo. My wife pooped in our ensuite bathroom at the same time. She was done showering because she had turned the fan off. While I was sitting on the toilet on the main level I heard her turn the fan back on. I heard the toilet flush a few times so she must have taken a really big one. When she flushes during her poop it means she is taking a nasty one.
Take care everyone. I'm going to sit in here a while longer because my stomach is still in pain and I feel like I'm going to have more diarrhea. Hopefully this is my only trip to the bathroom because this is a bad one.



Good morning everyone. Just a few responses.

Jennifer: Yes I always bring my phone with me while I'm sitting on the toilet and yes I do find I sit for longer when I have it with me. I'll play some games or go on this site or read other things. I guess it helps me relax but even if I don't have anything with me I'm relaxed and ready to poop. My wife will sometimes being something to read like a magazine or newspaper. Not all the time. If we're on vacation she brings something to read because when we're away from home she spends a bit of time on the toilet. I'm guessing it's the food we eat while on vacation.

Catherine: I'm the same way as your husband, I like seeing my wife sitting on the toilet too. I usually see her when she's peeing. She generally doesn't like anyone in there while she poops but I have seen her poop from time to time. I like it too when she has a dress on but I prefer to see her while she's wearing pants. I don't know there sjust something about how she looks when she has her pants down. She just looks great!


Good question about the loudest poop I've ever heard. There have been so many with my wife. Especially when she has her irritable bowels kicking in and she's really desperate to poop. When she has one of those when as soon as she hits the toilet she just explodes. Very loud. If there is one in particular though I may have mentioned it once before. We went out one night when we were just dating and after dinner we went to a short stay hotel where you can rent a room for a few hours. We went there to spend some time together (I have to watch how I say it, but you get my drift). We had to stop in the middle of what we were doing because her stomach started and she had to run quickly to the bathroom. It was kind of a small room so the bathroom was quite close luckily or she would have pooped all over the floor. As soon as she sat down she took the loudest most disgusting sounding dump I have ever heard. It's really hard to describe but the sounds she was making in the bathroom, wow! While she was pooping she started to laugh and asked me if I heard it. I told her yes. She kept apologizing to me and said "I know that's gross," I think she thought it ruin the rest of the evening. I told her not to worry and that she'll feel much better when she's done. After the huge explosion she had a few more smaller explosions but they were nice and loud. She probably sat on the toilet for about 25 minutes. We just talked while she was in there. She had the door shut. She painted the toilet good. She splattered the sides of the bowl and even splattered some under the toilet seat. But after she was done we went on with our night together.

M-I have never successfully pooped on a plane. Honestly as regularly as I poop, when I travel I get backed up a day , which is a lot for me considering I poop twice a day at least. and when I poop its pretty hard and it takes me at least 30 minutes if I try not to push and if I give in and push at least 15 minutes. If I am in a humorous mood, on a trip and Im constipated my husband will tease me if Im in the bathroom for more than 5 minutes with " pushing noises" and I threated to wipe my ass his sweatshirt. One time he cleverly responded " well considering how successful you are, the shirt should be very clean!" He is excellent at reading the room and he won't joke if I am very sensitive or upset about my constipation. The silver lining is I seldom use an airplane bathroom. The two times I remember I just let out a huge fart with no poop. I wiped to make sure and just get back in my seat.

I honestly I fart all the time in airplanes in my seat. I really hoped I would be able to poop in the airplane bathroom a few times but it is never happened. My husband and I call out each other for farting on planes because we notice no one care even a loud fart. WE also know the smell because we are honest with each other about our farts and when we both deny farting someone else definitely farted.

SURVEY QUESTION 1 : Doesn't any one else fart on places with minimal shame when no one can hear like on an airplane? you can always blame someone else lol

Jennifer- I definitely scroll on my phone and i keeps me on the toilet much longer when I poop at home ..and occasionally at work when I have time to procrastinate. Usually I am very regular and I finish pooping in about a few minutes or less, so I am literally just sitting on the toilet for 5 or more minutes with a dirty bottom

SURVEY QUESTION 2 : Has anyone every stayed on the toilet on their phone so long after finishing, you assumed you already wiped your butt and forgot to wipe...I have … recently...

Anna form Austria- a delayed response from a few weeks ago, but I think you asked about a pooping in a squatting position. A lot of healthcare providers have mentioned the squat position is a much more natural position for pooping than the sitting position and some physical therapists recommend using a stool to elevate your fee when you use a toilet if you are have issues. There are specialized stools on the market for this as well. As a side note I have taken some really large poops on hikes and have had to squat at times. When I squatted, I noticed much less skidmarks on my underwear then when I sit down on a rock and poop on hike, even if I have to wipe with leaves, so I think the poop comes out easier and is less hindered by my big cheeks!! OMG In fact I have a huge skid mark right now in my green Victoria boy shorts which I worked out in at gym. I had a really hardy work out and I wiped 10 times ( I killed the roll), Last summer I had to poop so bad on a hike and I only had leaves to wipe, and my white thongs ( I know I know, smart for a hike) was almost not skidded after I squatted to poop!

Sofie-Personal experience : Listen to you boyfriend when he shares with you how wonderful your and thank him for how wonderful he is. and when you can, I know it cant be all the time, but laugh at your imperfections, including skids. We are all imperfect, and more people get skidmarks than they admit. I think its hilarious when my husband complements my ass and I know I have a big wedgie and skidmarks after a big poop I did at work or the gym. In somes cases, I relax around other beautiful smart women when I imagine some of them have underwear as dirty as mine. And many of them do...except for Catherine lol ;)


constipation story

Hey everyone. I haven't been on here for a while but i thought i'd share a story.

okay so last week, i had been really constipated. now i've always struggles with constipation ever since i was young, but this time it was intense. I hadn't gone for about a week and a half (10 days) and i felt so full. i tried sitting on the toilet everyday and straining, but nothing happened. i had managed to squeeze out a couple of rock hard pebbles but nothing significant, only gas. so one day, as i was trying, i screwed my face and pushed as hard as a could. my face was very red. after a while of pushing, i felt a sharp pain and realised it was the tip of the stool. it was rock hard, and everytime i would breathe, it would get sucked back in. eventually, i massaged my stomach and managed to break some of it off. for reference, it was little pebbles clumped together and it was quite large. i didn't get to empty my bowels completely because i was too tired, so i can still feel a lot up there. i'll try again tomorrow because my stomach is so hard and bloated i look pregnant lmao.


Winnie the Pooh

Hey people, awe that sounds wonderful M
Thanks Brandon T.

Thanks everyone who likes my survey and response to it seems like that we have a lot in common

Thanksgiving morning woke up 6 am was so excited had talked with Dean four straight hours he really cool guy so he going pick me up for school Monday and take me home and see how things go , he 17 junior brown short wavy hair, extremely tall like 6'4 , he plays basketball for the school varsity, so getting up early I went to the bathroom drop my Pj shorts to the floor and sat on the toilet and let out a good stream wiggle my toes get some blood flowing, got up wiped took off my top and hopped in the shower and turned on the cold water and literally woken up, and I quickly turned on the hot water, so as I'm soaking in the water I take the sponge out and clean up and after awhile I done get out and walk to my closest pick out my joggers and shirt slip them on and put on my tennis shoes and head out and go for my morning jog and during my jog I started my need for my bowels to get comfortable so I went to the park bathroom, being a unisex bathroom two stall and I see one person already in there so I take down my joggers to my knees and places my butt on the toilet, and I get a text from Dean and we text a good back and forth he was excited to see me again on Monday and I said me too, so after texting I was near done pooping and I see , it was a guy in the other stall and noticed it was Mike but I kept quiet about it and he calls Dean and they were having guy conversation lol and Mike mentioned that he had to do a jog after letting some weight in the bathroom, so I stayed seated till he left after I wiped and flushed pulled up my joggers and wash my hands and left later on after my jog I went home change into my thanksgiving outfit, skirt and sweater and panties my aunt bought me so I had thanksgiving with my aunt and uncle and cousins, my parents and siblings who are older then me are away to college my sister and boyfriend, my brother and his girlfriend

1. Do you poop in public?
2. Do you cover the seat?
3. Do you pee in public?
5. What is the longest you've ever been on the toilet?
Hmm I guess up to 15 minutes but the longest time being seated and actively pooping is probably around 10 min
6. Is it OK for someone to see you on the toilet?
No, find it very shameful for some reason
7. What is your typical style when pooping on the toilet?
I move forward, legs somewhat separated with my elbows resting on my knees, I can't sit backwards or more straight as it seems to block up my colon. I often squat on toilet too, movements are considerably easier that way but it makes louder splashes!

@midwesterner loudest dumps you ask

I heard my sister take loud dumps, in fact I heard one only about 2 months ago while I was in my room. She was farting like crazy in the hallway toilet downstairs.
I once heard a huge plop sound when in a public toilet coming from the girls room followed by a big sigh. In case you wonder the men's room is right next to it both have open doors so sound carries through easily (the stalls have doors obviously).

I find it fascinating that people take audible dumps when other people are in the same bathroom. I could not do that. But I heard it happen dozens of time back when I was in university in the men's room. Basically each morning there would be 4 or 5 other guys pooping without shame while I was holding it in in embarrassment.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Gabby great story about your buddy dump with Nina it sounds like you gave the toilet a real workout.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends it sounds like you guys had to poop a lot and I bet you all felt pretty good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lexi first welcome to the site and great story I bet you felt pretty good after that poop and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Catherine as always another great story it sounds like you had a really great poop.

To: Kristi great story I bet you both felt amazing after those big poops.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Winnie first welcome to the site and great set of stories it sounds like you had some pretty good poops.

To: M sounds like your wife had a major poop.

To: Taylor as always another great story.

I think this site could use a dark mode it might make things easier to read just an idea.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Thanksgiving Blowouts!

Hi! I realize that I have not been as regular a poster as I have been a pooper, but it is so good to see so many new people on the forum!

Just to re-introduce myself, I'm Catherine, a 6'1, 199 lb, Greek-Mediterranean woman, who lives in the deep south and loves good, regular voluminous doodies. I'm 41, btw. I've been posting for 12 years now (since Thanksgiving 2009!). I'm married and have adopted my husbands two teenage daughters from his previous marriage and have one son, who is four, together. I was adopted, so my son is the only human that I know personally who is biologically related to me!

So, here's Winnie's survey:

1. Do you poop in public? When I am in my normal routine, I go at home, almost 7 AM and 7 PM daily. But if I have to go in public I will.

2. Do you cover the seat? Not usually, unless the bathroom appears to lack cleanliness

3. Do you pee in public? Yes. I've shared before that I really do not like to hold my bladder for a long time.

4. Do you cover the seat? No.

5. What is the longest you've ever been on the toilet? When I've been really sick with diarrhea, I've probably had sessions that lasted almost an hour. But that's rare. A normal trip to the bathroom for a BM can last as little as five minutes.

6. Is it OK for someone to see you on the toilet? While I prefer it not be a stranger, I've had to use the toilet with my little boy present, or at least with the door open. The girls have seen me go when they were younger. Alan actually likes it, so I will invite him in sometimes. But, as I've gotten older, I'm not as taken aback if I thought someone could see me through a stall.

7. What is your typical style when pooping on the toilet? My legs are somewhat together and I'm hunched, but not completely leaning forward, panties down to my ankles. Alan really likes when I wear a dress and drape it over the toilet!

A few comments:

1. Alan and I were watching the news the other night and a commercial came on for a local business. The commericial featured a young, bubbly blonde woman, probably in her mid-20's, presenting the company's product in a very energetic way!

She said, "Come see our Thanksgiving Blowout!" She was so enthused as she said it. But Alan and I looked at each other and slightly chuckled!

So, I hope that those of us who are in the States will share our Thanksgiving Blowouts on the forum in the next few days!

2. Last night, Chloe, our cotton-top High School junior, was helping me with the dishes and excused herself to the bathroom. I knew mine was coming soon but I wanted to finish. She returned not quite ten minutes later so I knew that she must have had a really good bowel movement. Chloe is now 5'9 and very womanly for her age, athletic and attractive.

She returned and said, "Catherine, do you ever just look forward to going to the bathroom? I mean, ever since we started eating your cooking and got used to it (it's very high in fiber) it just feels so good to go!"

I sort of grinned and without sharing my love for pooping, I told her, "That just means that your digestive system is working at an optimal level. It should feel good to go!"

And, we moved on to other topics as we finished the dishes!

I hope everyone is doing well and dooing well!

Love to all!


David P


Hi all some great stories recently, enjoyed them all but replies to some. Hope the american posters had a good thanks giving.

M: I hope you get better soon, diarrhoea is never nice.

Jennifer: yes I tend to read this site when I poo, it's nice to read other poo stories while I do it myself.

Question to site: I really enjoy the constipated stories on here, anyone got any recent stories of battling out a big turd?

For me this is just a quick update and hope to have something worthy of a story soon. As you know I've been stressed and struggling with constipation due to the job interviews. Good news is I now will be starting a new job, it is totally different to my last job but its going to be good not having to travel around and be in one place. I am still only going for a poo every three or four days but surprisingly now when I go even after the four days the logs are soft and easy to push out, in fact they tend to come out without me needing to push. So I am still only going every three days or so but not really considering myself constipated if you get what I mean. It is nice to have some soft poos now but would like to go every day if I could. I will update you on any stories when I can!

David P


My cousin Emma's Accident

Hello. My name is Deb. It's been a while since my last post and I wanted to share a story of an accident that my cousin Emma has a few weeks ago while we were out shopping.

Emma and her 18 year old daughter Katie came over a couple weekends ago. Both my husband and Emma's husband had to work so Katie stayed with my daughter while Emma and I went out shopping and for lunch.

We went to the big mall at the north end of town and had lunch while we were there. We then went downtown to walk around. I made sure to wear a regular ultra thin pad in my green bikini panties because my period was starting and it was very light. As we were walking around I could feel it getting heavier so I mentioned to Emma that I needed a toilet, so we went to a coffee shop. We ordered our coffees and I asked for the key to the ladies room. When I got to the ladies room I pulled down my pants and panties and sure enough my pad was soaked. I had a small leak but it was o the underside of my bum, so it wasn't that noticeable. I changed into an extra heavy overnight maxi pad by Always.

We decided to go for a walk around Victoria Park which was a few blocks away. We were at the far end of the park when Emma hunched over and said, "I don't think my lunch is sitting too well. I think I'm going to be sick." I said, "Oh no! What do you need? Do you want to sit down?" She said "Sure", so we walked over to a bench and sat for a few minutes. A few minutes later Emma let out a moan and said, "Oh god! I need a toilet." I told her that the closest toilets were back at the coffee shop we were at earlier.

We started walking back and I could tell that Emma was in real trouble. She has to stop a few times and I had a feeling that she wasn't going to make it. We finally got around the block to the coffee shop and Emma went in first. I noticed a we spot between her bum cheeks and it had already spread up the middle part of the back of her pants a bit. I could tell that she has already had a wet diarrhea accident in her pants. She went to the counter to ask for the washroom key, but someone was already in there. I waved back with her to wait. The door finally opened, but I could tell that it was too late. Emma closed the door behind her. She was in there for several minutes and then she texted me. She said, "Deb, I need you. Please help." I went back and gently knocked on the door. She was able to reach the door from the toilet. The first thing I noticed was the smell. It was awful. Emma looked at me with tears in her eyes and said, "I didn't make it. I totally pooped my pants." She had her knees together and then opened them up for me to see the damage. It was bad. Really bad. Her pink and while polka dot hipster panties were totally filled from the front all the way to the back and the mess had spread all over her bum. The mess had also leaked out of the leg holes of her panties and into her jeans.

I looked at her and said, "Oh Emm, I'm so sorry." She said, "I don't know what to do. I can't believe this has happened again." I said, "It's okay honey, let's get you back to my place so you can get cleaned up properly." I decided to check my pad before we left, but it was only half full, so I decided not to change it.

As we were walking back to my car, she had to go again. She stopped and totally exploded in her pants. They completely ballooned out behind her. I gave her some shopping bags to sit on in my car. We got back to my place and luckily Katie had brought and extra change of clothes as she was also on her period and wanted something to change into in case she leaked. Emma cleaned up in our shower upstairs and wrapped up her clothes in a plastic shopping bag to take home.

As for myself, my bowels have been pretty good lately, but my periods are still really heavy and I have bled through my pants a few times. Oh well.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.


Eleonora from Italy
Hi, I'm Eleonora, I posted a couple of times some months ago about having weak anus muscles, and having to poop outdoor sometimes when nature calls.
Today I want to share a couple of episodes, similar in the beginning but with very different outcomes. I was in a big park, I have to shit really bad so I headed for the nearest bushes that could hide me. I was pooping without problems, when I heard some voices approaching. I was afraid of being caught, so I quickly pulled up my pants and walked away even though I wasn't finished yet. I head home, but a child behind me yells "hey, when you finish at least clean up!". I turned around and saw that my white pants were all stained with brown, it was really humiliating. Fortunately, I think I managed to get home without anyone who knows me seeing me.
The second episode happened this afternoon. Still in the park, still with the poop pressing to get out immediately, and still behind the bushes. I heard voices, and this time too I was afraid and I stopped, but something moved inside me ... I have an illness, it's not that I enjoy doing it behind the bushes, it's a necessity, and I wasn't doing anything bad or unnatural, why did I have to be ashamed like a criminal? So I took courage and started pooping again without fear, as if I were in the bathroom of my house. A few seconds later a couple of 15-16 year old girls came up to me, they were surprised and embarrassed to see me. The first tells me "sorry, we had to pee and ...", and shortly after the second "sorry can we do it here with you? There are no other hiding places around here and we really have to piss". I was surprised too, but after a second I said "sure!".
They stood next to me, immediately pulling down their pants and starting two very powerful pisses, while I continued to shit, I had already done two big enough turds, and the third was coming out. "you really needed to do it!" I told him seeing the rivers they made. And the one next to me, turning and looking under my ass, replied "you too!".
I farted, and I automatically apologized. "You don't have to apologize, it's like we're in the bathroom, and it's normal to fart in a bathroom." I was so relieved! Since that time I have really pooped like I was in my bathroom.
The other girl was silent but I could see that she was looking at my poop and seemed hesitant about something. Then I heard a fart, and she began to push. Her friend started laughing saying "Sonia? Are you pooping too?". She was all red with shame, and without looking at us she says "I had to poop too, my belly has hurt for an hour, but until today I have never had the courage to shit outdoors. But seeing her who did it ... "
I have been very proud of myself, not only have I found the courage not to run away and not be ashamed, but I have also been an example for that poor teen, who otherwise would have been in pain keeping the poop inside her all the way home for no reason. She made a very big turd, and after she told me she felt so much better and lighter.

Anna From Austria:
True, it is much easier to poop while squatting. When I squat outdoor I feel like I'm completely emptying myself, and while in the bathroom I usually do 1-2 turds, I always do 3 or 4 outdoors. If you can shit without being disturbed it's definitely better than doing it on the toilet.

Hi, Kelly here,I decided to do one of these surveys. So I chose this one.
Winnie's Survey:

1. Do you poop in public?
Yes, quite often.
2. Do you cover the seat?
Sometimes, but if im desperate I tend to forego the seat cover and just sit and take my dump.
3. Do you pee in public?
4. Do you cover the seat?
Sometimes, most of the time while peeing in public I hover over the seat instead of sitting.
5. What is the longest you've ever been on the toilet?
About an hour, I was having trouble with diarrhea and cramping and all that, and it just kept coming out.
6. Is it OK for someone to see you on the toilet?
Yes, my sisters see me on the toilet all the time.
7. What is your typical style when pooping on the toilet?
In public, panties and pants around my knees and legs together, at home, around my ankles with my legs spread far apart.

First survey done!

I went to an early Hanukkah preparation event at my synagogue. I was tempted to try panties again because I had stayed dry for 4 days in a row but I'm glad I resisted and wore my pullup like I knew i should. I was helping in the kitchen and didn't want to leave right when I felt I needed to pee-pee. I hopped from foot to foot and then squeezed my legs together. I knew I needed to go bad but I just wanted to finish what I was doing. The second the potatoes were peeled, I rushed for the bathroom. Just a little late, I didn't want to wet my pullup even though I was already going pee-pee so I yanked my pants and pullup down. I got some pee on my pants, alot in my pullup, a small puddle on the floor and the last few dribbles in the toilet. I wanted to change my wet diaper but then I realized I'd forgotten to bring a dry one. I pulled my pullup back up and my slightly wet pants, glad they were black so no one was the wiser. Went back to the kitchen to help with the jelly making. We were having fun, chatting and laughing and drinking coke. I barely realized whwn a few hours passed and the coke wanted out. I had drank about 3 cans. The urge to pee-pee hit hard. The pain and pressure in my stomach was so painful it brought tears. I instinctively grabbed between my legs but not before I absolutely flooded my pullup. By the time I was done peeing, the damp bulge between my legs under my leggings was pretty obvious. It screamed "I wear a diaper and I need changing.' I was so self conscious that I excused myself to go home. As I walked to my car, I felt my pullup over top my pants. It was squishy and swollen with pee. I was a little emotional that day anyway so by the time I got home, I was crying. Not just from having an accident but yeah the tears were flowing. I changed and went to bed. ill definitely not forget a spare pullup next time. Lesson learned.


What is the Loudest Dump You've Ever Heard?

I randomly thought about what I would say is the loudest dump I've ever heard anybody take in my life. Would anybody else be willing to share what the loudest dump they've ever heard was? I will start by sharing my own experience!

I think I have a couple of occurrences that are a tie for the loudest dump. The first occurrence would have been when I was a freshman in high school. I was part of this team that had a regional competition at an area college, so one Saturday, we all took a bus from our school to this college and stayed the entire day, for like 12 hours. Of course, this meant some of us were bound to need to poop. We had this "team room" that we used as sort of a home base, and shortly after lunch, I felt like I had to poop. I found the closest bathroom, went in, chose one of the 5 stalls, and sat on the toilet. My dump was relatively uneventful, but as I was wiping, I heard someone else come in and sit down. I was washing my hands when I heard the absolute loudest farts I had heard in my life, followed by some very audible plops. I remember a couple people looking in the direction of his stall, but nobody said anything. As I left, he farted some more. When I stepped back into the hallway, I could still hear him farting until I got away from the door a bit. I honestly have never heard anybody fart so much or so loud while they pooped in my life.

The second time, I was visiting a major city in my region maybe 6 or 7 years ago. I was at this famous building and felt like I needed to pee. I found a bathroom that had 2 urinals and 1 stall. I was standing at one of the urinals when this guy came in, quickly went into the stall, and as soon as his butt hit the seat, this poor guy absolutely exploded with diarrhea. I felt really bad that he had to do that in public. It sounded like straight water going into the bowl with farts that were almost as loud as the other guy. He moaned in pain as he kept letting out what sounded like liquid fire out of his butt. I've heard people having diarrhea, but this was another level. I finished my piss and decided to leave and give him some privacy.

I look forward to reading everybody else's experiences with loud dumps! I also hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving that yields some great stories for this forum!


Diarrhea Again

My poop was runny today. Mom forgot the butt wipes a couple of days ago, but has them now. I decided I didn't need to wipe with one today, because toilet paper was enough. Speaking of butt, my new paper shredder is round at the bottom of the bin just like a perfect butt sitting on the toilet, lol! My last machine broke due to a combination of bad habits, and poor motor. Luckily for me, the diarrhea didn't last long, so my bottom stayed happy at least. The episodes happened in the morning after breakfast. When I heard a video about someone getting shocked by an electric eel, I imagined that if this guy had to pee, the shocks would've literally made him wet himself. The only mention of pee was in a lobster video. My pees for today were average in urgency, and maybe about 6 times so far. All for now, bye.


To Megan re. skidmark solution

Hey Megan! I saw your post about your skidmark solution of using a pantyliner to catch the skidmark before it gets on your panties. I actually tried that technique too because I tend to get noticeable skidmarks in my underwears like 6 times a week, and really prominent noticeable ones a couple of times a week. It embarrasses me most at school or at the gym when I have to get changed, and I worry that I might smell or that people can see the stain through the back of my panties.

I wrote about my failed experiment using my regular period pad as a kind of skidmark shield a couple of weeks ago if you search back in the archives. For me it didn't work out so well. I didn't put the pad far back enough in my panties and my skidmark (it was a bad one that day as I had taken a sticky poop at school and rushed my wipe, and then had a couple of gross farts later in the day) ended up half on the pad and half on the back of my panties where the pad didn't cover. Worse still, my boyfriend then saw the dirty panties with the skidmarked pad still in them on the bathroom floor, causing me to nearly die of embarrassment!

I guess for me it just felt too weird having the pad far back enough to prevent the poo stains, especially because having it that far back made it more visible when I wear leggings. I guess I could buy the thinner panty liners just for this purpose but then my mom would get suspicious since I don't normally use them, and when I'm on my period I would need to use a pad AND a pantyliner further back, and it would all just get too complicated! I have tried just shoving some toilet paper in my panties when I pull them up, but that tends not to work well either as it either shifts around or disintegrates and becomes all gross if I end up sweating when I go running or play tennis or volleyball.

That Butterfly product you mentioned sounds interesting, I just looked it up! But they seem like they are meant for people who have actual incontinence or minor leakage, where my problem is mostly just skidmarks or the occasional wet fart stain if I have a bad stomach. And again, I don't want to have to buy something else and then have to explain it to my mom, my friends or (God forbid) my boyfriend.

Megan, if you don't mind me asking, how bad are your skidmarks and are you trying the pantyliner/Butterfly solution because you are nervous about grossing someone else out or just because you want to avoid the skidmarks for yourself? In my case it's mostly just because I live in fear of my boyfriend thinking I smell gross or him seeing my dirty panties (again) and thinking that I'm gross. Even though he already saw one time when I had a really bad skidmark and was super nice and reassuring to me, saying he didn't care and that it's normal. I just feel like there's this pressure to be extra feminine and perfect all the time and that my dirty panties are like this embarrassing secret. But being on this forum has helped me realize it's not as big a deal as I built up in my mind, and that other girls and women have the same problem and just live with it. I think that's where I need to get to - the acceptance phase of dealing with my skidmarks, haha!

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Emma two

Just made it

My last poo was nine days ago and I was walking to the bus stop on my way to work when I started feeling the effects of the laxatives I'd taken the night before. I wasn't too bothered about it because I knew I'd be at work in about an hour. The only problem was I don't really like having a poo at work but there was no way I could hold it until I got home after work so I decided to go as soon as I got to work. Well just my luck the bus was late and by the time it arrived half an hour later I was desperate for a poo and I knew I was going to be late for work so I wouldn't be able to go the toilet straight away as that would be taken too much of a liberty. I got on the bus carefully trying not to have an accident in my knickers and took a seat by the door and sat clenching for the forty five minute journey to work. When I got to my stop I stood up to press the button when I felt my poo trying to come out into my knickers and I had to clench tightly to keep my knickers clean. I slowly got off the bus and walked into work praying I could hold it until I got to the toilets without pooing myself. When I got into the building I realised I was now twenty minutes late and my supervisor was in the corridor and I got in trouble for being late so I decided to try and hold it for a while before I went to the toilet. I walked into the office carefully and sat at my desk and turned my PC on when I felt a cramp in my stomach and I came very close to having an accident in my knickers. I clenched tightly and decided I had no choice but to run to the toilet before I totally pood myself. I stood up and and before I could move my supervisor asked me where I was going and I told her I was going to the toilet. She said I was taking the piss and she said I'd have to wait until my break to go to the toilet. I told her I was desperate and I had to go now but she said I wasn't a baby and she was sure I could wait a couple of hours. I tried to tell her that I was desperate to go but she said if I wanted to keep my job I'd better stop wasting company time and do my job. I sat down again and started working on some invoices but it was a struggle to concentrate while I was trying not to poo myself. I worked, or tried to for about half an hour until I had to go so bad I couldn't hold it any longer and I stood up again and headed off to the toilets not caring what my supervisor said to me. I made it to the toilet just in time and as I was walking in my supervisor came out of a cubicle with a red face and it stank in there. She didn't say a word to me as I entered the farthest cubicle from the door and as I was as I'd closed and locked the door I pulled my leggings and knickers down together and threw myself onto the toilet. The second my bottom touched the toilet seat I started to go and man it felt so good. It came out easily as it was a soft load and it went on for ages so I knew there was a good chance it would block the toilet but I didn't care. All I cared about was the immense feeling of relief I was feeling after holding it for nine days. When I eventually finished I looked in the toilet to see what I'd done and it was so full of poo there was no water left and I wiped myself several times and flushed the toilet. Needless to say it was totally blocked and as the water slowly went down it hadn't taken any of my poo away and only a bit of the toilet paper was gone. I left it like that and walked over to the sinks to wash my hands. Then out of curiosity I looked in the cubicle my supervisor had used and I found a pair of knickers in the bin next to the toilet. The had some diarrhoea in the crotch and now I knew why she didn't say anything to me about using the toilet on company time. I looked in the toilet and there was a lot of diarrhoea spattered around the bowl and some of it was in the seat so she must have been even more desperate than I was which is saying something!

Emma two

Accident? In the supermarket

I remember once when I was about 13 I was out shopping with my mum and as we were waiting at the checkout there was an older girl of about 16 waiting in front of me and she was fidgeting around like she needed to go to the toilet really badly. After a couple of minutes I heard a faint hissing sound and I saw a wet patch growing in the back of her jeans and it quickly ran down her legs as the smell of poo filled the air. I saw a lump growing in the back of her jeans and it looked solid which surprised me because I know when I've messed myself it's because I have diarrhoea and I can't get to a toilet. My mum whispered to me, "That looks deliberate" and I have to say I agreed with her.


Winnie the Pooh

Hi M thanks, it sounds like you and your wife are awesome people how long you too been married if you don't mind me asking.

Have a story Friday night I went out with some friends pretty warm but pretty cool day, so I wore a hoodie with jeans and my crocs , so we went out for some burgers and milkshakes, enjoying myself, I couldn't help myself I noticed this cute boy stare at me across the way out with his friends also, as time went on my bathroom needs had to be taken care of, so one my friends Tina said she has to go also , we went to the ladies, with three stalls all empty so I took one on the end, my friend Tina said good cause she was glad cause she had to go badly, so I hear pull down her panties and throw herself on the toilet, peeing, I take my time and lower my jeans to my calf's and sit down and start to pee , Tina goes silent and asks me what I think about the cute boys that were across from us, I giggle like not right now, so she laughed, and she said that sorry she bored need someone to talk with, I said oh sorry me being a introvert hurts, I said what you want to talk about , she giggles them boys strain voice, I said okay with my grunt voice she said I didn't know that Doug liked me, I said me ethier , some splash's coming from both of us, we both giggling at that , So I said what do you think about Matt she giggled said if he okay with this multiple splash's I giggle and I splashed two more. So I wipe sitting there hearing Tina doing the same, after washing our hands and rejoined the other girls Michelle and Leigh ,
They asked if we were okay I said yes just nature called out for us , we both giggle and Tina wrapped her legs around mine as Dean and Mike approached our table so I couldn't move, darn booths lol , so I ended up talking with Dean and her and Mike, but let see how things go have a good week and gobble gobble day


Back to school bathrooms

After three semesters of virtual learning from home my two children are having a difficult time adjusting to the school bathroom routine. Kellen's in 9th grade; Darcee is in 6th. Each is in a new schools due to their academic progression.

Kellen has started at a huge high school. He hates crapping at school, but three or four days a week the need arises at about 10 a.m. Teachers are reluctant to give permission during class because they are saying they are behind on what's being scheduled to be taught. There's only one special-needs cubicle in each bathroom, but there's no privacy doors on any of the other toilets. The guys plop themselves down and hope to get it over quick. Some of the guys waiting, and they are usually older, make immoral gestures and comments to those seated deliberately to harass them. In front of the toilets are wall of urinals. They are built into the floor, have no barriers between them, and the guys immediately behind them can get a good look at the goods of those peeing.

Darcee has moved from a grade school to 6th grade in middle school. Also, a much larger building than grade school. She got accustomed to the comforts of our home bathrooms and to her the large girls rooms are horrendous. Many of the cubicles, if you can call them that have a privacy door but it is totally inadequate. It is no higher than the cubicle side panels that probably are less than 70% of normal size. When she's standing and pulling down her clothing the users on each side can see her. Taller girls even when seated can see, snicker and slander the youngest next to them. Comments about when the bomb is coming, is she sleeping on the toilet, or about what is wrong with her underwear are comments that she takes personally, although I realize they are probably coming from students who are equally or even more immature than she is. Last week she was hassled for leaving a bowl-filler when in reality what she did was get rid of a pee that she had been holding for over an hour. There is no time to flush and sit during the short passing periods. I've told her I will not blame her for any smears in her underwear. That happened recently when she pulled off a handful of toilet paper, accidentally dropped it, and the girl to her left reach down and under to snag it. And that was the end of the roll.

I'm 40 and convinced that regular bathroom use is a necessity. Each day when I'm out calling on clients I use bathrooms ASAP from those near board rooms while at a business to those in gas stations and occasionally easily-accessible stops in parks. Why schools cannot be more aware of a basic human right and need baffles me.

Winnie's Survey:

1. Do you poop in public?
Yes, although not every day.
2. Do you cover the seat?
No. There have been a couple of times at a park that the seat has been stolen and I'm sitting on the rim of the bowl. That worries me because a very young user without proper supervision could fall in.
3. Do you pee in public?
4. Do you cover the seat?
5. What is the longest you've ever been on the toilet?
Back in high school I was gone from bio class for about 45 minutes.
The teacher threatened me with a detention if I ever did that again.
6. Is it OK for someone to see you on the toilet?
Yes. My friend Danni and I would go into gas station bathrooms together when we were riding our bikes. Later when I was like 16 I let my boyfriend in once at the park because I was constipated and was waiting for my laxative to kick in. He was very supportive.
7. What is your typical style when pooping on the toilet?
At home my clothing is at floor level. In public places it depends on the amount of privacy I have. Often that means mid-thigh level.


???? Trouble at School Today

Hi, I'm new to the site, my name is Kelly, I am 16 years old, female, and today I will be telling you about how I had ???? trouble at school today. It started about an hour before lunch, I was sitting at my desk and I get that feeling, that bloated uncomfortable feeling of having to fart, but not being sure if it's just gas or something else. So I thought to myself, "I can hold it till lunch, then I'll go to the bathroom". Not ten minutes later my stomach started cramping, so I shifted on my seat and raised my hand, asking the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. And of course in typical teacher fashion, I get the "no wait till lunch". So I shut up and sat there, shifting in my seat every few minutes, before about 10 minutes before the bell, I felt another cramp, this time I could also feel the pressure in my backside, so I raised my hand again, asking if I could go to the bathroom, this time she said yes, so I got up from my seat and rushed to the girl's bathroom. When I got there I went inside, picked a stall and locked the stall door behind me. I lifted up my skirt, pulled my panties down to my knees and sat on the porcelain seat underneath me. As soon as I sat down, my ass erupted, I let out a torrent of spluttering wet farts and soft diarrhea, I sat there for a while, every time I thought I was finished I would go to wipe and get hit with another wave. After about 15 minutes of sitting on the pot, someone entered the bathroom, it was one of my friends, she slid my bag under the stall door and entered the stall next to mine. She groaned out loud as she let out a hissy pee and a few plops. She then asked me if I was ok, I told her I needed to go home. So after about 20 minutes of sitting, I wiped, pulled my panties up, and went to the office to call home. My mother came and picked me up and I sat at home most of the day. Right now as I'm typing this I'm on the potty, dealing with round two of my upset ????. I hope it goes away soon, it doesn't feel good.
Signing off, Kelly


Dealing with skidmarks

So I tend to get skidmarks in my panties about a couple of times a week. Tried extra wiping, tried wet wipes, and lately I've taken to wearing an extra long pantyliner in the seat of my panties. Has anyone else tried this approach to keeping clean? I also discovered a product called "Butterfly." They sort of resemble a pantyliner but are meant to be tucked between your cheeks. Seems a bit awkward, but I think I could deal with it in exchange for clean panties. I ordered a box of them and will be giving them a try once they arrive. Anyone else heard of them and given them a try?

End Stall Em

Bathroom remembrances with mom

There's a major multi-recreational park about halfway between the apartment that Spencer and I share and the regional mall that I work at. Since Spencer's often on the toilet taking his crap in the morning when I wake up and leave to drive to my classes and later the mall, I refuse to lose time by waiting for him. Since his company lays sod for a living, 9 times out of 10 he's able to get his daily crap done at our place before he leaves for the various jobs he has. I don't want to mess with his sit because I know his need is more serious than mine. There are multiple bathrooms on my campus and at the mall, but on some days I stop halfway there at this big park. There is just something refreshing about eliminating my body's waste in an airy location amongst nature. The seat is sometimes a little chilly, but I carry a hoodie in my car for such times.

On this day I had no classes, was not scheduled to work, so about noon I treated mom to a picnic at the park. We had a bucket of chicken, a couple of salads I made, and a cooler with beer. After we unloaded the food, mom said she had to pee and since she's in her 50s, could even have an accident once she downed a beer or two. I didn't want that to happen. So we walked over to the restroom building. Let me tell you, mom's not shy about peeing away from home. There were 3 old-time toilets out in the open, each with the seat down, and one with a fully loaded bowl. That was on one end. I took the one on the other end and mom used the one next to me. While I was fumbling a bit untying my sweats, mom sighed, dropped her jeans and underwear, and carefully centered herself on the toilet. Her wicked stream started immediately and lasted a couple of minutes. She made a joke about doubling up on her morning coffee when she hit 50. I dropped my sweats and black thong to the floor and opened my legs at about a 50 degree angle, usually to aid my crap. I told her my seat seemed a little loose and she started asking me about any constipation I was having, and if I had gotten over some of the compacted stools that I had a hard time passing while in middle school. Going every day immediately when I got the feeling, even at school, helped. Also she bought me some stool softener tablets that I carried in my purse.

I don't remember what I did or said but she directed the conversation back to the late '70s when she was in school. She remembers each morning when she and two friends got off buses from different parts of town and Trio Toileted for the half hour before school started. They went in together, got three adjacent toilets, sit, crapped and often passed a cigarette among themselves. One of the girls, who must have been very bright, had found there was no bathroom supervision before school because almost all the female teachers were scrambling around getting ready for their classes. Mom's friend Dara would buy the smokes that would last a couple of weeks and when mom got paid for babysitting, it would be her turn to buy. Each of them would get 5 or 6 good drags on the cigarette before one of them tossed it between their legs into the bowl. The other friend, Myra, was kind of a klutz and a couple of times abruptly jerked the cigarette with long ashes extending, when she threw it between her legs. She burned a hole in her white undies which mom said she could smell a few minutes later when they worked on a project for 1st hour. Mom said she and Dara were the best at demonstrating smoking etiquette and found it helped them attract attention from some of the boys. One of them my father, although he and mom gave up smoking decades ago. I told my friend Ella about the trio story last week and she said she would have to get her mom drunk in order to learn such information. Well, I guess I'm lucky.

When I told Spencer about the trio, he said at about that same age level many of the guys smoked before school in the bathrooms. He said there was a big song on the charts called "Smoking in the Boys Room" and it helped recruit interest in hanging out in the bathrooms before school. The difference though is that the guys didn't sit on the toilets. They stood near them and when (and it was rare) a teacher walked in, a boy would fist the side panel and they would each drop their smokes into the bowl and instantly flush. He said one math teacher almost caught them and although he could smell the smoke, he couldn't find the evidence to turn them in. The teacher sat right down by them for a shit, and of course, they scattered. Spencer said another teacher was also adept at looking at the guys pockets when he walked by them in the halls. He would take the student cigarettes and smoke them with his colleagues at lunch in the faculty lounge.

Both mom and I agree that bathrooms can enable friends to bond.

Anna From Austria:
Are stalls with broken locks that big of problem where you live? Do you think it is caused by vandalism or just heavy usage? I once held one of my legs up and against the door while I was taking a crap at school because the latch was broken off.

Jasmin K:
I understand what you're saying about the girls sitting on the toilets early in the morning trying to poo. That's my way too. But in he afternoon are there less students sitting down anticipating they can poo?

I think a survey of the number of us who poop in portable potties would be interesting? Do you think people would be honest or not want to admit doing it? Also, some of us were taught by our moms never to use a portable potty.

Anna from Austria
@Kristi Your aiport story is interesting. Airplane toilets are horrible indeed to have a bm in so it is just natural that there is that much pooping action at the airport toilets. Another plus is that you probably are never going to meet the people in there again so it might be easier to let loose even for the more poop shy ladies out there.

I am glad for everyone that could avoid the airplane toilets for their BM.

A running gag in my life is that I always not that lucky when I fly. I rarely use a airplane. If I travel within Europe I go by car or by train.

When I take a plan it is for intercontinental flights like my trip to Japan a fear years ago or my trip to the states in 2019. On these long flights I could not avoid having a bm. These dumps were the worst public poop experience I had. The bad of ventliation of these narrow toilets was really bad concerning the smell. I also always had to fear to clog the to toilet which would have been really embarrasing. Never happend though the flush was more powerful then I thought but still.

greetings from Austria



Winnie the Pooh

Thanks for the survey answers Sheelee , I hope Kellen feel better about pooping at school. I know that it's not always easy to do but I found out in middle school that it's very uncomfortable going all day feeling it's there but fear holding back and result being bloated and skid marks and being talked to talk with parents, so embarrassing especially with my dad lecture. Other survey on me .

The foods that make me poop:
Vegetables:especially green ones corn takes time lol,

Meats: ground beef, chicken, turkey , I don't eat pork nasty taste to me

All dairy: lactose intolerant lol but worth it

Eggs : fixed it doesn't matter egg allergic

Nuts : make me gassy and loose stool.

Seafood: clams ,shrimp, fish especially school,

All chocolate:

Well that's it gobble gobble

Tuesday, November 23, 2021


Remote doctor

So Adams problems with the backdoor hasn't resolved themselves. He didn't say anything during the week, but yesterday after he came out of the bathroom I asked how he was and he said it really hurt "back there" and I told him to call the doctor today (they're closed Sundays), which he did and and got a video appointment that he had earlier here. We were both working from home, so I overheard most of what was said. So apparently he goes every day or every other day and has "healthy firm shits", but lately it's been hurting to go for him and last weekend he had blood on the toilet paper after wiping. Also he's had "small mother%¤& that hurt more than you'd think". Not anymore though, so that's good! But it still hurts. He didn't have to go physically to the doctor, but he got prescribed some fiber supplements and "micro enema" that he can use if needed, as he must really avoid pushing and straining as that puts more pressure and prevents healing. The doctor thought the pain also caused him involuntarily to tense up and that can make it more painful to go as well. So nothing bad, as long as he can keep his BMs soft it should heal out pretty quickly! Fingers crossed. :)

David P

Update & Survey Response

Hi David P here again with a quick update and survey response.

Response to Winnie's Survey:

Do you poop in public?

No I have only done it when I've really needed to or been hours away from home. I don't like it as it's embarrassing.

Do you cover the seat?

No never.

Do you pee in public?

Yes when I need to

Do you cover the seat?


Are you ok will the someone to see you on the toilet?

No I wouldn't like it never been with someone before, but I hope that I get over it and one day my future wife and I could happily go poo together, not sure why I find that so appealing but I do!

What is your typical style while pooping on the toilet?
I have my trousers down to my ankles and sit on the toilet, put my feet on tip toes mostly. I do sometimes pop a squat on a couple of boxes that can sometimes help.

now onto my update, nothing that much to report but I said I would update you on how my constipation is going when I finally relieved myself. Well actually not long after I wrote my last story on Thursday I needed to take a poo, the urge hit very strong and needed to take care of it so I went and sat on the loo just like how I described above. My first turds were really hard balls and chunks that hurt when I pushed them out, then it was followed by a five or six inch log. It took me about 15 minutes. I'm now only going for a poo twice a week at the moment, I did a really big poo just now (Monday 22 November) and my last one was from the previous Thursday as described above. I went away for the weekend and tried to go in the apartment but nothing, only a couple of really hard balls. But this morning I managed to do a really big load, it started off really hard and it hurt making my eyes water as I scrunched up my face but after that one plooped out, it was followed by about 6 other soft turds one after another. I looked into the bowel and they were all coiled up like a load of snakes. I felt really proud of how much poo I managed to do today! also this morning, my poo really stunk bad and needed to open the window. Recently my turds have been really smelly when normally they don't smell at all. Maybe since I am only going very infrequently that it smells worse.

Does anyone have any good constipation stories to share?


Winnie's Survey & more on Skid Marks

I wish to reply to Winnie.
I poop in public most days of the week.
I do not cover the seat...the toilet is stainless steel...there are no seat covers and those that use toilet paper are wasteful and selfish. They are wasteful because it involves so much toilet paper and selfish because it reduces stock for others.
The longest I have pooped , being continual pooping as opposed to sitting there meditating would be much more than half an hour. Refer my post on page 2733 "Acquatic Constipation" I wrote in those days as Constiguy, previous to that I was Thunder Down Under, now I am just Thunder.
If am absolutely fine being seen on the toilet so long as I do not know that has happened twice in recent week when the public toilet door lock did not work...I am OK with my partner seeing me but that does not happen very often. A nurse when I was in hospital saw pleased her as I was able to move my bowels ok. My therapist has seen me a number of times on the toilet but that has not been for a while due to Covid but as the situation is much better now I will go back to her. It is very good when constipated but feel like I can worries me to strain too much and is much more comfortable and safe to have someone with me when pushing out a stubborn turd.
My style of sitting is rather normal....with my trousers around my ankles . I wipe between my legs because I am unable to reach around the back.
Now to skid marks in women. I think it is no issue because it is proves you are human...but skid marks a are also a sign of constipation.


Big poo relief

It was Sunday morning I was having breakfast while my husband got a bath I was having my cup of tea when I let of some farts which were rather smelly I then felt the need to poo and also wee but my hubby was in the bath the only option I had was the outside toilet which had recently been refurbished I slipped on some shoes by the back door and off I went the toilet is a old fashioned one with period seat and tiled floor when we moved in it wasn't working but decided to keep the old style toilet and added a tiled floor I went in latched the door pulled my pjs and knickers and sat down the pan is high of the ground to a new style one but my feet still could touch the ground It was a really comfy seat which was good as I had been constipated for 3 days so was in no rush to get off the loo I began with a loud wee which hissed loudly the went to a tinkling I began to try push my load out my anus began to stretch and some hard balls plopped loudly in the water then a large log slowly eased its way out I stopped pushing to enjoy the feeling as it came out landing in the pan with and almighty keplonk splashing my fat bum then another one came but a bit easier to pass with a loud plop I started to wee a little as the final pieces dropped plop plop I sighed with relief and began to wipe I look in the toilet and there were 2 eight inch logos and some smaller poos I flushed and it all went down just needed the brush for some marks on the pan I pulled up my knickers and pjs and went in the house feeling a lot better and loving the old toilet nice and comfy and good sound effects especially when you drop and big one I went back in my husband was in kitchen asking where I had been I said that I had needed a poo and you were in Bath he just smiled asked how it was I said that I had a large one and was feeling better after bring bunged up
I hope up like my story if anyone else has one like this then I would love to hear xx


Back to school bathrooms

After three semesters of virtual learning from home my two children are having a difficult time adjusting to the school bathroom routine. Kellen's in 9th grade; Darcee is in 6th. Each is in a new schools due to their academic progression.

Kellen has started at a huge high school. He hates crapping at school, but three or four days a week the need arises at about 10 a.m. Teachers are reluctant to give permission during class because they are saying they are behind on what's being scheduled to be taught. There's only one special-needs cubicle in each bathroom, but there's no privacy doors on any of the other toilets. The guys plop themselves down and hope to get it over quick. Some of the guys waiting, and they are usually older, make immoral gestures and comments to those seated deliberately to harass them. In front of the toilets are wall of urinals. They are built into the floor, have no barriers between them, and the guys immediately behind them can get a good look at the goods of those peeing.

Darcee has moved from a grade school to 6th grade in middle school. Also, a much larger building than grade school. She got accustomed to the comforts of our home bathrooms and to her the large girls rooms are horrendous. Many of the cubicles, if you can call them that have a privacy door but it is totally inadequate. It is no higher than the cubicle side panels that probably are less than 70% of normal size. When she's standing and pulling down her clothing the users on each side can see her. Taller girls even when seated can see, snicker and slander the youngest next to them. Comments about when the bomb is coming, is she sleeping on the toilet, or about what is wrong with her underwear are comments that she takes personally, although I realize they are probably coming from students who are equally or even more immature than she is. Last week she was hassled for leaving a bowl-filler when in reality what she did was get rid of a pee that she had been holding for over an hour. There is no time to flush and sit during the short passing periods. I've told her I will not blame her for any smears in her underwear. That happened recently when she pulled off a handful of toilet paper, accidentally dropped it, and the girl to her left reach down and under to snag it. And that was the end of the roll.

I'm 40 and convinced that regular bathroom use is a necessity. Each day when I'm out calling on clients I use bathrooms ASAP from those near board rooms while at a business to those in gas stations and occasionally easily-accessible stops in parks. Why schools cannot be more aware of a basic human right and need baffles me.

Winnie's Survey:

1. Do you poop in public?
Yes, although not every day.
2. Do you cover the seat?
No. There have been a couple of times at a park that the seat has been stolen and I'm sitting on the rim of the bowl. That worries me because a very young user without proper supervision could fall in.
3. Do you pee in public?
4. Do you cover the seat?
5. What is the longest you've ever been on the toilet?
Back in high school I was gone from bio class for about 45 minutes.
The teacher threatened me with a detention if I ever did that again.
6. Is it OK for someone to see you on the toilet?
Yes. My friend Danni and I would go into gas station bathrooms together when we were riding our bikes. Later when I was like 16 I let my boyfriend in once at the park because I was constipated and was waiting for my laxative to kick in. He was very supportive.
7. What is your typical style when pooping on the toilet?
At home my clothing is at floor level. In public places it depends on the amount of privacy I have. Often that means mid-thigh level.


Winnie the Pooh

Hi M thanks, it sounds like you and your wife are awesome people how long you too been married if you don't mind me asking.

Have a story Friday night I went out with some friends pretty warm but pretty cool day, so I wore a hoodie with jeans and my crocs , so we went out for some burgers and milkshakes, enjoying myself, I couldn't help myself I noticed this cute boy stare at me across the way out with his friends also, as time went on my bathroom needs had to be taken care of, so one my friends Tina said she has to go also , we went to the ladies, with three stalls all empty so I took one on the end, my friend Tina said good cause she was glad cause she had to go badly, so I hear pull down her panties and throw herself on the toilet, peeing, I take my time and lower my jeans to my calf's and sit down and start to pee , Tina goes silent and asks me what I think about the cute boys that were across from us, I giggle like not right now, so she laughed, and she said that sorry she bored need someone to talk with, I said oh sorry me being a introvert hurts, I said what you want to talk about , she giggles them boys strain voice, I said okay with my grunt voice she said I didn't know that Doug liked me, I said me ethier , some splash's coming from both of us, we both giggling at that , So I said what do you think about Matt she giggled said if he okay with this multiple splash's I giggle and I splashed two more. So I wipe sitting there hearing Tina doing the same, after washing our hands and rejoined the other girls Michelle and Leigh ,
They asked if we were okay I said yes just nature called out for us , we both giggle and Tina wrapped her legs around mine as Dean and Mike approached our table so I couldn't move, darn booths lol , so I ended up talking with Dean and her and Mike, but let see how things go have a good week and gobble gobble day

To Kristi

Kristi I saw your post about your poop at the airport that was a good story. I pooped in a porta potty a few weeks ago I hardly ever use porta potties but I really had to go plus the seat was pretty clean the turd came out nice & smooth. Do you poop in porta potties?

Anna from Austria
Like M I liked the survey of Winnie and want to answer it for myself

Do you poop in public?

Yes at least 5 days a week or more. I used to be a morning pooper since I was I little girl so having to go while at school, unversity and now work is normal for me. When I am out in the morning on the weekend or my day off it also happens quite often that I need to go.

Do you cover the seat?

No never. Also never thought that I should.

Do you pee in public?

Yes of course

Do you cover the seat?


Are you ok will the someone to see you on the toilet?

Not really. But I might not freak out if it is my sigficant other or a female friend. But would not feel comfortable about it at all.

What is your typical style while pooping on the toilet?

I used to pull down my pants and panties down to the ancles at home and at public toilets. The gaps between the toilets here in Austria are really small if there are any at all. So you cannot see what is going on in the neigboring stalls.

But when I came to the US a few years ago I quickly learned that there are different toilets out there than the ones in Austria.

I quickly learned that pulling my pants down to the ancles would lead to some kind of "fashion show" my neigbors could see. So I quickly adjusted and startet to pull down my pants and panties only to knee level anymore. I kept that habbit even when coming back to Austria.

That's it for today

Greetings from Austria



Pooping at a Friend's House After Eating and Replies

Another great post as always! Sounds like your friend Nina can destroy about any toilet her butt gets to. I can't say I've ever clogged a commercial toilet, so that must have taken some doing!

@John H
Thank you for the compliments! I will post about how my wife and I got so close with our bathroom habits sometime soon, it will just probably be a very long post that I will need a lot of time to write.

You are certainly welcome for the response. I know exactly what you mean about being intrigued by female pooping. I am so lucky that my wife embraces that. I know judging by my posts, it seems like I've had the opportunity to hear or witness female pooping a lot, but it was not always that way. As a young kid, my female babysitter pooped in front of me a lot (see my previous post about her), but other than that, until I started getting more acquainted with the woman who is now my wife, and had events happen that led to a desire to spend more time with family over the past few years, I didn't have a ton of exposure to hearing/ seeing females poop other than a handful of times. To answer your question, I have heard several women poop at my house and other places. I see, hear, and smell my wife poop and am in the bathroom with her almost daily. Her cousin, Maddie (who I wrote about before), is another woman I've heard poop fairly often, and even seen on the toilet a couple times. It's shocking how open she is for being in her early 20's. Some of these women, I know they pooped because of the smell or skidmarks they left behind, which is often subtle, but still enough to know that they did in fact poop. There are some that I guess I don't know for sure if they pooped or not, but I would take my best guess that they did. As far as co-ed dorms go, I can't say I have any experience there at all, considering I never even lived in a dorm, let alone a co-ed dorm. However, I am intrigued by it after reading stories on this site. I think it would be neat to be able to poop in a stall next to a woman doing the same, but I'm sure most people out there don't share my opinion.

Today, I had a friend invite me over to his house for some really great food. Honestly, a lot of his meals are better than anything you would find in any restaurant, so of course I couldn't turn him down! He was processing different meats to make sausage and jerky, so he invited me over to help with that so I could learn a thing or two. We had a late lunch with a scramble that consisted of venison, eggs, and peppers. We both ate a ton, and of course, that leads to poop. After we got done eating, we were putting sausage in casings when he said he needed to go use the bathroom and grab some other stuff for the things he was going to cook up. I assumed he probably had to poop after that big meal we ate and wanted a bit of privacy by using the downstairs bathroom instead of the one right off the kitchen. Judging by the amount of time he was gone, I would say he was pooping.

We kept preparing things to throw in the smoker, and once we got done, we just sat and talked while everything cooked. I had to pee once while we were talking and just went into the bathroom off his kitchen, which was rather uneventful. A bit later, the food in the smoker got done and I got to sample a bunch of it. I began to feel that pressure in my stomach telling me that I would probably need to sit on a toilet in the next little bit. My friend said "I have to use the bathroom, and I need my phone for that." Well that let me know for sure that he was going to take a dump, so as he headed downstairs, I said "great, then I can use this one." I went into the bathroom off the kitchen, and closed the door. The house is an older house, so the bathroom was really small, but it was recently remodeled along with the kitchen, so it looked really inviting. I noticed that the toilet was the same model Kohler elongated toilet that I put in our bathroom at home when I remodeled.

I let my clothing drop down to the floor as I sat my butt on the seat that was already down from when his daughter used it earlier before she left. As usual, I scooted back and aimed my penis into the bowl to let out my pee. Then, I scooted into a comfortable position on the seat and made myself at home. I did notice that the elongated toilet, being in the same place that a smaller round bowl toilet used to be, made it so it was a bit tight with legroom for me, but still tolerable. I just couldn't stretch out as much as at home. Knowing that my friend was also pooping, I held nothing back and let out a fairly loud fart, quickly followed by the crackling of a nice big log coming out of my butt (it felt so good)! It fell into the bowl with a big "floomping" sound. I stayed seated and pushed out another couple pieces that made audible plops into the water. The smell was definitely becoming more apparent as my last piece slowly worked its way out of me. I heard my friend come back up the stairs right as my poop plopped into the bowl, which I'm pretty sure he heard. I didn't really feel too embarrassed by it considering I think we both knew we were taking dumps. I felt empty, so I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped up. I had probably been on the toilet for about 10 minutes, so it definitely smelled. When I got up, I looked into the toilet and saw that I filled the bowl up pretty well. I flushed and it all went down (this model of toilet is one I'm yet to clog), so I washed my hands and went back to the kitchen. My friend didn't say anything about me pooping other than "I think we both needed that!", so I think he just realized that it was a typical product of a big meal!

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