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Tyler C

I Hate Porta Potties

To Steve: Nice to finally know your name. Yeah, I couldn't believe I was doing it as it happened. Putting the plan together and buying the pants happened so fast that it barely even occurred to me how crazy the situation was until my pee was already coming out. Here's that story from when I was 19 that I teased in Shannon's poll.

In community college, I was part of an extracurricular program. There is a county festival that happens every year in my town, and about two years ago it happened and I, along with some other members of our program, were sent as representatives to promote our college and our program. We had a small booth set up with pamphlets and small items, like pens and stuff, with the college logo on them. There were four of us there, but only two people needed to sit at the table at a time. So, we took shifts sitting there and talking to people and while off shift we could get something to eat, visit other booths, watch the bands playing, and of course, make visits to the toilets. The problem was, the only toilets they had were porta potties which I hate to use because they're disgusting, but I'm a big boy. I peed before I left, so I should be good... right?

It turns out, I didn't anticipate anything coming out of the back end. The event started around 10:00 a.m. and by noon I was already feeling some light cramps. I resisted the urge and it seemed to go away after a bit. I got to take a break around 1:00, and I went to get a hot dog and watch one of the bands. As I was doing that, the need started to come back. I tried to ignore it again, but it got stronger. I knew I wasn't going to make it through this day without letting my load out. The dilemma is, what's worse, using a stinky, gross porta potty, or going home in a pair of lumpy, brown underpants. I guess the former is technically more preferable, but it still didn't mean I wanted to do it. I actually got in the line for the porta potty, but then backed out. I convinced myself that I could hold it all day, but I was lying to myself.

My break ended at 2:30, and I went back to the booth. How was I going to meet and greet people with a smile on my face with a huge load trying to push its way out? I didn't know, but I guess I was just gonna have to find out. At this point, I was sat next to Julie, a cute, brown-haired, blue-eyed girl I had sort of a mini-crush on. It wasn't like a big crush or anything, but the fact that I was getting desperate to poop while sitting next to her made me extra nervous which only exacerbated my need. Barely anyone was coming to our table, but when they did, I let Julie do most of the talking because I was not doing great. My next break was at 4:30. I checked my phone, there was about 30 minutes left in my shift, but my underwear wasn't going to stay clean for that long. I could feel it peaking it's way out of my butthole.

I decided to put aside my pride and go to the porta potties. I turned to Julie to tell her I'd be right back when before I could open my mount, by sheer coincidence, she told me she was about to go use the bathroom and she'd be back in a few minutes. What are the odds of that?! I told her I needed to go, too, and she actually offered for me to go first, but I wanted to be nice, so I said that she could go first. It was a decision I regretted almost immediately after I made it. She went off, and I knew I just screwed up. I tried to calm down and tell myself that it was only going to be a few more minutes and that there was a possibility I could still make it in time. Luckily, no one came to the booth during that time. While no one was looking, I slipped some napkins from my lunch into the back of my red boxer-briefs just in case you know what happens.

After about four minutes, she came back and said, "You can go now." So, you'd should mean everything was good, right? She was letting me go to the toilet. There was just one little problem... I didn't have to use the toilet anymore. I had already turned my undies into a toilet. I was so embarrassed! It happened so fast, I was sitting there, thinking I could make it when I noticed that there was something warm and gooey in my underwear. As discretely as possible, I reached back and felt the back of my jeans and sure enough, it was a long, firm log of poop. It shocked me so much, that I let a whole lot more out. It didn't make a lot of noise and I don't think it smelled too much, so no one in the nearby booths noticed. I was actually just finishing up as she came back.

Now, the issue was how to make my way to the porta potties without anyone noticing. This wasn't like when I was 15 and had a sweatshirt to wrap around myself. Julie sat down, but I still hadn't moved. After a moment of awkward silence, she said, "Didn't you have to go? You can go." I just said "Oh yeah, I'm gonna go now." I rocked around in my chair a couple times to make sure the bulge was as flat as possible. I got up and walked away as nonchalantly as I could while trying to hold myself together. I looked back and Julie didn't seem to notice and neither did anyone else. My jeans were sort of baggy, so I guess they didn't outline my poop too much. I was really surprised it didn't smell too much. The event was crowded enough that as long as I didn't draw attention to myself, I'd be fine.

I got to the nearest porta potty. It actually was cleaner than I thought it would be in there. Luckily, the napkins helped keep my undies mostly clean and I was able to still use them. I was able to carefully toss the napkins and their contents in the toilet hole. Unfortunately, my whole butt was covered in poop from when I mashed down the bulge, so clean up took a bit of time. I nearly used the whole roll of toilet paper wiping the mush off of every inch not just my butt crack, but both of my butt cheeks, too. Just to make sure I had no further problems, I also peed. I got back to the booth and try to act like nothing happened and nobody questioned me, so I think it's safe to say I got away with it. I was still kind of shook up by the whole thing, though, as I came very close to being caught.



I live near a place where many folks go for a run or walk and every time I venture from the path into the bushes I see toilet paper and lots of it, some of them with dirty stains on them. It amazes and surprises me how many people do their business in nature.
With the amount of paper I see one would think you see people coming out of the bush in droves but I have never seen anyone there yet I take daily walks myself.

I can't help but wonder who these bush poopers are. Runners, walkers, cyclists, fishermen? Who knows. In their defense when you gotta go, you gotta go...

Hey people what does your poop look like usually?

Mine always comes out in smaller soft chunks (not constipated hard chunks), rarely in one long piece. No matter what I eat or do it is never like that. I always wish to have nice firm logs but I don't.

It always takes me up to 10 min or longer to finish. The first parts come out after a minute or so just before or after a pee, after 5 or 6 minutes often some more soft chunks plop out and when I feel done there is often another bit of pee.

Because I often take so long I can never go at work. I really have to schedule it in the day. I'm jealous of people that go in and out under 2 minutes, it's fast and they go as they please and not everybody knows they just went for a poop.

What can I do to prevent painful poop? My bowel movements often seem to rip me open as if I poop needles, it stings that hard. I'm always happy my stool is a bit looser so that it doesn't hurt.

I didn't have this problem when I was a teenager, it stresses me out as pooping is supposed to be one of life's biggest enjoyments but the last couple of years it has often been hellish.

I suffer from ulcerosa perhaps that has something to do with it? But I have that for almost 20 years now and it only became a problem recently.

On our way to North Cape I saw a male MC-driver (German?) walk away from the road with a roll of toilet paper in his hands. His wife was standing at the cycles talking in a cellphone. Shortly later I spotted him squatting among the stones, the racing dress pulled down and his bottom bare. No doubt that he was answering the call of nature. Just look even tough guys poop, I joked with my husband. He finds such things disgusting and hates if he has to do it himself, which he has had to do a couple of times on this trip. But he should have died if anyone got to see him in such a situation. I am more relaxed about such things myself and I have pooped outdoor almost every morning on this vacation.


Later Poop

On Saturday I pooped that morning before breakfast. I farted earlier in bed loudly signalling a poop was coming on. It was a moderate amount just like today's. I did today's poop after making brownie flavored milk using that microwaveable batter you make in a jug. Lol, I just mixed it in my milk and ate it cold. Maybe that batter gave me the poops today. Since I didn't write Saturday's poop the day of, i remember it as being noisy, too. To Ronette: I love your park toilet story. Too bad Mikel seems a little poop shy. Hopefully he'll get over his toilet shyness soon! After that onetime exciting poop earlier, I ended the day listening to my pal Violet in lullaby mode. Bye.


Reply to Mike

Hi Mike , great to hear from you again . I'm at home , it's 12.30 a.m. Monday morning . I'm sitting on the toilet and I've been sitting here for the last 20 minutes or so . I've peed and I've managed to squeeze out a couple of hard , solid pieces of poop , one a 3" piece and the other is a 2" piece . But there's still some more to come . It's proving very difficult to squeeze out . As I don't know how much time it will take to get everything out , I think that the best thing to do is to update you next time we talk , ok ? Good night , sleep well , bye for now .xxx

My sister's bathroom memories

My sister Kimber is a sophomore in high school. I was cutting the grass the other afternoon and I told Kimber I was going into the house to use the bathroom. It was about a 2 minute piss and when I walked by Kimber and her classmate Stac they both looked at me, smirked, smiled and Kimber said something that caused Stac to laugh her head off

You see during my first week at the middle school I wasn't very confident about going to the bathroom at school. I got hassled by older guys standing at the urinals about the size of my "unit" and whether I was able to find it. Others started to talk that shit too so to avoid it I decided to take a toilet, sit and piss that way.

Since I hadn't shitted at that school yet, I didn't fully comprehend the challenges involved. Like no privacy doors. Like a choice between a toilet stacked high in the bowl with the shit of several that never flushed. Also almost every toilet was dripping with piss because no one wanted to simply flick the seat up.

With older guys bumping me in the crowd as I was looking carefully at my choices, I found the best of the bad seats, dropped my jeans to knee level, put myself on the seat, and my piss couldn't have waited any longer to start. One freshman stuck his middle finger up with me and as I tried to look away, three of the guys were shoving one another, slapping backs and staring at me in unison. I felt some moisture on my inner thighs and when I looked down I couldn't believe the dumb thing I had done.

I had a pee ring almost the size of a bowling ball in my white briefs. I quickly lurched up, yanked them down and took my seat again while the piss was still in progress. Luckily the tardy bell rang and the boys ran out. One of them was Stac's brother and she had now just told Kimber about it and that's what they were laughing about when I was inside the house.

Not only was I tardy to class, but I took my briefs off and threw them in the trash. Then, too, that caused more attention to me as we were dressing into our gym shorts later in the locker room. For several days after that Kimber teased me and threatened to tell our parents.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Celine great story it sounds like both you and Jessica had great poops.

To: Carlie B great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



To Taylor: Since I shared that post I have not had a single bowel movement that has been one continuous log! So, I know that its rare and that's why I was amazed that I had eight consecutive ones! Most of the time, even if I have one long poop, there will be a few, what I call, aftershocks that I have to poop out. So, it was just really weird! I hope you are well and enjoy your posts!

To Audrey: Thanks for the comment, but my accidents are unintentional. But, yes, they felt amazing and I am fortunate that I was not humiliated by family. And, thankful that they did not happen in public!

To Andrea: I don't know if this is the same thing, but I love the feeling of having to go! Hope that you will post more!

To Shannon, Shanna and Trina: Alan and I had a wonderful conversation about pooping that I hope that I have time to share this week! I think you'll like it, as I was amazed by his understanding and support. I just don't have time to post today. I hope you all are well! I am grateful to have this conversation with you!

And, just wanted to say hello to Carlie B, Victoria B, Mina, and Taylor T (I hope your mother is better!)!

Love to all!



Under the tree, round 2

This time I was harvesting. It was still very hard to tell my bladder it was ok to let go while I was hunting for fruit, but at least once I got it started there was no further problem.


For Taylor and Catherine

Taylor - I'd love to hear your accident story if you'd be willing to share! As for doing it on purpose the FAQ says we can't talk specifically about that.

Catherine you asked: "Shannon and Trina, would you both say that your solid accidents are larger than your normal bowel movements. I know mine were in girth and were a little more firm than my average poops."

Yes, probably so, from holding them longer than usual. I tend to hold it sometimes anyway, but an accident is almost always the result of holding longer than usual for some reason and thus maybe a bigger load, so to speak!

e I shared that post I have not had


Very close call!

Omg I narrowly avoided a major embarrassing moment today. As usual I was needing to poop while it was late in my work day. It was bad enough that I planned to go at work and wasn't going to tempt fate trying to make it home, but I was holding because there was a bit of a crisis unfolding with an important customer's order and i was working with 3 other coworkers to get it sorted out, and it was time sensitive. I was really working my hardest to hold on and suppress the urge so I could focus and get the situation fixed. But then I accidentally farted, and it definitely smelled, though luckily it wasn't loud so no one could attribute it to me. But it was just a sign of things to come. The alarm bells started going off in my brain telling me an accident was imminent, so I started to feel panicky. I realized I had no choice and was going to need to excuse myself, and just as I was about too, I began turtle heading. My heart practically started jumping out of my chest and I quickly said "I'm sorry I will be right back" and I turned to rush to the bathroom. I felt it poking out and starting to push forward and I just started pleading with myself to make it and NOT have an accident at work. I squeezed my cheeks as hard as I could and just felt an ominous squish between them. I felt my face flush hot as I burst into the bathroom, got in the stall, ripped my pants down and flew onto the toilet just as a large, long rope dropped into the bowl. I looked down fully expecting to see a stain in my underwear but miraculously they went unscathed. My butt was pretty dirty though and it took a lot of wiping. But man, what a close one. Obviously since I'm so accident prone and I spend a lot of time at work, having an accident at work is a major fear/concern that I have. Its just super embarrassing to think about because people you see everyday would know about it and surely have things to say behind your back. That fear was almost realized today but thankfully I made it in the nick of time.
Anyway I just wanted to pop by and share that real quick. I'll have more replies and a story next time when I have more time to write!


Victoria B.

Porta potty poop


I've finally got some free time so here's my story!

About ten days ago I decided to go for a run during a free afternoon. I live in a part of the US that is very distant from any major bodies of water and that means that it gets brutally hot as well as bitterly cold. On this particular day the heat index was at around 102 degrees (about 39 degrees Celsius) but my cabin fever from isolation and social distancing was so strong that I just had to take off and run. I made sure to get properly hydrated and then I changed into running clothes: an orange tank top, red booty shorts and a black thong from Parade. That detail about my choice of undies will unfortunately become relevant later.

It was like running in a sauna. The air was so thick that I could have cut it with a butter knife had I stuck one in the waistband of my shorts. I had to make sure to pace myself and slow down from my normal speeds as I was already dripping with sweat after what the app on my watch said was my second mile. It was at about that time that I started to get a familiar urge. I'd already pushed out two large logs in a two-flush poop that morning but my body was telling me that it was ready for round #2.

The trouble was that I was deep in a residential neighborhood, it was the middle of the day and going up to a random stranger's house while dripping with sweat and knowing that I was about to blow up their bathroom was too mortifying to contemplate. The pressure was building and I ripped a couple of big farts while mid-stride. I didn't know what to do or where to go but I was about to poop my shorts and ruin one of my favorite thongs when I suddenly spied a porta potty outside of a new condo building! A safe port in a storm, conveniently colored in two shades of brown!

I was lucky enough to have come across this particular porta potty on a day where nobody was working so I immediately walked in, locked the door and put the lid of the black seat up before tearing my bottoms down and throwing my naked buns onto the gray porta potty tank. If it was a sauna outside this place was like an oven. I could feel the sweat on the seat as I took my first push and erupted with soft serve. It just kept coming and coming and I was very thankful to be doing it into what I judged was a newly emptied tank because otherwise the smell would've been enough to make me pass out. It was raw in there!

My butthole stung a little bit by the second load of mush but the feel of relief and thankfulness for having found a place where I could safely poop and relieve myself overrode any minor discomfort. My bladder released during the the third big push and the feeling of hot pee coming out of my vulva combined with the alternating feelings of fullness and release inside my butt was so pleasurable that I let out a soft moan. It was like the feeling you get standing in pouring rain when you just let go and stop caring. I felt so much better!

For about a minute after I was done pooping I stayed seated, closed my eyes and alternated between savoring how my body felt and preparing to let go and continue my run. It was only then that I looked at the toilet paper holder and gasped in horror upon being greeted by two empty brown cardboard tubes! Someone had cleaned the porta potty tank without checking on the TP sitch and putting in fresh rolls! I was trapped in a porta potty with a dirty butt and an empty toilet paper holder! My choice of underwear on this particular day came back to bite me in the ass with a vengeance-having a thong on meant that not wiping with something was totally out of the question. I also wasn't very interested in having more sweat make its way into a dirty buttcrack.

It was time to make a decision. This was an emergency situation and there was no alternative. I needed to say goodbye to my thong. Sighing, I took my shorts and undies all the way off and grabbed the thong from inside the shorts. I then used it to wipe, both front and back, using the waistband to dry the pee and the front of the thong to clean my butt. It worked well enough that I felt ready to continue the run. I threw the dirty panties into the blue chemical water of the porta potty tank and imagined the reaction of the next user to such a sight as I stood up and pulled my shorts over my now-naked behind. Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I continued my run for another few miles before heading home, showering and ordering a replacement for the thong I was forced to leave behind!

Has anyone else ever had to improvise after pooping and being stuck on the pot without TP?

Stay safe, socially distance/use a mask and do a big one for me. I love all of you!


Catherine: I can totally understand your situation with family all around how it would be tough to stage an accident without having to be genuinely embarrassed. If you ask me, though, it's a blessing in disguise because I currently live alone and I really struggle to resist that urge at times if it feels like it's going to be solid. But like I said other than a few times where I may have casually taken my time getting home, I've never really done it on purpose, so so far so good lol. If I may be so bold to make suggestion for you, though- maybe kill two birds with one stone? Stage an accident in front of Alan and find out how he really feels about it. Like playfully accuse him of liking that it happened to you and see how he reacts. Haha but it's easy for me to suggest it since I won't have to do it. To answer your questions, I go at least once a day, sometimes twice, but I don't have a very consistent diet. Living alone I get a lot of takeout for lunches at work and wind up doing so for dinner a lot too, but I do eat a good amount of veg from what I do get. I also eat those hello fresh meals that get shipped to you already prepped and those are pretty good. Anyway it tends to be later in the afternoon and evening when I go. Occasionally I also go when I wake up in the morning, depending on what I've eaten, but its honestly a bit of a wild card. That late afternoon one is a constant but I get surprised here and there. Also I would say my solid loads are more substantial. I think because they tend to be loads that have taken more time to accumulate? Does that make sense?

I have to say Catherine I was getting excited just thinking about you taking a trip by yourself lol! Sometimes I wonder if I should go on an adventure when I really need to go and just let nature take its course, but I don't really need to since it happens anyway whether I want it to or not...

On that note I was trying to think of another memorable story thats fairly unique and not just going in my car after work. Considering what I just boldly suggested to Catherine about Alan, I figure I can share a time when I had an accident in front of my SO. I shared early on here that I am interested in women but its been fairly wishy washy depending on who I most recently broke up with tbh, so this happened at a time when I was with a guy. I had to be about 26 at the time. We met for his lunch hour and had lunch in the afternoon, then went our separate ways for a few hours, then met right back up after he get off work so we could go to dinner and a movie. Two big mistakes were made. 1. I ate A LOT at lunch and dinner plus had popcorn and m&ms at the movies. 2. I never went home for my afternoon poop.

Needless to say by the time that movie was over, ya girl had to POOP. I was way too embarrassed to admit that to him and didn't wanna be in the bathroom too long and be obvious so I somehow convinced idiot me that I could make it home. I didn't even make it out of the parking lot! I was sitting in his car and I just realized it was about to happen, and I panicked and just kept telling him to stop. He stopped in the back of the lot and I got out and tried to walk back to the theater to get to the bathroom, but it was no use, I started to poop my pants. It wasn't solid but it wasn't runny either, just little soft bursts that kept squeezing through my cheeks and filling up my panties little by little. He kept asking me what was wrong and I just yelled for him to wait for me and I kept walking towards the theater, even though it was pointless because I was already going in my pants. I didn't really know what my game plan was at that point so I just walked to the theater and stood there helplessly for like 3 minutes while I finished messing my pants then I walked back to the car. I motioned for him to roll his window down and when he did I swallowed my pride and said those lovely 4 words I find myself saying far too often: "I pooped my pants".

He was very taken aback to say the least. I had to tell him 3 times to convince him I wasn't kidding. This was INFURIATING because I had once warned him specifically when we got together that the more time he spends with me the more likely it is he's gonna see me poop myself. then he tried to say he would get me a Lyft to go home! Didn't even want to drive me! I cried and then he felt bad and eventually drove me home. We had other problems besides his attitude about that accident and didn't last too long after that. That is one of the more upsetting accidents I've had. It was very soft and just made a big mess and the timing was bad, I was very embarrassed. I always knew he would be a jerk about it if I had an accident and it turned out I was right.

My story about the accident I had at the public pool when I was 23 from one of my older posts was also with an SO. that girl who also didn't respond well to me having an accident. I haven't done it in front of any other SOs besides those two so it's disappointing they were both so turned off. But the past is the past. My best friend, who I've written about too, has always been sweet and understanding and helpful. i'll share a story involving her next time.


Wednesday, August 05, 2020


To Eileen

I have a story from the other day when I needed a poo at work which is something I rarely do but I felt the need to go and thought it would be better to get it out since I hadn't been since the day before and we were in to the afternoon
I went in pulled my pants and underwear down and sat I began to have a wee whilst I started to push. It took quite a lot of effort for it to move slowly it crept out of my rear and hurt a bit I was expecting a splash but it was so large that it was in the water whilst still inside me , finally it broke of I got up wiped a lot of times and there was blood on the paper I looked in the toilet and my poo was around 10 inches long so it's no wonder I was sore I flushed the toilet leaving a small skid mark in the pan and went back to work
Speak soon xx



I'd do the sleeping bag on the last night. Sleep bottomless and do all your potties through out the night in the sleeping bag. Don't do the enema they can make you sick if done wrong. I don't think I have a story about having the poops in a hotel room. I do have 2 questions for you.

Have you looked for your old training potty?

And would you ever want an STP device?


Park Toilets

This summer I've been getting more child sitting jobs. His mom has gone back to work so I have him for much of the day six days a week. Mikel just turned 5 and will be starting all-day school in two weeks. Before we leave his apartment and turn off the TV I make him go into the bathroom. He doesn't come out until I've heard a flush, but then I think he's pulling something over on me. He just doesn't want to spend much time in there. That's especially the case with his poos.

So we walk (sometimes I carry him part of the way) to this large park that is about six blocks away. There's an awesome playground, large pond with all kinds of ducks, and several food trucks come by with lunch and ice cream. An hour or so after we get there and he gets bored with one playground and wants to walk to another, he usually says he has to poo. I don't mind taking him into the ladies room but there's no privacy. There's just three almost antique toilets attached to a wall. No privacy whatsoever. They are sizes for adults, too much for smaller children Mikel's size.

So after I help him boost himself on the toilet, his energy doesn't go towards pushing his poo out, but rather up and down, sliding back, pushing forward and so much nervous movement that that he's managed to get his underwear and shorts tangled under his shoes. A few times I've been holding my pee in and by the time I get my seat on the toilet I have to hope I won't have to stop my pee to do something like pick up the toilet paper he can never seem to hang on to, and worse yet, use effectively to clean himself.

When my friend Becca is along, she is able help with Mikel. But both of us are wondering whether we're preparing Mikel well for school starting soon. Since his mom doesn't take him out much, it is kind of like Becca says; we are his teachers. We're definitely not high school students with all the answers.


To Bianca and Audrey

I'm one of the girls on here that loves to wipe with baby/wet wipes. It feels so refreshing and I just feel cleaner than I do with toilet paper. I pretty much have wipes on me at all times as I go pee and poop in the woods or just outside in general, a lot.

Audrey- I think you should poop in the plastic bag and as a prank, put it outside the entrance of another tent lol. Can't wait to hear more stories about your time at camp.

Thanks for your response.
Anyone have any good thanksgiving or bbq poop stories?

Sunday, August 02, 2020

survey answers

1. have you ever pooped during a wedding party
- yes I think it is natural to go pooping after all the food and drinks
2. have you pooped during sleepovers
- no
3. have you pooped at school/work when the cleaning lady is cleaning the bathroom
- unfortunately yes, I had a barrage of plops when the toilet lady sat on her chair waiting for other customers. I paid up and left with a red face
4. have you ever been so desperate to poop that you went when everybody could see/hear it clearly?
6. have you ever pooped during family gatherings/parties (Christmas f.e.)
- yes practically each Christmas :-) we have huge dinners.
7. have you ever heard people pooing in the stalls while you were looking in the mirror
- yes it happens but it's mostly kids, they don't care


Tile Urinal

Years ago i was in a relationship with a guy who had a laundry room in his basement and one wall was tiled, and what he would do is he would use the wall as a urinal. I thought it was a little weird that he did that but i didn't mind, after all it was his wall to pee on. There was a drain nearby in the floor, so the pee would just trickle down the wall and down into the drain. I guess he figured it was easier to pee there than to go all the way upstairs. So i guess it made sense. One thing he did do that was a little more weird though is he not only used it himself, but he also would let his buddies use it too. I guess he had no problem letting other guys get their pee all over his wall. And they would all just do it like it was a normal thing. I don't know, to me it was strange, but i guess to each his own. He was a good guy, sometimes i wish i was still with him, but we were two very different people.


To Eileen

Hi yer it was good thanks just to relax and not have the stresses of work look forward to hearing your toilet antics and also nice to hear from you too speak soon xx



I haven't pooped yet today (I've done some farting though), and I'm thinking about what my next poop will look like. A bunch of carrots were eaten with my lunch today, so I'd imagine it will look orange. I guess I didn't eat enough to poop today, but since Mom is off tomorrow, I bet I'll go after my breakfast. I know I've said I poop once a day, but just like with everything else your not perfect. Also, I'm enjoying butt wipes again after my poop! They're moist, and wonderful. Since these can make the loo trash stinky combined with used TP thrown in, I always check the fullness of the bag. Today, I decided to go to the dumpster to toss it as I do from time to time. Hopefully there's others who also love wiping with wet wipes after a poop. It's the next closest thing to a beedeigh to me. Bye.


Today's Stories

Today the water was off for a while. Once after I peed, I had to let it sit, because I flushed my soft poop earlier. Luckily, the pee didn't have to sit long, and I was able to clear the toilet. Not to long ago, the breakfast tacos I had for dinner told me to get my poop chute clear. I had diarrhea that time, but it was still a nice poop. I guess the spices in the chorizo made me need to evacuate quickly. Regardless of the cause of the minor reason, I love poop surprises when it comes to consistency. Earlier this week on Naked And Afraid, some people got consstipated. I never found out the results of most of the group, but one member had to medically tap out due to a fecal impaction. I hope he turned out ok. Due to the amount of pain he was in on the show, I imagine getting impacted poop out hurts! Hopefully his pain was managed well enough to make the poop removal bearable. Anyway, bye.

End Stall Em

Long time readers survey answers

1) Have you ever pooped during a wedding party?

Yes. This happened twice during the past two years. Being in college, several of my older friends are engaged and getting married. Both times this was at a large hotel ballroom during the reception. Several drinks and a couple of days without a crap signaled a restroom break for me during this Frankie Valli song about a 1960s party. I went into the nearest bathroom and as fast as my heals would take me. Once the two pee-ers ahead of me did their thing, I quickly went in, yanked up my dress, tore my thong down and dropped onto the lower-than-usual seat. Within seconds I blasted the big one out. On the second occasion, at the same hotel, about two weeks later, I asked for cuts in the line because I had two or three times my share of the free liquor. Once seated, my bowels erupted too and I felt so satisfied. But I felt bad about telling the young girl in front of me it was just for a fast wee. She gave me a dirty look when I came out. And overall, I wasn't seated long.

2) Have you ever pooped during sleepovers?
Two or three times. Each time I was the first up in the morning. Each time I flushed at mid-crap so that I wouldn't be known as a jammer. Each time it worked.

3) Have you ever pooped at school/work when the cleaning lady is cleaning the bathroom?
It has just happened once. I think I was about 12 and doing Christmas shopping at an outdoor mall downtown. She could tell by how I practically tore my jeans down that I was desperate. She was cleaning the sinks and I was using the end stall farthest away from her. I don't think I was seated for more than 2 or 3 minutes which was good because the stainless steel seat was cold. I used that experience a couple of years later for a descriptive essay in English and got top grade in the class. I couldn't tell mom though because I'm not suppose to use dirty bathrooms at those kind of places. I know though that I could have never held it for the two hours we were down shopping.

4) Have you ever been so desperate to poop that you went when everybody could see/hear it clearly?
Yes. A couple of times at school during lunch hour (the worst time because it is the most convenient time to go) in one of the two most used bathrooms at school where the privacy doors had been removed. I kept my head down and kept pushing as hard as I could. I don't remember if I got a full crap in before some evil eyes and comments forced me to get up and leave.

5) Have you ever pooped at a club or disco?
Yes. It was when Spencer and a few friends were celebrating my 21st. It was strange because the bathroom had two open toilets right next to one another, plus a sink and a mirror. I was alone and made sure I pushed the security lock in carefully because I didn't want a partner. The crowd was large and I could hear several attempts to turn the door knob. I only half way wiped and didn't wash my hands. I was spooked so bad I just wanted out of there.

6) Have you pooped during family gatherings or parties?
This happened a couple of times after dinners at my parents' house. I immediately flushed from the seat because I didn't want any lingering smell.

7) Have you ever heard people pooping in the stalls while you were looking in the mirror?
Many times yes. While I'm on break from the hospitality kiosk at the shopping center I work at. I just finish washing my hands, check my makeup and remain thankful that management allows us to have a privacy door on most toilets. Lots of places are getting rid of the doors because of toilet misuse, vandalism, and drug supplies left behind.

Catherine: I loved your story about the intentional accidents, it is very liberating to be able to mess for convenience.

Carlie B: I hope you and your friends get comfortable watching each other poop! Did you pee at all during the contest? Also, did you tell Hillary about the site? It seems that she might like it!

Marie: It is great to hear that you taught Hayley about peeing on the closet! I would love more stories about your pees and poops in potties and unususual places! Also, was that story about having diarrhea in the hotel room yours? I don't know whether to just shit my sleeping bag on the last night or if I should poop in a plastic bag that I have. Also, I'm thinking about trying to give myself an enema with a disposable plastic water bottle. Outside the tent, of course.

Positioned pooper: My favorite position to poop in is lying down on my stomach with my legs apart, unless the poop is soft enough to flow between them together.


Some replies

Catherine - It's very rare I go in one continuous rope, it's always 2 or three pieces. The only time it happens for me is if I've been holding it for a couple of days so to have eight poops like that is very impressive!

Victoria B - Glad to be back! I haven't had much to post from planet porcelain recently so I've been absent. Aww I'm sorry to hear you had to go through that but it sounds like things have improved for you now. I also do most of my farting off the pot. I'd say 90% are while I'm laid in bed in the morning. I'm looking forward to the porta potty story! Using one is still one of my favourite pooping experiences I've had.

Trina - I have done it before by accident but I haven't posted it on here. I tried asking if it was okay to poop myself on purpose and share it here but I never received a response.

I haven't written for some time, really because there was nothing much to write about. A little thing happened the other day which might be of mild interest.

My Wife and I had gone for quite a long walk from home. Returning, we were near the house when we met our neighbour at his gate. We had not seen him for several months because, registered as vulnerable, he had been isolating indoors. He is renowned for talking and he clearly had not lost the knack. We were stood there for a good half hour before he decided his Wife would be waiting for him inside,

As we walked towards home, my Wife said "I thought we would never get away. I'm wetting my pants". By the time we got in the house she had done a sizeable leak and had to change her knickers. I did wonder how many times something like that happened. It made me remember several incidents over the years when you could say I happened to be in the right place at the right time.


To Carlie B

I'm getting really jealous of your huge dumps - haha! No, really, they sound amazing and I'm glad that your bowel functions are fulfilling and pleasant, even though they've created concerns with flushing.

And, I enjoyed your story with Hillary and Sydney!

Just curious: do you all have similar diets?

My poops seem to be large and healthy, but their girth ranges from 1-2 inches with about 1 1/2 inch thickness being pretty normal. But, with all the fiber that I eat, they are pretty soft and happen twice daily, so they don't have a lot of time to firm up like yours, unless I am on vacation or traveling, which is rare.

I love your stories and hope that all is well in California! All the best!




Survey Response to Long time reader

1. have you ever pooped during a wedding party (tell us the story)? Yes I have, but it really was not that memorable. I was a bridesmaid for a friend and during the reception after the wedding, I felt my evening dump coming on. I went to the women's restroom and had a pretty relieving session!
2. have you pooped during sleepovers (tell us the story)? Check out page 1821, when I first posted. I clogged the toilet at a youth girls' church gathering at a friend's house.
3. have you pooped at school/work when the cleaning lady is cleaning the bathroom (tell us the story) - No
4. have you ever been so desperate to poop that you went when everybody could see/hear it clearly? for example outside at an open air party (tell us the story) - Shared this one too. You can find it somewhere in September 2010. I was at a cookout for labor day. We watched a football game that evening and I had to go. It was a super huge log that clogged the toilet!
5. have you pooped in a club/disco (tell us the story) - no
6. have you ever pooped during family gatherings/parties (Christmas f.e.) (tel us the story) - Yes! In 2015 I was with Alan's family when I got an attack of diarrhea while we watched a football game. You can find it in October of 2015 old posts!
7. have you ever heard people pooing in the stalls while you were looking in the mirror (tell us the story) -I am sure that I have but did not consider it memorable.

My stories go back to pg. 1817! Several scenarios like you describe!

Love to all!



To Taylor T

Prayers and well wishes for your mother! I hope that she's well soon and that you remain well! All the best!




To Taylor T

Prayers and well wishes for your mother! I hope that she's well soon and that you remain well! All the best!




honest question

I am a middle aged guy and I once by accident entered the female restroom. I was preoccupied and not thinking clear. The place was totally empty and I didn't notice there weren't any men's toilets around. As I said down, the doors open and I pay no attention until it hits me. These are female shoes I hear. I got very nervous and didn't dare to leave the room. Female after female entered it was after lunch time. I sat there for 30 minutes or longer, hoping nobody would start initiating talk. I totally didn't even use the bathroom during that time.

What I found very weird was that I didn't hear a single fart or plop sound. Nobody was pooping! From experience this is the total opposite in the men's room! All the men go without shame, often 4 or 5 guys at the same time. Very weird!


Camping trip

I just returned from a camping trip with Jessica and her parents. Because neither of us had ever taken a shit outdoors, Jess and I had decided beforehand to cross that off our bucket list. When we got to the campsite, we were both desperate to piss-Jess was even holding herself as we ventured a short distance away from the site to find a decent place to pee as her parents unpacked, and my thighs were pressed together tightly. We found a large tree trunk laying on its side, and Jess moaned as she began to pull down her jeans and panties and seat herself with her ass hanging over the side-I wasn't far behind her as I saw a massive geyser of piss begin to gush out, which made my own need all the more urgent. I hurriedly undid my pants and sat right next to her, and I simply exploded. I laughed a little, lowering my head, and Jess said in a low voice "This is heaven... sublime!" and I agreed. We peed and peed, and she finished shortly before I did. It had to be at least twenty five, thirty seconds of uninterrupted pissing. I saw Jessica's mom approaching from a short distance, and she spotted us sitting next to each other. She greeted us, and sat at the far end of the log to relieve her own bladder. We all chatted idly as she peed, and by the forceful hissing into the dirt it sounded like she had to go pretty bad, too. We all went back to camp after, had a hearty dinner, and went to bed late, after midnight. Around 4:00 in the morning Jessica shook me gently awake, roll of toilet paper in hand. "I have to go take a really big shit-it's right at my backdoor and quite impatient." I sat up, and realized with some surprise that I needed to shit, too. I got on my shoes, and we quietly sneaked back to the fallen tree-I had a small garden spade with me, which I had brought to dig a hole so we could cover up our poop after. I began to dig a decently sized trench, about eight inches deep, and Jessica whispered, with some urgency "Oh God, please hurry Celine-I'm prairie dogging here" and I said back "I know, me too". My work done, I threw the spade aside and Jess pushed her boy shorts down to around her ankles, followed by her panties. I pushed my own shorts down and sat a couple feet from her. For a moment, we just sat there, not wanting to rush it-we had both deliberately not had a bowel movement in over 24 hours, and didn't want to strain ourselves or be too hasty. We both peed, and chatted and after about five minutes Jess leaned forward slightly and grunted softly. A crackling began, and she sighed in relief as I craned my head to look behind her-and my jaw dropped. What looked to be one of the biggest turds I ever saw began to slowly slide out of her. Thick, and smooth, and enormous. The smell was overpowering, and that seemed to spur on my own need and I put my hands on my thighs as my hole stretched wide. I grabbed my ass and spread my buttocks as wide as I could as a huge shit began to slowly creep out. Jess gave one final push, gasped sharply, and then straightened back up as I heard a massive thud. She pushed out another smaller turd, some semi-soft shit, and she was done. She put her head down momentarily, her breathing gradually slowing, and my own turd snapped off and thumped to the bottom of the hole. I grabbed the box of wipes I had brought with me, and gave some to Jess. She wiped thoroughly, and dropped them into the hole next to her gargantuan shit. I wiped, and then we both stood to look at our dumps. Jessica's was massive, at least sixteen or seventeen inches in length and quite thick-at its widest, it was as thick as a Coke can. My own was slightly smaller, but overall a lot thicker-it had struck the dirt and doubled over on itself. Jessica giggled and said it looked like a poop emoji, and I got to work shoveling the dirt back into the whole. We walked back to the camp, and fell back asleep quickly.

Friday July, 31, 2020


To Tyler C

Since you asked for me to put a name on my posts I will :)

Also your post about going pee in your pants in a walmart fitting room is wild. I have to imagine that happens more often than we think. Good thing you got away with it because that would have been real bad. I know there have been times myself where i was in the fitting room and had to go so bad but i never in a million years would have the courage to go in my pants in there.

Carlie B.

Hillary's BIG Dump

Hi all, a couple quick replies. I thought I posted these before but didn't see them go through, probably just forgot to hit send.

Taylor T: No, it's super rare. Only when someone who doesn't know what they're doing tries to flush too quickly in succession. I don't think it's possible for a properly functioning toilet to overflow just by flushing once. Even when it's clogged, I think they're designed to let in less water than would be required to overflow the bowl. It's why I was surprised the janitor made the mistake when he plunged my poo.

Victoria B: the plunger I have is this industrial one that kinda looks like an accordion at the end. I've found it works much better than the classic toilet plunger with the suction cup end. Those may be fine for small clogs, but the size of my turds warrant a more industrial tool.

Hi all, quite an eventful story to share from last weekend!

I've been reluctant to go at home given our toilet troubles, and I've been pretty irregular as a result.

I went for a hike with my friend Sydney. I don't recall if I've talked about her here yet, but she is another friend of mine who also takes large poops. She just moved back from working a couple years on the East Coast. We were good friends through high school but didn't stay in super close contact after that.

She moved back to the west coast and was now living with a close college friend of hers named Hillary, who also came on the hike. I went over to Sydney's place to pick them up because we had to drive a ways out of the city to get to the trail. I had never met Hillary before, but almost immediately began to like her. She seemed super fun and outgoing, and it was easy to see why she and Sydney were such good friends. I planned to take a dump on my way to their place at the gas station, but was running late and thought I should pick them up first. I had been holding for a couple days, and for obvious reasons didn't want to use one of their apartment bathrooms. I asked if we could stop somewhere on the way to poo, but Sydney claimed she was pretty paranoid about the virus and didnt really want to go anywhere in public. She suggested we pack a roll of toilet paper and just poop during the hike. I know some people on here have gone and even enjoy going outside, but the idea had always seemed pretty gross to me. I reluctantly agreed, hoping that I would just be able to hold it and go after.

I was relieved to see a small bathroom at the start of the trail. I didn't need it yet, but planned on stopping on our way back. Sure enough, about an hour into the hike, Sydney said she needed to go. As it turned out, Hillary did too. It was super quiet on the trail, but we still walked off the trail behind a couple big trees. I told them I didn't need to go that badly and that I'd hold it until we got back to the toilets at the trailhead. I would watch out for them and make sure no one was coming close enough to see them.

Sydney was super disappointed. Hillary has a similar look of disappointment. Sydney explained that Hillary was the only person she'd met who pooped bigger than I did. Sydney wanted a competition to see who could do the most. Even though it had been such a long time since I last saw her, Sydney knew me well and that I couldn't turn her down. The competitiveness in me couldn't resist.

Since I hadn't been in a couple days, I knew I was gonna lay a huge one. Even though Hillary is pretty tall, probably just under 6' and not skinny either, i doubted she'd live up to Sydney's expectations. Sydney on the other hand, was similar height to myself but in very good shape. She had lost a ton of weight since high school. Sydney ended up going first. She pulled down her leggings and squatted down. Even though we were close friends, I had no interest actually watching her go, so I and Hillary too turned the other way until she was done. After a few seconds, Sydney was done. She wiped a couple times and pulled her leggings back up. Hillary and I turned around and saw her log. It was quite huge, I would guess 12 inches or so, but more impressively thick too.

I was up next. Again, I didn't let them actually watch, but I squatted down next to Sydney's and laid my own. It was indeed massive. After a single wipe they turned around to look. Mine was almost the exact thickness of Sydney's but nearly twice as long. Sydney laughed and said jeez they're even bigger than I remember!

Finally Hillary was up. We turned around and after 10 seconds or so heard a LOUD crackle. And it went on. And on. And on. After what felt like forever it ended with a loud fart. Hillary chuckled and said oops and Sydney and I burst out laughing. She wiped and we turned to see. Holy. Shit. It was an absolutely enormous turd. It was a good 6 inches longer than mine, but also considerably thicker. It made my log, which was on the large end for me, look pedestrian in comparison. Not to mention Sydney's which now looked like a small child had taken it. Sydney and I had just taken very large dumps, and Hillrary's dwarfed then. There was certainly no difficulty deciding the winner, and Hillary playfully jumped and yelled in joy. After picking my jaw up off the floor, my head was full of questions for her.

After suffering an embarrassing defeat, we got back on the trail to continue the hike. We spent the next half hour of the hike talking about all things pooping.

Hillary said this was big but not too unusual for her. Like both Sydney and I, she said she's always pooped big. She played tennis through college, so my theory on athletes doing the most is backed up by her. She usually goes once every two or three days and never at home unless it's an emergency. Their apartment is connected to a public space with its own set of restrooms. Since they moved in, Hillary has been taking her dumps in their. According to Hillary, and Sydney backed her up, her logs are usually too thick to get down the hole, so instead of clogging the toilet, technically the toilet flushes just fine, except of course for the mammoth present, as Hillary likes to call them, left in the bowl for the next user. Plunging is unsurprisingly a nightmare for her.

Sydney shared that when they were looking for apartments, Sydney insisted they find one with separate bathrooms so that when Hillary needed to go at home, they'd still have an extra. I'll bet Lindsey and Hayley will have the same requirement if we move lol. Hillary objected, saying Sydney clogged her toilet lots too, but Sydney claimed hers were typically just a couple of plunges vs. whatever hell they'd have to go through up against one of Hillary's dumps. Luckily, it sounded like Hillary had been able to go elsewhere so far. While I am torn between liking and disliking being a big pooper, Hillary claims to love it. She says she isn't super shy about it and loves being able to take enormous dumps and thinking about others coming across them.

On the way back, we passed again by the trail restroom. Sydney laughed saying it's a good thing the three of us didn't use the toilets in there. She was right, the three of us would have destroyed that bathroom haha.

That's all for now, but super interesting to meet someone with capabilities more than my own! I told them I wanted a rematch before too long. Hopefully that one will be as fun as this one was!

All the best!

I like to shit
A while ago I visited a Victorian village museum. Very realistic and original. At the school I found a door which was open, inside I found a single seat outhouse toilet, it was a wooden platform seat with a bucket underneath. I wondered what it was like to sit there, I shut the door and lowered my shorts and knickers and sat on the seat, this action eased up my bum hole and I felt a shit coming ( unintended ) it slowly slid out and went thud in the empty bucket, no TP so I stood up and pulled my Knicks and shorts up, I looked around and saw a perfectly formed shit in the bucket, most realistic exhibit. outside, they then gotI left the scene, no skidmarks in kicks.
At a rail station ( no facilities except for waiting shelters.) I was taking train photos. A nice looking mum and young daughter arrived on the platform, mum looked distressed and went inside the shelter daughter just outside they got on a train. I then looked in the shelter and there was a puddle of piss in the corner.
Out for a walk in the country, the urge came over me, I found a tree lowered my shorts and knicks squatted down and leant against the tree and the shit came out, once again no TP so pulled up knicks and shorts had a look and two steaming shits laid there. Not been for two days so tomorrow STAND BY.


Longest Pee

Hi everyone. I went to bed listening to one of my favorite sound selections (it's a campfire not a fireplace oops), and thought of looking up the longest pee on ????. Some of the pee stories were amazing. One peeer went for 2 minutes. Another had to go real bad during a medical test, and peed so long that someone checked up on them. I'd say my longest was probably 30 seconds. I'm sure there's lots of impressive peeers on this site. Maybe you all can share stories? Bye.


Using poop as energy

To Mina: I haven't heard about that bus, but a few years ago I saw a documentation where someone ran a bistro where the fries etc. were made with bio gas from the adjecent toilet. So the people paied for there food with their poop. Wouldn't it be cool if we could motivate our kids to poop in the car to keep it going instead of searching for the next restroom some miles ahead?


To Shannon

Thank you for your response. I can only imagine the horror had you indeed had an accident in your bathing suit while swimming!
I continue to run but haven't had any actual accidents since my last post. I do try to poo before I leave the house, but more often than not my body isn't ready to go.
A few days ago, I came back from a run and did really need to poo and without much thinking I relaxed my anus and let a small log escape into my knickers. Then I went to the toilet to finish my poo, clean up in the shower and put my clothes into the washing machine. I don't know why I did that. I feel rather silly about it for I could have made it to the toilet.


Reply to Mike

Great to hear from you again . Enjoy your holiday ? I haven't had any pee or poop accidents lately . But don't worry I will have soon enough . I don't mean tonight . I hope we talk soon again . XXX . Eileen . I

Still camping in Norway. This morning I saw a van camper crapping in the bushes. Quite old woman with short grey hair. She was squatting low with shorts at the knees. When she had finished I saw she had left a huge load on the ground.


Reply to Gregg and long time readers survey

Hi posters!!! Thanks you all for your support and kind words, particularly Catherine and Shannon! It means a lot. I thought id post a speedy entry (mainly because im currently on the potty pooping and it made me think of this site haha).

Gregg: Hiya! I hope your not showing signs of IBS! :( I'm 26 and have been diagnosed with it and struggled since high school. A lot of times its no fun. But no, ive never really experienced nausea or vomiting from it but I regularly have bad stomach cramps. Often there's severe throbbing and the heartburn feeling except in my lower belly. I have IBS-M (it alternates between constipation and diarrhea, with some normal bowel poops in between). Sometimes ill be doubling over in pain and needing the potty when I felt okay a couple seconds ago. Alot of times ive had diarrhea or just really soft poop accidents in my panties when the cramping and everything makes it hard to get to a bathroom in time. So yes id say it can get unbearable at times, not always or even usually, and everyone is different!! Hope youre okay! :)

Now because they're really fun for me, long time readers survey!:

1. have you ever pooped during a wedding party (tell us the story)

Actually no, ive only been to one wedding party (my big sisters) and I didnt poop. It wasnt a long party thankfully.

2. have you pooped during sleepovers (tell us the story)

At almost all the ones i went to as a younger girl. No big stories, friends never made fun of me other than some light teasing about stinking up the place lol.

3. have you pooped at school/work when the cleaning lady is cleaning the bathroom (tell us the story)

With cleaning faculty just once. I was in college working on a project in the campus library when i excused myself to the girls room. I was in there a long time pooping. All the other young ladies have left while I was still in there. I was in the first stall to the door so my feet and panties at my ankles were visible. A custodian came in and asked if anyone was in right as I farted and let out a blast of poop! I was shy and embarrassed and told her im sorry and that id try hurrying. She said something "youre okay, sweetie take your time." She took her mop and bucket outside and was still out there when I walked out. I felt embarrassed and red but she just smiled and went in to do her cleaning.

4. have you ever been so desperate to poop that you went when everybody could see/hear it clearly? for example outside at an open air party (tell us the story)

Hearing it absolutely, in fact more than not it seems. At my last job id usually take a least a poop or two every day. There were some bad days when my guts were really misbehaving and id poop 3 or 4 times. However we just had a large employee break room with a one person bathroom and I cant tell how many times i let loose in that bathroom. Sometimes it hurt because my IBS was acting up once as I was sitting around with two other girls, out of nowhere my bowels started twisting in knots. I jumped up without saying anything and ran into the bathroom and first released an extremely loud and wet poop explosion. I heard one lady chuckle and the other say to her with humor in her voice "uh yeah thats really gross." I was really hurt because i couldnt help it, but if i could hear conversations then they could deffinitely hear me pooping. Another time i was having several loud waves of diarrhea and i heard a lady say to everyone in the break room "wow I thought it took a lot to gross me out." Such comments always made me sad. Also ive got a lot of funny stories about pooping myself at this job if anyone ever wants to hear!

Seeing me hasnt happened as much. I had a flare up at a pool party and the potty was occupied. They gave me permission to poop in the dirt outside and i accepted. I tried burying with dirt the best i could. At another job i used to have, i knowingly pooped in a single bathroom when i knew that the lock was broken because I wasnt feeling too good in my stomach. I remember needing to go poop and predicting that id be walked in on because of the lock (and i was- twice, two ladies walked in to find me with panties around my knees, they both had a reaction like it stunk and apologized.

5. have you pooped in a club/disco (tell us the story)

No great story. In my younger slightly more adventurous days, some of my girlies from then brought me to something called a hookah lounge. I had to poop really badly, I remember being nervous because this wasnt my kind of hangout. Everyone told me to hold it because they said the restrooms were gross but i would've pooped myself if i tried.

6. have you ever pooped during family gatherings/parties (Christmas f.e.) (tel us the story)

At almost every family get together yes, which is usually holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas and we have a big meal together. I think every single one has led me to having to take a big poop after. Most are very plain, but one time i pooped in my panties at my grandmama's house on a thanksgiving. I was in high school, it was dark outside and I remember just playing with her puppy when suddenly it hit me and I started pooping everywhere! I hosed off outside and luckily i remember having a skirt on, so i slid my panties off, dumped the poop out and threw them in the trunk of my mommy's car. Somehow i never got caught!

7. have you ever heard people pooing in the stalls while you were looking in the mirror (tell us the story)

Other people, plenty of times back in school or at gas stations, and bars and restraunts. No great stories and not really looking in the mirror but washing my hands after finishing and i hear another girl pooping. Nothing big, everybody poops! More often ill hear other ladies clearly trying to hold it until everyone is gone. I wish everyone was comfy enough to go potty when they need to and feel a lot better.

Hope everyones okay and is happy and healthy!
-Shanna <3


Under the bridge

Hello all, first of all excuse me for possible bad grammar, English isn't my native language. Secondly I've been reading some posts for a longer time now and thought why not post one myself.

So this story happened like 4 years ago, I was 21 back then. I used to work out a lot and had a high protein diet, with lots of calories and I also drank weightgainers. In hindsight my coincidental massive (diarrhea like) poops where quite a logic result from the type of weightgsiner I took, because it had some ingredients which led to diarrhea among other people as well. But still, I dont poop very often, so the combination of that with coincidental poops and lots of eating, resulted in lots of urban shitting (mostly in bushes)

So, this one time me and my friends went to a big indoor swimming pool during the winter and at that time we, like many Dutch youth, smoked a lot of weed (I proudly quit with that for 3 years now). So before we entered the building we all smoked one joint each near some tunnel. I already felt extremely gassy on the way to the pool, which resulted in extremely gross protein farts in the car and also my promise to hold them (which added to the pressure). So during the smoking, my full stomach collided with the tabacco and I felt an extreme urge to poop right there and there was no waiting. So I quickly handed over my joint to my friends and told them I had to poop. They kind of laughed and said 'ye we could tell by the smell here'. So I gave them some lightly amused annoyed look and said 'here just take it, I'll be back soon'. So I was a little panicky and felt light because of the weed and the fact that there was no toilet nearby at all. So I took some step down from where we where standing and went beneath the tunnel and took my pants down asap. I took on this squatting position and I remember some rumbly feeling accompanied with a uncomfortable cold and followed by a loud fart. Then immediatly a big soft log came out and a LOT of mushy poop. It litteraly just kept comming, piled up beneath me and it was really hard to keep myself in the position I was. Then when I was done I stood up, felt amazing and looked at my creation. It was really a massive soft mountain on top of some huge soft logs. Also it stank extremely and because of the cold, steam was coming of of it. Well, after that i tiddied myself and went back to my friends and smoke the rest of my joint while telling them how awesome my shit was and that they should check it out, which they didn't.

So yeah, so far my first story here!

Alvast bedankt voor het lezen :)

survey answers

1. have you ever pooped during a wedding party
- yes I think it is natural to go pooping after all the food and drinks
2. have you pooped during sleepovers
- no
3. have you pooped at school/work when the cleaning lady is cleaning the bathroom
- unfortunately yes, I had a barrage of plops when the toilet lady sat on her chair waiting for other customers. I paid up and left with a red face
4. have you ever been so desperate to poop that you went when everybody could see/hear it clearly?
6. have you ever pooped during family gatherings/parties (Christmas f.e.)
- yes practically each Christmas :-) we have huge dinners.
7. have you ever heard people pooing in the stalls while you were looking in the mirror
- yes it happens but it's mostly kids, they don't care


Covering up peeing accidents

I recently took my niece Annie and my boyfriend Tyler on a day-long pass to a regional fun park. Annie's just starting middle school but since I last child-sat her a couple of years ago she's gotten a lot more sneaky in covering up pee accidents. I don't blame her, I guess, because the fun park has over 100 rides and a nice beach and swimming area.

When me and Tyler take breaks to use the bathrooms we try to to find toilets that aren't that big and busy. That works OK for us and with one exception this last time, that means the toilets have privacy doors, and you don't have to wait 30 minutes in line for a 2 minute pee. Tyler, however, had a bit of a wait for his crap and said the longer wait was because some kids weren't being supervised in there and time was being wasted. He said a couple of boys used too much toilet paper in cleaning up, and then he had to get into another line because he didn't want to streak up his swim trunks. Unfortunately they are bright yellow and remained that way.

I let Annie take a couple of opportunities in front of me in the crowded toilet room but when she was two away from taking her seat, the dam broke. She was able to stop it after a half minute or so until she got her toilet. Then she finished it off. While she was seated she used a good amount of toilet paper to wipe her inner legs as she sat. While I was still waiting for my turn she flushed, walked by me and said she was heading for the logger. This is a roller-coaster type ride where your in a log and you end up finishing by splashing into a water pond. By the time I got out there she was on the ride and in just a couple of minutes she came up to me drenched from head to toe.
No evidence of her pee accident 10 minutes earlier. I was surprised that a few other riders were also in their swim trunks. Tyler and I were curious as to how many of them were covering up bladder bursts.

Tyler told me he's twice crapped his pants at school because the conditions are so dirty and there is no privacy and some bullying going on. Each time he takes his boxers off and throws them in the trash can. Then he finishes the day without them. So I reminded him that he's sneaky too. I don't know if or how well his parents count his underwear when they are doing the wash. Until he's caught he will remain sneaky too.


Circumstances for a Staged Accident

Shannon, Shanna and Trina,

I appreciate having this conversation, knowing we share this common "thing" for solid accidents. I want to be careful not to violate the forum's standards, because I do value the safe space we have here.

A few things:

1. When I am at home, in my routine, whether a work day or a day off, I will poop twice daily, almost always right after breakfast and after supper. We eat a high fiber diet, filled with vegetarian recipes and avoid processed foods. When we have meat, it's almost always fish or chicken.

2. I cannot resist the urge to poop. Once I begin to feel the urge to go, I can usually hold it for as long as thirty minutes, but I do not have the capability to suppress the urge to go.

3. Living with my family, especially with a soon-to-be three year old, I have little privacy.

So, it's really hard for me to create a scenario to truly have an accident without someone knowing.

When I've had accidents, these are the common factors:

1. I've been traveling and off my routine. I will have missed 1-2 normal trips to the bathroom.

2. The load is firm, and I held it more than thirty minutes, usually because of travel. And, I guess I could hold it, because it was firm instead of soft.

3. I was in reach of the toilet. Why is that? When I've read about other accidents, it's like we all hold it so long but when we get in sight of the toilet, our bodies think relief is near and just goes instead of finishing the final steps to the toilet!

4. Except with the accident with Alan, I had time to enjoy it. I didn't clean immediately, but gave myself a few minutes to bask in the sensations it created.

So, if I'm to ever have another accident, it seems that I may need to plan a trip by myself or something of that affect. I'm very introverted, so if I were to request of Alan a few days by myself at the beach or something, I think he would be OK. However, I don't think that will happen until COVID is past us!

I love my family, but I do miss living alone sometimes!

Shannon: I appreciate the kind words. I will think about it a little more. He's pretty sensitive and caring, even for a teacher/coach! Yes, he does seem to have an interest in my bathroom needs and I actually like that! I need to give it more thought! Also, I totally understand where you're coming from about not wanting to poop at work. It's completely normal to want that to happen at home. I really liked the story about the Chick Fil A drive thru! I have pooped in my car before, but it was an attack of diarrhea. Ugh! Definitely not the same!

Also, do you go daily? You seem to get the urge later in your work day? I hope to hear more from you. Thank you for the conversation!

Trina: Thank you for your kind words. I realize how blessed I am to have someone kind and understanding in my life. As I shared with Shannon, I will think about it. Thank you for sharing your story when you were a teen. I'm glad that know one knew. I was about the same age - 15, to be exact - when I had that first accident. Unfortunately, my parents knew, though they did not witness it. It caught me off guard how good it felt. I don't know how long I basked in the feeling, but it was unlike anything I experienced in my life to that point.

Shannon and Trina, would you both say that your solid accidents are larger than your normal bowel movements. I know mine were in girth and were a little more firm than my average poops.

Thank you both for this wonderful conversation!

All the best!



Wednesday, July 29, 2020


severe IBS?

Does IBS cause seemingly unbearable stomach pain, and nausea/vomitting? IBS patients and doctors please help


To Jasmin K and Abbie

Jasmin k: I understand your stuggle. I used to get the red pipe as you say, remember rectal prolapse with big turd.I now habe soft type 4 Bristol Stool chart. Maybe 3 at time. It can be beaten!

Abbie: your storys are great but sound like hard work. Have you ever had prolapse when constipated as discussed above? I find Squatting can help pass a rock turd as you describe.



funny bus

I found fantastic article on internet!

It says, in Bristol in England, there is bus which runs with turds of human being in engine instead of petrol or diesel. It is called bio bus. I don't know it mentioned in this site before or no. I can't find.

We laughed long time. We want to go Bristol and do lots motions there, to contribute this environment friendly bus!

Love to everyone


Phones and crapping length

Both me and my boyfriend Bennett are in our mid-30s and he's getting on me for taking my phone into the bathroom with me and therefore extending what he calls my "shit sit." There is some truth to it, I know, and I know the lengths of my sit were increased at places like school back in the '90s. Then I would get a pass, sit a minute or so for a pee, but take 10 or 15 minutes longer for my crap because I would find something interesting, read it and continue on and on totally forgetting that some of my teachers would record my total absence time from class or study hall on their ledger board. Mom was pissed when my math teacher brought up a couple of 20 minutes absences at a parent-teacher conference.

Now with smart phones the sitting time is getting worse. At our apartment, I will wait for Bennett to flush and come out of the bathroom before I go in and take my seat. That way he has less to complain about. He and I exchanged words a few days ago when he had peed and was done but was standing over the toilet scrolling over his phone. At a basketball game last winter at the arena, he was gone almost a half hour before the game started. He was on the toilet, crapping i guess, but got carried away with pulling up sports scores that I was about the go down and check up on him. He admitted he wasn't in a concessions line, but said he was having a difficult crap.
How many guys might have been waiting for him to vacate that toilet?

Recently also when we've been walking our dogs at the park he'll ask me to take Lady's leash while he takes a quick trip in. When I'm sure there's no one else in the guys room twice I've walked in on him and he's sitting shorts and briefs at floor level with his phone in his left hand and his cigarette in his right. He's as bored on the toilet as I am and uses his phone almost like an addict.

Both of us are pretty pathetic, I guess. If there was a line forming waiting for a toilet to open, both of us would be oblivious. But are we any different than the rest of readers? It's going to be a hard habit to break.


Have you Ever?

Hi friends!

This morning I had a pretty substantial bowel movement that was pretty thick, but broke apart in the middle, leaving two 6-7 inch long logs in the bottom of the bowl that were also about 1.5 inches thick. This is a normal sized doodie for me. The reason I'm sharing is that the last EIGHT poops all came out in one long soft log or snake. No breaks, cracks or additional logs or pieces. They were all pretty pleasant feeling. But I don't remember having that many consecutive long, single log poops!

When you think about it, have you?




constipated poop

When I was a kid, I used to enjoy pushing a turd out just slightly and letting it back in. I would do this over and over because I liked the feeling. I hadn't thought about that in years and years. I hadn't pooped in three days. I don't usually get constipated but I was this time. So yesterday, before my husband went to work, I told him to push a suppository as far up my rectum as he could. which he did with his long middle finger. A couple of hours later I had the urge to go so I plopped myself on the toilet and started to pee. I usually fart a few times while I pee but I didn't so I figured I was really plugged up. I pushed and grunted a few times and eventually I could feel a turd starting to move but only so far then it went back in. That's what reminded me of what I used to do as a kid. I kept pushing and pushing. finally it started to move. It hurt at first as the hard end of the turd started to exit my butt hole. Once I got past the painful part I could feel a smoother section of the turd moving out. The turd kept coming and coming non stop. I kept pushing because I wanted to see how long it was without breaking. If I stopped pushing my butt hole would close and cut off the turd. After what seemed like a couple of minutes it finally all came out punctuated by a series of loud, relieving farts. I wanted to see how big it was so I got up and looked in the toilet. That turd was over two feet long and almost three inches across. How do I know? I put on rubber gloves and carefully lifted it out of the water and onto a bunch of paper towels. I used a tape, the type you measure your waist with, and carefully measured my enormous curved turd. I decided to break it up and flush a little at a time otherwise the toilet would clog. after that I sat back down to finish my pooping which was somewhat uneventful.


Replies with a story

Hi everyone! I'm back with some responses and a story! I hope everyone is well.

Trina: omg your post described the feeling so well. You hit it on the head. There is just so much about the sensations that I find enjoyable and I can't help it. Thank you for your kind words about my posts! As far as doing other things before cleaning up, I definitely relate lol. I do that a lot. I really enjoyed your story! I live alone right now and there are times when I'm home all day and I have to go, but maybe I'm watching a show or maybe I'm working on something and I seriously consider just going in my pants since it happens so much on accident anyway, plus no one is around. But still, I always wind up just going to the toilet because I can't really get up the nerve to do it on purpose. More on that coming up.

Shanna: thank you for saying I seem sweet, that was very sweet of YOU :) I'm sorry you have IBS-M but I'm glad you have a good attitude about it. I wish I could say I didnt get embarrassed about pooping my pants. I still get very very embarrassed when people know I did it. When I'm by myself I dont get embarrassed but I do get paranoid about eliminating any evidence so no one finds out I did it.

Tyler C: I'm glad you enjoyed my survey. Thanks again for responding to it! I'm glad posting here has been therapeutic for you, it has been a nice outlet for me as well to talk about something that's a big part of my life but I'm too embarrassed to discuss with the people in my daily life.

Nat: hi and welcome! That certainly sounds like an embarrassing accident at an inopportune time. When I was in high school I also had a desperate incident while riding the bus and it resulted in me pooping my pants while walking home from the bus stop. It was actually my first real poop accident besides as a little girl. I'm really glad you had such a helpful and understanding friend there. I have a best friend who has always been helpful and understanding about my accidents. A few weeks back I posted a story about a time her and I were in Homegoods and I didn't make it to the bathroom in time. She was so sweet and helpful about it.

Tinner: I have heard a number of times about how running stimulates the need to poop and that runners having accidents is fairly common. Do you ever try to go before you run? I was on the swim team in high school and college and fairly often swimming laps would cause me to need to poop pretty badly. I'm very fortunate that I never had an accident while I was swimming. Ugh...can you imagine? I did accidentally poop in my bathing suit one time after college, I wrote about it here, and that was embarrassing enough, but I can't even imagine if I had had an accident in the pool. The whole thing would have to be closed and measures would need to be taken to clean it. I feel humiliated just imagining it!

Catherine: you are so sweet! I really enjoy your posts too, and thank you for asking if I felt better from my diarrhea accident the other day. I had to go badly once more during the night after that but I made it to the toilet that time. When I got up in the morning everything was fine. Also I found and read your story of the mushy poop while pregnant that your hubby was there for and it sounds like a doozy! i would have been so so embarrassed, i'm sorry that you got upset. i'm glad that Alan was such a helpful sport about it though. As far as telling him about your interest...that's a tough one. But by the sounds of it from reading your posts...maybe he will respond in a positive way ;) at the very least it doesn't sound like he'd be one to judge you or be disgusted. Let us know if you ever end up telling him! Lastly, I related sooo much to what you wrote about wanting solid accidents to happen again and thinking about staging a scenario where it could occur, but not wanting to go down the path of doing it on purpose. I like the feeling of both solid and soft accidents as well, but I really dont like the runny kind like I had a few nights back. They just dont feel nice like the others and make such mess!

As for my story, I wanted to speak to Catherine's ideas about wanting it to happen and sometimes considering staging the circumstances for an accident. Much like Catherine, it's an urge I have resisted because I feel like things would just get out of hand and I'd eventually be going in my pants even more often than I already do. I dont want all my undies to have stains, and I also dont want to be doing laundry all the time just for some soiled pants and undies. Also, I feel like if I start doing it more and more then I increase the risk of being embarrassed by someone finding out.

That being said, if I'm being perfectly honest, there have definitely been some occasions where I had a perfectly good opportunity to use the toilet but I didnt, then wound up having an accident. I never force it out or anything or actively resist going to the toilet, so I wouldn't really say it was on purpose- I just get careless sometimes and decide not to go to the toilet when I have a chance. This usually occurs at work. Like many people I am wary of germs in shared bathrooms so I tend to avoid it as much as I can except for peeing, which i can hover for. Cant hover long enough to poop though. So I will almost always try to wait until I get home, which sometimes means I mess myself in the car or while walking up to my apartment. I wrote a few weeks ago about having a relaxing poop in my pants while driving home from work, which would be one such occasion. Another time when I really had to wonder "did I just do this on purpose?" also occurred after work one day. I needed to go for a couple of hours and I had plenty of chances to go, but I kept saying "I'll just go at home", while being fully cognizant of the fact that I frequently can't make it home fast enough. When work ended, I headed to my car feeling fairly desperate, and it felt like it was going to be solid. I have to say that the thought kept crossing my mind that it would feel really good to just let it out in my pants and enjoy my ride home. But I tried to quell those thoughts and still held it in.

In addition to feeling fairly desperate to go, I was also very hungry for dinner and I really didnt feel like cooking because i was tired. I decided I wanted to stop for some fast food, but I figured I should get home and use the bathroom then go back out. That was the plan anyway... instead, as I was passing Chick Fil A, I just impulsively pulled in, and said to myself "if I dont make it home, I don't make it home..." By this point the feeling was very strong in my butt, and my reflex to lift my butt off the seat a little kept happening, and I kept farting, a common precursor to my accidents. I got in the drive thru line and ordered my food, then as I was waiting to move up to pay, i farted again but with it I started turtle heading. At that point I kind of realized it would be rather inconvenient to have a mess to clean up when I got home since i was so hungry and tired, so I fought to hold it back in. But the pressure was too strong by then so it just kept pushing it's way out against my control. I got shivers down my spine and everything, and soon gave in and raised my butt off the seat and let a long and thick solid turd push it's way fully into my pants. It was such a relief! I got lost in the moment a little and got honked at because the car ahead of me had moved up and I was just sitting there pooping my pants and not paying attention, lol. Once it was out i sat back down and felt the firm load squish against my butt. It started to stink really bad in the car, I dont know why but to me I feel like solid accidents smell the worst. I got a little paranoid that the drive thru worker was going to smell my accident when I got to the window, but there was nothing I could do about it so it was what it was. I moved up and paid, then as I waited for my food, the rest of my load wanted out. Since my undies were already messed, I just relaxed and let a substantial amount of softer poop fill up my pants even more. I was actively pooping as the girl handed me my food and I must have had a funny look on my face, plus I was sitting up off the seat and leaning forward, so she gave me a look like "what is with you?" I finished pooping myself before I pulled away, then sat back down and felt the rest of the load squish and spread out beneath me. It felt so warm and cushy under my butt and I was just sitting there secretly feeling pleased and relieved. I pulled out and drove home, where I laid a towel over my living room couch and just sat down in my poopy pants, and I ate my food and watched a show before I went and changed myself.

That's all I have for now! Thanks for reading my posts! I hope to hear from you guys again. Until next time,


Victoria B.



I only have time for a few replies today but next time there'll be a story about a lucky find that had me looking a gift horse right in the mouth!

To MJ: I'm not at all ashamed or embarrassed to sigh or moan when I'm going. It's all part of being human!

To Taylor T.: So sorry to hear about your mom! I hope she recovers! At the same time though, I'm glad that you can isolate and have separate bathroom facilities that you can use. Welcome to the Golden Plunger Club!

To answer your question I seem to do most of my farting off the pot, believe it or not. I'll sometimes let a zipper fart fly during a pee but if I need to poop I'll get most of those farts off, if any, before I'm undressed and sat down. Every now and then I'll rip a nice one during a big dump though!

To Taylor: Long time no see; glad to have you back! To answer your question, yes. My periods were extremely disruptive to my pooping schedule, quite heavy and very painful. It was to the point where I was prescribed birth control years before I'd ever slept with someone for the first time because it made them slightly less awful. A few years ago I made the switch to a hormonal IUD and because of it I don't have periods anymore-whatsoever! It's one of the best things that ever happened to me, no matter how much it hurt when it was put in!

Next time, a visit to a portapotty!


We have been camping in Norway for over one week now. I think most of the group (all I presume?) have experienced how it is to poop outdoor. We don't talk about it. I don't think that I have even heard it mentioned in the group. Too embarrassing for everyone I guess. But it is obvious to everyone what happens. When you see somebody walking alone away from the tents you may be pretty sure that he (or she) is on the way to find a place to poop. Most of us (even the women) pee just behind the tent, but when in need to poop all walks well away. As I wrote a week ago I experienced to be walked in on the first morning. Luckily that was not anyone from our group that came by. Neither I have walked in on someone from our group, but yesterday morning I walked in on an unknown woman squatting. I came by just as she was about to wipe after leaving her load on the ground, still squatting with shorts at the knees. I think we both got surprised and she said (in Danish) oh, excuse. I responded the same way and we both set up an embarrassing smile. Later on the day I walked direct in on her and her husband when shopping in the village. Obviously we both recognized another because automatically we both said "hi" with a flushing smile. Immediately I heard her husband asking if she knew me, and she said no. As I could hear it was not further commented! In the shop she was a typical ("average") middle aged (50-55?) tourist. Nobody would imagine that she just a few hours before had been squatting to take her morning dump just behind some bushes at a nearby surfing beach. No doubt any more that even stylish women poop!! Later in the afternoon I saw her at the beach surfing. And this morning I also spotted her walking into the back bushes. Certainly I did not follow her!

Tyler C

12 Dollar Accident

To Nat: Good first post! Ayu sounds like a really good friend. I look forward to hearing more of your stories.

To Sera: What an unfortunate series of surprises. Although, I guess the person who sat in that seat after you ended up getting quite a surprise themselves too. LOL

To the unnamed commenter who always replies to me: Someone else is leaving posts without a name, now. Maybe I should think of a nickname for you. I promise to tell that story from when I was 19 pretty soon.

This is an incident that happened a little after I turned 14. I went to a local Wal-Mart with my Dad to buy some groceries. For those of you outside of the U.S., Wal-Mart is a popular superstore chain that sells a wide range of different items. When we finished and went to load the car, it turned out that we locked the keys inside. We spent the next 15 minutes or so trying to pick the lock. While this was enough of a dilemma, I had my own problem developing. I had to pee. I kind of had to pee earlier, but it was the kind of situation where I could have waited till I got home. It was only a 15 minute drive, but now that we couldn't get in the car, I knew it was probably going to be a bit longer.

Unfortunately, we couldn't get the door unlocked, so he had to call a locksmith. This meant it was going to be an even longer wait. I figured, "No problem. I can just use the bathroom at Wal-Mart." I told my Dad what I was doing and I headed inside. However when I got to the bathroom, they were out of order. This Wal-Mart was being renovated at the time, so the bathrooms were closed for that week while they got renovated. So, now I was worried because this Wal-Mart wasn't connected or really even near any other stores. It was at the end of a somewhat long road at the bottom of a hill, so there was no other place I could have walked to use a bathroom. I figured I'd have to tough it out.

I walked back out to the parking lot. My dad said that the locksmith wasn't set to arrive for another 7 minutes. I figured I could wait that long. I ended up spending the next 17 minutes pacing around trying to hold my pee. That locksmith should have came 10 minutes ago. It didn't matter anymore, it was past the point of no return now. Even if he came, I knew I couldn't endure the 15 minute ride it takes to get home. My pee was going to come out soon whether I used a toilet or not. I was annoyed. I knew what embarrassing act that meant I was inevitably going to have to do. I was going to have to wet my pants in front of my dad and everyone in the parking lot just because the stupid locksmith couldn't show up on time. I really didn't want that to happen, but what else was I going to do? With no toilets available, my pants were the only logical alternative, right? Before I excepted my humiliating fate, I suddenly came up with a crazy plan. If any of you have read my story from when I was 10 and the plumbing in my house was broken, this may sound kind of familiar.

I was right, no toilets meant that my pants were going have to be my toilet, but that didn't mean I couldn't have a spare pair of pants to change into. I told my Dad that there were some pants in the store that I really wanted to buy and I needed some money. He said "Okay" and gave me $20. I rushed back inside and picked out some pants in my size as quick as I could. I ran to the front of the store to pay. There was a small line and I ended up standing in it while using every ounce of strength I had to not grab myself and do the potty dance in front of everyone. I got to the front of the line after a couple of minutes. I think I had already dampened the front of my underwear a little bit. It wasn't enough to show on my jeans though which is good because the cashier was a cute girl who was just a couple years older than me, and it would have been super embarrassing if she was talking to me while I had a little dark spot on my crotch.

Now came the fruition of my plan. Instead of leaving, I went back to the clothing department and went into a fitting room stall. I went in, closed the door, put down the bag with my new pants in them, and took off my shoes and socks. I was going to take off my underwear and use the pants, but before I could even manage to unzip, pee started forcing its way out of my wiener at full force. It was bliss. Relief at last! I was having the accident I knew I was inevitably going to have, but I was having it in the privacy of this fitting room. I took a look at myself in the full body mirror as I was doing it. I watched it cover my whole crotch area and work its way down my left leg and part of my right getting into all the little wrinkles in my jeans along the way.

Just then, my phone started ringing. I answered it as I was still peeing. Luckily, it didn't get wet. (I probably should have taken it out first.) It was my dad calling to say that the locksmith finally arrived. (like 25 minutes late!) I told him I was almost done and I'd be right out. I finished drenching my pants just as I hung up. I stripped off everything from the waist down and used the dry parts of my pants and undies to wipe up my legs and my private parts. I also tried my best to wipe up the tile floor. I didn't want an employee to have to do it. I may be a pants wetter, but I'm nice. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized how silly I looked while wiping up my pee with my wet pants while being on my knees half naked. The whole situation was pretty crazy. I put on my new pants without underwear, stuffed my soaked clothes in the bag, and left the dressing room.

The plan was a complete success. I got to have a secret accident in a public store and no one knew about it. I went out to the car and put the bag in the trunk with the rest of the groceries. I showed my Dad the new pants I was wearing. He asked how much they cost. I told him $12, so he told me to give him the change. At this point I realized that I left the money in my pants as I peed in them, so the money was probably wet. I explained to him that they were in the pants in the trunk and he told me I could just give it to him later. It's a good thing he didn't force me to get it. I wouldn't have been able to explain why his money was covered in urine. When we got home and I finished taking in the groceries, I just gave him $8 out of my piggy bank, and I threw my clothes in the washing machine.

So that's how I got away with using my pants and undies as a bathroom in a Wal-mart fitting room, and all it cost was $12.


Grunting to poo

MJ- As someone who often struggles with constipation I quite often have no choice but to grunt when I'm having a poo. I do try to avoid doing it in public as it is a bit embarassing to be honest but sometimes its the only option, as Jaz K said school was a good example as quite often I would get the urge for a poo mid morning, some days I knew that I wouldn't be able to hold it until I got home so I would have no choice but to go on the toilet during lunchtime. When my constipation was bad I knew I'd have to spend ages on the loo pushing really hard which meant I couldn't help grunting, like you said Jaz that was really embarassing when I first started secondary school as no-one else seemed to poo at school, but luckily after a while I started to use some different girls loos and quite often I could hear other girls trying to have a poo and grunting and straining as well so at least it wasn't just me!! After a while I didn't really care who heard me, in fact quite often I'd be on the loo at school needing a poo but having a wee to start with and there would be a girl next to me weeing too, once I'd finished my wee I would just start pushing for my poo and once the girl next door heard me grunting I would hear her start to strain as well! To be honest I think at least some degree of constipation is normal amongst school kids, probably a combination of poor diet, not drinking enough and putting off the urge, so I guess it was pretty normal that I wasn't the only one finding it a struggle to have a poo!!



When I woke up today I already felt I was about to have a huge bowel movement, I just din't know how big. I had a big breakfast yesterday, and also today. As I was finishing it up had my coffee. As soon as I had the first sip I started to have urges. By the time I finished it, I really had to go, and walked over to the bathroom and sat down with my phone, expecting it to be a long sitting. Just for fun I weighted myself on the scale before. Now I had a super full feeling and really wanted it all out, but only a few farts came, the urge almost went away. I only had to wait a few minutes for it to come back with full force, and my hole started to open up. I got this nice but scary feeling of loosing control as it came out. It quickly picked up speed and everything came out in a matter of a few seconds. It felt so good. I waited a bit to see if anything more would come out, but no. As I stood up my eyes widened. I had produced an absolutely massive bowel movement! It didn't feel so large as it all came out so fast without any struggle or so. Some very hards parts was visible under a mountain of softer stuff. I wiped and flushed, and when I stepped on the scale a again it was -0.7 kg! Wow, I'm not even that big of a guy so that's like 1% of my body weight. O.o

Hope you have a nice day everyone and happy pooping!


Uncontrollable Farting Update

I hope everyone is dooing well and having some really satisfying sessions on the toilet (or wherever you choose to go!).

A few months ago I shared that I have been struggling to control flatulence. Someone shared on the forum to try Kegel exercises and I have been doing them religiously. So far, so good! Even if I feel a large amount of gas coming on, I can at least hold it until a convenient time to pass it. So, if you are still reading, thank you!



long time reader

another poop survey yaaaaayy

Hello boys and girls another pooping survey because we all love them so so so so much!

1. have you ever pooped during a wedding party (tell us the story)
2. have you pooped during sleepovers (tell us the story)
3. have you pooped at school/work when the cleaning lady is cleaning the bathroom (tell us the story)
4. have you ever been so desperate to poop that you went when everybody could see/hear it clearly? for example outside at an open air party (tell us the story)
5. have you pooped in a club/disco (tell us the story)
6. have you ever pooped during family gatherings/parties (Christmas f.e.) (tel us the story)
7. have you ever heard people pooing in the stalls while you were looking in the mirror (tell us the story)

My answers:

1,2,3,5 = no
4. I once had to poop during a family gathering + friends, it was a rather large happening, I was still a kid. As a kid I pooped with the door open, some women had to use the bathroom and after some minutes she annoyingly asked me how long I was going to take. I was so embarrassed, who just stands there watching (ok I should have closed the door though)
6. see story above
7. yes one time I was looking in the mirror when I heard the most disgusting diarrhea in the stall behind me. Turns out it was a classmate. I never said anything about it but he was shyness that is for sure.

Due to the corona-situation there will be no real vacation on me this summer. I therefore enjoy myself with reading my notes in the diary from last summer, when camping in Sweden and Norway together with my boy friend and some other friends. We spent the nights sleeping in tents in the wilderness. Some of the notes concern the toilet situation (or more correctly, the lack of toilets). I smile when I read them. Some examples here (Translated from Dutch):
-(on a popular mountain path at 11:00am): Well, now it had to happen. Had to go to toilet. Now way around doing it in nature. Behind some dense bushes, squatting with my bare ass. Luckily nobody saw, I hope. My first outdoor poop! A bit embarrassing but easier than I had expected.
-(on the same path at 14:00 lunch-break): Went away from the path to take pictures of the fjord from above. Just down the hill I spotted someone pulling trousers down behind a stone. It was [one of the boys in our group]. Yes, it really was! I recognized his t-shirt. I was polite and did not take a picture. Withdraw so that he could squat in peace. Obviously he did not notice me.
-(some days later early morning at 05am in the mountains): Woke up at 05:00. No doubt. Had to go to toilet. Great movements in the belly after three days with nothing out. Luckily nobody others awake. Went down a slope and found a safe spot behind a rock. Finished in less than two minutes. Completely restored after leaving almost 50 cm of waste.
-(some more days later at lunch time): [My boy friend] went away to go to toilet. When he came back he was quite upset. He had been walked in on by an unknown camper, FEMALE!! He has never ever let me see him go to toilet! Why are boys so embarrassed about pooping?
-(some more days later in the evening): Going to pee. Spotted [boy friend of my best friend] behind a bush. Shorts at the feet. Wiping his butt. On my way back saw that he obviously was a bit constipated. Had left just hard lumps. Poor guy.
If of interest I have a few more. But now enough for today.

I have been camping in the woods with my parents. We all had to poop in the woods.


Had to go at work

Yesterday one of my worst nightmares happened: I had to go #2 at work. Lockdown has made it difficult to find free time in the house to go with nobody around to begin with, but yesterday I didn't get chance to go at all and then had to go to work. About 2 and a half hours before the end of shift, I literally felt it there in my stomach and knew I wasn't going to be able to hold it. It was coming.

We have no staff toilets, and one of the urinals in the guys' toilets is taped up due to contamination, so I knew if I went in there I would end up having somebody waiting, which I REALLY didn't want. So I decided I would use the disabled bathroom. Looking around, I saw that the disabled bathroom faces several peoples' desks, so I knew I only had a couple of minutes to go before people figured out what I was doing.

So as nonchalantly as possible, I opened the door and locked it behind me. The toilet wasn't great, with a blue seat that I could see splashes of what I hoped was water on it. I wiped the seat down but I knew I wouldn't have time to put paper on it or it would take too long, so I hurriedly lowered my pants and sat down. It was quiet for a few seconds, and then my stomach churned and I pushed. Because I was nervous and rushing, it all came out in one big rush accompanied by a fart that I hoped nobody could hear from outside, and it STANK. I hovered off the seat with my legs quivering and flushed it so that I wouldn't get splashed, then sat back down and immediately began rolling off paper. I glanced down between my legs and saw there was still pieces of it floating, and the water was stained yellow still from the first flush. I winced a bit, hoping it would all go down the second time.

I didn't feel like i was completely done to be honest, but I knew I had already been about a minute or so. So I started hurriedly wiping myself a few times until I saw there was nothing on the paper, then hurriedly stood back up, flushed it again and, after it all went down, came back out of the door and shut it behind me quickly to keep the smell in there. Nobody seemed to suspect anything, and nobody went in for the next 15 minutes, thank GOD, so I went back in and peed and flushed again. When I went back in, all the smell was still there and it was awful. But I had gone enough that I could wait to get home to let the rest of it out. Honestly, still such an uncomfortable experience! Ugh.. I wish we had staff toilets at the very least.


Had an interesting experience

I was out in the back yard doing a bit of tree trimming--I was underneath the tree which gave me complete cover from any neighboring houses. I was wearing little enough that it was easy to pull my penis out--but it turned out to be hard to actually urinate while continuing to work on the tree. My bladder didn't want to let go. (I hike, I have plenty of experience with urinating in the outdoors--the problem was trying to do it while doing something else.)


Diarrhea at a friend house

Hey guys! It's Johnny again with a new story that happend three days ago. One of my best friends invited me and other 2 boys to sleep at his house because his parents were in holiday and he was only with his brother.. wich nobody knew were he was going every night.. or day because he was never home. We met in a park near his house and my friemd told us that he was out of money and he didn't have basic things like bread, potatoes or toilet paper. We bought them and went at his house and I started to cook some fried potatoes and sunny egs (I cooked because I didn't trust them to cook). I finished the food and as I washed some dishes they put potatoes in their dishes.. for me remained the ones from the bottom of the boul wich staied a lot of time in oil(and my liver is not a very good firend with the oil). Anyway we did what we did and we got to sleep at about 7 am in the morning. At about 10 I was hitted by a pain in my belly and I knew I had to shkt veeery bat and that it could be diarheea. I went to the toilet and as soon as my ass hit the boul a very creamy shit started to flow out of my butt for about 2 minutes. As I finished I looked in the toilet and it was full of all types of shit from hard to watery. I wiped my ass with the toilet paler I was insired to buy the day before and I wend home shortly after that.

Hope you liked my story and I'll write other ones soon

Taylor T:

It's certainly not the usual way people make friends lol. Jess is really sweet, and I could sympathize with her fear of pooping in school. But now she's much more uninhibited about taking a shit in a public toilet, and we've gone together many times since-later today, we're going camping with her family for a few days and we made a pact to shit in the woods together, since neither of us have ever pooped outside, although we both once went to piss behind a dumpster on the way home from school because we were both absolutely bursting. I'll be sure to detail our buddy dumping in nature when I'm back from the trip.


Responses and More

Taylor - Yes, the time standing still feeling is one of the exciting parts. Have you done it before? I can't find your story, maybe I missed it. Which page?

Catherine - Thanks for your response, you capture it so well. You say you're not sure about telling your husband or how he'd react, but it sounds like from what you said in your story about your accident after the football game a while back that he may be pretty understanding: "He told me how it made him feel. In short, he was very attracted to me in such a vulnerable state. He was not grossed out, as we did what married couples do when we got back." I wish I could find a guy like that!

Last time I told about my latest accident, so I guess this time I should share the first time it happened I can remember liking it. I'm sure it maybe happened when I was younger than that, too, but I vividly recall this one.

I was 16 and it was over the summer. I had a friend nearby who had a pool and some of us who were friends would go over there and swim most of the day, lay out in the sun to tan, goof off, etc. This particular day it was after lunch and I really had to go to the bathroom, but one of the friends' cute brother was there, too, and I was embarrassed to go with him around so I held it. After a while, an hour or two, it was getting real bad. I had to frequently swim to the side of the pool "to rest" with my back to the wall and cross my legs and clench every muscle to keep anything from coming out until I could regain control and then act normal again. I did that a few times before I started to realize I couldn't keep doing that much longer and succeed. I also still didn't want "to go" at my friend's house with the cute brother knowing, so I decided my only option was to walk back home. I made some excuse about needing to go home earlier than usual for some appointment and carefully and quickly as I could got out of the pool, dried off, wrapped the towel around my bikini-clad waist, grabbed my duffel bag of dry stuff, and started walking home, all of my pelvic floor muscles clenched tight to keep holding.

We lived kind of in a rural suburb, where people owned 1 to 5 acres of land, so houses were spread out and some parts were pretty wooded. I walked on the edge of the dirt road towards my house, desperate to go, but there was just enough traffic usually that popping a squat on the side of the road was no good, and I didn't want to go into the woods because, well, snakes and spiders and bugs and stuff. So I had to make it home, which was about ten minutes walk away. I made it a few minutes before my need was like a 9.9/10. I felt some pee escape and some drops dribbled down my legs under the towel, but I was already damp from swimming anyway so it hardly registered, and I found it didn't bother me as much since I was already wet and besides, who has never peed in their swimsuit, right? Still, I couldn't let go and pee without also pooping, I knew. I kept walking and kept leaking here and there until I was about halfway home when it hit me.

I knew instantly that it was too late: my body started tingling, I felt a cold sweat break out, my abdominal and bowel muscles kind of cramped, forcing me to stop walking and bend forward slightly and sort of squat a little, and I couldn't stop myself from pushing. The thankfully solid poop hit my bikini and started pushing it out at first, then the resistance from them grew stronger as they stretched and forced me to push harder. I felt like a baby filling its diaper. I kept pushing and kept going, the hot, crackling mess growing and spreading until finally the last of it was out of me and I realized pee was pouring down my legs and splashing onto the dirt road and my feet. I just stood there and finished for about 30 seconds. At first I was shocked and embarrassed, but nobody was nearby and I had a towel wrapped around me, so it wasn't visible. Nobody else was home. Nobody needed to know! I got away with it! And it kind of felt... nice... all warm nestled there in my bikini, and the relief was amazing, and the sensation when it was coming out was so different and unexpected...

I walked carefully the rest of the way home, but my bikini was tight enough to keep it all safely contained. I got inside, took a look in the bathroom mirror at the giant bulge and laughed, carefully dumped it out, jumped in the shower and washed myself and the bikini bottoms and they came out perfectly clean with no stain at all somehow. Winning!




Shanna: Thank you for your kind words! You're sweet too! I look forward to hearing more from you!

MJ: I don't usually grunt, but my husband thinks I have a cute sigh or exhale when I'm pooping. It does not embarrass me one bit!

Love to All!


Anna from Austria
Question to ladies. What was your most embarrassing poo desperation moment? Was there a moment when the people in your surroundings noticed that you really had to go?

I was lucky in that regard. Although I am not really good at holding my bm back, I start to fart quite fast I am not going to the restroom really fast after I feel the the pressure at my backdoor, I have always made it to the toilet in time.

But there was really a bad moment when I was 19 when I went to University right after finishing school.

It was the day I arrived at dorm. Had a big cup of coffee before I arrived Back then I was not drinking coffee on regular basis so I had no idea what big effect coffee could have had on my bowels but I learned this lesson rather quick.

Some girls welcomed me at the dorm and showed me my room. Then they showed me everything around the compound. While walking the coffee kicked in and my stomach started to rumble quite audible. One of the girls then said well sounds like it is time to show you were the bathroom is.

Unfortunately the next bathroom was at the gym of the dorm in the locker room.So we entered the locker room, said hello the girls and I went to the empty stall, to do my usual loud and smelly poop.

At first I was horrified, was really embarrassing to met new people and the first impression you give this people is listening to your noisy poop.

But unlike at school where such a scene would cause quite a stir and some people would it funny, the university girls did not say anything.

A stark contrast to my school where some teenage girl considered pooping in public as funny. Never understood why.Everybody has to it, and everybody is lucky enough to wait until home.

Anyway that is my story for today.

greetings from Austria



To Eileen

Hi yes it was good to have some time off work thankyou could do with some more really how is things no real memorable toilet visits recently how about you?

To Carin: Hey! I'm so happy you liked my post, I'm sure my mother wouldn't have known if I didn't use a seat cover but she would've been mad if I did. Even at home she wants us covering the seat with TP when we sit down on the toilet. She just doesn't like it when skin touches germy surfaces.



My poops last week were imperceivable by smell due to a cold. They were soft, and semiformed. Some poops were gassy,too. My nasal ability took some time to start coming back, but on the bright side, it made me really appreciate my poop consistency. I also love hearing my toilet drain as the wastewater running down sometimes makes a sort of metallic sound after it rushes out of the pipes behind the wall. To Sherryl: I love your poop story! I bet that was fun pooping over the railing of your porch. Your story was so good, that I hope you do more amazing poops like that. Bye

Hi peeps, Celine I read your story about you and Jessica just flat out fabulous, I would love to have a buddy dump with you too , and Mina and her friends so much love with friends. I remember this past weekend, I was sitting on the toilet at Blair house in her room with my shorts and string down at my shins just plops away and after I got done she will take her poop afterwards we clean our bottoms in the shower together and get redress and her handsome older brother Colin was around, that I feel so much better around than Dean , I feel like Colin is more on my level who will love me for me though he 20 going on 21 but I can say that he truly is a heart of gold

Wednesday, July 22, 2020


Idea for Audrey

Have you thought about pooping in your sleeping bag?



Carlie B: I'm always impressed by your description of the size and girth of your loads! Congratulations on the hotel upgrade. So, I guess it's true that App updates aren't the only things you download to upgrade. Way to download that brownload!

Victoria B: It is so hot and humid here! Thank you for thinking of me!

Taylor: I saw your response to Trina. Again, it makes me feel better to know that I'm not alone in this. Thank you for sharing.

When I've had an accident or a really large, firm bowel movement, like those Carlie B and Victoria describe, it's usually because I'm irregular due to travel. When I'm in my routine, living life, and doing my thing, I have my to large, voluminous doodies daily. Mine are usually thick and substantial, but soft. So, the accidents have happened when I have a lot of stool built up and when it's really firm. The pressure to go is intense, along with some cramping sensations.

If it ever happens again, I promise I will share!

Love to all!



Response to MJ

Hi MJ! I wanted to answer your question. Honestly no im not embarrassed about grunting when i go poop.ive just taken it as a way to let go of some frustration when taking a tough poop. Ill also do it if i need when im pooping in public restrooms. I usually just let out sharp and short but tough grunts and groans when im struggling with a poop and i usually let out a few moans and whimpers after im done until i feel better.

Recently i was pooping at a friends house. She was in her room which is next to the restroom and i had to go use the potty. The walls arent very thick and i heard my friend laughing when I let out a loud crash of poop. I wasnt paying too much attention but I got back to my friend and she said she thought it was funny hearing me groan and whine after poop came out.

Catherine: Thanks so much!!! You seem really sweet. I love your stories and always look forward to reading them!

Taylor: I hope youre okay! When im having my monthly, my poops tend to have the same consistency but I feel much more pain and cramps when doing it.

No new stories from me, can't wait to see your new ones!!
-Shanna <3

To Carin: Hey! I'm so happy you liked my post, I'm sure my mother wouldn't have known if I didn't use a seat cover but she would've been mad if I did. Even at home she wants us covering the seat with TP when we sit down on the toilet. She just doesn't like it when skin touches germy surfaces.


8 days between craps

Last summer at this time I was at a weeklong Bible camp 4 hours away in the middle of our state. Since there was so much food there that I took advantage of, I had a crap come knocking like every day or two. However, I found that even peeing in the toilets there was bad enough. All 30 of the girls toilets were in this metal building that looked older than my grandpa. He's 80. In order to use one of the toilets you had to take a step up off the concrete floor onto a wooden plank, turn around and then behind you was another level on which there was this long line of wood, with holes the size of a real toilet you would sit over and your crap would go down under you and fall onto the ground, I guess. The wood had been painted black like a real toilet seat, but with slivers and chipping under your butt so common you didn't want to move or change position You underthigh would pay a painful price. Every time I peed I had to remember to sit straight down and stand straight up, otherwise, I would get cut.

So on Sunday morning dad drove his truck down to get me. He got out of his truck immediately, asked me to point him to the bathroom, and he walked over there real fast because he drinks a lot of coffee and other fluids. When he came back looking quite relieved, I asked him how he like the toilets and he said they were probably the same ones that grandpa used back in the 1930s. And I believe him on that, although they have to be easier on the guys than the girls.

About an hour into our trip on the Interstate back home, I asked dad to stop at the first rest area. He said I should have gone at camp. Then I laid the whole story on him and he seemed to get more frustrated, finally yelling at me not to go 8 days without a bowel movement again. Then he gave me a couple of reasons: it wasn't normal, and he used a word for a hospital procedure to forcefully remove a person's crap that seemed pretty severe. Once there, he parked, got out and was lighting a smoke when he yelled at me to stay on the stool until I could "produce." He said no excuses and some other words that didn't sound very nice.

Like so many other rest stop toilets in recent years, none of these had doors for privacy. So I took the far end one. It looked pretty clean, although the pee in it was a pretty solid tone of yellow. I pulled down my jeans and underwear as I waited for the flush to end. I found the seat to be pretty comfortable. I checked my phone and found it had been 14 hours since I took 4 laxative tablets before going to bed. I did some heavy pushing that actually hurt, then a couple of other physical exercises that have helped me in the past. One was a series of straddle stands my pediatrician had demonstrated for me to use when I was constipated back at the beginning of high school. Then I sat back down, made myself comfortable, and after about 5 minutes the train was coming. After one or two small pushes the crap steadily slid out of me with less pain than expected. That was probably because the laxative had softened it

It had gone directly to the entrance of the hole in the bowl and it was about 2 times as wide. At least 60% of it was clinging to the bowl above the water level. I could just feel that I had one huge wiping challenge ahead of me. My first couple of wipes were poor because I was getting crap on my fingers and there were chunks of soft hanging from the toilet paper. It felt like a half ounce of poo was still hanging from my butt. Since I knew I was going to be using more than the inch or so of paper left on the roll, I reached down and flushed.

I waddled to the next toilet, which had almost a full roll of toilet tissue, seated myself and started my cleaning. I think it was 10 or 11 mitts of toilet paper used and at that point my rectum was getting increasingly sore. And on a couple of the papers I could see a few streaks of blood. Another full bowl. Then I flushed. As I pulled up my black underwear I felt so lucky with my choice. I knew I wasn't fully clean, but knew that mom wouldn't be able to see any streaks when she sorted the hamper into the washer. Dad and I stopped for lunch a couple hours later. I peed there and for the first time in my life I pulled off one of the paper hand towels for another wipe. It seemed to work pretty well as yet another attempt to fully clean my rectum. The paper was softer and didn't hurt as much

When I got back to our table I wasn't surprised that I now had a decent appetite for the first time in a couple of days. When I was finishing up my food, dad excused himself for the bathroom. He was gone for at least 15 minutes. His turn to crap I guess.

Taylor T


Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posts lately. I haven't been able to leave the house because my mother got infected with COVID 19. She's been staying in the basement but I am not allowed to go to work until further notice. Luckily I have no symptoms and hopefully don't have it. And my mother is doing great besides a high fever and diarrhea. I've been having my abnormally big poops every 2-3 days but just at home. I've been noticing that I'm clogging the toilet a lot lol. Anyways I have a couple of replies for people.

To Amelia: I'm glad you like my stories! You said your little cousin has a poop fetish? I've known a couple of people like that. I love talking about pooping and peeing as well. It's just a great feeling after a nice poop. But I wouldn't say I have a fetish. More of just an interest with the subject.

To Audrey: I liked your story about the double outhouse. I've never seen or used one before but I would love to with a friend. I can only imagine how great that would be.

To Johnny: I've pooped at a water park before too and it was awesome. My friend Brianna and I went to the Six Flags Water Park near my grandmothers house. We both pooped after a rollercoaster but mine was a lot bigger so I took longer.

To Celine: Loved your story about you and Jessica. I've never met someone through pooping together before but I want to really badly. Both of your poops must have felt amazing to let out.

To Carlie B: Is it common for you to overflow toilets lol? I usually only clog but nothing of overflowing. And when did you start having these big poops.

Those are all my questions and replies and hopefully everybody answers them. I'd really appreciate it! I've had to take a huge poop all day and I am finally sitting down as I'm writing this. But I have a question for people to answer if they choose to.

When you sit down to pee/poop do you fart when you hit the seat/ in the middle of peeing or pooping. Or do you not fart at all? Just asking because right when I sat down I let out the biggest fart lol. Felt good but just wondered if it happened to others as well.


Rail station shit

The other day I went out for a drive around as the weather was good. Because of the pandemic most public wash rooms are shut.I had not had a BM for 4 days and could not find a suitable pulloff from the road to enable me to go. I arrived at a café with an outdoor garden at a heritage rail station. While walking around I got the I must have a shit urge I saw a sign for the toilets, were they open? found a door saying UNISEX, it was open I went in and found two cubicals which were self contained rooms.WC washbasin. I took my shorts and black knickers down to my knees, sat down and relaxed without needing to push my shit started to slide out which it did quickly, I felt there was more to come so pushed a bit and more shit came out, then once more and all was done, I had that wonderful empty feeling. I did not wipe just pulled my knickers and shorts up. I turned around and looked at my shit. The first one was about 10" long the other two pushes produced various pieces of shit. It would not flush away so I sanitised my hands. At home I discovered in my knickers a big skidmark and some pieces of shit. What an enjoyable day out event.

youSTEPHENr name (optional)
I poop two or three times a day 1000 pa . I keep bed pans and paper under two seats in car often this I use during shopping trips when I arrive or leave car park.
A few months ago I was delayed two hours on motorway , when I left @ slip road I pulled in to a layby placed anorack in windscreen retrieved bedpan from under seat lowered my jogging bottoms and pants slid pan under my bum pulled fleece over my knees as I was weeing . Five seconds later my bowels opened , I remained seated another four mins having a number two.
when I had done pulled fleece away leaned to my left put pan on passenger floor wiped my bum with three ply kitchen towel as sheets are bigger more absorbant. Pulled up my pants and jogging bottoms removed anorack from windscreen and continued my journey.

Monday, July 20, 2020


To Audrey

That was a great story. Glad that you tried all of our suggestions. Would love to hear the stories about that. I just went on my back porch and hopped up on to the railing, hanging my ass on the edge and dropped a huge poop down on to the ground below. It felt really good and it was a huge relief. Went back inside to the bathroom, got in the tub and used the shower head and washed my ass out lol

Celine: it's cool that Jessica was okay with peeing in the tub! Do you do that often?
Also, I'm going away to camp again, so if anyone has more ideas for stuff I can try outside or in a tent that I have to myself, feel free to share!


My childhood URINE!

When I was little, from age 5 on to 14, my strict mom had what she called holding sessions or what my aunt called pee-pee holds. Where I was forced to hold my bladder in as a punishment for doing bad at Baseball practice or lost a game. I can remember it and feel it like it was yesterday, all those times at practice, games and just sitting on the couch absolutely bursting to pee. Mom nor aunt would also never let me pee at practice. Kids today are so spoiled. Anyone ever had any parents or guardians who would use that punishment or some punishment that was similar? :) :)


Replies to Audrey and Update

Oh I'm glad you liked my stories. And I can talk about my sister :)

Haley is 4 now, she goes in her training potty and on the big girl potty when it has her potty seat. However she does occasionally use my training potty when she hangs out in my room. Also she knows that she can get away with going potty in my closet.


Wife had urgent poo on vac

We were heading to fl on vac stopped and ate at a Chinese restaurant on the way . We were almost there my wife leaned over and said she had to poop bad I told her we were 5 min from the hotel she said ok I went in to check in got the room key and stuff went back to the truck she was breathing heavy saying please say they let us ck in early I said yup. Pulled in front of the room got out opening the door she was already dying I got the door open she rushed to the toilet didnt even close the door. Sat down and exploded a soft runny poo I could hear everything she moaned in relief saying thank god . She had to go it was urgent I never heard her poop like that before I asked if she was ok she replied I am now woww


Monthly cycle affecting pooping.

Trina - I know exactly what you mean! It's like time stands still and feels like your poop is coming out forever. It's probably only a couple of seconds but the uncontrollable push seems never ending. I am a little tempted to try doing it on purpose but I don't know if I'm allowed to post about it here.

Does anyone else notice a change in their toilet visits when on your period?

I felt my usual need to go so I sat on the toilet and for some reason my poop was really soft. Not liquid but not firm either. Not only that, it would only come out if I pushed. It was like an ice cream dispenser. This lasted for a few minutes before I felt empty instead of my usual solid log in a few seconds.


My responses


Grunting questions:

1) How long and hard have you had to grunt for in order to poop?

This happened early in my junior year of high school. My parents had moved across the country and I was in like the second week of school at a new place. This guy in my honors history class wanted me to work with him after school on a research project. I had not yet located the bathroom on that wing of the building and he and I were walking to the library to get some work in when he said he would show me to the bathroom. He did. I thought he would go to the library and get things set up for our session. He didn't. He sat on the bench outside the bathroom and heard me grunt for probably about 30 seconds while I got the big one out. He heard the splash and then my sigh. I didn't have much trouble cleaning myself from the seat and I flushed (it didn't work!) and washed my hands. When I came out I was surprised to find that he had stayed and heard my crap. He was sympathetic in telling me about some of the "rough ones" he has too. He said he crapped every day in study hall, but I remained embarrassed and brought the conversation back to our Roman History project. A couple hours later when we were leaving the building for our walk home, I had been holding my pee and excused myself. Before I dropped my butt onto the seat, I flushed the toilet and then put a number of those wiping squares of toilet paper across the top of the bowl water. That way he wouldn't hear me pee before we went to the bus stop.

Would you grunt in public if you thought someone would hear?

I use public toilets a lot today. If it was a single-staller and no one else was waiting I wouldn't mind. Otherwise, I would be reluctant to recognize the attention.


What is one of your favorite bathroom accessories?

My phone. This is more so if I'm away from home because when I'm at one of Diver's softball games, many of the park toilets have panels that are pretty gross with graffiti and other vandalism that can gross one out. Once a month or so, I have to use a stall without a privacy door. My phone enables me to divert my attention and catch up on what's happening with my friends and in the world.

Positioned Pooper:

1. What is the strangest positions you have ever pooped in?

My friend Rema and I were riding our bikes. We were pushing curfew and probably 75% dark. I think I was about 11. I took a seat on the concrete over a neighborhood sewer, pulled down my jeans, and although it was uncomfortable, I did a 15 second semi-soft crap into the storm sewer. Rema had used that "seat" a couple of times of do a pee that was really hurting her. Such decisions probably bought us another 45 minutes or so together before we went home for the night.

2. If you ever pooped laying down, is it easier to lay while laying on your back, side or stomach?

Never had.

3. Do you find pooping more pleasurable when its more difficult?

Yes. I pooped in a ground-mounted ashtray almost as large as a regular toilet seat in a public park when I was with Diver at a tournament. The toilet building was padlocked and a couple of other spectators also did too. There were some portable toilets in another part of the softball complex, but a nice collection of trees, with shade, gave us the better opportunity.

4. Do you have a story about pooping in a strange position?

Once my senior year in high school I had to poop bad. All the toilets were in poor shape; bowls jammed and smelling, pee on seats, etc. It was a think-fast moment for me. I sat over the side of the seat in an extremely crowded situation with my face against an empty toilet paper dispenser. I had seen young kids afraid of falling in do that, but it was the only way to avoid sitting in the urine on the other side of the seat.

Nearly a bathroom accident

At Walmart this morning, I got done shopping and needed to pee. I went into the men's then headed for the tall urinal. I was about then I realized the urinal was coated in plastic. I don't have much peripheral vision; so I spotted a light object out of the corner of my eye.

Bathroom accidents can come out of various reasons. Thankfully, I did not have to go to the service desk and admit my careless misdeed!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bianca as always another great set of stories.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends pooping.

To: Catherine great story it sounds like you had a really good poop and I bet you felt pretty good afterwards as well.

To: Andrea great story about your huge poop.

To: Sherryl great story.

To: Celine great story it sounds like both had really great poops.

To: Seraphina great set of stories.

To: Nicole S great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Trina


Thank you so much for your post and affirming this "thing" with solid accidents. I really appreciate it when I realize that there are more people who understand and can relate. The tingling, shivering and the feeling of going just because I no longer have the strength to fight it is amazing.

I've thought about telling my husband. but am worried that he would think me gross. He's pretty understanding, but I just don't know...

Yes, everyday I think about either holding too long so that I will have an accident or at least staging the circumstances for having an accident just to see if it will happen. I'm afraid I would form an addiction if I did it on purpose or that I would not be able to hide it.

But if it did happen again, I would not be disappointed. In fact, if it never happened again, I would be pretty upset.

I'm glad that you had your privacy and were able to get cleaned up without anyone knowing.

Thanks for writing!



Victoria B

A few responses

Just a few responses today:

To Carlie B:
Loved your story! Congratulations on pooping your way to a nicer room! Hotel toilets are always the worst and I'm glad Lindsey and Hayley were prepared.
I kind of used creative license in my tale of Robyn's and my plumbing malfunction. Her landlord said that pretty much anything would've sent it to the porcelain afterlife but Robyn and I made sure to give it a proper send off. She's also a big pooper, her loads can sometimes match mine and we've taken turns plunging each other's toilets for about as long as we've known each other! My own plunger was a gift from college friends and is custom-painted pink with my name on the handle. I'm thinking about doing something like that as a birthday gift for her next month. What's your plunger like? I'm curious because you're one of the only people I've talked to who gets as much use out of one as I do! Glad you had fun in SoCal!

To Catherine: I have no idea but it's frustrating. My friends always used to joke that I should have majored in engineering to design one that could handle me! Hope you're staying cool!


Jasmin K

Grunting to poo

Reply to question from M J

I don't care who hears me grunting and straining now but when I first started secondary school i was embarrassed in case someone heard me. In Junior school I used to strain and grunt on the toilet when I needed to poo as I was often very constipated. I avoided the toilets in secondary school for the first couple of years and then one day I just had to do a poo I hadn't been for like 3'days and I just had to get it out so sat on a toilet and strained and ended up grunting. No one seemed to notice and I could hear someone else straining and grunting so I just kept doing it until my poo came out. After that I used to go on the toilet at school every morning as they were quieter then and make myself do a poo which required a lot of grunting and straining. I spent about 1/2 an hour each morning in school doing a poo before lessons started. At home it was often an hour or more especially when I was constipated

Jazz K

Saturday, July 18, 2020

To Tyler C

I have never worn a jockstrap before but I could see how that would be an issue if you thought you had it on but instead had on tighty whities. They probably filled up real fast before you realized lol


Camp stories

Here's some stories from summer camp!
So, I tried all of the suggestions, and had a lot of fun in general. However the food was not so great. The first few days, it made me really constipated and I didn't poo at all. However, on Wednesday, they must have put something in the food to clear us all out! Pretty soon, I was feeling a pretty strong pressure throughout my abdomen. By the time I got back to my camp area, I was staggering. There was a long line for the latrine, and one girl just pulled down her shorts and let out a jet of pee and a couple of long turds. Some people had to hold their noses. That was when I realized what the problem was. You see, we were using an outhouse latrine called a two holer. There were two toilets side by side, and a trough urinal. There was only one girl in there,my friend Sophie. I said "get a move on, more of you can fit!" A couple of girls went in. Sophie was uncomfortable and told them to give her privacy, but she was comfortable with me. I squatted on top of the seat and let out a stream of pee and a large turd that had bee forcing its way out dropped. Sophie moaned and said "Audrey I can't believe I haven't had a poo since we got here!" "Me neither, but you'll be fine. I have her a pat on the back. She moaned and I heard a loud crackling, and some splashes from below. She doubled over and a continues jet of diarrhea blasted out of her but. Another girl, Maura, stumbled in, shitting her panties. It started to run down her legs in waves. She ripped down her panties and let out a blast of pee and liquid poop. She sat asked for the toilet and let her share with me, and another girl sat down to share with Sophie, who seemed to be getting over her shyness. As a new girl came in I stood up as the others began dropping lengthy liquidy turds I dropped my shorts and panties to my ankles and bent over in front of the urinal and blasted a wave of liquid shit against it, which splashed back against my thighs. Ella rushed in an did the same, but didn't bend over enough and pissed all over her shoes and legs. I showed her to aim for the floor drain. I let out about three more waves of diarrhea, filling up the urinal trough, which took a while to drain out. Washed up and left, and Rose remarked that she had never shared a toilet before. I laughed and said that we could do it together whenever she wanted. "Gross!"exclaimed Rose. "Yeah, by that was all gross and it was kind of fun!" She agreed.
Marie: I have read some of your stories. Did you ahsve a story about having diarrhea in a hotel room? Or was that someone else? Also, I remember pretty far back that you wrote something about teaching your little sister or someone to pee on the floor when they needed, which I think is pretty cool! How did that go?


Aqua park pooping

Hy,I'm Johnny, a 16 yo blonde and tall boy from Romania. This story happened to me this Sunday when my uncle took me and my cousin to this new aqua park from my city. At about 12pm me and my cousin went to buy something to ear and after about an hour of waitting we got our burgers. We ate them, stayed a little an then we gone back to the pool. After half an hour of swimming I felt my belly started kinda hurt and I feld a little presure on my asshole. I knew I got to take a shit so I got out of the pool and went to the bathroom. I entered the bathroom and there were four cubicles all ocupied. Now.. I was starting to get desperate to release te preesure so I started to let some quiet farts when I heared a giant fart from one of the cubicles. I waited for another 2-3 minutes when a man about 40 got out of a cublicle. I entered and I was hit by a smell of shit so.. I knew were the fart came from. Quickly a lowered my shorts, sat on the toilet and a a big smooth poop started to slide out of my butt. It felt so good. I wiped my butt and looked in the toilet to see what I made. It was a 10-12 cm long brown poop. Afert that I continued my day at the aqua park.
I hope you like my story and I'll come with others.


Sleepover dump with Jessica

Last weekend, Jessica had come to my house for a sleepover. Ever since I helped her get over her phobia towards having a bowel movement in a school toilet, we've become friends quickly. I had told her about my pink toilet, and she was excited to use it. Saturday night, we had just watched a few movies when she got up off my bed. "The moment has come" she said, giggling. "It's time for me to shit. And I've been saving this one just for that pink toilet. Come keep me some company, it might take awhile". I laughed and followed her into my bathroom. As she was unbuttoning her jeans, she farted loudly and that made her giggle harder as she pushed them and her panties to just below her knees and settled onto the cushioned seat. She smiled at me and said "This is a lovely seat. I could get used to this". I smiled back and pushed my jean shorts and thong down to my ankles as I sat on the edge of the bathtub facing her with my ass hanging over the other side. I immediately started to pee, a loud and hissy stream that made quite a bit of noise as it hit the surface of the tub, and after a couple moments, Jessica also began to pee. After about twenty seconds I was done, and Jessica's pee tapered off around the same time. She leaned forward ever so slightly, closed her eyes, and bit her lip. I heard the crackle of her turd and she gives a little push, saying "Don't you love the ones where you have to work those extra muscles?" and I agreed as I wiped myself and pulled my shorts up. She straightened her back and grabbed the sides of the seat. "Ooooooh here it comes" she said, and took a deep breath as her first log hit the water with a serious splash. She jumped a little, and smiled apologetically at me. "Cold water on my ass", she said, and closed her eyes again. I heard another meaty crackling that seemed to go on forever before the second big splash, followed by some errant wet-sounding farts. She reached for the toilet paper and told me "WHAT a relief!" as she began to wipe her ass. As she was pulling up her pants, I took a peek inside the bowl. Two enormous, healthy looking turds lay on top of each other in the bowl-it looked to be nearly two feet in length. "I feel so much better, honey." she said. She flushed and we returned to our movies, and a few hours later it was my turn to take big dump. I went in the bathroom with Jessica close behind and because she needed to now pee, she dropped her pants and sort of hover-squatted over the edge of the tub. She peed gently for a few seconds, and my load began to exit my body almost as soon as my ass was on the seat. The turd stretched my hole wide as it began to slide out-it kept coming and coming, unbroken, until it snapped off and landed in the bowl. Feeling sufficiently voided, I wiped my ass and stood up to look at my creation. It was so big that the tip protruded partially from the water, almost reaching the inside of the toilet seat. Jessica came over and whistled her approval, and I pulled up my shorts and washed my hands before we went back into my bedroom and went to sleep about an hour later.



To all female posters....

I was wondering if you are embarrassed to grunt? If not, How long and hard have you had to grunt for in order to poop? Would you not grunt in public if you thought someone would hear?

I have just spent my first night at a popular surfing beach in Norway. No toilets here and everyone has to go to toilet outside. I went well away from the beach before pulling shorts down to get my things done this morning. But when squatting another camper came by. She waved to me with a huge smile as she passed by! Highly embarrassing but I got somewhat relaxed about it when I could notice that she was on her way to do just the same. When I had finished I saw her squat some 100 meters away trying to hide back a stone.


My mom's standing crap

My mom and I recently flew to the southern part of the U.S. to help my grandma move from one apartment to assisted living. Mom is very deliberate about taking her craps at home and thinking about such needs when we are traveling. We've waited an hour or two in our hotel room in the morning for mom to have her crap before we've ventured out. As for me, I have most of my craps at school during school time or immediately after school before I leave for home. Sitting for a crap, even if I'm forced to use a toilet stall with no door, is nothing I abhor. However, among many of my friends and those I tutor before and after school, taking a crap at school is something to be avoided. I'm surprised especially at the number of guys who will go way out of their way to avoid taking a simple crap at school. I guess I just don't get it.

Anyway on our trip our flight was delayed in coming back home, we had given up our hotel room, and both of us we caught needing to crap at the airport at about 9 a.m. in the morning. We walked to the hugest bathroom I've ever seen together only knowing that both of us needed to use the facilities. We took toilets next to one another. My seat was up and I quickly dropped it and methodically lowered my clothing and took my seat. "Oh, Carin, I'm surprised you're not lining the seat--you really should in a place like this because you don't know who/how many people have used it before you." By then I was spreading my legs and my usual semi-soft log was sliding out. Then came a second as I was studying what was happening with mom. She spread her legs wide, tore off some toilet paper and used it with her hand as she wiped down the seat. OK, I understood that, and that's one of the options that she taught me at about age 6 or 7. Then her body was lowered from what I could see over the panel and I could hear her push, cough, push, push and cough some as her feet were still and a series of splashes came when I could hear her let up on the pushing.

It reminded me that she was squat crapping--something I had last seen her do at a theme park we were at perhaps 10 years ago. Her balance impressed me, and she never seemed to lose her composure. Then still standing, I heard her pull off quite a bit of toilet paper and take 3 or 4 long scraping sounding wipes, and then dropping the paper into the toilet. I then heard her tear off more toilet paper and when wipe down the seat. This was strange and then she flushed with her left foot. She did stagger a bit after doing that but when I joined her at the sinks she reaffirmed: "You really shouldn't sit directly on public toilet seats, Hon. I remember teaching you to carefully lay toilet paper down first. Why have you gotten away from that?" Then she talked about the current virus, pandemic and stuff like that. I know she's worrying about me going to college this fall and what I will be exposed to.

I feel a little guilty, but I guess I'm set in my ways. Several of my school friends, especially the males, seem to have germaphobe characteristics too. I guess I'm just not there yet.

To Amelia:

I enjoyed what you said about your mom. What would have happened if you had seated yourself without using the seat protector? What other germaphobic tendencies does your mom have?

Carlie B.

Reward For a Big Dump!

Hi all, thanks to everyone who took the survey. A funny story from the holiday weekend:

Over the holiday weekend we visited some friends in LA. On Thursday morning we drove down. I missed my morning dump, but we stopped about halfway at in n out. I took that opportunity to go. The restaurant and the bathroom were crowded, so I did have to apologize to the teenage girl waiting to go in after me for clogging it. We had planned to rent out a big house for a number of us to stay at but it got cancelled by the owner at the last second, so we had to settle for a hotel. Lindsey, Hayley, another of our friends Olivia and myself all stayed together at a motel right near the ocean. The location was great but the room was pretty tiny. As I mentioned, I hate hotel toilets and so I decided I wouldn't be using the one in the room. I held it that night and was able to go at breakfast the next morning.

That night, we spent the night at a friend's house drinking and having fun. By the time we got back, I was needing to go badly. Had I not been buzzed from drinking all night, I would have probably gone to the lobby to poo, but I didn't have it in me so I just used our room's toilet. As I sat down, I could hear Lindsey pick up the room phone and dial a number. A few seconds later I heard her explain that our toilet was clogged and someone needed to come fix it! Hayley and Olivia burst out laughing. I was kinda embarrassed but couldn't actually complain-she was going to be right. I laid a large log that broke about 2/3rds the way. The last third plopped on top and I was done. Almost on cue, there was a knock on the door as I stepped out. I let the janitor in and he went in. We could hear him pumping away for a few minutes. The toilet was super weak so flushing wasn't gonna be easy.

About ten minutes in we heard him flush, wait a second or two, and then flush again. A few seconds later we heard water hit the floor. The toilet was overflowing! He called something in on his radio. He didn't speak much English, but we figured out he wanted us to hold on a sec while he went somewhere. We got up to go look and it looked like the bathroom had flooded a bit and the carpet outside the bathroom was soaked pretty good before he was able to shut off the water. I could see from the edge that my turd was still in there. He had gotten it shoved about halfway down before it caused the overflow. I was super embarrassed but also surprised the janitor didn't know how to prevent an overflow. Lindsey joked that he had probably never seen such a huge load.

A few minutes later, the janitor and a woman front the front desk returned. She told us we would be getting a new room since ours needed to be cleaned. We gathered all our stuff and followed her. She explained that since the normal rooms were all full for the holiday that we were gonna get upgraded to a suite. The new room was way bigger and nicer too. We thanked her and she left. We were all super excited to be in this much better room. Olivia asked if she could borrow me to get her free upgrades every time she stays at a hotel. This was definitely the first time I've ever been rewarded for one of my big logs. By now it was almost 2 AM and we were all exhausted.

The rest of the trip was great and thankfully uneventful on the bathroom front. We stopped at Target on Sunday and that was the only other time I ended up pooping the whole trip.

We also got our new toilet a couple weeks ago and it seems to be working well. Neither Lindsey or Hayley have had any trouble flushing it so it's definitely better than the one before it.

Victoria B: funny story about breaking your friend's toilet. Sounds like to you took a really big one! I would love to compare with other people who can poop as big as I do. I've done some looking online and I haven't found anything to convince me that it's possible to actually break a toilet because of a big poop. I was curious if the need to flush it 5-10+ times in succession when I'm plunging was bad for the life of the toilet, but wasn't able to find any good info. Does Robyn poo as big as you do? If so, she may be wearing it out by flushing so often when she clogs it. You mentioned that she "finished it off." Do you mean she just took another big poo and made the problem even worse? Either way, funny story!!



Victoria B: Haha! I imagine that toilet had finally seen its day and that Robyn got a new toilet out of the ordeal! It's like we were talking about a few weeks ago - are "normal" poops not as large as ours??? Everything I've ever read about bowel movements from those who practice more holistic medicine, clean eating, etc. seem to indicate that the bigger the bowel movement the healthier we are. But why are our toilets not designed to handle large ones???

Shannon: I'm so sorry about your diarrhea accident! Hope you are better!

Shanna: I hate that you suffer from IBS-M. As a child I would have alternating constipation and diarrhea until my parents drastically changed our eating habits. I hope you can find relief!

Nat: Welcome and I am so sorry about your accident.

I hope everyone is well!



Hey everyone

I posted once on here a while ago about going camping with family friends and watching a young family friend same age as me do a poo on the ground from afar
I thought I would share another story from a little while ago.when I was my first year out of high school me and a friend from high school went out on a sort of double date with two girls he was friends with from high school. It wasn't an official date like no one ended up in a relationship and there was no sex or anything but we were each out with one of the girls in particular - the one I was with was a fairly attractive sweet girl with blonde hair- and the one my friend was with had dark hair, was also attractive and was slim and athletic, she played a lot of sport in school like netball and stuff
We went to a nice restaurant for tea, then McDonald's after lol not sure why I think it was just the place to go haha- but either way the girls both excused themselves to go to the bathroom
Anyway I needed to pee so I went in the bathroom- thing is it was a unisex bathroom
I knew the girls were in there I just thought they were both peeing, so was I, so no big deal, but eventually the smell hit me and I realised they were more than just peeing
They were in the stalls next to each other- I noticed the dark haired girls stall wasn't locked- I wasn't trying to look in and the door was still closed in so I couldn't see in so I'm guessing it just was broken or something
Anyways I went up to the urinal to start to pee. I wasn't really paying attention but I had my pants and undies about halfway down my butt then the cleaner walked on
She clearly saw my ass and everything and I think once the smell hit hershe said softly to herself aw poo I think I'll come back later- which is kind of rude but oh well lol
I'm not sure if she thought it was from me farting or something but either way I finished up, went and washed my hands- at which point I could hear the blonde girl softly grunting from her stall but I got out cos I didn't want to just hang around in there and be weird
Anyways it was a good evening and me and my friend continued to be friends with them for awhile- I've since moved away so I'm not really in touch with them as much but I think my friend is
Sorry that the story was so long but yeah hope u enjoyed I guess lol

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