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Midwest Anonymous

Delayed Post Thanksgiving Dump

It was Thanksgiving two days ago and sadly I didn't take the post Thanksgiving dump on Friday. Anyway this morning I made myself some iced coffee on the new Keurig my family got. I followed it up with a bowl of cereal. I went up to my room and browsed some stories on the site off and on, I'm currently working my way through the "Back With A Old Friend" series by Upstate Dave.

I eventually got the feeling that I had to poop and I knew it was going to be a big one. I went to the bathroom, wearing a t-shirt and my Tommy Hilfiger hip briefs with my shorts in my hand to bring with me just in case. (I was home alone). I pulled the briefs down to my ankles and started peeing a pale yellow stream right there and then. I didn't hold my penis down because it was going in the bowl. I kept peeing and some sprayed out when I moved back on the toilet.I rolled off some toilet paper to wipe the pee off the seat. I then dropped two big logs followed by two smaller ones. Shortly after I had a weaker pee stream come out of my penis.

I then started wiping. I rolled off a wad of paper and wiped. There was heavy residue, I folded the paper and wiped again. I still got the same result. I did the same thing with the second wad and saw less residue. I did the same with the third wad and saw less. Same thing with the 4th and 5th. By the 6th wad I was clean. I remained sitting on the toilet as I flushed it. My penis let out two short spurts of pee. I pulled up my Tommy Hilfiger hip briefs, adjusted my penis to my liking, washed my hands and went back to my room in just my briefs and my t-shirt since I was home alone.

Thank you for reading another one of my stories and like always feel free to send an email to me at I'd appreciate any and all feedback or suggestions you have for me.


Accident on the way home from work

Michelle, my story is similar to yours where I'd held it in all day at school. I tried to go at school during the afternoon but I couldn't. I remember covering the seat and as soon as I sat down already my heart pounding from anxiety the door opens and this girl rushes in and hear toilet roll being pulled and a lot of swearing. The thud of her hitting the seat and a wee. I thought I'd just wait for her to finish and leave so sat in silence but my worst fears happened, she just sat in silence. What seemed like yours passed but I think it was 10mins.
She suddenly says 'you in the other stall, can you hurry up and leave, I need to s**t'. I was like sorry but I'm desperate too then I just like gave up and went back to class and let her go in peace.

So after that I was too anxious to go anyway and I was sitting on my leg on the bus and as soon as I got off I could hardly walk. I filled my pants up as it all just came out, I was bent double. Luckily there was no one around too so I just limped home and emptied it into the toilet.

From that day forward if I'd not been able to go for while I claimed I was sick so I could stay home if there was any risk I'd not be able to hold it. I still ended up holding it in though


Response to Kristi about nice bathrooms

I'm not sure if I've ever seen a public restroom as fancy as the one you're describing, but I've seen family restrooms that come close. Some of them have been as big as a normal restroom, but with separate stalls and an area with chairs and even a couch like you mentioned for people to wait. Some were just slightly bigger and had two toilets, but still had a chair in there for some reason. In my experience, almost all of them had some kind of furniture for people to sit on. Definitely fancier than regular public restrooms.


Paint need a potty

Paint and I were walking around the city when suddenly Paint wanted to go potty. He patient for a while, but then I noticed seem that he want to pee, and asked if he wanted to go to the toilet. He admitted that he want to, but we were far from home, so he didn't know what to do. There were no nearby shops equipped with toilets. Toilet cubicles too. But while Paint could stand it, we ran to look for a lavatory. We searched for a long time, but nothing came across on the way. Meanwhile, Paint wanted to toilet more, and more, he was already dancing. We passed by one of the big houses, and this house seemed familiar to me. I remembered that one of my school friends lives here. Paint and I went into the house and called the apartment. Fortunately, my classmate reacted to the situation with understanding, and let the Paint into the toilet. Even from the hallway I could hear a sigh of relief, and a splash coming from the toilet. It's good that Paint managed to patient!


About Beautiful Loo : Dear Kristi

Kristi, you asked about very beautiful loo. My family found very long time ago, on coast of Sea of Japan. I wrote all about it in a page 2657, so please read that page.

I have so good memory of that loo. I squatted surround by trees and plants, and I thought, perhaps I can't do motion, but after few minutes of squat, it came! And came more and more and more and more and curl round (I learn that words this site). So when I stand up, it looked like huge light brown football in that loo.

Now if we want to use that loo we have to be restaurant customer, and restaurant is very expensive! People who only do a shopping in gift shop can't use that loo! It is a very disappointment!

Love from Mina and 3 crushes


Sunday Morning Relief!

Hello, my name is Lindsay I am 35 years old 5'8 with sandy blonde hair. I am not fat but I am kinda ????. Anyway, this first post of mine will be about what occurred this Sunday morning at church.

I had been constipated since Thanksgiving and I hadn't pooped at all in about three and a half days! This was a major concern because I feasted heavily on Thanksgiving. My lower belly had since been bloated and as hard as a rock. This morning however, while my family and I were attending church service, my bowls began to ache with a dual and grinding pain.

I couldn't help but shift my torso left and right, elbowing my poor husband and an elderly woman sitting in the pew next to me. My husband asked me what the matter was and I said "I think that I need to excuse myself" I got up from the pew as the pastor was giving his sermon and hurried down the hall out of the worship chamber.

I was embarrassed as I left and could feel my face flush red. I made it to the bathroom and luckily I was the only one there. I ran into the third stall at the end of restroom. I hoisted up my dress, pulled my pantyhose and panties down, and as soon as I sat on the pot a thick sludge of poop began to poor out of me like soft serve ice cream.
It wasn't diarrhea but an orange brownish sorbet! I leaned forward on the tips of my boots and let my bowels empty for good five or so minutes. When I had finally finished I looked down between my legs and the entire toilet bowel was filled with half a week's worth of feces, the relief was incredible Phew!

When I flushed the toilet there was so much mushy poop that it clogged so I had to waddle out of my stall and grab a toilet plunger near one of the two sinks. Luckily no one came in while I was out to grab the plunger; they would have seen me with my pantyhose pulled down over my knees as I stepped out of the toilet! How crazy would that have been?
I got the toilet to unclog it and the entire backed up poop got sucked down the pipe. I spent the next six or so minutes whipping all the orange muddy poop out of my butt, I must have had to flush the toilet four times in cleaning myself!

When I had finished cleaning I rejoined my family at the pew, my husband asked me if I was alright and I thanked the lord for giving me relief.
After tonight's dinner here at home my stomach started acting up again so I had to poop twice today. The second time my poop was pure watery diarrhea with a bunch of orange flakes. I figured that it was residual fecal matter that was caught up my stomach. Well now I am off to bed and will start next week much relived!

Mrs Bigandhard

Pushing again to get my over sized bowel movement to move.

Hello all, Constipated again. I had trouble getting it started, had to use a big wad of toilet wadded up and lubricated it, and pushed it into my rectum to get it wide enough. it was difficult to get it in there. I let it be in there until my bowel movement started to come down to my butt hole.
When it finally came down there it stretched me really wide, like the size of a tennis ball.
I strained really hard...a hnnnnn, pushing now nnnnnnah.
with the holidays I eat all the "good stuff" Cake, Candy, which constipates me really a lot.
I have always had this problem since I was in my teens.
Thanks ,, Happy holidays to all.


Pizza deliveries and going to the bathroom

Earlier this semester our university was advertising for pizza delivery drivers. Via online and an 800 number, using your own car, you would deliver pizzas pretty much throughout the city. So I would load the warmers into my car and take off with my deliveries. This pizza kitchen was operated out of an old gas station and we were not allowed to get out of our cars. The warmers would be loaded into our car and we had to take off. So it became apparent to me that first evening that bathroom breaks were not going to be taken at the kitchen, but would be on my time.

I was two hours into my shift on the first afternoon and I hadn't peed since I got done with my Sociology exam four hours earlier. Mandy texted me from her boyfriend's apartment. I told her I was starting to panic about finding a toilet. She was about 45 minutes away so there's wouldn't work. If my pizzas were late I would hurt my tips so I continued driving while my pain was increasing. Finally, I got to my first customer, then second customer and on my way to the third I made three stops at gas stations, but once they saw the light dome on my car they made up some dumb excuse on why I couldn't use their toilet.

Finally I found the prize: a city park two blocks away showed on my phone's map. However, the toilet building couldn't be found. I did a couple more deliveries in that area and came across a large bowling alley. When I asked the guys at the control desk where the toilets were they said they were for league bowlers only. I delivered the last of my pizzas. I ended up finding a mobile toilet on a small construction site. Luckily it was unlocked and I sat on a square, steel seat and took a long, noisy piss. I guess I lucked out because the cameras on the site would have identified me. I quit that job at the end of the shift.

My parents agreed with my decision, although my dad threw in his usual sarcasm. I'm back making pretty good money in child care and I know where my next toilet is going to be.

Short survey:

1. Have you ever scrambled to find a toilet?

2. Where was it and how was it?

3. Have you ever sat on a unfamiliar toilet and been unable the get your pee going?

4. What did you do?

Mr Curious

Uk Roads

I live in London, and am curious to know how common is it for people to poo in lay-bys, roadsides and on the side of motorways in the Uk? You sometimes see paper and poo in quiet lay-bys and behind hedges, but I'm curious to know if this is common and how many people do it, out of necessity when they are desperate


One Time When I Was In Middle School

Seeing some stories on bathrooms with doorless stalls reminded me of the time that something like that happened to me. That is, I faced doorless stalls for the first time and the results were …….. well, not good.
I was in middle school at the time and had never had any issues with school bathrooms. Whatever I needed to do at school, I'd simply do and it was never a big deal for me. In fact, I remember pooping at school quite a bit. But I guess that's not really hard when both my elementary school and my middle school were newly built and had very nice bathrooms. Suffice to say, there were doors on the stalls.
When I was in middle school, my mother served on the district Board of Education. One night, on the night of a Board Meeting, my father suddenly had to work late and on short notice, my mother couldn't find anyone to stay with me. Consequently, I had to go to the meeting with her - at least until my father got done with work and could come and pick me up. Actually, it wasn't so bad because I was kind of interested in what my mom did on the board and I brought something with me to read just in case. They alternated the board meetings among the various schools in the district and, as fate would have it on this particular night, the meeting was at the high school.
My mom made spaghetti for dinner that night - no doubt because it was my favorite meal and she felt bad about having to drag me to her board meeting that night. That was a good thing except for the fact that I ate a real lot and it wasn't long after the meeting started that I felt a need to go to the bathroom. At first, I didn't think much of it. As I said, going at school had never been an issue for me. I simply got up from my seat in the auditorium and set out to find a bathroom. Just down the hall, I found a room marked "GIRLS" and I went inside. And that's when I got the surprise of my young life. I had never before seen or even heard of bathroom stalls with no doors on them. But there they were - a row of 7 toilet stalls all without doors. And, as I said, I not only had to go, I had to go #2. And by now, after that big spaghetti dinner, I had to go kind of bad. I was simply horrified at the prospect of going to the bathroom - especially #2 - like that. As I said, school bathrooms had never been an issue for me. I used to laugh at girls who would make themselves uncomfortable holding it in all day because they refused to poop at school. But we always had nice bathrooms to use. This, however, was something else. I kept thinking how could anyone use the toilet - especially poop - without a door on the stall for privacy. Did girls in high school actually go to the bathroom like this? I was simply stunned that a bathroom could be like this.
Well, to make a long story short, I didn't use the bathroom there. I thought I'd be alright. The board meetings usually didn't take that long, and even so, my dad was going to come by when he got off work and pick me up. At first, I never even gave it a thought that I wouldn't be able to hold it in. I was sure that, except for a little discomfort from holding it in, everything would be fine. I never even thought of the possibility that I was risking having an accident in my pants.
But the meeting was longer than most. And, as the meeting droned on and on, the need to go got worse and worse. In hindsight, I want to kick myself for not recognizing the signs that it had become that urgent. I still shake my head and wonder why I didn't realize that I simply had to go too bad to wait. I mean, the lack of stall doors was indeed horrible, but nothing is worse than doing it in your pants. And it wasn't like the girls' room was going to be crowded or anything. I mean, with no other people in the bathroom at the time, the lack of stall doors really shouldn't have made a whole lot of difference. There really was no excuse for me not being able to use the toilet under those circumstances. But I guess I just wasn't thinking about that at the time. The lack of stall doors just completely shocked me and I just didn't want to go to the bathroom like that.
So I just kept holding it in until, eventually, the inevitable happened. I messed in my panties. One minute I was successfully holding it in. And then suddenly, I felt an even stronger push from my bowels and this time I just couldn't push back. The bowel movement just started coming out and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Suddenly, I had a big mess of poop in my panties. As I felt the mess start to settle in my panties, I could tell it was a lot and all I could do was sit there and hope my poor panties could contain it all. I could feel that it was of a solid consistency but it was all soft and sticky. It felt awful - especially as I started to feel the mess smear all over my backside. I thought about running for the girls' room but the damage was already done. And the prospect of having to deal with the mess in the girls' room there was even less appealing than the idea of simply using the toilet the regular way there. I remember thinking that as bad as it seems, using the doorless stalls couldn't have been worse than having a mess in my panties.
Mercifully, I only had to sit in the mess for a short time as the meeting finally ended. At this point, I still had hopes of getting home, getting myself cleaned up and not being caught with the mess. As bad as the mess was, it felt like a solid one and it seemed to be contained in my underwear. But once in the car with my mom, it was the smell that gave me away. No sooner were we in the car when my mom was sniffing the air and looking over at me. She did that a few times before she got this really puzzled look on her face and then just abruptly asked me, "Did you have an accident in your pants?" I'll never forget my mother's tone - the shock in her voice - as she asked me that question. I wasn't sure how to answer the question. Obviously, I was caught now and there was no way of denying it. But still, it was too embarrassing at my age to actually admit to it. I just sat there for a time, not really sure what to say as my mother just looked over at me with that same shocked, puzzled look on her face. All of a sudden, I just started crying.
Of course, that gave mom her answer - although, obviously, she pretty much already knew by the smell what I'd done. At first - after getting over her initial shock - she was quite angry with me. I mean, I guess its one thing to do it in kindergarten (which I'd done) or in even in first grade, but to mess in your panties in middle school is something else entirely. She started yelling at me at first - telling me that I should be ashamed of myself and demanding to know how it happened. But when she saw how upset I was (I was still crying) and when I explained about the doorless stalls in the girls' room, she calmed down a bit. She then said that she should have warned me about that. She said it was like that to prevent smoking and "other things" in the stalls. She told me that I still should have used the toilet if I needed to, but that she understood how the doorless stalls might have made me feel "uncomfortable." She also explained that she had a keycard which gave her access to the faculty bathrooms where they, of course, had doors on the stalls. The implication was that had if she had known I needed to go, she would have let me use the card. Well, that actually would have been a good thing for me to have known earlier.
Anyway, as I was saying, mom became a lot more sympathetic the more we discussed it and the more she thought about it. She said she understood why I wouldn't want to go in a doorless stall. She made it clear that going in my panties was still unacceptable and that in the future I was expected to use the toilet even it was a doorless stall or anything like that, but she said she understood.
Once home, she asked me how bad it was and she suggested it might be best to just step into the shower and clean myself that way. She insisted, though, that I'd still have to "clean out" my messy panties. Obviously, I wasn't looking forward to that chore. But while in the shower, mom apparently had a change of heart and just threw my panties away. Cleaning myself - even in the shower - was completely disgusting but it did feel good to get myself clean. And to step out of the shower and find that I didn't actually have to "clean-out" my messy panties after all, just made it all the better.
I guess I can't really blame my mom for being so angry at first. I don't suppose you ever expect your daughter in middle school to be messing in her panties like that. And it wasn't like I was sick or anything or away from a bathroom. This happened in a school with an open bathroom just down the hall from where I was. And I can't say enough about how sympathetic mom became when she saw how genuinely upset and embarrassed I was about the whole thing and as she understood more about why it happened. She wanted to help me but she also made me understand that just because a particular bathroom may not have as much privacy as I'd like or otherwise might seem unpleasant to use, it was still no excuse for going in my pants instead. But other than that, she was determined not to make a big deal about it. I don't even think she told my dad what happened.
And, most fortunately for me, they put the doors back on the stalls by the time I got to high school. I went poop at school there many times through my four years of high school.


How much do you "Love" your toilet?

Hi Everyone! Since Thanksgiving has now "passed", quite literally down the toilet, I have a story about my mom.
I think I mentioned before that about 10 years ago I found a really cool used toilet at a salvage yard. It is called a lowboy toilet. A very nice Kohler unit with a very curvy contoured seat. I fell in love with it so I bought it and installed it in my hallway bathroom. It gets used by all my guests and sees about 2 or 3 good shits a day. It's a lovely potty!
Anyway It was in for about 2 weeks before My Mom came over and saw it for the first time. The first words out of her mouth were " Oh it's adorable! I just have to love on it!" By this she meant she wanted to take one of her typical huge gassy dumps in it! I laughed and said well lets get something to eat and we might both give the potty some love tonight, lol!
We are both love our gassy dumps and for some reason we both love the satisfaction of seeing how much we can spray and splatter up our toilet bowls!
So we went out to a nice Mexican restaurant downtown and had a good supper. We both had Nacho platters and eat quite a bit of food. We had our fill and decided we would go home and watch a movie. We got back to my place and settled down in front of the TV on my nice couches and made ourselves comfy. About half an hour in I heard my Mom rip a tight loud fart. I have leather couches so farts aren't hidden very well! By an hour into the movie we were both farting and we knew the inevitable was coming!
My Mom in here loveable, and crude humor said "okay that beautiful toilet is ????ing doomed! With that, she said "it's mine!" and started off for the bathroom in a hurry. I said I's my toilet, so I get to watch! She replied with a fart as she turned into the bathroom, already unbuckling her belt and by the time here back was to the toilet, she dropped her pants to the floor and sat on the curvy seat with a thud. As I watched I could tell the release was enjoyable as she burst out fating with lots of splatter and poop spray, which gave way to more volume of gloppy shit. I could hear the toilet water (and shit water) splashing in the bowl and even saw a drop or two drip out from between the seat and bowl. She was grunting satisfyingly and taking a great deal of relief and humor in it all, and that's what I've always appreciated about a good noisy shit! Anyway the gloppy splashes gave way to what sounded like fart bubbles blowing out her anus. She got three good bubbly waves out before the literal shit storm was finally over! I said "That's a shit load of love!"! She smiled with delight and said "I bet I beat you on your own toilet, lol". I said "You've got a very shitty job ahead of you know. Or should I say, under you, LOL?". She said "well we're gonna see how good your potty really is" as she reached back for the flusher, still seated because she didn't dare start wiping with here proud mess in that bowl! The toilet flushed, and she started wiping. The first wipe was PURE MUD! I could see as she checked her TP. The first 3 or 4 wipes were thick mud before it even began to clear up. Then they got slightly whiter. I counted 10 wipes total. She flushed again and let out a final sigh of salifying relief before standing up and pulling her pants and undies back up. We both looked in my toilet bowl and I so wish you guys could have seen it! It was either a disaster, or a masterpiece! Either way it was an impressive shitty spray just caked in my poor potty. The smell was strong too!
I said "I need to go but I'm gonna wait and let it build up, besides this bathroom smells ????ing horrible!" Well, sadly I have to get off for the night but I will tell about my competing dump soon!

Happy pooping!

Friday, December 02, 2022

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well Kristi. Sorry I forgot to answer your question. Yes please do post more about yourself. You seem really cool and I would love to read more about you. Any chick that lets her man in the bathroom with her while she poops is cool in my book!
That was a cool story about the gold toilets. Sounds like a really expensive bathroom! I can't say I have ever seen a pic bathroom like that though. I know you asked about public bathrooms but I think the best bathroom I have seen is when my wife and I went to Punta Cana a few years ago. Our bathroom in our room was just cool how it was set up. If you're interested I can describe it another time. Take care for now. I'm sitting on the toilet having diarrhea right now. As soon as I sat down I took a really loose poop and I'm going to be in here for a while.

Mina Maho Hisae Kazuko

Dear Kristi

Just now we read your post of Thanksgiving! There is Thanksgiving holiday in Japan too, 23 November, but we don't eat huge meal.

We feel so warm that after your huge meal you are going to do huge motion! We hope it will be lots and lots, you will sit on loo long long time and feel wonderful. Hisae says she wants to go America by a rocket so she can massage you while you do.

Tomorrow when we do motion all together (perhaps we will do, because Mina and Maho didn't do today) we will talk about you and pray to the god that you can do motion very satisfying. And after your nice husband clean your beautiful bottom, you will sit down again and do more....

We wish you a very good luck.

Love to you and to everyone.

Kazumi Hisae Maho Mina

P.S. Tina how are you? Are you OK? We are worry a lot.

Mrs BIG and Hard

My turd was really big this morning.

It was too wide to come out

Peregrine W

Not fully satisfied

Good day everyone,
I don't know if anyone has similar experiences but I would like to know.
Nearly every day, at around 9am, or after my second cup of coffee, my bottom asks me to allow it to make itself comfortable with a sit on the throne. The routine is that once seated, a large bowl-rattling fart is expelled followed, normally, by some solid matter, the quantity varies randomly from day to day. I rarely feel that my rectum is fully empty, but around once a week, I produce a large foot-long turd of around 2-3 on the Bristol scale, and always feel immensely better for the experience. The previous day, prior to the mega-expulsion, is sometimes accompanied by a feeling of nausea, but not necessarily an urge to sit on the loo.
My question is this: do others of you suffer from this feeling of dissatisfaction from their moment on the potty, and, apart from medicines, which I abhor, are there any remedies to enhance the defecation experience? I am informed that female bowels tend to be more sluggish than male, so I am sure that there are some stories, which have been swapped in bathrooms around the world, which will give helpful clues.
Thank you


to Lauren

to Lauren: Welcome! I love your story about how you met your husband so much! It's wonderful that Sean was willing to help a total stranger out in such a personal situation. I live with chronic constipation myself and I'm very lucky to have a partner who helps me out when I'm struggling. I'm curious, was this the only time Sean has helped you when you were constipated or has it happened again since? If so, I'd love to hear more stories if you have any! I'm also wondering if he's told you any more about his best friend from high school who he said he's helped before. Congrats to you both on expecting your first child! How exciting! I hope you're doing well!

your name Unusual places

Post Title (optional)To Robin

Please post more stories about you and your mother.


Peepholes can be useful

I do a full-time schedule as a college student that requires me to do a 90 minute train ride with two transfers each morning and again each evening to get from my parents house to classes on campus and back. Luckily I'm able to schedule a large number of child care jobs on the two days a week when I don't have classes. That helps me to pay for tuition and other expenses.

Daily I have to use the subway toilets which are kind of dirty and dingy because my needs come on quite fast. Its either that our messy accidents. So was the case the other day when I cared for Argjent at the last minute when his mom was called out of town. He's 7 and I'm not about to let him go on the boys side of the restroom wall alone. My parents would probably be concerned about me being alone on one of those toilets.

I had to haul Argjent with me for a last minute science lab I had almost forgotten about. We had missed our usual train so we walked to the next station. He said he had to crap bad. My boyfriend and I had downed several beers the night before at his apartment and I had forgotten to pee at Argjent's apartment when I picked him up. A half hour later Argjent and I had walked to a transit center and I decided he and I would share the two toilet ladies bathroom. Each toilet was separated by a metal divider going all the way to the floor. What stood out though was a hole about 1/4 inch big that had been punched in the divider. I could see Argjent sitting for his crap. I don't think he tried, but he could have seen me pissing. Kind of a nice way of looking out for one another, I thought.


I enjoyed your buddy dump story.


It sounds like that mother you heard yelling at her kids about their bathroom complaints caused her to explode at them and try to get them to accept what's inevitable with public bathrooms. They are not going to be as clean as home.


To Kristi about peeing in a urinal


You mentioned peeing in a urinal. Could you describe it and how you peed in it? I have one for guys which is basically a bottle with a round hole at the top. I have high functioning autism which results in accidents when I am overstimulated so I always have one of these nearby to empty my bladder into and keep my diaper as dry as possible.


Emptying the roll

I wanted to go to the toilet to poop, and I went there. I had to wait a little while until my younger brother finished, but I want didn't strong, and I waited. I had to wait a couple of minutes - he went to the toilet with a book, and read while using the toilet. But soon I heard a toilet flushing, and he happily and contentedly left. Then I went in, closed the door, pulled down my pants and underpanties, and sat on the toilet. At first I was pushing a little, but soon the poop began to come out without any push, and I just waited. When the process was over, I began to wiping. But I got very dirty. I wiped and wiped my ass with toilet paper, and it melted before my eyes. Soon the toilet roll was empty, and the paper filled the trash can to the top. But my ass was still not completely clean, and meanwhile, the paper was no longer in the toilet. Fortunately, my brother heard my scream and brought me another toilet paper roll. I thanked him warmly, he replied that he glad to help, and reminded me that I used to wipe his ass after the toilet, so he is happy to repay the debt. I spent five pieces of paper, and wiped my ass clean, then got dressed, flushed in the toilet, and went out.


Morning poo

I was having my breakfast this morning before work and I began to feel the need for the toilet I carried on eating my breakfast as I farted every so often to relieve so pressure I finished eating and thought I best go sit on the loo before I have an accident as I was needing a wee quite badly aswell as my need to poo.
I walked down the hall downstairs went in loo pulled my pants and lace knickers to just above my knees and sat down on the cold seat I began to pee a loud hissy gushing pee as I grunted quietly to try get my poo moving it took a bit off effort before I could feel the big log start to slowly ease out I then stopped pushing and let it come out itself to enjoy the feeling of it as I had plenty of time before work I didn't have to rush after not so long it sped up and dropped in to the water with a loud plop which splashed my bum cheeks another log dropped then I began to drop some softer poos with a series of plops I had another small wee and sighed with relief I wiped my bum and got ready for work leaving a smell behind xx

Saturday, November 26, 2022


School Times

Reading Pooper's post reminded me so much of my time in school. I too always have to go a lot; it's a really bad combination being toilet-shy and also being unable to hold it for long. I definitely witnessed similar things to what you describe happen when I was in primary school, i've written here before there were times I would see boys crowding around a cubicle someone was in peeking through it and trying to open the door. The only time I ever got caught in primary school was by someone a few years above me, and luckily he didn't make fun of me or anything, just seemed more embarrassed to have caught me on the loo. It was in high school where my poo-shyness got really bad, when after the first time I got caught I never went there again.

I was just minding my own business when some boys came in and saw the cubicle door locked, then I heard them muttering about "he's having a shit" and the next thing the door is pushed open on me and they were all laughing at me. I couldn't get off the loo as I wasn't done and the whole time they were just saying how much it stank. Luckily they left after a bit and didn't make me let them watch me wiping, but it was still humiliating. After that, I held it all the time at school, and because I lived far away from the school, I would normally have to use the toilets at the park on the way home if I couldn't hold it. It was still embarrassing in there too, with it being public toilets, but there were never any people from school in them so I had to make do. There was many a day when I would leave school dying for a poo and have to let it out in there, even though the park toilets were disgusting. I didn't help with that though, as I left them stinking a few times myself unfortunately..


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you (I know it's an American holiday, but I truly am thankful for all of you.

Just finished eating: Turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, cornbread, green bean casserole, stuffing, and rolls.

Now I'm going to lie down for a few hours.

And when I wake up I'm going to have to take a huge crap.


my morning turd turd this one hurts and iis a monster

i am sitting on the toilet now and it feels very lumpy and HARD
its stretching me very wide now. my husband looked and says it is really big
he said to keep straining . he says it it over 2 inches wide'
pushing nnnnnnnnnnn my butt hole is stretched to to the max.


Response to Kristi

Good morning Kristi and everyone else as well. I'm typing this out as I just got up and have to get ready for work. My wife is in the bathroom right now sitting on the toilet with a major stomach ache. I'm just waiting for her to be done so I can shower. She was in the shower and had the door open so I went in to pee. The toilet is right next to the shower. After she showered she came out and told me she had to sit on the toilet because she has a bad stomach ache. She closed the door and locked it. I would love to be in there with her. She is taking an explosive dump. But to answer your question Kristi yes she does let me watch her pee so I have seen her on the toilet many many times. It's just when she poops she needs her privacy and I get it.
As for pooping in public yes I don't mind company either and it doesn't bother me one bit when someone takes the stall next to me. In fact I'm disappointed when so done uses the next stall and goes pee. I always wish they would poop. I wish there was a way for me and my wife to poop in public together sitting in a stall next to one another and just have a conversation. But obviously that isn't possible.

I also enjoyed... .oh my you should have just heard the explosion my wife just had. I just asked her if she felt ok and she said her stomach is quite upset. She just apologized to me because she knows I need to shower but I said that's ok to take as much time as you need. She said she's almost done. But anyway I enjoyed your story about pooping in front of that nurse. When you got to go you got to go. Take care for now and I'm going to wait for my beautiful wife to be done on the toilet so I can shower and get ready for work. Judging by the sounds she is making on there,I would imagine it stinks pretty bad in there. Oh well. Have a great day!


Yesterday I was driving through the New Forest in Hampshire on my way to Beueliue ,I had to go a NUMBER TOO which took four minutes .I pulled into a car park and got out of car,walked 200 yards across soaking grass
due to heavy rain , and squatted down amongst some bracken.
I kept hold of my jogging and pants as I was lowering myself to a squatt,as I did not want to remove or soil. when in pooping position
had a strong flow of wee lasting 30 seconds then pushed to open my bowels ,a release of poop followed by another wee then another poop and wee ,remained squatting for another minute just weeing .
Wiped myself with one sheet of shades kitchen towel folded after first wipe again after second wipe , pulled up my pants and jogging bottoms, then turned round I have just left two large piles of poop , made my way back to car wiped my hands with wet wipes . I collected my goods from the shop then drove home three hours non stop.


Pooping in really nice public bathrooms

So here's a question for everyone:

How many of you have ever gone poop in a really, REALLY nice public bathroom?

I'm not talking about people's homes or hotel rooms. I'm just talking public restrooms.

And not just clean restrooms. Not just pretty nice bathrooms.

I'm talking restrooms that look like they were made for royalty.

[If you have an interesting pee story, please share! I just tend to share pooping stories more.]

So a month ago, I was at this luncheon with about 12 other people. (I'm a work-from-home paralegal.) It was a lunch gathering for a lady (really sweet girl named Becca) who had just been promoted. I got an invite as a friend of hers.

The food was great. The conversation... SO boring. And it goes on for two hours.

I had to get away so I excuse myself for the restroom.

What I found was a room that probably cost ten times what my first apartment cost to build.

I went in and there are sofas and easy chairs along with sinks. For a second I wonder if I'm in the right place. The walls have this metallic silver look to them.

You have to go through another door to get to the actual bathroom. But if you thought this was just going to be a simple ladies room, think again.

Beautiful purple tile, stainless silver sinks, and the toilets were GOLD (probably not real gold but still!)

It was like some architect was designing a palace. The toilets almost seemed like decorations.

At this point I really just need to pee. I sat down and did so. But while I was peeing I texted Emily (my poop buddy).

This was our text transcript:

Me: "I'm sitting in the nicest bathroom in the world."

Emily: "What's so nice about it?"

Me: "It has a living room in it. And the toilets are freaking GOLD."

Emily: "U pooping?"

Me: "No. Don't have to."

Emily: "You have to."

Me: "Will try later."

I also texted Steve and told him the same stuff.

So after ANOTHER 2 hours at the table (and now with dessert in me), I'm ready.

People are filing out and a few ladies are going into the restroom.

Could I actually poop around these prim and proper women?

Well... duh. I'm Kristi. I have no shame.

I take a stall right between two ladies. I sit down and start peeing again but this time I let out a fart.

I text Emily (did I mention we're REALLY close) and tell her "Gotta crap..."

Emily: "Do it girl."

I sat for a minute letting my muscles relax.

Then I heard it: Another lady was pooping. I heard a plop to my left. I think it was Sarah, another paralegal. Blonde, 30, tall. I know Sarah had taken a stall to my left. There was a girl between us but she peed and left.

When I hear the sound of someone pooping, my body goes into autopilot.

A nice, soft but formed log starts sliding out and splashed down (getting some water on me). I pushed the rest out; it wasn't much but I felt total relief afterwards.

I texted Emily and said "Just took a dump in a gold toilet. My life is complete."

I wiped well as I was a little messy. Plus I don't like toilet water on my girl parts.

Then Emily asks for a picture. I take one and send it to her and Steve.

I flush and wash my hands.

It's definitely Sarah (I can see her shoes) pooping two stalls down from where I pooped.

Anyways... TOTALLY worth the long and boring lunch to be able to put my brownies in a gold toilet.

To Hollyrae: I never put paper down. But if the toilet is disgusting I might hover.

Everyone: Can you read my request about posting a little about myself and let me know if that's okay?



Anna from Austria
Hello everybody here is another story from me.

Last monday I was in town to visit a travel agency for booking my second trip to the states in February.

After doing that I wanted to do a bit window shopping. While I was walking in town my stomache started to rumble a bit and I though It would be a good idea to look for a toilet. I walked to the neariest public toilet I know. Never have used this toilet so far so I was not aware that you cannot get in without using a coin. I only had Euro bills with me so I could not use the toilet. I had to find another way them. I keept walking to reach the neariest cafe I could think of. In the meantime the preasure got way stronger and I had to clench my buttstocks not to poop in my pants The way I was walking surely look funny for the people who say me.

I managed to reach a cafe unkown to me. Got a table and ordered a drink. The I rushed to toilet. I had the feeling that a small tip of my turd was already sticking out my but hole. I locked the door and pulled down my slacks and my undies and as soon as seated the turd started to came out. I did a pfrrt type fart and another smaller one. After cleaning I checked out my white panties and my feeling was right that the turd did already started to come out.There was a big poo stain at the back of my panties.

I already had few close call in my lifes and I have already solied my panties a bit because I forget to wipe myself due to my drunken start but I never did a poop in my panties as an adult. It almost happen that monday. It was never that close.

Greetings from Austria


Brazilian Guy

Presenting Myself and Short Story

Hey everyone! I'm a reader of this forum since 2018, and now I'm joining you by sharing my stories and opinions. I don't see people from latin america frequently posting here, and I think I never saw a post from Brazil. I'm 24yo, straight, medium height. I like casual stories, mostly about pooping outside, and I'm kinda open about my bathroom habits with other people.

So, i work in a hospital in a big brazilian city. Today, during my work, I felt gassy, and my belly was making some loud noises, so I knew what was coming in a near future. In my sector, we have an unissex employee bathroom (a room with toilet and sink) that is locked for avoiding the use by patients, to keep it clean. As soon as i finished my work, i went to the bathroom to try to release the pressure. When I was just opening the door, a nurse in her early 20s, black hair, came rushing saying that she was bursting for a pee, so I let her go first, I wasn't in a hurry. This bathroom has a tiny wood door, so I could hear she lowering her scrub pants and panties, and after a pre-piss small fart, she did a strong and loud stream in a full minute piss. Wiped once, flushed, opened the door and thanked me for letting her go first. So I went inside, and noted that the toilet was totally sprayed by piss, so I confirmed that my new friend has a bent pussy. As long as I couldn't sit on the toilet, i lowered my pants and boxers, climbed on the toilet and positioned myself on a low squat. Pointed my penis down and did a short piss and some silent farts simultaneously. I started to push a hard poop that hurted my ass a little, but quickly splashed in the water as a little hard ball, followed by 4 more of these goat poops, then i did a silent and long fart that released the pressure in my belly instantly. Wiped just once (hard poops don't mess my ass, usually), shaked the last pee drops, flushed and left the bathroom.

I'm on my way back home now, and i'm feeling some bowel movements,I had probably unclogged my pipes down here eliminating that hard plugs earlier, and some more may be coming soon.

Mrs Bigandhard

This morning I tried to go to the toilet but my turd was too

This morning when I went to push out my big turd it was really big! I had to strain really hard . So I pulled off several sheets of toilet paper and wadded it up in a big 3inch ball and rubbed vasilene all over it and then pushet into my butt hole .it was difficult It hurt a lot.

Post Title (optional

I don't like pooping in public, and really hate going at school. Our bathrooms are super dirty and old. But one day, that changed. The day before, I had eaten out at a Mediterranean buffet, and I ate quite a lot. When I left the restaurant, my stomach was full of Mediterranean food and I could feel my body digesting those delicious plates of hummus, lamb, and falafel. As the digested sludge moved into my intestines to become poop, I filled up my stomach with ice cream, chips and salsa, and other snacks. In a matter of hours, that had all been digested and was ready to join the growing pile of waste in my rectum. Additionally, I hadn't crapped in a few days. All that digested food sat in my rectum was waiting for me to sit on the toilet and take a poop, however I hadn't felt a urge yet.
The next day was school. When I woke up, my bladder was really full, like it always is, so I went to the bathroom and emptied it. It's always a nice relief to let out all that pee in the morning. I got ready for school, and skipped breakfast, like I normally do (because of time). I felt fine through my first class, but as I was sitting in my second class, I felt a growing pressure in my anus. "Ok," I thought to myself, "I'll hold it for now and take a dump at home." I had a dentist appointment after school though, which would make me more delayed. But I still though I could hold it. 30 minutes later, I felt a greater need to go. And I knew it wouldn't be small. I had kept days of meals in me, and now my body needed to make some room. "I might need to go at school, but let's try to hold it," I thought. By the end of the class, my body had stopped negotiations. My bowels were full of the digested remains of the large amounts of food I ate, and it needed to get pooped out. The bell rang, and I went to my next class. I'd need more than the 5 minute passing period to push out this turd. I sat down in my next class, study hall, and pulled out my work, hoping to start some homework before I gave into the urge to void this waste from you bowels. After 3 minutes, my body reminded me of the large mass of digested remains in my abdomen that needed to come out. I was ready to poop.
I asked my teacher for a pass, left the classroom, and walked to the bathrooms that were just down the hall. In my many years at school, I had never pooped in the school restrooms. I was very nervous for this first time. As I was about to enter the bathroom, I saw a cute girl enter the girls restroom. I heard her say to her friend "I've really gotta pee" as she said goodbye to her friend and entered the bathroom to get some relief. Based on her hurried walk, her bladder must've been really filled with urine, and I realized mine was somewhat full as well. I walked into the bathroom, slightly nervous now, and looked for a stall. One stall was taken, and the other had a toilet full of toilet paper. I decided to come back later, but as I was leaving, the other stall opened. I rushed in, and locked the door. Now just seconds from unloading this enormous load from my butt, my urge to poop greatly increased. I quickly wiped down the toilet seat, pulled my pants and underwear to my knees, and sat down. My nerves began to grow as I realized what was about to happen.
I began peeing, and a stream of pee entered the toilet bowl. Despite going a few hours earlier, I had a lot of pee in me. I pissed for 30 seconds, and then relaxed as I prepared myself to take a shit. I knew it would be big, so I breathed, and then went for it. I gave a slight push, and felt my butt open, as a giant log began to come out. I pushed to keep it going, and it slid nicely out of my bowels, through my anus, and into the toilet bowl. As it was coming out, I let out a loud fart that lasted for only a second. As my log kept coming out, my nervousness was replaced with relief as I let out this mass of food waste. After 3 seconds of pushing, my log plopped into the water below. I sighed with relief, but soon realized I wasn't done. After a few seconds of enjoying this lightness, more poop slid into my anus, ready to be expelled. I wanted to get it all out, so I pushed, and let it all out. Large chunks of poop were forced out of me and into the water below, resulting in loud plops. After a few seconds of this, I felt empty and relieved. I peed a bit more, making sure all my waste was out of me and in the toilet, and then I was done. I wiped twice, then stood up to see what I had produced. Multiple days of digested food filled the toilet bowl

Thursday, November 24, 2022


Brandon- Pooping in a bed pan


When I was 27 I broke my leg and my ankle. I had surgery and couldn't get out of bed for about 24 hours afterwards.

During the night I woke up having to go poop really bad.

I couldn't get to the toilet so the only option was for me to pull myself up on the bar above the bed (not easy) and to have my nurse hold the bed pan under me.

Fortunately I had the sweetest, kindest nurse ever. I kept apologizing to her and she kept telling me not to worry about it. I took a big dump and then peed in a urinal. Then the ultimate vulnerability: This poor nurse had to wipe me. I'm still apologizing like crazy and she's saying things like "Sweetie, it's okay. You had to go."

She was so nice and made me feel less embarrassed than I normally would have.

After a day I was able to use crutches to get to the toilet.




Buddy Dump with Cousin and Replies

I had an amazing buddy dump experience with my cousin recently! My cousin Jake and I went on a trip to go visit other family members a couple states away. He's younger than I am (still in high school) and he's more like a little brother to me, so we're very close. We were heading back home when he asked me "umm can we stop somewhere where I can use the bathroom?" I told him "no problem, I have to go too. I think there's a travel plaza or something not too far ahead." I could feel a number 2 knocking on my back door, and I was honestly kind of excited to be open enough with my little cousin to take a poop with him in the same bathroom. In the back of my mind I was thinking how it would be really awesome to buddy dump next to each other! We have been around each other a lot and have pooped in private residential toilets around each other, but it has always been with the door shut, and never in a public bathroom where we could both be pooping next to each other.

We parked and went inside to find the restroom. I followed him in and he went all the way to the last stall, so I took the one next to him. He wasted no time dropping his drawers and plopping his butt on the seat. These stalls were set up in a way that the tile behind you was reflective, so if you were facing the wall, you essentially got a faint mirror image of the rear of the stalls and toilets next to you. Before I sat down, I noticed that I could see the rough reflection of Jake's bare butt sitting on the toilet seat. He was scooted forward a bit on the seat and leaning way forward. My seat looked clean, so I sat down bare butt and aimed my penis in the bowl for my pee. Once I finished, I settled in for my poop. The music in the restroom was playing pretty loudly, so I couldn't really hear much of what Jake was doing. I farted a bit as I pushed out some pieces that plopped in the bowl.

After awhile, somebody came and sat on the other side of me. Again, music was playing pretty loudly, so I couldn't really hear much of what he was doing either. All I knew is that I could faintly see the reflection of this guy sitting on his toilet as well. After a few minutes he wiped up and left, leaving Jake and I alone again. I noticed our feet were hardly a foot away from each other. It was kind of odd yet strangely comforting to know that we were pooping within a couple feet of each other. I'd say it definitely helped with the bonding experience. I took a picture of our feet relatively close together like that and sent it to my wife with the message "cousins who poop together stay together." She replied with a laughing and heart emoji and said "awwww". I felt empty so I wiped up. As I wiped, I peeked in the reflection again and saw Jake still leaned way forward in the same position as he was. I assume he was a bit constipated. I flushed and exited my stall. I told Jake that I would be getting some food so he could find me when he got done. He responded with a simple "ok".

Once we got our food and got back on the road I told him "that was a good buddy dump." He kind of laughed and just murmured "yep". By the time we got back to our house I think we both had to poop again. Jake went into my wife and I's bathroom and I went into the other bathroom and took another dump. When I got done, Jake was still in our bathroom (which we don't really get uptight about at all, if you're a guest at our house, any toilet is yours to use). Shortly after that his mom came to pick him up and our trip was concluded! I hope everybody enjoyed my story today! Below I have some replies, albeit they are being posted later than I intended because I didn't finish writing this post very quickly.

@Anon Pooper
That's quite a goal to read every page and post on this site! Please write more posts telling us your favorite or most interesting posts you come across! Also, I thought I'd take your survey.

1. When you poop, how long does it usually take?
I generally take about 10 minutes to poop, but I can often speed that along if I need to.
2. Have you ever been in pain because a turd was too wide?
There have been a handful of times, but this generally doesn't happen for me.
3. If you get constipated, how often and what's your constipation like? Is it going days without pooping or is it just having trouble pushing it out or a mix of both?
It's more trouble pushing it out. I believe I've had at least one poop every day since at least 10-12 years ago.
4. If you get diarrhea, how often? Does it come in the form of loose stools or liquid?
I honestly used to get diarrhea what seemed like every day. I've made some health changes and now get it maybe once every couple weeks. It could be either loose stools or liquid.
5. If you've pooped in public while constipated have you ever grunted so loud someone heard you and made comments or asked if you're ok?
I can't remember a specific occasion like this. I've had diarrhea in public more times than I can count though.
6. Do you like or dislike pooping and why?
I'd say I like it when I'm at a good time and place to do it. There are times and places I definitely don't want to do it. At home and in some public restrooms I love taking a seat on the toilet and feeling my hole open up. It sounds odd, but I like how a toilet seat feels on my body. I also love the relief and relaxation that follows after the poop leaves my butt and plops into the water. I also think buddy dumping or sharing a bathroom with someone close to you is a great way to bond and build trust because it's such a vulnerable experience.
7. Do you always pee when you poop? If so do you pee or poop first?
Yes, I generally pee first unless I'm having diarrhea.
8. Do you use toilet paper or baby wipes?
Toilet paper
9. How long have you gone without pooping?
I honestly think I've maybe gone a day without pooping as the longest in my life ever.
10. How long have you gone without peeing?
Maybe half a day?
11. Have you had any accidents as an adult?
There were just a couple while I was asleep. I posted about one of those times awhile ago.
12. Have you ever had to have someone else manually remove your poop because of constipation?

Nice story about the buddy dump with the girl working at the restaurant! I thought I'd take your survey as well.

1. have you been in the same bathroom as a waitress/waiter or restaurant employee while they used the bathroom?
2. did they go number 1 or 2? what was it like?
I've experienced waiters/ kitchen staff/ others both pee and poop. It wasn't really any different than being in there with anybody else honestly.
3. have you gone in the bathroom after a restaurant employee had used it?
Yeah, that's happened for sure. One specific time I remember going into a unisex bathroom after our waitress, a nice looking 40 something blonde lady, used it. I don't know for sure if she peed or pooped, but the seat was warm when I sat down, so she definitely had just been sitting on it. There is this restaurant that I frequent where I know this one waitress very well, and she's become a very good friend of my wife and I's. She's in her 60's but keeps herself looking very nice. I wrote a post awhile back about how the heater broke in her house during the winter, so she and her daughter stayed with us for a night. During that stay there was a time that I definitely knew she was pooping in our bathroom and I went in after her. I'm very easy going when it comes to bathroom use, so I don't get one but offended by a restaurant employee being a human being and relieving themselves.
4. have you seen a waitress/waiter clog a toilet?
5. have you had to use an employee bathroom?
Yes, a few times
6. have you heard waitresses/waiters talk about needing the bathroom?
Yes, that same woman who I mentioned earlier has told me she was going to use the bathroom many times.


Mall trouble

Hey again, it's Deirdre. I thought I could share another story about something that happened on the last weekend. I was at the mall with my husband and kids, buying some things for Christmas presents and warm clothes for the kids. At lunch we went to the food court and had some Asia food which was nice but before we left I felt like I had to go to the toilet, so I excused myself for a moment and headed for the ladies room at the food court. I got in and checked the first open stall and the the second. Both were really dirty and I decided to check the last one right at the end which was luckily not as bad. I did have toilet paper for a start but no seat coverings or anything so I was lucky to have some in my handbag. The other stalls were all taken so I just took that one, pulled my pants down and sat. I had felt a terrible pressure in my bowels since shortly after the food, so I was glad to be on the toilet now, but nothing came. I did a little wee and pushed but at first nothing worked. Heard some loudish farts and plops from the next stall and was a bit jealous in that moment because I was just sitting there with my ???? ache. I tried to relax and leaned forward, hoping it would help and it actually did! I got a little dark brown turd out. Pretty sure I groaned while it happened. I kept pushing and every once in a while got some out, all just hard little balls. After a while it sounded like a mother with her kids came into the bathroom and she told the kids to go into a stall and do their business. They complained that it's gross and the mother told them to just sit down and shut up about it. Thinking about the dirty stalls I had checked before I felt for the kids. Not sure why the mother just told them to use them anyway without doing anything about it. I was glad that my kids were waiting outside with my husband. They were already gone when I managed to get a almost index finger long turd out which felt like a huge relief and I checked my phone to see that I've spend more than 30 minutes in the stall already. I decided I had to get back to the other so I wiped (everything was super dry, so it only took three wipes) and got up. After hurrying back to my husband and kids the told me they thought I fell into the toilet and got flushed away because I was gone for so long. Luckily they weren't annoyed or angry though so we continued shopping. So this is a bit of a contrast to my last story at least in terms of how easy it was.

And because it topical my answer to MD's survey:
1) What's the longest time that you've been constipated for?
As a teen I was in a summer camp and they showed us special rations that the military uses in the field. They make you constipated so you don't have to poop during a deployment. As silly teens some friends and I snuck into the supply tent and got our hands on those rations and tried then. I'm not sure it was actually the longest time but I think it lasted 3 or 4 days before I could poop again.

2) Have you ever been constipated in else?
I'm not sure what that means :o

3) Do you grunt / strain? If so what noises do you make?
Yes, I sometimes groan while pushing hard. Between gritted teeth haha

4) Have you ever heard someone else who was constipated?
My husband struggles with constipation, especially before travelling somewhere and I've heard him struggle. And sometimes coworkers at work

Emma two

Used a shop toilet

I was busting for a poo when I got home from work this evening and I went straight to the toilet to have some much needed relief. There was one problem. I'd forgotten we'd run out of toilet rolls so I had to walk down to the shops to get some more. I got to the shop to find the door was locked and a hand written sign read, BACK IN 5 MINUTES. It was annoying but it was only five minutes so I waited outside with my bottom clenched. Fifteen minutes later a red faced young girl appeared and she unlocked the door to let me in. She apologised for the wait saying that she couldn't leave the shop unattended while she went to the toilet and she had to lock the door for security reasons. I guessed by the wait she was doing a number two and I asked her if she felt better. She said she was certainly was because she'd been holding all day and she was about to poo herself. I told her knew how she felt because I was busting to go myself. She said I could use shop toilet if I wanted to and as I was busting to go I accepted the offer. I walked through to the back of the shop and entered the toilet to find she'd left quite a smell and there was a bit of her poo in the water. I really had to go so I used it anyway. I sat down and found the seat was warm which was nice and I relaxed my bottom until I felt my poo coming out. It felt good to be able to go without having to wait until I got home and once I finished I flushed the toilet and washed my hands before returning to the shop to buy the toilet rolls we needed. Walking back to the flat after such a relieving poo at the shop felt so good and when I got in I put the toilet rolls in the bathroom and started dinner.


Emergency potty finding

It was an emergency. When I was walking around the city, I suddenly wanted to go to the toilet... pooping. It was unexpected, especially since there were no toilet cubicles nearby. I went looking. When I finally found the cubicles, I wanted to go to the toilet already badly. But here's the trouble: all the cubicle were occupied. I stood next to them for a while, hoping that one of them would be freeing. But gradually I wanted to poop harder and harder, and no cubicle was freeing. Therefore, I stopped waiting and ran to look for another toilet. Was hard to patience, but I was far from home. There were no shops or cafes where there could be toilets nearby. So I just ran around the city, and hoping that I would soon find a toilet. I'll find before it's too late! After a while, I suddenly discovered a city park very close by. There should definitely be a toilet there! And I went there. I felt that my patience was running out. Fortunately, as soon as I entered the park, I saw several toilet cubicles. I really hoped they were free! The first one was occupied, the second and third too, and it made me nervous. But the next cubicle was free. I almost screamed with happiness! Now it was possible to relax. I quickly pulled down my jeans and underpants, and sat down on the toilet seat without even looking to see if there was paper in the toilet cubicle. I started pooping and farting loudly. I was greatly relieved! Ah! When I finished, the toilet smelled strongly. I wiped (fortunately there was paper, although a little), got dressed, and went out. There was not a toilet bowl, but a cesspool, and it's a pity: I wanted so much to flushing my stinky poop.


To Hollyrae/Gemma/Michelle

It's not just that the sensors "suck," but also that you never know when they're going to go off which jumpscares me even if it's in another stall due to auditory processing stuff (things are louder to me than they should be) and that the ones with the flashing lights make me feel like I'm being watched (like maybe there's a camera inside or something). The rational part of my brain knows there's no camera but try telling that to my anxiety. It's a losing battle.

TLDR; I'm neurodivergent and public restrooms are absolute hell for me.


Violetta from Germany

Answering your questions about my hospital experience


Yes, a very similar situation, only in my case it was just a nurse ...

My head knew this is a normal situation for a nurse, but for me it was extreme...

Thank you for your compassion!


No, not the bedpan. A chair with a hole in it and a bucket underneath, no water, just a few pieces of toilet paper. When the first pieces hit the ground, they made a dull sound. But you could still hear the crackling and my eyes were fixed on the floor while the nurse spoke to me. She didn't leave the room because I was still too unstable..


I am On the toilet Straining again

It is hurting me now ...getting wider as I strain and bear down harder.
I am going to have to dig it out of my rectum. So I grabbed my container of vasilene put som on my finger and worked it into my butt hole. It took a while, like.. 15 minutes. It is very hard and wide, stretching me... hurts my butt hole nnnnn..
Thanks, Mrs Bigand Hard !!!


Had avocado with lunch and had a blowout soon afterwards

Hi all. Had lunch a short while ago (fried rice with plenty of ????, etc and half an avocado with it). It was delicious and made for me by my caregiver/longtime friend. Well not long ago when I was getting ready for my nap I got a major urge to poop. Quickly went to the washroom, pulled down my dark pants and greyish underwear and relaxed. Boom! A load of watery crap came out and I was done within about 20 seconds. I peeked underneath me into the toilet and saw dark water. Damn. Reached over, took some TP and wiped as well as I could. Tossed it into the toilet, flushed and pulled up my pants and underwear and washed my hands. Wow.

Happy pooping!


Tuesday, November 22, 2022


Reply to Violetta from Germany and JW

A few hours ago I replied to the above but forgot to include my here it is....Thunder.
Since then I has a suppository that gave me great and blessed relief...I evacuated so much and so easily.
That's all



When I returned from laundry at 7 pm yesterday I put washing into garden shed,went into camper van in drive and had a wee on the Aventuridge porta potty.
To tired to do anything else I crawled into bed ,waking twice during the night for a wee,each time using the porta potty.The alarm clock went off at 5 am so got onto potty and had a wee then got dressed.
I got out of van and went into house ,put on keetle for tea ,had a wash ,brushed my teeth.The kettle boiled so put tea bags into two mugs ,
poured water into mugs.The clean clothes I needed for the GYM was in the airing cupboard upstairs so went upstairs and collected placing each item into my GYM bag , then needed a toilet , walked into bedroom and collected VOLLRATH bed pan then went downstairs to kitchen.
The GYM bag I placed on floor and bed pan in the corner by sink , lowered my jogging bottoms and pants ,sat on pan for a wee which started
immediately .I sneezed twice on the third sneeze I pooped sneezed a forth time and pooped again , to continue pooping I pushed, my bowels opened again releasing a load of mushy poo I sat a few more minutes pushing and pooping when done sat a few more minutes before attempting to get up .
The paper towel I needed to wipe was out of reach so stood up ,walked a few paces ,tore off four sheets , squatted and wiped placing each soiled piece into bed pan .I stood up pulled up my pants and jogging bottoms . With the aid of a torch went into garden with pan , walked to the bonfire and emptied pan . The inside was covered in shit as I had
not put paper into pan before pooping , I thought I was only having a wee, so I put it into the wheelbarrow and returned to kitchen.
The tea was now cold so needed to start again poured away the cold mugs ,filled kettle , when boiled put tea bags into mugs and poured hot water into mugs. I sat at table drank tea then went out to shed collected washing and hung on line and returned to kitchen for another two mugs of tea . I picked up my GYM bag ,on way to car went into campervan had a wee then got into car and drove to GYM


Izal toilet paper

Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a while now but something recently came to mind that I thought would be worth sharing. I was reading an article about how old Izal toilet rolls are changing hands for anything up to £100 on auction sites, driven by people's nostalgia for it, and it immediately reminded me of my experiences with Izal as a kid.

Izal was a UK company that made cleaning products and soap, and they were also known for their unique brand of toilet roll. The paper was shiny and non-absorbent, almost exactly like tracing paper, and it was impregnated with one of their disinfectants that gave it a very distinctive smell. Every sheet came with the message "Now wash your hands" in tiny pink writing. I doubt anyone bought a roll for home use at any point after rationing ended in the 1950s, but the company used to give it away for free to schools that bought their bulk disinfectants, and as I remember some of my primary school's less-well-used loos still having it when I just starting in Year 3 (must have been 1991) there must have been store cupboards filled with enough of it for rolls to turn up until a few years after that deal ended.

It's hard to describe using Izal for anyone who started school later than about 1990-91 (or who didn't go to a UK state school) and never had the 'pleasure' of trying it. The idea was that it would be more hygienic, as soft or sloppy poo couldn't soak through the waterproof paper and get onto your fingers - except that it was particularly bad at doing the actual job of getting your bum clean, and the perforations tended to tear too easily, which would leave your fingers dirty anyway. If you tried to crumple it up into a ball instead of using it flat, it was very scratchy and even less effective. Finally, because it didn't disintegrate in water, it was extremely easy to block a small school toilet with it, especially given that a very messy poo might need half a roll of Izal to wipe yourself with.

I only remember it being ubiquitous at school in my reception year and the first half of Year 1 - after that there was a gradual process of replacement which I guess was based on which store cupboards got restocked first. However, most of the loos near my classrooms had little else until the end of Year 2, and after that it was still present in the quieter, out-of-the-way toilets that were the only ones I would even consider using, given how reluctant I was to do a poo in the school bathrooms.

I've posted quite a few times in the last 18 months about some of the accidents I had at school - I hadn't really considered until being reminded of Izal the way that it affected my response to both needing to poo at school and to responding to finding myself with poo in my pants, if the worst came to the worst. Knowing that the only way of wiping would be Izal was definitely one of the things that put me off going at school - although shyness was a bigger factor. Because my poos were usually very soft, I had a few experiences of using too much paper and blocking the toilet - if you did this in my school, you were meant to tell the teacher or the caretaker so that the blockage could be fixed, but this was so embarrassing that I didn't mention it to anyone, which then meant that the next kid to flush caused a flood.

Occasionally, I would accidentally soil my pants with a small, firm lump of poo - this was always a lump that had been holding back a much bigger wave of mush (hence the urgency), but if I could get to the loo before the mush came out then Izal did turn out to be very good for lifting the poo out of my pants and dropping it into the toilet without getting my fingers dirty. However, more often I would either have an accident that was mushy from the start, or where a large volume of mush followed the firm nugget before I could stop it. As I've written about before, I usually tried to hide what I had done and wait until I got home before cleaning up, but the few times that I found myself in a cubicle, looking between my legs at the dirty pants around my calves, if the loo roll was Izal then I knew I wouldn't be able to do anything to clean myself up. Izal was also useless for lining my pants if I thought I might have an accident later (e.g. if I had an upset stomach and my poo was even looser and more urgent than usual), as it was extremely crackly and uncomfortable, so it would have been itchy to sit on and telegraphed its presence to the whole class. This delayed me figuring out that trick until I was a bit older.

The one time I tried to clean myself up with Izal after messing my pants was an embarrassing fiasco. It happened right at the start of Year 1, so I didn't know my new teacher very well yet. I had been a bit gassy and bloated before lunch, but after doing some quiet farts I felt much better and didn't think any more of it. I had a big, stodgy cooked lunch (probably shepherd's pie or something like it) and went back to class. We were doing a craft project where we had to fold and cut out paper shapes before colouring them in, which I was enjoying, but I soon felt the urge to do a poo building up, and it only took ten minutes or so before I was really desperate. I hadn't been to the loos near my new Year 1 classroom at all yet, and didn't know my new teacher well enough to feel I could put my hand up and ask to be excused - a completely irrational fear as the teachers for the younger kids never made a big deal of someone needing to go. I tried to keep myself sat down hard on my chair, and alternated between focusing on my colouring when the pressure eased off for a moment, before concentrating as hard as I could on not soiling myself when it came back. Eventually, however, there came a wave of pressure that was just too much for me to cope with, and I felt my defeated bum suddenly open wide as a rush of soft, chocolate pudding-consistency poo came out. I remember the warm feeling under my crotch and up the back of my bum. I still needed to go, but the pressure had reduced enough that I felt I could hold what was left in (not realising that there might be more poo arriving in my rectum before too long).

I was sat quite near the teacher, and she must have smelled something as she whispered to me "If you need to go to the toilet, it's through that door". I went to a cubicle and locked the door before taking down my trousers and pants - all the poo had stayed in my pants, but my bum was absolutely coated and I had no idea what to do. I started pulling sheets of Izal off the roll and tried to wipe my bum, but all it did was smear the mess around further, and blobs of it were dripping on the floor and onto my trousers. The more I tried to clean things up, the worse it got, and before long I'd smeared poo down my thighs, and more of it was leaking from my pants onto my trousers and the floor. I started to cry, and it was at that point that my teacher came to find why I was taking so long. She got me to unlock the cubicle and saw what a state I was in - she suggested I pull up my pants and trousers again (which at least hid most of the mess) and walked me over to the school office, where one of the administrators phoned my mum to come and collect me. She must have also gone and found the caretaker, who would have had the unenviable job of cleaning the cubicle that I had just wrecked.

The thing was, I hadn't even done the rest of the poo down the toilet whilst I was in the cubicle - partly because my bum was too messy to sit down on the seat and mostly because I wasn't really thinking very logically about my predicament. Whilst I was sat in the office waiting for my mum to arrive, the urge was building up again, and this time I didn't last as long because there was a part of me thinking "What difference does it make if I let it out now? I'm already messy". The next time a strong surge of pressure came, I let go, and felt more mush running out of my bum and around my pants, making them feel even warmer. I did a very squelchy fart at the same time, and the secretary looked up and said (sympathetically) "Did you have another accident dear? Don't worry, I'm sure your mum will be here soon - do you need to go to the toilet again?". I shook my head as I didn't dare take my trousers down again knowing what a state my legs were in, and in any case I really had let everything out this time. When my mum arrived and I stood up, I could immediately feel some of the poo sliding down my legs on both sides, although fortunately it didn't make it as far as my socks and shoes. I had to walk the ten minutes home in that state, feeling the poo between my thighs with every step, before my mum could peel off my clothes and shower me clean. The image of seeing my teacher's face as I opened the cubicle door to see me crying and covered in poo stayed with me a long time.

Even now, if I smell disinfectant similar to Izal, it immediately takes me back to that moment, and to other situations where I found myself in a cubicle with dirty pants and nothing but tracing paper to clean myself with.



Yesterday afternoon I went to gym for a few hours exercise ,up on my return at 7 pm ,undressed put on my dressing gown and boiled two mugs of milk which I took upstairs and sat on bed to drink .
When I had drunk the milk ,sat on THETFORD ELEGANCE porta potty and had a wee,set alarm clocks for 6 am .During. the night I woke ,sat on porta potty and had a wee. When the alarm went off got out of bed switched off alarm sat on porta potty and had a thirty second wee,before
putting on my dressing gown ,then went downstairs to the kitchen.
I filled the kettle and switched on ,put tea bags into two mugs , washed and brushed my teeth , the kettle now boiled pour into mugs then sat at table to answer my e mails and other correpondanc while drinking tea.I refilled the kettle switched on put tea bags into two mugs and got dressed ,while the kettle boiled , then poured boiling water into mugs and some milk
I carried the tea to campervan on drive climbed in switched on radio for 8 am news and sat on bed and drank the tea when the news had finished switched off the radio. I now needed a NUMBER TOO so lifted the cover and seat on the ADVENTUIDGE porta potty pulled the slide open rinsed the bowl then put a paper towel on back of bowl with one corner secured under the seat the other pointing towards the open slide. I closed the slide ,lowered my jogging bottoms and sat on potty and let go thirty seconds passed before I had wee which took another thirty seconds a silent fart led to my bowels opening ,releasing a length of poop now entering the bowl it, stopped I had another wee then
resumed pooping ,at this point I pushed to complete emptying my bowels then had another wee . I remained seated for a few more minutes before wiping.
.I reached forward to the THETFORD BLUE ROLL toilet paper on a holder attached to the side door tore off three sheets folded oblique and wiped tore off another three sheets folded oblique and wiped , tore off two sheets folded in half and wiped. I stood up pulled up my jogging bottoms and pants then turned round .
The bowl was now holding a load of poop and wee about two inches from the rim so I lifted the seat pulled the paper towel forward and let go then pumped more water into bowl until the water was one inch from rim ,closed lid , pulled slide , the bowl contents entered the lower tank , opened lid the bowl was clean , no skid marks!!,a quick rinse ,closed lid then opened and closed slide


Early morning poop and some responses

Hello you wonderful people. Kristi here.

I couldn't sleep past 5:30 this morning. I woke up having to relieve myself (both functions). So I'm in the bathroom sitting, yawning, and reading this page.

I took a nice long pee which always feels good. Definitely poop on the way.

To M:
"When you going was anyone else in the bathroom that would have heard you going?"

Oh, it was a busy bathroom.

Airport ladies rooms are always busy and from my observations it's usually people pooping.

I think it's (a) people who don't want to have to poop at 37,000 feet in those tiny airplane bathrooms (if you're in there for more than a few minutes everyone knows you're dropping a load), or (b) people who just got off a plane and have to poop.

As far as people hearing me, I'm sure people did. I never care about that.

"And also when your pooping in public how do you feel when someone takes the stall next to you?"

I'm glad for the company LOL!

Seriously though, I'm truly the least judgmental person you're ever going to find in a bathroom. There is no sound, sight, or smell that I've never heard, seen, or smelled before.

"And do you have any memorable stories about hearing others pooping in a public bathroom?"

Yeah... a few. :) Excuse me for a second though... I'm pooping.

Ah. That felt good. That was a good long one.

So stories from the ladies room... I've got plenty. Usually they end with me having to poop.

I can go into a bathroom just needing to pee. Not feeling the urge to crap at all.

But if someone is pooping and I hear it? My body just decides that it needs to go too.

As far as your wife: Above all, yes, respect her privacy. Even though my husband and I freely poop in front of each other, there are times when I want privacy (closed door means privacy, open door means come on in.)

Have you told her that you'd like to see her going? Maybe start slowly. Ask if she'll text you while she's pooping. I do that all the time.

See if she'll poop with the lights out with you in there. Or if she'll poop with your back to her. I know you want that visual look (does she pee with you watching?) but yeah, you've got to respect a girl's privacy. By showing her that respect you might win her over that day.

My husband only started watching me after we had made it clear that it was okay with me. If he had tried to watch without me being okay with it, it would be hard for me to enjoy going for him.

And with that it's time for me to wipe my butt and shower.

Love you all!



Young kids seem to lose their embarrassment when sick

A few days ago I was in the waiting room at an urgent care center waiting to see a doctor for a sore left thumb and a clicking sensation when I move it. The waiting room was nearly full and a mother, father, and young boy came in. The young boy had a cough and indicated that he felt tired and cold.

After they were checked in the family sat down at least ten feet away from me in the only available seats and the boy laid back in his chair and rested his head on his mother's lap and quickly fell asleep. About a half hour later or so he quickly sat up in his chair and wiggled around for no more than ten to twenty seconds. Then he looked down at his blue jeans and tightened his stomach. I assumed that he was preparing to wet his diaper, but I quickly learned that he wasn't wearing one when I saw a wet patch quickly spread across the front of his Blue Jeans. He kept doing this for about twenty seconds and then he put his thumb in his mouth, curled up into a ball for a short time, and finally resumed his previous position with his head on his mom's lap and quickly went back to sleep.

Some time later the paramedics came to take him to the hospital since it would be an hour or more before the doctors could see him and he still had a cough and a fever. When the paramedics were taking his vitals they asked the mother how old he is and she said that he just turned four a couple of weeks back. By this time he was wide awake and he didn't seem to be bothered when the paramedics mentioned that he would need a change of clothes and some diapers when he gets to the hospital. The boy seemed to be neither happy nor sad about this (or about his earlier wetting).

I don't know what happened next (aside from the janitor cleaning the area shortly after the family and paramedics left) because I don't know the family and I still had to wait to see the doctor for what I came in for. When I finally saw the doctor I was told that I have a trigger thumb and that I should follow up with an orthopedist for steroid injections, but I am extremely reluctant to do so because both my father and my grandfather (my father's father) became diabetic after having steroid injections. For now I am just hoping that splinting along with over the counter pain medication will help with this, but I have read that evidence for the effectiveness of this is a bit mixed.


@violetta from germany

I was wondering what you meant with toilet chair in the hospital? It is a classic bedpan where you stay in your bed or do you need to get out and literally sit on a chair with a hole in it?

Why did the nurse not leave you? Did you literally poop in her presence or did she leave eventually?

Apart from the smell thus usually doesn't make any sounds right? I mean there is no water to splash

I have had hospital enemas in the past here nurses directly put water through your anus into your bowels requiring you to go within 10 minutes. I remember the nurses would walk in without knocking the door to see how it was going. Very embarrassing!

Anyone here who has experienced pooping on a bedpan in the hospital bed?


Today's poop log survey

Tell everyone about your poop today:

Tell everyone about your poop today:

a) Where: At Work during an anime con

b) Date/Time: This afternoon (November 19th) at 1:01pm

c) What you read if anything: Yes, checking messages on my phone

d) How long you took: 11 minutes

e) Were you shameful: Nope, not at all

f) Did it smell: Not really

g) Did you enjoy it? Yes. I generally feel much better after having a poop in public restroom

h) How far you pull down your pants and
underwear when you poop today? I Pulled my black South Pole jeans, Grey thermals, & my Star Wars character printed boxer briefs down to my ankles. as I always do to feel relaxed while I have a public restroom poop

i) Any other interesting: I felt relaxed after a day of work and had my afternoon poop after my work shift. Wanted to take my time to not feel rush while pooping. Was holding in my urge to poop towards the end of my work shift. Was a good relaxing poop.

Will share more stories soon. Happy pooping!



Steve A:

So I do know of some pooping contests, but haven't heard of them in terms of sports.

I've taken part in a couple of pooping contests with friends. (I win pretty much every time!)

I played volleyball from when I was 10 through college and I still play recreationally. I played for a Division III college (small college).

I ALWAYS pooped before games and usually also before practice. So did most of my teammates. The last thing you want is to be out there trying to focus on the game while you have to take a big dump.

Polish tennis star Iga Swiatek just won the U.S. Open. She was interviewed after winning and said that after the first set (which she lost) that she had taken a poop and "felt lighter". I thought that was cool that she could talk freely like that.

I will say that in college my team did have peeing contests in the shower.

We'd try to see who could aim our streams at the drain the best. I did okay in those. It takes practice. I pee in the shower nowadays many mornings. Usually it just trickles down my leg.




Not afraid of using other toilets

I'm probably one of the youngest persons on this board. Me and most of my friends are in a large middle school. I wonder if it is a generational thing, but I can tolerate public bathrooms better than my mom and especially my grandma.

Since I started in middle school, we've lost a lot of our privacy in the bathrooms. If there are 15 cubicles in each bathroom, all but 2 have had their privacy doors taken off. There's been problems with vaping, several girls in a toilet cubicle, hanging out during classes, and just trashing the place.

I guess I've adjusted to the loss of privacy. Mom has bought me more loose-fitting dresses that work fine when I'm using the bathroom during lunch or the busy passing periods. Most of my peeing is really fast, about a minute or so, but I will stay on the toilet if one of my friends is using the toilet next to me. This is especially important to my friend Nicole who has to sit for a couple of minutes sometimes to get her pee started. Her craps are huge, but without my encouragement she would probably just give up and go back to class.

Molly and I are considered mall rats. We are down there every Saturday. Molly is kind of different than the rest of us. She spreads paper over the seat before sitting down. A couple of older girls get on her for wasting their toilet paper. I mentioned this to my grandma and she said that Molly is right.

I guess more than anything else grandma's generation, she was my age in the 1960s!, was taught not to use public bathrooms. Somehow they held their needs in until they got back home. Grams is critical of me for not doing this. Recently we were at the park walking our dogs and I gave her the leash for Mandy before I went into the bathroom building for a pee. She seemed surprised I couldn't hold it for 10 or 15 minutes when we got back home. I was lucky to be able to humor her. If Mandy gets to relieve herself in the park, I should too.

A couple of years ago when grams took me on a bus ride downtown to the Courts building where she had to fill out legal papers, I told her I needed to get off at an earlier stop because I had to crap bad. She got angry that I hadn't gone at home. She waited at the gas station while I went in and did my crap. It took me about 3 minutes and when I was wiping she came in and saw I was sitting on the bare seat. She said no "normal" person does that. OK, I guess I'm not normal. At the Courts building I had to excuse myself for a pee. Sorry, but a large orange juice and two water bottles go right through me.

Mom kind of supports me but she doesn't like to stand up to her mother. She says as I get older I will learn how to discipline my system, whatever that means. Me and my friends see that as kind of extreme.

For Kristi:

Your airport pooping story was very interesting. Did you sit on toilet paper or right on the seat? Do you remember what you were taught by your parents? Were adults ever critical of you?

For Steve A:

When I was in 4th grade (I think) I won $5 off two boys in my class by shitting in a squat into an empty peaches can we found in a alley near a park. Filled the can and then some!

For Elyse:

I agree with you. Those flushing sensors suck.


To Violetta from Germany

I just went back and read your story from the Hospital. I can surely identify with that. I had a very similar experience and it was truly the worst poop memory of my life. I had both hips replaced about ten years ago. Anesthesia shut down my bowels for about four days, and when I finally got the urge I was extremely constipated. Like you they brought in a commode chair and two nurses helped me out of bed, which really hurt my stitches, and put me on the commode. I thought they would go away and leave me to try and work on my BM. The nurses told me I was a "fall risk" and because of that, they were required to stay with me.
So I had to sit there pushing and grunting for about 15 minutes, while they watched, before I finally passed what I think was one of the biggest poops of my life.
That was, without a doubt the most embarrassing poop experience of my life.~~ JW

John H


Hi all,
Its been some time since I posted here but I haven't had much to say and I have been busy. I still regularly read all the posts here.
I am continuing to enjoy using the toilet and I am now back at work some days so I use the office toilets on those days and I am not afraid to let rip alongside others. I still enjoy my own toilet the most though.
Some comments on recent posts.
@Tina. Hi Tina. I have read all your posts and hope you are doing ok. You haven't posted in a while so I hope everything is ok and that you can give an update at some point. There are lots of nice people here who you can share with and who are very helpful.
@Christi. Please feel free to post more information about you. I enjoy reading your posts and would be happy to hear more about you. You have also been very kind and supportive of Tina which is nice to see. Keep the posts coming as time permits.
@M. Hey. My girlfriend is like your wife as she prefers to poo alone. I understand this and don't intrude. Some of the suggestions made by Christi may be helpful. My girlfriend is ok with peeing while I am in the bathroom so you could perhaps start there. Keep us posted if you try discussing this with your wife.
@Trina. Hi. I know what you mean about those candle shops. I never understand how the staff can work there all day with that smell. Glad you made it to a bathroom without a major accident. How often do you experience small leaks like that where you wet your panties but only a small amount?

John H

Comments part 2

Hi again all.
I accidentally hit the submit button on my last post so I will continue from where I think I left off.
@Trina. How often do you experience an accident like the one you described where you leaked in your panties but it was not a noticeable amount to anyone but yourself? I think this is interestening as I wonder if this happens more to ladies or men. I think for men it is more common to experience a small leak after finishing going for a pee. What do others think of this theory?
Do you enjoy holding your pee generally or did you just put off going because you were busy shopping at the time?
@Michele. Sorry to hear about your poo accident but you held off as long as was possible and at least you managed to make it until you got off the bus and you were alone. It sounds like it was actually a releafe to get all that poo out when it happened, even though it was in your panties. Have you used public bathrooms when you need to go since that incident happened?

Thats all for now. Take care all.
John H.


A request

Hello you beautiful people!

Kristi here.

So, I've been reading back through some old pages and have read some of my posts...

I post a lot about my toilet stories... my bathroom habits... my bathroom relationships with my husband, and with my friends.

I really haven't talked much about just me. And it's flattering that I get positive feedback on my posts.

I have never really posted about myself. I mean, just about Kristi (as opposed to what I'm doing on the toilet).

Can I just share some things about myself? Just about me as a person?

The reason is that you people are SO supportive. You are really all wonderful and this page honestly helps me get through my days sometimes.

So let me know if that would be okay.



Pee S. (see what I did there?) I still have plenty of potty time stories to share.


A few things

Tina: How are you, sweetheart? I hope you're pooping. Talk to us. We're here for you.

Jessica: 120 pounds. It's just my genes. And there are many times I wish I had a bigger figure. I have body image issues. If my husband wasn't so loving and didn't make me know that he loves me, I'd have really low self-confidence.

To my jalapeño burger eating friend: I pooped this morning. Definitely going to poop again at some point before bed. I'll let Steve (my husband) watch.



Saturday, November 19, 2022

Anna from Austria

pooping totally naked

Hello everybody. I had a interesting experience I wanted to share.

Last Week I was visting the gym to do my usual workout. After the workout I was about to enter the shower I started to feel the urge to go number 2. It was not that strong so I wanted to take about after my shower. I put my towel to one on the hooks near the shower stalls and entered the shower. I was showering for about one minute when the preasure at my backdoor got stronger. I left the shower asap grab towel again and covered my body with it as good as I can and entered the toilet. I sat down and as soon as I was seated I did a loud prrft type fart and one log. Another small fart and another smaller log. Then everything was over. i wiped mysely and the toilet seat an the floor as good as I could. I left the shower totally wet and so there was a lot of water on the floor of the toilet and the toilet seat.

After that I entered the shower again and after a long shower I went home.

greetings from Austria



Early morning poop and some responses

Hello you wonderful people. Kristi here.

I couldn't sleep past 5:30 this morning. I woke up having to relieve myself (both functions). So I'm in the bathroom sitting, yawning, and reading this page.

I took a nice long pee which always feels good. Definitely poop on the way.

To M:
"When you going was anyone else in the bathroom that would have heard you going?"

Oh, it was a busy bathroom.

Airport ladies rooms are always busy and from my observations it's usually people pooping.

I think it's (a) people who don't want to have to poop at 37,000 feet in those tiny airplane bathrooms (if you're in there for more than a few minutes everyone knows you're dropping a load), or (b) people who just got off a plane and have to poop.

As far as people hearing me, I'm sure people did. I never care about that.

"And also when your pooping in public how do you feel when someone takes the stall next to you?"

I'm glad for the company LOL!

Seriously though, I'm truly the least judgmental person you're ever going to find in a bathroom. There is no sound, sight, or smell that I've never heard, seen, or smelled before.

"And do you have any memorable stories about hearing others pooping in a public bathroom?"

Yeah... a few. :) Excuse me for a second though... I'm pooping.

Ah. That felt good. That was a good long one.

So stories from the ladies room... I've got plenty. Usually they end with me having to poop.

I can go into a bathroom just needing to pee. Not feeling the urge to crap at all.

But if someone is pooping and I hear it? My body just decides that it needs to go too.

As far as your wife: Above all, yes, respect her privacy. Even though my husband and I freely poop in front of each other, there are times when I want privacy (closed door means privacy, open door means come on in.)

Have you told her that you'd like to see her going? Maybe start slowly. Ask if she'll text you while she's pooping. I do that all the time.

See if she'll poop with the lights out with you in there. Or if she'll poop with your back to her. I know you want that visual look (does she pee with you watching?) but yeah, you've got to respect a girl's privacy. By showing her that respect you might win her over that day.

My husband only started watching me after we had made it clear that it was okay with me. If he had tried to watch without me being okay with it, it would be hard for me to enjoy going for him.

And with that it's time for me to wipe my butt and shower.

Love you all!



A request

Hello you beautiful people!

Kristi here.

So, I've been reading back through some old pages and have read some of my posts...

I post a lot about my toilet stories... my bathroom habits... my bathroom relationships with my husband, and with my friends.

I really haven't talked much about just me. And it's flattering that I get positive feedback on my posts.

I have never really posted about myself. I mean, just about Kristi (as opposed to what I'm doing on the toilet).

Can I just share some things about myself? Just about me as a person?

The reason is that you people are SO supportive. You are really all wonderful and this page honestly helps me get through my days sometimes.

So let me know if that would be okay.



Pee S. (see what I did there?) I still have plenty of potty time stories to share.


A few things

Tina: How are you, sweetheart? I hope you're pooping. Talk to us. We're here for you.

Jessica: 120 pounds. It's just my genes. And there are many times I wish I had a bigger figure. I have body image issues. If my husband wasn't so loving and didn't make me know that he loves me, I'd have really low self-confidence.

To my jalapeño burger eating friend: I pooped this morning. Definitely going to poop again at some point before bed. I'll let Steve (my husband) watch.




Toilet Literacy

For almost 10 years I've been working for a large financial institution's community project traveling among 35 middle and high schools in our city giving presentations to classes about handling money. I'm in my mid-30s and can relate to the students, their experiences and questions.

Overall, I'm a pretty consistent morning crapper. Diver sleeps late in our small apartment, the walls are thin and I don't like flushing the toilet because that would wake him up. If I have to pee I will, but I won't flush it. It is usually about a 45-minute drive on the radial highway to my work. It is during that trip that I usually stop at a c-store for my coffee. Either there, or a little later on my trip in, I will take my crap.

Others think like me, unfortunately. Some mornings there may be 6 or 7 in line in some places waiting to take a crap. Normally I won't wait so long in a line because most of the time there's another place farther ahead with less business. I specialize in the 5-minute or less crap, and then getting back on the road. Some pee is usually possible, too.

Monday, however, was not my best day. On my way to the school I was to give presentations at, I just felt tired and sluggish. Diver had been in a two-day softball tournament, it was hot and humid and there were so many fans there. I had to wait 10 minutes to get on a toilet. The bugs around me were horrendous and I was repulsed by the really gross graffiti on the inside door that was looking at me. I had only unloaded about 20%, but got too upset to complete my crap.

Once I got to the school, this student Brooke was waiting for me in the office. She helped me move my equipment cart to the auditorium and with the set up. She was squatting down forcing some plugs into place when she let the F-bomb fly. Immediately she was flustered and apologized. I told her it was OK and I have been known to use worse language. She said I reminded her of her older sister. I considered that a compliment.

Finally the equipment was tested and ready to use. Brooke grabbed the seat of her jeans and said he had to get on a toilet. I told her I did too and to lead the way. She had me walking fast through a couple of long hallways. She pushed the door of two bathrooms, but they were locked. Finally we got to the third and I was getting concerned about having an accident in my suit. Luckily it was black. Brooke ripped through the entrance fast. She aimed herself at the middle toilet. Slammed the seat down, her jeans hit the floor, and she dropped her body onto it with a thud.

I walked past her to the next toilet. I could hear her pushing it out madly. It must have been huge, awkward shaped and tearing at her anus. I took my seat, slid myself back for more comfort, and let my crap slowly exit. Finally Brooke dropped a boulder into the toilet. I don't know how she could have avoided not getting splashed, but drenched. She gasped as it exited. Again, she let off a f-bomb. I asked her what was wrong and she said he phone was dead. I pulled mine out and told her we still had 15 minutes until the students came in.

With minimal effort my banana-shaped crap came out. I looked into the bowl between my legs and saw it was heavy enough to have sunk into the water. Then I let go of about a glass worth of pee. I reached to my right for the toilet paper. There was none in the container. I put my thumb up into it, almost getting it stuck. I said something not too nice and Brooke seized on it. Once I explained it, Brooke checked her supply and with some less colorful language she said the entire container had been broken off the wall.

I knew she was still in some pain so I volunteered to walk across the room to the other line of toilets to get the wiping paper. I started in the middle and none of the five stalls I checked had any. Finally, Brooke suggested the two end stalls. At the first one, she was right. There was a full roll. I tore off a handful, gave Brooke the first choice and I needed every bit of what was left to clean myself.

As we washed our hands Brooke apologized for the condition of the school bathrooms. She said this bathroom was among the best. She said a Project Pride dance was being offered at the end of the year if students took better care of the bathrooms. I wished her luck.

My presentation went well. Lots of good questions. I gave Brooke my business card and recommended that she might want to apply for an internship at my bank next summer. I stopped at a fast food place for lunch and when I was done I went into a bathroom that was ten times worse than the one I had used that morning. Otherwise, I was looking forward to getting back to headquarters and a better bathroom situation.

Comment for Gemma:

More than 15 years ago when I was a high school student I, too, tried to avoid using the school bathrooms. For me, the reality became apparent at age 16 when I switched schools. My previous school offered the toilet seat covers in each cubicle. Then when my parents moved across country my new school was larger, with even more crowded bathrooms, and didn't have the toilet seat covers. Instead of holding my needs in, I learned to just sit down and get rid of it at the first available opportunity. Daily showering or baths make me feel better about sitting directly down on the seats.

Steve A

Question About Bathroom Related Initiations & Challenges

Over the years, I've read some stories on TS about certain "team bonding" initiations between some sport teams participating in "bathroom related initiations"

A majority of them consisted of "pooping contests" between rookies and veterans on high school and college teams (who could "outpoop" their teammates out of all of them) Furthermore, teammates would "prepare" beforehand to gain an advantage over everyone else.

So, have any of you ever participated or been apart of any "team bonding" initiations, such as pooping contests or something similar in nature?

Even though I've heard of different initiations/challenges between sport teams, it doesn't surprise me that some teams participate in various imitations...

On an extra note, it's not only sport teams, friend groups can participate in similar/related contests as well (sleepovers, hangouts, college dorms/apartments, etc) since I've also read some stories on TS about various challenges between friend groups as well...


Mostly Made It

Hey guys, long time no post! Haven't seen anything from my other SPAS, either - hope you are all well!

I have a few minutes today and wanted to share about this weekend. I had been out shopping all morning and enjoying myself and my growing urge to pee. Finally I was getting to the point where I knew I couldn't just keep holding it until I got home, so I decided to give in and use the restroom there at the mall. Well, on my way towards the food court area where I knew there are public restrooms I passed one of those smelly candle stores. I'm sensitive to strong smells and have allergies and sometimes those kinds of places do a number on me, and this time was no exception. As I walked by and got a strong whiff of their seasonal candles up front I was hit by a very sudden sneeze - multiple sneezes actually - that hit hard and fast and it wasn't until after the third or fourth sneeze that I felt the wetness between my legs. I clamped my legs shut and bent a little and managed to stop sneezing.

I glanced down and didn't see anything visible on the front of my crotch (in medium colored blue jeans, I might add), but I could definitely feel my panties were quite warm and wet in the middle. I walked a little faster the rest of the way, not looking around, no idea if wetness was showing from the back. I made it to the ladies room, got into a stall, and sat down to pee. I inspected my panties and they were certainly wet in the crotch, but luckily the jeans only had a small wet spot in the middle around the size of an egg, but not really visible from front or back. Any bigger at all and I'm sure it would have been (knowing from past experience, haha).

I patted my panties and jeans dry with TP as best I could and carried on with my morning, not minding the feeling until it started to go cold and clammy. Oh well.

Anyway, that got me thinking about the difference between a "Mostly Made It" (small leak, most goes in toilet) vs an "Almost Made It" (most in pants, maybe all, maybe a little in the toilet).

What do you guys think?


Violetta from Germany

Embarrassing pooping


when I was 7 years old we went to a restaurant. After eating i had to go to the toilet. My mother went with me because she had to go too. I was of course old enough to go into an own cabin. I heard mom pee. She had told me before that public toilets should only be used in an absolute emergency. Number 2 should generally be done at home...
But as I was sitting on the toilet, I felt that I also had to poop and started to push. When my mother heard that *kersplosh* and realizing that I was going for #2, she cried out in horror: "What are you doing???" With a strained voice i replied that i have to poop. She started ranting and didn't stop until we were outside...
For years since that I haven't been pooping on a toilet anywhere except at home or in the holiday apartment...
It took years for me to change my habits.
Further questions?

@Anna from Austria

A while ago you did ask what the most embarrassing toilet experiences we had.
I wrote a few stories about that earlier. You can use the search to find it.

But just to mention it again briefly. The really worst experience was when i had to poo on this toilet chair in the hospital in the presence of the nurse. I had a catheter and when I called her it was clear that I had to poop...
I didn't expect her to stay near me. That was really the worst experience, precisely because I'm totally shy in this part, see above!

In the meantime I can use public toilets to poop, but I still often feel embarrassed about it. The worst thing is when one can hear me doing it. Smelling isn't nice either, but oddly enough I don't mind that much!
I've also had to poop in the neighboring cubicles at the same time as other women. That's always difficult because you actually want to wait until the other one starts...



Last Friday I went into campervan to play a D V D disc ,unfortunately
I fell asleep and woke in the early hours needing a wee , sat on porta pottie when done went back to sleep.At NINE AM I woke again sat on pottie and had a wee, I tried unsuccessfully to have a NUMBER TOO .
I climbed out of the van and collected JONES RELAX bedpan from car
and brought it into house ,switched on kettle and made tea,switched on computer and dealt with e mails and other correspondence,while drinking
two mugs of next task was to make and con, sume porridge.I went into lounge ,listened to radio , returned to kitchen for washing up and brushing teeth , saucepans I put into cupboard , as I bent down I felt the urge to poop.
I pulled five sheets ok kitchen towel off of roll placed two into pan
lowered my jogging bottoms and pants ,sat on the bed pan , immediately
my bladder opened followed by my bowels , I was now having a most enjoyable NUMBER TOO .eight minutes later having sat relaxing grabbed
the kitchen roll raised myself into squatt to poop position and wiped
using three sheets.dropping each sheet into pan now holding a pile of mushy poo and two pints of wee. Pulled up my jogging bottoms and pants ,
picked up bed pan went into garden and tipped on bonfire, washed pan under water butt left to dry.
I vaccumed the stairs and lounge then the kitchen ,needed a weeso went collect pan ,put back into car climbed into van sat on pottie had a wee
climbed out of van and took pottie to drain and emptied .This is the one
of the few times I have emptied pottie that did not contain I have had NUMBER TOO on this pottie at least six hundred times and over
Seven Hundred times on other potties.

Mrs. BigandHard.again I am straining on

Post Title (optional)A super hard wide one with hard strain

Hello It has been a while since I submitted a post. So Here goes I am sitting on the toilet right NOW I can feel it becoming wider and wider as I push down harder. My anal opening is hurting me now.
I know I have pushed out some Hard-rocks that are usually 2.5-inches in diameter ones in the past.
This one feels bigger and wider and it is starting to hurt me a lot.
So I am just keeping the pressure on. ...Now it feels more like a super wide 3.0 inches in diameter. when it is like that it "splits me". It is called anal "fissure"
Thank you all.

Thursday, November 17, 2022


Response to Kristi

Thanks for sharing that story Kristi. That's frustrating and uncomfortable having to hold your poop and not being able ot go but once you do go it's the best feeling ever. When you going was anyone else in the bathroom that would have heard you going? And also when your pooping in public how do you feel when someone takes the stall next to you? And do you have any memorable stories about hearing others pooping in a public bathroom?
That's great that you let your husband see you poop. I've been married for 19 years and my wife still doesn't let me in while she's pooping. Oh well I respect her privacy. She's an amazing woman but if I could change anything it would be that.

Take care Kristi and hope to see more stories from you!!

Emma two

Pood in the work toilets

I worked overtime last night and I was busting for a poo when I finished work at seven o'clock. The cleaner was mopping the floor and but she let me use the toilet as she said she knew what it's like when you're busting to go. I felt embarrassed but I still went as I'm trying to get over my poo shyness. I'm glad I did because it all rushed out of me and I think if I'd waited until I got home I would have had an accident in my knickers. It was a big relief and after wiping my bottom I flushed the toilet and washed my hands feeling pleased with myself for making the right decision.


To Gemma

You're not the only one who can't use public restrooms. I too can't but it's not because I don't want to be heard or because of the potential uncleanliness associated with them.

I can't use them because I'm AFRAID of them - especially the kind that are automatic with flashing lights and/or older ones that are dimly lighted and have seats other than the standard white. I've tried covering the sensor and/or having somebody I trust with me, but it hasn't helped.

So I always make sure to go at home before I leave; that way I don't end up having an anxiety attack. You're not alone, I promise.


Hi, everyone. My name is Maxine. I'm 18 and a freshman in college. I have Asperger's, which I'm not ashamed to admit because it's not hard for people to figure out anyway. My therapist recommended that I tell my stories on an online forum, so here I am. I've always been a late bloomer in terms of potty training. I wasn't potty trained until I was almost 4, I was in pullups until I was 8, I still had occasional accidents until I was in middle school, and even to this day I still have a few accidents a year.

I had a really embarrassing experience the other day. I had a big lunch and then had class at 1:00. About 20 minutes into class, I felt the need to go poop, but I thought I could hold it. A few minutes later I got a bad cramp. When class ended, I tried to make it to the bathroom, but I barely made it 15 feet before a big, soft, warm turd slid into my panties. I also peed a tiny bit but it wasn't enough to show on the outside of my loose-fitting overalls. I felt like I was going to cry. Now I just wanted to go back to my dorm room to clean up and change. I began walking to my dorm across campus. I had to pass a lot of other people on my way there, wondering if they could tell that I had poop in my pants. By the time I got there, I didn't clean up right away. I fell on my bed and began sobbing into my pillow. A few minutes later, my roommate Jessica came in. She noticed that I was crying and said "Oh sweetie, what's wrong?" I couldn't speak because I was crying so hard. She gave me a hug to comfort me, then the smell hit her. She moved her hand down my back and to my bottom, felt the bulge and said "why don't you go clean up, hon?" I went into our private bathroom to shower, and Jessica took my soiled clothes down to the laundry room to get washed. This was my first pooping accident in college, but Jessica knows all about my history because I still wet the bed a couple times a week. When I got out I was still pretty upset so she suggested we put on some comfy clothes, drink hot chocolate and watch movies for the rest of the day to cheer me up. Jessica is studying to be a child psychologist so she always knows how to make me feel better. Well, that's my story for today. Thanks for reading.

Steve A

Pooping In Other Places Survey

Apart from home or any other place where you stayed for some time where else have you pooped in your lifetime? Answer yes or no.

Airport- Not yet

Airplane- Not yet

Significant others place- I pooped at a friend's place (girl) and she didn't seem to mind, but I would poop at my girlfriend or SO's place if I had to go hoping that they don't mind if I had to go during my visit

Friends place (during a visit not a stay)- Same as above

Families place (during a visit not a stay) - Yes

Restaurant- Yes

School/uni- I've always gone whenever I had to go, even during my middle & high school days, despite some mixed feelings from some teachers since I usually went around the same time of the day and they wondered why I always asked to use the restroom almost everyday

Outdoors- I never pooped outside, but I would depending on the situation I'm in

Porta potty (f.e. festival)- Yes

Bar- I never pooped at a bar, only once at a college party, but no one seemed to notice or care when I did

Club/disco- No

Museum- No

Doctor's waiting room- Yes

Hospital (during a visit not a stay) - Yes


Met my future husband while pooping


I'm in my early 30's, petite and blonde, this happened during my freshman year of university.

I had my first week of university punched and so far it was going okay. I wasn't used to living this far away from home so my pooping habits are a little off. My roommate Katie seen an ad on the bulletin board for a party at one of the frat houses and said we should go. I wasn't really feeling up to it, I was a little tired and I haven't had a decent poo in four days, every time I went to the bathroom it was just like little rabbit buttons. Eventually I gave in and said okay I'll make an appearance but I'm not staying long. So Katie and I got ready, had a few pre drinks. I figured the beer would move things along so I went to the bathroom before we left but no such luck.

We got to the party and the place was full of students blowing off steam. As soon as we got in the door I felt a rumble in my stomach I mumbled to myself not now. After about a half hour this monster was finally ready to come out of me, I went and found Katie told her I was gone to find a bathroom. I made my way up the stairs and found the bathroom. I closed the door, rose up the toilet seat, pulled my shorts down and sat on the toilet. I peed first of course but I could feel things moving along, gave a little push and let a grunt out of me. This turd was being very stubborn. I sat there looking at my phone when I heard someone by the door, I tried to remain quiet but I was afraid if I didn't say anything that they would just walk on in so I screamed out someone is in here. The doorknob rattled again and with that some guy falls right in.

I screamed and tried to cover up as best as I could. The guy looked up and said so sorry about that I replied it's okay. He was just about to leave when I felt like I had to push again so I told him to turn away, I let another grunt out of me followed by a groan. He turned towards me again and asked if I was okay I said not really I'm constipated. He asked me did I need a hand and I'm like no offence but I just met you I think I should be fine on my own. He took one look at me, locked the bathroom door put his drink on the edge of the sink and sat on the bathtub next to me. He said look my name is Sean and you look like you could use a hand, trust me I've done this before with my best friend from high school so it's nothing I haven't seen before.

Sean stood in front of me and grabbed my hands, there was no going back now he seen my pussy and it's a good thing I shaved today. He said now when you feel like you have to push again squeeze my hand. He never had the words out when I started squeezing, my bumhole was open really wide now and I could feel the turd poking it's way out it got about halfway and then stopped. He's like okay now relax I'm just going to rub your stomach a bit and then rub your back. I felt another push coming so I squeezed his hand again and bared down the turd was sliding out further and further until I heard a splash and water came up on my ass. I let out a sigh of relief and hugged Sean. I was afraid to look but I was also curious as well so I stood up and half of the log wasn't even in the water no way was this going down. I sat back down and told Sean he could leave now I had it from here so he carefully opened the bathroom door but not too wide in case anyone was lingering outside the door. He said I'll wait in one of the rooms for you just to make sure your okay. He closed the door and a bit of mushy poop came out of me then. Finally I felt so much better and figured I was done. I wiped and attempted to flush but no sir it would not go down so I plunged broke it up and it went down. Opened up the door seen Sean and thanked him again for helping me. One thing lead to another…. 10 years later we're happily married and expecting our first child in April.


Tormented in primary school

When I was an 11 year old boy in year 6 of British primary school, pooping was the most embarrassing thing of all. I hated doing a poo at school, mainly because my butt was big for a boy of my age and I always pooped a lot. One day, I went into a stall in the empty bathroom, pulled my pants down and sat on the toilet. As I felt the first log squeeze through my cheeks, I heard a group of boys enter the bathroom. I recognised their voices as a group of boys from year 5, a year below me. They were whispering and giggling, making me uneasy. "He went in the stall!" I heard one of the boys whisper. They all laughed. I decided to just close my eyes and try to finish my poo in peace, but to no avail. "Is he pooing?" I heard one of then say. "He probably poos loads with that big bum" another one said, making me blush from head to toe. This was my worst nightmare. They started hammering on the door and hollering loudly. " Hello , year 6 boy! Are you doing something smelly in there?" One of the boys teased in a sing-song voice. I clenched my cheeks, desperate not to fart but too embarrassed to leave. Suddenly I ripped a loud fart, sending the boys into hysterical laughter. I felt a lump in my throat and my eyes welled with tears. "He farted! He's doing a huge poo!" I heard one of them shout. Then came the worst part. "Open the door, or we'll get people from your class in here" said a boy. Weighing my options, I pulled up my trousers and pants as far as I could without leaving the toilet and slowly unlocked the door. I couldn't have my classmates see me having a poo. They pushed the door open, laughing like hyenas. As they saw me, sitting red-faced, half naked on the toilet, they started making crude fart noises and pointing. "Look, his butt is out!" A smaller boy said. The others laughed and craned their necks to peek in. There were about five of them, all red from laughing and clearly watching me poo was the funniest thing in the world to them. I puled paper from the paper holder, planning to wipe and then run. But they stopped me. "Stand up to wipe your butt!" One of them cried, and the others cheered at this suggestion. Crying, I got up, exposing my ????? To them. They laughed hard and said it was small. I didn't want to turn around, as I was self-concious about my rear. But as I made a move to wipe, they started shouting. "Show us your bum!" They teased. I turned slowly, revealing my huge butt to boys who still hadn't grown out of the phase where butts are the funniest thing ever. They giggled loudly and made farting noises. In what they clearly thought was the funniest joke in the world, they made fart noises and then blamed me, saying things like, "stop trumping" and fanning my butt from a distance. This was the worst day ever. I bent slightly and started wiping. The boys got a peek at my bumhole while I spread my cheeks slightly, sending them into a fit of giggles. "His bumhole is brown!" They cried. When I finished wiping, I went to flush, but not before the boys got a good look at my pile of poo. "Your butt is so gross!" One of them said, before giggling and taking a few peeks at my poo. Seeing I was done, they promised they would be there next time I pooed and left. After crying in the bathroom for 20 minutes, I went back to the playground. I saw the boys in the corner, pointing at me, specifically my butt, and laughing to each other. That was when I became completely poo-shy. But the teasing didn't stop until I left primary school.


Potty break during gaming

I was playing a computer game when I felt the urge to poop. I had to pause the game and go to the toilet. There I pulled down my pants, and underpants, and sat down on the toilet seat of the suspended toilet. However, I didn't manage to relieve myself quickly. I relaxed and pushed, but only farted. But I felt like I wanted to poop, so I had to sit and wait. Finally, after a few minutes, the poop came out. Splash! She fell into the water with a big splash, almost splashing my ass! Then I defecated two more poop, wiped myself with toilet paper, got dressed, and flushed the water. The poops spun and flushed away. I peed in toilet after flush. I flush pee, got dressed, washed my hands, and went out. It was time to continue the game!


37 year-old with a Psycho Mom

I moved out of my parents' house when I was 19. I had a good job and a career path and I wanted to stay over sometimes with my boyfriend and do what adults do. And I also wanted to keep my friends, some of whom were tired of some of mom's intrusive questions. Things about whether their bowels were regular, how they bathrooms were at school (they sucked beginning with middle school), how they learned to "plan" their pees, and some things with the need for "potty discipline" in public places. That meant holding up your needs until we got home in a half hour or we got to our motel. Mom was cautious, sometimes outright suspicious of public bathrooms.

It was the way mom handled bathroom related things when we were away from home that was different. I could choose a friend to take with me in grade school when mom and dad took me to a baseball game, an amusement park, or simply a movie. Sometimes the friend would inquire about a rest stop on the interstate. Mom would interrogate her about what the need was. I was surprised when my friend Jen said she needed a rest stop about an hour into our trip to 6 Flags. She ended up having to explain to my mom why she needed the stop. That was so rude. We were 8 or 9 at the time. Why was it such a big issue. She needed to get on a toilet and prevent having an embarrassing accident in her shorts. Why should mom give a damn about the reason. She obviously wasn't getting sick or anything.

Then mom would go in with us and do what I later learned was her micro-managing routine. I remember once when Jen was holding her back end and walking fast toward the line of toilets. She was starting to turn around and drop herself onto one when mom grabbed her and had her stand and wait while mom laid a toilet paper liner over the four sides of the seat. That cost Jen a small smear in her undies before mom allowed her to finally sit. Then mom was critical of her because Jen slid herself over the seat and got off the paper protectors.

I can remember at least 3 times when mom stopped me from immediately sitting for a piss while a wipe of the seat and then papering was done. I had pee running down my inner leg when mom finally gave me the OK to sit. In front of my cousin, mom said as I got older I could better hold it. Both Shari and I just looked at one another half shocked. Then Shari walked to the next toilet, seated herself and was peeing away when mom looked at her, yelled at her, said she hadn't been taught correctly, and when I made the decision to take Shari's side, mom yelled at me. Anybody that sits directly on a public toilet seat is wrong, has negligent parents, and some other things that I heard quite regularly.

Before I started middle school mom gave me a special demonstration about how to paper the seat. This was in addition to all the other times. When I told her I hadn't seen any of my friends going to that extreme--a few just wipe the seat off--she got on me for talking back.

Sometimes it seemed she would ask us two or three different ways the same dumb question: when we were getting into the SUV if we had just gone in and tried to go to the bathroom. My friend Marika was startled when she told mom she couldn't remember when she last moved her bowels. Then I reminded her we had both crapped at the park that same day. My mistake. I shouldn't have said anything because mom went into this lecture that such public bathrooms were off limits to us. We were like 10 and Marika was caught by surprise.

As I got older and did more things on my own with my friends, I was away from much of mom's micro (or as my boyfriend called it) "psycho-management." Or so I thought. Trying to be more normal in my activities I would forget that mom was waiting in the car when I went in to pay for our gas and she would ask me what took so long.

Here's my brief survey:

1. What positive things did your parents say/teach you about public bathrooms?

2. What restrictions/negative things did your parents teach you about public bathrooms?

3. What positive/negative things did you learn from your friends about public bathrooms?

Thank you,

Tuesday, November 15, 2022


Aeroplane Poop

Currently on a city break with my boyfriend and wanted to try a curry house that was highly rated, went a fee hours before we had to be at the airport and had a butter chicken roll!
Fast forward a few hours and I nipped to the toilet in the airport and went for a wee but felt like i could go for a poo as well, small push and a huge pile came out, was quite soft but still formed.
Gets on the plane and my ???? started to hurt, didn't want to say anything to my partner so i thought id wait, but turns out we're sat on the runway for an hour and a half! nightmare! stomach is really hurting at this point so i said i needed a wee and went to the toilet, sat down and i could feel the pressure in my ????, so i pushed and and farted out what i think was the earlier meal that didn't agree with me!! let out a couple more farts that i imagine could be heard from outside the door, felt the pain ease up afterwards. looked in the bowl and it must of gone straight through me, very smelly and took ages to wipe! walked out red faced.



My grandmother was an office cleaner and during the ages of Ten to Fourteen I used to help her at weekends and school holidays .
The toilets were outside at the end of the yard,Three cubucles two with a flushing Thunderbox ,one with a THOMAS CRAPPER THRONE SEAT which was higher than the others due to plumbing arrangements. The doors were two panes of patterned glass in the upper section standard two foot six width and painted green . the whole building was lit by a 100 watt tungsten bulb .
Toilet paper was BRONCO 800 SHEETS PER ROLL ,OR IZAL 600 SHEETS PER ROLL ,a bit thicker . Occasionally IBCOL much harder , smaller sheets.
When we arrived and before we left I always had a wee.On the occasions
I had a NUMBER TOO I would use the end cubicle with the THOMAS CRAPPER THRONE SEAT which was much higher .I would lock the door lower my jeans and pants to my ankles , then place my hands on the seat and pull myself into position , my legs were a few inches above the floor.When comfortable would let go first a wee followed by four or five logs ,usually this would take six minutes ,when satisfied my bladder and bowels are empty , slide off the seat and wipe with six sheets of BRONCO toilet paper ,after scrunching each sheet to make it softer.
Pulled up my jeans and pants fasten my belt ,pulled the chain to flush with a huge deluge of water , unlocked door and washed hands .Often the other cubicles were engaged I assume others are much longer having a NUMBER TOO or sometimes smoking a pipe.


Awkward Meeting

Story 1
So i used to work in a old office, and it had one doorless stall and urinal in the mens room with a locking outer door. I never locked the door as thought slightly selfish if someone just wanted a wee.
So one day i was having a really bad stomach and went and sat on the toilet. Was on there for 15mins blasting away, when a coworker came in.
He saw me sitting on the toilet, with my white briefs hanging below my knees and my shirt lifted with my bush on show. He as holding his stomach and was asking how long i might be. I said i will try to hurry up. Well 5 mins past and he was talking and holding his stomach when he started farting. He begged me to get off but hadnt fully finished but i said we could swap if he locked the door to avoid embarrassment. he locked the door and i stood up with my bum still covered. He quickly pulled his trousers down, and i noticed he was also wearing white briefs. We both laughed as he sat down and farted away. I was just standing there with my penis just hanging there as we wasnt embarrassed. My stomach turned and i asked to swap. He flushed and shuffled to one side, he was really hairy down there and average side. I sat down and blasted away for another few mins. I stood up and started wiping as he sat back down to finish off. I wiped and thrown in-between his legs. He wiped and we both left at the same time, a little bit closer as friends.

Story 2:
I was driving back home when suddenly my stomach was shouting needs emptying. I saw a service station and quickly pulled in. I ran into the building and found the toilet. I ran through the door when i noticed all 6 stalls had no door and full. I had to pace backwards and forwards as the other blokes blasted away! One bloke to pity on me and started wiping quickly, i jumped on the seat as soon as he walk away. I was on the toilet 30mins! As i was sitting there a father and son came, the father took a seat and was farting away as the son also took as seat. Sounded like both of them had the runs!!


Reflections of a poo-shy guy

I've known Lisa for at least 10 of my years. We played together in grade school, and when her parents moved 11 blocks away to another neighborhood, Lisa and I continued doing things together. We attended the same middle school, luckily were together in the same classes, so we studied and hung-out together. We enjoyed school and were involved in clubs and a volunteer tutoring program after school.

Either Lisa's mom or her sister Tiffany--who was in high school--would drive us to and pick us up from school. Her mom was flexible and Lisa would call her when we were done.

I don't know if it was stress or what. But in 7th grade both me and Lisa went through a period of constipation. The bathrooms were horrible compared to what we had in our parish grade school. So large with so many toilets, some running over, most without privacy doors, and the sinks stopped up deliberately, we had a difficult adjustment to make that fall.

For me, the urinals which were actually a lined-up trough, were busted up and dirty. The pipe going across them and pouring clean water into the bowl would splash me and my organ. One bully at the end space would block into his friend and 6 or 7 of us would get hit because we couldn't see it coming and get out of the way. Even if we got out of the way we would be leaking on our shoes or jeans.

My family didn't talk about personal things that much. That wasn't the case with Lisa. The first thing her mom would ask when Lisa got in the front seat was if she had her BM that day. See she had been constipated from trying to hold it in until she got home and her mom went ballistic on her. Even took her to the pediatrician. So every day there was that awful question that I know embarrassed Lisa. Finally, her doctor gave her laxative pills she took before bed. The problem was they didn't work until the middle of the morning. I know she didn't like to run out of class but that happened a couple of times. Once after the next passing period she showed me a crap smear about an inch big on the very back of her skirt. The toilet seat was about to become unbolted. So in her fear of falling in, she didn't pull her brown skirt up fast enough before sitting down.

Lisa's older sister Tiffany was so different when she picked us up. She claimed she had never taken a crap at school in her first three years of high school. She was kind of profane with her language, talked about not wanting to get chlamydia from those toilets, and that one piss a day at school was enough for her. Other than milk with her lunch, Tiffany said she didn't drink any liquids at school and that was helping her. Lisa looked back at me and just rolled her eyes.

It was my belief that the guys' bathrooms were worse than the girls. After Lisa had her accident, I got sick of holding my craps until I got home or to Lisa's house. Guys peed right over the seat. Some even spit on them. On afternoon when I knew Lisa and I had a couple of hours of tutoring to do I decided to find a decent toilet to sit on and unload three days worth. I had to stay downstairs near the library because if I went upstairs and got caught using the bathroom I could receive a detention. My mom didn't agree with that, but she knew that some guys were busting things up. I didn't tell her about the drug stuff I sometimes found near the toilet or in it.

Finally I found a semi-good toilet and with a dry seat. I passed a couple of other guys seated on dirty seats. Both were older, sat with their legs spread wide, and one flipped me off when I halfway looked at him. I decided to put up the seat and I dropped my jeans and briefs and carefully tried to sit on the bowl rim. It hurt me too much and my unit was laying over the front of it near on some yellow splashes.

I stood, dropped the seat and carefully slid myself onto it. With some pushing one, two and then three small crap balls fell into the toilet. That splashed my underside. I remembered that the water was clear so I wasn't getting some other guys pee on me. Lisa texted me from the library and said my first student was waiting. I told her where I was and she said oops. I was supportive of her and she was supportive of me. I decided to give up and get down to the library. Lisa flipped me the victory sign, but I knew it wasn't deserved.

We did our tutoring time. During the last 30 minutes or so I saw Lisa looking at her phone a lot and looking increasingly worried. She texted me that Tiffany was furious waiting in the parking lot for us. We finally got outside, found Tiffany's car, but she wasn't anywhere to be found. Finally, Lisa got a text. Tiffany, after twice being denied entry into the school to take a pee, went into the rear parking lot, squatted over, and peed next to the side of the building.

She might have thought she had gotten away with something, but me and Lisa think it might be on the security tape.

Midwest Anonymous

Yesterday's Rancid Dump

After my large coffee yesterday, I farted a lot and they were the most rancid smelling farts I've had in a long time. After a while I felt like I had to pee so I went to the bathroom. Since I'm at home I decided to sit and pee because why not? I pulled my pants and white full rise Stafford briefs to my ankles and sat on the toilet. A yellow stream of pee shot out of my penis as soon as sat down. I held it down and peed for about 30 seconds or so.

I was going to stand up but then my butthole opened and released around five soft runny poops. My penis shot out another spurt of pee and I flushed the toilet since it was getting full. I rolled off a wad of toilet paper and wiped my butt. There was heavy residue on the first wipe so I refolded it and wiped again. Same thing. I rolled off a second wad and did the same thing, there was less residue on the paper. When I rolled off the third wad I refolded it twice and wiped to see less residue. I rolled off a fourth wad and it was clean.

I continued to sit and a short stream of pee came out of my penis, I aimed it at a small stain in the bowl from my poop but it didn't do anything. I pulled my briefs up positioning my penis to my liking, then my jeans. I washed my hands and flushed the toilet one last time.

Thank you for reading another story of mine and as always feel free to send any advice you have to m


Humongous accident

Hi Just Jerika,
I am not sure why I have always been shy to go to the bathroom in public or when other people are around. I do remember my mother always being concerned about my bowels, and giving me a laxative if she thought my BM's were too firm or not happening often enough. But I never had an embarrassing experience at school, I just felt like having a BM was a private experience, not to be done with others around.

Of course, this has left me in a lot of desperate situations throughout the years. One of the worst experiences was when I was a senior in high school. By that time, I had gotten really good at holding my poop in at school so that I could let it out in the privacy of my own bathroom at home. But there was one day when the urge for a poop actually started before lunch (it didn't usually hit me until after I ate lunch). The urge was actually quite strong, and I didn't eat much lunch because of already feeling a full sensation. After lunch, the feeling of having to poop was getting very strong. I was trying so hard to hold it back. Time was moving so slowly, I just wanted to get home. During class, I could not concentrate on the work, I could only concentrate on clenching my butt cheeks to hold all of the poop back. So I stared at the clock to watch the time. Each second felt like a minute, and each minute felt like an hour. I finally made it to the end of the day, and was able to go out to the bus. The bus ride was torture. I feel like my friends knew there was something wrong because I was so quiet. I just told them I wasn't feeling so well. I was sitting on the heel of my foot to keep the log in at this point. I had the window open for fresh air which helped a bit, but it also seemed that as we got closer to my bus stop, it was getting impossible to hold back. The urges were so strong and I kept clenching as hard as I could, it was excruciating. When the bus pulled up to my stop, I could see my house in the distance. I wanted to make it there so bad. I stood up to get off of the bus, but I think my poor stomach and butt had enough. As I walked down the bus aisle, the huge, hard log started to open my hole and push out beyond my control. My butt was so tired of clenching. The poop slowly crept out as I walked down the steps and off of the bus, the log was wide and firm and there was nothing I could do to stop it from coming out at that point. My stomach was pushing beyond my control. Luckily, I was the only one who got off at my stop. When my feet hit the curb, the log was already out a few inches and touching my pants, and still going. I had no choice but to let it continue. I bent down as if to look for something in my backpack, which opened my hole up wider and gave the monster poop log the room to come out. The bus started to pull away, and I grunted loudly as the humongous log picked up speed and began to fill my shorts. I could hear the loud crackling and smell the strong odor of the poop, but it was ok because I was alone now. One huge log made its way out, and it felt so good but there was a lot left inside of me. There was plenty of room left in my baggy shorts, and so much poop left that I was not able to stop anyways, that after the first log broke off, a second one started and I just grunted and pushed. A second huge, firm log began to push the first log out of the way and make its way into my shorts. I sighed in relief and also quickly grunted as the second log broke off and a third log started coming out. The third log pushed its way out and curled up in whatever space was left in my shorts. Each log was probably about a foot long. My shorts were completely full at this point, and I was completely empty and done going. It felt like ages, but probably only took a couple of minutes. Red faced and embarrassed, even though no one was around, I stood up and felt the back of my shorts. It felt like a basketball in the back of my pants, weighing my shorts down. I was so relieved. I went home and straight to my bathroom, where I was able to dump the whole solid load into the toilet for flushing.

Melody B
Hi! I'm Melody B. I posted my first story here very recently and wanted to post another. These are more stories from my childhood.

Me and my slightly older brother Justin shared a room as kids. One night our parents had put us to bed but neither of us could sleep. After a while of trying to sleep but failing, it hit me that I had to pee. Justin was happy to come with me. We snuck to the bathroom. I wore "long John pajamas" to bed and so did he. So I pulled my bottoms to my ankles. Then I sat on the toilet and splayed my legs. He stared at my vagina and was captivated watching me pee. I wiped myself once I was done, pulled my pants up and washed my hands. So now it was his turn.

He was in long John pajamas++ too but he completely removed his bottoms. He said "I think I have to do poopy" so since he had to poop he sat down on the toilet, parted his legs and leaned back. He peed for a while. And then he started to push. At first only a fart came out. Then some impressively large turds started to come. He was grunting a lot so I could tell it wasn't an easy one. So we had to wait for him to get it out for a while. He had a tricky one at the end. It seems that almost everyone on this site has had an experience with poop getting stuck. So have I but I will tell that story another time. That's what happened to him.

It was turtleheading. He balled up his fists, scrunched up his face and pushed. This made a few inches come out but it was still stuck in his bottom and he had more to push out. But then, turd still hanging from his bottom like a tail, he got on the floor on his hands and knees. He pushed again but it didn't budge. He gave another really hard push but nothing. I yelled at his bottom saying "come out poopy!" making him laugh. He again scrunched his face up, took a big deep breath, and grunted. Suddenly, he started to pee again. It was an entire stream which lasted many seconds. As he was peeing he said "I can't stop it" and I had to think fast so I got a few paper cups from the sink counter and held a cup under his penis as he peed, catching his pee and switching to empty ones once the others were filled. He ended up filling 3 cups. I dumped them out into the toilet and flushed the pee and threw the cups into the trash can. We still had to clean up the pee that he got on the floor before I got the idea to use cups but at least we didn't have to clean up as much as we would if it weren't for the cups.

Eventually the poop came out completely. He said his bottom was really sore and I wasn't surprised after all that. He sat back on the toilet to wipe his bottom and his penis to get the remaining pee drops off. I gave him a huge wad of toilet paper to pick up his poop. He used it to pick it up and plop it in the toilet. Then he used more toilet paper to clean up his pee from the floor. He put his pants back on and we washed up.

Ok here's the second story.

We were probably a tiny bit younger than we were in the first story. We both had the stomach flu. We had fevers and diarrhea. No throwing up though. Our dad put us in diapers until we got better to prevent accidents. Mom was out of town for work so he had to take care of us both. We weren't happy about wearing diapers. But it was nice that we could go any time without making too big of a mess. One evening we went in our diapers at the same time. We laughed as we heard each other grunt and wet fart. We competed to see who could fart the loudest. I forget who won. But the room stunk badly by the end of it.

Dad came in to take our temperatures again but the smell hit him the second he got in the room. We admitted that we both had full diapers. He got the wipe warmer from the other room (we used wipe warmers so the wipes wouldn't be cold). He came back and changed Justin first. Instead of risking getting our beds soiled he changed us both on the floor in the space between our beds. So Justin got out of bed and lied on the floor and I leaned over to watch. The second dad opened his diaper he went "sheesh!" Because of the smell which made us all laugh. He wiped his bottom first since it was so messy. That took a few minutes. Then he grabbed another wipe and wiped his penis and scrotum, at that point he started giggling and wiggling around a bit because he was really sensitive there. It didn't hurt, it was just a funny feeling to him and that's why he often lost control and peed during diaper changes, especially since the wipes were warm. I sometimes had a similar reaction when my vagina was wiped so I don't blame him though were different anatomically. He wiped him a second time, and when he wiped his scrotum he started to pee. It started as a dribble that was barely noticeable but then it became a full stream. Me and Justin both laughed and dad held a wipe over his penis to prevent more pee from making too much of a mess. A minute later he asked if he was done. He said yes. He took the wipe off and the fountain of pee began again! We were laughing so hard but dad didn't find it too funny. Once he was done he wiped him a last time and put on a clean diaper.

Next it was my turn. Justin got back on his bed and leaned over to watch just like I did when he got changed. I lied where Justin did when he got changed. Dad lifted up my shirt and undid my diaper. Mine was a big mess too. Dad had the same reaction he did when he opened Justin's diaper. He said "yuck!" And we laughed. He took a wipe and wiped from my vagina downward. He took a second wipe and did the same thing but while he did it, I started to pee. Me and Justin laughed and the force of my laughing made my stream go up a little, the way a boy's stream would but it only lasted a second before it just continued as a trickle. Once I was finished he wiped me again, put on the new diaper and I got into bed.

A while later I woke up again and was walking around looking for my dad because I wasn't feeling well and I thought my fever increased so I needed him to give me the thermometer. I called out for him a few times and he finally called out "I'm in the bathroom! I'll be right out" and I went and opened the door and walked into the bathroom. He was on the toilet with his jeans and underwear around his ankles with his legs slightly spread. I could tell he was holding his poop until he could get me to leave because of the frantic tone in his voice when he told me to close the door and wait in the living room. I started walking back out of the bathroom but suddenly a noisy wave of diarrhea plopped into the toilet. I turned back around and asked if he "had the poops" as I used to call them. He said yes and by that point he'd just given up on me leaving or closing the door so he kept doing his business. A little while later he was done and wiped himself with some toilet paper, pulled up his pants and underwear, flushed the toilet and washed his hands.

I have many stories but I'll do one or a few in each post. Anyway bye!


Question for Kristi

When you mentioned you are petite, if you don't mind me asking, how much do you weigh?

I loved your story about your huge poop at Cincinnati airport. Please keep posting more stories about your bigger dumps.


Bathroom Accidents

To Justin. Sorry to see this happen to you but it is not at all uncommon as it happens to all of us at one point in our lives. It has happened to me more than once.

The lesson to be learned is to go as soon as you need to. The mindset of I'll just hold it until it's convenient or until I get home usually ends up with you wetting and or messing yourself. I used to try this but learned the hard way.

Midwest Anonymous

Another Poop POV

Today I got a large iced coffee from Dunkin' with cream and sugar along with vanilla. I also got a bacon egg and cheese bagel. Anyway I drove to my college and I finished my coffee and bagel in my car. I opened up my phone and saw a message from my professor that there was no class today. I didn't hear anything from my other professor about class.

I drove to the other building and I felt like I had to poop. I went to the mens room and in this building there isn't any dividers so the single urinal is right there in the open. I went into the stall and pulled my jeans and white Hanes briefs to my ankles and my penis started peeing right away. I didn't hold it down and thankfully I didn't get any pee outside the bowl.

Shortly after I started pooping, it wasn't that thick of a log but it was around two inches wide or so. I only pooped one log and I proceeded to wipe. I rolled off one wad and wiped. I noticed heavy residue. I rolled off a second wad and wiped. Less residue but I refolded it and used it again, still heavy residue. I did the same thing, wiping refolding, wiping, refolding, until there was no residue on the toilet paper. When I was done wiping I pulled up my white Hanes briefs making sure to position my penis to my liking, then I pulled up my blue jeans. I walked out of the stall and washed my hands at the sink. The End.

Thank you for reading another one of my Poop POV stories. Feel free to give any feedback to my email

Sunday, November 13, 2022



How are you getting on Tina, just want you to know I feel what you're going through, I've held mine for weeks because I couldn't get enough privacy and my body won't let me go if anyone can hear me. I know it's not quite the same but I am supporting you in your difficulty, hopefully you found a way of releasing enough, let us know you're okay.


Constipation Survey

Sorry, just another survey, about constipation.

1) What's the longest time that you've been constipated for?
2) Have you ever been constipated in else?
3) Do you grunt / strain? If so what noises do you make?
4) Have you ever heard someone else who was constipated?

Let's hear some stories!



You're not the only one who can't use public bathrooms. At school I too held on until I got home to the privacy of my bathroom, I've even had to ask my partner to leave the house so I can do my bathroom business lol

Anyone else on here like this

Just Jerika

Yesterday's toilet paper fight

Yesterday morning my live-in boyfriend Hernandez and I had one of the rare fights of our relationship. He was first up, and after turning on the lights in our small apartment, took his shower. I was late in getting up, upset over the financial problems we're having, had a related headache as I hurried into the bathroom. I had little time, a laxative-induced crap knocking, and was reaching into the medicine cabinet for the aspirin bottle. It took most of the energy of my right hand to get the cap off and I looked up for my surprise. Hernandez, fully naked, had a mitt of toilet paper wrapped around his hand as he wiped and then re-wiped the white seat. Then he sat for his crap, dropping the toilet paper between his legs and into the bowl.

I was furious! We had just talked about the finances after we had gotten into bed seven hours earlier. I was going to be getting a $200 child-care check from my best client. I told Hernandez what was in the fridge for his lunch. I apologized for letting us get so low on toilet paper and I reminded him we were down to the last five or six pieces on the roll. I tried to humor him through exaggeration that the remaining TP had to last two days. He kissed me and then I assumed he got it. Wrong. The wastage I saw before his crap just caused me to snap. Why would anyone waste the few remaining pieces on a private toilet seat. Obviously pretty f-ing stupid. He said it was something his parents taught him to do some 20 years ago. And at home! Stupid then, stupid now, especially considering our situation. I slammed the door and walked down the street to the c-store where I did my clean-out crap. I was still quite mad and took a few extra minutes on the toilet calming down. Finally, a knock on the door reminded me that it was a public toilet and that I had to get to my first class. Though Hernandez and I make a great couple, my morning crap and my usual TP cleaning is of great importance.

Survey Answers

My poop today: 7:30 a.m., end stall in student union basement.
I looked over Economics notes on my laptop.
10 minutes on the toilet; another 10 minutes waiting for a toilet to become vacant.
I flush immediately when I'm done, so there's less smell. Then I wipe. I've also suggested that for Hernandez, but to no avail.
Yes, I enjoyed it. I had two classes back to back, and couldn't sit for my pee until 11:30. Holding a crap on top of that would have been brutal and in violation of the 8th amendment.
I hiked up my dress and had my underwear at ankle level.
It was still rather soft, probably due to the laxative I had taken two days before. Good value for the investment at a time when we need it!


I enjoyed your story about having trouble pooing in high school. What do you think caused that? For me, it was low self-esteem due to my 3'5" size, how awkward I looked seated on a toilet with my feet off the floor, and the vandalism that was done to the bathrooms that led to more of the privacy doors being taken off.

Anna from Austria's survey:

1) Favorite bathroom for a Number 2

A largely underused public park or a single-staller in a gas station or c-store. Because of my past I enjoy my "privacy."

2) Least-favorite toilets for a BM

Large arenas, movie theaters, or the PE facility on campus. I don't mind a portable potty if there's no line waiting. When visiting a cousin who is incarcerated, the toilet in that cell.


My recent accident

Hi everyone, I'm Justin. I'm a Korean American guy living abroad in the UK. I found this site recently after having an embarrassing accident and wanted to share it with people who understand.

I've always had a pretty big bladder capacity and never had any accidents since being potty trained. I'm 26 now by the way. I'm living in a new place and learning how to get around which definitely contributed to what happened.

Last week I was at work and by mid afternoon needed to pee. I decided to hold it until I got home, which is pretty normal for me. My first mistake was having another cup of tea to get through the afternoon, so that by the time I left at 5pm I would say I had to pee badly, but again I've got a good ability to hold so that's also normal for me.

My journey shouldn't normally take more than half an hour, but then there were a series of problems. First, my bus didn't show up so I had to wait 25 extra minutes. Of course my need was worse by this point, but I still wasn't really worried. Then, the bus arrived and took ages because of construction. By the time I arrived at my bus exchange, it had been an hour since I left work and I was beginning to stress. I was starting to fidget and do a little pee dance now and again, but I still thought I could make it home. There is a toilet at the bus station where I change bus, but it is a pay toilet and I didn't have any cash. I briefly considered jumping over the barrier, but a security guard was watching and I chickened out. Besides, my bus was due to arrive any minute. It should have been a 10 minute journey from here so I still thought I could make it.

Of course, this bus was late too, but I couldn't tell how late it was! It said it was coming in 2 minutes, but five minutes later that hadn't changed. In the end, it was almost 15 minutes later and by now I was starting to panic. I was noticeably fidgeting now, and needing to squeeze myself on occasion. I stood with my legs crossed at the thigh and occasionally bouncing too. I'm sure it was obvious to anyone who saw me that I really needed to pee, which was embarrassing, but I tried to play it off as just having tired legs and needing to shift around. Worse, at this point the pressure caused me to need a number 2 as well, not too badly but I wasn't happy about the development of course!

Finally, I got on the bus and we were again immediately delayed by construction. I was now more desperate than I've ever been in my life! I was not only panicked about potentially having an embarrassing accident in public, but I was also in pain! I didn't realize how painful it is to have to pee so badly. Thankfully, the bus was relatively empty so I was able to squirm and rub my legs together without worrying too much. I bounced in my seat as the bus inched forward. At one point I felt so overcome that I leaned forward and just moaned desperately out loud. Finally, I saw my stop coming up. By this point, my number 2 had become really urgent too and was really pushing to get out. I stood up carefully and gasped, immediately clutching my stomach and squeezing myself as I nearly lost control. I hobbled off the bus and as I stepped onto the sidewalk, a spurt of pee came out. I'd never had to pee so badly as to leak so now I was completely panicked, not knowing how much time I had left. My number 2 also pushed out so hard it touched my underwear before I could gain control, so I knew I'd have a skidmark. My face was completely red as I stood there, legs crossed, clenching for my life. I walked carefully up to my apartment building and as I walked along the long hallway to the elevators, another leak came out. I pushed the elevator button and began bouncing frantically. I live on the 14th floor so I knew it was a long way up. The elevator was taking ages to come and I was full on dancing now, just bouncing, legs crossed, hands jammed in crotch, doing ANYTHING to keep control! To my horror, another leak spurted out and this time I simply could not stop it. I grabbed at my crotch and felt pee beginning to leak through my jeans and trickle through my fingers. I gasped and said 'No, not here please!' out loud before remembering I was still in public. I was mercifully still alone but was terrified someone would be in the elevator. I heard the splatter of my pee hitting the floor and nearly passed out with shame before the elevator finally arrived and thank god, was empty. I was still trying to stop it but my bladder totally released and as I stepped into the elevator I could hear my pee coming out so forcefully that it was hissing and gathering a pool in my jeans before even leaking out.

By now having a total full on pee accident, I pushed the number 14 and groaned with shame as I flooded my pants. But there was worse to come. Before the door fully closed, my bowels gave another heavy push and once again I could feel my number 2 pushing forcefully, and this time I could not hold it back. 'Please no!' I said again, and involuntarily squatted to the floor, hoping that would help. It did the opposite, and to my absolute horror I felt a warm turd force its way out and tent out my underwear massively. 'I'm not going to make it, I can't hold it anymore!' I cried out loud. I was still peeing full tilt as well and I felt like I was almost having an out of body experience, crouched in the elevator with pee flooding everywhere and filling my undies with poo. Oh god, there was so much of it too. As the elevator went up, several turds came out and settled in the seat of my pants. I actually could not believe what was happening. My pants became heavy and I realized they were so full they were actually sagging. Finally, as my floor approached, I snapped back to reality. My pee began to subside and I was able to gain control of the poo, though it barely mattered as I'd already thoroughly shit myself. I slowly stood up and looked in the mirror. My face was nearly purple with embarrassment, my jeans were utterly soaked, and there was an almost outlandish bulge in the back. I prayed so hard that nobody would see me! Luck was on my side at this point. My door is quite close to the elevator and I dashed as quickly as I could, fumbling with my keys before finally, mercifully, entering the privacy of my flat. I knew there was a massive puddle in the elevator and probably a trail of damp leading to my door, but I didn't care. Once inside, I slumped against the door and burst into tears, just so thoroughly humiliated. I could not believe I'd gone to the bathroom in such a major way in my PANTS.

But, once I got myself cleaned up, I calmed down and assessed the damage. Nobody had seen me, so I'd been spared public humiliation, and I calmed down by reminding myself that accidents happen, and I'd not really done anything wrong. And now I know that my bladder and bowels have a limit! I feel much better about it now, although I still haven't told anyone in real life. Thanks for reading!


Sisters pooping together

Hi this is my first time on this site, I've always been poop shy to the point where I make sure that I am the only one in the house before I go and even when I'm in the bathroom I will lock the door. My friend introduced me to this site to see if it would ease my fear and after reading a few stories it looks like it has. This happened to me summer past.

Friday afternoon my sister Cynthia called me and invited me to go camping with her, her new boyfriend and a few of their friends. I was a little weary at first because they would be going in tents which meant no indoor plumbing/privacy but eventually she twisted my arm. I left work at 4:30 and felt a rumble in my ???? I just brushed it off and said I'll wait until I get home. When I pulled up my driveway Cynthia and everyone was already there so I ran into the house changed out of my work clothes, packed a few things and just hopped in the truck. That night was full of beer and food the thought that I never went to the bathroom just completely left my mind.

7:00 the next morning the sun shined in through the tent waking me up, I tried rolling over for another nap but my stomach had other plans. I felt the same rumble as the day before only this time it was moving further down and I could feel my bumhole wanting to open up. I grabbed the roll of toilet paper that was next to me and carefully exited the tent without waking anyone. I went as far into the woods as I could and when I felt like I was a fair distance away I dropped my pants(no underwear) and leaned up against a tree. At first the pee was gushing out of me from all the beer and then a puff of air came out of me along with a loud and long fart. I was hoping nobody heard it. As soon as my bumhole started to open, I heard noise coming from the camp site I couldn't stop now or I'd be constipated. So I grabbed a wad of toilet paper and put it underneath me tried to aim the turd to hit that so it wouldn't make any noise. My bumhole was wide open at this point and soft mushy poop was falling out of me when I seen Cynthia heading my way with toilet paper in hand. Cynthia started to yell when I put my finger up to my mouth, as she got closer she seen what I was doing and just stayed quiet. She pulled her pants down, squat in front of me and immediately started pooping. "Watch out for Tom will ya" she asked me.

Cynthia's turd had to be about 6' and no signs of breaking off yet it was just sliding out of her. Me on the other hand I was just having diarrhea. Cynthia asked me if I was okay and I said yes just all the beer last night and I never went to the bathroom at all yesterday. Finally Cynthia's turd broke off at about 9' I asked her how she did that and she said I have no idea. She dropped a couple more turds but nothing that big, peed on top of the logs wiped and got up. My poo finally hardened up a bit and I let out a 6' turd. When I felt like I had no more in me I p>eed again, wiped(what a mess) and got up. We walked back to the camp site and Tom was drinking a beer while cooking breakfast. He asked us if we were hungry and at the same time we both said yes!


To M

To M:

Ah yes. My Cincinnati airport crap.

So Steve (my hubby) and I had been on a mini vacation.

We had a really early flight and had to get up early at the hotel. We had to pack up our rental car and drive to the airport in time to make our flight.

In the midst of all that, I didn't get to take my normal morning poop. And this particular morning, I had to go. It was not a good morning for me to not have toilet time (I had peed of course, but I needed to take care of pooping).

My biggest poops are often in the morning. Not always, but most of the time. I usually poop twice a day.

On the drive to the airport we were in heavy traffic. The urge to crap was getting worse but we really didn't have time to stop anywhere.

We got to the airport, turned in the rental car, went into the airport, and got into the security line, which was really, really long.

I'm whispering to Steve that I really needed to go poop...

Usually it's no problem for me to just go to the ladies room and take care of business. But we both knew that we were cutting it close with our flight.

By the time we're at the front of the line I'm in desperation mode. I'm good at holding it in when I need to, but I REALLY needed to take a crap.

We got through security... and checked the board with all the flights. Our flight wasn't boarding yet and we weren't that far from our gate.

That was it for me. I told Steve to wait with the bags and I bolted to the ladies room.

(By the way, Steve takes really good care of me. This was nobody's fault. We just really didn't want to miss our flight.)

I took a middle stall. Turned around, pulled my jeans down.

Before my butt even hit the seat, I was pooping. I don't know why I remember that detail.

I sat down and just pushed out the longest and widest crap that has ever come out of me. I think I probably let out a little moan of relief (and a little pleasure). It was probably a good 15 seconds before my butt was done with this log.

I don't normally look until I'm done (I always look LOL). But I had to see this one. I stood up and turned around.

This log was almost the entire length of the bowl. A lot of it was not in the water so this didn't smell good.

And I was done. I wiped standing up (if I sat down to wipe I would have probably put my hand in my own crap). I don't think I had to wipe that much.

I flushed, knowing full well that this monster was not going down the toilet (it didn't even move).

And then I did what any loving wife would do: I took a picture on my phone of my massive crap and sent it to Steve.

(If you haven't been on this page long: Steve is very, very interested in my bathroom activities. He likes to watch me on the toilet and I indulge him quite a bit.)

That still remains the biggest poop I've ever taken.




Privacy in Childhood (repost)

What were the privacy norms for using the bathroom in your house when you were a child? I was raised by a divorced Mom and was the only boy of 4 kids, and as a boy I feel like my privacy when I sat in the bathroom was considered way less important than anyone else's in the house. Mom routinely came in the bathroom and sat on the edge of the bathtub and had conversations with me when I was stinking up the bathroom. When I dared to suggest--*very* respectfully, since she wasn't afraid to spank for any backtalk--that I was uncomfortable with it, she laughed and said "I changed your smelly diapers for three years, I can stand the smell." This went on into my teens. My sisters also barged in a lot although they didn't stick around talking like Mom did. Anyone else have a similar environment growing up?

Thursday, November 10, 2022

Anna from Austria

Reply to Imogen

@Imogen I have experienced something similar as you did but not in that extreme way.

It happened a few times that some women or let's better say teenage girls complained about the smell in an edgy way but they never literally forbade other women to their bm in a public toilet. That such stupid words came from an adult women is just horrendous.

As you said a toilet is there to such things and when you have to go then you have to go.

This woman either does not go out that often or she has some magic bowels that just wants to be empted when is at home.

For 99,99 per cent of the world pupulation her views are just unworldly. No pooping on public toilet is not very realistic. Some people have just to go when they are outside.

greetings from Austria



To Robin

Did u have places you liked to pee and poop at home? I used to poop on the tile floor in the bathroom, but I had to clean it up when I was done.


Answers to survey.

Tell everyone about your poop today:

Tell everyone about your poop today:

a) Where: At Work

b) Date/Time: This morning 11/7 10:40 a

c) What you read if anything: Yes on my phone

d) How long you took: 15 minutes

e) Were you shameful: No. not at all

f) Did it smell: A bit like poop.

g) Did you enjoy it? Yes. Always feel better after having a poop

h How far you pull down your pants and
underwear when you poop today? Pulled pants down to my ankles and my underpants to my knees ( as I always do)

i) Any other interesting: I had a semi soft voluminous load followed by a couple smaller chunks then had a pee ( I always pee right after pooping) wiped and went about my day

Army Girl

Boot Camp Stories Pt.3… And Other Stories!

Hi everyone! I have more stories to share today, hopefully everyone liked my pt.2! Also wanted to thank LC and Midwesterner for leaving comments about my Pt. 1 post. First today I have a few different stories to share but first I want to answer some questions from Gregg!

Have you always pooped like you do?
Since junior or senior year of high school when I was doing sports and eating a little more fiber I started having some bigger-ish poops. But it really started when I first got to boot camp and I was holding my loads in.

Are there certain foods that make your poops larger?
Fruits and ???? make me poop big but one meal that will get me is Chicken Cordon Bleu, whenever I eat that I will literally clog the toilet. Everytime!!

What is your ethnicity and age?
I'm white but I've always had a little tan on me cause of my Italian background and I'm 22!

Who poops the biggest out of your friends?
I do by a mile, a close second to me is my bf

Which toilet in a public bathroom do you think takes the most poop from your perspective?
Definitely the last stall, any girl that has to poop will usually take one of the last stalls, at least based off of what I've seen or asked other girls in the past.

What is your body type (slender,plus size, super fit, etc)?
I wouldn't say I'm slender or plus size but a little in the middle. I'm 135 pounds 5'3, and I've definitely got a butt on me lol

Do you think body type has to do with how much poop you make?
100%, I can definitely hold a lot in my bum which is a joke I always say to my friends.

So now onto the stories!

Story 1: Doctors Office
So for a little backstory during my second year in the army, a little after Christmas I actually broke my wrist after tripped onto concrete in the barracks. Once a week I'd go and see the army doctor on base just for a checkup, it was usually someone different every month or so. During some of my last visits one of the female doctors came back from when I first got injured, she was very nice and we got along well because we were a little closer in age and she was just overall very caring. It was my second to last visit and I had something during lunch that didn't agree with me. We were talking and she told me she had to go to her computer to put something in for more medication for my wrist. I asked her if it was okay to use the bathroom and she was like, "of course take your time I might be a little bit". I walked in and it had that distinct doctor office smell and it was very clean. It was a two stall bathroom which was odd for a doctors office so I was a little worried someone might come in. I sat down in the first stall and began farting and unloading a big pile of mini turds. The door opened and another girl in uniform came in and took the second stall, she farted and started peeing loudly. I began to push out a wide turd that was around 8" long and it splashed down in the bowl. I felt finished enough and began wiping. I heard the other girl make a "plop ploop" and she began quickly rolling out some toilet paper. I stood up and saw the pile of mini turds in the hole and the 8 incher a bit on top of it and it stretched out of the water. I flushed and miraculously it went down all the way, both of us got out of the stalls around the same time and we smiled at each other and washed up and left.

Story #2: Mega-Dump
So I like to consider this event my first "mega poop", it was at the beginning of my constipation because I was trying to lose weight for the army and it was kinda working but kinda not and my body was in a weird loop of not pooping, before I left I had worked at a grocery store (I've gone back there since I left). I worked almost every night after school so I never really had any me time, that way I could save up some money just in case I ever went overseas or if I just needed money. It was about 7ish and we didn't close until 9 so we definitely had a little ways to go. I just sent two people on their break, one boy and one girl. However I shouldn't have done that cause since I had gotten in I really had to poop, so about 4 hours of holding it in cause I came in at 3. I really didn't have many people to watch the registers. A girl who worked in the deli department and had some background knowledge in doing my job walked by and I asked her if she'd mind watching the front for a few minutes so I could use the toilet. She said it was fine and I quickly rushed to the employee bathroom which was all the way through the back room and at the end of the break room. Both bathroom doors were open, the men's room was being cleaned and the boy Cameron who I had just sent on break was in the women's room. He was in the first stall with his jeans at shoe level and underwear about halfway between his knees and his shoes. For a better image he had blonde hair 5'4 and 16 at the time. I was debating on whether I should go or not because he could tell it was me judging by my orange and pink shoes. But at the same time he was dropping a load so there really wasn't much embarrassment. I was about to explode and just decided on going, technically it is the girls room so there's no harm. I entered the second stall and started with a fierce pee and I looked through the reflection on the tiled wall behind and saw he had covered his seat with a ton of toilet paper. What sounded like a massive log quickly crackled its way out of him and made a loud "kaflump" splash in the toilet and he exhaled pretty loudly in relief and leaned forward. A big soft log slowly began opening me up and I breathed heavily as it made its way out and splashed down. I began to push another turd as they called me to the front and I quickly got up and wiped and flushed. I accidentally kept one of my cars for the register in my pocket when I left and they needed it. Later on the store closed and I went to let everybody out, Cameron was the last one out and he stopped and apologized for earlier, I acted like I didn't know anything and asked "sorry for what?" And he flat out said "I had to use the women's room to poop because the men's was being cleaned and I think you used the stall next to me" and he looked at my shoes, I told him it was okay and he said he may have clogged the toilet and we both laughed and I said "hey if you gotta poop you gotta poop you can't always control it". I locked the door and went all the way back to the break room to finish my poop cause I really had to go and I could feel a turtle head. I went in the first stall and saw two very big soft turds stacked on one another, it looked like an X. I sat down and spread my cheeks as some air escaped my butt and a massive turd slowly made its way out and slapped on top of the other turds, some soft serve slowly crackled out and plopped onto the turd pile. After about a minute of that I rolled off some toilet paper and wiped a ton, I stood up and looked at my load before throwing the toilet paper in and boy was it huge, my poop alone probably tripled what Cameron had done. I threw the tp in and redressed myself and left without flushing cause it wasn't going down lol.

Story #3: Being Watched!
So this story happened the first week of boot camp. I was still a little shy about pooping there so I had been holding it for about 5 days, the last time I pooped was the night before my flight out at home. It was late that night almost midnight and we were sleeping, luckily the next day was Saturday so we didn't have to wake up until 6. I couldn't fall asleep because of how bad I had to go. I looked around and saw most of my roommates were asleep, there was 6 of us in this corner and we had one roommate named Kessler, she was kinda a nerd, only reason I say that is cause she had a ton of video game tshirts and Star Wars shirts and all that, she had pink square rimmed glasses, acne on her face and very skinny. I got out of bed and she couldn't fall asleep either and we both looked at each other and smiled as I walked by which I was clenching my cheeks for dear life. I sat in the third stall as I started farting loudly as my butthole started opening wide and a massive log slowly crackled it's way out. As it splashed in the door opened and somebody took the second stall and sat. I looked down and saw Kessler's pajama bottoms bunched up at her ankles and she started plopping out what sounded like soft serve, after the last plop she let out a massive wet fart that went on for over 5 seconds and she softly said "ahh f**k". I had another big turd slowly making its way out, it felt over a foot long and splashed in a little loudly. Kessler said "wow we're lighting this place up" and started laughing and all I said was yeah. Kessler then said "I really had to let out some diarrhea but I didn't feel comfortable but I saw you coming in here and I guess I felt comfortable going in front of you because you're quiet like me". I said "Yeah I really had to go too, I haven't gone all week", once I finished saying that I farted loudly and Kessler said "ooo nice one" and laughed again. I lifted up my butt cheek and turned around to look in and saw the bowl about half full. And the tiles on the wall were bright white and you could see into the other stalls around you, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Kessler's pink glasses shining off the white tile. I turned back around and started pushing out more medium sized turds. Kessler started wiping and said "It's been fun, get some sleep" and I said thanks but was still very shocked. I stood up and was still amazed by my poop, the pile was almost over the water level, and I flushed the toilet and it all miraculously went down but there were still a ton of skid marks. I waddled into the next stall and started wiping there. It took a lot of toilet paper and I almost filled that bowl with just the paper but it all went down. As I walked by I looked in the second stall and turned back as I saw Kessler didn't flush her toilet, I saw a big pile of yellow and green mini turds in the hole. As well as a thin 6" log laying on the right side of the bowl, she definitely didn't flush on purpose so I could see it which I found a little odd. But a couple months later when we were packing up after graduating I was partnered with her to help pack her stuff up. They called her to the front office and she was up there for 20 minutes, we were the only ones left in the room, as I pulled her bedsheet off a book came out from under the bed and it flipped open, it was her diary. I was just gonna close it up but as I bent down to pick it up I saw my last name in it. I looked and read it and it talked about that night and how I "let out a massive load of poop" and about how I had a "big poopy bum". It was close to five pages long, I took pictures of each page and maybe I'll go more in depth another day because I still have the pictures. But yeah needless to say I was watched and even written about.

Okay so now I'm gonna answer a few surveys that I've seen pop up over the last few weeks!

First one is Chase's!

1 have you ever had to use the bathroom but you were in the middle of a fun activity and didn't want to interrupt it?
Yes, one time at a Christmas party in school in the 5th grade. I really had to poop but felt embarrassed because I had already gone before to pee in the same class. I waited about 2 hours and then went

2 have you ever had a piece of poop get stuck in your bottom and if so how long did it take for you to push it all out? Did you feel a lot of relief after?
Yes more than once, most recent time was in senior year of high school, I pooped in first period and when I sat back down in class I could feel a turd in between my cheeks, I was shocked because I had taken a really big poop so I spent 5 minutes wiping pretty good! I waited 3 periods and went back to the bathroom, when I sat it would not come out so I had to shake my ass on the toilet and it eventually plopped in

3 have you ever used a doorless stall and what was it like for you? Were you embarrassed?
Oh yeah plenty of times, during original boot camp our bathrooms in both buildings I stayed in had 2-4 odorless stalls in a 10 stall bathroom. I was fine with it, I usually just flushed while I was still sitting but after a while of seeing other girls sitting there and even some of the massive loads they were letting out I stopped caring and just went for it.

4 did you have a lot of curiosity as a child too the way I did? Was the curiosity toward the same or opposite gender?
I definitely did, was never sure what started it but I liked talking about it with friends growing up and didn't mind being in the same bathroom if we had to poop.

5 when you fart when you have to poop does it smell different from when you fart without having to poop?
My farts when I have to poop absolutely stink they are definitely way different then a non poop fart

7 how long was your longest bathroom visit?
25 minutes, I remember it perfectly because the turd was so wide and very hard to get out.

8 have you ever been watched on the toilet by a stranger and for how long, how did you feel and did you make them stop and if so how did you do it?
So not counting the times there were girls standing in front of my doorless stall in boot camp and had to face me, I've been watched once. It's my story above ^

Now I'm gonna answer Sarah's!

Sarah's Restaurant Poop Survey
1. have you been in the same bathroom as a waitress/waiter or restaurant employee while they used the bathroom?
Yes, actually last week at the 99. Our waitress ended up going to the bathroom at the same time as me, I could tell cause if her blue adidas shoes with green stripes
2. did they go number 1 or 2? what was it like?
Both, she peed for close to 30 seconds! It was super long, after about a minute of silence I heard a big "kafloomph" noise from a massive turd. She cleaned up pretty quickly and left after that
3. have you gone in the bathroom after a restaurant employee had used it?
I'm sure I have in the past but none that I remember
4. have you seen a waitress/waiter clog a toilet? I have not but I'm sure that would be an experience!
5. have you had to use an employee bathroom? I have not
6. have you heard waitresses/waiters talk about needing the bathroom?
A few times yes but only about peeing never poop

Now I'm gonna do Kristi's survey!

1. Are you a guy or a girl?


2. What kind of relationship are you in (married, dating, friends with benefits, engaged, etc.)

Dating my bf for almost 4 years now

3. Can you pee in front of your significant other? Meaning that your partner is in the room as you pee?

Everyday, it's pretty normal in our relationship now

4. If so, how long were you in a relationship before you could pee in front of your partner?

Probably a few months, I remember it being the first time he came over to my house when we were still juniors in high school.

6. Can you poop in front of your partner? Can he or she be in the room with you? If not, can you leave the door open?

All the time, again very normal for us

7. How long were you in a relationship before you could poop in front of your partner, or at least in the same space?

I think the first time he saw me do it was after the 1st year mark so somewhere around there

9. What does your partner do in terms of going to the bathroom in front of you? Pee? Poop?

He does both of we're around each other, if not he'll send me pictures of it in a joking way lol

11. Do you tell your partner if you have to pee or poop?

Typically yeah, we never say we're just using the bathroom, we go into detail about it.

12. Somewhat-unrelated question: If you had to go (pee, poop, or both) really badly, and the only option was in a restroom for the opposite sex, would you do it?

Absolutely, no way I'm pooping or peeing my pants if I have to go I'm gonna go!

Okay everyone, that's all I have for today but I'm definitely gonna be making another post soon and I'll have more stories from both the military and personal life. See ya!!!!


Post Weekend huge dump

Hello my friends! I am in a great mood because today is Monday. I love Mondays and I will tell you why. I have a boyfriend who is living with me. I am in my 40's and we have been together for 8 years, but I am a very shy pooper and I do not like for him to see or hear me poop. I also don't like for him to smell it, so I avoid going when he is home most of the time. So we spend most of the weekend partying, drinking and eating a lot of food, and filling ourselves up. Since I don't like to poop in front of him, I mostly hold it all weekend, and honestly, I am so poop shy that most of the time I don't even get the urge. But on Monday, he leaves for work before I get up. So this morning I woke up, and as usual, he was already at work. I was laying in bed checking my phone when a strong urge hit me. I was trying to take my time getting up, but I could feel the head of a large log opening my hole up and I knew I had to hurry. I ran to the bathroom, pulling my pajama pants down along the way. The log was definitely still making its way out as I ran. I had to start to squat and run at the same time to give the log room to get out. By the time I got to the toilet, the log was probably about 6 inches hanging out. I was hovering over the seat as the log tripled in speed and I just barely made it sitting down when about a foot long log fell out. But the next log was quickly on it's way out. I grunted to push and another long log made it's way out. I sighed in relief and continued to grunt and push as lots of smaller, softer logs came out. By the time I was done, the whole toilet bowl was full of a weekend's worth of poop.

I wish I could get over my poop shyness, but I have honestly always been this way. I remember in high school, I used to hold on for dear life in school until I made it home safely to my private bathroom at home. I have had some accidents along the way trying to hold on until I got home. I remember one school bus incident that I will tell you about next time. Happy pooping!


Cold Butt Due to Missed Bus

On Friday I missed my bus to school. My parents left for work early. I overslept by a few minutes, then forgot my computer's clock was off, so I had to throw some clothing on, grab my bag, and then start my 9 block walk. I didn't even take time to sit for a pee. There's a few things I hate about the bus, but it does get me to school sooner this year I'm having my crap almost daily right after entering the building. Others must have similar bowel habits because the bathrooms are always crowded. If I wait patiently, something that is hard for me, I can get on a toilet after 5 or 10 minutes.

I started my walk with just my school sweater on, there was a cold wind, but I tried to speed up my walk by cutting through a couple of wooded areas, following a train track for a couple of blocks, and then cutting through this park where the grass hadn't been cut for several months. I don't know what caused it exactly, but holding my morning pee was starting to hurt me. This park had a small swimming pool that my parents wouldn't let me swim at because it was too dirty. As I got closer I saw a restroom sign and followed it. I knew my choices were limited. I couldn't hold my pee needs for the bathroom nearest my first hour class.

There was no door on this restroom so I walked right through the opening. What first surprised me was there was no ceiling. The sun coming up showed me 2 pretty bashed up toilets. I walked up to the first one, dropped my jeans, and dropped myself hard, I still had my book bag on, onto the seat. My butt was instantly feeling the cold. It started with 3 or 4 trickles, then a few seconds of pee. I hurt but I didn't want to waste any more time on the seat. I think it was about 45 degrees out and the wind hit me in the face as I sat on the toilet.

So I got up. My legs hurt from the weight of my back pack and I headed out. I picked up my pace for the last several blocks, even though I was almost out of breath and I felt funny. I hadn't peed at all. I used some pretty bad words to myself, ones that my grandma would have punished me for. But it was encouraging that I could hear the noise of the traffic jam at my school from 2 or 3 blocks away. Most of these homes had fenced-in yards that I was unable to cut through. With all the traffic passing me I was hopeful that one of the cars would honk, because a friend saw me and a family would give me a ride. One old lady cussed at me when I kicked her newspaper in the driveway while I was walking by.
I guess she could see or smell my bad attitude. When I'm upset, I get a lot more gas and even holding pee becomes more painful. I was feeling it to the max. I pushed the button to get the walk sign to cross a busy highway, but I seemed like an hour before the traffic stopped and the Walk sign flashed. Even then I could see the anger of some of the drivers as I passed in front of them. I was slow in walking due to my backpack. One guy honked and gave me the finger as I started to walk faster to the other sidewalk.

I was crying as I walked up the steps to my school. As I passed my locker LiLi was standing there. She was surprised to finally see me. She thought I was staying home sick. I told her that I had to get on the toilet fast, but she said I only had about 5 minutes before the tardy bell rang. I got more nervous about the time because the others were coming out. The warm seat that I took on the middle toilet sure felt good and warmed up my butt. There was a lot of gas and my normal footlong log blasted out. I reached for the TP and there was none. LiLi had already left for class. I pulled up my clothing, struggled with my belt which was messed up, and made a run for class.

I ran up the staircase, was grabbed my an assistant principal and told to slow down, and my luck ran out. I was 2 minutes late in getting to my class on the other side of the building. I was upset through English class, feared 2nd hour swimming because how messed up my underwear was and 60 of us share a locker room and 4 open toilets. I got a DT for being late, but couldn't wait until 3rd hour study hall until I could sign out and have 10 minutes on the toilet to finish up what I needed to do.

Yes, two older girls pointed to the huge streak in my white panties as we were dressing for swimming, but the study hall time was what my bladder needed. Going 3 hours with such a need is cruel, I feel, but I threw my panties in the trash, and sat for what might have been a 2-3 minute pee. I also passed a much smaller piece of crap. It must have been heavier because it went to the bottom of the bowl.

For some reason, the problems made me hungry. Me and LiLi had a larger lunch. With no underwear, she said I was lucky that I didn't have one of my shorter dresses on.

I had to tell my mom about what happened because I figured the bus company would contact her about my absence. She was surprisingly understanding and gave me a hug.

For Anna from Austria

My favorite bathroom is at home. My least favorite is on outdoor bathroom with no roof or ceiling. My bodily functions don't perform well on cold seats.

For the shy guy

There are a lot of us girls who are also shy about using bathrooms in front of others. But most of us work toward getting over it because relieving ourselves away from home is a necessity. Practice and confidence comes slowly sometimes, though.


Coffee shop emergency

Hi y'all, my name is Deirdre. I'm 32 years old and I've followed this site for a while now and now I thought I'd share something that occured to me recently. For a good while my routine on work days has been to get a morning coffee to go from a coffee shop I walk past on my way from the train station to the office. Then I continue to the office and start my day and usually have to go to the bathroom for a coffee induced poop within an hour or two. This usually works out well and I have gotten very used to having my bm at that time. So recently it went down a little differently: Like always I entered the coffee shop, ordered my coffee and waited in line for my order. Then suddenly I felt an uncomfortable pressure down in my bowels which was so unusual at this time that I was a little worried. But I knew it wouldn't be a good idea to not go for a toilet immediately so I looked around for the bathroom. I couldn't find a sign or anything so I asked the barista if they had a bathroom. She said yes and pointed along the counter around a corner into the seating area. I hurried over there and discovered the door. Basically you have to imagine a separating wall between the counter and the seating area which is wide enough to house a single toilet stall inside. I opened the door marked with a unisex bathroom symbol and vanished inside, closing it behind me. It was cramped but looked clean, so I quickly pulled down my pants and underwear and sat down. Still feeling the pressure I pushed and it all came out. It must've been the quickest poop I have ever had. It just fell and sputtered out within seconds. A long, soft dark brown turd followed by liquid bits and bobs. Wasn't quiet either, accompanied by a long wet fart as the end of the turd plopped out. I was painfully aware that I was basically sitting right between the coffee counter and the seating area and with the bad sound proofing surely someone must've heard that noise. Smelled quite bad too, but in that moment I was more worried about the noise for some reason. But the pressure was gone and I felt really light after this lightning quick poop. I had to wipe a bunch of times and luckily afterwards the toilet flushed fine and took it all away. Washed my hands and sprayed some of my deodorant in the area before leaving. Two people were looking at me when I emerged from the cubicle and I quickly turned away and returned to the counter where my coffee was waiting for me. I collected it, thanked the barista for it and the bathroom pointer which was much appreciated and left. Not sure what caused this exceptional bowel movement but at first it felt painful but afterwards very freeing and I was astonished by the efficiency. Needless to say I didn't need to go for an office poop that day, just a pee to get rid of the coffee a bit later.

Extra survey answers about today's poop:
a) Where? Ladies bathroom at the office. Nice, spacious bathroom with 4 stalls
b) Date/Time? This morning at 10:20am
c) What you read if anything? I scrolled through some emails on my phone
d) How long you took? About 10 minutes
e) Were you shameful? No, I'm used to doing my business in the office bathroom and if others catch me in there so be it. It's a natural process
f) Did it smell? A little, but not too bad
g) Did you enjoy it? Yes, it's sort of part of my daily routine so it feels off when I don't go for my morning poop. It's also after the first meetings in the morning so it helps to clear my mind off of those and concentrate on what comes next
h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today? Down to the ankles
i) Any other interesting: It went well overall, didn't go super quickly but wasn't strenuous either. I peed before I started pooping. About halfway through two other women came in and when for a pee while talking about a person who works in a different department. They were gone again before I was finished.

Tuesday, November 08, 2022


Depends for public transit

I had to take the bus for a diagnostic and was not sure if I could use the washroom so I put on a Depends and went to the bus stop. I had peed just before leaving the apartment but had to go a bit again so I let out the residual urine into my Depends en route to the bus. I just stand still and let it out slowly and let it get absorbed. I waited for the bus, got on it and went to the imaging center. I had to go as soon as I got there and waited until after the procedure to ask if I could use their patient bathroom. I had expected to be told no due to Covid and was prepared to just pee in the Depends. They actually let me use the washroom. Afterwards I just went home, took off the Depends and had a shower. Adult absorbent briefs are great. I may have a trip across town using 3 buses each way so obviously I will prepare myself for no washroom availability for the travel time. The buses are every half hour and I cannot pee on the street. There is no wooded area to duck into either. Errands can be problematic without a vehicle as the time is very long due to lousy transit. I do not wear Depends at home but just on my excursion days. I carry an extra one in case I need to use it mid-excursion and will change it at the next washroom if there is one.

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