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Army Girl

Boot Camp Stories

A couple of years ago I was in the military briefly, I was born into a military family and growing up I was always pressured of joining a branch, even as a female. I chose to join the army branch unlike one of my sisters who joined the Air Force. I graduated in June 2020 and at the beginning of July I left for boot camp.

Story #1: Group Poop
I remember in August we ran almost 5 miles on a hot day. We ran from base all the way out to a camp owned by the military. We got there and the sergeant told us dinner would be ready shortly. Some girls chose to go use the showers, others chose to set up their tents, and others including myself chose to use the bathrooms. Me and 1 other girl along with 2 guys walked out to the bathrooms which were basically 1 little shack but a brick wall in the middle that didn't go all the way to the ceiling so you could hear the other bathroom. We went in our side and the girl Monroe (we went by last names, never really caught her first name) took the second stall and I took the first, I was wiping my seat and Monroe was sitting down and let out a big wet fart and began peeing. I sat down and quietly farted and since I hadn't pooped in three days, spread my cheeks apart preparing a big one lol. Monroe wiped and flushed her toilet, she didn't even poop at all, and she said to me "have a good poop" and I responded with I'll try. One of the boys flushed their urinal and then it was just down to me and the other boy. I had a big turd opening me up widely when I heard a "kaphlooph" noise from the boy. It got so quiet I could hear my turd slowly crackling out and laying across the bowl as it went through the water. Eventually it fell in and I started pushing out these mini turds that we're plopping in. I unraveled some toilet paper and stood up to look at my creation and the turd must've been close to 12" long and wasn't fitting down. I wiped and threw my tp in and left it. I washed my hands and walked up to the mens bathroom. The boy was in the first stall, shorts and underwear around his shins and he had a big skid mark on his underwear, as I was looking he farted super loudly so I left him alone.

Story #2: Halloween Poop
My next story happened in October of the same year. It was Halloween and on base we had an event for the families of all the officers and sergeants. Some soldiers were tasked with serving food in the chow hall while others were tasked with passing candy to the kids throughout the hallways of the dorm. I was one of the soldiers in the chow hall passing out food. It went on from 6-8 while we had a band playing music and then the kids went out to the dorm area and were getting candy we began cleaning up. When cleaning was all done my roommate Sanders and I went back to our room. We walked in and got settled in. Sanders was taking off her jacket and threw it on her bed and said to me "I'm sorry I've gotta take a massive crap I'll be out in a few" I laughed and just said okay. I sat there scrolling through my phone as she was farting and dropping turds left and right, the walls and doors are paper thin and you could hear everything. This is how me and Sanders got so close on our bathroom habits cause we were hearing each other taking dumps in the toilet lol. Listening to her made my stomach start to churn and hurt and suddenly I really had to go too. I waited probably 10 more minutes until I finally heard her flushing. I waited outside and she came out to wash her hands and I said "I gotta crap too haha" and she said "haha sorry it stinks". It did really stink but I couldn't have cared less cause I really had to go. I was pulling down my pants when I looked down to see a massive amount of streak marks across the bowl, Sanders must've taken a really big dump. I sat down and farted really loudly as I began peeing. Once my pee wrapped up I started pushing and again let out a super loud streak of farts that sounded like, prrrp prp prrrrrp. Sanders was definitely hearing me go and yelled out "WOW!" when the fart finished up. A big turd opened me up very wide, probably 3"-4" and it slowly slithered out of me and it flopped in quietly and more mini turds just started plopping out of me. After about 10 or 11 plops there wasn't really anymore poop and I started peeing again and just letting out quiet farts. After another 3 minutes of farting I got up to look at my beast, the big turd was in the hole and curved around the right side of the bowl. And the pile of small and medium turds was on top of the hole. It was a really big poop! I went to go role off some tp and found no paper on the roller. I yelled out "Sanders! I've got no toilet paper in here" and she said she'd grab me some. It was an elongated toilet and off to the right as soon as you walked in so when Sanders opens the door she would be able to see my poop, I did want to impress her but I was still a little embarrassed for someone besides my bf to see my poop. She knocked and opened the door and said "here you go-oh wow it stinks I'm here" and she looked down at the toilet and said "damnnn girl that's frickin huge!" And then she asked if she could grab her wallet on the table in the bathroom, I opened the door further and covered up my private part so she couldn't see it and my pants were still down but she could see my bum in full view she walked by still like and again in the same funny tone yelled out "WOW!". I started wiping my bum which took a lot of it and flushed the toilet and surprisingly it didn't clog.

Story #3: Military-Color Poop
My next story happened a few weeks later. Thanksgiving had just come around a few days before on the 26th. I had taken a smallish poop on the 25th before bed so I didn't have to poop at all really on Thanksgiving day. At noon we had a feast in the chow hall where they served all different kinds of stuff. I had turkey and ham, cake, snacks, all different kinds of stuff. On the 27th during pt training we were worked hard. We had to wake up at 3:30am (after going to bed at 10) and had to be on the field at 4:00am sharp. At 6:30 we went to breakfast where I ate more stuff and some leftovers from the day before that they were serving. I got back to my room at 7:30 and since I was alone since my roommates had not gotten back I facetimed my boyfriend and we talked for a little. He was getting ready to go to school. After about 10 minutes on the phone he says "Okay you're coming with me I have to take a monster poop". We were still talking as he was beginning to go, he was letting out these big farts and grunting and he was red-faced. After about 5 minutes of doing all this there was a very loud "kaploosh" sound and he was so relieved and said "ughhh I've been waiting to let that out". There were a few more plunking noises and he got up and turned the camera and boy-oh-boy was it huge. It went down the hole and stuck out of the water and looped around the bowl twice. If you layed it out it could've easily been close to 6-7 feet long it was massive. He wiped his butt and flushed and he spent about 5 minutes unclogging it. We spent another half hour talking before he had to go and I had to start getting ready for my school too. Anyways, went through the whole weekend without pooping and it came to Monday. And same events happened, get up early, physical training, breakfast, go to my room and talk to my bf and watch him poop, go to school and around 11:30 we're sitting in class and my stomach really started to hurt. I tried holding it and I couldn't do it anymore after an hour. I walked up to the sergeants desk and asked her politely "Ma'am may I please use the restroom" she saw the distress in my eyes and said sympathetically "Sure hun anything you need, go for it". I thanked her and went down to the bathroom which was a single use. It was down a more darker hallway, and the sink was outside while the toilet was in a room the size of a closet which had a thin door on it. I pulled my pants down and sat, I spread my cheeks apart and farted kinda loudly. The turd opened me up VERY wide to the point where I verbally said "ooo f--" as there was a loud crackling noise as it slid out. It must've slid out for close to 15-20 seconds and it stopped and as it broke off slapped my buttcheek and you could hear it flop in. I farted again as more turds started to plop out quickly and another big turd slowly slid out and splashed in with a big "kaploosh" sound. I stood up and turned around to see a monster dookie in there and there was no way it was going down. Same as my bf's on the Friday it stuck out of the water and curled around the bowl twice and the second big turd layed on top of it. The reason this story is called "Military-Color Poop" is because the turds were both very dark green and brown in case you were wondering. I started wiping and suddenly the door opened and smacked me and it was my old roommate Sanders, we both looked at each other and she looked down and saw my toilet paper stuck in my butt cheeks and I was in full view, especially since my pants were down at ankle level and we both started dying laughing cause we hadn't really seen each other in a while. She looked in my bowl and said "holy crap girl you must've really had to go" and I explained to her that I hadn't gone since Thursday morning. I continued wiping as we talked but she was behind the open door to give me some privacy. I pulled my pants up and Sanders said "don't even worry about flushing I've gotta crap too", and she sat down and farted. I heard her start to pee as I was washing my hands, it was quiet as it was hitting my toilet paper. I heard a few quiet flopping noises as the turds were coming out on top of my toilet paper, she stood up and said "look at this", there were two big logs probably close to 8inches long and maybe 3 wide, and a third smaller turd that was above water level, Sanders started wiping and pulled her pants up and we both started laughing at each other since we knew it wasn't going to flush. My class got out a little late since we had a test that day and nobody left until everyone was done. I went back to my room and when I walked in I was a little surprised to see the bathroom door and light on and open. I walked to the door and saw my roommate Emirez sitting there struggling. She said "im sorry I had no idea you'd be back anytime soon, I haven't pooped since Saturday and I'm really letting out a lot of poop right now" I told her it was perfectly fine and we talked for close to 15 minutes until she got up off the toilet. She wasn't kidding either, it was a huge pile of small and medium sized turds just layered on each other almost above water level. Miraculously it went down when she flushed. So that's all I got for today but I have many many more bathroom stories so if you want to hear them just let me know and I will post about them in the future!

I also wanna do this survey before signing off!

When do you mostly take your poop
1) before work/school
2) during work/school
3) after work/school
Usually it's about an hour after work that I go but there's been a few times where I have pooped at work. And I pooped many times during school, if you gotta go you gotta go.

Apart from home or any other place where you stayed for some time where else have you pooped in your lifetime? Answer yes or no.



Significant others place
Yes, all the time lol

Friends place (during a visit not a stay)

Families place (during a visit not a stay)




Porta potty (f.e. festival)




Doctor's waiting room

Hospital (during a visit not a stay)

And also if anyone wants to hear any of these stories I will share them too there's plenty of stories I can share!

Midwest Anonymous

Poop And Pee

Today when I went to the bathroom I walked in, lifted the seat, pulled down my pants as well as my white fruit of the loom briefs. After I sat on the toilet I tried to hold off on my pee but like always a strong stream of pee shot out of my penis and since I held it down no pee got on the seat.

Shortly after my pee I started pushing to poop. (I really gotta stop skipping lunch). I felt my anus open up pretty wide for my poop. It took a good amount of pushing but I dropped two short but wide logs.

After I made sure I was completely finished. I started wiping my butt. I used one wad, refilled it and wiped again. I repeated the same process and noticed less residue. I grabbed a third wad and finished wiping.

I then pulled up my white fruit of the loom briefs, making sure to position my penis to my liking. Then I pulled my jeans up, flushed my poop and pee down the toilet, washed my hands and dried them with a hand towel.

The end. Thanks for reading my stories and I'll keep them coming if I find an experience interesting enough to post on here.

Accidents from my when I was 17 (part 5)


I'm going to try to wrap up the stories from when I was 17 in this post. Thank you to everyone who has read them all. As I said before, this has been the most therapeutic thing for me.

In my last post I wrote about an accident that I had at a concert in Toronto towards the end of July. It was by far one of the worst that I had to that date as it was a very large load of wet, mushy diarrhea. I also had to be in my very messy pink capri pants and underwear for a little over seven hours. So yeah, that one was just awful. My mom took me to her doctor after that one and she gave me some remedies to help alleviate the diarrhea I was having. It did help for a few weeks but at the end of August, I had another mishap at work.

It was a Saturday when this one happened. My mom always insisted that I had an extra pair of underwear and pants with me at all times in case I had an emergency. So before I left for work, I packed extra clothes in my bag. I was due to get my period in about three or four days, but I completely forgot to make sure that I had pads with me in case it started early.

I was feeling pretty good that morning and even for the e first few hours at work. At around 11:30 in the morning, I was starting to get some mild cramps. We had a few customers in the store all of a sudden I felt a bit damp "down there". A feeling that I know all girls can relate too all too well. I told my coworker Judy that I needed to go to the washroom so she took over at the cash. I grabbed my bag before I went to the washroom in our back room. I pulled down my jeans and light purple bikini panties and saw that I had definitely started my period. It wasn't heavy at that point, which is why I hasn't leaked through my pants, but my underwear had a small stain and I definitely needed a pad. I checked through my bag for a pad and a chill went right up my back. I was completely out! I checked again just to make sure and swore to myself. Judy was past the age of having her period and the other girl, Lisa, who was in her 30's wasn't in yet. So I swallowed my pride and left the washroom to go over to Shoppers Drug Mart for some pads. I had to wait a minute before I left just so I could tell Judy that I needed to leave for a few minutes. When she was done with her customer I told her that I needed to run out to the drug store. She asked me if I was okay. I told her that I was fine and whispered that I had started my period early. On my way out of the store I discreetly looked down to make sure that I wasn't leaking through my pants. Luckily I wasn't, but I did my best to get to Shoppers as quickly as possible.

I got to Shoppers and went right to the feminine protection aisle. I picked out a package of extra heavy overnight maxi pads and ultra thins by Always. I put them in my basket and then all hell broke loose with my bowels. I cramped up so badly and knew that I needed a toilet right away. I went from practically zero to a thousand with urgency. I mean one moment I was fine and the next I was holding on for dear life. I clenched my bum cheeks just a slight moment too late and pooped my pants a little bit. I did the best I could to hold on. I desperately needed to buy the maxi pads I had picked out otherwise I would have just left to find the nearest toilets. I have this tendency not to be able to think properly when I am having a bowel emergency, so I just stood in line and held on for dear life. After a few minutes, which felt like an eternity, it was my turn to make my purchases. As I was fumbling around with my wallet for my debit card I let out another fart which came out with a squelch and more wet and mushy diarrhea. The girl behind the cash gave me the debit machine and that's when I completely lost it. I moaned quietly when my bowels exploded in my pants. This one was really wet and immediately leaked through my underwear and jeans. The girl gave me my debit card back as well as my shopping bag with my pads in them. Now I had the task of walking through the entire mall with a wet mess swishing around in my bikini panties.

I finally got back to my store and went straight to the washroom out back. I caught Judy's eye as I passed her by, but she was with a customer anyway. She probably just figured that I needed to sort myself out with a pad. She had no idea of the extent of my problem.

I grabbed my bag before I went into the washroom. I'm so glad that I had a change of clothes with me that day because having to buy some new underwear and pants in the state I was in, would have been so embarrassing. It was bad enough having to walk through the mall in that state because my light blue jeans did nothing to hide the fact that I just had a major accident in them.

It took a while but I was able to get myself cleaned up fairly well by wetting some paper towels. I had a pair of light blue hipster panties with lacing around the waist and legs as well as a pair of snug fitting medium blue jeans. Since they were snug fitting, I decided to put an ultra thin pad in my panties, that way the bulk of the thicker maxi pad wouldn't show through.

I continued having diarrhea for the next few days. It was almost good that I was on my period because I let some go on my pad a few times. I should say that it was gross really, but good that I was wearing a pad as it saved my underwear from any serious mess.

School started in September, as usual. It definitely threw my period for a loop and did a number on my bowels as well. It really sucked because I often had accidents in my pants. One day, about two weeks into the school year, I had to change my pants and underwear because I couldn't get myself cleaned up and it was noticeable through my tights. There was another day the following week where I had to call my mom to pick me up because the mess was too much to clean up and I really wasn't feeling well at all. My periods became really heavy as well and I would often leak through my pants. It wasn't quite as bad as what my best friend Megan went through, but it was still really tough.

In October I had another accident with diarrhea on my way to school. My schedule had it so my classes started early in the day for the first semester. I did the best I could not to let go in my pants as I walked, but just as I got to my high school, it all came out. I texted my mom and asked her if I could go home sick for the day. She asked me what was wrong and I told her that I wasn't feeling well. She kept pressing so I had to tell me what happened. She told me to go home to get cleaned up and she would call the school for me to be off.

I had to call in sick for work in November at one point as well. That was a strange one because I actually pooped my pants while I was at home. Similar to the one I had in August that I wrote about above, I had a really bad cramp and just let go in my underwear and tights.

For December I was finally feeling better but my period was ridiculously long and heavy. I had to change my pants at school because my pad leaked. I also had to change them the next day at work because I bled through my pad yet again.

Thanks again to those of you who read my posts. Things did get a bit better for me once I turned 18, but I still did have a number of accidents. I'll be back to share those stories at another time.



Remembered Another Time my Sister Humiliated Me

I wrote a whole post the other day about how my sister Jessica use to embarrass me such as constantly walking in on me in our shared bathroom while I took a dump and holding me down and farting in my face.

Well I was talking to Jessica on the phone the other day and we were remembering old times and I brought up how she use to embarrass me. She giggled over the phone and said "oh yeah remember the slumber party 'stinkface'?"

I had almost forgot all about it but it came rushing back. This was a night when my sister really humiliated me in front of three of her girlfriends, Lisa, Alexis, and Tammy, when they slept over at our house. I was 12 and my sister and her friends were 15. I believe it was either 2000 or 2001.

My mom was out for the night and I hung out in my room while Jessica had three friends over. We ordered pizza earlier and my stomach was really rumbling so I went to use the toilet. As I was on the toilet I heard my sister and her friends enter her room.(remember that my room and hers both had doors that entered the shared bathroom and unfortunately didn't have locks.)

So while I'm sitting on the toilet and I heard them I tried to be real quiet till they went back downstairs. Unfortunately my bowels betrayed me and I let out a squeaky fart which the girls heard. I heard shooshing by then and before I knew it my sister swung the door opened presenting me in all my glory sitting on the toilet. The girls just giggled getting a good look at me in my embarrassing situation. They eventually got all their giggles out and left me to poop in peace.

I was embarrassed and decided I wanted revenge on my sister. She constantly farted in my face as a joke so I figured I'd do the same to for once. The girls were watching a movie in the living room. I'm not sure but I think it was "10 Things I Hate About You" which came out in 1999 which I think was just a year earlier.

I saw my sister laying on the floor which was perfect. I ran in real quick and squatted right over her head and let it rip. The other girls laughed but my sister was not amused. Before I could get back upstairs she sprang into action and dragged me back into the living room. She sat me on the floor with my back to the couch and told the other girls "let's make him look pretty." They then held me down while putting makeup all over my face.

As they were giving me a "makeover" I noticed my sister gripping her stomach. She told the girls to stop and stood up and turned her butt directly in line with my face. She had nothing on but an oversized shirt and a black thong. She winced on her face and said "here it comes" and then proceeded to blast the longest fart she had ever blasted into my makeup covered face. It must have lasted 7 seconds long and it really stunk.

Her friend Lisa then yelled out "Give him a stinkface!" My eyes went wide because I knew what that meant. My sister and I watched pro wrestling and there was a famous big Samoan wrestler named Rikishi who would stick his butt into other's faces.

My sister laughed and proceeded to hike her thong up her butt and stuck it directly in my face rubbing her butt cheeks up and down my head for at least ten seconds. My sister had farted directly in my face as a joke countless times but this was the first and only time she ever actually shoved her butt in my face and it was gross and smelly.

The girls laughed uncontrollably as I took the lost and went back up stairs to wash off the makeup and butt off my face.


Response to Anna (New user)

I'm glad you enjoyed my stories. Thanks for trying to comfort me for being embarrassed but unfortunately it tends to happen to me a lot. I've 'blown up' more public bathrooms than I can count within earshot of people.

Just this past week at work I really had to take a big dump. As soon as I got into the stall I just exploded with loud farts and plops.

So of course to my embarrassment the cleaning lady came in right then and started cleaning. It was at the end of the day so I'm sure she just wanted to get home. She at least called into the men's room and asked if it was okay if she came in and started to clean. I just said "sure" in between two massive farts.

While she was mopping the floor a huge volume of gas hit my lower gut and I blasted out an 8 second loud booming fart. The cleaning lady stopped for a second and said "oh my goodness. Are you okay?". I just said "yeah no problem" and let loose another fart that sounded like a trumpet.

When I got done I came out blushing red. She gave me a smile and just said "hope you feel better" as I exited the bathroom.

Midwest Anonymous

First Pee Centric Story

This morning I woke up at 5:30 like I always do. My penis was through the fly of my white y fronts and it was erect. I felt the need to pee so I walked to the bathroom with my phone to light the way to the bathroom. When I got to the bathroom since I had to pee bad I sat down (I sit for my first pee of the day so I don't wake anyone up), with my erect penis through the fly and I peed for at least a minute or so. Of course once I stopped holding my penis down it shot a few spurts on the front of the seat. Once I finished I took some toilet paper and wiped the stray pee off the front of the seat. I then stood up closed the toilet lid and flushed. I then washed my hands and since I was the only one awake I walked back to my room with my penis still sticking out the fly.

I hope you liked this story. I know my stories are short but if you like reading them I'll keep writing them.


Answering Skidmarked From Colomumbia's Questions

When you get through this crisis whether a situation or school fight with a bully... get it ;) it's like you went from a white belt to a brown belt! I'm not ashamed of it... haha I think it's a milestone.

1. Are you still a white belt?


2. If not... what happened and how did you earn your brown belt?

When I was in 7th grade I really had to take a dump at school but when I got to the bathroom this group of older tough 8th grade kids were in there. The leader was named Jack and he was just in there hanging out with his girlfriend Kelly and two friends Joey and Matt.

When I walked in I headed for the toilets holding my stomach obviously looking like I had to poo. Jack stopped me and I told him I really needed to use a toilet as a fart slipped out. Kelly said "ewww" as the guys laughed. Jack just said "too bad" and punched me right in my gut which immediately loosened my bowels and I filled up my Hanes white briefs right there with a loud zipper fart. The guys laughed louder and Kelly plugged her nose looked disgusted.

I was super embarrassed and waddled out of the bathroom and went to the school nurse. I embarrassingly had to tell the nurse that I had filled my pants and she gave me some lost and found sweat pants to wear. I didn't tell on Jack though because I didn't want him looking for me if he got in trouble.

3. Does anyone you know have a brown belt?

Just the kids that were in the boys room that day.

4. Do you have a yellow belt? (meaning you peed yourself during the ordeal)

Somehow in the same story I somehow managed not to pee myself.

5. Does anyone you know have a yellow belt?


Answering Skidmarked From Colomumbia's Questions

When you get through this crisis whether a situation or school fight with a bully... get it ;) it's like you went from a white belt to a brown belt! I'm not ashamed of it... haha I think it's a milestone.

1. Are you still a white belt?


2. If not... what happened and how did you earn your brown belt?

When I was in 7th grade I really had to take a dump at school but when I got to the bathroom this group of older tough 8th grade kids were in there. The leader was named Jack and he was just in there hanging out with his girlfriend Kelly and two friends Joey and Matt.

When I walked in I headed for the toilets holding my stomach obviously looking like I had to poo. Jack stopped me and I told him I really needed to use a toilet as a fart slipped out. Kelly said "ewww" as the guys laughed. Jack just said "too bad" and punched me right in my gut which immediately loosened my bowels and I filled up my Hanes white briefs right there with a loud zipper fart. The guys laughed louder and Kelly plugged her nose looked disgusted.

I was super embarrassed and waddled out of the bathroom and went to the school nurse. I embarrassingly had to tell the nurse that I had filled my pants and she gave me some lost and found sweat pants to wear. I didn't tell on Jack though because I didn't want him looking for me if he got in trouble.

3. Does anyone you know have a brown belt?

Just the kids that were in the boys room that day.

4. Do you have a yellow belt? (meaning you peed yourself during the ordeal)

Somehow in the same story I somehow managed not to pee myself.

5. Does anyone you know have a yellow belt?


My first concert and toilet emergency

Last week me and my friend Lili went to our first concert. My mom drove us down to the Arena and Lili's mom picked us up. Because it was our first concert without supervision we were both kind of nervous. The 16,000 in attendance made for some really hectic situations.

Lili had yellow shorts on and her phone in her front pocket. It fell out once when we got bumped as the security line finally started to move. The check point was way down the hall and we could see people holding it up because of arguments about opening bags, etc. Some extra police pushed through our line and went running down there. Me and Lili each had downed about 20 ounces of soda just before the drive. Now I was feeling the need to pee. Both me and Lili had last peed after 7th hour, before we started our walk home. I had blue jeans on and a short-cut blouse. Mom and I had a small argument about me wearing that, but when Lili came over mom backed off.

It must have been a half hour or more in that line and my pee was burning. Finally, I got scared and told Lili to save my place and I half ran down the hall following restroom arrows. I got to the doorway and I envisioned being on the toilet and peeing a river within 30 seconds. Wrong! The bathroom was closed off for cleaning. A sign directed me down another hall toward another parking lot and I didn't waste any time getting there. It was open. I was the luckiest girl in the world.

The was the largest bathroom I had ever seen. There were two rows of toilets that went all the way down to the end of the room, then a walkway to another room that contained nothing but sinks. Most toilets were in us, but behind me I heard a door open and saw a girl come out. I immediately whipped around her. I closed the door and that's when the panic got worse. There was no door latch. I dropped my jeans and panties and noticed the bowl was filled with the dark yellow piss of probably several others. I wasn't about to waste the time flushing. I dropped down onto the seat. It was quite warm just like we often have during passing periods at school.

By 30 seconds in I got frustrated, almost to tears, when I couldn't get my pee started. I tried to take my mind off that by taking out my phone and I saw Lili's text asking if I was OK. As I got more upset, I replied with some words that I shouldn't have used, but she reminded me that in such situations she finds the pushing out even a small amount of crap does help her get the peeing process going. I replied that she was just too F-ing perfect. But within a minute I was able to push out one piece of hard crap that I guess that was left over from my 5th hour crap and right after that my pee started. As I was draining I texted Lili about my progress.

Luckily I started to instantly feel better and when I left my stall I didn't even stop to wash my hands because I knew Lili was waiting and you could hear some of the sound equipment being tested. I was lucky in that two more security check lines had been opened and Lili and I got to our seats before the lights started to dim. The concert was great and lasted about 2 1/2 hours. As we walked down to the other side of the building and the parking lot Lili's mom would be waiting for us in, Lili said she wanted to stop and pee. I figured she was going to have to. So we walked into another huge bathroom. This one had many of the privacy doors removed and the ones with doors had several people waiting for an opening. Lili said her mom would be impatient about having to wait so Lili took one of the middle toilets, seated herself comfortably and asked me to stand in front of her as a kind of privacy shield. I was so envious. Her pee started immediately when she hit the seat and the intensity (greater than mine will ever be) kept pounding away for what seemed like a couple of minutes.

Lili's mom was of course upset when we finally found her car. It was after 10 and she had an appointment at work early the next morning. What upset her even more was the traffic jam that lasted a half hour or more to just get us out of the parking lot. We were surprised though when she left the highway and stopped at a gas station. You could tell she was desperate for a toilet. Me and Lili found that greatly amusing.

Even more so was when she started to drive way. Lili tried to humor her mom by asking if she remembered to wash her hands. Her only response was reaching over and turning up the radio.



I am a 19 year old female from Canada. I love stories about men pooping and peeing, and even got some stories of my own. Last year I was a cashier at a run down gas station, as boring as that job was one particular day something happened that made me glad to work there.
It was late afternoon and I had an hour left of my shift, when a young man about 23ish
Walked in with a definite purpose. I could see beads of sweat on his forehead and his lips pursed in a thin line. He walked up to the unisex bathroom but saw that it was occupied. He cursed under his breath and started pacing around. We made eye contact and he gave me an embarrassed smile.

3 minutes later and whoever was in the restroom was still in there. The man became more desperate by the second. He was literally holding onto his butt trying to keep his load in.
An older man in his 40s exited the bathroom and the younger man took no time hurrying in there and closing the door. It was silent for a few seconds before I heard him grunting and farting. His farts sounded like a trumpet. "Argghhhhh" I heard from behind the closed door.
I heard a machine gun fart with at least 10 plops in a row. I wondered how long he was holding that in for. He cursed under his breath again, I was curious what the problem was, then he opened the door slightly and popped his head out. "Umm there's no toilet paper in here" he told me. My heart fluttered in my chest. "Sorry about that" I replied while rummaging around the back finding a fresh roll. I excitedly walked up to the bathroom and handed the man the roll. I was close enough to smell the absolute stench he left. He really blew it up. "Thank you" he said and closed the door. Over 5 minutes later he came out of the restroom red faced and thanked me for the help. I decided it was time for me to clean the bathroom before my shift ended. I went in and saw that the bowl had some skid marks and pieces floating around still. As well as the smell remained. I cleaned the toilet and that's when my day ended. Sadly that was my only experience at that job.

Longest Pee I've Heard

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share my story about the longest pee I've ever heard the other day. It is too good to not share lol. This website seems like the appropriate place to tell it

A little about me: I drink a lot A LOT A LOT. And I pee often. I just love the feeling of it and more importantly the health benefits of water yay. So anyway, I work in a medical office during the day and I get to take a good amount of bathroom breaks, but there are days where I don't often get the chance! And this was one of those days. I had maybe peed 2 or 3 times that day, but all in the morning. So by the time work was over, I had to PEE like a RACEHORSE. And knowing my bladder was that full meant a long pee, a real long pee. I'm used to the stares and comments, nothing bad, but I would much rather pee alone at home to be honest.

As I was making a beeline towards the restroom, I saw another woman doing the same. She was beautiful in my opinion. She was shorter than me but not by much, and she didn't have my athletic physique. She was chunky, but she was very pretty! Beating me to the bathroom entrance, she opened the door, looked back at me, and said "Hi." I said Hi back to her and proceeded to take the first stall while she took the last stall. I was definitely needing this pee and as I got undressed and sat down, I peed. It was loud. And like I said, it feels good. So I peed, and peed, and peed. After what felt like definitely more than a few minutes, I took a very heavy sigh as I finished peeing. As I was beginning to wipe, I heard her say to me, "That sounded like a waterfall. You really needed that!" Startled, not knowing she was still there, I said, "Yes I did, thanks for noticing?" She chuckled and said she couldn't get her pee to start with me peeing. I said, "Sorry to keep you waiting for a long time. The bathroom's all yours now!" And then what she said right after that shocked and confused me all at once. "I know exactly what you mean. I'm going to be in here quite awhile too. I could use the company. Well, if you want to listen that is." I was barely able to squeak out a weak "Ok" in response to her.

And next thing I knew, I was listening to the most absurd, longest pee I have ever heard. And I've heard other women go much longer than myself. It was the most surreal experience I've had in a public restroom, no doubt! She even had to distract me with conversation as I sat shocked listening to her pee droning on and on. I couldn't even concentrate looking at my phone. It was a hot experience too, it was just so different to be honest.

When she FINALLY finished, I joked it was a good thing she stopped, because I still needed to eat and go to sleep. She giggled and sighed. She said I was the best audience she's had in awhile and hoped to perform again. A bit odd, but friendly. I said, "Give me your number and you'll have a superfan!" She did, and let me tell you, she is super nice and soft-spoken too. I'm thinking about asking her more about herself, but maybe I'll keep that as a story for next time.

In the meantime, have YOU heard someone take the world's LONGEST pee? Are you that person? I don't think anybody pees as long as her still!

Anna from Austria
@Brandon Your question is good but I cannot answer it for sure. At my normal workplace the toilets are well isolated. They have solid walls between the "stalls" so you cannot hear your neighbor.

I poop at work on daily basis and I do not think that I am the only one. Sometimes there is still a faint poo smell lingering when I enter the bathroom.

The toilets in the building where the confernece took place on the other hand had the classic toilet stalls. With small gaps on the floor and a big open gaps on the ceiling. That' why me and T could hear each other.

If the same scenario had happend at the normal office building I would have never known that I had done a buddy dump with T.

So I cannot tell for sure how big the pooping activities of my coworkers are.

Judging by the poo smell I encounter on regular basis I would say that quite a view ladies are also pooping at work.

I am quite grateful that we have that toilet layout at my office. Makes me feeling more comfortable to my daily poop there.

Using a more public toilet on daily basis would be quite embarrasing. Especially with people arround I know.

I am bit weird in that regard. I do mind at all if people can hear or smell me doing a bm that I do not know. But when people are involved that I know .

greetings from Austria



Witnessed Plane Accident

I'v seen a handful of accidents in my life but by far the most vivid I remember was on a flight from the UK to the US about 5-6 years ago.

I was sitting in the isle seat(more for the leg room than toilet access as I can hold it pretty well) and a a couple of rows behind me on the other side were what I assume were a family. A woman probably in her 40's in the middle seat, a girl in her early teens at the window and a boy I'd guess around 18ish in the isle seat, slim with quite hip blue jeans and T-shirt of some indie band along with quiff haircut to match.

I'd vaguely noticed him earlier on the flight but my interest really picked up a couple of hours in. We'd just had dinner and as the cabin crew were taking it away people were getting up to use the toilets. We were actually quite close to them but the way the dinner trays were being taken away we were near the end so quite a line had built up.

I still wasn't really paying attention but 5-10 mins latter we hit turbulence and the seatbelt signs came on. I also noticed the cabin crew sent back the people wanting for the toilets and he must have been near the back of it, I saw him sitting back down and he looked really nervy and I figured he was pretty desperate.

The turbulence lasted for most of the next hour I'd guess and I couldn't help but glance back every so often towards his seat and he did look increasingly nervy sitting very upright looking down the isle towards the toilets making it pretty clear that yes he was desperate. Well the seat belt signs finally went off and I expected to see him jump up and hand for the toilets ASAP but was surprised when he didn't, still looked nervy so I figured perhaps I was wrong.

I'd somewhat stopped paying attention when about another hour or so latter the cabin lights were turned off and people started to try and get some sleep. I noticed out of the corner of my eye he got out of his seat, looking from the front everything seemed normal but as he walked past me I could see from behind the entire ass of his jeans and about half way down to the back of his knees was wet dark blue. I'm guessing at some point during the turbulence he'd just lost it, peed his pants in his seat(they were leather like material not cushioned) but didn't want to get up with the lights on.

Not sure what he did in the toilet, whether he still needed to pee more or poop but when he came back 5 mins latter I could see his jeans were much the same. The flight still had a good 3-4 hours to go but honestly I couldn't see how they would dry before that and felt really sorry for him being trapped in that situation.

When we finally landed I was wondering what he'd do as with the lights on and everyone awake his accident would became more obvious. He'd obviously been thinking of that as well though as I saw just before he got out of his seat he'd found some kind of grey top to tie around his waist and when he got up it covered the accident very nicely as they left together. I'm guessing the rest of the family probably found out but he avoided the rest of the plane doing so.



To Kristi--hate pooping

Hi Kristi thanks for reaching out to me. Unfortunately, I really dread pooping and am looking for anyway possible to stop completely.

I just can't see why you don't mind pooping? How is that? It just feels so bad to have feces slide through my intestines.

You mentioned being in pain and sick, but is that all that happen if you were able to stop pooping completely? Why would it be so bad to not poop at all?

Surely, there must be SOME way to stop going, or at least maybe going only one time a month?

Really appreciate your help.


Two stories

Hi, everybody. I'm back. In case you don't remember me, I posted a few months ago about how I pee my pants discreetly in public by wearing black sweatpants. The new college semester started a couple weeks ago. I haven't done much wetting lately since I'm still getting settled in, but I have a couple stories from last semester that I haven't told here yet.

The first story I have took place late on a Thursday night. I was in the library studying for a big test that I had the next day. I was alone at a table and there wasn't anybody else in the library at the time. I felt that I had to pee, so instead of disrupting my focus and getting up to use the bathroom, I just let go right in the chair. A few seconds in, I suddenly remembered that I was wearing blue jeans and not my usual black pants, and I abruptly cut of the flow. I was super embarrassed, but now I had to go really bad, so I got up and started to walk to the bathroom, but when I was about ten feet from the door, I couldn't hold it anymore. I stopped walking and finished peeing in my jeans. I watched as my pee made a big wet stain on the carpet. I then decided to pack up my stuff and get back to my dorm as quickly as possible. I went upstairs to the main level of the library, hiding my face as I walked past the girl working at the front desk. She could definitely tell that I had peed my pants, but thankfully I didn't know her. That was embarrassing.

My second story happened a few weeks later on a Friday morning. I went into my dorm building's common room to get some coffee. When I went in, I ran into a girl named Abby who I knew through some mutual friends. We started to chat about weekend plans, and I had to pee. I was wearing thick flannel pajama pants that had a blue plaid pattern. I have peed in these pants before, so I know that wet stains aren't visible in them. While I was talking, I started to pee. It felt pretty good, and since the pant legs hang below my feet, there was no visible dripping and the carpet was dark enough to hide any wet stains. That was the first time I had ever peed my pants during a conversation and I don't think Abby suspected a thing!

Saturday, September 24, 2022



To Hisae and others...thanks for your kind words about the the 1960"s the Queen on one of her visits to Australia spent some time in the Northern Territory which was then ( and still is ) remote...she stayed a couple of days in a house and ever since all renovations have maintained the existing toilet because that toilet is an attraction that guests there wish to use as the Queen might have used cannot imagine the Queen going to the toilet!
To Tracyegirl....constipation may be your permanent companion as it is mine but I manage it OK. There is medical comment that colonics are a waste of time and whilst I agree that they do not solve the problem...when you have not been for a are feeling want to poo and cannot...they rectify the situation (all be it temporary) within the hour! Enemas do the may need three or more.
There is the survey about where you have had a for me everywhere expect never had the need at the doctors office.
To Tina..I and others have replied learn to enjoy a BM! Think of the benefits.


To bd x

Hi thanks glad you liked it i think its good to add a bit of detail and that lacks sometimes on here and yes it was quite a big poo
Just a normal diet really nothing out the ordinary I eat meat so not a vegetarian or anything like that

Anna from Austria
I do the survey of Brandon this time

1) before work/school


2) during work/school

daily during my work time

3) after work/school


Apart from home or any other place where you stayed for some time where else have you pooped in your lifetime? Answer yes or no.





Significant others place


Friends place (during a visit not a stay)


Families place (during a visit not a stay)






Porta potty (f.e. festival)



yes but just once


yes but just once



Doctor's waiting room


Hospital (during a visit not a stay)


Greetings from Austria



Anna from austria - buddy dumb

That was a rather interesting and for me kind of nerve wrecking story!
How often does it happen when you or other females can hear each other hear taking a poo?
Especially taking a poo with a co worker or class mate, I personally could never do it!

In the men's room it is all quite common. Every morning in university I head straight to the toilets from a long bus ride to try to poo in peace but it is impossible as There are always 2 or 3 other guys pooping at the same time. Guys are notorious in general for not caring when it plops in the water loudly. When I sit there I often wonder if it would be the same in the women's bathroom next door.


To Tina with love


I want to give you a big hug right now. I want you to keep posting to tell us how you're doing.

I really, really want you to get to the point where you go without feeling the negative emotions you're having.

You can't make your body stop pooping. You have to eat to live. If you eat, your body will produce waste. If you hold it in, you will get horribly sick and be in a lot of pain.

Has someone in your life or in your past made you feel ashamed of going poop? I know people who have been shamed for going to the bathroom... one of them frequents this page and I'll see if she can post her thoughts.

You said you feel "disgusted" when you go.

Everyone poops. I'm not trying to minimize what you're feeling. But you have to find a way to at least understand that pooping is natural and that it's not disgusting.

You said you "usually go twice a day with pretty big solid logs". That's a lot like me, and that's healthy. "Poop doctors" would tell you that's how your poop should be.

So... practice relaxing. The next time you're in the toilet, take a book or your phone and distract yourself.

Maybe take a "field trip". Go to a crowded ladies room. You'll hear the sound of plenty of other women going poop.

And keep posting. We're here for you.



Steve A

Question About Restroom Inconvenience At Work

Has anyone ever run into an issue where a restroom was being cleaned or in use at your workplace during an inconvenient time? The closet restroom was being cleaned whenever you went to use it? Or it was occupied for single use only?

Since the bathrooms at my workplace are spread around (warehouse) I usually don't have any issues when going to the restroom, even though I've had to deal with finding a different one whenever it was being cleaned or if it was in use (some of them only have one toilet and one urinal)


Lovin' My Morning Crap

Being a college-level women's PE teacher and coach and the long hours I put in with student-athletes pretty much year around, over the past 20 years or so my morning crap has become even more sacred to me. The 5 to 7 minutes my 6'8" frame is on one of the toilets at our city's largest park, is something I look forward to and savor. If I didn't have our two dogs leash-tied around my ankles as I sit and push, I might extend my refreshing sit by a few more minutes. Its nice just to get off my feet for a few minutes during the mile and a half daily walk.

Some days, depending on my schedule and the behavior of our dogs, we may go even longer. Adam, my live-in boyfriend sleeps late, so I volunteered early in our relationship to take the dogs out. I learned during our first week in the apartment with a walled slot of less than 28" for the toilet is inhibiting for a person of my size. Often, due to my physical size and the size of my craps, I need to spread my legs to get the big one out and falling. Hard to do when my spread knees are banging up against the wall. I've accidentally loosened the air duck cover on my right pretty regularly, too.

Although there's almost no privacy, the larger institutional-size toilets at the park are quite inviting. They are a couple of inches higher, the seats are made of steel and contoured for a much larger person, the main piping is larger, and in case of a clog and overflow, there's a floor drain between your feet. I've trained the dogs to sit at my feet while I'm on the toilet.

I largely overlook the drawbacks: 5 toilets sitting on one side of the room with no privacy panels. It looks like the panels were taken down, probably due to graffiti and criminal stuff, but many of the locker rooms my teams use also have little to no privacy. We're use to it. While I've been on the toilet at the park, I've had grade-school girls run in and relieve themselves because they can't hold it until the principal opens the school. And I've had a woman about 90 who walks at 6 a.m. to get her ex-lax to kick in. Very interesting people brought together by a human need.

Almost all my craps are away from home. When we're out of town and playing in tournaments, fast pees before going onto the court and again before getting into the van are encouraged. I will, but don't necessarily appreciate having to make unscheduled non-fuel related stops
when we're traveling. The varsity veterans do an amazing job of "teaching" the new team members about our team's "ways!"

Below is information I can recall for Brandon's survey:

Where I have pooped....

AIRPORTS: numerous times because I fly a lot due to my profession
PARKS: see story above
PARKING GARAGE: I was desperate because I couldn't find my car. There was no attendant. On 7A South there was a maintenance hut with a wash bucket in front of it. Luckily it was made of durable steel. I knew it would hurt my butt to sit on a steel rim, but I half filled it in 20 seconds or less.
MULTIPLE INTERSTATE REST STOPS: Nothing significant except one mom sitting for a smoke while her 7-year old was eyeing me on the toilet.
BARS: sharing a pitcher of beer will get my crap going after about 45 minutes.
POLICE STATION: I was 16 and had received my first traffic ticket. I was there first thing in the morning when I would have been normally crapping at school.
DOCTORS WAITING ROOM: I was about 15, his schedule was running behind, and I should have gone before leaving school. The assistant gave me a key to use the toilet for the public out in the hallway.
PARADE: my high school's band was marching. Getting my uniform to cooperate in my first use of a portable potty was a miracle.
HAUNTED HOUSE: while our group was doing volunteer work, my laxative was working faster than expected. The line for the toilets was too long so I ducked into a storage room, and squatted an old paint bucket.


Smell checks

Did anyone else's Mom used to do random underpants checks (for poop stains) or smell checks of your butt before you went out of the house to play? I mean at ages where you would not expect a Mom to do so, like early teens. My Mom smelled us (there were six kids) to see if we were clean--just bent down and sniffed our butts through our pants to make sure we didn't have a problem that needed to be corrected.

Hisae Maho Kazumi Mina

remember Rhonnda toilet with wooden seat

Hi Everyone. We hope you are well.

Mina decided rewrite this post, because old title is seemed that it is off subject post, so she make new title.

All of us cried a lot when we hear, Queen of UK died. Every day on loo, Mina cry long time until finish motion. Crush caress and kiss. Mina remembered happy time in Wales. Host family loved Queen. And Mina remember lovely loo in house in Rhondda!

Perhaps Mina told before, three loos in Rhondda house were beautiful.There was loo downstairs and upstairs and extra one downstairs you enter from garden. And downstairs loo and garden loo had a wooden seat. Mina loves!! Room of garden loo had washbasin to wash hands after wee and motion, but other loos didn't have, so Mina had to wash hands in different room. (But for motion, Mina used garden loo very often when it was dry weather.) Upstairs loo had plastic seat, but loo room was very nice room, it had carpet. Japanese loo never have carpet!! (But there is often mat which is U shape.)

No bathtub in all three loo rooms. Bathtub was in room next to upstairs loo. Downstairs no bathtub, but next to downstairs loo, there was room with washbasin.

All loos were very noisy. When do motions, big plop sound every turd. In upstairs loo, we can hear in bathroom, and in downstairs loo, we can hear in hall. So in early time in Wales, Mina sat on downstairs loo bare bottom, stayed about 15 minutes (maybe) and many heavy plops, host mother knock on door and say, "Mina are you OK?" Mina open door little bit and say, "I am very OK!" Host mother said, "you seem that you are doing awful lots, I am worry." Mina: "No worry!! I am very OK, but sorry, I don't finish yet, I need do more, can I stay more time?" Mother say, "of course! Take your time." and close door. Mina start relax again. Plop plop plop and more.

Flush is very slow in that loo, so Mina was there long time, after flush maybe three turds still in water, so Mina waited long time for next flush. Then she went out and said to host mother, "I am sorry very much. But in Japan we eat lots rice and vegetables, so intestine is very long, and we do big motions." (Mina didn't know then, found out later that Japanese motion size is No.2 in world. No.1 is Africa somewhere, and Kazumi wants live there.) Then Mina said, "Some people do motion many times in one day but Mina's body clock different, I do all in a one sitting so I am long time. I am sorry very much."

Host mother said, "of course you can take your time! If you are good health, I don't worry no more." Tears on Mina's face, so host mother hug hard and kiss many times.

Host mother said, "you never sorry. Three loos in this house, so even you stay one hour, you don't keep anyone waiting." And kiss and kiss again. Sweet Rhondda mother!! Mina love and love.

Later, different day, after long huge motion in garden loo, Mina said to host mother, "wooden loo seat is so lovely! I feel so warm! In Japan, plastic. It's OK but wooden is wonderful." So host mother said, "If you love so much, you stay there long time! Go there with book."

Mina said, "I don't want book. I want to sit there, and think with relieving myself, Rhondda mother is so sweet and kind. Mina is so happy to sit there and say to herself that Rhondda mother is kindest and sweetest woman in world and Mina is happy happy happy." More strong hug and many kiss. Always Rhondda mother kiss to Mina!!

Host mother allow Mina to flush in middle of motion when motion is super huge. "End result is same, and it is true that flush is slow." Off course Mina cried. "Mina you are crying baby." " I crying because I am happy." More hug and kiss.

Now we (Mina and Kazu and Chae and Maho) are saying each other, when corona is finish, we want to go Wales for holiday. Host mother say, "you welcome all four! Only Dad and Mum in house now, children married." So we are making a plan. 3 crushes said, "we want to sit on wooden seat long time! And noisy is no problem. Plop sound is nice sound."

So we are looking forward.

We talk about Wales very often now because of Queen. And we talk about Wales loo! But school loo not so good. We can see feet of neighbour. And very noisy, like in house. Mina did motion in school loo only once, when she was diarrhoea. (All other girls could hear crackle and burururururururu noises many many.) But when Mina was in loo but not for motion, she often hear plop sound of other girls.

When Mina see Queen on telly, she remember Wales and lovely loo there. Beautiful loo is important very much. We hope all people this site and everywhere can relax in beautiful loo. Enjoy there your precious time!

Love to everyone.

Kazumi Maho Hisae Mina

Hi Laura,

Just wanted to say I really enjoy your little poo stories. (Or should I say BIG poo stories?!). You have a great way with words and I always look forward to your next one.

I do have a question for you, whats your diet like?

Anyway, take care!

BD x


places survey, bar shit, old hospital dump

first the survey

Some survey for those wo feel like filling it in. When do you mostly take your poop
1) before work/school
2) during work/school
3) after work/school

my poop does not have a schedule i poop at any time

Apart from home or any other place where you stayed for some time where else have you pooped in your lifetime? Answer yes or no.

Airport yes for both flying ones i have family in another state i will share some stories another day
Significant others place no
Friends place (during a visit not a stay) yes
Families place (during a visit not a stay) yes
Restaurant yes
School/uni yes
Outdoors no
Porta potty (f.e. festival) yes
Bar yes
Club/disco no
Museum no
Doctor's waiting room no
Hospital (during a visit not a stay) yes

my story from this weekend is a shit i took at a bar. friday night some friends wanted to hit a bar so i joined them. beer makes me piss like a horse so i was constantly heading to the bathroom. it was about 1:15 am and we were still at the bar. the beer was making me have to take a dump so i excused myself for the bathroom again. the bathroom was just two small stalls. i opened the first one and there was a big unflushed poo in it. it was about six inches long and thick. i took the other stall. i was drunk and did not think to cover the seat and plopped my ass down. i did a piss. right after my piss i did a long crackling soft snake. it easily came out in a few seconds and really stunk. i felt much better and wiped. it was thin and 8 inches around and an s shape. it was soft enough to flush but i left it to have have two unflushed toilets.

the hospital story is from when i was a teenager. i was waiting for someone else and was bored. there was a bathroom so i decided to take a shit to pass the time. this was a less used part of the hospital but it was a big bathroom with 10 or 12 stalls. i took one in the middle and took a quick shit. i remember it was weird pooping in such a big bathroom alone.


I'm back

Carl and I are engaged! The night he proposed he took me out to a nice dinner. It was a restaurant we've never been to before but the food was really good. It was a bonus
Because it gave Carl soft poops. When we got back to our house he plopped his butt on the toilet letting out a spluttering fart.

He sighed as he pushed a flow of gassy poop that looked like gravy. I rubbed his back
as he moaned and kept farting out shit that he said burned his asshole. "Splatttttt" pfffffft" is what his ass sounded like. When he was done I wiped his messy bum. He winced because his hole was sore, so I was careful while wiping him and even wet the paper with cold water.

I am hoping to p

Emma two

Pood at work

I was busting for a poo at work this morning and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it until I got home so I bit the bullet and went to the toilet at break time. The toilets were busy but I really had to go so bad and after waiting a couple of minutes I got into a cubicle and locked the door securely. I quickly pulled my jeans and knickers down and sat on the warm toilet seat and relaxed. I felt instant relief as my poo started coming out and I peed at the same time which felt even better. I didn't care who knew I was having a poo. All I cared about was that I hadn't had an accident in my knickers. It took me about ten minutes to finish and after wiping my bottom I flushed the toilet and most of it went down. I flushed it again and everything had gone so I exited and washed my hands and had a quick cup of coffee before my break was over. People must have known I was having a poo but no one mentioned it and I'm beginning to realise how silly it is to feel embarrassed about having a number two in a public toilet.

ost more frequently again.


Accidents from when I was 17 (part 4)

Hello. As I mentioned in my last post, my last accident from when I was 17 was in May. My friends and I went to the movies for Megan's birthday and I had diarrhea during the movie and ended up going in my pants.

My next accident didn't happen until almost two months later. I was actually at the point where I was getting a bit overconfident with my bowels. They were very regular and I wasn't having diarrhea at all. I must say that it was a really nice break from having accidents.

My mom always told me to carry a spare pair of underwear in my purse just in case I needed to change them for whatever reason. Well, in June I did have a mishap with my period at work. It was really heavy and I wasn't able to get to the washroom to change my pad before it was too late. I was wearing an overnight ultra thin pad and it was completely soaked. I bled through the bum of my pants and had even soaked through the wings of my pad. It was a bad leak and I had to change my underwear and pants.

Moving forward to July, my bowels were still really good. I had taken the weekend of the 25th and 26th off as my friends and I went to Toronto to see a concert. I don't want to say who we saw or where it was in case anyone reading this was there. All I can say is that my accident-free streak came to a very embarrassing end.

My friends Megan, Sarah, Emily and I went to this concert. Megan's mom drove us and Emily's mom came as well. We left from Megan's house at noon and came back after the concert was over. We had dinner at a Tex-Mex restaurant then went to the venue for 7pm when the doors opened. Traffic was terrible and on our way there I started getting the feeling that I needed to use the toilet. I thought that everything was under control but the cramps started getting worse by the minute. I just sat there in the back of Megan's van trying to keep my butt cheeks clenched. We finally got parked and still had a bit of a walk to the venue. I really had to go and walking was getting tough. I started letting out some gas and then more came out that what I was bargaining for. I had definitely pooped my pants a little bit. I was wearing a pair of pink full-cuts and a pair of snug fitting pink capri pants that looked good on me and that I really liked. I could feel the mess between my bum cheeks as I walked. I knew that my underwear would be stained and that was confirmed when I got to the ladies room. I was lucky enough that the mess had not yet leaked through my pants too badly. There was a small stain right between my legs but it wasn't noticeable when I looked in the mirror. I cleaned out my panties the best I could and met up with the girls.

We got a spot right up close to the stage which was awesome because the place was packed. I was feeling okay for the first half of the concert but then the cramps started up again. I tried to ignore them because I really didn't want to miss any of the show. In retrospect that was a very bad idea. The cramps were getting worse by the minute. I started letting out some gas. That happened for a few minutes and then it happened… I had a really terrible cramp and a load of mushy diarrhea started leaking out of my tightly clenched butt cheeks. It was just a bit at first. I looked around to see if I could make my way to the washroom but as I said, the place was just jammed with people. Megan, Sarah, Emily and I were pretty much huddled together. I hunched over slightly and let out a massive load of mushy diarrhea into my panties. I felt it spread all over my bum and up my back. It felt like it was cupping my bum cheeks. The problem was that I just kept going and going. My pants ballooned out behind and underneath me. I had my eyes shut tight, wishing for the floor to open up and swallow me whole. I heard Megan say, "Hey! Are you okay?" She had to yell in my ear because of how loud the music was. I looked at her and shook my head "no".

The concert finally ended and the crowd slowly started thinning out. I just stood where I was, afraid to move. I started crying and Sarah asked me what was wrong. I just shook my head and stammered out a few words, finally telling them that I was sick with diarrhea and that I had pooped my pants. I was getting some horrified looks from people. Emily rubbed my back and Megan gave me her jacket to wrap around my waist. I didn't even try to get cleaned up at the concert. I knew from experience that I would probably just make the mess worse.

We met up with Megan and Emily's moms and I started bawling when I saw them. They felt really bad for me. Megan's mom gave me some fabric shopping bags to sit on for the ride home. I sat down very gently in the back of their van which was an experience all of its own. The mess spread all up my back and down the insides of my legs.

I was still having diarrhea on the three hour drive back home. I had gone so much in my pants, so many times that I lost count. By the time I finally got home at 2 in the morning, I had been in my messy underwear and pants for just over seven hours.

I went into my bathroom and was faced with the unbearable task of cleaning up. My once pink capri pants were completely stained all over the bum and down the legs. My pink full-cut panties were also completely ruined. My mom had woken up and gently tapped on the bathroom door to see if I was okay. I opened up the door and when I saw her, I just broke down crying. We decided it best to just throw away my pants and underwear. They were both so badly stained with diarrhea and there was no way that I wanted to ever wear them again anyway.

I finally got to sleep and when I woke up on Sunday morning, my mom and I talked about what happened. She made a suggestion about me seeing a doctor so I reluctantly agreed. That itself was quite the experience. The doctor, female thank god, asked me all sorts of questions about my period, how heavy it was, how often I had to change my pad and if I had accidents and how often. She also asked me about my bowels and how regular I was. She asked me if I had any issues with constipation or diarrhea. I teared up when she asked me that and I told her about my issues with diarrhea. She asked me if I had ever had an accident and I blushed and said "yes". She was reluctant to put me on the birth control pill, but did give me something to help with my bowels. The medicine that she gave me worked for about a month before I had more issues. I tried changing my diet, but I was starting to think that my issues were related to my period.

Anyway, that's all I have time for today. I'll be back again to share more stories from my past.


I just went to the bathroom after I dunno how long (haven't been able to poo for quite a while). I had lunch with fruit and a big cup of warm water and I just went to the WC about 10 mins ago. A pretty big log came out not so easily but needed quite a bit of tp to wipe. Well that caused the toilet to overflow and caused my friend/landlord to bitch at me while trying to break up the log and make the water go down. Oops 😬

Happy pooping hopefully

Tuesday, September 20, 2022


Alexander Telling Wife

Yes Alexander the first time I shit my pants as an adult I told my wife and also my psychologist.
It was many years ago and was going through bad constipation and was sent to the local hospital for a scan of the colon and I had to drink a whole lot of special stuff before hand. Anyway I had the scan and they told me my colon was "loaded".
I was driving home and got this sudden dramatic, urge to defecate...I tried to fart and I got more than I bargained for. I had not been to the toilet for a few days and even then it was not very productive. I felt as though I could "go" so as I drove into my driveway I pushed and pushed and it just came out. It was summer and nobody home of about and I went into the back yard and took off my clothes, wiped myself (sort of with my clothes) and went in and threw myself on the toilet for more felt so, so good!
I then went out and hosed down my clothes and then through the wash etc.
I tld my wife and she was more pleased that I had a big shit, irrespective of the circumstances. I told my psychologist who I was seeing due to my neurological condition and it did not phase her.
Returning to my wife...she cannot say anything because she had pooed her pants a couple of times in the past due to a sudden bout of diarrhoea.
Since that time I have have pooed my incontinence undies. more like sharts on a number of occasions and I have pooed my incontinence undies due to suppositories. The only other time was I had been constipated ( nothing new) and was doing stretches and I got into this position laying down on my back with my knees up to my chest and got the urge out of nowhere and just pushed and out it came...all very solid and not much mess...did not tell my wife about these episodes. I would conclude that doing it in your pants is just too messy and bothersome. however, the circumstances I have outlined above were warranted for me.


Traceygirl Colonics

I have had colonics before...they are nothing to get stressed about and really quite pleasant...and yes you really poo!
There are two types...the first is a tube up your bum and when you "release" you see your poo go through the tube and so does the therapist. The other is a tube up your bum squirting water and you expel as needed into a basin under your bottom which acts like a toilet. Both certainly work but I was having a series of them and ( every few days) and often I did not have a BM in between.
One thing to remember is for the rest of the day make sure you are near a toilet because you may need to go later gets things moving. Mostly I had no BMs after but on a couple of occasions I did.
You need to have the right attitude and be prepared for a good big poo and the therapist will see you doing it! You leave your dignity at the front door and collect in upon leaving.
What you might like to consider is multiple enemas which you may be able to do at home and save a lot of for me I go to a place to have my enemas done but not now for many years.
I am a constipation sufferer due to neurological issues so whilst I am a male I have some idea of what you are going through.
I take osmotic laxatives almost daily and constipation does not stress me at all...I am use to managing it.
Keep us updated!

Anna from Austria

Buddy dump with one of my bosses

Hello everyone I have got another story for you.

Pooping at work is thing I am really not that fond of but I normally do not care as long as nobody can hear me or smell anything.

Having a buddy dump with a person I know is also something I would not consider as humilation but still quite ambarrasing.

Was on conference last friday morning and during a break I had to use to facilies to get rid of my lunch. I was heading to the ladies room. when I was about to open the ladies room door one of my bosses last just call her T appeared out of nowhere behind me.

I have never been this building so I was not aware of the toilet layout. It was a small bathroom with just 2 stalls.

I took the first one and T took the second one. I locked the door pulled down my pants and panties and sat on the toilet. I took out my phone checking out my e-mails hoping that T was just here for wee. My urge to defacate was quite present but not that strong so I though I could wait. But I was wrong. Suddenly to urge started to increase and I let out a loud fart. Afte tha there was no point hidding the fact that I was pooping. So startet letting out some mushy poo with more farts. I did not pay any attention to what T was doing but suddenly I could hear her doing a fart that was even louder then mine and then she did some massive waves of diarrhea. I was done rather fast but poor T really had the runs it seems.

When I was washing my hands she was still at it.

Maybe both ouf our ???? did not agree with the spicy Mexcian food we had at a Mexican restaurant during our lunch.

I was way better of than T though. My poop is always on the soft side and it was only a bit worse than normal. But what T had to endure did not sound that healthy.

that's my story for today.

Greetings from Austria



Places you pooped during your life?

Some survey for those wo feel like filling it in. When do you mostly take your poop
1) before work/school
2) during work/school
3) after work/school

Apart from home or any other place where you stayed for some time where else have you pooped in your lifetime? Answer yes or no.

Significant others place
Friends place (during a visit not a stay)
Families place (during a visit not a stay)
Porta potty (f.e. festival)
Doctor's waiting room
Hospital (during a visit not a stay)

Anything else I didn't think of?

Thanks guys and girls

Here's my answers

I mostly go to poop during work or after

Airport - no i'm not a frequent traveller
Airplane -no
Significant others place - no never
Friends place (during a visit not a stay) - no
Families place (during a visit not a stay) - no
Restaurant - no
School/uni - yes
Outdoors - no
Porta potty (f.e. festival) - no
Bar - yes
Club/disco - no
Museum - no
Doctor's waiting room - no
Hospital (during a visit not a stay) - yes

I never realized I was this boring!

Skidmarked from Columbia

story and questions about life

Hey it's me again ;)

I was watching fighting videos online and it reminded me of my childhood. When I was in Elementary and Middle School there were school fights and wrestling matches... You ever saw someone get hit so hard the poop literally got knocked out of them? I noticed not every fight but on more than 1 occasion, someone poops and pees his or herself. I wonder what exactly causes you to poop or pee yourself during fights or just critical moments? (I don't condone violence I just realize that it causes an awkward bathroom experience). Butt (pun intended) with toilet paper or maybe attends you can get through it. When you get through this crisis whether a situation or school fight with a bully... get it ;) it's like you went from a white belt to a brown belt! I'm not ashamed of it... haha I think it's a milestone.

1. Are you still a white belt?

2. If not... what happened and how did you earn your brown belt?

3. Does anyone you know have a brown belt?

4. Do you have a yellow belt? (meaning you peed yourself during the ordeal)

5. Does anyone you know have a yellow belt?


I'm back!

I haven't written here in a few months but I decided to come back! (I've still been reading the posts here occasionally.)
So on Wednesday (today is Friday) I accidentally locked me, my mom, and my sisters out of the house for over 45 minutes! Finally my 15-year-old sister had to climb over the gate and get into the house through the kitchen window and unlock the front door for us. I didn't witness it, but apparently my mom had to pee in the grass while waiting. Also, my 10-year-old sister really needed to poop and if it had taken much longer to get inside she might've gone in her pants or in the grass. She sat down and pooped on the potty first thing when we got inside. She used to like to talk about poop, but she seems to have grown out of it. I haven't though! And I'm 17!
Mina+3: just wanted to say hi!
Annie from Taiwan: really liked your story.
Danny: just read your stories! I loved the one about you and your girlfriend.
Haven't had any particularly memorable dumps lately but I do remember having some really satisfying ones!
Happy pooping,
Princess Opal


Told my wife about my accident

I thought I'd come back and post the follow up to my recent accident while stuck in meetings all morning. A few days later I decided for some reason to tell my wife what had happened. We were watching TV in bed that night when I got up the nerve to talk about it.

I asked, "Remember a few days ago when we were all running late in the morning?" She said yes. So I told her, "Well, because of it I never had a chance to go to the bathroom that morning and was then stuck in meetings literally all morning. For like six hours, no breaks." She said, "Oh, no, that sucks. I'm sure you really had to go by the end!" I said, "Yeah, it was bad... in fact... I didn't exactly make it to the end." Her eyes got big for a second and she kind of smirked, "What, you peed your pants?" I kind of laughed, "Well... that... and... the other, too." She laughed, "You pooped your pants, too?" I laughed, trying not to be as embarassed by it, and said, "I had been holding it for hours and finally in my last meeting with like 20 minutes left before I would be done I just couldn't hold it any more and... yeah." She laughed and said, "Awww, babe, it's ok. It happens." I said I guess sometimes.

Then she said, "If it makes you feel better it happened to me before, like ten years ago. I got stuck in traffic coming home from work one afternoon and started to lose it in the car a bit but made it home finally and inside the house and almost to our bathroom when I lost it." I smiled, "Both?" She said, "Oh yeah. Big ole solid one, right in my panties." We laughed and I said thanks for making me feel better. She then asked, "So is that why you did a load of laundry the other day without me asking?" I said, "Guilty as charged." and we laughed, then kissed, then the kissing turned into, well, married people activities.

So I guess things turned out ok in the end!


Midwest Anonymous

Another Worthy Story

I know I haven't written a story in a while but I think this experience is worthy enough for the site. Again another shoutout to @UpstateDave as well as @Louise for inspiring me to write on here. I included more detail in this story than my first one since I noticed that a lot of the people that post here include intricate details so I hope you like this one as well as the details I included.

This morning after I had my coffee and some water. I felt the need to pee really bad as well as the need to poop. I ran out of room to the bathroom. Seeing the toilet almost made me pee myself but I unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down along with my white briefs and sat on the toilet. As soon as I sat on the toilet, pee shot out of my penis before I pushed it down with my hand to go in the bowl. I also started pooping during this and it was softer than my usual crap. After I eventually finished peeing I noticed I got some pee on the front of the seat and the tile so I grabbed some toilet paper and wiped it up. Of course when I poop I pee at random times, when I felt like I was done peeing I let go of my penis but another stream shot out and I peed on the front of the seat and it ran down the front of the toilet before I pushed it back down. The stream shot out of the toilet somewhat and nearly missed my briefs (Thank God). I used three wads to wipe my butt and I peed some more before I was done using the bathroom.

I know this is shorter than my first story but I plan to contribute more to the site. I hope I have more experiences that I find fitting for posting here.


Response to Tina

When I was little I thought that way...BM's were disgusting.
I now really enjoy a good BM!
It is healthy and medically advisable and I put it to anyone to argue to the contrary.
Tina...I think you could do no better than read some medical literature and read some of the posts on this site.
Have you ever felt better after a good poo?
Next time you sit on the toilet at home when nobody is around just relax and concentrate... ....examine the feeling you are having "down below."
Just relax and deep might like to listen to music.
Next step is pooping in public toilets....some find it difficult but I enjoy it!
think about taking a laxative first so you will have an evacuation and wonder what all the fuss was about!

Princess Opal

A story about me and a friend

So I saw my friend (who's almost 15) a handful of times this summer. He said something (I don't quite remember what it was) but I whispered to my sister, "it sounds like he said that he's constipated!" Apparently he heard because he laughed and said, "Yeah, I'm constipated!" Then he left and the bathroom was occupied so we knew he was in there. It was taking a long time, so he was probably pooping. So we went to a bathroom in another building (this was at my mom's work BTW). When we came out, he was in that house and he said, "Are you here to use the restroom?" I said, "Yes." He made a fart noise and I said, "We're ladies! Why would you think we were doing that in there?" He said, "I didn't say you were doing that, I just made the noise!" I didn't mention his name because I haven't been given permission from him to do so. And I'm still contemplating whether or not I should tell him about this site because I really like him and I wouldn't want to creep him out. He'd probably think it was funny, but you never know. And anyway I saw him again on Tuesday when I hadn't seen him for weeks (he was there after school that day) and I realized he's actually kind of cute. Sweet, too. I will probably be seeing him for the last time on Tuesday and I hope he really shows up (he said he probably would when I asked) because after that my family's moving away and I may never see him again. If he ever reads this I hope he isn't mad at me for calling him cute. Bye!
P.S. I know that ladies do poop and I bet my friend does too :)

Dave from Germany

Big feelgood poop

Hey all
I just had my Morning poop. I usually Go in the Morning 1-2h after i get out of my bed.
But this Morning was different. I woke up and had imediatly the feeling to poop. The day before we had a big dinner with friends and i ate a lot of vegetable. So i wake up with the poop knoking on my Backdoor. I enjoyed this feeling anfew more minutes. I try to puch it back and let it come and so on. But then there was the point i have to get out of bed and sit on the toilet.
Right on the toilet i relaxed and the nice and Hard poop came out slowly. And dame what a big one. It stretched me a lot but i didnt push. Just sit on the toilet and enjoy the poop. After a minute or two it was over. I stood up and watched into the toilet. It was Full with one big snake of my solid brown poop. I started whiping while standing and only needed 2 sheets of paper.
After i flushed and washed my hands i went back into my bed. My butt still feels a Bit stretched but i like this a lot.
So this was the Story of my Last good poop. I Hope you all do well and also have good solid poops.

(New user)

Danny, your stories made me laugh, especially the one about the rock concert. "Sounds like you really need some!" Lol, I'm sorry if you were embarrassed, but I think I would probably laugh too if I heard someone blowing up a bathroom like that.

Hey, chin up. Everybody does it, it's nothing to be ashamed of. I hope you felt super relieved and enjoyed the concert.

Emma two

Held in too long

I was busting for a poo when I finished work yesterday but I felt embarrassed to do at work and I told myself I could wait until I got home. I walked past the toilets on my way out of the building and I thought to myself, should I go to the toilet now in case I get desperate on the way home, but I convinced myself I could wait. I walked out of the building and walked to the bus stop and luckily the bus arrived in a couple of minutes. I got on the bus and took a seat next to the doors and as I was sitting down I felt a cramp in my stomach and I major urge to have a poo. I clenched tightly as I cursed myself for not going to the toilet at work but I'd made the decision and there was nothing I could do to change it now. The bus ride took about forty minutes and by the time I got to my stop I was feeling so desperate I thought I was going to poo myself as I got off the bus. I managed to clench tightly and just about managed to avoid messing myself but it was close. I stood at the bus stop for and kept clenching for a minute or so until the urge to poo eased off and slowly started walking back to the flat but after a few yards I felt another cramp in my stomach and an even more desperate need to relieve my bowels. How I wished I'd gone to the toilet at work because I was sure I wasn't going to make it home in time. Still I was determined to try and I clenched tightly again but the urge to poo wouldn't go away this time. I was starting to sweat from the effort of holding it and my stomach was killing me. I started running home hoping to make it to the toilet before I lost it but that made it worse and I had to stop. I clenched again but my bowels pushed against my will and I felt the tip of a big wide poo stretch my bottom and it hurt. I tried to clench but it just kept coming and I just gave up and let it happen. I felt my crotch get warm and wet and I realised I was peeing in my knickers as I stood by the roadside. I gave a hard push and felt my bottom to find a bulge growing in my jeans and I was peeing down my legs at the same time. It took me about five minutes to get all my poo out and I felt so relieved but walking home in wet jeans and a big load of smelly poo in my knickers was so embarrassing. When I got into the flat Sarah wasn't home and I cleaned up in the shower and changed into some fresh clothes before she came home. She did ask me why I'd changed my clothes from the morning and I admitted I'd had an accident in my knickers on my way home. She was nice about it but she told me I shouldn't keep holding it when I need to go and I guess she was right.


Big poo relief

I was at work the other day and felt a rumble in my bowels it was getting in to late afternoon so I knew that I would be finishing work soon but I could feel that I would be soon needing the toilet I carried on with work and kept breaking wind to ease the growing need to go.
I finished work got home took off my shoes and went straight to the downstairs loo I bolted the door pulled my leggings and knickers down before taking a seat on the toilet I began to have a good wee as I was in need of one loud gusher hissed as i tryed to get my poo to come out I pushed and farted then could feel my poo starting to come out a few lumps dropped with loud plops then I could feel a big log slowly coming out which hurt a bit then once the tip was out it felt good and I took my time to enjoy the feeling after a while it speeded up and dropped with a big kerplunk in the water splashing my cheeks with it been a older style toilet your bum is a lot further away from the water so when you drop a big heavy poo there is a lot of noise which doesn't bother me as it adds to the enjoyment and relief I pushed out another poo with a big plop and then started to wipe I looked in the toilet and there was some small lumps an 8inch log and a smaller 6 inch I had not pooed for a couple of days so it was a good feeling I flushed and went to make some tea leaving behind a smell x
Has any other ladies had a experience like this


Pooping and Farting

Isabelle: Hi, I'm Sammy (duh). I really liked your story of shitting and farting in your dad's car. I can't imagine how mortifying that must have been for you. I know I'd be dead of embarrassment if I did that in a friend or relative's car. Isabelle, do you ever measure the size of your turds? What size is the biggest turd you have ever done? On a scale of 1- 10, how hard was it to push out? Where did you drop the turd (eg) Home, school, work? When and where was the loudest, smelliest fart you've ever done (school, work, home)?


Middle age constipation

Hi, I'm Tracy, long time reader but haven't posted lately. I wanted to ask the group: Have any of you had a high colonic? Did it help improve your bowel function?

The reason I'm asking is I'm thinking of having one. I've always struggled with regularity but since I went through the change it's gotten worse. Every other week or so I get so backed up I have to take a Correctol so I can do my push job. I was reading somewhere that as women get older we start to accumulate stool on our bowel wall, which really slows down our transit time and leads to constipation. The only way to get relief is to have a colonic to clean off our bowel wall.

Is this true? I'm so desparate I'm about ready to try anything. I've been so constipated lately, I've really been straining to do my push job. I don't have hemmorhoids yet but I'm afraid I'm going to get them if I don't do something to make my bowel movements easier. I've tried fiber and lots of water and stool softeners, but they just don't seem to help, the only thing that moves me is a laxative or enema, and I'm afraid of getting dependent on them.


Tracy (feeling constipated :( )

To Tina

It is impossible to stop pooping

You seem to have a phobia for pooping, probably caused by some traumatic experience from the past related to feces. It is a very embarrassing topic, but you may need psychological help.

Please do not

When I was about 14 I started my period and realized that menstruation messed with my bladder. I've never heard of that happening before but it is real. Whenever I'm on my period, I have an even harder time with making it to the bathroom on time then normal. No one took me seriously about this especially my parents who felt it was just another excuse for my toileting failures. But there it soaked Good nite after another. After 5 days of failure, I went potty on time. No leaking, no puddle, no mess. Each time I go in the toilet with my pants dry, I feel proud of myself even though it really is a coin toss whether I'll make it or not. But during my period now, I give myself extra grace at the recommendation of my amazing therapist. Yesterday was particularly hard. I couldn't hold it. I just couldn't. My diaper was soaked again and again. Yesterday evening after yet another accident, half in my pull up and half on the bathroom floor, I let my boyfriend clean me up as he likes to do. We cuddled to sleep and made love when we woke up. Even though I had another wet Good nite by then. He doesn't care so I try not to.

try to hold it for days, your poop will get harder and more difficult to come out, and you may cause a fissure or hemorrhoids.


Pooping on the first day in the cottage

My family and I moved into the cottage, and I immediately began to explore it. It was at the age of eight. The cottage was two-storied, but not particularly large. The toilet room was located on the ground floor. When I looked in there, I saw a not very large snow-white toilet, with a black flush lever. Later that day, in the late afternoon, I wanted to poop, so I went to the toilet. I really wanted privacy in the toilet, and fortunately, the toilet room locking up. I locked the door and pulled down my beige pants and gray underpants. Lifting up a very light toilet lid, I sat down on a white toilet seat. It was the first time that day that I sat on the toilet, because I'm a boy, and I pee standing up - although I did it a couple of times, and sitting on a potty. Sitting down on the toilet, I pushed, and farting a little. Then a poo came out and fell into the toilet water with a splash. It was long and straight, and the smell from it was not the most pleasant. I began to wiping, two toilet papers were enough. Then I got dressed, and lowered the flush lever down. The water in the toilet spun, and my poop and papers flushed into the pipes. I liked the toilet of the cottage!


Underwear, wiping & families

Me and my girlfriend, D'Shannon, go to the same high school, come from large, single parent families, and we have a lot of responsibilities at home. Neither of our families can afford a washing machine or dryer so weekly D'Shannon and I walk with a bag of our families' dirty laundry and do it at this large coin laundry. There's a large amount of laundry and other responsibilities for each of us because we're the oldest with responsibilities for our brothers and sisters.

Both me and D'Shannon have been bullied in the past. She was called out in her junior high for her older, tattered white underwear, which she had to show and change for PE. There was almost no privacy in the locker room and the teacher stayed out of it and in the office. Also, she would have skids from the crap she took earlier in the day. I felt sorry for her but she was forgetful so she would run for a toilet, sit and shit, and then reach for toilet paper that wasn't there. If the other stalls were occupied and the warning bell was ringing, it was everything she could do pull her clothing up and run for the next class. Now, her younger sister Alison is receiving some of the same bullying and has not yet used a toilet at her school this year. As a result, she has large yellow stains in her undies that seem to be getting worse from week to week.

At the laundry, D'Shannon and I have discussed the condition of Alison's panties. She has also noted that my sister, Kyree, who is 12, also has messes in her underwear. That also comes from the lack of privacy and crowded toilet rooms at school and tight class scheduling. I know that on a couple of occasions, I've had to drive her to school on Saturday mornings for her detentions due to her tardy problems.

In my case, I had a hard time getting my pee stream going standing around the bowl-styled urinal with all the guys and no partition to give even minimal privacy to each of the users. So about three years ago I got sick of the slurs about the relatively small size of my organ and some of the immoral hand gestures directed at me from some of the older guys. I find it much easier and less threatening to take a seat on a toilet to pee. I've also recommended it to my younger brothers. I also switched to boxers which are less tight and will get less skids.

Both me and D'Shannon continue to find the school toilets to be much more problematic than they need to be. However, we've tried to learn from our experiences.

Are there other experiences you guys would like to share?

Toilet Kid: I agree with you. Comfort is important to pooping production.

Cam: I enjoyed your story very much. How did you or what made you become the huge germaphobe? Have you ever been criticized or put down for using toilet paper to sit on that a future user would need for wiping?


poop at the park and hearing two runners shit

today i took a break from driving to go to a popular walking spot. there are often many joggers here. i was taking a walk and it began to work my bowels. i knew there were bathrooms ahead so i kept walking. when i got to the bathroom my need to shit was stronger but not urgent. the bathroom was a small building with two single person rooms. i have used these toilets before and you can hear the other side. i went in the left one covered the seat and dropped my jeans and panties to my sneakers. i let out three loud farts then took a long piss. i needed to drop a load but it was not urgent so i waited to see if i would get a pooping buddy. after 2 minutes someone went in and took a piss and left. about 10 minutes after that i could hear two women outside the bathrooms. one said how she was dying to take a shit and took the room next to me. her friend said she needed to go to and tried my door then waited outside. i could hear the woman quickly sit on the toilet and do a fast and noisy poop. she moaned after her release. her shit sounded soft but not diarrhea. it was a loud crackle and sounded like a lot very fast. her shit only took a few seconds. she did a short piss and wiped. she must have been messy because she wiped a lot. her friend told her to hurry up. she finished wiping and flushed and cleaned up. she apologized to her friend that she stunk it up and her friend joked she was going to make it worse. i could hear her cover the seat and sit. she farted twice. there was silence so i decided to push my load out. i pushed and quickly pushed out a medium sized log that plopped in the toilet. after mine dropped i heard a plop from her stall then a louder one then two more and a sigh. we both wiped and left at the same time. the first woman was a tall blonde the second woman was a short brunette both had ponytails and were in running clothes.



I'd like to ask you 3 questions:

1) Was it difficult for you to poop in your childhood?
2) Did you poop after breakfast having an urge for doing it on the potty and pushed trying to poop something out?
3) Did you always poop on your own?

Sunday, September 18, 2022


Accidents from when I was 17 (part 3)

Hi. I'm back with more stories of accidents that I had when I was 17 years old. My last story was from March of 2009 when I had to go so badly on my walk to Megan's house and I just couldn't hold it. Megan let he borrow a pair of jeans and panties to wear for the day. Unfortunately I ended up having diarrhea during our presentation at school before lunch. Our teacher let me go to the washroom, but I didn't make it and made a big mess of the clothes that Megan lent me.

After that day, my mom suggested that I start taking an extra pair of underwear with me in my purse. So that's what I started doing.

At the beginning of April, 2009, I started working at a home goods store in the mall called Stokes. It was a part time job and they were very accommodating with my schedule for both school at football.

One day at the end of April, it was a Thursday and I had to work after school. I took the bus from school to the mall and on the way there, I was getting that familiar feeling in my stomach that I would need a toilet soon. As the bus was driving into the mall, I cramped up and the urge to go got really bad. I'm did my best to keep my butt cheeks clenched while I stepped off the bus, but I started letting out gas uncontrollably. It started getting wet and as I hurriedly shuffled into the mall I started going in my lacy purple full-cut panties. I got into the washroom by the food court letting out mushy poop with each step. I went into a stall, pulled down my jeans and underwear and let the rest fall out of me. I did my best to get myself cleaned up, but I could not do a really good job nor change my underwear in the tiny stall. So I pulled everything back up and went to Stokes to start work. I told Judy, the lady who I usually worked with, that I needed to use the toilet before I started work. I went to the back room and used the washroom in the back. Luckily it was considerably larger and had a sink. My jeans were not stained, but I definitely needed to change my underwear. I cleaned up and changed into a pair of pink bikini panties with lacing around the legs and waist.

Judy had started work at 1pm and took her dinner break at 6. She was gone for about 45 minutes and that's when the store got really busy for some reason. It was also during this time that my need to empty my bowels came back. I was doing okay for the first little while, but then I had a big lineup of customers that wanted to buy things. So I had to stand at the cash register for a good 25 minutes trying my best to not lose my bowels in my pants again. It was really tough going because the cramps were getting worse by the minute. I felt a gurgle go through my bowels and I'm pretty sure that the customers who were waiting in line knew that something was up with me. I was breathing a bit heavier and let out a few quiet moans. I just stood as still as possible to keep my butt cheeks clenched, but the cramps were just too much. I was handing a credit card back to a female customer when I couldn't hold it any longer. A load of mushy, wet diarrhea started leaking out between my bum cheeks and then with a squelch, my bowls contracted and I filled my pink bikini panties. The mess immediately spread all over my bum and went up my back. I just stood there, frozen in shock. I could feel my face go red and my eyes tear up as I continued going in my pants. The next lady in line asked me if I was okay and I just nodded yes. I wasn't sure what else to do other than keep trying to ring customers through.

When Judy finally got back from her dinner break she noticed right away that something was wrong. She came around the corner and said quietly, "It's okay honey, go get yourself sorted out." I nodded and slowly walked to the back room with this massive load of mushy diarrhea swishing around my underwear. It was leaking out from the legs of my panties and into my jeans as well. I was still going in my pants as I got to the washroom. I carefully pulled down my jeans and then my bikini panties. Everything was a massive mess. My underwear was loaded all the way up to the waistband, all over the bum and even towards the front. There was no possible way for me to get cleaned up properly there. I pulled everything up which felt so gross and went to the doorway of the back room. I called Judy over and told her that I was sick and needed to go home. She gently rubbed my arm and told me to feel better. I went out back again and texted my mom and asked her if she could pick me up. I tied my jacked around my waist because by then my accident was very noticeable through my jeans. The smell was a dead giveaway anyway, so I did my best to keep my distance from everyone.

As usual, my mom helped me with getting cleaned up.

I ended up getting my period the next day at school. It wasn't enough to leak through my pants which was lucky, but I was still having the runs. I had to work that night and made a mess on my maxi pad at one point. It wasn't nearly as bad as the night before, but my pad definitely needed changing. I had to work on Saturday as well, and my bowels were doing much better at least, but my period got really heavy. I could feel that I was soaking my pad and totally leaked through it and my jeans. I changed my pad and had to tie my sweater around my waist for the rest of the day.

My best friend Megan's birthday is in May. For her birthday we, along with a bunch of friends, went to the movies to see the new Star Trek movie. Something I ate definitely did not agree with me and I messed my hipster panties midway through the movie. I just sat there trying not to move. When the movie finally ended I had to walk as discreetly as possible with my back to everyone. Megan could tell they something was wrong and quietly asked me if I was okay. I started tearing up and told her that I wasn't feeling well and had an accident during the movie. We all went back to her place and I used her upstairs washroom to get cleaned up and changed into my spare panties and a pair of Megan's pants.

I was actually accident free until July of that year. But that one month, June, made me let my guard down a bit because when I did have my next accident, it was a massive one. I'll be back again later for that story.


Mina + 3

Dearest Victoria and Robyn

We are so happy you are back!!! Tomorrow when we are on the loo long time we will probably cry with happiness all of us.

Sorry this is off subject post. But we want to say this to you.

Lots love to everyone. Good luck on the loo and everywhere.



Pooping together

I am a Toilet Kid (formerly a flusher), I present a special story. Since I am a child, accordingly, all my stories will be about childhood.

That day I was staying with my brother, and parents, both mine and his, left together for a few days. My brother and I (I call him Paint all the time, because he is fond of painting with paints), played chess together. During the game, my ???? hurt a little, and I, always inclined to respond to the urge to go to the toilet, told my brother that I would take a potty break. He agreed to wait for me, and I went to the toilet. I reached the lavatory, and opened the door, when suddenly he ran up and said that he also had a stomach ache. And there was only one toilet. That's when we thought why not try to poop together. In our imagination, it seemed easy - we sit on the toilet seat on both sides. The toilet was wide enough, and we were not shy of each other. In general, I pulled down my checkered dark-red pants, and striped underpants, and Paint pulled down blue pants, and yellow underpants, and we sat on the toilet on both sides. At first it was uncomfortable, we twirled around, and then we were able to get comfortable, and as a result we pooped quite well. And the bellies are gone. But the memory of such a very unusual poop did not pass. We still remember this case to this day.


Farted in Front of my Girlfriend for the First Time

My girlfriend Jen and I have been together for six months now and I was over at her apartment the other night. We were cuddling on her bed and she started to tickle me playfully on my stomach. All of a sudden a huge gassy 3 second fart escaped and I immediately turned red. Jen just giggled and started to hold her nose. She ask if I was okay between giggles and another balloon entered my colon and I exploded again this time it was even louder and about 3 seconds longer.

I got up only wearing my underwear and held my butt and stomach while apologizing. Jen just kept giggling and said "It's okay, get in the bathroom before you shit yourself."

There was a small bathroom right next to her bedroom. I yanked my boxer briefs down and plopped on the toilet where I exploded another huge 5 second long fart. I just kept unloading for the next five minutes with a huge fart about every 20 seconds.

When I was finally done I came out and Jen started giggling again and asked if I was okay.

That was the first time either one of us had farted in front of each other and it was really embarrassing.

Does anyone else have a similar story?


Using Bathrooms at Outdoor Concerts

I saw Sarah and others discuss this topic on previous posts on here and just wanted to share my embarrassing experience years ago at an outdoor summer concert festival.

This was a rock festival around 2010 and there were no bathrooms except for porta-potties. I was having major stomach issues and had to take a major dump halfway into the concert. I figured I'd play it safe and go to the furthest porta-potties I could find. I actually found one lone one by itself and I figured that's great because it isn't next to any others where anyone could hear me. Unfortunately it didn't quite work out that way.

I got into it and yanked my pants and underwear down and just let loose. It was just a mix of long loud farts and loose poop. All of a sudden in the middle of this I started to hear giggling. Female giggling. I tried to stop but couldn't and just kept blasting and farting away. Once I was done I realized I made a huge mistake. There was no toilet paper.

As red in the face as I could get in embarrassment I stuck my head out the door and saw two beautiful, one blonde and one burnette, girls in their mid-20s looking back at me waiting to use the porta-potty. They giggled when I poked my head out and I asked them if they had any tissue. Fortunately they did and the blonde said while handing me some, "Sounded like you really need some." Which caused her friend to uncontrollably burst out in laughter. I wiped as fast as possible and stepped out walking away still hearing them giggle at my predicament.

Super embarrassing but I learned to always have tissue at a outdoor concert just in case.


I Shared a Bathroom with my Sister Jessica

As I said on a recent post my sister Jessica use to make fun of me a lot for getting skidmarks in my white Hanes briefs underwear whenever she did the laundry. Growing up she was three years older than me as well as four inches taller and a really good athlete so she would hold me down by sitting on my chest and shove my skidmarked underwear into my face as a joke.

We also shared a bathroom where both our bedroom doors went into from different sides kind of like in the Brady Bunch. Unfortunately the doors didn't have locks and she would constantly walk in on me while I was on the toilet taking a huge dump. She would just cover her nose while getting whatever she came to get in the bathroom. I would just turn red in embarrassment and try to stop farting or plopping until she left.

I usually took my dumps in the evening so whenever she was in there doing her hair or something like that I was out of luck because we weren't allowed to use my mom's bathroom. One time when I was 13 and she was 16 I really had to poop and she was in there curling her hair. I came in holding my stomach telling her I really had to go and she said just five more minutes. I tried to ignore her and sit on the toilet but she threatened me with the line

"If your butt touches that seat while I'm still in here I'm shoving your head in the toilet and flushing it."

That might sound over the top but it was a valid threat because when I was 11 and she was 14 she did shove my head in the toilet for reading her diary and flushed it at least three times. I almost pooed myself but she finished curling her hair just in time thank goodness.

The worst thing she would do to me though on nights when our mom was out on a date, is hold me down and shove her butt in my face while farting multiple times. We were a pretty gassy family and whenever my sister had a lot of gas she would take me down(she wrestled boys in middle school on the wrestling team) and get me in a position where her weight was holding down my chest and arms while her butt was aimed at my face.

That was embarrassing enough but one time she even did it when her best friend Tammy was there. I had a huge crush on Tammy because she was a super cut blonde. We were all watching TV in the living room and we all heard my sister's stomach rumble. I turned red in embarrassment because I knew what was coming after my sister shot me a glance. I tried to run but she took me down like always and started blasting her butt in my face while Tammy sat in the couch uncontrollably giggling.

Some of this might sound extreme but I just want to say that my sister and I did love each other. Sure she picked on me but she never physically hurt me technically and we mostly did get along even if she did think it was hilarious to fart in my face every other week.

I was a scrawny kid so I got bullied a lot at school. Even though my sister picked on me she was also very protective of me being three years older. One time when I was still in elementary school and she was in middle school this big kid named Aaron made me give him a dollar once a week. I told my sister and she said to stop it and stand up for myself. So I did and in return Aaron tried to yank my white briefs underwear over my head. They didn't quite make it and painfully ripped. When I got home Jessica saw my ripped Hanes hanging out of my pants. Before I could dislodge the painful cotton from my butt my sister marched me back to the park where it happened. She told me to go up to Aaron and kick him in the nuts and then punch him in the eye or else. I was more afraid of her than Aaron so that is just what I did and I gave Aaron a black eye.


name change, desperate piss at a rides house, responses, log

hello its me sarah i see there is another sarah so i am now going by sarah driver. i am a rideshare driver so that is why driver.

i doing a ride picking up passengers from the airport. i had been needing quite a piss for about two hours but had lots of rides to do. i should have stopped on my way to the airport but did not. i kind of wanted to see how much i could hold it and kept drinking my water. i eventually get to the airport and one of the passengers ask if i can wait as a bag got misplaced. i said that was fine and it took longer than i thought. the destination was 45 minutes away and i really needed to take a massive piss. i am driving down the highway and am beginning to fidget noticeably. my seatbelt is pressing on my bladder and i really need to piss. my legs start bobbing as we get 15 minutes away from the destination. the riders notice my desperation but they do not say anything. we finally get to their house and i am on the edge of completely wetting myself. i was so desperate i asked them "im not supposed to ask this but im about to piss myself can i use your bathroom"? they said they would let me use it and leaped out of the car. they lead me to their bathroom and i quickly slammed the door and ripped down my panties and shorts and flung myself on the toilet. i immediately let out a waterfall of loud and noisy piss. the relief was so amazing i moaned as my bladder blasted out piss into the toilet. the piss stayed this strong for a whole minute then continued half as strong for 20 or 30 seconds. finally i was done pissing and my legs were shaking from relief. was one of the best pisses of my life.

the questions

Q: Would you have still used that Subway toilet if there was no toilet paper for you to use in covering the seat? How frequently are you in a situation like that?

Q: May I ask why you cover the seats in such a small bathroom like a Subway. Was this something your mom taught you? Do your friends do it? I would think the paper used for seat covering could be put to better use later by wipers.

this is something i grew up doing. if there is not enough paper or i am really desperate i wont bother.

Pooping Log Survey

1. Where I last pooped. mcdonalds
2. Date: september 9th at around 4pm
3. What you read if anything. nothing
4. i was in there for just a few minutes
5. Was I shameful? there was other people in the bathroom but it did not make much noise
6. Did it smell? no
7. Did I enjoy it. was ok
8. How far did I pull my pants down? down to my knees
9. Any other comments: i had to take a piss so pulled over into a mcdonalds. there was someone in the end stall and i took the first. while pissing i felt i could shit too. i pushed out a small solid log. i didnt need to go that bad. it made a loud plop in the toilet. was dry and a one wipe cleanup.


Game Set Poop

Not sure if there are tennis fans here, but at last night's Women's Semifinals at the US Open, a bathroom revelation was made by the world's #1 female player, Iga Swiatek. Swiatek started out really rough in the first set, struggling with her serve and overall looking a step off. After losing the first set she took a bathroom break. She won the second set and then came back to win the third, a remarkable turnaround.

During the on court interview after, she was asked 'what did you say to yourself in the bathroom to turn things around.' After meandering in her answer a bit, Swiatek said bluntly "it's more what I did - I kind of needed to go, well I - for sure, I felt lighter." Then she backstopped and said "Sorry that's disgusting." So she basically admitted she pooped between sets.

Looking back at the match now it seems like she likely had to poop during the first set which explains why she was really off her game. Holding it in would give you stomach pains and jumping around so much has got to be awful when you have to go. The poor girl has to endure headlines today that allude to her poop break turnaround.

Last month I had to make an unexpected trip for a funeral, flying down to Texas with a layover in Chicago. I had a long layover so I got a proper meal - sandwich, a salad, a beer. The salad dressing was funky but I was so exhausted from traveling I didn't care, I was happy to be in a regular restaurant rather than grabbing fast food.

About 40 minutes later I boarded my flight - one of those small commuter type planes. While waiting to taxi, I started getting bad cramps. I usually can tough them out, but these were really bad abdominal cramps. So bad I was clenching my own hands to manage the pain. I began sweating it was that bad. We finally started taxing, but I was literally getting dizzy from the pain and I knew I had to go to the bathroom.

It was a tiny plane with a flight attendant in the front and back. I flagged the one up front down, and mouthed "I need the bathroom - it's an emergency." She said OK and told me to go to the back. Of course, the younger, very attractive flight attendant was in the back. I told her I was sick and needed the bathroom. Now, she's in the jump seat which literally folds down IN FRONT of the bathroom. So she had to unbuckle, get up, and fold the jump seat away so I could use the bathroom. Which means she waited right outside.

As soon as I got in I peeled my pants down. Now I'm a huge germaphobe, and I never sit right on a public toilet seat EVER. But I was so desperate and weak I just plopped my ass on the seat. I let out a massive amount of gas that was really loud, followed by a torrent of diarrhea. It was an explosion, and I was so mortified because I'm sure the flight attendant could hear it.

The good news was that released a lot of the pain, which was clearly my meal not agreeing. When I got out, the FA was so sweet to me, asking if I was ok. She offered me some GingerAle and helped me back to my seat. I was past the point of worrying about embarrassment. She continued checking on me during the flight. When I deplaned, I waited to be the last off and thanked her for being so kind. She smiled and said quite candidly "I've had diarrhea many times on flights and I know it's horrible - I hope the worst is behind you."

I made it through the flight but had another bout of diarrhea later on. It always comes at the worst times.


I hate pooping-how can I stop going completely?

Hi, I'm Tina and I'm 23 yrs old. I'm very embarrassed to share this, but I really absolutely hate pooping. I usually go twice a day with pretty big solid logs, and I just hate the thought of having it slide through my intestines. I just feel so disgusted when I expel feces.

What I try to do sometimes is hold my poop in for as long as possible and hope the urge goes away by avoiding fiber. It usually does at first but later comes back. I sometimes make it to 2 weeks without pooping but by then the pain becomes too much and at that point I have to reluctantly go.

So is there anyway I can stop pooping completely by not having fiber?

I NEVER want to poop again.



Desperate poo at school

So today I had an incident at at school, I was sitting at my desk, in class after lunch. When I felt a rumbling in my stomach. I knew I'd have to poo soon so I raised my hand and asked if I could go to the toilet, teacher said no of course, which he wasn't supposed to do since I have IBSD. I decided to try again in a moment, no again. By this point I was really feeling it, it felt as if it was going to be soft and in large quantity (which my poos usually are)after another minute or two if felt like it was right at my hole. I kept trying to hold everything in but I ended up letting out a fart, I could tell by the smell and the newfound wetness in my panties that it wasn't a dry fart. I raised my hand once more and finally the teacher let me go, I got up from my desk and walked to the classroom door, when I got there the teacher spoke up and told me that I had ten minutes or he'd write me up. Once I exited the classroom I broke into a small jog as I rushed to the little girl's room. By the time I got there I was farting uncontrollably and I could feel my panties getting wetter and wetter, I pushed my way past two or three girls to get to the stall. Once in the stall I locked the door, pulled my now completely soiled panties down to my knees and plopped my but down on the potty. I had my hand over my mouth trying to stifle moans as my bowels emptied themselves into the pot below. This continued for about ten minutes before it ended with a fart. I felt so Overwhelmed that I just started crying, it took two or three girls to calm me down, one even lent me a spare pair of panties she had on hand since mine were so full. I eventually worked up the courage to leave the stall and head back to class, but by the time I got back there the principal and the nurse were waiting on me. They asked if I was alright I told them I was, and they told me that the teacher who forced me to hold it had been severely reprimanded for his actions. They told me to just head on home and relax cause I had been through a lot.

Thanks for reading-Alice

My dad was driving me in his new car. I'm a physically active young woman so I have an appetite, and my big lunch was more than ready to come out. I was so desperate I had to sit on my heel to keep myself under control.

"Dad, I really have to go to the bathroom."
"You'll have to hold it, Isabelle."
"Please stop somewhere, I need to go now."
"How? I'm stuck in traffic."

My heart sank.

I had to let out my gas even though he'd smell me. I'd eaten a lot of sugar so I knew it wouldn't be nice, but it was really wet. Blort! It was loud coming out in my denim shorts. I corked my anus with my heel again.

"Excuse me."
"Isabelle, that's disgusting," my dad admonished.
"Oh, I know. I smell it. I'm only human, Dad." Oh my goodness, how embarrassing!

I forced myself to keep holding it, but I wanted relief so badly. I could barely resist, but I had to, there was nowhere to stop and let me go. I suffered in that traffic jam for another 20 minutes with my shoe blocking my digestive tract except when I was giving off my noxious fumes (which annoyed my dad to no end and I didn't even excuse myself anymore). It was evident that I wasn't going to get to a bathroom anytime soon, and I'd had enough of denying myself. I decided to ruin the seat.

I managed a really embarrassing apology before giving in: "I'm sorry, Dad. I'm gonna go to the bathroom."
"No, you're not, young lady!"

I uncorked myself and disobeyed. My sloppy mess sloshed out of my underwear and shorts. So much for that new car smell! But oh my goodness, the relief. The intense, primal pleasure of satisfying my twisting, cramping bowels. I sighed in ecstasy and the smell hit me. It was vile. He was going to get his daughter up his nostrils full strength every time he drove from now on.

"Whew! That's bad!" I said. "I'm really sorry."
"You're a wild animal. How dare you."
"Better to lose my father than my intestines."
"My new car smells nauseating, Isabelle!"
"You wouldn't believe how badly I had to go."
"I don't care how badly you had to go! You deliberately let go of yourself."
"It was an emergency and it's my body, Dad. I have to live with the consequences for life if I damage it."
"That was such a selfish thing to do."

That's me. Selfish. It was so worth it!


Child care and bathroom transitions

I've been taking a vacation hour or two each day from my main job to help a troubled single mom who lives in our apartment building. She has a delightful, but sensitive and shy daughter who just started 2nd grade. I walk a block to where Gyllynne is dropped off at the bus stop and then bring her back to her apartment. Often we go across the hall to the apartment where Diver and I live and I have some activities and a snack prepared for her. Some evenings Gyllynne's mom if forced by a labor shortage to work overtime until 7 or 8 p.m.

Most every day once we get to her apartment I help Gyllynne get out of her school clothing and into something more comfortable. During the process she almost always has to get up on the toilet and pee. At home, her feet are off the floor so sometimes her weight shifts a bit and there is a spill. That gives me an opportunity for me to check her panties. On three or four days a week she poos at school. I realize that's a victory of sorts, but her wiping is very inadequate. Try smears and sometimes pee stains. A couple of times she's had both in her undies.

I don't want Gyllynne to develop low self esteem because she's quite shy already. Her mom is saddled with such a rotten job, unstable hours, and out of frustration she can lash out verbally. Saying she should have held her back a year before starting school, etc. I've found there's not the monitoring usually offered in the bathrooms because the school can't find enough paras to go around. There's 5th and 6th graders who hassle the younger ones in the bathroom. With no privacy doors and lack of supervision, this can get bad. The younger ones that are shy and lack the confidence sit for just the slightest time because of taunts and such. A couple of the girls practically threaten the younger ones off the toilet by threatening to sit down on them. Obviously, good hygiene such as wiping and washing hands isn't going to be a priority.

The other afternoon I walked Gyllynne over to a park where we shared popcorn and had ice cream. Then I told her I had to pee and we walked to the other side of the lagoon, where we were the only ones in the toilet building, and we did a buddy pee. I hope it helps to curb Gyllynne's shyness and awkwardness.

For Anna from Austria:

The most awkward situation came when I want to see a bad house fire on our block. The seriousness of what I was seeing activated by bowels. It was about 10 oclock at night and fully dark. I was standing in the driveway of an unoccupied house. I hopped up on a driveway retaining wall made of concrete blocks, sat gingerly on the concrete so the cement wouldn't tear up my skin and did my shit. I've told Diver about that and he thinks my solution was brilliant because the whole crowd was focused across the street and the fire.

For Skidmarked from Columbia:
1. Have you ever wet yourself during the daytime? If so why and what did you do after?
In college, I was waiting outside a professor's office when the results of the last exam, and the biggest part of our grade, was posted. I was so excited the dam I had been holding broke. Luckily there was no lecture scheduled because I headed to the bathroom, took a toilet, and started drying myself off. Luckily I was wearing dark black jeans.
2. Have you ever had a chocolate wedgie?
I've often been a morning shitter and in college a couple of days a week I had three 90 minute lectures to sit through.
3. Did it ever smell to where you could smell it?
No, I guess my sense of smell isn't that great. But one night when Diver and I were getting intimate in our bedroom, he was able to smell and then identify it.
4. Have you ever put toilet paper in your underwear as like a pad for preventing poop stains? NO.


Stall gaps and why I don't care.

I actually have installed some toilet stalls in American bathrooms so I have what is probably the most practical explanation for the gaps that let you see in.
The truth is they aren't there on purpose generally, but they are made in a factory to a certain size. Ideally they all have to fit in order between the bathroom walls which are somewhat bigger so you can be assured that all the doors work and everything goes together. The difference between the measurement of the bathroom and the stalls put together will determine the gaps in certain places. That's why many places the gaps aren't that bad and you wouldn't see the person on the toilet unless you were trying to look in, but the men's room at my work has gaps so big that passers by can easily see the sitters face and crotch without even trying to.
Stall gaps were uncomfortable to me earlier in my life but the ideal that was taught to me is that if you need to poop or pee, you should take care of your body and let it out, and I was always taught to use public toilets when I need them, so the stall gaps are something that I legitimately challenged myself to overcome as I matured in life.
I look at it like this, I've gotten pretty easy about group showers at the summer camp I used to go to. While stalls for toilets are a given, at the end of the day we are all guys (or gals) in there and we all know what everybody is doing. The toilet is not an embarrassing place for me to sit. I love my bodily functions and I love the chance to spend some time with my naked parts out, enjoying a sensation in my anus that I love. So, I'm quite happy to sit on a toilet if other people know that I'm pooping. They can't see me do anything that embarrasses me, they can only see me doing something I love to enjoy and if they see my penis, or my poop hanging out of me, or hear my farts and plops I'm not offended because I'm not embarrassed by it. I realize that this is still of a personal nature, but I really love that nature! That is why I am so comfortable pooping in the stalls at work with my coworkers, pants and undies at my feet, legs wide open and loud and proud! I fart and grunt freely and most of my normal poop neighbors at work are the same. We talk and joke over out plops and grunts.
I haven't had to use open stalls without doors very often but I have actually gone to some park and beach restroom with doorless stalls on Purpose, just to challenge myself to poop in an open stall. I usually Don't get much company when I do that but occasionally I've been joined by other poppers in neighboring stalls, usually when they have to go so bad that they can't avoid it so I get to hear some good powerful dumps from those people!
I have also seen reflective tiles that others have mentioned and I have stood at a urinal to pee only to have an excellent view of the shit literally hanging out someone's ass in the stall next to me! I will admit I usually look out of curiosity, but I have also pooped in that stall quite comfortably many times and will probably do it again within the next week or two. I've taken many good solid poops and some really awesome diarrhea blasts in that toilet and I know somebody saw it all come out of me, and frankly that is something I can live with. I have a lot of affection for pooping in general and that is why I'm okay with it.
Having said all of that, I would personally love it if all bathrooms were unisex and men and women could just agree to pee and poop together since pooping and peeing is neither male nor female! I respect other peoples want to privacy but it really does bother me how much we dont want other people, especially the opposite sex to know that we poop! I do agree that stall gaps could be tightened up and the gaps at the back could be filled so reflective tiles can be used without revealing a person's pooping anus to the whole world, but I love my pooping anus, so you can't embarrass me by seeing it! I love that.
I'm always a proud shameless shitter!

Monday, September 12, 2022



There is a reason for space between them. It because many people use these restrooms for illegal things like drugs, asexual and other not good purposes in public restrooms. At the same time we have laws for privacy. It to allow you some privacy but catch others that is doing wrong. Even catch people in spying on others for sexual purposes. In many ways it good because you can see if someone is using the stalls.

Really it natural thing and there should not be gender and walls separate the rest rooms and more ventilations to keep orders down. All need to go and maybe some portioner to put toilet paper hangers there and that all. I much think that all toilets should be congener and put more toilets instead in the same real state area if needed.


To Sarah - Peeing at concert

In my experience, what worked for me at a festival was just wetting myself. I would bring plenty of spare clothes and when I needed to pee I would just wet myself where I stood. Black leggings worked really well because they don't glisten and look wet once you stop peeing. I imagine skirts would be even better, especially if you wore thin underwear that dries quickly.


Survey and Labor Day Concert

Pooping Log Survey

1. Where I last pooped. Shorty's Gas & Convenience Store.
2. Date: Sept. 4 at 2:15 a.m.
3. What you read if anything. My friend Stac was with me in the stall and she couldn't wait for me to get done because she had drank 2X what I had at an after-work going away party.
4. 5 minutes for the rather easy dump, plus another 5 minutes because I like messing with Stac when she's drunk and desperate.
5. Was I shameful? No. We had walked across the highway from the city park where we originally intended to use the bathroom. Someone had stolen all three of the toilet seat. I suggested she sit carefully on the rim, but she felt she would fall in. I know I would have because I can't shit without some bodily movement.
6. Did it smell? Yes. If I had been sober I would have flushed once our twice during my extended sit.
7. Did I enjoy it. Yes. Stac tried to get up on the basin for her piss, but was too drunk. She probably would have busted her back.
8. How far did I pull my pants down? All the way to the floor.
9. Any other comments: I had pulled my pants down just before I sat my butt on the toilet. Stac probably saved me from peeing through my panties because I had neglected to pull them down. I told her I was just testing her eyes and sobriety.

Labor Day Concert Festival story:

This happened like my junior year in high school. Juliet, who was in several of my classes and a study partner, asked me if I wanted to go with her and her parents to this day-long music festival. Her parents, who she joked were like modern day hippies, were taking her out of town for the concert. Most of the 6 or 7 bands were from the '60s or '70s. Juliet said her parents had gotten her turned on to their music. They also shared with her some things I can't imagine my parents ever telling me. One of the bands called Puckett something played this song about a girl losing her virginity and becoming a woman now. That was playing on her dad's car radio when he and mom finally......

About a half hour from the concert grounds, Juliet's father stopped for gas. He was adamant about us going to the bathroom there and then continuing to sit and make sure before we got off the toilet. It was the last one we would see for 12 hours of so. Juliet whispered in my ear if I had remembered the loose-fitting dress and no underwear rule. She said her parents had followed it since their first music festival.

Right after the sun had gone down Juliet's parents who were laying in the grass in front of us turned and pointed out the cooler that she and I had carried in. Her dad had used it to mark something important. He took out his lighter and pushing the cooler to one side, he put his hand on about a 2 or 3 inch hole he had dug in the ground. He said he had used his old Boy Scout pocket knife to develop something he called 'essential' for women. It was a 'pee pit.' By us not having underwear and jeans or shorts to make it more awkward, we could just sit discretely over the pit and take our pees. Juliet said she had been doing that since grade school, but my mind was at work trying to figure it out. She used it just before the next band started its set. I used it about an hour later. I was scared at first to use it, but Juliet showed me how to use my right hand and fingers to help line my sit up with the pit. Once I got my pee started slowly and I kept my attention to the stage, my faucet opened up and I got a really mean gusher going into the pit.

After the concert ended just before midnight and we were walking about 7 or 8 blocks to our car, both Juliet and I directed our route to the south where there must have been 50 or 60 portable toilets lining this alley. Many of them were in use, but the lines weren't long. Both me and Juliet got a final pee in for the road trip back home. Juliet's mom was waiting for me at the door when I came out. He dad was also coming out of one of the toilets close to mine. Juliet said he can go a half day or more without taking a piss. I was like Whaaaaaat?


How many people have you seen pooping at once?

There is just something cool about dropping your drawers to the floor and letting your bowels loose together in a public bathroom with no shame! I always enjoy having company with other men in the stalls. The largest public restroom I've used was a stadium men's room with 20 toilets.
I was at a game once and had to take a dump twice. The first was before the game and I really needed to poop before I did anything else. I think everyone had the same idea because all 20 of those toilets were tied up with guys young and old, pooping and farting. There were so many people waiting for stalls that every stall had a few guys waiting in front. I was in line for about the 9th stall down and on my left was a group of 20 and 30 somethings who were small talking while they waited and I could tell they all knew what each other needed to do. To my right was a dad and two sons about 8 and 12. I talked with the dad about the game that we were looking forward to and had some good conversation for about 10 minutes. When I got in my stall, I turned around, dropped my pants and drawers, (I also ware boxer Breifs), and sat down on the seat which was very warm from the middle-aged man that had been sitting on on it for the last 10 minutes. I like crowded restrooms so I relaxed and let out a big burst of gas followed by an initial firm log. I knew there was something brewing in me still. I waited about a minute and another urge hit me so hard I had to grunt. It was fairly solid and felt amazing coming out without much gas but with a huge splash in the bowl. I sighed in relief but there was more so I grunted some more as I pushed. I could tell this one was long so I took it slow and inched it out my anus. It felt really good coming out of me! About a minute after I sat down on my toilet, one of the 20 somethings entered the stall to my left and both the 8 and 12 year olds entered the stall to my right. The 20s dropped is pants in a hurry and let out a long bubbly fart which transitioned into a stream of diarrhea and then back to a bubbly fart, which faded out and stopped. He had Nike brand nylon shorts and they were laying right on the floor at that point.
The 8 year old turned around and pulled his pants and white breifs down to about lower calf level, and then hoisted himself up on the toilet with his feet dangling about 6 inches off the floor. His feet and ankles stretched a bit as he started pushing and grunting loudly while his brother talked to him to try and ease his pooping. He grunted for about 5 minutes while farting and pooping. When he was done, he wiped while his brother said hurry up I have to take a dump! The 8 year old got off the toilet and before he could get his pants back up, the 12 year old said alright outa my way I gotta dump so bad! He never even flushed the toilet before He dropped his pants to the floor and when he sat down, all hell broke out of this kids bowels! I'm talking the loudest sounding dump I've heard in a while. The 8 year old started chuckling but is brother was in too much pain, or relief to care cause he kept pushing and grunting out waves of gas and diarrhea while his brother watched him. The dad called out, Collin are you going to be okay to watch the game? Collin said, It really hurts dad and mike thinks this is funny! He said it literally without being able to stop pooping, farting and grunting. His rectum finally called down after a few minutes and he said it burns so bad! The dad said okay, sit there for a few minutes and rest. He just sat there and continued to leak a little bit now and again until finally he said I gotta wipe and get outa here and by this time it truly smelled like shit all around! He flushed the toilet while sitting on it to clear the bowl before he even began wiping. He wiped too many times for me to count but I'm sure it was at least 6-8 times. I think The dad had gotten the stall next to them and I couldn't hear much from him. There were lots of bowels being relieved in that room that day! I really liked sitting there getting my own relief while others got perhaps even more than I did that day. Mail bonding at some of its best, lol!


To Sarah, Re: Peeing at concert

No need to worry about losing your place. Wear a skirt with no underwear aka "go commando". A girl doing this can be very stealthy when she needs to pee, especially if she has practiced at it. And it is outdoors anyhow. Likely lots of people will be sitting on the grass, waiting in line. Maybe your spot of grass is a little less dry, no one can say.

Though you wouldn't use them when being stealthy, just in case have a small pack of tissues in your purse. Because there is no guarantee you won't find yourself pooping outdoors. Maybe you won't, but better to be prepared. And maybe eye some good spots in advance that you can do it sneakily, prior to having to actually do it, even if you aren't planning to do it. Sometimes when you gotta go, you gotta go.


First post - Meetings all morning

Hi, first time posting after finding the site today after what happened this morning. I'm just a nomral guy, early 40s, healthy and fit. Never had a reason to find this site or post here until today. It started with getting up late because of the holiday yesterday and forgetting to turn the alarm back on, so we were up rushing to get our kid to school in time. I drove him so my wife could get to work on time since I work from home instead of her dropping him off on her way like usual. That also meant I didn't get back home until right before work started and I barely had time to grab a small breakfast and coffee and jump online. Then I had back-to-back meetings all morning, literally, from 8am to 1pm with zero breaks. All the craziness with the schedule also meant I hadn't gone to the bathroom all morning and was now stuck on calls for five hours.

By the time I got to the last meeting I had needed to go for a while. My bladder and bowels were both full and screaming for relief. If I didn't have to talk in any of the meetings I would have just taken my laptop to the bathroom, but never knowing when I'd need to chime in on something I didn't feel like that was a great idea. I was bouncing and shaking trying to hold it, both ways, it was so bad.

About halfway through the meeting my bowels got worse and made a push and I couldn't stop it before it started to come out and then it stopped when it hit my desk chair and couldn't go any further. I sat like that for a second, part in part out, touching my underwear, before regaining control and pulling it back inside. When I did and squeezed, a spurt of pee escaped and damped the front of my briefs and left a small spot on my jeans. I knew I was about to lose it. I had one hand squeezing my penis and was barely paying attention to the meeting.

I had a sit-stand desk so I thought maybe standing up would help so I raised the desk and was then able to cross my legs and squeeze harder and bounce in place (thankfully not a video meeting). That helped for a few minutes but we still had 20 minutes left when more pee came out and the wet spot on the front of my jeans grew to the size of an egg. I bounced and squeezed for a few more moments until I flushed red and hot and started tingling all over and I knew deep down I was out of time. A split second later my bowels made me push and I just couldn't help but uncross my legs and kind of squat a little as the giant BM pushed down and hit my briefs, slowed down for a moment until I involuntarily pushed harder, then it started spreading and crackling and pushing out into a giant ball of firm mush below me, which probably only took a few second, though it felt like time was going very slowly. My bladder then joined the party and pee flooded out of me and soaked all down the front and legs of my jeans for quite some time.

Not a minute later someone asked a question that I had to answer in the meeting. I did my best to respond and sound normal, hoping nobody could somehow tell I was standing there in soaked and soiled clothes. I had to stand there for the last 10-15 minutes like that until the meeting ended, then I waddled to the bathroom to clean up and change. I haven't decided if I'll say anything about it to my wife later.

So yeah, that's how I wound up having a full blown accident today at my age.



Post Title (optional)To Sam

I see you like to spread your legs while pooping. That's the best way to poop.


Big Poop

Hello All, I'm a 19 year old girl, I recently moved in with a friend at her place. We're best friends and her other roommate moved out recently so she asked me to move in in order to pay the other half of the rent. She works very odd shifts at her job but I primarily work the night shift at my job so I often get home later in the night when she's not awake. I've often had problems with constipation or just not being very hungry the last few years. So of course the other night at work I'm dying to take a dump since I hadn't in a few days. I had not yet pooped at this new house either going at the gym in the morning or at a public place since I got a little worried intruding and blowing up her bathroom. But I got home around 11ish and could not hold it anymore when I pulled in. I went inside and the way the house is set up you walk in and the kitchen is right in the entrance with my friends room off to the right and mine being to the left of that, the living room to the left of my room and the bathroom was across the hall from the living room. So basically the bathroom is right outside of both of our rooms and you can hear everything. I've heard my roommate peeing in the bathroom but not yet poop. At this point I couldn't hold it anymore but I didn't care since she wasn't awake. I went in and the toilet is off to the left as soon as you walk in. I quickly locked the door and pushed everything right down to my ankles and farted loudly as soon as my bum hit the seat. A big soft turd immediately flopped right out of my ass and into the water and there were three more turds like that. At the end of all of this I peed a little and when I got up I was beholded by the sight of such a massive load of poop in the toilet, I was afraid it wasn't gonna flush so I quickly snapped a picture of it and flushed, three of the four big turds went down but one ended up clogging and I had to plunge it down. I washed up and walked out but shut the door to keep the smell contained, my roommate was still asleep thankfully. But when I woke up the next morning the bathroom still absolutely reaked, I think it got stuck in the pipe lol


Protected teachers

Any stories about teachers wearing protection (pads/diapers)? We're they ever forced to use them?

It appears my teacher bladder is suffering… I can barley make it through each class period without leaving or leaking. I usually only need light poise pads but recently they haven't been enough. I think I am going to try wearing some always discreet underwear I have leftover from my last pregnancy… I'm worried because I can't imagine standing in front of 5-7 year olds in a wet diaper. What if they find out… they're barely out of diapers themselves…

Anyone in a similar situation or experience? Any advice?


Answering Skidmarked from Columbia's Questions

1. Have you ever wet yourself during the daytime? If so why and what did you do after?

When I was a kid I did in preschool. Usually I had a change of clothes just in case. I haven't wet myself much as an adult. I have more control over my bladder than my bowels. I've pooped myself on accident several times as an adult and it's always super embarrassing.

2. Have you ever had a chocolate wedgie? You know when you take a poop and wipe but you still a little dirty afterwards. And your underwear gets stuck up your butt and kind of poop stained...

Not anymore because I wear dark colored boxer briefs. As a kid wearing Hanes tighty whities briefs yes. When I was 14 I had a growth spurt and all my underwear which was nothing but white briefs became too small and they would constantly get stuck up my butt in the most uncomfortable way. I got a ton of skidmarks that year.

Speaking of embarrassing wedgies i actually told a specific summer camp story about one on page #2938. This older popular girl named Amber came in the summer camp boys bathroom to smoke when I was taking a huge gassy dump. She and her boyfriend made me leave after she threw the toilet paper roll outside. Before I could though her boyfriend got me in a headlock and she pulled my white briefs underwear by the waistband from behind up to the back of my head turning my Hands into a painful thong. Then she slapped me on the ass. I got to another bathroom and my underwear was so skidmarked up I had to throw them away. Very embarrassing.

3. If you did get a chocolate wedgie or just a regular skidmark... Did it ever smell to where you could smell yourself?

Not usually. It was mostly just annoying. My older sister Jessica would make fun of me when I had that growth spurt and see my skidmarked undies while doing the laundry. She use to embarrass me by holding me down and put them on my head. I could really smell them then which was gross but not nearly as gross as when she would be gassy and would hold me down while farting in my face.

4. Have you ever put toilet paper in your underwear as like a pad for preventing poop stains... You know in case your underwear gets up your human butt?

No that would have been uncomfortable. I never worried about it much until my sister started shoving my underwear into my face.

Anna from Austria
This have I have another question for my fellow ladies.

What is your top 3 of most awkward situations where you had to go Number 2?

I am going to tell you me top 3 now.

1) I had to go at doctor's office (gynecologist) before the checkup. While I was in the wating room my stomche startet to rumble I had to go. That was very embarrasing. Not only because the other other ladies in the waiting room could hear me taking a poop, the door of the toilet was not really thin I was also worried that I could not clean myself properly and the doctor was noticing something. I used moore paper than usual to clean myself on both sides. The doctor did not noticed anything in the end or at least she did not say anything.

2) Pooping above the Altantic Ocean during my flight to the states a few years ago. That situation was way less embarrasing then the rest. It was super load in the cabine of the plane so nobody could hear anything.
But it was still abit ackward to poop in the small and really bad ventilated plane bathroom. The smell was horrible.

It was also the first time I had to do my number 2 on the plane so I was also worried the flushing would not work properly. Luckily it did.

3) My first time pooping in the woods. I meantime I had done 2 or 3 more times and it felt not as bad but the first time was quite a scary stuff.

It just felt bad to be forced to squat down in the middle of nowhere being with your private parts fully exposed. I was also not used to squat down for some time, so I was worried I would fall down.

In the end it turned out not that bad. I was strong enough to hold my quatting position my friends where looking out for other people. Nobody came luckily.

Ok that's it for today.

Greetings from Austria


Victoria B.

Reply to Sammy


Sammy asked about my notoriously productive poops and I have a direct answer for this one. You're in luck!

Last spring when I had my colonoscopy there was one piece of information that stuck out, other than that it came back negative for any sign of colon cancer, Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis of course!

From what my gastro told me the procedure turned into a bit of adventure after the scope got inside me. Turns out that I have an unusually long large intestine and the camera got somewhat pretzeled in the process of making sure that all of my plumbing had been checked for signs of IBD or cancer.

A longer colon means that my body can store more poop at once than other humans. More poop means bigger poops, even before the IBS is factored in. That's the wildcard that makes me range from not going for three or four days to going four times in one day.

So there you have it. A look inside someone who's never met a toilet she couldn't clog!

See everybody soon and do a big one for me!


Victoria and Robyn

Wednessday, September 07, 2022


bf helped me poop for the first time:)

Hello, I'm Belina and I've been a silent lurker/reader in this forum. (English isn't my main language, forgive me for some errors.)

So about three days ago, in the middle of my 2 week vacation I had to use the bathroom. Now my poops are normally huge, hard, really dry and painful when passing and it does need a little more effort to expel with little tears in my eyes and sweat all over. Then when I got the urge, I was lucky my bf wasn't around the room we were staying in. He was out to buy some souvenirs for the family when we would go home so I made my way into the bathroom and just didn't fully close the door so that I could hear if someone's knocking at the door for housekeeping or anything and then sat on the toilet and pushed. One, two, three and by the fourth push that ended into a rather loud grunt, nothing came out. Tried again while grabbing the toilet sidebars/handlebars, the toilet seat, and just fisted my hands and pounded it in the wall and slouched, It moved and moved and when I stopped, and exhaled with a grunt. It got sucked back up. And I pushed again and again slouching as my face was so contorted from straining with tears streaming down and one hand was gripping the toilet handlebars and one was a fist in the wall as the impacted poop as thick as a tennis ball slowly and painfully crowned and stretched my anus when suddenly my bf just came into the door and saw me in that state. I continued pushing while screaming for him to go as I pounded my fist into the wall and tightened my grip into the handlebars. And when I stopped pushing because I got embarrassed, the poop was once again sucked back up into my colon and I started to cry. "I was about to let it out!" I yelled at him. "I was about to finally expel that painful poop!" I cried at him and then he just walked towards me and asked me how long have I been in this toilet and made me lean to see if I had anything came out and there was nothing. I was sweaty and panting while he scooted behind me and stayed there and told me to move a bit so he could see my poop if its coming out and told me to push again while he's rubbing my sweaty back. There was a whole body mirror in front of the toilet so he could see me push, strain and face contort while once again gripping the handlebars and banging the bathroom wall with every push and grunt that I do while he encouraged me to push more while he's rubbing my back and my hair. Slowly my tennis ball sized plug slowly inched and inched as small drops of blood can be seen in the toilet water (according to my bf who was watching my face of discomfort as well as my difficult body excretion) the poop had slowly inched and inched and it wasn't a plug, it was the whole size of a 18cm poop that painfully came out from me. And as it broke, I had to stop pushing and panted while looking back at what I've produced. Black, hard clumps of balls that had been stuck together, and it looked really really dry too as how not one of the balls managed to plip plop it's way down. And i pushed again, harder this time and I released the same size, same colour and the same thickness that probably measured another 18cm before I told my bf I was done. He gave me toilet paper and was quite alarmed when I wiped, there was blood. He asked me if I poop like that normally, I told him "yes and no. Because normally my bowel movements are painful, dry and hard but not like that. It's probably because we were in a vacation and I forgot to poop ever since we got here." Then he told me that whenever I go to the bathroom and poop, he would be there to help me. To offer words, or a hand to squeeze when I have nothing to squeeze on for more support.


Peeing at concert

Hey everyone! I'm going to a big outdoor stadium concert in a few weeks, and me and my friends try to get to the front row. So we need to be there early, and I was wondering how to deal with peeing? If we went to bathrooms we'd probably lose our place, and I don't think I could hold it for so many hours. Any ideas or suggestions? How have other people dealt with having to pee at concerts?


enjoying an urinal

Hi all,
After a long time of home office I was happy to be in the office yesterday because I could use the urinals there. I find it very satisfying to go full force in an urinal and aim for the backwall.

Skidmarked from Columbia


Honestly I haven't had much of anything happen to me... But this 1 time I peed my pants... I mean shorts on the way from work. What had happened was I was stressed out from dishwashing and busing. And developed a UTI... I was a bit embarrassed because I'm a grown man. But somehow relieved that I'm a bit "alive". Luckily nobody that I know of saw the wet spot! I changed my shorts and underwear... if I had any on. when I got home and contemplated going to the doctor. I told some friends of mine at the time and they told me they had it happen to them too. And when I decided to stop wearing underwear I was so relieved. You see I had underwear given to me by a friend. I don't like white underwear because unless I'm "perfect" there's an odd skidmark or yellow pee stain... You feel like although you're a grown-up you're a kid! But I knew most people either get skidmarks or yellow pee stains once in a while.

1. Have you ever wet yourself during the daytime? If so why and what did you do after?

2. Have you ever had a chocolate wedgie? You know when you take a poop and wipe but you still a little dirty afterwards. And your underwear gets stuck up your butt and kind of poop stained...

3. If you did get a chocolate wedgie or just a regular skidmark... Did it ever smell to where you could smell yourself?

4. Have you ever put toilet paper in your underwear as like a pad for preventing poop stains... You know in case your underwear gets up your human butt?



What comes in, will come out (latest poop log)

Hey everyone!
Here is my latest post. Majority of my recent poops has been in public bathrooms while I been at work, including my latest poop.

poop log
a) Where you last pooped?
At work. I work in a minor league ballpark in NC

b) Date/Time you last pooped?
Around 4:45pm

c) What you read if anything?
I just browsed my phone & read old toilet stool posts.

d) How long you took you to poop?
Around 15 minutes

e) Were you shameful?
Not at all

f) Did it smell?
Not really

g) Did you enjoy it?
I'd say so

h) How far you pull down your pants and underwear when you poop today?
My Dickies work pants & my black Hanes boxer briefs were all the way down to my ankles

i) Any other interesting comments/share your bathroom story?
Nothing seemed too interesting from today, just a relaxing poop but got a story to share.

Yesterday afternoon/evening my stomach was acting up while I was at work yesterday while working a minor league baseball game. I had to poop three times in public bathrooms yesterday. The game had a doubleheader and felt the urge to poop that I went to the Men's room during the break. I entered the fourth stall out of eight in the bathroom. I dropped my Dickies work pants & my Hanes navy blue boxer briefs down around my ankles. A guy was in one of the stalls next to mee pooping and farting. I stayed in the bathroom roughly 15-20 minutes giving off occasional farts & poops. I left the bathroom & returned to my post.

Later in the night, I had a break that usually have a 15 minute break and right before my break, I felt the strong urge to poop. I went straight to the closest Men's room from my post and entered the third stall. Next to two guys in the middle stall was pooping. Both of them had their pants and underwear down around their ankles. I closed the stall door and done the same, I unbuttoned my Dickies work pants and let them drop around my ankles followed by my Hanes boxer briefs around my ankles. I pushed them down the lowest it can possibly go to give extra comfort without taking them off. Started pooping and checked old toilet stool posts and I spread my legs apart that at times my knees was touching the walls of the stall. The guy next to me had black pants & boxers around his ankles. All of us was pooping with pants and underwear around our ankles. Eventually both guys left their stalls after five minutes when I entered the bathroom. I stayed in my stall for roughly 15 minutes trying to ease my stomach & pooping. I let go occasional farts & poops during the 15 minutes I was in the stall. I was relieved & relaxed but I finished up, pulled my underwear & work pants, flush the toilet and left the bathroom after washing my hands and went back to work.

I will have more work stories to share later in another post.


Accidents from when I was 17 (part 2)

Hello again. My last post was about an accident that I had when I went shopping for my mom's birthday present with my dad any my sister Terri. As I mentioned in that post, I had many accidents between the ages of 17 and 18 and I wanted to continue with those stories.

My next notable accident happened on a sunny Wednesday morning in March. I had a 20 minute walk to school and I usually stopped at my best friend Megan's house on my way. Her house was about the halfway mark on my walk to school. It was still fairly cold that day so I wore a warm coat that went to my waist, a sweater and a pair of jeans. Underneath I wore a pair of pink and white striped bikini panties and a matching bra. I went to the washroom before I left my house, but I didn't have to poop. I didn't even have any feeling like I needed to go. Megan and I didn't start our first class until 10am, but I decided to go over to her house early anyway. We had some school things to go over and had to do some finishing touches on a presentation that we had in our class before lunch.

On my way over to Megan's house, I could feel my bowels start to cramp up slightly. I was walking up a hill and had to stop for a light before I crossed the road. I was cramping really badly by then. The light turned green and I could feel my bowels drop and I knew that I needed to get to a toilet right away.

I turned the corner to Megan's street, her house was on the other side of the circle. I was getting really desperate at this point. I turned the corner towards Megan's house and had to stop at the corner by the community mailbox. Then it happened. I started pooping my pants. It was just a bit at first, then a bit more and I could feel the mess soaking into my underwear. I walked a few steps and I couldn't hold it back. A rush of mushy diarrhea loudly rushed out between my tightly clenched butt cheeks and quickly filled my bikini panties. It spread all over my bum and went up my back. I felt a chill go up my back when I pooped my pants. I could feel the heart pounding and my face felt hot and red with embarrassment. I continued walking slowly to Megan's, letting out more mushy poop with each step.

I got to Megan's and she let me in. She asked me how I was and I started crying and blurted out, "I just totally pooped my pants. I had to go SO badly and it all just came out in a huge rush. I'm a total mess." She said, "Awe Steph, I'm so sorry. You can borrow a pair of pants and underwear." She led me into her washroom where I had a shower and got cleaned up. I felt better once I was cleaned up so I packed up my messy clothes into a plastic bag and buried them in my backpack to clean when I got home.

Just before our presentation I started cramping up again. I should have asked to go to the toilets and I'm not really sure why I didn't. Anyway, during our presentation it was becoming very clear to me that I needed to use the toilet to relieve my bowels. I let out a wet fart that came out with a quiet squelch. I could feel it soaking into the blue hipster panties that Megan lent me. I somehow made it through our presentation without totally letting go of my bowels. When we were done I asked our teacher if I could be excused to the washroom, she said yes so I did my best to walk quickly with my butt checks clenched. I didn't make it very far down the hallway when some very wet diarrhea started leaking out. I walked a few more feet and then the explosion happened. I totally filled Megan's hipster panties and jeans. I got to the girls washroom and sat on the toilet to let the rest out. The panties were totally filled with wet, mushy diarrhea and it had already leaked through the jeans in the bum area. It was a huge mess and there was no way that I could get cleaned up properly. I didn't have anything else that I could change into either. I must have been gone for a while because Megan came looking for me. She knocked and asked if I was okay. I told her that I was sick so she went to get our teacher. A few minutes later our teacher came and I told her that I was sick and needed to go home. I pulled up the messy panties and jeans, washed my hands and my teacher took me to the office to call my mom. Fortunately my mom was able to pick me up from school that day.

When we got home my mom helped me get cleaned up. She noticed that the jeans and underwear that I had been wearing wasn't mine. I broke down and told her that I had pooped my pants on the way to Megan's house earlier in the morning.

I decided to wear a maxi pad in my full-cut panties the next day. My period was due anyway, but I was still having a bit of diarrhea. I actually went on my pad at school and had to change it because it was a total mess.

I'll leave it there for now I think. I still have plenty of stories to share.



seeing a parent have an accident

Hello guys,

Usually I don't post here, but today I have a question. Did any of you ever see your parents have an accident?

I'm now asking this, because I did yesterday.

My Dad works about an hour away. He has an office job and usually comes home around six or seven. Yesterday was no different.
We have only one bathroom, which never really was a problem until this incident.
Well, I have a 17 year old sister. Her name is Andy and yesterday she wanted to go out to meet a friend. She was in the bathroom, loud music playing and she was singing.
When my Dad got home from work, he was in a hurry. He threw his jacket away and was fiddling on his belt to open it up.
"How was work?", my Mum asked from the kitchen. I myself was in the hallway and greeted him too.
"Hey, Dad. I wanted to ask-", well I wanted to ask him, if he could have a look at my car, because it made some weird noises recently.
But he cut me off, which usually never happened.

"Sorry, honey, I have to...-", he paused to concentrate, then began again.
"I have to...urgh.", he grunted, "use the bathroom first."
I have never seen him like this. He ran to the end of the hallway, where my sister was in the bathroom, but obviously the door was locked.
He knocked on the door violently.
"Who's in there?", he asked. He was clearly sweating.
"It's Andy. She just got in there and is taking a shower.", I answered him. That seemed to make him even more desperate.
"What?!", Dad knocked again, but my sister didn't hear him.

Now even my Mum came from the kitchen to the hallway to ask what was going on.
"Andy please hurry up, I need the toilet now!", Dad shouted through the door.
Mum said: "What is it? Do you have to pee so bad? Maybe..."
She was cut off by my Dad who clearly had his hand on his butt now, to help him not to lose controll.
"No!", he gasped. His face was really red.

The first fart slipped out, then the second. It stank bad. He grabbed his belly with his other hand, standing half leaned over now. The other hand was still on his butt.
"I have to take a dump! Now!"

"Come sit down, it will help you to calm down", Mum tried, but Dad told her, if he walked to the kitchen or the living room right now, he would shit his pants.
So he continued to knock and shout to my sister to hurry up. In the meantime Mum went to get a chair in the halway for him to sit there.

It was really intense and suddenly he closed his eyes, his body gave in and he started to poop there in front of the bathroom door and me and my Mum. It wasn't even diarrhea or something. It was just a massive solid poop.
He grunted, pushing everything out. Then he stopped, maybe he tried to regain controll. His legs were shakeing and he grabbed his belly thighter now. But he lost controll again and shit himself in front of me.
My Mum helped him in their bedroom and we didn't talk about it again.


Opposite gender curiosity

In addition to my regular full-time job, I earn extra money on weekends doing child care. Its something I've been doing for more than 15 years and this is only the second time I've had a situation such as this.

Sophie and Seth have become weekend regulars with me. She's 9, he's 6. Last weekend I took them two hours away to our state's fair. It's a huge multi-acre festival with many rides, farm animals and a carnival, and lots of food. I knew that Sophie and Seth were looking forward to the trip, as I was too because it was something different. Also, the couple hundred dollars I got for the trip will help me pay off my car loan.

Sophie is a pretty normal 4th grader, loves school, new experiences, and understands instructions and boundaries. Her disposition is a few years ahead of many of her peers. Seth, on the other hand, is restless, rude, obnoxious when corrected and doesn't understand boundaries. He doesn't take instructions well.

Our first potty break came about on the interstate when we were about 2/3 of the way there. Sophie, who seems to be always drinking water or some kind of a liquid from my thermos, has to pee almost hourly. It comes on quite fast and sometimes causes her to cry if she feels she's going to have an accident. I parked at the rest stop, walked her to the door of the bathroom building, then led Seth over to the mens room side. I had to order him to go in and pee.

I made a mistake that he would be able to pee and then stand quietly at the entrance of the ladies room waiting for Sophie and me to do our business. This bathroom, like many due to crimes and other activities is heavily used. There's a long line of cubicles, but no doors on any of them for privacy. The first three toilets I passed were in use and one of the ladies pointed one toilet down. Sophie was seated, peeing away, shorts at her knees, and toilet paper in her hand ready to wipe. I told her when she was done to wash her hands and watch Seth at the outside entrance because I had to do a Number 2.

I took the open toilet next to her. Surprisingly the seat was up and I reached over and dropped it. I wasn't thinking, I guess, because I dropped my shorts all the way onto my shoes and my butt slid onto the seat with a bit a squeak. Strange I know. I knew it was going to be a large crap since I couldn't remember crapping except for three days earlier at work. I remembered being frustrated about that sit because I don't think I even got 1/2 emptied. Since I stayed at my boyfriend's apartment that night, I didn't have access to my laxative pills.

Now I had to worry about where Seth was and what he was up to. Just as I was getting firm with Sophie about getting outside to stay with Seth, now he came running into our bathroom, eyeing each of the first three women on the toilets, and he even started asking the first one whether she was doing a Number 1 or Number 2, and where I was. I could just see his feet standing there, while he watched them and started asking some other dumb questions. For a moment I thought about jumping off the toilet, grabbing him and pulling him into my stall but I would have left a trail of splattered crap under me.

Sophie had gotten off the toilet, with her underwear still down and ready to trip her up, as Seth started moving past me and down the line where six or seven others were seated on their toilets. Finally a girl a couple of years older than Sophie walked in, I called her over and asked her to go and grab Seth and hold him at the building entrance until Sophie could get out there. She was out there and pretty fast. She grabbed Seth, marched him back to our car, and I wiped as fast as I ever have done and bypassed the sinks and even flushing in order to get outside and discipline Seth.

When I was sitting on the curb, looking him firmly in the eye and trying to instruct him, one of the ladies from inside walked by and told me I was responsible for the situation happening and something about that's how future perverts get their start. I told her I made a judgment problem and I was sorry for what happened.

Sunday, September 04, 2022

David P


Hi David P here with some replies.

ECG - great story of you recording your poo, It is quite interesting that you did that. I find it amusing to bend over and watch my poo coming out when sat on the toilet sometimes and before I have taken a picture of a hard turd coming out when it was stuck halfway.

Abbie - Amazing story again it is great to read a post from you, thank you for your reply but like you I have had a terrible bout of constipation that started with the hot weather and never really left. I have only been having two poos a week that have taken plenty of pushing and sounded like bricks as they dropped into the water as they were so hard!!! then just lots of little pebbles in between. It is great to see you are still using the technique of pushing the skin between your bum that I suggested, hope it is helping. I have had to use that a fair bit myself recently. I am also starting squatting again, maybe you should give squatting a go again to try and help open your colon and anus a bit more. When the poo is stretching you like you mention in this post did it hurt? I admire your determination to see a poo through to the end but I wonder do you ever have to give up if it's too hard? I have to give up sometimes and feel bad for not being able to manage it.

David P

Carlie B.

Flushable Portapotties?

Hi! I know it's been forever since I've last posted on here. I've been insanely busy but have tried to check in on here when I think about it. No doubt I've missed a lot of great posts though!

Anyways, thought I'd just jump on after an interesting encounter at a music festival earlier this month. I went to a 3 day long big music festival in my city. It was a ton of fun despite not having the best lineup I've ever seen. I've gone to this festival numerous times before (it's a yearly thing), but this year encountered something new.

Rather than a traditional portapotty you typically see, this year they had flushable ones. They similar in size to a traditional one, but instead of the big hole and just a pit, they had a more traditional toilet bowl that you can actually flush, or as was the case for me, try to flush. Those who are familiar with my past posts won't be surprised to learn that I ended up clogging 4 of them over the 3 day festival. As a notoriously huge crapper, I definitely prefer to just drop my turds into a more traditional portapotty, but I think most people would prefer these fancier flushing ones.

I was just quite impressed overall with the product and was curious if I've just been living under a rock or if these are a recent innovation in the portable toilet world.

Hoping to find a bit more time to check in and share on here in the coming weeks!


Brian P


Hello to all!

To El PG (from page 2893): thank you for your post. Ever since i read it, i wanted to try doing what you did, but i never got the opportunity, until about a month ago. Well, at least it came close to what you did. I did get to share a bathroom with another guy. I was waiting in line at a gas station for the restroom and another guy was behind me. it was just the two of us waiting, which was better anyway. We had been talking and i decided that he would be someone I would feel comfortable sharing the bathroom with. I brought it up just like your friend did. it went pretty well. He had to pee really bad and so he was willing to share the bathroom with me. The only thing that was different was he didn't pee in the sink with me. Instead he peed in the toilet and i peed in the sink. Yes, I was a little disappointed, but i didnt want him to think less of me, or feel uncomfortable, so I just did it that way. He did pee for a long time though, and I was able to watch him a little. He also farted a lot, so did i actually, so the bathroom got really farty. I didnt dare pee on the wall on the back of the sink, i didn't want to scare him. But I would have to say the whole thing was pretty nice.

Another thing I did when i was younger was I peed in a big container with my friends. It was aactually a big water cooler bottle i found. When i found it the first thing i thought of was, Urinal! And so, it became a urinal for a while. Eventually my friends liked to pee in it too. Later we found a big funnel and so we put it on top of the bottle and then we all stood around our urinal and we peed into it. There were about 5 or 6 of us all peeing together. It was amazing! I don't remember how long it took for us to fill that thing but i remember we did eventually fill it. I wish we could have saved it, but there would have been no way to do that. Great memory though!

Just Jerika

Back to College Toilets

I'm back at community college, by far the largest one in our state in terms of enrollment, and everything from classrooms to parking to toilets available is at a premium.

By far the worst bathrooms on the entire campus are in the Student Center. Not only is this the place where students eat, hang out between classes, have club meetings, etc., this three story building is right at the center of campus so a lot of students cut through it when walking between classes.

Unfortunately for me, I have back-to-back morning classes on the top level of this building. So there are a couple hundred students up there vying for openings in those bathrooms, but the crowded downstairs toilets are so frustrating to students that several are now coming upstairs. Try opening the entrance door to a 6 or 7 toilet bathroom only to hit the back of a couple of students in line and hopeful of getting onto a toilet soon.

Because of my relatively small size, even with my bookbag over my shoulders, I sometimes get shoved aside, especially by users who have just gotten off the toilet and are seeking to get to the sinks, or better yet, into the hallway and to their next class. A bookbag swung against the side of my nose last Friday gave me a small nose bleed. Sometimes girls from one sorority will taunt those from competing groups for bad manners such as taking up too much time on the toilet, smelling the place up even worse (how many dozens of craps does each toilet take each morning?), and exhausting the supply of toilet paper. A few girls actually lay it over the seat before they sit down and that's equal to wiping paper for two or three users. Think! Think! Think!

My boyfriend, Hernandez, thinks it should be a crime at the store he works at when customers, especially children I think, pee over the seats that also have to be used by employees.

As for me at present, I'm holding too many of my morning craps until the afternoon when I can walk three blocks over to the library where I can sit and unload in a normal situation. I admit to posting a few years ago about problems with my high school's bathrooms, and the overall situation seems to be getting worse, rather than better.

Do y'all realize how lucky we are that this website continues to this day essentially unchanged since like 1996? I discovered it in 2000 when I was 13 years old and have always checked in from time to time. I haven't posted in a very long time, but it may be time to post about one of my wife's accidents. She's only had one full blown peeing accident since I met her, but it was pretty epic. Do people still wanna read those types of stories here?

Mina Kazumi Hisae Maho

feel funny

Hi Everyone, we hope you are all well. Our world is very unhappy place.

Mina had odd experience yesterday. She went to shopping alone in shopping mall. Usually only one of us go because in Japan, supermarket say, do your shopping one person, to prevent a corona. Sometimes we go all four, but not so often.

When Mina was in shopping mall she saw pretty girl who went to loo with us when we were together in shopping mall and ate bibimbap. And the girl recognised Mina maybe. She gave little bow like before, and then gave little smile and flash eyes.

Mina is not a psychic, but she felt, that girl seemed she was saying, "Shall we go to loo together like last time?"

But Mina didn't feel like go to loo. She did huge motion yesterday morning. She is with Hisae in green flat this week and Hisae gave wonderful massage, so Mina did more and more and more motions. So in shopping mall she was very empty.

And Mina wonder, why this girl is so interest in go to loo with woman who she doesn't know? We are not her friend. She should go with her friend.

So Mina showed no reaction. She continued shopping. She wonder, will that girl turn round to walk towards loo with hoping Mina will follow? But the girl didn't do that. It was a relief.

But also, Mina remember it was not so bad feeling to listen that girl go plop, plop, plop, about 15 times when we all together. And also we had impression all four, that she seemed she is nice girl. We liked her face expression.

Not so bad feeling maybe, but Mina didn't want to go to loo with her. Mina likes to go to loo with her 3 crushes who she loves. With Mari, colleague, also OK. But with crushes is best.

Crushes suddenly say "Minappé stop to write!!"

10 minutes later, crushes say, "OK Minappé you can continue to write."

Between "stop to write" and "continue to write" three crushes kiss Mina strong long kiss. Maho first, then Chae, then Kazu.

All four of us, we have same feeling. We like to do motion with crush, not with stranger.

Are we a crazy???

Love to everyone.

Maho Hisae Kazumi Mina

P.S. This is for new people on site. Few years before, there was survey about what you do if crush does motion when you there. Mina answer, her crushes are Kazu, Hisae, Maho. This is reason why we write "crushes".

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