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Bath time

Hey, this is my first time posting here, I found this site recently after getting curious about some stuff that happened with my sis, and I thought I'd share it.

But first I'll say these are not our real names next let me introduce myself I go by Mika I'm 14 have shoulder length blonde hair, and my sister Emily, is a bit younger then me 11, and has long brown hair goes a little more then half way down her back.

We are pretty close and even take baths together every now and then, any way this one night as I was getting ready to go take a bath and Emily just got home from staying with her friends for a few nights and so I was talking to her for a bit then asked her if she wanted to take a bath with me and she tells me "yeah, I could go for a bath, just let me put my stuff in our room and I'll be there in a bit." so she went and put her stuff up and stuff while I went to the bathroom to get the bath ready then after a bit she comes in and we chat a bit as we undress and sit in the bath with me on the faucet end and her on the other end facing each other and we relax there for a bit while chatting then we start washing are ourselves and stuff, I ask her if she wants me to help her with her hair and she accepts so she turns around and sits between my legs so I can wash her hair after a bit I felt a some gas and farted a little and we both laugh then she tells me I got one too and I see bubbles come up from behind her and laugh some more and I tell her I can beat that and I let out another longer fart and she starts laughing and I see more bubbles as she laughs and I joke with her, she says she's a little gassy right now, and then we stand up so I can wash the lower end of her hair, well I hear letting out a toot every now and then, after a bit we rise her hair out and sit back down and I start washing her back and see more bubbles then after a bit I tell her I feel a big fart coming and then push down and I hear lots a bubbles behind me for a good second or two, and we both laugh some and she tells me "I think I got pretty good one" and I see her bare down and push a bit then see a bunch of bubbles come up then all of a sudden I hear her going "no no no" and see her tense up and see a turd coming out of her bottom then stop for few seconds and then I hear "I can't hold it!" and see her bend forward a bit and it starts coming out again getting thicker as more came out "ow ow ow" I heard, then it rushed out and left her all happening under 20 to 30 seconds and we both look and see this big long poo, that had to be around 9 to 10 inches long, and pretty thick too, and both stand up fast and she tells me she has go more as she is rushing out of the tub and I see a small piece fall in tub and she sits on the toilet quickly, then hear her going "ow ow ow" and I ask her if she's OK and she tells me "yeah, it's just a little too big" and I could see she was really embarrassed and trying to not cry, I ask she wants me to do anything for her, or leave anything and she tells me "No, just stay here" then a bit quieter "I might be here a bit", I tell her OK and then sit down on the counter and then just sat there trying to think of something to do or say, until finally I ask "So um, uh is this normal?" "I mean do you usually have to go like this?" and she shakes her head embarrassed, then I tell OK and after a bit I say "So..." trying to think of something to say or talk about, and then she says "sorry" I then say "No don't be it's OK, I'm sorry I just don't know what to say or do" and then she said "but I um did that in the tub" I glanced over at the tub and saw the big log laying in the tub, and I quickly said "don't worry, it just surprised me and it didn't touch me or anything" then "um actually it's kind of impressive" I say embarrassed she then "Don't tell me that!" and covering her face with her hands and I giggle a small bit, just as I was about to tell her sorry, she says "but thanks I guess", "I just kind of forgot about using the bathroom because I didn't feel it at the time, and got caught up talking and the bath" I tell her "yeah it's OK, I'm not mad or anything, it's kinda my fault I asked you when you got home and didn't give you a chance" she then tell me "No, it's mine, I should have just gone there, but it was too embarrassing because their bathroom was in between two bedrooms and I could hear them in there pretty easy, so I only peed there" I then say "I see, so I guess that why it's so much, it's been 5 days" then I see her get even more embarrassed and shake her head then after a few seconds "No, it's been..." "um.. well... 10" I then "what? how?" and she says "well umm.. I hadn't really need to go for a couple days then, every time I felt the need to go I was in the middle of something or the bathroom was already in use or something and just forgot then I figured I could just go there but well you know", I then ask "um... so you bout done?" and I hear her begin to pee she tells me "yeah, I think I'm pretty much done just got a small bit more and to pee" then she looks at me a laughs I ask her whats funny and she tells me with a giggle, "you have to go now too, huh?" I say "why do you say that?" and she say "hehe because you can't sit still and you got your hand behind your butt hehe" I tell her "OK, fine just hurry up!" and she just laughs more and I hear something plop and she farts and then she tells me "ok I think I'm done, here" then she looks at me and then gets embarrassed "um.. ok you can go now" as she gets up I ask her whats a matter she and she said "I um.. just realized your going to see what I did in the toilet" and I say "OH hehe, don't worry I'm sure it's impressive" I joke, as I get off the counter, she pushes me back "MIKA!" and I then let out big fart in surprise and she starts laughing as I rush over to the toilet and sit really quick and didn't get a look in the toilet and a feel a poo rush out then pee a bit and then done I get up a look in and see alot of poop, one decent sized log coming out of the drain and then 3 more around it and another long one floating witch was mine, any way that was pretty much it, we cleaned up and stuff, but it just left my curious bout how much so went.

This is my first time posting on here I think so I'm just gonna share a story that happened I wanna say 8-10 years ago when I was 8-11 years old. And thinking about it I was probably 10 at the time. In Elementary School I had a friend named Kylie. She was very pretty with brown hair a slim body about 5'1 and for a 10 year old... had a pretty big bum. At that age I used to think that if you had a big bum you had big poops so I always wondered how big her poops were. We had never talked about pooping before which I usually discussed with my friends after the age of 9. I'd usually say "I have to take a poop" or "Do you wanna come to the bathroom with me I have to poop" to most of my friends but Kylie and I never discussed it... until one day in November. It was the Tuesday right after Thanksgiving and we were on the playground, our other friend Emma wasn't at school that day so it was just me and her at lunch and then at recess. I was on the swings and she sat there in front of me looking uncomfortable. I hopped off and got on my knees close to her and asked "Are you okay" and she says "Can I be honest with you" "Yeah" "I have to poop really badly but I'm scared to" and I was shocked that we finally said something bathroom related to each other, and she said, "I had a lot to eat on Thanksgiving and at lunch and I haven't pooped since Friday but I don't want to go here but I can't hold it anymore" "Do you want to go with me I won't mind" "Yes please I'd love to go with you". We asked a recess aid if we could go in to use the bathroom and she agreed. We went upstairs and to the second closest bathroom which had two stalls and the door could lock. We went in and I went to the sink and fiddled with my hair and saw Kylie holding her bum cheeks together in the mirror. She goes to the back stall and locks the door and her leggings go to her ankles followed by her purple underwear, at that point I thought to myself and remembered that I also hadn't pooped since Friday so I decided to go as well. I pushed my leggings to a little under my knees and sat down. I heard Kylie quietly fart but it was mostly just air, and I silently farted to but it smelt so bad. I heard the door open and saw pink and black Adidas shoes and a lady wearing a blue sweatshirt and I noticed that it was Ms. McKinley, our science teacher. Right when she walked in she says, "pew wee you girls are doing a recess poop in here" and just to be nice I said, "Yes ma'am Thanksgiving hit us hard". My back door opened wide and a big turd slicked out of my bum and dropped in the toilet. I wiped my bum and flushed the toilet and let Ms. McKinley take my stall, she pushed her jeans down to knees and I heard of bunch of diarrhea splash in the toilet very fast. I heard Kylie wipe and flush the toilet and we went back outside to recess.

Jay, it really seems like you and I are the same person! I've had the exact same experiences with my mom especially when I was younger. And that brings me to several stories with my mom lol. Here goes.

Growing up, my mom was the same way and still is at times: always left the door open whether she had to pee or poop. But she never did that when my older brother was around.

One time when I was little we were on a road trip at a rest stop and in one of the stalls there were 2 toilets. A small one and a regular one. We both really had to go so we took advantage of the 2 toilets situation. She pulled her pants down and got on the regular one, and I pulled mine down and got on the smaller one. We both peed at the same time and she had to poop too and so did I. So we both start pushing. She seemed to be having a hard time so I asked "are you having troubles?" and she said "yes but it'll be fine."

I saw her face turning red and scrunched up but I kept effortlessly pushing out my poops. Holding onto the rail beside her, she stood up off the toilet a little bit and looked between her legs. I looked and there was about a foot long poop coming out of her. I said "there's a poopy coming out of you!" and she said "I know. I'll be done in a few minutes." She eventually got done and wiped herself and I wiped myself too when she wiped herself.

I always had an innocent fascination with pee and poop coming out. So when she went to the bathroom I always wanted to watch. In public toilets my mom encouraged me to hover over the toilet instead of actually sitting on it. She did the same thing. It was more of a clear view when she hovered. If the stall was big enough I'd look beside her and see her poop coming. Like I said, sometimes she didn't hover in public toilets, like the time I talked about before. But she always made sure to put a protective toilet seat cover over it before sitting on it.

And then one time I was just playing and my mom was on the computer. She sneezed and her face after that was like an "oh boy" face. I asked her what's wrong and she just said don't worry I'm ok. Then she carefully got up out of the chair and looked on the chair and saw there was a puddle. There was wetness on her pants and she'd obviously peed herself. She took her pants and underwear off and put them downstairs in the dirty laundry. See, being a girl in the house and my brother being out of the house a lot meant she was comfortable with being naked and exposed like that because I was a girl too and obviously she didn't mind my dad seeing. Then she went into the bathroom (I followed her) and sat on the toilet and relieved herself even more. I laughed a little but not in a mean way, and she told me not to laugh.

Another time I was in my room and I walked into my parents bedroom to say goodnight and I see that my mom is walking to the bathroom with her pants and underwear down to her ankles, and I could see she had diarrhea in her underwear, so she sat on the toilet and I just said good night to her then.


Mom and daughter toilet habits

My mom was and still is very open about using the bathroom. At home, she remains very casual about sitting on the toilet, often with the door ajar about an inch. Dad would just walk in, open the cabinet next to where she was sitting, pull out the aspirin bottle, and take a couple of them. Then he would lean down, kiss her, and asked if she was waiting for a suppository to move her. It would take me a couple of minutes to finally figure out what "move," "physic" and a couple of other words meant since I was only about 5 or 6 at the time.

A couple of years before that after I had graduated from the kiddie potty and needed to pee when mom was in one of her longer sits, she would widen her legs, slide back on the toilet and make a space for me in front of her. I got use to that and so enjoyed the attention and keeping her company, although my wee would be done fairly fast. I remember once, I think I was in 1st grade and it was right after school and I had just come home and needed to poo. She motioned for me to take the seat. I started pooing as soon as my butt cleared the front of the seat. She seemed surprised and told me it was bad to hold it in. She said I should have gone at school. She asked me a series of questions about bathroom breaks, how Miss Clark handled our bathroom needs, and how many times I had used the bathroom at school that day.
I could tell she wasn't satisfied with some of my answers.

About a year later mom was constipated again and sitting on the toilet when I came home from school. This time she was trimming her pubic hairs. I had to pee, but this time she was more firm with me. She said I should have gone at school and could catch some sort of sickness (now I realize it as a urinary tract infection) for holding my pee. She didn't say my bladder would explode or anything, but my best friend Claudine said her babysitter had to miss an assignment because of some infection she had gotten.

Shortly after that mom started using Claudine has an example. For example, when asked Claudine told my mom during one afternoon snack we were having that she had used the toilet three times that day at school. I had to report only one sit. Then one day when I came home from 3rd grade with a good report card and mom was working in the yard, she knew I was hurrying toward the bathroom. However, she took out her car keys and surprised me with a couple hours of errands. Of course she knew I had to crap. And bad. I had been holding it since lunch. We got about six blocks from home and I started to cry. Mom pulled off the busy street and took a shortcut into a park. I thought she was going to yell at me with another lecture.

Negative. She pulled into this large picnic area. Turned the ignition off. Then she pointed up a small hill and to a restroom building. "Girls on the right. Go!" I knew she was saving me from an embarrassing accident on the seat of our two-month-old car. I hurried into the building. Two dirty toilets with bugs and an odor you could see from the doorway. No partitions. I took the toilet with no pee on the seat, although there was unflushed poo in the bowl. I dropped my underwear, pulled up my green skirt, and placed myself upon a very large and uncomfortable seat. In one poof my poo came out. I did a couple of wipes with this really coarse toilet paper that one of my fingers broke through. I partially washed my hands with a leaky faucet at the one sink. Then I ran outside and down to mom's car.

She smiled, asked if I had learned my lesson and then kissed me. My lesson was learned from that experience. She treated me to dinner at the mall. She and I both peed twice there; both in separate toilets. The next morning she checked my room hamper for my underwear. There was a big streak in mine from the park poop. She showed it to me and said I probably needed to double my number of wipes. Then she embraced me and said I was making progress. Now ten years later as a high school senior I'm trying to break by long-time friend Kennard who almost every day makes a run home to crap before returning to me so we can do our school work together.

Victoria B.

Mirror, Mirror


To Taylor: You are so kind! I hope you find yourself a pooping partner as cool as Robyn!

I got out of my morning class today with a sharp urge to poop. Unusually for me I even softly farted during class. It was well-timed and nobody noticed but I still prefer to do most of my farting while sat down on the toilet. Porcelain offers much better acoustics, doesn't it?

I decided to give one of the single occupancy unisex bathrooms in the building a try. I've said that I don't mind a little company in the bathroom before but my behind also has a case of wanderlust and loves to try out new toilets! There were two, one on either side of the hallway, and I was already happy looking at the signs. They both said "Restroom" and instead of the antiquated naked-man-and-woman-in-a-dress there was an image of a toilet instead. So much more representative of people of all (or no) genders!

Anyway, I picked one and hit paydirt right away. There was a sink next to the toilet on one wall and then on the opposite wall, literally right in front of the toilet, was a mirror! How provocative! I took my gray slacks to my ankles and grabbed the blue waistband of my outer space patterned bikini panties and took them down as well before sitting down on the clean white seat. I had peed before class and so I decided to use the extra time to take a nice selfie, complete with protruding tongue and obscene hand gesture. It got sent to Robyn right away with the caption "the ride of my life!"

I got down to business after slaking the silliness and it was all over within ten seconds as three medium-sized logs were pooped out before the water knew what hit it! A fart and then a nice topping of soft serve concluded the transaction. All that was left was the paperwork and this may be TMI but the TP on hand made me glad that I hadn't opted for a thong during this morning's survey of my bra and undies drawer! I'm writing this hours later but my cheeks and bumhole are still voicing their displeasure.

I flushed, got up and dressed again before washing my hands and going on about my day, feeling lighter and happy that I'd felt confident enough about myself to take a big poop right in front of a mirror.
Have any of you ever used a bathroom with a mirror right in front of a toilet?


P>Victoria B.

Toilet gods and goddesses


One of my classes this semester is on classical rhetoric. It's dense stuff but I'm enjoying it so far. Anyway, I learned today that the ancient Romans had a goddess who protected their sewer system named Cloacina. She was invoked in times when the system clogged or overflowed. My goddess, in other words!
They also may or may not have had a toilet god named Crepitus, who was invoked when someone had diarrhea or was constipated and couldn't go.

This got me interested and I found out that toilet gods are or were also venerated in Japan, Korea and China. It's interesting because bathrooms for me represent places of safety and comfort and it seems that people across a bunch of different cultures feel the same way!



A Quadruple

Hey guys! I've pooped more today than I've done in a while. In total, I pooped 4 times all of which were broken up bits of shit. One of my afternoon loads was gassy at the beginning, and my last was the least amount. It too, was gassy, but the middle poop had the most gas. I don't know about you guys, but I'm sure lots of you have had a broken up quad poop before. Happy pooping to all, and good night.

Toilet accident

I just had kinda an accident while peeing. My bladder was pretty full I guess. I watch myself do my business occasionally, and I decided to do so again tonight. Well, that was a mistake. I got on the toilet, got my pants off, and spread my legs and held my labia open with my fingers. I began to pee, which was fine at first, and then suddenly my pee stream squirts out a bit more and it gets on the toilet seat! I quickly ended my stream and moved back so that it wouldn't happen again. I let go of my labia and just kept peeing as I took some toilet paper and wiped the seat. It happened twice actually! I wiped my lady bits a few times actually, and wiped the floor in front of the toilet and the toilet seat a few times too. Wow! Has this happened to anyone else? When I was younger and was getting my diapers changed, when I was a bit older and more mischievous I sometimes would pee while being changed as soon as my diaper was taken off, and my pee would spray up just like the popular funny thing about boys peeing during diaper changes and getting their pee everywhere. If my bladder really is that full or if I push the pee out that forcefully, it'll squirt like that and I'll end up making a mess!


Dear Victoria

Yes, toilet gods are venerate in Japan. And Indonesia! Do you know Hainuwele? I wrote about her page 2474.

Love, Minappe


Deb & Incontenence Underwear

I am a male but will still contribute. Due to bladder and bowel issues I wear disposable incontenence undies. They are a godsend. They handle leakages of both kinds and you can fart how you like and if you get more than you expected just change your undies. Also, sometimes I have restrictions in my physical movements due to my medical condition and that can make wiping my bottom a difficult slow process. When that happens I only need a couple of wipes and the undies look after the rests. I saw a medical specialist only this week and he wants me to take medicine to improve my bladder incontenence, however, the medicine is likely to make my constipation even worse . I would sooner put up with the present situation with my undies. Give them a try!

Taylor T

A few replies

To Kate- Amazing story I love pooping at school, especially with a friend. When you were going what did you mean by "My back door opened wide and a big turd slicked out of my bum". I've never heard that terminology before but I really like it lol! I should use it sometime.

To anonymous person: I noticed a little while ago use asked if I could share some stories, right now I'm on a road trip so hopefully this will go through to the website and I plan on sharing a lot of stories. I've pooped at school countless times, even at friends houses I poop all the time, I feel like the IKEA story would be really boring, I had one turd about 8 inches long and it wasn't all that exciting, I do have a story that happened last month with my mom's friend and her kids when I was watching them at their house.

To Ohio Toiletstool Fan: My ideal dump is:
1: At home, doesn't matter if people are there or not
2: Sitting on the seat with my pants and underwear around my ankles
3: A big gassy poop coming out of my bum
4: I also like texting my friends when I'm on the toilet
Like I said in one of my first posts, if you saw me in real life I'd look completely normal but behind closed doors I love talking about poops and taking big poops lol.

That's pretty much all I have for now like I said I'm in a road trip from Missouri where I live down to Kansas where my grandfather lives. I'll be staying there for the entire week with my mom taking big gassy poops in my own bathroom and posting about it lmao. And I plan on sharing some stories about other stuff!

Victoria B.

Toilet paper survey!


My unpleasant encounter yesterday got me thinking and I decided to do a survey about wiping the slate(s) clean. I'm on the toilet pooping as I write this so bear with me.

1) Wet wipes-yes or no?
(Small plop; crackle, bigger plop)

2) How much do you use per wiping session?
(Two tiny plops and then three more)

3) Are you a folder or a scruncher?
(Crackle splash, crackle splash)

4) What's your brand of choice?
(Soft fart)

5) Do you wipe your butt between your legs or from behind
(Tiny plop)

6) Any notably terrible wiping experiences?
(Still more to go, punctuated by a small fart)

7) What do you do if you've gone and only then noticed that you're stranded without paper?
(Another small piece)

8) Front-to-back or back-to-front?
(Still feels like more)

10) Do you wipe standing up or sitting down?

9) Have you ever flushed paper separate from pee and poop to stop a clog?

10) Do you wipe your front first or your behind first?
(Some mushy stuff)

My answers:
1) No. They don't fully dissolve in water and the last thing I need is more plumbing problems
2) I try to keep it within five pieces for both front and back but sometimes things get messier (Two crackly farts and some more soft-serve)
3) I'm a folder
4) Purple pack Cottonelle Ultra
5) I slide forward on the seat and wipe from behind (I'm done now but I won't get up until I finish these answers)
6) Yesterday is a good example-I went with cotton boy shorts that are super comfy but give me bad pantylines today!
7) I'm not afraid to ask for paper if someone else is in the bathroom but I've also done the pants-down dance to another stall!
8) Front to back since I learned to wipe my own buns
9) Oh yes.
10) I wipe and flush sitting down!

Time to do both of these now!



Hospital story

I have a hospital story I'm a guy btw and I have only just recently been diagnosed with IBS anyway this story is from a few years ago
I went to the hospital for surgery on my arm and after the surgery I was really of my head from all the drugs and there was a medication they were giving me to help with constipation from one of the other drugs at this time I was 14 and I remember the nurses telling me I can use the portable toilet thing that they put near my bed I spent a few days in the hospital and some alone cause my parents still had jobs so the nurses started to know me but at first I was very uncomfortable with it and I was really embarrassed because of the diarrhea caused by the laxative drug and the fact that I was only seperated from other patients by a curtain but could still see the people directly ahead of me the person who was opposite me changed like every 1 or 2 days

Any at on my first day there the nurses were origannly using bed pans cause I couldn't really walk I was so tired and I've never had to use a bed pan before so that was a weird experience and i remember cause it was pure brown slop it shot out my bum at the first time and landed in the floor cause of the positioning and then I remember it running down the side of my butt cheek and it was really messy but the nurse cleaned it up
Anyway the next day they told me about the portable toilet being placed by my bed so u can try and go by myself and I remember getting up for the toilet now remember I had a hospital gown on with no cloths underneath and as I stood up I walked to close my front curtain so the person opposite couldn't see me and as I was pulling the curtain across I just felt the poo push it self out and it was all just landing in the floor so u called for the nurse to clean up and said sorry but they didn't mind the person opposite me was abit grossed out I think but I knew they were leaving soon anyway

On my second to last night I remember waking up in the morning and I had shit myself in my sleep there was a big sloppy mess on my bed next to me and on my butt cause I sleep on my side anyway after these few days the nurses knew me and I was getting less embarrassed and it makes me think I don't think nurse get enough credit cause the pure mess and smell I caused and they cleaned it up each day and were still so nice they deserve medals or more pay because they do a good job

Sunday, October 20, 2019

Jay, it really seems like you and I are the same person! I've had the exact same experiences with my mom especially when I was younger. And that brings me to several stories with my mom lol. Here goes.

Growing up, my mom was the same way and still is at times: always left the door open whether she had to pee or poop. But she never did that when my older brother was around.

One time when I was little we were on a road trip at a rest stop and in one of the stalls there were 2 toilets. A small one and a regular one. We both really had to go so we took advantage of the 2 toilets situation. She pulled her pants down and got on the regular one, and I pulled mine down and got on the smaller one. We both peed at the same time and she had to poop too and so did I. So we both start pushing. She seemed to be having a hard time so I asked "are you having troubles?" and she said "yes but it'll be fine."

I saw her face turning red and scrunched up but I kept effortlessly pushing out my poops. Holding onto the rail beside her, she stood up off the toilet a little bit and looked between her legs. I looked and there was about a foot long poop coming out of her. I said "there's a poopy coming out of you!" and she said "I know. I'll be done in a few minutes." She eventually got done and wiped herself and I wiped myself too when she wiped herself.

I always had an innocent fascination with pee and poop coming out. So when she went to the bathroom I always wanted to watch. In public toilets my mom encouraged me to hover over the toilet instead of actually sitting on it. She did the same thing. It was more of a clear view when she hovered. If the stall was big enough I'd look beside her and see her poop coming. Like I said, sometimes she didn't hover in public toilets, like the time I talked about before. But she always made sure to put a protective toilet seat cover over it before sitting on it.

And then one time I was just playing and my mom was on the computer. She sneezed and her face after that was like an "oh boy" face. I asked her what's wrong and she just said don't worry I'm ok. Then she carefully got up out of the chair and looked on the chair and saw there was a puddle. There was wetness on her pants and she'd obviously peed herself. She took her pants and underwear off and put them downstairs in the dirty laundry. See, being a girl in the house and my brother being out of the house a lot meant she was comfortable with being naked and exposed like that because I was a girl too and obviously she didn't mind my dad seeing. Then she went into the bathroom (I followed her) and sat on the toilet and relieved herself even more. I laughed a little but not in a mean way, and she told me not to laugh.

Another time I was in my room and I walked into my parents bedroom to say goodnight and I see that my mom is walking to the bathroom with her pants and underwear down to her ankles, and I could see she had diarrhea in her underwear, so she sat on the toilet and I just said good night to her then.

This is my first time posting on here I think so I'm just gonna share a story that happened I wanna say 8-10 years ago when I was 8-11 years old. And thinking about it I was probably 10 at the time. In Elementary School I had a friend named Kylie. She was very pretty with brown hair a slim body about 5'1 and for a 10 year old... had a pretty big bum. At that age I used to think that if you had a big bum you had big poops so I always wondered how big her poops were. We had never talked about pooping before which I usually discussed with my friends after the age of 9. I'd usually say "I have to take a poop" or "Do you wanna come to the bathroom with me I have to poop" to most of my friends but Kylie and I never discussed it... until one day in November. It was the Tuesday right after Thanksgiving and we were on the playground, our other friend Emma wasn't at school that day so it was just me and her at lunch and then at recess. I was on the swings and she sat there in front of me looking uncomfortable. I hopped off and got on my knees close to her and asked "Are you okay" and she says "Can I be honest with you" "Yeah" "I have to poop really badly but I'm scared to" and I was shocked that we finally said something bathroom related to each other, and she said, "I had a lot to eat on Thanksgiving and at lunch and I haven't pooped since Friday but I don't want to go here but I can't hold it anymore" "Do you want to go with me I won't mind" "Yes please I'd love to go with you". We asked a recess aid if we could go in to use the bathroom and she agreed. We went upstairs and to the second closest bathroom which had two stalls and the door could lock. We went in and I went to the sink and fiddled with my hair and saw Kylie holding her bum cheeks together in the mirror. She goes to the back stall and locks the door and her leggings go to her ankles followed by her purple underwear, at that point I thought to myself and remembered that I also hadn't pooped since Friday so I decided to go as well. I pushed my leggings to a little under my knees and sat down. I heard Kylie quietly fart but it was mostly just air, and I silently farted to but it smelt so bad. I heard the door open and saw pink and black Adidas shoes and a lady wearing a blue sweatshirt and I noticed that it was Ms. McKinley, our science teacher. Right when she walked in she says, "pew wee you girls are doing a recess poop in here" and just to be nice I said, "Yes ma'am Thanksgiving hit us hard". My back door opened wide and a big turd slicked out of my bum and dropped in the toilet. I wiped my bum and flushed the toilet and let Ms. McKinley take my stall, she pushed her jeans down to knees and I heard of bunch of diarrhea splash in the toilet very fast. I heard Kylie wipe and flush the toilet and we went back outside to recess.


A reply and survey answers

Victoria B - I LOVED your latest story with Robyn, I really admire your friendship. Enjoy pooping with her, it's such a magical moment when you share it with a friend. You may be nervous now but I'm sure it will very quickly fade once you're sat on the toilet.

Do you prefer an elongated or round bowl?
I prefer an elongated bowl but I think that's because it's what I've always had at home.

Public toilets:
White seats or black seats?
Black seats

Do you use toilet paper/seat covers on the seat or do you sit down bare butt?
Bare butt! I always have done and always will.

Which do you prefer, a more flat seat or a contoured seat?
Contoured! Once you try it you can never go back. I love how they seem to hug my butt!

Private toilets:
Flat or contoured seat?

Bare butt or covered seat?
Bare butt.

What's your preferred seat material among plastic, wood, or soft/padded?

Cover or no cover on the lid?
No cover.

Mark: Ugh, very relateable. I have SUCH a nosy family.
Katy: Oof, I can't even imagine. I sure hope Samantha can laugh about it now though- ❤

The bathroom is almost like a sacred place to me because it's the only place where I can be alone. I could spend hours on there, and I typically bring a book to read and stuff.

My mom told me a story of how my uncle had a bad habit of sleepwalking. One night he was sleepwalking and mistaked a garbage can as a toilet, peed in it, went back to bed, and had no recollection of it in the morning. But they figured it out- haha.

Question: What are some of the strangest places you've peed?

Happy pooping! Ol


Early morning park craps

With fall here and the temperatures getting cooler I'm finding that I'm looking forward to my walk with our dogs each morning to the park. It is great exercise for them as well as me. Oh yes, the highlight is my stop at a coffee shop and my black to-go coffee in my right hand as I walk the dogs. There's one constant: about 30 minutes after I finish my coffee my crap's in the chute and ready to come out. My Adam says it is my best damn laxative and I have to agree. My body first got use to it about 10 years ago when I was in high school and it hasn't lost any of its potency now that I'm coaching and in graduate school. So while I'm crapping, our dogs, which I unleash are romping on the ballfield.

There's this really old brick hut-type building with bathrooms on opposite sides. Well perhaps its not the conventional bathroom--just two toilets out in the open and a sink and mirror close by on the opposite side of the room. Because of my size, I'm 6'6" and my large craps, which my Adam calls "bowl fillers" and he's not exaggerating, I'm always certain to check for toilet paper before I take my seat on the faded black toilet seat on the toilet with a lot of hair-line cracks in the bowl and stains to match. Yesterday I found the toilet paper roll behind each stool was gone, so with my need knocking, I hurried to the other side to get some out of the guys' bathroom. It was about 8:30 and with schools in session and no cars parked nearby I barged into the bathroom. I was totally startled and embarrassed to find a boy, probably about 7 or 8 with a backpack in front of his spread legs sitting on the toilet. He not only was surprised because of my interruption, but also I think because of my size.

I asked permission to go to the far-side toilet and pull off some toilet paper. He said that was fine and seemed to laugh a little as I looked the other way, pulled down a generous amount, and hurriedly walked by him looking the other way. Sitting on the cold seat back in my bathroom seemed a little different, but I know my body heat and embarrassment was high. It was a ring-stretcher that took about 3 minutes in a slow slide to exit and as I looked between my legs into the water, I saw what an enormous contribution it was. Since I was a little sore, I saw a few minutes longer until the dogs came chasing one other in and around in front of me. When Sneaker calmed down, he began sniffing my black thong which was between my legs on the concrete floor level. I used every bit of the paper for wiping, although I did a preliminary flush before starting my wipe since I didn't want to stop up the stool for the next user.

When I exited the boy was just cutting through the picnic table area in front of me. Again I apologized and he was invited to come and pet our dogs. He declined. I think their large size was a factor. But we did have a brief conversation. He shares a one bathroom house with five sisters and said he would have to get up at 5 a.m. in order to beat his mom and sisters to the bathroom. I asked about waiting until he got to school, but again he just shook his head and I took that to mean he doesn't have confidence to use the bathroom when he's around his friends. I knew of girls who had that attitude back in grade school, too, but I was surprised that its a guy issue too.

Marie, the girl patterns seem to be more varied.


What's that saying...

... "like a rabbit in headlights"? I was, at the worst possible moment...

I was on my way back from a night out and as usual after a while needed a wee. So I squatted in an alleyway, behind a bin, and was weeing onto the ground, when all of a sudden I was lit up! A van was turning into the alleyway with lights on... they must have seen me, really embarrassing!!

Victoria B.

Toilet gods and goddesses


One of my classes this semester is on classical rhetoric. It's dense stuff but I'm enjoying it so far. Anyway, I learned today that the ancient Romans had a goddess who protected their sewer system named Cloacina. She was invoked in times when the system clogged or overflowed. My goddess, in other words!
They also may or may not have had a toilet god named Crepitus, who was invoked when someone had diarrhea or was constipated and couldn't go.

This got me interested and I found out that toilet gods are or were also venerated in Japan, Korea and China. It's interesting because bathrooms for me represent places of safety and comfort and it seems that people across a bunch of different cultures feel the same way!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Desp2poo great story the 4 of you were beyond desperate at least you all got to a toilet in time even with seconds to spare in some cases.

To: Juliette From France it sounds like you had a pretty rough time but at least you had a nice view while you pooped.

To: Victoria B great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Wednesday, October 16, 2019


Hospital Worker

The stories I have, compared to yours are very bland. I have two lame stories the first being I had a small procedure the year before last and the nurse wanted me to use the bathroom . She waited just outside the door whilst I had a poo. A couple of years earlier I had a bladder procedure and after it the nurse wanted me to wee . I was shakey on my legs so she sat me on the toilet whilst I did the required wee whilst she watched. Those sort of things do not worry me in the slightest. I have been to a therapist for enemas for constipation a number of times. It was nowhere near as dramatic as your episode but I had not been so long without a BM. Nonetheless when you have had three years enemas in the one session you know about it!!!! Thanks again for your post .


Grand Bend

Hello. My name is Deb and I have posted a few times here before.

Now that I am in my 40's and since we had our daughter last year, I am finding that it has put me into early menopause which makes my periods very unpredictable. I am also finding that I am almost constantly bleeding so I have to wear a pad all the time to avoid any embarrassing leaks. It has also had a terrible effect on my bowels, giving me the worst diarrhea I have ever experienced.

This past weekend my husband, daughter and I drove to Grand Bend to visit with my parents for Thanksgiving. We went just went for the day on Saturday. Before we left London, we stopped at this thrift clothing store. While we were walking around I felt a gush or blood pour out of me, soaking my pad. My husband asked, "Are you okay!" I said "No, I just had a gush. I need a toilet right away."

Luckily, this store had customer washrooms, so I made my way to the Ladies' Room, still bleeding badly. I pulled down my jeans and hipster panties and saw that my pad was soaked. It had already started leaking on both sides at the back, beyond the wings. I checked my purse for a pad to change into, but to my utter disbelief, I forgot to pack extra pads.

I pulled up my jeans and panties along with my soaking wet pad and went to find my husband and daughter. I told him that I needed to go over to Shoppers Drug Mart to buy some pads. On our way out of the Thrift store, I stopped to buy some black tights. Fortunately, they also had a package of three bikini panties, so I bought them as well.

I went over to Shoppers and bought some Always Overnight Ultra Thins. We then stopped at A&W so I could finally change my pad. Since my hipster panties and jeans were also stained from my accident, I changed them as well.

On our drive, my period was still going strong, but my bowels were really acting up as well. A really bad cramp hit me and I let out a moan. My husband asked, "What's wrong? Are you still bleeding heavily?" I said "No! I'm having diarrhea. I need a toilet!" Right then, a shot of diarrhea poured out of me, instantly filling my new bikini panties. I could feel the mess soaking into my overnight pad. I kept having the runs for the entire one hour drive to Grand Bend. By the time we got to my parents house, my new panties and tights were filled. My pad was a total right off as well.

I decided to have a shower to get properly cleaned up and put my tights and two pairs of panties in the wash. I had to put my jeans back on, even though they were stained from my leak at the thrift store.

Throughout the day, I was soaking through a pad almost every hour. The diarrhea was still bad too and a few times I let some out on my pad.

The drive back to London was terrible as well. I had another accident with my pad leaking and I was still having diarrhea as well. It was horrible.

Before I go, I have a question for the ladies here...

If you are now in that stage of life where you are peri-menopausal, are you having the same issues that I am? If so, what are you doing to cope with it?

As you can see from this story and my other posts, I have had accidents before both with my period leaking and having diarrhea in my pants. I always try to have lots of supplies with me along with a change of pants and panties. How about everyone else?

Thank you.


Ideal Dump

To Michael W: I thought I'd contribute my ideal dump..
1. It should have a surprising consistency as long as it's not alarming (such as having blood).
2. I enjoy sitting with my feet on the floor, not leaned over much, and door closed.
3. I enjoy multiple movements.
On to my story! Today I had a medium sized breakfast, and took 2 dumps. They were kind of sludgy, and stinky. I'm sure it looked like mush. I wiped a moderate amount, and felt satisfied. Interestingly, last night I dreamed of having this same poop consistency, but I was at my old house about to take a shower. Bye, hope you enjoy my contribution.



So this is question for people who also occasionally wear goodnites on here or have children that do. Which has cooler patterns in your opinion Boy's or Girl's goodnites?


page 755

I just discovered another Mina on this site!! She is on page 755. She is not me!! Please you don't confuse.

Love from your very own Mina

P.S. From now I write my name Mina[ppe] every time, so you don't confuse with other Mina. And Juliette....I found out that French people read my name different, so please imagine that there is accent on e of Minappe. Acute accent maybe.


Thin Walls

I'm so uncomfortable right now... it's 1 in the morning and i'm sitting here squirming in the chair because I know I need to go. My stomach is cramping and I can just feel it there. But I can't ever get any privacy here to let it out in peace.

I woke up at 10:30 today having not "gone" for three days, and immediately knew it was waiting. But of course my roommate was taking what seemed like an hour long shower, and by the time I had got control and they were out, the need had left. Now it's late enough at night that everyone else is asleep, and every time I go to the bathroom at this time of night, I ALWAYS hear one of them wake up and go in immediately after me. I don't want to wake someone up with my bathroom noises, it's too embarrassing.

Ugh. I need to GO. I can literally SMELL how bad I need to go, because I can barely stop farting. But there's no way i'm going to risk waking anyone up for them to go in the bathroom immediately after me and smell it or know what I was doing. All I want is for them to leave the house for fifteen minutes or so just so I can go without anyone around. Why is that so much to ask? I shouldn't have to hold it this long!


My Mom Pooping on the Toilet

I remember at 8 or 9 years old, my mom got off the toilet to answer the phone with her pants around her ankles. She had diarrhea and the smell went throughout the whole house. I didn't see the inside of the toilet, but I do remember seeing her with her pants down and shit dripping off her ass cheek. Mind you, my mom was/is overweight. I wasn't trying to look, but she was in her room with the door open and I glanced over and slightly vomited.

Another time when I was 13 or 14, my mom was had diarrhea again (the smell of her shit would burn my nose) and she was on the toilet in master bedroom. Her cellphone was ringing and she was expecting an important call. As she was shitting with the door open, she calls my name and tells me to come in the bathroom. As soon as I walk in, the smell was almost unbearable and I hear her shit splattering in the toilet bowl. She tells me to hand her the phone... so I leave and when I come back she start wiping her ass and I see a glimpse off the toilet paper she used. I hand her the phone and immediately leave.

My mom would always use the toilet with the door open no matter if she had to piss or shit. The sounds of her farting and her shitting were nasty. And she would sit there for 30 minutes and sometimes up to an hour. It was horrible lol


Female Student. and. Mina

Your post was realistic and earthy. Yes, we all do it so it should be enjoyed. I have not done a. "Bush poo " for a very long time . I prefer to find a low fallen branch and sit over it and " let nature take its course". The only problem Female Student is that I might not poo fast enough and fall too far behind in the group. Some of my best poos have been outdoors. I find it liberating and envigourating !!!! Once I had a laxative poo and left a pool if what looked like a flood of caramel sauce. I actually did it three times on that particular morning. As to Mina's post I would give a lot to go into a public toilet.... drop my pants and sit and have a big, big diarrhoea. I really need a clean out. As to your friend with constipation have you ever tried putting a lubricated finger up her bottom whilst she pushes. It helps me but you need to find someone who will do that.


Boyfriend's Bad Belly

One thing you should know about my boyfriend is that he never goes to the toilet during the night unless he's got problems with his belly. We made love last night and laid cuddling afterwards when his belly started to make gurgly noises. After a few minutes he told me he was suffering with bad belly ache and started rubbing his bloated guts. He belched a couple of times then farted loudly.

'Aw baby are you okay?' I gently rubbed his neck. 'I don't know, my belly really hurts' he groaned, shifting around, clearly very uncomfortable. I gently rubbed his growling belly for him until he eventually fell asleep. I was woken at 0430 by him jumping out of bed and running out the room, clutching his bum. I heard a loud splash in the bathroom: he was having watery diarrhoea.

I knocked gently on the bathroom door, 'baby do you need me to get you anything?' I asked. He sounded really embarrassed as he asked me for some water. I slowly opened the door and passed him the glass. He looked really uncomfortable so I slowly began rubbing his neck and held his hand. 'I'm sorry' he moaned as sloppy sounding liquid splattered the bowl.

'it's OK you'll feel better once it's out' I reassured him. He smiled briefly as more runny poo fell out of him. 'you're so sweet' he kissed me. Eventually the evacuations became less frequent and he felt well enough to go back to bed.

'I'm really sorry, I didn't know I was going to have diarrhoea or I'd have warned you not to stay' he looked mortified. 'then I wouldn't be able to look after you' I pointed out. He smiled and fell asleep with me cuddling him.

As soon as his work alarm went off he ran to the toilet for an explosive poo. The whole car journey he was complaining of belly ache and releasing very potent farts. As we got there he moaned and grabbed his belly, 'baby I REALLY need another poo' he cried. He ran straight to the staff toilets for the next round.

Victoria B.



I wanted to write to everyone to say that Robyn's doing better now. She was prescribed something that caused her to get so constipated. She told her doctor about it and they took her off that particular medication! It made us even closer but honestly I would've helped anyone out on the toilet in the same situation. It just happened to be my best friend and, Mina, I thought of you, Maholin, Kazu, and Chae while it was happening.

Robyn told me that she wanted me to poop for her and I said yes. She also said she'd hold my hand, plunge or even wipe for me so everyone here will have that to read about soon. I'm nervous but also excited!


Erin B.

Nursing school Bathroom

Hey guys! Today I have a story about a dump I had during my first of nursing school.

So this morning I go to school at about 8 and had class at 8:15. When I got class I could feel pressure in my stomach but didn't think it was anything big. So class goes on and by the time class ends my stomach felt so full and bloated. I had a big breakfast with lots of coffee so that's probably what caused my stomach to hurt. After class ended I told my friends I meet up with them later and went straight to the bathroom down the hall. The nursing building is fairly new but you'd be surprised with how dirty and get sometimes. I went into the bathroom and it had 10 stalls with most of them in use. There were some people pooping and others peeing. I found an open stall and went in. Like I said before it gets surprisingly dirty! There was unflushed poop in the toilet so I flushed it and it went down. I pulled down my blue scrubs and panties to my knees and sat down. My neighbor on my right was quiet and was just sitting there. I got settled and started peeing. My pee lasted about 15 seconds then I pushed and this long log made its way out with a really ripe smell and fell with a plop in the toilet. I pushed some more and I cracked out some more poop with about 4 plops in succession. Meanwhile, my neighbor was grunting and I could hear some crackling with 2 plops. The stall on my left had been empty until this person hurried in and sat down quick. I heard their butt hit the seat and their pee stream was very strong. They had a soft fart with 3 small plops at the end. The bathroom smelled pretty bad as lots of girls have to poop at this time of day. As I pushed some more I looked in the bowl and saw my huge log snake around the bowl. I felt some more in me and pushed out a 2 more medium length logs with some soft farts as they came out. My neighbor on my right was wiping and used a lot of toilet paper. The person on my left was quiet and I guess she was just waiting for us to leave. I felt down and started to wipe. I used 4 wads of toilet paper with a lot of wipes to clean myself. I got up and pulled back up my scrubs and panties and went to the sinks. I ran into the person on my right and I actually had my last class with her! She was a short brunette with a fairly small body and was really nice. We both just smiled at each other and went on with our days!
Well that's all I have for today! Hope y'all enjoyed!

Michael W.

The Kids Next Door

Hi everyone, here is another story I'd like to share.

I was 15 years old and I was a Sophomore in High School. I spiked my hair up bcz of my Punk Rock phase. I was living in the duplex across the street from the High School. Anyways around October of 2003 a family moved in next door to me. My sisters Beth and Sam became friends with two of the girls who were Alexia, who was like 8 or 9, and Madison, who was 4 or 5 and she looks like Carol Anne from "Poltergeist" (1982 Version). They had two brothers, their names are Max, 11, who spiked his hair up just like me, and Dennis, 10. I became friends with these boys when I was asked to babysit these kids the night after Halloween. I would play video games with the boys while their sisters were next door hanging out with my sisters. I showed them tricks and cheat codes that I can do to unlock things in video games on my Game Boy Advance. In November, I got expelled from school for the rest of the Semester for fighting. When I came back after spending a week with my mom, me, Max, and Dennis went to the Gas station. We bought pop, candy, and junk food and sat at the tables and talked. Max said that he had to poop and he was going to use the bathroom but some guy who came in the gas station beats him to it. That guy was in there for like a half an hour. The whole time while waiting, Max was getting desperate. When the guy finally came out Max goes in there. He yelled doing the voice of Cartman from "South Park." He said "OH MY GOD! IT SMELLS LIKE CRAP IN THERE!" LOL! Me and Dennis laughed. Max was in there for like 20 minutes. Dennis said that whenever he farts or hears a fart he laughs and I said Me too. Dennis even told me that one time when he had diarrhea it was just like Jeff Daniels in "Dumb and Dumber." He said it was just like in the movie and it ended with a squeaky fart. Max told me that one time he got sick from eating Chinese food. He said that it gave him really bad diarrhea. He said that he was on the toilet for 6 hours. He said that his stomach hurt and his butthole burned, he was crying and that he pooped so much that he filled the toilet up. I was like Damn. When my sisters were having a sleep over with the girls, Samanatha told me that Alexia likes me. Alexia denies it and she blushes and her face turns red. Samantha even said "When you're not around Alexia goes Oh my God your brother is so HOT!" And Aleixa says "No I don't." Alexia is too young for me. One time Alexia says to me "Wanna see my pooping face?" I was too busy to care bcz I was doing chores. She makes her pooping face anyways. She told me to look. And her eyes are squeezed shut and she's grinning. Looking like she's pushing out a turd. I was like "Okay..." I remember one time Madison said she had diarrhea. In January 2004, I went to the mall to spend my money that I earned from Babysitting and the kids next door came along. Me and the boys had to poop so we used the bathrooms over by the food court. While we were in our stalls I said "Lets have a pooping contest. Whoever poops the most wins." Max said "You're on." Me, Dennis, and Max pushed our logs out. They both finished in 10 minutes. I still had to go. So I pushed so more out and I was done in 15 minutes. I leave the stall and check their progress and they looked at mine and I won the contest. Before we left my dad said to Max that he'd give him a dollar if he went in the Women's Restroom so he did. He said when he looked one woman was pooping and one was peeing. He got his dollar. One day on Sunday in February, Connie, their mom said she'd pay me $5 an hour to watch Max and Dennis while her and the girls went to church. While they were out we played video games in their room. 4 hours went by and their mom came back and she paid me $20. I stayed a while longer. Alexia stood outside the boys' bedroom door still in her flower church dress and smiles at me and says "Hi Michael." I said "Hi" while I was playing a video game. She goes into the bathroom which is right by the boys bedroom. Me and the boys continued playing. Alexia came out of the bathroom like 20 some minutes later. She smiles and says "Hi Michael" to me again. I said "Hi" back still focusing on the game. She goes back into the bathroom. A little while after that I felt like I had to pee so I excused myself and went to the bathroom which is right by Max and Dennis' room and I forgot that Alexia was still in there. I was going to head downstairs to use that bathroom but I heard the toilet flush and I stood and waited at the 2nd floor landing. Alexia comes out of the bathroom after being in there for almost an hour. Her underwear was around her ankles and I could see a brown stain on them. "I pooped" She said smiling about it. "That's nice" I said sarcastly. Then she let them fall to her feet. Then she took her socked foot and kicked her dirty underwear at me and laughed. The dirty underwear flew and hit my pant leg and fell to my shoe. "Ewww! Poop germs!" I said kicking the soiled clothing off my shoe to the floor. Alexia laughed. Connie, their mom yelled "ALEXIA (Her middle name and last name) YOU DON'T DO THAT WHEN WE HAVE GUESTS IN THIS HOUSE. DO YOU UNDERSTAND? THAT IS NASTY! YOU APOLOGIZE TO MICHAEL RIGHT NOW!" Alexia sighs and says "I'm sorry Michael." I said "It's okay, Please don't do that again." Alexia was such a BRAT at that age. Alexia goes to her room and I go straight to the bathroom that she just used. I peed in the toilet and I could smell her poop and I saw that she left skidmarks in the toilet but I didn't care about that. And that's my story. I'll post again later. Until next time, Happy Pooping.

Victoria B.

Toilet Bowl and Seat Survey


I was sitting on the toilet and pushing out a few logs this morning when I thought of a new survey topic: toilet bowl and seat preferences! Here goes.

Do you prefer an elongated or round bowl?

Public toilets:
White seats or black seats?
Do you use toilet paper/seat covers on the seat or do you sit down bare butt?
Which do you prefer, a more flat seat or a contoured seat?

Private toilets:
Flat or contoured seat?
Bare butt or covered seat?
What's your preferred seat material among plastic, wood, or soft/padded?
Cover or no cover on the lid?

My answers!
I prefer an elongated bowl.
Love the retro black look.
Bare buns for both since potty training!
Give me a contoured seat over a flat one any day.
Plastic, but I don't mind a good wooden seat in an older bathroom. I can't stand the padded seats though!
I think lid covers are super tacky, especially the fuzzy ones!

What do you think?



For Kathleen

Hi Kathleen, I am a 12 year old girl and I can totally relate to your daughters! I would often come home from school after a busy day, and desperate for a poo. Do you have any other stories of your girls? What are your girls like?


School bathroom instruction

My daughter Darcee is in a gifted student program and was allowed to skip one grade; therefore, she's the youngest student in her middle school and in this large school there's little bathroom privacy (no privacy doors on the toilet cubicles and there's some really mean girls who are older and seek to intimidate the younger ones).

But my Darcee's learning and fighting back.

First, I put six dresses on my credit card and now she's got more privacy sitting on the toilet; jeans and shorts pulled down while she sat just invited trouble. Second, this 9th grader would stand right at the cubicle entryway, hear Darcee's urine splash into the bowl and when it stopped, expect her to immediately stand and vacate. But my sitting an extra minute or so Darcee is often able to have her bowel movement; its something she needs to do to prevent constipation. This aggressive girl called her a @itch and kicked at her. But as Darcee sat her ground, this girl turned and shoved another student into one of the sinks and as they were arguing, Darcee grabbed off the remaining squares of toilet paper, quickly placed them in her backpack and exited when the classroom warning bell rang. Third, I've taught Darcee to try and take her crap first and then do her urination, because when the mean girls hear splash of the pee end, they start getting more restless for a seat. Unfortunately there are only eight cubicles in the bathroom.

How are the others of you parents or students on this board dealing with their bathroom problems. Extra advice is always welcome.

Monday, October 14, 2019


Ideal Poop

I saw a recent post on the ideal poop. Mine would be an enema poo or multiple enema poos because that is the most effective way of cleaning my Colon. I would have a therapist assisting me. I would not want to be rushed and due to the situation I would have no clothes on. I would sit on the pot and chat whilst having my body rubbed. Feels so good after. Last time at the end I put my trousers back on and I thoughts they belonged to someone else.... seemed to big! I must have been carrying a pile of shit!!!!

Hospital worker

An ER Poop... and I want to hear more hospital stories!

I work as a nurse's aide at a hospital in a large college town. We get a lot of car accidents, alcohol poisoning, etc, but I was sent to triage a college aged girl and her friend and wasn't expecting to see two sober girls, one crying softly as she rocked back and forth, holding her stomach.

I was afraid she might have appendicitis and got her into a cubicle. As the poor girl curled up in a ball and cried as I tried to ask questions about her eating and bathroom habits, her friend whispered to me that she hadn't pooped in 2 weeks! She was a freshman and was putting on that Freshman 15 but couldn't bring herself to poop in the communal bathrooms in the dorms. I thanked her, took a few vitals, and updated the on-call doctor. It was a slow night so it didn't take long. After some bloodwork and an x-ray was determined that she was, in fact, full of shit.

The young girl, slightly ???? with dark hair, was sensitive so this news was given to her with sensitivity. We had very few beds available in the hospital so the doctor ordered soapy warm enemas until clear, with manual disimpaction as needed. Only then, if she hadn't improved, she'd be admitted for a surgical consult. This was explained to her as well and she was scared but determined that she didn't want a surgery. We'd only have access to a portable commode. We did have a couple of bathrooms proper, but they were public with stalls and what we were able to do so... well, it wasn't the place.

I got a coworker (slow night, remember?) Claire to help me out. As she prepared a large and soapy enema, I double-gloved and explained that I was going to lubricate her anus and rectum and try to clear any blockages. I asked her friend to step out of the room but the patient asked if she could stay. I told the friend it would be really messy and smelly and embarrassing, but she said they'd been friends since grade school and she wanted to stay and comfort her, since they were both far from family.

The patient had been in a backless gown but covered in blankets. I removed the blankets and revealed her large but smooth cheeks. "Ok, I'm going to slowly insert a finger with a lot of lube and see what we have, just try to breathe", I said. The friend stood by her head on the opposite side and held her hand. The patient squeezed her hand as I felt around the very large blockage in her anus. "I am going to use two fingers..." I began "NO!" she cried "It hurts". "I"m sorry, I know, but it's going to hurt a lot coming out, but we are all here to help". "Yes, and it's less painful than surgery", added her friend. I lubed a second finger and used a hooking motion to remove several large chunks of poo as the patient cried and was comforted by her friend.

Just about then, Claire came with the enema bag, already hung up, and a portable commode. "Ok," I said, "I've gotten a good amount of poo out of you but you have been backed up for weeks. You will need soapy water to clear out your bowels. You will probably need more than one. I know it might hurt but remember that poo is toxic and you will have to have surgery if we can't clear you out". The patient looked at the enema, the commode, cried even louder but nodded. She hid her head in her pillow as her friend comforted her.

We got her in a knee-chest position, which was painful for her (and showed HOW MUCH she was backed up) but high and hot works best for large blockages. I explained every step of the process as I used a larger tip with a balloon to help her retain (I figured she'd have issues with that) that we could slow down and take breaks if it hurt too much but she had to take it all and hold it in for at least 30 minutes. She was so upset at this point that I don't know how much she got from that but her friend nodded as she used tissues to wipe her friend's eyes. Claire had brought the portable commode but also placed a bedpan under the patient just in case.

Now's probably the time to mention that we were only separated from other patients and staff by curtains.

I slowly insert the tip of the tube, which she takes quietly. I turn the water on slowly and after a few minutes she starts to moan "I need a toilet!". "I'll take a break for now, but you will have to hold more than that ok. Just breathe through it. At this time I inflated the balloon so nothing would come out, which made her shriek. I apologized but explained again that she had to hold all the enema or have surgery. After a minute or two she said to try again.

I had to say I was impressed after that. She cried the whole time as her friend comforted her, but she only asked to stop two more times after that. Not bad for a hot and soapy enema given knee to chest.

But the waiting game started. Claire whispered the enema was done. I said cheerfully "You're all done with this one, but remember..." and before I was finished, the patient got up and plopped on the bedside toilet. "No, no, you have to hold it!"Claire said. The patient yelled "I CAN'T!" as she sobbed and her stomach contracted. She started to huff and strain hard. I immediately check her anus and see that the balloon is doing its' job, but I didn't want the poor girl to injure herself. I told her and the friend that she can hurt herself badly by trying to go then and she had to wait at least 30 minutes. "It gets easier", I lied. We managed to get her back to bed, writhing in pain. It took the three of us calming her, talking to her, distracting her, even holding her butt cheeks together to get her to 30 minutes. By that time she had moved around so much that her hospital gown managed to work its' way off, but we all had way bigger things on our minds. I walked her to the commode, deflated the tube, and pulled out the tip. She looked at the curtains desperately and whispered "They can all hear me" and I told her it was a slow night and almost everyone had heard much worse. She asked me to turn her commode to face a wall, so I did.

She grasped the sides of the commode and finally let loose of all the enema water and a good amount of fecal matter. The smell was... well, I've never smelled anything like it before or since. She gave lots of good hard pushes but was otherwise silent as her bowels started to empty.

Then she started to grunt loudly. We all knew she was embarrassed (Claire had stepped out but the pt said the friend could stay). She grunted a few more times when her friend asked what was wrong. "It's stuck! It isn't working, it has to work, ow!!" she said. She started to grunt even more loudly, HNGGGGG. "I can help with that" I replied. More gloves, more lube. I look at her anus and see that there's a large piece of poo that was not moving on its' own. "I'm going to need to help you out with this one ok? Lots of lube and I'll tell you when to push." As I said that, the friend came over with an empty trash can and put her feet on it. "I do this when I'm backed up, is it ok if she tries it, nurse?" Since I could still access her behind, it was fine with me.

I slowly inserted one finger on the side of the huge turd. She moaned in pain as her friend rubbed her legs and stomach. I dug out what I could and then did the same with a second finger. The patient sobbed that she wanted to try to push it out. She pushed hard and strained loudly but this poo was HUGE. After at least 15-20 minutes (on this piece of stool ALONE!) I had to insert two fingers to hold her anus open as her friend wrapped her arm around her stomach and pushed hard. The patient was grunting and sobbing but finally, with a huge clunk, we saw he results. Even though she'd poo'd a lot before, this piece was at least as big around as a coke can. It must have been the main blockage, as the floodgates were now completely unleashed. She again grunted and strained but in much more 'ordinary way" until I realized that her portable toilet was filling up. I peeped out the curtain to find Claire only to notice a gaggle of frat boys, eyes bugging out of their heads. I asked them where they were supposed to be. They were waiting for a friend and sternly told them they needed to be in the patient waiting area. I see Claire and frantically waved her over. All this time we still hear the patient farting and grunting and sighing. "New commode, now", I said. "She filled that whole bucket up?" Claire said in amazement". "Just hurry, please! And bring the cleansing enema!". I go back into the room and see the patient's friend slowly rubbing her stomach as the poor, sweaty, naked patient continued to push out solid poops. Finally, Claire came with the second commode and second enema. We had to wait for a moment where the patient felt she could move without making a mess, then we got her on the second pot and got a hospital gown on her too. I closed the commode lid quickly.

"Why is there another enema?" the patient said, shakily. "We gave you an enema with soap. It can irritate your bowels if we don't wash it out. But believe me, the worst part is over. Claire stayed with the patient as I took the commode to empty.

OH MY GOD. I am talking a large portable commode, not a small bedpan, and it was full almost to the brim with enema water and enormous, solid turds. I could still see the huge coke can we had rid her of. It took me several flushes and a trash bag or two (marked hazardous waste, don't worry) to get it cleaned out.

By the time I got back to the room, the patient had finished a huge dump of soft serve, and I heard her farts and moans of relief as I came in. We gave her a few more minutes to rid herself of more poo and gas as her relief became more evident. She would push a bit (HNGGGGGG... I guess she wasn't shy anymore!) and then sigh with relief as the gas/poo was released. She had barely been able to speak before but she sighed and said "I think I can handle the dorm toilets after all this", which gave us all a laugh.

The second enema was not nearly as eventful, but it was still satisfying to fill his young college girl with water until she whimpered for mercy and watching and listening to her pant and groan until we allowed her on (a new) commode where she grasped the sides, gave a big "HNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" as the clear water and gas shot out of her like a machine hose.

The whole ordeal from the Dr's order for an emema and the end of her cleansing enema was probably at least 2 hours. At the end she was barely able to walk, red faced, and covered in sweat. I reported back to the doctor, including the measurements of what ended up in the commodes (we have to chart this) and even he was surprised. "I thought for sure we'd have to do surgery. All four of you deserve a pat on the back.". I asked if the pt could stay another 30 minutes or so, have a juice and a bit of a rest, and he said yes.

The patient was almost a totally different person than when she left. She was embarrassed but grateful and we admonished her to use the toilet once a day or every other day at most, and to see her campus doctor for more advice and perhaps medication for chronic constipation.

I have a lot of stories like this (like the one when I was the patient and they couldn't keep up with the bedpans!, but I like to hear stories like these from you guys too. I really liked LuckyLady's story about having to shit on the side of the road and then filling up commodes in the hospital for days. Anyone else have a good hospital poo story?


Constipation History

I have read various post about the getting and managing constipation. Here is my history . As a school boy I did not have a constipation problem, regular however, at the end of my schooling my father died. I started working and studying part time. There was quite an amount of work place bullying which made news very many years later. When I started work I was regular but very tired. I noticed I had a niggling pain in my right side. Doctor said it was nothing . Then one day I did not poo and the next day and the next and then I could only pass rabbit pellets. Friday night came and I took a laxative and the next day it gradually worked. I battled regular constipation and the pain in my side got worse. I could now feel my bloated colon. Easter came and so backed up. I ate a heap and of prunes and took a laxative that night. Next day in the morning had two average motions . That afternoon I had to go out in the car . I was by myself and the urge hit so suddenly. There was a MacDonalds close by. I made a dash for the men's room. Both cubicles were unoccupied. I was so desperate I had no time to close and latch the door..... just tore down my pants and threw my arse on the pot. There was an uncontrolled explosion. I was like an upside down fire hydrant. It all came out in one unbelievable gush. The colour was dark brown and the consistency diarrhoea. I felt so much better I closed the door, wiped and left. Over time my bowels improves. . I took on a high fibre diet with unprocessed brand. . I got a bit more rest. Went to university full time. All was good for very many years and the constipation came back and it was the for runner of my neurological condition. Back to square minus one but my management is so much better.

Michael W.


Hi everyone, Thank you ALL for taking my survey. I'm back with another story. But first...

To Ohio fan: My Ideal Dump is: 1. At home by myself with the door wide open. 2. Shoes: Off-When I'm pooping. I'll take off my pants and boxers if I have to. 3. Soft and/or mushy poop: Noisy or gassy, soft thick logs followed by several smaller and softer pieces that float. 4. Very very smelly. 5. A book to read or my phone. 6. Smoking a cigarette. 7. Taking as long as I need; I'm used to sitting on the toilet for long periods of time.

Now my story. It was April of 2013. I had been working at The Roadhouse for a month. I was still 24 years old. I wouldn't be 25 until the next month. I started college a few months before. Anyways, it was Saturday afternoon and I was getting ready for work-I was scheduled to clock in at 4 pm and I was texting Colleen (The girl from one of my other posts). I put on my work clothes which was a black T-shirt, blue jeans, black dress belt, white crew socks, and black non-slip dress shoes. I didn't feel like putting my shoes on at that moment. I was in the bathroom. I recently got a hair cut and I felt like spiking up my dirty blonde hair so I did. I only spike up my bangs. And then I felt like I had to poop so I undid my belt, pulled my blue jeans and boxers down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I felt something coming out. I pushed and then Pfffrrrrttt! I farted and no poop. And then I pushed more and more Pffffrrrrrrtttt! Pffffrrrrttttttt! Pffffffrrrrrrrrrtttttttt! I sighed in relief and still didn't feel any poop come out of my butt. My stomach started hurting so I started to give myself a colonic massage. I massaged the right side gently and then made my way to massage the left side. Then I pushed going "Mhmmmmm!" Pfffffrrrrrrttttt! I sighed in relief. I pushed again and then I farted a LOUD one. PFFFFRRRRRRTTTTTT!!! *sigh* Still no poop. My stomach was moaning and groaning. I had one arm around my stomach. I pushed again, again, and again and I farted like 10 LOUD PFFFFRRRRTTTTT!!! farts and sighed in relief each time. Just then Colleen texted me. She said that she was going shopping and buying a new pair of boots. "I've been walking around the store in my socks the whole time I was there trying on different pairs of boots" she texted. "Oohh That's HOT!" I texted. And she texted "Dork." I texted "What do your boots look like?" She sent me a pic of her new boots. And then I texted "They look like Duck Hunting Boots." I told her that I spiked up my hair bcz I felt like it. I took a selfie and sent it to her. She texted "You like one of those guys from 'Grease." Just then I farted a LOUD squeaky fart. BRRRRRRRRPPPP!!! Then a couple of more loud squeaky BRRRRRRPPPPPPP!!!! farts which was like no more than five times. Then I moment of silence. I texted Colleen again and told her that my stomach hurts. She texted "Try Peppermint tea that's what I do with an upset stomach." I texted "I would go out and buy some but I'm stuck in the bathroom at the moment." She texted "You're on the crapper?" I texted "Yes." She texted "Ok just stay seated unitl your stomach stops hurting." I texted "I am." And I continued to text Colleen some more when another loud squeaky BRRRRRRPPPPPPPP!!! fart exploded out of my butt. I texted "What the hell did I eat?" Colleen texted "Maybe your Brother-in-law put Metimucil in your drink. Lol!"And then another loud squeaky BRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!! fart followed by another one, another one, and another one. I pushed and soft Pfffrrrttt! farts shot out of my butt right along with little bits of poop. Pfffrrrtttt! *sigh* Pfffrrrttt! *sigh* Pfffrrrttt! *sigh* Pfffrrrttt! *sigh* Pfffrrrttt! *sigh* Pfffrrrttt! *sigh* And then a moment of silence that lasted for a minute or two. And then the silence got broken when I pushed again and another loud BRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!! fart and then another one followed by 7 more loud sqeaky farts. 5 loud PFFFRRRRRTTTT!!! farts. And then like 10 more soft Pfffrrrrtttt! farts. Then my stomach wasn't hurting anymore. I grabbed the toilet paper and Colleen texted again but I couldn't text back right away. I wiped my butt no more than 10 times. I pulled up my blue jeans and boxers as I stood up, buckled my belt, flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and I put my shoes on. Colleen's text said "Are you OK?" I texted "I am now." She texted "Yay!" All in all, I was on the toilet for 40 minutes. I didn't tell anyone that I stunk up the bathroom. LOL! Then I put my hoodie and black leather jacket on and had my brother-in-law drive me to work. I didn't have time to wash out my hair so I went to work with my hair spiked up. And that's my story. I will post again later, unitl then Happy Pooping.



To Rose Y: When I flushed roaches down the toilet, I would find them by chance. Luckily, they were dead, so I'd pick them up, and simply flush them down the toilet followed by washing my hands of course. I hope this answers your question. Bye!

Cali Guy

To Victoria B:

Loved your story about Robyn and your ability to coach her through her difficult time on the toilet. Does she maintain a decent diet in general? You are a true friend. She clearly trusts you. An experience like that will only strengthen your bond and lead to future shared bathroom activities. Perhaps she will return the favor one day. I think you got cut off mid-story, though. What was the final outcome of that experience? Cheers!


Victoria B.



Just a couple of responses today.

To Anna from Austria: I'm in your camp. I can hide a need to pee pretty well but when it's time for number two I've got what has been called a poop sigh. My eyes get bigger and I let out a big sigh. I had no idea that I did this until it was pointed out to me.

To Rose Y.: I call that a phantom clog and it has happened to me before. You don't have a custom-painted plunger given to you as a birthday gift without having been a serial menace to plumbing!



Rude People in Bathrooms

If I hear someone having a bowel explosion then I think they are fortunate and getting relief . For me constipation is the problem and you hear grunts from me. A couple of times, or should I say a few times fellas have wished me good luck but I do not think anybody has been deliberately rude.

How is everyone? I'm just posting here cuz I really enjoy reading this site and find some of the posts to be oddly relaxing for some reason!

There's some discussion going on about broken locks. I've had experiences with this too but I'm a lot less concerned with it nowadays. In fact sometimes I don't even lock the door because it closes by itself. I've been walked in on plenty of times before. I've even peed/pooped with the door open! It doesn't bother me much anymore. It's just business; and after all, we all do it!

Victoria, what you did for your friend was really nice! Wish I could have a friend like that who would help me through such a thing! Just today I was on the toilet and my stomach got this bad pain while pushing and I started breathing as if I was in labor and just kept pushing and it came out. Really wish I had a hand to hold then though!

I also saw something about girls bullying other girls for pooping. This has happened to me. When I was growing up I was bullied more frequently. Around first grade I'd be going to the bathroom and a group of girls would come and open the door on me and laugh at me. At one point I had just had enough and wanted to gross them out really bad, so I pushed until a long log began hanging from my behind and then I stood up and began walking out of the stall toward them and they looked and saw it hanging out and said ewwwwww and they left me alone after that. It was funny.

My older brother and I are close, and we joke around with each other a lot. When we were younger and I was about 8 and he was around 12, I accidentally walked in on him taking a shower. I started laughing at him and he unexpectedly pointed his penis at the glass shower door and began peeing! I was pretty surprised to see that but was grossed out so I left after that!


to person with IBS who hate when people laugh

I also hate!! Hate hate hate. My friends are same. Maho said, if person laugh when you do a diarrhoea, God send that person to the Hell for ever. We think God is correct very much.

Love from Mina + 3

Female student

Pooping along a pilgrim trail

I am studying religion. Of curiosity I joined a group walking a very popular pilgrim trail this summer. Most of the participants were much older than me. A lot of the talking on the trail concentrated on spiritual questions, and certainly also on practicalities, breaks, food, water etc. But I didn't hear a word mentioned about toilet issues. Sometimes we were able to visit facilities along the trail. But often the distance between them was considerable. In the written information material provided before the walking it was mentioned that we should bring toilet paper "because toilets were not always available". I think everyone occasionally had to pee, but I am not that sure if all of us went off to take a dump outside. I am a typical "lunch time" pooper. The strong urge usually appears about 1+ hr after lunch. At that time we mostly were walking. The challenge turned up already one of the first days. I knew that there should be no way around. I just had to go. I slowed down till I was the tail of the group. Then quickly went behind some bushes, pulled shorts down, squatted and fertilized the vegetation. We were walking for three weeks and I guess I used that strategy for around 10 days. Peeing was less complicated as everyone occasionally went behind some bushes to pee when we had breaks. But as days went on I got somewhat curious on the pooping habits for others. Was I the only one of the group pooping outside? Nobody talked about it. But when being somewhat observant it was quite easy to tell that others also did. Walking alone well away from the group was one sign. Not just behind a nearby bush as when to pee. Another sign was just as I did, slowing down to get a bit behind and then hide in the bushes, and so catching up with the group after a few minutes. Several days I walked much together with a mature couple. I saw both of them putting toilet paper in the pocket before. Once I walked in on one of the men in the group when he was squatting with short at the knees. Oh sorry I said and went away. When we met afterwards, he seemed to be a bit embarrassed and said that he had to excuse for what I had to see behind there. "Natural causes you know" he added and smiled a bit. "Don't bother, we all do", I answered. I don't think anyone saw me when actually squatting but once I met one of the men just as I went out of the bushes and he was walking in there. A bit later of curiosity, I went back in there and saw that he had left his wast at the same spot as me. A bit embarrassing. But still amusing to see that our waste was quite similar. Only the pattern of the toilet paper was different. Afterwards I can smile at it, thinking that pooping is the great "equalizer"! A decent grey haired man and a young student, just the same needs, the same activity to get things done and the same result. So why be embarrassed or ashamed?

Dear Victoria:

Thank you for sweet words! I think you are very kind friend to Robyn! I am happy she success! Maho has this problem sometimes. Recently she climb on loo and squat, she says her motion is easier to come out that way. But if Robyn does this, make sure she put off socks, if not, she slip and hurt herself!!

Dear Juliette:

Your story of diarrhoea on hill behind your school warmed my heart. But one thing I feel, you said, you destroy beautiful scene with your pee and poo. I don't think so. Pee and poo is a part of nature. You are in a harmony with nature when you do a huge diarrhoea in nature. No destroy!! Mix of your body function and moonlight and trees and forest and beautiful girl (Juliette) and owl who listen you maybe. You can write beautiful poem! Why you are at school in the night? Is it boarding school?

Love to everyone.

Mina + 3


My niece

A few months ago my sister, her husband, and her kids came out to visit for about a week. They stayed in a hotel since I just had kind of a small apartment. But one day her and her husband also had some other friends in town that they wanted to see. My sister has 2 daughters, Samantha(12) and Jessica(10). Since I knew the area I said why don't I take them out for the day so they could go to visit their friends. There were a few places the girls wanted to go so I said sure and I took them around town. Everything started out fine. They seemed to be having fun and I liked being with them since I don't get to see them that much. I didn't notice at the time but looking back, Samantha looked kind of uncomfortable at times. I did ask her at one point if she was okay but then she smiled and said yes. Toward the end of the day we were about to go back to the hotel. It was a bit of a drive from there, like almost an hour. I asked if they wanted to stop anywhere before we go back. At first they said no but once we started going, Samantha said "sorry but I kind of do have to use the bathroom." I asked Jessica if she did and she said "yeah kind of". Since we were already on the road it took a little while to find something. All I could find was a gas station but there wasn't anything else nearby. That's when I noticed Samantha was kind of upset. She had a little trouble even getting out of the car and I realized she had to go pretty bad. The bathroom was right there so I thought it would be okay, but then suddenly her sister raced ahead of her to get the bathroom. It was just one of those one toilet bathrooms. Samantha yelled "wait!" but Jessica was acting like it was a game. I heard Samantha say "Jessica I have to go now. Please let me go first." But I didn't hear a response. She yelled again and told her sister it was an emergency. She was holding her stomach and crossing her legs so I was getting worried. I came over and also yelled in and asked Jessica if she was almost done. Samantha looked really worried now, like on the verge of tears. I was about to knock on the door to tell Jessica to hurry and then suddenly Samantha gasped and put her hands on her butt then whispered "No!" Then her face went bright red and she let out a big grunt. Then I heard a loud crackling sound coming from behind her. I couldn't believe what was happening. She stood there outside the bathroom pooping her pants. I was kind of in shock, all I could do was stare. A few seconds later after she had already pushed a lot of poop into her pants she squatted down and continued pushing. She put her head down because she had also started crying. Wow did she ever have to go bad. The seat of her pants had a giant bulge and it was still growing. Jessica finally came out but it was too late. Samantha just stayed squatting there pushing. I was still shocked and didn't know what to do. After like a minute when I thought she was done I said "Let's go in I'll help you clean up" but in tears she said she still had to go and then started grunting and I could hear a lot of noise coming from her pants again. She was wearing kind of tight jeans and I was actually worried if her pants would hold everything until she finished and we could get her cleaned up.

I thought I would take her sister back to the car, since she was not helping. When she came out of the bathroom she looked down at Samantha and after a few seconds she blurted out "Are you crapping your pants?" Then she was kind of giggling about her older sister, who was clearly devastated, having an accident right outside the bathroom. I was getting kind of mad at Jessica at that point. I told her to stop laughing and took her to the car to give Samantha some privacy since she was STILL going, then I'd come back and help her try to clean up. When I came back she was just standing there crying. I went to go comfort her and then when I got close I saw the bulge in her pants and I had to keep myself from yelling 'Whoa!". I couldn't believe how big the bulge in her pants was.

I didn't know what to do about a 12 year old who just had a GIANT accident. I didn't even know where to start. But I knew she felt terrible and I wanted to help. Her clothes were back at the hotel so all she could do for now was empty out the mess and then wear the same pants until we got back to the hotel. I thought maybe I could buy her new ones for at least the trip home but there was nothing really nearby and I think she just wanted to go back. I stood outside the bathroom while she tried to clean up and I offered to help if she needed anything but she didn't want me to come in with her. Which makes sense, she probably just wanted privacy at that point so I stood outside and kept an eye on Jessica and waited. When she finally came out of the bathroom she looked really miserable and was still crying. The bulge was at least gone, I think she had just thrown her underwear in the garbage (since by the time she was done her accident, it was way too big to flush) then just put her jeans back on. I got her back in the car so we could go back but she was very upset and still crying a little the whole way back. I guess it didn't help that she was still wearing her pants that she pooped in and were probably still pretty messy.

When we got back her mother knew something was wrong so I had to explain what happened. I tried to sugar coat it since I felt really bad for Samantha and didn't want to embarrass her even more, especially being the older sister and having her younger sister kind of teasing her for it. I said it was my fault because I couldn't find a bathroom. Which is kind of true but Samantha was acting like it wasn't very urgent. But still her mom went to question her.

Well after a long conversation she had with her mom asking what happened, Samantha finally confessed. And I was concerned so I asked later. What I found out is I guess she'd been trying to hold it the whole trip until she got back home, meaning she had been holding it for about a week by then! That explains why her accident was SO big. When I saw the bulge in her pants I didn't think that much could even fit inside her. She had to go pretty bad for a while but didn't say anything and right before we stopped, her stomach cramped up badly and finally she realized she couldn't hold it anymore so that's when she told me she needed a bathroom. But then her sister beat her to the bathroom. Anyway, she was very embarrassed for a long time and I get it. I think I would've died of embarrassment in her position. I'm actually still kind of mad at Jessica for the way she acted after her poor sister's accident. I mean she was so obviously devastated and embarrassed. I saw her again a couple months later and she seemed kind of shy toward me I guess because I witnessed her accident which I totally get too. But she seemed to come around after a while and I think she's doing okay now.

Anyway that's it for now, thanks for reading!

Georgie P
Georgie P back again. Had another buddy dump experience the other day I'd like to share. Just a note though: I'm a guy so please refer to me using male pronouns.

The other night I was chatting with my friend and thought I might have to poop. I asked if he wanted to watch and he said yes. Went into the bathroom and I assumed the normal position: pants and underwear off, one leg on one side of the toilet, the other foot on the wall next to the toilet for full view of my vulva and anus. I began to pee and my friend watched as it came out. Must've been at least a minute long stream! I looked down and saw that it was a pretty solid stream, and it was kind of going toward the front of the toilet bowl, so if the stream was even a little stronger I would've made a mess! He giggled and I did too. "Whoa" he said. "That's a lot."

Once I finished with that, I began pushing. He could see my anus contracting and opening and closing as I pushed, so he said "okay it's pushing time huh? You can do this, push!"

I pushed and I felt something coming out. I pushed again and he said "it's coming! It's right there, just keep pushing, you've got this" and a few pushes later it dropped into the toilet bowl and I sighed and he said "good job!" I must've pooped a good 5 or 6 turds.

I got my foot on the wall down and just kept my legs splayed on the toilet. Once again I let him wipe me. He got some toilet paper and wiped my vulva, which was easy since my legs were wide open. I watched as he did that. And then he went a little further back to wipe my butt. He wiped my butt and then before he dropped it into the toilet bowl he showed it to me. It took about 5 or 6 wipes.

He would reach back between my legs to wipe my butt, exactly how he wiped my vulva but just put his hand further back to wipe, so he had to go past my vulva again to show it to me. During one wipe, when he was about to show it to me, he accidentally touched my vulva with the poopy wipe. We know the importance of not letting feces get into the genitals, so once he was done wiping me he got a washcloth, wet it, put some mild soap on it and gently washed my vulva. He got a paper cup and put water in it and dumped it between my legs to wash away the soap. Then he dried me and I got up. We both admired my creation and flushed and washed our hands.

Sneezing pee

Thought this was a toiletstool-worthy story. So basically the other day I was at my boyfriends house. We've been together for a while. We were hanging out at his house. He was on the couch and I was in a big chair. It was one of those chairs that is kinda like a one person sofa because you can sink into it. It's made of leather.

We were joking around and stuff and I was laughing pretty hard....then out of nowhere I sneezed. My face turned bright bright bright red and I planned to wait for him to go out of the room for something and then I'd tell him I'd spilled water or something. But he caught on quickly.

"Did you just have an accident?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Yeah....." I said, my face probably redder than a tomato at this point.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, we all do it," he reminded me. "Plus we've been together a long time. Nothing to be embarrassed about."

He came over and, since it was just him and I in the house at the time, while I was still laying in the chair he slipped my pants and panties off and took a look at them, and threw them in the washer so I wouldn't have to be in pee soaked pants and undies. Next he lifted my legs up and looked under to see the damage. "Oh that's not bad at all" he said. "You acted like you made a huge mess."

He went into the kitchen and got a wet paper towel and he began to wipe me with it (in between my legs, you know, my v, and my butt). Then he wiped me again once I stood up. I went and sat on the toilet just in case any more decided to come out, and it did but not without a bit of a struggle!

I knew I had to pee again, but for some reason I couldn't. I was pushing to pee but nothing would come out but I'd feel it. My boyfriend was sitting in front of me just a few feet away on the side of the bathtub. He joked "well your pee isn't great at what it's supposed to do: to come out and not stay in there!" After a few mins I kept trying to go and he said "babe, it's okay, obviously you don't have to do any more and that's okay!" But I said "no I definitely have to pee more" and he said "ok well try your hardest and if you can't then we can come back" and I said "yeah it's a little hard to pee when someone is staring at your p***y" and we both laughed. Eventually a few spurts of pee came out. Since it took hours for the washer and dryer, I was naked below the waist for hours. But my bf was very mature about it and he knew I was self conscious about those parts but he saw past that to help me. Another plus side of being bottomless is that you don't have to pull your pants down when getting on the toilet because you can just sit down because you're naked!

A question to everyone with a vagina: does your pee stream go weird? Mine seems to split up, go in different directions. I've seen others pee but haven't seen that except maybe once or twice!


bad curry desperation

Hi all,

ive been reading on the board for many years and I thought I should start to recount some of my poo desperation stories.

A couple weeks ago I had a double close call while driving. After having lunch at a rest stop I started feeling a bit odd and before too long my bowel started to churn making me think something wasnt right with my curry. I had to drive for a bit to reach another rest area with toilets and quickly parked and hurried off in search of them holding my ????.

Unfortunately when I burst into the ladies both stalls were in use and a college-age girl was hunched over waiting. I joined her and asked if shed been here long and she answered a few minutes. Despite her desp look I was about to ask to cut since I had really bad diarrhea when both stalls flushed within moments of each other allowing us to both hurry in. I heard her rip her pants down as I lifted my skirt.

She gasped Oh god as I sighed and we both exploded with the runs, both of us squirting into the toilets side by side. Suddenly a couple minutes in the door flew open and a lady in heels rushed in, trying both our stalls and shouting "oh no please somebody get out im desperate!"

The girl just groaned and I said sorry we dont feel well to which she said she was about to erupt too and to hurry. She was running up and down in front of my stall and begged to hurry every few moments. After maybe 7 minutes I felt a bit better and thought I could make the short drive home - big mistake! - to finish there while the girl in the other stall was still erupting.

I flushed and opened the stall when the lady, about 25 in a business suit rushed in almost running me over, her skirt already up and a big stain on her panties. Before I was fully out of the stall she was squatting and just exploded. I grimaced and left quickly, still feeling queasy leaving them to squirt. Going out into the parking lot I passed another university student hurrying the other way clutching her stomach! Shell be in trouble I thought and hurried to my car when it hit me again. Oh shit, I thought, shouldve stayed on the can! I instantly turned and ran after the girl knowing id never make it home. I tried to beat her but she reached the ladies first with me right behind. Seeing both stalls taken she yelled "Anna arent you done! I got it too and gotta go NOW!"

"Not yet im trying!" was the reply as the girl took position in front of her friends stall, one hand on her behind.

I hobbled past her to the other stall id just given up and knocked "Are you almost done? I really gotta go again" I said, clenching my butt hard. "Im sorry Im not nearly done" the lady replied between splatters of poo. I groaned and started poo dancing in front of the stall listening to both stalls squirting and watching the other girl poo dance too. She kept knocking and begging Anna to let her poo, finally sobbing "its coming out let me in!" I guess Anna took pity on her cause she opened the door pulling up her pants "im not done just goa minute" she started but the other girl pushed her out the stall and slammed the door, sobbing and cursing as she dropped her pants and started her runs.

Anna blushed and stared at me poo dancing, standing a bit off as I tried not to crap myself with the lady still going on and off until only 2 or 3 minutes later she got a weird look and grabbed her stomach. "round 2 for you too?" I asked and she nodded, coming behind me "hurry up I still have to finish" she shouted "me too" I added holding my rear.

Finally, after almost 15 minutes and literally a minute from me filling up my panties the lady flushed "finally hurry up!" I shouted hiking up my skirt in preparation. "are you done too I cant wait" Anna said pounding on the other stall "no way" her friend replied. "let me in we can share" she gasped, hand flying to her bum as she started loosing it.

I hurried into my stall and barely got my panties away as I exploded for the second time, moaning in relief. I stayed on there for a good 15 minutes as Anna and her friend finished their poos together, I guess bum-on-bum as I sometimes too with desperate friends.

Was quite an experience, Im guessing all 4 of us had the same curry!

That happen to others that you thought you could let somebody else take the loo just to have to hurry back and wait with round 2?


diarrhea is terrible(

I want to sleep, but instead I go to the toilet again and have completely liquid diarrhea (
it repeats already the 7th time in a row, my stomach is killing me (
I want to cry(

Mikey (Formely Michael)

Replies, Some stories, and response

There's another Michael on here, so I decided I'd change my name too, to be nice. As tribute, I'll do his survey, but before a couple of responses and questions.

Swaggermuffinz - I'm one of those people that poops every other day to every 3 days. It tends to be one large log, and usually floats in the toilet. Personally I'd prefer to poop more often, so it wouldn't be so much of an ordeal. Stomach cramps and really bad gas tends to happen to me an hour before I have to go. Try eating more dairy, it tends to slow the works.

Will - With the abundance of automatic toilets, with the exception of school and Target, it's rare to see an unflushed turd. Although, your post surfaced a memory that happened a few days ago. I was in the outlet mall browsing stores when I found myself in a large restroom. It had about 6 stalls, and 4 urinals, which was a pretty decent size. I noticed a man with his jeans and shoes down at his ankles, and I took the stall across from him. I noticed it smelled a little funny, but didn't think too much of it. I sat down, peed, (turns out I didn't have to shit - happens) and relaxed. Then, a couple of plops from my neighbor. The sound of the toilet tissue being unrolled. He wiped a bit, then proceeded to stand up. He flushed once.. then twice!! The flush wasn't that strong by the sounds of it, but by the door slamming open and brisk footsteps, I could tell he gave up. I got a glimpse of him as he left the stall, a tall, darker black man, dressed in sort of a suit. As soon as he left, I stood up and flushed, getting re-dressed. I went to his stall. Two fat, but short turds, in pissy water floated in the bowl, they were quite thick, which explains why they didn't go down. They weren't that big, but again, it's rare to come across someone's droppings by chance.

I frequent a bookstore, where I often go after work, where I end up having a BM there. I often go every other day to every three days which it ends up being a decent sized turd. Several times I've shit, I've done a large poo, a big log, it ends up stretching from one side of the bowl to the other, and being pretty thick. The large turd and the toilet paper end up clogging, and somehow it always ends up going down if I flush enough. I haven't been brave to leave the bathroom unflushed. Why? The smell.
A week ago, I visited the store, and made a bee-line straight to the bathroom. I sat down, and pulled my pants down. I sat on the toilet, leaning forward. Like Michael had mentioned in a story where he had put the survey (that I'm about to do), my poo is often like the Hispanic guy's, it often crackles out, doesn't make a plop/splash, and often there's a very strong and noticeable odour. The large turd crackled out, filling the bowl, but not before falling in the toilet. Right after that, two smaller, but still thick pieces, fell in the bowl on top of the turd, making thud sounds. I stood up before wiping to observe my work. I noticed a large, brown turd, like the colour of refried beans floating in the toilet, being a couple inches thick. Two large dollops, the same thickness as the initial turd were on top of the shit making a small pile by the front part of the seat. I I guess I didn't notice, but apparently it smelled really bad. I grabbed the TP, wiped up, and had to flush about 2 times. It went down, but it left plenty of skidmarks.
This bathroom is a one-staller with a urinal, so I left after washing my hands, going back to browsing. A couple minutes later, a dad with his kid walked into the bathroom and I could overhear him from the door complaining about how bad it smelt and how the bathrooms needed to be worked on. He walked right back out, continuing his blabbering. I was slightly embarrassed, but slightly proud. That I had managed to stink up the bathroom so bad, someone couldn't even pee in it.
I've had a couple other incidents like that, people would complain about the bathroom smelling bad after I've used it at that particular location. But nothing that stands out. Although I know I'm not crazy, because even my roommate says I stink up the bathroom pretty bad, it must be my diet.

Now for the survey.

1. Do you enjoy pooping? Yes!
2. What is your favorite position while defecating? Doing the thinkers pose, I'll be bent over, my arms on my knees.
3. Do you get stomach aches before passing a BM? Yep! Also I end up farting a lot.
4. How many times a day do you poop? I go once every other day or once every 3 days.
5. What was the longest poop you ever did? If time, probably 20 minutes, but I end up sitting there playing on my phone. If length, probably a foot and a half, after being very constipated.
6. Do you find pooping relaxing?. Yes I do.
7. Do you make grunting noises while pushing? Yes, I often grunt.
8. How often do you get constipated? Not that often, but sometimes, depends on what's going on in my life.
9. What was the longest time you've ever been constipated? 5 days.
10. After being constipated or having a difficult poop and it finally comes out, do you yell of relief? I just end up sighing of relief.
11. Do you have stomach aches often when you can't pass a BM? If so are they severe and how long do they last? If I have to hold it, yes I get stomach aches, they aren't too bad.
12. Are you gassy when you poop?. I'm usually gassy before, but it depends on the type of poop. If it's going to be a thicker poop, my farts sounds like hissing and they stink very badly.
13. Do you look forward to taking a dump?. I do!
14. What are the signs of knowing you have to poop? Gas, stomach aches, and peeing more often than usual. Yes, I'm surprised nobody else says this, but my urinary system tends to go into overdrive if there's shit in store.
15. Do you ever lie down after taking a long pooping session? Only if it's before bedtime.
16. Do you ever have to catch your breath while pooping? Nope, it comes out in one piece.
17. Do you like to take as long as necessary or do you want to be quick? I like to be quick, to get it over with.

18. When you are constipated or having a tough time getting it out, what do you think is the best way to relieve yourself? Squatting and doing some test pushes over the toilet.
19. Has a BM ever hurt so much that you started to cry?. Not since I was little.
20. How often do you have diarrhea?. Not very often.
21. Do you push on your stomach to get the poop out? I usually just change positions.
22. Do you ever massage your stomach to help a stomach ache or to help you poop? For a stomach ache, yes.
23. Do you feel comfortable about having someone in the bathroom with you to keep you company while you sat there? I've had a friend be near me outside when I poop, but they didn't see it coming out.
24. How bad do your farts smell when you are pooping on the toilet? My poop smells (supposedly according to others) pretty bad, despite it being a solid log.)
25. How much is the most you have pooped? Filling the bowl where you can't see the drain. But one of my biggest shits, is when I was in high school, I had a strict diet of Taco bell and mcdonalds. I got constipated for 5 days, I finally went one day before track practice. I ended up laying a thick, fat log. It was insanely thick, like a pringles can, and about a foot long, but probably shorter. It took a lot of grunting to get out, and forget about flushing. The kids who played basketball often used the locker room and often skidded and stunk up the toilets worse than I did, but nobody used the stall that I went in. I returned from practice 2 hours later, seeing the water completely brown, a large wad of TP that I used, and my colossal turd, stretching from seat to seat in the toilet just sitting there. The entire locker room stunk of my shit.


Brown Paper Towel Clog

The other day my boyfriend and I went to a nearby city for a concert. We had to make one Interstate rest stop on the way down because I had to pee and I could tell by the way he was moving around behind the wheel that he had to crap. It's obvious when you re-position yourself like five times in one minute. So he trotted a lot faster up the path to the rest stop than I. Six of seven toilets were taken so the middle one was going to be my choice. There was crap in the bowl, which I didn't like so I leaned over and flushed it and that's when I saw three of those large paper hand-drying towels on the sides of the toilet. Immediately, it brought back a memory of something that had happened like eight years ago when I was ten and on a trip with my friend Merrilee and her family.

We were on a three-hour trip to a theme park and her dad, who was driving, called out Pit Stop, and got a dirty look from her mom and some other words that were directed at him and since I didn't understand sarcasm back then, I didn't understand them, although Merrilee snickered quite frequently when her parents had a disagreement. So when we got into the bathroom, Merrilee's mom moved fast and tore off more than a handful of the paper towels from the common dispenser. She pointed Merrilee to the toilet she wanted her to use, handed her like three or four of the towels and told her not to touch anything. As for me, I took the first available toilet, was pulling down my jeans and underwear, when Merrilee's mom pounded on my door and handed me my four brown paper towels. I showed her the dispenser with toilet paper that I would use for my wipe. She bellowed with some anger, "You're not going to sit directly on the toilet seat are you?" It was obvious she knew that I intended to. But I took them, spent at least two minutes trying to figure out how I could make them stay on the seat because they were so large and once positioned, my nervousness and bodily motion caused one to fall off. One fell into the water and I was going to toss the other two in also and take my seat. Sometimes it was taking me a little longer to get a pee started in a public place because I was kinda self-conscious. But I finally sat on the dumb things, did no more than a 30 second pee, and with Merrilee's mom on the toilet next to me, I pushed them into the bowl, I wiped real fast and then did three slams on the flusher to activate it. Of course, there were some funny noises as they clogged the bowl and the flush cycle went on and on.

Merrilee had her bowel movement and later apologized about her mom's obsession with covering the seat. I sure hope Merrilee has come to her senses today that her mom is quite extreme.


Hi Jonas

Hi Jonas, and welcome! To answer your question, I haven't wet the bed since maybe age 12. I haven't however, wet the bed after years of a dry spell though. The closest I've ever came to wetting anything on my bed was crying into my pillow when as a child Ugly from Bubba Sparxx was playing at night on z92.3, and the electronic beat at the start of one of the verses scared me for some reason. I've wet the bed enough as a young child that my mattress smelled of pee, and I jumped on it so much I almost had springs digging into me. As far as poops go, nothing interesting as happened today. I peed lots as usual, and one of my medium lenghth pees happened near the end of my church bell Christmas CD that I haven't touched in years. It was a gift given to me back in probably 2008 or so. To Constiguy: I don't have any experiences of peeing, or doing number 2 in a bed pan, but good question. Bye!

Sandy M

Wetting the bed

To Jonas,

I've had a similar experience. I hadn't wet the bed since I was a child, then when I was 23 I was staying with friends in Paris when one night I woke up suddenly and was in the middle of peeing! I managed to get to the bathroom to finish off without anyone seeing, but I still felt really embarrassed about it. I guess it's just one of those things that can happen if you're a really deep sleeper. Don't worry about it.

Tuesday, October 08, 2019


Wetting the bed at 20

So I haven't wet the bed in years, at least 11, but last night I awoke around 3 am to find I had wet myself. It wasn't a full on wetting, but I had enough to dampen myself and my sheets. I was a little shocked, and was wondering if this had happened to anyone else on here? A bed wetting after years of being dry?


Bed Pans

I have pooped in many places but never in a bed pan. Could I have your experiences?

Rude people in the bathrooms

To the person who was luaghing at me just now because I was having explosive diarrhea in a public toilet u just made my day already worse than it is I have IBS and have this kind off poo all the time and many others have luaghed or been rude to me because of it

I hate it so much when someone starts luaghing and there sat in the stall next to me it makes me feel embarrassed I used to hold it in even when I was on the toilet because someone was luaghing at my poo noises now I don't hold in and just do it and give them a show because I would rather stink them out making them leave rather than letting them stay I hate these types of people how would they feel in a non home toilet with runny poo and someone luaghing to make it worse

I've dealt with so many people who hang around to see who was causing the noise and sometimes I even hear a record button go off when there in the stall so they can record my loud bowels and luagh some more or post it and it just annoys me and embarrassed me now

Then there's the other people with diarrhea in public toilets when I poop next to u I feel Ur pain and ino how u feel when someone luaghs when the other people with diarrhea are in the stall next to each other u feel like allies u understand each others pain and hate the luaghing people together

I had diarrhea once and ther person next to me did as well when I finished he finished and we both just looked at each other and were like I understand how u feel

Anyone else can relate with me please share



So I'm big fan of cartoons. And there's nothing I like more than sitting on My training potty in the morning watching Spongebob or Pokmon and taking my morning dump. I mean it is really relaxing. Or maybe I'll be in my closet squatting while browsing this website. I also love to play video games in my diapers or goodnites just for the convince, nothing is more annoying than having to pee in the middle of a game session.

So to my fellow special place pottiers, where do you like to do your morning potty?

And does anyone else where goodnites or diapers while gaming?


Haunted mine group shit.

I was up in the foothills of a mountain range near where I live hiking with my friends Ashlynn and Amber. We had been up there about an hour, and it was known around where we live that the mine was supposed to be haunted. Well, from what we felt that day when all of us had to poop we believe it was because we heard voices and saw things that literally scared the shit out of us. I was having an especially hard time pooping but then I heard a voice behind me and no more trouble poopy lol, it came out all at once. We all left big piles of shit. We didn't have anything to wipe with either so we have to look around for stuff and then we decided just to walk out of the mine and grab some moss on the ground and use that.


Reply to Tara S

That's a really cool story about your friend who let her daughter pee in the chair and would even pee with her. And on the subject of peeing in cars, you never know until you try.

Juliette from France

To Mina[ppe]

Your story from 2419 and 2483 were great, just some question about Kazuko's mother.
In Europe, especially Southern Europe, most of the parents respect their child. My mother won't hit me anyway if I spend a lot of time in toilet pooping, she would asked me if I was alright when I have diarrhea instead of being angry at me, she thinks make smell after pooping is just a very normal human behavior (or maybe because of I always stunk up the bathroom) . So maybe there are differences between European parents and Japanese parents because I've heard some of the Japanese parents were very conservative.

Ohio fan

What's your ideal dump?

Hello all. So, like many others on here, i love pooping. But not all poops work for me. I'm also sure that what feels good to me may be different for someone else.
When it comes to crapping I have preferences for what i consider good, great, and crappy dumps. For me, a great dump has to have the following things;
1. At home by myself
2. Clothes off
3. Soft poop: noisy or gassy, soft thick turds followed by several smaller and softer pieces that float
4. Very very smelly
5. Something to read
6. Cup of coffee with me
7. Feeling light as a feather upon completion
That's my absolutely perfect dump scenario. However life makes it a rarity for me. To my toiletstool family, please describe your ideal dump as well. Thank y'all, have a great day, happy pooping.


Back at school

So school has started again I usually have really bad diarrhea but this year the school nurse lets me use her office toilet because she knows o frequently have to go and it's always loud and embarrassing anyway recently i have had a mix of really sloppy and watery and then the odd day a really big stool will come out and it's quite unflushable I have only had this twice so far in the last 2 weeks but the first time I did it I left class using my pass as normal and went to the nurses office and she was like go ahead use mine so I did as usual but then this giant stool came out and it was like 10 or 11 inches long and 2.5 ish wide I really couldn't flush it at all and I had to speak to the nurse we tried figuring out what caused this but we're not sure yet anyway this last week she gave me a little warning that she'd be out of school on Thursday is that ment that day I'm gna have to use the toilets everyoneelse uses I thought can't be that as it's just one day anyway that day I had another poo just as big if not bigger it wouldn't flush at all I left quickly before someone found out it was me anyway comes lunch time people start finding out about this massive poo and some even take pictures no one knows who done it and I kinda just watch as people get accused for it but I'm really the one who done it

I'm not fat or anything I'm quite fit and have a healthy diet I go the gym and have lots of hobbies but I have IBS reason people ruled me out of producing this is cause my stools are sloppy and watery so no one suspecting me I wonder if they will end up finding out who done it


Reply to Taylor

Taylor - I've had a similar thing when I've been desperate for a wee, got to the loo and not been able to go. It's then taken a little while to get started.

Juliette from France

Great place alone for diarrhea

This year is strange, over the past few years, it won't get cold until late October around this area. But the temperature began to drop in mid-September this year, maybe because of the unusual climate caused by global warming, I not sure. But the temperature lower than usual caused a lot influence to us. Many of my classmates soon caught a cold, there are many people blowing there nose and sneezing. Also, many of them gets stomach flu, the bathroom became more busy, many girls were having very frequently diarrhea, and some of them mess their pants. There were only a few people in bathroom before this happened, but now the bathroom were crowded. But the thing that I couldn't stand was that, these mean girls that laugh when other girls poop, wait in the bathroom until a poor girl suffered from stomach flu gets in.
I also had stomach flu, it was awful! So I refused to poop in the bathroom at school. But I found a great place for me to poop: the little mountain behind our school. There are many bushes and trees up there, and the most important thing is almost nobody went there. So I told my friend that I 'll take a walk outside last night, but they didn't notice that I took some paper with me. I ran up to that hill, the urge to poop were strong. I finally chose an inconspicuous position under a tree and squat down.
It was actually really comfortable, but in that time my stomach hurts very bad that I didn't notice, I can felt the wind blew over my blonde hair and my butt. But the sound of me pissing and exploding stinky diarrhea destroyed the beautiful scene, I keep farting and spurt out many dirty things there. Although my stomach feels bad but it feels GREAT pooping like this.
I finished pooping after 20 minutes and the place were VERY VERY STINKY. It was such a mess there, large amount of diarrhea all under that tree. That was the first time I pooped there, I also pooped for about 6 times at the that place today. Sorry but I have to stop texting now, I thought I need to go there for pooping another time.


Nice story, Tim!

Hey Tim, that was a cool story you wrote about, being seen on the toilet by the brunette in the hall outside the restroom. It would have been even more shocking if you were a "standing wiper" and she got an even better view of you in your vulnerable state. Plenty of guys have seen me use doorless stalls, but I don't think I've ever been seen by a woman. I have taken dumps in regular stalls next to women, though.

I just remembered the one time a woman saw me on the toilet. It was at a fast food restaurant that had two single toilet restrooms next to each other. I was on one of them and either I didn't lock the door properly or the lock was broken, and a guy opened the door on me. His girlfriend was standing next to him and saw me as he opened the door. She just looked shocked and said "oh!" And they closed the door.

I have used toilets with doors on them, where the main entrance door is kept propped open and passerby can just look in and see my trousers and briefs down at my ankles. That is a bit odd, in that anyone looking in can see my underwear and can see that I'm a standing wiper. Not that wearing briefs or standing to wipe is scandalous, but it's a bit of information that isn't usually out there.

Hope you have more fun experiences like this last bar one!

Juliette from France

To Constiguy

There are some toilet bullies in my school, they laughed at the other girls having bowel movement, but they act like they never poop. I've seen these girls poop several times but I didn't laugh at them because I'm not that boring like them.
About the thinking of girls don't poop, it is a very strange thoughts, every girls poop no matter they are pretty or not, fat or thin. I don't know how these thoughts came from, but I guess you can ask some boys about this question, many of them have thoughts like this. I guess: they don't think girls poop is because of they couldn't imagine a very pretty girl sitting on a toilet farting, pushing one and another turd out and stink up the bathroom.

Victoria B.



Two short responses for now:

To Minappe: "It" is dropping motions or your pee on a spider. Very satisfying, especially if the spider has already landed on you, in your panties or both like what happened to me!

To Anna from Austria: I had math and English my freshman and sophomore years of high school (grades 9 and 10) in the oldest wing of the building. It had been built in the '70s and the bathrooms certainly did show their age. Many of the locks on the stall doors were broken (that is, those stalls that still had doors!) and we'd have to resort to using pens to try and "lock" the door for some privacy. I remember once early in my freshman year when the pencil I used was broken by someone who'd forgotten to check for feet on the other side of the door. They opened the door only to see me sitting on the toilet during a number two. Needless to say I never used a pencil as a makeshift lock again!


To Taylor T

Your post said something about pooping at school or ikea or a porta potty, would you care to tell some of those stories?


Response to Surveys

I am a male of middle years. I poo I suppose most days but certainly often have days with no results . I may poo after breakfast sometimes or mid morning or after lunch and occasionally in the evening. I go between 0 to 3 times a day. I can poo anywhere and almost everywhere. I do like public toilets if they are not too gross. I have had many bush poos but not for many years. In my younger day I did a lot of fishing and regularly took a dump over the side of the boat. I do know my shit does stink but much worse if I have not been for a while. I have never clogged the toilet. My poo can be very hard or it can be a soft serve. I never get diarrhoea. Have not had it for 3O years. Sometimes if I have been sluggish and I eat a lot I may go 4 to 5 times in a day but it is still relatively solid. I sit on the toilet normally, however if there is nobody at home and not likely to be home I will squat and do it in my incontenence undies or in a low bucket where I can squat. As to farting when I poo....not that much. I do not make any more noise than usual however., I can have a big grunting and moaning session. There are no particular foods that make me poo....a whole lot of prune juice can help. If really constipated and the urge hits and it is opportune I go to a therapist who helps me out. I think I would prefer diarrhoea to constipation provided I had the time to use the toilet as required but otherwise constipation. As to time on the throne ..... only a few minutes usually, rarely I might be there for 10 minutes. When constipated if I do not shit quick I get off the pot. I have been following this site for many years.

Anna from Austria

survey for the ladies

A experience I had yesterday at work inspired me to make a new survey for my fellow ladies.

After a long lecture from our boss, I needed to pee quite bad. Apparently my boss needed the bathroom to, because I could see her enter the bathroom shortly before me. When I entered the bathroom she was in on stall already and she was talking to herself (finally I made it, I was holding it for forever) and then was literally exploding at the toilet. Sounded like very soft poo or maybe even diarrhea.

Now the my survey.

I was quite astonished that she could hide the fact that she was being desperate for some time.

If I were in similar situation I tend to do some smelly pre po fart that would hardly get unnoticed.

How about my fellow ladies.

Are you good at hiding that fact that you desperate to go Number 2 or you similar like me and you tend to reveal yourself with some naughty pre poop farts if you are holding back your poo for some time?

that's it for today.

greetings from Austria



Re: Michael W's Survesy

Nice Survey, Michael, here I go

1. How old are you? I am 30.

2. How long does it take you to poop?
It varies, usually say around 4-5 Minutes, but if I have nothing to do and goings feel slow i can spend between 10 and 40 Minutes.

3. What is your poop like usually?
usually fairly firm but not too hard, some soft

4. Do you fart when you poop? usually not while pooping, unless I am constipated. With me the farts are more of an early warning before the urge hits me. If I find myself farting a lot, I usually head towards the toilet. Normally it pre-curses pooping.

5. Does your poop plop loudly in the toilet? sometimes, not always.

6. Are you comfortable pooping in other toilets than your own? Unless it is a totally messy place, Yes.

7. Name all the places you have pooped.
Work, festival, hospital, restaurants, hotels, the lot, the best place away on board a plane, it always seem that my poop is more slow going there.

8. How bad do you stink up the bathroom when you poop?
Not by a rule, there are times the day after a pub visit where I am lethal, lol ;)

9. Do you do anything to keep you occupied when you poop? (For example, Do you read, do your homework, surf the net on your phone, or play portable video games) yes, I have been known to use my phone on the dumpster, usually when things are slow-going

10. What time of the day do you usually poop?
Usually in the morning.

11. Do you courtesy flush?
Only with diahrrea

12. Have you ever clogged the toilet before?

13. What sort of things make you poop?
Coffee, Beer, Onions

14. How long does it take you to poop if you are constipated?
This can take anywhere up to an hour. Like Michael, there are times where I gave up on a motion to retry a little later.

15. How does it take you to poop if you are having diarrhea?
Doesn't take that long, I tend not to hang about, 10 mins tops.

16. Have you ever thought you were done and then felt like you had to poop some more?
Yes, when things are tough it can happen, I try to prevent it however by using a footstool and taking time after I feel done

17. When you have finished pooping and left a terrible smell in the bathroom, What does the next person who goes in there think?
No clue, I am single

18. How do you sit when you are on the toilet?
Pants at ankles, phone in hand.

19. Would you rather be constipated or would you rather have diarrhea? Constipation, I hate diarrhea

20. When was the first time you found this site?
Summer 2016

I have a story from this morning. Julie had the day off of school because of parent-teacher conferences, but Lynne still had school. On the way to drop her off, I started to have to poop. By the time I got home I had to go very badly. I just hoped the bathroom was free!

Luckily for me, it was. I sat down and peed and was about to start pooping when Julie came in. She said she had to go to the toilet, both ways, and asked if I was almost done. I told her I'd barely started, punctuated by a plop as my first turd fell.

I tried to hurry, to minimize the amount of time Julie had to wait, but I really had to poop a lot and my stomach hurt. I ended up letting out three long turds and about five shorter ones. Once I had finished, I wiped myself and flushed and Julie practically shoved me out of the way as I was standing up.

As I was washing my hands, she was peeing and pooping. I heard lots of plops and splashes so I could tell she had been desperate too. Between my own poop and Julie's ongoing poop, the bathroom stunk a lot. Some time later, when Julie was done pooping, I heard her flush and then start plunging the toilet.

I'll also answer the survey that's making the rounds. I'll answer both about myself and both of my girls as much as possible, since I know a lot know about their bathroom habits.

"1. How old are you?"

32 (me), 13 (Lynne), 11 (Julie). In my very first post on page 2775, I accidentally mixed up their ages in my introduction. Gosh, talk about embarrassing, not knowing how old my own kids are (hehe).

"2. How long does it take you to poop?"

For me it depends. Sometimes I go quickly and other times I'll take a while. It's almost never more than about 5 minutes though. Julie usually takes about 5 minutes to poop, and Lynne takes a lot longer about 15-20 minutes. Actually, I think she finishes pooping a lot sooner than that but just sits on the toilet on her phone some more.

"3. What is your poop like usually?"

I usually have two or three big long turds and often a few small pieces too. Julie's poops seem to vary quite a bit. There are times she'll just lay one huge turd and other times it'll be a pile of smaller logs. Lynne almost always has a lot of little pieces that plop out slowly over a few minutes.

"4. Do you fart when you poop?"

I'll usually fart a few times before I started going and once or twice at the end. Julie doesn't seem to fart much while she's pooping, but she farts a ton throughout the day. I can usually tell Lynne is about to poop because she starts farting a lot before she goes, and then she normally farts a lot during her poop too.

"5. Does your poop plop loudly in the toilet?"

Not usually. The small pieces make big plops, but the longer logs don't make much sound. It's the same way with Julie, but Lynne's poop plops and splashes loudly.

"6. Are you comfortable pooping in toilets other than your own?"

Yes for all three of us

"7. Name all the places you have pooped."

That'd be a looong list. None of us are shy about going to the bathroom, even to poop, so we go wherever we are when the urge hits.

"8. How bad do you stink up the bathroom when you poop?"

I'd say not really. I mean not much more than you'd expect a bathroom to smell after someone poops. Sometimes we'll stink it up a lot (like Julie did this morning) or if we all have to go at the same time (like in my first post, about the restaurant) it starts to stink badly.

"9. Do you do anything to keep you occupied when you poop?"

I don't and neither does Julie usually, but Lynne's on her phone while she poops.

"10. What time of day do you poop?"

None of us really have a set time when we poop. We just go whenever we need to.

"11. Do you courtesy flush?"

I don't, and I don't think I remember the girls ever doing it. Every once in a while, Lynne will flush during her poop but I don't think that's a "courtesy flush" so much as it is flushing to make sure the toilet doesn't clog.

"12. Have you ever clogged a toilet?"

Not in quite a while. I used to sometimes clog the toilet when I was younger. The girls rarely actually clog the toilet, though they do sometimes need multiple flushes to get everything down.

"13. What sort of things make you poop?"

I can't really think of anything in particular, either for me or for the girls.

"14. How long does it take you to poop if you're constipated?"

We're all regular poopers, so we almost never get constipated.

"15. How long does it take you to poop if you have diarrhea?"

For all of us, the pooping itself is usually quick, only a couple of minutes, but the trips are a lot more frequent when we're sick with diarrhea.

"16. Have you ever felt like you were done but had to poop more?"

I can't remember that happening to me, and I don't know if it's ever happened to either of the girls.

"17. When you have finished pooping and left a terrible smell in the bathroom. What do you think the next person thinks?"

I don't really concern myself with that, and I don't think the girls do either. They've never seemed particularly embarrassed about leaving behind a poop smell, and I can't remember them expressing any hesitation about pooping at school or anything like that either.

"18. How do you usually sit when you're on the toilet?"

Usually we poop with our pants around our ankles. Sometimes if we're about to get in the shower or have just finished, we'll poop naked.

"19. Would you rather be constipated or have diarrhea?"

Ideally, neither. But if I HAD to pick, I guess I'd choose constipation.

"20. When did you find this site?"

I've been reading the posts here for like six months now, but I only started posting back in August.

End Stall Em's survey

Age: 28
Sex: F

1. At what age, if applicable, did you have your first constipation?
I had constipation problems from a very young age. As far back as I can remember (3-4 years old?) my parents were making me sit on the toilet for long periods of time even though I didn't feel like I had to poo, because I hadn't pooed in a couple of days.

2. Did you tell your parents? What did they say?
I never told them. They noticed, and they always did because they always monitored my pooing habits.

3. How long would you sit at home trying to go before giving up?
Personally, I'd give up after 5 or 10 minutes, but my parents would make me sit on the toilet much longer than that. I remember one time in middle school, my parents made me stay home from school because I hadn't pooed in over a week, and I spent almost the whole school day (about 6 hours) in the bathroom.

4. About what percent of the time was the extended home-sit effective?
Most of the time it was eventually effective.

5. About what percent of the time was an extended public toilet-sit effective?
I didn't do this as often, but I do remember one time going swimming with my mom, and ending up pooing in the changeroom after sitting on the toilet for an excruciating half hour or so.

6. In a public toilet, after your sit if you were unsuccessful did you still flush the toilet to fake success?
Yeah I did this all the time. I was an awful liar when I was a kid. I remember distinctly one time I was in the stall next to this girl, a friend of mine, and I'd told her I was pooing. When she flushed and went out to the sinks, I flushed a few seconds later, and came out describing my (imaginary) poo to her. I think she thought I was weird lol

7. At what age did you use your first suppository? Had you tried another laxative first?
This happened some time during elementary or middle school. My parents forced it on me, but I'd been taking laxatives long before this.

8. Does the color, contour or cleanliness of a public toilet seat aid in the ease with which you can have a crap?
If I wipe it down and I can't see any visible droplets, I'm content. What I'm more concerned about is my anonymity. If people I know are there, and they can recognize me by my shoes, then I get really embarrassed about my smell and the length of time I've been sitting, so that effects how easily I can poo.

9. Does the size, quality and available supply of toilet paper aid your bathroom production?
Not usually. If I have to poo, I'll poo. Usually I don't notice the lack of toilet paper until after I've pooed and I'm stranded with a stinky bum and panties around my ankles.

10. Have any of you been asked to keep a bowel movement record book?
How long? How'd it go?
When I was a kid, my parents kept a 'log' book of days I pooed in the toilet, days I didn't poo, and days I pooed in my pants.


Sophee's bugs

I've known Sophee, whose a senior in college and years ago was my Bible school teacher, for several years. When I was in 1st grade and she was in 4th we walked to school together a lot. It was about a 5 block walk, and on a few mornings, she would come by our house about 5 or 10 minutes late. When my mom questioned her once, I was surprised to hear her say she was late because she wanted to have her "BM' at home instead of at school. My mom seemed to agree with Sophee, but I thought it was kind of odd because there was a pretty steady stream of kids leaving classes for the bathroom. And that was in addition to the 10:30 and 1:30 breaks each class was assigned each day. I crapped at school about once a week, sometimes twice. During certain lessons our teacher wouldn't let us out of class until the activity finished, so I learned to hold it until our group bathroom time. Problem was that often there would still be some 5th graders in there, often on the toilets for long sits. This guy they called Tiny was twice the size and weight of most of our class. And he would be the last of the 5th graders to leave. I might have to wait almost the whole break time for a stall to open and when Tiny stood, wiped even slower than anyone I knew, and pulled his jeans up, he'd walk right out of the toilet stall (with no privacy doors I wondered how you could call it a stall) and straight into the hallway. No handwashing. Almost a full bowl of soft crap protruding from the water at me. I think I was afraid to use the flusher because it would cause the toilet to overflow on me. That had happened once in kindergarten, someone had seen me leave the bathroom, and my teacher was contacted by the principal.

That afternoon after school I was scheduled to go with Sophee to her house after school. My parents had something special to do and I was going to have supper over there and my parents were going to pick me up after dark. When Sophee got home she and her mother got into a bit of an argument. You see they only had a single bathroom, the toilet didn't work and the plumber was a couple of hours late in getting there. Her mother said she had gone once at work and just an hour earlier at the gas station. Sophee looked at her, almost swore, and cried out "What about me....." That told me she had probably been holding her load since lunchtime. Why couldn't she go at school like normal people? We had a fast dinner. Sophee didn't eat much for obvious reasons and we got permission to walk about 3 blocks over to he park. They have awesome playground equipment there.

Sophee first tried the park bathroom. Locked. Then we went around the other side of the building to the guys'. Locked. Then we walked across a hole on the golf course toward another subdivision. We came across this huge sewer intersection. With nobody around and it getting half dark, Sophee studied her options. Finally she told me I would have to hold her hands. She sat on the pavement, pulled her white panties and black jeans down to knee level and pushed herself from the grass, onto the hard, rusted steel that had circles like pimples sticking up. It took some adjustment and a couple of close-to-disaster mistakes in judgment before I fully caught on what she was going to do. This was the first full-frontal I got gotten of a girl going to the bathroom. Finally, she determined that with my holding her hands, her butt was far enough hanging over the sewer for her to drop her crap. That's without losing her balance and falling backward enough for part of her body to fall into the sewer. We could hear water underground, the rustling of leaves in the wind and I noticed by holding her hands tight, he face was crunched up and her eyes were squinting and closed. It didn't take long for the satisfaction to come onto Sophee's face as piece after piece went to the bottom of the street about 10 feet under. Finally she was done. She pulled her clothing up while still sitting on the ground. She said she was probably messing her panties, but that there was no alternative. She thanked me for my help and started to cry a little. Then we walked home and just in time because our deadline of the street lights activating was our curfew.

The next day Sophee didn't come to pick me up for school. She got to class about 10. She had 3 bug bites on her butt area, one of which was bleeding and her mom took her to the doctor to have her examined. Since she hadn't bathed that morning, the doctor found part of a water bug and a dead giant ant on her backside. Her mom was ordered to change her bedding and to clean the sheet with a hot water wash. That, however, hasn't changed Sophee much. To this day she hates using bathrooms away from home, especially for craps. I don't know how she's made it through almost 4 years of college.

Rose Y (Original Rose)
Hey, it appears there's a new Rose on the forum!
I'm the old one, the one who recently asked about insects. I feel like we should start adding an initial to clarify who's who, so I'll be going by Rose Y from now on.

Bianca - you mentioned you've flushed roaches before, what was the situation for that? What was it like for you, and what exactly happened to them?

I have a question for everyone - has anyone clogged the toilet, but not realized right away? I had an embarrassing moment recently when I was going to the bathroom in public with a friend, and thought the toilet flushed fine, only to have the friend go to use the toilet after me and remark on the exceptional number of small pieces of poop I'd produced, which were still spinning around the bowl after the flush.


Fart Survey

I sometimes have really bad gas like many others on here so I thought I'd do a survey. Farting is super embarrassing for me because my farts can be really loud so this survey is about that.

1. Do you ever fart in front of your significant other? Are they understanding?

2. Have you ever farted on a date?

4. Have you ever farted on an elevator with other people on it?

5. Have you ever taken a huge dump while farting a lot in a public restroom that had no doors or stalls at all?

6. Have you ever farted loud in a portable toilet where people could hear you?

7. Did you ever get bullied as a kid for farting?

1. Do you ever fart in front of your significant other? Are they understanding?

I fart all the time around my girlfriend Sofia. She is understanding though because she is also very gassy and she knows I have IBS. Some mornings I'm in the bathroom for so long that Sofia has to come in and get ready for work while I'm still farting away on the toilet. She still giggles while doing her hair in the mirror at how loud my farts are and jokes I'm going to blow through the ceiling. Some nights if we have a really gassy meal we both end up exploding gas under the covers in bed and it sounds like a thunder storm.

2. Have you ever farted on a date?

Only with Sofia.

4. Have you ever farted on an elevator with other people on it?

I had managed not to until one day I got stuck on an elevator with two female co-workers. I usually start to feel gassy around 1pm and have to take a gassy dump and I'll ride the elevator up to a more private bathroom. One day I was particularly gassy riding up with two women I knew and the elevator just stopped. We waited for about eight minutes and one of them Jen, who is about my age(31) noticed I looked uncomfortable and was clutching my stomach. She asked if I was okay and I had to admit I was very gassy. Her and the other woman Sam who is in her mid-20s were understanding but also found it a bit humorous. I held on for as long as I could but a huge fart escaped my clenched butt and made a huge 5 second trumpet sound. The two women covered their nose while giggling as I apologized and turned beet red. They said it was alright while still giggling. Sam sprayed something from her purse to help with the smell. We got out about ten minutes later and I hurried off to the bathroom. When I told Sofia what happened she felt sorry for me but also thought it was really funny.

5. Have you ever taken a huge dump while farting a lot in a public restroom that had no doors or stalls at all?

One time at a park bathroom that had no stalls but no one else was there.

6. Have you ever farted loud in a portable toilet where people could hear you?

Yes. I was at a summer camp taking a huge gassy loud dump. A group of older kids were standing outside laughing which made it really embarrassing.

7. Did you ever get bullied as a kid for farting?

Yes. One time a group of three bullies in high school opened my stall door while I was taking a big dump. They had been hiding in a closet and had taken all the toilet paper out of the stalls. They made fun of me while I blew up the toilet and when I was done I had nothing to wipe with so I pulled up my boxer briefs and jeans and tried to leave but they pushed me up against a wall and yanked my underwear up my butt giving me a wedgie. They pulled my elastic waistband up to my armpits and they shoved my head into the toilet three times and flushed. I'm really glad I flushed before after taking a dump. I got shoved out of the bathroom with my underwear still pulled up to my armpits and two attractive upper classman girls saw me and laughed which made it even more embarrassing.

I was kind of a scrawny kid so I got picked on a lot in school bathrooms. In Junior high a bully named Troy yanked my tighty whities up my butt a lot in the bathrooms. I'm just glad he never shoved my head in a toilet. He did wedgie me so hard though that my tighty whities would sometimes rip clean off which really hurt. In a related note he also held me down and fart in my face which was really gross because he would do it right before taking a huge dump.

Victoria B.

Helping Robyn


I had last Sunday off from the library and Robyn texted me that afternoon to ask if I wanted to work on a paper we're writing together for a class. Within a few minutes I was on my bike and headed to her place. Robyn lives in a two-bedroom apartment like mine in a building that's only ten minutes away. She was already sitting at the kitchen table when I let myself in and said hi. "Here," she said, pointing at the pot sitting next to her on the table, "have some coffee."

I accepted the offer and poured myself a cup as we started chatting about the edits that I'd made and sent her prior to my arrival. Robyn showed me some new material she'd been working on that day and I read it with interest, but with the growing feeling that an entire bag of flour was sitting on my bladder. I told Robyn that I had to pee and asked her if she wanted to come with. The look on her face was unusual, somewhere between nervous and overtly uncomfortable but she said yes and we headed to her cute bathroom together.

"You can go first; I'm having... some problems," Robyn admitted. We'd seen each other pee several times before but this was starting to sound like the first time I'd get to see a number two from her. I was a little excited as I took my sweatpants and turquoise boyshorts down to my knees and sat down on Robyn's comfy commdode. I blew a loud fart and as my stream started gushing out she jokingly asked, "Don't you knock first, Victoria?" I stuck my tongue out at her in response and continued letting loose until things slowed to the last couple of dribbles. When I'd finished peeing I reeled off the last few pieces of toilet paper from the roll and wiped before taking the empty tube out of the paper holder and setting it on her sink and then partially turning around and grabbing a replacement from the handy basket of extra rolls sitting on the tank of Robyn's toilet. Having secured the new roll in the holder I stood up to get dressed again, gesturing towards the vacant seat and offering an "It's all yours!" to her as I finished pulling up my sweats to panty-level.

"Victoria, I'm going to tell you something because I know I can trust you. It's embarrassing but here goes: I haven't taken a dump in four days and I feel MISERABLE," Robyn said as we swapped places on the edge of her tub. "Do you... do you think you can help me? she asked as she started to get undressed, taking her black thong and magenta leggings down to her ankles as she sat down. "I'll do whatever you think will help," I replied after my heart skipped a beat. "You already started; the seat is nice and warm! Now, let me pee and then we'll see where things go." Almost as if on cue, Robyn's stream began splashing down into the bowl to join mine. She farted as it reached its end, a little squeaker that barely made it around the plug of poop inside Robyn's butt. I could tell how uncomfortable she was as she groaned during her first push.

"It's... so... hard... and dry... uggghh," Robyn said as she began the struggle with her number two. She caught her breath and continued,"My doctor warned me that this might be a problem when she changed my prescription but she didn't say it'd be this bad. Huunnhh," she punctuated with a push. I was worried about Robyn and slid a bit over on the edge of her tub to be a little closer. "Here, this has always helped me. Grab those cheeks and spread them so that the seat helps you stay a little more open. And here, hold my hand once you're seated more comfortably," I offered. I wanted this poop out of her almost as badly as she did! Robyn reached behind herself and, right cheek then left cheek, spread her behind on the seat before taking my hand. I gave her a pat on her back with the other one and continued encouraging. "Do a big one for me! Take as long as you need- I'm not leaving this bathroom until you're done pooping. Promise you."

"Hnnnnnnhhhh!!" was Robyn's response. She was pushing as best she could and a tear rolled down her cheek after the last heave. I reached over her thighs and rolled off some toilet paper. She was gently crying and in need of some time to let it out. Once it had passed I used the paper to clean the tears off her face. "Here, give my hand a big squeeze when you bear down. Puuuussh!" "Unnhh! Unghh! Uh!! [thud] *splashsplash* Victoria, I think I just lost five pounds." "Sweetie you are doing a great job," I encouraged. "Can you get any more out?" "Let me see unngggh! ka-plop ka-plop!!" Two more medium sized turds left Robyn's bum and her out of breath. "Done!" she said. I was so happy for her that I got up from the edge of the tub to give her a hug. "Can you hand me that?" Robyn asked, gesturing to the paper I used to clean her up when she cried. I turned it over and she used it to wipe her front. She got a second generous handful and reached behind to wipe her bum. "I feel so much better now!"

She got up and flushed without getting dressed or thinking about what she was doing! I was so distracted by what I was feeling that I didn't think to stop and warn her and the toilet clogged! Figuring that she was exhausted I reassured Robyn. "Hand me the plunger. Time for a professional." "Victoria, no it's my mess" "Give. Me. The toilet plunger. Please." Robyn relented and handed it over and I got to work shortly thereafter. I pumped it as hard as I could until the the bowl started to swallow the water while Robyn got dressed and washed her hands. The first flush didn't clear everything out but I knew we were winning. A few more thrusts and I tried again. Still not quite there. Finally, after a few more pumps of the plunger I got everything to go down the drain on the third flush. I put it back and turned around. Robyn wrapped her arms around me and gave my cheek a kiss. "T

open pooper
Anna from Austria, I've used a restroom with a broken lock! Many times.. it's pretty embarrassing!

More recently at the end of last year it happened to me. A few times last year around that time actually. I was away from home for a little over a week. That meant having to use public restrooms a lot. Especially because we were in a warm place so that meant I drank lots of water! And ate a lot too so I had to poop a lot!

I got very unlucky with the circumstances because I ended up with an entire audience! I knew I had to take a dump and a pee so I hurried to the nearest ladies room. Of course this ladies room was very crowded....! It was a large restroom, one of the restrooms with 2 sides with a row of stalls on each side and a row of sinks on both sides too. It was like one of those big airport restrooms. I dashed for the nearest open stall, which was in the middle but closer to the beginning. This was of course an outward opening stall door....sigh....most of the stalls in general are inward opening doors but in this bathroom they opened outward. And they automatically were wide open, and they didn't automatically close and only stayed closed if you locked them. So either it'd be totally closed and locked, or it'd be totally open with the toilet visible to everyone so everyone could see which toilet was available. But I didn't realize it had a broken lock. At this point I was so desperate and really didn't care anyway, so I just did the best I could to lock it and I found a way to lock it! Not completely but just enough to keep the door closed. I pulled down my pants and sat down and hoped it would stay. As usual, I got my shorts and underwear down to my ankles and took my right foot out of it so I could open up my legs because I usually poop with my legs opened straddling the toilet kind of. So I spread my legs, sat back and let loose. That pee was the best pee of my life. I just looked down and watched it flow out of me, and it felt incredible! But next thing I know there's this random gust of wind from someone using the hand dryer....and I was unlucky enough that it managed to open my door! It opened all the way so I was now fully exposed to anyone out there, genitals and all. I was STILL weeing at this point! One lady stopped near my stall and just stared at me. To put it "nicely," she was seeing my pee come right from the source (my lady bits) and was staring with a disgusted face. I got a bit upset because if you're so grossed out why would you watch for more than a half second? I was so embarrassed. All I could do was say "hi, how are you?" to kind of break the awkwardness at which point she walked away. I laughed to myself.

Once my amazing wee ended, I began pushing for a poo. It began coming out real slowly, and I kept looking down between my legs to check its progress. And yes, plenty more people stared. Not just at me but down into the toilet to see me doing my business and the pee and poo actually coming out!!!. Some even watched! Pretty rude if you ask me. I was just desperate to use the toilet and was unfortunate enough not to have a proper working lock. With even more pushes it wouldn't budge.

I took a break from pushing for a minute, at which point another woman stopped near my stall and stared. I just pushed again and looked right at her and smiled at her, which made her walk away just as I intended. I did this for a lot of people. I don't know why so many people stared below so much...we're all ladies, in the ladies restroom, and I wasn't any different! I guess because my door was open.

Then when I was in the middle of pushing my next one out, it was very painful coming out because it was so big so I tightly gripped the toilet paper roll and scrunched up my face real tight and grunted loudly. A nice woman came by and asked "you alright hun?" and I said yeah just a bit constipated and she said "ohh I get that all the time, just gotta push and push until it's all out but gotta take your time. Do you want me to hold the door shut for you while you go?" And I said absolutely yes please so she stood there and held the door shut for me. A few minutes later I finished and got up and wiped myself and put my underwear and shorts back on and pulled them up, looked at my massive creation and flushed, and told the lady she could now open the door as I was all finished. I was still mortified because everyone saw my most private parts (and my business coming out of my private parts, too!!!!!) but was very thankful for that lady. I washed my hands and thanked her again then went back out hoping to not see the ladies that looked disgustedly at me! I do feel like a freak having to do my business out in the open like that and others having to see but I can't control when nature calls!

How old are you: 16 years old

How long does it take you to poop? If I'm at school usually 2-3 minutes but at home in my own bathroom I take about 5-10 minutes

What is your poop like usually? Most of the time I have 2-3 big logs around 8-11 inches and some smaller pieces

Do you fart when you poop? Yes a ton, usually before a turd starts to make its way out I have a tiny fart and I'll probably push out a few farts after a turd has gone out

Does your poop plop loudly in the toilet? Yeah with the smaller pieces with the bigger pieces it plunks in which is honestly the best sound ever. In general pooping has some really great sounds

Are you comfortable pooping in toilets other than your own? Usually yeah like I'll poop at a friends house or at a family member's house or just in public. I never really have a problem with it.

Name all the places you have pooped. School, doctor's office, aunts house, grandmothers house, IKEA, Port-a potty, and a ton more.

How bad do you stink up the bathroom when you poop? Surprisingly for me I rarely stink up the bathroom unless I've had like ???? or stuff like that.

I usually play games on my phone or FaceTime one of my friends cause they know I'm pooping lol. But I only FaceTime if I'm home alone.

What time of day do you poop? During the school year usually around 3:30-7:00 pm but during the summer it varies.

Do you courtesy flush? No I rarely ever do just because I want to see my poop all at the end.

Have you ever clogged a toilet? I do sometimes but not all the time which is surprising because for someone who poops as big as me I don't usually clog the toilet.

What sort of things make you poop? Spicy stuff anything with protein and fiber which I eat a lot of since I do sports.

How long does it take if your constipated? I'll be dead honest but I have never been constipated except for once when I was a baby according to my mom but i apparently haven't been constipated since.

How long does it take if you have diarrhea? About 10 minutes, I get diarrhea once or twice a year.

Have you ever felt like you were done but had to poop more? Yeah once in a while but it's pretty rare.

When you have finished pooping and left a terrible smell in the bathroom. What do you think the next person thinks? Like I said I never really leave a smell but if I do then I honestly want them to think, "Wow, Taylor just pooped"

How do you usually sit when you're on the toilet? I sit on the seat with my pants and underwear around my ankles, I feel the most comfortable in that position.

Would you rather be constipated or have diarrhea? Diarrhea cause at least something is coming out of me.

When did you find this site? About a year ago but I didn't start posting until more recently.

Cancer wetter

Wetting from hugs

Ever since the prostatectomy to remove the cancer I have found that I actually pee a little bit or come darn close almost every time I get a really good hug!

Now you might think that it's pressure on the bladder but many of these hugs are *not* pelvic thrust types of hugs! Actually like 90 + % are either hug at the shoulders ... or main contact at the belly.

I have lately found best hugs are actually centered on the solar plexus where you can feel the other person like waves of an ocean breathing their life force with yours! And there's just something about that total Bliss where I seem to lose focus just long enough for a spurt to either try to escape or succeed. Wondering how often this happens to others?

Also - since making this discovery that I belly-to-belly hug is so blissful I actually look for people to hug, if they're willing, who have a nice little Pooch sticking out! It feels so good!

Nothing like an almost minute or minutes long belly to belly hug to let someone know that they're glad you exist and they wish you to thrive! There are no words that can replace that kind of hug.

So I find in that Bliss that I just kind of lose focus and a little escapes. Anybody else have that happen?


Peeing and Constipation

Right now I am quite constipated and my urine flow is not as strong. Does anyone else notice this ?

Sunday, October 06, 2019


Doorless stall experience

Hello all,

I'm Tim - used to visit the forum quite frequently but haven't for quite sometime. I recently had a bathroom experience I felt compelled to share. I was at a bar one evening after work and felt the need for a bowel movement. Upon entering the restroom, I found a fairly small room equipped with two urinals and two commodes. Surprisingly, there were only short dividers between the commodes, and no doors.

As I entered, there was one man standing at the urinal and another washing his hands. I'm not usually one to be ashamed of pooping in public; however, I must admit I was a bit uncomfortable. Nevertheless, I made my way over to one of the commodes, pulled my pants down and had a seat. I noticed that the guy at the sink glanced over as I pulled my pants down. He began fixing his hair in the mirror, though I suspect he may have just wanted to hang around a bit longer.

After peeing for about 30 seconds, I began to relax. It was time to take a dump, and I began to bare down and push. I farted quite loudly and couldn't help but sigh audibly in relief. Meanwhile, the man who was at the urinal flushed and exited without stopping to wash his hands. The other guy was still fixing his hair, though when I farted he did glance over again. I'm sure my face was red both from pushing as well as embarrassment.

After a few more farts, I began working on a turd. I am usually a big pooper, and I could tell this would be a large dump. As my poop began descending, the door opened. In walked two younger guys. I immediately realized I had chosen the wrong commode to sit on. With the door open, I was in full view of the hallway. Several women standing outside the ladies room clearly saw me sitting there with my pants and underwear at my ankles. A woman about my age (late 20s) smiled at me and waved, kind of mocking my vulnerability. I must have turned beet red.

As the door shut, I finished squeezing out my first turd and it splashed heavily into the bowl. My typical poop smell began to emerge. As I grunted a bit and started to drop another turd, one of the guys who entered went to the urinal. The other walked over to the commode next to me. As he passed by, he looked at me and smiled. He said, "Mind if I join you?"

"Be my guest," I muttered in a strained voice. Right as I said it, there was mother heavy splash from beneath me.

The smell was getting intense as I heard him unbuckle his belt and pull his pants down to have a seat. The other man at the urinal finished peeing and left. The original guy at the sink was still fixing his hair and clearly staying for the show.

After a quick fart from my neighbor, I heard crackling and a healthy plop. I grunted again and felt another large turd began to descend from my bottom. As I was pushing, the door opened wide again. Another wave from the brunette in the hall.

Embarrassed, I was committed to finishing up and getting out of there. I grunted loudly and pushed hard. Big splash from my neighbor. Ten seconds later I let out a sigh of relief as my own turd splashed into the commode.

Finally empty, I began unspooling toilet paper. As I leaned forward to wipe my butt, the door opened again. There I am wiping my butt, about the most vulnerable position one can be in, and the brunette waved a third time and mimed her hand in front of her face as if to say I was smelling up the place.

My bottom needed a lot of wiping (as usual), and it took me about six good wipes to get clean. Finally done, I stood up, dressed myself and flushed the commode, leaving several large skidmarks in the bowl. I walked to the sink and washed my hands at the sink now vacated by the lurker who dashed out once I stood up. I heard a couple more splashes from the other guy still dumping.

I dried my hands, gathered myself and walked out. There she was. The brunette in the hall chatting with her friends smiled as I walked by and returned to my table. And wouldn't you know it, 10 minutes later a shot arrived to my table. When I asked who it was from, the server pointed to the brunette who had since returned to her own group at a nearby table in the bar. I held up my glass and nodded to her. She smiled and winked at me.

So in the end, I had found relief. As the shot hit me, my embarrassment faded a bit and I went on to have a good night.

Not a typical pooping experience for me, but one I felt like sharing!


A little shyness

I was in town this morning running a few errands and really needed to pee so I headed to some toilets at the shopping center. I hadn't pooped today either so I planned on killing two birds with one stone. When I got there out of the five stalls, one and five were occupied so I chose to go into number three right in the middle. I locked the door before pulling my jeans and knickers to my calves and making myself comfortable on the black seat. There was no sounds coming from either stall so I assumed they were both pooping. After a few seconds my backdoor domed and I was gently stretched by my soft poop easily coming out of me. It felt really nice. I broke the silence with a quiet splash as it fell into the water and a second piece joined it shortly after. I felt empty but remained seated because I still needed to pee.

I usually pee straight after I poop, or during but today was different. I didn't feel shy or embarrassed but I couldn't get my stream to start. After about a minute of sitting and still total silence from the other two ladies, I decided to wipe my behind and see if that had any effect. I reeled off some toilet paper and used three pieces to wipe my behind, and then tried to relax and pee. It was the strangest feeling, I felt really desperate to pee and I was even jiggling my legs a little like I was trying to hold it!

I sat up straight and forced myself to sit still. If I really was holding my pee I wouldn't be able to when sitting like that. A little later I sighed with relief as I started a strong stream, a patter being heard as it hit the toilet paper below. I cannot describe how good it felt to finally empty my bladder. I went for quite a while and wiped my front before getting dressed, flushing and washing my hands. I still hadn't heard anything from the other two by the time I had left so I'm not sure what they were up to.

Has anyo

Victoria B.

Meme from Robyn


Robyn sent me a meme today that sums up our friendship pretty well. It was a pie chart called "Time Spent Sitting on the Toilet" and was broken up into four different pieces. One, the smallest, was "Actually pooping." The second sliver, about double the size of the first was "Hiding." The next one, about a third of the pie, was "Instagram." The largest piece, about 3/5 of the pie was "Staring at the patterns in the tile on your bathroom floor."
She knows me too well!


ne else had this sort of shyness? I've been peeing fine for the rest of the day so I don't know where it came from.

Michael W.


Hi everyone. I have a constipation poop story to share for today. I only get constipated every once and a while. One time I got constipated from eating pizza just like in the song by Weird Al Yankovic. Here it goes.

It was May of 2005. I was 16 years old and my 17th birthday was just a couple of days away. And I was a Junior in High School. Anyways, everyday at school during lunch I would always have a slice of pizza, a side dish of vegetables, fruit and a chocolate milk. I didn't know I was constipated until Saturday afternoon. I haven't pooped since that Thursday and on Friday I didn't poop at all. I thought nothing of it. So on Saturday I had nothing to do. My friends John and Simba were busy. I had lunch at Bonnie Doon's. I had a burger, with fries and ketchup, a coke and a strawberry malt. After that I went to Amber's house to see what she was up to. Corey, one of my other friends was there and her boyfriend Steven was there. We hung out for 3 hours. We watched anime, smoked cigarettes, and jammed to some Rock music. Around 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Amber had to go to work, so I left and went to the library. When I was there I looked at some of the graphic novels and around 4 o'clock I felt like I had to poop. So I went to the Men's Room and took the first stall. I undid my belt and pulled my black jeans, and boxers down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I thought that it was gonna come out on its own but I was wrong. My stomach started cramping on the right side of my belly. I pushed and pushed and pushed and then I farted. I pushed again and then a little pebble came out of my butt. It was the size of a pea. 'Have to push harder' I thought to myself. So I did. I clenched my fists and I went "HUUUUGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" I had to catch my breath. I pushed again. "MMMMMMMMM!!! UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" Somebody walked in and I stopped. This dude took the stall right next to me and he did his business. He pooped. And then he left. I pushed again and again and again and there was no luck. I dropped like 3 or 4 pebbles into the toilet and they were the size of a pea. A few more people came in and out of the bathroom. The whole time they were in there I stopped and stayed quiet and when they left I pushed again, again, again, and again until I gave up and then I left the stall. When I came out of the bathroom I looked at the time and noticed that I was in there for an hour. My stomach was still cramping on my way back home. When I got home I went upstairs to my room and took off my black army boots, and started to play "Pink Floyd: The Wall" on my boom box. Then I laid on my bed with my arm around my stomach. I dozed off and went to sleep after "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2" finished playing. Later that night after I got done watching "Wayne's World 2" I decided to go back to the bathroom to try again. My sisters Beth and Sam were at their friend's house so I didn't have to worry about them rushing me. So I sat on the toilet and pushed and strained and squeezed my brains out for an hour and my stomach was still cramping. I still couldn't poop. The next morning I woke up around 8 am. I went back to the bathroom and sat on the toilet again and pushed and strained for an hour and nothing. I gave up and had breakfast and then I went to Amber's house. I asked her if she had any laxatives and told her that I was constipated. She asks her mom. "Mom, do you have any laxatives. Somebody is constipated and its not me." Her mom said no. "Sorry, but if I did I would give you some" Amber said. Later that day, I told my dad that I haven't pooped since Thursday and he said "You might be constipated." And he said this when my step mom Kim and sisters Beth and Sam were in the room. Luckily they paid no mind. He said he would get me something to help me go. Later that evening I went to John's house to hang out. I told him about my little problem. He said "Maybe you need an enema." And I said "I don't think its that bad." That night my dad came home from the store and got me stool softners. I took 2. The next morning after I went to school my stomach was cramping like mad and I felt the urge. I used the bathrooms over by the Foreign Language Dept. I pooped my brains out in the stall for 20 minutes and it was soft and creamy. I was 5 minutes late for my first class. After lunch my stomach was cramping again and I told the Job Coach that I wasn't gonna be able to work in the Cafeteria for today and told her I wasn't feeling well so I stayed in the Resource room. I slid my shoes off in the classroom, had my head down on the desk, and one arm around my stomach. Then I felt the urge to go again. I asked the teachers if I could be excused. They let me go. I ran to the same bathroom I used earlier and pooped my brains out again for 20 minutes. When I wiped I saw some blood on the toilet paper. The next day it was my birthday and I turned 17. When I went to the elementary school to help Mrs. Britt (The Librarian) all the kids in the school wished me a Happy Birthday and I thanked them. I went to the library to start working. I was checking in books and I felt the urge again. I ran to the Teacher's Men's Room in my socks and I left my shoes in Mrs. Britt's office. I pooped my brains out in the stall for 15 minutes. When Mrs. Britt took me out to celebrate my birthday we went to Pizza Hut. I couldn't tell her that I couldn't eat pizza bcz I didn't want to hurt her feelings and telling her would be rather embarrassing. When I got home I took another stool softner just in case. I pooped only once on Wednesday and it was the same soft and creamy poop and I saw some blood on the toilet paper when I wiped. Thursday I didn't feel the urge to poop again until I came home from school. It was a normal poop this time. It was relaxing and I did my homework while I sat there. My friend John came over and kicked the bathroom door open on me. "Sorry, I was just making sure you didn't fall in" he said. "You're an ass" I said. LOL! My sisters Beth and Sam saw me on the toilet. "Close the door" I said. They closed the door. When I was done I felt better. And that pooping session lasted for a half an hour. And that's my story, I'll post again later. Until then, Happy Pooping.


To answer Aaron's question

1). Have you ever spat on toilet paper before wiping?
2). Do you stand or sit when you wipe?
Most of the time I get up to wipe.
3). RUB between your legs or RUB your side?
I just wipe my back.
4). Do you ever smell paper after wiping?
5). Do you wipe thoroughly or just wipe quickly to get the worst?
I wipe two or three times. I prefer to wash myself at the end of the day.
6). Do you roll up the paper or screw it up to wipe it?
I'm not screwing up paper.

Tuesday, October 01, 2019


Rose's Question

To answer Rose's question: I never peed on a bug/insect, but I've flushed roaches before. Here's something interesting bathroom wise I've discovered about myself. I've noticed that after making sure I don't need to use the bathroom before coming back home from ????, I sometimes have to pee bad. I guess it's because your body is so used to home, that it feels more ready to pee there. Once after stinking up the bathroom at the , my friend Tiffany commented on the smell, and the other time she was spraying air freshener. I did a tiny poop yesterday, but did a medium sized one today after double checking that my newest electronic kitty works. Luckily, I found her breathing mechanism to be in working order, thus I had a comfortable stress-free poop afterwords. It's great when you're day ends on a high note poop wise, and when things go better than expected! Bye, happy pooping to all.

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