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Emma two

Pooing in the woods with Sarah

Until yesterday morning I'd been constipated for about five days and I took some laxatives before I went to bed on Saturday night. I woke up on Sunday morning with a stomach ache and I knew the laxatives starting to work. I had some breakfast with Sarah and I told her I was going out for a run in the woods. She asked me if I was going to have a poo and when told her I was she seemed excited as she asked asked me if she could come with me. I said it would be nice to do that and after breakfast I put a pack of wet wipes in my backpack and we set off down to the woods. Five minutes later we were in the woods and Sarah said she was desperate for a poo. I told her she was nowhere near as desperate as me because I was about to poo myself. She said she was and it was about to come out in her knickers. She quickly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled her knickers down and she squatted right in front of me as a turd dropped onto the ground below her bottom. Seeing that made me want to go even more and I came very close to having an accident in my knickers. I pulled my jeans down and then my knickers and squatted in front of Sarah as she continued to drop several turds onto the ground and as soon as I relaxed I felt relief as a huge load of soft mushy poo came out onto the dirt below me. I pushed at the end of it just as Sarah was finishing her poo and man did it feel so good. As I was wiping my bottom I looked at Sarah's pile and it was huge. I told her I bet she felt better for that and she said I had no idea how good that was. I told her I felt a lot better too and she started wiping. Once we got cleaned up we pulled out clothes back up and we walked back to the flat feeling a few pounds lighter.

Someone asked about babysitters and I remembered one I had from the time I was 5 or 6 until 14 when my sister started middle school and we were both allowed to be home by ourselves. Her name was Heather, she was 16 or 17 when I met her. I remember I thought she was cool because she had a huge butt like my mom and my aunt. When she wore jeans she would have a couple inches of her crack sticking out when she sat down.

She was super gassy and took huge dumps. My only real basis of comparison for seeing adults fart and poop regularly was my mom, so Heather didn't surprise me. The first time she was watching me she had to let out a couple farts because she was so full and she was embarrassed. I just thought she was super cool because of her big butt and farts because she was like my mom, so I told her about how my mom could fart like that too. After she found that out she was a lot less shy. She said she had to hold in her farts all day at school. She ripped a long bassy one and sighed. It didn't smell too bad, like earthy poop, but the more she did the beefier and smellier they got.

Eventually her face turned red and she asked me if I had seen my mom poop before since she farted around me so much. When I told her I saw mom poop all the time she thought for a second and then asked if I would come to the bathroom with her while she pooped because it might be a while. I said okay and I was secretly kind of excited to see someone else poop. She was the first person I saw poop outside my family.

We went to the bathroom and she sat down on the toilet. Her butt and thighs covered it like mine and my mom's do and she had some big stains from old skidmarks in her panties. She adjusted her panties so I couldn't see and then she had to start her poop. She was talking in a strained voice while she started her log, she said she didn't get to poop since yesterday so it would take a while. I don't know if the poop felt really good or she was embarrassed but she turned bright red. She pooped for a while, grunting, pushing, farting, sighing for what seemed like forever to my mesmerized young brain. I watched, listened, and inhaled the strong earthy smell of her poop. It was probably about 15 minutes. She did 5 huge logs. A couple of them were over a foot long and really thick. I didn't get to see until after she wiped and stood up. She grabbed a wad of toilet paper, gave her crack a long wipe and dug inside her hole for few seconds, then threw it in the toilet and pulled her pants up. That's when I saw her massive load. I was amazed. She pooped as much as my mom, and the smell was overpowering the bathroom by now. I exclaimed how huge it was with a big smile on my face, and when she saw my reaction she smiled back. She asked if I liked her big poop. I told her yes and she said she'd try to do another next time she came over. I saw a ton of her farting and pooping over the years.

Anna from Austria

at the gym

Last saturday I hit the gym for the first time after covid started. I went right in the morning and I even skipped my normal morning coffee in order to avoid my bowels started to move during my work out. I am really not that picky when using public toilets but I would only use the gym toilets for an absolute emergency.

The toilets in the gym are not in a separate room they are right in the locker room next to the showers. The also offer litte privacy for normal Austrian standards. The walls between the stalls have only certain hight and do not stop at the celling like the other toilets I know. So the smell can escape rather fast. it also feels quite uncomfortable to me to poop next to people that are showering and that they can smell me doing my number 2.

Unfortunately for me hitting the threadmill had a similar effect on my bowels and I had to go rather urgent. So i head to stop the training programm on the threadmill and ran to the locker room which was crawling with other ladies. I headed to the dreaded toilet put down my jogging pants and panties and sat on the toilet. At first i peed a bit, then I started to push then some farts, then the first log came out then another small fart and another small log then I was done. I cleaned myself and flushed the toilet. Then I washed my hands and left to locker room without looking left and right and went back to my workout. As expected the whole locker room was smelling quite bad but the other ladies did not see anything. I did not look at them so maybe they were looking at me a bit digusted but I am not sure about that. At least there were no vocal complaints. Maybe they go often to the gym and are used to that when other ladies did the same.

I never encountered a lady pooping at the gym in the many years I have been there. But before covid I hit the gym during the week days at night time. During night time the changes are slimmer that somebody needs a poo. In the morning time right after the breakfast or in the afternoon after lunch things are different. So maybe the other ladies tend to come right in the morning or in the afternoon and that encountered other ladies had a similar lexative effect when working out as i did.

But that is just me guessing. I was just supressed about their ignorance. Most of them were younger gals, in the their early twenties or maybe even lalte teens (I am 36 now) and when I was at their age my pairs tend to comment on the smell a lot. Not mean comments directed at the pooper herself but just some comments on the smell. Like eh that smell Lets leave. But the girls and ladies at the locker room seemed to stoically ignore the smell. They just changed their clothes or went to the shower. It was funny but in a good way.

that's it for today greetings

from Austria


David P

Replies and Survey

Replying to comments

Jry: thank you for taking the time to reply, your relationship with Paul sounds great and one that could turn into a good friendship if you want it to. Thanks also for your comment in detail about pooing in the house. I am in my early 20s and the other people will be older in their 30s and 40s. So it is definite I will be the youngest. Thank you for your suggestions, I will hope to get the courage to try them out unless I find a place in public to poo before going back to the house, but even that is my worst phobia, either way or will be so hard to do. I am really jealous of the posts on here of public pooers, I wonder how they do it and I will have a read of your old story. I would be very interested in hearing any stories you may have where you have tried out the suggestions you gave.

Jasmin K: good to hear from you again, pleased to see that you went back to the GP and reducing the tablets is helping. I also hope that eating more veg and fibre will help make you poo more regularly. I now can't get the image of you handling your turd and checking for blood inside out of my head lol! Reminds me of when I was a kid and was fascinated by poo so one day in a school toilet where I strained out a giant turd I went in and held it. Saying not to ask only makes me more curious but since you said not to ask, I'll respect your privacy. Happy pooing!

Now for Jake's survey.

- What if you are on toilet having a poo and your anus is opening up and a turd emerges but right at the moment everything starts moving someone enters the bathroom. Would you still continue or would you clench your butt cheeks to save yourself from embarrassing sounds?

Too late, the poo is too far out and I wouldn't be able to clench it back. I have tried to clench before but that only makes the poo go even faster out. Once it is at that point there is no going back!

- What if you are taking a poop in a bathroom with bath, shower and toilet all in one. Someone needs to enter to pick up something. Do you allow them in despite the stink and sounds or not? This is mostly concerning siblings and parents I guess

No way, I would not let them. Its too private and embarrassing.

- what if you are hosting or are a guest at a dinner evening and you need to poop. Do you go or do you hold it till you go home? What would you say if you're gone for 4 to 5 minutes?

Never happened to me before, but if it did. I'd always hold it until I get home. In the off chance it was really that desperate I would have to say I had OCD with hand washing or something.

Bye for now




I think I probably began the bathroom "walk-ins." That first day I wrote about I think one of our cats probably walked on the TV remote. So it didn't work to turn the TV on that afternoon. Merrilee had the bathroom door ajar by a couple of inches so I just walked in as she sat on the toilet. It took a couple of minutes for her to get it to work. Her clothing was at floor level, her legs were spread, and my eyes wandered to her pubic hairs and what was coming out of her as she worked with the remote. Before that, I had only seen my mom in that position. Later that school year I spent the night at one of my friend's house. I was surprised because they had a large family and most of the time the toilet door was open while one of my friends was using it. I don't know if this had anything to do with it but me and the older kids went to grade schools where there were often no doors on the cubicles. I remember telling my mom about that and she seemed offended and said something about perhaps in the future they could afford to send me to a private school.

Once or twice when Merrilee and I were at the big baseball stadium for a pro game, she would take me into a cubicle with her, latch the door, and she and I did a buddy sit. Sometimes she both crapped and weed. So at age 6 or 7 I would sit over the front of the toilet and I think mostly just weed while she would push and splash into the bowl from behind me. If I had been waiting in the crowd outside, Merrilee said I might have gotten lost or abducted. Sometimes she would comb my hair and occasionally tickle me in the ribs while her crap was coming. Once that caused me to fart and that seemed to surprise her. I told her I had just crapped at school at the end of recess. She then pulled off a piece of toilet paper and surprised me with a quick wipe. There was one streak on it when she showed it to me. But after she got up and cleaned herself, she had me retake the seat and do a couple of more wipes. The second one was totally clean and made me feel really proud.

To Anna from Austria:

I so enjoyed your story about pooping in public toilets, then finding there is no toilet paper to clean yourself with. "It was embarrassing changing stalls with pants down to use the paper in these stalls or walk with pants down to the sinks to use paper towels for drying hands." I wrote a short Embarrassing Moment essay on that topic for a creative writing class, but made sure I had a request on it that the teacher not ask me to read it in front of the class. She honored my wishes, as did our student teacher who also identified with my experience.

To Tyler C:

The "devious licks" trend is unfortunately a reality. Last week I was driving my team back from a charity game when a team member asked me to stop at 11 p.m. at a public park so she could immediately use the bathroom. I've had a couple of situations where I've pulled over on a dark side street and a team member or two simply squat pee. One did it right over a storm sewer drain. More than half the group were asleep and didn't know about it. As for Chery, she ran through a picnic area over to the park pavilion and into the ladies room which was very well lit. The seats of all six of the toilets had been very awkwardly yanked off. She did what she said was her first rim pee. The rim pierced her butt because she's a bit overweight. It was vandalism that is totally unnecessary. She felt bad when we got back to campus and a couple of her team members asked her why she just didn't go into the guys bathroom. She hadn't thought of it. But those seats might have been stolen off, too.

SIS Jenny


ahhh ok so since my last post, I got my call back and then I went to the bathroom and a very good poop much like I described in my last post ( assuming it get posted )I feel good and I might have cleaned up really well, but I am also wearing a dark thong which don't get as dirty as my light colored boy shorts

James-I always thought restroom was a funny term...I have had funny conversation about this. I have had friends say " I don't need to rest, I need to take a big shit!" Is resting a euphemism for pooping or peeing? I had a running joke with a friend when ever some one said they needed to rest the other would say " you mean take a shit?" or once I took a big poop on a vacation and my husband asked " have a nice rest?"

Bathroom is slightly more accurate, but in a public are, there are no baths or showers?

Also in the USA colloquially we all say toilet paper as the product we use to " clean" ourselves in the bathroom, although all marketing in the US the product is called "Bathroom Tissue." Sounds nicer, but when im trying to clean my messy bottom at the gym or work, it feels more like paper

I do like the term "water closet." And in Philippines restrooms are called "comfort rooms."

Also the term " taking a shit or taking a piss/pee" I always thought it was funny because we should be leaving our shits, not taking them!

After my university accident I have been a little extra worried about having an accident. Which worrying has made my IBS be a little funny. I think I have IBS anyway, both me and my sister Katie have shit ourselves a little too much to not have it!

Anyway on the weekend I had a few interesting events. The first one was just pure stupidity and I had three coffees in one day, even by the third one i made my sister said that's not a good idea. We live together and I had purchased a third one after the two I made at home earlier. So we went out, to buy food to bring home for lunch. Anyway I purchased my third coffee, and after drinking it, and buying lunch, on the drive home i got a massive stomach ache. She reminded me of how bad of an idea it was, as we drove home in her car with the windows down because friday afternoon she shit her pants driving home from work (story of later) My university accident was thursday. Anyway I barely made it, but made it none the less.

My second interesting event was today (monday), I had coffee again (when will I learn), this time only 1 coffee. I thought i was gonna be okay and normally I am but, I nearly filled my panties at uni because I was talking too a tutor and didn't want to excuse myself to go to the bathroom. Once our session ended i raced off and the second my panties slid off I exploded. Two close calls.

SIS Jenny
Hello I am waiting for a call back for work as I got tired or waiting. I really have to poop right now but I don't want to be call back while Im on the toilet. (plus I need the patient medical record up)

So since Im waiting, Im going to distract myself from pooping by talking about pooping. I'm really steering into the skids here (pun indented )

What is you favorite pooping experience and least favorite

Probably the kind I am holding. Really quick at work or in the middle of a work out. So quick that few would question that I pooped because I would be gone so little. honestly sometimes my pee visits are long and swear I got looks when I come back like " have a nice poop?"

Anyway I don't like these poops because they hide the fact that I pooped from friends, coworkers and in the past dates. I like them because they feel sooooo good. Since I am in the middle of something like work or working out, I feel pressure that I have to hold on to finish, but when I do make it to the toilet almost like...something I shouldn't mention here :) NOw the poop is usually of a good size, soft and comes out quickly and efficiently. And of course the draw back is that they are soft and hard to clean and I usually feel a little dirty afterward , especially at work. Working out I don't feels so dirty at least relatively as I see so many sweaty butt cheeks and cracks through the popular yoga pants worn my women, I figured Im not the only one working out with a dirty crack!

Honorable mention, having to poop on the way home and the final rush when I struggle to get the key to the door knob. and if Im home alone I'll start undoing my pants, pulling up my skirt and pulling down my panties before I get to the bathroom

Least favorite poop:
Dehydrated poop: I feel the pressure in the morning that I have to poop but I don't get that refreshing drop of poop. I have to push and often something doesn't come out for a bit. this usually means I haven't had enough water the day before and I have to push the poop out, which I hate. It hurts my ****** and I never feel like Im finished when I am done. I hate pushing but whenI have turd that is stretching my anus for more than a minute I have push. I had one over these afew weeks ago. The only good thing from these poops is that they aren't very messy.

Emma two

Pooing in the woods with Sarah

Until yesterday morning I'd been constipated for about five days and I took some laxatives before I went to bed on Saturday night. I woke up on Sunday morning with a stomach ache and I knew the laxatives starting to work. I had some breakfast with Sarah and I told her I was going out for a run in the woods. She asked me if I was going to have a poo and when told her I was she seemed excited as she asked asked me if she could come with me. I said it would be nice to do that and after breakfast I put a pack of wet wipes in my backpack and we set off down to the woods. Five minutes later we were in the woods and Sarah said she was desperate for a poo. I told her she was nowhere near as desperate as me because I was about to poo myself. She said she was and it was about to come out in her knickers. She quickly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled her knickers down and she squatted right in front of me as a turd dropped onto the ground below her bottom. Seeing that made me want to go even more and I came very close to having an accident in my knickers. I pulled my jeans down and then my knickers and squatted in front of Sarah as she continued to drop several turds onto the ground and as soon as I relaxed I felt relief as a huge load of soft mushy poo came out onto the dirt below me. I pushed at the end of it just as Sarah was finishing her poo and man did it feel so good. As I was wiping my bottom I looked at Sarah's pile and it was huge. I told her I bet she felt better for that and she said I had no idea how good that was. I told her I felt a lot better too and she started wiping. Once we got cleaned up we pulled out clothes back up and we walked back to the flat feeling a few pounds lighter.

Katie - Natalies Sister

Driving Home

My sister Natalie showed me this site and I think it is a pretty good idea. Just to anonymously get our embarrassing stories out there just at a relief. IBS can be very embarrassing so being able to talk about it, even if amanous is nice I think.

Anyways friday, I was driving home from work. I do just basic HR stuff while finishing my degree in Business HR part time. I work for a fairly big banking company. This friday in particular myself and 3 other girlfriends went for a quick drink and snack after work friday, just for the afternoon about 4pm to 6pm. We got chicken wings and beer. I was feeling okay by about half way home, my stomach started to cramp. I originally thought it was my period because I was farting all day, without anything to worry about. About 2 minutes from home i seriously questioned if I could make it, I untucked my white business blouse from my black buisness pants, and hoped for the best. I got to the last set of lights before my house and they turned red on me, as my car came to a complete stop. My stomach made a loud noise, cramped like nothing else and I completed filled my tradie brand bikini panties.

The smell was horrific and I had to drive home pants and panties filled with shit. I got our of my car and it ran down my legs because my panties where overflowing. The shit also went up my back a little. I wattle into my house which i share with my sister and announced I ????ING SHIT MYSELF AGAIN, to which we both laughed and she offered to help me. I said take care of my car, she politely cleaned my car and left my windows down. Apparently there was no shit to clean by the smell in my car was bad.

I wattle to the bathroom, threw my shirt off and carefully removed my business pants and panties. I was covered in shit. I had a shower and relaxed on my couch telling me sister the story. We laughed and I had a good rest of my night, very afraid to rip and farts. Unluckly I had also sharted my panties pretty bad the day before.

Interestingly my 3 friends from work all mentioned there might've been something off bout the beer or chicken wings. I'm not super open to them about my IBS but we all are comfortable and close enough to talk about our bowel movements. Well all met at uni, studied together and now strangely work together (HOW LUCKY!). We're close. There stories are as follows:

Tammy - Text "Bro I ????ing filled my panties", Tammy also shit her grey business pants, just as she got out of her car, her ass just exploded and she also peed alot. Unfortunately for her, she also ruined her high heels with shit and pee. Apparently she exploded, in her pants from the force and getting out of the car, and then sneezed and peed.

Jamie - Was apparently wearing a skirt with a thong, went to talk to her boyfriend in the backyard, he farted, so she went to fart (they have fart contests and alot of shart stories), and she had full liquid shit, running down her legs. Jamie has alot of shit her panties and pants drunk stories (by drunk i mean 3-4 beers and farting confidently).

Emma - Was apparently all good for a while, got home, showered, got into PJS, went to fart at her boyfriend for saying something rude/funny and just took a full sloppy log shit into her panties and PJs.

We all had a great laugh over text and video chat the next night about our joint pants shitting.


Double Pee

I have a short story to share, which took place a week or two ago.

After arriving home from work one day, I felt a slight need to pee, but the bathroom was occupied at that time. No matter, it wasn't urgent, and by the time I had finished my post-work tidying, the need had passed.

After dinner, I lay down on top of my bed for some reading. I became quite engrossed in my book, and two or three hours later, I was bursting to pee. Between the cold evening and the fullness of my bladder, I felt a dull ache which meant I had to move quite slowly to avoid agitating it.

Upon reaching the toilet and getting myself ready, I immediately started to pee heavily for over a minute. The ache also dissipated, and I felt no pain while peeing. Considering how full I had felt, I took a moment or two to confirm that I had indeed finished. Satisfied that my bladder was now empty, I used a tissue to dry myself and was about to flush when without warning, I started peeing again. This wasn't mere leftover drops either, but a proper second stream. It was just as heavy as the first one, and lasted nearly as long, about 45 seconds. Since this came so suddenly, I was glad that I was already standing directly in front of the toilet and had not yet put my penis away, or I may well have wet myself!

I could not recall any other instances of this happening to me, but has anyone else felt that they had finished peeing, only to find shortly after that they hadn't?



My poop was loose after dinner yesterday, and after lunch today. I was surprised that sauerkraut with hot dogs gave me diarrhea. I also had gas with it. To Ella: I love your scout outdoor bathroom story. Personally, I wouldn't be afraid to talk about bathroom needs on a hike, nor would I be embarrassed to go. I hope it wasn't too awkward seeing one of your leaders squatting. As far as the naughty thing I did outside is concernned, Mom said if the police had caught me, I'd get a ticket. This makes sense as I threw the sand bucket, too. I certainly wouldn't want to go to jail for littering (if I stand correct), because when it comes to bathroom needs, I think the experiences are pretty embarrassing. From what I know, the toilet is in your cell, and if you have a mate, you do your bathroom business in front of him/her. I can only imagine that jail toilets can be one of the worst. If the food is gross as well, I bet there are a lot of constipated people straining, and pushing big poops out possibly in front of guards, etc. All for now. Bye.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021


Steve A

Occasional Irregularity Question

How often does your normal pooping schedule get delayed?

Whenever this happens, what's your go-to solution? Laxatives, Supplements, adding more Fiber to your diet, etc?

My go-to solution includes adding more Fiber to my diet (Fiber One Products) since I already drink water 99% of the time. I also don't take laxatives or stool softeners since I'm usually regular most of the time, even though I still have that option if needed.


Further thought about near-misses

After I wrote my last post about near-misses, I realised I'd missed a couple of points about how I used to think about these when I was a teenager, and why they were infrequent.

The first was that by that time I'd got better at going to the loo at school if I was desperate - mainly because of the newer and nicer toilet block that I mentioned a few weeks ago when I described using it to clean myself up after a morning accident. However, I could only get to that block if my afternoon lessons were in the correct half of the school, and the others remained dirty and intimidating, so I still found myself feeling desperate during the last part of the day from time to time.

The second was that I tended to think of a near-miss as avoiding an accident happening where I might be found out - my greatest fear was of having one during a lesson. This meant that if I was really desperate to go when the final bell went for home-time, and I subsequently did it in my pants before I got home, I tended to view it as more of a "near miss" (avoiding pooey pants in class) than an accident, even though my underwear was still dirty. In any case, it only happened very rarely by that age. I already wrote about an accident rather like this that happened one winter when I had a bad cold.

Another brief example would be a time when I was perhaps 14-15 (it was after I'd swapped my evening paper route for a morning one) when I'd been needing to go to the loo all afternoon, and the pressure had been steadily building through my lessons. In the first part of the final lesson I'd been able to fart to reduce the pressure, but the pressure feeling changed and I knew that if I tried to do so again I'd regret it. I kept clinging on for dear life, and as soon as the bell rang I grabbed my bag and headed out of the school gate, immediately taking a detour that I knew would take longer for me to get home but almost guarantee that no-one else would be sharing the same route. Even as I was turning into that footpath I could feel the first blob of mush slipping out, and I'd been holding on for so long by then that I just couldn't stop the flow. The entire poo rushed out in one go - fortunately it was all contained in my underwear and was mushy but not runny. The sense of relief was unbelievable - I'd been so horribly desperate to go, and so afraid that it was going to come out before I could get out of school, that it felt like a victory to have held it back until no-one could see me. I walked the rest of the way home and cleaned up without further problems. Not really the sort of "near miss" that I think Jry was talking about, but it definitely felt like that to me at the time.


When I was using the urinal at school one day this boy I'll call him Igor sprinted into the bathroom room straight to a stall and pushed the door wide open There was another boy on the toilet pooping but Igor pulled him off the toilet and started having diarrhea with stall door open while the other had his trousers around his ankles and tripped over revealing his in unwiped bum

He pulled up his pants then started to shout and punching Igor on the toilet It was loud and I didn't want to get in trouble so I left As I walked down the corridor I could still hear them and a teacher walking by must have heard them too as he went in to check


Latest news

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in ages, I've been really busy. I'll start with a few comments.
Jas K- I enjoyed your latest story about going for a poo round your boyfriends, hope you can post again soon.
David P- sorry to hear your constipations been bad but glad to hear you eventually got some relief. Good luck with staying round your friends, if the toilet is in the bathroom you could say your going for a shower and then turn the shower on while you go for a poo, that way its less likely anyone could hear what your doing if you feel embarrassed.
SIS Jenny- your quite right, I have often referred to my underwear as pants although in more recent posts I've said knickers as I didn't want to cause any confusion! Here in England we say that girls wear knickers or pants and boys wear pants (or boxers), its a bit confusing as you can say pants for both boys and girls underwear but knickers just applies to girls, however my friends and I usually say pants instead of knickers when we talk about our underwear so thats what I'll do in future now I've hopefully made things clear!!
Over the last couple of weeks I've started to struggle to go for a poo so unfortunately I think I'm going back to a constipated phase, I had got into a good routine of having a poo every other day but now its more like 3 or 4 days between poos which means I've had to spend ages on the loo straining and pushing. Luckily by using a footstool and pushing on the skin between my bum as I'm trying for a poo I have found it a bit easier since last time I was constipated so at least thats a bonus I guess. I really can't work out whats causing this constipation episode, I've kept eating pretty well and drinking lots of water so its really annoying, I suppose it could be stress related as I've had loads on recently and have been feeling a bit wound up. I would always find it harder to go for a poo during the exam season at school/ university which I put down to stress as when the exams were over I would suddenly find things got easier! Also stress tends to make my diet worse as I crave comfort food and chocolate which is then a double whammy, as I know its really important for me to eat well if I'm going to have an easy time on the loo.
My last poo was yesterday and it was a big struggle, Lucy and I were out shopping when I started to feel the urge. I rubbed my belly and Lucy asked if I was OK, there were loads of people about so I didn't want to broadcast the fact that I wanted a poo so I mouthed 'poo' at her and she got the message, we went out of the shop we were in and Lucy asked me if I wanted to go home or use the loos in the shopping centre. By now we had a bit more privacy so I could talk more freely, I said, "Do you mind if we go, I'm gonna be on the loo for ages so I'd rather be at home!"
"No worries, I need a wee anyway," Lucy replied so we went straight back home, by the time we got there I was starting to need a wee quite urgently too. We went up to our room and Lucy said, "Do you mind if I go for a wee first, I'm bursting!" and I said, "No, just be quick, I'm desperate to have a wee too!" Lucy quickly unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down together with her pink and blue stripey pants before sitting on the loo, she immediately unleashed a powerful stream that fizzed down into the bowl and she moaned with relief, she said, "Oh my God, I was literally just about to wee my pants, thanks for letting me go first!"
"No problem!" I replied, I was waiting with my hands on the waistband of my leggings, waiting to pull them down as I was getting more and more desperate myself. Lucys stream was still going strong, I said, "Its just typical your having a massive wee when I'm bursting too, if you don't hurry up I'm gonna wee my pants big time!!" Luckily just then Lucys stream started to tail off, she said, "I'm nearly done, sorry, I knew I was desperate but I didn't think I was gonna wee quite so much!" I would have laughed but I knew that would have been a disaster in terms of my pants staying dry so I just stood there holding myself and jiggling as Lucy finally finished her wee and stood up, straight away I tore my grey leggings and white pants down and practically barged Lucy out of the way as she was tearing off some loo roll, sitting on the seat and unleashing a stream as strong as Lucys had been. I let out a loud sigh as my wee flooded out of me, I was so glad I hadn't let any spurts go in my pants as I had totally run out of clean underwear, I had been meaning to do some washing for days but kept managing to forget!! As my wee stream died away Lucy said, "I just need to throw this paper away!" so I opened my legs so she could put it down the loo, she then pulled up her pants and jeans and went to wash her hands. I kicked my footstool over and put my feet up on it and then started to push for my poo, as usual when I'm constipated the log came out a few inches and then stopped as it was getting really fat and hard, I took a deep breath and bore down, pushing on the skin between my bum and it started to move again really slowly. I did a long hard push and squirted some more wee out, I couldn't help grunting as I finished straining. I could feel the poo going back up my bum as I relaxed so I quickly started to push again, when I'm constipated I nearly always get that problem and its really annoying! "Its going back up my bum when I stop pushing!" I complained, and Lucy said, "If it makes you feel any better last time I went for a poo I had exactly the same problem, I know its really frustrating! Actually I ended up with a massive fat poo stuck half way out of my bum and I couldn't get it moving again for ages!!" I started to push again and after about 5 minutes of keeping up the pressure as constantly as I could and making some loud grunts I realised I'd pushed the fattest part through, and the log started to move a bit faster, shortly after it splashed down into the bowl. I moaned with relief again and could feel that I'd gone red in the face because I'd been pushing so hard!
"Sorry about all the grunting, you can see why I didn't want to go at the shops!" I said.
"Yeah, I know what you mean, I get embarrassed if I'm on the loo in public and I end up grunting," Lucy agreed. I felt another log starting to poke, I said, "I'm not done yet, theres another poo coming!" and I pushed again, luckily this log wasn't as fat so it didn't need as much straining, after a couple of minutes of pushing it fell from my bum and made a loud plop as it hit the water. I finished with a couple of smaller logs and then felt empty, so I took some toilet paper and wiped my bottom. When I was clean I flushed the loo and then pulled up my leggings and pants and washed my hands. We went downstairs to watch telly, after a while Lucy said, "I need a wee again and I might as well try to have a poo, I haven't been for a few days so I should really see if I can go."
She went into my ensuite and I followed her in and sat on the floor. Lucy dropped her jeans and pants and sat on the loo, she started to wee a strong stream, and as it dribbled to a stop she did some loud farts. I saw her starting to bear down and quite soon she had gone red in the face, after a couple of minutes she farted again, then shook her head and said, "Its not ready to come yet, I'll try again later!" She quickly wiped her front, pulled up her pants and jeans and flushed. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!


Bathroom Functions

Hi everyone. It's been awhile. Oftentimes I like to talk to Mom when she's on the toilet. Other times if I have to go, I'll wait outside of the loo for her. My poop hadn't been too bad yesterday and today so far. This morning's poop was solid, and I peed a lot from the weather. I believe cooler weather can make people pee more, and it felt like this earlier today. Unfortunately, I also had to throw out my glitter stretchy sand as too much water seemed to have ruined it when trying to fix the consistency. Just like people poop in nature, I contributed the ruined sand to nature, too. When I tried throwing it as far as I could, I ended up going to the bathroom to wash my hair. My life had turned around this morning, lol! Instead of my poop being the crazy one, I was. As far as farting being a vulnerable act as told by SIS Jenny, I don't feel that way. Honestly, I'd only feel vulnerable if I had an accident during a fart. When it comes to pooping and peeing, I don't think I'd feel vulnerable unless someone walked in on me while seated on the toilet. All for now, bye.


Pooping on scouts' hikes

I am a scout. When hiking we often have to poop outdoor. Nobody talks about it, but when staying outdoor for several days it is no way around.

When I was younger I thought that it was only the children that had to poop when hiking. Of one or another reason I did not think that the adults had to poop too. Silly idea, but now I know otherwise.

I once saw one of our leaders one early morning when he was squatting in the bushes with shorts at the knees. Luckily he did not spot me.

Carlie B.

Got it From My Mama!

I went home to my parent's house for a long weekend about a month back. On Friday afternoon, my parents were both away at work so I was at home along sitting out at the pool reading my book. At some point I fell asleep and ended up waking up more than two hours later, totally sunburnt and in need of a big dump. Our pool is a ways down the hill from the main house so I decided I'd use one of our guesthouse toilets rather than trek back up the hill. I walked into the guesthouse and immediately knew something was wrong. The entire downstairs of it smelled like a sewer and I hadn't even gotten near the bathroom yet. I thought maybe we had a leaking pipe or something that's how bad it was. I only had by bikini on so didn't have a shirt or anything to plug my nose so I used my fingers and made my way to the bathroom expecting the worst.

Rather than a busted or leaking pipe, instead I could see right away that the toilet was clogged, and had been for quite some time. There were two big logs jamming up the hole. The toilet was totally dry as all the water had been absorbed, but the logs themselves were also dry, indicating they'd been there for a long time. Needless to say the smell in the bathroom itself was unbearable. Given the size of the logs, there was no doubt this was the handiwork of my mom. I thought maybe I could flush them away since they'd been sitting there so long that they'd break apart easily so I gave it a go but it was still clogged. With this toilet out of order, I went to the upstairs guesthouse bathroom to do my own. Even upstairs I could smell my mom's load from downstairs. I pushed out a nice big log of my own which clogged that toilet right up too. It was big even by my standards so I didn't even bother trying to flush it down. With both toilets now clogged, I trekked all the way back up to the house to get one of our toilet plungers and then trekked all the way back down to the guesthouse. I hope none of our neighbors saw me march across our yard in a swimsuit carrying a big plunger. That would've raised some eyebrows!

I unclogged the toilet my mom used first, which was surprisingly easy. There were some serious stains/skid marks that I had to use bleach to get off. My toilet took a bit more effort due to the size but I eventually got that one too. I found some air freshener we kept stored in one of the closets and gave the whole place a good spraying.

With that whole ordeal out of the way. I texted my mom thanking her for the gift she left in the guesthouse. As I suspected, she was terribly embarrassed. Like me, she said she'd been down at the pool a few weeks back and when she clogged the toilet, she had to go back to the main house to get a plunger since we don't keep one in the guesthouse. She must've gotten distracted and completely forgot about it. Our housekeeper who cleans once a week doesn't clean the guesthouse unless we've had guests staying in it so her turds really just sat there for nearly 3 weeks. No wonder it smelled like a sewer in there!

Carlie B.

Mid Marathon Pit Stop

A couple weeks ago, I ran in a half marathon with a group of friends. We aren't very competitive or anything, so we were really just doing it for fun and to compete against each other. We had been running together to train for it for quite some time. Surprisingly, I was usually the fastest when we would practice.

I must've been nervous, because the night before I didn't end up taking my nightly crap.The day of the actual race, we had to get up super early. Being up so early, I wasn't ready for my morning poop and had to start the race not having taken it. I hoped the adrenaline of the race would allow me to not have to go mid race, which would obviously hurt my time. When the race began, I quickly realized how sluggish I felt not having pooped yet. I got about a mile in before I reached the first set of porta potties. I knew it would ruin my race time, but I had to go. I went in and found it surprisingly clean. I must've been one of the first few people to use it.

Maybe it was all the motion of the run, but that combined with me missing my poo the night before meant I was taking a monstrous poop. It felt amazing coming out and seemed to never end. When it finally did, I stood up and looked down the hole. I could see one of the biggest poops of my life down below. It reminded me of a pringles can but even longer. Thankful to not have to had to that in some poor toilet, I quickly wiped up and left to get back into the race. It was a night and day difference before and after pooping. I felt 30 pounds lighter. I ended up catching up to and passing all 4 of my friends who were also doing the race.

Hisae (translator is Mina)

Kazuko on Monday

We promised to you this story! So now Mina is typing what I tell her to type.

Same with Minappé, Kazu did huge wonderful motion on Monday. She was with me in beige loo. I gave her massage of her lower back while she opening her bottom.

(Change to Kazuko.) Hisae's massage was so comfy! I felt so wonderful my body.

(Change to Hisae.) So Kazuko put panties on shelf and sat her beautiful bottom on beige loo. I started massage, I hope that she feel good and do big volume.

And she started to do. Very large turd broke four pieces.

Then she gave o-nara (farts). Very musical! Do fa si sol fa... and some long ones, laaaaaa sol fa...

And turd came out again. And again. O-nara and turds, lots lots, maybe turd came out every minute with o-nara in the between.

(Change to Maho.) Kazu should take her flute to loo, then she can play harmony with beautiful music form her beautiful bottom..... OW! Kazu take your fingers far from my bottom!!

(Change to Hisae) After Kazu drop beautiful turd, she never move. Once she moved when I said "I flush" because loo was so full. Then sat down, and while I massaging, turd dropped, and again, and again. How many she did!

(Change to Kazuko) Every time I did, Hisae said, "uuuuu!"

(Change to Hisae) Of course that is natural! I was so happy! So many beautiful turds Kazu dropped! And always more! Even if now, I imagine turd appear every minute or two, I want to cry, it is so beautiful. And while Kazu is waiting for turd to come and making silent efforts, it is so beautiful posture! Of course with music sometimes. Fa sol si.....

(Change to Mina) I can hear noise of kiss on somebody's back of neck.

(Change to Kazuko) Hisae put paper to my bottom before I finish. I said her, I don't finish, but she said, I want to clean. She cleaned me very tender touch! But then I did more, so dirty again. Hisae said, it's OK! and start massage again! My smell increase with every new turd, but Hisae said, no problem. After Hisae clean me, I did again many times.

(Change to Hisae) Of course no problem!! Very nice smell!! Kazu please do more!! and always Kazu did more, so I was so happy!!! She finish after about 20 minutes and maybe twelve times she opened her beautiful bottom, not include o-nara. I was moved so much. After first huge turd, turds were not so huge, but size is not important so much. Most of them broke two pieces.

(Change to Kazuko) Hisae was crying.

(Change to Hisae) Normal to cry!! I am going to pinch somebody's bottom.

(Big OW noise.)

(Change to all four) We are happiest women in world! We hope everyone is happy like us and have comfy time in loo to do lots and lots.

Love to everyone.

Hisae Kazuko Maho Mina

P.S. Crushes often talked all together, but sweet Maho help busy Mina to arrange typing. Mina is going to kiss Maho's back of neck. Chuuuuu. Big hug to lovely Maho. And big hug from all of us to everyone this site.


Off-schedule pooping

On Monday morning my schedule got thrown off for a couple of reasons. Normally I let Diver sleep in. The wall between our apartment's bathroom and bedroom is really thin. So I shower the night before and I hold my morning bathroom needs until I stop at a gas station or c-store on my commute to the office. That's my crap for the day and often my first which I really enjoy doing because it breaks up my 45 minute commute. But this Monday was different. Diver's been constipated, he took a laxative before bed, and was on the toilet wishing and hoping with his briefs at floor level. I came in while he sat frustrated quickly used a hairbrush and grabbed a couple of aspirins from the bottle. Shannon, my friend and work colleague whose going through a divorce, slept on our couch after a late night at the club with Diver and I. She couldn't help but see Diver seated when I opened the door to leave. I explained Diver's situation and her response was with an F-bomb. She said the second pitcher had done her in and she said she was ready to burst. Then she barged in and said she wouldn't look. Diver seemed to not matter, but I did. She's talked about lap peeing with the help of past boyfriends, but I wasn't about to allow it. Instead, I pulled back the shower curtain and said she could pee in the tub. I turned on the hot water from the faucet and told her to go to it. At that point, Diver's bowels ignited and I was finally happy he was having success, although increasingly smelly. Shannon, seated on the side of the tub, let go of a deluge and told me she should never have accepted the second pitcher. I told her to hurry up because we were both going to be late for work. She finished her pee sit and did a nice job of splashing water around to get her pee into the drain. Diver was still splashing into the toilet and Shannon made a suggestive statement and wink to him. As we drove the radial highway in to work, I was somewhat angry at Diver and Shannon for throwing off my schedule. When we got to the parking garage, Shannon wanted to go across the street to the park to get us some coffee. We walked over there and as we sat and drank our coffee, both me and Shannon fund a churning in our gut. Within minutes, we took our seats on the toilets in the nearby bathroom. We both contributed large and soft craps. The we walked across the street to our company talking about how Diver's early crap had lead to other things, including our later than usual unloads.

Anna from Austria
To Mina and friends. Thanks a lot your your kind words. I also enjoy reading your stories a lot.

Skidmarked in Seattle Jenny

That is good question how I differencitate between ruined panties and salvageable ones.

I would say it depends on the type of skidmarks. Just small skidmarks caused by carless wipping or skidmarks caused by not wipping at all. I try to wash out the smaller stains and it works quite well.

Type 2 just happpend 2 times in my life so far. I have not much memory about the first case to be honest.Apparently I had to poo when I was drunk and after doing that I was either to drunk to care about wipping or I could not find any toilet paper. I only knew that I woke up the next working with my panties full of poo (stains).

The second instance was the story I told in the early post. that time it was worse. Due the mushy poop there was plenty of poop between butstocks that was literally smeared into my panties when I was walking to car and drive home.

Greetings from Austria



what if scenarios

Maybe this could be fun to answer for some people. i present a couple of what if situations and you proceed with explaining what you would do…

- What if you are on toilet having a poo and your anus is opening up and a turd emerges but right at the moment everything starts moving someone enters the bathroom. Would you still continue or would you clench your butt cheeks to save yourself from embarrassing sounds?

- What if you are taking a poop in a bathroom with bath, shower and toilet all in one. Someone needs to enter to pick up something. Do you allow them in despite the stink and sounds or not? This is mostly concerning siblings and parents I guess

- what if you are hosting or are a guest at a dinner evening and you need to poop. Do you go or do you hold it till you go home? What would you say if you're gone for 4 to 5 minutes?

Victoria B.

Reply to Jenny (Skidmarked in Seattle)


Jenny asked about my undies drawer and skidmarks and now I'll answer!

Puberty started when I was only ten and it gave me quite a pair of buns even early on and by the time I was in sixth grade the ride-up and wedgies my girls'-sized panties created were causing all kinds of discomfort and skidmarks too. My mom gave me more than one lecture about my wiping habits and making sure to use as much toilet paper as I needed to feel clean especially if I went number two. Trying my best didn't help and mom gradually came to understand that the problem was with my underwear and how badly it fit, not me. So at the age of eleven, a few months after my first period, I was already in women's panties (also Hanes Her Way, size 5).

That worked for a few years even with the added complications caused by very heavy periods but eventually as styles changed, the VPL that my cotton bikinis and hi-cuts showed and the return of the skids moved me over to boyshorts and, finally with parental consent, thongs. Anything that didn't have visible seams that showed through the seats of my skinny jeans and yoga pants was in. I haven't worn traditional French-cut or bikini panties since my junior year of high school and have no plans of ever going back to them.

I do deal with rideup from boyshorts still-my thighs and booty haven't gotten any smaller-but having a girlfriend who knows how to shop for me and knows what fits my body helps tremendously with that. As for the skidmarks? Bidets make them a thing of the past. I am back in grad school this semester after time off but my earliest class as a student or as a TA is at 11:00 in the morning, more than enough time to go at home each morning thanks to a new treatment plan for my IBS by my gastro.

With the hours that you work as an RN that may not be an option for you but what you can do is a little research to find panties that fit your body better to cut down on skidding even with awful one-ply toilet paper in your work bathrooms. Savage x Fenty and Parade especially have worked out well for me as a bigger-butted woman and might be good starting points. Good luck!



To Tyler C

Yeah that TikTok trend of destroying bathrooms is just something else. I hope some of those who destroyed the bathroom had to have an embarrassing situation happen to them. I know I wouldn't be able to last the entire day without having to go pee at school. Crazy that some people are experiencing accidents because of that whole situation.


Reply to David P

David P: Thank you for your kind comments! Yes, Paul (the teenager) is a kind guy, and I think we get along well, although we do not interact much except when we cross paths in our apartment building. But it's been twice now that this has happened, and unless either of us moves out, I think it might again happen at some point in the future.

On your question David P, may I ask how old are you and how old (or their age ranges) are the others that are going to be staying at the house? If they are around your age, it may be possible (I would say likely) that you get used to it after a few days, particularly as you discover that no one really cares. Given your constipation issues and/or infrequent visits to the toilet, however, I realize that this may increase your anxiety.

I used to hate going when others are around when I was in my teens, and I am still somewhat uncomfortable if it is people I know but I am not really friends with. You can check some of my older posts (I think it is in 2353 where there is a story of mine about pooping in my university dorm bathroom) to see more or less how I handled it.

I know how anxiety-inducing and uncomfortable it can be, so instead of suggesting to just "try to feel more comfortable" with everyone else around, I could try suggesting the following:

1) Try waking up particularly early and poop before anyone else is awake. They are unlikely to be paying any kind of attention and if someone wakes up they will likely go back to sleep and have no idea what is going on.

2) Put some toilet paper inside the toilet bowl so your poop does not plop or splash while you are releasing it.

3) Do not sit on the toilet seat but on the rim, and lift your knees as much as you can so you are kind of squatting. This will help you poop.

4) Try drinking something warm at night and again in the morning, 1 hour before you want to go to the bathroom. Hot drinks stimulate your bowels.

These are my suggestions so far, but please feel free to ask more questions or ask for advice and if I have some good ideas, I will share them with you. If you want to read a more detailed story of me doing any of these, please also let me know.

Wishing you the best of lucks!


Sunday, October 17, 2021


Replies to Jenny and Jry

Skidmarked in Seattle Jenny - yes, I'm from the UK. In British English, "pants" always refers to underpants (or to something being a bit rubbish, or being nonsensical, as mentioned by Mina, Hisae, Kazuko and Maho). Every generation of British kids has found it unintentionally hilarious the first time we watched a US children's TV show in which characters talked about their trousers as "pants" because of how this shifts the understanding just enough to make it seem silly. Women might wear knickers and men boxer shorts, but these can both still be called "pants" - but it perhaps refers most of all to the briefs and Y-fronts worn by men and boys. One possible etymology is that the word "trousers" never really spread in the early days of the USA, being displaced by "pantaloons", which is the word for a type of trouser that was ubiquitous at the time. Over the years, "pantaloons" was shortened to "pants" in the USA, whilst "underpants" was shortened to "pants" in the UK. There are other theories though.

The first time I visited America, I found terms like "restroom" confusing until I figured out it was a euphemism - this term isn't generally used in the UK but sounds superficially like it might mean the same as our "cloakroom", which is a room you can leave your coat in and possibly wash your hands in, but which won't contain a toilet. There are plenty of other examples of toilet- or anatomy-related words that have very different meanings in different forms of English though.

Jry - there were no other incidents relating to my brother being ordered to stay on the toilet, because I complained to my parents after the sleepover incident about how embarrassing it was to have a friend over and then neither of us be allowed to use the loo, although I never admitted to exactly why it was so embarrassing that evening. They gave me priority use of the toilet over him after that, and in any case stopped trying to get him to sit on the toilet for so long, as it didn't really help. He grew out of that problem when he was about ten (maybe eleven), around the same time that the house was extended and we got an additional toilet.

Regarding teenage accidents and near-misses - I already posted about a couple of my teenage accidents (one on the way to school after having too much fibre the night before, the other due to too much sorbitol). I had several accidents either during or after exams, particularly my GCSEs when I was sixteen. Probably the worst was when I pooed myself comprehensively during a morning exam, and had to run straight home afterwards to have enough time to change my clothes before going back for an afternoon exam. Not only did running with pooey pants cause my trousers to get very messy, but I had the same thing happen in the last few minutes of the second exam as well, so I had to repeat the whole process when I got home at the end of the afternoon. At least I didn't have to run home the second time, but when I needed to go again during the walk home I just let it all out in a rather resigned way, so the clean-up was no easier. Anxiety and caffeine have both always tended to make my poos mushier and much more urgent, and secondary school exams usually involved plenty of both. Although my control was generally getting better as I got older, the exams also got longer (up to three hours) and were more important.

Whilst I did have the occasional near-miss where I would reach the toilet at the same time as I could feel poo starting to come out, this wasn't that common. What tended to happen would be that I either managed to hang on all the way home and then let it out as normal on the toilet, or occasionally a soft lump of poo would come out as I walked, but would relieve the pressure enough that I could then make it home before the rest came out. If that happened, I would turn my pants inside-out over the toilet to drop the lump in (if it hadn't stayed between my bum-cheeks) and then wipe out my pants, which would then be hidden away in my bedroom for future cleaning or wearing on one of the walks I mentioned in my last post. I did have an occasional incident where a poo like that came out just as I got home, in which case the clean-up was usually easier.

Other than in exams, I didn't mess my pants during lessons in secondary school, but I did still have the occasional accident on my way home, and what usually happened if an initial lump came out was that the pressure would build up instead of easing off, and I'd find myself having further splurges of mushy poo run out, usually each softer than the last. The sensation was quite distinctive - I'd feel the pressure build up and the strength in my sphincter start to fail, then there would be a sudden rush of warm softness as the poo beat me and started to come out, before the pressure reduced enough for me to clamp down again, after which the cycle would repeat. If I was close to home when this happened I'd usually keep trying to hold back as much as possible in the hope of getting at least some of it to come out into the toilet, which would make for an easier clean-up, but if I was still quite a way from home I would sometimes just give in to the inevitable and allow it to work its way out. Doing that felt like (and was) giving in, but it did mean I could finish walking home without having to constantly fight not to keep pooing my pants. When I was 14-15, this certainly wasn't as common as when I was 10-11, but when it did happen I tended not to mind as much, as I knew lots of alternative paths home that were unlikely to have anyone else wandering along them to see me, and I was very confident by that age that I could sort out my underwear at home without anyone finding out. As far as my parents were concerned, I stopped having accidents before I turned 13.

There was one time when I was walking home when I was about 15 when I actually did it in my pants somewhat on purpose - it was one of the very few times I'd been feeling a bit constipated and bloated, and unusually I'd even gone to the loo at school to try and push the poo out because the sense of vaguely needing to go but not being able to was making me feel a bit sick (and I've written before about how much I hated feeling even the slightest bit queasy). In my final lesson of the day I started to feel the urge again, and I figured I'd try again once I got home. However, shortly after I set off from school the urge suddenly built up quite a bit, and it felt like I might be able to get the poo out right now. There was no-one around, and I had a stomach ache, so I decided to push hard as I walked, hoping the rhythm of walking would help ease it out so that I could get some relief. I was betting that if I did get it to come out, it would be so hard and dry that it would sit in my pants without staining them and be easy to empty out at home. I relaxed my bum and pushed, and felt a wide, hard poo slowly start to edge out, before speeding up and then falling out into my pants - but the hard part of the poo was only a couple of inches long, and then a large amount of rather runny mush followed it out with some explosive wet farts before I could do anything about it. I could feel it making my pants sag down slightly as the poo worked its way under my crotch and around to the front of my underwear. Barely two minutes later, I felt a strong cramp in my stomach and a sudden surge of pressure, making me feel desperate to poo again, and another rush of mush and gas splattered out despite me trying to hold it back. I could feel it starting to leak down my legs and I was also worried that it was going to overflow the top of my pants and trousers at the back, so I hurried home before things could get any worse. Fortunately I managed to peel off my trousers and pants and sit on the loo before the next round of cramps and mush happened. The clean-up took a long time as the poo had got everywhere (even on my socks), and I had to take the next couple of days off school as I continued to have frequent gassy diarrhoea before things settled down. Thankfully I wasn't sick at all.

It turned out I'd had a type of mild food poisoning that sometimes starts with a bit of constipation before the diarrhoea kicks in, which was why my stomach had been feeling so unsettled and bloated with it. Although I deliberately pushed out the first part of the poo as I was walking, I have no doubt it would have come out in my pants anyway given how desperate I was before the second round came out. I did wonder whether the urge to push it out had arisen because at some subconscious level I knew that I was about to have a runny poo and my body just wanted to get it over with.

your name Jasmin K

Replys and today's poo

Hi all
First reply to skidmark in Seattle Jenny and David P
Thank you for you caring comments and I have spoken again to my GP , I said that I was concerned that my poo was black and very hard to push out. I was told it was the side effect of the iron is supplement and to stop or reduce the amount taken to 1 every 2 or 3'days. I did this and now my poo is back to a more normal colour and not all little pebbles, yesterday and today there was also a knobbly log. I didn't mention the other things, had that discussion a while ago and I am trying to eat some veg and fibre even if it's only 1 or 2. times a week. The blood from my ass is bright red and is only on the surface of my poo and it's fresh bright red on toilet paper too, I've checked if it's inside my poo and it's not ( don't ask how but let's say I'm not squeamish about handling poo ) so I'm not worried about it.

When I went for my morning poo I put the thing in the toilet bowl to collect my poo so I could see how much I did having reduced the iron supplement. I sat and started straining and after a few minutes some pebbles came out and some of that mucous stuff. I strained down hard and could feel pressure inside and after several big hard pushes making my ass dome out I felt it start stretching as some or poo emerged, this was a log and felt big. Several hard strains and it was out. A knobbly log about 8 inches long,and a really long pee . I emptied the container in the water and re sat pushed farted a mucous fart and another log came out. I wiped, pushed my bulging ass back in pulled my knickers up flushed and washed my hands. About 40 minutes and a good poo.
Jaz K


Question for Brady

You wrote: [Merrilee would] "sometimes encourage me to come in while she was working on a poo".

Do you think watching her "working" on a poo left you with any kind of permanent imprint on your psychie?

My Mother's method of toilet training was to take me in the bathroom with her, place me on my potty chair and proceed to poop on the toilet in front of me. I am sure she must have done this many times because I wasn't potty trained till I was 3 years old. Yet I remember only one time, my Mother was VERY constipated and she struggled, strained, and grunted for a long time before there was a loud plop in the toilet. I have been left with a lifelong curiosity about the intimate details of woman's constipation struggles.-- JW

Hi and thanks for your reply and I enjoyed your dramatic story! I'm not sure I will be looking back with that much fondness! With your questions...

1. It was not that interesting! I think it was more a case of the curry pushed forward the breakfast and lunch aha I would say that unlike most people on this forum it's normally a pretty similar experience for me. I just sit down get my phone out and it just sort of happens. When I was at school it was sort of regular sort of just after I got home from school at about 4pm then I dunno why I sort of changed about when I started at college and probably go twice one day morning and night then the next day around lunchtime now aha

2. I don't think it was quite as dramatic as maybe you thought lol although we had all sort of said we needed to go we weren't like that scene in American Pie or anything! I was waiting for Tyler to come out as he is my best mate of like 10+ years and I was worried about him. We had a quick chat about how it was and then I grabbed the magazine off him and went in aha. The magazine was then left on a table and while we were up drinking people ripped a few pages out and went to do what they needed to do - there was not a que or anything. I don't think anyone was that uncomfortable I don't think they mentioned it if they were. I have known most of them for years and we know most of what each other get up to!


Unisex Bathrooms

Where I come from unisex bathrooms are becoming rather common. I note the benefits previously mentioned in various posts, however, from a point of practicality I have seen a line up for the ladies toilets and the men's toilets vacant. I pubs and various places I have seen women using the men's when the queue for the ladies toilets are too long.
I use the public toilets in the park almost every week day and they are gender neutral. The toilets I use are made of metal so you sit on steel!
That does not bother me at fact I find it easy to do a poo in those toilets that other normal toilets....I have no idea why?
My toilets do not get high usage and only a few times has a women done a poo when I have been in the next cubicle.
One thing I hope is that nobody, male or female, puts off a BM or a good wee for fear of public toilets and unisex at that.

I want to start this story by saying this is not my first accident, and even since this wasn't my last. However this was my most embarrassing. I was in my university gym, lifted a few weights (I'm not a body builder but am trying to get fitter at least and I've been to the gym like 3 times now). Anyway I lifted a few weights than hit the treadmill. Idk what it was specifically but after 10 minutes my stomach started to feel a little funny but still not sick so to speak.

I jumped off the treadmill to grab a drink of water, and since no one was around let out a little fart just to help my stomach. I felt my butt open and a tiny bit of liquid came out. It was just between my butt cheeks but I felt it, clenched, my heart sank and my stomach started cramping really hard. I ran to the bathroom, with the urge to go quickly increasing from nothing to alot. I stupidly decided to get my bag first, and in doing so, by the time I closed the door on the bathroom stall, put my bag on the hanger turned around to look at the toilet, I exploded in my Nike Pro compression shorts. Instantly filling them. Unfortunately I was also wearing a under armour womans thong, so the shit exploded in two directions and just puddled in my pants.

I kicked my shoes off, socks off, tank top off and carefully removed my pants and thong, which needless to say where completed ruined. I wrapped it all up, put it in the bin and changed into my day clothes. I went home pretty upset, until i got to my house I found it kinda funny. I told my sister who has a pretty big history of shitting herself as well. She's two years older (Katie). Who I walked in on, and she was mopping the floor in a towel. Turns out she was walking around the house in full back panties and shirt, after waking up, bent over to pick something up, farted and filled her panties. Some got on the floor and we had a laugh about our combined pants shitting.


Desperate relief

I have had a few days off work and today was my first day back I got up this morning and sat on the toilet to see if I needed a poo which I didn't I have been getting up later with being on holiday so I think my routine had changed I went to work and let out a few farts throughout the day when I returned In the evening I had my tea then about an hour later I got a desperate urge to poo I was busy messing about with something when I couldn't concentrate on anything and needed to get to the toilet I went pulled my jeans and boxers down and sat immediately I farted and an avalanche of soft poo flew out it was over in about 10 seconds I quickly flushed while seated and waited to see if I needed to go some more I was done but it was a great relief to go and I had goosebumps on my legs I got up wiped my bum and had to clean the toilet with brush where my poo had hit the pan I left leaving behind the smell

SIS Jenny


Hi Kristi-

Just another though about you massage appointment. I hope you recovered fully from the stress for the fart. I am happy you had a supportive massage therapist.

It was ok to have feelings about the fart. Farting, peeing and pooping are very vulnerable activities, and like sex it something we don't like to share everyone, perhaps we don't want EVERYONE sharing with us ALL the time. Some times our bowel and bladder bodily functions kind of intrigue our minds like sex does.

I don't think its a coincidence that sex and going to the bathroom require us to expose ourselves. They are very vulnerable and human positions and situation and are perhaps exciting when we share with selective people. Maybe that's why our husbands are intrigued we lower our pants in the bathroom as much as if we lower our pants in the bedroom. Also sex and going the bathroom feel so good and probably activate the same part of our brain.

That being said I want to give you a virtual hug for your tears when you farted with a "strange" person. It's ok to have those feelings

On a humorous side...I just farted as well. I wont lie...I'm kind of embarrassed as I am at work, although I don't think anyone is around, My heart rate is increased as I look around to make sure. Also... the fart felt good to get out!. I might feel even better to drop a bomb before my next patient. I probably wont have time to post about it so I am just going to enjoy it and try to get my booty as clean as I can with the 1 ply toilet paper. Got to go!

What makes you fart?

I am sure we all have been wondering. What is suppose to make us fart?

I am having a boys night with bevarages, so we might as well do a farting competition. We have first prices as a kiss with the ladies later. What can we eat to make us fart? Is there anything you would suggest


Replying to Emmagurl

"Have you ever had to pee so bad you did it in a bad place?"

Define "bad place" lol.

I've peed outside probably 200 times. I don't consider that "bad".

My college roommate would take forever on the toilet pooping so on a dozen or so occasions I peed in the sink. Bad? Nah.

I pee in the shower almost every day. But seriously... who doesn't?

Parking garages, the great outdoors, alleyways... you name it, I've probably pissed there.

There was a time when I was leaving a bad relationship. I might have relieved myself on his couch. Wasn't out of desperation. Just wanted to let him know what I thought of him.


The Last Poop Your Partner Took

Hey everyone, for those of you that have a wife/girlfriend,/boyfriend etc. What is the story/how was the last poop your partner took infront of you?

Tyler C

Internet Trend

I don't know if any of you have heard of the "devious licks" trend that's blown up on TikTok the last month or so. Basically, ever since school started back up, kids have basically been vandalizing and stealing stuff from their school's bathrooms. It's led to some schools closing some or all of their bathrooms, which implicitly means that the school's restroom policy is that all peeing and pooping is required to be carried out within the students' trousers. It's more of a high school thing, but I guess some college kids do it too, but I haven't heard of it at my college.

I'm at an age where I don't really have any close friends who are in High School anymore, but my cousin Krista, who's in 11th Grade, did tell me that her school's bathrooms were closed for a bit, and that she did know a couple of people who didn't quite make it to the end of the day with dry underwear. Her brother Aiden, who's still in Middle School, luckily goes to a school which hasn't been too affected by this challenge and thus hasn't shut down their bathrooms. My cousin Jesse, from my last story, is also in 11th grade now, and I saw him post on social media about his school's bathrooms being closed, but no word on any accidents.

It wouldn't really bother me too much if my college closed bathrooms since I've gotten better in recent years at having covert controlled "accidents" when I can't get to a bathroom, but this all gives me flashbacks of the time when my elementary school closed their bathrooms due to a water main break which, as those of you who read that story know, ended in a lot of embarrassment for some kids, myself included. Of all the accidents I've had, I was only ever caught a few times, and none of them really traumatized me in any long term way. It's normally just like, "Oh, this sucks. Ah well, I hope I make it next time," but it's different for different people, and I hope that not too many kids walk away from this situation with the humiliation of having to use the bathroom at their desk while surrounded by all their classmates.


My babysitting experience with Merrilee

The first babysitter I had that I can remember was Merrilee. She was really open about her bathroom needs. I think I was about 6 or 7. My parents sometimes had to go out of town for church programs. Merrilee was in her first month of high school and I was so mystified by some of the stories she told me and some of her homework she showed me. She would stay at our house for a couple of days at a time. We had only one bathroom and she would allow me, sometimes encourage me to come in while she was working on a poo or in the shower. Sometimes she was complimentary of me. A few times she was critical. What can I say? She was interesting beyond belief.

This is what happened just one weekend when Merrilee walked over to my grade school to pick me up and walk me home. I was on the toilet at the far end of the school. My teacher told her she had seen me walk down there. As soon as she walked in the doorway and up the stair into the bathroom she called me a 'sorry shitter.' As we walked home she explained a lot of people seek out isolated bathrooms when they need to crap. In my case, she was right. But she said at her school if she is given a bathroom pass she must use the closest bathroom. If you are caught in another bathroom you are given detention time. So as she was opening the back door at my house, she said he was exploding with the crap he had been holding since second hour. I'll always remember that she filled the bowl with twice what Mom and I could ever produce together. She would sit, then stand and flush, and then take the seat again for the next round. As I grew older I realized that prevents clogs. Today at 6'8 that trick sure has helped me and Adam in our one toilet apartment. Flushing during a crap works great.

Because Merrilee's family got free tickets to a lot of pro baseball games and arena events, she took me out a lot. These were huge places with huge bathrooms and many, many lines of toilets. Once we were at the ballpark and we shared one of the largest sodas I had ever seen. That caused us to go downstairs to the toilets a couple of times. We would kind of share the same toilet. It was different because of the long lines waiting for an opening. Merrilee asked me to try and predict what each of the ladies in the line in front of us were going to do. It took my mind off my pain and I would whisper to her if it looked like a No. 1 or No. 2. Sometimes No. 2 involved some farting and ladies grabbing their butt with both hands. Those peeing would be moving their feet a lot, looking at their watches, and sometimes through the space between the door and cubicle frequently. I found observing that kind of funny, but now that I'm in my 30s I realize that is intimidation and a violation of privacy. Observing me on the toilet a couple of times with my shorts at floor level Merrilee guessed that I was doing a difficult No. 2. The reason was that my feet remained on the floor and I was not sitting back far on the seat. She was wrong. I was peeing a jugload, but the higher toilet and larger seat was harder for me to get comfortable on. A couple of years earlier I would have been afraid even more because I feared I would fall in. Then when I jumped down and turned it over to Merrilee I was admiring the confidence she showed. She sat pretty far back and her pee poured hard into the bowl. She had me turn my back to her and she used her hands to straighten my hair. Then when she got up and while she was pulling up her jeans I could see her pee was the darkest yellow I had ever seen. The girl, who was about Merrilee's age, quickly pushed past us in the doorway. There was a thud as her butt struck the seat and a couple of explosions that caused us both to look at one another and laugh. Merrilee leaned down and whispered in my ear that we were hearing the ultimate dump. She said something else that was funny, too, but I don't remember what it was. The next day we used a 'portable head'at a street carnival. Merrilee said she heard that a group of guys someplace in the country had tipped the head over while someone was using it. So I was scared and it took me a bit longer to get my pee going that afternoon.

I don't have any qualms about using public toilets today. I travel a lot for my job and when I'm walking our two dogs in the park, my morning crap starts knocking. Luckily the toilets are nearby. I saw Merrilee last year at Wal-Mart buying supplies for her child care business. She had her two daughters with her. I hope they are getting the same toilet-tainment that I did.



Ok, so Saturday morning I woke up around seven and had my usual weekend breakfast with vanilla chiapudding and a banana smoothie and some green tea. Maybe it was the heavy meal the night before or something else, but afterwards I really had to go. I didn't even finish my tea before dashing to the bathroom, farting all the way. While I was sitting there I was thinking about Adam. He was still sleeping as he was up playing some new video game. I read somewhere about the "poop train" and I was thinking he should probably be on the toilet in the morning if he's a bit constipated instead of sleeping until 11. Anyway, I dragged him unwillingly for another walk and for dinner we had some leftover fiber-burgers. On Sunday I made him breakfast and woke him up early. He was not very happy, let me tell you, haha. I almost regretted it. After finishing his breakfast and coffee he went to the bathroom. He was there for over five minutes, no action, my poor hunk. But then I heard a few farts and shortly after some small plops. And then almost like a "crackeling" sound, and shortly after what sounded like a large soft bowel movement landed in the water. He was in there for over 10 mins in total. When he came out I asked how he felt and he replied "like a new man!" haha. Success! :-)

David P: Ouch sounds painful, glad you where able to finally get all that out, must have felt great for you. As you can read above you're not the only man struggling with this although I'm guessing it's rarely shared.


Replies and Tlana's Survey

I was in the scouts for a number of years and found your post to be very relatable. I have many stories, some of which I intend to share on here, about pooping outside, during camping trips, and in other unconventional ways. I definitely had witnessed many of the others in my troop pooping. We all just accepted it as a normal thing and did what we had to do!

Great story about pooping at the gym! I think it's awesome that the three of you had relatively shameless dumps in each other's company. The stereotype is that attractive, athletic girls don't poop, when in fact they do, and should not feel one bit ashamed of it!

Hope you feel better! I'm glad that your husband and co-workers were understanding of your situation. Definitely doesn't sound like something I'd want to deal with.

It was interesting to read the different accounts of seeing your mom on the toilet over the years. I've seen my mom on the toilet a few times in my teen and adult years, and a couple of those times she was pooping. What was interesting is that even though most of those times were accidental, she didn't seem very embarrassed by it. She probably figured that I saw her on the toilet as a young kid anyway. I have a few stories about that topic that I will probably share eventually.

Gender: Male
Age: 25

1. When away from home will you go out of your way to find the best toilet to urinate or move your bowels in? Why? What is BEST? How do you judge that?

I would say that if possible, I generally hold out for what I would deem a better toilet versus just settling for whatever is there. "Best" to me would be judged by the cleanliness, comfort, as well as having a lower likelihood of feeling rushed. These items are way more important for me when pooping than when urinating. I suppose I can sometimes get picky when I'm wanting to take a dump somewhere, however, sometimes you have to settle for what's less than ideal.

2. How do you feel about single toilet, family or unisex bathrooms as an alternative to the much larger and public ones?

I think certain types and groups of people benefit tremendously with unisex/ family restrooms. I mainly think of times when people of opposite genders may need to be in the bathroom together, such as a mom with a young son, or a handicapped person with a caretaker of the opposite gender. The handicapped example was the case with my grandparents, so I am well aware of the implications associated with being in a wheelchair and needing assistance from someone. I think that unisex bathrooms make sense from a practical standpoint. With a single user/ single toilet facility, it really makes no sense to segregate the bathrooms by gender. I will say that some men need to work on leaving a clean seat for women (or even other men for that matter) to sit on. I always try to be very cognizant of leaving good conditions for the next user. I think the only major downside I can think of to unisex/ family style restrooms is that you may have a sense of feeling rushed, especially if you know there is a line of people waiting. A typical public bathroom with multiple stalls has more toilets to be used, so occupying one for a bit longer isn't necessarily prohibiting others from using the facilities. If I'm at a location that offers both a family style restroom and normal public restrooms, I usually go to the normal one and leave the family style one for people who really need it.

3. How large was the largest bathroom you have ever used?

I would say that award goes to a bathroom at a museum in a large Midwestern city. The design was like nothing else I've ever seen. The room was almost like an oval shape with a wall in the middle. There were stalls on both the inside and outside of the oval, maybe a total of between 30 and 40 stalls. There were probably 20 to 30 urinals on the outside wall as well. Despite the size of this restroom, I remember being the only one making use of it at the time, which I found extremely ironic.

4. What is the most comfortable bathroom you have ever used?

If we are leaving out private bathrooms and sticking with the public bathroom theme, the winner in my book is this particular bathroom at this historic mansion that was turned into an event center. This mansion was immaculately restored and features several awesome bathrooms, but one stands out in particular to me. This bathroom is a little more secluded from the rest of the building, so it doesn't see as much traffic. The physical size of the room is enormous, and it's done up with period correct decor. It is on the second story, and there is a large window that allows you to have an excellent view of the grounds while seated on the toilet. The toilet is more modern and has one of those super comfortable contoured seats that perfectly hugs your butt while you sit on it. They even supply household style toilet paper. I think I had my most satisfying public pooping session ever in this bathroom. I didn't really even feel like I was in public!

5. For what reasons would you reject a bathroom?

The main reasons would be an extreme lack of cleanliness, as well as a high likelihood of being bothered.

6. As a babysitter, former baby sitter or someone with child care responsibilities who made the choice (the child or you) about what toilet will be used.

I haven't done a ton of babysitting, but I have watched my niece and nephew a few times. It seemed like I generally let them decide when and where they had to go, but I have directed them somewhat depending on the circumstances.

7. What is MOST important to you in selecting a public restroom stall?
a) proximity and availability
b) a privacy door
c) clean seat
d) an especially higher (handicapped) or lower (kid-friendly)
toilet height.
e) adequate toilet paper
f) clean, non-clogged bowl
g) other (explain)

These are all pretty important in my opinion, but B, C, and E seem to stick out to me the most.

Midwestern Claire

Farmer's Market Accident

Hi there! It's Midwestern Claire again here. It's been several months since I posted here, mostly because I've been busy with life, and out of shyness. But I hope to post a little more frequently now that I seem to have more free time on my hands these days. To Shannon, Catherine, and others I may have missed (sorry), I appreciated the words of support.

In the time since I've posted, I haven't really had many accidents per se, the times I messed myself were in the privacy of my own apartment (I'm somewhat ashamed to say). I blame it on the boredom caused by the pandemic. My situation has changed somewhat in that I have started seeing someone again after a very long hiatus from dating, and he's a nice guy who I've had a lot of conversations about my past and feel comfortable opening up to him. But, I have not, and likely will never tell him, my therapist, or anyone in real life about this dirty little secret of mine. It's far too embarrassing, and considered taboo by many, and I feel like this is the one place where I can be truly anonymous (thanks, Toilet Stool) and share this part of my life openly and free of judgement.

So, that brings me to today... The reason why I am posting again is because something happened yesterday morning that I can't stop thinking about. Whenever I can, I try to get to an outdoor farmer's market in my town where they sell all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and other ???? things. I think I mentioned before that I'm vegetarian, which limits what I can eat, so having good produce is important to me and I love to support our local farmers. Anyways, so that's where I went yesterday morning. I'd been rather constipated for the last 4-5 days, but nothing would happen today, right? Each time I sat down on the toilet, nothing would happen. I do not use laxatives as they make my stomach feel all kinds of awful.

I was at the part of the market where I was furthest from my car when I had the tremendous urge to poop, and the discomfort got from bad to worse. I started walking back to the parking lot as quickly as I could, frustrated that I'd have to cut my visit short. I was praying that I would not mess myself there, and even though I was wearing a skirt that went just above my knees, I did not want this to happen in such a public setting. Despite all my clenching and trying to hold it in, I was halfway back to my car when I lost control, and felt it slowly start to come out into my panties. I slowed down, and finally stopped in my tracks, as I could feel it pushing out my panties further and further. It was very solid and felt enormous. At this point, I was panicking that someone would notice what I was doing and so I went away from the tents and had my backside turned to some bushes. There weren't many people there so I pulled out my phone and pretended to be texting, and pushed ever so slightly as I could feel it spreading inside my panties as it got softer. I shifted my stance slightly, and could feel the poop on the sides of my legs and realized that this was no small accident. I stopped pooping for the time being so I checked to see if anyone was looking at me, and they weren't, so I touched my bottom and realized that my panties were bulging out way more than I thought possible under my skirt, and if anyone checked out my bottom they would definitely know that something was up! My momentary relief turned to panic once more as I avoided people by walking along the grass and back to the parking lot to my car.

After walking for what felt like forever, I finally got back to my car. Something about the motions of walking got things moving again and felt like I had to poop again. I was no longer within sight of anyone and I'd already messed myself, so what was the harm in messing a bit more? So I gave a big push to get it all out, and what happened, unexpectedly, was that I doubled the size of the bulge in my panties! The size went from somewhat manageable to monstrous and I had no idea how I was going to get myself out of this mess - literally. But, I felt so naughty standing there with this huge load, and savored the sensations for a few minutes. But now it was time to leave, and I dared not sit down in this mess, so I covertly opened my trunk and when I was absolutely sure that no one was around, I hiked my panties down, careful to not disturb the contents. Once I did, I could see how big it was - about the size of a cantaloupe! I placed my soiled panties into an empty plastic bag I had, and tied it up. I knew my skirt would probably get a bit messy when I sat down to drive, but I had no choice, and went back to my apartment to get cleaned up and shower.

The moral of my story is, don't take a gamble with poop - you will probably lose!


Some comments + Poop after spicy chicken tenders

Lewis: Hello and welcome to the forum as a poster! I loved your story. I think those situations are unexpected and quite troublesome in the moment, but (at least in my case) I also look back at them with certain fondness. Based on your story, I was wondering two things: 1) Could you describe your dump when you finally did go? I figure it was probably intense, in a way, as a result of the spicy curry, but I would love if you described the moment in more detail. 2) How did the rest of you in the group decide who was going to go next into the toilets, and how uncomfortable were the rest of your mates while trying to hold it?

Lewis, your story inspired me to write this anecdote from a few years ago:

This happened when I was 24 or 25. For reasons I cannot completely remember, a few years ago while at work, my team decided to take an extended lunch break and go to a wings and chicken tenders restaurant. I think it was because we had just finished an important project and we had to wait until we got some feedback later in the day, so we decided to just relax and go to this restaurant. The team involved in this project consisted of my two supervisors, my senior one who was a 30-year-old woman at the time, my junior supervisor who was a man my age back then, four co-workers (two men and two women) of ages ranging from 22 to 26, and I.

This restaurant had great reviews and was very well-known for its special sauces that they covered their wings and chicken tenders in. They also had a special discount for people who went there between 12 pm and 4 pm, so the whole team decided to go. It was a hot, sunny day, and I remember I ordered the combo of chicken tenders covered in a spicy mango sauce and a large lemonade. Although the food was delicious, and I would go there again if given the chance, it would lead to a mildly uncomfortable situation soon after.

As stated, we had taken an extended lunch break and stayed there for quite a while. About an hour after arriving, we still were chatting and some of us were ordering some side dishes. Because of the large lemonade, soon after I went for a pee to the men's room. It was a two-toilet, two urinal and two-sink restroom, and was located behind a wooden fence at the back of the locale. The toilets were inside wood stalls on the left wall, the urinals were in front of them, and the sinks were very near the entrance to the restroom. While peeing (and I took nearly two minutes to finish peeing), I noticed the room was somewhat small and the stalls were quite small in size as well. I did not think too much of it, and after I finished peeing, I left the restroom and went back to our table.

Some 20 or so minutes later, I began feeling a tingling sensation in my lower intestine and a pressure in my rectum that signalled that I would need to poop real soon. Normally, when I am in a group, I prefer to hold on so the others don't notice I am gone for a while, so I tried holding it in for some minutes. However, the pressure intensified much faster than I had anticipated, and I realized I would soon need to go to the men's room and poop in there. I excused myself from the table and headed towards the restroom when one of my co-workers, whom I will call Tony and whom I consider a friend, did the same and joined me in my walk towards the restroom. As I walked, I hoped Tony only needed to pee, because I knew the restroom was small and every sound was likely to be heard.

When we entered, I immediately went to the stall farthest from the entrance. Tony, in turn, went to the stall to my right, the nearest one to the entrance. At this point, I realized I had never been in a situation where we both had to poop at the same time. At work, only occasionally did we have to pee together, and though I was aware of the times he usually went to poop (just after a morning coffee and sometimes after lunch), we had never been "pooping buddies" before. While I had this thought in my head I proceeded to lower my pants and underwear, and just as I was about to sit on the toilet I realized the toilet stalls were short enough that I could actually see Tony's head from his nose up while still standing. I felt a mild cramp in my bowels so I proceeded to sit down, just as Tony did the same.

The pressure in my rectum was intense at this point and I felt my anus pulsating from the inside, anxiously awaiting to release what was inside me. I released some gas as I relaxed and felt my butthole widen as the first big piece began to emerge. The beginning of it was solid, almost hard, and though I wanted to let this first piece come out on its own, I felt a contracting sensation in my bowels that begged me to rush this piece out, so I did. I leaned forward with my head almost touching the stall door, did a moderately hard push and sustained it for about 15 or so seconds while the first poop slid out. In the middle of the push, I felt my hole widen significantly that made me gasp a little, but fortunately the poop became softer and smoother after this point and it flowed out easily the rest of the way. It entered the water in the toilet with a *FLOOMP* noise, followed immediately by a loud fart. Next to me, I could hear Tony starting to release, since all I heard was a very noticeable crackling sound. The pressure in my bowels gave way to another much softer and smoother turd that quickly exited and plopped into the toilet bowl.

I still felt far from done, and my intestine was feeling a mild pain that suggested that I would be sitting on the toilet for a while. Just then, I heard Tony's turd drop into the bowl and him sighing, which was followed by *plop plop plop plop* quite soon after. As I listened to him unloading, I knew that everything I did would also be heard quite well on his side. I hesitated to continue because I was not a fan of having every sound of mine being listened, but the pain was getting stronger. I pushed again to relieve the pain and though nothing came out this time, I did feel it move, so I just waited and relaxed a bit. I sighed a bit and tried to relax, while on my right I heard Tony's wet farts and some mushy stuffed being released while he moaned softly. It was then that I realized that what we had just had for lunch - spicy chicken tenders (me) and spicy buffalo wings (him) - was probably what stimulated our bowels, even if it had not yet completely gone through our digestive system.

Now I felt a sharp pain in my gut and I pushed quite hard, which released some mushy poop similar in consistency to that of a cow. "Ooogh", I moaned, joining Tony in this. "I guess it was our lunch", I heard Tony say, weakly, from his stall. "Yup", I replied in a strained voice as I was starting to push more mush out again. I maintained it for as much as I could, maybe 25 seconds or so, so that I could get the most poop out in a single push. For the next few minutes, Tony and I engaged in conversation about things I don't remember, while we tried to pass the time. Some farts and plops from both of us were heard throughout as we emptied our bowels. As I sat there trying to identify the sensations and see if I was finally done or if I had more inside me, I heard someone come into the restroom and stop. "Guys?", asked my junior supervisor. "Yes, we're here!", I replied. "Oh, you're still here… Do you think you're going to be much longer? I need to go too", he said. Before answering, I gave a small push to see if I was done. Nothing came out or seemed to be moving, although there was a sensation in my stomach that indicated I might have to go again later on. "Don't worry, I'm practically done", I said, as I started to wipe. I wiped quite a few times, all the while listening to my junior supervisor outside breathing heavily.

While I was wiping, I did not hear anything from Tony, so I assume he was still waiting to see if he could poop some more. As I stood up and was pulling my pants and underwear up, I locked eyes with my junior supervisor, who was standing near the stalls. "Oh… the walls seemed short, but I didn't realize they were this short!", he said. I flushed and exited my stall, and as I went to wash my hands, I could hear my junior supervisor quickly pulling his pants down and immediately begin expelling some poop with crackling sounds, plops and farts. I left the restroom soon after and re-joined the table, with Tony joining a couple of minutes later. Although that was the only time that I had to poop during that afternoon, much later in the evening I released some more waves of mushy poop while at home, no doubt as a result of the spicy chicken tenders. I, however, do not regret eating those, as they are absolutely delicious.

I hope you enjoyed this story, and keep the great posts coming!


Skidmarked in Seattle Jenny
CArin-I mentioned recently I think when I camp or hike, I feel very dirty after I poop. Did Derek do a good job of cleaning you? I figured its easier to get clean after a wipe if someone else does it as they can actually see how good of a job they were cleaning and most of us have an educated guess of how clean we get when we stop wiping. Wearing a black thong probably helps to minimize or hide the skid

Kristi-Good to hear from you! and you can write as little or as much as you want. Catherine, Victoria B. and I have written here for years and we take plenty of breaks, and sometimes it seems like we post every time we poop! Farting can be embarrassing but it is as normal as pooping! I have farted during a massage, and all though its not the same I examined a patient with a very skidmarked thong and I mentioned it happens to us all. I went to the bathroom after seeing that patient and found indeed I had a quite the skidmark, bigger then average after my morning coffee poop. I think I was in a hurry and I wiped as I often
am busy clinic days. Health care provider ,poop, fart and get skidmarks too!

Anna from Austria- How do you distinguish "ruined" panties vs a a regualr "skidmarked" pair where you have to throw out your panties rather than try to clean them. I like to use shout stain remover, though in college I used a "Stain stick" I try to give my skidded panties at least 6 months to a year. That being said, I do hate the feeling of being having a dirty butt more than the skidmarks as most of my underwear really is up by crack wearing thongs and boyshorts

Jasmin K -How are you feeling. I have to admit, I am concerned about the black poos. I hope they resolve and even if they do I would follow up with a GP. They are more worrisome than what we call "Frank blood (red) poop" Red blood poop tends to happened at the end of you intestine while black can be bleeding earlier in you gut which can be very serious, but other things can make your poop black too. Better safe than sorry

SIS Jenny
Skidmarked in Columbia Survey

Have you ever wet the bed as a teen or adult?
no pee. I did shart with food poisoning. I tell many patient and students we will all soil our selves under the right amount of stress, but when we are very young, old or sick, that threshold is pretty low. I have wet my bed as a child and I will eventually, but for now, its safe for me to sleep commando. (I sleep commando or in panties, I take out my thong to avoid UTI)

Do you think skidmarks in underwear happens to the best of them too? Absolutely. Maybe not all of them and all the time, but I think of that if I see someone of admiration, where it be financial, physical, academic, fashion...we all wear underwear for a reason...and in the US we all use infective dry toilet paper

What underwear causes the worst skidmarks? Boyshorts. I used to think it was thongs, but I have kind of a good sized bottom and my boyshorts tend to have more cloth to ride up and I swear I get worse skids with those than thongs. Victoria B, you like Boyshorts and thongs, what do you think. It also is confounded by that my boyshorts are often light colorded and most of my thongs and strings are dark. That being said boyshorts even if they ride up are as comfortable for me as a thong. I will often wear them longer than a thong too (PS I hate regular panties. they are the reason why I wear a thong. The wedgies on those are so unconfortable for some reason. An I also developed a complex from skidding a lot of hanes her ways in junior high and early high school

Do you change right away if you have a pee or skidmark?
-Pee no, skidmark only if I will be intimate and I can sneak away to change (more on this later)

When was your last skid mark or pee stain?
-last night before my shower. I have not pooped yet this morning and my green boyshorts are still clean for now I skidded a light blue thong last night

Can waiting to long for someone contribute to your pee or skidmark?
-For me is seems like pooping and not being able to clean well without water and soap . I rarely feel like I am "prairie dogging" and when I do, I actually don't get skids from them. Usually I get skid marks from after I wipe and I don't shower

Do you think your spouse is aroused when he or she finds out you had a skid mark or accident or pee stain? If so do tell.
-I rarely get accidents but I think he does like my skidmarks. Like I said when I get initiate I try to change out my underwear, but I swear we rushes so he can pull down my dirtier underwear. I think its also I get a little shy when I have skids so I he likes to snap me out of it . Let's just say we are a lot more adventurous when he catches with dirties undergarments'

What would you do if you wet the bed occasionally... Like once a year. I have not done this as an adult, but I would probably wear depends if it happened more than once a week

Mina Hisae Kazuko Maho
Dear Thunder:

We like your idea of massage on potty. But we can't do because potty is child's potty, our bottoms too big even Maho. (OW! why you pinch both sides same time? Chae, Kazu, Go away!!) We have problem of overbalance I think. Pity it is.... but when we are on loo with Hisae beside of us, she always massage. She is so sweet! (Mina can feel kiss on her back of neck.) We try to massage her, but we are not expert like her. (from Hisae: But they do their best, so I am happy very much.)

Skidmarked in Seattle Jenny: I also use word, pants, but recently I use with mean which is, a nonsense, like "it is very pants to say woman never do motion." I wonder, is this a wrong mean? My host brother and sister in Wales sometimes use.

This morning I (Mina) had very sweet time on green loo, Maho beside me. I thought of John H and "endless poo". Because my poo was endless. I think always, "this is finish!" but few minutes later, I am doing again. And every time it was long one, take five or ten seconds to come out from my bottom and break up many pieces. All of snakes came out a bit slowly. After Maho flushes first flush, she move to front of me with her mouth kiss shape, so I kiss her on her mouth. One second later, long snake coming out so Maho look behind of me and "uuuuuu, uuuuuu!". Few minutes later, next long snake. So Maho flush again. I made many noises of fart between my snakes. Anna, we all fart more than before now when we doing. And when we hear o-nara (fart) of crush, we say "uuuuu" in happy voice.

After more snakes came out from Mina's bottom (from Maho: Minappé you MUST write "beautiful bottom"! .... from Mina: Maho you saying absolute pants.) I decided I am empty. So I wash, and then Maho dry, and kiss my mouth again. She is very passionate girl!

When Kazuko and Hisae hear this story, they are busy with memo, because Kazu said, "I want Mina tell my motion too!" So next time, I tell. I have memo, they write well. Kazu will be first person singular. (I feel kiss on my back of neck.)

Lea, we are so happy you like our story! When we doing huge motion, we think of you, and other sweet toiletstool people. In far future, when we are all in the heaven, we have to get together and do huge motion all together!! I hope the God make special loo for us. It will be oval shape, and when we want to sit near different person, our loo seat will raise, like with crane, so we can see many lovely toiletstool friends while you doing. Off course we stop to do while our loo seat moving.

Kristi, we are happy you like person who is not judgmental! Judgmental is very pants we think. When we see person we love do motion or o-nara, it is better we feel love, not judgmental. When we read your post, Mina's translation, we never feel judgmental. We feel, Kristi is so lovely when she is doing. And same for Anna and Steve and James and Carin and Victoria and Robyn and Lea and Princess Opal and and and and and and..... all lovely toiletstool friends.

Lots of love and hugs and kisses to all of you.

Maho, Hisae, Kazuko, Mina


Hannah's wedding

I was at my friends wedding this weekend as a bridesmaid. There was five bridesmaids and two of us, Becky and myself, were assigned as "bathroom helpers". The wedding ceremony went great and we had the photos taken etc then it was time for the reception. Hannah said to us "Girls, I'm bursting for a wee, we're gonna have to do that before the party"

The three of us walked into the large single bathroom and Becky and I lifted up Hannah's dress while she pulled down her underwear and we awkwardly shuffled towards the toilet, moving in unison, if she went back, we went back. If she went down, we went down. Hannah had barely seated herself before a loud hissing cut through the air. She really was bursting! She had a fairly short but rather powerful pee and we held her dress while she got some toilet paper and wiped herself before repeating the awkward manoeuvrers so she could get dressed and away from the toilet. "If either of you need to pee now would be the best time"

Upon hearing those words Becky quickly lifted up her dress, pulled down a black thong just enough to go and perched on the front of the toilet. There was a faint hissing of pee on porcelain and while Becky was blushing, I could see the relief shining through. It was a really long wee and when she finally finished she reached behind to wipe herself and quickly redressed.

After seeing both Hannah and Becky peeing I was feeling pretty desperate myself so I took the opportunity to get some relief. I walked over to the toilet and lifted up my dress, holding it out of the way with my arm as I pulled down my thong to my knees and sat down. Hannah and Becky were stood opposite watching me and I quite enjoyed the audience! I had a loud splashy wee that was clearly audible over them talking and I wiped myself before washing my hands and going to the reception.

We did this another three times during the day and it never became any easier, but it was quite fun and enjoyable.

David P

Replies & asking for advice

First some replies before getting onto my question.

Lavah: Really immense story, sounded like a really difficult time you had. I can remember straining like that as a kid as my poo slowly moved out luckily now eventhough I can get constipated it is never that bad. Strangely though sometimes I do wish I can have a poo like the one you described where it hangs out halfway (not sure why just kind of miss it in a way). But I guess I'd hate it if I got it again. Sounfs like a nice time you had camping with your friends too.

Jry: great story of the teenager coming around yours to poo. Sounded like he filled the can. You sounded like you got on well with him and he was thankful for it!

Now asking for some advice from the forum if you would kindly answer. I am getting a little nervous as I'm going to be staying away in someone's house for a week soon, while I am working away and I am really shy about pooing. There will be a few people staying at the house too and I am starting to worry about opening my bowels there. I will be staying a week so holding it won't be an option and I'm going to need a poo sooner or later! I would welcome any advice people may have about this? What should I do when I need to poo and how can I get over feeling embarrassed? I value the comments from this forum and hope to hear back from you.

Anyway, just like James I am starting to feel a bit repetitive on the forum and will probably keep checking back here but not writing any stories for a bit.

David P

Post Title (optional)a college experience

double dating in college.. I had had several dates with this gal that had gone pretty good kissing and a little necking was where we were. so off we went to nearby town for some dancing the evening had started off good but after some dancing and a couple of beers, my stomach started to feel funny/ I stopped dancing and started to get a headache. Did not want to spoil the evening for my date or the other couple so I did not say anything to anyone.Istarted having a few light stomach cramps that started to get worse. Then I suddenly felt my boweles moving. So I excuced myself and made a quick trip to bathroom. I just made to toilet in time before I had an attack of diarrhea, It came pouring out I sat there for a while and had severalcramps followed by more dirrhea. When I finally finished I felt a little weak. It was time to tell my date thatI was not fealing very good(not mentioning what I just did) so we left when we got back to her dorm I dd not feal well enough to give a good night kiss. When I got back to my Dorm I had a little more dirrhea. I took a couple of flu pills and went directly to bed. SEveral hours later I woke up and knew immediately that was going to vomit.I literly ran down the hall to the bathroom and flung my self in front of the john. moments later I experienced 2 of the most gut retching vomits of my life. my throat was really sore and I felt really weak. Looking in toilet all that had come up were the 2 partially diagested pills I had taken earlier. I went back yo bed and felt ok the next morning


To Jessica

Jessica: To answer your question about how long it had been since I'd pooped when I took the really big shit at the game…I had pooped the night before, so roughly 16-18 hours. I'm usually a once a day pooper.

I don't know for sure why I usually take such big poops. That same question has been asked and answered by various people on here before. My best guess would be partially healthy eating and partially just genetics? I think some people just naturally poop more than others.

Ceyla: I liked your hiking story too. The three of you peeing away from that bench must have been quite a sight! I am happy you could talk about bathroom stuff with them. I usually go immediately after my first coffee, not 30 minutes after the 2nd one! Did you wait for your number two before leaving for the hikes or did you have to go on the trail? Are Anna & Bee morning girls as well?
Mina: Yes me & the two girls from the gym took as long as we needed & felt way better afterwards! I always love your stories so TY & keep posting! I think it's very cute that you all hugged on the tatami after your simultaneous pooping. It seems that you all like each other a lot!
Question to LEA: I am happy you liked my story & no I don't read on the toilet because I usually don't have time for it lol! But yes I went for a shit in the woods in the past. I wrote a camping story about it! But it was not the only time so I might write another one!
Fiber King: I am not vegetarian but sometimes I notice that my poop is bigger after I go to the vegetarian buffet! I liked your story too btw.
Jillian: I liked the story how you left that turd as a "punishment" lol! I think it's a harmless practical jokes since turds become softer & easier to flush after a while. I would have done the same!

So one time I went out with Zoey from the track team! We had pre-game at my place & then we went to the club. We had lots of fun and also met up with other friends! At the end of the night we were pretty tipsy to say the least. So Zoey asked if she could crash at my place and I said ok. We took a uber and at some point it was pretty obvious that Zoey farted! So when we arrived home I really had to pee! It was so urgent that I went to the bathroom without taking off my shoes! While I was going she joined me in the bathroom because I had left the door open. She laughs at me & says you were about to wet your pants! I replied that it was true! When I was done I wiped & flushed. Zoey then sat down and started peeing as well. She went quite a lot too. Then we brushed our teeth quickly & went to bed. Shortly after laying down Zoey went to the bathroom again! I pretended to sleep because I was tired. But Zoey stood up again and went to the bathroom again! She stayed there for a long time so I knew she was either sick or just having a big poo! When she came back I asked her if she was doing alright and she asked oh you're still awake & don't worry everything is fine. So I assume she just wanted total privacy to move her bowels.
So when we woke up we had somewhat of a hangover. This is because we had so many shots the night before. I said let's go grab some cappuccinos & Zoey said ok. So when I stood up I had a massive urge to take a shit! I went straight to the bathroom. As soon as I sat down my ass exploded in a huge soft serve explosion! I peed at the same time. Because everything came out so fast I was done in like one minute! The wiping job took longer because it was a very messy one! Then I flushed but some floating dirty paper didn't make it down & there were plenty of marks so I waited till the cistern half-refilled & flushed again! Then I washed my hands very well and exited the bathroom. I closed the door so the stench would not leave the bathroom!
By then Zoey was up and ready to leave. She walked towards the bathroom so I told her believe me you want to give it a few minutes before you go in there! She laughed and asked me if I had the DADS and I said most definitely yes! She said she already knew it because she heard everything! This made me a little embarrassed. I got dressed too. While a I was putting on my shoes Zoey stroke her belly and said I actually cannot wait for the bathroom so she went in & locked the door. Because I was standing right by the door I could hear everything too! She sat down and started plopping right away! It sounded like she was have a loose one as well. She kept going at regular intervals for several minutes so she was obviously experiencing a good clear-out! She had to wipe a lot too! She flushed, washed her hands & came out. She closed the door after herself but her stench was so potent that I got a good whiff of it! She was somewhat self-conscious about that too. That made me curious so I actually looked for and excuse to go the bathroom again! I asked Zoey if she had seen my hair tie & she said no so I went to the bathroom to take a new one. The stench in there was incredible! But that's to be expected after two girls who partied hard have their DADS lol! There where plenty of yellowish poop flakes left in the bowl too! I bet Zoey was feeling much lighter after emptying her bowels that thoroughly. I grabbed a hair tie & gave her a little slap on the ass & said I'm glad you survived my stench but yours almost killed me! Zoey thought that that was funny & she laughed. Then we left.
We had large cappuccinos & that gave us energy! We chatted for a while & then Zoey left. Before leaving I had to pee. I went to a stall just as an older blonde lady in her forties was leaving. By the smell and the skidmarks on the bowl I could tell that the coffee helped that blondie move her bowels lol! I didn't mind however & had my pee. So that's all for today.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

David P

To Jasmin K

I have other replies for the forum but thought I would post to Jasmin K first as her new post worried me. I just read your story 'poo very black' I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling unwell and wish you a speedy recovery. It's normal for iron supplements to constipated you and even cause black poo (Google it), so make sure you are eating healthy and drinking lots of fluids to help move things along. I'm not a doctor but from hearing what you say the bleeding from your piles every time you go for a poo seems alarming and may be what is causing the iron definitely, as you say the bleeding covered the water every time you poo which seems a lot of blood to have every day. Which can cause anemia from the blood loss. I would suggest you go back to the GPs and tell them the complete truth that you struggle badly with constipation with a prolapse and bleeding piles so that they can treat you. I know it is embarrassing to tell them this and it is normal to fear what they will say or do to you. But if you are treated and have easier poos would that be worth it?

As I said in my previous replies to you, I once had a rectal prolapse too due to heavy straining when I went for a poo. I also had bleeding piles and fissures. I was able to get treated by the GPs, took a long time but they sorted all of these issues for me in time.

I wish you good health and stay strong, you can do this!

Babysitter stories

Does anyone here have stories of seeing or watching their babysitters on the toilet? And to the current babysitters here, can you share any experiences of using the bathroom in the presence of the one you're babysitting? I really enjoyed the babysitting stories of Tlana and Mistee.


Weekend hike

Last weekend my boyfriend Derek came onto campus, picked me up at my dorm room, and we went hiking. He's into it much more than me, but what's wrong with being physically fit? I went into the main bathroom on our floor which is co-ed. Even though I've been there a year, he seemed surprised watching girls and guys going into the same huge bathroom. I did a pee and suggested that he do it also, but he just laughed and said no way in a bathroom like that.

We got to the state park, selected our trail, paid our fee, and after about 30 minutes in Derek had to piss. He knew he wasn't going to wait until we got to the first campsite, so I joked to him that with the bright sunshine and heat, he wasn't about to piss on himself. We're going to enjoy nature, I told him. I knew he was in pain and told him to unbutton his jeans and get started. He was fumbling around with his finger and not making much progress unbuckling, when I finally gave him assistance. He was about an inch from a tree, pointing his penis toward it, when I yelled for him to stop. I showed him an open space where he could pee on grass and small weeds without getting splash back. He did OK, but was awkward and embarrassed and I had to grab him and pull him away because several bees were coming at us.

A couple hours later it was crap time for me. I think the bees about halfway scared it out of me. I took my backpack off, dropped my jeans and black thong to ground level. Then I had a rethink moment when I realized I didn't want bugs getting on them and becoming companions. I went into my squat. Derek said something dumb like did I know where it was going to fall. I reached down, picked up two twigs, showed Derek how to put them together in an X and I showed him by looking between my legs and backwards where to place them. With almost no wind, I told Derek I felt the target would be valid. Each of the two logs that fell out of me touched part of the target. The third was slower to emerge, so Derek got more of a show, but it broke off and fell on top of the earlier ones. I directed Derek to my backpack and had him pull out a package of Kleenex. I asked him to clean me. It took him 7 wipes, probably twice what I would have used, but he was very sensitive about it.

The rest of our day was uneventful. We stopped for dinner and gas. Both of us used the bathrooms there. Both of us were thankful being able to go the normal way.

Question: What activities do you notice gives you skidmarks the most?

12 hour shifts


Bathroom News

Once, it seemed like I had another strange bathroom dream. The entire bathroom was a huge tub with water coming down the wall when you washed your hands. When it was time to get out, the whole bathroom would empty itself down the drain. I guess it was a strange version of a bathroom I think I read about that you pay to get in, and it flips over when flushing. I know the name, but can't find it in my word dictionary. I also remember reading that the flip over bathrooms have a 15 minute timer before the door opens. Of corse, I'd never want to be in there by accident once it starts cleaning itself. Despite being scary at first, if I did have a chance to use one of these bathrooms, I'm certain I'd come to like it. I once remember having hesitation to go into a locker room because of the noisy ventilation fan, but got used to it. This was in high school, and the locker room might have had 3 stalls. In middle school, I changed for PE class in a bathroom stall. Once when the bus came I almost left without my gym clothes. Concerning my poops today, it was mostly loose. I had a moderate amount all together, and some gas. My poop became loose after breakfast, but I was lucky to get one solid load out. All for now, bye.


I'm back

Kristi here. I really need to post more often. I do really enjoy this site and love the people on it! Have just been very busy lately.

So two stories.

I had a birthday last week, and one of Steve's presents to me was an hour-long massage.

So I booked my massage for three days ago with my favorite massuse. Her name is Jenna and she's only been working there for a few years. But she gives an amazing massage.

It is a full body massage and I just wear a bikini top and thin shorts. It's a private room and it has a private changing area. (There are men who work there; Steve is the only man who gets to see me in any state of undress, and I'd never be okay with a man giving me a massage.)

I took a valium (prescribed) before the massage to help me relax; that combined with Jenna's touch put me in a total state of relaxation. At times I'm almost close to drifting off.

It was probably about 30 minutes into my hour-long massage. Jenna is working my upper back. She's already massaged my legs and my butt along with my neck and shoulders. I'm just completely relaxed. EVERYTHING is relaxed.

And then it happens.

I felt it coming for maybe a second, but my muscles are so loose that I don't think I could have done anything about it.

I farted. Not a little one. Not a medium one. A really, really big fart just comes out of my butt.

In an instant, I go from being completely relaxed to completely on edge.

I'm humiliated.

Steve gives me massages quite often and I have no problem farting with him, but this is my massuse. Yes, we're friendly and she's really nice, but this isn't an intimate setting. It's her performing a service, and me farting on her.

The tears start welling up immediately. "I'm sorry... I'm sorry!", I say between sobs.

Jenna doesn't even stop massaging my back. She says, "Sweetie, that happens every day here! You're fine. It happens when you relax."

I start to calm down. I realize that yes, she's probably experienced this before. And that it's not like I let one go in a crowded restaurant or something. I sighed and thanked her for being so understanding.

And then about five minutes later I let another one go. Not nearly as big as the first one, but clearly audible. Jenna laughs... and I actually laugh.

It's nice to know that there are still a lot of non-judgmental people in the world.

Second story is from a public restroom at a department store. There were (I think) three stalls. I'm in the one closest to the wall, getting ready to take my morning crap.

A woman walks in and takes the stall next to me.

Now, I'll stop and explain what a kegel is.

A kegel is an exercise that both is girls and guys can do. It helps people who have bladder control issues, but it also strengthens the muscles in my girl parts which can be beneficial in the bedroom department.

I do them at least once a day.

It's simple: You start peeing, and then you abruptly stop. Then you start going again, and then you stop again. Repeat as desired.

So I'm settling in for my poop, and I'm hearing this person presumably doing kegels. I really think that's what she was doing since she had a solid stream going. Sometimes I (and a lot of people) might not have to go that bad and I just dribble; it might start and stop. But if I'm pissing with a full bladder, it's pretty obvious when I'm doing kegels.

I don't do them in public bathrooms; I just do them at home.

So... good for her, I guess!

Anyways, she finished up as I was squeezing out a nice log. I pushed out a second one, wiped, and went about my day.

Moral of my stories? Uhm... don't judge anyone's bathroom sounds. We all pee, poop, and fart. In the words of Princess Elsa, "Let it go!"


Responding to some posts

Midwesterner: Very interesting set-up. I've never been in a restroom like that. Sounds like you and Anna are really comfortable talking and going to the bathroom in front of each other. I wish more couples were like that!

Jillian: Love it! Steve and I go to a lot of sporting events too. I'm going to have to adopt your strategy if I'm at an away game and our team loses.

LEA: Hmmm... you'd think the blonde girl who pooped before you might have TRIED to flush. Maybe she was the culprit.

I myself have had to poop in a clogged toilet on a few occasions. (Full honesty: A couple times the toilet was clogged because of ME. I've pooped on top of my own poop before. Sometimes I take a crap that's so big that I know it won't go down. So I'd pour some bleach in the toilet and let it sit before trying to unclog it. But sometimes I'd have to go again before fixing it. This was an occasional problem when Steve and I shared an apartment. We now have a house with 3 bathrooms. Of course, I've clogged them all at some point. And there have been times when I've clogged two of them in one day.

To which Steve will ask if my butt ever stops pooping. (No, honey. It doesn't. It really, really doesn't. And don't act like that bothers you.)

See you next time. Same toilet time, same toilet channel (Channel #2).


Have you ever had to pee so bad you did it in a bad place?

Storytime lol

Skidmarked in Seattle Jenny
James- I loved your paraphrase of Anna Karenina "- "Clean pants are all alike; every dirty pair gets dirty in its own way". "

Are you English by any chance? I have noticed in my experience and this forum that English call their underpants/underwear/panties -"pants " as well as knickers. I believe Abbie talks about " staining her pants " frequently

Regardless that, we all dirty our knickers/panties/thongs/boxers/briefs in our own ways. Mine is from a big butt that I cannot get clean with paper after I poop.

Most recently I have been starting to bike more. The other day I had to tale a big poop in the middle of a bike ride with my husband on a large trail in Seattle. I stopped at a winery and had to poop in a very stereotypical dirty public restroom. Despite full roles of toilet paper, but butt felt as dirty as the restroom afterwards as I literally wiped 10 times, two flushes so I would not clog the toilet. I biked with a black thong as my underwear tends to ride up my "juicy" bottom (husbands word's not mine) most days and sitting on a bike seat really causes wedges. There were no visible skids , but I felt dirty, though I was sweaty from a bike ride. I swore I can smell my butt the rest of tehday, even after a shower

I biked later that week to work. I did not have am morning poop and I showered the night before and I still got a huge skidmark when I got to work and showered in the locker room. I did bike with a light blue colored thong. This used to frustrated me a lot more before I got this forum as an outlet, but anyone else just cannot bike without getting skidmarks? Is there special underwear to wear when I bike. Or should I just "Steer into the skid" and just accept my "beautiful booty gets dirty" (also my husbands words)


Answering A Question

To Midwesterner: I would gladly use a porta potty, or a bathroom trailer. This would depend on what's the closest, and the urgency. Speaking of urgent, my needs wern't too bad poop wise, but one session was a bit loose. The other day, I had a lot of gas in my soft poop. My butt sure knew how to toot it's horn, lol! I enjoyed this little musical pooping moment. As far as favorites, yesterday's poop with all that gas coming out was the best. I've never used a bathroom trailer before. Seems kind of small judging by your story, but such a cramped stall would be ok with me especially since I'm not really big. I'd imagine a stall like that for a big person needing to use the toilet would be quite hard. All for now, bye.

Regret over what was not said and done.

Yesterday I was shopping at Aldues, I heard two children crying loud and mournfully. Often children cry in a grocery store but this sounded different.

A woman was talking with the kids and was asking if they knew their mommy's phone number. She showed concerned for the little ones.

I purchased my groceries and left the store. While on the way home I thought a mom would not abandon her children. I also remembered a grocery isle smelled like shit. I should have asked the pair their mother's name, gone to the door of the ladies bathroom and called her name. A headache would have been solved more quickly.

Skidmarked from Columbia

My story of wetting the bed & questions about underwear

I was 16 & I dreaded attending school. The "school night" before I had taken a fiber tablet... You know those kind that have fruit flavors and probiotics to make you poop. I took 1 maybe 2 & went to bed & I dreamed I was on the toilet... And yeah I woke up and knew I pooped AND peed myself. Luckily it didn't get to my bedsheets or that would be really humiliating :( . I washed up & told nobody. And yes as my name emplies I don't literally poop myself sometimes I just get faint skidmarks in my underwear sometimes.

My survey:

Have you ever wet the bed as a teen or adult?
You know I did

Do you think skidmarks in underwear happens to the best of them too?

What underwear causes the worst skidmarks?

Do you change right away if you have a pee or skidmark?

When was your last skid mark or pee stain?

Can waiting to long for someone contribute to your pee or skidmark?

Do you think your spouse is aroused when he or she finds out you had a skid mark or accident or pee stain? If so do tell.

What would you do if you wet the bed occasionally... Like once a year.


Teen guy needs to poop in my apartment again

Hello everyone. It has been a few months since I last posted.

I am still quite busy, but something interesting happened that I wanted to share with you (you can probably guess from the post title). But first...

James: You said that you probably would not post for a while so you don't feel like you're being repetitive. I really enjoy your stories, but I understand if you cannot or do not feel like posting. I wanted to ask, however, for the next time you do decide to post: 1) During your teenage years, did you also have one of those accidents, or very close calls that almost ended in an accident? I am curious because I think you may have gained better control of your bowels by then, but maybe the way you poop made you have some close calls, or maybe you had a memorable accident you managed to hide quite well. 2) You have mentioned the stool-withholding problem your brother had. I remember one of these instances, he did not get out of the bathroom in time and you and your friend ended up having an accident because of that. Did you have any other instances of an accident that you had because your brother did not want to get out of the bathroom, or again very close calls when you felt as if your poop was about to come out, but your brother got out of the bathroom in time? If you had any of these experiences, I would love if you shared them.

Now, on to my story…

I was coming back to my apartment from grocery-shopping, and as I walked into the apartment building hallway that has the doors to numerous apartments (including mine), I saw Paul (my 16- or 17-year-old neighbor from the 3 apartments down the corridor) pacing around and slightly fidgeting in front of the door of his apartment. On this occasion, he was wearing a dark blue hoodie, and dark jeans. I said hi to him and opened the door to my apartment, and before entering I turned around a took a better look at him. I noticed him breathing heavily and an expression of discomfort in his face, similar to the Gavin meme kid: a pained smile with arched eyebrows raising in the middle of the forehead. Judging by his face and his body language, I could tell his lower intestine was probably giving him strong signals that release time for a poop monster was coming.

I asked him: "Hey Paul, is everything okay?", and he looked at me, somewhat startled, and said: "Yeah, I mean… I'm dying for a shit, but I forgot my keys and my family is not home at the moment. They're on their way, but not sure how long they will take". Because I know all too-well the feeling of really needing to sit on the toilet but having to wait, I said: "Want to use my bathroom? I don't mind. Besides, better you doing that in my toilet than in your pants!". He found that funny and let a weak laugh. He hesitated for a couple of seconds, looking down the hallway as if expecting to find any member of his family about to come into view. Because nothing happened, he looked at me straight in the eye, as if making sure I was being genuine with my offer (I was), and his eyes suddenly lit up and changed from anxious-looking to relieved. "Sure, Jry, yes! Thank you!", and came closer to my apartment door. I lifted my bags, entered my apartment, waited for him to follow me inside and closed the door behind him.

Once inside, I pointed to my bathroom and said: "Please, go ahead. Just let me know if there's toilet paper in there!". He recalled what happened last time, so he grinned, went in and closed the door. As I was taking my groceries out of the bags, he confirmed from inside the bathroom that there was indeed toilet paper in there, and I heard some rustling of his clothes as he was getting undressed. I admit I was curious about his situation and how long he had been holding it in, so as soon as I heard him sit down, I stopped taking the groceries out of the bags and asked (in a bad attempt at humor): "So… how long have you been fending off the poop monster?" That again made him laugh, as a fart escaped from him while laughing. He began answering as he started peeing into the bowl: "Well… I was walking back home from seeing some friends this morning, and I started to feel like I needed to shit on my way back. But I thought I would just get home and go straight to the bathroom" he said, as his pee was dying down, splattering into the bowl.

As he finished the previous sentence, his voice began sounding ever so slightly strained. It was barely noticeable, but it did signal that his poop was probably about to emerge. He continued: "But when I got here, I realized I probably left my keys at home, because I did not have them on me and I went out in a rush this morning. And…", as he was saying that, his voice stopped and I heard a small *blip* noise plop into the water, followed by some quite noticeable crackling, even from the other side of the door. "And…?", I asked, in part curious to see if he could maintain the conversation while pooping. He could not. In a strained voice, he managed to say: "Just… wait a sec…", as the crackling sound continued. About 10 seconds later, I heard a deep *Floomp* sound as his first BIG turd entered the water in the toilet bowl. This was followed by a heavy-sounding *PLOOMP*, probably a heavy piece that broke off the first one, and Paul audibly sighing "Aaaagh" in relief.

He cleared his throat a bit, and continued telling his story: "So… where was I? Ah, yes… so, I texted my mom, asking where she was. She said she would be home in about 45 minutes, and to wait for her. But…", and he paused while thinking about something. Then, he continued, "Has it happened to you that you start relaxing in anticipation to getting to the bathroom, but then something stops you from going, and then you're in big trouble?" I knew exactly what he was referring to, as I had experienced that a number of times, particularly at work and also in my teenage years with my brother. "Yes, that's just the worst, it leaves you in agony until you're finally able to go!", I replied. While I said that, I heard another turd escape from his butt and plop into the toilet, followed by him exhaling heavily from his nose.

"Yeah… so that's just what happened. I was expecting to get home and go straight to the bathroom and had begun relaxing, but then I had forgotten my keys and my family was out!", Paul exclaimed. "Well, I'm glad I came at this moment… because really, holding it in once you have relaxed enough is quite uncomfortable, no wonder why you were looking like that", I said. "Heh… yeah… I think I would probably have been able to hold it, but my shit was really, really trying to come out", he said as he went quiet again, let out another turd that plopped into the toilet, and made an "hmph" kind of grunt. "Well, I leave you to it… take all the time you need", I said, and continued taking the groceries out of the bags. "Thanks Jry!", Paul replied.

By not needing to focus on the conversation with me, it seemed Paul really let go. He took out his cellphone from of the pockets of his jeans, and started either playing some videogame or texting. Within the next two minutes, I heard more than 10 plops, starting with heavy-sounding ones and becoming smaller and quieter by the end. He seemed to wait a bit for more to come, as about five minutes later, he farted twice and then a few more plops followed. He stayed doing something on the phone a bit, and then he began wiping. I did not interrupt him throughout this time, but I did pay attention to what he was doing while I organized everything in the fridge and in the cupboards. He wiped for a good while, probably making sure he was clean, and then he finally flushed, washed his hands, and came out.

"Good thing your toilet is able to withstand all that!", he said as he came out of my bathroom. "Yeah… it is quite useful sometimes!", I said. It would still be some minutes until his mom came back home, so I offered him some tea and some cookies I had just bought, and we chatted for a bit about some other stuff. When his mom called him on the phone, he said goodbye and left my apartment, but thanked me again for letting him use my bathroom.

I hope you liked this story. I find Paul to be quite a nice kid (well, teenager), very respectful and cheerful, so I am glad to have let him used my bathroom twice by now.

Keep the great posts coming!


Anna from Austria
Poo fart survey for my fellow ladies

if you girls are like me and need to fart a lot while you are pooping which type of farts do you do?

pre poo farts mid poo farts or post poo farts?

I do all three. Pre poop and mid poop fart during every bm and sometimes also post poo farts. Post poo farts occur more rarely though compared to the pre and mid poo farts during every poo season of mine.

A funny thing I noticed is that post poo farts smell different( way stronger) than my normal farts.

And here a short story that happend last monday

I ran out of toilet paper on a public toilet a few times already but each time I was able to organise some paper. it was embarrasing changing stalls with pants down to use the paper in these stalls or walk with pants down to the sinks to use the paper towels for drying hands.

But all of these embarrasing actions are better than going home with ruined panties.

I had to work overtime on monday and was late with usual BM. Normaly I need to each morning and sometimes a second time after lunch.

That time my bowels were apparently on vacation. I did not feel any urge the whole day. But suddenly in the evening when I was about the leave my office I had to go. And I had to quick.

So I went to the neariest ladies room. It was that urgent that I was not evening thinking about checking the stalls for paper.

the bm itself was rather standard for me. At first I farted then I did a hissing pee stream then the first log started to emerge from my butt then more farts and a second log then more farts combinied with a little amount of mushy poo. When I was done I wanted to clean myself but then I noticed that there was no paper in my stall. I knew that I was almost alone in the office building so I did my usual stunt and left the stall after flushing with my pants down to get some paper form the other stalls. But they were empty as well. Even the paper towels were out!! It seems that the cleaning team has not started their tour yet.

I also messeged my cow worker Stefanie that was with me for a evening shift and asked her were she was. Unfouratnely she has already left as well and was already riding in the bus home. So I had to put on my white lace panties without cleaning.

I was rather sure that i could write them off due to mushy poo I had at the end of bm. It felt horrible to walk around with soiled panties. The only good thing was that I was here by car and not by bus as usual. Riding a bus with soiled panties would have been humiliating . I was not sure if other people might have smelled the soiled panties and I am glad to be honest that I never had to find that out.

Back at home I checked my panties and they were finished. Poo stains everyhwere and not to talk about the smell.I just threw them away and sat on the toilet to clean myself. Then I took shower and went to bad. It is really a pity. The panties were just a week old.

But I have learned from that mistake. Now I always take lots of tissues with me in my purse even when I am not having cold.

It is funny though. Have been working for the company for quite some time now already and have never seen such a mega toilet paper shortage. Especially considering I was using my top scret toilet. It is a toilet that is suitated rathe remote from the main offices. Not many people came more most of the time. it is my favourite toilet for a work poo because the changes are way highter to be alone and have maximum privacy. But well as they say shi***t happens and my case you can take the saying literally.

That's it for today

greetings from Austria Anna

Sunday, October 10, 2021

David P

Quick Update: Finally did a big poo!

Hello David P here again with a quick update to my last post. I finally did a satisfying poo today, after being constipated for days, I hadn't done a poo in about a week. Yesterday I felt like I needed to do one several times but despite straining for ages and doing some dry farts there wasn't even a tiny amount of poo to end the bloating. But this morning was different, I woke up and after having a cup of hot water started to feel something down in my belly telling me a need to open my bowels may be happening soon. It wasn't too desperate so I held off until I really needed it. So I took myself off to the toilet, sat down and spread my legs, I then felt an urge to push and did just that, I could feel the poo up there but it felt a bit hard, thinking of how tricky my last poos were to pass, I thought of a thing I could try I did something I hadn't done before to try and help pass it. So I kind of half stood up and did a half squat over the toilet with bent legs. I then pushed and a big knobbly poo came slithering out my bum hole, I kept slightly standing up as the turd kept on coming, it got softer as it came out and became mushy towards the end. It sploshed into the water a while later and I sat down to complete the rest of my poo, I pushed out a couple more smaller turds and was done. I wiped my bum which felt pretty dirty as the last bits were loose and mushy. When I was clean I looked down into the water and saw the long snake log. So I decided to wash my hands and use the toilet brush to drag the poo out from behind the back so I could get a look at what I had produced. The log was a long C shape, the first half was really hard and knobbly looking, the middle soft and the end was very mushy. I flushed the big poo away after getting a quick photo, After about six days of poo had cleared my belly I felt so much better! Later in the day I felt that I needed to go again, so went back and pushed out a very small turd that must have been left over from before.

Oh and John H your endless poo story was brilliant!

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