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That's good to know, thanks for the heads-up!
I also loved hearing about your flushes while seated! It's a very interesting feeling indeed! I'd love to hear about more of your recent flushes, either sitting or standing.

I rarely end up flushing mid-poop, but when I do I keep going through it. I like the idea of a turd dropping into an already flushing toilet, and whoosh, it's sucked instantly down.

I have used a kid-sized toilet once before, it was fun to use such a different position to push out my waste. It filled up the bowl pretty easily, and I peed on my poop, wiped myself, flushed, and watched it all successfully spin round in the bowl and then crumple in on itself down the drain.

This morning I made coffee, then took the grounds into the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and had my morning pee into the toilet. Then I opened my legs up and poured the grounds into the bowl. I wiped myself with some toilet paper, then dropped it in between my legs too. I flushed without getting up, feeling it all leave below me.


The story of my childhood

I'm from China. I used a machine to translate my true story.
It's just me and her again.
She always comes to my house, because her parents and I have to work, so we are often alone at home.
We play everything together, from all kinds of toys to playing house, all kinds of roles, and we jump up and down the house, and anyway, we can turn the house upside down, because our parents asked us not to go out. After all, we were only six years old.
Six-year-olds, they don't know anything, so we 've played a lot of sick games, like sniffing socks, sniffing butts, and, of course, just for fun. We had a good relationship, so at the time, just to tell the other side not to look, but of course, we don't close the door when we go to the bathroom, were used to each other suddenly appearing in front of the toilet and watching each other urinate. Because it happens all the time.
That day, we were playing with our toys and sitting face to face on the ground. Suddenly, I heard a fart, short and clear.
"Did you fart? " she asked suddenly.
` No! "
` You! " she said, speaking with dignity.
It's not the first time I 've ever met this kind of thing. We always play together, she's younger than me, so almost everything is trying to compete with me, and I have to (let her go)(this is chinese grammar,it was meant to be humble with her). That's what mom reminds me of.
I didn't say anything and went on with my "work". She farted, but it didn't smell.
Then, not much longer, I heard another fart, this time long and dull.
"Why do you fart again? Ha ha ha ha. ' she said, laughing.
I'm a little speechless. She always does. I'm used to it.
A few seconds later, a clear smell came through.
We both seem a little embarrassed.
After a while, she stopped laughing and we started playing again.
But apparently, she wasn't just vivacious at the moment.
It wasn't much longer, but she told me out of the blue.
"I want to shit. "
"Ah? "I pretended not to heared.
She just did that to me, and I have to hold her back.
She nodded.
Turns out, her second fart is shit is will coming out, fart sound is not so loud.
But she's obviously getting impatient.
"I can't hold it any longer. "
Give her a break.
"Well," I agreed.
I got up, and I was gon na follow her to the bathroom.
She came to the toilet, did not close the door, went straight in, and then, seeing me coming, did not take off her trousers.
"What? ' she asked.
"Nothing. ' I replied, as she always did, when she went to the toilet and asked why I had to follow her.
` get out! ' said she, coming to pull the door.
The door was closed, but it was unlocked. She took off her trousers and squatted down.
But she didn't pull it out.
I opened the door gently and found that she was looking at the door. When I opened the door, her eyes moved to me.
I asked, " I 've seen it before. "(go to the toilet)
At that moment, she said, "I can't pull out if you are here. "
"Ah? "I'm a little strange.
"Really, I didn't lie to you this time. "
I don't believe her. I 've been lied to so many times.
"Why not? ' I asked.
"If you don't look, I 'll pull. "
"Good. "What's so hard about it?
I turned around and then, after a few seconds, turned back again. She didn't budge. I smiled and turned back.
She seemed to give up, because I felt something different.
Turn around. She lowered her head, and the brown stool gradually peeped out, mixed with tiny blasting sounds. The first one was about ten centimeters long, and then a small one was pulled.
I entered the room with satisfaction.
When she came out, her face seemed red, and she didn't talk to me for half an hour.
Of course, the consequence of this time is that from now on, whenever I come to my house, she goes with me every time I go to the toilet.

Victoria B.

Nosy neighbor


I have two bathroom-related things that drive me crazy. One of them is the way the toilet paper is oriented. Top-down is the only way to go. Don't @ me and yes I do take rolls off of holders to fix them. The other, well, the other thing happened yesterday.

The other happened to me at a small café yesterday. I was studying for finals when the need arose. It wasn't shy either; I'd missed a day and knew this was going to be a two-flusher. My suspicions were justified because the first piece was a thick, firm plug that looked to be at least a foot long from my glance downward into the bowl. I couldn't help but release a contented moan as it silently broke off below the water line. There was more to come and I flushed just as I was receiving company in the other stall. I heard the sound of unbuckling and jeans and panties being taken down as I got back to work.

The woman next to me started peeing as soon as she'd gotten situated on her toilet and it was a stream a racehorse could've been proud of, a real gusher. Things in my stall were getting moving again when I heard my stallmate fumbling in the back pocket of her jeans for a ringing phone. My expectation that she was just trying to see who was calling was denied when she answered the phone and started talking! How disrespectful! Her conversation, as could be expected for anyone talking on the phone in a public bathroom, was punctuated by a series of farts and plops from next door as I continued on with my number two. "Ew. How rude!" was the response from my neighbor and that was when I lost it. Answering the phone was bad enough but this just crossed the line. I'd officially had enough of her shit.

"Excuse me?? This is a public bathroom. There was no reason for you to answer your phone. You violate my privacy and then complain about bathroom sounds happening while you're literally sitting on the pot yourself?? Take a nice look at a mirror and find out more about what is and isn't rude because you don't seem to know the difference."

I was so angry that I tuned out her response in order to wipe, flush, and get dressed again as quickly as possible. I washed my hands, gathered my things, paid and left. This was my second bathroom pet peeve and she scored a bulls-eye. I was still steaming as I walked home and I hope none of you ever have to deal with someone like her.



Avoiding go-in-and-stay rule

When me and my friend Austin were in middle school we spent a lot of time at each others houses. This happened after the first big snowfall.
His house had the bigger backyard so we over there playing in the snow when he had to pee. See his parents were stricter than mine. They didn't want him and his friends running in and out of the house and tracking snow around. And in the summer they were worried about tracking mud and dirt around. Oh, and there was one time when I clogged their toilet when I pooed and his dad was livid.

That was during a football game on TV and I was barred from crapping there. So after that while I was over there and needed to crap, Austin and I would walk over to the park a couple of blocks away. But on this winter day it was Austin's problem. We had had a snowball fight and wrestled in the snow so there was no way he could go in his house to pee. I noticed in the alley nearby an empty carrot can rolling in the wind. I ran after it, brought it up to Austin, but as I was approaching him I got to thinking.....

I took the can out behind the garage where we wouldn't be easily seen, where there was a pile of shoveled snow and I shoved it through the ice so that its rim was even with the snow. He'd always like to brag about his great aim, craps so efficient that there was no need for wiping, so I thought this was a good time to deflate his ego. So I came up with what I called an accuracy test. I had always laughed when he bragged about his firehose-strength aim. I thought 5 inches of snow and a 25 degree temperature, with a wind, would do him in.

He would start at a pretty normal distance from the can. As he continued he had to continually walk backwards in the snow as he continued his piss. Originally I was thinking he could use one hand, but as he pleaded and I got in a really obscene remark for my 12-year-old mouth, I relented and let him use both.

He waited until a gust of wind went by and then started his piss. It was very efficient at first as he started his walk back and the snow remained fully white. It was close one time because he couldn't look back due to the attention he had to give to his timing and aim. Almost 20 seconds into it he almost lost his balance and nearly fell to the left, but give him credit for saving the situation. The fact is that he did it and I gave him credit for that.

I think it was excitement from that and a rougher snow-ball fight an hour later that caused me to need to crap. So me and Austin walked over to the park about three blocks away. There were a lot of sledders there so the unisex bathroom building was open. He didn't think a person could crap on an unheated toilet in a building that was probably about 35 degrees. He said I would freeze my butt off. Wrong.
Mom had taught me a couple of years before that to sit on toilet paper for sanitation purposes. So that's what I did. My butt was cold but not as bad as if I had been bare-butted. I got a crap in during my about 4 minute sit and that surprised him.

When Austin looked into the bowl, he said he could see a bit of steam.
We could see each others' breath. The coldest thing might have been the four pieces of toilet paper I used for wiping. It also seemed a little moist in my hands and when wiping. As we walked to a c-store for hot drinks Austin teased me about chickening out by not sitting on the cold seat. I just kept telling him a girl does what's she gotta do, a line my mom use to say a lot. I did stop papering the toilet seats away from home more than 10 years ago about the time I turned 16, was using public toilets more and it became a hassle.

Great post Office Brian. Can't wait to hear more stories from your unisex work bathroom.


Friend's College Poop

Several years back, when I was in college, one day I was at my female friend's apartment. She excused herself to the bathroom. She came back five minutes later and said that nothing came out. She then suddenly said that she had to back to the toilet. We had a conversation while she was on the toilet. I was in the living room. She asked me to make sure I kept talking to her the whole time she was pooping. After a few minutes, she suddenly exclaimed, "oh shit!" and told me to keep talking. After a few more minutes, I suddenly heard a loud scream come from the bathroom, and she said she was done.


answers of questions

Dear Putz: I and my friends always wait for flush to finish before start to do motion again. Hisae says, If you do while flush is running in Japanese-style squat toilet, brown water splash all over floor. In European style, maybe underneath of loo seat is brown, I think.

Dear Tlana: ( I remember your nice post of before. I am happy you still are in this site!!)

1. I am 27 and female. I live with three lovely beautiful friends and they are all 28 and female. And we are Asian.

2. I don't poo so often away from home. Sometimes in office. When it is in office, it is usually a diarrhoea so I have to stay long time, 10 or 15 minutes. Pee is quick, maybe one minute or bit more.

3. My friends always do a comment on loo time. But it is nice comment full with love.

4. What is "drawn out"? Sorry I am such a stupid.

5. A lots of information, but sorry I am sleepy now. You can look my posts if you use search place. I hope you enjoy.

Love from Mina & co.

Victoria B.

Putz's questions

Here are my answers to your questions:

1. I'm like you and wait for the flush cycle to finish before I continue my number two.

2. It's easy for me to put any toilet out of commission if I'm not careful so I'll have to pass on the pint-sized pots.



Neurological Problems

Constipation is a common feature in neurological conditions. For those with Parkinsons Disease many found that constipation was the earliest symptom. Sometimes medications may make constipation even worse.
The subject of constipation, bowel and urinary incontinence does not seem to get enough weight in general management of such conditions.
I found that in the early stages constipation was far worse than the actual neurological condition but I also learned to manage bowel and bladder problems to an good extent. Knowledge of management is vital.
Apologies for my rather technical post.

Hi, I'm the Anonymous who shared the laxative story a while back. I'm female, in my early 20's, plus-size, and have a rather big butt.

I had a really nice dump just now. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and it got things moving really well. I felt the urge, and sat on the toilet. I didn't even really push hard, I just felt my hole dome out as I started pressing out a thick, long, crackling turd together with a long, soft fart. "Ssssssspppfffffff.... Crrrrrrrrkkklkkkkklkklklkkkllkkkkkpfffftttt...." the turd went. It seemed like it would go on forever until it fell silently in the toilet. I pushed again, and squeezed out another turd about a quarter as long. The smell in the bathroom was pretty thick. After that turd came out, I peed a lot. Before I wiped, I stood up to look at my creation. I saw a big, brown, snake-like turd, swirled with yellow. Floating above it was a similar turd only much shorter. I wiped, flushed, washed my hands, and left the bathroom very stinky.

Sunday, December 09, 2018

Recently I've began living alone. Tonight, to celebrate my newfound privacy and independence, I went out on the porch, lifted my skirt, and let myself go. It felt so good just being able to piss like that. Being female-bodied it was hard to aim it and it went right down my leg, but even that felt good. It's like they say, pissing yourself is like a good friendship; it makes you feel warm and good inside (what do you mean I have it backward?) Of course, I had to waddle inside to shower off afterwards. Hope to have more stories in the future! (Maybe next time I mop the floor I'll piss first!)

Victoria B.

Putz's questions

Here are my answers to your questions:

1. I'm like you and wait for the flush cycle to finish before I continue my number two.

2. It's easy for me to put any toilet out of commission if I'm not careful so I'll have to pass on the pint-sized pots.



Drawing out a poo?

I'm finishing my 1st semester away at college. I've written before about how I frequently I get comments, often compliments, about how little time I'm butt-on-seat to do my poos. For years now, I take most of my poos away from home/dorm. I don't really mind the lines for the toilets to open up. In high school I would take the non-doored toilet when it opened because I was only going to be seated for a minute or 1 1/2 minutes, at most. My boyfriend Carson calls it waiting until I'm ready to drop before I sit for my dump and take up the valuable space. So as soon as I'm seated I'm productive. Productivity was a whole chapter in the Microeconomics class I just completed. It helps that my poos are mostly soft and with a wipe or two from my seat, I flush and then I'm out. That is what causes the amazement from those around me. A couple have thought that I was just changing a pad, rather than having my daily poo.

Carson, whom I've known for about 5 years, was fully amazed by my fast poos when he visited my campus recently. He's a senior in high school and said his friends won't sit for a shit unless they've wiped the seat down because it is often waterlogged with pee. I don't know what to tell him when he's showed me toilets with multiple dumps in them, peed on seats, and sometimes a good amount of pee on the floor in front of the toilet. We are both height-challenged for our age. When we're seated, our feet are usually an inch or so off the floor.

So me and Carson have a short survey that we've written. We would find the results interesting.

1. Gender? Age?
2. When away from home how long do you spend on the toilet for a poo?
Pee? What might be the shortest and longest time?
3. Have others commented on the time on the toilet and how you spend it?
4. Have you ever drawn-out a sit? How frequently and for what reason?
5. Any other information that is interesting on your experiences?
Thank you.

I went hiking with a large group from a local mountaineering society last summer. Everyone had to go to toilet the primitive way. That was obvious to all of us but it was never discussed or even mentioned. Everbody just "sneaked" away to find a spot where to lower the shorts, squat and get it done. Trying to become invisible, but not always successful. Lessons learned: if ever in doubt, I was not the only one with such needs. And somewhat amusing to spot mature people squatting with bare bums behind bushes and boulders trying to remain unseen just by looking another way when someone accidentally passing by!!


I've done that before, drinking a bunch of water to be able to pee a lot. It is fun. However, you probably shouldn't do it. Drinking a bunch of water in a short time like that can lead to water poisoning, which would not be good for one's health.

I tried flushing while sitting down recently. It is fun, I must admit. After I had made sure I was empty, I wiped up down there and decided to see how it felt. It was exciting feeling it all swirl around below me, hearing my turd being swept away. Just for fun, I flushed again after it finished-I didn't want to stand until there was no poop left in the bowl. After that, I pulled up my pants, washed my hands, and went on my way.

Hi, I'm the Anonymous who shared the laxative story a while back. I'm female, in my early 20's, plus-size, and have a rather big butt.

I had a really nice dump just now. I had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and it got things moving really well. I felt the urge, and sat on the toilet. I didn't even really push hard, I just felt my hole dome out as I started pressing out a thick, long, crackling turd together with a long, soft fart. "Ssssssspppfffffff.... Crrrrrrrrkkklkkkkklkklklkkkllkkkkkpfffftttt...." the turd went. It seemed like it would go on forever until it fell silently in the toilet. I pushed again, and squeezed out another turd about a quarter as long. The smell in the bathroom was pretty thick. After that turd came out, I peed a lot. Before I wiped, I stood up to look at my creation. I saw a big, brown, snake-like turd, swirled with yellow. Floating above it was a similar turd only much shorter. I wiped, flushed, washed my hands, and left the bathroom very stinky.

Friday, December 07, 2018


Toilet questions

There's been a lot of talk on here lately about toilets and flushing habits, so I thought I'd chime in with a couple of questions of my own.

1. When you stay seated to flush - if you're still going - do you stop going and wait for the toilet to refill before you start again? Or do you continue going throughout the entire flush cycle? When I was a kid, high-power toilets weren't a thing and flushing took a while. I don't know why but I always waited for a flush to finish before I continued pooping.

2. Has anyone had to use a child-sized toilet to poop in, as an adult? When I was young, my church had many if these and I remember asking one nice lady there who worked with the kids (her name was Ms. Sunshine and she was a large, voluptuous woman with a full frame) how she used them. Her answer was "very carefully", hah! I haven't forgotten that. It seems that without some careful planning, it'd be easy to put such a small toilet out of commission (especially for her). Has anyone had this experience?

Hello, it's Aaron again. I've been reading back through some of the posts on this site, and one of the topics of conversation is about people not wanting to go for a poo in public. Just until a few years ago, I had hardly ever had a poo in public. Probably a few times when I was really young, and once or twice at scout camp when I was in my teens. Apart from that, I refused to go in public. Most of my friends in Sixth Form thought that too, and I very rarely saw anyone using the college toilets to do a number 2. That all changed when I went to uni. In my first year at uni, I used to use the toilets on campus when I needed a piss, but I noticed a lot of students would use the cubicles. I thought it odd as this never happened at college. Despite this, I continued to refuse to go for a poo in public. That was until one day during first year.

This particular day was a long one for me. Up early for a 9am lecture (well that is early for a student), followed by a seminar, only one hour for lunch (not enough time to go home and come back) followed by another lecture, one hour break in the afternoon and another lecture then football practice. My stomach started to hurt in the morning, but by the time it was the afternoon break, it was really bothering me. Something had unsettled my stomach, but I was determined not to let it interfere with my day. As soon as the afternoon break started I decided to seek out a place to quickly and quietly go for a poo. Buried deep in one of the science buildings was a small toilet, and every time I had been in there to piss, I'd never seen anyone else in there. It was a bit of a walk to get there, and there were other busier toilets near by, but I didn't want to be seen or heard. I set on my way and arrived at the toilet. It was a small room in a large but quiet building; two cubicles, three urinals and three sinks. It was empty when I got there - brilliant I thought. I picked the cubicle furthest away from the door. I hung my bag on the hook and very thoroughly wiped and lined the toilet seat and lined the toilet with paper to minimise plopping sounds. The poo itself was uneventful, but to my horror I heard the door to the toilets fly open and the guy went into the cubicle next to me and he slammed the door shut. He quickly sat down and as soon as he did a huge fart boomed from him. He loudly sighed "Aaaaaaahhhh" and he started to grunt loudly. He blasted about four or five soft poos, moaning loudly after each blast. It really stank in there too. I quickly wiped, flushed and left to wash my hands. I heard the guy wipe once, and he flushed and came out to wash his hands too. He was a young guy, my age. He was also sorting his hair in the mirror. He obviously didn't care at all that I had heard him loudly dump. He coolly stood there admiring himself in the mirror! At that very moment it clicked. He didn't care that I had heard him, that I could smell him and clearly he didn't care about wiping the seat. He just went, without all the silly inhibitions that I had. My whole attitude changed in that moment. In future, I decided not to care too. The next day I went for a poo in a busier toilet on campus. And the day after too. Since then, I am very comfortable pooing in public!


Response to Victoria and peeing story

That sounds amazing, a three in one flush! I love the thought of it all stewing in the bowl while you shower, and then down the toilet it goes! I would love to know what that looked like.

Recently I decided I wanted to see how long I could get my pee going for. I love the feeling of a long pee, and so I spent the day drinking lots and lots of water. I had at least 8 glasses in about three hours, and I kept topping things up more when I could.

The result of this wasn't exactly what I was expecting, though. Instead of having one long pee, I ended up peeing maybe a dozen times. My first pee was really short, maybe 8 seconds of emptying my urine into the toilet. It was still a bit yellowish, i had my legs spread to watch and as it flowed melodically into the water, mixing to take on the hue of a white wine. I remained seated for the flush, watching between my legs as my pee met its end mere inches from where it had come.

The second time I had to pee was maybe 10 minutes later. I plopped myself back on the seat, and a strong, clear stream emptied itself almost instantly. It was almost clear, and felt amazing. I decided to leave the toilet unflushed for a bit, as I suspected I had more pee to come.

I was right, I ended up coming back to the toilet at least six more times just that evening. I never peed for longer than a minute, really; but it was so much fun to be able to just piss and piss all day long. It all stayed mostly clear, though the toilet got a little more yellow each time I filled it with fresh piss.

Finally at the end of the day, I started feeling empty. I had one last pee, the stream fanning out a bit as it left me, pattering against the porcelain. Afterwards, as I settled into a book, I heard my roommate walk into the bathroom. I heard her lift the lid, take a seat, and then heard the unmistakable sounds of her pee trickling into the bowl. It lasted a while, and then I heard her tear off some toilet paper. In a moment, she had flushed, emptying the bowl of our combined pee. I wish I could have seen that flush!


To John

Hi John H: I used disposable undies for the time of the month only once, because the pads were gone. I avoid stains the best I can by going to the bathroom to change regularly. Also, I go by the smell. If it smells in the front area like I've been wearing the same sanitary napkin for a while, I use that as my most accurate way of knowing when to change. I'm sure others use wetness as an indicator, but I'm different.


Merika's bathroom problems

I had Merika again for a couple of days. This time though I had her cousin too. He's 5, just about to turn 6, and he's absolutely terrorized about having to crap away from home. Not having a father in his life is part of the problem, too, I think. He's holding his crap a lot longer than he should. Twice this happened at mid-day. Once it was while we were at the movies when I was having trouble with Merika, whose 3 years older, but also lacking in confidence. She wanted to do a buddy sit with me, which I have found helps her get over some of her anxieties. But what about Graham? This was all right after we had a lunch at the mall food court and were about to walk across the parking lot to the multi-plex. I decided to take care of the bathroom stuff at the multi-plex because the toilets would be less crowded, but Merika protested and I could smell what Graham needed to do. There's also more privacy doors on the toilet stalls at the theater, so I gave in.

It was a big bathroom and very busy with many adults. All seemed to be in a hurry. This one lady lost her child in there and was going throughout the crowd calling for a Jamie. I found two toilets next to one another open. Before Merika and I went into ours, I led Graham to his, showed him a full roll of toilet paper and told him to drop the seat and get busy. He was slow to do it so I reached back, flipped it down, and told him to latch the door as I left, and Merika and me dropped our clothing and took our seat. There was so much noise from the other users, that I knew Graham wouldn't be able to hear me ask how he was doing.

I was encouraged when I saw Graham's shoes off the floor. There was some swinging, then he would stop down, reseat himself, and then repeat it. Merika was sure holding a lot and as the dropping started I reached back onto the back of the seat and pushed myself back to give her more space. I was amazed that such a small person could hold that much crap. I was still pissing when we both reached for the toilet paper roll at the same time. She took hers off first and then I took a smaller amount. I don't particularly like the yellow spots in my white underwear. I told Merika that I was done and if she would let me get off, I would check on Graham. He must have heard that and his feet came down and he flushed. I was amazed how fast he was. He was just opening his door when I was about to knock. I handed him another sheet of toilet paper and asked him to do one more wipe. He protested, but I insisted. I could see this wasn't a good effort. I tore off some more toilet paper, had him turn around, and with my more aggressive wipe it was gross how much he had missed. Then I asked him to use the same technique for two more wipes. He did, although I know it was embarrassing for him. But probably the next time we're out I going to require him to use the guys bathroom and I want him to be ready.

Wednesday, December 05, 2018


Plugged up peeing

My employer recently required me to go to a media sales seminar in another state. I took both my pee and crap before leaving my office (just like you taught me, Mom!) and headed to the airport. The 3-hour flight was on time and their was no problem. The 2-day meeting was held at a hotel and I had no problem with my plumbing there. I would sit down, do my pee, flush, wash my hands and back to my meeting. I even worked a nice crap in, luckily before a lengthy series of speakers, without a problem. This 35-year-old was ecstatic, especially on the last day, just prior to leaving for the airport, when I met an old high school boyfriend, at the bar for a few drinks. I did my pee, caught a cab to the airport and everything was right on schedule.

But the flight was packed, I had words with a really obnoxious college age girl who made it as difficult as possible for me to get to my window seat, and then had the audacity to call me a name that I hope will never come out of my Darcee's mouth when she's that age, and take-off was delayed several times due to severe weather forecasts, so I knew I couldn't hold my pee too much longer. Again, I went through a situation with that girl, and joined a line of 6 or 7 waiting for the toilet. In my opinion, this is the worst of situations. The mother behind me kept reassuring her daughter that it was no different than peeing in whatever the teacher's name class is at school. Finally, a really large guy came out and I knew my worst fear by the relieved look on his face!

The stench was every bit as bad as I had expected. I dropped my designer jeans and underwear and took the quite warm seat. I could hear the little girl on the other side crying and the mother telling her at least three times that she was next. I felt bad because that girl was about the same age as my Darcee and for as hard as I tried, I couldn't get my stream going. The 5 minutes I sat seemed like 3 times that and I finally gave up, exited and got into the usual wrestling match to get back in my seat. A few minutes later our flight was cancelled and we deplaned. Before getting my bag, I hit the nearest restroom, took the only toilet open (it was gross and I wouldn't let my Darcee use it, but I was desperate) and again I gave it 5 minutes. Nothing! I went downstairs, got my luggage, hailed a cab to the hotel where I was being put up, and just 3 minutes into the trip the driver was on a brick street in a warehouse district with a lot of dips and train tracks that he didn't slow for and I could feel trickles going into my underwear. I declared an emergency when I saw the first gas station sign and I told the driver I needed the bathroom. He pulled over although there was a traffic jam. The womens room door showed it was occupied, but I quickly decided to take the mens. I flicked the light on and my butt was on the seat as I reached forward and fully closed and latched the door. It was a marvelous experience sitting on that highly stained seat and noisily filling that bowl with my really dark, yellow urine.

Nickel plate road:
I shave my vulva occasionally, but it grows back fast! Its hard to shave too, because it's hard to position myself in such a way that I'm doing a good job without hurting my legs or back from stretching.

Nudist beaches are fine with me, I don't think I've ever been to one though. I am not a nudist, however I do enjoy being naked when I'm alone.

John H,
Thank you! Yes they did mention the smell, but they didn't seem upset about it and explained that this had happened a lot before.

Victoria B.

Rose's question

A friend of mine from Lithuania who studied abroad at my old school taught me a method of making coffee that was perfect for your question. Marija would make coffee by putting a mixture of sugar and ground coffee into a cup and then adding boiling water. I was suspicious when she first turned me on to it but I've done it for years now.

My need for a poop came before I'd even finished my coffee this morning and it provided me an opportunity. Appreciating the circle of life (coffee in, poop out) as I finished the coffee I pushed out six medium-sized logs and a hissing pee before getting up and dumping the grounds from my cup into the bowl while on my way into the waiting shower. Once I was out I flushed the grounds, pee, and poop together. I didn't bother wiping because I got into the shower immediately after finishing on the toilet and I knew there would be a time when someone would need that paper much more than I did at the time. Everything went down fine!


Monday, December 03, 2018


Peeing & Pooping in a Crowded Stadium Restroom

This happened my freshman year of high school. It was the first week of school in August. Friday night. My mom insisted that I eat dinner, all of it, even though my mind was getting to the city stadium for the 7 p.m. kickoff. By the time I was dropped off there I had to both piss and I could tell the full dinner was giving me a crap-coming alert. The stadium was full. About 5,000 people, I guess, with grade school kids dropped off by parents to grandparents, one with a walker, which was holding up much of the traffic flow by the concessions stand.

There was only one set of bathrooms and lines for both of them extending well outside to the seats. I had shared a large water bottle with my study partner last hour and stopped at the c-store for a coke that I had downed on my walk home. Dumb, I know, but I didn't use the bathroom before leaving home. I was lucky, I guess, because the guys' line was moving faster than the girls. I had noticed a couple of guys taking a leak in some high weeds next to the far parking lot when we drove in. I knew I was near the point that a punch in the back or hearing a funny joke could create a water hazard in my brand new tan shorts.

Once the line rounded the wall, you could easily smell the activity. About a dozen toilets all without doors on the right and all in use. Twice that many ground level urinals on the left. All in use and several waiting to use each. It was kind of funny; one boy about 5 was at the urinal peeing away and turned his body partially around to talk to his dad behind him. He almost started splashing the student on his left. His dad quickly grabbed him with his right hand and turned him around while grabbing his organ for better aim. I find things like that kind of amusing and better yet they take my mind off the fact that I'm waiting in pain and basically hating everyone in front of me.
Not nice, I know.

So I finally got my turn. Chest up against the urinal. I also hate having buttons on the fly of shorts. I've told mom but she always forgets when she's making a buy. Fumbling with the two buttons made me feel like I was going to burst, but my burst of pee shot against the urinal. Then I remembered to aim down into the bowl--sometimes with light-colored shorts on I've received some splash back. There's no way to describe the feeling I get when my pain spills out into the urinal.

While that was happening I was surprised by three moderate farts that escaped me. They were loud enough that two seniors standing behind me snickered and then fully laughed. Then I realized I had made a mistake to look back: by doing that I was admitting to it. Dumb me. I could feel more activity in my chute as I reached up and used the leaking flusher.

Now I was required to turn around and go into the crowd in the middle of the room. There was a boy or man seated on each of the toilets. One older guy, who I think is a science teacher, sat telling jokes to the guy who was planning to replace him. And a couple of guys my age were shouting out Hi to him as they walked by. I would think that would be really embarrassing to a teacher while he's taking a crap.

Finally a boy about 7 or 8 stood up, his dad looked into the stool and told him something I couldn't hear, and the dad reached down and flushed while his son was pulling up his sweats. I hurried in. Again I fumbled with the buttons on my shorts and I finally got them to work, dropped them and seated myself on the toilet. The seat was quite warm as I expected. I started my pushing and with more pressure than usual because there is almost no privacy and those that look at me while I sit I don't understand. I've learned the hard way to not drop my clothing below knee level. Dad showed me by dropping my head between my legs might also give me confidence.

This one didn't come all at once. At first there were a few balls, then a main turd, then followed by some soft-serv. I was done, but there was another round of farts and one more piece came out. I looked at the toilet paper dispenser. Those stupid little squares, cut, and then stacked on top of one another. It looked like there were about 1/3 of them left and I figured I would probably need most of them. With an audience around I knew I had better wipe from the seat. I knew it would work but I wanted to get it done ASAP. A couple of times the small slips slipped in my hand and I got soft crap on my knuckles. I remember looking up at the guy waiting for my toilet, apologizing for taking so long, but he was pretty OK about it.

When I got done there was a third line for the sinks. This one was faster, although the guy in front of me washed his entire face. I just wanted to get out of there. The lines were getting longer and I could hear our school's fight song being played. I had been in that bathroom for more than a half hour.


Venting about messing myself

As someone who is trying to get into good habits, days like these make me embarrassed beyond belief. I was home alone, had the day off from work, and woke up feeling strangely full. I don't typically go so early in the morning, so I found it strange, and passed it off as cramps. I figured (stupidly) that I should try to workout to get it out of me. And out of me I got it... I was wearing workout shorts and boxer briefs so they wouldn't ride up on me, and as I was halfway through my workout, I tried doing lunges. I probably should have given up but tried a few anyways. Then I went for a single squat and that was it. I fell to ground, one knee on the ground a one hand in front of me to balence as I unloaded into my briefs with one swift explosion. The noise was indescribably embarrassing. Needless to say I couldn't blame it on anything other than bad choices, and waddled to the bathroom to cleanup, red in the face. But ye, just had to get this off my chest.

Nickel Plate Road

Curious question

Hi, I been reading these for a long time and I am a male single and older than most people here. This is no survey, but I was wondering if there is a common ground to all of you that interested in poop and peeing.

Your public area, do you have hair or do you shave, or can you grow hair, or are you bear down there? I do notice that a lot of you are students and do baby sitting or other care type work. My other question is what is your opinion about clothes option beach or other places and nudity? And do any of you practice this life style?

To answer your question with me is yes I do have pubic hair not a lot but nature. Yes when I can I do go to clothes optional places to relax. Many of them do not have public rest rooms only in the bushes. or some corner.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Brittany B great story it sounds like you both had pretty good poops.

To: Crystal first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to anymore you may have thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Brittany B.

Congratulations on your buddy dump! I love the rush of watching someone else dump! As good as it feels to watch someone else, it feels just as good to let someone watch me enjoy a good shit. It's such a comfort to poop, and it's really bonding to enjoy it with a friend. I have a few good poop buddies and when we are together, the bathroom door stays open and we love it!
The best part is that Jess wanted to enjoy her poops like you do!

I would also like to say that I love to flush while sitting on the toilet. It seems that far more girls flush while sitting than men, but I'm sure some men flush while sitting.

I've always been fascinated by toilets, and what everybody does on them. I love my body and the feeling of relaxing my orifices and letting my body release. All while butt naked! I love the whole experience. With all that in mind, the toilet is a real object of comfort to me and I love to enjoy my sit every way I can.
I think I love to sit and flush because I don't have any real interest in my poop once it's left my body, so I don't usually look at it much unless I look between my legs, which I do from time to time. I have a black toilet at home so it's hard to see shit in my toilet, lol!
I don't know why but there is just something rich and luxurious about staying on the toilet during the flush. I think I love sitting down and relaxing the entire time, and not having to get up until the entire toilet session is over, in which case when I get up, the toilet is clean and immediately ready for the next use. It feels very relaxed and I like that!
My toilet is an older Kohler lowboy that I found at a salvage yard. I had seen one like it when I was young and I always wanted one. It has a very comfortable contoured seat, and a flush that's whisper quiet until you here the gulp at the end. It's a real luxury as toilets go!

Victoria B.

Unusual toilet


Just a quick question today and some replies

To Rose: I loved your story. You're after my own butt-there are few things in life better to me than a toilet that can handle my whole load in one flush. Great writing too!

To Brittany B.: Your story was just as exciting to read as it must've been for you to witness! You had me buzzing and thank you for your kind words!

I was out last night and had to pee at one point. I walked into an empty one-person unisex bathroom, dropped my black skinny jeans and pink thong and sat on the contoured seat, immediately appreciating its fit against my thighs and butt. I had my pee and wiped like normal but then got treated to a surprise: I couldn't find the flush! It wasn't on the front of the toilet's tank or on top. I got up and found it on the left side of the tank. I'd never seen a toilet with a flush like that before-has anyone else ever seen or used one like that?



Saturday replies

Hi John H. Glad to see you around. I don't get to post as often as I like. Hope you're keeping well - and regular.

Peeing and pooping. I did once have an 'ambush motion' many years ago at the end of a visit to Alton Towers. Having decided to pee before getting on the coach home I did what I thought was a fart whilst stood at the urinal and ended up getting more than I bargained for. It's not exactly one of my fondest memories.

Bianca. I don't know whether or not they would be in help in your situation but I occasionally wear heavy duty Tena incontinence pants, not because I have a medical need to but as an insurance when on long journeys and to give me options id I think I'm going to be without toilet access for some time.

Aaran. I don't particularly frequent McDonalds but, based on what you've said, I must go if only to check out their toilets. Ones which by design have no seat sound intriguing.


Coffee grounds and questions

Hey everyone,

I usually flush old coffee grounds in the toilet. Recently I've started doing my business in the same flush, sitting down and adding my pee to the brew in the bowl, or else dropping some poop into the mix. It feels good to flush more waste down at a time, to see it all exit the bowl at the same time.

Does anyone else flush coffee grounds, or anything else unusual?

And if so, do you do your business in the same flush, and send it all down at once?

To Brittany: I knew that one day you get your wish! and do buddy poo! I'm very happy for you. I hope you get another chance soon. Buddy poo is fun very much.

To Victoria: I'm looking forward very much your thanksgiving story!

To Ronette: I am angry to your friend little bit. Why she is worry so much about loo seat? If she keep herself clean, she will be OK, I think. She have to wash hands well after she used the loo. I think it is selfish to use all loo paper for seat, loo paper is to wipe body to be clean. Also I think, when it is snow, teacher should understand better. Buses always late in snow and if you want poo, you have to do, if you don't do you don't pay attention your maths and history and that is bigger problem!!

Many people don't understand, going to loo is very important. It is matter of health. They say don't talk about loo so pupil in school can't say to teacher, "I am late to the class because I had so stomachache!" Other pupils will laugh, so embarrass, but it is stupid to laugh.

I don't have so good story now, sorry to everyone. My loo time is same as every day and always my friend (this week Hisae) doing make up in front of loo door while I drop ten big turds into loo with door open and take long time. and vice versa (but Hisae finish more quickly).

Love to everyone.


Saturday, December 01, 2018

John H


Hi all
Some comments.
@Imogen, that was a close call but you made it in time and I bet it felt great to let it go. We all get slight stains sometimes so no harm done.
@Paige I enjoy all your posts though I felt sorry for you having to deal with all that poo at your babysitting job. You really managed the situation very well. Did the parents mention the poo smell when they returned?
@Gracie, I have experienced girlfriends using the toilet. My girlfriend will pee and change her tampon with me in the bathroom but She has only pooped once but I'm sure it will happen again. My ex girlfriend did pee, poo and change her pad with me in the bathroom though it was some time into our relationship before these things did happen.

@Brittany B, hi I enjoyed your exciting account of your shared pooping experience with your friend. I hope you and her will do this again and that you will take the time to share with us.
That's all for now
Take care all
John H



In 2006 I decided I needed a series of colonics and got more than I bargained for. I saw the nurse who was somewhat aggressive and a zealot. I think she was trying to shock me or something. If I had a dollar for every time she said poo it would pay for my treatment. I was in her office and at the end (pre colonic) she said...."you are going in there and you are going to poo...what are you going to do are going to shit!"
Any way I went was an open system colon therapy unit. I laid down with my butt over a basis. My legs were up....just like the birthing position. I tube was inserted you know where! the water was turned on and yes I did poo and poo and poo.. I had another appointment in two that time I did not poo until my colonic. The second colonic gave me abdominal pains but a hot bath relieved that. The third colonic resulted me in stopping at three different public toilets before a BM all before I got home.
The next colonic a few days later was early in the morning...I had not had a poo since my eventful trip home from the last. In the car as I got closer i developed an urge to poo....I arrived and up on the colonic unit in the birthing position...the tube was inserted..she turned the water on and right away a pile of shit just shot out...the therapist had not yet left the room...she had a look...felt my stomach and said already I must have been feeling better. The next and final colonic was about 5 days later and I had not done a poo since the last colonic but that morning before I left I needed to have a BM but could not get it out as it was so big and hard....when she put the tube up my bum she ask how long has it been..she could fel it there...the water was turned on and I had a squirt of water from my bum and then it came out....she had a look and said "chunky" anal area was sore and she had a look and said I had piles. Several days later I was still having hard stools...I was at a customer and needed the toilet and my poos needed to come out but were so stubborn. Time was not on my side and I pushed like crazy and that really flared up the piles. I went to the chemist to get some medication but they got worse so I went to a doctor in a medical center who gave me some stronger medication (cream) and next day went away on holidays...only a few hours away and I got anal area was blistering and weeping....I came home and saw my own doctor who said that I was allergic to the cream but could not resume my holidays because I had to stay near a good hospital in case things went the wrong way....that was my experience...I would have colonics again but would concentrate more on constipation earlier.....I still much prefer muliple enemas...I think they do a better job.


Too Tired to Poo

To Brittany B....I need a pooping /push buddy!!!
I am really tired due to my condition and avoid anything that involves physical effort while I am feeling that way. I should sit on the toilet but the effort of pushing is a bit much. I have had a good dose of osmotic laxative and that might help me get the urge to the point that I know I will have success.

If I had somebody to sit with me or even somebody to massage my colon even with a bed pan underneath me it would be good.
Will keep you posted.


Finally Did It

I have had a few doses of osmotic laxative since last post. I am sitting on the toilet now.... not very hygienic.... and had the energy to push out some hard poo. Now that it has happened I expect to be on the pot a few more times in the next several hours. Since 9am I have been drinking black tea and laxative. No food at all. It is now 3 pm and starting to feel better

Brittany B

My First Buddy Poop!

Hi all! My story today is probably my all-time favorite one so far! I finally witnessed my friend Jess taking a dump!

So the Saturday before Thanksgiving, my friend Jess (chubby redhead, big butt) and I decided to hang out at my place and watch some movies with pizza and a few bottles of wine. It was a wonderful time, just chilling and talking all night until we passed out in my bedroom at about 2am.

The next morning I woke up before Jess. I was hung over just a tad. I stood up, stretched, and I felt really full in my gut from all the wine and pizza last night. I gave a push and farted loud and wet, so I went to my bathroom, which is attached to my bedroom. I was just wearing a cammi with some fuzzy PJ pants, which I pulled down to my knees as I sat on my toilet. I farted again as I got nice and settled with my cheeks spread. I sighed as I relaxed and started to pee for a good 20 seconds. After my pee I farted a short wet one right before a few sloppy turds plopped into the toilet. I had only half shut the door, so I heard Jess begin to stir in bed. I plopped another 4 turds in the toilet and sighed as I farted again after that round. Jess appeared in the doorway looking sleepy. I smiled at her and said good morning. She smiled and said morning and moved into the bathroom and went to the sink, which is right next to the toilet, so she was to my right. She drank some water from the sink as a blew another wet fart into the toilet and sighed. After she drank, she went "Phew" and waved her hand in front of her nose. She looked at me and said, "Damn Britt, how about a courtesy flush? Also, how long do you think you'll be on the potty? I got some business to do too."

That last part got me really excited! She doesn't normally announce to me that she needs to poop. I kept my cool and told her I wouldn't be too much longer, and since she asked so nicely, I obliged her with a courtesy flush. After the toilet refilled, I plopped another wave of messy poops into the toilet. Jess was just chilling by the sink watching me poop. I sat for another minute before I had 2 more small little plops and one last fart until I felt empty. I wiped my messy butt 4 times, flushed one last time, and pulled my jammies back up and told Jess, "All yours girl." I moved to the tub and sat down while Jess got in front of the toilet, dropped her PJ pants to her ankles and sat down, her big butt engulfing the small toilet seat my apartment has. She looked a little nervous as she peed. As her pee ended, she let out a dry, soft fart and sighed. She sat for a few minutes as we talked. I asked her if her poop was coming, and she said she was just having a little bit of a shy butthole because she's never pooped in full view of somebody. I asked her if she wanted me to leave, but she said no, and insisted I'm allowed to stay and that she wants to be as comfortable with pooping as I am. So I encouraged her to just relax and said it's not like i was going to be judging her sounds or smells. She said ok and we kept talking. I farted against the tub and it kind of reverberated and made us laugh. She farted into the toilet again and let out a little grunt as she said "It's finally coming" and I heard a turd start to crackle into the toilet. It crackled a few seconds and then plopped into the water. She sighed as more crackled out and went plop plop plop. These turds sounded a little smaller than her first one. A nice, meaty poop smell started to mix with the lingering smell of my dump. It was pretty smelly, but I thought it was nice, even though Jess felt the need to apologize for it. hehe. Watching her poop made me ecstatic on the inside, but I just kept it chill, I didn't want to weird her out. She crackled out one last log and sighed as she reached for the toilet paper. She wiped 3 times and flushed the toilet still seated. Watching her flush still seated like I do made me feel all giddy too! I stood up as she also stood and pulled her pants back up. She said, "Hey, thanks for helping me to feel more comfortable with what comes naturally." and gave me a hug as she did. I squeezed right back and said, "Anytime! I like having a poop buddy!" and we both laughed. As we left the bathroom I asked her, "So what do you want to do for breakfast?"

It was an absolutely lovely experience! I we can share more poops in the future! I couldn't have asked for better!

One quick shoutout before I go, Victoria B, I'm glad you like my writing! I've always enjoyed your writing too, and I'm glad you were able to get over your recent bout of constipation.



Wasting toilet paper and detention time

Me and my friend Anita take the same bus to school. I live in a house with only one toilet; she lives in an apartment and has the same thing. With my mom having to leave for work the same time as my bus is due, there's almost no opportunity for me to get my crap in. Anita's mom has this illness because you sit on the toilet, but you can't pee right away. So the other day, both me and Anita were holding our craps on the bus trip that took longer because of the snow and a couple of accidents. So the bus got us to school about a half hour later than usual and we had like 10 minutes to use the toilet. Of course, there were about 3 or 4 others competing for each of the 10 toilets.

While we were waiting and the 5 minute warning bell rang, Anita noticed the first toilet just behind us was available. It didn't have a privacy door, but when we have to most of us have used toilets like that as a emergency way to prevent an accident. I had to pee like bad. I know it is partially my fault but now that I'm 16, mom allows me to drink coffee with my breakfast. So I quickly dropped my underwear and jeans and slid myself onto the seat. I had pleaded with Anita that I could piss in less than a minute. I kept my promise, although she was hurrying me along.

Then came the surprise when I got up, stepped aside and Anita didn't take the seat right away. She had me move aside as she pulled off 3 lines of toilet paper and she carefully dropped them over the front and both sides of the seat. Then she pulled down her underwear, hiked up her dress and dropped her shit. The 1-minute warning bell sounded as she stood, pried the toilet paper off her skin and threw it into the bowl and with a small piece of toilet paper she cleaned herself. Then Anita ran for her 1st hour. I re-seated myself, dropped my banana-shaped crap and quickly grabbed for the wiping paper. Just as the tardy bell rang I thought F***! for two reasons. I was now taking my 3rd tardy and there was nothing on the paper roll.

I had to go two stalls down the row before I could seat myself and clean my bottom. It was messier than usual, but Anita had easily wasted the wiping paper I needed with her stupid seat papers. I didn't even take the time to flush or wash my hands. I went right to class. The clock said 8:07 and I was sent to the main office to visit with a vice principal. It was this older guy and I didn't have confidence that he would understand my story. So I got a Saturday detention and the vice principal emailed my mom at the office.

old Billt

Post Title (optional) in refards to Gracie question

It was Thanks giving and we went out to this fancy place.I've watched her poop plenty of times. She just had her nails done om Wednesday. She went into the bath room and then I heard her stat to cry .I said whats wrun she lifted hr ass off thr seat and there was a huge shit hanging out about 2 inches out,She asked me to help her.I said hpw she said your going to have to put vasoline in and around my hole. so I put vasolind on ny finger and stuck it as far up her ass as I could. Icouldnt go very far at first because her poop was in the way I had to reach in and grab some poop and throw it in the bowi.Wile I did this she kept on going this .At one point it came out so fast my hole hand was full of her solid poop but felt a lot better. She then tooh a picture and showed all her friends I went into the slop sink area and washed up but could still smell her poop on my hands

John H

Question for Bianca

Hi all,
I have a question for Bianca if that's ok. How do you generally deal with your time of the month as a blind lady? How do you avoid stains on your panties? Do you always use disposable underware as you mentioned in a previous post or do you use pads or tampons? If you don't want to answer for any reason then that's fine.
I am enjoying catching up on all the other posts. Shout out to all posters and to those who run toiletstool.
Take care all
John H

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Peeing and Pooping

I recently read an account of someone standing at the urinal and having a desperate pee when he began to poo his briefs at the same time. My first time was very similar except i was outdoors with a mate I had been cycling home from school with. We both hated using the school toilets unless we had to and therefore often had to stop for release before we got home.

On this occasion we were both peeing behind a bus shelter. I had become wet from desperation before we managed to get there and as soon as I managed to begin peeing a large, firm poo took advantage of gravity and dropped into the back of my briefs. It was big and warm and in a strange way felt good. Sheer relief I suppose.

When I finished jetting the rear of the shelter and zipped up my friend noticed the fact I'd become quite wet but also the smell of poo. It made him laugh. I decide that like it or not I'd have to carry on riding and will never forget lowering myself on the saddle and feeling the pile of poop squeezing around. Firm though it was we still had a 15 minute ride home and I knew the poo would stain through my briefs, tail of my shirt and trousers so I kept sat down as I rode.

I was seventeen and as Mum pointed out, 'old enough to know better". I had to do the clean up and when Dad got home he laughed as soon as he saw white underpants, shirt and trousers hanging on the line. I had no need to tell him!

I've had a few accidents over the years but that time, my first time, I'll never forget!


Boyfriend/Girlfriend Poops

Hi! Does anyone have any stories to tell about buddy dumping with their boyfriend or gurlfriend? Specifically going together on the same toilet? Or any about helping their boyfriend or girlfriend get out a difficult poop?!


A babysitting nightmare!!

I once had a nightmare babysitting job! I'll use different names for the kids for privacy reasons in this story. One night, their parents went out so they called me to babysit and I said sure why not. There was a little boy, Scotty, who was 7 years old. There was a pair of twins: Rosie and Katie. They were both 5 years old. Finally, there was a 6 month old baby named Tyler. I had a lot on my hands but thought I could deal with it!

I was with the twins watching television and the shows that they liked. I had the baby in my arms, rocking him to sleep. Suddenly I heard Scotty crying! I put Tyler down for a nap because he was due to go for a nap anyway. I hurried downstairs to where the crying was from, and saw Tyler sitting on the living room floor (which is carpeted) with his pants and boxers all the way down to his feet. I couldn't help but notice an awful smell. I immediately knew what happened.

I rushed to his side and knelt down. I asked "what happened buddy?" and he said, obviously ashamed and totally embarrassed, "I went poo poo and pee pee!" I said "that's alright bud, where did you go poo poo and pee pee?" He pointed to the dining room floor, which of course was also carpeted. I decided to clean him up first.

I picked him up and snuck a peek at his backside, which was totally caked with poop, and there was a puddle of liquid poop below him. I told him to pull his pants and underwear off completely so I could clean them. His shirt was also soiled so I took it off, and carried him upstairs into the bathroom. He was getting older so I didn't want his sisters to see him totally naked, but because I had to babysit all of them, it was unavoidable. I stood him up and wiped his butt and boy parts to get off the excess poop. I then put him into the bathtub and turned on the water and had him put his hand under the water until it was to his liking, and then I closed the drain and started running the bath while he sat in it.

The girls were still in the other room watching television, and I didn't want to leave Scotty alone in the bath because that's dangerous. Once I filled up the bath, I got a washcloth, wet it, put some soap on it and handed it to Scotty. He was very emotionally underdeveloped for his age, so he wouldn't do much by himself so, he made me clean him. I did my best to get the poop off of his penis and scrotum (sorry if that's too detailed!!) and in between his butt cheeks. I did this as quickly as possible because I obviously didn't like having to do this and would much rather him do it himself, but I understood that I needed to.

All of a sudden, Rosie came running into the bathroom, yelling, "I need to go potty!" She pulled her pants down and sat on the toilet, and boy did that girl have to go! She peed like a horse for at least a minute and a half!

She started to tease her little brother a little bit, saying, "Scotty I see your weiner!!" but I told her to stop and to just focus on finishing her business and washing her hands. Well, she starts grunting and I hear a few logs plopping into the toilet. I turn around and ask, "you doing alright?" because her face was red and scrunched up and she was grunting and she said yes.

THEN, Katie came running in! She was farting up a storm and holding her butt, jumping up and down saying "I need to do a poopy! I need to get on the potty now!" I told her "your sister is on the potty right now, so wait your turn." But she kept doing the potty dance. She farted continuously and loudly, and Scotty and Rosie laughed but Katie didn't find it too funny. "My belly hurts!" she said. "I need the potty!" But Rosie still wasn't done.

I turned around again to keep washing Scotty. By now, I was just washing his legs and feet, and was almost done the bath. A few minutes later, I drained the tub and helped him out. I wrapped him in a towel and told him to dry off. By that point, the smell was atrocious! It was probably the mix of Rosie's poop and Katie's farts but it smelled awful!

What came next is something I really didn't expect! Katie took her pants off and threw them onto the bathroom sink counter and leaned forward, clutching her stomach, and started peeing and pooping on the floor! I saw the pee and the liquid diarrhea coming out of her, and immediately told her to get into the bathtub. I helped her into the bathtub and told her to just stand there for a while and to let herself keep going if she needed to, and that I'd clean her with a nice warm bath after she was done. I cleaned up the diarrhea and pee in the corner of the bathroom, and thoroughly washed my hands.

So, at this point, I had a boy drying off after a bath after a poop accident that I still had to clean up, with dirty pants and underwear I still had to wash, a girl still on the toilet pinching a huge loaf and grunting out turd after turd, and now a girl who had diarrhea on the bathroom floor while waiting for the toilet to be available, and I still had to clean her!

Rosie finally finished, wiped herself, flushed and washed her hands. Katie was still having diarrhea, but when she hadn't squirted out diarrhea for about 5 minutes, I asked her to stand with her legs apart so I could clean her privates and butt with the shower head. I gave her a washcloth with soap, and told her to clean herself, and then I rinsed her off. I didn't have to give her a real bath after all, just a good rinse. But I dried her off and picked her up and put her on the toilet just in case she wasn't finished. 10 minutes later, after a few explosions of diarrhea, she was done so she wiped her front. She needed help wiping her butt, so I took some baby wipes and did that for her. She flushed and washed her hands.

I got them all dressed for bed and put them to bed, then cleaned up the mess Scotty had made downstairs. I was glad to finally sit down in front of the tv again after the whole poop fiasco, but now the entire place reeked of poop! Definitely my hardest babysitting job.


Thanksgiving Trip

My Thanksgiving trip this year involved a 4-hour drive both ways to my relatives. The drive is easy enough because of the Interstate but I made a couple of mistakes. Number one: our department was shorthanded on Wednesday so I worked that day and made the drive right after work. Number two: I didn't stay the whole time I planned because a blizzard was coming in and I didn't want to get stuck. However, the guys in my family insisted that I stay for a Saturday afternoon football game on TV, which meant a drive back in the dark.

One thing I learned several years ago was to stop hourly at a rest stop for a break. Not only do I get a little walking and fresh air in, but I'm able to piss on my own terms rather than waiting for another toilet stop to come up and then find out that it has been 1) closed for cleaning; or 2) torn down. I've never been good about the pain between my legs and guessing how close I am to bursting my bladder. So going down, I made three pit stops. Strange as it may seem, each of the buildings had numerous toilets, each with partitions around it but none with a privacy door. Because it was a holiday weekend, each toilet had a woman or child on it. But there was one exception: a woman about my age had taken her long winter coat off and placed it over the stall side and she was pissing from a hover position. Although I had to wait my turn at each of the three stops, the warm seat and bright lighting was welcome--especially since I remember more than a few times sitting on little-used and really cold seats one one Interstate during college when I took a weekend trip to my boyfriend's.

The trip home was much more frustrating. The traffic was heavy due to the coming storm and it took me an extra two hours. By the time I got to the first stop my bowels were about to explode due to extra helpings and heavy drinking the previous day. I think I waited about 15 minutes for my toilet to open. Three of the stalls had yellow Do Not Use! signs over the front, meaning that they had probably been visited by what a former boyfriend always called the Ultimate Shitter.
I know I don't react real well sitting with my clothing down to my knees, waiting for the next part of my crap to end its slow drop into the bowl. Toward the end of my sit, one lady had kept her really piercing eyes on me as if I was causing her to push back her itinerary and being responsible for all the problems in the world.

I downed a large coffee to combat fatigue behind the wheel and at my last stop the pain in my bladder was nearing the max. I walked much faster up the sidewalk to the bathroom building. There was a man standing near the door, very impatient and looking at his phone. I knew from the cars in the lot that there were plenty of other users in there, so I didn't have the number of creepy fear that I otherwise would have had. I noticed two toilets at the far end were blocked off as Out of Order, but I dashed for the middle one that was my only opportunity. I immediately flushed the large amount of crap in the bowl and I remained in pain with my jeans and underwear dropped as I stood for 15 or 20 seconds so the flush wouldn't explode on my back end. I quickly dropped myself to the seat that looked quite old and black; my torrential started immediately. I looked ahead and waiting was a mother with two girls, grade school age, that were moving their feet around and whining. I decided not to say anything because I figured they could hear my pee hitting the water. I tried to give them another positive sign by pulling off some toilet paper.

Their mother could see I was hurrying and she thanked me when I walked past her to the sink and was trying to tell me about the crappers taking up much too much time. On my step off the entrance sidewalk that strange man stopped me and asked if I had seen a girl with pigtails and a save the whales sweater in there. He said it was his daughter, who was 6, and he was getting concerned. So I went back in and in the 7th stall I found her. She had just finished her crap, had stood to wipe and found there was no toilet paper. I walked down to one of the broken toilets, wrapped a good amount of toilet paper around my hand and took it to her. She seemed very shy and thankful. I explained to her dad what I had done and he seemed relieved. He took out his wallet and offered me a $5 bill which I refused.

Nothing was better today than getting home, using my own toilet and getting caught up on sleep.

One of my friends has a very powerful toilet, I always enjoy using it. I've seen powerful toilets in malls and public bathrooms, but this is a toilet that looks pretty much like a normal household toilet, and yet packs a brutal flush. I do my business in it, usually via a vigorous arc of pee from between my legs, but sometimes if I'm lucky I'll have the chance to discharge a grand defecation. I try to make sure my deposits are always large in this particular toilet, as I know it can take them.
Over the summer, I had just such a perfect poop. It slid out quickly, but for a long time; firm but not hard, a long smooth turd followed by a few small pieces. The grand total was enough to reach above the toilet water in several places. I wiped, a little worried; though it was a strong toilet, I had never see it take this much, and I knew a normal toilet didn't stand a chance.
I shouldn't have worried.
I pushed the handle down, and within the first half second, the water dropped out of the bowl, sucked down the toilet. From all around the rim, snall powerful jets flowed along the porcelain, with the intensity of tiny power washers. The water was gone so fast, it actually tore into the sides of my large turd, which collapsed in on itself just as it disappeared from sight, gone down the toilet. The entire process didn't take more than a single second, from pressing the handle to the last glimpse of my waste as it met its fate. The jets continued for a little longer, before easing off and allowing the bowl to fill again.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Urge got worse

Hi, I nearly had a major accident yesterday! I'd been given a lift back home mid afternoon and when I got home felt a slight need for a poo. But, I wanted to quickly go to the corner shop first, and as it wasn't that bad an urge, I was sure I'd be ok. When I'd walked almost there I was regretting it. Everything was tensing up as I walked. It's only a tiny shop so there's no loo, I quickly bought my things and headed back towards home. I was quite desperate by now and I tried to move faster, but that just seemed to make it worse.
When I got to one street away, I felt a small piece force itself out, and despite holding as right as I could I felt a really slow movement starting to happen. Luckily I got home but as i undid my jeans it sped up to normal speed, I could feel my knickers getting pushed out, I quickly tore my jeans and plain black knickers down and exploded onto the toilet. I absolutely let everything go and unloaded a ton. My knickers had a tiny stain but otherwise survived, if I'd have waited any longer though I'd be in trouble. ..
Hi to Taylor, Abbie, Natasha,hope you post soon!


Steve A

Weak Toilet at my Cousin's House (Poop Knife/Scissors?)

After spending a night out with my cousin, I stayed over her house and didn't have to poop until the afternoon, but when I did, I noticed something off about their toilet.

It had a weak flush and wasn't powerful enough to flush my entire load along with the TP as well. I had to break it up and do a few courtesy flushes in order for everything to go down. I then noticed that they had 2 pairs of scissors hanging on the wall. I'm assuming that they used that to break up their loads if it's too much for the toilet to handle, which brings me to a question:

Did you ever have an experience with a weak toilet and had to break up your load?


Christmas Markets

I have just returned from a coach trip to German Christmas Markets.

The markets tend to have temporary wooden affairs unisex of course and friday I needed to pay a visit It was very small and there was a young lady guarding the door collecting the 50c fee.

I needed a poop very badly and left my wife outside guarding the bags.
It was a shock to see the lady standing right outside as I entered the stall. however needs must so I lowered my trousers and underpants and squatted over the toilet for a noisy poop she must have heard and smelt it all.
I quickly flushed and left but my wife needed to go so had to stay outside where I could see the young lady, very embaressed


More on disposable incontenance undies

I refer to Bianca's post. I started using maxi pads in my normal undies due to skid marks caused by constipation . Also I had a leaky bladder . Even then my undies were soggy. I also sometimes got urgency to wee accompanied by sever pain. When that hit I had to straight away release some wee and my padded and disposable undies are good for that. What I really like is to be able to fart within problem because the undies absorb fluid and odours. Also my difficulty in wiping my bottom. The undies do it for me . The major, major problem is that I cannot go to a change room like at the gym or at a public pool as to see a man wearing such underwear is a bit offensive. Also if staying at someone's place I have to be very discreet. On the other hand if I am seeing medical people it is not a problem. My neurological condition and it's affect on bodily functions has changed my life. Not for the better .


McDonald's toilets

Hi all, quick post. I was just on my lunchbreak and decided to go to McDonald's near where I work. It's just opened so thought I'd try it out. After I ate my burger and fries I decided to go for a plop so headed for the guys toilets. As it was a new restaurant, the toilets were really modern. There were two cubicles, one of which was occupied so I took the other. The weird thing is that it had no seat?! It was a thick plastic style bowl which I had never seen before. There was some remnants poo spattered on the inside of the bowl from a previous user and bits of toilet paper on the floor. Other than that, the bit where you sit looked clean so I quickly pulled down my trousers and sat my ass on the toilet. It was so comfortable! I was so comfortable and relaxed that I ended up sitting there peacefully for about half an hour taking a nice slow dump. A few guys came in there whilst I was there, but other than that I was left alone. I will definitely head back there on future lunch breaks!

Hello again from the UK. Short post today. So this weekend I was at the gym again, and before my workout I really had to drop a load. I got changed in put my stuff in my locker and headed over to the toilets. It was pretty quiet in the gym at that time, and only one other guy was in the changing room at the time. So I wasn't expecting what happened next. I headed for the first cubicle and pushed the door open and when I opened it there was somebody in there! A young looking lad, with a black gym vest on and shorts round his ankles. Surprised I said "Whoa, sorry I didn't think anyone was in here." He responded "The lock must have come loose." He immediately got up off the pot, still with his shorts round his ankles, to close the door. He didn't see too phased that someone had just disturbed his private moment. I went into the next cubicle and dropped about ten heavy plops. I heard some grunting from my neighbour followed by some wet sloppy shit. He finished up and left and I did so a minute or so later. He was still standing by the sinks as I went to wash my hands as he was taking a selfie with his phone in the mirror. I spoke to him "Look, I'm really sorry what happened back there, I didn't think you were in there." He responded "Nah, it's cool. I don't care." And with that he turned and left!


Pooping Issues

Thanks to Nurse N. I could do with help And to Bianca disposable undies are also good because, due to my condition I have trouble wiping my bottom. I can only manage from the front..... from behind is mostly too difficult . One thing a need to explore is colon masssages because it could be of benefit

Stuck in a snowstorm on the highway

Here is a quick story that I heard at work.

We recently had an unexpected snowstorm on the east coast of the US. The road crews were not prepared and the roads were thus very snow covered and the traffic very slow at rush hour (I know of a few people who work 45 minutes from home and it took them about 3 hours to get home that day). One of my co-workers was telling a story about her sister who was stuck on the roads during the storm, along with her daughter (who is in high school, but I don't know what grade/age). Both of them needed a bathroom but they were stuck in traffic on the highway. The daughter had been holding a poop in for some time and she ended up needing to go in her pants while in the car. Her mom needed to pee very badly but was able to hold it until they got off the highway and found a bathroom at a restaurant. That was where the story ended. I wonder how the daughter dealt with the soiled pants as apparently they didn't go into the restaurant together.

What foods have you found to make the best poop? I'm personally fond of pizza, it's always if and not too dry.

To the guy asking about pooping at a urinal, luckily ope; never had the confidence for urinals!

Hey all, happy thanksgiving! The survey you guys are posting responses to isn't my survey, but an unnamed poster. I just responded to it in one of my posts. So, the credit shouldn't go to me, lol!

To answer Tonya's survey...
1. Whenever you have to go poop do you also have to go pee?
Yes, absolutely.

2. If so what do you do 1st then 2nd and how many times will you pee?
It depends. Usually I'll pee first and then poop, but sometimes I'll do both at the same time. Sometimes I have to poop so bad that the pee only comes out while I'm pushing, so I have to push for it at times. As for how much I pee....depends how much water I drank! Usually it's only once or twice, though.

3. Have you ever pee'd then about 20 mins later had to poop and also go pee again?
Yep! Whenever I'm on the toilet, I go pee no matter what. That mixed with the muscles contracting used to push while pooping typically makes the pee come out too.

4. Have you ever pee'd in a maxi pad while waiting to go pee and poop?
I have! I have very heavy periods, so I wear extra thick, absorbent pads. Once or twice I've tinkled a little. Not a lot, just enough to hold me over until I get to a toilet.

5. Have you ever took a poop in front of a friend and what was there reaction when you started peeing as well?
I have many times! One time me and my neighbor were playing outside and I really had to poop. He dared me to do it outside. But he insisted on watching me. I was embarrassed but thought I may as well because after all I had to go so bad. So we got in his backyard and I took off my pants and underwear and told him to hold them while I go. I squatted down with my legs spread and looked down and watched as my pee jetted out of my vagina. He also watched this. We were very young, so he was curious. After that, I started to push and a huge log started coming out. After a few grunts, while it was still coming out, I started peeing too while it was half out of me. He said "wow I didn't know girls pee when they poop!"

Nurse N


Oh dear. I would most definitely help you when you are having problems on the toilet. Giving you a nice long ???? massage, rubbing your back, holding your hand and encouraging you anytime you needed it hun


The Best

Hi everyone. Since I can't see, I don't enjoy flushing my poop as others do. I still enjoy flushing, but for a different reason. The best part is knowing that I'll fill the bowl eventually again. Instead of enjoy the visual look of the poop going down that sighted people do, I rather enjoy the unpredictability of my poop. For example, I enjoy how not all poop arrivals feel the same. I've felt semistrong urges while brushing my teeth. I also sometimes dream about using the toilet. I didn't eat much for Thanksgiving, so my poop was only medium sized. This morning's arrival didn't feel strong, but it came out making a rapid tapping of the toilet water. Bye!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

School Accident

Anyone ever poop their pants while peeing into a urinal?

I did once back last year in high school as a senior. I had to go all day really badly. I was holding my poop to do it at home because the toilets at school were kind of gross and it was a bit taboo to go at school. At the end of the day I had collected my stuff from my locker and went to the bathroom to pee before walking home because I had to pee badly by then. As I was peeing in the urinal my butt opened up and I couldn't stop the poop from coming out. I absolutely unloaded into my tighty whities. Thank god I had on baggy gym shorts because the bulge was massive. Also thankfully I had my backpack on too which kinda hung over it because right as I finished peeing and pooping, someone came in. I raced to wash my hands as he was standing at the urinal, and right as I walked out of the bathroom I could hear him say "damn it smells like shit". I walk/waddled out of there and the 2 blocks home.

I didn't really mind it because I have had accidents before but this was completely unexpected, in retrospect pretty funny too.

Victoria B.

Responses and survey!

Hello all! I'm enjoying my Thanksgiving break from my first semester of grad school and glad to be able to find some time to post!

To RatherRemainNameless: As a vegetarian who farts and poops a lot I think about that sort of thing all the time! It's not at all uncommon for me to think about how good a meal I've enjoyed will feel coming out the other end and I'm sure the same is true for others here!

To Sarah, Rose, and Brittany B.: It's nice to hear that you enjoy the sit-down flush as well. Since I've been reading these posts I've switched it up once or twice and stood for a flush-and I've enjoyed watching the results. Brittany, I love your writing!

To Minappe: I can't wait to tell you four all about it!

To Taylor: Something like that recently happened to me, but I was in the bathroom with someone who was obviously trying to hold back a number two until I was gone. I decided to see if I could get something to pass from the rear after I finished peeing in order to help comfort my stallmate and remind them that all humans need to poop! A fart and a couple plops in my toilet were all that was needed to get things moving for my neighbor!

Tonya's survey:

1. Whenever you have to go poop do you also have to go pee?
Almost always.

2. If so what do you do 1st then 2nd and how many times will you pee?
The pee tends to hit the water first.

3. Have you ever peed then about 20 mins later had to poop and also go pee again?
Thanks to the miracle of coffee

4.Have you ever peed in a maxi pad while waiting to go pee and poop?
Part of the reason why I love my IUD so much is because that isn't a problem anymore.

5. Have you ever took a poop in front of a friend and what was there reaction when you started peeing as well?
I've written about that several times on here.



To Constiguy

Hi Constiguy! I had a nurse watch me on the loo at a hospital for both pee and poop when I needed some medical things taken care of in 2016. The bathroom was connected to my room. Luckily for me, I only had one Iv drip, so I didn't have to take much equipment into the loo with me. I have to tell you though, those Iv's with fluids make you go! Also, I wore the desposeable undies 1 time for that time of the month, and they felt great. The undies I had on that day had an absorbent layer in the front with elastic waistband, etc. I'm glad you found a solution to your skid marks. Bye!


Last park visit of the year

Recently we've had some mild weather and one afternoon I tried to coax Kennard after school to walk over to the park with me. We both had a lot of homework to do and its really quiet and satisfying there. When I met him in the hallway after school it was just like most other days. He had been holding his crap since morning and refused another offer I made him to go in after school and do his dump. He came up with a couple of feeble excuses about going home ASAP and I knew his stored up daily shit was going to be the most important thing. He denied it though. So I took the short walk over to the park while he made the long walk home and then had to double back. I had taken my daily crap 2nd hour at school. It was a little larger than usual, came out with ease, but I was surprised at 9 a.m. that all the toilet paper was gone in my cubicle. I tapped on the cubicle, asked the girl on the toilet next to me to hand me some, and as she did her pee stream continued as strong as I've ever heard. I complimented her, telling her it takes me a minute or two sometimes to get my pee going and she said something about her storage tank was full and about to explode. She had done her homework the previous night at a coffee house and she said her insides were drowning. As we talked we found we had been in the same middle school, although we hadn't met. Later I described my crap that morning and told Kennard he needs to get over his phobia of capping in school. Its so upsetting to me that we have to make plans around his need to go home first to crap.

I had peed three times that day at school, but when I finally got to the park I headed up to the restroom building for Number 4. I had sat down on one of the two very open toilets and my pee was trickling to a start when this older lady with two leashed pugs came in. She was very gracious and asked to take the very open toilet next to me. She seated herself on the toilet, sweats still up, and placed the leash of each dog around her feet. Then she stood, dropped her sweats and white flannel underwear to her knees and took the seat. As I finished weeing I reached over to pet one of the dogs. I couldn't believe it when she said the dog's name was Miranda. We got into a nice conversation and she asked what I was doing at the park. I told her about Kennard. She said her husband has the same phobia as Kennard about crapping in most public toilets. She said she wasn't about to 'break him' after 20-some years of marriage. They went to the same high school together and she said he would often walk about three blocks home during his lunch hour to take his crap. Then she talked about some things that also apply to Kennard: don't like to update their underwear and this phobia about not crapping in public toilets.

As I wiped and stood up, Miranda extended the leash to jump up toward me and lick me but the owner nicely pulled the leash in while she was still seated on the toilet. She was a real estate agent and gave me her card. She said I should think about buying my own house while I'm young. I thanked her nicely. Once outside, I saw Kennard coming up the hill. When I told him the story he said I should have had the lady take my picture with Miranda. I felt bad that I hadn't thought of that, but I could see her and the dogs driving off.


World Toilet Day

I read the post this morning about being World Toilet Day. I did a good dump this morning so I made my contribution to the cause ! Due to my neurological condition I find getting out of bed and generally getting out the door very slow and exhausting. The problem is my bowels are very slow and whilst I know I need to go I am too tired to push anything out. I need often a pooing buddy to massage my ???? and encourage me on the loo . I cannot see that happening though. On the p subject of wiping my bottom I wear incontinence disposable underwear which is good because I often have trouble properly completing that task. Also with osmotic laxative I get done leakage of runny poo. Thanks to my disposable underwear that is no real problem. More next time

Anna from Austria

to Mina


Dear Mina thanks for your reply. Yes the fear off clogging is a good reason to flush more often. Here in Austria the toilets flush quite well so I am not particularly afraid of it.

During my time in Japan though I was also a bit worried about it. Was staying at a guesthouse and somebody really managed to clog the toilet. Was quite gross. Was not me luckily. But could have happened to me to be honest because the toilet at the guesthouse was not flushing well. But somehow I managed it t avoid doing my motions at the guesthouse. Not on purpose though. It just happened that I just always outside when I needed to Number 2. I always used public toilets for that. Either in the subway stations, or at Lawson or other convenience stores.

Hope you and your friends Mina will have a nice weekend.

greetings from Austria



Desperation leads to making a new friend

Hi my name is Crystal I am a 20 year old Mexican American girl from Texas I am 5"5 light brown skin , I have light brown hair and eyes ,I am skinny but not super skinny , I've been told I have a cute little butt and b cup Breast . I also run once a week at a local park with a group of girls I meet.for you guys and girls to have a visual of how I look .
Enough about that I found this site about a year ago and it was because I've always been interested in other girls going to the bathroom and glad I found this site . I've read multiple pages wort of post and honestly I enjoyed every last one that I've read.
Katie I really enjoyed youre story about the desperation situation you were In at the shop and really enjoyed it hope you post more ^_^

Know for the story ^_^: on this day I was in town I was wearing a pink top with a white skirt that reached to my upper tighs with a pair of pink sandals and matching pink bra and thong combo . On this day I went out and got my nails done at a salan and got them painted purple with red hearts they were super cute so I after word I head out for lunch after my appointment is done and I decide to stop by and get lunch at this burger place that has really good burgers.i quickly make my way in and order my lunch witch consist of a double meet burger with a large sprite with some fries and I will say they were so good and quickly finished my lunch as I was really hungry and Thirsty and mmmm it was so delicious.

After I finished my lunch I made my way to my car and as I sat down I started to feel the need to pee an poop creep up but decided I can hold it and make home a choice I would soon regret. Because little did I know there was a car accident that caused me to be stuck there for about two hours and by then I definitely had to go as I was letting out SBD in my car . Eventually we started moving again and by this point I had two choices ether a gas station or my skirt and thong luckily there was a gas station nearby and I decided to pull up parking my car and quickly get off and made my way to the single person ladies room .

As I run I make a B line straight to the ladies room and open the door closing it and locking and as I turn around as I pull up my skirt and grab the sides of thong I notice a girl who let's say her name is Carla is pulling down her jeans and pink panties to her ankles when I barged because she forgot to lock the door.we both started blushing as we both looked at each other and I started by saying " omg I am so sorry " I say as I turn around and about to unlock the door when she stoped me and told me " you are already in here and we're both girls and you already saw me why not stay " I answered surprised " ok " as I bite my lower lip as I hear her pee stream start .she notices me squirming and apologize for that and let's me know she needed to pee and was In that traffic jam I responded with yeah me two but I have to go more than pee as I hear her stream end she bigins wiping her front sitting down and flushes after one wipe and gestures for me to go I say thank you to her as I quickly pull down my thong and skirt to my ankles and I give a sigh of relief as my stream gushes out of me .

Carla is washing her hands as we make small talk after my stream ends after a minute and soon I start grunting as my poop starts cracking out I did a few large poops and a few smaller poop in total I did 4 poops and had to wipe my front once and my butt needed 4 wipes I ended up getting Carla's number and was invited to join her group of a five girls who get together to run in the local parks they are all a lot fun to hang around with as well as a few of my female friends . Also I am sorry if the details are not the greatest this happened two years ago I still and in contact with them and I am not the greatest at writing I do hope you enjoyed this and I hope I can post more experiences I've had in the ladies room


Tonya Survey

1. Whenever you have to go poop do you also have to go pee?

Yes almost majority of the time

2. If so what do you do 1st then 2nd and how many times will you pee?

1st pee, then poop with little pee still coming out now and then

3. Have you ever pee'd then about 20 mins later had to poop and also go pee again?

Interesting question, but surprisingly not happened to me yet,

4. Have you ever pee'd in a maxi pad while waiting to go pee and poop?


5. Have you ever took a poop in front of a friend and what was there reaction when you started peeing as well?

At school i had friends see me, and there were like its a 2 for 1 deal.


Formerly known as T, Thanksgiving lice poop challenge

Hey everyone, I used to go by T but someone else here is T, so I'm Toots now. I'm the one who talks about a push buddy.

I thought it would be fun to start a thanksgiving live poop challenge. Mainly because the post thanksgiving poop is an infamous one haha. I'll start

I've just waddled to the toilet and sat down
Peed for a while about to start


I feel something moving, but it won't be easy

Pushing harder (come on come on)

The head is out

Grunting (nnnnnnngh!)

It's coming out more and stretching me wide

Hard pushing come on get out (I'm imagining that my push buddies here are cheering me on!)

Halfway out, but stuck


Pushing harder

Big push
I think somethings coming

It's still moving but I can't keep pushing much longer please drop!

I got it!

Looks to be about a foot long and a couple inches wide

What a relief.

Now it's your turn! Feel free to submit a live poop of your post thanksgiving dump

Good luck!

Friday, November 23, 2018


Office pooping

I note Brian's comments about unisex toilets at a work place. I enjoy unisex toilets but might find it difficult with those I work with day to day. I do not think my present female co workers have ever taken a shit whilst I have been there and that is quite some time. They would certainly go for a wee but never in the toilets for anything longer. One issue I have had with unisex toilets is that if I am in a cubicle and ready to leave and there are ladies around outside I stay there till they have gone. I do think unisex toilets are the way to go as they offer flexibility. It reduces the queues for the females particularly if the genders are not balanced. I hope this makes sense.


first-time poster, question for people

Hi everyone, had a read of some of the posts here and it's nice to see such openness about a usually taboo subject.
I'm kind of nervous about posting here because I rarely do online but
I've got a question about the subject matter of the site;
What do y'all think about what food you've eaten and have ate in relation to what comes out? Personally I've always been fascinatedwith the biological side of it, it's a strange topic I know but whenever I eat something notable I think about how it'll be the next day and so on, anybody else do the same?

Hope I haven't broken any rules or anything and soon enough I'll add my own stories here too! :)


Survey for women

1. Whenever you have to go poop do you also have to go pee?
2. If so what do you do 1st then 2nd and how many times will you pee?
3. Have you ever pee'd then about 20 mins later had to poop and also go pee again?
4. Have you ever pee'd in a maxi pad while waiting to go pee and poop?
5. Have you ever took a poop in front of a friend and what was there reaction when you started peeing as well?

Victoria B.

World Toilet Day

Happy World Toilet Day to everyone here!

I celebrated with a huge poop and clean of my bathroom this morning. Hope your visits there today are productive too!


Brittany B

Flushing Survey and a Shoutouts

Hey all! I wanted to chime in on the flushing! I'm with Victoria on this one, I really like the feeling of flushing while I'm still sitting. It feels so good! I do it every time. I'm also going to give answers to Anna from Austria's survey about flushing.

1) how often do you flush when you do Number 2?
2) Do you only flush when you have finished everything inlcuding wiping?
3) or do you flush your poop down and take an extra flush for the paper?

I normally flush once, but there have been occasions where I've flushed mid-dump either because it smelled really bad and I was trying to reduce that being in a public toilet, or that I was just pooping a lot! I think my record for flushes before wiping is 4. I don't usually use separate flushes for my poop and toilet paper.

And now for some shoutouts!

Rochelle - Hey girl, that stadium sounds like quite the place for a poop! It'd be so fun to go and poop there with you! I don't often go to stadiums with large bathrooms, maybe I should look into going to more large events... ;)

Pratik - That was such a hilarious story about your coworker accidentally watching you poop! I hope you do let her watch again in the future, and I also hope that she returns the favor! Be sure to relay your account of her dump to us here!

I don't have anything new to share today, but I'm hanging out with my friend Jess this weekend, I hope something interesting happens!


Dear Victoria: Thank you for lovely words! We are happy if you are happy. I hope you have good sushi meal and enjoy loo after. Washlet is wonderful.

Anna, I answer your question about flush.

Usually we flush twice when we do motions. Because we are afraid of clog. It waste water maybe, but in Japan there is lots water always because we have lot of rain especially we have in summer.

But I have a good news. In beige loo, owner of before fitted new washlet because old one was a trouble. And new one is in wall and flush button is part of it. Flush button is three. "Big", "Small" and "Eco small". So when I do half of motions, I press "eco small" and I look in loo and only tiny trace of my motion. Then I do more until finish and use washlet and paper and press "Big" and loo will flush perfectly. My friends do same style, but Hisae often flush only once.

Once when I was college, I clogged college loo because I did too much motion. Water came to top of loo! And about 15 turds swimming in it. I was embarrass very much. So I am scared of clog.

When I was in Wales, loo flush was not strong very much. After flush, still some of my motions in loo because I did a many many. So I have to flush twice after wait long time. I told to my host mother, she said OK to flush in middle, it is same result.

Sometimes Kazuko flush more than two times when her motion very very huge. Maho and me too, but only special case.

I hope you are having a good time in my country Korea, and that you are comfortable in a Korean loo.

Love from your very own Mina

Live Poop! Really gotta go so skipping intro

let go
Another chunk-pushing only slighly
more push
ok here's the hard part
ugh almost exploded but I pushed most of it out!

Ok, so It's been a LOOOONG time, but I'm back!
Middle School is not the best, but, you know, what evs.
Recently I was reminded of something that happened in third grade. I had a friend named, let's say, Kian. We also had one of those teachers that didn't enjoy kids using the bathroom during class. So we were in line, and I think she taught a music class, and he was squirming around. I asked him what was wrong, and he said he just really had to pee. We were learning this dance, and so I was dancing. But I looked at Kian, (He sat behind me) and he was kneeling on the floor in complete agony. I thought nothing of it, knowing you could sit out if you wanted. But I looked back a second time, just in time to see liquid start to run down his pants. but it didn't just soak, I could literally see the stream. Now he was crying, knowing he would be punished. again, only third grade. Huh.

Anyways, Bye!


Incontence disposable undies

I wear the above and would not wear anything else. Saves scrubbing undies with skid marks and as they are so absorbent save wearing soggy undies . Next and important point is that I can let it rip and if there is some follow through just go into toilet and clean of the toilet excess . Does anyone else use a similar product and what do you think???


Digital pooping etc

I have mentioned this before and the best treatment for constipation is plain water enemas and a few in succession . Dominic could also consider an osmotic laxative. They contain magarol and do not cause cramping but my poo splatters everywhere when I go . Now for the digital pooing I have a therapist who with lubricated gloved finger inserts it in my butt. I leans forward as if to touch my toes but cannot go that far so I wrap my arms around my legs with my bottom sticking up in the air over the toilet. At the beginning I push as if to have a poo as she makes the insertion . I keep pushing and the finger dilates my rectum and lubricates so when she feels the poop pushing on the tip of her finger she withdraws and out it comes . This method is only useful for hard stools in the rectum . I like to be with someone when I have a hard movement because I am afraid of passing out! I have no problems with my bodily functions and others. This year I was in hospital briefly and after the procedure I wanted a wee. Both arms had drips in them so the nurse held my male appendage whilst I got sweet relief in the bottle. Later that day the same nurse got me up and sat me on the toilet. She stood the other side of the door while I did a poo. The door was ajar so she could monitor my progress. I am so glad I am not shy.


Work toilet visit and Anna's answers

Hi everyone, it's "Taykir" lol, kinda messed up typing my name with that last post with Robyn! I just wanted to share a story from last night at work. I work the evening shift at an office helping customers over the internet. Think of when you go through live chat for an online shop or something.

It was about 8pm and I was absolutely bursting for a wee so once I had finished for a customer I took my break and headed to the toilets. There is two single bathrooms on each floor, one for men and one for women and about 30 of us to a floor but fortunately it was unoccupied. I locked the door behind me, pulled my trousers and thong down just enough to go and sat down. After only a couple of seconds I started a strong hissing stream. The relief was incredible, I just sat there with my head in my hands letting it all drain out, loving the amazing feeling. I went for ages and as I was getting some toilet paper to wipe with, I felt something knocking on my back door. I wasn't expecting it but whatever, I just relaxed, toilet paper in hand, and let it happen.

I felt pressure against my hole and then was gently opened by my poo sliding out with ease! These little surprises can be nice sometimes. It soon fell into the bowl with a quiet splash and seemingly done, I used the toilet paper to wipe my behind. I only needed two pieces. I wiped my front, redressed, flushed and washed my hands before continuing with work. I was in the best mood ever!

Answer to Anna -

I usually flush once and that takes care of it, but if there's a lot I'll flush before wiping and then flush the toilet paper on its own.


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