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Answer to noname contribution. Never done it inside a car. But several times I have done it somewhere in nature. In the bushes or in the fields. For a period I had a job that implied much driving. I have also been eager with outdoor activities. I don not really know how many times I have had to just find a spot where it was possible to pull down squat and get it done. And for sure I am not the only one. I have seen others squatting with pants down several times. Not only women even men, young as well as seniors. Just ask a hiker. She or he will admit that going im the bushes is something they have experienced.


Finally pooped at work.

HI guys! I've been a lurker for a long time and just never really had anything awesome to post until yesterday! I just got to a point in my day now where I can sit and type this out. Little back ground here I'm twenty seven years old. And I work at a Coffee shop here in town. I'm a southern girl WOO! I'm short curvy all that fun stuff i'm a cutie. AND one of my number one fears in life is pooping in public. NOW that being said onto my story! Yesterday was a normal day everything was cool and chill. It was just my work Hubby "WHOM I love to death he is the greatest ever we aren't a thing but we are work married lol." It was just us and it was kind of slow had my normal early morning customers. This mother who is i'd say in her 40's? me and her are kind of chatty every morning it was going good. UNTIL about 10 am. I started getting really heavy and gassy. So me and work Hubby was standing talking and I laid this nasty gurgle fart down. Like I have tooted around him before but nothing like this! He looked at me with true worry in his eyes. Well a few moments pass a elderly man came in and I was ringing him up doing my thing when suddenly my stomach just cramped and gurgled quite loudly the gentlemen even heard it. That was when my panic started happening I got the guys coffee and away he went. But I knew I was in dire needs of the bathroom. SO I went back to talking to my work hubby trying to get through it maybe by a miracle it would pass! How wrong I was. By this time I started sweating pretty bad. And I was telling him the only reason I think I could feel this bad is the HUGE fruit salad I had for dinner the previous night. Then it hit me again no longer than I got my sentence out a fart just zipped right out of my backside and it was one of those "Hey girl it's ya colon and stomach giving you final notice" Like I had to go, told him to cover for me and I waddled to the bathroom. I rushed into the bathroom took the last stall and ripped my snug jeans and panties down and plopped down. There wasn't any pre-show fire works or nothing just sat down and woosh! And it just kept coming it was mushy and like pudding just kept coming out of me. When I didn't think it could get ANY WORSE. I mean I was already there and going. Then bang! the door swings open to the bathroom and I hear moans and pants and a couple of "Oh Jesus Christs". You guys I was trying to remain civil for my first time pooping at work. THIS girl started off with a huge ripper followed by some plops followed after that with a huge ripper again and then I hear moaning again. All the while this is going on next to me I steadily have silent pancake muddy mix coming out of me. I wanted to cry! SO finally I get to where I think it's over. I wipe and it took SO many wipes. I wash my hands and fix my hair up. GO back out and My work Hubby is there giggling. has the nerve to ask me how it went. I Just shook my head and told him to drop it. Then a few moments after I left the girl comes out. She couldn't of been more than 17! She was really petite. In my head I was like how did all that noise come from her! Then to top off the day. I opened my mouth and asked her if she was okay. WHY I did that I don't know. I care about people to much I must of embarrassed her SO much. I know if someone asked me that like that randomly I would of died I just couldn't help it. BUT yeah that was my story of my first time pooping at work lol. Hope you guys liked it and maybe I'll share other past experiences from back when lol.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mrs. Toilet Trooper great story it sounds like you were pretty desperate and had to poop a lot as well.

To: Dayna great story about your huge poop.

To: Becc great story it sounds like you all had good poops.

To: Anna great story about your poop in that outhouse.

To: Jessica B great story it sounds like you and Luisa both had some great poops.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

My cousin Selena was at my house and she had just got out of the shower and she sat on my back nude then I heard her stomach rumbling and then she said she had to take a dump and she told me to bring her some newspaper and tissue and while I was getting it she told me to hurry up because her shit was about to come out so I hurried up and brought her the newspaper and tissue then she Popped a squat on a newspaper and started pooping and it came out like soft serve ice cream coming out of the machine and then she said she was finished and then she made me wipe her ass.

Anna from Austria
@Mina Good to hear from you again. I liked your latest story and did not find it boring.

@Anna Yes I had to go that urgent that I do I forgot to look.

And yes I really left the stall with pants down. At the moment I was not worrying caught by my coworkers. It was a long day at work and I just wanted to home. So I was not thinking much about the potential consequences of leaving the stall with my pants down.


Crapping preferences and requirements

Our city has a large summer school program, but instead of it being held at my regular school, the classes are held at another school in the district. I'm taking two gifted program classes, including one in leadership development. For the leadership class we have guest speakers from the community come in and talk to us. So a few minutes before class began I opened the door to the girls bathroom and this little old lady who was exiting kind of stumbled into me. I apologized. She was really disoriented, it seemed, as she held onto my arm and asked me, or started to ask me, a question. She looked me right in the eye, called me Honey, and complimented my class ring. Then she slowly asked me a question that I could tell embarrassed her.

She asked me which of the bathrooms in the school would have those "seat protectors" that you spread over the toilet seat before you sit down on it. It caught me off guard. This wasn't my regular school. My generation doesn't use those dumb things. I needed to get on the toilet ASAP or I feared my tight yellow shorts would not be able to dam my wee. I was honest with her about my situation and told her if she would wait for me to get done, I would escort her down to the main office with her question. Since she was a first day volunteer in the library, she said she would take me up on the offer.

While she waited, a few feet from me I took the first cubicle, latched the door lever, and quickly placed my butt on the toilet seat. Although I was bursting, her standing there and then asking me a couple of more questions as I sat made me more self-conscious. She asked about my grade in school, my name, but as soon as my pee stream started into the water into the bowl, she complimented me again and started to tell me about 1948, the year she graduated. She said back then there was a metal holder inside each toilet stall door with the seat papers. She would just pull one off and then sit down on it. Now, 70-some years later she still insists on having one before sitting for her crap.

As for me and my friends, getting permission from a teacher and having an open toilet available, and the time to sit and take care of our needs seems to be enough to worry about.

I walked her to the main office and opened the door for her. Then I had to walk to my classroom where I arrived just as the tardy bell rang.


Wiping questions

Long story short, I had surgery on right dominant hand. It has been awkward. Wet wipes have been a life (and panty) server .

Does anyone wipe with their non dominant hand ? Has anyone had issues being physically unable to wipe ?

Brittany B

Something I Thought of

Hey everyone! I wanted to pose a question to everyone today that I've been thinking about. But first...

Anna - oh my girl! thank you for filling the void of bikini-clad babes on the toilet in my life hahaha! that was a great dump! wish I could have been in that outhouse with you!

Becc - Your camp stories were awesome! I've used pit toilets before, but never ones that were just a bench with several seats in it. That's so cool! Especially getting to poop with your counselor. That girl Cassie sounds like my kind of chick haha! I'd love to share a dump with you on a bench style toilet.

So I don't know how many of you watch the show Big Brother on CBS, but I do, and I was just thinking about how there is one toilet for 16 people at the beginning of the game. That's gotta be nuts trying to get some toilet time in! And if you're a bashful pooper, well, you'll probably have to get over it pretty quick. And I know there's a camera in the toilet room, because they have shown a view of the toilet room on the TV episodes, not when anyone is on the toilet, but if someone is saying something to someone else that's game related, and they use the toilet room for some brief privacy from the other players, they'll show that shot. So do you think you could poop on camera for 3 straight months, knowing production is going to see it? You all know I'm not shy, so I think I could handle it!

That's all for now, I'll share more soon. Peace!

When jogging this morning I had to take a dump. I always have toilet paper in my waist bag. I found a spot behind some bushes and pulled down and squatted and got it done in a few minutes. Nobody discovered me.

Hi Ben. How much paper do I use? Basically I wipe until the paper comes out clean. Sometimes that's just one or two wipes, sometimes ten or even more if it's a soft dump.


Embarrassing poo story

Here's a very embarrassing story from about 3 months ago. I often go round to my friend Clair's house after work, (we work together). I've known her a very long time and as we often have to do evening shifts on one day and then some morning shifts the next day, I sometimes stay over at her house for the night before we both drive back together to work again in the morning. Now I have moved out and stay with my boyfriend normally but Clair still lives at home with her parents and younger brother who's about 14 or 15. I normally quite enjoy staying over at Clair's and we always have a lot of fun except for one thing. The house only has one large family bathroom, which doesn't have a lock on it. Which as you can imagine puts me in a very uncomfortable situation, given that I have to spend the night there and unfortantly nature sometimes calls. Having to pee knowing the door doesn't have any lock on it is bad enough for me as I'm very shy about these things but sometimes when I can't hold on to my number two until I can get home is really uncomfortable.
Anyway about three months ago we had came back to her house from work and from about 6 o'clock onwards I'd felt the urge to go but tried to hold it in till the morning with the idea of waking up early and going then when hopefully everyone was still in bed. At about 9 o'clock I realised I couldn't hold it so rather reluctantly I went upstairs to the bathroom. I shut the door and quite hastily pulled down my pants and seated myself down. I wanted to make this as quick as possible. With little effort my first log came out and made a little splash in the bowel. Just then as I had my second log hanging about an inch out between my cheeks, there was a quick knock on the door and before I had time to make a response the door burst open. "Oh don't mind me" it was Clair's Mum "I won't be a sec" she closed the door over behind her without properly shutting it, before walking over to a cabinet near the sink. "I'm just looking something dear, I won't be long" as she rummaged in the cabinet. I felt completly embarrassed that my privacy had been invaded whist I was in such a vulnerable position. I was very conscious of now making a sound, so hopefully she would soon leave without being awear that I was having a poo. She continued to rummage around before eventually finding what she was looking for some sort of cream. "It's never where you think it is " she said or something along those lines. And she stood up to talk to me. For a moment I thought she was about to start some long conversation but just then she seemed to sniff. She looked a little confused and then I think the smell coupled with my embarrassed expression, made her realise that I was actually having a poo right there. "Oh sorry honey, I'm really sorry and I'll just go and give you some privacy, sorry I'll wait out side and make sure you get some privacy". That wasn't what I had in mind having her wait outside the door probably able to hear everything I do. She kept apologising and clearly felt very awkward but no were near as awkward as me! I quickly tried to finish so I could ge out if there as soon as possible when I heard someone coming up the stairs, it was Clair's brother as I heard his voice. "Don't go in there" I heard her mum say. "Oh" I heard him say, "Megan is in there, she might be a while, she's having a..." I couldnt hear it but I knew she must have mouthed the word poo. "You go back down stairs" she told him. I gave a quick wipe and flushed and exited quickly. Her mother was right outside the door. "Okay dear?" She said, "yes " replied awkwardly. "Okay I'll just open the window to clear the smell" she said much to my humiliation. I told clair who laughed a lot at my misfortuane, she said it's happened to her many time and she told her parents to get a lock on that door. Anyway that's my story, hope you enjoyed it.


Reply re Jacqueline

Hi Jacqueline. Thanks for having the courage to share your story here which, based on what you've said, prabably wasn't easy. Reading it, I certainly felt very humbled. I can understand where your husband's coming from in relation to your daytime accidents - up to a point. However, if your son learns at any early age that adults as well as children can - and do - occasionally have accidents, it might help to make him a wiser, more compassionate, person later on in life than he would otherwise be. Perhaps the first thing you should do is try not to worry because, whilst it's not the whole story by any means, I'm sure that anxiety plays a part in your situation and the propensity to have accidents both during the day and at night. It's important to understand that anyone can have an accident at any age if they need the toilet badly enough.

True enough, the doctors may have failed to find an 'underlying cause' in the sense of it being a matter of serious medical concern. I do think, however, that you probably suffer from a weakness which is exacerbated by anxiety. My advice would be to see your doctor or practice nurse and ask about Kegel exercises which can be used to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic floor. Although nothing's ever guaranteed, Kegel exercises may well help to improve your bladder control. I'd say it was worth looking into.

There is a school of thought, and it's a perfectly respectable one, which says that adults should only go to the bathroom when they need to rather than at fixed times such as going to bed, getting up, and before leaving home for any length of time - especially if a car journey is involved. However we have to live in the real world and everybody's different in terms of what works for them. In your case I think it might be beneficial to timetable bathroom visits into your day so that your bladder gets used to being emptied (within broad terms) at certain times. If you have an urgent need to go whilst in the kitchen whilst you're on your own and you haven't really got time to use the bathroom, use a measuring jug or another container, dispose of your pee down the sink and wash the container thoroughly. The urine of a healthy person is sterile and poses no threat to health. I'd advise drinking a normal, healthy, amount of fluid and not cutting back as a certain amount is necessary for kidney function, regulation of the body's cooling systems, and general good health.

You say that wearing protection isn't an option because it's not in your budget. I don't know how tight your budget is, but here in the UK, adult incontinence pants aren't massively expensive and people who have certain conditions can get them prescribed for free. Although I don't need to use them full time, I do buy them for occasional use if I'm going on a long journey or know that I'm going to be without toilet access for several hours. From memory I think they work out at £11 to £12 a pack which normally contains 10 or 12 diapers, so not hugely expensive. I guess it depends to a point on what other outgoings one has.

Do let us know how you get on. I hope sincerely that you can get to a point where your situation improves. If you can get rid of some of the anxiety, I'm confident it will. Good luck.



Taylor: thanks so much for your sweet reply. No need to "get it", just enjoy it! Glad I have a kindred spirit. Love ya, girl!

Brittany: Sorry there was no public bathrooms for you to enjoy. That sucks! Still sounds like you had a nice poop though! So satisfying!

Dayna: so happy you like my stories! Welcome and hope to hear more from you!

Anna: LOVE buddy dump stories! Keep 'em coming and glad you enjoyed!


She sharted

Me and my friends were at the mall a week ago we were sitting in he ce area we all had our starbucks and we our fast food my friend abbie she had an iced mocha some mcdonalds fries and something from panda express a while later abbie was like guys and let us this loud fart then she jumped up and started running away laughing my other friend Kara yelled laughing OH MY GOD SHE JUST S**T HERSELF! We ran after her laughing as well we caught up to her and she was like um I just sharted diarrhea is coming out my a** we made it to a bathroom we all went into the handicapped stall she ripped her shorts off and plopped right on the toilet our friend went to go buy her new shorts and me and the others were standing by her I was cleaning up her legs while shes on the toilet ripping farts she was like guys I did not even feel like I had to poop I cant believe I sharted in front of so many people the other were waiting outside the stall complaining of the smell I stayed with her helping her clean up while waiting for her new shorts to come she kept wafting da s**t smell in my face which was nasty but whatever Aaliyah came back with new shorts I put her old shorts in the bag which reaked and she wasn't done yet everyone was laughing and complaining because this is typical abbie she always farts and always has to poop and takes forever. She finally finished after literally 6 minutes then of course we couldnt get the toilet to flush I tried getting it to flush while abbie was cleaning her self up better and an older woman walks in and gives a disgusted expression. We asked her if we needed to keave and she said no her stomach didnt hurt so we shopped for about an hour and left.

Annie (Anny) from Taiwan

Been crapping tons today

Hi everyone :) Hope everyone is doing well and dooing well. I have. My body and bowels have been busy since I woke up at 8 AM. Right after taking my meds after my cell phone alarm went off, I needed to get out of bed, grab a pad (on my VERY heavy period) and head to the WC where I pulled down my grey shorts and boy shorts underwear and sat on the toilet. There I unloaded all the crap that had built up from the night before. I spent about 10 minutes letting go of all of this with no problem. I discovered when I was done that it was a bunch of soft logs. It was a really messy wipe, requiring lots of TP.

I've been going multiple times today, after each meal (LOTS of soft logs!) and after a long walk (daily, with my caregiver). Been eating very healthily and drinking tons of water, both warm water in mugs and plenty of water in my water bottle. Also during the day. Also been walking long distances each day. As a result, ALL that pent-up stuff in my stomach has been coming out. Last time I crapped was about 15 minutes ago. Another huge load, full of soft logs. Needless to say, my body is getting a GOOD clean out, finally!

Time for my afternoon nap and probably another poop soon. Take care everyone, and Happy Pooping!


The other night i was hanging out with my friend Amber and her boyfriend. We were drinking all night. Next morning Amber was complaining about having fiery shits. She would use the restroom and the go back to her room. After the second time i went to users restroom. I expected to reek really bad but it was only a very minor poop smell.


Public Pooping & toilet Paper

To Becc. Communal toilets of this nature I thought would not be well received. I wonder how many girls help their constipated etc. You are great in that you were able to have BMs without problem. Yes, a good poo can be very enjoyable so why not enjoy it!!! You are doing no harm, only good.
I recall the first time I did a poo and enjoyed it...we were at the beach fishing in a rocky area...I was very young...might have been five or six. I was getting irritable and had a ???? pain. Mum wanted to take me to the toilets but I would not go near them because they were not sewered...I would have had to shit in a can! She then wanted me to squat behind a rock and I would not because someone might see me. Mum got the bright idea that I should poo standing up so I had view of anybody coming near me. She took my swimmers off...I was reluctant to begin with but with encouragement and rubbing my ???? and a lot of pushing and grunting on my part out came a big stubborn turd then a whole lot felt so good.

To Ben...I use about two or three sheets, sometimes more depending on the consistency of my stool. I take metamucil which makes the process a lot less messy...What I spend buying metamucil I save in toilet paper.
Yesterday I had a good big poo (twice) I will sit on the toilet soon to see what happens today. Time will tell.


a few answer

to Jessica and Jessica B: For sure the other girls pooped on the hike, too! On the first morning, only about two hours or so in, I was at the back with Danielle when she said to me quietly, "I really have to poop". She asked me to tell the others to wait and then took her pack off and went into the woods with a roll of tp. I went ahead and told the girls that Danielle was going to the bathroom and that we had to wait a minute. In the end it was more like five minutes and at one point Amber was like, "I bet she is taking a s***!". We all kinda giggled, but I didn't confirm that Danielle was really pooping.
Another time, we were about to get going after lunch when Amber went behind some shrubs to go to the bathroom. It took her quite a while and when she came back she was like, "sorry guys, I had to take a dump", haha!
Finally, one night we were all hanging out in front of the tent chatting and waiting to watch the sunset. We were also all a bit tipsy, by the way. Anyway, I needed the bathroom for both things and went to a spot a little away from the tents where we had peed before. When I got there, it smelled like poo a lot, actually, it was kinda stinking. There was a big log on the ground that was only partly covered with leaves and next to it a couple of pieces of poopy toilet paper. I squatted a bit farther down and then peed and pooped. I pushed out three fairly large turds quickly and when I wiped I only needed like two pieces which was great. The spot also had quite a nice view, so I guess it was a pretty good experience as far as going number two in the woods goes, haha!

to Jessica B: I love that you can just go for a quick shopping trip to London. I'm so jealous! I really liked your story! Coming home from a shopping trip and then bombing the toilet big time first thing is something I can definitely relate to! I also feel for the blonde girl. I think I'd have been embarrassed in her situation, too. I wonder if she realized that you could hear her doing a really large poo?

Victoria B.

Number three?


A few replies first.

To Dayna: Way to work that plunger dude! I also think the toilet is a great place to sit and contemplate the mysteries of the universe!

To Becc: Yay for self-acceptance! Proud of you!

I began today in my preferred style-sitting on the pot. The urge hit me almost as soon as I was awake and I headed right for the bathroom after getting out of bed. Once there I closed the door and flipped on the lights and fan before giving the notoriously slow-heating shower water a head start. Once this was done I dropped my gingham undies and sat down, appreciating the cupping of my butt by our contoured toilet seat.

I've referred to pooping as number two since potty training days, but this was more like a number three. Soft-serve, pee, and farts all came out simultaneously in what was maybe twenty seconds-twenty of the best seconds of my day. This was truly a dump for the ages. My load switched to something a little firmer while I was pooping it, something which still didn't slow it down. When it was over I couldn't help but let out a pleasured moan. What a ride! I took off my oversized t-shirt and threw it next to my underwear and hopped into a nice, relaxing shower, saving the flush for when I got out due to my weird superstition about flushing a toilet when the shower is running.



Unflushed toilet

Saw something kind of disgusting today. I was walking home and on my way through the park i needed to pee so i went into the park toilets. The smell was pretty bad so i glanced around, but none of the doors were shut (none of them have locks anyway but you can hold them closed.) Pushing open the door to the middle cubicle i saw a pile of shit inside the toilet, with a crudely made toilet paper cover still left on the seat. Whoever dropped this one clearly wanted to get out of there fast!


Reply to Cassie

Cassie - thank you for the answers! I will follow your tips when I decide to try. And Sarah was probably more unladylike than you were at the cafe bathroom and I wouldn't have acted the way she did.

Also, great story about your brother's friend Chris! What you did was really clever, btw. What sort of show did you put on for him? Did he enjoy watching you? Were you nervous during the show? It must have felt really good to have him wipe your girlparts afterwards! And even better to have held his willy when he peed! It really was an itch that can't be scratched, not yet at least. From all this, I can tell this might be the start of an exciting relationship!! Will you keep me updated on how it goes?

Good luck!



Hi, I'm Melanie, I'm 17 years old.
I've been reading this forum for a couple of years now and I've wanted to post, but I never really thought I had any stories that were worth posting until this morning I remembered a time when I was really constipated.
I've always been constipated- ever since I was a baby. I didn't like to drink water much so as a result my poos were always big and rock hard. I would go days between visits to the toilet and I remember walking around with my stomach bulging with days of poop getting harder and harder. My parents tried all sorts of things. I had to partake in "sit times" several times per day, but that didn't really work, and I had to take stool softeners too but those never worked either. Of course I was a really gassy kid too because my intestines were always loaded with poo. I used to get in trouble for farting all the time and sometimes if I did a particularly loud one, my mother would say "That sounded like a loaded fart," and make me go sit on the toilet. Of course nothing ever came out. I was always encouraged to "push," by my parents too. Now adays I feel that if I had a child I wouldn't want them doing that because of the risk of developing hemmeroids, but in my mother's eyes that apparently wasn't an issue. She'd always know when I was having trouble pooing and I never knew why until I got older. She would listen outside the door.
I remember sometimes her barging in because my breathing was heavy and asking me whether I was having trouble doing a poo. Suppositories or enemas were never used in my household. I was always just encouraged to push. Sometimes if it was really hard my mother would let me squat on the floor with some toilet paper underneath me for the huge poo to land on, but that never really worked much. I can only remember a couple of instances when I pooed on the floor. The other thing that was sometimes used was me lying on the floor with my legs up and my mother pushing and rubbing my bloated stomach as I laid there farting away from the pressure.
I distinctly remember a time as well when I had gone to the toilet and asked my mother to wipe me but she told me there was still a big hard poo sticking out of my bottom and that I had to push that out too.
Well, I guess that's all for now.
Does anybody else have any stories of their parents helping them get a contsipated poo out? I'd love to hear them.
- Melanie.


To Jacqueline

I have the same problem but not quite as bad as you. I have an enlarged prostate glan and my neurological condition affects my bladder and it operations.
I strongly suggest you see a urologist. You did say you saw a doctor but maybe you saw the wrong one!
One thing that upsets the bladder is energy drinks or drinks high in caffeine. This really affects me. Next big problem is constipation...increases chances of wetting pants as the colon presses on the bladder. Do you have fecal incontinence too? That is an important question. Next subject is you could see an incontinence nurse for some ideas. Next exercise is to drink plenty of water and try holding your urine for a little longer than you would. This will improve the tone of the bladder . Particularly when you are at home try holding your urine for a little longer.
I wear continence underwear (disposal) and it is good for my bladder and bowel problems. A side benefit is i can fart without fear because if I what.
A practical problem is that I cannot go into any change rooms etc because of my continence issue and after act secretly if staying at someone else's home.
Such is my life but I hope the above might be of some help.


my logical timed experiment

I spoke to mum about my accident and she suggested that maybe I had simply held on to it too long. So I did an experiment, just to see, crazy right, well, 48 hours 22minutes 11 seconds, Dinner +2 hours and that was it.
I could start to feel it from about the 40 hour mark and from 45 hours I held it in. 48:22:11 there was no holding it back, it was coming out like it or not, fortunately this time I was in the shower and not in bed. I held the log in with my finger while I positioned myself over the toilet in a low squat. I then removed my hold and relaxed, I didn't need to push it was free moving. About 1inch and 1/2 round flattened on the end from where I stopped it, firm, smooth, light brown, with an earthy smell. The log came out pretty much all at once in a rope, at about the 1foot point it snapped and I had to push the tail out, same thickness about 8 inches long, tapering at the end. It slipped in beside the first one in the hole at the bottom of the bowl. I then did a pee for around 50 seconds. I rolled off some paper folded it and wiped my butt folded it again and wiped once more. I then rolled off some more and patted my kat, stepped down and flushed. I am convinced now that my bed poop accident was simply due to me not attending to my need earlier as mum puts it rather than an issue.
mum suggested that I take care of it when I first feel it rather than waiting but I really enjoy the feeling of having a full bum before I do it. If I was to go earlier I think I would have to push more too
on another note for those following, I still can't stop thinking about my pee with criss, I am soo planning on doing that again. Just not sure when thou. I want to ask him out but how would David react.


Long grass

Hi all

Just a quick story today. Last week I had been out with some friends to the pub, but left around 8.30pm when its still light. On the way back I started to need a wee and as I crossed the park I was walking through I had an idea. Around the edge of the field is some tall grass which has been left for some reason. I stepped into it, lifted up my dress and pulled my knickers down, then squatted down. Nobody could see anything because of the high grass and it felt really liberating to go so openly!


Saturday, July 14, 2018


4th of July hassles

I guess it just happens, but several of the mothers of my babysitting kids work fast food or in other types of restaurants. This means they are often scheduled to work on a holiday. Often with little or no notice. So on 4th of July I got called at 5:30 a.m. by a mom with a 5-year old girl, a 6-year old daughter and a 7 year old cousin who was staying with them probably because he's so difficult to handle. For example, I had the sprinkler going full force in our back yard and Ashley and Angie were enjoying themselves dancing through it. Then Ollie walked right up to the unit, pulled down the front of his swim trunks and tired to blast down with his piss the water the unit was throwing. Then he swore at me when I gave him a time out. This was all in front of some older neighbors who were entertaining on their deck. Then about an hour later he was threatening to splash-piss Ashley and Angie who were complaining the water was getting too cold. Ollie is 8 and probably on his way to being a pervert.

At about 7, after dinner, we were changing and getting ready to walk about 6 blocks to a big fireworks display at a huge park. I've been there several times before and it draws several thousand people from a wide area. I yelled to Ashley and Angie and asked for them to repeat it back to me that they needed to take a complete bathroom break before we left home. But a couple of minutes later I walked into the bathroom after hearing some suspicious conversation. Sure enough, Ollie was standing there, his shorts and underwear partially down, showing the girls what he had contributed to the bowl. He was telling them to call him the Dumpster. He was challenging them to try and compete with his output. I shoved them all out of the bathroom, flushed Ollie's crap and got them out of the house and onto our way to the park. Bad I know, but I just couldn't deal with Ollie's arrogance and attitude. There was another problem. Out of my anger, I hadn't checked for shoes. So Ashley and Angie were complaining about the several rough sidewalks we had to use. I carried Ashley on my shoulders across Parkway Blvd. because the asphalt was too hot for her feet. Ollie carried her sister, but was threatening to drop her a couple of times because she wouldn't call him the Dumpster.

The four of us got petty good seats on a grassy hill. Since the sun was going down, more bugs were coming out. Angie was especially attracting more of them because she was sweating worse. It didn't help that Ollie was teasing her and swatting fake insects. But he did kill a flying ant and then grossed her out by showing her the squished remains. Immediately after that Ashley said she had to pee. Before I could question her about how bad her need was, Angie had her hands on her crotch too. I looked with daggers at Ollie because he had interrupted them at home. There must have been 40 or 50 portable toilets in a couple of clusters way down at the bottom of the hill. And it was obvious there was a few hundred persons waiting for them too. I remembered there was a public picnic area and toilets me and my friends have used many times. These were closer, but there was no privacy. Just an old building, with a storage shed in the middle, and a bathroom on each side. Each bathroom was very much in the open. There were two toilets on one wall and on the other side of the room two toilets on the other wall. No cubicle panels. Zero privacy.

I took Angie and Ashley over there. Ashley stumbled over some old tree branches that were rotting. Angie lucked out in spotting an old beer can, because if she had stepped on it, she might have cut her foot. When we got to the picnic area, we walked into more bugs flying around than I have ever seen. There was a line of about 20 waiting for the toilets. Several were moms with little kids in tow. As toilets opened, the next user would walk into the room and quickly take a seat. Finally, two middle school age girls came out and I took the girls in. Both open toilets were on the same side. They were jammed due to all those who don't flush. Angie took her seat fast and I could hear the pour she had been holding. Ashley seemed a bit more embarrassed even though she was next to her sister. These toilets seemed a bit higher than normal, but Angie was able to throw herself up on the seat on third try. A much older lady across from them pulled up her shorts and pointed her toilet out for me. She was crunching up one of those seat papers she had used. I guess she had carried it in her bag, but she flushed the toilet and wished me well. Because of the heavy use, the seat was beyond warm. My pee started strong and went for more than a minute before I looked over and saw the girls getting down. The girl next to me immediately started bursting out her crap, something I knew would attract even more bugs in the heat. Ashley and Angie were waiting for me at the door. It was almost dark and we needed to get back to our space before the fireworks started. Test launches were already taking place. When we got back Ollie made some lame joke about Ashley and Angie not falling into the toilet. I really wanted to flip him off or call him a profane name. But I remembered I had to be remain a role model for the rest of the day. There was no doubt I was earning the $75 that would go for tuition for me at the dance academy.

Mrs. Toilet Trooper

I "Pulled A Smokey"

Hello, it's me with another shituation. It's been years since I last posted. I've been going through some things, but now I'd try posting regularly again. Today (7-6-18), around 2:00 PM, my sister Tawny and I decided to walk and get food. The humid air and the beaming sun shining down on us with no clouds to shade us from the heat made the 2-mile walk to this soul food restaurant seem like an eternity. Close to 100°, even the short track pants, tanktop, and flip-flops I wore did nothing to make the day feel cooler. After finally arriving and claiming our food, we endured the intense heat again while we headed home. I sipped a cold bottle of Fuze juice during the walk. When we reached about halfway home, the urge to shit kicked in. This urge felt diarrhoeic, a common occurrence after drinking any cheap cold "juice" like Fuze. Realising we didn't have much farther to go, I figured I could hold it until we arrived home. However, after walking another block, the urge intensified and cramped my abdominal area. Gas pressure built in my body, but I knew if I attempted a fart to relieve it, I would have shit myself. Due to me wearing short shorts today, the shit would have trickled down like Reaganomics. While I proudly call myself a shameless shitter, I'm not THAT shameless.

"Tawny, I have to shit bad." I said.
"Well, we have half a mile to go. I'm sure you can wait." She reassured.
"I don't think I can, Tawny. I'm having a bad case of the runs."
"Oh," she said, realising the difficulty of the situation. "Well, I don't know what else to tell you, Ebony. Just try not to shit yourself because I don't want to smell it." She said, teasingly.
That's what I love about Tawny. She's extremely helpful and never an asshole in any situation. I rolled my eyes.
"That's exactly what I'm trying not to do, Tawny."
The pressure intensified to where I stopped and bent over to relieve the pressure. If I moved a tad too quickly or positioned my body a certain way, my ass would have exploded in my shorts.
"Wow, it really is that bad, ain't it?" Tawny asked.
"I wouldn't lie about it," I replied.

When the pressure finally subsided, I stood upright and we continued walking. We were in a residential area with no public toilets. After walking another block, the pressure returned stronger. Then, I swore that a bit of liquid shit slipped out. It wasn't enough for a huge mess, but based on the way it felt, I swore that I shit myself a tiny bit.

"Oh my god!" I shouted. "What?!" Tawny said. "I REALLY have to go!"
"Where are you going to go at?" she asked.

I hurried to what appeared to be an abandoned house. The house had a filthy porch, cracked windows, and much of it was covered in vines and blocked by overgrown bushes.
"I'm going to go right here by this abandoned house."
"No, stop playing!" She said.
"I'm not playing."
"But people are out and passing by." She warned.
"That's why you're going to stand watch."
She paused a bit to think about what she got herself into. She sighed. "Okay . . . I got your back," she said, reluctantly.
"Thanks, Tawny!"
Without hesitation, I secreted myself behind one of the big bushes in front of the house.
"Tawny, how do I look? Does it look like I'm shitting?"
She stood farther away and looked at my location from all angles.
"I notice you, but it's hard to tell what you're doing." She informed.
"Aw shit! I don't give a damn though."

I dropped my shorts and panties down my calves and squatted. Tawny stood nearby to obscure me further from passing cars or people walking. When I pushed, I fired a loud fart and a huge torrent of liquid brown shit sprayed out, hitting the ground below and some bush. Because I was squatting close to the shit in close quarters without any water for it to fall into, combined with the intensely hot weather, the smell murdered my nostrils.
"Oh lord, that shit stinks!" Tawny shouted.
"Tawny, shut the hell up." I said, quietly.
"If you say that, then people would know what I'm doing."
"Oh yeah, sorry." She said.

Another urge arrived and I pushed again. This time, the torrent was tamer, and fell onto the grass without splattering. Finally, my stomach was pain free and I was done. I gathered some napkins from my purse that I thankfully save from restaurants. After six wipes, my ass was clean. I cleaned my hands with hand sanitizer and, like a cat, covered the stinky mud-puddle with some dirt and even used a leaf-covered tree branch for good measure.

"Alright, let's go," I said, and we walked back home.
"Wow, I can't believe that you pulled a 'Smokey' from Friday," she said, laughing at me. (If you saw the movie "Friday," you'd know what she means). "Hey, you have to do what you have to do. It's either shit outside or shit outside in my pants." I replied.

Even though the napkins were completely white during my final wipes, I still felt nasty afterwards, so I took a fast shower. After putting on some clean clothes and eating, Tawny asked if I wanted to walk with her again to the corner store to get more drinks for tonight. I agreed to go. "Make sure it's not Fuze this time," Tawny joked, and we laughed. On our way to the corner store, which is much closer than the restaurant, we passed the house that I shit near, which now had a car in the driveway and a couple angrily examining everything that had been produced in their yard. Both Tawny and I looked at each other with our eyes wide and smiling nervously while we kept walking, silently.

Has anyone or someone they know ever had to take a dump so bad on a road trip they either did it outside or somewhere in the car

I found this forum by accident but it feels like a miracle. My name is Jacqueline, I'm 29, married and adoptive mom to my beautiful 3 Year old son, Timothy. I feel like my situation is pretty unique. I've had pee accidents all my life and I still wet the bed more often than not.I know part of my problem is holding it too long, but sometimes it happens despite my best efforts. My husband is very understanding when I have a bed-wetting accident, usually about 3-4 times a week, but he's become way less understanding this past year and a half when I wet my pants during the day. Now that Timothy is potty training, he thinks my accidents will confuse our son. I really try,I just don't always manage to the toilet in time. The other day while he was at work, I had to pee. I know I should have gone right away but I wanted to finish the dishes and then I had to go get Timothy off the bus from preschool. I was practically bursting while they got him off the bus. My panties were really wet from dribbles. I rushed him inside, set him at the table with some gummy snacks and rushed to the bathroom, almost in tears. A big trickle ran down my leg and then pee was gushing down my legs and soaking my pants. Suddenly, the door slowly opened and there was Timothy. He looked at the puddle at my feet. "Mommy have a accident?" "Yeah, baby, Mommy had an accident." It's okay, Mommy, accidents happen." Then he ran to me for a hug. Unfortunately at dinner, he told his dad, "Mommy have a potty accident today." I was so embarrassed,and my husband was not happy. After our son was in bed, he sat me down and said he knows I can't help it when I have an accident in bed, but there's no good reason why I should still b having so much trouble in this area at my age, especially since doctors have never found anything wrong with me. He told me that he thinks I'm being lazy and that my accidents will confuse Timothy while he's potty training. I felt so bad and I cried. That night I wet the bed even though I had been dry for two weeks. I feel so helpless. It's been this way all my life. I tend to go in my pants more when I'm stressed and anxious and I've had accidents all my life. I try so hard but it's so often not good enough. My little boy at 3 has far fewer accidents than his own mother. I wish I could afford protection but it's just not in our budget. I was the only kid in fifth grade who peed her pants every single day. The gym teacher at my elementary school called me Little Miss Pissy Pants. I'd gotten better by high school but still had at least one accident a week and peed my bed a minimum of 4 times a week. I remember asking my high school crush to take me home early from the hockey game on our first date because yet again...I didn't quite make it. That was my first and last date until college. Not only did he refuse to leave the game early, forcing me to walk home at night in cold, soaked jeans but he made sure everyone at school knew. Talk about a girl with no friends. Story of my life. More stories to follow. Maybe.


Number of sheets....

Just a quick question,

How many times do you wipe? The reason I ask is that my wife and I are quite open about our toilet habits and are very outdoorsy type people. When we have coffee in the morning we go for a poo together. However she uses a lot less toilet paper than me, often only wiping her bum twice... This confuses me as I need a few more than that...

I understand the theory behind number of wipes (Solid, not solid etc) but hers aren't always 'ghost poos' lol.

Thank you in advance,

A curious Ben

The other night i was hanging out with my friend Amber and her boyfriend. We were drinking all night. Next morning Amber was complaining about having fiery shits. She would use the restroom and the go back to her room. After the second time i went to users restroom. I expected to reek really bad but it was only a very minor poop smell.


Finally a toilet-clogger!

After a sort-of dry spell in my bowels, I've finally laid out a log worthy of clogging a toilet! I ate pretty big last night (I took my GF out to a steak dinner to celebrate her birthday), so today I could feel something brewing down there. I just had some greasy spicy lo mein for dinner to clear me out, and soon after I definitely got the feeling I had to go, now. I pulled down my undies and pushed out a loud fart and a ~9 inch log. The turd managed to clog the toilet, which, to my own surprise, made me pretty proud of myself. Took two flushes and a little bit of force, but it got down relatively easy after the blockage!

In other news, I find that I do a lot of heavy thinking when I'm on the toilet. I guess that's one of the few times where I'm away from electronics, my books, or other outside stimuli. Pooping gives me a quiet time to think through things like daily struggles or trying to remember a tune. Anyone else feel the same way?


Hey all I'm back! Haven't had much of a chance to get on the site recently but here I am. Today I thought I'd share an old story, in regards to what captured my "interest" in pooping. Hopefully this isn't inappropriate, but let's be honest here, I think the majority of us on this site have some sort of "kink" in one way or another in regards to pooping so here goes....
I was about 14 or so, and heading out on my first camping trip. It wasn't a completely foreign experience as several girls from my school were there, which was nice. I'll be clear, up to this point I never had any real issue with public pooping, and I was more than a little intrigued a few times when I heard some plops in the stall next door to me. I guess for whatever reasons societal expectations just gave me a bit of shame about it. In any case...we were at the campsite cabins unpacking our things, and I felt the urge to go. I asked the counselor, a pretty girl of about 18 names Jessie, where the restrooms were. She cheerfully directed me where to go, and I set off across the field.
After a few minutes I encountered the "bathroom", a ramshackle wood building with two openings marked "girls" and "boys". I walked up the ramp and entered the door to be greeted by an unusual site. The bathroom was simply a wooden bench with four toilet seats affixed. Next to each there was a stick which held a few rolls of toilet paper. The seats must have simply dropped down into a septic tank based on the smell in the room. The first seat was empty, and on the second was a girl named Cassie, who I knew in passing from school. I had actually encountered Cassie taking a dump in the school locker rooms before. Those particular toilets had no doors and I was somewhat amused on more than a few occasions to see Cassie sitting there chatting it up with another girl while she did her business. In any case she looked right at home here, and was farting and expelling some poop as I approached. She smiled and said hi.
Next to Cassie was an empty seat, and beyond that was a shy looking girl with her pants down barely enough to sit on the seat. Not wanting to embarrass her further i lowered my shorts and plopped my butt down on the seat closest to the door next to Cassie. More than a little intrigued by the situation I relaxed by butthole and a large log of poop shot out with a blast of a fart. It splatted rather noisily into the cesspool below. "Nice one girl!" Cassie exclaimed. At this point even the shy girl giggled and must have loosened up as I started to hear a slow crackle. I began pushing out another log, and Cassie did as well. For whatever reason the sounds of us pooping in unison gave me a thrill! Can't really explain it, just the idea of performing a "private" act together was exciting! After a time we finished and wiped, and proceeded back to the cabins.
Later in the week, I had another great moment. I woke in the morning needing to poop, and as I left the cabin Jessie the counselor fell in step beside me. As we crossed the field the morning dew felt invigorating on my bare feet. Jessie chatted me up about how I liked the camp and such. We reached the bathroom and took places next to each other. We both started peeing and poopIng almost simultaneously and my heart lept slightly. She continued chatting it up with me and asked if I liked any of the boys at camp. Not really my thing I replied, and to my delight she said me neither and winked at me....what can I say...I was enjoying a poop with another girl and coming to terms with my sexuality all in one! Anyways...again, hope this isn't inappropriate, but I just encourage all of you to like what you like and who you like as long as you do no harm! We're each our own individual, beautiful being. Live life to the fullest. Love, Becc



My brother David had a friend over after school, Chris is blonde dreamy blue eyes 16yo 5' and so hot, intelligent not like other teen boys, I get butterflies every time I talk to him. They were playing Xbox and I heard Chris say pause it I got to pee. I bolted to the toilet flicked up my skirt and slipped down my panties and sat there. As he walked in I forced out a pee, he said sorry and turned to leave, I said stay I won't be a minute, so he sat on the edge of the tub and waited. I put on the best show I could for him and I wanted him to watch me and I certainly got his attention. When it ended I took a chance and asked if he would like to wipe me. He said "sure" I had huge butterflies as he rolled off some paper folded it twice and slowly patted my kat. "Like this" he asked I stammered "yes" my mind was like oh yeess as he rolled off some more paper folded it and patted me again, then he said "all done", he was so gentle about it. I then got up pulled up my panties and let my skirt fall. I gave him a peck on the cheek and said "thank you" as I went to the sink to wash my hands. He stood in front of the toilet flipped up the seat unzipped his pants and pointed his snake at the toilet. He then asked me if I wanted to hold him while he peed. I stammered "yes" but my mind said hell yeah. I carefully put my hand around him and pointed him in the general direction of the bowl. He was thicker than I expected and felt kinda squishy sort of like a sausage before you cook it. When he started his wee it seemed to pulse through him and came out of the end a bit like water from a hose. His wee lasted about a minute and when it ended I let go. He then sort of squeezed out the last drops and shook it then tucked himself away and zipped up. He turned to me gave me a peck on the cheek, washed his hands and went back to David's room to the game. I washed my hands again and floated back down the hall to my room. (I think floated is the best way to describe it). About 2 hours later Chris leaned in my room and said "see ya cass", my mind was like oh I hope so. Hours later and I can't stop thinking about what I did, I think I know what captain jack meant in pirates when he said the itch you can't scratch.



Taylor: thanks so much for your sweet reply. No need to "get it", just enjoy it! Glad I have a kindred spirit. Love ya, girl!

Brittany: Sorry there was no public bathrooms for you to enjoy. That sucks! Still sounds like you had a nice poop though! So satisfying!

Dayna: so happy you like my stories! Welcome and hope to hear more from you!

Anna: LOVE buddy dump stories! Keep 'em coming and glad you enjoyed!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna great story it sounds like you both had greats poops outside.

To: Mina great story it sounds like you both had great poops and you had a lot to let out and I bet you felt good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Brittany B great story.

To: Jdon great story it sounds like she had a great poop.

To: Anna From Austria great story about your huge desperate poop at least you got some tissues to wipe with and avoided messy panties.

To: Cassie it sounds like you had an interesting night.

To: Dylan the right person wont mind that you have IBS they may even be there to help you by rubbing your stomach.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



The night of my mishap I hadn't been for about 2 days and had pigged out on mum's mash potatoes and vegetables at dinner, I was so full and so tired when I went to bed, I think I passed out in a food coma, next thing I know I woke up basically pooping in bed, it's never happened before.... Well, okkk,(nose just grew) it's never happened like that before ! I did have a few-several episodes when I was little-er much littler. I would be asleep and dreaming and in my dream I would be going to the toilet only to wake up cold wet and smelly some time later. I had not only gone in the dream but I had gone in the waking world as well.
squatting - in a nut shell it's all mums doing
As before when I was littler, I used to sit on the seat like most other people do and push out my poos. However this would result in me getting poo stuck to my hole and bum crack cheeks. So I would be using mega amounts of paper to clean it off / didn't clean it off, messy poo stained knickers all the time.
Resulting in mum teaching me, by showing me, to squat over the bowl, feet on the rim sides bum open wide poo straight out. No sticky poo smears on my butt or in my knickers and use less paper.
maybe it was all about the paper maybe dad cracked one too many times about there being none who knows but I have been squatting ever since only when I need to poo thou.
Jenny if you're going to try it's all about balance and getting in the right position. Feet on the stool squat low legs apart. oh make sure the rim is dry and flat shoes or bare feet ! ! we got a stool thing that sort of wraps around the toilet with platform on either side to put your feet on, dad made for us. Dad said its inspired from something he saw in Thailand before I was born.
This one time I was about 10 I was out with a mum arranged "friend" Sarah, well Sarah didn't know about my squatting on the toilet at the time. We had eaten burgers and I wanted a poo and so did Sarah, so we went to the cafe bathroom, one room one toilet sink hand rail thing around the wall. after deciding on who was going to go first, we ended up in the room together and I got to go first. I did my usual flick up the seat panties off and lift skirt, climb up and assume my squat. Sarah was horrified at what I was doing, truly horrified. She stood there mouth open staring at me. I had to poo so I got on with it and released my first log, then two more finishing with a pee. Sarah was full on staring straight at my bum as the poo dropped then at my kat as I peed. I wiped and said "Sarah snap out of it". She stammered and turned beet red. She then took the toilet panties at her ankles bum on the seat legs tightly closes dress covering everything two little plops a wee and she's done, "nothing to see here." Then she goes "I don't know how you can do it like that it's so unlady like." as she wipes the sticky mess from her bum 20 odd times. And I'm unlady like. oh it so makes one wonder. ha lady like.

Victoria B.

To Mina

I'm so happy that you're back. Sounds like you and Mari had some great poops and I'm going to use "king cobra" for some of my bigger productions now! I'll have to start saving because I would love to visit Japan on that rocket of yours!

Give Kazuko, Hisae and Maho my best!



To Anna

Hi Anna!

It's great to hear that the four of you had such a great hike and could enjoy Canada's nature!

Your buddy dump sounds very funny! Bebe and you were lucky that Danielle didn't catch you in the act :-) Thank you for sharing that experience.

Would you mind telling us about the other dumps you took outdoors during the trip? Did you find nice spots to poop? Did Amber shit, too?



What a Relief !!!

I posted s short time ago about bowel management and constipation. Soon after concluding it triggered something and I just had a sit on the toilet. A big nice relaxing dump.....Oh what a blessed relief.

Hi all, I read Britanny B's last story and I figured I'd contribute a tale of a bikini-clad babe on the toilet! Sorry to hear there were no toilets on the beach, haha!

On Tuesday, me, my boyfriend and a couple of my friends went to a small lake to hang out. I was wearing a white bikini with pineapple pattern, if anybody wants to know. We went swimming and then just lazed around in the sun and whatnot. I had lots to drink, mostly lemonade and then at one point I was waking up from a nap with my bladder about to burst. And not only that, I also needed to go from the other end, and urgently! Everybody else seemed to be sleeping, so I headed over to the outhouse by the parking lot. It's literally the exact same kind of building I wrote about recently when I did a poo when I was out mountainbiking!

I walked around the outhouse once and all four stalls seemed to be empty. I picked one and went in. Surprisingly, it didn't smell bad in there even though it was a really hot day. Really, it was just mostly a wood smell from the outhouse building. So nice! I locked the door, opened the toilet lid and pulled down my white bikini bottoms. Then I sat down on the creaking seat, which felt nice and cool on my bumcheeks. Right away, I peed a loud, strong stream which splattered noisily into the toilet pit. While I was releasing my pee, two long but very quiet farts came out. When my stream had died down, I put my arms on my thighs, leaned forward and started to push to empty my very full rear end. My hole opened and was stretched very wide by a big turd. It slid out slowly at first but then faster and faster, ending in a loud, wet fart. I couldn't help letting out a very audible moan of relief when my poop dropped into the pit and the big fart came out. To be honest, I think I would have been a bit embarrassed if somebody else had been in the other stalls and be able to hear me doing my poo. But as it was, I was enjoying the privacy I had! I did two more turds and plopped and farted away noisily with no concerns until I was all empty! I felt really good, having all taken care of my toilet needs! I carefully wiped both my front and back and then pulled my bottoms up again. When I left the stall, two teenage girls were just walking up to the outhouse and I held the door open for one of them. The other one had slammed her door shut, plunked her bum on the seat and was peeing so loudly, I could hear it, even walking away from the toilet building! Anyway, I went back to our spot. Everybody was still sleeping, so they hadn't even noticed I was gone. That's all for today, I hope you liked my story, I know it wasn't super exciting, sorry.

to Brittany B: I liked your story and I love beach vacations. I posted one or two stories here about my trip to Mexico a while ago.

to Anna from Austria: It has happened to me a few times, usually when I was bursting for a pee and didn't look for paper. I'd imagine that it must be really akward when it happens after a poo, like it did for you! Did you just have to go so bad you didn't look? I can totally see happening to me! Oh, and did you really leave your stall with your pants pulled down? Did you not worry about getting caught by one of your coworkers?


Bowel Managememt

Until several years ago constipation occurred rarely. Nowadays it is almost always with me.
The first rule I have is to not worry too much if I do not go. I have a "try" every morning after breakfast but do not sit very long or push too hard . I have been having a dose of metamucil every morning and most morning a dose of osmotic laxative. If it has been a few days or I have an important day coming up I take some laxatives, presently Colyxl & Senna...usually maximum dose and then take tablets twice a day till a good movement occurs. I find that works well for me.
I go to the toilet whenever I get the urge and can sometimes have some really big motions like Mina. They may occur at anytime. Returning to laxatives....they are suppose to work over night and the advertisements say next morning you will be fine. Such is not the case with me...they work whenever. To this end one needs to look at ones schedule to know when and when not to take the tablets.

I really support the post relating to buddy dumping but would like to hear from those that feel ashamed to poo and why?

Jessica B

Weekend trip with Luisa

Hello everyone!

I'm gonna tell you about a weekend I spent in London in May with my friend Luisa, but first, some answers and comments.

Anna: great story, as always. Bebe going to the bushes with you pantless reminded me of the buddy dump I had last year with Helen. Thanks for sharing. Did you have any other good (though private) dump, or the chance of hearing any interesting story from Bebe, Amber or Danielle?

Mina: I liked your description of all different snakes: it seems that every person has a specific species of snake! Thank you for taking the time of writing.

Victoria B: I remember also being desperate for many times when my flatmate would hog the shower when I was still sharing a flat. I bet you were relieved!

So we arrived in London on the Friday evening just before the royal wedding, late and directly went to our hotel, as we were tired from traveling. Because the hotels downtown are so expensive (I think we were not the only ones that wanted to share the excitement of the royal wedding), we were sharing a room with twin beds. I love this setting since we can chat super late, which is obviously what we did.

We woke up rather early on Saturday morning and had breakfast at the hotel. British breakfast, that is, with beans, sausages, scrambled eggs, toast bread and tea. I usually have to go number two right after breakfast, since the first meal of the day or the first cup of coffee wake up my bowels. However, since I didn't drink any coffee and we were somewhat in a hurry to leave (we had planned going shopping before the celebration would start), I did not really feel the urge. We got ready quickly and went shopping.

While we were going from shop to shop, I started becoming a little uncomfortable. First it was just a diffuse feeling in my lower belly as we were looking for fitting jeans. However, it quickly got stronger and I realized that what I needed was a trip to the bathroom. After I bought a great pair of jeans and a book, Luisa decided that we should focus on finding a pair of summer shoes for her. I didn't feel like interrupting her as she gets very passionate about shopping and absolutely wanted those shoes. She dragged me into several stores at high pace, never letting me time to ask for a toilet break. I'm stupid I know, but I am uncomfortable admitting this kind of things even to my closest friends. So I was waiting for the perfect occasion to excuse myself, which, obviously, never came. As usual, I became very gassy as my urge grew.

Eventually, a pair of light blue sport shoes found mercy to Luisa's eyes, she bought them and we went back to our hotel. I was even sweating by then, as I was getting truly desperate to relieve myself. Thank God, the hotel was very close. I could not hold in an airy fart while we were in the elevator. Luisa ignored it even though she surely could smell it as well.

Immediately after Luisa unlocked our room, I was "I gotta go to the bathroom!" and closed the door, not even bothering to take off my shoes. I pulled my pants and panties down to my ankles, slammed my butt onto the seat and let everything loose. My pee stream started and I farted loudly. In a matter of seconds a first turd splashed into the water, then a second one after I gave a little push. My pee stream died off but I knew I wasn't done. I sat for a minute, farted again and felt something moving in my belly. I pushed again and expelled many little turds. They stench became quite strong. I remained seated for a few minutes more before wiping. It was a messy one, lemme tell you! I had to wipe like ten times. Then I stood up, flushed (the water level rose but everything went down alright) and washed my hands. I closed the toilet lid as well as the bathroom door after I came out to contain the stench and fell onto my bed, feeling a thousand times better.

Both Luisa and I were laying on our beds texting and recovering from all the shopping as she stood up and went to the toilet. She locked the door, so I assumed she was going number two as well. Indeed, I soon heard her dropping plop after plop. She too must have forgotten about her urge in all this excitement! However, she did not think of closing the bathroom door when she was done, so the room soon filled with our combined stench. Well, it's not toxic at least!

As it was just past noon, we scurried out to have brunch, cocktails and watch the wedding at a coffeehouse - good think we had a reservation. It was a very nice afternoon and we had lots of fun. Later, we had a stroll along the Thames. We went to bed early because I was exhausted.

On Sunday morning, I woke up late, but before Luisa. I pee first thing in the morning, and this day was no exception. I went to the bathroom and sat down, my stream started immediately. I also let a little airy fart escape, which is not unusual, especially during my first pee. However, I felt I wasn't done: my morning poo was already there. I sat for a few seconds, then gave a very little push and my first turd slid into the water. It was soon followed by two other ones, then I was done. I wiped twice and had a look at my feces: the turds were rather small, short and soft, and their color was tan.

As it was already somewhat late, we had to check out first. Afterwards, we went to the breakfast area: both of us were hungry. Just like the day before, we did not hold ourselves back! I cannot help but stuff myself when there is a large free buffet and apparently, neither can Luisa. Porridge, fried eggs, sausages, grilled vegetables, we had it all. I drank plenty of tea and OJ with my meal.

When we were done, I had quite an urge to pee, so I told Luisa that I'd go to the lobby bathroom before we leave. She said that she would come with me as she needs it too. An elderly lady came out and blond woman in her late twenties went in the bathroom just before us. The blond lady took the furthest stall, Luisa the one near the entrance and I had to wait. I noticed that the bathroom was bight and very clean.
Luisa started peeing immediately, while the other lady was pulling TP from the holder,probably to cover the seat. Meanwhile, Luisa released what sounded like a super wet fart, then a wave of liquid, or at least loose, poop. The blond girl took a short pee, then the distinct sound of a turd crackling out was to be heard. It quietly splashed into the water, but the crackling didn't stop: she really has to go! Luisa blasted a few waves more. After something like five plops, the blond girl started wiping. It didn't take her that long. She pulled up her pants, flushed and came out of her stall. She blushed as we made eye contact: she surely was embarrassed to go that much with me as an audience. She was beautiful though, I envied her many freckles. I locked the stall and noticed that she had left plenty of tan skidmarks on the bowl, but it wasn't her fault, as there was no brush in the stall. I sat down onto the warm seat and started peeing while she was washing her hands and Luisa was wiping. We finished at the same time (my flush managed to get rid of most of my predecessor's traces) and went to the sinks. I asked her how she was doing, and she told me that she always gets somewhat loose when her period starts but that she's actually doing alright. I was glad to leave the bathroom because the smell had deteriorated quickly from fresh and clean one to the one of a heavily used bathroom.

We then left the hotel (I smiled at the blond girl, who by the way was seated at a table with a handsome man, as we passed by) and had an nice but uneventful day in the city.

Love and take care,

Sunday, July 08, 2018


Anna's hiking buddy dump

Sorry I haven't written very much recently, but I think I have a pretty good story today. It's summer now, so me and three of my girlfriends went for a backcountry hiking and camping trip to the West Coast of Canada. We did a three day hike and it was so beautiful! Even better, there was almost no rain and I ended up doing another buddy dump!

On the first night we stayed at a camp site that we had almost completely to ourselves, with only one more couple having pitched their tent there. We stayed up late at the campfire and then went to sleep in our tents around midnight. I was sharing the tent with Danielle and my friends Amber and Bebe were in the other tent.

When I got out of the tent early next morning, Bebe had already made coffee and was sitting on a log sipping from a blue cup. The two other girls were still asleep. I don't remember if I have described Bebe before, but she is quite a bit taller than me with shoulder length red hair, freckles and pale skin. She's not nearly as curvy as I am around the chest, but her rear end is very much on the plump side. Anyway, Bebe had put her red hair in a green bandana this morning. She was wearing her jacket up top, but then only her panties at the bottom. I asked her if she was cold, and she said no, even though I could see that she had goosebumps all over her legs, haha. I poured myself a cup of coffee and Bebeb had another one too. We chatted for a bit and the Bebe put down her mug and announced, "I have to poop". In the past, I think I probably wouldn't have said much anything, but this time I was like, "me, too" and then added, "lets go!". I guess I felt emboldened because I am kinda suspecting that Bebe doesn't mind the company and maybe even gets a little thrill doing a buddy dump. I quickly got some paper out of my pack and then we headed off into the woods.

There was a little spot surounded by thick ferns where we all had peed the night before a couple of times. I pulled down my hiking shorts and pink panties and then stepped out of them with one foot and kinda bunched them up on the other one. Bebe quickly took off her panties and hung them on a low branch. We both squatted down and Bebe immediately did a loud wet fart and then another one and I could actually see a little bit of wet poo spraying from her bum onto the ground. She was like, "Upps, I'm sorry. This is embarrassing.". Then she started to pee and so did I. I had to move my boot a bit so that I would't pee on my shorts and panties. Without much effort my poo started to crackle out. It was kinda soft and continous with a couple of small farts coming out in between as well. Bebe was grunting quietly. A long, not too thick log was hanging from her big bottom with a little trickle of pee going down her poo tail. Every time she pushed, more pee spurted out between her legs. The turd started to curl up on the ground and then finally dropped off, and Bebe let out a big sigh of relief. I wasn't done yet with more and more poo coming out and kinda piling up below my bum. Both Bebe's and my poo were stinking pretty badly. She peed some more and then asked me to hand her the paper. To wipe, she got up and stuck out her bare bum while she cleaned up using a ton of sheets which she dropped on her turd. Finally I was done as well. I wiped my front and then cleaned up my hole and bum cheeks. Bebe was looking at our piles and was like "oh wow" and all giggling. Then she put her panties back on and I pulled up my shorts as well, feeling very relieved! We put some dirt on our poops and then headed back to the tents. When we got there Danielle was just coming out of her tent and asked us for the tp. She headed of into the woods and Bebe was like, "watch out, Anna and I just took a massive dump over there", which Danielle found hilarious. She was gone for a while, so I think she maybe needed a number two as well.

The next two days, I did a couple more poos in the woods and I don't think the other girls were holding back either. But that was my only buddy dump, haha. I hope you liked the story.

Well, another memory from long seems strange looking back, but most of my memories of pooping or general toilet activities stem from my very early teens...I guess that's when we are going through most of our physical changes, and are the most curious about our bodily functions, can't think of any other explanation. There are a couple more memories of swimming pool toilet visits involving my friends Neal and Lee who I mentioned last time, but there's a non pool related one involving my schoolmate Chris, who I had the toilet visit experience with, during the school group swmming session.
Now, all those years ago, Chris had an air rifle, and nowhere to safely use it, but I had access to the ideal place. My late grandfather rented an allotment garden on the outskirts of town. Next to the allotments was a rough field, a mixture of long grass and bushes,beyong that, a large industrial estate. The only access to the field was through a thick hedge from the allotments, so I suggested that Chris could bring his rifle down there, as long as he let me have a few goes with it. Of course, he was really keen, so one day during one of our school holidays, we set off to the field. Chris took this really seriously, turning up in camouflage jacket and trousers, I was just wearing old jeans and T shirt. We spent some time sharing the rifle, taking aim at many of the pigeons that were in the area...think all of the pigeons were lucky that day, as neither of us were very good shots. We'd been there for about an hour, when Chris handed me the rifle, and said was desperate to 'go toilet'. I knew straight away that he needed to poop, as not long before, we'd both had a pee together, having the usual competion that boys do, to see who could squirt the furthest...Chris easily won....I'd never had a really strong flow :(. I asked him if he was going to hide in the bushes to do it, but he said because there was only the two of us there, he'd do it where we were if I didn't mind. I said I didn't mind, and then asked if he minded if I watched. I'd only ever seen someone near my age, poop before, and that was my friend Susan when we went for that bike ride not many months before, I'd never seen another boy doing a poop.

He laughed, and said that was ok, and told me that he and his slightly older brother had often watched each other, and had 'competitions' to see who could poop the fastest and biggest.I asked him if he needed any toilet paper, but he told me he always carried some with him, as he often got an uncontrollable urge to go, he said he always had some in his pocket at school as well, as the school toilet paper was that horrible shiny stuff that wasn't very good to use.

He took his jacket off, pulled his T shirt up over his ????, and pulled his trousers and red underpants right down to his ankles, and squatted down with his back to me. I was totally amazed by what happened next. Most of us have probably seen a cow empty it's bowels, well Chris was like a miniature version of that. The moment he'd squatted, here was a loud PFFFFLLLAARRRTTTTT!!!, and a thick very soft mass of poop expoding from his bottom. It was kind of all together at the start, but broke up as it fell to the ground, before spreading out in a mushy soft pile, just like a miniature 'cow pat'. He stayed in position for only a minute or so, straining slightly, and adding a few more sloppy blobs to the pile.

I asked him if his poop was always that sloppy...he said not always, but couldn't remember ever doing a hard poop, it was always either very soft small logs, or sloppy. He told me that when he was younger, his mum had asked the doctor if he was ok, but after a few checks, the doctor had told him it was normal for him, he'd just got sensitive bowels that didn't want to hold their contents for too long. I guess we now know this as IBS.

He started to wipe his bottom, then asked if he could have some of my paper, as he was really sticky after that wet poop, and had used all of his...of course, I let him have mine.

That was my one and only time of ever actually seeing another boy doing a poop, another little part of the curiosities of growing up.

Of course, we moved away from Chris's production, as on a warm day, it was attacting the flies. I think we had another 'pee' competion before going home as well.

I'll be back in a week or two with one of my last memories of my friends at the swimming pool.

Story from Norway

Camping at the coast line. At the same place there also were two mature women camping. This morning I saw one of them going to toilet outdoor. She was squatting behind a big stone. I saw her white bum from behind. Luckily she did not see me. That would have been embarrassing for both of us I think. Later I went over there and found that she had left two big turds and put the paper away under some stones.


My 1st Post. My Friend Got Constipated...

Hi. This is my first post but technically my second because my first post under a different name was never posted. Anyway I'm a 19 year old woman who's 5 feet and 2 inches tall and weighs 115 pounds. My best friend Ian is my age and him and I have known each other since we were little. We talk about our pooping habits with each other a lot and have no problem seeing or even helping each other poop. He was constipated a few weeks ago when he was at my house and asked me to help. I rubbed his stomach for him and held his hand while he tried to push it out. It took him about 30 minutes but he finally pooped a big turd that barely fit down the toilet.


Motions in Office

Hi, Bad Mina is back. I never forget you everyone. For new people, I am Korean Japanese woman, 20s, medium size, and I love to sit on the loo. I live with my three best friends in 2 flats next door each other, and we all love loo!! We all eat like tyrannosaurus, so when we go to loo, we are very very busy long time, it is lucky our loos have appetite of sumo wrestler.

But I think last Wednesday I broke my record of huge motion. I don't know the reason why, but I didn't need a motion Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning, but after eat big lunch with my colleague Mari, she is small girl but she eat maybe more than me and she push king cobra out from her bottom three times a day, I got strong signal from my bottom. Mari usually go for motion in office loo after her lunch, so I said to her, "today I go with you, is it OK?" of course she said "yes", I have very very good relationship with Mari and we did a diarrhoea together before after eat curry in restaurant which closed for ever short time later. I told this story before. after two huge diarrhoeas we gave big hug each other.

So we entered ladies' room, it was empty and we took neighbor cubicles. And we bared bottoms and sat on loos. Soon it was hear plop sounds many many from both cubicle, Mari was first but I was very soon after. Then pause, then more plops, then pause, then more plops, Mari did o-nara (it is fart) a few times but I didn't. After maybe 5 minutes we both flush. Then another woman enter room and took cubicle next to me, so Mari and me decided to rest, it was lucky that woman finished soon with only wee and when she left room, at once many plops from both cubicle same time. Mari giggled and me too. Of course there was big smell in room, maybe that was reason for woman do only wee.

After maybe 10 minutes, and many more plops, I hear washlet sound from Mari. "You finish?" "Yes I finish, how about you Mina?" "I don't finish, I think lots more come out...." Mari dried her bottom and flushed and washed her hands, when she washing hands I opened my bottom again and snake came out and broke many pieces again, plop plop plop plop. Now it was quite soft one. Mari said, "I tell boss you come soon." Our boss is very reasonable about loo, she never say "why you stay so long time??"

I look in loo and saw mountain so I flushed again, then I dropped one more snake, which broke into pieces, then I did little ones more 5 minutes. Finally I finish. Wow! How huge one I do!! I felt good then, I thought, how paradise it is to do a so huge motion. I arrive in office, Mari gave me smile and boss too, and I sat at desk with feeling very empty and comfortable.

When I came home in evening I told me friends, because Maho worry I am constipate, and Kazuko said, "urayamashii!!" it means envy. But I said her, "why you envy? You do same size motion every day!" and it is true, so Kazuko shut up and gave me little tap on bottom. Kazuko sit on loo more ten minutes every day and she do and do and do, I think her intestine is size of reticulated python. It is pleasure to see her on loo, she has so happy smile on face. When I am depress, I look at Kazuko's face while she do and do, then I don't depress so much.

I am sorry if this is boring story. But maybe not boring so much, because many people write similar story, and they are never boring!! I love stories this site and I am busy to translate for my friends. Victoria B, your little story few days ago was so lovely!! I wanted to go America and enter your loo and give you kiss before you finish to do. So I hope someone invent earth rocket soon, then I can go your house in 5 minutes. But I need a many money...

I hope everyone have happy relax time on loo and everyone is happy all the time.

Love from Mina and friends


A reply and quick story

Hi Becc! I'm really, really pleased you enjoyed the story! It's nice to hear you can relate to how I feel! I don't really know how to explain why I enjoy it so much or why I get the thrill... I just do! I just find it especially exciting that somebody else knows i'm going, even though it's something that absolutely everyone does.

I was out shopping today and as you may know, it has been very warm here in the UK so I've been drinking plenty of fluids. Lemonade in this case. Of course what goes in must come out so I stopped at a local cafe to use their toilets, and get lunch there as well. It's only fair that I help support them.

I explained to the girl working there that I would order something in a moment, I just needed to use the loo first and she said that was fine with a smile. So I locked the stall door, lifted my skirt up over my bum and pulled down my knickers to my knees as I sat. Immediately I noticed something, the seats were chilled! The whole bathroom was rather warm but the seats were cool! I don't know how they do it but I loved it.

After a few seconds I started getting rid of all the lemonade I had drank earlier, a relaxed gentle stream that delicately tinkled into the water. It felt lovely. I went for around 20 seconds and carefully wiped myself before standing up, pulling up my knickers, lowering and smoothing my skirt and then flushing.

I washed my hands and left with a huge smile, having really enjoyed the cooling sensation on my bum and legs! I ordered lunch and left a little tip as a thank you, and I'll definitely be going there again!

To: Cassie

Cassie, if this happens again, I would definitely talk to your mom or dad and seriously consider making a DR.'s appointment. I hope everything is okay.

Brittany B

Quick Story

Hey all! Sorry I've been absent. I was on vacation to the beach with my family this past week. I had a great time! I was hoping to come back with a story about dropping a huge load next to some bikini-clad babes, but unfortunately, the beach I was at had no public toilets! I suppose it didn't really need them though, since all the hotels and beach houses were right on the shore. My parents had rented one of the beach houses that had a walkway right down to the water. It was so convenient. I was lucky enough to have my own toilet in the beach house off the bedroom I was staying in. The toilet in it was old and a little cramped, but it was nice. If I leaned forward while I was on it, I could rest my head on the sink and the paper holder was probably only half an inch from my thigh. It had a round seat that cupped my butt rather nicely. The bowl was deep too, so my poops had a bit of fall distance to the water, making my plops pretty loud! I'll tell you all about my favorite dump that I took in it during my stay.

It was the day after we had gone to an all-you-can-eat buffet that had crab legs, all sorts of seafood, prime rib, and lots of tasty desserts! I ate my fill and then some that night haha! I spent the next day chilling on the beach, swimming in the water and relaxing under the umbrella with my mom. Late in the morning, probably 10:30 or 11 o'clock, I was sitting under the umbrella with my mom and having a drink when I could feel my intestines start to shift and my bowels fill up with a big dump. I waited a little bit, finished my drink, before getting up and walking back to the beach house to drop what was probably going to be a monster load.

I got back the house, went to my bathroom, closed the door, dropped my bikini bottoms (just plain black) to my knees, and settled my butt on the toilet seat. I started with some small, buzzy farts that smelled heavily of the poop right inside my butt. I gave a push and a long, soft log started to curl out of me. It dropped off at about 6 inches in length, and another one the same size quickly followed. The bathroom started to reek already and I had only just begun! I farted loud and wet and a load of small, mushy turds rapidly plopped into the bowl. I stayed seated for a few minutes before dropping another round of mushy plops into the toilet and farting out some more buzzing farts that were trapped behind my poop. I sat another minute or 2 before I pushed out 3 more soft, 4-6 inch turds. I farted one last time and felt like I was done. I was kind of sleepy, so I got off the toilet, undressed, took a quick shower to get the sticky feeling of the salt water off me (and the sticky poop out of my butt haha) and took a nap for about an hour. It was such a nice vacation, I'm sad it's over.

Been really enjoying everyone's posts, and I'll post another story from my college days soon! Peace!


Unsatisfying poops

Hiya! It's me. I've been having some really unsatisfying poops lately. I wrote this up earlier, but accidentally closed the window and lost it. I've been stopped up for a while, not constipation, but something like it I guess. It's not like I can't poo, it's just I don't have the urge until I, well, do. My schedule's changed from a pleasurable once a day to once a week if I'm lucky. They're not really logs anymore, it's just short, mushy turds or hard, stuck-together-pebbles. You'd think the mushy ones would pass easily, but even then I have to push really hard for them to sludge out. My poo sessions have become so infrequent and difficult that I can no longer look forward to them as a reliable, pleasurable experience to take the edge off of the day, you know what I mean? Anyway, that's all with this update. I've got some stories from the past to tell later, so I'll tell those if nothing gets better with my ????.

Also! Becc and Victoria B, I really enjoy your stories!! They're great fun to read and a nice insight into others' lives.



To Dylan concerning dates

Hi Dylan,

though I don't have IBS or something similar I know what you mean. Being blind ment a similar question to me when dating. Finding the right time and place to tell your situation is challenging and will be different every time.

So my only advice for you is to be sel conscious and tell your lover what's your situation. Don't try to play some tricks on your partner since that would only make things worse. Either they accept your situation (which you didn't choose either) or they should leave. And you should also explain that bringing this topic up is not easy for you. Remember: You don't ask them to change your diapers but respect your situation and needs.



To Cassie

Hi Cassie! Great stories you've been sharing, especially the one about last night! Wow, it sounds like you've pooped out at least 10 pieces that night. Had it been a long time since you last pooped or have you eaten a lot that day to be able to do so much at night?

Your technique of squatting to poo sounds very interesting and I really want to try! How do you usually squat? Do you bend your knees and just hover over the seat without actually touching it or do you climb onto the side of the toilet and place your foot on the brim of the bowl and actually squat into the toilet? And why do you prefer to squat when going poo? I/m curious because I am thinking of trying it! Please keep the stories coming! I love how interesting they are and they're very fun to read!



Another story about my mom

Here is another story about my mom. This actually happened back in December.

Me, my sister, and my mom were on our way to Wal-Mart to buy Christmas presents for our relatives, and my mom had made a comment earlier about being gassy.

Halfway there my mom leaned over while driving and farted loud. Her butt was aimed at my older sister, who was in the passenger seat.

"MOM!" my sister screamed, and my mom laughed. A few minutes later she did it again.

We arrived at Wal-Mart and we walking in the parking lot and I heard my mom's stomach rumble. She walked past me and got in front of my sister and farted again. This one was louder than the other two she had done earlier.

When we went inside, we went out separate ways. I eventually ran into my sister who had picked some towels for my aunt. We went looking for mom, and found her in the book section. Nobody else was there, and she said come see if there is any book you like.

My sister started walking that way, and from the smirk my mom had, I could tell what she was planning to do. As soon as my sister got behind her, she farted.

Expect the fart sounded extremely wet. The look on my mother's face confirmed my suspicion. She had sharted. Her eyes were wide and she put a hand over her mouth. My mom still with eyes wide said "Buy your things and go to the car. I'm going to the bathr-" she didn't even finish her sentence and took off running.

I wonder what people thought of seeing a red headed woman running through Wal-Mart. Me and my sister brought our things and went to the car. My mom had the key, so we stood out in the cold for half a hour.

My mom finally showed up, and didn't say anything as she got in the car and let us in. Halfway home though, my mom started groaning and said "I think I still have to go."

We were able to make it home, and my mom ran up to the door. My mom then realized she had left the key in the car, and yelled at my sister to get it. My sister was slow getting the key (I know she did that on purpose) and when she finally handed my mom the key, I heard a loud wet fart from my mom, and her facial expression told me she was pooping herself.

She unlocked the door, and I noticed a blown stain on the back of her pants. As soon as she opened the door, she ran to the bathroom.

Hope you enjoyed the story.

Hello everyone, I'm new to this site, and I have two questions for all of you: Was/is your family open about farting? Have you ever been farted on? My answer is a yes to both of those questions.

I lived with my aunt, uncle, and cousin. My cousin was the same age as me. My uncle and cousin would fart a lot, and my aunt would always get annoyed. My uncle was around 5'8 and was a bit overweight. He had short brown hair on the top of his head. I still have the memory of when I was around 13, and my uncle had came home from work early.

Aunt: Why are you home from work early?
Uncle: I shit my pants.
Aunt: ...
Uncle: I was having a farting contest with my co-worker during break and sharted.
Aunt: *Facepalm*

My uncle had a sister, who was two years younger than him. She was about the same height and weight as my uncle. Her hair was also brown, and went below her ears. Whenever she visited, she would always give me and my cousin a hug, and she would break away from the hug, turn around, and fart.

My aunt always tried to make our family look classy in front of people, but it was thrown out the window the moment my uncle, other aunt, or cousin farted.

Anatomy Student

Re: Dylan

In regards to your medical issues all I can say is take things slow. Get to know your lover on a deeper level and gage his/her maturity level. I wouldn't lead with "I have to wear diapers" but at some point you' Probably have to let him/her know. Maybe light-heartedly say "I can't have that, it gives me a ???? ache" or "i'm not feeling well." Wait for your partner to inquire if you can time it out right. If you can't, after getting semi close, ask him about something you perceive him/her to be self-conscious about, or ask him/her about an embarrassing moment. After the ice is broken mention you have a bowel disorder or however you want to word it. If he/she is a keeper he/she will look past your INS. But I don't know, i'm Not a doctor.

End Stall Em

Schedules, bathrooms, anxiety, etc.

Although my official residence is at a dorm on my university's campus, I stay over at my boyfriend's apartment at least once or twice a week. He has a wicked work schedule especially in the summer at his family's landscaping business but we cherish our time together, if you know what I mean. When I'm staying over and for the few times a year my car's in the shop, he has to drive me either to campus or the mall I work at. I admit they are on the other side of the county and they disrupt his daily schedule.

Recently we had such a situation. He woke me up because I had overslept. He had been up since 4 a.m., had finished his coffee and was revving to go. I don't know how many times Spencer told me he wanted to be the first in line at the sod yard to get his load so his crew could get started right at sun-up. That way they would finish in early afternoon before the heat and humidity got bad. So I poured the remaining coffee into a thermos and actually beat him downstairs to his bright red truck.

I had the engine on with the lights when Spencer came flying down the stairs. He yanked the driver's door open, and had his right leg on the middle step, about to bounce into the seat. He swore, slammed the door and was talking too loud about forgetting something so loud I could still hear him in the humid air. I watched as he went back into our apartment. Sure enough after about 25 seconds our bathroom light went on.

This so amused me because I knew that his bright colored boxers and jeans were at floor level and that he was taking what several members of his large family call their 'daily dump.' He's very deliberate about this. My thoughts went back about 6 years ago when he came over to my parents' house in the middle of the afternoon, while laying sod in our neighborhood, and asked to use our toilet. Because he was sweating so profusely, I went to our hall closet, got a large bath towel, and when I opened the door to give it to him, I was surprised that he was sitting on what probably was a nest of a half roll of toilet paper spread over the seat. I later learned he does that anytime he's away from home. My parents, when I told them, thought that was strange, too.

So on this morning I saw our bathroom light go off after about 2 minutes. Spencer's very good about getting down to business, if you know what I mean. He comes running to the truck and as we were leaving our parking space and he was complaining about us being late, I played stupid and asked him what he had been doing. He lied. He said he was looking up something on his computer. Not! It's in the living room. I asked him what he needed to find out. He stuttered and stammered his way in a circle and around again a few times. I accept he's very fastidious about using public bathrooms and cleanliness.

Since we had a 45 minute trip ahead of us, I decided not to let him off easily. We were on a county road about 2 miles from a public park that he knows I sometimes stop at for my morning crap. So I feigned pain between my legs, blamed it on his strong coffee that I had drank too fast, and told him I had to get onto a toilet at the park because otherwise my bladder was going to burst in his truck. I could see he was becoming agitated because he didn't want to stop. He's been critical of me before because I tend to take my bodily needs as they come. In high school, I probably had 60% of my craps there. And on average, I peed there once or twice a day.

I started unlatching my slacks as we neared the park. He reached behind his seat and pulled out a 2.5 ounce red plastic gas can. He handed it to me, told me to take the cap off. He said it was empty, the road we were on was smooth enough, and I could just lean up against the dash and pee into it. I told him I wanted to use a normal toilet. I flipped off something about the United Nations making it a guaranteed human right, but then I started to give him the first hints that it was all a tease. It did take him a while to calm down. Once we got to the mall, my crap was ready to come. In a couple of minutes, I was on the seat of the end stall of the main first floor bathroom. Some of my colleagues were already well into their morning craps when I joined them.

There wasn't a lot of talk. If there was, I was convinced I had the story of the day.


fun day at work

Hello everyone. Im a first time poster here. I ve been reading alot of stories on and off for awhile and i decided to finally post one of my own. Yhis is a story that happened when i used to work for a local college. I worked as a building maintenance person there. I has a coworker named Carrie who i was very good friends with. Actually we re still friends and still keep in touch. Carrie is a very beautiful short haired blonde woman in her mid 50s. She has an athletic body and you can tell she works out often to stay looking so good. Part of what made her so much fun to work with was how we could always talk to each other about anything. She, like myself was always very open about bathroom habits and talking about the subject with no shame. The buildings we usually worked in were dorms that had unisex restrooms. We used the restroom around each other all the time for peeing and thought nothing of it. One day we decided to go out to lunch at an all you can eat pizza buffet and we really stuffed ourselves. It wasnt too long after we got back to work i felt the making of a huge dump coming on. I was hoping i d be able to hold it until our next break time as we had alot of work to do. Break time finally came and i was very relieved because i wasnt sure how much longer i could hold it in. I started walking towards the nearest restroom which was a unisex one. Carrie came up beside me and was apparently on her way in too. Now as i mentioned before we had gone in the presence of each other before but just to pee. Even tough neither of us were very shy about that type of thing i still couldn't help but feel a little nervous about having to poop while carrie was around and her knowing what i was doing. I decided to lighten the feeling by joking around with Carrie about it as i knew at that point i really didnt have much choice. I was already fighting hard to keep it in and theres no way i d make it till the end of our shift. I said hey Carrie im probably going to be here awhile cuz i gotta take a wicked dump. Thats ok said Carrie because im going to poop as well. My nervous feelings quickly turned to excitement. I couldnt believe i was going to get to share a dump with my beautiful friend right next to me. The piazza must have got to her too because she once told me she tries to poop in the morning before coming to work so she ll be good for the rest of the day. As i said we were always really open about talking about this sort of thing to each other. Carrie went into a stall and i took the one right next to her. I pulled my pants and underware all the way down and sat on yhe toilet. I listened to Carrie do the same as she got situated on her toilet. I knew i ate way too much at lunch she giggled. Yea me too i said. Since i was fighting so hard to hold it in it didnt take long at all for my turd to begin sliding out. I heard a tell tale crackling sound coming from Carrie s stall. It sounded like her anus was opening up. Then Carrie left out a soft little moan. Are you ok over there? I asked her. Oh yea she replied giggling its just really streching me out good. We both laughed at that. Just then part of my turd broke off and hit the water with a loud splash. Sounds like your having an easier time over there said Carrie. Yea i think it was about a photo finish for me making it to the toilet i said. We both found that funny. Then Carrie s turd came out and hit the water with a loud splash and she farted. It was a pretty loud fart that echoed all throughout the restroom. We really got a good laugh from that. Just then a girl came in. It looked like she was just checking her makeup or something because she just stood in front of the mirror and left pretty quickly. She was probably in a hurry because we were really starting to stink. I was pretty well done by then so i started getting toilet paper ready for what was sure to be a big job. Carrie dropped some more turds and started tearing off tp top. Oh crap, hey old buudy old pal she said, would you be so kind to spare some toilet paper? Of course i replied. I torn off a long stretch for her and put it in her out streched hand under the privacy stall. Thaks your a life saver she told me. Glad to help i assured her. Do you need more i asked. Yea actually i do she said giggling. I gave her another long stretch and finished wiping myself. Dont flush yet she told me, i want to see whos is bigger. I said ok and laughed. Now i was really excited. Not only did i get to take a dump next to carrie but i d actually get to see the finished product. Carrie finished wiping and oped her door. Man we really stank it up in here she giggled. yea we did i said laughing myself. Carries turds were bigger by far. Ha ha beat ya she playfully sneared. Congratulations i said laughing . then we flushed our toilets and some how they both went down. We washed our hands and went back to work. When we got done for the day we walked out to our vehicles together. That was alot of fun today Carrie said to me with a pretty smile on her face. Yea i had fun too i said. She suggested we do it again sometime and i said i would really like that. Then she gave me a big hug. Unfortunately we never did get to poop together again as i got another job not long after that. We were even closer friends after that day and we still talk at least once a week and stay in close touch. I hope one day we do get the chance to fo that again and relive an awesome day together.

Anna from Austria

big poo and no toilet paper

Last Wednesday I had lunch with my coworkers at Mexican Restaurant. When I was about to finish work, my stomach started to rumble and i rushed to the ladies. I even let out a small fart on the way to the toilet. I hope nobody smelled it. I entered the Ladies and took one of the 2 stalls. Unfortunately, I did not check my surroundings, because the thing that was about to happen to me in a few minutes never happened before.

I looked the door pulled down my pants and my thong and as soon as I was seated my bum started to open and I did some very wet almost liquid poo and lots of farts. I was sitting on the toilet literally exploding for 3 or even 4 minutes. I do not know. My stomach did not agree with the spicy food I guess.

Then when I wanted to wipe, I saw that there was no toilet paper. I had no choice to leave the stall with my pants down but there was also no paper left !!!. There way even no paper left for washing the hands.

I was shocked and was thinking what I could do about it. Going home without wiping was out of the question because I am sure my butt was very dirty . So headed back to my first stall, to flush. Then I took the only chance I had. I took my smartphone and called one of my coworkers to help me out. Luckily she was still in the office. I explained to her the situation and luckily she agreed to help me out.

After 5 minutes of waiting she finally came along with a lot of tissue paper. She told me that she could not find any toilet paper in the other ladies room on our floor as well. So she took some tissues. I thanked her, then she left the room very quickly and I finally could wipe and leave the toilet as well. As expected I had to wipe a lot.

That's the story for today. I hope this will never happen to me again.

Had some other ladies here such unpleasant experiences as well?

greetings from Austria



Poo i did and survey

Hey all,

Today i was at the grocery store when i suddenly farted uncontrollably so I quickly ran to the closet bathroom, i pulled down my pants and started pooing immediately, it felt like a volcano erupted out of me. After the poop was all out i got up to see the poo and omg i filled the bowl so high with so many huge pieces and i knew that this would not flush. I sat down afterwards And wiped my bottom. After i was done I realised a couple of women walked in, I immediately panicked and was thinking 'shit I'm in the wrong bathroom', the women recognised the smell and said 'ew somebodys shitting' so they all ran out I imagine holding their noses. I got up and washed my hands and ran out. Once i got those women approached me and said ' hey you dumb ???? this is the women's bathroom you should've read the sign' and i said 'sorry i was in a bit of a rush' they said 'its ok you stinky ????' we all laughed and they went back to the bathroom with airwick in hand. I heard a huge scream 'EWWWW HE DIDN'T EVEN FLUSH HIS BIG SHIT' to which i made a run for it.

Guys i have a couple of questions for you all be free to answer if you want.

1. Have you ever seen someone poo?
2. Have you ever done a poo infront of someone?
3. How long do you take to wee/poo?
4. What's the most awkward moment you had in regards to poo/wee?

Thanks guys see ya soon

Thursday, July 05, 2018

Pete The Poop

Interesting find


Some great stories on here. I went for a pizza the other night and part way through I went to the single unisex toilet. I had a pee and then washed my hands and dried them with a paper towel. When I went to put in the bin as I lifted the lid I saw a pair of soiled panties. However they weren't massively soild from the looks of it. Which made me wonder how soiled would u need your panties to be before you binned them. Being in a restaurant I'd have been surprised if a spare pair was readily available unless ladies normal carry them,

The morning after at work following the pizza and drinking (footie) I had to have several poops. One when I got out of bed then a pretty explosive one at work that splattered around the bowel. Went to the 2 gender neutral toilets at the café at work and enjoyed a cup of tea after the relieving dump


Rules for 2018

This year I have set myself rules so for six months so far at home I only sit to pee and poop on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays. On Mondays and Fridays I squat for both, Tuesdays I sit to pee and Thursdays I sit to Poop.
In other peoples homes I always squat.
In public toilets I use urinals to pee but always squat to poop.
In unisex toilets I allow my self to sit if I follow a female

pete the poop
I'm amazed reading these stories at how much some people have to poop. Jane the secretary is one great example and funnily enough the gent she overheard. 45 minutes of on off pooping is wow. I sometimes go 2 or 3 times in relatively quick succession so I maybe I should just wait a bit longer.



At Church

I was talking to the churchwarden at the church about the shit that was left at the back door to the hall, (I know that men peed at the dust bins by the gate and that females peed in this door way). I was saying about why not extend the cctv to cover that door, he said it had not worked for over 15 years, (I thought that I could get to see females pee there if there was a camera put there but no). He then went on to tell me a anecdote from his past.

As a young policemen, he was assisting an older officer in keep an overnight watch in a town center shop to combat recent burglaries. They were on the premises of a shop with a recessed doorway with a glass door and letter box at the bottom, with blinds pulled down.
There was no sign of any action for hours, but as the pubs closed they hear voices, he was laid on the floor peering out under the blinds. To his alarm a huge man stopped outside the shop, furtively looking up and down the street, he beckoned to his accomplice to enter the doorway. He thought this is it!
When his young female partner in crime entered the doorway, turned around, pulled up her skirt, lowered her knickers, knelt down and started to pee in front of his very eyes!.
However his colleague, got his long truncheon, lifted the letter box and pushed it through until it touched her bum. She leaped up still in midstream and ran out of the doorway and up the street screaming her head off. Expected the male to return and check out her allegation but he believed she had imagined it.
The two police encountered no burglars that night!

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