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Blamed for Intern's Huge Dump

A few summers ago, I worked with a summer intern named Lindsey who had the habit (gift?) of taking these great huge dumps which never flushed down.

To preface this, and perhaps the reason I visit a site like this to begin with is I love pooping. I love the feeling so much and pooping is one of my most relaxing parts of my day. To me, the bigger the better. I get excited when my poop is bigger than normal.

I work for a very large and well known media company in LA. Being a big notable company, we get interns from all over the country. Well one summer about 3 years ago, we hired a college student named Lindsey. I don't recall exactly where she was from but it was somewhere near Chicago. She was lovely: nice, smart, attractive, just a wonderful person.

Despite being a huge company, the team I worked for was pretty small and so Lindsey was our only intern which meant I got to know her well. Despite me being 5 years older than her, we became good friends and have kept in touch since.

Just a few days into her internship, I came to work late one day because of an appointment. I made my usual stop in the restroom on the way in. Our group has a fairly secluded office space with its own small bathrooms. I went on in and found two of the three stalls were taken. The middle one was empty so I went in and realized it was empty because someone had taken a very large crap in it and it was clogged. I didn't stay long, but I saw a nearly full bowl of water with some shredded tp floating about. Under it all was what was clearly, despite the murkiness of the water, a huge piece of poo. I exited and waited for the next stall to open up. A minute later, my coworker Anne came out and I did my business.

Being such a small group, there wasn't a huge list of possible culprits. I just figured someone got constipated and ended up taking a big one. Keep in mind these were the jet flush toilets that seemingly could flush a tree trunk. It, evidently, took a seriously huge poop to block one of these toilets. A few days passed and I forgot about it.

The next Monday, Lindsey and I were in a meeting together for almost three hours. After the meeting, she immediately headed for the bathroom. I followed, needing to pee myself. I also had a bad stomach ache and was hoping to poop soon to maybe relieve it. When I got there, someone was already in the handicap and stall and Lindsey was just going into the opposite end one. I was left with the middle stall.

The third, unknown woman was just finishing up and left right as I sat down, leaving Lindsey and I alone. We were both peeing and while I trailed off after a minute she was still going strong. I sat there trying to poop but nothing was happening. Another few minutes and she finally finished. After a moment of nothing, I could hear her grunt and knew she was pooping. Not that I really cared, but she was clearly a loud pooper. She would grunt softly for a few seconds then pause. This went on for quite a while. Meanwhile there I was envious that she was able to get her poop moving. The cramped bathroom and our adjacency made it so that I could hear as her poop was loudly crackling out. She continued her pushing and grunting for a while still. By the noises alone coming from her stall I knew it was big. I finally heard a soft floomph noise as it sounded like it finally was done. Almost simultaneously she let out a very loud fart. Again, given my stomach ache I envied her fart.

Before she wiped she pulled the flush and the whoosh of the jet filled the silence. Instead of finishing though, it abruptly stopped and instead a muffled bubbling noise began. I could hear Lindsey mutter the f word under her breath and i realized she must've clogged it. She flushed again and it again didn't sound right. After a third flush a few seconds later, I could hear her roll off some paper and wipe a couple times. She flushed once more but it still sounded plugged, confirmed by a loud and exasperated sounding sigh. She pulled her pants back up and washed her hands and left.

As I sat there finally making some progress of my own, I put two and two together and realized it must've been Lindsey who clogged it last week too. While I was in there for another few minutes, two other women came in. The first opened the stall Lindsey had clogged and quickly shut it before taking a single step in. She moved on to the handicap stall and not long after another woman came in. Again she tried Lindsey's stall. This time I swear I heard a bit of a gasp as she too quickly backed out and waited for one of ours. I finally finished up and came out and it was my coworker Lexi who was one of my better friends. As i said hi she asked if I had seen the other stall. She said someone had taken a massive crap and jammed it. Not wanting to embarrass Lindsey, I pretended to not know anything about it. Lexi said we'll look if you don't believe me. I did and sure enough Lindsey had left a gigantic log clogging it. It looked like a giant, thick banana the way it was curved.

I went back to the restroom a few hours later and saw that the toilet was still clogged. I figured no one dared report it to the building staff for fear of being blamed for it. I also don't fault Lindsey for not saying anything either, who would want to be the new girl who clogged the toilet? The cleaning crew usually cleaned the restrooms in the late afternoon though so the toilet got unclogged by the next day.

I guess she just had quite the "gift", because she kept clogging the toilets about once a week for the rest of the summer. She finished her internship, which keep in mind was a few years ago now, and I haven't seen one of them get clogged since.

There were way too many occurrences to bother telling them all, but I will share the first time I "caught" her and got blamed for it…

A couple weeks after the previous event, I was again arriving to the office late and wanted to fix my hair a bit. As I headed into the bathroom, Lindsey was just exiting a stall. We smiled at each other and chatted briefly as she washed her hands while I checked myself out in the mirror. She dried her hands and left before I was done myself. I wasn't planning to, but I decided I'd just pee while I was in there. The other two stalls were taken so I had no choice but to go to the one Lindsey had just used. Big mistake. By that point I should've expected it, but she left a massive surprise waiting for me in the toilet. The water was still swirling around her gigantic potato-sized turd, so I knew she had tried to flush and clogged it. To be honest, calling it potato sized might be an understatement. It was sticking straight up and well out of the already higher than normal water level. If i wasn't an idiot, I'd have just waited for one of the other stalls, but for whatever reason I decided I'd just pee anyways. After ensuring I could (barely) sit down without making contact with the protruding log, I sat to pee. The seat was still warm, and while I was peeing I swear I could feel a bit of heat coming from inside the bowl. I finished up and tried another flush but the toilet immediately clogged again.

While I had been peeing, both other stalls had turned over and were then occupied by different women. I got up and walked out of the stall when just my luck a coworker of mine was just walking in. I knew her well so there's no way I could've said nothing. In a split second I had to decide to either: A. Tell her it was clogged before I used it and it wasn't my fault (yea suuuuuure) or B. Just tell her it was clogged, knowing she'd just assume I was responsible. I ended up going with B. She was already halfway into the stall as I told her so she saw Lindsey's enormous dump, and now I just took all the blame for it. She asked me "Mary, how on Earth did you do that," which by using my name also meant the other two woman would now think I did it too. I said I didn't know but that I'd alert the building staff. I told our receptionist the toilet was clogged, being as vague as possible to give myself what little deniability I had left.

I went back to pee again in the afternoon and there was an out of order sign on the toilet Lindsey clogged. Judging by the smell, her dump was still there. Later that day, we got an email from the building saying that since it was 4th of July week, the maintenance staff was very limited and that the out of order toilet in the women's bathroom on our floor wouldn't be fixed until tomorrow afternoon, and that our bathroom card keys would temporarily work on the floor above us.

I had to pee around lunchtime the next day and sure enough it was still out of order. Being the Friday before a holiday weekend, the office was nearly empty. It still smelled pretty bad, but not as bad as I expected. I was too curious to not look a second time and the bathroom was totally empty, so I pushed the door open. Clearly someone had worked on the toilet. Her log was largely gone, instead just a big wad of Tp and some big chunks of poo shoved into the hole. The water level was super low. For fun, I gave it a flush but it still clogged right back up. I could then more clearly see some big floating chunks. Lindsey had certainly done a number on that poor toilet. Any embarrassment notwithstanding, I can't imagine the thrill of taking a poo so large that you not only clog a public toilet but put it out of order for over 36 hours. This time I got out without being seen and went to the adjacent stall to pee.

As I was washing my hands, who else but Lindsey herself walked in. She did the pee-yew wave and said wow it still stinks in here. I joked and said yea someone must've had quite the poo, pointing to the clogged stall. Lindsey blushed and to my surprise admitted to being the culprit. I pretended to act surprised and she said yea, she usually had pretty big (more like massive) poops and often toilets would clog when she flushes them. I acted casual but secretly loved hearing about it and admired her openness. As I dried my hands and headed out, I joked she better not put another out of order. She laughed and assured me she was just peeing this time.

I have a few more stories about Lindsey, I'll share them if others are interested. Some of you other big pooping ladies on here may have some competition!


More questions :-)

David P, sorry to read about your prolapse, that sounds painful. Glad you're feeling better now at least. Sorry if I have lots of questions, but I think my boyfriend is having some digestion problems and I feel it's hard to approach it as he's very embarrassed or denying it or something like that. Sometimes I feel it's just me, I just don't want him to suffer needlessly! Were you embarrassed to seek medical help? What made you do it anyway? How can I support someone who is maybe going through something similar to what you had in a nice way? :)

Yeah, if you're travelling a lot just go for it! :-) I believe in you. Make sure to write a note here if you do have a bowel movement at work. How does travelling work for you regarding bathroom habits and so on?


Response to Audrey

Hey. Yes, we peed so much. It was crazy how much we peed and how much of it trickled down the rocks and in to the creek below us. I'm glad you are enjoying my stories. I can't wait to read yours. I am outside pooping right now. pushing a big log out and it's putting up a fight for sure. I'm going to try to switch up my squat stance. No, never done it for an enema effect. I really enjoyed the bidet toilet though. Hope you get to poop outside soon and can share it on here.


Crappy day at school

I wanted to end my week on a high so on Friday I took the plunge and decided it would be the day I crapped at school. I managed to pee at my morning break (YAY!) and during my fourth lesson I felt the familiar urge of mother nature knocking on my back door. I had finished my work so decided to make use of my special allowance and while everyone was occupied at the computers I slipped out to take a crap. I went to the main toilets which were now empty and took the stall that was furthest away from the entrance, against the wall. This bathroom has 10 stalls so the chance of a neighbour was slim even if I did have company.

I laid some toilet paper over the water, pulled down my shorts and panties and sat down. My heart was beating out of my chest, was I really about to do this? I'm sure it's absolutely nothing for most of you but it is a really big deal for me. It took me five minutes to calm down enough to start peeing with only a quiet patter from the paper and then it was time for the main event.

A small push was all that was required to make my butt dome and with a second, longer push I felt giddy with excitement as a firm log crowned. There was no changing my mind, or going back on my choices now, I would have to stay there for the remainder of the performance whether I liked it or not. I pushed out three logs in the space of a minute and cleaned up before going back to class with the biggest smile on my face. I still cannot believe I did it as I'm typing this! I don't think anyone noticed I was gone, even the teacher so I'll be taking advantage of that if I desperately need to pee.


Re: Tim's survey

Q: How often do you pee?

A: About once every 1-2 hours. I drink a gallon of water a day.

Q: How often do you poop?

A: I typically poop 3-4 times a day, usually once after each meal and again sometime at night. I eat like a horse, going through about 3,500 calories a day AND getting most of them from fresh fruits and vegetables along with legumes and seeds/nuts. I probably eat about 150 grams of fiber a day. I exercise a lot and am only 140 lbs at a height of 5'11". My craps tend to be large and well-formed. If my pooping routine is disturbed, where I skip one of my normal visits, my risk of causing a clog is high. For me, being constipated is not pooping for more than 24 hours. The results of those tend to cause clogs almost with certainty. I also keep a coat hangar bent into the shape of a hook as well as a plunger by my home commode because low-flow toilets cannot handle my loads, and clog on a weekly basis.

Q: Ever had someone of the same sex come to the toilet with you?

A: Many times, albeit in these cases I almost always had the coverage of a stall with a door. A former employer would even have conversations with me while I was farting and plopping away while sitting with my pants at the floor.

Q: Ever had someone of the opposite sex come to the toilet with you?

A: Sort of. The most notable incidents involved cleaning ladies coming in on me while I was standing at a urinal or sitting in a stall. I've also been intruded upon at friends' houses during parties, one incident where a woman came in while I was seated on the commode to get her car keys that she accidentally left behind, made possible because there was no lock on the door. I've also been walked in on by a young lady who was looking for toilet paper when I was using a public restroom at a park that had no privacy for the sit down toilet I was emptying my bowels into. I've also been intruded upon while peeing at a urinal, where females would enter the restroom. I suppose I could also count the times where I was using a residential bathroom and had to ask the female(s) who lived there for toilet paper, or the time I used an open toilet in a one-room apartment with 3 other people(2 of them female) present.

Q: What is the worst you have ever needed to pee?

A: Sophomore year of high school in 4th period before lunch. I drank 64 oz of water before going to school that day, and I didn't have a chance to pee until just before lunch. To make matters more awkward, some kids in the bathroom were smoking, and one of the younger and attractive female teachers smelled cigarette smoke from the outside boys' room and barged in while I was standing at the urinal peeing. There was no privacy partition. She probably saw my private. That teacher later apologized to me.

Q: What is the worst you have ever needed to poop?

A: I have many instances that could qualify, as that pretty much encompasses any time I was mere seconds from involuntarily crapping my pants. I've used many a doorless stall or open toilet or even ducked behind a bush in a situation this urgent. So I'll go with what may have been the biggest volume of poop I ever pushed at once. I had just finished a long bike ride, and was constipated. I hadn't gone in close to 2 days. When it wanted out, it came without much warning or nicety. I waddled into a gas station to use their restroom and it was unusable/out of order. When I tried to get back on my bike I was in immense pain. I felt the turtle's head kissing the back of my underwear as sharp pains shot up my abdomen with each pedal stroke and had to make a split second decision. I left a massive mount of excrement in the gas station's parking lot behind a dumpster. It was easily 7 lbs of poop. To make matters worse, the teenage clerk stepped in it when she went to take the trash out that night, checked the camera, and it turned out I was caught in the act. I learned this when I went to buy something the next day and she recognized me as the one who made the deposit. It was still there. Since I agreed to clean it up, it wasn't reported. It was very embarrassing.


The What-We-Were-Taught Debate

I'm sure some of us are finding commonalities in the discussion over what our parents taught us about going to the bathroom.

Yes, I got odd looks when I was about 5 or 6 and my dad's guest in the mens rooms when we were at a professional baseball or basketball game together. Most of the time I just had to wee and he did choose a toilet with a door. But now, some 25 years later I still can see big fat guys with their underwear at floor level sitting on a toilet, sometimes with their penis hanging on the front of the bowl, while they pushed the turds out. The grossest thing, and I remember tugging at my dad's arm, was a guy finishing off a hot dog as he sat on the toilet. Dad's reaction was to lower the front of my ball cap. In reflection, I was lucky because when dad selected the toilet, he would quickly wipe-down the seat. He was really fast at doing that and lucky for me because on more than one occasion, my pee started as soon as I bounced my butt onto the seat. I never had any trouble at school, but when I was with mom shopping, at a gas station or at the park, a few times I was in pain and leaking while she carefully tore off toilet paper and placed it on three sides of the seat before she let me sit down. I got lectured more than once when I slid myself onto the seat and got off the papers. I was stubborn and petrified that I was going to have an accident. When I questioned her about why she was so strict compared to the parents of my friends, mom would say some pretty horrible things about my friends not having been taught right. When she would find that I had to poo just ten minutes after we arrived at the mall I would get another stern reminder that normal girls planned such activity to be done before they left home. I don't know how many times I was told that my grandpa sometimes held his poos for much of his work day because the toilets at his industrial plant were so gross.

Dad would laugh when I tried with all the might of my arm and sometimes both arms to flush a public toilet. Once he demonstrated foot-flushing but in trying it I lost my balance and feel backwards, almost across the toilet. Mom would belittle me when I wasn't successful with the normal foot flush. Then out of frustration she would rip off toilet paper, wrap it around my hand, and then help me push down the flusher. She would let me wipe myself by myself standing, but after the second or third strip of toilet paper, she would take a look and tell me that I had to wipe more forcefully in cleaning myself. Then came the conclusion that if I had my poos at home like normal people we wouldn't be having he problem. By age 7 or 8 I gave up trying to argue with her about why I was being treated so differently compared to my friends.

When I got to junior high and started spending more time with my friends, I became much less inhibited about my mom's bathroom hangups.
No way was I going to lay toilet paper over the toilet seat at school before I sat down for my morning crap. No way was I going to risk a detention when I would sit for a quick minute-long pee between classes. The toilet paper that was available was already in short supply after a few hours. No way was I going waste it in spreading it over the seat before I sat down. Unlike my mom's teachings, I was surprised at the number of friends I had who joined me in the bathroom each morning before classes began. And in the afternoon, right after dismissal bell, others used the toilet before boarding the bus or taking a walk over to a friend's house to study or mess around.

In the high school I went to for 9th & 10th grade, the toilets had those paper seat covers you could pull down and use. When my mom visited the school at parent-teacher conferences, she stopped in a bathroom and discovered them. Now we were back to square one. Questions were asked, even with some of my friends visiting our house, as to how many times we had used the school toilets that day (several), did we use one of the seat protectors (of course not) and mom started to get angry with me again. So for a semester or two I gave in to her nagging and started using the covers because some of the seats were wet and sticky but after waiting several minutes for a toilet to become vacant, I just wanted to sit and take a good pee. Once I got into the habit of not sitting directly on an uncovered seat, just before my 16th birthday, my parents moved to the other side of the country because dad had lost his job. My new high school didn't have the seat papers and there was something that even incensed my mom more. Instead of toilet paper rolls on the stall panels, there were these metal holders with a stack of toilet paper squares that you would take. The squares were made a really cheap paper and you had to make sure that in wiping yourself, the paper was always above your hand because otherwise your thumb or forefinger would get dirty.

So I abandoned the seat-covering and went back to sitting direct-down on the seat. What I do is emphasize hand-washing and this attitude, in direct defiance of my mom, served me well through college and to this day as a full-time employee of a financial services firm. Once or twice a year I go shopping with mom and always must remember about her public bathroom rules. A couple of years ago I stopped with her at a gas station. While she pumped, I hurried in to get on the toilet before I crapped my pants. While I was crapping she knocked and needed to borrow my credit card. I handed it to her and she could see I was breaking at least three of her rules. I got nagged for much of the trip.

Stinky restroom
So I hung it with some friends and got pretty wasted at one of their houses. Me and this girl, we'll call her Milly, slept on a futon for the night. While we were pretty drunk we somehow got to the topic if whose shits the worst and apparently it was agreed upon that it was Milly.The next morning she was in the bathroom for around 10 mins then said her goodbyes and left. After she left I went to use the restroom and could smell the diarrhea she must of had. It was more of a noticeable stench instead of downright nasty like I expected. There just something about the opposite sex stinking up a bathroom that intrigues me.Anyone else have a good experience of using the restroom after someone and smelling an almighty stink?

Saturday, June 19, 2021


Some comments and replies

Hi everyone, just a few comments/ replies tonight as I'm short on time, will try to post more soon.
David P- Sorry to hear you're constipated again. You asked if I had any other health issues related to constipation and luckily I seem to be fine otherwise, I hope that continues! I do get a sore bum and bleeding quite a bit after a hard poo but I haven't noticed anything else so far.
Jasmin K- great to hear from you again and good to hear that your boyfriend is so understanding when your struggling to have a poo.
Imogen- thanks for your comment, unfortunately there wasn't anywhere for Katie to squat so we just had to hurry home, luckily we made before she wet her knickers!
Iris- glad to hear you've managed to have a successful wee at school a couple of times. I hope you manage to pluck up the courage to go for a poo at school but as you say its probably best not to rush things. When I was at school I had similar problems as I never had time to have a poo before school either, I'm also guessing as you said you wait until you get home that you start to need a poo at some point during the school day which as you say can then get pretty uncomfortable. I would usually get the urge for a poo late morning and would go on the loo at lunchtime when I was at primary school and that worked fine, but once I started secondary school I really hated the school loos, they were disgusting, not at all private and horrible girls used to hang round in there and after I got looked in on and walked in on a few times I stopped going for a poo at school completely. I'm not really shy about using public toilets but those experiences did put me off, luckily when I got to Year 10 some new toilets opened up which were alot nicer and so I was able to start having a poo at school again, unfortunately by then I had got constipated because I'd been holding it in and I've suffered on and off ever since. My advice is to either use the loo at really quiet times when your pretty confident no-one else will be around or actually the other end of the scale, when the loos are so busy that with doors slamming and toilets flushing etc no-one would notice you amongst everyone else, when I was at school I actually preferred the last scenario as anything I was doing just sort of blended in. If you have different toilet blocks you can use it might be worth seeing if there are any differences between them, again in my school there were certain toilets that always seemed to be more popular for pooing, I always felt more relaxed on the loo when girls in next door cubicles were having a poo as well so I knew it wasn't just me! Anyway I really hope it goes well for you, let us know how you get on.
I'll post again soon when I get a moment, bye for now!!

Emma two

I blocked the toilet at work

I hadn't pood since Saturday and I managed to get a few nuggets out on Tuesday morning. I didn't want to use laxatives because they are so unpredictable and I've had way too many accidents as a result. Instead I decided to eat healthy for a couple of days. I had lots of fresh vegetables and I was drinking nothing but fruit juices.

On Thursday afternoon I was finishing work when I really had to go so bad and I knew I wasn't going to make it home in time so I had to go at work. I went to the toilets who were packed and I had to wait about 5 minutes to get into a cubicle. When Linda from the wages office came out she had a red face and she said she sorry about the smell but she had a bad stomach. I was so desperate I didn't really care about the smell because I was about to poo myself and I rushed in after her and slammed the door shut and locked it. I ripped my jeans and knickers down together and I sat down on a very warm toilet seat and relaxed. I felt my poo shoot out into the toilet like a machine gun and what a relief it was. It was a massive load and when it stopped I still had to go so I pushed not giving a second thought about whether it would all flush down. I peed at the end and when I felt completely finished it felt so good to get rid of it all. I wiped my bottom a few times and pulled my knickers and jeans back up before crossing my fingers and flushed the toilet. The water came up about half way up the bowl and it just stayed there leaving most of my poo mixed with toilet paper in the bottom and some of it was floating around on the surface. I left quickly hoping no one noticed it was me who clogged the toilet and walked to the bus stop to go home. I felt bad about leaving the toilet like that but it was less embarrassing than facing the music for blocking it with my massive load.


To Emma two

Hi Emma two

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my questions.

I also enjoyed reading your most recent stories.

Hopefully, you will be able to post more stories when they arise.

I hope you and the other people who post on this forum keep well in these difficult times.



Reply to Mike

Hi Mike I hope you are well and life is being good to you . I posted a reply a few days ago that didn't appear on Toilet stool . Anyway , here I am now . I think it would be fun if people arranged to go to the toilet at a certain time of the day or night and also spoke on the phone while on the toilet . Sorry if I've shocked with that . I hope you'll reply soon . Eileen xx


Reply to Robyn and Victoria

Nice to meet you too!

Your parents sound like a good sort. I make sure my son goes with his father and older brother sometimes just so he knows boys have their own way of going, he just spends so much of the day with just me, I'm his biggest example.

I've never had any hang ups with public toilets myself. I use them and I let my boys use them whenever necessary. At most, I just need to wipe the seat down.

And thank you! I hope it keeps going well too. I'm sure we'll have him out of diapers before Thanksgiving. But if he's anything like his brother, he'll want keep going together for a few more years.

Mina, Hisae, Kazuko, Maho

huge bakery part 4 (last part)

OK, this is last part. Mina is terrible chatter box, but if you go sleep half way through story, you can always read second part after you wake up.

So sweet Kazu is on loo, Hisae beside of her, Maho and Mina on zabuton at entrance to loo. We still looking to each other warm eyes but we stopped to cry. Now eyes are dry. But Kazu said, she will certainly start to cry again before she finish to pinch mega bakery. I don't surprise. Perhaps I will also start loud crying uncontrollable.

Kazu did wee first. We all four did wee first this time. Maybe it is best we do wee first, then we can concentrate to pinch bakery. Then she did noisy o-nara, twice, that is farts. And then small o-nara.

Kazu said to Mina and Maho, "don't look at me so warm eyes. You will make me cry."

I said her, "I can't help. With Kazu-chan, 24 hours a day my whole body include eyes is wa~" -- Maho pinched my bottom strongly. Her message is, Minappé don't finish this sentence. So I am o-damari, it is mean shut up.

Kazu moved her right knee a bit, same like Maho did, so we (Maho and Mina) can see loaf when it comes out from Kazu's beautiful bottom. Her face become to be tense a bit even she is smiling to us, we look carefully, brown loaf started appear. Quite fat one. Not so fast. Kazu was fidget for last part of Maho's long motion, so we though she do very quickly, but she has strong will!! Loaf became longer and longer, then broke, Plop in loo, and still coming out, finally it was 4 times plop and then finish 1st one. It was baguette! But Kazu's face tell us, second one is getting ready to go out from her beautiful bottom.

Second one start to appear and it is also baguette, got to very long and broke and plop, plop, plop.

Kazu stood up, Mina and Maho looked in loo, beautiful it is!! Then Hisae flushed. Kazu sat down and said Aah aah aah because Hisae start massage.

Loaf appeared, this time it was only one and not so long, plop into loo, next one appear at once, Kazu is constant pinch, plop, pinch, plop, pinch, plop, total is six. I put hand on Kazu's left knee and immediately there is tear on my hand. Kazu is start to cry. She squeeze my hand hard.

But her beautiful bottom is quiet now. For five minutes it doesn't move.

"Kazu-chan you finish?"


She is little bit tears, but not so much.

Suddenly she gives huge o-nara. Wow! Then two little o-naras, then large loaf appear, come down faster than before ones and Plop into loo and strong smell. We breathe deep breath and Kazu said, "Mô!" and give me little smack on hand which is on her knee. So Maho put her hand on Kazu's other knee, then Kazu smacked, and said "mô" again but smaller voice because her beautiful bottom start to strain, we can see tension.

Suddenly tension become stronger very much, beautiful bottom domed out and huge super-soft loaf come out, burururururururururu! Ten seconds later, again bururururururururu! "Aaaah" Kazu said, and squeeze hands of Mina and Maho, then turn to Hisae and make noise of love (we think). Kazu stood up because she sensed we wanted to see. It was not loaf in loo. It was icing covered all loaves. Our bakery makes best eclairs, cover with brown icing. Beige loo says, it is delicious very much. Hisae said, "Stand" Kazu stood and loo ate all buns and icing.

Kazu sat down again. "Nearly finish." She stopped to weep when she gave huge bururururururu. So her eyes dry now. But I am weeping just little, and Maho caress my bottom to cheer me up.

Kazu gave little pieces of icing for loaf, but no more loaf. Then she moved her bottom to cover loo completely, that is mean "finish" and Hisae pressed washlet button. Then Hisae dried her, then Maho, then Mina last. Off course many whimper noise, and I think all four weeping little bit (crushes confirmed that later).

Hisae gave last flush and beige loo ate all. Then we washed hands well with warm water because loaves are beautiful but they have bacteria so we want to be careful. Then we hugged long time, and then I made tea for everyone and we drank. And said love words and kind things each other.

How beautiful time we had. I hope you like our four-part story.

Emma Two: I want to say "mô" to Sarah. Why she said she can't believe! You seemed that you did so healthy motion! Very big motion is very healthy! Sarah have to say, "Wow Emma your motion is wonderful! I am happy for you!" But you can say same thing because Sarah also did healthy motion. And Sarah is very kind girl to go to shop and get loo paper for you while you relax on loo with plop noise and burururururu noise and feel comfy. Of course she have to go to shop because she use all paper. I remember you wrote, she did huge motion in woods while you walking. She is very honest girl.

If you have to flush twice to "make sure", perhaps it is better you flush in middle of your motion and then do more? End result of water is same and you can finish motion relax style without worry about clog.

We hope you and Sarah have happy life together and when it is need, you do huge healthy motions take long time, with no worry. Smell is normal, you have to make, it is will of the God.

I stop now. Kazu made delicious tea, I want to drink, and kiss her and other crushes a lots and lots. And I think Chae is impatient to pinch my bottom.

Love to Everyone.

Maho Hisae Kazuko Mina

Robyn and Victoria

To Elvia, about potty training

Hello, it's nice to meet you!

Neither of us has any kids but what you're doing with your son is exactly how we were both potty trained! In both cases our parents would take us into the bathroom with them but that's where the differences start. I'll turn it over to Robyn now.

Hi, I'm Robyn! Victoria's absolutely right, it was her mom that potty trained her but in my case it was the parent of the opposite sex. My mom's a doctor and for the first eight years of my life I was raised by a stay-at-home dad because she was so busy at work, sometimes on call for sixty hours in one week! It led to them getting divorced but it was on good terms, they see each other regularly and she gets along great with my stepmom and two younger sisters from dad's second marriage.

Anyway, I was potty-trained by him and that meant some odd looks on occasion when he would take me into the men's room. We'd always go into a stall and even if he only had to pee he'd do it sitting down in order to make sure I got the impression that it was what I was supposed to do when I used the toilet. In order to make sure that I remembered to wipe every time he would as well, teaching me to unroll a little extra paper and hold onto that to flush. Overall it worked out pretty well a few peeing accidents aside I was out of pull-ups and into normal panties pretty quickly. Victoria on the other hand, well I'll let her talk.

It's Victoria again. Potty-training me was my mom's responsibility and I was a bit more of a handful than Robyn, back then and today. I never had any problems with peeing but for a long time I'd have to put on a pull-up for number two. My mom eventually hit on having me wear one when I needed to poop and then have me sit on either my potty or a full-size toilet with a seat adapter when it was time for me to go.

Eventually I'd just drop the pull-up when it was time to go number two and that was important because my mom had a HUGE hang-up about using public bathrooms that she never really explained. I was expected to poop at home, end of story. Public toilets always had to be foot-flushed and I did struggle with accidents early in my school years. There were probably four or five of those, and I'm sure that being self-conscious or ashamed of my body's needs contributed somewhat. To this day I'm closer to my dad than my mom. Empathy and compassion are better than rigidity and inflexibility!

We hope your son's potty training continues to go well!

Victoria and Robyn

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Nothing beats having a good shit with someone in the next cubicle, listening to each others grunts, plops and sighs
Thenlistening to toilet papers circling the bum hole for a wipe

Emma two

Answers to your questions

To kmd:

Hi kmd:
In answer to your questions, I felt the need for poo when I first got to work but I didn't want it to appear like I was late for work so I thought I'd wait for a few minutes. Ten minutes later the phone rang and that few minutes ended up being an hour. I did have to pass wind while I was on the phone but I didn't want to risk it because it would probably be more than just wind. I also found it difficult to focus on the call whilst trying my best to not to have an accident in my knickers. I started to go as soon as I got seated and when I realised Lisa was sitting in the next cubicle I felt embarrassed but there was nothing I could do to stop it and to be honest it was such a relief I didn't care any more. I did have to go once more in the afternoon but I was able to get to the toilet straight away so that wasn't a problem. When I got home I went to the toilet again but it wasn't too bad and I felt fine so I guess whatever it was that upset my stomach was out of my system.

David P

Some replies and questions

Jasmin K: Great to hear an update from you again, it has been a while. Sounds like you are still struggling with constipation after all this time. Although it is so nice that your boyfriend is now the person who caught you in the Hotel. Funny how these strange events can lead to love. In answer to your question, how I got the red pipe/prolapse to stop coming out. I am not sure is my answer, I have mentioned about the trip to doctors with chronic constipation, they gave medicine which I was on for a while and after some time then going more regularly (before I would sometimes go over a week without a poo), I was going every day or every other day and it was much softer so after a while the prolapse just stopped happening. I think if you find a way to stop straining it will eventually stop, all it is is that you have developed a weakness so you are pushing out your rectum instead of poo. I wonder how common the prolapse issue is, people on here like Abbie that suffer with constipation, did you ever have a prolapsed rectum when straining?

Jennifer: Yes I am embarrassed to poo in public be that at work or actually anywhere that is even a little public. I am never working at the same place more than a few days as I travel, so suppose if I ever needed to poo I would never see them again ha. I do not ever try to poo I just usually hold on until I get home. I've only ever done it very rarely as I hate is so much. I so wish I was more 'brave'. Partly my reason for being on here is to try and get encouragement to poo in public. Maybe one day.

Iris: That is good that your school have given you a note for your medical condition that you can go Wee in the middle of class. You say you want to try pooing in school. I know how hard that must be. But how about you present your card in the middle of a class when the loos will be quite and do a poo without anyone around?

Jas: Wow blue poo, I have never had any other colour than brown. Must have been a sight. Did you see the poo log being blue or just the water?



So i've been trying to find a new place to live, and in the meantime i'm staying alone in a place. The stress has been interfering with my body a bit, and that includes.. toilet stuff. Some days i've gone #2 three or four times. Luckily, i have total privacy now which is a blessing; i always, before, used to try and wait until the others left the house, or else i'd run the shower while I went and stuff. The downside of this new instability though means i've had to go at awkward times the last few weeks. A few dats ago, I had to use a public toilet for the first time in forever, which I HATE. I was in the supermarket when the urge suddenly dropped and my stomach twisted. I knew I needed a poo but I dreaded doing it away from home, but home was too far for me to hold it, so I reluctantly made my way there.

I hurried in there and there was a guy peeing and one of the 2 cubicles was locked. I went into the other one and locked it. There were some improvements. I used to use these toilets as a teen unwilling to use the school ones, so i'd rush to them on my way home as a slightly more anonymous place to go. Back then, they had flimsy locks and the doors only stretched about down to just above your ankles. That door got pushed open on me too many times. Now, I saw that it had a more secure lock, and a door big enough that you can't see each others' feet, which was nice. But there were other changes too.

The toilet no longer has a seat, but instead is just some kind of "basin" that you sit on. Feels all weird. I couldn't be picky though, so I started wiping it and putting toilet paper over it. The next cubicle flushed and left without washing his hands, which was gross. I heard the door shut and the room sounded empty; I couldn't look under to see if the guy peeing had also left, so I just hoped the toilets were empty as I lowered myself onto the basin. Listening, I couldn't hear even a sound, so I figured the coast was clear. I pushed, and with a fart a bunch of semi solid waste started plopping into the toilet. I sighed then immediately got off the toilet and flushed before the smell could spread, before sitting back down and wiping. When I was done wiping nobody had cone in yet thankfully, so I quickly flushed again and went to wash my hands.

Emma two

Dirty knickers behind the shops

I was walking home from my local shops this morning and as I was passing the alley behind the shops I noticed a lot flies buzzing around near some bushes and when I looked closer there was a pair of knickers that were full of diarrhoea. I'm guessing the girl must have been bursting by the size of her accident and I reckon it would've been running down her legs when it happened. I've been there myself a few times so I know how she felt. I just hope for her that no one saw her because she would have been so embarrassed.



When I was younger I peed in the couch. I did it with my older sister. It was actually her idea but of course I liked it too and I went right along with her. At first we tried to be neat about it. We didn't really want to make too much of a mess so we didn't just sit on the couch and pee. Instead we left the middle cushion where it was and we moved the other two cushions over which formed two gaps in between the three cushions. That was where we were going to pee. We got on our knees facing the back of the couch and got ready. We were both hovered over the gaps between the cushions. I'm pretty sure she started peeing before I did because when I started going I looked over at her and she was already going too. I remember it was a little more splashy than we thought it would be. I also remember noticing that her pee was getting onto the back of the couch a little bit. But then when I told her she just said "it's ok" and kept peeing. That's when I decided to let mine get on the back of the couch too. We both peed like that until we were done peeing. When we were done most of it did go into the couch under the cushions and out of sight. But there was still a little bit on the back of the couch and also on the sides of the cushions a little bit.

To the person who asked, the most public toilet I have used is probably a thunderbox with no screen or anything, just in the open for all to see!
Pebbles:great story, especially the part where you poo in the trashcan on the balcony, I love that sort of thing!
Sherryl: I loved hearing your stories, although I'd prefer to keep politics out of this. Its always great to hear that you got a friend on board, I hope she joins you for more exploits! Did you two piss much? I haven't had much experience with bidets, but it sounds fun to play with! Have you considered douching or doing an enema with it? It would be fun to fill up with it and let it all out at the same time! Im excited to hear more naughty pissing and shitting, I'm also excited to do more myself!
Mina: loved your story again, have you and the crushes ever considered all squatting in a circle and pooing and peeing at the same time, perhaps on the floor (with toilet paper or something to protect the floor, if you wish!) Or in containers, one or two of you could squat on top of the toilet, one could use the trashcan, one could use the bath, and one could use the sink. You might need to clean up quickly it would be so much funnnn!!!!! :D

1. Have you ever been in a car on a road trip or just a basic car trip while bursting to pee but couldn't ?
Yes, pretty much every car trip, waiting between rest stops.
2. On car/road trips, did you're your parents ever let you use public pottyrooms and if they did was it always or just under certain circumstances ? Have you ever been desperate to pee-pee in school and where denied by your teacher ? If so why ?
Yes, my parents would allow me to use public bathrooms to avoid accident. My teacher did deny me after kids kept pooing on the floors and walls of the bathroom, in addition to the sink and lockers, we got banned from using the bathrooms. I did have one massive pee accident. After that I decided to obey, although when staying after school one day, I was fairly desperate and drop a couple of poos in my cubby and left a decent puddle of pee. My whole class got a talking to for that.
3. Did your parents ever make you hold in your pee as punishment and/or because they thought holding sessions would teach you to be tough ?
Yes they did, only if I was nagging them about it. Actually I grew to like the challenge although I did sometimes pee myself.
4. Have you ever been embarrassed to ask to use the potty in class ? If so why ?
Yes, but only a little because of the general social stigma. I'm pretty enough now that no one cares.
5. Have you ever been watched by a classmate and/or neighborhood kid of the opposite sex while peeing ? If so where you embarrassed by it ? If you where embarrassed why ? If you where embarrassed by it did they comfort you ?
Yes, my friend jack and I did this a lot, sometimes with some other kids, some of them were sometimes embarrassed, but Jack and I always were open and supported them!
6. In what position/moment did you usually use to pinch it back ? I.e crossing you legs, grabbing it, clenching your little toes, tapping you little feet, full on potty dance and any other way I might not have thought of etc.
Crossed legs and potty dance.
7. Have you ever been bladder tortured by a sibling ? I.e. them making you hold it and/or showing you something that has to do with water, pee-peeing, potties/toilets bathrooms, pressing/poking on you bladder, teasing a poke/push on your badder etc. If so, what was the outcome of the situation and what was that siblings response to whatever the out come was ? I.e. where they laughing at you, making fun of you etc.
Yes, my older sister did this once or twice. I held it for a while, then peed all over her shoes.
8. What terms did you use to refer to pee-pee ?
Pee, pee-pee.
9. What terms did you use to refer to your privets ? I.e. Pee-pee, kitty cat, penis, gina (as in the term that some little girls use when they are trying to say vagina), Peter, pecker etc.
Vagina, privates, pee hole.
10. What terms did you use to refer to your little butt ?
Booty, butt, poo hole, poophole, bottom.
11. What terms did you use to refer to the potty/toilet ? Potty, toilet, poo chair, poop chair, pee chair, poo pot, poop pot, pee pot.

Are Benjamin, Rose Y, or Juliet from France still around? I've always love their stories.

Marie: how did you break your potting habits to your friends, and get them to join in? In general, any recent stories?


Public bathrooms are too small!

I'm going to be in 8th grade in the fall. This summer I'm in a middle school leadership program that teaches us about our city and state. We have a lot of guest speakers who really seem to care about us and all the things we can accomplish when we grow up. There's one thing that I can see right now that's needed. More toilets and space in public bathrooms.

A large van picks us up at our homes early each morning. My situation is different than with many of my friends who live in larger, multiple toilet homes. My home is probably the smallest. Our one toilet is shared by a large family and three generations under one roof. Unless I get up at 5 a.m. there is likely going to be a line for our toilet. So I spend my time getting dressed and out on the porch when the van pulls up and sounds the horn. Some mornings that means I haven't peed since the night before. Most of my craps are ready in the morning and often I'm forced to hold them in just in order not to hold up our group.

Such was the case the other morning when we had an almost 2 hour ride to our state capitol. My family calls it gross, but I was in agony in trying to hold in what grandpa calls a full pack as the van was bouncing on this really rough highway. I lucked out though when our teacher said we were going to make a pit-stop for gas. He said he was the only person getting out, that he was only pumping the gas, and that we were running behind. He said a senator and a group of reporters were waiting for us. Luckily because I was seated next to the door and got out and plead my case to our teacher. I literally ran around several pumps and trucks to get inside. The ladies door was locked but I looked to my right and the mens was wide open. The seat was down and it was splashed but I refused to be the reason our group was late. What I had been painfully holding immediately popped out of me. I grabbed for the toilet paper. All gone. I noticed a brown paper towel on the sink. I scrunched it up for about a 2 second wipe. Then I dropped it in the toilet, not even bothering to flush or wash my hands.

Luckily my timing was perfect. Our teacher was just putting up the hose. We got to our reserved room in the capitol right on time and our senator speaker was ready to start. I saw 2 other students whisper to our teacher and I think they needed to use the bathroom too. I could see him shake his head No and then point them to their seat. When he is mad he has this really strict look on his face. Me and my friend Phyllis were talking about toilet rules at lunch. She wonders if our teacher has ever crapped or taken a pee on school time. He sure doesn't allow us to have any emergencies. Phyllis brought up a good point. She said many older buildings have about the same number of toilets for women as they do men. There should be double the number for women because it takes them longer.

When I got back home I had to run my new undies through the washer twice. My older brother caught me downstairs doing that. He was understanding. He even says that most of his friends in high school try to avoid using the toilets. They are crowded and in bad condition, he said. He hurries home right after school gets out in order to take his crap. But, OK, I'm a morning crapper and I don't think it is fair.


Mirror, mirror, on the floor...

The year was 2004. I was a college student at the time. It was an exam day for two back to back courses, and I had classes in a new building for my sophomore year that I never had been to in the year prior. This building was all of the way across campus from the main building that most of my courses, including the previous course before the exam, were in. I was sick with some sort of cold or flu virus, had been holding in a raging torrent of diarrhea for the last 30 minutes because I didn't have time before the exam to use the restroom between classes, and quickly left the classroom after handing in my exam. I never used the restroom on this particular floor before, but it was quite urgent so I chose to use it instead of seeking out the familiar single-stall one on the basement floor below.

I walked into the restroom and noticed a thick brick wall in the center, directly in front of the entrance. On the right were a row of urinals with no partitions. On the left were three stalls with a lone sink located in the far corner, in front of the back stall. The stalls were made out of thick wood and had a rustic appearance, as if they were from the late 19th or early 20th century. I noticed that the floor was a black tile and extremely shiny, but the hazard it contained did not occur to me as I rushed toward the first stall, noted a wet floor with the commode flooded, saw feet with pants wrapped around ankles in the adjacent middle stall with the occupant blasting away what sounded like diarrhea, and then rushed to stall #3 in the back of the room by the wall, mere seconds from unloading into my pants.

I locked the stall door, dropped my pants, sat my ass down, and exploded. It was loud, wet, chunky, and stinky. It sounded like a series of wet farts accompanied with pouring a change jar into a wishing well, and because of my contribution, smelled like a dog had vomited up garbage. I'm sitting on the wall-mounted modern toilet(juxtaposed to the rustic partitions) blatting away, pleased at my new-found relief, and then I noticed something unusual. I could see a mildly wavy view of my reflection on the floor in front of me, and after I turned to my left, what looked like my reflection to my left side showing off the side view of my bare ass planted on the wall-mount toilet looking toward the floor. Curious, I stare at my reflection to the left and ponder this, only to realize that the reflection on my left side was reflecting in the wrong direction, and the clothes didn't match what I was wearing as I noticed the pants matched those of the feet in the adjacent stall to my left. It wasn't me that I was staring at. Another person's face was staring at my reflection on the floor as I stared at theirs.

I looked away as soon as I realized what I was looking at, still plopping away loudly as the torrent of diarrhea would not stop. The dude in the adjacent stall had the same problem, from the sound of things, loudly farting/plopping away machine-gun bursts of what sounded like liquid feces. The person looked a lot like me, and we had both just made a very awkward view at each others reflections in the floor with our pants down and bare asses planted on the porcelain furnishings while our bowels were making disgusting noises. People were walking in and out of the restroom to use the urinals on the wall behind us and I could also see the reflections on the floor of the pissers who had journeyed to the back corner sink to wash their their hands in front of my stall. While I didn't notice the adjacent pooper's reflection on the floor when I walked in, my ability to see the hand washers on the floor from my seated position also meant that they may have been able to see me and the person in the adjacent stall reflecting off of the floor. No one said anything.

The toilet paper roller was placed low near the bottom of the stall partition on the left hand side, requiring me to lean over to my left to roll the paper, and again, I could see this dude's reflection on the floor. He was also wiping. It was not intentional on my part, but the toilet paper wasn't placed on the right hand side at hand level as I was used to, and I had to look around to find it. Fortunately, the dude was no longer staring at my reflection, but I had seen enough to know who this person was and I was certain this person had known who I was as well. I pondered whether I should wait for him to leave first, and then remembered I had an exam coming up in a few minutes.


I wiped up as quickly as I could and got the hell out of the stall. The next classes were about to start in a minute or two, and both of us had an exam in that next class.

By the time I had finished washing my hands at the sink and was drying them with paper towels, the person in the adjacent stall exited. Disturbingly, it sure enough was the person I had thought it was. As he headed to the sink, he made a nervous laugh, face beet red with embarrassment, and said "Uhh... sorry about that." I said nothing. As much as I wish I could un-see certain things and as much as I regretted this restroom experience, I could surmise that neither of us had intended to view each other crapping. The only minor consolation was that both of us had endured the same embarrassing predicament, literally(literally, in the archaic meaning of the word "embarrass", given that our asses were rendered bare through the reflection in the floor as we shat next to each other).

I'd seen this kid before in my Computer Science class and Chemistry class in 2003 during the 1st semester of Freshman year, and both of us shared the elective Theology class that was coming up in a few minutes. We had similar faces, looked very young for our age, were roughly the same weight and height(~5'11'' and ~130-ish lbs), wore thin wire-framed glasses, spiked our hair, and unfortunately, both of us just moments prior learned the other similarly had hairless legs and asses thanks to the restroom floor doubling as a mirror. This was the most awkward crapping session at college to date. At least on orientation night, me and the hot chick didn't see each other while seated next to each other...



Dear Pebbles....I was once, a long time ago a shameful pooper. Not any more...I use public toilets regularly and grunt to my hearts content.
You need to be able to shit when your husband is would be so much better.
I recall a very long time ago I went into a public toilet at the mall food court and I was standing at the trough having a wee...and this young lad probably , maybe around 14..about my age walked in and approached the trough going to undo his fly and diverted to a cubicle...dropped hos trousers grunted and this enormous thud hit the toilet and grunted again and this enormous thud hit the toilet again....he started to wee and at that stage I had finished and left the speculating if he had not sat on the toilet then...the turds he dropped sounded gigantic and hard...if he had have put it off it might have impacted!
I read with interest your situation Pebbles and the consequence of not having a poo when you needed to.
It would be great if you could report back on how you are progressing in that department. Good Luck!

Victoria B.

It's here!

Great news: the new toilet is here and working!
Someone from building maintenance installed it and my bidet onto the seat yesterday. Robyn's visiting her dad, stepmom and younger sisters this weekend but when she gets back to the city she'll be in for a nice surprise!

It wasn't long before it got its first meal either. I was doming underneath my panties as the maintenance person worked and at one point I had to sneak off for a fart. At one point he asked me to sit down (fully-clothed) to see if the seat had been installed correctly and if I was comfortable on it. The elongated seat and bowl fit my 5'10" butt perfectly but having to clench as hard as I could to prevent having a full accident (on the toilet no less!) made it a little less comfy!

When he was finally done and left I ripped my shorts and panties to my ankles and sat down, unleashing a pee that gushed and hissed so hard that it made the rest of my vulva feel warm. Meanwhile, further below I could feel myself dome wider and start to pinch. Two small pieces landed with nice plops and kept me open long enough for a full loaf to land with a splash. The water level on my Japanese toilet is noticeably lower than on normal American toilets and that's going to create some fun acoustics!

I sat for minute and took my glasses off, savoring the feelings inside my body. I could feel the lingering warmth even after the cool water of the bidet washed me and I dried it off with toilet paper. I got up and dressed myself again before very carefully washing my hands with soap and hot water under the sink. Normally I flush first but in this case it was also to buy time to think about what to do for Robyn. By the time I dried my hands off it came to me.

I took a photo of the bowl and then switched my phone to video. The new toilet has a dual-flush system that's controlled by a handle on the left side and not a button on top. I started the video, reached forward with my left hand and pulled the handle forward for a full flush before watching everything go down and stopping the video. I stayed on my phone, and switched over to messaging to text the photo and the video to Robyn, along with a caption just for her and not to be shared. Needless to say, she's excited to give it a try!

Thank you again to all four of you. We love all of you and submit the nickname of the gray loo for your approval. It's the main paint color in my ensuite!


David P


Here again everyone,

first off a question for all the constipated posters on here, (Abbie, Jasmin K, Tricky or anyone with constipation). Do any of you suffer with acid in throat or indigestion after you eat? i recently got diagnosed with hernia in my throat. not sure what caused it but looking online it say straining to move your bowels can be a cause maybe after years of bad constipation and straining like my life depended on it, it caused this. I not as constipated as i was years back but still on and off a little. I am curious to find out if any of you have experienced any health issues because of ur pooin habits?

now a quick update, seen to always be in a constant cycle of constipation, hard poo for a week or so and then normal soft poo before being constipated. i seem to have fallen into being constipated again, which is not good! like said before, I often am a type 4 consistency on the bristol stool chart but the last few days have come to the dreaded type 2, when i get the urge to open my bowels, I sit down for a while just waiting and pressing between my bum eventually after about 5 mins feel a hard mass of the poo tip waiting to come out. I strain to let it come, gettin excited that it may be big, after a little time, it drops with a small sploosh sound but when i look my poo is just one disappointing dry finger size log that has lots of cracks on it. I have to go twice a day when I am like this and never feel like my bowels are empty.
feel free to ask me questions
bye now
David P



i've been constipated for maybe 3 days now and i finally got it out
i had the day off work today and was home alone i felt horrible i was so bloated but just 2 minutes ago i got the incredible urge to poo and i was so excited
just before i started typing a huge log slipped right out of me and it felt amazing
looking in the bowl now and boy is it big it's like soft serve
i still feel like i have more but as i push it hurts so i think i will have to wait again to let more out
oh never mind now very liquidy stuff is coming out still feels amazing tho a little smelly
i really enjoy sharing my toilet time with y'all
i had a question
i work at a pool and sometimes my suit is wet and need to make a poop do any of y'all feel uncomfortable pooping then putting a wet piece of clothing back on?


A good session

A short while ago, I was on my computer when I really felt the urge to take a crap. As soon as I could, I got into the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and pushed a bit. I could feel a long turd coming out. I pushed out a few more turds, peeing a little as I did so. I didn't pee much because I'd also peed not long before that.

I could feel that I had more shit inside me, but it wasn't ready to come out all at once, so I sat on the toilet and waited for a bit. The urge came again. I pushed a bit, and my bowels continued to empty. Some waiting and a bit of peeing later, I knew I had to poop some more, but the toilet was almost full, so I flushed it before continuing.

After flushing, I sat down again on the toilet quickly, and immediately felt my hole opening to release some more of their contents. I felt like this was all I would produce for the time being, so I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands, feeling so much better.

It was a good session!

Thank you to everyone who responded to my childhood P desperation survey :-) :-) I really appreciate it and it's interesting to hear your stories

After about 10 days of a dry nightime pullup, I woke up this morning to a cold, squishy one. The wetness indicator had disappeared completely and the front panel was pretty swollen. I hadn't leaked luckily but I was SO wet. My diaper was saturated when I tore the sides and let it fall sloppy to the floor. I dripped just a little on the floor. I hadn't quite finished peeing, I guess. I have some rashes from being wet all night so I showered and put cream on those. This evening, I went to a local peaceful protest. I wore a pullup because sometimes a wet pullup in the morning means a tired out bladder and an accident during the day. After the protest I realized I needed to go. I dribbled almost as soon as I realized I needed the toilet. I suddenly saw some rent a cans on the other side of the parking lot. Oh please hold on I pleaded with myself. Another big dribble made me hold my vagina as I tried to hurry. As I opened the door I peed a little then as I pulled down my pullup and pants, I froze as I began to pee down my legs. I couldn't move. Pee was just pouring out of me into my pullup and my pants and the floor. When it finally stopped I sat down on the toilet hoping to get some in the toilet at least. Nope I had totally had an accident. I went home to change my soiled clothes, wishing I could go potty on time just a little more often. Hoping for a dry diaper tonight but I doubt it.


Nice Poop

I'll begin by saying that it sounds like you had a great poop, Jas. I've had blueberries before, and as a blind person, I can only guess my poop was blue. I'd also have to jokingly say you had smurf poop, lol! Yesterday wasn't exciting to write about poop wise, but I did add up my gooey air putty collection (have 3 buckets now). Today however, is worth writing about. After having a solid poop following a Dennie's breakfast, I had some diarrhea episodes. There was gas coming out during the poops, too. If by chance the issue is bile dumping, having an increase in the flow an hour or so after eating is quite interesting. Even if the cause of this popping up still 5 years from when it started turns out to be idiopathic, that doesn't mean that I'll stop finding my poop intriguing. Have a great day folks. Bye.


Period poos suck

Hi everyone! I enjoy everyone's stories a lot, but I don't often have one to share. But now I have a doozy!

So I started my period and was having bad cramps from that. That's not unusual, but for some reason this time I've been feeling nauseous. I just ate bread and rice and managed to feel mostly ok until we were going to bed last night.

Hubby fell asleep immediately and I was just about to when I got a horribly huge wave of nausea and diarrhea cramps that made me gasp out loud. I ran to the toilet, whispering "Ow, Oh my God!" and didn't even turn the light on or close the door because I knew something was coming out!

I was just wearing a t-shirt and panties with a large pad. I ripped my panties down and plopped quickly on the toilet and moaned as my stomach contracted. I didn't know if I was going to throw up or have diarrhea, it felt like both. I am a larger woman and I gripped my asscheeks, thighs, and stomach as my digestive system spasmed at both ends, but nothing was coming out!

I took some deep breaths and my nausea started to go away, only for the cramps in my bowels to get even worse. I was flushed and sweaty, so I took off my t-shirt. I was trying not to wake up my husband but I couldn't help but moan and whimper as I gripped the sink and wall and pushed down to get relief. It felt like I was cramping, groaning, straining and struggling forever until a big wave of awful smelling mush finally shot into the toilet. "OOOOOH!!" I moaned in relief. I hadn't eaten much that day and had been going normally before, but I sat there naked in the dark with the door open loudly shitting my brains out for over an hour. When I wasn't filling the bowl with diarrhea, I was rocking, grunting, moaning, and even crying with how bad the cramps were. Whenever there wasn't poop coming out, I felt like my intestines were completely in knots and my body cramped and strained hard almost on its own.

I was surprised that my grunts, moans and whimpers of "Oh God!" didn't wake my husband. The cramps finally let up and I felt comfortable enough to lay back down.

I woke up today and as we're out of groceries, was going to try to get a short shopping trip in since I felt ok when I woke up. I intentionally didn't eat, but I did drink water and take my medicine.

I got dressed, still felt ok, then started to walk to the store.

Luckily (or unluckily), the nausea and cramps cake back with a vengeance almost as soon as I left the parking lot. I immediately vomited behind a bush and felt more diarrhea knocking on my back door! Since I could still see our building door from where I was, I made a dash back to our place.

But the cramps wouldn't let me get anywhere quickly. I shuffled as fast as I could while doubled over in pain. I had to struggle up two flights of stairs and burst back into the apartment and lunged towards the bathroom while moaning "Oh God, my stomach!" to my husband, who quickly closed the apartment door behind me.

By then, I had made it to the bathroom. I lifted my sundress to quickly get my panties off. I was already bent over the toilet but I was a split second too late!! Diarrhea spilled into and out of my panties, all down my legs and over the toilet I was hovered over.

At the open door of the bathroom was my husband! I started to cry in embarrassment and pain as I quickly peeled my ruined panties off and sat my filthy ass on the toilet. I had more cramps but now nothing was coming out! "These cramps...ughhhh...they're so strong. My ass is...oh God I'm dying!" I said to my husband. He tried to get me to breathe and he gently rubbed my stomach as I strained and cried for a few minutes with nothing coming out. "Mmm,ugh..EHHH!!" I grasped the sink and wall, lifted my legs up as hubby rubbed my stomach. He could feel the muscles contracting but the diarrhea wasn't coming out!

My poor hubby suggested I get cleaned up in a warm shower that might help my cramps. He helped me get out of the rest of my clothes. I'd left a disgusting mess on and around the toilet, but hubby told me to try to relax in the shower as he cleaned up.

I washed the mess off of myself and the shower did seem to be helping me feel better. But after about 10 minutes, another cramp hit me hard. I groaned loudly and doubled over again as a long loud fart escaped from my ass before I could clinch it shut. Thankfully, hubby had just finished cleaning the toilet because I had to jump out, naked and wet, and have more waves of diarrhea explode out of me. Like the night before, I was pushing and straining hard between awful waves of diarrhea. My knees were lifted off the ground, I rocked and leaned and rubbed my stomach as I spent another hour at the mercy of these cramps!

It finally subsided a couple of hours ago. I'm just resting now and staying home,close to the bathroom!!

Trina: lol at "speezed". I've definitely had that happen before too. Its good to hear from you!

Catherine: hope all is well!

I went pretty good for a couple weeks or so. Nothing happened since my two accidents at the hotel, until today. Today I once again found myself dealing with a little bit of intestinal discomfort late in my shift at work. I had around 45 minutes left before I could clock out and I had a million things to finish up, so I was holding it in at least until I could finish up one big quote I was working on. Before I could finish the quote I started to cramp up pretty bad and I realized I needed to get to the toilet immediately, so I clenched my cheeks and started heading for the bathroom. I believe I've mentioned before that my desk is almost entirely on the opposite side of the building from the bathrooms, so I knew it was gonna be tough to make it. I had to walk past Brian leaving the desk and...I dont know what came over me lol but I guess I kind of wanted to entertain him, so I said to him in a goofy childish voice "I gotta poop soooo bad!" and pushed my way by him. He didn't say anything but I know he was watching me. I immediately regretted saying that as I felt super embarrassed already lol. I'm an ass sometimes... but anyway, I was only about 15 feet away from the desk when I audibly farted. I hope Brian didn't hear it, but eitherway i knew it was over once it happened. I started cursing at myself in my head because I REALLY need to stop letting this happen to me at work. I farted two more times as I was walking and after the second one I was turtle heading so bad that I just stopped walking, and I filled my diaper with a big firm load that popped and crackled as it came out. It felt pretty amazing if im being honest, but it really sucked that it happened at work...

I then had a new problem. I realized that my backpack that has my wipes and clean diapers was back near my desk and not up in my locker... so I took a big risk and I actually walked back to the desk in my poopy pants to get it. The load felt firm against my butt as I walked, and I found myself actually getting this weird rush from it since I love a good solid accident. I was still absolutely terrified of getting found out anyone but Brian at least. He is well acquainted with my accident problem at this point so it really doesn't matter if he knows about it, which is why I took the risk of going back for the bag myself. I got back to the desk and he was looking up at me with a smirk. He goes "wow that was fast" and I just shook my head at him. He smiled widely and goes "oh my God your face is so red". I said "shut up. I didn't make it in time." He said "I can tell" and made a face like he smelled something foul. I felt like my face and chest were on fire and my heart was pounding because I was so humiliated yet so thrilled at the same time...

Anyway I got my backpack and went to the bathroom to change my diaper. It took me probably 10 minutes to change myself, and when I went back to my desk Brian was just smiling at me. I'm glad he finds it so amusing because it beats him being grossed out and thinking I'm a freak. He repeatedly teased me by mimicking how I said "I gotta poop sooo bad" in a funny voice, and he called me Poop Girl when he said bye at the end of the day.

Poop Girl Shannon

Emma two

Nearly blocked the toilet

My last poo was five days ago and I had to wait for Sarah to come out of the toilet. She was taking ages and and when she eventually came out I was getting desperate. She apologised for using the last of the toilet roll and it smelled in there so I wouldn't want to go in there for a while. I was so desperate I couldn't wait and I asked her to go down to the shop to get some more and I would go to the toilet while she was out. She said OK and left the house while I entered the bathroom. She wasn't kidding about the smell because it stank and some of her poo hadn't flushed away. I was too desperate to care about it and I sat down on the warm toilet seat and relaxed. I didn't have to push at first because my poo was soft and mushy so it shot out into the toilet and boy it felt so good. I still had to go so I pushed and I peed as some more solid poo came out and that felt good. When I finished I'd filled the toilet and I waited for Sarah to come back with the toilet roll. Ten minutes later she was home and she brought the toilet roll into the bathroom so I could wipe myself. I asked her not to look in the toilet but she did and she said she couldn't believe I could poo that much and I reminded her that I hadn't been in five days. When I flushed the toilet I noticed Sarah had her fingers crossed and I knew she was worried I'd blocked it but thankfully it cleared although the water rose up a bit before it went down. I flushed it again to be sure and we were relieved it was still clear.

Mina, Maho, Kazuko, Hisae

Huge bakery with four managers part 3

So now Maho is on loo, Kazuko beside of her, Mina and Hisae at door. There are two pairs of loo slippers in our loo. In Japan people usually change into different pairs of slippers when go to loo. At door, two zabutons, zabuton is Japanese cushion. Hisae on left because she is short. Mina on right. If we want to squeeze Maho's knees, Mina's arms more longer than Hisae's arms.

Maho is looking at Hisae and Mina warm eyes, Kazuko is looking at Maho warm eyes.

Maho moved right knee a bit so Mina and Hisae can see what we want to see.

Maho did wee first, like Hisae and Mina. Then she didn't move. She smile to us. Lots of warm love in her eyes.

After about 3 minutes something brown appeared under Maho. And it got longer, very slowly. Maho didn't move her body, but brown tail longer and longer, finally break off and Plop into loo water. Maho smiled. Immediately, brown knob appear, and slowly slowly it became next tail. Kazuko squeezed Maho's hand hard and made little noise. She looks like turn on. But Mina is also turn on, and perhaps Hisae too.

Plop into loo water, then new loaf, slowly longer and Plop into water, then one more and then one more. Kazuko said, "I flush." Maho stood up and Mina and Hisae looked, then Kazu flushed and Maho sat down again.

Soon there is new loaf, it is fatter than before ones. Maho breathe a bit hard. I ask her, "are you OK?" and she said, Yes, OK." And tail under Maho became to longer. I put hand on Maho's knee, and Hisae too.

Loaf landed in loo, very small sound. Next loaf already appear. But this one made big plop sound in loo. It came out faster. Then suddenly Maho pinched, and four loaves came out and hit water, very quick succession. Maho said to Kazu, "you OK?" Kazuko said, "OK, take your time, I'm not hurry."

Maho turned to Kazu and made her mouth shape of kiss, then she blew kiss to Hisae and me. Her stomach and bottom moving little, but nothing more came out. Maho said, "soon finish." But then little loaf came out quite fast and Plop into loo.

Then Maho suddenly made very noisy fart, and it was long one! We all smiled and started laugh with crying. I said her, "Maholin that was so beautiful sound." Kazuko and Hisae made noise which is mean "yes". Then Maho gave smaller fart and pinched small loaf, long is about 5 centimetres. Then she stood up and turned to wall, so we looked in loo, then looked at her beautiful bottom, then she sat down to wash with washlet, then Kazuko dried her, then Mina dried and then Hisae dried, and Maho made many whimper noise (her crushes also whimper).

Kazu is beside of me now, with memo in her hand. We made memo after group motion, specially for this site!

We washed hands and then hugged, then Kazu took off panties and gave to me, I put on shelf. She sat down on loo. But I tell you her part next time. We are crying again and want to hug and caress.

Eleonora I am sorry, I said many countries to Heidi but I didn't say Italy. Please forgive to me. Heidi, another country in international toiletstool site is Italy.

We hope everybody is well and having comfy time on loo to do very necessary thing. Victoria and Robyn, you have your new loo, now? We hope you enjoy good feeling and warm love with it.

Love to everyone.

Maho, Kazuko, Hisae, Mina


For Bianca

Thank you for your comment. And any way when I eat a breakfast platter that has sausage and eggs, that gets me going to the toilet too!


Fired from first babysitting job

About 15 years ago my parents let me start babysitting. I was already helping neighborhood people with their kids, so at age 12 I figured I might as well get paid for it. It was simple enough. This couple next door to us had just moved in and needed a babysitter. They left about 4 on a Saturday afternoon. I would have Valene for about 6 hours. It was nice out in early summer and they suggested I walk Valene about two blocks over to a good size park that had a petting zoo and some other attractions. I knew the playground was awesome. There was so much energy in Valene's 5 year old body. She tried most of the playground equipment sets and each and very swing. Then Mia Marie, a friend who came skidding up to me on her bike, started telling me about this huge poo she had taken in the bathroom building right behind us. She hadn't flushed and she wanted me to see it. Then Valene was tugging at my shorts saying she had to pee. So I pointed Valene to the building, which was about three car lengths up the hill. I was hesitant about letting Valene go in alone but Mai Marie said it was OK. Valene was going to start all-day kindergarten in a couple of months and needed practice going in on her own, Mia Marie said. Valene seemed surprised, but I let her go on her own. Mia Marie continued telling me about her crap and used some words I'm glad Valene was not going to hear. Time got away from me and Mia Marie wanted me to see her crap. I was a little worried unless Valene's little body was peeing an ocean. We rounded the entrance opening only to see three vacant toilets. My stomach dropped and I came close to crapping my shorts right there. I went along the right side of the building and Mia Marie went to the left and we met out back after having called and screamed her name. Then this guy on a tractor cutting the grass called us over and said there was a little girl using the guys bathroom. We hurried over to the other side. There were three toilets, totally out in the open, and there was Valene sitting on the middle one, feet off the floor and holding up her underwear. She had already peed and seemed interested in the four urinals she was staring at on the opposite wall. One went all the way into the cement floor. The other three were the higher bowl type. Valene stood, flushed with my help, and then we washed her hands at the sink. It was starting to get dark so me and Mia Marie walked her two blocks up to McDonalds for some ice cream. Once there, I hurried to the bathroom and nearly averted crapping my shorts. Since the, when I've had a real scare such as a near accident while driving, my bowels respond. By a couple of days later, Valene had told her mom about what happened. I was paid my $10 but then fired.


Additional post to Tom W

I forgot to put this in my message I sent earlier, can this be appended? Thanks.

I do get very uncomfortable and desperate when I am at school sometimes but I don't usually hold all day. The school is split into two sections, an upper school and a lower school. The "main toilets" I've mentioned before are at the upper school and are used by the majority of the students here.

When I have been shy I have walked to the toilets at the lower school but this is a 5 minute or more walk each way, just to pee. It's not so bad during my lunch break because I get an hour but in the morning it means I've spent half of my morning break just walking to the toilet and back, and I don't have time to go inbetween classes unless I happen to be at the lower school, but then they are usually busy and I can't pee anyway.


Response to Audrey and story at Denny's

Hey Audrey. Im glad you enjoyed the story. I love sharing naughty pee and poop stories on here, especially with people like you. I'm sorry you didn't like the politics though, and yeah, I should've left it out, I was just in an attitude that day, I was on my period LOL. Anyway, yes, we pissed so much during those poos. She pissed for a good two minutes and I for a minute and a half. It felt so good and we watched our piss go town the rocks in to the creek. No, I think I'm good using a bidet just as something to clean myself and to get off with lol. So, time for the story. I was out to dinner last night with my husband and my friend from the other day, her name is Amber, and our friend Naomi joined us. So Amber and I had had taco bell earlier in the day and it had finally caught up to us. So just as our food was being brought out to us, the urge to shit came over both of us. So we excused ourselves to the bathroom. We got in there, and it was just a two stall set up but only one was open, the other was out of order. So we decided to improvise, as we weren't going to be able to hold while the other went. Just as we were about to start, Naomi came in to the bathroom, as she needed to pee. So we told her what the situation was, and we didn't really know how open she was in to the bathroom stuff until last night. She said that she would just pee in the sink. So she hopped up on to the sink and proceeded to let out a very long sssssssssss of piss. So I sat on the toilet and Amber opted to poop in the trash can(yes we cleaned up because it didn't have a bag in it, so we used the toilet paper and water from the sink). It felt so good to poop, and it was diarrhea for both Amber and I. Just as we both were about to start wiping, Naomi confessed that she needed to poop too and asked if one of us could surrender our seats. So Amber still had shit coming out of her and I felt another round coming. So I asked "do you want to just come over and sit on my lap and poop? I'll move back as far as I can" and desperate for a poo, she agreed. So I scooched back enough to let her have an opening for her poop to fall in to the toilet but enough to where I still had my ass hole over the toilet. She started to poop and thankfully hers was solid little turds, and she apologized and I said "It's ok. Ive been in the same boat before and so has Amber, so it's all good. Just let me know when you need to wipe". So I got done and so did she. Meanwhile Amber had just finished up and was wiping. So Naomi let me know that she was ready to wipe and I said I could do it if she wanted so she wouldn't have to get up and have a poop smear and she said that would be great. So I she stood up, crouched over, and spread her cheeks and I wiped her. She thanked me so much and said "i've never let anyone wipe me before aside from when I was little, but you have been so nice to me, I decided to let you help" and I said it was no trouble. So we all got cleaned up, and we all helped wash the trash can out. All told, it took us about 10 minutes from beginning to end. We got back out to the table and my husband, ever the smart ass, asked "What happened? you all fall in or something" and Amber, ever the quick witted one, responded "Yeah, and you didn't even send out a distress signal. what gives?" we all laughed and the three of us girls laughed a little bit more as we knew what we all had just done. We finished up our dinner, got a couple of drinks, my husband drove us all home. Naomi thanked us for a wonderful evening and said she can't wait to do it again some time. We agreed and then took Amber home but on the way, she needed to poop again so we pulled off the road and she went in to the woods. My husband needed to pee so he went in with her and I stayed with the car. About 5 minutes later they both came back and we went back to taking her home. Amber whispered to me "I saw your husband's dick....girlfriend, you are lucky" to which I thanked her. We dropped her off and then my husband and I went home. I peed in the sink as he was getting in to the shower. Then we went to bed.

Hope you all enjoyed this story. Happy Pooping and Peeing for 2021.


Reply to Audrey and Emily

Audrey: Breaking my toilet preferences to my friends was easy because well I only really have like 3 friends that have really known about it. My childhood friend Sophie, and my friends Reese and Amanda.

Sophie was easy to explain to because like we were both young girls and everything just makes sense at that age.

Amanda was actually someone I sorta caught going potty in the woods by my house soo there's that.

And Reese I met through a site I can't mention on here.

Have you been wanting to get more of your friends to break their potty training or have you found any new potty potty spots?

Emily: have you continued to pee on your couch or other places. Have you pooped on it?


David P

Added comment to Jasmin K

Jasmin K: I forgot to add on the last post. That you may find that depending on how severe the prolapse is, you may require surgery to stop it happening. As you say that your rectum can randomly come out of your bum when walking in public then maybe a trip to the docs is helpful for you. I didn't need surgery as it just kind of stopped happening in time. I hope you get it sorted.


Reply to Tom

Hi tom! I posted what I think caused my shyness a couple of pages back so I will paste it here - "As to what has caused my pee shyness, I think it comes from when I was much younger. I hated people knowing I needed the bathroom so I would hold it, and if my parents asked if I needed to go I'd say I didn't. This resulted in frequent accents until I moved to secondary school, and a lot of bullying. The side effect of this was when I DID use a bathroom, students would sort of congratulate me in a really patronizing way, it put me off using them altogether.

I manage to go okay at home, I am more than happy to pee if they are around the bathroom and I don't mind them hearing me, if I need to crap I will wait but it has never really become an issue. It's only in public that I struggle. I can use a public toilet if only my family are there but if anyone else walks in I freeze up. I guess it's not so much the public bathroom that bothers me, it's being heard by a stranger.

Thank you for your support!


Response to Emma two

Hi Emma two

Thank you very much for taking the time to reply to my questions. Also, I enjoyed reading your story about your massive diarrhoea attack at work.

I can appreciate that if you poo once or twice a week then when you do go there will be a lot needing to come out. That makes sense - your poos do sound quite impressive from their size (in terms of volume).

Yeah, it is embarrassing if, when you poop, there are other people around to witness the event - especially if it's a person of the opposite sex. I totally understand why you'd want to hold on until the male cleaner had vacated the toilet. It was bad enough that Lisa was there to witness your desperate poo, but it would have been really embarrassing for you if the cleaner had still been there. I'd have felt the same way in that situation.

I had some other questions that I thought of regarding the desperate poo you had after being on the phone for over an hour to the important client. It would be great if you could answer them.

- How long had you been needing to poo before you began the long call with the client? Had you been needing to poo for some time ,say half an hour, but were too busy to go to the toilet or had the urge to poo just come on a few minutes earlier - and presumably you didn't realise you were going to have an hour long call? (I totally get that when you have an important client on the line you can't say "Can I phone you back because I need the toilet.")

- After you returned to your desk having postponed your desperately needed poo because the cleaner was in the toilet, were you able to work as usual - or did you find it difficult to concentrate? (I find it difficult to concentrate in that situation and tend to fidget.)

- Did you need to fart while waiting for the cleaner to finish? I'm assuming you did but were understandably too embarrassed to do so because of the risk of others hearing or smelling it. (Again, I've been in a similar situation myself.)

- When you did manage to get to sit on the toilet and you realised Lisa was in the next cubicle did you start pooping immediately or was there a delay due to you feeling embarrassed in her presence?

It struck me as being quite useful that you were wearing leggings because they can be pulled down together with your knickers whilst you are bending over to sit down, ie there are no awkward buttons to fiddle with.

As I mentioned I liked your latest story about your massive diarrhoea attack at work. You clearly needed to go extremely badly and I'm glad you made it and you had privacy, in that no one else was around to witness it. Did you get much warning - such as an increasing feeling of fullness in your bottom - or did the urge to poop suddenly hit you and you had to rush to the toilet? Also, did you just have the one massive attack that day - or did you have to go again later that day.

Hope you can reply to some more questions but if you don't have the time, then no worries. I like your stories including the way you write them, ie you are a good wordsmith. Hopefully you'll be able to post more.

Take care



Nowhere else to go... my intro to shameless pooping

It was sometime in the last decade. I was on a bus en-route to the next stop where there was a 30 minute layover. The bathroom on the bus was not in usable condition, as the toilet seat was splattered with various fluids, and there were blood and needles everywhere. I was holding in a massive emergency crap.

We pulled into the bus station. I could feel every bump jostle my insides around, shooting pain all over my body. Everyone was ordered off the bus for cleaning. I was one of the first off, and there was already a line for the line Mens' room.

By the time my place in line had gotten into the Mens' room, I noticed that both urinals had black trashbags over them and out of order signs. There were also two stalls visible from where I stood, both doorless. The back stall offered some degree of privacy, as its user was mostly shielded by the larger partition due to it being a handicapped stall. All you'd see was the user's knees, unless you walked in. The stall adjacent to it, had its user visible to anyone in the room waiting in line or using the sinks due to being in front of the mirror.

There was an old man standing in front of me. When it was his turn, he went into the back stall. I saw his pants drop to the floor with his feet facing away from the toilet, only his knees visible from where I stood. The dude pissing in the adjacent stall finished. I had a line of people behind me. I was debating in my head whether I could hold it until the bus was cleaned, as my insides were throbbing in pain and it took every effort to keep from filling my pants with a massive volume of feces. I took a step forward and realized I wasn't going to be able to hold it for another 5 minutes, let alone until the bus was ready for me to reboard. There was nowhere else in the nearby vicinity to go. This was the only restroom I'd have access to before I could get back on the bus. I was going to either poop here, or in my pants.

Reluctantly, I took a seat in the lone commode available, with my pants lowered to my upper legs and shirt covering my nethers. Everyone in line in the Mens' room could see me sitting there. One of them made a comment: "Oh geez. That kid's taking a crap." I heard some quiet chatter and muffled laughter at my expense.

I sat there as the log loudly crackled out of my ass, interspersed with the occasional fart. It made a tickling and popping sensation with a slightly jagged texture as it effortlessly, and somewhat painfully, slid out, forcing my butt cheeks apart. Both me and the old man were now both using the only available toilets. Everyone in line was waiting for one to avail itself, and I was in their field of vision with my pants at my thighs and a big log of excrement slowly working its way out of my butt.

After about 3 minutes, the old man finished and wiped up. I wasn't even halfway done. Now everyone in line had to walk passed my stall to pee. The log was still slowly working its way out, making the same noises. I dared not bear down on it and push, because it was already painful enough. It was a monster of a turd and I had to regain my breath to keep gently pushing it out. I could feel a warm chunky wetness all over the middle of my glutes. A father and small child walked passed me, the kid staring at me as I sat there with my butt exposed. The kid had to poop, but convinced his father he could wait until they got back on the bus because he was not comfortable doing it without a door for coverage.

It finally dropped out after another 10 minutes or so.

By the time I was rolling the paper, easily 15 people had to walk passed me sitting in the doorless stall to use the only other toilet. Another 10+ saw me sitting there while waiting in line or using the sinks. And the wiping was the most awkward, and messy part. I was pulling wads of soft, warm excrement off of my butt that had smeared itself all over me. It took me easily 3 minutes to wipe, as people were walking back and forth passed my stall to pee, some of whom I had seen on the bus just minutes prior.

I finally finished. I got my pants back up all the way, zipped up, buckled my belt, and flushed. The turd was stuck in the drain hole and stretched all the way to the rim of the toilet, and was as big around as my arm. I flushed again. It didn't budge. And again. It wasn't going anywhere. I left the stall in defeat, a line of about 10 people still waiting for a toilet to use. I was embarrassed and got out as quickly as I could, probably washing my hands for like 5 seconds, as I heard someone exclaim "What the f---!?" upon entering the doorless stall I just used and seeing my deposit. In total, I'd probably spent about 5 minutes waiting in line, another 15 minutes taking an exceptionally large poop, and another 3 minutes wiping. As I was boarding the bus, some of the people who saw me on the toilet gave me knowing glances.

A survey for everyone

How often do you pee?

How often do you poop?

Ever had someone of the same sex come to the toilet with you?

Ever had someone of the opposite sex come to the toilet with you?

What is the worst you have ever needed to pee?

What is the worst you have ever needed to poop?

Girl do you have thighs together or apart when you pee?

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Jasmin K

Constipation and comments

Hi all
Just read some posts whilst having a big hard poo. This morning it took best part of an hour do do a decent amount due to it all just being little pebbles that came out. As there has been some mentions in some posts of the Bristol Stool Chart my poo today has been a stool chart number 1. They have been like that for the last few days. I don't get the need to go poo feeling, it just my morning sit on the toilet and strain hard routene that gets these pebbles out. My poo's are occasionally a stool chart 2 and a knobbly log with a slightly softer end and between 8 and 10 inches long or the type 1 pebbles. My biggest poo is usually Monday or Tuesday mornings which if I've spent the weekend at my Boyfriends flat are the first decent poo I will have done since the Friday before. He is in a flat share and I'm not good with spending ages on the toilet there when the others are about. That said my BF knows all about my poo habits, ( he is the guy from the hotel where Chloe and I used to sneak in and use the toilets and got caught by him that I wrote in a previous post a while ago ) He enjoys being in the bathroom with me and encourages me to go for a poo and doesn't fuss when I'm on the toilet for like 1 or 2 hours, which is usually at my house but sometimes on Friday evening before you know what at his flat if the others aren't there and on a Saturday morning before they come in. He says it sounds like I'm chucking pebbles in a pool of water when I dropping poo pellets into the toilet.

Hi to Dave P. I'm pleased,you like my posts and interesting that you used to have the red pipe thing out your bum too but that it went away. I now know it to be a prolapse but when it first started when I was about 14 I didn't know what it was hence the red pipe thing. How did you stop it coming out ?.When mines really bad I wear a very tight rubber thong to help hold it up, that said BF likes it when we are out somewhere if it pops out against my knickers so he can discretely feel it
I don't know why but if my ass if very full of poo like when I'm very constipated it doesn't always come out when I strain hard, my ass hole just bulges right down well below my ass cheeks and the skin bit where you can press to help the poo come out.bulges out also. Some poo comes out then my prolapse comes out when I keep straining.
Feel free to ask anything you want to know, I like doing surveys about poo and pee stuff
Bye for now
Jaz K

Tom W

To Iris

I understand your pain. I'm male in my 20's and have suffered from pee shyness for a number of years. I've always been able to pee at school and in a public toilet but often struggle to go if there's someone near me or someone is outside the bathroom door. I prefer to use a cubicle instead of a urinal to pee so it's interesting to hear of a girl struggling to go in a cubicle. For some reason I find it's worse in smaller toilets with only a couple of cubicles and urinals. I seem to normally be OK in larger toilet rooms.

Have you always been pee shy or did something happen to cause it? You must be awfully desperate and uncomfortable if you wait all day at school. Have you always been able to hold on for such a long time?

How do you get on at home? Do you get pee shy if your family are near to the bathroom or is it only in public that you struggle?

Well done for managing to pee at school and I hope things continue to improve for you :)


As my return to this site

I haven't been on here in a while, because nothing really happened. Well on the 29th of May it was my Brother's 39th Birthday and we got him Spiderman cupcakes, with blue icing.( I know we're bunches old nerds) Well anyway after we ate at least one cupcakes everyone in the family group chat was saying their poop was blue. The next day I gone in to my bathroom and sat on the toilet with clear water in the toilet, and after I passed stool, the water was blue just like it had cleaning stuff i
n it.

Steve A

Desperation at Work (Part 2)

I had another desperate incident at work today (Tuesday).

When I got to work, I felt fine and started my usual routine. Then, the urge came and got increasingly stronger as I continued to work. It came to the point where it started to hurt a bit since I haven't gone in a couple of days. A short while later, I couldn't take it anymore, so I parked my forklift and went to the nearest bathroom.

Once I got into the stall, I pushed out a single log that was at least a foot long and maybe slightly longer, along with some other stuff as well. I felt so much better afterwards. After that, I cleaned up and went back to work.

On an extra note, I'm glad that my new job is more understanding about bathroom breaks, especially for a warehouse.


Potty training methods

Did anyone here get potty trained by watching their parents go? Or have any parents here trained their kids by going in front of them?

I'm training my 3 year old now by always taking him with me and making it an activity to do together. It's working really well.


Diarrhoea in Budapest

A couple of years ago I went on holiday in central Europe. I started in Slovakia, then took a train to Hungary. The food in Slovakia had been pretty heavy and the day I arrived in Budapest I was feeling pretty constipated. I sat on the toilet straining, but nothing would come out.

That evening my husband took me out for a meal in an authentic Hungarian restaurant where everything was flavoured with paprika. I'd never had paprika before, but I thought it was great. We started with a spicy soup and then for the main course I had chicken that was absolutely covered in paprika. We drank a lot of wine to wash it all down.

The next morning I woke up and was relieved to find I wasn't really hungover. We had breakfast of strong coffee and pastries in the apartment. After a couple of cups of coffee, I started to get the urge to go to the toilet. This was great, as I hadn't been for several days. I'm a shy pooper so I was a bit nervous about going while my husband was around, but it was one of those situations where the biological need to evacuate overcame my normal shyness. I put some toilet paper in the toilet bowl to muffle any splashes before letting loose. I pooped out a couple of thick logs followed by a little bit of mushy poop and I felt great. It was a relief to no longer feel constipated.

Shortly afterwards we set out to explore Budapest. We were following a walking tour which was due to take all day. About 90 minutes into it, I started to get a stomach ache. Initially I thought it was just a bit of gas building up and I would feel better if I could fart. I stepped away from my husband on the pretence of going to take a photo of something and let rip. This fart which I let out was good and satisfying, but it smelled rank. More concerningly, it didn't really do much to lessen the pain in my stomach.

We continued with the walking tour, me taking every possible opportunity to pass gas. I felt really bloated and the pain was getting worse. What had started as a dull ache was now being interspersed with sharp, stabbing pains that made me want to moan and grab my belly. Whenever my husband was looking away I clutched my aching stomach, rubbing it in the hope of some relief. I'm not a thin girl, but even by my standards my belly was looking fat today, so bloated that I felt like I was bulging out of my cute pink jumpsuit as if I was pregnant.

It was becoming increasingly clear to me that I needed to use the toilet. At one point when my husband crossed the road to take a photo, I leaned up against a lamppost and began to fart, then desperately started clenching my sphincter when I felt a wet sticky feeling between my cheeks. Oh God, this was not good.

My husband is a fast walker and he was setting quite a pace. I struggled to keep up, my stomach churning with every step I took. I could feel my heart rate quicken, feel my skin flushing and starting to sweat. I couldn't remember when I'd last felt so sick.

The problem was, I desperately didn't want my husband to know I needed to poop. I especially didn't want him to know that I needed to poop urgently and that it was going to be really nasty diarrhoea. My plan was to hold it until we got back to the apartment, then run the shower to disguise any embarrassing noises. The problem was, when I checked my watch I realised it could be 5 hours before we were back at the bathroom.

Eventually it became clear to me that I couldn't wait that long. Excruciating cramps were wracking my body, making it difficult to walk. With every step I took, I could feel a tonne of diarrhoea pushing down against my tightly clenched anus. I pride myself on my self control, but I was literally ready to explode.

At one point I tripped slightly on an uneven paving slab. My anus unclenched for a split second but that was enough for me to lose what felt like a squirt of liquid poop into my knickers. This was urgent now. I needed to get to a toilet and I needed to do it FAST!

I spotted a public toilet nearby and told my husband I'd just be a minute. He looked surprised as I don't normally use public toilets, but he handed me some small change to pay and went off to take photos on the other side of the square we were in. I waddled over to the toilets as fast as I could, anus still tightly clenched. I paid the lady at the booth and she gave me three sheets of toilet paper. There was no way that was going to be enough, but I didn't have time to argue. I needed to get to a toilet now!

I rushed into the bathroom and found a small room with four stalls, all of which were occupied. So near and yet so far! I nearly lost control there and then. There were two women in front of me; a tall blonde woman, who I think was German, and a very fat older lady, who I think was Hungarian. I prayed they all just needed a wee. Goodness knows, what the people in the stalls were doing; I couldn't hear any signs of life.

It felt like I stood there for 10 minutes, though in reality it was probably only about 60 seconds, before I felt a huge cramp building. I desperately needed to fart to relieve the pressure, but I knew that if I did that I would lose control. I had was starting to lose my sense of shame at this point and doing a weird poo dance, holding my aching belly and rocking backwards and forwards. An audible moan or two might have escaped me.

Finally somebody in one of the stalls was weeing. I heard her wipe, then flush. The door unlocked and the tall blonde went in. She let out a brief stream of piss, then what sounded like a grunt and a dry fart. If I was taking bets I would say she was intending to poop, she was pretty constipated and this was going to take some time. I took a step forward in the queue. As I did so, I temporarily lost control and I felt some soft mush slipping out into my knickers. I gasped, leaning forward and grabbing my belly with one hand, and my bottom with the other. I wasn't going to be able to hold this much longer.

The fat lady in front of me must have heard the gasp because she turned around and glared at me. She said something in Hungarian, which I didn't understand. I asked her if she spoke English and she shook her head. I grabbed my stomach, rubbing it, trying to mime that I was desperate to poop. I pointed, trying to ask if I could skip in front of her in the queue. She understood, but shook her head. She pointed at herself, then grabbed her own ample stomach and grimaced. She massaged it, grimaced again and let out a squeaky fart which caused an almighty stench. I didn't understand what she was saying, but clearly she needed to go too.

My own stomach was still gurgling and the pressure in my rectum was unbearable. I started massaging it like the Hungarian lady had, but stopped because it seemed to make it worse. She shouted out something to the people in the stalls, presumably telling them to hurry up. Then she bent double, both hands on her fat belly and let out another horrific smell. I was starting to feel nauseous.

Her shouting must have had some effect because a young woman with a small child exited the nearest stall. The fat lady shouted something at them in Hungarian, before dashing into the cubicle and slamming shut the door. As her bottom hit the seat she exploded and I was treated to a symphony of farts, plops and splashes, accompanied by grunts and moans. This was definitely not a shy pooper!

Finally, the stall next to her vacated too. I ran to it, hand on stomach, and closed the door. Getting out of my jumpsuit seemed to take an eternity. I hung it on the back of the door and that's when I realised the lock on the door was dodgy and it didn't close properly. Never mind, I didn't have time to wait for another cubicle. I took off my knickers, which did indeed contain several mushy poops which had slipped out of me, and went to sit down on the toilet.

I guess my body knew it was about to get the opportunity to relax. My sphincter had done so well, but at this last second it betrayed me. You have to imagine the scene: I'm naked except for my flipflops, having removed my jumpsuit and my poop-stained knickers are flung in a pile on the floor in front of me. Halfway to sitting down, my body got wracked by the most dreadful cramp imaginable, which instinctively caused me to grab my swollen belly. The cramp was stronger than my anus could resist and so as I lent forward grasping my ????, a wave of mushy poop literally exploded out of my quivering anus. If you thought that would have provided relief, you were wrong. I bent double holding my stomach and letting out (hopefully quiet!) moans while mushy poop continued to spray out of my bottom, covering the toilet and wall behind me. I heard a load of mush explode out of me an enormous fart and splat onto the toilet seat behind me.

Around about this point - not 100% sure whether it was just before or just after - I raised my head to take a deep breath in between cramps and realised that the cubicle door had swung open. There were now three women in the queue and all of them had just seen me having explosive diarrhoea. What was worse was that I was still shitting and I wasn't sure I could stop for long enough to close it again.

I took a deep breath and clenched my anus as tight as I could. With one hand on my bottom and one on my belly, I shuffled forward to the door. I wished to goodness I hadn't worn the jumpsuit; this might have been marginally less humiliating if I wasn't stark naked. I reached the door without incident and took my right hand from my bottom to close it again. As I did so, I lost control and another wave of mushy diarrhoea spewed out of my anus onto the floor. Oh God!

I spent the next 15 minutes sitting on the toilet, blasting out wave after wave of mushy poop. I could hear the Hungarian lady still on the toilet next to me; her diarrhoea sounded like it was wetter than mine. She would be completely silent for a few minutes, then let out a loud groan, accompanied by a wet fart, which would then give way to what sounded like pure liquid squirting into the toilet bowl. My diarrhoea had more consistency to it, perhaps because I'd been so constipated before hand. My poor anus was burning though; the paprika was just as hot on the way in as it had been on the way out.

Eventually I figured I was done. My stomach was still cramping, but less intensely, and I hadn't expelled anything for a few minutes. My stomach felt less swollen and bloated. I wiped my bottom as best I could with the three sheets of toilet paper, but both it and the toilet cubicle were a complete disaster zone. There was nothing I could do to clean up without more resources, so I stepped back into my poopy knickers (yuk!!) and put the jumpsuit back on. As I exited the cubicle, a lady with a small child tried to go in. I attempted to stop her, gesticulating wildly, but she saw the carnage inside and recoiled in horror. The big lady emerged from the cubicle next to me, looking a bit worse for wear. The lady with the child said something to her and she came to look at my cubicle too. I tried to look apologetic but I don't think I managed to look anything other than completely humiliated. Gesticulating and talking loudly in Hungarian, they went to get the cleaning lady. All I could think to do was empty my pockets of small change to compensate her for the task ahead. That done, I made my shameful exit from the toilet.

Now I had the task of finding my husband. He wasn't immediately visibly and I walked around for a further 5 minutes before I found him. It turned out he had crossed the road and gone inside a church to look around. I told him there had been an awful queue in the toilets and then made it sound like I'd been looking for him for longer than I had. He didn't seem to notice anything was amiss.

We continued with the walking tour and I didn't feel too bad. I still had occasional sharp cramps, but I didn't feel like I was holding back any poop. We stopped for lunch and I ordered a large pizza, suddenly hungry after the day's exertions. The restaurant had a decent toilet with plenty of toilet paper and I was able to clean up my bottom and knickers a bit better.

We were tired after lunch and decided to go back to the apartment. This suited me, because I really needed a shower. We were about two miles away and it was on the walk back that my cramps intensified, probably exacerbated by the wine and pizza I'd had for lunch. Or maybe the espresso. I really shouldn't have had that.

When I said intensified, they really were intense this time around. My belly bloated again, becoming swollen and hard to the touch. About halfway to the apartment, I felt a strange churning feeling and then a sensation as if a heavy load had suddenly dropped through my bowels and wanted to exit NOW! I clenched as best I could and continued walking, but I think I was visibly sweating. I wasn't sure I could hold out for another 15 minutes or so. I wasn't 100% sure I'd still be holding it in the next 15 seconds.

My husband was completely oblivious and, just around the corner from the apartment, suggested we go into an electronics store. He wanted to buy a wireless mouse he'd seen which was available significantly cheaper than at home. We were leaving Budapest tomorrow so this was his only chance to buy. He's normally a quick shopper, but today it felt like he was taking forever. I stood in a corner of the store, pretending to look at some cables, and focussing my entire energy on clenching. At one point the pressure was so intense that I lost control and this time I felt liquid diarrhoea leak out of my anus into my already messy knickers. For a moment I thought I was going to soil myself in the middle of an electronics shop. But I managed to clench again, my husband made his purchase and we continued on to the apartment.

When we got to the apartment, my sole focus was on getting to the toilet. But I was still too embarrassed to let my husband know anything was wrong.

"I'm so hot and sticky", I announced as we crossed the threshold. "I think I'll have a shower straightaway to cool off!"

"I'm just going to use the bathroom first", replied my oblivious husband, and before I knew what was happening he had locked himself in there with a book.

OMG. I didn't know what to do. I stood there outside the apartment's single toilet in full panic mode while my husband, who is a shameless shitter, grunted and plopped into the toilet. Knowing him, he could be there for ages and I was about to lose control of a load of liquid diarrhoea into my knickers.

At this stage there was no good solution and it was just about damage limitation. I grabbed a trash can from the living room, but realised that if I shat in it I would stink up the entire apartment. The living room doors opened out onto a small balcony, screened from the street below by opaque railings. I ran out there, pulled off the stupid jumpsuit and dirty knickers, crouched over the bucket and let loose.

Wow, the release was intense. The diarrhoea was pure liquid by this stage, initially almost pouring out of me. After a while the expulsion slowed, but I still had painful cramps. I was forcefully massaging my belly, then grunting and bearing down, and a short sharp squirt of liquid diarrhoea would explode out of me, bringing a temporary relief.

In a moment of relief I realised that my husband might be finished in the bathroom soon so I needed to stop and clean up. I bore down and grunted out a final blast of liquid poop before standing up and realising that there was a middle aged man standing on a balcony one floor up on the opposite side of the street, staring down at me. Presumably he had just seen me crouch naked over a trash can and push out liquid diarrhoea.

Mortified I stepped back into the knickers and jumpsuit. I couldn't find an instant solution for what to do with the trash can, so I closed the balcony doors and pulled down the blinds so my husband wouldn't see it. Ultimately, I managed to convince him to go to the shops and emptied it into the toilet while he was out. I was just in time, because my husband was emerging from the toilet, book in hand.

He grimaced. "I don't think that paprika agreed with me", he said. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," I said, with my best innocent smile. My stomach lurched violently, as if it knew I was lying. "I'm just going to take that shower", I added, as I ran to the bathroom for another explosion.


Middle of know where

I was traveling to vista some friends down south. They live basically middle of know where I mean nothing I was starting to cramp up needing a toilet pretty bad. Went out the night before had a big meal and lots of drinks. Finally came up on a run down looking Petro station . I walk in ask for the restroom pretty looking lady points to the back . I walk the and a sign says knock no lock I knock no answer so I walk in RIP my pants off and proceed to shit my brains out it was awful I and still pooping a real crackly when the door opens and a middle aged chubby lady is looking at me saying sorry I replyed I be done in a few minutes she said thankyou and waited outside the door while I was having diarrhea on a nasty toilet with nno locking door.i was so embrassed. I walked out and left but at least I shit in a toilet instead of my pants that was urgent


Survey on Childhood desperation (Be as detailed as possible)

1. Have you ever been in a car on a road trip or just a basic car trip while bursting to pee but couldn't ?

2. On car/road trips, did you're your parents ever let you use public pottyrooms and if they did was it always or just under certain circumstances ? Have you ever been desperate to pee-pee in school and where denied by your teacher ? If so why ?

3. Did your parents ever make you hold in your pee as punishment and/or because they thought holding sessions would teach you to be tough ?

4. Have you ever been embarrassed to ask to use the potty in class ? If so why ?

5. Have you ever been watched by a classmate and/or neighborhood kid of the opposite sex while peeing ? If so where you embarrassed by it ? If you where embarrassed why ? If you where embarrassed by it did they comfort you ?

6. In what position/moment did you usually use to pinch it back ? I.e crossing you legs, grabbing it, clenching your little toes, tapping you little feet, full on potty dance and any other way I might not have thought of etc.

7. Have you ever been bladder tortured by a sibling ? I.e. them making you hold it and/or showing you something that has to do with water, pee-peeing, potties/toilets bathrooms, pressing/poking on you bladder, teasing a poke/push on your badder etc. If so, what was the outcome of the situation and what was that siblings response to whatever the out come was ? I.e. where they laughing at you, making fun of you etc.

8. What terms did you use to refer to pee-pee ?

9. What terms did you use to refer to your privets ? I.e. Pee-pee, kitty cat, penis, gina (as in the term that some little girls use when they are trying to say vagina), Peter, pecker etc.

10. What terms did you use to refer to your little butt ?

11. What terms did you use to refer to the potty/toilet ?

Steve A

Desperation at Work (Part 2)

I had another desperate incident at work today (Tuesday).

When I got to work, I felt fine and started my usual routine. Then, the urge came and got increasingly stronger as I continued to work. It came to the point where it started to hurt a bit since I haven't gone in a couple of days. A short while later, I couldn't take it anymore, so I parked my forklift and went to the nearest bathroom.

Once I got into the stall, I pushed out a single log that was at least a foot long and maybe slightly longer, along with some other stuff as well. I felt so much better afterwards. After that, I cleaned up and went back to work.

On an extra note, I'm glad that my new job is more understanding about bathroom breaks, especially for a warehouse.


Small update

Hi all, especially my SPAS sisters!

I haven't disappeared, just been busy with the world returning more to normal lately (yay!).

Only mildly exciting thing that's happened to me lately is a small one: over the weekend I had been out shopping and needed to pee but held it till I got home and unloaded everything. When I was almost done a sneeze snuck up on me and I sneezed hard a couple of times and felt warm wetness in my crotch. I hurried around the corner to my bathroom and sat down to pee and saw about an egg sized wet spot in my panties, but nothing showing on my shorts. Just enough of a "speeze" to make me decide to change my panties afterwards. Oh well. Speezes happen, right? :)

Hopefully I'll have more time next time and maybe something more exciting.



An update

I went back to school today after a week long break and waiting for me was an envelope, it contained a letter telling me members of staff had been informed about my predicament and a laminated card explaining everything just in case. I was able to get up and leave to go to the bathroom at any time without having to ask for permission. Excellent!

My 20 minute morning break arrived and I felt the need to pee, I wasn't desperate but I would feel much more comfortable if I emptied my bladder. Feeling confident after my success before the half term break I went straight to the main toilets, I had to wait a minute for one of the end stalls to become available and locked myself inside. I put some paper at the bottom of the bowl, pulled down my panties from beneath my skirt and sat down, telling myself to relax, I could do it. ... I couldn't do it. It is the strangest sensation feeling desperate on the toilet, my body telling me I needed to pee and I'm arguing back with it, I'm seated and ready to go!

The five minute warning alarm went off (it lasts for 10 seconds and it is LOUD!) and as it rang I started peeing. I was so pleased with myself for being able to relax, I know I had spent my entire morning break on the toilet but I was doing it, I was peeing in the very busy main toilets around a dozen or so other girls. The alarm stopped and I carried on silently peeing for a few more seconds, smiling like a cheshire cat underneath my mask, just a few weeks ago I would never have thought I would be able to get over my shyness, to pee with people around me being able to hear everything, and I've done it TWICE! I dried myself, flushed the toilet and walked out of my stall like I owned the place! I was so pleased with myself.

I'd like to try crapping at school because I wait until I get home from school, I don't have time to go in the morning and it can get uncomfortable at times but I understand I need to take baby steps.

If you have made it this far thank you for reading!

ps - Thank you for answering my question Rosalynne, it sounds like you were ready to burst!

End Stall Em

Traveling, parents and pit stops

I've been on this forum for at least 10 years. The discussions only get better with each year. I'm finishing college, working at a regional mall, and I have numerous other responsibilities to the point that most of my bathroom sits are away from the apartment that my boyfriend Spencer and I share.

One summer several years ago me and my best friend Caryl had just finished 3rd grade. So I think we were 8. There was a 5-day camp located 6 hours away. Her dad drove us there; mine picked us up. Caryl was the first to get bored with our car ride. She asked for a bathroom stop. Her dad was playing the radio, cursing out some highway construction that slowed us down, and seemed like he didn't hear her when she said she needed to pee. Not knowing any better, she rose up behind him and shook his shoulders. He just went ballistic on her when he swerved the car a bit. Sure, we had just gotten gas about 45 minutes before that and she and I had gone to the bathroom then. We took toilets right next to one another. I could see her legs swing right under the partition, but I didn't hear anything come out of her. I pretty much had my regular mid-morning crap on a toilet that was higher and overall huge compared to the ones we had at our PS. Caryl had heard my crap splash into the toilet. As I sat wiping she admitted that she liked to take regular breaks to conquer the boredom. Now her dad was lecturing her on strengthening some peeing muscles and how that would help her as she grew older. I think it was several more miles before Caryl's dad finally pulled over at this large rest area. She asked him if he had to pee or crap. He said it was none of her business and something about the driver making the decisions. Caryl and I just looked at one another and smiled because he was obviously still partially mad. After he parked, she and I ran up the ramp to the ladies bathroom while her dad walked much slower into the men's room.
What was different about this bathroom was that there was a half-high brick wall separating the two rooms. We could hear flushing toilets and a toilet seat drop right behind us. While both of us were doing a tiny pee, we could hear sighs and several splashes into the water right behind us. Then we started to get some of the smoke from over there and Caryl said that was her dad sneaking one in because her mom didn't allow him to smoke in the car. We laughed almost silently at that, and then jumped down and flushed. Caryl called me lame and something else as I struggled to get my toilet to flush.

Caryl and I had a great time at the camp. However over the last two days I caught diarrhea and I had a difficult time getting rid of it. Medicine they gave me would stop it for a couple of hours and then it would start up again. Because of that my mom was the one to come down and drive us back. As a precaution to making a mess mom stopped about once an hour at a rest stop and insisted that I get up on the toilet and sit for at least 10 minutes. This was to guard against an accident in what was a pretty new car. Each time more diarrhea ran out of me, but less than some of the earlier times. Caryl would come in and sit with me to keep me company. I was surprised but the three of us went through a couple of dozen water bottles mom had brought in the cooler. The last few pit stops came at about 30 minute intervals and from my seat on the toilet the pee just poured out of me. Mom said something about her hope that I was not going to pick up lice from all my sits on the public seats. Caryl didn't know what lice was about and I explained that to her. At two or three of the stops mom sat down and peed too. She would take a hand towel in from our car, place it around her neck and then wipe down her face and shoulders as she sat. None of the toilet rooms was air conditioned. Some had some really stale air that I had difficulty breathing in. I do remember showing Caryl my final crap which I laid about an hour from our house. It was loose, but more formed than the earlier ones. Most surprisingly, it was almost half yellow. I remember showing Caryl the then-yellow toilet paper I had wiped with. My butt hole was sore for 2 or 3 days afterward. Only a normal crap passing through could keep me from crying out in pain.

Spencer had a bout of diarrhea a couple of years ago when we made a long drive in our truck to exhibit in a trade show. He said it was the first time he could remember having it. For me, his going more than 20 years without getting it is such an accomplishment. Usually I have to deal with it once or twice a year.


Hisae's bakery part 2

Robyn and Victoria, we love you so much. Many many kisses and caresses flying across Pacific Ocean to reach you. We are happy you buy Japanese loo. We hope you can enjoy to sit there long time to pinch huge bakery with lots kisses and caress and sweet words from lovely partner at your side. Robyn, you are so sweet to pay half. I am happy Victoria cry into your lap and then kiss you long long time.

So I left off.... it was my turn to sit on loo and pinch bakery. Maho at my side. Kazuko said she was happy to wait and be last. I gave my panties to her and she put on shelf, then I sat on loo and Maho took my hand.

Not so easy. Three minutes nothing was happened. But then urge came and suddenly quite strong, so I pinched, and loaf came out broke into two. Very short time after, next loaf, broke into three. Then long pause again.

"I'm sorry, I am slow."

"No problem Minappé. do your pace." Kisses on my top of head from three crushes, and Maho gave five kisses.

Maybe kisses had effect, because urge came soon, and loaves made four loud plops into water. Everyone looked and then Maho flushed. I sat down again, and more kisses and sweet words. I think I am going to cry again. Maho squeezed my hand hard. So I also squeezed and said "I love you Maholin" in English.

After some minutes more, urge came and I pinched and four loaves, a bit bigger than before ones. But I didn't move. Tears in my eyes because so warm messages come from eyes of Hisae and Kazuko. I did very small loaf, then after about two minutes big urge came and I pinched strongly and huge loaf came out.

"Minappé you pinched baguette!!"

I stand up so Kazu and Hisae could see, but because of water, baguette broke up 3 pieces.

"You finish now?"


Warm eyes, from Kazu and Hisae, and kiss from Maho. I am going to cry, but suddenly I push strong pinch, and heavy log land on my broken baguette. Not so much noise, but I stand up to look, and it is like bone of dog!! Kazu and Hisae look (Maho too, but she see everything) then I sit down and pinch some mushy, not loaf but perhaps half-way point of loaf recipe. Then I know I finish, only some little pieces come out now.

Same with Hisae, after I wash three crushes dry me. Now I am crying. Mina is crying baby. But I am so happy. It is so a pleasure to pinch bakery with three crushes look at me warm eyes and kiss and squeeze hand. I sit there long time (20 minutes) but nobody complain. Maho flushed and all went down except dog bone, so she flushed again, and this time loo ate dog bone. Our loo has very huge appetite I think.

Maho said, she knew if she watch Mina long time her stomach prepare her for next bakery, that was why she wanted to squat near me. She took off panties and gave to me, then Kazuko squatted by her, and I and Hisae at door. Maho said to me, "Minappé thank you for pinch large bakery, my stomach so happy now." I was crying, so I could only say "Maholin...Maholin... Hisae caressed my bottom.

But this post too long, so Maho's pinch of bakery will be next part.

Love to everyone.

Your very own Mina and three crushes


To Eileen

Hi yes it has been a good while I haven't posted anything on here for a good while then I put a message on here for you and it wasn't posted I am doing OK and hope you are too.
It sounds like you finally got relief that you were waiting for and it didn't take much effort for you to pass it ,I bet you were surprised for it to go loose and not rock hard and a struggle anyway speak to you soon xxxx


Reply to Mike .

Hi Mike , it's been a while since we spoke alright . I hope you're keeping well and not having any "bathroom issues" . I didn't manage to get anything out the other night but about noon the next day I knew I was in trouble as I felt the need for a BM build up . I wasn't too far from a toilet , I got to it and luckily for me it was unoccupied . I went in , got my jeans and panties down and I wasn't sitting on the toilet very long before the load started to plop out . First the solid stuff plopped into the toilet . That was followed by sloppy , liquidy poop. I felt the relief right away . When I looked down all I could see was the sloppy poop which covered and hid the solid pieces of poop in the toilet bowl . There was a very strong smell , I'm afraid . It took quite a lot of toilet paper to get myself clean after that BM . I hope You will reply soon , Mike . Eileen xx .

Tuesday, June 08, 2021


To Abbie and Everyone

I wear disposable undies for my incontinence. Saves soggy and skid marked undies. I recommend they be worn if the situation suggests . Now Abbie you would not need to worry about skid marks and when Katie was on the throne pushing out her log instead of holding on and stressing you could have relaxed and if the poo made its exit you would have the protection of your undies !


RE: Pee pee problem

Hi Ritchie, I would suggest diapers. That is what I had to do, when I was your age and started wetting the bed. They worked well to keep the bed dry. I had to wear them during the day as well, but now I no longer need them. Doctors never found what exactly was wrong


To David P

Hi! It sounds a lot like you're a bit embarrassed to have a bowel movement at work, is that right? I think it's pretty normal. It's funny how it can be easier to share details about your bathroom habits online, but to even use the bathroom in real life can be so difficult. Do you "try" to go at work, or do you hold back? Do your work at an office? Do you wish you were more "brave"?

For me, it happens also like that sometimes when I'm irregular that I can have very hard BMs and then softer on the same day. I guess the digestion is out of sync and then these things happen.


Reply to Abbie

Hey Abbie it's great to hear from you again

Good story about coming home from the pub and your friend just making it. This has happened to me so many times and I've had to squat to avoid an accident. Wasn't there any where for her to go?

Speak soon


Emma two

Diarrhoea at work

To kmd:

I always poo a lot because I only go about once or twice a week. I couldn't go to the toilet while the cleaner was there for two reasons really. Mainly because I felt embarrassed as he's a guy and also because it's a privacy thing. I think if I'd ask him he probably would've let use the toilet but I felt too embarrassed to admit that I was desperate for a number two.

I remember a few months ago I had really bad diarrhoea at work. The cleaner was just about to start cleaning the ladies toilets but when he saw me running to the door holding my bottom he switched to the gents and I was so relieved as I was literally seconds away from pooing myself. I rushed into the nearest cubicle and slammed the door shut and locked it. I ripped my trousers and knickers down together and sat on the toilet with a thump and relaxed. I released a torrent of liquid poo into the toilet for a few seconds and then I pushed another wave of semi solid poo into the toilet. Where it stopped I sat for a couple of minutes in case there was some more diarrhoea and there was but not as much as before. I wiped several times until I felt clean and used up the last of the toilet roll in the process and flushed the toilet. It cleared most of my poo but a few bits were left floating around in the water and I flushed again so the cleaner wouldn't see it. I washed my hands and left quickly and no one knew I'd just had a massive diarrhoea attack in there.


To Eileen

Hi hope everything is OK I have just been to the toilet I have had my tea and got a strong urge to poo this evening. I went in closed the door pulled my boxers down and sat I began to push and it slowly started to ease out it hurt tho as it was a wide piece which I was a bit surprised at, once the tip was out the discomfort stopped and it felt really good it kept going for a while before it fell in the toilet with a gentle sound next I had a wee then wiped myself only needed 2 wipes which I was pleased about I looked in the toilet and it was a massive log about 2 inches above the water line , I would estimate it atleast 10 inches and inch half thick. I pulled my underwear up and flushed feeling a lot better xxxx speak soon


Ever experienced this as a child?

When I was little from ages starting at five years-old, when we where on car trips, my mom would never stop to let us use the public bathrooms. So we would have to hold it till the destination. I remember on several occasions throughout my childhood being the very desperate thing to pee with the hope of any release soon being a pipe dream. She used to say "no matter how bad you have to go, you better hold that flow".

Has anyone experienced anything like this in their childhood?


Toilets as a storm shelter

Saturday morning I got up early and took my bike out for a ride. About halfway through, I went over to a park, got coffee from a kiosk, and was at a picnic table enjoying it when the morning's humidity brought on a sudden rain shower. So I juggled my coffee while walking my bike into a nearby restroom. I had not been in this park bathroom before. It was larger than some of the others I use. Seven open toilets with no cubicles. There was just a post between each with a rod and three really secure toilet paper rolls. I laid my coffee container near the first toilet, took down my underwear and shorts, and placed my sweaty butt on the toilet. As my pee started I tried to remember when I had last peed. It had been at least 14 hours since I had accidentally fallen asleep on the coach at 5:30 p.m. and hadn't woken up until a couple of hours ago. Taking the pee felt good, although I could hear my mom quite a few times yelling at me about using such dirty bathrooms when I could have/should have gone at home. In my mind I was telling her that I'm almost 17 and not a bad kid. To which she gave me a lecture on thinking ahead, being more responsible, etc. By then the rain was really coming down. Within 15 minutes the rain let up, I got off the toilet which had become quite comfortable, pulled up my clothing and foot-flushed the toilet. I almost fell on my butt because my shoes were wet and I was on slick concrete. I wiped my bike down with toilet paper before I started my ride back home. It was a longer ride because of the wet asphalt streets and puddles. When I got home my crap was pushing out. I seated myself for a very thorough crap that didn't take much effort. Then I passed mom in the kitchen and assured her that I had just done my daily crap. Then she gave me the usual lecture about drinking six bottles of water a day and changing my diet. I didn't say anything to her because she would have just kept the argument going.

For Iris:

You had a question about doing a pee and a crap in one sitting. Recently that happened at the gas station. My bladder was bursting. Instead of pumping my gas first, and then going to the bathroom I immediately parked and ran inside. The ladies was in use with two waiting their turn. I saw a guy come out of the bathroom at the end of the hall so I hurried down there, latched and also chained the door, and I was on the seat as it dropped. My pee lasted for longer than a minute and it might have been the anxiety and stress of almost having an accident, but as I sat I also could let off some gas. Then I expelled a small piece of crap the size of a tootsie roll. This also happened a couple of afternoons last week at my school.

For Steve A:

I liked the story about your warehouse job. I'm starting a part-time retail job at a big-box store next week. The training manual gives me an ID code that I have to enter into a staffing program when I leave and return to the floor. My grandpa calls it Big Brother 2021!


Response and questions for Emma two

Hi Emma two

I enjoyed your story about you having to hold all your poop in while you were on the phone to a client and then being delayed further by the male toilet cleaner.

I have a couple of questions for you - hope you don't mind answering them.

You mentioned that you had to wait until the male attendant had finished cleaning the female toilets. Was that because the toilets were closed whilst the male attendant was cleaning them ie you were banned from entering - presumably due to company policy? Or was it the case that you could have gone in (by moving the cleaning trolley) and relieved yourself, but were too embarrassed to do so in his presence?

It sounds from your description that you passed a mixture of soft logs and soft-serv
e type poop. Also, there was a lot of poop in the bowl - is this common for you? Had you eaten a lot of food in the days beforehand and not been to the toilet for a few days then suddenly got the urge?

Anyway, as I said I liked your story and hope you have more. Glad you were able to make it in time.



A couple of stories and a response to Audrey

Hey everyone. I hope you are all having a great weekend. So this first story happened to me yesterday morning. I was going to pick my friend up from her work (she works nights) and she was held up because she had to get some last minute paperwork filed before she could clock out. She works at a warehouse that's right across the street from an abandoned building that runs next to a small creek. Well, I was squirming because I had to shit so bad and her company is still completely anal about the spooky Rona, despite what has changed and been brought to light from the Darth Fauci emails being dumped. Anyway, I knew I wasn't gonna make it til we got to the restaurant we were gonna have breakfast at before I took her home. So I grabbed my baby wipes, put the car in park, walked across the street and went behind the abandoned building and squatted and just let a huge wet dump go. It felt so good and I felt so relieved. I wiped and went back to my car and then my friend came out and I told her what happened and she was like "why didn't you wait for me lol. I have to shit too and our bathroom is down because the plumbing is not working properly." So she went behind the building and I went with her and she shit on top of my pile lol.

My second story happened last night. I used a fancy bidet toilet for the first time and it was so nice. I had a semi solid shit that was kind of hot on my ass hole. That water felt really good on my pussy and ass and I have never felt more clean after taking a shit. The seat was warm which was nice. I never knew how much I like toasty buns lol. It also had a "turbo setting for both the butt and pussy water...and yes...I got off from the water hitting my pussy lol.

To Audrey. Aaaaawwww, that was so sweet of you. I would have really appreciated that if it had been me. That's awesome about how powerful your pee stream was. Aw that sucks about not being able to poop outside lately. I'm sure you are wanting to do it soon and I hope you get to and that you will share it with us.

Victoria and Robyn


Hey it's Robyn!

In Mina's last post she called Victoria a psychic after Hisae pinched her first official loaf after her birthday party. Before that though she wrote about a brand new toilet in a box. Today we're happy to say that there is a box on the way to Victoria's apartment and inside is a new loo!

What happened was that Victoria's toilet broke and they haven't made the same model and parts for it since 2013! Replacing the part and getting it shipped would have been so expensive that her building manager gave her a second option: pick any toilet she wanted and he would get rid of the old one and install the new one for free. I'll turn it over to her now!

Hi, it's Victoria!
I got tired of plunging my old toilet. It wasn't the nicest thing in the world and I also wanted one that was more water-efficient. Robyn decided to give me what she called an IBS welcoming gift: she agreed to pay for half of the cost of the new toilet. When she said that I burst into tears and spent the next five minutes crying with my head resting on her lap before getting up and giving her forehead the longest kiss I could give it. Such a nice thing for her to do!!

When I'd calmed down she also had another suggestion: in honor of our friendship that reaches across the Pacific Ocean, we should pick out a Japanese toilet. How thoughtful!

I'm so happy to say that's exactly what we did. Yesterday we placed an order on a designed-in-Japan ultra-efficient, dual-flush TOTO toilet! We looked long and hard at wooden seats, but the one we ordered included the exact matching plastic seat for free so we figured why bother? Let other bottoms sit on it! We did have to get a set of adapter screws to fit my bidet to it but those were cheap and so much better than going without.

We're so excited and happy about our psychic friends Minappé, Maholin, Kazu and Chae! We love you!

Victoria and Robyn


A legitimate pee-pee problem I'm having…Just some advice :-)

I'm 33 and started having bed wetting problems for over a year. I've been to the doctors many times and none of them have found anything physically wrong. Could it be something from my Childhood maybe ? Any advice and/or ideas of what it could would be very nice and I thank anyone ahead of time for giving me any, thank you :-) :-)


first timer

so i've been on the toilet for maybe 20 minutes now and am still on it
i got bored which is how i find this site i was looking for something to read to give me poop motivation.
i really enjoyed the recent posts on here especially abbie having a trip to the toilet with her friends it seems really fun and i wish i had company right now
i'll tell you a bit about myself
i'm a male 21 long brown hair about 130 pounds and really enjoy pooping
well i usually enjoy pooing this one i'm trying to take right now is not much fun
i've been here way too long and nothing is moving
i'm gonna try to push now
i can feel it at the bum hole but it just will not come out
pushing again now
i can feel my face getting red
farts are coming out that's good
oh!! here it comes!
it's liquidy which means i may be here a bit longer and the smell is horrible
it kinda just keeps flowing out of me like a sink
okay it's been a couple minutes and the poo is stopping so i'm gonna take a peak and wipe

this was fun and talking through the poo actually made it easier
i will definitely be back when i poo again <3

David P

Latest News

I have really got into reading and contributing to this site, such a fun activity to catch up on new posts after a busy day. I have some news and some replies. As ya see I am now here quite often.

To Audrey; very interesting story of that girl you found squatting and pooing in the woods. I've never come across anyone doing that of either sex when out, nor have I seen any turds lying in the ground when hiking. From reading this site for a little while I see it must happen alot so maybe some of what we think is dog poo is actually human.

To Abbie: always nice to read a post of yours. As much as I enjoy reading your adventures I am so happy to hear that you are eventually finding it easier to do a poo. I would not like to experience what you go through. From the sounds of your latest post, it must be a great relief that your poo is coming out without needing much pushing and grunting, and sounds a bit softer at least Thank you for your kind comment on my suggestion and getting back on your type 2 dropping. When I went to the doctor for very bad constipation years back she showed me that Bristol Stool Scale, pleased that I am mostly a type 4 now.

To Eileen: I wish you luck in passing the stuck poo and hope by now you are not constipated.

Ok so onto a quick update, I am still experiencing random pooing intervals and sometimes go every day at the moment (not usual for me) but then half way through the week start going every two days. Strange. Here is a story from the other day, I got up drank a coffee and felt a familiar feeling in my gut and realised I needed to open my bowels. I drank half the coffee as I got desperate very fast. Went in the bathroom and sat down on the toilet, sitting in the usual position up on tip toes I just waited for the poo to come. When the tip started coming out slowly, it felt soft and smooth i clenched my bum and enjoyed the poo going back in. I am not sure why I did that but just felt like trying it, so I sat letting it come down and sucking it back up for a few times until I just needed it out of me. It came again, giving a little gentle push to help it ease out bending forward to watch it slither from my anus. Half of the poo then broke off with a deep sploosh closely followed by the other half with a harder plop sound. I then continued to let out soft thin turds then felt empty. I stood up to wipe, folding the paper but when I wiped, this time felt different and later realised that some poo had landed on the back of my hand (gross). I checked my hand and saw a small brown mark. Maybe it was in disbelief that I smelt it to make sure it was really happening, why I do not know as I knew what it was. I finished wiping up and then made sure to wash my hands very thoroughly.

Bye for now
David P


Reply to Rosalynne

*hugs* Thank you!

The paper-on-the-water suggestion was so good, I am amazed at how much quieter my pee was.

I will try not to get frustrated, I don't mind waiting so much I guess I just beat myself up for not being able to go as easily as my peers. I am sure it will come with time and practice. I would hate to have to sit on a toilet seat that was barely hanging on!

I don't think those in line were peeking on me while I was sat but I cannot shake the feeling that they were getting impatient, there was at least two attempts to push open the door despite the "occupied" sign showing on the lock. I am just glad it WAS locked.

I am back at school next week so I am going to try and pee in the main toilets again using the same technique as before and if I am feeling brave I will try crapping at school, but I think it will be at the quieter toilets elsewhere in the building. I will keep you updated.

When you say you could do a pee and crap in one sitting do you mean at the same time? Or do you mean you would pee and then later in the day you would crap?

Thank you,


Hisae pinched a large bakery

Hi everyone. I'm sorry to keep you waiting for this story. Thank you to Audrey, Thunder and Victoria for sweet kind words.

This is 24 April story, Saturday after Hisae's birthday, it was Thursday but we had party on Friday. Of course at home, because of corona. Home is good because we can eat as we like, no-one point angry finger to us and say "why these girls eat so much? Not ladylike!!"

So after breakfast in Saturday in beige flat, we all ready to bomb to loo. Hisae first as usual, because she is quick....

Maho and Kazuko said, "next to Hisae is Minappé." I don't know why, but three crushes always give biggest privilege to Mina. They kiss to each other, but they kiss to Mina more.They spank to each other, but they spank to Mina more. And Mina always get best piece of food. Sometimes I ask them. "Why Mina always get best thing?" They say "no reason" or "because Minappé is Minappé" something like that. When Mina or Kazuko or Maho has birthday, Hisae is next her for birthday motion because of massage, but when Hisae has birthday, always Mina is next her.

Maho's eyes said, "don't argue" so I squat on floor next to Hisae.

This time she did wee first, then motion came out quite soon, not hard and not soft, break three pieces. Two minutes later, second one. She didn't move. A few more minutes, third one. This time she began pinch. Motion was a bit harder than before, and she was breathe hard.

Then Hisae said, "I'm sorry but I want to stay more."

3 friends said, "Of course you can, Chae!" I gave her kiss. Maho and Kazuko stretched hands and held Hisae's knees.

Hisae's beautiful bottom didn't move at all for few minutes, then suddenly she pinched, and loaf came out, one two three. Not soft and not so hard, and a bit grainy. I said, "Chae stand up, I flush." So she stood, and I flushed, then she sat down again. She squeezed my hand hard. Maho said, "Chae I love you." Then Kazuko and I said, Then Hisae said. Many "I love you" we say and hear while Hisae sit there to pinch and pinch bakery which is larger than Pret à manger in King's Cross.

Again pause. Hisae sitting on loo more than 10 minutes now.

Suddenly she pinch. Again one two three. Always three! Few minutes later, again three.

"Hisae you are sugoi." This is from Maho. Sugoi means fantastic. Hisae said, "I feel good, but I have to do more." Maho and Kazuko said, "Please do!! You must do a lots and lots." I said her, "pile of turds in loo with your beautiful bottom on loo is most beautiful thing in world." She squeezed my hand hard again. So I did same to her.

Then she pinched, and loaf came out, this time two and they were smaller. She said, "I nearly finish." But she not moving for few minutes, then she pinched suddenly again, and five large loaf came out, quite big speed. Wow!! very huge bakery!! I have to make effort to not cry, and crushes hear me breathe hard, and they say "Minappé it's OK to cry!"

But that was end. Only tiny piece came out, so I flushed, then Hisae washed her bottom and I dried and started cry. I looked Maho and Kazuko with crying face and said them, "You want to dry?" and they said "yes" so everyone dry. So Hisae also started to cry. When Kazuko gave her panties to her, she squeezed Kazuko's hand hard and Kazuko said "Aah" suddenly. Then she said "mô" which is Japanese scolding sound, and gave to Chae little spank before Chae put on panties.... I saw Hisae's face just after spank from Kazu, huge wave of love went from her eyes and land on Kazu.

I hope you like this story, because I am crying now, I remember how warm time it was when Chae stayed on loo so long and did so much. After her it was Mina with Maho next her and there was reason of that but this post too long so I tell part 2 next time. Hisae and Maho and Kazuko all crying now too. So I have to stop. We need to cry and hug and caress and pinch bottom (not loaf).

Hisae and Mina and Maho and Kazuko on loo about 20 minutes each one. But that is story for next time.

Emma Two, We are happy you didn't have accident and you did a lots in office loo. We feel warm feeling. We hope you never have accident and you always have lovely time in loo. And we say same thing to everybody in this site.

Love to everyone.

Maho + Kazuko + Hisae + Mina


My bowels caused a small scene at a grocery store

This occurred many years ago.

I arrived at the grocery store on my bike. As I locked my bike, due to the long ride, my peristalsis kicked in and I needed to take a massive dump, not having dumped all day today while I was at work. I immediately headed to the restrooms, tucked away in a hallway near the front of the store. They were both single occupant facilities that offered a great degree of privacy, which IMO are the best places to take a dump in public. As I opened the door the Men's room, I glimpsed out of my peripheral vision a group of employees in what looks to be a nearby break room.

I shut and locked the door to be greeted with the pleasant sight of a clean, spacious, single-toilet facility where I will not be bothered, head to the lone commode in the corner of the room, and seat myself so that I can begin the cable-laying process.

I start pushing, only to ease off, noting the pain it is going to bring to push this thing out. It's hard, solid, and smeary, due to being impacted from having been held in all day. I push very carefully, not wanting to tear the ole' chocolate starfish and cause some unwanted bleeding.

About 5 minutes into the process, there is a knock on the door.

I respond: "I'm in here."

Some dude behind the door: "Sorry dude."

I keep pushing, gently. I can feel the mass smearing itself all over my asshole. It's a big one.

Three minutes later, more knocking.

Me: "Still here."

I ripped a long, squeaky fart.

I hear what sounds like the same dude behind the door, laughing.

It takes me another 1-2 minutes to finish, and then I start wiping. It took about 5 minutes of cleanup, and was quite messy. Without the sink being nearby, I would not have gotten my ass clean, but due to its availability, it kept my toilet paper usage down to something reasonable, perhaps the equivalent of 4 feet from the industrial roll of sandpaper provided. I'd wipe with the dry paper to get off the largest dingleberries, then wet the paper with the sink for the final cleanup, which worked well, then used more dry paper to pick wet TP balls off my ass.

I look at the bowl and note an almond-colored single log of about 20" long by 2.5" wide, resting in the hole of the toilet and sticking above the water by about 6-7". It was impressive.

I flushed, and this monster log swirled around, refusing to break apart or bend, smearing itself all over the bowl. It went down on that first flush though. I flushed again, trying to get rid of the skidmarks, to no avail. Then again. The skidmarks were there to stay.

The room had no fan, and it stunk like rotting pork.

I wash my hands and exit.

As I'm leaving the hallway to grab a shopping kart, two store employees rush over to my area from behind, stopping about 10 feet away. One of them is this skinny white kid with a hat on backwards, laughing.

The other is a blonde, long-haired, white fatass with glasses that sort of resembled Mikey off of the show "American Chopper", who is also laughing, holding his nose pinched shut, yelling: "Dude! Get 'em!"

The one with the hat then says while laughing: "I don't even want to go in there now."

The fat dude, still holding his nose, laughing: "Gross!"

They knew what I did and got to see who I was. I was mildly embarrassed.

I continue on, grab the kart, and start loading groceries, also mildly amused at the chaos I had caused, but too perplexed to come up with a witty statement or action in response.

Sunday, June 06, 2021


Latest update

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've had loads on and just haven't got round to it! I'll share a story after a reply.
David P- fortunately I'm not too constipated at the moment so I'm finding it alot easier to go for a poo but when I start to suffer again I will definitely try your suggestion of pressing the skin between my bum, hopefully doing that will make it easier to get my poo to come out. I say when not if as I've been constipated on and off for ages so I know its only a matter of time before it comes back again, up till now the only thing that does help a bit when I'm struggling to have a poo is to raise my feet and pull my bum cheeks apart as I push but at least I've got something else to try now so thanks for that, I will let you know how it goes! I have also looked up the Bristol Stool Scale you mentioned and your absolutely right, I would say when I'm constipated my poos are usually number 2, sometimes even number 1 when its really bad.
Anyway, I do have a story to share, on Sunday night I went out with Lucy and Katie and Katie stayed over for the first time in ages which was great. We were walking back from the pub together when Katie said, "I'm bursting for a wee, I hope I can make it back in time!" Lucy and I had both used the loo in the pub before we left but Katie said she could wait until we got home, although I could tell she was now regretting that decision by the panicked look on her face! Typically by that point we were in the middle of a housing estate and there was absolutely nowhere private to squat down, so I said, "We're only about 5 minutes away, just try to hold it!" and Katie nodded, biting her lip. By the time we got back to my house she was squirming around and holding herself, she said, "Hurry up and get the door open Abs, I'm literally just about to wee my pants!" I got the door open as quickly as I could and let Katie go upstairs first, Lucy and I followed her up into my room. Before she had even got to the door of my ensuite she had pulled up her denim skirt to reveal some pink flowery knickers which were stuck right up her bum, she quickly tugged them down but not before Lucy had said, "Oh my God Katie, your knickers have like totally gone up your bum!"
"Yeah, yeah, whatever, at least there still dry!!" Katie replied as she sat on the loo with her knickers at her knees, she started to wee straight away, a loud hissing stream that fizzed into the loo, and she moaned with relief. "And yes, before you say anything I know I'm weeing like a horse, my bladder was literally just about to burst!" she said. Eventually Katies stream dribbled to a stop and she wiped her front before pulling up her knickers, letting down her skirt and coming back into my bedroom.
"Right, lets get ready for bed and watch a film!" I said, taking off my tee-shirt. Lucy took off her skirt and then her top, she said, "I need to have a wee now," and as she turned to walk into the ensuite I noticed her pale green knickers had gone up her bum too. As Katie took off her skirt she said, "Looks like I'm not the only one with my pants up my bum!" and Lucy turned round and poked her tongue out as Katie giggled, just then I took off my skirt, I was wearing white knickers which were stuck up my bum as well, I walked into my ensuite to see Lucy on the loo in the middle of her wee and Katie brushing her teeth. "I know my knickers are up my bum too before either of you say anything!" I said and they both started laughing. "Well to be honest I don't really mind if you two see me with my pants up my bum, the other day I went swimming and my swimsuit ended up giving me a massive wedgie and that was way more embarrassing!" said Katie.
"Oh my God, I hate it when that happens!!" said Lucy as she wiped and pulled up her knickers. "Right, my turn for a wee!" I said as I went over to the loo, I eased my knickers to my knees, sat down on the warm seat and started to wee a strong stream as Lucy joined Katie at the basin and started to brush her teeth. A few seconds later I felt my stream dribbling to a stop so I wiped my front, pulled up my knickers and went over to the basin to brush my teeth as well, by now Lucy and Katie were back in my room sitting on Lucys bed. After I'd finished doing my teeth I went back into my room, Lucy started to take off her bra, she said, "I'm just gonna wear my knickers in bed, its really warm in here!" Katie and I nodded, we both took our bras off too and got into bed and then I put on a film.
The next morning I woke up needing a wee, I noticed Lucy was still asleep and as I was only half awake myself I'd completely forgotten Katie was staying over. I got out of bed and went into my ensuite without bothering to put my bra on, I got the fright of my life when I saw Katie sitting on the loo, her knickers were round her thighs and luckily she wasn't wearing her bra either! I realised she was in the middle of having a wee as I heard her stream tinkling into the bowl.
"Oh God, I totally forgot you were staying over, sorry I haven't got my bra on!" I said, feeling myself going pink.
"Morning Abbie," said Katie, looking totally unfazed. "No worries, at least we're both topless!" she added. A few seconds later Katies stream dribbled to a stop and she took some loo roll, wiped and stood up, pulling her knickers up. She sat on the edge of the bath as I went over to the loo, dropped my knickers and sat on the warm seat, moaning as I was finally able to relax. A fierce stream soon started up and went on for a while before dribbling to a stop. I wiped, pulled up my knickers and washed my hands and then we both went back into the bedroom.
"Right, I'll go downstairs and make some toast," I said as Katie got back into bed. I put a tee-shirt on and went down to the kitchen. As I was making the toast I started to get a heavy feeling in my belly and realised I'd need a poo before long, luckily it was only a couple of days since I'd last been for a poo so I was hoping I wouldn't have too much trouble. I came back up with the toast a few minutes later, as I went into my room I saw the door of my ensuite was wide open and Lucy was on the loo with her knickers round her knees and without her bra on either! It sounded like she was having a massive wee and there was a huge look of relief on her face!! When she was done she came back into the room and we started to eat the toast. I noticed Katie was finding it hard to sit still, she kept shifting position on the bed so I guessed she might want a poo, a few minutes later she said, "I'm getting desperate for a poo, do you mind if I go?"
"I need to have a poo as well," I said, "But if your desperate you can go first, I don't need it too badly just yet!"
"Well- if your sure, I'm a bit constipated so it might take me a while!" Katie replied. She got out of bed and went into the ensuite, still topless. "Come on in so we can keep chatting," she called to Lucy and me so we followed her in and sat on the floor. Katie dropped her knickers and sat on the loo, after a few seconds she started to push and I heard some more wee spurting out, I could see she was having to bear down hard as she was screwing her face up and going red. "Sorry about this," she panted, "I've got the tip out but its getting really wide and its hard to keep it moving." She squeezed her thighs together, pulled her bum cheeks apart and continued to strain, making some loud grunts. After about another 5 minutes she said "Its coming faster now" and shortly after there was a plop and she moaned with relief. I started shifting about, my own need was getting worse and I could feel a massive poo trying to force my bum open. Katie was quite clearly working on her next log, I could see she was still straining and didn't seem close to being done, so I went over to the tap to get a drink to try to take my mind off my need, I could feel that my knickers had gone up my bum again so I pulled them down, I was pretty sure that the top of my bum would be showing but I didn't want to get skidmarks. Katie saw what I was doing and said "Sorry, I'll try not to be too much longer," and shortly after I heard a few plops close together followed by a sigh. "Right, I think I'm done," Katie said, "I'll wipe standing if you want so you can get on the loo straight away." She pulled the flush and I nodded gratefully, I was already waiting with my thumbs in my knickers ready to pull them down, so I quickly dropped them, sat on the loo and relaxed, at once I felt the tip poke out but then it got fatter so I knew I'd have to start pushing. Katie was standing next to me wiping her bottom, I shifted forward so she could throw the paper away then she pulled up her knickers and sat back on the edge of the bath. The massive log was creeping really slowly out of my bum as I pushed but luckily it wasn't too hard and dry so it was coming a lot easier than when I'm really constipated. With the next push I felt the log slide out further and knew I'd got the fattest part out. Not long after it splashed down in the bowl and I felt another log ready to come out, that one wasn't quite as fat so it came out with a few gentle pushes. After my second log had dropped I felt empty so I took some paper, wiped my bum and flushed before pulling up my knickers. "Do you need a poo Lucy?" asked Katie and Lucy shook her head, "No, I had one yesterday so it'll be a couple of days before I need another one!" We went back into my room and started to get dressed, Katie rummaged in her overnight bag, she said "I know I've got some clean pants in here somewhere!" In the meantime Lucy had taken off her knickers and put on some white ones, she started to put on her bra as I took off my t-shirt and went over to my underwear drawer to find some clean knickers too. Katie took out a pair of yellow knickers with pink and blue butterflies and pulled down the ones she was wearing, she quickly put on her clean ones and then put her bra on. While Lucy and Katie put their skirts on I changed my knickers, my clean ones were pale blue with pink and yellow flowers. I put on my bra and then finished getting dressed too. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!


Reply to Mike .

Hi Mike , it's been a while since we spoke alright . I hope you're keeping well and not having any "bathroom issues" . I didn't manage to get anything out the other night but about noon the next day I knew I was in trouble as I felt the need for a BM build up . I wasn't too far from a toilet , I got to it and luckily for me it was unoccupied . I went in , got my jeans and panties down and I wasn't sitting on the toilet very long before the load started to plop out . First the solid stuff plopped into the toilet . That was followed by sloppy , liquidy poor . I felt the relief right away . When I looked down all I could see was the sloppy pop which covered and hid the solid pieces of poo in the toilet bowl . There was a very strong smell ,, I'm afraid . It took quite a lot of toilet paper to get myself clean after that BM . I hope You will reply soon , Mike . Eileen xx .

Sherryl: yes, I loved the story. Sadly, I haven't pood outside lately. Recently, when I was out hiking, I saw a girl about my age squatting by the side of the trail on her phone. I squatted likewise and asked if I could join her. An awkward conversation began as she explained she had to poo. I said no problem and prepared to leave, just as she started She gasped, and realized that while attempting to preserve her modesty, she hadn't pulled her leggings far enough, she let out a medium size poo alright, but she pissed all through the front and crotch area of her leggings. I squatted back down to help, and flipped my skirt to spread. I'm proud to say that my stream made it all the way across the trail! She didn't even end up wiping her dirty booty, but I the remembered to give some tissues to her that I had in my backpack.

Mina: great to hear about a fun spanking as always! Keep it up!
I also really miss reading Juliette from France's stories! I hope she comes back!

Maddy: loved your story, I'm excited to hear more!

MD Dan

Kept Some People Waiting

On my way into work I will occasionally stop to get my morning coffee from a popular chain. The store is located only a few minutes from my office. When I stop here, I will usually place the order on the mobile app, run in, pick it up, and be on my way. Yesterday, though, the app wasn't working for that location so I had to go in to place the order.

During the 30 min drive over, I started feeling a bad poop coming and was getting some cramps. I tried to fart a few times in my car but I had to stop or I was going to crap myself. It felt like it was a semi-solid poop and there was a lot of it.

Because the app wasn't working at this store, there was an unusually high number of people actually inside waiting to place and pick up their orders. I waited in line behind two younger women (college age) and another woman was behind me (late 30's to mid 40's). Two men were waiting in the pick up area for their drinks. I was almost shaking from my stomach hurting so much but I finally placed my order and immediately headed for the restroom in the back of the store.

There are two unisex, single occupant restrooms. One of them was closed for some reason. Not sure if it wasn't working or being cleaned but the door was locked with a yellow sign on the floor in front of it. The other restroom was open so I went in, locked the door, and quickly sat on the toilet.

As soon as I sat down, soft poop started coming out at a decent pace. It smelled terrible too. The first piece slid into the water and I still felt a lot left. After a few seconds another long piece slid out into the water. After 30 seconds or so I heard someone try the door. Thankfully the lock worked and it didn't open. There was a knock and I said, "Occupied!" to let them know I was in there. I heard a woman's voice say back, "Oh! Sorry! I'll wait!"

"Great..." I thought to myself as another piece started to crackle out of me. Another two pieces came out over the course of about a minute or so but I still felt cramping. I heard another voice outside the door. It was another woman talking to the first woman. I could hear her commenting about the other bathroom being closed and she said, "I hope they come out soon. We need to get to class." It must have been the two college age women who were in front of me in line.

I got another cramp and some more semi-solid poop shot out of me, this time followed up with a blast of gas that lasted several seconds. I heard both women laugh quietly, they clearly heard me. The second one to arrive said, "Oh geez. I don't know if want to go in there after him." The other woman (the one who knocked on the door) replied, "I don't care. I'm about to shit myself in a minute. He can blow it up all he wants, as long as he's done in the next 30 seconds. I need to sit on a toilet really soon." The first girl replied to that, "Oh no! I'm not going after you again. I'm just going to wait. I'll pee at school." I heard footsteps walking away at that point. The first girl must have given up and decided to hold it.

I took about another minute to finish up and get ready to walk out. I was well aware of the 30 second time line the girl had and I admit, I was a little curious just how serious she was about it. Fortunately for her, she was able to hold on until I came out. I opened the door and saw her standing against the wall, pressing her butt into her hands, bouncing up and down. I said, "Sorry about the wait." but she just said, "Oh thank God!" and ran into the bathroom.

I waited by the door for about five seconds, wondering if I'd hear an explosion, but I couldn't hear anything. On my way out I saw the first woman waiting by the entrance for her friend. She looked at me and made eye contact for a brief second. She stifled a laugh and looked away quickly. I left and headed into work, feeling much better.

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