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Victoria B.

A few quick comments


Nothing too big to report today. I'm now on a diarrhea cycle after this morning's load of mush and it's nice to not be constipated again!

To Mina + 3: Your secrets are safe with us. It sounds like your body was helping you prepare for that interview. Stay safe, we love all of you!

To Kristi: The first time Robyn saw me on the toilet I had to do both! We were at a bar, she hadn't told me about her feelings yet but we had each other's phone numbers and regularly socialized. Anyway, to cut down on the line we shared a stall. She noticed right away that the seat had been the recipient of a hover pee, so she took a handful of toilet paper from the holder, wiped the seat down and threw the paper into the bowl before gesturing towards the seat and, I'll never forget this, looking at me to say, "You may now be seated." Completely deadpan. I guess the sudden burst of laughter got things moving because my gushing pee was followed by three small plops!

To Emma Two: Sarah seems like a good person. I'm happy she didn't try to shame you for having an accident.

That's all for now!


Elyse Marie
It's me, A Lesbian on the Toilet.

After I posted, I realized that my pseudonym was kinda long so I'm just going to go by my name from now on so your brains won't hurt too badly.


Anyway, I see so many of you posting about your experiences with public restrooms and all I can do is wish I was lucky enough to do that. You see, I'm terrified of them and have been since I was very young, especially the ones that are automatic.

Being jumpscared by the flush is bad enough but the flashing lights that a lot of them have are the thing that scares me most cause I feel like I'm being photographed.

Am I the only one like this or are there others who have this issue too? I just want to feel like I'm not alone.

PS: To Mina and her friends - hissing and gushing refers to the sound your pee makes as it comes out.


Responding to some people

Pooperlady: You say you HAD a Squatty Potty? Can I ask why you got rid of it? I don't usually need to use it but if I'm even a little constipated I use it and it always helps me go. You should get another one.

Emma two:
I'm glad Sarah got done in time for you to go! It sounded like she should have let you go first.
My roommate and I shared a bathroom in college. We had frequent arguments about who needed to go to the bathroom more.

Robyn and Victoria: I love your posts!
Do you ladies usually prefer privacy, or do you go in front of each other like I do with my husband?

I remember Italy well. Venice. Beautiful city... horrible place to have to go to the bathroom. To use a public restroom in the middle of the city, I had to pay money to get a pack of what was basically kleenex. I think I used the whole pack and still had a dirty butt.

Of course, I could go back to the youth hostel... where the toilets had NO SEATS.

Regular western toilets with no toilet seat.

Was I supposed to hover? Was I supposed to stand on the toilet and squat? I did one hovering poop; after that I settled for the public toilets and kleenex.

I remember going back to the hostel, taking one of my washcloths, getting it wet with warm water, going into a stall, and just wiping for like 5 minutes.

Of course, nothing was worse than a Rome train station. Squat toilets on the floor. No toilet paper and just covered with gross. That was one time I decided to hold it in. I was able to go when I got to the airport on a regular toilet.

I think if we ever build a house, it's going to have a bidet.

How do you use them? I could get my front clean with it, but not my backside.




My Business

My poop business for today was a lot. A staff from the day center I go to (people call her Toby) commented on the smell when she entered the bathroom once while I was still in the middle stall. Even through my mask, I could tell I stunk it up. Toby sprayed vigorously in the staff cubicle, and had a relieving pee. I hadn't pooped 3 times a day in a while, so surprisingly, this is what happened. My poop was sort of like diarrhea today, and was noisy. I love to enjoy some of my home activities at the day center, so I brought one of my putty containers with me. Emma two: if I were at work and took a laxative, I'd risk clogging the toilet rather than riding the bus with a horrible poop urge. I'd taken the city bus in Austin before, and I always made sure I wasn't desperate for a toilet function before I boarded. The only waterworks I shed was when the siren of an emergency vehicle made me cry years ago. I was with this teacher Valerie, but we never had any bathroom experiences together when we worked during travel lessons. She has kids, so I know she's dealt with many accidents. I bet Valerie's bathroom experiences when her children were todlers was extra gross, because this mother is blind. She probably felt the back of training pants, and sniffed pull ups to find out if they were dirty or wet. As babies, Valerie's children I'm sure had times where they peed on her. It's possible that she might have had the tactile experience of being pooped on. Most importantly, I hope Valerie and her children are healthy. I don't know their age, but I think the kids are almost grown now. Bye.


More Accidents

More Accidents

Hello, my name is Deb and I'm back with some more stories.

As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I recently went to see my Naturopathic doctor about the problems I have been having with my super heavy period and diarrhea. She gave me some remedies to use but she did say to me that things could get worse before they get better as my body adjusts to what she gave me. She wasn't wrong…

Last Thursday I was at work. It was mid- morning and I was taking the mail around to each office on our floor. I was talking with my friend Tracey when I had a really bad cramp that made me hunch over slightly. I let out a moan along with a wet fart that I couldn't hold back. Tracey asked if I was okay and I said, "I just pooped my pants a bit." She said, "Oh honey, I'm sorry." She helped me to the washroom. Luckily the mess in my pink hipster panties wasn't that bad, but they were stained through and I didn't want to sit in them all day long. I pulled up my panties and dress pants and went down to my car for a clean pair of bikini panties from my emergency bag, which was the last pair I had in my bag. I left my bag in the car because I didn't really need it for anything else, but I tried making a mental note to restock it when I got home. I got back to the ladies room and changed my panties. I wrapped up the messy ones and stashed them in my purse.

The rest of my day on Thursday was fine and I didn't have any more diarrhea or anything like that.

I got home that evening and forgot about my emergency bag in my car, which was now empty of any clean underwear. In the craziness of my household with my daughter wanting to see me, making dinner and spending time with my husband, I totally forgot that I didn't have any clean panties in my emergency bag. Things were just as hectic on Friday morning because my husband was taking our daughter to visit family for the day.

I was feeling okay before I left for work on Friday morning, but as I was driving to work I started getting a heavy feeling in my bowels. After a few minutes the feeling went away and I didn't think much more about it.

My coworker Jenn was off for a long weekend so I was by myself for the day. When I got to work just before 8am, I got signed in to my computer. Then I went to the kitchen to get it ready for the day. As I was emptying out the dishwasher the cramps came back and they were 100 times worse than what I had in my car. My bowels dropped and I immediately needed a toilet. I clenched my bum with everything I had, but it was no use. A really wet fart escaped my tightly clenched butt cheeks which then seemed to open up the floodgates, so to speak. I started shuffling through the kitchen but I just couldn't hold on. I started pooping my pants with a very soft, wet load of mushy diarrhea. It was very audible and it completely filled up the back of my white bikini panties. I stood there in complete shock as the mess spread up my back and all through my panties. This was easily one of the worst panty pooping accidents I have had in quite some time. I felt like I was completely engulfed in my mess and I felt like I still had to go.

A couple of our office clients came into the kitchen which snapped me out of my diarrhea daze. It was a man and a woman who work in the same office, Mike and Paula. They both said hi and we chatted for a few minutes. I was trying not to act awkward, but it was really difficult to do with a massive load of diarrhea swishing around in my pants. They got their coffees and went back to their office. Right as they left, I had another rush of diarrhea and it spread all through my panties and jeans.

I went to the ladies room and saw that my accident was leaking through my jeans. It was terrible. I decided to go down to my car to get my emergency bag. I got back to the ladies room and that's when I realized that I had totally forgot to restock it with a change of clothes. I had plenty of maxi pads, but no panties or pants. I finally started crying. I went to my desk and sat down very gingerly. The mess in my panties bubbled out in every direction.

I knew that my husband wouldn't be able to help me since he and my daughter were out of town with family, so I tried texting Tracey. I didn't get a response right away. After a few minutes she called me, she was driving in to the office…

I answered and said, "Hello"
She said, "Hey Deb! I saw that you texted. I'm just driving in. How's it going?"
I said, "Ohhh, not too well to be honest."
She said, "On no! What's up?"
I started crying again.
"Deb, what's the matter?" She was very concerned.
In between sobs I said, "I was in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher and I had a really bad cramp and I just couldn't hold it."
She said "Oh Deb. I'm so sorry. I'll be there in a few minutes, okay?"
I said, "I don't have anything to change into or to get cleaned up with."
She said, "It's okay, I'll help you get sorted out. I'll be there shortly."

Tracey got to the office just before 9am and I had been in my mess for almost an hour. She didn't have any extra clothes with her either and the stores in the downtown mall didn't even open until 11am. We went to the ladies room and Tracey helped me get somewhat cleaned up, but I still had to wear my poppy panties and jeans for a few more hours. I wish that I could have gone home, but there was no one to cover the front desk.

Tracey was able to go with me to the mall for clothes at 11:30. I had worn a cardigan since it was cool on Friday morning so I tied it around my waist to hide the diarrhea stains that had soaked through my jeans. I bought a package of cheap hipster panties from Dollarama and a new pair of jeans from another store.

When we got back to the office Tracey helped me get properly cleaned up by passing me wet paper towels. It felt good to get into some clean panties and jeans.

I felt only okay for the rest of the day but on my drive home I had to go again. I was at a stop light and I just couldn't hold it. I let out a huge rush of diarrhea in my new hipster panties. It went all up my back and into the front of my pants as well. I was a total mess by the time I got home.

My husband and daughter were home when I got there. My husband asked me how I was. I started bawling my eyes out as I told him about my awful day. He gave me a huge hug and then I went upstairs to have a long, hot shower.

I was able to get the stains out of both pairs of jeans, but all three pairs of panties, the one from Thursday and the two from Friday have permanent stains in them. Especially the two that I pooped in on Friday.

I got my period on Saturday morning while we were out getting groceries. It came with a huge gush that soaked through my panties and jeans. I went to the washroom in the store, but my clothes were soaked through. I put on an extra heavy overnight maxi pad anyway just to help contain the leak. I changed and cleaned my panties and jeans when we got home. My period has been super heavy yet again and I have leaked a few times through my pants.

Well, that's all for now. I know that this has been a longer post than what I usually write.

Thanks for reading.


Just Jerika


My responses to the Unisex bathroom questions:

1) Would you mind if all public toilets were unisex?

Going in large gender-segregated bathrooms was difficult for me, especially in middle school and high school. So after school I would hurry across the street to gas station/car wash that had single-stall gender-neutral toilets. I'm in college now, spend most of my days on campus, and I've gained more confidence in using the larger bathrooms.
However, a multi-stall unisex bathroom probably wouldn't be my first choice because of younger kids not being supervised and the chance of voyeurism.

2) You have to poop in a unisex toilet with the opposite sex present, would you hide your sounds?

I tend to do that anyway in other situations. Why not move forward on the toilet seat so your crap hits the front part of the bowl, rather than splashing away in the water. Hernandez, my boyfriend whom I've written about, is more liberal about such a situation. I kind of admire him for that. It's probably a lot more authentic.

3) Would you be disgusted in hearing someone of the opposite sex pooping in the stall next to yours?

Probably not, but that doesn't mean I'm game for it. What was more disgusting to me was back when I was a freshman in high school. The girl on the toilet next to me was awfully cussing and swearing at her mother who was picking her up early at school, but parked at the wrong door. The girl was ballistic about not being able to hold her crap until she got home.

4) Would you wait until the opposite sex leaves so he/she doesn't know who was pooping next to them?

Probably not, unless it was one of my professors or teachers. Or sometimes my mom, who has been critical of me in such situations.

5) Have you ever pooped in a unisex toilet?

Often, beginning in school when I was about 11 to when I was out of high school. I wasn't successful on the toilet at school so I went across the street to a unisex one.

Kristi AND Steve

First time

Hi, it's me Kristi.

I wanted to post the story of the first time Steve saw me pooping. I told Steve I would be posting about this. But he said that instead of me posting it, maybe he posts about it?

Honestly he probably remembers it better than I do. It was a first for us, but nowadays I poop in front of him so often that the first time seems like ages ago.

It is a happy memory for me. Not only does it excite him to watch me, but I feel like it brought us closer together. It happened on our honeymoon. It was basically the final frontier. No more barriers after that.

So I'm turning this over to my wonderful hubby. Enjoy.

STEVE: So this is my first ever post on this forum. My wife Kristi has fallen in love with it. With her encouragement, I'm going to post about the first time I saw her pooping.

I'm not gonna lie. I LOVE watching her go to the bathroom. (I love everything about her. I don't know how I scored this babe but she's just amazing. Beautiful face, gorgeous shoulder-length red hair, rockin' body... just perfect. And she's so fun to be with. We've been married for almost 3 years and we're still best friends. )

So I saw her pee a couple of times before we were married. She caught on quick that I enjoyed watching. I told her shortly before we got married that I'd like to see her poop as well. She said, "Maybe someday." I will confess to having listed to her through the door a few times during our engagement (she knows this now and gives me all sorts of playful grief about it.)

She still doesn't completely get why I love watching and hearing her use the bathroom. But she knows that I like it and she's almost always willing to indulge my guilty pleasure. She's seen me go to the bathroom plenty too. It doesn't get her excited the way it does for me, but I love that we're so comfortable around each other.

All right. So we got married back in October 2018. We went to Fort Lauderdale for our honeymoon. It was a wonderful trip. By this point, I had gotten her to pee with the door open and I was welcome in the bathroom whenever the door was open. However when it was closed, she didn't want me in there. She was never mean about it. She just would say things like, "Not now", or "Gotta poop... want some privacy." And yes, my sick self often listened through the door. (Please forgive me, baby!)

On the very last day of our honeymoon, we had been driving from a beach down near the Keys. We were on a pretty isolated stretch of road. We were about an hour from our hotel when Kristi says, "I've gotta go to the bathroom." I knew that meant she had to poop since when she had to pee it was always "I have to pee/piss."

There were no places to stop on this road. We're both outdoors people and could go outside if needed. I asked her if she could hold it until we got to the hotel. She said she could.

I drove for another five minutes before I gathered the courage to ask THE question. "Baby... could I be in there when you go?"

She smiles shyly and says, "You REALLY want that, don't you?"

I nod. I'm embarrassed now. I'm afraid she's going to be angry. But instead she says, "Okay. We'll give it a try. But no laughing at me!"

I assure her I won't laugh at her and that I appreciated her being willing to do this.

We get back to our hotel room. I don't even have time to take my shoes off. She says, "This is happening now, babe." That was all the encouragement I needed to follow her into the bathroom.

It's a big bathroom with a whirlpool, a shower, two sinks, and a toilet in its own little room. I ask her where she wants me. She says, "I don't care, but just not right in front of me." I stand against the sinks as she's taking off her jeans and the bikini bottom she had underneath (we had been at the beach). She is just looking like an absolute goddess. I'll never forget this image of her.

She pees a little bit. Then she looks up at me shyly. She says, "We're married, right?" I say, "Yes. And I love you so much." She says she loves me too. And then it happens. She leans forward a little bit, and then I hear her just let go. The look on her face is so cute. She looks up and smiles at me mid-poop. She says, "Is this how you expected it to be?"

I said, "No. It's even hotter." She giggles and says, "Well, I'm glad." She said she was all done. She stood up and flushed without wiping. I asked why she didn't wipe; she said she was just going to get in the shower. We both showered and then did some newlywed stuff that Kristi says I can't post about.

Ever since the first time, it's gotten easier for her. I've probably watched her poop over a hundred times by now. And it never gets any less fun.

So that's the story of the first time I saw Kristi crapping. I'm sure she probably tells a better story than me, so I'm honored to get to post about this.
KRISTI: Good writing, babe. That's pretty much how I remember it!

One detail that he left out: When I was saying, "We're married, right?" and all that stuff, I remember that I was squeezing my butt hard to keep from going. I wasn't 100 percent on whether I could do it. But my hubby told me he loved me and he treats me so good that I just decided to let go.

I'm blushing at the way he describes me. "Goddess"? Seriously? It's just me. I'm just a girl... who talks about her pooping constantly on the internet for everyone to read.


Two stories

Kristi here.

So I think I'm officially addicted to this forum. Every single time I take a crap I immediately come here are read all the great posts. And I always seem to have some memory of an interesting bathroom-related event come to me.
My husband posted earlier about the first time he saw me poop. He likes watching me. That's no secret. And I love the feeling of going to the bathroom, whether it's a pee, a poop, or both. So it's win-win.

But I wanted to share a story about when it wasn't about feeling good. And about how sweet of a man he is.

This one's gross... so scroll down if you don't want to read.

About four months ago, I was sick. Really, really sick. I had thrown up several times. I was lying in bed, incredibly weak. I don't know what it was that was wrong with me. At some point I just fall asleep from exhaustion.

I woke up at midnight with a full bladder. I try to roll over and get out of bed and end up falling on the floor. My husband wakes up immediately and comes to me. I'm not hurt from falling, but I really have to pee. I asked him to help me get to the bathroom so I could pee. He said that if I wanted he could get me a glass to go in. I said that I thought I could make it to the bathroom. So my husband helps me to my feet and walks me to the bathroom. I'm so unsteady on my feet that he has to actually turn me around so I'm facing the right way. Then he's holding me up so I can get my shorts down. Finally I slowly sit down. He's holding my upper body up. I start to pee... I can feel the relief, but I'm not hearing my pee hit the water. I look down and see that I'm sitting at the absolute front of the toilet. My pee is going all over the toilet seat and is splashing onto my poor husband. I started sobbing... and he's being so comforting. Telling me it's okay and that he should have gotten me sitting farther back.

So I'm sitting there, having peed all over the place, and of course, OF COURSE my body can't just be done.

99 percent of the time I enjoy pooping. (I've read that pooping triggers the vegus nerve in the body which can cause pleasure).

This was not one of those times. I already felt messy from peeing all over myself and my husband. I just wanted to be done. But my body had different plans. I couldn't have held it in even if I wanted to. And I'm sitting too far forward on the toilet, so my poop isn't going into the water. It's hitting the front of the bowl. And then I started peeing again. I'm trying to scoot backwards but to little avail.

Finally, I THINK I'm done. I'm crying my eyes out while my husband is reassuring me and telling me that he loves me. I'm too weak to do anything. My husband gets two wet washcloths. He carefully wipes me. I'm really messy in the back. He gets me clean underwear and shorts.
He helps me up. Helps me get dressed.

The toilet and the floor are gross. My piss is all over the floor and the toilet. The toilet is full of my brown skid marks. (I pride myself on keeping a clean bathroom, so this is upsetting me greatly.)

I'm on my way back to bed while my husband is getting ready to clean the bathroom... and the urge hits me again. Bad. I yell for my husband, who comes running. "I have to s*** more", I tell him. He doesn't hesitate. He picks me up and carries me into the bathroom.

I don't want to sit on the nasty toilet again. My husband pulls my shorts and panties off. I start looking for somewhere... anywhere... to poop.

And this is the grossest poop confession I'm probably ever going to make on this forum: I barely had the strength, but I was able to pull myself up on the bathroom counter. And I then proceeded to deposit a six-inch long log right in our bathroom sink.

In. The. Sink.

I collapsed into my hubby's arms. And then a strange thing happened. I started to laugh. I actually started to laugh at the whole situation. My husband starts to chuckle as well, and says, "Kristi, you just took a s*** in the sink."

And the log in the sink? It was the kind of turd that usually is the FIRST thing out of my butt under normal circumstances. Not the last thing.

My husband again helped me get clean and got me to bed.

Morals of the story:
1. Have a spouse you can freely go to the bathroom in front of, and
2. If the toilet is too dirty, poop in the sink.

Wow. I just confessed a lot.

I have another (far less gross) story to tell. But my body is ready to poop, so I'm going to head to the bathroom to type that story.

Be back in a minute.

Kristi again... posting from the potty room.
My husband's in here with me. Pretending to be busy brushing his teeth. Completely just in here to watch me crap. (It's funny... he knows that I am completely cool with him just watching me. And yet sometimes he pretends that he just happens to need to be in the bathroom. Like he just really needed to brush his teeth the moment he saw me go into the bathroom with my phone. So, so subtle Steve. He's such a perv but I love it. )

Anyways, this story's a lot less graphic than my last one.

This is from a few weeks ago.

I'll start by saying that while I fart just like everyone, I seldom fart on the toilet. I don't really know why. My diet probably has something to do with it. I get gas of course but usually it doesn't come out before I poop like it does for a lot of people.

Well, I was at the mall. It was around noon. I hadn't pooped that morning so I figured it would probably come soon, and it did.

I found the nearest ladies room, went into a stall (probably at least 10 stalls in this bathroom; I took one near the middle), and sat down.

[Okay... seriously, husband of mine? He just asked "Are you gonna go?" I'm not a machine. My butt doesn't just produce whenever you want it to!]

Sorry for the interruption of the story. Ahem. Where was I? Ah yes. At the mall. In the bathroom. On the toilet.

As soon as I sat down, I let go with a very loud, very long (like 5 seconds) fart. It honestly surprised me. Usually my best farts are underneath the bed covers. ;)

Then, I'm surprised again. I hear a little kid's voice say, "What was that?"

It takes me a second to realize that there's someone in the next stall. I hadn't seen feet underneath any of the stalls when I was going in.

Apparently it was a mom and a kid. Because I hear a woman's voice say, "Shhhh. Someone's going poopoo just like mommy."

I had to smile a little bit.

Over the next 5 minutes or so, "Mommy" and I went "poopoo". Plops from her stall, plops from me. A little stinky... I think we were both contributing to that.

[Okay, I'm going to stop the story again. My hubby's happy now that I'm taking care of business. I felt and heard a nice long one come out, followed by a nice tinkle. ]

I wiped, washed my hands and left. Out of curiosity I watched the ladies room for to see who came out. Shortly after, a tall blonde woman in her 30's came out with who I assume was her daughter.

I know, not the most exciting story but it was kind of fun sharing a poop with a stranger.

That fart... I don't know where it came from (yes, I know it came from my butt). As I said, I usually just sit down and poop. My farts come throughout the day, usually not on the toilet. (I have some girlfriends who say that they try to only fart on the toilet... I could not do that.)

And if you're interested (my husband certainly is), I've followed up my log with a couple good size chunks and a few little slivers. I think my husband wants to go to the bedroom, so I think I'm done here.




@midwesterner @kristi

@midwesterner please share some of the stories when you heard female friends and family members poop please!
I mean I heard it too when I was a kid but ever since it seems to be a shameful act. I can't say I ever heard a female friend poop let alone talk about it. Basically the sale for family members unless you are talking about direct family like sisters.

@kristi when you use an airport bathroom do you hear lots of females poop? You said you were in one some time ago that had 10 women pooping. What were the sounds like?

I love all the stories here but they are so far from the reality I know, in my world I barely ever hear a woman take a poo!

Thursday, July 29, 2021


Parents' responses to accidents

I was sad to read about Kaycha's experience of being severely punished for having an accident. It seems like there are still too many parents out there who respond to honest mistakes with severe scolding or even violence. It was also interesting to read about Julie's dad's much more supportive response to her IBS, helping her to access nappies (diapers) for when things were really bad.

I was very lucky, because my parents always gave me a lot of emotional support if they found out I'd "made a mistake in my pants". Although I was quite prone to this happening, they never suggested nappies, and I wouldn't have wanted to wear them - I tended to poo my pants unpredictably once every few months (at least once I'd reached age eight or so and was having fewer than when I was a little kid), and at the very most once every few weeks, so it wasn't worth the potential embarrassment. There was an incident when I was about eleven and had food poisoning when I wore two pairs of pants during a coach ride because I was worried I wouldn't be able to hold it, but that was the closest I think I ever came to being ready in advance for a mess. I'll perhaps post about that another time. I don't know what they would have said if I'd actually asked them for nappies - I think they would have probably gently guided me to different solutions and the options for nappies back then would have been very limited.

As I got older, I learnt how to clean myself up effectively when I'd dirtied my pants, so my parents thought I'd more-or-less grown out of this issue earlier than I actually had. They did find out about the occasional accident when I had an upset stomach (including the one in the coach) when I was a bit older, and they might have suspected a couple of my other ones when they found I seemed to have suddenly and briefly taken an interest in doing my own laundry, but I think they took the view that if it wasn't upsetting me and I wasn't leaving a mess anywhere then they would simply keep an eye out for any serious problems emerging.

My parents would take a different view if they thought an accident could have easily been avoided. This mainly applied to my brother, because he would deliberately withhold his poo until bits of foul-smelling liquid or rock-hard nuggets would leak out into his pants - like some of the personal or friends' experiences described by David P and Jry in their recent posts. They would make him sit on the toilet for long periods in the hope that he would let it all out, but this always ended up being a battle of wills and he saw it as a punishment, even though that wasn't really the intention. I had one very brief brush with this sort of accident when I was little - maybe one for another post.

The only time I ever got mildly told off for an accident happened when I was ten. I had a real aversion to pooing in the toilets at service stations, as they were almost always filthy, noisy and smelly (has anyone else noticed that they're usually a lot cleaner these days?). One day, we were driving back down south from seeing family, and both me and my brother had been fidgeting due to needing to pee, so we stopped for lunch and a toilet break. I'd already started to need a poo - just a little bit, and I wasn't anywhere near the stage where I couldn't do a wee without pooing myself. We ate our lunch, and of course the need to poo got stronger, and I think I was probably fidgeting quite a bit because my dad made a point of asking if anyone needed to go back to the loo before we set off. I really wanted to go, but I couldn't bear the idea of using one of the cubicles, so I said I was feeling fine. My brother was going through one of his stool-withholding phases, so he wasn't about to volunteer to go either.

We went back to the car, and I could feel waves of pressure building all the way. Sitting down in my booster seat helped a bit, as it let me put some pressure on my bum, but we were an hour and a half from home and I already didn't think I was going to make it. Over the next ten minutes, I could feel the waves of pressure continuing to get stronger, and eventually I had a wave where some mushy stuff came out - no firm cork and no farts. The pressure immediately increased further and naturally enough a mudslide of poo soon pushed out of me, forming a warm cushion under my bum.

I didn't get detected straight away as my brother had the strong overflow poo smell about him, and so I sat quietly in my mess trying not to draw attention to myself. However, a few minutes later the waves came back again, and again I couldn't hold it in, as my bum was already tired. This time, the poo came out with a loud squelching fart sound that was unmistakeably not just gas, and my mum turned around and asked "Did you just go to the toilet in your pants?". I nodded sheepishly. I was told off by both of them for not going when I had the chance when they could see I needed to - they didn't shout, but they were stern and disappointed. My brother looked smug, but my mum turned around and gave him a stern look to remind him that he was the one holding his poo in so long that his pants were already dirty (and very stinky).

When we got home, I was made to clean myself up with the minimum possible help - although I was already getting better at doing that anyway, and the practice helped me to become more independent about clean-ups - and I had to wash the cover of my booster seat, as the dampness from my poo had soaked through my pants and trousers and stained it orangey-tan. This felt fair at the time, and I still think it was now. My mum had a chat with me (without being cross) and suggested that next time we were out, I try lining the toilet seat with paper and putting some more in the bowl to prevent splashback as a way to make using the public toilet less gross, and I did find that this helped. I still use some loo roll to prevent splashing even now, more than twenty-five years later.


Strange Toilets

I once had a dream where the toilets could eat your poop. The toilets themselves were shaped like a mouth with teeth. You'd poop into the "mouth" toilet, and instead of flushing, it would chew and swallow your poop. If you had to pee,you did it into a plastic cup, and let the toilet drink it. The city was called Scissor Town, and the roads were made of grass from paper. The cars were like little shredders that would cut the paper grass while people rode them. If residents pooped/ peed in the grass, the cars would chop that up, too. In my dream, I loved pooping in the grass. I would get off my car, take a squat, and let loose mushy poop on the ground, and wipe with baby wipes. Lol, mealtime was strange as well along with how big poops were dealt with. Instead of using forks, people ate with scissors, and if a poop was too big to fit down the mouth toilet, residents cut it up with a knife. My car in Scissor Town was the coolest, because it literally was shaped like a paper shredder with wheels, and it had a platform in the front that I could sit on. In my part of town, the magical grass would grow so high, that my shredder car would cut along the road as it went more often than others, and my poops would be out of view. If I didn't want to poop in the grass, I had a bucket I could use. Speaking of poop, I did some mush today. It wasn't as much poop as I've done before, but it still had some gas in it at times. Hope you enjoy reading about my dream. Bye.

Mina, Kazuko, Hisae, Maho

Dear Victoria and Robyn

Thank you for kind words about Tokyo prefecture. Where we live is secret but I give one hint. It's not Tokyo.

I never seen ensuite bathroom. Perhaps rich sportsperson or emperor have. But once, when I job-hunting, I stayed relative's house. She gave me her bedroom because her husband was business trip. Next door was daughter's bedroom. In between was toilet. But another toilet downstairs, so this one similar with ensuite.

The house not so new, so there was crack in toilet door. (That loo had two doors, to go into each bedroom.) So I could see my relative's daughter sit on loo. She was there not so long time. Only wee I think. When I sat there long time next morning, daughter was already out of house to go work. So I relaxed and did a very very lots. And I passed a job interview.

Love from Mina and crushes

Emma two

Accident on way back from work

I've been neglecting my intake of fruit and vegetables lately and after not being able to poo for the last five days I decided it was time to start eating more healthy foods. I also took a mild laxative for good measure and I went to work. Not much happened until about half way through this afternoon when I started feeling the need to go to the toilet but I didn't want to go at work because I knew it would block the toilet so I decided to wait until I got home. The only problem was holding it because I wouldn't be home for and two and half hours and I was already busting to go. By the I finished work I was really feeling the need to go to the toilet but the risk of blocking the toilet at work and embarrassing myself was too great and I convinced myself I could wait until I got home. I clenched tightly and walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus to arrive. By now I was struggling to hold it and I prayed the bus would be on time because I didn't have much time left before I would be using my knickers for a toilet. Eventually the bus turned up ten minutes late and I was literally bursting to go. I got on and paid my fair and found a seat near the door so I could get off the bus in a hurry if necessary. Fourth five agonising minutes later I got to my stop and not a second too soon because I was about to poo myself and badly. I got off the bus quickly and as soon as it pulled away from the bus stop I just couldn't hold it any longer. I tried to stop it but it felt such a relief I just gave up and let it fill my knickers. I was so embarrassed but It was worth it for the shear relief of it. When I got back the flat Sarah was home and I felt so embarrassed when she saw what happened but she was really nice about it. She even offered to help me with the cleanup but I didn't want her to see the full extent of the mess I'd made so I said I could manage. Once in the privacy of the bathroom I locked the door and took my clothes off and took a long hot shower. Cleaning all that poo off my bottom and legs was an epic task and I spent twenty minutes before I felt clean enough to get out of the shower. Once I got dried I got dressed in clean clothes and apologised to Sarah for letting her see what I'd done but she said it was fine and I wasn't the first person or the last to have an accident in my knickers. She even admitted that she'd had a few herself when she had a stomach upset.


Survey Answers

I saw this survey and it intrigued me. I haven't posted in awhile, so I thought I'd give my answers.

Unisex bathrooms survey:

1) Would you mind if all public toilets are unisex?

I wouldn't mind at all myself. I know that both men and women have to poop and pee.

2) You have to poop in a unisex toilet with people of opposite sex present, would you hide your sounds?

There would be no reason to. I go in front of my wife and have gone in front of other female relatives before, so it wouldn't be an issue for me.

3) would you feel disgusted if you hear someone of opposite sex pooping in the stall next to you?

Not one bit. I hear my wife poop all the time, and have heard many female friends and family members poop over the years.

4) would you wait till the opposite sex leaves the toilet so she/he doesn't know who was pooping next to them?

Generally, I don't think I would. I've gotten pretty comfortable with doing my bodily functions.

5) have you ever pooped in a unisex toilet?

Sort of, unconventionally anyway. I will write some stories about that in the future!

Personally, I would be fine with unisex toilets. In fact, as weird as it sounds, I'd probably be more comfortable going in the presence of a woman instead of a man. I do know that there are privacy issues associated with the typical construction of American public stalls that would more than likely need to be addressed to make more people feel comfortable with the idea of a unisex bathroom.

Hello, everyone.

I'm sitting on the toilet. Took a nice after-dinner poop. Think I'm probably done but I'm going to sit here and type a story and see if anything else comes out.

I've shared that I'm really open at home around my husband when it comes to going to the bathroom. I thought I'd share the stories of the first time he saw me pee, and the first time he saw me poop.

We did not live together before we got married. We actually didn't do... it before we got married.

I was spending the evening at his place one time, and I started feeling really rotten. It was like the flu or something. So I stayed the night (in his bed; he slept on the couch.)

The next morning I woke up feeling a lot better. I got out of bed; my then-fiance was in the bathroom shaving. He only had one bathroom. I needed to pee like a race horse. He was in the middle of shaving and I didn't want to make him leave his own bathroom.

Now, this was almost 3 years ago. I wasn't always as carefree about going to the bathroom as I am now.

I didn't know how he'd react, but I got up the courage to ask him if he minded if I peed. He said, "Sure, sweetheart." That was all the coaxing I needed at that point since I'm about to burst. I figured if we're going to spend the rest of our lives together, he'd probably see me go pee from time to time (little did I know that I'd basically go to the bathroom in front of him every day after we were married!)

So I pull the sweatpants he let me wear to bed down just enough to let me pee, but I was trying to be really modest and not let him see anything (like I said, we didn't do anything physical before marriage.)

I probably usually overestimate how long I pee for, but I really think I probably peed for a full minute. At least 45 seconds. I looked over at him a few times... every time I did he would quickly look away. When I finished, he said, "Wow. I didn't know anyone could pee that much." I had drank a lot of water and Gatorade the night before because I was feeling so bad, so that accounted for my Niagara Falls piss.

I wiped, which he totally watched... at this point I've got my eye on him. I'm feeling less shy now. I stood up facing away from him (which means he got his first look at my butt), flushed, and washed my hands.

I could tell that he was curious about the whole thing. I had no idea how much it interested him.

I had pooped the night before when he was out getting me Gatorade. I didn't have to go again in the morning. And quite honestly I was not ready to do that in front of him yet.

Well, I was going to tell the story of the first time I POOPED in front of him, but I've been sitting here typing for awhile and I am definitely done taking my crap (it was a good, no pushing required one tonight), so I'm going to say goodnight. I'll share that story soon. I promise.



Anna from Austria
I do the public park survey.

1) Have you our your children used public park toilets?

For myself the answer is yes. I have no children yet. Not so ofen when I was child but quite often in my teens and early tweens when we were haning out at the park quite often. Even now in my 30 I am in the park quite often for jogging and cycling so it happens that I need to go these days as well.

2) Did the toilets have as much privacy as at other places and were they kept up?

Yes the privacy was alright. The toilets were small separate rooms. So no problems in that regard.

3) What were the biggest problems you encountered?

Toilet paper was always a rare item. Because many ladies used to cover their seat with tp before they go. But due that quite common habbit the seats were rather clean most of the time. The toilets were in general quite clean for a park toilet. Could be much worse. Unfortunately they build a completely new toilet building last year. That time the toilets are made of steel completely. It is very unpleasent to sit on such toilet. I was there just once. Luckily just for a pee. I really hope that I never have to poo on such such toilet. I think I could not sit that long on such a cold toilet seat.

4) When you were young, did the parents of some of your friends forbid them from using such bathrooms?

No not thatI can remember.

5) Did you see anyone have an accident in those bathrooms?

In a manner of speaking yes. Many years ago when I was on my teen I was about the enter the toilet when 3 other girls about my age left the bathroom. I did not know them. When I entered the toilet there was quite strong poo smell in there. I did not think much about it it was a toilet after all. I just maybe one the girls had a big poo. Nothing worth nothing. After I finished my pee headed to the sinks for washing my hands. When I was about the throw the paper towel into the wastebin I noted something weird. I saw a completely soiled panty in the wastebin. It used to be white but was now more brow than white. It looks like somebody had a major diarrhea accident. I am not sure if one the other teen girls where the culprit or not but it is highly likely.

That's it for today

greetings from Austria


Curious Cody

Mom in guys' bathroom

Keci and I had lunch at the mall the other day and then we separated to do some specialized shopping. After about a half hour my bowels were knocking. So I went upstairs to the top level. Because there is no food court or game gallery up there, there's less traffic in the restrooms. Or so I thought.

This was a bathroom of decent size. There was a circular trough-type urinal, plus 5 toilets. The panels were so low they only half covered the person on the toilet. There was a black-haired boy about 8 or 9 on the middle toilet. His shorts and briefs were at floor level and he had his right hand between his legs pointing his organ into the bowl. He seemed kind of agitated when he saw me, probably because he wasn't getting his bowels to cooperate.

I took the first toilet. The seat was down and there were a few splashes on the front of it it. I quickly pulled off a couple of pieces of toilet paper from the roll and wiped down the front of the seat. Then I dropped my sweats and boxers to floor level and look my seat. Usually with a little push I'm able to get my activity going within 2 minutes of seating myself. Almost immediately a lady outside the doorway was calling our "Clinton, Clinton" and she asked how it was going. The boy didn't immediately answer her so she raised her voice, asked him a couple of questions which he didn't answer, and she started to yell louder at him about answering her. Then she threatened him "I'm coming in Clinton and some other words about making him sorry for not answering her.

She came marching in, walked right up to my stall, and when she found I wasn't Clinton, I guess she could see the top of his head as she walked right up to him and started a confrontation. He seemed shocked and told her "I can't believe you're actually doing this", then something about going into 4th grade and not needing his mother. She stood right in front of him while continuing to badger him about his need to crap daily unless he was enjoying constipation and having to take laxatives. He told her to go outside and wait for him and she became more confrontational.

I finally dropped 3 logs into the toilet and I wiped from the seat. I flushed and headed right over for a handwash while this mom stood in front of Clinton embarrassing him. I'm sure he was glad his friends weren't around. When I told Keci about it she was shocked and felt so sorry for Clinton. Luckily at school, though, his mom's not going to be in the bathroom harassing him. What she does is so lame!


RE: Question for Kristi

Hi! I'm honored to be asked a question.

"When your pooping in public or at home do u read the paper when your on the pot? And do u grunt when u poop or do u relax? Most of the time I relax when I'm pooping but sometimes I have to push."

1. It's been awhile since I've read an actual newspaper. I read the news on my phone while pooping all the time, both at home and in public.

2. My poop motto is "Relax it out." I never start out with pushing real hard. I try to sit there, relax, and let my body do its thing. But sometimes I've got to exert a little more effort, and yes, I make pushing noises when I do. And sometimes an easy but big crap will come out suddenly, and I might make a noise. More of a relief sound than a pushing sound.

I hope I answered well!






I once shared a one-person restroom with another guy, and it actually turned out to be a very pleasant experience. It wasn't awkward at all. I was in my early 20's and I was at a gas station/mini mart, and I was waiting to use the restroom. I had to pee really bad, and like I said it was a one-person restroom, with just a toilet and a sink. There was another guy waiting ahead of me, I would say that he was in his late 20's, maybe early 30's. I had been talking with him while we waited so he seemed pretty cool. I would say he was a college graduate type, very clean-cut and well-dressed, like he worked in a clean environment, not an auto garage or anything like that. He was very likeable. I wondered if he would even be nice enough to let me go ahead of him. I then told him that I needed to use the bathroom really bad. He smiled but then he said that he really needed to also. So much for that idea, I thought. Then he said something more surprising. He said that if I was ok with it, we could share the bathroom. Of course I was surprised when he said that. I assumed he meant that we would both pee in the toilet at the same time. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. But then he said that what he meant was that I could pee in the toilet and he would go ahead and pee in the sink. At first I was surprised at that idea but then I thought about it and I finally said "sure."

After a while his turn came up, and so he went in, and I went in with him. I knew it must have looked odd that we both went in at the same time, but at that point I didn't care. I really needed to pee. It was actually a fairly clean bathroom for a mini mart, with only the very slightest bathroom smell in the air. Immediately he went up to the sink and started to get ready to have his pee. As I watched him I began to realize that he was about to relieve himself in the sink instead of in the toilet. I also realized that I was actually beginning to like that idea. And so that's when I decided that I really wanted to pee in the sink. I had never peed in a sink before, and at that moment I really wanted to. And so I quickly said to him "wait." Immediately he stopped undoing his jeans and he said "what?" Then I said to him that if he wanted I could go ahead and use the sink and he could use the toilet instead. But then instead of saying "ok" or something like that, he said that he didn't mind using the sink and he often liked to use the sink when he had the opportunity. I then told him that I was thinking I wanted to try using the sink too. Then he said something even more surprising. He said that if I was ok with it, we could share the sink. Of course I was incredibly shocked when he said that. I watched as he moved over a little bit, and then he smiled and said that there was plenty of room for both of us. I couldn't believe it. But also part of me was a little excited. As I said he was very likeable, and at this point I was beginning to realize that I really did like him. But I was also a little nervous. That's when I said something I know I shouldn't have said. I guess I said it because I was nervous. I said to him "I actually like girls." I know I shouldn't have said that, and I felt terrible. I thought for sure he was going to ask me to leave the bathroom. But instead he was really cool about it. He said "well, I like girls too, but I'm not afraid of the male body." I was glad when he said that. It put everything into perspective. I decided to go ahead and share the sink with him.

I went up to the sink. It was actually a really good sink for peeing in. It was one of those shell-shaped sinks from the 70s, and it had a cabinet underneath which was perfect for leaning up against. He was right about there being enough room for both of us too. As I stood there I could tell he was there next to me but I couldn't feel him directly. It was just right. That's when he started to pee. As he did it made a powerful stream into the sink. It sounded like he was peeing in a urinal. As he continued to pee it became more and more splashy. I even felt it splatter on me a little. That's when I too started to pee. I was still a little nervous, so at first it was only a little trickle. But then as I continued to pee, it became more and more powerful and also more splashy. As we both peed, I could feel more and more of it hitting back against me. But I didn't mind one bit. We kept peeing. Soon I noticed that he was slowly letting himself pee against the faucet instead of into the bowl of the sink. I mentioned it to him but he said "yeah go ahead and do it too." Then he began to let it hit up against the back tile wall. It got a little more splashy when he did that. But he kept doing it. That's when I began to do it too. I slowly lifted up my pee stream, letting it hit against the faucet and then against the tile. It was amazing. The higher I went, the more it splashed. Soon we were getting pee all over. I couldn't believe how amazing it was. We kept peeing until we were all finished.


Sheelee's survey

1) Have you or your children used public park toilets?

Oh, absolutely. As a mother of two, I've used them many times and so have my kids. My youngest and I used one together just yesterday.

2) Did the toilets have as much privacy as at other places and were they kept up?

For some reason, the doors and walls are low in it. Maybe because they expect kids to be using them. But I don't walk too close to the stalls when I'm in there in case I accidentally catch a glance at someone in them. I've been sitting in them and saw the tops of heads or even whole faces of other women walking by them.

3) What were the biggest problems you encountered?

Aside from the doors I just mentioned, all the toilets at our park are motion sensor ones. I think these are TERRIBLE for little kids. They always scare them. Otherwise, I almost always have to clean the seat before I use it.

4) When you were young, did the parents of some of your friends forbid them from using such bathrooms?

I never witnessed this, no.

5) Did you see anyone have an accident in those bathrooms?

No, but I've overheard other mothers chiding their children for it.

It wasn't exactly an accident, but more a funny story related to question 3. Years and years ago my son was running up and down the stall next to me and the toilet. He got close enough to trigger the auto flush and it scared both of us! He stayed still after that.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kristi great set of stories it sounds like you had some pretty good poops.

To: Lavah great story about you helping your friend poop it sounds like she was having a really hard time but you were able to help her get it out.

To: Emma Two great story it sounds like you both had great poops outside and great story about your sleepover poops.

To: Alexandra first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you really had to poop alot lucky you got it all down the toilet and I look forward to reading more of your stories thanks.

To: Pebbles it sounds like you and your mom had a very rough time that case of food poisoning.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

Well thats all for now to all the other people stories I liked they were amazing and I look forward to reading more I been busy last few months been reading them but not having time to respond as much as I like and if I did this post would be pretty long lol but I will try to now respond more often.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Dear LEA:

I'm sorry, I take long time to answer your question. I think I put on this post long time ago, I did a motion in my loo without flushing Maho's motion. So my motion on top of hers. I flushed after motion, but then I did another motion, and Maho finished her motion on top of my motion.

Also an another time, Maho was doing motion when Hisae had emergency, so Maho sat back and Hisae sat between her knees and did and did, on top of Maho's motion, and Maho was turn on very much. After Hisae finished, Maho went back on loo and finished her motion.

I try to find numbers of posts, then you can read.

If one crush finish her motion and there is not so much in loo, next crush starts her motion on top of previous motion, no problem. Maybe we can save water a bit.

Dear Victoria and Robyn:

Thank you for answer and stories about bathroom with loo or without loo!

Dear Kristi:

You don't need worry about many post. It is a fun to read all your post. Please write and write and write!

To Julie:

We welcome you! But we hope you don't have a discomfort with your IBS. I and Maho are also Korean but we are "Japanese Korean" because born in Japan. And we don't speak Korean language!

I have more to write, but I write next time.

Love to everyone.

Mina, Maho, Hisae, Kazuko

Catherine: Thank you!

There are occasional times when I want to be alone too. Not out of embarrassment but just as a need for "me" time. When I need that, there's really no better place than the bathroom. I can read a book, I can go on the internet (especially this forum!), or I can just be alone with my thoughts. My husband respects this and all I have to say is "Just want to poop alone, okay?"

Which brings me to a story. This is from a few years ago.

I'm usually very regular and usually don't have to strain much at all to take a dump. I eat a lot of fiber.

But my husband and I were at a hotel in Chicago for a getaway. We had gone to a nice restaurant. It was a German place; I ate a lot more than I usually eat. Lot of sausage. Then a piece of pie for dessert.

About three hours later my husband and I are cuddling in bed when my stomach just starts to hurt badly. I tell my husband. He asks what he ban do... I tell him I don't know. I try to get into a more comfortable position but all that does is help me fart a few times.

My husband sweetly asks if I need some alone time in the bathroom. I think about that, then tell him that I actually would appreciate it if he did come in with me.

So I sit down on the toilet and my husband sits on the edge of the tub. He's holding my hand... I'm holding my stomach. He again asks what he can do... I ask him to just talk to me. To help me relax and to take my mind off the pain.

I knew I had to poop but I also had really, really bad gas. I took my pants and underwear off completely so I could spread my legs. Finally I was able to let go of a very relieving fart. The pain started to subside immediately, but I knew I still needed to poop badly.

It took a lot of pushing but finally I was able to go. There was no plop. This one just kept coming out until it was completely in the toilet water and was sticking out a bit. I don't know how the toilet was able to flush it down.

I was exhausted. I let my husband wipe me (yes, he likes doing that too). I needed his support and thanked him with my words and actions.

By the way this is a rare post that's NOT being written while sitting on the toilet. I had to take care of that immediately after getting out of bed. I usually don't have to poop so early. I think it was because I had a salad at like 11:00 the night before.

The good thing about an early-morning poop is that you can just get in the shower without wiping.



Robyn and Victoria

Replies and survey

Hey Toiletstoolers it's Robyn!

A certain someone just finished washing and wiping and is now up from her stool. She's checking the bowl now. One nice medium [by her standards] loaf and a few smaller pieces. She's pleased with herself and now she's shuffling her bare buns over to the sink to wash her hands. I'll leave it to her to flush and get dressed!

To Kristi: No shame in that! My first European poop ended with wipe session as well because I was a jet-lagged zombie too tired to figure out how to best position myself-front or back. I got used to bidet life pretty quickly though. Italian toilet paper was a powerful motivator!

I'm in her living room and I just heard a flush from Victoria's ensuite. Here she is now. By the way we both like your stories. Keep 'em coming!

Robyn just turned it over to me, hi everybody! I'll write out some stuff and then we'll give some survey answers.

To Catherine: You're so sweet. I see she didn't mention it but I've been constipated this week and if I didn't go by tonight, only my third on the week, Nurse Robyn said she'd have to intervene. Serves me right for dating a doctor's daughter!
Hope you continue on the path of regularity!

To Julie: Welcome to Team IBS! Your daughter will be so much better for having a mom who knows what she's going through!

Here's are our answers to the unisex bathroom survey: V=Victoria, R=Robyn

1) Would you mind if all public toilets were unisex?
V: Not even a little bit.
R: If it meant that I got to pee in a urinal? I'd encourage it!

2) You have to poop in a unisex toilet with people of opposite sex present, would you hide your sounds?
V: I don't when there's a skirt on the door, why should it be any different?
R: I've known I wasn't straight since before my period started. I came out as a lesbian to my mom, dad and stepmom after my sophomore year of high school. I'm dating a woman right now. I could not care less about what men might hear.

3) Would you feel disgusted if you hear someone of opposite sex pooping in the stall next to you?
V: After a lifetime of clogging and blowing up toilets it takes a lot for things that happen in the bathroom to phase me.
R: A human? Like with a butt? Using it to poop? The nerve. Just kidding, blast away!

4) Would you wait till the opposite sex leaves the toilet so she/he doesn't know who was pooping next to them?
V: Caveat emptor baybee.
R: No mercy!

5) Have you ever pooped in a unisex toilet?
V and R: Yes.

That's all for now!

Robyn and Victoria


Squatty potty

I used to have a Squatty Potty. I liked it so much! It was great to sit down, put my feet up, and just relax, and then do whatever I had to do as I felt the urge. Whether I just had to have a quick poop, or whether my bowels were very full and I needed to stay on the toilet for a bit longer and wait for more to come out, the Squatty Potty was so useful.

Emma two

Desperate morning poo

I got up this morning with a stomach ache and a very desperate need to have a poo. Unfortunately Sarah was in the bathroom and she was having a poo so I had to wait for her to finish. She was taking ages as she was constipated and after about five minutes I heard a loud plop as her first poo hit the water. A few seconds later there was another plop followed by another two more and I heard Sarah pulling some toilet paper off the roll. A minute later she flushed the toilet and she came out of the bathroom and she warned me I'd better leave if ten minutes because it was a bit smelly in there. I was too desperate to care about the smell and a ran in holding my bottom. She wasn't kidding about the smell because it stank in there. I ripped my shorts and knickers down together and sat down on a very warm toilet seat. I relaxed and immediately felt relief as huge soft load shot into the toilet. I peed as well and when I finished it fe so much better. I had to wipe several times to get myself clean and when I flushed the toilet I was happy to see that it all we down but was a lot of skid marks below the water which I had to clean with the brush.


To Kaycha

Kaycha, I hope you know that the way your parents treated you about your accidents is completely unjustifiable and is nothing short of abuse. I can see not wanting to hit them with the 'abuser' label if they were otherwise okay, but how they acted with this is still horrible.

(…And if I can go off topic a little, if they *weren't* otherwise okay, I hope you know that they were using this as an excuse to hurt you and nothing would change if you had perfect control. Also, sometimes we compare our 'normal' to much worse, like the horror stories on the news, so you might even *think* they were otherwise okay but your friends' jaws would drop if they knew a day in your life back home. There's a big gap between "better than people who murder their kids" and "good.")

Anyway, I can see someone thinking early on that you might not be trying hard enough to hold it or make it, but after watching you struggle and suffer for years and years and years through embarrassment and everything they've ever done and said to you, and to still treat you like that, to the point that this much later you're having nightmares about it… no, there's simply no way they really believed that you're doing that for fun, OR that continuing to hurt you for it will stop it, by year FOURTEEN.

I don't know what hurting you did for them, but they chose getting more of it over your well-being. Not just once, but every single time they did it, every time ever, they stood before the choice again - your well-being or whatever causing you pain gives them - and knowingly chose option B. And any time they chide you for your accidents now, they're making that SAME choice. Even if they were better in other areas, that's still what this is - a deliberate choice to make themselves feel better by abusing you.

If the way they treated you still takes an emotional toll, I recommend getting counseling. Again, you don't have to call them abusers if you don't want to, but harm was done to you that needs to be addressed.

You are an innocent person trying to live your life with a medical problem you did not ask for. You are not at fault. You haven't failed anyone or harmed anyone. You are wonderful. You're as wonderful when you're standing there wet/messy/both as you are when you've had no bathroom problems in a while, just as someone with any other medical condition is the same person on a day it's acting up as they are when it's not. Please know and remember that.

Even if it's like that time at school when *maybe* if you'd gotten up earlier it might've been different, what's the harm done? A little extra laundry? It's no big deal. You're living your life instead of letting it revolve around never being more than three steps away from the bathroom or making mad dashes at every single sign of pressure. That's a good thing.

And again, get some counseling if you haven't. Ask about it even if you don't think you need it, because we don't always realize it when we need it, and we can get so used to having damage that's been there a long time, like a weight you've gotten used to and don't realize how much better life could be until it's lifted, and again, what you endured in the past might be worse than you realize if you didn't have anything to compare it to. And even if you're okay most of the time, you can be okay *more* of the time. At a college, you have easier access to it than you would before or after. Right now is the best time - for that reason, and for the simple fact that help sooner means benefitting sooner.

Take care. We love you.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021


To Eileen

Hi hope all is well with you glad you managed to finally have a poo , 4 days wow how big were they ?. Its been so hot recently that would have been a hot sitting on the toilet I imagine it's hard enough sleeping at night with the heat speak soon xxxx

David P

Comments and Holiday Poo

Hi David P here again

To Lorenz: I do get what you mean about the length of time it takes to poo and the smells. For me the embarrassing part comes with the sounds. I really hate the plops. Not all the time do I get plops if my poo is nice and soft but recently my poos have made rather loud ploops which are embarrassing. I just wished poo wasn't taboo.

To Mina: thank you for replying, yes everyone needs to be excused sometimes. I wish I had the courage to poo in public it is very hard to do.

To James: it is nice reading stories from UK posters as there aren't many on here. I liked your story about pooing your pants on the way to school. I get that thing you describe as the cork too and I can go days without pooing then I get a big load where I do the bulk of it in one sitting and sometimes go back a couple of times throughout the day with left over small finger sized poos or snotty brown mucus. I love being free of the poo cork but hate when the cork frees up what is behind it as I feel so tired after a day on and off the loo!

I did poo myself at secondary school once as I refused to go and held it in. That was only once but it was a regular thing in primary school, sometimes it was just soiled pants but I remember in year 5 at age 10 holding on all day and then at lunch time losing the battle and literally having a massive log in my pants. I actually went back to class and sat on the floor crossed legged feeling the log squash down, no body said anything not sure how I got away with it!

To constipated posters; I read online on Gutsense recently that a Bristol Type 2 Poo has been inside you for several weeks unlike the normal 72 hours, I have seen on here that some go for a poo every 4 or 5 days (once a week) meaning what you push out is from the food eaten during the previous week or more. So no wonder it hurts! My poo can sometimes really hurt and make me bleed, but it is so much better now that I am an adult than as a kid, back then I had constipation really bad until age 11. In fact I forgot to mention here until now that my constipation was so bad as a child that most of my poos would get stuck coming out, so the hospital gave surgery on my bumhole where they stretched it wider, making the opening bigger. So now I have a bigger than average bumhole. I have never mentioned that to anyone in real life but the community here would understand. I want to ask if any of the constipated posters here have ever had that procedure to stretch open the bumhole?

Now onto my story. This comes from a few weeks ago. This was my second holiday in two months super lovely after covid to finally be feeling like things are getting back to normal in the UK. First on the way to holiday I stopped off to stay the night with family that I had only met very briefly before so you can imagine I was a bit worried of the toilet situation. When we got there my heart sank as they showed us around the loo was broken and wouldn't flush very easily so they said just to try it and leave it if not. No way was I going to leave a poo in there. We enjoyed the sun for the afternoon and ate plenty of food with their young children running around outside. When it got to around 9 oclock the youngest child announced that he needed a poo, I love how kids can be so brave in front of people they do not know. So they went off to help their child as we stayed outside. The next morning I was happy to find my body understood the situation and didn't give an urge to poo so we set off back on the roads again in the scorching heat. When we got to holiday we spent all the day having fun on the water and going to pubs. I was worried I would need a poo in public but luckiky I didn't need it and besides I would probably of held it. As soon as we got to the apartment and made a drink I started to feel a heavy feeling building in my gut. I get this lump feeling too that I can feel on my lower left so I know when get that a poo is building up. I put off my need for a bit as I was just wanting to sit and then took myself off to the loo when I was alone in the apartment. I sat down and gave a little push and let out some little farts that didn't make much of a sound and decided I needed to help my turd on its way if I wanted to pass anything more than farts. I sat for around 5 minutes pushing between my bumhole with two fingers up and down until I could feel the poo press against it. I needed to push again pretty hard but not that bad as it came out with the encouraging of my finger. I looked between my legs as this giant poo kept on growing and growing and then plooped into the bowel. I then passed two more smaller poos that Plopped loudly into the water. Actually this toilet was very echoed and my poos sounded like giant rocks hitting the water. The next morning I had to poo again (pretty unusual for me, as I go every 2 or 3 days usually). I manged to pass a couple more smaller logs that made very deep sounding PLOOPS! as they hit the water. Feeling nice and light we went out and had fun again. The rest of the holiday we spent having a laugh on the beach running in the sea and swimming. All of which moved my bowels a lot. The extra exercise and sea water around my belly made me poo so much. I ate so much one night in a restaurant and felt pretty bloated up sitting there, the next morning I was sat on the loo and had to push fairly hard to get things going but then the flood gates opened and I was passing logs that went plop plop PLOOP! Very loudly into the water. This time the smell hit me it was very strong and meaty and seemed to fill the room with my stink. I made sure to clean my bum very well and showered in my own stink to lower the smell before I came out. That holiday was unusual for me as I was opening my bowels either every day or twice a day, very regularly for me and I was feeling so much better for it. I will post part 2 of when I got back off holiday (I got myself constipated again and had some super smelly poos) in a separate post as it will be too long otherwise. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!!!


Unisex survey

Unisex bathrooms survey
1) would you mind if all public toilets are unisex?
No problem at all

2) you have to poop in a unisex toilet with people of opposite sex present, would you hide your sounds?
No reason to

3) would you feel disgusted if you hear someone of opposite sex pooping in the stall next to you?
Why in the world should I be disgusted?

4) would you wait till the opposite sex leaves the toilet so she/he doesn't know who was pooping next to them?

5)have you ever pooped in a unisex toilet?
Other than one-hole toilets I've never encountered one.


To Eileen

Hi you ok ?
Glad you got relief from your constipation 4 days is a long time I imagine they were very large poops and you filled your toilet up a bit with that.
It's not ideal tho with such hot weather and probably a struggle especially if its a long struggle to push it out
Speak soon xxxx


Responding to Robyn about bidets


Robyn, I read your post about encountering a bidet.

When I was traveling in Europe, I got into Rome at like 2 in the morning. The youth hostel that I was going to stay at was closed, so I had to spend the night in a hotel.

In the bathroom was a regular toilet (I had encountered squatting toilets in Italy as well) and a bidet.

This was back in 2004. I had no smartphone; I had no way to just Google "How to use a bidet". But I decided that I absolutely had to try it out. When in Rome, literally.

There was a toilet paper roll so I figured even if I couldn't figure out the bidet I could just wipe normally.

So I took off my jeans and panties and relieved myself in the toilet. I don't remember whether it was a big poop or not.

Then I was ready to take on the bidet. My first conundrum was figuring out which way to sit on the thing... or if I was supposed to sit or just hover.

I reasoned that I should face the handles, and it did feel like it S meant for sitting.

I just remember messing around with the controls for like five minutes. I was getting water sprayed on me... just not in the right spot.

Finally I gave up and just wiped my butt with toilet paper.

Maybe someday I'll get another chance at a bidet.


Accident from too much fibre

As I mentioned before, I've always loved fruit and vegetables, and I barely ever get constipated. Even doing a long and solid log is something that usually only happens if I'm travelling on holiday and my routine is disrupted, although I had the occasional time as a teenager when things would veer in that direction, especially if I skipped meals. I would never want my poos to be completely solid all the time - my view is that sitting on the toilet and doing a large, soft poo is one of life's few guilt-free and universally-available satisfying experiences.

Both as a teenager and now as an adult, I occasionally make a giant smoothie to satisfy my fruit cravings - often as something to drink late in the evening during a video-gaming session, rather than loading up on caffeine drinks and not being able to sleep afterwards. A typical recipe might be three Granny Smith apples, 3-4 kiwi fruit, four large plums, a few tangerine segments and some apple juice to get the right consistency (thick but easy to drink). I'd sometimes also add some crushed flaxseed for the texture - my parents kept some in stock for the omega-3 content - and I also used to mix it into my breakfast porridge for the nutty taste, which definitely helped with having regular and soft poos. This recipe would make a little over a pint of smoothie; perfect for a few hours on a games console after the rest of my family had gone to bed. A particularly soft poo the next day would be more or less guaranteed, although that wasn't the reason I would make one.

This accident happened when I had just turned fourteen, and definitely getting too old for frequent poo-in-pants episodes, although I'd been having fewer accidents since reaching secondary school, and none at all in the classroom. In fact I think this was the last time I had messy pants at school other than during exams (which remained my last real weak point for accidents for a long time). I was still very small for my age, although luckily I had a growth spurt not long after this and caught up with my friends. The evening before, I'd been up very late gaming and had drunk one of my super-smoothies. Breakfast was porridge with linseed as usual, along with a cup of coffee - something my parents had just allowed me to drink before school since my birthday - certainly helpful after a late night! I hadn't yet worked out the connection between a cup of coffee and the likelihood of a sudden urge to poo not long after.

As I was brushing my teeth, I could feel the steady pressure of a poo wanting to come out, and I was sure it would be a fairly firm one. I wasn't in a rush at that point, and I sat down on the toilet and let it out. I did a wide, short, dark brown sausage, which transitioned half-way along its length into light tan-coloured softer poo. This was quite usual for me even if I hadn't had one of my smoothies, and I didn't really think about the fact that the firm part might have been a 'cork' that I would soon wonder whether I should have held onto.

I set off on my walk to school as usual. I tended to go by more direct routes on my way to school than coming home as I was worried about being late - I was a straight-A student and didn't want any black marks on my record. We didn't have a school uniform, but were encouraged to wear dark, plain trousers and a shirt/sweatshirt, so I had black slacks on over my usual Y-fronts.

Somewhere in the middle of my walk, I felt the urge to fart, and it was very wet and immediately followed by a sense of building pressure. I tried to fart again, but instead felt some mushy poo start to come out, which I immediately clamped down on before it made a mess down there. I felt a little damp between my bum cheeks, but nothing was coming out and my pants felt clean. Immediately, I was very worried. If I turned back for home to go to the toilet again, I'd certainly be late for school - perhaps more than half an hour late, which would be well into the first lesson. I quickened my pace, hoping to be able to go to one of the school loos before morning registration finished (with the added bonus that they would still be clean and quiet at that time of day - any later time and I would feel anxious going at school). However, the urge to poo kept building - not in waves, like with some of my earlier accidents, but as an inexorable wall of pressure that seemed to double every minute or so. The more I felt like I might not make it to the toilet in time, the more I felt panicky - coffee probably not helping there - and my racing pulse only worsened the pressure.

Inevitably, nature took its course, and I started to feel poo escaping into my pants. The accident itself had the same building quality as the pressure - as my ability to hold the poo in was overwhelmed, it came out faster and faster, starting with a small ooze through a tightly-clenched bum but finishing with it feeling like I was pooing as if sat on the toilet, without any control at all. It just kept coming and coming - this wasn't a series of accidents like the ones in a couple of my earlier posts where I was a bit poorly, but just one fairly large one, and ironically the consistency was similar to a very thick smoothie - just on the mush side of the mushy-runny border. The smell really wasn't too bad though - there was a kind of faint fruity farmyard sort of smell; much less of a 'poo' smell than usual. I could feel the poo covering everything down there from front to back and across my buttocks.

I was now walking to school with my pants literally full, and I was trying to think rationally through the panic to come up with a plan. Trying to just ignore the problem and go to class (like I might have done when I was 6-7 years old) wasn't an option, as this poo was obviously going to either soak through to the outside of my trousers if I spent the whole day sitting in it, or start to find its way through the legbands of my pants, down my trousers, and risk me leaving a poo trail as I went around the school, like an infant school kid. Either thought was both terrifying and mortifying. I didn't have any spare clothes with me, and I was far too shy and embarrassed to consider reporting what I'd done to the school nurse.

In the end, the quick pace I'd set meant I arrived at school early and could made a detour to the newest and nicest toilet block, which had large cubicles with no gaps under the partitions and ample soft toilet roll (rather than the shiny stuff, which would have been as useless as tracing paper for cleaning a mess like this), as well as being out of the way and therefore quiet. They also had the advantage that you could hear someone approaching the entrance to the toilets long before they opened the door. Thankfully, the toilets were deserted at this time of day, and I was able to slip into a cubicle, hang up my school bag and coat on the door, and start trying to work out a plan for my pants. I decided to take off my shirt and trousers and hang them up on the peg with my coat, in case any poo escaped, and then ever-so-carefully slipped down my pants, which I remember being very heavy with super-soft poo. Fortunately, the poo had gone everywhere inside my pants, but nowhere beyond them. It was a very yellowy shade of pale brown, and I could even see kiwi seeds in it. At a loss for what to do with my pants, I dropped them into the toilet bowl and flushed - they disappeared, and I thought I'd got away with it, but to my horror the water started to back up, and it was obvious the toilet was blocked. I still had a lot of wiping to do! I decided to take a gamble - I listened very carefully indeed for the sound of anyone approaching, and when I was sure the coast was clear I darted from that cubicle to the one next to it, praying that no-one would open the door during those few seconds and see me with my bum still covered in poo.

In the new cubicle, I set to the task of wiping myself down as thoroughly as possible. The soft consistency of the poo actually helped with this - although it was mushy, it wasn't at all sticky, and it wiped off more easily than a firm poo. I was very conscious of the fact that I only had about ten minutes left, but I made a pretty good job of it. I tried to flush all the toilet roll, and with a sense of inevitability I saw this toilet clog as well - although this time it was obvious what the blockage was as the whole bowl was filled with poo-covered loo roll.

I dressed myself again, going commando due to a lack of spare underwear, washed my hands very carefully indeed, and just managed to get to my first class before I would have been marked down as late. Fortunately, I didn't need to do any further poos that day, but I did go back to the toilet at lunchtime when I felt I needed to offload some farts, as I wasn't taking any chances. The toilet block I'd used that morning now had an 'Out of Order' sign on it. I'm sure the caretaker must have found my pants later that day when he came to unclog the two toilets, but there would have been no way to know who they belonged to. The school was quite sensible, and rather than announcing that a pair of pooed pants had been found as a way of telling us to take more care, they put out a more bland announcement asking that people try to respect the facilities and take care when flushing. They also put up some signs reminding people to only flush "faeces, urine and toilet paper", so the school rumour mill settled on the idea that some of the girls had been flushing their sanitary pads (ignoring the fact that it was the boys' loos that had been closed!).

With hindsight, I can't believe I got away with this accident so lightly. I always wondered after that whether I might have managed to hold on until I got to school if I hadn't done the first lump of poo on the toilet that morning, to give me something to hold onto down there. Of course, that would have meant there being even more poo to hold in, so perhaps it would have made no difference, other than a slightly harder clean-up. I did take more care after this to stay on the toilet for a few more minutes after a morning poo, just in case there was more on its way. This was my first pre-lunchtime pair of dirty pants since primary school, and as I mentioned it was my last as well, other than that I was always prone to pooing myself in tests and exams (whatever the time of day) all the way from early middle school to GCSEs, and I still had a few accidents whilst walking home from A-levels in the sixth form.

After this, I always tried to hide a spare pair of pants in my school bag just in case something similar happened again.


Quick Replies

Hi! I hope you all are well!

My bowel movements have been normal for me ever since about mid-June, when the IBS flare-up caused by that nasty stomach virus finally eased. I'm going twice daily and they are long, thick, soft and warm! That's how it should be!

Kristi: I love your stories. Please don't think that you will be judged by how much you post, how frequently, etc. You write well! I'm grateful you are here. Also, my husband is the same way. He loves to see me on the toilet, to be there when I'm going and to see the final product if it is a really massive one. I don't judge him. We do have an agreement that if I've closed the door, that means I want to be alone (and same for him). I'm glad you are open to that too...

Bianca: Love your stories! I hope you are well!

Victoria B: Continued prayers and warm thoughts for your health!

Shannon and Trina: I hope you both are well!

Sarah E: If you are still here, I miss hearing from you!

Love to all!



Unisex bathroom survey

Unisex bathrooms survey:

1) Would you mind if all public toilets are unisex?

I personally could use a unisex restroom. However, I have friends who are already a little squeamish about using public bathrooms, let alone having to go with men in the room. So while I'm not opposed to unisex restrooms, I think there still need to be mens and ladies rooms.

I think back to when I was in college. I was on an all-girls floor in my dorm. But there were floors with guys and girls in other dorms, and they had unisex bathrooms. I'd imagine that I would not have enjoyed pooping in a stall next to a guy who I thought was cute. And don't get me started on high school.

2) You have to poop in a unisex toilet with people of opposite sex present, would you hide your sounds?

I think I've forgotten how to hide my sounds! Maybe when I was younger I would have.

3) would you feel disgusted if you hear someone of opposite sex pooping in the stall next to you?
No, not at all.

4) would you wait till the opposite sex leaves the toilet so she/he doesn't know who was pooping next to them?
Nah. I'm married. I don't care if I grow out some random guy.

5)have you ever pooped in a unisex toilet?
Yes, but there was only one other person in there and she was a woman.

Question for Kristi

When your pooping in public or at home do u read the paper when your on the pot? And do u grunt when u poop or do u relax? Most of the time I relax when I'm pooping but sometimes I have to push.


Hi! I'm Julie.

Hello everyone. I've been reading this site for years but this is my first time posting. Let me introduce myself. I'm Julie. I'm 26 years old. I'm biracial. Korean mom and black dad. I have natural shoulder length straight dark brown hair, brown eyes, and I'm fairly curvy. I've been describeed as "thicc with two C's" haha. I have always enjoyed farting and pooping for as long as I can remember. I was never a girly girl growing up. I was raised by my just my dad and since I don't have any siblings, I hung out a lot with my cousins, most of which are boys. I also have a lot of male friends.

Ever since I was 8 or 9 I've had irritable bowel syndrome. It was really bad when I was younger but for the past 6 years it hasn't been so bad. I used to have explosive diarrhea and super bad gas and stomachaches every day, but now as long as I watch what I eat, I don't have many symptoms. Growing up with IBS was difficult. I never felt embarrassed when I had to blow up the bathroom around my friends and family, but I was always very self conscious doing it in public around strangers for some reason. I eventually transitioned from a private pooper to a shameless shitter haha. Now I don't care who hears me, who smells me, and I don't care what they have to say either. I'm not ashamed to admit that I pooped my pants a lot when my IBS was at its worst. I had so many accidents that my dad convinced me to wear diapers for the times I'm super sick and I've been wearing them ever since. I wore them almost every day growing up. The accidents were that bad and that frequent, but as my IBS got under control, I only wear them when I'm feeling sick.

I would also like to talk about my daughter, Dylan. It's an unconventional name for a girl, but I like it. Dylan is 8 years old. She looks identical to me. If you were to compare our pictures when I was her age, we'd seriously look like twins. She's tall for her age and she is really athletic and onto a bunch of different sports, so she's noticably fit and muscular making her look a few years older than she is. Unfortunately, we found out earlier this year that she ended up inheriting my IBS and it's just as bad as mine was when I was her age. She's managing fairly well. Just like me, she has accidents too, but only when her IBS is at its worst. She wears diapers too and she doesn't mind having to wear them because I wear them. Also, her her best friend's older sister is 13 years old and has autism and isn't potty trained at all, so she understands that some people need to wear them sometimes.

Anyways, I just wanted to say hi. I plan on sharing stores and little life updates soon. I look forward to reading everyone else's pooping and peeing adventures haha.


Park Toilets

Our house is immediately across the street from the entrance to one of our city's larger parks. Just inside the entrance is a large play ground and an old stone building with a three toilet bathroom on each end. Our house, like many of the older homes, has a large front porch. I'm up by 5:30 a.m. each morning and usually go out on the porch with my coffee to read for a couple of hours before my kids wake up and I have to go to work.

Because I'm out there most every day that it's not storming, I observe some interesting things. A couple of years ago I wrote about meeting Katee. She and her boyfriend live in an old apartment building down the street. Her boyfriend works as a bartender so he's not getting in until the middle of the night and he sleeps until noon. Katee on the other hand, gets up early makes a mug of coffee and walks by the house drinking it and goes across the street into the bathroom. She's in there about 20 minutes each morning before walking past my porch and back home. I called out to her and we had a conversation, and a couple of times a week she joins me on the porch for coffee. Her building super blames her for clogging the pipe in their apartment with her craps. He said they are too big and not normal. He told her she should hold her craps until she gets to work or go a couple blocks up the street to a gas station. Her boyfriend, who can't afford higher rent in a better building, does hold his in until he can walk up to the park too. It is so strange that people in this day and age can be criticized for something that's beyond their control.

On the porch in the evening, I observe a lot of bicycle riders stopping to use the toilets. One usually stays back and watches the bikes while the others use the toilet. Sometimes a parent will park a car, and two or three little kids will be led into the bathroom. There are a couple city buses that stop and the driver makes a run in. I wonder if they tell the riders what they are doing or whether it is just too obvious when they slide the master brake into place. I've even seen a couple of cop cars park and the officer hurrying across the grass to the toilet.

Below I have a short survey on public park toilets. I'll start:

1) Have you our your children used public park toilets?

Yes. More so when I was younger and didn't want the inconvenience of going back home. That way my parents couldn't enforce my curfew.

2) Did the toilets have as much privacy as at other places and were they kept up?

No, but I don't think me and my friends cared at that age. I still remember sitting for a pee and having a whiskey bottle a foot from my feet.

3) What were the biggest problems you encountered?

No privacy doors. Often pee on the seats. At one outdoor concert there was a lot of smoking going on and not with regular cigarettes.

4) When you were young, did the parents of some of your friends forbid them from using such bathrooms?

Yes. Melanie was the youngest in our grade school play group, but we were all adventurous. Melanie was especially curious for her age. The auto-flushers both scared and fascinated her. She had not used one before.

5) Did you see anyone have an accident in those bathrooms?
Yes. My friend Ariel got sniffed down by a large lab that broke off its leash as she was taking her crap. I had to stop my pee, get off my toilet and kick at and push the dog to get it to go outside. Ariel spilled into her shorts when she stood.


Vacation poop

My wife and I are on week long trip to Hawaii with our two daughters staying in a 3 bedroom condo that has a private bathroom in the master bedroom. My wife had been complaining that she hadn't been able to do her business for a few days and that her belly was starting to really hurt. She told me to take the kids to get breakfast and that she was going to try and go before we went out for the day. At breakfast she texted me that she wasn't having any luck and asked if I would bring her back a coffee. I brought it back and gave it to her as she was getting ready in the bathroom, she said she hoped it would help her go. I told her I needed to shower before we left and she said that she was going to sit on the pot and try again. She sat down and tinkled and leaned forward and started making little grunts, she let out a toot and sighed. After a couple of minutes I started to hear more grunts with the sound of a turd coming out, it finally splashed and she let out a big sigh of relief and stood a little to look at what she had done. She said it felt amazing but she still had more to go. She sat back down and tooted and kept pushing out little turds as she was talking about our day. She did a courtesy flush, but it didn't do much about the stink, she stood to wipe and there were tons of little turds in the bowl. Later that night as she was peeing before bed she let out a toot and said she was pooping again, it was very stinky as well.

I've recently took the first step on the management ladder at work and a few nights ago it was my first-time taking charge of shifts without any senior support. I was, not surprisingly, a little bit nervous, (considering I have anxiety, I was pleased I wasn't freaking out) and sometimes when I'm feeling that way it can also affect my bowels. Added to this is how my stomach can feel weird when I do night shifts anyway. It was feeling this way around five o'clock in the morning and I thought I needed a poo, not having gone since the morning before, so I went to the staff loo and after having a wee I farted a few times but couldn't produce anything. Walking home three hours later, I let out ten or so machine gun farts in a row which isn't like me at all especially as these were really loud. I don't normally care if anybody hears me fart but, on this occasion, I was a bit embarrassed and I did look behind me to check if anybody was in within earshot - luckily there wasn't. I thought I would need to go when I got to my flat, yet I didn't poo between getting home and going in for my second night shift. At two I had a coffee on my break to perk me up and that must have gotten things moving as an hour later I went to the loo and pushed out a small log. This turd was acting as a cork as next thing I knew a load of soft poo was pouring out of me. After staying sitting on the loo for a few minutes to ensure I didn't need to go again, I stood up and looking in the bowl I saw three large logs floating on the water; so large in fact that I couldn't see the bottom of the bowl. After flushing the toilet, doing gup my trousers and washing my hands, I left the bathroom, my stomach feeling a lot better.

Kung Poo
My colleague, Clarisa, hopped back from the bathroom, beaming.

"Wow, that's was a great poo!" She announced. "You know the type that dilates your asshole so slowly, so wide, and it aches slightly, and then the turd slides out with one long push? That's the best type. That makes my day!"

Made my day too.


Been there , done that .

Hi everyone , I've been constipated for 4 days and in this heat that was awful . But tonight I felt things begin to move . I went to the toilet and passed a massive poop with lots of fatts . Glad that load is out and gone . Thanks everyone . Eileen .


Public Toilets over the Decades

A long time ago on my way to work I called into a public toilet to have my morning poo. Nobody ( men) sounded constipated....their motions were rather easy and loose.
These days the men all seem to be a bit constipated to very constipated.
Such are my findings.

Friday, July 23, 2021


Tia's influence on my babysitting

About 8 or 9 years ago, I had an amazing babysitter. Her name was Tia and she was so confident and creative and made what could be a very stressing situation fun.

I think I was about 7 or 8 at the time she took me for a day at the beach. She had such a chill attitude and sense of humor when problems arose. We were on the bench in a small changing, shower and toilet hut and while I was asking her for help in getting into my new swimsuit, she had just gotten off the toilet and we were joking around about her peeing and about her not having flushed it yet. She was totally naked working on my suit and I asked her a dumb question about whether if 100 girls pissed in that toilet and not flushed, how it would hold all that water. During that conversation she was so at ease and quickly got my swimsuit on. Then she went back, got on the toilet and took her crap. No privacy and totally naked. Her legs were at a v-shape angle and she looked between them and made funny faces and jokes about what she had eliminated. Then she asked me to pull some toilet paper for her. She wiped from the seat and with each piece of paper, she held it up and asked me how she was doing. I think on the 5th time I told her she had gotten it all. She said her boyfriend would thank me for her keeping the gift he had given her clean.

Tia had her swimsuit about halfway on, turned and slipped on the floor that was badly splashed from the shower. She fell against the toilet, grabbing toward the seat, and almost ripped it off as she fell onto her back over the toilet. At that point, the boy about 5 came through the entrance with a small bucket of sand. He said he had to pee, but that his sister had fallen asleep. Even though our privacy was being violated and Tia had bruised her elbow she lifted the seat, took the bucket and put it down, and then lined the boy up for his pee. Then we
walked him back to his sister, woke her up, and then walked some distance in the sand to establish our own place.

Despite all the problems we had, including when Tia stubbed her toe on a rock, she was always nice to me. She sat for me several times over a couple of years, and now as a sitter myself, I'm trying to to handle things like Tia did, not get angry and blame others for things that happen. Some of the boys, however, challenge me, and say the rules set by their parents are dumb. One, even called me a B**** and laughed when I told him it was bedtime.


Nothing better than a hot bath followed by a nice poop

Hi all!

Thank you to everyone who answered my survey. Some interesting responses. I was a little surprised that so many of you are comfortable pooping in front of your significant others. I guess I thought most couples were shy. Me? I have a husband who is extremely... interested even I'm going to the bathroom, especially when I'm pooping. I don't want to break any forum rules but I'll just say that if he watches me pooping, he and I often... well, you can figure it out. At first I thought it was a little strange, but the way he explained it to me makes sense (kind of).

I'm a girly-girl. Not a tomboy. I like to do my hair, I like jewelry, I like perfume. (I'm really not a snob... my perfume is from the clearance and jewelry is from the clearance rack at Kohl's).

My hubby says that going to the bathroom and especially taking a dump are things that girls are supposed to hide. They're "un-ladylike" as he put it.) So he likes to get to see behind that curtain. He likes to see the side of me that is supposed to be super private.

ANYWAYS, I have two stories. One is from a few days ago and one is happening as I type this.

I know that, at least for us ladies, exercise has an effect on pooping. If I'm constipated, I'll either go to the gym or I'll just go to the basement and do the exercise bike. Usually 30 minutes of moderate exercise is enough to move things along.

And then there are mornings where I'll take a morning dump, go to the gym, exercise, and then take ANOTHER morning dump. Even if I felt empty after the first poop, sometimes the poop number two (pun intended) is bigger than the first.

So Saturday I was at the gym. I was doing the elliptical machine. There was a girl two machines away from me. Pretty. Probably early 20's. Light brown hair, petite (for the record I'm straight, but my husband, who discovered this page a few weeks ago, says I should describe people's looks). So I'm chugging along on the machine when the urge hits. This was actually not a day when I'd already crapped. In fact, it had been over 24 hours since I had last pooped, so I knew this was going to be a big one.

I headed to the locker rooms and went into the first stall. I had my phone, and honestly I was a little tired from exercising and wanted a break! Sometimes when my poop is ready to come out, I'll squeeze really hard and just delay it for a minute. Often this makes it feel better when it does come out.

So I'm checking my email with my butt squeezed tight when I see the girl from the gym (you can see through the cracks in the stall) come in and take the stall next to me.

I hear her sit down and almost immediately she let go of one of those echo farts (you know what I'm talking about... The "Getting started fart").

That was my cue to let go and let me tell you that I was almost amazed at what I could feel was coming out of me. I just keep pooping... and popping... and pooping. Not diarrhea. These are logs and balls and chunks. I peed too for maybe ten seconds.

Now, I'm not a shy person when it comes to going to the bathroom in public. But even I knew that this girl next to me had just heard my poop armageddon and was probably a little bit grossed out. So I did something that I almost never do: I gave a courtesy flush. And that was a little disappointing because I would have liked to have seen just how much I'd deposited in the bowl.

And then I actually said "sorry" to this girl next to me. It was just a rare moment of embarrassment for me.

To me relief, she was incredibly nice. She told me not to apologize and that she had to "do the same thing". I told her that exercising often makes me have to go. She said she "takes a s*** at the gym every day." We complemented each other on our shoes. At this point, I'm done and am wiping. My stall neighbor is making some very familiar sounds as I'm flushing my dirty toilet paper down.

So that's my gym story.

My second story is still ongoing.

There's almost nothing better than a nice, hot bath. I don't get to take them that often but when I do I make the most of it. Dim lighting and candles. My husband is unfortunately out of town.

I've been typing this post for a good 20 minutes and the water is starting to get cold. In a minute, I'm going to get out, dry off, and take a nice, relaxing dump.

I'd take a nice pee too but I've already done that in the bath. ;) (DON'T LIE. You all pee in the shower/tub and you know it!)

Hot water on my stomach is even better than exercising for me in terms of making me go. I had to poop before getting in the tub but I think thy better order is bath then poop.

So in a few minutes here I'll be on the porcelain throne. Emptying my mind... and my bowels! I'll be thinking of all of you.




The Squatty Potty

Hey, so I noticed that a lot of you who responded to my survey had never heard of the Squatty Potty.

I had never heard of it either until like 5 years ago when I see it in a store. I looked it up on Amazon and it had great reviews, so I bought one for me and my husband.

All it is is a plastic step. It's about 8 inches tall and a foot wide.

You put it right at the base of the toilet.

The idea is simple: Squatting is a better position for us to poop in than sitting.

As someone who loves to camp and hike, I can tell you that there's truth to that.

The hard parts of relieving yourself outside are (a) not peeing on your pants, and (b) holding the squat position long enough for you to poop.

As far as peeing, the key is that you want a jet stream. Not a weak tinkle. Sometimes it's hard and I've unfortunately peed on my jeans on several occasions. It's especially tricky when your steam is slowing down. I've learned to just stop at that point.

I've got pretty strong legs but it's still not easy to stay down in a squat for 3-5 minutes. But I will say that when I'm squatting outside, I don't have to push at all. Now that's just me; I'm sure being constipated would change things which is why I eat tons of fiber. I hate being constipated. I'd rather have diarrhea than be constipated.

So, the Squatty Potty tries to simulate the squat position. You just put your feet on it and sit normally.

I only use it if I'm constipated; it does help a little bit with that.

It's not really the same as popping a squat. It's okay, but the only way to squat is to actually squat.

Last year I was on pain meds for a few weeks after I broke my wrist. The meds screwed up my bowels so badly. I didn't poop for 6 DAYS. I just didn't feel like I had to... until I really did. My husband was so supportive. He literally held my hand as I pushed out this monstrous, bloody poop. Then he held me up because I was feeling like I was going to pass out.

A word of warning: If you have to be on opioid pain meds (which as you know are already dangerous because they're addictive), MAKE YOURSELF POOP EVERY DAY. I don't like laxatives, but a stool softener is okay for me.

Seriously... put a sticky note somewhere or put a reminder on your phone. Do everything you can to poop daily if you're on pain meds. The pain of pooping after not going for 6 days was far worse than the pain of my broken wrist which was the reason I was on the meds.



Nickel Plate


1 I think it would be great to have unisex restrooms and do not care who goes.

2 making noise no different than any other time

3 nope that okay

4 no wait if no rules against it.

5 only single toilets

On others Not trust farts that has happen to me, and it was vary soft poop instead. so I had accident. and it was a mess. It took a while when I got to place to clean up. I first had to go to the store to get deposit underwear than find a restroom.


My friend and I bonded over going to the bathroom

Hi all! Kristi here, back on my new favorite forum, back in my favorite room of the house (well, second favorite. Bedroom is still the best ;)
Sitting on my porcelain throne. I have another story; this one is from a few weeks ago. Forgot about it until now.

I was at Starbucks with my friend Becki. I was having my usual Caramel Macchiato. We sat and talked life for about an hour and a half before we were ready to go. I needed to pee so I told her I'd be out in a minute.

It was a one person, unisex bathroom. This Starbucks had two of them. I sat down and took a nice relaxing pee. Not a gusher but not a trickle. I finished up and was wiping when I felt my stomach churn. Not good. I started to stand up... and that's when the urge really hit me. Poop time. I don't want to take much time so I'm pushing... and that's when I get a text. It was from Becki:

"Are u almost done? I have to go."

I'm thinking she means "I have to go home."

So I text back, "Stomach upset. You can go. I'll call you."

But then she responds with, "No, I have to go to the bathroom."

I text her and tell her to use the other one. She says it's locked.

So I tell her I'll be done in a few minutes. At this point I'm pushing out a nice soft dump and am trying to go as quickly as I can. And then I get this text:

"Kristi I have to s*** so bad can you let me in?"

I was not expecting that! I think her coffee must have just gone right through her. Coffee usually makes me have to poop too.

So here's the scene: I'm sitting on the toilet which is full of my poop... I'm not quite done pooping... and my good friend has to poop too.

I figure I can finish up within a few minutes. So I'm starting to text her when I hear a knock on the door and hear Becki say in a quiet but very desperate voice, "I'm going to have an accident."

Well I wasn't going to let that happen. I stood up, waddled to the door (pants at my knees) and open the door a crack as I stand behind it (I'm not going to let the good patrons of Starbucks see me naked from my waist to my knees.)

Becki comes in, closes and locks the door, looks me right in the eye, and says, with tears welling up in her eyes, "I'm so sorry."

Becki sat down, leaned forward, and immediately starts to pee and poop at the same time. As she's going, she is crying her eyes out. She looks up at me and says again, "I'm so sorry."

At this point all I want to do is console my friend. I tell her that we've been friends for years and that she has no reason to be embarrassed in front of me. I'm hugging her... with my pants still at my knees, with a dirty butt, and still having to poop a little. She smiles a little between sobs and asks, "Were you done?" I told her no, not yet, but that she could take her time. She said that she was done. She wiped herself and stood up, and I sat back down. She washed her hands and dried her eyes at the sink. I told her that I was pooping in front of her now and so neither one of us needed to feel any shame.

I finished, wiped, and flushed (it was quite a load in the toilet... my poop... her poop... more of mine). I washed my hands and gave her a big hug. We left the bathroom. I didn't know if anyone was looking at us funny and didn't really care.

I texted her when I got home: "NOTHING to be embarrassed about. I had to go, you had to go. We just happened to have to go at the same time. Love you."

She responded "Thank you. I've never had to s*** in front of a friend like that before. You were so sweet."

So that's my story. Got a little closer to my friend and all it took was us both crapping in front of each other at Starbucks. Crazy world.

Oh, and as for me right now: If you scroll up to the paragraph starting with "Well I wasn't going to let that happen"... that was when I stopped typing and squeezed out two long logs and a few smaller chunks. Just in case you were worried about me. Peed a river as I pooped.

Time to wipe and say goodbye.

Love you all!




By the way: Do you guys enjoy my stories? I feel like since I'm such a not-shy bathroom girl that I have interesting stuff from time to time.

I like to post on here when I'm on the toilet. I always remember this forum when I'm on the pot.

So please, tell me if I'm a bore.


Jake. Unisex Bathrooms

I am sitting in a unisex bathroom right now . I think they should be compulsory, maybe not for schools though . Too often I have seen queues outside women's toilets and nobody in the men's. Unisex allows more efficient use of resources. I would use a unisex toilet maybe up to five times per week . I will poo each time, or try to poo. The fact that someone is in the next cubicle , the gender is immaterial! We all have to realise we pee , fart and poo and sometimes we need to grunt !!!


Pooping with friends

One day I was shopping at our local Target and about halfway through my shopping I felt a strong urge to have a massive bowel movement. So, I headed straight to the Men's room since the restrooms at this store are usually pretty clean. I took the middle of three stalls and immediately started pooping. It was definitely a good decision to go to the bathroom and it felt great getting all that waste out of my body. Fortunately, I had the restroom to myself for most of my BM, but right at the end a teenage boy came into the room. He stood off to the side for a minute and then began checking the condition of the two available stalls. He also snuck a quick peek at me through the crack in the stall door. I'm assuming to see if I was pooping and also to make sure that I was not someone who knew him. He then went into the handicap stall to my left and seated himself on the toilet. Immediately he began having explosive diarrhea! Let me tell you, this poor kid REALLY had to go. His diarrhea session lasted about 20 seconds and then after that he immediately began frantically wiping. I thought that was really strange because with the type of diarrhea he had there is no way he could have gotten all of his poop out in that short amount of time. However, a few seconds later I came to understand why he was wiping so quickly. The restroom door flew open and in came two other teenagers. As soon as the boy seated on the toilet heard the door open, he immediately got up and spun around so that it looked like he was just peeing. Even though he probably still had to go poop he was just too embarrassed poop in front of his friends. I felt really sorry for him. He then flushed and left the stall to go wash his hands. While he was washing his hands one of the two teenagers who came into the restroom (and I suspect he knew what his friend was doing) started saying kind of loudly "Man I have to take a huge shit!". He said this two or three times and the other boys, including the one who just had massive diarrhea, were laughing at him. The friend went into the stall on my right and immediately sat on the toilet. As soon as he did that, the boy who had the massive diarrhea went back into the handicap stall on my left and quickly sat back down on the toilet. See, I told you he still had to poop some more! He immediately started to defecate. I could clearly hear it crackling out of him and it was A LOT of poop! Fortunately for the kid at that point it was just a huge loose BM and he did not have any more explosive diarrhea while his friends were in the bathroom. I never did hear poop plops or smell anything from the second boy seated on my right, so I wonder if you really had to shit or was just saying that and acting like he had to go to give his friend some cover to do what he had to do. If that is what he was doing, then that's the kind of friend I wish we all had! Pretty shortly after we all three started wiping, washed our hands and left the restroom at about the same time. Later, I saw the three boys at the checkout line and they were all laughing and having a good time. I was happy that the boy with the diarrhea was able to get the rest of his poop out so that he could enjoy the rest of his evening without having to be miserable holding it in the whole time.


Sorry to everyone

I have to say sorry, when I did Kristi's survey, I didn't copy questions perfect English. Instead I used my memo. Next time I do survey, I will copy perfectly. I am very ashamed. Please forgive bad Mina.

Love to everyone.




I've never posted on here but I've been reading the forum for a while now. I'm 19 and female. I guess I'll answer some of the survey questions.

Unisex bathrooms survey
1) would you mind if all public toilets are unisex?
I wouldn't mind, I don't think it matters where people use the bathroom

2) you have to poop in a unisex toilet with people of opposite sex present, would you hide your sounds?
I hide my sounds even in the women's toilets so yes lol

3) would you feel disgusted if you hear someone of opposite sex pooping in the stall next to you?
Nah it would be kind of hot

4) would you wait till the opposite sex leaves the toilet so she/he doesn't know who was pooping next to them?
I would probably not poop in a public restroom to begin with

5)have you ever pooped in a unisex toilet?
Only single bathrooms, never with someone else actually around to hear

1. When you're pooping, do you try to finish as soon as possible, or do you like to take your time? If you take your time, what do you do with that time (read, cell phone, etc.)?
In theory I'd like to take my time but I usually finish pretty fast and don't see a point in staying seated in the toilet if I'm done

2. Do you flush multiple times when pooping, or do you just flush when you're completely done?
Usually just once unless it's a really big poop, then I'll flush before I wipe

3. Do you usually have to do a lot of pushing, or does your body just poop without much effort?
I don't usually have to put much effort in

4. Have you ever used a Squatty Potty? If so, do you like using it?
I might have once, I don't remember and I don't use one regularly

5. If you have a significant other, do you feel comfortable pooping if he or she is in the room?
I don't have one. If I did I would be alright with them pooping in front of me but it would take me a while to get comfortable pooping where they knew what I was doing let alone in the same room.

6. How comfortable are you pooping in a crowded public restroom?
I'd rather poop in a very crowded restroom than in one with only a small number of other people, but I'd rather poop in an empty restroom than a busy one

7. What's the most interesting place you've ever relieved yourself (pee or poop)?
Nowhere all that interesting to be honest, probably a bush or smth


to Kaycha

Kaycha -

You're parents, and any other parent or adult who punishes a child for an accident are sadistic. You don't choose to have a weak bladder and rectum….so despite how they made you feel please don't feel guilty. Also, don't feel ashamed to wear diapers! I wear a brand called McKesson for pee and poop accidents. Awhile back I leaked all over my pants and onto the floor while waiting to go tinkle in a cup for a drug test so your not alone with public accidents, which are much more embarrassing for guys. Diapers are much better for peace of mind so please give them a try and let us know how they work for you. :) It will be ok. Even if you never have full control of your pee and poop you will always be a good person and thats what matters.



i had to come over to my friend's house to help her poop

I've posted a lot of stories about when I was really constipated before, but this one is about my friend, Ella, from last week.

I was watering my plants one evening when my phone rang. It was Ella. I thought it was a bit weird that she was calling since she never calls me, so I answered. "Hey!" I said. "Lavah," she responded, sounding out of breath, "I'm so sorry to call you." "It's fine," I assured her. "What's up? Are you okay?" She sighed and replied, "No, I'm... I'm really constipated-nnnnh." I heard her strain as she said it. "What do I do?" I told her to relax and tell me what she'd tried so far. She told me that she hadn't pooped in 4 days so she tried doing some yoga which seemed to be helping, but now she was on the toilet with a massive turd ready to come out but it won't. I told her it was going to be okay and that she should try squatting on the floor and rubbing her ???? to help it come out. She thanked me for the advice and hung up. I finished watering my plants and decided to read for a while. After reading maybe 20 pages, my phone rang again. It was Ella. "How are you doing?" I asked. "It won't come out!" she cried. "It's huge and it hurts! I don't know what else to do!" I asked her if she wanted me to come over since she only lived about 15 minutes away. She said yes, so I grabbed my car keys and headed her way.

I knocked on the door of her apartment and barely heard her faint, strained voice say, "It's unlocked!" I came in and made my way to the bathroom where she was sat on the toilet with the door open. Her face was red and streaked with tears. I got her a tissue and sat on the edge of the bathtub next to her. I asked her to lean forward so I could see what we were working with, but there wasn't anything to see. I had her stand up and bend over so I could have a closer look. Just inside her hole was a dark brown mass that looked really painful. I felt bad for my friend. I helped her into a squatting position on the floor and grabbed a towel to put under her. I asked her if she'd tried this like I suggested and she said yes, but it she kept losing her balance. I sat in front of her and let her squeeze my hands for better support as she pushed. "NNNNNNNNNNN! ............ NNNNNNNNNNNNNHH! ...... NNNNNNNNNNNHHH!!" I encouraged her as she struggled. "That's it, that's it. You're doing great, Ella, keep pushing!" After several minutes of this, I had her reposition herself to where she was now squatting facing the tub. She grabbed the edge of it with both hands to steady her while I knelt behind her and spread her buttcheeks. She cried in pain as she strained. "NNNNNNNNNH! Owww! ........ NGGGGGGG!! AHHHHH! ......... NNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGRRRR!!! OooooooOooOohhhh!!!!" The tip poked its head out but went back in when she stopped pushing. I had an idea. "Okay, now I want you to push as hard as you can," I instructed. She drew in a breath and got to work. "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHH!!" The turd poked out again. "I'm sorry about this," I said while she was still pushing. Before she could stop, I grabbed the end of her turd and pulled hard. She screamed as it grew in length. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" It came out slowly, and it really seemed to hurt Ella. Poor thing. The fattest part was now out and after a few more pushes from Ella, it tapered to a point and fell on the towel. "NNNNNNNNNNNHH! .......... NNNNNNNNNNNHHHHH! ......... NNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!" I grabbed a wet wipe for her to wipe with, assuming toilet paper would probably hurt too much, and used another to wipe the sweat off her face. I broke up the massive turd with the toilet brush and deposited into the toilet. Surprisingly, it went down in one flush. Ella thanked me for coming over and I assured her that it was no big deal. I was just glad I could help. I stayed for another hour to make sure she was okay and then headed home for the night.


To Tricky :

Tricky how does it feel when let your poop logs come out on their own and are they always huge? What do you like most about pooping?

Victoria and Robyn

Mina's question

Quick answer to our four friends' question!

Robyn goes first:

Hi everybody! Okay so during my semester-long Italian study abroad, my apartment in Ferrara had its toilet and shower in separate rooms but there was a big difference between that and what you have in Japan. The room with the toilet also had a bidet, but it was a separate fixture and not integrated into the seat like what the four of you have or attached to it like on my and Victoria's toilets. After you were done going you got up from the toilet and got into a straddle on the bidet and then wiped once you were finished there. I'd never seen or used one before but they're almost universal in Italy and someone told me that Italian building codes require them in any room with a toilet! To answer the question: yes, I prefer them in separate rooms. I'll turn it over to Victoria now!

I also studied abroad in undergrad, as part of an exchange program with a Canadian university. While I was there my apartment in Montreal had everything in one room, and from also visiting Toronto and Vancouver I noticed that it was the same there. From what I was told having the toilet and tub or shower in different rooms is very uncommon in Canada. In the US, we have what are called half bathrooms or powder rooms but in the city where we live it's more common for two-bedroom apartments to have two full, separate bathrooms where each one has a tub and a toilet.
My answer is also yes, I'd prefer them to be in separate rooms, but with a Japanese-style bidet attached to the toilet so I wouldn't have to shuffle onto something else with my jeans and panties around my ankles!

We have a question for all of you: have you ever heard of what is called an ensuite bathroom or ensuite here? It means that the bathroom is attached directly to a bedroom. Both Robyn and I have them and I have to say when you wake up in the middle of the night having to pee it's nice when your bed is within two meters of a toilet!

We love all of you. Please stay safe as best you can!

Victoria and Robyn

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

To Pebbles

That was an interesting story about you and your mum having food poisoning. I know what it feels like and I know what it feels like to have an accident when throwing up.

Emma two

Poo in the woods with Sarah

I was went out for a walk in the woods with Sarah this morning and I was busting for a poo. So was Sarah and she suggested we did it together. The only problem was we had nothing to wipe with and I told Sarah I would wait until I got home as I didn't want to get skid marks in my knickers. She said it would be fine and they could be washed when we got home. I agreed because I was busting to go but I felt embarrassed so I waited for Sarah to go first. She unbuttoned her shorts and pulled them down with her knickers and squatted right in front of me and my confidence grew so I pulled my dress up and pulled my knickers down and squatted next to Sarah. She was already going by now and I pushed gently until I felt my poo coming out. Sarah released a big poo and she peed on top of it as she pushed hard to get as much of it out as she could. She then pulled her knickers up but not all of the way to avoid getting them skid marked and then she carefully pulled up her shorts. I was still going and it was a huge load. Sarah remarked on the size of it and I told her it was three days since it last went. I peed all over my pile and carefully pulled my knickers back up but not all the way and I smoothed my dress down. We walked away from the scene of our deed and went home to clean up. When we got home I waited for Sarah to clean up and she came out of the bathroom holding a badly stained pair of knickers. I went in after her and when I got my knickers down I was pleased to see they were clean so I wiped my bottom and flushed out dirty toilet paper down the toilet.


To Cynthia

Cynthia: I'm sorry your sister pooped her pants in the car. Asking to go poop, and doing it involuntarily must mean that the urge was irresistible. I hope she's not traumatized by her accident, and can just laugh about it now. I've had strong urges where I just acted upon them on impulse. Once after turning the living room window unit on to cool down, I just went to the bathroom to do a mushy poop. Catherine: I love your stories about poop as always. I hope you enjoy mine. I meant to say that the work center at the School For The blind had a wall in the bathroom on the right. The stalls were on the left. Silly me, forgot to edit before pressing submit. Bye.

So I wear underwear almost exclusively but I often regret it. Yesterday I wet myself during a library lecture. Almost halfway through the 2 hour lecture, I realized I needed to go potty. "I can hold it" I told myself, too embarrassed to scoot past an entire row of people. Instead I bounced and squirmed in my seat. I knew I couldn't wait a whole hour. I would definitely go in my pants. I felt so self conscious but as the minutes ticked by my need grew. Now I knew if I stood up, I'd leak in my pants. I had to try. I stood, holding my vagina desperately. I had no pride. But as I tried to get past an entire row of students while trying to keep my panties dry, realized I needed to poop too. A thick turd kept trying to poke out. I squatted to try and hold it but I accidentally pushed the solid load into my panties. I tried running for the toilet but I'd waited too late. I began to pee-pee. I stood there, frozen, in the hall with piss drooling down my legs and soaking into the carpet. I just don't hold it very well.


Skidmarks for hanging

This happened back in the '90s. Me and my friend Maggie had just graduated middle school. Her gift was tuition for a summer music camp about 3 hours away on a college campus. I only had half the money in my child care account, but my grandma gave me my "birthday" money early. My mom drove us up there on a Sunday morning. Before starting our drive on the Interstate mom doubled up on the coffee because she wasn't that alert and Maggie whispered to me one of her usually crude remarks. It was funny, but proved to be quite true. And mom admits to it sometimes, too: the more coffee she drinks the more active her bowels become. So we stopped at the first rest area. This was a 3 toilet bathroom. Maggie and I had taken the first two toilets thinking it was a good chance to pee since we had to stop anyway. I was curious and looked to the left under the panel to find Maggie's blue shorts and underwear at floor level. I strained to see if her underwear was clean because her mom had gotten on her about too many skid mark stains. Then when she was getting a lecture on the "process" of wiping and she interrupted her mom, she had gotten grounded.

Two stalls down I could hear splashes hitting the water and I could hear my mom nervously move around on the toilet. She's kind of restless when using a public toilet and she doesn't like to spend any more contact time seated than is necessary. There were a couple of additional splashes and then she shouted out my name. I was done, flushed and then walked over to her. She was upset when she opened the door and showed me there was no toilet paper on the wall holder. Maggie couldn't help it and laughed out louder than she should have. I went back to my toilet and rolled off a handful for mom who immediately grabbed it and told Maggie it will eventually happen to her too. Maggie said something dumb and that was the end of the conversation.

After another half hour or so mom seemed agitated again. She swerved into the next rest area and said she was hoping this time she would finish it off. We thought that was kind of funny but mom parked and halfway ran up the sidewalk to the bathrooms. Me and Maggie walked up and sat on a concrete bench outside the bathroom. We could hear mom release some very splashing stuff into the toilet and when we heard a sudden thud, it seemed like she had stood and then dropped her butt back onto the toilet. Then she called out my name. She handed me the car keys and told me to bring her purse in. When I came back with it I could see that she was having some amount of pain. She took a couple of pills out of a bottle and asked if I had seen a drinking fountain outside. I told her me and Maggie had just got done using it. So she wiped up and took her pills and we were off again.

When we got to campus, this student helped us find our dorm room, motioned toward the large bathroom in the middle of the hall, and then took us down to the cafeteria for registration. They allowed the request for me and Maggie to room together and then gave us free time before the first meal. So me and Maggie were unpacking when another group of students were walking in the hallway and talking about how large the bathroom was. So we got curious and walked down there. There was a separate entrance door and a ways down an exit door. By the entrance there was a row of about 20 toilets, only a few of them had privacy doors. Across from them were about that many sinks with a mirror above them almost as long as the room. On the other side of the wall there were a couple dozen shows, with a wall and bathtub at each end. At each end of the room there was a bunch of hooks mounted on the wall for pieces of clothing, I guess. Directly behind us there were 3 pairs of undies, all white, hanging next to one another. Each had a skid mark on its bottom. One wasn't that bad but the other two were much more apparent. Maggie said she thinks when the girls took them off to shower, they forget to pick them back up. Maggie said that they might have come from one girl and three showers. I said it was possible that 3 different girls that hung them, forgotten them, and the janitors hadn't noticed them in cleaning. Anyway, they were still hanging there 6 days later when we left.

Maggie did better with her wiping and skid marks. But one day she did have a little pee in them because our teacher, a college professor, didn't believe in wasted time until we learned a song perfectly. Only then were we given a break. There were only about 10 toilets near our music hall. So while waiting for one to open, Maggie had about a 2-inch leak in her underwear. Of course her mom saw the yellow stain.


To Maddy


Just wanted to say that I really liked your story about your giant poop after withholding!:) Tell me, how long did it take you to push the main bit out? Also, how's your new withholding going? Have you ever withheld with a friend and then pooped together? Please share more stories:)



Unisex bathrooms survey

1) would you mind if all public toilets are unisex?
2) you have to poop in a unisex toilet with people of opposite sex present, would you hide your sounds?
3) would you feel disgusted if you hear someone of opposite sex pooping in the stall next to you?
4) would you wait till the opposite sex leaves the toilet so she/he doesn't know who was pooping next to them?
5)have you ever pooped in a unisex toilet?

Emma two

Sleepover poo

I remember once when I was 14 I hadn't pood for a couple of days and I was sleeping over at a friend's house. I was desperate for a poo but I felt embarrassed to do it in my friend's bathroom so I'm held it. We went to bed and during the night I woke up with a pain in my stomach and the most desperate urgent need to have a poo I'd ever felt. I got out of bed as quietly as I could so I could sneek into the bathroom without anyone noticing but my friend woke up with she asked me where I was going. I felt my face redden with embarrassment as I told her I was going for a wee. She asked if she could come with me as she was desperate for a wee and I couldn't say no. She quickly pulled her pyjamas down and sat on the toilet and she peed for ages. When she stopped she said she really needed that and she got off the toilet to let me have a wee. I felt embarrassed to have a poo in front of her so I tried to pee without pooing but it didn't work. She heard my poo plopping into the toilet and I was so embarrassed but It felt so good I just kept going as my friend chatted with me. When I f it was a huge relief even though it in embarrassing but I guess it was better than pooing myself.


Some replies + story

Hello all! I am back here with some replies and a short story.

To Lorenz: Thank you for answering my question. I imagine that in those occasions that you did the 90% push, it was not only uncomfortable in a physical sense but also quite embarrassing having an audience while you struggle to get your crap out. Nowadays on average, what is your normal % of push in any given pooping session? Are your craps often hard and dark?

If you are struggling to get your poop out, Lorenz, you may want to try this (if you have the time, that is, which does not seem to be the case often): If it is a fat, hard poop, in addition to leaning forward as much as you can and giving a hard push, try separating your buttocks with your hands to leave as much space as you can so that the monster turd eases out more easily. Also try going up on your toes and raising your knees… it would look like as if your chest is close to your thighs and head is almost reaching your knees (for reference, see my post "UK trip with my friend Frank part 4 - Finale" where I describe Frank's pooping position). This can often work even if you are somewhat in a hurry.

If you have more time, for example, at home or at someone's house, before giving the hard pushes, try massaging your abdomen first, from your right side to your left side and then going down, so that it stimulates the internal movement and helps your poop want to come out. Then when you feel your poop "at the door" or poking out, proceed with your normal pushing process or, if it is fat and hard, try doing what I described above. Of course, only try this if you feel like it could help… I suggest it because it has helped me on occasion and also some of my friends, but if it feels like a hassle try what you think works best for you. But I imagine what I described could help you.

To James: Thank you for answering my question. Your story about your intentional game reminded me of a friend of mine who did something similar but while in his room. He would stay in his bed, lying on his stomach, and gave a gentle push just to stimulate his need to poop at first, and then, to see if he could get the turd to poke and then suck it back in. He would repeat this for 15-20 minutes until he felt a big urge to release his poop. He then would run to the bathroom and proceed with his poop session. I know that on a few occasions, he accidentally released a piece of poop into his underwear.

Now for the story, I post this because this poop session was unusual for me. Three or so days ago, I went to the bathroom feeling quite full and I expected to produce quite a load of poop. I sat down, pants and underwear to my ankles, spread my legs and began with a gentle push. This released three small pieces of poop, solid but not hard. I felt as if I had not released anything, so I pushed a little harder this time trying to get more of my poop out. I then released a medium-sized turd, but still felt much more inside of me. I tried relaxing for a bit, waiting for a big urge to tell me to start pushing again. A minute or so later, I felt it and released a somewhat bigger turd. But my need to poop still did not subside in the least. For the next ten minutes, I spent intermittently pushing and relaxing, releasing small- and medium-sized turds that slowly began to fill the water in the toilet bowl. The more I released, the less solid and softer they got.

After that, I did feel somewhat relieved, but I still undeniably felt more poop inside of me. I decided to lean back and rest my back on the toilet tank, legs spread, and my hands massaging my abdomen from right to left, to see if that would stimulate something. After about five minutes of this, I released a loud, echoing fart, followed by a wave of mushy poop. I kept pushing, not too hard, for as long as I could because I wanted to get as much poop as I could out of my system. With this pile of mush out, I finally felt empty. But the wiping was quite laborious! It took me more than 10 wipes to get clean.

I had not experienced such a pooping session in a long time, where I release small- and medium-sized turds that start solid and only after that I release a wave of much-less-formed poop. I do not like this kind of poop sessions… they take a long time to complete (I took over 20 minutes) and I always have to wipe a lot. Fortunately, I don't get these often.

Anyway, that is all from me now!

Keep the great posts coming!

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