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Extremely urgent truckstop dump

I was working on the road I drive a truck for a living and it's ok it pays good. The food I have to eat on road is sometimes sketchy but it is what it is and driving a big semi truck we don't always have good places to stop when we need to. We'll it turns out I was cramping really bad from dinner the night before and I was scheduled to stop at a love's truck stop in a hr hoping I could wait till then. My insides were screaming to be let out I had to poop bad I was sweating I knew it was going to be a massive blowout. I finally get there barely holding on when I got parked and walk briskly inside it was very busy alot of people and t rocks parked. I make to the men's room and it was ok urnails and 3 stalls I was on the verge of shitting myself and all the stalls were full . I just stand there breathing heavily I could hear the occupied stalls pooping and farming sounded like a dude had bad diarrhea. I just paced back and fourth I walked out the door I saw a clerk and asked her if this was the only men's room it is full and I have a emergency she smiled and said sorry but yes it is our showers are full or I would let you use it I just said ok thanks and walked back in not wanting to lose my spot in line I thought about the trash can or urinal but na I waited a couple minutes later a stall opened and thank God I walk towards it and the guy said sorry it wouldn't flush I sighed and said I don't care. I went in it was full of poop but I couldn't wait got my pants down and exploded as soon as I touched the seat it was epic ly big pile it smelled so bad the other stalls were still busy and couple people tried the doors and one guy asked if anybody was almost done I replied nope just got seated sorry . One of the other stalls flushed and left foe that dude to get seated and he had a massive blowout as well. I finally finished the toilet was so full would not flush I left the clerk I spoke with earlier saw me and asked if I made it I replied barely.

Emma two

Huge poo in the woods

I was constipated for about ten days and I took a laxative just before I left for work this morning. Not much happened until about half an hour before I finished work and by the time I finished my day I was busting to go. I thought about using the toilets at work but I was afraid I would block the toilet so I decided to go in the woods instead. I took some toilet paper from the toilets and got the bus home but I got off one stop early as it's not far from the woods. I was getting desperate so walked quickly to the woods and ten minutes later I was in the woods. No one was around thankfully and I walked away from the main path into a dense area that was well hidden from any prying eyes. I was str to hold it by now so I ripped my jeans and knickers down together. I squatted down and pulled my clothes forward to avoid getting any pee on them as I had to go so bad. I relaxed and immediately felt relief as a torrent of pee flooded the ground below my bottom. I pushed gently until I felt my poo coming out and relaxed as it was nice and soft. I did a huge poo and man it felt so good after not being able to go in ten days. I looked between my legs and I'm glad I didn't use the toilet before it would definitely block up with that amount of poo. I pushed out the last bit and wiped my bottom until I felt clean and pulled up my knickers and jeans and left to walk home feeling very relieved and several pounds lighter.

The weirdest thing happened to me at work today. I was standing near one of the desks with some of my coworkers when a former colleague of mine who I haven't seen in a few weeks walked by. He was telling me something about why he came by my work, but I lost focus because I got a bad cramp in my stomach while he was talking to me. I REALLY had to go to the bathroom- that gotta go right now feeling... I was feeling really excited to see my coworker but also kind of praying that he'd leave quickly before I had an accident right in front of him!

Thank God he walked away after only briefly catching up with me, and I headed to the bathroom which was only a few feet away. Well... I only managed to make it as far as the first open stall when I just felt my underwear get all warm. My heart jumped into my throat, and i tried to tell myself it was only hot air and everything was fine...

Instead i had to leave work early and go home, because I seriously messed my pants... the smell was the hardest part to deal with other than the embarassment... I couldn't really keep it as secret as i would have liked to since I was at work, and I was the manager on duty, so i had to tell someone i was going home for my break and they could definitely tell i had pooped myself :(


Bottom wiping machine

For those that have been following my posts due to reduced mobility I have trouble wiping my bottom. I have a bidet at home, but my bowels aren't train sufficiently to only evacuate Wang at home. My OT has organised me to have a bottom wiper which is a sort of a plastic stick where toilet paper stuck in one end and wrapped around and the task is done that way.
I am still unable to have sufficient flexibility, even with the bottom wiper to wipe from behind, so did the front route. It is quite an ordeal, wrapping the paper around and uses up a real lot of toilet paper. Also, you push the end of the wiper and that supposedly releases the paper however it does not release it very well and you have to pull it off yourself.
My next toilet issue is that if I have a BM early in the morning and particularly if it is a bit difficult. I get very dizzy and weak and exhausted for awhile. If I have Diem later in the day it is much easier.
I note Mina talks about some massage for constipation. I would like to know more about this, Mina?
Thanks for reading this,


Soft big poop

Hi everyone. Had breakfast with a cup of tea and a jar of warm water. Took my medications afterwards. Soon after I got picked up for the weekly exercise program I go to (Yay!). When I got there I made a cup of black coffee (all I get here is tea and warm water, occasionally milk). I also made a cup of hot water. We did the exercise program and had lunch afterwards (chicken burger and coleslaw with a cup of an orange drink). Soon after a couple other people andI got picked up and taken home. When I got home I made a jar of warm water and went to lie down for my nap. A few minutes ago I got the urge to poop so I grabbed my Walmart bag and went to the washroom. Turned on the light, closed the door and put the Walmart bag against it, took the toilet paper out. Walked to the toilet, pulled down my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. Peed first then pushed. Quite a bit of soft crap (a log) came out. Flushed when I was done. Wiped well and tossed the paper into the toilet. Flushed the toilet again, stood up, pulled my pants and underwear up and washed my hands. I'm not sure how big it was but it felt like a lot. There's still a lot more in my body.

Stay safe and happy peeing and pooping


To Tricky: Holding it until you get home

Hi Tricky!

Just a question: In your latest post you wrote "nearly every day from 7th to 10th grade, I was holding it in all day long, and always in a rush to make it home to relieve my bowels".

Do you have any memorable experience that you could tell us when you held it in all day and when you finally arrived at your home, you had a very relieving experience? I imagine holding it in might have been torture, and the way home somewhat distressing. But releasing the contents of your bowels once you made it home might have also felt incredible.

Your stories are always interesting, which is why I ask if any memorable instances come to mind :)

Responses to Questions

For Tricky:

When there has been some severe vandalism at my high school, the privacy door may be taken off and put away for a few days. In one bathroom last week after somebody lit a fire in the feminine disposal depository that door and the two on both sides of it were removed for several days. That gave us only four normal toilets with a privacy door to use. Hence, more of us went over to the petro station. I could see the clerk there was getting pissed too. I know I was partially responsible for that because of my accident.

For M:

For my older sister, she was devastated when mom called her out for her stained underwear. Oh, the problems of free laundry services! My sister, however, separates her best underwear from her stained. I know she used a gift certificate to buy dark colored undies and she is adding to the collection with every paycheck.

Michael's survey:

1. At home no. At school or the petro station Yes because those toilets are older and bigger commercial grade.

2. Sometimes. I hate it. Especially if it hasn't been flushed from the last user.

3. My dad. He blows our toilet at home up.

4. Modern, but with the exception of the auto-flushes in public places.

5. Wooden at home; plastic in public places.

To Esme:

Have you ever sat down for a really tranquil poop, only to have the bathroom fill in a couple of minutes with a really rowdy group? What was it like?

Hello all,

I'm Sarah and I'm back here after a long time away..

Today, my friend Maria and I were playing outside when we both needed to do our business. We had tried to sneak into the same storage room in the basement as before, but unfortunately, we found it locked this time. With no other option, we had to go upstairs for our bathroom trips.
Anyway, that's all from me this time. Hope to see you all soon!


Chakamami (Chae Kazu Maho Mina)


We decide our family name is Chakamami! Thank you Robtoria for vote.

Tartan mini sounds beautiful! We don't have. We don't wear skirt much. We like slacks, jeans, shorts.

Today we do survey. We like. We answer before maybe, but many new people in this site...

"Does your poo plop loudly in the toilet?" Quite loud. We chose toilet which can make loud plop, because we like to hear. And our ears very sharp.

"Do you get splash and wet bum?" Sometimes. Not so often. We don't know reason.

"Do you hear family member or friends pooping?" Always we hear!! But when Kazu living with her family, she never hear. Now, family is Chakamami!!

"Do you prefer modern or older style toilets?" We like both. We love washlet, that is modern. But we also like toilet which is a bit high. That is old maybe. And we don't mind botton benjo, that is loo which is hole in ground and no flush. But like Esme, we hate porta-potty, and we never use.

"Wooden or plastic seat?" Mina love wooden!! Host mother in Rhondda said, loo in her house don't change, wooden seat still there. Next summer, maybe we all go Wales and sit on wooden seat. In Japan always plastic. So 3 crushes looking forward to wooden seat loo. Kazu said, "Even British food not good, I eat and eat and eat, so I can sit on wooden seat forever!" When Mina was Rhondda, she loved to sit on wooden seat and stay long long time! If we go to loo in garden, we can all go together maybe. Rhondda mother said Mina, "Take book with you!" but Mina never took. She like to sit there and think how much she love Rhondda mother, with producing interminable mierda.

We like survey!

Love to everybody. Many online kiss.



Went to the washroom a lot

Got up this morning, peed and brushed my teeth then went upstairs for breakfast. Had either noodles or rice (don't remember) with vegetables, tofu, etc, a cup of tea (black) and sips from my jar of warm water. After breakfast I took my medications, finished my water, refilled my water jar and took that, my tea and my Walmart bag downstairs. Microwaved my 2nd jar of water and slowly drank it. Even brought it upstairs at lunch. For lunch had some kind of soup with light coloured sandwich meat, herbs, etc in it. Slowly ate that and took sips from my water jar. After lunch went downstairs re microwaved my water and took sips every now and then. Finally a few minutes ago I got a major urge to poop so I grabbed my Walmart bag, took off my bedroom flip flops, opened the door, put on the flip flops outside my room and went to the washroom. Turned on the light, closed the door, put the Walmart bag against it, walked to the toilet. Pulled my pants and underwear down and sat on the toilet. Peed first then pushed. Quite a bit of semi solid poop came out. Flushed when I felt I was done. Took some toilet paper and wiped well. Tossed it into the toilet, stood up, pulled my pants and underwear up and flushed the toilet. Washed my hands and left the bathroom. Went to my room, dried my hands on my towel, took my flip flops off, put them outside of my room, closed the door and walked to bed. Now under the blanket. Not sure how big the poop was but I would guess about 2 to 2 1/2 feet long. It felt huge. And I am not even done yet. Hopefully can go again later. Stay safe, healthy, happy

Happy peeing and pooping!



Used the men's room

We were out over the weekend and stopped at one of those gas stations that has its bathrooms on the outside of the building. Both were single bathrooms and both were occupied when we got there. A girl was waiting outside the women's already. The men's opened first so I just went in with my youngest while my oldest waited outside. That poor girl was still waiting outside the women's when we came out!


Poop at Target

Hey guys!

My name is Emily, I'm a 30 something female, I e browsed this forum a long time, but haven't posted much, but I had something happen today that I just had to tell you about.

I was in the twin Cities for some training for work, and stopped in at target afterwards to browse a bit. Idk about you guys, but target always seems to upset my stomach and make me need to go to the bathroom, and this time was no different. I made my way to the ladies room, which was in the back of the store, which is not a layout that I was familiar with from target.

When I went in, there were 4 normal stalls and a disabled stall. There was a lady in the 3rd normal stall. I took the stall between her and the disabled stall. I sat down, and had a small fart immediately. This must have reassured my neighbor as I immediately heard her dropping some poop and quietly pushing. I peed for a few seconds, and then farted again, and dropped some softer poop. My neighbor was grunting a bit, so clearly having a harder time than me, and dropped a few more pieces. The door then opened, and someone came to the disabled stall. My neighbor and I stopped pushing and waited to see what this new girl would do, but we didn't have to wait long as she immediately started pooping as well!

We sat there for about 3 more minutes, both of them quietly grunting and dropping harder stuff, and I was occasionally dropping some soft poop myself. Then the girl who was in the stall when I came in started wiping and she needed quite a few pulls of the paper. Another girl came in and took the first stall at this point, she quickly peed and left while the 1dt girl was still wiping and myself and the 2nd girl were pooping.

The 1st girl left her stall and went to wash her hands as the 2nd girl started to wipe. A 4th girl came in at this point and went into the 2nd stall, but I couldn't hear what she did over the sounds of the girls washing their hands. It soon became obvious though as the bathroom started to smell, and it hadn't been until that point.

So, all in all, 5 girls in a target bathroom for about 5 -10 minutes, and all but one needed to take a dump! What are the odds!

Tuesday, September 26, 2023


Using the street toilet

When I was coming home from school, I suddenly wanted to go to the toilet. It was a long way to the house, and I decided to use the toilet outside. I had to be patient for a while, I was looking a toilet booth, but in the end I found several booths. Almost all of them were occupied, but I was lucky, and one was free. I immediately went into this booth and closed the door behind me. I bolted it, then pulled down my dark green pants and white briefs and sat down on the toilet seat. It wasn't a toilet bowl, it was just a street latrine. Cesspool was not very full, fortunately. Although there was a strong smell coming from there, but I didn't pay attention to it. I defecated a few poop, then wiped myself with toilet paper hanging nearby. I got dressed, lowered the lid of the toilet seat and went out.

To Tyler C

Great to see you back, that was a wild story about you, your cousin, and his friends. Even the last part of courtesy pooping their pants so they don't ruin the park. I bet some of those trips home were quite long too.


Had a massive crap

Hi all. Got up this morning, went pee and brushed my teeth then went upstairs for breakfast. Had spicy ish noodles in a soup with vegetables and pale meat, a few pieces of kiwi, a cup of tea and a jar of hot water. After breakfast I took my medications, finished my tea and warm water and went downstairs. Downstairs I made another jar of water, microwaved it and slowly drank it. Finally about 10 minutes ago I got a major urge to poop so I grabbed my Walmart bag, took off my bedroom flip flops, opened the door, put on the flip flops outside my room, turned off the light and went to the washroom across from my room. Turned on the light, closed the door, put my Walmart bag against it, grabbed the toilet paper. Walked to the toilet, pulled my dark sweatpants and black underwear down (on period) and sat on the toilet. Peed first then pushed quite a bit of semi-solid thick poop out. Flushed halfway just in case. Finally pushed the last of it out, took some toilet paper and wiped well. Tossed the toilet paper into the toilet, stood up, pulled my pants and underwear up and looked in the toilet. A lot of crap was in there, about 2 feet long. I'm not sure how long the other part of the crap was but it felt massive too. Flushed the toilet and saw that the sink was clogged and filled with water (another tenant did this and went into his room instead of telling my caregiver). Had to go upstairs, tell her what was wrong with the sink and that another tenant had gone into his room instead of going upstairs and telling her. Also had to wash my hands in the upstairs bathroom.

I hope that everyone is staying safe, healthy, happy

Happy peeing and pooping!


Mina Maho Hisae Kazumi

Kazumi's wonderful turd

Hi, Everyone, we promised you this story, Mina is sorry that she is so lazy. Thank you to Annie, Anna, Thunder, you always say nice things about us.

So this is late August and Sunday morning. After Hisae and Kazu finish their motion (huge one of course), Mina sit down on loo and start to do. Maho is squat next her.

After Mina produce some mierda and get ready for next mierda, Kazu suddenly shout, "Mierda coming!! Sorry!! Minappé please allow that I sit down!! Coming coming!" Mina jump up and step back, Kazu crash land on front of loo between Mina's legs.

Only one second later, Kazu's bottom dome out. Turd appeared at once and start come out. It was unbelievable huge!! Wide was about 6 centimetres and long about 25. It came out medium speed and non-stop! And it was beautiful shape! Look like salami in delicatessen. Very smooth sides all round, and medium brown with slight hint of red. (Maybe "tan"??) Perfectly straight sides, and perfect round at front and back. Beautiful! 3 crushes give gasp, and Kazu said Aaaah with a relief. Then did 2 little pieces. Turd slide into loo with small splash, little pieces bounce off it and drop beside.

"Kazu-chan you finish?"

"I finish! I am empty!! Thank you thank you!" Kazu move back on loo to wash her bottom and then stand so Mina can sit down and produce her next mierda with drying Kazu's beautiful bottom.

"Very beautiful mierda from very beautiful bottom, Kazu."


While Mina and Maho finish their motion, Kazu is tremble a bit, she is not stable. And when we all went to tatami room for a communication, Kazu jump to Mina with loud sound and.... Mina decide not finish this sentence. But after, Kazu made very delicious tea for Mina (and for Maho and Hisae).

By the way, Hisae had to break turd up because we are sure green loo cannot bite it. But before we break, we take photos, one of turd only (Mina's mierda is background), and one of turd with a part of Kazu's bottom in photo. Then Hisae break up turd, but even that, Maho had to flush twice. So enormous turd it was. Fortunately, Mina was not in a hurry, she could wait while Hisae break turd, Maho flush twice and Kazu wash her bottom. Then Mina sat down and did a very lots because mierda making queue inside her bottom like people wait for bus at bus stop. (Bus stop scene was inside Maho's bottom also.)

Always when Mina type our stories, so warm is her heart. She want to cry and hug and kiss. But crushes say, "we are same"!!

We send love to Robtoria and Willa and Avery and Esme and Thunder and Annie and Lea and Bianca and Tyler and everybody, and we hope that you can do wonderful motion with no pain.

Many online kiss to everyone.

Kazumi Hisae Maho Mina

Fascination with public bathroom habits

Like Esme, I enjoy taking my time doing my #2 in public bathrooms. I'm 22 and find the guys bathrooms fixtures as well as activities to be very interesting.

1st I find the peeing fixtures to be so varied. One large sports stadium had one of the old circular trough urinals. There would be 8 or 9 guys standing at various points around it, largely exposing their wieners, some using a two handed cusp, and others with more confidence, I guess, with their wiener remaining steady while they drained. Every 1/2 minute or so the metal bowl would turn on water to drain the huge trough. The water spray was intense and I could believe that some wieners got a splash or two.

2nd At the park, where a team I coach plays twice a week, the urinals are mounted on the wall. Instead of some lower ones for little kids, they are of pretty normal size. Kinda like the toilets. I've seen little boys struggle to get themselves up on the toilets too. Oh, and guys of all ages will select a toilet over a urinal for their pees. The problem is they don't always remember to lift the seat. Those desperate for a crap will still sit down. Some don't even wipe the seat before sitting for their crap.

3rd At a couple of rest stops I've been at the urinals are single-person, but with a drain a little below floor level. There is a u-shaped indention in the design where I can have may chest against the urinal while I'm using it. Only problem is that I can't directly see where my stream is going. Someone drunk or with diminished capacity could pee on their shoes or pant legs without noticing it.

Esme: Are you able to get a pretty good mental image together of those who are using the toilets next to you? How accurate is it? What are some of the things you've learned about their ages, confidence level, privacy expectations, and anything else that is interesting.

I'm always seeking more of your observations. Thanks.

To Alexandria: Thanks for your reply. How wet do your panties get if you don't wipe after peeing and how do you feel about that? What kind of underwear you wear with Victorian style dresses?



Does your poo plop loud in the toilet?

Do you ever get back splash having a poo resulting in a wet bum ?

Have you ever heard a member of family or friends pooping?

Do you prefer modern or older style toilets ?

Wooden or plastic toilet seat ?


Hiii, im Sarah! I posted here a few times years ago, but I've been reading the site for ages since then. So im back!
I was in between classes at college, when I felt a familiar pressure building. My ???? was ready to dispose of the remains of the last few days' meals. So I grabbed my bag and hurried to the restroom. I picked a stall, pulled down my jeans and panties, and sat down on the toilet. Almost instantly, I could feel my body start moving my poop along, ready to push it all out. I began to pee as I felt the pressure building near my butt.
As i sat on the toilet, i thought about what went into the turd i was disposing of. I've had Mexican food the last few days, as well as some fruits and salads. All of it went down into my ????, fueling me for my schoolwork and life. All that delicious food was broken down and absorbed into me, leaving behind nothing but garbage to be disposed of, in the form of a stinky brown poop. I gave a big push, and my body finally got the relief it needed, as my poop made its way through my butt and into the waiting bowl below.
As my turd oozed out of me, i sighed in relief. I could tell it was a big one, and I'd have to flush it separately from the TP, so i stood and looked down into the bowl.
My "creation" was nearly a foot long, and 2 inches thick. It was all hard and knobby near the front, but the back end was much smoother. It sat in the bowl floating in my pee, half sticking up from the surface. I marveled at the work my ???? had done to its meal, absorbing all the nutrients and compacting all the leftover garbage into such a big, stinky turd. And my body was able to move it through me and push it all out and away.
I was glad to have gotten that poop out of my body, and was ready to get rid of it for good. Lifting my leg, I casually kicked the flush lever down. With a roar, the flush cycle started and grabbed hold of my turd. It got stuck in the drain for a second, but even that big stinker was no match for the powerful flush at my school. It finally gave way, and my poop disappeared down the drain with my pee, without even leaving a skid mark behind to show it had been there. I imagined my turd being sucked down the pipes, before being unceremoniously dumped into the sewer where it belongs, to join the rest of my gross turds I wanted out of my body and my life.
With my poop on its final journey, I began wiping my butt of its remains. It had made a big mess on the way out, so it took almost 10 wipes for the paper to come away clean. I dropped the used papers into the bowl, and flushed them down the drain without a second thought. Finally, I was done. I washed my hands and hurried off to class.
That's all for today! I'm sure I'll be back later.


Re: Avoiding high school bathrooms

By chance, did your high school's bathrooms at least have stall doors? Because a lack of stall doors during both middle school and high school, coupled with having witnessed students being bullied during middle school while pooping in them, is what made me avoid pooping in them.

My middle school had doorless stalls on all the boys' bathrooms, and the locker room and stadium bathroom had their sit-down toilets entirely out in the open with no privacy at all. I went to two high schools. The first high school had doorless stalls all throught. From 7th grade thru 10th grade, I avoided pooping at school because I didn't want others to see me. I rarely ever saw anyone pooping at school in those restrooms, but when I did, without exception, I witnessed them being bullied at their most vulnerable. There were a few rare occasions where I used those doorless stalls, but only because I had no choice and was on the verge of filling my pants with poop. Luckily, I didn't get walked in on by anyone. In middle school, I did use the open toilet in the locker room while PE class was in progress outside, but got walked in on by a gym coach while seated on the toilet. That was embarrassing, but not nearly as bad as it would have been had I pooped in full view of 30 of my classmates. So nearly every day from 7th to 10th grade, I was holding it in all day long, and always in a rush to make it home to relieve my bowels. I consider forcing kids to use those sorts of restrooms to be child abuse. It opens them up to bullying while at their most vulnerable.

When I transferred to my second high school, the boys' bathrooms had normal stalls with doors on them. I never had a problem pooping there, and pooped at school every day henceforth. The restrooms were also generally clean, as the janitor got to them multiple times each day. It was nice. No one bothered me while I was seated on the toilet, and it gave me an extra 10 minutes or so free time at home after I left school for the day, because I pooped during school hours instead.


Live poop 2

Hello everyone,

Thank you to all of you who wished me a warm welcome! I'm back and feeling like I might lay a turd in my pants if I don't get to my toilet soon. I pooped twice (once Tuesday and once Thursday) earlier this week, but both of those loads were smaller than my usual. I'm really hoping I can go push it all out now! I can feel the turd pushing against my asshole and trying to prairie dog.

ON THE TOILET: giving a tiny push to get things started. I'm not feeling anything yet so I'm going to try pushing a little harder. I can slowly feel the tip of a thick turd inching out. I'm stopping for a second to catch my breath. This one's a real monster. The tip just plopped out. It's a tiny nugget. Back to pushing! I took a really deep breath and gave a nice big push this time. These turds are so crackly today! It all came out in one push again. The first turd was big and thick and hard but the rest was closer to soft serve. It was one big turd in the hole surrounded by smaller snakes. It took two flushes to go down. Happy popping everyone :)

Hey my friends! Sorry I have been lazy in posting this past week. School issues and deadlines related to the same took up most of my time. I had a few poops at school, that I have not posted about before now. The best was on Monday in my usual location. I unloaded 10 nice turds (mostly hotdog sized) and actually had two other poopers nearby. Both of them had nice plops that they seemed to force out quicker than necessary. I prefer to take my time! I had another good poop on Wednesday - and it was the rare poop I take at home (like I said, I've been busy with research and writing). I actually filled my toilet with 25+ turds - the biggest was probably the size a hi-lighter. They were firm but soft and felt amazing coming out. I rewarded myself with a bit of self-pleasure after that one! I have truly enjoyed reading everyone's posts!

Willa - I truly have come to admire you! Your posts are great and our kindred spirit is obvious!

Arrow - so awesome to read your posts and I especially enjoyed your live performance!

Jenny - I think I am motivated to wear my tartan mini again soon! I feel the need to be a little naughty! As for my underwear, I do suffer from the occasional skid, but more often than not I am clean. I have the goal of wiping well and not having turtle heads make an appearance!

Petro - here are the answers to your questions:

1. Is it difficult for you to poop? No. Occasionally I do have constipation and have to push more than normal, but it is rare.

2. As you are pooping, have you usually to strain a lot for pushing your poop out? I strain and push with rare constipation. I also tend to push a bit at first for every poop. I also push more to get out the thicker turds.

3. Do you usually fart before you start pooping? Absolutely! I usually fart quite a bit before starting, and usually fart a few more times mid way through. I usually have a final wave of poop after I think I am done. This ALWAYS happens after a few final farts.

4. As you sit down on the toilet for pooping, have you to push a lot before your first turd comes out? Most of my pushing happens at first. Afterwards I let nature take its course. But I do push more if I have a thick turd.

5. Do you always poop by yourself? I almost always poop in public. I actually prefer company so I can hear and/or be heard.

6. Do you usually poop as you feel an urge for it? Do you ever try to poop without having an urge? Can you do it in that case? I almost always poop when the urge is there. I tend to go every other day.

7. If you have to push a big poop out, is it pleasant for you? Do you enjoy of it? It is absolutely pleasant for me to have bigger ones. I have to confess those are my favorite and likely play a big role in why I like this 'hobby' so much. I like thicker turds and also regular poops that have lots of quantity. You can probably assume I am a bit 'into' activity involving the back door.

8. If you've pushed a big poop out, are you proud of it? Every. Single. Time!

9. Do you like peeing too? If you pee a lot of urine out, is it a pleasant thing for you? Peeing is ok, especially if the urge is there. But it does not capture my interest like pooping. Whenever I have a toilet buddy, I always get disappointed if it is pee only.

10. As you sit down on the toilet for peeing, do you ever try to poop after you've peed? Sometimes. Usually it is one or the other. I do tend to pee before pooping just to get it out of the way. I always flush to send the pee on its way!

11. Do you ever make a buddy dump with somebody? Yes. Randomly if anyone else poops with me in public. My girlfriend Mia has also seen my poop and I have seen her go as well.

12. Do you ever poop outdoors? No. I have only ever gone inside in a toilet. I also dislike porta-potties. I would go outside if that was the only option.


Can you tell the 2 stories of the girls pooping themselves in College?


To Jenny

Thank you for the reply!

I used to hike up my pencil skirts when using the toilet but over the last year or so my butt has become much bigger and I just find it a hassle. They always roll up and get twisted so I just unzip them at the back and pull them down. If the skirt isn't floor length I will pull it up providing it is loose enough, I still prefer to have it bunched around my waist.

Sunday, September 24, 2023


Poop stained underwear

Just wondered if anyone then says anything to your significant other when you notice poo stains on their underwear. Do you joke about it or just don't say anything. I notice that my wife has poop stains quite often on her underwear but I have never said anything to her ever in the 20 years we've been married nor has she said anything to me. We just celebrated our 20th anniversary this past week. I thought of poo stained underwear when we woke up this morning and we started off with some intimate time. I noticed the poop stain as I was pulling her panties off. Obviously I didn't say anything about it. But was curious if you say anything to your partner or if you've had anything said to you. Have a great day. My wife is actually in the bathroom now taking a poop before her shower. I'm in bed and I can hear her farting, plopping, and sighing. She's been on the toilet for a while now. She's just beginning to wipe now.



Alarm sounded at 06-30 got out of bed pulled THETFORD ROYAL pottie from under bed opened lid pulled slide dropped pants sat down had a long wee
only woke twice during night after five minuites got off pulled up pants
filled and boiled kettle made and drank tea after three cups boiled saucepan of milk ,had a bowl of WEETABIX.
8-00am needed to go NUMBER TOO ,sat on pottie left slide open .after a short wee pooped a long continuous flow gasped a sigh of relief had another poop a ten second wait dropped another load sat another ten minutes before wiping with elsan blue toilet paper.
I then realised it was now 48 hours two days ago my last NUMBER TOO in the BICO bed pan


Poop before breakfast & poop after breakfast

In the morning, when I woke up, I felt that I really wanted to poop. What puzzled me: after all, I haven't even had breakfast yet, why is there such a strong urge to go to the toilet? But I really wanted to, and I ran to the toilet. Soon I reached the restroom and sat down on the toilet. Pajamas were pulled down at my feet, since I didn't even have time to put on my day clothes. I started pooping. The poop was soft and came out quickly, I almost didn't have to strain and push. A few minutes later I finished pooping. I wiped my ass, and all I needed to two toilet papers. I got dressed, flushed after myself and washed my hands. I came out of the toilet, changed my pajamas into day clothes, then had breakfast. After breakfast, five minutes after it, I felt like I wanted to poop again. Slightly surprised, I went to the toilet. I pulled down my pants and briefs and sat down on the toilet seat. This time I had to push for a long time, because a very large poop was coming out. She defecated for five minutes, but when she came out of my ass, I felt a great relief. After wiping my ass, I got dressed, flushed the water, washed my hands and left the toilet.


Wild Week

I have been having a crazy poop week! It's been a bit runny for 4 days. Luckily, I still feel ok. I don't think I ever had bile diarrhea this much before. One of the episodes occurred Sunday when I felt a bit of an uneasy ????. That has gone now and was problaby unrelated. Anyway, I hope my poop settles down soon. Bye

Avoiding high school bathrooms

I understand why so many college students don't like their huge communal bathrooms. Often only one on each floor of a dorm. Some of us avoided using them during peak periods. They were kept pretty clean since there was a custodial group that operated out of our dorm. They went floor-to-floor cleaned the sinks, scrubbed the toilet bowls, sponge-cleaned each seat with soap and water, and made sure each stall had four rolls of toilet paper in each large plastic holder. The bag for hygiene items was also emptied. But at my high school the bathrooms were brutal. Some of us who needed to crap and perhaps take more time would walk across the highway on our open campus and use the toilet at the cheap 'n clean petro station. But one day I had a full load, one step up from diarrhea. I figured I had about 15 seconds to open the door and crash onto the seat before the explosion erupted. I made it with about 2 seconds to spare, and I was especially strong in yanking up my light colored skirt. I put my hand behind me, expecting to feel my skin, and was shocked that my skirt was providing a small seat cushion for me. In throwing my arm back to save my skirt, the dirty, dim overhead light bulb didn't help me to save the situation. So I yanked my left arm back there too. In doing so, I'm so awkward that my left arm connected with the sharp edge of the metal seat protector holder and I could immediately feel the gash. It went through my skin for about 3 inches and it hurt me pretty f*****' bad. I placed some toilet paper over the gash. It showed the depth and blood of the wound. I sat for about 5 minutes to make sure all my diarrhea was out. (I've been known to have 2 or 3 sitdowns in just a half hour). I wiped and wiped while standing and then went out to see the clerk. She took my name and contact information, saying she would give it to her manager. I never heard back. Our school nurse couldn't get involved since I had left campus. When my mom saw it she took me to the doctor. The wound was cleaned and bandaged. I was also given a shot.
Mom yelled at my about leaving campus and using such a dirty bathroom, even though the school toilets left a lot to be desired. Unfortunately I have a full scar on my left arm. A couple of boyfriends have asked me about it and I've told them. I don't care if I see one of those dumb toilet seat covers again. I don't use them and I don't know of any normal person who does.

Tyler C

Courtesy and Modesty Peeing

I'm very intrigued by the topic discussed lately on here by Heather T, Janey Linda, Mary, Chris, Rose, and Lucie. I'm very shy when it comes to exposing my penis around people to pee, so there have been a lot of times that I've done what you all are calling a modesty pee. My story from page 2938 is an example of a modesty pee, and my most recent story from page 2995 is an group example of a courtesy pee. It's a very valuable skill to learn for when you don't have a lot of privacy to go in public, and I'm glad to see others are doing it too. This is one memorable story I have about modesty peeing.

I told a story way back on page 2901 about when my cousin Jesse and I were told to wet ourselves in a car during a traffic jam by his parents when he was 5 and I was 12. Considering that his parents were so lenient in their attitudes towards pants wetting, that definitely wasn't the only time he did it. I don't know every single occurrence or what his parents' policies were, but I know he doesn't find it to be the end of the world if his pants end up having a little more moisture than others and neither did his parents.

He played soccer from when he was 8 to when he was 13. Once I got my license, I would sometimes pick him up and drive him and his friends to practice. One time when he was 10, I picked up him and his friends Jonah and Mark. I noticed him bouncing around a bit, and then, Jonah asked if he had to go to the bathroom. He confirmed he did. I have no idea what he was doing that made him put it off for so long that he let it get to that point, but who am I to criticize after all my peeing mishaps. We got there about 20 minutes early. When we got to the place, he jumped up out of the car and dashed straight to the bathroom. This was at a public park with a baseball diamond, a soccer field, and a playground surrounded by woods with a nature trail. The bathroom is in a building all to itself with the women's on one side and the men's on the other. When he got to the door, it was locked. There was no explanation as to why. I was actually annoyed on his behalf. He really needed to go at this point though, so his friends suggested the obvious solution; go pee in the woods.

He ran back to the nearest patch of woods, and after not too long he came back. We asked if he was all better, but he said that he didn't go because wherever he went, he was never totally out of view of people. This was midday in a busy public park. There were plenty of people everywhere. We walked back with him, and sure enough, there was no place nearby that had 100% coverage. Mark suggested just peeing as close to a tree as possible, but Jesse was afraid someone could still walk by and see his wiener. I chimed in that if his only real concern was with people seeing his wiener he should just pee on the tree without taking his wiener out. This confused the three of them. When asked for clarification, I explained that he could just pull his pants down and pee through his underwear. This caused some giggles from Jonah and Mark, but Jesse in his desperation seemed cautiously interested.

"Okay, maybe, but won't my pants get wet?" he inquired.
"Only a little, but if you do it right, a lot should go through your underwear, although, some will soak into your underwear," I explained. "But, once you pull your shorts back up, what does soak through to the outside should be pretty well hidden because your shorts are black." (Their uniform was a blue shirt and black shorts)
"Um... I don't know. What if you do it first?"
"I, uh, don't really have to go right now."
"Well, I'm not doing it alone."

The thought of doing it in front of these boys and nearby so many other people felt super awkward, but I knew that in order for Jesse to finally come around to the idea and get the relief he so desperately needed, he was going to need a demonstration.

"Fine. It's easy! Look." I pulled down my pants, revealing my white boxer-briefs with a red waistband and stitching. I dropped my pants to the ground. I bent my knees and arched my crotch forward slightly so if anything ran down my legs, it had less of a chance to reach my jean shorts. The boys watched attentively as the pristine white of my undergarments took on a much darker yellowish color, and hot liquid began to pour out from the front of my crotch. Luckily, a lot of it did go straight through in a somewhat consistent stream almost as if I was peeing normally. Of course, some of it did trickle down my leg, but only a manageable amount.

"Wow, it's actually working!" Jesse commented.
"Did you really doubt me?" I asked rhetorically.
Jonah and Mark, meanwhile, seemed to be in awe that I was actually doing this.

As the stream died down, the front of my undies were drenched and my legs had a couple of streaks on them, but once I pulled my jean shorts up and did up my zipper and button, only a little actually soaked through.

"So, there is a little damage, but like I said, your black shorts shouldn't show that. So, what do you think?"
"Well, it's better than showing people my wiener...," he said pondering the possibility.
With a nervously excited look on his face, he said, "Okay, I'll do it."

He took position at the tree and pulled down his shorts revealing his orange and green boxer-briefs. He stood there for a bit, but nothing happened. He turned his head and said that he was still bit pee shy even though he didn't have his penis out, so both Jonah and Mark said that they'd do it with him. This took both Jesse and I by surprise. Jonah pulled down his shorts revealing a classic pair of classic tighty-whiteys while Mark revealed himself to be sporting a pair of Spider-Man briefs. They took position on either side of Jesse and Mark counted them down. 3...2...1...GO!

It wasn't immediately apparent when they started going, but soon I heard the sound of the pee hitting the forest floor and saw the three streams cascading down from them. They held on to their front bits through their ruined undies to guide the stream best they could, getting their hands wet in the process. They were not holding back at all, and I could tell Jesse was so very relieved.

"This is actually pretty fun!" Jonah noted.
"Yeah, this is even better than peeing on a tree the normal way!" Mark replied.
"Hey, thanks for doing this with me guys," Jesse said.
"Hey, it's what friends do," Jonah said.

What amazing friends those three were! When they finished, they turned around revealing their big wet spots. Each one covered a large portion of their crotches, and they all were still fresh enough that they glistened in the sunlight.

"Wow, you guys really did a number on those undies." I commented.
"Look who's talking." Jonah retorted reminding me of the state of my underwear.
"Let's hope this works," Jesse said.
They pulled up their shorts, and sure enough, it wasn't noticeable. The three partners in crime all shared a congratulatory high-five having all just gotten away with using their underwear as a toilet. Nobody nearby gave us any weird looks.

"The funny thing is, since no one seemed to notice us, you probably could of just peed normally anyways," I told Jesse.
Jesse blushed, and with a sly grin he said, "Yeah, but it wouldn't have been as fun that way."

We all laughed and the boys went on to their soccer practice. In the subsequent times I drove them to practice, I found out that this kind of modesty/courtesy peeing had become something of a pre-practice ritual for them even when the restrooms were unlocked. They sometimes even got other teammates involved. It became a really good bonding and team building experience. I never joined them again, as I thought it was something for them to share with their fellow peers. I just have to wonder what conversations those boys were having with their parents when they did the laundry! Jesse still laughs about the fact that it some of the photos he has of his soccer days, he and his friends secretly have wet underwear on.

To quickly touch on the point Lucie brought up, I found out that one time, their friend Connor, in addition to doing a pre-practice modesty/courtesy pee, came up with the idea of doing a post-practice courtesy poop where they'd squat and poop in the woods while keeping their underpants on. I thought this actually sounded like a pretty neat idea since it would allow the boys an opportunity to completely go to the bathroom together from both ends before they went home while being polite enough to not leave anything for the park to have to clean up. Unfortunately, most of the boys didn't take to the idea because it meant that they'd have to carry the poop with them in their underwear all the way home which many didn't like. Ultimately, this, as I understand, did not become a common occurrence even though a couple boys did do it a few times, including Jesse.

The lesson to take from this is that there's many ways to go to the bathroom, some of which don't even involve taking your underwear off.


Hopefully can go to the washroom in a bit

Hi all. Kinda constipated. Been eating enough (a little too much as my weight right now says-165 up from 150) and trying to drink enough water but still not enough as I'm mostly peeing it out. Caregiver still will not take me for walks and haven't gone to my exercise program lately since they're on their break until the 26th (that's when I start getting picked up again for my program). As a result am constipated. Hopefully can go before or after lunch and not clog the toilet. Mine can be hard and huge.




When I came back from gym yesterday went into garden and picked up loads of fallen apples sat down cut out the bad bits as I was eating about three pounds I drank loads of water,the went to van for evening.
I sat in the turned round passenger seat and watched D V D .Twice I used the THETFORD 100 pottie for a wee, then laid on bed and went to sleep,waking when the phone alarm went off ,Twice I used the pottie during the night for a wee.
The phone alarm went off' 06-30 am I got out of bed sat on pottie for a wee, lit gas and boiled kettle after sitting in passenger seat and drinking three cups of tea ,had a wee then sat on bed to answer and delete e mails.
After ten minutes I needed a toilet pulled my jogging bottoms and pants down to my ankles took BIKO bed pan from clothes locker took out the 4 pieces of kitchen towel leaving the newspaper liner in place ,placed it on my left then raised myself up on to it.I wrigged myself to a comfortable position ,pulled the sleeping bags over my legs then carried on with my emails.After a few minutes put down phone because I had taken a wee . leaned forward and pooped after a short sigh of relief pooped again,very enjoyable,then dropped a third load and resumed weeing ,sat another ten minutes until the e mails on phone were sorted.
I leaned to my left to get off pottie and wipe with four sheets of kitchen towel ,pulled up my pants and jogging bottoms then got of bed
the bed pan very full I took to the bonfire empted and washed under water butt.
The THETFORD 100 I then empted, went to bedroom carried the THEFORD 245 outside and empted as this I used four days ago for a NUMBER TOO when I got back after my COVID JAB
then took the THETFORD ELEGANCE to empty as this was last used for a wee
four days when I left for the COVID JAB.

Thursday, September 21, 2023


Reply to College Mom

College Mom: You brought up an interesting point of people having very different reactions to wetting and messing accidents. I made similar observations when I was in college and living in dorms. While living there there were two instances of girls pooping themselves that I know of. Both of them were teased about their accidents for quite a long time, luckily both of them took it rather well. On the other hand there were multiple instances of girls peeing their pants or wetting their bed, mostly when drunk, and nobody really thought that was a big deal. I actually once wet my pants, and on another occasion peed the bed, and while some people laughed when they found out nobody teased me afterwards.


To college mom

I had some really bad problems in uni in the communal bathrooms, I too used to hold it for weeks until I visited my parents but got round it after an embarrassing a and e visit, I used to hold it until 5 am so I got the bathroom alone and went then.

I spent the whole year with stomach aches though, worst was when someone else came in to their business.. I couldn't go then


Just went poo

Hi all. Got up this morning, brushed my teeth and went to the washroom then went upstairs for breakfast and a cup of tea. I had a jar of warm water and took my medications afterwards. When I finished that jar of water I made and drank another. Finally I got the urge to poop a few minutes ago so I grabbed my Walmart bag, took off my bedroom flip flops and put on the ones outside my room. Turned off the light, closed the door and walked to the washroom. Turned on the light, closed the door, put my Walmart bag against it and walked to the toilet. Pulled down my dark sweatpants and black underwear and sat on the toilet. Peed first then pushed. Quite a bit of semi solid poop came out. I flushed halfway just in case. Finally I finished and took some toilet paper. Wiped well, tossed the paper into the toilet and flushed. Stood up, pulled my pants and underwear up and washed my hands and grabbed my Walmart bag. Turned off the light and went to my room. Took off my outside flip flops, came into my room, put the bedroom flip flops on, dried my hands on the towel and came to my bed to write this. I refilled my water jar in the bathroom before I left so before I go upstairs for lunch I will microwave my water. My stomach is making a lot of noise still. Hopefully everyone is staying safe, happy and healthy.

Happy peeing and pooping!



Sharing a cathole

To Anna from Canada tysm & great story about this girl Blake. I agree it was probably super urgent otherwise she would have waited. Maybe she was somewhat nervous because she just started at this job or maybe she had some food intolerance that caused her stomach to act up?

Sharing a cathole

So that time we went camping with my friend Bryan & his fiancee Rachel. Their buddy Samuel also came along. So the boys lit a camp fire & made a huge BBQ dinner. I ended up eating sausages, a steak & spicy spare ribs. That's much more meat than I'm used to. But I also had corn cobs & salad. I felt quite bloated afterwards. We spent a very nice evening together & went to sleep.
When I woke up in the morning I was still feeling full & bloated! That's surely because I'm not used to eating so much meat. As soon as I got out of my sleeping bag, I felt the urge to take a shit! So I got out of the tent & Bryan was already drinking coffe. There was no outhouse on that campground but there was a sign instructing us to dig catholes & pack out TP. I asked Bryan good morning! I have to go to the bathroom asap so do you have the trowel & he answered lol no Rachel had to go big time too after her coffee & she must have it! So I said ok & went to find her. I follow the trail for a hundred yards to a section were there are some dense bushes since I assumed that she would be there. I go into the bushes & Rachel is squatting there! I say sorry to invade your privacy but I need the trowel & toilet paper roll as well! She says no problem I'm done I just have to finish wiping.
By then I was truly desperate so I asked actually do you mind getting aside so I can use your cathole b/c I don't think that I can wait anymore & she said sure! So she stepped aside & I got to see her cathole. It was big but almost full! Her shit coiled up exactly like a light brown poop emoji! I commented OMG this dinner really went right through you & she said yes it did! But I had no time to lose so I pulled down my trouser to the knees and squatted over the hole. I farted quite loudly and immediately started to shit! I could feel my shit being very soft so I looked between my legs & it was like soft serve oozing out fast! The smell wasn't great to start with but it became extremely unpleasant, probably because of all the meat! Rachel was done wiping & pulled up her pants & said oh my gosh Lea it sounds like something didn't agree with you. I said it must be the meat! The poop kept coming out & also I farted a lot. Then I peed & pooped some more. I felt done so I got the TP roll that Rachel was handing me. I needed a lot of paper to get clean! We put the used paper in a trash bag because it is mandatory to pack it out. Finally I was done so I stood up & pulled up my panties & trousers.
There was now so much shit in the cathole that it was not a hole anymore! My soft shit was pouring out of it. I said oops I should have dug my own but I couldn't wait anymore. I got the trowel to cover it with dirt but the Rachel said wait what if someone steps into it? So we agreed that the best is to leave it uncovered and mark the location with some sticks!
When we get back to the tents Bryan grins & asks feeling better girls? Rachel answer oh yes much better now I'm ready for breakfast!
After we ate breakfast Sam took the poop kit & went to the forest! He took a while & Bryan said he better hurries up cause I got to go as well! I said don't you just want to get the trowel from him & he answered lol no that would be awkward. So when Sam comes back he joked sorry guys, you must have felt an earthquake as my shit hit the ground. Bryan laughed and said sure I bet it was huge, but that's nothing in comparison of what I'm going to release! So he takes the trowel & TP & the trashbag and goes to the forest as well. When he finally comes back he comments on how much better he feels and we all agree.
So that was an interesting experience. I was actually very gassy for the rest of the day!

Anna from Austria

new co worker

We have a new coworker since last week. She is in her early 20s and despite her young age and the fact she is new in the job she is rather confident in the job.

She seems to very poop shy though. Last friday i entered the bathroom to do a wee and when I entered the bathroom I saw my new co worker (lets call her C for reference) left one of the stalls and headed to the sinks to wash her hands.

The whole situation felt weird because I could not hear the sound of the water flowing into the toilet tank after doing a toilet flush.

Was not thinking much about it at the moment. On the way back to the office I met one of the supervisors and we had some work related talk. While talking I could hear somebody entering the ladies room again.

The encounter happened near the ladies room so I was still in hearing distance.

After our conversation ended I headed back to the office. About 10 to 15 minutes later I head to use the copying machine and passed the toilet again. I saw C leaving the bathroom in the reflection of a glass door I was just about to enter.

I pretended not to see her. After doing my copy work I passed the toilet again and I could hear 2 ladies talking inside complaining about the smell.

It seems that poop C really had to go really bad and really tried hard to avoid having some audiance. That's why she left the toilet as soon as she saw me.

That's at least what I think. I really hope she figures out that there is also a smaller toilet that is rarely used which makes it perfect for poop shy people.

The main toilet at our floor is the wrong bathroom for poop shy people because it is frequently used.

I really hope she will figure it on in time because using too much time for toilet breaks during the working hours could get her into some trouble if it happens frequently.

I was thinking about informing her about the "secret" toilet but then I decided not to it because it would be indiscreet and weird.

We do not know each other after all.

That's my not so special story for today

greetings from Austria



Skidmarked in Columbia-Assuming a skidmark is not pooping one's pants or a wet fart (shart). I have two memories of my worse skidmarks:

Objectively: The time at work I was paged while I was pooping for an emergency. I didn't wipe so I could wash may hands and run out to the emergency which got me sweaty which probably made the skid even worse . I wore a lacy full back pair of panties that rode up my dirty buns. They were a nice pair and I didn't throw them a way, but it took a few washes to get the stains out . Wow they were itchy that day.

Subjectively. In college I thought I was going to be intimate with a guy , I wore dark panties or thongs. One time, I was having a rebound fling with a guy who we both mutually knew we would not work out in the long run, but we enjoyed each other's company for a few months. We would have very spontaneous secret sex as we were not dating but we did not want anyone knowing we were hooking up. One time I ended up stopping by his apartment after running some errands in sweat pants a pair of light blue panties that I was wearing for about more than a day at that point and was really riding up. I had not showered in more than a day, but one thing led to another and I took off my pants in the heat of the moment, then my underwear, I noticed a huge skidmark on my blue bikini panties without my partner noticing. I quickly balled them up and put them in my pocket. After we were done , my friend with benefits asked why I put my sweat pants on without putting my underwear on. I winked and blushed at him and said " I left those for your somewhere" I smiled probably because he thought I was blushing because I was being playful, but I was blushing because he didn't know how dirty my butt was because I was too busy to shower for more than day. Oh wow...that was a vulnerable story even for me.. and am reallly blushing right now. I would have thrown the panties away but I was too poor then to buy more underwear, so I kept those panties around as period panties. The stain never got out. The skid was really sticky and I must of had a really poor wipe with a wedgie for a few hours . I threw them out when I was able to buy more underwear later than year.

Amina-welcome !

Arrow-Welcome. Carmalita was one of the first posts I read on this site upon my initial search. I think she was posting before you were even born!. I remember one of her stories and quotes verbatim: "I let my panties take the skids. That's what washing machines are for!" She was describing one of those times where you keep wiping, but the paper cannot get clean and she was wearing yellow panties. Reading that was a turning point in my life!

Taylor- I noticed you pulled your pencil skirt down to poop. When I wear a pencil skirt, I do the same. I love my pencil skirts but I cannot pull them above my big butt when I use the toilet haha. I have read some descriptions of several women on this site describing pulling up their pencil skirts to use the toilet. I wore a pencil skirt to work last week and I got minimal skids on my orange thong after wiping with 1 ply toilet paper and having a good sized poop. If you see the posts from the last month, a few of discussed how it is harder to wipe pulling up a dress or skirt on the toilet

Ladies- Do any of you pull down your pencil skirts or other skirts or dresses like pants instead of pulling them up?

-Currently skidless in Seattle ( dark purple thong)

The (Former) RA

More About Dorm Bathrooms and Accident Stuff

Dear College Mom:

I really enjoyed the post form College Mom about taking her daughter to college for the first time. But the post was mostly about the dorm bathrooms. I would say that your daughter is lucky indeed to have a bathroom right there in her "pod" rather than having to use a communal bathroom down the hall. I'm a recent college graduate and the dorms I lived in all had the traditional communal bathroom down the hall. Personally, I never really had any issues using it as I was always involved in a lot of after-school activities in high school and consequently had to poop in the girls' rooms there on many, many occasions. So I was well accustomed to using communal bathrooms - regardless of what I needed to do - long before I got to college.

Mostly, though, I'm writing about your story about how you struggled with pooping at college yourself and how you even messed in your panties because of it. Let me assure you that you have no reason to be embarrassed about that. Accidents happen - even to college girls. And I think a lot of people would be quite surprised to hear how often it actually does happen at college. I worked as an RA my senior year and then another year as a graduate student and I can tell you a whole lot about this particular issue.

Let me say that as an RA not many weeks went by in the dorm that I didn't have to deal with a pair of soiled underwear either in the bathroom or somewhere else in the dorm. And while many of them can be written off as alcohol-related - that is, girls getting so drunk that they lose control not only of their bladder but their bowels - many of them were not that. Countless times, working as an RA, we've found soiled panties stuffed into sanitary napkin disposal boxes, hidden behind toilets, or even left in the shower. And these clearly weren't only cases of a diarrhea or just a little bit, either. Most of these were full, solid bowel movements sitting in a pair of panties. Once we even found one just sitting on the floor in the middle of a bathroom stall. I've always wondered about that one. Did some girl just step out of her soiled panties and then just go on with the rest of her day like nothing unusual happened?

And, on numerous occasions, we've had maintenance staff pull soiled panties out of clogged toilets. I'm quite frankly surprised to read that you were able to successfully flush yours down the toilet. Apparently, the plumbing was far superior at your school than mine. As an RA, I had to spend a good portion of my time dealing with clogged toilets. Most of the time it was sanitary pads causing the problems but, as I wrote, on a few occasions it was a pair of soiled panties that some girl obviously tried to flush down the toilet.

Your first instinct as an RA in dealing with "accidents" is to tell girls that if they are not going to clean out their soiled underwear, to just throw them in the garbage. Actually, my real first instinct when taking the job as an RA was not believing that girls pooping their panties would be an issue in a college dorm, but I quickly learned otherwise on that. But girls throwing their soiled panties in the garbage soon became problematic as well. The thing was that they'd typically then try to bury the panties under a mountain of other garbage - no doubt because they were embarrassed and didn't want anyone else to find out. But then the bathroom would really start to stink and we - well, ME as the RA - would have to go searching the bathroom for the source of the smell. In short order, I got to be pretty good at knowing immediately what the smell was going to turn out to be. But I still had to go and find the offending panties before I could get maintenance to dispose of them OUTSIDE.

So what I'm saying to College Mom is not to feel so bad about the accident you did at college. It happens more than you think. It happens A LOT more than ANYONE thinks. And let's hope that your daughter enjoys her more private bathroom facilities and never has to deal with these kinds of problems.


Huge dump about an hour after breakfast

Hi all. I got up this morning, went pee and brushed my teeth in the downstairs bathroom then went upstairs for breakfast. First I washed my Hello Kitty mug, made a cup of tea and sat down to eat hot noodles in a soup/broth, an egg and vegetables prepared by my caregiver. After breakfast I took my medications, finished my tea and warm water and made another jar of warm water. Spent quite a while in my room surfing the net on my phone until I got a massive urge for a dump. I knew it was going to be a lot considering how much was in my body. I grabbed my Walmart bag, took off my bedroom flip flops, opened the door, put on the flip flops outside my room, turned off the bedroom light, closed the door and walked to the washroom. Turned on the light, closed the door, put my Walmart bag against it, took out the toilet paper, walked to the toilet, pulled down my dark sweatpants and green boy shorts and sat on the toilet. Peed first then pushed out an absolutely massive turd. It was thick. Flushed halfway. Finally when I got the beast out of me I peed a bit more, took a bit of toilet paper (learning to not use too much), wiped well, tossed the paper into the toilet and flushed. Stood up, pulled up my pants and underwear and washed my hands. I don't know what the length was of the turd but it felt massive and it was a lot that came out. Went to my room, dried my hands on the towel and now writing this and drinking more warm water. Will also do my stretches too. Hopefully everyone is staying safe, healthy and happy.

Happy peeing and pooping!


I crap OK but can't pee at school!

In my first month of high school I've had to crap twice. Tried to hold it.
But something nasty was going to happen in my underwear. There was a 3 deep line for each toilet during passing period. I waited and waited and finally took the warm seat just as the tardy bell rang. My dump was all together and came out fast. I reached for the toilet paper. Only 2 sheets left. My finger nail pierced thru one and got a brown coating. My white panties were streaked. Two girls pointed that out as I was on my toes getting stuff out of my PE locker. That day I had a 45 minute DT for taking my crap.

I take 3 pees a day. My first RR visit comes when the school bus gets us to school. It is a 45 minute ride. With all the jerking and bumping on the streets and sometimes a fast stop to prevent an accident, the driver causes my system to act up. I'm assigned a seat above the right side back wheel. There is a lot of jolting and sometimes we bounce over a curb when turning. So when I get to school I have to check out 2 or 3 different bathrooms to find a toilet open. Then when I get seated, my stream is hard to start. It doesn't help when I hear and see a group forming waiting for my toilet. They only give me like a minute or so. Then I get nervous and there is no way anything is going to happen. So I pull up my jeans and leave fast because I'm too emotional, I guess. To get my pee in I mostly have to ask permission from one of my teachers. I feel embarrassed asking and walking in and out.

I've only been able to get a good complete pee in like 3 or 4 times. All my other sits don't produce much. I think this is going to be a hard year. Is taking a pee without frustration 3 times a day too much to expect.

Tuesday, September 19, 2023


Reply, Mina and Travis

I am so glad you were able to get that stubborn poo out of you Mina. You had your crushes to hell and what a lovely experience.
I had a very hard poo on Sunday morning. It took a lot of work and suppositories but I got there. I am getting more and more constipated.
I note the post from Travis and I have no trouble dropping a load in a public toilet. In fact, I almost like
A very long time ago, I was standing at the urinal at a young lad payments to next to me very briefly, and decided to go and sit on the toilet, he close the door, and I heard some loud grants and to really be thunderous splashes in the bowl. What a relief for that lad that is just as well that he did what he did otherwise he could have got impact.
I am seeing my OT tomorrow for further practice in bottom wiping.
Thanks for reading the above.

PJ (He/Him)


What a year!

I have been reading this forum since I was in college 1999, and I never posted as I never had any interesting stories.

Now I posted at least two stories in the last summer, and I have a brand-new story that I cannot even believe.

Every time I go to my doctors office I always question if I went into the right bathroom because there are no urinals in the men's bathroom. I usually step out and confirm because I have a moment where I think I went into the women's bathroom.

Last week I was overconfident and distracted, reading a story on my phone. I went into the restroom, took one stall, pulled my pants and boxers down to my thighs and started dropping some turds. I finished my poop very quickly, but I was early for my appointment, and I was immersed in my story. So I continued readying with my dirty unwiped but empty butt. Then I heard a door open and I saw a pair of pink pair of Sam Eddleman shoes (my wife as the same pair) takes the stall next to me and dropped a matching thong nearly down to the shoes. I realized I was in the women's restroom, and I stayed as quiet as I could, slowly pulling toilet paper off the role like as if that would reveal my gender. The lady exploded some diarrhea into the toilet with lots of splashing, farting and moaning. Poor lady. I noticed she had a little brown stain on her pink thong visible to me which made me self-conscious that she would notice a male was hearing and smelling her poop right next door. I was wearing a pair of tom's shoes and some tapered jeans so I did not look obviously male like If I was wearing basketball shoes and shorts revealing my hairy legs. I kind of held my breath as I head the young lady whisper "shit" like she realized her stained thong was visible to her neighbor and she pulled up her thong up out of my view up to her knees or thighs. I could not tell if the stain was a wet fart or shart, or just your average skidmark. It felt like forever as I wanted to wait until the lady left before I left the bathroom, but it sounded like she was going to be there at least 10-15 minutes with clean up. I prayed she had enough toilet paper and would not have to ask me. I started timing to keep track of time and she farted and pooped diarrhea for another 7 minutes. She flushed before wiping about 15 wipes. I heard her whisper a painful moan as I heard her pull up her underwear which I can imagine was a little tender will all the diarrhea and wiping. I let her leave the smelly bathroom, I waited about 3 minutes. Pulled my pants up, flushed and quickly walked to the men's room to wash my hands. I scanned quickly to look around to see if anybody saw me shifting from the women's room to the men's room next door. I think I was successful. I washed my hand thoroughly as I also got a little poop on my hand from wiping so slowl. I made my way back to the waiting room. I saw an attractive blond lady with pink shoes and a summer dress in the waiting room. I sat as far as I could from her in case she recognized my shoes. She got called up before me and she kind of painfully got up and walked back, not sure if it was because of her stomach or a chaffed butt and thong. She looked very well dressed for someone at a doctor's office feeling sick. I could also smell a little perfume which as very pleasant especially to the smell she was making and that we both left in the women's room. WE did not share eye contact so hopefully she did not notice or if she did she was trying not to look at me.

As anyone else accidentally use the wrong gender public restroom or even a same gender restroom with multiple stalls ?


I stayed in campervan overnight at Whitsands Bay after a twenty minute
walk from the beach .When I woke at 06-30am had a wee in pottie made and drank tea before having weetabix ,then made my way to the beach with my fishing tackle.
AS soon as I reached the beach , stopped for a wee,then carried on to my mark ,walked back 100 yds took off my waders and pants ,squatt down and went a NUMBER TOO,got dressed then started fishing . Three hours later backed in and went back to the van .I made some tea the sat on the ADVENTURIDGE pottie and drank it , a long wee and a small BM .
I went back to sleep then went to beach again in the evening ,and fished throughout the night upon my return to van in morning sat on ADVENTURIDGE pottie and went a NUMBER TOO . I went to bed and slept throughout the day waking four times to have a wee in the THETFORD 100
four times to have a wee in the THETFORD 100 two days later drove home
upon my arrival emptied both potties .
I made and drank tea then needed to poop !!As I had pooped my pants a few weeks earlier by accident ,I used this opertunity to go deliberately
grabbed a change of clothes from the van and walked to the bonfire put the clothes on ground placed my hands on the RHUBARB pots and pushed felt a warm sensation pushed and pooped much more a minute later I just shit myself my pants and jogging bottoms now sliding down to my ankles a minute later I took off my clothes and through into bonfire .
I used the water in the truggs to clean myself before dressing

Mrs Bigandhard

Post Title (optional)STRAINING REALLY HARD

It is too big to come out. I will have to dig it out with my finger.
Straining really hard now....nnnnnnnnnnnnn, still cannot push it out!
I will have to post later when I can dig it out of my butthole when I can really spend some time trying to strain really hard and dig it out later.

I Always have a hard time is always really big and hard up to 3 inches in diameter. today it was Very difficult to strain it out. It stretched my butt hole really wide sometimes my hole can get widened up to up to 3.5 inches in diameter and is really hard. Like a rock.
Thank you all ..happy straining and pooping


Pooping and peeing before shopping

First, a warm welcome to this forum, Esme. Your posts are really interesting and I always look forward to your stories. I think we have quite a lot in common when it comes to pooping. We have similar preferences for pooping in public restrooms and in general our attitudes towards pooping matches each other in almost every way.

And then a short poop story from a month ago. Schools were about to start again after summer vacation and my younger daughter (16) wanted some new clothes. We planned to go to a clothing store together one day right after my work. My daughter came to pick me up from work that day. I wanted to finish one work task and asked her to wait for that time. It was no problem for her. She sat in my office fiddling her cell phone while I worked.
"Mom, how long will it take you to finish the job?" She asked.
"Maybe fifteen minutes, how so?"
"Can I use the bathroom here?"
"Of course."
Since the other employees of the office had probably already gone home, I told her that she could use the toilet of the staff social room, which was quite close to my office. Some time had passed and I started to be done with my work, but my daughter was still on the toilet. She had been there for at least ten minutes so I assumed she must have pooped. Just as I was turning off the computer she came back from the bathroom. I said I was ready to go, but I would have to pee first. I went to the bathroom of the staff social room where my daughter had just come from. When I entered the bathroom there was a noticeable smell of poo. It was obvious that my daughter had been pooping. I also noticed that she had left a few thin brown stains on the bottom of the toilet. When I sat down to pee the seat was very warm. At the end of the pee, I let out a short fart. I didn't feel the need to poop, but I continued to sit for about a half a minute to make sure I didn't need to poop. Just another little fart and that's all. I wiped and flushed. We were ready to go shopping.


Helping hand (or foot!)

I was using a restroom with my husband the other day. The toilet and urinal were right next to each other. Since he was right there, he used his foot to push down the lever and flush the toilet for me.


Answers to Petro

Petro had questions about my previous post. Here is my answers.
1. As you were pooping there with your daughter, were you trying to poop without an urge for it? Do I comprehend right that both of you simply sat on the toilet and started pushing without having a feeling that you had to poop? I didn't really have an immediate urge to poop, but I hadn't pooped yet that day, so I had a feeling that something might come as a result of a some straining. My daughter felt bloated and gassy so I think she had a stronger feeling or need to poop than I did.
2. Did I comprehend right, it was rather difficult for both of you to poop on that day? Had both of you to strain a lot before you could push your poop out? Pretty much like you said. It took a bit more pushing and straining than usual.
3. Is it usually easy or difficult for you to poop? And for your daughter? We are not constipated very often, so our pooping is usually normal or easy.
4. As you are pooping, have you usually to strain a lot for pushing your poop out? And your daughter? Usually just faint straining, not a lot or very loud straining.
5. Do you usually fart before you start pooping? And your daughter? Yes, quite often. I am not sure about my daughter, but from what I have heard her, she produces pre-poop farts too, at least sometimes.
6. As you sit down on the toilet for pooping, have you usually to push a lot before your first turd comes out? And your daughter? Usually the first turd is hardest, so it requires the hardest effort.
7. Do you always poop by yourself? And your daughters too? No, not always.
8. Do you usually poop as you feel an urge for it or do you prefer to sit down on the toilet and trying to poop? And what about your daughters? I usually go poop when I feel the need. I think my daughter does the same.
9. Do you like pooping? If you have to push a big poop out, is it pleasant for you? Do you take it for a positive thing? Absolutely. I love pooping. I like to release poop of all sizes. I only hate liquid poop/diarrhea.
10. If you've pushed a big poop out, are you proud of it? And your daughters? I don't know if proud is the right word to describe the feeling, but it feels enjoyable anyway.
11. As you go for pee, do you ever try to poop after doing your pee? And your daughters? Yes, sometimes I "check" if the poo is coming too.
12. Have you ever pooped outdoors? And your daughters? Yes, a few times.

Re: plane poop accident

Anthony t asked about the plane story, and while I don't have a plane story, that news did stir up renewed conversation among my entire extended family on my moms side about a time back in the 90s when my aunt Karen (my moms littlest sister) had too much to drink at a big family reunion at the lake resort, and accidentally pooped in her swimsuit. As she tried to sneak away without anyone noticing she'd had an accident, she got caught because she left a trail of poop droplets in her wake, which people discovered after noticing a foul smell. We noticed aunt Karen waddling funny back up to the hotel, and everyone at the same time pretty much realized she shit her bathing suit. She left a trail of poop droplets for more than 100 yards from the lake area all the way up the resort trail (which was public, not just our reunion), then all the way along the walkway into the hotel, through the halls and all the way to her room. Her bathing suit bottoms looked like a poop water balloon and it was just slowly leaking down her legs as she waddled as quickly as she could. It was a huge embarassing scene in and of itself, but then the resort staff closed the beach area at the lake for the rest of the day because there was poop all over the safe walking areas leading down there from the hotel that had to be cleaned. It was apparent the other resort guests had resentment towards our entire family reunion over my aunt pooping her swimsuit and closing the beach for the afternoon, so my poor aunt has never heard the end of it for like 30 years now. No family gathering goes by without someone teasing her or acting like she's going to mess herself again. They're all big drinkers on that side of the family and somehow fail to realize that alcohol is the reason she couldn't control herself in public as an adult and that it could happen to anyone of them for the same reason. She was in her late 20s at the time. My mother also once told us (while drunk) that aunt Karen was also a bedwetter until she was 18. It makes me sad that she gets teased for the lakeside accident because the drinking that lead to it and the bedwetting throughout her entire childhood suggests there could be a history of abuse. That stuff just isn't really talked about though.... i get along a lot better with relatives on my dads side.


Reply to Girl Answer

Hello, I enjoyed your stories. I wanted to answer your question about peeing in a urinal then going to a stall to poop. I had something like that sort of happen to me. I was at the car dealership waiting on my oil change to get done. I went to the men's room with the intention to poop so it wasn't like I suddenly had to poop. There was one stall amd one urinal. As I walked in I could see feet under the stall but luckily for me he was in the middle of wiping his bum. I had to pee too so I just decided to pee at the urinal first and I would go sit in the stall after the other guy came out. As I was peeing he came out, washed his hands amd left. When I finished peeing I didn't zip my pants up all the way because the stall was right next to the urinal. As I go towards the stall holding my pants up this old man walks into the bathroom with a newspaper. So I knew he had to poo too. We just kind of looked at each other and we sort of laughed but I could tell by the look on his face he needed the toilet. I said to him that when I came in someone was in the stall so I figured I would pee first and go in when he was done. I told him he could go first if he needed to and he said ok. He was a real nice man and he talked about his poop habits and said he poops regularly forskneone his age. He then went into the stall while I washed my hands, sat down and let out what sounded like some liquidy poo and he moaned after letting it out. As I walked out of the bathroom I said to him to have a nice day. I went back in about 15 minutes later and no one was in there so I took my poop. Fortunately for me it wasn't am urgent dump but I didn't like having to hold it in.
A few years ago my wife and I went on a vacation by ourselves in the Dominican. The way our bathroom was in our room was you walked in the shower was right there with clear glass and next to it was the toilet and that was behind frosted glass to give you privacy while you're on the toilet. You could see feet under it though from the front. I think it was the first night we stayed we went to bed for the night completely naked both of us. We didn't put our clothes back on if you get my drift. Lol. I got up in the middle of the night to pee and while I'm peeing I felt a fart coming. It felt like a normal fart. My stomach wasn't upset or anything. I push the fart out but it felt a bit liquidy in my butt. I look behind me and I see that I squirted a little bit of diarrhea on the s door. It came out of nowhere. I then wiped my butt amd went back to bed. Luckily I didn't have any issues the rest pf the vacation.
You also mentioned pooping before intimacy. When my wife and I were just dating we went to a hotel that you could rent for a few hours. She needed to poop during our activities. She told me her stomach was hurting so I stopped. She heads to the bathroom naked and said to me "I have to take a shit". She sits on the toilet amd has a major explosion of diarrhea. As soon as her bare butt hit the seat it came right out. She was in there for about 10 minutes. We were just having a laugh about ot the whole time. She has a good sense of humor when it comes to pooping. After she was done we had another laugh and she for me not to go in there and then we resumed our fun and enjoyable activities.

Have a great day!!


PS to post about constipate

We are sorry, new members of this site are maybe confuse because bad Mina's writing style not clear.

We have to explain, when one of us sits on loo to do motions, another girl (crush) squat beside her. If it is week-end, two other crushes are at door, so they can see the process. We are little bit up the pole, but we like this system. We like to see our crush do motions and we like to show our motions to crush.

We live in two flats, so we have two toilets. When we started live there, one toilet was beige, one toilet was green, so we call our flats "beige flat" and "green flat". Official owners of green flat are Maho and Mina, and official owners of beige flat are Hisae and Kazu. Two flats are next door each other. Toilets in the flats are "beige loo" and "green loo" even they are now white because we changed them, they were old.

And Mina found, "minor minutes" it should be, "more minutes".

Love to everyone.

Kazumi Hisae Maho Mina


Reply to College Mom

College Mom: You brought up an interesting point of people having very different reactions to wetting and messing accidents. I made similar observations when I was in college and living in dorms. While living there there were two instances of girls pooping themselves that I know of. Both of them were teased about their accidents for quite a long time, luckily both of them took it rather well. On the other hand there were multiple instances of girls peeing their pants or wetting their bed, mostly when drunk, and nobody really thought that was a big deal. I actually once wet my pants, and on another occasion peed the bed, and while some people laughed when they found out nobody teased me afterwards.


First exciting experience in a while!

Hey everyone! Hope you all are enjoying your weekends! I just got home from a relaxing spell at the library and wow did it deliver!
So you see, the library near where we live is quite large, and has a number of lounge/study areas, complete with comfy couches, tables and chairs, etc. I love to go there when I just want to zone out a bit….play on my tablet, read a magazine…take a good poop with a buddy, hehe!…When I arrived today, the crowd was quite sparse. Really only a few people scattered here and there. I proceeded to one of the lounge areas and plopped down on a couch. Across from me, there was a pretty, spikey haired, tattooed girl reclined on another couch. She seemed totally relaxed, with her Birkenstocks kicked off and feet propped up in front of her. She had some really pretty, Henna styled tattoos on her feet, I noticed. We made brief eye contact and smiled slightly, then returned to our business.
I was messing around, checking Instagram and playing random games on my phone for quite some time, when I started to feel that familiar urge in my stomach. I got up and proceeded to the bathroom. The setting was familiar as I've been here many times before. Three stalls, 2 standard and one handicapped against the wall. There was a pair of feet under the first stall, already in the midst of a steady sounding pee. I quickly grabbed the middle stall, hoping for a crackle or plop from my neighbor, but regrettable she was already wiping, quickly flushed and left.
I was now alone. I felt the knocking on my back door, but not completely urgent, so I simply scrolled on my phone for a while and hoped I'd get a buddy…It took maybe 10 minutes, but suddenly I heard the door open! Someone quickly walked to and entered the stall next to me. I glanced down and saw the pretty tattooed feet of my lounge buddy! She lowered her yoga pants and almost immediately I heard a huge crackle begin! Not wasting any time, I pushed hard and began expelling my own load, thrilled that we were pooping in unison. Hers sounded like a long, continuous, soft serve style snake, where as mine squeezed out in three distinct large plops, with a couple rather airy farts in between. Almost as if I cue, we stopped our "production" at basically the same time. I myself always like to allow a little time for anything further, and she apparently was doing the same, as after a minute or two, I heard a deep sigh, long crackle, and a thunderous plop! Unfortunately my butt had nothing more to give, so I began to wipe. I could hear the roll going as well next door. In almost perfect unison, we finished and flushed. Even though I am basically an exhibitionist and quite uninhibited, as you know, I felt a slight qualm at exiting my stall at the same time as my poop buddy, but I went for it. We walked to the sinks together, washed up, and slyly exchanged a knowing glance…
As we had finished up together, we walked back basically in tandom to the lounge area. She kicked off her Birks and settled back onto the couch, and I did the same with my flip flops opposite her, and stretched out. Our eyes met with a little gleam, and we both chilled there for another hour or so! (Just for anyone wondering, your girl
Is happily married. My wifey is perfectly happy with me enjoying my (as Esme calls it, "shitty hobby"!, and looking at and appreciating the beauty of others. I'm not out looking to hook up with anyone else, I just want to hear you poop, lol!

Mina Kazumi Maho Hisae

Mina was constipate

New people, welcome to this site! Arrow, we enjoyed very much your post. We feel a kindred spirit with you. We also feel a kindred spirit with Esme. Esme, your time in toilet for motions is almost a same with ours!

Mina was very constipate in end of August. By 1st September she was in a pain very much. She was feel so heavy! So 2nd September, it was Saturday, crushes said they would help Mina.

We all went to green flat and Mina squatted beside all three crushes, because if she see what they doing, it might help urge in her bottom. So Hisae sat down first, then Kazumi, then Maho. They all stayed long time Esme style and did a very lots. When Mina saw so much mierda come out, her stomach began react! Hisae was on loo about 8 minutes, Maho and Kazu about 15, and they were very busy to do all three of them, so Mina did courtesy flush.

Then Mina sat down, Hisae squat beside her to do massage.

After about 2 minutes Mina started to do farts. Very noisy. Nothing come out for about 2 minor minutes but then Mina felt powerful opening in her bottom. "It is coming!!"

It came, slowly slowly. Hisae massage well.

Mina opened her legs a bit so Kazu and Maho could see. Turd continue to come out slowly, sometimes stop, then start again, suddenly break off and PLOP. Success!!! Crushes breathe hard. They say nothing because Mina say with eyes that she want silence.

PLOP! That was next part of turd. Still coming.


Plop. Mina breathe, so Hisae look in loo and said, "I flush".

After she flush, Mina sat down again. For some minutes nothing happen, but then urge came and she pushed, and Plop. Now she is on loo 15 minutes but her bottom is moving without stop. Her mierda still hard, but come out slowly. Esme was one plop in 30 seconds but Mina was one plop in one minute maybe...

After Mina sit there maybe 25 minutes, Maho said, "Minappé, when you sitting there so long time with serious face, you are most beautiful woman in world!"

Mina answer with her bottom. Plop. And start to push next one.

We hope one day someone say to Esme, "when you sitting there so long time with serious face you are most beautiful woman in world." Perhaps her friend Mia can say.

But Mina have to stand because Hisae flushed again. That was third time. Mina's constipate is finish!! She know that all mierda inside her bottom is going to come out. So she continue to sit. Slowly, slowly it come. Still plops, and no bururururururu. It is hard turds. But they come.

After 40 minutes, "Big pieces is finish." Mina continue sit on loo to push out little pieces. They all come out and there is mountain in loo again, but finally it is all over! Mina is a relief! Esme can understand how Mina feel, perhaps. Other toiletstool friends too.

Mina wash and three crushes dry Mina, then we go to tatami room and....we don't say this part because it is off subject post.

How wonderful this constipate is end!!

Love to everyone.

Hisae Maho Kazumi Mina

P.S. Esme what is correct pronounce of your name?


To Jenny and Trina.

To Jenny: Yes, I have discovered while standing at a urinal that I need to poop as well. It doesn't happen very often. If I have to poo I usually know ahead of time. I don't like sitting on a bowl full of urine when pooping so I will pee at a urinal before going into a stall for number two. It's strange how releasing urine does something to stir the bowels and only then can the pending fart or bowel movement be felt. If I'm the only one in the men's room, I'll fart loudly but otherwise I try to keep it quiet. There was one time I did this and I unwittingly fired a small turd into my undies. Oops! At least there was almost nobody else in the building because most of us were working from home at the time.

As far as other boys and men go, all my life I've routinely heard some of the loudest and nastiest sounding farts come from them when they're standing at urinals. In high school it would elicit smart alec remarks like "Dave shit his pants" and stuff like that. But older men rarely say anything. Sometimes the farter might say better to do it in here than in public. But no matter how bad it sounded, I don't think I've ever witnessed someone fill his underwear while at a urinal.

To Trina: Glad to see you posting again and I'm sorry your trip home didn't end as planned. I hope Catherine and Shannon are doing well too. I miss reading their stories.

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