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Princess Opal

A question

For a long time, I've been worried that if someone hugged me when I needed to poop, I'd go in my pants. Has anyone here ever had that happen to them? Thankfully, it hasn't happened to me...yet.


Destroying a Family Bathroom


I'm back with a story about the dump i took yesterday.

To Carlie B.: Hi, it is great to hear from you! You, Victoria B. and Catherine along with a few others are who inspired me to post after reading your amazing stories. I loved the one that you described about taking the soft dump in a grocery store. I don't ever have such huge logs like you do, but i can relate to those soft ones pretty well. What could you see in the toilet before you started flushing? and from your description, i would love to hear about what happens when you have to absolutely unload!. I have never attempted to clog 2 toilets before with one dump but it sounds like a fun challenge!. I decided that i had to try it but i thought i would add my own twist to it.

The story starts yesterday when i stopped by the Walmart nearby to get a few things. I was going to cook dinner for my mom that night since it was her Birthday so i needed to get a few ingredients. As i was browsing the spices section, i felt a huge weight moving around in my stomach. As always, the cramps started getting bad and i had to let out a few SBDs to relieve some pressure. They smelled awful and i really hope that the lady who was in the aisle with me didn't notice. It wasn't long before i felt a very painful cramp and needed to find a bathroom ASAP. I put down the few items that i had found so far and quickly made my way to the back of the store. When i reached the restrooms i was about to go into the Ladies when i had an idea. A couple of the Walmart's near me have family bathrooms with 2 toilets in them, a normal adult sized model, and a children's toilet which is pretty small and shallow. This combination seemed perfect for what i had in mind so i quickly went in and locked the door. At this point the cramps were making me sweat since they were so bad. so i went right over and sat on the adult toilet. It wasn't long before i started letting out a few deep sounding farts as everything moved into position. I sat there on my phone until it was time and i felt a big log start crackling as it came out. It continued to descend into the toilet for several seconds until i felt it slow down as it reached the toilets limits and curled around the end of itself. At this point it broke off with almost no noise, and another piece started to come out. This one was much shorter and fell with a splash into the bowl. I wasn't sure that i had put this toilet out of commission yet but since i was getting a break as my next load moved down, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to switch to the little toilet. I looked into the bowl when i got up and i could see a long log that started in the hole and went up to the waterline of the bowl in the front before making a small curl around itself into what could only be described as a letter "P".It must have been about 14 inches long. Next to it was a log about 7 inches long and at least 1 1/2 inches wide. I moved to the smaller toilet since my stomach was churning and I heard the auto flusher activate. The normally powerful industrial toilet was reduced from the routine vacuum noise to swishing water as the bowl filled and couldn't drain. "One down, One to go" i thought to myself while getting comfortable on the little toilet. The cramps had gotten severe again at this point and i could tell that this toilet wasn't going to survive either. My colon had refilled at this point and i could no longer hold it back so i smiled and bit my lower lip as a muffled booming fart and a large wave soft poop exploded into the little toilet. Because it was so shallow, i could feel everything pressing against the bottom as it came out before going wherever it could to fit in this tiny bowl. wave after wave came and went and i had to push more and more as everything piled up. I was really stuffing this poor little toilet and i was enjoying it. Finally, i was done and got up to see what i had done. This thing was completely full!. The water was completely covered with a huge pile of soft poop that went up to the rim. I don't know how i wasn't sitting in it. I decided to shuffle back over to the adult toilet to wipe up as the flusher activated on the kid's toilet and water spilled out of the bowl and down the floor drain. Oops! oh well. i finished up and snuck out of the bathroom that luckily no one was waiting for. I will try clogging two full size toilets in the future, i just couldn't resist the chance to do it this way. and I think I'm going to try the kids toilet again too since it feels so much different. Well, that's all i have for now, so i hope you guys enjoyed it.

Princess Opal

Just some replies

So today is Thursday. (Unfortunately my big sis just accused me of breaking the toilet because it won't flush.) You know how people talk about whether they poop at morning, noon, or night? Well, on Monday, I did all 3! Although the one at night was rather short and wide LOL
Mina, Kazuko, Hisae, Maho: I'm so glad to have you all as friends! I think about you a lot. To be honest, I don't really have anyone to poop with anymore. So I'm envious ;)
Kristi: for some reason, between the ages of 8 and 12 was the "zenith" of my constipation. And anyway, I often sat and read because it took a while for turds to come out, just like Courtney. It also gave me the vagus nerve sensation, which I described as pins and needles. I remembered it was somewhat unpleasant until the poop started to emerge, and then I'd feel so good, I'd almost lean back and fall asleep right there, on the pot. For some reason it didn't occur to me to rub my belly until I was 12, when I saw my mom rub my then-5-year-old sister's belly to relieve pain and gas. (Which, by the way, my sister had so many cute and funny ideas about pooping. She often seemed to be in pain on the toilet after eating candy, which she talked a lot about.) Steve, I hope you keep posting as well! :)
Alexandra: wow, so you also enjoy the feeling of having a loaded colon! As long as nothing's stuck, I like it too. And yes, I've looked forward all day to pooping before, although usually that means I'm bored.
Kaycha: once when I was 13, I wet my pants really bad when we were out because I couldn't undo my belt. (I'm 16 now.) We were at Goodwill, and my mom actually bought me a pair of new pants to wear for the remainder of the outing. It was humiliating, but I'm glad my mom understood. A few months ago, my ten-year-old cousin admitted that she, too has a history of bedwetting. I'm glad to have someone who understands. You need to find people who will understand you in that way. I want you to know that I care about you and want to stand with you. I frequently have minor leaks and every once in a while, still have major ones. The next time one happens, I'll try to post about it. I'm hoping that many people will stand with you.
Deb: aww, poor Katie! I'm sending her a virtual hug because she is a very sweet girl and I want her to know that poop happens to everyone and it doesn't make them any less beautiful. Do you think she'd like to post on this site, or would she be humiliated?
Emma Two: I've been reading your posts periodically, and it sounds like you frequently go almost a week between each dump. That feeling of being pounds lighter is so good though!
Ronette: I'm so glad it's not all in my head! At first I thought maybe having to wear a mask in the bathroom would filter out the stink. NO, I quickly found. The stink is still there, it's just there's absolutely no air circulation on top of it.
LEA: when I was about 12, I often did huge poops that'd clog and even flood the toilet. (Once this became quite a disaster at my aunts house, and my mom was horrified when she had to help me clean up. What she didn't know was that I'd already pooped my pants. In the next week she had to help me clean up after another panty explosion. That was my third poop accident that month!) So I guess Mary-Jo is like a kindred spirit. Next I'm talking about your escapade with Danielle. I would like to have a pooping spot with a beautiful view. Although it sounds like yours had a view of something else too...Danielle's turd LOL! I personally wish I had a friend who was close enough to me so we could poop together and not feel ashamed. If she let you see the turd growing between her legs, wow. But I think helping each other poop in a Ziploc bag is the most amazing of all! Please write more stories!
That's all for now, Opal


Door-stall peeking or full view sit?

At my large middle school there are 2 types of toilet situations. Some toilets have a privacy door, but there is a 1/2 inch or more gap between the door and cubicle. During class break periods there's eyes peeking in on me. I sit halfway scared because I don't want to tell them to mind their own business and I will come out when I'm done. Why can't they just chill? Then there are the toilets with no door. I might just be pissing when I use one of them, but I've learned that if I pull off some toilet paper and scrunch it up in my fist, they assume I'm crapping and they don't take long looks, ask me dumb questions, or expect me to stand and wipe in 10 seconds. Many of our teachers don't like us leaving class to use the bathroom so the 4 or 5 minute passing period remains the only option. If too many of my classmates are seated and crapping, my chances of my getting sit time are small. But then I might get only a fast wipe in before I pull up my jeans and make a run for class. I'm not going to try to avoid skidmarks and even then I've already had 2 Saturday detentions this year for being tardy. After one of the detentions before my friend Lauren and I walked to lunch she stopped by the bathroom, did a squat over the toilet seat and dropped a nice, juicy blotch on the toilet seat. She said it was well deserved. I agree.



To the college Soccer player who took the skidmark survey: I'm blind and don't get skidmarks at all. The only time I had poop in my underwear was when I had a mild diarrhea accident this year. I clean with wet wipes, and TP. Especially since I can't see anything, I bet you'd really get jealous of my butt cleanliness. Basically, I just go by the feel of the toilet paper against my skin. I use wipes as a last resort. As a bonus, I don't have a sweaty butt, nor a big one. To me, mine feels average. I'm proud of cleaning the poop off of myself. I had to do a lot of cleaning today, so I thought I'd include today's poop report. My poop was messy again. The bathroom at dayhab stunk a lot due to most of my pooping being done there. Not much else to report other than I pooped a bit more at home. Now, to the last part of my post. Since the clients don't do any job experiences at dayhab anymore, it is no longer a place I'd call work. I called dayhab work in some earlier posts from habit. Besides shredding, I put together tiles on a metal rod that would be made into something called a chain set. I think these were color samples for a product. Anyway, when I was put on the line by myself after lunch, I never had to go to the bathroom. I believe Miss Martie said she was going to shit herself when she came in the building from outside one day, but I don't know her toileting habits. One other thing I think happened was that I heard her sick in the bathroom with a stomach bug. This person has moved on to another job, and I miss her. I hope everyone is well. Bye.

LEA: I love your stories, keep it up! What volume was the plastic bag? It's been way too long since I last did that.

How are:

Bianca: I'm glad you liked the story & thanks for commenting.
So this happened when we went for an endurance practice with my teammates from the relay team from college. Our coach Debbie (whom I mentioned in a previous story) instructed us to run for 7 miles so to develop our endurance. That was a Saturday early in the morning. Zoey, Shannon, Mary and me got changed in the locker room and jogged away. we were not jogging on the track but on the jogging trail that day. It was rather cold and foggy. Mary was in front and seemed to run without effort. Her pace was more challenging for Zoey & me to keep up with. After running for half an hour however Mary said she needed a break! We wondered why & she said she had to shit!
We thought it was funny & we laughed! So Mary went off the trail and squatted down behind a bush! After five minutes Shannon decides to have a pee as well! So she goes behind the same bush. Mary complains about her privacy being invaded but Shannon doesn't care! Then they're both done & they come back to Zoey & me. Shannon says that we've gotta have a look at Mary's huge deposit! Mary complains again & tells us not to but we don't listen to her. Indeed, she went number two big time! We tell her she must feel better after letting all this waste out and she says yes much better! We resume running without incident.
When we're back we're all quite tired. We go to the locker room to shower & change. I feel like I have to use the toilet for a shit because I've been quite gassy. Shannon follows me to the toilet. It's a single-stall kind of bathroom. So I take the stall & lock the door. I start peeing as soon as I am seated. Then I fart silently & wait for my poop. Shannon asks do you have to shit? I say yes! She says she has to go too! Meanwhile I pass several logs! The place starts to get stinky. I ask Shannon if she wants to find another toilet but she answers that she doesn't mind! Then I wipe & I flush. Everything goes down without problems but there are many heavy streaks left! Since I know that Shannon is about to use this toilet for a number two as well I don't bother removing them.
I get out & Shannon takes the stall. She says it looks like you went a whole lot! She was right. She starts shitting right away! It sounds like a loose one! Since we are chatting I stay in the room. When she's finally done the room reeks! She wipes numerous times & I remind her we're going to the showers anyways. She laughs & says you're right! She flushes & exits the stall. I ask her if she removed my skidmarks & she says she actually added to them! I guess that's ok because toilets are for shitting anyway. Then we shower & all of us go their own way.

Emma two

Accidents in public

To Deb:
I know how your cousin Emma must have felt when she messed her pants in the mall and in the car going back to your place. It's happened to me many times and it's super embarrassing having to walk in public with a full load in your underwear. Did it stain your car seat or did she sit on something to protect it?


Reply to Kaycha

Kaycha - That was a tough break wetting your pants at work. Probably would not have been as bad had you not had to wait. I can share a story of another woman who wet her pants at work. It was her first week there and I was training her. It was maybe an hour or so since we last took a break and she showed no obvious sign of having to pee, trying to hide it like you did. Until she started peeing in her pants while she was sitting next to me. She ran to the bathroom, so she didn't completely wet her pants like you did. And she had on dark blue jeans, so that was fortunate. (Tan pants, Kaycha?) I asked her why she didn't say anything and she said she didn't want to interrupt and thought she could hold it.


More Tales

Hi guys. My poop was loose again today, and I went a lot. About my bathroom: the drain in the tub is near the left side of it, not the right wall. Also, more details about the apartment at Dorm A that used to be at the school for the blind. While in Austin as a child, I used this bathroom several times when the girls were in the downstairs apartment. The girls and boys were separated. The apartment had a small dining area, a kitchen attached to a hallway, and a one person bathroom in the back. I don't recall saying this, but this was a one bedroom apartment in the back of the building. The bathroom had one toilet, a sink next to that, and a tub. I did some of my childhood big poops in there, too. It had a ventilation fan in the middle of the room as well, but I don't think I ran it much. I also believe the bathroom had 2 light fixtures also, and one of these might have been near the vent. Being an old building, the vent had sort of a medium pitched tone with a quick start up. Since it wasn't terribly loud either, I bet anyone outside the bathroom probably heard me use the toilet sometimes. I'm sure this was common years ago as I recall the exhaust fan in my bathroom at the house we used to live in built in the 50's sounding like that. At least I didn't encounter a broken ceiling heater at the blind school like I did in that house. When I made that mistake years ago trying to air out my poop smell, that slow wirring noise made me think things could turn bad, and I might lose my bathroom. Luckily, I quickly realized my mistake, and turned it off. I do remember that my poop was medium in sized, and smelled a bit. One other bathroom I used was attached to a bedroom as well, had one toilet, sink, tub, and possibly a closet. I even recall while being in the small apartment at the blind school in my elementary days is my roomate Heather wet the bed. All for now, bye.

Victoria B.

Welcome back Carlie!


It's nice to see Carlie back here and my body decided to celebrate your return in style by clogging the toilet I got last summer for the first time. Two smaller pieces that broke off early gave way to a massive log that was at least a foot long and an inch and a half in diameter before some soft serve arrived as dessert.

Because I'd never clogged it before and suspected that it wouldn't have made a difference I didn't bother flushing before I washed with the bidet and dried myself off on both sides with toilet paper. Even after I got up from the seat and saw the bowl for the first time I was sure that it would've been the same: there was just so much poop sitting in it that two-ply toilet paper was barely going to get through regardless. The first forward pull of the handle did nothing but bring the paper closer to the drain and raise the water level in the bowl. It was at that point that I got the plunger out from its extended vacation, thinking that I could use it to break up the monster. But it wasn't to be. The second flush at least took care of all the turds but then when I went to try and dispose of the paperwork it ran into a roadblock further down the drain.

Short of time I poured some dish soap into the stool to try and get things moving and hoped that it would get things moving without having to take my plunger off of stand-by. It wasn't to be. When I got home and tried it again the paper cleared but the water returned after the flush came back at a much lower level than usual. Attempt #2 yielded the same results and finally, I gave up and plunged for the first time in over three months. Later that day I read your post and couldn't help but laugh my head off.

Welcome back!



Surprise from Hisae

Hi everyone, we hope you are very fine.

This is happening from two weeks before.

Weekdays, we don't do motion all together same loo because take too long and we have to start telework. So we go to flat where we sleeping that week.

So Hisae was sitting on loo, door open and I was getting ready for work. She already drop one set of turds, but she is usually two sets so she was stay on loo.

Suddenly she call. "Minappé...."

I ran to loo. Hisae moved forwards and lifted her beautiful bottom a bit, then suddenly domed out, and it came! Splash splash splash.... eleven heavy splashes!! Not so liquid and not so solid.

Wow, Hisae. I love you. So beautiful! Thank you for showing to me.

Now Mina can feel pinching fingers. But not painful. Not only one pinch. Many soft gentle pinch, but from same fingers. Other crushes' arms are encircle round Hisae.

Hisae didn't do little pieces. She was finish. So she washed, and I dried.

I hope everyone can have relaxing time on loo.

Catherine, we don't see your post long time. Are you OK?

Love to everyone.

Hisae Mina Kazuko Maho


Kaycha's Post

To Kaycha: I bet that was embarrassing to pee yourself at work. If I have to pee, I'm one of the people who are really good about going. I don't mean to make you feel jealous, but if you made a habit of being careful and practiced hard enough, you could do it! I have faith in you. Now, I'm going to tell about my poop. It was solid at first, but than changed almost 3 hours after lunch. My poop became mushy, and loose. I had to clean enough that my butt had that itchy sensation from the wiping. The task gave me an itch around my anus which has now subsided. My loose poops are gone, too. Luckily for me, I haven't been farting as much. That's all I have for you today. Bye

Ohio Toiletstool Fan


Hello all. I don't post as regularly as I should, mostly because I'm a loner and I don't really have much interesting stories to contribute. I just know I love pooping and farting, and reading yall posts of the same.

I love farting. It feels so good to me. When I can - meaning being home by myself - i love having bad gas and letting off farts as often as possible - even in my sleep. I'm single now, but when I was married a couple years ago, one of the best parts of the marriage was when her and I would just fart shamelessly in each other's presence - especially during the night. That's one of the things I miss most about being married to her- doesn't speak well to the quality of the marriage I know. But yea, the sheer pleasure of letting hot gasses go, dozens of times all day and night is in my top 5 natural bodily pleasures. I've never been one to, nor will I, take supplements to suppress my flatulence. If anything, I'll do what it takes to increase it. Psyllium, inulin, flax, whatever it takes to give me the stinkiest of farts, along with apples, cabbage, etc... I'm all for it. The stomach pain that happens before the magic is only a small inconvenience. Its worth it when I'm farting nonstop. My question for anyone who's reading this is; does anyone agree with me? If so, please elaborate. If not, please elaborate on why as well. Also, am I a weirdo in your opinion for loving to pass tons of gas? Take care fellows poopers.

Sunday, September 26, 2021 8:25:00 PM


First and last primary school accidents I can remember

I've posted about quite a few accidents so far, and I've now posted almost all the ones I can remember very clearly. I thought I'd write about the very first school accident I can remember in detail, and then the last one before I finished primary school.

I know from what my parents told me that I was very accident-prone in preschool - not that hard to actually potty-train, but still very prone to pooing my pants from time to time even after I'd mastered the potty. Things did improve when I got to my Reception class at school, but I went home at the end of the afternoon with dirty underwear several times that year, and I had accidents outside school as well. I probably pooed myself at least ten times that year - after that I slowly started to get better control during the school day, so there were fewer messes, although as I've written about already I continued to be prone to accidents close to home-time or whilst walking home for much longer, and I was never completely accident-free.

I don't really remember any of my preschool poos in any detail - I have a vague memory of one of the assistants peeling a pair of badly soiled pants off me in the preschool toilets, and another of me sitting on a potty that I'd managed to fill almost to the brim with mushy poo, feeling very pleased with myself for making it in time.

The first pair of dirty pants that I really remember was soon after I started Reception (UK equivalent of kindergarten) - probably within the first couple of weeks, so I would have been nearly five. I had some separation anxiety from the change to the 'big' primary school in my first month, and I really resisted getting ready for school. On this particular morning, I don't think I'd been able to go to the loo before leaving because we were already running late by the time I was ready to go. Almost as soon as the register was called, I could feel a faint urge to poo starting, but I was much, much too shy to raise my hand to ask to go. We were practising writing our names out - I have a clear memory of being sat in a tiny chair trying to make the letter shapes but being terribly distracted by the pressure down below. I knew I needed to ask the teacher to be excused but I couldn't bring myself to do it, and I remember thinking that I was a big kid who had started school, and that meant it was impossible that the poo would come out too soon.

Well, whatever I might have thought, my control at that age wasn't great, and so it only took about ten more minutes before I got to a critical point. My bum was twitching under the pressure, and I have a vivid memory of the feeling that as long as I didn't move a muscle or say anything, I could keep holding on down there until the bell went. I was sitting trying to be completely, perfectly still, and desperately focusing on my bum staying closed, but then I felt myself involuntarily relax, and soft poo came out in a rush. I did manage to stop it before it all came out, but not before I'd had quite a large accident.

With the same five-year-old logic that had led me to believe I couldn't possibly poo my pants in class, I decided to ignore the problem and hope it went away. Another clear memory is of the sensation of warmth in my underwear and the softness of it. It really wasn't an unpleasant sensation at all - as I've said before, almost none of my accidents have ever involved nasty sensations rather than comfortable ones, although as I got older the fear of embarrassment started to get progressively more significant. The smell wasn't very strong, but it was definitely there.

Shortly afterwards, the bell rang for playtime. I think the teacher could smell something, as she made a point of telling us all to remember to go to the toilet if we needed to. My urge to poo had gone away at that point, and for some reason it didn't even cross my mind that I could or should try to do the rest of the poo in the loo. Again, five-year old reasoning. During the second lesson of the morning, we were looking at simple books whilst the teacher called up kids individually to read to her (she must have been working out what our starting level was). I could feel I needed to poo again, and I soon needed to go quite badly, but I still didn't want to raise my hand. I just remember thinking "I've already got a poo in my pants - I can just do the rest in them and a little bit more won't make any difference". I went to get a new book from the bookshelf, and as I did the urge increased to desperation point, and I remember standing by the bookcase whilst giving up and letting go, and another poo came out. It wasn't just a little though - there was a lot of it, and it was even softer than the first one. I do remember feeling that the warmth was nicer than I'd expected as I did it in my pants though.

Doing all this poo in my pants was clearly a mistake though. Soon after, my teacher called me up to read - I could already read quite well when I started school - but she noticed the smell almost as quickly as she confirmed that I was a good reader. She asked "Do you need the toilet?" and I shook my head - she then said "Did you have a little accident?" and I nodded. I'm sure I went bright red with embarrassment and I didn't want to point out that it was, in fact, rather a big accident. She got the teaching assistant to take me to the school office - however, as it was my first half-term we were only in school until lunchtime, which was now just a few minutes away, so the office assistant let me choose whether to be cleaned up by her and the TA, or to go home with my mum. I chose the latter (probably to the relief of the assistants). I don't really remember the clean-up, although I didn't get into trouble. Despite my accident-proneness this was one of the only times I ever actually had to go to the office or sickroom in school.

The last accident of primary school was right at the other end of the school day, and I was eleven. I'd been holding in a poo all the way through the last lesson at school. Mostly this had been going OK, but in the last few minutes I'd noticed that the pressure was building faster and faster, so I was keen to walk home before nature took its course - by now I was very aware of what would happen if I got to the toilet too late. Fortunately, I was sat on a hard school chair, and the poo felt firm and wasn't trying to come out, so I felt quite confident that I'd make it.

When the bell went and we all stood up to leave, my urge to poo started to feel more desperate. The firm lump started to push its way out, but I was able to clamp down and push it back in. The same thing happened again as I went to the cloakroom to get my coat and bag, and yet again as I walked out into the playground. Each time, it felt like it was coming out further, and getting it back in again without breaking the end off seemed to need more and more luck. I started to worry that maybe I wasn't quite going to make it home in time, and feeling worried only made me need to go more. This is something I remember particularly clearly about many of my accidents - the more you worry that you're about to have one, the more likely it is that you will.

As I walked towards the footpath that led from the playing field towards the top of my road, I felt another surge of pressure, and the firm poo came out a few centimetres - I squeezed hard, and felt that the poo was now being held half in and half out of my bum. I kept trying to walk both quickly and carefully. As I did so, I had the strange feeling of the poo being held firm whilst I did some involuntary and very wet-sounding farts around it. After this, the pressure eased off quite a bit, but I could feel that things were sticky down there.

A moment or two later, the pressure came back, and again there were some very wet farts, and I started to realise that I was probably having a bit of an accident even though it felt like I was still holding on. I tried to clamp down even harder, and to my relief it felt like the stuck poo had gone back in. I thought I'd got away with it, and that I might just have a bit of soft poo stuck between my bum cheeks. No-one else was walking along the path, so I cautiously pulled back my trousers and pants to see if I could see what had happened. To my concern, there was clearly more poo down there than I'd expected, and it was warm and making the back of my pants damp, but I was still sure I could make it home and clean myself up without any great drama. It wasn't at all uncomfortable now that I'd got the firm poo back inside.

As I turned onto my street, the pressure built up once again, and this time I could clearly feel some mushy poo starting to ooze, and then rush out - I'd hoped the 'cork' of poo might stop it, but it made no difference. I stopped walking so I could focus totally on clamping down again and stopping the flow. I succeeded, but this time, the pressure wasn't going away, and I started to walk as fast as I dared to my house. Like with that first Reception accident, I could feel my bum almost shaking with the effort of staying closed despite being worn out.

Unfortunately, when I got home, I realised I didn't have my key and I couldn't get into the house. That was a day of the week when my mum took my little brother to football practice after school, and my dad worked until the evening - I was seen as responsible enough to walk the short distance home on my own, and I was never one to do afterschool sports as I was skinny, clumsy and generally a liability for any sports team. We kept a spare key hidden in the back garden, but as I squatted down to retrieve it the pressure finally overwhelmed me and a huge mass of warm, cake batter-consistency poo rushed out into my pants, and this time I couldn't stop it at all. I felt so frustrated - I could see the window of our bathroom just a few metres away. Because I was squatting, it came out faster than usual.

I gingerly walked to the back door and let myself in, and made my way to the bathroom - I had the foresight from past clean-ups to take a couple of plastic bags with me for my pants, as there was no way they were going to be salvageable now. Taking off my trousers and looking in the mirror, I could see the beginning of a smear of wet, orangey poo glistening at the leg bands of my underpants on each side, and the material at the back was dark with moisture. When I peeled them away from my bottom, I could see the mushy poo filling the seat in a broad fan shape and extending forwards to make a smaller fan at the front - but to my surprise, I could see the darker brown 'cork' poo visible where it had come out last. To clean up, I bagged up my Y-fronts, washed myself in the shower, changed into clean clothes, and then put the bag in the outside bin so that no-one would smell it. I checked my trousers for any escaped poo (fortunately there wasn't any, probably because I had been squatting down rather than sitting, although it was a close-run thing), checked that they didn't smell strongly enough to give the game away, and buried them in the laundry basket. By the time my mum got home with my brother, I was playing on my games console as if nothing had happened, and to this day I don't think either of them ever found out about it. Unlike a couple of the other accidents I had that year, and more like the hiking accident I posted last time, this one was nothing to do with being ill - it was just my usual high-fibre-diet mushy poo getting the better of me again.


male restroom university vs female restroom university?

Hey girls and guys I am Jake, I posted here before some time ago. I'm a university student and I travel there by bus so I have to get up early. As a result I Usually go to the toilet when I enter university first thing in the morning.

Lets just day I never poop alone. There are about 10 stalls at each stage and no matter where I decide to go there is always at least one other guy having his morning poop, sometimes even up to 5 including myself. I am quite shy myself but most other men just plop and fart away. When there are a bunch of others pooping I don't care anymore but when it is just me and someone else or me and someone a a urinal I tend to be shy.

How is it with other university or college students? What is the traffic like in the mornings? Are there also a lot of morning poopers? I'm especially curious if there are any differences in the female bathrooms at universities or colleges. Are girls as careless as the men I encounter while pooping? Maybe there are constant courtesy flushes in the girls' room?

As you can see from my name I am a guy and a shameful pooper. Does it bother you as well when you enter a public toilet and there is just one stall? There are usually 3 to 5 urinals in the men's room but just 1 sitting toilet…

So this bothers me because if I have to poop and someone else comes in who has to poop he has to wait till I am finished. This creates a waiting line and spectators when I do my business. What makes it worse is they see who stank up the place! I find this all very inconvenient.

Women don't have that problem because instead of the 3 to 5 urinals they get 3 to 5 stalls. You can be an anonymous pooper there because if you time it right nobody sees who left the cubicle as there is normally no waiting line…

I'm not ashamed to admit that for urgent reasons I prefer to enter the ladies room if it just a few feet away from the men's room. But then you have the extra anxiety because you don't want to be seen in the ladies room as a man.
Last week I had exactly this problem, as I left the ladies room someone was waiting in the hallway and saw me leaving the ladies room. I apologized and told her the men's room was busy at the time I entered (which was a lie). She luckily laughed and was fine but you never know how a lady will react…

It would all be much more convenient if toilets just got rid of urinals imo…


I wet my pants

So I've been tentatively wearing panties again since I've had way fewer accidents lately. But yesterday I broke my awesome dry streak. I was at work in the break room and I needed to potty a little. I ignored it because it was just a little and then I forgot to go. I went back to my desk and got back to work. My need started to grow but I was preoccupied with my tasks so I kept putting off. Then my panties grew warm and a rather large dribble wet the crotch of my panties. It was then that I knew I'd better go potty or I'd have an accident. Before I could get up though, my boss stopped by to chat. I was squirming focusing on not dribbling again. My stomach hurt and I dribbled a little more. I needed to potty so bad. Finally she left. I needed to hold my private but I was embarrassed for anyone to see. The bathroom was down a long hall. By the time I got there my crotch was warm and wet. I had to wait for a stall. I just knew I was going to have an accident. Then a person came out of a stall and I dashed in. Just a little too late. I started to wet my pants. I unfastened my pants and started to pull them down as my dribbling turned into a torrent. I was gushing down my legs and all over my shoes and the floor. I couldn't move. When I finished going in my pants, I sat down on the toilet wondering what to do. Everyone would be able to see my accident in my tan pants. Why would I of all people wear tan pants. I needed my spare clothes. I had to do the walk of shame in my urine soaked pants all the way to my locker. Alot of stares but no one said anything.


Re: Tlana's Public Bathroom Survey

First, let me say that I am a long time reader and poster to this site, although I haven't posted since earlier in the year (Shannon's Accident Survey).

I have always enjoyed Tlana's posts over the years.

This survey is very timely for me as I was on vacation traveling with my family last week and there were several occasions on which to use public restrooms; notably, on I95 going through
Connecticut. In fact, before I saw Tlana's survey, I was going to post a story about one or two
of my experiences.

As I usually explain in my postings, I am disabled by cerebral palsy (CP) and for most of my life it has not affected my ability to use of the bathroom. But, for better or for worse, I am now more wheelchair dependent in public and I am no longer able to stand at a urinal to pee. So, I need to be seated on the toilet for both peeing as well as doing a BM. Actually, I've sat to pee at various times throughout my life, but now it's a necessity.

Gender: Male
Age: 71

1. When away from home will you go out of your way to find the best toilet to urinate or move your bowels in? Why? What is BEST? How do you judge that?

I need a wheelchair stall, the bigger the better. It's easier for me if the stall is big enough so that I can close the door and transfer directly to the toilet.

2. How do you feel about single toilet, family or unisex bathrooms as an alternative to the much larger and public ones?

I have used family bathrooms and I like them for their size and privacy. My wife also has CP and in the past when traveling by ourselves we have used family bathrooms together.

3. How large was the largest bathroom you have ever used?

The largest one I remember off-hand was a disabled bathroom at the Boston convention center about 15 years ago. I was there at a conference for work. Through most of the week I was
using a regular men's room. I was using my wheelchair (too much walking) and one morning a
security guard pointed out the disabled restroom. It was big. It had a toilet and a sink and plenty of grab bars and a door that locked. I think I had to poop but I can't remember. But, it was a great bathroom. I've used other disabled stalls that were very spacious.

4. What is the most comfortable bathroom you have ever used?

Same as 3.

5. For what reasons would you reject a bathroom?

No toilet paper if I need to have a BM. A clogged toilet. Too many people. Unavailability
or lack of wheelchair stall.

6. As a babysitter, former baby sitter or someone with child care responsibilities who made the choice (the child or you) about what toilet will be used.


7. What is MOST important to you in selecting a public restroom stall?
a) proximity and availability
b) a privacy door
c) clean seat
d) an especially higher (handicapped) or lower (kid-friendly)
toilet height.
e) adequate toilet paper
f) clean, non-clogged bowl
g) other (explain)

They're all important, but for me I'd say b), d), and of course e), if I need to poop.

So, I wanted to share a story from last week which very much is related to Tlana's survey.
We stopped for lunch at a rest stop on I95 in Connecticut. We were on our way to Cape Cod for the week. My wife and I were traveling with her brothers and we both needed to go potty.
One of my wife's brothers helps her to the family restroom (we've done this trip before) and I
was heading off to the regular men's room. We've stopped here a number of times before so we know the lay of the land. I'm very independent and private about my toileting and as I was wheeling to the men's room, one of the rest stop's employees came up to me and insisted that I use the family restroom. Because I was familiar with the restroom and the wheelchair stall, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. Unfortunately I was very tired from not sleeping well the previous night, and I was rather impatient with the person who wanted to help me. Usually, I'm not this graceless in refusing help, and I felt bad afterwards.


Train shaking and jerking

Five days a week I take the subway to and from my college classes. It is time-consuming because I have to make two transfers each way. But it is also a lot cheaper than buying and upkeep on a car. So for now at least I'm going to have to subject myself to the jolts and twisting that I experience on each ride. My body is just not able to take such rides and often by my first transfer point, I'm ready to piss a bucket. No matter that I always pee in the student center or library just before leaving campus. Three times last week during the wait at my second train transfer the need came on me pretty fast and I had to shit my brains out. There was no chance of me holding it for and hour and a half when I arrived at home.

Since this has been going on for a couple of years, I've switched to wearing loose fitting dresses that I can easily hike up when I finally get on the toilet at the subway station. There are only a couple of toilets at each level at a station and any privacy doors have long been taken off. Its kind of gross looking at the gang graffiti on the walls and some of the sexual messages. Twice last month I had to sacrifice my underwear to wipe with because the tiny amount of toilet paper available would not do the job. I know I piss off a lot of people waiting their turn when I stand, wipe, inspect, and then re-seat myself for another round. At least I'm not wearing a mask this fall; last year the mask in places like bathroom stalls made me so hot I was afraid I was going to vomit.

For Lindsey:

1) What was the biggest dump I have ever seen?
It was at a public bathroom in a park near our house. My friend Josh and his best friend and the friend's dad were there for a baseball game a couple of days before that. After officiating the game, the father excused himself after buying himself a beer and hurried in to the bathroom. He let go of it in 30 seconds or so. He was pissed to find there was not toilet paper. Josh called me in there to see it the next day. There had been a little erosion but it was still intact. I shot it with my phone too.

2) What was the person's size and was the dump related to their physical size?

He weighed about 190 pounds and was 6 feet tall. Makes sense, I guess.

3) Are my poops proportional to my size?
Yes, I think so. Because of my traveling schedule most of my poops are done away from home. A few of them are slow or hesitant to disappear in the first flush, though.


Hey All

To Lea: I love your outdoor bathroom experiences you talked about when you and Danielle went camping. That especially was impressive that you both pooped so much in that bag. In regards to an outhouse, I'd use it despite the smell. However, if it was really nasty, I'd poop in a hole. To everyone else: the toy car whining noise that I imagined a vacuum toilet sounding like mostly occurs when my paper shredder is cutting. As we all know, people have been a bit rough with toilets. In my situation, at least my machine still seems good and I can halt further risk of damage. Since it's purchase 3 months ago, I've been a bit hard on it. I made myself feel better by giving it some much needed TLC. If this were a fancy toilet instead, I'd still make the promise to treat it better from now on. If I ever needed to treat a toilet with love, I'd first pass some decent amount of poop into it, and then feel the joy of cleaning it with the brush. Toilets can be expensive, so you don't want to run a risk of braking those either. Speaking of toilets, I've cleaned them before using comet. This was at The School For The Blind in Austin where I was at a dorm with 2 bathrooms. My favorite was the one with the walk in shower. Gotta clean up in the bathroom. Bye.

College socer player
Skidmark survey
1. When was the last time you got a skidmark in your underwear? Right now
2. What type of underwear got the skid mark? White thong. I usually don't wear these to practice , but I'm behind on laundry
3. Did you have a full poop in your underwear? Not this time, sharted once before a match out of nerves freshman year
4. Did you prarie dog or have a partial poop in you underwear? NOt this time, but one time during a long drive home I prarie dogged in a black thong
5. Did you wipe with toilet paper? lol apparently not enough
6. How do you decide your are done wiping? until the paper was clean
7. Do you clean yourself with anything besides toilet paper? not this time. wiped with leaves on a hike last year, did a surpringly good job!
8. Why do you think do you got a skidmark last time? super sweaty crack + white thong + normal sized poop and paper clean up. I agree no one must get clean with just toilet paper and I am in awe to those who do
9. How many times a week or month do you get skidmarks ?


Labour Day Weekend

Hello, my name is Deb and I'm back with another story. Before I get into it, I have to take a few moments to set it up…

I think it was last year when I posted a story about an accident I had when I was 18 years old. My mum and I went to see my Auntie Barbara and my cousin Emma, who was 15 at the time. They lived in St. Thomas which was about a 45 minute drive from where we lived. From there we went to this beach tourist town called Port Stanley. We had lunch and then went for a walk along the beach. I was having really bad cramps and ended up having diarrhea in my panties and jeans. We went back to my Auntie's place and I had to borrow a pair of panties and jeans from my cousin Emma. I put on a large maxi pad in case my period started or if I got sick with diarrhea again.

My cousin Emma moved to England when she was 20 and we kept in touch from time to time. Emma along with her husband and their 18 year old daughter Katie, just moved back to London. They don't live to far from where my husband, daughter and I live. So, lately we have been hanging out quite a bit.

On the Saturday of Labour Day weekend, we arranged for Katie and I to go for lunch and then do some shopping. I had my period but it wasn't as heavy as it has been in the past. It was probably heavy based on most women's standards, but for me, it was lighter than normal. I still had to wear an Always extra heavy overnight maxi pad, but I didn't feel like I had to rush to the washroom to change it every hour or so. I still had an extra change of pants and panties just in case I had an accident.

Katie and I had a nice lunch. Before we left the restaurant, I went to the ladies room to check my pad. In hindsight I probably should have changed it, but I didn't think it was soaked too badly, so I kept it on. We then went to the main shopping mall in the north end of town. My husband and I don't get up that way too often because it's across town from where we live, so it was nice going up that way.

While we were walking around the mall, I could feel my period getting heavier. All of a sudden I had a huge gush that caused me to wince. I felt like I was starting to leak. Katie and I were in a purse store when this happened. I went over and told her that I needed to use the ladies room. When I got into a stall and pulled down my pants and panties I saw the disaster that was my maxi pad and that I had leaked through my pants. I put on is fresh pad and told Katie that I had leaked. I went out to my car for my extra clothes and changed in the ladies room.

A little while later, we decided to go across town to the mall in the south end. I went to the ladies room when we got there to change my pad before we did anything else. We were in a department store and Katie got really quiet. She looked very concerned. I asked her if she was okay and she said that she needed to get to a toilet. We started off towards the washrooms in the mall. Katie started walking slowly and then came to a complete stop. She hunched over slightly and let out a moan. Then she said, "Oh no! Nooo!!!" With that she let out a really wet sounding fart. She said, "Oh god, Deb! I just…" Then she started pooping diarrhea uncontrollably into her pants. I felt so bad for her. She started shuffling towards the washrooms and it was very obvious that she had just pooped her pants very badly. The mess was already soaking through her tan Capri pants.

I told her that I would take her back to my place so she could get cleaned up before her mum, Emma came to get her.

She kept having to go on our drive back and by the time we got back to my place, she was a complete mess. Her panties and capri's were a disaster. She had a shower and I gave her a pair of clean panties and pants to wear home. Emma came back when she was done with her stuff and thanked me for helping. I told Katie not to worry about having an accident like this as it has happened to me many times.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading.



Reply to Thom

Hey Thom. I am often in the Home Depot store and and shocked at how often guys will be talking on the phone while taking a dump in a public restroom. I never answer the phone in those situations because, like you said, the sound of flushes and air dryers make it pretty obvious where you are located. I did hear one guy answer his phone and say "I'm in the bathroom at Home Depot, about to take a shit. I'll call you back in a few minutes."

Carlie B.

Checking In + Responses to Lindsey and Alexandra!

Hi all it's been a while since I last posted! Rest assured I've still popped on to read every once in a while so I've really just been lurking behind the scenes. I've been ultra busy lately and haven't had time to sit down and share many recent stories. Work has lightened up just a bit here which is why I'm sitting down to write this now. Hopefully I can be a bit more active going forward!

To Alexandra: Great story! I also recall your first one a while back and I hope you continue to post more! That's interesting that you are now going less frequently than you used to. I'm not surprised you're poops have therefore, as you said, gone from huge to enormous. As a fellow big pooper I couldn't help by chuckle when you described clogging your toilet midway through your dump. I call those double-clogs! My dumps typically just one big log more often than not, but when I do a multi-part load I too give it a flush midway unless I'm just absolutely unloading and don't have time. Have you ever clogged one toilet, and then instead of continuing to pile on, moved to a new toilet to finish up and end up clogging that one too? I've attempted that three times in large public bathrooms (where potentially two clogged toilets won't be the end of the world) and succeeded twice.

To Lindsey: Great story from a few weeks ago about your incident with the fire evacuation! Also, thanks for making the survey. Please continue to post more!

1. The biggest I've ever seen was surprisingly not my own but instead a friend of a friend. I wrote about it a while back.

2. She was about 6' and fairly 'well-built' so I guess that fact she pooped big wasn't terribly surprising, but just HOW big she pooped certainly was.

3. I think I poop bigger than others would expect looking at me. I'm just above average height and just a tad overweight but my friends make fun of me saying I poop more than a sumo wrestler.

I have a story to share but I think I'll do that in a separate post. Hope all is well with everyone!


Lindsey's Question

Lindsey: So I cannot tell what was the largest load I have ever seen for sure. This is because sometimes the toilet bowl is clogged and possibly many girls did their business in there, but maybe only a single one. But I can remember the largest single log I have seen from a single person quite well. This was at a Christian summer camp a while ago. We stayed there a whole week. On the first day, a girl called Mary-Jo hurt her ankle during a sport activity. The counselors brought her to a nearby hospital. Her condition was not serious so she came back the same night.
Mary-Jo was one year younger than me but she was taller. I remember she would braid her blonde hair.
The camp was great & everyone had a great time. There were quite some bathroom-related adventures! I spent very little time with Mary-Jo because she did not sleep in the same room or belong to my group of friends.
So on the last day everyone had to help cleaning the facilities. I was assigned a bathroom near the dinning area. Because people still needed to use the bathroom I was told to clean it last! So when most girls were done with their chores they went for an activity outside. When I was almost done cleaning the bathroom Mary-Jo came in! She asked me if it was ok to use the toilet & I said that's ok. So I was cleaning the sinks but Mary-Jo didn't come out of her stall so I knew she was having a poop! When I was done cleaning the sinks I asked her if she was doing ok. She said yes but the painkillers that she had been taking made her very constipated! She said she hadn't gone a single time in the whole week! I said that's impressive & how often do you go normally? She said twice a day!
We chatted and then she wiped because she was done. Then she flushed & then said Lea we have a problem. She unlocked her stall and came out & I could see she had clogged the toilet! Mary-Jo had produced a single massive log! It was clearly longer than a foot (maybe almost two) and very very wide! I said OMG how did this get out of you & she said I don't know! There was also almost no paper because it was a clean one! Also, I expected a terrible smell but there was almost none!
There was clearly no point plunging that toilet because the log was wider than the pipe. Mary-Jo asked what do we do now? Then I had an idea: I can use the latex glove I wore for cleaning to remove the huge log and dispose of it elsewhere! Then Mary-Jo said she wanted nobody to see it because it would embarrass her to death! I said no problem & we'll hide it in an empty cleaning supplies box. So we did & I decided to dump it outside. There were bushes near the building so we would dump it there! The log was rather solid & did not break up. We went there and I dumped it. Then I put the empty box in the trash. No one noticed us! Mary-Jo was very grateful and thanked me many times. I told her that's ok & you would have done the same. Then I cleaned her toilet again and removed all the skidmarks with the brush. When there were no streaks left I flushed & I was done. Just at that moment a counselor came in and asked me what takes me so long & I told her that the toilets were filthy before but I was done now and she was very happy! She told me that I had done a great job.


Reply to Raccoon Man

Raccoon man - glad you like my stories. Regarding my brother's problems with stool withholding, this was something that came and went over the years, but he'd more or less grown out of it by the time he was 10-11. My last post crossed over with yours, but you'll have read in that one that he was offered the opportunity to go in his pants when my parents had run out of other options and were feeling frustrated with him - and he never took it. We never really talked about it much, but I think there were a few different things going on for him.

When he was really young, he'd had a couple of experiences of getting an anal fissure (painful tear) from passing a very large, hard poo. This then made it even more painful to go, which made him hold it on more, which made it more painful, and so on until he started to have problems with overflow. I think when he was around 4-5 he just thought the poo would go away if he didn't let it out. When he was a bit older it was more about being too afraid of it hurting, even though he knew it would be worse the longer he left it. Then, when he was a bit older still (maybe 7-8) it started to become more of a power struggle with my parents - because by that point he'd had so many battles with them about him refusing to let go. At that point, I think he almost saw it as a point of pride that he'd hold on for as long as he possible could.

We also had different attitudes to both the consistency of our poo and to accidents. He always loathed having really soft poo (although he also didn't like his poo being so hard that it hurt coming out), and in any case didn't like fruit and vegetables, whereas I was the exact opposite. He would also go to enormous lengths not to do a poo in his pants, even if it meant that he then leaked poo - I never thought this was very logical, but then we were both kids and my own decision-making in this area was hardly the most sensible, looking back. Our experiences were certainly coloured by our parents' different attitudes to our poo problems - his were perceived as largely his own fault (especially when he was older, and it had become about opposition rather than discomfort), whereas mine were perceived as outside my control, even though at times I might have avoided an accident if I'd been more willing to go at school, or to tell someone that I needed to go.

Overflow accidents really are very common in young kids though, and they're more obvious because they tend to happen every day until the constipation is sorted out. The sort of large, soft accidents I had are common enough as an occasional thing, but I was definitely much more prone to them than average. Even then, the point at which non-overflow accidents become a medical problem is at least one per month for six months (I looked it up for this reply!), and other than maybe in the very first few months of primary school when I was only 4-5, I don't think I ever had that many.

Anna from Austria

Public Bathroom Complaintsle (optional)

@Sprite That is a very interesting question.

I have to answer it with yes and no. A few people complained about my pooping ambiance and smell but they never know it was me thanks to the typical layout of a Austrian public toilet.

I might sound like a broken record now but it is important for the context my story that Austrian toilets offer more privacy than the typical american toilets with their big gaps over and under the stall. In Austria the stalls are enclosed or the gaps are so small that you cannot see much. At best just some parts of the shoes.

So every complaint was not aimed at me but at a random stranger.

Most complaints are over 20 years ago though. At high school pooping was considered uncool so a girl like me having a loud bowl moment was considered something funny and worth nothing.

A few times some girls were also made complaints about the smell I made but again they did not know it was me.

I just heard some girls comenting in my class that somebody stink up the girls room in a horrible way.

Such incidents just happend in high school. at unversity all the women I have enountered had a different approach to pooping. They just considered it normal as it should and ignored my noises and smell. And they were not poop shy either. They had no problem stinking up the ladies room at the uni or the toilets at the dorm themselves.

the complaints I heard during my adulthood were very few not worth mentioning it.

The epitome of that remarks were at high school. But due to the Austrian toilet layout I managed it to stay hidden.

If we had the american style toilets at high school it would have been a horrible time for me. I would not have stayed unnoticed as it was way easier to identify the person in the stall.

During my time in the states I noticed one restroom where the mirrors with the sinks were at the opposite side of the stalls so you could see the other stalls plus the feet of the occupants in the mirror. In Austria most of the time the sinks are in a different rooms althogether. But the american ladies were nice. They completly ignored my noisy poops. Due to the fact that I was just used to the shelf toilets we have here in Austria i felt my poops were even noiser than in Austria. Plus my normal pre poop mid poop and sometimes post poop farts there were also the loud ploops caused by the direct hole toilets. At first I was really embarrased how loud these plops can be. If that happend in my high school the girls would have had field day.But the ladies in the states just ignored my noises and some of them were pooping as well. So everything was fine. And at the end of my 3 weeks trip I got used to the plops as well and i do not felt embarrassing anymore.

so that's it for today.

greetings from Austria


Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Super Soft

My poop was really mushy again today. I went multiple times, and enjoyed it! A few of my poop sessions had gas in them, and my latest one made a little water droplet sound as some of the mushy load came out. To Thom: Sometimes I think I have IBS due to my bowels being loose often. Although I may have urgency at times, I don't have cramping with all those attacks. Sounds like you and the other guy on the phone blasted those toilets good. I was thinking about vacuum toilets while shredding papers today, because I like the sound of my unit on forward. It would be nice if these types of toilets made that whining noise my machine makes when running. At least if I flushed a vacuum toilet and it sounded like that, I wouldn't be afraid of it being really loud. Lol, my toilet imagination getting to me again! On a side note: the whining noise is sort of at a pitch like what I think a toy remote control car sounds like. A toilet that sounded like that while flushing would be cool. Lindsey: Hotel toilets are not bad from my experience. My poops would go down them easily. Good luck with them in the future, and hope those toilets can handle your poop. Bye.


Labor day hike

So I have another super-long story with Danielle. The weather was good this weekend (and it was labor day) so we went on a camping trip again. This time Mike couldn't come because he was paying a visit to his parents in his home town. We decided we should go backpacking! We decided we should bring dehydrated food because it's lighter. We also brought many protein bars. So we left on Saturday morning. I was driving. We arrived to the trail head. Before starting the hike we decided to use the outhouse that was there. Because of the heat the smell was strong! I let Danielle use it first and she was out fast. I also used the outhouse but for peeing only because I really didn't want to stay in there for a long time! We were ready so we started hiking. The hike was beautiful and we had a great time. We also ate sandwiches, apples and protein bars on the trail. We both hydrated well and had to pee in the bushes! I don't mean to brag but I am pretty good at it. On the other hand Danielle complains how inconvenient it is.
So in the afternoon we were done for the day and set camp. The area was pretty exposed so we pitched the tent behind a big boulder for shelter. We were starved so we ate our meals very quickly. Also, we had cookies for desert! So we were very full and we played cards. During the game Danielle said: "My belly is upset because I couldn't crap this morning!" and she rubbed her belly. I asked her if she had to go now and she said actually yes! So I told her to go before the urge goes away. She put her shoes on and got ready to leave the tent but then we noticed that we forgot our trowel! I told her it's ok and she just has to go far enough so we don't step on it by accident lol! So she left and she was away for a while. She came back and I asked her how it went and she said fine but she got tired of squatting & cold so she did not completely finish. I kinda felt I had to go as well but felt too lazy for it. Then we had tea and went to sleep.
I woke up and the weather was quite cold! So I prepared the stove and boiled water for coffee. When the coffee was ready Danielle woke up as well but didn't want to leave her sleeping bag! So we drank coffee while I boiled more water for our breakfast porridge. Squatting by the stove and drinking coffee really triggered my urge to go! I grabbed the TP and told Danielle I was going to take care of some business & she grinned. So I decided to go on the other side of the boulder for privacy and so there is no stepping incident lol! When I got there I saw that Danielle had had the same idea! Her log from the day before was on full display on the ground & was somewhat knobby. I decided I shall go just were she went so to make it easy for us. I pulled down my hiking pants & squatted down. The view was beautiful! The squatting position made me fart immediately! Also my backdoor opened at once. I had to push to get my first turd out! It was somewhat dry because I hadn't gone in two days so I passed some rabbit balls first & then a large knobby turd! The turd's outer end was knobby & dark but it became smoother as it grew. It was very large! It also felt awesome to get all this waste out! I still felt like there was some more to come so I stayed right there. Sure enough another turd came after 2 minutes! That one was skinny and soft and coiled on top of the other one. I was starting to feel cold on my exposed butt & decided to wipe. I cleaned myself up & used hand sanitizer & went back to the tent.
Then we had packaged oatmeal for breakfast and energy bars. Then Danielle got dressed and we packed up everything. She said "Before we leave I have to take a crap!" so I told her that's a good idea & she'll be lighter. So I also said she should go to the same spot than before so other people are not incommoded. We both squatted next to each other because I had to pee before leaving! She said that the freeze-dried food goes right through her. I started to pee right off and so did Danielle. At the same time I could see a turd growing between her legs! It was rather smooth & not too dark so it was definitely not old. Maybe it was even her dinner already making its way out! When the turd touched the ground it started coiling. It looked very soft. Then it fell onto the ground. Only seconds later the next one was on its way. It looked like a very thin and mushy turd! I could smell it despite us being outdoor so it was quite pungent. She was not lying she really had to go! Then she wiped & it was a messy one so she used plenty of TP. There were now two very big heaps under her bottom one of TP and one of crap!
She was done and pulled up her panties & hiking leggins. We smiled at each other because we did a great job at getting rid of our waste! We started hiking & it was great. We walked at a good pace. At lunch we shared a large serving of noodles. But before preparing lunch we both had to pee so we peed right on the trail! There was no point hiding since were were the only ones anyway. Also, we aren't that shy with each other. We made big puddles let me tell you this! This is because it's important to stay hydrated & we drink a lot. We also had cookies for desert! We noticed that the weather was getting windy so we hiked even faster. We wanted to arrive at the camping spot before the weather got even worse. We arrived early & it was a great spot. We set camp & prepared dinner. We were famished because we had hiked so fast so we ate like crazy. That felt very good. Then we played cards outside because the weather still was good. I farted a few times and told Danielle: "All these protein bars I ate are making me somewhat bloated." She answered that she was definitely feeling them too. We drank liquor we had taken with us! We gazed at the stars for some time before the clouds covered the whole sky. We also had a smoke! We were very relaxed and ended up finishing the bottle and talking for a long time.
When I woke up next morning it was raining! Also, I felt tired & a tiny bit nauseous because I had somewhat too much to drink the night before! Danielle was still asleep. I had to pee but I didn't want to disturb her & was feeling very lazy myself so I just ignored it & fell back asleep! When I woke up for the second time Danielle was waking up too! The rain was still pouring down. She told me she was feeling somewhat hangover too. By then I really had to use the bathroom for both things! I farted & I told Danielle about my predicament. She said that she felt exactly the same! She wished we had a nice toilet indoors and that sounded like the nicest thing ever. This got me thinking and I said "what about going in a ziplock bag and dispose of it later?" but Danielle laughed and said "no way!" so I asked her whether she was getting dressed and going out but she really didn't feel like doing so. So I asked her whether she'd rather go under the rain, in a bag or in her panties & she laughed & she said that the ziplock didn't sound that bad after all! Both of us were farting a lot. At this point I was getting desperate and I still wasn't dressed so I had no other choice than going in the awning. I grab the last empty ziplock bag we have & get out of my sleeping bag slowly. I opened the door of the inner tent and went to the awning. I opened the outer tent a bit so I could aim my pee stream outside! Danielle asks "Are you really doing it?" but I have no time to answer because I am basically desperate! I tell her to hold the bag for me so I can focus on not peeing everywhere or falling over. I squat down and pull down my panties (I was only wearing my panties and a T-shirt to sleep). Danielle was still laying in her sleeping bag & she was holding the ziplock near my butt. Squatting down almost made me lose control because I had to go so bad. I told her to hurry & she positioned the bag under my hole. Then I relaxed my sphincters and started going immediately from both ends! Thank God my pee river was flowing away from the tent and the stream didn't spray everywhere. From my other end a log was growing rapidly & coiling in the bag! I could feel it touched the bottom of the bag because there was some resistance. The smell was quite strong and it made Danielle gag! She said that her stomach wasn't feeling well & she might puke! I told her to stay focused because I'm nearly done (that was a lie lol!) My next log starts to come out and it's even softer than the first one! It makes lots of cracking sounds because there is lots of gas trapped inside! The relief was incredible but by legs were already getting tired! I still managed to hold this position for 2-3 minutes. Danielle complained that watching me go made her even more desperate! But I felt there was clearly way more in there. Then, I released wave after wave of soft serve! The smell was foul because all the alcohol I had had. I also farted a lot of very wet farts between the waves!
When I finally felt kinda empty, I wiped many time because it was a messy one. By this time Danielle had accepted she'd have to use the ziplock too! So she closed it and got out of her sleeping bag. She was only wearing panties and a T-shirt just like me. I thought she looked very cute so sleepy & desperate! I went inside the tent so she could squat in the awning. The rain was still pouring down. She quickly tied her hair up in a pony tail and then squatted down facing away from me. From this position I notice that she has very wide sexy hips for her size. She said I'm sorry Lea but I can't hold it anymore & I said that's ok. So I open the ziplock and pick it up & it's super heavy! I'm really impressed by how much it holds. So then I position it under Danielle's bottom while she pulls down her panties to her knees. She farts too and starts peeing like a race horse! She's not as good at aiming as me but it's not terrible. I can see her hole gaping! A log of the size & shape of a banana quickly emerges. After this log, she released an airy fart. Then a second log just like the first one comes out. I have to move the bag to catch it entirely. Danielle moaned in relief and said it felt very good! Afterwards, she started passing loads of soft serve too! The stench was terrible & I had to focus not to get sick. I could recognize vegetable peels and corn bits from our dinner so yes the freeze-dried meal went right through her! I asked her whether she was nearly done because the ziplock was almost full & she said yes she was. She passed two super soft nuggets and then started wiping.
When she was done, I closed the ziplock bag. There were like two pounds of crap in it! Both of us were very impressed. We sanitized our hands using lots of gel. I boiled some water and made us tea for our headaches & stomachs. Then we drank lots of tea and went back to sleep till noon!
Then we ate breakfast & packed our stuff. Both of us were still quite gassy but at least less tired. After we took down the tent we bot peed right on the spot! The rain was very light by then. We didn't know what to do with the bag. The we decided we should dump the contents & pack out the plastic ziplock so to leave no traces. We found a big stone and removed it from its position. Then we emptied the bag in the hole! We laughed a lot because it was disgusting. We were very careful not to get in contact with all that crap. I don't have to tell you about the smell! Then we replaced the stone, smashing the poop. We disinfected our hands again afterwards! Then we hiked back to the trail head & I drove home. I had a second crap that evening! Tbh it was rather small however.


Lindsey's Survey

Lindsey, I appreciate your survey. I shared a story with a similar question a few months back.

1. The biggest dump I've ever seen was done by a college friend of mine named Lauren who was the main topic of my previous story. During a study abroad trip in Spain, we were at a nightclub one night when she said she needed to poop. The club was packed and she asked me to come with her to the bathroom. The bathroom has these huge stalls that basically were like individual bathrooms and she insisted I come in with her. She pulled her dress up and sat on the pot. The music was blasting even in the bathroom so I couldn't hear anything but I could tell by her facial expressions she was straining pretty hard. After a short while she stood up to reveal a truly massive turd. She wiped once, and had to sit right back down and poop some more. When she got back up, I could see she had done a big pile of soft chunks. She was finally done and wiped a few more times. She flushed but needless to say, she had clogged it, which she was quite prone to doing to toilets. We made our exit, leaving the toilet she destroyed waiting for the next unlucky user or until someone came along and unclogged the mess.

2. She is pretty average size so no, I doubt anyone would suspect she poops as big as she does. She is quite well-endowed but otherwise on the skinny side so I can't imagine anyone would believe what can come out of her.

3. I am also about average height and weight and I think my poops are proportional to my size, which is to say they're not big. I'd have to poop a weeks worth to maaaaaybe match one of Lauren's typical ones.

You're also so right about hotel toilets. I have blocked one toilet in my life and it was at a hotel. Funnily enough, a few years back Lauren and I shared a hotel for a weekend for our 5 year college reunion and I remember she clogged it on the first day and just used the lobby bathroom the rest of the stay.


Bowel routine has changed

Hi guys, I'm back. To those who responded to my last story thank you for the warm welcome. I see there are quite a few who can relate to my big pooping abilities. Recently, my routine has changed and it has become normal for me to only go once every 3 or 4 days. This change has made my normally huge dumps enormous.I actually enjoy this change though because they feel even better!. I though this time i would tell the story of my latest one which actually was this morning.

I woke up late since it was Saturday and just spent the morning being lazy until it was time for breakfast I ate my usual cereal and watched TV until i felt things start moving down below. It gradually got worse over the next hour and i started to fart to relieve some of the growing pressure in my stomach. I continued to pass gas over the next several minutes and really had stunk up the room before i started feeling something more solid coming. Soon it became clear that i needed to get to my bathroom since i was about to push out more than just gas. I abruptly got up and walked quickly into my bathroom. Before long i was pulling my pajama pants down to my knees to sit on the toilet. Once i had shifted around to get comfortable and turned around to pick up my magazine off of the tank, i could feel my lower stomach distending as poop filled my colon. i sat there enjoying how full i was feeling for a few moments as my stomach growled away. I could tell before i had even begun that i was about to clog my toilet. Badly. i smiled with delight as i felt the pressure overcome my ability to hold it in and a large, thick, soft log started to slide into the toilet. As i was pooping, i farted several times which made it crackle out faster until i felt resistance since it had reached the bottom. with a slight push it was moving again as it folded up below me. This continued for about 20 seconds before it tapered off and fell silently into the bowl below. My stomach felt slightly better, but i could feel so much more squeezing down as i flipped through pages of my magazine. I realized that this was probably my best opportunity to flush so i reached back and pressed the handle as i felt my rectum refilling gradually. I heard a slow swirling noise from below me as the toilet struggled and failed to move my load.I giggled to myself as the toiled finished its futile flush. I didn't even bother to look as i was about to add to my previous offerings in a big way. Once my colon had refilled, i farted once again and poop exploded into the bowl below. Over the next several minutes, many gassy waves followed as splashes became splats and the smell in the bathroom became unbearable. I was feeling so much better and with one final splattering burst, i sighed with relief and grinned as i thought about the disaster which i had just unleashed on my poor toilet. I decided to refrain from wiping until i saw what i had created. When i looked in the bowl i saw a large mound of poop in the middle with splatters all over the sides. For the next few minutes i plunged and plunged until my mess finally went down and i could finally wipe. Even after flushing 5 times the toilet was still a mess. Oh well, i felt great and I'm looking forward to next time. I may have to start trying to go in public though since my toilet isn't coping well at all with my new schedule. Ill be sure to report back if i decide to go in public.

Kristi: Great sink story!

Cammie: great bath story!

Susie: please have diarrhea in one of the glasses if you get a chance! It would be so cool! I love all of your stories, keep up the naughtiness.

Hollyrae: you were very clever using that cup!

Nia: remember to spread and pull up, and then you can pee standing! Practice outside and Everytime you shower and bathe.


colonoscopy and aftermath

Haven't posted in a while and only intermittently reading, but I thought this was a good place to share a story of my first colonoscopy. My Dr. recommended I get one earlier than I would have otherwise because of a family history of colon cancer. I wasn't looking forward to it, but it wasn't really as bad as I feared it might have been, and actually sort of interesting in a strange way. One thing unexpected was that the prep solution, well, it's a little bit gross (kind of like bubble-gum-flavoured antifreeze, and you have to drink 4L of it) but it was in some ways not quite what I imagined. I did start to have very liquid BMs maybe a little less than an hour after drinking the first few glasses, but it didn't feel like normal diarrhea in that it was a lot less irritating and there wasn't really cramping the way I usually get if I have diarrhea. It was more like liquid just smoothly pouring in one end and out the other, getting progressively clearer as the process went on. After the first few hours it does kind of get old, and eventually I started having some very mild abdominal discomfort, but not nearly the level of irritation that it would be with ordinary diarrhea for that long. I had to save the last liter for the morning before, and the first movement that morning was slightly cloudy, but after that it really was pretty much clear liquid. The aftermath feels a little strange in that I haven't really properly gone since then. It's actually only been 3 days since Friday, but before the whole ordeal I had really been on a very regular once-a-day schedule for a while, so skipping three days feels weird. On Saturday morning I kind of felt like I had to go, but only tiny little bits came out and it was like when you turn on the tap after the water's been shut down and it just sputters at first. Since then, nothing, which is really weird in comparison to my habits beforehand. I guess with everything cleared out of the whole pipeline (and no longer drinking that gunk), it takes a while for anything to pass all the way through.


I wet my pants

So I've been tentatively wearing panties again since I've had way fewer accidents lately. But yesterday I broke my awesome dry streak. I was at work in the break room and I needed to potty a little. I ignored it because it was just a little and then I forgot to go. I went back to my desk and got back to work. My need started to grow but I was preoccupied with my tasks so I kept putting off. Then my panties grew warm and a rather large dribble wet the crotch of my panties. It was then that I knew I'd better go potty or I'd have an accident. Before I could get up though, my boss stopped by to chat. I was squirming focusing on not dribbling again. My stomach hurt and I dribbled a little more. I needed to potty so bad. Finally she left. I needed to hold my private but I was embarrassed for anyone to see. The bathroom was down a long hall. By the time I got there my crotch was warm and wet. I had to wait for a stall. I just knew I was going to have an accident. Then a person came out of a stall and I dashed in. Just a little too late. I started to wet my pants. I unfastened my pants and started to pull them down as my dribbling turned into a torrent. I was gushing down my legs and all over my shoes and the floor. I couldn't move. When I finished going in my pants, I sat down on the toilet wondering what to do. Everyone would be able to see my accident in my tan pants. Why would I of all people wear tan pants. I needed my spare clothes. I had to do the walk of shame in my urine soaked pants all the way to my locker. Alot of stares but no one said anything.

Michael W.

Summer '96

Hi everyone. I'm back to share a few stories from back in the day. Here it goes.
One day during late June of 1996. I was 8 years old. My parents have called it quits with their marriage. Mom moved to the next town over and got with a heavy metal junkie who looked like Jesus Christ himself. Except he had tattoos on his shoulders which I thought were cool. His name is Willy. My mom worked as a CNA at Chelsea Manner and Willy didn't have a job. He watched me and my older bro Josh while my mom worked. When we were at Willy's friend's house they were fixing their electric guitars. I was outside exploring the yard it was a couple of acres on outskirts of town. I felt a cramp and ignored it and it got worse in ten minutes later. Then I got sweaty. I felt like I was gonna have diarrhea. So I ran in the house to find the bathroom. When I got there Josh had just got out. I went in and closed the door. I yanked down my shorts and underwear down to my ankles and sat in the toilet and had explosive diarrhea for about an hour. My stomach hurt and my butthole burned. I cupped my chin with my hand as I sat there listening to '80s Heavy Metal music playing really loud in the house. I didn't mind it though. It helped me relax and I liked the songs. They were "Rock you like a hurricane," "No one like you," "Big city nights" by The Scorpions. "We're not gonna take it" by Twisted Metal. "I want it all" by Queen and so on.
Onto my next story. One day in July that same year we went to Ponderosa. There was me, Josh, my Dad, and Heather and Holly (Twins from next door). Anyways while we were there I ate soooo much. I had a plate of mashed potatoes, carrots, Salisbury steak, couple of biscuits, a plate of speghetti, a drumstick of fried chicken, green beans, and a plate with two pieces of apple pie and a bowl of ice cream. My dad said "If you keep eating your cheeks will blow up like a balloon in that "Nightmare on Elm Street" movie. Where in the movie the pretty girl can't eat cuz she's anerexic and a model and she dreamed that Freddy Krueger made her eat till her facial cheeks got big. And she realized she's eating herself. Anyways after we ate we did some shopping and I had a stomach ache cuz I ate so much. When we got home I ran to the bathroom and pooped my brains out for a good 40 some minutes. While I sat there Holly opened the door in the bathroom and saw me on the toilet. She was like "Eww You're going poop." And I said "So what? I saw you pooping on the toilet before." I have. She used to open the door when she went. She would talk to me about things and life while she sat there for like 30 minutes.
Anyways onto my last story. It was August of that same year. We went to Ponderosa again and the twins from next door came along and I did eat quite a bit but not like the last time. After we ate we went to the movies to go see "The Phantom" and we got there early before the started showing the trailers and Heather left the theater to use the bathroom. She was in there for a while. I would say like over 20 minutes. Holly even went to the Ladies Room to check on her sister. By the time she got back the movie had already started. The next morning, me, my brother, and the twins were watching Saturday morning cartoons. Heather and Holly were bickering about dumb stuff. And then Holly brought up what happened when she went to check in her sister in the Ladies Room the night before. Holly said "I knew it was you pooping in that stall at the movies. You were wearing those white socks with those high heel loafers. You lifted your feet up so I couldn't notice you. And you didn't answer me when I asked if you were okay." I was like "Okay.".
Anyways that is all for now. I'll share another story later. Till then Happy Pooping everyone.


painful period poops

I've seen some discussion on here about period poops recently, so I thought I'd chip in with my experience.

I tend to get heavily constipated before my period. (Go figure.) I usually go 5 to 7 days without pooping until the day my period starts. Once my period does start, though, things tend to shift. My gut begins moving and I will have softer poop. However, since it's been so long since I've pooped, the soft poop is blocked by a ton of hard, dry poop. I spend most of "day 1" of my period doubled over on the toilet, desperately trying to push out the compacted poop so the soft poop can come out. For those who can't relate, let me tell you, dealing with period cramps and constipation cramps at the same time is not fun at all. It's so painful! When I finally do dislodge the hard stuff, my body doesn't even get time to recover before the soft poops come. Though they are soft, they are BIG, and they still hurt quite a lot.

Does anyone else have this type of experience? I'd love to hear any tips for getting through those painful toilet sessions. Ouch!

Also, for anyone wondering, I'm due to have my next period in about a week and if it's anything like my last one was poop-wise, it's gonna hurt. Grr!


Child Development Studies class

This semester at college I'm taking taking child development studies as an elective. I figured having done so much child care work that is largely financing my education, it would be an interesting class. The discussions we have also have caused me to recall a couple of situations in my background.

This boy Derrick and has family lived two doors down from us. He was 7 or 8 and had just gotten his first bike. I was 10 or 11 and learned that the bikes gave us freedom to leave or own street and make friends at places like the park or pool. So on summer days instead of going to the bathroom at home as much, we would go wherever we were like at the petromart, the park or once in a portable toilet that had been delivered for a street carnival.

This one morning we had been at the park for a couple of hours. My crap was knocking and I suggested Derrick go into his side of the toilet hut and go too. We had shared a large water jug on my back porch and Derrick was not one of those people to hold onto his piss for one second longer than necessary. So I took him to the door of the guys room and I hurried around the corner to the girls room where I took a fully formed shit. A lot more satisfying than the previous day when I nearly had an accident with diarrhea in a 100-degree portable toilet. The toilet paper roll had been stolen, the f**** door was so much off track that I could see about a 1/4 inch of sunlight coming in on the right side of the door. And when I finally tried to stand up, my right butt check stuck to the hot metal seat. I also missed the step in leaving, fell and skinned my knee. And some guys riding in back of a pickup truck started honking and applauded me.

I hadn't heard a flush from Derrick's side, so I became suspicious. I wiped, flushed and once outside called out to Derrick. A man and a little boy, probably about 5 who had one of his hands over his crotch and seemed to be in tears, brushed by me fast and into the girls room. Noticing that Derrick had not come out yet, and after calling into him and getting only a muffled answer, I went in. This was like a bathroom set up I had never seen before. Here was a small room with a 3-way enclosure like my mom has on her module at her office. Derrick was on the toilet, hand on his penis directing his pee into the bowl. Within 6 inches of him was a urinal in the floor. Next to it was a small sink and towel dispenser. Derrick was upset because the man came running in and asked to have his son piss in the urinal. The boy would have been standing so close to where Derrick was sitting that he might have even been splashed. And Derrick said No. The father seemed to not care about his privacy and said some nasty things about Derrick in front of his son. That is where I came in.

In calming Derrick down I explained to him that the bathroom was set up differently than anything he or I had seen. Even with no privacy door the person on the toilet still is entitled to his space. I told him there was nothing wrong with him sitting down to pee, just like there are girls that will squat-stand to pee. I told him the harsh language from the dad was probably out of frustration for his son and that the bathroom was different than probably any other he will use. When we got back to my house for lunch, my mom said it might have been a Family Bathroom, but that the guy was just being a jerk and acting immature in front of his son.

Are there any other strange bathrooms you guys have seen in public places?


Courtney, my college roommate

Hi everyone!

So over the last few months since I found this page, I've shared a few bathroom-related stories about a few people. Steve, my husband... my girl friends Emily and Amber, and a couple others.

I did at one point bring up my college roommate Courtney, but I never really went into any great detail.

So in my sophomore and junior years, Courtney and I were roommates; our dorm room had its own bathroom. There was a communal bathroom on the floor (as a freshman, my room didn't have a bathroom, so I had to use the public bathroom.). Although I had gotten more comfortable with going in public, it was nice to share a bathroom with just one other person.

Courtney has straight dark hair and is tall: About 5'10". She is thin and most people would say she is very attractive. She was a bridesmaid at my wedding (and helped hold up my wedding dress so that I could take a crap), and the two of us are still good friends, although she does live a ways away.

So, I don't like to have to rush when I'm pooping. I like to take my time. However, if need be, I can be a fast pooper. Steve marvels over how I can sometimes poop in less time than it takes me to pee.

So I just had it in my mind that proper roommate etiquette is to not take forever in the bathroom. Especially if the other person has to go.

So if I was in our bathroom pooping and Courtney asked through the door if I was almost done, I'd pick up the pace and finish my business.

Courtney- and I love her- didn't seem to have the same philosophy. She would take. Her. Time.

She'd go into the bathroom with a textbook or a magazine and she might not emerge for a half hour. (It's a good thing smart phones didn't exist back then.)

I get it. I enjoy going into the bathroom to read or to mess around on my phone. I don't always go in when I have a strong need to go poop. I'll go in, sit, and usually something will come out.

So I didn't mind Courtney taking her time... EXCEPT, of course, when her roommate (ME) had to go to the bathroom.

And there were many, many times when I had to really, really go. And the door is closed and she's in there and I KNOW she's just sitting there.

So, trying to be a good friend and roommate, my first approach was usually to politely knock on the door and ask her if she was almost done.

*(There were at least a few times when I didn't bother with any conversation... I just ran down the hall to the communal bathroom and took care of business there.)*

Her response was ALWAYS: "I'm going."

What does that mean? "I'm going?" Does that mean you're actively pooping? Does that mean you're halfway done? Almost done? Just starting? These are important questions, especially when seriously needing to go pee/poop/both.

So I'd try to wait. But eventually I'm needing to go and get a little more forceful. Usually by asking, "Are you almost done?"

Sometimes (rarely) she would finish within minutes. But usually, the answer was something like "I don't know."

And I understand that you don't always know if your body is done, but that's no conciliation for me.

So at that point, it's either going down the hall to the communal bathroom... or take firm action with my slowpoke roommate.

And firm action meant opening the door and basically telling her I needed to use the toilet immediately.

She understood (although she sometimes asked why I didn't just use the communal bathroom; the reason was that I was still a little shy pooping in public), and she would get off the toilet.

And nine times out of ten, the only thing in the toilet was her pee. Or maybe a tiny bit of poop. Nothing that should have taken her 10-15 minutes.

So I'd sit down while she's just standing there with her pants down, poop a huge load, wipe, and give her back the toilet. Usually with a look on my face that said, "That's how you go to the bathroom."

Once in a rare while the roles were reversed. I'd be on the toilet and she'd be desperate to go. Depending on how badly I needed to go, I'd either let her go first, or I'd partially go (I'd get the big stuff out and then let her have the toilet; then I'd finish after she went.) And she did take decent-sized craps. It's just that she really, really liked to take her time.

So yeah, that's Courtney.

As an aside: It was in college where I learned that EVERY girl pees in the shower. Freshman year, we had shower stalls separated by curtains. I can't tell you how many yellow streams I saw in the stalls next to me.

And I'd say, "Well, she's peeing. I might as well pee too."

So yeah, college was where I became a serial shower pisser.



Emma two

Desperate on the way home

I was busting for a poo this morning and but we'd run out of toilet rolls so I walked down to the local shop to get some more as well as a few things we were low on. It took me a few minutes to get to the shop and by then I was getting desperate for a poo. I got all the things we needed and as I was leaving the shop I felt my bowels trying to push against my will and I clenched hard to avoid pooing myself. It was then I realised I hadn't pood in five days which meant I was in for a very large bowel movement when I got home. I also knew I'd probably end up badly blocking the toilet so I decided not to use it. Instead I walked down the alley behind the flats where no one ever goes due to the overgrown weeds and self seeded trees that have been growing for a few yesrs. I found myself a nice secluded spot where I felt confident no one would see me and pulled down my knickers and jeans and squatted down. I relaxed and immediately felt relief as I felt my poo coming out. It was huge and it broke off at about ten inches long as the next one followed it and that dropped to the ground at about a foot long. I still felt like I needed to go so I pushed and I did a final poo at about nine inches in length. The relief was incredible after all that pooping and I wiped my bottom and pulled my knickers and jeans back up and walked home feeling a few pounds lighter.


Being given permission to go in your pants

Someone recently asked about whether anyone was given permission to wee or poo in their pants as a child. I was never told directly that I could (or should) do this, but there were a couple of times when I had already messed myself and had a bit of an upset stomach that I was told not to worry if it happened again before we found a toilet (such as the time coming home from the supermarket that I already wrote about).

My brother did get told that he could try and go in his pants if he wanted to on maybe three different occasions - all when he was stool-withholding, and was squatting down to hold his poo in when he clearly desperately needed to go. However, he never actually let it out in these situations - it was more that my parents were at their wits' end trying to figure out how to encourage him to push the poo out.

Whilst I was never told to actually actively poo myself, I can remember one time when the instruction was not to worry if I couldn't hold on. This happened when I had just turned ten, and we were having a family walk in the countryside near our town. There are all kinds of nice walks in the southwest of the UK, and often we'd go half an hour before seeing another family on the path - especially on a day like this one, as it was late autumn and pouring with rain. I never really minded walking in the rain, as my parents had kitted me and my brother out with really good waterproofs, including proper walking boots, waterproof over-trousers and hiking socks.

We stopped for lunch at a pub half-way round the walk [for US readers - most country pubs in the UK are family-friendly and serve large cooked lunches for weekend hikers], and afterwards I went to the loo, but only needed a wee. We set off on our way again, as the rain set in and became heavier.

Later in the afternoon, I started to need a poo, and the pressure was building up quite quickly - the combination of walking and a big meal. I asked my dad how far we had to go - it was going to be about an hour until we got back to the car. I told him I needed the loo and wasn't sure I could hold on that long, and he asked if I would like him to help me to do my poo behind a hedge where no-one would see, and then bury it. Part of me wanted his help - I disliked pooing outdoors more than I minded having accidents, but I had done so in an emergency once (with my dad's help) when I had to do quite a runny poo and it was just starting to come out. Trying to poo outside whilst it was pouring with rain would mean opening my waterproofs, and I really didn't want to get wet. I explained this to my dad and asked him if it was OK if I just tried to hold on - although I'm sure the uncomfortable look on my face was making it clear that I didn't really believe I could. He said something like "It's OK, James, no-one likes going outside, especially in the rain - hold on as long as you can, and if anything goes wrong don't worry, but let me know, OK?".

This was a weight off my mind for two reasons - firstly, because I was always worried about getting into trouble for having messy pants, even though I was almost never told off for it, and secondly because there had been another, secret, reason I didn't want my dad helping me to poo in the bushes that afternoon. Since we'd left the pub, I'd been playing the game with myself that I mentioned in an earlier post - letting a firm nugget of poo start to come out and then pushing it back to see how far I could get it - and it had accidentally popped out into my pants just at the point that the pressure had started to build up, before I realised what was happening. Normally this wouldn't have been a problem, as it was easy to shake it out of my pants and down my trouser leg when no-one was looking on a country walk, but because of all the wet-weather clothing, my trousers were tucked into my hiking socks underneath my over-trousers, and the poo would have ended up stuck at the bottom of my trousers, where it would have got squished into my sock and made a horrible mess. I really didn't want my dad to see that I had a lump of poo in my pants already - I was worried he'd immediately guess that it was the result of carelessness rather than desperation.

I did do my best to hold onto my poo as we kept walking, but me being me, my best wasn't good enough, and quarter of an hour later the pressure in my bum surged, I felt a bit more firm poo push its way inexorably out, and then a rush of mushy poo started to come out after it. the particular thing I remember about that accident was the sensation of trying to hold it back as much as possible at first, but having a bit more escape with every step; more and more each time until the whole poo was out. It was a fairly wet load of mush - it didn't stop me walking normally, but I could feel it squishing between my legs with each stride. A little while later, I felt a second wave of pressure, and as my pants were already dirty and I'd been told not to worry, I just let it come out. I remember the warmth being very comfortable on a cold, wet day. I could smell it within my waterproofs if I pulled my head further into my cagoule hood, but they did as good a job of keeping the smell in as the water out. It was a fairly normal poo by my standards - mushy because of my healthy diet, not because I was in any way poorly.

When we got back to the car, I knew I should tell my dad what had happened, but I was just too embarrassed, especially with my little brother within earshot. Luckily, because it was absolutely pouring with rain by this point, we decided to all stay in our waterproofs in the car for the short drive home rather than trying to strip off in the carpark, and so my over-trousers did a great job of keeping my booster seat clean. My mum asked about the smell, but both me and my brother said we'd probably stepped in cowpats - I doubt my dad believed me, as he knew I'd been desperate for a poo, but it was true that we'd just walked through a field full of cows.

As soon as we back home and in the dry, we all started to remove our layers of waterproofs and warm clothes. When I tried to take my walking socks off, I realised that a blob of soft poo was stuck in my trouser leg at calf level - it must have squeezed out of my pants and gone down my leg without me noticing. I tried to hide it (which wasn't actually hard, given that the socks were covered in mud that had splashed in under my over-trousers). My dad asked if I "needed help with anything" - obviously meaning "I know you've pooed your pants; let me help you clean up", but I didn't take the hint and instead went up to the bathroom, saying that I still desperately needed a poo. As soon as I took my trousers down I realised I was in over my head and wasn't going to be able to clean myself up, as there was poo everywhere. Luckily, my dad came in a moment later - I hadn't realised, but the seat of my trousers had an obvious damp stain on it, and he knew exactly what had happened. He peeled off my dirty underwear, before cleaning me off in the shower.

My dad didn't tell me off - in fact he was very sympathetic about what had happened as he knew I'd had a difficult choice to make. He did ask my why I hadn't told him though, and he accepted it was because I was embarrassed - but he said he worried about me sitting in my poo for longer than I needed if I didn't ask for help, or not being able to clean myself well enough to avoid sore skin. This didn't stop me from being shy about admitting to accidents, but I did make a point of trying to be more independent about cleaning myself up after that. I suspect I would have had a mild telling-off if I'd got poo all over the car seat because of not warning my dad that I was in a mess though.


Title correction

Just a correction:

I made a post that was addressed TO Lindsey and others.

I accidentally put my name as Lindsey.

Monday, September 20, 2021

Victoria B.



So I read Kristi's post about her cousin with Crohn's disease and decided to ask Robyn's mom about Remicade. She's a rheumatologist and not a gastroenterologist, but I was surprised to find out that she's also prescribed in the past for patients with autoimmune forms of arthritis like ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis. Turns out that Crohn's, like ulcerative colitis, is also an autoimmune disease and Remicade works in Crohn's disease patients by suppressing an overactive immune system that attacks healthy tissue and good bacteria in the small and large intestines.

However with IBS the pain and poop problems aren't caused by troubles with the immune system. I've undergone some of same testing that is given to IBD (ulcerative colitis and Crohn's together are called inflammatory bowel disease) and celiac disease patients but I've tested negative every time and haven't had a colonoscopy or barium enema because there's never been blood in any of my stool samples, I've never noticed it in the bowl on or toilet paper after I've pooped and I don't get nauseated or throw up often, maybe once every two years if even.

Someone gets diagnosed with IBS only when their doctor has listened to them talk about what's wrong, physically examined them and then gotten negative results on blood, urine and stool tests to rule out celiac disease, IBD or a parasitic infection. The letter appended onto the acronym IBS is what generally happens when the patient poops: A for Alternating like me, C for Constipation and D for Diarrhea. The reason why IBS patients have to do those same tests is one of the most evil secrets about the human body: you can simultaneously have both IBS AND Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

I'm glad I don't have to deal with that!


Raccoon Man (Coonie)

To James

Hey James, first i'd like to say I'm a fan of your stories, and I hope to hear more in the future.

I do have one question/comment though. You've talked about how your brother was prone to constipation, unlike yourself who was more prone to accidental and semi-accidental soft poos in your pants. And it made me wonder if maybe he would have been better off if he was encouraged to let his out in his pants before they got so hard and backed up

It seemed like he stank just as bad anyway, and he would have felt a lot better not having to go. Also, if going in his pants was an option, so to speak, I suspect he would have had better luck becoming regular and staying that way. Even if some of those regular movements were in his undies

Anyone have any thoughts? James or otherwise


Public Bathroom Complaints

Hi. I've been reading this site for ages but haven't posted a single thing for years. Quite frankly, this site is the only one I have ever come across were people can discuss this taboo subject.

Now to my question:

Has a person in the next stall of a public bathroom ever been rude and complained that your bowel movement was too loud, too smelly, or something else? If so, how did you respond?

Take care,


Maho, translator is Mina

Dear Kristi

I write to you because I have kindred spirit with girl in line for loo behind you, who is pretty and have a brown hair.

When we found out Lovely Victoria is OK, we were relief, and we ran to loo because of react from stomach. So I and Hisae did big dump, then Mina and Kazuko did same, then flush, then me and Hisae again, then Kazuko and Mina again, so two big brown watermelons in our loo. Then my 3 crushes finish but I was girl who hadn't gone in a week, like you said, so 3 crushes did conclusion of dump, then I sat down and did watermelon again.

You were kind woman to not criticise girl with brown hair. I understand her feeling. I needed to do and do and do more until empty.

(Now it is Mina writing.)

I and Kazuko and Hisae looked at Maho who hadn't gone in a week. She sit there, she was so beautiful. (OW!) We were so happy she could do and do and do never-ending.

(Now it is Maho, and Mina translates.)

Things what Mina say is pants. (OW!) I am not beautiful. My 3 crushes are beautiful because they look at me so warm eyes. That night in the bed, I cried long time, I was moved so much. Sweet Kazuko put arm round me and console.

(Now it is Hisae, and Mina translates.)

There is big pinch mark on left half of Mina's bottom, and origin is fingers of Maho. There is big pinch mark on left half of Maho's bottom, and origin is fingers of Mina.

(Now it is Mina writing for everybody.)

We are happy that you were ready to let brown hair girl go first because she was doing poo dance. We hope we can be kind like you to person who has emergency!!

Love to you and Steve and everyone.

Hisae Maho Kazuko Mina




I'm sorry. I wish there was some way for you to find relief for your IBS.

1. What is the biggest dump you've ever seen?

Honestly... the biggest dump I've ever seen came out of ME. I'm trying to think of something else but truly I just take massive ones.

Biggest one ever? Hmm. I deposited the longest log in human history at the Cincinnati Airport. There's a post about that on here. But the thickest and biggest (and the most painful) was when I had been on Vicodin for a week due to a leg injury. I hadn't gone for 6 days which is unheard of for me.

Steve was a hero that night. It was horribly painful but I had to get it out of me. Lot of tears and a lot of straining. Steve was just a really good cheerleader and was very supportive.

2. Was it done by someone you would expect to take massive dumps? Or was it done by someone who you would never have suspected had the capabilities?

I don't think anyone would look at me and think that I poop the way that I do. But like I said, I don't think there's any correlation.

3. Are you yourself someone who poops proportionate to your size (in your own opinion of course) or do you poop more or less than you think you should based on your size

I think I answered that above.

I eat a lot of fiber. That may account for it.

I haven't always been this way. There have been times when I'd sit down to poop, push and push and push, and get a decent dump. But I'd feel like I didn't get everything out of me.

Nowadays, when I'm done, I'm done. I'm empty.
I also get a quasi-sexual feeling when a big poop comes out of me. If you research the vegus nerve, you'll read that taking a big poop can actually stimulate an orgasmic feeling.

I have had issues with clogging hotel toilets. They're often not powerful enough. So then you have to either leave them, which is what I'll do if we are just spending one night, or call the front desk.

Steve has taken the "blame" on every occasion. I haven't asked him to, but he steps up and says that he clogged the toilet.

Tyler: So Steve actually posted about our rendezvous. It's not up here yet so be on the lookout!

As for a time when Steve has been supportive: There have been DOZENS of times when I've needed him in the bathroom and he's come to my rescue.

I'm going to repost a story that best shows his love and support:

About four months ago, I was sick. Really, really sick. I had thrown up several times. I was lying in bed, incredibly weak. I don't know what it was that was wrong with me. At some point I just fall asleep from exhaustion.

I woke up at midnight with a full bladder. I try to roll over and get out of bed and end up falling on the floor. My husband wakes up immediately and comes to me. I'm not hurt from falling, but I really have to pee. I asked him to help me get to the bathroom so I could pee. He said that if I wanted he could get me a glass to go in. I said that I thought I could make it to the bathroom. So my husband helps me to my feet and walks me to the bathroom. I'm so unsteady on my feet that he has to actually turn me around so I'm facing the right way. Then he's holding me up so I can get my shorts down. Finally I slowly sit down. He's holding my upper body up. I start to pee... I can feel the relief, but I'm not hearing my pee hit the water. I look down and see that I'm sitting at the absolute front of the toilet. My pee is going all over the toilet seat and is splashing onto my poor husband. I started sobbing... and he's being so comforting. Telling me it's okay and that he should have gotten me sitting farther back.

So I'm sitting there, having peed all over the place, and of course, OF COURSE my body can't just be done.

99 percent of the time I enjoy pooping. (I've read that pooping triggers the vegus nerve in the body which can cause pleasure... even an orgasm).

This was not one of those times. I already felt messy from peeing all over myself and my husband. I just wanted to be done. But my body had different plans. I couldn't have held it in even if I wanted to. And I'm sitting too far forward on the toilet, so my poop isn't going into the water. It's hitting the front of the bowl. And then I started peeing again. I'm trying to scoot backwards but to little avail.

Finally, I THINK I'm done. I'm crying my eyes out while my husband is reassuring me and telling me that he loves me. I'm too weak to do anything. My husband gets two wet washcloths. He carefully wipes me. I'm really messy in the back. He gets me clean underwear and shorts.
He helps me up. Helps me get dressed.

The toilet and the floor are gross. My piss is all over the floor and the toilet. The toilet is full of my brown skid marks. (I pride myself on keeping a clean bathroom, so this is upsetting me greatly.)

I'm on my way back to bed while my husband is getting ready to clean the bathroom... and the urge hits me again. Bad. I yell for my husband, who comes running. "I have to s*** more", I tell him. He doesn't hesitate. He picks me up and carries me into the bathroom.

I don't want to sit on the nasty toilet again. My husband pulls my shorts and panties off. I start looking for somewhere... anywhere... to poop.

And this is the grossest poop confession I'm probably ever going to make on this forum: I barely had the strength, but I was able to pull myself up on the bathroom counter. And I then proceeded to deposit a six-inch long log right in our bathroom sink.

In. The. Sink.

I collapsed into my hubby's arms. And then a strange thing happened. I started to laugh. I actually started to laugh at the whole situation. My husband starts to chuckle as well, and says, "Kristi, you just took a s*** in the sink."

And the log in the sink? It was the kind of turd that usually is the FIRST thing out of my butt under normal circumstances. Not the last thing.

My husband again helped me get clean and got me to bed."




Public Toilet Survey/The BEST Toilet

Now out of college and as a teacher at my old high school, I have a survey that I think could be of interest to our group. Here goes:


1. When away from home will you go out of your way to find the best toilet to urinate or move your bowels in? Why? What is BEST? How do you judge that?

2. How do you feel about single toilet, family or unisex bathrooms as an alternative to the much larger and public ones?

3. How large was the largest bathroom you have ever used?

4. What is the most comfortable bathroom you have ever used?

5. For what reasons would you reject a bathroom?

6. As a babysitter, former baby sitter or someone with child care responsibilities who made the choice (the child or you) about what toilet will be used.

7. What is MOST important to you in selecting a public restroom stall?
a) proximity and availability
b) a privacy door
c) clean seat
d) an especially higher (handicapped) or lower (kid-friendly)
toilet height.
e) adequate toilet paper
f) clean, non-clogged bowl
g) other (explain)

I'll start:


1. Because I've been in school for almost all of my life I take the closest available toilet. I'm pretty efficient, can crap in 90 seconds or so and do my piss in half that time. Its down and out with me.

2. I will take the single toilet bathroom when it is open, especially when I'm in places such as gas stations and bars.

3. When traveling a few years ago, I used an airport bathroom that had something like 40 toilets, 20 on each side of a wall with sinks and dryers. I had to wait about 10 minutes for my turn, but it beat taking my dump on my upcoming flight.

4. The most comfortable public bathroom I used was in my junior high. The school was very modern and had toilets at three different levels of height. Being less than 4' tall then, I appreciated sitting with my feet firmly planted on the floor.

5. If someone has puked in one of the toilets. The sight and smell cases me to do a quick exit for another bathroom. Also, if a previous user has been very messy in dealing with her period. I would think that would be taught and practiced at home.

6. I continue to pay off my college loans by babysitting and my 12 years experience has been to let the child select their toilet. But in several cases as they are pulling down their clothing, I do point out if they are lacking toilet paper.

7. For me, still physically challenged as being much shorter than many of my high school students, a lower-height toilet when I can find one is inviting. I'm getting better though because my feet now when seated are only about a half inch off the floor. I'm making progress don't you think?


Survey Answers!

As I'm writing this I have to pee but I really don't want to get out of bed. I'm sure everyone can relate! Thought I'd answer some surveys.

Lindsey's Survey:

1. What is the biggest dump you've ever seen?
It was at school years ago. It was a single piece the size and shape of a really big potato. We couldn't believe a human could do something that big.

2. Was it done by someone you would expect to take massive dumps? Or was it done by someone who you would never have suspected had the capabilities?
I never found out who it was! There was a lot of speculation around the school as to who the culprit was but we never learned for sure.

3. Are you yourself someone who poops proportionate to your size or do you poop more or less than you think you should based on your size?
I think I'm pretty much proportionate, but I am 6'1".

Kristi + Steve's Survey:

1. Have you ever had to go so badly (pee or poop or both) that you cut someone in a line for a public restroom?
I don't think so. I'm too awkward!

2. Have you ever let somebody cut in front of you because they said they really needed to go?
Yes, often. Once I was in a McDonalds full of drunk people at 2AM and I let four or five people in a row go in front of me because they were all desperate!

3. Thoughts on port-a-potties? Not a huge fan. The locks don't always work either.

4. Would you rather have diarrhea or be constipated?
Diarrhoea I think. As long as I stay near a toilet.

5. Brand of toilet paper you prefer?
I don't mind

6. Do you pee in the shower?

7. Have you had a poop accident as an adult?
Not yet!

8. Do you generally enjoy pooping?
Generally I don't mind it!

9. Are you able to poop in a very crowded restroom?
Only if I really have to go.

10. Could you poop in a busy restroom if the stalls had no doors?
Only if I was desperate.

11. If you poop once a day, is there a particular time that you poop? Usually around late morning.

12. Have you ever had a peeing contest with someone?
I wish!

13. Have you ever had a pooping contest with someone?
See above

14. Do you ever check on your "progress" while you're pooping
Yes, all the time!

15. Have you ever taken a picture of your poop and shared the picture with anyone?
I'd be lying if I said no, but it makes sense in context!


Lindsey's survey

1. What is the biggest dump you've ever seen?

Aside from my own bowel movements, the biggest one I've seen recently was in a shopping mall. After two full days without taking a dump, I went to the ladies. I took a stall and sat, and pissed first. I didn't rush things, and let my load ease itself out. I leaned forward and had to push a little, and it felt so amazing to feel my butthole expand as a massive turd snaked out. It just kept sliding out and finally snapped off-it was so big it splashed my ass with water. As I was wiping, another girl came in. She was breathing a little heavy and took the stall right next to mine. Her jeans dropped to her ankles and she sat hard on the toilet and ripped a deep fart, immediately followed by crackling as her dump emerged. She sighed loudly, and the crackling continued. I heard her moan and say "Ughhhh oh my GOD!" as her log dropped into the bowl with a splash and she pushed out a series of smaller turds. She wiped and left without flushing, and when I took a peek in the toilet I could see why. A massive, thick turd with smaller ones on top of it-the big one was at least fourteen inches or so, and about as thick as a Coke can. The three smaller ones were about five inches apiece. It dwarfed my own, which was just a single log about fifteen inches long and thick.

2. Was it done by someone you would expect to take massive dumps? Or was it done by someone who you would never have suspected had the capabilities?
She had on these really nice zip-up leather boots with pink jeans, and I saw her a little later outside smoking. She had a name tag, so she must have been an employee in one of the stores. She was 5'0'' tall and voluptuous, tiny but sometimes tiny girls can produce serious dumps. My sister is 5'1'' and she clogs the toilet regularly.

3. Are you yourself someone who poops proportionate to your size (in your own opinion of course) or do you poop more or less than you think you should based on your size?

I'm fairly tall for a teenage girl (5'11''), and full figured. I think my bowel movements are about right, as I'm very active and eat healthy.


My incredible pooping wife

So as a follow-up to Kristi's desperate-but-holding-it-for-me story:

Kristi had been texting me for hours about how she really had to go but wanted to wait for me to get home. Some of the texts were a little too graphic to post here as she was talking about what she wanted to do AFTER she was done pooping.

Eventually she said was going to take a dump at 5:30, with or without me.

I got home at 5:24, threw down my laptop bag, and ran upstairs.

I find my amazing wife lying on our bed reading a book. She looks at the clock and tells me that I just barely made it home.

To the bathroom we go. I pull our bathroom chair up to the toilet. She pulls her pants down a little bit and sits down. I pull the chair up a bit closer. At this point I'm about a foot away from her. She looks at me, smiles, and says "Hi!".

Then I hear a gentle trickle of pee combined with a small echoing fart.

As she's peeing, she motions for me to give her a kiss, and of course I do. We kiss for about 15 seconds before she gently pulls her head away and says, "I've gotta push a little." She unzips her pants a little more and spreads her legs out a little more. She then leans forward and we hold hands. The look on her face is just indescribably cute. She's so pretty. And so beautiful all over. Then she lets go of a another quick fart, followed by a longer one. She tells me that she's a little gassy.

Then I hear the distinct sound of her starting to poop. I stood up and gave her a hug, and then I heard a nice big plop in the toilet.

She leans back and breathes a big sigh of relief. I ask her if she's done. She replies, "Not even close to done." She stands up and we both look into the toilet. For some people it might be considered a big poop, but for my wife (who is a tiny little thing), it's not much. It wasn't really a log. It was more of a chunk.

She sits back down again; within about 3 seconds I hear the sound of poop coming out of her. Then I hear that familiar sound of her poop sliding into the toilet. Not really dropping but just sliding. Which is how she normally sounds. Then comes another slider. And a third. And a FOURTH!

She lets out a massive sigh of relief again. Then she stands up and we take another look. And I'm seriously amazed.

My girl had to go so bad. I can't imagine holding that much in. And she had held it in for me to watch. I was... honored.

I asked her how long she'd been holding that in for. She just shrugs and says "A day." Crazy. I ask her if she's done (I couldn't imagine that she wasn't done now!) and she says yes. I ask her if I can "do the honors" (wipe her) and she says yes. I grab a handful of paper and gently wipe her the way she prefers: Clean her butt hole first, then go front to back until I get two clean wipes in a row.

Once she's all clean, I wash my hands, and she then asks if she should try to flush. I tell her there's no way it's going to flush now.

I thank her profusely for the "show". (I also needed to piss, which I do on top of her massive load. ) I close the lid and we then go to the bedroom, where I do my best to show her my appreciation for her willingness to indulge my love of watching her go to the bathroom (and she... well, let's just say she continues to please me. It was a mutual physical expression of our love).

I don't think I'll ever be able to tell Kristi how much I love her (and for a million more reasons than just the fact that she poops in front of me.)


Response to Kristi

Hi Kristi. I enjoyed you story about you waiting for you husband to come home to poop. I liked it because I love being in the bathroom while my wife is pooping and love it when she's in there while I'm popping. We are both morning poppers so it happens fairly often. She has pooped whole I'm sitting in the jacuzzi. The jacuzzi in our bathroom is right next to the toilet and I love being there having a conversation with her while she takes a poo. She is gorgeous and she looks amazing on the toilet with her pants down.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kristi great set of stories it sounds like you had some pretty good poops.

To: Emma Two great story about your big poops I bet they felt pretty good and great stories about all your previous poops as well.

To: Pooperlady great story.

To: LEA great story it sounds like Zoey had a really good poop and had to poop alot as well.

To: Mina & Friends as always another great story it sounds like you guys had some great poops.

To: Elphaba great set of stories.

To: Jasmine at least you made it to the toilet and so did those other women and avoided some messy accidents.

To: Cammie great story about your big poop in the bath.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Saturday, September 18, 2021


Too Kristi

Hi Kristi! That was a really interesting story about you waiting 2 hours to poop so your husband could watch. Which I'm glad you have such a loving husband! Could you possibly explain in detail (what's allowed of course) everything that happened as soon as he came home from work? And I am curious to know hear a story of when Steve held and comfort you while you were pooping. If you are interested in sharing?

Yesterday I was at the mall and I had to go sit in the men's room for a little while because I had a stomach ache. I had an IBS attack. While I'm sitting in the stall this other guy walks in and goes into the stall next to me. It's a fairly big bathroom with lots of stalls and most of them were open but he decided to sit next to me, which I don't mind. As he's walking into the stall his phone rings and he answers it. I figured he would tell whoever called him that he's in the bathroom and will call back or just say he'll call back. Or maybe wait to get off the phone after he's done doing his thing. But he answered the phone and while he's talking he takes down his pants and sits down while he's taking. It kind of sounded like a business call but not quite sure. He sits down on the toilet and has diarrhea. He is as talking to the other person and them you would hear nothing, I guess the other person was talking. During the silence the guy would have a fart or big diarrhea blast. This happened a few times. He would also sigh pretty loudly and pretty much didn't try to hide what he was doing. The person he was talking to had to know where he was because you could hear urinals and toilets flushing as well as the hand dryers. Also too there was me in the next stall having my episode because my stomach was in pain. While the other guy was talking to him I blew up the toilet again. The other guy was on the phone for about 10 minutes before he hung up. After he hung up he let out a big blast of diarrhea then wiped his butt. After he got off the phone he let out a big moan because he sounded like he was in pain. After he left I sat I'm the stall for another few minutes before I wiped. Between me and him that part of the bathroom stunk pretty bad.
Has anyone ever done that before, talked on the phone with someone whole pooping in a public bathroom? If that were me I think I either would have told the guy I would call back or just tell him I'm in the bathroom and I'll call back. Especially in a public bathroom where everyone can hear you talk while you are crapping. I have talked on the phone while using my own bathroom at home. I have talked to my wife many times while sitting on the toilet at home and she has done the same thing while she's sitting in the bathroom for a while. What would any of you done and have you done that before, talked to someone on the phone in a public bathroom while taking a loud dump?

Have you ever been plopping at work, and had a fellow work mate plopping on either side?


Quick Story + Survey

That's very interesting about your point of little or no correlation between how big someone poops and their own size/appearance. To your point, the biggest poop I've ever seen other than my own was done by a very petite Asian college student who came out of a stall I was waiting for at a bar back in college. She had left a giant log and clogged it. I did wonder if she was also a big dumper like myself or if that was a special event.

I see people on here like surveys so I'll make one for others to answer!

1. What is the biggest dump you've ever seen?

2. Was it done by someone you would expect to take massive dumps? Or was it done by someone who you would never have suspected had the capabilities?

3. Are you yourself someone who poops proportionate to your size (in your own opinion of course) or do you poop more or less than you think you should based on your size?

I already answered 1 and 2 in my brief story above. For 3, I think I poop bigger than most would expect. I'm tall and thin, but I doubt others would expect me to take dumps as big as I sometimes do.

I hope all is good with others on here. I have had a fairly uneventful week. I was away on vacation this past weekend and clogged my hotel toilet three times! Hotel toilets are always so bad. To be fair, one of the times I had taken a very big dump, so can't fault the toilet for that one, but the other two were average sized at best! Anyone else have trouble with hotel toilets?


Sitting, standing and looking

That question being asked about pooping and scooting forward or standing to look into the toilet before you're done was an issue with me as I was growing up. I think I was about 6 when I had a friend Robette with me over a couple of days while her parents were out of town. We were in the bathroom together. She was sitting on the tub while I was pooping and was surprised I was up and down several times looking at my production in the bowl. For Robette, the craps came a lot easier and she could get through one a lot faster, with more confidence, without even looking between her legs as she sat. I so admired her.

Later when I was in about 3rd or 4th grade my Aunt Nellie babysat me during summers. We'd be out a lot from the beach to movies and on shopping trips. She monitored my bowels more. I remember in public places like the bathhouses at the beach, she would ask if I was going to pee or poo before she walked me to the door. She would stand there, expect to hear splashes into the water and would ask me 2 or 3 times during a sit how well I was doing. I would stand, look between my legs into the stool and tell her how many pieces I had laid. Sometimes she would ask me to describe when I had last moved my bowels and where I was, her apartment, or when we were in separate stalls at places like McDonalds.

By 5th or 6th grade, mom took me to the pediatrician because I was going 4 or 5 days without craps. She talked to my teacher, who said she could only do certain things to encourage my use of the toilets at school, so I think mom misunderstood the doctor and started using enemas, which my grandma believed in, or more often laxatives if I came home from school without success. That's when if I was passing only a few balls of crap, I would stand after each one passed, and look at its size, hoping of course that it would have been larger. The laxatives helped with the particularly larger doses so much that by 15 minutes into class I had to make a run to the toilet. My standing and looking at my craps increased, but I also had to put more attention on cleaning myself. Some of my classmates seemed surprised that even with no privacy doors I would stand, look into the bowl, sit, stand again and wipe and wipe. Even then, my underwear was nowhere near totally clean. And also, I got to feeling bad about taking the last of the toilet paper, knowing that my classmates, waiting and watching, were going to be pissed.


Shitty day

I had just turned 20. And I was out to eat with friends the day after my birthday. We decided to go to a Mexican restaurant on the opposite side of town from my place. So we sat down, ordered our food, about halfway through the meal I told my, now ex-girlfriend, that I had to go to the bathroom. So I got up went to the bathroom. Pulled up my skirt dropped my panties, sat down and started farting up a storm. No poop was actually coming out it was just farts. After a while I felt like I had gotten all my gas out. I wiped, just in case, and returned to the table. We finished eating and we're walking to the car when I felt the need to fart again, thinking it was going to be a regular fart, I let rip. Diarrhea splattered into my panties. Not enough to fill them but definitely enough to wet them. I bit my lip and told my ex that she had to take me home, 'why?' She asked, cause my stomach is upset. I replied. I told her that I had just sharted, and this girl, who I had been dating for two months, told me she wasn't letting me get in the car, and essentially told me to ???? off, and left me there in the parking lot. I had to go and ask one of my guy friends and his girlfriend to take me home. They both felt bad for me so they decided to drive me home. On the way there, I was in the back seat curled up in a ball with my head on his girlfriend's lap. We get halfway there and I sat bolt upright and asked him to pull over into the nearest gas station cause I wasn't feeling well. He did so and I got out of the car, went to shut the door, and lost control. I filled my panties to the brim with liquid diarrhea, it was running down my legs and was everywhere. I was so overwhelmed I just started sobbing. The friend's girlfriend got out of the car and started helping me clean myself off enough to get back in the car. She took off her underwear and let me wear them. We got back in the car and left, leaving my decimated panties in a garbage can. They dropped me off at my place, they walked me to the door and while waiting for my sister to open the door, a little more diarrhea came out and I soiled my borrowed panties. My sister opened the door, I pushed past her ran upstairs and into the bathroom where I pulled down my soiled panties and let loose on the toilet. That was a very bad day. Cause not only did I ruin two pairs of panties, one of which wasn't even mine, but I also broke up with my gf.

Victoria B.



So I read Kristi's post about her cousin with Crohn's disease and decided to ask Robyn's mom about Remicade. She's a rheumatologist and not a gastroenterologist, but I was surprised to find out that she's also prescribed in the past for patients with autoimmune forms of arthritis like ankylosing spondylitis and rheumatoid or psoriatic arthritis. Turns out that Crohn's, like ulcerative colitis, is also an autoimmune disease and Remicade works in Crohn's disease patients by suppressing an overactive immune system that attacks healthy tissue and good bacteria in the small and large intestines.

However with IBS the pain and poop problems aren't caused by troubles with the immune system. I've undergone some of same testing that is given to IBD (ulcerative colitis and Crohn's together are called inflammatory bowel disease) and celiac disease patients but I've tested negative every time and haven't had a colonoscopy or barium enema because there's never been blood in any of my stool samples, I've never noticed it in the bowl on or toilet paper after I've pooped and I don't get nauseated or throw up often, maybe once every two years if even.

Someone gets diagnosed with IBS only when their doctor has listened to them talk about what's wrong, physically examined them and then gotten negative results on blood, urine and stool tests to rule out celiac disease, IBD or a parasitic infection. The letter appended onto the acronym IBS is what generally happens when the patient poops: A for Alternating like me, C for Constipation and D for Diarrhea. The reason why IBS patients have to do those same tests is one of the most evil secrets about the human body: you can simultaneously have both IBS AND Crohn's disease or ulcerative colitis.

I'm glad I don't have to deal with that!


Kazuko Mina Hisae Maho

Dear Caro, Dear Elphaba

We are happy you can use toilet which you want to use! You will be happy in Japan because many places have unisex toilet, actually it is disable person toilet but there is notice on door says "anybody can use this toilet". Most people who not handicapped (which is better, handicapped or disabled? I feel handicapped is better because it is good meaning in golf.) these people try to be quick in unisex toilet. Then handicapped person is easy to use.

In Mina's family, men sit down to wee. We saw on TV, it is cleaner because if a man stands, little drops of wee fly to floor around loo bowl, then loo become dirty. Mina's grandfather, age 77, has problem of prostate, he like to wee with sitting down and then use loo paper. Like woman. If he doesn't wipe, his underwear don't smell good, he said. But he complain, in supermarket only one loo for man to sit down. So he use handicap loo and try to be quick, he can use paper. But always when he goes to shopping he goes to loo before leave house. So go to loo in shop is not often.

Mina is respect her grandfather very much. He really cares about clean.

I hope that Caro and Elphaba can go to loo female style comfortable, if best way to do that is use female loo then we wish you a good luck every time.

Maho has message for lovely Kristi, but we write it next time.

Love to everyone.

Hisae Maho Mina Kazuko


Reply to Tom W

Hi! I don't think I have weed on my pants or skirt badly while squatting. But it's definitely much easier on a toilet because I don't have to pay attention. I know what you mean but even when I try to push the last bits of wee are just drops and don't go far. So I don't know how to avoid it. Maybe if I put my butt higher while squatting but that's difficult.

Yes my sister Myra is two years younger then me. When we were on the summer trip she didn't struggle with squatting. But she has already done it before just not for doing a poo. She also found it way easier with a dress then pants. And yes we could help each other that's good.

I don't like holding my wee a long time. It makes me nervous especially in school. So I go like every break if I have to. But I know some girls never go. I don't really know why because it's not a bad thing and our school bathroom isn't gross or something like that.

Kung Poo

This is Hard

I've been upping my fibre intake for health reasons and it has a pleasant side effect on my poops. They have been progressively getting firmer and harder, and they require a little eeeee and ahhhhh to squeeze out. I love it, and I cherish my pooping sessions.

This brings me to the topic of hardest poop you have done. I asked this to my wife, Jodi, and she reminded me of the time we travelled and we were staying in a hotel, one with an open concept toilet, of course. She said she had not pooped for 2 days, and because we were on holiday, we were eating everything in sight. It was 11pm when she suddenly said she had to poop.

I remember she was wearing a bathrobe provided by the hotel. It was white, and underneath she had her panties on. She rushed to the toilet bowl, lifted her gown, pulled her panties down, sat. She turned towards he glass wall, through which I was looking through, enjoying the side view of her sitting on her the bowl, and she said, "Very hard!"

And this time I knew it was the real deal. Her faced scrunched, it turned red, her teeth bared, and she PUSHED, pausing with an "aiiiieeeee" sigh, then inhaling again and scrunched her face once more. And then her eyes went big and and her mouth made an O shaped and she went oh oh ow ow and she lifted up her bum and I knew why she's hurting so much 'cause this turd is the size of a coke can and she's bravely pushing it out ignoring the pain.

The turd head is out, and she's fully stretched, and she knew she has to give this her all, so she grabbed the back of her knees, leaned forward so her forhead is between her knees, and as of she's pulling up on her knees, and gave the push of her life, and this coke can turd mercilessly bashed right through, and it got thicker which made my wife cry out OWWWWWWWWW.

The turd tore right through, tapered off, and it made its way into the bowl with a huge splash!

My wife sat for a while, releasing little softer pieces of poop before she felt totally released and relaxed.

I remember that that. The activity we had later was unforgettable.

Thursday, September 16, 2021


Labor Day

My sister in law Jackie and I spent Labor Day at my cabin. If you remember we only have an outhouse. Jackie loves watching me poop and I love watching her poop.
She had a bad accident on her way to the outhouse. She was on her way outside and farted near the door. It wasn't a fart she had loose shorts on an blew liquid shit down both legs. I helped her get cleaned up.
Kristi I can't wait to read your camping stories.

Kazuko and company: THANK YOU! We love and appreciate your stories as well.

It is a wonderful thing to have a partner who you can trust completely. I am very lucky.

Skidmarked in Seattle Jenny: So Amber, my Maid of Honor, actually just volunteered to wipe me. I would not have been able to ask. But she's been my best friend since grade school and she was willing to take care of me. I have no idea how dirty I was. Couldn't see anything around my wedding dress. But I felt clean.

Curious Guy: Relieving yourself in a leotard is virtually impossible.

I'd simply take it off. The alternative is to try to pull the material to the side; that just doesn't work well. So I'd show up to recitals and even rehearsals early to give myself time to use the bathroom.

So... camping weekend for Steve and me. This time we didn't do "primitive" camping. We were at a campsite with plenty of tents and campers. The campsite had restrooms and showers.

During a hike Saturday I considered taking a poop in the woods. We were about 3 miles from camp (it was a 7.2 mile trail that started and ended at our campsite.) I could either hold it for an hour or find a place off the trail.

I'm really good at pooping outdoors, and I enjoy doing it. But on this particular day I just decided that I'd prefer a toilet. So we hiked on and got back to the campsite.

Of course I immediately went to the ladies room. I took a very satisfying and very big dump. Not much pushing involved. Three good-sized logs came out of me and brought a tidal wave of relief.

This morning, I had to poop once again. There was a line of us waiting for the four stalls.

The girl right behind me (a pretty girl... probably early twenties, light brown hair) had been showing outward signs of desperation while we were in line.

By the time I was next in line for the next available stall, this girl asks, "Are you going number one or number two?"

I held up 2 fingers. She says, "Me too..." At this point she's clearly in desperate need to go. I need to go too, but I figured I could hold it better than she could.

Fortunately, two stall doors open up within seconds of each other. I take one and this girl takes the one right next to me.

I had to go fairly badly and took a nice big dump, but the girl in the next stall sounded like she hadn't gone in a week.

That's about all the news from me. Nothing really that interesting. I pissed on one of our hikes earlier today.




For IBS sufferers

Hello all.

So I'm seeing a lot of posts from people who have IBS. Victoria being one of them.

I can't personally relate, but I have a cousin who has had Crohn's Disease since she was in her late teens.

She gets an infusion every two months of a drug called Remicade. Her Crohn's is in remission. She used to have flare-ups a lot. Now she's doing well.

So perhaps that could help some of you. I know that it can be extremely debilitating and I'm sorry for you folks who have to live with it.


Reply to Tom W

I had drank a lot of iced coffee that morning, before we left. And more during the drive. I overestimated just how long I could hold it, because after four hours on the road I was fairly fidgety. After seven hours, my bladder was in agony and my mom was just barely holding on, herself. I had my legs clenched and I was worried we would both wet ourselves. We stopped at a gas station right as we were both on the verge of losing control and the relief was incredible-basically orgasmic.

Anna from Austria
This time I do another survey

1. Have you ever had to go so badly (pee or poop or both) that you cut someone in a line for a public restroom?

Yes quite often already on both occasions.

2. Have you ever let somebody cut in front of you because they said they really needed to go?

Yes quite often as well.

3. Thoughts on port-a-potties?

The worst toilets ever. Try to avoid them whenever I can. Normaly I am glad that there are modern toilets around but when I have the choice between a porta potty and the bushes I would take the bush for doing my business.

4. Would you rather have diarrhea or be constipated?

Constipation. Being not able to poop at all is better than having to poop everytime especially when I amn ot at home.

5. Brand of toilet paper you prefer?

I prefer the rater soft one. The brand here in Austria is called softis.

6. Do you pee in the shower? (Robyn and Victoria: Like all the hot girls.)

7. Have you had a poop accident as an adult?


8. Do you generally enjoy pooping?


9. Are you able to poop in a very crowded restroom?

Yes no problem at all.As mentioned a few times in other discussions already I am morning pooper. So I alway had to poop in public since a was small. Because I am not home very often when I need to go in the morning. I also pooped at school later university and now at work.Quite ofen the facilies at these places are crowded so I am used to it.

10. Could you poop in a busy restroom if the stalls had no doors?

Good question. I have never seen such toilets and to be honest I hope I never will but I think my urge to defecate would win over my embarrasment so I just would poop. It would be super embarrasing but not as embarrasing as pooping in my pants.

11. If you poop once a day, is there a particular time that you poop?

As mentioned above I am more person. I always need to go about 30 to 1 hour after my breakfast. Havin a morning coffee is speeding up things. then I need to go right after the coffee. I also need to go second time. If I need to go it happens during or shortly after lunch.

12. Have you ever had a peeing contest with someone? (Robyn and Victoria: No)

13. Have you ever had a pooping contest with someone?

No not yet.

14. Do you ever check on your "progress" while you're pooping (I.e. scootching forward or standing up to look at your poop in the toilet before you're done going?


15. Have you ever taken a picture of your poop and shared the picture with anyone?

No never

No that's it for today

Greetings from Austria



Spicy Clean Out

Hi again! I ate hot fries for snack today, and the chips cleaned me out good. My poop was loose, and a onetime episode. It was the same effect as before, but more poop. It felt really good even though it was urgent. That's all for today, bye.


Today's Story

After having ravioli for lunch with hot fries for desert, I had mushy poop. My poop had been soft earlier, but got a bit mushier then. I also had fun using one of our toilets as a way to dispose of some older air putty over the last 3 days, and I almost clogged it twice! Being a bit weird with toilets can be fun as long as you don't leave evidence behind, that's for sure. I was pretending that their was an imaginary kid in the room dropping poop balls in the toilet. Now, I'd like to tell you all about one of my favorite Rugrats episodes. The story is that Chuckie needs to learn to use the potty, but he's scared. He gets confused about if he needs to use it, and worse, Angelica tricks Chuckie by playing with a faucet. By turning it off and on, this is what causes the confusion in Chuckie being unsure about needing the potty. He even pees on the floor in front of the potty when he tries to make it. When he finally goes to use the potty with success near the end of the episode, Angelica comes out of her room crying out that she had an accident. So, Chuckie won the potty battle, and the mean Angelica peed the bed. Hope you enjoy. Bye.

End Stall Em

Traveling with toilets and kids

Spencer and I traveled three states over to attend a landscaping exhibition important to his family's business. On the interstate, about one-third of the way into our seven hour drive I was driving our pickup and I told Spencer we were stopping at the next rest area for the bathroom. He knows what that means for me at 9 in the morning. He tried to rub it in that it had probably been three weeks since he crapped away from our apartment. And my thinking: how does that relate to me? Over the past three weeks almost all of my craps have been at the regional mall I work at or on-campus at the college I attend. He's always been very fastidious about doing his craps at home. I've known him since he was 15 and my mom tells me he's not about the change.

I pulled into a rest area and handed him the keys for the next shift. He didn't even have to pee--something, I guess, didn't surprise me because he's so disciplined. Always has been. Parking next to us was a mom and what looked like her son, probably about 4. I got the head start on the walk, turned into the bathroom, saw the first end stall was open, seat down and ready for my weight as I fumbled with the two buttons atop my designer jeans. Dropping them and my red thong, my bowels were gurgling when I seated myself. The mom, pointing her son toward the middle stall between us, then took the other end stall. Within seconds, like me she was splashing away without much effort.

In the stall between us her son, who had dropped his shorts and underwear to the floor was slowly moving forward to face the toilet. Then she started giving him directions: lift he seat. (Me: thank you!). Life your water-spout, aim it in and hold it steady. (Me: I almost laughed when I heard the term she used!). Mom was splashing away on the toilet and could easily hear his meager stream hit the water. Then she told him to wait a minute to make sure he was done because they wouldn't be stopping until Chicago. Then she told him to wipe his water-spout! This time I couldn't hold my laughter in. I heard him tear some toilet paper off, but he dropped it and had to pick it up. Then he reported he was done. The mom gave him a final direction: go to the side and push and push on the flusher to see if he could flush on his own. He got it done the third time. Mom praised him heavily and told him to to come over to her. She watched him while I stood and did a double cleaning before I flushed.

I was just finishing at the sinks when the mom and him came out. I turned and thanked her for the way she managed him. More than once my privacy has been violated--by not only lack of privacy doors, but also by unsupervised boys who invade my space, watch me when I'm going, and ask dumb questions about which one I'm doing and do I know their mother. Of course, Spencer was back asleep when I got back to the truck and I had to do an extra driving shift.


Paper round accidents

I mentioned in some of my earlier posts about the fact that many of my childhood poo accidents happened on the way home from school, or very close to hometime. Although I generally had fewer accidents the older I got, there was an exception to this, because as soon as I turned thirteen I took an afternoon paper round. It was very convenient - the newsagent was close to my secondary school and the route finished only half a mile or so from home, and it included some shortcuts through fields around the edge of our small town that made it a pleasant and quiet walk most days, if it wasn't raining. However, it also delayed me getting home by about an hour - more if I was taking a more meandering route. I did generally make every effort to keep my pants clean whilst delivering papers, but if I'd been holding in a soft poo all afternoon then I couldn't always quite make it home before it started to come out.

Because I really didn't want to be spotted delivering papers with poo-pants, I would continue to fight to hold in my poo even if some had already come out, which was different to my usual tendency to virtually give up on holding it in once my pants had started to become messy. Often, a firm cork-poo would push out, and I might lose a soft ball of poo after it, but that might relieve the pressure for just long enough to get home before the mushier poo followed. I'd get home, finish my poo in the toilet, and empty out my pants - but usually I'd be left with a smear of soft poo which was hard to wipe off and which couldn't possibly be mistaken for a normal skidmark, even after I'd cleaned up as best I could. To answer the question that was posted about skidmarks - paradoxically I was never actually very prone to them. I either had actual poo in my pants, or I would keep them very clean. I usually hid my stained pants in my bedroom with the aim of sneaking them into a hot wash when no-one would notice, but sometimes the poo would become so dried on by that point that they'd be permanently stained. I did eventually come up with a way of using those pairs up before eventually outgrowing and getting rid of them, and I'll post about that another time. I also occasionally let a nugget of poo out accidentally whilst playing the game with myself that I wrote about before (seeing how far I could let a hard lump out and still get it to go back in again), but this never led to my pants being visibly dirty, or if it did it would look more believably like a skidmark. After the rare but very large accidents of the sort I've mostly written about here, I tended to bin my pants, as they were usually beyond redemption.

Because some of my route was along quiet paths that other kids used on their way home from school, I also occasionally found the evidence of other people's accidents - one that stuck in my memory was a pair of pants tagged as age 10-12 - so presumably belonging to a boy a year or two younger than me - that had been dumped in the undergrowth by the side of the path. A lot of the poo had been washed away by the rain, but there was an obvious brown stain on both sides of the material from the crotch to the waistband at the back (I gingerly prodded them with a stick to have a look) that could only have been the result of the sort of large, mushy accident that I was no stranger to myself.

Of the larger accidents I had whilst walking my route, many were similar to the ones I've already described, although the actual instant of the accident itself was often spread over several minutes as I did my best to hold some of it back, only to find that the pressure was relentless. Sometimes the poo would ooze out continuously, other times it would come out in waves, depending on the consistency and level of urgency. I maybe had a really big accident like this about every 6-12 months, and much smaller ones maybe every 1-3 months, as I was getting better at holding on by that age. I was never detected (as far as I'm aware), either whilst outside or when I got home. For a couple of these large incidents, the clean-up was actually easier than after a smaller mess - these were the times that I'd already done an unusually mushy poo in the toilet earlier in the day, and I'd learned by that point to line my pants with tissues if I thought I might get caught short later in the afternoon if there turned out to be more to come. If I did this carefully enough, then the tissue paper would catch most or all of the poo, so my pants might be a bit damp (and rather smelly) but could easily be put into the wash with the rest of my underwear without raising any questions. Having said that, some of those accidents might have been larger than they could have been simply because I knew that my pants were more protected - looking back, I'm not sure which way round it was.

The worst accident I had on my paper route (or ever) was rather different to the ones I've written about before, so it's worth describing here. It happened fairly soon after I got the paper round, and was one of the reasons I subsequently made a special effort to keep my pants clean during it.

My school had vending machines for sweets and chocolates, this being before such things were largely banned from UK schools to encourage healthy eating. I particularly loved eating a certain distinctive British mint with a hole, and would often pick up a pack at morning break and surreptitiously eat them through the rest of the day. However, I soon started to realise that eating sugary sweets all day was going to ruin my teeth - fortunately they also stocked a sugar-free version. I was aware of the warnings against excessive sorbitol consumption, but eating a pack of the mints had never had any noticeable effect on me. What I didn't realise was that the effect of sorbitol tends to be all-or-nothing, and everyone has a different threshold before the effect kicks in.

On this particular day, I'd bought a couple of packs of mints at break (about 10.20am), and had been gradually working my way through them, before finding a spare pack in my bag that I'd forgotten about from earlier that week. Well, I absolutely loved them, and so started munching them two or three at a time, finishing the final pack about an hour before the end of school. Through the last lesson, I noticed I was starting to fart a lot - it was a science class in a well-ventilated lab, so the smell wasn't as noticeable as it might have been, and frankly I was finding it quite funny. I was sneaking them out silently, and at that point I had no idea what was making me so ridiculously gassy. I distinctly remember blowing off these enormous farts every two or three minutes. Towards the end of the class, I was starting to notice a bit of a stomach ache low down in my ????, and now the farts were being preceded by some slight cramping. I felt otherwise fine, so I wasn't too bothered at that point.

The final bell went, and I collected together my books and headed up the road to the newsagent, to pick up my paper bag, still farting as I went. The crampy stomach-ache was still there, but walking was making it feel easier. I could hear a lot of gurgling down there, and assumed this was the gas working its way round. It was a cold, bright, autumn afternoon.

I was about half-way round my route when I had another cramp and farted, but this time half-way through the fart it suddenly and with absolutely no warning turned into a few nuggets of poo mixed up in some very runny mush. I slammed closed my bottom immediately, but things felt very slimy down there. I had another cramp, and the pressure suddenly rocketed. It felt like gas, but I didn't really trust it and tried to hold on. However, the cramps were happening more often now - every thirty seconds or so; far faster than I'd had before, even when I'd had food poisoning - and each time the pressure kept building up - it was also coming on far stronger and faster than with even the largest of my other accidents. I tried to speed up so that I could get the last few papers delivered and head home, but I only managed to deliver one more before I felt my bum involuntarily relax and a rush of runny poo came out, accompanied by a booming fart. This was a much runnier accident than usual - even runnier than accidents I'd had with an upset stomach, and almost liquid. I guessed it must have been all the sweets, although I'd always thought that even if the highlighted "laxative effects" happened, it would mean a mildly urgent and extra-soft poo the next day, not the total disaster that was now happening down there.

Again, I managed to get control back, but I could feel that the poo was so runny that liquid was seeping through the cotton of my pants and onto my trousers, which were at least black and unlikely to show it. I remember really longing to be sat on a toilet at that moment! I kept going with the papers as fast as I could, but I was very aware that going too fast would make the poo leak out of my pants through the leg holes, and go down the legs of my trousers. My stomach ache was getting worse rather than better, the gurgling was there all the time, and only two houses later another round of poo escaped - this time almost completely liquid, without much gas at all, and it felt like it was pouring out of me like from a tap. I felt it spreading around in the back and front of my pants, and with every step it seemed some was leaking out into my trousers now. I was starting to panic a bit, and I decided to abandon trying to deliver the remaining papers in favour of getting home ASAP, using a path through a nearby field as a short-cut. However, half-way across the field I had another cramp, and this time I couldn't get any control as a further huge rush of liquid poo sprayed out. It was too runny for my pants to hold it, and this time quite a bit went down my legs, even getting all over my shoes. Almost as soon as that wave had finished another one came out, and then another, and I just stood there in the field, fortunately out of anyone's sight, making a mess on the ground as the poo ran down my legs. It was light brown and the consistency of thin chocolate custard (which, ironically, had been what I'd had with my pudding at lunch that day).

Once the poo stopped coming, I started making my way home, horribly aware that my socks and shoes were soaked in poo. I had another couple of waves of pressure on the way, but this time they were mostly huge farts with just a little bit more runny poo (again, I doubt even someone with a solid steel sphincter could have held this particular mess back). Fortunately no-one was in when I got home, and I ran to the bathroom (trying not to get any on the floor on the way there), where I peeled my clothes off. The seat and both legs of my trousers were soaked in very runny poo, and from the outside it looked as if I'd wet myself. My pants had a mixture of nuggets and mush, which must have been pushed out first by the torrent, under a blanket of runny stuff, which had managed to get on more or less every surface other than at the very edges of my hips. The other side of the material was literally dripping as the more liquid part of the poo was filtered by the cotton. This was probably the most severe accident I ever had, and of course I was no stranger to having to clean myself up after not being able to hold onto my poo long enough. Most of my other accidents at least had the consolation of the poo feeling soft, warm and comfortable once the worst had happened, even if I was scared of being found out or being ill. This time it just felt really unpleasant from start to finish - wet, slimy, rapidly cooling and then becoming clammy. The smell was also really terrible; far worse than after any other accident. I was lucky not to have passed anyone else on the final half-mile home, as it would have been extremely obvious what I'd done.

I jumped in the shower to clean off - whilst in there I was still doing booming farts, which still had a horrific smell to them, and some little bits of liquid poo that went straight down the drain. I put my trousers and trainers in the wash, bagged and binned my pants, and put on some clean clothes. I put a triple layer of tissues in the seat of my underwear in case there was any more poo to come out, and then had to set out again to complete my paper route. Some of the customers had called the shop to ask why their delivery was late, so I had to ensure a telling-off from the shop owner the next day (I made up some random excuse for why I'd been delayed) - fortunately it was my first offence, so I was just told to be careful not to be late again.

When I got back home the second time, my mum and brother were back, and my mum wanted to know what on earth had induced me to try and wash my trainers with my trousers. Again, I made something up about having missed a step over a muddy brook and sunk calf-deep into soft mud - I'm not sure she bought it, but she didn't push to find out the truth (quite possibly she'd guessed what had really happened and didn't want to embarrass me further - the bathroom still smelled rather ripe).

I've been much more careful about sugar alcohol sweeteners like sorbitol after that - it's not that I never indulge in them, but if I find myself compulsively snacking on them I'll always be sure to be within a short sprint of the nearest toilet. Later that afternoon, once the booming farts had settled down, my guts went completely back to normal - it was a very short, sharp effect. I was really surprised by how quickly it started: only a few hours after I'd had the first sweet, and maybe 90 minutes from eating the last few.

This probably answers another question that was recently posted about whether people prefer diarrhoea or constipation - I'd rather have mild or moderately bad diarrhoea than constipation, but really severe diarrhoea, where the poo is completely liquid or even watery, is the worst of all for me.

Tom W - I'm fairly sure the 48H rule didn't come in until around the year 2000 - maybe even a little later. Some schools may have adopted it earlier, before it became national guidance. I think the other thing that helped in the 2000s was national campaigns to improve both school loos and public loos, along with more universal awareness amongst teachers of the need to be sympathetic about their students' bathroom needs, and any problems they might be having in that regard (of course some teachers have always been really good at helping kids with these issues). I've noticed that I almost never see discarded underwear thrown in bushes by footpaths now, and whilst it's not like they were ever festooned with them, as a kid in the 1990s I probably saw a pair every three months or so. I didn't see many other kids actually having accidents though - other than my best friend, it was only those three situations that I've already written about.

Victoria B.

Soaping the bowl


Over the weekend I had an IBS flareup that made my "wish" from the survey come true. I got constipated in other words. Exercise, drinking plenty of water and trying to up my fiber intake weren't helping. If more than 72 hours pass and I haven't, well, passed anything, I'm allowed to seek a little outside help and rather than getting self-conscious I accepted it as part of life with IBS. One of the things my gastro (and Robyn's mom) emphasizes is keeping the psychological burden of it, the feelings of shame, isolation and body dysmorphia, under control in order to make life more manageable and the burden of living with a condition that doesn't have a cure less heavy.

I ended up taking 300 mg of Colace with a big glass of water just before bed last night and as I lied in bed trying to fall asleep I visualized, imagining the process of going to the bathroom with full cheeks bringing up the rear and the relief of letting go once they were bared and hugged by the waiting seat. I knew that it was going to happen today, no matter what. My morning pee came gushing as always but the few quick pushes I gave, knocks at the back door, went unanswered. It was up to breakfast to change that and this time, for once, my digestive system cooperated. Showtime!

Once my booty shorts that I'd worn to bed were off and I was sat down with my feet up on Stool #2 I got to the task at hand. The first push gave me the impression that I was sitting on a massive, but manageable load thanks to the stool softeners. The first motion to hit the porcelain was a small piece that broke off from gentle pressure: no straining, only pushing when my body felt ready to push. The gradual game of back-and-forth with my ring dilating and then contracting was pleasurable and I felt no need to hurry the process of becoming fully domed. The warm, full feeling radiated outwards and gave me enough of a tingle to snap a quick selfie to send to Robyn. It wasn't even five minutes but it was the highlight of my day. I felt golden, like I was glowing.

But once I was able to dilate myself all the way to full doming it was time to pinch that loaf and let it leave my body's oven. It slithered out, feeling wide but never too wide, and silently landed in the bowl below. It was exhilarating! The next few minutes were spent on dessert-a few quick blasts of what felt like soft-serve before it was time to clean up and check out the damage. Once I'd finished washing and wiping I got up and was immediately impressed. I had solved my constipation problem and how. In the middle of the drain was a massive log that was partially out of view but the end that was still sitting in the bowl was at least nine inches or about 19 cm long. It was soft and thick and on both sides of it were two other pieces of indeterminate length because they were further down the drain, plus whatever else had taken its leave of me. This was going to be a challenge, even for the fancy-no-pants TOTO toilet that it had been deposited in.

With my hands soaped and washed under hot water and the buns that had dropped such a monster load slipped back into the pair of booty shorts I was ready for the creative destruction that necessity made me unleash at the contents of the bowl (but not before another photo was taken of it for critique by renowned poop expert Robyn). I reached for the left side of the tank, pulled the handle towards me for a full flush and…..nothing happened.

The used paper was pulled a little closer to its eventual destination but there was no other movement in the bowl. A second flush yielded no results at all, other than a higher buildup of water, at about double its normal level. Since I got this toilet three months ago I hadn't needed to plunge it. At all. Ever. An eternity for me. But before resigning myself to getting the plunger I tried another trick, one of several I've learned in a lifetime of being hard on plumbing. I went into the kitchen and grabbed some dish soap, knowing of its basic properties and how they would make the surface of the bowl and drain more slippery. After a nice coat was applied I gave it a few minutes before tying a bow on the three-flusher package. And….It worked!! Everything went down! It took three times but all of it flushed!

I've gone about my day feeling like a feather since and can't wait to tell this story in person later tonight. What a great dump!

Love to all,


Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Emma two

Two big poos

I've been a bit constipated for the last three days so I ate more fruit and had a pint of orange juice to loosen up my bowels. I woke up this morning with a desperate need to have a poo and I went to the toilet and sat down and relaxed and had a nice long wee while my poo slid slowly out of my bottom. It felt so good to get everything out and when I was finished I looked in the toilet too see an impressive load. I sat back down and pushed to make sure I was done and I was surprised when another big load of soft poo came out adding to my first load. I looked in the toilet again and it just above the water and I was worried I might have blocked the toilet so I flushed it before wiping. Most of it went down but there were some big streaks of poo in the bottom of the toilet. I wiped my bottom of flushed again and this time everything went down so I didn't want to worry about cleaning the toilet afterwards. By the time I got out of the bathroom Sarah was up and she asked me if I was ok because she heard me flush the toilet twice. I told her I was fine now and when she went into the bathroom she could smell the aroma of my poo and she said the bathroom didn't smell fine!

Jasmin K

Dave's survey and constipation

Not had time to post for a while so here goes whilst having a long and hard poo session
I've so far done a whole load of hard pebbles and chunks which when I pushed down on them were sort of getting stuck in my bum and made it bulge right down below my bum cheeks until a couple of pebbles dropped then another push and a couple more. Then a lumpy pebbly log about 8 inches and thick came out followed by my prolapse. As this is the first poo for a couple of days I know there is more poo up inside I want to get out so I'm going to keep straining hard until I do some more. Each time I strain making farts and some mucous stuff splatters out. Ok so I see David asked some questions so here are my answers

Survey Questions for Jasmin K:

1) How often do you poo? I try to poo every day in the morning. It's my routine where I go on the toilet even if I don't actually feel there is any poo there or if I'm constipated and just sit there straining to see if I can make myself do it

2) How long (cm/inch) would you say your typical turds were? It's often lumps and pebbles then a lumpy turd of say 6 -10 inches. Depends how many hard lumps and pebbles come out and how many days I only do pebbles

3) Does your poo typically smell- it depends what I've eaten or had to drink.. or make loud plops? When it's pebbles they drop and go plip plip in the water like chucking pebbles in a pond - (for me I do not tend to smell my poo even when constipated. But maybe that is just it is my own poo.)

4) from being constipated have you noticed any other health issues? - Not really other than ???? ache, a sore and bleeding bum and prolapse. Occasionally feel sick or nauseous.

5) do you like the feeling of a poo hanging from your bum? Never though about liking it or not, it just happens when it a big one that needs a lot of forcing out it hangs there until it's far enough out to drop or it breaks off. There were times at school when I've had to break it off and pull my knickers up with it stuck in my bum hole because the lessons were starting.

Just done another couple of short logs after a few lumps, so all in all a good poo today.
Not very smelly

Bye for now
Jaz K


Delta Variant Troubles

Hi everybody! A few days ago I tested positive for covid, but something I didn't know is that the variant I caught gives you horrendous diarrhea O~O

As I'm typing this, I'm squirming in bed waiting for the bathroom to be free again. Idk if it's my mum or my brother, but they'd better seriously hurry up before I soil my bed >\\\<

Weighing my options, I could probably squat over my waste bin and use that if I can't hold it.. or maybe try to fill a couple of empty glasses that are sitting on my desk o//O

Or if I'm really feeling naughty, I could just sit here and let it happen, fill my knickers up and tell mum I just couldn't wait. Oooh, even considering it makes me go all tingly~

Nvm door just opened so I'm gonna use the loo as planned, cya!


Comment to Caro

I'm so happy that using the women's bathroom went so well for you. I'm transfeminine so I can appreciate how exciting it was for you; I remember after my first time I was literally shaking - half due to excitement and half out of anxiety. I couldn't actually believe that I had just done it especially as I had spent years going up to entrances to bathrooms so certain that this would be the time I did it only to lose my nerve and turn around. I hope one day in the near future gender-neutral bathrooms are the default but until then I wish you have many more successful visits to the bathroom(s) that make you feel the most comfortable.



Hi, all! Kristi here.

So I'm going to take an epic dump. I'm feeling really, really full.

The question is: Can I hold it for about two hours so that Steve can watch me?

This is one that he won't want to miss. I'm looking forward to that sweet release feeling. I just really, really want to go. But I'm trying to be a good wife and let Steve enjoy this one with me.

Last night was a good night. We had gotten back from camping and both relaxed in a nice hot bath. We both enjoyed a nice pee in the tub. Afterwards he had to poop. I kept him company... I'm starting to kind of enjoy being in the bathroom with him when he's going. After he was done he asked if I was going to go too. I actually didn't have to which is unusual after a hot bath. I sat down and tried though, but couldn't produce.

And I didn't poop this morning either although I could have.

Which is why I'm really, really feeling the need now.

And I need to pee now, and I'm concerned that when my butt hits the toilet seat, my body is just going to take over. It's really hard for me to relieve myself in one way without relieving myself both ways.

Okay, I'm going into the bathroom to try and pee without pooping. This is going to take some concentration, so excuse me for a moment...

Okay, I did it. That took some serious squeezing. And some serious willpower. But no brown in the toilet. Just yellow.

I texted Steve.

Told him that if he's not home by 5:30, I'm going to go poop and he's going to miss out. Told him it's not polite to keep a girl waiting. Especially when she has to take a massive dump.

(In case you can't tell, I'm feeling a little... naughty. I know that I'm going to take a really, really good poop. And I have a feeling Steve's going to enjoy it. )

I'm going to have Steve stand right next to me. I'm going to pull down my shorts, sit down, and spread my cheeks. I might have to tinkle a little bit but while that's happening I'm going to feel that wonderful sensation of my hole opening up and a nice, thick, turd slide out of my butt. I'm gonna scooch forward on the toilet so Steve can see it coming out. Or maybe we'll be kissing while I'm pooping. In that case he'll hear my poop falling into the bowl. And I know I won't be anywhere close to done.

When I am finally done I think I'll hand Steve some toilet paper and let him get me all clean.

Okay, this anticipation is killing me. Come home, husband of mine.

I LOVE TO POOP AND I HAVE A HUSBAND WHO LOVES TO WATCH. Somebody pinch my butt because I think I'm dreaming.


Ready to poop Kristi

Victoria and Robyn

Survey time!

Hey everybody!

We thought we'd do Kristi and Steve's survey today. Here are the answers!

1. Have you ever had to go so badly (pee or poop or both) that you cut someone in a line for a public restroom? (Robyn: Yes Victoria: Yes)

2. Have you ever let somebody cut in front of you because they said they really needed to go? (Robyn and Victoria: Yes)

3. Thoughts on port-a-potties? (Robyn: I try to avoid having them. Victoria: Any port in a storm.)

4. Would you rather have diarrhea or be constipated? (Robyn: Diarrhea. It hardly ever happens and when it does I'm over it in one load. Victoria: Constipated. I'd rather deal with plunging a toilet than have to worry about knowing where one is at all times.)

5. Brand of toilet paper you prefer? (Robyn: Quilted Northern in the blue pack. Victoria: Cottonelle in the purple pack. We can't agree about this and alternate between the two at both of our apartments.)

6. Do you pee in the shower? (Robyn and Victoria: Like all the hot girls.)

7. Have you had a poop accident as an adult? (Robyn and Victoria: Yes, we've both had full accidents.)

8. Do you generally enjoy pooping? (Robyn and Victoria: How'd you get that idea?)

9. Are you able to poop in a very crowded restroom? (Robyn: Yes Victoria: I've never minded company.)

10. Could you poop in a busy restroom if the stalls had no doors? (Robyn: If someone wants a sneaky peek they're welcome to try. Victoria: I'll use anything as long as it flushes and there's enough toilet paper.)

11. If you poop once a day, is there a particular time that you poop? (Robyn: Every morning, between about 8:30 and 11:00 AM. Victoria: IBS heeds to no schedule!)

12. Have you ever had a peeing contest with someone? (Robyn and Victoria: No)

13. Have you ever had a pooping contest with someone? (Robyn: No. Victoria: Undefeated, baybee.)

14. Do you ever check on your "progress" while you're pooping (I.e. scootching forward or standing up to look at your poop in the toilet before you're done going? (Robyn: Yes, if it felt like an unusually big one. Victoria: No. You don't go to a museum to see a painter's studies.

15. Have you ever taken a picture of your poop and shared the picture with anyone? (Robyn and Victoria: Both of us before we met, when we knew each other but it hadn't became romantic yet and now as a couple).

Mina, this is Robyn. She told me the truth so the panties are staying up for this one ;-)

Love to all,

Robyn and Victoria!


Took a pee and poop in nature

Yesterday I was out hiking in a field area. I like going for walks in nature, though this time, I also had to answer a call of nature. I'd had coffee before going out for a walk, and I really needed to pee.

I went off the trail and found a secondary, more secluded trail. I was worried about privacy. Finally, I found a spot on the secondary trail where there was a tree between that trail and the main one. I couldn't see anyone from where I was, and so I decided to go there.

I picked a spot just beside the part where the trail was, under some trees. I crouched over the soil and moved my pants to mid-thigh. I was a bit worried about trying to piss there, because I can be worried about being seen, but I got things going pretty quickly. I squatted there, emptying my bladder onto the ground. I'd really had to go, so I was peeing a lot. Some of the puddle might've gotten a bit on my shoes, but that wasn't too much of a worry.

As I was soaking the ground, I was thinking that I had been feeling a slight urge to take a dump as well. After finishing my pee, I pushed a little to see if my bowels would move. A few fairly small turds came out and onto the ground.

I found some leaves to wipe with, and then pulled my pants up, stood up, and looked at what I'd produced. There was a lot of soaked ground, and a few turds next to it. I covered the turds with another leaf, sanitized my hands, and went on my way, feeling more relieved.

It had been a couple years since I'd peed outside, and even longer since I'd relieved my bowels outside.

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