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Mike P


I once shared a one-person restroom with another guy. I thought it would be awkward at first but it turned out not to be at all. I was in my early 20's and I was out somewhere waiting in line for the restroom. I had to go really bad, and like I said it was the kind that only had one toilet. There was another guy waiting in line ahead of me, I would say that he was in his 20's, maybe early 30's. I had been talking with him while we waited so he seemed pretty cool. I wondered if he would let me go ahead of him. I told him that I needed to use the bathroom really bad. He said that he really needed to also, but then he said that if I was ok with it, we could share the bathroom. At first I wasn't sure what he meant by that. I assumed he meant that we would both pee in the toilet at the same time. I wasn't sure how I felt about that. But then he said that what he meant was that I could pee in the toilet and he would go ahead and pee in the sink. At first I was surprised at that idea but then I thought about it and finally said "sure." And so that's what we did. His turn came up and so he went in, and I went in with him. I knew it must have looked odd that we both went in, but at that point I didn't care. He immediately went up to the sink and got ready to pee in it. I went up to the toilet and got ready to have my pee. I said that if he wanted I could use the sink and he could use the toilet. But he said he didn't mind using the sink. Then he started to pee. It sounded like he was peeing in a urinal. I too started to pee in the toilet. We kept peeing until we were all finished.


To Sherryl

Can you tell me about your niece who poops in her toy box?



Just my second post.. constipation sent me to the ER!

I really enjoy reading this website but I've only posted once, a long time ago it seems like! Time is moving slowly. Unfortunately my hubby and I lost our jobs due to covid restrictions. But we're lucky enough to get enough money from our unemployment insurance to be ok while we look for jobs.

I'm trying to be positive but it's hard sometimes. I'm sure many of you have had your lives changed too. But all these issues impacted my digestive system and I got so constipated that I had to go to the hospital!

I have been eating unhealthy food and not moving as much since I was laid off from work. At first I didn't notice, but then I realized I was only pooping every other day and had a lot of pain and cramps (I had constipation problems in college, which was the story I told awhile ago) and I started to get worried, which made me anxious and feel worse, a bad cycle.

A few days ago, I woke up with a super bloated stomach (even for a larger girl like me) and was in a lot of pain. I moaned and rubbed my stomach, which woke up my husband. He asked what was wrong and I suddenly realized I hadn't been able to poop at all in 5 days! I told him this and he said he'd run to the pharmacy for prune juice and suppositories.

I sat on the toilet while he was gone and managed nothing but a few farts, even after straining and pushing.

I was so desperate for relief that I drank an entire large container of prune juice and dashed to the bathroom, stripped down to nothing but a sports bra and inserted two suppositories. "That'll do the trick!", I told my hubby. I made him lunch (I decided to skip for obvious reasons) and we watched most of a football game before I suddenly had a HUGE, horribly painful stomach cramp. I moaned loudly and doubled over. My hubby rushed over and correctly assumed I needed to sit on the toilet. I once again stripped waist down and sat on the toilet.

It took a minute, but I got hit with another hard and painful cramp and I pushed to get the poop, gas, whatever it was out but nothing came out. I pushed and rocked grunted for what hubby said was at least an hour before he came in to insist I should go to the hospital. He was worried I might have a bowel obstruction like his grandma had gotten. I really didn't want to go but I felt like I was dying. DH helped me get dressed with a few pauses as I got assailed by cramps.

The ER was 15 minutes away but I ran straight to the public bathroom in the waiting area. I sat and strained for a few minutes to no avail.

I had the great experience of, between painful bowel cramps, tell a receptionist, three nurses and two doctors that I had horrible diarrhea cramps but couldn't get anything to come out. After I told them about the prune juice, the doctor said I had stimulated my stuffed bowels but probably had a large stool near my bottom that was blocking it.

I cried as the doctor used two lubricated fingers to dig some large chunks out of my butt. He said it was a very large blockage but he'd gotten a lot out. He ordered a soapy enema to help me finish going.

I was already shaking and sweating and still having horrible bowel cramps that made me loudly moan in pain even though I tried not to be loud, since I was only separated from other people with curtains. I didn't even have my hubby with me due to covid regulations but I'm glad he wasn't there to see what happened next.

I was a backless hospital gown when the nurse came with a big red enema bag with a balloon attachment (I've had them before) and a bedside toilet with a garbage bag attached that I would "go" in! I had to use portable toilets in hospital before but the nurse said they do it this way now, but didn't explain. She did explain that I had to get on the bed on all fours with my butt in the air to administer the enema. She would inflate the balloon so I could retain for 30 minutes and then empty my bowels.

I knew it would hurt a lot but I didn't have a choice. The tube went in ok, but I had to stop for a break at least 4 times. I begged her to stop, that I was exploding. It felt like my stomach was exploding!!

Then she inflated the balloon and I couldn't help but scream "OWW" and cry. I was in sooooo much pain. My stomach looked like I was pregnant. I felt like I needed to use the toilet and spent a lot of those 30 minutes crying and saying "Please let me poop, Oh my God, I'm exploding, I need the toilet so bad!!" My nurse tried to calm me down and I knew other people could probably hear but every muscle was begging me to push out the shit.

FINALLY, the nurse got me out of bed and led me to the bedside toilet. As soon as she deflated the bulb, I grabbed the handles and pushed as hard as I could. I vaugely heard the nurse sat she'd check on me later but I didn't care.

I grunted hard as some enema water and poop and farts exploded into the attached bag. I felt some relief until a HUGE poop, the blockage I guess, started moving down.

I knew I'd have to get this out of me. I turned my bedside commode slightly towards the bed so I could put my socked feet on the lowered side of the bed to help me in a squat like position. I was already hot and sweating. I gathered the gown just above my big bloated belly and I SAW the cramping muscles! I grabbed the handles and pushed. I pushed, grunted, strained so hard that I was shaking until an enormously wide piece of poop stretched me open. I started breathing harder and crying but all I could do was push hard. I can't imagine what the other poor patients thought! "HNGGGGG!!! OWWWWW!! IT HAS TO COME OUT! OWW IT'S STUCK!!"

FINALLY, the widest part of the turd had passed, but it was still fat and very long. I pushed hard for awhile longer and the turd had narrowed more as the nurse checked in. She got a wet cloth for my face and asked me to lean forward so she could check me. She gasped when she saw my behind and turd. "I can't imagine how much that hurt! I've never seen one that wide!" she exclaimed.

The blockage was finally out of me, but I was still very full. I went from the huge blockage (nurse later said at least 4in wide) to a barrage of larger logs, then had major cramps come back as I pooped out more soft serve type of poop and finally the diarrhea that I created by drinking all that prune juice. The cramps started to hit harder then, and I was just holding on as my stomach, butt, and leg muscles reacted to each cramp and the very loud barrage of diarrhea and farts that resulted.

The nurse came by a few times to see if I was done, and each time clearly saw I was not done. Finally, she came in as I was finally catching my breath and released nothing but a few farts. I was so weak that she had to get another nurse to help clean me up and get me back into bed.

My jaw dropped when I saw how full I had made the full sized garbage bag that they had attached to the bedside toilet. The second nurse said "You poor thing! You must feel better now, at least!" I assured her I did.

After I was discharged, my hubby said I looked like a whole new woman! I promised both him and the doctor to eat healthier and poop daily. I've done so every day since! I do not ever want to get that constipated ever!!


In what poop category have you been brought up ?

In my opinion there are 4 categories of families.
-Category 1 is secretive, pooping is never mentioned and it appears nobody even does.
-Category 2 mentions pooping, for example my father or sister tell us they are going to have a shit. This is my category
-Category 3 shameless, pooping with doors open, pooping while talking on the phone or talking with SO or kids while doing it.
-Category 4 totally shameless poopers, can go in front of or in the presence of everybody (meaning pooping without hiding sounds in busy public toilets)

So in what category did you people belong when growing up and if already adult did you adopt this category in your new family or are you now in a different category?

So as I said I'm in category two. I mostly inform I'm going to take a poo but I can't stand it when someone is walking in the hallway while I do my business, I just wait till I think nobody can hear me going. Same for public toilets.



Victoria B: Now you made me cry! Though we'll never know each other personally, you've always seemed like someone who cares, wants to make a difference, and live a good life. We just have this "thing" with pooping, and that's OK! May your life and positive energy overflow onto the loved ones around you, especially Robyn! (Have you ever thought of sharing this site with her?).

Shannon: Yes, the accident at the gas station is one that I could definitely relate to! When I've had the three solid accidents when I was alone, I did not clean up immediately. I felt this weird euphoria that was amazing. I know it was a matter of minutes before cleaning, but it definitely wasn't immediate. I'm sorry about the first one though.

You asked what I would do if I had a solid poop accident in front of my coworkers. I would probably be embarrassed, but I hope not to the point of hysteria. I would cry for sure. I did cry a little when I was having issues with farting out loud while working. I could not control the gas until I started doing Kegel exercises daily (maybe it was a casualty of giving birth?). But it was embarrassing. I am so rigid in my routine that I could not foresee having an accident at work unless I had an attack of diarrhea. I always go in the morning and evening. It's just the way I am...

Also, with your second post, I've never had a girlfriend that I would discuss this with. Glad that you had a little bit of bonding. I've said on this forum before, "There are those who have pooped their pants and there are those who are lying!"

Bianca: It sounds if your body reacts well to Prune juice! Glad you had some substantial and satisfying bowel movements!

Love to all!



School toilet paper is too coarse!

I've written before about how I'm having a problem adapting to the new toilet paper my urban high school has switched to using this year. You see, I usually have my craps at least three or four mornings a week during my 2nd hour study hall. Because I'm not as rushed then as I was as a freshman when I had to crap during a class change period when each bathroom on all four levels is jammed, my situation is getting worse than better. Last year each cubicle had a roll of normal toilet paper on each wall of the cubicle. I loved the convenience. But that was taken out over the summer and every toilet is now equipped with a container of toilet paper squares. Each square is about 1/2 the size of my smart phone. I know I'm kind of a klutz, but after I pull down a square to start wiping with from my seat, one of my fingers--often the middle one--pierces the paper and I end up with soft crap on it. Sometimes this happens two or three times during one wipe session and I might have to pull down 7 or 8 pieces just to come close to getting myself clean. Sometimes during PE class my friend Nichole will see while we're in the locker room that my undies are marked. Nichole doesn't like the new toilet paper either, but she doesn't get her fingers messy with it either. She's also showed me how I can guide my wipe using my thumb more. But as a klutz I just haven't had much success with that either. Also, she pulls off a couple of the folded brown hand towels above the sink, tears them up and wipes with them. But they are large and heavy and clog the toilets up. Sometimes while Nichole and I are seated on the locker room benches and dressing, she will say my arse looks pretty raw. Yes, it does and it hurts when I perspire later in the day. The other day as we were riding home on the school bus, she could see how uncomfortable I was. Then when I got home, my mom had 4 of my stained pairs of underwear laying out. Then she made her usual speech about Rosalynne Rae taking the time to clean herself better. That doesn't make me feel any better, especially on like Friday afternoon when Nichole and I were waiting and I went back into the school with gas and a bit of a second crap. While seated my 3rd hour science student teacher came rushing in, dropped her thick set of keys with her and her boyfriend's picture on it to the floor. She did a good pee first and then laid her crap out. She stood, did a couple of wipes, pulled up her jeans, flushed and exited. She washed her hands, wiped them, and then went hurrying out. Would I do anything to have that much grace in meeting the needs of my body.


Ex-girlfriend's dumps

Around 2011 I had a few months long relationship with a British-Pakistani girl named Maryam, she was 24-25 at the time. She was about 5'5", hot, skinny, she had quite conservative parents - she didn't tell them she was seeing a white boy. After a while she was quite open about going to the toilet, there were three times I remember her having a poo.

The first, we had met up in town and gone back to my apartment, as I was opening the door she said "I really need the toilet!". She went into the small bathroom and closed the door. I didn't hear anything but a few minutes later after she'd flushed, washed her hands and opened the door I was waiting to go in. She said "you might want to leave it 5 minutes", I walked in anyway and there was an unpleasantly strong smell of poo, she was a bit embarrassed.

Around that time she got into a habit of having a poo as soon as she got to mine after work. Once, when she'd been in there a while, I asked "can I come in?" as she never locked the door. She said "ok" so I sat on the bath next to her. I could tell from the smell she'd already started her crap, I leaned over a bit to look at the back of her brown-skinned bottom over the toilet bowl and she said "don't, it'll smell bad back there!". Then she sat fidgeting a bit, said "Neil can you leave, I need to go some more..." so I left the room. About 20 minutes after she'd finished, I went back into the bathroom, she said "it'll still be gross in there, sorry", sure enough there was still a rotten stench. She stood at the door as I brushed my teeth, wrinkled her nose and laughed with embarrassment.

The third one, she'd been to visit her family in Pakistan (both her parents were from there, she was born in Pakistan and moved to England as a child). She used to apparently get constipated from the food there apparently, the night she got back and was round at mine she was saying how she hadn't taken a dump for a few days and was worrying about it. She took a laxative, saying it would probably work by the morning. The next morning I remember her being up and about as I lay in bed, then I heard as she went into the toilet, banged the toilet seat down slightly hurriedly, next I heard was a fart followed by a loud plop and a sigh. After a few moments I decided to get up and see if I could go in to see her, as I walked in a wave of foul smell hit me and she said "don't come in, it absolutely stinks in here!", I could see her sitting on the toilet looking up at me slightly panicked, she seemed a bit distressed at letting go several days of turds so I left her alone. I don't think she ever realised how much I enjoyed these incidents.


Seed Shells

Hi folks on this wonderful website! Today I ate several sunflower seeds whole, and I swear I felt the shells in my poop. It didn't hurt, but felt sharp somewhat as if tiny peices of hard bits were in it. This poop was semi chunky, and about medium amount. Even my tongue is still feeling the aftereffects of the seed shells, but my butt is all good from that poop. I don't remember such a number 2 from the last time I ate sunflower seeds with shells, so I probably thought I felt them because of a greater amount. Despite the odd sensation, the "sunflower poop" was still nice. My later poop was chunky too, but it felt normal coming out with no more mild sharpness. To the poster who wrote that their grandma pooped in a diaper in the kitchen, your description of the oder sounds like she stunk the place up. Sorry about the feeding tube. I thought this would give her diarrhea, so when you wrote that she pushed over a sink, I was surprised. Bye to all of you.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bianca great set of stories it sounds like you had some good poops.

To: Taylor great story about you and Jennifer it sounds like both had good poops.

To: Victoria congrats I bet you guys are gonna many great adventures together.

To: Christina great story about Lindsay's big poop I bet she felt better after that.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


First Post

After lurking for a short while, I've decided to make my first post here. I'm a 23 year old man, 5'7", and pretty muscular. I got into lifting a few years ago and I'm really trying to bulk up, so I'm currently eating about 3,200 calories a day. Needless to say, this has the effect of making my movements pretty damn big.

When I started eating more my sophmore year of college I was pretty dumb about it and just recklessly ate anything I came across. This obviously wrecked my intestines for a bit and led to some interesting events. The questionable food in the dining hall didn't help. Here's the story of the first time I realized my new habits would have some painful consequences.

I had gone about three days without pooping, compared to my usual habit of once a day. I wasn't feeling it too much yet, but I was getting concerned about how big it would be and starting to feel a little heavy. Sitting in my morning psych class, my stomach out of nowhere started making ungodly noises. In addition to the normal embarrassing grumbling, it made loud percolating noises that made it pretty obvious it wasn't hunger. It was an important lecture, so I couldn't leave, and I didn't feel the need to go to the bathroom or even fart yet, so there was no clear way to quiet it down. I quietly made myself burp and tried to surrepticiously rub my belly, but it didn't seem to help and I was getting glares.

I finally got embarrassed enough to just leave class and hope it'd sort itself out quickly. Walking back to my dorm, I could feel something shifting inside of me and the onset of some mild cramps. I had a potbelly that was visible through my shirt. I made some coffee and lied on my knees with my butt up, which helped a little. I was able to let out a few hissing farts, but my aches were only getting worse. I finally sat up and gave myself a forceful massage as I drank my coffee. This seemed to move it along, and I let out a gut-wrenching three-second fart that made me sprint to the toilet.

The pressure in my gut had suddenly become blinding, and I had to take some deep breaths before trying to push. I moaned as I pushed out a sputtering fart and the tip of my first log. It stung, but I figured it was like ripping off a bandaid, so I bore down harder. I was panting like a woman giving birth, struggling to inch out this murderously large turd. With every bit of progress I could feel its knobby texture scratching at my anus, until I finally blasted it out with a loud, vocal grunt. I sighed in relief, barely cognizant of the mush pouring out of me until about a minute after it ended. I had to sit and recover for a few minutes before wiping. I was out of breath, my asshole was stinging like hell, and I was still occasionally breaking short wind. When I went to wipe I saw blood on the toilet paper, confirming my guess that it'd ripped me a bit. I'd guess the first log was about 2.5"-3" thick and 8" long, with watery stool forming a substantial pile over it and making the water murky. I had to flush twice.

I was too sore to thoroughly wipe the absolute mess of my ass, and I had to shower to rinse it off. I was bloated the rest of the day and had mild diarrhea two more times.


Dear Victoria

I and my friends are happy for you! We hope you have happy time together for ever and ever and ever. When you live together? I think not now because you write, "her bathroom" so it is a different from your bathroom. I hope you live together soon, if you want. You can have bath together and go to loo together and do everything together. But of course it is best you do what you want to do. We hope you are both happy always.

Love to you and Robyn.

from MKMH


Pee problems

My name is Kaycha (Kai-shei). I suffered from wetting problems most of my childhood into middle school. I honestly didn't mean to but I had a bad habit of waiting til the very last second and then, too late, rushing to the bathroom with piss wetting my panties. I can't even count how many accidents I had on my way to the bathroom and in the bathroomxwhen I was doing the potty dance desperately trying to unbutton my jeans. My parents were patient until I was in first grade but then they realized no other kid came home so frequently with a Wal-Mart bag of wet clothes. My dad started spanking me for it. I felt traumatized and helpless. It seemed like I was forever trying to get through the day with dry pants and was hit and miss as far as success went. But some days and weeks were better than others. Even in 3rd and 4th grade I came home from school with either a "wet pants" bag or wet pants from having had an accident on the bus. I would try hard to hold it but more often then not ended up losing the battle. I never seemed to remember to go potty before getting on the bus. In 5th grade my fed-up parents asked my teacher to start reminding me to go every two hours but she refused, stating that I was far too old to need help with toileting. And so I still had accidents. One I particularly remember wetting at my desk. I knew I needed to go but we weren't allowed to leave class during a test. My need got stronger and i began to wiggle and squirm. I was particularly bad at spelling so my test took longer than most. A trickle of pee and the all-too-familiar feeling of my panties getting warm and damp told me I wouldn't make it too the toilet. I couldn't concentrate on my spelling. I held my crotch with one hand as tears filled my eyes. Then my crotch and bottom grew very warm and wet as I flooded my seat and it began to run off my chair onto the floor. I was sent to the office and unfortunately didn't have a change of pants as I hadn't wet myself in about 3 weeks. I felt like a failure. I had been so proud of those 3 weeks. My mom arrived at school with dry pants and panties. I could tell she was angry and embarrassed. I was signed out of school, taken home and paddled. She told me that if I ever wet my pants again, my dad would whip me with a belt. I was so scared but that didn't prevent a playground accident just 2 weeks later. I held it too long yet again and finished going in my pants before I could make it to the door. I begged my teacher not to tell about my accident on my daily report home and she actually agreed to my request. I hid my wet clothes in my locker and luckily my mom didn't seem to notice that I was wearing different jeans. My accidents became fewer over time and I had my last one in 7th grade. I just couldn't unbutton my pants before warm pee was soaking my panties and sliding d0wn my leg into a puddle on the bathroom floor. My teacher was irritated and asked if I ever planned to stop holding it too late. She got me the pair of blue oversized gym shorts that screamed "I had an accident" and I wore those the rest of the day, getting stared at and laughed at. Before I left for home however I was called to the office. The secretary had taken it upon herself to put my pants, panties and socks in the washer and dryer so they were nice and dry for me to wear home. I've never been more grateful to anyone in my life. I never wet my pants again. I was still a bedwetter-3-4'nightd a week but even thats decreased to one or two nights a week. I still wear a diaper to bed to keep my pajamas and sheets dry but hopefully even this will eventually go away.

Nickel Plate

Gas and underwear marks

Hi I read a lot of your stories often. I have shared some things time to time. But I mostly read .

There has been stories about trying not get marks on underwear like panties etc... So when you fart if it make noise you can bet you going to have marks on your clothing, because the gas come out wet. But ir it is quiet than it just warm dry gas. If you can hold it and let it go out slowly or on it own it possible it be just gas. But that not always.If that helps any body . I have used paper towel in my underwear and put the paper in the crack of my but to catch and it works pretty much if it does not work out of the spot. Toilet paper works in a pitch but not as well.
If your poop is messy the paper does delay often just in time to void a mess too.

Heather M.

Farts Help

Over the past few months, I haven't really been happy for a number of reasons. I won't go into detail about why but I will tell you about me a little. I'm Heather, I am 45, white, light brown hair, and I am married with two college aged kids.

Yesterday, my husband and I went to my brother-in-law's house. We will be staying with him, his wife, and their 7 year-old son until the end of the week. Their son is full of energy and loves to talk and play. He loves being around me, for a reason I can't figure it out.

My nephew and I were playing in the living room later that day while the others were outside. In the middle of his play speech, my nephew let out a fart and started to laugh. I couldn't help but smile as he laughed. I have never been too open about farting and other bodily functions. I don't mind people doing them, I just never felt too comfortable doing it around others.

But there was something about seeing my nephew laugh that made me get his attention. I closed my eyes and gave a small push, and a fart came out of me. My nephew looked at me in shock before starting to laugh. I couldn't hold back and started to laugh as well.

Before my nephew went to bed later that night, he said goodnight to me and hugged me. When the hug ended, he let out a fart. My sister-in-law got on to him, but I gave her a small smile and let out a fart on my own. My sister-in-law gasped at me but me and my nephew were too busy laughing to care.

I'm glad we and my nephew are bonding over farts and that farts are helping me be happy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020


Wonderful Clean Out

Today was a great day concerning my poop! My prune juice gave me a quick, but satisfying 3 sloppy poop sessions. It didn't take much to get me going (about half a glass), and some of my shit waves were noisy. My urges started almost 4 hours after drinking my juice. Btw, my poop didn't have that prune juice sort of gross smell, but was mildly of the usual odor. To all you accident prone folks on here, I've been lucky enough to not have any mishaps with prune juice, nor agonizing discomfort. One Redditor said that he/she had cramps with prune juice, but I've been lucky enough to avoid that, too. Goodbye to all, and happy bathroom adventures to you.


Grandma taking a dump in front of caregiver

So tonight I had to go to my grandparents house because my mom had to do something with my grandpa (who had knee replacement surgery 2 weeks ago) and when we walked in my grandma (who has severe muscular dystrophy and is in a wheelchair) was in the middle of taking a massive dump in front of the in home caregiver (who is there everyday both in the morning and at night. She has been a godsend to our family) standing over the kitchen sink pushing to get it into her diaper and the smell was absolutely horrific that my mom had to spray Lysol into the family room and the kitchen where the caregiver was helping her. She requires a feeding tube as a result of an unfortunate incident that happened last Thanksgiving so she doesn't eat anything except the liquid which she has to have. My mom thought she might've had an upset stomach

Victoria B.



I wanted to just send out a few responses tonight now that the semester is mercifully over!

To Catherine: I will never forget your friendship. You are an amazing human being and I cried when I read about how you pray for me. The big ones always get me too and we've gone right from the bathroom to bed more than once. Please keep being the special woman that you are, for my sake and for the sakes of everyone else in your life!

To Audrey: I'm so sorry to hear that you got a spanking with an object for wetting your pants. I only got my bottom warmed with a hand and that was bad enough! When you defended yourself by pooping it gave me a chuckle because I once did that too! That's another story though!



Andrea's Survey


I apologize for this being late!

1. When you are alone do you leave the bathroom door open when you are on the toilet? I always have the door closed, even when I lived alone. It makes me feel more secure. Sometimes, when I'm home alone with my son, who's three, I have to leave the door open and it makes me uncomfortable.

2. Do you leave the bathroom door open when you are on the toilet if your family, SO(Significant Other), roommate is around? Alan, my husband, knows that if the door is closed, then I need my privacy. However, we will both go when each other are in the bathroom, especially if we are getting ready for the day. The door is shut though.

3. If you are a noisy pooper such as loud farts, grunting. etc. do you try being quiet when you have company? Mine are usually not noisy. However, I've trained myself to simply relax and let my body do it's thing.

4. Are you ok if your children, SO, roommate walk in while you are on the toilet? As I said, if the door is closed, it's closed :)

5. Are you ok walking in to use the toilet while your children, SO, roommate is in there for another reason? Just Alan, but not my children.

6. Are you comfortable using a public toilet if someone is in the stall next to you? No, but I will do it anyway.

7. How often do you get so constipated that you need an enema? Never.

8. Do you use a squatty potty when pooping? No.

9. When was the first time you realized you were fascinated with pooping? When I was a teenager. My family changed our diets to a very high-fiber, vegetarian diet after I struggled with IBS alternating constipation and diarrhea as a preteen. I loved the change in my BMs to their current, long, thick, soft, voluminous texture. And, I had a solid accident when I was fifteen that really increased the fascination.

10. What started that fascination? Sorry, just shared that above!

11. Do you listen to hear you SO on the toilet? I will pay attention to the sounds when Alan goes if I'm in the restroom too, but I don't try to listen through the door. We are open with our interest in each others' bowel habits.

12. Do you always wipe until you are completely clean? Yes, and I have a Washlet. Plus our diets usually mean less clean up is necessary.

13. How often in the course of a month do you leave skid marks in your underwear, panties, thong, etc.? Never.

14. Do you fart when you pee? Yes, sometimes.

15. Have you ever had a poop get stuck half way out and needed help getting it the rest of the way out? No.

When you wipe your butt:
1. Do you reach between your legs and wipe from back to front? No.

2. Do you lean to one side, reach around behind you and wipe from front to back? Yes.

3. Which hand do you use? I'm right handed so I use my right.

Great survey, Andrea! I hope to hear more from you soon!




Story about my friend

I'm back with another quick post!

I finally got someone else in my life to admit to having had a genuine poop accident before! One of my friends (not my best friend who I've written about before) and I had lunch today and we were drinking mimosas and chatting. We definitely had kind of a lot, and after a while she said she better stop drinking or, quote, "i'll get the shits and probably shit my pants." My brain immediately became alerted to her saying that, and I was highly intrigued. I quickly said "has that happened to you before?" She laughed and said "no I was just exaggerating." I was disappointed, but I decided to press the issue and said "have you ever shit your pants before?" She laughed again and didn't say anything right away, then she just said "have you?" (She's never witnessed any of my accidents and I had not discussed it with her at that point). I said "I asked you first" and she still wouldn't give in, but at this point I knew the answer was definitely yes but I wanted her to tell me the story. So, I caved first. I wound up confessing to her that I have bowel control problems and that as a result I poop in my pants pretty often. She was totally blown away, fascinated, and sympathetic. She had so many questions like "why don't you wear diapers?" and "how do you deal with it when it happens in public?" (Things ive addressed here already). I wound up telling her about last weekend after the restaurant when I pooped myself in my parents' car.

Finally, after giving her my whole story, she was much more forthcoming and said "to answer your question, yeah...I crapped my pants once. I thought it was a big deal but it feels stupid now after what you told me you deal with haha". Either way I got her to tell the story which I will summarize. She was 12 years old and she was at a big home improvement store with her parents and her sisters. She needed to poop, but her parents were in a cranky mood so she was afraid to ask to go to the bathroom, and decided to try to hold it. She said she was standing there while her parents were talking to an employee about doors when she realized she couldn't wait anymore, she was about to go. Her parents were in the middle of talking and she tried to get their attention to ask if she could go to the bathroom, but they weren't responding to her because they were talking to the guy. She panicked in the moment and just stood there helplessly until she started pooping her pants. She said she tried her best to stop it but it just kept pushing out until she was done. She was in shock for a moment and was trying to convince herself that it was completely fine and no one would know, but seconds later she could smell what she did and realized everyone was about to smell it too. She couldn't help but start crying, and she had to interrupt her parents and the employee to tell them that she had an accident. Her mom quickly grabbed her by the arm and rushed her to the bathroom to clean up. She said its one of her most embarrassing moments, which I certainly understand. I pushed for some more details while trying not to seem too eager. I asked what she was wearing and she claims to not remember. I asked her if it was soft or firm and she said it was soft, and I also asked her if it was a lot and she said yes. I asked her how it felt and she said it felt "hot and gross".

Anyway, I found it to be a good bonding moment for us. I enjoyed hearing her story and I'm glad there is someone else in my life who knows what its like to poop your pants by accident!

I've kept my undies clean this week, since the two days in a row last week that I messed myself. I'm determined to beat my streak of 36 days. In fact my goal is to make it the rest of the year without having an accident, which I think is attainable if I stay focused and really take care. I just have a habit of getting complacent when its been two or three weeks since I've pooped my pants and I start to get a little careless again with time management, which ultimately is the main root cause of my accidents. Its definitely a hurdle I need to get over.

Wish me luck!


Stinky girl

Blowing it up

Hey, I'm a long time lurker. I just had a great experience. I was at a friends house for the weekend. We'll call her Tara. Tara had silently excused her self to the restroom. She was in there for about 10 mins so I knew she was probably taking a dump. I was sitting on the couch so I was too far away to hear anything. After she got out and went to her room, I headed to the restroom. I could already smell her stench on the way over. It was like a feminine poop mixture. Although it had already dissipated quite a bit. When I put the toilet lid up I found the source of the smell. Tara had either forgot to flush or it hadn't all went down because her remains were still in there. She had obviously had diarrhea which makes sense as we went drinking the night before. I just flushed it down and went about my day


Replies, latest stories

Hi guys!

To modetator: thank you, it seems I overlooked a batch of updates!

To deb: I've seen some of your stories and you sound pretty accident prone like me. I'm sorry you had an accident in your Halloween costume while walking your daughter, that must have been uncomfortable. Thats the trouble with pooping in leggings/tights. I hate how it squishes and spreads up the back. There have been a couple of occassions where I've pooped my pants bad enough while driving that it spread up the back and got far enough to come out of my pants and get on the car seat and my shirt. That's the worst. Once, I had a really bad accident while wearing a one piece swimsuit, and it spread so far up my back that it was practically between my shoulder blades. Have you ever had a solid poop accident in your pants or is it always diarrhea when you mess yourself? Also, do you find wearing depends to be worthwhile when you poop yourself? Diapers always seemed kind of pointless to me, because you're still covered in your own poop and it still smells and its still humiliating and you still have to go get changed etc etc. But if there are some actual real pros to it i'd like to hear it. I'm just afraid its more likely people will notice that i wear diapers than it is likely that they'll witness me poop my pants. To me, being found out as a diaper wearing adult is just as embarrassing a thought as having an accident in public anyway.

To Trina: omg, that's my nightmare. I am dreading the day when I accidentally poop my pants at work and my coworkers know about it (I know it's "when" and not "if"). I have pooped my pants at work once before but I managed to get away with it without being found out. I feel so embarrassed for you that that happened but I'm grateful that only your one coworker found out and that she helped you and kept your secret. What would you have done if every one of your coworkers knew you wet and pooped your pants at work?

To Catherine: hi I'm glad you're well! It sounds like you've been having great poops lately and I think its awesome that you helped someone else in your real life to have great poops too. Thats the power of talking about it lol. I would love to hear your answer to the question I posed Trina as well: what would you do if you accidentally pooped in your pants at work, and all your coworkers found out?

I'm fairly certain that if i pooped my pants at work and people witnessed it then i would just start crying. i feel like i would seriously contemplate quitting, too.

Now for my stories.

I didn't make it 36 days without an accident this time, I only stayed clean a couple of weeks since my accident after i voted. It ended last weekend in somewhat humiliating fashion. In fact, i regressed from the progress i had made with my control because i actually wound up going in my pants two days in a row.

The first time, my family and I decided to have an early Thanksgiving gathering because covid is getting bad again and things may shut down, and my brother has to go away around Thanksgiving. We all got together and had a very nice meal at a fancy restaurant. Late in the meal I had that heavy feeling in my stomach and soon I was really needing to poop. As my parents tend to do they spent a long time drinking coffee and chatting before we paid the bill and left. I was getting anxious because I wanted to avoid using the restaurant bathroom if I could help it. Finally we got going and we all got in the car, and I felt pretty confident that I would make it home. But things started to go south shortly into the ride when my stomach cramped up worse and I felt a very strong urge to push. I swear its like my body thinks when I'm sitting in the car that i'm on the toilet or something, because its very common for me to feel like I can hold it before a ride but then it becomes an emergency during the ride, and as it happens, most of my accidents occur while i'm in the car. So of course, it became an emergency, and suddenly I was having flashbacks to the time when I was on vacation with my family as a teenager and I crapped my shorts in the car. I had to face the reality that I was about to have a repeat of that accident, but this time I was 31 years old while in the car with my entire family. I began turtle heading and fighting to keep clenched, and I desperately informed my father that I needed him to stop for a bathroom as soon as possible. He seemed unconcerned as usual and mumbled that he would stop soon, but it was already too late... I had to go too badly to wait anymore. I farted quietly a couple of times, then I felt my cheeks part and this time I couldn't reclench them... I started pooping in my pants quickly and with some embarrassing noises, it was thick but soft and spread out under my butt like a pancake as it filled my underwear. I noticed my brother giving me a look because he heard what i just did, and I knew the smell was going to be awful and fill the car any second so I just got ahead of the situation and announced to my family that i had just had an accident. "Uh oh ..I'm sorry guys... I just pooped my pants." I said shamefully. Just then the smell hit, and it really did stink.
"Oh, shannon honey...really?" My mom said with a little shock and disbelief. "why didn't you go at the restaurant???"
"Come on..." said my brother as he opened his window and covered his nose.
My dad stayed silent and we kept driving as my face felt like it was on fire with redness. I just sat there in the warmth of my accident feeling totally bummed that after all these years, there I was still pooping up my parents car, but it feels significantly more embarrassing as an adult...But it isn't so bad when it's family who already know you have a problem. It's always worse to go in my pants around like lovers or acquaintances (or coworkers god forbid). When we got back to my parents' house, I got up from the car and saw that my accident soaked through my leggings and left a big stain on the seat, just to add insult to dad seemed really mad at me. I had red Christmas leggings on and they now have a great big round poop stain on the back too :(

So, I reset the accident clock again after that stinky ride home, but I didn't even make it another 24 hours. But this one was much less embarrassing and much more exciting... my SPAS will understand.

The laundry room in my apartment building is out of order right now so I've been taking my clothes to a laundromat for a few weeks, and the day after the car poop accident I took my laundry there mainly to get my poopy leggings and underwear in the wash. I spent a couple hours there reading my kindle and doing laundry and when i was done I needed to poop. It wasn't bad yet but it felt substantial, so I started thinking about finding a bathroom before I finished my errands. I still had to put gas in my car, get cash out for the week and pick up some stuff for lunches. I made the decision to hurry up with my errands and get home to go (I might have subconsciously wanted to test myself) and I pressed on and hurried to get as much done as I could. I got some lunch items first and left the grocery store, got cash back while I was there so I just needed to stop for gas and head home, but by then it was REALLY knocking at the door. I farted softly a few times to relieve some pressure, but it wasn't really working. I started to get a tingly feeling and I felt some pangs of excitement because it was feeling like a solid load and I was getting desperate. I began thinking about the sensations of a solid accident and had it firmly in my mind that I would be totally OK with it if it happened. I got to the gas station and got out, and when I stood up out of the car I couldn't even straighten up all the way because I felt so crampy. I farted again by mistake, and it caused a minor turtle heading situation that i had to ride out, then I started to pump my gas. I was standing there watching the numbers tick by on the pump, and really squeezing my cheeks together and fighting back little farts and turtle heads when a strong cramp took over. I fought it as hard as i could, but I couldn't control it anymore and I let the next turtle head just continue to slide past my cheeks. It felt very firm and well formed, and I got goosebumps as it pushed its way out and nestled into a big lump in my underwear. My heart was racing, it was the best kind of accident to have. A big solid log that slowly slid out and no one was there to see it happen or know I did it. I felt so excited... it felt so warm and compact, nestled cozily right between my cheeks pressing up against the middle of my butt. I gently touched back and felt the big firm bulge protruding in my leggings, and as I did I felt my body getting ready to poop some more. I gave a little push and this time after initially coming out solid, it turned into softer squishier poop that filled in my underwear around the big log. It was such a relief to go and it felt so naughty but so freeing to just be doing it in my pants while standing there pumping gas. I made sure no one was looking, then I slowly pressed my butt against the side of my car and squished the load in my pants just to feel the sensation and the warmth of it. I dont normally do that... as I drove home in my mess I realized I now had more poopy pants and underwear that needed washing and I was already heading home. So that was a little regrettable... the stink was very strong in the car as usual. When I got home I put away my groceries then put away my laundry with the mess still in my pants. Then since I was alone and I had already been so bad to that point anyway, I just neglected to clean myself up for another hour and half or so while I just lounged around my apartment. I wasn't trying to be gross, just a little lazy lol. I dont mind how it feels to have a mess in my pants as long as it isn't wet and runny, and there was no one around to be bothered by the smell, so I was in no rush to change my pants. The clean up process can be daunting anyway so I was probably also procrastinating! When i finally did clean up it wasn't too bad. everything stayed in my panties, which were light gray so they did have quite a prominent stain, but my leggings were spared any direct damage somehow despite all the moving around i did over the 2 hours or so that my pants were messy. So anyway, i'm left with mixed feelings after last weekend. I'm embarrassed about pooping myself in front of my family on saturday, but i'm most definitely thrilled about having a solid accident at the gas pump by myself on sunday. i wish that one was how all of my accidents were.

I think that's all I have for now, in fact if I write any more without going to the bathroom I'm legitimately going to pee my pants, my bladder is throbbing lol! Until next time.



A congratulations and a story

Victoria B - That's awesome news! I am so happy for both you and Robyn and I wish you a very long and happy time together.

I had a fantastic toilet visit with Jennifer this morning. I was curled up in bed with her quietly talking and really needing to pee. It soon became too much and I had to get up. "Sorry babe I can't wait any longer. Are you coming with me?" We both got out of bed and went to her bathroom, Jennifer closing the door behind us as I pulled down my shorts to my calves and sat down on the toilet seat. After only a couple of seconds I started a gushing stream that hissed loudly as it came out of me before splashing loudly against the water below. It felt *fantastic*! My wee went on for quite a while and once it slowed to drips I waited for my other end. I always poop first thing in the morning and I was already on the toilet so it made sense. I continued my earlier conversation with Jennifer while waiting.

I had been waiting for about a minute when I felt my body give a little push and I was gently opened up by my poop making its way out. One of my favourite things about pooping with an audience is that until splashdown, they have no idea what is going on back there. To Jennifer, I was still waiting, but to me I could feel the wonderful sensation of my poop effortlessly sliding out of me. It eventually fell in the bowl with a loud splash and she flashed me a big smile, another splash being heard moments later. I quickly wiped, needing four pieces for my behind and flushed before swapping places with Jennifer. Pulling up my shorts as she pulled down her underwear.

"My turn!" she smiled as a loud hissing filled the room, her wee jetting against the front of the bowl. She had a relatively short, but powerful wee and then settled down for her poop, leaning forward slightly with her hands resting on her legs. A pose I've recognised to mean only one thing. A little later she tensed up slightly and there was a brief tinkle of wee, a tell tale sign that something was happening back there. Sure enough, seconds later there was a quiet "flumph" and she started getting some toilet paper. She wiped a handful of times before flushing while seated and then pulling up her clothes as she stood. We washed our hands together and went about our day.


Ideal Bathroom

Once a while back ago after falling asleep to my nature melodies, I dreamed of my ideal bathroom. The bathroom was attached to a big bedroom like what you find in hotels, but in the back. It was a special bathroom not only because of the comfy cushion curved toilet seat, but also because it played a nature melody when you turned the light on. The music was the same favorite song I hear in real life on my sound machine (peaceful melody with birds singing in the background). The speaker was like those stereo speakers in the ceiling you hear at stors, etc. If I had a nature bathroom in real life like this, it'd be bliss! About my poops today: I had watery poop due to my prune juice. At one point, it was pure liquid, and sounded like I was peeing from my bum. My first morning poop was soft but solid, and came out before I drank my prune juice. Hope you love my ideal bathroom story. Bye.

Wow I forgot all about this site, I'm surprised to see it still here, I first discovered it at random back in February 2006 and enjoyed reading all the stories.

anyway Today I had a massive urge to poop all day at work, every time I went to the bathroom all the stalls were taken, and finally got home and went poop and it was just a small amount of poop, and I'm thinking like seriously that small amount of poop cause that great of an urge?
there's been other times where I had a small urge poop and I ended up pushing out so much poop and a turd almost a foot long.

so does anyone else experience this? Were you have a huge urge and it's just a small amount of poop, and other times you have a small urge and you feel like you're going to be in there for hours because you just keep pushing out poop.

anyway it's good to be back to the site after many years

Just Jerika

My absolute perfect crap

It was about 10:30 a.m. yesterday when I got done studying in the library. I felt my crap knocking but didn't want to use the Student Union bathrooms because they are so busy and often out of toilet paper. The wind was cold outside so I cut through the Alumni building and decided to unload there. Beautiful bathroom. Moderate in size compared to the many other buildings. Strolled into the bathroom. Only three stalls, but very pristine. Nice shiny toilets, blue with blue seats that were like marble--looking expensive. A blue receptacle of white toilet seat covers. Never used one. Never will. I dropped my jeans and thong and in one push with my mask on I was easily able to release a soft, sliding crap to separate from all others. The ultimate feeling. I turned, stood and wanted to see it before I started my wipe. Auto-flush prevented that. I so hate those things. Easy wipe, another auto flush, and I was off to business class to study spread sheets. Now, even 24 hours later, I feel so unfulfilled.

It's me Timeeka. I've been away. I am well and looking after my health. I teach my classes by correspondance from home. This social distance drives me crazy. I am home drinking green and black tea by the gallon. You know the results. I pee about 10x/day and have about 2-5 loose to firm bowel movements. I caannot recall when I had them firm. Tonight, I lounged in my black swaet pants and simple white cotton Hanes briefs (guys), a t-shirt and sweater. Last week, I drank a magnesium brew to regulate my immune system. I felt good to sit on the toilet at home and flush out brown water like a hose. Tonight, I pulled down my clothes to my ankles and pushed out a series of long brown pieces with some gas. I then wiped from behind and flushed. Just, I had to pee. I pulled down my sweat pants and white briefs to my ankles, spread my legs facing the toilet. I fixed my pussy like penis and peed like a boy, wiped myself and flushed. I'd love to hear from you. I got a survey for you girls. How many of you pee like a guy? I'd love to hear.


Ethan's poop accident

This is about one of my first "dates." I was in 8th grade and my friend Ethan, who was very shy and socially inept and a year younger than me, had discount coupons to an after school ice-skating party put on my our city rec. dept. We walked about 6 blocks over to the park after school for two hours of fun.

Right after classes had ended before I met up with Ethan I went to the bathroom. A strong pee and one more piece of crap (I had my main one during 2nd hour) resulted. Ethan was at the entrance when I came out of the bathroom. I told him he might want to go across the hall and he looked so surprised. He said he didn't need to use school bathrooms and wasn't about to start now. I was somewhat surprised but we started our walk. After we got to the park and got our rental skates, it became obvious that Ethan had some flair but as he picked up speed, he became more awkward. He took a couple of spills, but would get right up. I took a couple of spills too and was thankful that I had made connection with porcelain a few minutes earlier.

Ethan wasn't as lucky. He fell hard once and I could see something was wrong on his face. It was more surprise, a lot more surprise than pain. He stuck his gloved hand in his crotch. I thought he had peed himself, but it had become obvious that he had pooped himself. He was really startled as to what to do. I told him to follow me down to the bathroom building and it became obvious he had a mess in his jeans. While I sat on a bench outside, we took off his skates and I held Ethan's coat as he went inside. It was about 10 minutes and I called his phone, which he didn't fully know how to use especially with his nervousness, and he muttered some stuff that I didn't fully understand. Then I heard his phone fall onto the floor. Two boys came out laughing, talking about some f#####' dumb 7th grader and how he shit his pants. I called Ethan's house and his sister brought him some new underwear and jeans. She said he had used most of the toilet paper in three cubicles as he sat cleaning himself. When she finally brought him out he was in better spirits and we skated for another hour or so before we walked over to McDonald's for some hot chocolate.

Both he and I used the bathrooms there before we started our walk home. I was hopeful that he had learned his lesson. Public bathrooms are there for a reason.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Shannon, your rmost recent post is the one below.

Miss E

Bus trip in South America

Some years back I went for a very long bus trip in the mountains of South America. Luckily the speed was quite low and nobody got car sick even though we were about 40 passengers. The problem then was that the driver did not plan for any stops by himself. We started the trip at 6 am. At about 11 am we at last made a stop at a scenic point. The last few hours before stopping I had felt an increasing need not only to pee but also to poop. When the stop was announced I quickly took some paper napkins from my back pack and put in my pocket, being ready to sprint off into the terrain to get things done. At the parking lot there were several cars and two other buses. I did not consider that at all, because the need was urgent and I more or less ran down along the road and went down a slope. Behind some stones I pulled down my shorts and squatted. Just as I was about to wipe after leaving the load I realized that I had been observed by a man walking on a path at the opposite side of the slope. He smiled and waved to me, and I waved back being quite embarrassed. Well, I thought, he do not know me so why bother. Just as I had this thought I observed a man coming up just below me. Obviously he did not spot me. He also was in a huge urge, because he pulled down his trousers and squatted so that I was able to see him from behind when he was doing his deed. I managed to get away without being observed. That was nice because he was from our group. That would have been a really embarrassing situation. On my way back to the bus I also, on distance, observed two other from our bus squatting to take care of their needs. Until now this is my only outdoor poop, but I have peed outdoor several times. Some hours later we made another break. Then I only peed without being spotted. But then I also saw some other going to toilet outside. Later I told my mother about the incidents. She then told that when she went for a hike in South America some years back she also had to go to toilet outside several times and that she also had been spotted when answering the call of nature. I guess it is quite common when travelling this way?


Past Shits

Hi everyone. Yesterday's poops were quick, and I had gas. I even went to the toilet just because I thought I had to go. I knew it was going to be like diarrhea that afternoon while the urge came on in the dollar store, because I got that `fart you shouldn't trust" feeling. I just passed gas a lot during those times I had the false urges, and some of it was squeaky. One of these gas episodes occurred after enjoying my new parrot documentary. Btw, it's a new favorite! Just like with bad pooping experiences, I can now move on with the other DVD loss behind me and not miss it anymore just like I can now not let my past accident trauma hurt me. Parrots can be loud enough to cause hearing loss, and this makes me glad not a toilet ever gets noisy to the point of doing this. Once a short while ago (maybe about 3 weeks), I pooped with one of my masks on in public. It was chunky, and moderately smelly. I was happy to poop that day in the middle stall, because I used my favorite style of toilet. Fast flushers are great. Who else loves them? Bye.


Responses and Brief story

Victoria B: First, I think your relationship with Robyn is so beautiful! Love, prayers and best wishes as you both explore these feelings and as your bond grows! I love the description of the sign! Second, thank you for your affirmations of the slight feelings of arousal. I think when I'm having a large Bowel Movement that accompanies a significant bit of pressure, the feelings are there. I've told Alan about it and he seems to think it's normal. He experiences slight arousal too. Just an interesting experience.

Claire from the Midwest: I would love to hear more from you on the experience, as well as others on this forum, at least in terms that keep with the spirit of this forum!

Postman: Thank you! Glad to hear from you!

Trina: Hi there, fellow SPAS! If we all could have a friend like Mary when we are in a situation like that. I'm glad that she kept your secret and that you could leave and change clothes at home. It's amazing, that "tingly" feeling...when people ask why I don't want to have an accident on purpose, it's because I would still be in control of my bowels. The thing about a solid accident, a real accident, is that there's that feeling of total loss of control that hits for a split second telling you that time's up. I'm glad that you were not any further embarrassed. I love hearing from you!

Lastly, as I've shared before, I sold the business of our Pharmacy, Gift Shop and Restaurant to our town's mayor, who I referred to as Jill on the forum. Jill is a very curvy, athletic woman who competed in beauty pageants in her teens and early 20's, but allowed herself to gain weight as she aged. She told me that she dieted so much that she was just going to eat what she wanted and exercise. So, she's 5'11 and weighs over 200lbs, but has a beautiful plus-size figure. Several years ago I wrote about her conversation with me regarding her constipation. Recently she asked me about Aloe and I told her that it was good for digestion, regularity, metabolism and everything. Well, she's been taking it for a month now and the other day she began to describe her newfound amazing bowel movements. They sound a lot like mine! I congratulated her on her newfound health and told her to keep up the good work. She has been so great to work with. She lets me handle the pharmacy the way I think it should be run and stocked, while she does the rest, all while paying me more than I'm worth. I'm grateful!

Love to all!



Reply to Marie

So for my own part when i have babysat my nieces i let them pee and poop wherever they had to go. My one niece would like to go pee in her bathroom sink and poop in her toy box but was very good about making sure to clean it up and flush it down the toilet. My other niece who was a little older absolutely loved going potty outside with "auntie Sherryl" so whenever she had to go she would say she needed to go potty and I would go with her and would go pick a spot outside to pee or poop. Sometimes I joined her in going.


Response to Celine


I enjoyed your story about farting in public places, especially doing things like lifting your ass off the seat so your fart(s) would get more attention. You said you were 17 and back in the school world (I'm graduated and working full time now) I did that attention fart too. If it was between classes girls would be peaking in on me or pounding on the door with some sort of slur "I'm going to shit myself and you're the reason, *****! As I sat, I also did a lot of moving and spreading my legs around to buy me shitting time, sometimes even when I was peeing but too nervous to get much of a stream going. By my sophomore year many more toilets had had their privacy door taken off. My mom gave me the idea of having toilet paper in each hand as I sat. Also, I did some up and down sits to make it look like I was in pain and dropping the big one. That also bought me some more time.

CELINE :Why did you get to pee in Jessica's sink?


To Flynn

I'm sorry your mom got rid of your training potty. I'm big fan of training potties. I have a 3 in 1 training potty. Which is great because it's a potty, potty seat and stool. I think you should get one of those for your next one because potty seats make anything a training potty.

- Marie

Also, I'm going camping again. I'll be in a tarp tent with no actual floor, so I considering peeing and pooping on the ground in there. Does anyone have any suggestions for fun stuff I can try? Marie and Andrea always have, but I'd be delighted to hear more!


Survey on current peeing and pooping

I find so many of the stories of what's happened to people in the past to be quite interesting. I'm still in high school and have contributed some too. So I have another story below, plus a survey that is more current.

The Story:

I think I was about 8. My dance teacher was Tia. She was a high school junior or senior. Since I admired Tia and how talented she was, my parents hired her to watch me one weekend while they were out of town. So on Saturday afternoon we rode our bikes over to the park because there was a lot to do there. While she was getting our lunch at the concessions pavilion, her boyfriend Tyler drove up and parked. He was playing on the football team. I was walking toward Tia while the food was being prepared and knew that I was getting close to a pee. Tyler called out Tia's name, yelled out "Think fast" and threw his football, full speed, at her when she turned. It caught her right below the belly button. She had sweats on so there was no belt to absorb the hit. She fell to the concrete and as she did the ball bounced over to me and hit me in the side of my ribs. That caused me to partly piss my pants. I was wearing pink shorts so it was obvious, but I was more concerned about Tia. Tyler carried her over to picnic table where he laid her down and apologized to her continuously as she cried continuously and called him a few foul names. He said something about faking it and it slipped from his hand. After both of us calmed down Tia walked me to the bathroom in the basement of the building. There was only one toilet so we had to share it. She pulled her jeans down and took her seat. She used toilet paper to pull out two pieces of soft crap from her underwear. Then she dropped them between her legs and into the toilet. Her white underwear was badly soiled. She did some more wiping of herself and got mad again about what a mess had been made. Then she got up and had me take what was now a very warm seat. She wiped me and said we'd wash our clothing when we got back home. Then we went back outside and had our lunch on a wooden park bench. Both of us were still hurting a bit, but Tyler had taken off.

A new survey:

1. The last time you peed in public and where?
Sunday afternoon at Wal-Mart. Twice.

2. The last time you pooped in public and where?
Sunday morning at a craft fair I attended with my mom.

3. Was anyone around when you peed?
Yes. All the toilets were taken and there was a line.

4. Was anyone around when you pooped?
This was at a school gym. A big bathroom but I was the only one using it. Kind of eerie.

5. When peeing, how far do you pull your clothing down?

6. When pooping, how far do you pull your pants down?
Mid leg. But since I poop away from home so much, and I wear a lot of loose-fitting dresses, it doesn't matter, even when there's no privacy door. And I'm finding there's more of those.

Skye: I loved the story about putting soap in your shithole for constipation! I have to Try that!
On punishments: My parents haven't punished me, but my aunt has. One time when I was out in public with her, I peed myself, and made a bit of a scene. I was nine or ten, which was deemed too old for this, so when we got home, she spanked me fifteen times with a wooden spoon. My parents thought that this was a good lesson for me, but they told her not to do it again. The best part was that on whack number 5, I pooped just to spite her. Big mistake. She kept up, and the poo got smeared across my but. I had to clean it off with my hands.
To replies: My mom just to me to squat, pee ran down my legs into my shoes.
Flynn:How much did you pee or poo in your potty each time, what did the potty look like, his big was it? How long did you leave it?
I hope you get a new potty soon and have fun with it! Keep us updated!
1. When you are alone do you leave the bathroom door open when you are on the toilet?
2. Do you leave the bathroom door open when you are on the toilet if your family, SO(Significant Other), roommate is around?
3. If you are a noisy pooper such as loud farts, grunting. etc. do you try being quiet when you have company?
I'm try to keep quiet
4. Are you ok if your children, SO, roommate walk in while you are on the toilet?
Of course
5. Are you ok walking in to use the toilet while your children, SO, roommate is in there for another reason?
6. Are you comfortable using a public toilet if someone is in the stall next to you?
7. How often do you get so constipated that you need an enema?
Once a year, maybe
8. Do you use a squatty potty when pooping?
No, but I do squat on the seat.
9. When was the first time you realized you were fascinated with pooping?
When I was a little kid, and some of my friends and I built a toilet to do a pooping contest.
10. What started that fascination?
One kid, Jack, was clearly fascinated, and we dug a hole on the playground, and us and a few friends all peed and pooped in it.
11. Do you listen to hear you SO on the toilet?
12. Do you always wipe until you are completely clean? Not always.

13. How often in the course of a month do you leave skid marks in your underwear, panties, thong, etc.?
I don't always wear underwear, but I'd say a few days, especially when I'm camping, as I usually don't wipe my shit then, I'll wipe the pussy and then rinse my hand with a water bottle though.
14. Do you fart when you pee? Fairly often

15. Have you ever had a poop get stuck half way out and needed help getting it the rest of the way out? Yep. One time a lay down on the floor, lotion up a hand, and disimpacted.

Christina and Lindsay: I loved your story, poo and enema revenge are some of my favorites. I wish I was that brave! It was so hot how you wiped Lindsay. Was the poo liquids or were they turds or mush? Also, did Lindsay pee at all? I hope you keep having fun with pop and enemas, keep us updated! ;)
Claire from the Midwest:I also get aroused a bit when I poop sometimes.
Ashley: Keep it up! Love up you too!
1. Do you reach between your legs and wipe from back to front?
2. Do you lean to one side, reach around behind you and wipe from front to back?
If I pooped softly.
3. Which hand do you use? Left

Marie: I'm so happy you're still around, how goes the unorthodox pottying?
I sadly wasn't lucky enough to have that potty training method.

Potty optional:what were the circumstances where this was being done? Did the girls pee at all? Did anyone else poop?


Question for the girls

Quick question I've been curious about. Do you have any notable instances of your boyfriend or Ex or husband having a poop accident? Just wondering how common that is!

Like a week ago, I was in a lot of belly ache, so I went to the bathroom and had a wave of diarrhea. Latter that night, I had buffalo wings for dinner, and I was lurking social media, when I felt pure liquid scaping my bum and getting through my cheeks. It was little, but enough to make me worry. Like the lazy little fox I am, I Ignored it, just for like 15 minutes later feeling a lot of chunky diarrhea scaping and filling my underwear.
Since that day, I've been having cramps after each meal (someting that I enjoy a lot, btw), but I've been constipaded too! I tried an enema, but it just gave me more cramps. And well, yesterday I was hungry, but I didn't wanted to cook something, so I searched for something in the kitchen, and I found a jelly powder. I opened it and started eating it. Later, I cooked pork with bbq, super delicious. Well, later I started having an headache, so I went to sleep. I woke up with a ???? ache, but I went to take a shower. In the bathroom I felt incredible desperate and I sat in the bowl and had two waves of chunky diarrhea.
And I started thinking "why I have diarrhea?". I'm not 100% sure, but I think it was the jelly powder. My mother always told me not to eat it, and something 'bout stomach ache, so I think that yes.
Today I had more diarrhea, but I made it to the bathroom.

Lots of love

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Haven't posted in like forever. Glad to see this site is still up and running. I'm still pooping everyday, like clockwork, after my morning coffee. Catherine, glad to see you're still here. Keep posting those good poop stories, everybody!

Potty Optional

Marie, Most of what I've seen from children I have had to watch is boys that pee in a corner on carpet. It usually dried and didn't need much cleanup. One girl liked to poop in a trash can. that was the perfect size and shape for her to sit on. her poops were pretty soft usually but almost odorless, so lining the can with a grocery bag made the cleanup easy.

to Tom W

I did squat that day. I had never peed outside, nor had I see anyone else do it-I was pretty nervous. What I tried to do was simply assume the same posture I would have had sitting on a toilet, so it was more of a half squat, really. It took me a moment to get over my initial apprehension, the fear of exposure. I did get a little on my shoes, because my stream hit the ground with such force. When I was 13, I had held it the last couple hours at school because the toilets in the girls bathroom had overflowed-probably some plumbing problem-and while I was pretty desperate on the way home, I had really good self control and was confident I'd make it... until I got to my door, and realized I had forgotten my house keys when I left that morning. Both my parents were still at work, and my younger sister wasn't home yet. I attempted to find a place to pee, but finally lost it and completely wet myself. It does feel good to pee, after holding it for so long. A few times, I've tested myself to see how long I could wait before peeing. My longest was around five hours, and the relief was just overwhelming. I felt chills.

End Stall Em

NO potty where you please!

This just happened recently. I had almost a full day of college classes, including a hard literature test and I had to drive down to city hall and pay a parking ticket that was overdue. My gut felt that I could halfway crap, but I knew I wouldn't be when I saw the bathroom light on. When I walked in to get a couple of fast items,including aspirin, since I felt a headache coming on, there was Spencer sitting on the toilet crapping. Under him was the usual strip of toilet paper he put over the seat. I remember the first time I saw him do that probably was over 10 years ago at my parents house. I knew we were down to our last roll and I knew I was going to have to hold my needs in until I got down to city hall. I didn't want to have another fight over his tp wastage so I dressed and made the 45 minute drive downtown in traffic.

Parking was a problem. I had to walk 3 blocks so when I was wanded by security, I was more desperate for a bathroom. I hurried to the bathroom I remembered last time I was there and it was open. But the middle stall was closed off with a garbage bag. The stool to the left was taken and straight ahead of me was a little boy about 4 or 5. His sweats were down and just had turned to me with some urine splashing.
His mom called him over to her several times. His name was Oliver, but he stared at me and then ran over to her when she got angrier as she called him. I headed to the toilet, tore my jeans and thong down, and was popping my crap out. Luckily I had avoided an accident and saved some valuable time. Or so I thought. I was somewhat overlooking that I was sitting in someone else's pee, obviously Oliver's, but I was still mad and in a hurry. Then I reached for the tp. There was none. Thanks again, Spence, I was thinking.

I must have waited another another five minutes before Oliver badgered his mother to leave. She flushed and they both left without washing their hands. I waddled over there, took the warm seat, and did my wiping. I flushed that toilet and then back to mine where I flushed it. Then I used the sink. The hot water was my only positive at that point. While I stood 10 back in the line at the cashier window, I couldn't help but wondering why my morning crap has become more problematic that it needs to be. Valuable tp is being wasted and a boy lifting a toilet seat before pissing is so hard. Oh, on the way home I purchased two 16 roll packs of tp.

Victoria B

Responses and life update


A few quick replies and then some news!

To Claire from the Midwest and Catherine: Thank you for being honest and opening up this space to talk about this because I also sometimes feel those twinges of arousal during a BM. It was something that Robyn first noticed but more about her and us later!

To Mina: I'm so sorry I gave you a nightmare! That wasn't my intention at all. Nowadays there's plenty of playful smacks, pats, rubs and squeezes between Robyn and I but that's much different from getting your pants and panties taken down and being bent over a parent's lap for a full spanking. What were Kazuko's like if she's comfortable talking about them? So happy you're back!

Over the past few months Robyn and I have grown more and more closer. One day she admitted to me that she had feelings for me-both kinds of feelings-and I realized in that moment that I did for her as well. We're together and she's now officially my partner! To celebrate our relationship I got her a gift that I knew she'd appreciate. It's a sign for her bathroom! It has a picture of a toilet with the lid up and seat down and next to it is script that says "Hello sweet cheeks" She loved the sign and it's now hanging up in her bathroom, right above the toilet!



Back with another story

Shout out to my SPAS sisters! Ha. I love it.

I have a little free time today to check in and share my next story. I guess I'm just going chronologically so the next accident I remember after wetting myself in the store in college came a few years later. This was also an embarrassing one.

I was in my mid 20s and working for a large company in a big office building. My first real job after college and had been there about two years. My boss was an old school older man who ran a pretty tight ship. We had a big project with tight deadlines and a big presentation due this particular day. It was a Wednesday - I remember because I had seen it circled everyday on my little cubicle wall calendar for months. The day finally came after many long hours and late afternoons from many of us, and some early mornings. As such, my normal routines were all thrown off, including my bathroom schedule. On top of that, we had so many last minute things to do there was no time to take a break that morning. The meeting was set for 11 am and I had to help put together all the final packets due to a late change that required reprinting a few pages and replacing those in the packets that had already been finished the day before.

I had been holding back a big poop all morning and hadn't gone the day before with everything being so crazy. A few times I could feel it "knocking at the door" and had to squeeze or shift in my chair or cross my legs while waiting at the printer. Less than 15 minutes before the meeting, I was helping swap out pages in a conference room with a female co-worker named Mary who was a few years older than me. We were friendly but not exactly friends. You know how it is. I couldn't stand still by that point and was close to my limit both ways. I kept wiggling and shifting back and forth or crossing my legs while we swapped out papers and restacked binders. Mary asked if I was ok and I said, "Yeah, I just haven't had a break all morning." She said , "That sucks. Do you want to go now? I can probably wrap these up." I shook my head and said we couldn't take that risk since the boss wanted everything in the other meeting room in five minutes. So we kept working as quick as we could and I kept wiggling.

A minute or two later I lost a small spurt of pee into my panties. I looked at the clock - 10:52 am. I remember it clearly. I clenched hard and must have made a noise or something because Mary said, "Seriously, there's like two binders left. I can finish these. Don't just stand there and wet yourself, go!" I smiled and nodded, "Thanks! I owe you one!" I quickly shuffled out of the room clenching everything as best I could and down the hall to the ladies room, turtle heading the whole way, fingers pressed hard against my pee hole in front not caring if anyone was me because it was the only way I could keep more from escaping.

I made it the ladies room and halfway to the stalls when my body gave that tingly feeling that time was up. I could see my face in the mirrors over the sinks to my right and just stared at myself as the giant, firm poo quickly filled the seat of my panties, crackling and spreading for multiple seconds, followed by a flood of pee down my legs, splashing onto the tile floor and my heels. I just stood there in shock that this could happen (again) at my age of 25. And at work, no less. I was wearing a black skirt so nothing was really visible much, though some of the pee did get to the skirt in back near the bottom from being squatted slightly.

I waddled into the large handicap stall at the end - the others we thankfully empty - and tried to start cleaning up. I had carefully unzipped and removed my skirt and hung it on the door hook when I heard the main bathroom door open. Then Mary's voice, kind of under her breath - "Oh, damn. Trina? You in here?" "Yes," I answered, standing there still in my full panties, pee on my legs. "You ok?" she asked. I said, "I've been better..." "I can see that," Mary replied, then asked, "Can I help somehow?" I said, "No, I just need to clean up." Mary said, "It's ok. It happens. I'll run interference for you."

Then I heard her pulling a bunch of paper towels out of the dispenser by the sinks while I was trying to carefully step out of my full panties without getting any of the mess on my legs. I called out, "You don't have to do that, I'll get it!" She said, "I've got two kids, it isn't the first time I've had to clean pee off the floor, theirs or mine. Talk to me after you've popped out a couple of kids. Trust me, I have no room to judge!"

So she wiped up the floor for me while I cleaned up. My panties were more of a mess than I wanted to deal with so I stuffed them down deep in the garbage and went commando. After we washed our hands I left my stall, head down, embarrassed, but Mary said, "Don't worry about it. Nobody else knows, and I won't tell. It will be our little secret." I thanked her and she convinced me to take an early lunch and go home and she'd cover and say I wasn't feeling well, so I did. I guess Mary and I were a little more friends after that until I left the company about a year later.



I'm Back

Today was a prune juice induced waterfall of poop for me. I did this nearly 4 times, and the strongest urge was in the morning. I literally opened up back there the moment I sat down. Again, I had a bummer of a week, but it seems the prune juice cleared my poop hole this time. My elevator documentary DVD got lost, and I cried a bit in the bathroom reflecting on how much I loved it while doing a pee. Although I enjoyed it greatly, I've now decided that it isn't a big hit as far as immediately wanting it back is concerned. While listening to it on Tuesday of this week (the last day I had it), I imagined that the trapped guy had a strong pee stream when the narator said the part about him peeing down the shaft. On the teenage sitcom Sam And Cat, they watched Toilet Wars. It was a show about some guys getting a toilet installed as soon as possible. My replacement for my lost documentary will either be Princess Bride, or a parrot film I'll be getting. Although I'm sure I'll remember the elevator documentary from time to time for a while, shit happens. Shit not only happens in a toilet, but in life as well. Bye.


Good job Josh!

Impressive effort by Josh to manage to pass that monster, haha. He seems to open and easy. I think he even enjoys getting your help when he's constipated.

My sister is a bit more "outspoken" than me. Me and my boyfriend Wyatt was at her place for dinner and after had some wine and played "Cards against humanity". Very funny! I don't remember the card combination, but my sister started talking about having to go when your traveling and people could hear and so on, and how difficult it could be to poop. She was laughing and the more she talked the more embarrassed Wyatt looked. He was smiling uncomfortably and tried to laugh along. I thought it was funny. Anyway, this morning I think everything came out alright for him at last, perhaps it was all that wine that helped things along. Good way to relax his mind. Sometimes I think when he's stressed and thinks to much about stuff and gets tense he also gets constipated.

Hope Josh feels better now and that he can have some softer bowel movements now so his behind get a chance to heal up.


Idyllic Public Toilets. Continued

My toilets are set in a park on the edge of a delightful bay. There are three unisex toilets each commanding a lovely view . Due to social norms one must close the door and not enjoy the view . I often call in for a sit on the way to work and at other times . Mostly I do not poo at home before I leave due to insufficient urge . Anyway when I go in I take the middle toilet and immediately have a wee . Unless I have the urge my poo comes later . I wee then check my phone and then some breathing relaxing exercises. I relax my lower body and even though I have just weed a few minutes ago I start drip drip dripping and then relax further and another flow of urine . At this stage the poo has come down my colon and the pushing and grunting begins and often a most satisfying BM is achieved ,

A. Davis
I um embarrassed myself today. I was cooking breakfast and had called my daughter to the kitchen to get something for me. My stomach was hurting and I thought it was just gas. While standing close to stove and with my back towards the entrance to the kitchen, I let out the wettest grossest diarrhea fart ever. Except you know it wasn't just a fart. I shit myself. I turn around to see my daughter standing there with a mix of shock and amusement. I couldn't say anything because I had to poop some more and I rushed out of the kitchen but I loudly shit myself again in the living room right in front of my husband. I has to throw out my panties and pants. They will never let me live this down

Kristen R.


The question was posed whether anyone was ever punished by their parents for having an accident. Well, I can honestly say that that never happened to me -- that is, punished by my PARENTS. But that's not to say I was never punished for an accident. I was actually punished one time at school by my band teacher.

I was actually in HIGH SCHOOL at the time and I wet my pants on the bus coming back from a football game. I didn't go at the game because the bathroom there was really gross and especially because it didn't have any privacy doors on the individual stalls. In one sense I was lucky in that I didn't have an even worse kind of accident, because I was holding it in the other way as well. But fortunately, I did managed to hold that until we got back to our school and I was able to use the girls' room there. But as for wetting my pants, it was kind of bad. I mean, it wasn't like it was rolling down the aisle of the bus or anything like that, but I was completely soaked from the waist down and there was indeed a bit of a puddle on the floor right where was as sitting.

As for my punishment, the band teacher gave me 3 days detention -- 45 minutes each day. I guess it wasn't so bad in the he just made me sit there and let me do my homework. So really it was just doing some of my homework at school rather than doing it home. Still, it was kind of embarrassing to be sitting there like that and everyone knowing, of course, what I was being punished for. The whole thing was just really embarrassing more than anything else and the other kids teased me for a while about it. But it really wasn't too bad -- mostly just kidding around sort of stuff -- and eventually, it all died down.

Sunday, November 15, 2020


Idyllic public toilets

I like Thunder's idyllic public toilet routine. I started to fall into such as routine. I think it was because of my friend Sunshine, who lived with her mom in an apartment across the street from our house. Both me and Sunshine were in the 5th grade in the same class, she sat in front of me, and we started doing a lot of things together. Her mom was a barmaid who worked nights so she stayed over at my house once or twice a week. Mom allowed the two of us to go to the public park a couple blocks away, as long as we stayed together. We enjoyed using the rec. equipment over there and sometimes we just laid out over this large wooden picnic table, looked at the sky, talked and imagined things. Unfortunately, when a couple of bullying boys from our class would ride up on their bikes and interrupt us, Sunshine came up with a good idea. We simply got up and walked over to the toilet building. Our parents probably wouldn't have approved of the situation, but there were 4 toilets right out in the open with no privacy whatsoever. There was a washbasin and a couple of holes in the wall next to it where others had been. Sunshine said someone probably needed them at home. She and I would take the middle two toilets--me on the left and her on the right. We almost always could pee some, but we would sit and talk for a half hour or more. What we found most interesting was when we heard footsteps going into the guys bathroom which was separated by a thick brick wall right behind us. So we would sit quietly and hear these guys stand at the urinals a foot behind us and say horrible things about others, athletic teams, and some sexual stuff which at 9 or 10 we didn't fully understand. One of the guys was talking about having given one of his friends a prostitute as a birthday present. There was a lot of swear words too. It was amazing a few times when we would hear the toilet seat dropped, a butt instantly drop onto it, and then splashes and gas that sometimes would go on for 30 seconds or so. Last year I was telling my boyfriend about some of this because unlike me, he's so shy. He said some of what Sunshine and I heard was work crews on break, because there were no gas stations or stores near where they were working.


To Long John Silver - Composting Toilet

Hi! I'm really interested in this. In my online searches for all things "poop-related" I've come across little about composting. What is it used for? How does it work? Thank you for any information that you can provide!



peed myself waiting to pee in a cup

So earlier today I went to take a drug test, drank plenty of water maybe a little too much since I have a small and weak bladder. I told the lady at the front desk I'm not too good at holding it so they got me back pretty fast, gave me the cup and showed me to the bathroom. At that time I felt like I could go but as soon as I tried to fill the cup, nothing would come out, so I told the lady and she showed me a place to sit and gave me some water. I drank two of the small bottles and the pressure in my bladder got intense fast. I told her I think I can pee now and she says no wait a few more minutes. I tried...didn't work. So I got up and as soon as I got to where the lady was to get another cup, my bladder failed and I started peeing all over myself and splashing loudly onto the floor. Thankfully I was able to regain control soon enough to make it to the bathroom and fill the cup with enough urine needed for the test. I muttered an apology under my breath then left as fast as I could. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I wear diapers while sleeping and will definitely wear one next time I have to pee in a cup. So embarrassing especially when the lady acted like it was my fault when I told them ahead of time about my bladder condition.


Sudden diarrhea and terrible accident

Hello everyone, I haven't post here for a while. I've read many posts on this website, and I saw many story about accident in pants. I don't know what does it feel like because I never had one accident. But today, I finally knew how terrible an accident can be.
Last Friday morning, when eating breakfast. My stomach suddenly began to hurt, there's no signal, it just suddenly start. I thought it was just my coming morning poo, so I take no attention to it. After finishing the breakfast, my stomach hurts even more, so I quickly rushed to bathroom. I sit down on the toilet and immediately ripped a super wet fart, my stomach hurts badly, then I strained and pushed out many very mushy poop. After pooping for ten minutes, my stomach feels better, and James was waiting me to be finished, so I just had a quick wipe and get out.
Before lunch, my stomach never hurt again and I almost forget about the messy dump I took this morning.
After having lunch, I began to feel the familiar pain in my stomach again. I passed a lot of gas to ease the pain, but it doesn't work, so I grabbed some toilet paper and headed to bathroom.
I sat down on the toilet and plopped many yellow mushy turd into the toilet, after 15 minutes, I'm finally empty. The bathroom really stinks because of my huge mess, I wiped for ten times and stood up, I take a look at the mess I just made, the poor toilet was almost filled with a big pile of yellow mush, there're also some runny ones on it. It takes me two flush to flushed it down.
After taking such a messy one, I began to realized that something was wrong with my stomach, so I went home early in the afternoon. When I'm on my way home, that's when the real disaster came.
Rarely, there's a traffic jam, and I'm fighting against another wave of stomach cramps. I knew this poop will be messy so I tried my best to hold it back. But unluckily, I failed. I clenched my butt cheeks tightly, but the poop just came out naturally, first, it began to leaked into my pants, then, it leaked faster. The thing is, this time my poop was all liquid! The liquid poop started filling my pants, at last, I lose my strength and let go. With a wet fart, liquid poop just poured into my pants, after many explosion of poop, I feel empty. But now, my pants was full of yellow water, many poop went down my leg and dropped on floor, some of the poop even went up my back, also, the car's seat was destroyed, I began to cry. After going back home, me and James spend the rest of the day cleaning myself and the car, it was disgusting! Also, I'm afraid it was norovirus so I ate dinner alone that night, hope I won't affect two of my girls


Survey Answers

1. Have you ever pooped during a wedding party?

No but I had to pee so bad at the reception site that I was throwing myself up onto a sink, when a toilet finally opened. Another lady did the sink pee to a couple of cheers just as I was leaving. Too much to drink I guess.

2. Have you ever pooped during sleepovers?

Yes at my friend Norma's house. I didn't clog the stool, but it sure flushed slow when I got done. So the next morning, on a Sunday, she had to shit but we walked up to a 24/7 store so she could shit. Her dad didn't like to plunge and cussed her out once when the plumbing bill was $100. But that wasn't due to me.

3. Have you ever pooped at school/work while a cleaning lady was in the bathroom?

Yes. But it was a guy about 25. He yelled out, then saw my feet, and said not to worry. He started on the other side of the wall with a room of another 12 toilets and basins. I figured that would take him half or more of shift. You see my fellow students were pretty messy.

4. Have you ever been so desperate to poop you went where everybody could see/hear it clearly?

That was the only way to relieve yourself in two of our parks and the wing of my school where I had most of my classes. More of the privacy doors were being taken off.

5. Have you ever pooped or peed at a club disco?
Got this one covered too! My dad fixed sound systems on the side so I was in several places where he was working. To keep my occupied the owners would offer me a large coke and often popcorn. You knows what happens with that stuff. At one club, I was bursting to pee, couldn't find the light switch, and threw myself onto the toilet. The seat was up and I had to steady myself on the bowl while I figured out what was happening.

6. Have you ever pooped during family gatherings or parties?
Yes. Once at home grandma offered to go in and help me. I might have been small for my age but I was like 7 then.

7. Have you ever heard people pooping in the stalls while you were looking in the mirror?

Many times, often in the morning before 1st hour and after band practice at 4 p.m. They would try to hold it but finally give in because the buses often ran late.


To Mina

I'm glad you are back!



Tom W
To Celine: As a guy, I'm curious to know how you knew how to pee outside if you hadn't done it before. For me, there isn't really a difference between peeing in a toilet, peeing in a urinal or peeing outside but that's not the case for girls. Did you squat to pee? Where did you get the idea to squat from if you did if you hadn't seen anyone else do it? Did you manage to go without getting pee on your clothes or shoes? Bad luck about the accident on your way to the woods when you were 13. I guees you just held on too long that day?

It must be really useful having a bladder as big as that as you don't need to keep looking for bathrooms. It must feel great when you pee if your bladder is that full.



Shanna: I am so sorry to hear that you were dealing with constipation. I know how miserable I feel if I miss one day of pooping (usually when I travel) that I feel for anyone who deals with chronic constipation. I'm OK with diarrhea though :) I'm glad that you found some relief and I hope that you can find some long term help for your IBS. I'm sorry you have been struggling with that. Sending hugs!

Mina: Seriously? Sofas in the bathroom! Interesting! I would love to hear more! Also, I would love to know if the hot water and lemon works for Maho! Please tell Hisae, Maho and Kazuko hello! Thank you for the birthday greetings!

Vincene: I could not imagine how uncomfortable that felt! It sounds like you did the best you could with an awkward situation!

Bianca: I hope you are feeling better!

Shannon and Trina, fellow SPAS: I hope you both are well! Would love to hear more from you!

Love to all!



Josh Struggles

Kenna. Definitely the suppositories or enemas. Staring that hard is not good . Also osmotic laxative daily. Start very low and build up. . These suggestions have saved my life, so to speak !


To Claire from the Midwest


I apologize for missing your second story and I just read it. I too experience slight arousal during defecation. I don't know if I can say any more than that. It happened with the solid accidents and it happens during a really large bowel movement that is either really firm, or comes out with great force, or, sometimes when my husband is in the bathroom while I'm going.

Perhaps we are in the minority, but I don't think it's something that makes us gross or weird.

So, if in any way this helps, I just want to say you are not alone and you are not strange.



Thursday, November 12, 2020

Your very own Mina
Hi everyone, I'm sorry for long silence. Very busy and depressed because of coronavirus. But you don't need worry, I am OK because me friends take care me.

Thank you Catherine for shoutout.

Victoria I shocked to hear your slapping. My parents never spanked me. My friends do, but it is for fun. Kazuko was often spanked when she was little.

Sometimes I see parent spank child. But 20??? No, only one or two. And not naked. On trousers or skirt.

Purpose of this post, I saw interesting programme Saturday morning on the telly. About very special loos! they are in building called Acadia in Shibuya which is district of Tokyo. Perhaps you can find on Internet.

On one floor there is sofa in middle of loos. You can have conference!

We want to go there one day.

But they didn't show men's loos so much. I don't know reason. maybe men are less interest in loo, than woman.

Sleepy now so I stop. my love to everybody.

Mina + 3


Josh's struggles continue

Hey! Kenna again. Thunder- i have not brought up using a suppository or enema to Josh yet, i havent had the courage or the right time to ask him about them yet. I do think suppositories would be helpful for him though! This happened last weekend, i just havent had time to post. Josh spent the weekend at my apartment and we had an amazing friday night out and ate alot of food. I woke up saturday morning and josh was not in bed. I got up to brush my teeth and found the bathroom door closed so obviously josh was in there. I gently knocked and asked if i could come in. Josh replied "yes, come on in!". He was sitting on the toilet. "Pooping"? I asked him (dumb question, i know). "Ugh. I have to go but its stuck in my butt" replied josh. "How long have you been trying"? I asked. "Probably 10 minutes or so, i can push the tip out but it wont go any further" said josh. "Awh, im sorry babe, let me help you try" i told him. I knelt in front of him and reached behind him to spread his butt cheeks open. "Ok, push baby" i encouraged. Josh took a deep breath and began to push. He pushed until he was out of breath, took another deep breath and pushed again. "Thats it, keep pushing, you can do it" i encouraged. Josh pushed and pushed but he couldnt get anything to come out after 10 minutes. "When was the last time you pooped"? I asked. "Um, idk, i think 3 days ago and it was pretty hard but i was able to go at work" josh said. "I need a break". He got up without wiping. I brushed my teeth and peed. "Do you want to go on a hike with me this morning"? Josh asked. "Sure!" I said. "Im going to bring some toilet paper with, and try to go again on the hike" josh said. "Sounds good to me" i replied. We ate breakfast and headed out. The hiking trail is pretty private and there are plenty of spots to go to the bathroom if the need arises so this woukd be pretty easy. We walked about 20 minutes when i asked josh if he was ready to try going. "Yep, i just want to get this done!" He said. He took off his boxers and sweatpants and got into a squat in front of me. I held his hands to help hold him up. He sucked in his breath and slowly pushed. After a minute or two i could hear a faint crackling under him as his poop began to try to come out. " thats it, keep going" i encouraged. "Ugh, it hurts kenna" josh said. "Can i look"? I asked him. "Sure" said josh and he bent over in front of me. "Ok, try" i told him. He pushed again and his anus slowly dialated open and the tip of his hard poop began to show. It looked dry and hard and was pretty big. "Thats it, keep going" i encouraged. Once he couldnt push anymore his poop went back in. "Try again honey, can do this!" I told him. He squatted back down and tried again. After 5 agonizing minutes he told me it was starting to come out! I looked under him and sure enough, it was really big but he had 2 inches or so sticking out of his butt. "Push, josh, youve got this". He screwed up his face and strained hard. His poop was loudly crackling as it made its was out. Josh was squeezing my hands in pain but 5 minutes later after a pretty hard strain a huge thud was heard under him. "Omg, ouch. Finally"! Josh exclaimed and stood up. We looked at his poop and it was a single log about 15" long and very hard and dry looking. "Good work babe" i told him and gave him a hug. He wiped once and was done. He put his boxers and pants back on and we finished our hike and enjoyed our weekend together. Take care all and ill post again when i can! Xoxo kenna


Woke up pooping on myself

hi readers!

Ive posted here rather infrequently, so my names Shanna, im 26 and have really bad ibs-m, so it goes back and forth from bad diarrhea and being constipated. The latter is what was happening ad i hadnt pooped in close to a week. Yesterday night it started to really bother me and i just wanted to finally poop, so i bought a pack of cheap laxatives over the counter not thinking they'd do much or enough. I took 3 and went to bed late last night. Needless to say they really worked a lot. I woke at 7 this morning with sheer pain in my stomach farting uncontrollably. It was a stomach ache where it hurts to move and you start crunching up in the fetal position. Another fart felt super wet and i felt a lot of hot poop just squirt out.

I had went to bed wearing absolutely nothing but a pair of solid white panties and still jumped out staggering to the bathroom hoping it was just a fart where the poop comes to the surface but I could felt hot mush leaking while i sped to the potty. I sat down and what felt and looked like a gallon of pure liquid poop poured out of me. As i looked down, of course my panties were absolutely streaked with fresh poop. I cleaned up the best i could and changed into some fresh briefs, nd lied back down. I had another couple rushes to the potty later in the day, but ive had so many accidents it doesnt embarrass me anymore. As long as the poop comes out i guess lol.

Happy reading, lovelies!
<3 Shanna


My Public Toilet Routine

I attend a particular public toilet in an idyllic location . I like bit because I like to sit for a while without being disturbed. After closing the door I drop my pants and pull ups . I start with a wee , I check my emails and reply were applicable . I often check out this forum . I check the news . I between all this I drop some turds . At the end I do some meditation, only for a few minutes . I then wipe my bottom , flush and leave , The toilets are not in a busy area but sometimes I have fellow toilet users as company.

Nicole from Germany

My answers to this survey

1) Have you ever pooped during a wedding party?

No, I don't remember.

2) Have you ever pooped during sleepovers?

Yes, usually in the morning, before or after breakfast.

3) Have you ever pooped at school/work when the cleaning lady is cleaning the bathroom?

Yes, it happended at the university. I spent there nearly the whole day for research and work, but in the afternoon I had to do my #2. I went to the ladies room and chose the third stall (of 5, I believe). As I sat down and started to relief, the door opened and the cleaning lady came in. I couldn't hold it back, I was so desperate and so I started to poop while she began to wipe the floor. I felt very embarrassed and a bit aroused because of the strange situation. I think she could hear nearly every plop I made. I waited till she began to clean in the stalls and left without meeting her directly.

4) Have you ever been so desperate to poop that you went when everybody could see/hear it clearly?

Yes, but it's very embarassing for me to poop, when someone else is in the room. One time I had to do it at a youth hostel, when another woman had to poop in the adjacent stall at the same time. That was a strange feeling, we made our plopping sounds nearly alternately.

Another time I had to poop at a garden party. There was only an earth closet, hidden by a pasture fence. I felt very embarassed, because another person had to wait, until i finished...

5) Have you ever pooped at a club or disco?

No, I don't go to clubs.

6) Have you pooped during family gatherings or parties?

Yes of course.

7) Have you ever heard people pooping in the stalls while you were looking in the mirror?

Yes, a few times at a camping site. The sinks with the mirrors were opposite to the stalls and I could see other women searching for a clean stall. So I knew what would probably happen. And indeed, sometimes I could here a pooping/plopping sound. They often try to do it as silent as possible, but sometimes I could hear them sigh and groan a little bit nevertheless. It's interesting how other people do that in public.

But I had also the opposite situation at a leisure park. She was doing her hair and I'm sure, she could hear nearly everything. When I left the stall she gave me a curious look, a look I couldn't assess.

First, Happy Birthday to Catherine! I'm sorry I'm late. I hope you have great year, even we are in hard time now.

Last night I woke up with vision of Victoria's mother spanking her 20 times on bare bottom. Did I see a dream of that? I don't know..... But I felt hurt, I tried keep quiet but soon I crying and very violent, so Hisae woke up. Poor Hisae....

"Why you are crying Minappé?"

I tell her it is about Victoria's 20 smacks. Vision of that hurt silly Mina so much. I don't want criticise your mother Victoria, but why she hit you so many? I think natural to afraid of public loo especially you are bullied after you clog loo. Other trick was very naughty, natural of your mother to punish, you were naughty girl, but I don't want imagine 20 smacks on your beautiful little bottom.....

So I cried and cried and cried. Hisae hugged and hugged and caressed and caressed, my hair and my bottom and my everywhere. And said sweet words many many.

This morning when I dried Hisae after she fill our loo with her beautiful produce, I cried again. She said, "Mina you don't need to cry no more!" I said her, "I cry because I love you Hisae." And squeeze her hand hard.

I sat on loo and did very large very soft motion. Then another one five minutes later. Hisae gave many sweet words with watching everything.

Victoria we love you. We hope you don't feel bad about spanking. Please do big motions and relax well. But we hope you don't clog loo.

Catherine we are happy you have so satisfying time on loo all your family. Thank you for recipe. I tell Maho to drink hot water with lemon juice. She sometimes drink with ginger. It helps her a bit but not so much.

I will read more posts. I didn't read for long time, sorry to everyone.

Love from Mina


My first crap in high school

This happened about 15 years ago when I had just started high school. It was a large urban school. Here I was, a 9th grader in awe over the size of the place and all the choices and activities that were offered. On the first day only freshmen came to school and only for a 3 hour block. I didn't have to use the bathroom there. That would change on the 2nd day. Kneeling down, getting books from my locker at the very bottom of the stack set off my bowels. In middle school I had perfected what some of us called the quick sit shit during passing periods. Often there wasn't time, though, for good wiping and more often a hand-wash, since the 1 minute warning bell at 4 minutes told us we had to make a run for class. Otherwise there was a Saturday detention hall that filled up more than 1/2 the cafeteria. Asking for extra privileges there would add to your DT time, or so we had heard.

Well on this 2nd day of school I had to crap, but didn't think I could make in the 2 minutes left before the bell. I was too embarrassed to ask my really mean looking teacher, who had been there since the 1960s, for a favor. Although I needed it bad and only a miracle was saving my new red underwear. I didn't say anything because it would be embarrassing. So at the bell that ended class I ran down the hall as fast as I could to the nearest bathroom. Only about half of the toilets were taken. I threw my book bag down, yanked my new jeans down, grabbed a toilet seat protector off the wall behind the toilet, and it frustrated me when 4 came down. My finger was already throbbing from yanking at my jeans belt buckle, I used my fist to open the middle of the seat tissue. I placed it on the white seat. Then with a thump I was seated on it. Sometimes the heads of my craps are enormous, so I was pushing with all my might. There was one pound on the door, a couple of pushes that shook it, and some name calling as I pushed and pushed with some luck, but the head did not yet clear. The eyes of angry classmates peeking in on me were scary.

Then the fire alarm went off, the lights flickered, and I had to give up and hurry out to the parking lot. For 10 minutes or so I had to wait outside with what felt like a large cucumber jammed up my butt. I let off a large amount of gas, but in the parking lot, I didn't have to worry about anyone else smelling it. Since it was hot out, I feared I was going to throw up right out there in the crowd. When the alarm stopped, they sent us in through another door. It was also close to a bathroom. So with my book bag breaking my back, I headed into the bathroom. There had been some heavy-duty crapping going on, I could smell. The middle stall was open, although one or two persons' crap was floating in it. I went through my usual routine. Secured the door. Took off my book bag, lowered my clothing, but I found there was no seat tissues left in the holder. I grabbed the toilet paper roll, tore off 3 pieces and laid them down. Once my butt crunched onto them, I knew my crap was more than ready. I pushed may be 1/2 of what I did earlier and this monster turd slowly exited. I stood, straddling the seat with 2 of the papers stuck to my butt. I could see a piece that was the size of the cucumbers my mom cuts up for salads. Just then the 1-minute warning bell rang and I knew I couldn't wipe. So I grabbed a a handful of toilet paper, the last on the roll, placed it in the middle of my underwear, and yanked my jeans up. Actually I was buttoning them as I went into the hallway and to class. One older boy who was walking in the opposite direction saw my buttoning attempts on the run, and smiled. I just know he knew what was happening. I made it to class on time. Then 2 hours later at lunch when I had a pee emergency I took the clump of toilet paper out, threw it in the bowl, and spent a couple of minutes doing my usual wiping routine. But I had saved my new undies.



Hi folks! While enjoying the Massacre album from 50 Cent a couple of days ago, I had diarrhea. It was tollerable as usual, and lasted from the afternoon to the start of the evening. I also had lots of farting, too. I don't like missing a CD while it's playing in the CD player, so I paused Massacre when my bathroom need approached. It was a good album for many years, but terrible scratches ruined the quality. As you toilet lovers know, scratches on the porsaline throne can ruin it as well. To Celine: I love your stories! Sometimes when I think about my poop, I believe it smells different now than a year ago. Other times however, it may smell similar. For those of you who wear a mask when a poop comes out in public, do you smell it? I can smell with both of my cloth masks. I haven't incountered my own poop smell through them yet. Goodnight to all.

Long John Silver

Composting toilet

My wife & I wanted to build a composting toilet so on Friday, I started building one when my wife went to work. I was able to go get this toilet chair thing at the local pharmacy. It basically looks like a chair but with a toilet seat instead of a normal seat. Sadly the one I gotten didn't have a bucket in it.

I was creating a simple outhouse with a few tarps and a few wooden logs I had lying around. While I was creating that, I heard my wife pull up to our driveway and bolted over to the backyard where I was doing all this and said she really had to poop and asked if I was done with it yet. I told her not yet and I haven't even gotten around with the container for it yet. She then quickly bolted to the house but before she even gotten halfway, I suddenly asked that if she wanted to try it out, I could just bring something out for her to use. She hesitated before agreeing to it and told me to hurry because she almost had an accident even making it back home.

So I quickly went inside and found a small clear plastic bag and brought it out. As soon as she saw me coming out with it, she quickly pulled her pants and panties off and sat on it while I opened the bag open and placed it underneath the toilet chair. She sat down and a fart came shooting out. She sighed of relief and it didn't take long before a huge long poop starting to come out.

After that big log came out, a couple small pieces came out before she was finally finished. She sighed again and told me that she felt so much better and after seeing how much came out, she was shocked to say the least. Anyways afterwards, she quickly took that bag of her poop and tossed it in the garbage bag before she went back inside to use the bathroom to clean her behind up.

Now I need to go build a container or buy one for the composting toilet.

Take care everyone.


Dry loo

I've just found this site...wouldn't usually do this but it seemed like the right place to share.

Since Feb this year I've had a dry toilet in my shed. I got it because I wanted to compost my outputs and use them to fertilise my allotment. The toilet is in a wooden case which has a separator, so the poo drops straight into a bucket where I later cover it with horse bedding. The wee is collected in a flask which I then empty into larger 10L plastic canisters using a funnel. I put sugar in there to inhibit the bacteria. It's so satisfying to me to see my wee build up, knowing that I can use it to get my compost heap steaming. The poo takes longer to accumulate, but it's a subtle thrill to tip the lot into a plastic compost bin, knowing that from the outside, nobody can tell what's in there. A little heap of droppings is a beautiful, natural thing, and no, it doesn't smell.

I go out to my shed every day after my second cup of green tea (you could set your watch by it, honestly) and I really enjoy the whole process. Even if the shed is cold and my seat is a little bracing.

With lockdown in the UK, I'm slightly worried that my neighbours might catch on to my regular shed visits. Often when I go in, I think of a cover story, like... just checking on my grow tent (LOL). Ironically, that would probably be more socially acceptable.

(I don't have a grow tent, sorry to disappoint.)

Since starting this, I really resent having to sh*t in the water supply any time I'm away from home. It seems like such a waste of water, and of valuable manure.


Oh my goodness!

I'm shocked by Christina's story about Lindsay. Gobsmacked!

Monday, November 09, 2020

to Ashley

The very first time I peed outside, my body simply took over-I had never seen any friends do it, but my need to urinate was so overwhelming that I nearly felt sick with it. I just found a private spot, dropped my pants, and pissed a huge geyser. It felt like it went on forever. The time I was 13, I had actually turned around from my front door and began to walk towards the small patch of woods behind my house to find a place to piss but every step made me spurt more and by the fourth or fifth step away, my bladder simply couldn't take the strain anymore and I completely saturated my jeans. Soaked, front and back. Having a big bladder has certainly come in handy for certain situations, but it can also be a hassle. At my maximum capacity, it can take me up to a minute to fully void it. I'll start off loud and hissing (my mom and sister make fun of me if they happen to hear it), but near the end I'll need to squeeze the muscles down there to make sure I get out every drop, because it slows to a trickle before stopping completely.


Potty Stories

Hey, all! It's been a long time, hasn't it? Well, seeing as it's been...two or so months, I think (I kind of lost track of time), I'll give you all an update on the potty situation.

Well, my mom recycled my potty, but in the time that I had it, it was wonderful. I'm planning to buy another one anyways, so it's not that big of a deal to me anyways.

Anyway, now that I have you all here, here are a few potty stories.

Once, I filled the potty cup with a decent amount of water, and then peed in it. I liked hearing the pee going into the water. It was great.

I used the potty when I placed it in my bed a few times, too. That was also really good.

I placed the potty on the floor and used it a few times then. That was also pretty good.

Anyways, hopefully you guys continue to take interest in me, and to all those who have potty chairs, just know that I love you guys, and I'm glad that you're keeping the spirit alive.

With that being said, though, hopefully I can buy this new potty without my mom catching me in the act! Seriously though, I hope this new potty is good, and I hope you all have a nice day. Peace!


Lindsay's load

Last year during the end of August, my best friend Lindsay and I was 18 and was about to attend college together, starting in the following months.

During the summer that year, we were working at this local grocery store to make some extra money and wanted to stop working there because the travel commitments was going to be too hard to maintain while attending school. The thing is that our boss had always been a total a-hole while we worked there and we wanted to end it on our own terms.

We talked about it and we eventually somehow managed to stumble onto the subject about how she haven't had a bowel movement for a few days which is kind of unusual for her because she usually have one daily. I then immediately spring up the notion of her just doing an enema and ruining our boss's office with it. Of course, I was joking at first but then we started to actually thought about it and went with it because we couldn't think of anything else.

During the end of August when we were planning to quit, I luckily had the night shift where I had to close. This had given us a great opportunity to do this. Sometime around 10pm when we were starting to close, the only coworker that worked with me that night finally left when I was starting to close up and after a few moments later, I told Lindsay to come over as I'm finally alone in the store. When she came over, she also brought over the enema supplies and she went to the employee's washroom and started to fill the bag. She wanted the enema to have full effect so she wanted to attempt to take in as much as she can.

After everything was set up, she started the process and after several minutes, she managed to take in around 2 liters of water before she had to stop. After she was finished, she quickly bolted to the office and she decided to do it on his desk but before she started going, I dared her to squat over it and see how long she can hold it in before releasing it. She laughed and told me she don't think she could hold it for much longer due to her already being pretty desperate but she will try. I tried to distract her with random topics and occasionally she would moan when a sudden discomfort in her bowels pops up.

I think it was after the 10 minutes mark did she started to leak a little bit, then leaked again after several seconds. She said she don't think she can hold it in any longer, so as she was starting to lose control with several small burst of brown water and a couple small pieces of poo coming out, she made a small speech, which goes around the lines of this: "Well boss, I really hope you will enjoy my present to you. I know..... uuugghh..... I will....... Because.... I can't hold on..... Any longer...... Aaaaahhhhhh......", as she was finishing that speech, she sighed of relief as this huge wave of water and several pieces of poop started to splatter out of her like volcano.

It had gotten all over the desk and it didn't take long before it was getting onto the floor too. She chuckled and told me that it was a good thing I wasn't standing behind her because it was gonna be a splash zone. I laughed a lot harder than I should've at that stupid joke.

Anyways, after she was finished, she peaked at her mess and was shocked how much there were. While she was still squatting, she ask me to pass her some toilet paper. I decided to tell her to turn around and I'll wipe for her. She laughed and told me that'll work too. She did that, and while I did that, I told her she had better not fart at me and she replied that she cannot make such a promise right now so I better hurry up.

After we finished with this, we quickly bolted from this whole thing and Lindsay slept over at my place. Let's just say the next morning, we received a pretty interesting text message from our co-workers regarding our boss who was furious. As you guys can probably imagine, we didn't exactly have a job for long after that.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed our experience, or should I say, her experience haha.


Bonus story

Last month, I was heading back to my dorm room with the runs, likely because I accidentally ate something that was starting to go bad. By the time I got there to the front door of my room, I was already very gassy and then all of the sudden, a squirt of diarrhea came out. I panicked and stood there trying to regain control of my bowels. After I felt like I did, I carefully opened the door and went inside. But right before I could make it into the bathroom, another squirt of diarrhea came out. At this point, I just didn't want to fight the urge as it was too strong and I was already starting to leak into my panties anyways, so I ran into the bathtub and relaxed.

As soon as I did, a lot of poop came rushing out of me. At this point, even if I wanted to stop, I can't really hold it back for more than a few seconds as I just had to go too badly and my body just refuse to let me either way.

After I felt I was finished, I started to evaluate the damage and I concluded its best to just throw both my pants and panties away. Luckily the damage to the flip flops I was wearing that day wasn't bad.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed my story as well. I will update you guys with another story if another one ever pops up.

Stay safe during this pandemic, everyone. :)

My name is Deb


Hello, my name is Deb and I'm back with another quick story.

My husband and I took our daughter out trick or treating last Saturday for Halloween. I dressed up as Wonder Woman and so did my daughter as she wanted to be the same as me. She walked for most of it, but we had her stroller with us in case she got tired.

My costume was pretty good. It has the top along with the short skirt as as well as the bracelets and boot coverings. I wore a pair of blue tights and pink bikini panties underneath.

I was feeling pretty good so I didn't wear a Depends or even a pad. I didn't want the bulk from either showing through my tights or skirt.

About halfway through our walk I started cramping up really badly. Then I felt my bowels drop and I had to clench my butt cheeks to keep it from coming out. The cramps got worse and finally I just couldn't take it anymore. With a bit of a squelch, a rush of mushy poop came out and I filled my panties. Because I was wearing tights, the mess spread all over my bum and up my back. That was just the first round too. I still had to got quite a bit more. I told my husband that I needed to get back home because I wasn't feeling well. I kept letting out more mushy poop into my panties as we walked home. My husband asked me if I was okay and I had to tell him that I was sick and pooped my pants yet again.

We got home and I went straight up to our washroom to have a shower and get cleaned up. My panties were a total mess as were my tights. I got them cleaned up, but my panties still have noticeable poop stains in them. Another pair for my "period panties" pile.

Well, that's all for now. Thanks for reading.



Warm Water and Lemon

Hi friends!

Have you ever tried warm water and lemon first thing in the morning? I've never needed anything to stimulate my bowels, but I've read that drinking warm water with lemon juice first thing in the morning can "activate" your bowels. I heard someone say that she could tell a big difference in the size and consistency of her poop when she began the day with warm lemon water.

I would love to hear any of your go-to remedies for constipation or to stimulate your bowels. For me, nothing beats a consistent, high fiber diet.

Love to all!



Emily's questions

I've never been shy about using school or public bathrooms. Sitting for a few pees a day and usually a crap, is normal. However, both my current boyfriend Kennard, and an earlier male friend, Travis, do not share my viewpoint.

Kennard, whom I've written about on this board over the 4 years we were in high school, would hold his crap all day and then run home right after school to take his crap, and then he would join me at the park. Sometimes he would come back to do a school activity with me after his crap trip home.

I've tried everything with him, but it doesn't work as I think it should. One morning, he texted me during 2nd hour that in releasing gas, he had dumped in his pants. I got out of class, told him to meet me in a nearby boys bathroom, that I was certain would probably be vacant, so I shut and locked the door from the inside so no others could enter, and I let him have it with my anger. I had him sit on the closest toilet, and I yanked his jeans off and threw them aside. It was obvious he had a soft dump the size of a tennis ball in his tattered boxers. I carefully handled them, rolled them up and threw them away in the trash can. Then he put his jeans back on, but I stopped him before pulled them up to check his wiping work. He needed
to stay seated while I helped him get himself more clean. Then he went without underwear for the rest of the day. Then I pushed him aside, ripped my jeans down and took the seat. I think I got done in 30 seconds or so, did two wipes and then showed him the lack of crap on the 3rd. He was both surprised and embarrassed by my anger. But we each got detention time because someone had seen or heard us go in.

Travis and I had been friends since we were 10. By the time we were 13 we were spending more time together without supervision. With Travis, the problem was he didn't like to pee away from home. He would try and hold it and I could tell he was in pain. When we were sophomores, just before I met Kennard, Travis was out hiking with another boy. The story I heard from Travis was that the other boy faced a tree and opened up. Surprisingly, the other boy who was a couple of years older, was able to piss without giving much direction to his penis. While the other boy went ahead up a hill, Travis fumbled with his organ, shook it to get a stream started, and another group nearby saw it and thought he was pleasuring himself. The police arrived, took their statement and Travis was given a citation for lewd behavior. His mom had to go to juvy, meet with the judge, and he was given a stack of volunteer work hours.

Saturday, November 07, 2020


Public urination laws and wetting pants

In most places there are laws in place that prohibit public urination. I was wondering if peeing pants is counted as public urination? Or are there some other laws that prohibit peeing in pants in public, or being in wet pants? How about pooping in pants or being in messed pants in public?


Question for Potty Optional Parents

So I know there maybe some parents here who let their kids potty where they please. My question is where do you let them go?


During a vacation trip to Greece I was visiting a popular archaeological site. I went up a hill behind the parking lot to take some pictures of the area. Then I became aware of a woman lurking through the bushes surrounding the parking area. Just below me she stopped up, looking around before pulling down and squatting low. Obviously she did not become aware of me. If so I guess that she should not have done it. After a few minutes she wiped and pulled up and went back. She went over to a quite large group of tourists traveling around by bus. When I returned to the parking lot I went by the spot where she had squatted and saw that she had left a quite long "cable" there and some used (brown stained) wet wipes. In the evening the group arrived at our hotel. It was a British group of tourists. I spotted the woman among them. She was around 70 years old I think. She looked much younger when I saw her out there. I guess that she was really in need of a toilet when she chose to go in the outside instead of waiting till they arrived at the hotel.


Just Replies

Kristen - Never for me, but I remember when I was about eight at some kind of family party, my cousin who was the same age as me had wet his pants and my uncle spanked him several times. Another time I remember at about that same age, my friend peed her pants at my house and she didn't want to go home after that because she'd get "quite a spanking". She stayed at our house for a couple hours until her pants were not noticeably wet anymore, and as far as I knew, her mother never found out.

Victoria B - You had some guts to intentionally wet your pants in school! What did you say or who did you tell that your mom knew you wet your pants on purpose?

Shannon - Your story of peeing your pants on a boat ride made me recall a similar story I had posted several pages back. Thanks for sharing! I chuckled when you said the "good" part was because you were already soaked, you just kept re-wetting your pants after.

Anonymous College Student

Update on Professor + Really Short Story

I did email Mrs. C over the weekend and she told me she was feeling better, but just a little gassy(lol). That actually reminded me of my first psychology class with her. Somebody had accidentally farted and the class laughed, but Mrs. C said farting is natural and is healthy. I've never actually heard Mrs. C fart apart from the diarrhea thing on Friday and I'm too embarrassed to fart in front of her.


Toilet seat preservation

With my classes and a part-time job and some volunteer work I find that I am having 9 out of 10 of my craps away from home. My friend Addison flew in last week to visit with her parents and I took my crap at the airport since I had about 45 minutes to kill. I went in found the usual long line of crappers, the middle door was ajar, so I took it. My mask was overheating my face and glasses as I dropped my jeans and underwear to knee level and slid myself onto the seat. The seat was so loose from the back bolts that I was thrown almost against the toilet paper roll to the right. I stood up, gingerly tried to re-seat myself and with my crap exiting the seat now slipped and was almost off the bowl. It was very awkward with the left side of my body so uncomfortable, with no guarantee that the loose or busted bolt was going to hold. I sat still with my elbows digging into my thighs. Within about 10 seconds a new guy came into the stall to my left, feet facing the toilet, and it seemed he used his right foot to kick the toilet seat upward and backward. Ouch! I could easily hear the collision of that seat and the wall. There was a little splatter on the floor between his legs to begin with but the guy had a torrential stream. He turned and didn't flush. I was overheating as I sat and pushed. I lowered my mask. As I was having difficult with a much-slower large turd, I redistributed my weight forward, tucked in my penis to prevent it from laying over the front of the bowl, and as I was pushing a little kid came running into the toilet on the other side of me. He threw the seat up with such a hard force that it bounced back down on him. He corrected it but not before his stream was erratic as a garden hose. Some splashes came dangerously close to my right foot. He got done, zipped up his jeans and exited without a flush. I heard an adult tell him he was a good little man. I couldn't believe it!

When Addison finally arrived she practically threw her carry-on case to me and walked fast and faster through the crowd to get to the bathroom. She texted me from the toilet saying that what she was draining was from two hours in the air and two sit-downs on the plane's toilet she said produced only a few trickles. She said the rough-ride on that toilet almost made her throw up because the turbulence was bumpy and that a flight attendant had knocked for her twice. When I texted her to tell me what her toilet seat was like she said she considered it a throne. We had an interesting conversation in the car about what makes a good toilet seat. Addison seemed to agree with the case I made for tight seats. Both she and I feel that hand-lifting and lowering of the seats will cause them to be better than the hard kicks. She did bring up a good point that overweight users might also put more tension on the bolts.

A quick survey from me and Addison?

1. How often and at what kind of place do you encounter loose seats?
2. What other defects in seats have you encountered?
3. Have you ever complained to a sales clerk, management or a teacher about a damaged seat?



Trina and Shannon,

I say YES!!! to the Solid Poop Accident Sisters!!! I sincerely appreciate having these conversations with you both!

Shannon, I'm sorry you had an accident while leaving the polls. But congratulations on 36 days without an accident!

Bianca: Thank you for your kind words. Yes, our family has appreciated the change in bowel habits due to our diet. Chloe, our eldest, who seems to be embarrassed by her bodily functions, confessed to me that she actually feels more confident about herself because her bathroom trips are predictable, quick and comfortable. She actually looks forward to going! Yes, I too imagine or visualize being a part of some of the best poop stories here! I hope you are well!

Love to all!


Thursday, November 05, 2020

Anonymous College Student


On Friday's I usually have lunch with my psychology professor. We have a close relationship and she is like a mother to me. I'll call her Mrs C. Yesterday, I could tell something was off with her while she was teaching. Her voice wasn't as strong and she looked a bit nervous. I asked her if she was alight when we were heading to lunch and she said her stomach was hurting.

She didn't eat very much. She just ate a few bites and that's it. We were eating at the outside cafe and normally we're going to the parking lot after lunch so she can smoke, but she had said she didn't feel like smoking and that her stomach hurt really bad. I felt bad for her.

Suddenly, her stomach made a loud noise. She blushed and told me she'll be right back before heading inside. It then hit me that she has diarrhea! I waited a few minutes before throwing our stuff away and heading inside. I checked in the indoor cafe bathroom but she wasn't in there. It then hit me she'll probably be in the bathroom on the same hall where her classroom is.

I was right and I found Mrs. C in the bathroom with diarrhea. She seemed really distressed and embarrassed, but she was glad I decided to check up on her. Her diarrhea was loud, wet, and smelly. She told me she'll probably go to her room to rest and she'll have to find a sub. I asked her what caused her to have diarrhea and she told me that her breakfast did taste a bit funny. Mrs. C was in there for about 8 more minutes before coming out. Her face was red and she had took her hair down from the ponytail. I didn't see her for the rest of the day but I'll probably email her and ask how she is doing.

Optional Dev

I actually made a smell.

This is just your optional man here to say, I got a treat for halloween, this evening i pooped before taking a shower and walked by my bathroom and noticed i actually left a little smell, that death smell. I am very proud of myself since i dont normally leave a smell. The poop was very dark. the hole in the bowl had many nice skidmarks left over.

Catherine, i am so happy you had a good birthday and poo

Ms Othodontist, Arianna, taylor T, cant wait for more of your stories, your poop stories are intense.

Rochelle, well, i miss her.

I hope you are all well, happy pooping, happy halloween, and see you next time. I plan to be more involved.


I'm a bit late responding but I have a few replies to my survey responses:

To Audrey: Did your Mum not show you how to pee outside without getting pee on your shoes when you had to go outside for the first time?

To Maddy: You definitely had a big bladder as a kid! You must have been really shy about using public toilets and asking to use the toilet to end up in that state. I guess it never crossed your mind at that age that it was best to go to the toilet even if you didn't like going to a public toilet than to have an accident? An accident at 12 years old in front of friends would have been very embarrasing if it happened at school. It must have been embarrasing to wee where other cars could see you.

To Monika B: How do you manage to hold it for 6 hours and still not be desperate when you get home? I wouldn't make it all day without peeing lol

To Celine: How did you know how to pee outside? Did you see a friend do it at some point before you did or did you manage to work it out out of shear desperation? It's not as simple as it is for guys, especially if you've never done it before!

If only I was blessed with a large bladder like yours lol

Did you not think to pee outside when you were 13 or was there no where private for you to go?

Hey guys, thank you for responding to my survey! Always interesting seeing a variety of answers from everyone. I actually have another few questions if anyone wants to answer. I'd like to become a regular poster here, so I figured this would be a good way to kinda get my feet wet, figuratively speaking.

First off, general question/thing to think about: Why is pooping more embarrassing than peeing?
This is an odd one for me, because personally, I hate when others can hear me pee too, but I think being heard pooping is a lot more embarrassing. But why? I haven't been able to figure that out for myself other than just knowing it's more embarrassing. Of course, when you go to the bathroom, people assume you're peeing regardless. Personally I try to pee as quickly as possible so no one thinks I pooped too, lol.

Also, question: how often does everyone pee per day? What's the most you've peed in a day?

And a tip for those who are embarrassed about the smell of their poop: There's this spray called poopourri, and it works wonders! You spray it into the toilet just enough to cover the surface before you do your business. Works like a charm for me!

Thanks for reading!


Election Day - Doo your Doodie!

I hope that everyone in the States will exercise your right to vote!

And, be sure to Doo your Doodie before standing in those long lines! If anyone has any poop related stories about waiting in line today, I will be interested. Fortunately, Alan and I voted absentee!

Also, yesterday was another day of satisfying bowel movements!

Love to all!


Mikey from Wisconsin

First post and surveys!!

Hi all! I'm mikey I'm 14 years old I've been a long time lurker on this site but never posted so I'll give it a go! When I poop I love to take photos of it and compare it to my other poops. I am also a bed wetter. I don't really know what to write so I'll do a survey.

1. When you are alone do you leave the bathroom door open when you are on the toilet?
Yes when I'm alone I usually don't pee in the toilet I pee in a cup or a sink or outside.
2. Do you leave the bathroom door open when you are on the toilet if your family, SO(Significant Other), roommate is around?
I leave the door open when I pee, but when I poop I close the door.
3. If you are a noisy pooper such as loud farts, grunting. etc. do you try being quiet when you have company? I'm not really a loud pooper and if I have to go with company I'll go the the basement bathroom so they don't hear me.
4. Are you ok if your children, SO, roommate walk in while you are on the toilet?
When I have a wife and kids I would let them keep the door open and I would be completely fine if they walk in.
5. Are you ok walking in to use the toilet while your children, SO, roommate is in there for another reason? Same as above.
6. Are you comfortable using a public toilet if someone is in the stall next to you?
Yes, as long as I don't know them.
7. How often do you get so constipated that you need an enema?
I've never used an enema so never.
8. Do you use a squatty potty when pooping?
No, but I take two toilet paper rolls and put my feet on them.
9. When was the first time you realized you were fascinated with pooping?
When I was about 9 or 10 I saw a video of how girls pee and poop and loved it ever since!
10. What started that fascination?
The video of the girl pooping and peeing.
11. Do you listen to hear you SO on the toilet?
I will when I have a girlfriend.
12. Do you always wipe until you are completely clean?
Most of the time.
13. How often in the course of a month do you leave skid marks in your underwear, panties, thong, etc.?
About once a week.
14. Do you fart when you pee?
Not that often but I fart a lot when I poop.
15. Have you ever had a poop get stuck half way out and needed help getting it the rest of the way out? Nope.

I hope you enjoyed! Please tell me your pooping and peeing ideas! And if there is any surveys that I should answer let me know!!


Happy Monday!

I hope that everyone is well! So far, 40 has been good to me in the doodie department! I had to extremely satisfying sessions yesterday! Just so much thick, warm, soft poop! This morning's was not quite the same, but still a 12-13 inch soft, thick log. I was so worried that at 40, my bowels would start to act up.

Alan and I are really eating a lot of chicken, fish, beans, greens and such and avoiding beef and pork when we can. We won't every completely eliminate beef and pork, but we are not eating it at home, which is contributing to our family's ideal bowel function.

Just grateful! I hope you all are well and wish you the best in life and the best in the bathroom!


Optional Dev

Poop smell theory?

Hey all,

i am curious.

To those of you that make eggy smelling poops, or meaty smelling poops or if you have ever smelled any like that and felt digusted whether it was yours or question is why.

I think of this as i open a jar with left over chicken strips and realized that is basically the smell of an eggy/meaty dump. so why does it disgust us from one source but not the other?

I personally think there is beauty in most smells other than if you are walking behind a trash truck....jeez that is awful. but you see my point right?

I am sure we cannot create a solid set of evidence on this, but i am curious what your opinion of it is or why you personally do or don't mind smells of poop similar to what others ate.

to simplify

does meaty or eggy poop smell (anyones) bother you? why?

please elaborate. and feel free to add anything into this.

i want to start a discussion.

Time to eat that chicken now :)

Happy Pooping!


I wish life was perfect!

Does anyone else share my aforementioned anxiety about the risk of one's stool being stubbornly unflushable? It's been making me feel as nervous as Tweek, from South Park, for over 30 years.

Of course, if one's deposit looked as cute as Mr. Hankey's daughter Amber, the issue wouldn't be so mortifying!


Andrea's mini survey

These three questions should have been included in my previous survey.

When you wipe your butt:
1. Do you reach between your legs and wipe from back to front?

2. Do you lean to one side, reach around behind you and wipe from front to back?

3. Which hand do you use?



to Catherine: thank you very much for your reply I really enjoyed reading it. I am glad your are back.

to Kamdyn:thank you very much for sharing your story with your babysitter. It really sounds like you had no other choice than going on top of what already was in the bowl.

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