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Married couples

I'm a long time lurker. I know I've posted before but I can't remember what name I used so no name for now. Anyway, I'm 36 and my wife is 34. We've been together for over 10 and a half years and married for over 3 and a half years.

I've read posts on here from other married or dating couples recently discussing when one or both partners like to watch their partner go to the bathroom. I told my wife about my interest in that very early in our relationship. Luckily she didn't think it was weird even if she didn't understand at first why I like it so much. Typically I download videos from the internet and she knows about it but we don't talk about it all the time or anything. I've seen her go to the bathroom more to pee than poop and she knows my real interest is pooping. Usually we both want privacy when pooping (she's seen me pee but I usually want privacy for that as well, whereas she never asks for privacy if I ask to use the sink while she pees) and she's particularly private about diarrhea. She's so shy about that she won't even say the word she just says "I'm gonna have the D word" if I'm in the bathroom and she needs me to hurry up and get out before she has an accident. I don't mind though because my interest is in more solid pooping, particularly constipation.

As she knows about my videos she has attempted to film herself for me to watch later, but not for years. One time we were at a fancy hotel and the lighting in that bathroom was perfect and she was super constipated. She filmed herself on the toilet with her phone in between her legs and some of her face (she knows I like seeing facial expressions) but most of the video is a close-up view of the poop coming out. She was so constipated she needed to employ vaginal splinting to get it all out, meaning she puts a finger or thumb in her vagina and pushes against the solid poop on the other side of the rectal wall to help it come out. The vaginal/rectal wall is so thin she's told me she can feel the shape and size of the poop with her finger without putting a finger in her butthole. I've known about this for years, but very recently she told me she also sticks her finger in her butt sometimes, I guess when the splinting doesn't work. She didn't think I'd like hearing that, which is why she never told me, and I was very surprised but also very happy she shared that with me. Anyway, getting back to the hotel story from years ago, it was mostly pebbles with some very wide knobby short logs. It was about 15 and a half minutes long and it was amazing, like a pro!

The other day I realized she must be very backed up but I don't think she really realized it yet. She was complaining of pain and bloating etc. and even said she had a weird pain in her lower abdominal area that stretched to her side and back a little. I even started to worry it might be a blockage which is very serious but I didn't say that because she gets freaked out about health stuff very easily and I didn't want to say it unless I knew she really needed a doctor. She hates doctors and hospitals, so if I said it maybe she would be willing to make an exception and go to the ER. But luckily it didn't go that way and she's fine now. After she pooped she didn't fully finish and it took a couple days until she finally complained she had a soft poop which is unusual for her. She hated it because it meant more wiping but I know that when she has hard poops sometimes she wipes too much or too hard anyway and it makes her butthole bleed a little which sounds unhealthy and just unpleasant. Most of her poops are hard require lots of pushing and straining like Abbie except in this story it was mostly pebbles and no long logs just a few short knobby ones. But it was A LOT and she had to flush in between each wave to prevent clogging the toilet. I'll count the flushes in the video later, but it was probably at least 5 or 6 before she finally felt ready to be done and wipe. Yes, she let me film the whole thing but we'll get to that later.

On this particular day I was up later than her when we were supposed to sleep all day and wake up at night. Sometimes we have normal sleep hours but sometimes more nocturnal and also she tends to sleep in later than me, like even 4-6 hours more (which also worries me because I sleep 7-8 hours most of the time so she often sleeps 12 or more hours at a time which isn't healthy) but that day was different. Instead of falling asleep at the same time, I got up after she fell asleep to play video games, read, etc. When I finally felt tired enough to go to bed I lied down but couldn't sleep. She was farting a lot in her sleep which is unusual. Normally she's really shy about farting. I'm not, I fart all the time in front of her and we always laugh about it. But if she audibly farts it's usually when she's sleeping but awake enough that the fart will wake her up. She'll immediately look at me to see if I heard it and I'll just smile or laugh to indicate I had and she'll smile but be embarrassed and sometimes say shut up or f*** you (playfully) or just cover her eyes and say I can't believe that just happened. But it's rare. Anyway that day and for a couple days before it was different. It was way more gas than usual and almost none of the farts woke her up. I wasn't bothered by the smell I never smell much from her farts. But it kept happening. And they were the short pop type farts that sound like the glass bottle tops that pop when you open them to indicate the seal breaking. So not very loud, but louder than SBD. Then I started piecing it together while I lied there trying to sleep. It was the kind of short quiet farts that force their way around very hard shit. The more she farted and the more I thought about her abdominal complaints and trying to remember the last time she was in the bathroom long enough to poop I realized she hadn't gone in days, maybe even a week or more. I couldn't remember when she'd pooped last and suddenly felt stupid that it took me so long to realize she must be really really backed up. So anyway it was around 8 or 9 PM when that happened and by then I just couldn't sleep. All I could think about was watching her push out a very solid constipated poop like in the video she made me at the hotel. I started planning how I'd wake her up when I realized she set her alarm for 10PM so we could have a talk about our marriage. I tried to figure out a way she could poop in bed so we wouldn't have to get up and go up and back between the toilet and the bed, but I realized that was impossible without some supplies we don't have. So I started to think about reaching over and turning her alarm off before it went off so I could wake her up when I was ready to ask about her need to poop. But before I realized it, it was 10 and the alarm was blaring. She picked up her phone to turn the alarm off and as soon as she did she dropped it on her chest and fell asleep. Later she claimed she said "we can just talk about it tomorrow" but I heard nothing in the moment. So I lied there holding her knowing I was too awake to sleep now but also knowing she was really tired. I assumed she hit snooze so I was expecting another alarm but it never happened. I lied there plotting my next move for what felt like an hour or 2. I looked at the clock and it said 10:17. I was worried if I woke her up she would be mad. But at this point the anticipation was just too much so I made my move. She woke up immediately and I told her how I realized she needed to poop real bad and she was embarrassed about the farting but I told her not to be because that was the final puzzle piece. I asked her to get up and come with me to the bathroom but she said she was too tired to try to poop right now. I wasn't buying it, but maybe it was shyness so I just let it go. She said I could watch her later and we got up. Before we got out of bed she let me put my thumb in her vagina to try to do the vaginal splinting for her, which I've done before but while she was sitting on a toilet. After a few minutes (she was asking me not to stop because she said it felt good which was surprising to me) I asked if she felt like her poop was almost ready to come out, but she said no. I could feel the poop against my thumb and it was huge. At first all I felt was a little pebble. Then I went deeper and felt more. And more. There was so much poop I knew I couldn't feel it all no matter how deep I went in with my thumb.

She left the room and had a few cigarettes and then about an hour later we went to the kitchen to figure out what we wanted to eat when all of a sudden she had to poop NOW. Probably because of her cigarettes. She was like "alright hurry up get in the bathroom." And at first I forgot all about that but then I said "oh you have to go right now!" And she's like "yeah come on come on hurry up!" So we practically ran in there and I took out my phone and started filming (we'd discussed it earlier) and oh my gosh was it a great video. Not like the hotel because the bathroom doesn't have the lighting for it. But I got to record her facial expressions and her face and her grunting was really really… well it's exactly what I like. The video is over 22 and a half minutes! We had to keep stopping to adjust or turn on the flash or take a quick smoke break. She smokes but I don't so I don't want her to smoke in the bathroom and stink it up with cigarettes. But not including breaks it's 22 and a half minutes and there's lots of talking. I thought it might be interesting to type out a transcript of our conversation because it's a lot of poop habit talk. If anyone is interested in reading that let me know. And I just want to say to the other married or dating couples like us: it's great to have this bond, isn't it? To be open about bathroom habits and watch your partner. My wife doesn't share my interests which is why she doesn't watch me poop ever and I haven't let her see me pee in years. Ironically, I'm the one who wants more privacy in the bathroom while she can't fart in any room in front of me without blushing, but I can fart in front of her all day everyday! I am so lucky to be married to the greatest pooper of all time who also lets me watch and never for one second judged me or hesitated to be open with me about her habits or letting me watch.


Re tricky + A question for everyone

1) When you are in need of a poo and you are at home with family or among friends do you tell them you need to go nr 2 before you go? How do you proclaim it?

- I personally always say I'm going to use the toilet when at home, all my family members do that. We always say "i'm going to take a shit" and off we go. Outside of family I don't say anything, I am pretty awkward about it. I remember twice going for nr 2 in public when there was a line waiting for me and it is just terribly uncomfortable knowing that only a wooden door of a few inches separates my struggles from dozens of people staring at my door!
When I was a kid I was pooping with the door open ( i don't know why maybe i was claustrophobic?) and a 30 something lady was waiting almost right in front of me. She stood there waiting for at least 3 minutes spurring me on to hurry up. After a while she left and I finally got the courage to wipe. I basically froze on the toilet seat with her eyes staring at me.

Tricky that was weirdly very interesting to read, it is weird that women make fun of you pooping at work when you can hear them poop yourself, you could return the teasing to them as you can hear them too.
You would fit right in in China, I have a friend who lives there and he tells me it is not uncommon at all to see people pooing without doors or partitions in public toilets. There is even less privacy as it are just holes in the floor so genitals are completely in the open as well.
I wish I had your courage really.


Pooh bear

I'm just going do Lorenz survey :

What is your age? 17 just had a birthday yesterday
Gender? Female

Where did you have your most recent crap?home
How long did you hold it before you finally got on the toilet? 5 minutes
How did you select the specific bathroom and specific toilet? Any bathroom work
How long did you sit during your crap? 20 minutes FaceTime with Tyson chatting
Did you have to do any pushing or use a suppository? No
Did you wipe the seat before sitting on it?no
Did you line the seat with toilet paper? Why or why not? I don't see the need
If a seat cover was available, did you use it? Not really
Did you wipe from your seat or standing? Seat now with Tyson I stand up and bend over and spread my cheeks when I was with Dean stand up and hunch over
How many swipes did you make? Depends how much I let out
Was the toilet paper adequate in quality and quantity? Both
Were you asked any questions about your experience when you rejoined your spouse, friends or colleagues? Tell them in advance I'm very open
Anything else you would like to add? No

What is your age? 17
Gender? Female

When did you have your most recent piss? 2 minutes
How long did you hold it before you gave in and did it? 2 hours
How long did it take you to select the specific bathroom and apparatus? No
How long did it take you to complete your piss? 2 minutes
Did you have any trouble getting it started or in maintaining flow? No
Did you wipe the seat before sitting on it? Sit
Did you line the seat with toilet paper before sitting on it? No
Did you line the seat with toilet paper? Why? Why not? Don't see the use
If a seat cover was available, did you use it? Why or why not? Same answer above

Thanks for survey

Steve A

Student Athletes & Gym Members: Regular bathroom schedules?

I'm not sure if this topic has ever been talked about on here or not, but I've been thinking about this topic recently and there may or may not be some truth to it, I'll explain:

In my experience, I only played sports during middle school and one year during high school. During that time, I've noticed that I've developed a regular bathroom schedule, due to after school practices and my diet during my schooling years.

However, even though I didn't think about it much during the time, I've realized overtime that it would make sense if student athletes and gym members had regular bathroom schedules due to their daily routines and games/practices.

Furthermore, if you were a former student athlete and/or a gym member, did you have a regular bathroom schedule during that time?

Do you still have a regular bathroom schedule as of today, despite any lifestyle changes?

Anna from Austria

first poop on squat toilet ever

Hello everybody.

Have been on a trip to France last week. It was very interesting and I also had to use a squat toilet in rural area for number 2.

That was quite funny. I was more worried about encountering squat toilets during my trip to Japan because I heard that were common there. Was lucky there and I could just use modern western toilets and then I encountered them in in the middle of Europe, the least place where I would expect such type toilets.

Pooping in squatting postion was not an issue. I had 2 or 3 bms in the woods already. Using the squat toilet was still problamatic to me.

Because I had no clue how to squat properly and not to miss the toilet.

I somehoe managed it to squat in the right way and everything went in the right the direction.

The poo it self was not spectacular. I did my pee first, then a fart, and one turd, another fart and a smaller turd.

It was rather soft and there was no toilet paper. Luckily I always carry lots of hankerchiefs in my handbag so that was not a problem at all.

Greetings from Austria



Airplane pooping

The story about flight attendants and pooping on planes reminded me of a story. I was on a plane waiting to use the toilet when I overheard two male flight attendants having a conversation. One said to the other, "I can't wait to get off of this plane. I have to take a ferocious crap." The other one suggested he use the head on the plane. The first one said, "Never!" As soon as we pulled up to the gate, the desperate FA exited the plane. I followed him as he walked very purposely through the terminal. He passed the rest rooms by the gates and descended to baggage claim, probably because the toilets are less busy down there and afford a bit more privacy. I followed him in and took the stall next to him as he entered. He pulled down his pants and as he sat, he let out a loud fart followed by a very soft stool that was huge. The smell was very strong. He then let out a very loud sigh. His relief was evident. He then wiped what must have been a very sticky and messy bowel movement judging from the many passes it took. I exited my stall as he exited his and at the sinks, he remembered me from the flight and smiled sheepishly. He said, "that's one stop I really needed to make!" We both laughed.


Boating and Bathroom Needs

This happened just over 10 years ago. I had met brothers Brad and Bryan at a party. I was 18. They were 5 years older and grad students. They said they liked me because I was fun-loving and adventurous. The party was on Friday night and the next day they had a boat rented in which to spend some time on the river. I didn't tell my mom directly about them because he wouldn't have let me go out with them. But there was something that drew me to Brad and Bryan. I had never been in a real boat before on the river. My last crap had been 3 days earlier during homeroom and and I had that bulging feeling in my gut. I took 2 laxative pills before bed. But that was at 12 midnight when I had just made curfew.

After my coffee the next morning I was hopeful for a crap. Nothing. So I headed out to my car and drove to the marina, which was about an hour on the other side of our city. About 10 minutes into the trip I had to stop at a gas station for a pee. I sat on a cold toilet seat just above an over-active air vent a couple of minutes longer than usual. Then I pulled up my brand new white jean shorts, flushed and then continued my trip. At the marina I headed right into the marina in search of its bathroom. I knew Brad and Bryan were probably waiting outside but I did a 1/2 pee and was hopeful that my crap would come. It didn't. I flushed, washed my hands, and hurried out to the dock.

Brian was operating and he seemed agitated by the wait. Brad, on the other hand, was smiling as I stubbed my toe on the hole in the wooden dock. He said I should go back and use the bathroom. I told him I had been to the bathroom 4 times already and he said I must have a beaker holding my pee. I figured they had been fantasizing about watching me pee. I had seen a very well-stocked cooler as I got in. I asked what kind of apparatus there was when I had to go to the bathroom. I emphasized WHEN rather than IF because I know my body. One of my early boyfriends called it a FNS frequent need system. Brian and Brad just shrugged their shoulders. Then they slapped hands. I knew then I had made a good decision in wearing traditional cloth underwear rather than one of the several colorful thongs I own.

Within an hour we had boated into the next county. There were boats of all shapes and sizes out and we were enjoying the sunny day. I had downed a lot of soda and I accidentally burped several times. But when I tried to repress it, in the past that is where my laxative kicks in. I saw restroom signs on a couple of the landing we had passed and I told them to stop at the next one. Brian kept up a steady speed and a few minutes earlier Brad told me he was going to go to the back of the boat and shake things up for the fish. He said it was important to have the wind to you back in such a case and then he opened up and did an arch-type pee that I found fascinating to watch. It was obvious the brothers had spent a lot of time boating.

Finally, I gave in and told them I needed to stop and get on a toilet bad. I told them about the laxative and what was likely to happen. Shortly thereafter I made another plea for them to stop. Then I playfully cursed them in another language, and went to the same spot from which Brad had peed. I let my shorts drop to the floor, lowered by undies just enough to clear my anal area, and I push farther back on the wood, something that was tearing at my skin. Brad turned, saw what was happening and alerted Brian. He turned around, cursed and said I was going to be responsible for fish kill. Both seemed surprised, though, that I was taking a shit. Brad came over to help me. The first piece was well-formed, about the size of a hot dog, and Brad dropped to his knees in front of me and held me by the inner-knees. He said he would hold me but that I should scoot back another inch to make sure my crap cleared the wood. I used my forefinger to touch my hole and then I dropped it downward to make sure it was clearing the wood. Brad seemed surprised when pounds of soft crap blasted out. Sometimes, you could hear the splash into the water. I told him that I had taken a laxative and that I might have 3 or 4 additional bouts.

Luckily there were no other boaters nearby at first, although a few minutes later I got hoots from several drunks on one. They started some "Come on down to my boat..." chants but Brian picked up the speed. Finally we stopped at a pretty good sized dock. I went directly to a portable toilet where I sat in the melting heat and tried to clean myself with only minimal toilet paper available. Then I had another explosive episode and I had to re-do it. Since they were so smeared, I left my undies on the floor next to the toilet. An hour later I regretted that decision; I had to pee off the board again. Brian changed course again to give me privacy. It doesn't seem fair but he didn't have to go to the bathroom all that afternoon. I wish I could have been that lucky.

To James F. I agree with you. The woman should have gone in the terminal before boarding.

To Elvia: Yes, a few times I have sat on a toilet rim. Peeing that way wasn't bad; crapping that way was more awkward, but I got it done. I think some people deliberately steal public toilet seats. Why I don't know. I mentioned it to my dad once and he thought it was hilarious.

To david: the last year I was in high school I knew a couple of friends who had gotten office referral/detention time for having their electronics out and on their lap while they sat on the toilet. A friend of mine suggested to the journalism teacher that it would be a good story for the student newspaper. The teacher declined because it was her first year and she did not yet have her tenure.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Winnie great story about your airport poop.

To: Princess Opal great set of stories.

To: Erica T great story about your huge poop during yoga at least you avoided an accident and didn't poop yourself mid yoga pose.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Tuesday, May 24, 2022


Lorenz Survey

My most recent crap was in the office toilet...tried to shit before leaving home.
Went to a customer and held on for a couple of hour till I got to my own office toilet. I do not wipe the seat...does not achieve much...I did not have to push too hard and had a reasonable size BM....I then did quite a good wee. I wiped probably six times...I fold the toilet paper and wipe from the front...I cannot get around the wiping was incomplete, maybe, as wiping is difficult due to flexibility and difficulty in griping the toilet paper....I would only have been on the pot for say 4 minutes.
Nobody knew I went to the toilet as there was nobody at work. Also nobody came into the toilets whilst I was there.
The poo felt good!
As to the wee....the flow was OK and started Ok and volume average to larger. By the way....I sit to wipe.
Gender ....male...age not young!



Re: David, average pooping session

Typically, soon after and within an hour or so after breakfast, soon after and within an hour or so after lunch, and occasionally a third sit down session in the late afternoon. The 3rd daily workplace dump was an event that occurred perhaps 2 days a week at work, or almost always if I worked extra hours. If this 3rd poop of the day didn't happen at work, it would usually be soon after I left, usually when out running errands or visiting friends. Back then, that usually meant 3 public poops a day, and only rarely did I poop at home, usually requiring a plunger or the coat hangar if I did poop at home and most often if my morning poop decided to come out before going to work or leaving home on the weekend to run errands. Being that I eat a very high calorie, high-fiber, mostly produce and legume diet, each of those poops is on average about one-foot long, 1-1.5 inches wide, weighty, solid, roughly 1 lb, and in spite of me going through a gallon of water a day and burning the calories I consume off, these poops tend to be smeary, messy, and because of the copious fiber and my reluctance to release my voluminous farts in the vicinity of my coworkers when not in the restroom, embarrassingly flatulent.

This is an inevitable side effect of a dietary and exercise regimen that keeps me rail thin, in spite of me consuming 4,000+ calories a day like a lardass. But that said, these poops feel just right. They're firm, leave a satisfying vacuum, don't hurt to come out, and while the cleanup around the alimentary orifice is more often than not messy these poops do leave my insides feeling cleaned after they thoroughly scrub everything out.

It's when something disrupts my routine that it gets ugly. If I get dehydrated, skip a meal, hold it(as I did a number of times to avoid pooping in a doorless stall or stall-less toilet with an unwanted audience when younger, a habit I've gladly been able to stop), or any other number of things that mess with the timing of my digestive system, then the next poop will be extremely large with the accompanying high risk of clogging even the most powerful public commode and usually leave my butt a smeary mess requiring lots of cleanup, after causing considerable discomfort during the process of depositing it. And I've clogged many a public commode. Low-flow residential toilets fare even worse, and for my home commode, both a plunger and a coat hangar are always at the ready, given that they see a lot of use even in normal circumstances.

Re: Princess Opal, finding a poop friend

It has been my personal experience that such people find you, even if you're not looking for them. At an office I used to work at, I commonly pooped there 2-3 times on any given day. Not only is this why I had so many awkward situations involving the cleaning ladies, but my morning bowel movements also ended up overlapping with the daily routine of a coworker. This particular coworker often took his morning dump within the first hour after work started, just as I did. Being one not to like to waste time, I almost always used the Mens' room on my floor instead of going out of my way to hide the obvious fact that I poop(unless a cleaner had the door propped open, then I'd find a different floor). This coworker had the same habit. It was a tossup whether I'd enter a stall only for him to come in while I was seated, or for me to enter a stall after he'd already started stinking the room up, but over the course of the two years we worked together, we'd probably pooped in those adjacent stalls hundreds of times. After the first few times where we already recognized each others' shoes, we started conversing to each other. A large number of times, we wiped and finished up close enough together that we met at the sinks, and on rare occasions, we both entered the Mens' room at the same time. When I was transferring to a new job, the last day of work at that office he entered the adjacent stall while I took my morning poop and made the comment "This is the last time you will ever use that toilet. Don't you have any sentimental attachment to it?" We both laughed our asses off so hard the farts just thundered out.

Re: Elvia, using seatless toilets

I probably use such a toilet 2-3 times a month. I eat like a horse and do a lot of bike riding, the consequence being that I often need to poop during my bike rides, sometimes multiple times during a ride(especially if I've gone through a 1 lb bag of almonds the morning of a 100+ mile ride). This has required me to sit upon seatless stainless-steel or aluminum toilets at parks and camp sites, with no seat or lid. These toilets are not comfortable, but they are preferable by far to pooping outside in public. I've learned my lesson that when nature calls, I can be punished if I don't listen, so I use them if that is what I'm presented with when the need arises and I find a facility, even if they are in doorless stalls or totally in the open with no coverage, even if there are other people in the room as I'm taking my seat. The only thing that will make me hold it is if the surface of the rim is visibly filthy. I won't knowingly or willingly ever sit in someone else's poop. But as long as the seat's clean or just has a little splashed piss that can be wiped away, and there's adequate toilet paper, any toilet is fair game for me to begin a sit-down session. No matter how clean such a toilet is, it always feels like I'm sitting in some stranger's urine, which isn't an experience I'm fond of.

The most memorable case of me using such a seatless toilet was using one at a park in a restroom with an open ceiling, and subsequently being walked in on by a police officer mid-poop. It was memorable because it made me consider that this is exactly what shitting in jail must be like. I recounted the story on page 2932.


Toilet Habits Survey

Me and my friend Melany have been spending a lot of time at the park. It is a relatively quiet place to study for a couple of killer finals we have in Chemistry and Classic Literature. I packed the lunches one day and she brought the food the second. So we spent seven to eight hours each day studying, minus some discussion of our toilet habits. Hence the survey below:

What is your age?

Where did you have your most recent crap?
How long did you hold it before you finally got on the toilet?
How did you select the specific bathroom and specific toilet?
How long did you sit during your crap?
Did you have to do any pushing or use a suppository?
Did you wipe the seat before sitting on it?
Did you line the seat with toilet paper? Why or why not?
If a seat cover was available, did you use it?
Did you wipe from your seat or standing?
How many swipes did you make?
Was the toilet paper adequate in quality and quantity?
Were you asked any questions about your experience when you rejoined your spouse, friends or colleagues?
Anything else you would like to add?

What is your age?

When did you have your most recent piss?
How long did you hold it before you gave in and did it?
How long did it take you to select the specific bathroom and apparatus?
How long did it take you to complete your piss?
Did you have any trouble getting it started or in maintaining flow?
Did you wipe the seat before sitting on it?
Did you line the seat with toilet paper before sitting on it?
Did you line the seat with toilet paper? Why? Why not?
If a seat cover was available, did you use it? Why or why not?
Did you wipe from the seat or from standing?
How many swipes did you make?
Was the toilet paper adequate in quality and quantity?
Were you asked questions about your experiences when you rejoined your spouse, friend or colleague?
What else would you like to add?

Age 20

9 a.m. this morning at the park
I did not try to hold it.
Melany and I were about an hour into our study session. I walked about a block over to where the toilet building was. Three toilets. I took the middle one because the other two had jammed up bowls.
I sat right down on the seat. I'm a bare-butt man these days.
I sat no more than 10 minutes, but it was all over in the first two.
Only minor pushing was necessary; I shifted my weigh on the seat once.
Three pieces of toilet paper--a couple of swipes with each from my seat.
The toilet paper wasn't the quality we have at my apartment.
Melany is kind of a nervous person--she asked if I had fallen asleep or if I was playing with myself. She knows I often get an erection under such circumstances.

Age 21
(Filled out by Melany during a break in studying)

I had my most recent piss about an hour ago at the park.
I don't hold my pisses. I've had multiple urinary track infections. In high school I carried a card to show teachers that there was no question when I needed to leave a class. One resisted and was written up by the administration.
I used the far end stall of a like a 7 stall line in the bathroom. A couple of the toilets had seats busted off, probably stolen, and I've been told the end stall receives the less use.
It was probably just under 2 minutes. My pisses are slow trickles to start and really wicked once they begin. One older lady took the toilet next to me and there's no way she couldn't have heard the pounding into the water. No way!
I've never papered a toilet seat since I was like 8 when my mom still made me.
I stand to wipe. It gets my knees working sooner.
One wipe.
It was adequate for a single wipe.
Lorenz and I like to playfully mess with one another when we're bored.
Nothing else to add. But sometimes in parks when the restroom buildings have not been unlocked, I squat piss in a largely abandoned place away from the main trail in the park. Once last year I had been drinking at a picnic and I sat over a storm drain.

Erica T--I liked your Yoga class story. When you are in bathrooms like that do you find that some or a majority of the women seat themselves on paper instead of bare-butt?

"Teacher Accident" story. That is so damn interesting!


Pooh bear

Princess Opal: girl I would love to have pooping buddy like you, you have great stories.

Yesterday after lunch I was on the toilet pooping from the breakfast I ate, so before I went to my next class, I stopped by the restroom took the first stall, took my shorts and panties down to my ankles and sat on the toilet and produced till I was empty and I looked between my legs and I see the bowl was filled so I got up and the toilet took two flushes sat down and up to do so , took like 15 minutes to wipe, so I missed 30 minutes of class had 15 minutes left of class left got Saturday school to make up the 30 minutes this weekend cause I'm over the tardy limit oh well I felt lighter lol and I was rewarded later on by Tyson well that's all

Evan C.

Hiking with my girlfriend and hef sister

Hello. I have a story To tell you. This took place last summer when me, my girlfriend. and her sister went hiking. We are In our late 20s and early 30s. It was 3 days/2 nights trip. The trip was great. Beautiful landscapes and forests. Not many other hikers around. As many of you in this forum; I'm also interested in pooping and absolutely love pooping myself. The thing about hiking and camping is that there usually aren't regular toilets. Sometimes not even outhouses. It kinda breaks usual habits and almost forces people to be more open about pooping and peeing I'm quite open about my toilet habits. I openly fart around my girlfriend (Mary). She is more shy about it, but after 3 years of dating she has been more open about it. And sometimes farts when I'm around. Her sister seems to be quite open person. But we obviously don't discuss about these things on a regular basis.

First day of hiking was somewhat rough. It was hot summer day. My girlfriends sister (Amber), complained a lot. But its kinda normal her. We kept ourselves hydrated and ate a lot. Couple times girls went to bushes to pee. They complained how easy it is for men to pee standing up. When the sun was setting we found this place next to a river. There was a fireplace and outhouse nearby. We set up our tents and called a day.

Next morning when I woke up I noticed Mary had left our tent. I heard she and Amber chatting next to the fireplace. While I was putting my clothes on I heard Mary fart out loud. Amber laughed. Soon after she asked for toilet paper from Amber and went to outhouse nearby. I was sure she had to poop. She is a morning pooper. I got up and started to make us breakfast. Soon After Mary came back. After few sips of coffee I had To poop aswell. I grabbed a roll of toilet paper and went to outhouse. It was pretty regular wooden one-seater with a small window. I lifted up seat cover and couldn't resist to peek under it. There was two fresh turds made by Mary. They were pretty solid. One was bigger with a round tip. It clearly was the "beginning" of the both turds before it broke half. It looked like she didn't even try to cover her creations. Much as I liked to admire her creations, I was starting to be quite desperate. I lowered my pants and sat on the warm seat. Immediatelly I let out this long hissing fart. Soon after my turd was starting to make its way out. I have to admit; This was one of the most satisfying poops I have ever had. This thick log spread my anus very wide. The sensation of turd rubbing my entire rectum was outstanding. I let out this gruntly moan while massive amount of fecal matter came out. Some gas came out aswell making this hissing sound. One last loose fart and piss at the end. When I finished my pee I felt so empty. Many of you probadly can relate to this feeling. When you have completely emptied your bowels, you have this very good "emptiness" feeling in your stomach. After a couple minutes sitting I wiped my ass and pulled my pants. I looked in the pit below and could see my large turds next to Marys. Mine were bigger but a bit lighter brown. I left the outhouse and finished my morning coffee. About a hour later when we were packing our tent Amber came to us laughing hard. "You really are made for each other", she said. Mary asked what'so funny. "I just took a peek inside the outhouse. I haven't seen so big logs ever". Mary was pretty embarassed.

End of the hiking journey went well. After that experience, I feel like we have completely "broken the ice" about pooping, and we were more open about such things. Even Amber let out some farts during the trip. She pooped later that day in the bushes. Amber still keeps reminding us (especially Mary) about that outhouse experience. Mary isn't that embarassed anymore.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ronette great story.

To: Teacher Accident it sounds like she gambled with a fart and lost but at least she handled it well.

To: Emma Two great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS: I love this site


to HKS


I understand completely about stress, anxiety and accidents. I have high functioning autism and being overstimulated causes my bladder to empty itself and sometimes I have poop accidents as well. I wear diapers because of that and there is no shame in you wearing them either just know that. Also I don't know if your a guy or a girl but another thing I do is keep a pee bottle nearby whenever I'm driving or not near a toilet and go in it even when I feel the slightest urge which of course means less accidents. I hope you figure something out soon and let us know what it is.


Dear Princess Opal

We are happy you are reading my old posts! I started about 9 years ago I think. I don't remember well. It is difficult to find my posts because "mina" is part of many word, like interminable or terminate, I found on site. But if you type "Kazuko" or Maho" in search space, you will find almost of my posts maybe. You can also try "Hisae". We wish you a good luck!

Love to everyone

Mina + 3


Describe your average pooping session

I usually go for my nr 2 at home after breakfast and then sometimes a second time in the evening also at home.
I usually spend about 10 to 12 minutes on the seat but most of the time goes to scrolling on my phone. If I anticipate a struggling bowel movement I usually take off my pants and squat on the toilet seat Asian style. Pooping goes better that way but the downside is loud and hard splashing when the poop hits the water. If I think everything will be swift and smooth I sit on the seat bend forward with my elbows on my knees. I never sit straight as there won't be any movement that way. My pants when not taken off are usually down at knee height.
Before the mobile phone days I often read a comic or magazine while pooping now I surf the internet. I would describe my poo as soft in several pieces, I rarely have one of those long snakes. The initial burst after sitting down usually gives about 4 to 5 smaller chunks together with a long pee then after 2 minutes a second wave comes, often much looser than the first wave. After That I sit without much happening except a second round of pee. Then it is wiping time, I usually need a lot of paper to get clean.

So how does your average BM look like?


Pooh bear

Woke up this morning having anxiety kick in called up Tyson and let him know where my head was at and I walked into the bathroom and sat down on the toilet and peed while talking to him and we agreed that our feelings are so strong for one another that it's crazy so after peeing I put him on FaceTime while we talked with me and the shower with him having morning poop, so later on I we rode our bikes together to the park wearing shirt and shorts flip flops it looks like it about to rain I just invited him to my house for lunch so, have a great weekend stay safe.


Toilets without seats

Has anyone else here ever used a toilet without a seat by directly sitting on the rim? I've done it a lot visiting family in Central America. A lot of bathrooms don't have toilet seats and people don't go out of their way to buy them. Even public bathrooms don't always have them. It's always a weird sensation if you're used to seats. It's only a inch or two different, but sitting can feel completely alien at first. And always very cold!

Princess Opal

The BIGGEST poop I've had in 5 months!

Tuesday, I got the real effects of the senna tea! First of all I decided to try something naughty, so the past few days I've tried peeing in the sink. The first time I did it, I was super excited because it was dark and the bathroom door was open! All the other times have been behind closed doors. But back to the senna. I decided I'd lay toilet paper on the floor and see if my turd would curl up if I squatted! So I just took my pants totally off, squatted, and could feel my anus open up! Soon a poop was coming out! It was around 8-9" long and 3" thick! Unfortunately my anus was a bit sore after pooping that out. I hadn't had a poop that big since January. And yeah, it started to coil up a bit when my turd hit the ground. It was darker on one end than the other, does that mean one end was from an older meal? And it was all in one nice piece, too! I could tell it was the curry from the day before! Seriously, I felt clean and light for at least an hour! It clogged the toilet, too.
The next day, I had a smaller, but still very nice poop! I sat down on the toilet, and it just slid out, feeling very good, and I was surprised to see it was as long, although less thick, as the one on Tuesday, considering it didn't take long at all! And this was in 2 pieces. I was very happy after that one, too! I didn't go poop at all yesterday and am hoping I can go today. I have felt like I needed to since I've gotten up, but I've sat down twice and couldn't do it either time! Since it'll be 2 days' worth, I hope it'll be a big one! I'll be annoyed if I get all clogged up again.
Lastly, what's some advice on finding a "poop friend"? I guess I've become less private with my bodily functions partially because I desire a close friend I don't have to hide stuff from. My mom used to tell me horror tales about girls at public school having buddy dumps, and it made me glad to be homeschooled, but now I think it sounds kinda cool! I also thought I'd be too embarrassed to use the school showers, but now I don't think I'd be too shy even for that! I'm becoming a lit more open than the rest of my family. I worry about judgment, but I realize I just really need a friend who won't judge me!


Pooh bear

Last night spent dinner with Tyson and his family had a full course meal , all sorts of pastas , it was so ???? good that I had two plates of food. Plus couple hours later I hate whole bowl of ice cream and I knew that I was going to be in trouble for everything but Tyson know that I didn't care, so around 8 , after cuddling with each other I let him know that it was time, so he walks to the bathroom with me and we lock the door cause his parents don't know nor mine that we both know what we look like. So anyway I take off everything from waist down and sit on the toilet with my legs close and unleash in the toilet till it was full for no water plus the lunch I had was in there too so got up let Tyson so my artwork he was so thrilled with it. So it took 3 plunges and 4 flushes to get all of it down and by the time it left several sikd marks we both laughing about it and he came behind me and bent me over and spread my cheeks and gently started to wipe me with a wet cloth of his till I was got cleaned afterwards he took his poop after that we took a shower together and redressed. I know it was very tempting but I want the grand slam with him but I know it's hard but I never felt like that in long time


Re: David, hearing female coworkers pooping through the vent

Indeed, I have heard various female coworkers pooping through the vent. They've heard me as well.

One particular indecent stands out in my memory. I got into the habit of carrying reading material into the Mens' room with me whenever I had to poop, and it did not go unnoticed by my coworkers. On one particular occasion, I was heading to the Mens' room just as a 20-something half-white half-Latina secretary was heading to the Womens'. She was very pretty and had a nice figure, about 120 lbs with a height of 5'8", with long black hair. She smiled at me as we entered our respective restrooms, me with my magazine in hand which she clearly saw.

I shut the stall door, dropped my pants to my ankles, and took my seat. As I was letting the solid mass work its way out on its own, from the vent I heard the sound of a stall door latching shut and clothing being unbuttoned and then I felt the toilet I was seated upon shift slightly upward. The wall-mounted toilets for the Mens' and Womens' room shared the same wall, and that shift I felt was definitely her taking her seat on the commode positioned just behind the one I was seated upon. The vent was also at the top of the wall, between the two Mens' room stalls, connected to the Womens' room.

From the other side, I heard some peeing. Then it got quiet, just as my turtle's head started taking a peek at the toilet water below me. I started dropping out a thick log just as I heard a low-pitched fart rippling from the room next door. *BRA-A-A-A-A-A-A-P* It was immediately followed by a *ploonk*.

I followed up with some loud cracking, then a fart of my own. *RORT* My turd kept working its way out. From the next room over, I heard a high-pitched *PRRRRR-r-r-r-T* followed by a *BLOOSH*

My turd continued to slide out as I heard audible straining from the next room over. "Urrrgh. Urgh. Urgh. Urrrrgh." I could hear her grunting, as if she was putting in significant effort.

A minute or so later, *BLOOP*, my log loudly dropped in. I felt there was more, and strained a bit, only to release a loud fart. *BRORT* It loudly echoed about the room, and I heard laughing coming from the Womens' room. The laughing was her voice for sure. From the other room, I heard "Ugh." *ploop* *ploop* *FWER-r-r-r-r-r-r-t* *plunk* "Ahhhh."

Soon after, I heard the toilet paper in the next room over being rolled and torn from its dispenser. I could hear her cleaning herself.

My second turd slid out, loudly hitting the water with a *BLOOP-t*
From the next room over, I heard her laughing and whispering to herself, "That's exactly what I heard, isn't it. God that's awkward." I started rolling the paper and wiping at roughly the same time I heard her buttoning her clothes up. I heard the toilet flush, stall door open, and the sink run while I was wiping up. A minute or so later, I emerged from the stall and washed my hands.

I walked passed her desk, magazine in hand, as she looked at me and sheepishly smiled. It was clear that we both knew that the other knew exactly what we were doing minutes ago. Her butt noises were indistinguishable from that of anyone else's, and she knew what mine sounded like too. There was no hiding it. If she could hear my noises, it was clear that I could heard hers.

Some weeks later, the noises traveling between the two restrooms were brought up in conversation. She was far from the only women I heard pooping, and far from the only woman who heard me poop, at that office, but she mentioned that it felt weird that we could hear each other use the toilet. Some coworkers, male and female, admitted they went to use another floor for #2, to avoid this.

I have other stories to tell. On one occasion, two female coworkers went into the Womens' room together as they saw me enter the Mens' room, one being a younger lady of my age, the other being middle-aged. As they were peeing, I unintentionally ripped a loud fart in the stall I was seated in, and the middle-aged lady sarcastically yelled my name to scold me for it, followed by "No one wants to hear that! At least wait until we've left." I could hear the other lady bursting out in laughter. I was too embarrassed to deliver a witty retort and continued my poop.

As for cleaning ladies in the U.S., I've found the vast majority of the time, they at least knock on the door and announce their intent to enter first. There have been exceptions. I've been intruded upon by cleaning ladies while using the Mens' room not just at that office I worked at, but also at a shopping mall, a grocery store, gas stations, a library, a Walmart, and a number of highway rest stops. But I can say with confidence, that it is less than 5% of the time that they intrude without first announcing themselves and asking if anyone is in the room. In my case, I've had so many incidents of that sort because I've used public restrooms many thousands of times, and got the knock on the door hundreds of times for sure. I eat like a horse and go through a gallon of water a day, so I use public restrooms a lot more than the average person, so it is inevitable that me and the janitors cross paths while I'm engaged in an excretory function of some sort.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

James F

Re: Anthony T - Cutting the Line in an Emergency

A bit of a delayed response to the post on page 2943 but reading that story I could maybe play devils advocate a bit as I'v been friends with several people who've worked in the airline business as Flight Attendants and Pilots.

In terms of locking the toilet doors when the plan was in serious turbulence I think people maybe don't release the potential the danger there. If the plane loses altitude rapidly in that situation you can effectively have zero g which can cause serious injury, I remember reading about a case were a woman was allowed to use a toilet and ended up being paralysed due to a broken neck.

Even on the ground the queuing system for take off can be quiet chaotic and if your in a situation were you can't take your slot due to someone using the toilet you can lose it and end up waiting quite a long time, I can see why they wanted to avoid that if the flight was already delayed. I'm guessing if the woman had been as desperate as she was latter they would have let her use the toilet then but again during turbulence bad enough for the FA's to be seated I think that has to come second to safety even if someone is close to an accident.

I'd definitely have felt sorry for her to end up in that situation but I'm not sure anything the FA's did was wrong. A bit cruel to say in public but honestly from your description it does seem like this wasn't some illness that hit her, it was her delaying having a solid poo for too long before the hold up happened. Not to sound too harsh but ultimately the way that could have been avoided is if she'd just gone to the toilet at the airport, she did ultimately take a gamble not doing that, getting onto a plane probably needing to poo quite badly knowing it could be delayed to the degree that a wait of just over an hour results in such a disastrous solid poop accident.


Boat Pooping etc

In my younger days I was often on boats....we had a small 12 foot boat...I had done wees but never a poo....we were only out for short times and I
always got by OK
We then upgraded to a 22 foot boat which had a toilet up the front and as it was under the front deck it was a sit down job, whatever the case may be. We had a roller blind for privacy...once again I only ever did a wee.
We upgraded to an even bigger boat with its own toilet in a very small room, just like a could stand up but if sitting on the throne your knees would be against the door. It was called a thunder box.
as we often went away for a few days I had many BM's in that confined space.
Later I got my own 18 foot boat and we would go out very early in the morning and come back early afternoon....we always went deep sea fishing.
We would take a dump in a bucket up the front of the boat or hang bum over side and do the need. Nobody could see us except those in the boat...there was between two or three of us.
One of my fishing mates use to get regularly constipated but the rocking of the boat etc always got his bowels moving without fail...he would always take a crap or two or sometimes three!
It did not bother us.


Pooh bear

To Ronette: thanks for the kind words, awesome stories,
I wish I was your pooping buddy lol, I know that you probably tell me get the air freshener.

Over the weekend I went to the airport with Tyson and his dad and his dad happened to be a pilot and I let him know that I never been on a plane before so, he took us on the plane showed me around my nerves got the best of me even though we were on the ground 10 minutes of explaining the plane and the functions of them my bowels was ready to function, so I let Tyson know what was the problem so I walked to the bathroom and closed the door and lowered the seat down and then turned around and lowered my skirt to my crocs sat down on the toilet and it felt like a portal potty which was cool I pretty much poop and pee pretty much anywhere has a toilet, after pooping a good amount I wiped throughly and rejoined them and Tyson was really nice about it later on that day we had take off and honestly I believe that he is the one well that's all


Something I saw yesterday after lunch

Yesterday around four PM I had a gyro without tomato (I don't like tomatoes) for a late lunch/early dinner. After I finished eating and paid for my meal I had some peach and mango gelato at another restaurant nearby (The place where I had lunch does not have desserts on the menu.).

After this I bought some dark chocolate bars with raspberry filling , vitamin supplements, and bottled water at a Rite Aid on that street.

When I came out of the drug store a father and his grade-school aged son (who looked to be between eight and ten years old) were walking down the sidewalk. They were walking along at a pretty good clip and the son suddenly stopped walking and bent his knees and clenched his fists. I needed to suddenly swerve to the left to keep from walking into him. (Also, I'm not one-hundred percent sure, but I think I heard a crinkling sound when he bent his knees.)

Just then I heard the father say, "Zeke, what are you doing?" and he proudly announced, "Going Poo-Poo!". His father then asked him if he wanted to wait to do that in the potty and he said "No."

I don't know what happened next because I kept walking down the sidewalk to get my groceries back to my apartment less than a mile away.

Ms Menopause

I had to pee on my airplane seat

As someone with an older bladder I always fly wearing an adult absorbent brief. In 2015 I flew on holiday and as usual I put on a fresh adult brief in case of a line up for the plane washroom or if the seat belt sign was on for a long tine due to turbulence. Of course, this happened on this flight and the seat belt sign went on along with a message from the captain. We were not permitted to use the washroom. Of course, I had to pee and it became more urgent. I then had to let it out on while sitting on my plane seat. Thankfully the middle seat was empty. I let it out slowly fully emptying my bladder as I did not want to leak outside of the absorbent brief. Finally the sign went off and people began to form a long line up for the bathroom. Some had grimaced faces as they stood in line. I was relaxed but knew I had to change my used brief. I had a fresh one in my purse. I took off the used one and put on the new one when my turn for the washroom came. There was a large garbage bag in the washroom thankfully for used supplies. Never will I get on a plane without wearing an absorbent brief.

Princess Opal

Sunday and Monday's loads

Hey there! Sunday I had a poop of the usual size, which felt good, and it had visible food in it. I saw something I had no idea what it was, an onion or something?
Yesterday, I felt like I needed to poop, and I sat down to try but I was feeling a bit constipated and not much came out. It always frustrates me when I still feel "full" after I poop. So I drank a cup of senna tea. Hours later, I finally felt some more poop heading down! It felt amazing. Afterwards I looked into the bowl and realized this load wasn't much bigger than the one earlier, but I figured between earlier and later I pooped out about as much as I usually did in one sitting. I usually go once a day, anyway. And finally, my gut felt all clean inside! Happy happy happy!
I guess I've never really described myself in the year since I found this amazing website. I am 5'6", short brown hair, blue eyes, and rather curvy (not to mention chubby). I'm 17 as of 2 months ago. I have an older sister, Pearl, 25. My 2 little sisters are Jade, almost 15, and Ruby, 10.
Love to you all! Lately I've been going through the old posts.

Princess Opal

Two recent poops

Hiya! So later the day of my last post, I ate curry for dinner. I stopped at one serving because my belly was already so full. I burped a lot too. I rubbed my belly a little bit to soothe it. But I didn't poop until past midnight. We were watching a movie and I took my chance to poop when it was paused in the middle. The turd wasn't that big and I felt frustrated because there was more in there that wouldn't come out. Then yesterday, which was the next day, I pooped in the late afternoon. My poop wasn't that long, but it was at least 7-8" long and 2" wide. It had a lot of corn in it and it felt soooo good coming out! Actually, the faint pleasant scent of my lip gloss matched the feeling of pooping, as odd as it sounds. My little sister Jade (almost 15) had just given me a makeover.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Ronette great story.

To: Teacher Accident it sounds like she gambled with a fart and lost but at least she handled it well.

To: Emma Two great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS: I love this site

Erica T

Yoga Poop

Hey everyone hope you all enjoyed my first story about my college poop disaster. Thought I would introduce myself since i can see myself posting here a lot, I really like talking about pooping. My names Erica, I'm 20 years old, currently in college and live in Canada.

Thought I would share my bathroom experience I had at yoga this morning.

So last night I went out with friends for dinner, I tried Indian food for the first time and it was delicious but incredibly spicy. One thing you should know about me is that spicy food does not agree with me. So this morning my stomach was a little off, I was farting heavily in bed this morning and the smell was something I can't even describe.

Anyway I got to my yoga class and was about half way through when I started getting cramps and bubble guts. I knew I had to get to the locker room bathroom very soon. So I headed to the locker room.

I got in there and was hit with the strong smell of poo, somebody else was really stinking the place up already so I grabbed the stall furthest away from her.

Got into the stall, at this point I really need to let one rip. As I'm putting toilet paper on the seat farts were slipping out of me. Finally I dropped my pants and thong and took a seat.

Right when my bum hit the seat I started releasing insane butt mud that felt like lava. It was burning as it came out from all that spicy food. The smell of my own poo never bothers me but this was unbelievable. I did a courtesy flush but that did not help at all.

Another woman walked in and took a seat in the stall next to me, I was trying so hard to hold in the next wave until she was done her pee but I couldn't and I began releasing again and needless to say she got out of there pretty fast.

After that wave i felt much better and began wiping. Probably over a dozen wipes later I pull up my pants and head to the sinks. Right after I wash my hands it felt like a brick dropped into my intestines. I rushed back into the stall and started putting toilet paper on the seat again, dropped my pants and began letting out more toxic sludge.

At this point the class was finished and the locker room started filling up, I started getting really embarrassed because of the stench and the sounds I was making.

15 min later I wiped a bunch and went home and destroyed the toilet even more. I'm all empty now but still incredibly gassy

Ms Menopause

Purchased some Fit Flex adult absorbent briefs

These were on sale today at the grocery store and I bought a package. I have to wear them when I go out as every time I cough or sneeze I pee and sometimes quite a bit. I do my errands on foot or use the bus and washrooms are few and far between, plus with Covid and aerosol I do not want to risk using them even if I could find one (unless it is as the doctor's office where I expect better sanitation).


Big Wetting

Sometimes my bladder gets weak when I am sick. I have been sick for the past few weeks and I am tired and stressed mentally. I had a therapy session that brought back my anxiety feelings. I was trying to keep it together while driving home, but I got all upset and peed my pants and carseat. I cried a little as I peed so hard that I went my shirt. What shame I felt as I couldn't stop my flow. My bladder was almost empty by the time I stopped, and I couldn't breathe when I realized how soaking I was.I was glad I didn't have an unfortunate #2 as well. Fortunately I was wearing black, so there was no obviously embarrassing stain. I was so full I did some more when I stood up. But my car is ok, and I am trying to get well.

End Stall Em

Graduation yard party

The family of my long-time live-in boyfriend Spencer held a rather rare party Sunday for celebrating a member's graduation. Since the family owns a nursery business and Spencer lays sod, they wanted to show off their large house and huge yard. There must have been more than 200 guests of all ages. They had one thing that seemed so out of place. They moved a portable toilet from one of their construction sites to their backyard. I'm not saying it wasn't needed, but it just seemed so out of place with the complete catered meal and well stocked bar near it.

Spencer said his mom was concerned that with only two bathrooms in the house, if someone stayed in the bathroom too long or clogged the toilet, that would create an inconvenience to other guests who probably ranged from 5 to 85 years old. When Spencer and I woke up Sunday morning I had to do a super-pee left over from the few hours we spent at a club the previous night. While at the club I remember peeing twice, perhaps three times, because I also remembered pushing out a really hard crap during my first sit. Frankly when I drink too much I worry about not being fast enough to make it around the tables and down the aisle to where the restrooms are. Although this was a nicer club, the bathroom was kind of unkempt when my turn came I took the warm seat. I must have peed a gallon. Eyes kept looking in via the crack, but all I could say was getting there. I might have even slurred a couple of my words. One lady seemed upset when I told her I was moving as fast as I could. I didn't directly answer her question: was I pissing and crapping. She had been drinking heavily and slammed her fist into the stall door. I found that to be unsettling, but I refused to point her out later to Spencer.

The next day at the party Spencer and I were moving around a lot, but I was especially eyeing the PP and who, if anyone, would be using it because it was so close to the serving stage. At first, it was a group of guys who had a lot to drink but couldn't probably have found their way into the house and to the bathroom. There was mother at a table next to ours sternly telling her 6 or 7 year old girl that she should have gone, as told, before they left home. I could tell the mother was saying no to the girl wanting to use the PP, so much that the girl started crying. I ended up taking her by the hand through the crowd and to the downstairs toilet in the house. When I brought the girl back to her mother, who was very critical of the availability of the PP, which she said was the dirtiest toilet option and definitely out of place in a suburban neighborhood. I thought of my lack of options at many places and the dirty toilets I had to use in both levels of school, at outdoor concerts, and twice in a park where I walked into a line of open toilets and two girls sharing a joint as they sat. And there were the complaints at the mall I work at from those who felt the toilets should have had tissue seat protectors. Why would I want to hear of more jammed up toilets that needed plunging?

My worst toilet experience came back in grade school. I knew I had a huge crap to get out. My teacher excused me. But someone had thrown up in the nearest toilet that I would use so I hurried downstairs to a strange unimproved room with a couple of toilets totally in the open and across from the boiler and other huge equipment. My panties had just hit the floor and I was pushing like mad to get my huge crap out. I was probably 1/3 there when an alarm rang, the principal announced a tornado drill and several classes were assembled in that room, with everyone seated on the floor, with hands over their head. What could I do? I stayed seated and luckily the drill last only a few minutes. But to me, that was a long, long time that I've told Spencer about when complains about using bathrooms away from home.



I'm proud of you for the progress you are making. Learning to use a public toilet is a definite life skill. I've made my share of mistakes, but I try to learn from each one.


I fully agree with your philosophy that public toilets are a necessity and you have to make the best of them. I find that while my boyfriend Spencer complains about some of the bathrooms, and even the one in our apartment, it is too easy to over-react and over-think something.


I found it interesting about how your dad dealt with your messes. Until I was probably 5 or 6 my dad would take me with him into the mens room, and I would almost cry afraid of having an accident while he spread toilet paper over the seat before I could sit on it. By age 4 I found he didn't do that for himself when he had to sit for a crap. When I would ask him why he didn't, he said the toilet paper was under his thighs and I just couldn't see it. Liar!


To James - wee vs poo accidents

Hey James, thanks for your reply!
I tend to find I have more wee accidents, and actually I've noticed I seem to dribble in my knickers a bit more recently. Your description of pooing yourself then wetting yourself whilst trying to clean up sounds nasty!

Wednesday, May 18, 2022


Josh struggles badly visiting friends :(

Hey all! Hope everyone is well! Jennifer- haha yeah it seems crazy but josh has pretty much pooped everywhere possible around me so were just used to it, and however he chooses to go depending on his issue during a bm i obviously support him in any way that makes it easier on him :) this happened recently visiting some of my friends. Josh has met them but the last time we stayed overnight at their place he didnt need to go poop at all. They have 2 bathrooms but 1 is in the master bedroom so really only 1 bathroom for guests. We stayed 3 nights this time and josh hadnt gone poop (hadnt had a good poop i should say, he pooped 2 days before we left but it was only a couple short hard chunks so he didnt get much relief). He was nervous about getting constipated and plugging their toilet. I brought suppositories and vaseline along just in case. I told him we could always use a public bathroom or find a private place to hike and go also. That seemed to help him relax. The 2nd day we were there he pulled me aside and told me he had to go poop but didnt want to go in their house. It was the middle of the afternoon and we had dinner plans so i told our friends i was going to get ready and take a shower, and told josh to come with me to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom i told josh id be awhile getting ready and really take my time so i bought him as much time as he needed to go poop. He was still nervous but i told him i would take the blame if the toilet clogged, etc. He sat on the toilet hesitantly and after a couple minutes he was still reluctant and hadnt started to push. "Itll be ok baby, start pushing. You definitely should poop before dinner". I knelt in front of him and held his hands. He sighed and agreed. He sucked in a breath and began to push. He did this several times when a pained look came across his face. "Does it hurt?" I asked. "Yeah it does, this is going to be a bad one. I dont think i can do this in here, kenna". "Well, keep pushing, try to get something to come out babe". Josh pushed and gently strained as quietly as he could but it was clear he couldnt relax enough to start going. "I cant go, kenna. I think ill need a suppository for this one". Can we find another place for me to poop"? "Yes, of course!" I could tell josh was uncomfortable during dinner but he didnt let on to our friends that anything was up. We arrived back home late evening to their place and since we had plans in the morning, luckily our feiends said they were heading to bed early. I took josh into our room and asked how and where he wanted to try to poop. "Anywhere where we have privacy, preferably not here though". "Can you give me a suppository first"? "Of course babe!" I took the box of suppositories out of my duffle bag while josh pulled down his pants and boxers. He layed on the bed and i asked if he was ready. "Yep, go for it. Thanks kenna, youre the best, i dont know what id do without you!" "Of course hon, its no problem, im always here to help!" I replied. I gently worked on inserting the suppository into his butt. "Oh wow josh, this feels really hard" "i know, im going to have a really hard time i think" said josh. It took a couple tries to get it inserted all the way. Josh stood up and put his boxers and pants back on. "I know theres a park close by otherwise family bathrooms at walmart depending on how you want to do this or where your comfortable trying to go" "mmmm, park sounds more private, lets try that first" josh said. I put the suppositories and vaseline in my purse just in case. "Put some toilet paper in your pockets just in case we dont find a bathroom or something" i told him. He grabbed some tp and we quietly headed out. The park was about 10 minutes away. It did not have any bathrooms, just a porta potty. "Do you want to try the porta potty or take a walk"? "Im nervous about someone finding both of us in there, but its night time, so that should be fine". Josh led me into the porta potty and locked the door. He put toilet paper on the seat and sat down. "Take your time josh. Relax, just let this come out, we have plenty of time now" i encouraged. He started to push and work on going. The pain on his face returned and i hugged him as he tried to go. Several pushes later he felt something small come out and he stood up to look. I shone my flashlight from my phone into the toilet and we saw the suppository resting on top of some toilet paper. "Oops, i guess we didnt give that long enough to work did we"? I said. "No i guess not, i was in a rush to poop though so that didnt help either". "Im going to need another one kenna, it hurts too much to come out on its own". "Lets go back to the car and ill give you another one, then we can take a walk or just listen to music while we wait for it to work". He layed across the back seat of my car and i got out another suppository. This time i put vaseline on it to make it slip in easier. "Ready, here goes" i told josh. I gently worked the suppository in and applied some more vaseline also, hoping it would help it be less painful when he tried again. The end of his poop felt rock hard and big. "I can feel why this hurts babe" "ugh. I know. This is gonna suck. I cant wait to get this out". We chilled in the car for quite awhile when i told josh to let me see if this suppository was doing its job. We got out of the car and went back into the porta potty. Josh bent over leaning against the back wall. I spread his cheeks and instructed him to push. His butthole slowly dialated and i could see the tip with the suppository sticking out. It appeared mostly melted. "We should be good to go babe" i told him. He sat down again on the toilet and i spread his cheeks. "Puuuuush baby" i whispered to him. "You can do this". He started trying to go by giving slow steady hard pushes. He would grunt softly at the end, and take another slow breath and repeat the process. "Ugghhh, its so hard and dry, the tip is coming but it keeps getting stuck. It feels too big to come out further" "squat backwards on toilet and ill help hold you up". Ill work some more vaseline around it while you try pushing it out". Josh got into a squat and i held him up under his butt and spread his cheeks. "Push babe, you can do it. Its only going to hurt a little longer and then it will be over". He took a deep breath and tensed up as he began pushing on it. It began to come out but would go back in when he couldnt push anymore. "Im goong to rub some more vaseline on it and around your hole when you push". If that doesnt work in a little bit ill give you another suppository". "Sounds good to me, i just need to get this to come out!" "Just concentrate baby, i know it hurts and is uncomfortable but you can do this. Try to push slowly, dont overwork yourself". He pushed again and i worked some more vaseline around it and on his hole. I coached him thru the next few pushes to try helping him. "Its starting to come out again josh, push hard, keep going, keep going, puuuuuushh" i coaxed. He stopped to realax and it slipped back inside slowly. "Its ok baby, try again, you can do this. Focus. This time try not to let it go back in, and keep some pressure on it so you dont lose your progress". He began tensing up again and his poop started coming again. He did his best to not let it go back inside when he needed to take another breath but i could tell he was having trouble. "It just wont budge kenna, i am sooooo constipated" "can you give me another suppository? I need a break anyways, my legs hurt from squatting". "Yeah lets take a break and let you relax for awhile. It doesnt seem like its going to come out on the toilet. We can try another position if you want". "Yeah its hard to squat that long and concentrate. I may need to lay on my back or side with my knees up". I gave him another suppository and we layed out under the stars and moonlight for a good half hour. "At least its a beautiful night, i just wish i wanst having such a hard time going, sorry this is taking me forever" josh said. "Its fine babe. This is relaxing just the two of us, i just wish your poop would come out so you can relax!" "Im ready to try again, i think ill just lay back against you with my legs up". He layed his head in my lap and i gently ran my fingers thru his hair and rubbed his shoulders while he was pushing. I was just letting him push and not saying anything to him. He occasionally was kind of whimpering and saying "ow ow ow" during his pushes. After 5 minutes i asked him if it was coming out. "Yeah its finally moving some but it hurts and its slow going". "At least its starting to come. Ill help you out". I changed positions and got in front of josh. He was right, his poop was sticking out 3 or 4 inches and it was really big. "Give a hard push josh. Im going to try helping you". I rubbed vaseline on him and pushed around his anus while he pushed. That seemed to help a bit, he was able to struggle out another inch or two. Since it was coming out i gently lifted his butt and put toilet paper under him so he could go on that. He next few pushes didnt get any further progress. "Almost there babe, its coming. This is almost over. Puuuush. Focus on me babe". "Im going to try gently pulling on this while your pushing, ok?" I desperately wanted to help him get this done asap. I grabbed some toilet paper and wrapped it on the turd closest to his anus. "Push josh, you got this". He pushed and i gently pulled with one hand, and pushed up on his perineum with the other. This slowly did the trick after 10 or 15 pushes. It was coming out when he pushed so i stopped pulling it. It broke off around 15" and he took a short break. A few pushes later and his next log was on its way. He had some difficulty with it but way better than the 1st. It came out and was a foot long or so. He was finally done. "Ouch....thank goodness thats over with" he panted. "Great job babe, just lay back, ill wipe you quick". I carefully wiped his butt and he sat up. He saw his poop and his jaw dropped. "Holy crap, how did that come out of me!?" "Slowly, painfully and barely" i replied. "Yeah no kidding! That was incredibly difficult. Thanks for being patient and helping me thru it though!" He kissed me on the cheek. I wrapped his poop in toilet paper and disposed of it in the toilet while he put his boxers and pants back on. "The next person that uses this porta potty isnt gonna believe how big that turd is either!" I exclaimed. "Haha probably not, i definitely have some impressive ones sometimes" said josh. "Yea you do, ive never done anything close to most of yours" i said. We drove back to our friends and pretty much passed out right away, josh had to be exhausted from his efforts. We slept in as late as we could the next morning. Josh took a shower and i pooped (nothing to write about but since im here was 2 turds. 1st was 6" or so and the second was about 8".) We headed to brunch and then home. It was good to catch up with them, just joshs ordeal wasnt so fun :( take care all, ill post again when i can! Xoxo Kenna


Re tricky

Wait are you telling me you heard your female co workers poop through vents? Tell us do female plops sound the same as men's? It is such a mystery to me!

Last week I was in a public toilet taking a dump, I heard the female cleaning lady approach, she quickly flushed the stall next to me and left again. It seems they never announce themselves but when they see there is one stall occupied they usually leave and do other stuff somewhere else.
It seems different in the US.

James F

Re: Anthony T - Cutting the Line in an Emergency

A bit of a delayed response to the post on page 2943 but reading that story I could maybe play devils advocate a bit as I'v been friends with several people who've worked in the airline business as Flight Attendants and Pilots.

In terms of locking the toilet doors when the plan was in serious turbulence I think people maybe don't release the potential the danger there. If the plane loses altitude rapidly in that situation you can effectively have zero g which can cause serious injury, I remember reading about a case were a woman was allowed to use a toilet and ended up being paralysed due to a broken neck.

Even on the ground the queuing system for take off can be quiet chaotic and if your in a situation were you can't take your slot due to someone using the toilet you can lose it and end up waiting quite a long time, I can see why they wanted to avoid that if the flight was already delayed. I'm guessing if the woman had been as desperate as she was latter they would have let her use the toilet then but again during turbulence bad enough for the FA's to be seated I think that has to come second to safety even if someone is close to an accident.

I'd definitely have felt sorry for her to end up in that situation but I'm not sure anything the FA's did was wrong. A bit cruel to say in public but honestly from your description it does seem like this wasn't some illness that hit her, it was her delaying having a solid poo for too long before the hold up happened. Not to sound too harsh but ultimately the way that could have been avoided is if she'd just gone to the toilet at the airport, she did ultimately take a gamble not doing that, getting onto a plane probably needing to poo quite badly knowing it could be delayed to the degree that a wait of just over an hour results in such a disastrous solid poop accident.

Monika B.
Whenever I get VERY stressed out, I get diarrhea every day. It's mild, but still. Apparently this *doesn't* happen with ibs, but it happens to me so...

Am I the only one?

Princess Opal

My latest poop

Chloe: thanks for the reply!
So yesterday I finally had my poop! I haven't done one yet today. Last night my poop felt really firm coming out, but not painful. It actually felt great! When I looked in the bowl, I saw a pretty good sized turd with corn from Wednesday's dinner! And my colon felt really nice and cleaned out, which is one of my absolute favorite things about pooping. I'm looking forward to pooping again. Earlier in the shower I did a really stinky fart that smelled exactly like poop, so I'm betting it's coming soon!
There are these 2 adorable little girls I babysit sometimes, ages 1 and 3. The older one talks a lot about poop and farts! The younger one doesn't talk much, but being a baby she certainly goes to the bathroom in her pants a lot...if you can catch her before she rips her pants off! I guess my attitude about pooping is a lot like a little kid's. A lot of little kids talk about pooping as just a part of everyday life. They haven't learned yet that it's considered a dirty secret. They just know that it feels good! In fact sometimes after pooping I am just so happy to have a healthy body that I giggle! When I was in third grade and learned for the first time that you poop out waste from your meals, I thought it was kind of an unpleasant end to delicious meals. Now I think of it as part of the enjoyment. I have to admit I like the crackling noise when poop is coming out. I also like the plopping sound!
Mina: sorry I forgot to answer you. The reason I can't talk to my little sister about poop anymore is that she lost interest in it. I'm hoping after I graduate this year I can find a friend I could talk to.

To Roy

Good thing they were boxerbriefs, you had less of a mess. I still wear tighty whities or color briefs, never really changed. I too though get anxiety during exams, I am in my first year of college. I try to blow up the bathroom before I leave my dorm room before an exam so I don't have any urges during. So far so good though, I did have one huge accident walking back from class because I didn't want to go in the bathroom at the lecture hall. Way too crowded and public. I thought I could make it back to my dorm room, but didn't and straight up filled my pants. Thankfully it was late in the day and no one was around. I got lucky too my dorm mate wasn't there otherwise I would have had lots of questions to answer lmao.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Emma great story it sounds like you both had good poops outside and great story about clogging the toilet at work as well.

To: Mina as always another great set of stories about you and your friends.

To: Paige great set of stories.

To: Kristi great pooping stories you posted.

Well that's all for now I will try to post more often just been busy and I know there are more great stories to read I will get to them as soon as I can.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Waiting to get on a toilet

If there's one thing that defines my first 19 years on earth it is waiting. As I think about it, waiting for a toilet to sit on is getting almost too common and frustrating for me. I'm a college student, work babysitting jobs, and I spend a lot of time in moving from one place to another. Sometimes more than 2 hours a day traveling between my parents' house (it is old and small and has only one toilet) and using the gross bathrooms at the transit centers where I change trains (1 or 2 toilet bathrooms at most and no privacy doors on the toilets), waiting in line on campus for a stall to open with a line at most bathrooms (try 10 packed into an old bathroom to get on one of 2 toilets within a 15 minute class break) and stopping at Monty's apartment (tiny and old with only one toilet).

The other night I studied late in the library. I was 3 days constipated because I could feel my crap ready to come out, but after a 15 minute wait for a toilet to open on each of 3 levels of the library, I lost that feeling. Then I get really frustrated when I push and push on a toilet I waited several minutes for and I can only drop a piece the size of a fingernail between my legs. I was thinking about exams next week, making sure I made to the transit center before the last train left, plus the number of other girls waiting for me to vacate the toilet. They close one level for cleaning and all business goes to one of the other 2 floors. Before I got off the toilet, I reached into my purse and took 2 laxative tablets, and then made the run for the last train. I bought a Pepsi for my run because I needed to for my laxative to work. I missed the train.

So I walked upstairs and got a ride-share. By having him take me to another transit center, I still could make a connection to my parents'.
That was costly, but it didn't involve calling my boyfriend Monty and asking if I could crash at his tiny apartment. My parents would never have approved of that, although lying close in his small bed was the remedy I really wanted. Still I remembered the last two times I was over there. He's very methodical and slow about his morning shit. He'll sit 30 minutes and think nothing of it. One morning I walked a block down the street to the Cenex, took my shit and was drinking a hot coffee in the living room when I came back. All he did was ask where his was.

Back to my dilemma, my train was showing as 10 minutes away. I had to pee badly and I knew the 30 minute train ride on probably 40 year old tracks wouldn't help. The bathroom was close by and I went for it. I saw the light was out, but that it wasn't closed. When I got there I could see the 2 bulbs had been stolen. Pitch dark in the room. Two toilets. No privacy doors. But I had used these dozens of times, most often under crowded conditions. I went up to the closest toilet. With my right hand I identified the seat was down, although I didn't want to know what was below it. I dropped my jeans and underwear and took my seat. The deluge I produced seemed quite loud with no one around. The seat stood up when I did for a moment and I had a couple of unpleasant thoughts. Had it been cleaned since the Bush administration? Would Monty be humbled by such an experience?

My parents were asleep and at 12:30 a.m. I hit my bed clothing on. I woke up at 6, my gut busting for an emptying, but my dad was on the toilet for his usual morning shit. He wouldn't be done for at least 20 or 30 minutes. I changed my jeans and undies fast and threw on one of my school tops. I was out-of-the-house and hurrying to the city park which was on my way to the transit center. I hurried in, took one of 2 open toilets, and as I ripped my clothing down and my butt hit the seat, there were 3 thunderous eruptions that filled the bowl with soft serve.
A really old lady walking with a cane came to the doorway and called in, asking permission to join me. She moved slowly. I thought how nice of her to ask permission. I can't recall my dad, Monty or anyone else being so nice. She said she was 89 and that her husband of 60 years hogged the toilet in the single bathroom in their home. She has had some bladder infections and said she can't wait before she leaks.

She was so cute slowly lining up over the toilet, pulling down her sweats, and gingerly taking her seat. By all the wiping I was doing she guessed that I had a messy one. She complimented me about wiping, flushing, and then resuming the wiping. Stacking used toilet tissue in the bowl causes clogs, inconveniences other users, and, she thinks, contributes to some of the other misuses of the bathroom. She said she and her husband cannot afford to pay higher taxes for such clean-ups.

As I was standing and pulling my clothing up, she said her name was Doris. She finished what was probably her night-long hold, and was starting to use her cane to get off the toilet. Unfortunately, she was kind of shaky and she dropped it. I immediately with my clothing not fully up, raced over there and helped her stand. She saw a tattoo I have just above my butt crack. Her oldest granddaughter has the same one, she said with a smile. We washed our hands and I admired her gait as she walked back toward her house.

When I got to the transit station I felt another crap ready to exit, but the line was too long and hostile. I was successful in holding it until I got to campus. The toilets in the student union were all spoken for, and I knew it would be that way in the library too. I walked across the street to the BP station. There were 3 in line for the ladies room, but I walked around them to the mens room which was right there and had its door open. I was only on the toilet for 30 seconds of soft crap and some gas. The wipe took me about that long and as I exited I went to my left so as to avoid the scrutiny of the line. I purchased a coffee so I would be a good customer and then walked over to my Biology class.


Great attitude, girl! I've learned to enjoy my stops in the bathrooms at Wal-Mart. The toilet seats are a little bigger, stronger and more comfortable. I can enjoy my sit without having the seat loose and so cheap that I'm afraid if I move on it, it might give way.


I enjoy hearing about your experiences. I found one building on my campus where its always open for some classes and practices; it is the fieldhouse! While it is about a 4-block walk on campus there's wall-to-wall toilets there. I think I've counted about 30, because the teams draw big crowds for games. During regular weekdays, no more than 3 or 4 toilets are used at a time. They are also kept in good condition because of the number of influential adults that use them on weekends. An extra bonus is that they pipe music in there that they use for the track and weight room. Ever since middle school when I would start using public bathrooms away from home, I've tried to drop my previous inhibitions. Pause for the pees and enjoy the craps. You're normal!

Princess Opal

Thanks for the lovely replies

Winnie: aww, thanks!
Mina+3: getting a reply from you is so exciting! Sakura says the woolly rabbit sounds cute :) I've been reading your old posts and love them! How many years have you been writing here?
So I haven't had a poop yet today, but I'm really looking forward to it! I'll tell you about it when I do it...
The other day I pooped and noticed that the turd looked an awful lot like the cookie I had for breakfast the day before! I'm not sure if I have told this story on here or not, but when I was almost 15, my sisters and grandma had to go to a port-a-john at the beach. Obviously many people had gone before me! At first I was grossed out by the gigantic poop pile, but then I realized, everyone poops! I noticed all the poop looked the same as mine, so certainly there was nothing wrong with me dropping my turds! Plus, it felt really good to poop, too! To this day it's one of my best pooping memories.
I'll take Mina's advice and not surf the web while I poop, so I'll sign off now, and write about my next poop tomorrow.

Hisae (Mina is translator)

Answer to question about use toilet in front of man

Somebody with no name asked to Mina, "do you use toilet in front of man, or only female friend?"

Mina cannot answer this question because she was painful and cried bucket.

So I, Hisae, answer for her. I wrote answer on paper in Japanese, then Mina translate.

When Mina was schoolgirl, in Wales, she fell in love Welsh boy. But after that, she had to go back Japan. So they said good-bye with lots tears.

Mina was schoolgirl, so of course she didn't know that it was possible that woman use toilet in front of man. So she never did, with Welsh boyfriend. Also they never sleep together. Parents were strict.

Later, Mina and boyfriend split. Mina was heartbreak. Boyfriend is now married with Welsh woman.

Then Mina read on this toiletstool site about women and men share toilet together and do wee and motions while partner watch.

"Why I didn't know this was possible?" Mina wail and wail into bucket. Really she wants to do motions with boyfriend watching, even now! She wants to wash and dry his bottom! She wants her bottom wash and dry by him! But impossible! And she never never wants that with other man. She never love other man in her all life.

Mina said, if her boyfriend become widower, she invite him to Japan, and he stay with us, and she will do motion with him next to her, even he is 85 or 90 years old.

But question hurt her sensitive part. Of course we are angry not at all. Mr or Ms Questioner, you couldn't know Mina's situation. So it is not your fault. We forgive at once. (It is dangerous to ask this question to Maho. She will have convulsion.)

Why Hisae answer, and not Maho or Kazumi? Because Hisae had boyfriend before, Japanese boyfriend, and she often did motions in front of him! Mina is happy that Hisae can give this answer to you. Hisae and boyfriend not together now, no relation to toilet. Hisae doesn't want to do motion in front of man any more. Past is past.

We hope this answer make you happy.

Love from Hisae + 3

Teacher Accident

Our school was part of a softball tournament, and a lot of students and teachers attended it. We played two games on Thursday. One in the morning and one in the afternoon, and in-between the two games, we had a cookouts lunch. The players ate in their on group, the parents ate in theirs, and us teachers ate in ours. After we got done eating, we just sat and talked. In the middle of the conversation, one teacher let out a small fart. We all giggled and started letting out farts. It was funny, teachers in their forties letting us various farts. At the end, one brunette teacher let out a wet one. We joked that she pooped her pants, but then she said "I think I might have." It was confirmed when she got up and awkwardly walked down the hill to the bathroom. Everybody found it funny, including her.


This & That

I refer pack to the post by Tricky....yes I too have had a BM (twice , I think) when the cleaning lady was in the men's toilets. Did not worry e at least and did not seem to worry the cleaning lady. My viewpoint is that if a person enters public toilets etc they have to take what they get (within reason, of course). Toilets are for a purpose and a necessary one at that.
Toilets are not installed to be an art display or water feature!
Art display reminds me of Australia's most famous art prize being the Archibald Prize. The artist to enter has to paint a picture of a well known person. This artist chose a well known and respected Asian chef.
They were talking and the chef said the artist was lucky because his art works are hung on walls, whereas her (the chef) art work ends up down a toilet.
Anyway he painted a picture of her sitting on the toilet and by the expression on her face she was pushing out a poo. It did not win but it made the finals so that was a good result.
Now next thing, yesterday I was out at the business place of a customer.....the owner and his wife were there.
After a while I needed a wee so I headed to the toilet and as I approached a voice ( his wife) called out "I'm in here."
I delayed my trip to the toilet and when I did go she was obviously having a dump due to the air freshener I could detect.


Pooh bear

Holly Rae: I'm glad that you asked those questions
First of all I'm sorry that you went through that she was totally out of line and had no right to treat you like that now to answer your questions

1. Are bare buns on a public toilet really that bad? I been bare sense I was potty trained I don't believe that it nothing wrong with it but I only tried it once with a teacher of mine other than that I pass

2. Are seat protector papers a necessity? I don't think that they are necessary useful from I'm from feeling free even in portal potty , it just never been a problem here

3. How could I have more effectively dealt with her judgmental and ignorant behavior? You tried being nice and polite so you did good job but I can't speak for the next person but I can't say that I can handle that situation well lol but have a great day

Emma two

Another poo in the woods

I was busting to poo this morning and as I was so warm I thought it would be nice to go in the woods again. I asked Sarah if she would like to come with me and she said that would be nice but she didn't need a poo as she'd been to the toilet a few minutes ago. I grabbed the wet wipes and we walked down to the woods together. We got there twenty minutes later and we found the place we used the last time to poo together. Our loads were gone to nature but the wet wipes were still there and I realised they weren't biodegradable. Whoops! I thought I'd best not use any more but there was the problem of what else I could use. I decided I could go anyway and wipe when I got home, so I pulled my shorts and knickers down as Sarah watched and I squatted down. I pushed gently until I felt my poo coming out and I peed as a wide solid poo stretched my bottom. It hurt a bit but not in an unpleasant way and I loved the feeling of all the bumpy texture of it as it passed through my bottom. It broke off at about six inches long and landed with a thud as it hit the ground. There was more to come so I pushed again and this time it was softer and it coiled up on top of the first poo. I pushed again but I was finished so I pulled up my knickers but not quite all the way up and then my shorts.
When we got back to the flat I went to the toilet and wiped myself and luckily I didn't get any skid marks in my knickers. I hate that.


live poop

I hope you enjoy it.

Now sit on the toilet.

My pee is running.

Now I relax my butt

Hnnnnng Hnnnng there's something big and hard. Hnnnnng Hnnnng.

My butt open a little . Again hnnnnnnnnng push. I feel it.

The head looks out. Seems to be a big turd. hehe.

Hnnnng it's coming slowly. Hnnnnnng now it's slide coming out.

it's hanging out of my butt. Short but probably wide turd.

Platsch ahhhhhhh that feels good.

but there is more to come.

hnnnnng push hnnnnnng push. The second turd is softer but still thick.

Hnnnnnng it's coming out hnnnnng hnnnng ohhhh it feels so good.


I'm done. I haven't been for 2 days now. It feels so good.

then I'll wipe.

until then :) feel free to give me feedback.


Gender and cleanliness of butts?

That question is a great one:

Are male butts dirtier than female butts on a public toilet seat?

My longtime boyfriend has played baseball and now is on a couple of softball teams. He has had many of his craps in the park toilets just before games start. That's a 360 from 15 years ago when I first knew him in high school. He would hold his craps until he got to my house after school or his house if we didn't have an activity. He said the boys room toilets were filthy and in his first couple of craps as a freshman his butt stuck of the seat for a moment when he stood up to wipe. But at my house he would often leave a liquid souvenir over the front of the seat.

When I told my mom, this was back in junior high, I was crapping at school most every day, plus my 3 or 4 pee pit stops between classes, and how some of the seats were in bad shape, she taught me to sit on paper. That was cumbersome but I did it until I was 16. We moved to a new city and the school had those pre-cut paper squares that wouldn't stay on the seat anyway. It has been bare butt-down for me since then and I haven't looked back.

My boyfriend with whom I live takes a long bath each morning. I bathe each night before bed. It is regular hygiene that counts the most in answering the question of gender and the cleanliness of butts. On that, me and mom now agree.


Erica T

College Poop Disaster

Hey everybody, I stumbled on this site and thought I would share my worst bathroom moment that has happened to me so far. So I started college last September and I have a fear of pooping in public toilets so I always try to hold it until I get home.

One night I was really hungry for a snack and saw fiber one bars in the pantry. And wow they are really good so I literally ate the whole box of 5 bars.

Next morning I'm sitting in class and all of a sudden my stomach starts rumbling, and felt like it was bubbling. I knew bad things were about to happen. So I tried to just hold it and it kept getting worse and worse to the point where I'm now sweating and hunched over in my chair trying to not shit my pants.

At this point I realize I am about to fill my panties if I don't get to the bathroom. So I calmly get out of my chair trying to make it seem like I am not about to destroy the bathroom. Got out of the classroom and had to waddle to the closest bathroom.

I got into the bathroom and thankfully it was empty, I ran into the first stall, pulled up my skirt, threw down my underwear and sat down. I began letting out the loudest stinkiest dump I have ever taken in my life. I spent half an hour in there absolutely shitting my guts out, farting and cursing out whoever made fiber one bars.

And the best part, after I was done I went to grab toilet paper and of course there was none in the stall. So I had to waddle to the next stall with a dirty ass while trying to not get poop on my skirt. After using half the roll of toilet paper I went back to class and felt a bit better.

20 min later my guts start bubbling again and the whole story repeats itself lmao.


Planting Season Toilet Antics

Midwesterner here just checking in. I hope everybody is doing well on this forum lately! Planting season for corn and soybeans (the main crops we grow) is in full swing here, and between dodging rain and fixing/ preparing planting equipment, I've been very busy. I apologize that I haven't had much time to post lately, but hopefully I will post more once the crops are in the ground and things slow down a bit!

I wanted to specifically reach out to you to see how you're doing. I always enjoy reading your posts because they're relatable for me. But I just felt like I needed to check to see how you're doing.

As many of you may recall, I farm with the help of my wife, Anna, as well as a few other friends and relatives during our busy times. When things get rolling, it's not uncommon for us to be working 16 hour days to try and get seed in the ground, and we aren't always near a restroom facility. So inevitably, that means we will have to relieve ourselves outdoors. I know that I have probably peed outside behind a tractor or treeline more than I've peed in a toilet to be honest. I've also definitely taken my boot and shoved dirt aside to make a little pit, and squatted down to poop behind said tractor or treeline. Anna does the same thing (and obviously pees that way too). If one of us has to stop back home or at the main farm, we will almost always use the bathroom while we're there. We carry shop towels or mechanics wipes to use as toilet paper in our trucks and tractors.

This year, Anna's cousin, Maddie, has started helping us with the farm on a part time basis a couple days per week now that her school is out for the summer. She moved in with us towards the beginning of this year and plans to live with us for now while she attends college. There was a stormy day coming in the forecast (today), so we planned on making a big day out of it the day before to get as much acreage planted as possible. I got up at 5 to get things ready for the day. I felt the slight urge to poop upon waking up, so I sat on the toilet at home for a few minutes, but nothing came out. As I was getting ready to head out, Anna woke up, gave me a good morning kiss, and then told me she'd bring Maddie and meet me at the farm with breakfast. An hour or so later, the girls showed up with a great meal. When I got done talking everybody through the game plan for the day, Maddie went into the bathroom in the shop building where I work on the equipment. That breakfast really made my urge to poop come back, so I thought that I'd use the bathroom when she finished. 5 minutes later, I heard the toilet flush. When Maddie came out, she said "sorry, I had to take a dump." I laughed and told her that I did too. I went in and sat on the seat that was still warm from her butt. I noticed a smell too, but it didn't bother me too much. Once I finished, I got out to the field and didn't have anything too eventful happen in regards to peeing or pooping. However, planting season has just begun, so I'm sure there will be more to come!

Washing Dishes

Hi SPAS sisters and all,

I wanted to make sure I had a little time to come share my new experience while it was fresh and new. I have always been one to hold it whenever I need to go, pee or poop, and today was no different. I peed when I woke up this morning but not since and had been drinking a lot of coffee and then water until lunch, so I had to go pretty bad by that point. I had also been putting off my usual morning BM, with urges for that coming and going all morning. But between not liking to stop what I'm doing and also enjoying the feeling of a full bladder or bowels, I kept putting it off. Did some housework, went for a long walk around the neighborhood, came back and made lunch and sat down to eat it. I squirmed through lunch and had decided to maybe finally give up and go to the bathroom, but then noticed the full sink and dishwasher and decided I'd deal with that first.

I unloaded the dishwasher, which took a few minutes, then loaded it with most of the items from the sink, but there are a couple of non-stick skillets and wine glasses that have to be hand washed, so I turned on the water to let it warm up. Hearing the running water made the urge worse and I had to cross my legs and squeeze my thighs. I put soap on the sponge and started washing the wine glasses, wiggling back and forth doing the full on potty dance.

Feeling the warm water on my hands only made things worse! I got through the two wine glasses and was scrubbing one of the pans when a spurt of pee escaped. I clamped down and squeezed tight, knees bent, pretty close to losing it. But I was almost done and my hands were all wet and sudsy, so I kept going, rocking back and forth. A moment later a bigger squirt escaped, a full second or two, and I felt the crotch of my panties and grey leggings turn warm and wet instantly. I was also on the edge of turtle heading from behind. I quickly scrubbed the last pan and tried to rinse it off, dancing in place.

I shut off the water and reached for the drying towel, but I had to unclench to move to reach it, and when I did the pee started coming again, a steady stream that quickly flooded my panties and began spreading down my thighs, across my butt and crotch and rapidly down both legs and onto the tile floor. I moaned with relief and stood there watching the wet stain spread for many seconds, then felt my anus open and, while I probably could have stopped and done this part in my toilet, I figured I was already standing here in wet clothes anyway, so I didn't try to stop and just let the poop push out into my panties and push to help it spread against the resistance of the leggings, which honestly felt incredible.

I caught my breath after finishing, then grabbed some paper towels to wipe up the floor. I'll have to mop that later, I guess. I then waddled my way back to my bathroom, checked out the stain and very obvious bulge in the mirror, carefully took everything off and emptied the large load into the toilet, wiped off, tossed the soiled clothes into the washing machine, and took a nice warm shower.

And now I'm here telling all you nice people about it, ha.

Hope Catherine and Shannon and the other SPAS are doing well and come back soon!



Cleaning up after accidents

I thought it might be interesting to write about how my strategies for cleaning up after a poo accident changed as I got older, along with the different strategies my parents used for clean-up when I was young enough to need their help. I've already mentioned a little bit about this in my posts about some of my more memorable accidents, but it perhaps deserves its own post, and I'd also be interested to hear about how everyone else here who knows what it's like to be accident-prone has adapted to sorting out messes. This post is particularly for Deb and Shannon, who have both talked about how they dealt with accidents in recent months.

Back when I first started school, I was rather clueless about both the fact that I needed to clean myself up if I was dirty, and how to go about doing so, whether the accident had happened at home or somewhere else. In my reception year at school (age 4-5) I would just sit in my poo until someone noticed and took me to the bathroom. I don't remember ever having my underwear changed at school - I had to go home early a couple of times, but more often my pooey pants would only be discovered after I got home. During Year 1, I began to realise that I was pooing myself more than the other kids, and that it was something I shouldn't still be doing, but even if I went to the toilet after dirtying my pants I'd still not really have any idea what to do about the mess, and so if it happened at school I'd perhaps try and finish my poo in the toilet - if I was feeling brave enough - but would then pull my (still-full) pants back up and go back to class. At home, I also tried to ignore the state of my underwear, and I particularly remember one afternoon sitting on the sofa watching TV with a large mushy poo in my pants that had come out on the way home from school, and then being told off by my mum after she worked out what the smell was, as I'd left a brown stain on the cushion.

At that age, my parents had slightly different approaches to cleaning me up. My commonest type of accident was a large amount of soft mush, which I may or may not have spent quite a bit of time sitting in by the time I was discovered, as I've written about before here. My mum tended to favour getting me to step out of my trousers (unless they had been heavily soiled by escaping poo) and stand in the bath. She would then get me to drop my pants and step to one side of them, so she could shower my bum, legs and the pants themselves, washing the poo down the drain. She didn't like to waste clothing, so the rinsed pants would go in the wash with my trousers, which meant my underwear often carried faint stains from old accidents at that age. She was pretty efficient at it, and could get me cleaned up in under five minutes if we were in a hurry.

My dad was the one who would clean me up if I had an accident (that was detected) away from home, as I was getting too old to go in the ladies with my mum, and he used more or less the same method even if we were in our own bathroom. He would take off my trousers and then peel my pants away from my skin whilst I stood next to the toilet. Depending on how bad the mess was, he would sometimes try to empty out my pants into the toilet bowl and then wipe them to get them a bit cleaner, but generally he tended to bin them if there was any suitable bin - either wrapped in toilet roll or put in a bag if he had one available. He would clean my bum with toilet paper, sometimes wetting it in the sink first if the poo was particularly sticky. He was no great fan of public toilet cubicles either, and he would always give me the option of waiting until we got home to clean me up unless the accident was so bad that it was at risk of leaking out of my trousers. His method was slower but worked almost anywhere. He'd always make sure I had a bath in the evening if he'd had to clean me earlier in the day, otherwise my skin would still smell a bit of poo. He usually kept a couple of spare pairs of pants (both for me and my little brother) in the glovebox of the car - until I was perhaps nine - so we wouldn't have to spend the rest of the day going commando. I think his method was particularly effective for my brother's accidents, which were due to constipation with overflow and involved very small amounts of liquid poo rather than the large volumes of porridge-poo that I tended to produce.

By Year 2, I had figured out that I could empty out a firm poo into the toilet by either picking it up with toilet roll (if it was very firm) or turning my pants inside-out over the loo if it was more clay-like. As I've mentioned before, I would sometimes do a firmer poo in my pants because of pressure from softer poo above it in my colon, but then manage to hold onto the softer poo just long enough to do it in the right place. I was actually quite a lot less anxious about emptying out a firm poo in the school toilets than actually sitting on them (my childhood anxieties were weird!). If the poo had come out whilst I was standing up - perhaps at playtime - then I might only have a few skidmarks to show for the accident, so these poos were the first ones that I could get away with completely undetected by any adults. If I'd been sat in the poo for a while, the 'skidmark' (really a thick, solid smear of poo) would make it very obvious what I'd done when I got home - the first few times I did this I ignored the state of my underwear and was detected when my parents were helping me get ready for bed, and so I started trying to hide my emptied-out pants around my bedroom - whilst the smell was reduced enough to avoid me getting found out at school, I don't think I managed to go longer than two days before my mum would detect the odour and locate my hiding spot, at least in part because I was terrible at hiding things at that age. For messier accidents, I still didn't really have any idea what to do yet, although I would sometimes do more to try and avoid detection, especially away from home - e.g. by keeping away from other kids, sitting near an open window and so on. If I had a really, really bad accident (like the one when I was playing computer games whilst at home with a fever and had diarrhoea in my pants) then I would usually call one of my parents for help.

Over the following few years, as I went into junior school, I gradually became more confident about cleaning myself up, and more inventive about hiding any evidence of what I'd done in my pants. At school, by the time I was 10, I could often do a reasonable job of cleaning up a moderately mushy accident - although by that point they were fortunately mostly happening right at the end of the school day, or on my way home. If I thought I could possibly get away with it, I would always try to wait until I got home before cleaning up, but if I needed to do so at school (perhaps because I'd pooed my pants early in the afternoon) I would try and find the least-used toilet block and take the furthest cubicle from the door, and then I'd gingerly remove my trousers and pants so that I could empty the latter into the toilet. This approach didn't work if the poo was on the runnier side of mushy (or if it was true diarrhoea - luckily a rare thing for me), and for those accidents I still tended to rely on hoping that I would be lucky and that no-one would openly announce that they thought I'd pooed myself. I usually put my pants back on after I'd cleaned them out, mostly because I was well aware of my tendency to have another accident later in the day if I'd already dirtied my underwear earlier. By this stage almost all of my underwear was black - the few white pairs I had were by now permanently and obviously stained and I never wore them to school in case someone saw them when I was changing for PE.

At home, I was starting to develop more of a strategy for clean-up - at first, I would go to the bathroom and try to take my pants off and wipe myself, but usually I didn't do a good enough job and took so long that one of my parents would figure out what I was doing and come and help (which was very embarrassing, although also welcome). Over time, I started going to the bathroom with a plastic bag for the dirty pants and a clean pair to change into, and I would get in the shower to get myself properly clean. By the time I finished primary school, I could clean myself up at home after more or less any accident and could also clean up any poo that had fallen out onto the floor of the bathroom. My strategy was similar to the one my dad used when I was younger, but with the addition of a shower - I would remove my trousers, usually pausing for a moment to look in the mirror and see whether any poo was leaking out of the leg holes of my underwear, or at the waistband at the back, and I might pull back the elastic to try and see how bad things looked down there. If the poo was relatively firm or there wasn't too much of it, I'd empty my pants out, give them a wipe, and then hide them in my room. Unlike when I was younger, I'd then try and sneak them into the wash without anyone noticing, although I also wore some of them without cleaning if I was in a situation where I thought I might be at risk of having another accident (like on the walks I described last year). If the mess was really bad, I'd peel them off and put them straight into a plastic bag, which I'd tie off and then put it in another bag to limit the smell. This would then go straight into the outside bin. I'd wipe the worst of the soft poo off with paper, trying not to block the toilet, and wash the rest off with the shower. I did end up accumulating a few pairs that were too messy to sneak into the wash but not so bad that I'd thrown them out, and at one point I must have had six or seven pairs hidden in my room at any one time (of which more later) - this was when I was maybe 11-13 and was having a period of slipping back into more frequent accidents (albeit no longer in the classroom) after a relatively clean spell.

From then on, my clean-up strategy at home didn't change much other than I got quicker and more practiced at it, but my preparedness for accidents did. After the morning accident I had when I was fourteen, I started carrying an emergency kit in my school rucksack (not sure why I didn't think to do this sooner), hidden in a zipped pocket right at the bottom of the bag. It contained a spare pair of pants, a pack of tissues, and two empty shopping bags. I've kept the habit of carrying spare underwear with me even as an adult, despite accidents being much rarer now than when I was at school. There were a few GCSE exams (and even A-levels) where I spent half the lunch break between papers hidden in the one toilet block in the school that I was willing to use, double-bagging a messy pair of pants and hiding them in my rucksack before continuing as if nothing had happened. This allowed me to deal with more or less any accident, however messy - fortunately I never had to deal with a full diarrhoea accident during lessons in secondary school. Less messy exam accidents were usually very easy to sort out, as I was habitually lining my pants with toilet paper or tissues before tests to catch any mess, which meant that a firm poo (even one I'd been sat in for an hour) could be removed very easily with little residual staining.

Finally, another innovation when I was about thirteen was discovering wet wipes. One of my friends had a three-year old sister who was not fully potty trained, and they had a large stock of wet wipes, which I'd not seen before that point. One day, I went round to his house after school and arrived with a sticky blob of poo stuck between my bum-cheeks that had popped out whilst we were walking - this was my own fault, as I'd been secretly playing the game of letting a small, firm ball of poo half-way out of my bum and then pushing it back in whilst we were walking, and I'd carelessly let it come out too far to go back (if my friend hadn't been there I'd have probably shaken it down my trouser leg). I went to their loo and removed the poo using loo roll, but couldn't get my bum clean as the poo had dried on. I spotted the wipes, tried using one, and was amazed to see how well it removed the caked-on poo, and how much more comfortable it was against my skin than paper. I was an extremely honest kid and loathed the idea of stealing even something as minor as a few wipes, but this one time I couldn't resist taking a spare "pocket-pack" and smuggling it home with me. There were only a few wipes in there, but it was enough to clean myself after my next really big accident, and I wished for years that I could find an excuse to ask my parents to get some more. I was too embarrassed to buy them myself with my pocket-money. It wasn't until I was at university that I finally plucked up the courage and made them a part of my clean-up kit.

As for how the clean-ups felt - as an older kid, once I was in the privacy of the bathroom and had everything with me to sort myself out, I didn't really mind the feeling of being in soiled underwear. I guess if I'd found the sensations more unpleasant I might have prioritised getting to a toilet in time more highly. All of the shame and embarrassment came earlier, when there was a risk of being caught with poo in my pants, but I could breathe a great sigh of relief once I was sure no-one would find out. I almost enjoyed the sensation of peeling my pants away from my bum when they were full of mushy poo, although it wasn't as nice a sensation if the poo was firm but sticky as this usually made my skin itchy, and cleaning up after bad diarrhoea was the worst of all. In general, the part I liked least was cleaning up the floor tiles that I'd been standing on when I stripped off my clothes, and bagging up my underwear, as the smell was a hundred times worse whilst I did that than when I was just stood wearing pooey underpants and checking how bad things looked in the mirror. The best sensation of all was to have successfully cleaned myself up, showered and got changed into fresh clothes, with all evidence of what had happened tidied away. When I was younger, and still being cleaned up by my parents, the feeling was a complicated mixture of embarrassment but also the comforting sensation of being carefully cleaned by someone else, along with the same mostly-satisfying feeling of the pants being peeled off and the clean pleasant sensation of getting dressed into clean clothes afterwards.

One of the things that made me think about the topic of cleaning up soiled pants was that I recently took a trip back to the southwest to visit my parents in our old house, and they asked me to clear out some of my old junk. Whilst I was going through a box filled with comics and magazines that I must have read when I was about eleven, I found an old and long-forgotten pair of my old pants that I'd left sandwiched between copies of 'Sonic the Comic', complete with decades-old stains from having been emptied out but not washed. Seeing them immediately brought back the memory of how they'd got there. After so long hidden away, they barely smelled - there was a faint sweet odour that I wouldn't have identified as poo if I hadn't known that it was, but I'd clearly made a pretty big mess in them back then before I'd done my best to wipe them out - which was probably why I'd hid them so well (if they'd been any messier they would have gone straight in the bin). It gave me a moment of intense nostalgia, and for a second I had a weird impulse to keep them as some sort of souvenir of my childhood pooing problem, but I put them in the bin rather than risk the recycled embarrassment of my parents quizzing me about an accident that I must have had in the mid-1990s.

Who else here has had enough accidents to develop particular strategies for cleaning up? I'd be interested to hear how people learn from past messes and become more adept at dealing with new ones. Does anyone have any stories about particularly successful stealthy clean-ups, or of disasters where things went the other way?

Sunday, May 15, 2022


Re: Thunder

I also found peeing or crapping around people I know or know I will see again to be a lot more embarrassing than doing so around complete strangers. I've always been an introvert and greatly preferred privacy for those functions. Still do, but I no longer go out of my way to cause myself discomfort to obtain it.

I didn't become minimally comfortable with using a urinal to pee until I was 9, and to this day still find it mildly awkward. I used to always run the fan and lock the door when using a single-occupant residential bathroom around family members or friends because I didn't want them to know what I was doing, in spite of it being obvious based upon the length of time of my visit. I still do those things as a habit, if a lock or fan is available. This shyness is why I used to wait for people to leave the Mens' room at work before unleashing the sound and fury if they saw me enter a stall, latch the door, and drop my pants. I didn't want to be known as the King Shitter of the office given how frequent my restroom visits were, and especially given that my deposits were unusually likely to be large enough to cause clogs, typically accompanied by explosive gas(from holding in my farts all day), and frequently left smears and lingering smells in the Mens' room. But alas. That horse eventually left the barn, especially after the janitors got to know me via cleaning the Mens' room and after female coworkers in the adjacent Womens' room heard my bathroom noises thanks to that obnoxious vent, only to see me later exit the Mens' room to place a person to the sounds they heard.

Now days it doesn't matter. I've been in so many embarrassing situations and circumstances that clogging a toilet, having to ask for wiping material, others hearing my noises, using a doorless or open toilet in view of others, all no longer feels unfamiliar or threatening. Each has happened 10+ times by now. I can use any toilet without any concern whether others can see, hear, or smell me, even the most extreme circumstance of say, an doorless stall toilet in direct view of a line of people waiting to use it(happened to me once at a bus station). Still awkward, but not to the point of embarrassment. While I've never gotten the opportunity to use a public doorless stall or open toilet around friends, coworkers, or family members after becoming shameless, a normal doored stall(and in one case using a half stall in the presence of a coworker) has been no problem whatsoever, and I'm certain today I could use a doorless stall or open toilet around them just as casually as I would a normal doored stall or a lockable residential bathroom, and just as casually as I've used a doorless stall or open toilet in view of complete strangers.

I've never pooped off the side of a boat. That would be a new experience for me.

I have pooped outside a number of times, but not with other people standing around. I did get caught on camera once taking an emergency dump behind the dumpster of a convenience store, after finding their restroom was out of order and having to make a split second decision before filling my pants with pounds of solid crap, but that's another story for another day, and among my most embarrassing. Luckily, the worst consequence of that ordeal was having to clean it up and suffer the indignity of it all.

Paige: I loved the story about Maya using the trash can, do you have any more like that?
Rouge: my weirdest piss so far might be when I got stuck in my friend's attached garage and pissed on her car.
Mina Kazumi Hisae Maho: oh my! I'm so grateful to you for using those potties and posting your adventure! I wish I could have joined you!
Marie: Hey babe, its been a while, I hope you're doing okay! Looking forward to the changing room adventure ;)

Next generation of poopers: can't wait to learn what you've been up to!

Inspired by Juliet from France, my friend taped me to a chair and mad me poo on it, if anyone wants to hear that one I can share it.


Reply to some post & childhood story

Princess Opal- Yeah I know what you mean... Sometimes it's dreams that make you pee the bed. For me I just pee myself (a little) without the dream.

Ms. Menopause-about the diapers & incontinence products & pads haha I understand they're expensive. I use a pad for my minstrel & now currently wear a depend for bed. Lol if pads wasn't so expensive I would wear 1 in the back part of my boyshorts so if I prairie dog or not wipe well enough you know I don't get a skidmark ;)

Anna from Australia: You're right it's a good thing you noticed before the public saw... If anyone saw poop on the back of my skirt or dress I would run home mortified!

About the story I was in 7th grade... And I had this friend we'll call Samantha (can't use real name). And Joyce. Samantha was year younger than me & Joyce was 2 years younger. We would jump on Joyce's trampoline and heheheeee it's a shame butt (pun intended ;) there would almost always before we get done having fun be a poop sitting on the trampoline. And Joyce being that it's her trampoline would try to play detective and retrace where we were... I know I'm not always skidmark free butt lol I don't pack the fudge in there! And looking back on it I knew who it was... It was Samantha because when we played videogames & jumped on the bed pillow fighting... Joyce would always pick her (Samantha's) granny panties up and we would giggle. And Samantha would always say "my sister says it's caused when your underwear gets up your butt!" It wasn't a little "school day skidmark" either it looked like she didn't wipe at all.

Princess Opal

Some more poop talk!

Emma Two: I really liked that story about the woods! I enjoy buddy dump stories :)

Amelie: on the other hand, you could think that if you can hear others pooping, at least they won't be judging you for pooping! What kind of hypocrite would fart, plop, and then think you're an awful person for doing the same thing they're in the middle of doing?

The day after the water was off, it was turned off again and people pooped without flushing, but I didn't see that. Today I was reading this forum while I did my poop. Like 20-30 minutes later I had to come back and drop another small turd. I guess the first one had broken off. I've been farting as I write this, so I guess reading this forum is like magic! Magic that makes me happy!

Mina+3: I forgot to mention, I liked when Hisae said it smelled like you'd had a good time! I wish you many, many more wonderful times on loo!

Bye for now,

Princess Opal <3


Re: Amelie; gaining confidence to poop in public restrooms

I used to feel the same way as you. I hated pooping in public restrooms. But since I eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and beans, and also a massive quantity thereof, holding it is not a viable option. I poop every 3-4 waking hours, the implications being that if I leave the house for more than a few hours, I will need to use a public restroom to poop. I also go through so much water that I pee every hour or two as well.

At an office I used to work at, I'd poop at work 2-3 times a day. I also produce a lot of gas thanks to the high fiber diet, which tends to loudly accompany said defecation sessions. That restroom was usually busy and my coworkers were always coming in and out, so there was no hiding what I was doing if I was seated in a stall. I started to wear headphones and play music so that I wouldn't be reminded that my noises could be heard nor would I know when anyone came in, which kept me from trying to hold it in to stop the noise whenever I'd hear footsteps. The headphones made it easy to get comfortable enough to drop my pants all the way down, let loose, wipe up, and get on with my day, because any indication that anyone was in the room was now removed. It felt as if no one was there, even if the restroom was crowded. It made my pooping sessions more efficient on the whole because I no longer worried whether others would hear my noises, and because I could not tell if anyone came in while I used the stall, it resulted in the repeated scenario of coworkers seeing me exit the stall and meet them at the sinks, desensitizing me to it.

The headphone strategy did backfire once. I didn't hear the cleaning lady knock and announce her intent to enter, and she walked in and started cleaning while I was dropping a loud, gassy crap with my pants at my shoes. I was in the first stall of the two(it was the cleanest since everyone used the back stall, so I made a habit of taking the first stall because less butts touched the seat), so she definitely saw what any of my male coworkers would have seen, my shoes, pants, and bare ankles behind the partition. It was a big one and smeared the toilet with skidmarks upon flushing. When I exited the stall, I noticed the cleaning cart in the Mens' room near the entrance propping open the door to the outside, and she was standing there as I exited the stall and washed my hands. Apologizing to her for not hearing her was one of the most awkward apologies I ever made, but she saw the headphones I was carrying and realized what had happened. To make matters worse, she would have to clean the toilet bowl after I fowled it. I stopped wearing headphones during my pooping sessions after that, but pooping with my male coworkers in earshot became greatly less embarrassing as a result, simply because this event involving getting walked in on by the cleaning lady was so much more embarrassing.

After that, during the years I worked there, practically every male coworker at some point saw me enter a stall and let 'er rip, or exit a stall after similar noises or after hearing me wipe, and it became so banal that I became totally unbothered by it. Some of them even started conversations with me while I was in a stall, and some of them even took the adjacent stall where I was seated and started defecating mere feet away as I did the same thing. The cleaning lady also caught me in there many times afterward, but because I heard her, I was able to announce that I was in the room and she didn't go so far as to enter into the Mens' room(years later, there were other cleaning ladies that would just come in without knocking, and I got walked in on by one while in a stall or at a urinal more than once). But she would always be waiting outside the door for me to finish, and those noises in that room traveled. There were instances where I produced such a large dump that it clogged the toilet after she knocked and she was waiting to enter as I left the Mens' room, leaving me no choice but to own up to the fact that I accidentally clogged the toilet. Which was way worse than being walked in on, because from then on out, whenever we'd see each other in the halls or in the cafeteria, she would certainly associate me with the mess she had to clean up.

NONE of that is as awkward as using a doorless stall or open toilet in a public restroom. That is the true test of confidence. For many years, I could never bring myself to do it and would hold it in effort to find a more private facility. My phobia of these sorts of facilities started in middle school after seeing boys being bullied while on the toilet. In middle school and high school, I was always holding it in all day until I got home, and that was not comfortable. It may have even damaged my insides. But after enough emergency situations where I was presented with such a facility and was in no position to hold it, and subsequently getting walked in on and/or seen by others while crapping or wiping, I was eventually cured of that phobia as well.

Now I can poop anywhere. Although I've never been given the opportunity, I'm certain that if the need arose and I was presented with such, I could even use an open Chinese squat toilet in front of a crowd of people(including members of the opposite sex) if it came to that. Those things are infamous. People can get a view of your waste exiting your body from any direction if they are inclined. It's way worse than siting on a mere open toilet such as what you'd find in a city park or a jail cell. On an open sit-down toilet, all anyone will see is your butt and maybe your privates, but not the actual waste exiting your body.

The best thing you can do to get used to your circumstances is to just keep using public restrooms whenever the need arises. Don't hold it. A good next step to increasing the scope of your comfort zone is if you've already dropped your waste and someone comes in while you are wiping or otherwise finishing up, have the confidence to exit the stall and meet them at the sinks. It will become more mundane with each session, and eventually you won't care at all. It's not like they're seeing something they haven't seen before. You do have a door after all. After you've gotten used to that, the next step is entering the restroom at the same time as others, and just going, without any care that anyone can hear you.

Everyone produces waste. Being afraid to acknowledge the simple fact to the world that I produced waste was the cause of much pain and discomfort when I was younger, albeit there was the additional worry of being bullied while in a position of vulnerability, but even without that worry, the fear carried over into other scenarios and situations when I needed to poop and the amount of privacy was not to my standards. That fear and a stubborn refusal to give in to my bodily needs was a cause of considerable discomfort. It was not worth it, and rather silly, in retrospect.

Being able to pee or poop at any toilet facility whenever the need arises regardless of who else is there is quite liberating. I can get it over with and move on with my day, relieved of an unnecessary burden.


Closest toilet


As a student and now working in a school as a teacher, I have an early morning crap. It's usually about an hour or hour and a half after I get up. That means I'm on the toilet at school before school starts pretty much every morning after I wheel into the parking lot. I don't sit until I'm ready to crap so since my craps tend to be soft, butt-on-seat time is usually 2 minutes or less. The faculty bathroom is way on the other side of the building, which is a 5 minute walk one way from my classroom. So I use the student bathroom just two doors down the hall. The place can get busy and dirty, and most of the privacy doors have been removed because of vaping and other abuses, but I guess I got use to the loss of privacy years ago. Some of my students are surprised to see me on the toilet, but when you gotta go you gotta go. My boyfriend doesn't get it. But I'm just kind of set in my ways. My department head said it is a win-win situation because the school is getting a bathroom supervisor for free during the morning hours.

Embarrassed Girl:

Away from school where there are latches or locks on stall doors I've had some trouble with them. I think that's also a reason why or administration has over the years not replaced privacy doors. Sometimes I think users who are bored will mess with the lock or latch while they sit. That boy that watched you and said those things was way out of line. His mom is responsible for the supervision of him. I feel she should have been more direct and emphatic with him.


I completely agree with you that any child, by age 8 or 9, should be able to go by themselves into a public bathroom regardless of gender. However, as a child care provider with more than 10 years experience, I have had a few single parent situations where they don't want their son, even at age 10, going into a park playground bathroom unaccompanied by an adult. That parent suggested that I walk the boy six blocks home to take his crap and then bring him back to his park activity. I have nothing against walking but I suggested a buddy system where two boys would go in pairs, drop the toilet seat twice, and do a double-flush to show they were OK. It worked fine.

David's question: in college are the female students as uninhibited as the males, especially in the morning? Definitely Yes! That is how I met my current boyfriend.


Thanks and a story

Oh my god! You guys! You are so sweet I did not expect so many replies! I saw M:s post first and thought it was the only one and that I could give a personal thanks but I got so many. I am so grateful and I read every single one! To be really honest with you I have been checking my phone all weekend to see if I got any replies hehe.

I saw a lot of responses about drinking coffee and making time to just sit on the toilet even if I don't have to go. I just recently started drinking coffee, and my oh my is it delicious! I don't drink it every day and never in the morning though. I haven't felt so much of a difference in my belly afterwards, although there was one time where I had to dash to the toilet just minutes after I had finished my coffee. It really got things moving. I have felt a little bit at times but not much, I usually drink decaf because I don't want to be up all night considering I drink it around like four most days, maybe that makes the effects less? During a longer time off work I usually get a somewhat regular toilet time which is awesome but it's always destroyed when I go back to work again.

I will try your tips! (I am going to have to get up really early tomorrow haha)

I thought I would share a story as a thanks. It happened on Saturday. I am on my period and that can sometimes make me gassy or give me liquid poo. I was at the mall with my boyfriend (it's quite new and I am really exited) when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach. I felt really gassy and walked over to an deserted section of the clothing store we where in to let go of some gas. It was really smelly and a bit loud but nobody was there to smell or hear it, thank god! I continued shopping but my belly only felt worse. I did not feel the need to poo but since this has happened a few times I am familiar with the cramps I had and I knew that they would go away if I went to the restroom. The poop that frees me from those sort of cramps is always mushy and runny. I hate those poops. I was debating whether or not I should go to the toilet since it is quite awkward and I did not want my bf to know. Then a sharp cramp hit me and I had to bend over to get trough it. I went over to my boyfriend and said that i needed to go to the restroom. He said okay and told me that he would tag along. I was panicking, if he went with me he would realise how much time i spent i there. So I said that it was okay and that he didn't have to but he insisted. We want down ti the restrooms and I went in to the ladies room and he waited outside and held my bags (so sweet). I went into a stall and to my luck the restroom was empty. That is like the best thing that can happen to a shy girl like me. I quickly pulled down my underwear and pants to my knees.At forts it was solid but then it was runny. I did wets farts which made poop squirt out. It was awful. Then somebody came in. I liked at my phone it had been 4 minutes already and I was so not done yet. The other person sat down i a stall pretty far away from mine and stared pooping immediately. This really helped me. I tried to ouch hard and poop poured out of me. It burned. I had some more in me but I had to get back to my boyfriend so i wiped and changed my period protection quickly. (I am really fast) I went back to him with no more cramps and felt a lot better! I said "sorry it took so long I am on my period and had to you know change my tampon and stuff". "stuff" hehe ;)

Just to answer the question from Gordonzola I usually don't use my phone or anything in the bathroom, I only do so if it is going to take a really long time. I might have to use it if I am going to be sitting on the toilet trying to poop for 15 minutes tomorrow morning haha.

Have a good one,


Just Jerika

Teacher/Student Bathroom Sharing

I'm in college now and I remember back to the first week when I was a student in high school something that really surprised me. I'd be waiting in a crowded bathroom hoping to get a pee in before the one minute warning bell for my next hour class. Door would open and student would come out and I would immediately find out if she was a Proud Panther or not. That was a Student Council program about being polite, taking care of school property well (flushing, washing hands well, and being positive). Oops, big shit left unflushed, toilet paper on half the seat, and a foul mouth, etc. Then with a thud I would get my 30 seconds or so of butt-on-seat before the warning bell rang. I'd be lucky if I could get one wipe in. And during 5th hour only one stall or two would have any TP left and you learned early on that you didn't dare flush because you would cause a flood.

Most surprising to me was perhaps once a week or so when that door would open I would be surprised to see my history or music teacher pulling their clothing up. Of course, they maintained a warm but clean seat and in the case of my science teacher who was brand new and right out of college, she always smiled, told those waiting to be PPs (Proud Panthers) and a couple of times during the passing period she would use her phone to call the physical plant (we'd just laugh when we heard that name!) office and then tell them about a problem (roll of TP floating in the bowl). My history teacher had a very pounding pee stream that went on and on. My best friend Michelle, who was very glib, said our teacher and her boyfriend (to die for!) probably closed the bar down again the previous night. One of the barmaids was a friend of my moms.

My dad thought the whole thing was hilarious. He said the guys who shit at school were losers and no matter how much the administrators would yell at them, they would not remember to lift the seat.


Response to embarrassed girl

I've been in a similar situation before where I was an unfortunate recipient of being walked in on. I'm a 5'7" asian brunette girl, and when I was a teenager shopping at Costco with my parents, I had to go to the restroom super badly because I drink a lot of water from my cross country running exercise, then my parents pick me up from my runs and shop at Costco immediately after. I really had to go badly and thought I locked the door properly. As I was relaxing peeing, pulling down my purple sweatpants and pink underwear below my knees, all the sudden mid-stream, a little girl opens the door! What made this pretty bad in particular was I was wearing a black crop top, so my shirt didn't really cover my down there region. I typically just place my hands to the side, and when she opened it, she just saw my exposed hairy vagina wide open not only to her, but to the plenty of Costco shoppers that suddenly saw my private region from the window sinks! The little girl was quite confused standing there for a hot second, and a teenager girl then walked by to what I'm guessing is her older system stopped by, smirked at me realizing what occurred, and held her hand to another stall. I couldn't do much about it since the stall door was little too far away, so I put my hands over my hairy vagina, and prayed that no one would walk in on me again. Of course, two other times an older woman would walk in throughout that fiasco, the latter where she walked in OF COURSE when I was wiping so that wasn't pretty.

Luckily, I recognized no one and just went about my business after that little incident passed, finishing the Costco shopping and went on about my life. If this happened at school, I don't think I would never be let forgotten about it, and in a way, it's better that it happened in front of strangers as I made extra sure that in school and other places, the lock is super in place. Embarrassing for sure, but a valuable lesson learned!


Peeing in front of my boyfriend?

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I was at my boyfriends apartment and while he was in the shower I got a desperate urge to pee. Like soooo bad. It kinda came out of nowhere. I crossed my legs and put my hand on my crotch squirming. I was sitting in his couch and it felt like I could not move. Despite that I got up and made my way over to the bathroom, potty dancing and stopping for the occasional clench. I knocked on the door and then stuck my head in asking him if he would be done soon. "Maybe 5 minutes or just a little longer then that, why do you ask? Can't get enough of me?" he said with a smirk as he peaked out from the shower curtain. I laughed as much as my bladder allowed me to and responded saying that I really need to pee and would appreciate it if he could hurry. "I will hurry. But if you really need to you can pee while I'm in the shower." He said with a gentle smile. I pressed in the pee that desperately wanted to come out with my hand and said that I could wait. He asked me if I was sure and said that he wouldn't look or listen. But I really did not want to pee in front of him. If it is ever going to happen it can definitely not be this early in the relationship i thought. We had been dating for about a month before we became exclusive and he has only been my boyfriend for like a little over 2 months. (I know that is kind of a long time but I need to be a lot more comfortable in order to pee or especially poop in front of another person) So I held on. I was not very successful though because I dribbled into my panties.I looked in the mirror and could see a wet spot in the bottom of my underwear. I knocked again and he said he was almost finished. I went into the bathroom and let him see me squirm. He looked at me with empathy and told me to just go already. I realised he was of course right. I blushed and pulled down my panties before sitting down. I immediately released a weak stream of pee (since I had been holding for so long) I was so embarrassed. It was very reliving though. Maybe it took away some of the magic? I don't know…

I have to go now my break is over.

Have a good one,



To Unnamed Poster: I was wearing boxer briefs during the accident in my previous post. Most of my wardrobe is boxer briefs and its been like that since around the time I started middle school.

I had an exam today in one my tougher classes, French. I was a bit nervous going into the exam since if I failed I would have to the class over again in the next semester which I didn't want to do. On the day of the exam, I had a breakfast of a banana and a glass of water. Banana's to me somewhat act like coffee for others since my stomach at times can get queasy. My bowels also get super queasy in nervous situations too. I was a little queasy heading out but I wanted to get there on time plus my bowels weren't giving off any noticeable signs of needing to go yet. When I got to the exam room I got there with ~15 minutes before the exam started. I used that 15 minutes to study but my stomach was making some noises and felt a little queasy. I was pondering the decision to go use the bathroom since the bathrooms in the building were right across from the classroom so it would be a short trip. That decision was shot down after I heard one of my classmates telling the professor that the bathrooms were closed for cleaning. The nearest bathrooms were in the hall next door however and it would take some time to get there, use the bathroom, and go back in the time available (which by this point there was like 5 minutes before the exam started). I knew I wouldn't get there and back within that time frame so I just continued studying. When the exam started my nervousness went up a bit and my gut reacted by giving out a silent fart. I was worried that my classmates would smell it since the layout of the room was compact with the desks as close as possible as they could be. Over time I was able to calm my nerves down a little which helped me focus on the exam as well as not releasing farts on and off. Once I finished the exam I left the room and went to the bathrooms (by now the janitors were gone). I sat on the toilet and released some mushy poop into the toilet feeling relived that I finished the exam and had been able to release my bowels.


Pooh bear

I'm so happy for you Amelie,

I know but the cool thing is that you are getting it out of you and not walking around miserable and I know it might sound crazy but people who normally judge people for pooping in public a lot of times are bitter and jealous cause they go home miserable and made a huge mess of themselves, I rather sit my cute butt down and allow nature take it course then having others cause me feeling miserable, I guess I get that from my mommy,
Like yesterday after school she picked me up and we went to Walmart and I knew that I had to poop , and some say no one wants to poop there well I did and I let it be known I pulled everything down and ripped it up and sat on the toilet till I was ready to get up . So don't let others dictate to you.

Princess Opal I'm glad that it was just a nitemare and I will love to see your doll collection

So end of the day ladies and young ladies, let's enjoy our BM/ motions and not any one say otherwise

Mina Kazumi Maho Hisae

Dear Amélie, Dear Emma, Dear Princess Opal

Amélie, thank you your beautiful message. Mina was so happy, she burst into tears. Hisae, Maho and Kazuko cover her with kisses and caresses. Mina is unbalanced girl and terrible crying baby. She is lucky to have three crushes who always love her.

Aaaah.... many kisses on Mina's back of neck.

Mina is not crying now, so she answer your message.

When Maho needs squat, she puts off socks and raises toilet seat and squat with feet both side of loo bowl. She rests her heel on loo rim, so her squat is very low, but even she does that, her turd give big splash, wet her beautiful bottom so after she finish her motion, crushes are busy to dry. But OK to get wet if you dry afterwards!!

Mina visited to France. She had French friend in school in Wales. Her friend from Saint-Etienne city, so Mina was there, and she tried squat loo once because she was big stomachache suddenly. She surprised its shape. she have to squat face to door, and under her bottom is hole with water, so same with Maho, every turd made big splash and big noise! Her friend could hear well, and because Mina was big stomachache she dropped about 15 turds, but friend already know big size of Mina's motions, so she said nothing.

Squat loo in Japan is very different shape. We squat away from door, or sideways. There is hood in front and we squat face to hood. Hole with water is under hood. So under your bottom is no water, actually very little water. So turd makes no noise, but big smell, that can be problem. Flush comes from back of loo, so opposite to hood. And it is very powerful flush, so take all turds quickly.

Now squat loo is much less common that before. In city, we don't see so much.

But we read on this site, some people put stool in front of sit-down type of loo and use that to squat. They stand on stool and then squat. It is seems good idea.

With sit-down type of loo, some women put paper in water before they do motion, to stop noise of splash. You can try that but you might have problem with smell. Of course if you get out from the bed very early like we do, you can go at home, your mother will say nothing even you stay long time because she is accustom, she cleaned your cute bottom every day when you were baby.

We think it is not good idea that you take phone to loo. If you are active something, your beautiful bottom can't relax. Do nothing is best, except relax and think, and push gently with your beautiful bottom, and slowly, because maybe it will be five minutes before your first motion come out. So you need to give yourself long time. Maybe for one more week or two weeks you might still have to do your motion in a campus, we hope you can use loo which is not crowded.

We are happy you read post of Bethany. We are sure most women are not interest in what you do in loo. Even they hear many plop sound from you, they are doing same thing, so they don't care. It is sure that they are not thinking about you. They are thinking about first class and their homework and strict teacher and yesterday's date with boyfriend and and and....

But Kazumi said (actually she is Kazuko but when we talk about loo we call her Kazumi): If she is in same college with you, she take cubicle next to you to protect you from the other girls, and she do her turds same time with you so other girls don't know who is doing.

We also don't like black coffee so we never drink. We like coffee with hot milk. And you are right, café au lait provoke our bottom, and after breakfast with café au lait, we all thinking about sit on loo long long time.

We say again, try to go to loo at least 30 minutes before schedule depart time from your house. Then you don't need to worry about miss bus. You have very long bus ride!

We think you can tell your mother that you want to go loo early because you don't want to go in public toilet. She will understand we think. Shy about motion is quite common we are sure.

Emma, your story was beautiful. Mina and Maho love to draw and paint. So we want to draw picture of you and Sarah squat opposite to each other to do huge pile surround by beautiful countryside, with butterfly and birds looking at you and saying, "how wonderful motion you two are doing!"

Princess Opal, we send our love to your lovely Sakura! There is two Kazuko's dolls and Hisae's and Mina's teddy bear in our flats. And Maho has woolly rabbit.

Why you can't talk with your little sister any more? But if answer is secret, you don't need to say. We never do wee or motion in pyjama when we dream about wee or motion, but once Kazumi had a such dream she did turd pile which was watermelon size on floor of supermarket, then she woke up at four in morning and rushed to loo and did turd pile same size. Mina told on this site before. Of course we touch the wood!!!

Sorry this is very long post. But Mina is not crying, even she got about 200 kisses on her back of neck from three crushes while she writing. And lots of massage on back and bottom from Hisae, Hisae is massage specialist.

Lots of love to everyone.

From Hisae Maho Kazumi Mina, with many hug and kiss.

Anna from Austria
Answer to thunder about unisex toilets

I have not used unisex toilets yet. And it depends on the context if would feel comfortable using them or not.

If these toilets have the Austrian privacy standards (just small or no gaps at all between the stalls and the door) I would feel quite comfortable using them.

In a standard American public toilet layout, with the big gaps, I would not feel comfortable at all. I would still use them if I had to but I would feel really uncomfortable, almost exposed to unknown men which is not a good feeling.

I really hope I am not going to encounter such toilets during my second trip to the states this September.

greetings from Austria



Pooh Bear

Yesterday before school started Dean and my boyfriend finally met and with his permission I asked him can I say his name on here. Tyson, So Tyson pick me up school and all plus him and Dean are both juniors but Tyson is 16 like me he summer baby I'm late summer baby when school started which made a sophomore, so with that being said yesterday I went over Tyson for homework studying, during our study I had to use the bathroom. I walk down the hall to the bathroom and locked the door and pulled down my pants and panties to my knees and sat down on the toilet peed a good amount. Wipe pull up my panties and pants wash my hands went back to studying. Tyson mom had some nice spring rolls ready and we ate some , on the last part of homework I knew that lunch was ready to get out of me. So I let Tyson know, so I get back to the bathroom and pulled down my pants and panties to my socks and sit on the toilet and open my legs some knowing that it's going to be really stinky so let loose a good 5 pieces of it and wipe a good amount. After being finished I pulled up everything felt good and empty and washed my hands and Tyson mom stopped me and talked with her a bit about
after that rejoined Tyson for homework. Stayed over for dinner with his parents and younger siblings. Well class just let out till next time, question for any one are you shy to poop at the person place who you dating if so why if you not why not, mine is why not it's a toilet and I enjoy being safe with my boyfriend and family


had an unexpected problem this morning and need some advice

So I had a rather alarming experience this morning....I'm 28 and it's pretty embarassing but I have a bit of a bedwetting problem. It's not as bad as my early teens when I would have to change the sheets 2 or 3 times a week, but I still wet myself in bed about once or twice a month, but only had to change my boyshorts (panties). I had a dream I was on the toilet. And well this morning I woke up to the usual feeling of wetness in my (white) boyshorts and on my sheets, but when I sat up I felt a gooey squishy under my butt. I leaned over and looked at the back of my boy shorts and they were stained dark brown! I was really worried about it because I had never messed myself in my life (well not including when I was really little) and i don't know why i messed my boyshorts in bed last night. My stomach has felt fine and i have been having bowel movements normally lately, so it has me concerned. I don't know if it has anything to do with bedwetting, because like I said I've been wetting my bed off and on my whole life and this has never happened. If anyone has an information for me or suggestions on why that could have happened i'd really appreciate it. i'm just really scared about messing my panties in bed again, it's bad enough that I still wet myself!


Porta John Question

This is to M's porta john question.

Last summer I was spending a week at my cousin Clark's house. Its separated by a chain-link fence from one of the holes on a public golf course. A porta potty is within three feet of the fence that protects the huge course that is one of the largest in our city. So one night when the adults were out at some reunion, Clark and I were just messing around in the backyard when he started telling me stories about the dumb porta potty. He asked me if I had ever used one. Me and my friend Monique had used one a couple of times in the park I guess because they hadn't been picked up after a big concert was held. Clark told me about seeing a large truck with a hoist on the back deliver the buildings. Then at the end of the golf season they are picked up and stored off somewhere for winter.

I saw several buckets under their deck of golf balls that they had picked up on their lawn that were hit over the fence. Clark told me how he and this older friend would watch old guys who paused their game to walk up to the porta potty. One day they watched one guy walking up holding his gut. They gave him time to go in and take his seat. Then all six of them blasted the pp with their balls. Then they would run off in different directions. I thought that was so funny I almost peed my shorts. Once about midnight when our parents were gone I lost this dumb bet with Clark about how many golf balls he and his parents had picked up. He helped me over the fence and I twisted my knee a bit, but I had to take a pee for him with the pp door open. It was a half cloudy night, with some rabbits and squirrels around.

I took his phone and timed it myself because I didn't trust that he wouldn't try to get too creative with it! I had been holding it for about an hour so my pee came fast and furious. You could hear it hit the tin or whatever was beneath me. I went almost two minutes. I kept my shorts up as high as I could to prevent Clark from seeing too much!

That was my fourth time using a porta john. It was the first time, though, where I didn't have to endure a line and hope I didn't have an accident.

M-I like your description about "holding myself to make sure it doesn't touch the toilet." A year ago when I was ready to start middle school mom gave me a germ-conscious lecture, too. She doesn't like porta-johns but they have saved me a few times when I'm really desperate.

I have a question to Mina: have you ever used the toilet in front of a man? Or do you only use the toilet with your female friends?

I also have a question to Tlana: do you remember the first time you used the toilet in the presence of a child that you were babysitting? Was it a #1 or a #2 and what led to that situation?

Ms. Menopause

Finished all the antibiotics

I finished the last antibiotic yesterday and my bladder is getting back to normal. Normal for me means stress incontinence and sometimes urge incontinence but I do not need to pee every 5 minutes. I wore an adult ultra absorbent pull up last night as I have a new mattress. I did a grocery run at lunch today and wore a pull up under baggy shorts. I did not need to pee in it but felt more secure wearing it as my running shoes and orthotics are expensive. I try to wear black bottoms (shorts, pants, leggings, jogging pants, skirts) so that if urinary leakage happens it won't be as noticeable. Due to wearing adult absorbent briefs all week I had no panties to wash all week. This was the worst bladder infection I ever had.

Guy from Canada

Increasing incontinence and diapers?

Hi guys,

I'm new here so I'm writing today because I'm having incontinence issues and was advised that it will get worse over time caused by weakening muscles any one have any experience with use diapers for both pee and poop id love to hear some as well as any advice anyone has


An interesting thing happened on Mother's Day. My mother and wife wanted to record a video together. However, they got a case of the giggles and couldn't focus for the video. In the middle of trying to calm themselves down, my mother let out a small fart that was followed by a loud wet fart. We all started laughing, and my mom said her stomach hurt from the Mexican food last night. We actually thought she shit herself from the way she was acting


Judgmental and Ignorant People

Yesterday afternoon when my middle school dismissed I walked over the WalMart because I wanted to look at summer swimwear. I had taken my crap just before leaving school and felt I could hold my pee until I got to the store.

A bad decision, I guess, because in my half hour walk over to WalMart I got the impression that my bladder was rapidly filling up, and then some. The bathrooms in front of the store were closed for cleaning and I dodged inventory carts in my run for the major bathrooms in the very back of the store. When I finally got to the hallway and turned and pushed the door, I entered the bathroom to find 3 toilets, each with the doors shut and legs under them.

After waiting about 5 minutes and with a little pee seeping into my new blue underwear, I finally saw the feet of the lady on the toilet immediately in front of me move pretty fast. She stood, the auto-flusher kicked in, and this older lady came out and brushed by me. She left without washing her hands. As for me, I ripped my jeans and underwear down and slid my butt onto the warm toilet seat. It seemed I had it made because my pee burst out and into the bowl beneath the black seat I was seated on.

About 5 second later there were a couple of fist pounds on the door and I could see in the crease between the door and panels I could see that women looking in at me. What did you do with my mask? she asked me. I looked at the top of the toilet paper roll there was the custom-made mask with her company logo on it that was hanging by one tie. She had startled me with her mean voice and definite sneer which I could see.

I reached for the mask, but my hand and the fact that she had scared me while I was doing my private thing caused me to fumble with the mask which fell from my hands and perched on the front of the toilet bowl, between the two sides of the seat. When I tried to pick it up she seemed to get madder that made me drop it a second time. This time it on the floor between my feet. As I opened the door to hand it to her, she looked in and said some pretty mean things that I think violated my privacy. She said:
1) I should be sitting on one of those paper seat protectors that are in that plastic container on the wall behind me.
2) That I was going to catch some type of social disease. I googled that when I got home.
3) That many women will learn to hold their toilet needs until they get home and can use a cleaner bathroom.
4) She's probably going to have to wash the mask before she uses it because it was on the dirty floor.

Outside her tone of voice and anger, I ask you guys the following 3 questions:

1. Are bare buns on a public toilet really that bad?

2. Are seat protector papers a necessity?

3. How could I have more effectively dealt with her judgmental and ignorant behavior?

Wednesday, May 11, 2022


Amelie. Open Your Bowels

Amelie, as Mina said rising early might help but the point I wish to make is when you need to poo, just poo like I do. A lot of my dumps are in public toilets. Play with your phone if it helps you relax. I go through my emails on the can. I have a lot of problems doing a BM first thing in the morning so I hope the bidet with a pulsating function on my hole might help in the form of stimulation. Try this when sitting on a public toilet, just relax and give yourself time and really enjoy the feeling of a poo coming out. I use to be self conscious but not any more and my life is better for it. Good luck and keep trying.


Response to Tricky

In short I would have no problems with doorless cubicles even in coed toilets doing either if I did not know the attendees are likely to know them in the future.
Obviously my partner has seen me on the can....when I use to fish in say 18 foot boats we all would take a crap over the edge of the boat, no problem as needed. I was in hospital once and sat on the toilet for a BM with the nurse right outside just in case assistance was needed. That was no problem. I go to a therapist....occasionally to have a BM if time permits and the needs is problem.
The thing that would stop me is a BM amongst people I know....if I do not know them....plops away!


Reply to Imogen - peeing vs. pooing

To Imogen - thanks for your question. Yes, it was only really poo that was a problem for me at school. There were lots of reasons why I wasn't very prone to wetting accidents - I didn't mind using the school toilets to pee, and the build-up of pressure in my bladder was always slower and more predictable than that in my bowels, where things could go from mild urge to desperation over a few short minutes. In infant school, it seemed like it was mostly the girls who had wetting accidents (whether as a one-off or frequently) and the boys who pooed their pants, but there was certainly a lot of overlap, and there was a boy in my reception class who was known for frequently making puddles until he grew out of it towards the end of that year. By secondary school, I could vary my walk home to go through fields that offered many convenient bushes, so there really wasn't much chance of being caught short.

As I wrote about last year, I didn't like the sensation of damp underwear but was usually OK with the feeling of soiled pants, although the fear of being found out was often huge, along with feeling bad about the fact that I hadn't managed to hold on. Damp underwear would go cold very quickly and felt clammy, whereas poo usually felt soft and stayed warm longer.

The other big difference for me with wee and poo accidents was that even if I got to the point of having a little bit of wee escape, I could almost always get control again and rush to the loo (or find a convenient tree or bush, as I also wasn't shy about peeing outdoors). This most often happened just as I was trying to undo my trouser buttons whilst really desperate to go, and I would sneak some tissue paper down the front of my pants to avoid it feeling cold. I don't remember ever fully wetting myself at school, or even having enough of a wee accident that it would have been visible on my trousers, but one of my friends did soak himself once when we were eight because he was coming down with flu and just couldn't hold on. No-one was mean to him as it was obvious he was poorly.

I did occasionally wet the bed until I was about nine, and I never liked the feeling of my wet pyjamas clinging to me when I woke up, or the embarrassment of putting my sheets in the washing machine where everyone (especially my little brother) would know about them. I would usually have a dream about finding a toilet or urinal and doing a huge wee there, and then wake up wet - this never happened with poo though. It was something that happened relatively often when I was very little (age four or so) and steadily got better as I got older.

I've never had a wetting and soiling accident at the same time - partly this was probably good luck, and partly it was because I would usually prioritise peeing even if I was in a situation where I also badly needed to poo, or had already messed my underpants. I could also hold onto my wee even when a poo was already pushing its way out. This meant an occasional poo accident whilst I was peeing at a urinal or outdoors - I've already written about a couple of these but there were other times when it happened when the school toilets were empty but I was feeling too anxious about sitting on them to do anything other than pee at the urinal. In those situations, if there was still no-one around and the poo was fairly firm, I would sneak into a cubicle and try to quickly empty my pants out after finishing my wee.

I did wet myself in an avoidable way a couple of times. The first time I barely remember - I was only four or five but had witnessed the kid I mentioned above wetting himself at school, and was curious about what it would feel like, so that weekend I waited until I needed to go and then tried to let it out whilst I was standing in the garden. I mainly remember that it was really hard to get it to start, it felt warm for about 30 seconds, and then it was just clammy and unpleasant. I told my mum I'd had an accident and she changed me without further comment, and I never tried anything similar again.

The second time was when I was twelve, and had had a very large poo accident on my way home from a friend's house. It was quite a loose poo, and the first round had come out just a moment before I left, whilst we were still sat playing computer games, so it had gone all the way up the front of my underwear as well as over my bum. We'd had a lot of orange juice to drink, and I was aware that I badly needed a wee when I finally got home (all of the poo had long since come out at this point - most of it just a minute or two into the walk). No-one was home, but I had to collect my usual clean-up kit before entering the bathroom - a few old plastic bags, some clean clothes and an old towel - and by the time I got there I was barely able to hold on. I would have normally just stood at the toilet and peed in it despite my messy underwear, but I realised that I couldn't as the whole of the front of my pants was filled with yellow-brown poo. I quickly stood in the bath, ready to take off my trousers and then peel off my pants, intending to quickly shower myself down and then do my wee down the plughole, but I just couldn't hold on and the whole lot came out whilst I was still fully clothed. The sensation of doing a large wee through a poo accident was kind of intense but not in a good way, as I felt it rapidly soak through my pants and run down my legs, and it meant that my trousers went from being barely stained to being soaked in a horrible mixture of wee and poo - at least everything was contained in the bath and could easily be washed away.

Although I didn't have any wetting accidents in my teens (or as an adult), I did have a few near-misses at university after drinking a few beers and then having to walk a long way home through streets that offered none of the opportunities for an al fresco pee that I'd been used to when I was at school. I did let a couple of small dribbles out once or twice, but again, nothing that anyone would have noticed.


Relieving constipation

Whenever Carl gets constipated and can't get his poo out I assist him in any way that I can. Sometimes we have to resort an enema, but when his constipation is not severe I put Vaseline on my finger tip and insert it into his asshole to help lubricate. This seems to work as when he grunts a thick log comes out with some effort from me rubbing his stomach. He likes laying down on a towel on days when moving his bowels is stressful. When he's done I wipe his bum and flush his shit down the toilet

Princess Opal

Some replies+ a question!

Tlana: my dad has the same name as your friend. But he was born in 1971 so I'm sure it wasn't him LOL

I just took a dump! It was kinda small, but it was relaxing! I realized today that I've been lonely not being able to talk to my little sister about poop anymore, but I can always talk to my dolls about it. I know they'll never judge me. Yes, I'm 17 and I still play with dolls! One of them is a Japanese doll named Sakura. I thought maybe Mina and her friends would appreciate that.

A few nights ago I had a nightmare about pooping my pants so much one day that when I stood up, the seat of my pants was sagging to the ground! I was relieved when I woke up and found that was not true.

So a few nights ago I had another dream that I was peeing on the toilet, but when I woke up I was peeing in my pants! This is not the first time it's happened to me, although I believe the last time had been 4 or 5 years ago. Have any of you had an experience like that? I'm just glad honestly that when I dream about pooping, I'm not pooping my pants! That'd be awkward. Although honestly if that'd happened I'd tell you all about it!

Writing here and getting kind responses has been a very good thing for me. It's nice to have a place to talk about pooping without it getting inappropriate.

XOXO and happy pooping,

Super sparkly kawaii Princess Opal and Sakura!


Responses and update to my routine

This week I ended up having all my morning BM on the campus restroom, fortunately after the second day I found a less crowded restroom on another building. The restroom is on an older building and it has two stalls. I did not see anyone there and there were only few people around it. I could relax more there while having my BM but I was still worried that someone might come in at any point when I am farting or my poop is coming out and they will know I am pooping.

Each day I tried to have a BM before I leave my home, but I did not have enough time so I gave up and left otherwise I would miss my bus and be late. I could only pass some gas with no poop coming out.

To Mina Maho Kazumi Hisae:

Thank you so much for your response! I think Maho is right too, this week my body still expects me to have my bowel movement at 9 AM. So except on weekend I had all my morning dump at my campus.

My home is pretty far from my campus. My morning commute is by bus so I have to take a 5 minute walk to the nearest bus stop and it takes me around an hour to reach my campus.

I have this bad habit of always sleeping late during the quarantine so when I wake up I have to rush in the morning. You are correct that I cannot go when I am stressed / can't relax such as when I'm in a hurry or someone is waiting for me outside the toilet. No wonder I cannot go when I was stressing about missing my bus. Thanks for your advice, I will try to get up earlier and give myself time to go at home.

I have a quick breakfast every morning, usually leftovers or toast and eggs. I'm not French but my mother is! I think 'Amelie' is a common French name. I love café au lait! Black coffee is too strong for me so I add milk to my coffee. And I sometimes think that coffee not only wakes me up, it also wakes up my bowels. I wonder why is that ahaha.

I usually bring my phone when I go to the toilet, I wonder if it is bad to play with my phone while I am having a BM. When I tried to go before leaving my home I couldn't really relax so maybe that is why I could only pass some gas out.

The last time I squatted to poop was when I had a holiday to France and the only bathroom available on the countryside was a squat type one which is a pan in the ground, I am not used to it. Is squat toilet common from where you are from Mina? I don't know how to squat to have a BM on my home toilet which is a sit toilet.

I was afraid that I am weird because my friends often just poop in public toilets like it is not embarrassing at all. I usually hold it until I am home if possible. In the campus restroom too I noticed that the woman next to my stall was most likely having a BM as well since I heard some fart and plop sound from her stall. It made me self-conscious since I know that other people can also hear me farting and my poop dropping on the water. I always fart a lot when I have a BM and they are usually loud and smelly which is very embarrassing. I just read Bethany post from page 1288 and I hope I can get over it like her.

Once again thank you so much for your advice Mina! I will try to wake up earlier and give myself time to have BM at home.

To Winnie:

Thank you for your advice I might try out your technique but I am afraid it will not work since I am very shy about this and I am very worried about being heard farting or my poop dropping by other people.

To Princess Opal:

Thank you I will post more in the future!

To Tlana:

Thank you for your advice and response! You are very brave I cannot imagine having my BM away from home every single day. I wanted to get the last stall but unfortunately it was taken since the restroom was pretty crowded so I had to take the middle stall. Thankfully it was pretty clean for a public restroom and it had toilet paper.

Emma two

Two girls poo in the woods

Sarah and me went out for a walk in the woods this morning and I was busting for a poo but I had nothing to wipe with so I held it without saying anything to Sarah. We'd been walking for about an hour and I was getting desperate for a poo as well as a wee and I was just about to tell Sarah when she beat me to it. She said she was busting for a poo and and if she held it much longer she would be doing it in her knickers and I told her she wasn't the only one. I asked her what she was going to wipe with and she said she had a pack of wet wipes in her bag. She quickly pulled her jeans and knickers down and squatted down in front of me. She peed a lot as her poo coiled into a heap under her bottom and seeing that made me want to go so bad I nearly pood myself. I pulled my leggings and knickers down together and squatted opposite Sarah and relaxed. I felt immediate relief as I felt my poo coming out and I peed even more than Sarah. By the time I finished Sarah was wiping and I waited for her to finish with the wet wipes and wiped myself feeling so much better. We pulled our clothes up and looked at each others creations. I was impressed by Sarah's load but mine was smaller but still a big pile. I guess if you add our combined loads up it was about four pounds of poo and about two pints of wee slowly soaking into the dirt.
We walked away from the scene of our creations and Sarah joked that the trees would probably grow in the woods with another couple of feet with all the fertiliser we'd made!


Accident at my boyfriend's apartment

Now that I'm in college I'm occasionally sleeping over with my boyfriend at his apartment. He's two years older than me and the college allows him to live off campus. Both he and his roommate have separate bedrooms so me and him have privacy, if you know what I mean. There's one small bathroom. They say they got the toilet, that they say is like 60 years old, from a salvage yard. It is high, large, and the meanest thing I've ever sat on. The seat is almost triangular and it is made out of a type of unfinished wood. When it flushes it is so noisy that it could scare the birds off the roof.

Last month when I first stayed over I sat on the toilet and tried to pee. I didn't want him waiting for me too long so I sat for about five minutes. I tried various seated positions and I was so uncomfortable and I got frustrated with myself. Since he was getting restless I wanted to join him in bed ASAP. So I did. I woke up at about 3 a.m. with my right hand and arm wet. I had peed the bed. My thong obviously had done nothing to stop it and there was a wet spot the size of a bowling ball under me and Chadd quickly woke up feeling it too. I was both mad at myself and at him for the stupid, almost joke type toilet. I went into the bathroom, took a very early shower, and grabbed some boy shorts out of my small bag. I took the sofa, took two sleeping pills, and despite my anger, feel back asleep quite easily.

I woke up at about 7 with the need to pee ASAP. Chadd's roommate had been on the toilet for about 10 minutes. My anger increased with each moment of silence I endured from that bathroom. I thought about using a jar from the kitchen waste basket. Then I remembered that there was a town square with a toilet building one block from their apartment. So I decided to take the walk down there. The sun was coming up when I made the walk. That was good because the bathroom lights had been broken out or stolen. Two toilets. No privacy panel between them. The toilet hadn't even been flushed but I didn't care. I slid my butt onto the normal black seat. It was normal enough that my were comfortably on the floor. I thought about the double-draining noise as I sat. I could hear water gurgling from the deep drain between my feet as well as my aggressive pour hitting the water in the bowl. That calmed me down some and I didn't feel so f*****' lame.

Four times since then when I've stayed over with Chadd I've walked down to the town square to pee before I join him in bed. And two or three times on Sunday mornings I've had some of the best craps of my life there. Chadd has some great qualities that I enjoy but I think he's too insensitive to my needs to be a keeper. I just don't think I can be adaptable if I have to worry about wetting the bed at my age. I just know that I have to be comfortable on a toilet if I'm going to be successful using it.

There are times when I've been upset with the dorm bathrooms--20 some toilets in one giant room, the smells in the morning after dozens of uses by crappers, how often the cheapo toilet paper runs out, and the lack of privacy and inconsistent water temperatures in some of the showers, and how negligent even graduate students are to flushing after each sit. But I'm still working on shaking my anger with Chadd and how insensitive he is. I'm taking nine hours of credits this summer and know I'm going to have to get a better attitude.

Monday, May 09, 2022


Re: Thunder, on the subject of unisex toilets

I'm not a lady, but I'll offer my opinion.

These days, I'm certain I'd use a unisex facility without hesitation. As long as they have at least the standard height U.S.-style stalls with doors, I don't see what the issue is.

Already, I've been in all kinds of situations where I've used the restroom for either function with the opposite sex present, and on some occasions, in full view of them.

When I was 11, as I was using an outdoor urinal at a camp ground, I got intruded upon by two girls my age who were looking for a restroom.

In high school, I'd been walked in on by female teachers while standing at a urinal at least three times, and on one occasion, nagged at by a group of female teachers while seated in a stall pooping because I wasn't supposed to use that particular Boys' room(all the other boys' rooms had doorless stalls and I was too embarrassed to use them).

The Freshman orientation night for college, I took a poop in a Mens' room only to find that the person in the adjacent stall was a female roughly of my age when we met at the sinks. We both heard each others noises. I don't know why she was in there, and it was very awkward at the time.

More than once, while standing at or sitting on a toilet at someone's house, someone opened the door on me and exposed me to any women that were nearby. At a party Freshman year of college, I was seated on a toilet pooping in a residential single-occupant bathroom and mid-plop, got barged in on by a young lady who forgot to get her keys out of the room and had to do a beer run. She got to see me on the toilet with my pants at my ankles, as did all her friends standing outside the doorway. Some of them commented that I had a cute butt. These same people also saw me peeing that same night.

I'd also used a urinal in a unisex college bathroom while some young women were standing at the mirror doing their makeup, with my back in full view. I've also been walked in on by female janitors while using a urinal at a Mens' room in my college.

During a job interview, I once had to take a massive emergency dump. I used a single-occupant restroom, and my noises interrupted a business meeting at a nearby conference table, which included at least 5 women in that meeting. The lady who interviewed me for the job knocked on the door and told me about the switch for the fan so that my bodily noises would be covered.

At a rest stop, I was seated in a half-stall and a female janitor came into clean, saw me, and walked out. Those stalls were so short that I could see over the partition as I sat, and anyone in the room could see me from the torso up.

At a bus station during a layover, I had diarrhea and asked a cleaning lady permission to use the Mens' room while she was cleaning and she agreed, and I took a noisy, sloppy crap as she cleaned. I was even asked to lift my feet while seated so she could mop underneath the stall door while I was using it.

I've also been intruded upon by a cleaning lady at a gas station as I was seated in a stall pooping, or standing at a urinal peeing, multiple times and places for both.

A few times at an office I used to work at, I'd been intruded upon by a female janitor while either standing at a urinal or sitting in a stall with my pants at my ankles. Greatly more times, a female janitor would knock on the door, and once I announced my presence, she would wait outside the Mens' room door for me to finish. The restroom design did nothing to cancel out any noises, which coupled with the length of time spent, gave away what I was doing.

At that same office, there was also a vent shared with the adjacent Womens' room, and all the noises would travel. Most of my female coworkers have heard me poop through that vent after seeing me enter the Mens' room and thus knew it was me generating the noise. I've heard them as well. It was no secret as there were casual conversations in the office about the noises traveling.

For that same job, when out of town, I've used a single-occupant restroom in an office trailer where my coworkers of the opposite sex could hear all of my noises for either function. I heard theirs as well.

I have multiple memories I can recount of having to ask for toilet paper while seated in a single-occupant restroom, only for the person to hand me some as I cracked the door open to be a female. This has happened at a convenience store, a dollar store, and on the back of a bus.

A bit over three years ago, I was pooping into an open toilet in a park restroom during an emergency and got walked in on by a lady looking for toilet paper, and handed her some from where I was sitting. I was farting as she walked in and it loudly dropped into the bowl by the time I realized the intruder was female and by the time she realized someone was in there. There was no coverage, and I could see the tennis courts outside the Mens' room from where I sat.

Just last year, a female cleaner and her male coworker walked in on me while I was sitting on a Mens' room commode in a doorless stall at a park. She handed me a roll of toilet paper because she discovered it was empty while she was cleaning earlier and knew I'd need it once she saw me. She promptly left to give me some privacy.

So using the toilet with the opposite sex present is not a new or unfamiliar experience to me. If I came across a unisex restroom, I'd use a urinal or a stall depending upon what function I needed to perform without any qualms about it, even if there were females in the room. It wouldn't bother me in the least. I can't say my younger self would have felt the same way, but I'd been embarrassed enough times by such awkward circumstances that they simply don't bother me anymore. I'm certain I could poop in front of a significant other if the opportunity ever presented itself, so a unisex bathroom with stalls that had doors on them wouldn't bother me in the least. Been there, done that, and worse. Once you've been seen and heard pooping on an open toilet in front of a stranger of the opposite sex, it's rather difficult to find a more awkward circumstance.


Meditation on Toilet

These days I sit for a wee, except if I am in a hurry.
I use the toilet as a place of meditation or mindfulness, whatever you want to call it.
If having a pee I sit and just relax and imagine the lower part of my body dropping like a rag doll. It is usually only for a couple of minutes and the outflow from my bladder is pleasant to say the least.
Sometimes I go for a wee and do a bit more. When sitting the toilet seat often spreads my butt cheeks and on more than a few occasions I have had a BM even though I have not initially intended to or felt the need.
For a BM the same thing...just concentrating on relaxing and sometimes the poo makes its way out without effort...I may sit for a few minutes before anything starts to happen.
I would recommend this as a good practice and "kills two birds with the one stone"...a shit and a relax!
On a recent subject the two previous days I had been constipated, and when constipated I get skid marks...but disposable worries.
Fortunately this morning I had my meditation in the public toilet and produced a good result.
You have to love your bodily functions!

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