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Emma two

Pooing in a bucket

My last poo was five days ago and the laxative I took before I went to work this morning was working really well when I got home. Sarah knew I'd been constipated for a while and she told me I'd better not block the toilet. I was worried I might block it so I got a bucket from the shed and squatted over it.. I pushed gently until I felt my poo coming out and then relaxed allowing nature and gravity to do the work. It felt so good after not going for nearly a week and I filled the bucket to about a quarter of the way up although some of it was my wee. I still had to go some more so I pushed the rest out and what a relie. I felt three pounds lighter after that and I wiped my bottom and dropped the paper in the bucket and carefully tipped half of the contents into the toilet and flushed it. It all went down and I tipped the rest in the toilet and flushed it again and it all cleared nicely. I then rinsed the bucket in hot water and left it in the bathroom for the next time I have a big poo.


toddler pooping

To answer that question about the penis getting hard during poop, is more of accident, that just happens. It grows and goes small a lot more than just that. It has nothing to do with sex at that age. They also do that when inside you before birth. It just a nature thing that part of the body does independent from the rest of the body. The toddler does not have control of it. So do not be concern about it. It might have because he just peed or going to pee, the brain may have sent signal to the penis for blood flow. The my guess. You just caught it from when he poops and you are wiping him.

Marie: unfortunately, I haven't done much naughty pottying lately, but would you be interested in just sharing in sensual detail one of your biggest, naughtiest pees and poos? It would do a lot to encourage me! I have been working on my snow pissing.

Mina Hisae Maho Kazuko

Hisae cries and Mina cries

Hallo everybody, Happy New Year, it is not so new now... we hope everybody have good year with no worry about corona.

Anna, your word about mixed signal is interesting, we agree very much. Sometimes we have experience. Especially Kazuko does, when she finish her motion she is sad because she wants to do more, but we tell her, "stay on loo!" and she stays, then after some minutes her bottom opens again and she pours huge burururururururururu into loo with big onara noise and gives big smile from ear to ear. (For newcomer to this site, "onara" is Japanese word for break wind, and burururururu is noise of puree motion when it hits to loo water.) But she never forces, she only waits. Wait is a pleasure for her when she is with her crush who caress her and say a sweet words to her.

Last Wednesday, and Sunday before that, Hisae did huge crying on loo. We are not worry because it is happy crying and now she bouncing around flat like pogo stick, which is her style always.

We tell Wednesday only. This week Hisae and Mina were sleeping in beige flat so weekday motion was beige flat. Sunday we were all together beige flat and Hisae cried while she did her motion, and she was on loo very long time, just like other three. But Wednesday it was Hisae and Mina only. Hisae first of course. Mina kneel next her. She was quick as usual, plop many times in about 2 minutes. Mina put hand on her knee, because she always hurry too much, she should relax. Then she start to cry. Mina sees tears and hears sobs. Like Sunday! Mina say to her, "Are you OK?" and she said, "I'm OK! I am happy crying. I'm so happy. Minappé you are so lovely! Hisae is happiest woman in world!" Mina squeeze Chae's hand hard. It is good for her to stay on loo and cry, it is not time of starting work yet, she has lots of time even Mina also wants to empty her bottom.

After a few minutes of cry, Mina hear plops, looked in loo and turds dropping in loo one by one, not so big ones, but a lot. Same with Sunday but Sunday's were softer. Many many turds, coming out form Hisae's beautiful bottom rather slow speed, she seems she is not pushing strongly. Hisae still crying. Mina allow her to cry, and caress her lower back.

Finally Hisae said "finish" so Mina push washlet button, then Mina dry Hisae's beautiful bottom with careful moving. Hisae said to Mina, "Sorry to cry and cry. But I am so happy. You want to do I think." Mina said, "I want to do." So Mina sat on loo and Hisae at her side.

Plop, plop, plop. And then....

And then....

Mina is crying! So Mina understand Hisae's feeling well. Mina is happy too. Hisae start to massage. Mina feels that, and starts to do more turds, and more, and more, and more, and more.... So good feeling! "Chae, Mina is... and Maholin...plop... and Kazu in world..." plop, plop. Hisae's fingers work and work. Then Mina wash her bottom and Hisae dry with tender touch. And Mina puts on panties and jeans, and wash hands, and Mina and Hisae go out of loo and hug and hug, but because of sky rocket of omicron cases, we don't kiss now, even we wants desperate to kiss with tongue inside mouth. Too dangerous now.

We say this again when Mina write about Sunday, but when we do motions together, our feelings warmer and warmer. Our love stronger. Mina and Hisae do telework together in green flat every work day, so after motion finish, we go to green flat where Maho is busy on loo and Kazu kneeling next her. Maho finish soon because loo was already full when we arrive, but she did little bit more. Then she wash her beautiful bottom and Kazu dry, then they go to beige flat where are their computers. Mina and Hisae switch on computers and prepare for work. Work, work and work. So we don't think love any more. But because of loo time, there is this little warm thing surround us even we are working. Mina and Hisae agree about that and Kazu and Maho also agree. Work is work, but little sweet aura always there. Thank you to loo!!! Loo is so lovely!!!

We send our warm love to everybody. We hope you can feel it is warm love! Have wonderful time on loo and everywhere.

Online hugs and online kisses from Kazuko, Maho, Hisae and Mina


Re: Laxative Activities

I wanted to respond to Kamdyn's post regarding laxative activities. Her post is actually posing the age old question: Where will you be when your laxative starts to work? For most people, the question itself is a joke. I remember my college roomates seing an ad in a magazine which asked the question. They thought it was hilariouus. However, it is not so funny when you have no choice but to use them.

I have been posting on this board for a while so many of you know that I have a lot of problems with chronic constipation. I usually can't go without some kind of strong laxative like Dulcolax or some kind of suppository. I don't take laxatives every day. Just when I get uncomfortable - like every 4 to 7 days. I have learned the hard way that it is best to stay home most of the following day if I take it at bedtime.

No laxative is really predictable for me in terms of timing or how aggressive it is going to be when it starts working. When I first started using Dulcolax, it would work shortly after I would awake the next morning. That is no longer the case. It is usually mid-morning to mid-day before something happens. I take 3 tablets to make sure it works but that is a lot. When it hits, I usually only have maybe a minute to find a toilet. That can be really hard to do unless you are at home. I usually ask to work at home on mornings after I have taken a laxative.

Sometimes, I can't stay home and just have to chance it. I go the gym in the mornings and have had laxatives kick in there many times. Only once has it been really dicey. One morning all the stalls were taken and another guy was in line ahead of me. I have also had them kick in many times at the office. That is usually not a problem unless I am in a meeting or on a call. I have also had one kick in at Starbuck's and at the mall. Also, walking across campus in college and at baseball practice as a teenager. A few times were embarrasing. Most worked out OK. I guess the moral of the story is to stay at home, at least until after the first 2 or 3 rounds of poop.


Does Size Matter?

A few friends of mine recently were having a debate amongst ourselves. Does how big someone is physically (height and weight) affect how big they poop? I said yes, but my other friends all said no.

I said yes because in high school on the softball team, one of the girls named Sabina was quite large. She was 6' tall and, quite thickly built too. She said she weighed 215 lbs, and I believe it. She would take some massive dumps, which I knew because they were far too large to flush away. I'd occasionally walk into the locker room toilets to use them only to find one of her giant turds clogging up the industrial strength toilets. One time at an away game, Sabina took a shit so big that it caused the toilet to overflow after a teammate foolishly tried to flush it. Another time, a close friend of mine's family hosted the end of the year party at their home. Sabina clogged their toilet and my friend admitted to me that they ended up calling a plumber the next day because they couldn't get it unclogged with just a plunger. If anyone's curious, I'd be happy to share more on her.

Would love to hear others thoughts on this!


dreaming about pooping in weird bathrooms

Has anyone ever had a dream about going into a weird public bathroom? because i have many times, and i am wondering if anyone else has.
Anyway in these dreams i am going into one with a big urge to poop, and the thing that is weird about them is there is several different odd shaped toilets with no walls or doors and there will be males and females using them, and nobody is embarrassed pooping in front of each other and i am always walking around it looking for the toilet that i want to use were these toilets are in many different shapes and heights, and when i finally find the one i want its usually next to a female or a female comes and starts talking to me while i poop and i am never embarrassed, not sure why or what causes dreams like this because in reality i am very poop shy in public bathrooms, but i will still use them to poop if i have to go and will usually wait until i am alone to start pushing and will always take a stall with no one next to it,
So has anyone else ever had a dream like this?



Anna From Austria:

I found your sitting on the toilet, clothing-up situation interesting. A few years back I was counseling a friend who had a traumatic situation with his girlfriend. We were outside the bathroom at school with a pretty intense conversation going when he got off the bench, ran inside to a toilet, ripped down his jeans, and started taking a large shit. I took the stall next to his and sat on the toilet with my clothing up while we continued to talk. An assistant principal walked through, peeked in and saw my clothing up and told me to move on. Strange, but true, I opened the door and hurried out, but he called me back to wash my hands at the sink.


I'm glad you liked my story about Lisa. We were study partners, then became friends, and then got into a more intense dating relationship. The special soap I referred to is a box of extra-duty pre-treatment liquid for extra dirty clothing. My swimsuit was that because the waves of the waters spread the skidmark to be larger and more noticeable. Yes, the toilet paper was almost useless for wiping and when I got done my butt stuck to the toilet seat. Lisa said that has also happened to her sometimes when she is swimming.


A Eventful Poo

So had a interesting poo the other day. Was walking along the seafront when got hit with the sudden urge to poo. Luckily some toilets near by. Walked in and noticed there was no stalls just 8 toilets in the open but! but beggers can't be chosers so picked the first toilet and start blasting away.
While I was sitting a homeless man came in, said hi and took a seat a few stalls down, Now he wasn't only pooping but also rolling himself a joint.
A few minutes into this poo, 2 police officers came in and went straight to the homeless man and started questioning him. One of men came to me and started questioning me about the homeless man, unfortunately while talking I started cramping and blasted the loudest poo I have had. The police officer just laughed. Another man walked in with a face that looked in pain and I think if the police officers hadn't been there he would have ran to the toilet but he paused. One of the officers said your welcome to use the toilet. He took the toilet next to me and went bright red as diarrhea fell out of him.
Awkwardly I asked the police officer to pass some more toilet paper as I had underestimated how much I would need.
I wiped and left


Squirming when needing to poop

In response to another of Lee Lee's questions, I do not know if I squirm when I try to hold my poop in or need to go really bad. If I do, it's not on purpose. I don't try to be obvious about my bathroom needs, but I do try to go at the nearest opportunity when the need arises.

I probably have squirmed while holding it in waiting for a toilet to be found because oft times the volume is very heavy and exerts a lot of pressure, sending sharp pains up my nervous system. One time at a bus station, the need struck while waiting in line to pay for a ticket, But I did not want to give up my place in line and possibly miss the next bus and have to wait another 8 hours. It was an absolute emergency and I was in a lot of pain, but I did my best to keep my composure. As I stood in line, I had to stand perfectly straight and not let my insides change their position, lest it squeeze the contents of my colon into my underwear. After I got the ticket, the bus was scheduled to leave in 20 mines, and I walked to the Mens' room very carefully with a perfectly straight posture so as not to cause a breach. Every footstep sent sharp pains up my insides and I had to walk in a manner not typical for me, just to lessen the pain, so I'm sure others noticed if they were looking at me.

When I got to the Mens' room, I barely made it to the toilet and took the very first stall, latched the door, dropped my pants, and proceeded to take a big, messy, loud dump with not a second to spare. The turtle head was almost at my underwear by the time I shut the stall door. There was a creepy old man in the room hanging out by the sinks and saw me enter the stall and get to it. I spent the next 10 minutes pushing out a large, single log about 3 inches wide and long enough to go from the deep inner portion of the hole all the way to the rim of the toilet bowl. There was lots of violent farting mixed with the loud crackling as the log slowly slid out, and it hurt a bit. I had to lift myself off the seat and shift back a bit to keep the solid log from smearing itself all over my privates. The wiping was horrendous and took another 5 minutes or so. I clogged the commode, and the old man was still there when I exited, after hearing the whole ordeal go down while seeing my pants on the floor and my legs in view. As I was washing my hands, the toilet water was flooding the floor and a large portion of what I deposited spilled over onto the floor. The old man looked at me, gave me a death stare of disapproval, and walked out with me.

I casually told one of the staff that the Mens' room needed attention, without describing the carnage. I didn't want to embarass myself any further.

As I was waiting for the bus, the janitor, what appeared to be a teenaged boy, came into the Mens' room. He had the door propped open and a yellow warning sign outside warning of the wet floor. I did not envy him or his job.

My insides still hurt for hours after passing that. But it was far from the largest dump I'd ever taken, and probably not even half the size of it.


Anxiety accidents

i'm new here.
i'm a girl, 18 years old, 163cm with short hair and average build, but look very young for my age.
i always have been interested in pooing… but recently i've started having some accidents.
I have anxiety problems and sometimes they make me poo my pants a little bit. It's not usually anything drastic, just a shart here and there and sometimes a bit of runny poo. I think i will start wearing a pad in my pants where my bum hole is as protection. I've started getting paranoid and clenching my anus whenever i feel like i need a fart. It's very annoying. I don't mind pooing my pants but it's other peoples reaction i worry about.
Does anyone else get accidents because of anxiety? how do you cope?


Response to Tricky's Question


While I do not know one bowel movement as my biggest ever, I do have memories of what I will call "super-massive bowel movements." My normal BMs are larger than average due to a high fiber diet filled with vegetarian recipes (even though I am not a vegetarian). I eat lots of beans, greens, nuts, high fiber cereal, apples and yogurt. I go twice daily, after breakfast in the morning and after dinner in the evening. I live a very routinized life and love it that way. It's when I'm out of the routine that these massive BMs happen. I love them, but I'm a little OCD about being regular, so I do not try to mess up my routine on purpose.

Also, I'm 6'1 and weigh around 200 lbs. Not only am I bigger than the average woman, I am bigger than the average man and have been since middle school. I'm also pretty athletic and workout and run religiously.

So, when I travel, I may miss 1-2 regular bowel movements. And the result is usually a loggie doodie that can be close to two feet in length and over two inches in width. It's usually very firm at the front and smoother at the end. The urge to go is incredible and the relief is orgasmic. The smell is usually stronger.

I hope this is helpful!

Love to all!


Saturday, January 22, 2022



When I arrive at my destination I washed the bedpan I had used on my journey and removed from boot BRAN Q Festival Toilet,which is a bucket
with toilet seat, and put four inches of water in bottom, then placed in in galley area ready for use.The sun screens were put on windscreen and
door windows,suction toilet roll holder attached to side door , half roll
of Cushelle toilet paper installed.
Raised the the elevating roof switched on gas , filled kettle,made tea
prepared my fishing tackle for late evening session.the alarm clocks were
set so i left on time . Returning early hours of morning , had a wee in
the festival toilet climbed into sleeping bag twice I slid out of sleeping bag for a wee .
When I woke @ 11 am I had a wee then made tea followed by weetabix with
hot milk @ 12 am I needed a number too sat on toilet and began to poop a few minuites later when done reached over pulled four sheets of paper and wiped pulled another three wiped put down toilet lid washed and got
dressed I had a snooze later in the day, when I went to beach late evening with my fishing tackle I took the toilet bucket and emptied in sea kept the bucket half full so as not to be blown by wind.
I returned back to camper four hours later with tackle and bucket with
four inches of water in bottom attached the seat ready for use. I used
the Festival toilet many times until I purchased a portta pottie.the festival toilet IS always in the boot and is often used for cleaning the van



Today I travelled to Stockbridge Hampshire to collect an order from a
shop and do some shopping .Lunch was in a cafe on main street. the shops
close @ 4pm on Saturdays.
I drove back on A36 via Salisbury, stopped in a layby two miles before
A303 had some sandwiches an apple and three oranges ,listened to six pm
news and fell asleep for an hour when awoke needed toilet , climbed out
and went to side door opend the galley area was full of luggage .
I did not want to rearrange anything so removed jones relax bedpan
six pieces of shades kitchen towel from rucksack placed pan on step put
two sheets in pan slide down my jogging bottoms and sat down .
twenty seconds later I started to wee followed by a fart I pushed to
start pooping the mushy poo slid into the pan for ninety seconds I
wiped pulled up my pants and jogging bottoms placed pan into bag left
on passsenger footweel ,closed door climbed into drivers seat , wiped
hands with wet wipes had a cup of coffee then drove home



I was travelling to North Devon , drove down M5 and joined A361
decided to stop at a layby on A361 for a wee . I took a wee on the
nearside of the van no else at layby @ that time.When climbing into
drivers seat I needed a Number Too, went back to the nearside
door and climbed in .I took my Jones Relax bed pan and six sheets of
shades kitchen towel from rucksack and placed it on the floor,sat on
the floor slid my jogging bottoms and pants down to my ankles,slid
bed pan under my bum after placing two in pan , wriggled comfy
A car pulled up behind , from the side window I saw a women holding
a small child in sitting position the feet above ground .A motorhome
pulled in front and reversed stopping far to close for comfort . I
farted and had a follow through when I looked up the women was gone
and a man walked over to some blackberry bushes for a wee.I pushed
gently to keep my bowels moving ,the man walked back the women then
walked to the blackberry bushes.The motorhome drove off ,a few
minuites later the women walked back carrying a hand full of paper
tissues. Having sat on bedpan for ten minuites I got off layed on my
left side and wiped with the four sheets I had placed in my jogging
bottoms, pulled up my pants and jogging bottoms slid towards door,
opened door and got out .The pan i took to the overflowing waste bin
found a bag with MC Donalds wrappers and added contents of bed pan. . the pan was placed into a carrier bag and left in boot .
I continued my journey at the destination I took the pan and bag to
' the beach walked into water and washed every thing. On return to van
removed Festival Toilet which is a bucket with toilet seat filled
the bottom four inches with water and used it the rest of my visit
the bedpan now clean and dry was returned to rucksack


Re: Lee Lee, smears and shameless shitting

I can recall many times where I took a dump at a friend's house and left a bunch of nasty skidmarks all over the toilet bowl. I've also clogged toilets at friends' houses.

One story I will tell in detail at a later date that stands out occurred in 2011. I ate a 1 lb bag of almonds during a long 1200 mile drive, and in spite of my efforts, could not poop at any of the stops along the way(for whatever reason, long road trips and bus trips often constipate me). I'm used to crapping 3-4 times a day, and I had missed 3 sessions by the time I was about 1000 miles into the drive and stopped at the house of a friend I knew to visit a few hours before heading to my destination. About 30 minutes after arriving at their house, I ended up taking a massive emergency crap that almost clogged the toilet, and made a total mess of the bowl. In 2008, I also clogged the toilet at his girlfriend's house, another close friend I've known for even longer.

I go through a lot of food and have a fast metabolism, so these sorts of events are a rather common occurrence, especially if more than 12 waking hours pass between dumps. It wasn't until around 2016 after I was forced to use a doorless stall at a bus station in front of a line of 20+ people that I developed a sense of total shamelessness about pooping, in spite of having clogged or left smears in many public toilets, friends' houses' toilets, or having been seen on the throne by other people on multiple occasions while mid-crap or wiping. Before that, I never was comfortable pooping in public or around others, but did it without hesitation and without concern for the noises generated regardless of whether other people were present as long as I had adequate visual privacy(I never hesitated to use a basic US doored stall setup, or even a half stall even in total non emergencies).

Now, I'm totally shameless and will use a toilet regardless of its level of privacy if it is what is available when the need arises. It's rather liberating to be able to use an open park toilet without any care whether other people can see me; it's a lot better than holding it while in pain trying to find a more suitable location. I poop big loads, holding it for more than a few minutes can hurt a lot, and holding it risks causing constipation(which for me, can be agonizing). I still prefer privacy, but I don't worry about the lack of it any longer, considering 100+ people at this point have seen me pooping already, and thousands have seen me enter a stall before pooping or exit a stall after pooping and/or heard my noises while pooping.

Shameless shitting is IMO the best stance to take. Get it out, and move on with the day. It's not without its downsides, considering I've encountered perverts in the restroom which seem to find their way towards me because I look like a kid. But that's not an issue of shame so much as it is an issue of others violating my space. The possibility of such unwanted encounters never goes away, even if any shame or embarrassment involving using the toilet in view of others has long since vanished.

Anna from Austria

Reply to ECG

@ECG That is really interesting question. I have nothing to do with the movie industry so I do have any background info but it is totally possible that sitting on the toilet without the intention of doing a business after all can still send the body mixed signals to relieve itself.

I happend to me once. I was on a hot day in summer at the lake during my late teens many years ago. I was about to leave and noticed that the normal changing rooms were all crowed so I had to go to ladies room to change back from my bikini to my street closes. When I was was done with that I got a Sms from my then bf that I wanted to answer right now. Was a longer text that needed a longer answer. Because it was uncomfortable to write while standing or waking i decided to sit down on he toilet with my clothes on. While was writing my body thought it was time to pee although my bladder could not full at all. I went to pee already shortly before I decided to go home. I still decided to it because I had a long way home. Being desperate while sitting in the bus on my way home was the least thing I needed. So I finished the sms stood up to pull down my pants and thong and sat down on the toilet for real. And it worked indeed. I did short wee for about 5 seconds.It was not much urine as I have expected because I just went before but my body still decided to get rid of it already. It was quite funy. I never happened to me again after that but that was the only time in my life when I was sitting on the toilet without the intent of doing toilet stuff.

Greetings from Austria



Reply to Audrey

I have pooped in both the sink and the shower. The sink was an easier clean up but hurt my legs a little bit. The shower felt naughtier. I don't think I really have an average naughty potty experience but I try not to make a big deal out of because that makes it more fun in my opinion.

What have you been up to recently girl? How has it been?



Reply to Spurlock & another school pooping story

Hi Spurlock, thanks so much for sharing your story about getting a skidmark in your white swim wear, I'm glad I'm not the only one it sometimes happens to. Is Lisa your girlfriend? I got that impression from your post, but I don't think you specifically said. I know that these things are always more embarrassing when they happen in front of significant others than just friends. Lisa seems really cool, it's so nice that she didn't make fun of you and was supportive in helping you clean the skid with special soap. Do you happen to remember the name of that soap, because I might need to buy some for myself haha! But it sounds like your skidmark was pretty big if Lisa saw it through your shorts and noticed that it expanded over time. Was the toilet paper in the bathhouse really bad? That's the problem with the toilet paper at my school.

Well… actually if I'm being super 100% totally honest, I do get skidmarks in my panties even if the toilet paper is really good. Don't get me wrong, if I have premium toilet paper and unlimited time then I usually manage to do a fairly decent job of wiping myself, but even then it's not uncommon for me to have some like… light, kind of wispy little brown stains in the back of my underwears, but those ones only show up in light colored panties. Obviously the worse the toilet paper gets, and the less time I have to poop in peace and wipe at my own pace, the bigger and messier my skid marks tend to be. The new toilet paper at school is really bad, and I have noticed it starting to like, break off and stick to me when I'm wiping.

The other day I had to poop at lunch and found myself in the girls restroom with Kirsten, my former bully/enemy and now I guess my kind of frenemy / neutral person after I helped comfort her once when she was sad. She smiled at me as she took the stall next to mine, the only other one that was working that day. Since we were alone and I guess since she knows I had already heard her on the toilet once it wasn't quite so awkward when it became clear that we both had to poop. For once, my schooldays poop wasn't a constipated struggle but came out in three easy, soft pieces with just some light pushing. I didn't even have to grunt on this occasion, though I always seem to make some kind of involuntary noise of relief when it comes out. But it's less embarrassing than a grunt, and more of an ohhhh sound I think. Anyway, I had gotten most of it out and was waiting to see if anything else comes. Incidentally, does anyone else hate that, when you poop and wipe and leave the restroom and then feel like there was a little bit left? That's the worst. I extra hate it if I know I am going to have PE or sports or any kind of physical activity later, because having that little remaining "bullet in the chamber" (a phrase my friend Jess taught me, haha) means I am primed to get hit with extra heavy, dirty skid marks later. It can happen when I fart, as I guess the gas pushes some of the remaining poop out with it, but with me it more often happens when I am exerting myself physically, like playing a hard tennis rally or running or soccer. That kind of hard physical activity sometimes seems to like, shake the remnants out of me, and then I have to keep playing feeling like sticky remnants between my booty cheeks, and have to be extra careful when I'm changing clothes later. ANYWAY sorry for that tangent haha. So I was waiting to go when I hear Kirsten do a really wet sounding bubbly fart and then go "ohhhhh…." and let out some soft plops. She kept moaning under her breath and her breathing made it sound like she was in pain. I also heard a sound like she was trying to wipe her panties with toilet paper (it's a sound you hear quite a lot in girls restrooms for one reason or another). Anyway, we came out at the same time and she looked pretty miserable, so I asked if she was okay. Kirsten said she had a bad belly cramps and thought she ate something bad earlier. Then she asked if I had a spare pad, and I said sure, and gave her a couple, saying "the last thing you need right now is your period as well". But to my surprise, Kirsten confided that she did not have her period but that she needed a pad to shield her from a little mishap she had in her panties. She said had already been twice that day, and the second time it was really urgent and a bit of it got in her underwear before she could get to the toilet, and now she felt really gross. She said she cleaned up as best she could but that it still felt gross when she had to pull up her panties, so she wanted a pad to like, shield her from the stain. I thought that was a really neat idea, I had never tried that before. I think I shared about my one failed experiment trying to use a pad to catch my skid marks before they got on my underwear, but it didn't go so well because I positioned it wrong, like I put it where I normally put my pad in my underwear but I guess it needed to go further back. Anyway, it seemed like a really good idea for those days when I do get bad skid marks or maybe have a mini accident that rather than suffering and feeling gross, I can just put a pad on top of the stain and feel fresher until I can get home and change. Of course, wearing a pad sucks and is not ideal, but it's better than having that sticky, shameful feeling of a dirty bootyhole and wedged panties that feel stained and gross. I think I will try that next time I get a bad stain, and I will report back on how it goes! Anyway, Kirsten went back in the stall, I guess to put on the pad, and I left the restroom. I guess it was cool that I was able to help her out, and that she was willing to be vulnerable in front of me. I would always be happy to help out any other girl in that situation.


Laxative Activities

Over winter break from college because my lifestyle has been different, I'm eating differently, getting more sleep, and making some good dollars in doing babysitting, among other things, my body clock has been thrown off somewhat. I find I'm taking a laxative at least twice a week, because otherwise my craps don't come for several days and when they do, they are hard and painful to deliver.

I take my laxative tablets at bedtime, but they don't work first thing in the morning as advertised. Jake, my boyfriend, refers to it as 'delivery time' and that's often about noon for the main round, plus one or two much smaller craps an hour or two later. A couple of days ago, Jake and I had three children, ages 4, 6 and 9, at a park which had great hills for snowboarding and sledding. We got there about 10 a.m. and Amber, the oldest, was bursting to wee. So we parked and I took Amber over to the park pavilion where we had used the bathrooms before. Not the cleanest, but at least they are open in January.

There was a line for each of the four toilets. Each had a half-high door like I used at my first job as a waitress separating the dining room from the kitchen. No privacy latches added to the challenge. Being behind Amber, I guarded her door as she quickly pulled down her snow pants and took the seat. She made a little splash over the front as she took her seat, something that pointed out her urgency to wee. I asked her to wipe it off as she got up to flush. She felt a bit embarrassed, but I told her I had done a lot worse many times. Frankly, when I was her age, my judgment was not as good.

We were back to the sledding for no more than 10 minutes when my laxative kicked in. I told Jake to watch the kids as I hurried, slipping and sliding in the snow to get on the toilet. One toilet was available and I got on it at lightning speed. I let off a tank of gas followed by an explosion of crap that could be heard through the room. It was over fast, but it took me three times my normal time to wipe myself. Finally, I just said F*** it! I was willing to take some skidmarks in my underwear in order to get back to Jake and the kids. Twice in the next hour I had to make a return visit to vacate a much smaller amount. Jake was concerned, as were the kids, that I had gotten sick. But laxatives have always been unpredictable in going through my body.

Later we had a fast food lunch and I had to run in for a faster-than-normal pee. Again, Jake and the kids were curious as to what was wrong with me. When I came back out, Jake and the kids were asking me more personal questions. Amber said her mom keeps her home from 4th grade on mornings while she's waiting for her laxative to act. Jake said he's never used a laxative.

Are regular, routine activities commonly done while you're waiting for a laxative to act?


Response to Jessica R.

I'm the mother of two boys myself. You don't have to worry too much. Something like that is just because blood flow to that area of the body increases if he's struggling to go. Fiber is just what he needs.


Hi To All

Hello everybody. To begin, I had a coffee flavored beer a couple of days ago that soon gave me the urge to poop. It was one of my soft poos, and felt great. To Kaycha: I never had a UTI that burned, but I once had a bladder infection that started with back pain, than began to make my right side hurt. Luckily, I never had accidents with the infection, nor was told I had blood in my pee. Nothing really exciting happened poop wise yesterday, but I did a big fart in my room that made me thankful my window was open. It didn't stink really bad, but I still doubly appreciated the fresh air. I even bought a rubber dog toy at Big Lots. I don't know what the bathrooms are like there, but I certainly love squeakers as well as crinkles. The clearer the sound, the better! In fact, my current squeaky toy beats my best squeaky farts, lol! I love paper type noises so much that I enjoy unwrapping a new TP roll at dayhab before putting it on the back of the toilet. To Sherryl: I love your group pooping experience. Sounds like you all had fun. I hope everyone is doing well. Bye.

Lee Lee

To Tricky:

Tricky I just loved your posts they are very great. Have you ever took a big dump at someone's house and left poop streaks in the toilet with a odor in the bathroom? I find that to be signs of a shameless pooper. When you have to poop really bad around company do you make it obvious by squirming? Thank you.



I was travelling to North Devon , drove down M5 and joined A361
decided to stop at a layby on A361 for a wee . I took a wee on the
nearside of the van no else at layby @ that time.When climbing into
drivers seat I needed a Number Too, went back to the nearside
door and climbed in .I took my Jones Relax bed pan and six sheets of
shades kitchen towel from rucksack and placed it on the floor,sat on
the floor slid my jogging bottoms and pants down to my ankles,slid
bed pan under my bum after placing two in pan , wriggled comfy
A car pulled up behind , from the side window I saw a women holding
a small child in sitting position the feet above ground .A motorhome
pulled in front and reversed stopping far to close for comfort . I
farted and had a follow through when I looked up the women was gone
and a man walked over to some blackberry bushes for a wee.I pushed
gently to keep my bowels moving ,the man walked back the women then
walked to the blackberry bushes.The motorhome drove off ,a few
minuites later the women walked back carrying a hand full of paper
tissues. Having sat on bedpan for ten minuites I got off layed on my
left side and wiped with the four sheets I had placed in my jogging
bottoms, pulled up my pants and jogging bottoms slid towards door,
opened door and got out .The pan i took to the overflowing waste bin
found a bag with MC Donalds wrappers and added contents of bed pan. . the pan was placed into a carrier bag and left in boot .
I continued my journey at the destination I took the pan and bag to
' the beach walked into water and washed every thing. On return to van
removed Festival Toilet which is a bucket with toilet seat filled
the bottom four inches with water and used it the rest of my visit
the bedpan now clean and dry was returned to rucksack

Reply to ECG on shooting toilet scenes

PN: On the Showtime series "Weeds," Celia Hodes was trying to get her chubby daughter, Isabelle, to lose weight. After finding Isabelle's snack stash under the bed, Celia "punishes" her by replacing the chocolate candy with chocolated laxatives. The inevitable explosion hits the girl in the middle of art class - but instead of a watery gurgle, you hear a long, dry fart, not what you'd expect from an Ex-lax overdose.


Pooping Logs

Today, I had a bit of an unusual day as far as pooping goes. I thought I would try to log my pooping habits over the next few days. I will try to keep track of where I pooped, how much poop and what type of poop I produced, and how long I spent on the toilet. I will start by typing my log for today.

Waking up, I only felt the urge to pee, and did not feel the urge to poop within a half hour to hour of waking up, which is rather unusual for me. Typically, either right before breakfast or right after breakfast I'll take my morning poop for 10 minutes or so.

My first urge to poop came right after I ate lunch, around noon. I ate at this restaurant that I frequent and had buffalo wings. After I paid the waitress, I made my way to the men's room. I have pooped a fair amount here in the past, and it's generally been a good experience. There were two stalls and two urinals, but the bathroom was vacant besides me. I took the far stall, and noticed someone was a bit sloppy with their pee. The rim had a fair amount of urine on the one side. Luckily, the seat was up, so I dropped the commercial style seat and was pleasantly surprised to find it was spotless. I pulled my jeans and underwear down to a bit below my knees, sat my bare buttcheeks on the seat, scooted back a bit, aimed my penis in the bowl and started peeing (the cutout in the front of commercial style toilet seats makes this much nicer to accomplish). Once I finished peeing, I settled into a more comfortable position on the toilet for my poop. I sat for a minute and realized that my poop was not really ready to come out yet. I leaned forward and tried pushing a bit while I sat for 3 or 4 minutes trying to get my poop to come out. I decided that I'd have to try again later, so I flushed my pee, washed my hands, and left. I spent maybe 5 minutes or so attempting to poop.

After lunch, I ran some errands, and at around 3 in the afternoon, I felt a sudden and strong urge to poop. My next stop was this store that was right down the road, so I planned on pooping there. As I pulled in, I noticed that a lot more people were at this store than usual, so I was hoping that their singular sit down toilet in the men's room was not already occupied. I made my way to the men's room, and as I opened the door to go in, I bumped into the janitor leaving right after he finished up cleaning. I was greeted by a super clean restroom that was surprisingly vacant. I made my way past the urinals and into the single stall. I had no hesitation plopping my bare cheeks onto the newly cleaned seat. I sat on the toilet similarly to how I did at the restaurant. My poop came out pretty quickly and effortlessly, making several rapid plops into the water below me, giving me much needed relief. I heard someone come in and then immediately leave, so I don't know if they needed to poop but saw my feet under the stall or what. I enjoyed the very roomy stall as I pushed out another piece. Soon after, I scooted way forward on the seat, and wiped while I remained seated (I find sitting down while wiping makes me feel cleaner). It took a fair amount of wiping to feel clean since my poop was somewhat loose and the paper was thin. When I felt clean, I pulled up my clothing, flushed, put my jacket back on, and exited the stall. I had probably been seated for about 3 minutes, much faster than my average time spent pooping, which is probably more like 10 minutes.

In the evening, I went to a relative's house for dinner and to use her hot tub. I had a very large portion of soup for dinner. When I finished dinner, at around 7, I felt like I needed to sit on the toilet. I was going to go into the hot tub, so I went to the bathroom to change into my swimsuit. After I got all of my clothes off, I really felt like I needed to poop. Since there was a toilet right there (a very familiar one at that), I decided to make use of it. The toilet lid was up, and the seat was down, ready to receive my buttcheeks. I sat down completely naked on the round bowl toilet, which always feels pretty small compared to the extended bowl toilets like I have at home and like you'd use in most public places. My relative doesn't like the larger toilets because she's not very tall, so she kept the traditional round bowl toilets. I scooted as far back on the smaller seat as I possibly could, spread my legs, and aimed my penis into the bowl and started peeing. Once I finished, I scooted forward more to where my butt fell into the hole of the seat. I leaned forward and pushed a little bit, and without too much effort, a fair amount of ropy poop came out of me quickly. I sat for a few more minutes while I pushed out some more thin logs. After sitting for probably 7 or 8 minutes, I felt empty and started wiping. I enjoyed this paper much more than what I encountered in the public toilets. When I finished, I flushed and noticed that the toilet barely took it down, so it was a fairly large dump for me. I put on my swimsuit and went into the hot tub without the urge to poop returning until the next day.

I hope everybody enjoyed this post. It's a bit different than my typical post, so I thought I would see what kind of feedback I get from keeping a pooping log (no pun intended). It was an unusual day because I did not poop at home at all. Generally I poop at home in the morning, sometimes once before dinner, and once after dinner. Let me know if you think I should do more similar posts!



This morning I woke got out of bed had wee on portta pottie had two mugs of tea got dressed had a wee . I left house to go to Tesco for some milk the distance is a Twenty minuite walk , half a mile.
I went into store got the milk , as I was walking the return journey I
needed a toilet so I went into the wooded area put the milk on the ground
pulled down my jogging bottoms and pants and went into a poop squatt
position resting my back against the railway railings.
At that point switched of my head torch and began to wee as it reduced to a dribble pushed to poop a stream of mushy poo came out a second push
increased the flow I gave a sigh of relief and satisfaction as I was now
having a good shit .A fart signalled the end wiped pulled up my pants and jogging bottoms while moving forward so as not to step in any thing
switched on my head torch . A pile of poo Ten inches diameter Two inches
High picked up my milk I left the scene .
I did manage to get a bit of wee on my jogging bottoms , usually I
take my jogging bottoms and pants off .today every thing is wet so nothing to be gained
The rest of the journey took Ten Minuites arriving home got into camper
sat on portta pottie had a wee then went into house and had weetabix
which no doubt will be part of tommorrows bowel moments

Anatomy Student

To Jessica R

Some boys, men, and even women can get physically excited by pooping and sometimes peeing too. There is a nerve called the vagus nerve that runs from the brain all the way down the digestive tract to the anus. Part of this nerve's job is to work with the parasympathetic nervous system to handle the subconscious movements of the digestive process, and signal when the bowels are due to be emptied via stretch receptors. In some people's brains, the pleasure center is tied into the vagus nerve, so when those signals from the stretch receptors or the anus reach the brain, they stimulate the pleasure center. For some people this can cause arousal, for others a sense of euphoria, and I've even heard of people experiencing chills and their arm hair standing up. If it isn't a physical wiring cause, it could be the psychological response via whatever reward system you used to reinforce the good behavior for using the potty. There is also a chance the (I assume larger or more hard) stools are just stimulating the sensitive tissues in and around the penis near the anus. I don't know if this is normal, but I do know I was one of the lucky ones to experience pleasure from a nice dump, and when I was his age I would become aroused. Mind you I didn't know or understand why my body was doing what it was doing at the time, and when I was older I felt ashamed. After years of dealing with feeling like I was different, I began to talk about my experience with close friends. Eventually I met other people with similar experiences and it helped me not feel alone. I don't think there is any reason to worry, just make sure he isn't intentionally holding his poop to have a larger poop later, and don't make him feel like what he experiences is unnatural or wrong. My parents did that to me and now I have anxiety and struggled with self esteem and even intimacy issues when I was a teenager and they might be related. I dunno though, I'm not a doctor.

Hope this helps :)



The latest campervans have toilet at rear offside and kitchen rear nearside with a privacy curtain so you can have a Number Too and use the
cooker at same time no tiny cubicle to contend with !!
I have used pottie over Two Hundred times for a Number Too always use
Elsan Blue toilet paper never any problem with blockages.Always fill bottom tank with two litres of soapy water rinse tank one pint soapy water.Three sheets folded in half wipe another three sheets folded in half
wipe then two sheets folded is all I use. During the day wee a few times
during the night wee a few times empty alternate days before it gets to heavy .My choice of potties was made as they are custom fit for the lockers. If potties are left in galley area when travelling they tend to slide about


Largest bowel movement

I'm curious to see the members here describe the circumstances involving the largest bowel movement they've ever taken. Describe what you ate that caused it, the length of time since the prior movement, the place you took it, the wiping, any unique circumstances, ect.

I will describe mine in a future story. It occurred in a restroom on the back of a moving bus and was quite an ordeal. I normally go 3-4 times a day, but was backed up for more than 48 hours when I birthed that monstrosity.

Thursday, January 20, 2022


Re: Winnie, using half stalls

It is interesting that there are also womens' rooms with half-height stalls. You mentioned you used them at a drive-in. That must have been an old restroom facility. Are there other locations where you have come across such facilities?

I've come across such setups a few times in my life. They're not as common as doorless stalls(which thankfully are uncommon), and nowhere near as awkward to use, even though people can still identify you and tell what you are doing because they can see your face while you poop. In terms of privacy, I liken using them to poop to them to peeing in a partitioned urinal, which is a major improvement over using a doorless stall or open commode. Unlike doorless stalls or open commodes, half stalls at least keep my butt and privates out of view. I have zero reservations about using them even with other people in the room, since I find they provide at least basic privacy. Before I developed a sense of shamelessness about defecation, I used to hold it in if I had less privacy than even that such as when faced with doorless stalls. But back then I found even using the standard doored stalls where people could see my feet mildly awkward, though I'd use them without hesitation whenever needed. And I always used urinals to pee, even though I found that awkward too. Half stalls were not much different than that.

My first time encountering such a half-stall restroom setup was during a visit to another high school when I was a Freshman. On page 2870, I posted "A high school poop story", where multiple classrooms worth of boys and some teachers got to see me from the torso up as I blasted out diarrhea in a stall that didn't even go up to my shoulders as I sat on the toilet.

I've also come across and used these setups in a mall's department store, a highway rest stop, a truck stop, a number of small-town restaurants, and a city park. Usually, there were other people in the restroom who saw me from the torso up as I emptied my bowels. In one case at a rest stop, I was accompanied by a co-worker as he used a nearby urinal and then washed his hands in the sink with me visible in the mirror as I sat, and we discussed our work for the duration as I sat there pinching a loaf.



Well embrassing situations always happen to me for some reason it is so odd. A couple nights ago me and wife went for dinner we had Mexican food in town, we love it. My wife wanting to run a couple errands in town after dinner it is what we usually do. I am a bigger guy and I love to eat so I filled up. We get done I could feel my stomach was needing a little relief but I was ok so we went to a couple stores before heading home. We got to our 3rd stop the dollar tree as we walk in I felt my stomach rumbling I'm told my wife I was going to go blow up their bathroom she replied with a laugh and told me to f in ND her in a few minutes. I walk to the back of the store there were a few people in it I get to the bathroom and a sign saying remolding out of order and a pad lock was on it and I was like no my bowels needed relief now a woman working there came out of the stock room saw me at the bathroom door said sorry embrassed I told her my wife is shopping and I have a emergency . She replied well ok there is no door knob we are doing reventions I will unlock it and gaurd it to make sure no one walks in on you I reply thanks she said everybody has to pee bad at some point I kind of grinned I aucatlly need to sit on a toilet like now she said oh unlocked the door I rush in wipe off the seat and sit down she was right no knob just a hole any ody could look through and see
Me on the can. I could she her shadow pretty close to the door I tried to be quiet but once it started moving it was a loud wet explosion that I know she heard I sighed with relief and was on the toilet a few minutes when I felt done I walk out she was right there I thanked her she replied I bet that sounded like a emergency I say it was I couldn't hold it she snickered and I left . Told my wife the story she laughed and said we need to go home I have to poop too. We get home she blows up our bathroom bug time she just has the ability to hold it longer than me.


Christmas Party Group Poop

Hey everyone. So sorry for being away for a while. Looks like you all have been busy with peeing and pooping.

Anyway, here's my story. So this happened on Christmas morning. Me, and friends Ashley, Ashlynn, Amber, Tara and Jenise were all having a little too much to drink on Christmas Eve and when we all woke up finally on Christmas morning, all of us had to poop. Well, since we all needed to go, and badly, it was agreed that we would all go outside, pop a squat, and poop together as a group. So we all put our jackets on and went out to the edge of my property, got in to a circle facing each other, pulled our pants and underwear down, squatted down and all of us started to pee out the alcohol we had all consumed the night before. I pissed for the longest at about a minute and a half. All of us started to then push and we all pooped pretty big piles and thankfully Amber remembered to grab the baby wipes, so when we all got done, we passed around baby wipes to each other, wiped, and then went back in and had waffles for a Christmas morning breakfast and then we all exchanged gifts.

Anyway, hope you all had a good Christmas and New Years.


So I had a doctor's appt today where I was expected to drink alot of water beforehand and present with a full bladder. I was struggling to hold it but tiny dribbles kept escaping. Finally the tech came and got me. The crotch of my pullup was wet bit I still had a bursting bladder. I was squirming bad, couldn't even sit still
"Please hurry I'm about to go in my pants." During the exam, the tech was checking me down there. I was dribbling bad by now and I could feel a wet spot on the paper I was laying on. My stomach ached. More trickles escaped and ran down my bottom. Suddenly the tech said in surprise. Are you pee ing." I was nearly in tears. I need to go bad. More dribbles came out then the dam broke and I froze. Helplessly I pee-peed on the table. I wet the table and it ran off and pooled on the floor. It felt like I would pee forever. What a mess. I couldn't stop until I was done going. The tech was shook and took some blood after we got cleaned up as she had never had a patient wet themself on the table. Last time I had this procedure done, I managed to hold it just a bit longer until I was getting dressed as fast as I could. Unfortunately I wet my pants then too. Turns out I have a pretty severe UTI. No wonder I've had so much more trouble going potty in time. I'm burning down there and I haven't made it to the bathroom dry in days. I wet my diaper yesterday and it burned so bad I literally cried. I usually sleep through the night but last night I woke up in the middle of wetting my pullup and boy did it hurt. When I went to get changed there was blood in my pullup where I'd pee. I'm getting ANTIBIOTICS tomorrow. Hope that helps.


vocabulary question

We look at words at top of first page, there are many words which connect with loo and loo activity, but Mina doesn't understand one word. What is "amp"? It is very big letters now, but Mina checked dictionary, and she found only connection with electric current. Does it have another mean? If it does, somebody please tell me what that mean is.

Thanks and Love,

Mina and crushes

It looks like it was counting the ampersand characters in posts as words.

Jay, Stephen, Sherryl and Marie, those questions were form me btw



This morning the alarm went off @ 6 pm I slid out of bed switched it
off had a wee in portta pottie laid on bed waiting for the other alarm
clock to ring , fell asleep did not hear the second alarm .
Eleven o clock I awoke needing an immediate Number Too, slid down my
pants reached for Vollrath Bed Pan, slid under myself ,immediately I
started to wee as I was wriggling to get comfortable I farted and had
a follow through. When comfortable pushed to poop and continued to
have a very good shit , remained seated a few minuites before lying
on left side to wipe using Shades kitchen Towel .Pushing pan to myright
side pulling up my pants .I slide off of bed grabbed the bed pan now
weighing four pounds made way to toilet flushed dropped the foursheets
of paper one at a time .flushed again emptying the rest of the pan ,
flushed a third time and brushed the bowl with toilet brush
The Bed Pan I carried down to the garden and washed in the water butt
and rinsed returned it to bedroom




Just as I was trying to get more confidence with girls, me and Lisa were at the beach. She had made a white swim suit my present for helping her through a college-prep science class. So I was pretty much expected to wear it early that summer when we visited the beach. Dumb, awkward me I took a crap right after I changed in the bathhouse. She was looking for something in her bag when when I was the first to hit the water. She noticed the skidmark when I first ran for the water. When I came back to take her in with me, she took a second look and found it had expanded. When I changed back to my street clothing, Lisa used a special soap that her mom buys to get rid of the skidmark. It was 100% successful.


To me, my answer to the butt-wiping question is framed by the reality of my K-12 public school years. No doors on the toilets. Wiping from the seat is a much better alternative than to use my left hand to hold my genitals when standing up and then cleaning myself with the right. Standing is just putting on more of a show for those waiting for their turn at the seat.


Winnie the Pooh

The weekend pooping stories lol :

Saturday woke up with butt that was ready to be bare so I waddle to the guest bathroom cause I know certain movements would trigger more sensations, so I get there, lock the door take down my panties to my ankles and raise my one foot at a time so I'm completely without them on and goes over the toilet and let the seat down and placed my butt down and hiked up skirt and I relaxed my muscles and I began to fart and let pee go back door peep hole open up and crackling and dropping my stinks and and sinking them really enjoying it, have you been so happy to poop away from home and you feel great and you don't want the moment to end, well this was the case. So I heard knocked at the door I didn't know if it was MayJ or Dean at the door I said can't open I'm pooping my butt on the toilet, Dean said with laughing and said that it's not one toilet I won't sit on , I said that not true I never been to airport or on airplane and never been in dirty portal potty, with many stories I had heard about them and not even a bus, and let me get back to my great pooping time, he said that he was coming in , I said fine so he unlocks the door and I dropped my skirt my hands and let it hover the toilet he peaks in said don't be to long his buddy will be up soon and I don't want him to know what you did. I stick my tongue out and said let him know that I poop and pee with gladness. So I grabbed the tp and he close the door and I wiped up like 6 times and flushed and wash my hands and picked up my panties and left out. Then I head off to the guest room and drop my panties in the Landry area and I strip naked and grab a towel his my left us and I get to one of the bathroom with a shower. End of that story
Later on that day I had to more poops both of them at home one I was talking to my sister while she was visiting with us. and the last one was before bed .
I will go into details later but right now back to school I go just wanted to share real quick after delivering things to the office. And write this as I walk back to class ok I'm close by class, bye bye for now


Grade School Urination

For years I've enjoyed the stories about defecation, urination and that wicked combination of both that most of us dealt with in our grade school years. I don't know why exactly, but going to the bathroom with others around was scary. It might have been because I was an only child. It might have been because I was shy. I was awkward plus-some. Physically, I was the smallest boy in my class and probably the smallest in the school. It takes a toll on you when you stand out. With sight problems, I got glasses in the first grade. Mom thought the wire glasses looked good on me so I was made fun of and called Professor and some worse ones too. Try standing all the way against a urinal when classmates would come in from the back and snap their fingers and thumbs against the back of my ears. OK, I made some serious social mistakes like using both of my hands to direct my urine. And when I tried to avoid that by switching to the toilets, the problems followed me with one mistake after another. The toilet seat would be down and while I unzipped my jeans in front of the toilet to get my unit ready, I would use one hand to flick the seat up. I tried to be too fast and it would fall right down. Then, because there were no doors on most of the toilets, I was messed with for making a mess. So often I would go back to class after our a.m. or p.m. bathroom break half-drained, or less. Being late was not an option with most of my teachers. That would just draw more attention to my insecurities and perhaps punishment.

The sinks were bad when we tried to wash our hands. Guys would drop paper into the drain bowl of the sink. A few older boys would loosen the top of the faucet and I would fumble around as the water sprayed all over. The fixtures were very much antiquated. I think there was only one janitor in the building during the day to fix things and he had to alternate between the girls and boys bathrooms on each end of the three floor school. When there were problems with teachers using equipment in their classroom the janitor had to handle that too. If one of us threw up in the classroom or missed the toilet bowl in the bathroom the whole class had to be relocated while it was cleaned up. In my 1st and 2nd grade years I think I had two or three accidents urinating in my jeans. Each time I was cut in on in line or shoved out of the way by another student. My mom brought an extra pair of jeans to the school for the secretary in the office to give me after such an accident. That just caused more hassles and attention from the bullies. My first year I tried hard to deflect attention from me and I might have been successful for a day or two because of a fight or some acting up from one or two of my classmates. But then I would urinate and quickly leave the urinals as the bullying would begin only to have a classmate or two point at me and snicker because I had forgotten to zip up.

It seemed that most of my primary grade teachers were women and they spent more time hurrying the girls up. I know they hated coming into the guy's bathrooms and handling problems. I don't remember more than one or two not transferring out of our school the next year for a better job or a newer school. The assumption that the guys didn't need more strict discipline or supervision during the mandated bathroom breaks was sure wrong. My parents didn't like the mandated bathroom break idea, but the teachers had it easier that way because there would be less requests for the wooden bathroom pass that we could take off the wall and and with us into the toilet. It also seemed like once a day a student would get the teacher's permission to leave, take the pass, and forget to bring it back to the room. That would cause more attention to the student standing in pain and waiting to go.

The best setup was in kindergarten. Each classroom had a toilet and sink in the back by the coatroom. It was much easier to manage and the girls and guys seemed to enjoy the convenience. It made it so easy too for our teacher when she had to relieve herself.

Unlike some of the other posts on this site, our school didn't have a full-time nurse. We shared a lady among three or four other grade schools so she wasn't in the building and available all day, every day. There was a side room in the principal's office where we could change our clothing if we had an accident. There might have been an army cot or roll-away bed, but I don't remember it.

David P


David P here for a quick update and some replies.

Bianca - interesting fact about the fake rectum. I never knew that!

ECG - Your thoughts about the film and tv toilet scenes are intriguing. As much as I'd like to think certain actresses I have crushes on were actually doing a poo in the scenes it is just sounds added in post production. We can keep dreaming it is real though! I've worked on sets actually what I before this new office job, if it were true that toilet scenes were done only when actors needing to poo or wee then it would be majorly running behind!

Abbie - I enjoyed your last story! thank you for your reply and covid wishes, my poos over the new year were still really hard and hurt my bum but now I am in this new job I'm tending to go every day at a set time and being more regular, sometimes i've had ones that were big and hard that hurt and made me bleed but mostly much better than before. I hope it continues. I wanted to ask if you ever went to the doctor like I suggested or if things just got better on there own? Also any new constipation stories when in public/work? - I look forward to your new stories as always!

Now a quick update as not much to say just wanted to fill you in and send replies back to some posters. I've been in my new job since the new year and it's going well. Over the christmas and new year period I got really constipated and on new year's eve I pushed out a really hard and fat log that stung my hole. I've been having issues with bleeding after a poo and it usually hurts for the whole day. Since being in the job and getting back into a routine, i've started to go for a poo on a regular every day schedule at a set time as I am retraining my bowels to avoid constipation. Mostly the poos have been about 4 or 5 inches a day, they are hard with cracks on and I have to push hard to get them out but going every day is better than every 3 or 4 days like before. Some days I do have long soft logs maybe once or twice a week but mostly hard ones that make me bleed and hurt my bumhole!!! I hope my new routine of going every day continues and I manage to keep going at a set time so I avoid the need to go for a poo while at work, the toilets at work are dirty and everyday when I go to pee there are massive skid marks in the toilet, although they are cleaned off later in the day they always seem to appear again the next day. I hate public poos normally and dirty loos just make the idea worse.

Anna from Austria
@Midwesterner That is good to know that these doorless toilets might bre rare. The standard set up of the toilets in the states is ok. I used that set up a lot already during my first US Trip and I got used to it. At first I had to get used to it because it was downgrade compared to the privacy of most of the toilets here in Austria but at the end of my first trip I was totally fine using them so that won't be a problem during my second stay.

@all have another desperation story for you. I had a few desperate moments in my life already but I never bave been so close to really poop in my pants ever.

I had dinner at a friend's space. We had ???? chili con carne and a drink. We had a glass of Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey. I am not drinking that much any more and when I did in the past I was more the Vodka person. Was the first time I had whiskey in my life. I am not sure if the fact that my body was not used to Whiskey had something to do with the event will follow up but I mentioned the details just in case.

After the nice evening ended I walked home. And during the walk my stomache startet to rumble and i start feelin the urge to find a bathroom. So started walking faster. The preasure started to get stronger and stronger. Nothing unsual so far. But normaly my butt manages it to keep the poop sealed but that time the turd already started to come out. But I did not noticed it before coming home. I made it home end. Ran to my bathroom without taking the shoes of and closin the bathroom door. Luckily I am living alone at the moment. As soon as I was seated my first turd slided out of behind without any effort than after a series of farts that sounded like explosion I did some mushy poops for about 1 to 2 minutes. The chili and/or the Whiskey really messed my system up. When I was about the put my panties back one I really saw how close it was. There was a big skidmark at the back of my panties. I wore white panties at that day so the skidmark was very visible.

That's my story for today.

Greetings from Austria


Jessica R.

Toddler boy poos

Hello. I have a question that I'm wondering if any male (or mom) on this app can help me with. I have a son who is 4 1/2 years old. He has been potty trained both pee and poo poo for over a year now with no problems. Very recently though, something has been happening that I've never seen happen to him. My son has usually always had pretty easy poos. He usually tells me he needs to "poo poo" and I sit him on the potty and crack the bathroom door until he's ready to be wiped. Just last month though, I peeked through the cracked door to make sure he was okay. I noticed that his little pee pee (can I say penis on here?) was fully erect. When I went to wipe him, he commented on his penis and began to play with it. To be honest, I didn't think much of it and I wiped him and carried on. But nearly every time he poops since, he not gets a full erection. He has also been complaining that his "poo poo hurts" here and there. His pediatrician recommended fiber, which has helped some. But could his poo be causing toddler erections? I have no experience with little boys besides him. It doesn't seem to be bothering him, but I am not sure why this is happening.

Thanks for the help!


Reply to ECG on shooting toilet scenes for film and TV

In most examples I can think of, the sound effects have been very obviously dubbed in without much attempt at realism. Sometimes I think this is for comic effect (like the "Battle-shits" diarrhea scene in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle) but sometimes I think it might be that many viewers would feel uncomfortable with more explicit depictions and the makers actually want to clearly establish that the scene is fake. One exception I can think of is a scene in Mad Men where a drunk Duck Philips is just about to take a dump on the office couch, and you can hear a fairly subtle but quite realistic pre-poop fart. I imagine that was probably dubbed as well, though.


not so clear

Mina is stupid woman. She read her post which is message from Beige Loo, and two things not clear. Sorry to everyone. Mina ask crushes to spank her, but they refuse, and Kazu parted Mina's hair and kissed her back of neck three kisses...

I explain not clear parts.

After "Mina once said", Mina wrote "she stands up", it look like "Mina stands up" but if fact, not necessarily Mina. It can be Kazuko or Hisae or Maho.

And, "loo in her flat before her ("her" is VR Loo) is mean, loo which was broken so V and R put new loo in her place. Loo who exploded everywhere is VR Loo Senior, and young loo who is there now is VR Loo Junior.

Mina is very chagrined. Come to Japan and spank. (But Mina likes kiss better than spank...)

Love to everyone.

Mina and lovely crushes



I have seen many reviews of portta potties , many times it is only used
for a wee during the night .no explanation as to why !!
obviously the demonstrator haves a number too somewhere else this does
does not promote sales and just conveys the message buy something else
if you need it for a number too .
I have purchased several potties ,every one I have pooped and wee in
whilst I have a number too .often the places I have stopped do not have
toilets or the toilets are poor and dirty.
When I have had two large mugs of tea after waking I often have to poop
I use the same pottie I have used during the night and wipe with the
recommended toilet paper .I have a number too every day sometimes twice
I empty alternate days .Many times on an evening when comfortable and
watching television or DVD I have slid out of the sleeping bag and on
to the pottie .


Re: sStephen, pooping in a campervan

I've also pooped in a sort of campervan, well, actually, a small RV.

It belonged to the mother of this college-aged lady I was dating. Sometime in the late morning around noon I was driving her there to see her two kids. As we were pulling into the trailer park, I felt the need to take a big dump. She stayed the night at my place and I skipped my morning poop because I was out of toilet paper and held it in. I didn't need to go again after that until now, and it was wanting to come out with a vengeance.

I asked her if I could use the restroom and she invited me into the RV. I went to the back, shut the door, dropped my pants to my ankles, and took a seat. It was a tiny, cramped room, with no lock on the door, and a mirror stretching vertically across the door right in front of me. I was maybe 120 lbs at the time, but even then, there was barely enough room for me to sit without my left leg bunching up against the sink. My knees were at the mirror on the door, a door which opened outward from where I sat. I ripped a quiet fart, but it echoed about the room and the sound traveled. It was then that I heard her mother talk. "Is he taking a crap?" My girlfriend replied "Probably." Her mother responded back "Don't forget to tell him about the trashcan."

I was pushing out a log of crap to my heart's content when my girlfriend knocked on the door. "Whatever you do, don't flush any paper down the toilet. You'll stop the toilet. Put it in the trashcan."

I let her know I heard the message, awkwardly replying "Where's the trashcan?" She said "Underneath the sink, in the cabinet."

I was embarrassed. I hadn't developed a sense of shamelessness at that point, and while this was far from the first time I pooped within 10 feet of this girl, it was the first time it was ever acknowledged that I was doing such. I heard her walk back to the couch. I ripped a loud fart followed by a *plapt* and then heard her and her mom laugh. My girlfriend then responded "He eats like a horse." Her mother responded "Most young men do." Every turd I pushed out seemed to be accompanied by pockets of gas, audibly echoing about the room.

All of a sudden I heard rapid footsteps enter the RV and rush to the door. Her mom yelled "Hey! Someone's in there!" just as the door was opened, exposing me to line of sight of my girlfriend and her mother on the nearby couch. One of my girlfriend's children, a boy of about 6, looked at me with wide-eyed terror, as I could see my girlfriend and her mom look at me in an awkward manner. "Sorry!" The door quickly shut. Perhaps one second in total had passed with the door open. I was extremely embarrassed, but this was not the first time something like this happened, and they were far from the first people to see me sitting on a toilet.

I regained my resolve to finish the task at hand. About a minute later, I was pushing the last of my excrement out. *brrrr-t* *ploot* As I started rolling the toilet paper, I heard the kid yell "Hurry up, I need to pee!" I could feel the RV shake as he was pacing back and forth.

As I was rolling the toilet paper, I heard his grandmother remark "You can wait a few more seconds. He's finishing up."

When I exited the bathroom, my girlfriend's mom looked at me and asked "Feeling better?" I didn't know what to respond with and said nothing as the kid rushed in, shut the door, and unzipped his fly. I was quite embarrassed. My girlfriend was smiling and blushing, stifling laughter. I heard the kid take a loud pee, and every noise was audible and impossible to ignore the way the sound traveled. About an hour later, her other boy went in there to poop, and everything, including the rolling of the toilet paper, and the dropping of the paper into the plastic bag lining the trashcan, could be heard even over conversation. There was zero acoustic privacy in that RV toilet, and I'm sure they heard every gory detail of my toilet visit.

About two weeks later, my girlfriend told me both her and her mom thought I looked cute while sitting on the toilet. I was embarrassed again, if only briefly. Later that night after telling me that, she took a poop in the bathroom in my apartment, without nearly as obnoxious acoustics as the RV. I did hear a fart and splash. She was also in there for a good 10 minutes. When I went in to pee a few minutes after, there were streaks all over the toilet bowl and it reeked of rotten eggs. When I went back into the room, she was sitting on my bed, smiling at me. No matter how cute they are, girls do indeed poop.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022



Hi folks. I once discovered that surgeons can make people an artificial rectum by attaching your small intestines to your anal canal to form what's called a J pouch. It seemed neat, but one of the side effects sounded like it was awful for the person experiencing it. She would get painful spasms, and even leak stool. Anxiety medication helped her which was great. This lady used to have an illiostomy, but she didn't like how she looked with it. The artificial rectum isn't an option for everybody, but when thinking of this site, I pictured myself having wild stories to tell if I had a J pouch. The person in the video said the poop coming out is just like when she had her bag attached. She compared her J pouch poop to a bad Taco Bell night. There was also a part mentioned about being able to hold it, but the gas would make her eventually need to go. Doctors can do so much with the human body nowadays, and a fake rectum seemed like one of the most neat finds ever. Bye, hope all of you love this.


First post

Hey all, this is my first time posting, so forgive me if it's sub par. A bit about me first: I'm American, about 5'4, 22, long dark hair and light brown skin. I like science, sci-fi, and theology (non-denominational Christian, pastor's daughter).

Yesterday (it is currently ), I felt pretty full and not from eating too much. I pressed a hand to my soft belly and it was a bit hard, I waited a bit until the pressure built up a bit more before heading to the bathroom. I shut the door and dropped my sweats and underwear to my ankles and sat on the toilet. Peed, then tingling sensation at my butthole came, so I pushed a bit. A thick, dry log started to ease it's way out... a bit painful, but it felt good after two days of not pooping. I exhaled and pushed it out in a few minutes, farting a few times after. My guts were definitely empty now. My butt was a bit sore too, and the room smelled like a mix of booty and poop. I wiped, and pulled up my sweats. I looked at what had come out of me. It was dark brown, not smooth, probably a foot or so long, and maybe two inches thick. I flushed, washed my hands and went outside.

God bless ya'll

Jay: can you tell the bucket story?
Stephen: more about the bedpans, perhaps?
Sherryl: how's it going? Did you do a holiday group poop again? Fun idea: read "Juliet from France"'s story about pooping on a chair and do that! Tie or tape yourself or a (consenting) friend to a hard chair when desperate (perhaps with laxative or enema) and enjoy!
Marie: have you ever pood in the sink or shower and how did it go? Can you describe in detail an average naughty potty experience?


Winnie the Pooh

Continue on from Friday,

So after eating a lot and drinking a lot MayJ excuse ourselves to go to the ladies bathroom, 3 of 5 stalls were full can tell it was was pooping time couple people in front of us, so MayJ acted she was desperately needed a toilet badly so I noticed that the inside part of the place was not a lot of people, so said that she hoped I was right and when we got there I was right but we walked in the bathroom the stalls were halfway up that it was hardly any privacy and it was other teen girls from the rival school were sitting on the toilets and can tell it was a pooping night, so I took the end stall and MayJ took the middle stall, So I latch my door and I see May J from the mirror pulling down her jeans to her ankles and sitting on the toilet and smiling at me and I hiked up my skirt and sit down on the toilet and smiling back at her and I lowered my tights to my knees and the next few moments all you hear was farting and splashing and grunting and moaning . After 10 minutes I was empty out so I waited for MayJ at the sinks cause she was not done yet. So after 5 more minutes, she was done and we got back to the car with the guys and, They wonder if we were okay I told him yeah just long lines , and we got back to his place and slipped off my tights and went barefoot cause don't want to ruin them. We played cards and twister for little bit I didn't play the full game cause my panties were going to be on display and I didn't want MayJ date to see them by accident. Though nothing was revealed . So while the guys were away MayJ and I were talking about things and decided to play what is true and what is false , so when we when the guys came back we played that and we ate some more food and around midnight I had to pee and everyone is not wanting to go home his parents let us stay in the guest bedroom and her date in Dean room with him . So we are sleeping in the upstairs and they downstairs and right now I'm about go back to sleep. So in little while I know that I'm going back to bathroom to poop . So till then sleep well

There's never been a time when I didn't seriously struggle with pee-pee problems. I still vaguely remember the second time my mom tried to potty train me. I was well past four and she was also potty training two of my female cousins who were both 2 1/2. Within a short amount of time, both were doing great going potty when they needed to with just an occasional mishap. Me on the other hand was a completely different story. I knew what to do just not how to do BEFORE doing it in my pants. I finally succeeded in no longer crapping my pants when I was 3 but I still remember running to the potty only to end up in a puddle. I couldn't go to kindergarten because I still wore a diaper. High school was the worst. I didn't wet quite as often anymore as I had in elementary school but wetting your pants in high school period is social suicide. I felt so helpless every time I got to the toilet with wet pants. One day in tenth grade, I needed to go potty during social studies. I automatically tried to hold it because I was frequently mocked by others when I raised my hand for the toilet. You're not gonna make it, Kaycha. Do you need your pants changed like a baby? I hated it and I quickly grew to hate my classmates. I dribbled a bit in my panties and knew I'd better go quick before my stomach started to hurt. That was one of my signals that announced id better hurry before the squeezing in my lower belly hit. I left the class, ignoring the teasing. As I walked down the hall, my bladder spasmed and I pee-peed just a little. Then the urge got bad and My bladder started giving up. My crotch got really warm and wet. Trickles began to drool down my leg to my socks. By the time. I got to the bathroom the dam burst and I was full on wetting my pants. Inside the stall tears ran down my face as urine ran down my pants like a child. I had lost again. Today I didn't quite go potty in time but I felt thankful that I now wear a pullup when I'm in public and I don't have to worry that someone sees if I have an accident. I'm no longer that sad, helpless-feeling teenager wishing she could consistently master such an elementary skill. Now I just do my best but when I do have an oops moment, it soaks my diaper not my pants ans I get to feel safe and secure instead of sad, ashamed and embarrassed. I'm grateful.


Shooting Toilet Scenes for Film and TV

I was wondering recently about the filming of toilet scenes for films and tv shows. In most cases, I'd imagine the actor sits on the toilet for the scene not actually using it, and the required sound effects are added in post production.

It occured to me, have there ever been occasions when filming such scenes where the actor has accidentally started going to the toilet for real while filming? I think it's probably happened at some point, since the actors would be sitting on the toilet with their trousers down, as if they were using it, but that's not the intended purpose here. Your body's probably going to send mixed messages in that situation. Perhaps if an actor knows a toilet scene is coming up, they go to the toilet before the shoot to reduce the chance of them going while filming?

It's probably rare that actors would be required to use the toilet for real on camera, since it's unlikely many would agree to it, and that's likely not the sort of thing many production crews or viewers would demand authenticity from. There's also logistical issues to consider, like only being able to film one take every few hours, being unable to schedule a specific time to shoot because you're dependent on the actor's body clock, and being unable to control the volume of the actor's peeing or bowel movement so that it isn't too loud or too quiet. I think of strange things sometimes!


Winnie the Pooh

Happy weekend is upon us:

Today I woke up up a hour early then normally, I got out of bed headed to the bathroom and disrobed and sat on the toilet, yawning along the way, I began to pee good stream. Wipe and flushed and turned on the shower while waiting I sat back on the toilet farted some and my poop to being to poke out and pop pop two med sizes dry ones came out. I got up and flushed and wiped and washed my hands got in the shower nice and steamy after I got dressed for school. Jeans panties bra polo bra and socks and heeled mini boots, I don't own a pair of athletic shoes except for gym. Though I like them especially the Jordan brand but it's hard for me to get my size . That's all right now going out now with MayJ and Dean . Drive in double date


Post Title (optional) LeeLee

I have a number too every day always mushy occaisionaly stools 35 mm
diameter I use porta potties often as I feel my bowel movements are
quicker due to the lower seating position and enjoy a better shit .
I never strain just a gentle push to start
I keep two potties in van ADVENTURIDGE AND BACK TO NATURE as these
are a custom fit into lockers


Swimming & Crapping & Skidmarks

For me the problem with skidmarks in my swimsuit started when I was 11 and had to take a quarter of swimming for my PE credits. Mom had bought me a new swimsuit for my birthday, a couple of days before the swimming started. It was yellow. One of my favorite colors. My swim class was 2nd hour. That was about 9 most days. On many days my craps would come during 1st hour. My class was art and I know our teacher had to slip out for five minutes or so a couple of times a week and a bunch of my friends agreed it was probably because she had to crap. We later found that to be true. She would use the student bathroom down the hall from our classroom. She wore colorful sweats and really expensive soft shoes. Easy to spot under the half-door on each toilet booth. But that's probably another story. My craps tended to be sometimes larger and often soft and messy. It was kind of depressing trying to clean myself with these really cheap toilet paper squares. Whether I wiped while still seated or stood I probably needed 20 to 30 wipes some days. But I didn't want to lose my privileges so I wiped pretty fast.

In PE, our teacher who was also the swim coach, was mean. The class was large and we would sometimes bump into one another trying to get to one of the bottom lockers when others getting into one of the top lockers would have a conversation or do something distracting. When too many of us were late for the swimming pool whistle or had taken our swimsuit home for laundry and forgotten it, we were made in come in after school for laps in the gym or the Saturday School Team--detentions. So on several days I was no more than 30 minutes or so after my crap when I hurriedly put my suit on and lined up with my squad on the side of the pool. One day, I think the first week, I did an ass flop on the wet surface. Some students cheered. The teacher yelled at me for being late and causing a distraction.

We did a variety of swimming exercises in the water each day. Often a beach ball was thrown out for water basketball. Some of the girls were really aggressive in stealing the ball because I think that is how we got the maximum points for class. More than once I got a fist in my butt as we scrambled for the ball and controlling it. Each time I knew there was probably another skidmark. Many times I found I was right, but when the whistle blew we had like five minutes to get to the locker room, quickly shower, dress and get off to 3rd hour. That was a hard-stop for attendance and everyone had to be in the room, on time and listening to announcements. I never worried about reporting with my hair wet. But a skidmark in my yellow swimsuit and sometimes in my white undies became all too common. We were only allowed to take our swimsuits home on weekends for laundry.

About two weeks into the quarter mom found a skidmark in my swimsuit as she was sorting clothing for washing. Then the next day she got an email from the school saying I had earned my first Saturday School Team detention. She listened to me but she also said I had to be more efficient in the use of my time. That was taking the school's side. I was not surprised. She suggested I get up an hour earlier in the morning for school, saying that would enable me to have my crap just before leaving home. She also asked some questions about me peeing at school and some of the other stains in my underwear. I explained how rushed I was and sometimes how I had to jump off the toilet fast and make a run to my next class. She didn't like that and said it could cause urinary track infections. Also, she didn't like it that I sat butt-down on the toilet seat, saying I should at least wipe it down before seating myself. But I tried to explain to her that a TP square was no bigger than the palm of my hand. And that would take additional time away from my wee.

Later she bought me a dark black swimsuit; something a couple of my friends found would hide the skidmarks. But it was sad that a couple of the rude, aggressive girls would continue to find something or someone to talk about. When we were dressing I was asked about a couple of pimples on my butt and a larger mole on the side of my thigh. The next quarter I had music rather than PE, something I really enjoyed. But I couldn't get away from the skidmarks. The few times I ducked into the bathroom between 6th and 7th hour for a fast crap resulted in smaller skidmarks in my undies. When mom asked, I tried to explain that when a toilet becomes available, I run in, quickly seat myself, crap, and perhaps get one swipe at a wipe. Even flushing is sometimes a luxury that I was not willing to risk a Saturday School Team referral on. In many of the booths, also, the TP was gone by mid-afternoon.

Now, more than 20 years later, I have a great career with a large financial institution and I regularly use all types of public bathrooms with great confidence. Diver, my boyfriend, is surprised, especially after some of the things I've told him that I've gained and maintained confidence in myself. I do know that others my age (early 30s) still struggle and have hang-ups about what happened to them years ago in school. I feel sorry for them.

Jay's Survey:

1. How often do you pee?
From 4 to 6 times--perhaps one more time if I drink more alcohol or coffee with my friends.

2. How often a day do you poop?
Once usually in the morning.

3. How long does it take you to poop?
Usually 5 minutes or less. I was well trained in public school, but also traumatized. (See above).

4. How often do you get constipated?
Once a month at the most. The laxatives are getting better.

5. How often do you get Diarrhea?
A couple times a year, especially if I drink too much alcohol.

6. Where is the weirdest place you have Peed?
My boyfriend Diver's beer mug after a nearly all-night party for him and his softball team. I was upset with him because he didn't do his share of the set up and pick up work. I was going to stop him just as he tipped it to start drinking, but he ended up running to the bathroom to puke. I've been with him nearly 10 years and I love him!

7. Where is the weirdest place you have Pooped?
My friend Amy and I were like 10 and messing around on a railroad trestle near her house. She talked me into pooping in a Burger King cup. Then we laid it out on a hot train track with the temperature in the 90s. We ran off the track into a patch of trees a watched a long UP train come by. It was totally obliterated. Amy told her kid brother about what we did and he said he was surprised the train didn't derail.
Then she called him the most obscene name I've ever heard. He told their mom. Amy got grounded.

8. Are you shy about pooping in public bathrooms?
Not since I was about 16. Lot of adventures to be had and you're probably never going to see those people again.

9. Have you ever had an accident and peed or pooped your pants?
Yes. In middle school.

10. Do you pee while taking a shower because you're too lazy to get out and go in the toilet?
Yes. And I crap at a convenience store on my drive to work because Diver spends so long on the toilet. We have only one bathroom in our apartment. How he ever made it through public school without being tardy to class and getting detentions I'll never understand. Eight or nine of my friends could use the toilet for the amount of time he puts into one sit.


Replies and Faulty Toilet Story

@Anna from Austria
I wouldn't worry too much about doorless stalls here in the US. At least in my area of the US (the Midwest), I have very rarely encountered a doorless stall. In my state, I can only think of one place I've been that had a doorless stall, and I haven't been to that place in a long time, so that may have changed by now. However, the US is a very large and diverse country, so it could be different in other areas. The vast majority of public stalls I've seen in the country have been the standard 6 foot height. The only disadvantage is that the stalls often have gaps at the door jambs and sometimes at the rear, but this is still much better than no door or privacy at all.

This concept happens between my wife and I already, but we don't post pictures of ourselves on the toilet online. She has sent me pictures of herself on the toilet privately a couple times. I think it would be kind of amusing if more people did that though.

I more than understand about getting busy in life! I'm glad to see you post when time allows. I've enjoyed your posts for years! I laughed about what your son said after your bathroom visit, although I'm sure it was pretty embarrassing for you at the time. I wish your parents well in their search for their next house (in this absolutely crazy real estate market), and look forward to your next post!

Very interesting topic for your post. I can't say I've ever had someone try to flush the toilet while I'm sitting on it to try and get my butt wet. However, I do have a somewhat related story to that. I will share that story in this post. I do have to say that I sort of like flushing while I'm seated too. The flow of air almost feels like air conditioning for my butt! Judging by some of the posts on this forum, flushing while seated must be fairly common in the women's room. It seems like some women flush right as their "you know what" is coming out of their butt. In the men's room, I don't typically run into this.

@Elvia @Victoria and Robyn
In response to your question regarding using the toilet at parties, birthdays, and other events held at someone's house with a lot of people, I share similar opinions to Victoria and Robyn. Victoria, I completely agree with you about if someone makes you awkward about needing and asking to use a toilet, they're probably not a good person to keep in your life! I will admit that sometimes I'm a bit shy about using the bathroom at someone's house at first if I don't know them very well, but I find that I usually get over that shyness. As far as our own house, my wife and I always do our best to make our guests feel comfortable using the bathroom. We're extremely laid back in that area. I put a lot of work into remodeling our bathrooms, and the feedback has been pretty positive! On the farm, we also have a bathroom in our shop where we repair/ maintain equipment. We always try to make sure that bathroom is up to good standards too, and make sure that the people who help us on the farm know they're welcome to it whenever they need it. People that feel appreciated and that they can be human tend to do better work! My wife and I never shame anybody for peeing or pooping.

To continue on with Ada's subject of getting your butt wet on the toilet, I have an odd experience relating to that. I would be curious if anybody else has had this happen to them. Once when I was a middle schooler, I was at my grandparent's house for the weekend, and I needed to poop. At this house, there are a couple bathrooms upstairs, and one bathroom downstairs. Since I was downstairs, I thought I would use the bathroom there. I went in and sat on the toilet. I got comfortable on the seat and started reading one of the magazines that was on a rack behind the toilet (this was before most people had smartphones). I had pushed one piece out when I faintly heard the sound of someone sitting on the toilet in the bathroom upstairs, right above me, and start peeing (must've been one of the female relatives). I didn't think anything of it and pushed out another small piece of poop. I felt like I still had a big piece in me yet, so I kept sitting. Whoever was in the bathroom upstairs flushed, and when they did, the water in the toilet I was sitting on gurgled (splashing me), and rose to the point where it touched my buttcheeks! It was so disgusting! The water with my poop floating in it had touched my butt while I had another poop part way out of me! Of course I darted up from the toilet as soon as the water touched my buttcheeks. I looked in the bowl and saw the water still gurgling, which got the seat a bit wet from the splashes. The water was gradually going back down, but I was honestly the most startled I've ever been while pooping! Luckily, the toilet didn't overflow, although it was close! If you're sitting on a toilet, your buttcheeks usually sink in 2 or 3 inches below the bottom of the seat, so the water did come pretty close to the top of the bowl. I was pretty spooked after that incident, so I didn't really want to sit back down. I tried flushing my poop, and it did go down. I pulled up my pants and went to another bathroom to finish the rest of my poop. But I will say, in all my years of sitting on many different toilets, I have never had an incident like this happen! I've pooped many times in that same toilet since then, as recently as in the past year, and never had that issue again. Have any of you on this forum had a similar incident? Knowing what I do about plumbing, it was most likely caused by a plugged up plumbing vent, causing the pressure to back feed.

Sunday, January 16, 2022


Post Title (optional) POOPING IN A CAMPERVAN

Last Wednesday I was driving through New Forest Hampshire @ 4pm and needed a toilet , drove into a gravelled car park .Retrieved AVENTURIDGE porta potty from locker dropped my jogging bottoms and pants to my ankles
and sat down. A few minuites later started to wee much longer than normal
I pushed to open my bowels relaxed a minuite then pushed and relaxed again I pushed a third time longer and more effort slowly poop was going into potty I sneezed three times causing me to have a good shit peeing and pooping continuously, when done I sat a few minuites before wiping
pulled up my pants and jogging bottoms .
The bowl was filled two inches from seat .the most I have done in one sitting . pulled slide then rinsed bowl and cleared skid marks with brush ,pushed potty into locker wiped hands with wipes then drove off.
Fifty miles later I need toilet pulled into layby retrieved potty from locker dropped jogging bottoms and pants I sit down and wee the usual amount , pulled up pants and jogging bottoms pull slide on potty and rinse place it back in locker then drive home.
When I arrive home I need toilet pull potty from locker drop jogging bottoms and pants sit down and wee the usual amount , pull up jogging bottoms and pants .
The potty I empty flush with bucket of water refill holding tank with
one litre of water and one litre of water in the rinse tank sprinkle
a hand full of washing powder around the bowl , place potty back in locker.

Post Title (optional) LEE LEE

When I was an apprentice electrician I was sent to carry out some installation work at a house in Redland Bristol.Upon arrival I was shown round the entire three story large house by the owner occupier who had spent large sums of money on it .the lady told me use any of the toilets when ever you want no need to ask .
we went back to the kitchen she made tea ,while the kettle was boiling
I used the toilet in the hallway I sat down it was superb comfort I returned to kitchen . while drinking tea the lady asked me if I had
used my bowels this morning I told her yes before I left home .I finished the tea collected tools and materials from van and started work
At twelve o clock I needed a number too so I went to the toilet in hallway I dropped my trousers and underpants to my ankles and sat down
I began to poop I was so comfortable I enjoyed it peeing and pooping
for twenty minuites I wiped with super soft paper pulled up my pants and
trousers then flushed. the lady offered more tea asked me if I had a good number too I said the best for a long time.
At four in the afternoon I was fixing the light in the on suite toilet
top floor suddenly I had to poop I was four feet from the toilet
I got my trousers and pants down just in time as I was begining to poop
before I sat down again I was peeing and pooping twenty minuites.
The next day I arrived at the job early and had to poop as I rang
the door bell I used the toilet in hallway again just getting my trousers and pants down as poo was coming out .The lady told me regular
bowel movements are essential to good health ,she was a retired nurse
and ideally we should all poop every ten hours
The job took a bit longer than anticipated due to toilet breaks
The pictures in the toilets I think had hidden cameras and the
tea contained a laxative !!!


Twin Sister

I once shat my pants at the same time as my twin sister.

It was my fault. I bought and prepared about 70 samosas and proceeded to eat them like popcorn.

It's not the samosas' fault. I don't think you're supposed to eat 70 of anything in one sitting but you know I gotta have my sammies.

We were just sitting having a chat and my sister suddenly looked up and said, "I have to go." She disappeared off to the bathroom and while she's showering randomly in the middle of the day, I think, "Good time for a sneaky fart."

Well, no it bloody wasn't because the fart was sneakier than I thought it was going to be and it immediately became a (number) two-in-one deal. Instantly feeling the warmth of liquid/solid shit sliding into the backside of my panties. As soon as my sister emerged from the bathroom, I ran in and cleaned myself up. What a ridiculous creature.

Once I came out, I sat down next to her and said,

"You're not gonna believe this but while you were in the shower I actually shat my pants. It just blew out of me!"

She turned and said, "Me too! That's why I went to the shower! I thought it was a fart! Now I need new leggings and to not trust farts, especially when not wearing panties!"

We just laughed our afternoon away and cooked up some more Samosas because after all that, I was hungry again.

Awful. I seem to have this happen every couple years. This year, I guess my ???? was upset, it happened twice in a week.

Both were examples of gambling and losing, resulting in a surprising "shart." It could happen to anyone, so I don't get hugely embarrassd under typical circumstances.

The first time this year, I had just eaten bbq ribs with my parents and my boyfriend. The fat content in pork tends to alarm my digestive system. As we were about to part ways (boyfriend going back to work and myself to go run around town with my parents), it happened. It was wearing short shorts and it was a wet one. Thankfully, my underwear absorbed it and my shorts remained dry. I immediately told them I had to go home with my boyfriend and would meet up with them shortly. The entire ride home, I didn't sit down. I crossed one knee under me and used the other leg to firmly press myself up against the back of the seat. I got home, finished going to the bathroom, took a quick shower and got dressed again. I took some ginger and drank some water and went on with my day.

About a week later, I was at work wearing skinny jeans so tight that every curve shows. I work in food service and was in the back of the house when I felt it happen. I wasn't even sure I had pooped in my pants. I excused myself from the floor, giving the heads up it might be a bit before I'm back. This time it wasn't wet, and the tightness of my jeans pushed it between my labia. I was utterly disgusted. I wanted so badly to take a shower, but I still had 3 hours until close. I cleaned up over the toilet as much as I could and started desperately grabbing warm wet paper towels and gently cleaning as best I could. I was so worried I would get a yeast infection. After I got home, I took a shower and drank some good probiotics and carried on. Thankfully I did not get a yeast infection as it was days before my boyfriend's birthday celebration (which of course includes lots of sex!).

It feels horrible to poop your pants. You'll wonder if there's something wrong with you. You'll be panicked someone will notice. But in my experience, barring the times you can see it on your pants, no one will notice. Pooping in your pants, while I don't recommend it, is a very good ego-check.



I am gonna do a self survey and want others to answer the questions as well.

1. How often do you Pee?
Usually 2 to 4 times a day.

2. How often do you poop?
My poop schedule is random, sometimes once a day, sometimes every other day, sometimes a few times a week.

3. How long does it take you to poop?
About 5 to 15 minutes.

4. How often do you get constipated?
I cannot remember the last time I was constipated.

5. How often do you get diarrhea?
Not very often, maybe once a month.

6. Where is the weirdest place you have Peed?
I was at my friends house and we were down in his basement hanging out and I had a pee and he told me just to pee in the sump pump.

7. Where is the weirdest place you have pooped?
I don't know, i have pooped in a lot of weird places other than a toilet, I have pooped in the woods, I have pooped in buckets in my bedroom, containers in my closet, on my bedroom floor, in the middle of a highway in the middle of the night.

8. Are you shy about pooping in public bathrooms?
In my younger years I definitely was, now it's not a problem for me.

9. Have you ever had an accident and Peed or pooped your pants?
Fortunately no, not in a very long time.

10. Do you pee while you're taking a shower because you're too lazy to get out and go in the toilet?
Yes almost every time I shower.


Winnie the Pooh

Just stop by to hope everyone is having good week so far, and I have quick story to share before I go back to class and yes I'm in the school nurse bathroom pooping as I type this,
So five minutes ago I felt the urge to go , during passing period and I checked with the nurse was it okay she said yes, so I go in the bathroom and unbuttoned my jeans and panties to my ankles and lock the door and I look myself in the mirror and seeing my lower half and I begin to fart and I waddle to the toilet and take a seat on the cold seat and sit all the way back so my feet is off the ground now I let some pee go a minute or two and my stomach craps up and my booty open up and wide and this long piece and wide comes out and hitting the water it gets bigger and bigger so I had to pinch it off and I let go two more sticks


Relaxing for a crap

Several posters on recent pages and also back pages have used different terms for it, but basically they say it is important that a person learns to relax when taking a crap away from home.

OK. I understand that. It makes sense. But a quick sit between classes, or during class when the teacher tells you to hurry because he's holding up on the class starting their test, or your study partner getting agitated with a couple of problems or how they are worked, or missing the bus home, or running for the last place on the top of the risers on the stage for yearbook picture day.

Back when I was a sophomore I sat down 3 times one day for a crap, only to give up in frustration because I didn't have time to continue my sit and push something out. Since the janitors frequently lock the bathrooms right after the dismissal bell rings, I keep feeling my need to crap. So I walk across the highway to a gas station where the toilet was so dirty and if I were a young child and my mother was with me, she would not have allowed me to use it. Within two minutes I had started my crap and it was complete and very fulfilling.

Then the next day or the day after, my depressing, sits for a crap would begin. I guess on many days the school toilets are not going to be cooperative. My boyfriend, however, shits most every day at school and has a lot more confidence.

How can this be explained?


Skidmarks in my swimsuit

Hey, it's me Sofie again!

I wanted to check in with a quick story and to ask a question (especially of Abbie and Skidmarked in Seattle and other girls who share my problem)!

So I was at a pool party with some friends the other day, and I was wearing a black bikini under my shorts and tshirt. Well after a couple of hours of hanging out and eating and drinking I needed to go to the restroom, so I excused myself and went to the upstairs guest bathroom where it was quieter and I thought I wouldn't be disturbed. I tried to poop as quick as I could so that the other girls wouldn't know what I was doing, so I pushed hard trying not to grunt or pant too loudly, and I managed to force out about three medium sized turds, which was enough for the moment even though I felt I had more to do later. The poops were fairly soft, and my booty felt a bit sticky. I stood up and started to wipe when suddenly I heard laughter and voices coming up the stairs. I panicked because I figured I would be alone, and I suddenly became concerned that I had made the bathroom stinky and that if another one of the girls came in they would know it was me. So I quickly sprayed some air freshener before they got close enough to hear, and then was just about to start wiping when the girl whose home it was hammered on the door and shouted "Hey Sofie, you in there? We're going to the pool now!" I was flustered and shouted back "okay cool, I'll be right out!". Knowing that at least one other girl was right on the other side of the door made me paranoid, so I admit that I rushed my wiping and just did two deep wipes with two wads of toilet paper before pulling my bikini bottoms and shorts back up. I quickly flushed and washed my hands, composed myself and then walked out, my friend smiled at me as she brushed past and went in herself.

As I made my way down to the pool I was mostly paranoid about whether my friend would be able to smell that I had pooped in the restroom, and it was only when we went to sit on the sun beds that I felt like... stickiness and maybe even little particles or lumps in my booty crack where I had CLEARLY not wiped good enough after taking a soft poop. I was mad with myself for getting flustered and letting the girls make me rush my wiping at a bad moment, but I was comforted by the fact that at least I was wearing my black full cut bikini, and that unlike some of my light colored underwear it was unlikely that any telltale stains or skids would show through and embarrass me. After shifting around uncomfortabky on the sunbed for awhile, very aware of my sticky gross butt, I thought that maybe going in the pool would actually help, and that just moving around in the water might kind of wash any remaining poop or stains from between my cheeks or in my bikini bottoms. In the end I spent about 30 minutes in the pool before getting out and just relaxing poolside again, and I did actually feel cleaner which made me think that maybe my plan had worked (if also a bit grossed out and ashamed to think that I might have polluted my friend's pool a bit!) Eventually my bikini dried out in the sun and I ended up going home wearing it under my clothes, and forgot all about it until I went to take my evening shower. And then I realized that my plan had not worked as well as I thought, because although I no longer felt sticky or dirty, when I pulled my bikini bottoms down to get in the shower there were two long, deep skidmarks in the back, about 3 inches long and half an inch wide. They didn't show through the back because of the material and dark color, but for sure they would have if I had been wearing regular panties. Annoyed with myself, I took them off and threw them in the hamper (I decided they were just on the side of not being bad enough for me to need to presoak them) and got in the shower.

Anyway, my question to other girls (and guys) is this! Do you have any experiences of staining swimwear (bikinis or swimsuits or shorts) rather than regular underwear, and did anyone see or did you get away with it like me?!

I know it has happened to at least one of my friends, because one time at the beach I was getting changed in a changing room with my friend Olivia and when she had her back turned to me she pulled down her blue panties and I couldn't help noticing a pretty bad stain in the back of them. She got changed into a yellow bikini and when we got changed back into our clothes later on I saw that she had also left a skidmark in her bikini. It wasn't as bad as the one in her panties (which she had to put back on) but it was still noticeable. So I guess my theory about being in the water helping to clean your butt and dissolve any poop stains was wrong. Unless anyone has had more success than me?



Reply to Abbie, Jason and Megan!

Hi y'all, it's me Sofie again, I'm so glad I found this community of likeminded people who I can share with. I used to hold so many of my weird phobias and neuroses about bathroom issues in my head without feeling like I could tell anyone, and I'm so glad that everyone on this forum is so kind and welcoming! I definitely feel alot better now I know that other women and girls have some of the same issues I do, especially around underwear staining.

To Jason:
Omg I wanted to thank you so much for replying to me and sharing that story about you and your girlfriend! After spending like 3 months freaking myself out that my boyfriend will be disgusted with me and dump me if he finds out the extent of my dirty panties struggles, it was great to hear from a guy like you who is super sweet and supportive of his girlfriend!!

It made me laugh when you mentioned all the things that your girlfriend did to hide her dirty panties, because I have done some of those same things to avoid my boyfriend seeing! Haha. Although we haven't gone all the way with each other yet, whenever we get intimate I am always paranoid that I might have stains and try to take special measures to avoid him seeing or smelling me. And this is even after he once saw my post-sports panties with a huge skidmark AND a maxi pad in them, which I stupidly left on the bathroom floor after a shower! Like you he was really sweet with me and said that he didn't care at all and that he loves me, but I still sometimes think that he was just being nice and that secretly he was grossed out and thinks that I am disgusting. But now that I read your story about reassuring your girlfriend, it makes me think that maybe he was being sincere after all! Yay!

It's great that you and your girlfriend are comfortable going to the toilet in front of each other! I have done that with some of my girlfriends and my sister when we are both rushing to get ready and need to use the bathroom at the same time. But I haven't yet done it with my boyfriend. He seems really relaxed about bathroom things, he usually does't close the door all the way when he pees or poops at his house, because I think he family is just alot more open about that. When he comes over to my place he closes the door when anyone in my family is home, but if it's just me he usually leaves the door ajar. He doesn't seem to have any shame over his bathroom habits, sometimes he will be in the restroom and I hear him farting or plopping or straining when he is constipated, and then he just comes out and sits next to me totally unembarrassed, which is great. I really wish I could get over some of my hangups and be like that. I'm working on it, but I'm still a bit insecure. I feel like even though nice guys like you and my boyfriend tell girls that we should never feel ashamed of our bodies or bodily functions, there is still this pressure from society to look perfect and be super feminine, and never admit to pooping or maybe getting dirty panties. Like in movies or on TV often a girl character will talk about having to pee and it's presented as being cute, but they would never have her say that she needs to poo, or that she is constipated, or that she needs to change her panties or something like that. It's just like this taboo. And to be honest, alot of the time it is other girls that enforce the taboo. I can't even count the number of times that some bully girl will come into the girls restroom at school and make fun of the girls who are clearly having a poo, farting or making straining sounds as we try to go. Some of the alpha girls at my school (I go to my school on a scholarship but a lot of the kids have really rich parents and act as though they are mini celebrities, which I think is pathetic and phony) will make these exaggerated expressions of disgust when they walk into the restroom and it is smelly or other girls are pooing - as though they don't do the exact same thing!

To Abbie:
Thanks so much for your reply, I'm so glad to find another girl who understands! It sounds like your school bathrooms were just as bad as mine. I guess I am lucky because there are a few quieter bathrooms that I can sometimes use depending on my schedule and whether buildings are locked or open, but most days I have to use the busy bathrooms with high foot traffic where there are always other girls going at the same time. They actually recently downgraded our toilet paper to an even cheaper kind, if you can believe that! The old stuff was rough, 1-ply and did a bad enough job getting me clean. But the new toilet paper is still 1-ply, but really like weak and delicate. Even if you pull off like 10 squares to try to make a decent wipe, the paper still just kind of disintegrates and sometimes my fingers have poked through and gotten my poo on them, which is super gross. And this may be TMI, but I have noticed that since they changed the toilet paper supplier my skidmarks sometimes now have these little flecks of white toilet paper in them, meaning that it is clearly sticking to me when I try to wipe. Ugh, it's so gross.

In answer to your question, I have to poo at school pretty much every day, unless I am really constipated. I play a lot of sports and my appetite is BIG, so I guess because I am eating so much I also have to poo a lot also. Sometimes I have to take another poo when I get home from school or before bed. This happens most often when I have to cut my afternoon school poop short because I ran out of time or just couldn't get it all out in one go. But I don't like to poo in the evening at home if I can help it, because usually I shower in the evening rather than in the morning, and if I go for a poo in the evening after my shower then I am pretty much guaranteed to start the next day with a smelly, slightly sticky booty, which isn't great. But because I am not yet entirely comfortable pooping around my boyfriend, when he comes over in the evening I do sometimes have to hold it until after my shower when he has gone home, and then it's right back to feeling abit dirty and worrying about the state of my panties.

I also have a story about my first year at my current school, I had just transferred to this place after my parents pulled all these strings to get me in. I'm not super shy but I was still intimidated being the new girl, and while I quickly made a few friends (including my friend Jess) I also attracted the attention of some of the bullies. This one girl would make fun of me because I'm here on a scholarship and not a trust fund kid like her, and her posse of friends would also sometimes make fun of the fact that I am mixed race, because they are super lame and apparently also racist? The bullying pretty much stopped after I joined a few of the sports teams and showed that I couldn't be intimidated by childish insults, but this one alpha girl, Kirsten, made my first year a bit difficult. Anyway so Kirsten had noticed that I would often have to go for a poo in the early afternoon, about the same time that she would often go for a pee. She had started making nasty comments directed at me for her stupid little squad of followers who would accompany her to the restroom, always pointing out and mocking me if she heard me grunting or straining a bit, or if I farted or when it would plop in the water. She would just say things like "hold your nose everyone, Sofie is destroying the toilet" and just mean stuff like that. But one day her boyfriend (on the football team, obviously) dumped her during lunch break over text message, and she was all upset and humiliated. It was a big deal, she flipped out in the cafeteria and made a big scene. Anyway, I was heading to the girls restroom for my afternoon poo when she pushed past me, sniffling, and went to the end stall, slamming the door behind her. For once, none of her squad were following her. I took the stall furthest away from her and we both started to pee, and I could hear that she was crying but trying to be discreet about it. Then a bunch of other girls burst into the toilet making a bunch of noise, and when they left I think that Kirsten must have thought I had gone too and that she was alone. At this point I was still straining trying to get my poo started, as I was abit constipated. But I was trying to strain quietly because the last thing I wanted was for Kirsten to take out her rage on me by making fun of my pushing noises and toilet sounds. But then to my surprise, the silence was broken when I heard a little squeaky fart come from her stall, followed by a high pitched gasp. Then another fart and a more determined little grunt like "unnghh!" followed by a sniffle as she was still crying. She farted a few more times and then I heard her clearly pushing as she went "nnnh, nnnh, nnnh, ohhhh..." as a few tiny little plops came out. I was a bit transfixed just because I had started to convince myself that beautiful alpha girls like Kirsten actually didn't poo. And then I started feeling mad because here she was doing all the things (grunting, gasping, pushing, farting and plopping) that she would mock me for doing in front of her friends. She was such a hypocrite! But at that point I felt like maybe my poop was ready to come out so I started pushing too, and as my constipated poop started stretching me open I involuntarily made a sound of my own, a "uhhh..oww" as my poo started to come out. As soon as that happend I heard Kirsten gasp, as I think she thought she was alone. But at that point there was nothing for either of us to do but try to finish what we started. In fact, I think that hearing me pushing and finally getting some relief as the plops came out made her feel less inhibited, and her grunting got a bit louder. Over about three minutes she dropped about four more substantial plops, each preceded by a grunt or two, while I did the same. I really wanted to avoid seeing her when I came out because I figured she would be embarrassed and take it out on me, but the bell rang for class so I had to rush wipe with the terrible toilet paper (I still felt a bit sticky and smelly when I had to just pull my panties up and bounce) and as I opened the door to my stall, Kirsten did the same. We both looked at each other and paused for a second, I could see her red puffy eyes from where she had been crying. I didn't know what to say so I went to the sink, grateful that she hadn't made a mean comment to me yet. Then when she was at the sink I could see she was shaking a bit trying to compose herself while washing her hands, and I guess the nice girl in me came out because I looked over and said "I'm so sorry for what happened Kirsten, I hope you're okay, you didn't deserve to be treated like that by him" (referring to her boyfriend). I thought she would probably tell me where to go stick my sympathy, but she just looked at me and her face crumpled and she started crying. I was totally unnerved but I went to hug her and she hugged me back tight, saying something like "I can't believe he did that to me.." I tried to comfort her a bit and pulled some tissues for her to wipe her face and fix her makeup. After a couple of minutes, by which time we were both late for class, she was good to go and looking perfect as usual. I went to leave but she stopped me and hugged me again saying "thank you Sofie, you were so nice to me and I've been so mean to you, I'm sorry..." and looked like she was about to cry again. I just said "it's okay Kirsten, I hope you feel better soon, just remember that we all have feelings too, ok?" Anyway, after that she stopped being mean to me, and even warned her stupid friends to back off. We didn't become BFFs or anything but we would smile at each other in the corridor and were even pooping buddies a few more times that year. And of course when I got home and took my shower that evening, my light blue panties had a couple of 3-inch skidmarks thanks to the lousy toilet paper...

To Megan:
It was great to read about your experience with the Butterfly liners, and I'm so glad that you have found a solution to your skidmark and panty staining problem! Do you think you will use them on a regular basis? I don't think that option will work for me right now because I don't think my mom would approve (and my sister would definitely make fun of me, because she can unintentionally be a bit mean and hurtful sometimes) but I'm really glad that it seems to be working out for you!
Can I ask, are you supposed to still wipe before you apply the Butterfly and pull your panties up, or do you just go and let the liner do the wiping? And I'm curious as to how it sticks to your booty? You made it sound like you stick it to your booty rather than your panties, like a regular pad, which I thought was interesting. I might try to sneakily buy a box if I can find them at Walgreens or Target, just to try them out. I doubt I could use them every day at school but they might be great for special occasions like school dances or date nights with my boyfriend, or maybe days when I have after school sports. But then maybe with all the physical activity they don't stick so well? Hahaha, sorry about all the questions and speculation! I just think those Butterfly things are a really good idea, I want to at least try them.

Well I think that's it for now! Happy pooping everyone! lol



Brother's Bathroom

Hey all of you! Our tub faucet has worsened from a drip to a stream, so I've been showering in my brother's bathroom. Btw, the tub in our bathroom is actually broken on hot and cold sides. Yesterday when I showered, the water made me want to pee. Feeling adventurous, I peed in the shower pan. The pee odor went away quickly, and I just made sure to rinse. My brother's bathroom is a half bath with the toilet on the left, and shower across from that. I've found the TP on the window sill. Peeing in the shower pan was more comfortable than the tub, too. To Tyler: if I had to pee in my pants on purpose due to a class schedule, I'd be adventurous as well. I'd hide a bottle against my privates, and try to pee into it. For pooping, I'd just sit in a plastic bag in the back of my underwear, and push as discretely as I could. Hope all is well. Bye.


Response to Ada

I've never had anyone walk in just to do it, but I've had the toilet flushed while I was still seated. My kids loved doing that when they were little for some reason. Like you said, the splash really isn't a problem in modern bathrooms. The worst thing that can happen is the noise makes you jump if its one of those really loud public toilets.

Victoria B.

To Mina, Hisae, Kazuko and Maho


Thank you so much for your response. "Massage" on your Washlets in the green and beige rooms and "move" sound just like what we have. That pulse/massage setting will come in handy when I get constipated. The wand that shoots water up inside of you cleans itself automatically and on-demand and the remote control glows in the dark, which comes in handy when our bed and toilet are so close (Robyn has let me use the side closer to the ensuite since the first time we felt ready to go to bed together and it stayed the same when she moved in). We have the bidet setting and we'll try it but if it doesn't work out there will still be toilet paper to wipe with after a pee. There's also a dryer like you said. It can be adjusted through three different settings for the temperature of hot air and the volume and temperature of the water and of the seat are adjustable too, the controls are on the rear side of the remote. Are your seats heated?

Get ready to handle four of the other kind of heated seats, the ones you always sit on, because Robyn's very good at warming them ;-)

We love all of you so much!



Flushing Frustrations & Other Things

Back when I was I think about 9 or 10, my babysitter Renee' predicted that I was going to be a "damaged" person because I was going to the bathroom away from home a lot and being traumatized by accidents and things. Adjustments about the stupid auto-flushers was one example. The newest wing of my middle school had them. The other toilets throughout the school didn't. My bladder was small, I guess, and I sat for a pee or poo 3 to 4 times a day. Sometimes more. The last thing I wanted to do was to be on a school bus being bounced around on rotten streets, sometimes hitting speed bumps too fast, or sometimes a curb while turning a corner and jumping a curb. The 27th St. one got the best of me one morning. Luckily I had brand new jeans on and the dark blue protected me from being seen. When I was on the toilet at school taking off my panties and throwing them away, I moved around too much and my underside got hosed down. After I had spent a few minutes and several mitts of toilet paper trying to dry myself. Renee was so, so smooth when she and I were together. She would walk right into a stall, drop her underwear just enough to clear the toilet, and immediately she started peeing away with a smile on her face and a sense of humor. She would carry on a conversation with me without interruption while I was sitting on a toilet next to her, slowly taking off toilet paper, and not moving my nervous legs at all because I feared getting sprayed from underneath me. It so scared me and I wasn't able to jump up soon enough to prevent from being sprayed. One Saturday morning at the park I had a huge crap 50% slowly sliding out when the really strong flush went off. It took Renee' and me probably 10 minutes to clean me after I had a mud-crap mess between my legs. I was so astounded that I almost fell off the seat. Renee' said there might have been a timer on the sensor, and since we were having an interesting conversation, that was what set off the flusher. After we rode farther into the park, at our next pit stop Renee' reached into her pocket and pulled off a yellow post-it note. She showed me carefully to lean over the stool, stick it over the red flashing sensor, and that worked for me great. No chance of me getting surprised splashed. Then a couple of weeks later when we had a snow day off school I was on the same toilet taking my almost normal crap in an unheated bathroom when this really immature boy from my class lobbed a hard snowball through the entrance it caught me you know where. Ouch! I cried and swore at him, but I guess he ran all the way home. When I got home for lunch I was still upset and mom walked in on me in the bathroom as I was looking at a huge, red blotch on my skin. It still hurt bad. She grounded me the rest of the day because I'm not supposed to use such toilets when she's not there with me. Mom wipes the seat down before I sit and she lines both sides of the seat with toilet paper before I get started. Kinda dumb, I know, but I've learned not to argue with her about such things.


Winnie the Pooh

Hi everyone,

To End Stall Em: good questions, basic if I have to poop now at school basically I will use the nurse bathroom cause it's open option so far, but I try to do very quick pees but if I know that just in case I don't want to rush things I would go to nurse bathroom and I been doing pretty good so far, sometimes I poop before school start if MayJ drops off somewhere to get something before school or I have a poop before bed.

Mina very impressed I want to get a Japanese loo soon I told my dad about it,

Quick story at church yesterday I went to the main floor bathroom took the end stall and pulled down my slacks past my knees and sat on the toilet started to pee and being to open my system for my poop but my mom texted me saying that church is going be letting out soon found out the pastor got word from the cdc has made our church as a good social distance place to show others in the area, I text her can I finish my poop just opened up for business, she said she ask the pastor wife can her husband by me sometime, so embarrassing to get the text back stating please don't stay longer than 15 minutes, so I just released my bottom and soft long shaped banana came out splash and I flushed closed my butt but I knew I had more but didn't have time so after 2 wipes on my butt I was done, and I wiped front to back . Pulled up my slacks and flushed went to wash my hands , seeing Dean coming out of the sanctuary and asked if I was okay I told him no , and he said come with him and we left the church. I finish up my the story later, school getting ready MLK week


Winnie the Pooh

The continued story from Sunday: So Dean took me by the hands knowing that I didn't have long before my bowels will return so I run across the parking lot with him clenching my butt wearing my high heel boots, we make it up to a tourist building couple streets over thankfully no cars were coming and Dean soon as open up the door I dart passed him and get to the ladies bathroom and go to the 1st stall and hurry latches it and slam down the seat and doing a dance unbuttoned my slacks and unzipping them pushing them down to my ankles and quickly sitting on the toilet and my butt knew and 3 medium soft smooth stinkers fall out back to back to back and I pull up my slacks to my knees and sits back further on the toilet take a deep breath cause I was tried from the run and the andlrine ran off and I noticed no spots on my slacks so I looked up forgot to lock the stall good thing no one else was in here I been on full display so I call Dean and he enter in and I let go some more and I made it back to the church afterwards and that all

Beige Loo (typist is Mina)

Promised Post : Message to Human Beings From Loo

My owners promised you this post from me. I am a loo and my name is Beige Loo. I live in a flat in a city in Japan (it's not Tokyo). I have four owners, their names are Hisae, Kazuko, Maho and Mina. They also own next door flat. My best friend live there. She is a loo like me and her name is Green Loo.

I and Green Loo can see each other, but only far away. Because we can't move from the little room where we live. But we can see through walls. Human can't do that.

I have some water in my throat, and I have a lot of water in my back, like camel. This water help me to swallow a food and drink which my four owners give to me with their love. I also have water in my thyroid gland which is near my back, I use that water to clean their bottom when they want me to clean it.

I love my four owners very much. Because every time that they open the door of my little room, they are smiling to me. I can feel that they love me. Off course I am smiling to them because I am happy to see them.

I know what they will do. Almost times, they sit on me and give me drink or food or both. I have only one arm, it go all round the rim of my body, and when they sit on me, I hug their nude bottom using my arm, with all my love. And I can feel vibrations of love from their bottom.

They sit on me some times in a day and usually give to me drink only, with a snack which they call paper, and which is pink and has pattern of flowers on it. The drink and the paper are delicious very much. I have super big appetite. Green Loo also like to eat and drink very much, and she hugs her owners with her one arm with strong love, same with me.

In a night, they don't come for very long time, so I can sleep. But when it is light, two of them come at once. And after that I can see all four of them sitting around table, and eating and drinking. Then two of them come into my little room, one sits on me, she gives me drink and then a hole appears in middle of her bottom and becomes to very big and she gives me big meal of food, sometimes it is three or four course meal but when it is too big and my throat is a crowded, her partner push button and the water in my back rush into my throat and help me to swallow big meal. Human word for this is "courtesy flush" Mina once said. She stands up when I do that and I admire her beautiful bottom. Partner also admire.

Then she sits down again and start to give me next course. My meals are very huge, but I have huge appetite so it's OK! While I am eating, I can see other owner sit on my friend Green Loo and give her huge meal in a same way. And after she sitting on me 10 or 15 minutes, her partner who squat beside of her (and me) push a button, and my thyroid water wash her beautiful bottom. Then partner dry her beautiful bottom with pink paper and give the paper to me. It is my dessert, and I swallow all, with help from water in my back. Green Loo does same things. Often partner then sits down and she also gives me huge meal while first meal provider squat by her and say sweet words.

Sometimes owner's bottom's hole opens, but no food comes, only noise and strong air. I breathe. It is nice feeling and I like. Sometimes noise is a very musical.

Sometimes all four come into my room, one sits on me and I hug her, one squat beside of her and me, other two are at door, they say warm things each other while the girl sitting on me gives food and then more food, and some air with noise and wonderful aroma. That time, usually all four sit on me long time so I am hugging their sweet bottom for one hour maybe. But it is happy time and I am never tired because I love them. Sometimes they do same thing with Green Loo, I watch them and I feel good to see their happy face and Green Loo's happy face.

Sometimes they come into my little room but they don't sit on me. They give me blue drink from bottle. Then they take cloth and wash me all over my body. Their touch is tender!! and they are always smiling, I can hear them say "we love you, beautiful loo!" in their heart. I love to be clean!! So I am happy when they wash. They also clean my room well. When there is a sun outside, they open window, so I can breathe a fresh air.

Sometimes when she is washing me, Hisae stops to wash, pulls down her jeans and panties, sits on me so I hug her, then she gives me huge brown meal with big speed and loud noise. Vibration from her bottom tells me that she is feeling wonderful. I am so happy! After she finish, she start to wash me again.

Sometimes I feel that Maho is having a trouble. She has to make big efforts. I hug her bottom harder. I try to send message to inside: "Come out! Maho is painful!" And trick works, finally her hole opens and brown meal comes out slowly, not three course, but one course in many many parts so take very long time, but at end Mho is relief, and I am relief too because I love her!!

My digestive system is very long, about 5 kilometres maybe. Small intestine join up with many other small intestine from all my friends. Large intestine go on and on, finally terminate in building which human call "sewage plant". My digestion finish there, but I never try to find out how.

I have many friends over all world. Loos can't speak English or Japanese or French or Swahili, even we understand very well when humans speak. We speak loo language. It is same in all the world. I have good friend in USA, she is Japanese but she emigrate. Her name is VR Loo, but she seems she has also nickname, crock pot with potato. Because her two beautiful owners, American women, one has name begin with V and other one has name begin with R. Like my four, they love very much and say sweet words each other, and admire beautiful beautiful bottom each other. We loos like to hear that very much. VR Loo tell me happy stories and I smile. VR Loo told me, loo in her flat before her exploded everywhere. That was scary story! VR Loo is very young.

I have message for all human being. We loos, we love you. We want to be helpful for you always. Please enjoy when you are sitting on us, or standing in front of us if you are man. We will send our vibes so your body does things what you wish it will do. We will eat everything what you want us to eat. So sit on us, or stand before of us, and feel comfy!! And please love us!!!

With love to everyone from Beige Loo, Green Loo, VR Loo and all loos in whole world.


Front Wiping

I am intrigued by guys who wipe between their legs. I usually visit the toilet at work mid-morning. I always take the middle stall and I am amazed at the number of guys who wipe this way. I would guesstimate that it's around 30%. I can tell by the position of their feet and the shadows that show them spreading their legs and going in from the front. Some even lift up their genitals with their left hands as they wipe with their right hands (assuming they use their right hand, which most do). I wipe from the back, seated (as opposed to standing, which a significant number of guys also do, which I find strange, but that's another story). I've experimented wiping between my legs and it is very awkward. When I think I'm finished, I will then do a wipe from behind for the hell of it and I am by no means clean. There are a few guys who are "regulars" when I'm doing my business and they are front wipers. I'm always wondering if they have skidmark issues. Of course asking them would be a bizarre question indeed, so I guess I'll never know!


Delayed update

Hi, hope everyone has had a nice holiday!
I've been very stressed before the holidays. Just a lot to do with preparing for Christmas and everything and at work as well. On top of that Adams constipation didn't improve even with the fiber supplements for some reason. But he micro enemas seems to be very effective at least! I got one of those as a kid, but don't remember so much now. As soon as he picked them up from the pharmacy (he even tried to send me first, lol) he used one. He went in to the bathroom and then came and sat on the sofa. I told him it's probably wise to lay on his stomach instead... :)
After like 10 minutes I asked if it was working? And he was like "oh right", and went to the bathroom. After a minute or so I heard a large "flomp". I thought it was going to be like the Niagara falls in there, but apparently not. :-D That seems to have moved things along as he went to the bathroom several times that days and stayed there for a longer time.

I thought all was well and on the right track, but nope. He didn't say anything (of course), but I overheard his follow up remote video meeting with the doctor. He then mentioned he still had really hard and difficult poops despite the fiber supplements. If anything it was just more... stuff for him to get rid of now. But then he got a "stool softener" instead and that seemed to help better.

We also had a poop-related fight as he said I'm "obsessed" with pooping and his bowel habits and so on, that really hurt me. I don't think I'm obsessed or anything, just curious and and caring. It's important and interesting, am I right?!

Take care everyone! :)



Hi Stephen I really enjoy your posts I have questions? Do you enjoy the sensation of poop coming out? What was your most desperate squatting pooping experience?

Thursday, January 13, 2022


Re: Emma Two; cleaners in the bathroom while you're using it

I can relate to your story, many times over.

In middle school, the very first time I used a doorless stall in an emergency, I exploded diarrhea while the cleaning lady heard everything. That story is on Page 2875.

At the university I attended, in 2004 I got walked in on by a cleaning lady while I was using a urinal. She apologized and went back outside the Mens' room and waited.

From 2008 to 2018, I used to work at an office where I commonly got intruded upon by cleaning ladies opening the Mens' room door and asking if anyone was in there. I made a more detailed summary of these stories on Page 2880 titled "Poop at the Office".

Back in 2008, I once stopped at a truck stop during a road trip to take a massive dump. The stalls were only half-height, so I was exposed from the torso up as I sat on the toilet, and the stall only covered my mid-section. I proceeded to take a massive dump as other people came in and out of the room, some of them commenting on it. Long story short, I later got walked in on by the cleaning lady, who promptly apologized and walked out. She got to see my face through the mirror while I was pushing out a lunker while my pants were at my shoes, ankles exposed. I clogged the commode. That story is on Page 2875.

In 2008 I also once used a stall in a mall at closing time. Got walked in on by the cleaning lady, a 20-something brunette, who left and was waiting outside the Mens' room with the cleaning supplies when I exited 5 minutes later. She stifled a laugh as we saw each other, knowing what I just did.

In 2010, while taking a trip by bus, I had to take an emergency poop after it pulled into the station. A fat lady was cleaning the Mens' room and I couldn't hold it any longer. I ran in and asked her if I could use a stall and explained that it was a dire emergency, and she said yes. I barely made it to the toilet, and with another 10 seconds delay or so, I'd have soiled my pants for the remainder of the bus ride. I sounded like a boat motor sputtering to life and stalling out, repeatedly, and she was cleaning the room for the entire 10 minutes I was in there. To make matters worse, she ran a running commentary of my explosive farting noises and machine-gun plops. I finished, and after I flushed twice, the toilet bowl still looked like a Jackson Pollock exhibit, which she would have to clean. And she watched me exit the stall and take the walk of shame to the sink to wash my hands. I wasn't quite shameless at that time, so it was extremely embarrassing and I felt bad she would have to clean that up. But after seeing the splatterfest in the toilet, she said she would leave it for the next person to clean, since her shift was ending.

In 2012 I made the stupid mistake of taking a poop at a library near closing time. I didn't want to hold it while walking back to my apartment, and while it wasn't an outright emergency, the pressure on my sphincter was quite strong and I knew I'd be tempting fate and risk having to find some bushes or a back alley to drop trou. The female cleaner walked in on me mid-poop while I had a monster 2-foot log as thick as my forearm halfway out, and as she cleaned the room, she got to see my pants on the floor through the bottom of the stall while hearing all of the noises associated with pushing out that fetid morass. After she finished cleaning the rest of the Mens' room, I was still defecating, the brick working its way out millimeter by millimeter, loudly crackling, and she stood by the sinks in front of the stalls asking me to "pinch it off and hurry up", which given the size, thickness, and hardness of the turd, this just wasn't possible. When I bared down and pushed with everything I could, I ripped a loud, deep, fart that echoed about the room and seemingly made the walls shake. I could see her through the gap between the stall door and cubicle patiently waiting, but she had the courtesy at least to not look in. It took me another 3 minutes to get it out, and as it plopped into the water she said I needed to leave because she had to close the building out. She also heard me wipe, even if the job wasn't complete due to me rushing as the poop was very messy, and when I flushed, the turd was too big for the water to flush down. I flushed again. The water rushed around it and it wouldn't budge. Then again. Still there. I exited the stall and she went in and immediately made a snide remark questioning how something so large could come out of such a skinny kid. I was too embarrassed to respond back at first. As I was washing my hands, I apologized and asked if she had anything I could use to break it up and explained that I keep a coat hangar in my home bathroom for this purpose. She laughed at that comment then apologized about the embarrassing remark and said she'd take care of it since it was her job, and that she was sorry if her behavior came across as rude, explaining she was in a hurry to finish up for the night because she had to pick her kids up. She then mentioned she had two teenaged boys of her own and my unflushable toilet deposit was nothing she hadn't seen before. To make things extra awkward for me, I was in my late 20s at the time, but she didn't know any better because I could have passed for a 16 or 17 year old.

At a gas station, in 2013, I also got walked in on by a cute teenaged latina while using one of the urinals. The supply closet was in the Mens' room and she needed to get supplies. She said "Don't mind me." as she walked by me over to the supply closet, got what she needed, and then walked back out by the time I was washing my hands. She saw me again as I was making a purchase and smiled at me. After seeing me pee. Awkward.

Last year, I used a doorless stall at a park for an emergency defecation session. The previous day, I ate six 15oz cans of black beans in addition to my normal meals, and hadn't taken my morning or afternoon dump, and it was now evening. To me, that counts as being horribly bunged up, and now it wanted to waste no time to scat. If I didn't find this restroom, I'd have found some bushes, or a back alley, as I now had to go that badly. Normally I'd put my pants up to my upper legs after selecting the most private crapper when shitting in a doorless stall, but I honestly expected no one would come in since I appeared to be the only one at this park, so in my urgent need, I took the first stall and had my pants all the way down since it was the fastest means to get started. As I was farting out another forearm sized brick of crap with the first 8 inches or so coming out in 5 seconds, then slowing down dramatically as the pain increased, I got walked in on by the park maintenance crew, a middle aged black man and an old white lady. The old lady walked by me and saw me right as I was farting, saying "Don't mind us. We're just here to replace the tissue and put in some soap." She went to her supply cart, came back to me, handed me a roll of paper, and said "You're going to this." stifling back laughter, as I was sitting there with my ass and legs bare, pants on the floor, left hand pointing my private into the bowl as I was pissing, with a brick of crap hanging partway out my butt as throaty gusts of gas loudly blew passed it. Smiling, she then said "We'll wait for you to finish before we clean and leave you to it." They both waited outside to leave me alone to finish up in private. Sure enough, the toilet paper dispenser was empty. And it was an extremely messy movement, for which I would have been in quite a predicament without her being helpful. About 10 minutes later, I finished. My offering to the porcelain throne would not flush. It was too large, about the size of a large Pringles can. I washed my hands and exited. The two were waiting outside. I told them the toilet was clogged, without admitting I was the culprit. But they knew. She said "It's nothing we haven't seen before. We'll take care of it." Luckily, I had developed a sense of shamelessness by that point, and she was far from the first stranger to see me sitting on a toilet making rude noises while a log of crap was being pushed out of my butt, and far from the first to deal with a clogging caused by my digestive system. But she was probably the first person to see me use a doorless stall with my pants all the way down, as normally in such a scenario I put my pants to my upper legs to obtain as much privacy as possible.


To Abbie

Some fantastic stories and I'm amazed at how open you and your friends are….I suppose it's good to be that comfortable with each other. I have a few questions:

Did you have any Christmas constipation?

Are you the most constipated out of your friends?

What was the most constipated you've ever been?

To Tyler C

That is wild that you wet yourself a lot and get away with it. That no one notices your wet pants or a wet seat. I know you had a few poo accidents before, have you had the same bad luck with that as well? Or close calls?

Anna from Austria
@Stefanie You have a point for sure. In case of an medical emergency such doorless toilets are good because a person that needs helped can be spotted immediately. Although I still hope I can avoid using doorless trips durring my second trip state side doorless toilets are not the worst toilets I can imagine using.

I am not sure if these toilets still exist or not but I have heard that there are some squat toilets in rural part of china that do not have a door. Such type of toilets would offer zero privacy. Because people that would enter the restroom would really see everything. Even the poo coming out if they would enter the toilet at the wrong moment. At modern toilets without doors you coul at least sit a way that the privat parts are covered with is a great plus. Compared to squat toilet without door I would feel super comfortable to use a toilet without a door.

@ all I had an unpleasant train ride yesterday (Thursday) Due to covid the toilets were closed. Silly me did not know that and I bought a big cup coffee to go at the train station. During mid train ride the coffee kicked in and I had to go. To my despair I noticed that the toilets were closed. I had to hold my poo then for the next 15 min until I got to my destination. I was really lucky that it were just 15 min. I left the train and ran to the next ladies room. Luckily I know the layout of the station in the other town quite well. I made it in time but the toilet was in the process of getting cleaned. I said sorry to the cleaning personal (luckily it was all female) and just stormed into one stall without waiting for the replay. I did then my normal rather loud coffee poop while the cleaning personal was presented. When I was done flushed, left the stall, washed my hands and stormed out of the toilet without looking at the cleaning personal.

That was quite embarrasing. But could had been much worse. In case the coffee had kicked in earlier I might have poed my pants. It was almost a miracle that I could hold it for about 15 minutes.

That's my story for today

Greetings from Austria


Go pee/poop with the door open to see how your family/friends/coworkers/roommates react!
Make it go viral on Tiktok!

End Stall Em



I sympathize with your changing bathroom experiences.

I find those new school bathroom procedures to be perplexing. Pulling off toilet paper from a teacher-held roll at the entrance to the bathroom. My aunt formerly taught high school and had to give up a passing period each day on Potty Patrol in a bathroom. She had to deter smoking and some confrontations that could have led to fights.

Question. What do you do if you take more TP than you eventually will use to wipe with? What do you do if you sit to pee and then at the last minute poo some? How do you get the extra TP needed?


Yes, the communal bathrooms at my college were a good challenge for me when I made the transition from a large high school to college. Then I had a second surprise. My floor of the dorm's bathrooms were co-ed! I remember many times occupying a cubicle and in the next one hearing a person come in, stand in front of it, and piss into the toilet. I was always paying attention to how many would just open up and piss away. Meanwhile, I would just quietly sit and think 'You dumb @uck! Lift the seat!' When I would tell my boyfriend Spencer about that he would think it was hilarious. No soul, I guess.

Tyler C

Reply to Hannah

I'm glad to see your back. I too have had a bit of a wet semester myself. I've posted before about the one semester I had a couple years ago where my classes were all back to back across different parts of campus requiring me to skip bathroom breaks and instead take care of such matters in my own underwear. Well, this most recent semester was all too familiar in that regard. I've tried in semesters since to avoid such a tight schedule, but alas, this was the only way to fit in all my required classes.

I actually don't live on campus like you, so my commute to school in the morning was another stretch of time that I couldn't use a proper bathroom. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there was about a six hour long period where using a toilet wasn't an option for me. Luckily, I knew of another option. Whenever I can't use the bathroom, I just turn my pants into a bathroom. It's a little skill I've picked up from my few years surviving college, and it works like a charm pretty much every time. I wear black pants like you and I always do it between classes. I also spray some air freshener on my crotch when I eventually get to my car. I don't know if anyone has really smelled me though. I usually sit toward the back of class during my last class of the day to reduce the chances of people smelling my freshly made pee pee. I usually wet myself just before that class, but sometimes it would happen earlier in the day. There were a couple times that I just decided to get it over with early in the day like just after my first class.

This semester was a little different than the one a couple years ago because I got a part-time job at a doughnut store. Usually, I don't schedule my shifts on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I'm burnt out from the six hour block of classes, but there were some days that I had to, and it's always kind of weird to walk into work with soaking wet pants. No one seems to notice though, plus I put on an apron when I get there, so even if the black pants did show anything, which they really don't, the apron covers my crotch anyway. At my job, I can use the bathroom as long as there's two people working and there's no costumers, so luckily, I've never had to go tinkle in my pants at work yet as it's never too busy That would be quite the mess I'd be made to mop up.

I know there are people who had crazier schedules than mine, so there's no way I'm the only one who does this, intentionally or not.


Winnie the Pooh

Hi everyone just wanted to share a story with you all before school today MayJ came picked me up before school cause Dean had basketball practice and I was going to meet up with after practice all three of us dinner at MayJ house. So on with the story or two lol, I went to the bathroom before the bell rang and I get there and took a stall latched it and pulled up my skirt and pulled my panties down to my thighs and sat on the toilet and peed , I pooped the night before before bed nothing interesting.just my normal everything off and hit the shower after wiping and flush wash my hands, and took shower and dressed for bed . So after school I was straight starving. So make it over to MayJ I take off my crocs and socks she always has super soft carpet clean it feels so good to walk barefoot so while waiting on Dean, we watch Peacock sitting next to each other I placed my feet in my lap and she asked me was I comfy , yup very, good she said and she placed her feet in her lap we started to giggle, , 15 minutes later Dean came and I answered the door he was smiling cause I was barefoot and I told him behave and I went back to the living room while Dean took off his shoes. MayJ called out to her mom and let her know that we wanted something to eat and drink and so her mom brought us bottles of water and finger food wings and meatballs. Dean ask MayJ can he rub her feet too , I told him no only mine MayJ giggle and said he can kiss hers if he like, I giggle and said no ,he said Winnie can he suck my toes MayJ said no we all three start laughing. So after awhile after dinner we were full and I let out this huge fart and MayJ said Winnie bathroom now, I nod maybe giggle, she said can't take any chances try now, I said okay and I get off the sofa head to the bathroom and she follows and tell Dean stay and we made it to the bathroom and and I hike up my skirt and she pulls down my panties for me to my ankles and I sit down on the toilet she sits down on the floor facing me and take off my panties from my ankles and she asks how far have I got with Dean, I said just made out but he did kiss me there and she said well did I like it I said it was different but I don't know what to do as my whole began to open and feeling they dropping below she said that I should try spice things up after few minutes I was done wiped and and asked for my panties back she told me, I have to try and she took off her panties from her skirt and pee over my stinks and we washed our hands and we walked out to join Dean without any panties on and to see if he noticed. And he whispered in my ear that he noticed that my panty liner is not showing anymore and I said I know and he said is that a invite, I took him by the hand and placed it in my thighs he smiled and said okay and I took a blanket and wrapped it around my legs and lifted up and sat next to MayJ and he lowered his head in my lap and I held MayJ hand while was smiling at my reaction of each moment let just say that it was a experience I never forget and he promised that hopefully something warm comes out next time

Mina Maho Hisae Kazuko

Japanese-style washlet

Sorry sweet Victoria and sweet Robyn, we kept you waiting. Come to Japan and smack our bottoms well.

Your washlet is similar to our one, but actually all washlets are bit different, so difficult to give you exact advice. We think "pulsating" is same with "massage" in Japanese washlet, it means water go into your beautiful bottom's hole with force, and it is useful if you are a constipation. Maho sometimes uses it.

We think "oscillating" means the Japanese "move". Water moves around the hole of your bottom, so good for cleaning. But our washlets don't have this function, so we move our bottom by ourselves.

If you are a haemorrhoid the full strength water will be painful, so it is need to make weaker.

We don't use bidet function (it is for woman only) very much. If we use, we make jet of water weak. But maybe you like to use. We know proverb, meat for one woman is poison for other woman.

Do you have a drying function? Now most washlets in Japan don't have, we also don't have but in before washlet of green loo, we had, but it didn't work so well.

If you use hot water of washlet long time, it might change to cold water.

We are sorry our advice is not so good.

Dear Stefanie: We also think toilet with no door is not so bad. Everybody need to use toilet. We don't lock door when we eat, so why we lock door when we use toilet? and you are very right about drug girl. Toilet can be place when we die. Mina heard king of England died on toilet after his breakfast. Later his daughter found him. Mina don't remember king's name. But it was long time ago. She heard when she living in Wales.

Winnie is right very much, sexual fantasy about toilet is very pants. We turn on, of course, but we turn on in many other places too! Fantasy is fantasy and reality is reality. (Actually when we -- Kazuko Mina Maho Hisae -- look at our crushes, we turn on everywhere, not only when they are on loo.) I never do fantasy if I go to loo in department store and one door is closed and there is strong smell. Of course woman behind the door is doing motions, that is purpose of loo! I only think, I hope woman in loo is doing good motion and feel comfy.

Love to everyone. Many kisses. (On this site, there is no corona in kiss.)

Kazuko Hisae Maho Mina


Thanksgiving Story (Finally)

Hi Friends!

I feel really bad that I cannot contribute regularly, even though I am regular! With a wide-open four-year-old boy, in addition to teenage daughters and a full-time job, I stay pretty busy.

I see so many new names and I find it difficult to keep up with everyone, but I really enjoy your posts!

I promised to share a Thanksgiving story and I want to go ahead with that now. Before Halloween, my parents shared with me that they plan to sell their house that they had lived in since I was ten years old. They are in their early seventies and they have decided to downsize. If you remember, I lived there before marrying Alan, after I had my breakdown and moved home. That's been over ten years ago!

So, my parents asked if we could celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas together at the house one last time. Alan's parents were so great. They said that they would have a brunch for us this year on Thanksgiving morning and we could spend the evening with my family, eating a traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

So we did that. Now that morning I had a really satisfying doodie as I was getting ready. It was about 12 inches long and an inch and a half in diameter - a pretty productive movement for me.

But we ate so much that day.

By the time we finished dinner with my family, I was stuffed. I knew that my eveing poop would be coming soon and that it would be pretty substantial. We sat in the family room and went through old photo albums of some of our favorite memories. The girls were really interested, as they had never seen pictures of me as a young girl. I was a big girl when I was young, so I don't keep many childhood pictures. But I've gotten over that and was glad that they enjoyed the albums.

Then it was time to go to the bathroom. My stomach was crampy from all the food that I had eaten and I could feel that familiar pounding at my back door. I looked to Alan and my family and asked to be excused. Then, I heard little Joey (not his real name) exclaim, "Mommy, I have to doodie!"

My heart sank. I needed to go so bad. Alan looked at me and I said, "It's OK, I'll take him." So we went upstairs to my suite that I paid to have made out of two bedrooms when I lived there. It was still the same as the day I left it. Joey sat down on the toilet and did his thing. It was a lot! Joey definitely takes after my DNA, including his ability to produce a huge amount of poop!

As he sat, I was outside the bathroom feeling like I would explode in my panties. I had to go so bad now and hearing Joey have a massive poop only encouraged my bowels to want to release. Finally, I asked Joey if he was finished. He said yes and asked if I could help him wipe. I did so and asked if he could make it back downstairs.

He said he wasn't going without me. I told him that I had to go too and I would be a while. He said he would wait. So. I pulled up my dress and dropped my leggings and sat down.

I don't know if I can really describe the bowel movement. But it started firm but soft and then began to cascade in a lot of smaller but thick pieces and then ended with a big fart. Joey giggled. He said through the door that I really had a big doodie! I acknowledged this and sat for a bit. I began to pee alot, then pushed out a little more poop. The bathroom already smelled after Joey and now it reaked.

I cleaned up, flushed and washed my hands.

As we came downstairs and re-entered the family room, Joey exlaimed, "Mommy and I did really big doodies!" Everyone erupted with laughter, though I was embarrassed!

I hope you all are well!

Love to all!



Answer to a question

I was reading though past Posts and for the life of me I can't find the posters name but if you're still on this forum I hope you read this.
Your question was: has anyone ever walked in on you and flushed the toilet on your Bum on purpose to get your butt wet?
And that you felt alone and was hoping others had also experinced this.
You are not alone!!!!
It's happened a few times to me actually.
One time when I was little mum would wait outside the bathroom until I was ready for her to wipe my bum, I called out "ready" and she wiped my Bum and I was about to get up off the seat when she said no sit back down I'm not finished yet and I kinda waited a sec and then I heard the toilet flush and I felt the water furiously splash up into my butt , mind you this was back in the late 70's when there was no such thing as water saving toilets those toilets where big , loud and the flush was very splashy and seemed to flush for at least 40-50 seconds. As the water was flushing I looked up at her and she giggled and asked if I liked it I was so embarrassed I think I didn't even answer her.
I think she must of told family and friends about it because over the course of the next few weeks my aunty walked in on me when I was at her house playing with my cousins. I was on the toilet upstairs next to the room where us kids where playing and she opened the door and left it open so potentially all of my cousins could of seen but luckily they didn't and she flushed the toilet on my bum she laughed as it was happening and when it was finished she said don't dry up just pull up your bike shorts which is what I was wearing and of course because how wett my bum had gotten it soaked through and it was noticbly wett in the crack area I tried to sit and not move untill it dried so my cousins wouldn't notice.
Over the next few months mum had done it randomly several more time and my aunty on two other occasions.
Now I'm a grown woman I actually sometimes flush while I'm sitting but the toilets these days don't really splash up at all so it's fine and the fact that I'm doing it is completely different to someone else walking in on you and laughing at you.
I only ever really told my best friend about it and funny enough she was like oh me too! But she liked it her and her sister would do it to each other sometimes several times a day !!! She thought it was fun and the water felt good up her bum lol each to their own but you are defy not alone.
I hope others on this forum open up as show support I think there must be others out there that could share their experience!!!
Maybe it was a novelty back in those days I don't know but know with automatic flush toilets and courtesy flushes it's quite the norm to have your bottom flushed on but if you cringe at how wett you get from a auto toilet it's a meer sprinkle compared to the toilets in the 70's sitting on one of those was basically how I would describe as facing your bare bottom to the ocean and the waves of water would just keep lapping 🤣


Reply to Sofie

Hi everyone, just a quick reply as I don't have much time today.
Sofie- Many thanks for your reply- your experiences in school sound really similar to mine back when I was still at school, like you said if I didn't get chance to go for a poo at lunch there was a very good chance that my poo would be poking out in my pants by the end of the day and making them dirty just like you described, and even if I was successful in using the loo in lunch break I would get skids anyway because the school toilet paper was so horrible I made a rubbish job of wiping. If I had sports last lesson it made it a lot harder to hold it in like you said as well. I've heard the term prairie dogging on this site so I know what it means but its not something we say in England. Also I was so sorry to hear you got disturbed at school by the cleaner when you were in the middle of having a poo, that must have been really embarrassing and I think I would have done exactly the same in your position. I remember once when I was on the loo at school the fire alarm went off when I was half way through pushing out a massive hard turd, I almost stayed where I was but was worried someone would check the loos and realise I was in the middle of a poo so I broke it off and went out, luckily it was a hard one so my pants didn't get too dirty and we weren't outside for long so I was able to go back on the loo and finish off before the end of lunchtime. I was wondering how often you need a poo at school, I was unlucky because my normal time for wanting a poo used to be mid morning, so the urge would always come on in class and I'd have to hold it until lunch, the problem was I didn't always get time to go on the loo and holding it in would make me constipated. At least it sounds like there are some more private toilets you can use if you need a poo at school and your constipated- that is until a cleaner comes in I guess! Finally I also loved your recent story about your trip to the cinema when your friend Jess was desperate for a poo, it was bad that she ended up almost pooing her pants. I'm sure she was grateful that you were such a good friend and lent her some clean underwear, I have done that too before in similar situations for some of my friends. Sorry also that even though you needed a poo at the same time it took you another 2 days to finally have it, I know if I end up holding it in its often a massive struggle when I eventually get to go.
I look forward to hearing about that when you've got a moment and also any other stories you could share. Bye for now, Abbie.


Classroom accident

I realised that I never posted about what I think was the last time I ever messed my pants whilst sitting in class. It was notable because it was also just about the only time I think I had an accident because I wasn't allowed to leave the classroom, other than in exams. This happened in Year 5, when I was ten, and we had a teacher that year who was within a year of retirement and had a reputation for being extremely strict. She was much more old-fashioned than any of the other teachers, and looking back I suspect she must have felt she had been stranded on the shore by the changing tides of teaching. She was certainly the only teacher I ever had who would tell people they couldn't go to the toilet purely because she thought it smacked of poor discipline.

One lunchtime, I'd started to get a bit of a stomach ache after finishing eating, and I was worried that I might be coming down with a diarrhoea bug that had been going around the class. However, other than the vague ache low down in my belly, and feeling a bit bloated, I didn't feel I needed to go. Just before the bell went, I did feel a bit of pressure, and I was worried enough that I decided to actually go to the toilet at school. However, after sitting down I just did some loud and rather booming farts, with no poo at all. The pressure and bloated feeling had gone (although the mild ache remained), and as the bell went I washed my hands and returned to class.

We were doing some silent reading comprehension in that lesson, which was something I enjoyed, and I was able to forget about my bowels for a while. However, about quarter of an hour later, I suddenly felt a strong pressure in my bum, and it started to get even worse. I waited a few minutes, hoping it would ease off, but I soon felt like I wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer. It felt like it could be more gas, but I wasn't sure enough to risk pushing it out. After an internal battle between feeling shy about putting my hand up and worrying about dirtying my pants, I tentatively raised my hand, and asked if I could be excused. However, the teacher said "No, you should have gone at lunch! Don't disturb everyone else's work". I said "But miss, I didn't need to go before", and she replied "Well, that's no-one's fault but your own - it's only fifteen minutes until break, and you can go then". I almost pleaded - "Please miss, let me go, I'll be really quick", but she was having none of it - "You're in junior school, not the infants, so you can wait for break like everyone else - now stop disturbing the class's quiet time".

I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me - everyone in the room now knew that I needed the loo (which was one of the things that made me embarrassed to ask), and also that I'd been told off. I tried to concentrate on my work, and on holding my bum closed, but the pressure was building up more and more and I felt bloated as if I might pop like a balloon. I realised in a rather resigned way that I wasn't going to last until the bell went without at the very least letting some gas out, and I wasn't sure what to do - it might just be gas, and if I let out a huge fart whilst trying to keep it in it would probably be very loud, especially in a quiet classroom. I decided that the least worst option was to fart as quietly as possible, and so I discretely adjusted the way I was sitting to spread my bum-cheeks apart and tried to relax my bum just enough to let any gas out, and nothing else.

Unfortunately, instead of gas, a huge wave of runny, mushy poo started to flow out. I tried to clamp down but it was like Canute trying to hold back the tide, and within seconds I could feel warm, wet poo spreading both backwards and forwards through my underwear - it flowed under my crotch and around my bits at the front, and up towards the waistband of my pants at the back, but fortunately nothing escaped. I've written before about how the sensations of having an accident didn't usually bother me, and if this had happened on the way home I would have at least been able to notice the soft, warm feeling of doing such a big poo in my pants, along with the pleasant sense of relief, but instead I was mostly panicking about how to sort myself out without anyone finding out what I'd done.

A few of the kids near me were giving me strange looks, and I knew they must be able to smell me - it wasn't the strongest smelling poo but it was hard to miss. I think they mostly thought I must have farted, but I knew that the longer I sat there without the smell going away, the more people were going to realise what I'd done (my best friend had figured it out, as he told me the following year during our theme park poo disaster, but he didn't say anything at the time). Luckily, my trousers were dark brown cords, which wouldn't show anything.

A few minutes later, the bell went for afternoon break, and I waited until most of the other kids had left before getting up and making my way quickly back to the toilets, where I gingerly lowered my trousers and then tried to survey my pants without lowering them. The school loos had gaps under the doors, so I didn't want to take my trousers off altogether so that I could take off my pants - if I did it would be obvious to anyone else that came in what I was doing. Instead, I tried to scoop out some of the poo with a wad of toilet paper, but I could tell I was going to end up with some of it dripping off onto my trousers as it had a wet slurry-like consistency. I thought about reporting to the first aid office, but that idea was also too embarrassing. In the end I tried to wipe as much as possible away from the leg-holes of my pants and tried to squish it around the inside of my underwear in a way that would even it out so that I could avoid any escaping into my trousers. I didn't need to do any more poo at that point.

The final lesson was crafting, and luckily we went to a different part of the school where we had a large room in which everyone was spread out - I took a seat at the back near an open window. Unfortunately, half-way through the lesson I needed to go again, and because it was the same teacher I didn't even try to ask - I knew she'd tell me off for "not having gone" at break. In the end I just gave up and let the poo out , although by that point it was only a few minutes until the bell went for the end of school. The poo mostly flowed both forward and backward in my pants, and made everything warm again (which at least felt better than if I'd had to sit in it so long it went cold and clammy). Clean-up, once I got home, was fairly horrible - I tried my best but my mum realised something was wrong when I hadn't come out of the loo for half an hour, and came in and found my pants in the bath, coated in runny poo, whilst I had used two whole rolls of toilet paper trying to clean myself up (with limited success). She didn't tell me off, but it was still very embarrassing. I had another couple of days of rushing to the toilet to do very loose mush before I got better.

I'm not sure whether the teacher figured out that I'd had an accident - she must have at least considered it. I'll never know whether she didn't say anything because to do so would have meant admitting that she was wrong not to let me be excused earlier on, or because she wasn't sure what to do about the situation. With hindsight, I think she was someone who wanted to be able to empathise with kids but really struggled to do so naturally, and had instead become very strict as a way of compensating, and I'm not sure the role of "strict teacher" sat well with her. She retired about a year later.

The thing I always found strange about this was the idea that anyone would think a kid could do a poo in advance - like you could go to the loo and get your poo to come out half an hour early through some kind of superhuman mental discipline. Yes, there might have been the occasional situation where a kid didn't bother going to the toilet when they knew they needed it so they could get out of the classroom for an extra five minutes later, but this can't have been as common as kids only feeling the urge half-way through the lesson but then needing to go urgently. To be fair, this particular teacher was already well out of step with the way her colleagues dealt with situations like this even in the nineties, so I guess this kind of thing has now been consigned to history. Did anyone else have this sort of experience with teachers growing up? Are there any teachers out there who can comment?


Running and pooping

So I have wanted to poop outside for some time. However given that I live in an urban location there are little chances and given that nearly all wooded areas either border houses or are have a great deal of visitors. See, I am pretty modest about my bowel movements and I have rarely given myself the chance to poop outside in the open. However,today I was preparing myself to go for a run and I realized at the time that I would need to poop soon anyway. At that moment I decided that I could kill two birds with one stone. Then I begun to think of places I could drop my load and one location in particular stood out to me for the privacy it could offer. See my selection was also lowered because it was winter and there was little to no cover. However about 2mi north of where I lived was an office park upon a hill with a road at the hill's bottom. I was pretty sure this was a large enough area of woods that I could take my dump in modest peace. Also, the I hoped my intended run to this wooded area would help to loosen my bowels as I ran to the wooded location. So I put on my running gear and set off towards the wooded locale. The run was nervous as I mentally prepared myself for my act and I could feel both my need to defecate and urinate. It was a tough run through the snowy sidewalks of my neighborhood until I reached the woods where I would go. So then I arrived at the wooded local and entered the woods. The woods were covered in snow and steep. I begun the climb up the hill looking for a location that I could defecate without anyone from the road below spotting me. The woods had several trees and I pushed myself up the hill, away from the road, and also spotted some deer poop on the way. Eventually I saw a large tree and I knew that would be a place I could poop modestly away from the road. I saw a good location in the snowy ground in between the large tree and a fallen tree just next to it. I looked around and saw I was pretty covered from anyone up or down the hill from me. I decided that this would be the place and I knew I would not find a better location that fit my criteria.
I prepared my location first clearing away some of the snow from the area. Then I went and cleared away the leaf litter from the area, exposing the bare dirt. The dirt below was loose and was surprisingly easy to dig through as I created a hole to go into. A few scoops of dirt later and I had created the hole with all of the dirt and leaf litter piled up next to the hole. At this time I begun to pull down my bottoms with my shorts, leggings, and undies all collecting at my knees. I then positioned my body away from the dirt pile I created and squatted down. I was very nervous to do this and I made sure that my pee stream was directed downward in a stream that would not wet my clothing yet yellowed the snow in front of me. At the same time I pushed my rectum so that I could do what I had traveled so deep into the woods to do. The poop did not leave me easily and I needed push it out. My poop was pushed out thereafter and I was releved but my mind quickly shifted to dealing with how I would wipe my anus. first I settled on some leaves that I had uncovered but quickly realized that they were not very effective. Then, I realized that snow could do the deed and I quickly created a snowball and used that to wipe myself. The snowball was promptly soiled after some wipes and I then placed the snowball into the hole and checked below to see where the snowball landed. To my surprise and confirmed when I came out of my squat, I saw my poop. At the time, my poop was steaming in cold air and I saw that the poop had landed not in the hole I created but right behind it on the side of the dirt pile I created. The poop consisted of two small pieces of poop (about a 3 on the bristol scale) which was normal for me and also explainable as I did not go when I 100% needed to go. Nevertheless I was done with my deed and ready to cover up the evidence and I pushed in the whole pile, my steaming poop landing in the hole first. With the filling of the hole disturbing the air I got the first waft of the poop that I created and I was honestly a conventionally shit smell and not at all one of the worst to my nose. I then went to some nearby snow and made sure to clean my hands which it did rather completly. I then went up the hill which was honestly harder than before and ran back home. The feeling of exaustion running back was canceled out by the satisfaction of releiving myself.

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