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more stories as promised! U have to have more experiences and sightings!
The next accidents I can remember, were in the sixth grade. Where I live Jr. High School is grades 6,7, & 8. Well when I got into the sixth grade, my mother explained to me that I was now a big girl, in big girl school, and that big girls have to eat a "big girl breakfast." My mothers idea of a big girl breakfast was cereal (which wasn't bad, I like cereal), but cereal with milk. Which caused me a bad stomach ache, and most of the time a "desperate need for a poop," then I didn't know why, but now I do. Anyway, getting back to my story, I would usually have a stomach ache on the bus, and then ask to be excused immediately from my first class. However, a few times, I had problems like I developed bad cramps on the bus, and just could not hold out until I got to school, or I would walk out to the bus stop, and feel an urgent need to go, and just couldn't get home, etc… Well one day I can remember was exceptionally bad, when I got to school I could feel my stomach rumbling, and fingered It was time to go to the bathroom, before I had an accident. So I hurried off to the bathroom, and when I got there, it was locked! It seemed that first thing in the morning they have the bathrooms lock. So, I waited there for about 5 minutes, when I felt a squirt into my panties, then another. Now I had just gotten control of myself, when the Janitor came, she open the door and I ran in. The bad part was, in running in, I loosened my grip and messed myself like a baby, the one saving grace was I was wearing a really short skirt which I was able to lift up before I completely soiled my panties. I took off my soiled panties, and threw the in the garbage can, and left the bathroom, I was completely fine the rest of the day, except I had to be sooo careful when I sat down and stood up to avoid revealing anything, if u know what I mean! The second related accident I can remember, was about a month later, the cramps started on the bus, and I mean they were bad! I thought I was going to shit myself right there, but I held my guts, and the urge subsided. That is until I stood up to get off the bus, when I stood up I felt like my gut collapsed, I could feel a squirt of poop go into my panties, and I knew I was in trouble. I got off the buss and ran for about 20 steps, when I felt an even bigger squirt go into my panties, but it was too late now, the damage was done, I just stood there while everyone was walking around me, and allowed my bowels to explode into my panties. I quickly ran into the school and found the bathroom, and ran in (thank god it was open), I quickly undid my pants (before I even got into the stall) and I began to survey the damage, right after I did this, I felt another rumble, and I let out about 3 minutes of diarrhea right there onto the floor, it splattered all over the walls, all over the stall doors, all over the ceiling. I was mortified, I quickly ran into the stall, and took off my panties, they were gross completely soaked in poop, and filled with a liquid mushy poop. I threw them into the toilet, and wiped my little bum, and ran out of the bathroom. I got to my first period class, and everything was going fine, I was a little uncomfortable, because I was rubbing right up against my jeans (no panty barrier), anyway, I was doing fine until about second period, when I felt a little rumble. I realized that I would probably have to go again, and that I should hurry up, because if I did have an accident it would stain right through my jeans. Well, I raised my hand to ask permission, and my teacher told me that I had to wait until the girl who was out, came back. After five minutes the girl who went to the bathroom, still wasn't back, I was beginning to get nervous. My ???? gave another rumble, and I decided that I should either get to the bathroom soon, or I would be in deep shit (no pun intended). So I asked to go to the bathroom, this time saying that it was an emergency, my teacher let me leave, and she gave permission. I got up and walked to the door, quickly opening and closing it. I began to walk towards the bathrooms, I took a few steps, when I felt a squirt of diarrhea fly into my jeans, I knew I was in trouble now, because that was probably staining my jeans, I quickly clamped down on my but muscle, and walked slowly to the bathroom. When I got there, the girl from my class was standing in the middle of the bathroom crying. It didn't take me very long to figure out what the problem was. This bathroom only had two stalls, and one was out of order [because of me, I shouldn't have flushed (or tried to flush) my soiled panties earlier that morning]. Well my friend was just standing there crying because since there was no open stall, she pooped in her panties, and trust me there was a lot, it was all over the back of her white skirt and dripping down her legs. Well, I began to realize that either I pull down my pants and go on the floor, or I am in deep shit (no pun intended), and stood there for a second, and thought about what I would do, when I felt another squirt of diarrhea fly into my already soiled jeans. I quickly pulled down my pants, and "waddled" over to the sink, I some how straddled the sink, and used it as a toilet. Thank god it was all liquid poop, and did it ever come out. Wow, it was so forceful that if reflected off the sick bottom, and splattered my bottom, and the mirror above the sink. I saw the girl leave the stall, and probably go back to her class, and my first instinct was to quickly grab her stall, but I was still going with quit a force. After about 2 minutes the force let up, and I quickly "leaped" into the stall, and continued there. After about 5 minutes in the stall (pooping and cleaning myself up) I calmly walked back to class, when I got there, one of the boys must have been looking at my bum, when I walked into the class, because as soon as I sat down, the whole class started chanting "Blakey shit her pants, Blakey shit her pants." But I just said that I had fallen into some mud that morning, and that it was no big deal, and after about 3 "chants" they backed off. That is until my friend came up from the nurse, with a completely soiled bottom.

One of my favorite sports to play is soccer, I remember one hot day in June, it must have been close to 99 degrees that day, and we had two games one after the other. In the middle of the two games, our coach bought us all milk shakes. Well needles to say in the first quarter of the second game my ???? was beginning to send me a warning, either I find a bathroom soon, or I mess my pants. Well some way I was able to "hold out," until half time when we were all back in our team room, the coach was giving us strategies when I felt the need again, I quickly got up, and walked to the "bathroom section" of the locker room. As I have already said, when I consume dairy products I have severe diarrhea, and loud loose farts. Anyway, getting back to the story. I went to the bathroom part of the bathroom part of the locker room, and since it was a female locker room, there were only stalls, four or five. I opened the first stall I could get to, and quickly "yanked" down my shorts and panties in one quick pull, lucky for me I guess because the second I did that this huge, loud, fart flew out accompanied by a massive flow of poop, and because it started before I could get onto the toilet. I just sat there as I went though wave, after wave of a loud fart, then LOUD diarrhea. When I finally finished I wiped my bottom, and walked out to hear the end of the coach's strategies. After the strategies, all of the other girls were telling me how I took anything but a lady like shit, in fact they could hear me farting and shitting and they thought I was an animal. I just shrugged it off, and said to them that this was nothing, I have had monster accidents in my pants. (Don't worry, when I get some more time, I will definitely type up some of those). Anyway, back to my story. About half-way into the second half my stomach started to rumble, I just ignored it, and continued to play. Well about 5 minutes later, I stopped a ball with my stomach, and I felt a squirt go into my panties, then another, but I got control. And only minor damage. I continued to play the game, until the end. At the end of the game, we were all in the locker room hearing about what we did "right and wrong" when I felt the urge to go again, I got up and headed towards the bathroom, when my coach stopped me and told me should would not be talking much longer and that I should wait for her to finish talking before I go. Well anyway, she talked for about another 20 minutes, and by this time I really thought I was going to loose it. When she was finished I quickly walked to the bathroom, but everyone else beat me, they had to pee really bad, and I had to wait b/c I was last on line. Anyway, the pressure got to much, and I let out four or five more squirts, and then I completely messed my pants, and the floor as well, I was so embarrassed that I never played on that team again! I have had tons of more experiences, but I will write them later. Has anyone else had accidents like these???