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I guess I was kind of strange about the little boys room.I have always had to only twice a day so I didn't visit much. I remember the first time I decided to take a crap at school in nursery school. I went and sat down in the classroom bathroom. There were three stalls facing a window that I think you could see out of. Anyway I was parked there on the can and passed a log and one of the teachers came in. Apparently they had counted and found me missing. I remember going home and telling my mother. I think she scolded my for not cleaning myself well.

In kindergarden I remember having to pee really bad and going into the bathroom and getting as far as getting my pants down before having an accident on the floor. I remember telling my father I had an accident and then having to explain that it happened in the middle of the floor.

Also in kindergarten I remember doing some pointless childhood activity where you had to put both hands above your head we all did and when one little girl did she let loose and peed on the floor. I also remember that the bathroom floor was always sticky. The teacher even complained about something to the effect the fact that people were peeing on the floor again.

First grade I remember not knowing how to use a the fly on my overalls and having to drop my pants to pee and getting ridiculed. I wised up and went into the stall. People resorted to looking under the stall for their ridicule session.

Second grade I remember one kid filling the toilet while a bunch of us stood outside the stall and watched through the cracks.

Third grade I remember taking a crap on the seat just because I could.

Fourth or fifth grade Someone got really sick and had diarrhea all over the seat, the wall, and the floor. God help who ever managed that one. It covered so much of the wall that it could have passed for a half finished stucco job. Being the average 10-13 year olds the mess attracted a sizable crowd.

Sixth grade Someone not only tried to take a dump in a urinal but missed and hit the side (see the above responses except no crowd gathered.) I was also changing for gym once when this kid comes in and has a seat. He strikes up a conversation while he is plopping away. No stall doors or anything!

Seventh grade I had mistakenly eaten some sausage that at the time for some reason I could not eat. In the car half way to school I felt a bubble exit and knew I had to go. I couldn't get out and had to hold it. After arriving at school I headed to the mens room and into the only stall with a door in that building. I felt much better after leaving. Freshman year of highschool. I was on the train the day after drinking a cup of coffee for constipation the day before. The mass transit system here is absolute rubbish and in the longest stretch and slowest stretch between stations I felt the need to go yesterday. The train finally reached my stop (the last one downtown) and I got off and used the public toilet in one of the nearby government buildings. Several times after that I ended up doing the same thing except these were not coffee related. Eventually, due to the homeless problem the government stopped opening the washroom before the nearby restaurants. I found that out one morning and was forced to walk across the street to an office building, ask the security guard where the toilet was. For the rest of high school I got lucky.