Do any women have any stories about being walked in on while you are on the toilet?

I like to hear, see, and talk to women who are on the toilet. A fun thing for me to do is to walk in on a woman who has not locked the door, then make conversation with her. If the door is locked, it is fun to knock and listen for them to yell through the door. It's such a rush.


I've got to run so I'll make this quick...I've never pooped in my panties since I was a kid. As far as I can remember I've never even come close, so while my peeing accidents are legion, they've never ended up with me pooping myself. No idea why or why not, guess its the way I'm 'piped.'

More Soon.

I mentioned in a recent post that I have hemerrhoids. Most of the time they do not trouble me, but just occasionally, they remind me of their existence. I had a problem at the swimmimg pool the other week. Although I had already pooped that day, I got the message that I neeeded to go again. I adjourned to the only shitting stall in the men's toilets and pulled down my swim trunks and sat down. There was a great blast of gas and several small soft turds were violently ejected from my arse-hole. I remained sitting to see if there was more, and when I looked again, I could not see, because the water was bright red from those old 'rhoids of mine. Very tiresome. Fortunately, I am not squeamish at the sight of blood. I suppose if I were a woman, I would be used to the siught of blood in the toilet.

I have been reading with great interest the posts from women about peeing outdoors. It must be difficult for them to aim properly with the restriction of needing to squat down and not being able to open their legs properly. Men of course do not have that problem, and one of the great pleasures for me of peeing in the open air is What shall I direct the spray on next?

I note that like myself, several former contributors to the Daily Dump (I will not put myself to the hassle of giving you the URL, because it is no longer worth visiting) have moved to this page, which is a nice hygienic, therapeutic and enjoyable page, where bowels and bladder are happily discussed. Long may it stay that way. Greetings, Jill and WetSuit!

Help Me! I am trying to understand my infatuation with talking about my bathroom experiences, especially those related to going #2. Obviosuly there are many of us who enjoy this topic, but others are not so keen. I am seeing another guy and I have told him I want to watch him go #2. He lets me, but is a little uneasy. He is trying to be considerate to my needs, which is great. However, I am confused! Why am I in to this? Why do I want to discuss his bowel movements? Why do I want to watch him go, etc. etc. Can anyone try to explain this to me? Please! I really enjoy all aspects of going #2 and am not shy about it, but many people are, so I am different. I appreciate any thoughts or comments!

Once, before a dance, I had been constipated for a few days and was bloated. I didn't want to look gross in my dress so I took a strong laxative that said it would work overnight. It didn't. The next day, during gym class, I knew it was working. I asked my teacher if I could go to the bathroom, but he wouldn't let me even though I said it was an emergency. We were playing tennis, and as I went to hit the ball, I burst into my gym shorts. My teacher made me go to the nurse, and the nurse made me go home, because there was a stomach flu going around and she thought I had it. My mom came to get me, and I didn't want her to know that I'd taken a laxative, so I told her I had the flu. I had diarrhea all night, and she wouldn't let me go to school the next day, the day of the dance. I ended up missing the dance all because I wanted to look good in my dress. My date found out about my accident and called me to ask if I was okay. I thought it was sweet of him until he asked if it would be okay if he went with someone else. I said okay, but I wished that I had had the flu and had given it to him.

One night, my boyfriend took me out to an Irish restaurant and pub. I had lamb stew and three beers. The stew was soooo good I ate all of it. Well, my t??y is not used to eating such rich food, and the next day, while I was at work, my stomach started making noise. I ran to the bathroom and had a huge, loose, wet, nasty smelling dump. The bathroom smellled terrible. I still wasn't feeling too good, so I was going to take a half day off and go home to rest. I was getting my stuff together when my boss stopped by and told me to be in his office in ten minutes. I had to stop in the bathroom again for another burst of diarrhea. I felt horrible, and had severe cramps. I went to his office and told him I was going home sick. He told me to stay for the meeting and then I could leave. My other co-workers came in and sat down. As my boss discussed a big account coming up, I felt another wave of cramps. I could feel the poop coming, and tried to hold it in. As we stood up to leave, the poop gushed out filling my panties with a loud wet juicy fart. I had on a tan skirt and everyone saw. As I ran to the bathroom, I let out three more big squirts of shit. I was so upset that my bladder burst too. It took me half an hour to clean up, and I had loose, frequent bowel movements for a week. I missed another day of work because I was so afraid of having another accident. That's the last time I'll eat so much!

Francine, Please post some of your stories here! And if your could post the address to your other stories. It really does make me feel better to know that I am not the only one! Have u ever had an accident when u began to pee (or poop) your pants, by accident, and become so embarrassed, that u did the other as well?

To Everone Posting Here:

Please do the survey that this site has provided. I did it a long time ago and would like to see the results. Apparently 100s of people look at it but hardly anybody does it so there aren't enough results to publish here. Women in particular should do it.

Sugestion taken. We have found by watching the time stamps on the survey responses that many people bookmark the survey and return later to finish. Most of the incomplete responses fall in the 26+ age group and are filled out down to the part where bodily functions are mentioned. Completely empty responses are usualy from those passing quickly through.

To Blake: By all means type up the rest of your accidents. The embarrassment of pooping your pants in public is easier to deal with if you know that it has happened to others. It has happened to me a few times. I'm not lactose intolerant, but I just can't seem to wait for a real long time. If I get stranded somewhere inconvenient and experience a sudden strong urge to poop I can be in serious danger of pooping my pants. I will try to get time to tell some of the times I messed my pants. I posted some stories elsewhere on the web some time ago. Just realize, Blake, that you are not the only one. It's just something most people won't talk about or admit, especially men. It seems women are more ready to admit having had these embarrassing experiences than men. At least I have seen more stories on the net. It could also be that it happens to women more often. Don't be ashamed of your problem.

Wow - what a great page! And no one is flaming anybody that I can see. I used to be a regular at Bianca's then got out of the poop scene for awhile, but am back in it some now, as time permits.

I am a bit disappointed in my ability to dump a nice load. It often breaks up, and is very soft. I did have a nice b.m. last week, it was about 10 inches long and almost an inch thick. That is my best in some time. I have never poo'd my pants, but did wet the bed once. I love to hear women describe their dump.

Thanks all,



I understand what u mean, about it being easier to "deal" with your accidents when u hear about someone else's'. I have had a lot more accidents that I posted, and I am working on typing some of them up for this forum. Although most of my accidents do have to do with pooping, I do have some where I begin to pee, and get embarrassed, and begin to poop my panties, has anything like this ever happened to u?

Has anyone here either began to pee (or poop) their pants, by accident, and become so embarrassed, they do the other as well?

Thanks for listening!

I just read your description of your accidents. While I've never pooped my panties or pants, hearing about another girl who seems to have had as many accidents as I have (peeing in my pants) is somewhat releaving (pun indended).


Yesterday I went to the outhouse-toilet at a sports ground. It was occupied. But after waiting for a few minutes our coach came out. When I was in there I looked down the hole and saw what she had done.A long thick brown thing was topping the pile. Fun to have seen the poop of an adult woman that I know!

Pooping (and peeing) anecdotes - As promised

I just read Linda's scoccer peeing accident story, so I'm obviously not the only one who has peeing accidents, not that I thought I was.

Last time I wrote I told about the first major peeing accident I had in jr.high school when I wet my shorts on the yard. The next one was at the end of the school year. I was pretty well developed for my age, and looked older, which I liked. I often was mistaken for being 16 or so. I sometimes would wear pretty short dresses or skirts, and liked the attention I would get. This one day, a classic I think, I was on the bus (school bus) going home. I knew I had to pee but was running late. Normally the bus ride took about 20 minutes, but with traffic and whatever it was more like 35. The last ten minutes were awful, and I kept bouncing in my seat, crossing and uncrossing my legs, and finally in desperation, held myself through my dress, which was light blue.

I remember this boy I liked was sitting next to me, knowing that I had to pee real bad and I was pretty embarassed, but had no choice. I was probably 5 minutes or less from my stop, at this point just wanting to be able not to have an accident on the bus. Alan, the boy's name, was actually sort of concerned for me, and kept asking if I was OK, and finally I said, "No, I'm dying to pee...I can't wait and I don't think I can hold it anymore." A couple of other kids were looking at me from across the asile and in back of me, but at this point I was too desperate to care.

Holding myself I felt a spurt and then a larger one, and I gasped, holding myself tighter, and then another one. I bent forward, but that only made me loose a little more. I felt my tush getting wet, and realized I would have a very wet dress on, if it wasn't already wet. I didn't know what to do but in a moment of not thinking I pulled the backside of my dress up over my panties but in doing that I pulled the front up too (it was a pretty short dress).

Alan now gasped, seeing my panties, and I'm sure my pretty wet panties. I rememebr them well: cute white ones with lace on the leg and a bow in the front. Innocent....and wet. I grabbed myself again, but another few spurts came out. Alan was not lost loooking at me, and I realized other kids were, too. It was just about my stop, and I was sure I'd keep peeing when I stood up. I stood up anyway, to laughs and looks and comments like, "Keleigh's wetting her panties..."

I walked to the door, feeling pee running slowly down my thighs,holding my books. Walking up the asile (I was, thankfully, pretty close to the front) I kept dribbling, and dashed out the door.

On the sidewalk, a few blocks from my house, my bladder totally collapse,a nd I began to completely soak myself. I just stood there was the bus pulled away, my legs slightly spread and peed in my panties. My shoes were wet, my legs soaked, and I realized the front of my dress was now very wet. I automatically felt the backside, to realize with a 13 year old horrow, that having peed on the seat kept the back of my dress up over my panites...and my panties were very wet. (When I got home I also realized that they were transparent and pretty yellowed, too). I ran home, having finished peeing, thankfully to an empty house. I clean up and changed, feeling at once better and very humiliated.

At school I was of course teased, but also learned that a couple of other girls had had similar experiences in one way or another.

So that was my second accident, both in school.
I guess it makes me feel better, even now, knowing that there are others who've had the same type of experience.

story: As a sufferer of lactose intolerance, I have had many accidents in many places. It helps to hear about other's bathroom problems and accidents.

Once my husband and I decided to go camping in the woods I drank a huge milkshake from a fast food place on the way up there. This was before I knew that I was lactose intolerant. We got to the campsite in a secluded place with no bathrooms and only a water pump for washing. As we were setting up the campsite, I started to get cramps. That's funny, I thought to myself, it's not my time of the month. After a few seconds, I realized what the cramps meant. I ran off into the woods leaving my husband looking surprised. I found a clear spot and had massive amounts of wet diarrhea for about five minnutes when my husband found me. I heard him coming so i quickly wiped myself and stood up to meet him. He asked me if I was okay and I told him that I was fine. I didn't want to ruin his trip. Later that evening, I was back in the bushes and he knew something was wrong. He walked up behind me, and although I was upset, he seemed turned on. I was still running, but he hugged me, and we then had great sex in the bushes and washed each other off in the pump. Every now and then, he feeds me ice cream just so I'll get sick. It seems sort of strange, but trust me, it's wonderful.

I play soccer for the local women's college team, and have this experience to relate that happened to me last fall (1996). It was unusually warm for a mid- October afternoon, and to deal with the heat, I drank large amounts of water to combat the heat and dehydration that was sure to occur. Unfortunately, shortly after the start of the second half, I realized that this also had the undesirable consequence of causing me to need to pee rather urgently, which was kind of inconvenient, as I was slated to play the entire second half. Anyway, to make a long story short, I had a big accident, wetting myself during the second half. I peed in my green nylon soccer shorts, which was rather obvious to all as the crotch and seat of my nylon britches were soaked, showing a large, wet stain that was visible to all. Needless to say, I was selected as our team's MVP because I WET MY PANTS!

I was in a Radio shack when the manager confided to me that she needed to go take a pee. I said I would watch the store. I also listened. She gave a relief sigh and then tinkled away. I love hearing and would love to watch but those experiences are few and far.

The few times I have had to relieve myself outdoor I have always gone into the bushes. I guess because I would not like anyone to see me squatting, especially when having a BM. I don't know why but I should not like anyone to see my poop, but I still find it a bit thrilling to see the poop of others.

Anecdotes (as promised)
Too big to fit. More later.

The worst wedding ever
A few months ago, I was at my cousin's wedding. At the reception, they served shrimp cocktail. I thought that it tasted funny, but I didn't really think about it. Later that evening, while I was dancing, my stomach started to gurgle. I didn't want to leave, so I waited until the song was over. My bowels were about to explode. I had the worst cramps. I hurried to the bathroom and thankfully, there was an open stall. I sat down and my bowels absolutely burst. I had horrible diarrhea. I had been in the bathroom for almost twenty minutes when I heard someone else come in and go into the stall next to me. They sounded like they had had the shrimp also. By this time, I was pretty weak and I just wanted to go back to the hotel. My bowels had finally stopped so I left the bathroom. It was pretty late, and many people had already left, so I just told everyone that I was tired. As I was leaving the banquet hall, my stomach started to rumble again, so I hurried to the elevators. Unfortunately, we were in an old hotel and I had to go all the way to the lobby and switch elevators in order to get to my room. I got into the other elevator along with a young couple and I knew that I couldn't hold it. I was wearing a pale purple dress and thankfully, my pantyhose held the poop in. It squished up and started to run down my legs. Unfortunately, this load came with a loud, wet, fart. I was mortified. The couple stared at me as the elevator started to smell. I got off and ran to my room. My pantyhose and silk panties were ruined. I spent almost the whole night in the bathroom on the toilet counting the flowers on the walpaper and wishing I hadn't eaten the shrimp.When I finally lay dowm to rest, I was awakened after an hour by my bowels.My flight the next day wasn't until three, so I thought that I would be better. At about ten in the morning, I hadn't been to the bathroom inalmost three hour and I was feeling weak, so I ordered toast and coffee. BIG mistake. By eleven, I was back in the bathroom. I had to leave at one thirty for my plane, and I still had to say goodbye to all my relatives. We were all driving to the airport together. I ended up in a limo with my uncle, aunt, and five year old cousin. We had to stop twice so I could use the bathroom. I told them that I had drank too much coffee. When we got to the airport, we almost had to run to the plane and my bowels were about to start running also. Luckily, I got a seat near the bathroom, although once, during some turbluence, I just barely made it. The stewardess brought me extra barf bags. She obviously didn't have a clue what was going on. This was one of my worst food poisoning experiences ever, and next time, I won't eat the shrimp

Re: Cat Chaser
To keep from clogging up the forum with requests we will post the info here when and if we get it.

My grandma and I were sittin around tellin' ghost stories, when all of a sudden, we both had to go poop. We had to go really bad so we took turns since we only had one toilet, I took off my pants and underwear, and she did the same, and then I went, stopped, she went, stopped, I went, stopped, and this went on and on until we were both done. I'll never forget that memorable day with my Grandma.


To Gary - Most women back up to the tree and lean their butts against it. Sorry to assume everyone knew that.

To Sheila - It's good to see you like peeing outdoors. Definitely makes life easier, often better than finding a bathroom and can be fun. Do you just squat anywhere (like next to the car) or do you feel more comfortable seeking out a special place (woods, bushes)? The book I mentioned is available locally in a book store ($10 maybe), and is very good. I think its availability is somewhat limited, but I could find one if you need it. It is fairly common to pee outside I think, both for men and women. The men and women I know don't seem to mind being observed, so long as those watching are relieving themselves as well (even if opposite sex is watching). We (2 girls, 2 guys) stopped at a rest area and peed on the ground in the company of one another. It was no big deal. I guess seeking relief goes beyond the fear of being observed.

I have never had a very strong bladder and amongst my friends am always the first to need to find a rest-room. But my biggest embarrassing accident happened at work. I was taking notes at a board meeting which went on and on. There were both men and women at the meeting and most of them excused themselves at sometime presumably to go to the bathroom. As I was taking notes I was unable to leave and my need to pee got worse and worse. I was just about to ask if someone could take over my note taking while I went to the ladies room when I was asked to review some of my notes. I was half way through reading them back when I got this dreadful immediate urge to pee. I remember gasping and my hand flew to my crotch under the table just as my bladder released its contents all over the seat and floor. I was so embarrassed I ran from the room and went home. I took two weeks off work after that before I had the courage to reappear. Nobody ever mentioned what had happened to me, although at future board meetings there were regular pee breaks.

I love it when women think noone is around and leave the door open while they piss. You can sometimes see them without them noticing you. If they do notice you, they either close the door out of embarrassment or sit and talk to you. I like the latter. it is such a rush to see and talk to a woman while she pees.

To Kim - I would like to have som more information an Kathleen Meyer's book. Price, where to order it? To Gary - The few times I have done it outdoor I back up to some a tree or a stone or something. I would not like anyone to walk in on me from behind. Further down the page I asked how common it was to go to toilet outdoor. I think I have come a bit closer to an answer. I guess it varies from country to country. I have now lived in Scandinavia for some months and here it seems like it is very common. Some days ago we were four friends together on a car-trip. At least we all had to pee outdoor several times and one of the others was at one occation so keen to get hold of some paper that I think she also had to poop. It may sound a bit mad, but I think I like it. It makes life more easy. I still wonder how common is it around the civilized world to go to toilet outdoor?

Joe B.
Recently, while I was traveling, I had only one small BM in about six days. Normally, I take an enema long before I get to this point but I had no equipment with me on this trip. While driving, I began feeling so full like I had to poop immediately, but I couldn't. Its a combination of traveling, different food, different routine and not having my own toilet. I had to have relief, so I stopped and bought a Fleet Enema. Usually I take a real two quart soapy enema and repeat it three or four times, but the Fleet was better than no enema at all. About fifteen minutes from the next rest area, I pulled off in a private area, pulled my pants down, bent over on the seat and injected the Fleet Enema. Then I pulled up my pants and drove to the rest area. By that time the cramps and the urge to go were pretty strong. I rushed into the men's room and found an empty stall. I took the time to put paper on the seat, even though the urge was intense. I thought I would have a huge BM the instant I sat down, but nothing happened at all at first, then the liquid from the Fleet ran out. I just couldn't relax and poop on this strange toilet. Finally I did have a relatively huge BM and instantly I felt so much better. The next morning I was at home and had a great BM on my own toilet.

I have for as long as I can remember had a fetish that I have kept to myself about woman having pooping accidents. Well after nine years of marriage my fanatsy has finally been realized.

There is a stomach flu going through our house now that has gone from my kids to me to my wife. She woke up yesterday morning with the feeling that she was coming down with it. She went to work anyway. Towards the early part of the afternoon she decided she had best leave for for home. I got a call from her to my office from her cel phone. She told me she had an accident. My heart jumped because I thought she meant a car accident. She explained that she got a vicious cramp while driving and she could not get off the road fast enough thus filling her panties. Knowing she was still about a half hour from home I raced home to meet her there. I told her I wanted to help her out. I got there before she came home and I couldn't believe what I saw. Her lime green dress had a huge brown wet puddle. There was brown liquid running down her white panty hose down into her shoes and her panties had also overflowed the top and the bottom of her blouse was soiled as well. Fortunately my wife! is short and sits on a cushion when she drives so the seat was protected.

She was in tears and very embarrased, I told her it was okay and told her about the one time that I had an accident to try to convince her that these things do happen. It was very painful because I got a huge hardon seeing her in this condition. As she is so embarrased by the accident I will not tell her how it aroused me.

The first time I wet my pants in adulthood I was in graduate school at the University of Illinois and was out drinking with a buddy from my department. I suppose the beer had lowered my inhibitions somewhat, but I had been in lots of other drinking situations -- bars, parties, picnics -- without wetting myself. I think what tipped the scale was a subtle change in attitude whereby I had been enjoying fuller autonomy and looking at situations in a fairly cool, rational way instead of reacting automatically according to old rules. Anyway, for whatever reasons, it happened like this.

I had already gone to the john once or twice while we were taking turns buying pitchers, and the pressure was mounting again when my buddy excused himself to go pee. I stayed seated at the long wooden table with my back to the wall, watching over our drinks while he was in the john. Without forethought and without feeling that I was doing anything particularly significant, I relaxed during one wave of pressure and let a little out in my briefs and jeans. It happened as thoughtlessly as if I had merely shifted my position a little for comfort. In a second, as I felt the warmth spread around my balls, I realized what I had done, but it didn't feel bad and I felt no embarrassment. The bar was dimly lighted, it was one of the campus spots where lots of stuff gets spilled on the floor, and I saw no reason at all to hold on, nor any harm at all in letting go. So even as my buddy was returning and reseating himself on the bench opposite me, with his back to the crowd, I was relaxing and letting go, soaking my jeans and making a puddle under the table.

It was a warm night, and I felt no discomfort as we walked across campus toward the house where I was rooming. My jeans were so uniformly wet, front and back, that probably no one noticed. I recall that as the two of us waited for a light at one intersection, I felt a little pressure again and made no attempt to hold it, since I was already wet. As the warm stream ran down my leg into my sock and shoe, I felt perfectly relaxed.

That night was several years ago, and since then I've gone ahead and wet my pants on a number of occasions when I saw no reason not to and no harm in letting go -- outdoor situations mainly, often nocturnal, although sometimes I do it in the daytime in my backyard if I'm doing lawn work or reading. I still abide by all of the social conventions as appropriate, but letting go when circumstances permit gives me a placid sense of freedom from irrational restraints. It's easy to shower afterwards and launder my wet things. I suppose I would let solid waste out in my pants, too, if it weren't for the mess and damage and the horrible odor.

Can anyone tell me info on the band Cat Chaser? Someone else posted a short blurb on them, but I wanted to find out a little more. Any info appreciated.

Re: Cat Chaser. I used to hang with these folks at 'The Crypt' They always had girls around who would just wet their pants. The band is from Hamilton, Ontario. Their music deals a lot with 'wetty' girls. The girls in the band are all into wetting their pants. Great music too, very Gothic.

Re: Kim

Obviously, "NOT EVERYONE KNOWS...." As a man who has not had the outdoor expeiences with women peeing in the woods, when you use method (1) do you face the tree, or back up to it? What about you clothing? doesn't the pee end up in your knickers?

Just wondering - probably a few others are too.

WALK-IN (continued)
My favorite place to walk in on women peeing is a coed bathroom. I saw one woman who didn't close the stall door all the way and before I opened the door on her, I stared at her naked tush as it hovered above the seat.

A friend turned me onto this site...What can I say? Interesting, a little bit weird, somewhat exciting, but definately relevant to me. And reading about other people's experiences makes me feel a little less strange.

You see, I've had so many originally embarassing 'gotta go now' expereinces that I could fill up this whole page if I had the time, which I don't, but throught I'd leave my little contribution.

Ever since I was in jr. high school I've had a major problem in some circumstnaces with holding my pee...never a pooping problem, by the way. Anyway, as a kid I sometimes had accidents, but not too many, and only when I was really nervous or laughed a lot, and a few times like on car trips when I jus waited too long. But when I was about 13 or so it changed. It seemed that I'd have to pee really suddenly, and sometimes so badly that I'd end up dribbling as I would run to the nearest toilet. Some days I felt my panties were almost always wet or drying, it would happen a few times a day. Usually it would be dribbles and spurts, and mostly no one would know...although when I'd wear skirts there were a few times I realized a boy could see up my dress and would tease me about not only looking at my panties but having wet panties. That was embarassing, and word got around my school that "Keleigh has wet panties....". I hated that. But it didn't happen very much and I became very ca! reful about how I sat down.

Anyway, all this seem tame compared to my first real major accident when I totally wet myself uncontrollably. I'll tell this story, and then save some others if there seems to be interest.

It was a warm fall day in 8th grade, and I was in the yard. I remember I was wearing tan shorts and sandals. I don't remember what started it but someone told a really funny joke. I was with a whole groups of kids, and we all laughed, and I laughed really hard, and then toally lost it. Pee flooded my shorts, legs, sandals and made a puddle all over. I was so surprised I couldn't move, and just stood there soaking my pants, my legs not even closed to try to stop peeing, and completely emptied myself. Kids kept laughing and pointing, and some boys began the "Keleigh's wetting her pants...." and more and more kids came over to look, laugh, etc., and I just kept peeing. I have no idea how long it lasted, it might only have been 20 seconds, but it seemed like forever. I was embarassed, although I didn't cry.

I finally stopped, and a friend of mine took me to the girl's bathroom. I was a mess. She managed to find some gym shorts and shoes in her locker which more or less fit me, and I washed up, put my wet clothes and shoes in a bag, and got to class late. Of course, I was teased, kept being asked about why I had gym clothes on, etc.

One of two nice boys (and more girls) offered sympathy, and I tried to make light of is, "Its nothing...", but it was something, something at the time I hoped would never happen again.

For the next few months I managed to be careful about going to pee even when I thought I didn't have to, and the dribbles decreased somewhat, and I managed to avoid a major accident. That is, until that spring.
More on that some other time.

I am an avid outdoors enthusiast, and spend much of my free time hiking and camping. When I first started doing so, one of my greatest apprehensions was the unavoidable act of relieving myself outdoors. As everyone knows, women have two primary methods of peeing "in the bushes"; namely, (1) leaning your butt against a tree and peeing on the base of the tree, or (2) completely baring your butt and squatting directly above the ground, spraying urine directly onto whatever is below. Of these two methods, I prefer the second because it is not as messy and it gives me the pleasure of choosing exactly what I want to wet. Performing this act enough times has caused me not to fear peeing "in the bushes", but actually to enjoy it. For example, on a recent overnight camping trip to a campground which had portable toilets, I was about to turn in for the evening and, as usual, I wanted to relieve myself beforehand. Instead of using the portable toilet, I've squatted enough ti! mes that I decided to dash into the woods behind the campsite, with toilet paper roll in hand. I came upon a small clearing with a few rocks and vegetation present, which was a perfect place to relieve myself. While thinking to myself that I wanted to avoid the rocks and pee directly on the dirt so I could view the aftermath, I yanked down my shorts, squatted and peed there. Most of the pee soaked into the ground, but the wet spot was quite large. I wiped and, since there is virtually no other option while in the woods, left the toilet paper on the ground. (I try and use biodegradable T.P.) For the remainder of the trip, I relieved myself exclusively in the same woods, at various places, which was far more satisfying (and a bit risque'!) than using the portable toilets.

In case anyone hasn't read it, Kathleen Meyer's book: "How to Shit in the Woods" gives insight into the seldom discussed act of women relieving themselves in the woods. It would be interesting to hear of other women's outdoor peeing experiences, but it seems like not too many responses here come from women.

I was interested to read the post of the person several below about walking in on women. I have always done this, and with the notable exception of my Aunt Lizabeth, always found that the majority percentage of women were actually embarrassed out of all proportion to what happened, when I walked in on them. Ones I have peeped on, when they discovered it had that reaction too. I have seen close to 200 women in different ways.

a guy
Another incident I've seen. I was buying a present for my girlfrien for Valentine's Day at a women's clothing store, the front window of which faced the street, and the counter faced the window. The salegirl had been showing me some camasole tops and panites (I ended up buying one of each, matching). She left to go help another customer while I looked at my choices. I heard some hysterical laugher outside (this is California, and it was a pretty warm day). Two pretty girls (perhaps late teens) were outside the window, laughing. Both stopped. Something was unusual. It took me a couple of seconds to figure it out,and then I realized that one of the girls, her back to me, as totally wetting her tight, light blue jeans.

I couldn't believe it, but she stood there, laughing, sheets of pee pouring from between her legs, and down the insides of her thighs, turning the blue material dark and shiney. I was mesmerized as she continued to laugh and pee. For whatever reason she didn't both to try to stop (didn't look like she was able to), but slowly turned completely around. I was perhaps only 4 feet from her, staring. When she say me, the first time I saw her face, she was beet red. Our eyes met for a second and she kept turning and peeing. A large puddle was forming between her legs and beginning to run to the curb. A few people walked by looking, but not stopping.

I simply stared and stared. Finally, still peeing for all she was worth, she sat down, her back against the window and kept peeing in her pants. By this time the puddle/stream had literally reached the curb...she must have peed gallons, it seemed. I wished I could have seen her face, but when she finished, and still laughing, she stood up.

Pee dribbed down her pants, and her friend was pointing at her pants while taking off her sweater to give to the wet girl. The wet girl's backside was to me, and now her jeans were literally wet to nearly her belt line.

I found myself very turned on at this girl's accident, and at her embarssment in public. A few more people looked at her, and at her puddle.

The wet girl tied the sweater around her waist, covering her backside, but it was totally obviuos she had completely soaked her jeans. They walked away, just as the salegirl came back to realize what had happened outside her window.

That began a conversation about a couple of accidents the salesgirl had seen, and one she had had. But that's another story.

Were you ever in a situation where you were bursting for a pee and a shit at the same time? A couple of months ago I was at drinking session in a nearby town and got the bus home after closing time. I miscalculated my ability to hold on to my piss.

I also got a poor quality pint and as I sat on the bus holding myself between my legs I could feel some abdominal pressure also. I let out a silent but wet fart - the sort that leaves a serious brown stain on your jockeys.

I could feel my stomach heaving and, allied to my urgent desire to piss, I quickly bailed off the bus. I was in a busy part of the town and my only option was to head down a nearby alley. Thre was no cover down there and anybody walking by could see me.

Normally I would be embarrassed about shitting in such an open place, but I had no choice.I made it to about five yards down the alley, unbuttoning my trousers as I went. I yanked them down over my knees, followed by my jockey shorts. I pointed my penis at the ground as I squatted down and let fly from both exit points. I started to pee first: and encounterd serious splash back which dampened the rear of my trousers. Almost immediately a sound crackling sound preceded an exit of soft, loose, foul smelling shit. I could make out a couple of kids laughing and sniggering at me from the entry to the alley. I didn't care.

Once I finished, I stood up. The back of my trousers was very wet from the aforementioned splash back. I had nothing to wipe myself with so I endured a messy walk home with my jockeys rammed into my bum hole. They were already badly stained.

I found the whole experience frightening as I was within seconds of shitting and pissing in my trousers. Has anyone eles ever come this close to having a "multiple accident"?

Listening to women pee turns me on. Yesterday, I listened to a female pee through the closed restroom door. Before she started to pee, I heard a loud fart that echoed in the tiled bathroom.

My most embarrassing accident happened on a coach trip. We had all been drinking and really having a good time and the coach stopped to let the guys pee behind a bush but us girls chose to hang on. I was really desperate when we at last stopped at a fast food restaurant but was about 4 or 5 back in the queue for the rest room. All of a sudden I got this very urgent need to pee and couldn't hold it back and wet myself badly all over the floor in front of my friends. I had to get back on the bus with my jeans totally soaked and I got teased about it for the rest of the day

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