Hey guys, I found some extra time, before I have to leave for my camp job, so I thought I would send in some more of my stories! I was on the phone with my best friend last week, telling her all about this site, when she reminded me about this pizza place we used to hang out in when we were freshmen! (it was right across from the school!) I really didn't have that many accidents at the pizza place, I wonder why because pizza is made with cheese and cheese is made with milk, but the few accidents I did have were massive!

I remember one time, I was there with my best friend (we always went there together, but she isn't lactose intolerant, so she didn't have any problems!) and all that day my stomach had been feeling a bit queasy, an occasional rumble, but no urgent need to go! We sat down (all of the tables were booth) and ordered two slices each, I was half-way through with my second slice, when I felt a rumble, than another, and if I didn't have a half-a-slice left, I probably would have walked to the bathroom, but I wanted to finish my slice, so I just let off a few farts, now normally I don't usually fart (unless I need to poop) and they don't smell, (unless I need a poop, in which case they reek!) anyway, I was sitting there eating, and I was farting, and out of no where my friend tells me that it is starting to smell, I got beat red, and asked her what she meant! She said it smelt like someone was farting, and that it was making her sick! I just told her that I hadn't notice, and she continued to eat, now I was really starting to hurt, this place had two bathroom one for men and one for women, two one person bathrooms! I could see the bathrooms from where we were sitting, and saw the door to the women's room closed, indicating someone was in there! I began to fart again, I let out one, may be two, when I felt a little wet down there, I looked and there was a noticeable wet spot on my shorts, well my friend saw me look down, and looked down her self, and saw the wet spot! Then she started singing "Blake wet her pants, Blake wet her pants" then the boys behind me, turned around, (they were Juniors, really cute) and saw me, they said something like "Ugh, that is sooo childish to wet your pants" Well, I just lost it, and a flood of wet poop flew out, soaking through my cut-offs, and soaking on to the bench! Thank god they didn't hear or see it, it just sounded like some spilled a glass of water, u know that huge swoosh sound, followed by a gurgle! They still didn't notice, but I think they smelt it! Anyway, about 15 minutes later we decided to leave, I stood up and everyone noticed that I had been sitting in a brown pool, and my shorts were stained brown on the bum! When everyone noticed I ran out crying!

The next time I was in there, my stomach hadn't bothered me at all, we went in, ordered our usually two slices each, ate them, and left! Her mom picked us up, and drove us home, when we were half-way to my house, I stomach started to rumble, I began to squirt, when her mom stopped short, and I shit myself royally! Luckily the windows were down and no one heard or smelt anything! It more solid that diarrhea, not very liquidy, and it got all squished together between my bum and my undies, and my but! Well no one noticed, until I stood up to get out of the car, and it just started to run down my legs and onto my drive way, and the car seat! I was soooo embarrassed I just ran into my house crying! Has anyone else ever had any accidents which caused them to cry?

One more time in the pizza place, I don't know how I could have forgotten this the first time, but here goes! Me and my friend walked into the pizza place and each ordered a slice! We were both pretty hungry so I went to the counter and ordered two more slices! As I was standing there waiting for the slices to be ready, my stomach started to rumble, so I looked towards the bathroom, and the door was closed and there were three people on line! Well I just knew I had to wait it out! So I stood there waiting for the slices to be ready when I felt a huge cramp go down my side, and I quickly hoped up on the garbage cans behind me (yanking down my pants in the process) and began to "unload" in to the garbage can, this shit was softer than diarrhea, it was almost like I was peeing through my but! But it just kept coming, after about 5 minutes, I grabbed some napkins, wiped my bum, and ran out! We NEVER went back to that pizza place again, to this day I have been to afraid of what people will think if I ever show my face in that shopping center!

YOu know, I just don't get it! I thought for sure todays crap would be a monstrous wonderful one! I ate so much yesterday and I ate a lot of fruit and curry for dinner. Then late that night I ate half a package fig newtons. Former experience has told me that Figs are nature laxitive! Anyhow... I woke up this morning with the farts. I felt like it was going to be a morning shit. I had 2 cocoa puffs about 1000am and that started everything. However I didn't get a chance to get to the bathroom when the urge was very obvious. Just before lunch I went into the bathrooom to piss but decided to try to shit as I felt a little urge. I sat down and gave a big push. It was like yesterdays! A huge monstrous bexplosion of gas and one tiny little turd. How odd. After lunch I had to go pick my car up from the service ddepartment near the airport. After I got home I tried to shit again. Yet again, only a tiny piece of doodoo. I just got out of the bathroom from trying to ! shit again and a shower. I just can't understand! I hate it when this happens. I even tried squating on the toilet to get things moving. ONly some farts and a little piece. Perhaps tomorrow my shit session will be a better one. Hope so!

By the way... how come there were no new posts today (Wednesday)? I look forward to new posts everyday!

Rapidly declining redership is a problem. Just wait though, we won't give up that easily...

Well, this morning I pushed another fine restaurant dinner through my anus and into the toilet stool. It was a nice steak, too. Made a thick bowl curler this am with a few pieces of salad visible in it. The turd emerged slowly from behind my ballsack and took it's sweet time about leaving me. I wonder if chefs ever think about the fact that much of their work is going to end up coming out of someone's asshole.

Anyone with any good stories about seeing unsuspecting guys take a dump?

Great post Keith! My daughter just informed me that she poops twice a day! And does some big monster logs. However, since school has been out her logs are smaller and softer. I guess that school food was making her have monster dumps, but I will monitor the situation.

I took a big dump yesterday, it was a two day saveup dump. It was about 18 inches long, with the longest piece being 8 or 9 inches, tapered on one end. The smell was pleasant, and it did not take a lot of wiping. One of my best dumps in a long while. I am proud to have produced such a wonderful load.


Reading your taxi story reminded me in high school I once began to wet my pants (actually, panties and dress) in a taxi, similarly caught in traffic. I was in the back seat witha girlfriend in New York City, on a hot summer day, and had to go so badly I was jumping around and holding myself. Finally I felt myself really leaking, asked the driver to stop, and just jumped outside between two parked cars as I felt the dam burst. I just stood there soaking my legs and shoes (and panites) trying not to get my dress wetter than it was. Boy, did I pee. A large puddle at my feet and people on the sidewalk, to say nothing of the driver, staring at me. I was really embarassed.

I have no idea if the taxi driver ever saw other accidents, but he certainly saw mine. Judy

I was shopping in Meijer's Department Store for picture frames when all of a sudden...I HAD TO POOP! I rushed off to the mens room and went into the furthest stall. I pulled down my shorts and underwear and sat down. FFFFFT! SPPPLT! PLOP! What a relief. I felt so good after that. I was finally finished and reach for the toilet paper and it was not there. "Damn! What am I gonna do, now?" I thought. My plan was simple. When the mens' room was empty, I was making a mad dash to the next stall over and wipe my butt. It took forever for the mens' room to empty. guys kept coming in and out. As I was waiting, I thought,"What if there is no toilet paper in the other stall?" I would realy be screwed then because there were no paper towels; just the hand dryers. Would I have to sneak into the womens' room? How about pulling my pants up and buying toilet paper in the grocery department, then returning to the john and wiping? Well... the coast was finally clear and I was able to ! wipe butt in the neighboring stall. on my way out, I noticed a baby changing station. Inside it were baby wipes. So, if it all boiled down to no toilet paper, I could used that.

Visited Belgium for a a short weekend trip with friends. The boat crossing over the English Channel lasts about one and a half hours, just time for a meal and a dump. I visited the men's room, which was clean and spacious and did my business. There were quite a lot of noisy farts as gas escaped in between the turds. There was quite a lot of shit to eliminate, as Belgium is the land of gourmet food, and we had eaten very well several times. What disappoints me about modern boats is that you no longer contribute to marine pollution. Those turds of mine would end up in a tank, and eventually in a sewer. It would have been lovely to think of them going straight into the water and eventually being washed up on a French (or even an English) beach. It would have been lovely too to have watched a trail of TP floating behind the boat. But modern marine hygiene no longer allows us these pleasures!

Too bad you can't attract more women to write about their outdoor peeing stories. I don't think I'm wierd, but there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing women pee outdoors, especially when hiking/camping or just any time really. They shouldn't be shy, since it is completely natural and most men enjoy urinating outside as well.

Today is Monday and I havent seen any new posts for a few days... anyhow. I had been constipated from Thursday morning until yesterday after lunch, the glorious day!! That morning I woke up with the farts. MOst of them were silent but violents, but quite a few were rippers! Aftr lunch I felt the urge building. I went in to the bathroom downstairs and sat down. A few secons later my anus opened and out came a huge load of soft light brown shit. It wasn't diarhea, but it was a little soft. I filled up the toilet pretty fast. Wiping was not too bad, but flushing it all down was a pain. It took at few flushes. The smell was horrendous. I felt so much better!! I still had gas most of the day. That night I went to the movies after dinner and I think dinner started to make things start to move again. Throught the whole movie I had to hold in my farts! Needless to say in the restroom while performing my obligatory massibe pee after a movie I let out some really lo! ng farts. :Ater that night I took a small dump of 2 small pieces before I got into the shower before bed. The farts continued throughout the night.

I just got out of the bathroom with todays relieving shit. It was the kind of shit that was so good, it makes your eyes water while unloading. After lunch I left work to go home so on the freeway the urge started building. I ripped a few farts and had to put the window down a few times to get some fresh air. I got the sports section of the paper and went into the crapper. This timee I was upstairs. I sat down and immediately the poop started to come. The first turd was about a foot long bbut it got bend when it hit the bowl. I then farted, which prompted a push of about 4 other 5 inchers. As I sat there and read about the Redwings winning the Stanley I thought I was done. Nope... I pushed out a few more little logs and a few tiny bits. I could smell the tuna I had for lunch yesterday and could see some cilantro bits from the Thai food I had last night. I was on the crapper about 10 minuttes this afternoon. It was a 4 bagger on the wiping. I should have flushed al! l the crap before wiping but I didn't. It all went down okay but it really left a wonderful pattern of streaking all over the bowl. It was medium brown in color. Again the smell was very bad. I went in a few minutes after I finished to blow my nose and it still stank. I feel like I lost 10 pounds! I think I even had a little bit of gut shrinkage! Feels great to be regular again. Ahhhhhh....

Like Mike C. I am a taxi driver but have only ever experienced one sighting you might be interested in. I had picked up a very smartly dressed woman in a business suit that rose just above her knees while sitting. She was siting next to me in the front seat and we had quite a distance to travel to her destination. On the freeway we got caught in a traffic jam and were stationary for some time. I couldn't help but notice that she seemed very uncomfortable and kept pushing her hands into her lap. Every time she did this her dress would rise higher and higher until it was mid-thigh. We were still stationary when she suddenly announced her need for a ladies room urgently. I told her I would pull up at the next service station as soon as I could. For the next few minutes she was up and down on the seat so much I was worried she was going to make a mess. Suddenly she said Shit I can't wait and opened the door to the taxi jumped out lifted her skirt and pissed next to the cab. I got a great view of legs panties and even the start of her stream as she started pissing before she squatted. There was a wet patch on the seat so obviously she hadn't managed to get out of the car in time. I'm sure other taxi drivers must have similar stories.

In your post u mentioned that u had, had an "mishap" resulting "which resulted in splattery brown marks in my knickers", what did u mean by this? Did u shit your pants? Was this a normal thing? Or how did it happen?
Were u caught any other times with dirty undies?

Tracy Schmidt:
I have never had any accidents in my sleep, but as you have probably already read, I have had a lot in my pants! Have u ever had any accidents while you were awake?

Do any teen-age girls have any stories to tell about being constipated, or do any women for that matter? My cousin used to have to go really badly and run to the toilet, but as soon as she was safely sitting on the pot, skirt up and pants down, I could hear her grunting and straining her heart out, and eventually hear a huge poop splash into the toilet.

I would like to know what people do when they are constipated. Do you take a laxative? Is it store bought or do you make it?

YES! Kelly I like to hold my poop in to a point were I just can't keep the pressure under control. Sometimes I even hold it so long that I notice considerable amounts of bloading around my waist line! I've never tried the mirror idea you have. And it does feel so good to just push it all out after waiting and letting it build up.
I personal am a slender guy with a high metabolism. So basicly I eat a ton and shit a ton! I remember a few weeks back I whent to a free dinner that was all you could eat. And over the past day (day before dinner) I was holding in about all I could. To top it off I pigged out at that name it and I ate it! Naturaly I had all that poop in me form the day before and the desire to poop returned. At first I just felt EXTREAMLY full below the belt, in fact by that time the bloading got so bad I had to un-botton my jeans. After I cleaned off my last plate of food I was loving all pressure but it was even becoming too much to handle even for my seemingly massive intestinal tract! So I was looking for ways to releave some of the pressure. I started farting real bad! The smell was real bad and I started to draw attention to myself. My friends thankfully didn't notice that it was me. The expulsions of gas only brought momentary releaf. Having never messed myself, in a public place, I had no choice but to go to the men's room. After getting up from my seat and having my friends notice my jeans were un-bottoned on the top and my belt losened, the pressure on my poor bum was at a thresh hold! Walking made it so hard to hold. I thought to myself, "this is IT!!! I'm gonna fill my pants or explode!" Once I reached the bathroom I was glad to see no one was there. I walked to the stall closest to the wall holding my belly and sense no one else was in the room I started to take my pants off. After I passed the entrance to the stall I had my pants all the way down and started to squat and then was the beaking point! I accidently let a HUGE turd go right on the floor in front of the toilet as I rushed to plop my butt on the seat. After finaly making it to the seat I let lose 2 more big turds. Oooohh it felt sooo good espeacially after all the Ahhhs and grunts!
P.S. I hope you tell me another story Kelly:)

Mike - you are not alone. I do small dumps, plug a toilet about once, maybe twice a year. I have a 12 year old daughter who plugs the toilet once or twice a day. It has gotten so bad, we have to leave an old kitchen knife in the bathroom so she can cut the logs up before flushing. My wife does very skinny dumps, like a long string, but some are close to two feet long, she says. I never see them. My daughter's are both long and thick. And she is slim! Her's never stink though, and I tell her she is the healthiest person I know. WetSuit

I am a cab driver. One night i picked up a fare and as I was driving I felt the urge that I had to stop and relieve myself. I just couldn't go to far. So I stopped and pulled my pants down and poured. The lady in the back seat got out and said she needed to pee and squatted in front of me as I gushed my loose poop. God here I was so embarassed yet so turned on by my embarassing site. I was feeling so weak yet this was a big turn on. I hope I get lucky again but I hate squishy gussy bowels!

Quite a few years ago, when I was 18 (I remember it well), my mother ran a small boarding house on the coast. It was early summer and I was in the process of final revision for my A-levels. During the week in question, there was a tennis tournament in the town and we had two of the tennis players, both girls about my age, staying with us. I was rather shy, and in awe of them, as they were both athletic girls from a posh school in the country, and rather out of my class. One particular morning, after breakfast, my mother had to go out, and I was left to clear up and generally tidy the place up. The tennis players had gone off to the tournament, and I was left on my own. I had finished the washing up, and I went up to the bathroom to change the towels. As soon I walked in I could tell someone had recently had a bowel movement, and as I glanced at the toilet, I saw something that has had a profound effect on me, and changed forever my perception of women, and the toilet. Jammed in the toilet bowl, I could see two huge turds, larger than anything I had ever seen before. Apparantly one of the tennis players had used the toilet and flushed, and one of her turds, by its sheer size, had stuck in the bend, and trapped the other within the bowl, together with a few pieces of toilet paper. It became clear to me that I had to unblock the toilet, a task I would not normally have relished, but the fact that it had been blocked by a beautiful girl gave me a totally different view of the job in hand (pun intended!). Having removed both turds I was able to admire the full extent of her creations. They were at least 2 and a half inches thick, and one was about eight inches long, the other slighly less. I had to break them into smaller chunks in order to flush them away, but the memory of that discovery, together with the revelation that a beautiful woman can create something so disgusting, has remained with me to this day. I have been married for several years now, and from time to time, my lovely wife has a big smelly dump that doesn't flush away, and sometimes her turds are a similar size to those I saw years ago. One last thought: I have never, myself, been able to produce anything remotely as large as that tennis player, nor my own wife. Am I the only one with this sort of experience?

Tracy Schmidt
To Blake: No the second accident was MUCH worse because the first time I did it the poop was hard and I just squashed it in my sleep, but this time I had liquid poop and in my sleep from all the tossing and turning it pushed out the top and out through the leg bands of my panties. Let me tell you I was a MESS!!! And the next night just as I was getting ready for bed my dad rushed in with diapers, pinned me down and put one on me, I guess he thought I might have struggled but I didn't my father is three times the size of me, he is built. And so now EVERY night for the next two months I have to be put in diapers by my father at night. It is SOOOO embarrassing! Unless I have another accident, then the punishment extends for another month.

Sincerely yours,

Tracy Schmidt (Keep Last Name)

Blake, we LOVE yu. I am the main part of the band. can yu sing? yeah, looking for a new singer. Actually yu don't need any vocal talents, just wet and mess your pants. Band is relocating to Washington State and playing this summer. Robyn (for Blake... Cat Chaser LOVES yu:)

A Day at the market

If I recall the Cindy Williams situation is that she like a lot of us has a poop fetish and as a result likes to stage accidents. The story was that she arrived a an awards presentation one evening and during the show she got up from her seat in the audience and left with a load in her panties.

The Deborah Norville story was that someone had a friend who worked as a camera man for the today show. He reported that one morning Deborah was conducting an interview and started feeling sick to her stomach. Rather than interrupt the interview (it was a live broadcast) she kept going but eventually she couldn't contain herself anymore and she pooped her panties during the interview. She still completed the interview but left the show afterwards.

Today's dump is brought to you (and me) courtesy of Boston's NOrth End PIzza bakery. I had 3 very large pieces of Spinich and Garlic pizza last night for dinner.Normally pizza doesn't give me diarhea, but today it did. In fact I just got out of the bathroom. This morning I had to come back home really fast because I forgot my wallet, and while I was home I kinda had the urge to go. I sat down and farted and squeezed a few little chunks out. Went back to work. I just had burger king for lunch and I knew I was going to have to take a dump soon because it was after lunch. I was sitting at my computer checking my email at school when my stomach kinda rumbled. I knew it was coming. I logged off and loggged in on the toilet. Gave a little push, and exploded in the toilet. It was watery with little chunks. There must be a second wave coming soon becaise because I have that not totally empty. Spryed everywhere in the toilet. Took a few wipes to get clean and flushed! . I have to flush it again because there are little particles floatng around in there. I feel better now...

A lot of people on here are talking about their accidents. I have never had an accident that I can remember. As a teenager I was always able to hold my crap and pee in. I remember though one when I was 4 or so, my parents and I were visiting relatives in California. We were in a Mervyns or something when I had to take a major dump. I guess it just came, becasuse I unloaded a huge log in my superman underroos. I told my dad and we went into the bathroom and he cleaned me up. That is the only accident I can remember though. I guess I have been pretty lucky huh? Wait, I remember in high school a few times I had to crap really bad. NOrmal dumps I always held in until I got to my moms office or got home, but a few times I had diarhea and had to go. I remember running accross the street during lunch to the hospital and exploding in the toilet. We weren't allowd to go overthere during lunch but I had to! The stalls in the mens room at school didn't have stall doors u! ntil my senior year. Imagine that, a private school that costs $6000 a year, with mens rooms with out stall dooors.

Tracy Schmidt:
Was the second accident as bad as the first? Have u had any other accidents?

For those of us who missed the posting in the daily dump can you give the details of cindy williams and deborah norvilles accidents ...

More from Blake

Tracy Schmidt
No, I am the Tracy who had the accident in her sleep. And I did it again and my father put me in diapers and said that will stop this shit once and for all. It is very embarrassing for a 15 year old girl to have her father change her every morning and put her in diapers every night. He says this Is punishment for AT LEAST 2 months for 2 accidents and for every other accident I will get another month added

Tracy Schmidt

I was just curious if u were the same Tracy, who posted a while back about having an accident in her bed! I did get "skidmarks" many times, I think I even a time or two in my most recent post! Besides, u are definitely NOT the only woman to have skidmarks in her undies, I always have them, my sisters have on occasion , and even some friends!
Don't worry! You are not alone ~Blake

I am extremely interested in the bathroom habits of women. I am particularly interested in juxtaposing specific aspects of bathroom behavior, such as odor, size, color, frequency, consistency, and distinguishing characteristics, with such personal characteristics as size, ethnicity, diet, profession, education and age. I'm more interested in normal bowel habits than in any extreme accidents.
Frankly, I am simply fascinated by women, and the convergence of beauty and earthiness that takes place every day in ladies rooms around the world is something I'd like to see explored more thoroughly. Thanks.

Hi Blake! No, I'm not the same Tracy. I've never had an accident in my sleep, but I was intrigued by your mention that you've also been caught in dirty knickers. Do you mean you used to stain your underwear and people found out? I've read your stories of big BMs in your clothes, but you didn't mention getting skidmarks on a regular basis. I thought I was the only person who did that. (Well, the only woman- we all know what guys are like!). By the way, I'm 25 now.

Let me tell you all about todays dumpings. Yesterday I ate pizza for lunch and then ate some chinese meat filed buns in the afternoon and then later that night, then I went to bed. This morning I woke up and went into work. I had breakfast at Mcdonalds, an egg mcmuffin. After qhile as I was reading the paper I started to have som e pains in my stomach. I felt like I had to fart a few times but I held it in. Finally, I got the chanc to go to the restroom to relieve myself. The janitors do a bad job maintaining this restroom so a lot of tp went onto the seat. Sat down with my shorts at my ankles and pushed. It was a power dump! Poops flying out and farting at the same time. It was kinda like diarhea but not watery. The wave subsided when I felt another fart coming. I kep letting out these farts that sprayed the back of the bowl. Finally I felt done and I wiped and flushed and went back to work. I had a couple of hot dogs for lunch and I think that moved everything else through because I felt the urge again. But this time the urge came at one of those nice book stores with cafes/ I went into the crapper and sat dwon. I let out a long fart and then waited. I gave a push and this loooong skinny piece of crap came out. My ass started to burn like had chilies or something. By this time it was hurting to wipe. It has been a few days since I had a really good craping. The kinds with long logs and a relieving feeling.

I remeber seeing posts in the Daily Dump about celebs having pooping accidents. These included Cindy Williams (Laverne and Shirley) and Debra Norville (NBC Today).
Is anyone aware of other celebs that had either pee or poop accidents?


Are you the same Tracy who had an accident in her sleep? I have been caught with soiled undies more times than I care to remember. Do u have anymore stories? How old are u now? It helps me to deal with my accidents, when I hear about others having just as many!

My most embarrassing experience happened when I was 14. I'd gone to the toilet at school for a pee, pulled my knickers down and sat down. Unfortunately, earlier that day I'd had a little mishap which resulted in splattery brown marks in my knickers. This used to happen quite a lot for one reason or another, so I was used to seeing it and thought nothing of it. I was happily peeing away when all of a sudden the door opened! I don't know whether I'd forgotten to lock it or whether there was a fault, but anyway, there in the doorway stood a girl from my class. She looked at me in surprise, and was about to apologise when I saw her eyes travel down to my knickers, inside-out round my knees. A second too late I realised what she was staring at, and snapped my knees together. A big grin came over her face and then a look of contempt as she said, "Ugh! You've shit your pants". I tried to deny it, and then shouted at her to go away, which she did. When I got back to class, they! all knew about it and teased me endlessly. Some of the boys tried to flip my skirt up but backed off when I threatened to tell a teacher. It took me at least six months to live that one down.

Too big to fit on this page

Too big to fit on this page


I guess it is too bad, i didn't post that story before your trip? But look at the bright side, all you had to do was "fish" you undies out of the toilet, I had to use the SINK as a toilet! Does anyone have any stories of having to us odd places for a bm?

I almost joined the ranks (no pun intended) of the pants poopers recently. My family was returning from a vaction trip and we were about an hour from home. it had been a long day of driving, and because of being in strange surroundings for a few days, my eating and bathroom schedule were a little messed up. I ha dnot dumped in two days, and thought I could hold it. But the lousy diet was making me get cramps. They came and got very sever quite quickly, within a 15 minutes of the first cramp, I was wondering if I could make it. To make matters worse, I had been fantasizing about a woman pooping for me as I was driving. But my family was with me and pooping my pants in a borrowed van was no option. I knew there was a rest stop within the next 20 minutes or so, and hoped I could make it. I prayed for one of 'descending movements' that provides temporary relief, but also often means that the time to dump mut be near. I had one, and felt better for a few minutes, then the cramps returned, I was turning white with agony. A few more minutes brought another descending movement of poop. I did not think I would make it to another set of bad cramps. The rest stop was now 3 miles away. I sped a bit, and knew I would have relief in 3 minutes or so. 2 miles, 1 mile, there it is! I quickly parked and acted nonchalant as I headed for the bathroom. But as soon as the stall door was closed my pants were down and a huge explosion of poop was made in the toilet. OH SWEET RELIEF! It felt so good! I pushed a few soft dribbles out and then bagan to wipe. It took about 8 wipes, some getting on may hand (it was all over my butt). I looked down before flushing, the bowl was filled. Two good size logs (2 days old), and a lot of soft mud poop (hours old). My wife had the same problem when we got home, she stunk the bathroom up.


I've noticed a number of postings about people having wetting accidents on busses or trains. Has anyone ever had a pooping accident under those circumstances that they would like to post?

Okay, I am a college student and what do college students like to do? That's right.. DRINK!! Well... on a recent trip to Atlanta we had a little party in my hotel room. We drank, and drank, and ate and drank. It was fun! The next morning we woke up late and very hung over. But I managed to drag myself to the toilet to unload a very large load of after drinking bm. I was too hung over to really live in the glorious experience. On a side note, go into the mens restroom in any college dorm, like mine on a Saturday morning or even Sunday morning and you will find a scary sight. Our maintainance people have a field day with our toilets!! We fill them up so darn much after a party they get clogged up all the time. Ah... the college life!

I was in France with my class on an exchange program and I can remember one of the greatest bm experiences ever! It was Christmas eve and we were having the traitional French Christmas dinner... including champagne. Well, the entire time I was there I ate very well. Incidently I had many good BM's on that trip. This particular night ate ate and ate more. Everything from smoked duck, to oysters, to foie gras. I hate some champagne and a lot more deserts. Well, the next morning I woke up to a phone call from my mom while everyone else was sleeping. OKay, I lived 12 time zones from France in Hawaii, so my mom was a bit confused with the time! After I hung up from mom (I was 16) I went into the toilet. Everything ran smoothly. It was one of the largest BM's I have eer had... to this day! I felt so relieved and cleaned out and totally ready to go. I think I must have sdropped about 5 loong logs into the toilet. I wiped and was out in about 10 minutes. I think th! e wine and all the rich food jus totally cleaned me out. Gosh, what a exhilarating experience!

I remember when I was in France with my French Class. My friend, whole bowels were totally screwed up by the travelling and time zones (like everyones on the trip) had to go really bad when we were in a subway stations. The stop we were at had those cool pay toilets outside. So my friend went into one and proceeded unload. my girlfriend and I were outside waiting for him. He was taking a long time and we were getting antsy. Well, I guess those things are timed because all of a sudden the door started to open on him and he started yellnih for help! At that point we were forced to do nothing but laugh.... and laugh and laugh. It was hilarious!! Needless to say he wasn't very happy with us. Luckily he was in the wiping stage when the door opened. Vive la France!!

Last winter, I had been sick for a few days. I was constipated, and I had a pretty high fever. My mom called the doctor and he told me to take a laxative. He said if nothing had happened by the next morning to see him. My mom went to the drug store and brought me back a strong laxative. I took it, but by the next day, I was still constipated. I went to the doctor. He said that there was a slight chance that I had appendicitis or another intestinal problem. I lay down on the table, and he began to check me. He was massaging my t??y to check for lumps, when I felt the laxative work. He pushed a little hard and I let out a loud fart. He told me not to worry, it happens alot. He kept going, and suddenly, he pushed in the wrong place and my poop started to come out. Because the laxative was so strong, my poop was pretty runny, and there was alot of it. He jumped back as my panties started to bulge, and the room started to smell. He led me to the bathroom, dripping all the way. I was soooo embarrassed. This was the most embarrassing moment in my life.

Coffee once in a while acts as a laxative on me. Once, after having my morning cup, I was driving to work when my bowels began to move. I tried to stop them, but I let a load of runny poop into my pants. I had to drive home and change.

This is something that happened to me a few years back when I was a student. I was on a train in Spain on the way to meet a friend.
I had met some other English speaking students on their way to Morocco and had joined them in their compartment for a pleasant couple of hours of conversation and a couple of beers. I had earlier been out to look for a functioning WC without success, all the ones in the nearby cars being either closed or too filthy to use. Someone told me that this often happens on this particular train that goes to the south of Spain. I had left the compartment of my companions several times to let go some particularly stinky farts. Often when I have to poop I begin letting real stinkers go. This sometimes has the effect of reducing the pressure and allowing me to wait a long time if it's not convenient to get to a WC. If this goes on long enough, however, the end result is always the same: eventually I reach a point where I DON'T DARE FART and must find a way to relieve myself. My last exit from the compartment to fart revealed that this stage had been reached. I realized just in time to save my dignity that one more fart definitely was not in order and that I had better set off down the train looking for a functioning loo.

My innards rumbling ominously, I set off looking for a place to relieve myself. In car after car, the WC was either closed or unusably filthy. I began to regret the over-ripe brie cheese that I'd eaten earlier in the day, and the beers that I had consumed. I really needed a place to poop, and I needed it soon! As I reached the last car, a feeling of desperation set in as I realized that its WC was also locked. I looked at my watch. In twenty minutes we would be in the next station. I would have to hope that I could control my unruly bowels till then, get off and find a place other than my panties to take a dump.

I headed back to my car and compartment to get my backpack and prepare to get off. Trains in Europe often stop for less than a minute at stations, and if you're not ready to get off, you don't get off. As I reached my compartment, the urgency relented a little and I began to think I could keep things under control till we got to the next station and avoid the embarrassment of messing my panties. I got my stuff ready and sat in the compartment waiting. After about five minutes, the urgency returned with a sudden sharp cramp, and I stood up thinking to ease things by changing position. I was thankful that there was nobody in the compartment with me to see me fidget and struggle for control. Have you ever seen a woman in the throes of trying to avoid shitting herself manage to retain her dignity at the same time? The pressure just got worse and worse; I got up and headed for the exit, noticing that there was now about ten minutes to go before we arrived at the station.

Somehow I got to the end of the car and waited with clenched cheeks for the eternity that it took the train to come to a stop. I fidgeted. I squeezed. I pressed my buttocks tightly together. It was going to take all my will power to keep the poop in my rectum from slipping out into my panties. By now I knew it would be soft and runny, the most difficult of all to hold when I have to go really badly. By the time the train stopped and I could get off, I froze on the steps for about 30 seconds, fearing I couldn't go down the steps without letting my cheeks relax and shitting my pants. Finally I got a grip on myself and struggled off the train towards the station. The thought of the WC in the station helping to concentrate my mind on keeping my now twitching anus from just opening right up under the pressure. I hurried to the WC and pulled on the door. LOCKED!!! A feeling of doom swept over me. My ass and thighs were sweating. My belly hurt. I couldn't take another spasm with my tired sphincter muscles.

I headed for the door. I would have to shit in the street, in an alley or something. My time had run out. I tried to walk normally till I was out of sight of the few patrons in the station. It wasn't easy. Every time I took a step, I risked losing control. I got out the door and saw a small park across the square in front of the station. I headed across the square. Thank god it was late at night and there was no one around! But before I could get to the park, a sudden, severe cramp surged though me, I felt things moving inside, I felt my asshole suddenly wet, I fought to keep it closed, but it opened of its own accord and an unbelievably massive soft dump was rapidly filling my panties. I felt it go around the leg bands and into my jeans, running down my legs. I just seemed suddenly to have no control at all! I was horrified. My body had a mind of its own. It had decided I was going to poop my pants and my brain was going to have no say!

When the shit finally stopped running out of me, I headed for the park, planning to get out of my ruined jeans and panties, and leave them in the park and get clean stuff from my backpack. I was a mess. The smell was terrible. I was very thankful I was alone. I got into clean clothes after using the unsoiled parts of my jeans to wipe myself as best I could. I headed back across the square to look for a taxi to take me to a reasonable hotel to stay the night. There I would be able to clean up properly. I reflected on the fact that I had just messed my pants like a little girl. I felt a strange mixture of relief and excitement. I hoped that the smell wouldn't be noticeable to the driver in the taxi. Or did !?!?

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