Hi guys. Sorry I haven't posted for the last week; I've been too busy! I also wanted to wait until a "good" shit built up in me :) This post is about Friday morning's duties. I decided to time my dump, as promised. I felt as if I really had to go when I woke up @ 7:30am, so I strolled down to the toilets (with my watch and little scribble pad). 7:33:50, after shutting the stall door and pulling down my pants, I planted my butt on the toilet. 7:34:05, started to pee for 23 seconds. I started pushing to poop as I was peeing; no, I never do both at the same time, unless I have diahrrea.

7:35:02, after straining for over half a minute, I pushed out the first turd. Another one came out at 7:35:30. I knew there was more coming, but these things take time. I let out another one at 7:37:05 and then again at 7:38:20. I sat there for a couple of minutes, waiting to see if anything else needed to be done. 7:41:00, I got up to wipe my butt. There were three, healthy-sized, brown turds floating in the bowl (sorry to be so graphic, but, isn't that what this site's all about? :) ] I had to wipe five times to get all the shit off my butt cheeks. I pulled up my pants and then flushed the toilet by 7:43:30. Total duration= 9 min, 40 sec [I've said several times approx. 10 min is normal for me]. Now that I've timed my bathroom habits, it's time to experiment with other endeavors.

Mike, I loved the way you timed your friend, Erin. I don't think it's humanly possible to hold 4 minutes' worth of pee. That much pee would result in wetting one's panties :) When I've said I had to pee for 3-4 minutes, that includes straining and wiping. You guys can just stand up and point into the toilet, without having to bother wiping or fiddling with "feminine hygiene" (during "that time of the month"), so that's why we (females) tend to take longer in the bathroom. See ya. Luv, Alex :)

My name is Ketty, I'm a 26 year old consultant engineer that have to travel a lot for work. I've had a lot of accidents, both solid and liquid, but I am not incontinent, They were due to a lack of attention I put on the urge, especially in my period.Too big to fit.

Saturday, October 04, 1997

I went in to clean the little girls restroom at school yesterday. There was all this BLACK SHIT Sorry, I hit wrong button B4 I was done!!! Anyways there was this black shit all over the girls toilet seats. Didn't know where it came from. The, I remembered I had oiled the hinges on the stalls a couple of months ago!!! The excess had squeezed out and the girls had gotten it on their hands and then wiped it on the seats! I had to scrub it off!!! They don't like sitting in black shit.

I'm Loactose intolerant but I take lactaid pills with the missing enzyme and I seldomly experience all of that wet stuff. These are nonpresciption and the cheapest place is K-mart which sells them by the brand of "Relief Plus". They work great and I usually take 2 about every 5 minutes when I'm eating chesse or milk products. I hate getting that feeling of helplessness too!

Happy Camper
To John: I have read all the White Shadow Classic dump stories. I also like the "pooping girl" and miss her very much since the "Dumping Stall" site shut down. Does anyone know where the "pooping girl" is hanging out. Her dump stories are second to none. She is by far the queen of the dump stories. I don't think anyone will ever be better. I also enjoy Marsha's dump stories that are posted in the White Shadow site.

here is my story regarding watersports (no poop, sorry)

When I was in second grade the boys bathroom didn't have individual urinals. We had a big trough to pee in. All the boys peed at the same time so we all saw each other peeing. The drain was in the middle and there was a big round hockey puck looking urinal cake. When we would have a bathroom break we would go to the trough, and split up into two teams. Then we would all piss on the urinal cake and try to push it to the other side of the trough. If your team could push the cake to the other end and touch the side, it was a touchdown. At the time, the big football teams were the Cowboys and the Steelers. I used to be jealous of the guys who could pee longer than me. But man that was fun. I miss those days.

Friday, October 03, 1997

Somebody in an earlier post asked if school teachers were into these types of "Watersports". In my own personal exp- erience I would have to say no, but there were a couple that were certainly into "Mean".
The first "Incident" was in kindergarten, this boy asked to use the bathroom. The teacher who I think was sincerely concerned about disruptions said no. The boy did not protest or show any obvious signs of desperation. I had no idea how bad he had to go until he started stamping his feet and wet his pants.
The next "Incident" was in the first grade. The number 1 class clown and trouble-maker had to go after lunch. This should not have been a problem since we had a recess right after lunch but the mean old witch that was the lunch room supervisor as well as the playground supervisor would not let him go. So out there on the playground, desperate eno- ugh that he was holding himself, he went behind some trees to relieve himself. I was supposed to keep on the lookout for the playground supervisor, but she made a bee- line towards him and hauled him off to the principals office before I could warn him.
The last "Incident" was in the fifth grade where anoth- er boy and trouble-maker needed to go BAD. Our teacher for the most part was a very nice person but since this kid was a problem child for her, she refused to let him go until she and the rest of the class was sure that an accident was im- menent. She probably would have been in some trouble if he did wet his pants because accidents were pretty much unheard of past the kindergarten levels.

1st: sorry for my bad english, but I hope youŽll understand my text ;)

Hi all!

A question to the girls here: IŽm wondering why _most_ of the girls have such a bad problem with being watched _by a good known person (male)_ when they sit on a toilet or squat somewhere outdoors. For example my last girl: We did nearly everything what is possible in sex, I know her body better than my own - but when she had to pee - in a parking lot or squatting behind my car. There was allway the same comment -> donŽt look. I managed it only once to see her pee - weŽve pissed together behind a large trash-container.

so.... why ??

bye, bye, FERRIS.

Hey guys, I'm trying very hard to post more frequently, but lately it has just seemed that I haven't been able to get to a computer for more than a minute, and when I do, there's someone watching me! But in any event, I'm trying! I'm really having a blast here, hanging out with "new" friends. Last Monday, a few friends and I went to a local coffee shop for a cup of coffee. The place is only two or three blocks from my dorm, so I figured I could have a cup of coffee with a little milk, and still get back to my dorm before getting sick. After drinking three cups of coffee, with a little bit of milk in each one, my friends and I were talking, and my stomach started grumbling, I was really having a good time talking and didn't want to leave. I just figured I would pass some gas, to buy myself sometime. Well, this idea worked, I felt soooo much better, not even an urge to poop anymore. We talked for about fifteen minutes, when I felt pressure building up again, and again I farted to relieve the pressure, but this time it was a noisy fart, and my friends heard it, and started laughing! They both asked if I was ok, and I said sure, I just needed to fart! They said ok, and continued the conversation! About five minutes later I let out a loud fart (not intentional) and a little squirt of poop dripped into my panties. My friends heard this and asked if I was feeling O.K., I told them that I wasn't, I was starting to get cramps and that I wanted to head back to my dorm. They both said goodbye, and I left! I walked 2 blocks, and my stomach was churning, I seriously didn't think I would make it back to the dorm. I finally got back to my dorm without anymore accidents. I walked into the first floor bathroom, took a stall (it only had two stalls), and undid my panties and sat down. I gave a push and a huge fart came out, followed by a load of mushy shit. I sat there going through wave after wave after wave of this shit, which would come out like a fart then, get very wet and mushy by the end of the wave. While I was shitting, another girl came in, and was also having diarrhea, and she smelled sooo bad! After about forty-five minutes of this I got up wiped and went to the sink to wash my hand. While washing my hands, a girl walked in took my stall and immediately started pooping. I was drying my hands when I felt some gas so I gave a push, big mistake, another little squirt on my already slightly soiled panties! My stomach rumbled, and I knew it would only be a few seconds before I had diarrhea again. Definitely not enough time to go to another bathroom, so I quickly "yanked" my jeans and panties down, and shit all over the floor. I squatted over the floor for about three waves of this, then used some paper towels at the sink to wipe, and left (throwing the paper towels in the garbage). I went up to my room (on the third floor) and chilled out and watched TV with my roommate for three or four hours. After about 2 cans of Pepsi I really needed to pee, so I went into the bathroom on my floor (which has no doors on the stalls), I took the first stall, and began to pee. I was all finished and was just about to wipe, when my friend Janice came in, and looked at me, we started talking, I watched her eyes glance down from my face to my panties. She then screamed "Oh my god, Blake shit her pants, I can't believe a grown college girls shit her pants, hahahaha" I was so embarrassed I'm sure my face turned bright red, and all of a sudden I felt like I had "butterflies in my stomach", I guess they got the best of me and I let out a huge flood of diarrhea, ending in a loud embarrassing fart! Thank god she was the only one in the bathroom with me, and she took a very noisy shit herself, so I didn't feel so embarrassed. Janice and I have become much better friends, because while she was going, I commented that she was very noisy, she told me that it's because she is Lactose Intolerant, and had just eaten a slice of cheesecake. I told her I'm lactose intolerant too, and I guess we have some sort of bond! More later, keep those accident stories coming!

Thursday, October 02, 1997

This past weekend a group of us were celebrating a friend's birthday and we all ended up at one local bar. I'm under the legal drinking age but I look old enough to slip by the bouncers at the door so it was no problem. We started out with single bottles of beer, moved on to drinking shooters by about midnight and by last call there were several pitchers of Caesars on the table. Almost every fifteen minutes I had to get up, stumble to the bathroom for my favourite stall and pee like crazy. After one of these trips, they had turned off the music and switched on all the lights, motioning people out the door. Closing time. I linked arms with a few girlfriends and got to the parking lot before I felt a familiar twinge just below my waist. My stomach immediately started to become bloated. I mumbled to somebody how I had to go to the bathroom practically right away. The pain from holding off got more and more urgent every second. One of the girls giggled and pointed to the narrow space between two cars. All kinds of people were now in the parking lot but I kind of felt braver because of being drunk so much. I took two steps toward it and knew I couldn't wait. My hand slipped to the zipper behind my miniskirt and tugged it down. I pulled my bikini lace panties down to my knees and squatted between the two cars. Within a second, I had let out a huge fart and my bowels exploded in a huge spasm. It felt so good to get relief from all the cramps. My bum was all wet from everything but I still pulled up my miniskirt and panties, glancing around to see if anybody noticed. A couple of my friends said how I must have really had to go but not much else. I guess what a girl's gotta do, a girl's gotta ...

This is a very strange story about a very strange dude. We were at a company training function of several dozen people and had taken a couple of vans to a restaurant for dinner. Dinner involved drinks as well and I guess this guy was a little bombed because on the way back to the hotel he kept saying to the group in the van - "Dare me to take a shit , dare me to take a shit". Well we just thought that he was out of it , or wierd , or something.

Anyway , next thing we know , he has climbed over the last seat and found some newspapers that were in the van and dropped a giant load on them and is showing off his "trophy". Sheeesh ! Well to say that we were less than thrilled is an understatement ! So , he proceeds to open one of the tilt out windows and tosses the newspapers AND HIS DUMP out onto the freeway. Don't know if it hit another car or not but what a surprise at 65 mph !?!

We kept a wide margin from this dude the rest of the week.


Yesterday at our university there was a display featuring the Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw) Bridge. In case you don't know, the Mackinac Bridge one of the largest bridges in the world connecting the upper and lower (hand shaped) peninsulas of the state of Michigan, USA. (Some posters I don't think are Americans.) The bridge is 26444 feet long or 5 miles 44 feet long.
Now that the preliminaries have been discussed; back to our story. When I was attending Hope College I heard of and met a guy, Mr. Weaste. When he pooped he shat about 10 pounds; he shat about once every 2 or 3 weeks. The strange thing about it was this; he ate like a horse.
In elementary school Mr. weaste had normal bowel movements however when he was in high school he must have felt stressed so he had his infrequent and massive BM's.
Mr Weaste was a basketball player, during one game he had to go just before the game and did not come out till into the 3rd quarter or second half. I asked if he really lept extra high for the rebounds. He was pale from the affort of going. Once I asked how much he weighed. I was told 195 LBS. I retorted before or after? The guy laughed.
Once when we were eating one of the guys asked Mr. Weaste "Is it getting to be about that time?" Mr. Weaste said "Scott" in a long sort of way.
When I first heard about him and his name was ___ Weaste. I said that he should be named ___ Waste. They laughed.
The next semester when we just arrived on campus, one of his friends said that athorities from the Mackinac bridge contacted Mr. Weaste and said that they wanted to use one of his turds as a suspension cable. We all laughed.
I also head of a lady who lost 8 LBS after having a bowel movement.

Wednesday, October 01, 1997

I noticed a post about how long it takes to pee. I as far as I can tell am one of the slowest pissers in trhe world, because my bladder pressure is low. I havn't ever timed myself, but I take about 3 or 4 times as long as most guys to empty my bladder. Also if there is someone standing right next to me, I have problems in getting started peeing. However much I want to go, I just can't. A soon as the guy finishes, shakes his tool, puts it back, zips up and leaves, I can then begin. If I've already got started and someone comes and stands beside me, I have no difficulty my urine just keeps on coming out. I don't know why this is. There's no prblem if I'm in a stall, so if the rest room is busy, I often go into a stall. Does anyone else have this sort of problem?

In reply to John's query about what men do with their cocks when sitting on the toilet. I used to hold mine down to ensure that the pee hit the water and not the seat, but now I never use the seat, I sit on the porcelain, and I can just allow my cock to hang down while I pee.

I had a busy day last Saturday, three BMs in the course of the day, due to a diet with rather too much fruit and salad. The last BM of the day took place in the men's room at the local swimming pool. I had gone for my usual Saturday afternoon swim and on the way I got the message. I hastened to the men's room (single stall for shitting) and pulled my swimming trunks down. After a wait of about a minute there was a terrific blast and a whole lot of soft turds were violently blown out with a loud crackling noise. Small particles of shit were blown all over the inside of the bowl. Fortunately, they all flushed away at the first flush. I was the only person in the men's toilet at the time, but I'm sure that the sound was audible in the women's restroom next door, and possibly out in the pool itself. It gives a whole new meaning to the term 'dropping off a few friends at the pool'.

Hi John, I sometimes have the infamous "hard turd" trends. But, It only lasts for a couple of days. It usually happens when my eating schedule gets messed up. As for pissing while shitting (yes, everybody, I can do both at once), I usually have to hold my penis and direct the flow downwards.


Jenny: To answer your question about toilet tissue. I do not take by the square however I do not like jagged edges so I try to tear the toilet paper so it is torn at the perferated line. In other words I hate long thin strips of toilet paper.

Response to Jenny :

Most of the guys in our dorm roll out a 1-2 foot length , wad it and wipe back and forth , usually one to two times and then pull their shorts up. The stalls dont have doors and they face the sinks so you have two-way viewing whether you are dumping or brushing your teeth. We all got used to this arrangement after a couple of weeks and surprising not that many guys are ever in there at one time. Hope that sheds some light.

one time i had to go real bad (poop) and i was on the bus coming home from school. I had the runs and was starting to get cramps before i knew what had happened I shitted all over the seat and had wet my pants as well from embarrassment. I usually have trouble holding on to my pee and have wet myself many times.

for two years,I felt like a freak.I have a poop fetish,but up untill now,I didn't know there was such a thing.Thank you all.I don't feel alone any more.I'd like to tell you how this all began,but I have to leave right now.I'll tell the story tommrow.bye.

Tuesday, September 30, 1997

To Jenny: I really liked your post on Saturday, the one where you described your morning trip to the bathroom. Very descriptive.
To All: My latest story took place last night. After a night of drinking, I went back to my dorm room with a girl, Erin, who lives a few doors down from me. She and I both had to pee really badly by the time we reached my room, and although she hadn't mentioned her bathroom needs, she was sqirming(doing the "pee dance")and I caught on. In the elevator up to my room, I finally asked her, "Do you have to pee?". She groaned and told me I had no clue how bad she had to go. My own needs subsided momentarily as I imagined my excitement upon hearing her relieve herself. When we reached my floor, the two of us hurried to my room. We entered and found the room empty and dark. Snapping the lights on, I saw Erin hurrying to the bathroom. She ran in and to my surprise, she did not close the door! She and I were no more than friends, but what happened next caught me off guard. I had expected to stand next to the door and secretly listen to Erin pee, but here she was about to sit on the bowl with the bathroom door open! I tried to be nonchalant about it by sitting on my bed and pretending it was business as usual. I caught a glimpse of her pulling her black satin panties down. She sat on the bowl and farted twice. Before she was finished with the second fart, she was peeing steadily. I decided to time her, a la Alex! She started to pee at 2:47:45AM and finished at 2:51:23AM! Amazing! While listening to her, I got so involved that I forgot my own needs and almost wet myself! If that wasn't enough, she called to me while still on the bowl and asked me to bring her some toilet paper! I had completely used up the previous roll before going out last night. I had none, so I brought her some Kleenex! I walked in to see her on the toilet! I handed her the Kleenex and looked away as she wiped herself, flushed and pulled up her underwear and jeans. When she left the bathroom, I went in and without closing the door, I peed as well! I roughly timed myself at approximately a minute. It felt really good, and the sensation was heightened by knowing there was a girl listening! -Mike

Oops..In my last post regarding my friend Erin, I meant to say that she had started to pee at 2:49:45AM, not 2:47:45AM. That would have been pretty cool, but it's probably anatomically impossible.

Doug, Doug, Doug: Nope, you got the wrong Jen on that one. I've never buried any of my underwear, to commemorate occasions or at any other time. I will try crossing my legs while peeing though, and report back to you on the results. Now here's a question. Does anybody carefully take toilet paper by the individual sheet or tissue to wipe themselves? Everybody I know spins the roll until they get a big handful. Enquiring minds want to know and that stuff ...

Hello. I haven't been around for a while, still lots of work. I did have one problem that kind of messed me up for while. I woke up with diarrhea (sp?). I didn't realize it at first, but once I did, it was a mad rush to the bathroom. Of course, there were many others in there, so I had to wait, but only for about 30 seconds, but it seems like a long time. When I got in, I was the loudest person in the room. I guess I was sort of proud of that. But then, I noticed somebody else seemed to be having similar problems. I felt much better after I left, but there was a much smaller repeat later in the day. After that, it was all over.

I wondered if all of you have read the White Shadow Classic Dump Stories by Francine, Jill, Juno, etc. I particularly like the stories by pooping girl. Unfortunately, she stopped posting because she isn't into the really gross stuff, and she got a number of nasty messages. I wish we could get her back to continue to tell us of her experiences. Have other of you read these stories and what do you think? Steph asked about whether others of us have periods when they do small hard turds. I typically do morning and afternoon dumps, and my first morning turds are usually quite hard - I think because they have been in me and drying out for a while. Two other things result in hard turds for me: one is when I don't drink enough liquid; the other is if a eat a lot of something with no fiber in it like chocolate. The plus of hard turds is you don't have to wipe much. The minus is that if they are big, I have to push and grunt really hard to get them out. A technical positioning question for men. When you sit down to take a shit and you pee first, do you normally put your hand on your penis to direct the pee, or does the penis point down enough in the toilet so you don't have to direct it. I used to have to hold me penis but I just noticed I don't have to any more.

Monday, September 29, 1997

Recently, when I went to the movies with a couple of friends, I had a somewhat embarrassing bathroom experience. Halfway through the movie, I started to notice I wasn't feeling very well. I had a sick feeling in my stomach, and I was afraid I might throw up or something. I got up to go to the restroom. I walked into the bathroom, which was quite large. I think there must have been about 6 or 7 stalls and an equal number of urinals. When I walked in, I noticed there was another person in one of the stalls. I kind of panicked. Splashing some water on my face made me feel a little better, and slowly the feeling began to change. I realized I was about to have diarrhea. I rushed into one of the stalls, pulled my pants and boxer shorts down in one quick motion and sat on the bowl. As soon as I felt the cold seat, I farted loudly and proceeded to shit for like 2 straight minutes. I was really loud about it as well, groaning and farting the entire way. I was so embarrassed to be doing that while another person was in the next stall, but I couldn't help it. When I have diarrhea, I'm at the mercy of my body's command, that's probably true for everyone. Also, I've noticed that when I go to the movies, I usually pee more than normal. Even if I'm not sitting there with my jumbo Coke, sometimes the excitement of a movie with lots of action sequences or suspense will make my juices flow in excess. Just a theory, but has anyone else noticed that?

Hi everyone. Susan, I only watched Briana pee, so I can't comment on her crapping position. Let me stress that she came in to watch me out of convenience; I happened to run into the bathroom- she hadn't seen me for 3 weeks, so I asked her to come in to talk. I don't know whether I'd get up enough courage to ask her to come in after just hanging around the house. BTW, I always wipe from the back. Your friend, Jodi.

Hi, here are the results of the "experiment" I did yesterday. After classes, I went to a local pizza place and had a small, cheese pizza and a large coke. I stopped into a grocery store afterwards and picked up two, gallon jugs of spring water, plus a few other odds and ends.

I got back to the dorm and, after putting everyting away, decided to begin the experiment. [I have a watch with hour, minute, and second indicators. Times listed outside the bathroom are in hours and minutes only- in the bathroom include seconds. I'm copying off a pad on which I've scribbled all the times. All times are "pm."] 2:38, I decided to finish off the remaining jug (about 16oz/500ml worth)- I have a couple of portable bottles I use while dashing around campus, hiking, etc. 2:51, poured 16 oz more from the new jug. 3:07, poured 16 oz more (yes, I really can drink this much!)- it was around this time I had the urge to pee; remember, I also had the Coke for lunch. I decided to hold it until my vagina stang.

3:33, at this point the pressure began to be unbearable, so I decided to walk down to the bathroom. [times listed below are in hr/min/sec- start time is after I pulled down my pants and sat down on the toilet] 3:34:26, I began peeing- this was a long, steady, hard-sounding pee. 3:35:34, I stopped (that's 1 min, 8 sec). I sat there, knowing I'd have to pee some more. 3:36:21, began peeing again until 3:36:32 (9 sec). I pushed really hard, but nothing else came out (pee or shit, not even a fart). 3:37:41, got up and wiped my vagina. 3:38:22, finished pulling up my pants and flushed the toilet. Total visit= 3min, 56 sec.

I wasn't in the mood to have dinner, so I hung around the dorms and caught up on some reading. The pressure in my bowels began around 6:30. 6:42, another trip to the bathroom with my trusty scribbling pad. 6:43:04, began letting out some pee until :27 (23 sec; yes, I had a small glass of water between my visits). 6:43:58, pushed and farted out one turd. 6:44:17, after straining, I let out another small turd. I don't like to linger in the bathroom longer than necessary, but I don't like to rush, either. I sat there for a couple more minutes, waiting for more pee or poop, but nothing happened. 6:46:31, decided to get up and wipe my vagina (from the front) and my ass (from the back); I had to wipe my butt two times. 6:47:48, flushed after pulling up my pants. Total visit: 4min, 44 sec- shorter than my usual for a shit, but this was a small one. I'll do one more experiment after my classic morning shit (I'm typing this in the middle of the night).

Jenny, I've done the "pee dance" more times than I can recall. Doug, I don't recall ever crossing my legs while on the toilet, but I'll give it a try. Love always, Alex :)

Are you the Jen who buried her panties in comemoration, a few weeks back?
I am an generally an after-meals-shitter, I seldom go first thing in the morning.
I pee two or three times in the night so I am rarely if ever desperate in the morning. I feel the urge in my penis. The urge to poop is felt in my lower abdomin then after a whine in my anus. When I go for a walk agter a breakfast, the urge can get quite bad; I end up almost ripping my pants down when I enter a stall to poo.

Here are two posts we missed from 9-20-97 Thanks for pointing that out Doug.

Have any of you gals just pulled your pants down in a semi-public and just squatted? Would that make you horny?

SHITLOCK HOLNES A disclainer should be mentioned before I tell this story. Pastors are like ordinary people they sin, sometime grossly and unrepentedly. If you spot a pastor sinning grossly and unrepentedly remember that we are all sinners then find another church to worship in. Christianity is not flawed we are flawed!

Now, to our story. I was a janitor in a small church. The other staff did not attend that church. I found that the pastor was more concerned about her personal gain than she was about the unborn and people in need so I went with some friends to another church.

After 3 Sundays of nonattendance she called me to talk with me. I questioned her about somethings and strongly suspected she was lieing to me. After our comversation she wanted me to quit.The elders have the authority to hier and fire not the pastor.

Shortly there after, when I cleaned the woman's bathroom, I found a big turd in the wallward stall. There was no urine in the water and the turd was not dispersed in the wather even though is was Tuesday. For 3 weeks this happened then it stopped.

Later she won the confidence of the elders and got the head one to walk though my cleaning routine agter I got done cleaning. Unusually, she came to her office while I was cleaning. I thought nothing of that though I should have. John walked me through the routine. He spotted crumbs where in retrospect no one was in the building the previous Sunday. We also smelled a strong feminine odor it the bathroom. How did that get there???

Later he walked me through again. I hit a pile of dirt next to a wall with my vacuum cleaner. I got so much dirt I looked to see if there was a crack in the floor; there wan not much dirt in the surrounding area. In the walk through John spotted a second pile of dirt. About 5:00 AM the following Sunday morning, I put 2 and 2 together and concluded she was planting the dirt. I write her a letter telling her to stop it and telling her that she was self centered and immature. (Remember I have a vision problen.) The nest Tuesday the forier windows had 3 white spots placed low and hard to spot thus confirming again my suspecions.

As a consequence of my letter I was supposed to meet with the two elders. I refused, unless the pastor also attended.
As a consequence of my refusal I was realesed. Now a Shitlock Holms mystery. Why was a turd in the toilet, still intact on a Tuesday and no urine in the bowl?
Its elementary my dear Watson. Mary-Lee is a first-thing-in-the-morning shitter. When she gets up she has to poop! For 3 Tuesdays she just peed in her own toilet, sat on her urge to shit, squeezed out an initial log, moved to the other stall, pushed out her last pieces, wiped then flushed. A totally rotton and dispicable person is she.

Saturday, September 27, 1997

Here is a good oldtime shit story. When I was in boy scouts, every summer, we did summer camp at Camp Ransburg on Lake Monroe near Bloomington, IN. The campground had many campsites with a latrine for each. Each latrine was composed of 2 sit down toilets in one big room and a trough to piss in. Up by the parking lot where the mess hall and trading post was is the troop showers. You had just 2 large rooms which were the showers and then a small cubby hole room which contained the flushable toilet and a trough to piss in. There were no doors for privacy. Just walk in and go !
It was after dinner, I had to take a big dump. I met up with a friend, Jim, from another scout troop. We headed for the trading post which was across the path from the troop showers and the real toilet. I mentioned to Jim that I had to take a dump. He went with me and I walked in and dropped the drawers and proceeded to fart and then shit. While I was dumping, he mentioned that he had to crap badly as well. It took me 10 minutes from dropping drawers to wiping my ass and pulling up my pants. I flushed and then he went to the toilet and proceeded to dump. It took him 15 minutes to crap. The food gave him some problems. Overall, it took us 30 minutes to accomplish our task. We had fun such as laughing at the fart noises and the plops when we shitted into the toilet.
I'll never forget that time. We all had fun during those years. The next time I go back to Indiana, if I have time, I'll take a drive to the camp site that we stayed at. I was there about 5 years ago and the troop showers were torn down and rebuilt.

Hi Guys! Most of my dumps this (past) week have been what I call "clean." This means the turds are small and hard, and no poop appears on the paper after wiping. I occasionally poop this way; does anyone else? One story involving Allison, a close friend of mine at college. Around 2 PM today (Friday), she and I met at the library and walked back to the dorms together. I had to take a dump, and, although the library toilets are clean, I prefer returning "home" to my dorm whenever feasible.

Allison came in (to the bathroom) with me and sat in the neighboring stall. We continued our conversation (started outside) in the stalls; she and I both peed and then stopped. It was at this point I got into my position, head between the knees and tippy-toes to the floor- I heard Allison grunting, so I knew she didn't only have to pee! I pushed out a couple of *babies* - Susan, you'll be pleased to know my eyes were gauged over to the opening between the stalls. Allison began tapping her feet. I said "hope you don't mind my asking, but are you having trouble going" in a soft voice. "Yes, I really have to go, but nothing's coming out!" she whispered back. At that point I suggested my method, putting the head down between the knees and pressing into the abdomen [yes, Jodi, I know the latter was your idea :) ] "Whatever, I'll give it a try," she responded.

I let out a couple of more *babies* in the interim. "Come on, COME ON!," she grunted, silently but furiously. I could hear her "jumping" and saw her feet tap urgently. I heard her sigh a breath of relief. "That felt good!" I didn't ask her, but I assumed she let out one long, hard, turd. She began grabbing the paper; I think she wiped herself three times. I only wiped once, because my poops have been so hard and "clean."

I plan to get some Indian vegetarian food this evening. This can wreak havoc on my intestines, so I'm sure I'll have a much creamier dump tomorrow :) Susan, I always wipe my butt from the back; wiping from the front sounds so awkward. Peace, Steph

I find this site very interesting. I am a college student, and I really enjoy taking a dump in a public restroom. I am a little squimish about going in the dorm (although I will) because I prefer to be anonymous. I usually have to go after breakfast so I do it in the building where the dining commons are, or in the library. In both of these places, I am less apt to run into someone I know.

I love to observe what other guys do. Some of the things that really interest me are: how do others wipe. I like to wipe from behind. I can tell by looking at a guy's feet how he wipes. SOme wipe standing, some wipe from behind, and some wipe from in front. You can tell if a guy wipes between his legs by watching if he lifts his foot. I find this really interesting. I have tried to wipe from in front and it is really strange, and not very efficent. I would be interested to hear from a guy who wipes from the front and why he does it. Standing makes a little more sense, but wiping from behind while sitting seems to be the best way to really dig in and get clean. Also, some guys wipe really a lot, some very little. I like to wipe until the paper is clean.

I also am interested in the different shit odors. Some guys really dump very smelly ones. Others are odorless. Mine are usually pretty smelly. Also, some guys are very noisy. Lots of farts, grunts, splashes, sighs. Others are very quiet. I'm pretty noisy. Some guys are very embarrassed by the whole process. They flush as they go to mask the noise and odor. They are very shy about coming out of the stall if they know someone has heard them. I don't care about being heard (in an anonymous setting). If a guy next to me is finishing up, I try to time it so that we leave the stall together so that I can see him. Some guys are definitely embarrassed by this and kind of look down when they see you. Others are obviously not the least bit embarrassed. Some guys even will talk about their dump. ONe guy said to me the other day: "I fee four pounds lighter. Whew, what a relief. Hope I didn't stink you out guy!" I'd love to hear what other guys think about when going in a public bathroom.

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