Hello all. To Blake: I will describe more of the women on my tape for you and everyone else in a future post. It's interesting that you asked for descriptions of women...I am more fascinated by the opposite sex. I love to read stories about women and I'd be interested to know whether everyone else prefers to read stories about the same sex or the opposite sex. My story today is about a guy though. 7 years ago, when I was 13, I was visiting in Connecticut with a friend of mine, named Rob. This guy was NOTORIOUS for the infrequency and size of his poop. He would come over to my house just to take a dump, and then leave it for my family to deal with!! Anyway, the two of us went walking in near his house. We were walking near some railroad tracks and we stopped for a while. 10 minutes passed and Rob suddenly became uncomfortable and announced his intention to shit in the bushes nearby. I knew what to expect. This guy seriously went weeks without shitting. I didn't want to stand there and watch him take a dump, so I left him alone. I had my back to him and i could hear him farting loudly. 10 minutes later, he came out of the bushes refreshed. I told him I was going to take a leak and I went back to the spot where he had pooped. I saw steam rising in the bushes and I went over and saw the biggest piece of poop I'd ever laid eyes on. No kidding, this thing was enormous. I couldn't imagine how something that large could come out of a human! I peed and yelled some remark about how he'd "done it again!" It was unfathomable to me. Reading about constipated women is an incredible turn-on to me for some reason. I think I was listening to some radio show once where a lady called in from the midwest and told the DJ(live on the air) how she had been taking this medicine which made her terribly constipated. Then she said that one day, while in a department store, she had the urge to poop and knew it couldn't wait. She went into the staff women's bathroom and I think she said, "It was like and explosion". Then she said, "The size of this thing, you wouldn't believe". She said she wouldn't have dreamed of trying to flush her creation. I guess if my friend Rob can do it, anyone can! I'll post more later. Bye everyone!

Some guy
I just wanted to say why I think more people read posts than post post. Most of the people (like me) don't want to talk about their own accidents or toilet visits because it's embarrasing or private or they don't have any "good" stories like the regular "posters" do here. It's like porn videos: Everybody I know likes to watch them, but none of them want to star in one.

This is my first submittal. I love to to hear stories of women pooping and the sounds they make. I enjoy reading the stories posted here. It was early one morning at the office when a co-worker(female, short and a medium build with a vert cute ass)passed me in the hall. She went into the bathroom. Since no one was around I couldn't resist a peek. She went directly to a stall. I could hear her pulling up her skirt and lowering her panty hose. She immediatly farted a couple times, then a pause, a slight grunt, then I could hear several plops, then she peed for a few seconds. It was quiet for about a minute, then she lifted her feet off the floor to a louder grunt, then several farts and another wave of plops into the bowl. This went on for about 4-5 minutes,(I was beginning to smell her)when suddenly she flushed. This surprised me, but she remained on the toilet. Then she grunted, farted and pooped several more plops again for another five minutes before she wiped several times. Then she fllushed for the last time and left. What a great way to start the day.

joe smoe
hey do any girls have any interesing stories about public bathrooms and women letting loud smelling craps in the stall next to you

Monday, October 13, 1997

Pooping Girl and Shannon, I'm glad to see you posting to this site. You sound like really cool people. Shannon, that should be quite the experiment, especially the unpredictable timing part with laxatives. It kind of reminds me of something that happened to me this weekend. My period should be starting any day now and, as usual, I have the bad cramps, bloating and diahrrea that starts things off. I was at the mall with my friend Angela Saturday when I got a really bad cramp and full feeling in my abdomen. I told her how I had better get to a washroom and we started to head in that direction. The more steps I took, the more pressure I felt. As we got into the bathroom all the stalls were occupied and a few girls were waiting in a lineup. I started to get sweaty and clammy, my face got warm and my nipples got hard. I put one hand over my stomach and bit my lip. Finally, I got to the front of the line and a stall door opened. I fumbled with my pants and underwear to pull t! hem down and quickly sat down. I rested my head in my hands as everything exploded into the toilet, echoing through the washroom. I felt a couple of seconds worth of relief until my stomach tightened up again and another wave of diahrrea came out. It was all runny and almost liquid. I waited to see if anything else was going to come out. Looking underneath the next stall, I could see Angela on her tip toes. And was she ever constipated! I heard her grunting and straining as little bits of poop splashed into the toilet and she was almost out of breath when they did.

The following is a true recap of an incident that took place this afternoon.
the setting is a local Toronto area hockey arena with my self, my wife (Cindy) and our 6 year old daughter. where we were shopping for second hand skates for our daughter.
Cindy: Jay I hope this doesn't take too much longer I'm getting stomach cramps.
Jay: I think I saw a bathroom near the entrance why don't you go.
Cindy: Its probably gross I think I can wait until we get home.

Ten minutes later we had purchased the skates and were waiting to get them sharpened Cindy is pacing up an down the hallway.
Cindy: jay, please check if there ready yet.
Jay: They said about 3-5 more minutes. they are next in line. Will you be okay.
Cindy: I think so but I'm going to go sit down.
Emma: Daddy, whats wrong with mommy.
Jay: She just has a bit of a ???? ache.

They call our name and I get the skates.
Jay: Hon, Okay lets go. The skates are ready.
Cindy: thank god. Please get home quickly.
Jay: I'll do my best.

As we are driving Cindy is getting very fidgety.
Cindy: jay can you go a bit faster. I'm not gonna make it at this rate.
Jay: I'm doing my best.
Cindy; Oh shit this is getting really bad. I think I better put this bag under my bum just in case.

Cindy is wearing a blue skirt and red sweater. White panty hose. She spreads the bag on her seat.
Jay: Hold tight hon we're almost there.
Cindy: This is really bad. I should have gone at the rink. Oh God, Oh God,
Cindy lifts her bum up as if to fart.
Cindy: Oh no, (pfft sound comes from cindy) I cant beleive it. Shit, its still coming. I shit my panties. i can't believe I did this.
Jay: Its okay dear. I just hope your feeling well, It can happen to anyone. You and your clothes can be cleaned up.
Cindy: This is so embarrasing. Can you just get home so I can clean myself up.
Jay: We'll be home in second. Its okay.
Emma: What smells? Its nothing dear Mommy isn;t feeling well.
Cindy: Its okay Emmma. Mommy had a ???? ache and made an accident.
Emma. You mean poo in your pants?
Cindy: Yes honey. It can happen to grown ups sometimes too.

We get home. I am rock solid. I watch Cindy get out of the car. And there is wet brown stain on the seat of her skirt. As she walks to the front door. poop is running down her white panty hose into her nikes. I ask Emma to watch TV so i can help moomy clean up. Cindy and I go upstais. She takes her skirt of and her panties have a huge brown stain all over the back and up over the waist band. I watch Cindy carefully take them off while standing in the bathroom and emptying the contents in the toilet. She than throws them in the garbage. Her bum and crotch are covered in shit with shit hanging from her pubic hairs in front.
Cindy: I'll be okay. I'm just going to shower. You can leave.
The end.

If anyone else has ever been in a situation where they have seen their significant other have an accidnt or where you have had an accident in the presence of your "S.O." I would love to hear about it this forum.

I was walking down ******* ***** BLVD. with my friend when all of a sudden I had to crap. We were walking for a little while when it really started coming out, really bad. It was bad, I could feel the juicy shit sloshing between my cheeks, and I was praying to God to sew my butthole shut.
When I finally got back to my friend's house I was pressing the doorbell repeatedly and knocking on the door to get in because it was locked. When I got in I kicked off my shoes and ran to the toilet. When it came out I screamed, "There she blows!!!". It was the runs and it exploded out like a volcano!!! When I came out I had a large smile on my face. My friend took a picture and said he'd title it **** after a dump.

I've always taken real delight in the feelings, sounds, and sight of my own. Exceedingly proud of my own when it's large, or firm. or both

But "large" is a relative term and I was humbled one day last year at a business meeting. One of the meeting participants was a woman in a wheel chair. A skiing accident, I think. Her friend - perhaps it was her husband - dropped her off in the morning and was due to pick her up for morning break, but he was late. I asked if she needed assistance for anything and she said yes, she did. She needed to go to the bathroom.
Of course, I was happy to be able to help someone in need. And also very curious! But, of course, politness demanded that I remain totally matter-of-fact about it all.
It was amazing! She was a slender and small woman - only about five feet tall. After I helped her sit, I pretended to reapply my makeup until she called that she was done. I helped her stand and saw the most amazing BM! Seven or eight large pieces! All of good quality!
She awkwardly wiped, then struggled mightily to reach back and flush the embarassing (to her) mass. I wanted to stop her, "Wait, let me get a camera!" or "Have you been holding this all month??!" or "Holy Cow, that must be twice what I've ever done!" but of course I couldn't utter a word about it.

Today, I had a really intersting experience. I went in for my usual crap, but it was very hard and required alot of straining. When it finally came out, there was a little bit of diarrea after it. I think it was from all of the excess straining, but I'm still interested as to why this happens.

I've just discovered this page and it has prompted me to recall an incident that happened to me last year. Three mates of mine went skiing with me for a week. Unfortunately, I took a tumble on the first day. I lost my balance and put out both of my arms to break my fall, but instead ended up breaking both my arms. Now it was bad enough that this ended my skiing prematurely, but a real problem emerged when I felt the need to take a dump. It was a physical impossibility to wipe my arse with both arms set in plaster. So it was left to my mates to have to wipe my butt for me each day. To make matters worse, I am a big eater and I usually have to shit twice a day. They ended up taking it in turns to wipe me clean. You know you've got some really good mates when they do this for you!!

Hey guys, it is great to be able to post more frequently! This morning, on my run I was only wearing a pair of running shorts, panties, and a T-shirt, due to this warm streak we have been having in the Northeast. Anyway, I was running my normal five-mile route, when after the first two and a half miles; I started to feel a little rumbling in my stomach (that was probably due to some ice cream, I had last night). I just figured that it was gas, and I would just "pass it" on my way! Well I continued on my run, farting every fifteen or twenty steps, feeling very relieved! When I was just about half way to the next series of port-a-toilets (I think I told u, that I run in a park with port-a-toilets every fourth mile, I was right better the last set, and the next set). I let out a long, fart with had a liquid accompaniment, it was nothing major, just a little dribble on my panties, but I got the warning to stop at the next port-a-toilet I saw! While on my way to the next set of toilets, I farted again, this fart was just like the one before, and it was actually a little wetter! I became very uncomfortable, running with a wet butt. I finally made it to the port-a-toilets, and when I got there my jaw dropped! All four were !LOCKED!, and what was worse, I could couldn't even fart to relieve the pressure because there was a cute guy standing there, waiting to use one! I had been standing there for about a minute (hopping from foot to foot), when he asked me if I was ok, I told him that I was fine, I just really had to *PEE*, he said, "Owe, would u like to go before me?" I told him that I could wait, which I really couldn't, but I also didn't have to pee either. With in the minute, a young girl came out of one of the toilets, and he asked me if I was sure he could go first? I told him that he had been here first and it was his! No sooner, had he locked the port-a-toilet door, did I feel a huge gas bubble move down my side and I doubled over and released a big clump of mushy diarrhea, into my already soiled panties. I began to think that if someone didn't come out soon, I would have a very messy accident there, in the middle of this trail! I stood there for another minute, waiting with my legs crossed, until this old man came out of the first port-a-toilet. I quickly ran in, and OWE WHAT A STENCH, but I didn't have time to look in, I yanked down my panties, and squatted (there was poop all over the seat) over seat to release wave after wave of diarrhea. After about fifteen minutes in there, I decided that I was finished, I wiped my very sore bottom, and began to survey my damaged panties! I decided to leave my panties there and just run back to my dorm, in my running shorts and change. I ran straight back the trail to my dorm, and by the time I walked into the first floor, I really had to shit again. But I really wanted to go to the bathroom on my floor, so I walked to the elevator! While in the elevator, I was farting like crazy, and they were soo loud! When the elevator finally reached the third floor, I stepped out, and let out a huge fart, which "splattered" a little bit into my panties! I waddled to the bathroom and walked in! This bathroom is rather large, when you walk in, on the right hand wall there are ten shower stalls, on the left hand wall there are twelve "toilet" stalls (which by the way have no door), and on the back wall are roughly six or seven sinks. Anyway, when I walked in, my friend Betsy was just stepping out of the shower, and began to talk to me. We were talking for about a minute of two, when I felt the pressure really building up, and I began to walk to a stall, I walked one maybe two steps, and the pressure doubled, but I was intent on not having another accident, so I kept walking to the stall, I got probably with in five or six steps of the toilet stall, when Betsy called out "Hey Blake, I have to ask u a quick question", well this startled the hell out of me, and I let out a huge fart, and a big clump of shit fell on the floor (probably because I wasn't wearing any panties. I quickly ran into a stall, and pulled down my shorts, but before I could get my butt on the toilet seat, shit flew out of my butt with such a force that it hit the back of the toilet's lid, and "rebounded" on to my back! Betsy still talking to me, not realizing I had just shit on the floor, turned around (she was headed for the door) and saw the shit on the floor. She asked, "Blake, did u just shit on the floor?" and just as I said yea, A cramp got the better of me, in the form of a huge, VERY SMELLY FART, a flood of diarrhea flew into the toilet. I then told her that I also shit all over this toilet, and I had to switch, she turned around, and I quickly ran into a different stall. I then began to forcefully shit into this stall! Betsy then told me that my "accident" gave her a massive urge to shit, and she walked past me (in my toilet stall) walked past the one next to me (the one I destroyed) and took a stall on over from me. She proceeded to let go with a noisy dump herself, but she was done within five minutes, where I was done in twenty-five minutes! I had to go one more time today, during class, but luckily I made it to the bathroom, and didn't have any accidents!

I completely agree with Jenny that a major pet peeve of mine is people who read all the posts here and enjoy them but never contribute, come on guys, we all use the bathroom, and I'm sure some of us have notable experiences so, POST THEM! BTW Jenny- do you have a history of messy Diarrhea accidents? (When u aren't drinking) Mike, you should definitely describe the five more women in a future post. Can you digitize those sounds u have, and put them on the computer? I'll try to post again soon, keep posting guys, I love all your stories!

Sunday, October 12, 1997

3 more I forgot A while back I was driving home and was on a residential street with the windows rolled down. 3 girls (assorted teens) were crossing in the middle of the block. I heard one girl yell out "I got cramps in my stomach" After I passed them I heard a semi tourtured scream and one of the girls was doubled up no further details avaliable. Yesterday on the way home I noticed a female (age unknown) with her back tuned to some short weeds in an easment between a parking lot and a municipal yard. She had her knees bent and was talking to a female friend. After a few seconds she abtuptly finished and pulled her pants up and walked away. Inside the same train 2 stops later 2 girls 1 was ~12 and the other ~9 One was wearing a skirt and had pee running down the inside of her legs. I guess she got up out of her seat and lost it in the asile.

Well, hello Pooping Girl. I used to see U in the Daily Dump. Remember me? I'm the friendly school custodian. I clean all the restrooms. The other day a girl left toilet paper on the seat after getting up from taking a dump. Putting toilet paper on the seat is so unnecessary cuz I wipe the seats every day for them. Anyway she left a big load in the bowl and it was still warm when I checked! From the look of it she wiped at least 10 times and threw the tissue on the floor!!! I had to flush and clean the skid marks out of the bowl. I picked up the messy tissue and flushed that. The girls room has five toilets and four little sinks that I keep very clean. I hope they like using their school bathroom.

So here's my story for today. The last few days, I have been unable to poop. That is very rare for me, usually I poop about twice or even three times daily. But before today, I hadn't gone since Wednesday. I was a little excited, because this was really the first time this had ever happened to me, but also I was a bit apprehensive because I didn't know what to expect. I went out to lunch with my sister and two friends and I had three large cups of coffee. During the drive home, I noticed that familiar feeling in my abdomen and it sort of caught me off guard. It came on all of a sudden. I really had to go. Driving these two friends home only made it worse, since they lived on the other side of town. By the time I got home, I raced into the house and went into the bathroom. I stripped off my jacket in a frenzy. I undid my belt and in one swift motion, pulled my pants and boxer shorts down to my knees. Then I quickly sat on the freezing toilet seat and proceeded to fart for about 5-6 seconds straight. It all came out at once in an explosion of diarhhea and gas. That went on for like 2 minutes and then it calmed down and I pooped 4 medium sized logs. All that coffee had me peeing like crazy. I had to put my penis down into the bowl while I was pooping. After wiping and flushing twice, I felt pretty good! I'll think about how to work this thing with my DAT tapes. Later.

Question: I'd like to do some experimenting (a who-can-hold-longest-contest) for which I need some laxatives. We have tried with the good old fleet cleansing enema which generates volume and makes your poop soft but which doesn't create cramps though. I am used to soft poop and can hold very long, as long as I don't have cramps. Most laxatives are too unpredictable to organize a contest, i.e. there can be differences of hours before from one person to the other before they start working. I have heard recently of very strong and very fast laxatives based on "cascara sagrada" or buckthorn. Does anybody know where to get them and how much to take of it to make it work and still not end up in a hospital? Yes, I am new to this site. I promise to post about our experiments though.

Happy Camper
To pooping girl - It's great to have you here. I really missed your great pooping stories when the dump closed. Keep up the great pooping and the great stories.

Saturday, October 11, 1997

pooping girl
Hi folks. I used to post at the daily dump before it closed. I enjoy going to the toilet and seeing and hearing about other people going to the toilet as well. I am bi-sexual so I enjoy both men and women stories. I was out golfing with a friend of mine late one afternoon a couple of weeks ago when she bent over to pick up her ball she farted loudly, as she got a worried look on her face sh started to walk towards the woods letting more gas gowith each step she took. She yelled at me to watch out for her as she had to poop, she had her pants and underpants down before I got over there and sh strained and a big poop started out of her fanny. She was squatting there and she went alot the whole time passing more gas. I always carry some wet wipes with me in a little case as I am very careful about cleanliness, I gave her some and she used 4 towipe her fanny along with a few tissues she had with her. We finished our round and before we left to go home we both went to the ladies room, I just had to tinkle and as I sat on the toilet my friend pooped again, I heard at least 5 jobbies splash in the toilet as she grunted and farted. She told me it had been three days since her last poop and took a laxative that finally worked. Well thats my first post here, I will post from time to time here as I see things. I have a camp toilet which looks like a stool with a toilet seat you hook up plastic bags to catch your jobbies and tinkle. When I need to go alot I may post it as I go. bye for now.

Well, I have not been back for a while. Most time I dump a load is around 3-4 in the afternoon. Yesterday, I had to leave work early yesterday and I had the urge to crap. I walked into the bathroom and let it rip. Some good farts and a good shit. It was relief ! How many of you all had a good shit where you really felt great ?

Friday, October 10, 1997

When I was 17 I was working at a Mcdonalds that was held up late one night.The whole ordeal lasted about 6 or 7 minutes but it seemed much longer than that.I had been holding myself for several hrs.and was finally able to take a bathroom break.Freeze! Everybody on the floor! I hadn't taken two steps towards the bathroom when I heard those words.I looked at the two guys quickly and then squatted down on the floor behind the counter.Shaking & Trembling I lost control and pooped & peed my uniform.It all happen so fast and I was so scared! I remember not caring that I had pooped my pants,I just didn't want to be hurt or killed.

(I'm french, so my english is poor) When I was young, I was in scouts. We always had summer camps. I was about ten when it happened to me. We had our tent in woods, very far from civilisation, that mean there were no toilet (no more port-a-toilet). One journey, they planned (animators) we would go to a spring on a little river, were we could swim and have fun. We started walking all the group (near 40) only in swimsuit in the woods. It was supposed to be not too long. On the way, I started to feel the need to poop increase, but I'd seen worse than it! The situation was more different in this case, because there were no toilet and I could'nt stop because we were following each other in a bee-line. Now we had to climb on rocks, bend under bough. That was very difficult now for me to not loose control. Now I had to bypass a trunk of tree by walking on it (about 4' high) and get down after (we were really in a forest, no path, nothing). And then it happened, when got down, ! the impact was too much for my anus and let loose a bit. I didn't realise at the time because it was very loose, I didn't feel it between my buttocks. I just smelled it. The girl who was following me (one of my friend) said it was like a bear pooped near... Let me tell you that I had no doubt were the bear was!!! I was thinking about cleaning my mess in the river. After 20 minutes of walk, we stopped and the animators said it was too long and we would have to come back. At this point, I was sitting down on a rock, just to control my shit. I had a very little swimsuit on (Speedo). Before we start came back, I stood up and went deep in woods to shit (without warning to the animators). I pooped in my speedo all the way. When I foud a spot, I cleaned myself as best I could with leafs. I was not along in this situation. Most half people had accident on this day. I think animators wanted us to poop in woods by putting laxatives in the food....

Alex: Thanks for your detailed timing post of the other day. It made me realize I am quite different than you. Let me start by saying there are two stages to pooping. The first is to get the poop in a position to push it out. the second is actually pusihing it out. I never sit on the toilet until I am ready to push it out. I find that being in motion is more likely to "move it down the shoot" than just sitting there. As a consequence, my toilet sittings are extremely short. Specifically, this morning I sat down on the toilet at 8:15. A turd was already pushing against my anal opening. I immediately started peeing and within 10 seconds, my turd emerged with very little pushing. It was the best kind: soft but holding its shape so I only had to wipe 3 times. The total toilet visit was about 2.2 minutes.

Jodi: I am also a runner that is fortunate enough to run on country roads, and I would never use the portable toilets for either pee or poop. Yes, I know, it is easier for men to pee, but I have an outdoor pooping technique I would like others to try. First, I go into the woods far enough so I know I have privacy. I then find a big tree. I stand about a foot away from it. I pull my running shorts down to my ankles. I then slowly lean back so my back is leaning against the tree and my back is perpendicular to the ground. In this position, there is about a foot between where my poop will land and my feet. I then usuually pee, using my hand on my penis to make sure I pee staright down (is there some way women can direct there pee?). I then start pushing: I find that in this position, I can make full use of the muscles in the muscles in my body to move out a hard dump. In this position, my buns are naturally spread apart so a rarely have to wipe at all, even if the poop is loose. I use leaves to wipe: brown leaves are more absorbent than green leaves. I often find doing this quite erotic and get an erection (when can be problematic in controlling where I pee. I hope someone will try my technique and report back.

Sorry I haven't been posting lately. Just busy, the usual excuses. Yesterday at work I had good experience in the bathroom. I had just sat down on the toilet for my after coffee morning pee. Another girl came in and sat down in the stall beside. I was looking at her feet under the stall as she was sitting down. She had on high heels. When she had sat down I noticed that she was taking her shoes off!! When she had them off she pulled her feet closer into the toilet and went up into the tippy toe position. I could then her start pushing as she was peeing. When it started to come out of her it sounded very soft and wet. I have noticed that many of the women were I work seem to have soft and mushy BM's. I don't know if this is the norm for other women or just the ones I work with. It took her 4 pushes to get it all out. When she was finished I noticed that her feet were turned around facing the toilet. I assume that she was standing up to wipe herself. How many other regulars her stand to wipe? I was outside wahing my hands by this point. When she flushed and came out I could see that she was tall and in her mid twenty's. I didn't know her name but I recoginzed her from the customer service dept. I'll try and post some more stories later.
Take Care,

Although I've been reading this site for a few months now, this is my first post. I think the stories are wonderful.Keep up the good work everyone. All my life I thought I was the only person who had a bm fetish and enjoyed watching and listening to others take a dump. It's great to know there are so many like minded people out there. I had a wicked bm in the university library about an hour ago; the shit was practically pushing its way out when I got in the stall and ripped my pants down. Unfortunately there was no-one in the adjoining stall to hear my performance, but there were two guys at the urinals. Surprisingly I made very little noise, just a couple of farts as i was finishing up. I had filled the toilet with soft, mushy turds and the smell was pretty bad. I felt so much better than when I went in. Will tell some more university related stories in the future.

Thursday, October 09, 1997

more sightings: In the subway a couple of weeks back I noticed a woman running for a train with a large noticable wet spot on the back of her skirt in addition she the material was see through enough that the layers below looked damp. I wonder if anyone else noticed. Second yesterday or the day before, on the shoulder of the experessway I cought sight of someone sitting on the passenger's side door jamb on a car with their pants dangling below the car. Too bad I was too far off to see anything else. And the third one. This one happened at a church service that I had to attend as a mass server in order to fill in for a server that didn't show up. They had to call someone to prevent embarrasment in front of the bishops etc. who were there. Less than half way throgh one server (female probably late teens early 20s) clearly could not sit still and was causing a stir. One of the other servers (same as above) wouldn't leave her alone and couldn't stop laughing. After about 1/2 hour of that she suddenly and unexpectedly ran out. After the service she shared that she wet her pants a little and really had to go. It didn't soak through her jeans and if it did her robe would have covered the spot. Afterward she seemed pretty cool about explaining the whole incident to friends in the audience.
Let's see here. Definately under the seat. Just lazy I guess. I can see all the women out there cringing at the thought of such a practice. I started when I was little when I noticed that I had to maneuver sp? around the seat when sitting down and again when getting up. The seat sticks out far enough that no hands are needed to acheive a safe kink free downward arc. Also a home remedy for waking up in the middle of the night with a fence post and a full bladder: a cold wash towel does the trick.

Hi Blake! I'm glad we have so much in common (jogging 4-5 mi a day). There are no porta-potties along my jogging route, which is a suburban residential area. I very rarely use porta-potties; you're right, most of them are disgusting. Nothing of (toilet) interest to report today. Jodi

Mike- You should put those sounds onto the computer! I know that myself, as well as many othe people whould love to hear them!

I haven't said much here but have been reading voraciously for some time and I love you guys and gals! Ketty, please tell us more! Blake and Alex and Jenny, I love reading your posts. Zowie, what a fascinating subject. Perhaps you can rephrase your question and get it past the FAQ board. As to the early morning pee with an erection question, I usually sit down and lean way, WAY over so My Friend points only slightly above horizontal. Then I can reach down and with a slight nudge push him into the bowl. Whenever I try to do this standing up I risk end up starting not with a jet (which I could direct), but with a dribble; this dribble flows out of my opening and trickles down my shaft, past my balls, and onto the floor. Not nice! You girls never have to contend with that! Unless you think you can do this standing up. ...Fluidity

Yesterday a group of friends and I went to MacDonald's after school for the usual stuff: check out the guys, trade gossip and girl talk. Halfway there I felt the familiar pressure building up in my lower abdomen. My pants started to feel tight and I let out a small fart to relieve the pressure. There was so much loud traffic on the street nobody noticed. As soon as we got there I headed straight for the bathroom with another girl close behind me. I had to take small steps at this point to avoid farting again in the middle of the restaurant with everybody watching. There were two stalls in the bathroom. Both were pretty gross with somebody's poop, a used maxipad and pee all over the seats, but I really had to go at this point. I ran into one and slammed the door behind me. This, I thought, is going to require quite the balancing act. I pulled my pants and underwear down to my ankles (ccc-cold feeling) and braced myself with my hands against the walls of the stall with my! butt hovering over the toilet bowl. But I couldn't go! I was so conditioned to letting go as soon as I felt the toilet seat this felt really wierd. I took one hand and slipped it under my t-shirt, pushing on my abdomen. Finally with a big fart, poop exploded all over the toilet bowl and a little even landed on the floor and my pants. I wiped it off with some toilet paper but there was still going to be a wet spot on the front of my jeans (try explaining that one to my friends). It took ages to wipe off my butt and when I finally went outside somebody asked if I was okay. One major pet peeve of mine (other than disgusting women's toilets) is people who read all the posts here and enjoy them but never contribute! Look, everybody goes to the bathroom and must have something to contribute here. Think about it and make up your minds to contribute at least one post this weekend. If nobody submits anything then this cool site may shut down, so get typing ...

This is my first post to this forum. Today I had to take a bm at the college. I went into the empty toilet and after I sat down the charwomen came in. But I had to go really bad and so I had to let it go. This was very noisy, but the charwomen kept cleaning the floor. She heard everything I did in my stall. This was the first time that a women listened to me during I had a bm and I was very embarrassed. But it turned me a little bit on because it's such an intimate thing for me. I still can't imagine how women sit on the toilet having a bm. I'm interested in how they do it and how they feel. Because of that I liked the posts of these many girls talking about it.

Wednesday, October 08, 1997

Hi guys & girls. Havn't written for a while, but check in almost every day. Someone asked a question a while ago as to whether girls could "go" in the sitting position with their legs crossed. Curiosity got the better of me, and I tried to see if I could do it. (I can assure everyone that I'm 100% male!). I found it really hard to sit on the loo with my legs crossed, and ended up squashing my balls while trying!!! - aaahhhgg!!! Still not sure about the girls.

Someone else asked about what guys do with their willies whilst sitting on the loo. I nearly always push mine down with my right hand (anyone ever tried wiping their bum with their LEFT hand???)This raises another question for the guys, is how to go with an erection? In the summertime, I often go outside (we live in the country - not many people around), or else I go in the shower, where it doesn't matter. It's really hard to get the pee to go down the loo, when my willie is pointing up! If I have to use a loo, then I usually sit down facing the wall (ie the opposite way to normal). This lets me sit far enough away from the hole, that I can lean forward and push my willie down enough to get the stream into the bowl.
I'd really like to know how others fare? any comments guys (and girls too, for that matter!!!!)

See ya,
Gary (in Australia)

Last Thanksgiving, my family had a party at my house. There were about 20 guests, evenly divided among both sexes. I had looked forward to this particular party because I knew many of the female guests were good-looking, and having them around the house would give me an opportunity to spy on them while they went to the bathroom. Slowly, a devious plan formed: I decided to plant a microphone in my bathroom, and record the guests while they used the toilet. Looking back, it sounds so wrong, but at the time, it excited me terribly and still does. So I got my microphone and fixed it, with a piece of tape, to a spot where nobody could have found it. Then I ran the cord to my tape recorder, which was a Sony DAT machine. If anyone doesn't know, DAT stands for Digital Audio Tape, and it's sound quality is millions of times better than regular audio cassette tape. Just so I wouldn't catch anyone on the tape that I didn't want to hear, like my mom(what a horrible thought), I sat near the bathroom for the entire length of the party and wrote down, on a tiny pad, the names of everyone who used the bathroom! DAT tape can record for 4 hours at a time, so I used almost 2 tapes. I got a total of 17 people on tape, 7 of which were people I had wanted to hear! One of my favorites was a lady named Judy, who was in her early 30's. In fact, before she went into the bathroom, I heard her say to herself, "I've really got to use the john." On the tape, she closes the door and I can hear her take her pants down. She lifts up the seat and once she sits down, she goes right to it. She blasted a loud fart and diarhhea started to pour out of her. She started to pee right after and I think she peed for a good minute. Then as she was wiping herself, she had another fart and I can hear as she has 5-6 little waves of diarhhea. She wiped and was finished. My next favorite was a younger woman, her name was Caryn. She was about 25. She was gorgeous and as soon as I saw her head for my bathroom, my heart started to race. After she went, which took her 5 minutes, I couldn't wait to hear the tape. And when I did, it was no dissapointment. I couldn't have imagined a girl who looked like Caryn could have done what she did! She was so exquisite, dressed in white and looking so professional. On the tape, Caryn comes into the bathroom and I hear her groan. She unzipped her skirt and then I heard her panties go down. Then this figure of beauty, a blond goddess, proceeded to fart about 4-5 times in a row, really loudly, and very quickly. Then she started to pee violently for about 1 minute, groaning the entire time. She may have pooped a little while peeing, but afterwards, I know she pooped about 6 turds into the bowl, because I can hear each one as they splash into the water. There are 5 more women on the tape, maybe I'll describe them in a future post. Everyone's stories are great. Blake, loved your story from today(oct. 7) Jenny and Alex, I'm a fan as well! Later...

Tuesday, October 07, 1997

I am so busy but I just have to post this story from this morning! I was running my usual five-mile run, when after about two miles, I started feeling a strong urge to pee! I stopped at the next port-a-toilet on my route (I run in a park with port-a-toilets every fourth mile, usually three of four of them) and opened the first one up, well I did and the stink killed me! It smelled awful, now remembering this site, and what a great story this would make I decided to investigate! While pinching my nose, I walked into the port-a-toilet, there was poop splattered all over the seat, and on the back wall, there was a wet mush on the floor, dripping out the door. In back of the toilet's seat, were a pair of white, cotton Hanes "Jockey for Her" panties, with a wet mushy load in the seat, the poop in them had leaked spread making these panties a faint shade of brown. Still having to pee quite badly, I left this port-a-toilet, and open the next port-a-toilet, and it was just as bad (if not worse). This one was almost the same, except the smell was much more intense and the poop all over it was much runnier. Lying over the toilet's seat were a pair of women's jeans, I looked at them, and the backside of them was completely covered in this wet poop, it had leaked down both legs. To me it looked like some had a massive diarrhea accident in their jeans then came in here to clean up, and proceeded to have a waves of diarrhea, that would be my guess from personal experiences. I left this port-a-toilet praying that the third and last toilet was clean enough for me too pee in. I opened it, and it did smell awful, but didn't have any poop on it at all. Yes, it did have some in the hole, but none on the seat. I ran in locked the door took down my pants, shorts, and panties (when ever I run early in the morning I wear running pants, running shorts, and panties, for two reasons to keep me warm when it's cold, and if I get hot, I take off the pants, and still have shorts on) peed for a solid minute and a half. I felt so good after my peeing that I finished my run in a faster time than normal! (By the way I looked in some of the other port-a-toilets, while on my run, and I didn't see or smell anything so bad, there were some toilets with had poop splattered in them, and some with soiled or stained clothing, but nothing major like that in those toilets) I'm going to run tomorrow morning do maybe there will be a story from that to post! Keep posting guys I love to read your stories! Ketty I loved your story, I have had plenty of embarrassing accidents while on the beach, and I understand how vulnerable u feel! Jodi, Steph, Alex, and all the other "regular" posters, keep those stories coming!

A grossly fat woman waddled into the Taco Bell to the washroom, which was in use. "Oh, please," she moaned. "I have to go to the bathroom soba-a-ad!" She hopped on one leg. She hopped on the other. She pressed her lips together. She rolled her eyes. She scrunched her buttocks together. She grabbed her buttocks and made an inward pushing movement. Finally the washroom door opened and a little man walked out. She rushed into the washroom, almost knocking him over, but before she could close the door I heard a loud wet fart. "Bflup!" I was quite glad that I didn't work there and have the job of cleaning that washroom.

I was thinking the other day about an incident that actually happened just before last Christmas at the mall. I was standing in a big long line waiting to pay for my purchases with a mother and her ten or eleven year old daughter in front of me. There were crowds everywhere. I noticed the girl biting her lip and hopping back and forth from one foot to the other. Her mom had ran into a friend and was busy talking, not noticing her daughter behind her. The girl kept tugging at her mom's arm, saying how she really, really HAD to go find the bathroom! Her cries got more urgent by the second. Finally, her mom turned around, telling her loudly not to interrupt and she would just have to wait another minute. The girl huffed and crossed her arms, looking around to see if anyone was watching. I glanced away so she wouldn't see me but listened carefully out of one ear. She bent her knees slightly and I heard her quietly grunting to herself. That was followed by a soft, crackling sound and the back of her tight pink cotton pants bulged out under her panties. She sighed with a massive look of relief on her face. Her mom was still talking about some casserole dish she had made the night before and hadn't noticed a thing that happened. They paid for their shopping and disappeared into the crowd. I often wonder if the mom had ever known what just went on.

Sometimes the nature of one's BMs changes without you being entirely aware what the cause is. Normally I take my daily dump after breakfast, but for the last 3 weeks I have got the message within a few minutes of getting out of bed. I sit on the pot and I only need the very slightest little push to get the turds going, and then they literally fall out of my arsehole. In consistency they are very small and soft and fairly dark in color. The first lot always stinks vilely, so I flush it rapidly. There is then a wait and one or two further instalments of similar material emerges, but they need to be pushed. It is so soft that wiping is easy, but I use a lot of TP. I think the cause of the change in my evacuations is a diet rather rich in fruit and vegetables and other fiber. But at least when I've done, I feel nice and empty.

Monday, October 06, 1997

Once while in a convenience store near work, while retrieving a soda from the cooler, I farted and pooped at the same time. I thought for sure everyone in the store could hear it and tell! It was an interesting walk back to work (about 5-blocks). Fortunately it wasn't too runny, so I was able to clean up at work.

Thanks for the story Ketty. Also good to hear from Blake!

As I child, I suffered the severe abuse of being forced to hold my piss by teachers and my mother and grandmother. Because of this, I have developed a fetish for holding piss and it has riuned my sense of sexuality and has shamed me greattly. Because of this experience and witnessing the plights of other children, I refuse to hold my piss (or allow a child to)for ANYONE! I strongly am advocating on the behalf of children to end this abusive practice and have it recognized as a form of child abuse. Forcing children to hold bodily wastes puts them at risk for serious physical and emotional health problems. I also would like to research more whether "watersports" are related to being forced to hold pee as a child or being humiliated for needing to go- I'm positive there is a link-I'm living proof! So far my research on the subject of forced bodily waste retention in children has been extremely difficult bec. there is next to nothing documented despite the prevelence ! of the practice. If anyone has experienced being forced to hold their pee as a child, or has witnessed it, please e-mail me with your experiences. This will help me tremendously w/ my research. Also, if you're interested in learning more about my efforts to stop this abuse and to make it known, please e-mail me. This abuse has gone on unquestioned and overlooked for too long.
Good post, but it has to be posted to the forum. This falls under part 2 of the second paragraph of the site FAQ

Last night, I was at my dad's apartment in New York. He was out of town on business, and I had planned to have some people over. I started drinking at 8PM. I started with shots of vodka, and then I decided to drink a bottle of white wine. Before long, I was pretty drunk. I called up a girl who I hadn't spoken to for a long time and we started to have a very in-depth conversation. I finished the bottle of wine after about 15-20 minutes and was still on the phone. While talking to my friend, Kristin, I noticed a DIRE need to pee. She and I were talking about very intimate issues and I didn't want to leave to go to the bathroom and interrupt the conversation. I can't believe I did this, but finally the pressure got too great. I took out my penis and put the hole up to the empty bottle and peed right into it. Sweet relief!! I didn't expect what happened next. I became aware that I was filling up the bottle at a good rate and there was no stopping in sight. I was talking to Kristin and all of a sudden, pee started to overflow from the bottle. I had filled it up and I kept going. I peed ALL OVER MYSELF! It was so funny! Lucky the floors were wood, it only took a few paper towels to clean up. I didn't time myself, but it lasted good while. I had to stop myself from laughing into the phone!!

Hi. This morning, I had a couple of cups of yogurt before going out for my jog. As many of you know, I have (minor) lactose intolerance, and have a history of gassy BMs. I was out on my jog when I suddenly had the urge to crap. By that point I was about a mile from my dorm; I had planned to jog for about 4 miles, as I normally do, but I decided to turn around and return to campus. I got back in about 10 minutes and immediately ran into the first available bathroom (not the one on my floor). I sat down and immediately "pffed" right into the toilet; I counted seven little lightish-brown poops in the bowl. Guess I had the *runs* this morning; sorry, I just couldn't resist :-) Jodi

I am by nature a morning pooper and have coined a phrase that may also be familiar to some of you -- "Seven minute coffee". To explain , it seems that I have to take my morning dump about seven minutes after finishing my first cup of coffee in the morning. (More or less) One morning some time ago I had finished that first cup and was reading the paper when the urge hit. It didn't seem particularly urgent and I was in the middle of an interesting article so I thought another minute wouldn't hurt.
Wrong !
When I realized that the situation was unexpectedly critical, I began moving rapidly towards the bathroom, but it was too late. A large turd was already moving out of my butt and piling up in my shorts. Not wanting to get any on the carpet or anything else, I waited until the crapping was finished and then lowered the underwear, dumped the turds into the bowl, and finished up. Other than the mess in my shorts, no harm done as far as I could tell, but that taught me not to tamper with the signal from "seven minute coffee".

Sunday, October 05, 1997

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