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My name is Ketty, I'm a 26 year old consultant engineer that have to travel a lot for work. I've had a lot of accidents, both solid and liquid, but I am not incontinent, They were due to a lack of attention I put on the urge, especially in my period. I want to tell you what happened in my last holiday. I've decided to spend three weeks in Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Island, to relax myself after my move to Italy. I've worked for a company in Houghton, and now I have found this job in my relative's country. I was born in Boston, and I graduated at MIT.
I've choosen that place (fuerteventura), and an Italian tour-operator, because this is called by the Canary people "La Isla Tranquilla" (The calm Island), there is a beautiful ocean, a beautiful nature, and a desert like Dunes zone, just on the sea, where many and many naturists lives in touch with nature, even mixed with other "regular " tourists. I've chosen a place in a village in the northern part, in Corralejo, about 2.5 miles from the dunes, so I could have a walk in the morning, and night life.
During The flight (from Milan to Fuerteventura), no accidents happened, even if it often happened, so that I was prepared for the evenience, with a pair of Italian made Protective panties. They are Cloth panties with an absorbant layer at the crotch, wor light and medium incontinence. they come in three degrees of protection. I used a medium tipe, so taht It would soak up any leakage without bulge. I sometimes used also light diapers, especially in long distance flights. At the end of the flight there were only some drips on it. During the first day of my holydays, I waited for my period (I was about to come) sunbathing at the hotel swimming pool, just to be sure before going to the dunes. In the dunes zone (about 4 miles of extension by the sea, and 1 mile in the inner island), there are two public toilets, that are used in prevalence by regular tourists, while naturists don't use them always (I will explain later what do they do). I am a naturist, when I can, but i don't like to sunbathe with the tampon string showing or even with no protection. In the first days I've been on the beach only topless. My first accident happened the third night. I've hung out with some guys and gals I've met there, partying for the Carmen Festival, that was on in that period. I had drunk a lot of Sangria and Beer, ant other than feeling a bit drunk, I felt my bladder's pressure build up, but I idn't want to leave the festival. In a not better precised moment, I found myself alone, and the echos of the festivals ending, so I decided to find a loo, and stopped to "THE" Italian Bar at Corrlaejo, because I knew that the road to the hotel was a bit too long for my state. Fidgeting very much, I asked a coffee, and the loo. They told me that they only have a private toilet, but it had been already washed and closed, for it was almost closing time. While trying to make it back to the hotel without accidents, I felt the overfilled bladder's cramps mix up with the menstrual cramps (It always happen when I drink beer in my operiod) Damn! I forgot I had a maxipad in my panties. It was my second day, and I was bleeding quite much, so I preferred it. While walking, i stopped myself many times, doubling over, holding muself, crossing my leg.
At about half mile from the hotel, I realized that I should loose the battle. A drip escaped, and I stopped. Two drips, three drips, and I crossed my legs, breathing hard and trying to focus (hard, because I was also a bit drunk), Drip...drip...drip, I put one hand between my legs, cramp...spurt, I feel a hot wetness in the front of my pad, I double over, then another cramp make me stand up. Spurt spurt, I feel the wetness spreading all over my pad and I know that in was not only bleed then I feel dhe floodgates open, and the urine flow down my left leg first, and then my right one. I raise my miniskirt to the hips, hoping noone is in touch, and I tried to step out of my shoes, not to soak them too. Watching the growing puddle between mi now bare feet, I thought waht to do. When my bladder was over, i took off my panties, I peeled off the hot pissed pad, and i threw it in a garbage can, unusable, and i fixed my miniskirt arount the hips, just to cover up a bit mu bare ass and mu crotch and not to get messed by blood. I was a little aware that I was showing at least half butt, and my pubic hair. I am quite a nice girl, with an athletic body (I played and practiced vball until high school, and now I play in a club team in Italy), so I was a kind of an exibitionist that time. I walked the remaining part of the road back to the hotel with my panties in an hand and my shoes in the other. When I was out of the door, i tried to clean up the crotch withnmy panites and I wore them, just to stop dripping blood, and run to the room, where I showered and went to sleep. The morning after the Alchohol finished his effect on my mind, but unfortunately not on my body, but I discovered it later, on the road. I got up, prepared myself for the beach and had breakfast. Then I left the hotel and direct myself to La Playa, by foot. Walking towards the beach I felt gas moving in my ????, and it often happens in my period, so I let out some farts while walking. Not so far from my usual spot, I let out two huge farts, so smelly that I reached my panties to feel wether i pooped also. I felt even my bowels moving, so I thought that i should reach one of the two toilets for the morning stop. Wile going to the nearest public loo, I found that i'd better hurry up, so much that i had to keep my butt-cheeks tightly closed. But there was a tremendous surprise: the loo was close, because the beach restaurant was not yet open. The other one was in the other end of the beach, about 3 miles away. I had two alternatives: Either go in the inner dunes and squat down, or poop naturist styles, in the "Fortes".
Those are circles of stones about 10 feet in diameter and 1-2 feet tall, positioned on the edge of the dunes in front of the sea, about 30 feet une from the other that were built by the Majoreros (Fuerte ancient inhabitants), as outposts to repair people from the wind and the sand. Now they are used by the naturists as an outhouse, mostly for doing BMs, beacuse many of them pee right in the place of their sunbathing, spreading the legs or squatting or even just letting pee go, but they use to poop in this places.
I don't like that use, because fuertes are near the sea, were there are many children, and many people also, so I decided to run to the inner dunes, crossing the shoreline road thad runs 100 feet from the sea, and climbing the first inner dune. I had left my towel and my bag near the sunbathing spot I've choosen, because there are no thieves there, and I was wearing at that moment only a pair of bikini panties. About half way up the dune, i let out a fart, but trying to keep the balance on the sand of the dune let me llose the grip on my anus. I was really embarassed, even if that wasn't my first poop accident. The turd was hard, fortunately, and I managed to waddle to the edge of the dune with the load in my panties showing to the people passing by by car, that was still growing. Halfway down the hidden part of the dune I squatted and lowered my panties. There were two turds in them, very hard. I managed to finish my BM, and then I realized I messed my panties and I didn't have anything to clean them. But As engineers say "Give us a problem, and we solve it", I thought that urine contains ammonia, and i pissed on my messed panties. I managed to use the pee flow for the purpose, and at least now the panties seemed totally wet, like I had a bath. I went directly in the sea and managed to clean myself and my panties definitely.
The second beach accident happened two days later, in my last day of the period, and so last day of panties (i don't like to show up tampax stirng). The night after I had some (much) spicy food, I had some cramps, but I didn't put much attention on them, until noon. I felt a pressure in my ????, I thought it was only gas and I let out a very wet fart, vith a liquid sound that I think had been heard even in Lanzarote. I felt a slight wetness between my legs. Unbelieving, i jumped up, letting out a wave of wet diarreah, that flooded my panties ad went down my legs. I was petrified, I was in the middle of people, shitting my bikini. I gained the control after a third wave hit me, dripping (or better flowing) down my legs. I run in the sea, letting out three other jets, and then I cleaned and I moved near the toilette. I had to run 4 times in it, ut only the first time it was another attack, the other times It was only farts.
Taht night my period finally stopped, so I decided to move in the pure naturists zone. I sighted many nice accidents in this zone, let me know if that should interest you.
I told you that the naturists in this zone uses to pee just in the place they are, and a girl I met there taught me so good that I had some little accidents due to the fact that I was letting the pee out without thinking, like the beach habits. I sometimes had to stop and regain control of my bladder before soaking me up, in the hotel or on the road. Once I pissed a little miself in the restaurant, soaking my panties, the seat of my skirt and a bit the chair, and then I dropped a gass of water pretending to hide the evidence. Another time I peed in a plastic chair in a pub, stopping myself only when i saw the yellow puddle on the chair. Another one I peed on the way home from the beach, and I realized only home when I saw my bathsuit wet crotch. Last lack of control accident I remember was when I peed on the chaise longue of the swimming pool of the hotle, the day I decided not to go to the beach, and it pooled under it.