Dear Doug: Hmmm. Describe my urges to pee and poop for you, eh? Well, okay, why not. I'm not a girl you would describe as shy. This morning I was lying in bed with my covers kicked all over the place when my alarm went off. I glanced up at the time and wanted to stay for a few more minutes when I realized I really had to pee. I had drank quite a bit of Diet Coke the night before during the season premiere of ER so my bladder was just about ready to explode. I pulled myself out of bed, grabbed a nightshirt and stumbled down the hallway, still rubbing sleep out of my eyes. My Dad was already in the bathroom with the door locked and I could hear the shower going! The sound of running water made it worse. I put a hand between my legs and doubled over to keep from wetting myself. I spent the next agonizing couple of minutes doing a "pee dance", jumping around in various positions until he finally opened the bathroom door and looked at me with a big grin on his face. I ran in and slammed the door, pulling up the back of my nightshirt and sitting down on the toilet seat. I leaned forward and let go with a steady stream of pee for about three minutes. That felt sooo good. Then I farted a few short times and I could feel pressure building up in my anus. I clenched my muscles and gasped as a couple of turds splashed into the water. It took about eight minutes in total and I felt a lot better. I wiped myself with a handful of toilet paper and stepped into the shower. Okay, Doug, now it's your turn or any other teen girls out there!

Hi. Bubba, when I wrote "2-3" minutes, I meant it as an estimate; I didn't actually time myself, but I do tend to pee for a LONG time- I'm sure I must have spent three minutes peeing at some point! My bladder is definitely not made "of steel;" "melted plastic" would be a better analogy :) I do plan to time myself the next time I go to the bathroom (both functions) and will make sure to inform you of the results! Hi Susan! Always great to hear from you. When I take a shit, I wipe my butt from the back, bottom-to-top. I remember reading in a high school health class about how girls should wipe upwards after having a BM; wiping downwards can leave fecal material in the vaginal area. When I pee, I wipe my vagina from the front- how about you, Susan? Take care. Luv, Alex :)

TO ALEX, SUSAN, BLAKE AND OTHER WOMEN: Women often like to cross their legs when sitting. Would you experiment with peeing or pooping with your legs crossed in ladylike fashion and elaborate on the results in this forum?

Friday, September 26, 1997

I took a dump this afternoon. It was one of those unenthusiastic dumps that leavs you feeling like you want to push out more but can't. Like you know there's more in there but its not solid enuff for your bowels to really get a grip on and not wet enuff to constitute diarhea(sp?). Now I have 3 exams tomorrow and I two girls from one of my classes are comoing over to study. I know that I have an hour and 45 minutes before they come over. I decided to give myself an enema. I took the whole bag in 3 tries. But with an enema, not all of it comes out at once. I was worried that I might have to be running to go shit every 10 minutes while there are girls in my place. One of them ended up cancelling and the other called me for directions. I was on my cordless. I was really scared that she would hear me shitting on the phone. Eventually I got all of it out so I didn't have to shit the whole time she was here. Now I gotta go back and study. Wish me luck.

I am really enjoying this site. Great stories today by Jenny, Andrea, and Pamela. Here's a story of my own. About 7 years ago, when I was 13, my family had a live-in babysitter(for my younger siblings) who I will call Ann. She was a beautiful blonde who I found quite sexy. One night, after she had been out drinking, she came home and looked distressed. I was the only one at home, with the exception of my friend William. Ann went downstairs and quickly came back up, having changed into sweatpants. She quickly breezed right by me and headed for the bathroom. She slammed the door and I quickly and silently slipped across the hall toward the bathroom door. William listened as well. I heard Ann frantically pull her sweatpants and panties down and sit on the toilet. I heard her fart loudly and she proceeded to pee longer than any other person I'd ever heard. It must have been at least a minute and a half. Literally. And she moaned and sighed the entire way After about 20 seconds, I got a throbbing erection. That was one of my first sexually oriented bathroom experiences. I love to listen to women pee. It's so erotic! One day, I hope to be able to coax my girlfriend into experimenting with me in various watersports. Keep the good stories coming everyone!

Hello everyone, long time reader, but this is my first response. I am a fan of listening to a female pee, especially when they pee hard or for a really long time (or preferably both). I've had only a very few experiences with listening, but they have been memorable. The women I had the chance to listen to peed for only a short time, but a couple of them peed very hard. Anyway, Alex's most recent post prompted me to join the discussions. Alex, you said that you let out a stream of pee for 2-3 minutes, which I find utterly amazing (I'm bursting after having to release less than a minute's worth). But then you said that it was "Nothing extraordinary." Wow, you must have the bladder of steel! May I ask what your 'record' is? To me, this seems like an incredible figure. Does anyone else share the same fetishes as myself? Thanks in advance. Bubba

A true story.
A number of years ago we went with a number of colleagues bowling after work. A number of people left their cars in our company's parking lot and carpooled with the others.

Around 11.30pm we left the bowling and most of our colleagues decided to go for a beer. Since I had an early meeting I decided to drive home. So I said goodnight to my colleagues and got ready to leave. Just when I was ready to leave one of my (female) colleagues asked me whether I would drop her off at our company's parking lot (which was on my way home anyway). I said "Yeah, sure get in." The drive back was normally like a 20 minutes drive.

In the car she told she wanted to join me back to the office because she had to go badly. She said she thought she was developing some sort of diarrhea and did not want to go on the (dirty) toilets in the bowling place.

The drive back from the bowling (in the center of the city) to the office went through a couple of tunnels. When we arrived at the first tunnel we found out it was closed because of construction works (which they do often during the night). I took the indicated detour (avoiding the closed tunnel) and got stuck for about 30 minutes in a traffic jam because of an accident.

While moving very slowly through the traffic I could see my colleague started to get a hard time. She was moving around in the seat, unbelted her seatbelt, unbelted a little bit later the button of her jeans, etc.

When we started moving again, she said she had to go real bad and asked me to stop if I would see an open pub or restaurant. Al the pubs though seemed to be closed (it was almost 12.30 on a weekday after all).

About 10 minutes later we were passing through the university area where I knew some pubs which would be open for sure. However, she asked me to move on. She said she had been able to fart a little and the pressure was not as strong any longer. And indeed, I did smell something in the car.

When we got back to the office, I drove into our parking and stopped as close to the elevator and the restrooms as possible to give her short walk. She remained seated in my car however and asked me for something of which she knew I had to get it in my office. She said she would wait for me.

So, I went into the office and when I got back she was gone. I put my hand on the seat where she had been sitting and it felt slightly wet.

The next day I asked her if she had had an accident in my car. She said "No, I was just tired. I went to the ladies room and left." I did not insist any further but I am pretty sure she did have pretty bad accident.

Susan B.
I just found this place, a friend mentioned it to me the other day, and thinking it a bit weird thought I'd check it out...I like weird. Sort of a turn on...Not much time now, but throught I'd add a quick story, following the couple I read by a few girls, about wetting my pants. Its happened a bunch, and while I don't find it really sexual, there is something about the taboo of breaking the rule, that its exciting, along with emrbarassing.

I'm 19, black hair, pretty thin...and when I had to pee, god, I've gotta go real bad, suddenly, and if I dont...well, I end up peeing wherever. Usually I'll find a bush, alley or some such, but there have been times I've peed my pants in cars, buses and on the street and once in a store. Unlike one of the girls, if I start to pee I can't stop, so there is no such thing as a quick dribble...I flood the place.

The first time it happend, at least since I was a very little girl, I was about 14, and on the way home from school on the school...classic. Just forgot to go, slow trip, crossing my legs and finally holding myself....and then when I got up to get off, thinking I'd make it home, I managed to walk down the asile, but on the stairs down I totally lost it and began to completely wet my shorts. God, I had on white pretty tight shorts, and at first I frooze, and the driver told me to not wet the srairs more than I had...I don't think anyone really knew I was wetting my pants until he said something.

God, I was embarassed. I got off the bus, but just stood on the sidewalk peeing for I have no idea how point, laughing, and a couple of people passing by stopping to look at me. I tried to close my legs, but that only made things worse.

Funny thing was that althought I was probably beet red, the release felt great, and I didn't mind the warmth on my legs and crotch and ass. I finally stopped as the bus was pulling away, and ran home...dripping the 2 blocks. I looked at myself in the mirrow before I took of my clothes and then realized that the back of my shorts were pretty see panties were both wet and visable...I was 14 and pretty embarassed.

Kids teased me about it off on on for weeks....
Susan B

A few years ago I was living with a friend of mine and his girlfriend who was very attractive by the way.I would never try anything with her out of respect for him but she was a babe!

One day I skipped work because of a serious hangover and was sitting on the couch about 9:oo in the morning when I heard a car door slam.I peeked thruogh the front window to see who it was,and to my suprise it was her,Cindy.Why was she home from work? Why was she walking towards the house so slow,and so funny? She walked in the front door and asked why I wasn't at work? I told her and then asked her the same question.She made me promise not to laugh.I said o.k.what? She said" I shit myself! What? I couldn't believe what I heard! Then I began to smell it! She said that she realised she had to go when she was leaving earlier that morning,but that she was running late and tried to hold it until she got to work.She new she wasn't going to make it and had turned around to come back home.She was on our street when she lost it and shit herself in the car! She was wearing a dress with pantyhose.I only noticed a light stain on the back of her dress as she shuffled down the hallway,so her panties and pantyhose held in the damage! I think about that incident almost everyday!

I was once in the hospital and on an IV. The problem was was that I was pretty weak and the bathroom was on the side of the bed opposite to the IV. It was such a hassle for me to get to the bathroom that the nurses eventually put one of those potty chairs in for me, the kind where the seat flips up. Anyway, I had to shit really bad one day and my IV stand got caught on the foot of the bed. I barely made it to the chair, but I did have a streak of shit down my leg and my cheeks were very messy. I had to call a nurse in to help me. She wiped my ass with a warm washcloth. I was very grateful. It's moments like that where you have zero dignity and when someone helps you out and doesn't mock you or anything you're totally appreciative.


Yesterday I took my evening shit. The shit came out reluctantly. The last turd did not want to come out. I leaned over putting my torse between my legs and the turd immediatly came out with a plop. Susan, I hope that interests you.
Jenny: Would you describe your urges to pee and poop?

Deliberatly spiking a person's food or drink with a laxative is not nice at all. Laxative spiking is also a serious criminal act. I believe it could be a felony.
I read about high school students spiking their teschers cookies whth laxative. Criminal charges were filed against them.
A long time ago I heard about a nurse taking a chocklate exlax. She liked the taste alot, so she ate several pieces.
The excess laxative caused her bowel to slip. Maybe it had to be corrected by surgery.
These laxative stories are about as bad as playing with shit, eating shit or drinking urine.
People can get hurt with laxatives. Any medicine can be poisonous if taken to excess.

Yesterday at work I felt the urge in bowls building after lunch. I went into the bathroom and found an empty stall. Three other stalls were in use. ( Seems right after lunch is a busy time.) I pulled up my skirt and sat down on the toilet. I had to pee first. As I was peeing I could hear one of the girsl beside me straining. She was pushing out some hard pieces. They splashed quite loudley into the toilet. After I finished peeing I put my head down between my legs to start pushing. It came out fairly soft and mushy. One big push was all it took. But it took 9 wipes to get my but clean. The girl beside me had her feet flat on the floor when she was going. When she was wiping she would lift one leg up in the air. I guess this was because she was wiping from the front. I always wipe from behind when I have a dump. I didn't get a chanch to see who she was as she had flushed and left before I was done. Alex and Steph; this make me wonder. Do you wipe from the front or behind? Got to go.
Take Care,

Andrea, I think that was real mean of the cab driver not to stop and let you relieve yourself. I am a cab driver and would luv to hear that request. Call me next time!

This is a really great site! I am a British guy age 25, and for as long as I can remember, I have enjoyed the sensation of having a good shit. I eat loads and shit a lot, once or twice a day, several big turds, usually in the evening. I have never been particularly shy about this and I confess I rather enjoy doing it in a public toilet where other guys can hear and smell what I am doing. I get a sense of power, because I know that there are some guys who are ashamed of their bodily functions, and hopefully get embarrassed by mineI was interested by a recent post, I think it was from Bridget, who said that she would want to see a good looking guy doing a big shit. Well I think I am reasonably good looking, I have no shortage of girlfriends, but none of them has ever expressed an interest in watching me use the toilet. Do women get turned on by this sort of thing? - and is it significant that a guy does a big load? I hope someone might let me know; I have never thought toilet activities to be particularly sexual - am I wrong?

Are you the same andrea who is lactose intolerant?

Mike; we would all like to hear your tales. That's what this form is all about. So bring them on.

There have been a lot of posts here about accidental or on purpose pants wetting where all the pee gushed into the underwear and soaked it entirely , but what about this situation ... Gather up a fold of underwear and hold it tightly against the very end of your penis. Then piss through the cloth with some force and all the piss will come right through in that one spot soaking it and leaving the rest dry. Works for men better than women because of the equipment. Has anyone tried it before ?

Also, on the subject of stained underwear, a lot of guys do it because its not that important, that is its really no big deal if you have the stains - its underwear, remember. Some of the women posting here have mentioned rolling up a whole wad of toilet paper to wipe many, many times. Guys just cant see it as that important, generally, so just give it a couple of wipes and go.

My younger brother (15) has just started having wet dreams and he said it feels just like he is peeing in his underwear if he wakes up. I told him its normal and dont worry about it. Now his underwear is always stained in front as well as in back but I told him its ok, nothing to get concerned over. Both of us have pretty normal shitting habits, that is we dont have any trouble dropping a load and getting right back to whatever. We both have stains in our underwear every day which is normal but his are usually more. Since we both wear the same size Hanes we just grab the first pair out of the wash so you cant tell whose is whose anymore except for his wet dreams because I told him to keep wearing just those ones but since he cant always count on when he's going to have one I guess every pair of underwear will get squirted eventually. Most of his friends are having the same experiences right now.

I was interested in Sheila's post of a few days ago. Pooping in the open air seems to be exclusively Scandinavian, I think. The Dutch, Germans, Italians and British do not usually do it. I'm not talking about emergencies of course or when you are miles from a toilet.

At the moment I am plagued with loose and sloppy stools. It comes from eating too much fruit, vegetables and wholemeal bread. No-one ever tells you that a so-called healthy diet can actually make you quite loose. And looseness, if it goes too far can lead to nasty accidents when you fart...

Thursday, September 25, 1997

Wow, what a day. At my school there are over a thousand students and only six bathrooms in the entire building. Midway through the morning I glanced around the class and started thinking how I desperately had to go to the bathroom. There are only four minutes between classes when you must get to your locker, pick up books and run off to your next class amid crowded hallways. As the bell rang I leapt up and pushed my way down to the bathrooms. Finally I got into a stall and quickly unzipped my jeans, pulled down my panties. I had started peeing the minute I felt the cold toilet seat with my bum. As I was finishing I heard another girl go running into the stall next to mine. She slammed the door shut and I heard a muffled whimper. She farted several times as I saw her skirt drop to the floor underneath the stall. There was a brief pause. Then, in a high pitched voice, she gasped and started straining and grunting as if it wouldn't come out. This lasted for about two minutes. Sometimes she took a deep breath and started pushing again until she was out of breath. Finally a couple of spurts hit the toilet bowl and echoed through the washroom. She spun the toilet paper roll, gathering a big wad of paper in her hand and wiped herself. I zipped up my jeans and left my stall at the same time she did, looking over. She was short, petite and blonde with a relieved smile. Her face was still red from what she had been doing. It was strange but I was actually kind of aroused by what had been going on.

Wow. This is my first post at this site. It's such a relief to know that there are other people out there who get the same pleasure I do out of listening and watching people go to the bathroom. For many years, I used to listen to my sister's friends going to the bathroom. My bathroom has two doors, on of which has a substantial gap underneath it. I used to purposefully remove the toilet paper from the other bathroom in an attempt to force my sister's friends to use the one I liked. Just listening to their sounds was the greatest thrill. I especially loved it when they would fart before going. That happened once or twice. Does anyone know of any websites which have sound clips of women pooping or peeing? I'd really love to become a regular here. I have plenty of tantalizing tales....

Here's my story I was comming home from a big party at my girlfriend's house, and I was totally drunk. She got me a cab to bring me to my apartment in Manhattan. A man drove up and seemed to like me a lot or was horny or somethin. He talked to me the whole way home, which was a while since there was trafic, like a usual Saturday night. He ask me everything even about my sex life, I guess he could figure I was pretty drunk. Finally when tha traffic started movin he turned into an alley. He didn't stop but was going pretty slow. We were in tha cab 4 a long time and tha beer had got to me. I had to pee and badley. I pleaded w/ him to stop but he didn't and said we had to get me back before it got too late. I was wearing a mini skirt and a leather jacket and it was hard to move around without exposing anything. finally, I started peeing, I couldn't help it and soon my panties were soaked then tha whole seat. Finally we got to my place and he turned around and was shocked. He put his hand on my skirt and quickly pulled away. He finally pushed me out of tha cab. Damn tha worst experience eva.

Alex: thanks for the advice and the warning. Don't worry though. I am very descrite when I do it in the mirror. I look like I am fixing my hair, putting on makeup etc. I agree, you can't seem to be stairing at someone in the mirror or they could get upset. Our interest is not for everyone. Hope to hear some more of your stories from school soon. Take Care
Your friend, Susan

FLUSH!!! That is the story that you will find in the October issue of Cosmo magazine. It tells all the infor- mation that you would need to know about a women's restroom. It is on page 170. I thought it was a nicely written story and I learned something from it. Happy reading.


When I was in college I took a basic boilogy class. One day the subject of going to the bathroom, more spacifically urinating came up. The professor said that when the bladder is one third full the urge to pee is felt. He said one day when his family was in the car on a long drive one of his children said something like this: "I know I have a lot of capacity but if we don't go to the bathroom soon I am going to wet my pants." Going from the theoretical world to the practicle world.


Women may have a bit less of a urinary track system. Their bladder has to be proportionatly fuller before they feel the urge to pee. Like you said Alex "When I need to pee, I NEED TO PEE."

This is a story about my former wife but first some background on her. She was very private about her bowel movements. In fact, our bathroom was off the bedroom and her preference was to close both the bathroom and bedroom doors before going. She was also very inflexible about when she went: only once a day in the morning after coffee. The problem with this regimen is that every so often, for various reasons, you don't take a full dump and you should go at least a second time to avoid a buildup and constipation. Consequently, she would frequently get constipated and complain to me - but she would just complain and get grouchy. I was never asked to help (in retrospect, I should have gotten some old fashioned enema equipment and gotten her to agree to me giving her an enema). Now the story. One evening, we decided to go to a movie. When we got to the theater, she said she had to go to the john, and I said I would meet her outside the ladies room after getting the tickets. I waited outside for several minutes, and the feature film started. I thought that somehow I had missed her. Suddenly, I heard some crying from the ladies room. I was reluctant to investigate, but the cries continued. Since the movie had started and the lobby was empty, I went in and recognized the crying being that of my wife who was in a stall. I went over and asked what the problem was. She said she had to take a big poop and it hurt so much that she couldn't get it out. I was sexually aroused but also quite concerned. I told her that maybe we should see the movie and go home where she could try again. She agreed, and we went to the movie. As soon as we got home, she went into the bathroom, and to my amazement asked me to join her. She peed some, and then put her head between her knees and started grunting. It looked like she wanted to see if the poop was coming out (although I don't know if she could see all the way back because she had a lot of hair in her pussy), but it might have been a position she assumed when she had to push hard. She pushed in spurts of five in a row, and I could see the turd starting to come out, but then she got tired, and she said it was starting to hurt, so she would stop pushing and it would go back in again. I said that if she could push it a little further out, I could possibly get hold of it and pull it out - or at least break it into smaller pieces so it would come out easier. She was quite upset and worried, but agreed to try again. This time she did a series of six or seven pushes, and the head of the turd came out far enough so I could get my fingers around it. It was very hard - she obviously had been constipated - I started to pull - she said that really hurt, but she kept pushing, and we got about 3 inches of a big, hard turd out before it broke off. She was very upset at this point (I have to confess being very sexually aroused but also being very concerned about how she felt). I suggested that she stop trying for the night, and that if it did not come out at her regular time the next morning, I would get the equipment to give her an enema. She agreed and went to bed. The next morning, at her time, she closed both doors and tried. When she came out, she said she had been able to go and the problem was over. We never talked about it again, and she became very private about her bowel movements. Like members of this group, I believe in the open door policy and like to share these things. I am not into smearing shit on one another, but I do get turned on by hearing women trying to push out a big one and would understand if my efforts turned them on.

Well its after dinner time and this is my chance to tell my story. I felt a big poop building up all afternoon at school and later at practice but it wasnt ready yet. Then after a big dinner and watching some tv I started farting. Some regular ones at first and then some longer and more satisfying ones later on. Not exactly wet farts but good juicy ones. Then it was time as I felt poop building up right at my butt hole. After sitting down I dropped 3 or 4 medium logs and then a pause and then a couple more. What a great feeling to empty out my butt. I'm sure with that much poop my underwear will be really stained in the morning, even though I wiped several times but thats how it always is. Now off to bed, that's it for today.

Wow. This is my first post at this site. It's such a relief to know that there are other people out there who get the same pleasure I do out of listening and watching people go to the bathroom. For many years, I used to listen to my sister's friends going to the bathroom. My bathroom has two doors, on of which has a substantial gap underneath it. I used to purposefully remove the toilet paper from the other bathroom in an attempt to force my sister's friends to use the one I liked. Just listening to their sounds was the greatest thrill. I especially loved it when they would fart before going. That happened once or twice. Does anyone know of any websites which have sound clips of women pooping or peeing? I'd really love to become a regular here. I have plenty of tantalizing tales....

I am also lactose intolerant and she told me I should post some stuff here! But before I do, I'm going to post this accident I just witnessed, and hear reactions! If anyone wants me to post more, please let me know! Anyway here's the story: Two friends and I were in a local pizza place talking about our first few days of school, when we witnessed this accident! We were sitting at a table talking and eating when our other friend told us that she needed to use the bathroom. We were all pretty much finished anyway, (and the urge was starting for everyone) so we went with her! Three stalls which was great, we each took one! My friend who had to go, immediately began to poop, and it was loud and smelly, then I started to poop, I had diarrhea which isn't uncommon, for me, and my friend, Beth, was peeing. We were all going (in different ways) when a young girl walked in, she was have been about 14 or 15 (a high school freshman, we are all seniors) from the look of her and asked if anyone would be done soon. By this time we were all in "mid poop", but I told the girl one of us would be done soon. After about 5 more minutes, I began to wipe, and told her I would be out in a sec. She said in one of those "little girl" voices, that she didn't know if she had a minute, and that she had already stained her panties a bit! After about a minute I was finished, and I stood up, and pulled up my shorts! I opened my stall door, and told her I was done, and that she could use it! I asked the girl is she was ok, (because I saw a huge wet spot on the front of her jeans) she said she really needed to go, and looked down at her pants and turned white! She got very embarrassed. And let out a huge fart followed by a swoosh of wet shit! She ran into my stall, just as my friends came out of there's so we left! We walked next door to the shoe store, we all bought some shoes! I remembering the girl's accident suggested we go and use the bathroom in the pizza place before heading home! We walked in and headed for the bathrooms, opened the door, and WOW the stench was awful! There was shit all over the toilet which she had used, and he panties were laying on the floor with a load in them, it was a wet load, so it dripped all over the floor, soaking the panties! We used the bathroom, and left! Telling the owner that someone had gotten sick in the bathroom. I wonder what he did with those panties?

Tuesday, September 23, 1997

Hi everyone. I've been really busy lately. So, I end up holding in dumps all of the time. If I finally get the time to dump during the day, I usually only get five minutes. Plus, whenever I have free time, everybody else has free time, so everybody is in the bathrooms. I have to push really hard and get it all out fast when I do get the chance to go. If I take any longer, I'll probably be late for something, and people start banging on the door in agony. I'm a thoughtful person in my opinion, so I sometimes end up taking "half-dumps", which is when you stop halfway through a dump because somebody is waiting or you will be late, and you know it's going to take a long time. "Half-dumps" are risky though. You are relying on the fact that you will have time later, which isn't always true. And, once you get going, you kind of don't want to stop, just because you're already in the swing of taking a crap. More stuff later.

Pottyboy, you had an interesting post about feeding someone a laxative. Well, back in my High School (HS) years, I worked at MCL Cafeteria in Carmel, IN. We had an Asst. Mgr. name Bryan. He was cool sometimes and other times, he was an ass. A friend of mine, Tom, mentioned to us that he was going to slip a couple of laxatives in to Bryan's coffee. Bryan always had the habit of getting a big cup of coffee along with reading his paper. Tom had his chance when Bryan left the back office for a couple of minutes. When Bryan came back, his coffee was "spiked". :) Later on in the day, another friend of our's, John, who knew of the prank walked into the employee's bathroom and heard the groans of pain. Bryan asked who it was and John answered, "it is me, John". Bryan then mentioned that he has been on the shitter all day and couldn't get off the toilet. John had to bite his lip until he got out of Bryan's earshot and then he started to laugh hard.
My regret with this one was that I wasn't working that day. I would have enjoyed this immensely :> . BTW, it is almost time to go and enjoy a nice dump.

Doug; I have been givng some thought to your suggestion about using the mirror to see into the stall beside. First, I did check out the stalls at work on Friday. There is a good size gap between them and the wall at the back. Enough to put the mirror through. However I have some concerns about this. I would really like to do it. Just listing to the girls beside me excites me. Seeing what they were doing would be incrediable. My biggest concern is getting caught. Not only the embarsement of it, but remember this is were I work. I don't want to loose my job over this. I will have to give this some thought. If you have suggestions or thoughts on this I would welcome them. Jodi, congratulations!! I know what you mean when you said that it is a "intimate experience" Could you give us some info on your sister. How does she sit on the toilet etc. I hope she will be able to shit in front of you. Sounds like a real good chanch, know that you are back to the way you used to be. Thank god for bathtubs for they have somewere to sit. Jenny, I can relate to your story about the 401. I live and work in Toronto. Keep the stores coming. Got to go, I don't have much time right know. I'll post more later on tonight.
Take Care,

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