Friday, August 29, 1997

I want to say something. People who visit this site have probably seen my name here. Well, let me say something. We have neighbors that have a young[but bright] 5th grader. I told him about this site and he used my alias on this site. Their computer was broken down and they had to work on ours. I have been busy and posted only a few on this site. The last post and I think 1 other were his. I was surprised to see my name withy experiences I never had. He,when his computer is fixed,will post on this site. I have told him many of the posts on this site and he placed tham here. I haven't had any time to post because I was busy. We have this straightened out.

Other news, my brother[my family and I are from Italy] and sister are coming back from visiting family members in Turin. Maybe they will post. I do know people who will post here but I won't tell them about it because this forum might end up like the Daily Dump if they get on it.The post about Mollyo was actually Cole's[the 5th grader]. If I'm right, every other thing said in the posts is true and involves me.

Any question? Ask.

White Pony
Hi ya'all, nuthin'special , just a surfing on co. time..Told everyone not to disturb me' cause I'm a real busy installing drivers & bios in server...Yeah right !! Reality is that my 10:00 (Dump # 2 ) SUCKED, 'cause I skipped breakfast this AM & if the EPA came in here, this location would be classified as a major contribution to the national SMOG PROBLEM, mainly METHANE EMISSIONS... Yea MONSTER CRACKER DIESEL FARTS!! Phew !! I gotta SHIT REAL BAD 'cause I ate a foot long v?????e sub,4 bran muffins, & a choclate sundae. to wash it down, 1 juice! MY GOAL..Leave here shortly go up to my favorite truck stop ( the one with no stalls in the shitters & PROVE that a 140 lb. 6 ft. Cracker driving a pick-up Can OUT SHIT & OUT FART a 350 lb. 6 ft.-8 in. Cracker driving a 18 wheeler !! Think I can do it. Worry about getting a pony in for the rodeo, cause the shitters are usually busy in afternoons with the guys taking thier Chili Lunch Dumps.. Well I only pray I can hold it in ! Will post result tonight after Melissa goes to sleep, ( she ain't a shit lover like us, which really bites ! )

..........White Pony
Alex & Steph, Awesome- You really are the best,Keep it up! Joe, Dumping at hardware stores is MACHO ! I always dump at hardware stores & lumber yards . Like auto parts stores too. ....Clue you in, I ALWAYS take my 10:00 AM ( Dump # 2 ) every Saturday morning after practicing at the shooting range for an hour or so, This is after my AM run & a breakfast of a bran muffin, greasy hash browns & 20 oz. of coffee. Also like to take big dumps in truck stops..Some of the older stops still have open stalls & I must prove myself I'm one of the boys - I drive a diesel pick-up,which 18 wheeler jocks sometimes consider a nuisance on thier turf, so I chill out & dump w/ em- yup, they sometimes laugh at my 4 wheeler, but when I take a good AM coffee dump or an evening Chili dump..I get their approval...yea us crackers can sometimes kill one another, but not when a man is taking a dump. Once I had diarehea & was on shitter for 45 min. & this big 300 pound guy was concerned about me, coming in to check & telling me that he & his buddies are keeping an eye on my girl & "rig".. Must warn ya, if a guy goes into a truck stop shitter w/ open toilets- NEVER put TP or an ass gasket on seat- you lose ALL respect. Good Poops, ya' all.......... White Pony

Reg 16 yrs old
Hi my name is Reg and I am new here. I am staright but I like to watch guys on the toilet. I have lots of storys about about mostly mid-teen males and females and also about guys from 27-32. I will be posting my first story soon and really look foward to being on this site:)

Alex,...WOW!! When you start thinking about something, you carry it through. I loved reading about you going in front of Steph. Yes this has given me inspiration to go in front of Ruth. I am going to try and set something up for this weekend. Do you plan on going with Steph again? I would like to know if it gets easier after the first time. I think that is sooo cool that you held it so you could go. Thanks again!! Steph, I loved reading about you watching Alex. I love the detail you both write with. It was like being there watching with you. I am looking forward to hearing about Alex cashing her rain cheque. I can totally relate to what you ment about it being an intimate experience. I felt that way peeing in front of my friend Ruth. It is a real closness to share something that is usually a very private experience for people. Thanks for clearing up your dump patterns. Once again, maybe are more alike than different. I usually go every day, but sometimes that can become 1 or 2 days. I am back to my normal routine of evey day after that last major dump. I had a nice normal one at work. 5 medium pieces. Only took 3 wipes to get clean. Well I have to go, I am heading off the gym. I'll post more later.

P.S. Alex and Steph, if you would like to post more about your experience,( did Alex hold her breath when she pushed, how was she sitting etc.) please feel free. As you can tell, I am very interested in everything that happened! Take Care,, Susan

The toilets are too small. For men their penis often touches the edge so we often have to slide back so we are more on our leg joints
I saw Jenny Mcarthy in a jeans ad sitting on the toilet. Her butt completely covered the toilet hole. When it was time for her to wipe she would either have to stand or slide back on her leg joints.

Hi all :o) I have been reading these post's for some time now. I love this place. I really like the storys from Alex and her friends. I think it is great that you can share your BM's like that. Keep it up girls.

I also wanted to say that it is healthier to take a dump at lease once a day. I have a set time I go. I take mine on the clock. I like the idea of getting paid for it. I took 2 today. They are usually kind of soft and gassy. I have tried pushing on my mid section. And it really helps it come out. I have been unloading a lot here lately. I have heard from some people that they have laid a really long turd that wraped around the bowl a few times before. Has anyone ever done that?

Well I am off to take a dump the makes 3 in one day. Take care all and keep shitting.


Thursday, August 28, 1997

Thomas, Thanks for the catch we forgot page 16? completely

Haven't heard much on this forum about skid marks except from Alex who can't stand them but curious about peoples experiences. Mine feeling is basically - "skid happens". Which is pretty much a daily occurence, but I know it varies with other people from non-existant to massive. Not talking about accidents but normal everyday dumping.

When I was 11 my mother took me to my posh aunty Lil's house and I had to go for a poo. Unfortunately , even though it began emerging immediately after I'd sat down , it wasn't until 5 minutes later that I finished, which gives you some idea of the length. I tried to flush but as it came half way up the side of the bowl it was lodged there fast. So I threw it out of the window and it landed in my aunt's upturned face as she was pinning a sheet to the washing line.

As I was finishing up the cleaning of a set of school bathrooms, a group of girls came running in and pleaded with me to let them go to the bathroom. I could see that they were very desperate. I had just finished cleaning the girls room and the floor was wet, but, I said, "Sure! Go right ahead, but be careful, the floor is still wet!!!" They ran in and got on the toilets as quickly as possible. I heard them having a good piss. Then the sound of logs dropping started. One after another. Several sighs and grunts. They were on the toilets about 20 minutes as I heard the sound of wiping. Then they all came out of the stalls and washed their hands. They came out of the restroom and into the boys room where I was. "Thanks, we had been holding it ALL DAY!!! And the bathrooms are always so clean here, they smell like lemon-lime!" "Oh, that's the cleaner that I use on the floor, smells pretty good!" Well, when I went back into that girls room, it sure didn't smell! like lemon-lime anymore! There were a lot of streaks in the bowls, too. I had to wipe some poopie off one of the toilet seats. I think they like using their school bathrooms cause the toilet seats are bigger and more comfortable than the ones they usually have at home. I like providing clean bathrooms for the students.

Well, before the work day, I always enjoy stopping here. Steve, you mentioned that you enjoy going into bathrooms with no doors and sometimes no walls. In some strange sense, I like those too. Getting a glimpse of seeing someone pinching a loaf or doing it myself even though I am straight.
A story on that. I was at a deli in { college town } and they had a men's bathroom and a women's bathroom. You walk into the mens bathroom and there is a urinal and a toilet. There is no lock on the door. I had to dump pretty bad so I thought, what the hell. I dropped my drawers and proceeded to dump a load. Some teenage kid walked in and said that he had to shit real bad as well. I told him it be a moment. We started to chat and when I finished, he then dropped his drawers and started to crap. The sounds from the both of us were hilarious.
For the socializing in the crapper, I can understand the woman's point of view of them always going to the bathroom together. We men pride ourselves on going to the bathroom by ourselves instead in a group. Nut maybe we are missing something that the women enjoy.

White Pony, thanks for your "vote of confidence;" glad to share my stories with you. Susan, the rest of this post is dedicated to you (and anyone else, of course).

I had to take a shit yesterday afternoon, but decided to hold it. Stephanie and I were planning to go to the movies that evening and I was determined to take a shit in front of her. We went to the movies and came back to her house afterwards. On the short ride back, she complained about some popcorn being stuck in between her teeth, so when we got to her house, she went downstairs (to her living area) and brushed her teeth.

While she was brushing, I came up to the (open) bathroom door and asked her if she minded if I came in. She didn't. I walked over to the toilet and sat down. Steph was shocked! She started to leave, figuring I couldn't hold it any longer. I told her I've been holding it in all afternoon and I wanted her to watch me. I peed and then started to unload some crap. [This was kind of awkward at first- for both of us, but we just talked about other things as I was going].

After I was finished, I cleaned my vagina and wiped my ass several times. Steph then said she had to go. We changed places. She sat down and peed- she told me she took a shit earlier in the afternoon, but promised me I could watch her another time. Susan, hope this gives you enough "inspiration" to do it with Ruth. Lots of love. Alex :)

Hi! Susan, so glad you finally took your dump :) Let me clarify that I don't *always* go a couple of days without taking a dump, it's just not unusual to do so. I have taken several dumps in one day (I took two yesterday). I enjoyed having Allison listen to me dump [and I loved listening to her pee :); I have sat in stalls next to her at school, but to listen to her do it from 200 mi away was a pleasure...]; however, I couldn't get into the "position" while on the phone. It's so much easier (for me) when I can slouch down, push in my abdomen, you know, go through all the motions...

I have asked Alex a couple of times if she'd like to watch me; her answer each time was "no, that's really not necessary..." (I didn't even THINK about asking her) Anyway, the second surprise of the week came about last night (Tuesday). Alex and I decided to see a film at the local movie house. We have no problems in using the bathrooms there, but there is usually a long line afterwards. I had to go (pee), and I'm sure she also did, but instead of standing on that long line, we decided to come back to my house (5 min away).

We came in. I had some popcorn stubbornly stuck between my teeth, so I went into the bathroom to floss and brush. I left the door open... Alex asked "mind if I join you, Steph?" I responded, "sure." This is where it becomes interesting. She walked past me, pulled down her pants, and planted her naked butt on my toilet! I figured she had to go really bad, and started to leave (my parents are cool about me, or anyone else, using the bathroom upstairs; we usually don't, though). "Steph, I *WANT* you to watch me!" was Alex's response. Wow! My best girlfriend is relieving herself in front of me! She peed into the toilet for a good 30 seconds- then let out a couple of farts.

Alex started to slouch slightly (wow, she's going to take a dump!, I thought). I heard some poop coming out of her butt. We were casually talking, same as if we were sitting in adjacent stalls (something we've done more times than I can count...). I began to smell the poop freshly out of her butt! She was on that toilet a good 7 or 8 minutes. Alex went to grab some bumwipe- she then asked me why I always put the toilet paper so it drops down against the wall (at her house, the toilet paper drops "over." To each their own). She wiped 5 times.

After she wiped, I tugged on the button on my jeans. "May I?" I asked. "Sure." Alex got out of my way. I looked into the toilet. Just as Alex described in her post, 4 "not-too-big, -small, -hard, -soft,..." brown turds and a good amount of brown-soiled paper. I sat down and began to pee. I continued talking to Alex while she pulled up her pants. I told her I took a dump around 5:30 PM (just before we went out to the movies), so I'd have to give her a "raincheck" on taking a dump. I did manage to rip out a couple of nice, smelly farts for effect. I wiped up my vagina and then flushed my pee and her pee/poop.

This was quite an intimate thing. Not *sexual,* but intimate. The two words are often used interchangeably, but they do have different meanings... I just read Alex's post about "you never know" (responding to Susan's question); I guess she was right.

I have a sad story I'm sure some of you have heard. On Sunday, an 8 year girl and her parents were out fishing on the Hudson River (north of New York City). The girl had to go to the bathroom, but it's a rural area and there were no toilets around. She decided to walk over to a wooded area on the other side of the train tracks (the Metro-North, a local railroad, runs right along that stretch of the river) to relieve herself in the woods. The girl accidentially stepped on the *live* electric rail and was fatally electrocuted. How awful!

Peace, Steph

White Pony
Hey Doug, Great story. My GF & I live in a concrete highrise. The tile floor causes bathroom dumping noises to reverbrate & resonate about 3-4 floors away in both directions. A few years ago a cute girl named Debbie lived in the apartment directly above & took some awesome powerdumps, especialy after drinking or eating Mexican. We went out a few times & I wined & dined her on spicey dishes & tequila to get my audio presentation. Debbie never realized I could hear her wicked shits, usaully one major splash of loose shit with the monotone fart mixed in to perfection. About a minute later there would be a plink, a fart or 2 & another splash. I really wanted a to see Debbie's dump so one day we went out in the boat & stopped at a dockside Bisto specializing in Cajun. Debbie ordered a huge spinich salad in addition to her entre' of Cajun chicken. Awesome !! So I took the following action: First disabling the boat's potty so Debbie could flush, second item, put some gatorade & apple juice in the fridge, then call my pager so we could leave before Debbie did her dump ashore. I paid my waiter, & requsted 2 expressos be brought to my boat in 5 min. I grabbed Debbie, telling her the office called, & we must split NOW, she moaned that, she needed to "freshen up " but did not argue . About 15 to 20 minutes after leaving my expresso kicked in,so I asked her to steer while I took a quick & dirty dump,lighting a match so my vapors would not detract from hers which I knew would be coming soon. Debbie was relaxedw when I returned & asked if she could sit with me as it was geting a little chilly by then. Sure enough, within 10 minutes, I could feel her starting to rumble,then she got up & walked aft ( Back of boat ) to smoke a cig. She must be farting, but the smoke, boat exhaust & cool air most likely covered it up. About 2 min. later, she had this pained look on her face walking past me into the cabin because that boat had a shitter directly in front of the helm ( steering / instument console ) I easily COULD have opened a little panel a crack to see the action live, but was to chicken. She was in there almost 15 min. , so I idled down, stopped the boat & went down to check on her, She said she was OK, & came up within 2 minutes. Debbie kinda mumbled she was unfamiliar with "heads " ( Marine toilets ) & was kinda quiet. We continued on for another 15 minutes when I could'nt resist any longer in seeing her load, so I cursed myself for consuming too many beverages. Well the shitter is pretty much air tight w/ door closed, when I checked my treasure, the smell was NSTY & Debbie's load was just what I imagined, several large loose logs & about 5 smaller ones.
WOW, she is only 5 ft tall & about 90 lbs.
Too bad Debbie got back with her old boyfriend & got married. Win some , Lose some
Swapping old shit stories sure helps relive stress !!
More posts soon. The White Pony

I am very sorry it has taken me so long to post, since I got home, but I have been busy! This summer I was a counselor for girls ages nine and ten. I was in a bunk of eleven girls, plus two counselors (including myself), now with only two stalls for thirteen people, we did have some problems. One day about twenty minutes after lunch, one of the girls in my bunk comes running in, and runs right for the bathroom! She runs in and starts screaming, I ran to the back of the bunk, to see what was going on, and quickly realized the situation! It seams that two girls were in the stalls, and the girl who ran in need to go quite badly! I asked both girls in the stalls, if they would be done soon, and they both said they had just begun, I told the girl that she should go to a different bunk, and use their bathroom, but she insisted on waiting! I said ok, and began walking back to my bed, I took maybe three steps, and a I heard a swooshing sound, I immediately turned around, and sure enough she had shit her pants, the back of her gray sweat pants were dripping brown, and reeked! She just stood there, and about 15 seconds later, she grabbed her stomach and screamed "OH SHIT" before I had realized what she meant, she pulled down her pants, and produced to realize a mushy shit all over the floor of the bathroom. When she was all done, she pulled down her pants, and panties, leaving them lying on the floor, walked into the shower and proceeded to shower off! When she was through, she put on some clean clothes, and clean up the bathroom floor, that was the extent of this accident!

I'll post one more accident now, and some more later, because it is getting kind of late! It's funny that Dan mentioned those "Lactate pills" because my co-counselor was also lactose intolerant, and when she found out that I was, she told me about her pills, and I agreed that some point in the summer I would try them! Well, about week after I had this conversation with my co-counselor, they were serving Pizza and Ice Cream in the dining room, and I felt like giving those pills a shot, so I asked my co counselor for one, she gave it to me and explained how to take it. She explained to me that sometimes she still has diarrhea even after taking the pill but she gets a warning from her stomach to be ready, rather than how dairy products usually react with her, which is probably the same with me, no warning, just a flood of diarrhea in her pants. I took the pill and went to lunch! After lunch I was walking back to my bunk, when I started to feel so cramping, I wasn't really concerned then, because I just figured it was going to be a normal, solid, shit! I took about ten more steps, when I felt some gas bubbles trying to get out, I stopped walking and tried to fart a few times! Well it didn't really work that way, I tried to fart, but couldn't, so I just kept walking to my bunk! By this point my stomach was churning, and I had only seconds before I soiled myself. I walked into my bunk, walked into an open stall, and gave a push, well if someone was listening it must of sounded like I was peeing, I "Peed" from my butt for about a half a minute, and then went through about 10 waves of very mushy shit, which reeked! About two hours after I was done, I was back on the toilet going to the same thing as before, only this time it was a lot less solid! I had to go about four more times that day, and it got less and less solid as the day went on! I told this to my doctor when I got home, and she said that those pills don't work for everyone, and that it was a same I had to find out the hard way! Sorry only two stories this time, more next time!

story: Hi everybody. Hi White Pony, it's cool to see some new people around here. I guess today's was a significant crap, or at least a slightly interesting one. I was at a hardware store/warehouse, and I felt the urge there. Now, normally, I don't mind going in public, but I just didn't want to go here. But, it was too late for waiting. So, I went into the bathroom, which reeked. There was already two people in there taking craps of their own. This left only the middle stall open, which I took. I covered the seat with lots of paper and sat down. I dropped my load quite noisily. The other two people weren't very quiet either, there were loud farts, splashes, and grunts eminating from their stalls as well. The bathroom was filthy, and I don't think I really contributed much to the smell. I wiped, flushed, left, and promised to myself that I would time these types of things more carefully.

Wednesday, August 27, 1997

Years ago I rented a downstairs apartment. My bathroom was directly below the neighbor's bathroom. I could hear conversation in the upstairs bathroom. The couple upstairs had an eldest boy named Jason and a younger girl named Jamie. The family was neighbors for 3 years.

When Jason was 2 1/2 years old he was quite verbal for a boy his age. He used to talk to his Mother when she was going to the bathroom. One day an aunt, I beleive, came over and he was with her when she was going to the bathroom. While Jason was with her he said "My Mom goes pee pee and pooppoo!" The aunt said "Does she!!"

A couple years when Jamie was a tottler. Jamie was taking a dump while Jamie walked in. Jason said "Get out Jamie. Get out!" several times.

Even small kids are self conscious about eliminating their waste.

As for me, I often have trouble peeing. I get tensed up and a bit inhibited. I heard some women are the same way also. I have often had trouble giving urine samples even though I had to go rather badly.

This forum may reduce bathroom inhabition however it will never eliminate it. For many people going to the bathroom will always be a private matter.

We all use the term,"scared the shit out of me" but have you ever really had it happen our seen it happen?I have. My wife came back from town one afternoon and I had no idea but she had diarhea really bad and was speeding to get home to use the toilet when she left earlier that day I was in the back working in the yard.I was in the house getting a drink when she pulled up and decided to hide in the closet at the end of the hallway.She came in the house in a big hurry and I was peeping out of the closet.She quickly started down the hallway and again I had no idea of her urgent need for a toilet,she assumed I was still out back. I jumped out just as she approached the closet...(Graaaaarrr)I screamed! This was the first time I had ever seen anyone (adult) Shit themself! She put her hands in front of her face,jumped back about two feet,and screamed! Then I heard whoosh,a really loud runny fart sound,and as I looked down a fountain of diarhea was quickly spewing out of the back of her yellow shorts! Wow

Hi,I am new here. I love to watch people take dumps,even though I rarely get to see it.I enjoy finding bathrooms with no stall doors.It is fun to listen to all the grunts,farts and poop splashing in the water.I have been in bathrooms where there were no stalls just toilets in open. I enjoyed shitting and talking to the person next to me.The last time there were 4 guys in there and we ere all talking and laughing as u could hear all the bathrooms noises.I feel like I am sick liking this. Is there anyone else who enjoys this.

White Pony
I run & have fast system, so I shit about 4 to 5 times a day Have a schedule, ie early AM after coffee / before run dump, after meal dump, thus enabling use of my own or familiar toilet, but real life does not always permit such luxuries. Have lots of accident stories, public toilet experiences & other various tidbits including my girlfriend, who is a redneck girl with colitis. As far back as early childhood, poop & pooping has been a real turn on for me. Now at 35 , I think it is MACHO for me, a skinny cracker to take nasty dumps EVERYWHERE !! ...including jetliners,porta-pottis. the beach (At night ) & in the median of I - 95. Those that know me DO NOT enter the shitter for at least 10 min. after I take a dump. Organics & ve????s/fruit combined with a common cracker diet of McD, chili dogs. Doritos & beer can generate NASTY SHIT !!

Alex,Redneck, Joe & Susan- I like your posts.

The White Pony

Stephen, thanks for your answer re whether you've taken a urine sample. No, I've never had to submit a stool sample. I do use the plastic public toilet covers when available (when having to pee or shit); I do open the middle part - otherwise, any "material" being discharged may splash back to my butt! Susan, no, we (Steph and I) have not yet watched each other go, but you never know... Alex :)

When I was 21 I got pulled over by the cops who were doing a roadside check. I was very nervous because I had been out drinking and was sure I was going to get a DUI! I had to piss and shit really bad and was trying to make it home to do so. I got so nervous when they pulled me over that I lost control and began to wet myself! They only asked for my I.D and then let me go.But I was so shook up that as I drove off I had to let the rest of my pee go into my jeans.I was shaking and my stomach hurt so bad that I let go and shit my pants! It was the only time in my life that I messed myself.

I once witnessed a young teenage girl shit her pants at Disney World! There was a very long line at the ladies room and I was standing near by waiting for my girlfriend to come out. I noticed the girl come running up to the line pleading for it to get moving when suddenly she simply lost it and it just blasted into her thin white shorts wich made it very obvious! She must of had really bad diarhea because it flooded her shorts to the point where it was even coming out of the top!It looked like someone had poored a couple of gallons of choclate milk down her shorts! Poor girl,people were all staring ,some lauphing,I felt sorry for her but at the same time I have to admit it was sort of a turn on to watch such a cute girl lose control like that.

That was a goos story about your wife's sister. But you can make it into a Great story if you explain a little more about the not attempting to cover up, how was she dressed? And tell us a little more about the great detail she explained how the jelly solved th problem.


Hi, Joe again. I guess this one's about my trip to Europe awhile back. I went on a train from Germany to France. Both countries were pretty cool. Well, anyways, during the train ride, I had to crap. So, I walked down to the end of the car. They had separate toilets for men and women even though they were single toilet bathrooms, or WCs as they're called over there. I went into the men's toilet and pulled my pants down, but when I looked in the toilet, there was a seat, but no bowl. I could even see the tracks moving underneath. I thought it was wierd, you could almost fall out of the train this way if you really tried too. But, I still had to go, so I sat down and started crapping. I crapped a good sized load, considering I only go once every three days or so when travelling, but it is still soft, unlike the "constipation" thing a few days ago. When I was done, I wiped and threw the toilet paper down the hole. Now I know why they don't like you to go a stations. When I got off, I could see some crap on the tracks. I guess they couldn't wait for the train to leave.

Another crap from the past. When I was in college, my senior year, I was good friends with a freshman who I rushed him for fraternity. I was at his dorm room and he mentioned that he had to take a big shit. So did I. I told him that I would "join" him. When we got to the bathroom, we each took a stall, I at the end, him in the middle.
After we both sat down, the fun started. I started with a big long fart. Several shorter farts followed. He let out a short fart followed by some turds plopping in the water. After my farts, then some turds started to hit the water. We started to joke and laugh. After 15 minutes, I was done and Chris was finished about 5 minutes after I did.
There are certain activities in life where they are done "together". They including eating, watching a ball game but in our society in some parts, taking a crap together. That can be a social experience that is rarely enjoyed.
A guy I use to know went to school in Europe and he mentioned that he walked in on a Swedish girl taking a crap. He said, "Excuse me" and the girl pulled him in. They chatted while she crapped. They started to date aftweward. He showed me her picture and she was a knock-out.

Dan (formerly DD)
Hi Blake, welcome back! I'm not lactose intolerant, but know several people who are. The following is about a friend and colleague, Kristen (now 22), with whom I worked in the same office last year. Our business unit was small and tight-knit, and it wasn't unusual for us to call out for lunch, if not actually go out to lunch as a group, a couple of times a week.

Kristen was always adamant about finding out what we were having for lunch (our lunch hour was usually around 1 pm) at the start of the work day, 8:30-9 am. I figured she was a fussy eater, as I was, but she could be quite insistent about lunch plans. One day, she asked me around 8:45 what we were doing for lunch; "Sorry, I really don't know. I haven't even finished my breakfast yet!" with a slight tinge of irritation in my voice. She replied, in a softer voice, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to take my pill, anyway." She then clarified the meaning of "pill." "I have a severe allergic reaction to dairy products. Even a candy bar will give me cramps and diahrrea if I don't take a special pill."

I asked her if she was lactose intolerant. [My younger sister has a couple of friends who are lactose intolerant; I've seen them take their pills, so I had some background knowledge.] She beamed "oh, yes I am, are you?" I said "no, but know a couple of people who are, and know they take medication to control it." It was a Friday, and the plan was to call out for Pizza and Ice Cream. I told her I'd be glad to reconsider, but she said "no thanks; I love pizza. I'll still have to go to the bathroom afterwards, but at least I'll make it!" I was surprised at her candor, and the way she confided in me. I promised not to tell anyone else about this...

Forward to the afternoon, say around 3:00. I walked over to leave a couple of floppy disks on Kristen's desk. Kristen was walking back to her desk just as I approached. We engaged in some small talk. I asked her, casually, if she felt all right. "Oh yes. I just spent 10 minutes in the bathroom, but nothing serious." She then told me that I wouldn't believe the accidents she had as a teenager before she found about the medicine. I felt kind of awkward talking to her about this, so I told her I was busy and went back to my desk.

The moral of the story is, Blake, are you aware there is medication to help control lactose intolerance? I have no idea whether it's prescription or over-the-counter; surprised your allergist didn't recommend this medication.
I was in the grocery store the other day. I was in the dairy section to pick up some milk when I noticed a brand of milk labeled "Lactaid - 70% Lactose Reduced." Are you familiar with this type of milk.

Looking forward to hearing your camp stories.


Tuesday, August 26, 1997

Hey Alex, thanx again for answering my questions! Now for your question, Yes I have taken a urine test, The nurse gave me some cotton balls with some kind of wash on them in a cup, and a cup to pee in.I had to clean the head of my penis,pee in the toilet, and then the rest in the cup. The only problem is that my pee stream is hard and fast, so I filled the cup to much and too quick and made a mess every where. I tried to explain to the nurse what was going to happen, she said to try my best. She commented on how much pee I did and asked me to pour some out.More questions for you, Have you ever had to give a stool sample? If so what and how did you do it? And when you shit in apublic toilet do you use those covers? And do you open them and shit through them or on them? Thanx!!

I haven't posted in a while, because I ran out of accident stories, but I did remember another bizarre experience that I wished to share. When I was at good old Penn State, the dining hall served a grape Kool-Aid type of concoction. I usually drank this at every meal, but couldn't understand why I had such strange shits. The dye must have reacted with my body, because I suffered from these terrible-smelling, watery, greenish-colored dumps! They were so weird, I actually used to invite dorm mates in to look at what I had done. The few times since then that I have had grape drink mix, I have had the same results. Anyone else?

Hi Steph,...sorry I haven't posted for a couple of days. Like eveyone else I just got busy doing other things. While I did go yesterday after a 2 1/2 day wait. It looks like there is one area were we are a bit different. I usually go every day. So to go over 2 days is rare for me. I was at home in the morning (this was Sunday) reading the paper and had just finished my secound cup of coffee. The coffee must have done the trick because I could feel the preasure building in my bowls. I started to get some cramps in my stomic so I headed down to the batroom. I went in and pulled up my night shirt, which was all I had on and sat down on the toilet. I had a nice pee first. I could feel it starting to move down. As it did I leaned forward and started to push. I also put my hands on my stomic to help. Steph, this really does make things come out better. I took a deep breath and pushed. I could feel the first piece starting to come out of me. It felt like it was going to be a big one as it streached on the way out. The first piece was slow and hard in coming out. It took 3 pushes before it splashed into the toilet. Right away I could feel more so I kept on pushing. The next piece started to get softer as it came out. The next 4 pieces came out fairly quickly. There was a lot!! Over 2 days worth. I took a break to get my breath but I could still feel more up there. With one last push a long soft one came out. My bowls and stomic felt mush better after that. Only going every couple days Steph I guess your dumps are usually like this. I had to wipe 7 times to get clean. After I flushed ( it took 2 flushes) I got into the shower to get cleaned up for the day. I also wanted to get my bum good and clean after that big movement. Steph I really liked the post about talking to your friend while you were having a dump. Have you and Alex seen each other go yet? You or Alex mentioned it in an earlier post. I plan to try that Ruth next time we get togeather. I will let you know what happens. Hopefully I will have some good stories from work this week. Till then,,,

My wife has a very attractive sister. One time she was visiting and my wife went out. I was taking a light nap when I heard the bathroom door close nest to me. I didn't notice, but I soon heard some lound grunts coming from the bathroom. Such noises by women have always had an ewrotic effect on me so I kept listening. There were several more grunts and I realised my sster-in-law was having great difficulty getting her poop to come out. Finally, I heard her say at teh end of a grunt, "Oh, God, please". I heard nothing, and shortly she came out of the bathroom looking distressed. Aside from the erotic effect it had on me, I wanted to help and asked her what was wrong. She made no attempt to cover up and say she needed to go but the turd was so big, she couldn't get it out. I suggested that she might put some petroleum jelly in her rear end and try again. I gave her a bottle of jelly and she went back in. After several minutes, I heard her grunting hard again and finally a splash follwoed by several more. When she came out she was extremely grateful and explained in detail how the jelly had helped. I was very sexually aroused by then, but shortly thereafter my wife returned and nothing more was said of it. My wife is very private about goinmg to the john and will not accept an open door policy.

I had forgotten all about this "accident" until just now but this happened to me at a boy-girl party in junior high when I was 13. Some boys had gotten some beer somewhere and we were drinking it and got a little drunk. I had to go pee but the bathroom was busy and it couldn't wait so I decided to go outside and pee behind the garage where no one would see me. It was pitch dark and when I finally got there I had to go so bad that I barely had time to pull my cutoffs down and squat before pee started flowing in a gusher between my legs. Too late !! I realized that I hadn't gotten my panties down and was peeing right into them. I tried to stop but my pee was coming too hard so I just squated down as far as I could and waited. But that wasn't all -- at that moment I felt something else pressing out on my panties and realized that I had to go poop too. I definitely did not want to do that so I tried to sqeeze my butt closed but I was still peeing so hard that it wasn't working and I could feel more and more coming out into my panties. I gave up at that point, figuring it was useless to struggle against it happening anymore and just really let a load go into my panties. It piled up at the crotch and part way up the back of my butt before it was over. When I was finally all done I carefully stepped out of my panties and left them on the ground behind the garage and looked around for something to wipe with. I found some old newspaper and used that to clean up somewhat, then pulled up my cutoffs and went back inside. Believe it or not the bathroom was still busy ! even after all that time so I didn't get to clean myself up more until later and ended up with poop and pee stains on my cutoffs. But I soon forgot about that because there was a really cute boy there that I liked and wanted to dance with although it felt funny being around everyone with no underwear on. No one ever knew what happened and I never did go back to find those panties.

Steph, I liked your using the toilet while on the phone story. One of my friends who was from Western Kentucky would always callme while he was unloading. It made for hilarious conversation.
Where I work at, we have this 76 year old janitor likes to ask you if you need toilet paper when you are on the shitter. I am one of those who like to be left alone while taking a shit and if I want company, it is on my terms such as by invitation only.

Hi guys. I had another case of the shits yesterday. My house has two bathrooms, one next to the kitchen and the other upstairs by the bedrooms. I was out and had to crap really bad, so when I got home I ran into the downstairs toilet [I almost always go upstairs; I can count on two hands the number of times a year I sit on the downstairs toilet...] and let out some brown liquid. Pee-Yew! Glad nobody was home at the time. Went upstairs to my room- an hour later I took a more solid crap (although more liquidy than my "regular"), had to wipe 7 times.
I sat down to pee later that evening and noticed a gross skid-mark on my undies. Yuck! I can't stand skid-marks!
Luv, Alex :)

The other day I had the most embarrasing experience ever imagined. I was on a hiking expedition and I must have eaten some dodgy food. It was only the second day out of 5, and I had the most case of diarrhea possible. It didn't help, the fact that there was constant movement, which tends to cause constant boewl movement, and by 12.30pm I had been to the toilet a whopping 6 times!! Each time I had to stop the group to wait for me, and I was so embaressed I didn't know what to do. As there were no toilets, so I had to go in every hole I could find. One of the holes I found was actually for pooping in, etc, and I really needed to go. As I was squating to let this river of poop flow out, I lost my balance, and as I am rather skinny I fell in. My ass was covered with shit, wheather it was mine or not I couldn't say, but it stunk!! I could hardly get out, and I had to get my friend to help me out. Everyone was watching by now and it was so embarassing I just about cried.

Hi everybody. I guess I should tell you guys about the ending of my constipation story. It looks like lots of people here have had the same problems recently. Mine oly lasted for a few days, but when it did come out, it was big, long, hard, and very difficult to push out. I was at work when it finally all decided to come out. So, I went to the restroom and sat down. It was relatively silent except for the big splashes. It did take about ten minutes, though. There was hardly anything to wipe. I flushed and left. It was a big relief to finally get all that out.

Monday, August 25, 1997

Hi everybody. I guess I should tell you guys about the ending of my constipation story. It looks like lots of people here have had the same problems recently. Mine oly lasted for a few days, but when it did come out, it was big, long, hard, and very difficult to push out. I was at work when it finally all decided to come out. So, I went to the restroom and sat down. It was relatively silent except for the big splashes. It did take about ten minutes, though. There was hardly anything to wipe. I flushed and left. It was a big relief to finally get all that out.

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