I have some bizarre panties, and I took a crap in them the other day. They're "Winnie the Pooh" panties. The panties have Winnie the Pooh decorations, and they don't have any elastic around the leg openings. The panties resemble flimsy, skimpy, cotton shorts - no elastic what-so-ever.

The other night I was at a slumber party with 2 of my friends, Nicole and Julia. We're all 13. The next morning, Julia was taking a long shower, and hogging the bathroom. Me and Nicole both had to take a big dump. We were both just wearing short nightshirts. Then Nicole said "Oh, I can't hold it!" and then I heard a "plop/fjjgggt/plog/squish". I said "ha ha - you crapped your panties!" Then she grabbed me, and started ticking me - and she said "come on Amy, I bet I can make you crap YOUR panties"! As Nicole was tickling me, I took a dump in my Winnie the Pooh panties. Since the panties don't have any elastic around the leg openings, I was afraid that the crap would slip out of the panties, and run down my legs. So I just kept my legs closed tightly.

Then Julia finally came out of the shower. She took one whiff, and then she said "alright, who shit their pants?" Then Julia realized that we were both bare-legged and wearing nighties. Then she said "Ok - I take that back... who shit their PANTIES???"

Neither me nor Nicole said anything. Then I reached down to scratch my leg. As I was bending over, the crap slid out of my panties, and slid down my left leg. Then Julia just gave me a stern look.

Later that day, the three of us went to go play tennis. We were all wearing tradition female tennis outfits - with the short tennis skirts and tennis panties (or tennis briefs - whatever they're called). Nicole was in the bathroom, so me and Julia were alone. Julia said to me "Hey Amy - shame on you for crapping your panties this morning". Then she grabbed me and pulled me over to the couch. I was getting nervous and I said "No - you don't understand... Nicole shit her panties also!" So Julia said "Ok, I won't be very hard on you then". Then she sat on the couch, and pulled me over her knees. I got so nervous, that I crapped my tennis panties (that makes twice in one day that I had an accident). Julia lifted up my skirt, and started to spank me, and her hand smacked my crap-filled panties. The crap got smushed and splatted all over the place, as Julia was slapping my poopy panties!

Sunday, 4:20 PM- Hi, I know I already posted this morning, but something just happened that I can't wait to share with you! Around 3 PM, I was sitting on the toilet peeing before taking a dump when the phone rang; my mother answered upstairs (I live in a split-level house; my bedroom and bathroom are on the lower level- my folks are upstairs) and yelled down that I had a phone call. I came out, with my jeans and panties to the knees, to pick up my portable phone and take it into the bathroom (figuring it was Alex or one of my other hometown friends).

I answered, and it was a college friend, Allison, whom I haven't seen since final exams last May. She lives two states away and I was surprised, and happy, to hear from her. I told her right away I was in the middle of going to the bathroom- I'd be glad to talk, but she would "hear" me going. Allison offered to call back, but I told her I didn't mind talking while on the toilet. I sat back down on the toilet- Susan, needless to say I couldn't put my head between my knees while holding a portable phone to my ear.

Allison and I were talking. I was taking a hard dump- we were talking about other things when, after one "plop" which splashed water back on to my butt, she commented "that was a loud drop, Steph." I responded "it was, water splashed back onto my butt." Allison embarassingly apologized for even bringing it up and tried to steer back to our conversation at hand. "We all do it, no need to apologize," was my response. "I guess," Allison responded, puzzingly. We continued talking for a couple of minutes. I asked her to hold while I wiped my butt, flushed, and washed my hands. The poops were hard, so I only had to wipe once; I was back on the phone with her within 30 sec.

I went out to the living room. Allison and I continued talking about upcoming plans for next semester. About 20 minutes later, Allison said "I have to go to the bathroom." I offered to call her back, but she said "oh no, I listened to you, now you can listen to me" with a chuckle. She sat down, started peeing, and let out a couple of farts. She excused herself each time she farted. She only had to pee, and it only took a minute or so. She didn't even ask me to hold while wiping and then washing her hands. We ended up spending a good 45 minutes on the phone- including the unexpected "long distance bathroom encounters!" That's all for today, I promise! Peace, Steph

One time in school I remember having to go really bad and holding it in as long as I could until some started leaking out in my underwear. Since I sat in the last row I figured that I could let it out on the floor and no one would notice. So what I did was put a note book over my zipper and pulled it out as far as I could and let it go a spurt at a time until I could hold the rest to go to the bathroom after class.The puddle was pretty hard to see unless you were looking right at it and I made it to the bathroom to finish up but I had wet underwear for the rest of the day.

Seymour Butts
I have a rather chronic problem that has been going on for a fair while now. Now, I never pass a normal stool, as I am always constipated or have diarrhea. The constipation lasts for longer than most normal cases, as sometimes I go without passing a stool for 10-11 days. The farts that I pass during this time stink like you couldn't believe. Sometimes I still can't poop even after excessive laxative abuse. The diarrhea also hangs around for longer than normal, and also has a rancid stench. It is nearly always in the form of liquid, so its runnier than any other diarrhea I've heard of or seen. Its got a greenish tinge and is mushy with little lumps in it. If you didn't know that I had this problem and you heard me in the toilet, you would think that I was passing urin. The diarrhea lasts for around three weeks, and then I become constipated again. When I have diarrhea, most of the time I go to the toilet at least 12 times a day. I can't even fart without a huge pile of diarrhea oozing through my undies, and down my leg.

Susan: Sorry, your friend's name is *Ruth,* not Rita. I have cousin named Rita... I'm terrible with names- sorry about that. Peace

Richard, I accidentially referred to your girlfriend, Sue, as your "wife." Sorry. Hope you get the idea, though; Sue and I are vegetarians, and leave "bulky" turds in the toilet...

Regular readers know I often have difficulty moving my bowels. Always end up going, but it can be a struggle. I was visiting relatives in Switzerland a couple of years back [I'm American but my father's originally from Canton Ticino, on the Italian border]. A couple of days after landing, I complained of stomach pains. My aunt (my uncle's wife), known for being a hypochondriac [def: someone who makes a big deal out of every little malady], asked me when was the last time I went to the bathroom. Figuring she meant when was the last time I took a dump, I honestly told her I hadn't gone since I left the States (3 days earlier).

Three days without taking a dump is a little much, even for me! Must have been all that Swiss chocolate :) [I know that many people get diahrrea from eating chocolate, especially if they're lactose intolerant- chocolate seems to harden my bowels; does this happen to anyone else?] My aunt poured some liquid into a small, "Dixie-cup" and told me this would "make (you) feel better." [Honestly, to that day, I never thought much about laxatives. I don't think we had laxatives in the house back home- if we did, I didn't know about it]

I drank the laxative, maybe 1.5 oz or so, around 7 PM.
Jet-lagged from the trip over (6 hr time difference), I was still wide awake around 11 PM, hanging around the house with my first cousin Mario, a year younger than me. I excused myself to go the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and let out what sounded like pee, but only out of my butt! The entire toilet bowl was filled with brown liquid after I was done. I did feel much better afterwards, but it didn't seem "natural" to take a dump that way.

I came out and continued hanging out with Mario. He knew I wasn't feeling well earlier in the day, but not about his mother giving me the laxative. I told him about his Mom giving me the laxative, and how I just went. "Oh no," he said, "don't tell me she's pushing that stuff on you?!" We had a 15-20 min conversation, mostly him telling me how when he was younger his mother always gave him laxatives if he hadn't gone in a couple of days. I told him I sometimes don't go for two days, but that's normal for me. He told me he's the same way, and then said "must run in the family." (complimented by a wink). Mario warned me to lie to his mother (if asked if I've taken a dump), "just say you 'went this morning', and you'll be fine. I always do..." It was a cool conversation- the only other guy I've talked to about taking a dump is my friend (Alex's brother) Eric. Please don't interpret this as "sexual," but it's interesting to hear and read about the "other-half's" bathroom habits...

Coprologist, this European post is a good time to tell you about my (lack of) experience with bidets. I've seen them all over the place, at relatives' houses and in hotels. Since I shower every morning (or the night before) and clean my "private parts" while in there, I've never found reason to use the bidet. I'm loathe to stereotype cultures, but generally speaking, people in the US, Canada, and Britain are apt to bathe/shower every day (or other day), as opposed to the Continent, where people bathe once or twice a week, hence the need for bidets for use in between "bath days." (IMHO, the Swiss are more fastidious than people in surrounding countries about bathing). I better shut up while I'm ahead, but hope my two cents worth is a valid opinion as for why bidets are not common in the US or the UK.

I have no unusual pees or dumps to report since last time; I'll be back again after I go. Peace, Steph.

IP Freely
The most awkward posssition I have ever been in when I had to go to the toilet waas when I broke both my legs and I had chronic diarrhea, as in I had to go to the toilet 14 times in one day. This is usually a problem for me, as I have a condition that means I have diarrhea or constipation all the time. The diarrhea is always extreme, and with the constipation, one time I didn't go for eight days, even after I had had more laxatives than you can imagine. In this particular situation it was very difficult to get in and out of a wheelchair 14 times in one day, and as this condition lasted for about three weeks untill I became constipated again, I had the shits in my pants many times. The smell and texture of the diarrhea was amazing. It was the most liquidy poo I have ever seen, so bad it was almost like urin, but much more explosive. The first day, I crapped my pants 11 out of 14 times I had to use the toilet. Once more, my ass hole hurt so much it could hardly sit down, but I couldn't stand up either!!! Sometimes I'd just think I was going to fart, but then I would have this massive explosion in my pants, and because I waas sitting down it would get squahed all over my bum. I'd have to wheel myself to a public toilet as soon as I could and then had to try and get onto the toilet from the chair. It was definatly frustrating.

Hi,I am new here. I love to watch people take dumps,even though I rarely get to see it.I enjoy finding bathrooms with no stall doors.It is fun to listen to all the grunts,farts and poop splashing in the water.I have been in bathrooms where there were no stalls just toilets in open. I enjoyed shitting and talking to the person next to me.The last time there were 4 guys in there and we ere all talking and laughing as u could hear all the bathrooms noises.I feel like I am sick liking this. Is there anyone else who enjoys this.

The other day I had aa really embarrassing experience. I was walking down the street when I felt this sudden urge. I thought I could hold on but I couldn't, and before I knew it there was diarrhea flying out the leg of my shorts. I got an extremely acute pain in my stomach during this time, and as the pain was so bad, I knew there was more coming. There wass only one problem. There was no toilet around and I couldn't move I was in so much pain with diarrhea sloshing onto the pavement. I moved closer to a bush, and tried to stand in the mud and shit so it was kind or camoflauged, but there was such a tiny amount of mud in comparison to my poops, that it didn't work. The poo was building up around my ankles, and then I heard someone soming closer. I tried to turn aaround quickly, only to slip in the massive pile of my yellowy green watery diarrhea. It was all up my side and in my shorts and shoes. The person saw me and thought it was mud untill he encountered the stench, and he then realised that it was poop. He ran away rather quickly, but he looked back at me tying to stand up in this slimey poop, and then falling to the ground several times.

'Sticky' situation
The other day I was so constipated I didn't know what to do. I had been like this for a record 10 days, and I felt like was going to explode. I was till in this chronic condition even after excesssive laxative abuse which was recomended by my doctor who said there was nothing else he could do. All I could do was sit on the toilet and fart and fart and fart etc, with no results. I kept on feeling like I needed to go, so I got up to go about 10 times, with no result acceot massive passing of wind. The farts really reeked, and smelt like rotten egg. The next day, (the 11 day) it was the same, with constant farting and the feeling of wanting to go but never acheiving anything. This is an even bigger problem because at the moment I have a broken leg, so I am hobbling around to the toilets on crutchers. Gradually, the farts got smellier and smellier, and almost unbearable, when everyone started looking at me, as it was so obvious it was me half pushing the farts out on my crutchers. By this stage it was about 4.30pm and I was getting sick of feeling so bloated, and generally weak. Then, I felt a massive fart coming on, and I got the feeling that I needed to go. I didn't go though, because I thought it would be just another false alarm. As it turned out it wasn't. It was the real thing, and the end of the sonstipation as 11 days worth of crap came pouring out my bum. (It seemed that the tripple extra strong laxative I had been given 2 days ago worked). There was so much crap I couldn't move, and the worst thing was that everyone knew I had crapped my pants because the noise was louder thaan someone going to the toilet. I was sitting at my desk with warm water like diarrhea piling up in my pants and running down my leg. Then came another burst, louder than the first and everyone gasped at this one. More and more poo just oozed out of my bum and was running down the plaster on my leg. Now I really couldn't move, other wise the diarrhea would just run out of my unddies onto the ground. I could already see it on my chair and dripping onto the ground. That scene was followed by several more blurts for my anus, and with each more poo came out. By now everyone was starring at me, and watching the poo puddle surround me, and I knew there was more on the way. I had to get to the toilets soon, or the whole place would come crashing down. The crap was now becoming more frequent and watery and noisy. It was green and mushy, and very explosive. After about 10min, someone realised what was happening, and tried to come over and ease me up onto my crutchers to get to a toilet. Even with the assistance of the person, I was too weak to get onto my crutchers, and with all the effort and pushing, I let out the biggest blurt of them all, creating a steady flow of poo, oozing from my pants, which were once (of all colors) white floaty. The pants were now sticking to my legs, and I was getting sweaty, as someone went to fetch a wheelchair from the first aid room to get me to the toilet. The pooo was coming thick and fast, and by the time the wheelchair arrived, The ground, my chair, my pants, crutchers and plaster were covered in poop that was all visible. Two men eased me into the wheelchair and took me to the toilet, where I took my pants off toallyy and let the poop just run, even when they were easing me onto the toilet. I just sat there for something like 45min pooing my heart out. I felt very sorry for all the other people using the bathroom. The crap continued to flow, still in the green mushy watery explosive manner.

Sunday, August 24, 1997

Hi everyone! I have one more comment and then a question for Stephen... I neglected to tell you I was required to wipe around my vaginal area with an antiseptic towelette before peeing into the jar- this is to prevent any "foreign" material from ruining the sample. I remember reading on the instruction chart (at the doctor's office) that guys are required to clean the head of their penis, for the same reasons. Stephen, have YOU ever taken a urine test? Thanx. Luv, Alex :)

I noticed in the archives another Laura who wrote about her "holiday in Spain." I am not the same Laura; just thought I'd let you know...
Doug, my urge to urinate comes about pretty quickly. I've read on this post about how the female urge to pee is more profound than a male's- *anatomy,* I guess. tza, it's a lot easier for a male to pee into a cup, or to pee outside, than for a female, for obvious reasons...
My bladder/bowel routines are back to *normal* Nothing else unusual to report, but if there is, I'll let you know. Laura

its been a while, hi KEITH! I liked your dump at Pennys, I have dumped at one of them here lots of times. I am on antiboitics for pnuemonia, and at work the other day I had to shit real bad. I went in the big stall and sat down and farted like crazy. I am never constipated, but this day I pushed so hard I actually saw stars. It was wierd and something that I never happens to me. Anyone else? I guess thats true constipation. KEITH, I saw your vomit story on the other page, it was kool. I would like to have a freind like you that I could talk about shits with and shit at the same time. Is that wierd?

Hey Brielle, I loved to read about you peeing expertise, and your control methods. I reckon that trying it in the shower is an excellent idea. I pee in the shower all the time, but my wife reckons its pretty awful. I wish I could get her to try your standing up methods. Keep writing these stories.


Airman story: Greetings! I just found this site and am fascinated with the many posts here, esp. the ones from the ladies about peeing in urinals and outdoors. I am fascinated by how women go to the bathroom.
I am living in an Asian country right now where there are a lot of those squat-hole toilets, the kind that have just 2 footprints and an oval hole in the floor with water to wash it out. There is also a hose - ALWAYS- beside the hole toilet since people of this culture use water a lot. to clean themselves.
In my office there is one of these and a regular toilet for use by both sexes. In the evenings I have gone in the regular toilet and seen how after my 2 secretaries use it, there are footprints on the seat! They must get up on the seat and squat like over the hole toilet. They also leave the floor just awash in water from the damn hose. They are very young and attractive and I wish I could see how they get up on the seat and squat. I'll bet they have to use their fingers to direct their pee downwards when they squat like that!
My girlfriend here loves to have me watch her pee, she will always sing out when she has to go, then pull me into the bathroom with her. She always sits on the bare porcelain- (we have normal toilets at home) and spreads her legs so I can see the stream squirting out of her. She always grabs my hand and and puts it in the stream - I love to feel the warm water coming out of her. Then we clean off using the hose - it's funny how she always jumps and yelps when I touch her, but the cold water doesn't bother her! Recently when I was sick with diarrhea I got into the habit of using the hose to wash my butt with afterwards - it was much more soothing than scrubbing my hole raw with the bad-quality communist Chinese toilet paper we get over here. When I pick up the hose in the bathroom at the office I can't help but think about how the cute secretaries use it too, putting it between their legs and washing their sweet little assholes with it. Lucky hose! We could learn some things from these nice people...

What's up, everyone? Sorry I haven't posted for the last few days- I've been very busy, y'know! Let me elaborate (my experience) on Laura's posting on our beach trip the other day... Susan, I remember your posting on peeing in front of your friend Rita, describing it as a "hard pee." That's describes how I peed on Wednesday. It SOUNDED harder than usual, and the strain of letting out so much urine at once (about 40 oz worth, between all the soda and water I drank earlier) caused my vagina to sting afterwards. Anybody else's vagina or penis itch after "hard" peeing for a long time?
Joe, I often go without taking a dump for two days, sometimes three, but when I finally do, it's the best feeling in the world! The best dumps are the ones where I have flush the toilet before even starting to wipe my bum :) Don't worry, Joe, you will end up crapping sooner or later- please make sure to tell me about it... Richard, (like your wife) I'm also a vegetarian. I've very rarely had to leave my pieces in the toilet to soften up, but, as I mentioned above, I often have to flush before wiping if I haven't gone in a couple of days. Susan, I hope you've taken another nice, healthy dump by now :)- please tell me about it.
My last dump? Yes-turd-day [sorry, couldn't resist :) ] at around 8 AM, after 36 hours. Couple of nice, soft, almost 12" long pieces with three smaller "sausages." Wiped myself 5 times- not too strong an "aroma." I'll tell you about the one, only, and last time I've taken a laxative next time. Peace, Steph.

Very very rare occurance today. Last night I got home late, went to the market and bought some of that pre-cut-and-mixed varieties of lettuce. It was 10:30PM so it may have been sitting there a long time. I had a big salad for my only dinner. At 5AM I woke up with a nice case of the runs. Like water. Smells to high heaven. Never got back to sleep before having to get up, shower, and get to work. Took one other runny shit before the drive to work. This noon I was to meet someone for lunch, someone I had not seen in a long time, someone I was looking forward to seeing (a woman, shall we say). So what happens. About 10AM I feel I have to crap. I begin briskly walking toward the men's room but it is too late. I feel a squirt creep out of my ass hole. I get to the stall and discover, to my horror, that, indeed, a nice runny blob has settled into my briefs (and today I decided to wear my sexy bikini briefs in aqua, not the plain old kangaroo whites). What can I do? I sit there and squirt out another quart of watery shit and scrape up what I can from the inside of my briefs. It has not soaked through the outside so I risk layering about four folds of toilet paper inside my briefs to make it through the day. In my (solo) office I close the door and check several times that no catastrophe is occurring. I get through the rest of the day this way. I meet the lovely young woman and have a greasy delicious Mexican-style lunch; from the after-effect, it was just what my stomach needed! No problems the rest of the day. Hand washed the briefs when I came home. Another day, another drama. Fluidity

Well, this is the second week of school (I'm a school custodian) and nothing unusual has happened.....yet. The kids did throw wadded wet tissue up to the ceiling in the bathrooms, and we kept score of the ones that stuck and dried to the ceiling - girls 21, boys 9 (girls always use more tissue). The principal went from class to class reading them the riot act, so they won't be doing it again.

Dating a nurse She would sometime talk about patients who are given strong laxtives and go in whatever they may have on {pants panties briefs ] I told her this would never happen to me .Well we made a bet that she could make it happen. That weekend I went to her place and she had me drink what looked like a large glass of club soda and two or three glass of water. Then we had some soda and sacks why watching T.V. After a time she was lying next to me and started to press on my lower stomach .We were kind of playing when she got between my lag,s and pushed hard Well lucky I was on a pad, all of a studden I had to go I couldnot move, trying to hold it back Thinking I could not lose Iwore light blue jeans and a new pair of Brute white nylon micro breif,s that she like .They were not white for long I whent to sit up the poop came out it felt like warm water ,as i was sitting it whent up my front and back .I just sat there filling my small breif,s after what felt like five minutes I went to the shower Putting my soild clothing in a bag .Not having a thing to wear home ,She now the winner of the bet {ha ha] gave me a pair of her shorts& panties Well about half way home I felt a need to go and was told not to soil her pants well I made it to my front door when all at once I lose control again . There I stood wearing her Hanes Her Way,s white nylon spandex high cut panties and filling them what warm poop, and liking the thought they were HANES "HER" WAY,S

In early January in 1984 I spent several days in a job search seminar at the blind rehabilitation center in Kalamazoo, MI.
The living quarters were dorm like. There were 2 room suites. Each room had a door that was lockable and a bath in between the rooms. The bath was lockable from the inside; a person using the bath could lock both doors.
After supper I visited the room of a 20 year old man named Troy and his room mate. Troy's wuite mate, the guy in the other room, was a thief and a drug user; hence he was a bit secretive.
Troy said that the thief, I can not recall his name, often left the bathroom door to Troy's room locked. I had a screw driver on hand and said to Troy that I could get the door unlocked.
Troy went in to take a pee and said don't unlock it while he is peeing. When he was done I went to moving the lock. After Troy had exited and was seated I said that he ought to lock his suite mate's bathroom lock and when gets up to take his morning pee he would have to go downstairs to go. That must have been the funniest saying that he heard in a while. He roared with laughter a bit then said "I have to take a shit!"
Well he decided he did not want to do that. Just thought I would tell you in case you are curious.
Maybe others could move their bowels more easily if they had a better sense of humor. Old, marrow minded, humorless people are often refered to as constipated.

Saturday, August 23, 1997

Hey Joanne-that was a cool story. Thanks. You should have run around the mall in your cute, wet, white shorts just to see if anybody said anything

Hey Stacie-Now that was a CASUAL poop accident!

Hi Stephen! re: my urine samples, I was asked to pee a little into the toilet, get up, pee into the cup until it was half-full (a couple of times I peed to the mark and then sat back down to finish my pee; the other times I went as much as I could, maybe a quarter-full). I gave the plastic jars (my pee alternates between clear and amber, by the way) to a nurse; it usually took a day or two to get my results back-they always came out "negative" [in other words, good :)]

Laura's description of our trip was accurate. Ouch, my aching shoulder!!! Susan, to be technical, I arch my back slightly when going- not nearly much as you (or Steph), though. I'm so glad Jodi's going to get herself examined- I hope and pray for the best!

Strider, please do tell your friends about this site. It seems like a weird topic at first, but not really. I've told three of my friends, and they're all frequent posters. Even Laura, whom I never expected to post anything, submitted her very personal story; I didn't know she was going to- found out the same way most of you did, by reading the page on a daily basis.

Can't think of anything else to write today. Bye for now. Luv, Alex :)

Some guy
Hi again. I really like to read about girls peeing and pooping, and everyone else I know thinks the most disgusting thing on the earth is the idea of a girl pooping. (Unless they are denying it to be "normal" like I do). For some reason, vomiting and things like that disgust me. :^| Anyways I don't have a really good story to tell but I used to go into ladies bathrooms all the time. My mother was afraid that some guy would kidnap me or something so she made sure the bathroom was empty and took me to the ladies room. One time I came out alone of the women's restroom and all these kids told me I just went into the women's restroom and starting laughing. I just looked at the door behind me and said, "Oops." Anybody else post if your mom took you to the girls' bathroom or your dad (ladies) took you to the mens'. I just had to get this off of my chest.... How come ladies have stall doors in schools and other places, but men don't? I like privacy. This girl at my school told me they even have stalls to change in the girls locker whereas guys are all crowded in next to each other! Ah well...

Some guy

to Laura:
That was a pretty good piss story. Reminds me of times of when I consumed the 32-oz soda and had to stand in front of the urinal for about 90 seconds. But one time I actually used a 32-oz soda containe rfor the urinal, at least to release enough piss so that I could drive to work and piss later. I posted about this already--it was a case of some roommate taking far too long (and I don't think he was crapping either).

I once witnessed my mother in law have a diarhea attack and shit her under pants at the fair.
We were leaving and she said she didn't go in the fairgrounds because the line was to long and she thought she'd hold it until we left and went to a store or something.Well,we got to the car and she said" Oh no!" My wife said "mom are you o.k.?She said " I guess I should have gotten in line back inside,I'm really hurtin! She was holding her mid section and was starting to double over!"Oh my God! She said. "I can't hold it!" With her legs slightly spread she squatted down next to the car and completley and uncontrolably shit in her panties and pantyhose! It even got on her skirt,as it flooded out! She was so embarrassed and my wife was trying to comfort her.The ride home, wow! The stench !

PottyBoy, Susan, everyone else: thanks for your words of encouragement. Susan, to answer your question, my BM *procedure* goes something like this: I sit down to pee [it is unsual for me not to pee when having to shit- my *position*? well, usually halfway between Alex's and Steph's- never seen them do it, just going by what they've written. If I'm in a stall, my back and head are arched just enough so my eyes are facing straight toward the floor directly below the door], after peeing there's usually a 30-60 sec delay before the first piece comes out. I often press into my abdomen to help induce my BM. Once it starts coming out, god help anyone who's around me! I alternate between gaseous farting and letting out very soft, brownish pieces. Once I'm done, I usually have to wipe at least 10 times. I often flush the toilet before wiping, but I've backed up a few toilets (with TP) in my lifetime. My butt is often sore after my hard wiping, and I still often end up with skid-markings on my underpants. (Of course, after I shit in the morning, I scrub my butt in the shower, same as my friend, Alex).

Laura, there were six females and one male going up; a little error in math, eh? Just kidding, pal.

I should state now that I eat what I consider to be a healthy, well-balanced diet. I consider junk food a *treat*, though I have a weak spot for pizza! Any other questions? Just send them on through. Thanks. Jodi

Stacie: What do you prefer doing peeing or pooping?
Laura: Where do you feel the urge to pee?

I used to think that the facination in 'bodily functions' was something we lost after childhood but mine was reawakened by a new girlfriend some years ago.

We had been staying at her parents when I decided to make the daily visit to the downstairs toilet. In I walked and raise the lid to be met by the two most enormous turds that I have ever seen. How could this be, I had met the dog but there was no sign of the horse anywhere! Gradually and by process of elimination if you will excuse the term it dawned on me that it could only be Sues handywork but how - she was such a petite thing and besides she would never leave the bathroom without clearing up.

This really did tax the brain but the explanation began to dawn on me. Sue was a vegetarian which tends to make for a bulky stool and she had said before that she only went every few days. Now most toilets can cope but this one was a real no no, the eye of a needle and all that. Having put down the seat and then flushed she would never know what potential embarrassment she had left for me and would have died of shame if I had told her (there's English for you). Then it happened in so many other places before finally split leaving me to clear up.

And for me I hardly ever actually got to go, just really going through the motions I suppose.

Last night I grew suspesious as to whether the downstairs bathroom was chearing the air. We inatalled a new bathroon about 10 months ago. Upon inspection of the fan and its parts we found that the exaust pipe went into the insulation insteat of the duct leading to the outdoors.
Well, the problem was fixed. The question for me was would the wired flexible pipe stay on the duct.
Early this afternoon I took a dump downstairs and ran the fan. When I finished washing I turned the fan off, steped outside then reentered the bathroon. No noticeable smell was detected. The fan has passed the dump test. now it has a shower test to pass.

Friday, August 22, 1997

I have a friend coming this Friday and will introduce him to this site. I didn't post Tuesday and Wednesday because we were up in New York. I don't think many people are interested in this site. Pity. I will start to mention names[I figured few of my friends will be on this site and their names might be a coincidence].
This begins at about age 9. At about age 6 I constructed a peep hole to our 2 bathrooms that guests use. I remember someone writing about a peep hole they created and decided to share my peep hole. This happens to be about a friend 2 years older than me named Molly-O[female;so you know]. She babysat me that June 4 years ago. She had to babysit me longer than she should have[till 10:00 at night]. That day [her family was also away] we made fairly large meals. As follows; breakfast, Two pices of zucchini cake[her],I don't eat breakfast normally; lunch, 3 turkey sandwiches, a bowl of chicken noodle soup;I am not mentioning myself]; snack, 1 butterfinger bar; dinner, lunch plus some saved salmon and macaroni. I saw she hadn't gone to the bathroom for the whole day[she didn't go before she came either]. She doesn't like to use our bathrooms after this incident when she comes over,almost always to babysit my sister. At 7:00 she ran to the bathroom downstairs. I followed behind her. She ran into the bathroom and just sat on the toilet without shutting the door. I just looked into the bathroom. Right away probably 5 minutes of pee. 10 seconds rest and 15 minutes of poop. I said she hadn't gone! She just let me watch and every other time I or she goes we watch each other. I hope this story isn't too far off. She finshed and left the bathroom. About 30 minutes later my and her family came home.
I think if they get a better computer[one with a CD drive] she will post regularly here.

My neighbor (Mary) has a 9 year old daughter (Jenny), and I babysit Jenny. The other day, Mary called me, and said that she wanted me to take Jenny to the doctor's. As Jenny and I were sitting in the waiting room, I had to take a crap. I was wearing a short skirt and pantyhose. I wasn't wearing any panties underneath my pantyhose. I'm 15 years old, but I felt a strange urge to crap my pantyhose (I had to go really bad). So I snuck into the corner of the waiting room, and I stood there and crapped my pantyhose. Then Jenny wanted me to give her a piggy-back ride. So I bent over, and told her to climb on my back. As I was bending over, some old woman looked up my skirt. She saw that I had crapped my pantyhose. The old woman slapped my legs and said "shame on you - you pooped your pantyhose!!!" Then Jenny asked me "hey Stacie, did you go to the bathroom in your nylons???" I just said "yes", and then I pretended that nothing happened. After that incident, Jenny thought that it was O.K. to crap your clothing. The other day, I went to the mall with Jenny and her mother. Jenny was wearing a short dress. While Jenny, her mother, and myself were shopping, Jenny crapped her underwear. She squeezed her bare legs together, and took a big dump in her undies. Jenny's mother could tell that she crapped her panties. I couldn't believe how calm Jenny's mother was. She simply said "hmmm, we ARE in the mall, so maybe we should shop for underwear". Then she lifted up Jenny's dress, took a look at her panties, and said "ya - it looks like Jenny needs to get some clean underwear." Then Jenny's mother looked at me. She said "well, it looks like Jenny has a big bulge of crap in her underwear." I didn't know what to say. Then she said "I heard that you crapped your pantyhose the other day - maybe I should buy you some new pantyhose". I coulnd't believe that Jenny's mother was so calm about everything. I asked her "so you don't care that I crapped my panthose, and that your daughter just crapped her panties?" Then her mother said "no, it's just a part of being a female. We have a right to be irresponsible."

Hi everyone... it has been awhil eh? Well... on Monday it was my day off and I woke up with the farts. I ate some psicy chinese food the night before for dinner and had a lot of food during the course of the previous day. I had to go to the bank, then to the doctors. I had a starbucks iced cafe mocha before my appointments. In my exam he felt my stomach and stuff and at the time a good dump was building. I then went to the mall to run some other errands. I went into the bathroom in Penny's and proceeded for the open stall at the end. I immediately sat down let out a huge silent and very stink fart and the crap started flowing!! It was th ebest dump I had in a long time. The logs were about 5 inches long and there were about 20 of them!! The first load came out like that. I let out another fart and squeezed about 10 ore logs out. It felt soooo good. I was sooo relieved. I then proceeded to let out a few more farts and stuff. I was in there about 30 minutes.! It was a big one!! During the course of my sesssion there were some other guys in there that had huge shits like me. It sounded the same as they were escaping the hairy assholes most men have. I hate iping after a huge hsit like this. It was a half a roller!! I had to flush twice to get it all down. The smell was wonderful!! I started this crap at 1050am. Later that afternoon when I got home about 5pm or so, I had to unload again. This time it was a long ass log about 12 inches long!! I felt so cleaned out and light. It was amazing. Yeesterdays shit was a gassy 1 long logger. Todays was about the same. We'll see what the future brings me!!

Ciao, Keith

Hi. I went to the beach yesterday with five friends, four female and one male. What happened at this beach is immaterial for this forum, but I'll just say the place is over two hours away from home, barring heavy traffic. One friend, Jodi's older sister, Briana, stayed behind in that town to visit other friends for a couple of days. The remaining six of us headed back home in mid-afternoon, just as it was starting to rain.
About an hour after leaving the beach, cruising around the *scenic* route in two cars, we stopped at a fast-food restaurant with a salad bar (a couple of us are vegetarians-also immaterial, just thought you'd want to know). This chain is known for their mega-sized 32 oz. soft drinks, and this will be the major *culprit* behind this posting! After finishing up our food and drinks, we got in our cars (Alex and Jodi rode with me; Steph, Eric, and "Amy," Steph's friend and manager [all first names are real except for Amy's- she's a small business owner in a nearby town and Steph insists on keeping her name a secret for this forum...], rode back in Steph's car, with Amy doing the driving).
It would be a good 1 3/4 hours to get home from the restaurant parking lot, not factoring the extremely heavy traffic on the interstate that time of the afternoon. 40 minutes into the drive, I suddenly felt a strong urge to urinate. Everyone in the car, myself included, was quiet, being tired and sunburned. I knew there would be a rest area about 10 minutes down the road, so I asked Alex and Jodi if they minded if I stopped at the rest area- "not at all," they both said. "Really gotta go myself," Alex said. With that being said, I continued down the interstate. About 2 miles before the exit, Amy, who up until that point was following well behind me, was suddenly a couple of car lenghts off my tail (at 60+ mph), honking her horn and flashing her lights, gesturing to pull over at the next area. I gave her the "thumbs up," she backed off, and we both pulled in a couple of minutes later.
Alex must have really had to go. She was in the front seat, next to me, and forgot to remove her seat belt. She let out a scream as she tried to leave the car, the seat belt piercing her sunburned shoulder. Eric bolted out of Steph's car and ran to the mens' room, and the rest of us strode into the ladies' room. It was a busy restroom, so we went into disparate stalls and did our thing. I sat down and must have peed for a couple of minutes nonstop. Stopped and urinated a little more (not only did I guzzle that 32 oz. soda, but had a couple of other sodas at the beach...); I wiped, washed, and left. Most of us came out at the same time, looking and feeling relieved. Eric, the only boy in the group, volunteered "I've never stood in front of a urinal for so long in my life!" We all got back into our cars. It took nearly 2 hours for a drive which normally would be an hour and 15 minutes, due to rain and traffic, so I'm so relieved (no pun intended) we stopped when we did.
My personal story from Monday. I wrote before that my bladder/bowel habits are so "regular," with little deviation. I didn't have anything unusual to eat or drink on Sunday, but I woke up at 3am early Monday morning. I sat down on the toilet and discharged some runny diahrrea and then urinated (I usually urinate first, then move my bowels- same as most people, I assume). Nothing serious, but unusual for me. Until next time... Laura

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