To Mike Bacon - You asked why toilet paper in public restrooms is so cheap and coarse. my estimation, people use 6-8 times more tissue than they need to. (I'm a custodian). Many people are afraid of contacting their poop or peepee, thus they will wipe with a giant wad. A LOT of tissue justs winds up on the floor. Some people drape tissue over the toilet seat, which is unnecessary, especially if the establishment has a friendly PottyBoy who wipes the seats. Unless you're sitting in poop with an open sore on your butt, there's no hazard. (doctors tell me this). Personally I think 3-4 squares per wipe is enough. If you get some stuff on your hand, no big deal. You ARE going to wash your hands anyway, aren't you??? Then of course, girls and women must use a lot more when they have their periods. This is understandable, but again, they tend to use a LOT more than necessary. Ever wonder why some restrooms have the dispensers that give you a little square of tissue? It's an attempt to reduce usage. Some roll type paper holders are made that are hard to turn, some wobble back and's all an attempt to try to get you to use less. I work in a school and we go through many cases of toilet paper. So the BOTTOM line is that business, and especially schools, which are on a tight maintenance budget, must buy the cheaper tissue. In contrast to this, fancy hotels usually buy a better quality tissue. I don't wanna sound like the disgruntled custodian, but people use too much tissue!

The poop accident stories are fun to read, but at the time it happens to YOU, it ain't so funny! If you ever want to stop a poop accident from happening, I know of a way that works!!! As soon as you feel the urge and there's no chance of finding a toilet, place two fingers in your butt crack, right between your tailbone and your asshole and press! Keep pressing for 20-30 seconds, then release-your urge should be gone. (you've sent the poop back UP!) Repeat this procedeure if necessary. This technique works well if you start it soon after you get the urge. If the poop has travelled too low and is already pushing down the door, OH WELL! Some of you might be skeptical, but all I can say is, try it.

To Mike: Sorry, I can't really help you with how to get any girls to pee for you, they pretty much have to want to do it, I guess. That said, full height urinals to the floor such as you describe are certainly the easiest type for a girl to use first time out. As long as your volunteer stands close, aim isn't important, anything from straight out to straight down will go in, just make sure her legs are spread enough that she gets a free stresm, rather than running down a leg. Good Luck!!


If you are from the south would you do your best to popularize the expression "Excuse me now, I gotta pee in the toilet!" The expression sounds so dixie however when I was in the south (Little Rock) it was not used. The saying is not used in Lousiana. I asked a Lousianan and he said no it was not. He could sense it was a semi serious question.

Hi, Joe here. I can't say much today, because I just haven't been crapping recently. The last time I went was two days ago, and I usually go everyday. I don't know what the deal is with this. I guess it's constipation, but I've been drinking plenty of water and everything. I've already sat on the toilet and tried to crap, but nothing came out. Hopefully, things will be better tomorrow.

I wipe from front to back with my right hand. And like I you I also use lots of paper and use as TP-covered finger as well after a particularly messy dump - which isn't that uncommon for me - despite being called iron-bladder by my family!

Hi Alex, Thank you for answering my questions! That was cool of you! Onn more question though, Could you tell me what they made you do for the urine test. Like when they gave you the cup, what they asked you to do with it, what and how you peed in the cup , who you had to give it to . Thanx Alex! Yours truly Stephen....

Hey has anyone peed or craped in their pants before?I mean when u were an adult?

I think this forum is pretty cool and want to share this story,i'll keep it short. Christmas two years ago my wife and I were coming home from a party when my car stalled out on a country road. My wife had already mentioned that her stomach was hurting and that she had to go to the bathroom pretty bad.I worked on the car for about a half hour but the battery had died and we were stranded.It was about 20 degrees outside and was snowing.I explained to her that we were stuck for a while and she said she couldn't hold it much longer.I convinced her to try and go outside and relieve herself but after only 30 seconds she was right back in the car saying no way that it was to cold.It was below freezing with the wind chill.She was wearing tight levis wich made it even harder to do.The car was getting cold and she was shivering uncontrolly and really in alot of pain.I had never seen her so desperate for a toilet.After an hour or so she finally just gave up and told me ,honey,I'm messing my pants! She rose up out of her seat and started moaning and crying.The smell quickly filled the car and I could hear her pee spurting into her jeans and onto the seat! I felt sorry for her and assured her that it was o.k. She kept grunting and steadily kept supporting herself off the seat and filling her pants! When she finally finished of course she had to sit back down . When she did it squished out of the top of her jeans! What a royal mess she was!After a couple more hours we finally got some help and called her sister to come get us . She thought it was funny,her grown sister messing in her pants.But my wife reminded her of an accident that she had and threatened to tell me if she didn't shut up!Oh what a night.

Michelle S., I have to say is that was probably the most harrowing experience I've read here. I'm shocked that the assistant coach treated you that way and then later told you not to be embarassed, after her embarassing you in front of everyone else like that. As if it's not bad enough to endure the humliation of being tormented for something that 's not really your fault. I haven't posted here before, but your story moved me to start, and offer sympathy.

Hi Jodi!! Welcome to the forum. It's nice to actually here from you rather than just through Alex and Steph. Maybe you could give us some details on your BM's ( how do you sit on the toilet, push etc. I'm wondering if your are more like my and Steph or like Alex.) I'm glad to hear that you are going to get things checked out by a Doctor! Steph.. when I was going at work yesterday a girl came in and sat down in the stall beside me. I took a look at her feet under the partation. As she started to pee she went up on her tip toes. I guess there are others. I had my head down in "our position" pushing while she was peeing. It was only a small dump. Just two pieces. I haven't gone since. Maybe there is a big one building up. I'll pass along the details when it happens.

Take Care everyone, Susan

Donny wrote in the beginning: "Hi Joanne - We would LOVE the hear about YOUR accidents. OK...I'll tell about one, and if there seems to be interest I'll tell about another. First let me say that Donny's description was interesting...I've seen guys really have to pee badly, and even grab themselves like he described, but I've never seen a guy either wet his pants, or seen a guy in wet pants. I have seen guys peeing in all sorts of places...obviously easier for a guy than a girl. Here's what happened one time, one of the pretty embarassing times.: On its own page

Thursday, August 21, 1997

Just to let you know where we are on the survey data, we are still throwing code to correct the problems with converting the data and we are about halfway through. Results will probably be posted here. Below are the answers to three most asked questions about the survey.

1.) Many people have asked about the results from women and girls who have filled out the survey. Well due to the low to often nonexistant female response rate there really aren't enough to be very accurate. (out of 20,000+ hits [we lost count] on the page containing the survey, we have gotten ~140 female responses and ~370 male responses does anyone see our problem here? It definately ain't lack of traffic.)

2.) No. Individual results are not avaliable for viewing. All responses are confidential. And for those couple of people who will write and ask for some exception to be made just for them... No.

3.) Okay this one is not really about the survey but it is a clarification of an item on the site FAQ, Concerning email addresses, this site is spam-proof. Part of that spam proofing is the fact that no email address are ever posted and as a result they can't be grabbed and misused. The "email address" box above is used by us to send out a notification that your submission has been posted or rejected. We do not maintain mailing lists and do not sell names.
The forums here also can't be flooded. We haven't had any real problems with spam floods here but some web browsers consistantly send sumbissions off and don't even blink afterward which results in the user pressing sumbit a bunch more times and we get many copies of the same thing. Once that happens we can usually identify the browser type and fix on the problem.

In response to Lars, some drunk guy stepped over a barricade at a level grade crossing on the local mass transit system and proceded to pee directly onto the third rail. I don't think his family was able to collect any damages.

This notice will stay on top for a few more days since a.) more new forums are on the way, b.) they haven't been added to any of the indices yet.
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Other People's Bad Kids

Michelle S.
Too large; Posted on its own page

In reply to Coprologist's observations: Regarding drips:
I don't really have any problems with drips, as i said, I can often get away without even having to wipe when I go standing up. I always seem to need a wipe when I go sitting down, however. Perhaps the lack of drips is due to 1)the fact that I give a hard push to get the last of the flow out as I stop, or
2) the fact that women simply have less length of plumbing between the bladder and urethra to contain urine, making it easier to drain completely.
Regarding aim:
It wasn't great when I started peeing while standing on a regular basis (probably 10 years ago), but it has improved over time. I am now precise enough that i can go through the fly in a pair of jeans. Aiming and stream control is accomplished mostly with the hips. When learning, a good technique is to place your hands against your lower abdomen, on the pubic hair triangle. By pressing with either hand your stream can be angled, and pulling up or pressing with both hands will point the stream up. Try this in the shower where it doesn't matter if you are sloppy the first few times. Eventually you may become good enough to be able to write your name in the snow (yes I've done this) Hope this insight helps. Later ya'll..

Jodi-I had the same problem when I was between 16-18 years (irritable bowel syndrome). It's best to talk it over with a doctor. It can have several causes, such as diet, stress, drinking habits, but it's important to rule out serious causes. In my case the cause was mainly stress, and that can be worked out. At the time I wished I had better bathrooms at school. Usually there was no toilet paper in the boys, or paper towels, so I had to use the girls. That was fun.

Hi Joanne - We would LOVE the hear about YOUR accidents. One day I drank too much soda pop and the next morning I drank too much orange juice. By the time I left for school, I really had to go. There was a huge snow storm that morning, and it was a slow trip and only two doors were open at the school when we finally got there. I started to squirt my underwear because of all the delays. I was wearing thick cotton briefs, they had a double fabric, horizontal fly, and they absorbed a LOT. About 50 feet from the boys bathroom I lost control and wet my pants. I squeezed my dick shut and ran in holding it. I had to let go of it and unzip my fly, so another gusher squirted into my crotch, running down my leg and into my right sneaker. I pulled my thing out of my jeans and fired the rest of my piss into one of the urinals. I pissed about a cupful into the urinal, but there was at least twice that amount in my pants. It really showed. The only thing I could have done is run to the gym and change into my gym clothes, but I didn't bother. I just ran around all day with wet pants. I took a lot of heat from the other kids, but it was a turn on the see the girls look at my wet crotch and smile and giggle. It smelled faintly, and they were all sniffing, too. By the time I got home that afternoon, it really smelled. I changed clothes, throwing the old ones out the window to retreive later and stick in the washing machine. Some one at school told my sister what happened, she checked me out when we met on the bus, but she didn't tell my mom about it. Every morning from then on, she thoughtfully reminded me not to drink too much. We shared a bathroom and liked to listen to each other tinkle, but neither of us wanted the other to know. It's a funny thing, but after this accident, we started to talk about peeing which we hadn't done since we were very little. She admitted that she liked to listen to me and my friends tinkle. I said that I too, listened to her and her girl friends. I could identify several of them just by the sound of their tinkle. Now, I listen each time a girl uses our bathroom.

Happy Camper
Thanks for your response. I have always felt that an open bathroom door policy with your spouse was always a good policy. Creates better bonding, plus it is a little of a turn on. I never closed the door when either peeping or taking a dump. My wife didn't seem to care, but she doesn't like me coming in to take a dump when she is putting on makeup or gettin ready to go out. She says the bathroom is too small. It took several years before she would pee in front of me, but once she started to do so, she has pretty much left the door open ever since (for pee). It started to bother me that she didn't leave the door open to dump, so I started working on her, and finally succeeded. She did it for the first time per the post below, and a second time followed a few days later. So I think I made my point. I hope it is clear sailing from here on out. I told her that when we buy another house, I don't even want a door on the master bathroom. It is going to be hard finding a new house (unless we design our own) that doesn't have one of those separate toilet rooms in the master bathroom. I hate those stupid private room toilets. They remind me too much of a gas station or other public john. When I take a dump in the privacy of my own house, I want to do it in a large room with the door wide open and the fumes flowing. I have been married for many years before P.C.'s and the internet. If these sites were available when I was dating, it would have been easier to resolve the bathroom door issue before marrage. That is my recommendation - to resolve the bathroom door issue early in the relationship if it is important to someone.

Hi Stephen! I've taken 3 or 4 urine tests, the last of which was two years ago. One was for a minor operation I had when I was 12, and the others were for physical exams. I have friends, male and female, who participate in high school and college athletics; I understand a "clean" urine sample is a pre-requisite for participating [I could barely tolerate Phys-Ed, never mind volunteering for team sports :)]
Have I watched my friends do "it?" Stephen, I don't know if "it" refers to going to the bathroom or submitting a urine sample. However, the answer is "no" on both accounts. Noboody has seen me on the toilet [if you discount my potty training at age 3 :)] either, although I think my brother may have seen me when I fell asleep last week. No big deal, really, when you think of it. Stephen, thanks for your questions- if you can think of anything else, please let me know. Alex :)

To Joe:

When I take a dump the smell is not as noticeable as when others have done it. The reason is: The smell gradually builds up in the bathroom allowing your nose to grow accostum to the odor.
A few times I have had a bowel movement, left the bathroom, found I forgot something then returned; the bathroon did smell bad. The nose becomes more sensitive to foul odors after a few breaths of relatively fresh air.

i wish the girls at my school would pee in the mens room.Heck they think I'm a pervert for even mentioning pee. The boys always heckle me all day when i ask a girl to pee.As far as I know i'm almost sure every girl uses the ladies room(small school 200 kids). I've never heard of any girls using the mens room or urinal.Any ideas on how to introduce them to peeing in the urinal(goes down to a catch basin in the floor) without being ridiculed by my other classmates or getting in trouble? if you have any ideas either email me or post them here.

I would like to respond to the post about wiping, and to Coprologist's thoughts on cleansing. I don't find too many bidets in my travels, but I do like to wet wipe. I keep a box of baby wipes near the toilet and after several traditional wipes, I use the wet wipes until I am very clean. When I have to go away from home, I spit on the paper and use this as a wet wipe. By the way I like to wipe from behind, sitting down with my right hand. I once had a conversation with a guy who liked to wipe from in front. I tried it and found it awkward. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
Another thought on wiping. I like to insert my finger (covered with paper of course) into my butt to make sure I'm clean inside as well as outside. Do others do this?
It is amazing to me how some people are very casual about wiping. Sometimes when in a public bathroom, I can tell that the guy next to me is having a particularly messy movement. Usually the odor or the sounds let me know if it's messy. Then he'll wipe maybe one or two times. I know that I would use half a roll of toilet paper (and several wet wipes) if I were in that situation. I like to be squeekee clean. Am I in a minority? Do some people just expect to leave a healthy skid mark in their underwear? I would welcome some thoughts on this.

I enjoy peeing most when I'm outside, on a hike, at the beach.

I would like to respond to some of the ladies who like to put their heads between their knees when trying to push a difficult stool out. This position approximates the natural position for defecation. Man in the wild would squat, with his or her knees almost touching the breast. Unfortunately, modern plumbing makes most of us assume a sitting position which is not an optimal way to utilize the muscles for proper elimination. I read some time ago of an invention which was really a platform that would elevate the feet about 12" or so above the ground. It was like a little platform. You'd sit on the toilet with your feet on this platform which would help you assume the natural position for defecation. I haven't heard much about this invention lately, so I can only assume that it never caught on.
So ladies, your choice of positions is good!

One time, my fiance (now wife), I and a friend went to Wal-Mart. We all went to the bathroom. Dan and I went into the men's room. We were standing to take a leak and there was a father standing outside the toilet stall. He told his son to hurry up and the little boy said, "I can't get my butt clean. It is still too dirty." Dan, I and the father looked at each other and smiled. When we got outside of the bathroom, we started to laugh. My fiance asked what was funny and we told her and then she smiled.

Joe B.
I just took a great shit. It was about 1 1/2" in diameter and 14 to 16" long. It broke into 2 pieces when it hit the toilet. It was kind of hard and lumpy and just felt great comming out. This was such a wonderful surprise because I took an enema yesterday. Usually if I poop at all the day after an enema, its soft and stringy, not the good kind of poop.

Mike Bacon
Hello, again, everyone. Welcome back, Blake! Well, I'm not a happy camper today. I've kept having this feeling like I have to take a major dump, but with each toilet visit, I couldn't get much out. This morning at work, just a few yellow skinny logs. I've been having this nagging cough lately, don't know if it's from a sinus infection or a cold that is hanging on. Well, back to toilet subjects. I drank 3 16 oz bottles of OJ to get a good supply of Vitamen C to combat my cold, and to see if I can get the mail going better. But I still just managed to pass a few logs at work. Things got a little better here at home a few minutes ago. I passed quite a bit of yellowish soft turds, which had a very odd pungent smell. I hope I can have a grand finale of a dump and be assured I'm finished. Potty Boy and Donny: Why are commercial building managements so cheap when it comes to grades of TP? My butt is sore!!! Any opinions on that? Keith, I agree with you regarding a hairy ass being aggravating to wipe. That is one place where I wish I didn't have hair.
Well, this post is going nowhere today. I need some cheering up. I think I'll put on my John Hiatt CD after I close this. One of my favorite songs from this singer/songwriter is "Ethylene". It opens with the lyrics "I'm sitting on the toilet with my sunglasses on". Later in this same song, he offers this bit of philosofical wit: "Some men avoid love like it was a plague or something, so they can leave the seat down when they piss". Pretty cool and original, huh?
Well, cheers everyone! Until next time... Mike.

hello everybody!
finally i've found a place to write stories about toilet habits after being banned from the (dead) daily dump! a question: has anyone of you ever peed against such a high voltage iron-wire fence (how do you call that in the uk/us?) i did once when i was only six years old. the story: i went for a walk with my uncle and on a sudden moment i needed to pee, and my uncle had to pee too. he had an idea: we did a contest for who could pee the farthest. and he knew this fence was high-voltage, so he peed underneath it and i peed against the wire. AAAAAARRRRGH!!! that felt really bad. the next day my whole penis (as little as it was by then) was blue. i've never done it again.

Wednesday, August 20, 1997

I'm absolutely fascinated by all these accounts from women about how they pee standing up.Clearly Brielle's technique would need a bit of practice to be effective. But two questions:
1. Drips. Men usually try and prevent drips at the end of pissing by giving their penis a good shake. Of course it is not 100% effective (Newton's fourth law of motion states that however many times you shake your penis, the last drop still runs down your leg). So how do women manage?

2. Poor aim. Unless you want to get the front of your clothes wet, your aim must be pretty good!

It's worth pointing out that there are many men who follow the female example and go into a stall to piss. At night, when I may be drunk or sleepy, I always pull down my pyjamas if I am wearing any and sit on the toilet to pee. I've had too many wet pyjamas to risk peeing standing up. Another advantage of sitting on the toilet to pee is that it is easy to fart. Nothing more embarassing that to stand at a urinal and backfire if there is someone else there. But somehow, you expect to fart if you are sitting on the toilet.

Happy Camper,
I just read your post about your wife being private when she uses the facilities. Kinda' interesting. My wife of 1 year is the same way. She locks the door whenever she uses the john where as I don't and usually leave the door cracked. She never walks in on me and she did one time when I was taking a leak and was kinda' embarrased about it.
As for your questions, it sounds fun to "share" bathroom habits especially taking a dump. I would prefer an open door policy but my wife has a closed door policy.
An interesting item, this morning, I was in the shower and she came in and used the john which normally, she always used the other one. We stayed at a friends house last nite babysitting and there is only one bathroom.
What do you ladies think ? Is this normal or if not, what's the deal. I like to hear from your point of view.

Well im in college and you'd be surprised to see College girls using men's urinals. I personally find it boring to pee in regular stalls, and its much more exciting and daring to pee standing up in urinals. Any woman can pee standing up, facing a urinal looking at the wall or whatever men look at. Down here in Texas at one of our stadiums, they are installing urinals for women in addition to the stalls. Ususally there are long lines for the womens bathroom. My friend Judy and Karen will sometimes stand at the urinal and see who can get the furthest arc, it works best when we are all drunk!

We Moved this over from the Other People's Bad Kids Forum. This thread won't be run there.
I'm a school custodian, mainly I take care of the kids bathrooms. A lot of kids are deficient in toilet skills. The boys squirt the walls, and the toilet seats, and I must wipe it up every day! The girls wet the seats, clog the toilets and tend to throw used toilet paper all over the place. I talked a teacher into letting me give a hygeine lecture stressing the importance of getting everything into the proper fixture and hand washing. It really worked! The kids WANT to do it right, they just have to be reminded once in a while. I'm refilling the soap dispensers a lot more often now, we go through about a half gallon of liquid soap a day for 500 students. I really don't mind taking care of their bathrooms.

Alex, I want to ask you a couple of questions if it is ok. Have you ever taken a urine test? If so when, and why? Could you give details of what happend and what you did?Have you ever seen your friends do it? Have they done it? Thanx Alex!! Best regards, Stephen.....

Tuesday, August 19, 1997

Hi, I'm Jodi. Most of you probably know something about me if you have read Alex or Steph's posts. After reading everything here and on other web pages about my problem, I'm going to post a first-person account of my bowel habits...

I have irritable bowel syndrome, or should I say, guess I have.. I say "guess" because I've been too embarassed to bring this up with a doctor, my parents, or practically anyone else. I told Alex and Steph a few days back, only because they've heard me go and speculated something was wrong. It felt so therapeutic to finally tell somebody about this!

I do have bouts of diahrrea or constipation, and even have the occasional BM which most would consider "average." However, most of the time my movements are extremely soft and gassy, coming out very smoothly and quickly. I rarely spend more than 5 minutes in the bathroom; if my friends notice the smell (largely a result of passing lots of gas during the BM, not the BMs themself), how do they think I feel? Some like to spend up to a half-hour in the bathroom, reading, contemplating, or whatever. I'm of the opinion that my cat does not romp around the litter box after he's done his duty; I feel the same way about sitting on the toilet. To each his/her own.

I've never had an accident of either kind, but have been very close to shitting my pants about 5-6 times in my life. I'm 19 and am going back to (my second year at) college in about two weeks. I'm on the track team and am going for my annual physical exam next week. I will make sure to bring up my problem and hopefully be referred to an appropriate specialist. I really like this forum- it offers a lot of useful information and experiences. Thanks. Jodi

The reference to 1-year old in my post below should of course be 14-year old. Sorry for my carelessness.

Another dumping story.
Back when I was in the 1st Grade, I had a next door neighbor who had a younger brother who was about 3 or 4. One time, his sister put him in the bathroom and he took a dump. We all watched.
Why do some get the thrill of watching someone taking a shit ? A good question for today.

Here's a little about women using men's urinals (my personal experiences).
I usually pee standing up in any location, and can use just about any type of men's urinal with ease. I have used troughs as well as the other types. I also use the same technique when going other places than a bathroom, such as a sink or trashcan, or outdoors.
It's really a pretty easy technique, and I think a lot of girls could do it if they wanted. Basically, I stand with my feet slightly apart, about shoulder width, and my pants and panties pulled down about to my knees. I lean back slightly at the waist, with some arch in my back. When I start to pee, I push hard to start a strong stream, and push again at the end to keep the stream up until I'm done. I find that I have pretty good control over where the stream goes, and it's a pretty clean process. Sometimes I dribble a little when I'm finishing up, but not too often. Most of the time i don't even need to wipe when I'm done. Actually, I have found that this method is neat enough that if I'm wearing pants with a long enough zipper, I can just unzip, pull my panties aside, and go through the fly. Once while doing this outside, another woman asked if I had a penis, and then asked how I could urinate standing up without. My, what our mothers never taught us!!

Later ya'll..


I had an awesome summer, and I have a ton of sitings and accidents to post! But I want to finish reading the old posts, before I get back to posting! I will start posting soon!


Hi Susan, finally took a dump after (almost exactly) two days. BTW, I do move my feet closer to the toilet when getting into my (or should I say our) "position." Let out a large 10 inch turd plus 4 "babies." Wiped once and there wasn't as much on the paper as I expected. I took another piece and wiped again, hardly anything on the paper. A nice, clean dump!

Gary, thanks for your "pee" response. The amber/yellow color is due to excessive Vitamin B being passed on. Later, all. Peace, Steph

I'm fascinated by people's wiping habits. I have always (since I was a small boy) wiped sitting down, right hand side from behind. My beloved, however, prefers to wipe standing up, with one foot on tiptoe. She doesn't do this, however, if I'm there. She seems shy about standing up then and stays sitting down.
What do others do and why?

Nothing unusual has happened to me since last time, but I'd like to comment about Erica and Brielle (plus other females in general) peeing in urinals. How fascinating! I've never thought about trying it. The one and only time I've peed in a men's room was about 3 years ago [please see my brother Eric's posting from a couple of weeks ago for all the "details"]; I was really desperate- the adjacent women's room was closed so I went into the men's room, but only after my brother made sure nobody was in there. I went into a stall, sat down and peed, then wiped my vagina with TP - in other words, peed as if I were in the ladies room. I have (female) friends who have peed outside (no, I have not seen them do it)- don't know if I could do that, either. Talk to you all soon. Love, Alex :)

Happy Camper
I discovered this site (and other similar ones) a few months ago and have been reading it ever since. At the time I didn't realize that so many people were into things like the topics that are discussed here. My preference was just sharing bathroom habits with someone I was in love with. But unfortunately I had a wife of many years that didn't feel the same way. It took her many years before she was able to pee in front of me, but taking a good dump in front of me was out of the question.

I wrote several times on other sites about my frustrations. I was living my fantasies on the Internet reading the stories of the posts at this site and others, or looking at pictures of Jenny and others doing their business. But with the support of several others from these type of web sites, I was finally able to get the point across. How I made my point would take too long to explain here.

A couple of days ago I was lying on our bed. The bathroom is very visible from the bed, especially the toilet which faces almost straight on to the door. All of a sudden my wife came into the bedroom carrying a magazine. She went into the bathroom and didn't close the door. She sat down reading the magazine and started out with a long pee that seemed to last almost 30 seconds. I looked in at her and she looked at me and gave me a big smile, and said "I have to poop". I couldn't believe it, after almost 15 years together and never seeing her do this. Then I heard a log drop, followed by another one 30 seconds later. I congratulated her, and she gave me another big smile, and then finished with 2 wipes to the rear and one to the front.

So now I am no longer frustrated. Without these web sites, I don't think I would have been able to get her to change. Thank you all for your stories. My patience paid off.

Do any of you out there feel like I do that sharing bathroom habits with someone you love is a real turn on? Do most of you regulars on this site have an open door bathroom policy with your spouse or S.O? I am interested in hearing feedback on this.

Erica, that was hilarious. Coprologist, we don't have many urinals that go down to the floor, or the troughs any more in the U.S. Those are kind of considered old fashioned. Ninety percent of the ones you see are the wall-hung type, with one set lower for little boys. Some of the modern ones look cool. The standard height is 24", the little boy ones are like 18". In our school the girls consider it fun and daring to use them. They either back up to them and lean over, or if they're really skilled, they face the urinal, and pull up their lower abdomen so that they squirt horizontally. It's a scream.

God, I just came across this forum, and couldn't quite believe it; still don't. I don't have much time now, but after reading Laura's and some other descriptions of peeing (and some pooping) accidents, it made me feel not quite so weird. I'm 18, and in high school (just graduated in June) I had some really emabrassing peeing accidents, and also before high school. I guess I've always had a weak bladder and when the urge comes it usually comes really fast and strong, so there have been lots of kinda desperate situations. most of those haven't led to accidents, but some have, and some of those have been really embrassing, while others happened at or near home and no one knew.
WHen I have more time I'll post some descriptions, if people are interested.


Sorry, no bathroom story for today. Just couldn't think of anything that has happened before, and nothing of importance today. But, I do have a question. I've noticed that when I'm taking a crap, there is a strong smell, but, I can stand it, and the smell doesn't affect me at all. It's just like regular air to me. But, when I go to the bathroom right after somebody else has taken a crap, it smells terrible. When I ask them about this, they say that they can stand theirs and that mine and other people's smells bad. I was wondering if anybody else is the same way about this stuff. I think that maybe I've taken a crap so many times that I just get used to the smell, or maybe it's something else. It would be cool to hear your comments, or maybe an explanation about why this is. Later.

to Coprologist:::
I can use both kinds of urinals..high, and low..
hehe..Im six feet tall, and most of it is legs, so I have no problem hoisting my crotch on top of the drain hole...

I'm new here and I've enjoyed reading the posts, especially those about females using male urinals - now I know I'm not alone.
I remeber one such experience at school, it was the middle of lessons so I figured no-one would be in th eboys toilets, so I poked my head round the door and saw no-one so I went in and began to pee at one of the urinals, with my knickers around my knees - in walks a boy - not just anyboy but the boy who lives over the road from me. Imagine my embarassment! It cost me 5 to keep him quiet.
But I still try to go - I enjoy peeing even more when I'm at a mens urinal!
(sorry If its a bit long!)

Monday, August 18, 1997

My sister used to have this friend when they were little, her name was Leslie, and she had a problem using out toilet. Yuo see, we live in an old Victorian house, and the furniture and stuff were kinda old too, and the downstairs toilet was needing to be replaced. The paint way down on the bottom was peeling, and there was a black spot where the paint was gone. Leslie was convinced that the black spot was a hand and it was gonna grab her ass as she was going. So, when she had to go, she'd hold it in till she couldnt anymore, then call her mom to be picked up. Unfortunatly, though, one time she had the runs, and had to use the toilet, quick. so, we all saw her running to the bathroom, holding her butt with both habds, and crying. We all also knew shed never be able to bring herself to going on the monster toilet, so we waited to see what shed do. About 15 seconds later, Leslie came bolting out of the room, underpants down, and she was screaming. She made it to the kitche n, Then proceeded to bend over and let her loose! It must have sprayed 5 feet across the room! It was dark in color, but really watery and wet, and smelled really strongly...not bad, exactly, but strongly..and she cried, and tried to clean it up, but was a little overwhelmed by i all, I suppose, and passed out, in a pile of her own shit, pants down and all...

Hi everybody, again. Yesterday, I was out with a couple of friends for dinner. Afterwards, we went to see Conspiracy Theory. About three quarters of the way through the movie, I had the urge to take a really big crap and a really big piss. After all, I had gotten a small pepsi. And, at the movie theater, a small is like an extra large anywhere else, and it costs five dollars. When the movie was finally over, I turned to my friends and we all agreed to meet out front in five minutes. Then, I sprinted through the crowd and upstairs to the bathroom. When I got there, every urinal and stall was full, plus, there was a long line. I got in line and waited. Finally, I reached the front of the line and got into a stall. Of course, the last person had peed all over the seat, so I wiped it up and sat down. First, there was a rush of piss, then some farts and several soft logs. I knew that I was only half done, but, realizing that there were still people outside my stall who were in the same desperate situation that I was just in, I wiped, flushed, and gave up my stall. I finished later at home with about five more logs. Not much to speak of, more to come later.

I'm fascinated by these stories of girls peeing in male urinals. What kind of urinals? Presumably the onnes that go right down to the ground, not the ones that are just a projection from the wall and have ordinary floor underneath rather than a trough. (Or do you spell it tro' in the US?). a 1-year old would not be able to reach the projecting type and would piss all over the floor. Perhaps that's the intention?

This was a number of years ago but was kinda' interesting. My parents own a lake place in Northern Indiana and my dad's brother's ex-wife parents live down the way. My cousin was over as well one weekend. Were were inside when her Grandmother came running in and ran straight to the bathroom.
She was in there for a while but when she came out, she was smiling and said, "nothing like relief !". We started to laugh and she did as well.
Well, need to get running, I feel a good dump coming and I am off to enjoy it !

Sunday, August 17, 1997

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I had a job in London in a small company - only 3 of us including the boss , who was an alcoholic who looked like Lurch from The Addams Family. One day I had just finished my Kit Kat & coffee and went for a poo in their dirty little toilet , meticulously positioning sheets of paper over the seat so I wouldn't contaminate my pristine arse. When I finished I wiped and was about to leave when I noticed brown streaks on my fingers. "Oh no" I thought , but I was sure I'd have noticed if my finger had pierced the paper. Anyway I scrubbed my hand vigorously and went back to work. Later that day I needed another and THE SAME THING HAPPENED I couldn't believe it, and sure enough my finger had not broken the toilet paper , I discovered that there was a mountain of brown shite inside the tube of toilet roll, which I had been unwittingly unrolling using my hand as there was no paper holder.

Sorry, I meant to clarify that "Steph" is a regular poster on this forum. She's the one who told me about this URL.

New year's eve 1993 had a chicken chasseur meal & went to the bog in agony 30 mins later , sat on the bog & doubled up. There was an amazing "coughing" bark as it shot out my arse and even up my back. Noticed something shining on the floor in front of me and realised it was the overhead lightbulb reflected in a pool of my diarrhoea , which had shot over the back of the seat and poured over the u-bend onto the floor. Was fascinated with the sight of onions glistening in the mess. However unlike all you sickos out there who are probably getting a bit hot under the collar after reading this , I immediately hoicked up all over my shoes.

Hey everyone, sorry it's been a while, I've been really busy at work.
Glad to see that you're feeling better. Obviously your personal choice, but I sure would have filled a pot in bed before crawling to the bathroom if I was in your shape...
I haven't had too many exciting occurances lately. No embarassing emergencies or accidents to report in the last few days. One brief story from last week to pass on: I rarely have any irregularity problems, but from about wednedsay to friday, I just wasn't able to shit. Finally yesterday morning I started cramping really badly, and knew it was time. This was the mother of all logs. It was about three inches in diameter, and a good fourteen inches long. Worst of all, it landed crossways in the bowl, and wouldn't flush. It just sat there and spun around, leaving serious skidmarks. I left it sit to soften up, and was finally able to flush it last night. About an hour later (in another bathroom) I shit again, this time lots of goo that made a major pile. It flushed fine, but was the kind that required a shower to get a clean butt afterwords. Another interesting brief from last week: The ladies room was being painted at one airport I stopped at, so everyone was using the men's room. Nobody else was in there when I went it, so I decided to use the urinal. I haven't done that in a public place in a while, I forgot how much I enjoy men's urinals! I'm standing there with my pants and diaper (wet from the last flight and about to be changed when I finished peeing, I was holding a new one) around my knees, when the receptionist from the desk (an older woman) walks in. She looks at me, and then proceeds to lecture me that 1) it's not "proper" for women to pee standing up, and 2) I should learn to "control myself instead of being lazy and using diapers" The nerve of her!! Oh well, I guess some people are just ignorant! Later ya'll


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