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This spring break I went to Washington DC with 2 of my friends and were staying at a dorm/apt at Georgetown. We left on a Friday night and I had a bm that afternoon. Then we got stuck in Detroit for 6 hours because of flight cancelations and delays. I felt the urge to crap and went into the bathroom to do my business. It wasn't a very good crap and I was in there a long time. It didn't go to smoothly. That was the last time I crapped for about 5 days! It was Thusday and I stil hadn't taken a dump. That was 5 days of eating very well and in large amounts... like most young guys! (I am 19 and 150 loubs, 5'9). I asked one of my friends if they had taken a dump since we had been there and he said no too! The other one was more than regular, having craps every morning and every night after dinner. We were confused. That night after dinner I went into the crapper and sat down to try to go. It was another disapointing crap with one log released. I knew there was mu! ch more in there!! The next day we were in the Air and Space museum when I felt the urge. I went into the bathroom, sat down and then had yet another very disapointing crap. NO free moving ones lately. We flew back on Saturday and while we were in the Baltimore Airport after we ate pizza I finaly felt the urge to have a decent bm. I went into a stall and put some tp on the seat and sat down. This was more like it! I didn't have to push to get anything out. It wasn't as large as if felt like it was going to be. One semi large log and a few others little bits. But I felt relieved and sorta refreshed. When we were in Minneapolis later that night waiting for our flight to PHX I thought I had the urge again, and went into the bathroom only to find it kinda messy. I just peed instead and let out a few farts. I could have sworn it was another session of crapping calling. It wasn't. Boy, my body was sure screwed up that week. I think my normal crapping schedule resumed when we got back to school. I hate getting interupted like that.

I must say this forum is awesome! I love beng able to tell these stories. I could never come out of the closet with my facination with bm's! This story comes from spring break of my freshman year in college. I had goene to Duke to visit a friend for a few days and I guess because of the change of time and stuff, my bowels were screwed up. I was there for 4 days and on the 4th day, I unloaded a large load in my friends dorm. There were some other men in there unloading their collegiate craps too. I felt very comfortable in there. Then I flew up to New York to visit a friend at Columbia and on at The Art Institute of NY. These 2 friends were girls and I have a little apprehension about dumping in the prsence of a girl... Especially a friend. I don't mind if they're a guy, but not a girl. So, I guess my body as still screwed up because I only crapped twice while in new york for 6 days. Once was when I was in the Metropolitan museum or Art. I was sitting there unloading a massive load, and I was walked in on!! ACK! The stall was loacked, but I guess not enough, because this older man barged right in mid unloading. I felt violated. I hate it when you loose concentration and squeeze your cheeks together. It makes the wiping process much harder! Especially if you're kinda hairy like me!! c'mon men, you know what I mean! The second session I had in NY was when I was at PLanet Hollywood! This was after dinner. I had eaten a very spicy dish, Thai Shrimp and Linguini, and was very full. As my friend and I were finishing desert and talking the urge started to come. I excused myself and went downstairs to have my crap. I walked in and saw a bathroom attendant! ACK. I had an audiance. I sat down and let out a fart, then came the load. It was a semi smooth crappping. A very large large turd escaped my body. I was sitting there relaxed with my pants to my ankles when the bathroom attendant asked me to flush because it stank!! I was kinda bothered by that! I hate to flush while sitting down, because of the backsplash. I felt the next wave coming and felt like telling him to get ou tof there! I dropped a couple of little logs, apparantly broken up pieces of a large turd. I wiped and flushed. I left a little masterpiece of poop markings in the bowl for the nice bathroom attendant. He did his duty by by squirting the soap and getting my towels to sry my hands. I hoped he wasn't going to make a comment about my massive load session. He didn't, and I went back to the table and made up a story about the bathroom being crowded and the fact that I looked around at the store before I came back to the table. I didn't want my friend to think I took a dump. Those were great dumping experiences on that trip. Read another story about this years spring break!

I go to an aeronautical university and am a pilot. About a month ago I had my final exam flight so I was kinda nervous. When I woke up I had the pressure and urge to have a crap. I normally don't crap until the afternoon but I went along with my bodies cry to relieve itsellf. I sat down and let out a fart and then I exploded in the toilet!! The poop just kept coming and coming for about 5 minutes. I hope I didn't wake my roommate up! anyhow, I looked into the toilet before I flushed and I realized why I let go a nuclear bomb in my bathroom. I had cooked spicy italian sausage and ravioli the night before for dinner. How did I know this? I had corn too. Enough said. I wiped and took my shower and drove to the flightline for my flight. I got my plane ready and I started to feel more rumbling in my stomach. For fear of unleashing a lleathal fart in the plane with my examing flight instructor (who was a woman, a cute one too!) I went into the bathroom and went! into the single stall we have. Immediately I unloaded an even larger load than about 45 mnutes before! I couldn't believe how much I had crapped. I felt so much better... I wiped up and left the bathroom reaking of my bomb. I was so excited I think it added to my problems. I thought that days crapping was remarkable I ate the left overs for dinner that night. Not to my surprise I woke up the next morning with another of the leathal bombings! It was great.

I have this stange facination with bowel movements. I look forward to them everyday and get kinda mad when I don't have a dumping everyday. It is such a relief and a cleaning out feeling that is so great. When I have to unload in a public bathroom, like at a mall or something, I kinda enjoy listening to others taking a crap. I even kinda get turned on by this! I also like it when my craps are so large they leave skid marks all over the bowl, when the load gets flushed. Another stange thing, is that I look at people and wonder when, and what their dumps are like. People I see on TV or movies, I often look at and wonder when they crap. I was once in LAX and had to take a dump between flights. I think it was in the morning and I walked into the stalls the same time Ton Cruise was going in to unload. He sat down and let out a fart, and then I heard the crackling and farting noises once has when unloading a large turd. He continued to crap a few more minutes and then wiped and left. When I was done I looked into his stall and saw a lot of markings from his dark brown load. I thought it was kinda neat to experience this! Movie stars are really human!! They crap too! Anyone else share this odd obsession?

I remember one night I was at a dance club with my friends, all of whom were girls that night. I had my regular afternoon dump that day and thought nothing of it again. Until I was dancing and all of a sudden felt really ill. I felt like I was going to barf or something so I sat down. I felt like I had gas, so I just started to belt out the farts when I had to. The place was so loud and smokey no one would ever no I farted. Then it felt like I had to take a massive dump. I went into the bathroom and unlike most clubs this restroom was rather clean with 2 stalls. I went into one of them and put tp on the seat. I don't normally do this but the stall wasn't as clean as my standards allow me to sit down without any protection. I let out a large fart and here came the crap. I unloaded a pretty long log. Then some more farts and a few more logs. I totally thought this was going to be the runs but it wasn't. It was just a massive load, and my asshole felt it. I wipoed a lot and then flushed. There was an awesome mosaic of crap stains all over the bowl, like a massive crap always leaves. I was in there about 20 minutes and while I was in there people had been in to pee and stuff and I remember them commenting about how stink it was. I didn't feel all that better after this crap. I ended up leaving the club and hurried to get home, for fear I might have to barf. As luck would have it I got pullled over for speeding!! Darn! This crap was so bizarre! I had already (like I said before) had my regular dump that afternoon which are usually pretty large, as I dummmp only once a day, and am a rather large eater. I guess what I ate for dinner that night just moved everything right through! How odd.