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I am trying to get all of my stories from Junior High School and High School posted, so I can start with fresh stuff, because I am working at a camp during the summer, and everyone knows that there are tons of accidents at camps. I will probably to be able to tell of some of the accidents of campers as well as of myself.

When I was in seventh grade, I remember going to a lot of bar and bat mitzvahs, for some reason I would always get sick during them. Sometimes it wasn't so bad, I would just have to poop, but some times I would have a massive diarrhea accident. Since I got sick at almost every bar/bat mitzvah, if I were to tell all of my stories I would be here for every, so I will just tell the most memorable ones.

At most bar/bat mitzvahs we would hang around the outside of the place, after having something to eat, well at this one when I got there my stomach was already starting to rumble, but I thought no big deal, it was just because I had hardly eaten that day. So when we got there, I went and got something to eat, I started to feel much better. Then one of my friends suggested we go outside and chill out, so we went, me and 5 or 6 girls. There were no boys with us, they were all inside playing some game. Anyway, getting back to my story, me and five or six girls were outside, and I have always thought it was funny how girls will fart and burp when around only girls, but become very quite while around boys. While we were out side one of my friends lets out a huge fart, then another, and before we knew it we had a "Girl's Farting Contest." Since my stomach had been "acting up" that morning, I didn't want to push too hard to stay in the game (no pun intended.) After one girl farted, she said she wasn't feeling to well and walked off to the bathroom. It was again my turn, I pushed just a bit, and nothing, I began determined to stay in the game, so I pushed a little harder, still nothing. I could then feel something coming, and I knew it was going to be huge, she I said "Girls, Stay Bad", then I pushed it was soooo loud, that everyone began to giggle. Then we went to the next person, and so on, then we came back to me, after my fart before, I was trying very hard to stay in the game, so I game one huge push, and did a huge fart come out, accompanied by a liquid shit. All of my friends only heard the fart, and immediately started to laugh, then I said that I was going to the bathroom, one of my friends asked me if I shit myself, but I said, "No, That fart just got everything moving." I slowly stood up, keeping my bad to the wall, and slowly "waddled" to the bathroom. When I got there, I walked into one of the two stall, and took down my panties, and began to survey the damage. Although I was wearing a white dress, none got on my dress, probably because my panties were soo tight. I took off my panties, and threw them in the garbage can (remembering what had happened to me in school) and finished going in the toilet, I must have shit about 2 or 3 gallons of liquid diarrhea. When the stream subsided, I sat there waiting to see if I had to go more, I heard the person in the stall next me crying, and began to wipe. I knock on the stall next to me, and asked if she was ok, it was my friend who went in during our contest. It seamed that she had, had an accident outside, and left because of it, she was also wearing a white dress, but she wasn't as lucky as me. She had a big, brown stain, running her whole crotch, from her but, to her front. She took one of those shirts they give out, tied it around her waist and prayed no one would look. I then went back outside and continued in the farting contest, I was beginning to get outnumbered, and it began to smell outside, so we decided to go back in. Just as I stood up to go back in, I let out a huge fart, and a wave of liquid diarrhea, thank god, I had taken off my panties, and was wearing a skirt, because it just it the ground, and since it was so dark no one noticed.

The next bar/bat mitzvah accident I can remember was about a month later. At this party, we didn't go out side, because it was too dark, so we stayed in the party. Which wasn't so bad, because there was good music. And everyone was dancing. About one and a half hours into the party, one of my friends came over to me, and told me that she wasn't feeling too well and she was going to the bathroom. About a half-hour after she said that my stomach started to rumble, and I walked over to the bathroom line. There was quite a line, and my friend who excused herself from the dance floor was still on it. I walked over to her, and asked her why she was still on the line (after all she left the dance floor about a half-an-hour before). And she said that the 10 women in there were all sick and that she thought that if she didn't get into the toilet soon, she would soil herself. Well, I told her to save my place and hers in line, and went back to the dance floor to ask who everyone else was feeling? They said that their stomachs were starting to bother them, but the bathroom line was too long. Anyway to make a long story short, I went back and forth between my friend and the dance floor, until my friend on the bathroom line decided that we should see if there was an open stall in the men's room, (by this time almost everyone was online for the bathroom), so I walked over to the men's room, opened the door and the smell was awful, everyone in there was pooping too. I walked back to my friend and told her, and she said she had already squirted a bit into her panties, and didn't know if they could handle another spasm. Me, her, and about 3 friends, went out to the parking lot, pulled down our panties and all had huge amounts of wet diarrhea for about 5 minutes, it was definitely a site. On the way home from the party we had to stop 3 or 4 times so we could use the bathroom, or as we did the bushes. The next morning, the kid who's party it was, parents called everyone to tell them that the chicken had salmonella. I was sick for the whole next two days. Anyway, this story really doesn't relate to lactose intolerance, but it is decently appropriate for this forum. In eight grade, I remember going to school, after my usual breakfast of Cereal and Milk, while on the bus my ???? started to rumble, and as soon as I got to school I excused myself to the bathroom, I walked into the stall and sat down, and just as I sat down, I heard the door to the bathroom open. Now I am usually not that bashful about BM (probably because I have them sooooo much) but this time was different, I was already nervous because I had a squirt or two of diarrhea, on my panties, and was letting loose these loud, loose, wet, smelly farts into the toilet. Well, we have all had the experience of a stall door that just doesn't lock all the way, but this was really bad, I always try to get the best stall, but in a high school bathroom, u take what u can get. I was just sitting there, doing my business (trying to be as quiet as possible) and this girl from my class (the one who walked into the bathroom after me) pushed open the door to my stall thinking it was me, to her surprise there I was straddling the toilet, with my shorts around my ankles, and my slightly messed panties around my calves. She quickly apologized, and walked to the other stall. Quickly "yanking" down her shorts and panties in one shot, and letting go of a very noisy load herself. She was done much before me, and went back to the classroom, and told everyone that she had seen me in the bathroom, with "skid-marks" (she called them) on my undies. When I walked in, everyone was chanting Blake shit her pants, Blake shit her pants. I simply reminded them, about what she had done two years earlier, (she was the girl in the short skirt, who had a royal accident), she then told them about when I used the sink as a toilet. But I had the last laugh, when she was laughing sooo hard she farted and shit her pants, and it was clearly visible in her light blue jeans! In ninth, and tenth grade I managed to not have any major accidents, at least none that I can remember. In the eleventh grade I really didn't have that many accidents, in fact that is the year, I found out I was lactose intolerant. Let me tell u that story. When I was in the eleventh grade, my mom decided that it wasn't right for a "young lady" to be having accidents in her pants. So she took me to all sorts of doctors to see what the problem. Finally one of the doctors suggest we go to an allergist. So we went. This doctor was in a hospital so when I got to his office I had to put on a hospital gown, I had one with no back, just a little piece of string with which to tie it! The doctor began to do some tests, and then he told me about lactose intolerance, he explained to me that it was fairly common in girls. And that it could cause cramps, diarrhea, an urgency to poop, and many of the other symptoms I had. He told me to sit down on he couch and drink a glass of milk, and he would record my reaction. Well, I sat down on his couch, and because of the gown I was wearing, I had to put my but directly on his cold couch! Well after about 10 minutes, my stomach started to rumble, and I asked him to excuse me to the bathroom, but he insisted on sitting there and recording my reaction, I think at this point he really didn't think that this would be my problem. Well, was he ever wrong. I told him I was starting to get cramps in my stomach, and I was sure I would have an accident, if I didn't get to the bathroom soon. Well he just told me, to lay down, and that he wanted to see if I had something else (I guess like appendicitis, or a gallbladder infection) anyway, I just laid back, and he began to rub my ????. At one point I told him, I was about to shit myself, and could I please go to the bathroom. Well he told me to stand up, and walk to the door, and then walk back (probably to see if the pain was reduced my movement). Well I got up, took one maybe two steps and just exploded, all over the place, and because I wasn't wearing any pants, and or underwear it got all over his couch and his wall. It was sooo disguising and smelly, and I was soo embarrassed I began to cry and pee, both at once, I was a mess, but at least I found out that I suffered from lactose intolerance.

THIS NEXT ACCIDENT IS PRETY RECIENT: I am a high school senior, and last Tuesday (May 27), my class had a picnic in a local park. It was sort of like a graduation present from the school. Anyway, now when we got there, it was pretty hot, and we were give ice-cream, I know now that I am lactose intolerance, but I still eat dairy product when I know I will be close to a bathroom, and I have become adjusted to this. Knowing that when I eat dairy products that I should expect some stomach upset, and probably an urgent need for a poop.

Anyway, getting back to my story. I was at the picnic, and I check out the bathrooms, there were four port-a-potties, which was good. I ate the ice cream, and didn't feel any adverse effects, so I went on with my day. I really don't remember what game we were playing, but I was up on my boy friend's shoulders, and we were playing some game, I think frisbee, and my stomach started to rumble. I asked him to put my down, and he did, but just as he did, a little bit of poop fell into my panties, really no big deal b/c it was contained. I walked over to the port-a-potties, and not only was there a line, but it was long. I decided that I just didn't have the time to wait (if I didn't want to have an accident) so I grabbed some napkins, and headed into the woods, I found a small clearing, and took down my shorts and panties, and did my business, it really wasn't that bad, it was like a brown mush, thicker than diarrhea, but not by much. I did my business, wiped my bottom, and surveyed my panties, they had a few brown marks, but nothing major, I just pulled them, and my shorts back up. And walked back to the game. About an hour later, we had lunch, it was really pretty good, and right after lunch I felt the need to go again, so I walked to the port-a-potties, and found one which was empty, I opened the door, and this thing reeked, so I tried the next one and this one smelled pretty bad too, but the urge was getting more and more desperate. So I went in, sat down and undid my shorts and panties, just as I sat down and began to "shit" the door opened (the locks on these things are awful) and the girl looked in at me, and said, "Oh I am sorry, are u feeling ok?" Now I was pretty curious why she asked me that, but I really didn't want to continue talking to her, while I was (excuse the term) half-naked, so I said, don't worry about it, she closed the door, and I continued to go. This time it was a bit worse, this was a little looser than the previous shit, which means diarrhea. When I got out, I walked over to the girl who had "walked in on me" and asked her, why she wanted to know if I felt ok? She told me it was because she saw my soiled panties, and had noticed the back of my shorts. I exclaimed, "The Back of my shorts?" It seams that since I was wearing white shorts, my earlier accident, stained right through my panties and the whole "bottom section" of my shorts had a light brown stain. When I realized this, I felt like I had a butterfly collection open in my stomach, needless to say I just couldn't get back to the bathroom in time. I waddled back to the port-a-potty (with a load in my shorts) and borrowed a fresh pair of shorts from a friend, took my soiled shorts and panties off and threw them in the port-a-potty, thank got they weren't a toilet and didn't get flushed! I went back out, and was fine the rest of the day, except for a few squirts on the bus ride home. (By the way, on the bus ride home, I ruined those borrowed shorts, with a big brown patch on the bottom).

The rest of my stories will come with a lot less frequency, because they will have to happen before I write about them. I have told most of the more memorable stories. I will keep posting on things I see, as I hope you all will too!