To Grace: Here's a good suggestion for the fear of clogging someone's toilet with a poop. You can take a pear of disposable gloves to wear for protection so if the poop is too big, you can discretely break it up. I used to have large poops in the past, but not anymore. I believe I sometimes broke them up by wearing a plastic bag as a glove. Last night while I slept with my vintage 1988 rag doll, I didn't have any poops which is typical for me. However, as is the case a lot of the times, I had a load after breakfast. This one felt medium, and semi chunky. Anyway, I hope my tips above help you out, and can be useful for others. Here's another quick account. Once when my brother and I were young, my brother was sick on the floor at a babysitter's house. He was taken to the bathroom which from what I remember was small with one toilet, a sink, and tub. Bye everyone!

Friday, November 01, 2019

Optional Dev

' J New Survey'

It is former optional person here again to answer a survey. I felt i could actually answer this one. Again, much love to Catherine. You were always my fav poster. warmed my heart to see you back.

1.What consistency is your poo, hard dry, just right smooth,sloppy,water

2.were are the places you have pooped long can you hold your poop once u feel the urge to go

4.have you ever had an accident if so how many and tell a brief story about it your BMS smelly Ur BMS noisey u have a problem pooping in public toilets

8. Do u have a problem pooping outside if Ur desperate

1. Most of the time they are either sloppy or smooth-ish.
2. Home and college.
3. When I was younger I could pretty much constipate myself pretty easily. Though it is harder now, I can still do it when I don't want to go for whatever reason.
4. I just remember taking a walk in the neighborhood as a young kid. The urge to poop hit and I started rushing home and I went up a steep hill and ( splat) diarrhea filled my pants and I had to walk like that the rest of the way home and tell my mom what happened.
5. they smell a little, but it isn't a strong smell and it doesn't really linger. Which I hate. I want to blow up a bathroom one day. I need to eat better really.
6. Mine do like the crackle and squeak when they come out and plop on in.
7. Yes and No. If I am with someone I know who is a guy, or my mom, I wont poop in public, but if I am by myself or with women who can't go in there, then I will do it.
8. I pooped outside a couple times once. Its not that I have a problem with it, just not many places to do it.


@Grace / Toilet Clogging


Thanks for the candor on toilet clogging. I, too, share your interest and sense of pride relating to that act. It's a pretty common occurrence for me as well. I've found that this is also the case with other big poopers I've met over the years, regardless of gender.

I was good friends with a couple girls in highschool that used to brag it to each other all the time. They mentioned some inuendo about it one day as one returned from the bathroom in between classes. I picked up on it, and made a joking comment about enjoying her time. As it turned out, she was not bashful to describe the preceding events as she detected my mutual interest. She let us know her two big ones disabled the toilet and engulfed the school restroom in her scent. Later, the other one mentioned that she had a three flusher at home over the weekend and stunk her brother and his friend out of the upstairs area of the house near the bathroom. These were just a couple of quite a few stories I heard from them. The first also would let some SBDs go in class sometimes and they were powerful. No one would guess it was her, usually some nearby dude would get blamed. Later, she'd laugh as she confessed her act to us.

I was also an athlete through highschool and college. I had a couple teammates take dumps so big on some road trips that the blockage eventually caused plumbing issues for the greater building system. These were older hotels in small towns that hadn't had their systems fully modernized. The system had to be temporarily taken offline to resolve the issues. Obviously, that was a great source of shared humor among us and kind of made them legends in a certain respect. It definitely seems more common for guys to let each other know about their handy work.

As for me, the overall size / volume comes from caloric requirements. I eat about 4000 calories on most days to support my training volume; I'm still a competitive amateur athlete. I read your other stories, not are if this is TMI, but mine are different than yours. Mine tend to be a large volume of semi-soft thick pieces that cover most of the surface area of the water. I go daily for the most part and it only takes a minute or so to go. It looks like I evacuate the entire contents of my bowels because the form in the water reflects that. Clogs occur just due to the amount, like the toilet can't finish it's flush and get choked up. So a lot of partial clogs, I usually wipe after the first flush. Our home toilet has a larger opening and can be held down like strong commercial toilets for a longer flush. Usually two flushes does the job completely. Other toilets usually are left in some state of partially working, if there aren't the necessary tools to restore order. I know most folks probably don't enjoy walking into that so I do my best to make sure the toilet is returned to working order, multiple flushes, mercy flushes mid poop, etc. if I'm out public. It sounds like yours are so big that there is no hope until they soften up. Amazing.

I have lots of stories of both me, friends, and instances where I discovered the aftermath. I am happy to share if you or anyone else is interested.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, definitely lots of other people with similar interests, at least from my experience.

Do you know any friends who are also big poopers / toilet cloggers? I know you mentioned your mom and brother. How do those conversations go?




Victoria B: I am so happy that you are continuing your education! I know it's off topic, but what are your career goals? Also, how has your diet change going? You don't seem to talk about being constipated anymore! I love your posts and I hope that you are finding love, happiness and fulfillment in life. And, I'm anxious to hear more about you and Robyn. I hope to share more stories, as life happened last week!

Kathleen: Thank you for your kind words! I enjoy your posts and I look forward to hearing more!

Optional Person: I didn't think you were around anymore! I hope that you are well.

Grace: I've been an extra-large pooper my whole life, and since my preteen years, in a healthy, regular way. It's OK to poop big and if you find the right person, they might actually be interested in your bowel habits!

Love to all!




Optional Person's Survey

1. What draws you to your own poop smell? I like the fact that it is a healthy smell, as opposed to an eggish smell or a rancid, decaying flesh smell. The former I associate with diarrhea and the latter with constipation. At the same time, I think that bowel health and diet can contribute to noxious smelling poop, even if you are regular.

2. Are you embarrassed when others smell your poop smell? Maybe slightly. It depends on who they are. But then, strangely, I find it a little exhilarating when others know what I've done.

3. What foods make your poop smell the strongest? Spicy foods.

4. If you had to use a verb or a type of food or any other thing to describe your smell, how would you describe your smell? I'm not sure. It smells like healthy poop. Maybe it's on the level of a good meatloaf, but not exactly...

5. Is their a certain food or beverage that makes the poop smell like the food or beverage itself? No..

6. Do you have a story when you may have been ridiculed for your smell? No.

7. Is there any emotional attachment to your smell at all? I don't think so. It just helps me to know that I'm healthy!

I hope that's helpful!



How I sliced my posterior

The other day in the locker room me and my friend Maghen had just gotten done with our drills in swimming class. We showered and were sitting, toward one another on the wooden bench in the locker room as we dried our hair and the rest of our bodies. I didn't mean to but suddenly as I was drying my legs I let out a vicious fart. I knew I had at least 2 days of crap in me, but there was only 2 minutes according to my phone left until the passing period so I turned quickly to grab clothing from my locker. As I was pulling the wad of clothing down, I dropped my undies and was fumbling to pick them up. My posterior was close to Maghen's face. She said "OMG, did you sit on a f#####' knife?" She had seen the 4-inch scare on my left butt side. I quickly told her that I had torn my skin open and bled when I was pushing harder and shifting my weight on the toilet I had been using at the R subway terminal downtown.

It was about 5 p.m. well after school. I had stayed an extra half hour to re-do a science lab and I quickly ducked into the bathroom afterwards for a pee. After buying a 20 ounce soda from the machine in the school lobby, I took the bus down to the subway station. I had about 2 hours of work to do at the central library downtown, and I expected the caffeine to keep me at least somewhat alert. The fact that I was going on 3 days of constipation didn't help either. The slowness of the stop-and-go of a rush hour bus bored me and caused me to down my drink faster than normal. By the time the bus finally pulled up to R station, I had to pee a little again and I was feeling some activation in my bowels.

My phone told me I had a 20 minute wait for the grey line so I went downstairs to where the public toilets are. There were 4 toilets, 3 with privacy doors. I went in, shut the door, dropped my book bag, took down my panties, hiked my skirt and took an inconsequential pee. I released more gas as I looked ahead of me and some really gross gang graffiti on the metal door. It was obvious that earlier versions had been partially cleaned over and the dim light caused me to squint hard as I tried to make sense of some of the slurs. I was encouraged as my bowels started to activate. I dropped my panties to the floor and opened my legs wider to make the descent as easily as possible. I think I started by dropping at least 3 small balls of crap that came fast. Then a larger one splashed my underside and I remembered that I hadn't flushed before I sat. I could only hope that the urine from earlier users was not on my underside.

Then the desperate part came. The real ring-stretcher that I knew I was going to have to give an extra physical effort to. I checked my phone and found I was 10 minutes from train time, I wanted to accelerate the process no matter how much it hurt. Knees together with my hands wrapped around them. Throwing my body forward and trying to rock the crap out. The ring stretcher was slowly coming, but I was getting more restless. After giving myself a 3-count, I forced my legs even wider and at the same time slid myself farther back on the seat. It might have taken 4 or 5 minutes of pushing and I was increasingly sweating, so much so that I grabbed of some toilet paper to wipe off my face. Almost out, I thought, as the stretching pain started to lesson. Finally relief! I slid back on the seat even more for two reasons. I wanted to drop the toilet paper into the bowl. Most importantly, though, I wanted to see the prize between my legs.

Then I got a really sharp pain under where I was sitting on my left side. I seemed like I had connected with a piece of a rock or broken glass. I shouted out something, but don't remember what as I jumped up from my seat, put my left hand back there, felt around causing more pain, and then inspected my hand which had a little flesh and a lot more blood on it. So I turned around, looked over the seat that had a 4-inch or larger open crack on it. I used the light on my phone to illuminate it more, including a small piece of my skin stuck to it. I shot a close-up of the crack, and also of my huge crap, half of which was protruding out of the water. I spent a couple of minutes dabbing blood off my cut. Finally the bleeding stopped and I pulled up my panties. No way I was going to flush the toilet because some plunging or a roto-job was going to be needed. I didn't feel bad about that job, however. Of course I had missed my train and I had to stand for the next one to arrive. I also stood during the trip to the library because I didn't want to make my wound worse.

I moved a padded chair over to my computer at the library and completed my project. I texted mom about what happened and she gave me the insurance information so I could stop at a minor medical place on my way home. I did. The doctor gave me a prescription for any inflection and bandaged it up. It was a woman and she was empathetic, although she asked me about why I wasn't taking a laxative when constipated. At home there was less empathy. Mom emphasized that it was a $300 bill (80% paid by insurance) but that I shouldn't be using subway toilets, that I should be using seat tissues to cover the seat, and that if I had taken a laxative pill the night before, I would have had my bowel movement that morning before school. I guess I can't argue with any of that. But nobody's perfect.


Halloween Bomb

Hi all, it's me again with another story. This one takes place on Halloween back in early high school. I was babysitting for some friends, taking care of their two kids. I really needed to take a dump, but I couldn't find a plunger in their house and didn't want to leave it clogged for them to find later. However I couldn't just leave the kids unattended to go find a public one. I held it and then had the genius idea to ask to use a random person's bathroom while the kids were trick or treating. It wasn't ideal, because I would still feel bad clogging someone's toilet, but at least this way it would be a stranger's rather than a friend. At the third or fourth house, a nice young lady answered the door. I asked her if I may use her restroom. She was more than happy to oblige. By the time she showed me to the bathroom, I was bursting to drop this dump. I sat down and shot out a big banana sized log. Three more followed. I didn't even try to flush, I just wiped a few times and made a quick escape. Later that night, I started to feel really bad that I had bombed this poor unsuspecting person's toilet.

Do you think I should have done something differently? I didn't have a ton of options but still feel bad. I would love to hear back.

All the best!

Leg of Zelda

refried beans, and tacos

Hi, I was working the other day, and went to get a drink, and low and behold... a table full of taco ingredients! So I figured id go after it. made 3 tacos with all the trimmins! ????mmy! I put a ton of refried beans on one of them. and not 20 mins later i felt a rumbly in my ????bly. Off to the toilet i went. I sat down and began reading a few stories.. and nnnggguh! no plops just water being displaced i guess. then someone else came in and sat down and ripped a huge fart followed by a crackle plop combo. well i finnished got up and saw a LOG wheeew is stank! so i flushed and the high powered toilet could not handle the refried beans. so i rushed out of there! while others where in there. hope you enjoied my tacos like o did!


Reply to Kenzie

Hi Kenzie welcome to the website! Going potty in the car is pretty awesome! But before asking your brother if you can go in his car, I think you should try going in another special place like a closet or basement so you can get familiar with it so you are able to go.

-Marie :)


Pooping with a stranger at target

So today I was at target and as I got in the store I really badly needed to poop so as I was making my way into the bathroom a very attractive target employee was also. The girl was about 5 foot 5 had brown shoulder length hair and a very curvy butt. She was wearing black slacks and a red target shirt. She was absolutely gorgeous. As we walked into the ladies room I stopped by the sinks
to check my makeup and the associate made her way into the stall. As I was looking in the mirror I could see the employee whose name appeared to be megan in the reflection. The crack between the door of the stall also provided me with a pretty nice view of megan she had just sat down the black slacks she had been wearing were lowered to her knees and her curvy figure rested slightly over the edge of the toilet bowl. Her hands were placed one on each hip. And the red target shirt sat nicely on her pale white hips. I finished up with my makeup took one last look in the mirror and made my way into my stall and sat on the toilet in a way similar to megan. The room was then silent for a few moments, the silence was broken as my pee began to tinkle in the water beneath me. Megan remained quiet. Just as my pee was finishing megan let a bowl echoing fart escape from her and began to tinkle. Megan had been mid pee when I let out a fart of my own the fart was followed by a crackle and then to my surprise my first turd hit the water below with a plop. Megan's stall was quiet, at this point my second turd came quickly and fell into the bowl just as the first one had. Megan than farted again and with a crackle two turds plopped into her bowl. I began to pee again and as I was peeing another turd crackled out of me and into the bowl. Megan let out two more small tooty farts and two more turds plopped into her bowl. The smell at this point was pretty bad but I knew I had a little left. A few moments of silence pass then I hear megan reach for some toilet paper me thinking she was done was surprised to hear her start peeing again as she was still peeing I heard a turd crackling out of her and as the pee finished Megan's turd plopped into the bowl under her. She didnt wipe right after this so maybe she wasnt quite done or maybe she wanted a few more relaxing minutes, either way more was coming on my side. I farted a few small airy farts and released the last few turds that were still inside me. I than reached for some toilet paper myself and began wiping from a seated position. Before I got up off the toilet I took one last look at my pale white hips sitting there I heard megan began peeing again as two final turds simultaneously crackled and plopped into her bowl. I heard her fart a few more times, as she was beginning to wipe I pulled up my pants and made my way over to the sinks to wash up. I took one last look at megan in the mirrors reflection and saw that she to was a seated wiper. I exited the bathroom and made my way through the store to pick up the things I needed. I ran into megan one last time before I left she just happened to be the cashier on duty we had some small talk about our day but she had no idea that 20 mins earlier we shared a moment that I will remember for a long time. I told megan good day and made my way to my car to head home.

That was my story I have one more about me and megan I will share on another day hope you all like this one.

Hi again. Today I'd like to respond to several posts on here before I share a few stories of my own.

Grace: I enjoyed reading your re-introduction because it reminded me a lot of my own story. I'm also a big pooper, although from the sounds of it, even during my heyday I wasn't quite as prodigious as you and your mom are; I'm also unsure as to where my "big pooper genes" (if there even is such a thing, haha) came from, as growing up no one in my family pooped as big as me.

Currently my own poops have mellowed somewhat as I've gotten older, but they're still pretty sizable. But when I was a teen and even in/after college into my early 20s, I could really fill a toilet good. I related to what you said about preferring to go at school, as I too tried as much as possible to do that in high school. I don't remember ever blocking a school toilet, but going poop at home almost inevitably meant using the plunger after.

My girls seem to be taking after me in that department, too. Lynne poops a lot, but because it's usually a lot of small soft pieces, it flushes much easier than a single solid turd would, so she almost never clogs the toilet but sometimes needs a second flush. Julie, on the other hand, is definitely the pooping queen of our family, even though she's only 11. She poops twice a day and each time it's about the same size as my once-a-day poop. If she were to be a once-a-day girl she'd be a serial toilet clogger for sure.

Catherine: Glad to see you're back. Having read some of the back pages of the forum, your posts were some of my favorites. It's good to hear things are going well with you and your family too.

Reese: My girls often come home from school desperate to pee, and sometimes they need to poop then too, but not usually. They just go at school if they need to. I have many more stories about them and I'll keep sharing them. You also asked what my girls are like, so I'll briefly describe them.

Julie is 11 years old, about 5 feet tall and weighs about 95 pounds. She has hazel eyes and medium-length strawberry blonde hair. Her typical hair style is what I'd describe as "vintage curls." She's moderately athletic, and likes to play soccer with her friends when the weather permits, though she's not on the team at school - she just plays for fun.

Lynne is 13 years old, about 5 foot 1 tall and weighs about 100 pounds. She has blue eyes and brunette hair which she usually styles in French braids. She's more of a homebody, preferring to stay indoors and read a book, if given the opportunity. She's also getting to the age where she's starting to be very insecure and self-conscious about her appearance, particularly because she's a "late bloomer" so to speak and she thinks she has a huge butt, though I disagree.

Anyway, that's about enough of that. On with my stories. I'll start with one from a few months ago. Lynne, Julie, and I were at the mall, shopping at JCPenney's for back-to-school clothes for them. They were both in the dressing rooms and I started to have to pee. I told them I'd was going to the bathroom and I'd be right back. But Lynne told me she had to go too, if I wouldn't mind waiting just a minute. Then Julie said she did also, so I decided since I didn't have to go that badly, I'd wait and we'd all go together.

A few minutes later they finished up, though none of the outfits they tried on were "winners" yet. The closest bathroom ended up being the family one, so we went there. I saw the door was locked and marked "occupied" so we waited. After a bit, I was debating trying to find a different bathroom, but soon the bathroom unlocked and a woman and her young son, probably about four, came out. He proudly announced to us (complete strangers, mind you) that "Me and Mommy went poo-poo", and his poor mother just went beet red and hurried him away, quietly reprimanding him, saying that was private information and he shouldn't talk about it in public.

We all went in to the bathroom and there was a slight smell of poop in the air, but I'm not sure if I'd have noticed it if not primed by the little boy. I told the girls I only had to pee, so they could go first if they wanted. There were two toilets, one low to the ground for children and one normal height. There was a thin stall divider separating them, to which the toilet paper holders were bolted, but it looked like if you were sitting on the adult toilet, the child's toilet would still be mostly in view. Lynne and Julie both sat on the toilets. Julie also only had to pee, so she finished quickly, and I took her place. She had been sitting on the low child's toilet, and sitting on it was uncomfortable and awkward for me, but I eventually managed to get in a good position and had a much needed pee myself.

Meanwhile, Lynne was pooping, her usual fare of lots of splashes and plops. If I'd thought the room smelled a bit of poop of before, it definitely did now! She pooped pretty much continuously for several minutes, then sat in silence for another minute or two before wiping herself and then flushing the toilet. We all washed our hands and left the bathroom to return to shopping.

A few days ago, I was cleaning the bathroom when Julie came in and sat on the toilet and started pooping. She started off with a loud bassy fart and then let out several long turds. Each one crackled loudly as it came out, then landed in the water with a faint plip sound. I kept on cleaning the rest of the bathroom while she pooped. It was actually kind of bad timing, as I just cleaned the toilet before she started, but, hey, what can you do? You gotta go when you gotta go, right? I finished cleaning and put away everything except what I needed to clean the toilet, by which point Julie was in the middle of wiping. She flushed and looked in the bowl and then reached for the toilet brush but I told her it was no problem, I'd take care it as I cleaned the toilet. She'd really left a lot of skidmarks in the bowl, much more than usual.

Okay, one last story for today. Julie has a friend named Cassie who hangs out at our house a lot. Naturally, this means she poops here a lot, but she never flushes the toilet afterwards. I'm pretty sure it's on purpose too, not because she forgets, and I also think she does it to "show off" her poops or something, because her toilet paper is always wadded up and placed off to one side of the bowl, so her logs are in full view. I don't want to potentially embarrass her by asking about it, but I don't mind at all. It's not like it's hard for me to flush a toilet, and I'm just glad her bowels are healthy.

Victoria B.



I'm pretty busy with midterms but managed to put the books down for long enough to make a quick post!

To Catherine: Happy birthday old friend! I've missed you around here! Chloe and Zoe got a great mom when the adoption went through and I'm sure your son agrees. What else is new with you? I finished college and am now in my second year of grad school here in the Midwest. It might even snow this week and I am NOT ready. Thanks for doing my survey, too! Can't wait to hear those stories you mentioned!

To Grace: I've been a terror to plumbing since I was a little girl and I'd estimate my lifetime number of plugged toilets somewhere around 100. I know your struggle and I'm here with you!


Optional Dev

Hi everyone and smell survey

Hi this is optional person. I am now Optional Dev. I am 26 and I am tall like 6 feet. I am a guy. People compliment me on my curly hair, I missed you all. I understand why my posts haven't gotten through though.

I wanted to say hi to Catherine, Brittany B. and Arianna, your stories have all made me very happy over the time you've all been posting on the forum.

Here is the deal with me. I do poop. But I don't understand why. I am not very healthy. I don't eat a lot of vegetables and I eat a lot of fast food and cafeteria food since I am in college.
My dumps typically are either a easy to pass log or hardly any poop at all. But I never feel constipated and it happens so fast that its hard to write about.

I notice that Catherine, Arianna and some others like their own smell. So, I have a survey based on this fact.

1. What draws you to your own poop smell?

2. Are you embarrassed when others smell your poop smell?

3. What foods make your poop smell the strongest?

4. If you had to use a verb or a type of food or any other thing to describe your smell, how would you describe your smell?

5. Is their a certain food or beverage that makes the poop smell like the food or beverage itself?

6. Do you have a story when you may have been ridiculed for your smell?

7. Is there any emotional attachment to your smell at all?

I don't make a strong enough smell to answer this survey, but i hope you all find some use in answering this and find it interesting.


Doctor pooping

I was at the hospital the other day to get some tests done and after they were completed, I had to pee, so on my way down the hallway of this hospital, I came to a couple of unisex bathrooms. I try the door on the first one and it's locked. I then try the next one and the door opens to a middle-aged brunette lady with shoulder length hair who apparently was a doctor, guessing from the white lab coat she was wearing that was hitched up around her waist along with her skirt with her pantyhose and white panties pulled down to just above her knees. She was wearing white high-heeled shoes and was leaning forward on the seat with her fingers intertwined together. She didn't get panicked, she just looked up from the seat with a matter of fact of expression and it's a matter of fact tone told me "I'm sorry, I just had a very sudden emergency and rushed in here I must have forgotten to lock the door. I could hear the plop-plop of falling feces into the water beneath her as she spoke, followed by a short fart. I apologized and as I shut the door she called "just give me a few minutes and I'll be finished in here with this." I then heard another fart before the door latch to all the way shut. She was true to her word, I heard her wiping shortly thereafter and then getting up, pulling up her underpants and then flushing the toilet before washing her hands at the sink. She then came out and smiled and I apologize once more. She replied "No need, I'm the one that didn't lock the door and besides having a good bowel movement is a normal part of our lives as healthy humans and nothing to be ashamed of. Take it from a gastroenterologist like me. Have a nice day." She then smiled and walked off, the sound of her heels clicking on the hard for the hallway still audible after she had gone around the corner. I went into the restroom lock the door. She must have taken a big dump as it were still brown streaks in the bowl along with the fairly pungent odor of poop still hanging in the air. She was the specialist, so she said that it was a healthy bowel movement, then it must have been.

Taylor T

To Christy

I've had diarrhea at school a few times but I'll share my "worst" one. So I was in the 3rd grade and I remember being out for about a week with the stomach bug, it was so bad and I came back the Monday next week and I did not enjoy it. It was around 9:30 and I was in the History part of my class. My stomach twisted a bit and I let out a silent fart that stunk so badly, luckily I was in the back of the room so nobody really noticed. I asked my teacher if I could go and she allowed me so I remember casually walking to the door but once I shut the door I ran down the hall to the bathroom and taking the first stall. I also remember the diarrhea just shooting out of my bum into the toilet, it took me about 10 minutes to get it all out and it took me around 5 minutes to wipe because the toilet paper was terrible.

Just a few questions for you Christy:

How old are you?
What is your body structure like: Skin color, weight/ height, hair color
What is your ideal dump: how big are they, how long does it take you, in public, where you put your pants at (knees or ankles)
Sorry I know they are weird questions but I want to get an idea of what you look like lol!


Mirror poop

To Victoria B - I guess I'm a morning pooper? I go twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening about 7pm-ish. My morning poops are always larger and I think it's because I only have a small lunch but a big dinner, which gets digested overnight.

I have never used a bathroom before with a mirror… until today! Your post reminded me that there was some toilets in the market hall that had been renovated earlier this year and they all had mirrors on the door. I just had to use them.

I got up and went through my usual morning routine, showering, eating breakfast etc but I avoided sitting on the toilet. I even managed not to pee in the shower which is a miracle with the water flowing over me. I left my apartment and by the time I made it into town I was desperate to empty both ends. I needed to find a toilet quickly or else I'd go in my knickers instead.

I made my way to the market hall and up the escalator to the toilets on the second floor. They are unisex toilets with a sort of waiting area I guess, there's nothing except a mirror on the wall, and along one side are five stalls. Brick walls going to the ceiling separating them and full size wooden doors. It reminded me of my bathroom at home. Inside there is a toilet, a sink and a hand drier. Oh and of course, a full length mirror on the door! Only one "stall" was occupied so I went into the one nearest to the door and locked the door behind me. I wriggled out of my tight jeans and pulled them down to my calves and then lowered my thong to my jeans as I sat down. It was rather strange seeing myself sat on the toilet, being able to see all the way down to my feet but it also really excited me.

I leaned forward and was looking at myself in the mirror, adjusting my hair while I waited for my body to take over. After a few seconds I felt my backdoor dome and I was gently stretched open by my poop making its way out. I could see a subtle expression change in the reflection, it wasn't much but I definitely reacted to the sensations I was feeling. I stayed relaxed as it came out and began peeing, my strong stream hissing against the front of the toilet. It felt wonderful. My poop broke off and I pushed out another log as I finished emptying my bladder.

Before wiping I stood up and had a peek in the bowl, seeing two fairly large logs sitting at the bottom of some rather yellow water. Not bad! I sat down and wiped my front before getting another two pieces to wipe my behind. Feeling nice and clean I pulled up my clothes as I stood and flushed before washing my hands. I've never had a sink inside the stall before but it was really nice. And the drier was amazing. It was so powerful I felt like it was going to rip my skin off. Not like those ones where it's the equivalent of a hamster blowing on your hands. I unlocked the door and left, my stall immediately being reoccupied by a young woman just entering the bathroom. It was a great start to the day.

Victoria B.



I overslept today and came dangerously close to missing my morning class. Didn't even have time to shower! I was so rushed that I put my shirt on backwards over my bra and didn't notice until I'd gotten on my bike and started riding to campus! Before that happened though I had to poop and that meant getting a little outside the box. See, I also needed to brush my teeth. I decided to kill two birds with one stone by pooping and brushing at the same time.

Three medium-sized logs were pooped while teeth were brushed. When I needed to spit I just took pressure off my butthole, spread my thighs and did it into the bowl below. Normally I prefer to relax and take my time when it comes to number two but I didn't have a choice today and had to hurry things. I quickly wiped, flushed and bolted out my door to the elevator down. It was too close for comfort but I made to class on time!

Anyone else have stories about multitasking-brushing your teeth, hair, getting dressed, etc. on the toilet?



Latest story

Hi everyone, I had a spare moment so thought I would post again with my latest news so sorry I haven't got round to writing for ages!
I've had a pretty good period constipation-wise recently, for the last couple of months I've been wanting a poo every other day, which for me is about as good as it gets, and I haven't had to push too hard which has been good. Unfortunately I've started to struggle again this last week or so, I don't think I've been drinking enough and have been eating rubbish which is probably making it worse. Last Friday Lucys cousin Lydia came round after school to stay the night, as usual Lucy was still at work when she arrived so it was just the 2 of us in the house. I'd had a tight feeling in my belly for a few hours and realised I was starting to want a poo, I thought back to when I'd last been and realised it was three days ago, so I knew I was probably going to struggle. We were upstairs sitting on my bedroom floor, Lydia was wearing her school skirt without tights and kept flashing her pink flowery knickers as she was shifting around, she suddenly clutched her belly and said, "I need to go for a poo, I'm really bursting, its gonna start poking out in my pants any second!" and got up to go into my ensuite. "Come on in so we can keep chatting!" she said, so I followed her in. She hiked up her skirt and lowered her knickers to her knees before sitting on the loo, she started to wee a heavy stream and sighed. "Actually I really wanted a wee too!" she said, as her stream finally started to slow down, it had been going for ages! As the final few dribbles were coming Lydia took a deep breath and started to bear down, I could tell she was pushing quite hard as she was starting to go red and she was screwing up her face, she was also grunting after each push. After a few more pushes she said, "Sorry, I've been a bit constipated lately, so it might take me a while, last time I went for a poo it was a big struggle to push it out!"
"Don't worry, I'm constipated too at the moment, I was gonna try and have a poo when your done only I haven't been for 3 days so I don't think I'm in for an easy time either!" I replied. Lydia carried on straining, by now she was bright red and looking really hot and bothered. "Are you still going for a poo at school?" I asked, to try and distract her. Lydias now in Year 12 and has actually moved to my old school for sixth form, so I was also interested in hearing how the toilet facilities were bearing up! Lydia paused and said, "Yeah, I normally use the English block loos when I want a poo, there the best ones I've found so far."
"Yeah, I always used to have a poo there as well!" I said. "Actually the last time I went for a poo was in those loos on Tuesday lunchtime, like I said though I had a hard time, I was on the loo for ages and I couldn't help grunting!" Lydia said. "I know what you mean," I replied, "I used to get embarrassed about going for a poo at school when I was constipated, I knew anyone else on the loo either side would be able to hear me sitting there grunting, though luckily sometimes I did hear other girls having a poo and making alot of noise as well!" "Actually I got lucky on Tuesday, I got a cubicle between 2 girls who were both having a poo as well so at least it wasn't just me, and the poor girl on my right sounded even more constipated than I was!" said Lydia. By now she had started bearing down again, she said, "I can get the tip out but it keeps going back up my bum when I stop pushing, its really annoying!" "I always get that problem whenever I'm constipated, it might help if you hold your bum cheeks apart and push for as long as you can," I said. Lydia nodded and reached round behind herself to hold her bum cheeks apart as I had suggested, she took and deep breath and started to push, she strained for as long as she could and then grunted as she released her breath, she took a really quick breath in and pushed again. By now my urge was starting to get stronger, I was clenching the muscles in my bum to stop the tip of a log from poking out into my knickers. After a few more massive pushes Lydia said, "Its out too far to get sucked back up, thank God, I'm just worried that its gonna get stuck now, I don't think I've ever had such a fat one!!" As Lydia kept straining I sat on my heel and started to jiggle about a bit. "Are you OK Abbie?" panted Lydia after another push. "Yeah, its just I'm really starting to want a poo now, its gonna come out in my knickers any minute!"
"Oh God, sorry, I'll be as quick as I can," Lydia said, as she bore down again. Luckily after a few more pushes I heard a splash and she said, "I've got the first log out, I think theres a bit more to come though!" She started to push again, I really hoped she wouldn't be much longer as I was finding it really hard to keep my poo in. After another minute or so Lydia was still pushing, she said, "I'm really sorry, I'm having another fat one, I might be a while longer yet!" I knew I was seconds away from having a log poking out and I could feel my knickers had gone up my bum so I knew I'd have no choice but to pull them down, as I lifted my denim skirt I said, "Sorry, I'm gonna have to pull my knickers down so they don't get dirty, as usual there stuck up my bum!" "Don't worry, I know the feeling, my pants always go up my bum too!!" Lydia said. I quickly lowered my red and blue stripey knickers to my knees and sat on the edge of the bath with my bum hanging over, I felt the tip of a gigantic log start to poke out and was resisting a massive urge to push. Lydia grunted loudly and shortly after there was a loud plop as her log dropped, followed by another couple of plops a few seconds later. "Right, I think I'm done!" she said, "I'll wipe standing up so you can get on the loo straight away!" She stood up and flushed and I swapped with her and sat on the loo, I moaned as I started to push and felt the log ease out really slowly. Lydia quickly wiped her bottom and I shifted forwards so she could throw the paper away. She pulled up her knickers, washed her hands and sat back on the floor. As usual when I'm a bit constipated I could feel that the log was really fat and hard and I knew I'd have to push for ages to get it to come. "I think I'm gonna have a really hard poo as well so sorry for all the grunting!" I said, and then started to do some big pushes, after a couple of minutes I could feel a rock hard poo stretching my bumhole, it felt absolutely huge!! As usual when I'm constipated I could feel it getting sucked back up when I stopped pushing so I knew I had no choice but to keep up the pressure, I couldn't help grunting loudly each time I pushed but luckily Lydia had had to do the same so it could have been worse! After about another 5 minutes of concentrated pushing I could feel the fattest part was through, I said "Well at least it isn't going back up my bum anymore, sorry, I'm having a really fat one too!" After a few more pushes I could feel the log sliding out and shortly after it splooshed down into the bowl, I moaned with relief but could feel there was more to come so kept straining and eventually I passed another couple of logs before feeling empty. I wiped my bottom, pulled up my knickers and flushed the loo, luckily it all went down! I washed my hands and then Lydia and I went back into the bedroom. Just then I heard someone coming up the stairs and Lucy came running in, she said, "I'm dying for a wee!" and quickly took off her black trousers before going into the ensuite wearing just her white knickers, I heard a massive stream starting up and huge moan of relief as she emptied her bladder. As her stream died away she took some loo paper and wiped her front before pulling up her knickers and coming back into the bedroom. Lucy got changed into jeans and a tee-shirt and Lydia put some leggings on, we went downstairs and ate pasta and garlic bread for tea and then went back up to get ready for bed and watch a film. It was really hot in my room as I can't seem to manage to adjust the radiator properly, I went for a wee and as I was on the loo I decided I was just going to wear knickers to bed. When I'd finished my wee and gone back into the bedroom I realised Lucy and Lydia had exactly the same idea as they had both undressed to their knickers too so I quickly did the same!! Lydia said, "Right, I'm just gonna clean my teeth," and she walked into the ensuite, her knickers had gone up her bum really badly and Lucy said, "Nice wedgie, Lydia!!" and she said, "Yeah, like I said to Abbie earlier my pants always go up my bum, I can't even be bothered to pull them out to be honest!!" As Lucy walked in to join her at the basin I noticed her knickers had gone up her bum as well, before either of us had chance to make a comment she said, "Oh great, my knickers are stuck up my bum as well, serves me right for saying anything!!" After they'd both cleaned their teeth Lucy said, "Actually I want a poo now, sorry if I delay the start of the film!" and with that she eased her knickers down to her thighs and sat on the loo. I heard a strong stream of wee splashing down into the bowl and Lucy groaning with relief, as the stream dribbled to a stop I saw her starting to bear down and knew she was pushing to get her poo to come. She said, "Sorry about this, I'm gonna have to grunt it out!" and she started to push really hard and made some loud grunts. She kept on pushing and was starting to go red. "Its coming," she panted, and I could hear some crackling as her log was on the way out, after a few minutes of really hard pushing there was a loud plop as her log dropped, Lucy heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Thank god that's out, I still need to do some more though," and I noticed she was bearing down again. Luckily her second log was a lot easier to pass, once that had splashed down into the bowl she said "Right, I've finished, I just need to wipe my bum," and she ripped off some loo roll. When she'd finished wiping she pulled her knickers up and flushed, before coming back into the bedroom. We put a film on and had a very relaxing evening after that! Thanks for reading, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!


New survey

1.What consistency is your poo, hard dry, just right smooth,sloppy,water

2.were are the places you have popped long can you hold your poop once u feel the urge to go

4.have you ever had an accident if so how many and tell a brief story about it your BMS smelly Ur BMS noisey u have a problem pooping in public toilets

8. Do u have a problem pooping outside if Ur desperate

My answers to the questions

1. My poops are usually really sloppy and water mixed

2.quite alot of different places. At school, at home , in public any shop or restaurant,

3.i can only hold mine about 10 minutes I have ibs and the urgency to go go is so difficult to hold

4.yes I've had many with the problem of me only being able to hold my poo for a few minutes I have had many but I'll quickly tell one
I was in year 4 and I really needed the toilet but was too shy to go at that age and the teacher was asking if I was ok at that moment I ended up popping my pants and going home it was really messy especially for the age i was

5.yes very Ive been out alot this past week and using public toilets and I smell up the whole bathroom grown men who go in there and take a poo can't even replace the smell I put in there

6.yes very I fart alot and theres alot of plops

7.i used to when I was little because I was embarrassed about my smelly poop but now that I'm abit older I know that if I ahev to go I have to go it's better to have and not need it than to not have it and need it

8.sometimes I'm abit worried incase I get spotted but if im desperate I will do it I really don't want to have that mess in my pants I usually use the park on my way home from school I've been caught 3 times in all my years doing it there and now that I know I usually have to go in the bushes there or behind a tree I've learnt and I take a plastic bag to school with me just so I can poop in it and the. Put it in the dig poo bin on my way home from school sometimes tho if I need the toilet and don't have the plastic bag and I'm not in the park I have to get sneaky and so once I was on the main road and sat on a bench and pulled my pants down discreetly and put my but of the edge and had to go there I was almost caught
I'm getting quite experienced at pooping outside now so I'm abit more comfortable with it


Responses and a story

School Toilet Stories:

There must be several out there that can be shared. We're basically locked in under law and forced to use large bathrooms beginning at a young age and under adversarial circumstances. I had a change of attitude when I was 16, my parents moved to another city and I changed schools. I've written about some of my experiences. I have a new story below.

Type of Toilet Survey:

Public--I prefer the elongated bowl because they can take more crap due to their capacity. Most of them are older however and are getting fewer because they don't meet green environmental requirements. I will always take a black seat because its easier for me to see piss or something else on them as I get ready to plant my butt. I haven't lined the seat with toilet paper or used a seat cover since I was 16.
Sorry Mom, but I do what I think is best. The contoured seats offer me a more snug and comfortable sit.
Private--a flat, plastic seat is what we have at our apartment. I only sit on it once or twice a day due to my job and other activities. I bought a cheap blue plastic cover for our lid since I like to sit on it when I'm going hygiene activities, cutting my toe-nails, trimming my pubic hairs and other things.

Toilet Paper Survey:

1. I carry wet wipes with me and use them occasionally. I need the feel of a cleaning after a crap, especially in the morning or if I'm sweating in a place such as a public park.
2. I'm a folder at home and a scruncher when using toilet paper away from home.
3. I don't buy the top brand. I buy the cheapest. My live-in boyfriend Diver has complained sometimes, but we both have college loans to pay off.
4. Diver's craps tend to be larger and more hard so he uses less; mine are soft and I might use four at the most for a regular-size crap.
5. I wipe between my legs.
6. Yes, I had regular terrible wiping experiences in one of the two high schools I attended. Those pre-cut square sheets really sucked and often I got poop on my fingers and/or thumb.
7. Yes, I've been caught in a post-crap situation at home sometimes and more times in public places where I've hurriedly seated myself, crapped, and then found no toilet paper. One of my first boyfriends was at my parents house watching a movie with me, and I knew he would likely have to crap. I removed the toilet paper before he arrived and hide it. Sure enough, after a couple of minutes he yelled for me and I lied and told him we were out. He had laughed at me a few weeks earlier when we attended at concert and I was trapped with no toilet paper after a super-crap. I wasn't about to help him.
8. I wipe front-to-back. One of the best pieces of advice my mom taught me and made my demonstrate just before I started school.
9. I wipe standing up at home; seated away from home because I got into that habit with the number of no-door toilet stalls I encountered at school and at some public places even now.
10. Yes, I've initially flushed the toilet during a crap to prevent a clog, and then done my wiping. Me and Diver are about equal in the responsibility for the clogs at our apartment.

My recent experience story:

Because of my relatively young age (late 20s) and career path at the financial firm I work for, I was tapped early-on to work as a speaker one day each week with 7th grade through senior classes in schools teaching financial literacy. Since I travel to different schools over a four-county area and stay at the school all day in order to make up to 6 or 7 presentations, I use the bathrooms at the schools regularly.

Often I'll have my crap in the morning at a convenience store/gas station on my drive to work or later that morning at a school. And there's usually two pees, or three if I'm at a location a ways away and have a long drive ahead of me. The quality of the bathrooms is often about the same as I had to endure when I was the age of my students. Not enough toilets, many of them with privacy doors taken off, vandalism, smoking and vaping and overall really messy situations. In some of the schools, if you expect toilet paper to be available after Noon or 1 p.m. forget it.

Recently, however, I've been giving presentations at a group of private, Catholic single-sex schools in a nearby city. The discipline is strong their and there is a high expectation placed on each girl. In each of these schools every toilet stall has a door, a mirror facing each toilet user as she is sitting so she can see and think about herself, plus two other interesting features. On top of the mirror is a famous saying about a think-positive self-development topic and the name of the person who it is attributed to. Under the mirror is a daily bulletin on paper with additional leadership quotes, a listing of athletic team scores, and the regular daily announcements. There are several references to the student body of about 1,000 as being a "family" having pride and thinking of others.

I have not encountered one unflushed toilet when I have gone in, all faucets are turned off on the sinks when not in use and there is no litter, even with the usual feminine products. The seats were so clean they almost shined, and unlike many toilet cubicles, there was no graffiti that grossed me out. I told one of the teachers I was working with about my observation and she thanked me, although she didn't seem surprised. Toilet seat protectors or wiping down seats definitely would not be required, although there were two extra-large rolls of toilet paper in each cubicle and a stack of extra rolls at the end of the rack on which books and purses could be kept.

I was and remain impressed.


my constipation messed with my dreams

So last night a few hours before bed, I felt the need to poop. I went to the bathroom and tried to go but my efforts were unsuccessful. I could feel a large ball of poop sitting maybe 3 inches up my ass but I could not get it out. I gave up after a few minutes and tried again just before I went to sleep. Again, no luck. I went to bed feeling full and unsatisfied. I had 3 different dreams throughout the night, all about being constipated so I thought I'd share them.

Dream #1: I was with my friend Miranda and we were standing in a bathroom. I took a shower while she sat on the toilet (as a chair) and we chatted. When I got out of the shower, there was a portable toilet next to the sink like they have in hospitals. I sat on the portable toilet and brought my feet up onto the seat, putting me in a squatting position. I told Miranda through a strained voice that I was really constipated. She sat silently while I pushed. I could feel the poop in my rectum but it wasn't moving. After a few minutes, she came over to me and rubbed my ????. I guided her hand to the spot on my stomach where the poop was and had her rub in a downward motion. Then I woke up and immediately fell back asleep.

Dream #2: I was laying on my stomach on some sort of examination table. A woman I couldn't see but I assume was a doctor was telling me, "I know sweety, but if you want to get it out, you're going to have to open your hips." I noticed that my hips had been tightly closed up until that point. The woman helped me over to a toilet and made sure I spread my legs wide open when I sat down. I could feel a hard poop moving closer to my anus. Then I woke up again and fell back asleep.

Dream #3: I was with my friend Adam and we were in the same bathroom from Dream #1. He had been really constipated lately so him and I were going to give ourselves enemas. I got the nozzle of my enema inside my rectum but was having trouble attaching the tube. Adam had his hooked up and was ready to start. He told me that I had mine in the wrong way. I wasn't sure what he meant. Then I woke up again and it was morning.

I could still feel the ball of poop inside me so I went to the bathroom. It took a couple minutes, but I was finally able to pass it. It was smaller than I expected it to be but still required a lot of pushing.

I hope this was a good story. Has anyone else ever had poop-related dreams?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Marvel Fan first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty time and it sounds like that laxative really cleaned you out and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

About 2 hours ago I was at a bookstore waiting for the restroom one of the employees of an ice cream shop that is in the bookstore had just went into the bathroom and I heard the hiss of her pee then a Flomph Fart then more peeing then a splash then nothing then another splash followed by more peeing then she wiped and flushed and came out and went back to work I have heard a few other times poop I think this was her evening poop.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Male or female? Female

Do you wipe from the front or back after pooping? always front to back.

Have you ever had someone coach/encourage you while you were on the toilet? My mom did this all the time when I was living at home. I'd poo with the door open and she'd come in to talk to me while I sat on the toilet, then if I started grunting or straining she'd encourage me to push.

(For ladies) How is your pee stream? Is it one stream or a split stream? Does it go straight down or does it spray out? Split stream.

When using the toilet at home, do you use the toilet with the door open or closed? Used to always leave it open at home. Now I live with roommates and I'm not fully comfortable around them yet. Not enough for them to see me with my pants around my ankles. Hopefully soon we'll get to a point where I can leave the door open when I'm on the toilet.

When using the toilet in public, do you leave the stall door open or do you close it? I close it.

Have you ever sneezed and it caused you to tinkle? Yeah all the time, lol!

Have you ever gotten a poo stuck in your butt and had to dig it out?When I was a kid yeah.


To Marvel Fan

I would agree . Throw your bottom on the toilet as soon as the urge hits, if a little backed up try osmotic laxative as they are milder. What I think is best is suppositories. It is a good idea to keep some at home and if having a bit of trouble slip one or two in . When more constipated a few plain water enemas is by far the best because you get a better clean out in the time you chose without the unpredictability of chemical laxatives. With a water enema you could have done it when you get home. It can take about an hour. Trouble is that in most domestic situations you need to be sure that nobody will be home because it is a gross process but oh so good!!!! When the enemas have finally done the clean out I just "float" off the toilet I feel so light and relaxed !!!!!


Alternative to pushing?

I was in the hospital quite recently and as a result of anesthesia and pain meds. I ended up with the worst case of constipation I have ever had in my entire life. Three days after the operation my nurse suggested that I might feel better if she gave me an enema instead of waiting on more laxatives, which had been doing nothing for me. I readily agreed as I could feel a large, hard, lump of poop just inside my anus which I could not move no matter how hard I pushed.
The nurse had a commode chair placed beside my bed and hung a liter and a half bag of soapy water on an I.V. stand. She wanted me to take the whole thing which I did over about a 15 minute period. When she got me on the commode I began to bear down and push. The mass in my rectum stretched my anus to the maximum I had ever felt it stretched before and the just stopped moving. I begged the nurse to help me, with her gloved fingers and lots of lubrication she began to dig the poop out of my anus. When she couldn't reach any more she asked me to bear down and try to move more of it down into my rectum. No mater how hard I pushed, nothing would move. Finally the nurse told me to stop holding my breath and just pretend I'm blowing up a balloon. Over the next few minutes the nurse encouraged me to blow out harder and harder. It finally worked and my poop began to move toward my rectum again. I actually believe we worked together like that, me blowing out, and the nurse digging out what I got down to my anus, for over an hour. All together she said she got about three feet of poop out of me. It is surely the most I have ever gone at one time in my life.
Has anyone else got stories of finding alternative ways to push?-- JW


Big Messes

This is my second posting and thought I should share this. I have been taking Chantix for the past five weeks to help stop smoking. The first few week their were no side effects. On the third weak I stared getting soft poops. Realy did not think much about it. As I latter figured out the Chantix was beginnig to act as a laxative. The Saturday of the third week I got up and drank a couple of cups of coffee and ate a piece of high fiber toast. Nothig I have not done for years. Started out to run a number of errands and everyting is fine. On my last stop to pick up laundry things began to happen. I was in line and my stomach started gurgling and cramping. Got back in the car and half way home I could no longer hold it back and was hit with a torrent of soft serve poo. I was coverd from waste down with poo. It leaked all the way down into my shoes, all over the car seat and floor. Fortunatley I have leather seats so it did not soak into a fabric, but what an absolute mess.

Last week I went out to dinner with freinds and as we were leaving my stomach started that gurgling and cramping again. Should have used their restroom but I fiured I could make it home. I white nuckled it all the way home using every muscle I could to keep it in. Made it home but as I was gettig out of the car it let go. Another huge mess of soft serve poo from waste to feet.

I have since stopped the Chantix and am back to normal The exoeirences has made me a little gun shy of getting an urge to make a BM and I am not near a toilet.

Anyone else have a similar occurence?

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