Anna from Austria

suprise poop in the woods

Last week I was hiking in the woods with my friends Sabrina and Stefanie.

During the hiking I needed to pee quite bad. So I left the hiking trail to find a a spot behind the trees to do my business.

I had not done Number 2 this day but did not feel any pressure on my back door just to urge to pee.

So I squatted pulled down my jeans and panties and sat down.

I normally let me pee just flow and do not push that much, but as it was really cold out there I pushed a bit to empty my bladder a bit faster.

I do not know if the unusual pushing activated my bowls or it just happened anway, I did a prft type fart all of a sudden and I could feel a very familar preasure at my back door.

Before I could think about it, if I should just finish my pee and hold the poo back, till home, my but started to open and I did a big soft turd. It smelled horrible especially considering the fact,that it happened out door. In a closed toilet it might have even smelled worse.

I cleaned myself with the paper towels I had with me and went back to my friends.

My friends asked me if I really did what they think I did. I said yes but I also said it was not planned, I just came her to pee and the other thing just happened.

They said that I was lucky that nobody else was walking by. I was hidden quite well, and nobody would have seen by just walking bye, but my super laud fart what have attracted quite some attention for sure.

I blushed a bit when they said that and we continued our walk.

that is my story for today

greetings from Austria


Anatomy Student

Re: Catherine

Post pregnancy your pelvic floor can become a bit loose since a whole person came out of there. You can try kegal exercises to tone up the muscles down there and probably regain control of any gas trying to escape. If you've been on any antibiotics you might want to get some active culture yogurt or some lacto-fermented foods to boost your gut flora.


Response to Other Survey

1. How old are you?

35, M.

2. How long does it take you to poop?

Any where from 2 - 10 minutes, sometimes I stay longer to enjoy the moment or read this site.

3. What is your poop like usually?

I produce soft, thick ropes or columns that crackle loudly and partially break into shorter segments as it hits the water. Usually I produce two to four of these that together average around 30 - 45 total inches. The width is usually between 1.5 - 3.0 inches, though I think some pieces expand in the water. In general, It's a lot and usually fills / covers the water area or piles out or flops up a side.

It's almost always a two flush affair or just a long hold down of the lever on much stronger toilets.

4. Do you fart when you poop?

I hardly make loud, audible farts when I poo. Usually gas escape around the sides at the same time or in between segments and is almost silent.

5. Does your poop plop loudly in the toilet?

Not really, it's pretty continuous and long so it doesn't drop from far enough away to make that type of noise.

6. Are you comfortable pooping in other toilets than your own?

Yes, usually comfortable in most public settings but less so in some private home because I produce a lot and it has a strong smell.

7. Name all the places you have pooped.

Pretty much any place you can think.

8. How bad do you stink up the bathroom when you poop?

On average, anywhere from 7 - 8 on a scale of 10. I can stink up public bathrooms enough to the point that I hear people make comments. Other people mentioned that they've been impressed with the overall power. I wouldn't say I'm the smelliest, but stronger than most and have hit 10s on the scale from time to time.

I really appreciate someone who can stink out a bathroom, too.

9. Do you do anything to keep you occupied when you poop?

Read the internet, this site, etc. Kind of nice to read about other people pooping while pooping.

10. What time of the day do you usually poop?

Early morning after coffee

11. Do you courtesy flush?

Almost never, but have in certain circumstances. I will have story on this another time. I don't think it helps too much anyway.

12. Have you ever clogged the toilet before?

Yes, all the time, both public and private.

13. What sort of things make you poop?

I eat a lot of food to support my training endeavors, so hard to say. It all must come out at some point.

14. How long does it take you to poop if you are constipated?

It's rare that I miss a day, maybe once every two weeks do to some change in routine. I think the last time I was constipated was ten years ago, and that was only for three days. That resulted in a big clog.

15. How does it take you to poop if you are having diarrhea?

Depends how bad it is, maybe 15 minutes? I usually try to give myself time to clear it all out.

16. Have you ever thought you were done and then felt like you had to poop some more?

Yes, sometimes I feel like there is more left but I don't like to push hard or strain. I'll just finish and come back later if it feels like it's going to take more than 10 minutes. However, it's more satisfying when I can clear it out all at once.

17. When you have finished pooping and left a terrible smell in the bathroom, What does the next person who goes in there think?

Not really sure, I think it depends on the person. Some people laugh, others just say "wow, whoa…", I've been told that my poop smells healthy but extremely strong at times.

18. How do you sit when you are on the toilet?

Seated but would prefer to squat, it's better for the body. I think the east Asian / squat cultures have it figured out.

19. Would you rather be constipated or would you rather have diarrhea?

I've never really been constipated, it sounds miserable, so diarrhea.

20. When was the first time you found this site?

1999, I've lurked mostly, posted a few times until now.

This website has offered me a lot of reassurance over the years, to know there are others like me in so many different ways.



Response to Smell Survey

1. What draws you to your own poop smell?

Not sure, but it's relaxing to me, even when it's very strong. I think it's a primal, visceral, animalistic type of pleasure. I like to know other's smells as well, at least some times. Again its a visceral type of connection for me.

2. Are you embarrassed when others smell your poop smell?

No, not often. There have been a few times where I completely blew up a small, multiple occupancy restroom while out at work dinners and didn't want it associated with me.

3. What foods make your poop smell the strongest?

Not sure.

4. If you had to use a verb or a type of food or any other thing to describe your smell, how would you describe your smell?

I think heavy is the right word and a bit of copper but not metallic.. , warm, maybe a little sharpness fog-like aroma.

It's not funky or eggy or smells like trash or dead things, it's not stale or rancid either

5. Is their a certain food or beverage that makes the poop smell like the food or beverage itself?

Not that I know of.

6. Do you have a story when you may have been ridiculed for your smell?

Not ridiculed, but told many times over the course of my life that's it very strong. I eat a lot of food and people have made comments that I probably have huge poops. I never took any of it badly, but probably could have if I was more self conscious. The truth is I enjoy it too much to care.

I actually didn't realize how strong it was until I started using public restrooms and living away from home. My mom, one of my sisters, some other relatives also produce a powerful smell, so I just thought it was normal.

7. Is there any emotional attachment to your smell at all?

I think we're all comforted by our own smell.


Victoria B.

Replies to Catherine and Grace


A couple of you asked me some questions and here are the answers!

Catherine's questions:
1) I originally wanted to be a professor but the job market for English professors is pretty barren these days. I'm thinking about staying in school and getting a second master's in library science so I can work as a librarian or archivist! I love my part-time job at my college's library and it's a field where demand will continue to go up. The amount of information in the world is always increasing after all!
2) It's been fantastic. I now eat some fish and occasionally poultry but other than that I'm vegetarian and between that and drinking more water constipation hasn't been an issue! I'm still a toilet killer with huge poops but now they're more enjoyable!

Grace's questions:
1) No, but I'd totally be into having one! Maybe I'll ask Robyn if she's down.
2) Robyn can give me a run for my money on a good day but I've always been the pooping queen in my friend groups!
3) I've known that my loads are much bigger than average since I was a little girl. My kindergarten classroom had a bathroom attached and I plugged it up so many times that my teacher let me use the girls' bathroom down the hall for number two because my classmates were starting to bully me.

Loved your story about Bryanna!



Taking my time

Victoria B - I'm so glad I did a good job at describing it. You're not the only one who is considering getting a full length mirror for their bathroom. I want to do it too but I sit 90 degrees to the door so it wouldn't make much sense for me. I've used automatic flushing toilets twice and it was a terrible experience both times. They're just so sensitive! It would go off when I was unfastening my jeans, again when I sat, again as I was getting toilet paper, again as I was getting dressed. It's insane!

As you may know, I enjoy taking my time while pooping. Always have, always will. I never rush it. Today I decided to take it to the next level. I wanted the most pleasant pooping experience I could, within reason. So this morning I skipped my usual toilet visit and instead went into town to use some pay toilets. Yes you have to pay for them, but they're just so clean. I paid the 20 pence, walked through the turnstile and into the ladies.

The first thing I noticed is the room was heated! I've never witnessed that before. All the stalls were empty so I took the first one, right next to the entrance and locked it behind me. I usually just lift up my coat but today I took it off completely and hung it up on one of the hooks on the wall. I unfastened my jeans and wriggled them down to my calves before pulling my thong down and taking a seat, sitting all the way back. I leaned forward a little, made myself comfortable and simply relaxed, letting my body take the wheel. I was very happy and relaxed on my porcelain throne and I told myself I wasn't getting up until I had completely emptied my system, but I wasn't going to do anything to speed up the process either. I had my chin on my hand, leaning forward with my elbow on my leg and I was just thinking about stuff.

After a little while I felt pressure against my backdoor and just relaxed into it. A few seconds later I was gently opened by my soft log slowly easing its way out of me. It was wonderful being able to fully savour the sensations I was feeling, and I had nothing else on my mind. I was only thinking about how good it was to poop. My poop was much longer than usual and I think that's because of how relaxed I was, and after a little while it silently slipped into the water as my backdoor closed up again. I still needed to pee so I didn't move a muscle and just waited for it to happen naturally. About a minute later I opened up again by another log coming out and started peeing. It was quite a strong stream and made a loud splashing as it hit the water below but it felt fantastic to empty both sides at the same time. My poop slowly slid out of me and eventually fell into the bowl and I peed a little longer, going for about a minute. I felt empty but I wanted to make sure I was definitely finished.

I stayed in position, leaning forward and relaxed for a couple more minutes but other than a little more wee tinkling into the water, I produced nothing. I wiped myself, starting with my front and using a few more pieces for my behind before standing up and slowly getting dressed again. I had a peek in the bowl before I flushed and saw a long, wide log curled around the outside like a horseshoe and a smaller long in the middle partially obscured by my toilet paper. All of it was sitting in dark yellow water. I flushed, put on my coat and washed my hands before resuming my day. A huge smile on my face. I'm still smiling now as I write this 12 hours later!


To Kenzie and Marie

Hi Kenzie!

I'm glad you too have a desire to pee in a car. I'm sure you read my posts, on pages 2694, 2701, and two posts on 2775. I'm the one who has wanted to pee in a car for about two years now, and so far I never have been able to. My one friend was supposed to let me, especially since I let her pee in my bed a few times, but then at the last minute she backed out. I couldn't believe it! I was so close to being able to do it! But it never came to be. I'm somewhat over what she did to me, but I definitely still want to do it, and I still can't think of a way to do it. I do have one other friend who also shares my interest in peeing, but like me she doesn't have a car of her own yet. I will say that it's nice to not be in this alone. She did tell me that if she ever gets an opportunity to do it, she will let me know and we will do it together. I hope she keeps her word, unlike my other former friend. I also really really hope that I get a car of my own soon. I want one so bad, and I know I will show it no mercy. I am going to pee in it so much, and also I think I'm going to poop in it too once in a while, but probably not as often. I know what really makes me excited is peeing in it. I'm finally going to be able to pee in a car! I just hope that it's soon.

Marie, I also like your posts! Please continue to post and I would love to hear more stories! I do love that even though I don't get to pee in a car myself yet, at least there are others who do that I can hear about. I appreciate you so much!

Take care,

Ohio fan

Pleasures of pooping/farting.

Hey all. So to Catherine, hopefully that stomach bug that moved through everyone in your household is done wreaking havoc. Also, your post before that one - i 100% agree that those things are definitely three of many of life's pleasures, and like you said, no particular order many times. I've heard pregnancy flatulence can be intense for y'all ladies. Knowing me, if i had a spouse who was pregnant and passing lots of gas, I'd have no problem with it. She could fart comfortably as much as she needs to.
Back to my topic, i agree with you as well as many others here and everywhere. Letting off farts and taking good healthy dumps feel so wonderful. Whatever life throws at me, many times it can be offset by a good bathroom visit. Also i love having gas, especially when I can be at home hy myself. Another person i can identify with is Arianna. A while back ahe posted that she loves stinking up a bathroom. I concur. As we know the number one attribute to farts & poops is the smell. If i fart and/or shit, and it doesn't stink bad, it just doesn't feel right and complete. Even at this moment I wish i was on my throne blowing it up. Just 15-20 minutes of a toilet-bowl filling, toxic smelling but healthy dump would be my current happy place.
So ultimately i agree with Catherine about loving to fart and dump. I also agree with Arianna about loving to stink it up. Thank you to all the posters and responders. Happy pooping all.


My wife's story

My wife is tall, thin and with jet black hair. We have been living in a studio apartment for the last year. Basically one room with a bath. I didn't realize how uninhibited she is when using the toilet. I also have to note that she is very regular. She takes a dump right after breakfast and shortly after the evening meal. Her routine is the same. She goes into the bathroom and leaves the door partially open. As soon as she plops her ass on the toilet she starts farting loudly as she pees. After peeing she grabs a magazine and sits there reading. Soon there will be more loud farting and I know that a big turd is working its way toward her butt hole. Then I hear a loud splash followed by more farting and splashes as more turds come out. After the barrage of farts and turds there is silence for a few minutes as she continues to read. Eventually there are more farts which signals she is done. She wipes, washes her hands and emerges from the bathroom and says, "I feel much better!" Her only nod to modesty is that she will shut the door all the way when we have company but that doesn't diminish the noise much. Last week we went out for our evening meal to a little hole in the wall restaurant in our neighborhood. Shortly after finishing our meal she excused herself to go to the bathroom. I need to point out that she always wears a skirt with no panties when we go out because when she uses the ladies room she climbs onto the toilet, lifts her skirt and squats to pee and poop. I'll tell you what happened next in my wife's words as she related the experience to me. "I went into the ladies room to find two stalls with no doors. The were both empty so I took the one closest to the door. I climbed onto the toilet and lifted my skirt to squat. I started peeing and I heard the door open and a second woman came in. I started farting and I knew a big turd was on it's way. The woman walked by my stall and stopped. She looked right at me as this long turd was half way out my ass. The woman said, "Is that a big shit coming out of your ass?" My wife said, "What do you think I'm doing in here?" She said the woman laughed and said, You have the thickest bush I've ever seen. My wife said, "All the time she was standing there talking to me my huge turd just kept coming and coming. I was wondering if it would ever end. Finally it dropped with a loud splash. The woman said, "Please don't flush when you leave I want to see that monster turd." "Then she settled into the stall beside me. Within seconds she started farting peeing and shitting. All the while talking to me like we were at the dinner table. Finally I told her I had to get back to my husband." She said, "My husband loves to hear me in the bathroom and I let him in while I'm going. Does your husband like that too?" I said, "I don't know?" When my wife came back to the table she related the story and asked me if I liked hearing her in the toilet. I said, "You bet I do!" "Well next time I go at the apartment I'll let you in for a close up look", she said with a coy smile.

Hi Abbie!

Hey Abbie, so glad to see you're back. Great story as usual. I was just wondering what do you think you'd do if you were in a similar situation, except Lydia took too long and you were unable to hold it in anymore? Would you simply let it drop into the bath and clean it after? Or would you pull up your pants and try to contain the mess inside them, assuming there would be enough space in them? Or would you perhaps try to find something else to catch it like a bin? Have you ever considered attempting to share the toilet seat? I don't know how wide your toilet seat is, or if both of your bums would fit on it at the same time, but it could be an interesting experience. Do you have any stories about a time where you or a friend had a full on poo accident but was also badly constipated at the same time? I would love to hear a story about trying desperately to hold it all in but then surrendering to the desperate need to bear down even though you knew it would end up in your pants or on the floor or somewhere else besides a toilet and the unique feeling of relief and embarrassment all at the same time.


Victoria B's auto-flush question

When more public places put in the auto-flush toilets a few years ago it took some of us, and I was about 10 at the time, by surprise. I admit I was squirmy and at places like a theater or the beach I would move around after getting bored with my sit. I can be in pain a little bit, but just sitting doesn't get my pee stream going as fast as I would like. This is especially true in the growing number of toilets without privacy doors. Seeing anger on the faces of others waiting for the toilet and a lack of action on my part kind of spooked me. And sometimes when crapping, the lack of comfort in my sit would cause me to over-concentrate and push almost madly. It rarely sped the results.

While sitting on a toilet at the beach and looking over my legs, arms and shoulders for sunburn and shooing away a little girl about 3 who ran away while her mom must have been doing a marathon crap, plus my forgetting about movement when I leaned to far for the toilet paper roll, caused me to get sprayed 6 times during one afternoon crap at the beach. When I finally finished and got back to our group on the beach, I used the large bath towel to finish up drying myself. My cousin Toby, who's 5 years older than me gave me a hard time about my experience. He really grossed me out when he asked me if all the water worked as good as an enema.

Toby said the auto-flushers aren't that big of a thing in the guys' bathrooms. He said they hate all those who pee-down the seats and often deliberately mess up the toilet.


The Park

Hey all! It's been forever, seriously. However, I had a great experience this morning and it made me think of this site and all the stories I used to post here!!
So....I was out taking a nice walk today in the park near my home. After a time I felt a gradual stirring in my bowels, and was excited at the prospect of using the public restroom at the park. I continued down the path and saw the bathrooms up ahead. Much to my delight I saw a 30ish woman and her daught


Victoria B about automatic flush

Replying to Vitcoria B's mention of public toilets with automatic flushes: I really detest those, too! They almost always seem to be triggered when I am sitting down rather than when I get up, and some are so hair-trigger that just a very slight shift in position will cause what feels like a wet bomb going off underneath me. And then they often don't actually flush when they are supposed to. I'm also not a big fan of faucets that operate with motion sensors, but they're not quite as bad as the motion sensor toilets. Both seem like a wasteful use of of a needlessly complicated technology when a simpler mechanism would be more under the user's control and less likely to malfunction.

My other pet peeve in public toilets is when people install extremely bulky toilet paper dispensers in already narrow and cramped stalls positioned in a way that makes it even harder to have enough room to sit on the toilet. It seems like an example of how someone doing a seemingly minor job thoughtlessly and carelessly can end up inconveniencing hundreds of people without their ever being aware of it.

To Brandy: great story with Megan.

Monday, November 04, 2019


Opioid Constipation

Due to my medical condition I was on a low dose of opioids. Due to the side effects, getting backed up being one, I restrict my use of same to only every couple of weeks or so . It was years ago when I was doing quite a bit at the gym and was taking around one or two doses of opioids a day I noted that I had not been having a BM that often , I did not have the urge. Anyway I was at the gym doing squats and my stomach began to hurt and swell. I was with a couple of personal trainers at the time and they asked me about my BMs of which I replied in the negative . I then went to a medical centre and had an x-ray and it noted a very heavy faecal loading. I then went on a course of laxatives which worked only to a limited extent. Constipation continued and I went to a clinic and had four big enemas . The day before I had drunk prune juice but it was not until the third enema that the prune juice came through by its smell. I think the important thing is opioids really back you up. Also there is a gross lack of education on the subject of constipation and neurological conditions. The constipation left unmanaged can be worse than the neurological condition.

I read Catherine's post. I wish I could have that type of diarrhoea and have a really good clean out. Sounds like real relief.. as to farting I pass wind early in the morning in a loud fashion. I have no problems controlling my farts . I wear incontenence undies due to a neurological problem I have. I just let it rip when out of earshot and if there is any follow through the undies absorb it. For me I love a good BM.


With Apologies, Life Happened

Hi Toiletstool Friends,

So, last week, life happened. Maybe it was good that I was off work when it did, because we had a mess in a big way. As you know, Tuesday, October 22 was my birthday. I took the week off to spend time with my little boy, who is two. I decided to refer to him as Joey, since it rhymes with Chloe and Zoe, who are my daughters' aliases on this forum.

Well, we had a nice birthday dinner at my parents' house that evening. Then, all hell broke loose in our homes. And, when I say "loose," I mean loose, from both ends.

First, it was Zoe, who awoke in the night, around two in the morning. She said that her stomach was cramping and that she was nauseated. She looked pale, even for her normally fair skin. I sat up with her for about an hour before she erupted. She ran to the bathroom and vomited. It was a lot. She said that she felt much better after a vomiting spell of several heaves, all very productive. Even though she was feeling better, she said that her stomach still "hurt" and was cramping. I knew what that meant - stomach virus. And, diarrhea was on its way. Zoe cuddled with me on our couch and we turned on a little TV. I gave her some Pedialyte to sip on (being a Pharmacist, I try to be prepared). Plus, I gave her some anti-nausea, over the counter medicine.

However, after another hour Zoe asked me to come to the bathroom with her. I thought she was going to throw up. But, instead she lowered her pajamas and sat on the toilet and proceeded to have massive amounts of diarrhea. I asked her if she wanted privacy, which she normally requires while having a normal bowel movement. She said no, that she was afraid. Zoe is our petite child, and thus I was surprised how much came out of her.

I stayed home with her the next day - Wednesday. She never vomited, but had two more smaller bouts of diarrhea, and then her symptoms subsided. It was 24-hour bug. These are usually harmless. But they are highly contagious. So, after that, one by one, we all fell. I was the next to go down. I never vomited, but I had no appetite, a stomach ache, and then diarrhea. This began Thursday morning. Alan's mom came and got Joey so that I could ride the wave out. So, throughout the day, I made four trips to the bathroom to have diarrhea like you would not believe. It felt really good. I actually enjoyed it. It was so powerful and not completely liquid, but massive in size and urge to go. Two down, three to go.

Little Joey awoke in the night and had vomited in his baby bed. I gathered him up and Alan cleaned his bedding while I comforted my little man, who did not like being sick. Then the diarrhea started early in the morning. He is a big eater and thus has been a big pooper. And his diapers just could not contain the diarrhea. One time, as he was snuggling with me, he exploded and diarrhea got all over me! Three down, two to go.

Alan came home Friday after school let out, and began vomiting and diarrhea. He only threw up once, but had diarrhea throughout the day on Saturday. Again, like all of us, his symptoms were intense but short lived.

That left Chloe. Chloe just gets devastated when her body makes her vulnerable. She is the kind of person that does not even want you to know that she poops. She gets embarrassed, wants privacy, and we do everything we can to give it to her. She's 5'8 now, very built and athletic, and eats really well. But hers hit at the worst time. She was at church Sunday night for a youth Halloween alternative that our church does every year on the Sunday before Halloween. She knew that she didn't feel well, but wanted to push through, since she had volunteered to help.

However, around 8:00 PM, her symptoms hit her with a vengeance. She was dressed as Elsa because of her cotton-top blonde hair and complexion (she is really pretty, if I must say so myself.) And, I saw her begin to grasp her stomach. She was not moving. I came to her side and pulled her away.

"I need a bathroom right now. I am about to have diarrhea." I knew there was no hope. It was a hike from the parking lot to the nearest bathroom. I asked her if she could hold it. She said she would try. Somehow, she clutched with all her might and we got to a one-stall handicapped bathroom. I lifted her dress and got her on the toilet as she proceeded to have a massive liquid diarrhea that just kept coming and coming. It smelled horrible. She began to cry. After she finished, we got in the car and got home. She vomited in our front yard. Fortunately, her symptoms subsided and she stayed home from school on Monday by herself.

However, it was not the week that I had planned. I will try to post more.

I hope everyone stays well this Fall and Winter!

Love to all!


Dear Juliette,

I am happy for you! We all four are glad very much that you find nice boyfriend who understand that when your stomach become to angry, you have to sit on loo long time to do things to make quiet your stomach.

But we hope you are better now.

Love from Mina + 3

Dear Catherine,

Happy Birthday! And we are happy you come back, even for short time because you are busy!

Love from Mina + 3


J's Survey

Not to double post, but after my last one I saw this survey and felt the need to fill it out!

1.What consistency is your poo, hard dry, just right smooth,sloppy,water
Mine falls in the just right to smooth category, although somedays its sloppy

2.were are the places you have popped
Ive pooped in plenty! School, the mall, at kings island, target and meijer, in a porta potty once, at one of those little road trip rest stops, gas station, you name it long can you hold your poop once u feel the urge to go
This depends on if I get cramps too. If its normal, once I feel the urge its about 10 or 15 minutes before I have to go

4.have you ever had an accident if so how many and tell a brief story about it
Ive only peed my pants after my young years once, and that was from laughing so hard at a friend one time! your BMS smelly
Not too often Ur BMS noisey
Some days very, but sometines not u have a problem pooping in public toilets
I do and don't. I cant go in restaurants often for some reason, but I dont mind pooping in a public toilet otherwise

8. Do u have a problem pooping outside if Ur desperate
Kinda? I'm more private about my habits when it comes to if I can go ibside or outside, id much rather go inside

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Grace great story about your huge poop at that woman's house hopefully she wasn't upset when she saw your huge poop in the toilet.

To: BRANDY great story it sounds like you both had really great poops.

To: Kathleen great set of stories.

To: Pat it sounds like she really had to poop and had a good poop as well.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Dear Grace

You said, you would love to hear back, did you should have done something differently?

I hope you don't angry to what I tell to you.

If I am in your position, after some turds, I flush before there is too much turd in loo. Then I do more turds. That way I don't run out of house with leaving loo full of my turds.

But in Australia, that is bad idea maybe. They always want to save the water because they don't have enough. Do you live Australia?

Flush and then do more turds is Oriental custom I think. I read some places this site that people angry if someone does more turds after flush. To me it is normal, but to European or American not normal maybe....

I wonder your age, are you very young girl?

Love from Mina

Ohio toiletstool fan

Response to Option Dev questions

1. I'm drawn to my own smell, whether it's gas or poop, by how good it feels. If im taking a great dump, one that's fully relieving and feels wonderful coming out, the smell that accompanies it becomes part of the overall pleasure.
2. No embarrassment for me in the least. If im shitting in a public bathroom and blowing it up, if others smell it, doesn't bother me. Where I'm from it seems that people stink up bathrooms most of the time, so why shouldn't i?
3. Cabbage, spicy foods, pasta with tomato based sauces, ground beef - those foods make my dumps really reek.
4. Hard to say. Maybe something it like smell like corn, but for the most part my shit smells like shit. It's never smelled like dessert lol.
5. Spicy-hot chili. I eat enough of that, my butt will output chili-like scented poop.
6. My coworker walked into a small employee restroom, then immediately walked back out. Later in the day ge told my other coworkers he knew it was me taking a nasty stinky dump. I laughed it off and owned it. Overall i don't mind if someone talks bad about the smell of my shit.
7. All i can say is i really like the smell of my butthole emissions, especially healthy ones.


First post ever (after vacation emergency)

Hello everyone let me just start by saying I absolutely love reading the stories on here and I'm excited to share my first one with you And can't wait to hear some of your other desperation stories in response to mine. Now onto the story

So I recently joined my family on a vacation to a indoor waterpark Now I don't know if anybody else has this issue. But swimming makes me have to go to the bathroom a lot both peeing and pooping so I spent a lot of time with her than usual on the toilet while I was there luckily The waterpark was also a hotel and I could do most of my business in our room public bathrooms make me a little uncomfortable when I have to poop I'm not really sure why. So I spent a lot of the trip taking every chance I could to use the bathroom the swimming in combination with the heavy breakfast is from the breakfast buffet both mornings were probably the cause. The issue so to speak came from on the way home. Me and my family had all crammed into my moms van I had used the bathroom right before we left the hotel so I felt confident that I could probably make the two hour journey without it being an issue. Well I was wrong. About 15 minutes into our 2 1/2 hour Well I was wrong. About 15 minutes into our 2 1/2 hour trip, My stomach started to my stomach started to rumble and groan bad. My mother had been pretty adamant about making a few stops as possible unless my nephew needed to use the restroom. So for about an hour and 15 minutes exactly I am sitting in the van holding one of my worst need to poop I have experienced in a long time. We pull into a McDonald's To get food and take care of any business. For some odd reason I did not immediately rushed to the bathroom and instead ordered my food and even finish my fries before I raced to the bathroom. I think at that point I had forgotten that I had to go. So I dashing to the bathroom and there are two stalls one of which is occupied. I Quickly enter quickly enter mine as the other gentleman is exiting his. I tear down my pants and proceed to explode into the toilet it was one of those kind of poops that you can't help but make noise and have your feet lift off The ground as you go. I know the gentleman heard my start and quickly exited the bathroom which I believe was a smart move on his part because I'm certain the place smelled terrible I had to leave four or five massive logs in the toilet and was completely surprised when it flushed. But I washed my hands and exit in the bathroom finally feeling relieved that the emergency was over. Or so I thought I spent the rest of the ride in relative comfort at least until five minutes away from my house my family was going to drop me off and then continue on their way home the second I got to my place I am mediately grabbed all my things my suitcase and bag of souvenirs and rushed into my house I had to go almost as bad as earlier. I dashed into my bathroom not even bothering to close the door. Thankfully I live alone and proceeded to leave the biggest size poop I have ever made in my life I swear it was almost a foot and a half long afterwords I felt completely empty and relieved and chose not to eat anything for a while for fear it would cause me too I have to go to the bathroom again and I was fairly certain that I didn't want to have anything more to do with the bathroom for a while. Well thank you everybody for reading my story I'm very happy to finally post on this site and I hope to share more in the future I would love to hear your stories of desperation particularly any that have to do with water parks or swimming as it fits the theme And thanks again for reading.


Response to Taylor T

Hey! Ive got some responses and a small story for you.
I'm 18 and am currently in my final year of high school. Ive got a kinda skinnier build, not like a skeleton but not huge either lol. Ive got a darkish red hair at the moment because I had wanted to dye it from blonde, and I wear thick rimmed glasses. I'm around 5'10" as well, so a smidge tall but not too tall.

My regular poop usually has a few turds and a decent amount of little pebbles mixed in, and takes me about 5 minutes. I cant help taking my time lol. I always lower my pants to my ankles, and I do and dont enjoy pooping in public. Its one of those mixed kinda things, ya know? I know for sure I can't go in restaurants for some reason, but I can go at the mall or at a store or somewhere. I don't poop at school too often either because I don't want to be taking too long

Speaking of store, I did poop in my local Meijer the other day. I was out and about looking for some new clothes, and the urge had kinda hit along with a ???? cramp, so I thought why not go instead of holding it. I had gone up to the front of the store since I was closer, and went inside taking the 3rd stall because I think the 1st was taken. I had closed the stall, dropped my panties (I was wearing a skirt that day) and raised my skirt up and out of the way and settled down. Before I could pee, my ???? cramped up again and I pushed out a decent amount of mushy poop unexpectedly. I felt a little embarrassed about it, as I went for a wave two. That wave had stopped, and I peed, and pushed out another small amount, then felt done. I grabbed some tp to wipe, and made sure I was clean before flushing and leaving the stall and going back to shopping.

If you have any more questions, ask away! And I might ask some lol!


To Marie

Hey Marie! Can you tell me what its like to go in a car? I'm assuming you have done it before? How messy does it get? Anything I should know? O'm so excited to do it, I can't wait!!


Trouble with Flatulence

For those of you who know me, I enjoy both defecation and flatulence immensely. In fact, most women say that their two favorite things are sex and chocolate, and sometimes they enjoy chocolate more than sex. For me, it's sex, bowel movements and farts. Sometimes the order of preference can change!

However, since having my baby, I've had a little trouble controlling my farts. This has been a little embarrassing, as I tend to have the loud, bubbly farts more so than the silent but deadly kind. In fact, those are very rare for me. Don't get me wrong, I can have some stinky gas. Yet, it's usually loud, and rarely the rotten eggish smell.

Because I eat so much fiber, I tend to have a lot of gas. Over the course of my life, I've been able to discretely pass it, when stepping away to the bathroom for a pee, or getting away from everyone, or just whenever. But since my little man has come into the world, my anus does not feel as tight. As I said before, I've not had any bowel control issues.

For instance, I've farted at work while filling prescriptions. I've farted out loud in front of my parents, Alan's parents and the kids at different times, more than once. I've farted in bed with Alan. I've farted at the table while we are eating. I even farted at church. That's embarrassing (but not during worship).

It seems that I fart when I pee all the time now.

And, if I push, I can always fart. It's a little disconcerting. I do ask to be excused, like you do when you burp. But it seems that burps are a little more forgivable.

So, if I'm unwilling to change my diet any, do I just accept the fact that I might fart in socially awkward situations? I mean, no one has distanced themselves from me. At the same time, I don't want to lose that slight sense of shame that prevents us from doing these things on a regular basis. I don't want to be uncouth.

In fact, about six months ago I pulled my pharmacy techs to the side and told them what's going on - that I am having trouble controlling my flatulence and that I am not trying to be gross. They all consoled me. But I'm the boss. I wonder if they go home and make fun of me!

What do you all think? I've wanted to talk to someone about this!

Love to all!


Victoria B.

Question and responses

I submitted my final midterm paper today and now I have a little more free time. These last posts were great; keep it up everyone!

To Grace: That was a tricky shituation you found yourself in but it might have been better if you'd tried to unclog their toilet or, worse case scenario, admitted what had happened after your bomb-dropping. Having kids that you were baby-sitting with you did put a premium on time though!

To Brandy: I loved your story with Megan. Can't wait for the sequel.

To Pat: What a cool doctor and great way of handling an awkward scenario on her part. If only everyone else was as chill about bodily functions as her.

To Taylor: Fantastic story; your description of the bathroom was so good that I could picture myself pooping in it too! Glad you liked the mirror view. I'm almost debating hanging one up in front of the toilet in my own bathroom!

To Vincene: Thank you for doing my surveys!

Question: how does everybody feel about public toilets with automatic flush sensors? I personally can't stand them and was reminded today of why they're terrible when my positioning and adjusting myself on a public seat set the flush off four times between sitting down and getting back up and dressed again after a poop. What a waste of water!


Last summer in the wilderness of Northern Norway I happened to spot a maure woman squat in the outdoors to go to toilet. Amusing. She squatted behind some bushes. Afterwards I saw that she had pooped. I think she was over 50 years old

Alex P.


My name is Alex and I'm 23 years old, male, and this is my first post.

To Poster Pee, Pee Man, Ryan F, C.G. and others, love your posts! Urinals are amazing. They have truly become one of the only acceptable ways in our society for men to have a close bond with one another. Think about it, how else can guys actually share something personal with one another without really putting much thought into it? I think a lot of guys would feel awkward about that if they thought about it enough.

My favorite urinals are the ones that are nothing but a tile wall. Like some of you guys have said, those are very rare, and I actually haven't seen one in a very long time. There is something strangely fascinating about peeing against a wall. Definitely lots of splashback. When I was a lot younger, I remember my dad took me to some place that had a wall urinal like that. I don't remember where it was, but I remember it was a pretty big bathroom. I also remember that it was a little busy in there, and so we had to wait a little bit for a spot. It was actually pretty nice for a public bathroom. There was a slight poop/fart smell in the air, but the bathroom was far from dirty. And for some reason it had that wall urinal. I remember being amazed at that. I had never seen anything like that before. There were a few guys ahead of me, so while I waited I was able to see them peeing against the wall, and their pee streaming down the tiles. The tiles were actually white, so I was getting a really great view of the streams.

Eventually it was my turn and I walked up to the wall. It was incredible. I remember the pee smell and that the tiles were wet and shiny. Of course the wall had a water pipe mounted above the area where you peed that acted as a flushing mechanism, but it only ran water down about every 10 mins or so, so I knew that there was still quite a bit of pee left on the wall. I knew that I was going to be peeing right where someone else had just peed. Also there was a little trough at the bottom of the wall and it was full of pee.

Soon I began to pee. It hit against the wall, and immediately I felt the splashback, which was amazing. Regular urinals don't splash you like this wall did. I continued to pee, and the more I peed the more I got splashed. I also tried to get as close to the wall as I could, which made it splash even more. Soon another guy came up and started to pee next to me, which made even more splashback. Then another guy came up to my other side. I couldn't believe it. I felt like I was getting so much pee on me. I remember seeing all of our pee splashing onto all of us, which was amazing to me. I couldn't believe I actually lived in a world where a urinal like that existed! I really liked peeing on that wall! I was actually disappointed when I was done, but I think I was able to use it about 2 or 3 more times that day.

I've actually never seen a circular urinal trough, but if they do exist, that's amazing! I would love to hear more about them, and where there might still be one. I would absolutely love to use one. Please let me know.

Bye for now!


Friend's Dump

This story will be about a friend of mine name Bryanna who I know who can also really lay some monstrous logs.

While I'm tall for a woman, she makes me look short. She is 6'4" and pretty heavy too. She put her size to good use playing basketball in college. Her butt is easily the biggest I've ever seen, so it doesn't really surprise me what can come out of it lol.

A couple years ago I vacationed with her to Miami and we and a few others shared an Airbnb. The Airbnb unfortunately one had one bathroom, so we all had to share it. Luckily I never needed to use it while we were there, instead I was able to use public bathrooms instead. Everything was going well until the 2nd night when Bry had to shit. We were drinking getting ready to go out when she grabbed her drink and ran off to the bathroom. We all thought she was going to go throw up, but when we heard her giant frame sit down on the old creaking toilet seat, we realized she was probably gonna take a dump. And quite the dump she did. After just a few minutes she emerged and asked if anyone had seen a toilet plunger. The rest of us burst out laughing and our friend Carly said she had seen one in the closet near the kitchen. Bry went to go grab it and of course the rest of us had to see the damage. Carly got their first and started cracking up. In the toilet were two turds: the first was a really thick log stuck down the hole of the toilet, just barely thin enough to fit. It combined with the toilet paper had jammed up and clogged the toilet. Not that it mattered, because the second log was about twice the thickness of the other. It was probably 14 inches long but way thicker. Even my bigger poops were rarely that thick. When Bry returned she said that she had been holding that dump in for the past few days. She got to work plugging while the rest of us cheered her on. She got the first log to go down, but there was absolutely no way the bigger one would even get through the hole. It was getting late and we were going to be late, so she just smashed it up into a ton of pieces with the opposite end of the plunger. Despite that, the toilet still couldn't flush. We just left it to deal with when we got back.

After a few hours out, we got an Uber back. When we walked in , the entire house reeked of her horse sized dump. There was no way we could let it get any worse so she went back to work with the plunger (wearing gloves since the handle was used earlier) battling the load. The toilet was pretty old and not all that strong, so it took a ton of work. I think she said it ended up taking more than ten tries before at long last the toilet was free from her dump. The next morning, Carly went to pee and flushed the toilet clogged. Clearly Bry's shit hadn't fully gone down the pipes and was still plugging the toilet out of view. We were leaving anyway that morning so we just left it.

Bry had to throw out the plunger because of the handle but luckily we didn't get charged for that. All in all, a fun experience that was part of an even better vacation.

I was talking with Bry sometime later and she was saying that she normally takes big poops, but that was among her biggest because she hadn't gone for a few days.

A question for others: what is the biggest poop you've ever seen? Did you do it or someone else? I've had bigger volume shits than Bry's but rarely bigger single pieces.

Victoria B.

Signs on stalls


I realize that this is not a place to discuss politics, mine or anyone else's. This being said I do have strong opinions on this topic but I will try my best to tread lightly.

Breanna, a former roommate from undergrad, became an elementary (primary) school teacher in my home state after graduating and subsequently receiving her teaching license. We left on good terms and have stayed in contact since I moved out of state for grad school. You would like Breanna; she and I were pretty open about the normal content of this site and it was through her that I realized and learned to accept that I had a "thing" about bodily functions.

Anyway, today on Insta Breanna posted a photo of a sign hanging on a stall door in one of the bathrooms in the school where she teaches. It was a list of instructions on what to do in case either a student or member of the faculty or staff happened to be in and/or using the bathroom during a school shooting. I saw this and right away began to feel a mixture of sadness and rage. These kids are already being subjected to regular lockdown drills and here they are being reminded that they could be shot and killed by a domestic terrorist while they're in what is already the most vulnerable position they find themselves in on the average school day: naked from the waist down sitting on the toilet. As though it isn't already bad enough to worry about running out of the awful toilet paper in schools or being bullied now you have to think about the possibility of being murdered or seriously injured by some extremist.

I feel better now that I've gotten this off my chest. I've thought a lot today about the kind of world our kids will be inheriting and doing this post has helped. I love you all and please be safe.




Victoria: I enjoy reading your stories about your big poops. I have a couple questions for you:

1. Have you ever had a pooping competition with someone else?

2. Do any of your friends poop as big as you, or even bigger?

3. When did you realize your poops were bigger than other people's?


Kathleen, your girls and big poops

Kathleen, I like to ask about your big poops. Do you and/or your girls have to push and strain a lot to "go"? I do ALWAYS have large poops, but when I do I rally have a struggle getting them out. --JW

Almost had a pretty awful inconvenient accident the other day. After showers I usually spend up to a few hours in my room in my bed naked after drying off at least to the point where I'm not dripping wet anymore. Then I throw the towel in the hamper in my room and lay on my bed.

I was laying in my bed when suddenly the intense urge to pee AND poop came over me and it was severe. I put my thighs together and squeezed my pillow and couldn't stay still because it was coming and it was coming SOON!

I yelled out for my roommate to come and somehow help me. She hurried in (my voice was pretty urgent) and saw me naked on my bed, squirming and trying so hard not to lose control of my bladder and bowels. I was groaning and moaning and twisting and turning. It was a feeling I had never felt before because it was this weird tickly feeling I got through my entire body but it relaxed my "down there" muscles so much that even one move and I'd lose every ounce of pee and every bit of poop I had in me. But yet it felt like it made me tense instead of relaxed. It's hard to explain really.

"I have to pee and poop, NOW" I said. "But if I move I'm afraid I'll have an accident."

"Okay hang tight one moment," she said. She went into the other room, got a rectangular plastic container and put it on the floor. "You can go in that. I'll clean it out after you're done."

I grabbed her hand and squeezed it as I continued to squeeze ALL of my "down there" muscles to hold everything in and moaning and groaning. She carefully helped me up and I squatted on the container with one leg on either side of it, just squatting.

Immediately my pee just started flowing out of me and my poop began to hang out of me. "Good girl," she said. "Knew you could make it!"

But I still had that uncomfortable feeling so I grabbed her hand and squeezed it and I pushed out a long turd while still moaning and groaning from the weird feeling. She said "that a girl. See? Doing great."

I eventually finished with a huge sigh of relief and she asked if I was done and I said yeah. She was kind enough to wipe for me as well. Kind of personal having someone wipe you, but I trusted her at that point. She got the plastic container out from under me and I got up and got back onto my bed. She emptied it out and all was fine. Felt a lot better after that!

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