Is my 11 year old daughter ever going to get potty trained?I couldn't believe it - she had the biggest accident in her underwear. I took her to church last Sunday - I wore a suit, and she wore a pretty dress. I thought the dress was WAY too short, but it was the most conservative looking thing she had.

Then it was time for communion - we were kneeling there at the communion table as the minister was walking back and forth passing out the communion bread. Then my daughter, Staci, leaned over to pull up her socks. As she was leaning over, she was exposing her undies. As the minister was walking by, he saw Staci's exposed underwear and gave her a dirty look. I kept poking at her, trying to let her that she was indecently exposing herself.

Then it happened. As she was leaning over and pulling her socks up, I saw a bulge starting to form in her panties. It got bigger and bigger, and her white undies where getting a brown stain in them. She kept crapping and crapping - when her accident was all done, there must have been enough crap Staci probably thought that noone noticed, because as we were all walking away from the communion table, she just had a guilty grin on her face, and she smiled at me in a nervous manner, and asked me where we were going for brunch after church.

When we got back to the church pew after communion, I was wondering whether she was going to sit down and smush/flatten all that crap in her panties. But actually, she was quite polite about it. She started to sit down, but just before the poop bulge in her panties touched the church pew, she stood back up and told me she had to go to the bathroom. She must have did a good job of cleaning her panties in there - when we went out for brunch later, she dropped her purse and bent over to pick it up - and I only saw a couple hershey marks on her panties.

Ever since that embarrassing morning, the subject was never brought up - I certainly don't have the nerve to confront her about it. As far as she's concerned, I never knew she crapped her panties that morning.

But the other day while we were at the the mall, Staci went store. I got back from the computer store before she was panties if I were you - they look clean." Then I silently made a "ffffjjjgggggt" crapping sound with my mouth, and pretended that I thought she couldn't hear me. You should have seen the look on her face - she gave the funniest smile, like she was wondering what I knew!

name: mike
2-26 It sometimes takes me a long time to go poop in the moring, howver today it was different it came out very different. all runny and it exploded like gas. It made a big mess. My pee came out very fast too.
2-25 i had a long poop in the toilet today. it felt so good to let all my poop out, mt but was even sore doing it. it was kinda of running and boy didit smell i felt the urge to poop before i made it there
2-24 I had to poop really bad but I couldn't get to the toilet I was outside doing a hike and there was no toilet, so I decided to drop my pants in the woods and bend over to poop nothing came out so I kept going however once I got inside my car it all came out in my underwear. I had to pee to so I got a bottle and it went in there

name: Shannon
Today I had a real accident! I was walking home from my bus stop and I got the urge to poop, and all this week I have had the runs from something I ate and as I was walking I knew I wasn't going to make it home, but I tried. I was walking a fast as I could when I felt a shot of diarriah go into my panties, then another, I couldn't stop it it just kept comeing out until I stood still and just let it out. I had to I had no choice my panties were already stained permanatly brown and while I was pooping I didn't realize I was accidentaly peeing too. After that I walked home crying and when I walked in my house my mom caught me an I told her I had an accident in my pants. She told me to go upstairs and change then she would be up, I got changed and she spanked me for pooping my panties and wetting them too. Well I have to get off the computer now so long! Now with a very sore bottom, Shannon

name: Jim
Sitting in traffic today, I had a bad accident. I had eaten a huge lunch before, and I was headed back to work. Well, also the three glasses of iced tea didn't help, and I felt a spurt, then another. I had a little spot and tried to hold it, I could see the building just up ahead. I got into the lobby, and suddenly it POURED down my leg, and I just turned around and went back as the messy stuff came running down too. I got a lot of looks. Not fun. Not fun at all.

name: Mildred
Welll I learned the hard way that women do not belong in the mens room. I was shopping with my lady friend at a busy shopping mall when we decided we had to powder our noses. Well the line for the ladies restroom was about 20 long outside. So my ladyfriend had the brilliant idea of crashing the mens restroom. I didnt care for the idea but I did have to 'powder' badly and the line seemd not to be moving. so in we go into the mens room, unannounced only to find 3 stalls with the doors removed occupied by 3 gentlemen with their trousers down to the floor having bowel movements , when i hear "MILDRED" MILDRED!" in a deep mans voice. it was my boss! sitting there with everything hanging out from genitals to feces. I wanted to die right there. I ran out went home and cried I am a 55 mature woman, not a child. Well monday morning rolled around soon enough and it was unthinkable. Mr.X said nothing n did I however it was too much for me to handle, amd I resigned the next day after workng as his executive assistant for 25 years. So all you gals that think abouit crashing themens rom, please think again hold it or wet yourself the shame of that will go away what I went through will last forever

name: Anonymous
story: One of the most provocative accidents I've witnessed took place at a Wal-Mart in Manhattan, Kansas. I had parked and was headed toward the entrance when a young, good-looking couple came out. She was wearing jeans, as I recall, and looking very perky. The guy with her was wearing a ball cap, a tank top, athletic shoes and sox, and tan shorts. Judging by the size and roundness of the bulge to the right of his fly, he was probably well hung and was wearing some kind of jockey-style underwear. It was a sunny day, and he was peeing as he walked. He must have been holding it while they shopped, hoping he could make it home, and started losing control as they came through check-out. However it came about, he was obviously wetting his pants as they came out into the sunlight. The big bulge in those tan shorts was glistening and dark where his pee was soaking through. It hadn't gone all the way down to the hem yet, but it was headed that way. I couldn't stop and stare and certainly couldn't follow them to see what happened, but it must have dripped out of the legs of his shorts as he walked and left a trail in the parking lot. I could only imagine the woman's reaction when she finally saw what he had done. Surprise? Shock? Excitement? Total turn-on? Reciprocation? I'll never know, but I certainly think about it a lot.

name: Sarah
I had the worst experience on the way back from a friends house house new years eve. There had been a sort of party at another friends house that evening. Nothing big just a get together. things broke up at about 2:00 and I headed home. We live about ten miles away from each other and it can be along drive sometimes. About half way home I had a huge cramp in my stomache and knew I was going to have major bm. I pulled off to the side of the ride and searched for anything I could use like tp or kleenex but there was nothing. I got out of the car and walked a little off the road in hopes of finding someplace to relieve myself. To make matters worse, I was wearing overalls, which would take sometime to get off. I felt another cramp and just as a reached to unbutton my overalls, I pooped worse then I ever have. There was nothing I could do. it was january, there were no leaves and I wasn't going to try and take my panties off on the side of the road. I went back ! to the car and drive home. there was nothing I could cover the seat of my car with and as I sat down it all squeezed out flat. I drove home shaking and crying and my car smelled horrible. It was a good thing my parents had gone to bed earlier, I had a chance to clean up. It is the worst experience I have ever had.

name: Michael
This wasn't embarrasing for me, but it would have been for the other people involved. Several of us were at a bar one night, having guy had to go early, so he made his goodbys, and went out the door. A few minutes later, he was back...his car wouldn't start. He asked if one of us could give him a jump start. Two of us went out to help him, and got his car hooked up to ours, and were waiting for his to charge up. As we were waiting, a buddy of mine poked me and said, "look at this". I turned around, and found out were right outside the ladies room, the shade was pulled up a bit, and there was a girl sitting on the toilet peeing.... as we watched, she finished, spread her legs and wiped her pussy. It was winter, cold as hell, and the window was down, but someone had left the shade up, on purpose or not. needless to say, we stood outside freezing to death, watching a procession of women sitting on the toilet. Some sat on the seat, some just squatted over the bowl.! What I learned from this is, never let another woman give you a bad time for peeing on the toilet seat...they do it too...

name: john
my most embarassing moment was when I drank a case of coke on a dare and we were in a mall and they had closed the rest rooms for cleaning and would not lrt me in so I went out to yhe lot and was trying to unbutton my jeans and not quit in time and the security guard caught me going in the lot and told me I was in deep I said well I am and pissed for ever before he wrote me a ticket...and laughed at me

name: Lindsay
story: After work, I usually go to the health club and go swimming or work out. Usually after my 30 minute work out, I will go into the locker room and change. After changing, I will go into one of five stalls and go poop. It usually takes about 10 minutes. Anyway, one night, I decided to go swimming. I went into the lockeroom, and undressed, and completely naked put on my bathing suit. After that, I walked out and swam about 10 lengths of the pool when I felt the urge to go poop. I knew I should have gotten out, but I decided to keep going. 5 lengths later, I felt the urge once again more strongly this time. I got out of the pool and went into the lockeroom. To my dismay, the stalls were all full!! What was worse, after 5 minutes, they still were full!! These 5 women must have been pooping to. Well, I just couldn't hold it. I let out an enormous poop in my bathingsuit! Fortunately it was black so nothing showed. I went into the first available stall, (5 minute! s later) and cleaned up as best I could. I threw away that swimsuit and bought a new one. Fortunately, now I always poop at the first sign!!!

name: Anonymous
I remember this incident like yesterday. I was 10 years old. I was fast asleep when I woke up suddenly. I thought I was dreaming but soon I realised that I was peeing in my pants. I felt all wet. My hand shot down to hold it. I felt pee seeping through my fingers and I tried to fight it but my bladder was still full. I got up to go to the bathroom my hand still holding my stream. I was crying by now. I had never wet myself when I was younger. What would I tell my parents? They would kill me! Luckily my parents never found out or if they did they never mentioned it to me. It would have been the most embarrassing thing of my life if anyone knew I had wet myself.

name: Sherri
I just had the most shameful accident in my pantyhose! I was at the mall with my mother, and we saw one of my old teachers there, so we stopped and talked with him. I was wearing a short skirt and pantyhose, and I had to crap real bad. I squeezed my butt cheeks together as hard as I could, and I almost cried because I was so afraid that I'd crap my pantyhose. I remembered that I wasn't wearing any panties under my pantyhose, so I got even more nervous about having an accident. Finally, I couldn't hold it anymore! I closed my eyes, felt a rush of shame burn through my mind, and then stood there as messy globs filled my pantyhose. They slid down my pantyhose - down to my thighs, and then lower and lower. And then the brown juice started dripping all over the back and sides of my legs. The teacher looked at my legs and said "Are you ok, Sherri?" Then my mother looked, and said "oh, Sherri!!! Shame on you!!! Get to the bathroom!" As I walked to the bathroom in my air-tight soiled pantyhose, the turds made a suction feeling against my crotch, and everyone looked in disgust as they heard the sloshing, suction noises. And did it ever take a long time to clean up!

name: TUT
I'm a commercial fishermen by trade, harvesting sea urchins for the Japanese. The method of harvesting is by scuba diving and I can tell you it is not condusive to the old bodily functions!! The deep sea pressure demands seem to squeeze it right out of you so anyway it seems to pay to get it out beforehand. The other day we were on route to the dive site ( the crew and I ) and I decided to get the old bowel action done before arrival . Well it just so happened to be rough out and the only restroom facilities happens to be a five gallon bucket. So, to make along story short, I sat on the bucket down in the forward area of the boat and it smelled like HELL!!! The boat was thrashing around so I had to hang on so I didnt fall of the Judas Priest bucket and spill you know what all over my ass. Diving is a blast!! (pardon the pun, for all of you far thinking people.) Drink coffee, smoke cigarettes, and poop early is what I say!! Thanks for listening.

name: Lynn
I am a 41 year old married woman. Once I was standing in a supermarket checkout, with a long line. All the way to the store I knew I should have had a bm at home. But, for whatever reason, I didn't.Well, to make a long story short, while I was waiting in line, I realized to my horror I was going to poop, and I did -- a lot in my panties. I had tight jeans on, so it was really a squeeze. I was humiliated, and I knew others could smell it. I left my shopping and ran as best I could to the car. I spread newspapers on the seat and drove home. Part way home, I started shitting again. I was in tears. I came into the house with a huge load in my pants, and ran for the bathroom. my jeans were stained brown.

name: Wendy

story: Today was a bad one. Working with the public, you can never tell who will come in and today, some real idiots came by. After the first hour, I really had to pee, but was able to hold it until my first break. I had the bathroom to myself and let go with a strong stream. Then things started going bad. I ate in the Employee Dining Room, big mistake. I will learn eventually to not eat things that look the same going in as they do going out! One hour later, I gotta go poop. But no, we are too busy, and my next break is three hours away. Work exploded in a frenzy of shouting and yelling and what not (the usual) and my attention was split between my bowels and my employees. Had to skip my second break, going on 6 hours without relief. As soon as my shift ended, I escaped and headed for home. Sitting in the car hurt, I had to go so bad. To make things worse, I had the strongest feeling that I had to get something to eat. Getting off work at 1:00 makes finding good food a challenge in my area, but I strained to hold my load, and shopped for replacement poop. Finally I get home, and almost run to the toilet. Will I make it, or will I have an accident? As my pants passed my thighs, the gas began to escape, slowly at first, then in a blast. A small prisoner was free first, then more gas, then a watery splash! Massive gas explosion followed by several lumps and then quiet. I could go no more, but knew that this was not finished. After a sandwich, I booted the old computer and came straight here to post this..... gotta go, not finished, gotta poop. Later..................

name: Nina

story: This was a birthday disaster- my friend gave me a parachute dive as a gift and when I jumped out of the plane I lost all control of myself. I shit. I pissed. I shit again. My panties were a disaster area, so full of poop - my jeans were soaked. The worst part was I was attached to this instructor in a tandem position- and when we landed he saw the stains and smelled the mess. But he was nice about it, and said it happens to people all the time. Then my boyfriend comes running over- he took one look at me and turned white. I thought he was going to have an accident too. I waddled over to a porta-john and cleaned up as best as I could- but we drove home with the windows cracked, and John made me sit on a garbage bag so I would't stain his car seat. I felt embarassed. No more sky diving for me- but it is one birthday present I won't forget.

I was in the middle of Calc class today as I felt it coming; I HAD to pee! But it was the middle of class, and we aren't allowed to ask out, so I just sat there...and sat there... until I let a little leak out onto my zipper. I thought that would end there, but then I had to do the other thing too. I could NOT let out a little of that! I struggled for half the period, but then I just gave in and soaked myself but good. Thankfully, I was wearing dark enough pants that it didn't show, but I let a little of the other out, and I had to get myself cleaned up. Not the funnest of times, but a relief!

Jessica's Farts for Today, Sept. 26th, 1996:

Yup. Passing gas is what I did today. Lots. But it's not like I was just walking around farting all day. That wasn't the case. Instead I was able to keep the offending air inside me, but that meant frequent trips to the bathroom where I let it all out. At work around 10 this morning, the need to release pressure from my butt came upon me, and soon I was in the bathroom sitiing on the cold white seat. The idea of receiving pleasure was not far from my mind, but the thought of a nice spreader inching out of my hole would certainly not be the case today. With a minimal effort on the part of my anal muscles, this massive wave of gas discreetly bellowed out of my sticky butthole... "pfffffffffft." After this major release came the tiny chunks often comprising my farty poops. The entrance to my anus, being as sensitive as it is, could feel the movements of virtually every bit of poop that spewed out between the jets of gas. I paid attention to the way in which my anus handled the mixture of solid and gas. It did quite well in my opinion. So far, most of the farting had been silent. For me this was a blessing, because I was at work where people can hear what goes on in the bathroom if they are close enough to the door. But it wasn't meant to hold out for long... the more chunks of poop I spewed, the juicer and hotter the texture became. Then I felt large mass of jessgass descend from deep within my body, down into my poopchute to be blown out. According to the data I have gathered from my trusty anus, this was a bad situation, since sticky chunks of poop were still inside my butthole too; the second I push the gas out, my sphincter will make noise because of all the sticky poop being forced outward as well. But the gas was too much, and I needed to release it. Sure enough, Mt. St. Jess erupted. "Ppppppppppppppptthhhhhh!!! Pfffffft... ppppptthhh... pffffffft..." almost as if they were orchestrated, the contents of my poop hole shouted out in sticky, rhythmic celebration. The deed was done. My body rid itself of its enzymatic products, and left my quivering anus with nothing but a hot, slimy, quivering, puckered extremity to contend with. I'll be the first to admit, I love my butthole unconditionally, and even when its slimed up with my poop, I manage to tend to it in very loving ways. With a few delicate, tender swipes, I wiped it thoroughly clean. Twice more during my shift, I endured practically the same situation... the gas built up, and mixing with more solid pieces of poop, audibly announced its escape from my hole. Well, I hope you have enjoyed my post. Have a pleasureable day!!!


name: Michelle title: Hi Lici,
I've had lots of 'accidents', and a few 'deliberates'. My advice is enjoy the attention!
Doesn't sound like your husband's turned on when you wet yourself. That's a pity.
I once wet myself in my business suit after a meeting. It was an accident, but then I
'd left of going to the john for far too long 'cos I like the 'desperate' feeling. I was in
this mall I didn't know, couldn't find the restroom, eventually went to the open air
part and stood on a flower bed.

My skirt was too tight to pull up, or spread my legs properly, so I soaked it as well
as my panties. I got quite an audience. Some condemning, some sympathetic,
some aroused. I also met a sweet guy who drove me home.



name: wrocky
How many of you have been in a traffic jam and had to go so bad that you just couldn't wait
and peed in your pants and wet the car seat also. I have done that several times.

name: Karin
This is one of my most embarassing stories. It happened when I was younger, and I was
spending a couple weeks at a summer camp with my best-friend. Each week we had a
different scenario and one week it was hallowe'en. One night, all the counselors
made this way cool haunted house for us to go through. The night finally came and we
were all so excited to get there that we left our cabin early so we could go through

Well, we went through and I got so scared that I pissed my pants. I was so embarassed,
and the couselors wouldn't let me go back to the cabin in the dark (then again they didn't
know about my li'l problem). So, I went to the head counselor and told her my problem.
First, she laughed at me and then she promised (hence the word promised) that she wouldn't
tell any of the other counselors.

So, I got changed into so dry panties and put on my p.j.s (b/c everyone had come back to go
to bed). That's when the male counselor I'd had a crush on came to my window and sang
peeing songs to me. I felt so horrible. I just wanted to cry.

I was at my friend's house, whom I often visited, and we were
playing around on the computer, when I noticed something a
little strange...there were droplets coming off his chair and
collecting on the floor! I said, "Hey man, you're leaking!"
and he looked down and grabbed his crotch, ran into the bathroom,
and about five minutes later came back with another pair of
shorts, saying, "Glad that's over," as if nothing had happened!

Another time, I had him over at my house, he drank nothing but
ginger ale all night, and then when it came time to sleep, he
kept getting up and going to the bathroom, going to the bathroom,
and it was getting on my nerves, so I got up and went in, then
shut and locked the door behind me.
After a few minutes, I heard a knock. "Come on, hurry up.
I've really gotta pee."
I waited.
"Come on! I'm about to wet myself!"
Still waited, but I was just about to get up when I heard this
dripping sound and saw a yellow pool trickle under the door,
creeping across the white tile, and I opened it to find him
standing there, shorts soaked to the skin, and he was MAD!

I have, on the odd occasion, had some very nice accidents,
like after once beating a particular video game, I had held
out for over an hour. Well, the excitement got to me, and I
really had a gusher in my shorts, even though I was only about
a foot from the toilet!

Another friend of mine BMed himself on the golf course, being
too far from the clubhouse.

Once also, while driving another friend of mine around, I
found that I really had to go.
"I gotta pee, man, you seen a bathroom?"
He looked around. "Nope, haven't seen one for miles."
"You're not gonna pee in your pants, are you?"
"I am if I can't find a bathroom!" I replied.
We rode on for a while, and he squirmed.
"You gotta go?" I asked.
"Yeah, a little."
"Well," I replied, "if it's only a little, why don't you let
a little out?"
"Yeah, good idea," he returned sarcastically.
Suddenly, a truck pulled out in front of us, and I had to
brake...hard. Both him and I spilled our gallons into the
bucket seats.

More may be coming!

Jessica's Poops for Today, Sept. 3rd, 1996:

I thought everything would have gone smoothly. I was so careful when I was
pushing out my poop, but I'm still sure some people at work heard me.

I was in our little tiled bathroom because I really needed to poop. When I
began pushing, I could anticipate that it was going to all come spewing out
in one loud, gaseous explosion. To avoid that, I relaxed my pooping
muscles and tried desperately to control the amount of poop I was releasing.
Luckily I was able to keep the noise under control through delicate and
precise anal control. But then it happened...

Just as I thought I would be able to maintain a quiet state of expulsion, a loud,
juicy fart suddenly rang out from my butthole. Instantly my heart sank and my
face turned red... I KNEW my fart was overheard by at least two other people.
What can you do? You can't take back the fart. The only thing you can do is
pretend you don't care if anyone heard it, and that's what I did.

Right after the big fart, I was still sitting there on the toilet with my butt on the
seat and my poor sphincter trying desperately to control any further possible
noise. I almost broke out in a sweat trying to accomplish the release of the rest
of my poop, without any more audible complications.

But with luck on my side, the remaining tiny gobs of sticky poop dropped
from my warm hole and landed quietly into the water. I composed my self
while wiping my butt, washed my hands, fixed my hair, and stepped outside
into the hallway. There in the breakroom sat two co-workers. Did they hear
my juicy fart? Did they know my poop wasn't solid and wholesome? Did
they know I got all embarassed when my anus failed to control it's gassy
output? Yeah, probably. But I make more money than they do. :o)


Jessica's Poops for Today, 8/18/96 By: Jessica

There's a particular kind of poop I would like to discuss here. Oddly enough,
it has nothing at all to do with spreading the anus muscles. But it has plenty
to do with pleasuring the anus. Let me describe it to you:

This particular poop doesn't have to be big. In fact, I have no idea what this
poop looks like, but what it does is kinda nice: it "tickles" the outer part of the
sphincter as it exits the anus. I've noticed during some pooping sessions
that once in a while, the poop exits my hole while somehow brushing up
against the outer part of it. This feels rather nice because it's a foreign object
where it's effects cannot be 100% controlled, as opposed to your own finger,
so the sensations it produces are uniquely appealing.

Like most varieties of poop, I cannot predict when these anal stimulators are
gonna come out of my butt. I'll be sitting there on the toilet preparing to lauch
my usual arsenal of jessybombs, when all the sudden this odd poop begins
to slither out my hole. I feel it clearly against part of the outer rim of my spreading
sphincter as it lightly plays with my senses. My anus by far is very sensitive
to stimulation (hey, I've worked hard to make it like that!) and so the slightest
movement of my exiting poop can cause great pleasure for me. I relate the
feeling to that of having my girlfriend stimulate my anus.

I am also conditioning my anus to enjoy other forms of poop. Even though the
thick, textured logs which stretch and massage my sphincter are my favorite
poops to expel, I am finding pleasure in releasing almost any poop. Diarrheah
itself provides relief when it is spewed out, but when you have some chunks of
poop in it, those chunks can randomly stimulate parts of the anal walls as they
are shot out amidst the frothy, hot spray. About the only poop which doesn't seem
to do too much for me are the smaller, slimy logs which possess no substantial
rigidity ot texture. These poops often just kinda pop out of my hole in a hurry.

I stand a little disadvantage where I work, because the employee bathroom is
in a short hallway just off of the kitchen. The bathroom itself is tiled and therefore
noisy, so any biological sounds made by someone's butt WILL resonate and
can be heard by people outside the bathroom door or in the break room. This
is when I aim to produce quiet, personal poop. Unless I am really busy, I will
plan to make my poops at work pleasurable ones. Unfortunately, now and
then a loud splash from a falling log or an embarrassing "pfffffft!" from my tight
hole will resonate throught the bathroom; these occurences draw attention
away from my quest for anal pleasure, because I only hope no one was
within earshot of my pooping.

I would like everyone to do something before the week is out. Some day during
this week, let the urge to poop build up just a little bit more than normal, then go
into the bathroom and remove every little bit of clothing you have on. Sit down on
the toilet, spread your knees, and then begin concentrating on your anus. Let the
impending poop work for you as it pokes out of your butthole. Try to make the
expulsion last as long as possible as you pay particular attention to the stimulation
it provides. Aim for that tingly feeling that engulfs your body. Tell your poop who
the boss is for this session!

Have a great day, and don't forget to do your homework!

Jessica's Poops for Today, 8/8/96 By: Jessica

My poop came out in "goblets" this morning. No, not like silver chalices,
but rather like tiny, round chunks which really made a splash.

I was sitting on the toilet and began pushing. I felt the poop slide down
to the entrance of my anus, as usual, but when my sphincter spread open to
release the poop, these smaller but solid chunks began dropping out from
my hole like I was planting potatoes!

The most memorable part about this was when the poop hit the water, it
made a loud splash. I would guess that since larger/longer pieces of poop
have a greater "hang time" when they are pushed outward from the butt,
they drop straight into the water, like an olympic diver, but from a much
less height. Since these were shorter and fell from a greater height, they
impacted with an increased velocity and initially displaced more water.

I released about six of these poops, each one causing my butthole to open
and close. Since my logs weren't very large or long during this pooping
session, there was very minimal pleasure for me. That sucked, because I
was looking forward to some excellent anal stimulation this morning.

Here's a thought: Olympic Pooping! I would like to see a co-ed
competition where participants go for the bronze in a few different
pooping categories: Distance diarrhea ejection, poop pile height, and
longest sustained expulsion without anal contraction. In this competition,
the bronze is the highest medal you can win, because the pissing
competition is where participants "go for the gold!"

My most embarrasing moment By:Lici
I was 28 when this happened. I was at Westmount Mall with my
husband, 3 year old son, 31 year old sister and my parents.
We had done our grocery shopping while my son was in the play
area. It was quite a hot day. I had just finished eating a
burger & fries & drank a large root-beer. We were on our way
to pick up my son when we passed a pet-shop. There were some
sleeping puppies in the window. I stopped to have a look when
one of the puppies jumped at the window & growled. He was
only a baby but had scared me. The next thing I noticed was
my sister laughing and yelling Lici peed her pants. Everybody
in the mall (within hearing distance) looked in my direction.
Sure enough, I had peed my pants. I didn't even feel it.
There was a wet spot from 4 inches above my crotch all the
way down to my ankles. There was no way to hide my misfortune,
& I had to go pick up my son, since I was the one who took
him there. They only release children to the person who
brought them in or to the Children's Aid Society. If there
is an emergency. This was no emergency, so I had to walk to
the far end of the mall to get my son. And walk all the way
back to our car. People were laughing at me. The funny
thing was though, that until I peed my pants, I didn't even
know I had to go to the bathroom. When I got to the play
area, even the little kids were laughing and making comments.
"Lady, how come you peed your pants?" "Aren't you an adult?"
etc. When we got back to the car, my dad wouldn't let me in
wearing wet jeans. So I had to take them off in the parking
lot along with my panties. My husband was no support. There
were a great many people in the parking lot, I got laughed at
but I also got whistled at. This was my most embarrassing
moment in my life.

Untitled By:Frankie
Well me and my girl friend were out on a date and since
neither of us were able to drive we walked every where.
Anyway we had stoped of at taco bell and we had
tacos, soda, and we talked. After that we started
walking home and the food must not have agreed with
her or something but she suddenly doubled over and
started crying. Me not knowing what was wrong
was worried. So I asked her "what is wrong?" and
she said "I am going to have to go in my pants."
And all of a sudden the smell went up, and let me
tell you that girl can stink after mexcian food. And I just
stood their, like an idiot, as she wet and messed herself.
After that we walked home, I would have thought that
she would have taken the messy panties off but she
walked home in them. When we got to her door
she knocked and her mother answered the door,
her mother was mad, after she explained the whole
thing her mother and father calmed down, realizing it
was not her fault, I guess. The next day I asked her
what had happened and she said nothing. So I
guess her parents were semi-cool about it.


Untitled By:overdrive
i had a bm it was realy runny it felt good, smelled bad.

Jessica's Pooping Update for 7/29/96 By:Jessica
(Adapted from a usnet post)

An odd thing happened while I was pooping today.

As I was pushing the first log out of my butt, as usual, I was enjoying
the erotic sensations it was giving me. My hole stretched wider and wider
with every centimeter of log that came out. But here's the odd thing... I
knew I had some gas inside me, building up behind the log currently
slithering out of my hole. I figured it would just spew out after the
poop had exited, but that wasn't the case.

While I was pushing and undulating with the rhythm of my anal activity, a
little squeal sounded from the toilet. (Wheeeze!) Somehow the gas
escaped while the poop was still stuck in my butthole!!! It was the
funniest sound you ever did hear! I figure what happened was that as
thick and slimy as the log was, it still possessed a flaw in its texture
which broke the airtight seal between itself and the inside of my hole,
causing the gas to escape.

When the gas came out, I could feel its warmth on my stretched sphincter.
But of course the feeling of having my anus intruded and stretched by my
own chocolates was still the major pleasuring factor in this pooping
session. After the log exited and I gathered my senses, a litle more poop
and gas did happen to come out too.

A little later in the day, I had to poop again. What I'd like to mention
here is that I realized it's not only the anal stretching and massaging
that makes pooping so wonderful; but I also will sometimes receive a lot
of pleasure the instant the poop is ejected and my anus collapses back to
its minimized state. This contraction of the anal muscles is very erotic,
because it combines a sexual pleasure with the relief of releasing poop.
I would like you all to email me to briefly explain not only how sexually
arousing it is to poop (such as on a scale from one to ten), but also
what your favorite part of pooping is. (For example, the anticipation,
the anal contractions, the post-release relief, etc.) I'm curious to know
just how much my thoughts may parallel the thoughts of others on this
subject. Thanks! Later, poopers!


Car Accident By: Anonymous
I was once driving home with a girlfriend when she told me
to find a place to stop because she had have a bm. It was
late at night and all the usual places were closed. As I
drove around looking for and open service station she became
quite agitated, finally telling me if we didn't find one
soon she was going to mess her pants. She was squirming and
fidgeting like crazy. I told her we could stop and she
could go behind a tree or something. She said to keep
looking for a service station. Well, we didn't find it
in time and suddenly she just said "OHHH NO! I'm doing it.
I'm pooping my pants." What a stink in the car! Fortunately
she was weraing jeans, so most of it was contained. I took
her back to my place to clean up. She was very embarrassed
and apologetic, but I told it could happen to anyone and
not to worry.

Madi Gras Nightmare

Three Accidents

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