Juliette from France

My great boyfriend

I met Edmond few weeks ago, he is a handsome guy and play basketball very well. I can't remember if he is my fifteenth or the sixteenth boyfriend, many of them broke up with me because of poop problems, I really hope he won't be these kind of people.
On Friday night, we went to a party, I was a little bit of drunk, so I accidentally ate something wrong. It made my stomach upset again, my poor stomach had just suffered from stomach flu, the situation of my illness had just turned better on Wednesday.
We sleep in Edmond's house together that night. The next day when I woke up, he already went out for exercising , he runs three kilometers every morning. After getting up from bed, just then, I blasted a long wet fart that lasted for about ten seconds. And I remember what I had done last night.
But there was no time to wait, so I just ran straight into the bathroom. Just the time when I sat on the toilet, liquid diarrhea rushed into the toilet. When I was pooping, suddenly I heard the front door opened, OMG Edmond was back. So I tried to controlled my pooping sound for not letting Edmond notice, but I failed, another long wet fart began, and I heard Edmond knocking the door:"Are you ok in there, ma sir¨¨ne." "ma sir¨¨ne" means "my mermaid" in French, we always gave our lovers many sweet nicknames in France. I sign and said:" Yes, I'm having diarrhea." After that, another wave of diarrhea splashed into water, and I felt horrible, he asked if he can come in and help me and I agreed.
He went in and hold his nose because of the smell. He told me that I actually farted a lot after I was asleep yesterday's night, I blushed and apologized for it. But he said it's natural for us to fart and poop so there's nothing to be sorry.
He keep encouraging me by my side when I keep spraying one and another wave of diarrhea, he stayed with me all day and takes care of my stomach all the time, also helping me when I had dehydration, and he had no complain with the smell.
It feels great to have a boyfriend like this.

Optional Person

Hey Guys! update and hi to catherine!

i hope the moderator lets this through!

Hi catherine!!! it is so good to hear you are still happy and pooping

I am in college now, and i thought pooping in a dorm would be scary. let me tell you all, it isn't bad at all. you just go in the morning before you shower, and it is all good. my poops are not as great as they once were because i am living on fast food and the cafeteria. one day i had a huge urge and i only let out a couple of pieces.

one day i had just gotten out of class. i had to poop all day. i rushed to the toilet and all i got out was gas and a tiny piece and i felt pissed that i had been uncomfortable for no reason the whole class.

does anyone else feel like they are going to poop their pants and then they finally go and nothing happens?

also you rock arrianna.

micheal W survey

1. How old are you? 26
2. How long does it take you to poop? 2 minutes

3. What is your poop like usually? tiny these days, sometimes a nice log. i am not healthy tho.

4. Do you fart when you poop? Not much.

5. Does your poop plop loudly in the toilet? no

6. Are you comfortable pooping in other toilets than your own? no, but i consider the dorm toilet my own now. but not in public.

7. Name all the places you have pooped. home, dorm, and public sometimes

8. How bad do you stink up the bathroom when you poop? not at all. i need to eat better.

9. Do you do anything to keep you occupied when you poop? No.

10. What time of the day do you usually poop? Morning and evening - whenever i wake up before i shower.

11. Do you courtesy flush? No. I dont stink really.
12. Have you ever clogged the toilet before? no

13. What sort of things make you poop? food lol.

14. How long does it take you to poop if you are constipated? i think techincally i always am because i dont eat well. so 2 minutes. but somehow i....i have no idea to describe my body and its dealings with poop.

15. How does it take you to poop if you are having diarrhea? i dont like to be in the bathroom long so two waves.

16. Have you ever thought you were done and then felt like you had to poop some more? sometimes as soon as i stand up.

17. When you have finished pooping and left a terrible smell in the bathroom, What does the next person who goes in there think? i wish i could make a terrible smell to be honest.

18. How do you sit when you are on the toilet? like i am sitting on a bench

19. Would you rather be constipated or would you rather have diarrhea? constipation.

20. When was the first time you found this site? 1998. i am 26. do the math.

Ohio fan

Victoria B - morning or night

I'm definitely a morning pooper, most of my life actually. I'm 41, male btw. For me the absolute best poops are done in the morning. Eat and drink good the night before. I love farting in my sleep all night, in anticipation of dropping a great morning load. I'm sure I'm in the minority when it comes to liking night farts however. But, nothing like having 2 cups of coffee and an apple to spearhead a great morning poop. I'm talking 15-20 minutes of pure bliss of relieving healthy bowels, no courtesy flushing either until I'm fully empty. So morning for me for sure! Happy pooping all.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019


Another story

Icy - thanks for the comment. Yes, I have plenty of more stories, ha. Since my family and I are going to a fall festival tomorrow I'll tell about an experience I had at one during college. My roommates and I went to a corn maze fall festival near our university about an hour away one weekend before fall break. It was cool weather and perfect for being outdoors. We drove out and stopped for Starbucks on the way out and spent some time walking around looking at things before we made it to the corn maze near the back. I had to pee but decided it wasn't bad enough to go before the maze.

After a while we of course got lost and then we started joking and laughing about it. By then I really had to pee and the laughing made it worse. One of my friends said something and while laughing I felt a big squirt escape. I clenched my thighs and grabbed myself to stop it. "Janet's gonna pee herself again," said one of them. "I am!" I shrieked and we all kept laughing and I peed more and felt wetness on the outside of the crotch of my jeans with my fingers. "I can't stop!" I laughed and flooded my jeans completed, soaking them all the way down my legs into my sneakers, laughing the whole time. My friend Sarah grabbed herself and bent over a little and said, "Dammit Janet now you made me do it!" She stood back up and showed us a baseball sized wet spot in the crotch of her jeans, but it didn't show if she didn't bend forward or backwards. We finally got control of ourselves and kept going to get out of the maze. My jeans were getting cold from the cool air and I was embarrassed to be walking around if completely obviously peed pants, but there was nothing I could do. The other girls kind of formed a group around me with me in the middle so I wouldn't be as visible when we made it out and went back to the cars. One of my friends had a spare pair of track pants so I was able to change into those - commando - so we could all go back in to see the rest of the festival. At least I wasn't the only wet one that time. :)



Ideal Dump - Michael W

I've shared this before, but I cannot remember where!

1. Clean bathroom with privacy.
2. A strong urge to go
3. Regardless of the consistency, the larger the stool the better.
4. A long, thick, formed log is the best.
5. Little wiping needed
6. Leaves a few skidmarks
7. Strong but healthy smell

Love to all!



Response to Taylor T

Hey! This is the anonymous person, forgot to include my name on a first little post. If you don't mind sharing, what would be one of the roughest poops you've had at school? Like diarrhea or something? Thanks for the response! Ill be sharing some stories too, when I get interesting ones soon


Final Two Accident Stories

Lemme start off saying I tried posted here as MAX???? (or was it ????), which is an electrical part number. The????got truncated and I didn't want to go by just Max, so imma stick with Nobody.

Anywho, I said I had two more stories of having an accident, so here they are:
When I was a senior in high school (about 2011), I had to have surgery and get my appendix removed. I was in the hospital for about a week and was given pain and infection meds. I wasn't in pain, so I got rid of those real quick. The infection pills took about a month to get through, as per usual prescription periods. The whole time, I had diarrhea-not watery, but excessively loose. It was like it was watery but without all the water.

Anyway, a month goes by and I run out of pills and was excited to finally go back to regular poops, but that didn't happen. The opposite happened. They became watery and I was constantly back and forth to the toilet. I'd wipe and get up and within five minutes I was back for another round of "please end me now." After dealing with this for a while and getting more used to it, I had gotten a note from a doctor. It was so that if I needed to go at school, I could without getting in trouble for being in the halls when I wasn't allowed to be and etc (info for second story).

The bus had just dropped me off at the stop and I had like 1/8 to 1/4 of a mile to walk to get home. There are three hills to go over, the third one not going back down at any point. My younger sister didn't ride the bus this day for I forget why (a few possible reasons). I reach the top of the first hill when the urge first hit. I ironically had random thoughts to myself about having an accident and having to walk home with filled pants. The urge went away and I finished walking home. As I was stepping into the yard to go to the porch, the next wave started coming. When I got inside, I /really/ needed to go. I threw my stuff on the couch (I usually throw it on my bed but didn't have time to get there at this point) and start hustling to the bathroom. At first, I tried taking large steps at a fast pace. That made things worse, so I toned it down. I got into the bathroom and closed the door and locked it. As I was closing the door is when I lost control. It was watery, it smelled bad, and it took me longer to get cleaned up than it should have. As far as I'm aware, no one knows it happened besides me (and now you guys).

Second story:
This was the very next day to the previous story. We were leaving second period at school I think when I felt the urge start building up (or was it ending?). Either way, I went ahead and took my stuff to my third class and got it sat on the table (that room had tables as opposed to desks).I asked the teacher if I could go to the bathroom. I was between waves, which was my first mistake. I should have waited for the urge to hit and go away and left as soon as it went away. Teacher asked if I could wait because we're not allowed in the halls 10 minutes after class begins nor 10 minutes until it ends. She saw me digging for the note and told me to just go ahead, which I did (again, I should have waited). I was on the final stretch to the bathrooms when the urge started building up again. The wall on my left was lined with lockers and the one on my right was the entrance to the gym. I reach the end of the wall on my left, which is intersected by another hallway that runs all the way to the other wing of the school, and right at the intersection of the two halls is where the bathrooms are.

I step in and I'm thinking to myself "please don't do like yesterday" and similar. I get in and choose the closest stall. I step in and close the door behind me. As I'm getting my belt unbuckled and my pants unbuttoned, I lost control. There wasn't a whole lot but it smelled awful. I gagged a couple times. I removed my pants and underpants and slipped the pants back on. Discarded the undies and left. I just made it sound like it took 10 minutes for the whole process, which it should have, but I took the entire class period because I was so panicked and didn't know wtf to do. I had a teacher (who I had before and retired the next year) to get me a garbage back for my undies. I made it back to class at fourth period (I had the same teacher, so I didn't need to worry about getting my stuff) and as vaguely as I could, I describe what happened. She sent me to the youth service center and they gave me clean pants to change into. They also said I didn't look like I was feeling too well, so I took the opportunity to have them call my mom to take me home.

I found a few things weird or ironic about these events. My first year of school stared with me crapping my pants twice and my final year of school ended the same way (except the one I was already home). Idk if anyone other than the teacher in the final story knew anything had happened. Maybe a certain student I had an earlier class with who saw me in different pants when I came for my stuff to go home. It was never mentioned by anyone, like all other times I posted about.

And to close a potential cliffhanger, my month(s) long diarrhea finally came to an end when my older sister went to Taco Bell and asked if I wanted anything brought back. I had been to a doctor about the situation and had a stool sample collected and tested. I was scheduled for a colonoscopy, but I became regular again before I had to go for the procedure and I never went to get it done.

Leg of Zelda

refried beans, and tacos

Hi, I was working the other day, and went to get a drink, and low and behold... a table full of taco ingredients! So I figured id go after it. made 3 tacos with all the trimmins! ???? I put a ton of refried beans on one of them. and not 20 mins later i felt a rumbly in my ????. Off to the toilet i went. I sat down and began reading a few stories.. and nnnggguh! no plops just water being displaced i guess. then someone else came in and sat down and ripped a huge fart followed by a crackle plop combo. well i finnished got up and saw a LOG wheeew is stank! so i flushed and the high powered toilet could not handle the refried beans. so i rushed out of there! while others where in there. hope you enjoied my tacos like o did!

Juliette from France

survey answers

Do you prefer an elongated or round bowl?
Elongated ones, but unfortunately, my school only have round ones.

Public toilets:
White seats or black seats?
White seats
Do you use toilet paper/seat covers on the seat or do you sit down bare butt?
Depends on how dirty it is.
Which do you prefer, a more flat seat or a contoured seat?
Contoured seat. I love the feeling while sitting on a contoured seat.

Private toilets:
Flat or contoured seat?
Contoured seat.
Bare butt or covered seat?
Bare butt, it's comfortable to let my butt touch the seat.
What's your preferred seat material among plastic, wood, or soft/padded?
Cover or no cover on the lid?
Cover. Because I can cover the toilet to avoid the smell after poop.


I'm Back!

Hey guys I'm back after a very long break. I haven't posted in over a year so. In case you don't remember me I'll reintroduce myself..

My name is Grace and I'm in my early 20s. My interest in poop started a long time ago when I started to realize that I pooped bigger than others. It must run in my family because both my mom and brother also lay some huge logs. I first took notice of my big poops early in elementary school when I plugged one of our toilets at home. Ever since, as I've grown up, so too have my poops. By middle school, I gave up trying to use toilets at home because my logs were too big to flush without heavy plunging involved. I would just go at school where the toilets were more powerful. Even then, I still clogged those pretty often. By the end of middle school, I was blocking pretty much any toilet I used. My dumps got even bigger in high school and around the middle of college seem to have leveled off.

As I mentioned, my brother also takes giant poops. His poops clog our home toilets (which are pretty strong as home toilets go) pretty frequently, but rarely a high powered public one. He's a few years older, but I think I caught up to his sizes pretty quickly.

My mom was the only other person I knew whose poops rivaled mine. Unlike me though, she didn't mind using the bathroom at home. She would usually just clog the toilets at home and plunge them. Growing up, it wasn't uncommon to go to use the bathroom at home and be greeted by a giant squash sized turd jammed down the hole. She let her bigger ones soften up to plunge easier, but sometimes would get distracted and leave them for us to admire. My dad and the rest of us would groan and pretend to be upset but i think we all secretly loved seeing them. Since they had usually been sitting there for a while and much of the load was sitting out of the water, the smell was always terrible. On the occasions she would block the toilet and then have to leave before she dealt with it, her turds could be smelled from well outside the bathroom.

In high school, the size of my dumps were making even hers look normal. While I did and still do get a bit of a rush seeing my poos clog toilets, my mom taught me to be as courteous as possible to the people who may end of having to deal with them as well as others who will need to use the toilet. As an example, there were a couple funny times when we would both leave our big logs clogging the same toilet in order to leave another toilet working for others to use. We figured one "double clog" was worth it rather than leaving both toilets out of order. At a restaurant one time, my mom went to the bathroom and came back, saying she had taken a poop too big to flush. Later i


I broke a toilet with just my poop

Back when I lived on a military base the house my wife and I lived in was 2 floors and had 2 bathrooms.
Well after work one day I was taking a dump in the bottom bathroom. It was a big one. Real painful. It was a solid 10 minutes of crapping. I got so concerned I flushed twice. Well the second time, the water didn't go down. It was clogged.
"Oh no!" I thought. I quickly grabbed a plunger but to no avail. It remained full of crap water.
I called housing and they said they'd have a plumber over the next day. "No problem, I have another toilet" I thought.
The toilet upstairs was having pressure issues. The shower wouldn't drain right. When the plumber got to the house the next day he found the problem. My crap had solidified far into the plumbing of the old military base housing. Causing the whole house's plumbing to drain slowly. It was a pretty thick backup too. They had to replace large sections of the plumbing in multiple place and replace the entire toilet I had taken a crap in. It took all day.
Another time a maintenance guy was by fixing something or other and he was speaking to my wife and said "Oh hey! Isn't this the house where your husband sh*ts cement?"
I'm not gonna lie, I am proud that I destroyed my entire houses plumbing with a single massive sh*t.


Toilet regularity

I note Bianca's to post about having 4 BMs in a day. I can even go 5 but my regularity is non existent . I use to poo once or twice in the morning and sometimes after tea. I went through my whole schooling and I only did a poo twice and that was on consecutive days . I just did not have the need. What I wanted to mention that my office consists of 2 ladies and myself. Although I am often out those ladies have been there for nearly 10 years and never taken a dump whilst I am there. I go out to a particular customer and the accounts fella heads for the toilet every day at around 11am and in there for at least 10 minutes. Another place there is only two staff members.... one is a most lovely and attractive lady and she seems to go mid morning. Once I arrived mid morning and she was the only person there and must have been on the throne just before I arrived because I went into the sole toilet and was greeted by a healthy smell of poo and a nice warm seat. The same situation happened again only a few weeks ago. Also JP thanks for your hospital recount!


Another story

Icy - thanks for the comment. Yes, I have plenty of more stories, ha. Since my family and I are going to a fall festival tomorrow I'll tell about an experience I had at one during college. My roommates and I went to a corn maze fall festival near our university about an hour away one weekend before fall break. It was cool weather and perfect for being outdoors. We drove out and stopped for Starbucks on the way out and spent some time walking around looking at things before we made it to the corn maze near the back. I had to pee but decided it wasn't bad enough to go before the maze.

After a while we of course got lost and then we started joking and laughing about it. By then I really had to pee and the laughing made it worse. One of my friends said something and while laughing I felt a big squirt escape. I clenched my thighs and grabbed myself to stop it. "Janet's gonna pee herself again," said one of them. "I am!" I shrieked and we all kept laughing and I peed more and felt wetness on the outside of the crotch of my jeans with my fingers. "I can't stop!" I laughed and flooded my jeans completed, soaking them all the way down my legs into my sneakers, laughing the whole time. My friend Sarah grabbed herself and bent over a little and said, "Dammit Janet now you made me do it!" She stood back up and showed us a baseball sized wet spot in the crotch of her jeans, but it didn't show if she didn't bend forward or backwards. We finally got control of ourselves and kept going to get out of the maze. My jeans were getting cold from the cool air and I was embarrassed to be walking around if completely obviously peed pants, but there was nothing I could do. The other girls kind of formed a group around me with me in the middle so I wouldn't be as visible when we made it out and went back to the cars. One of my friends had a spare pair of track pants so I was able to change into those - commando - so we could all go back in to see the rest of the festival. At least I wasn't the only wet one that time. :)


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mika first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you and your sister both had good poops and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Kate first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you all had great poops and if you have you have any other stories please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Erin B great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Marvel Fan

Constipated for 5 Days

I have been a long time lurker on this site but this is my first post. I'm a 27 year old female. A little curvy with red hair and blue eyes. I work 12 hour shifts in a factory. 6 days ago, I felt a slight urge to poop but wanted to wait until my break (2 hours later). The urge went away and I kept working. When I went on break later, I sat on the toilet and pushed for a few minutes, but nothing came out. I thought nothing of it. It happens sometimes, and the urge usually comes back later that day. However, the urge didn't come back. I eat a lot for someone my size because my work is physically demanding, walking a lot and carrying around heavy boxes all day. 3 days later, I felt bloated and uncomfortably full, even tho I hadn't eaten much that day. I drank more water than usual and ate some salad on my lunch to try to get my bowels moving again. The next day, day 4, I was feeling sluggish and had lost my appetite. I tried drinking black coffee at work that morning, but none of my go-to "cures" for constipation were working. Toward the end of my shift on day 4, I went to the bathroom on my last break and sat and pushed for several minutes, and a small amount of watery diarrhea came out, along with a disgusting smelling fart. "Uh-oh." I thought, massaging my hard, bloated lower stomach. I was really constipated this time. I went back to work and finished my shift, wincing in pain anytime I had to bend over to pick something up. After work, I stopped by CVS around 8 pm and bought some Bisacodyl 5 mg laxative. I took 3 of them in my car in the parking lot with a large bottle of water. I went to bed around 10 pm after dinner and a shower. I was still feeling uncomfortably full and lethargic. I woke up around 3 AM with my stomach cramping and gurgling. I moaned softly and rubbed my aching lower abdomen. I could feel the laxative working it's way through my intestines. I was about to fall asleep again when I felt something large shift in my intestines. The cramping subsided and I fell asleep again. I woke up again around 4 AM, with a huge urge to poop. I got out of bed and quickly walked to the bathroom. I pulled down my underwear and sat on the toilet. My body had begun to push involuntarily, which felt odd, since I usually have to force my body to push when I'm constipated. Wave after wave of intestinal cramps washed over me. I began to sweat profusely. I felt dizzy and a little nauseous, so I pulled the small bathroom trash can close to me just in case I threw up. My body continued to push and I felt my hole opening up and stretching wider and wider to accommodate a massive stool. I moaned softly as my lower stomach cramped again, hard. I clenched my eyes shut tight, squeezing out tears of pain. The cramp finally subsided for a moment and I reached my hand under my butt to feel a huge, hard, dry lump at least as wide as my fist. I took a deep breath and consciously pushed this time. At this point, my body was screaming for relief. I felt the huge stool inching it's way out as I grunted and strained. A loud plopping sound informed me that I had passed the blockage and my stomach gurgled again, louder this time. It was like opening a floodgate. Suddenly, my body involuntarily pushed out 3 more long, formed stools, followed by a ton of mushy stool, followed by watery diarrhea. I felt so dizzy and was drenched in a cold sweat. The horrible smell of my poop was the tipping point. My stomach heaved and I snatched up the trash can, just in time to vomit my dinner into it. My intestines bubbled again and explosive diarrhea splattered the toilet bowl. I was about to put down the trash can when I burped and quickly pulled the bucket back to my mouth. Another, more forceful wave of vomiting later, I finally felt empty. When the dizziness and nausea subsided, I wiped and stood up to see the very full toilet bowl. The toilet was clogged so I had to plunge it before I could go back to bed. I'm not going to put off going to the bathroom at work anymore.

Victoria B.

To Minappe

Thank you for telling me about Hainuwele! It's interesting that toilet gods and goddesses seem more common in East Asian countries and cultures. From an outside perspective it appears as though they represent a lower degree of shame and rigidity about bodily functions than seems to be the case in Western cultures. That could easily just be me projecting as a critic of certain aspects of my own culture but there seems to be something to it. Either way I hope the four of you continue to produce treasure together for years to come!

Lots of love,


Accidents from my past

Hello. My name is Deb. I thought I would take some time to write about my past accidents.

My husband and I had our first official date three years ago on October, 22nd, 2016. We went to Hamilton to see an iconic Canadian rock band.

Both my husband and I have been married previously, but I won't go into the details as it is a long story. We met at work. Well, kinda. I worked as a receptionist at an office centre and his company had their office on our floor. It was one of those things where we just started talking and if went from there. At first it was just talking in his office or at the front desk. Then it turned into walks during lunch. My hours then were 10am to 2pm on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. I worked a full 8am to 4:30 day on Wednesday and Friday of each week.

We made plans to go to Hamilton a few weeks previous when he asked if I could go. His best friend worked for this band (and still does), so we were able to get on the guest list. It was pretty cool. Leading up to that Saturday, I was due to get my period and I was really hoping that it would be late, just to have one less thing to worry about.

On Thursday morning as I was getting ready for work, I started cramping up. I figured that my period was about to start. I made sure to pack some pads with me as well as a change of panties and pants.

On my drive to work, the cramps got really bad and I needed to get to a toilet to have diarrhea. I got my car parked and moved as quickly as I could to my office to use the Ladies' Room. Unfortunately I wasn't able to hold it and had a soft diarrhea poop in my panties. I went to the Ladies' Room to get cleaned up and changed. Later that morning my husband (boyfriend at the time) came out to see me and say hi. He asked why I didn't come back to see him like I usually did each morning. I told him that I wasn't feeling well. He got all concerned and asked if I would be okay. I told him that I was fine and that it was just "girl issues". He very cutely blushed and told me to tell him if I needed anything.

The next day, Friday, I actually did get my period. It started in the morning while I was sitting at my desk at reception. I was wearing just a regular Always Ultra Thin, but since it had only started, my period was light anyway. We went out for dinner after work and that's when it started getting heavier.

On Saturday morning as I was getting ready for the concert, that's when all hell broke loose. The cramps were really bad and my period got really heavy. I decided to go for a walk to help with the cramps, but as I was walking I started feeling the need to have diarrhea. I couldn't get back to my pace in time and had another accident. This one was very soft and mushy. It filled up my hipster panties and covered my Overnight Ultra Thin from front to back. Some of the mess was also leaking down the insides of my legs. I had a shower when I got home and finished getting ready for my future husband to pick me up

My bowels finally calmed down, luckily, but my period was super heavy.

I packed a good supply of Always Overnight Ultra Thins, but I forgot to pack extra pants and panties. This turned out to be a grave mistake.

We got to Hamilton and went to dinner. I went to the Ladies' Room and changed my pad because it was almost soaked through.

We met up with his friends and saw some of the soundcheck which was amazing. After that, his friend and his girlfriend needed to eat, so we went out to find something quick for them. We got back to the concert venue and my husband to be and I walked around. As we were walking, I could tell that I needed to change my pad. We made our way around to the swag table where his best friend and girlfriend were working. I found where the washrooms were and made my way to them. I felt wet. I had a feeling that I may have had an accident, but I didn't want to reach around to feel my bum.

I got into a toilet stall then pulled down my pants and panties. My worst fear was then realized. I bled through everything. My pad. My hipster panties and finally my jeans. It was very noticeable. I had this rather big blood stain near the right side of my jeans where my pad leaked. It went from the right side of the bum area of my jeans and down to the insides of my legs. It... was.... bad!!! I had no choice but to change my pad and pull everything back up. I tied my jacket around my waist to hide it.

When I found my husband to be, he asked if I was okay. I told him that I was fine, just hot which was why I tied my coat around my waist. He pulled me aside and said something that I will never forget...

He asked, "Hey, what's going on? Are you really okay?"
I said, "Yeah, I'm fine, why?" I was trying desperately to hide my embarrassment.
He then said, "Well, it's not every day that a girl comes out of the washroom with her jacket tied around her waist." Then he said, " You mentioned 'girl issues' to me the other day, so I figured it had to do with your period or something like that." Then finally, "Besides, you have a really cute bum and I could not help but admire it as you went to the washroom. I noticed that you leaked. It's okay."

I started tearing up. I knew right then that this was the guy for me. My forever. I said, "Yeah... I've had an accident and it's really bad. My period is SO heavy right now. I'm sorry. Too much information..."

He told me. It to worry about it and then bought me a t-shirt which covered my bum. In fact, his best fiends girlfriend gave it to me. She smiled and whispered to me, "It's okay, it's happened to all of us". I was then able to put my jacket back on because I really wasn't all that warm.

After the concert, we drove back to London and he stayed the night at my place. I had to change my pad several times that night. I did have another leak in our way home, this time on the front left side of my pants.

Anyway, that's the story of my first date with my amazing husband.

I'll be back again some other time to write about my earlier days.

Thank you,


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Hi Deb,
Even though I am not in the menopause and not in my 40s, mid 20s yes, I have bad IBS and my poo goes from being very solid to very soft randomly day to day. I don't experience bad periods but my peeing is very problematic (urge and stress incontinence).
I dispensed with pads a long time ago and now where "Always Boutique Plus Purple" and when things are really bad I will sometimes wear "Molicare Mobile Pants". Both these products are super discreet, really absorbent and very very useful for handling small and big leaks of either or both number one and number two accidents.
I can't recommend wearing some kind of protection like this more highly - it's given me so much more confidence to go out and not worry about what's happening down there or what might happen later on in the day. They have also saved so many clothes and so many situations that could have been really embarrassing.
I'd say give them a try - you have nothing to lose, they are easy to dispose of in feminine bins in bathrooms, and no one else will know what you are wearing.
Take care and do let us know how you get on. Much love.

Michael W.

Pooped In A Urinal

Hi everyone. I have another story to tell. But first...

To Hospital Worker: If you want to read my story about the time when I had trouble pooping when I was in the hospital, you will find it on page 2774.

And..."South Park" is one of those controversial TV shows I grew up with. This one episode I'd like to talk about is where Mr. Mackey says into the school announcement "Some punk kid thought it would be funny to just walk up to some everyday ordinary urinal. Pull down your pants and underwear, turn around and squat down. Spread out your butt cheeks and squeeze out a chocolate hot dog just for everybody to see it." LOL! All the kids laugh.

Speaking of going poop in a urinal, I HAVE done it before. In 5th grade, during recess me and Devon were talking about poop. And he asked me "Have you ever pooped in a urinal?" I said No. Fast forwarding to when I was a Sophomore in High School. Me, John, and Corey were in the alley across the street from the High School smoking cigarettes. And I told him about Devon asking me if I have pooped in a urinal and I told him that I haven't. Corey was like "I have when I was at the movies." I said "That's awesome." Then he says "I dare you to do it." And I said "I will one of these days." Fast forwarding to later on that year. It was July 2004. I was going for a walk and I felt the urge to pee and poop. So I decided to stop at the gas station. Its the same gas station from my previous story. Anyway, I go in there to use the bathroom. First I peed in the urinal and I could feel my poop needing to come out of my butt. I finished peeing in less than 3 minutes. Then I was going to go poop. I was gonna sit on the toilet but then the voice in my head was like 'Wait! Do it in the urinal!' I had a grin on my face. So then I slightly pulled my camoflauge pants and boxers to mid thigh and squatted over the urinal. The first turd came out of my butt on its own. It was a 10 inch banana turd. Then I farted a soft Pfffrrrttt! fart. I felt some more but I needed to push the rest of it out. I pushed and then a hot dog/ sausage like turd came out of my butt. And then a fun sized snickers turd came out of my butt and then I was done. Then I wiped with toilet paper like 6 or 7 times. I washed my hands and then I looked at my masterpiece just sitting there and I snickered to myself whispering "I can't believe I did that." I left the bathroom. All in all, I was in there for 10 minutes. On my way out of the gas station, this lady who works there goes into the bathroom that I had just used and she was getting ready to clean it. Right when I made it to the door to go out into the world, the lady yells "GOOD GOD!!!" I was 'Oh Shit!' Then I ran like hell. Like I ran for like 3 blocks. When I made it to Miami Club Drive I saw this one lady who was teaching her daughter who was like 5 or 6 how to ride a bike. I stopped running to prevent myself from running into them and then I thought about what I did at the gas station and started to laugh my ass off. The lady and her daughter were looking at me like I was crazy. The next day I told Corey what I did when we were hanging out at Amber's house. He was like "Nice, Bro!" I didn't go back to that gas station. Anyways, that is my story. When somebody dares me to do something, I'LL DO IT! Bcz I'm not afraid of anything. I'll post again later, till then Happy Pooping.


Saturday detention for wiping good

In August and September my senior year of high school was off to a pretty good start. Being an honor student, involved in many clubs and activities and being able to spend time with my boyfriend Mitch keeps me on campus from about 7 to 7 each day. And on Fridays, its a bit longer due to the football game. What happened a couple of Saturdays ago though has somewhat frustrated me. You see I got a 4 hour detention assignment for three tardy checks to my English class. It is so dumb, but our teacher stands in the doorway during the 5 minute passing period and immediately when the tardy bell starts she closes the door. Unless we have a pass from the office or another teacher we're tardy. There's no debating it or no excuses. One tardy was like 20 seconds, another about 30 seconds and the 3rd was only about 15 seconds. The bathroom not far from our classroom was packed and I was three persons back to use the toilet. There were like 25 toilets and all were busy. About half of them have had the doors taken off since last year due to smoking, vaping, vandalism and I guess some other stuff. I don't care about privacy any more. At mid-morning I need to get my crap in. Sometimes I have been courting it for an hour and I have done the line routine once without getting onto a toilet.

Because I'm drinking coffee before school and have two or three water bottles during the school day my craps have become much softer and easier too. Often 30 seconds or less is needed to evacuate my bowels, but it is the wiping that has become more demanding. That is adding another 30 to 45 seconds to the sit and if I have to wait for one or two others to use the toilet before me, the time expires while I'm seated. I had a chance and got my hopes up one Monday when the girl in front of me moved fast to take her book bag off, drop it on the side of the toilet, but after she pulled her black jeans and underwear down to her shoes, she pulled off long strips of toilet paper and carefully placed them over all four sides of the seat, and then she sat down like an old lady with a bad case of arthritis. The girl behind me started shouting at the girl even before she took her seat. Said "WTF***! and some other things about freshmen being so dumb. Although the sit didn't take so long and girl did one fast wipe, by the time I seated myself on the warm seat the bell had rung and I knew I was going to be tardy.

My crap was soft like mashed potatoes and blasted out in 5 seconds or so. I think I got myself about 20% clean with one swipe of the toilet paper and I was pulling up my underwear and jeans as I was running past the now-vacant toilets to class. No chance to clean myself farther or wash my hands. I knew I was getting a tardy and I fumed during much of our teacher's poetry interp reading. Then at lunch I went into the bathroom, again waited for a toilet to open, did my pee and while that was happening I examined my panties and found a large brown stain about 3-inches in diameter. I used a small amount of toilet paper to remove the layer of dark brown crap and it took me another 4 or 5 wipes to clean my butt hole. All this took the first 10 minutes of my 30 minute lunch period. The good thing was there was no longer a line when I got to the cafeteria.

Now my craps are coming pretty much every morning at roughly the same time. I've become more adept at rushing for the first toilet that opens. One girl who I cut in front of even called me a senior B****, but I don't care. I crap and immediately raise my clothing and make a run for class. I go an hour or so with a bit of an odor and definitely a paste-like feeling between my butt cheeks. I hide my underwear in my room until I'm alone and I can go downstairs and run the washing machine. Even with extra detergent, the stains are not coming out and I'm thinking that I may need to throw them out and use some of my babysitting money to replace them. The school year is only like 1/4 done, so that's going to mean a lot of extra laundry and replacement underwear. Mitch says maybe I should increase my hourly rate for babysitting. He's very sensitive and understanding for a junior who says almost none of his friends crap at school. I wish I could say that. Saturday detentions for wiping good just doesn't seem right.


Hi Toiletstool!

Dear Toiletstool Friends,

Some of you may remember me! It's Catherine, the 6'1 Greek/Mediterranean woman from the deep south, who loves a good doodie! Haha!

It's been a while and though I love to peek at the forum, I rarely have time for actual participation. I want to say hello to Adrian, Brandon T, Braidy, Victoria B, and Mina, who have been fun to follow and converse with over the years about one of my favorite conversation topics!

Tomorrow is my 39th birthday! And, it's hard to believe that I began posting ten years ago this December! Life has been a roller coaster as of late. Alan and I are still madly in love. I've completed the adoption process of his two daughters (now OUR daughters, officially). I've called them Chloe and Zoe on this forum to protect their identities. They are in 9th and 5th grade, respectively! And, our little boy turned 2 in August! He seems to be taking after me in both size and appearance, but he's captured both our hearts!

As I prepare for my final year in my 30's, I always worried about my bowels becoming sluggish, irregular or irritable. But I have to say that I'm entering my 39th year having some of the best bowel movements I can remember on a pretty consistent basis. I still go twice per day, in the morning and in the evening. My high-fiber diet, along with plenty of water and exercise, has produced some incredible bowel movements. Most of them are long and thick, but warm and somewhat soft. I go with a strong urge, which I really like! And, I haven't had an accident since my pregnancy.

I'm off work all week, so I hope to take a little time to update you on some stories.

Love to all!



Toilet Paper Survey

I miss the surveys. Thanks, Victoria B, for sharing this one!

1) Wet wipes-yes or no? I carry flushable wipes in my purse and keep some by our toilets at home. Sometimes we all need a little extra care down there!

2) How much do you use per wiping session? I may wipe as few as twice and as many as 6-7 times!

3) Are you a folder or a scruncher? It depends. I wad or scrunch when I'm in a hurry!

4) What's your brand of choice? Charmin!

5) Do you wipe your butt between your legs or from behind? From behind

6) Any notably terrible wiping experiences? No.

7) What do you do if you've gone and only then noticed that you're stranded without paper? I always carry Charmin in my purse.

8) Front-to-back or back-to-front? Front to back

10) Do you wipe standing up or sitting down? Sitting

9) Have you ever flushed paper separate from pee and poop to stop a clog? No.

10) Do you wipe your front first or your behind first? Behind

I hope that this is helpful! If you have any other surveys, I would love to share my responses while I have time this week!


New Member

To Mika: Welcome! I always love to see new Toilet posters on here. I'm 5-2, with mild CP, and sometimes have interesting poos. Today was no exception. I had a somewhat urgent chunky splatty load after breakfast, and some runnier loads later. One of these occurred after eating the garlic butter burger from Sonic. I had my gallbladder out back in 2016, and although I mentioned my bowels being back to normal, it seems that the urgency can still get me at times. This past Saturday (the 19th) I did a solid load while feeling unwell with my head into the bathroom trash can. I hope you have great stories to tell Mika, and I look forward to reading your posts. Bye!


Latest Dream

Here's my latest toilet-related dream I had. Mom and I were going to a place called The Secret Toilet. We were magical beings, and when we got to our destination, some of the magic got into the car, and a voice on the radio tried to give away the secret location of the toilet. As I got out of the car (Mom's Pt Cruiser just like in real life), the volume on the radio went up, making the voice coming through the speakers gradually get louder. I turned right after stepping onto the sidewalk, and ran into an auditorium. I was so excited to find the secret toilet, that I pushed passed tables and chairs, and ran for the elevator. The elevator drew my finger to the basement button, and I pushed it involuntarily. After entering the basement, my magical instincts drew me to the bathroom on the far left that was single use, and had Braille on the door. My poop rushed into the toilet, and a voice played over the intercom that said, "Magical Bianca has found the hidden toilet!". I got to live in that building for the rest of my life, and the car that tried to tell the secret became bad luck. Hope you enjoy this story, bye!

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