I am 15, and I was in school today talking to my best friend, we were talking for about ten minutes and I was sneaking out smelly farts through out the hole conversasion,and my friend never expected it to me, she told me that the fat girl sitting next to us was the one letting out the gass. I just giggled and agreed with her. Then again I felt another fart coming out and this was going to probely have the worst smell yet so I started to sneak it out I new it wouldn't make any noise at all so I squeezed hard and fast and to my surprise a juicy glob of diarrhea squirted into my panties I was was so parenoid that my friend would notice but I was even more worried because I was wearing a very short skirt and there were about 5 boys in that class that majorly liked me. Two of the boys have already asked me out, but I was afraid that they where looking up my skirt wen I let out the diarrhea. I then jumped up from my seat and ran into the bathroom without even asking the teacher for permission. I darted into the ladies room and I looked under every stall They where all uccupied so I started to worry because I felt more the diarrhea coming. I did not no what to do so I decided to maybe use the boys room because I could not hold this XXXX in much longer. I Cracked open the door to the boys room and saw no one insight. So I ran in there and noticed that two of the 5 stalls where uccupied so I decided to go into one of them. I pulled down my blue pants and black underwere as fast as I could right as the loose messy poop burst into the toilet I was so releaved and I tried to be as quite as I could while I let out the rest of the emessy XXXX. I was finely done and I started to wipe my butt when suddenly. noticed that the boy in the stall next to me was peeking over the wall with a huge smile on his face. I new that this kid would tell every one. He even saw the diarrhea mess that I made in the toilet and on the toilet seat and even some on my cloths and on the floor. I was so embarrassed. And sure enough he told his friends and pretty sone the hole school new. I lost most of my friends although now mostly all of the boys at the highschool liked me. Did I turn them on by having that accident?

This is pretty embarrassing and I have not told any one about this but this story takes place when I was at water world I have never been there it was my first time there and I went down a few slides and then I decided to go down this certain slide that just shoots you streight down into a thing of water and it really hurts when you go down. I found that out the hard way I was at the top of the slide and I was pretty nervous but I just went down it any ways. It was pretty fun at first until I hit the bottom were all of the water is and it felt like it shot up my ass. It startled me because I all of a sudden had a huge urge to XXXX. I wanted to find the nearest bathroom because I new I had a huge loose explosion coming up. I finely found the bathroom and peeked to see how many people were in there,. There were to many people there and I would be way to embarrassed to let out a load in the stall especialy a bad diarrhea load. I finely lost the urge and decided to swim. I swam for a while and then the urge came back I wasn't for sure if it was a fart or not so I slowly opened my but cheeks and let out some diarrhea. SORRY i GOT TO GO NOW I WILL FINISH THIS STORY VERY SOON.

The post by Silke reminded me of a camping holiday I went on with my Aunt Helen and cousins Nicola and Debbie. I was about 12 at the time and the girls 16 and 14 respectively. This would have been in the summer of 1965. We didnt like the toilets at the camp site very much as they were dirty and always had queues (lines) waiting to use them so we tended to hold it in and go in the sand dunes near the site as we had found some secluded places. One day we went down to the dunes taking a picnic lunch. After we had eaten, as is not unusual after eating Aunt Helen said she needed a motion and so did the rest of us. We found a spot nearby, all undid our jeans, pulled down our knickers (panties), and squatted. I made a point of squatting in a place where the others had their backs to me so I could see what they were doing. All of us peed making damp patches on the sand then Nicola went first producing a nice 10 incher, then Debbie and I passed our turds about the same time each also doing jobbies of about 10 inches long or so I suppose although a little bit thinner than Nicola's. Aunt Helen however was straining a bit going "OO! OO!" Nicola asked if she was okey and she replied "Im a bit constipated and its a big one!" With the three of us encouraging her to "try hard" as she did with us in such circumstances, we stood there by now clothed again and watched as she grunted again "OO! OO! AH!" and we saw a fat nobbily dark brown turd start to slowly exude from between her ???? buttocks. As she pushed it grew slowly in size! It was surely fat I imagine about 2 and half inches thick to begin with then it started to taper down to about 2 inches thick and became a bit smoother. We could hear the crackling sound as it came out as she pushed and went "OO! OO!" and eventually it tapered to a rounded point and dropped onto the sand. "Phew that's better!" she exclaimed before wiping her bum and pulling up her knickers (white briefs) and jeans. We all looked at her fat carrot shaped jobbie. It must have been about 14 inches long or so. "That's what I call a good motion!" Aunt Helen said with I felt a feeling of pride.
To "Preggy" constipation in pregnancy is quite normal but DO NOT TAKE ANY LAXATIVES etc UNLESS PRESCRIBED BY YOUR DOCTOR as it is very unwise for expectant women to take medicines without medical advice. Drinking more water, eating fruit etc should assist if the problem gets too bad.
To Jeff A I have of course been used to women rubbing my ???? and helping me do a motion when constipated ever since childhood, firstly my Aunt Helen and my girl cousins Nicky and Debbie, we did this service for each other when needed and latterly my dear wife Moira and again we assist each other in this regard.

Brad Poopsalot
We ate speghetti and I pooped out stringy turds. This is a true story!!!! When it came out it tickled my butt.

Hi Nicky(15)...Josh...and Andrew. I'll tell you about Saturday at the beach. There's a lake near my house where we go swimming. On Saturday my friend Chris and I were there. Our families had a big picnic lunch...and Chris and I both were pretty stuffed. After lunch I was out on the lake floating on a big inflatable mattress. I was lying belly down just floating around when I started feeling the urge to shit. I don't know about you...but for me it's a really neat feeling to be lying down and feeling that big turd slowly inching out my ass. I do that in bed at night sometimes too...drift off to sleep with a turd right at my butt. This one felt like it was going to be a perfect shit too...I hadn't gone for two days, and it felt like it was going to be just big enough and just hard enough to feel super on the way out. But, as is usually the case for me...that would be for later. For now I was just enjoying lying there and allowing my shit to move further and further toward my anus. What was neat too...the waves of the lake were lapping over my butt every once in a while...and with my butt-hole open a bit...the cool lake water was able to penetrate up in there a little bit. It felt nice and cool up there...and I reached back and spread my cheeks a bit so it could go up even further. Ah...Pleasure By this time..I'm sure that if I pulled down my shit would have been visible emerging from my ass. Just then, Chris showed up out of nowhere and started climbing onto the raft. Often we go doubles on it...both paddling and stuff. For both of us to fit...I would have to move frontward so my head was hanging over the edge...and Chris has to scoot up between my legs; his head ends up right by my butt! So when I saw him coming I started to suck my turd back up as hard as I could. Fortunately it hadn't come out too far...and I was able to do that. Right about then Chris had gotten settled and plopped his head down on my butt like it was a pillow! He was turned sideways so that his ear was right over my crack. If only he knew what was like an inch from his face! I just started laughing and laughing... I wish we could share this sort of stuff. I just can't get up the nerve to talk to him about it...I have no idea what his reaction would be. Anyway...that immediate urge passed and the rest of the afternoon was spent frolicking in the water. On the ride home...guess what started once again poking at my butt. As soon as I got home I went straight to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. This dump was one to be savored! Ever so slowly it inched it's way down. The first part, being at least 2 days in the making was hard enough to open me up pretty well. Words can't really describe that sort of tickling itchy feeling that an adequately sized and formed turd gives as it emerges. I sat there hoping it would just keep coming and coming. It really was one of my best shits ever...and afterward my rectum felt just so warm and relaxed. Somehow I find that the feeling extends to my entire body as I become very relaxed and contented after a good dump.'re weird...I'm even weirder. We've both got it pretty bad. Everything you say about trousers, wondering about what's "up in there" and whether "anything's come out lately" in people my age and younger (older folks don't interest me at all) and REALLY wanting to watch and see what comes out...that's me all right! I worry about it's something I keep very much to myself. You seem so open and comfortable with yourself...I was not like that at all when I was 15...actually I was ashamed of my feelings. And like you really was a relief for me too to see that other people want to come here and read and talk. I would very much like to learn more about you. I will tell you where I live in my next post. Aaron

Jeff A: Your story about the nurse helping you poop reminded me of a similiar situation that happened to me. I, too was in the hospital after some surgery and in several days, I did not poop. So one morning a nurse decided I should sit on the toilet and try, and I agreed. She helped me get on the toilet, which had a special, very comfortable white plastic seat and I tried to shit for about 15 minutes. A poop eventually emerged and got stuck. I was trying hard not to cut it off, I always make a big mess when I accidentally cut them off. The nurse was talking to me and I mentioned that "it was stuck," even though I was leaning forward and pushing; she came up next to me and placed her fingers at the top of my butt crack, pushing inward and downward slightly, and that turd just slid out immediately!! I couldn't believe how nicely this trick worked. The result was a grogan about 20" long, and 1 1/2" diameter which slid silently into the bowl. Now, I always use this techinque with reluctant turds.

Jeff A.>> Your hospital experience reminded me of an incident that happened to me several years ago. I had been invited to a private party at the local roller-skating rink in my hometown. During the time I was there, I managed to break my lower right leg, and was sent to the emergency room at the hospital to have it splinted and set until I could get to a doctor's office the following day. The next day, the doctor told me to stay off my feet as much as possible for the next 10 days, and if I had to get up to use the bathroom, to use crutches, which I did. Anyway, because of lack of movement (exercise), and a high intake of dairy products for the calcium to help my leg heal faster, I had a case of constipation that was probably the worst I have had in my life. I was unable to go for the entire 10 days I was off my feet. On the 11th day, when I was supposed to start moving around, I got the urge to go take a dump...It was one of the hardest movements to pass out of my body. I started alright, but about halfway thru passing the first turd, it got stuck, with about 8 inches sticking out, rather than reaching back and breaking it off with my hand, I just sat and waited for my bowel to start moving again, which took about 10 minutes. I passed another 4 or 5 inches when I felt it break off with a loud splash into the toilet bowl, and then another large turd of about the same length then passed out, just as large and hard as the first one. Both of the logs were light colored, as being I had eaten a lot of cheese, and that bound me up and produced the two logs. Needless to say, it took the plunger to get the mass to go on down the drain along with several flushes of the toilet, once down, to clear the drain on down to the sewer line, as I didn' want it to back up...

doodoo brown
Hi, everyone! I'm glad I finally found this website. After all this time, I thought I was the only one in the world who was interested in the subject of watching other people, especially women, take a shit. I have had these voyeuristic tendencies since I was 14 years old. It all started when I was at the public library. I had a big urge to take a shit. So, I started to go to the men's restroom, but, there was a beautiful asian woman at the picture gallery, just before the women's restroom. She went in, and then, I decided to follow her into the restroom. Inside, I saw her close the stall door, pull down her pants and panties, and pee. After she peed, She let out a loud fart, and then I heard some doodoo crackle out of her ass. I then stepped on the toilet and looked over the next stall to see her. I was afriad because she might see me and I would have gotten into big trouble. But, she was too busy pushing out her doodoo. I remember what she wore -- she had on brown pants, a white vest w/ no sleeve, and brown high heels. I could see her white ass over the toilet seat as she bent over a little to push some more out. She then sat there staring at the door. I thought that was really nice watching her sit there as she was taking a shit and smelling up the bathroom. I then decided to take a dump in there also, as I watched her get some toilet and wiping her ass, but not before I saw her get up and expose what she dumped. The toilet was full a brown sausages. It really smelled. As she left, I was sitting there staring at the door, too. (Sometimes, I'll only read magazines of women in bikinis while I'm on the throne) The second time I saw a woman shitting was when I was at Rose State College in Oklahoma City. I took a personal tour of the place until I got to the administration building. I snuck into the women's restroom. I then looked under the doors of the stalls and then I saw a pair of legs w/ black high heels w/ bow ties on. I looked through a crack in the side of the door. A blonde older woman was sitting there. I didn't know if she was peeing or shitting until I heard her fart. I then went into the next stall and started to do my doodoo when I heard her doodoo some more. After 15 minutes, She wiped, flushed, and left. I left soon afterward. The next place I went to was the placement center. I peeked into the women's room there and saw a pair of legs with purple high heels and pants around the ankles in the first stall. I got hard when I saw her through the crack in the stall. She was starting at the door with a blank look in her face. I then heard her push some more poop out as I she grunted. I then left because she was cleaning herself and flushing. Ever since then, I've been spying on women using the toilet, many times seeing them doodoo while reading or staring at the door or the floor. When they fart, I get aroused, especially my girlfriend. She shits once a day, so every time she goes to the bathroom, I listen in on her. A couple of times, I have walked into the bathroom to see her nice ass sitting on the throne, while she farts loudly and passing long brown sausages. At first, I was surprised that she didn't yell or get angry, I guess she gets a kick out of me seeing her shit. Since I have been with her, I really haven't had the urge to see other women doodoo -- I'd rather see her nice ass take a good, smelly shit session!

Lady T
Has anyone ever flushed anything interesting down the toilet before? When I say interesting...I mean anything that is not considered human waste material?

Jack tors
One day I had my girlfriend over for dinner and suddenly she jumped up and said that she had to use the bathroom. So she started walking towards it when suddenly she tripped over the side of the couch and she took a big dive foward as I heard a big wet fart and then a massive loade of mushy diarrhea. I got all over the carpet. She was so embarrassed. She then told me that she has been havind the runs all day. She started to cry and then at that moment her mom pulled up into the driveway and knocked on the door, so my girlfriend ran into the bathroom to clean herself up because her mom would kill her if she found out. We answerd the door and just told her mom that she is in the bathroom. Her mom never found out about that.

Tracy S
Have any girls had some REALLY nasty accidents in their pants? If so, lets hear about it!! Thanx Tracy S

I had to laugh when I read the account of "knickers" that had to be pulled out of clogged school toilets after girls had had accidents and tried to flush them. Big. Continues on another page.

Hello everyone! I'm a 21 year old who (for some unknown reason) always enjoyed listening to other people pooping in public restrooms. I've never seen any friends go, however, and I absolutely HATE being watched and/or listened to when I myself am going. Anyway, I've been lurking here for the longest time, but never had any good stories to post. Last week, however, provided me with a good tale for you guys. Here's what happened: I was having a nice day off (I'm a graduate student) and decided to go to a pizza place for some lunch. I walked over and bought a slice of pizza and a calzone (which is a large pocket of pizza dough filled with ricotta and mozzarella cheese). Now, I normally eat this kind of stuff every now and then, and never had any problems. But today I was really hungry and just wolfed all this greasy, rich food down, and I felt strangely full afterwards. About an hour later I needed to go over to the library and return some books. So I walked over there, about ten blocks or so, and when I got to the library I started to feel some cramps and rumbling. It got worse, and the urgency to go was absolutely unbelievable. I wanted to use the library restroom, but there was only one toilet and they told me it was out of order. I was literally going out of my mind... this was the closest I had ever been to having an accident. So I left the library and quickly walked over to a local pub (this particular avenue was full of pubs and restaurants), two blocks away. I told the bartender that it was an emergency, and could I please use the restroom. Once I was inside the bathroom, I sat down and just *exploded* with this mess of mushy, semi-solid, horrible-smelling poop. I cannot remember ever going so much in one sitting. I stayed a few more minutes, letting out a little more, until I felt safe getting up and leaving. Now it was about twelve blocks back to my house, and I was certain I'd never make it home without another stop. Sure enough, about halfway home the cramps and rumbling started again, and I was actually sweating. Luckily I was within a block of another small restaurant, and again I asked to use the restroom. This time the explosion but nothing but thick liquid, and I stayed in there a good 15 minutes or so, farting and letting out wet poop. Finally I made it home, and *stayed* home the rest of the day. I ran to the bathroom three more times that afternoon, but each time I only let out one or two little squirts of diarrhea, which was somehow frustrating because the stomach cramps led me to believe there was more than that. After a few hours the pooping stopped, but I had cramps and terrible gas all night. Moral of the story: easy on the pizza, and eat it slowly...

Friday, September 18, 1998

Jeff A.
To Silke: I really loved your story about your family pooping. It was wonderful. Your stories are a lot of fun. I've been reading your posts and like them very much. You're a great addition to this site! Bridget: I also enjoyed your post about wanting to be a nurse, and assisting guys with their poops. I had an experience like that with a nurse. I was in a hospital one time after a surgery, and a nurse took me into the bathroom so that I could poop. I could hardly walk, so she helped me get sat down, and gently rubbed my back and shoulders, and then talked about sports and stuff to help take my mind off the fact that she was hovering over me while I pooped, and to help ease my embarrassement. What she didn't know was, that I was definitely not embarrassed. I struggled and strained, until finally after several minutes of her rubbing, and looking at her watch, a good sized turd started coming out and then got stuck! I had to tell her too, because she was waiting on me to produce something. She just said "It's okay." My pooping was the deciding fact as to whether or not I could go home, so I really wanted to go! After a few minutes, I "plopped" rather loudly, and she just smiled and said "There it went!" and helped me wipe. Nurses are wonderful. I remember that when she helped me to wipe (she did the actual wiping), that she bent over me, where my shoulder was against her stomach, and she gave me about 4 good passes, and said rather clinically, "Okay, let's get you home." and then she helped me up. Fortunately, due to the anesthesia's after effects, I didn't have an erection, otherwise I'd have been embarrassed over that. It's funny that taking a crap in front of a strange woman and having her wipe me wouldn't embarrass me, but getting an erection would. That one I can't figure out. Oh well. Bye all!

To Nicky: My Ass. manager does not know how long I take at the john because I've never had to shit at work. He was gross and he Is not old, he Is In his 20's. I don't serve food at work, so I never thought about what the food I was serving was going to turn Into. I kind of thought about this when eating at other resturants. I kind of get that feeling too If I see another kid or teen eating, then I know the food will come out as a turd. I have a preference about who I would like to be with me and see with me when I shit. I would like to see a stranger either the same age or younger then me and this person would be a male. What Is your preference when you shit? I don't know why I don't try more ve????s and fibers. I think I will try more. I will try to drink more liquids too. I live In the suburbs. I don' go to watch kids or other people shitting on purpose, but If I am In the bathroom at the time when other kids are In there I will watch. When I really had to go last Wednesday It was In between hard and soft. It was also odourless. The color was a dark brown, I belive. I never shit outdoors but I've peed outdoors. So that means I don't have any favorite spots. I would like to shit outdoors but Its all open where I live. There are not many trees on my property, even thought I live In the "country" or "suburbs". Have you peed outdoors before? Bye Nicky!!:)
To BrentC: The laxitive pills didn't work to well, that time I used the pills I had the runs and the next day I had a stomach ache. I thought the suppositories worked better then the pills.
One time a few summers ago I was eating dinner at a crab house, out of town and I got up from the table to go pee and the mens room had 1 toilet, with no stall door and about 2 urinals. When I went In the bathroom this boy was standing by the toilet getting ready to shit.He waiting for me to leave the bathroom so he could go. I could tell he was desperate to go. When I came out his Mother was standing by the door. This boy was between 7 and 10 years old. I wish I could have seen him shit.

Joe B.
Hi Preggy, I really enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing with us. Like you, i usually poop every morning and enjoy it much the same way as you do. Like you, I get the most pleasure from the bigger poops. I've also enjoyed enemas for most of my life. To me, its the best choice for complete and immediate relief of constipation. However, most of my enemas are purely recreational because I enjoy shitting so much. I was wondering if you had ever had any enema experiences. I hope you'll share more of your pooping experiences with us. Thanks again.

To Peggy:Welcome to our club and my most sincere congratulations on your pregancy. My wife Dora has just delivered a baby girl (Michelle) on September 5, and I am now rather well qualified to elaborate on changes that pregnancy induces on bowel movements. I do not know how many months you are into your pregancy, but will notice sooner or later that you will fart much much more...just evacuating gases, without this passage of gas heralding any bowel movement. Then, from time to time, you will have a bit of diarrhea, some times, a bit of constipation too. This is normal and should not cause any alarm. One last thing about the farts : they are odourless. Regards. Philippe.
To Silke: I suppose I should be the first person to acknowledge your three wunderbare stories that you posted, but there is a beginning to everything: first, the story of the group on the beach, then, something at a rest stop on the Autobahn, and now this colorful pooping session in old ruins in Slovenia. I suppose I would have loved to be in your position, for you had more fantastic stories than anybody would have dreamt of, and your family seems to be very unhibited. Regards. Philippe.

I've been extremely busy recently, and have not had much time to read or post on this (my very favorite) page. I am puzzled about all these young people's problems with constipation. There are three things that if you do, you are much less likely to get constipated: 1. Eat a lot of fruit and vegetables.
2. Drink plenty of fluids, especially beer.
3. Get plenty of exercise.
I would have thought that these are what young folks would have done anyway!
Suppositories? Laxatives?? Enemas??? None of them necessary. The only things you need a regular supply of are fruit, vegetables and toilet paper.
Another reason for not getting constipated is that regular constipation often leads to hemerrhoids. My problem is that I currently shit two or more times per day. I would prefer to settle down at once or twice.

Hi Aaron - it's been a bit busy what with going back to school last week and everything. You know, I've been thinking - this whole site is really so cool! I mean like before I discovered it, I used to worry a bit that I was really a bit weird being so into bodily wastes, and, you know, like the way I really enjoy having a pee or doing a big shit, and really wanting to check it out for smell, size, content, colour and everything, and like doing it all with other friends etc.. But I did worry that while it was OK - normal even - for a 10/11/12 year old, here I was heading for 16 and still wanting to check out my and my friends teenage turds - not to mention the mutual peeing and shitting together.! Then I found this site, and realised that even if I am weird, at least there were a whole lot of others the same!!! Then you and me started posting, and I find that there is someone else really very like me - with the same interests and feelings about the subject - in another continen! t. This is very comforting to me! I mean, I only know you are in the USA - Cybertown USA! - I don't even know what time zone or State you live in. In case you are interested, I live in the South of England, in a county called Hampshire, near the English Channel, and very handy for going to France. Thanks Aaron - you really are good for me! Do YOU ever think about what the food you are eating is going to come out like? And what about other kids and teens (and even adults - but not so much). And I get really proud of what I produce when I can inspect it. Do you often think about how your food will end up? Dad took us all for a pizza at the weekend, and there were these three other teens that I didn't know (2 guys and 1 girl) at the table next to me, and every time I saw them eating their pizza, I kept imagining them shitting it out next day - and wondering if they would see each other or what!? Yeah! OK - so I really AM weird. I can't help it. And the more I thought about it, the worse the trouser problem got too!. Lucky I was sitting at a tableOh - NEWS. Another item that passes through and comes out of the anus intact - cucumber seeds. Right at the beginning of the holiday, Josh and I both emptied our bowels together one morning, as we do from time to time, and post shit inspection revealed some odd seedlike things in both of our piles, so, curious guys that we are, we salvaged a couple from each shit, and planted them to see if they would grow. They did, and now they are cucumber plants - probably a bit late in the year to get any 'recycled' cucumbers, but who knows..... Anyway Aaron - I've gotta go now (NO! not for that!! I've done a great one at school this morning!), I'll post you again real soon with all the news since I went back to school - there's something I want to tell you about because it's partly because of you that it is happening!! Write me soon yourself. Hope you are feeling better too now. >From your friend, Nicky. PS. I did show your post and my reply to Josh and Andrew and one other selected friend, so they know how I do feel about them - but hugging male to male isn't exactly the English way. But don't forget you are one of my friends too so you are included. N.

Hi I'm back again. We have moved and now I've got my own email address. On Saturday we went to Camelot ( a theme park) and had a great day with lots to eat and drink. on the way back we got stuck in the traffic and it was stop and slow go. My brother Jamie (11) said he had to go wee real bad, but dad said there were no toilets and he would have to hold it. He said he couldn't wait and was reallydesperate. He was holding the front of his shorts and wriggling round. A few minutes later he said "Dad its too late the wee is coming out." A little damp patch appeared at the front of his shorts which got bigger andbigger as he let go and pissed himself. By this time I was wanting to go toilet too and told dad. Dad said if I could not wait I would have to go in my pants. I tried to wait a little longer, but the pee was starting to come and a burst shot into my shorts and then another and I was wetting myself and the wee would not stop and I pissed my pants and wet the car seat like my brother. When we were nearly home dad was starting to shuffle about and he wanted the toilet now. We watched as he started to wet his shorts as well and there was a big wet patch on the front as he went wee. Next time when we go out dad said we would all wear diapers so that we would not wet our pants. When we got home and out of the car all the kids in the street could see that we had all wet ourselves and found it very funny.

Hello, I just found this site and never knew, I mean, I thought I was alone. I'm 14 years old and live in Central Pennsylvania. I've only had diarrhea about 4 times in my life I can remember and I really don't think I've ever been constipated, although I am fairly irregular. Sometimes I'll poop 6 times a day and other times I'll poop 6 times a month. Anyway, a story. I'm in a marching band and play the Piccolo this season. We play at football games and this time, although it was a home game, we played at halftime (We also played in the begining, the other band wasn't there; on a trip to Canada). After the Halftime show I felt a strong urge to poop. This was a time when I hadn't gone for 3 days so went to the bathrooms immediately. Two of my friends, Jamie and Diane, accompanied me. I was still carrying my piccolo with me. I went into the batroom on the end stall closest to the door while Diane and Jamie took the closest two to me. I sat down and pushed to try and get the turd out of me. It wouldn't come out so I leaned forward until my head was between my knees. It finally came out in two 8" long 2" wide turds, hard and looking more like long rocks than anything. I let out a sigh of relief and accidently layed a note on my piccolo. that got a laugh from everyone and then Jamie, who also brought her flute in (I went staight for the bathroom at halftime) began to play and we both sat there playing. Diane plays the Saxophone and had given it to someone else. It took me about 5 minutes and Diane and Jamie about 10 (They pooped too) to finish. I wish I could have seen what they did. I truly enjoyed that experience and hope to recreate it sometime soon. I hope to post tomarrow.

SILKE: I love the posts, you sound like a really avid terd maker. I wish that I could find someone in my town that did a little terd making and liked to share the experience. Keep the good stories and posts coming . . . . that goes for everyone else too!!

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

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