I enjoyed today's postings especially the story about the girls peeing in a circle at the Field Hockey pitch and the girl Wendy who flushed her soiled panties down the toilet after having an accident in them . When I was at school and playing hockey we too wore short skirts over out navy blue knickers (panties) although these skirts didn't cover very much to the great delight of the boys watching and men at the factory next door. If we needed a wee wee instead of going back to the toilets in the changing rooms we would squat down with our panties still pulled up and pee through the gusset. We never thought to form a circle and besides with boys watching it would have been too risky to pull down one's knickers. The gusset (crotch) got soaked but the rest of the panties and one's legs remained dry and as we always had a shower after a game and got changed into our ordinary (usually white cotton) panties afterwards it didnt matter as the pissy panties would be put into the wash when we got home anyway. One time however I remember a girl squating thus to pee then going "Oh NO! Im doing a jobbie!" I could hear the squelching sound as it squashed up in the seat of her knickers making a large drooping bulge which hung down as she stood up. As it had been a soft but formed motion and she was wearing navy blue cotton gym knickers (briefs) with elastic through the leg openings no poo leaked out. Afterwards she got cleaned up in the shower and changed and disposed of her soiled knickers in one of the large waste bins. I have experienced the stuck turd too. In such cases I find rocking back and forth on the toilet while going "OO! OO!" helps as does Donny's idea of pushing with the fingers on the top and rim of ones' sphincter when it will usually pop out with a depth charge "kursploosh!". I went for a drink with some of the girls from work yesterday lunchtime and did a motion in the ladies toilet at the pub. As it came out I felt it become a bit more difficult and realising that it had touched the bottom of the pan I had to stand up to finish it. There was no sound as it was so long and I was amused to see that it was sticking straight up in the pan like a brown tower. I estimate it must have been about 16 inches long and about 2 and a quarter inches thick as I hadn't been for the previous 2 days. One of the other girls saw it and they all went in to have a look to their great amusement.

Hi Diskputers! Are you still out there? I meant to post this to you about a week ago - I'm afraid I cheat, and draft my posts in a word-processing programme - my spellings etc. aren't really that brilliant! Anyway, I haven't seen anything from you lately! As you know my turds are usually soft and smushy too - like yours, I guess plenty of liquid and fibre helps us all! It seems much better than pushing and straining all the time, and I hate that feeling the odd time I haven't been able to really clear my waste out of my bowels. Like you, I quite often get a sort of post evacuation leak in that about an hour or so after my main dump - and no matter whether I wipe myself well or not, or even right up inside my rectum or not! - quite often I will feel that my anus is a bit moist and sore, and eventually when I investigate, I find that I needed to wipe again, I have a brand new skid mark, and the paper or whatever comes away coated quite thickly with new shit which I'm sure wasn't there before. It's just like it sort of leaks out from someplace right inside me!! Like last Saturday I had a really terrific and enjoyable shit - this long, soft, humungous sausage emerged slowly from my fully extended anal opening and slid gently to the grass beneath me, where I was quietly dumping. Inspection showed well digested food, nothing recognisable apart from tomato skins (they are ripe at the moment, so I eat lots) but a coating of mucus type stuff on the outside - no wonder it slid out so comfortably! Well, I actually had some paper with me, (makes a change!) so I wiped the outside of my hole and then the inside until it was all reasonably clean. Poked it, had a pee on it, then pulled my clothes up, went home, got my bike and cycled to the shop and back, and my just-cleaned anus was feeling all moist and sticky and a bit sore. You would think that maybe it was just a bit sweaty after riding in the sun! But I went into the bathroom, dropped clothes - new skidmark in underpants which had been clean!! So, I wiped again, and the paper was shit-cover! ed - just like when I wiped after my proper dump - and just as smelly!! Wandered into the field, back to site of morning dump, squatted and pushed - just in case!, but apart from one harmless fart, nothing came or wanted to come out!! Pushed my fingers right into my anus and up back passage as far as possible but I couldn't feel anything positive up there!! So I could only wipe myself again (using a baby-wipe) until totally clean, and I was fine for the rest of the day! I might try your Vaseline suggestion and see if it helps - but when I'm wiping myself after a really good shit I'm absolutely positive that there's nothing left up there!! So what is leaking? Me? Where does it keep coming from? Is this a story for the X-Files??!! The shit that comes from NOWHERE - (just out of Nicky)!!!! I'll let you know how I get on next time. Keep in touch. >From Nicky.

Silke, I would have to agree that your experiences are very interesting. Mostly, I think this is because I have not seen any place over here in the U.S. where people piss/poop on the floors in restrooms and openly on beaches. Usually when the bathrooms are not clean or are not working, people will piss/poop outdoors in a hidden place, rather than going on the floor.

Hey friends. It's weekend and so I have a little more time to write another story. At the same holiday I wrote about before some more stories happened. First I will tell about the normal way we went to toilet. After that day at the ruin our times for toilet came back to our planned times(7:30 am - 8:15 am and around 3 pm) we useally have at home.In the morning we went in our hotel and in the evening we went behind bushes or in the lake. Only one day it was different.A big thunderstorm came over the mountains and so everybody ran home. My family and I were the last. It was really stormy and so we ran into the dressing-room which was in a building about 200m away from the beach. My father ran to the parking lot, while my mother my sister and I went in and start to change our clothes.As we were naked it starts to rain very strong. That stimulates us for peeing . My mother said that nobody would see us, because she had closed the door with a key and nobody was outside in this rain! . She told me, that she will show me now how a woman can pee at the wall like a man. She stand upright at the wall, spread her legs and bend a little bit back. With her hands she spraed the lips of her vagina. I stood beside her and did the same. She told me to look at her, and then she started. A strong jet of pee came out of her and ran down the wall on the floor- and I did the same. It must be a funny picture- two girls peeing naked at a wall and were laughing because it was a big fun for us. My little sister couldn't do it, but she pees while standing. It smells like in the mens room with all that dirty urinals, but we don't care. My mother laughed so loud, that she let out a fart. in this moment she said, that she would have a problem, because she had to poop. She opened the door to go behind a bush or into the public toilets, but the storm was to strong, and finally she closed the door. I said : Mom what can we do- because I also felt the urge to go (It was 3:15 pm!)She looked into our bag and found a plastic-bag. As she bent forward to look into the beach-bag she let out a loud fart and I could see a turd came outside her. She opened the plastic-bag which was transparent and bent forward and hold it at her bottom. Pfrrt-pfrrt-plopp-plopp-plopp, with this sound she filled the bag with turds.As she had finished she said that it was the last second , otherwise she had an accident. She hold it under me to, so I was also able to reliev myself. We wiped us with tissiues which we throw into that bag. My sister need no shit, so we lent the bag at the wall and took our clothes on. Me father knocked at the door and my mother let him in. First he saw the puddles at the floor and said he will pee to. While he pees he saw the bag and said that he was wondering about the smell in this room , but now he knows the reason. We went out and my father took the bag with him. As we reached the car which was not far away, he looked around and throw the bag into a bush. We drove away, but we often lok behind this bush the next days and were giggeling. Since this we always peed at the wall of the dressing-room if nobody was around. And we think we saw puddles of people who did the same. Bye for now.

Obi-wan k Those must have been really big cups How did you feed your shit into them? I guess they were 18oz cups. those cups must have been pretty heavy carrying your turds. Did you fill them to the brim with your piss?

David, how did it feel the first time you used the doorless stalls in the dormitory? Were you nervous? Have you been talking to the other guys who are also shitting? Are you a regular morning shitter? I never have to go first thing in the morning. Actually, it's the last thing on my mind as I'm too busy getting ready for the day ahead. I like to take my time on the toilet, that's why I shit in the late afternoon or evening. Steve, you can buddy dump with me anytime. I still have not found any stalls without doors and until I actually see some (with guys sitting on the toilets of course), it is hard for me to imagine that they really exist! Eric, how are you making out with the bathrooms in your dormitory? Please let us know about your early experiences. Keith, loved the European dumping stories. I would appreciate it if you would go into a little more detail about the dumps you took in London, especially at the hostel and at Planet Hollywood. Sounds like your trip was one long shitting adventure. I took some good dumps in London this summer and also had a brief touch of the runs after eating a hamburger. Nicky, I really enjoy your stories. I wish I could have been as open as you are about these matters when I was your age. It was something that my friends and I never discussed and we would never dream of even letting one another know that we had to go to the toilet, let alone anything beyond that! By the way, I was living in London when I was your age and the best thing that happened to me was going to a sixth-form college when I was 16 where guys actually used to take a shit in the stalls. In my five years at grammar(high) school, no one used the stalls and therefore neither did I. There were plenty of quick dashes home after school, heading straight for the toilet. However, I made up for it during the two years I was studying for my 'A' Levels and took a dump almost every day. Yesterday, I had a really powerful urge to dump and stopped by the university. I haven't had such a strong urge for a long time. I dropped my pants, sat down and the shit just flowed out of me. It was very soft and created a huge pile in the toilet bowl. It wasn't too noisy, just a few moderate farts, but the smell was terrible. The other stalls were unoccupied, so nobody had to suffer!. It was such a relief to let go of that load.

Lori L. I know there is a lot of you out there that think constipation is a problem but I enjoy being plugged up. My problem is that I very rarely get constipated. I have tried everything to get my shit hard but nothing works. Does anybody have any ideas .

To reply to Ross, I too sit down to pee and have done so since childhood (age 5). Unlike Ross however, I especially don't stand to pee at a urinal in a public toilet (restroom) but will use a toilet pan in one of the cubicles (stalls) and sit down there to pee too. (As regular readers will know well, most British Public Toilets have doors on their cubicles unlike some in the USA). I DETEST urinals as I have also made well known as I consider them dirty, smelly creations and there is nothing as disgusting as the rank stink of stale piss that typifies most men's toilets in bats, resturants, public places, schools, factories etc etc etc . I won a small business and when our premises were being fitted out I ensured that there were no urinals but two cubicles with WC pans in both the ladies and the gents toilets although we only employ 3 men and one woman. Like Ross, I too consider it far more comfortable to pee sitting down, the bladder seems to empty far easier, it also avoids the nasty accident which can occur if a sneak motion comes on while peeing and I have known many men shit their pants when standing peeing at a urinal and either a turd comes out as they strain to pass the last drop of pee or they think they only need to fart but follow through. Certainly the nasty effects of dribbling over one's clothes or shoes is avoided and I too have experienced the twin stream effect when peeing but when sitting all goes cleanly down the pan. I also dry my penis after peeing as I cannot stand the feel of a wet dick against my panties and a couple of shakes are not good enough in drying of a wet cock, whereas a good dry with some toilet tissue ensures comfort, prevents most of the pee stains on the underwear, (I change my panties every day in any event), and prevents that horrid pissy smell that some men have who dont dry their coc! ks after peeing and wear the same underpants for more than one day at a time YEUCH!:-> . I also have another reason in that I have worn female underwear since I was a kid and I prefer women's panties to male underpants. As regulars will know I was brought up from the age of 5 by my Aunt and two older girl cousins. Obviously in an all female house I was given girls' panties (knickers as we call them in Britain) of my cousins to wear as there were plenty of pairs to go around keeping my male underpants (Y -Fronts) for the days I did PE and Sports at school. I prefered the girls' knickers as these were far more comfortable. Of course they DIDN'T have a fly opening and this meant that it was easier to use a cubicle and pull them down and sit to pee than try to get my cock out at the side against the tension of the elastic though the leg openings. I still wear panties to this day but ironically many types of male underpants nowadays have no fly opening and have elastic though the leg openings so I wonder if other men find it easier to use a cubicle even if they still stand to pee rather than struggle to get their penis out at the side and perhaps wet themselves. Finally, although I am happy to perform my natural functions before friends I do not like doing so with no choice in the matter in front of total stangers as is the case at a urinal in a Public Toilet. Many men also feel inhibited in this way suffering from what is called a "nervous stricture" and just can't pee with other males around. To them the solution is obvious... use a cubicle (stall) and pee in privacy and peace. I enjoyed the bumper postbag today no doubt the result of two days postings. I must criticise Thomas for his reply to Preggy . You dont have to frighten the poor woman! As you say constipation in pregnancy is quite common and normally only annoying but quite harmless. Again however I strongly caution her NOT to take any medicine, laxatives or otherwise, unless it has been approved as safe in her condition by her doctor, or midwife, or other qualified medical advisor, if in doubt ASK and I'm sure her physician can prescribe something safe to alieviate constipation should this trouble her as her pregnancy advances. To Vector. Motions are sometimes slimy owing to a larger than usual amount of mucus being secreted by the bowel. This mucus is essential to lubricate the inside of the colon and the passage of stools, especially firm ones but sometimes, as with nasal mucus, too much can be produced . Also the nature of the food eaten can cause a similar effect, greasy oily foods often result in a slimy motion. To the various persons who post about getting a big lump stuck in their back passage I have experienced this as has my wife Moira and I have had to help her with what is called a "manual" in the nursing profession to get it to come out. The first time I came across this was when I was about 12 and my 16 year old cousin Nicola was in the toilet doing a motion, my Aunt and my other cousin Deborah having gone out. I heard her going "OO! OO!" and a couple of loud " Ku-Plonks!" then after a long bout of straining she called out to me "Its stuck!" Thinking she meant that she had done a really big jobbie which wouldn't flush away I replied "Im not surprised!" She retorted "No! I mean the jobbie is stuck in my back passage and wont come out! Can you come and help me?" As we were totally uninhibited about such matters as a family I went into the toilet and saw a red faced Nicola sitting there with her panties down at her knees. I looked down the pan and saw two hard fat lumps the size of goose eggs but as she sat up I could see a very fat nobbily turd sticking out between her fat buttocks. I dont know whether her sphincter had gone into a spasm but I suggested I got some vaseline (petroleum jelly) and gently introduced some into her back passage and round the fat jobbie then gently rubbed and pushed her ???? urging her to go "OO! OO!" and to "try hard" but still it would't come out so I suggested she let me try to gently ease it out. As I am not squeamish about such things I gently rocked the turd, which was very solid and firm from side to side, with Nicola "trying hard" and suddenly it started to move. I got my hand out of the way and Nicola sat back down on the pan as it slowly slid out with resounding "KUR-SPLOONK!". We both looked at it (after Nicola had got her breath back and pulled up her knickers) and it was very fat for about 8 inches or so and had a bulge in the middle then tapered to a point for the last 4 inches so I could understand why it had got stuck in her back passage and Nicola had so much trouble passing it. Afterwards of course I washed my hands well. My Aunt had used this technique when either of the girls or myself had similar difficulties though she sorted herself out if it happened to her. Since then I have on occcasion had to assist Moira in this way and she has done so for me.

Jeff A.
Great stories lately. Doorman,(I love your walk- in posts. I guess because I've been walked in on alot, and liked it).doodoo brown, fun stuff! George: I know all about you getting your ???? rubbed, while doing your 'jobbies'. If you ever decide to write a book, I promise I'll stand in line to buy it! I feel very bad for the stories that didn't have happy endings though. My condolences to Thomas and his wife. Sometimes pregnancy can be a very complex and serious thing, and for Squirt: you lost your friends due to their own immaturity, and insensitivity. They are the ones who have lost something, not you, and just the fact that you even posted here shows a lot of integrity and downright honesty. You'll stand taller than any one of them. Who knows, they may even be terminally full of XXXXX! I worked at a restaurant a long time ago that closed at 2 am. One of my duties was to lightly clean up tables and stack chairs before I left. One night, one of the waitresses came out of the ladies room, and came up to me and said "Somebody clogged up the toilet in the womens room, and it's really disgusting. I just can't go in there and clean it up!" The waitress was pregnant, and a very sweet girl, and she was sick enough a lot as it was, so I grabbed a mop, and went at it. Whoever laid the crap that was clogging up that toilet had to have been letting it build up for days. The smell was bad, but not horrible, and there was a massive turd going halfway down the hole, and floating on top of the water. There were also lots of smaller floaters in the bowl, and used TP. As I tried to flush, the water was slowly gurgling and rising, bringing this huge brown sea serpent up with it. Fortunately it didn't overflow too bad; my shoes got wet. Just then I heard footsteps behind me, and I heard the stall door next to me slam shut. I looked down and saw a familiar pair of levis, and light blue deck shoes. It was one of the girls who worked in the bar. "It's just me, Kelly." she said, and started unbuckling, unzipping, squatting and peeing a huge loud stream. I said "Somebody clogged this toilet up bad" and then she said from inside the stall, "It wasn't me, I swear!" I tried to be as quiet as possible, so I could hear something, and then after a few seconds, I heard a real soft, mushy load come out, probably about 10 or 12 plops into her toilet. She giggled quietly, and said "'scuse me." I began to mop up the water, and then another waitress brought a plunger in to me, and when she came in, she cocked her head down and to the right looking under the second stall, and said "Is someone keeping you company tonite?" and then Kelly replied from her stall, "Its me. I'm doing my thing." I guess her lack of shyness about coming in and taking the stall next to the one that I was working on really blew me away. But, there were occassions, just before closing when I'd get off early and go have a drink at the bar, She'd talk to me, and in the course of her conversation she'd say "Man, I really gotta take a shit!" She enjoyed crudity, and that was another thing that I liked about her. I'd offer to watch the bar for her while she went, and then time her visits. She was always good for about 10 minutes. Afterward, she'd always buy me a drink. Once I found out about her lack of shyness, I always hoped for a clogged toilet in the ladies room. Once night, when she bent over to get some clean glasses, she accidentally farted, and boy did it ever stink!!! She got real red faced, smiled and said "Can you watch the bar for about 10 minutes?" grabbed a magazine, and was gone. For anyone here who's ever worked as a waiter or waitress, you all know about tipping out the chef, bartender, etc. Kelly always got a few extra bucks from me, just for taking a re al good, decent, smelly, uninhibited, lady-like shit and announcing it to me. It made me feel real special. Bye all. P.S.,I love everybody on this site.

Saturday, September 19, 1998

To Simon (and Jamie) I'm glad you are back again. I like your stories! Perhaps you could tell us about accidents that took place some time ago. One question to you: You told us that you wear diapers at school. Do your school mates know this? How do they react?

Obi-Wan K.
I used to work the third shift at a copy shop making copies all night for course packets. There was a restroom shared with the business next door, but at night it was locked, which meant if I had to go I had to walk a block down to the 7-11. Since I have IBS, I didn't want to walk to 7-11 four or five times in one night, so I got into the habit of pooping into paper cups, then throwing the cups into the dumpster behind the shop. I wiped my ass with paper. I also peed in paper cups and threw those away. Man, that dumpster started to smell really bad after a while. Another poop story: When I was a kid at camp, there was a bully who had it coming to him. One day he was in a porta-potty, and we tipped the thing over with him pooping inside. When he came out he was crying and covered with shit and piss and wet TP.

To Jeff and Phillip :I'm happy that you like my stories. But I'm a little bit surprised that you think they are extraordinary. When we stay together with some friends we often talk about such stories, everybody knows some of them, and we have everytime a lot of fun to listen ! Is it so different in the States with this subject ? We all think it's really natural, so I have no problems with telling you my stories. But only mine- not the ones of my friends that would be not okay.When I have a little more I will write more down. But I want to read the outdoor stories of other people, too? Come on all you readers, write them down !

As a man, I have two bathroom habits that I think are a little unusual. I'd appreciate hearing from other men on whether they do these two things. First, I almost always pee sitting down. I will pee standing up when I'm in a public restroom that has urinals, especially if I'm in a hurry, but when I'm at home or in a bathroom that just has a toilet, I always pee sitting down. I do this for four reasons. First, it's more comfortable. Second, it makes it easy if you also need to poop. Third, even when I don't have to poop, it gives me an opportunity to wipe my butt just in case there's been leakage since the last bm. Finally, and most importantly, it's neater and cleaner. When I pee standing up, it seems I always have trouble keeping the stream in the toilet. Invariably, I don't aim real well and I end up peeing on the rim or sides of the bowl or even on the floor. We have a decorative rug that goes around the base of the john at home, and when I try to pee standing up I often end up soaking it. A lot of times when I pee, it doesn't come out in a nice simple stream. Often it seems to split into two streams and they never seem to go where I want. Peeing while seated just makes a lot of sense to me. Do any other men feel this way? Second, when I get done peeing, I always wipe my penis. Well, I don't actually wipe it, but I always dab it dry with toilet paper. Sure, I shake it as other men do, but it never seems to be good enough. I always end up dribbling when I'm done, and by dabbing at it with a wad of tp, it really helps dry it off. A lot of times I'll stand up and let my penis dangle naturally with tp under it and a few more drops will come out. Do any other men do this?

Hey everybody, I just wanted to tell everyone that there is nothing wrong with liking to answer nature's call, or even liking to thing about it. I think that its a wonderfull thing and its one thing that no matter who you are, (or what you are) as long as you move around and eat and drink, you have to do it. You might as well enjoy it. It is part of life, and life is fun! I also like the issues where you said that it can be embarassing when its a total stranger that is having to help you do your doo doo. Hey, its a hell of a way to make new friends. (You can break the ice and break wind at the same time huh?) I have a question for the scientifics out there. What exactly causes your poop to be so darn slimey sometimes? It slips and slides out and leaves streeks on the bowl and smells so darn strong that you have to go out into the other room to breathe! If you have any information for me I would be very interested in finding that out. Geting back to the subject of smell, I think it was you Wiper that raised the question does anyone like the smell of poop and farts. Yes! I do as a matter of fact. I think that there is a certin individualistic rather pherimonic charactor to the smell of poop. I like the people who are not ashamed to polute the air in a bathroom and walk out with a "ahh, I feel better" attitude. Because if you are like some people who stay in there for three weeks with the dang fan on and the air freshener going full blast, its as if there is somthing to be ashamed of. Ashamed of that? No way! I think when a see a big turd floating in a can and it has that not so fresh look. I just look on it and say "poopie, its a beautifull thing!" Get some questions going for me. . . .lets get to know one another. Send me a poast and I will keep giving you my behind the bowl insite!! See you next time- Vector

Jeff A, wow, great post. Now THAT is something I would love to take part in!!!! While it is something I often think about, I can't believe you actually experienced it. I thought my fantasy was far-fetched but after reading about your situation I'm relieved to see that it is not that weird of an idea. Bridget

BrentC, fernando, Thom, Andy(17), Hey guys - I love your posts. BrentC...The leaning forward postion is one I use freqently. It works. Also, sometimes after I have been leaning forward, straining, it helps to sit straight up and push with my entire gut. Tell me about your friend who has to manually remove his turds. Sound interesting. I have resorted to similar manuevers. Fernando... your shits sound exhausting. I have had some of those marathons myself. And it DOES help to grunt. I am not shy about it anymore because I usually have to audibly help things move along. I don't like laxatives, either. I had rather do it by hard work. I usually sweat a lot since I'm kind of hairy - especially my ass and legs. Tell me more about your dad's shits. Have you ever watched him? Are his big like yours or small and hard? Does he fart a lot? Or rock? More later. Keep those dumps coming. Carlos

Well, last nite, I fixed one hell of a good BBQ with Chicken & BBQ sauce, salad and green beans with bacon and onions. After dinner, I went to school to work on some homework for my masters class. When I got to the Library, I had the sudden urge to take one hell of a dump. I got into the library bathroom, dropped the drawers and let it out ! I would have been lucky to wait another 5 minutes and be extremely uncomfortable. It was with plenty of sounds such as farting, etc. One guy came in and left. Probably smelled bad. Then another guy came in and he took a shit. By looking at the feet, he looked like a skateboard type of person with the sandals with socks and cord pants. I listened to him take a shit which there was no farting but with the crackling sound and it hitting the water. WE finished around the same time and we joked a little bit. It was a semi-enjoyable shit.

To Candice- Yes I can see that being defiant could lead to wanting to hold it for a long time. When I was a kid I sometimes held it just to see how much I could hold. Then I would pee into the toilet for several minutes within earshot of my sister and our friends. One girl commented: "Boy, your brother sure goes to the bathroom a lot!" And when we were out together, I was always the last one to have to pee. Plus it feels so good to finally let it go. Then I got into drinking beer and that added so much to my bladder capacity.

This afternoon we played football on the school field which is about ten minutes walk from school. There are no toilets there so you have to go before. I had a wee at lunchtime and I thought it was okay, but in the second half of the game I started to want a poo. By the time the game ended I wanted to go real bad, but there were no bushes to go behind so I had to try to hold it in as I walked home - about twenty minutes. At first it was not too bad but I had to keep pulling back to stop the poo coming out. When I was about half way home i couldn't wait any longer and the poo was starting to poke out. At first just a little came out, but a minute later I felt a whole lot of poo come and and I could not stop it. It was too late and I was filling my pants. I carried on walking, but I could feel a lot of poo in my shorts and hoped no one would notice. When I got home I went strait into the toilet and took my pants down. There were three big hard brown logs in my undies and I dropped these into the toilet and cleaned up. It was not to much of a mess and by the time I had cleaned them with baby wipes there were only some heavy skid marks so no one knew I had shit in my pants.

Preggy, I enjoyed your story, let me warn you its going to get a lot worse before its over! Sounds to me like you may be one of those Pregnant Ladies that are prone to constipation for the duration. Watch out for prenatel vitamens, they contain iron and that will really bind you up. Start taking a stool softener before things get really bad, and whatever you do don't but off or ignor your bowel movements for too long. Last time my wife was pregnant she waited a week. When she started to feel uncomfortable she was determined not to use a laxative that would hurt our baby. She told me later that she'd struggled for hours trying to force her body to empty itself. When she couldn't force a BM on her own she took a "gentle" laxative. I came home that night and found her in our bathroom, on the toilet, crying. She'd managed to get a baseball sized BM ladged at her anus She begged me to give her an enema which I was unable to do because I couldn't get the tube past the mass. I finally had to make a hole in it with my fingers, get a grip on it and pull it from her. She strained, struggled and cried in my arms for the next half hour before eveything was out of her. A week later she had a miscarriage and lost a set of twins. Be carefull on the toilet.

I've been walking in on women for some time now. The first times were PURE ACCIDENTS. One time when I was maybe 4, I opened the door on my cousin. I just opened the door and my cousin (12 at the time) was sitting on the toilet. She screamed and my two other cousins (12 also) were laughing at her. Now that I think of it, they probably put me up to it. Later in life, when I was 9, My aunt was staying with my family and me when she was going through a divorce. To fully explain the mishap, it helps to know the layout of our house at the time. The bathroom had 2 doors; one leading into the kitchen and the other leading into the laundry room. The kitchen door was almost always closed because it was by the toilet and was around the majority of the traffic in the house. The laundry room door was almost never closed because you couldn't see anything unless you were to enter the laudry room - which is exactly what I did. As soon as I saw my aunt on the toilet, I turned red-faced and retreated right away. She laughed and told me as I was preparing to hide,"Don't feel bad. I'm the one with my pants down."

Hey - Carlos and Fernando - it's Nicky here. I keep reading your lurid descriptions about the amount of effort you have to put into emptying your bowels, and I can't help thinking it must go back to what you eat (or don't eat. I do suggest in all seriousness that you guys try eating a packet of those ready to eat dried prunes or apricots at least once - just to see what happens. I really think you'll be mega-amazed at what that will put in motion (to coin a phrase). Wouldn't it be great to be able to just drop your pants in time before your body expelled your waste products without effort?! Trust me!!! Just try it and feel the results!!! And you'll experience that awesome feeling when the entire contents of your guts slide comfortably out of your anus and into the big wide world - even if it has to be straight down the pan - which as you probably know is not MY own preference. When you do eventually go, and you have this humungous ball of three day old - hard - shit, wouldn't it be easier to pick it out and just throw it out with the rubbish, or bury it in the garden, or something other than poke about in the WC pan with a coat hanger? Just curious!! Let us all know what happens - but do remember that putting fingers up the anus prior to the performance should no longer be necessary and will result in seriously brown fingers!! Nicky

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