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I had to laugh when I read the account of "knickers" that had to be pulled out of clogged school toilets after girls had had accidents and tried to flush them. I don't know how often it happened at my school, but to my knowledge I was the only one. At least, I was the only one who ever got caught and I got more than a "telling off" as my punishment unlike the girl who unfortunately clogged the toilet with panties that had her name sewn in them. It was my sophomore year of high school and I played on the school's field hockey team. Field Hockey wasn't exactly the most popular sport at my school (the whole world revolved around football) and we had to play our games at this old, run-down field on the other side of town. Since the field didn't have any bathroom facilities, we all knew to make sure to visit the girls' room before getting on the bus to go to games and practices at the field. Occasionally, though, a girl would forget to go or drink too much water or something like that. We had to form what the coach would call "the circle" when a girl really had to go and couldn't wait. We'd all form a circle facing out thus providing privacy while the girl who had to go squatted down and went in the grass. I, myself, went like that a few times. Practically all the girls, even the coach, used "the circle" at one time or another. I guess you could also do #2 like that, but nobody ever did. I guess they all either held it in or maybe I wasn't the only one to ever had an accident at the field. When day at a game, I suddenly had to go #2. It was so bad by halftime, that when we did the circle for two girls who had to pee, I almost stepped inside it to squat and do the bowel movement. That would certainly have been embarrassing but nothing like having the mess in my panties later. But I thought foolishly that I could hold it in. If I had just been sitting in class or something (or even on the bench), I probably could have held it, but running around during a Field Hockey game, just made that impossible. When I lunged to make a save with my stick, I did make the save, but couldn't save my panties from the bowel movement. I suddenly felt this soft mess of poop in the seat of my panties. I didn't really feel it coming out, but it was undeniable that I had indeed messed in my panties and it felt really disgusting. If this had been springtime and I'd been playing on the softball team, I'd immediately have been discovered, but Field Hockey players wear skirts not pants. Though the wieght of the messy poop was starting to cause my panties to sag, it still seemed pretty well concealed from the others. It was a bad accident to be sure (my stomach no longer hurt, so I figured I had done the whole thing in my panties) and as bad as it felt to keep playing in this condition, I knew I had to. No matter what I had to keep this a secret and if I asked to be taken out of the game, it would have looked really suspicious. Somehow I did make it through the game and the bus ride back to school. I still had a problem, though, in that I couldn't just go home like this because my mother was always waiting for me when I got home and would be asking about the game. And I didn't really want to clean up in the locker room, either, because practically everyone would be in there and most would be using the toilets after the game. Instead, I quiclkly made my way down the hall and upstairs to the girls' room on the other side of the school, away from everyone else. Since it was now close to 6:00, the main part of the school away from the gym and the locker rooms, was pretty well deserted. Fortunately for me, the girls' room up there had already been cleaned for the day and consequently the stalls were well stocked (2 rolls each) with toilet paper. It also meant that the custodians would probably not be coming by there again, so I figured I'd have total privacy for what I needed to do. To make a long story short, I made my way into a stall, and taking off my skirt, couldn't believe how much poop was in my panties. I definately had done the full bowel movement in my panties at the game. In one sense, I was unlucky to have had the accident, but I was incredibly lucky that nothing had leeked out of my panties -- especially during the game. Well, 1 1/2 rolls of toilet paper later, I had fully wiped myself clean. Looking back, I think it was probably the most disgusting thing I ever had to do (you can only imagine how bad the mess was smeared after running around with it in my panties!), but while I was doing it, I wasn't thinking of that -- I was just thinking about how bad I wanted to get cleaned up. I was ever so careful not to clog the toilet and flushing only 4 clumps of toilet paper at a time, I must have flushed the toilet a dozen times. With the wiping up done, I next flushed my panties down the toilet as well. At first, the water circled up to the top of the bowl for a few seconds, but then it went down, so I figured everything was allright. Besides even if it was a problem, no one could trace the panties back to me. Well, maybe no one could actually trace the panties back to me, but a custodian did see a Field Hockey player with a big number "21" walking down the corridor near the girls' room. So when the toilet wasn't flushing properly the next day and the custodian eventually fished out those panties, it wasn't too hard to figure out whose they were. I was called out of my first period class to the Vice-Principal's office, who immediately confronted me about the clogged toilet. "Accidents can happen," he told me, "But we don't flush underwear down the toilet." He assured me that if I just admitted what I did and didn't try to lie about it, he'd just put it down on my disciplinary record as "lavatory misconduct" and wouldn't go into all the embarrassing details. In tears, I admitted what I did and though he was qutie sympathetic about my having the accident and doing the mess in my panties (especially after learning that there was no bathroom at the field), he was absolutely furious at my flushing the panties and clogging the toilet. For punishment, he made me write, "I must not flush soiled underwear down the toilet again." 500 times. It took me like 6 or 7 hours at home that night (this wasn't exactly the kind of sentence that I wanted to be writing in study hall in school the next day) and my hand really ached with writer's cramp by the time I was FINALLY done withe punishment writing. I handed it in to him the next day and he promptly tore it up, so (as promised) no one would know what I'd done. Incidentally, 2 days later, as arranged by that same Vice-Principal, a port-o-potty was placed at the Field Hockey field. Several times times afterwards I did bowel movements in there. It wasn't exactly a nice bathroom -- but it was certainly better than "the circle" or another mess in my panties.