I just started my freshman year at college, and to my suprise the freshman dormitory bathrooms don't have doors on the toilet stalls. The last time I experienced that was in high school gym class, where the lockerroom toilets were doorless and out in the open without partitions either. The only guys who ever used them to shit were those who had real emergencies. In my dorm now, everybody has to use them. It's really neat taking my morning dump and having guys on either side of me doing the same (the partitions are narrow, too)! Has anyone had similar experiences?

Hi Andy! Sorry for the delay - as I said I have to share computer time in the family, and it can cause hold ups on this site!!?? I know I'm younger than you, but I guess that your ass. (sic!) manager was trying to suggest that HE thought you should take less time in the john! Anyway, if he was gross and old beyond his years, who cares now? When you were working in the restaurant, did you ever think about what the food you were serving was going to turn into?? If I see someone eating - especially another teen or another kid, I can't help imagining what is going to happen to the food over the next day or so - finally ending up emerging from them in the form of a turd!! That sort of thought is a real turn-on to me. What I sort of meant with my question was do you have any preference as to who you would like to be with you and see you when you shit? Friend/stranger? Older/same age/younger? Male/female? etc. etc. If you want to have less trouble getting your own shit to come out why don't you try more ve????s/fibre like me? - and like Diskputers says, drink more liquids too! Then I believe you would find yourself able to shit more easily. Do you live in a town/city or suburbs or the country. Do you ever get to watch other kids or people shitting - at school, or games or anywhere? When you really were able to go 'big' last Wednesday, what was it like? Hard/soft/in between/ Stinky/smelly/odourless. Colour?? Tell all of us about what your body produces! Do you ever do it out of doors? If so - do you have favourite places? >From Nicky!

I don't really see a connection between breast size and poop size. While it's true that heavier people can produce more shit, I don't think that breasts alone are a factor. I myself, am pretty big-breasted and my turds are never that big, except during a rare occasion here and there. On another note I have started thinking about how I would like to be a nurse who collects stool samples from patients {preferably male patients}, and actually assist them while they poop. I would lead them to the toilet, coach them while they would be straining their turds out and last but not least, hold the jar under them and see the poop falling into it.

Hi All,
I've been reading these posts for a while, and decided to join in. I'm a 31 year old female, and I'm pregnant with our first child. I've always been obsessed about my deficating, i.e., it was always important to me to be able to go in privacy and without being disturbed. I become really stressed if I don't have a succesful bowel movement in the morning ( I usually do have one enjoyable BM every morning) or if I have to go in a bathroom which isn't in my house, like in a public place or even at friends house. I'm really embarrassed at the thought that someone might guess what I was doing in the toilet. I find it very humiliating to defecate. True, it is normal and everybody does that, but it's humiliating to want so much something that we have no total control about... It's stressful to wait for that urge to go and to wonder whether or not my shit would come out of me.. I really enjoy the sensation of defecating, especially the passage of a turd through my anus, and the relief I get afterwards. And now to my story: usually my turds are soft and regular sized, that is to say they are about 1" thick and 4-5 inches long. They come out easily, almost with no effort. But in the last few weeks I've noticed a little change which probably has something to do with my pregnancy. I must say that my appetite has increased very much lately, and I've been eating a lot more. Well,a few weeks ago, I suddenly got a strong urge to go in the evening, which is strange cause I usually go in the morning. But the urge was very strong and promising, as if I have a lot to pass, and as if it is going to come out very soon. So I went to the toilet, felt my rectum pop out and a very strong pressure on my sphincter. But nothing more happened. I could feel how I was dying to go but just couldn't... After a few minutes of straining and pushing, when nothing happened, I had to push my rectum back inside and gave it up. The next morning, the urge to go came again. I set again on the toilet and felt a very strong pressure on my ass hole. I could feel the warm shit just waiting to come out... but it didn't. There were about 20 sec in which I was under a lot of stress, wondering if it will come out or not and praying it will because the pressure was almost unbearable. And then, finally, I could feel a HUGE load of shit bursting out of me all at once... When I looked into the bowl, there were a lot of turds there, and they all came in one wave!!! I must say the relief was as enjoyable as the pressure I had felt before... It just felt soooo good... Since then it has happened several times more. The stress involved in the process is not a pleasent one, but the feeling I get after all this amount of shit comes out of me all at once is incredible!!! I can't describe how much I enjoy it... Thats it for today...Bye.

To Donny: I don't exactly know why I do it. I have been told that it is a psychological disorder, since a lot of life altering events happened around the time I was being potty trained as a toddler. (1divorce,1 new arrival, and 1 big move across the country) But I don't see it as a problem, though. I enjoy it, like a person enjoys drinking a cool glass of water on a muggy day. I have come up with some theories: 1) the feeling of relief is heightened when you have been desperate for a while and finally go to the toilet. 2) I like the feeling of being on the verge of losing control, and then being able to maintain it 3) when I do have an accident, provided it is not somewhere public, I like releasing my muscles wherever I may be standing at the time. It is almost the same sensation I get when I urinate or deficate outdoors, it is a thrill to do something out of the ordinary. When I wet myself, I stray from the norm, I am not myself, I feel naughty, but *good* if that makes sense. As a teenager, it's practically in my biological makeup to be defiant, =) and if I could pin it on that, I would, but I can't because I have enjoyed doing these things for my entire life as I remember it. Whoever is the anonymous person who described similar patterns in his wife's behavior, please ask her about these things, and let me know what she says. It may be easier for her to pinpoint her own feelings if you provide some examples, or "conversation starters" if you will. Thank you much! ~Candi~

Carlos, Fernando and Thom-- I really enjoyed your recent posts. As a guy who struggles with constipation almost all of the time I can certainly appreciate the herculean efforts to produce a dump that each of you describe. To Fernando: I understand that you don't want to use laxatives and I commend that choice. However, there must be times like you described in your post when some help would be a good idea because of the pain and stretching of the annus and rectum that you are suffering. Aren't you afraid you might tear something down there? Have you ever tried mineral oil to soften your stools? You can take it in oral form or rectally via an enema. Fleet makes a prepackaged disposable mineral oil enema that is supposed to be fairly easy to use. Have you tried that? Have you talked to your parents about your constipation? Have you seen a doctor about it? That might be a good idea. To Carlos: What do you do to relieve your constipation when you don't have a friend to massage your buns? Any interesting experiences with laxatives or suppositories? Our dumps are very similar with straining, grunting and rocking. I find that bending forward until my pecs touch my knees is about the best position for forcing out stool. Have you ever tried manual evacuation? It's unpleasant but I have a buddy who has to do it sometimes because nothing else works. To Andy(17): I noticed from one of your post that you have taken laxative pills and suppositories for your constipation. How did those work? What kind of dump did you have and how long did it take? To Thom: I visit southern California all of the time. It would be fun to meet and buddy dump with you. We have a very similar history. You said that you do an enema if your constipation is especially difficult or you want a good cleaning out. How often do you have to do that? How do you accomplish that? What do you use? Do you have a lot of discomfort or is it mostly a feeling of relief? Any buddy dumping experiences involving enemas other than your brother? I am curious. When my constipation is really bad and beyond the help of suppositories, I use Golytely presribed by my doctor. It causes terrible cramps and bloating but eventually cleans me out. Have you tried that? About your high school friend that now has constipation problems-- what do you talk about? How did you find out about his/her problem? Did you offer any advice? How is your friend managing the problem? Please keep those posts coming and I will do the same.

Some Guy
Disgusting- I'd like to hear the story about your girlfriend pooping herself!

Regarding good cleaning after taking a dump ... I have installed in my bathroom one of the sprayers like most kitchen sinks have. I spliced it into the toilet supply tube and I use it to clean my butt with. The pressure is a bit strong but if you flush first and use it while the tank is refilling it's just about right. Use that for 10-15 seconds and then dry with toilet paper and you'll be perfectly clean. Basically a poor man's bidet. Only thing that would make it better is if I could somehow have the water be warm instead of just cold. But it does the job!

Hi Nicky....and Thom and Jodi and others that I'm not remembering right now. Thanks for replying to my post. I'm better now...actually I've been better for a while; since my friends Mom died in August. It was just the other day when I was thinking about stuff again. Nicky, of course you're right about my friend needing me right now. I want to be there for him more than anything...and I'm trying my best, but I can't always find the right things to say. I think of better things later, like when I'm lying in bed at night. Damn. He (i don't want to use his name's just too personal I guess) took things very hard, and he has a younger brother and sister so everybody is sort of leaning on him (even his dad). But they had beautoful services and things got a litle better after that. It wasn't a funeral sort of thing at all...They called it a celebration of her life! Over 200 people showed up...andjust about every kid in our class was there. His Mom did that. She was the type that made friends with all the kids...not friends like a teenage friend...she was always a Mom...but she wanted to know us all...and she just sort of got involved in what was important to us. So my friend and his family got a lot of hugs...He seems OK...but like me sometimes, it's sort of like a wave of feelings comes over him and he needs to cry again. There was also this popular song (again too personal to tell you which one) that his Mom recorded with her own voice...they played it at the services...says stuff like she'll always be there watching him... Whenever I hear that now i think of her. When they played that at the services...we all were crying...but I guess that's OK. Anyway, thanks. Aaron P.S. I have a story about me and Chris that I'll tell here soon.

Hey Fernando... keep up the great posting! My dumps have been pretty descent lately. Saturday morning after having breakfast I had a greeat power dump. It was a ton of little bits and the biggest was no more than 2 inches long. Then sunday I crapped twice. Once in the morning after breakfast and one at night after I got home from work. My dump today was great. I was at work at 8am and had breakfast and stuff. About 945am the ure started. It was a very stong urge. I went over to the food court to take my dump and get a drink. It was another power dump. It burned like hell coming out! I had pizza with hot peppers on it last night. I had lots of watery farts and several waves of this power dump. I felt much bbetter afterwards. I kinda have to dump now, but I'll wait until after dinner. I never really have a problem with constipation... very rarely. I am a pretty regular dumper. Usually once a day, sometimes twice and it has happened to me several times, going three times n one day. I eat like a horse, like most 20 year olds and I excersize a lot so I am pretty healthy. I am by no means fat, just a little muscular. That's all...

I like the poasts everyone keep 'em coming . . . .isnt this a great site? Well I guess you want to know about my own experience now. It was kind of crazy. I was walking down by the river that runs down the mountain about 2mi. from my house and I had to take a major deposit (as compared to a minor who finds these major deposits, more about this another time) So I find this nice little spot where there is a root that is hanging out of the bank sideways, kind of like a pearch that was just beconing me to go and do my doo doo over there. So I go for it, I get over there and take my pants down and hop on to this root. Well its sticking out sideways and my butt is faceing upstream. I don't really care though because now I have the urge and the log has reached the lower part of my intestines. Fffffffft, a long gassey hiss exits my bum and it is releaving, it gives me motivation for what was next. I start pushing and grunting pretty loud because that is just what I do. Sudenly two people round the bend in a red canoe and see me with my butt hanging off the end of this root. There I sit and grunt untill those two pass right by me just in time to get a up close view of my lincon log hitting the bank and me heaving out with a resounding sigh of relief. Ahhhhhh!! I didn't even see them until they had passed right by me and went down the river. I hope they enjoyed the experience, and their canoe trip. It embarassed the hell out of me!

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

I remember the very first time I saw my parents pooping very well. It was the first year I was in holiday because my little sister was old enough for the journey. I think I was about 6. We were in Austria, next to the Yugoslavian border. We all had problems with our pooping in the beginning of our holiday. After 4 days without a motion my father decided to make a short trip to Yugoslavia for a visit of a church on an island and possibly finding a private place in the woods or in the mountains for an intensive try of pooping. We visited this church-island had our meal, and on our way back we found a nice place for a try - it was a ruin of an castle, no people - dark corners. My father parked our car and we went up the small way up to the ruin. That was not so easy, and I think that was the reason for us to have a god chance for a poop. But as we entered the ruin my father only peed at the wall. Some minutes later we found a room with some photos and a visitors book where we can see, that last people were here weeks ago! I let out a big fart but nothing more happened. In this room there was a door, and as we opened it weee found a toilet and an urinal inside, both were filt with very old black motions and toilet paper. Now my little sister had to poop and so my father and I went out. But my mother didn't close the door and so I saw everything. My mother pulled the pants of my sister down and looked around for a place to let her go. Finally she said to my father:"Honey, go out and stand guard I will hold our princess over the washing-basin !" My father went out and I went a little nearer because I wanted to see all. My mother grinned and told me not to came near because my sister could splash while pooping. My sister farted loud and said she couldn't wait longer, and so my mother holds her over the basin. She peed a big arch and the most pee ran beside the basin directly on the floor. After that I heard a big turd coming out and falling down into the basin. Plopp,plopp,pffft,plopp-plopp,plopp it goes for 25 minutes (!) .The basin was filled with the poop of 4 days!. After 15 minutes I pushed up my dress (My Mother and had pulled out our underpants in our car) and pressed one hand on my vagina and the other on my bottom and said to my mother: Let her hurry up, I need a motion, too ! In this moment I heard still the sound of my pooping sister. My mother told me that she couldn't let her stopp, and I should go right there. I pushed up my dress a little bit higher and lent a little bit forward and started to let out my turds and my pee. My father came in and looked directly on my bottom while a turd came out. He just laughed and said that he will bring on a toilet sign at the entrance. The puddle between my legs was a real ocean and my and my sisters pee was floating in many rivers across the room. Prrrt-plosh, prrt-plosh, pffft, prrt-plosh - I think I let out more than a dozen turds. It was a fantastic feeling relieving afte! r 4 days. My mother wipes my sister, pulled up her pants and both went outside. My mother turned around and told that that I shouldn't hurry I have all time for finishing. The room smelled awfull, but after I wiped myself I let down my dress and took a short look into the basin. It was full of my sisters poop and pee and Tp. As Iturned around my father came in squatted down beside the entrance and pressed out some turds. I went outside and we waited for my father. The whole time we hear farts and grunts of him, and as we looked inside we saw a mountain of turds between his legs. He wiped and than we go up some steps to a kind of a long balcony. We stand there and looked into the valley. The poop-smell creeps up a little up to this balcony and we all laughed. My mother pushed up dress spread her legs and said that she is the last one to do. We heard loud farts and a strong jet of pee cames out of her vagina. She pressed several minutes, but only farts came out. But after 20 minutes she succeed at laest. A big , fat turd came out and falls on the ground. I looked on her bottom I saw the next one coming out. It was funny because we all looked at my mother and say: Once more. Press,press. And she did. I think it was the longest pooping I've ever seen. She pooped, farted and peed again and again- Nearly one hour. As she had finished she simply wiped herself let down her dress an pointed on the turds and the puddle and said: Let's go, I think this balcony will break down under this weight. We leaved this stinky place and drove away. Bye for now.

Hello all. LadyT asked if anyone was interested in the sound of a toilet as it is flushed. I, for one, like the sound of most modern toilets. At school, the boys and girls restrooms are positioned next to each other and the doors are usually open. You hear many toilets flushing in the girls, but with the boys you often only hear urinals flushing, which is a very different sound. The girls are intrigued with this sound and often look into the boys room to see what kind of set up is in there. We have Eljer urinals which make a distinctive, loud sound. About half the boys never flush, and there is a urine smell. I have heard girls comment that "The boys bathroom REALLY smells!" upon passing the open door. I can always tell if the teachers have instructed the boys to flush; for a week after that, they always flush, but then it goes back to approximately 50% of them flushing. Many girls do not flush either, but the smell is less when a toilet is left unflushed. Some of the kids have accidents, especially at the beginning of the year, and you have to make sure they don't feel too embarassed about it. We just clean it up, get them dry clothes and tell them it happens to everybody. Candice, it's cool that you like to hold it for a long time, but I can only guess why you do it. Don't you like using your school bathrooms? Do you just like the sensation of running around with a full bladder? Or do you like having the accidents? Please tell us more!

Donny>> To answer your question about standing at a toilet and peeing with another guy at the same time, yes, I have done that in the past, the last time being several years ago, when a cousin of mine and I both had to take a leak...He nor I couldn't wait, as it was at a gas (petrol) station and there was only one restroom, so we both went in together...I will admit that after we were thru peeing, we did compare our "equipment", but that was all...

To: DoorMan Re: Zombie sister walking in on you You shouldn't have said anything. You should have waited for her reaction if she tried to sit on you!

I've been enjoying the discussions on anal hygene. I like to be absolutely squeekee clean and use baby wipes. Since my motions (I love that word) are usually large, smelly and sticky, I usually have to wipe about seven or eight times with tp (I wipe sitting down, from the back, front to back, inspecting the paper after each wipe). After I've removed the majority of shit from my hole, I take out the wet wipes, which I keep under the sink. I then proceed to clean "inside" using my finger. I usually use about four or five wet wipes (you can fold them over and get two or three wipes per sheet) until my hole is absolutely as clean as can be. After this, I never get any skid marks in my underwear and i feel really fresh and clean all day. Occasionally I have to go at work (about once every two weeks) or in a public restroom and I then will use a little spit on the paper since I don't carry the wet wipes with me. This is a poor substitute, but is better than nothing. I usually will have pronounced skid marks later. It always amazes me how careless most people seem to be in this department. I have sat on many occasions next to another guy in a stall. He will let loose with a motion that I know from the sounds and smells is very loose and sticky. He will then wipe maybe once or twice and then pull up his pants and leave. I just know that his underwear by the end of the day must be just disgusting....Here's a question that I've never seen disussed here: do people like the smell of their farts and shit? I know that I secretly do. Nothing like the smell of a good ripe fart. Does anyone ever sniff the tp after a wipe? This is a bit much for me, but I know of at least one friend who admitted to me that he does this.....As for constipation, it is hard for me to believe that this is a chronic problem for people (apparently it must be judging from the posts here and all the ads on TV for laxatives). A couple of apples a day, a nice bowl of cereal and some fresh vegetables should cure the most stubborn constipation.

Re: Tits vs dump size I don't think there is any relationship. My wife is tiny, both overall and in the tit department, yet I've seen her pass logs that make me wonder how they were ever inside her.

Hey Aaron - I didn't want to make you sad and unhappy - I'm really sorry about all the bad things that seem to be happening around you now. I just want to be your friend, like I feel you are my friend. I mean, I hope I can appreciate my friends - Josh especially is very important to me, we've done so much together over the years, and I guess he knows that - if not, he will when he reads my screen next Aaron, I do want you to know that even from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, I am sad for you and I really do hope things just get better from now. I suppose I've been v. lucky in not having had much to do with death except for grandparents, and it was expected and they were very old. But your friend's Mum - it seems like that really hurt you too - but don't forget your friend must be even more hurt and sad because he's lost his MOTHER - so hang in with him even if it's not easy, I'm sure he really needs you, and you sound like you are a really nice guy and have a good attitude for others. Hey, I sound like an adult, & I'm younger than you! I've personally never had to sort of think about sudden death - but I'm only 15. I hope you feel you can chat to me, and others on this site, when you are feeling down and want to talk to people about it. All the very best from your friend Nicky

Posted by anymous on 8/10/98 4:36:52 PM: To Candice: My wife does the same. I posted this before on "wetpanties", see below: My wife tends to wait until she is really desperate to go. It is not clear to me why she does that, I told her many times she can just as well go 10 minutes earlier. She then just says: "Yes, I know." I assume she must like the feeling. So, I see her often squirming or jumping around. As far as I know -she is not a wetter- she only once ended up actually having a full blown accident (she often leaks though).

I have no writing skills, yet i wanted to tell you all something: If you have a kid with wetting-problems, do not try to cure it... time will do its own. I used to wet my bed, up to the age of 18 (!!!), and then it stopped, suddenly...

I just happen to remember when I was young, In my old house we had some small paintings on the wall In the bathroom. The one painting was of these boys. I remember that this boy Is standing near a pond and he Is peeing In the pond with his dog. On this other painting there are 3 or 4 girls all siting on the toilet either peeing or pooping. I don't know what they were doing? On the final toilet this girl puts her teddy bear on the toiet.

Doug don't piss on your lawn it will kill it. Grass hates acidity, that's why you'll never find grass growing under pine trees. Pine needles and piss are extremly high in acidity and will kill grass.

Monday, September 14, 1998

Hullo folks! I can agree with Angie to an extent about birds with "big boobs doing big poops" as I am quite a well endowed buxom girl myself and do real whoppers. I was never made to do my jobbies in a garbage bag . Normally I do my daily motion after lunch anyway so I was usually at school so did it in the Girls Toilets where it didn't matter if it got stuck or not and nowadays I use the Ladies Toilets at work. Unlike Angie's folks no one worried too much about such things in our family, my mum also is a woman with large breasts and buttocks and she like Angie's mother does big fat jobbies . Its wasn't an issue at home if your turd got stuck you just filled a bucket with water and threw a couple of pails down the pan and this usually sent the log on its way round the hidden bend. My family have quite a sensible attitude and no hang ups about their natural functions. However I did go to school with a very slim girl called Hilary who also did very large turds sometimes as big as mine so was she an exception to the rule? I suppose this idea is valid only in that large breasted women, (unless they are Silicone Sisters), tend to be a bit on the ???? side and fatter people have wider rectums in proportion to their size. I am your typical endomorph but as I play a lot of sport and work out at the Gym I would not call myself fat. Anyway Angie, I hope you enjoy passing your huge BMs I certainly like doing mine. Its a pleasent sensation sitting down on the toilet pan after a good lunch and feeling a nice, big, well formed solid jobbie slowly but surely slide out of your back passage, then to look down the pan at your turd and think, with a certain pride, "I did that!". I also like having a friend present who appreciates such things and thankfully my boyfriend often accompanies me to the toilet if I do a motion at his flat. It gives him a buzz as well.
On the topic of men and boys using the females' toilet when I was in there two incidents come to mind. When I was about 18 in the final year of Secondary (High) School we had a common room shared by senior pupils male and female and there were Boys and Girls Toilets next to it. The Girls Toilets had 4 cubicles with WC pans but the Boys had only two Cubicles and a urinal. One day one of the cubicles in the Boys Toilets was out of order, (the handle was broken off the cistern) and the other was in use and one of the lads needed a motion. He could have gone to the main Boys Toilet at the other end of the school or used those in the Gym Changing Rooms but asked the girls present if he could use their toilet. We agreed and he went in with myself watching at the door to ensure no other girl got a shock from seeing a boy in their toilet. As the cubicles had doors and he had closed it there was no problem anyway. I must say I listened as he did his pee then with a couple of "OO! OO!s" dropped two nice solid jobbies with a "Kursploosh! Kersplonk!" . The other event of this type was at a Hockey Game last season. There was a men's football game going on at the same time at an adjoining field. At the interval of our game there was a knock on the door and a male footballer asked rather sheepishly if he could use our toilet as those in the men's changing rooms were all in use. We girls agreed, he was quite an attractive looking bloke, and he also did a good motion , indeed it was big enough to stick in the pan. He was a bit red faced about this but one of the other girls in the team just laughed and said "you should see the logs our Captain Nicola drops" . We had a look down the pan at his jobbie after he had gone and it was as big as one of mine, obviously not one of the male sportsmen who drink too much beer. I must say that it smelt a lot stringer than any that I or the other girls in the team do so this bears out any earlier posting that male poo smells stronger than female.
Finally, to Tony, thanks for the warning about Singapore toilets. I doubt if I will ever go there but will bear their strict law about unflushed public toilets being a criminal offence in mind if I do.

This morning, I went to school to study for a graduate class I am taking. I ran across a couple of guys in the computer lab, a Finnish and a Norwegian who were both Freshman. I chatted with them and then went back to studying some more. Later, I ran across them and we were walking and chatting and one of them mentioned that he had to take a d-u-m-p. We all laughed. We headed towards the bathroom and the guy went in but I and the other one stayed outside and chatted. I would have liked to walk in and listen from the next stall but it wasn't the right time.

to carlos and all--CARLOS-- i am still here!! Last week was really rough. i went three days without shitting--i would sit down and try but nothing would come out. i went to the mall with some freinds and told them i had to shit. i went in and sat down and started pushing. i kept thinking i was feeling one, so i would lean over with my chest on my knees and push, and a big loud fart would come out. i did this for about 20 minutes and never could shit. my friends came in and said we needed to go. my stomach hurt and i was on the toilet while my friends were playing video games in the arcade. i didnt even need to wipe. :-( the next day i was at home and woke up with a full feeling. i got out of bed and went to the bathroom, i took my underwear off so i could spread my legs way out. i sat down and started doing the same thing i was doing at the mall. i was determined to shit and i was at home, so i could really give it my all. i started grunting real loud, it helps sometimes. this went on for about 20 minutes. then someone knocked on the bathroom door! Great! just when i need some time! but it was just my dad, he said he heard me grunting! he asked if i was ok and i told him i was. (my dad usaually takes about 30 minutes every morning and make a lot of noise, so he understands. anyway, i leaned over some more and took my hands and pulled my cheeks apart and pushed real hard. finally something started coming out. i never shit little balls, its always just one big one. REAL BIG! this big shit was starting to come out, it really hurt!! if i stopped grunting, it would go back in, so had to catch my breath real fast and keep up the pressure. finally after about 10more minutes of this it finally popped out. i had to smash it up with a coat hangar so it would go down. i was all sweaty and my hole hurt real bad after i was done. i was in the bathroom almost 45 minutes! i put my underwear back on and went a layed down in bed exhausted. WELCOME BACK KEITH!!

Hi I'm back. This weekend I was with Britta and another friend to "our" disco, which is about 80 km away from our hometown. On the way back we often stop at a resting place beside the highway.This place has a lot of private place where we can squat beside the car. But this weekend it rained to much for doing this, and so we had to go to public toilets which are on the same resting place 100m away from our "open-air toilet". We dont't like to use them, because toilets at the highways in germany are mostly dirty. Britta told us that she became ill after a sit-down as she was younger, and since that time she always go on the floor when she has to use them. We went in and looked into the two stalls -both were extremly dirty, with poo on the seats and puddles on the floor. So we decided to go on the floor in front of the stalls. One stands guard while the others squat down and than changing. My other friend Elke and Britta were the first to do it. As I stood at the entrance I took a short look back and saw both pulling down their pants. I could Elke saying: I drunk to much beer, I cannot hold it any longer. I saw her pee coming out strong while she only lent aliitle bit forward. Britta squatted down. I looked back into the dark and waited for the first of them taking my job. Elke was first and came out and said: Go in, but be careful the floor is now dirty to. She pointed at the floor where a yellow river rans slowly to the direction of the entrance. I smiled, and went inside. As I came around the corner I saw Britta wiping her ass and she pointed at to big turds between her legs. "Sorry i couldn't wait." I went in front of the washing basin and squatted down, because the rest of the floor was now covered with two big puddles and Brittas turds. I think I peed for more than a minute, and as I went out the others show me that yellow river which was now reaching the walkway. We got into our car and would drive away, as we saw another car stopping in front of the toilets. A woman jumped out and ran into. But after a short moment she came back with opened trousers and went into the mans side where we could see her squatting down in a corner. Bye until next time !

To Angie: Yes we had the subject of big boobs and big bms some time ago. I have to say I don't believe there is a connection, and nor can I see a reason why there should be. My boobs are not what you would call big (34B), but my movements have been known to block toilets on several occasions! ***** To Tony: If what you say is true, I think I should best avoid Singapore! Do you think unflushable would count as "unflushed"?

My friend's wife and two of her girlfriends stopped by the other day, and they all used my bathroom. Ever since I used the toilet with the door open, they do the same when they visit. From my living room, if you look a certain way, you can see the person sitting on the toilet if the door is open. They really had to go after running around all day, and we had drinks which made us have to go again. We watched a movie and altogether they went to the bathroom three times each, and two of them moved their bowels. So, it was a pretty exciting day.

I was wondering if any of the guys on this site, as kids, peed into toilets together with friends standing side by side. I used to do this quite often, and my sister and other girls used to see us, and they thought it was funny.

Hi. I was reading over Jodi's shoulder as she was typing and her response to Aaron's post was beautiful. Alex, I hope you're enjoying France and Eric, hope you've gotten used to "going" at school. Let me know how everything's working out. I haven't had any near-accidents since I last posted a few weeks ago, but I did take quite a runny one the other day after eating some cheese. Some of you enjoy diahhrea or runny poop and some of you think it's nasty. I'd rather pass a nice, firm jobbie than have the runs (which for me, unfortunately, is too often). Steph, I'm going to check out the Race forum and post something. Later all, Christine

age 15 I like to hold my urine as long as possible, I don't know why, I get nothing out of it sexually, and when I can't anymore, I usually end up wetting myself, sometimes all the way, sometimes I just leak/drip. I choose to do this, it doesn't just happen. I don't know why I do these things, I would like to know what people think, their theories on this matter and such. Thank you kindly, Candice

Hi everyone. Aaron, I loved your very touching post and am sorry to hear everything that happened. The recent Swiss Air plane crash really hit home for two particular reasons: my friend Steph has family in Switzerland and my friend Alex has family in Nova Scotia. Steph could have been on that plane and Alex could have been on the ground in Canada (she wasn't, and there were no casualties on land because the plane crashed into the ocean. I do remember being a 10 year old girl and hearing about people on the ground in Scotland being killed by that Pan Am plane crash). Christine, Alex, Steph, Laura, Eric, Lisa, Bridget, Blake, Jeff A, Phillipe, and everyone else on here (including you, Aaron), I LOVE YOU ALL!!! It's really important to put things into perspective and appreciate what we have in the here and now because, unfortunately, you never know... Just as Steph lucked out in getting to room with two of her closest friends at school, my roommate this year is Christine, a fellow LI who has also posted on here. There is no private bathroom in our room, so we do have to walk down the hall to use the toilets. I've no notable stories to report for now, but Christine does, so I'll let her post after I'm done. Thanks, Jodi

Doug: Peeing on the lawn will do the exact oppposite of helping it grow (ie. it will kill it!). At least that's what I've discovered from my own experiences :)

Today, we had a soccer game about one and a half hours after lunch. Usually, I poop within an hour or so after lunch, but sometimes I don't have to ( I almost always go after breakfast too). Today, when I left for the game, with my mom and two brothers, I thought that I would not need to poop until tomorrow. About half-way through the first half, I found that i was wrong. I felt a really strong urge to poop. When a sub came in for me, i told the coach that i had to go to the bathroom. There were no bathrooms or portapotties around, so he said go in the woods. I do not think that he knew i had to go #2. SO I went behind some think bushed and dropped two logs. I used some of the leave from the bushes to clean myself. It only took about a minute because i poop real quick. After the game, two of my freinds said they had to go. They were Chris and Bob, two of my freinds from school who I sometimes poop in front of in the woods, at our homes or at school. I had to pee, so i went back about 30 seconds after they went in. They went to the same bushed I went to. Except, they did not see my poop. THey stepped right in. I Said "Bob, what are you stepping in?" with a big laugh. Then they realized that the poop belonged to me a little while ago. They had the funniest faces on. Fortunately, the field was a little wet from the rain, so they were able to wipe off their shoes when they walked back to their cars.

Lady T
Hi! Is it just me or is anyone else fascinated with the sound that the water makes when it is going down the drain in a toilet? This usually is more interesting when there is a heavy load thaT is being flushed... I am VERY interested in any comments that anyone has to make on this event. Also, has anyone here ever flushed a goldfish down the toilet before? I would love to hear about that story as well.

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