Victoria B.

To Mina

Atashi anata o aishitemasu!
[I wanted to say that to you in Japanese. Feel free to correct.]
I love you and Maho, Hisae, and Kazuko!

As for my plunger, it's been pretty useful. It isn't something that you'd normally expect as a Christmas present, but my friends and I like to be playful and joke around with each other. A couple clogs and a few 10-minute sits in friends' bathrooms and I ended up with a pink plunger as a gag gift.

I actually had to use it just last week. My first flush came halfway through the BM and everything seemed fine. The second half of my load had two big logs and a bunch of small pieces, enough to be flushed by itself. However, I forgot and started wiping my front before taking a second handful of paper and sliding forward on the seat to wipe my bottom. I realized that I had given the toilet more than it could handle by the time I finished wiping. Yet, I still tried to flush. Cue me, messy-haired and frantically plunging a clogged toilet wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of pink panties with the word "Feminist" written across the rear!

I'm so happy for Hisae and Kazuko!! It'll be great for you and Maho to have them as neighbors! I'm also glad that Hisae is ready to move on to her new toilet and that her new light beige loo is the same as your light green-you have matching toilets and that is so cute!! I recently used a colorful toilet too at my friend Sierra's house. Hers is yellow and matches the sink and tub in her bathroom and it handled three big turds from me pretty well! Kazuko should be much happier living in a place where she can take as long as she wants when she needs to go. The toilet should always be a place of comfort and relaxation and she'll have that living with Hisae.

Until next time!
Love always,

Steve A

12 Year Old Boy Survey

1) When you are going poo with your friends, do you talk to them?

I rarely see my friends when I poop. A few times I might have talked to at least 1-2 people.

2) For the boys, do you ever pee sitting down?

Sometimes, it just depends on how I feel. I always pee sitting down when I poop.

3) Does anyone text on the toilet? Sometimes

4) What goes on in your mind while you are peeing/pooping?

That I'm glad to get it all out if I'm desperate to go. I normally have random thoughts when I go sometimes.


France Camping Contd.

Hi I made a post the other day but my laptop was being funny so I had to do some copy and paste into a new window and it seems half the story is missing - this continues what I was saying about camping in France on page 2593.

One evening I needed to go and drop the kids off at the pool. It was sort of mid evening. The Belgian lads on the next pitch had been sat around a table and had all stood up at once and were walking up towards the campsite entrance about 20 metres ahead of me. One of them was holding a toilet roll. They all went into the mens toilets and I followed them in for obvious reasons. As I entered it was apparent they had all walked up to shit "en masse". The cubicle doors were quite high underneath it was clear that each cubicle had a Belgian lad inside settling down to drop the kids off. There were only 5 cubicles in total so I had to wait. Within about 30 seconds the row of cubicle doors each had a pair of feet facing outwards and a pair of shorts or trousers resting at their ankles. The guy in the middle cubicle had a toilet roll on the floor in front of hus shoes. Anyway they sat there for ages all talking away. About what I have no idea I think they were speaking Dutch, but they were all chatting while they did their business. A French guy joined me waiting for a toilet at this point. He and I were stood there holding a toilet roll each. It was a bit awkward. Anyway after what must have been at least 10 minutes the guy in the middle picked up the toilet roll and handed it under the partition to the guy in the cubicle to his side - who I'm guessing had asked for it. His feet then moved to what must be his wiping position and then shortly after his shorts were up and he was out the cubicle. Now just as he came out of the cubicle some older man entered the bathroom and shot into the now vacant cubicle. So me and the French guy had to keep waiting. Now the Belgian guy who had come out the cubicle was still holding the roll of paper which the 5 of them seemed to be sharing. I think he made a comment at this point along the lines that he was leaving and taking the paper with him as there was a lot of angry sounding shouting coming from the other cubicles in response to whatever he said.

He then said somthing else and there was a reply from the end cubicle and he went and passed the roll under the door. The guy in that cubicle then was blatantly wiping his ass, passed the roll to his neighbour before flushing and leaving. I then went into the cubicle, placed my roll of shit tickets on the floor and started my business. There were no toilet seats at the campsite and you had to sit on the rim of the toilet. The lad who had been occupying my cubicle clearly had a very warm ass! The lad left the next cubicle shortly after and the French guy went in next door to me. The other two Belgian lads clearly finished shortly after and left.

After it was clear they had gone the French lad next to me started crapping. I think he must have been quite desperate as it sounded quite dramatic and noisy. After a few minutes the drama stopped then I don't know what happened but his roll of shit tickets rolled across the floor of my cubicle and into the next cubicle along which had a sink in it. The lads hand was then fumbling along the floor at the edge of my cubicle fruitlessly trying to find his paper!

I don't really know enough French to say what had happened so I just stayed sat there. Then there was a bang on the wall and he asked me (in English) for a sheet of paper. So I passed him a single sheet of paper. He then asked for another sheet. I put my roll under the cubicle and told him to take what he needed. He used a fair but before giving me the roll back. He then flushed and left and I cleaned up and did the same. When I left the cubicle he was stood outside with his roll of paper which he had retrieved and he gave me a load of paper off it to make up for what he had used!


Raelyn's Constipation

My friend Raelyn, who is a year younger than me, is in my PE class, Band, and study hall. We've started doing some things together, I'm helping her with her English homework, and we're spending some time together on weekends. Her parents are divorced so she is with her dad one week and at her mom's apartment the next week. I don't know if that's the cause, but she's complaining quite often about being constipated. Her dad will buy her suppositories which she doesn't totally like. She says they make her feel like she's going to blow up, but a few minutes after using one, she's on the toilet and doing her dump. Then she feels good. Her mom doesn't like her using them, feels a Phillips something laxative is better, but she still makes Raelyn go to school after she's taken the laxative before bed the night before. So Raelyn gets hit with the dump urge real fast at school the next morning. Once a couple of weeks ago all the toilets were taken on the first and second floors just before school started. I suggested she go up to the fourth floor which has two of the same size bathrooms, but they are not used that much. The problem was walking the stairs for three flights caused her to do part of her dump in her pants. Once she got onto the toilet, her dump was over in five seconds. She was sweating profusely, and once she made contact with the seat, the blast could be heard out in the hallway. It is unfortunate but both main doors to the bathroom were open. While she sat on the toilet I got her extra toilet paper and a couple of hand towels to use in cleaning herself. I helped her out of her white underwear and I took them and dumped them in the trash. She had a loose dress on that day. So just as I would have been, she was very conscious about going seven hours without underwear. She and I were 15 minutes late to our first hour PE class. To support her, I took a non-dress up day too.

Then last week on Monday she told me during first hour that it was her fourth day constipated. She said she could probably push hard and get her dump to come. She didn't have a suppository and hadn't taken her laxative. So me and Raelyn checked out of study hall and we took adjacent stalls. As we sat, I had my usual dump. Luckily I peed quite a bit too because I didn't want Raelyn to feel bad. I remembered that I had a half-drank bottle of water in my bag so I took it out and passed it over to her. She drank it fast, said she had a Starbucks at the bus stop while she waited, and I was confident that if she continued to sit, she might be able to produce something. I told her that when I was younger my mom would encourage me to spread by legs and redistribute my weight on the toilet. Just as she was doing that we heard a shout from a male voice that he was coming in. It was a plumber who went down to the far end stall and we could hear him take out his tools and do some real pounding on a flusher or pipe. That spooked Raelyn. She pulled up her underwear and jeans. I quickly wiped and flushed and we went back to study hall. I could tell that she was getting bloated and was in pain again. Later that day she checked out of music and was gone for about 15 minutes. Just as I was about to text her to see what was happening, she came back. She had gotten a suppository from another girl and she was very relieved that it had worked. The only problem was that all the stalls were out of toilet paper so she had a mess in her underwear. After school I took her into an upstairs restroom and we went through that whole cleanup routine again. It wasn't quite so bad this time, but she still wanted to throw her underwear out so that her dad wouldn't get on her case. After school we walked four blocks over to Wal-Mart where she bought a bag of new underwear. I'm still trying to be encouraging to her, but she still is upset by the difficulty he's having.


a story from school and thoughts on unisex bathrooms

I was in class today and when it ended I urgently needed the toilet to do both things. I told my friends I was going to see them later and then I quickly walked down the hall to the nearest washroom. Right in front of me was another girl from my class, a thick redhead named Alison. Walking behind her, I noticed that she was wearing super tight jeans that were really showing off her ???? rear end. She held the door open for me and smiled. I smiled back and then we took the two remaining, adjacent cubicles. Alison was on my right and on the left was another girl peeing. I locked the door, hung up my bag and pushed up my grey wool dress. The toilet looked all clean and there was tons of paper, so I pulled down my thong and sat down.

The moment my bum hit the seat I started peeing with a hissing stream and only a few moments later I blasted a couple of farts into the bowl and then a long, soft and wet turd crackled out quickly. It splashed into the bowl before I was even done peeing! Alison was peeing as well and then we both sat silently for a few moments. I was about to push out more poop when I heard Alison grunting very softly, then a wet but quiet fart and then she just started to drop a ton of turds, one after the other. At first they plopped into the bowl but then I guess her toilet had filled up with poop so much that they were more like making small splats. Meanwhile I had my second poo come out and it made a big splash again. No way Alison didn't know that I was also dropping a big load in my cubicle, but oh well. I was texting while waiting for more to come out and once again there was silence in my neighbour's stall. After a minute or so, she then started to poo again, grunting softly and more of her turds dropped into the bowl. Finally, after I released my third poo I felt done and then we both started wiping at almost the same time. One thing I noticed was that the bathroom pretty much still smelled like roses, even though we both had just taken big dumps! Anyway, I did my front and then cleaned up my backdoor. I needed maybe six sheets but Alison kept pulling off tp for way longer, I don't know what she was doing. She must have had a really messy bum. Then I flushed, pulled up my thong, pushed down my dress, picked up my bag and went out to wash my hands. Alison came out, too and when we were washing our hands she smiled at me and was like 'omg, I really needed to take a dump'. I was kinda caught off guard by this and couldn't think of anything else to say but 'yea, me too' and then I immediately blushed quite a bit. To spare me further embarrassment I quickly dried my hands and hurried off to my next class, feeling much relieved.

to Catherine and Victoria B: Reading your posts recently I started thinking about how the outhouses we have here in the mountains are essentially unisex bathrooms. They don't really have an area to wash your hands and stuff, but the stalls are for everybody and you can easily end up going next to someone of the opposite sex. You can literally hear everything the other person is doing because the stalls are open up top, but there are no gaps anywhere. I think I'd still always prefer a ladies room, but with enough privacy I'd be ok using a unisex bathroom if I had to go urgently. Like you said Victoria, something would really have to be done about the huge gaps between the stalls here. Sometimes you can totally see who is sitting on the toilet even when the door is closed. What's worse, often the gaps between the stall dividers and the wall are so big that I think if you'd lean back a bit you could pretty much get a full view of the next stall. And it would be a rear view, too so someone peeping could literally see a girl's bare bum and how she is doing her business. Especially if she is doing a poo! This would really need to be fixed first!


Pooped my pants

Hey everyone,

Yesterday I woke up and felt a little full, like I was going to need to poop at one point in the day. I put on some pretty tight jeans and drove to school. Throughout the first few classes, I could feel the poop building up, but it wasn't ready to come out just yet. I felt it keep moving around throughout the day, and at practice I could feel it getting ready to come out. I got home and started doing homework. I finished and out of nowhere an unstoppable urge came over me and I leaned over my desk. A thick, solid log started crackling into my pants and there was nothing that I could do about it. I pushed a little bit and it kept coming out, tenting out my jeans and forming a bulge. It kept coming out and broke off. Suddenly, another log shot out right after that one, making the bulge even bigger. I felt it widen the lump of poop in my pants, it was disgusting. I got to the bathroom eventually and as I went to pull my pants down, a softer log came out and filled my underwear completely. The load was mostly solid so cleanup wasn't terrible.

Hope you enjoyed, I like reading all the posts on here,

Nick (from Canada)

Survey responses

12 Year-Old Boy's questions:
1) When you are going poo with your friends, do you talk to them?
Depends upon the friend. Some will talk, others won't. Either way, I always let them initiate any conversation.

2) For the boys, do you ever pee sitting down?
I do at home exclusively now. I only will in a public washroom if the washroom is clean and my back is particularly bothering me.

3) Does anyone text on the toilet?
Yes. It's one way of passing the time.

4) What goes on in your mind while you are peeing/pooping?
Whatever is occupying my mind that day. Other times, I'm focused on the book I'm reading or the text message thread I'm engaged in.

Simmee's survey:
1. Are guys more concerned about using public toilets than women? Do guys go to greater lengths to avoid using them?
On the whole, I don't find guys that concerned about using public toilets. However, there are some like myself who will avoid them at all costs and others, like myself, who will only use them if they're clean. Unlike some of the washrooms I'm reading about on this site, doorless stalls are a rarity in Canada. But if we did have doorless stalls, I think the majority would wait until they could find a single washroom or home.

2. Do women have a better attitude toward using public toilets because they become accustomed to using them for both functions and at a younger age? While I am hesitant to speak for the other sex, it makes sense as women have little other choice but to use public toilets.

3. What are the drawbacks of using the bathroom at work? Does it make any difference whether its a single-toilet type or a much larger one?
One of the biggest drawbacks are those work sites where they monitor how long an employee has been away from their desk. I personally avoid any such employer like the plague but people don't always have a choice. Another drawback would be where they're located. I wouldn't want to be using the washroom for a dump if everyone knows how long you've been in there. For some, including myself, whether its a single-toilet or multiple-toilet washroom, cleanliness will be a big factor.

4. What are your two most important concerns when using a public toilet?
a)lines and crowds
b) contact between your body and the toilet seat
c) privacy
d) toilet paper, hot water and soap, etc.
e) noises and smells associated with the activity
I think all five matter, given the individual. For me, there are three most important concerns: privacy, toilet paper, hot water and soap (this would include having enough TP to cover the seat) and lines and crowds. If there's a big crowd, I'll hold off onto I find a less a busy washroom...

5. When you were young what attitudes did your parents have toward your needs to use the bathroom away from home? What were you taught? How did they react when you had a "need"? Until you were what age, did they go in with you? I can't honestly remember my parents ever talking to us about using public washrooms. The only thing I can remember was being taught to be sure I cleaned myself thoroughly after a dump. I also can't recall there being an age when I had to go in with a parent. Then again, I also grew up in a much more innocent time. Once I hit college and there were police busts in two malls in my region where men were using the washrooms for sex, everything changed. Suddenly, parents were careful about how old their child was before they'd let them go in alone.

Thanks for the surveys/questions, 12-Year-Old Boy and Simmee. I don't post often, but when I do it seems to be when they're surveys that catch my interest. These two caught my attention and I enjoyed during them.
Until next time, happy pooping and peeing everyone!

Steve A

Had To Hold It During Work

I had work today at the main dining hall on campus. My shift was from 5pm to 7pm as a cashier and after that, I had to clean the tables and sweep the floors. About 5-10 minutes into my shift, I started to get a feeling for a #2. Since it was a Saturday night, it wasn't too busy because some people went home for the weekend or they went to the football game. This meant that I was the only one on the register. I also thought about asking an employee to cover for me, but they were too busy at their own stations. I did manage to hold it during my entire 2 hour shift.

When I'm done, I usually head to an office in the back to count the money, but I took a pit stop first. I took the money with me into the stall and I didn't have any trouble pooping. The last time I held it for a certain amount of time, I got constipated.

I was glad that I was able to hold it for that long, but I know that it isn't the best thing for me to do. If I'm ever stuck in that situation again, I may or may not ask for help depending on when I get the urge. If the urge strikes early into my shift, I may get myself a cover. If the urge hits me near the end of my shift, I could wait.


Coffee Shop Toilet Etiquette

At one of our local coffee shops, the men's rest room has one urinal and a well separated open toilet stool (no partitions or a door). The main rest room entry door has a lock. What's the proper etiquette if one has to poop: 1) lock the door; or 2) leave the door unlocked so another person can use the urinal? I'm comfortable with my functions in others' presence, and would therefore leave the door unlocked for someone who has to pee. What would you do?

Catherine, I appreciate your stories along with the empathy and common sense advice that you convey in them. Alan's a lucky guy to have you in his life.



Imogen- Hi and welcome! Thanks for sharing your story, I've been desperate to have a wee like that before now and have wet my pants a bit too so don't feel embarassed! I hope you can share some more stories soon.
Natasha- Great post about when you needed the loo between classes, a few times when I've been having a poo at school or uni I've had to ask girls in the next cubicle for toilet paper and I've been asked a couple of times myself!
Actually that leads me on to my story which happened last week, I needed a poo after a lecture so I went to the nearest toilets. Both cubicles were free so I chose one and locked the door before dropping my jeans and yellow flowery pants and sitting on the loo. I had a quick wee and then started to bear down, after pushing for a couple of minutes I could feel a log poking out of my bum, it was quite hard and fat but my constipations alot better than it was so I've had much worse! I took a deep breath and bore down as hard as I could without grunting, I really didn't want to do that in public if I could possibly avoid it. Next door a girl had just had a wee and had flushed and left, I heard the next girl locking the cubicle and pulling down her clothes and then starting to have a wee, once she'd finished weeing she stayed sitting so I guessed she wanted a poo as well. By now I could feel I'd pushed about half my poo out, it was stretching my bum but luckily it hadn't got stuck even though it was sliding out really slowly. Next door I heard my neighbour farting and making some slight grunts as she strained. For some reason I looked at the toilet roll holder and saw there was no paper left, I swore under my breath and waited a few seconds until I was sure my neighbour had taken a break from pushing before I said I needed some loo roll and she passed me some. As I leaned forward to take the paper from under the cubicle the log poking out of my bum broke off and made a really loud plop as it fell into the bowl!! I blushed as I mumbled my thanks to the girl and started to push again, luckily a few seconds later I heard some plops coming from her cubicle too so it could have been worse I guess! I heard her starting to wipe her bum as I was still pooing, a few minutes later I was done so I wiped my bottom, pulled up my pants and jeans and went out to wash my hands. I hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!


Accidents I've heard about

Hi guys. I figure I would do a quick post about some of the accidents that I have heard about from other people.

James has told me about a couple of his accidents that I wasn't there for. He said that he wet the bed one time when he was 15. Another time when he was 15 said that he fell off a ladder while he was trying to clean out the gutter. He landed on his back and said that he felt a shock wave though his body and he shit his pants when he hit the ground.

He has told me 2 stories about his family. His brother Luke poops his pants during school in 3rd grade and on vacation one time his mom who would have been in her late 30's at the time pooped her pants in the car cause she couldn't hold it.

I will tell you about some of my other accidents next time. Take care!


My most recent accident

Hi, my name is Mark and I am 22 years old. My friend and I went to a concert last weekend and when it was over we went back to his place to drink. by the way, his name is James he is also 22. and he lives in a house with his brother Luke who is 19 and his sister Kayla who is 21. They all go to the same college. We all stayed up hanging out and getting drink. there is no way I could have drove home, so they let me crash there. I slept on the extra mattress they have in the living room. The next morning I wake up to Kayla saying "Mark wake up" I wake up in a daze and ask her what's up, but before she even said I realized that I had peed the bed. When I look up Kayla is laughing at me and saying stuff like "I can't believe you wet yourself". Us talking must have woke the others up because they walk in and Kayla tells them what happened. Luke laughs about it a little bit and James just looks like he was embarrassed for me and didn't know what to say. I get up and go to the bathroom to shower and clean up. when I get out James bring me some clean clothes and said he already put the sheets in the wash. I told him that I was sorry that I had peed the bed, but he just said "don't worry about it, it could happen to anyone. I glad he was really cool about it. we have been friends since we were kids, so we know about some of each others accident's. I will post some of them soon. Kayla and Luke laughed at me a bit more, but promised they wouldn't tell anyone.It was still really embarrassing though. Has anyone else wet the bed at a friends house? I hope you liked my story. let me know if you have any questions.

Steve A

College Unisex Bathroom Story

After my first class on Friday, I developed an urge to poop. So, I went to my usual spot, the unisex bathrooms on the 1st floor of my dorm since I had a break in between classes. After I picked a stall and started my business, a woman walked in and wasn't ashamed that someone else was in there. There were only 2 stalls in the bathroom and she had to poop as well.

She didn't say anything and did what she had to do. She could've made a comment to me because sometimes you can see other people's shoes when you're pooping next to someone, am I right?

She finished up rather quickly in about 2-3 minutes and someone else took her place. The other woman only had to pee. By that time, I was finished myself. I then flushed, washed my hands, and continued on with my day.

I like to use that restroom because they're cleaner than the communal dorm bathrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. I've never entered that restroom with other people in it, I'm always alone. Plus, even if others are in there, the sign says unisex.

Shadow. It sounds as though you had a most interesting buddy dump with your wife. I imagine the pan being pretty full when you'd finally finished.

To the person who asked - I'm not sure who it was - I just pee in unusual places from time to time. I always use a toilet for #2, except for the odd occasions which have been mercifully rare, when I've had an accident.

Imogen. Accidents and close calls happen to all of us from time to time. Unless they become a regular, unwanted event I wouldn't regard them as a cause for undue concern.

Jennifer G. I hope you get someone else to pee in the car soon.

Best wishes to all the regulars!

Shadow. It sounds as though you had a most interesting buddy dump with your wife. I imagine the pan being pretty full when you'd finally finished.

To the person who asked - I'm not sure who it was - I just pee in unusual places from time to time. I always use a toilet for #2, except for the odd occasions which have been mercifully rare, when I've had an accident.

Imogen. Accidents and close calls happen to all of us from time to time. Unless they become a regular, unwanted event I wouldn't regard them as a cause for undue concern.

Jennifer G. I hope you get someone else to pee in the car soon.

Best wishes to all the regulars!

Fridayday, October 07, 2016

Poop Dawg

Girlfriend's Poo

Hey all, I've been a long time reader but this is my first post. About myself; I'm a body function enthusiast I suppose. I'm 22, male,6 feet tan and have brown eyes and dark hair. I'm fairly thin but not a narrow build.

I'm writing today about my girlfriend. She's 20, 5'6", blue eyes, light skin and a curvy body with thick hips and butt and a big chest. I'm lucky to have a girlfriend who respects what I like and will let me watch when she has to poo. In fact after 2 years of dating she will invite me in to watch her.

A few weeks back she had been smoking a cigarette outside and told me she hadn't gone in a few days and it was time for her to go. She brought me into the bathroom and I sat on the edge of the built in shower while she sat across from me on the toilet. She took her little black thong down to her ankles and spread her legs far apart to give me a show. From that angle I had a good view of her soft thighs and fluffy crotch. She let her bladder go and released a forceful hissing stream of light yellow pee into the toilet. After about 30 seconds of pee her stream went to a trickle and every time she attempted to push her poo a little more pee would shoot out with a squirting sound. After three or four pushes a dry squeaky fart blasted out of her followed by crackling. She moved her legs even farther apart and leaned forward on her thighs a little. After about ten seconds of crackling I could see a lumpy dark brown poo emerging from her doming butthole. It was almost as thick as a can of redbull. As she kept on pushing the poo changed from lumpy and dark to a smooth medium brown. The first poo grew to almost 16" before dropping with a splash into the water below. By now there was a strong healthy smell of poo filling the bathroom. She released a 5 second long airy fart that sounded like ffffffffppp followed by another medium brown smooth poo that came out fast and looked soft and was about a foot long. She pushed out five or six more soft little plops about 3" long. One more airy fart and a little dribble of pee and she was done. As always I thanked her for letting me watch while she got busy cleaning herself up. She needed to make sure the paper was 100% white. It took maybe 15 wipes with that thin cheap toilet paper for her to get totally clean. I gave her a kiss on the forehead and she got up, flushed, and washed her hands. After that we went to the bedroom. ..

I hope you all enjoyed my story about my lovely girlfriend. Keep on posting and happy pooping everyone!

To Mary: I think it isn't need I say much more, many people say many things about your daughter Katie.

But I asked my friend Maho, she usually do motion about every three days, she said when she was teen, she sometimes wait five days because she didn't feel she need to do. Her father is doctor, he say, if she feel OK, five days no problem, but he also say, it is little bit long time. And he say Maho, if you want to do, don't hold back, just DO.

When I read your post I feel, you are not so happy Katie stay on loo more than ten minutes, more like fifteen you said. But it is good to relax on loo if it is possible. I like to stay on loo about 15 minutes, so my intestine very empty, and my friends say same thing, except Hisae, she always bounce so she can't keep to still on loo. If Katie want to stay on loo long time and do huge many motions, please let her to do, so she don't feel a stress.

To Victoria: You say so nice words!! Thank you, I and my friends we love you!!! But I hope, no one give me plunger for Christmas present. I feel sorry for people in Australia, they have to save water, so they can't flush when motion only half finish. Maho like to flush after three or four turds, because her motions are hard like a rock. She usually do about seven, but they are maybe smaller size than some people on this site, about 15 cm or 20 cm long only. but very fat. She always do more motions after flush.

I said, we go Hisae's flat to clean and we have last motion marathon there. We had very good time! But Hisae's loo is narrow very much so only one person can sit in room, so another person in front of loo (person do motion is face to door, different from my flat) and other two behind. And loo is very quiet, even Maho's motion like rock we can't hear so much when it fall into water. But before flush every time, we look into loo, and it was always full very much, so we were happy. Of course we stay long time, Hisae 5 or 6 minutes, Kazuko and me and Maho about 15. So total nearly one hour. Very nice time because we talk and look each other warm eyes. And we can't hear motion noise so much, but we know when it come out, we look at face.

Hisae say, she don't miss old loo. She look forward to new one. It is very light beige colour and exactly same design as my and Maho's loo. Now many things of Hisae are in boxes, and Kazuko too but less than Hisae. Kazuko say, she so happy to escape from mother! In new flat, no one say, "Kazu, woman never do motion, come out from loo NOW!" But she love her parents so she go to see them sometimes, she say, and before she go, she hope she can do motion her new flat, so she doesn't do in her old house. (Actually it is also flat, but quite big one.)

Next week-end, Kazuko and Hisae move to next door of Maho and me. We are happiest women in world!!! I am so happy I cry many time. When I am doing motion, always cry. Mina is stupid girl!!

Love to all of you.

Mina and friends

Erin (Riley's Mom)

Long time!

Hi everyone!

I know it's been awhile since I was posting. My last post was on page 2468. There weren't really any new things to post for awhile, so I just didn't get around to posting. Then after awhile Riley lost interest in peeing in the car, so we took a break from it. Now lately Riley has started getting interested in peeing in the car again. A couple months ago she started to have pees in the backseat again.

I don't know if anyone remembers, but back when I posted before, Riley had asked me if it was ok if she could one of her friends pee in the car too. Well, now that she is peeing in the car again, she asked me again if she could do that. I told her that it might not be a good idea, but then she told me an idea she had gotten. It was actually really clever for a 10 year old. She said that next time she and her friend Taylor were at the pool and I came to pick them up, she was going to tell Taylor that she could pee in the backseat with her, and that I would never know they were doing it because they would be wearing wet swimsuits. Riley said that she and Taylor had talked about the idea of peeing in a car before, and so Taylor actually wanted to do it. But Taylor didn't know that I allowed it. So the plan was that Riley was going to tell Taylor she could do it and I was going to pretend that I didn't know about it. It was actually really clever. I thought about the idea, and finally I told Riley that it sounded like a good idea and to go ahead and do it.

And so that's what happened. It actually went really well. I picked up the 2 girls from the pool, and they both got in the backseat of the car. Then after a few minutes, I heard the girls talking, but I pretnded I couldn't hear them. Taylor asked Riley if she could start peeing yet, and then Riley told her she could go ahead. Taylor then said "are you sure it's ok?" and Riley assured her that it was ok, and that I wouldn't be able to tell they were peeing becasue their suits were already wet, and so was the seat. And so it worked really well. Both girls peed in the seat. I could tell that they had fun doing it. And of course I had no problem with the idea of Taylor's pee going into the seat like Riley's did.

Jennifer G and toilet car, Keep posting!

Bye now!


Forcing Darcee to Crap at School

I wrote on Page 2579 about the difficulties my third grade son, Kellen, and his first grade sister Darcee are having adjusting to the bathrooms at the new school our district has this year assigned them to attend. The boundaries were redrawn and this school is much older, larger and they are having trouble adjusting. It doesn't help that there has been a large staff turnover and they are operating with an interim principal. When I got to the school after a day driving all over the city selling media advertising, Darcee was in the lobby waiting for me while her brother was messing around in the information center with a cartoon program he likes. Like on so many days, I could tell Darcee was holding her poo. It's the fifth week of school and she hasn't made any progress. So I grabbed her hand and led her down the hall to the bathroom. I was as tired as hell and had to think fast but I told her by going at school, with me right there with her, I would treat her Kellen to a trip to the mall and dinner at the food court. We got to the bathroom, which smelled pretty bad and had a lot of litter to be picked up, and I told her to select her toilet. There were eight; five had doors and three did not. She selected the end one. I complimented her knowing that she would have 50% more privacy. I opened the door to the second one. I immediately hiked up my skirt, slid my underwear down to knee level, and remembered how uncomfortable grade school toilets can be for a 5'11" adult.

I listened very acutely and watched Darcee's shoes. I heard her secure the door, I complimented her because I remember 28 years ago when I was her age that I had some problems with that. My hope that once she was seated, I could talk to her about her day--a technique I remembered Mom using on me when I had some of the same apprehensions as her. I watched her feet as she turned around, dropped her shorts to the floor and after one false start, I heard and could see her being seated. Only the toes of her shoes reached the floor. This was Tuesday and she told me her last poo was Sunday morning before we went to church. She said she had weed during morning break and about 90 minutes before then at afternoon break. As she was telling me about how much she liked the pizza at lunch, I heard the first plop into the water. That was followed by a second and third splash. About that time my pee started and she was snickering about how long I was draining. I told her I had drank coffee in three meetings that morning, and after peeing when I had bought gas at noon, I had downed two water bottles in afternoon meetings. Then I remembered I had started a Gateraid in the car. I told her she should be drinking more each day and that it would help with her pooing. I thought I heard a skeptical sigh, something I had expected.

I looked at both of the wall panels and couldn't find the toilet paper. Darcee reminded me that it was mounted on the wall right behind the toilet. Yep, there was the 3"x3" plastic container of pre-cut squares. I quickly used one and with my flush, I encouraged her to carefully wipe and told her to take her time to clean herself well. She knows that I'm constantly trying to get Kellen to take more time with his wiping because skid marks in his underwear have become pretty much the norm and my Tide just doesn't take the stains out. I saw her feet on the floor. She walked to the back of the stool and I heard her pull down the toilet paper. When I left my stall, I went to her door, knocked, and she readily pointed to the three deposits in the bowl. Unfortunately I found she was wiping from back to front. I showed her how to hold the paper and use the three-stop process Mom had taught me. I also showed her how to use hand-on-hand to push down the flusher. The work, sound and then splashing scares her so I suspect she's not regularly doing that with every trip to the bathroom. We washed our hands together, used the hand towels to dry them, and then we walked down to the information center to get Kellen. The para said he had signed out for the bathroom. So we walked down to the bathroom and Kellen was just exiting. Right away he was upset because he had been forced to crap at school. But I assured him, before his sister could get into the argument, that it wasn't the end of the world. All three of us enjoyed our trip to the mall food court. However, the next morning I checked Kellen's underwear in the hamper and he isn't getting any better with his wiping.


Buddy Dump With My Wife

I have another story some of you might enjoy involving my wife and I having a "buddy dump" in our bathroom just the other night. It was somewhat late in the evening and we had already put our daughter down for the night. My wife began to feel the need for the bathroom and since our daughter was asleep in our bedroom, she decided to use our guest bathroom. We have a master bathroom in our room. She had already informed me that dinner was working on her and she'd be going for a big poo since she hadn't gone the day before. After about 15 minutes she was still in the bathroom and I was starting to feel the urge to take a dump as well. I opened the bathroom door and the smell was pretty strong. I asked if she was about to finish and she responded by saying no, that her stomach was stilling cramping. I told her that I needed to poo pretty badly. I usually poop once a day and I hadn't gone yet that day. I asked her to scoot back and spread her legs. At first she was leery about how this would work and was worried my turds would touch her crotch. I assured her that I had good aim and would make sure everything went straight down. So she scooted as far back as she could to make room for me. I had to pee first so I wouldn't pee on the floor. Afterwards I turned around and sat down. Immediately a large turd started to emerge and began to slowly slide into the toilet. Meanwhile my wife also begins farting and pooping again. The first turd must've been at least a foot long and about 1.5 inches in diameter. It quietly landed on the front part of the bowl. Shortly after this I let out a fart and began pooping out a pile of mush. It piled up on top of the large turd. I sat another minute to make sure I was done. I was really surprised my wife didn't complain about me stinking her out but I guess her own stink made it hard to tell the difference. Nothing else came out so I stood up. My wife asked if I wanted her to wipe me. I said sure. Not sure why but I find having her wipe me to be very arousing. She told me to bend over and spread my cheeks so I did so. She made several passes, each time the paper was extremely soiled. Eventually she told me to get a wet rag because the paper wasn't getting me clean. So I wet a rag with warm water and she finished the job with that. I pulled up my clothing and washed my hands. My wife began to wipe herself and then stood up. Her poop was runny so the toilet had no trouble swallowing our two loads. Hope you all enjoyed this!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: KungPoo another great catch it sounds like she really had a good poop the was bigger then she expected.

To: Annie it sounds like you had a rough day and a fart that wasnt to be trusted even if it felt like it would be.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Adrian: Thanks for your perspective. Do you relieve your bowels in odd places? Or just pee? Enjoy this for the time being, because when and if you get married, it may have to come to an abrupt end!

Daniel from Chicago: sounds like you and your guy friends pooped everywhere in the world! Pooping in the woods doesn't shock me, because it's outside in nature. My son has always been open about the fact that he and his buddies often poop in the woods, and he and one of his friends pooped behind a store once. I've even found their poop logs way in the back of the woods. When I questioned my son about it, he grinned and said he and his friends had a 'dumping contest', and he won! did you ever get caught pooping in the places you described? Did you ever do this in your own home? I can only imagine what the poor school officials must have thought when they found your "gift" in the places you described!

Steve A.: I can definitely picture my son being influenced to do this from boys at school. But I tend to think its more normal than we know. It's just not something people talk about often. I think it's natural for kids, especially boys, to enjoy having a bowel movement, and to have a fascination with their poop. I honestly don't mind my son having this interest, as long as I don't have to see/smell his activities, and as long as he cleans properly. The day I find poop all over my house will be the day the smelly punk moves out!


thank you for the replies

Adrian - thanks, I felt quite embarrassed at the time. I thought that as I'd been waiting for so long, I could have waited ten seconds more before exploding.

Natasha - I don't feel so alone now! I remember that time vividly, I had turquoise pants on, and they had a quite wet patch in them. Sometimes, if I'm desperate, I dribble a tiny bit in my pants but it's only the size of a 10p piece or so, this was much bigger!

You totally wet your pants just before reaching the toilet? What happened?


Survey Answers

12 Year Old Boy:

1. When you are going poo with your friends do you talk to them?
Sometimes if we're lucky enough to get toilets next to one another. I remember once last year crapping with two friends and one of their dads at a Cubs game. If we had waited for the game to begin, there is no chance that would have taken place in a crowded bathroom with 100 or so guys.

2. Do you ever pee sitting down?
Only at school, but not on a regular basis. You don't have privacy standing at the urinals, but in sitting down you're judged by whether you have boxers or briefs and whether of not you're sitting on toilet paper. One 6th grader was in tears as he was taunted while lining the seat by guys who were too immature to wait their turn.

3. Does anyone text on the toilet?
Not much at school because without toilet stall doors, teachers and principals walk through and tell you to put it away. I guess they don't want hanging out in the bathrooms.

4. What goes on in your mind while you are pooping/peeing?
Getting to class as soon as possible and not attracting any attention from the bullies.

Simmee's survey:

1. Are guys more concerned about using public toilets more than women?
Do guys go to greater lengths in avoiding them?
Yes and Yes. We don't like to crap in the open without stall doors. And the wet seats are gross. Think about it--you're looking straight ahead while seated and other guys are standing there, looking you over and wanting your seat.

2. Do women have a better attitude toward using public toilets because they are more accustomed in using them for both functions and at a younger age?
Yes. I think so.

3. What are the drawbacks of using the bathroom at work?
I don't work.

4. What are your two most important concerns when using a public toilet?
Privacy and having enough toilet paper to place over the seat before I sit down. I'm trying to get away from the seat covering thing because it has caused me to get hassled by others.


France Camping

Hi there we recently returned from a weeks camping in France with some mates. The campsite was long and thin with a road with pitches on either side. All the facilities, toilets, showers, pool, cafe etc were all at the entrance to the campsite. As you walked down the road first you went past a load of fixed chalets which had all their toilet facilities in them, then caravans that move that probably have facilities in them too, then the tents were at the end of the road, and we were right at the end in a sort of groups area along with a group of about 20 French lads on one side of us and some Belgian lads on the other side. The campsite was clearly organised so the more you pay by he closer to the facilities you are.

Anyway within a few minutes of our arrival while we were putting up our tents the French lads clearly demonstrated it wasn't necessary to bother walking down to the toilets to piss, there was an area of trees which 3 of them used within about 10 minutes of each other and more often than not one of them could be seen there pissing in full view of everyone else. We saw a few other guys pissing in blatant view of the public as we travelled down through France and around the town and beach too. It seems to be more acceptable to piss in public in France than in the UK?

Anyway going for a dump was more of an issue. The campsite did not provide toilet paper so we had to buy some at a nearby shop and keep it at our pitch. When you needed to go you had to grab a roll and walk the full length of the campsite to the toilets in a sort of walk of shame. Whatever time of day it was whenever you had the roll of shit tickets in your hand it seemed to be a guarantee that everyone in the caravans and chalets would be sat outside them as you walked past, so we felt we were advertising to a load of French people that one of the English lads was going for a shit! I passed a rather cute girl on one occasion and was making a nice smile at her then I realised to my horror that there was a massive toilet roll in my hand which she was looking at! Major turn off and embarassing, especially as she saw me on the way back too so knew exactly how long I had been doing my thing!

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Jennifer G

Nothing New

Thank you to Brandon T and Curious person and anyone else who liked my posts!

In answer to your question, Curious, I do sit on the seat with my pants and panties down, so I do end up sitting in a nice puddle by the time I'm done peeing. But it's not uncomfortable at all, it's actually really warm. I do usually take a shower right after I pee, just because it's usually morning when I pee in the car. As for Melissa, she also sat in the seat like I did, but I'm not sure what she did when she was done. She pretty much just said thank you and then left. Melissa was really nice and everything, but we didn't really talk a lot. I never did find out where she was from or anything, so I may not ever see her again, or even if I did, she might not even want to do that again. If she ever did though, I would totally let her in a heartbeat.

Sadly, nothing is new with me. I've been trying all weekend to find someone else to pee in my car, but with no luck. I tried several stores and also gas stations, but so far no one has been open minded enough to do her business in a car. There was one woman in particular who I was really hoping would do it. She actually told me she had peed in a car before when she was a kid. But then she finally said that she wasn't interested.

So nothing is new with me. I haven't even peed in my car myself this weekend, because I was hoping I'd find someone else, and I didn't want her to change her mind about doing it because of my wet seat. Anyway, I might pee in it tonight.

Bye for now!

12 year old boy

Boy in the stall

I was shopping at Walmart near my house for some new pencils. After paying for the pencils, I realized that my hair was in a mess and I had to take a leak. I went to the washroom and walked to the urinals. Just as I was unzipping my fly, a boy around my age walked into a stall. He looked like he was going to basketball practice. Anyway, while I was peeing, I saw under the divider that he pulled down his Nike shorts and his blue Fruit of the Loom underwear. Then, I heard something rest on the seat. I finished peeing, and zipped up my fly. Proceeding to comb my hair. I heard a grunt from the stall and small splashes from the stall. Then, I heard a stream come out (probably peeing). The boy pulled off some toilet paper (I could hear him wipe his bum). A flush was heard, and the boy came out. I walked out just as the lock on the door opened.

1) When you are going poo with your friends, do you talk to them?

2) For the boys, do you ever pee sitting down?

3) Does anyone text on the toilet?

4) What goes on in your mind while you are peeing/pooping?

I just got home from a night out with friends at a bar. I had a lot of beer and went to the bathroom twice to pee. The second time two of the four stalls were taken and I used the stall at the end, leaving an empty buffer stall between mine and the occupied ones. While I was doing my business, I overheard a long but fairly quiet fart, then a big plop and a sigh from the busy stall closest to me. I also let a fart slip out while I peed, but I don't think the other women heard me. Anyway, neither of the two where done when I left the washroom and later I checked who was coming out back from our table. One was a tall and skinny blonde girl and the other a shorter and curvy brunette who was one of the waitresses at the bar. I was reminded of Nicole who posts here! Btw, Nicole I love your posts. Anyway, either the waitress or the blonde girl pooped and dropped a big turd into her toilet! I would have really liked to know which one of them.

to Jessica: I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to be intrusive!
I'll definitely post here if I happen to do a buddy dump again, but now that summer is over I think it's probably not going to happen anytime soon. You had quite the experience on your trip to the cabin seeing Louisa's poop twice and wow, that's pretty big! I'm kinda wondering if my friend Danielle drops big turds, too. I know she can really stink out a bathroom, haha.

curiosity about bodily functions. I think it's natural for young people to be curious about such things as bodily functions as part of the growing up process. For some people that interest lasts into adulthood and can manifest itself in wanting to answer calls of nature away from the toilet. Shortly before typing this I needed to have a wee quite badly but didn't want the hassle of trecking upstairs to the loo so I went in the kitchen and used an empty jar instead, rinsing the contents down the sink. I quite enjoyed it and, being a bachelor boy, I have the freedom to do that sort of thing.

Mary. I really wouldn't worry about your daughter's 4-5 day bowel habit if that's what's normal for her and her output is healthy as appears to be the case. When it comes to bowel movement frequency there isn't really a 'normal' or an 'abnormal' as such. Some people need to move their bowels three or four times a day but there are others who only do it once or twice a week. Both are 'normal' in the sense of not being unusual. Bowel habits can and do change with age as diet, chemistry, exercise, changes in food tolerance and other factors come to have a bearing on them. Some posters here have already suggested that three times a day to three times a week is normal and I'd say that was about average but there are bound to be wide variations outside those limits.

Imogen. Thanks for sharing your story. I'm rather inclined to suspect that most of us have at some point or other only just made it to a toilet or started to spurt out pee before we get there. Put it this way, I certainly have I don't think I'm at all unusual in that regard.

Jemma. Thanks for sharing your poo experiences whilst on holiday up in Cumbria. It sounds as though you needed to go quite a bit. I find hotel breakfasts - full English of course - are pretty good at keeping my bowels regular when I'm away.

Best wishes to Catherine, Victoria B, Anna and all the regulars!


To MD Dan

Hi Dan!

I wanted you to know that I thought your story was really cute!!! I don't know how much you've read on the forum, but I had this weird dream not too long ago about using a unisex bathroom to do #2 and I have had the desire to do it ever since. Your dream is probably the closest thing to that right now.

I will be honest and say that I would have been a little naughty and flirty, mainly because I deal with awkwardness and embarrassment with humor and by "playing it off." If I were in this woman's situation, I would have waited too, just to see if you had to pee. However, after a minutes or so, I would have just gone.

If we came out together, I would have smiled and said something like, "Wow! That's much better" or "That was a relief" or "We really had to go!" Then, I would have moved on, without trying to make small talk. It sounds as if this woman was truly embarrassed.

Hope to hear more from you!



End Stall Em

Locked Up!

It happened during the second week of high school. I was a freshman. It was a large high school and I feel I was intimidated by not only the physical size of the building, but also the several thousand students and just how busy and rushed things were. I gave up trying to pee between classes because the wait in the lines caused my bladder to hurt more, and finally, when a stall opened, I literally had to throw myself onto the toilet because there would be less than 30 seconds left to do my thing before the warning bell. Many times I would sit nervously hoping my stream could start ASAP, while looking at legs in front of the door dancing around. Once I heard a girl say loudly "Isn't this wh*** ever going to get done?" I started to cry as I sat and pulled my jeans up from knee level right to the edge of the toilet when she did what I anticipated: looking in on me as a form of intimidation. My trickle had just started and the bell rang. So I knew I had like a minute to get one floor up to class. After about 15 minutes during movie in history, I finally got my nerve up to ask my teacher if I could have a hall pass to the bathroom. She looked at me sternly piercing my eyes and told me very declaratively: "This isn't going to happen every day!" Then I saw a couple of boys in the front row nudge one another and laugh. She told them to knock it off as I walked out of the room. It was nice walking into the bathroom of about 15 or 20 toilets and finding at least half the doors ajar. I rejected a couple because the seats were splashed and there was a third that was unflushed with crap well stacked well above the water level. I took the next one even though there was a couple of splashes on the front of the seat because I knew I was being timed and I didn't want to take advantage of it. Again I lowered my underwear and jeans and sat down on the seat that was somewhat larger and higher than I had been accustomed to in middle school. I checked to make sure I had the lock bar latched. The day before I had been interrupted because I had forgotten to latch it. My pee started easily, and I felt relieved for the first time in and hour. I reached for the toilet paper. There was none! No problem. A few spots in my underwear was the least of my worries. I reached back and flushed. Something many of my peers were neglecting and I felt good. I grabbed the latch with my right hand. It wouldn't budge. I tried two different ways. Even pounded it with my knuckles. I tried shaking the door. The latch wouldn't budge. So I had to think fast because I knew I was at about 5 or 6 minutes. So I sat down in front of the toilet. Luckily there was no pee in front of it--brothers!--and by working my arms I pushed myself out under the door. I hit my shoulder only once and luckily kept my head low but messed up my long blond hair. Just as I got into the light, a security matron walked in. Initially she thought I had passed out, but once I explained, she escorted me back to class because she could see I was worried. She insisted that I stop and wash my hands, though. When she opened the classroom door for me she signaled to my teacher that everything was OK. A larger group of boys tried to draw attention to me and make it look like I had gotten into trouble. I just couldn't seem to get anything right.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: MD Dan it sounds like that woman was pretty desperate but also very poop shy hopefully she can get over it before it causes her any major problems later on in life.

To: Natasha great story.

To: Jemma great set of desperate pooping stories.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Steve A

Comments (Mary and Kid's Curiosity Habits) and Survey

To Mary: Your daughter's habits seem to be okay for herself. 4-5 days of not going is a bit of a stretch, but if it's working out for her, then I'd not do anything about it. But, if she starts to have problems going, then increasing her fiber intake or taking her to a doctor is recommended.

To Kid's Curiosity Habits: I think some teen boys go through different phases, but this seems unusual. It could be a fetish or it could be an interest that is not fetish-like, but it could turn into one. Maybe he got exposed to it by the internet or one of his friends. But, whatever the reason in my opinion, this is not something that is normally done by teen boys.

Simmee's Survey:

1. Are guys more concerned about using public toilets than women? Do guys go to greater lengths to avoid using them?

In my experience, I've never heard of guys avoiding public bathrooms. Its always been the girls holding it on the bus after school. A few of them complained at times that they had to pee so bad and they couldn't wait to get home.

2. Do women have a better attitude toward using public toilets because they become accustomed to using them for both functions and at a younger age?

I believe that both guys and girls have the same attitude as they grew up. I think it just depends on how they were raised as a child.

3. What are the drawbacks of using the bathroom at work? Does it make any difference whether its a single-toilet type or a much larger one?

Well, your supervisors and bosses may be strict on your bathroom uses at work. Also, the privacy issues come with the bathroom sizes. It's all based on your company and what the rules and regulations are.

4. What are your two most important concerns when using a public toilet?
a) lines and crowds
b) contact between your body and the toilet seat
c) privacy
d) toilet paper, hot water and soap, etc.
e) noises and smells associated with the activity

They all are important concerns to different people. But, if I were to choose 2, it'll be the toilet paper (is there enough?) and privacy depending what type of bathroom it is. The toilet seat can either be cleaned or covered with TP if it's not too bad. But, if the seat is soaked, then I'll go to another stall.

5. When you were young what attitudes did your parents have toward your needs to use the bathroom away from home? What were you taught? How did they react when you had a "need"? Until you were what age, did they go in with you?

They just said when you gotta go, then go. It wasn't a concern to my parents because they didn't think it was right to hold it in away from home. I did hold it in once after church and then we went to a store. When we got home, I tried to poop, but it wouldn't come out. I tried doing it on my own, but with no luck. I then asked one of my parents for a supossitory and they helped me. I then was able to go, but I clogged the toilet. We did get it unclogged and I was able to go to youth group that night unconstipated.


Hard at Work

I work in an old office block in Asia. Because it is an extremely small company, I have to do almost everything the business requires.

There is also an old squat toilet in the office. It is a standalone toilet that my colleagues seldom use. It is thus extremely clean, even if it's extremely old. The other 2 toilets in the office are nicely renovated with western style sitting toilets. They're also more often used.

There is a girl in the office called Ching. She a tanned tiny Chinese girl with a nice shapely torso. She's 23 and the men in the office are quite attracted to her. There's no strict dress code in the office and we sometimes turn up in very casual wear.

I was in the broom closet in the squat toilet room one day because of a pest problem. There has been a mounting cockroach problem in the building and I have traced it to that room. My hunch was right. There was a huge colony of them in there that I was busy poisoning. I was so busy spraying and sweeping up that I got started by the toilet door slamming shut.

I peeked through a broken part of the broom closet and to my surprise, spotted Ching. She was in her green sleevless top and black shorts, showing off her nicely toned legs. She also had on blue converse shoes with low cut socks. She must have returned from lunch.

I had a 45 degree view of the squat toilet from the hole in my door and before I could do anything, Ching had already placed both feet and the sides of the bowl, unbuckled her shorts, pulled them down to her knees, then she pulled her pink panties down to the knees as well. She then went into a deep squat. From my view, I could see everything.

Ching is a graphics artist and a hardworking one as that. But she often has bowel issues, I noticed. I noticed she drank a huge glass of prune juice in the morning.

She made a sound that sounded like "ai!". I saw her face turn red, her lips pursed tightly. Then she started looking like she was about to cry. She pushed her shoulder length black hair out of her face. Then I saw it. Her source of pain. She was birthing a huge rock like turd that she could not stop. She must have been constipated and drank the prune juice. Then because the juicr worked so well, the huge turd is mercilessly making its way out faster than Ching was ready for. The squatting also speeds it up.

So this dark brown turn forced its way out. It was shaped like an old police baton and it seemed to go on forever. It was so long the tip hit the watet and she was still pushing.

"EH!" Ching gave a grunt. The turd was curling in the water.

At this point, Ching farted. The fart seems to loosen her turd up so much it literally shot the rest of the turd out, the whole creature splashing into the bowl. As the last bit of her turd exited, her knees buckled slightly from the pain. She gave out involuntary "Ooooo".

She later pulled some toilet paper to wipe. It took many wipes, each time Ching checked the damage of the paper.

She then stood up, got dressed, and pulled the flush. It took 3 flushes before everything went down.

When I met her next in the office, boy was she cheerful.

Daniel in Chicago
To "hello all" When I was a preteen living in rural Georgia, we boys often pooped in the woods simply to avoid going home and having our parents make us stay at home. We would brag about pooping in "unusual" places. Many schools have "phantom poopers" who would poop anywhere they could find with no one around. Unlocked and unoccupied cllassrooms were easy places. Behind auditorium stage curtains was popular since most auditorium doors were left unlocked when it was not being used. Sometimes they would open the top of an upright piano and drop one on the strings. Some schools install padlocks on the pianos for this reason.


Wet fart accident

Hi everyone. Haven't posted much here lately since I've been busy moving and settling in with my husband in our new home. So things have been busy and hectic. Our diet has changed quite a bit so that means much softer more frequent poops. More frequent "gotta go now!" urges and soft poops verging on diarrhea. In my case, mine have been urgent enough that I had one wet fart accident before I could make it to the bathroom! Someone was in the bathroom at the time that I needed it and seconds after I knocked on the door telling them it was urgent, it happened. One big, wet fart followed by a nasty feeling down my legs ( I wear boy shorts underwear). It was so gross and embarrassing to be 30 years old with a mess down my legs and in my pants. The shower felt good (and welcome!)but scrubbing the stain out of my new underwear was a lost cause :( Scrubbing out my black pants was no problem though.

Imogen: Hello. Welcome to the forum. Your story about your accident a few years ago reminds me of some of the times I was bursting for a wee (or sometimes for a poo too) coming home from school. Glad to hear you made it to at least have most of your wee in the loo. I've completely weed my pants just before reaching the toilet before, and that's annoying.

Abbie: Good to hear you were able to have a poo after just two days. Hopefully that keeps up for you.

Classes have started up at uni again. I had an interesting experience today. I have two classes that are next door to each other, and I felt an urge to poo at end of the first one. I packed up my things and dropped them off in the other room then headed for the toilets. This building is smaller and so there's only one toilet block in the building and it has two cubicles. Both were open so I took one and sat down and lowered my pink spotty knickers to my ankles.

I had a nice relaxing wee and then started to poo. My poo was coming out as a lot of little pieces. Soon after I started, I heard another girl come in. She took the other cubicle. She sat down and I heard her lower her clothes, but she must not have lowered them all the way as I couldn't see anything underneath the cubicle divider. I continued pooing, and soon she asked if I could pass her some loo roll as she had none left. I passed her a bunch and she said thanks.

She did a really long wee and I heard her wipe, but she didn't flush. Then I noticed she dropped her blue knickers to her ankles. I guess she realized she needed a poo after the fact. I was almost done pooing as she started. I wiped and flushed, and then asked her if she needed any more loo roll before I left the cubicle. She said, maybe a little more, just to be safe, so I gave her some more. Then I washed my hands and left.

Victoria B.

To Mary (daughter's pooping habits)

Hi, Mary! I can relate directly to what Katie experiences because my bowels worked identically to how Katie's do when I was her age. It would take me three or four days between number twos before I felt the need again and when I finally did poop, the results were generally huge. It never hurt to go and I never had any problems pushing my poops out either. That was just how my (and Katie's) bodies worked.

She sounds comfortable with herself and the way her body works. I admittedly wasn't at her age and the fact that you were willing to have that conversation with her and she was able to answer without feeling embarrassed or ashamed means you're raising an emotionally healthy, confident daughter and doing a good job. As long as she isn't holding it and she's making sure to sit down on the nearest toilet whenever she needs to poop, there shouldn't be any problems.

Hope this helps!


Doorless Stalls

To: Krista E.

I enjoyed reading your story about your accident while singing in the school choir in 7th grade. That must have been a harrowing experience. I hope you realized -- it sounds like you did -- how lucky you were that none of the other kids found out what you'd done. That would have really been embarrassing.

I hoped you learned from that experience not to be so picky about your choice of a bathroom. I don't suppose that anyone would like to use a toilet in a stall without a door on it -- especially for #2 -- but sometimes you don't really have a choice. Sometimes you just have to say that a toilet is a toilet and just do what you need to do. Besides, even if you do manage to hold it in until you get home or wherever you need to get, it's not healthy to wait so long to go.

Growing up, I was always involved in sports and learned early on that you can't always be so particular when it comes to bathrooms you'll use. Even if it's a #2, sometimes you're just going to have to use toilets that you're not going to like. I think just about all of us would prefer to handle our bodily functions in our own bathroom at home -- especially for #2 -- but if you insist on that, you're probably not going to make it too long without having an accident.

Fortunately, I've never had an accident since I was really little -- not any that I can recall since I started school. But playing sports like I did, that meant going to the bathroom -- including #2 -- in some unbelievably bad places. You'd be surprised how many schools -- even in the girls' rooms -- have toilets without doors on the stalls. The worst, though, was having to use a toilet (and that included going #2), that didn't even have a stall around it all. It was just a toilet sticking out from the wall with nothing around it. And countless times, of course, I had to do my business in port-o-potties. At least there you get privacy but oftentimes -- especially in bad weather -- those things absolutely reek. They are not exactly the kind of places that you want to sit and have a nice, relaxing poop. But they are better than having to duck behind a dugout or storage shed and pop-a-squat there. I've had to do that as well and I'm not talking about just having to pee, either. But I've never had an accident.

So, Krista E. I'm sorry you had an accident, but I hope you learned form the experience.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

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kids curiosity about bodily functions

Hello all,

I am a mother of two teenage boys and the other day, my oldest, who is 17, admitted to me that when he was age 12-14, he regularly pooped and peed in a bucket and hid it in his room. He said he did it because it gave him a thrill, and he wanted to see if he could get away with it. He certainly did get away with it because I never knew ( I didn't really want to know). Anyway, he told me that he did this many times at this age. He also admitted to pooping and peeing in our sink, in a laundry bag, and on some newspapers in the garage.
He said all of this in a joking manner. I was shocked and more than a little grossed out, but it happened years ago so I felt silly getting mad about it now. I chalked it up to stupid things teen boys do. However, I have to admit that this behavior intrigues me. Is this some type of phase that teens go though? I wonder how common it is? It makes sense to me that teenagers would be curious about their bodies, and by extension, their bodily wastes. I spoke with another mom, who told me she found out that her 16 year old boy has been regularly pooping on newspapers that he keeps in his room. She knows because his room always stinks ( what teen boys room doesn't stink?), but her sons stunk like poop, so she searched it and found the "evidence'. She never said anything to him about it, just told him to clean his room and spray fabreeze. He doesn't know that she knows about the pooping.
Can anyone offer a perspective on this? I mean i've heard of teen boys being obsessed with farts and poop, but this seems like a whole new level! I've heard that this can be a fetish of some sort. Has anyone experienced this with a teen/preteen?

Victoria B.

To Catherine

That sounds like an awesome dream! Too bad you woke up just as you were getting undressed and ready to start going. I bet it would've been a big one! One question, though. Without any walls, where did the toilet paper hang? It was a dream though and the beauty of dreams is that they don't have to make sense!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mystery Poster it sounds like your friend Amber had a pretty good poop in the middle of the night.

To: Little Mandi great story I bet you felt good after a big pop like that.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you both had really great poops.

To: Nicole it sounds like you were pretty desperate at least you made it to the toilet in time.

To: Jenifer G great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

MD Dan

Holding It In For Modesty's Sake

The other day I was driving around and got a pretty strong urge to poop. I hadn't gone in a few days and had some drinks the night before so I knew it was only going to get worse. I was familiar with the area and knew there was a public park with porta-potties nearby so I headed that direction. There weren't very many people in the park that day. There were only two other vehicles and one was pulling out as I pulled up. I got out and started to walk the 50 yards or so over to the porta-potties and saw two women coming out of the jogging path, heading back towards what I assumed was their Jeep parked next to me. Both women were about the same age as me, late 20's or early 30's. Both were wearing brightly colored tops and I guess you could call them yoga shorts. I'm not a runner myself so I'm not sure what they're actually called. Both had brown hair, one had a super fit, super hot body. The other was also very cute, but much skinnier than the other one.

There are two porta-potties at this park and the women had to pass them to get back to their vehicle. I knew we would reach them about the same time. They were further away than I was but they were trotting along and moving faster. I was worried that they'd both need to use them and I'd have to wait. My fears were unfounded, however, as one broke off towards the porta-potties and the other nodded to her and continued towards the Jeep. We reached the porta-potties within seconds of each other, her first and then me. It was the really hot fit girl. As she came around the front to the door and saw me, she kind of got wide eyed for a second as if she just noticed I was there. Then she gave a polite smile very quickly and entered the porta-pottie. I was getting pretty excited and wondered what she was going to do.

I entered my porta-pottie and saw it was exceptionally clean. The two were side by side with the roof vents right next to each other so there was exactly zero privacy as far as sounds go. I heard her pull her shorts down and sit. I coughed slightly and figured she could tell that sounds were not muffled at all. I undid my belt and pants and sat down on the seat, knowing she could tell at this point what I needed to do. She started peeing very forcefully for almost a full minute. I peed some at the same time as her but I couldn't even hear mine over hers, it was so loud. At this point, she didn't pull any paper, she didn't move, she made no noise whatsoever. I figured she needed to take a dump as well and thought I would join her. After many seconds of nothing, I decided to break the ice and relaxed. Soft crap just started pouring out of me very quickly. If it had been a regular toilet, it probably would have made almost no sound at all. But because of the distance to the water in the porta-pottie, it had a chance to pick up speed and sounded like pudding being thrown into the water. Of course, at the end of this mudslide was a bassy and muffled fart that lasted about 3 or 4 seconds.

I figured that would relax the woman next to me but I still heard absolutely nothing from her. I figured out she must be waiting for me to finish and leave and then she'd let her crap out. I didn't feel like I had to go anymore, but my stomach still felt kind of weird so I didn't want to get up yet. We both sat there for around 4 minutes with no noises at all. I was wondering to myself, why is she putting herself through this? I started to hear her breathing heavily. I also started to hear some gas force itself out from what sounded like a very forcefully clenched butt. Like she was holding back a massive flood of crap, all for the sake of modesty. I felt kind of bad for her, but I started feeling more poop coming and gave a slight push. Again, I had this pudding pouring out of me, full of gas on its way out.

Finally, I heard something from me neighbor. She muttered, "Damn it!" very softly, and with a sharp exhale from her, her well-formed ass just erupted like a volcano of poop for almost 10 seconds straight. Followed up with a blasting fart that lasted almost another 10 seconds. Immediately after this massive dump, she started pulling off paper and wiping. I did the same because I was done at this point too. The whole time I thinking, it took her all of 20 seconds to take her dump. If she had just gone in and done her thing like no one else was there, she'd have been done minutes ago and long gone by the time I came out. Instead, because of her modesty, she suffered through minutes of pain, sitting there holding in her crap. And on top of that, the one thing she wanted to avoid happened because of her attempts to avoid it. We ended up coming out of the porta-potties at the same time and she seemed mortified. She wouldn't look at me at all and sprinted back to the Jeep.

Why do some people feel so modest about this stuff and put themselves through so much discomfort for the sake of this modesty? Oh well, I felt great afterwards and I'm sure she did as well. At least as far as her gut went.

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