Steve A

Had To Hold It During Work

I had work today at the main dining hall on campus. My shift was from 5pm to 7pm as a cashier and after that, I had to clean the tables and sweep the floors. About 5-10 minutes into my shift, I started to get a feeling for a #2. Since it was a Saturday night, it wasn't too busy because some people went home for the weekend or they went to the football game. This meant that I was the only one on the register. I also thought about asking an employee to cover for me, but they were too busy at their own stations. I did manage to hold it during my entire 2 hour shift.

When I'm done, I usually head to an office in the back to count the money, but I took a pit stop first. I took the money with me into the stall and I didn't have any trouble pooping. The last time I held it for a certain amount of time, I got constipated.

I was glad that I was able to hold it for that long, but I know that it isn't the best thing for me to do. If I'm ever stuck in that situation again, I may or may not ask for help depending on when I get the urge. If the urge strikes early into my shift, I may get myself a cover. If the urge hits me near the end of my shift, I could wait.

Steve A

College Block Party

As a college freshman living on campus, many things are going on everyday and I'm starting to have more bathroom related experiences.

Earlier in the school year, there was a "beginning of the year" block party at the local apartments off campus. I decided to go check it out, but I didn't drink since I really don't like it very much. Plus, I'm underage. I bought a water bottle instead. I just walked around and it was everything that I thought it would be. There were ports potties, but the lines were always too long because of people drinking.

Some guys and girls, including myself, decided to pee behind the apartment buildings where there were bushes so that we wouldn't have to wait in the long line. No one got in trouble because the police were only supervising the main area of the party, which was like a concert. To be honest, I wouldn't want to use a portal potty at a college party. It's probably the dirtest when the party is over.

Victoria B.

Falling off the food truck


I had some friends over on Friday night for some board games and a few adult beverages. Mallory, Sierra, and Caitlin were coming over and that promised for a night of fun. I got hungry between then and the time when I finished classes that day and, as a lover of Mexican and Southwestern food, decided to get a burrito from a nearby food truck. I opted to make it vegetarian and went with beans, rice, queso, several different kinds of salsa, pico de gallo, and corn. It was delicious!!

Then again, maybe it was too delicious. My internal plumbing made its dislike for what I had eaten pretty clear and spoke up on a couple of occasions with a few farts that slipped out before my friends arrived. At this stage, it just seemed like background noise, something I'd be able to ignore while going about my day. Then my friends arrived and bottles got opened.

We started playing and had a few glasses of wine. Everything was going fine with one notable exception: my poor stomach was doing worse for the wear and came perilously close to giving the game away if not for some mercifully silent (but still ripe) farts. I started feeling full down and back there; it became obvious that I needed to let go of whatever I had in my bladder and bowels and soon. A less-silent fart was the last bit of persuasion I needed before I "excused myself to the potty."

I got my skinny jeans and navy blue and pink striped undies down and my bum on the seat just in time. I didn't even get to take my customary pre-number two minute or so of sitting and breathing before my bladder began releasing some of the wine I'd drank. I wasn't able to use that time like I normally do: to think about how grateful I am to be able to relieve myself in the privacy and comfort of a bathroom with running water and a toilet I can flush. In light of the condition I was in it was excusable because mostly liquid poop began pouring out of my butt as the last dribbles made their way out of my pee hole. This first release, much to my embarrassment, was accompanied by a loud fart that my friends would've easily been able to hear. This was just the tip of the iceberg too.

My bottom remained glued to the seat for the next fifteen minutes out of fear of having to make an urgent dash back to the bathroom. There'd be five minute intervals where I thought everything had gotten out, periods where I was only able to fart. They all ended in further torrents of liquid poop. The smell was unreal and the farts seemed to get louder the longer I sat. My cheeks, that is, the ones on my face, were burning and there were tears in my eyes by the time I felt done. The old sense of shame and embarrassment I'd worked so hard to overcome reared its ugly head. What would my friends think of me? They'd given me the plunger as a joke, but what I had done felt so disgusting that I didn't know whether or not the jokes would be playful anymore. I ripped paper and wiped both my eyes and my bottom and finally got up and dressed again.

Flushing and washing my hands, I made my way back to the living room and the moment of truth. What happened next put me right back in tears. Sierra, Mallory, and Caitlin, one by one, came up to me and each one gave me a long, tender hug and a kiss on my cheek. I knew that my friends would always love me and wouldn't abandon me for any liquid poop eruption. A few minutes of happy crying gave way to our game, where it was still my turn. The rest of the night was great and we all had a wonderful time.

To Catherine, Mina (and friends), and everyone else: do a big one for me!
Love, Victoria


Bad Smell

Hi everyone! One day, we started smelling sewer smell behind our hallway bathroom. It was located kind of behind the toilet, but also in the hall laundry area. I was for sure some poop/pee etc was leaking into the crawlspace, so I was concerned about the cleanup. Sometime later, maintenance came, and 2 guys did a thorough search under the trailer for the leak. After opening the aluminum skirting panels with a power tool, they examined the pipes while I flushed both toilets. Their search yeilded no results, so one of the guys talked to me outside on the front steps, they closed up the skirting, and left. Drain cleaner in all the toilets, and sinks has improved things wich seems to me concluding that dirty pipes were to blame.


Survey answers / story

1) When you are going poo with your friends, do you talk to them?

I don't really poop at the same time as my friends. One time I was in the dorm bathroom and I knew it was my roommate next to me because he answered his phone and it was his voice. But I tried not to listen lol. And he didn't know it was me since he finished first and left before I did.

2) For the boys, do you ever pee sitting down?

Yeah I do sometimes. I always do if I get up in the middle of the night and have to pee. Sometimes I just prefer to do it.

3) Does anyone text on the toilet? Yep. I do that all the time lol.

4) What goes on in your mind while you are peeing/pooping? Sometimes I just think about random things, like stuff I'll do or say later, other times I'm thinking about how big the poop is how I just want it out now! lol

An anonymous poster earlier asked if I had had any close calls from holding and yes, I have! So for the past couple days I hadn't been pooping so I knew I was constipated. Some of it probably was just from holding in a few urges I got while out on campus. I probably could've gone earlier. But either way, yesterday I woke up with a bit of a stomach ache so I knew I was probably going to get something out that day. No urge for a while though but after class in the afternoon I started getting a strong one. And I was about to leave to use the bathroom but at that moment a couple people came into my dorm room--a couple friends who had said they were going to come over earlier. So of course I started holing in the urge and talking to them. I was probably pacing around the room a bit at one point, feeling that big log in my butthole but I couldn't do anything because I didn't want to be like "guys, I have to poop!" especially since I figured it might take a while since it was going to be a big one. So I'm like standing there, cramping my lower intestinal area, I wasn't sure if it showed on my face, but it might have--a big hard turd in me ready to come out.

Luckily at that point my roommate came back and he was able to distract so I just left and said I'd be back in a bit without explaining what I was going to do. I get to the bathroom and at that point the turd is practically poking out of me. I pulled down my briefs and sat down on the toilet and immediately pushed. It was one of those where my whole body was putting effort into it, it felt really cool. And I was not as constipated as I thought. Yes it was a pretty big turd and it was kind of hard, but it came out more easily than I expected and it really stretched my anus--I was a bit sore after that one. But it was such a relief. I had to just stare at the big turd in the toilet afterward haha


Good Buddy Dump

I was recently at the Store with my friend Ashley,We both had to take huge number 2's. We got to the bathroom and only 1 of the six stalls were taken, me and Ashley took stalls beside each other and sat down right as the other girl flushed and left. I started working on my bm after a few seconds I began to let out a long,thick Log about 10" long,after a few minutes another one of my friends came in for a dump,it was Nikki. Nikki took the stall beside me and plopped down,Ashley started pushing gently and let out a massive dump that almost filled the bowl. I suddenly started to push out a massive amount of soft poop,Nikki moaned as she dropped some big logs that landed with a big plop. I pushed out one more giant 14" log and started wiping,Ashley made some loud plops and splats and finished up. Nikki dropped some big logs that sounded like books hitting the water and wiped. We all looked at each other's dumps,Nikki had let out about 6 big logs at least 7" long,Ashley had a massive dump that filled the bowl with at least 8 ginormous 9" logs. We all didn't flush so other people could see our glorious dumps.


Bladder & Car Accident

This happened just over 10 years ago in the city I was originally born in. I was walking my dog Rover on a leash about five blocks from our house. I think I was about 13. As I got to this major intersection and pushed the button to activate the crossing light, this car came through kind of fast and then the driver swerved and skidded a bit, coming to rest side-first against a fire hydrant about six feet in front of me. That really scared Rover and he almost bolted and dragged me with him. I wasn't as big and physical then as I am now and I too was scared. The driver was 16 by just about a week and had only been driving on her own for two days. She was in tears and as I used my left hand to help get her out of her seat belt, while still trying to restrain Rover, she was most concerned about dropping her flip cell phone somewhere on the floor. So I took Rover over onto the sidewalk, tied him to the back car door, and then got the girl out. Her cell phone was right between her legs on the floor and it showed she was about 6 1/2 minutes into a call. When she got out and saw the damage to the side of her parents' car, and how it was probably several thousand dollars worth, she became almost hysterical. I told her to sit on the curb, while I called 911. Since there was no injury and the car was largely off the street, the police didn't treat it as a priority. About this time she started cursing profusely about needing to pee immediately. She said she had been at the library but refused to use the toilets there because they were gross. So she decided to hold it until she got home.

Luckily her wreck hadn't attracted a crowd. Drivers of the cars whizzing by probably thought she had just broken down. Her pain increased as we waited about 10 minutes and then she said she was going to walk about a block down the street to a gas station for a bathroom. Suddenly, I remembered a scene from a movie where it was a big-time crime to leave the scene of an accident. That only excited her more. Then I saw a Vacancy sign on a home on the hill right behind us. There was a lot of tall grass and weeds and I suggested that. I had to nudge her a few times to get her to walk up there with me. Once I saw the junky yard I knew it would work. We walked through a whole stack of bushes, spooking a few birds, and I was surprised that the surprise didn't open the floodgate. We came upon three heavy gray foundation blocks that were stacked on top of one another. They were too high for her to sit on but I told her if she would take the side of one and I took the other we could drop it off. I told her to just pull her underwear and shorts down and seat herself and that would be her potty. I did warn her to sit absolutely still because the concrete was cut very irregularly and that it could draw blood from her butt. She got up, clothing at her knees, and froze. I could hear her pee starting immediately and then hitting the sidewalk under the blocks. I went back out because I didn't want to leave Rover alone and I didn't want the cop to think she had ran off.

Once I got back to the scene, the cruiser was just parking. It was a female officer so I told her exactly what was happening. She was very empathetic and even joked about taking the "toilet" next before she left. She said it would be a lot cleaner than the gas station ones she normally uses. We bonded real well until the girl got back. She got a ticket for two offenses I had not previously heard of, called her parents, and Rover was about ready to do his daily crap which I didn't want to happen in front of the cop. So we started our walk back while the cop handled the rest of the paperwork. Mom was in the kitchen when Rover and I walked in. She asked her usual "Did anything interesting happen?" question because we had been gone longer than usual. She was really surprised when I sat down and told her about it. The walks Rover and me take were usually very boring.

Sam K

BM Question!

I am a 18 year old guy, Who goes to the gym to workout 5 times a week, Three Days ago, i ate breakfast,lunch and a sufficient dinner(Chicken tenders,large steak,potatoes and vegetables, The next day I had breakfast,for lunch i had another large steak,2 battered fish,some hot chips and bacon, and dinner. and last night, i had breakfast,lunch and dinner which had some corn . Today i was expecting a large BM from what i had eaten ,but no small stools with corn in it. I eat plenty of calories throughtout the day, Could the steak still be digesting? or would it have been used as energy? Thank you

Oops, I accidentally signed my last post with Anne, but it was me, Anna!

Victoria B, I liked the story about you using your plunger. I had to use ours a couple days ago. I came home from uni and needed to go so bad. I dropped a really big load in our little bathroom and the turds totally blocked the toilet. But with the plunger, I fixed it no problem!



Recently, my wife Judy and I have started eating Granola, a breakfast cereal every morning. We love it because it is convenient and probably a healthier option.

The nice thing about it also it that it bulks our poo up so much pooping starts to hurt. I know I have not posted my own experience yet, so this is my first.

First off, I'm Asian, of both Indian and Chinese descent. I'm in my mid thirties, and many people describe me as "lean muscular".

A few days after starting on Granola, I went to do a poo in the morning and this happened.

I usually wear a T-shirt and boxers at home. As usual, I removed my boxers. I usually remove my boxers completely at home for maximum comfort. Then I seated myself on the toilet with my phone to play my games. Usually, I would relax at this point, and with minimum straining, my poo would come out. However, this time, I felt the poo descend and stop. I could feel a hard lump just above the anal opening. It was a slightly sharp pain, but honestly a rather pleasurable one. I pushed a little and it did not budge. So I decided to go into a squat position, the position I have taught my wife to do to help her poop out. Straight back, bend forward at the hip, feet on tiptoes. This gives a semi squat position - the best position for a hard poo to exit.

The I pushed. "Ehhhh!"

I could feel it. The poo was descending, opening my anus. MY anus domed out and I quickly spread my legs and looked. From my view, I could not see any poo at all, but I could see my anus has domed outwards. It looks like a volcano.

'Urgggg..." I strained again.

This time I could see the head. It looks like the Granola, lumpy and stuck together. It was also dark brown.

I decided to not push and allow the poo to come out on its own. I watched as I felt the poo losing its grip on my rectum and slowly emerging. Bit by bit the lumpy creature made its way out. I could feel every lump as it slid out.

It came out faster and faster and gradually it became a lighter brown. It became slightly softer the more it came out and at the end , it was almost liquid. The last of it felt into the toilet with a PLONK.

Wow. I felt so empty, and so GOOD.

I washed up, flushed, and as I exited the toilet, my wife, Judy, was ready to use it. I told her what happened and she said, "Oh dear, knowing my history of big poops, this is going to be humongous!"

She went in, lowered her black cotton shorts, lifted her purple T-shirt lightly, and sat down. This time, she didn't draw the curtains. We have an open concept toilet and instead of a door, we have a white curtains. I think she was trying to show me if her poop is just as hard.

She looked at me, and her face scrunched up. She bit her lower lip and her face started to turn red. Her hands were balled into fists at her knees.

"Noooo...too big," she said with an exhale of her breath. She waddled over to the shower compartment, grabbed the bar soap, wet it and lathered her hands with it. Then she spread the soap on the opening of her anus.

She then waddled back. "It always works on Cindy!" Cindy's her chronically constipated older sis.

It helped. I suppose she is more confidant in pushing the fat lump out because of the reduced friction. She made her usual, "eeeee" with her scrunched up face and then I heard the familiar sound of a large turd dropping. PLOKONG!

I left her alone to wipe.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Miranda you were a good friend in that situation.

To: Anne great story it sounds like you both had good poops.

To: Abbie great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Doorless Stalls Part 2

Hi! If you saw my last story about using the doorless stall at school, you will know what I am talking about. If not, I will explain it again.

My school has regular bathrooms but by the gym there are different bathrooms. They have wooden dividers, no locks, and the 2nd (middle) stall has no door.

Before fall break, I pooped a little in the doorless stall.
Today, I was more prepared for the doorless stall. I didn't poop yesterday and today I tried to only poop a little in the morning, saving room for this afternoon.

I got a hall pass and went to the bathroom. Nobody was in there, so I took the doorless stall and pushed out a log. I tried to push out more but sadly there was no more :(
I decided to stay sitting on the toilet and see if anyone would come in and what their reaction was.

About 4 minutes later, someone came in and took the 3rd (last) stall. He peed, washed his hands and left without seeming to notice me.

Thanks for reading, I hope my next post will be a little more exciting ;)


Victoria B.

Response to Anne

First of all, I enjoyed your post! Sounds like you and Alison both felt a lot better once you were rid of what you left behind in your stalls. I've definitely felt the anxiety of sitting next to someone who knew you were doing both and the awkwardness of unexpected handwashing conversation after spending the last ten minutes pooping.

I'm from the Midwest and mountains aren't really a thing here, but our trails have bathrooms that are exactly like the ones you describe. It seems weird, but I kind of compartmentalize them, associate them as a part of being in the wild and therefore not as what I'd call unisex bathrooms. I've had to use these before though they're often so stinky and barren of toilet paper that I've just as often found myself a nice private place to squat and take care of a pee or a number two.

I've thought more about unisex bathrooms and how partitions between stalls and doors don't do a very good job of creating privacy. Something new occurred to me: What about those times when you get undressed and on the toilet before you remember to check for paper? How does someone in the next stall get it to you if you ask for some? Or, how do you get it to someone else stuck on the pot without toilet paper? It's by far easiest to pass it under the partition. That space, unlike the ones created by stall doors or the one between partitions and the wall, is one that unfortunately needs to be kept. Can it be made smaller? Probably. But if you've ever been asked or needed to ask for paper, you understand that those gaps are better than having someone with a dirty front or rear sit stranded on the toilet!


To J: Loved your story about your accident you had after doing homework. Does it happen often?

To Mark: I would absolutely love to hear more of your stories from the past. :)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Steve A

College Unisex Bathroom Story

After my first class on Friday, I developed an urge to poop. So, I went to my usual spot, the unisex bathrooms on the 1st floor of my dorm since I had a break in between classes. After I picked a stall and started my business, a woman walked in and wasn't ashamed that someone else was in there. There were only 2 stalls in the bathroom and she had to poop as well.

She didn't say anything and did what she had to do. She could've made a comment to me because sometimes you can see other people's shoes when you're pooping next to someone, am I right?

She finished up rather quickly in about 2-3 minutes and someone else took her place. The other woman only had to pee. By that time, I was finished myself. I then flushed, washed my hands, and continued on with my day.

I like to use that restroom because they're cleaner than the communal dorm bathrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors. I've never entered that restroom with other people in it, I'm always alone. Plus, even if others are in there, the sign says unisex.


First Time in Doorless Stalls

Hi! This is my first post. I have been interested in poop for a while and found this site.

My school has regular bathrooms around most of the school. Near the gym we have other bathrooms. They have wood stalls, the locks don't work, and for some reason the door on the middle stall was missing. I had been wanting to try the doorless one for a while, because I have never used one before.

My last period is kind of like study hall, so it was a perfect time to try this. I got a hall pass and went to the other bathrooms. There were people in there so I hid in the first stall until everyone left. Then I went to the second (doorless) stall. I dropped my pants all the way to my ankles and pooped. I wiped and washed my hands. Nobody came in the bathroom during my pooping, but I was prepared to hide my head if anyone did.

I bet whoever saw my unflushed poop in the doorless stall did a double take, because whoever pooped in there had to be exposed.

I really enjoyed going in the doorless stall and want to try it again another day.

Thanks for reading, bye!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Poop Dawg it sounds like your girlfriend gave you a really good show.

To: Mina I look forward to your next post about you and your friends.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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