To Mary


First, welcome to the site. I've been reading and posting on and off here for seven years almost. I guess my interest in the subject is a little obsessive and out of the ordinary. But, if there is one thing that I can agree with your daughter is that pooping feels good!

I've been thinking on and off about your daughter's bowel habits since reading the post yesterday. I don't think that there is much to worry about, but I can't imagine that having 1-2 bowel movements per week is a good thing. Normal is considered between 3 per week and 3 per day (or between 3-21 per week). The consistency of her stool leads me to believe that there is nothing much to worry about. However, the size and infrequency are. By the day before her bowel movement, she must be incredibly bloated.

Some things you might want to consider are her diet, amount of water intake and her activity. All three of those things contribute to sluggish bowels and constipation. Adding some extra fiber through cereal, an extra serving of vegetables, and encouraging additional water intake may help her frequency to go to the bathroom. She may not become an "every-day" pooper, but if you can get her to go at least every other day, that might be helpful to her health, not only now, but later down the road.

Also, one thing you may want to consider is whether or not her habits resemble yours or her father's. What's normal for you?

It's good that she is not embarrassed about going. I'm a step-mom, and my oldest step-daughter was discouraged from going to the bathroom in public and was made to feel ashamed of that part of her body. Her real mom did some serious psychological damage. You have done so well as a mom if she feels comfortable to go when she needs to. You are also doing well if she feels that she can talk to you. And, it's good that this coincidence of her going while you were showering so that you could deal with a question about her health.

If you are concerned, you can ask her pediatrician. I wish you and "Katie" well and hope that you will keep us updated!






Thank you for your replies. :)

KMD: I don't think this was about us being comfortable going number two outdoors, it's just there was no other choice! This is because I typically cannot hold my urges for too long. Once the urge hits me, there is only one one way it goes away - by relieving myself.
To be honest, I cannot remember exactly how large our turds were. I would guess Louisa's were about 15 and 25 cm and 3-4 cm thick, while I passed a turd of 10 cm, 4 thick and one that was 15 cm long and 2-3 thick. But I cannot tell precisely, the only thing that is for sure is that I was super relieved afterwards. :)

Anna: Three stalls housing poopers at once? I never witnessed such a thing. I'll try to answer my own question by spending some time around the high-privacy stalls in the older buildings. By the time spent there and the possible lingering smell, I could make some guesses.

I'm definitely not Canadian, nor do I live in the UK. But indeed, there is some British influence on my vocabulary. I prefer not telling more. ;-)

I cannot imagine buddy dumping right now, even though there are some friends I am very comfortable around. I think of my flatmate Lena for example. I have known her for a long time now and because we live together, there is almost nothing we can hide from each other. Plus she is very uncomplicated. As you say, if we are outdoor and there is some alcohol to give me courage, it might happen. Lemme know if it happens to you again!

Julie: I also totally agree with your ideal for the public toilets. Let's make them private and available to everybody! The only drawback I see are the pee splashes on the seat from men not sitting down. This would need an education phase. For instance, at my place, we have a funny sticker reminding our male guests to sit down also to pee. Stalls going down to the floor are more difficult to clean, but I am sure our society can afford it, at least until we become slightly more open again.



RE: Mary

For goodness sake DO NOT FIX what ain't broke!! If your daughter is pooping regularly (even if it is every five days), if its easy for her to go, and even "feels really good" leave the poor kid alone. Tell her if it changes or gets hard to pass to let you know.- JW


to Mary: daughter's poop

"Normal" poop frequency can vary from once a day to three times a day to every three days. Every five days seems a bit infrequent, but if your daughter is pooping painlessly and with no symptoms like bleeding or cramping (and is getting enough poop out at a time to be seeming to empty her bowels), I would not be overly concerned. If she changes her habit and has pain, blood, or other worrying symptoms, then she should see her doctor promptly; but right now she seems to be doing what she needs to do, unusual though her habit may be. Be thankful she is willing to talk to you about it.

To Mary: I've heard from a great many reliable sources (doctors and nurses mainly) that unless you are often in intestinal discomfort, there is no cause for concern over your pooping habits. Pooping cycles are different for every individual. That's why there's so much conflicting information. The variance in pooping cycles can range from going 2 to 3 times every day to two to three times a month.

I myself have always had a very irregular pooping cycle. Sometimes I'll go every day, sometimes it'll take a week until the next urge. I've seen some doctors about it and they've always told me that unless there's something else going on along with the irregularity, like pain or bouts of constipation or diarrhea then there's nothing to worry about.

As long as your daughter isn't experiencing any pain or discomfort then there is really no reason to be worried. However, 4 to 5 days between poops is on the slow side so it might be a good idea to keep an eye on her. If she ever gets constipated, it might be problematic due to her naturally slow cycle.

As a disclaimer, I am no expert on gastrointestinal medicine, so take this advice with a grain of salt. This is all based on my own experience.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Talia first welcome to the site and it sounds like you and Beth were having a really rough time hopefully it didnt last for to long and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Accident a few years ago

I'm Imo, a girl from the UK, I'm 5'5 with brown hair and brown eyes and currently a student living in the city.

A few years ago I was 16, in year 11 at school and on a Thursday evening had to stay behind for a drama class after the end of the school day. Normally I'd go to the loo at lunchtime, and then wait until I got home before going again. It was November and the hall was hot so I'd had a few glasses of water during the drama class.

The class ended at 5pm and I had to catch the bus at 10 past, I felt a need to have a wee so I went into the toilet next to the main hall, but there was a cleaner who said I had to use the other ones. Because the bus was due soon I thought I wouldn't bother, and I would just go when I got home.

The bus arrived and started the journey home which took about 45 minutes as we lived in a small village outside town. The bus went along a busy dual carriageway dropping people off slowly, during this time I felt an increasing need to have a wee but reassured myself, I would just go when I got in. By the halfway point I felt quite desperate and crossed my legs tightly. I was still wearing a school skirt and tights, and felt lucky that I wasn't wearing trousers as belts dig in at the best of times.

Well we reached the edge of the city and the bus sped up heading towards the village where I lived. I was very grateful and as there weren't many people left on the bus I could cross my legs and jam my hand into my crotch without it looking too dodgy. However, the combination of bumpy roads and fast driving made my bladder twinge every time we went over a bump.

Approaching my village I was absolutely frantic to do a wee, and worried that I could hold it in to get off the bus. I took a deep breath in and took my hand away from my crotch then shuffled off the bus and down the side street when I got off. I walked very quickly with my legs together down the side street and then into the cul-de-sac where we lived.

I got to the front door and was doing little curtsey dances as I tried to find my keys whilst not wetting myself! I got in and slammed the front door behind me, threw my bag on the floor and ran up the stairs, about halfway up I could feel a leak coming out, and then whilst running I started to lift up my skirt and pull my knickers down, this was followed by a second leak which went on the floor of the toilet and then a very long and relieving wee when I got on the loo.


To Bianca

To Bianca
I had my gall Bladder out many years ago 1992 I had the same problem. Had diarrhea for quite a while after. I had at the time was the new surgery where they make 4 little holes one for the camera and 2 holes for the instruments and the forth hole ( your belly button)where they suck the gall Blatter out (known as band- aid surgery. every thing I ate went right thru me especially Italian food. I for get how long it took for it to get better , but it did. So don't worry this is only temporary. I was so happy when I shit solid again.


To Mary

Mary, your daughter's toilet routine is nothing to worry about.
While here body's natural rhythms may be different to yours, they aren't causing her any discomfort so don't try to change them.
It is quite likely those rhythms will change through her teenage years, but the most important thing here is that you have had a conversation about it and know that if she has any issue she will be comfortable talking to you about it.

My daughter is 5, though she's about as tall as an 8 year old and well built too. She does some rather large poos too, her rhythms vary between twice daily and twice weekly depending on what she has eaten recently.


Sonya Sue

More About Me and Annie

I've written before about me and my best friend Annie. We've been best friends for a number of years. This goes back to three years ago when we were in most of our middle school classes together. My parents always remarked that we seemed to be as different as night and day. That year we ran with different crowds. I was in several groups in the music department and did the plays. Annie didn't like school activities. She cut out early on pep rally days and didn't get caught. She started smoking so she made a couple of extra trips to the bathroom each day for that purpose. She didn't like that many of the cubicles had their doors removed because smoking was tougher then. She wore torn blue jeans and a blue work t-shirt most every day. She encouraged me to to to the bathroom when she did so I could be at the sink and a lookout in case a teacher or another adult would enter. I would turn the basin faucet on and cough. She would have her smoke between her legs as she sat on the toilet and she would quickly drop it into the water, stand, fake wiping and flush, all before the teacher would get that far into the bathroom. Of course, there would be smoke but the teacher wouldn't do anything because the evidence would be flushed. Otherwise, Annie wasn't as inhibited as me about being underwear-down on a toilet with no door. Oh, and after she lit her cigarette she would give the lighter to me in case she got searched. She was a sneak and damn good at it.

As for me, I took one drag of her cigarette as she sat one night after school. I coughed so bad for two or three minutes and I actually thought I was going to throw up. When I sat down next to her to pee a couple of minutes later, I found I had leaked into my underwear about the size of a half dollar. She didn't believe that and gave me a hard time about it. I had waddled out of the other stall to show her how I had peed in my underwear. Unfortunately, I was standing in front of her, fully exposed when a student teacher walked in. Since we were so close to one another and in the same cubicle, we got written up for that and we each got a detention. My mom was alarmed when she got an email about that. I knew because of the smoking that the no privacy door situation wasn't about to get any better and I had to crap once each day and pee at least twice. So my mom bought me additional outfits with skirts that would allow me to sit but with much more privacy. That was a great idea and several of my friends started doing that. The privacy situation never got any better during our three years there, but we made the best of it when we had to sit on the toilet. Now in high school I'm still wearing skirts and dresses, but Annie hasn't changed her wardrobe one bit. She just doesn't seem to give a second thought to sitting and exposing herself. I don't see the privacy doors being returned anytime soon.


To Victoria B


It's always good to hear from you :)

Yes, I don't know where the toilet paper hangers were. And, yes, it did not make sense. But the image was vivid of seeing both well-dressed, handsome men and women lined up on a roll of toilets, moving their bowels. But what was really weird is that it felt "normal" to be in this situation.

Now, when I say that I want to go in an unisex bathroom, I do want privacy stalls!!!

Yes, in the dream, it felt like one of those abnormally large, solid poops that we've all experienced. Aren't those the best???

Hope you are well!



Anatomy Student

To Mary concerning daughter's bowel habits

Outdated medicine used to define "normal" as pooping once a day and everyone believed that. Now that new information and definitions about what is normal have been discovered, there is a wider understanding about pooping. I've read in old medical journals that constipation was divined by schedule rather than consistency. Laxatives were often recommended to people with no trouble at all and laxative abuse leads to weak bowels and a dependence on them to poop. As long as there is no pain or difficulty in a bowel movement, it is considered normal. Check the Bristol Stool Chart. Based on your description I'm guessing her's would be a 3-4 on the chart (cracked surface or smooth respectively). You have nothing to worry about.

Imogen: Hello. Welcome to the forum. Your story about your accident a few years ago reminds me of some of the times I was bursting for a wee (or sometimes for a poo too) coming home from school. Glad to hear you made it to at least have most of your wee in the loo. I've completely weed my pants just before reaching the toilet before, and that's annoying.

Abbie: Good to hear you were able to have a poo after just two days. Hopefully that keeps up for you.

Classes have started up at uni again. I had an interesting experience today. I have two classes that are next door to each other, and I felt an urge to poo at end of the first one. I packed up my things and dropped them off in the other room then headed for the toilets. This building is smaller and so there's only one toilet block in the building and it has two cubicles. Both were open so I took one and sat down and lowered my pink spotty knickers to my ankles.

I had a nice relaxing wee and then started to poo. My poo was coming out as a lot of little pieces. Soon after I started, I heard another girl come in. She took the other cubicle. She sat down and I heard her lower her clothes, but she must not have lowered them all the way as I couldn't see anything underneath the cubicle divider. I continued pooing, and soon she asked if I could pass her some loo roll as she had none left. I passed her a bunch and she said thanks.

She did a really long wee and I heard her wipe, but she didn't flush. Then I noticed she dropped her blue knickers to her ankles. I guess she realized she needed a poo after the fact. I was almost done pooing as she started. I wiped and flushed, and then asked her if she needed any more loo roll before I left the cubicle. She said, maybe a little more, just to be safe, so I gave her some more. Then I washed my hands and left.


3 stories for you...

Not posted in a while so got 3 stories
All 3 of them are from last weekend when my husband and I
Went for a weekend break up in Cumbria.

1. Desperate poo at services on friday night.

In the car we got and left our house at 11am, journey 4 hours.
I'd had a poo before we left but now i needed another 1,
It was an hour and a half in to the journey and it was gettin desperate.
Hubs was driving
"Babes can we stop at some services soon?" i asked
"Yeah, course, you need a poo?" he replied
"Yeah!" i replied.
"Ok we'll stop at the next 1s"
They were 20 mins away, so not bad.

At the services we both went to the loo hubs needed a wee
And of course i needed a poo.
In the cubicle i went pulled my white and black skirt down, black tights and knickers down & sat on the loo.
Little tiny push and suddenly it was plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop-plop... I sighed relief as my last plops were ready to fall ...plop-plop-plop-plop-plop.
13 light brown thin curled plops covering the water in the bowl.
I wiped 4 times and flushed, sprayed my impulse and washed my hands then headed back to hubs.
We arrived another 2 hours later.

2. Desperate poo at restaurant friday evening.
So that evening once we arrived we headed out for dinner.
I was wearing a red short dress that just fitted over my huge peachy butt and nude tights, with a black cardy and black high heel shoes.
We found a restaurant and had a very lovely starter and main course.
Just as we were about to order a pudding i needed another poo.
"Justgoing to the loo babe" i said
And off i went.
In the loo i locked door, hitched my dress up pulled my knickers down
And sat on the loo.
This time no push was required my plops were ready.
My first log crackled out with a plop as my other ones followed quickly.. I had 10 smelly light brown plops, wiped 3 times and flushed, sprayed, and washed up.
On return to hubby he had ordered me a creme brulee, lovely!

3. Desperate poo on the Sunday before we left.
So just as we finished packing i needed my 2nd poo
Of the morning, we were literally about to leave and check out.
"Hold up, need a poo, care to join me" i said to hubby. He smiled and left the luggage by the door.
In he came and perched against the sink.
I pulled my white jeans down and white knickers.
Sat down, & started with a wet fart, followed by 5 plops in quick succession... I had a wet fart again , followed by a further 6 plops in quick succession then 1 more wet fart followed by a further 5 plops.
I got up and we looked at the pebble dashed loo and creation
Hubby kissed my forehead as i bent over for him to wipe me.
Gently he wiped me 5 times. I stood up and he pulled my knickers and jeans back up then flushed the loo for me as i washed my hands, and off we headed home.
My next poo was on arriving home - i was bursting for a poo with 45 mins left to go so as we pulled up in to our drive hubby could hardly contain his excitement to join me again!
Great weekend away.
More soon
Love J xx


Response to "Mary"


I read your post and thought I'd respond because I have some knowledge of medical issues - including the human digestive system. I hope you find my response helpful though I may go into some detail in order to explain my thinking. You appear quite concerned in general about your daughter's health. I suppose that's natural to an extent especially if she is your only child.

- Frequency of pooping (defecation). From your post it sounds as though this is your chief concern amongst others. It is true that the web and other sources of info are full of contradictory opinions. There is in fact no "normal" frequency in relation to how often people should poop. The old adage that a person meeds to poop every day in order to be healthy is not true.
When I was in medical school many years ago I read that the "normal" range is anywhere between three times a day and every three days. However, this was based on a study involving a few hundred US soldiers in their late teens or early twenties returning home after serving in WW2 - hardly a representative sample of the population.
So, there is no real normal frequency - everyone is different. The fact that your daughter only poops every five days is not by itself a cause for concern. She has no complaints regarding her bowels so there is no need to worry - just relax - she will be fine.

I thought I would mention a few other matters:

- Urgency - it seems your daughter experiences a sudden and strong urge to poop. This is quite normal and is not a cause for concern. It is caused by a large mass of poop (feces) coming into contact and pressing against the internal anal sphincter. This cause it to relax automatically and sends a signal to the brain that it is time to defecate i.e. poop. Continence is maintained by the external anal sphincter which is under voluntary control. (I could explain in more detail but for the sake of brevity I won't.)

- Length and thickness of feces (turds)- again there is no normal pattern. The size and volume (amount) of turds that individuals produce varies considerably. The fact that your daughter can produce several long thick logs is not a cause for concern. It can easily take someone several minutes or longer to fully open and empty their bowels. Also, it is a good idea for them to spend a few minutes in the toilet before wiping to make sure their bowels are fully empty; so your daughter spending 10-15 minutes sitting on the toilet is fine.

- Shape and consistency of turds - again there is huge variation. the curling effect you noted was probably in part due to her logs hitting the porcelain in the toilet bowl after entering the water thus causing them to bend. Alternatively, turds can often curl or twist as they are being passed out through the anus. This is also quite normal.

One other thing I will mention. Your daughter may notice that when she starts her periods (if she has not already) she may poop more often (or less often) whilst menstruating. Similarly, she may find that she has to pass more poo when she does go or she may have to pass more intestinal gas. This is also common and not a cause for concern.I won't go into detail why these changes in bowel habit occur during menstruation because this post is long enough.

Anyway I hope you find the above helpful. It strikes me that your daughter's bowels are in very good form so I would suggest "letting sleeping dogs lie" - or as the saying goes "If it ain't broken don't try to fix it". I don't think you need to routinely visually check your daughter's poop but that's between you and her.

Finally, I understand people coming across this site may think it "weird" and perhaps think the same of the people who post here but I find it interesting and useful - I like being able to write contributions that others may find helpful - each to their own. Feel free to respond or ask more questions but I'll understand if you prefer not to.


Victoria B.

To Mary (daughter's pooping habits)

Hi, Mary! I can relate directly to what Katie experiences because my bowels worked identically to how Katie's do when I was her age. It would take me three or four days between number twos before I felt the need again and when I finally did poop, the results were generally huge. It never hurt to go and I never had any problems pushing my poops out either. That was just how my (and Katie's) bodies worked.

She sounds comfortable with herself and the way her body works. I admittedly wasn't at her age and the fact that you were willing to have that conversation with her and she was able to answer without feeling embarrassed or ashamed means you're raising an emotionally healthy, confident daughter and doing a good job. As long as she isn't holding it and she's making sure to sit down on the nearest toilet whenever she needs to poop, there shouldn't be any problems.

Hope this helps!

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Questions about my daughter's pooping habits

I recently found this website, and while I personally think it's a bit weird, some of the posters here are knowledgeable about this subject. My own results of searching Google have returned little information and every time I found a website, it was like it directly contradicted the previous website I looked at. Anyway, I have a question about my 12 year old daughter's (I'll call her Katie for privacy's sake) pooping habits, and I mostly want to know if it's okay or if I should be concerned. I'll start at the beginning..

Last week, my daughter had her friend over to our house. I had gone out to the gym and came back and went straight to the shower. Very soon after I got in, there was a knock at the bathroom door. It was Katie, and she asked if she could come in to "go number two." She told me her friend was in the main bathroom, also pooping, and she really couldn't wait for it to be free. I told her she could come in, but I reminded to please not flush, as I was in the shower.

She sat on the toilet for at least ten minutes, probably closer to 15. I was nearly done in the shower by the time she finished. She wiped, and washed her hands, leaving the bathroom. I finished up and got out. I didn't really look in the toilet on purpose, but I did catch a glimpse out of the corner of my eye. I remember being a teenager and pooping bigger than I do now, but what I saw seemed far too big for Katie to have done by herself. If it wasn't for the fact that I knew no one else could have come into the bathroom I'd seriously doubt all of the poop had come out of her. I took a closer look and saw what looked like four quite long and pretty thick logs all curled up in the bowl. The logs looked soft too, and the whole thing flushed down on the first try, so that was good.

I thought about this the rest of the day, and the next day once Katie's friend was gone, I talked to her about it. She was very open and not shy about it at all. I think I was actually more embarrassed than she was! She told me she normally goes four or five days between poops, and they're always about that big. I asked if she was holding it on purpose to avoid pooping at school, but she said no, she poops at school if the urge hits her while she's there. I also asked if it hurts when she poops or if it's difficult to push out. She answered no to both of those questions. In fact, she actually joked a bit and said it feels really good to poop.

Katie's my only child, so I'm kinda nervous and want to make sure I get this parenting thing right. I've always heard that you should poop every day, but some of the websites I looked at say it's okay to go less often as long as you're not holding it in and it doesn't hurt or anything. Pooping about every five days is what Katie says is her normal, so I just don't know what to think. Maybe I'm just overthinking it and fretting about nothing? Any advice or comments you guys have would be great. Thanks.


Survey on trying to avoid using public toilets

Whether its at school, at work, at a concert or sporting event, how much do people use or try/avoid using public toilets. This is a survey I've come up with. The results should be interesting. Thanks for doing it!

1. Are guys more concerned about using public toilets than women? Do guys go to greater lengths to avoid using them?

2. Do women have a better attitude toward using public toilets because they become accustomed to using them for both functions and at a younger age?

3. What are the drawbacks of using the bathroom at work? Does it make any difference whether its a single-toilet type or a much larger one?

4. What are your two most important concerns when using a public toilet?
a)lines and crowds
b) contact between your body and the toilet seat
c) privacy
d) toilet paper, hot water and soap, etc.
e) noises and smells associated with the activity

5. When you were young what attitudes did your parents have toward your needs to use the bathroom away from home? What were you taught? How did they react when you had a "need"? Until you were what age, did they go in with you?

If its OK, I'll give you my answers:

1) Some of my male friends at school see no problem pissing, but they hate having to take a seat and crapping. Whenever possible, they try and avoid it until they get home. A couple regularly study with me and our toilet at home is quite popular with them. My female friends and I have been sitting on school toilets for years and they have accepted it as a necessity.

2) Yes. At games and concerts at our city's arena my female friends regularly go down to the bathroom and often in groups. Their only complaint is the length of the lines. If the guys have to crap, they will hold it until we stop to eat afterwards. Then they ask us to order for them while they are on the toilet crapping.

3) Other than as an occasional sub for a friend who has a newspaper route, I don't work. A couple of times I've had to pee at 5 a.m. in the morning and my dad, who drives me, gives me the choice of a 24/7 store or doubling back home. I prefer home so he drives me back there for a couple of minutes.

4. Lines and crowds cause me class tardy problems at school. Often when I finally get myself seated, the 1 minute warning bell sounds. Then mom wonders about stains in my underwear. Sometimes, all the stalls with doors are taken and there is a line waiting. The only toilets available are the few without doors. Sometimes I've used them for a fast pee.

5. There's me and my older brother. They were easier on him. When traveling as a family, both my brother and me were encouraged to do the bathroom thing before leaving our motel, or when we were at a nice place like a cafeteria or museum. My parents don't like highway rest stops or public parks. I think I was about 7 or 8 when mom let me go in alone. Even after that on a couple of trips she would remind me to cover the seat with toilet paper to sit on. I didn't. It was too much of a hassle.

Optional Person

yet another good dump

Another awesome dump today. I walked into the bathroom distracted by the need to poop. I moved the trashcan out of the way and bent over the toilet after lifting up the lid. Under the lid, dried skid marks are still noticeable from when my previous turds missed the toilet. I started to push fast and it started coming so I slowed down. In a minute 4 light brown "juicy" turds plopped into the water, crashing into the toilet bowl hole and bouncing up to float on the surface. I than peed, the pee actually weighed the poop down enough to keep all but one of the turds from floating. I then wiped, it took three wipes as It was a messy poo. But, I wasn't done yet. I squatted over the toilet again and two more small turds shot down onto the toilet paper. One more came out and was squished between my buttcheeks. I wiped a lot, and it was very messy. Still more in there! Two more turds came shooting out. That is 8 light brown turds. 4 short but fat, and 4 small. I wiped a bit more. I flushed and was surprised it all went down. My wiping wasn't great as I can smell the poo on my fingers as I type this, but I don't mind. Hope you enjoyed this dump. September has been a great month for pooping for me. I can still smell poop on my chair from sitting butt naked after taking a shower. some of the dump left on my butt came off in shower water form lol.

Dream dump.

I had the strangest dream last night. In my dream I was on the toilet in what looked like my old high school bathrooms, but for some reason in my dream the stall door wasn't high enough to cover my face. I had to poop pretty badly but I couldn't because people kept coming in and talking to me and because I didn't want to go in front of them I was forced to hold it. Every time I thought I was alone and I started pooping, somebody else walked in and I would have to hold it again. When I finally woke up I didn't actually need to poop, but my normal morning poop did follow about fifteen minutes later.

Curious person

Question for Jennifer

Hey Jennifer,

How do you peeing into the seat or let a other woman doing it? You really sit directly on the seat with a naked but? Isn t your but going to be really wet when you do this? I imagine your stream is going only 2 or 3 inch away from your pee hole into the seat right? Or it is goes even straight down direclty depending on how you seat. Didn t Mellisa need a clean up after doing it?

Hi! My name's Talia and I've been somewhat of a lurker on this site for a while now. I've noticed that this is a space where folks can openly share bathroom or bodily related stories without being judged and that's really cool! It got me thinking that I should share a few stories of my own.

I have one story about a time when I had the runs. I live in Indianapolis with my roommate Beth. We get on great and have been besties since High School. I'm also seeing someone but she's not really in this story. One week, Beth caught a bad stomach flu that had been going around and was throwing up with a severe case of the trots. I woke up one morning and went to get ready for work. The bathroom was locked. Beth was in there. She replied in a frail voice and I got concerned for her. There was an awful smell. She said that she had woke up near midnight because she was sick. She almost shit herself apparently and only just got to the toilet in time. Then she felt nauseous and has to switch ends. It really is a testament to how much of a heavy sleeper I am that she didn't wake me up, especially since the walls in our apartment are so fin. So fin in fact that while I was making myself breakfast I heard her break wind and unload a river of liquid diarrhea into the toilet.

Two days went by and she still wasn't better. She stayed home from work after she almost had an accident whilst on shift. She spent the days at home running to and from the bathroom with uncontrollable diarrhea. I felt bad for her but I was also relieved that I wasn't ill as we needed money. I was half way through the day when it hit me too! I was at my desk (I work a white collar job) when all of a sudden my stomach started to convulse. It came and went but a persistent pain was ever present in my gut. I was sweating and even shaking a bit. I farted a few times, jolting and clenching my butt closed every time I did. There was no denying it, I was sick. The question was whether or not I was going to shit my brains out or hurl. I got up and slowly walked out of my cubical and to the bathroom.

I broke out into a light jog when I was out of anyone's sight. I doubled over when I got to the door. I couldn't hold it! It was diarrhea for sure. I had my jeans unbuttoned before I'd entered my stall. One woman was at the sink doing her makeup when I slipped in. I had locked the door by the time a violent fart squirted out rancid poop into my panties. I was shocked and embarrassed. I tore down my pants and my backside hit the seat. I didn't hold anything back. It was an unrelenting, persistent wave of continuous chunky diarrhea. Really small chunks, though, practically liquid. The woman at the sinks was all disgusted and ran out. It's only human, I said!

I was sooo sick that I was on there for the next ten minutes with not stop waves of the shits! During it all I had to take off my bottoms because I had ruined my underwear. Thank god I hate thongs because I even managed to stain my jeans with standard underpants. There I was, bottomless at work. My lets were free and boy did they flail and straighten when the Hershey Squirts hit. After ten minutes I thought it was going to come up back the other way so I shot up and could barely stand, I'm serious. I was leaning against the stalls wall and muttering to myself. I gagged a few times but nothing happened came out. Then my stomach gargled again and I sat back down in shock. I remember it clearly: clutching my belly as I doubled over and wailed, and episode of diarrhea exploding out from behind me. I was wearing a white buttoned up shirt and was scared that I might have stained. I inspected around me and saw that I might have let loose sooner then I should of because there was some diarrhea on the lid. A few spot of poop were at the bottom of the shirt. I was so mad!

I took my shirt off and tried my best to clear some of the poop off but I couldn't. Diarrhea was still hitting my btw. It hurt so much at one point that my legs left the ground and I just started to squirm. I felt like I could finally get off of the toilet after an hour of pain and embarrassment as coworkers rushed in an out. I threw my panties away and tucked the back of my shirt in. I told my boss that I had to go home and visited the toilet one more time before I left.

I had gotten so desperate by the time I got in that I barged in while Beth was in the shower to use the can (the curtain was pulled)! The diarrhea was pure liquid. She was mad by I said I was sorry and that I have the runs. We spent the rest of the week bed bound and watching TV, occasionally fighting for the toilet when we both had to go at the same time. Eventually we just decided to share it. I even stayed at my girlfriend's place for a bit to give Beth some privacy.

Anyway, I thing that's where I'll end it. Speaking of my girlfriend, April, I've got a story that involves her that's a lot more recent. But I'll tell that one next time. Till then!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mystery Poster it sounds like your friend Amber had a pretty good poop in the middle of the night.

To: Little Mandi great story I bet you felt good after a big pop like that.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you both had really great poops.

To: Nicole it sounds like you were pretty desperate at least you made it to the toilet in time.

To: Jenifer G great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Victoria B.

To Catherine

That sounds like an awesome dream! Too bad you woke up just as you were getting undressed and ready to start going. I bet it would've been a big one! One question, though. Without any walls, where did the toilet paper hang? It was a dream though and the beauty of dreams is that they don't have to make sense!



Accident a few years ago

I'm Imo, a girl from the UK, I'm 5'5 with brown hair and brown eyes and currently a student living in the city.

A few years ago I was 16, in year 11 at school and on a Thursday evening had to stay behind for a drama class after the end of the school day. Normally I'd go to the loo at lunchtime, and then wait until I got home before going again. It was November and the hall was hot so I'd had a few glasses of water during the drama class.

The class ended at 5pm and I had to catch the bus at 10 past, I felt a need to have a wee so I went into the toilet next to the main hall, but there was a cleaner who said I had to use the other ones. Because the bus was due soon I thought I wouldn't bother, and I would just go when I got home.

The bus arrived and started the journey home which took about 45 minutes as we lived in a small village outside town. The bus went along a busy dual carriageway dropping people off slowly, during this time I felt an increasing need to have a wee but reassured myself, I would just go when I got in. By the halfway point I felt quite desperate and crossed my legs tightly. I was still wearing a school skirt and tights, and felt lucky that I wasn't wearing trousers as belts dig in at the best of times.

Well we reached the edge of the city and the bus sped up heading towards the village where I lived. I was very grateful and as there weren't many people left on the bus I could cross my legs and jam my hand into my crotch without it looking too dodgy. However, the combination of bumpy roads and fast driving made my bladder twinge every time we went over a bump.

Approaching my village I was absolutely frantic to do a wee, and worried that I could hold it in to get off the bus. I took a deep breath in and took my hand away from my crotch then shuffled off the bus and down the side street when I got off. I walked very quickly with my legs together down the side street and then into the cul-de-sac where we lived.

I got to the front door and was doing little curtsey dances as I tried to find my keys whilst not wetting myself! I got in and slammed the front door behind me, threw my bag on the floor and ran up the stairs, about halfway up I could feel a leak coming out, and then whilst running I started to lift up my skirt and pull my knickers down, this was followed by a second leak which went on the floor of the toilet and then a very long and relieving wee when I got on the loo.


My Bowels

Hi everyone on the wonderful site of! The diarrhea that I experienced after my gallbladder removal is still hanging around. Sometimes, my bowels can produce chunky poo in between an episode, and normal poo too. The diarrhea urges I felt today were like a fart coming on, so I seated myself on the toilet to be safe. Some of it sounded like pee, but other bouts came a little at a time during in which I sat for a while. I suspect that my diarrhea isn't just regular diarrhea, but is poo mixed with excessive amounts of bile watering it down. Today I wiped my rear so much, that it became a little irritated, but not unbearable. My diarrhea that seems to be related to my loss of the gall bladder isn't distracting, nor is it the type that lasts all day.

Walking Our Dog

I took our dog for a good long walk yesterday. I began to get the feeling I needed a dump and as my ability to hold for longer than an hour is doubtful dog and I turned and headed back to the car. With about ten minutes to go my load was seeking daylight and pressing itself into the back of my white Jockeys. I stopped and allowed it to have its own way. There was a lot of it and, released, it coiled warmly in the crotch of my briefs. Somehow the fact I had allowed it to happen and had not tried to fight it seemed quite naughty but then it would have happened before I got home. My shirt was tucked into my briefs so I was easily able to pull the waistband of my briefs up so the load was held firmly and I enjoyed the walk back to the car, spread a bag over the seat and slowly sat down and felt it squash around a little. I was wearing khaki shorts and I pulled a leg up a little and noticed the poop had begun to escape through my leg elastic. Back at home I checked myself in the hall mirror and the mess had stained through my undies and was showing through my shorts. My wife was out and the clean up was not difficult. She is aware I have accidents but is very tolerant of me and simply smiled when she saw my Jockeys shorts and shirt hanging on the wash line.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

My friend Amber came camping with me and my husband. We slept in our RV, my husband and I slept in the bedroom while she slept on the couch in the living area.

About 2 a.m. I was woke up by the bathroom light and fan. My husband was still in bed with me sound asleep so I figured it must be Amber and didn't think much of it. The light from the bathroom seemed to really light up the bedroom, but I was still half asleep and didn't think much of that either.

I heard her let out a pretty loud fart that sounded kind of like a trumpet, followed by a little pee and then some more gas. I then heard her strain and then kind of sigh like in relief. I couldn't figure out why I could hear everything so well, so I rolled over and looked towards the bathroom.

There is a door from the hall that goes into the bathroom, plus a small sliding door that goes from the bathroom to the bedroom. The sliding door was only closed maybe halfway. She must not have realized that door was there, or figured we wouldn't be able to see in anyways. Which would have been the case, however, there is a vanity on the bathroom wall to the right of the toilet with three long mirrors, that from where I was laying gave a view of the toilet.

Just as I looked that way she stood up from the toilet. From the top of the mirror I could see into the bowl, revealing one large turd probably 8" and length, it was hard to tell exactly. She wiped while standing and then flushed and turned out the light.

It was kind of awkward seeing her the next morning. I'm sure she had no idea that I had witnessed her get up and poop during the middle of the night. I felt kind of bad, but I didn't even mean to look, I just looked over towards the bathroom still half asleep and got an eyeful in the mirror. I was actually kind of impressed in how fast she was. From the time I was woke up by the fan and light until the light went out was probably only 45 seconds, which is pretty quick considering the size of the turd she dropped.


Big poops and Steve A's survey

Hi all! It's been a long while since I last posted, maybe a year and a half or so. But as usual, I'm still here, reading :)

Glad to see most of you are still around, and see some new people joining.

I wanted to answer Steve A's survey and also share some updates on myself.


1. Do you like natural laxatives? (Beans, Prunes, Activia Yogurt, Sugar free candies, etc.) or medicine laxatives? (Exlax, Milk of magnesia, suppositories, emenas)?

Natural laxatives. I believe the medicine laxatives could be harmful if not used carefully.

2. How long will you wait to take action if your constipated? (like if I don't go by the 5th day, then I'm taking a laxative)

No set number of days. It depends on how uncomfortable I am or if I need to engage in some kind of activity in which being constipated would prove counterproductive to it.

3. Are you open with anyone (besides family) with your bathroom habits?

Actually, I think I'm more comfortable with my closest friends than my family when it comes to pooping. Peeing, I feel equally comfortable with both groups. But I'm actually kind of pee and poop shy in public bathrooms.

4. How many times your do poop a week?

7-8 times. Most days I poop once a day, but I may have to poop more than once a day occasionally.

5. Has your poop ever been any other color besides brown? Rainbow colors?

Actually, yes! Besides shades of brown (yellow-brown, green-brown), I once had a very green poop. Think... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle green Hulk green. I was surprised at the moment, but then I realized it was because of something I had eaten the day before.

6. Did you ever overhear a conversation when they were talking about bathroom related stuff?

Yes, a couple of times, mostly between friends and family.

7. What was the cleanest and dirtiest public bathroom that you ever used?

I'm not entirely sure about cleanest, but dirtiest would probably be a park restroom I had to use a couple of times when I was in 5th and 6th grade.

8. Does medication (over the counter or household) affect your bowel habits?
Yes, it depends, but they can either give me diahrrea or constipation (not always... just occasionally).

9. What's your most memorable bathroom experience?

Not sure about the most memorable. Probably one I posted here years ago about pooping outside in the backyard of an abandoned house. You can find it on page 1753.

I just wanted to write about my big poops recently. They have been quite enjoyable. They require little effort, and the sensation when they're coming out and the relief afterwards has been one of the best so far this year. Today, for instance, I went to the bathroom shortly after dinner. I went in, pulled my pants down, widened my legs and began pushing. In contrast to some big poops of the past, this one required little pushing. I think I pushed not that hard for 5 or so seconds while it was coming out. The tip emerged and it stretched my hole quite a bit, but it did not hurt and felt kind of nice. After the first seconds it just slid out effortlessly, taking another 5 seconds to drop with a plop. Immediately afterwards a felt empty and relieved. And of course I was. I looked at what I had created and it was a big, brown log of aboout 12 or so inches long, most of it smooth except at one end in which it had some boluses. I wiped a couple of times although it wasn't that dirty. Most of my poops the last 2 weeks have been like that, and I hope they were all like that.

Best wishes, keep posting!

Little Mandi
Hey all,
I been having such a hard time pooping lately.
Whenever I go I have to push harder than usual and barely anything comes out. I mentioned before how I was never regular and suffer quite a bit from constipation and hard poops but for a while it has been ok. I would come out normal easy and soft.

Last Sunday was the worst I've had it in a long long time.
All day at work my stomach felt heavy and I kept getting on and off urges to poop but I couldnt get anything out. Ive mentioned before that even tho I got better at pooping in public I can't always get it to come out. Sometimes I feel like my body senses when I'm in my house because when I got home I got a really strong urge to go. I went up and sat on the toilet and gave my usual first push. I knew this wasnt gonna be easy. I pushed harder and I still couldnt get it out. It hurt really bad. I sat for 15 minutes trying to get it out. I even switched positions but it wasnt moving.Finally I gave up and started to go downstairs but I didnt get very far. The urge came back stronger than before and back on the toilet I was. I sat down and gave a hard push and right away it started to come out but it got stuck. I pushed harder and it moved a little but it hurt so bad I took a break and a few minutes later I wrapped both hands around my stomach and squeezed hard and at the same time pushed as hard as I can and finally after a few minutes I was able to get the thing out. I breathed a huge sigh of relief. I sat a few minutes then wiped It was so dry that nothing was even on the paper.

I havent had a hard time like that in along time. I think I need to start maybe drinking more water and eating better. I been slacking on the healthy eating so maybe that has something to do with it. I have no idea.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mina great story about and your friends you are true friends to eachother and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Danielle it sounds like your friend Jenna got hit bad by that stomach bug luckily you were there to help her out.

To: Random Girl great story.

To: Kung Poo great story it sounds like she had a good poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

This morning I was in the kitchen having some breakfast. My roommate Gracie was there, too and Danielle was having a shower. After two large cups of coffee I needed to pee and I also had a load knocking on my backdoor for a good morning poop. Gracie was kinda whining a bit and was like "I need to go to the bathroom, Dani better hurry up!". I told her I needed to go, too and then she went to the bathroom, banged on the door and yelled "hurry up, Ann and I need to take a dump!". I hadn't told her that I needed a number two, but I thought it was funny she thought I did anyway. To pass the time, Gracie and I then plopped our butts down on the couch to play Overwatch. Gracie was already wearing jeans and regular clothes, but I was still wearing my ultra nerdy Supergirl pajamas. While we played, all of a sudden Gracie farted. It was silent, but omg it was stinking so bad. I was staring at her with my mouth open and was like "omg, Gracie!", dropping the controller and fanning my nose. Gracie just shrugged and said "sorry, I really need to take a s***". We heard the shower stop and I figured I'd let her go first. Finally Danielle came out of the bathroom only wearing a towel. She said "sorry guys" and went straight to her room. Gracie went in and I kept playing for a few minutes. Then she was done and took the game over from me and I hurried to the bathroom. I closed the door, pulled down my pajama pants and sat down on the toilet. The seat was still warm from Gracie's bum and the whole room was kinda steamy from Danielle's shower. It smelled like poop a lot and I noticed a couple of large skidmarks in the bowl, I guess Gracie must have dumped quite a big load in the toilet. I was peeing myself which was a huge relief and when my stream was done I leaned forward a bit and started to push out my poo. I had a wet fart blast out into the bowl and then my first turd followed right away, crackling out slowly. It was wide and I let out a big sigh when it stretched my hole. I figured it would be a while and with my turd still hanging from my backdoor I grabbed one of the magazines from the toilet tank and started to read. It took a while for the poop to drop off and splash into the bowl. I kept reading and after a couple of minutes I had another piece of poo coming out. I also farted a few more times and after three turds and about ten minutes I felt all empty. I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and then my backside. It was pretty messy between my cheeks, so I needed quite a lot of sheets. Then I pulled up my pants and flushed the toilet. It all went down but left some huge skidmarks, so I used the brush and flushed again.

I guess Gracie and I had given our toilet quite the workout and, oh can a bunch of college girls ever stink up a little bathroom, haha. I opened the window, washed my hands and then went out to play some more with Gracie. A little while later Danielle went back into the bathroom and she may have pooped as well, but I am not sure. That's all for today!

Victoria B.

To Mina (about Hisae)

I read your story about teasing Hisae for her tendency to get on the toilet and not finish a number two without needing to sit down a second time. As someone playfully teased by my own friends for my pooping habits (to the point where I once got a toilet plunger as a Christmas gift) I'd say you don't have anything to worry about. You aren't the kind of person to bully someone; your writing has compassion and love that shines through in every sentence and that's how I and probably a lot of other people who've met you here imagine you are like in person.

The level of intimacy and vulnerability between you and your friends is something special and unique. You're so comfortable with yourselves and you're able to open up to each other in so many ways. I get so happy when I read stories about the four of you going together, sitting next to each other while one of you does her business, helping each other flush, wash, and wipe. Your friends love you and you love them.

Here's a hug from all the way across the Pacific Ocean

Love, Victoria


Diarrhea at work

While I was driving to work I could tell something wasn't right with my stomach. A few hours into work suddenly a very strong urge to shit came. I finished making the cocktail I was making and raced to the bathroom. There were girl in the third stall and I took the middle. I pulled my pants and skull print panties down and sat on the toilet. I immediately unloaded a large torrent of diarrhea. I then started uncontrollably farting. The farts were long, loud, and very very wet. I did about eight of these farts. My shit smelled really bad and had an unusual odor to it. All of the water was full of brown very loose mush. I noticed the girl had finished peeing but was still in her stall. I decided to stay seated to both listen and see if anymore diarrhea would come. There was a short moment of silence before I heard a quiet fart. She started breathing louder then would keep stopping, probably when she was pushing. This went on for a little bit then I heard her shit drop. She sighed then there was three smaller plops in quick succession. As she was wiping I let out two more farts and wiped. I came out of my stall while she was washing her hands. She was a white blonde girl with her hair in a ponytail. She looked very fit and athletic.

An hour later I realized I never pissed. I was able to get away from bar tending and go back into the bathroom. There were two girls fixing their make up at the mirror and a girl peeing in the end stall. I took the first and started peeing. I then pushed and a loud and long fart came out. The girls at the mirror went quiet then continued talking when it ended. I had some more gas but no more diarrhea. This morning I had a minor amount of gas.

Steve A

Comments Plus Bathroom Privacy Issues At College (Question)

To Random Girl: It's great that your boyfriend is OK with the site. It would take a lot for some people to share a site like this with their BF/GF.

To Danielle: It's always the schools that have flu's and bugs. I hope you get better. I'm hearing that something is going around at some of the buildings on our campus. I didn't catch it when other people in my building were sick, so I must be doing something right.

Bathroom Privacy Issue: At one of the buildings on my campus, one of the men's bathrooms has no barriers between the urinals. They are differently shaped. They look like a circular oval instead of the normal rectangular urinals. Certain people might feel uncomfortable using that bathroom.

What do you think? Should urinals have dividers just like stalls have?

Cool Dumper

The Future is Now

I just read Julie's description of the public toilet of the future, and wanted to point out that this is exactly what is happening in Western Washington, USA today. For the last 10 years or so, whenever public restrooms on government owned land (usually parks, etc.) have been renovated, they have replaced the "ladies" and "gents" with about 6 to 8 or so rooms, each with a steel locking door like you would have on the exterior of a building. Inside there is a toilet, a sink with soap and either paper towels or an electric dryer, and maybe a urinal. They are not designated by sex, and there is room for maybe 3 people at most, in case someone needs assistance. Except for the increased cost, I cannot see how anyone could object to these facilities, and for those of us who are "toilet shy", they are a godsend.

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