Hi I'm 13 and about to go into a pretty mean teachers class next year. I was wondering what does everyone think about having to use a hall pass in school to use the bathroom?

This last year I was in 7th grade and I had a partner in 8th grade. It was just sort of this thing we did in our school Where I help someone in the grade below me and someone in the grade above would help me. It was mostly just art projects nothing major. Well anyway I was working with my grade 8 partner Samantha. She had the teacher I get next year that has this stupid policy about hall passes. Actually the whole school has it but my teacher just let me use the bathroom whenever. Well this teacher doesn't.

Me and Samantha were sitting on the floor working on this christmas poster. She looked like she was kind of sick but I didn't really think about it. She said "do you have an extra hall pass?" I said "yes but it's my last one." It had to last me 2 more days and usually I use 1 every day. She just said "ok" but after what happened later I feel really bad. I wish I would've just given her the pass since my teacher didn't really care that much about passes but her teacher did. After working on the project for maybe 10 more minutes Samantha started telling me about how she just moved in with a step brother and sister and she said she didn't feel comfortable using the bathroom at home so she waits until school and that's why she was already out of hall passes. She was trying to tell me she needed to use the bathroom but I was too causght up in the project to know what she meant. I started to notice she was fidgeting and holding her stomach a lot. Finally she just came out and said I REALLY have to pee and poop right now and said she already asked the teacher 3 times and she kept saying no not without a pass. I said "oh sorry I didn't know it was an emergency. You can have my pass if you need it." She shook her and said "I think it's too late. I'm kind of afraid to stand up it's already coming out." Well I gave her my pass I didn't want her to have an accident. She ran to the teacher holding her butt to keep it in but the teacher said no even though she had a pass! There was only like 15 minutes to lunch so the teacher actually gave her a lecture saying how she was old enough to hold it and to stop holding herself like a kid and that she knew it wasn't her pass. Samantha came back holding her butt with one hand and stomach with the other and she was crying. She said "I have to go right now" I told her there was only a few minutes but she said "My stomach really hurts. Sorry I have to go now." She just kind of spread her feet and pushed really hard. I heard a crackling noise coming from behind her so I knew she started pooping her pants. I couldn't believ it I didn't know it was that bad I thought she would make it to lunch. Not only that but she wasn't lying when she said she was holding it for 5 days. She kept going and going and her pants were so full by the time she was done her accident. I felt really bad I couldve given her my hall pass earlier and she couldve went to the bathroom but I didn't know she was going to have a huge accident! Luckily she didn't have a #1 accident too even though she said she still had to pee really bad. But there was a HUGE bulge on the back of her jeans. I guess since she held it 5 days. She actually looked like she felt a lot better for like 10 seconds but then instead of looking sick her face turned bright red and I knew she was so embarrassed.

When she was finally done she asked me to get her sweater out of her backpack. Her plan was to tie it around her waist and try to get away with her accident. I didn't want to sound mean but I told her that her pants were really full and she kind of smelled. Like even with the sweater I can tell you pooped your pants. It's lunch in like 2 minutes. Maybe go to the nurse Im sure she will help. She couldn't clean up at lunch because EVERYONE uses the bathroom at lunch because of the hall pass rule and people would see her cleaning up for sure. So she planned to wear those pants all day and she tried! I didn't see because she went back to her class at lunch. She told me later (although its not really a secret around school!) she made it until just after lunch but the teacher caught her. She got a couple smell complaints from people sitting around her then the teacher thought it was suspisious that Samantha asked 3 times to use the bathroom earlier then stopped asking so I guess she figured it out. Also I think everyone just knew she pooped her pants it was pretty obvious.

I felt bad about the hall pass thing but only like 2 weeks later she peed her pants in class. I wasn't there for that one but she told me about it later. She had to pee really bad but the teacher kept saying no. After the 4th time she said it hurt so she decided to just pee her pants. People already teased her for her other accident so she was like whatever and sat back at her desk and peed there. But that was after 2 other students in her class had an accident so she didn't get teased as much for that one.

It wasn't just her though. Like I said there was 2 more accidents in that class because the teacher wouldn't let them go. But I thought after 4 accidents the teacher would get in trouble from a parent or something but nope. Well what do you think? I never had to do this in elementary school or even this last year in junior high so I'm kind of nervous about this teacher.


Even "grey panthers" poop outside

This summer I have been hiking a very popular trail. Many kinds of people are hiking the route, not only young people, even quite old, retired persons. Ever since I was a scout I have been quite used to outdoor life and even to go to toilet in the bushes. I really have not thought about it, but in some or another way I think that I have had an impression that it was only young people that went to toilet outside. But this year I have experienced it in another way. If the urge appeared when on the trail the only option was to find a place in nature to get it done. At some places the vegetation was abundant and it was easy to find some privacy. But at other places the vegetation was almost absent and the only option was to go down a slope or duck behind a stone. Then it was almost impossible to be sure that nobody could see it. And that was what I also experienced. Several times I saw others squatting to go to toilet. And that was not only young people! At least three times I saw grey haired persons (two women, one man) sitting there with shorts at their knees and the roll of paper in their hands. And once I even experienced that a grey haired woman came by when I was trying to hide in the bushes sitting there exposing my bum to the ground. She just smiled and said excuse and went away (with her own roll of tp in her hand!!!)


Some responses and pushing techniques

Hello everyone, it's been a little while since I last posted. I have been very busy. I have seen some threads and decided I could contribute to them.

A) Order of relief

Most of the time, I need to pee before I poop. Sometimes, I will start pushing my poop out and the pee comes out at the same time, but even then I always finish peeing before I finish pooping. It is very rare that I poop first and then pee, the exception being when I have diarrhea or an otherwise very soft poop.

B) Responses to survey about avoiding school restrooms

1. Have you been able to go a full school year without having to use the toilets there? No, I have not. At the very least, I always need to pee.

2. Were their stalls, doors with latches, and adequate toilet paper? Most of the times, yes. There were occasionally some problems, such as when the toilet paper dispensers were replaced and there were small holes remaining which could be used to see to the next stall, but nothing major.

3. How frequently did your classmates flush the toilets? Fairly frequently. About 75% of the time, I'd say.

4. What were the sinks like and did most of the users wash their hands each time? In primary school, there was a row of sinks outside the restrooms for both boys and girls. After that period, the sinks were within the restroom. Usually 2 to 3 sinks and a mirror. I believe most users did wash their hands, except maybe those who were in a hurry.

5. When your parents came to school for meetings, open house, parent-teacher conferences, did they ever visit or remark about the bathrooms? No, but because they never bothered to visit. They always asked my best friend's parents to inform them of all the proceedings (they were and still are very busy people).

6. When you got to junior high or middle school, how different did you find the bathrooms? Less private but cleaner. There were also fewer stalls. In primary school there were 4 stalls. In junior high there were 2 in most bathrooms (except in a bigger bathroom which was also the changing room for physical education). The stalls themselves, although spacious, had big spaces under the doors and walls of the stalls. Nothing major if the people outside them were standing, but I believe they were high enough so that if you were sitting and not making any particular effort to peek under them, you would be able to see the thighs and/or butt of the person sitting on the toilet.

7. When you got to high school, how different did you find the bathrooms? Still clean, more private, but also you had the sense that the other bathroom users did give enough privacy to the ones in the stalls, unlike before.

8. How hard is it to avoid school bathrooms totally? Very hard, at least for peeing. For pooping, I believe I managed to get through primary and junior high school with less than 3 visits per academic year on average to those toilets. If I recall correctly, some academic years I never pooped on them (usually after 4th grade).

C) Pushing Techniques

Tristan! Hi again! I owed you this one from a while ago. Yes, I am still here, and yes, I still read. But I don't really have time to post regularly. In fact, I believe this might be one of my last posts (maybe I'll share a story or two sometime during the next few weeks) before I disappear again, as the academic period is starting again. But if you (or anyone) wants me to post about something or answer anything in particular, please let me know! I'll read it and try to answer it.

I owed you the pushing techniques, and I decided to post because fellow poster kmd actually gave what I believe is one pretty good advice and combines some of the techniques my friend and I discussed.

My friend came up with these forms of pushing out a poop.

1.- As you and I usually do, I believe: leaning forward. While leaning forward, first do some short bursts of pressure so you don't exert yourself that much. Then after you feel the turd start getting fatter, apply constant pressure but in a slow kind of way. This will keep the turd moving without hurting your anal muscles. Try this for about 15 seconds or so until it drops (may take more time if it is particularly large).

2.- My friend prefers this one. Lean back against the toilet, with your back resting on the toilet tank. Move your buttocks forward until they're almost to the front of the toilet bowl, but make sure your penis is still within the bowl so that you can pee inside. Start pushing gently, constantly. This form of pushing generally involves relaxing your anal muscles and squeezing your abdominal muscles, but make sure that you are still able to breathe. This should be enough so that the turd gets out at least a third of its length. Then do one big, hard push and it will slide out easily. However, do NOT try this if it is very fat, as it may hurt.

3.- The squatting position both of us sometimes use. In this position my suggestion is that you do exactly what kmd says. I find it very helpful sometimes.

4.- Sitting legs wide apart, more or less straight but leaning slightly forward. Relax your anal muscles and push gently and steadily. While you're doing that, use your hands to massage your abdomen where the last part of the colon should be (think left of your navel, then a little down… if you feel your poop moving, then that place, lol). That should make it come out quicker and you would not get tired.

Because you usually do 1 and sometimes 3, try either 2 or 4 next time you go to the bathroom, tell me how that goes. Also, if you have the time, could you tell me - do you grunt or pant or breathe heavily while you're pushing your poop out, or are you mostly quiet? Do you feel getting red in the face because of the effort, or do you make any kind of poop face (of course, I don't think you look yourself in the mirror when you're pooping, but mostly if you feel like you're doing any kind of facial expression or anything)? Thank you!

Best wishes to everyone! Keep posting!

Ashley Q

I'll never live it down...

I'm a dork. Let's get that out of the way to begin with. I'm in college and my mom still buys most of my school clothes (you know you're jealous). I've always been a straight A student, and I honest to goodness enjoy learning... yeah... I'm kind of a total dweeb (but, I own it, trust me).

So, my mom and I had just gone clothes shopping and she found these awesome pants. They're super dorky just like me and I loved them when she showed me them. They're high waisted white pants with suspenders. And I mean high waisted, like, an inch or two above the bellybutton. So comfortable, too!

Anyway, so we got them and I liked them so much that I immediately went back to the changing room and put them on. Mom and I still had some shopping left to do, but, we were getting hungry so we stopped at the food court and got some Chinese food.

Anyway, fast forward about 4-minutes and something isn't right. I was feeling fine and all of a sudden my ???? felt upset. No surprise, when I'm around mom I'm still such a baby about feeling sick. So, here I am in my dorky suspender pants whining to mom about my ???? being upset. Haha. So much win.

So, finally mom says we can head home. Did I mention I also have bad allergies and asthma (gotta have my inhaler, what what!)...

So, we start heading outside to the car and my allergies immediately hit... I can feel a sneeze coming... but... one of those ones that builds up on the end of your nose. Not yet... not yet... now!

I start a sneezing fit... but, that's not all...

I immediately feel this warm, wet, mushy feeling in my panties. Uh oh....

Yup... I started pooping my pants... and it wouldn't freaking stop. I just feel my panties get fuller and fuller and it starts leaking out.

Mom, being a mom... notices I have a funny look on my face... she asked me if everything was alright... all I could do was nod No.

Well, she asks what's wrong... I'm still kind of in shock. I finally mumble that I got sick. My mom was a little confused seeing as she hadn't watched me puke or something, but, then she figures it out and turns me around.

I asked her how bad it was...

She said I ought to be back in diapers (thanks, mom!)

We finish walking to the car and she grabs a towel from the trunk for me to sit on... well, I hovered over the seat for a couple minutes until my legs didn't want to and I had to sit down. It mushed around everywhere.

Mom thought it was funny though and teased me all the way home. She also had to talk about some of my previous poopy-pants exploits (more than I'd like to admit to).

We get home and I get out of the car. I immediately had a massive wedgie... and I couldn't pick it out! Mom even tugged up on my suspenders a bit, trust me, she got the death stsre.

So, I clean up and come back down towards dinner time. Did I mention my big sister was coming over for dinner? Guess what dinner talk was about!

Now sis was teasing me for pooping my pants (it's not fair... the last accident she had was in kindegarten... the last accident before this one for me was a few months ago).

It was all light hearted though. It's well known that if someone's pooped themselves it's me.

Anyway, I go to bed and go to school the next day (I was scared out of my wits about sneezing...), and when I got home mom had bought me another pair of the awesome suspender pants...

And a pack of diapers was sitting next to them.

I'll never live this down...

Micolash: Host of the Nightmare

Brief Story and A Fun Challenge.

Hey, its me again, still using that ridiculous nickname.

I took another shit at work. This time, I pretty much arrived at work and had to hold it in all day. It was knocking at my backdoor by the time I clocked out, and as usual, I took care of it in the park. I was desperate to go all day, letting out little quiet farts to relieve pressure. I almost lost it twice during the 7:00 show. It was terrible. And when I actually got around to taking care of it, I only got out about a fourth of it, meaning I spent the entire drive home sitting on a cigar that I couldn't force out, only to have to release the rest at home. It wasn't a fantastic situation. I really wish the bathroom situation at my job was more ideal. I clearly don't mind pooping in public (as demonstrated by the fact that I can use a crowded amusement park restroom) but I hate the idea of it being so intimite with my co-workers, what with the bathroom being right in the dressing room with no door to seperate us.

So, today I wanna have a casual conversation (hence the title) about fictional characters and their bowel habits. Recently, a Cracked Writer discussed an excercise he plays when he thinks about famous characters, and that excercise is, "what do they look like taking a shit." In the article, he describes Yoda using a Senate Bathroom and someone walking into the stall as he's seated on the shitter. It was a funny image, and actually got me to play the game myself. So, I'd wanna challenge the forum to play this game along with me, and ask the question "what do some of your favorite characters look like on the toilet?"

As someone who enjoys a lot of nerdy stuff (comic books, video games, anime, etc.) I tend to imagine some pretty popular characters on the Pot. If anyone is a fan of Vocaloids, I like to imagine Miku Hatsune going for whatever reason. She's this girl with huge blue pigtails that run all the way down to her hips, and I just love to imagine her sitting down, pulling down her skirt and underwear and having to make sure her hair doesn't touch the toilet water. Then, when she's going, I just imagine her squirming and wiggling her hips to get the thing to snake out of her butt, in life with the way she shakes and moves when she dances. I have absolutely no idea why I'm so obsessed with figuring out what fictional characters look like going, truth be told, but its a fun experiment. Imagine a character you life from a series that doesn't touch on bowel habits, and then imagine them pushing out a chocolate log. Its a surprisingly addicting.

So, for anyone who might read this and wants to join the fun, feel free to write up your own fictional scenario of how you'd imagine whichever fictional characters you enjoy having some quality toilet time. This isn't exactly a fanfiction website, so I doubt the mods want to see a bunch of fictional character fetish fiction, but I think it'd be fun to have a sentence of two describing some famous characters and how you'd imagine them going. I look forward to hearing some of your responses!

- Micolash: Host of the Nightmare

Karen C. (the California one)

Followup, a shout out to a couple of friends

Hello my friends, thank you and I'm feeling much better now. Sticking to my diet of ginger ale, saltines, parmesan cheese, and soup for the next couple of days to be on the safe side. Just relaxing and taking it easy now.

Brandon T., how have you been, my good boy? Glad you like my posts. It helps me feel less embarassed when someone can write about a situation like this and we can have mutual understanding and acceptance.

Speaking of those two boys at the bank the other day, whodathunk someone like ME would attract guys half my age when I was dressed in old work clothes that I should have put in the trash 30 years ago? Haha. In retrospect I don't think they were really dangerous, just a couple of young guys under the influence of a double dose of testosterone--I DID feel flattered that they thought my big old flabby behind was attractive in those old wartorn, ill-fitting khaki pants while I was bending over on the grass being sick! I hadn't even bothered to do my hair or put on my face that morning.

Yeah, I had felt fine after dinner with my brother the previous night, it was a delicious treat which I've needed for a long while but something in it got me pretty sick to my stomach later a couple hours after I got home, either it was the food or I had a stomach bug, or maybe it was just too much richness which my stomach couldn't handle as I usually eat very lightly. Actually I woke up a few times during the night feeling that something wasn't right with my stomach, heartburn, feeling full, and I was burping a lot, farting, etc. Took some Maalox and went back to bed. Yeah, I know that feeling, and I knew I'd probably wind up getting sick which I did, but I was really tired and so thankfully I was able to sleep most of the night, love those radio stations that play light jazz 24/7. Something I didn't mention before is that I sharted at some point during the night and had to shower and change my track pants which I sleep in, luckily the sheets didn't take any of the damage.

As I said, I didn't feel so good and woke up way early. I should have just stayed home until I felt better, but I was eager to get the project done as early as possible so I could spend the rest of my week off relaxing. Actually when I left I didn't feel all that bad, thought I'd feel better as the day wore on. Didn't think I'd throw up until I was actually at the bank, but those things have a way of taking you by surprise. I surprised myself, it just suddenly happened; one second I was walking to my truck feeling miserable, I do remember sort of burping, then the next minute I realized that the vomit I was looking at on the pavement was my own; kinda like getting a tooth pulled when you see the tooth before you realize it's over. I got myself over to the grassy area to finish and that's when the two guys showed up.

When I had a BM inside the bank restroom it started before I could fully sit down and some of it splashed on the back of the toilet, very liquidy and gassy. I used most of the roll of toilet paper to clean up my mess before I left, that was before I started throwing up outside on the way to my truck. Saw some spinach in there among other "used food". Tasted bitter and just awful!

To Catherine, thanks for your kind words. It's always nice when those whom you've never met in person say kind things to you and wish you well. You've really made me feel better after reading your post!

I felt better the next day and got most of my project done, will probably finish up today and take my remaining time off just relaxing.


Siford was right!

My older brother Siford has been on the forum for some time. He's written about how difficult it has been for him to adjust to the bathrooms in his high school over this past year. They are like 90 years old, the toilets get filthy during the day. Some of the flushers don't work and several leak and when he told me about some of the bullying the boys were doing, I guess I didn't feel totally sorry for him, because he's told me he made some dumb mistakes, too. Last week I walked up to his high school with him for his student orientation activities. Even though I'm just starting middle school and don't understand a lot of what goes on in the high school, just spending a half day at the high school was sure surprising to me. For example, while he was waiting in a long line to have his ID picture taken, I went to the nearest bathroom because I needed to wee.

It was strange, the dumbest toilets I have ever seen. Several of the toilets were doorless, something I had to deal with several times in recent weeks at the beach. All of the toilets were higher than I've seen before and they were totally circular like the birdbath in our back yard. They aren't attached to the back wall, but the plumbing is in the floor under the toilet. There's a pedal on the side of the toilet that you push with your foot to flush. There was an old black circle-type seat that didn't have a cut-out in front like the ones I've used before. The squares of toilet paper come out of the holder one at a time. The seat--once I threw myself up on it and spread my legs so I could be more comfortable about not falling in--remainded uncomfortable and if I hadn't reseated myself off the front of the seat, I would have been weeing right under myself and that would have been a mess. I sat for like 10 minutes but wasn't able to get my wee started. I was just too uncomfortable, especially with the toilet seat being so high and my feet off the floor. Later when he was downstairs in the PE area for his physical, I tied again. That bathroom was a little better, although the white seat was stained pretty badly. I did get my wee take care of.

Siford tells me the school was built in the 1920s and that the bathrooms sure need to be modernized. Now after my experience with them I agree with him.


Difficulty starting a 'proper' pee stream?

I was out today and stopped into the toilets to have what I thought would be a very quick wee, it was more out of convenience than necessity. But I couldn't get a proper stream started, it was like a lazy dribble instead of my usual steady flow. What would have taken less than 10 seconds took me closer to 30.

Does anyone know why this happened?


Buddy pee outside

On Sunday I made a tripp to the zoo with my wife and our soen. We had some tea that morning and we had a 40 Minutes trip with the train which has no toilets. As we entered the train me and my wife both had a small need to pee - we would just use the toilets at the entrance. but when we left the train the street was quite empty. By now we both had to go very badly and we still had some minutes to go. Because no one was there even my wife decided to go on the gras next to the road - normally she is quite shy about it. Sometimes I get blocked when a girl pees next to me and can't go myself, but we both started at the same time.
She commented that she had to go real bad and that she was wetting as many plants as possible.
She was done long before me and commented about my long time. But I really had much pee to spray.

Just before my wife was done a man on a bike came along so she hurried up and took some pee drops in her pants.

Since we were peeing on gras there was allmost no sound from us either and no splashback for my wife.

btw. Has any of you girls useed a helping tool like the ???? ? Would like to read some user experiences about it.

To J

Hey J how was camping, did you have any close calls or accidents while camping? I know the last time I went camping, it was with outhouses so I held it the entire weekend and had an accident in my pants on the way home because I couldn't hold it anymore. I was like 10 minutes from home when I just couldn't hold anymore. Thankfully my parents didn't notice the bulge in my pants when I got out of the car if they did it would have been bad. Thankfully I wear tighty whities so there was no worry about it falling out as I went up to my bathroom up stairs.

Can't wait to hear some more stories

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bill F great story as always and it sounds like you had agreat time with your friends and I look forward to your next post thankd.

To: Maggie first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you and Ashley both had a really good poops and it sounds like you and that other were kind of desperate her more so from the sound of it and I bet you all felt pretty great afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Anna as always another great pooping story it sounds like you really had to go and I bet you felt pretty great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abigail great story.

To: Ria it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

To: Abbie as always another great pooping story about oyou and your friends and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina great story as always about you and your friends pooping together.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Maggie: Gas Station Bathroom

Maggie: Hi! Welcome to the forum! I really appreciated your post the other day. While it sounds as if you may have been uncomfortable to go in front of your friends, I am sure you felt much better for your day out with friends. The fact that Ashley pooped and the stranger had diarrhea may have made you more comfortable.

I was really concerned to read that ALL of the toilets did not flush. You asked why and I had a scary thought. I hope that they were not rigged on purpose by the gas station attendant. For one toilet to have been out of order, that would have been one thing. For all of them to be out of order at the same time, with no "out of order" signs on any, that sounded very suspicious to me. I would not stop at that gas station ever again. I don't mean to be over reacting, but that was my initial gut-reaction.

Too, it was interesting that your friends wanted to examine the stalls. How funny! I bet that made for some interesting conversation!



Taylor (Shelbi's sister)

Question to those who poop twice a day.

So I've seen a few posts about people who poop twice (or more) a day, how much do you usually go with those toilet visits? Is it a little or a lot? Maybe it varies between the two. eg a lot in the morning but a little in the evening.

Thank you!

Taylor (Shelbi's sister)

Answers to Ashley's survey

1. Physical description of yourself: Female, 5'9", 130 lbs., slim and British.
2. How long does it take you to pee? 10 to 30 seconds for a 'normal' wee.
3. How long does it take you to poo? 5 to 10 minutes
4. What things make you poo? Large spicy meals
5. What things make you pee? Water, coffee, orange squash (cordial)
6. Do you wash your hands after you pee (always, sometimes, or never)? Always
7. Do you wash your hands after you poo (always, sometimes, or never)? Always
9. What kind of underwear do you prefer (thongs or briefs)? I almost always wear thongs or g-strings.


Forgot to flush.... oops!

First - I'm 17 years old and have been lurking around drumming up courage to post.

A couple weeks back I was in the shower and felt the need for a poo.
I left the water running and stepped out and sat myself on the toilet.
As soon as I sat the poop was starting to come out so I gave a push to encourage it and a long log dropped into the toilet, a few more light pushes later and I had dropped 4 poops roughly 3-4 inches long into the bowl and was finishing with some smaller poo.
I wiped my bum a couple times and then peed for about a minute (I always have a full bladder after I wake up).

I jumped back in the shower and finished washing up.
A couple hours later my cousin was visiting (also 17 but male) and he was helping me look for my brothers jumper upstairs.
Mid search he turned to me and said "I'm gonna go pee, 2 seconds." and he dashed into the bathroom. I hear him lift the seat and then call for me. The door is ajar and I hear him peeing so I ask him what's up and he says "I think you forgot to flush earlier".

I felt my face go red but told him it must have been my brother and I'll flush it once he was done. I think he knew it was my mess but didn't want to go on about it cause he knows I only poop at home unless it's urgent and I can only pee when I know nobody can hear me. He knows I used to be fine when we were younger due to previous events we had involving toilet going so often winds me up for being shy now!

Ashley's survey answers:
1. Physical description of yourself
5' 8", brown long hair, British.
2. How long does it take you to pee?
I average about 1-2 minutes (depends how full I am)
3. How long does it take you to poo?
Varies between 2 minutes to 10 minutes.
4. What things make you poo?
Fast foods/greasy foods
5. What things make you pee?
Energy drinks, water, tea/coffee
6. Do you wash your hands after you pee (always, sometimes, or never)?
7. Do you wash your hands after you poo (always, sometimes, or never)?
8. If sometimes or never for 6 or 7, why? Just wondering
Depends what I am doing - if I'm sitting around or getting dirty then I don't bother. If I don't wipe then I don't bother either
9. What kind of underwear do you prefer (thongs or briefs)? Why?
Briefs - they absorb a little more than a thong and it lets me breathe depending on what briefs I wear. Less wedgie picking too is a bonus for me.

Shayla Asparagus

quick question

Ever poop so much u feel urself getting hungry?

Steve A

Band Camp Story

Hey everyone, I have another story to share. It happened on the 1st day of band camp, which was Monday.

After we practiced outside, we took a break inside for about 5-10 minutes. After I was done getting a drink, I noticed this freshman girl going into one of the 2 single bathrooms at the end of the hallway, in which are rarely used by the students in band. Usually, only one is opened, which is the women's. I used the regular ones at the other end of the hallway near the main entrance of the school, in which all of the students use. When I came back, I noticed she was still in their since that single bathroom is usually unlocked by a bolt lock sticking out to keep it open. I waited with the others in the band room until we were all told to go back outside after our break was done. When we were waiting outside to start practicing again, the girl that used the single bathroom came back outside just in time. I assume she was probably pooping since she took all of her break time, which was about 5-10 minutes, to use the bathroom.

Stay tuned for more stories that I hope to have in the future.


Toilet visit earlier today

Hi everyone, I've got a story from today which I'll share in a moment.
KMD- thanks for the advice, next time I have a poo I'll try raising my feet to see if that helps. I don't always have really fat poos but I'd say there like that probably 75% of the time, and at the moment it seems to be worse than normal for some reason.
Today I was chilling out with my friends Lucy and Katie again round my house, we'd just been out shopping and had got back and eaten lunch when I started to feel a slight urge for a poo. I knew I hadn't been for a couple of days so I thought I ought to try to go, I was hoping I might have an easier time of it if I didn't try to put off the urge. To be honest I am guilty of doing that sometimes, especially when I'm busy. I think I struggle the most when I'm trying to pass a really fat log which is also very hard and dry because I've held it in too long! I said to the others, "I need the toilet, its a poo so you can come in and keep chatting." Katie said, "Oh God, I want a poo as well, are you really desperate or can you wait a bit longer, mines starting to poke out already!!" I noticed she'd been squirming around a bit and guessed she needed a poo, but hadn't realised she was that desperate. "No thats fine, you go first, I don't need it too bad at the moment," I said, as we walked into the bathroom. Katie quickly dropped her black leggings and purple pants and sat on the loo, she groaned with relief and said, "Its been trying to poke out since we were at the shops!"
"Why didn't you go when we went to the loos at the shopping centre?" asked Lucy. "I guess I was worried I'd be on the toilet for ages and keep you waiting," Katie replied, "I haven't exactly had an easy time lately trying to have a poo!" She paused and started to push, I knew she was probably going to find it hard to keep talking so Lucy and I started to chat as Katie continued to strain. She pushed for about 5 minutes and had gone red in the face with the effort, she said, "Its another really fat poo, I wish I could have some normal sized ones for a change!" I said, "Yeah, I know what you mean, I'm getting the same thing at the moment, maybe its the weather!" After another few minutes of straining and making some grunts Katie had passed her log and then started to have a wee, she wiped her front and bottom before pulling up her pants and leggings and flushing the toilet. I stood up and unbuttoned my blue jeans, I could feel that my pants were really low down and were only covering about half my bum so I made sure I pulled them down together with my jeans, they were plain white but luckily they didn't have any skidmarks. I had a wee first and then relaxed and waited to see if my log would start to move out of its own accord, after a couple of minutes I could feel the tip ready to come and I started to do some gentle pushes. As it started to poke out I realised it was another fat one, though not quite as bad as the time before thankfully. As usual when I relaxed the downward pressure I could feel the log starting to get sucked back up my bum, so I had no choice but to bear down hard, I couldn't help doing some loud grunts which was embarasing but luckily the big pushes worked and I soon felt the widest part was through. I eventually passed that big thick poo and a couple of smaller ones, before wiping my front and bottom and flushing the toilet. I pulled my pants and jeans back up and washed my hands. Lucy then said, "I really need a wee now, you two have been on the loo ages!!" She quickly dropped her jeans and red pants and sat on the seat, she released a loud stream which fizzed into the bowl for some time before dying away to a dribble and then stopping. Lucy took some toilet paper and wiped her front before pulling up her pants and jeans, flushing the loo and washing her hands. I hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!!

Steve A

Extra Thought To My Story Brings Up A Question

In my band camp story, the girl might have used the single bathroom for privacy while pooping. She may feel uncomfortable pooping around other girls. Which leads to my question:

Are you comfortable pooping around your own gender or your opposite gender?

My answer: I'm comfortable pooping around any gender.


Survey for End Stall, Abbie and All Others

First off, hello, End Stall and Abbie. I guess you two didn't see my post months ago welcoming you back to the forum. Anyway, thank you and all others in advance for taking the time to answer this survey.

What is the usual texture of your poop (hard, soft, mushy, etc.)?

Are your poops generally very stinky?

After you crap, do you ever wet your toilet paper, use wet wipes, or use anything wet or cleansing on your bottom? Dry toilet tissue alone?

Ever use powder, perfume, spray, lotion, etc. on your bottom?

Do you usually wash your bottom or bathe right after a crap?

How many times do you usually wipe your bottom after a crap (how many swipes)? Ever skip wiping altogether?

Finally, do you ever get 'stinky butt' throughout the day? My sister once told me she had that problem often growing up.

Thanks again, everyone.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Lateworking Laxative

A few days ago I got that constipated feeling. I was crapping pretty much every day, but what came out of me was not even 50 percent of normal. I don't know if it was stress from my job or what, but when I got home from work I took a laxative. I had to switch brands because my drug store was out of my favorite brand. Luckily, I only have to use a helper once or twice a year. I slept pretty normal, got up a 5 a.m. the next morning, got myself my coffee from the kitchen, seated myself on the toilet, but could only pee. I showered, dressed and felt no activity coming in my gut. I had taken my car in the previous evening for some major work so I knew I had to get down to the stop by 6 a.m. to get the non-stop bus downtown. I don't know what sitting on the bus bench did but I started to feel the rumbling in my gut. At the bus stop, the driver, a woman about 10 years older than me, greeted me as I swiped my card, and as I took my seat, the activity in my bowels started to become more urgent, even though I knew we had a 45 minute drive to downtown. At least I was hopeful that the interstate traffic would be fast.

I got to thinking about why city buses were not like the coach buses with a toilet on board. Although the toilets were pretty bad on the high school and college band buses we had used, something told me even the skankiest seat was better than nothing. I wasn't about to be particular at all. And the rumbling was increasing to a point where I hiccups of gas come up through my throat. I looked at my watch and we still had about 25 minutes to go. The traffic was moving smoothly, but I was certain I couldn't hold my crap for that long. This was a non-stop bus, so I couldn't get off at an intersection and use a bathroom at a fast food place or gas station. Suddenly a group of about 5 or 6 state troooper cars sped by us with their their lights flashing and I figured that meant there was a bad accident ahead. Within about 3 minutes, I could see the cars were blocking off the highway and all of our traffic was forced off at the nearest exit. Numerous solutions to my needs were going through my mind when the driver stsrted to shout out what was happening and how we were going to detour. Some of the passengers stood up to look through the front windshield at what was happening, and I was surprised when the driver drove onto an access road leading to a gas station. She joked that the combination a couple of beers at a baseball game the night before plus her jug of coffee had created an emergency for her. I immediately got out of my seat and as she was parking the bus, I told her I had a similar need. She said come on in, but that she would use the womens and to save time, I should use the guys'. Luckily both doors were open. In my one-stall toilet, the light was burned out and the AC was extremely harsh, but I lowered my black dress slacks and I pulled up my blouse as I seated my butt on the cold seat so I could see how much my gut had expanded with all the gas.

Within 5 seconds, there was one huge blast of diarrhea like a bowling ball clearing my butt, followed by about 30 seconds of loud gas eruptions and then more diarrhea draining out of me. Not wanting to hold us the rest of the bus, I took the toilet paper roll off the wall, and as I sat with irritation starting to hurt my butthole, I made a big mitt that I saw as giving me a couple of advantages. One, it would get me cleaner and I knew my whole rear was a splashed mess. Two, it would get me wiped, and hopefully reasonably well, faster. Although it was dark and I couldn't see how messed up things were, I did wipes with the two mitts I created and I threw the mitts immediately into the stool. I pulled up my white underwear and made myself presentable and then made a run for the bus. Luckily, I beat the driver back by a few seconds. The rest of the trip took longer because we hit all the rush hour traffic, but I still had that amazing feeling of relief in my gut. When I got off at my office building, I immediately went to the public bathroom on the first floor. It was time for my second pee of the day, and as I sat I decided to survey the damage to my underwear. My mitt wipes were only partially successful and there were quite a few very wet smears that were apparent. So while I was seated I took my underwear off and disposed of it in the trashcan. Then I went back into the stall, seated myself, and then did an additional wiping of which I could easily see the results.

At lunch I was still having a lot of gas going through me and again I sat down and wiped more crap from my butt. And at 4 p.m. I did the same and there was still some residue coming off on the toilet paper when I again sat and wiped. I decided if I was every going to use this brand of laxaative again, a half dose would probably be adequate.

Bill F
Hey guys! I'm back, and I've got a story to share with you.

The first one happened about a month ago, when my family was having a bunch of people over for a barbecue. Among the guests was my 8 year old cousin, Ashley, and her brother Dave, who's 16. I had only met her once before, but I could tell right away that she was a very shy person. Luckily, she got somewhat comfortable around Sam and me, so we ended up playing a little bit.

I noticed a few times while we were playing that Ashley would stop or slow down, and that she would sometimes discreetly hold her stomach. My first thought was that she was hungry, but then after overhearing her mom say something about getting the stomach flu, I thought that Ashley might have caught the bug.

Soon after, dinner was served. I ate it all very quickly, as did Ashley, so she was indeed hungry, alongside the potential stomach flu. As I came back with a refill of water, I could smell that someone had farted. Seeing ther nervous look on Ashley's face, I could tell that she was probably the culprit, but I didn't say anything so as to not embarrass her. Everyone else looked at my sister Sam, who is by far the gassiest out of all of us. To my surprise, she admitted that it was her, which told me that Sam had farted as well, because she never takes the blame for someone else's fart. I could see Ashley hiding a look of relief on her face as everyone else finished up eating.

After dinner, the four of us decided to play hide and seek. Dave was it, so the rest of us split up to find a hiding spot. I eventually settled on the closet in my room. I saw Ashley run past my room and I thought she would hide in my parents' bedroom. Instead, she ran into the bathroom and closed the door. Now, my bedroom and the bathroom are right next to each other, and the closet and the bathroom are only separated by a thin wall, so it wouldn't be hard to hear everything that was going on.

Sure enough, I could hear quite a few wet farts and plops coming from the other side of the wall. Just as I was thinking of changing my spot, Sam came into my room and opened the closet door, trying to hide there as well. Normally I would have kicked her out, but the countdown was almost over so I let her in. She soon caught on to the barrage on the other side of the wall, and asked who was in there. I told her Ashley was in there, which surprised her. She whispered "I didn't think Ashley could do that!" I told her "I think she has a stomach bug. But don't tell anyone else she's in there, she's really shy and probably embarrassed enough as it is. Unlike you, she has some shame!" I joked. "Hey!" The countdown was over, and Dave started looking.

Sam asked "When do you think she'll be done?" I said "I don't know. She went in the same time I got here." "Wow, and she's still going! Impressive." "Sam!" We heard Dave coming upstairs, and hushed down. I told her "You do realize that if Dave comes in here, he'll find both of us and Ashley wins?" "Unless he barges in on Ashley in the bathroom! Haha" "I really don't think someone like Ashley would leave it unlocked... Wait, you do know there's a lock on that door, right? Cause you never use it!" We both laughed before quieting down again. I said, "I swear I just heard Ashley's stomach grumbling through the wall..." Sam said, "Nah, that was me." (Of course...) Then I smelled another fart. "Sam! Really? In a closed space?" Sam said "Sorry... I'll air it out a little bit" and opened the closet door a crack.

And that's when Dave came in. Sam froze, hoping to not be seen, but Dave saw her anyway. He opened the door, and Sam left. Somehow, the rest of the closet was dark enough that he didn't see me. Dave quickly caught the smell of Sam's fart, and he said "Why cropdust your bro's closet like that? That'll stick to his clothes like cigarette smoke." Sam laughed at that, while I had to stop myself from chuckling. (I expected Sam to rat me out, but she probably knew I'd kill her if she did... LOL)

After about fifteen minutes, Dave went downstairs to look, meanwhile Ashley was still in the bathroom, although I think at this point she was just waiting for no one to be around when she came out. Then I heard a knock on the bathroom door, followed by Sam's voice. "Please hurry up, whoever's in there!" After another five minutes, Sam came into my room. I told her "I'm still hiding in here." And she said "I don't care!" And then she pulled her shorts and underwear down! And I asked her "What are you doing!?" All she said was "I can't hold it anymore!"

I guess I should explain that we have three cats, and one of their litterboxes is in my room, since they hang out there a lot of the time. So Sam positioned herself above the litterbox, squatted down, and started peeing full force. After about a minute, she finally stopped. She stood up and found that the dark spot in the cat litter was bigger than she expected. Maybe she didn't realize that humans pee way more than cats? Anyways, I looked at her dead in the eyes and said "I am NOT cleaning that up." She just rolled her eyes at me and pulled her pants up.

Then, we heard the bathroom door open and Sam said "Yes! Finally, it's free." I said "You just went though?" She said "I still have to poop!" At that moment she farted quite loudly, then dashed to the bathroom. From behind the wall, I could hear her say "Damn, it smells in here!" No doubt she would be stinking it up even more, as I heard a few plops from the other side of the wall. Then I saw Ashley come into my room, probably looking for a hiding spot. She went behind the other side of my bed, so someone opening the door couldn't see her. I would have told her I was hiding, but I didn't want to scare her. (Also, Dave was back upstairs so I had to keep quiet)

After about five minutes, Dave went back downstairs. Ashley then got up and knocked on the bathroom door. Sam yelled out "I'm gonna be in here a while, Bill!" Ashley didn't say anything and went back to her hiding spot. Then I heard her stomach grumbling, and a barely audible fart, followed by her whispering "Oh god, oh god, oh god, please hurry up" I heard her stomach grumbling again, and then a much louder wet fart. She was probably dying of embarrassment, I felt so bad for her.

After a series of quieter farts, each one getting wetter, I finally heard a "squelch" sound, followed by her sobbing. She stood up from behind the bed, and I could tell from the stain on her shorts that she just pooped herself. She still hand one hand on her butt, so I guessed that she still had to go. Then, with an exhausted look on her face, she gave up and let go of the rest. After quite a bit more squelching noises and a few more farts here and there, it seemed that she was done. I could see the stain was a lot bigger, and had grown to a sizable lump. She then dashed over to the guest room to change, since they were planning on sleeping over.

It was when she came out of the guest room that Dave found her, and soon after, Sam finally came out of the bathroom, saying "Whew, best to stay away from there for a good half hour!" Eventually, Dave found me and the game was over. When we came back downstairs, I don't think anyone noticed Ashley's change of clothes (which looked similar to what she was wearing before) except her mom, who probably understood why she changed.

By night time, the four of us ended up sharing my room, since Dave complained about the smell in the guest room (I wonder where that came from...) and everyone fell asleep pretty quickly, except me. At about 1:00 in the morning, I saw Ashley quickly get out of her sleeping bag, and run to the bathroom holding her stomach. Once again, I could hear a lot of what was going on in there, and it sure sounded like she was having a tough time. I was almost asleep when I heard the toilet flush, and she slowly tiptoed back to her sleeping bag, thinking everyone was asleep.

When morning came, I found that only Ashley was up before me, probably thanks to another trip to the bathroom. I went downstairs and found Ashley on the couch watching TV. I asked her "How long have you been up?" She said "Two hours, I couldn't get much sleep at all." I said "Aw, that sucks" and made myself some coffee. I sat down and watched some TV as well. I had to fart a little myself, so I let loose to try and break the tension. I said "Wow, coffee sure goes right through you." and she started laughing a lot, but that made her fart as well. She froze, then ran upstairs to the bathroom.

I debated whether or not to go check on her, but I decided to stay downstairs to give her some space. Eventually she came back downstairs, obviously very embarrassed, and she quietly said "I'm really sorry." I said "Sorry for what? You don't have to apologize for farting!" She said "Not that, for running off like that so quick." "You had a bathroom emergency, no big deal." She cheered up a bit. I asked her "You want some toast and milk" she said "I don't think I can handle milk right now." I said "Toast and... water?" She laughed and nodded yes.

We sat back down, and I heard her fart again, this time quieter. She said "Excuse me" I said "Don't use no fancy manners around me." She laughed, but I could tell she was still really embarrassed. Over the next half hour, I could sniff a few SBDs, just like at dinner the day before. I said "You've got quite some gas in you, even Sam would be impressed." She quietly said "Does Sam always... pass gas this much?" I said "Yeah, but she makes them loud... She also calls it farting, not passing gas!" We both laughed, and the rest of the morning went by pretty uneventful.

Before it was time for everyone to go, Ashley made another trip to the bathroom, probably to make sure she didn't have to poop on the car ride home. When I went into the guest room, the smell was gone, and I couldn't find any evidence of soiled pants, which meant Ashley either threw them out or gave them to her mom.

After saying their goodbyes, Ashley, Dave, and their parents left. Pretty soon, all the guests were gone. I had to pee, so I went upstairs to the bathroom, and found that the toilet was full of murky brown water and chunks of diarrhea. Obviously Ashley forgot to flush the last time!

Well, that's all the time I have for now.

See ya next time!


How hard is it to avoid school bathrooms? My Response.

To be honest, before I reply to the survey that one of our forummeuses has given us, I'd like to say I was very happy to go to a smaller school and town during school years. Less traffic in the bathroom meant at least less crap in the toilet, and more time to use in between classes because I could get there fast enough. Truthfully, it's better to use the bathroom in public at school, then have an accident, or get in trouble doing it somewhere else.

My response:
1. Have you been able to go a full school year without having to use the toilets there? Nope, never, I've always had to pee, whether I drink a lot of water, or not. However from kindergarten to 2nd grade. I don't remember shitting at school, eheh.

2. Were their stalls, doors with latches, and adequate toilet paper?
There were a few stalls, all had latches, and they all had that cheap shitty toilet paper in the holders. Thank god, because if they didn't have the holder, they'd be flushed down the toilet, by the little pranksters. That happened in elementary school, and I can remember some kid took a dump, then wiped his fingers all over the wall, it was disgusting.

3. How frequently did your classmates flush the toilets? There were always flushed, not as much at all in Kindergarten through sixth grade, but after that it got better. I noticed in fourth through 6th grade some kids left some very smelly, and large messes, makes me wonder what they were eating. I find it funny because the same kids who did that then, have either small deposits, or diarrhea now.

4. What were the sinks like and did most of the users wash their hands each time? Until High school, they didn't have hot water. It was freezing cold, even in the winter. It was kind of miserable, and thus nobody, (not even me) would wash their hands afterwards. Plus you had to touch the door, another door, it was tedious. Plus, we didn't have time to wash our hands, with the speed of the bells.

5. When your parents came to school for meetings, open house, parent-teacher conferences, did they ever visit or remark about the bathrooms? No, but the last time I visited, they put signs up reminding people to flush the toilet (middle school, elementary school.) and also, I saw since the doors were WIDE open for some reason, (I'll save that for another day.) on the girl's stalls they put "Please put feminine hygiene in the bins, thank you."

6. When you got to junior high or middle school, how different did you find the bathrooms? Less privacy. Middle school and Junior high were different. The doors were always open so you could hear and see everything. You could smell the bathrooms if you used the water fountains, yuck. In Middle school, in the mornings there were once in a while someone would drop a large or loose load in the toilet, and it'd smell the whole bathroom up because they didn't clean them till the end of the day. Junior high school was much better, mainly because I guess we didn't have recess so people weren't as active I guess.

7. When you got to high school, how different did you find the bathrooms? Much cleaner and neater. Plus, nobody cared if they pooped. I saw every body almost in my grade/level, go into a stall, or have seen them walk out of one after crapping before. It's no big deal here. They had paper towels finally. The only thing, is that the smell was worse. More guys tended to have looser movements, I don't know why, and the smell would get worse with the lower solid consistency. Some days in the morning when I'd go for me pee, I'd have to hold my nose because some guy would be exploding or dumping rancid in the stall next to the urinals

8. How hard is it to avoid school bathrooms totally?
I was at school all day basically, even a little after for sports. It's hard and it's much better to go and make yourself comfortable, nobody really cares. I remember when I went into the bathroom freshman year, and some senior dressed in light camo clothes, he was wearing a JROTC uniform of some sort or fashion. Anyways, I remember I wasn't feeling well, and everything felt "loose" so I went to the stall and dropped my pants. The camo guy had to take the stall next to me, he wasted no time dropping his pants and crackled his movement out into the toilet. I can remember, it was probably one of the most rancid smells I've ever smelt in the bathroom. He was quite sociable too. We both wiped up, flushed, and walked out and talked to eachother. After he left, the curiosity got to me and I went back to his stall, only to find slight skid marks, but a horrible smell.

A few months later I met the same dude again, the smell wasn't as bad, (he was already in the stall pooping). It was the afternoon, I went and went into a used stall, as a dude was walking out, he was from my class, and was taking a while, so I just asked if I could use it to get it over with. I went in and saw two medium sized orange logs in the toilet, I didn't think it was worth of a toilet visit, but then again I have a much larger capacity then some people. The camo guy next to me went from silence, to on his toes, pushing and a light crackling sound with a squelchy fart, and a large sigh of relief. I went, used the toilet, it was nothing spectacular by anymeans, and in the middle, the camo guy wipes and flushes promptly. Soon after I wipe and flush and exit my stall, and as soon as I unlocked and stepped out of the stall, I see him at the door, he asked me if I had a nice crap, and I replied yes and smiled. Curious again, I went to his stall, only to be greeted by a strong stink and many many dark brown skid marks on the toilet. Obviously he had quite a big load, It didn't look like diarrhea marks either. I was guessing he had a huge turd that swirled and went down, as these marks one could attribute to that.

Some Guy

Going Potty at the Walmart!

Hi, all!

I have two stories to share...both involve the Walmart bathroom I wrote about on Page 2479. This is becoming my favorite public bathroom to use...I like that I finally have some experiences to share (but some of your experiences are still more interesting than mine!).

First story...

I entered the bathroom with a slight need to poop. But, since the need was there, I thought it might be a good idea to go before doing my shopping. So, I went to the handicapped stall (the one with the gap), pulled down my pants and undies, and sat on the toilet. This time around, I was having a hard time getting comfortable. If you recall, this is the stall where the toilet paper dispenser is right next to the can sit just fine, but adults have a little more difficulty. I moved around a little bit to get comfortable, and finally got comfortable enough so I could go. As I was sitting there pooping, a guy entered the stall to my left. He wasn't using the bathroom, but rather, was changing pants. I'm not sure if he was an employee or just a customer who wanted to put on some pants he just bought. A couple minutes later, I saw a guy in front of my stall, and he pushed on the door to see if anyone was in there. Obviously, he saw me, and moved away. He either waited in front of the other stall or over by the sinks. I continued pooping, and the guy in the other stall continued trying on his (new?) pants. A couple minutes later, I heard the guy (who I saw in front of my stall) ask the guy trying on pants if he could use the bathroom. I would have vacated my stall so that he could use it, but I wasn't done yet. The guy trying on pants hurried up, and was out in a couple minutes. The guy who was waiting entered the stall, pulled down his shorts and undies, shut the stall door, and sat on the toilet. He was wearing camouflage shorts, and I'm sure he was glad to be going. By this time, I was about done with my poop. So, I wiped, the toilet flushed automatically, and I exited my stall and washed my hands.

Second story...

I entered the bathroom with a need to poop. I could tell that the handicapped stall was occupied, so I didn't bother going all the way down to check. I entered the regular stall (which I have not used before), pulled down my pants and undies, and sat down on the toilet. In this stall, the big gap is to the right (when you're on the toilet) where the door opens and locks. So, someone can see your right thigh when you're sitting there. There isn't much of a gap to the left at all. So, as I'm sitting there pooping, I see someone outside my stall. He didn't come up to my stall to see if it was occupied, but I knew he was checking both stalls. I could tell it was a kid about 11 years old. He paced outside my stall for a few seconds, then I couldn't see him. I take it he waited over by the sinks. Within a couple minutes, my neighbor started to finish up. Once the toilet flushed and he exited his stall, I saw the kid walk over, enter the stall, and close and lock the door. I heard a clanking as he put something on top of the toilet paper dispenser. He pulled down his navy blue shorts and underwear and sat on the toilet. As he was sitting there, I could tell he was playing on his phone or hand-held gaming device. He was swinging his feet a lot as he sat. I could also faintly smell his poop. He also sang a little as he was pooping. Meanwhile, I continued having my poop. I sat there pooping, as did my neighbor in his stall. Finally, I was done, so I got up to wipe. My neighbor finished and started to wipe at about the same time. We actually met up at the sinks. I was right...he was about 11 years old. Cute kid, too. He asked me if our hometown baseball team won their game the night before. I told him that they did. He thanked me, then left the bathroom. I caught a glance of his gaming was silver and reminded me of the old school "Bop-It" game. Not sure what kind of gaming device it was, or if it had some tracking software to let his parent or older adult know where he was.

Anyway, those are my stories for now. I'm fairly certain I'll have more soon!

Take care!

Some Guy

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