Babysitting & using public toilets

For those who are new the board, I do a lot of babysitting. Most of it is during the day in summer, but in winter I get some evening and overnight work. Well yesterday, I got a 6 a.m. call from a mother living in an apartment down the street from us and she had lost her day off in the restaurant and had to report immediately. So I walked down, and found her typing a list for me on her computer and she introduced me to her daughter Amee, who is 8. I had to take Amee shopping at the mall for school supplies and a couple of outfits. I was given $300 in $50 bills, something I had never seen before. And there was another thing that surprised me: the list said we should not leave until Amee had her morning BM. So we ate and watched some TV. Then Amee went into the bathroom and I saw that as encouraging. She was in there about 5 minutes, then she opened the door and asked me to bring her the phone from the living room desk. I did and I handed it to her as she sat. I was reviewing the days instructions when I heard the toilet flush and Amee came out as she was adjusting her shorts with one hand and she flicked something off the phone screen with her other hand. And she told me she had taken a picture of her poo, datelined it, and sent the picture to her mom. I guess that surprised me a little and as we started our 9 block walk to the mall she was telling me about her mom's rule the poos should be done at home and not in a public place. And she said when she has to absolutely poo away from home, her mom gets upset with her. We were gone at least 5 hours and I used the bathroom twice. Amee herself didn't go once, although I know she needed to pee during the last hour we were at the mall and then walking back home. We took a short-cut through a large park and I took her to the bathroom hut here, but she refused to use it, saying her mother wouldn't allow it. Sure enough, we made a run up the stairs to her 3rd floor apartment, and Amee made it onto the toilet just in time. However, I'm worried about what she's being taught and why her mom's so tough with the rule.


To Taylor: pooping twice a day

You asked about the size of bowel movements of those of us who have two or more poops per day. In my case, when I poop two or more times a day (which is most days), the amount per time can vary from a little (rare) to a lot. I just had my first bm of the day, and it was a big one--several quick, smooth, easy pieces ranging from 2" to 8" (estimated) each, or a total of over two and a half feet. I expect to have another movement later, perhaps after breakfast (it's now just after 4 a.m.). Yesterday was odd: two small movements several hours apart, only about 9" of poop each; so I knew I was building up for the big one that just came out. The size of my bm's obviously depends on what I have eaten the day before, but it also varies with how much exercise I get and whether I drink enough water.

Sometimes I feel the urge and actually go into the bathroom to sit or (more likely) squat, only to be unable to push anything out; if that happens, I just get off the toilet and go away, since I know the urge will come again later. If I wait until the urge hits again, it is likely that my turds will then be easy and quick to pass, just like my bm earlier this morning.

I do think that, as I age, my bowels act differently from when I was young. In those days I would most often have just one movement a day, and it would be quite large, long and thick and solid, often just the one piece. I rarely have them like that any more, but the two or more movements that I now have per day add up to more poop than I did when younger. Probably a different diet has made most of the difference.


Catherine reply, and a new story

While that is certainly really embarassing that you had to be sick like that in front of Alan it sounds like he handled the situation with love and care, and I think you should see it as a positive experience of growing closer! You know he can handle even the "lesser" moments we all have. That's a big plus in my book.

I had something new happen to me today... I woke up this morning about 20 minutes earlier than my alarm was set for, and when that happens I just try my best to lay there and keep resting but also not fall back asleep. The problem was my bladder was practically bursting and was likely the reason I woke up. I had to pee so bad my back hurt. I laid there in bed holding myself trying to wait because I still didn't want to get up, but after about a minute I decided I better get up before I wet my bed. I got out of bed and as soon as I stood up, gravity came into play and I peed a little in my panties. I gasped and quickly cut off the flow, but starting then stopping only intensified my need to go...I started rushing toward the bathroom while holding myself, and I was feeling spurts of pee soaking through my panties as I scuffled down the hall, and it was warm and tingly on my hand. There was no controlling it and the stream just got more forceful and consistent and my hand was getting soaked so I moved it, and instantly felt hot pee cascading down my legs and soaking the crotch and seat of my panties. The relief was absolutely incredible...I stood there as I felt it puddling around my feet and could hear it splashing onto the floor. I full on wet my panties in the hallway... not the greatest ever start to the day! (Also not the worst though..that honor goes to my post-thanksgiving diarrhea accident that also occurred trying to scurry to the bathroom while desperate after waking up...) by the time I was done wetting myself I was soaked all down my legs and my panties were sopping wet. I looked down and could see an enormous puddle on the laminate floor that was appropriately streaming towards the bathroom doorway. My heart was racing from the combination of relief and shock that I had an accident. I finished walking into the bathroom, as my feet made little splish-splashes in the pee puddle. I first grabbed an old wash cloth that I keep in a basket under the sink that I normally use for cleaning the bathroom. I wiped down my legs and feet with it then went to go clean up the puddle before doing anything else because I was afraid of it ruining the floor. I saw in the mirror that the wetness made my dark blue panties look black where they were we. I gotta say I didn't hate the feeling of walking around in wet panties, at first. But by the time I had the puddle cleaned up they no longer felt warm...the started feeling really cold and clingy and it gave me a chill when I moved and a steady stream of air was blowing against them. At that point I couldn't wait to get out of them. When I went to shower they made a splat when I dropped them to the ground. After I cleaned myself up I rinsed them off and rung them out in the sink before tossing them in the laundry. All in all it wasn't a very terrible experience, definitely more tolerable than a poop accident, solid or loose. But it does make my fear or having more accidents more intense. I always kind of knew that when I got older control issues would become a reality, I just thought it would be much later than this that I'd begin to develop a propensity for having accidents! Or at least until after I have a baby or something. But wow. Still can't believe I couldn't make it from my bed to the bathroom before peeing my pants this morning. It felt like it happened so fast too because obviously I was sleeping when the urge developed and grew so it created this illusion where I lost control of my bladder within minutes of having the need to go. But I know it was actually hours. Anyway, that's all for now. Hopefully that doesn't become a regular thing! I also better start being more careful in the poop department...I keep realizing that I'm "poop-crastinating" more and more lately and slipping back into that old habit. I had been better after my recent accidents from holding too long. Now that I know my body WILL go when it's ready whether I'm at the toilet or not I need to make more effort not to poop-crastinate or else I'm gonna be back here soon having to confess to pooping my pants again!



Me too Abigail!!!!

Abigail, I just read you're post and a very similar thing happened to me. I was filming a video for a school Spanish final project with my friends and I didn't want to waste everyone's time by going to the bathroom. I really had to poop and eventually it started to slowly push out. I wasn't as brave as you though, I ran to the bathroom to try and get to the toilet but ended up doing the whole load in my pants. It was a nightmare to clean up! I would have wasted less time of I had just gone to the bathroom earlier. I have pooped my pants on a couple other occasions that I will share at another time. Also Abigail is your frozen video online? I would love to see it!


Wader Girl (Tirah)

Beach accident in bikini

Hello everyone, Wader Girl, also known as Tirah, here. This story is not about waders this time. Nope.
So, I took a trip to the beach with a friend last weekend, wanting to avoid trashing my gray rubber chest waders again. When I got to the beach, I switched into a light pink bikini (friend switched into a white bikini) and the first thing we did, because it was one of those mostly unused beaches, was where we dug a hole hip deep, and after I climbed in, my friend filled it back in, making it look like I had sunk in. Then, I got a really strong urge to go to the bathroom. But, I wasn't getting out of the sand anytime soon. So, eventually, the poop forced its way out, and six more of equal size soon followed, me being powerless to stop any of them. I knew it must have filled my bikini bottom. Then, all of a sudden, two seconds after the poop was done coming out, pee starts coming out fast, soaking the sand around me. This was a dead giveaway to my friend about what just happened. "You just had a massive accident, didn't you, Tirah?" she asked me. I blushed and said yes. "How much poo?" "About five inches in diameter in total." "Holy poop! (She said the S word but I'm using 'poop' again to keep the language okay) I'm digging you out of the sand now!" When she dug me out, the true extent of the accident was revealed. The initial poop completely devastated my panties, a bulge in them stretching from end to end. They were also dripping wet with pee. I emptied them into the pit I had the accident in, and she drove me home. Keep in mind my panties had not been cleaned yet, so I had to sit on a towel to prevent pee or poo from getting on the seat. Once I was home, I put my panties in the washer, put on a fresh pair of panties, and got on my computer. Then I remembered that I hadn't posted here in a while, and then there's me telling you this story now.


Surveys and Hemorrhoids

What is the usual texture of your poop (hard, soft, mushy, etc.)?
It's usually medium to soft but well formed.
Are your poops generally very stinky? It depends on what I eat, but 90 percent of the time there's a definite odor.

After you crap, do you ever wet your toilet paper, use wet wipes, or use anything wet or cleansing on your bottom? Dry toilet tissue alone? Dry tissue alone, sometimes I use my water bottle on my paper.

Ever use powder, perfume, spray, lotion, etc. on your bottom? Never, these there can irritate the area around.

Do you usually wash your bottom or bathe right after a crap? Depends when I crap, if in the afternoon or evening, yes.

How many times do you usually wipe your bottom after a crap (how many swipes)? Ever skip wiping altogether? I always wipe, about 5-6 swipes usually.

Finally, do you ever get 'stinky butt' throughout the day? My sister once told me she had that problem often growing up. Never, unless I have diarrhea, and am constantly passing gas.

1. Physical description of yourself: 5'9 - 5'10, 165 Black, thin build
2. How long does it take you to pee? About 2 minutes, start to finish
3. How long does it take you to poo? To actually poo, takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute, possibly 2 if I've been constipated.
4. What things make you poo? Beans in general aha, fruit.
5. What things make you pee? Water, coffee.
6. Do you wash your hands after you pee (always, sometimes, or never)? Unless I'm in public, never
7. Do you wash your hands after you poo (always, sometimes, or never)? Sometimes, but always in public
9. What kind of underwear do you prefer (thongs or briefs)? I wear briefs a lot of the time, sometimes boxer briefs. My delicacies get trapped when wearing boxers, and it's uncomfortable.

When it comes to pushing I'm prone to hemorrhoids so what I do is try not to grunt but inhale a ton of air, get my belly full, and slowly exhale the air and using the pressure on my diagprahm to get the poop out. It works, but it takes practice, especially with a thick and large turd, like I usually often have.

My favorite position is to spread my legs, put my elbows on my knees, and do it that way since I can't really squat on the toilet. Sometimes I wish had a squat toilet, I'd do anything for one, at this point aha.

Nothing much new has happened other then I had a poop in the shape of a large V, that took quite a few flushes to get down my toilet. It got stuck when it came out, so I had to use toilet paper to move it so it would go down eventually.

End Stall Em

Replies & Surveys

Lewis' survey:

1: What is the usual texture of your poop? Soft and sometimes a little mushy.

2: Are your poops generally very stinky? Not overly so because I slide back on the toilet seat so that the poop enters the water and this helps the situation. Also, most all my poops are in public places such as the mall I work at or at my college. Sometimes, I will flush the poop before I start the wiping and this neutralizes the situation.

3: After the crap, do I use any wet wipes or anything else wet in cleaning myself? No. Remember in most places I'm away from home. I just use the toilet paper available.

4: Do I ever use powder, perfume or spray on my bottom? No, because I'm away from home. At the large mall especially, I worry about using too much sit down time because the lines get long and I'm absent from my kiosk.

5: Do you wash your bottom or bathe right after a crap? No, because I'm usually away from home. However, once when I was back in high school and already had a Saturday detention hanging for excessive tardies to a class, I luckily was able to avoid an "accident" during the lunch hour crowd in the bathroom. The girl in front of me hover-pissed without lifting the seat and it was coated in a royal way, actually dripping from her piss. I luckily made a split-second decision to sit and release my soft bowels and with no time to spare. Of course both toilet paper dispensers were depleted, so I had no choice but to just sit in the mess. I flushed my underwear, which I had taken off as I sat so that I would have something to wipe with. When I got home, I went right to my bathroom and bathed. Sitting in someone else's pee kind of gives me the creeps but sometimes there's no alternative.

6: How many times do I wipe my bottom after a crap? Four or five is an average.

7: Do I ever get a "stinky butt" throughout the day? On occasion, yes. That's usually when I have a lot of gas to pass.

Steve A's survey:

Are you comfortable pooping around my gender? The opposite gender?

Yes and Yes. Even when I was younger I would share single-toilet gas station toilets and sometimes doorless toilets in the park with my friends. At first it was just so they could get out of the cold when we were sledding, etc. and they came in when I peed. Then my cousin, who is male, was visiting our city and we did buddy dumps while sledding in a park at like 7 a.m. in the morning when no one else was around. I posted about it at the time. And there was also one with Jacob in a car wash bathroom as a result of a bet we made. I was surprised to find he was one of those sanitation freaks who stacked a lot of toilet paper on the seat before he sat down to relieve himself. We would tease each other sometimes about our very different habits.

Reply to Anonymous 13-year-old:

As you progress in junior high (as you've found in the 8th grade) some teachers are tougher than others in requiring bathroom passes or even letting students use one. Thinking back like 6 or 7 years ago, bathrooms were vandalized during class periods when there was less traffic using them, but at lunch hour and during passing periods, the heavy use caused them to get dirty and in frequent cases almost intolerable for use. It seemed like there were a few kids in each of my classes that took advantage of the bathrooms when they were bored with readings or they ran into trouble on the computers and needed a break. I had one class where our teacher who was getting ready to retire was absent a lot and the substitutes were taken advantage of. Specifically, I would recommend getting a note from your mom or doctor that you could have the nurse hold on to so when you have an emergency you could just go the the nurse's office and use that toilet. Its bound to be cleaner than the regular bathrooms and if later vandalism or other misuse of the regular bathrooms is reported, they won't try to hang it on you. And I would think you would like the privacy involved, too. Good luck!


What was that bathroom like when you had the frustrating experience of your pee stream only getting a "dribble" when expected a more faster and substantial pee stream? What was the toilet like? Were you as comfortable sitting on the seat as you usually are accustomed to? Did you have the privacy you usually have? Was there a line for the toilet that caused you to get flustered? You were smart to use the "convenience" available to go, but how long had it been since you last took a pee?


To Ashley Q

How embarrassing!!!!!! Look on the bright side, it's likely that there weren't too many people that you know there at the mall, or will see again. Hey, it could have happened at school! LOL If you are a person who tends to have frequent accidents, maybe you should consider diapers. Fear not, there are ways to dress that can make it difficult to detect that you have it on. Think about what is "the lesser of two evils". Having a full blown accident in public, or the possibility that someone might notice the diaper.


My roommate

My name is Amber, I'm 20, a junior in college, and live with a roommate in a dorm on campus. Last week was finals for summer classes, which we are both taking to help graduate sooner. I was between exams so I was in our room watching a movie while my roommate, Amy, was in an exam. I heard a key in the door trying to get in and finally the door burst open and in came Amy in a hurry. I started to ask how her final was but she said, "Can't talk! Gotta go!" as she hurried past me towards our bathroom, holding herself as she went.

After a few minutes I heard the toilet flush and the shower turn on. I was going to run out to the store and wanted to brush my hair so I went into the bathroom (we go in and out when the other is showering all the time) to get my brush and fix my hair. When I went in I noticed Amy's clothes on the floor by the tub and at first didn't think anything of it. But then I noticed something unusual and couldn't help but quietly sneak over and look.

Her shorts and panties were by themselves in a separate pile. And as I looked closer I could see that the seat of the panties had a large brown stain and the entire crotch area was wet and the shorts under them were also quite wet in the crotch and what little I could see of the butt and legs. She'd very clearly had an accident and both peed and pooped herself.

The water shutoff and I jumped back to the counter in front of the mirror and started brushing my hair. She pulled the shower curtain back and saw me and grabbed her towel and started to dry off. I asked how her final was. She said, "Ugh, it would have been ok but halfway through I started to need the bathroom and had to hurry through the last bit to keep from having an accident in the middle of class."

I said, "Oh, that must have sucked." trying to act innocent.

Amy said, "Yeah, well, at least I made it back here first." I asked, "What do you mean?"

She said, "I would've used a bathroom by class but I had already... lost a little... I should've stopped anyway, but I just wanted to get back here. But the walking made it worse and... well..." she reached down and picked up her panties and shorts and held them up towards me, "I didn't make it." I said, "Oh no! I'm sorry!" She laughed and said, "Yeah, well, I guess it happens, right? I mean, what 20 year old hasn't shit and pissed herself in college at least once? They're just usually drunk, I think!" We laughed at that.

She said, "Once I got to our door I was already leaking and prarie dogging bad, then I couldn't get the door to open, and by the time I got in here it was starting to come out. I got into the bathroom and literally stood here in front of the toilet and crapped my pants like a little girl! At least it was solid, haha."

I said, "It could have been worse, I guess." She said, "Yeah, I guess." She hung up her towel, now naked, and walked out holding her soiled shorts and panties and said, "Guess I'm doing laundry now!"


College desperation accident

When I was in college, I was dating a guy named Sam. He was kind of a big guy, he didn't know that I liked listening to him take a dump outside of the bathroom door. But he was shy about going when I was around, so it was rare that I got to hear that. Well one weekend we spent Friday and Saturday night at my house together, and I noticed that he didn't poop the whole time. On Sunday I was driving him back to his house, and all of a sudden my car ran out of gas. We had to walk quite a ways to get to his house. About a quarter of the way up, with cars buzzing by (we were on the main road at this point), Sam said, I have to go to the bathroom really bad. I could barely hear him. I said, we are about to turn into your neighborhood, you can go behind some trees. He said he had to do more than just pee. I could barely hear that, but I did hear it! And started to get excited. I told him, hold my hand, and squeeze it when you get a lot of pressure. I got a couple of tight squeezes while we were on the busy road. By the time we turned into his neighborhood, the road was smaller and quieter. He squeezed my hand and stopped in his tracks. He said, hold on while I try to keep this in. He was squeezing his cheeks so tight and holding my hand so tight, and his face was all twisted as he was concentrating on fighting back the urge. I suggested he go in the woods, and he said there was no way he was going to poop in public. After a few seconds of standing still and clenching, he said, ok, let's continue. We walked a couple more blocks with him squeezing my hand once in a while. We were nearing his house when he had to stop again. He squeezed my hand and said in a very strained voice, hold on.... and had to stop talking. I said, are you fighting it back right now? And he nodded his head yes. I said, does it make it worse when you talk to me? And he nodded his head yes again. I said, just give yourself a minute, take your time. He was squeezing my hand so tight I thought it would fall off. I could tell he was clenching his cheeks so hard trying not to have an accident. His face was red and sweaty. He was really struggling. When the strong urge passed, we began walking to the house again. By the time we got to the door, he was in dire straits, fumbling for his keys in his pocket, he looked at me and said, I left the keys in the car. We were still holding hands and he started to squeeze, but he looked so hopeless and desperate. His chance to make it to a toilet had been shot. He started to speak, I can't hold it... and I saw him unclench his cheeks and heard a crackling noise coming from behind him. I said it was ok, just let it all out. We will worry about clean up later. His expression completely relaxed, he squatted slightly to open his ass and let all of the shit out, and it just kept coming. Standing right there on his door step. There was so much I didn't think he was going to be able to stop. He stood up and took a short break, but then said, there is so much more and I can't stop it at all. He squatted slightly again and started going again. I don't know how his underwear and pants were holding as much as I was hearing coming out. He was grunting and pushing a little and moaning in relief. The smell hit me and I saw a humongous bulge in the back of his pants. A few minutes later, his parents pulled up and he had to explain what happened. He was completely embarrassed, but after that episode, was much more open about his bathroom habits with me.



1. Physical description of yourself? 5'4", brown eyes and hair

2. How long does it take you to pee? About a minute, I think!

3. How long does it take you to poo? At least 10 minutes and sometimes up to half an hour if I'm constipated.

4. What things make you poo? Dried fruit helps if I'm constipated

5. What things make you pee? Tea and water

6. Do you wash your hands after you pee (always, sometimes, or never)? Always

7. Do you wash your hands after you poo (always, sometimes, or never)? Always

8. If sometimes or never for 6 or 7, why? Just wondering?

9. What kind of underwear do you prefer (thongs or briefs)? Why?
I wear cotton briefs in white or pastel colours as I find them comfy, I've never worn thongs.


To Abbie and Taylor

Yes, the weather plays a huge part in making stools drier and therefore slower to pass. In addition holding back surely doesn't help. I managed to hold a movement back for quite some days early May but now i stopped doing that. However the movement quickly smoothed its way out back then even after five days. Now i go every other day and when the urge gets serious it's basically two huge bricks coming out and splashing and i let them out without applying force, like what happened today after not going for 3 days. Down here it's been even hotter than NA or UK i think and for months long and that's the cause i think, while back in May it was just an hot spell so it didn't affect my movements to much. Anyways the last movement i referred to came before #1 and i had two more movements to follow during the day - yes i can't stay on the toilet and let out a constant stream of solid movements for no apparent reason- and the second one was #1 before #2 instead- i think that's because the bigger mass somewhat won't allow the bladder to easily relax- and the movements were all similar in lenght but the width progressively decreased with each sitting. BTW i'm a 20-something old Caucasian guy. Sorry for the jerky sentences but i broke one hand after tripping over something and badly hitting the floor, i hope i will recover soon and post more. Bye everyone



Hi to all poopers on this site! I had some cranberries yesterday, and they finally did their job today. After lunch, I sat around people who were playing the wii, and suddenly felt some gas discomfort. Following sitting on the toilet, I let out several series of loud turds which plopped rapidly into the bowl. Interestingly, my poo had the sent of cranberries slightly. I recall when I used to drink prune juice, a smell of prune juice wafted up from the toilet. Back than, I was volunteering at the Austin Humane Society. The bathroom had one sink, and maybe about 3 toilets. I believe once while doing a summer program several years ago, I had a poop urge that was so strong, that I rushed into my hotel room, dropped everything, and went to do my business. I wasn't sick, I just had to go badly. I don't recall the name of the hotel, but the bathroom was attached to the bedroom, and looked to be medium sized with a toilet straight ahead when you came in, sink on right, and bathtub on left. Bye everyone, and I look forward to future stories from you guys!

Katie and Jenn

Buddy dumping with my sister in law

I have been a follower of this site for a couple of years off and on. I had my first buddy dump recently, with my sister in-law. This was completely unexpected and out of complete necessity. I am 33 years old and I am 5' 8'' with auburn hair. My sister in-law Jenn is 36 years old and had is 5' 6"" with dirty blonde hair. She has been married to my brother for over 10 years and we are very close and best friends! We are both relatively modest and have dumped side by side in stalls on many occasions in the past. We were spending a Saturday together while our husbands went way for a golf weekend. We spent the day shopping and pigged out at an Old Country Buffet before stopping to have some drinks at a local bar where we hang out. We drank more than we should have and were driving back to her condo where I was sleeping over. We both needed to poop at the bar but decided that we would wait to we got back to her place. On the way home there was a really bad accident on the highway (we later learned there was a fatality) and traffic was backed up for several miles. We were stuck over the highway for over 2 hours! We were in absolute agony and both letting out loud farts and stunk up Jenn's car. We both crusted out underwear and were on the verge of shitting our pants in her car. The traffic finally moved and we were able to get off the highway and make it to her condo. We got out of her car and could barely move and I thought about going right there. Jenn and I were both wearing short skirts and had shitting dripping down the back of our legs, it was so nasty! We walked together in her condo and immediately went into her bathroom. we both headed for the toilet without discussion and lifted the seat and each sat on one side of the toilet ass cheek to ass cheek as our bowels exploded in unison. We both shit all over each others asses and almost fell off the toilet before interlocking our arms together. Our initial shot was watery but became a little more solid as we went. Jenn and I were both farting loudly as shit continued to flow from our rectums! The bathroom completely reeked and we were both gagging from the smell. Our clothes were covered w our shit and we began stripping our clothes off and thru them in a pile on the floor. We were naked, sweaty and sitting back to back on the toilet too embarrassed to speak. We were on the toilet for about 50 minutes and completely filled the toilet bowl up with our poop. I finally said, "I think im done" and Jenn said "me too". We stood up together and started to fall back but were able to brace each other to keep from falling. we both grabbed a handful of toilet paper and wiped the best we could, before climbing into the shower and cleaning ourselves off. We both were pretty drunk and went to bed, and cleaned up the nasty mess we made the next day. We agreed that we would not share this experience with our husbands, and have not talked about it since that weekend.


To Lewis: about wiping

I can't promise to answer your questions in order, so I'll just tell about my wiping. After pooping, I take 4 squares of toilet paper and fold them to one square, after which I make the first pass over my anus. Usually that pass yields a large brown stain or even a small piece of poop that didn't drop. I fold that pad of t.p. over and make another pass, usually getting a good bit less of a stain. Next I take 3 squares of t.p., make a 1-square pad of it, and wipe again, yielding still less poop stain. At this point I have a choice: when I fold the second pad, if there is still a fair-sized stain on it, I spit on the folded pad and wipe again, observing how big a stain there still is. If there is only a faint stain on the second pad, I fold it and put on a dab of Noxzema or other cleansing cream and wipe with that, being sure to thrust it up into my anal canal to cleanse that as well as my anus. It feels comfortable to do that. If there was still enough stain on the second pad, I next use two squares of t.p., wipe and inspect; then I dab on the Nox and do the final wipe. When I was young, I fairly often had to wipe only once (I never left without wiping at all) because my poop was solid and hard and left little or no residue. That is no longer true for most of my bm's; two or three pads of t.p. are my usual usage now.


from Hisae to Taylor

Taylor, you ask about people who have a motion twice or more a day. My friend Hisae is such person. I told her about you and she said, OK to tell you her style. Hisae really likes this site because it's anonymous so we can say what we like about things which very close to our lives. She is very open girl, and she says yoroshiku to you, yoroshiku means best regard.

Hisae's style is, motion in the morning, and again in the late afternoon. And normally her morning motion is bigger than in afternoon, unless she does a diarrhoea. She says, in morning her pile of motions is about size of large grapefruit, maybe three bananas and little bit extra when it is coming out from her bottom, and in afternoon one banana or two bananas. Sometimes when it is her period, she does a motion three times in a day.

She does a lot of motions generally, just like me and my other best friends. We eat vegetables a lots, that's why our motions so big. I read somewhere that before World War Second, Japanese motion was three times amount of European motion, because of so much vegetables in diet. Now Japanese diet more Westernised, so motions not so big than before, but still bigger than European or American I think. When I was in Wales, I did more motions than host brother and host sister. My host mother surprised very much to hear many many plop sounds when I was in loo 10 minutes. She worried about my health, but I said her, it's because of many vegetables, my body trained that way now. She understood, and said, take your time Mina, no hurry.

But everyone different, maybe. I hope you get other answers from other people, you can compare.

Love, Mina and Hisae


to Jry (pushing post lol)

Hey Jry!

I understand if you won't be able to post much. I have a new year at Stanford starting soon and I'm going to be very busy and occupied! I'm pretty academically-oriented, so I'm the type who might spend hours in the library regularly to study. So I probably be able to post much either.

But thanks so much for the response! I've been waiting to hear about this stuff. It's so cool that your friend came up with some new methods of pooping, I mean, why not? Why do it the same way every time? I've never even heard of anyone pooping with the #2 method you posted, but I could try that. You're right it probably wouldn't work too well for a fat constipated one, but for a normal one I'd love to try it.

I do #1 most of the time. I just did it this morning to poop, actually. I did a few bursts of pressure and the turd inched its way out, then I did constant pressure and it came out fairly quickly, but that was also because it began to soften as it came out lol.

I would like to try #4 next time I'm constipated--that sounds like it would be helpful for a stubborn hard turd that isn't coming out. I'll post about it if I ever do it!

As for your other questions, yeah, I always grunt when I push my poop out lol. Like, even in public bathrooms I will even if I try to be a bit more quiet then. But I just always seem to grunt whenever I push. I only pant and breathe heavily if I'm kinda constipated and I'm having a bit more trouble getting it out. Those are the times when I can feel my face turning red from effort. But even if I'm not constiapted, I do make a definite poop face--I've seen it before haha. I think it's pretty funny looking; my face gets all scrunched up whenever I push haha.

Anyway, thanks for the response!!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Danielle great story about your friend Audrey pooping outside it sounds like she had a really good poop and I bet she felt pretty good afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mystery Poster it sounds like your friend a pretty rough day at school.

To: Ashley Q first welcome to the site and it sounds like you had a pretty rough day I think your mom couldve been a little more understanding cause accidents do happen and can happen to anyone at any age and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Karen C (california) great story and glad your feeling better and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Becky first welcome to the site and great story please post anymore you may have thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping together it sounds like you both had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks .

To: Vincene great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Saturday, August 08, 2015


Replies to Taylor (Shelbi's Sister) and Micolash

Micolash: I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but when I was a child and struggled with bouts of constipation and diarrhea that began to be disruptive to living a normal life, I would imagine what some of my favorite characters would do if they had to poop. I loved Christopher Reeve's Superman and I remembered when Lois Lane interviewed him and asked if his other bodily functions were normal, and then, after awkward silence, asked, "do you eat?" So, I guess I always pictured Superman and Wonder Woman having the "perfect" bowel movements (at least, in my opinion) really thick, long but smooth logs that had no straining and very little wiping. But I really never gave it much thought after that.

Taylor: Both of my bowel movements are pretty substantial amounts.


Fort in the woods

When my friend Audrey and I were teenagers, we used to play in the woods by our houses. We built a pretty elaborate "fort", with rooms and everything. We used tree branches to separate the rooms. We had a "kitchen", "living room", and "bathroom". We had built a table in the kitchen out of logs, we had built a sofa in the living room out of leaves and sticks, and we even brought toilet paper for when we had to pee in the bathroom. When we would bring snacks, we spent a lot of time eating them in the kitchen. One day, we brought a lot of food to the fort. We ate in the kitchen, and then went to the living room to sit and talk. A while after eating the food, it seemed as if Audrey looked uncomfortable. She was shifting around while sitting in the living room, and seemed to be having trouble concentrating and talking to me. She finally gave up and admitted, I have to go to the bathroom. I told her, use the bathroom in the fort, we have peed in front of each other before. She said sheepishly, but I have to take a huge poop. I said, that's OK, that's with the bathroom is for. She looked extremely embarrassed, but said you're right, I will go there. But please stay in the living room and do not come into the bathroom. I said, that's fine. The good news was, I had a clear view into the bathroom because there were only tree branches between the rooms. I saw Audrey take a look around to make sure no one else was watching, pull down her shorts all the way to her shoes, kneel down like a catcher, and start to release a huge solid load onto the ground. It was absolutely gigantic, I could not believe so much had come out of a girl so small. She groaned with relief as she released the monster poop. You could hear the thud as the huge turd hit the leaves on the ground. She looked around again, grabbed the toilet paper, and started wiping. She then told her shorts back up and came back into the living room, looking very relieved. We then finished talking and returned to our houses.

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