Embarrassing Gas station poop

Hi guys, I've read this site for a while, but haven't had anything interesting to post until now.

First, I'll describe myself. I'm 24, 5'6", about 130-140 lbs, have C cup boobs, and at least according to my guy friends a nice ass (wonder if they would still think so if they knew what happened today...). I would say i'm fairly attractive, and others have told me that too. I have slightly longer than shoulder length blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Anyways, today I was on a road trip up to the Wisconsin Dells with some friends of mine. We live in southern WI, so it was about a 2 hour drive. Not horrible at all. Well, about 30 minutes in, I started to feel a need to poop. I hadn't been in about 4 days, even though I had tried several times. I recently started a new medication, so I believe that was what made me constipated. I had taken a laxative a few days ago to try and go before the trip, and i think it took till now to kick in. The vibration from the car ride wasn't helping much either, and I was quickly becoming not so constipated... I mentioned to my friends (4 girls all about my age the oldest is Marley, she's 26, youngest is Ashley at 20. Kelsey is the other one, and is my age) that I was going to need to stop soon to go to the bathroom, and Ashley said that she needed to go too. Just great I thought, I was going to take a massive shit, and now I was going to have an audience for sure. I didn't mind too much, as we've all gone around and even in front of each other before, but I would have preferred to be alone for this one.
We started looking for a gas station or rest stop or something so me and Ashley could go, but didn't see one for a while, and every mile we went, I was getting more and more desperate. I let off a few SBD's, and the car was starting to smell pretty bad. I thought I might have heard a fart from Ashley, but I wasn't sure. Finally after about 15 minutes, we saw and exit that had a gas station and pulled in. Marley was driving, and she parked at the gas pumps because she needed gas, which just added to my torture. Now I was going to have to hold this monster inside me for an additional 100 feet or so... We all got out of the car, and the 3 of us headed inside while Marley started pumping gas. We all headed back to the bathroom, I really had to go at this point, so I was moving pretty quickly, Ashley wasn't too far behind, Kelsey was just kind of taking her time and looking around at stuff. She hadn't said she needed to go really, but she'd said she might as well try since we were there.
When I got back to the ladies room, there were 3 stalls, all empty thank god. I quickly took the first one and locked the door. These stalls were made out of brick, and went from maybe 12 inches above the floor to about 12 inches below the ceiling. The door/ front of the stalls were completely closed off.
I started pulling down my panties, when I heard the door open, and Ashley come in. She took the third stall (the handicap one, I usually try to avoid it, but in this case, I was glad she took it, as I didn't want her right next to me for this...) I sat down, and immediately started with a pretty wet fart that was embarrassingly loud. I felt my face go red, as I was sure that Ashley had heard it, but then I heard her fart too. Hers was much dryer than mine, but probably just as loud.
Just then, the door opened again, and Kelsey took the middle stall between us. I saw her lock the door, and pull down her shorts and panties and sit down. I could feel my poop wanting out badly, but i wanted to wait a little bit, to see if either of them would leave soon. Kelsey and Ashley started to pee, but I could tell if I did, I would go from both ends, and I was still trying to wait. They both peed for about 15-20 seconds, then Kelsey grabbed some toilet paper and wiped. At this time, I just couldn't hold it any longer, and let go with a loud crackling log that ploped into the toilet pretty loud. Kelsey tried flushing her toilet, but she couldn't get it to, so she just left her stall. This worried me a bit, as I really hoped that mine would flush, but there was nothing I could do about it now. As she was washing her hands, I took advantage of the running water to drop another loud log. Kelsey said that she would wait for us outside. I could tell I was no where near done yet, and I hadn't heard anything from Ashley yet aside from her pee and the one fart.
I pushed again, and cut some wet farts that were just a prelude to the main event. Just then, the door opened again, and I saw Marley's shoes go into the middle stall. She tried flushing Kelsey's pee again, but it still didn't work, so she just sat down and added her pee to the bowel. Ashley farted again, this one getting a little wetter than her other one, although not as wet as mine were. I started getting cramps, and had to push again, so I did, and let out another log. They were getting softer, but were still pretty solid, which I was glad for. I could tell that they might not stay that way though. As Marley was wiping, I heard the
door open pretty hard, and the sound of heels enter the bathroom. She started trying the doors, but of course they were all full, so she backed up, and I could hear her kind of shifting around. Marley finished and pulled her pants up and left the stall, telling the new girl that the toilet didn't work. The girl, who sounded about our age, maybe even a little younger, replied that she didn't care, she really had to go, and hurried into the stall. I saw a pink thong appear at her ankles, so I guessed she was wearing either a skirt or a dress of some kind. Almost as soon as she sat down, she just about exploded on the toilet. It was a mixture of gas and diarrhea. I felt bad for the poor girl, but I had to go myself and let out another 3 logs, the last of which was pretty mushy. The new girl continued to have pretty loud diarrhea, while I heard a few more farts and a couple of grunts from Ashley. I started pooping out some mushy stuff on top of the already considerable pile I had in the toilet, and letting out some loud wet farts while I was doing it.
As you can probably guess, by this time, the bathroom absolutely smelled horrible. I thought about trying to flush, but if I knew for sure that my toilet was broken, I probably wouldn't be able to go anymore, and I wasn't close to done yet.
I finally heard a huge splash from ashleys stall, it sounded like she dropped a brick into the toilet. By this time, we'd probably been in the bathroom for about 10 minutes. The girl in the middle stall had slowed down a little bit, but she was still going quite a lot. Ashley let out another log that also splashed into the toilet, although not nearly as loud as the other one. Suddenly, my stomach cramped up, and I let out some diarrhea of my own. I had about 2 waves of diarrhea, while not sounding nearly as liquid as the girl next to me, then I let out a wet fart. Ashley farted again, and let go of another log, then started pulling paper. I was getting closer to being finished, but wasn't quite there yet. I let go of some more mushy stuff, then another 2 quite soft logs. Since they were starting to firm up a little, I was hopeful that I would be finished soon, and wouldn't have any more diarrhea.
Ashley finished wiping, tried flushing, failed miserably and left her stall, telling me that she'd wait for me out in the store. I said ok, and that I shouldn't be too much longer I hopped. She said take your time, theres no rush, and that she might get something to drink, and asked if I had some gatorade in the car, and I should be fine. She said ok, washed her hands and left. The girl next to me had slowed down quite a bit, and was just cutting wet farts for the most part now, although i think i heard a splash a few times from her. I pushed again, and let out another soft log, followed by a wet fart. I felt finished, but i wanted to sit a while to make sure, plus i wanted to see what the girl next to me was doing. She farted a few more times, then started wiping, so i did too. I took about 10 wipes to get my butt clean, and the girl took about 15. I could feel a little more gas then, so I pushed out a wet fart, then wiped again just to make sure. She had pulled her thong up, then tried the flush just to be sure and left her stall and was washing her hands while I was pulling up my clothes. I tried flushing my stall, to no avail, and went to the sinks.
The girl was probably 18-19, and very pretty. She had long, slightly curly brown hair, was about 5'9", weighed about 150 i would guess, and was wearing a black dress that struck me as pretty fancy, and I wondered if she was going to a party somewhere or something. She looked over at me and said she was sorry about that, kind of motioning to the stalls, but her stomach was bothering her, and she really had to go. I told her not to worry, I was going too, and I knew exactly what she felt like. I said it was such BS that the toilets didn't work, she agreed, and said that if she hadn't had to go so badly, she would have found somewhere else to go. I told her that before we had started we had no idea they weren't working, so at least she was warned about it. She agreed, and finshed washing her hands and walked out of the bathroom.
I decided to take a quick look at the toilets, just to see them. Ashley's toilet had 1 huge log in it, probably 1 foot long by 2 inches or more wide, and looked as solid as a rock. It must have been that one that was the first she dropped. Then there were a few more smaller ones, maybe 8 inches long, by an inch wide and still pretty solid.
The girls toilet was just covered with diarrhea and mush, the water was just straight brown, I could see a few solid pieces in there, but not many.
My stall had the most poop, that i could actually see anyways, 4 or 5 solid logs, all about 8 inches long and an inch wide, some mushy stuff on top of that, and some diarrhea floating in the bowl. Even if the toilets had been working, I wasn't sure any of these stalls would have been able to flush. I left my stall and walked out when I saw all my friends waiting right outside the bathroom. They all immediately went in, and looked at the stalls too. Mine was up first since it was the closest one. They asked how long it had been since I went, and I told them. They were amazed by how much i had gone.
The girls stall was next, and they made comments about how bad she must have had to go, and how unfortunate it was that she had to do that in a toilet that didn't even work.
Then it was time for Ashleys stall. They looked at it, then asked ashley how long it had been for her. She said 2 days, and that she normally goes twice a day or so.
I felt so much better after getting rid of all of that, but it was quite embarrassing to have my friends hear me going and then see what I left in the bowl. I wonder why the toilets didn't flush...

To End Stall Em: I don't really have enough to tell to answer your survey, but I just want to say that there is no way I would have been able to go for a whole term without using the bathrooms at school. I did pretty much every day, at least for a pee and so did all my friends. However, I also knew a few girls who claimed they never pooped at school and maybe that is true. I had to poo at school a lot, although I held it in until the end of the day more frequently than I do now. A few times I got teased for it, but not often.

Today I was at school and I held my poo for the whole day. I already needed to go a bit when I got there in the morning but then I got distracted and later it kinda went away. In the afternoon I was super busy with studying and seeing a professor and didn't have time to use the bathroom. When I was about to go home, I should have used the toilets at school, but decided I'd wait until I would get home. As I was waiting for the train my urge had gotten really strong and I had to cross my legs a couple of times and clench my bumcheeks. Finally the train arrived and I could sit down, which made holding it a bit easier. Unfortunately, a guy from one of my classes was sitting on the other side from me. He's really cute, so I was forced to make conversation and joke around with him, obviously. All the while I had such a big load knocking on my backdoor and I was really uncomfortable. I think I was biting my lip at some point because he asked me if I was ok. I told him 'sure', but also blushed quite a bit. Luckily there was no way for him to know that I was embarrassed because I needed to poop real bad. I was relieved when he got off and then I only had to ride another station. I got off and tried to walk the five blocks to my house as quickly as possible. Two times I had to stop and clench my bum again and one time I farted, but nobody was around, so no big deal.

I am currently alone at my house with both of my roommates gone, so at least I knew the bathroom wouldn't be occupied and I could take all the time I needed.

When I got to our place, I unlocked the door, kicked off my sandals and dumped my bag on the floor. I grabbed an issue of Cosmo from the kitchen counter and went straight to the bathroom. I turned on the fan and closed the door. It was a really hot day today and my summer dress had some small sweat stains. I pulled it over my head and tossed it in the hamper. Then I pulled down my white string and sat down on the toilet only wearing my bra. I leaned forward, pushed a little and with a small fart my poo started to slide out. It was a big turd and it stretched my bumhole so much that I let out a little moan. It slowly crackled out and finally plopped into the bowl with a huge splash. It was such a relief! I had needed to go so bad and now I felt awesome again. I started to pee while my second turd was coming out. This one ended with me blowing a loud trumping fart into the toilet. With the most urgent need taken care of, I started to read the magazine I had brought. In the end I was on the toilet for maybe 15 minutes and I dropped five more turds and also had a few more big farts. There was a strong poop smell in the bathroom, but it wasn't too bad, not a real bad stink. I actually stayed sitting for a bit longer and kept reading, knowing I could take all time time in the world. Finally I ripped of some paper and wiped my front and then my bum. My backdoor only needed three wipes, it was a big but not super messy poo. When I got up I had a look and, wow, my turds filled like half the bowl. I flushed and the water started to rise in a scary way, but eventually everything started to go down, sparing me the chore of unclogging the toilet.

Because I was kinda sweaty I decided to have a quick shower and I tossed my bra as well and jumped in. After that and my big poo I felt so much better. Ok, that's the story of me unwisely holding my poo for the whole day. I hope you all liked it.


Pooped my pants making a Frozen parody video

Hi, Abigail here. So, I was making a Frozen parody video today. It was Elsa dressed like a modern person, tight blue skinny jeans and T-shirt talking about Frozen being overrated, and about halfway through filming, I had to poop. But, as I didn't want to edit the video, I kept filming. Eventually, the poop forced its way out, and it happened right when the camera was focused on the back of me, so it caught the poo bulge forming. Seeing as it was a Frozen parody video, and I was playing the part of Elsa, I pretended the poop was intentional, making the dialogue fit in with my accident. After the video was done, I cleaned up. A few hours later, I was doing a completely random Google search when I encountered this site, and then there's me typing this now, so you're up to speed on everything. I've been reading the posts here, and enjoying them, so here are my responses:

Wader Girl: Wow. I've never worn chest waders before, but I can imagine peeing your pants wearing them could be fun (not) for your feet.
Hayley: Wow. Sounds like you had a rough day.

Now a short survey:
1. Have you ever pooped your pants while cosplaying? If so, who were you cosplaying as at the time of the accident?
2. Have you ever pooped your pants on camera before? If so, when?
3. Have you ever had so big of an accident that not just your underwear, but your pants are ruined?


Order by which people relieve themselves

In response to the thread of discussion about peeing or pooping first: I think for me it depends a bit on the urgency of each. Of the people whose habits I've had a chance to notice, both male and female, I think peeing first might be a little bit more more common, but sometimes it's the other way around. However, pooping without also peeing at least a little bit during the same session seems quite rare to me. I am curious if there are people here who don't usually do both in the same sitting?


Charlotte, Hayley, Catherine, Brianna

Charlotte: somehow I like the brevity of your story, and how you left the ending to the imagination of the reader. I'm sorry that happened to you at the Starbucks bathroom, it must have been a big mess since you took laxatives, and in public no less...(I'm assuming from context clues that when your anus gave way it happened in your pants since your zipper was stuck). Were you able to get your pants undone and do any cleanup there or did you have to leave and go home in your filled pants?

Hayley: hey, when you gotta go you gotta go. Sounds like a very relieving dump even though you had to go in your bathing suit. Have you been in any other desperate situations like that that lead to an accident?

Catherine: I'm sorry you were sick but on the one hand at least you got to have a positive bonding experience with your boyfriend that was about pooping. That's pretty cool.

Brianna: that is a funny story about you trying to hold it in until the guy left for work but almost going in your underpants before he left. I can imagine that being pretty mortifying because something pretty similar happened to me. I was driving an old girlfriend home and had to shit bad, and when we got to her house she was lingering in the car to say goodnight, and it seemed like she debating inviting me in. Meanwhile I'm thinking "GTFO of my car I gotta fart!" then I realized I really was at the end of the road so I asked if I could come in to use the bathroom. So I did, and it was obvious I was shitting because of how much time I spent in her bathroom. I felt a bit embarassed but more relieved. When I came out she was waiting not too far away with a funny smile. I said "sorry..." and he just said "it's ok, but I'm glad you're done because i have to go too!" then she went in and pooped right after me. We were both holding in an impending load on the way home and neither of us knew about the other's need. I definitely felt closer to her after that haha


Another story

Hi again everyone! I was glad to get such positive feedback about my poop stories. I'm happy they were entertaining lol. As shameful and embarassing as those stories are I do find them entertaining so it pleases me that many of you do as well.

Anyway, I haven't had any other noteworthy poop stories that I can think of, but I'll share a significant pee story. A couple years ago right after I turned 21 a friend of mine, who was only 20 at the time, convinced me to buy a bottle of vodka for us both. I didn't really like drinking but I did it anyway. Rebecca (my friend) and I were mixing it with v8 splash juice and it was actually pretty good. But since alcohol goes right through you, after a while i was dashing back and forth to to the bathroom, and so was rebecca. I must have peed 8 times in a matter of a few hours. Anyway, eventually I was really tired and fell asleep in the recliner in my basement. I don't remember even sitting there or falling asleep, I just remember waking up...that's because when I woke up it was like 4 in the morning, and my butt and crotch felt cold and clammy. I moved a bit and it just felt awful, like my leggings and panties were clinging to me and a whoosh of cold air rushed against my butt and my private area. I looked down and could see that my blue leggings were stained dark blue between my legs, so it was obvious that as I was sleeping I accidentally peed in my pants. I quickly jumped up from the couch with my heart racing and my face burning hot, and saw a big dinner plate-sized pee stain on the couch cushion. I hurried to the bathroom and saw a big wet stain on my butt that matched the stain on the couch cushion. I blushed at myself and quickly changed into clean, dry undies. I haven't ever drank a lot since that accident, because it made me develop a fear of peeing my pants from drinking.


Opposite gender child in public bathroom

I know that there have been previous references on this board to young children who are taken into a public bathroom of the opposite gender, but not rightly supervised. Me, Miranda, and Lorenz saw this again recently at a large multi-screen theater. When we arrived for the late afternoon show me and Miranda excused ourselves to go to the bathroom before the trailers began. It was actually Lorenz who suggested it because he had been holding his crap since we left the last store we shopped at like 30 minutes earlier. He kind of makes an issue of not using the main mall bathrooms when he has to crap because he says they are too dirty. He hates the fact that many of the toilets have been deliberately dirtied with like pee on the seats and he says there's not enough privacy. Well me and Miranda sometimes give him a little skepticism about the attitude he has because we just accept the fact that no public bathroom is going to be perfect and like what we have at home. Anyway we split up and made the concessions stand the meeting place when we got done with the bathroom.

Well me and Miranda didn't find any big line or problem. We both took stalls right next to one another and each of our wees started at the same time and ended about 45 second later. Miranda was off the seat first, had pulled up her shorts, and started unlatching the door when she suddently stopped and turned around. I thought she was remembering to flush and I was just preparing to say something smart to her when I heard her quickly drop her shorts and reseat herself. Almost immediately her heavy wee stream started up again and it went like 20 seconds. Then I heard some gas crackle and then I heard her loaf splash onto the water, something that caused her legs to move enough for me to know that her crap's weight had splashed up and onto her backside. I tried to calm her a bit that there was time before the trailers began. She said she knew that and she was reasonably certain she was now done. I flushed and went out to wash my hands. She came out a couple of minutes later after I had heard her go through a lot of wiping paper. Finally, when she saw me looking back at her in the mirror, she remembered how I feel about flushing and she quickly went back in to do the task.

I figured it had been no more than 10 minutes and surprised when Lorenz wasn't waiting for us at the concession stand. Miranda likes to tease him because he's a year younger than us and she's given him a hard time about whether he has washed his hands. She also reminds him that if we're going to share things like jumbo popcorn and candy, she has high expectations. I texted Lorenz and he replied that he needed a lot more time because there had been a problem. Miranda laughed when she read it and said he probably forgot to drop the seat. He had told us several years ago that had been a problem back when he was in pre-school and he made the mistake twice.

All Lorenz would text us was the he was "OK now." We stood there and talked about it for about 10 minutes, despite the fact that the trailers had already stated. Finally, he came running out the bathroom and was obviously upset. We tried to find out what had happened, but as he started to explain we were worried about his voice being too loud and others hearing it. None of the toilets had doors on the stalls so Lorenz was on a toilet with his shorts and briefs down at midleg level and his hand was on his junk because he was peeing into the toilet while he crapped. Then a little girl about 5 came out of nowhere, stopping to look and asking him about what he was doing. She continued to stand right in front of him in the stall and look at him so Lorenz got up, turned her around and gave her a shove in the other direction. Then he sat back down and started to resume his crap, but she came back at him asking him about whether he knew her daddy and where her daddy was. To that Lorenz yelled at her much louder than before, but it was enough for her to be heard by her father who was in one of the stalls way down at the end of the room. Then he started to yell for her and only after a few more seconds in Lorenz's stall, the father got so mad that he got off his toilet, came down in front of Lorenz, grabbed her by the elastic on the back of her shorts, and he wisked her into his arms with which he carried her back to his stall. So Lorenz had to compose himself, finish his crap, and then wash his hands. Miranda and I are with Lorenz not only at school, but also at a lot of other places. At one time in grade school he was very shy about even using a small public toilet with a stall and door, because he still felt his privacy was being violated. On our way out at the end of the movie, we went with Lorenz to the theater offices where a security guard took down a report of what happened. However, Miranda and I are not convinced that much can be done in such a case. Some parents are just plain stupid in the way they handle their children in such cases.


Constipation poops and reply to JW

Hi all. I've been constipated for the last couple of days. My husband and I have been eating pitas with hummus with dinner so maybe they, in combination with me being on my period, bunged me up. I don't know. But I've been increasing the water, coffee and vegetables and whatnot. Went twice so far today. The first time felt pretty urgent and came out looking like a braid (weird, right?). The second time was more urgent and came out kind of painfully and fast but was softer. I'm hoping the water and everything continues to soften everything up and make everything else come out. In this heat (feels like 28 Celcius here) you have to make sure to drink lots of water, which I have! Makes me pee like a racehorse and normally poo well so I think it's just the starches affecting me.

To JW-That is an old family story. I suffered from constipation from babyhood on so I had to strain to poop because I didn't drink enough water. I drank a lot of juice and milk but not enough water. So my mom said I had to pull my little legs up to my chest and strain when I was a baby. On my first Christmas I kept my mom and grandpa (who passed away 2 days after my 2nd birthday in 1988) up all night with my crying because my stomach was bothering me. They tried rubbing my stomach, prune juice and Colace to no avail. So it was a sleepy uncomfortable day for us. My mom took me to the doctor and the doctor told her to give me more fruit and fluids and that helped.

As I got older though, when I wanted to poop I used to hide behind my mom's chair, hold onto the back of it, squat and grunt while I was pooping into my diaper. I would have been unnoticeable if it wasn't for my grunting lol. That's why my mom used to ask if I was pooping and I used to grunt "Noooo!" while trying to poo and hide from my mom. And then eventually I would run off to my bedroom for privacy to finish my poop and then eventually sit in my mess. Gross. Needless to say, I was toilet trained after a couple of times of my mom cleaning that mess. I used to refuse to use the little potty-I wanted to use the TOILET. So my family learned after a couple of accidents (stubbornness) to leave a little suitcase in front of the toilet for me to step on. I was tiny but determined lol. My mom used the straight from diapers to underwear training method for me and my younger sisters. Me and my 18 year old sister were toilet trained within a month (of course with occasional accidents) but my youngest sister (14 turning 15) has unfortunately had many pee accidents, even as a teen.

So this happened the other morning while I was laying in bed. Normally I get bloated and constipated during the night, and then poop in the morning. This particular night, though, I had been pretty gassy throughout the night, waking myself up farting. At about six in the morning (I had to get up at 730), I lay in bed half asleep. I had woken up to the sound of my roommate in the kitchen, but was just about to drift off to sleep when I felt the familiar cramping in my stomach, and decided to "let one rip." I did, a long, loud one released the pressure in my intestines. but suddenly, without warning, the fart ended abruptly and, with a gurgling noise, hot diarrhea oozed into my underwear. It was sticky and immediately began to smell. I had to go badly, now, but I couldn't leave my room because to get to the bathroom I'd have to walk by my roommate with poop-filled pants. I clenched my buttcheeks together and, unbelievably, held it for the 30 minutes it took my roommate to leave for work, laying there the whole time with cold, wet mush in the seat of my pajama pants. I had quite the cleanup before I left for work that morning.


Response to Red - Order I relieve myself

I guess I'm a little "different" with the order I relieve myself. My sister is more like you where she will pee first, or will poop at the same time if she really needs to go. There is always a pause between each motion too, like they're separate actions. However I almost always poop first. I'll drop the first piece and then start peeing. Unless I'm desperate to pee and then they'll both happen at the same time.

I'm not sure why I do it but I always have, even when I was being potty trained.


Responses to Brianna, Red and others

Brianna: It's great to hear from you! Thank you for sharing your story because it helps me with a post that just went live today about a stomach virus and Alan helping me. I'm thankful that you were not rejected or made fun of because of your need for the bathroom.

I would really want to know your thoughts. I hear and read so much about men being grossed out by their crush, their girlfriend or other women pooping that I've really been worried. Too, it happened to me before on prom night in high school. Alan would know the guy who was a little grossed out that I pooped after dinner on the way to the prom.

Maybe it was that scene in the movie The Change Up where Jason Bateman is grossed out by Leslie Mann taking a ferocious dump and commenting "it must be the Thai food." I mean, I guess I should not worry and that he knows first hand that all the food must go somewhere! If you have a chance, I would really appreciate any advice or feedback on the stomach virus story that was posted today.

I hope that you are doing well and that your business is going well! Good to hear from you! Love, Catherine!

Red: I always poop before peeing when I sit on the toilet. I guess it depends on which is the stronger urge when we sit down. It's amazing that with our bodily functions that, even though we all work the same, we can have such different experiences. Hope you are well!

To the moderator: Just a quick thank you for making this a safe, anonymous space for us to share. It has really helped me. Thank you!

To Ashley: Here are your answers and welcome!

1. Physical description of yourself: Female, 6'1", 185 lbs., athletic and curvy, Greek/Mediterranean ethnicity.
2. How long does it take you to pee? About 30 seconds I think.
3. How long does it take you to poo? 5 Minutes - Twice daily
4. What things make you poo? I eat a high fiber diet, with vegetarian recipes, lots of fish, beans. I do eat chicken, beef and pork, but try to limit that.
5. What things make you pee? Water, coffee
6. Do you wash your hands after you pee (always, sometimes, or never)? Always
7. Do you wash your hands after you poo (always, sometimes, or never)? Always - warm water, 20 seconds
8. If sometimes or never for 6 or 7, why? Just wondering
9. What kind of underwear do you prefer (thongs or briefs)? Why? I've never worn thongs.

Love to all!



Ashley's Survey

1. Physical description of yourself - I'm about 5'9", 140 pounds or so. I'm an average build guy, not muscular or anything though, despite the fact that I play lacrosse.
2. How long does it take you to pee? - Not long, less than a minute usually, though sometimes it takes a bit longer to start coming out, like in a public bathroom lol.
3. How long does it take you to poo? - Like maybe 5-10 minutes. It can be longer when I'm constipated.
4. What things make you poo? - Exercise and high-fiber stuff lol.
5. What things make you pee? - Eating watermelon lol. Seriously I've been eating a lot of it this summer and I've been peeing all the time. Also, Booze lol.
6. Do you wash your hands after you pee (always, sometimes, or never)? - Always. My friends often don't, but I do.
7. Do you wash your hands after you poo (always, sometimes, or never)? - Yep, always.
8. If sometimes or never for 6 or 7, why? Just wondering - N/A
9. What kind of underwear do you prefer (thongs or briefs)? Why? - I wear briefs most of the time. Sometimes boxer-briefs.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Chloe B great story it sounds like you and Danielle both had really good poops and I bet you both felt great afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Hayley first welcome to the site and great story about you pooping your pants and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Random Girl great story it sounds like you were really desperate and just made it in time to the bathroom and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Catherine it sounds like you had a rough day but at least Allan was there to help take care of you and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie great pooping story as always.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


More of my accidents

I guess some people liked my first set of accident stories where I laughed too hard and asked for more (thanks!) and since I have a few minutes I guess I can post at least one more.

I left off in college I think so I'll pick up there. A few years after college I was out drinking with friends at a bar and had a little bit more than I should and was quite tipsy, which only makes my "condition" worse. We were joking around and laughing and I, of course, completely peed my jeans there at our high top table but nobody noticed until we left an hour later and I was partially dry. The puddle on the floor could have been from a spilled drink. Oops. :)

A couple of years after that I was at work (corporate office, cubicles, etc.) and had been in and out of meetings most of the morning and finally just before lunch one was wrapping up and I really had to pee and then someone said something funny and I laughed and peed a little - enough to feel it in my panties pretty well. I quickly moved my skirt out of the way just in case. We wrapped up and I hurried to the ladies room and got into a stall and peed but had a wet spot the size of a baseball in my panties. I took them off and went commando so I wouldn't get my skirt wet.

I lost track of how many times I dribbled or slightly wetting during and the year after pregnancy!

Anyway, I have plenty more but no more time. Be back again!




Annie: I am so happy for you that your bowels are becoming more comfortable and regular! I wish you the best for your health!

Sydney: I really appreciated your post. I have had three "solid" accidents before and all my situations were like yours. However, I never thought about going on the floor. I guess that, if no one was around and it was easier clean than to actually have an accident, then it might be best to do so. When I was 15 I had carpet in my room and that would not have been good. But the other two accidents at my condo, well, I did have hardwood floors. Would have been an easy clean-up.

Kaitlyn: Welcome and thank you for sharing your stories.

Vicky: Welcome and I appreciated your post about your high school experience.

Oldpoop: Great to hear from you! I wonder, at 73, if you are our eldest "regular" poster!

And a shout out to Brandon T, who is always great to respond to everybody! Hope you are well!

Love to all!



I forgot one - Shout Out to Amylee

Amylee, I know that it has been a while, but if you still visit the forum, you were my favorite poster for a long time. Hope you are well!




Ashley's survey

I thought I'd answer Ashley's survey, Here it goes.

1. Physical description of yourself
I am 5'8", blonde shoulder lenght hair and I am kinda ???? and curvy. I wear glasses most of the time.

2. How long does it take you to pee?
One or two minutes with wiping and washing my hands.

3. How long does it take you to poo?
Between 5 and 10 minutes normally. I sometimes spend more time on the toilet when I have diarreah, but luckily that happens very rarely.

4. What makes you poo?
Coffee really makes me have to poo, sometimes real quick.

5. What makes you pee?
Coffee, too. But really any drink, tea, water, soda everything really.

6. Do you wash your hands after you pee?
Always, if I can.

7. Do you wash your hands after you poo?
Always when I can. The only time I don't is if I go in a porta potty or outhouse or such where there is no sink. Or, of course, if I go outside. Same for peeing.

9. What kind of underwear do you prefer?
I mostly wear thongs and strings, cause I wear yoga pants and tight jeans and skirts a lot where other panties would give me vpl. When I don't wear those I wear bikini style panties sometimes. I sleep in boxer briefs!

to Chloe B: I really liked your story about your friend Danielle having to poop at the mall. Did she feel better afterwards? This happens to me so often, suddenly my stomach acts up and I gotta go find a bathroom real quick!

Steve A

Ashley's Survey

1. Physical description of yourself? 5'7", brown eyes, black hair

2. How long does it take you to pee? It's random for me, but my best guess would be less than a minute for a regular pee or over a minute if I have to go badly.

3. How long does it take you to poo? Between 5-15 minutes, it's also random for me.

4. What things make you poo? Anything that I eat

5. What things make you pee? Water or anything that I drink

6. Do you wash your hands after you pee (always, sometimes, or never)? Sometimes

7. Do you wash your hands after you poo (always, sometimes, or never)? Always

8. If sometimes or never for 6 or 7, why? Just wondering? For #6, I sometimes don't since I don't touch anything while I'm peeing.

9. What kind of underwear do you prefer (thongs or briefs)? Why? Guy Boxers, they're more comfortable than boxer briefs or briefs in my opinion.


Story from earlier today

Hi, its Abbie here again, thought I'd do a quick post as I have a few minutes spare.
Megan- I enjoyed your story about going to the loo at the swimming pool.
Earlier today Lucy was round my house and we were up in my room chatting. I was starting to get desperate for a wee, I knew if I sneezed or laughed I'd end up leaking a bit in my pants so I was just about to go to the toilet when Lucy said, "I need a poo, you can come in with me if you want, it could take me a while!" I said, "Do you mind if I have a wee first, I'm really bursting!" "No, just be quick!" Lucy replied. I went into my ensuite, lifted my dress and pulled down my pink flowery pants, I started to wee almost as soon as my bum hit the seat, it was a powerful stream that went on for ages! Lucy was sitting cross-legged on the floor in front of me, I could see her pants as she was wearing a skirt without tights, they were plain white so I hoped she'd get on the loo before her poo started to poke out. As my wee stream dribbled to a stop I did a couple of farts, Lucy said, "Do you need a poo as well?" and I replied, "Well, maybe I should try to go when your done, I don't want to be as constipated as I was last time!" I quickly wiped my front, flushed and pulled up my pants, as I was washing my hands I saw Lucy hiking up her skirt and easing her pants down, she sat on the loo with her pants round her knees and I shortly after I heard her starting to have a wee, it was a weak stream that didn't last very long. When she'd finished her wee she just sat and started to chat, she said, "Last time I had a poo I really had to strain, so I'm just going to sit for a while and try to relax and see if it will come on its own." As we chatted about various things I started to feel an urge for a poo myself, it had only been a couple of days since my last poo which was an improvement. I didn't want to rush Lucy so I didn't tell her I needed a poo, I hoped she wouldn't take too long!! A few more minutes passed and Lucy said, "The tips nearly out now, I think I'm going to have to start pushing or I'll be here all day!" With that I saw her saw her take a deep breath and push her lips together so I knew she was straining, my own need was getting more and more urgent so I hoped she wouldn't take too long. Lucy pushed hard for a few minutes and made some grunts as well, I heard some crackling sounds so I knew her log must be sliding out. She said, "I thought it was going to get stuck, but luckily it didn't!" and after a couple more pushes I heard it splooshing into the bowl. By now I was having to clench my bum to stop my poo from poking out, so I said, "Are you going to be much longer, only I really want a poo now!" and Lucy said, "Oh God, sorry, I'll be as quick as I can!" She screwed up her face and went red as she did another hard push, and shortly after I heard a loud plop, she made a couple more plops and said, "Right, I'm done, I can wipe my bum standing up if you want so you can get on the loo." I nodded gratefully as Lucy flushed and shifted over to one side. As she started to wipe her bottom I lifted my dress, pulled my pants down and sat on the warm seat. I relaxed all my muscles and shortly after I felt a log making its way out, it was stretching my bumhole a lot but luckily not quite as much as last time! Lucy said, "Can I just get rid of this paper?" and I said "Yes, I'll just move forward," and slid to the front of the seat while Lucy threw her dirty paper away, she pulled up her pants and sat back down on the floor again. I knew I would have to start pushing, so I took a deep breath and bore down, I kept pushing for a couple of minutes and then the log dropped, it was a short fat piece that made a loud plop as it fell into the loo, and I couldn't help grunting as I stopped holding my breath. I could feel there was more to come, so I said, "I think I need to do some more," and with that I bore down again, I could feel another poo making its way out, this time it was a longer log but it broke up as it came out of my bum and made three really embarasing loud plops! After that log I felt empty so I took some paper and wiped my bottom before pulling up my pants and letting down my dress. I then flushed and washed my hands and Lucy and I went back into my room, both of us feeling a lot better after we'd emptied our bowels! I hope you enjoyed this story, I'll do my best to post again soon, bye for now!


embrassed desperate to poop

Well I was diagnosed few yrs ago with ibs-d. My flare ups are not that often but when my stomach starts hurting I literally have minutes to sit on a toilet. Now I was having issues and I got to the small town 10 Miles from my house and I stopped at the gas station I stop at everyday I know the clerk real well. I run in and tell her sorry but I need the toilet ( it is emoloyees only she said no problem. I run in rip down my jeans the door has no lock but I wasn't worried , I sat down and it was the worse sounding diarrhea and farts I have had in a long time. After nonstop going for 5 minutes the door fly's open just as rapid plops come out I said sorry I don't feel good she laughed and shut the door few minutes later thought I could make it home so I left she just said sorry and everyday is a like nothing happened

How are you all? I don't have so interesting story now but I thought about last post, I tell you conversation between me and Kazuko the day after her mother hit her, it was Monday morning.
Not so much time in morning but I always get up very early, and Kazuko too, so about quarter to six we were up and made quick breakfast.

After breakfast I said to Kazuko, "I need loo long time. Do you need?" And she said, "after super huge motion yesterday, I hope I don't need, my bottom is not park fountain never stops produce! But I don't know, so you go first Mina." So I bared my bottom and sat down, leave door open, Kazuko at washbasin just outside door to make up her face. So we can see each other easy.

I did wee first, I usually do, unless have a diarrhoea. Then wait little while so my bottom can get ready for big operation. Usually I don't do grunts when I push, I am quiet, but I gave grunt to attract attention of Kazuko, she looked at me. I felt my bottom open, it is so good feeling! Motion came out slowly, it broke up many times so about six plop sounds in loo. Kazuko said, "wow!" and came into loo and kneel by me. She looked into loo and said, "that is very beautiful motion!" But I said, "yesterday's your motion also beautiful!" Kazuko gave me smile full of her love. Her eyes expressive very much, I can really feel.

I said to Kazuko, "I love feeling between first motion and second motion. So good feeling! Intestine is busy getting ready, I feel movement inside bottom, it all go into good position." Kazuko said, "I love that feeling too. But my mother. . . ." Kazuko can't feel that feeling with satisfy because her mother shout, come out quickly, but on weekdays Kazuko uses office loo for motion so no problem there.

I said to Kazuko, "today you can go in office, your mother not there. You can stay long time." Kazuko usually go when her business not urgent, so she can be away from desk ten minutes about. And Maho cover for her, Maho works in same office with her.

Kazuko said, "true, but maybe I go her after you." I said nothing more because my intestine finished job, my motion ready to come out from bottom, Kazuko took my hand, she said later my face turn to red. Second motion came out slowly, broke up too, maybe three big pieces and then some little ones, plop plop plop, plip plip plip plip.

I said to Kazuko, "I feel good! Thank you for being here. Little bit more and I come out." Kazuko went back to make up. I like to stay on loo for few minutes after motion finish even I empty, Kazuko and Maho say same thing, Hisae doesn't say. I did a few small motions, little bit soft. Then used washlet, washed my bottom well and dried. A huge pile of motions in loo, but I flushed, and it all went down.

Kazuko finished to make up and sat down on loo, I went to washbasin. After maybe five minutes she still there and I said, "you OK?" She said, "it's coming." So I kneel down next to her, and she went stiff, and bottom domed out, and then PLOP. Not big and not small. I looked in loo and maybe 2 centimetres wide and about 10 centimetres long. And very rich brown colour. Kazuko said, "that is all, I am empty. My mother maybe happy I did so little one! But even this little one give big smell . . . ."

I said, "You don't need worry about your smell. Not bad smell! I give big smell too." She said, "Mina I like your smell". And we say same thing to Maho and Hisae often. If we love, motion smell is not bad smell. So I don't like when people say yeesh, ewww and such like words.

Kazuko finish, and we finish make up and get dressed and clean table and hug and then we ready to go to work. We take drink with us because very hot weather in Japan now and people are died from heat stroke very day.

I remember Shelbi said, good day start with good BM! Thank you for take my advice Shelbi. I hope you back on this site soon. How are you? And Annie and Kaitlin and Catherine and all other people I hope you are happy and comfortable. And Brandon T and Micolash, thank you for kind words. And Mr Oldpoop, take a good care. If I forget anyone I sorry, I try to read posts carefully, in English I sometimes miss.

Love to all you.

Mina and Kazuko (and Hisae and Maho)


To Abbie

Hey Abbie (and others who may experience the same)

I enjoyed your most recent descriptive post about you and your friends Katie and Lucy. It seems the initial part or "head" of the first turd you and Katie passed was very wide. As you note this is a very common experience. I'm glad you found that gently pulling your buttocks apart helped.

I have some other tips for those who find that the initial part or "head" of their first turd is wide or "fat".

- Allow the "head" to emerge slowly. Try not to be discouraged if it does seem to recede or get sucked back in. If you get tired you can always stop and try again 20 minutes later or so.

- If the head begins to fall apart into small pieces as it comes out then let it do so piece by piece. This reduces the pressure on the anal skin.

- As the head reaches its widest point i.e. it begins to "crown" it is important to allow it to emerge very slowly to allow the anal akin to expand. The skin of the anal canal can stretch considerably - particularly in women - provided it does so slowly. Frequent small pushes are better than one large push as the head "crowns" at its widest point.

- It can be helpful when passing turds with a wide head to place your feet on a stool several inches high when pooping. This encourages a squatting position which aids the passage of turds by straightening a muscle called the "puborectalis". There are specially designed footstools for use with western style toilets for this purpose.

Hope this helps


Sunday, August 02, 2015

Chloe B

Mall dump

Hey guys sorry it's been a while since my last post I've been really busy this summer! Two days ago I went to the mall with my friend Danielle who've I've written about before. She's a pretty big girl with blonde hair. So we ate lunch at the mall and went shopping. About an hour after we are Danielle said her stomach was upset and that she needed to poo really bad. The thing about Danielle is that she HATES pooping in public but this time she had no other choice. We went straight to the bathroom which was packed with people! She took a stall next to a another woman in her 30s with jeans and Nike shoes. Danielle ran into the stall and pulled down her jeans and was wearing white converse shoes. She sat down and started peeing then almost immediately let out a fart with a big log. She sighed and let out more poop. By this time the woman on her left and finished and I decided I needed a poo as well. I went in the stall and pulled down my shorts and pink thong to my knees. I started peeing and let out a long log with plop. Danielle's stall really stunk and I asked if she was ok and she said tha her stomach was acting up. I let out 3 more logs and wiped. Danielle also started to wipe. She had to flush 3 times to get everything down. We washed out hands and then returned to shopping. Well hope you guys liked my story. Bye for now


The order by which people relieve themselves

An anonymous first poster (welcome to The Toilet, by the way!) asked why most people on the site in the stories they have read urinate before they defecate, claiming that they have only ever seen it reversed, and that even they pee after pooping themselves.

As someone who pees first almost always (at the very most I'm desperate for a poop and do it simultaneously), I haven't actually put much thought into the order by which people go to the bathroom. I would assume it all just comes down to what your body becomes comfortable with over time, but I don't have a definite answer. I, for one, couldn't imagine pooping while still having to pee without it coming out on its own during my initial push.

Talking about order brings to mind a story from my recent trip abroad. I recently spent a week in Italy followed by three days in Switzerland for a conference with a group from my school (amazing experience!), which had us paired with groups from other schools in different states, which allowed us to meet a whole new group of people.

i got to know a girl from a group from Wisconsin pretty well, we'll call her Jay to save face. She was about my height (5'1" or 2") and was of a similar build, and had really cute brown hair that she wore to about shoulder length. She is in the year below me and nice to hang around. She roomed with myself and a girl from my school, we'll call her Sadie, in two out of the four hotels that we stayed at on our trip.

He reason the discussion of orders jogged my memory was because of when our room would use the hotel bathroom at night and in the morning. I tend to notice the habits and mannerisms of people in the bathroom naturally. What I did notice about Jay was interesting as we shared time to use the small hotel restroom to get ready for days of touring: that she would pee, get up, do other bathroom tasks, then sit back down and poop.

I've never seen anything like that before! When people go to the bathroom, they usually do the deed in one go, but Jay broke that mold. On multiple occasions I would be brushing my teeth/hair in the bathroom as Jay sat on the toilet, only for her to wipe her front, stand up, start brushing her teeth, finish, then sit down and begin pooping. It is simply bizarre to me! From what I noticed of Sadie, she and I were more similar in that we just got our business on the toilet done in one go and got ready from there.

Have any of you guys seen people with bizarre morning routines involving using the toilet at a weird time?



Hey everybody this is my first post although I have read for a long time. So here we go. On my walk home from the beach I started to feel a big load poking out of me. I was about 10 min away but I didn't think I would be able to hold it. I tried to run but that just made it worse. There was no way I could hold it till I got home. I looked around and nobody was near so I dropped my bag and began to push right into my American flag bikini. I pushed a big 10 inch log right into my bottoms. A couple 3 inch logs followed and expanded my bikini. I felt so relieved. I kinda enjoyed the feeling! Any feedback or questions are welcome! I hope to be back soon with another good story!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Karen C (the Californian one) it sounds like you had a really rough day your stomach wasnt very happy it seems luckily it didnt last to long and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina great as always about you and your friends and hopefully one day Kazukos mother changes her ways and she may end on the toilet for a long time and know what its like and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Some replies

Hi there! Been a while since ive had time to post...I have a couple of responses. They may be a bit overdue because I read them a couple of weeks ago then ran out of time to write.

Mr. S: I thought your story about helping your boss deal with pooping her pants at work was really cool! She must have been so humiliated just that it happened in front of you so for you to go the extra mile and make sure it was kept a secret from everyone else was so nice. She better not give you a hard time at work after that! Also you asked about other instances where people had accidents at work. My first ever accident as an adult happened while I was working last summer. You can read the full story on page 2399, the post title is "The Accident". Short version: I was showing a house to some clients and had been holding it all day, and I wound up pooping my pants in front of them. If only you had been there you probably could have helped me, too. LOL

Catherine: as always i enjoy your posts, and have especially enjoyed reading about your growing relationship with Alan and the "feeling out" process with regards to pooping. It's kind of relevant to my following story. I am not obsessed with poop, in fact I don't particularly like pooping, but I do recall it being something I was very conscious of with past boyfriends- when is it "ok" to go at his house for the first time? It was easy for me to put it off because I was always a poop-procrastinator, so I typically just went at home after leaving his house or stopped somwhere on the way if I couldn't make it home. But eventually when I'd be with a guy long enough that I'd spend the night it would be unavoidable to go at his house. One notable experience with the first time I pooped at a guy's place: I was staying over one night with an ex after having been seeing him for a month or so, and in the morning I had to poop pretty badly while he was getting ready for work. I knew I didn't have much time but I really wanted to wait until he left for work before "blowing up" his bathroom. He had a studio apartment. So I stayed in bed holding it waiting for him to leave (he had told me the previous night I could sleep in as late as I wanted but he was getting up early for work). He finally came out of the bathroom and was just getting some lunch together and putting his shoes on and stuff and he noticed I was awake because I had turned over to try and get a better hold of myself. He started talking to me and I was trying to be casual and not let on how bad I needed to poop. He was taking forever to leave because we were chatting and finally I realized I couldn't wait any longer at all...unfortunately he realized too because I farted. Like 3 times. I couldnt control it! They just squeezed out one right after the other, and they were loud enough that he heard. I turned so red. He just kind of grinned and said "well good morning to you too" and I just quickly got up and rushed to the bathroom. I even said on the way "sorry, I was trying to wait for you to leave!" as I shut his bathroom door and tore my panties down and plunked my butt down on the seat just in time. It's funny looking back but at the time I was so mad at myself lol. He was nice about it, he just said "it's ok everybody poops" through the door, then told me to have a good day and he left for work. He never brought it up after that. I still tried my best not to poop at his place just because that's how I am.

Anyway, that's all have time to write now. Perhaps I'll think of another past story worth sharing or have something new to share soon. Bye for now!

Random Girl

Poop Desperation At School

Hey everyone, I have another story to share that happened a couple years ago, but first, a little intro on hjow I feel bout pooping

Since I was little, I've just love to poop. Is it the intense sensation when that majestic brown serpent is slithering out of my anal canal or the satisfaction of leaving a couple of chocolate baseballs for an enemy to discover? I don't know. Whatever it is, though, I absolutely enjoy it.

But, I don't like pooping anywhere but home. If I'm at a camp site I will poop, but nowhere else but my home. Why? I don't know. I just can't. Let's get onto my story.

It was a normal day in school. Well, it wasn't that normal - I kept getting cramps in my stomach, signaling I would have to go soon. But I kept sucking in and kept my cheeks tight. It was during math class when the cramps became unbearable. I tried to keep my butthole closed, but it kept puckering, becoming ready to unleash the brown beast that lay inside. At that moment, I knew I'd have to go.

"Mrs. Smith, may I use the restroom?" I quickly asked. She nodded, but by that moment I was already bolting out of the classroom. When I made it to the bathroom, I quickly pushed into the closest stall. I managed to bring my pants off and take a seat on the bowl. I didn't even push when I began to go.

The sound was deafening; a mixture of loud squirts and thunderous toots echoed back and forth in the stall. The feeling was incredible as a river of brown poured out, carrying large boats on its way. I don't know how long I sat there, but when it was done, I turned around to examine my creation. In the murky brown water lay about five long, thick logs. I would say they were each five to nine inches long and two inches thick. Just huge. My embarrassment slammed me when I saw it. I wiped up fast and tried to flush, but the monster didn't want to leave. I tried again, but instead of flushing the water level rose higher and higher. I quickly ran out of the stall, scrubbed my hands, and left.

I looked at the clock when I returned to the classroom and noticed I had only been gone for about five minutes. As I walked down the aisle to my seat, I received a couple of weird looks. My legs were shaking and I think that's why. So, I sat in my desk and got back to my math work.

A few seconds later my enemy, Melinda, got up and asked if she could use the bathroom. The teacher nodded.

Uh oh, I thought.

Melinda rushed back to the classroom a few moments later. "Mrs. Smith!" she exclaimed. "There is this - well the toilet is clogged and it won't flush!" A smile crept across my face at the thought of Melinda uncovering the surprise I left for her in the toilet.

The teacher called up the janitor, and a few moments later I saw him come down the hall, saying, "Phew! Wow, unbelievable…" I felt bad for the janitor but just fabulous about Melinda. I still don't like pooping in public... well only if I can show it to someone I hate.



I hope that everyone is doing well! I have not had a chance to post because, well, I've been sick.

Yes, it's unusual to have a stomach virus in the summer, but apparently it's been going around. Two of my pharmacy techs missed work early last week with it - and it was a both-ender: Diarrhea and vomiting. They both shared stories about vomiting and diarrhea that they described as violent, but that it let up after only a few hours, leaving them feeling weak for about a day or two.

I don't like vomiting and it's been a long time since I last threw up. So, I was a little worried. However, Friday came and I had a date with Alan. We were headed to a big city near our small town, about an hour away for dinner and a movie. We were going to eat at this seafood place that served everything Greek style. Since that is my ethnic heritage, I was excited. We also planned to see a movie at a local theater and to drive back home. I was excited - our relationship is moving forward and we are really enjoying this "dating" thing!

We ate an early dinner and my appetite was strong. I enjoyed a lot of food. We both had a beer and loved our meal. Now, I did expect to have a bowel movement at some point that evening, and just knew that I would have to use a public restroom. However, I had all but forgotten the stomach virus going around.

I felt full after eating but only had to pee at the restaurant. I did again at the theater because I did not want to get up in the middle of the movie. Alan asked if I wanted popcorn and I told him 'no', that I was still full from dinner but would love to have dessert afterwards. We decided to share a Sprite. We sat down in the theater and somewhere in the first part of the movie I realized I did not feel good. My stomach started making some noises and I felt clammy. Alan noticed my stomach and looked at me and asked if I was OK. I whispered to him that I wasn't feeling well and that two of my techs had a stomach virus earlier this week. He whispered back asking if I thought I could make it or if we needed to go. I told him that I was worried about getting hit with the brunt of the virus away from home and asked if he could take me home. I told him I was really sorry. He said it was OK and wanted to make sure that I could get home in time.

We left the theater and made the hour drive to my parents' house. They were gone for the weekend. During the drive, I began to feel worse - queasy and my stomach felt uncomfortably bloated, burning and even had some sharp pain as well as dull aches. I felt feverish and clammy, and even a little dizzy. I had not felt this bad since I was a child.

Alan helped me out of the car and into the house and helped me up the stairs to my suite. I told him thank you and that I would be OK. Alan said, "I don't want to leave you by yourself. You look like you feel terrible."

"You are so sweet, but I really am uncomfortable with you being here knowing what will happen in the next little while. I feel like my stomach is about to erupt. Would you stay at least while I change and take my make-up off? Also, would you get some of the Ginger Ale from the kitchen."

He did so and I changed out of my dress into a night gown. I didn't want anything around my waste. I came out of the bathroom and tears were in my eyes. "Alan, I really don't want to get sick. I'm afraid of vomiting and I feel really awful. Do you mind staying with me?" He said that he would. We sat on the couch and turned on the TV. He caressed me and did not act afraid of my sickness. He made me feel close and secure.

We hadn't been sitting there long when I felt everything shift in my stomach. I was about to have major diarrhea. "A-al-lan," I whimpered, "I need the bathroom and I feel like I can't make it." He re-assured me and said that I will and he stood me up and led me to the toilet. I got my panties down and there, in front of the love of my life, I exploded. It started solid, moved to soft and chunky, and then to mush. I made awful, gross sounds that I never even heard myself make but I felt so bad that I did not care.

Alan brought me a towel to cover my front for modesty's sake. The toilet was destroyed and the bathroom smelled fowl.

"A-a-a-lan, I'm going to throw up. C-can, you get the t-trash can?" He handed it to me, and I began to vomit a substantial amount into the can. While I was holding the can and vomiting, I had more diarrhea. This time it was a hot-feeling liquid. I had not flushed yet, and everything was fowl.

Alan found matches and lit candles in the room. He also found my febreeze and sprayed it into the air. It helped some, but not all. After I finished vomiting, Alan volunteered to empty the trash. I told him thank you. My stomach felt better. After he left, I examined the toilet. I could see a mound of feces coming out of greenish-brown water. It was nasty. I flushed and cleaned my self.

I did feel a little better - a little adrenaline kicked in I guess. When Alan returned, I was seated on the couch and I began to cry. "I'm so sorry. I'm falling in love with you and you had to see me on the toilet. I crapped my guts out in front of you. I threw up in front of you. I'm so sorry!" And then I began sobbing. He gave me some Ginger Ale and put his arm around me.

He reassured me that he loved me and was there to help, and that nothing I could do would change the way he felt about me. He told me that he had called my parents and would sleep in the guest bedroom to check on me. He tucked me in. During the night I had diarrhea twice, and both times it woke Alan up, as he asked me to keep the door to my bedroom open. Fortunately, I never vomited again. I was pretty traumatized by that.

The following day I did not feel well - pretty much having diarrhea but no vomiting. I ate bland foods. By Sunday I was well. However, Monday Alan called and he was sick with vomiting and diarrhea. I took him some Ginger Ale and stayed with him during the day. Yesterday, his girls both had it, and I am trying to help out, as his ex-wife had brought them back on Monday even though Alan was sick.

This bug is nasty, but at least it only lasted 24 hours. And, I guess Alan and I know what it's like to be sick together and take care of one another - if that can be good.

I hope everyone else is well.



PS: Karen C, I am sorry you were sick and hope that you are doing well!

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