Broken zipper 😢

The other day I took some laxatives. I accidentally took twic ether dosage. Thinking I had some time I went to Starbucks. As I was about to leave, boom. My be was screaming to be released. I ran into bathroom. But the zipper was stuck. After like 20 seconds of struggling, my anus gave way.


Re: Micolash, Host of the Nightmare

Although I'm not a theologian, or very religious for that fact, I am disabled and as one
disabled person, I want to reassure Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, that I don't think
you're on the road to Hell for using the handicapped stall. Now there may be other reasons for being on that road, but not this.

I often use a wheelchair when I travel and at times it's either more convenient or necessary
for me to use the disabled stall. Away from home, I frequently sit on the toilet to urinate and obviously I sit for a BM. If I need the disabled stall and it's in use, I simply wait until the other person finishes and I don't get my "bowels in an uproar" over it. If an able-bodied person enters
the bathroom needing to sit on the toilet, and the only stall available is the handicapped one, I wouldn't expect them not to use it. In my view, the handicapped stall is there to enable the disabled to use the bathroom with a stall wide enough to accommodate a wheelchair and a toilet
high enough so that someone can readily transfer from a wheelchair to the toilet and back. But
it makes no sense for others not to use it if it's available.


Question from Anonymous

Anonymous, I guess, asked the question which comes first, the wee or the plop. Here's what I can contribute. Yesterday me and Simmee were at Wal-Mart. Our city bus connections took a long time so once we got there to do our back-to-school shopping, I had to head to the bathroom. I crapped first, actually right after sitting down, because I had been holding it for an hour or so, but, I also pointed my organ into the toilet and took about a 45 second wee, and then I pushed a little harder and another plop came. On my left, a guy with a Wal-Mart shirt on came in quickly, latched (actually tried to but it was broken which is why I had rejected that stall)his door, lifted the seat and did has wee first. It went like 30 seconds and then he turned around, dropped his slacks and underwear, and pulled off a toilet seat protector, and then carefully seated himself. Then an older man with a can came into the stall on my right. He secured the door, seated himself with a wee first and then one plop came. I wiped from my seated position, and as soon as I stood, the auto-flush blasted away before I got a good look at what was in the bowl. While I was washing my hands, I watched in the mirror and a boy about Simmee's age (10) walked into the stall I had just left, slowly dropped his white shorts and underwear, and got himself up onto the stool. There was a blast and it sounded like diarrhea. Then I heard the boy sigh. So I exited the bathroom and his mom was standing right outside the door and she asked me if he made it on time. She seemed relieved when I told her he did. Two hours later when Simmee and I got done with shopping, I told her to go into the bathroom before we went outside to the bus stop. Its a real hassle finding a bathroom and on more than one occasion we've missed our connecting transfer bus because of her bathroom needs.

Random Girl


Hey everyone, this is my intro since I never gave one. I'm a girl in my late teens. I kinda messed up my intro in my story, so I'll repost it.

This is what I think about pooping:

Ever since I was little, I've just love to poop. Is it the intense sensation when that majestic brown serpent is slithering out of my anal canal or the satisfaction of leaving a couple of chocolate baseballs for an enemy to discover? I don't know. Whatever it is, though, I absolutely enjoy it.

But, I don't like pooping anywhere but home. If I'm at a camp site I will poop, but nowhere else but my home. Why? I don't know. I just can't.

response for Vicky Post Title (optional

Hi Vicky.
I am a man a few years older than you, I am my late 20s.
I have never had an accident in public, well I mean excluding when I was a young child.
However your post struck me because I have pooped in my under ware at home several times. It's been some time since I last done this but I first done it when I was around 11 or 12 so pritty Young.
I don't know why I did it but like you I enjoyed the feeling of loosing control and pooping. Like you I always felt bad afterwords and I of course wondered was I the only one that done this and was something wrong with me.
I continued to do it from time to time over the following years and always kept it to myself.
I was glad when I found this site as I knew i could identify with the stories.

As I said I don't do this much now but I wanted to let you know your not alone.
I now see that it it's not something to feel bad about as its not hurting anyone. Ok not everyone may understand so that is where you need to be careful, when it comes to when and where you do it and to what extent if any you wish to tell others.
Personally I would advise keeping it to yourself. If you still even do it just try not to feel bad about it. If you enjoy it and you aren't doing it every day then it's ok.

Vincene- No, I've not seen anyone sit on a toilet that doesn't have a seat. Whenever I've had to use one I've just hovered over it- and only for a wee, if I had to poo I wouldn't want to hover!

Today I went swimming, and when I got out of the pool I needed to have a wee. I went back to the changing rooms and the loos there. They have no doors so I could see everything. I saw two fully clothed teenage girls who were evidently about to go home, with their knickers and skirts down. They were both doing wees. There was a woman in her swimsuit with her bottoms down who was doing one too, and another woman in her underwear who I think was having a poo. I was wearing my swimsuit and pulled the bottoms down as I sat and did my wee. When I walked back out the two girls were gone and there was another woman using one of the toilets who was completely naked but didn't seem to care one bit!


Latest story

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't managed to post in ages. I've got some comments before an update for you!
Jasmin K- good to hear from you but sorry your constipations still bad. At least you have some friends who know what your going through. Hope it improves soon.
Amy- great story about you and your friends needing a wee and having to go in the street, to be honest thats happened a few times to me and my friends on the way back from the pub so I know what its like!! I look forward to hearing more of your stories soon.
A few days ago Lucy and Katie stayed round my house and I have a story to tell, normally when we're together we end up seeing each other on the loo at some point. It started when we were at school revising for exams and we didn't want to take a break, so if one of us needed the toilet (especially if it was a poo) we used to go in to the bathroom together so we could keep on revising!! All three of us sometimes get constipated so we're used to seeing each other straining and taking awhile on the toilet when we're having a poo.
Probably by now you can pretty much guess my story from the other day, but I'll fill in some of the finer detail! After we'd eaten some dinner we all went up to my room to get ready for bed. I'd had a tight feeling in my belly for most of the afternoon and now I'd eaten I realised I wanted a poo, so I knew I'd have to go before bed. It was hot in my room so I said, "I'm feeling hot, I'm going to get undressed," and with that I took off my leggings and tee-shirt so I was just in my pink bra and orange and blue stripey pants. Lucy said, "Yeah, I know what you mean," and then took off her jeans and top, she was wearing a white bra and yellow flowery pants. Moments later Katie did the same so we were all in our underwear!! I said, "I really need a poo, you can come in with me if you want, it could take a while!" I went into my ensuite, Lucy and Katie followed me in and sat on the floor as I pulled down my pants and sat on the loo. I sat on the cold seat and relaxed the muscles in my bum, I felt a log starting to poke out and hoped I wouldn't have a hard time pushing it out. I tend to have a poo every 3 or 4 days and produce a couple of really fat logs that often require a lot of pushing, although luckily Lucy and Katie have similar issues so it could be worse! I felt the poo getting wider and a bit knobbly so I took a deep breath and started to bear down, Lucy said, "Is it going to be a hard one?" and I waited until I'd caught my breath before panting, "I haven't had a poo for 3 days so yes, I think I'm gonna struggle a bit to be honest!" As I pushed I could feel the tip of a fat log poking out of my bum, but when I paused it got sucked back up. "It comes out when I push but then it goes back up my bum!" I complained. Katie said, "Well, if it makes you feel any better my last couple of poos have been like that too, I tried to go earlier before I came round but I was getting the same thing so I gave up, I might have another go when your done and see if its any easier." Lucy said, "Yeah, its been pretty much the same for me as well, yesterday I had a huge poo so I won't need to go again for a couple of days, it was really fat and hard so it took me ages to push it out though !" I did another really hard push, ending with a grunt, but it felt like the log didn't come out as far even though I was bearing down really hard. I wiped my bum and pulled my pants back up, saying. "I'll try again before bed, it might be a bit easier then," I said. "I'll see if I get any further this time," said Katie, dropping her white pants to her knees and sitting on the toilet. She started to have a wee, her stream fizzing down into the bowl, and as it dribbled to a stop a few seconds later I heard her take a deep breath and saw her belly tensing as she started to push. She couldn't help grunting as she released her breath, and very quickly she took another breath and bore down again. She did this another four or five times and by this time had gone red in the face as she was having to push really hard. Finally she relaxed and said, "Right, its poking out too far to get sucked back up now," she said, "Sorry I've been grunting," she said, blushing even redder, "It's just I've had to push really hard to get it out this far, and theres a long way to go yet!" She bore down again, its easy to tell when Katie's pushing as she purses her lips and wrinkles up her nose!! After a few hard pushes and some more grunts, there was a moan of relief and a splash as Katies log dropped. She said, "Thank god thats out, I think theres some more to come though," and I saw from her face she was pushing again. A couple of minutes later there was a loud plop, and then another just after as her second log broke in half. She sat for a few seconds and said, "I'm done," and then took some loo paper and wiped her front and her bottom. She then stood up, flushed and pulled her pants up. We went back into my room and put our nighties on and then watched a film, by the end Lucy was saying, "I'm bursting for a wee, its starting to come out in my knickers!!" She shot over to the loo, pulling her nightie up as she went, and dropped her pants before crashing down onto the seat. I heard a strong jet of wee starting up and it went on for ages before finally dribbling to a stop. Lucy wiped and then looked down at her pants, she said, "Great, I've wet my knickers a bit, I'll have to change them." She took them off and then walked back into the bedroom and took some red and blue stripey pants out of her bag, which she put on under her nightie. I said, "Right, I'll try to have a poo again now, hopefully I'll manage to go this time!" so I pulled down my pants and sat on the toilet. I weed for a bit and then took a deep breath and bore down, after a few pushes and some embarasing grunts I felt the log starting to poke out of my bum again. Lucy and Katie came in and sat on the floor so we could keep chatting. They were both sitting with their knees drawn up and so their pants were showing, I could see that Katies pants were stuck up her bum and I was hoping she wouldn't get skidmarks. Once again I could feel the poo getting sucked back up my bum, so I pushed for as long and hard as I could and took a really quick breath before pushing again, I had to carry on like that until I felt my hole stretched really wide, as I said I quite often pass fat logs but this one was gigantic!! I bore down again but the log wouldn't budge, I pulled a face and Lucy said, "Are you OK, Abs?" I said "Yeah, its just a really fat poo and I think its stuck," I said. "Try to pull your bum cheeks apart while you push, that might help," Katie suggested, "I do that myself sometimes when its a fat one!!" "Yeah," said Lucy, "Yesterday I had to do that too, like I said I had a huge poo, it was really fat and hard and I don't think it would have come out otherwise!" I nodded and reached round behind myself to pull my bum cheeks apart, bearing down hard as I did so. I felt the rock hard log slide out a tiny bit with each push, and after a few minutes it started to move a bit faster as the fattest part was out. Eventually it dropped into the toilet with a splash, and I felt a smaller log making its way out, that one only required a bit of straining until it plopped down into the bowl. I said, "Right, I think I've finished, thank god!" I ripped off some loo roll and wiped my front and then my bottom. I pulled my pants up and flushed the toilet, and then washed my hands before going back into my room. We chatted for a bit before going to sleep. Hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!!

Sonya Sue

How hard is it to avoid school bathrooms totally? (Answers)

1. Have you ever been able to go a full school year without having to use the toilets there?

No, I use the toilets at least twice a day, often more when I have drama club and play practice with set work after school.

2. Were there stalls, doors with latches, and adequate toilet paper?
Grade school wasn't that bad because our school was smaller. The problems started with junior high because we had like I think 1,200 students and with high school that I'm currently in, its even larger. In each restroom there are some stalls without doors, and of those with doors, many of the latches are broke off or the doors are bent or otherwise vandalized. Regarding toilet paper, some is wasted where girls place it over the seat before sitting down on it, and it just jams up the toilet and causes the bowls to run over. Often there's no toilet paper available in some stalls by the last hour of the day. Imagine what its like after school for those to sit and go first, then reach for the toilet paper that's not there. Some of the seniors just hold their crap or pee until they get home. I don't think that's healthy.

3. How frequently do your classmates flush the toilets?
It was pretty good at the younger grades in grade school because the bathrooms were watched more closely by faculty and custodians. It was more spotty in junior high, but now in high school so many of those using the toilets between class periods don't flush. This causes the toilets to back up and really smell. Last year I had world history right across from one of the main floor bathrooms and since there were no outside doors leading into the bathrooms, the smell came across the hall and into our classroom during the last hour of class.

4. What are the sinks like and do most of the users wash their hands?
In grade school I remember seeing the faucets getting repaired and sometimes replaced pretty regularly. It was very unusual if a faucet needed a washer and if a sink was continually running over. In junior high, there was some vandalism, such as drains deliberately being stopped up with paper hand towels. Now in high school, so many students don't wash their hands and of those who do, too many throw their hand towels into the sink and create problems for the next user.

5. When your parents came to school for meetings and programs, did they ever visit the bathrooms or remark about their condition?
Yes, I remember right after the first night we did "Grease." Dad sought me out as I was going into the black box theatre after the show where the changing rooms were. He told me to hurry up because he wanted to get to the restaurant we were going out to ASAP because he had to do a motion. I pointed down the hall where the boys room was and he said he was down there at intermission and nothing had changed since when he graduated with the Class of '80. With friends around, I didn't want to question him. He couldn't wait to park the car and use the bathroom at the restaurant.

6. When you got to junior high or middle school, how different did you find the bathrooms? It seemed to be that with them being larger, and with more students using them, the messier things got. It was unusual when at least one toilet was not overlflowing, and by the time we got to high school, more of the toilets and sinks were sabotoged.

7. When you got to high school, how different were the bathrooms?
There was more heavy use with large craps that jammed toilets and stuff that was tossed into the toilet bowls deliberately that should not have been. The amount of smoking surprised me too. With the older black and gray-colored seats, it was important to make sure you weren't sitting in hot ashes that would burn your thighs. Many of the bathrooms smell pretty bad due to the smokers. I just don't think the teachers want to take the time to enforce the non-smoking rule.

8. How hard is it to avoid school bathrooms entirely? It would be very hard and I feel it would lead to even more students with bladder infections and constipation issues.


Reply: Annie (Huge Poop)

I'm interested it what you had to say about being a toddler! There's lots of controversy about what can be remembered at that age. Do you remember the grunting behind your mother's chair and seeking privacy in another room when you were in diapers or is that just a family story? I ask because I swear that I have similar memories. I was terribly constipated as a toddler. My "thing" was to go and had behind the couch, hang on to the back with both hands and struggle, strain and grunt to get it out. When toilet training began my Mother used to grab me and put me on a potty chair and then sit with me and tell me to "bear down". I HATED it, I wanted to be left alone and not be watched. I don't know why but the grunting I did embarrassed me the most...and it seemed I couldn't go without a LOT of grunting. I can remember wishing she'd just go away and let me work on what I wanted to do!
All this I remember well but am told I can't possibly, that what I remember are the family stories told about it later. Do you care to comment???-- JW


Horrific Razor Blade like Constipation

So this time, I was only constipated for 2 days, since my previous post. I normally go every other day, but I had not been taking my Psyillum Husk like I normally do everyday. (I have been out of wack, my sleep schedule is nuts, it's a long story, and is too off-topic.)

My family had visited a Mexican resturant earlier today and we decided to stop there and eat. We got in, ordered our drinks, when I felt that feeling, but it didn't feel quite right. It was odd how it felt soft. So I excused myself. When I got up and found the bathroom, I found, a thicker, older, in his later 30's, early 40's, Mexican man entering it also. I entered behind him, and it smelled like the bathroom had just been cleaned, I could smell the bleach. The man proceeded to go into the stall, proceeded to fart loudly, then shut the stall door. I now knew that he was going to poop. He wasted no time sitting on the toilet, he bent over, and suddenly a whole orchestra of crackling sounds could be heard. The set-up of the bathroom was odd, it was a rectangular room, with the one stall taking up half of it, with the sink on the wall and a urinal. Finally, the crackling sounds began to stop, but unfortunately, he stood to wipe. The horrid smell of his poop began to overwhelm my nose, and invade the bathroom. I'm pretty sure they might have been able to smell it outside, because the smell was that strong. It had been about 5-10 minutes now, and I was worried my family was wondering where I was. I continued to wait, and was becoming hopeful since he was wiping. But then he stopped wiping abruptly, sat down, let out another big fart which sounded slimy in a sense, and more small turds thudding in the bowl. After a couple of minutes, he sat up from the seat, and said "Stinks man, I(am) sorry". I told him it was ok, and I probably was going to do the exact same, but I don't think he understood well, but nevertheless, he laughed, and got up and wiped again. I noticed he didn't pull the dispenser a lot, probably not to stop up the toilet with gobs of TP. He eventually finished wiping, pulled up his trousers, and turned around to flush the toilet, but I heard no flush. After a few Spanish cuss words, he turned out of the stall quickly, went to wash his hands, and as he was drying them, and I was walking towards to the stall at that moment, he mumbled, "Sorry". I had already been in front of the stall, but when he was wiping, I had moved, to give him privacy. I didn't mean to stand there, but there wasn't many places to be without being awkward, unfortunately.

I slowly walked into the stall he had used, he had placed the toilet seat down, it was a very small, house like toilet. The flush was on the front of the bowl, like most. I almost couldn't breathe, the smell was so strong. Obviously, he hadn't gone in a while, judging by it. I was scared to, but I decided to grab the lid and pull it up. When I did I couldn't believe what I saw. I saw a fat long turd in the bottom, and then an incredible very large pile of many many very thin but longer turds making a pyramid like pile on top of the drain. No wonder he farted so much, there was so much poop. I wiggled the flusher, but no water came. I wondered if one of the employees made a mistake whilist cleaning. I took the lid off, and put the toilet seat down, and tried to inspect, there was no water refilling the tank, odd, so I just put everything back together, then looked at the pile of shit in the toilet. I didn't really have any other option. But there was so much, however it looked like a lot because it was soft piled feces. There were many tiny folded sheets of well used toilet paper around the pile that didn't help to the smell. I think the man knew his load wouldn't flush and would smell like death so just decided to do it here.

I decided to go here, and sit down on the toilet, trying to ignore the smell of the man's waste, also trying to push out my poop. It was too big. I don't have this problem very much at all, but it wouldn't come out. It simply was too big. I really didn't have any good alternatives so I had to do something I wouldn't ever consider doing outside my house. I had to squat on the floor, it was just too big, and myself could only stretch so far in the American sitting position. I squatted on the floor and began to push out a very thick and wide turd, it felt literally like razor blades coming out, and I could feel myself bleeding.I kept pushing and pushing until it was out. I had put toilet paper under me to clean up the mess, and when I was done pushing the beast, which wasn't nearly as bad squatting, I stood up and looked at it. It was a light brown, with quite a bit of blood on it. Just then I heard the door open, and some man went towards the stall. I quickly picked up the shit, and put it in the toilet gently on the side of the older man's huge dump, and begin to wipe. There was quite a bit of blood on the toilet paper, and I had to wipe quite a bit. I need to take my Husk, it makes life easier, and less miserable.

I then stood up and looked at the huge mess in the toilet. By this time the man had left. In the toilet, was a very large, almost thick boulder pile of small thin but long strands of poop, and my large bloody turd. It was about 3 inches thick, like the one a few days ago, but it was about 8 inches long, and it tapered off. There was also a lot of toilet paper in there. I picked up my pants and left the stall to go wash my hands, and by that point the smell was unbearable. Just as I was leaving after drying my hands, another older mexican man walked in. He made a beeline to the toilet stall, I said nothing, walking out I heard the words "My Gosh", mutter from his mouth. He walked back out of the stall. I walked out to go find where my family was sitting, they were probably done knowing I had been in there 25-30 minutes, and the other mexican guy had walked out also, annoyed.




1. Physical description of yourself
2. How long does it take you to pee?
3. How long does it take you to poo?
4. What things make you poo?
5. What things make you pee?
6. Do you wash your hands after you pee (always, sometimes, or never)?
7. Do you wash your hands after you poo (always, sometimes, or never)?
8. If sometimes or never for 6 or 7, why? Just wondering
9. What kind of underwear do you prefer (thongs or briefs)? Why?

My survey answers:
1. Physical description of yourself? 5'8" blonde
2. How long does it take you to pee? 30 sec - 2 minutes
3. How long does it take you to poo? 5 - 10 minutes
4. What things make you poo? coffee
5. What things make you pee? lots of water
6. Do you wash your hands after you pee (always, sometimes, or never)? never, cuz it's pointless
7. Do you wash your hands after you poo (always, sometimes, or never)? sometimes
8. If sometimes or never for 6 or 7, why (just wondering)? i don't have time for it
9. What kind of underwear do you prefer (thongs or briefs)? Why? thongs cuz they feel awesome!


to new people on site

Welcome all new comers. Maybe you read strange word "bururururururu" from me on this site. If you want to know meaning, I explained on page 2442.



to Oldpoop

Hey, I liked your post about keeping track of bowel movements. It's interesting to note the patterns and changes.

To be honest, I keep pretty good track of my bowel movements too. I usually note the size and frequency and texture lol (I always look in the toilet afterward). I haven't noticed too many changes other than the times I have them. Sometimes I'll go a week with having a bowel movement every morning, then it shifts to every evening). It's like, I have one irregular day and now the "schedule" has shifted, but it's still a regular schedule.

The other thing that changes for me is sometimes instead of once a day, it can be every other day, but still at the same time. Mine tend to be on the big side, but softness vs. hardness various. Usually non-constipated and fairly firm, but sometimes I go through periods of constipation, that usually don't last more than a couple days.

Anyway, just thought I'd share that :) Hope everyone else here is doing ok :)


To Anna

Hey Anna

Liked your most recent story. The Indian girl was perhaps responsible for the fart smell you noticed. It's possible that she had a large load to release and released a pre-pooping fart to relieve the pressure. The fact there was no splash suggest she was releasing some long soft logs or perhaps she was just leaning forward on the seat and the turds were hitting the porcelain at the front of the bowl.

Sounds like the first two logs you had to release were quite big and gave you good relief.


Thursday, July 30, 2015



Hey Random Girl, I love your desperate pee story! From what I remember, I never had to pee that badly in class before. In my mind, that was too bad you lost control when you got off the bus. I wish you better luck next time! bye.


Accident in my pants

This last weekend, I totally shit my pants and did a good job of it. I went out to the barn around 10am to do some chores and fix several things while I was out there. I had to do a bowel movement since I got up but figured I could hold it until early afternoon when I finished my work out there. As I continued to work, the urge to have a poo got worse and worse. At about 11:15, the urge got to the point where I stopped what I was doing and started walking to the house to use the toilet and do a BM. I got about 1/3 of the way to the house when the urge got really intense to the point where I could not hold it and a big log of poop slid out past my sphincter and into my underpants which were grey fruit of the loom tight fitting briefs with wrangler stone washed jean shorts over them. I stood there and froze as my bowel movement was filling my pants and felt it tent out my fruit of the looms. Then some softer poop came out and finished off the load. I turned red as a beet as this was something you'd expect to happen to a toddler and not a 30 something year old guy.

I continued to walk to the house with my butt waddling slightly with the big load that was in my pants. As I walked, several small chunks of poo got out of my briefs and rolled down my pant legs and on to the ground. When I walked into the house, my wife Jenny was working in the laundry room which is right off a hallway leading to the bathroom. As I walked by, Jenny smelled the stench from the load in my pants and came out and asked, "Jacob, are you OK?" She then noticed the big bulge in my pants and said "Oh my.....looks like you had a big accident". She came in and helped me with the cleanup and went and got some clean underpants and another pair of shorts. My fruit of the looms were pretty much wasted and ended up throwing them in the trash. The jean shorts had a few poop spots on them from the poop that got out and rolled down my pant legs.

This was something that hadn't happened to me since I was a small child. I was embarrassed at first. Jenny was understanding and supportive throughout this ordeal and told me not to worry about and that these things sometimes happen.

Mr. Clogs

Went from pooping bricks to liquid poop

Yesterday which was Sunday July 26, I had my usual bowel movement. I woke up and needed to use the bathroom and brush my teeth. I grabbed a cup I keep in my room and took it with me and peed into it. I filled the cup almost to the brim and was going to squat to poop to help it come out quicker but couldn't produce a single turd. So I gave up, poured the urine filled cup in the toilet, rinsed it out and brushed my teeth. I made me a cup of tea with lemon, nectar to sweeten it and a teaspoon of Psyllium husk powder to help me pooping out those big turds. I drank my first cup and started to feel my bowels moving again. I went back to the bathroom yanked down my pajama pants and underwear off and sat on the toilet. With little to no effort, I started plopping off turds followed by some pee. I usually pee when I have to poop. It felt good and satisfied by the results, but here's where things went sour. I was still on the toilet, I felt my stomach rumbling again, now I was starting to have diarrhea which is rare so yesterday was one of those rare occasions. I added some liquid poop on top of my solid psyllium produced turds. I wiped and went back to my room. Through out the course of yesterday I keep pooping out liquid poop like I had taken the Citiric Magnesium laxative. I must of ate something the day before which was Saturday which didn't agree with me. Well it's been a while and I hope you enjoyed it and complies to the guidelines of this site. Take care and enjoy your day. Happy peeing and pooping everyone.


Bowel habit changes

I had my 73rd birthday earlier this month. On the whole, I feel well, if not as strong as, say, ten years ago. I've had a few surgeries, but I still work outside every day I can, and lead a normal life.

About ten years ago my doctor urged me to keep track of certain bodily functions. I did, but some of those records became less useful, and I stopped keeping them. The one I have kept up for the past six years is the record of my bowel movements, which has let me see when changes take place. The most recent gradual change has been interesting to me, and it seems to have come after I added a small amount of melatonin (sleep aid) to my medications.

My usual habit had been two bowel movements a day, one before breakfast and the other later in the day, both decently large and well formed. Since starting on melatonin, late last fall, that habit has changed, perhaps also in response to my breakfast routine, which I have maintained for at least ten years. On alternate days, my breakfast is cereal (high-fiber properties) with milk, as well as toast or something similar. The between days I eat a small amount of bacon or breakfast sausage and one fried egg, possibly also some toast. So--one day out of two, the breakfast adds some fiber, the other day more protein. Now I find that, on some days, I have a single, large bowel movement (several logs, some rather lumpy and hard, but most smoother), totaling at least two feet of poop. That might be it for that day. Then, the next day, it seems I make up for a single poop the day before, with at least two movements, often three, all fairly large, totaling several feet of poop. I don't mind these changes back and forth--I am not constipated, everything always comes out eventually, and I feel fine. I merely observe that this rather irregular sequence has seemed to replace my previous two-a-day routine. Yesterday I had a single bowel movement, fairly large; nothing today yet, but of course it's early.

Does anyone else keep a record of bowel movements? If so, what have you found out?

Hello, 1st post. How come so many people on here do wee 1st then plops? I have watched many people go to toilet and they all wee after plops. Myself included!?!

End Stall Em

How hard is it to avoid school bathrooms totally?

Random Girl's story about not wanting to use school bathrooms and other posters who have written about sneaking off campus to use a bathroom, going in a bucket in a janitor's room, running home after school to crap and then coming back to school for athletic practices, activities, etc. are causing me to ask this question:

How hard is it to avoid school bathrooms totally? So here is the survey. I'll start.

1. Have you been able to go a full school year without having to use the toilets there?
It would have been very hard to do in grade school because we were required to go in during our morning and afternoon bathroom time each day. We went as a class, and during a couple of years when I had a male teacher, another teacher who was a woman would stick her head in to make sure we were being supervised.

2. Were their stalls, doors with latches, and adequate toilet paper?
The stalls were only half high, some of the latches were broken or taken off, and the toilet paper was stacked as squares in a dispenser. That wasn't too bad when I peed, but a loose or otherwise messy crap could cause me to accidentally get some of the mess on my fingers. There was an advantage to the toilet paper, though, it was used more sparingly and didn't often clog the toilets.

3. How frequently did your classmates flush the toilets?
It wasn't bad in the morning, but beginning with lunch hour the flushing decreased and occasionally when I went in for a crap right after school--I ate large lunches--I'd have to start with a flush and pray that it wouldn't back up. I knew better than to not seat myself until the flush was successful.

4. What were the sinks like and did most of the users wash their hands each time?
There was one large communal sink that about six or seven of us could stand around. Sometimes more would crowd in. There was a clutch on the floor we would push down with our foot and that would activate the water. The soap dispensers were often empty, although there was some misuse too. I think I saw more than half of my classmates wash their hands, but some were just too eager to get out to the 10 minute recess and have fun.

5. When your parents came to school for meetings, open house, parent-teacher conferences, did they ever visit or remark about the bathrooms?
Not that I can remember, but the toilets were specially cleaned and in better condition after school on those days.

6. When you got to junior high or middle school, how different did you find the bathrooms?
They were much larger, there were more toilets without doors, and I was shocked by some of the abuse. An example: the lines were longer for each stall and more than once girls were seated and peeing/crapping into a bowl that had a notebook or soda can or bottle floating in it. The toilet paper was more often abused, the holders busted open and hanging, and more of the users left without flushing or washing their hands. Also, when I would shift my weight or in anyway move while seated, I feared the sometimes very loosely-attached seat would give way. Also, teachers had different policies about using the bathroom and there was more sarcasm and snickering--especially among the immature boys--when one raised their hand and asked permission to go. I think I was in 8th grade and in about April, too much vandalism and hanging out was being reported and teachers were told to crack down on students being given permission to go during class time. I think they added a minute to each passing period the next year, but then you had to fill out a sign-out list with room number, your name, time out/time back, total minutes gone added up.

7. When you got to high school, how different did you find the bathrooms?
The bathrooms in the new wing of the building on all three floors were much better lit, and in better shape, so some of us would walk to that wing to use them. Problem: I got a Saturday School detention for doing that twice because I was not using the bathroom closest to my study hall that I had signed out of. I just didn't like sitting on the dirtier black seats, with cigarette burns on them, and sometimes other crud I couldn't even identify. The white seats in the new wing were much more comfortable to my butt, there was always much more toilet paper, the sinks had hot water, and almost all the users washed their hands afterwards. The electronic blow dryers worked well compared to the paper towel dispensers in the main building which sometimes were beaten open and of course without toilet paper. When there was a homeroom announcement of personal hygiene items being dumped into the toilets and clogging them, some of the immature boys in my homeroom cheered. They also had the same attitude when the principal offered money for us to turn in a few firebugs that caused one of the restrooms to be totally locked off for the rest of the year.

8. How hard is it to avoid school bathrooms totally?
I believe its very hard to do. And for those who have sports after school and activities before school, 10 to 12 hours on campus daily would be even harder to do without at least peeing once or twice unless you don't eat lunch or drink anything during the day.


To VeeTwo

Hey VeeTwo

Thanks for your post and question.

Personally if I had not pooped in 5 days and had no urge or other symptoms then I would not take anything. I would let nature take its course and just wait until I got the urge. However, from memory the longest I've gone without pooping is 3-4 days. I guess I'm fortunate because I've never had to take a laxative.


Micolash, Host of the Nigthmare

Introduction, and The Trouble With Going At Work

First of all, I'd like to answer any questions about my name right off: Yes, if you caught it, it IS a reference to the video game Bloodborne. If you didn't... well, it's kind of a deep reference so honestly, I get it. I'll most likely just go by Micolash from now on. I'm not even sure that's a real name, but I'd rather not use my real name on here. Truth be told, I've always been quite paranoid about being "outed", if you get my meaning, in real life. I don't want to be too graphic or detailed, especially after the moderators did a very eliquent job of spelling out what they expect of us on this site, but I'm sure you understand what I mean when I say this interest of mine goes beyond casual enjoyment. I have been a lurker for a long time now, and I think I'd like to try and get involved. Channeling my interests in a healthy enivornment with like-minded people would probably be a good thing, right?

Anyways, my name is not Micolash, but it does start with M. I am 19 years old, about 5'9, brown haired and brown eyed, and vaguely hispanic looking. I am a rising sophomore just enjoying their summer break, playing video games and relaxing.

Anyways, I recently started a new job. While some of us on this site are clearly quite proud of the products we push out, I've always been very demure about it. Despite having a "fascination" with going, I tend to keep quiet about bowel movements whenever possible, and avoid discussing them, even with other guys, whenever I get the chance. I won't even inform my family if I have to take a shit, that's how quiet I am on the subject... normally, that is. The problem, for me, is that my shyness in public directly clashes with my biological needs while I'm at work. I work a 9 hour shift at a local tourist attraction in my area, where my job means I have to be around people 24/7. The bathroom at our specific headquaters (where all the people in my department at the Amusement Park) is right by the locker room where all the performers get ready, and it is literally inside the dressing room where the people I work with get changed. Quite literally, any business you do is in earshot of everyone. I feel like its my very own Dante's Inferno styled Ironic Hell. Typically, I'll go into work at around 1 and leave close to 9. If I have to take a dump at ANY point in that time, I will literally hold it in the entire day.

Today, in fact, I went into work and had to go right as I clocked in... so I held it the ENTIRE TIME. 9 hours, in the hot sun, working around all those people, clenching as hard as I could to keep it all together. I suppose if there's one great thing about being me, it is an impossible level of bowel control, because I made it through the entire 9 hour period without even a single close call. By the time I clocked out, I stopped into the park and entered the restroom. I took the first stall, nearest to the door (because everyone avoids it, it is always the most sanitary) and sat down. I pushed out a long, coiled snake. It was thin, like a pencil, and then a few little plops. I had more in me, but I didn't want to sit there forever.

So, because I'm a genius, and I let my own shyness get the better of me, I wiped, stood up and flushed, and left the stall, only to realize I hadn't peed. I tried walking to the Urinal to let go of it there, but then as I relaxed and got ready to let the rain fall down, my little friend came knocking once again. And, again, because I am only capable of the best decisions, I didn't want to go into the stall again, to avoid having to give off the impression that I was having toilet trouble. Perhaps what scares me more than actually being heard pooping is having others think I'm pooping. Its like a good horror game. The unknown is much scarier than anything else, and not knowing whether they know I'm going or not is absolutely terrifying.

So, I left and decided to walk to the other end of the park, to another restroom. I got in just fine, and decided to enter the stall, only to see the seat entirely covered in piss. The only other stall was in use, so I just decided to say "screw it" and go to the Urinal. My little buddy from down south came back out to play, so I had to both squeeze and clench and relax enough to pee. I can't even begin to explain how difficult it was.

At this point, I knew it was ready to come out, so I walked ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE FIRST RESTROOM, and saw all the stalls but the Handicap one was in use... and to my eternal shame, I prayed that no handicapped people had to take a crap at that moment and entered the stall. I'm pretty sure that, if I'm not on the road to hell already, taking a Handicap Stall when you're not actually handicapped is a good way to get there. I pushed a little bit, and my astronaught splashed down into the bowl. A little chunklet, not even worth the trouble, floated above the water slightly under me... all that trouble for a tiny shit pebble.

So, I washed my hands, flushed, and left. Somehow though, even after all that, I still had one last trip to take. Right before I took a shower, I sat down and went once again. They slid right on out, no muss no fuss, and unlike my difficult dump in the park, it actually felt pretty good now that I was on my own toilet. This time, when I stood up, two medium sized logs inhabited the bowl, with one of them having a large, what looked like green food chunk cutting it through the middle. It was fascinating. I almost wanted to stare at it or study it, but I realized just how disgusting it actually was and simply flushed it away. Now that I'm writing about it, I honestly can't stop thinking about what that little green part could have been. I had brocoli the other night... maybe that's it? As much as I wish I knew, I honestly don't. Ah well.

Hopefully this wasn't a total snooze fest to read through. I know I rambled a lot, but I suppose I'm not used to talking, at length, on this subject matter. Before I go, I'd like to just say that I'm a big fan of Chloe B, Annie and Mina on here. I always make it a point to read one of their stories! I look forward to hearing more from you guys... and hopefully you actually see this at all. I'm honestly not too sure how many people will read this, if at all (it is entirely possible that this will be considered "too rambly" and never see the light of day, in which case, I'd like to apologize to the mods for wasting their time). Well, thank you all for hearing me out, and I look forward to seeing more on this site. Thank you!

- Micolash, Host of the Nightmare


Back to normal, and a blast from the (kinda sorta) past

So for the past few days I've been pretty even-keeled when it comes to bathroom matters. Haven't had much to report for myself or Emma, since it seems like her worst(/best) sessions come earlier in the day when she's at work.

Although I remember something that I would have posted if it had happened more recently; about two months ago I was heading to the bus stop when I noticed a humongous dump just behind a trash can at the bus stop. Basically, it looked as if someone had been waiting for the bus, had the urge, and (not wanting to miss the bus) had just been forced to answer the call right then and there. From the amount I was pretty sure it was need-based rather than just a prank. I can't imagine someone holding in that much for a laugh.

Since it's a busway that is pretty much constantly in use, I can't imagine when this person could have had time to have an uninterrupted bowel movement without anyone noticing. I assume that it took place sometime between the evening rush hour and the time I got there (around 9-ish). But that stop in particular, and the one across from it, are pretty well populated until somewhere in the vicinity of 8 or so, which limits how much time this person could have had. And it's not as if there's ever really a good stretch of time where there's no one there until the buses stop running.

At first I thought it was likely to be a guy, but it could have very well been a gal as well. It's probably easier for a woman to hide what she's doing if she's wearing a skirt, and she could probably more easily convince some random to look the other way for a moment. On the other hand, it's probably more dangerous for a woman too. I guess it'll always be a mystery.


Horrific Constipation

So, I haven't been eating a lot these past few days, my eating schedule has been of, and so has sleep. I'd eat one meal at the most each day, and I'd just not be hungry. Well I've been like that for a month, but my bowel habits have really changed. I also haven't been taking my fiber supplements due to the odd hours.

So it had been 4 days since I last gone, to be honest, I should have waited until I couldn't hold it and then go, but I wanted it out of me, I was uncomfortable thinking about how in the world I would get a good night's (day's, ha ha ha.) sleep.

I go into the bathroom, do a 360 spin, sit on the toilet, and I had to push very hard. Nothing comes.

Thus, I get the eyedropper that you use for inside your ear canal to clear wax (I washed it very well afterwards, mind you!) and used it as an enema syringe. I sat on the toilet again, passed some water, then pushed out a very thick turd into the toilet. Then another smaller piece. The smaller piece went down the drain, but the bigger piece was 3 inches think and about 5 inches long.

I flushed, and it all went down in one flush, hoorah, I feel better, even though I was bleeding a little bit due to the roughness of the turd. There was quite a bit of blood on the toilet paper.

Nothing new to report, I haven't been active at all, and quite lazy, what a shame, I don't know what caused it. It's upsetting really. I hope to get back into the groove tomorrow.


Greasy food and constipation = large solid movements?

Hi everyone, after reading another set of stories found in the old posts i found that eating greasy food could apparently trigger large and long (time wise) solid movements with people who are known to suffer from episodes of constipation alternating with regularity. Why could that happen? Could it possibly be because some bowels tend to fill with waste more than others before the urge gets triggered and, aside from how much of that greasy food is eaten, the greasy food acts as some kind of laxative?

I actually think i have pretty empty bowels. Perhaps it's because i do too much exercise. I'm used to eating greasy and spicy food from time to time but there's virtually no effect on my bowels.

What would greasy food do to you? What kind of movement would it trigger? Personally, i would prefer large and time consuming solid movements where the urge never seems to die while going, but i seem to manage only large but lightning bolt immediate movements.

Karen C. (the California one)

Diarrhea and a little sick

Okay, so, I took a week off work to do a little sprucing up around the house. Last night I met my brother for a nice evening meal at an Italian place in Thousand Oaks. We started off sharing the Buca Trio Platter. I also had the Warm Tomato & Spinach Salad. Then we also split a Supremo Italiano pizza, i ate maybe a fourth of it. For my main course I selected the Ravioli al Pomodoro. For dessert I had the Italian Creme Cake. It was just the nutritional fix I needed and I felt great after the meal. Felt kinda full. The next morning I was to begin work around the house. Woke up two hours before I'd wanted to, had my coffee then soon had explosive diarrhea twice and thought it was over. Felt kinda nauseated but not too bad. Got dressed in my old work clothes, just old sneakers, old khaki cargo pants and a chambray shirt.

Went to the bank and was overcome with a violent urge to use the bathroom; yeah. So I had violent bout of explosive farty diarrhea (BLOWOUT) in there and began to feel nauseous. My stomach still felt full from the previous evening's meal; felt like I could throw up if I wanted to but I decided to try to hold it in until I got home; I HATE throwing up so when I'm sick I try to fight the feeling as long as possible.

Got almost to my car in the parking lot and started uncontrollably throwing up my supper all over the pavement, maybe a combination of too much rich food and not enough sleep I suppose; I walked over to the grass to bend over and finish and it just kept coming up, I was holding onto a light pole. Tasted awful, I don't think I can eat Italian food again for a while now, no matter how much I spat I couldn't get the taste of Italian spicy puke out of my mouth. After overhearing distant snickers and whispers of "she's got a really nice ass" and "go for it, dude" a couple of young men came over to ask if I was alright (I WAS flattered by the comments about me I overheard, but also a bit frightened by these strange men).

Told them my stomach was feeling a little queasy from something I ate last night. I thanked them for checking on me and assured them I would be fine in a minute. They hung around and one of them paid me a compliment as if he were interested in knowing me but I quickly informed him of my real age and that I have two sons older than him, then I firmly asked them both to please just go away and leave me alone in private, I had my cell phone in my hand ready to press 911. They didn't stick around to watch me finish throwing up and I guess they didn't want to smell it anyway. There was a big pile of it.

After I was able to quit puking I then went to the hardware store to get my paint and other stuff but didn't feel up to getting right to work--guy at the hardware store asked if I was okay, said something about some bad seafood going around and that his wife had also been sick, too; I ended up sleeping most of the day. Was really sweaty so I took another shower and washed my hair again, that always makes me feel better when I'm sick. Had diarrhea so often that I didn't even bother putting on my jammie bottoms on nor even panties--I just wore nothing but my long nightgown to make it more convenient to just pull it up and sit down on the porcelain throne when the need arose. Couldn't sleep so after a time I took some immodium and got dressed and went out and got some hard biscuits and a bottle of apple juice and sat in the park for a while feeding popcorn to the pigeons. The fresh air helped with the nausea.

Felt lots better after a couple of hours in the fresh air, was able to keep down half of a McDonald' fish sandwich but still feel weak so I'm just going to nap as much as I want today and if I feel like it when I wake up I'll start on my little project. Called my brother and asked if he felt alright after dinner last night and he's fine so it's probably not food poisoning, I guess I'm just not used to so much rich food or maybe I picked up a virus from work or something.

Take care all,


Pooping on vacation

Thanks for the replies everyone.

I am camping for a week at the moment at a campground. Yesterday I felt the urge to poop and walked to the bathrooms (our trailer has a bathroom but my dad was in it) which were about 100 yards away. I opened the door and it was surprisingly empty. I went into the end stall and sat down. I pushed lightly and a turd about 6 inches long came out. Two
more of the same size came out after. I wiped 3 times, flushed, and left.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Random Girl great depserate peeing story.

To: Vicky first welcome to the site and great story please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mina great conclusion to your story it sounds like everyones poops were pretty good and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Danielle great set of stories it sounds like the woman in your 2nd story was seconds away from having an accident and was also at the point where it didnt matter who heard her go she just wanted relief and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Annie as always another great story about you big poops it sounds like this was a really good one and I bet you felt amazing afterwards to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Morning poop

Writing this today as I just got done eating breakfast which made me really have to go bad. After I get up I run into the bathroom sit down and unleash four soft plops of poo into the toilet, felt so relieving but there was still more as my butt hole widened more logs of soft poop came out. Now as I give a little push this log gets halfway and gets stuck in my butt hole. I gave a couple more pushes and pinched it off out of my butt hole with a loud splash into the toilet, I let a couple silent farts go along with a couple more logs and small soft plops that kind of made my butt hurt. 3 days of no pooping and I was finally done with several logs and smaller pieces of poop in the toilet. It took about 6-8 wipes and I was done as I flushed. The end and Thanks for reading.


not mayo, but Maho

Sorry everyone, I sometimes don't check spell checker. It often change "Maho" to "Mayo". I don't know why. If you read mayo, that means Maho. I try to be careful.

I have story about Kazuko, would you believe it, her mother hit her! But she sometimes do that. Kazuko was in loo and doing motion and her mother said, come out, you are taking too much time in loo, are you woman or man? But Kazuko said, not finished. Her mother shouted, COME OUT or I angry. Kazuko sigh, use washlet and go out. Her mother angry. "Woman don't stay so long time in loo! How many times I say to you!" she shouted. Kazuko said, "Mama I am not little girl, I am adult, why you talk to me like that?" So her mother hit her.

When she was more younger and her mother hit her she went her room and fall on bed and cry, but this time, she pack her bag and go out. And came my flat. Of course crying. I ask her, "why you are crying?" so she told me and I said many things and one thing I said, "you didn't finish on loo?" and she said, "no, stomach hurts." So I said, go to loo. She took off jeans and panties and sat down on loo.

But motion didn't come out. She said, so much stress, so intestine is frozen. Can I stay on loo long time? I said, of course, if I say no what you do? So while she was on loo she told me whole story, I don't give too much detail because it will be off subject post and Ms/Mr Moderator angry. But as she told, she became to angry more and more, and finally shout. "I AM NOT LITTLE GIRL!" And fidget on loo, and suddenly she said "Aaaaah" and had red face and very stiff. Intestine unfrozen! Her bottom domed out very much and motion began come out slowly. Very huge one, maybe diameter 5 centimetres. "Itai,itai," she said, it means painful. I try to massage. I am not as good as Hisae but I try. The motion began move faster and Kazuko said "Aaaah, Aaaah" again, I hold her hand one hand and massage her lower back other hand, and the motion came and came, broke once, floompf sound, and then end of motion came and floompf sound again, and she sigh, but her bottom opened at once, another motion. I held her hand, her upper body very stiff. It was also big one and made big noise. Then she relax. I flushed.

"I wanted to do this at home," she shouted. "I hate my mother! I don't go home, can I stay with you?" I said OK, but I know that soon Kazuko will forgive her mother. She always forgive.

Kazuko said, " I think diarrhoea coming." I said, "do your diarrhoea, you can stay on loo an hour if you want, your mother not here." So Kazuko relax and soon crackling noise, then diarrhoea rushed out of her bottom.

When next diarrhoea coming out, Kazuko's phone sound. Massage from mother. "Kazuko, I'm sorry, please forgive me and come home." Kazuko showed me, and while I read, she did another diarrhoea. Burururururururu. Big smell.

Kazuko said, "my mother ask me, why I make so bad smell? Not my fault! The God made me like that."

I said, Kazu your smell is normal smell, I like it. It's no problem!" I love Kazu, so her motion smell is nice smell for me. But bit unusual smell.

Kazuko said nothing for long time. Diarrhoea came out some times, but not so big one now. I held her hand.

Finally she said, "I forgive my mother. But tonight I don't go home. I text her. Now, while doing motions long time. " Of course no problem. She texted, and did bururururu noise again, and then text from mother, said OK. Kazuko was still on loo and gave farts and little soft motions.

Finally Kazuko empty. I went to make tea while she wash her bottom, because after so big diarrhoea, she dehydrate, I think. If I do diarrhoea like that (sometimes I do) maybe I faint, but Kazuko is not professional fainter like me. But I don't want to take chance. Kazuko sat on loo 50 minutes, so her legs very stiff, I help her to walk out of loo. And later, after bath, I put cream because her bottom hurt.

That day was Sunday, now more than a month ago. So Monday we had to go to work, so we went bed early and got up early, and I did my usual big motion Monday morning. And Kazuko did small one.

I hope her mother never hit her again.

Kazuko's mother is not bad woman, but sometimes strange. Now relation is good, I think.

I hope you all well.


Mina (and Kazuko)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Item 2 We're pulling every post of someone posting that their post was not posted. Why? Every one, is a situation where someone is doing something repeatedly, that is covered in the FAQ, they have to take ownership of. These items are covered as quality of life items. Some of the things we have to say about these items are hard. This is why we will not let the people doing them incriminate/embarrass themselves, this isn't about subjecting others to ridicule.

These can be fixed:

Off subject posts.
Many people fail to understand how destructive off subject posts are. When most, or a large portion of a post isn't about you [or someone else] relieving yourself, trying to relieve yourself, trying not to relieve yourself, etc. It is off subject. Usually this is as low as 30-40% off subject by volume, because set-up and closing might be 10-20% of a post. Add these two items up and half of the post isn't on topic. Multiply that by post after post, and page after page and you get an idea where this is headed.

-You are not tweeting every non bathroom real life detail of your day.
-This isn't verbal Instagram
-This isn't verbal Pinterest either
-You are not showing off bling.
-Some people ramble. They seem to be writing a stream of consciousness. They post non sequiturs and fragments. It is understandable that people have various developmental disabilities and other issues. However, these same people are perfectly capable of writing out their ideas. It is a matter of them slowing down, taking a moment to collect their thoughts, and sort their ideas. We understand, it is going to be harder for some people. Don't give up on yourself. Learning the tools to function better, makes life better and easier. It isn't about changing who you are, or being someone else, think of this exercise as lubricating what you already have. Ask yourself, what needs to be expounded on? What should be a new paragraph? What is not related to the story? When is less more? Again, look at what is posted here. Take an average of people's writing styles. Look at the posters who respond to multiple people, and tell multiple stories in every post.

Creepy posts:
We are taking out a steady stream of posts because the motives around the post are just creepy. For some, it is a one off thing. Others seem to be on a downward spiral. (Two regulars in particular come to mind. Not sure what they are going through, but we wish them luck.) It isn't so much the company or the subject matter at issue, it is their telling of the story. (Granted some legal things we don't do here, s-e-x, and intentional pee, poop and or play, being the biggest two. Criminally, we also don't do poisoning someone, i.e. food tampering, really bad criminal property damage, bullying other people, electronic voyeurism and voyeurism by breaking and entering, and the like we draw the line on. Basically you are telling about and glorifying committing a felony against someone else.) We do post submissions from victims of the above, and for the most part any one can, and has posted about themselves and or others peeing or pooping almost everywhere. It is none of that. It comes down to basically comes down to us saying, you could have told the story differently, but you didn't... What are you really trying to say??????

Many of these posts often have to repeat certain strange words and phrases. Many detail activities that seem almost fetish and predatory in their narratives. All detail an odd euphoria for a single topic. Many are just in poor taste. and we're just going to cut and paste what we said about that most recently on page 2440

-To the old people: Have not, a sharp tongue, and contrary spirit. With age, the lewdness, vitriol and stubbornness of youth give way to wisdom and maturity. Recall the conduct of simpler times, when people, tolerated others, spoke modestly, spoke respectfully, kept talk of the bedroom in the bedroom, and ignored not the basic ideals laid before them. Rebellion is for the young. Teenage angst departed many seasons ago. Convey your arguments with respect, and treat those with whom you differ as equals. Speak not your opinion as supreme fact. Speak with humility and speak your opinion humbly as your opinion. -To all: Treat the opposite [or same] sex with respect and speak of them the same. Everyone is someone's sister, brother, son or daughter. Think of how you would have yours spoken of, before you speak. What respect could be found, if the forum were full of this crass talk?

For these people, think of how you say what you say. If you are posting about something you encounter on a regular basis in your travels or do daily, how did it get to this level? Why post it this way? You can do better Ask yourself:

-Why am I being lewd? Why can't I be crude, any more, without being obscene.

-Am I conveying interest or something darker?
-Are the people around me just pieces of meat?
-How would I feel to be someone's excitement or titillation
-Is this vulgar talk who I really am inside?
-Is this the low view I take of ___________ to speak of them/myself in this manner? -Would I like to have this kind of talk around my family?
What would people think, and how would this forum look if we posted material like this? Would you want to talk with you if you were going to do the items above?

Lastly, is this. Item 3
Folk that are pure evil or dang close

Everyone else follows the rules. Their posts may contain a F bomb here, or a last name there. Those are minor oversights. This last group does what they do, as an act of pure evil. These are people who need to do some serious soul searching. Turn off the computer, turn off the phone and deal with some serious, serious personal stuff soul searching. Some are perpetuating cycles of abuse. Some have anger issues. Some are bullies. Some, who knows. We do this for fun. This block of people are not fun. Their malice creates more work than all of the spam and all the postable posts combined. The social media facade only enables the continuation of their personal issues.

The rules are what they are, because we are simply asking people to respect themselves first, and those around them second. There are habitual offenders. It isn't just a few posts, all of these posters have done this for years, some decades. Most play the nut role. These people claim to have read the FAQ which mentions their transgressions by name, some items, more than once, complete with a lengthy discussion. According to them however, there is no mention of all of their sins to be found. They never take a hint that they have never seen a post on here like theirs either. They know the rules, because they complain about them incessantly. Worse, they try to violate them in ways they hope we will miss:

-Hidden email addresses and the like, directions to contact them on adult sites. This shows no regard for kids, people posting from libraries, schools and the like. Here's an analogy of what this practice would look like in real life: We're let's say a McDonalds franchise. Nobody gets carded at McDonalds. You have children playing, workers on lunch (in uniform with a company truck parked outside), kids on lunch from the school next door, and you have old folks drinking their coffee. Across town is a strip club and a bar. (For the purposes of this example, the bar does not serve food.) Someone walks in and hands their personal information out to everyone there, along with full color uv gloss cards for the strip club. They even give this info the kids playing in the ball pit. Some patrons do frequent the strip club, some don't, and some can't. Others can't because they on work or school time. The moral here, adults are free to do adult stuff in adult circumstances, just as they are free to not do adult stuff and not be in adult circumstances. This is not an adult circumstance and they know it. They just don't care or lack the self control enough to do the right thing.

-People, who either directly or indirectly talk about self gratification somewhere in nearly every post. Think about that for a minute, are you going to want to interact with someone who publically expresses how he/she needs to pleasure themselves over the subject matter???????? What are their loved ones worth to them if they talk about them in this manner?

-Some people post nearly the same post every day. Some people post the same thing every day under different names. Some people post, then post replies to themselves even after the first post didn't make it.

-Some people specialize in being nasty and intolerant of others. If you disagree, if your pooper works differently, or you don't like where someone just took a dump, it isn't your job to beat the one with whom you disagree. Would you want them to beat you?

Understanding can't possibly be the issue. These folks are simply interested in posting a flying FU. They are simply determined to do wrong

None of it ever makes it but they keep posting it anyway. When this goes on, and on and on, you get to a point where it isn't worth reading the person's posts to find the devil in the details. We don't want to risk missing something from people we know we can count on to be evil. Are we going to sort all the voices from XYZ that are clearly the same story every day? No. If they can't be bothered, why should they ask others to bother reading it? They clearly don't want to be here so we grant their wish.

Why does this group feel that the world is obligated to accept their abuse? They get mad about not being posted. This is the same mechanism behind domestic abuse. The thinking behind this is so twisted, that one of them has even said to us "I didn't violate the rules I normally violate...” Which reads between the lines, “that I don't think I should have to follow anyway” When they feel left out as a consequence of their actions, we get the "But I promise I will do it right next time" Soooo, when it was yours to do right, simply out of respect for yourself and others, and when you figured there were no consequences to doing the wrong thing, you made the choice to do wrong. Worse you made the choice to do wrong, over and over and over. Faced with your the consequences of your actions, now you find a change of heart? A man convinced out of desperation or convinced against his will is a man, unconvinced. One who does right only to gain their desires, is a man doing wrong.


To VeeTwo

Hey VeeTwo

Thanks for your post and question.

Personally if I had not pooped in 5 days and had no urge or other symptoms then I would not take anything. I would let nature take its course and just wait until I got the urge. However, from memory the longest I've gone without pooping is 3-4 days. I guess I'm fortunate because I've never had to take a laxative.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tlana as always another great story.

To: Mina great story it sounds like you and your friends all had great poops and it sounds like Maho had to really go a lot and I bet you felt great afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you and that other girl both had really great poops and it sounds like she really had to go a lot to and I bet you both felt great afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: alexa V great story and it sounds like that mom shouldve minded her own business.

To: Justin it sounds like that bank worker was beyond desperate and probaly just made it in time and I bet she felt better afterwards.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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