Ashley G.
Brian W.- Thank you for the kind words. No the girls don't poop at school anymore, when they were younger they did sometimes, but now they say the school restrooms are very clean and they dont want their friends knowing they're pooping. .lol. And the only way they will poop in a public bathroom if its a one person restroom or a family restroom we can all go into and lock the door.

Jessi- Enjoyed your story once again. Poor Mika but her sister and you deserves praise for being sweet and understanding with her and not getting upset. I bet both girls felt much better after they pooped. All of your girls sound like great kids (and healthy eaters. .lol)

Just a short story today. Over the weekend Kayla had her friend Meghan sleepover. The next morning I had to go pee and knocked on the door. "I'll be right out Ashley" Meghan says. "Sure sweetie, take your time" I say. A few minutes later i hear the door open as I'm cleaning up a bit in the kitchen. I go in there and am greeted with a strong poo smell and a few skidmarks in the toilet. .i just kinda chuckled. Later that day Kayla told me that Meghan was "sorry she stunk up the bathroom" but was too embarrassed to say it to me..we both giggled and Kayla says she has done that numerous times when she's been at her house


Afraid to Crap at School

One morning last week my daily poo came late. It was 2nd hour and with a pass from my teacher I was in the middle stall in my least favorite restroom, having just seated myself, and I decided to check my emails just as my crap started splashing into the bowl. There was a message from my counselor that I had another boy that needed help with his homework and I was being assigned as his peer tutor. His name was Hunter and I was to meet him in the library right after school for the first work session. He is now the third struggling student assigned to me since our district started this peer counseling program.

So right after my last class I went into the nearest bathroom, sat and peed what I had been holding for more than an hour. We're not suppose to ask about going to the bathroom the last hour of school because our teacher has a lot of discipline problems and has said some pretty mean things to those who have asked. She can be so sarcastic and outright insulting in her answers to us. Of course, I know its not that easy to get freshman to focus on math the last hour of the day, but to say what this lady said is not to be believed. My wee was quick and forceful and the water in the bowl was covered with its yellow bubbles when I stood up, pulled up my jeans, and then quickly flushed as I hurried up to the library.

Hunter was impatiently waiting when I went to the librarian to check in.
He told me he had been holding his crap since 1st hour and he asked permission to run home (he lives two blocks from the school)and said he would be back in 10 minutes. I started to tell him the bathrooms are much less crowded at this time of day, but he cut me off and halfway ran out of the room. Our study cubicle was by a window and I could see him running across the football field. He got back with a couple of minutes to spare, although he was winded, and he thanked me for waiting. We didn't get quite an hour in our review of fractions, but he showed me his papers and I had him rework the problems he had missed. When we got done and closed our books, he asked me if I wanted to go across the street to a convenience store to get something to drink. We spent about a half hour there and he opened up about his problem of using the bathroom at school. He was afraid I was going to report him as tardy to the tutoring and that would mean a Saturday detention.

See in middle school Hunter was bullied and picked on because he went into a stall to pee sitting down. He was taught to put toilet paper or paper towels over the seat and to sit on them. That caused him more problems. And there's something else. Because its winter where we live and he sometimes makes money (actually more than I do babysitting) shoveling snow before and after school, he wears long johns. Unfortunately, before he knew better and dropped his jeans all the way to the floor, this exposed his underwear to some of the guys who continue to hassle him. So that's why he waits until after school to go home and use the bathroom.

I feel so sorry for Hunter and the way he has been treated in the past.I use the bathrooms three or four times a day at school and when I do I'm thinking more about Hunter. What I can do about it? I don't know.


Steve A: Bowel Bullies

I read your story about teachers not allowing you to go tot he bathroom and having really short time limits. That's so annoying. When I was in high school, I had a teacher like that. There was one class where I had to poop at almost the same time every day (I just got into a rhythm) and the teacher got annoyed at me asking to go to the bathroom (I'm not super slow in the bathroom, but 3 minutes would definitely not have been enough time). I remember a few times in that class being denied to go when I had to poop and sitting there holding it in, which sucked. Teachers shouldn't deny their students a trip to the bathroom.

If it really became a problem, I think you could tell someone. I wanted to tell someone, but I just complained about to my friends instead and never did anything about it.

And thanks, John B! :)

Bill F

Christmas (yes I know I'm late)

Bill F here, and I finally have the time to tell another story. I was able to go home for Christmas, but never had the time to post until now.

One thing that I noticed when I got home was that it seemed that Sam was starting to grow out of her bowel routine. Before, she would always go once a day. I noticed during Christmas dinner that she hadn't gone in about three days, which had never happened before. One of the presents I got, which I was really looking forward to, was Super Smash Bros for the Wii U. So Sam, our cousin Rachel (who is 6) and I went to play it in my room.

It wasn't long before Sam picked Wario as her character, as she found out that he can fart as one of his attacks. She unleashed her own fart attack on us just before the game started. Rachel and I followed suit with our own farts, but Sam was by far the biggest one. Sam said "There might be more where that came from." (Needless to say, Sam didn't use any attack other than the fart.) The first time around, Rachel won.

For our second fight, I switched it so that the game would go on for 15 minutes straight. Sam picked Wario, again, obviously. About 4 minutes in, Sam let out another deadly fart, in the real world and in the game. 3 minutes later, she dropped another one. Then I could hear her mumble "Gotta poop, gotta poop, gotta poop". I said "If you have to go, then go!" She said "But I wanna keep playing!" I said "Fine, but do you really think farting over and over again will help?" She said "I can barely even hold in my farts anymore!" I said "Then just plant your butt on the floor, we still have 8 minutes to go." She did that, but also kept bobbing up and down on the floor trying to keep it in.

With about 5 minutes to go, Rachel leaned to one side and blasted this massive fart that shook the floor. Suddenly, my aunt (her mom) yelled from downstairs "Is everyone ok up there?!" I said "Yea, Rachel just gassed us." "Rachel, what do you say?" Rachel said "Excuse me." I said to Rachel "You could be Wario with that kind of gas!" She laughed and let out another little poot as we kept playing, with Sam still trying to hold on.

With about 2 minutes left, Sam let out a wet fart then said "I think I just lost it a little bit." I could see a tiny wet spot on her jeans, which meant that she had to pee and was starting to lose it as well. With 30 seconds left, she let out a series of wet farts that stopped suddenly. "Oh no, it's starting to come out!" She planted her butt on the floor as firmly as she could, waiting for the game to be over.

When the timer reached 0, Sam dashed out of the room, with both hands on her butt and ran into the bathroom. Within seconds, we could hear a giant fart (nowhere near as loud as Rachel's) and a series of heavy plops. I told Rachel "She's probably gonna be in there for a while." She asked "Can we do another fight, just the two of us while she's in there?" I said sure. Then she asked "Can I sit on your lap?" A bit of an odd request, but I said sure, and she hopped on.

About 1 minute into our new fight, she paused the game. I was about to ask her why, when she looked back at me with a mischievous grin on her face. That's when I figured out why she wanted to sit on my lap. All I could say was "Don't you dare-" before she let out another fart right into my lap. She started giggling like crazy, which in turn made her fart even more. All of a sudden, she froze. "Uh oh." I said "What's wrong?" She said "I gotta go bathroom." I said "1 or 2?" She said "Both." I said "Well Sam's still in there. How long do you think you can hold it?" She said "Maybe 5 minutes, max."

Well, 5 minutes passed and Sam was still in there. I asked her "How are you holding up?" She said "Not too well." At this point, she was sitting on my lap, with both hands on her butt. She said "If I do make it, can you come it with me?" I said sure. Soon after, she said "I wish I had 4 hands. Two to hold my poop, one to hold my pee, and one to hold my stomach." She compromised, and held her poop with one hand, and her pee with the other, while I massaged her stomach. She said "I think I feel a fart coming, I can't stop it!" And with that, she let out a wet fart, followed by some audible crackling. "Oh no, I'm starting to lose it!" At that moment, we heard Sam come out of the bathroom.

With that, Rachel left the room as quickly as she could, and I followed. About halfway there, she stopped in her tracks and grunted. She got into a sort of squat and kept saying "I'm pooping, I'm pooping, I can't hold it." She started walking, now with both hands on her butt. I could see dark streams on her pants, which told me she was peeing herself as well. When we got into the bathroom, she pulled down her jeans and was about the pull down her panties, when we noticed that Sam didn't flush the toilet. There were easily five large logs in there, as well as a bit of diarrhea mush.

At this point, Rachel had a small lump in her panties, and was still peeing slightly. Before she could pull her panties down, she froze again, and held both hands to her stomach. She got into the same squat position and grunted, then the lump in her panties doubled in size. Still frozen, her pee stream got to full strength. I held a trash can under her to catch most of the pee while she was going full force. Near the end of her pee stream. She let out another wet fart and added to the load in her panties. At this point, it was already a huge load for any 6 year old girl to push out.

She paused for a few seconds, then pulled her panties down. Still frozen, she started crying, and said "I still have to go." I moved the trash can so it would be under her butt. Another wet fart came, followed by a very large log, so big that I could tell it was hurting her. With both hands still on her stomach, she gave a big push and the huge log fell in the trash can, quickly followed by a lot of loose poop. She said "I think I'm done now. Hold on..." She gave another push, then she farted and dropped a few tiny balls of poop. "Ok now I'm done."

I told her "We'll throw the panties out, and you can give your wet jeans to your mom to wash. Now about the toilet... Sam!" Rachel laughed, and Sam came in and said "Oh no... I'm so sorry Rachel, I didn't know you had to go so bad..." I said "Did you even try to flush the toilet?" She said "No, but I doubt it would flush anyway." I tried the handle, and sure enough, it didn't flush. Sam said "If it helps at all, I lost quite a lot in my panties as well..." I said "You mean there was even more than what's in the toilet? How do you two poop such huge amounts?" Sam said "Well, I was constipated for about three days." And Rachel said the same thing.

Rachel's mom came upstairs to see what all the fuss was about, only to find Rachel in the bathroom, naked from the waist down. She said "What happened?" I told her "Rachel had an accident." And Rachel's mom said "I thought we were through with this Rachel." And she started crying and said "No, it's not my fault! Sam was taking forever in the bathroom and she clogged the toilet!" Her mom said "I understand." Then she told me "Rachel's had a bad history of knowing when to go." She went downstairs to get new clothes for Rachel.

When Rachel got changed, we all went back to playing our game. I said "Well, we do know one thing. Mom's turkey dinner will always cure constipation, whether you want it to or not." We all laughed and started a new match.

Well there's my Christmas tale, a month late. With the next semester fast approaching, I probably won't be able to post for a while, but I will as soon as I get the time and space.

See ya next time!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Redhead great set of stories it sounds like in your first one you just made it onto the toilet before that big poop made its way completely out, and great story about you and your friends revenge story I bet he was surprised but that's what he gets for what he did, and finally it sounds like Karen had a really great poop in that trashcan and I bet she felt pretty great afterwards and hopefully your stomach felt better to and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Miley first welcome to the site, and great story it sounds like you beyond desperate and just avoided having an accident and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Annie as always great pooping story it sounds like had some pretty good poops and avoided any accidents and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jessi great story it sounds like both your daughters had good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Pooperlady great story about your desperate and big poop at the mall it sounds like it was a really good one and I bet you felt amazing afterwards to and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Leslie it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

To: Becky M first welcome to the site and great story about your buddy dump with Megan, it sounds like both had good poops and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Angela first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop it sounds like it was a really good one to and I bet you felt amazing afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Jemma as always another great desperate poop story.

To: Maria great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Steve A

A Weird, Near Bathroom Experience Dream

This morning, I had a near bathroom experience dream that ended before the bathroom part came in.

So, here it is:

Me and my other classmates were in a classroom and this teacher had a liquid laxative in a glass. She was going to pick 2 students to drink it and I wasn't one of them. She picked this girl, but she wasn't here. So, she asked the students if she was here and they said yes, but she was late. Then, we heard a knock on the door. It was a guy and girl who came in late and then the girl that was picked to drink the liquid laxative came in. When the teacher said she was picked to drink it, she didn't seem disgusted or happy about it, a neutral feeling toward it. She said that she was going to drink it. She was about to drink it until I got woken up by my mom to go to get ready for school. It would've been an interesting ending to that dream that I had. I've had weird bathroom experience dreams before.

Tough cookie

This morning's poop

Good morning all :)

Let me introduce myself as a very good morning pooper. I just had today's dump some 2 hours ago. I usually wake up farting, after having let out quite a number of farts in bed. The need to poop normally calls after I've taken my coffee at home. I never poop at home though, and I love letting out farts while I'm driving to work, remembering what I'd have digested the week before. Upon arriving at the office I keep it in for some more time, as I like the pressing need in my anus, then I proceed to the bathroom. This morning was no exception. I walked into the bathroom, locking the anteroom's door and that of the bathroom itself, pulled down my skirt, tights and pants to my knees and placed my butt gently on the seat, with legs spread wide open. I hissed out a couple of smelly farts and could feel the thick log making its way out very smoothly. I could feel it sliding out, touching the toilet water while still hanging out of my butt - it felt superb. After that I hissed another long fart, easing out an ahh sound upon the relief. Another log was on its way, it felt smooth, fat and long, and out it came, followed by three other logs of the same feeling. I felt both empty and satisfied by now. It was now time to pee a bit, and that's what I did, hearing it watering the logs I had just emptied. I cut out a toilet paper piece, lifted a bit by bum, and wiped. It soiled the tissue paper; I folded it and wiped some more until clean. I got off the toilet and could see the satisfying load I had emptied, all logs curling into each other. I flushed and walked happily back into the office.

after reading the posts by claire and leslie i just wanted to post and say that i sympathize with your problem and the ensuing accidents that you had. i, too, had a fear of using the bathrooms for number 2 at school. It started in 6th grade after in incident where i was pooping in the bathroom and i heard another girl in the bathroom say "eww who is taking a shit?" then some other girls laughed. i was mortified, and from that point on i avoided pooping at school at all costs...the cost sometimes being my underwear.

the accidents occured maybe once every month or two...usually it was as i was walking home from the bus or right as i got back to my house when i'd lose control and poop in my pants. it didn't actually bother me that much though, because for one thing, at least i didn't get caught pooping at school, and also no one was ever home at my house when i got home so my family never knew it happened. the only times it kind of bothered me was when i'd make it all the way to the bathroom only to poop my underwear just as i pulled my pants down.

there were a few memorable moments though where not going at school came back to haunt me in a big way...the first time was in 7th grade. i was prairie dogging big time on bus right after we left the school. i was in full panic mode because i quickly realized there was almost no chance i was gonna be able to hold it until i got home. sure enough, i wound up pooping my pants really bad on the bus. it was a big, soft load and it really filled the seat of my panties and my khaki shorts. i just sat there like a statue and prayed no one could smell what i did. it felt like i was sitting on a hot, damp cushion. fortunately it was warm out and almost every window was open on the bus, so that helped with the smell. but there were still a few kids who i heard saying "who farted??" and things like that. i just stayed perfectly still and tried not to attract attention. when we reached my bus stop, i stood up carefully and slowly, and let my book bag sag low and cover my butt. i figured there must have been a stain and/or bulge on my butt so i was desperate to keep anyone from being able to see. i pretended to be looking at something on my phone as the other kids walked by so i could be the last one off the bus, then i slowly and carefully walked home with my book bag over my butt. i managed to get home free without anyone noticing, but it was still one of the most embarrassing things that's happened to me. the remainder of the bus ride after i'd pooped my pants felt like it lasted an eternity...

a couple years later when i was in 9th grade i made a poor decision one day to walk home from school with my friend Brian. I should have known it was a bad idea because i usually had to poop right after school, and the length of time it took to walk home would delay my time getting to the toilet. but i didn't notice a need to go at the end of the day when brian and i decided to walk home. but about 10 mins or so into the walk i realized that i did have to go, and i had to go pretty bad. i got really nervous and just concentrated on holding it in as we walked. eventually though, i couldn't fight nature, and as we were walking i started pooping my pants. i slowed down and made sure brian stayed ahead of me. it got pretty hard though to act casual, and he must have notice me making faces and walking funny because he started asking if i was ok. i lied and said i was fine, all the while i continued to fill my underwear and jeans as we walked. it was a pretty solid load and took a long time to come out, but when it was done it felt firm and had spread up the back of my pants. it felt like i had a really bad, tight wedgie. it was basically impossible to walk normally and brian wouldn't stop questioning me until i finally got overwhelmed with hiding it and i started to cry. i had to tell him that i pooped my pants, and i was SOO embarrassed. he was really nice about it though, and just said it was fine and could happen to anyone. i made him promise not to tell anyone and he agreed.

the last time was in 10th grade, and it was the worst. i didn't make it to the end of the school day. my last class was english, and i really had to go. i knew i was desperate but i still remained determined to hold it in. it was tough, but i felt like i had it under control. i planned to just bite the bullet and go in the school bathroom after school, and hopefully no one would be in the bathroom because they would all just be going home. but it was no use...i got a really bad stomach cramp out of no where, and i was just stuck there in my seat in english class knowing, to my horror, that i was about to poop and there was nothing i could do to stop it. so, was noisy. and obvious. a big soft load erupted into my stretch pants. my face turned bright red. i felt like i couldn't even move, i just wanted to disappear. people laughed at first because they thought i just farted, then when it became clear that i had actually crapped my pants people seemed shocked and weirded out. the other awkward thing was my friend Brian was in the class so it was now my second time pooping my pants in front of him...but he was such a sweetheart and never even mentioned it to me. anyway, i walked gingerly out of the room in tears and i stayed home from school for the next two mom wrote me an absence note saying i had a stomach bug... after that, i was much more careful. i actually worked to regulate my bowels to poop in the mornings before school. it worked eventually.

anyway, it sucks how crappy (no pun intended) teenage girls can be that it causes some of us to fear using a school toilet...but i guess at the end of the day we need to tell ourselves that its a lot less embarrassing to poop in the toilet than in our pants. right? to any other girls out there anxious about going number 2 at school...don't be. trust me you don't want to go in your pants by accident.



Sharing is caring

Hey everyone, it's been a minute since I last wrote here, but I have to share a recent experience with my girlfriend Nicole whom I last posted about. (For the clarification, by girlfriend, I mean Nicole is the love of my life. I don't think I ever explained it here but I came out as bi a few years back.)

I was taking a bath during a lazy Saturday morning when Nicole opens the door and spots me in the tub. She had to use our sole toilet in our apartment and warned me that it's gonna be a big one. By this time, we were completely open to each other no matter how disgusting it may be, so she undid her robe and plopped her bare self right on the toilet. My head was right next to the toilet, so I could easily hear, see and smell her impending eliminations. Nicole opened up her legs a little and let out a nice, gentle but fairly short stream of pee. It was still a bit yellow due to it being her morning pee. After the last few drops, she ripped off some tissue, patted her vagina and threw the paper in the trash. She then stood up, got her legs right on the rim, and squatted down over the bowl. She wanted to put on a nice show to share and hadn't gone for two days, and my heart was beginning to race again.

Nicole's butthole started to open as a thick, slightly knobby yet firm log started to creep out. She kept breathing in and out for a few seconds, and then when it reached 8 inches, it broke off and make a plunk in the toilet. Her hole immediately surrendered to release the rest of the turd, which was about another 8 inches of firmness. She did a great amount but still had more when she let out a few 3-4 inchers that were fresher (and more rank in stench, yeesh) and then moaned in relief, but not before letting out a final clearing fart. The bathroom reeked and I ordered her to switch on the fan. She got up to do so while I peered into the toilet and examined her load as best as I could without suffocating - I don't complain about stench this bad, but whatever she ate must have decomposed in her gut! Nicole grabbed a few squares of TP to wipe off most of the poop smeared on her anus, then flushed that and her load right down the drain. She then joined me in the tub to clean herself off for a little bit. I'm still speechless by the experience; Nicole is a beautiful girl inside and out, but watching her pollute the bathroom to have me near-gaging was absolutely surreal.
But I still love watching her as much as she loves letting loose in front of me, and vice versa.

That's all for now. I'll see you sooner than you think.

- Shelly

Victoria B.

Response to Joanne


So I've been away for longer than I'd intended but I'm back now! A poster named Joanne asked about everyone's favorite childhood memory (gulp...) spankings and if anyone had ever been given one for having an accident. It was one thing that I was never spanked for but there was one toilet-related issue that did result in several bottoms-up visits to a parental lap: clogging the toilet and lying about it.

I got those spankings for lying, not for plugging up the toilet. It wouldn't have been a problem had I blocked the commode in my ensuite bathroom (where I was supposed to have my number twos). But I was embarrassed and ashamed and didn't want to admit that I had clogged one of the other toilets, at least in part because I had been told to poop exclusively in my own bathroom. Then as now, I tended to fill the bowl and my parents didn't want to deal with fixing a toilet that was used by my parents (I might not have mentioned this but I'm an only child) and guests. So, I lied and said I didn't do it. This was not the most elaborate ruse and it didn't take long for the truth to come out, as there were only two other people living in the house ...

My parents sat me down and gave me that same talking-to Joanne mentioned. I had used a toilet I shouldn't have and told a lie when I couldn't flush the proof away. Once everything had sunk in my mother got up from the table and took my hand. I knew where we going and that I'd be leaving with a pink, stinging butt. I tearfully followed her into their bedroom and got my spanking. She never used anything besides her hand and generally spanked me over my underwear but it still hurt. Unfortunately, I didn't learn from the first time and needed a couple more trips to her lap before I learned how to plunge a toilet.

Joanne also asked if anyone else had ever needed an urgent bowel movement while giving a spanking. I've only been on the receiving end but yes, the need once struck me while being disciplined. Between sobs, I said that I badly needed to go; my mom let me down and I gratefully shuffled to my ensuite.

Until the next time!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


since i started drinking Actimel

thought i'd share with those who suffer with IBS like myself, that i started drinking Actimel (yoghurt drink) since the new year & it has changed my bowel habits for the better.
hope it carries on i'm liking it
would definitely recommend

Finally before i go
HELLO to John B :-)

John B- Glad you liked my story with Lis! I had vaguely considered it before but it was certainly your suggestion that made me decide to do it for sure, so thanks for the prompt! It was definitely an enjoyable experience for me.

Yesterday I was at the supermarket doing some shopping, when I needed to go for a poo. I considered waiting until I got home but I could tell the urge was too strong- my poo really wanted to come out! I put my purchases in my car and then returned to the store to use their ladies loos. I went in and found two of the three cubicles were in use. I saw why, too- the third one, furthest from the door, had an 'out of order' sign on it, so I had to wait. I stood waiting my turn, my poo getting pretty urgent. I could feel it pressing quite hard on my anus.

A woman in her mid 30s came in behind me and joined the queue for a seat. I had to wait a few minutes, and I was getting desperate to do my poo. I badly wanted to fart but couldn't while I was in the queue waiting! I held my gas and poo in, and after a couple more minutes the middle cubicle opened and I went in, replacing the woman who came out. I quickly lowered my skirt and knickers to my feet and sat.

I tried to hold in my fart, but I failed and it came out loudly and embarrassingly! My poo was very close behind- I didn't really want to let it out right away but it didn't give me a choice, since it was urgent. I let out two turds quickly, which made loud plops. With the most urgent part of my bowel movement done, I was able to sit back and relax a bit and reflect on my embarrassment at making such a racket as soon as I sat down, letting everyone know I had been desperate for a poo! The other woman left and the woman waiting went in. I heard her do a wee. I let out another, quite soft turd, with a bit more gas. I did a couple more logs and then I was finished.


Post Title (optional) Constipated

Well it seems like my last post didn't get posted so I will try again. I've been very, very constipated lately. Since my last post, I've had so much trouble pooping, its been extremely difficult for me. I've had several times where I've had to waddle around my house with a huge log sticking out of my anus that got stuck halfway out. And it's been taking me at least 2 hours to push my loads out. Sometimes up to 3 hours!!!I just ended an 8 day bout of constipation and it was terrible!! The shortest bout I've had recently was 3 days!!! So I've had mega, mega constipation, by far the worst its ever been!!!!

I was also just wondering if any of the usual suspects have been badly constipated lately. Jasmin K, I haven't seen you on here for a while but I'm guessing you have been very constipated, like me. You mentioned that when you have a huge hard constipated log stuck in your rectum, it comes out a bit when you get 'intimate' with your boyfriend. Has that been happening lately?.

Bloated Butt, where are you lately?? Also Dude in Distress and Dominic, how has your constipation bden this year? Constipated to the max? Or has it been not too bad?

And of course, anyone else who has been constipated that I have forgotten. I really have to sort out my bad constipation now. Its just gotten so bad and it's never been this bad before. And I've got bad hemarrhoids. I'm also worried that I will end up with long term problems.

Just want to address one mechanical and several manners related issues here. This covers a number of posts that have not been posted this week:

-To the young people: Punctuate. Posts cannot be a single run-on sentence. Look at all the examples here below. They are your peers, and neighbors. Take note of their example. We're not grading on perfect spelling, capitalization, and grammar. We are however, grading on your ability to convey a thought or an idea. So is the world you will inherit. Make a habit of doing this in everything you write. Your very livelihood and future depend on being able to share ideas.
-To the old people: Have not, a sharp tongue, and contrary spirit. With age, the lewdness, vitriol and stubbornness of youth give way to wisdom and maturity. Recall the conduct of simpler times, when people, tolerated others, spoke modestly, spoke respectfully, kept talk of the bedroom in the bedroom, and ignored not the basic ideals laid before them. Rebellion is for the young. Teenage angst departed many seasons ago. Convey your arguments with respect, and treat those with whom you differ as equals. Speak not your opinion as supreme fact. Speak with humility and speak your opinion humbly as your opinion.
-To all: Treat the opposite [or same] sex with respect and speak of them the same. Everyone is someone's sister, brother, son or daughter. Think of how you would have yours spoken of, before you speak. What respect could be found, if the forum were full of this crass talk?
-To some: No one will be tried publicly, no matter what their crime. Air your grievances in private. Air your grievance clearly as some of you have done, that it may be addressed. Behold, humiliation, and digital pummeling in the public square is not the measure you would wish to receive, should a grievance be aired against you.
-To some more: Demand not. Watch your tone. "Please" and "Thanks" are in the dictionary next to gimme, and tell me just the same This is a subject that touches everyone. What are your experiences?

No one is above being forgiven, however sadly, the definition of insanity springs eternal. Remember, the cliché "There is none blind as he who refuses to see".

Pooping D
@Becky M: hey, great to see another Scot on here! Great story by the way.

I was driving home from a friends house last night. We still have a fair bit of snow in the north east abd the councils hhaven't been great at clearing it. It took me about an hour driving from my friends in town to my house in the sticks. Anyway, about 20 min after I left the urge to poop hit me hard! I thought 'its fine, I can hold it'. I could feel it wasn't gonna be a totally solid one either! Getting closer to home, the urge was really strong. My stomach was cramping and my bowels were aching.about 10min from home, I was driving through a wooded area and almost lost it, in the sense of both the car and my poop, when I hit some ice going round a corner. I decided enough was enough, and pulled over. Left the car running and went behind a mound of dirt. I pulled my jeans and boxers down just below my knees abd no sooner had I squatted, than a torrent of mushy poop exploded from my anus! Suffice to say, it felt amazing when I was done. I cleaned up with some wet wipes I keep in the car, and looked at the pile of mushy, orangey-brown poop I left, melting the snow around it.


Couple of Stories

Hi guys. It's been a while since I've posted a story on here so I decided to share some incidents that happened within the past little bit.

~Story 1~

Last month during the Christmas shopping at a local Costco, I had the urge to poop. The Costco I went to had a washroom but it was out of order, besides, even if it wasn't, I still preferred to wait because I always disliked the hygienic conditions of public washrooms. Anyways, I tried to hurry my shopping list along by getting everything I had wrote down and about an hour had passed before I was able to get out of the place and to my car. After loading the items I had bought, I drove back as fast as I could to my place because the urge was getting very bad. By the time I got back, I quickly grabbed what I bought from costco and up to my place (~PS. Some items was for the car, so I left some of the items in there and took the rest).

Sadly the elevator was broken so I had to take several flights of stairs and due to the desperate urge and the items, it was difficult to not lose control. When I got there, I quickly unlocked tried to unlock the door but due to my haste, I dropped the key by accident. I went down to reach it, but as soon as I did, I let loose a very forceful fart and I could feel that I was about to lose control. I quickly grabbed my keys, and got back up to clinch my butt cheeks to make sure I didn't while I unlock the door. Soon as I did, I bolted in, locked the door and went straight for the bathroom after putting the items on the counter. I quickly tried to undo my belt as the urge keep building, then after pulling my pants down, I sat down and this thick turd started emerging and started to come out slowly while I let out a relieving moan. After several minutes, it ended up being a couple of long turds that required me to not needing to wipe much at all.

~Story 2~

About a few weeks ago, Karen's boyfriend had broke up with her. Karen is my roommate if any of you remember my stories from mid-last year. Anyways, after it happened, she wanted to get back at him because the only reason why he broke up with her was because he was sleeping with another girl. While we were thinking about it, I joked that I should go a round of enema in his car while he was away for the week or some concert in the neighboring state and they're all going in his buddy's truck. She seemed fond of the idea because she thought it would be a pretty nice revenge. I kinda hesitated because I've never done this before but after talking about it for several minutes, I decided to do it.

I usually take 1.5L to 2L but this time I tried taking as much as I could handle, which was almost 3L. After administering the enema, we went to his car. Luckily he forgot she still had a copy of the key that he gave her awhile ago, so we got into the car. This was the most I've ever taken in at one time so it was very difficult to hold it in. She went into the backseat while I went into the driver's seat. I leaned the seat as far back as it could go so she could have full view of it happening, then sat down to have better control of my bowels. I told her that the urge was very bad and wasn't going to be able to hold it in much longer, so I told her I was about to go. She started watching as I leaned in towards the steering wheel, lifted my butt up and relaxed my bowels. "Oh my god here it comes.... ugh I can't hold it any longer....", a violent wave of watery poop came pouring out of my butt and all over the seat. Several waves of the watery poop continued to come out. After several minutes of this, I finally was emptied, then I noticed that there was a lot of poop that came out. I wiped and left it on the pile of crap left on the seat.

I also had to pee, so I decided to go to the backseat and chat with her while I pissed into the seat there. She thanked me for what I just did, but I was kinda glad to do it because I was pretty backed up inside and he was a jerk anyways. After peeing, we went out and didn't look back. I wondered what happened to his car up to this point.

~Story 3~

About a few days ago, I was sitting on the toilet reading a magazine, because I've been farting and had a upset stomach for the entire morning. Then suddenly Karen came back home from a long shift at work and she said she had to poop very badly and asked if I was gonna be long. I told her I wasn't sure but probably. She told me to hurry up because she was getting very desperate. I felt bad, so I decided to offer to hold the little waste basket beside the toilet while she go. She hesitated for a moment, then accepted the offer. She quickly undid her pants and slid it and her panties down, then stepped on the step stool and leaned against the wall while bending her knees and semi-squatting over the basket. I told her to let it rip when she's ready. She let out a slight moan then a small fart came out, followed by this thick turd that started to poke out. She started saying: "I can feel it coming....", then she squatted a little bit more lower, then it started to come out a little bit more faster but still kinda slow. She suddenly said: "Uuggghhh, here it comes..... here it comes...".

While it was almost half a feet out, she said she had been waiting for this for what seemed like forever. After she had finally pooped, while she wiped, I noticed she squirted out a slight amount of pee. She asked if I would mind if she pissed as well because she had 3 cups of coffee running through her at the moment. I let her and that only lasted like a minute.

Anyways, I hope that was entertaining. I'll post some more later on if anything interesting were to happen. Cya later guys.

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