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Desperate Pee Story

Hey, I have a story to share from when I was younger.

When I was about 12, I had to pee REALLY bad during my math class. Which was 6th period, so I thought I could hold it because I hated the school bathrooms becuase they had no doors or walls on them, and you had to pee/poop in the open. I really like privacy, so I didn't like to pee at school. In fact, I've NEVER used the school restrooms. Anyway... I spent that whole class sitting there with my legs clenched together. (i'm a girl in a class with 22 other guys, no other girls, so I wasn't about to start holding myself) I got through that period without a problem, then I went on to 7th period. I have to pee REALLY REALLY bad about half way through, so I ask the teacher if I can go to the restroom. She says if I finish my work I can go. In about 20 minutes, I finished my work, pretty much dying of having to pee so badly. And I asked again. And told her it was an EMERGENCY. She let me go. I went to the bathroom at a run because it was on the other side of the school, while holding myself. I let go as i open the door, in case any one was in there. There were about five girls in there doing there make up. I can't pee in front of ANYONE. So I left. ABout that time the bell rang, and it was time to wait for the bus. My bus comes about 20 minutes after school lets out, so I'm trying to find any way I can pee.
At the bus stop my friend got a drink in a bottle. She spilled some on the concrete, and the splashing nearly made me lose control. I asked her if she would finish up the drink and give me the bottle quickly. She did, and I went around to the other side of the school. No body was around around, so I dropped my pants, and attempted to pee in the bottle, but I heard someone coming around the corner before I could start peeing, so I had to leave. My bus had just pulled up, so I had to hurry back. Once I got on the bus, I couldn't hold myself anymore, because I sit with a guy.
He wondered why I was fidgeting so much, and I told him. He said he didn't mind if I did hold myself or do something, because I had an hour ride all the way home. I still had the bottle, but it was a bumpy ride (which didn't help me having to pee) so I couldn't really pee in the bottle, even if I could get over dropping my pants in front of a guy. So I just held myself istead. It felt REALLY good. I did that for about fifteen minutes, then my bladder gave a huge jolt. I lost control for a few seconds, but it didn't show up on my really tight jeans.
While all of this was happening the boy was staring at me. I doubled over and held myself so hard.
I regained control and felt good for about ten more minutes, then I knew I would have to pee soon, or on my self. I told the boy I would have to pee now, while we were on the smooth part of the road. So I turned away from him, and lowered my jeans just enough to get the bottle in.
Now I had never tried to pee in a bottle before, so I probably wouldn't have been able to pee in it, even if I had been able too. The bus driver had seen me, and told me to put my pants back on.
I sighed as I zipped my pants up and held myself again. I asked the boy next to me to ask her if we could stop at the gas station we were about to pass, so I could pee. He went up there and asked, but she said no. I walked up to her holding myself, so she could see how much I had to pee, and told her if she didn't stop now, I would pee in my pants and all over the bus. She said no.
I went back to my seat. He asked what she said and I told him. He said he was sorry. I told him I was just about to lose control. So he put his on my crotch to. Oh, his grip was so fine, and felt so firm, and gave me relief for a few minutes, until my bladder jolted again.
I moaned and wailed at the bus driver, but she said no. I even told her I would pee on a tree if I had too, but she still said no. We were about 20 minutes from my stop.
I told myself that I had lasted this far, and I could last all the way. So I held on as tight as I could all the way home.
On my stop, I bolted out the door, and down the driveway, and BOOM. I lost control. I peed and peed and peed. It felt so good, but as soon as I was finished I noticed I had peed for three whole minutes! and what I didn't know is that I had crapped myself too. And that I didn't have the key to get in my house, but that's a different story.

I hope you enjoy my story.



Hey everyone,

To Kaitlyn: Loved your stories about pooping yourself, they were very entertaining.
To Red: I like your stories
To the unnamed poster: I'm a guy and I'm a teenager.. I actually make it most of the time these are just kinda freak accidents aha

The other day I was just chilling out when I felt like I had to poop. I ran and sat down and immediately a few logs came out without me even trying. They were all about 8 inches long and were the perfect clay consistency. I pushed lightly and another log, about 10 inches, came out. It felt really releiving.

More posts to come,

To J

Ahh thanks for the reply back, freak accidents or not, I do like the stories. A question though, do you wear boxers or briefs, because if you wear boxers isn't there a chance of a big mess?


My response to Kaitlin

My name is Vicky, I'm 24, just finished college, still living at home but engaged to be married later this year. I've read some of the stories here every once in a while but have never posted before today. But Kaitlin's stories and something she said made me decide to post.

Kaitlin wrote: "It was extremely embarassing to put it VERY lightly, but oddly I also remember as I waddled down the hallway towards the bathroom feeling this strange sense of relief. Like, more so than just going to the toilet and pooping under my own control. There was something strangely exciting about the feeling of my body just deciding on its own when it was time for relief..."

OMG! I thought I was the only one! My first "too old to happen" accident also happened in high school. I had band after lunch and really needed to poop the whole time but we had a concert coming up and the director wouldn't let any of us out and was working us hard so I sat there and held it in, or at least tried to. I played clarinet so you have to just sit straight with your legs in front of you like normal and I was seriously fighting hard to hold it but near the end of class I started farting silently and then I could feel it starting to want to come out and was turtle heading for a while and then my body really wanted to push and I was trying to stop it but I felt it start to shift down and I went all red faced and stopped playing for a second and I felt the turd hit my panties and then the chair and stop because the chair blocked it and I couldn't stop myself from pushing a little and that made it move a little more and I felt it start to spread a little in my panties in a little mound between my cheeks before I finally stopped it and regained control, but some broke off in my panties before I could suck the rest back inside.

My heart was pounding and my whole body was tingling. There I was, 17 years old, and I just pooped a little in the middle of the whole band. I regained my composure and kept playing, but the urge came back again and got worse and I knew I wouldn't be able to stop this time. I jumped up, put my clarinet down in my chair, grabbed my purse, and ran for the door, the director yelling at me asking what I was doing. I got into the hallway and squeezed my cheeks as I waddled towards the bathroom down the hall, feeling the small ball of poop already in my panties squishing between my cheeks as I walked.

I almost made it before another strong urge hit me and I knew 100% I couldn't stop it this time and I stopped and put my back to the wall and spread my legs slightly and the poop just pushed hard and fast right out into my panties with a loud crackling sound and a few farts. The first big turd was firm and spread around in a big mound. Then a second turd came out slightly softer and a little more gassy. Then I realized I was also wetting myself, all down my legs, soaking my jeans. It felt like forever but only lasted maybe a minute. After I finished I felt like crying but didn't. But I also felt tingly and excited and strangely almost aroused. I couldn't believe it.

I waddled carefully the last few feet to the bathroom and into a stall and started cleaning up. I was amazed at the size of the mound of poop in my panties as I carefully lowered them down. Since I had thankfully grabbed my purse I had my cell phone so I texted my mom that I was sick and needed her to pick me up in back by the band room (nobody else in school went back in that corner so there'd be fewer people to see me). She said ok but it would be a little while. I cleaned up as best I could, but threw away the panties which were soaked and badly stained. I still had the issue of the very peed jeans but couldn't do anything about that. I stayed in the stall waiting. Other girls came in after band period ended and I heard a few mention my name wondering where I'd gone, if I was sick, etc. Finally they all left for their next classes and I was alone again. Then my mom arrived so I ran out the back door and into the car. I had to explain that I'd had an accident and didn't make it in time and lied that I hadn't felt well rather than admit it was a normal poop I'd just plain held too long.

But a few days later I was thinking back about it on the weekend home alone and got that same tingly feeling thinking back to how it felt to lose control and fill my panties and I couldn't stop thinking about it and I don't know what came over me but I went into my bathroom, locked the door, turned around so I could see myself in the mirror, and I pooped my panties on purpose and watched it happen in the mirror. Then I felt disgusted and took a shower and was angry at myself. But a few weeks later I had the same feelings come over me when I really needed to poop one afternoon and I held it until I got home and I pooped my panties on purpose again.

Anyway, this is long enough - too long? - already. I don't know why but that comment just made me want to share. I'll try to write more later.


crazy Mina

I read yesterday's post and I gasped. I'm crazy! Not Maho's birthday, Kazuko's birthday. (But maybe if I write in Japanese I don't write such mistake, when I write English I am nervous. Sorry everyone.)

I left off, end of Maho's motion, she finish soon after, with little ones. Kazuko said, you go next Mina. Kazuko was OK to wait. I protest little, but went into loo and because of promise, Hisae sat down next to me. And she gave me massage.

And anus open very very wide! I felt bit bad, but also good because of Hisae's massage. But I said in small voice itai, it means hurt. And my motion came out but still hole was very very wide open I felt. I said itai again and Hisae looked, she said Wow! you are doing very very fat one!

But it kept on to come out and in the end it was very long one too, it made huge noise and in kitchen Maho and Kazuko said Wow! I was not finished, so Hisae massage me more, and soon hole open again, but not hurt so much this time.

Ten minutes later my bottom still busy, loo was full and Hisae flushed twice but I couldn't move, but I felt good, thank you Hisae you are so sweet! I began to do soft ones, burururururu like Kazuko. I love to do so big big motion! We all love, though Hisae doesn't care so much.

Finally I finish and Kazuko sat on loo. I stay with her. Her first motion came out not too much trouble, then she didn't move. She want to wait. But we pricked ears, because we could hear strange sound in Kitchen. "Maho ga warui." "Iie, waruku nai." In English, "Maho is bad." "No, not bad." Maho so sorry because she steal time from Hisae even Hisae also wants to be with friend when friend does motion, but Maho there very often, unfair to Hisae, so Maho said sorry, and said, bad mayo, but Hisae think Maho is good, Hisae forgive at once. I and Kazuko also think, we should let Hisae into loo more, we were unfair and we didn't notice that thing. So we are also warui.

I said to Kazuko, but she answer …. bururururururu. Not with mouth in face, but with other mouth other part of body. And then she began to do many bururururururus, about one minute one time. I had to flush well. "Kazuko are you OK?" "I'm OK, I feel good".

She ate so much last night?? But I thought, I did huge one too! And Maho too. Hisae maybe do another one soon.

Kazuko finished and used washlet, we went out of loo and washed hands and saw Maho and Hisae doing hug very hard. Hisae is not angry! I and Kazuko clap hands. We are so good friends, we do fine! I made tea and we talk happily. We don't say in words, but with eyes we say that we always be fair.

Because our bottom little bit painful except Hisae, we put cream and same person put for everybody. Hisae! Then we washed hands again and drank tea.

We are happiest women in world. I hope everyone on toiletstool site happy like us.

Kaitlin, I think your teacher of geometry is horrible man. Why he never noticed you had hand up! But I'm happy you can talk about this in cheerful with your best friends. We are all human, pooping pants happen to anyone. I hope no one blame you now. blame Him, he is bad bad man, I ask Maho to hit him hard with left hand.

Love to all you.

Maho and Hisae and Kazuko and Mina


Disney world poop

Hi all, I am a long time reader but don't post very often. There is a story I wanted to share with you, I have been to Disney world a couple of times in the last few years, and I found that the bathroom by the food court at the hotel is a great place to hear people take awesome dumps. The first one I heard was my favorite. I entered the bathroom and there were about 3 or 4 teenagers just hanging out by the mirrors, talking and laughing and doing their makeup. I had to pee and so I looked under the stalls to see which ones were open. There were only one pair of feet that I saw, so I took one of the other available stalls. The girls were being so silly and gigging loudly, and I am a little bit pee shy so I was just sitting there waiting for my flow to start. While I sat there, the door opened up and you could hear all of the teens leaving the bathroom. I thought, I can probably pee now. But just as I was thinking about starting, and as soon as that bathroom door closed all the way and you could not hear the girls laughter anymore, I heard a grunt and a very large, long cracking sound of poop coming out of the one other person who was in the bathroom with me. The crackling of this long log lasted for so long. Eventually it landed in the water with a plop. Then I heard a sigh, and another soft moaning sound as a second log started to slide out, this one sounding softer and faster. Another sigh, a grunt and a third log sliding out. I could start to smell the poop at this point. And then I just couldn't hold my pee back anymore, and started to go. I think I heard the woman gasp when she heard my pee hit the water. I think she thought she was alone in that bathroom, waiting desperately for the teens to leave so she could let loose in privacy all alone. And when she realized I was in there she was in shock. I didn't see her face because she was still wiping when I left the bathroom.

Another story from the same bathroom about a year later. I went in to pee and I was washing my hands at the sink when a cute 20 ish looking lady, ???? with short brown hair, came rushing into the bathroom. She had a desperate look on her face, and she was walking funny, like with her ass cheeks clenched together. She gave me a slight smile in the mirror as she waddled past me quickly, and I smiled back. I noticed she waddled all the way to the last stall, and in my mind I was sure she was doing that as to have as much privacy as possible. I was done washing my hands so I turned the sink off, and simply stood there in complete silence to see what would happen next. The lady slammed the stall door shut, and as quickly as possible pulled down her shorts and underwear. I heard her slam herself down on the toilet as a torrent of poop started hitting the water. She was going so much and the plops and crackles and splashes were happening so fast. I was picturing her face as she was experiencing that relief, and knowing I was there listening and there was nothing she could do about it, because she was so desperate to go. I left after I think I heard the main part of her poop coming out.

I hope you enjoyed my stories. I have more, especially my own. Danielle


Huge poop

I had a huge poop finally after a couple of days of not going. I have been ripping loud, wet bubbly farts the last few days. Fortunately haven't had diarrhea in about a week (thanks for the well wishes Mina :) My bowels have been behaving themselves for the most part. I hope you're also well). Haven't been able to go for 2-3 days since that huge S-shaped poop a few days ago. Been eating plenty of green leafy vegetables, fibre cereal (Raisin Bran), drinking lots of water (been super hot and humid here in Toronto) and drinking quite a bit of coffee too.

Earlier I had 2 large cups of coffee after lunch and a large bottle of water (with ice, just the way I like it) and that triggered my bowels. I went to the bathroom somewhat stiffly because it felt hard and I had to go pretty bad. Pulled down my clothes, sat on the toilet and reached behind me for the Garfield comic and relaxed, giving a gentle push. A giant turd came out, stretching my hole a bit. It felt kind of hard but didn't really hurt. I was done within a minute. I stood up to wipe since it's easier for me. It took about 5 wipes to get clean enough to pull my underwear and pants back up. I looked at what I had created and there was about 2 1/2 feet worth of crap in the toilet. Quite a lot for a couple of days worth of shit. I'm just glad this dump also was semi-solid and not the runs, considering I'm more prone to the runs before my period (which is due next week). I'll take a nice relaxing semi-solid or soft poop over having to run to the toilet for the runs. I feel a lot more empty now and better.

It's nice to be able to finally go every day to every couple of days (easily) rather than once a week or every 2 weeks and having to strain. I struggled with constipation from babyhood right through most of my 20s (up until last year at age 28). My mom told me she used to have to stick a suppository up my little bum or give me Children's Colace when I was a baby because I got constipated so frequently. And as a toddler whenever I went poop in my diaper I used to hide behind my mom's chair to do so, complete with grunting. When she used to ask me if I was pooing I used to say "Nnnnno." while grunting and eventually hide in another room for privacy. As a child she used to have to put laxative in my milk to make me go since I would struggle for up to 45 minutes, stomping my feet and straining to go and as an adult I abused laxatives and had to keep retraining my bowels to normalize my BMs. Finally I am at peace and have established a good and healthy pattern for pooping. I'm happy about that. My problem all along? Not enough water and green leafy vegetables!

Happy pooping, all!


Portapotty differences

My younger sister Simmee and I are finding that our parents have different opinions on portapottys. We're out quite a bit this time of the year at family and church events in parks, visits to amusement parks, street sales and festivals, political rallies (both of our parents contribute to and work for candidates during election years), and when remodeling at Simmee's grade school two years ago was delayed by a shortage of supplies, water to the school had to be shut off during the first two weeks of classes, so about 30 portapottys were brought in. What's interesting is that Dad's cool about them, but when we're out and the need arises to use one Mom says No and sometimes will demand that we use a much more time-consuming substitute. For example, last summer we spent a day at our county's fair which is run over about a mile of streets which are closed off downtown and there's a group of portapotties on each corner. When Simmee said she had to go for the first time, Mom walked her over about five blocks (it might have been longer because they were both tired when they came back) to a neighborhood that had a Wal-Mart. Simmee told me later it was a miracle she was able to hold her pee long enough to get there, and then she was starting to leak just as she was about to sit down, and Mom required her to stand still while Mom reached behind her and tried to pull of one of those seat protectors to put down. Then when there wasn't one, she was forced to hold it until Mom went to another stall and was able to pull one down from off the holder. Simmee said she had a stain the size of a couple of quarters in her underwear, but when she showed it to Mom and they argued about it, Mom grounded her because she doesn't know the meaning of the word No and won't take No for an answer. I was just starting middle school a couple of years ago when Mom argued with Simmee's 3rd grade teacher and soon after that the principal about bringing in the portapottys to her school.

Then there's my Dad who is much more understanding about the need to use public bathrooms and especially portapottys. Several times when I was younger he treated me to Friday evening football games at the stadium of the high school I now attend. I remember a couple of times at halftime the lines at the concession stand bathrooms would extend way outside and when I started to wait at the back of the line, he would tap me on the shoulder, and then he would lead me acoss the parking lot to where several portapottys were available. Often there wasn't a line and you could tell he definitely prefers the portapottys. One night I had to pee, but not that bad, and I could tell that he had to crap so I didn't understood when he told me I could have cuts. After I got done, he went in, seated himself, and took what I thought was a pretty big dump. When he came out, he pointed to his gut, said something about "such relief" and made some joke about more than an air freshener being needed when we were walking away and others were heading towards the toilet.

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Supervising a 6-year-old

I've been babysitting Tanner Rae for a couple of years now. Sometimes she does well when we're in public bathrooms, othertimes it can be a challenge for her. She's 6 and starting 1st grade next month. Her mother gets called into work frequently for extra hours and she must report within an hour. So I get the call. Tanner Rae gets bored spending so much time at their home, which is very small, so I try to take her out as much as possible. Last week mom called me at 6 a.m. and dropped Tanner Rae off at my house like 45 minutes later. There was an all-day cartoon festival at one of our mega theaters, so I thought that would be a good idea. It was kind of expensive, but I thought it would be something different for her. We walked about three blocks to a fast food place for breakfast and afterwards Tanner Rae went to the bathroom. She got herself up on the toilet pretty good, pulled her shorts all the way down, and pretty quickly there were a couple of plops into the bowl. I complimented her, and she jumped down off the seat, turned around and opened the door for me to come in and see what she had done. There were 2 pieces floating on top of the water, but I showed her where she had slid over the side of the seat and left unmistakeable 2-inch stteak on the seat. I had her bend over and wiped some of the smear off her butt, then I wiped the smear off the seat, and then I told her she could do her normal wipe. I surpised her by making her do two extra wipes, and this proved to be a good decision, because she cleaned herself better each time. She did pretty good and I praised her. Unfortunately she had gotten her shorts and underwear tangled with her feet as she moved around, so I had her reseat herself and I took care of that. It was also encouraging that she volunteered to flush, and although it took the weight from both of her hands, she was successful. Then she did a pretty good wash job on her hands, although the sink was a little high for her and the hot water she pulled for came out way too hot.

We went to the bus stop and after a short wait our bus came. I don't know whether it was the way the bus was stopping and going, bumping around, or what by after about 15 minutes into our trip, Tanner Rae was saying she had to pee. I told her she had to wait until we got to the theater, and I tried to divert her attention to some of the things the bus was passing. When we finally got off, it was only a walk through the parking lot to get into the theatre. There was a line to pay that we finally got through and I directed Tanner Rae through the crowd and directly into the first bathroom we came to. I was hoping we could get adjacent stalls, because it was time for my morning poo. With more people coming in, some with 4 or 5 kids and some day cares and church groups with even more, I wasn't too hopeful about the bathroom. There were about 20 stalls, all of which were taken but you couldn't easily tell because some of the girls hadn't latched the doors, and there was the usual ones who ran from one cubicle to another. Finally, a stall in front of us opened and I shoved Tanner Rae in. I reminded her to close and latch the door and shortly after that I saw her feet go up off the floor and I felt good about that. The door in front of me opened and I shouted to Tanner Rae what was happening as I closed the door, latched a door that was badly bent, and quickly dropped my underwear and jeans as I seated myself. As I sat I noticed that Tanner Rae had gotten off the toilet twice, but quickly got back up. The second time that happened I heard a woman in front of Tanner Rae's door telling her daughter that Tanner Rae was just messing around, I think she said something about playing around and us being insensitive about the needs of others. As usual, my soft poo came fast and I quickly wiped, flushed and walked over to Tanner Rae who was totally frustrated sitting there and listening to what that lady was saying about her. The lady's daughter raced into my stall and I knocked and Tanner Rae let me in. She was too frustrated and I pulled her off the seat, pulled her shorts and underwear up and took her out. Although the first show was about to start, I walked her and I could tell she was in pain, clear to the far end of the theatre where I knew there was a smaller and lesser-used bathroom. Luckily, we were the only ones in there and Tanner Rae selected her stall and did her business beautifully. I was so proud of her. However, in the back of my mind, I'm also worried about her being ready for school this fall and some of the mean and outright obnoxious classmates that I can remember from almost 10 years ago when I was her age.


Maho's birthday, part 1

Sorry I have not posted long time. How are you everybody? Jemma I hope you are much better now, Annie too, and everyone else with illness.

I told, Maho's birthday early this month and we had party. We went izakaya, that is Japanese pub, and we ate and ate, and drank a lots. And talked, and then we went karaoke and sang songs. And then we came my flat and took bath and talked and drank more, but no one drunk. We are quite strong alcohol, maybe…. Hisae gave little fart in bath (but not bathtub), I was there with her and said, you need motion? But she said, maybe no, tomorrow morning I need. I scrub her back and bottom, but her bottom I scrubbed not so hard.

Next morning after breakfast, motion time! We all laugh now when say that. Of course Hisae first, Maho went with her, Maho likes to go with someone because constipated, and when she sees someone go, she wants to go. But Hisae surprise us. Plop…plop…plop…plop…plop…plop…she usually don't do so many one time! But her bottom never stop. Usually she flush only once, but this time twice. We all surprised! But she finish in five minutes.

Maho got excited and her bottom gave signal, so she next, and Kazuko went with her. I stayed in kitchen with Hisae and we talked little bit, but she got very quiet. We could hear plop sounds from loo, so Maho OK, but then stop for long time. I looked Hisae, she had sad expression on face. I suddenly thought, wow, it's true, always Maho or Kazuko or me accompany friend to loo, but Hisae never, even she is so good at massage! So I said in very little voice, "Hisae, you never beside loo I think, even your massage is wonderful, so today I want you near me." And suddenly tears came from her eyes.And she squeeze my arm hard.

Then more plops from loo. Maho having nice birthday motion, so we say nothing about she monopolise loo when friend is on it. But suddenly I thought, maybe massage for her too? I went to loo and said to Kazuko, does Maho want massage from Hisae? Maho looked at Kazuko and at me, Kazuko looked at Maho, and suddenly both of them show shock on face. Kazuko said, yes Maho is happy with massage, she said in big voice and call Hisae. Hisae went to loo. Maho said, wow you have been crying! Hisae said, It's OK, I give you massage. So Hisae massage Maho's lower back and Maho felt good! "aaaah, aaaah…." and then plop and plop and plop again.

I tell you rest of story next time, I had phone call, I have to go out urgent.

Love, Mina

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Kaitlin first welcome to the site and great set of pooping stories it sounds like you were pretty desperate in both of them and I look forward to your next story thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Dude in distress

hey man, did you try the Fleet glycerin suppositories yet? they are a god sent, trust me. Just wondering, this way it would be so stressful and painful. It actually makes for a enjoyable bm buddy. Let me know how you make out

to Kaitlin: Welcome! I liked your stories a lot, thanks for sharing. I hope you will post again.

This weekend I went to the movies with my friends Kim and Danielle to see 'Trainwreck'. I had needed a poo a bit already in the afternoon but had sort of ignored it for a while and then forgot about it. Before the movie, we had dinner at a Vietnamese place and I ate a ton. When we got to the theatre parking lot I had a pretty strong urge to go, probably from eating so much. After we had bought the tickets we were lining up to buy some popcorn and whatnot. In front of us was an Indian lady with her two daughters, a little girl and a very pretty girl of maybe 17 or 18. The older girl was wearing a super cute black skirt with white flowers which looked really great on her. She seemed bored and was joking around with her little sister. We waited in line for ages and at some point I noticed an obvious fart smell. Kim did too and she was grinning, but we didn't say anything more about it. When we finally got to buy our food, I needed to go to the toilet for a number two really quite urgently. I told the girls to go ahead and get some seats and went to bathroom.

It was busy in there with all stalls but one taken. I went in, locked the door and hung my bag on the hook. Then I pushed up my skirt, pulled down my pink panties and plopped my bum in the seat. When I started to pee, my neighbour flushed and left her cubicle. She was immediately replaced by another woman who quickly sat down on the toilet. She pulled down her skirt and black panties, and I noticed it was the Indian girl from the lineup. She shuffled her feat around for bit and then let out a short but loud fart which was immediately followed by a big sigh and the sound of poo crackling out of her bum. This went on for a while and there was no splash. Finally she let out another sigh and a series of smaller, wet farts. All this happened while I was still peeing. When I was done relieving my bladder, I leaned forward a bit and quickly started to poo. My first log came crackling out of my backdoor and splashed into the bowl. I had a small fart and then my second turd started to slide out. Meanwhile there was another big sigh from my neighbour and then again I could hear the crackling sound of her poo. Again no splash. Both her and I had now created pretty strong poop smells. I pushed again and dropped another two small logs. After that I felt much lighter. When I started to pull of some paper I could hear the Indian girl pooping some more. She must have had really big load to take care off. I wiped my front and then my back, needing only a couple of sheets. I pulled up my panties, fixed my skirt, grabbed my bag and left the stall to wash my hands. When I left the bathroom, my neighbour was still in her cubicle finishing her business. Anyhow, I got to sit down for the movie much relieved. It was really funny, too. By the end I needed to pee again, but I held it until we got home. Well, that is my story for now, I hope you liked it.

alexa v

embarrassing experience

So this was a few years ago but I thought I would post it because it's an experience i'll never forget.

I was teaching at the time and every Friday me and the teachers (Small English rural school 7 years ago) would go on the bus for swimming in the nearest town.

I didn't get in the pool myself but I would be in the Girls changing rooms to supervise and some of the other Moms would come too. It was after the lesson and the girls were getting changed. I felt a movement coming on for a while so I decided to go before we got back on the bus.
It was a common changing room, so no stalls just an open arrangement with benches showers and toilets. The toilets did have doors and locks but the locks were broken. I was in my normal clothes and had no real other option but to go.

The stalls were unfortunately big enough so I couldn't hold the door open with my leg. And it was directly opposite the busiest part of the room.

It wasn't the kids I minded seeing me go but the parents. I have had some disagreements and was friends with some of them. It being a country school we all knew each Oother.

So I got into the stall and dropped my skirt and knickers to my knees and went. A few of the kids looked in and one parent who I didn't like was helping her kid right opposite outside and smirked at me
THIS IS WHAT REALLY GOT ME and why I still remember the experience.
It really annoys me that she enjoyed seeing me exposed on the pan.
I peed a little but the main event was the poo. I was mid poo with a brown tail dangling between my legs while she was smirking in at me.
She was putting on her kids cloths but looking in at me the whole time.
I don't know if you are allowed to swear on here but I bet the B---ch enjoyed it.

When my poo hit the water I can't remember if it made a noise or not but I didn't even wipe because I didn't want to put on another show for her.
Hopefully she just thought I went for a wee.
I knew she seen my frontal area but hopefully thats all she could see.
I stood up and pulled my cloths back up, flushed and walked out.

Does anyone on here know if you can see what's going on between a persons legs?
I had my legs spread and nothing covering my crotch area. Hhow much do you think she saw? I don't even want to think about it.

Anyway thanks for reading it's the most exciting toilet story I can think of. If you enjoyed I can post again about being walked in on but it's not as exciting.

thanks Antoinette


Taking a shit at the bank

Today I went to work early this morning I woke up late I was in a hurry so I threw on my clothes grabbed a poptart drank a big glass of apple juice and left for work on the way to work my stomach bubbled a few times but it went away I got to work we was busy as usual I work in retail I worked just a five hour shift did not have any problems with my stomach the whole time I was working when I got off work I was really hungry so I went to taco bell for lunch ordered six soft tacos and a bean burrito I ate all of it I left there really full I got in my truck that's when I started getting gas I raised my right leg up and farted a long wet fart talk about stinky I did six more in about three minutes after the first one then the next one came it was a shart I had to go to the bank to talk with my banker about some personal stuff about my account I was sitting there talking with her and my stomach gurgled really loudly she asked if I was ok I said I needed to use the restroom she said sure so she lead me threw a locked door and showed me where the restroom was it as two unisex bathrooms they had four stalls no urinals it was really clean I was clenching my butt cheeks together at this point I took the first stall locked the door dropped my shorts and boxers to my ankles and sat down on the toilet first I farted a long juicy fart then I sprayed the toilet with liquid shit I farted again and a big wide thick turd slid out and plopped in the toilet boy was it a relief it smelled like meat and eggs I felt empty so I stared to wipe just as I did the door opened and a female came running in took the stall to my left dropped her pants to her ankles sat down and farted and sprayed the bowl with runny shit it lasted about three minutes she wiped then I finished wiping flushed stood up pulled my pants back up exited my stall I went to the sink to was my hands while I was doing that she flushed pulled her pants up and exited her stall to my surprise it was the female banker who was helping me she walked over to the sink and smiled and started washing her hands and said feel better I said yes she said the same we both stunk up the bathroom we walked back out and talked about my needs with my account I never thought this would ever happen to me talk about a good interesting experience if anyone has did this post it on here



Hey everyone,

To Kaitlyn: Loved your stories about pooping yourself, they were very entertaining.
To Red: I like your stories
To the unnamed poster: I'm a guy and I'm a teenager.. I actually make it most of the time these are just kinda freak accidents aha

The other day I was just chilling out when I felt like I had to poop. I ran and sat down and immediately a few logs came out without me even trying. They were all about 8 inches long and were the perfect clay consistency. I pushed lightly and another log, about 10 inches, came out. It felt really releiving.

More posts to come,

Thursday, July 23, 2015

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To Siford

You mention about kids in public toilets who could do with some more training.

Well, a few years ago, I saw something like this. I was entering the toilets at a local restaurant when a kid who was about 6 ran past me, clutching his crotch. I presumed he was desperate so I didn't complain when he took the cubicle before I got there.

He went into the cubicle and pulled his trousers and pants down, then stood in front of the toilet and did a long piss. Bearing mind he's standing in front of the toilet pissing into it at this point, there's then a massive fart and a huge turd erupts and lands on the floor behind him, followed by a puddle of runny shit. He finishes his piss, pulls up his pants and trousers and leaves, leaving a massive pile on the floor.


My poop stories

Oh my god, I can't believe I've never found this website before! I've always secretly been fascinated by poop stories and really I think they're some of the most interesting and intimate types of stories you can share. Everyone poops, but it's still a private thing, so I always have felt like sharing a good poop story is a sign of trust and a close bond! And let's face it, most of the time if someone has a good poop story it's probably funny! That being said, it is still kind of hard to openly be a "fan of poop". There is just this stigma I feel like where people think you're gross or immature if you talk about poop, and it's important to me not to be viewed as immature. That's because even though I'm 23 (just turned 23 on the 16th in fact) I am small and I have sort of a baby face so people think I'm like 15 all the time. While im describing myself, i also have straight blonde hair down to my mid back and blue eyes, and im fair skinned with some freckles. Anyway, so I don't really openly talk about poop at all except with my best friends and also there was an old boyfriend I had who knew I liked poop stories. Anyway, now that I found this amazing forum I will share my three most notable poop stories of my own.

In my sophomore year of high school I really needed to poop one day during geometry. I was trying to hold it in until the end of class but there were still a good 20 minutes left when the urge got really strong and I started turtle heading a bit, and I realized there was no way I was gonna hold it in until the end of class. So, I raised my hand...and waited...and waited...and waited... and my teacher was ignoring me! I couldn't tell if he had even ever looked my direction. It's possible he straight up didn't even see me because again, I'm small, and I was sitting near the back, but it honestly felt like he was ignoring me for some reason. I started feeling so desperate, and I needed to go poopies so bad (sorry I just think that's an adorable way to say it because Im a nanny and I say it to "my" kids all the time) that I half-inadvertently called out to my teacher in a panicked tone to notice me raising my hand. "What is it Kaitlin" he said, annoyed that I interrupted the lesson. I tried as calmly as I could to say "can I go to the bathroom?" But I guess my desperation was apparent because I heard a wave of muffled snickering wash over the room. He sighed and said "yes go ahead please sign out." I got up, immediately feeling some relief that I was heading to the bathroom. I probably relaxed too much though because as I made my way toward the sign out log near the door, I felt my load turtle heading again...but this time I couldn't stop it. I was filling out my name on the sheet when...ya happened...yep...I accidentally pooped in my pants in front of my geometry class. It was just one big solid ball of poop, and it slid out into my underwear and jeans really quickly with a muffled crackling and popping noise. I knew it caused a butt-bulge in my jeans because I had sort of tight jeans on. I just remember standing there frozen and afraid to move, staring helplessly at the paper with my name half written on it. My cheeks felt hot and flushed from embarrassment and a wave of terror washed over my whole body. I couldnt believe I had just pooped my pants at school, at 16 years old no less... or that I even did it at all. It was my first accident since my potty training days as a toddler.

I didn't even turn around and look to see how people were reacting. I could just hear people behind me having a variety of reactions from snickering, to saying "ewww!" or "oh my god..." or just gasping. I dropped the pen down without filling out the sign out sheet completely, reached behind me to feel the warm, firm bulge on my butt as I covered it so no one would see and I rushed out of the room trying not to cry. It was extremely embarassing to put it VERY lightly, but oddly I also remember as I waddled down the hallway towards the bathroom feeling this strange sense of relief. Like, more so than just going to the toilet and pooping under my own control. There was something strangely exciting about the feeling of my body just deciding on its own when it was time for relief...but ultimately, the humiliation of having an accident in school was the more prominent take away from that experience... it made for some pretty self conscious days being at school the rest of the year, and obviously word got around and the whole school knew that I pooped my pants....but, over time, it just kind of became something funny to joke about with my closest friends. It became my signature poop story.

A few years later while I was in college I played softball. I went to a smaller college and we were a divison ii ncaa school, but our softball program had seen some success in the years shortly before my time so the program was taken very seriously. The coaches were very strict and there were days where practice would run way longer than it should. It wasn't uncommon for girls to be racing to the locker room when we were finally dismissed from practice because most of us had to pee pretty bad from drinking water and Gatorade and exercising for a long time. None of my teammates ever had an accident during or after practice but there were definitely some desperate moments and some super obvious pee pee dances from the girls who didn't win the races to the toilets. Well, one day I had a dilemma. I needed to go poopies pretty bad towards the end of practice and my full bladder wasn't helping the situation. When we were dismissed I tried booking it to the locker room but running made my bladder hurt really bad which was putting more pressure on my bowels. I had to stop running or else I was gonna completely pee and poop my shorts on the way to the bathroom in front of my college teammates and coaches. I continued with a brisk walking pace, trying my best to hold it as I watched other girls pass me and I started feeling panicked that they were gonna get to the stalls first. I was almost in tears from being so desperate. Still, I tried my best to hold it and continued. When I reached the locker room I was starting to leak little spurts of pee into my undies and I was turtle heading. Every stall was occupied and there were 4 girls waiting ahead of me for vacant ones. I stood there squirming as I crossed my legs and tried to stop the now slow and steady stream of pee that was trickling into my shorts, and clenched my cheeks to fight my poop back in. I only waited another second before my brain told me that I had 0 chance of making it to the toilet in time. I gave up waiting on a stall and rushed toward the showers, which were around a corner and there were partitions between the shower stalls for a little privacy, and iripped my shorts and undies down as fast as I could as my bladder started emptying pee full force. It ran down my legs a bit before I got my undies all the way down and squatted by the drain. That similar feeling of immense relief came over me and I might have actually sighed in relief as I peed. As the was happening I of course let go from the other end too. I felt a long solid log snake out of me, break off and go "splat!" as it hit the pee puddle on the tile shower floor. It was quickly followed by two more logs and two more "splats!" I felt equally ashamed as I did relieved. Luckily no one else had hit the showers yet so all I had to do was quickly slide my panties and shorts back up and get the hell out of there and not be seen in the showers so I couldt be linked to the offensive mess that I made. I successfully got out of there unseen, and to further try and cover up what I did, I went back to the line of girls waiting for stalls and did my best fake pee pee dance...then I listened to the chaos unfold after a teammate loudly called out "someone crapped in the shower!" I just played it cool and acted just as grossed out and amused as everyone else there. No one found out I was the culprit, even though I probably had a hard core skidmark on my butt because I didn't wipe, and I felt messy back there. It was giving me a wedgie and so I figured it was showing through my shorts which were light gray over white panties, and also I had wet myself a little so the crotch of my shorts were a much darker shade of gray than the rest of them. . But I totally got away with it some how, and managed to avoid a big time accident in front of my college teammates which I'm certain would have happened if I tried waiting. I wound up confessing the whole story to my then-boyfriend later on, which he found hilarious and awesome.

I'm actually out of time but I'll give you a little teaser for my third story which is brand new and the reason I found this forum.. it was 90 degrees today and felt like 100 and I went to a BBQ on the beach my client family was attending. I went along to watch their kids who I nanny for. I had a good time and ate a lot of good food and swam in the ocean with the kiddos. At the end of the party I got in my car just as I realized I needed to go poopies. But i didn't worry about it because I only live about 8 minutes from the beach...but I failed to consider that it was around dinner time on a hot Sunday so everyone who had been at the beach all day was heading home, I got stuck on the causeway in bumper to bumper traffic. TO BE CONTINUED


Reply to kmd and question about laxative usage

Well, thank you for answering. I used to read and enjoy your technical posts a lot and also thought you were somewhat expert in anatomy. I think of myself as some kind of polymath and that's why i enjoy knowing more about anatomy much like i would do with other subjects.

If you read my posts you'll find that everytime i find a story about women holding back bowel movements for days or even weeks long, especially in a deliberate fashion, i'm impressed if not awestruck, and i also keep remarking that men rarely write about these experiences. You'll also find that i would like to manage something like that too but can't because i'm doing some serious PT (boxing training). One time i reached it though (5 days) but the movement wasn't so massive or time consuming as i expected it to be. Another time i also planned to hold it for four days but on the third one i somewhat stopped farting, became bloated and then had a serious urge to go in the evening. Now that you say that also women experience trouble in emptying their bladders while holding back movements i'm even more impressed and i'm asking myself if holding back stools for a long time (someone even mentioned three weeks and then going for one hour but i'm rather skeptic about it) could also induce kidney problems (you can't hold your pee without experiencing distention of the relevant muscle and risking having your pee going back into the kidneys and causing damage).

Anyways, i wonder about what kind of laxative you would take if you had not gone (not deliberately but due to no urge) for days, for example 5 days, and its results. What would happen if you took something bulk forming like Metamucil at this point? Could it be enough? What would happen if you took something inflammatory like ExLax instead? Would it necessarily turn all your stools into mush or liquid or would them remain the same?

Catherine - You are absolutely right! The best BM's are the long firm ones that exit easily and make you feel great afterwards. Glad everything is going well for you!

Since I got back to work from vacation, I'm eating healthier and drinking more water, especially working outside in the heat. Because I'm back on a normal schedule, my bowels are returning to normal also. Back to pooping at about 6:45 every morning.

This mornings production was especially pleasing, a 16 inch long, 2 inch thick turd that curled around to the left. It looked like a perfect number 6. Hopefully I can keep this up.

That's all to report for now. Hope you all have a great day.

Brandon T

comments& stuff

To: Sydney first welcome to the site and great story about your big poop it sounds like you really had to go pretty bad and a lot to from the sound of it and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Taylor (Shelbis sister) great story.

To: Annie as always another great pooping story it sounds like you had a really great poop and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great story.

To: Jasmin K great story.

On sundays episode of golan the insatiable they had a a female fart scene Alexis a girl in the show farted half way through the sjow it was a long fart to.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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