My name's Megan, and I have an awkward peeing/pooping/diaper story from many years ago.
I was about 14, so this was 12 or so years ago, and my cousins Meredith and Kaitlin came down from California for Christmas. They came a couple weeks early, and we all wanted to go see the Lord of the Rings movie which was coming out. We went to go see the late night showing, but my mom made me take a shower before we left. Since i was a bed wetter, I would always put on a pull-up after showering even if I had some time left before going to bed. So I put on a pullup after my shower, but I wore regular clothes, jeans and a tshirt, to the movie. Kaitlin and Meredith knew I wet the bed and all, but they didn't figure out i had it on until we got to our seats and they said "lol are you wearing a pull-up?" and I showed it to them and said "yeah I put it on before we left." Meredith said "Haha yeah we should've worn pull-ups this movie's supposed to be like four hours long" and Kaitlin said "I didn't even get a drink, unlike Megs over here." I actually ended up getting a large Dr. pepper, which wasn't my best decision ever. After the first third of the movie or so, I ran out of dr. pepper which was a bad sign because that meant it was all heading straight for my bladder, but I didn't really notice because I passed out about halfway through because the movie was so long and because of the pull-up. Since I really only wear pull-ups to bed I felt like I was in my pajamas the whole time which I guess is why I felt so sleepy. I woke up about 10 mins. later to the feeling of peeing myself which scared me the rest of the way awake. I suddenly remembered that I had the pull-up on and then realized I had peed the whole soda. It ended up leaking a little at the bottom but nobody noticed. The movie ended so late that we had to leave right after it ended because my aunt doesn't like driving in the dark. Kaitlin Meredith and I had to use the bathroom right before we left but the line was so long that we didn't have time, which sucked the most for me because I had to poop. It got worse when we got out into the cold air, and even worse when we sat in the cold car. My aunt told me we would be home soon, but I was bending over holding my stomach. Meredith said "ew you're not gonna poop your pull-up are you?" but I couldn't answer because the urge was so severe, until i suddenly couldn't take it anymore and a massive log of poop popped right out without much effort. Kaitlin sniffed a couple of times and said "oh my god did you actually do it?" half-demanding, half-whispering, to which I smiled really big and whispered "yep," after which I was greeted with a chorus of "EEWWW!"s and howling laughter as they tried to bunch up against the other side of the car. When we finally got home they rushed me to my room grabbed a new pull-up from the closet and tossed me into the bathroom with it. I got cleaned up (had to shower again) and changed this time into pjs. We stayed up a little bit longer in my room talking, and Kaitlin drank a lot of soda because she didn't get any at the movies. right before we went to sleep kaitlin ran to the restroom to pee and then to my closet. She ran back in after a minute and we asked what she was doing, and she said "I took one of your pullups cause I drank too much soda and I might pee the bed lol" so Meredith and I pantsed her and sure enough, there was the pull-up, with the little pink flowers and all. only she screamed and pulled her pants back up real quickly. "Meredith you have to put one on too" I exclaimed, but she didn't want to. We eventually had to force her into the closet until she put one on. She eventually came out and pulled the leg of her shorts up to show she had it on. She then said something like, "omg i haven't worn these in so long" and then we got into a conversation about bedwetting and other times we had accidents and other embarrassing stories in general. We eventually decided that me pooping myself in the car that day was the grossest/most embarrassing, then we went finally went to sleep.
I have a few other stories, but I'm getting tired so I'll post them on a later date. See ya :)

Post Title (optional)bus accident

I remember this very well although it was many, many years ago when I was 7. I had been visiting my grandparents over Christmas break and my parents had some car problems a day before they were going to pick me up. So they decided that the only way for me to get home was by bus(about 180 miles) My Grandparents prepared me for the trip. The buses had no bathrooms at that time. The bus would make a stop in small towns along the way. I was to stay on the bus unless I had to go to the bathroom. So the morning of my trip we were up early and I sat on the toilet hoping to poop but no luck. So off we went to the nearby town to catch the bus. We had been on the bus about 1/2 hour when we came to our first town. The bus driver said we would be there about 15 or 20 minutes so almost everyone got off. I did not because I didn't need to use bathroom. So I had some books and toys with me to occupy my time. Things were about to go down hill shortly there after. The time was about up and everyone including the bus driver was getting back on the bus. It was then that I got my first urge to go poop. I did not no what to do. I was a afraid that if I got off the bus then that the bus might leave without me(remember I am only 7)so I decide I will hold it for the next stop. I did not know that I would be over an hour before that stop. Even before the bus pulled out of town I was in trouble because the urge was becoming stronger and stronger. We past several small towns but the bus didnot stop and I was getting despirate and yet on the bus went. Being only 7 I had not had many experieces where I had to hold my poop very long so it was not very long before I could feel the crap sliding into my pants. And it smelled bad. Fortunately nobody was sitting very close to me. In a few short minutes I had filled my pants and now I had to sit init until the buses next stop which turned out to be over 30 minutes.I was feeling awful. As the bus was just pulling into the next town I vomited all over the seat and floor of bus. I think I got sick because first there was the fear of messing my pants and then the shame of actually doing it. I RUSHED off the bus to try and clean my self up in the bathroom. The bus driver who proably had to clean up the mess on the bus knocked on bathroom door to see if I was O K. I was fealing much better and the rest of the bus trip went o k. The bus driver told my Mother that I was sick on the bus. She was surprised because I rarely threw up. So she asked me why and I told about going the bathroom in my pants. I took a bath when we got home and this was never mentioned again.


For Steven and Charlie

I don't think they called it enco but I was always constipated in grade school and middle school. Once when I was 12 I did this unbelievably huge mom noticed something in it that I had eaten like 2 weeks before......really freaked her out to think I'd been holding that long.

There is a picture of me then....standing at the beach in a belly is just sticking waaaaay out.....I was just packed so bad that day.....

At about 14 I started to get better and began having bowel movements every two or three days.....very wide and hard....but at least I could push them out. They would never flush; I had to cut them up with a knife.

Then.....gradually my movements got softer and longer; not as wide or hard. I absolutely love sitting on the toilet today. They feel so awesome. (Im in grade 12) often do your parents ask you about your bowel movements?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Shanon it sounds like had a pretty nasty poop I bet you felt good after.

To: Chollie it sounds like you had a rough time.

To: Megan it sounds like you had a great poop.

To: Abby it sounds you had a great poop and I bet your sister felt good once she got done to.

To: Bethy it sounds like had a great poop and really enjoyed it to and I bet you felt great after.

Sincerly Brandon T



Hi shanon, I really enjoyed your post. I hope you'll continue to post in the future, maybe about times you've had diarrhea? :)


Post Title (optional)To Janna: Constipated Coworker

Hi Janna: The best stories on this site are often those which are the best written and yours is one of them.
I am sure you would have loved to be invited in his stall to assist him.

I very much enjoyed your story and am looking forward to more from you.



Outdoor pooping

I've loved pooping outside ever since I was a little girl. The first time I pooped outside was when I was 11. I walked home from school every day, and cut through a wooded area to take a shortcut to our house. Well, one day when I was walking home, I was hit with a massive urge to poop. It was crazy how literally one second I felt no need at all, then the next I was on the verge of pooping my pants.

I tried to keep walking as it would take maybe five minutes to get home and on the toilet. But my body wasn't having any of that. Every step was torture, the poop threatening to come out constantly. I was close to the wooded area shortcut and somehow I made it far enough to be shielded from any onlookers. I knew then that I'd had to go in the bushes, or in my pants. And the bushes seemed more desirable.

I pulled my pants and panties down and squatted and let my poop go. Within seconds, there were several brown stinky turds piled up beneath me. I hardly remember it happening, just the feeling of having to poop super bad, but then all of a sudden it was over and I didn't need to go any longer. The feeling of relief was amazing and really the only unpleasant part was being unable to wipe afterwards. I just had to pull up and walk the rest of the way home, and I took a shower as soon as I got there.

After that, I realized that I liked pooping outside, and tried to think of how I could do it in the future. About a week later, I got the idea to pack a roll of toilet paper in a compartment of my backpack. That day I held in my poop all day and rushed to the woods to poop. Then I used my toilet paper to wipe and found the experience much more enjoyable than the first time.

It became a routine after that, and I'd poop in the woods on the way home most days, only using the toilet at school to pee or for emergency poops I couldn't hold. This continued for several years until we moved away and there wasn't a secluded place for me to poop anywhere close to home. I had no choice but to stop pooping outdoors. After that though, I got into camping, and that satisfied my desire to poop outside, and I still try to go a couple times every year.

So, that's my story. Hope it wasn't too wordy or boring.


Massive dump

I had trouble with my bowels until yesterday. I had been passing nothing more than hard chunks but yesterday I had a coffee and a bottle of water and the urge kicked in while I was folding laundry. I was struggling to hold it. About a week's worth of crap wanted out. I went to the bathroom and pulled everything down and pushed. It hurt a little but I could feel how huge the load was, stretching my hole. It only took me a couple of minutes to poop everything out. I stood up to look and Omg there was sooo much. There had to have been about 1.5 feet of shit that came out...and another smaller one underneath it. My husband was shocked at the size of it
He had to plunge the toilet after too :(


Reply to Anne

Hi Anne. I'm not a doctor but what you say about having to pee hourly where previously you could hold it all day is, I think, one of the typical syptoms of lare pregnancy. When you think about it, the pregnancy's bound to put a lot of pressure on your internal organs - including the bladder. That in turn, is likely to prevent it from filling and holding as it would normally. Thanks for sharing your experience of the stable poo - it sounds like a practical and sensible thing to do under the circumatances. I hope all goes well and that the happy event isn't too far off now.


Listening at work again

Hey. I'm back with another story. Yesterday, towards the end of the work day, I had a small urge to poop building. I felt I could hold it for another hour, as it wasn't that intense. But an hour later, when I was packing up, the need had completely subsided and I actually forgot I had to go until I was heading down the stairs.

Rather than go back up, I figured I'd just use the bathroom on the ground floor. I headed to the bathroom and all of the stalls were available. I went in the one closest to the door. I sat down and was pushing out my first log when I heard the exterior bathroom door swing open and a clack-clack-clack sound of high heels on the tiled floor. The women went in to a stall.

The bathroom was completely silent and I could even hear the rustling of her clothes being lowered. She began to pee and let out a short sigh, as my log fell with a splash. She peed for a long time and I let out a small turd. When her pee stream had stopped, there were four or five small splashes in rapid succession. I felt a big turd coming out then and had to push a little. She let out a high-pitched squeaky fart and another plop, then began to wipe. My log snapped off then, and she flushed and exited the stall. I needed to wipe a lot, while she washed her hands. She had left the bathroom by the time I finished and went to wash my hands.

I was curious who the mystery pooper was, though I assumed I'd probably never know. As I was leaving the bathroom, I noticed the secretary at the front desk was sitting down at her desk. I couldn't be absolutely certain it was her I had heard, but it was highly likely.

Friday, March 08, 2013

So right now, im sitting on the toilet in the ladies room at wal-mart. Just had a very large dump, and ill tell the whole story beginning to now.

First a little about myself. My name is shanon, im 18, female, blonde hair, fair skin, and about 5'9. Some of my favorite activities include running and pooping. Lol.

So on with the story.... About an hour ago, i had just got out of school, and i always have to poop when school ends. But the urge to go was unusually bad today. Im pretty sure it was the brazillian food i had last night. Ive had very bad gas all day as well. Well, when school got out, i remembered that i needed some more school supplies (pencils, etc.), and there is a wal mart fairly close to my school. I had to poop very bad, i had ???? cramps, and some pretty bad gas. I decided that if i got REALLY urgent, then i would just use the ladies room at walmart. So i get to walmart, look around, got a pack of pencils, a new calculator, and then... A really bad cramp hit me, and i felt a real big fart coming. I looked around, and i was the only person in the isle, so slightly bent over and let it out. It was a very deep and long fart... And WET. I was like: "oh crap!" then i realized that i really needed to use the restroom. Now walmart is a big place, so i found a guy that worked there. I asked him, "where is the nearest ladies room?" he gave me directions, and i waddled over to the restroom. It seemed so far away. I think it was the most wet fart ive ever had in my life! Im wearing a tight red shirt and black leggings and white panties, and i had one hand on my booty as i went to the restroom (it was so obvious...). So when i get to the ladies room, two of the stalls were occupied. The only open stall was the one in the middle. I am not a shy pooper at all, so i took the middle stall. I dropped my stuff, pulled my leggings and white panties down to my knees and sat. The to women on either side of me were very quite... Shortly after i sat on the toilet, i sighed, and let out another long and very deep fart. The two women shifted uncomfortably. That fart was followed by a little diarrhea, then some more gas, then a really long turd. It felt AWESOME! then one lady flushed and left the stall. I still felt alot more in me, but it was mostly more gas. I sat there and farted some more, then i had some more loose poop. My stall smelled pretty bad. At that point, the other ladt flushed and left as well. I sat and let out the rest of my dump.

And now here i am! Same toilet. All done. (though i think i still have some gas) well, now im gonna wipe and get outta here. Bye!


Constipated Coworker

Hello everyone, I have some free time so I would like to share another story with all of you. This one happened a couple years ago shortly after I started working at my current job. I was assigned to work alongside one of my fellow employees who had a few years of seniority so that he could show me the ropes. His name is Chris, he was 28 years old at the time, a little older than me as I was only 24. He was very attractive, he had short brown hair and either gray or hazel eyes. He was only a little taller than me, probably average height for a man. He worked out fairly often though, and it showed. He also had a really good sense of humor, and had dimples in his cheeks when he smiled which was very often. He was in a pretty serious relationship at the time, so there was never anything sexual between us, but I really did enjoy working with him. This story is about a different kind of intimate experience that had happened between us.
There was a big project we had been working on for days. We were a little ahead of schedule with it and had been close to finishing it up one day as normal working hours were winding down. Chris asked me if I wouldn't mind putting in a little overtime to complete the project ahead of schedule. He told me that it would be a big help to him and that he would let our superiors know how much I had a hand in it's completion. I agreed. Not only did I appreciate the opportunity to gain some recognition in my new career, but I had also really enjoyed my time with Chris and felt we became close over such a short period of time.
Some time had passed since the majority of our coworkers had departed. Chris and I had made serious progress and were just about finished with our task at hand. We were working in Chris' office, which wasn't all that spacious. Our proximity had us working almost on top of each other. Which was great. Chris was wearing a light blue button up dress shirt with the top two buttons open and a pair of dark gray executive slacks. He had started the day smelling like fabric softener and decent cologne, but that had faded by now. And a few times I believed I smelled a fart, but I thought it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I could see from Chris' office that our janitor had come in and was currently cleaning the bathrooms. I wanted to pee before we left and saw that he was currently working on the Men's Room toilet. As we continued working I saw Chris fidget a little in his chair. I noticed that the janitor had mopped the Men's Room floor and had propped open the door to let it dry. I turned my focus back to Chris to see him slightly adjust his position in his chair. And then I smelled it. Definitely a fart. And it had a strong earthy odor to it. Chris looked at me to see if I had noticed. When our eyes locked he laughed and I had smiled back at him. He apologized and said he was waiting for the janitor to finish cleaning the bathroom so that he could take a shit. He confided in me that he usually goes earlier in the day but he had been too focused on our project. I told him that I was not offended and that he should relieve himself before he has an accident and that I would continue working in his absence. As he excused himself past me I couldn't help but gaze at his beautiful ass through the back of his slacks and fantasize about what was about to take place. As he neared the bathrooms I became overcome by my feelings and did not want to miss out on an opportunity like what had just presented itself. I quickly and quietly exited Chris' office and made my way across the workspace over to the bathrooms. The only person around besides Chris and myself was the janitor and he was in the Ladies' Room. He had just begun to clean that side so I figured I had awhile to spy on Chris.
I tiptoed over to the open door and peaked inside. There were three urinals lined up against the wall on the left side, two sinks were just beyond the door on the right, and past the sinks were two stalls. There was almost two feet of space between the bottom of the stall partition and the floor so I could see the bottom of Chris' legs underneath. I had arrived just in time to catch him backing up to the toilet and lowering his trousers to the floor. I could hear the clank of the toilet seat as he lowered his ass onto it. I was immediately greeted by a fart that had echoed out of the toilet bowl and carried by the acoustics of the bathroom walls. He began to piss forcefully into the toilet. He must have been aiming towards the front of the bowl as the sound of his stream changed from hitting water to hitting porcelain. As he was peeing he let out another short fart. This fart was followed by a light plop of a small poop hitting the water. His stream slowed and then stopped. Another fart sounded from his stall, this one a little longer. I heard a couple drips of urine falling from Chris' penis. Another fart, they were getting a little longer and sounded more forced. I looked next door to make sure I wasn't caught by the janitor but he still must be busy inside. There were several more farts forced out by my coworker over the next several minutes. I had begun to hear Chris' breathing as well. It sounded like Chris was having some trouble with his bowels. I heard a grunt from Chris but no answer from his anus. He had been in the bathroom for close to ten minutes at this point and I was beginning to feel naughty. The janitor was still in the Ladies' Room and I had decided some company may help Chris along with his dump.
I walked into the Men's Room and stopped by the sinks. "Chris?" I said. "Oh! Hi Janna, sorry for taking so long." Chris responded from inside his stall. "No it's OK Chris." I told him, then added that I was having trouble with the project and asked him about something I had already learned and knew it would take awhile to explain. I then added that I had needed to use the bathroom too but the Ladies' was currently in the process of being cleaned. "Do you mind if I join you in here?" I asked. I was basically standing right outside his stall at this point. "No I don't, please go ahead. And I have to apologize about the smell." He said with a chuckle. I had made my way into the adjoining stall and smelled the same strong but earthy odor I had smelled in his office only a little more pungent in here. I had worn a pants suit today and lowered my bottoms to the floor before sitting on the toilet. I had a red thong on today and left it stretched at my shins so that Chris might be able to see it below the partition. I noticed that I had goosebumps on my legs. There were several moments of silence before I was able to begin my stream. I had trouble focusing on draining my bladder due to my current state of arousal. I also didn't want to make to much noise so I could hear any sounds coming from the neighboring stall. It wasn't long before I was finished but there still was no sound from Chris. "Are you OK?" I asked him hoping to break the ice. "Yeah I guess." Was his answer, equal parts embarrassment and defeat. I told him that it was OK for him to go while I was in there. He thanked me and followed up with a short breath and another fart. This one was extremely loud as it echoed from the bowl. "Sorry!" Said Chris but I responded with encouragement, "Quite alright, that was a good one!". Chris took another deep breath and started what is probably the longest fart I have heard in my life. It started off as a hiss and but as pressure built the pitch went higher and the reverberation from his buttcheeks added a sputtering sound to it. It may have clocked in at about ten seconds long and it ended with a wet squishing sound. I still did not hear anything hit the water below however. I complemented him on his fart and pushed further to see if he would open up about his progress. It was then that he admitted he was slightly constipated. I had finished my piss some time ago but had been going a little overboard wiping. I flushed the toilet and redressed myself. I then went back outside of Chris' stall and gave him some advice such as going onto the balls of his feet or marching his legs in place. I had heard only a couple more farts or nothing at all. Chris then tried to give up but I told him to give it one last try and either try hovering over the seat or squatting on top of it. Chris had laughed at the later but was afraid he would fall in. I offered to help him but he rejected the offer. I was actually looking in through the crack in the door at this time and made the suggestions to try and catch a glimpse of his penis. Mission accomplished. He had put his hands on his knees and lifted his ass off the seat a few inches to try one last push. I could see his package hanging between his legs but his effort was met with no success. I waited for him at the sinks and we washed our hands together while I apologized for his difficulty and he thanked me for offering assistance. We then finished up our work and left separately shortly afterwards.
Sorry for the length of the post but this event meant a lot to me. Chris is now married to the girl he was dating at the time but I still work with him often and we are still very close. I have a few more stories to post and will add them when I have time. I hope you all enjoy this.


Hurricane Sandy Diarrhea

First off, I have to say that my family was very lucky. I don't want to make light of the situation, because many others had it far worse than we did. So if this story gives you a chuckle, maybe you can find a reputable charity and make a donation - because many people are still in dire straits.

My story began that Monday night, when the winds came through and the power went out. For the next several days, we just sat at home mostly, or in the car trying to power our cell phones through the car battery. We ate cold canned food, and finally got the gas stove to work. So we had lots of spam and hot coffee, and one day made pasta somehow. After a couple of days a few fast food places opened up, and we were able to get the usual breakfast sandwiches they made. Then it began to get colder, and of course we could not take hot showers. By that Friday night the temperature got down to 52 degrees Fahrenheit (11 Celsius) in the house, and it was hard to sleep. So on Saturday we finally found a nearby hotel that both (i) had power and (ii) was not entirely booked. I think they took pity on us!

First thing I did, even before taking off my old clothes, showering and putting on one of the few sets of clean outfits I had left, was turn the heat way up in the room and order a large hot meal from room service. I had a big cheeseburger with fries and some soup, I think. Then I logged my laptop into to the hotel Wi-Fi and tried to catch up on my emails and world events. As I was doing that, I felt myself farting, or that I had farted - I couldn't really tell. Only after a moment or so did I realize that it was not a fart. Warm liquid suddenly filled my pants!

I then got up, took off my dirty and now diarrhea-soaked jeans, and ran into the shower. While I was showering and "cleansing" the area, I could not even tell whether or not the "incident" was over, much less have any power over what was happening down there! It was a catastrophic and total loss of control of that portion of the gastrointestinal system. I really can't compare it to anything else. So I just stayed in the shower until I could at least determine that the "incident" was over with, cleaned up extensively, and then sat on the toilet just to make sure I could somehow re-establish some semblance of a normal situation down there.

Again, we were very lucky. And things started to get better for us from that time forward.

Steven A

To: Tyler, Survey/2 Questions For Tyler

(1) From this moment; when was your last BM. Was it "normal"?

Yes, I guess 1 or 2 days ago...

(2) Typically....are you "regular"? Have BM's pretty much the same time each day or interval?


(3) Have you ever had an enema, suppository or laxative given to you to help you go to the bathroom?

No, but I do eat Fiber One/Plus Bars, and them work at times.

(4) Over your life....has a parent ever questioned you about your BM's....or asked you not to flush so they could be observed?

Yes, never observed but asked.

(5) If you miss a day or the eventual BM longer, wider, or both? Harder or not?

IDK, maybe, not to sure...

(6) Do you typically think about your BM's? ie: Do you keep track of at "trying" if you notice you haven't gone for a while....or is it just natural and "let nature take care of it"?

No, but if I miss more than 2 or 3 days or more, then I start to get concerned.

(7) Other than the actual "urge" you feel just prior to evacuation....can you feel your bowels at all? If you miss a few you feel "full" or uncomfortable in any way?

Yes, I don't think I felt to full when I was constipated for maybe 3 or 4 days one time.

Questions To Tyler:

How does your condition affect your school life?

What grade are your in at school?

Imogen- Thanks for your comments. You're right, the rocking motion of the train makes you need to wee faster. I had to wee again on the way back home too. Sorry to hear you had an accident but at least since it was raining it wasn't as noticeable. Enjoyed your live poo too!

Abbie- Sounds like you had an urgent poo at school! Sorry it had been 3 days since you last went though.

It was three days since I went too when I went today at uni. After a lecture I had a strong urge so I went to the loos. Both cubicles were free so I took one and sat. After a minute two turds came out, followed by another a minute later. I farted and then a girl came in and took the other cubicle. She started a wee which lasted over a minute- either she was bursting or she had a big bladder! I did three more logs and found I only had to wipe twice. Will post again soon!


looking at myself on the toilet

i enjoy those single use bathrooms with a full length mirror right in front of the toilet. i just went to one of the single use bathrooms at my school to poo, and i was able to watch myself while i pooed. it was funny to see myself with my pants around my shins and see all the funny faces i make whilst pooing. :) anyone else experience this? thoughts?

I occasionally like to take a dump on the floor. It's just much more interesting than doing it in a toilet... today I did that and produced what must have been the biggest crap of my life. I usually go every day but I'd held this one in for two days, and eaten so much food to make myself as full as possible. So I squatted on the floor and could feel the first piece starting to move out. It felt huge and my asshole was beginning to hurt already. I didn't have to push but just let it slide out and a three inch by five inch turd dropped onto the floor. A similar one followed, but slightly longer and thicker and this time I had to lift my ass up to let it make its way out. The smell was already pretty strong, and then I felt my asshole opening again. I started to squeeze out a very long, thick, slightly soft log that curled on top of the other two turds. I again had to raise myself up to let it all slide out. I farted a couple times and a few smaller pieces plopped out, then I stood to admire my creation. There were two dark, hard, kind of knobbly turds that were both about three inches thick, and on top of them a lighter, smooth log that was longer but just as thick. Cleaning up took ages but it was worth it.


At Alison's house

Over the weekend I was going over my friend Ali's house. Before I left on Saturday I need to take shit. I walked to the bathroom and my sister was in there. She always has really bad diearreh all the time. She spends about 20 minutes in there always shitting her brains out. I knocked on the door and all I heard was her splashing and moaning. She said you better take a shit at Ali's because ill be here for a while. I knew it was gonna be long so I left her alone to shit while my mom drove me to Ali's house. When I arrived I put my stuff down and told Ali I needed to take a shit. I quickly went to the bathroom and sat down as quick as possible. At this point I needed to go bad. I sat there and let out a few nice farts followed by a nice thick log which felt so nice. I kept on farting and pooping for 5 minutes and it felt so great. I whipped l, flushed, and left with a bathroom that smelled terrible.

Back one summer when I was 14 I was staying a weekend at my friends house while my parents went on an anniversary trip. Of course we had been eating a lot of junk food and pizza and stuff, and by mid-day Saturday I had to poop badly. We were swimming in the pool though and I didn't want to get out, dry off, and be embarrassed while my friend waited for me to poop in his bathroom. So I chose to hold it. Soon we got out of the pool and went out front to dry off, and we sat on the curb. I told him I had to go badly and he laughed. I was about to get up and go, but he jumped on me and held me down on the sidewalk. He was much bigger than me, and held me so I was laying face up and flat on the concrete. I was yelling telling him how serious I was, but he laughed and thought it was a big joke. I told him I was gonna poop myself if he didn't let me go. Just as he lost interest in watching me suffer, I lost control. He was just about to let me up when my butt hole forced itself open and pushed out a series of logs of all sizes. Since my butt was pressed flat against the ground, the poop just squished up and down my crack to wherever there was space. I was wearing tighty whities under my bathing suit too which didn't help. In between the turds I farted loudly and my friend quickly realized what happened. I couldn't stop pooping though, and it stunk! My friend started to laugh even harder telling me how nasty that is. As I regained control of my anus, I sat up, which was a bad idea. The poop mushed even more around my waist area, and I jumped up. I was really mad and yelled at my friend telling him to go get my clothes bag out of the house. After a few more minutes of laughing, he went in for my clothes. But he came back out with his mom who noticed all the laughter, and she didn't find it very funny. She told me I needed to be hosed off before anything. I was very embarrassed, being a 14 year old boy who just pooped himself, and now needed to be hosed off by my friends mom! The garden hose was hooked up to the faucet in the front yard, and his mom didn't feel like moving it to the back, so she was going to do it right there!! She told me to take off my pants carefully. When I got my swimsuit off I could already see a brown mess leaking from my tighty whities. And when I took those off, I couldn't believe how much poop I had done and how much it all mushed around. It was all around. His mom turned the hose on and sprayed me with the cold water. I tried to keep my back to them both, but she made me turn around to clean me up. It was very embarrassing, because cold water never does any good to a boy my age. Some of the poop was in places that she had to get close up to reach, and she even made me hold my buttcheeks open to hose off my crack. After she was satisfied with the hose, she dried me with a towel. At that age, that was taking it too far. But I didn't say anything, and she told me to go right inside to the toilet to finish up any more that had to come out. That is probably the most embarrassed I had ever been. Luckily, we have a lot of privacy on the streets here in Hawaii. I am still friends with him today, but it is always awkward around his mom!



Do u get constipated a lot?
How often do u get poop-stains on your underwear and reasons why?
Do u use fiber,enemas, laxatives and how often?
Do u get stomach cramps when u get diarrhea?
Have u ever wet yourself as an adult or teen including bed wetting?

My story
It was Sunday i was at church. I was the musician. When me and the girls got in our positions to sing i was using the harp. I had to go #2 really bad when i came in. I sat down in the chair. 30 minutes later i felt the #2 coming out of my but. I moved a little to get it back up so i wouldn't get to much of a stain on my underwear. 15 minutes later I was desperately holding it in so bad. Then some of it started touching my panties. I couldn't hold it anymore the air around me smelled funny. i was embarrassed. When it was over i started crying. Jane asked me why? I said i had an accident. She said, it's o.k. this happens to me sometimes and my daughter. Her daughter blushed and said yes i did. Let's go get u cleaned up i have a spare pair of panties in my purse just in case.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013


To Tyler--Survey Answers

1) From this moment; about 12 hours ago. I went, but I had to grunt and strain alot to get it out!

(2) Typically....are you "regular"? Have BM's pretty much the same time each day or interval?--I wouldn't say regular as in on the same schedule every day, but even when it is hard to go I still try at least twice a day to go on my own.

(3) Have you ever had an enema, suppository or laxative given to you to help you go to the bathroom? pretty much constantly. I can count on all hands and toes the number of bowel movements I've had in the last three years which were not induced by laxatives, enemas, or suppositories

(4) Over your life....has a parent ever questioned you about your BM's....or asked you not to flush so they could be observed? Yes

(5) If you miss a day or the eventual BM longer, wider, or both? Harder or not? if I miss even one day lately its so constipated I can't get it out unless I dig it, use an enema, suppository, or laxative.

(6) Do you typically think about your BM's? ie: Do you keep track of at "trying" if you notice you haven't gone for a while....or is it just natural and "let nature take care of it"? I try to keep track but don't always succeed

(7) Other than the actual "urge" you feel just prior to evacuation....can you feel your bowels at all? If you miss a few you feel "full" or uncomfortable in any way? yes and sometimes if I miss more than three days, I look like I'm pregnant with poop!

Do you use lots of laxatives, enemas and such, Tyler?

I just got home from home depot where I took a nice dump. It was a big bathroom with 6 or 7 stalls and a few urinals. While I was pooping, a few others also came in for a dump. It was very quiet in the bathroom, no music or anything, so you could hear everything. Does anyone have any stories about pooping in a big bathroom with other people? Its cool to sit back and listen.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Tech Guy it sounds you got some good sights in germany getting to see your friend and her mom poop.

To: Leah great pee story.

To: Uknown Poster great story about hearing that girl poop.

To: Annie it sounds like your bladder is now in overdrive.

To: Steven A nope im not and nope dont know em.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Mr. Clogs

Took a dump at the mall today.

I was at the mall today which is Monday. I went to the mall to kill some time since they clean the streets by my house. So I was browsing the stores and walking around and I needed to relieve myself in the men's room. I took the handicap stall but the door wouldn't lock. So I exited the stall and went to the very middle one. I wiped down the seat and covered it with toilet paper. I undid my pants followed by my underwear and sat down. I had to push the whole time to get the poop out of me. The stall's door had a bunch of gaps in it so not really private moment, but I had to go to the bathroom really bad sacrifice some privacy. Luckily my jacket filled most of the gap. Once I was finished, I wiped several times to clean up the poop from between my butt cheeks since I didn't want any poop stained underwear. While I was wiping, I got some poop on my finger (I hate that). I got up from the toilet and flushed and washed my hands and got me something to eat at the food court.


P-Princess: Interesting post about pooping black turds, at least the hospital they can see what it was and give you something to help you get back to normal color poop. Did that black poop really stink as you're making your bowel movement? Just curious if it did. I enjoy reading your posts and keep them coming. You asked about Buzzy, wow that's going back in the early days! That's when this site was really interesting, Cute Linda, again that's going way back in the early Toiletstool days. I started posting back in 2005, gee that's a long time, I see many great posters come and go. I hope I didn't scare anyone, LOL!! I'm a sweetheart by the way, and I like to share my toilet related experiences with ya'll. Thanks.

That's all for now, have a great evening everyone.

Mr. Clogs

To Imogen

How often do you dribble in your knickers? I presume this is when you're really really desperate. Does it happen just as you get to the toilet?


Survey replies

(1) From this moment; when was your last BM. Was it "normal"?

Yesterday, a bit dry and hard to get out

(2) Typically....are you "regular"? Have BM's pretty much the same time each day or interval?

Never regular - constipation has been a lifelong source of ill-health/anxiety

(3) Have you ever had an enema, suppository or laxative given to you to help you go to the bathroom?

Yes was forcibly violated with suppositories and enemas throughout childhood

(4) Over your life....has a parent ever questioned you about your BM's....or asked you not to flush so they could be observed?

Pretty much throughout ages 1 to 11

(5) If you miss a day or the eventual BM longer, wider, or both? Harder or not?

Harder and probably less of it unless I take something for it

(6) Do you typically think about your BM's? ie: Do you keep track of at "trying" if you notice you haven't gone for a while....or is it just natural and "let nature take care of it"?

Yes, I keep track of them and my little girl's also

(7) Other than the actual "urge" you feel just prior to evacuation....can you feel your bowels at all? If you miss a few you feel "full" or uncomfortable in any way?

Yes, I feel full and uncomfortable and struggle to push the filth out


reply to tyler

1) From this moment; when was your last BM. Was it "normal"? About an hour ago. It was a sloppy urgent semi-solid mess.

(2) Typically....are you "regular"? Have BM's pretty much the same time each day or interval? No..I have loose poos and diarrhea a lot.

(3) Have you ever had an enema, suppository or laxative given to you to help you go to the bathroom? I took a laxative once, but it gave me terrible diarrhea. I rarely get constipated anyway/

(4) Over your life....has a parent ever questioned you about your BM's....or asked you not to flush so they could be observed? Nope

(5) If you miss a day or the eventual BM longer, wider, or both? Harder or not? I can't hold it for more than a day.

(6) Do you typically think about your BM's? ie: Do you keep track of at "trying" if you notice you haven't gone for a while....or is it just natural and "let nature take care of it"? I think about them when I feel like I need the toilet.

(7) Other than the actual "urge" you feel just prior to evacuation....can you feel your bowels at all? If you miss a few you feel "full" or uncomfortable in any way? I always feel uncomfortable when I need to let a load of loose poo out.

Got bad stomachache at the moment. I feel bloated and I'm having loose sloppy stools with terrible wind. I can only just make it to the toilet...the urge is constant.

I once went on a road trip with some friends. I had a McDonald's sweet tea and I had to poop. I told them to pull over and they jokingly said no I should shit in my sweet tea cup. They didn't expect it but I actually did it. The worst was that I had to keep on moving it from my ass in between turds to pee in it too. It smelled awful. Anyone else?

random girl

re: anonymous chick & constipation

to anonymous chick, im sorry to hear your sister struggles so badly with constipation! you had asked if anyone else had to assist someone when they literally cannot poop on their own, and i have. i have a girl friend of mine who at times is so constipated she cannot go without assistance from me or her boyfriend because her poop is so big. also my boyfriend at times gets constipated at times and cannot go because his poop is too big. usually suppositories, vaseline and lots of pushing/patience are needed for them to finally go. i can post stories if you or anyone else would like. i hope your sister can find some relief!

If I have to poo first thing in the morning before having a shower I will have my poo but not wipe my bum! I will then go straight in the shower and clean in there!

Does anyone else do this?


First Grade

In first grade unlike kindergarten we were allowed to use the regular bathrooms in the hallways outside the class which all through kindergarten i had never been into. That was the good news after my horrible kindergarten experiance the bad news was the stalls had no doors on them. One day during reacess my guts cramped up while running and i knew i had no choice but to unload so since reacess was only five minutes more the teacher made me wait until we went inside as a class. Once we got inside as always we did our class bathrrom break so sadly I had to poop with an audiance. I was terrified beyond belief but i had no choice once we all got there i ran to the bathroom ran into the first stall yanked my pants and underpants down and released. An incredibly sloppy poop rushed out of me that was very noisy with all the splashes it made, but the worst part was the smell. It smelled disgusting instantlly the other people in the bathroom started laughing and holding their nose and stood in front of my stall laughing and since the door was propped open to the bathroom for some stupid reason the other kids in the hallway waiting for their turn to go to the bathroom were doing the same thign some of them got up and walked in and pretty soon an enormous corwd was outside my stall. I wanted to die as i lowered my head and continued my turd dropping and the smell got worse and worse. Now for the worst part I had to get up to wipe in front of them but in the process they all got to see my poop which was pretty big and so stinky even after wiping through the laughter and flusuihbg it down the smell stayed in the bathroom the rest of the day. I thought back to last year and wondered why this had to happen again especially with most of the same kids! It was a hard road for me the rest of that year as well. Next Week Second Grade ):


Comments to Abbie, John H & Kira F

Abbie - Hi, I actually quite like holding it for a few days as it means I can enjoy the intense relief when it all comes out although sometimes I can hold it for too long meaning I become constipated which is annoying. Having said that there have been two times when I've pood myself since becoming a teenager (I'm 14) because I had held it too long and couldn't get to a toilet in time. Thanks for your concern about me wetting my knickers; it's so nice to know people are so caring and that's why I love this site as I can openly discuss embarrassing issues like that. Sadly I still haven't been able to pluck up the courage to have a number two at school through my own choice rather than waiting until I'm touching cloth although I am planning to do it within the next month. I'm thinking of going in a few public toilets first to give me the confidence as I know they won't be too busy and then I will gradually work my way up to busier public loos; I'll let you know how I get on. I bet you felt better after the poo you let out at school as I hate it when it starts to poke out and your praying that it doesn't stick out too much because it's hard to know whether you can regain control or not. Take care

John H - Hi, I love how you read my live poo whilst you were on the toilet too. I have a love of pooing which is why I love this site as I can openly express my feeling without being victimised as were all on the same boat. Regarding wetting myself that was the first accident I've had since I was 7 or 8 (I'm now 14). Having said that there are times when I will start to dribble in my knickers before I can get to the toilet which will leave them a little damp which can be awkward especially when you have to pull them back up and feel the wetness. Regarding poo I've had two full blown accidents since becoming a teenager but there have been a few times when I have gone to fart but ended up letting a little bit of poo out into my knickers which has left a stain. Take care

Kira F - Welcome to the site. I loved your story about your sudden urge for a poo; it sounded like you were really desperate. There is nothing worse than the girl's toilets being closed and having to use the men's. It happened to me once but I only need to wee, I can't imagine it if I had needed to poo as it would have been really embarrassing especially as I produce quite smelly poo and I fart a lot but come to think of it so do men haha. I'm sorry to hear your knickers were badly stained and you had to dispose of them as I've had to do that a few times. Take care and I Hope you start posting more regularly.

Take care and enjoy your next visit to the toilet... BYE XXX


A few Questions for STEVEN

A short survey for Steven (and anyone else who wants to...)

(1) From this moment; when was your last BM. Was it "normal"?

(2) Typically....are you "regular"? Have BM's pretty much the same time each day or interval?

(3) Have you ever had an enema, suppository or laxative given to you to help you go to the bathroom?

(4) Over your life....has a parent ever questioned you about your BM's....or asked you not to flush so they could be observed?

(5) If you miss a day or the eventual BM longer, wider, or both? Harder or not?

(6) Do you typically think about your BM's? ie: Do you keep track of at "trying" if you notice you haven't gone for a while....or is it just natural and "let nature take care of it"?

(7) Other than the actual "urge" you feel just prior to evacuation....can you feel your bowels at all? If you miss a few you feel "full" or uncomfortable in any way?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jake it sounds you gf gave u a good show and may get a few more.

To: Abbie great poop story I bet u felt great.

To: P-Princess it sounds like u had a really interesting poop.

To: Kira F & Adelle it sounds like u both had great poops and I bet u both felt great after.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site

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