Pooped in the barn

Hello everyone. I am 23 years old girl from Germany and parents have farm. I do chores with my two sisters Ariana and Stefanie.

Today in morning we all do chores. While working I need to shit. We almost go to barn for chores and I know can shit there. We all shit and piss in barn, easier than to go inside to toilet every time.

When we at barn I say I need to shit and go to place where we shit. I undo belt and pull down jeans and underpants then I start to shit. I not shit for three days so this is big shit. I have many big logs of shit to get out. It make big pile at my feet. I take long time to shit and Stefanie come over near me. She piss hard for short time then pull underpants and jeans up. She leave and I almost done with shit. I pull up underpants. First time I shit in barn, I hate not wiping. But now I do it often and do not care.

I shovel shit into pile of animals shit and go back to finish chores. When we done and go inside, I put underpants in wash then take shower.


Shitty vacation.

When I was about 12 years old my family decided to go on vacation in the Bay Area for a week. I took the opportunity to eat literally whatever I wanted! I remember stuffing down pizza, burgers, fries, chips, cookies, cake, soda, cheesy bread, candy almost every meal. It was a 12 year old's dream. A day into the trip my poop turned into a rock and wouldn't budge! I'd push a little and ploop! One chicken nugget sized piece.
Unsatisfied I got off the toilet and went about the day still full of poop. Ugh! It was the worst day of discomfort ever! It is literally like someone had plugged my butt up with an extra large cork.

Days two through four I was able to poop four more nuggets but was bearing a bigger load after more meals of now vegetables and fruits. I couldn't move all the crap for the life of me!!! I drank water like there was no tomorrow but I only peed it out.

Days five through seven were my breaking point. I was embarrassed about being so constipated but knowing my parents, they would make a big deal and tell all the nurses in my family to give me an enema while lecturing me about healthy eating. Instead I squatted over the toilet and let gravity do the work. Ploop! Ploop!! Ploooop!!! I shook my butt and jiggled out three two inch steamers. I felt a little better still full though. I kept at that method throughout the night, I planned to be turd free by morning.

By the next morning it was time to leave, the car was packed and I still was plopping away with not much success. I had to get off the toilet and leave mid-dump so we could start our drive back to LA. After 8 hours we finally reached my grandma's house in LA. I told her I couldn't get all my poop out and she gave me an herbal liquid with a pint of water. It was beyond gross but my stomach didn't hurt anymore! On the ride back to my house I felt winding movement in my pipes...gurgle..mrrrrp! Then nothing. I laid down in the backseat and watched as my belly tidal waved back and forth. I had to unbutton my jeans to make room for my water gut to wind furiously without restriction. Grrrrrrrmrrp! The waves were too much to handle sitting up. I massaged my gut for the entire ride home trying to stop the noise. My mom noticed and took a turn rubbing my stomach. "Do you have to go?" she asked. I nodded. I told her how I was backed up almost the entire trip. She moved her hands along my gut massaging in circles and told me how my meals choices cause my constipation. When i sat up as we pulled into the driveway all hell broke loose! Waves moved over my stomach gurgling and churning downward. The pre poop pains were so intense. My dad opened the door and my mom waddle-ran with me to the toilet clenching my cheeks shut. I slammed the door open yanked off my pants and released the extra large "cork" ploooooooooooop! Ugh! Ughhhh! Prtt! Before i even sat down. I fell onto the toilet and blasted away turd after snake turd then faucet-like diarrhea. I was paralyzed in the sweaty position at the mercy of the herbal laxatives. My mom closed the door for privacy but the whole house still heard me crying out my punishment.
I'd like to say it wasn't that bad but my parents recall the cleanup and the idea they never thought a girl could have so much shit backed up in her pipes that she would lay a monster sized load for thirty minutes!

On the ride home my constipation

G Man

To Ranger

Remember the episode of Seinfeld when the shower peeing topic was discussed throughout? George Costanza peed in the shower at the gym. I pee in my own shower but I don't think I would in a communal shower.

Post Title (optional) Big girl act

big girl
I have recently read Imogens post and I thought I would add my own live act. I have had a breakfast of fruit amd fruit juice which is enough to get me started.
I am now sitting on the toilet with my short skirt pulled up with my panties down to my ankles. I have just pushed my legs forward and leaned back.
Umph! I have just started. It is starting to come out. I want it to come slowly. ohhh! I am letting it stay still for a short while.ohhh!umph!ohh! Halfway out and holding!ohh! Ohh! OOO! The desparation makes it feel so good! The smell is starting!ohhht Ahhh! It is out and it hardly made any sound at all. and I am sitting relazed and contented. The smell is starting to go away
I have just looked in and I have done one big one and one small but it did not feel so much that way because it was very soft. With soft ones you do not need to strain and grunt that much but you can still do alot of moaning. Hope you all have enjoyed it!


Pooping with my girlfriend

This morning I woke up early, and my girlfriend was still asleep. I went to the bathroom and had a fairly long pee. I was feeling a slight stirring like I might have to poop, so I sat for a bit, but nothing came out. I just wiped my front and flushed. I had a cup of coffee and then went for a run.

Well, the urge to poop intensified during my run, and I actually had to cut it short and turn back, for fear of going in my pants. By the time I got home, I had to poop quite badly, but my girlfriend had woken up and she was on the toilet. We only have one bathroom that we share, so I asked if she'd be done soon. She said she would need a few more minutes.

I wasn't sure I could hold it, but I gave it my all. I was squirming from foot to foot, all the while in agony, as listening to her poop only made my need worse. Somehow I managed to hold it in and experienced blessed relief when I saw her start to wipe. She only wiped twice, and flushed the toilet.

Her load was too big and most of it didn't go down. She apologized, but I didn't care. At that moment all I cared about was evacuating my bowels in a toilet. I plopped myself down and started pooping instantly. My girlfriend took off her clothes and started the shower while I was pooping.

The relief I felt was impossible to truly describe. In just a few minutes I was fully emptied out and set to wiping myself. When I stood up, I realized that adding my poop to the already clogged toilet made the problem that much worse. I couldn't be bothered and told myself I'd deal with later. I hopped in the shower with my girlfriend and, well, let's just see we forgot about the clogged toilet until many hours later...

Jasmin K

Toilet Replies and constipation treatments

Hi to everyone

Again its been a while since posting, Ive been very busy but now Ive got a bit of time to do a couple of replys.Ive also got a font problem on my puter so appologies if the text sise changes.

Hi Tawnie
Thank you for the suggestions to try to help my sis and me to poo, she is having a real bad time at the moment,she has that constipated swollen belly and when she can get her poo out they are really big and very hard.

We have not actually tried digging it out ourselves but that is something I will try and will tell my sister to do it.
We have had our poo dug out before by our Mum, she didn't use her fingers though she used something like a small spoon thing. It was done on your bed with your head on your pillows and a towel and plastic sheet beneath you. She would push on your belly and tell you to strain/push really hard then if nothing came out she would push this thing inside and tell you to push hard again and sort to scoop the poo out. It made you really sore.
For me it was a long time ago when I was much younger although a friend did it for me last year during the summer but used just her fingers. For my sis it is still quite a regular thing when she is constipated for a few days and cant strain it out or is withholding and soiling her knickers a lot.
Mum uses it as an incentive - tells her if you don't poo then you know what happens and gets the towel, pulls the sheet back on sisters bed to expose the plastic mattress cover and shows her the spoon thing. Ive watched the procedure many times.

We both lean forward on the toilet and pull our bum holes open and strain/push really really hard, sometimes I do it so hard I push the inside of my bum hole out. It is something we have always done. I also put a couple of fingers in my Vagina and press down which seems to help things move.

Hi Abbie
I am pleased that your morning poos are helping you to avoid constipation and I can certainly empathise with you on the soiled knickers situation, I had that quite a few days in the last few weeks
due to having to wait till lunch before being able to go and try
again, often unsuccessfully. I find it is more difficult to get it out later especially if it was about to come out but Ive had to hold it due to running out of time. When this happens
It feels like it wants to come out but no matter how much or how hard I strain it wont budge and then it becomes increasingly uncomfortable to sit during lessons especially if its starting to poke out or push on my swollen bum hole.
When I get the belly ache I know that's the start of constipation.

On the sister subject things seem to be getting better, she is taking less of my morning time, that said we are going to school 10 minutes earlier to allow for sister time and still leave my self a good hour
of uninterrupted straining time to make sure I do a poo and thankfully she has realised that she might have to wait for me to finish before sorting her out.

Ive managed to poo each morning last week which I am pleased about as my other little problem got really bad again last time I got constipated.
Sis is getting into the routine of just going into the cubicle,
pulling her knickers down and sitting on the toilet straining,ive only had to pull her knickers down for her a couple of times, make her sit on the toilet and stay with her to make sure she was trying to poo in the last couple of weeks.Its usually when she is deliberatly witholding that there is a problem.
Thankfully the penny has finally dropped that she needs to sit there
straining even when she doesn't feel the need to do a poo to make

herself do one so she does not need to go later or soil her knickers
from it leaking or poking out.
I still have check what she has done and tell mum which was itself a problem as she was wiping and covering what she had done or not done with paper. Mum has told her that she is not to wipe and must stay on the toilet trying untill I have finished and told her to get off and only when Ive seen the contents or otherwise of the bowl can she wipe whilst I text Mum.

I think it helped when she realised that a couple of her class friends are doing the same as she is every
morning and from what Ive heard of their pooing noises and conversation one of them seems to be constipated a lot. One of them has to report what she has done to her Mum, I can hear her straining a
lot for quite a while then sometimes there is a splash of a substantive log landing in the water, but usually it's the plip plop

of a few pebbles with each strain but most often nothing. Quite often
her mobile will ring and she says things like ''I cant do it or ive
done as much as i can'' and describes what she's done. I don't know what her Mum says to her but often after the conversation she
makes a greater effort judging by the straining noises, and often says
to her friend and my sis that she will be longer.

Its good to see that there are other girls on here that are school toilet users.
I used to be really shy about pooing in school but I am really pleased I got over it.
Abbie I wonder how many other girls follow a morning pooing routiene,
I don't mean going for a poo because they need too I mean making themselves go so they don't need to hold or go later?
Perhaps some of the forum readers could comment on this.

I know at my school there are lots who do this.

Hope your poo comes out good

Jas K


First post accident!

This is my first post, im danielle 19 years old!!! I had a really bad accident while running last night.

I usually run every night around my neighborhood between 2-5 miles, I have very close accidents before, even to the point where I began pooping myself while running upstairs to the bathroom, and half of it was in my pants half of it in the toilet.

Okay so I got off of work at 9:45 last night, and I went home, I felt the need to poop all day at work but refuse to go in their bathrooms for the embarrassment of a coworker seeing me, so when I got home, I should have used the bathroom, but I wanted to run before I went poop because when I run after I poop it chafes my butt cheeks from the poop rubbing together , so i usually want to run then poop so i can shower all at once. I put on booty shorts a sports bra, and went running, I ran about a mile from home and the urge to go was getting really strong, my stomach was cramping i couldnt even run anymore, i started waddling trying to find somewhere to sit down so I can hold it in. I sat on a bench, clenching my cheeks, it was night and i thought about pulling down my shorts and squatting to crap really fast and no one would see me, but i was so scared someone might see me, or if there was a camera in the park, so i decided to start running home, then I see 2 guys from my work that always hit on me, they were driving by and stop and say DANI come here, meanwhile im about to explode, i have to pee and poop oh so bad, I walk to them grimacing, and they are like hey you want to go out tonight, and I tell them no I have to study for a class in the morning, then, one of the guys gets out the passenger side door, and approaches me, and is like Dani give me some love, and he tries to feel me, so I slapped him and like said Im going home and I start running, they just stay parked on the street and I kept running, as I got to my street, I couldn't hold it anymore, I farted very violently, followed by all of this mushy crap i tried clenching my cheeks but I gave up and just kept pushing, the poop started running down my legs, and I started peeing, and I soaked my shoes, and my shorts, thong, and sneakers were completely ruined, I smelled awful, I started crying I felt like a little kid, I felt stupid, and the worst part is my little brother whos 16 is home but my parents are out so I thought maybe I can sneak inside without him seeing me. And worst luck is I forgot my keys at home, and I thought wow can anything else go wrong so I knock on the door he answers, and sees me and says Ew Dani you shit yourself? what happened, and I break down crying and said David I couldn't hold it no bathrooms, please don't tell anyone, and he says im not like that, accidents happen, and gives me a hug, so I felt a little better I waddled up the stairs i could feel the cmushy poop squeezing against my tight short and buttcheeks, I got in the shower and washed off completely, got into my bathrobe, and put the shorts, thong in a plastic bag, and threw it in the bottom of the trash can outside, i put my sneakers in the washing machine, and sat next to my brother and patted him on the back thank you, and went back upstairs, mom and dad came home and never found out what happened haha, next time i am going to be more careful and use the bathroom before i run.


Tyler's Survey

Hi Tyler. I am a long time reader (15 years) who hasn't posted in a few years. Although it wasn't called that at the time, I had encopresis as a kid. The doctor and my parents called it chronic constipation, but I realize now that I was making it a lot worse by both conscious and unconscious withholding. The toilets at school were very disgusting. There were no doors on the stalls and they were filthy. There was no way I was going to sit on one of those and try to poop. Even if I got the urge to poop at school, I would hold it until I got home. I even held it at home when I was too busy to poop. As a result of all of this, I ended up with chronic stomach aches and an inability to get my poop out, even when I wanted to. It got really bad the summer that I was 11. I went on two vacations with my family that were over a week long. I did not poop the whole time I was gone. Needless to say, my poor little bowels got completely plugged up and I eventually had to have help to get anything out. I had a terrible stomach ache for days.

I no longer have encopresis as an adult, but I still have bad constipation issues. I try to poop regularly, but usually cannot go without a suppository or a laxative. Anyway, I wanted to respond to your survey:

(1) From this moment; when was your last BM. Was it "normal"? About 36 hours ago. I guess it wasn't really "normal" because I had to take a Fleet enema to get it out.

(2) Typically....are you "regular"? Have BM's pretty much the same time each day or interval? No. I am very irregular.

(3) Have you ever had an enema, suppository or laxative given to you to help you go to the bathroom? Yup. All 3.

(4) Over your life....has a parent ever questioned you about your BM's....or asked you not to flush so they could be observed? Yup.

(5) If you miss a day or the eventual BM longer, wider, or both? Harder or not? Longer, wider and harder.

(6) Do you typically think about your BM's? ie: Do you keep track of at "trying" if you notice you haven't gone for a while....or is it just natural and "let nature take care of it"? I have learned over the years to keep track of my last BM and my efforts to have another one. Several times, I have lost track of my bowel movements and let myself go too long without having one. The result can be an impaction.

(7) Other than the actual "urge" you feel just prior to evacuation....can you feel your bowels at all? If you miss a few you feel "full" or uncomfortable in any way? After a few days without pooping, I get really full, bloated and gassy.

Please post some of your own experiences with encopresis. It is nice to finally get this disease "out of the closet." This is the first time that I have ever written about it, and it is therapeutic to share the embarrassment that it always caused me.


pee in shower

Ranger. I frequently pee in shower mainly at home. i just relax and let it go, It goes down the drain hole. I always pee first so I only pee in the opening. depending on how full i am it takes a minute or so!

Also yesterday Monday i squatted over the toilet and dropped several large logs. I peed and then sat down to wipe, it took two to three times to be clean.



Hi jake! Glad you enjoyed my story :) and to answer your question, i do have a few diarrhea stories i would love to share in the future


drunken accident

Hi. This is my first post here and im kind of reluctant to tell this story lol. It happened a few weeks ago. First off im 20, a little over 5 and a half feet tall with blonde hair, and I'd be surprised if I weigh 120 pounds. I had been drinking all weekend with very little sleep. By monday morning, I felt so horrible, I cant even describe it. I was on my way home and stopped by a mcdonalds to get a little breakfast and hope I could sleep the rest off. Very shortly after I had eaten, I got this unbearable burn in my ???? and felt it make its way down. A couple seconds after that I felt a gurgling and immediatly sharted. By then my face was red and felt very hot and all I was thinking was "oh god no, I can not shit myself" I sat on my hand pressing my fingers against my asshole trying not to let this volcano of diarrhea go in my jeans. I tensed up a couple more times before I got home trying not to go and actually peed a little bit the last time. When I pulled in the driveway , threw the car in park and got out with my cheeks clinched and legs crossed. No one was home luckily and I hobbled inside. I very slowly made my way to the bathroom, and when I went to shut the door this massive cramp hit me. I stood straight up, crossed my legs tightly, and clinched my ass with both hands, but no luck. A long, quiet, bubbling fart for like 5 seconds unleashed a torrent of hot liquid shit into my jeans. I just gave up at that point and gave a push, which followed a much louder bubbling fart and more poo. I stood there breathing heavily for a few seconds before I looked in the mirror. It looked like I just peed my pants while sitting on a bench, but I didn't pee at all. I peeled my nasty jeans and ruined pink boy short panties off and took a shower. I still had to go tho. A few minutes into my shower my bowels exploded without warning and I shit all over the floor. That was a little easier to clean. Even tho nobody was around to see my accident, I was still quite embarassed.


Second Grade

In Second Grade one morning before school my stomach started to cramp up as soon as I got there. My previous horribe public pooping experiances kept me from releasing my bowels right away but it was only a matter of time before i would need to take a major dump. During lunch time the urge was too strong and I had no choice but to ask to leave the caffiteria so i could use the school's restroom. For those who have read my previous post the stalls in my elementary school had no doors on them but I really didn't have a choice. Nervously i took the last stall praying no one would come in. I pushed out a huge fart and suddenly unexpectly i released waves of explosive dirrehea, the dirreaha kept coming with a huge fart coming out as well every 5 seconds or so to further the noise and smell and echoed in the bowel. A couple of guys went in to to use the urnials and came over and started laughing at the noisy stinky wet bm i was making. I just kept going and lowered my head trying to ignore the kids. The good news was they finally left and I was left to finnish in peace. I wiped up with the 1 ply paper they had and flushed. Not the worst public bowel movement experiance i have gone through but certianlly no fun either. Next week third grade.


For Mavis

To Mavis:

Thank you for sharing your story about your accident at school. I can't imagine soiling myself in school like that, I'm sure it was embarrassing and took some bravery to admit.

Did anyone else besides the nurse find out about your accident? Your siblings or parents?

What really stuck out to me in your post was this: "I'm gonna say it right now: it didn't necessarily feel... terrible when I had poop in my pants, as a matter of fact, it was... interesting. I was thinking of trying it again independently to see if I was just delusional or if I really felt it."

I can totally relate to that comment/feeling.

I, too, am a long time lurker but your story inspired me to share my story as well.

My name is Kristina. I am 24 years old, married, no kids, 5'4", around 125 lbs, graduated from college last year and got married this year to my college boyfriend, one cat, work at a boring office job and live in a tiny apartment but we're happy. :)

My story happened about a year ago. My hubby and I had just gotten back from our honeymoon. I had been back at work for a week and the day had been long and busy and I hadn't had time for an afternoon break. As a result I had been holding my bowels and bladder for some hours and was growing more desperate to relieve myself by the minute. Just before five o'clock I got a text from my hubby that he might be able to get off a little early so we could have some "alone time" before dinner. Since we had waited until our wedding night that part of our relationship was still very new and exciting and it immediately took my mind off of my need to relieve myself. Rather than using the work bathrooms I headed straight for my car instead.

After a few minutes driving, however, I was quickly reminded of my need - and badly. I squeezed as hard as I could and clenched every muscle in my lower body to hold in my pee and poop, but I knew I couldn't wait much longer. I thought about stopping at a store or gas station to use the bathroom, but wanted to use my own toilet at home instead. I had to drive with one hand so I could hold my crotch to help hold my pee, but that didn't help the back side and before long I was turtle heading and starting to panic. But I was only a few minutes from the apartment.

I made it to the apartment but still had to drive back to our building and go over multiple speed bumps. I had to decide between driving slow over them to avoid bumps that might make me lose control or going fast so I could get to the toilet sooner. I decided to go somewhere in between because I was about to lose all control. The first speed bump went OK, so I hit the second one a little faster. That caused a bigger bounce than I had expected and felt a spurt of pee escape into my pants before I could regain control. But it also caused my turtle head to push harder than I could control and I felt the turd "touch cotton" and push against my panties, only to be stopped by the car seat. It was a solid poo so it had no where to go and I just sat there, heart pounding, skin flushed hot and red, with a turd holding my anus open, pushing but not moving, knowing my panties would at least have a noticeable stain on them to go with the wet spot up front. I didn't know what to do, my brain had almost shut down. Then suddenly I hit the next speed bump - I had been so out of it in a daze that I had lost track of time or distance but was still driving subconsciously. The next speed bump caused another spurt of pee, bigger, and I felt wetness on my fingertips and felt my anus push hard again but still the car seat stopped its momentum.

I shook myself from my daze. That was the last speed bump. I hit the gas and whipped into an open space near my door, grabbed my purse, used all of my willpower to suck the turd back up inside me and steel my nerves to run inside to the toilet and sweet relief. I jumped out of the car, slammed the door, and took off running - OK, waddling with my butt clenched and one hand in my crotch as fast as I could move - toward our door, which is thankfully on the first floor. I knew I only had seconds.

I got to our door, unlocked it, hurried inside, dropped my purse on the counter, and made a bee line for the bathroom. I was almost to the bathroom when I heard my husband call out, "Hey, babe," as he came out from around the corner in the kitchen. I hadn't even noticed his car and was hoping I would get home first so I could avoid having him see me in this state, on the verge of a total accident with some damage already done. I said, "No time, gotta go!" and shut the bathroom door behind me, my body barely holding on.

I turned towards the toilet when my body gave a mighty push that made me almost double over and I felt my skin go cold and I knew that I was literally a millisecond from having an accident and that there was nothing I could do to prevent it. It was going to happen, period. And so I did. My bowels pushed and my muscles did not respond to stop it and I felt the turd rush out, hit my panties, meet resistance, and my body pushed harder and my panties began to tent out as the poop began to spread and pile up in them. Time stood still for me. Another turd followed, softer but still solid, and the weight grew and my panties and pants began to sag until my bowels were empty and my panties were full. I then realized that I was wetting myself, the pee hissing into my pants and soaking down my legs and onto the bathmat underneath me. I turned and caught sight of myself in the bathroom mirror - wetness soaked down my legs and crotch. I turned around and saw the giant bulge under my soaking wet butt. I was hot and tingling and in shock and disgusted and amazed and surprised and curious all at the same time. It had been years since I'd had an accident and I had never pooped my pants that I could remember.

I was shaken out of my daze by a knock at the bathroom door. "You OK, babe?" It was my hubby. I was shocked back into reality. "I, ummm..." I stammered. "What? You OK?" he asked again. I said, "I didn't... I had..." He said, "Can I come in, babe? Are you OK?" I wanted to shout "NO! DON'T COME IN!" but I just stood there still kind of in shock. The door nob turned, the door creaked open, and in popped my hubby's head. "You OK?" I stood facing him, my tan pants obviously peed in. I mumbled, "I didn't make it in time. I had an accident. I'm so sorry." and I started crying. He pushed open the door and took me in his arms and held me as I sobbed, patting my back saying, "It's OK, accidents happen." Then he must have smelled because he asked, "Did you also... poop?" I just nodded on his shoulder, cried some more, and said, "Yes, I did." He said, "It's OK, let's get you cleaned up."

He was so nice and gentle and understanding as he helped my slowly pull off my soaked pants and then my very full panties, with its ball of brown, smelly poop the size of a grapefruit hanging in them after it briefly stuck to my butt and then dropped off into the panties as we lowered them down. I dumped the poop into the toilet, dropped the soaking, soiled panties into the trash can, and began wiping poop off of my butt and thighs. Hubby turned on the shower for me to warm it up and helped me out of the rest of my clothes. I asked him to join me to help. So we got into the shower, he helped was me clean, and then we, well, I thanked him profusely for his help and kindness.

Now, the reason I say that I can relate to Mavis's comment "I'm gonna say it right now: it didn't necessarily feel... terrible when I had poop in my pants, as a matter of fact, it was... interesting. I was thinking of trying it again independently to see if I was just delusional or if I really felt it."

A few days after my accident I thought back about it and realized that I shared the initial feeling that Mavis had - that it wasn't necessarily unpleasant and that it was, in fact, pretty interesting. I mulled it over and dismissed the thought, but it kept coming back to me. Every once in a while I would be on the toilet having a BM and would think back to my accident and the feeling of it filling my panties and would get a tingle and my heart would beat faster. Finally, a few weeks later, I could take it no more. One day while hubby was out playing golf and I was home alone, I deliberately stood in the bathtub in just a pair of old panties and, after much pushing and convincing myself, I pooped my panties on purpose and found that I kind of enjoyed the sensation, the weight, the warmth and smoothness. From that point on for almost a year now I have deliberately held my poop and had "accidents" when home alone about two or three times per month. Sometimes the holding leads to close calls at work or out shopping or even at home waiting for hubby to leave, and I've wound up with more than a few skid marks before intended and one time had a legitimate accident in a store bathroom while trying to hold it for later.

So Mavis, if you are curious, give it a shot. You might find you kind of enjoy it.


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