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Teenage toilet experiences in Germany

I learned French and German at school and our German teacher arranged for everyone in the class to have a German penfriend. I was lucky as my pen friend's family were very nice. When I was 14, they invited me to go to Germany to stay with them for three weeks in the summer. I had a wonderful time and it was beyond my wildest dreams

I flew from London to Stuttgart as an 'unaccompanied minor', then Klaus and his family met me at the airport. Klaus's father was a lawyer and they lived in a nice house near Stuttgart. They also had a Ferienhaus or holiday house in the Black Forest. This was a timber chalet in a forested area about an hour's drive away. Klaus's father stayed at home and worked while his mother Ilse took Klaus, myself and Klaus's 18 year old sister Andrea to the Ferienhaus.

The Ferienhaus was away from roads with a lake nearby where we could swim and forest trails where we could hike and cycle. After a few days, I rather fancied Andrea but I knew there was no chance that she would fancy a 14 year old although she did treat me like another brother.

The toilet at the Ferienhaus was outside in a separate building that was also a shed where they stored bicycles and timber for the wood burning stove. One evening, we had Sauerkraut with our meal. I had never tried it before and Ilse offered me a sample to try. I didn't like it so Ilse had a double portion.

The next morning, Ilse announced that we were going cycling. As Klaus's father wasn't with us, they had a spare bike in the shed that I could ride. The only problem was that it had a flat tyre. Klaus and I went into the shed to fix the flat. Then we heard someone come into the toilet and lock the door. Klaus put his finger up to his mouth and said "Shhhh!" very quietly. Then he quietly crept over to the partition wall between the shed and the toilet. This was made of timber boards with narrow cracks between them. Klaus peeped through one crack and I peeped through another. We had a back view of the toilet bowl at the centre, just above the seat level.

We could see that it was Andrea. My heart raced as she took her jeans and panties down and sat on the toilet. It was a traditional German 'shelf' type toilet bowl where your poo doesn't go into the water but it sits in a pile on a flat shelf until it is flushed away. Andrea sat forwards so that we had a good view of her anus. It opened wide and a big soft brown sausage came out and made a pile on the 'shelf' toilet. Andrea was able to hold her anus wide open while she wiped herself thoroughly with toilet paper. Then she flushed the toilet and left. We went back to fixing the flat and Klaus said that he was so pleased that I was staying with them so that we had a reason to be in the wood shed in the morning.

Then we heard someone else run into the toilet. We peered through the crack and it was Klaus's mother Ilse. Klaus looked away and went back to fixing the flat but I watched as Ilse took her jeans and panties down and sat forward on the toilet seat giving me a good view. The double portion of sauerkraut had made her poo very soft. She was squeezing out semi-solid poo but her anus just opened enough to let a thin stream of poo come out. It took her about 5 minutes to get all her poo out and I could see that she had made a big pile of poo that had spread out like a cow pat on the 'shelf' toilet. We could even smell it. Ilse wiped herself then flushed the toilet and left.

I asked Klaus why it took Ilse so long to do her poo. He said that she can't relax the muscles in her "Arschloch". I asked him what "Arschloch" means as we didn't learn it at school. He said it is "The place from where come the shite". I asked him why Ilse's shite was runny. He said that she must drink high fibre drink each day so that her shite come out easily. He also explained that Sauerkraut is pickled raw cabbage that is very high in fibre and the juice also makes you go to the toilet. He said that was why Ilse must run to the toilet today.

We pumped up the bike tyre and went indoors. I was looking something up in a large German dictionary and I found something that we didn't learn at school. I proudly announced "Ich muss einen Haufen machen!" It literally means "I must make a pile" but it doesn't mean earning a lot of money! It is something that you would only do on a German 'shelf' type toilet where you make a pile of poo. Ilse explained that this is not a phrase that is used in polite company.

Having announced my intentions, I went outside to sit on the toilet. I needed to poo but I held it and sat there for about 15 minutes. I thought that this would be a way to get attention from Ilse when she noticed that I was spending a long time in the toilet. This plan didn't quite work as intended because Klaus came out to use the toilet and he knocked on the door then went away. About 10 minutes later, he came back and said, "Do you need some 'Kuehenbakken'?" That wasn't a word I had learned at school so when I came out of the toilet, I asked him what 'Kuehenbakken' was. "It make shite come like it come from the back of a cow" he explained.

Klaus went to the toilet and then when he came out he took me to see Ilse and he told her that I needed some 'Kuehenbakken'. Ilse asked, "Hast Du Verstopfung?" That wasn't a German word that I had learned at school so I asked Klaus to translate. He explained, "It mean your shite come not out." I said that I did have Verstopfung. Ilse said that I needed to take some 'Abführmitteltabletten'.

Ilse went and got a packet of the laxative tablets and she said that I should take two. She explained that they are a German invention with a special coating so that the active ingredient is not released until it reaches the Dickdarm. Klaus went and got a dictionary to translate Dickdarm and found that it means large intestine. I took the Tabletten and Klaus and Andrea thought this was amusing. I asked them what was funny and Klaus said, "They with great efficiency work after six until eight hours, then must you to the toilet run."

Ilse prepared picnic lunches for the four of us and we packed them into our cycle panniers. Ilse also put a small garden trowel and a toilet roll into her cycle pannier. I knew what it was for but I asked Klaus to explain. "She dig a hole for kacken in the forest" he said. Then we cycled on forest trails and after a few hours, we stopped at the side of the trail and ate our picnic lunches. After lunch, Ilse took the garden trowel and the toilet roll from her cycle pannier and she went off into the bushes. She was gone for quite a long time and Klaus explained. "She eat too much Sauerkraut yesterday and she have Durchfall today!" I asked Klaus to explain 'Durchfall' and he said it means 'through fall', "Shite come urgent, you can not wait to go toilet".

Andrea and Klaus were fitter than Ilse and I were so they were at the front while Ilse and I were at the back. About 4 p.m., I felt a kick inside my stomach and I knew that the Tabletten were working. I cycled as far as I could but then I had to get off the bike and sat down. I was clutching my stomach and Ilse put her arm around me and whispered, "Willst Du auf die Toilette?" I said "Ja!"

Ilse got the garden trowel and toilet roll from her cycle pannier and let me by the hand into the bushes. She dug a hole with the trowel and said, "Hier kannst Du kacken" I was waiting for her to go back to the cycles but she held my hand and said she would stay with me to make sure I was OK. I pulled my shorts down then I squatted over the hole and let rip. My poop was semi-solid at first then it became liquid. Ilse exclaimed, "Durchfall!"

When I had finished, I wiped myself then we cycled off and caught up with Andrea and Klaus who were waiting for us further along the trail. About half an hour later, the four of us were riding together when I had a sudden urge to go to the toilet. I stopped but remained sitting on the bicycle saddle as that was helping to hold it in. Ilse asked me what was wrong. "Ich muss auf die Toilette!" I replied. Ilse told me to go into the bushes but I was feeling wet underneath and I knew that there was no time. I just pulled my shorts down, squatted and did watery diarrhea onto the ground in full view of the other three. Ilse explained that the Tabletten have 'Doppelaktion' and this was the second action. Klaus and Andrea thought this was quite amusing.

Each morning Ilse used to mix her high fibre drink and drink it then the following week, I saw her three laxative pills before she went to bed. Knowing what two pills did for me, I could guess what three would do for her and I lay awake all night thinking about how they would make her run to the toilet. The next morning, I got up at 6 a.m., got dressed and went out for an early morning walk but I only got as far as the wood shed. I got into position and waited quietly. Then about 7 a.m. Ilse came into the toilet but she left the door partly open. She was wearing a night dress and a dressing gown. She lifted her night dress sat on the front of the toilet seat and bent right forward. She started with some semi-solid poo but soon it was completely liquid diarrhea. As she could only open her anus slightly, she squirted a thin brown jet of diarrhea out into the toilet bowl.

Watching my German pen friend's mother having diarrhea was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen but it was strangely fascinating and it gave me a life-long interest in watching women doing their poo. I really enjoyed my first trip to Germany but little did I know that my trip the France the following year would be even more interesting, toilet-wise.


I'm going pee

At this very moment I'm sitting on a toilet in a ladies room at a strip mall, inside a Target. I just got in and took a stall in the middle. I REALLY. REALLY have to pee and now I just started to go. Wow, it's so noisy. I had been holding it all morning; had a coffee and five 20 oz bottles of water, plus some tea. I leaked in my pants a little before I finally got to the john. Forty seconds now and I'm still peeing lol. Aaaaand now... it's trickling off. All done. I feel so much better; my ???? had started to hurt. I have a big bladder, sometimes I'll hold in my piss all day at school and then pee at home because I simply want the comfort of my own toilet with its plush blue seat. It's very enjoyable when I'm pooping, too. I took a shit this morning that was a foot and a half long and looked like two inches thick. I've been on a regimen of Metamucil and a lot of food high in fiber as a means to flush out my system. I'm embarking on a diet, I had gained thirty pounds since November and I'm a short girl, only 5'1''. Diabetes runs in my family so I want to nip it in the bud. I've been extremely irritable the past week because I quit smoking, cold. I had been doing it since I was fourteen and I just decided to drop it; I'm seventeen now so quitting will do me a world of good. My older sister had been buying them for me (I would give her the money for them) and while she was gracious enough supporting my filthy habit, my conscience finally bothered me enough to quit, along with wanting to rid myself of all vices. Except caffeine lol.

Steven A

Final Name Switch/Comments/Quick Story

OK, my new official name on Toilet Stool is Steven A. (I'm the 15 year old)

To: Brandon T - Are you the owner of this site, and if not, who is?

To: Kira F - Good first story on here.

To: Everyone - Keep the stories coming!

So, I think I was in some kind of book store or something and the men's restroom was closed and I had to use the women's.


Life in my Final Month of Pregnancy

Just thought I'd write to let everyone know that I, and we, are doing fine. We've been so busy lately, between doing some pre-birth traveling, getting our nursery ready, and moving Kyra in (not to mention the normal business of the farm) that I've just plain forgot to write in! Well, also, it takes hours to compose the posts that I feel do justice to my experiences in pee and poo, so if I can't do it right, I don't write. So forgive me and perhaps I can do this more frequently.

Currently, I'm in my last month of pregnancy. I'm due in the last week of March, so you can imagine how big I have become. And, finally, the gotta-pee-always has taken over. I've been peeing practically on the hour. Not large amounts of pee, but frequent urges for little bits. Not like before when I could hold my urine practically all day then release a sputtering torrent of smelly golden yellow; now I'm trickling on and off it seems constantly. I used to have days where I'd pee after getting up in the morning, spend a whole day in the stables, then pee back at the house in evening after going anywhere between six to ten hours filling my bladder. The release of my long-clenched pelvic muscles and the warmth along my vagina and thighs as the pee trickled off; the smell of pungent, hormone-laden female urine wafting up, and usually the presence of either Kyra or Jared to share it with me…I miss those "evening pees."

These days, I'm still getting around just fine and doing all the same work I did before, but I find myself dropping my pants to trickle some pee in the barn more often than not. I don't squat down, I find that if I just pull my jeans and panties a bit past my butt and bend at the waist, my urine shoots out behind me sufficiently to not hit my clothes. Well, not always shoots, usually trickles off my bum, nevertheless I've only soaked my jeans a few times when I was first figuring out how to pee outside while very pregnant. If I don't bend as far forward as my swollen physique will allow, then the pee goes right into my pants. Practice, practice, practice…… Of course, peeing all the time and not wiping, my jeans can smell quite strong in the crotch. I've become more like Kyra in this regard: her crotch is almost always very fragrant with pee and female essence, and definitely not in a bad way. I'll say it again and again: women's bodies make beautiful aromas. (I enjoy hers and she, mine. And Jared, us both.)

As far as my pooping goes, it's been a little more slow than before, but not terribly constipated. I've been pooping roughly every other day. Big logs, but still no match for Kyra's poo! Now that she's about four and a half months into her own pregnancy, her bowels are producing some truly awe-inspiring efforts. Though, with their increased size, they're sometimes stretching her to the point of crying, and I do feel bad for her because we've taken efforts to improve her diet so she can poop more easily. Her body just insists on building up monster eliminations no matter what she does, so she just does the best she can with it. Her doctor thinks she has mega-colon, judging from her descriptions of her pooping. But, overall, she is having a healthy pregnancy, just as I have been blessed with. Our bond is so immensely close I simply cannot describe it. We spend practically all our time together, in the bathroom as you can expect as well. It's very rare for one of us to "go" without the other. And if Jared is around he joins as well. Our tiny upstairs bathroom can get pretty crowded, let me tell you. But it's all bliss, and we are one big happy threesome. I know some of you out there might not approve of our situation, but it works out wonderfully for us. Kyra and I have each other to lean on, and Jared has two ladies to keep him busy. I have debated if I should come clean and admit it or not, but I feel for honesty and accuracy in presenting our experiences in the future, I must: Indeed, Kyra's baby has the same daddy as mine.

I write this now with Kyra standing next to me, saying "Hi" to you all. She would like to tell you she just finished doing some laundry and scrubbed a few skidmarks out of both her and my panties. She also says she is considering posting by herself in the future. Now she's walking away…

Well, in any case, I thought I'd finish by mentioning that this morning I had to poop, not just pee, while I was in the barn. So I did! As I was tending to a mare, I got cramps and debated if I should head back to the house or not. I decided to just go for it and be free. So I pulled my jeans and white cotton bikini panties to my knees, and held on to a railing while I bent a little bit further than to just pee, which I can do without holding on to something for support. I relaxed, and I felt a thick poo begin out through my not entirely parted butt cheeks. It was an odd feeling, because usually when I'm sitting on the toilet my cheeks are parted and I cannot feel the poo slide past them. I relaxed, and in about thirty seconds a more than foot long, two inch wide dark brown smooth textured poo was laying on the ground. I peed a little bit then I pulled up my pants. I shoveled it into a pile with some horse manure, then did the rest of my tending for the next few hours. When I got back inside and sat on the toilet, my panties had a considerable skidmark. And, my large butt being far back on the seat, I left a small poo smear on the rear of the toilet seat. Kyra both wiped off the toilet seat and cleaned up my butt with a wet, soapy washcloth.

What a beautiful girl she is!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Hi everyone, I used to post for a while under some other name but I've forgotten what so this is my new one! I've been reading lots of posts lately and have been enjoying the stories. I'm male, 22 and from Britain, obviously! I stopped posting because I was too busy before so I will try to post on a semi-regular basis when I can.
Reading Megan's story about her train experience made me decide to post because I also went to London last week and have some experiences to tell you about!

I went to London for some sightseeing and on the train down I needed a piss. I saw a man go into the toilet and that a woman was waiting. There was another woman who had walked past me and gone out to where the toilet is but she was on her phone so I assumed she was just taking a call rather than queuing for the loo. The man came out and the woman went in and after I saw her walk past me back to her seat I got up to go. The sign in the carriage that indicates if the toilet is occupied was not lit, meaning the door was unlocked, so I went out and pressed the open button. Imagine my surprise (and delight!) when the door started sliding open to reveal the second woman, still talking on the phone, sitting on the loo! 'Oh my God! It's a nightmare, I'm on the toilet!' she said to whoever was on the phone before laughing and apologising. I said sorry too. She was an attractive vusinesswoman of about 40 and had her skirt pulled up and her tights and knickers at her knees, so I could see her thighs and hips clearly. She leaned forward to hit the close button and carried on talking on the phone laughing about it. She was only weeing because she came out a minute later. We both apologised again. 'I didn't realise you were in there,' I said. 'I forgot to lock it,' she said. 'That was embarrassing!' I didn't say that it was exciting for me! Later on I needed a poo which I will come back to.
Last summer I was in London and after some lunch I needed to do both a wee and a poo, and had to find a toilet to take care of them. I was walking along the bank of the Thames and not finding any loos. My needs were growing and I was becoming in urgent need of a toilet, especially for my poo which was the first of the day (I usually go once or twice daily). I was heading for Waterloo station where I knew there would be toilets, albeit ones that would cost money like the ones Megan had to use for her poo in her story.
Walking along the South Bank I remembered hearing about the 'Jubiloos,' public toilets built near the London Eye for the Queen's anniversary celebrations. I had heard them mentioned on the news or somewhere. I decided to use them if I could find them. After a bit more walking I found them- good timing, because I was getting desperate to go. It cost 50p but I was willing to pay at this point. There were a couple of cubicles in use. I went in and was greeted by one of the members of staff. 'Hi! Just down the end on the right,' she said, pointing at what I later saw were the urinals. 'Can I not use these?' I said, indicating the eight unisex cubicles on the left. 'Oh, of course, if you need to use a cubicle,' she said. I picked one and hurried in and took care of my business.
Last week after lunch I again needed to do both things quite urgently. I liked the cleanliness of the Jubiloos and the service, so I decided to go there again to do my business. This time they were quite busy with about half the cubicles taken. A girl about my age went in ahead of me. I took one of the free cubicles to the right of hers. I sat down and pushed out four turds. It was only halfway through my poo that I noticed there was no paper! I realised the cleaning guy was outside cleaning another cubicle and must have either removed the roll to change it or it had run out. I had to wait to finish it while I flushed and quickly changed cubicles, the next free one being on the other side of the girl. I lstarted on my last two logs and then was surprised when I heard a plop from her cubicle. I knew if I could hear her she heard me too. I did another piece and she did two more. I was done so I left and saw her come out a few minutes later. It was exciting knowing we'd both just pooed!


Girlfriends trip to bathroom

So my girl friend Stephanie is on a diet that helps clean out your system,We were at the mall when she said her stomach was cramping and she needed a toilet since her diet was kicking in. We went to the food court and she wanted the family bathroom and had me come in with her. We locked the door and she undid her pants and as they dropped to ankles she ripped hot pink panties and sat then a big pfffffffft and mushy poo. Then pffffffffffttttt pfffffffffft pffffffffffft. Finished up and wiped 7 times pulled everything up and flushed.


Latest update

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't had time to post in a while, loads on at the moment!
Megan- glad you didn't end up having to go for a poo on the train but it sounded like you were pretty desperate by the time you got to the station! Good to hear you got on the toilet in time and it sounded really releaving, I know what you mean, if you've been clenching your bum for ages trying to keep it in then its a great feeling when your finally on the loo and you can just relax and let it come.
Imogen- glad you're able to post again and I enjoyed your description of your live poo. I quite often have 3 or 4 days between poos and then my first log is often big and hard like you described. Sorry though to hear you'd been holding it for three days, next time I hope your able to have a poo when you first feel the urge although I know thats not always easy if you're out or at school. If you need a poo at school are you able to go or do you hold it till you get home? Sorry too that you wet your knickers on the way home the other day, at least no-one else noticed.
Anyway, back to my latest story. Today I got to school late and so didn't get time to pay my early morning visit to the toilet to try to have a poo before lessons. As the morning went on I started to get a heavy feeling in my belly and part way through the lesson before lunch that had turned into a definite need for a poo which grew steadily more and more urgent as the lesson continued. I shifted in my chair and crossed my legs tightly, I realised I hadn't been for a poo since Tuesday which was three days ago so I knew I'd have to go to the toilet as soon as lunchtime started. When we were let out I walked stiffly towards the decent English loos but the queue was out of the door and in a couple of minutes I knew the log was going to be out of my bum! Remembering the other week that the Maths block loos are a lot quieter and actually weren't too bad I walked over there as quickly as I could manage and prayed that I'd be able to stop my poo from poking out into my pants. As I reached the toilets I saw another girl going in and realised it was my neighbour from the other day when the fire bell went off, she smiled at me and said 'Hi' and I said the same back. Sure enough those loos were pretty quiet, a few cubicles were occupied but there were two free next to each other so I went into one and the girl went in next door. I locked my door, lifted my skirt and pulled down my black tights and pink and blue spotty knickers before sitting on the loo and feeling my bumhole opening up as a big log started to come out. Next door I heard my neighbour pulling down her tights and pants and the creak of the seat as she sat down. A couple of toilets flushed and girls left their cubicles and after they'd gone I was pretty sure it was just me and the girl next door. I could hear her weeing and then some tense breathing and slight grunts coming from her cubicle and realised she must be straining to poo, by now my log had slid part way out but had got stuck so I gave a few hard pushes which made me grunt a bit as well. A few minutes later I heard a loud plop from her side and then a pause followed by two more plops really close together. I heard the seat creak again and saw her shoes shift position under the cubicle so I guessed she was standing up to wipe her bum, just then I heard her ripping off some paper and starting to wipe. I felt my first log slide out faster, it was fat but not that long so it too made a really loud plop as it dropped. I felt some more on the way so started to push again, just then I heard my neighbour flushing and going out of her cubicle. I did a couple more logs and then felt empty, I then needed to have a wee which hissed gently down into the bowl for a few seoconds. I took some toilet paper and started to wipe my bottom which was soon clean. I pulled up my pants and tights, let down my skirt and flushed before leaving my cubicle. I went off for lunch feeling much better! Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!


To: A Guy

That never happened to us. Our bathrooms are just walk in and out, no doors.


to fernando

Let's get more stories. When you fart loud in class do you ever say excuse me? Do you own your farts or are you embarrassed? Does mcdonalds make you doodoo? Or red lobster?

Did you read what I last wrote? I said you wrote a post about farting in a store years ago and I said have you done it recently in public? What does your wife say when you fart loud? Tell me a time you ripped a loud long one around her? What comments did she make?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lucy it sounds like you a nasty time at mc donalds.

To: A Guy that lockdown sounds like it got interesting.

To: Adelle it sounds like and that other woman both had pretty great poops.

To: Mishy I bet you felt great after getting that big poop out.

To: Imogen great poop by poop coverage it sounds like you had a really great cleanout I bet you felt great after.

Sincerly Brandon T

PS I love this site


The Anemia Snake

Back when I was in the hospital in 2009 being treated for MRSA, it was also discovered that I had anemia to where I ended up taking iron pills for a few months in order to get it back into the normal range.

As a result, most of my stools were black.

For most of my hospital stay, I had medicine to treat my MRSA administered through an IV along with taking some of it in pill and shot form.

When I was on the IV, I began to notice a certain pattern that wasn't usually a general part of my having a bowel movement.

That is, that my poop would burst out of me all at once accompanied by a kind of relatively-quiet boomph! sound that announced the last of it clearing the exit of my colon.

I jokingly asked if somebody were slipping laxative into my IV--and it turned out that what I'd meant to be a joke wasn't that far from the truth.

It was explained to me that some of the medicine I was being administered that way did have a side-effect of being like a laxative.

In time, I finished the IV phase to where I was just taking pills.

Towards the end of my hospital stay, I was helped to my bedside commode for a BM.

When I stood up to be wiped, I happened to get a good look at what I'd produced.

It was totally-black in color and was around 3/4 inch in diameter at its widest points.

It was loosely coiled to where it had the appearance of a small, black snake.

I mentioned to the aide who was helping me that she needed to take a close look at my BM and asked her if she didn't agree with me that all that would be needed to complete this work-of-art as a sculpture would be the addition of a snake tongue and a couple of those eyes with moving parts like one might find at a craft store.

She just gave me this kind of "Only you could come up with a thought like that!" look while shaking her head and responding with one word: "WhatEVER!"


Schoolboy--I really enjoyed your kindergarten story and am very much looking forward to your other school poop stories.

anon--I bet both you and the lady in the gray sneakers felt a world better after your DIY store buddy dump.


How many of you remember this gentleman calling himself Buzzy who used to hang around here a lot sharing some of the most interesting stories?

I haven't seen him on here in ages. Does anybody know what became of him? How about Cute Linda? Does anyone know where she is?

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Kira F

1st post

I have been reading this site for about a year now, but I have never posted before. I am 15 years old, blond, and quite slim.

After school on Monday at my local shopping center i suddenly felt a really strong urge for a poo, and i know the toilets there are clean, as i have used them many times before. I started heading there as fast as i could but they were quite far away. once i had arrived, i was shocked to discover that the girls toilets were locked and a sign on the door said to use the boys toilets. I would never usually do this, especially because i needed a dump, but it was too late for that. I couldn't see any other girls going in, but I just had to go for it. When i got inside I saw that there were only 3 cubicles, and a queue of about 5 men, who must of all needed to have a #2 because otherwise they would be using the urinals. I knew I could not last that long, and i must of been looking as though i was desperate, as the man in front of me offered me his space in the queue, which i took gratefully. About 10 minutes later there was still the 3 people in front of me and i was wondering if there was actually anyone in the cubicles! soon after that all 3 cubicles opened almost at once and the 3 people in front of me went in. i was hoping all men weren't that long because otherwise i wouldn't be able to hold it! a few minutes later one of the men came out from the middle cubicle, and i ran in quickly. after i had locked the door, i lifted the toilet seat and i was shocked to be greeted by a mass of used toilet paper and ****, which didn't flush, but i wasn't really in a position to complain, and i just had to carry on. I pulled down my tights and pink panties, which had a big skid mark in, and lifted up my skirt and sat down to work. My first poo was massive and curled up in the toilet, which made me feel a lot better, but i wasn't done yet. After another 2 turds i was finally finished, but it took me quite a while to wipe, and after i had finished, all of the toilet paper had almost gone. I realized that my panties were too bad to put back on, so i took them off and threw them into the toilet, then i put my tights back on, closed the toilet lid, and went and washed my hands, but made sure i left before anyone could see in my cubicle!

That's all!
Kira F x


Today's poops

I don't normally poop in the morning, but today after my morning pee, I was feeling like I might have to poop. I sat for a while, but all I managed to do was blast a few loud farts. I took a shower and left for work. While driving, I had a lot of gas, mostly silent and very smelly.

I decided the first stop would have to be the bathroom. Not surprisingly, all the stalls were taken. I had to wait only a short time for one to become available though. I sat on the toilet for a while, feeling bloated but not able to actually poop. I massaged my stomach and pushed hard, letting go of a long deep fart. Then finally, I felt a turd poke out. I passed a few soft turds and some more gas. I wiped, flushed, and washed my hands, then returned to work.

Then after lunch, I felt my usual afternoon poop coming on and went to the bathroom again. I got a stall right away that time. I peed for a good while and prepared to poop. I could hear that the ladies on either side of me were both pooping noisily. Soon I joined them with a big splash. I followed it with five more over the next minutes. By the time I was done, both other people had finished and been replaced by different women. It was a messy poop and I had to wipe a lot, then I flushed and exited to the sinks. One of the ladies must have only needed to pee as she exited her stall shortly after I did. I washed my hands and left to go back to work.

Just been reading on my phone while on the pot. Got a turd poking out and its going nowhere so thought id post.

Just as i wrote that it plopped out. Only an little one but i can feel much more in there. Giving a push, now got a much bigger turtle head hanging out.

Another heave and its out. Looks to be six inches, standing upright in the pot.
Feels pretty messy down there so i better sign off to wipe.
Happy pooping

John H

A quick live post and some comments

Hey haven't posted in a while so I will do a live post and some comments afterwards if the post isn't to long.

Just sitting on the toilet now with my trousers around my ankles.
There is strong pressure on my hole.
A soft fart just escaped and I can feel the tip slowly opening my hole.
Some more soft farts and crackling noises now as the log begins to move out.
Its moving a little faster now and is stretching my hole nicely.
Its not to big.
The first part of the log plopped into the toilet but there is still more coming out.
Now the second part has plopped into the water also.
The last part of the log dropped now and some pee is coming out.
Pushing to see if there is any more now.
Just let out another bit of pee but think there is no more poop so will wipe up.
It took four wipes to get clean.
That was a very quick one so I will leave some comments.

@JG, hey and thanks for sharing your story. That sure sounded like a very basic set up. It must have been very smelly in that little room.

@A guy. That sounded like a very messy day for you. That would be a horrible situation to be in but as you said you have to do your job. Would love to hear more of your stories. You must have lots to tell.

@Adelle, hey and thanks for sharing your story. Sounds like you really enjoyed the show that other lady put on for you. Have you got any more stories to share?

@Imogen, Hey and welcome back. I enjoyed reading your live poop post. I read it as I was sitting on the toilet myself lol. It sounded like you had a very pleasurable clear out. I enjoyed your pee story also. You were lucky that it was raining and that your parents were out when you got home. Was that the first time you had a pee accident?

That's all for now.
Take care all,
John H.

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