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Clogged Up The Toilet

Whinnie The Poo great post! Glad your back and no longer grounded. Also glad you have a new friend that enjoyed takeing a pee in your tub while you were takeing your poo on the toilet. Sugestions for places to pee; a small wastepaper basket which is portible and can be used anywhere, you mentioned in a sink which is a good spot, and how bout to see if Steph will pee outside with you somewhere were it is private like in your backyard.

Jenna your camping post was good too with you holding on for so ong and then going to the 3 hole outhouse and used it and have the other girlk come in and use it too. Reminded me about my grandmother having a 3 hole outhouse behind her one barn. My mother had a emergency need to use it when they moved back east from California! Well it was torn down and my mom just went right where it used to be! I wish it hadn't got torn down for I know I would have used it for sure!

Emma I'm glad to see you posting. Good post about your trip back. I don't mind train toilets but bus toilets are bad! I say this for many roads here in the states are not in the greatest shape and the bumps, or being crowwded the slowing down and speeding up of the bus makes it hard for me since I'm a male to stand there and piss! So like you I'll wait and go once the bus gets to make a stop and I'll use the mens room in the station.

Tessie welcome to the site! I enjoyed our first post. When being that age it seems that peeing in a bathingsuite was always done! Whether being a boy or a girl! It seemed natural to do it!(at least to me and many of my frie4nds I had at the same age. (both boys or girls) Look forward to you to do more posts.

Ok let me do my post now. Day before yesterday I had gone to the store. As I was walking home I heard my guts gurgle as I walked down the ally short cut back home. I could feel in my rectum a very full feeling and a increasing pressure on my anus building up. I knew I had to get home! I quuickened my pace.

Within the last two blocks to my house I did have to squeeze off to keep my shit from comming out. I knew that it would be a combo of hard and loose shit too that would come out. It was right there now too wanting to come out! I had the house in sight now and I had about a hundred feet left to go and I would be home!

Well II managed to make that last hundred feet rushed inside and went straight into the bathroom as soon as I was inside. I unbuckled my belt and slid the metal button through the button hole of the pair of jeans I had on. At the same time I was squeezing my cheek muscles to keep from shiting. I yanked my zipper down and shoved my jeans down to my knees.

I couldn't sit down on the seat yet! I still had on a pair of cutoff shorts to take care of yet! I had worn these to bed last night and I hadn't changed yet this morning only puting on the jeans and a shirt to go to the store. Luckily these shorts only had a slide type hasp to undo which I did and without pulling down thezipper on them I just yanked them down into my jeans. Then I got ready to sit down on the toilet seat!

But bfor I did I had some soft shit squeeze itself out! I feolt it and I let out a groan and thought at te same time; Oh no! I sat down with a hard plop on the seat! What a oder that soft shit that had come out gave off! It was real bad! The bathroom reeked! What happened now made it worse! I had the hard shit come out from my asshole!

My hard shit pushed the softer shit spreadingit over more of my skin of my cheeks! My hard shit was a very fat one which is why it had done this. It had come out very fast and in only a few short seconds itdropped makeing a loud splash in the toilet hiting in the water. The right after this I had a series oif soft pieces of soft shit drop into the toilet. Then I did take a short piss after I was done shiting.

Feeling all the soft shit spread out on my cheeks I rolled off a good wad of toilet paper. I reached back and shoved the wad of p[aper between my cheeks. The paper slid to easily as I wiped. First sighn that I was a mess back there! The paper felt heavy whenI had stopped wipeing so I dropped it then.

I rolled off a second wad now. I still also had to put up with my shits stench as I started my second wipe. I went slow and carefull with my second wipe. Again afdter pulling the paper out it was again felt heavy. I judt dropped the wad again into the toilet. I let out a soft sigh and rolled off a third wad of toilet paper.

I reached back and this time I did dig deeper for after two wipes I felt that I could so I did. Well after my third wipe of my ass this time the paper didn't feel heavy so I was clse to being done. To make sure one more time I rolled off a wad of apere and wiped my ass one more time. Now I felt clean.

I stood up and took a fast look into the toilet. With haveingh used so much paper I couldn't see all of my shit in the bowl. Only part of it. There was a lot of paper in the bowl! So I put the kid down now reached over and flushed the toilet. The water didn't make iots loud souind when it flushed like it does most of the time. I shopuld have checked to see if it was allright as far as the toilet but I didn't.

It still stunk pretty bad and I wanted to get out oftyhe bathroom as soon as I could! So I hiked up my cutoff shorts and jeans together without takeing care of my shorts first. I only took care of my jeans. I then got right out of the bathroom after that! Then I went on to do some quick chores I had to do.

While I was doing those few quick chores my wifes brother who is living with us went into to use the bathroom. When I did finsih my few quick chores I had been outsidedoing them and I was done and came back inisde. My wife was in the kitchen and she had the bathmat droping it into the washer. I asked her what happened? She toild me her brother had used the toilet flushed it and it overflowed quiockly and some of the overflowing water came out of the toilet and had wetted the bathmat pretty good along with part of the floor too!

She told me it was ok I took care of the flkoor already. After the mat is washed hang it up outside on the clothes line. Idid that later after it was washed in the washer. I should have checked the toilet when I was done! I would have know if I flusahed the toilet a second time I kne that I had clogged it with my hard fat shit that I had taken with my soft shit too. Well that's what happened. Upstate Dave

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Whinnie The Poo first its nice to hear from you again and im sorry your friend Nathalie moved but at least you made a new friend Steph and it sounds like you had a nasty day with that diarrhea and her being desperate to pee but what could you do when you have diarrhea you cant stop it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jenna great story about and that other girl pooping in that outhouse together and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Emma it sounds like you had a rough day with nobody having any toilet paper causing you to have to hold it for awhile but at least you made it and hopefuly your friend did as well and great story about you pooping at that building I bet you felt better after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Raven first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a rough weekend first being constipated and not being able to go then the exact opposite couldnt stop going and great story about your friend Michelle it sounds like she had a very bad time as well having an accident and a really messy one to but at least you were there to help her get cleaned up and it sounds like she will be there for you when you need her and it sounds like you both have a special friendship and you guys should treasure it and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jason great story about you hearing that girl pooping and please share anymore stories like thanks.

To: Tessie great peeing story and I look forward to more of your stories thanks.

To: John great story about you hearing your babysitter pooping I bet thats a memory that will last forever and please anymore stoire like that thanks.

To: Anny great story it sounds like you got some relief and now you what works for next time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jessica Lyn good thinking as you said its better to have it that way if its anemergency you will be ready and I hope you got some stories to post thanks.

To: Leanne it might have been your body testing you or it was just a dream who can really say and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Wendy & Kirsty firt great buddy dumping story and Wendy great stories about your accident after work and you pooping your pants in your sleep thats trouble with dreams sometimes they become real and as always I look forward to your guys next posts thanks.

To: RB great storyt about your friend TJ pooping her pants please share anyother stories you may have thanks.

To: Upstate Dave as always another great about hear your friend Barbie pooping and I just want to say your stories have some of the best descriptions and as I said before you are the KING OF TOILETSTOOL.COM and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie as always another great about you and another girl pooping at the same time and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Timee great story about that girl pooping and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Eileen H it sounds like you had a very nasty day but at least you made it to the bathroom and didnt have an accident because it would have been a real mess to clean up from the way you descripbed it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Lois great story about you and your roomate well at least you made it and if you guys are close enough friends you could try a buddy dump that way you wont have the problem of waiting for the bathroom to become avalible and please post more stories thanks.

To: Stitca Laura another great story and I look forward to your next one thanks.

To: Clock Tower here a re my answers
1. Yes
2.It depends on what I ate they come in all diferent ranges from soft to loud
3. I dont really care
4. it depends on how im sitting or where im at
5. My family and close friends who like to fart as well
6. Same as above but with pooping
7. It depends on what I have been eatting

To: Standee Mandy first welcome back its nice to hear from you again and I hope to hear more great stories from you thanks.

To: Sports Fan as always another great story about hearing a woman go to the bathroom and as always I look forward to your next post thanks

To: Hermes as always another great story it sounds like your friend Jo really had to poop and I bet she felt alot better and a few pounds lighter after that and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

Here are some more cartoon scenes

Total Drama series
1. A girl farts in the water

2. A girl is heard peeing

3. A girl farts after drinking a smoothie of some kind

1. Girl farts

2. Girl having diarrhea on toilet after eatting something that disagreed with her

3. Another girl having diarrhea on toilet

1. Girl having explosive diarrhea after being zapped a brown noise ray gun good sound

Well thats all for now sorry about such a long post but I had alot to say and the site has been updated twice and I was finaly able to get on a computer since I dont have one at home I use one at the library and the library is closed on sundays and mondays other wise I would posted the day after the last update like I usualy do

Sincerly Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hi everyone its John! Well I guess it had to happen sooner or later I see there's another John who's just posted a story about his babysitter (good story by the way fella!) and it's clear you're from the US. So if Mr Moderator doesn't mind would it be ok if I change my handle to John (UK) for subsequent Posts so as to avoid any confusion? I dont know what the ruling is on this! Big X and huggle to all the girls and hi to all the guys! Will keep you up to speed with memorable poo stories as soon as time permits. Bye for now.

Upstate Dave

Stephenie A Sister Of One Of My Friend Tonys Friends Part 1

Back when I was younger my friend Tony had a good friend in school that I would meet. His name was Steven and he also ha a younger sister named Stephenie. The four us soon became fast friends and would hang out together. I was the 0oldest,Tony and Steven were the same age and Steph (she didn't like to be called Stephenie) was a year or so younger then her brother and Tony.

Well many times it would be all four of us together other times just us three boys without Stephenie. Well on this one Saturday it was just us three boys Tony, Steven, and I that were haning out together. Steph wasn't with us out in Stevens barn which we were playing in. There was a rope that couold be swung on and that's what the three of us were doing at the time.

Us three soon got intodoing some fooling around as we took our turns swinging on that rope inside the barn. Steven had started it off too! Which many times he would do when we were together. Ste3ven befor he would run holding the rope and then hop onthe rope had pulled doiwn his zipper on his jeans pulled out his penios then ran hopped on the rope and swung through the air!

Tony and I both laughed hardas Steven swung through the air with his penis sticking trough his open zipper! Then Steve made Tony and I laugh even harder for as he still swung back and forth on the rope Steven pissed as he swung! Steven swung on the rope long enough that he had taken his entire piss and had stopped. Then he dropped down of the rope laughing too.

Steven said to both Tony and I; I dare yeh! Tony laughed and so did I and Tony stepped over to the rope befor I could. Tony was going next. He pulled the rope back as far as he could go with it. He held it in one had and he unzipped his jeans and he pulled out his penis! Tony didn't run he just hopped on the rope and he started swinging across the barn. He also started pissing right aftyer he started to swing.

It was now for Steven and I to laugh hard as Tony swung back and forth and pissed as he did swing. Both Stevens and my loud laughing along with Tonys hard laughing too as he swungand pissed covered any other noise that was being made or would be made. Reason I say this now was we wre going tpo have a visiter! It would be Stephenie!

Steph came into the barn useing the small barn door. She camein with all of our loud laughter covering up any noise she had made comming inside the barn. So the three of us never heard her come in. Steph had come in when Tony was halfway done with his swining and piss! None of us would see her even after Tony had stopped and it would be my turn to swing on the rope and piss while I swung on it!

Tonyt had finished his swing which he had come back and dropped off the rope where I was standingwith Steven. I grabbed the rope pulled down my zipper and yanked out my penis and I took a few running steps and hopped right up on the rope. I started to piss halfway through the first foward swing of the rope. I like Tony and Steven both pissed very hard which again we all laughed hard and loud!

I swung back and forth many times like Steven and Tony had done. But I swung longer then I had pissed. I swung several times with only my penis still out and then I then dropped off the rope in froint of Steven and Tony. I slipped my penis back inside my pants and zipped up.
All threeof us still were laughing pretty loudly and pretty hard. But not as loud and hard aswe just had been.

This is when Steph let us know she was in the barn! She clapped her hands and she also now started to laugh hard enough for all of us to hear her clap and laugh! We three boys spun right around and stared at Steph silently fopr a good two three minutes befor any one of us three could say someting to her.

Steven was the first of us three to speak up. He asked how long Steph had been there. Did you see me swinging and pissing? Steph now laughinglightly told her brother that she hadn't seen him on the rope. But Steph said she saw Tony and I swinging and pissing! THAT SURE WAS FUN TO SEE! I wouln't have bothered to watch you Steven if I was in when you were doing it!Steph laughed harder for short moment. Then lookinmg straight at Tony and I Steph added saying to use both; You both have nice looking units too!

That made me let out a short hard laugh and Tony smiled a big smile on his puss too! Even Steven laughed lightly at his sisters last comment. I did remember none of us were embarressed at all about it! Then Steven said to Steph; Ok steph you had seen at least Tony and Dave on the rope pissing I DARE YOU to the Same!!!

Noiw Tony and I looked stareing at Steven, then we looked at each other and then back at Stephenie. Stephenie smiled with a defiant look on her face and she came walking right over to where we all were standing by the rope. Out of my way! Steph said to her brother. Steven did step aside to let Steph to take the rope.

Now Steph too was wearing a pair of jeans. She unsnapped them pulled down the ziper on them amdshe yanked them straight down to her knees! Now as far as Tony and I we both just stood there stunned by what Stephhad done. But I do remember Steph was wearing a pair of white panties and they were still upat this time. Steph I remeber saying next was; Ok its a little harder for me to do tis and you two (meaning Tony and I won't see all that much! Mostly my ass!

Steph yanked her white pair of panties down into her jeans which noiw Tony and I did see stephs ass. Steph was a little pluimp so for her ass was a little big but really not bad lookimng at all! Steph then hopped up on the rope and swung away from us. She swung all the way out to where the rope would stop its foward swing and started back.

That is when Steph started to piss on the backswing. Both Tony and I saw her thin stream of piss going downward as she swung back towards us. Her piss streamgot harder as she came back towards us. She3 didnt come back as far as she had started off with so when she again started to swing forward again Steph was agood two feet away from Tony and I. But that was close enough to get a goodcloser look at Stephs bare assand piss stream!

Stephs piss was a short ne lasting three swings on the rope. Still as far as me that was plenty to see! After stoping pissing Steph took her last swing back but dropped off te rope right in the middle of the last swing. She pulled up her white panties and jeans together with her back faced to us. Then after taking care of her panties and pants Steph did turn aroud and walked back over to us three boys.

Steph ignored Steven but smiled at Tony and me. Don't thank me you two! she said to Toney and I. Tony and I couldn't for we both wre stillo semi stunned by what Steph had done. She laughed and she headed for the door to leave the barn. Steph laughed all the way over to the door and opened stepped outsiode still laughing and the door closed. This was the first time Tony and I saw her piss. The next time there wouldbe more she would do too! To be continuied.

After a time after with Steph seeing Tony and I pissing while we swung on the rope in the barn which Steph had done too Steph woiuld bring it up every now and then which as far as the three of us her, Tony and I would laugh about it. Steven being Stephs brother didn't care.

Now it was the time for the second time Tony and I would see Steph piss. Here how the second time cam about. We had setup a homewotk session at Stevens house which included having dinner there too. We ate and then we cleared the table off for Steph which it was Tony and I did the clearing of the table. Stephs turn was to do the dishes this night too. That's why we cleared the table for her as far as Tony and I. Steph had homework to do too. This would save her some time as far as the dishes.

But Steph wanted to sit with us and do her homework with us not do the dishes. Her and Steven started argueing about it. Back and forth those two went. Both Tony and I couldn't help hearing those two argue. It got to the point where Steph got desperate. I'll pay you if you let me sit at the table now! Steph said to Steven. How can you do that you don't have any money Steph to pay me!

Steph got quiet for a very long moment. Both Tony and I now looked up no longer doing homework. Steph stood there looking like she was thinking very hard. She was too. Then she said to Steven; If you let me sit down now and YOU DO THE DISHES I'LL STRIP! Now I saw Tonys jaw drop and I must gave done that too! REALLY Steven said back to Stephenie. I WILL!! Steph said right back to Steven. I'll do it in the barn!

Then Steph puased and then she added by saying; Tony and Dave can come and watch too! Steven needed no more encouragement. He slid his chair back away from the table. He said to Tony and I; Come on! She will do it! Steven headed for the back door. Tony and I then got up and we walked towards the backdoor too. Steevn already had gone outside and Step she was right behind Tony and I as we went out the door.

Once outside as the three of us were walking together Steven was way ahead of us almost to the barn Steph said quietly to both Tony and I; Now I have a sperate deal for you two. Before either Tony and I said a word to Steph she said to us; If you two pee while we are out there in the barn and after I strip I'll pee too!

Tony and I said right back to Steph; WE WILL DO IT!!!! Stepoh giggled hard and we all then hurried to the barn. Steven was inside allready and we three slipped through the door and were inside the barn now too. Go ahead Steph! Steven said loudly to her. Steph gave Tny and I a wink which Steven did not see her do.

Then Steph stepped away from us three boys turne around and face us. Steph had on a dress which she forst started lifting up the bottom of it slowly which she was teasing us all. Steven knew Steph was going to do it now. So he spoke out saying. Oh hell she is going to do it. I'm going back to the house and do up those dishes. Steven walked away and headed for the door and go to the house.

Steph watched her brother leavging which she held her dress where it was. Steven walked through te door and closed it behind him. Now Steph l;et go of her dress and it dropped down. Stephn said to Tony and I; Oh I'm still going to strip! But you two are going to pee for me now! Get your units out you two! Tony and i laughed a little and we did pull our zippers and slipped out our units together for Steph to see!

Steph smiled a big smile and the she slipped the straps of he dress off from her shoulders. He dress slid right down to her ankles! Now we got to see more of Steph right then! As bot Tony and I looked the front of Steph over which we both looked slowly over Steph she giggled hard for she could plainy see how Tony and I looked at her.

Now Steph told Tony and I we better pee! After all that's part of this too! Then I'll go after you two go! Now Tony7 and I didn't need any further encouragement! WE both held our units and we pissed togther all over the barns floor. Steph stood there smileing all the time Tony and I stood there pissing She didt't stop smileing till after Tony and I finished pissing and our units were back inside our pants.

Then Steph squated right down and shereleased a nice hgard stream of piss from her vagina which bot Tony and I stared right at with Steph woud say to us; Real big smiles too. Steph took a nice long piss for us also. When she finsihed she smiled at Tony and I and she put back on her dress.

She said to Tony and I; Im so glad I did this! Not swo much testrip and pee! But getting Steven to do the dishes! That was the best part! We then left the barn together and walked back in the house togther, Steven was at the sink doing the dishes but he stayed silent when we thre walked inside. Steph did say a single word either back to Steven. She just got what she needed to do as far as her homwork and sat down with Tony and I at the table we three went and worked worked on our homework. Steven joind us after he had one the dishes. There wpould be just more one time that Steph would be see peeing, But this last time would be when Tonyand I would be grown up. So would be Stephnie! To be continuied.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I am Back!

Hey everyone, good news! I am not grounded anymore, so I can finally post again. For those of you who don't remember, my dad caught me and my best friend Nathalie peeing in her car and grounded me. Nathalie moved away, so I do not really talk to her much anymore. But I did make a new friend named Steph.
Anyway, Steph was over at my house yesterday afternoon. We were watching a movie when my stomach started to feel weird. I ignored it and all of a sudden got a really sharp pain. I knew I was about to poo so I ran to the bathroom. As soon as I sat down, liquid poo shot out of my butt. It smelled horrendous and I was farting a ton. I had eaten fast food for lunch and I normally don't. It was not agreeing with me at all. I heard a knock on the door and Steph asked me if I was almost done. I told her that I probably would be awhile. She peeked her head in and commented on the smell. Then she asked me if I had another bathroom. The only other bathroom is in my parent's room, and it was under construction at the moment. When I told her this, she looked like she was about to cry. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she really had to pee and did not think she could hold it. I remembered her drinking a huge soda at lunch, plus she had about three bottles of water when we got back to my house (it was really hot out.) i told her she could come all the way into the bathroom and she did. Her legs were tightly crossed and she kept talking about how she was going to lose it any second. I told her she could pee in the sink if she wanted, but she did not think she could climb up there without wetting herself. So I suggested the tub. I was still pooing as I spoke with her. She said okay and pulled her pants and panties down. She sat on the tub ledge and immediately began peeing. She must not have sat far back enough because some pee was splashing on the floor. It was completely clear. SHe moved back a bit and continued to go. She must have peed for at least five minutes. I tore off some tp when she was done and she wiped then pulled her pants up. She ran the tub to wash it out. I finished my poo and we went back to the movie. Later she told me she had never peed anywhere beside the toilet and thought it was great fun. She wants to pee in other places. I pee my pants a lot and in Nathalie's car, but I never really peed anywhere else either. Do you guys have any suggestions of interesting places I can suggest to her/try myself? Thanks and it is great to be back!


No toilets while camping

Last year I went camping for four days with a group of other girls. There were six of us in all, and I knew each of the girls there just some more than others. Well, the trip would have been perfect except that there were no toilets available and I didn't know that until we got to the campsite. To make matters worse, the only outhouse there was a 3-holer, meaning three people could go at the same time, but with no privacy at all.

I began to worry about this because I'm a shy pooper. I try to avoid going anywhere but my house if possible. I tried my best to just hold it in until we got home. But that just wasn't an option on this trip. By the second day, I really had to poop bad. I hadn't been in three days before we came and the high fiber foods weren't helping my situation any. I really wanted to hold on until night and go after everybody else was asleep if I could.

Somehow by some miracle I managed to make it until after we turned in for the night. I waited for a bit until the girl I was sharing a tent with went to sleep and then I made my move. I left the tent, clenching my buttcheeks to hold it five days worth of poop and walked to the outhouse. Just as I had hoped there was no one else inside and so I pulled down my bottoms and sat on the left hole. I unclenched and let a turd force its way out. It felt so good to be able to go after all the hoops I'd jumped through. When the turd broke off, I followed it with two more turds. I still had much more left to poop out, when the door opened and another of the girls groggily pulled down on sat on the right hole.

She yawned, and I so wanted to leave except I had a big log hanging out of me at that moment. I hoped the other girl just had to pee. She peed for a long time, even continuing after my log fell with a plop onto the pile. To my dismay, the girl farted loudly a couple of times. I felt another turd taking position and it was clear I wasn't going to stop mid load. My body was insistent on evacuating all of its poop right then. I heard the other girl dropping many small turds and my own turd kept on churning out of my butt. At last that long turd ended and I didn't feel any more coming.

For a while there were no plops from the other girl but after a bit, she dropped a big one. I had another turd coming out, as she looked around, swore, and said, "I forgot the paper, can I borrow some of yours?" I said yes and handed her the toilet paper. I let out a few more turds while she wiped and then she left me alone to finish up. I had many more turds before at last I didn't have to go anymore. I wiped thoroughly and I looked in the hole just out of curiousity. Before I had started there was definitely some poop in the pile, but it was a much much bigger pile after I finished.

Hi again everybody! I'm back home now having made the journey back today by coach, and that means I happen to have an toilet story for you!

To John- Yes, we're back at uni next year and we're all in the same house so as you say hopefully there will be lots of interesting stories to tell!

Since I had too much stuff to fit in my car my Dad came up on Wednesday and took most of my stuff back so that I'd only have to take my suitcase and my bag back. Friday was the big end of year party at the union and we all went down there and spent all day there. We came back home at about 4am and I was far too drunk so I ended up getting a huge burger with fries on the way back, completely forgetting that I'd already had a burger for lunch earlier and then a pizza that I shared with Leanne and Hannah! So this morning I woke up when my alarm went off at 10. I had to get a 1 o'clock coach back home so I had some cereal and then packed my stuff. I had a long relieving wee when I woke up and noticed there was very little paper in the toilet. While I was packing several people must have used it. At about 12 I started to need my morning poo and this was going to be a big one because of all the alcohol and greasy food I'd had the day before. I finished packing and then went to take care of my urge. I went in to the toilet but the paper had been used up. I went up to the top floor bathroom where I assumed there would be some but there was none there either! There was none anywhere in the house! Leanne, Amy, Lizzi and Kat had already gone home (how they got up early enough is anyone's guess!) so I knocked on Lauren's door.
'Do you have any toilet roll?' I asked her. She said no; so did Natalie and Michaela. I was getting worried now because I really had to go and I would have to leave soon to catch the coach. I met Sophie on the stairs and she asked me if I had any paper. I told her no but I wished I did! She said she had to wee badly and that she would just go and then have a shower. I knocked on Hannah's door and asked her. She said no as well and said she had to go for a poo but couldn't- I told her I knew the feeling! By now I had to leave and I had to poo- a dilemma! Since there was nothing to wipe my bum with I decided if I hurried I could go at the bus station. I got my stuff and said goodbye to everyone. To make matters worse by now I really had to wee but I couldn't relieve my bladder because whenever I wee if I need a poo my poo will come out as well and when I really need to wee it usually seems more urgent than when I have to poo a lot (not always though)! Hannah walked down part of the way with me because she was going to the shop for some toilet roll- too late for me! I told her about my problem and she said she sympathised because she was really desperate for her poo now. By the time I got to the bus station so was I but I had to get straight on the coach because it was about to leave so I had no time for a toilet stop.
I really don't like going to the toilet on public transport. Planes are fine but trains are a no no unless I have no choice and coaches- don't get me started! But within half an hour of setting off it didn't seem like I'd have much choice. I was dying for a wee and I had to urgently poo as well. There was no way I was going to use the coach toilet- cramped, smelly and highly embarrassing especially since I had to poo and it was going to be a big and smelly load! About an hour in a man went in and when he came out the smell of his poo wafted through the whole coach! I was not going to have a coachload of strangers smell my poo and know it could only have come from me! I held on with all my might but it was a 3 hour journey and I was fighting a losing battle. All I could do was hope we would stop at the services. Luckily for me almost 2 hours in we did. I felt like I was about to burst from both front and back. We stopped and the driver said we had 20 minutes break. I got off as fast as I could and hurried into the building and to the loos. I was in a state of toilet emergency- I had to get on one as fast as possible! There were 20 or so cubicles with about half in use. I picked the nearest free one and hurried in, locked the door and put my bag on the hook, and ripped down my jeans and panties. As soon as my bum hit the seat I started a gushing wee and my first turd blasted out of me. It felt so good since I'd been holding it for so long! Two more turds came out while I weed and after that there were five more and a couple of farts. When I was done I got a sandwich and a drink and got back on the coach feeling a lot better!

Will post again soon. Bye!

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