Firstly Steve thanks for the welcome. I missed out on the 70's show - we have fox here but i'm not sure if Australia fox is the same. Anyway - i missed it. Steve since we both enjoy watching other guys taking a dump thought you might like to hear about a recent experience that has left such an impression in my mind i remember it all the time. My Mate and i were at the beach one warm summers night. This was late around midnight - one of those really warm nights it was really pleasant just sitting in the carpark and preparing to leave. Just then a friend called Steve (no bullshit) turned up recognized our car and parked in the space next to us. He got out and pulled on the handle of the back door and stepped in. "Hi guys - whats happening?" the usual conversation went on for about maybe 30 minutes - it was getting really quiet - no cars around - it must have been past midnight Then Steve hits me with a bombshell - "gee i really need to shit real bad" I thought wouldnt it be great to go with him but the thought quickly went from my mind. Any way he waited for a while and i thought the magic of the moment had dissappeared. The he suddenly says "i really gotta go now" He gets out of the car and naturally i thought he was gonna dissappear around a bush or at least walk to the nearest toilet which was a fair distance away. Well NO he gets out - steps up to the drivers side door right by my face and starts to undo his buckle - then his zip and the next thing you know he whips down his pants and starts to squat - right there 2 foot from my side - i couldn't beleive it. I said "Steve - what you doing?" he replys "cant be buggered finding a tree so i'll kust drop it here" Man oh Man - my head was swooning - i got a high that was like i was on drugs - my heart was pounding so loud - im suprised he didnt hear it!! Well he squats there for quite a while the occasional fart fills the quiet midnight air and all the while i can here him grunt and push out what must have been a weeks hoard up there! Then he says "hey guys - havn't got any paper have you" No sorry so he stands and just pulls up his pants and casually gets back in the car to continue the conversation. Every now and then i glanced outside and there in the moonlight was this huge pile of turds which looked all lonely and lost in the light of the moon. Then he says - i always shit here in the carpark when there isnt anyone around - funny thing though - you know they always dissappear - where the hell they go beats me. Eventually we call it a night and tell him we'll catch him later. Next day we went there - and beleive it or not - he was right - it was gone!!!!! The phantom pooh snatcher strikes again????

Steve, thanks for mentioning about the guy on the toilet on the "70s show". Has anyone ever seen a woman use the toilet on TV, especially to poop? For that matter, has anyone ever seen a TV show that showed a woman who needed to poop? I've seen shows where women needed to pee, but I can't remember any where a female was shown having to poop.

Bill W, I have been doing this for as long as I remember. I'm 15 now. My very earlients memories were when I was 3 and My brother was just about a year old. He was in diapers, but I had been potty trained. I remember taking his diapers and putting them on where my mom couldn't see me, (usually in the backyard) and then hold it and play with my friends for as long as I wanted. When the urge was too great for my pea-sized bladder, I just let it go, the most wonderful feeling in this universe, and continued to play with my friends. I still think it is the greatest feeling to this day, And I don't ever plan to stop, because it's totally harmless. I just can't wait untill I move out on my own, so I can cover my matress with water proof covering, and just wake up and go, without my mother knowing. That's my goal. Glad to hear I'm not the only one that has this unusual interest. I also have a story to share with everyone. My best friend and I were sitting in our last class of the day yesterday, and she kept fidgeting and squirming, then suddenly stiffening, and squirming again. I didn't think she had to pee, because she had gone earlier in the day. What I did remember, was that my lactose-intolerant friend had Milk just recently, obviously assuming it wouldn't affect her system untill she was home. The bell rang and, she JUMPED from her seat and rushed to her locker. Our Other friend, A football Jock named Lee, decided to show off his Macho strength by grabbing Cammie and lifting her into the air. She had no Idea he was going to do this, so before she could even shout out for him not to, she was in midair with a horrified look on her face. He then grabbed around har middly, She let out a loud moan, and all of a sudden, this brown, liquid came out the legs of her shorts in mad torrents. Oh, The smell in that locker room!!! Lee dropped her right into he! r stinky puddle, where she sat, Sobbing, she was mortified. I did the best I could, summoning up our girlfriends to kind of surround her and block her from view, whilst another girl ran for a custodian. I waold certainly NOT liked to have been in her shoes that day!

Wow! Another successful dump. It feels so swesome going out. I also enjoy doing it in public mensrooms. Knowing another guy can listen to and smell me gives me a rush. I also enjoy listening and smelling other dudes pooping.

Wednesday, September 30, 1998

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Hey folks. I have been reading in here for a while and this is my 2nd posting. Any other guys into preparing for their morning dumps as I do? Mug of coffee, cigs and reading material? Major operation for at least 45 minutes every morning. I enjoy my dumps, the feeling of getting emptied out then seeing it in the bowl. Anyone else fascinated with their own dumps? 28/m

Thanks for giving us the run down on Senseless and the "sombody calling" movie, Movie Fan. I just have a little bit to add to that aspect of someone else hearing you while you are in the bathroom. I work summers now as a builder/installer in a cabinet shop. I was working one day at this womans house and she was cleaning up the kitchen. I had to do a dump really bad and since I had worked previously at this womans house I knew that she didn't mind me going to the bathroom. I went into the master bathroom and found the toilet. It was in a small tile-walled alcove, unfortunately the rest of the bathroom was also done in tile. This made the sound resonation of the room very loud. I had a seat on the very clean and rather cold toilet seat. What I did not know was that around the other side of the alcove there was the door to the bedroom and that it was open. I heard a noise from that side of the bathroom but I did not know what it was, it sounded like someone was standing in the bedroom the whole time, all the while I was pressing out a few long hissing farts. Finally after about 15min. I grunted and heaved out a log that hit the water with a resounding ploomp! It was also rather smelly in the bathroom after I flushed. I was leaving the bathroom and this was when I went over to the other side and discovered the alcove and to my surprise the door was open, alowing all the sensory (sound and smell) to fill the bedroom. I was puzzeled because I know I heard someone in the bedroom the whole time I did my doo. They left when I flushed. Has anyone ever had this happen to them?

RB, let me be the first to welcome you. I too really enjoy seeing another guy on the toilet and consider it a great find when I stumble across a restroom without doors on the stalls. But I've never been lucky enough to catch some one in the woods. I know I don't post often but I thought I'd let you ladies (and gentlemen) know about something I saw on televison. Did any one see "That 70's Show" on Fox Sunday night? Yep, guy sitting on the toilet! Of course you could not see anything but it was obvious what he was doing. A very nice surprise for the end of the weekend! Drew, were you lucky enough to catch that? Later all.

Some Guy
Great posts you guys especially Silke! Jeff A. and Kevin you guys are sooo right! DD: I was going to make a list, but all the synonyms for taking a dump, but everything I know has been said here already. I do know this guy that referred to diarrhea as "hershey squirts". That was pretty funny. I read Pottyboy's post and I just want to dedicate this post to all the custodians out there that will clean our bathrooms, not stopped by rain, sleet, snow, skid marks, wet floors, wet seats, stuff from Silke's ass, tampons, dirty underwear, or any other horrible mess we cringe to think about. If it wasn't for custodians, the bathrooms would be so disgusting we'd be pooping and peeing outside. Wait that'd be pretty cool. Seriously though, much love to you guys. And I've never had tartar sauce and fries, but it's gotta be ketchup, more salt, or nothing.

Bill W.
Hi there. I have been reading The Toilet forum for a while, and this is my first post. Candice, I too enjoy what you do. When I was little, I used to postpone going to the bathroom for a long time. Once on the way home from school I had to go really badly. I got all the way home, but the door was unexpectedly locked. I was ringing the doorbell, and holding myself, when I couldn't wait any longer. One spurt followed another, and before my mom got to the door I had soaked my trousers. I was embarrassed, but it felt really good. When I was a little older I started doing this on a regular basis. I would find times when I would have the house to myself, or go out into the nearby woods. I would hold my pee a long time, and then go in unusual ways. Sometimes I would do it in my pants, sometimes naked. Lying down, sitting back with my legs open, etc. And of course, using my little tool for creative aiming, launching a stream for distance, or watching it fall to the ground when I'd climbed a tree. But most of all I enjoyed the sensation of having to go very badly, and guiltily letting go in my pants. Once I'd started, I would feel my clothes get warm and wet. I'd know it was too late to do anything about it, and would let my bladder empty, and feel my pee trickle down my legs. The feeling of having to go, the excitement and a little bit of fear at not being able to make it to the toilet in time, and the naughty feeling of finally letting go...all these combine into a strange, but pleasurable experience. I have been doing this off and on for about 20 years. (How about you? Been doing this long?) Even though it can feel weird, it feels good. And I do my own laundry. That's the real bottom line. Bill

Someone asked if anyone ever attempted to poop in a wash basin. That brought to mind another Davey story. Davey was drunk at a bar and went into the bathroom. He had to poop and I suppose he wanted everyone to see his trophy, so he squatted over the sink. When he was just getting done, the door started to open so he quickly pulled up his pants and went out the door. A little while later he brought someone in there to show him what he'd done. You've got to remember that he's really drunk. They went in and there was nothing in the sink. That's when Dave started to realize that the turd hadn't dropped off in time and had ended up in his pants. Later on, back at the cabin, he was spreading his but cheeks apart to show the other guys what a mess it made. Sometime I'll post stories about Davey leaning on the bar talking to the bartender, and just whipping out his dink and peeing without anyone knowing it (except the ones he told to watch!)

Tuesday, September 29, 1998

Hi, it's been ages since I posted on here, but I do periodically read the newer posts. There was a debate a while back about "having a.." or "taking a..." or simply just "going.." My younger sister's best friend, Lisa (both of them are 12) was sleeping over at our house this past weekend. It was Saturday afternoon and I was lying in my bedroom, which is right next to the bathroom. I heard my sister yell into the bathroom "Lisa, what are you doing in there?" "I'm doing poo," replied Lisa. I chuckled to myself at this dialogue. About 10 minutes later, as I was still in my room reading the paper, I heard my sister again "Lisa, what's taking you so long?" "I'm still doing poo. I'm not done yet." I heard the toilet flush a couple of minutes later. "Finally you're done!," exclaimed my sister. My question is, does anybody else "do" poo or pee (or whatever term you use for going to the bathroom)? This posting is coming from the United States, btw. Thanks in advance for any responses. P.S., I had to pee, so I went into the bathroom about 3 minutes after Lisa left. Whew, did she ever "do" a stinky one!!!

Hey everybody I'm back! I had a long working week in southern germany. Before I wright a story that happened to me last night on my car ride back home, I would ask you about a interesting thing that I saw on TV in my hotel. It was a story about a collector of chamber-pots. He shows some nice little pots which are build in the time of rokoko for the ladies to pee in when they are on parties or in coaches. Has anybody of you ever used such a pot - I think it must be a lot of fun As I drove home last night ( I started at 8pm)I had a short stop at a rest area after 2,5 hours for a pee. There was no toilet so I searched a hidden place behind a bush where I can lift up my dress ( When I drive alone I never wear underpants under my long dress, because it's easier when I have to relief myself). I went down a small path down into the woods, and I had to be very careful because tp and turds lay on that path every few meters. As I thought I was deep enough in the woods I began to pull up my dress on the path and would make a step behind a tree. But in this moment I heard a very loud fart. I saw 3 or 4 meters away a man squatting down and having a shit . He looked directly at my naked vagina at smiled. He said: Who cares, why don't you make your job too? I looked around but the path ended here and I had the selection between watched by this man or from the drivers at the parking. I decided to pee there and started my powerful jet directly on the path. We finished at the same time and went back to our cars. Near the last bush we caught a woman while she let out a big turd directly on the path. We gently stopped and let her finish -I think she didn't noticed us. After that we got into our cars and I continued my trip. After 3 hours I felt the urge to poo and I stopped at a nearly empty rest area- only one car parked in front of the toilet. I had to fart very often and I hoped that this car will leave before I had to go in. A man came out and I went in. I lifted my dress as I get in and a little turd falls out of my bottom directly on the floor because I really couldn't wait any longer. I openend the nearest stall- but there squatts a woman who forgot to turn the key in her big puddle. I said sorry and went to the next stall. But as I opened the door I couldn't wait any longer and I had only the time to lift my dress complete. With a loud fart a big stinky turd came out, I spread my legs as fast as I can and that first turd falls on the floor, and the next comes soon and I give up reaching the toilet and I wanted to finish on the floor . I also started my pee-jet and my urine floated my pile and the floor.Prrt-prrrrt-pffft the sound of my shitting filled the room. In this moment the woman leaved the stall and went out. That makes me calming down ,and I had a very nice dump over I think 15 minutes. I wiped myself with my tissues and let the dress down. I looked into the stalls and I saw that I woldn't have used them even if I had time to reach them - both were covered with shit and the woman had floated the one with her urine on the floor and she has left her used tampons in that puddle. I took a short look on my real big pile on the floor and the single log not far away and went to my car and drove away.

Found this site recently. Firstly i have to tell you i have this complete fascination with shit too! I love watching other guys dump and if i stumble across one accidently (like in the woods) its almost like finding treasure. Anyway i have to tell you this story. A few years back i was living with a friend who had 3 kids at home. The youngest son jason was about 10 at the time and was leaving to go on a school camp. He left on time and that was that - he would be returning in a weeks time. Anyway the week passes and along comes Saturday and we hear the car pull up and out gets Jason. He literally flies through the door and heads straight to the toilet - and he's in there for what seems an eternity. Eventually he comes out crying and moves up to his father and says "Dad - my shit wont flush". Poor little bugger seemed all self concious and embaressed about the fact that his shit woulnt dissapear. So we head off to the toilet to check this baby out. The next thing you know we are rolling around on the floor (jason included) killing ourselfs with laughter over this obese turd laying there in the toilet!!!! "Jason - what the hell did you do to lay a monster like that" He said that when he went to a school camp like that he didnt like to shit in the toilets with all the other kids so he saved them till he got home. Well that was some save after a week. This shit was at least 18" long but what was amazing was the texture and width which was probably not much thinner than a coke can. It must have really hurt!! There it was the end in the water below dissapearing around the S bend and then straight up with the tip leaning against the toilet bowl rim. Well even Jason saw the funny side of this and i think he was glad that we all had a good laugh about it - nothing to be embaressed about at all. Then we had to go outside and find a stick to break this baby up. This also was no easy feat - this turd must have literally been made of concrete. After plenty of mashing and flushing the monster dissapeared forever. I still think about that day and often wonder about moster turds that others have had!!

To Bridget. If it feels good- DO IT! Defecation is a NATURAL function and if it turns you on either as an addition to sexual intercourse with another person or as a solitary substitute then jolly good luck. Many people cannot form relationships for various reasons and if being turned on by either doing a good motion themselves, or watching someone else do so, seeing what they have done, listening to them, then what's the problem. Only if the other person knows about being observed and is upset by this does a problem occur. Always respect the other person. I have been turned on by doing a nice big jobbie since I was a kid of pre school age and often got a buzz from listening to my mum or my sisters doing a motion and seeing the big turds they had done. Im glad to say that my girlfriend is also into such things and we often watch each other on the toilet and both get turned on and have great sex afterwards. Our society in Britain and the USA has too much guilt programmed into it from childhood by the Judeo-Christian ethic- in a phrase "If its fun, if its physical, its sin!" All these "moral majority" types want is for human sex to consist of nothing but married hetrosexual intercourse for the purpose of breeding more recruits. Even married couples really shouldn't enjoy it as far as they are concerned, to the wife its a duty she has to perform for her husband. Well, if that's how they want to be, good luck, but DONT FORCE YOUR NARROW ATTITUDES ON ME! Keep your noses out of my bathroom and my bedroom. So Bridget, continue to enjoy "Toilet Fun" with a guilt free mind. Its natural, its free, its fun with a friend!

Movie Fan
Hey Bridget, I really enjoyed reading your comments wondering why we have this interest in other people pooping. In my case, it's very simple: I'm interested in girls pooping because it's something that is usually kept hidden and private. Every other aspect of our lives, including sex, is talked about openly and is openly depicted in movies and TV shows. But going to the bathroom, especially defecation, is the ultimate taboo that no one talks about. That's why it's so interesting. As to why we're more interested in members of the opposite sex pooping, that's pretty obvious. We grow up using public restrooms where we have frequent exposure to members of the same sex going to the bathroom. I've seen any number of men and boys pooping, and believe me it has no interest for me at all. I've also seen myself poop many times, by holding a mirror behind me and watching it come out. I even videotaped myself pooping once or twice just to see how it would look. After you've seen yourself poop or members of your own sex poop a couple of times, it loses all appeal (in fact, it's pretty gross). But rarely, rarely, have I had the opportunity to see, hear or smell women pooping, and that's why it is so interesting to me. If people were more open about it, if it were depicted more often on TV and movies, I think the appeal of it would lessen greatly. Is it healthy? Well, it's not really unhealthy, as long as no one gets hurt by it. My biggest concern is that when I try to overhear someone pooping, I'm really sort of violating their privacy. There's something unfair about listening or watching someone go to the bathroom if you know they really don't want to be observed. But I do it anyway, and I feel guilty about it afterward. That's one reason I'm very interested in seeing depictions of females pooping in movies. If I can expose myself to it in ways that are "safe" and don't hurt anyone, I feel I'll be less apt to violate someone's privacy who would be very hurt if they knew I was observing them.

Speaking of movies, over the weekend I had a chance to see a couple of the movies we've been discussing. "Senseless" was a little disappointing. The scene with the pretty girl pooping was pretty neat, but it was overdone somewhat and the fart noises were pretty phony sounding. Funniest part is when Wayans is introduced to the girl when she comes out of the bathroom and he doesn't want to shake hands with her. I really laughed at that. There's another scene where he sees a pretty girl walking down the street and he's all excited about it until he smells her butt, then he makes a face. A somewhat better movie was "Denise Calls Up". This movie was pretty good overall, though I thought it was sad that all these people live through their phones and never want to actually meet one another. The toilet scenes were pretty tame, but like "Senseless", the mere fact that an attractive young woman is shown (apparently) defecating was pretty neat. I assume she was pooping since she! is shown the first time working on her computer while she's sitting, and she probably wouldn't have her laptop if she was just peeing. Late in the movie, she's shown on the toilet again for an extended period of time, and from the context it seemed like she was definitely trying to poop. These are two of the very few movies I've seen where women are actually shown on the toilet pooping. If anyone knows of any others (or TV shows as well) please mention them!

Hi guys. I'm finally settled in on my Junior Year abroad. I'm living and studying in Grenoble, a city in the French Alps. The area is "magnifique," and am looking forward to exploring the area when I have time (away from my studies). I'll tell you about the French "toilettes" in a minute, but I must first respond to Bridget's last posting. Bridget, I can't believe how much we're alike! I've also loved pooping and thinking about others "going" ever since I was a little girl. I'm sexually straight, but have gotten more of an arousal, if you want to call it that, the few times I've gone with Steph and Jodi (and other times just thinking about those moments) than any thoughts of sex, though I love thinking about guys, too :) If and when I get another boyfriend, I'd love to be able to share "going" with him... Crimson, I've yet to see any wash-out pans here. The toilets here are pretty similar to the toilets back home, though the TP is rougher (I was warned about that) than what I'm used to. Other than a mild case of the runs (I went 5 times in 12 hours) on the third day, my bladder and bowel habits have been uneventful. I'd love to ramble on, but there's really nothing else (of toilet interest) to talk about. As always, I love reading everyone's posts and am happy to see many new people on here. Tout l'amour (lots of love), Alex :)

In the school where I work, the maintenance office is right next to the restrooms in the cafeteria, which makes it convenient to start conversations with students and teachers wandering in to use these restrooms. We usually leave the doors to the restrooms open, and the guys and gals rooms are right next to each other. You can easily hear tinkling or plopping noises. The acoustics are such that you can even hear wiping sounds. One day an attractive young teacher that I know pretty well ran in right after the last class of the day and we talked. She said: "I always try to go before leaving, the drive home is so long, I almost wet my pants sometimes!" I was standing right next to the restroom door and I heard her pull down her panty hose, sit on the toilet and wait for it to happen. It took a couple of minutes before she went, then I'd say she did about a half cup into the toilet. She wiped, washed her hands, and came back out. I said: "Well, you WERE able to go!" and she smiled and seemed to be glad that she did. Another time I was actually IN the restroom wiping toilet seats when another attractive young teacher came in, and after I started to leave, she said: "You don't have to run out and wait for me to finish!" So I hung around while she peed. That was cool. She smiled as she came out and said: "Thanks for keeping our tinkle rooms so nice and clean!"

Thank you to the ones who shared their own opinions regarding my post about pooping versus sex and how it affects us. It is true that watching someone pooping can be more spontaneous because it doesn't follow the same repetitious pattern even if it always involves the actions of undressing, sitting, straining, passing the turds, wiping and finally flushing. I also agree that there are so many things that are accepted in society, yet, fantasizing about pooping is wrong. We often read about people who associate violence and control with sexuality because that's what turns them on. Meanwhile, we, ourselves use toilet issues as arousal techniques and we're considered unbalanced and perverted. Jeff A, like you mentioned, everyone has different tastes and everyone seems to go beyond society's standards these days. That's what sets us apart and makes everyone different. Like you, I would prefer to watch a guy sitting on the toilet, straining hard to pass his turds instead of watching a pornographic flick. I do realize that these feelings and desires help me to get through my day-to-day routines as they are very enjoyable distractions. Also, I agree that I am not harming anyone or doing anything illegal and it is true that it's nobody's business and nobody has to learn about it, unless they are people like on this forum, who don't mind talking about these issues. Of course, I do not let these thoughts interfere with my life and my interactions with people. My main interest is not just thinking about others pooping and I do still enjoy old-fashioned sex in bed, eventhough poop is still a big influencing factor on my libido. I like the idea of using toilet activities as a prelude to going to bed with someone even if it only means thinkimg about the toilet activities and not neccessarily taking part in them. I believe imagining your partner in this light, {sitting on the toilet} can really help. Michael, I am 25 years old and I prefer to see males taking a shit. My interest began when I was a little girl at around the age of 8 as well. I guess my interest stemmed from my family being so secretive and private about bodily functions {for sex and also for expellling bodily waste} I myself, am very bashful about my toilet habits even despite my tendencies. In conclusion, I feel much better having talked about this and thank you again for everyone's detailed insight. Oh, and Jeff A, there is nothing wrong with tartar sauce on french fries. Bridget

Mum picked me up from school on Friday night and it was such I rush I did not have time to go pee, but I thought it would be okay cause its not far to her house. But we stopped to do some shopping at the supermarket. At the till I told her I needed to go pee real bad. She said that we were late and there wasn't time and I would have to wait. It was only five minutes to her house fromthe supermarket so I got into the car and we drove off. I was really desperate by now and I asked her to stop so I could go wee, but she said there was no where to stop and I would have to wait. I said I could'nt wait and that it was coming but she ignored me and drove on. We got stuck at a set of light and then the pee was stsrting to come out. I was holding the front of my shorts, but that did not help. I said mum "its coming I'm doing it in my pants." She said "We'll be home in a couple of minutes just hold it in." But it was too late, as we drove off the pee came out and I soaked my pants and drenched the seat. We pulled into the drive and she said you can go now. I said "Its too late I've done it in my pants." When she saw my wet pants and the wet car seat she went pear shaped and smacked me and sent me to my room to do my homework. I had to wear my wet shorts for the rest of the night.

To Jeff A: Thanks for saying so eloquently what so many of us here are feeling. There are so many more perverted things in the world than using the toilet - in fact, if the toilet is a perversion at all, then everyone is guilty. I have to say that my interest in the subject is mainly with my own toilet activities, although I get a certain satisfaction in telling people here, anonymously, about what I do in the loo, as well as reading other peoples adventures. At the same time I can understand how others here take an equal pleasure in watching, listening etc. while someone else is on the toilet. I guess the psychologists would be able to explain it - but who cares?!!

I just got out of the bathroom, from taking a shit. I was In the bathroom 20 minutes strugling. Prior to Sunday(I took a shit on Sunday)I hadn't been to the bathroom In about 5 to 7 days. Sunday I thought I would have trouble but I didn't. Today I had trouble. Im jewish and last week was a holiday and we had lots of fiberous food and my stools were kind of loose. After Last Tuesday or Wednesday I didn't shit. My shit was pretty hard today. I think all this diffrent food messed my system up. Any one spend 20 minutes or more In the bathroom shitting?

I agree with Jeff A about everything he says--except that I think tartar sauce on french fries is truly disgusting. I prefer cocktail sauce. In all seriousness, as someone going through a divorce, I thought my wife's unwillingness to acknowledge my interest in this area as something legitimate was a serious deficiency, and I hope my next wife/lover is far more accepting and tolerant of these and other things...

Monday, September 28, 1998

Jeff A.
This post is for Bridget: that was a remarkably honest statement, and interesting question you posed. I've always loved your posts, for their honesty. You're definitely a pearl! All I can do, is share an opinion with you. I agree with your statement about seeing or thinking about people on the toilet being more exciting than the idea of sex. I feel that sex can be very mechanical, and can lack spontaneity sometimes. Your feelings to me, are very natural because I feel exactly the same way. I also don't feel that it is either "healthy", or "Unhealthy". I never think that it may be wrong, and I don't think you're wrong in your interests in the subject. Especially now after meeting so many other people with such obvious fascinations for it. I say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It's very easy to attach feelings of sexuality to a subject such as this, I myself have done this very thing. There really is something very exciting about plain old pants down pooping, catching somebody at it, reading about it, hearing it, and thinking about it. However, as exciting as it may seem, the thought may seem wrong, or questionable to you because it is supposedly such a private taboo thing, and sharing such an intimate private act may seem degrading or disgusting. Society has raised us to believe that little boys and girls don't do things like this. We close our bathroom doors, and we don't talk about it with anyone. We have tape loops in our heads that have been recording since birth. Do this, don't do that. You can cheat on your spouse, and be accepted by society. Even the straightest people who believe that this stuff is sick, will steal a peek at someone on the toilet if the door is left ajar, or if opportunity knocks. Still, these types would expound on how sick it is, and disgusting. I got whipped once when I was a little guy for watching my cousin on the toilet as she pooped. That same person thought it was okay to do strange things to me day after day behind closed doors. I say that sleeping with someone you don't really know, or care about is a million times more degrading to me. Abusing children, or causing violence to others is what is disgusting. I like tartar sauce on french fries, when the rest of the world seems to like ketchup. I'd rather watch a lady doing her big business, than watch an X rated movie. I don't feel the need to dig out the therapy books about it, and I could give less than a shit what others may think about it. My "Kyra" stories should be a classic example of this fact. She was as sexy as could be with a body that could stop traffic, and often did. Whenever she hit that bathroom, and allowed me to be witness, that was 20 on a scale of 1 to 10. Whenever we got together between the sheets, it was 3 on the same scale. Not that bedtime wasn't any fun, she was just a very mechanical lover, and it had to be done the same way everytime. So, here I am, with this gorgeous calendar girl, and by my own choice, I end up with her ???? friend instead who, by the way, was heavily into bathroom experiences, and loved to watch men. Your question was well placed, but if you have even the slightest doubt about these feelings, ask yourself very simple questions: Where would I be without these feelings and desires? What am I doing that hurts anyone else with this if I keep it to myself and not intrude on others? and finally, who's business is it anyway? This is a world where little girls no longer play with dolls, and little boys carry pagers. Even the simplest pleasures of life that we used to take for granted, now have a price tag on them. So, you got nothin' to worry about. We are the lucky ones, we came out OK, in a very screwed up world. We talk, and discuss. I've read posts in here that have really blown me away, and to me, these seem like the most well adjusted people I've ever heard from. The younger people who post here are light years more interesting than the adults who inhabit my world. I would love to meet e! veryone here and maybe start a new country. I see nothing wrong with having tartar sauce on french fries, how about you?

With all of the talk about peeing in wash basins I was wondering if anybody has ever attempted pooping in one?

Bridget, I feel exactly as you do in your doubts about the enjoyment that we have with toilet habits. I can remember having this strange interest from about 8 years old when I was a good 'listener' at every opportunity long before my interest in women was fully developed. I have never been able to understand why this should be, it is always for me only an interest in women which has lasted for a long while. It is sexual I think and merely heightens my interest women, I grew up in a very strict family where bodily functions were never discussed. Peeing and pooping is just a part of that experience and brings you closer. Until I found this site I thought that I was the only person with this interest and it is very gratifying to find that I share this interest with so many others.

Hi. This is my first time posting, but I've been comming to this sight for quite some time. I have had some good experiences. It was my sophomore year in high school (last year), and my best friend (female) and I were at a symphony rehearsal. Afterwards we both had to go to the bathroom really bad. Only the guys bathroom was open, so we both went in. I just had to take a piss. So I finished up really quick. I was listening to my friend, she really had to go bad. It sounded like a waterfall in there. Then I heard her fart a couple times then a bunch of plops. Needless to say it stunk up the bathroom pretty good.

Bridget, Yes, I can agree with you! I have also thought about women pooping since I was very young, and this I find most erotic, probably as much or even moreso than any sexual activity! I am probably much older than you (43) and this is perhaps a poor substitute, but toilet play can be foreplay for some of us! Just thinking of a nice lady shitting arouses me, and I have enjoyed a few over the years doing their bowel movements! Bridget...are you just interested in seeing guys or is it gals on the toilet? Do you have a preference? How old are you, and how do you think your interest began? Mine has more to do with the guilt brought on by being part of a large religious organization which implied guilt and condemnation on anythin to do with sex outside of marriage, and even some being married! It still does to some extent, but people are smarter today, and things aren't quite what they were in the 40s and 50s! Even so, you still have normal feelings, don't you? I don't think that toilet activity should dominate your lifestyle in all respects, overshadowing all other thouhts completely! Do write and tell how you feel and how you think it began for you.

This happened years ago. My wife and I were traveling, visiting different national parks. She had been complaining about being constipated for a couple of days already. Walking on the rim trail at Bryce Canyon, she suddenly stopped with a strange look on her face, like if she was in pain. I asked her what the matter was. She just asked me to stay where I was and wait. After a couple of minutes she walked up to me and told me she pooped in her panties. I asked her how she could have an accident being constipated. She then explained to me it wasn't an accident at all, that she actually pushed it out. She explained to me that when she is constipated, a couple of times a day she suddenly feels that, if she could go right then, she would be able to go. Normally, at home, when that moment comes she immediately goes to the toilet. If she lets that moment pass, however, it will take a while again for another "opportunity" to come and the longer it takes the worse it gets. During our travel, every time she felt she could probably go we weren't anywhere near restrooms. Such an opportunity just happened to come up right now she explained and, since there were no people immediately near us she decided to just do it in her panties. Since it was all dry and very hard you could not notice anything of what she did. We then, slowly, walked to the car and drove to the visitors center where she went to the restrooms to get rid of her soiled panties and replace them by clean ones.

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