Grape and Strawberry Best Buy Poop

"Excessive consumption may cause laxative effect" my ass!!! Yesterday, on Monday, I just ate 42 sugar free Red Vines which is 2 full bags and I still haven't gotten rid of all my poo in my belly. The only thing it did do was make me fart every three seconds and is STILL giving me really strong cramps, like gut stabbing and churning cramps; the type that leave you laying on your side unable to move type of cramps.

Well the good news is the mass is straight up liquid now and no longer just one huge, hard mass anymore; I know this because when I move my stomach around it sounds like someone's shaking a water bottle.

So now I'm on to alternative I have which is Epsom salt. I just drank the maximum dosage of the stuff and i had to hold my nose and chug it because it tasted AWFUL. Bleh. So far nothing's happening but it says wait 30 minutes till like 6 hours in order for it to work. So let's hope for the best I'm really getting sick of this; I'm supposed to be exercising for the summer but this poo is stopping me because every time I move it hurts.

But heres another story for you guys. Okay I mentioned in a previous post about how I helped my friend Michelle when she had constipation and that she owes me a favor for helping her. Well here's what happened.

We were hanging out at her house and her mom had bought a ton of grapes and strawberries and told us to help ourselves to as much as we want before Michelle's dad dropped us off at the mall.

I love grapes and strawberries so must've eaten at least 50 grapes and 20 strawberries and noticed Michelle didn't have any and when I asked her why she said, "Those things don't agree with me. Every time o eat them I get the runs."

Well, even though Michelle is known for eating more then me or anyone else I was known for having a very strong stomach so I didn't think anything of it and just kept eating.

Once it was time to leave my stomach started growling really loudly, so loud in fact that her dad in the front seat driving heard it even with the radio playing!

"Hey you okay Rave?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah I'm fine I guess I'm just hungry," I stated, just ask my stomach growled again and I let out a loud fart. "Or maybe gassy." We laughed a bit and at times like this I was glad I was so comfortable around her to fart with anyone else I would be so embarrassed. "You might want to roll down the window because I got a lot more farts built up." as if to prove my point I let out another fatty at smelled awful.

Michelle pretended to gag and rolled down her window and stuck her head out it just to the add to the effect. Even though she was just joking I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable in my bowels and I could feel a small, very small urge to poop coming on but I just ignored it.

Once at the mall my stomach didn't stop growling in fact it started churning a bit making my urge to poop a bit more urgent but like a fool I still ignored it and claimed it was hunger.

So we went to the food court and Michelle went to Sabarro and got a slice of pizza and I went to Burger King and got a large size whopper meal and then stopped by this Chinese place and got Sesame Seed Chicken and fried noodles meal and a large sprite (there's a reason why I weigh 161 pounds at the age of 18 lol).

"Wow Rave, you weren't kidding when you said you were hungry," Michelle stated once I sat my tray of food down. I shrugged my shoulders and just ate everything I bought, truthfully I really wasn't hungry but I figured if my stomach was full the farts and growling would stop.

Once I finished everything I felt sooooooooo full that I had to unbuckled my belt and even unbuttoned my pants to relieve the pressure.

"Awe, so tell me Miss when's the baby due?" Michelle laughed and playfully smacked my bloated belly. I groaned and let out another loud fart and gripped my stomach and hunched forward over the table. "Hey...Rave are you seriously okay? Do you want me to call my dad or -"

Bbbbbrrrraaatttttt! Bbbbbbrrrrrraaaaaat! Bbbbbbrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaat!

Three loud farts stopped her from finishing her sentence. After that I felt a bit better and sighed in relief a bit.

"No, I'm fine just trapped gas." I stated and fixed my pants. "Come one let's go shopping."

Michelle still looked skeptical and I don't blame her because I knew that I was definitely going to be need a toilet soon, very soon. As we walked over to Best Buy I was hit with such a really bad cramp that it made me double over right in the middle of the store we were in. Everything I ate just 5 minutes ago decided to drop into my rectum like a 20 pound bowling ball.

I needed a toilet NOW!!!!!

"Um....Michelle!" I screamed and she rushed over and took one look at me and asked what's wrong. "I think you were right about those grapes and strawberries; I need to shit REALLY badly."

"Well...look I just finished shopping but I need to pay for this stuff so do you think you can hold it for like a minute?"

I looked over towards the line and saw that there was only 2 people in line so I just nodded, we weren't allowed to leave each other at the mall so i had no choice but stick with her. And we walked with her to stand in line. but of douse we had to get stuck behind a lady that had to ask a million questions about a simple DVD. I had to clench my butt cheeks together to keep the poo from coming out but it kept getting more and more difficult. With each time my stomach churned and rumbled it just squeezed more poop towards my backdoor.

"Oh God lady hurry up please!" I begged but not loud enough for her to hear me. I started to fidget and holding my butt not caring who saw me. My belly gurgled and my eyes went wide and whispered to Michelle, "I can't hold it anymore! I'm going in my panties."

Just like that I let out a long extended wet fart and a huge load of diarrhea exploded out of my ass and into my panties. I bolted out the store not caring that mushy poo was overflowing my panties and spilling out my pants legs with each step. I rushed into the bathroom next door and ran into a stall, ripped down my horribly ruined pants and panties and just let it all loose.

Splat! Plish! Braaaaaat! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plip! Plip! Crackle!!! Plip! Plip! Splash! Plip! Plip! Plip! Plip! Plop! Plop! Ploooooooooooooooop!

Oh God it was horrible and it wouldn't stop. Once wave of diarrhea stopped another one started up 5 seconds later. I was crying because I was so embarrassed. I didn't know what to do. Michelle's dad wasn't scheduled to pick us up for another 4 hours and I just ruined my pants and panties.

"Raven?" Michelle called from outside the stall.

"I'm here..."

"Are you okay?"

I groaned in pain and let out another wave of diarrhea and started to cry again.

"I'll take that as a no. Mind if come in?"

The door stall wasn't locked so she just opened the door a d saw the damage of my situation and saw how upset I was. "Oh Raven I'm so sorry I didn't mean to hold you up in the line! I'm really really I bought you some panties and a clean pair of pants though. With my own money too."

I stopped crying and looked up and said thank you. And to further prove how sorry she was she even helped throw away my pants and panties. I was still confined on the toilet for at least 30 minutes before I felt completely empty. But we never strayed to far away from the bathrooms since my stomach kept growling.

One time I ran to the into the bathroom again and this time said to Michelle, "Michelle next time there's a huge thing of grapes or strawberries near me just slap me and say remember how they gave you the shits at Best Buy? Please. "

We laughed and waited for me to finish. After that episode me and Michelle were even from now on.

Well that's my story and just in time because I'm seriously turtle heading right now so those Epsom salts are working like RIGHT NOW!

Happy Pooping Hopefully :D

mystery girl:Please tell about the bathroom at work that is not very private.

Brandon T: Thank you for your words of encouragement


Revenge on a cellphone user

I used to work in a large office and everyday around noon I'd need to take a shit. This was a busy time for the guys bathroom, but there was one guy in particular. I'll leave his real name off of here and just call him Joe. Every day, without fail, Joe would come into the bathroom on his cellphone and he'd carry on a conversation the whole time he was shitting, still talking when he left. He was a decent guy, but everybody in the office was pissed at him because of the phone calls.

One day I'd had enough, and that evening, I bought a high-power, instant effect laxative and went to work like normal the next day. I spotted Joe going into the bathroom and he was on his phone like always, so I took the laxative and followed, taking the stall right next to him. Not even five minutes later and I had the nastiest loudest bout of diarrhea I've ever had, and I knew whoever was on the other end of Joe's phone call could hear me. After that, Joe never talked on his phone in the bathroom ever again.


she wets a lot

My 24 year old girlfriend whom I've been dating for 2 years has wet herself 5 times in that span. She has to pee a lot and doesn't have the strongest bladder, and she has a lot of emergency trips to the bathroom. I've yet to take a car ride longer than an hour with her without having to stop, never been to a store or restaurant without having to find the bathrooms for her.
1- August 2010: we had been visiting her parents all day and we went home late. The drive takes 90 minutes, and we never stopped because it was so late. Just as we pulled p to the house, she sighed heavily and mumbled "shit, damn it!" I opened my door and the dome light came on, and i looked over to her and she had her eyes squeezed shut and wss grabbing her door handle with one hand and pressing the other into her lap, and her knees were pressed together. She wasn't moving. I said "hey what's wrong?" And she remained quiet, then said "oh my god. I'm really sorry, i just peed my panfs." It was pretty surprising. We went inside and her entire butt was soaked, and her jeans were dark blue on the back from the belt loops all the way down to her knees. The car smelled like pee for weeks.
2. November 2010: we go to college together. That semester she had a two hour and 50 minute class which she dreaded due to her bladder issue. But it was managable because her professor allowed breaks. One day she had a midterm exam in that class. I typically waited for her to get out so we could drive home together. When the class was over everyone left, but she was still sitting in there. A couple other people were finishing up and the professor was still there. After one other person left i went in and got her attention. She made a funny face at me. A look of discomfort i guess you could say. She just remained seated but wasn't working. I sat by her and said " you ready?" And shs quietly said through her teeth "hold on i have to wait." I just waited and we established that she was waiting for everyone else to leave. When it was just her and the professor left she looked at me and very quietly said "so, we didn't get a break and well, ya know...peed myself.." i kinda figured by how she was acting. So i had to stand close behind her as she walked to turn in her exam, to conceal her wet butt. She had graying black jeans on, so the wetness was pretty obvious. I also learned later for the record that she had on green christmas panties with red elastic bands. When we left the class i stayed behind her and we got outside and she leaned on a wall, and i had to go to the car alone and drive back to pick her up.
3. March 2011: Another car accident. This time we weren't quite in the driveway yet like last time, but pretty close. We were about a block away when she just said "shit, oh jesus christ! I'm peeing..I'm peeing!" It wasn't as major of an accident as her other two, she managed to cut it off. There was only a saucer sized wet spot on her butt. She had gray cotton panties on and blue jeans with no back pockets.
4- also March 2011: Three days later she wet her jeans in the house because i was showering and apparently took too long. This established a new rule that I'm not allowed to lock the door when i shower. She wet in red plaid cotton panties that day.
5- June 2011: she wet the bed yesterday morning. She just woke up alarmed and irritated, and told me "i think i might've peed my pants. I just dreamed that i did and i feel warm down there." She rolled slightly away from me and revealed a massive wet stain on the sheets, and she gasped and said "oh god i did wet the bed." She didn't have pants on. Just light purple flowered panties. They were drenched on the back and clinging to her skin. She told me she dreamt she was lost in a water park and all the flowing water made her have to go, and she couldn't find the bathrooms and peed her bathing suit, then woke up and discovered she'd really peed her underwear.

I went for a run at a local hiking trail in a remote area of town. The parking lot was empty when I arrived so I knew the trail would be empty. I needed to take a dump desperately but I knew it was going to be a big load so I decided to hold it in until I could get to a toilet away from home. There were a few vault outhouses along the way including one near the parking lot but it didn't offer much privacy since it was so close to the entrance where everyone entered. After about 20 minutes of running I made my way to one of the toilets just off the main trail. I could see a pair of shorts pulled down around running shoes because the doors don't go fully to the ground leaving a few feet open. I turned around continued onto the trail and waited for a few minutes.

After about 5 minutes I saw a guy in his early 30s come back onto the trail and start to run away from me back towards the start of the trail. I quickly walked back down to the outhouse and locked the flimsy door as I rushed to get seated. I did see a freshly layed turd at the top which was no doubt from the guy before me. I strained a bit before a nice and thick log plopped out and land with a thud into the sludge below. It felt good but I wasn't fully relieved. I waited a few minutes while I peed and farted a bit before I pushed out another turd. I wiped before inspecting my two medium sized logs near the top of the pile. I left before someone else had to use the toilet and continued on my run.

I remember something rather interesting that took place several years ago, in my mid teens, when I was at a friend's house. We were in the living room, watching TV, when I suddenly in the corner of my eye saw that his mother (an attractive woman) was heading towards the bathroom. She entered and locked the door, all while I watched her very discreetly.

All the time she was in there, I kept wondering whether she was taking a dump, and how lovely it would have been to be in there with her if that was the case. She came out some minutes afterwards and left.

After a while, I excused myself to go pee, and headed into the bathroom where she had just been. I lifted the lid and could see some skid marks that her turds had left in the bowl. That made my day, least to say!

Dave W

Saw a woman with pooped jeans in public

I saw something today that I've never seen before - my dream come true, pretty much.

I saw a woman in her late 40s who had obviously pooped her jeans walking in public, during rush hour. This was in Toronto around 6pm today. She was walking on College St. when I passed by her. I noticed an obvious brown stain and bulge dropping down from her right butt cheek and down her right pant leg.

I immediately pulled over onto a side street, parked, and walked behind her. The bulge and stain were obvious.

She was white, in her mid 40s, wearing sunglasses. She had short blonde hair and was in great shape. She was wearing light blue jeans and a short sleeved shirt. She didn't seem to mind standing there in her pooped jeans. She stopped to cross the road into Kensington Market and didn't look at anyone, but didn't stand to the side either.

I had my phone on me and wanted to snap a photo but couldn't make myself do it - I felt like a real creeper just holding the phone in my hand.

I followed behind her (yeah, like that's not creepy, but that's beside the point) for a few streets but had to be somewhere at 6:30. I couldn't believe my luck. I'm not sure whether I smelled anything or not. I walked beside two guys who nudged each other and laughed at the woman from behind. She didn't seem to notice.

Wonderful sighting. It didn't seem like she did it on purpose, but it's interesting as to why she chose to go in her pants as opposed to stopping off at any of the available coffee shops or public bathrooms along College St.

Will definitely stay in my head for a while.

Old Fart
Back on page 2046 I re-introduced myself after having not posted for a few years. My story began back in the 50's and 60's as a young kid. The neighborhood was extremely conservative and nothing that is posted here would have ever been whispered in even the most private child / parent talk. The bathroom door was to be locked and what happened in there was never to be discussed. So we kids did what all do in such a situation, we went and figured it out for ourselves.

Early on I realized that when my bowels got rather loose I seemed to have less control than my friends. I was in my teens before I was told that when about 2 1/2 I had gotten so stopped up that I was taken into the hospital and surgically opened up and cleaned out. That would have been 1955 or 56. When modern medical imaging came about I learned that the radiologist said it looked as if "someone had taken a knife and sliced through the ring of my sphincter". I had great muscle control - to a point. Because of the cut I couldn't quite tightly close the hole. If the movement was solid I could hold it forever, but beyond a certain softness the back of my tighty whiteys were in danger.

The reason I was finally told of the early bowel issue was as I went through adolescence my bowels went from being rather regular to never regular. As it turned out while I was developing allergies I also developed IBS. The pollens, pet dandruff, and whatnot that irritated my sinuses was then swallowed and went to work on my intestinal trac. When allergy (pollen) season is in full swing the mucus from my sinuses draining down my throat can cause a coughing fit that turns to gagging and somewhere in the process I've blown a load of soft serve into my pants. Fortunately while in high school my accidents were few and the only one any classmates knew of happened on our ski club big 3 day weekend trip to Canada. Rossland BC is one of those places that roll up the sidewalk at night. We all had a wonderful all you can eat pasta dinner and were turned loose on the town. Nothing was open except the semi pro hockey game and the bowling ally. Most of us started walking across town to the bowling ally. As I rented my shoes I started to feel the need to go. Before they were tied the need was critical. Ran for the bathroom and exploded in the stall before I got my belt undone. Of course all I wanted was to get away. Got my shoes back and out the door as fast as I dared move only to find there were 3 other classmates with the same problem. For those of us that it hit early it was nearly 3 hours and a 3 mile walk back to the school bus. By the time we were all back on the school bus and back to our rented lodge nearly 1/2 of us had crapped ourselves. The lodge had only a single bathroom with a single toilet and a single but somewhat large (3 people easy, 4 a bit crowded). By the time we were all clean nearly 2/3 of us had crapped ourselves though of those for who it happened after we were back it was known that at least some of them did it intentionally just to join the "?fun?" in the shower. No one in the school outside the ski club ever learned what happened, and those of us that were there became much closer through the rest of our senior year. So it didn't matter that they knew and my prior experience which only one learned of helped with those for which this was new. The one I revealed my problem to had implied that a load in her pants wasn't exactly a new experience. Jan and I have been great friends ever since and still every once in a while will get together for a great dinner of food we love but don't normally eat unless we know exactly where we will be 1/2 to 3/4 hour later. We then take a walk along the waterfront and later walk to the room we rented in advance. The shower is always like the one back at the ski lodge, big enough for both of us.

So, I've accepted accidents are a part of life. A side effect is that once you learn crapping yourself is not the end of the world, well - the need is great, there is no other place to go, and no one will ever know, so why not? But that is for a future post, or not since it has been discussed so much on this board.

At present I am in the middle of a 5k mile move that has turned into the most plagued move ever. Some of what happened would be a proper topic here but, for the moment I need get farther down the road and find wifi spot where I can post this.

When in a crowded public restroom with all stalls full and and not hearing any flushes, do you:
a) look for leg movement under the cubicle door?
b) listen for noise of something hitting the water?
c) evidence of wiping by peeking between the door or partition?
d) ask if they are about done?
e) wait for a doorless stall?
f) other comments?
a, b, c, d or f, I wait until they are finished

2. Does it make any difference if the person is peeing or shitting? No, unless they are having a heavy bowel movement or they are constipated.

3. What have you done to get their attention and get them off the toilet? I may ask nicely, "How long will you be?"

4. How long should a person sit before getting up and relinquishing their seat? When they are finished. I cannot judge. If they are constipated or have diarreah, then ... We have a single stall toilet in an old building that I like. Sometimes, someone is in there. So, I wait for them. I do not rush them and they do the same for me.

randomperson: I was that way until HS. I used to wait until everyone cleared out. Then, I would be sitting on the toilet when someone would come in. It was so hurtful to my bowels because my bowel movements were heavy and I would hold it back. I don't know how I did it. I just could not make #2 at school. I do not think that I ever did in lower grades. Before I went to afternoon kindergarten, I would empty my bowels at home or I would hold it in until I got home. But, I broke down in 7th grade and let it out. I did not care if an older girl came in. I hated the bus terminal when I was little; it was a lonely cavern . Then, I outgrew my fear of that place.

marika: Never eat raw undercooked fish. It is dangerous. You could get food poisoning which is very deadly.

Brandon T: I experienced the same with seeing a boy on the toilet when I was little. Also, I let boys see me on the bowl. See my many posts. I was with cousins, neighbors and classmates. I cherish those days.

Analysis: You will be shameless soon. I used to marvel how some girls could have these torrid bowel movements at school. See my earliest posts. In grade school, some of the girls had daily bowel movements that you could set your watch by either in the morning and then in the afternoon. I know the feeling that you had at church-the cramps, etc. I used to wait until I got home. One afternoonin 4th grade, I went to urinate and a girl from another class was already on one of the stall bowls, her white panty and navy tights were down at her knees and her navy plaid jumper and white slip were bunched around her waist. She called after me, "I am resting my bowels. I could not hold it in." She opened the door to talk to me. I took the next stall, lifted my navy skirt and white slip, pulled down my white band-leg panties and peed for 30 seconds. I wiped myself and sat for awhile and talked to the girl. I pulled up my underwear, let down my skirt and flushed the bowl. I left her in there. She said that she had more in her. I liked that bathroom. We could get together away from class, harmlessly. I had a dose of Dulcolax in college, enemas in elementary school, laxatives. My legs used to quiver when I was letting out that brown water. The cramps ran throughout my body. That water in your intestines is like high-blood pressure slapping against your kidneys. Water is very powerful. See my earliest posts.

Amylee: I remember when I had my first job in the business world, I used to have these heavy bowel movements. I used to take off my dress, skirt or pants and sit on the toilet in my bra, panties and slip. Another Spanish girl, would do the same. Her bowels were always loose. She would sit on the bowl with one shoe heel on the ground and the other toe pointed up. 10AM and 2PM are popular times because it is right after breakfast and lunch. In college, I would sit on the gym locker toilet in my underwear before activity or after.

Rag Muffin Reanna: A radio talk-show nutritionist told us not to linger on the toilet. He said that you should be in and out. If you have to read a magazine, etc., you have problems. When we are kids, we have these real hard bowel movements. I always read on the toilet when I was school-age. My little cousin, now a grown woman was that way when she was in grammar school. One morning, she visited me on a school holiday. She took a huge book into the toilet, let down her jeans and panty and sat for about 30 minutes. She told me that she was evacuating her bowels. She was about 13. I did not rush her.

Mac: I used toilets w/out partitions at a judo school and at scout camp. That was fun. Then we had them at a city park. Since then, partitions and stalls have been installed. We used to keep each other company. We learned about the human body. One older girl was a lesbian. She used to say to us all when we were on the thrones, "Give each other encouragement." We liked her. She was the only one that we had uses for. She was a counselor. Tell us more about your wife's experiences. This girl was about 19 and I found her her on the seat in the outhouse. It was winter. I took the seat across from her. Her green trousers and black panty were at her ankles. She said, "Come shit with me, kid." The 19 year-old urinated and let out a fart. I pulled down my jeans and white panty to my ankles also and pushed out two short hard balls and a pee. It felt good. I ate good, so it was a good movement. Then, another girl, a Puerto Rican, about my age-11 came in, took a seat next to me, let down her jeans and white panty to her thighs and evacuated a series of soft pieces and farts. She spoke to us. She said, "Everything comes out of me loose." The older girl said, "I got another one left in me and then, she let out a juicy fart and soft #2. She said, "This camp food is murder on your bowels. It will either constipated you or make you shit." We sat with our girlhoods exposed to each other in varying degrees. So, we talked about periods and our pussies. The girl my age and I were still hairless. This older girl told us what to expect. We used to see her changing her Kotex tampons and pads in the latrine. We wiped ourselves with our own rolls of paper, pulled up out our pants and undies and went back to our tents.

Caryl Marie: I hated those little squares. They never cleaned me good. My vagina and my rectum used to itch after. Plus, that paper had wood pulp. The movie and bus and rail station toilets were horrible. I dreaded having to sit on those toilets because of the paper. I used to suffer in silence after.

. So if Mr Moderator doesn't mind would it be ok if I change my handle to John (UK) for subsequent Posts so as to avoid any confusion? I dont know what the ruling is on this! Big X and huggle to all the girls and hi to all the guys! Will keep you up to speed with memorable poo stories as soon as time permits. Bye for now.

Try the woods whinnie


Waiting for the toilet

I had the runs at work today & had to rush off to the toilet with my bum clenched tightly. Unfortunately it was occupied & I nearly pood myself while I waited outside. I had to listen to Angelica blasting the toilet with some pretty nasty diarrhoea of her own & after five minutes of agony the toilet finaly flushed. I was within an inch of losing control & when she unlocked the door I felt so glad I'd made it. Unfortunately she said, "Oh no. Not again." & locked the door again. Two seconds later Angelica was blasting the toilet again with more diarrhoea. I had to clench hard for ten agonising minutes before she came out of the toilet & I rushed straight in after her. The smell was awfull but I was too desperate to care about that. There was poo spattered all over the back of the toilet seat & on the cistern behind. I hovered over the seat & relaxed, releasing a very relieving load into the toilet. Angelica must have been extremely desperate to make so much mess & my guesse was proved correct when I looked in the waste bin to find a pair of heavily soiled sports knickers. I finished quickly feeling much better & flushed & exited the cubicle. I left without washing my hands as I had to get out of there before someone discovered the mess & I got the blame for it.

places to try

Whinnie, try a bucket or newspaper on the floor.

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