Hi all! So this is my first time posting on this site. I've been a long-time lurker but I figure I should add a few stories of my own into the mix. This happened when I was about 7 or 8 years old: me and a few of my friends were outside in front of my house on a hot July day running through the sprinkler and having fun. Eventually, we all moved into my driveway, sitting around, trying to dry off. All day, because we were wearing our bathing suits, it was easy for me to just pee through my suit since I was already wet and dripping. As we were sitting in my driveway, I felt the urge to pee. By this time, I was about halfway dry and I didn't think about the fact that we were on the blacktop and that there wasn't really a puddle anymore from my previously wet bathing suit. So as I sat there, I started to let my stream go and because I had been peeing on and off all day, there wasn't too much coming from my bladder. As my pee was coming out, a small puddle started to form underneath me while I was sitting on my driveway. As my stream came to a stop, my puddle wasn't too big, but it was noticeable if you were looking. So I crossed my legs indian style and kind of folded myself over my legs, covering up what I had done. When it was time to stand up, my puddle was still there and one of my friends yelled "Ew! did you just pee?!" and I said that it was because my bathing suit was still wet. I'm not entirely sure she completely believed me, but no more was said. That was a pretty close call. Anyways, that's all for now from me. Hopefully I'll be posting more stories soon :)

P.S.-car mom; I LOVE your stories and I hope to see more, especially about peeing in your couch ;)

<3 Tessie


Sleepover + Junk Food + Constipation = Michelle

Hey its me, Raven and I'm still constipated! Okay so it's Monday and my parents just left so I'm quietly munching away on my sugar free Red Vines in one hand and my other hand resting on top of my bloated and swollen with 3 days worth of poo belly. I'm only on my second piece of candy and already my stomach is protesting with fits of gurgling and rumbling. Well all I can do now is sit here, eat candy, and rub my belly till its time to pass this mass.

But while I'm waiting I'll tell you a story about me and my friend when we were 15. Her name was Michelle and she was 5'2 with bleach blonde hair and vivid green eyes, tiny skinny bod and smooth creamy skin that I was always jealous about. Anyways during the time Michelle's parents were out of town and I was offered to spend in the night at her house and since she loved next door my parents said alright.

Once I packed up all my stuff and went over and when she opened the door I thought she looked a bit off but when I asked what was wrong she said, "'s nothing I'm fine. Come on let's watch some movies." she was obvious lying but I just shrugged my shoulders.

Michelle had laid out a huge and I mean HUGE assortment of candy, chips, soda, and pizza laid out for us. So naturally we pigged out as we watched a few movies but every time I looked over at her to talk her hand was always clutching her stomach.

"Hey what's wrong, seriously? Is your ???? upset?" I asked.

Michelle just sighed and shook her said and mumbled to me, "No...I mean....yes my stomach hurts, but it's because I haven't pooped in 8 days." Now it's bad enough for anyone to get constipated that long but if you're like my friend Michelle who eat as much food as 5 fully grown men can then you can only imagine how much pain she was in; so needless to say I was super shocked she hasn't exploded.

"Well...all this junk food isn't going to help." I stated.

Michelle stomach growled as if in agreement and she clutched her stomach with both hands and was practically in tears. "I knooooooow Raven! God this hurts so much! I just want to shit so badly!"

I hated seeing her like this, so I hugged her and offered my help and of course she agreed. So I placed my hands on her belly and just began rubbing it; I could feel something in there moving a bit with each rub and if felt hard like a rock.

Michelle moaned in pained and just farted, which were pretty ripe, a few times before she cried, "Stop! This isn't working it's just making things more painful!"

Okay so I stopped and went into her kitchen fridge for something that might help her and guess what was perched perfectly on the top shelf as if it was answer from God? Prune juice. So I grabbed a a big glass and filled it to the brim, but then thought that this situation might require more juice so I filled another glass of equal size and amount.

"Here Michelle, drink this I'm sure this stuff will-" but before I could even finish my sentence she grabbed both glasses and chugged them down in less then a minute. Slight exaggeration. "Um....Michelle you just down like at least 13 ounces of prune juice."

"Is that bad?" she asked.

I shrugged my shoulders and Michelle said she was tired so we cleaned up everything and changed into our pajamas and went to her room to sleep. She took the bed and I slept on the floor in a sleeping bag.

All night, Michelle tossed and turned in her sleep, farting up a storm that didn't end. She wasn't alseep because I heard her moaning and crying in pain. Till like 3 in the morning she screamed out my name.

I jumped up and saw Michelle sweating, crying, and gripping her belly. Her stomach was making noises that sounded practically inhuman.

"Oh my God, Raven! This shit hurts so much!" She screamed.

Normally I would laugh but instead I just sat on the bed and just helped her by rubbing her belly since that's all I could do for her. Odd thing I noticed is that her belly wasn't hard as it was before it was mushy and made more of a liquid-y sound when I rubbed it.

"Ooooooh that feels good...keep rubbing." Michelle moaned as she let out this huge wet fart into her pants. I'm sure that wasn't a good sign.

"Um....Michelle do you want me to carry you to the bathroom?" I asked since I'm sure she didn't want to ruin her beds or pajama pants.

"Oooooooh I won't make it.....mmmmmmmhhhhh oh Rave! Here it comes!" She screamed.

And no sooner then the words left her mouth she let out a HUGE wet fart making the bed vibrate and her stomach growling one last time before.....bbbbbbbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaattttttttttt plip plip plop plop brat squish plish plop plip plop plop plop plip plip plip brrrrrraaaaaat.

Pure, smelly, chunky, watery diarrhea began to fill her panties and pour out her pants legs and onto her bright blue comforter and matching sheets. I just stared in shock as this was the first time I saw anyone crap themselves like this. It was like watching someone turn on the dirty water of a broken faucet.

After 5 minutes of straight wave after wave of diarrhea it stopped. But Michelle was still begging me to rub her belly (I stopped when she started crapping herself).

"Wait you're not done?!?!?" I asked.

"No.....God no....uuuuuuhhhhhhhh eight days worth of shit remember plus the food we had last night!" Michelle stated just then her stomach gurgled fiercely. "Ooooooooh here comes more!"

And she was right. Another wet fart.....bbbbbrrrraaatttttt and more diarrhea.....plop plip squish plop plop plop plip plip plip plip splat splat splat plip plop. Her pink princess pajamas were not going to be salvaged after this that's for sure.

This wave lasted about 10 minutes and after that she stopped everything. Crying, moaning, and complaining about her stomach problems.

"Whew....that feels sooooo gooooooooood! Thanks for the prune juice it really worked." She stated then looked at the mess she made and turned beet red. " listen"

"Say no more you're secret is safe with me. I won't tell a soul...but however you owe me BIG time since I'm going to help you clean this mess up."

We laughed and hugged and little did I know she would be returning that favor to me a few weeks later but that's a story for later. Oh the clean up took 3 hours and during that time Michelle had 12 more diarrhea attacks and in the end she basically camped out in the bathroom. I had to wait till I went home to pee because the bathroom smelled like a road kill milkshake.

Happy Pooping Hopefully :D

PS: my stomach is really making noises now as I just finished the bag of Red Vines (21 pieces) and I'm farting like crazy. I swear I can actually feel my hard mass being broken down into liquid diarrhea. I'll tell you how it goes later but right now I'm going to wait it till I can't anymore.



Hey there my name is Raven and I'm 18 and just graduated high school (I got held back a year because I have a late birthday and my credits wouldn't transfer to the American schools when I moved). I'm 5'6, 161 pounds, a bit top heavy and I'm a mix of Jamaican, British, and French; i have dark and light brown hair that has red (though it looks more golden now) streaks dyed in and brown eyes. I've been a long time lurker of this site and I'm grateful for reading all these post (even though a lot of my favorites have stopped writing on here).

But anyways, I've been constipated since Friday night.

My stomach feels full and I'm not bloated but I definitely can feel a huge mass just sitting in there mocking me and telling me "I'm not going anywhere anytime soon." I have a few mild cramps but it was only bad when I got up to clean the kitchen (still live with my parents since my college doesn't start till late August). I swear whatever is in me kept shifting positions through my intestines; left and right and up and down and side to side; it was torture! I doubled over a few times and nearly dropped the wine glass I was cleaning in the empty sink.

I seriously don't know what's going on but what I ate on Friday were cheerios and 2% milk, 4 heavily loaded salads with bacon bits, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, croutons, ranch dressing; Saturday I went to a friend's house for a BBQ and had a hamburger with this ???? African spicy homemade hot sauce (I'm Jamaican so I can handle spices and spicy food) a hot dog, with franks and beans, and macaroni salad. And for breakfast I had a two egg and cheese sandwich with pepper and a glass of orange juice.

I feel sooooooooo uncomfortable right now. I tried sitting on the toilet but all that mass does is just shift downward painfully into my rectum and doesn't move no matter how hard I strain and push. And to make matters worse my dad is grilling today so that means hamburgers, chicken, more salad, and corn. And no i can't skip out on the meal because my mom believes we shouldn't waste food my dad took so long to prepare.

Oh god please help my colon tonight!

So yesterday I read a thing about a woman having sugar free gummy bears and how they gave her the runs like there was no tomorrow!

Ding ding! Lightbulb!

So I went to store and bought 2 bags of sugar free strawberry Red Vines and on the label it clearly says "Excessive consumption will cause laxative effect" which is harmony for me! I also read about Epsom salt so I got a huge bag and lemon juice.

Sadly though my mother doesn't believe in laxatives so I have to wait till Monday morning till both her and my dad are out of the house before I try anything.

God my stomach is churning, gurgling, and bubbling right now. I think that coffee I bought at Starbucks is causing it, but still I sit on the toilet and all that happens is me farting up a storm and my stomach just growling at me like it's mad at me!

Anyways I'm hoping to post more because I do have some stories from my childhood that'll make this site proud. But right now I need to try one more time on the toilet to get at least part of this big brown mass put of me.

I promise I'll post keep you guys posted about the after effect of my candy laxative. Hope it goes well! :D

Happy Pooping Hopefully.

Pasta and Junk Food Weekend *Not Fun*

Hey there it's Raven I still waiting for Monday so that I can relieve myself from 4 days worth of compacted poo but while I'm waiting here's a story (I would've attached it to my first post but 1. I wasn't sure if it would get posted and 2. I thought it would be too long).

One time when I was 13 my parents finally decided to go on a vacation and to leave me alone because they trusted me enough not to invite anyone over and to not break anything. But anyways they were going to be gone for 2 weeks and had prepared enough food for me in the fridge that'll last like a month.

The thing is though when my parents are away I indulge and I mean seriously INDULGE in my favorite food, which is pasta with a lot of marinara sauce and cheese. And this was no exception. The moment I woke up on Monday morning the pots came flying out and the pasta was cooking.

I must've eaten the entire box of thin pasta in one gulp drinking it all down with water and pineapple soda (also a favorite); God it was good Despite the fact my stomach swelled up 4 times it's normal size. Needless to say my diet consisted of large quantities of pasta, Mac and cheese, gummy bears, soda, water, and a few helpings of what my parents cooked.

Of course with all this heavy eating my bowels decided to close up for business but I didn't start to notice till the 5th day without any movement. My stomach was bloated and huge and I'm pretty sure I looked like I was at least 5 months pregnant. Oh yeah I was pregnant but not with a baby :/

On the sixth day, the mass in my bloated belly was becoming WAY too painful. I couldn't stop moaning because it hurt so bad. It wanted out but my intestines I guess wanted to hold on to it for some reason or another.

I had to get rid of this thing today because 5 days worth of constipation isn't fun at all. So I decided to. Try black coffee since I knew for a fact that it causes people to have the runs. So I made a pot but didn't know how much to drink so I just got the largest cup and chugged the entire thing despite the fact it tasted like crap *no pun intended*.

And the wait began.

For the first hour nothing happened. Second hour nothing except I had to pee a lot. By the third hour I had another cup and another one an hour later. But besides the fact I just had to pee every 30 minutes.

I just figured that this wasn't going to work so I decided that in the morning I was just going to call my mom and get advice. So went to bed but I woke up at 2 in the morning with my stomach on fire!!!!!

Oh God I had exactly 5 seconds to get my ass on the toilet or else there would be Hell to pay.

So I ran to my bathroom, ripped down my panties and plopped down on the porcelain monster.

I ripped out a large and loud fart which was turning on the shower o. Full blast for my ass because after that a huge amount of liquid shit came pouring out. I moaned in pain and clutched my aching, but slowly descending in size, belly as wave after wave after wave after wave of diarrhea poured out of me.

After 5 minutes it stopped and I felt better. Being curious I opened my legs to look in the toilet and it looked someone just decided to melt chocolate ice cream and it smelt so rank I almost gagged. So I wped and flushed the toilet amazed that it all went down.

I felt like a new person after that and there couldn't possible be anything inside me anymore, I thought. Oh but what a fool I am because no more the ten minutes later my stomach roared with intensity and gave me a gut wrenching cramp that made me double over and clutch my belly.

I barely made it to the bathroom in time to pay my respects once again to the toilet again. Five days worth of pasta and junk food decided to turn into soft serve poop and just rush out of my body all at once.

This continued on for 3 hours with nothing but diarrhea and maybe one or two solid logs. But even after everything was down my stomach wouldn't stop gurgling and churning but I blamed it on being hungry but if it thinks I'm going to great pasta again then shoot me.

Happy Pooping Hopefully.

PS: I promise to be more detailed for the future but it's hard to do that when your constipated with 3 days worth of food in your gut that won't move or budge.

Hello I'm Jason and I'm 15 about to turn 16. I was looking at posts and this is really a great website, where you can share your toilet stories with people who aren't going to tease you about it or anything. I saw some posts that I just wanted to comment on and throw in a story or two.
Matt: I also couldn't survive without toilet seat covers. However I did learn my lesson once to only use one at a time. It was when I was 12 at Disney World. I was at the hotel just about to get in the pool after a huge breakfast, when I thought I felt a poop. I started to stroll to the pool bathrooms when I felt a shift of pressure in my stomach- this ws no ordinary poop, and it was ready to come out. I started to rush to get there and made it, to see a very crowded bathroom filled with kids my age. This was going to be embarrassing, since I may end up hanging out with one at the pool later. I had no time to think about that and rushed into a stall. I ripped off a handful of seat covers and sat down. I never punch out the middle of the cover, because the poop just does it anyway. I opened the exit of my butt and out rushed a flood of watery diarrhea. Looking back on it, it was probably the three cups of coffee. I felt a warm feeling on my butt cheeks and realized my stupidity. I pulled off like 5 or 6 seat covers, and it was too thick for diarrhea to get through. It was now gushing out of my anus uncontrollably, while spreading across my butt, and eventually even a little on the floor. Not to mention disgusting diarrhea farts and smells. It was about two straight minutes of that. I never ever ever ever used more than 1 toilet seat cover again, no matter how desperate.
SportsFan: I liked your story about the lady in the porta potty. It is really gross to hear all the people around you pooping and peeing when they are in a block like that, but hot girls are different. I remeber this one time recently, it was just last summer, and I went to the beach on a hot day. There was this really hot girl my age who kept walking by me and finally I got the guts to ask her to hang out with me. She said yes and we had fun and got some ice cream. Just as we were finishing up our ice cream I asked her if she wanted to swim, she said yes but first she wanted to use the bathroom. I agreed and said I would go too, and I knew she must have had to poop, or else she would have gone in the ocean. The toilets were also porta potties and there was a line of six and behind it six more, back to back. She went into a middle one and I took the one next to her, just to pee. I heard her pee at the same time as me and I went outside to wait. I heard a series of plops and groaning and I enjoyed it, I won't lie. I noticed the lock on her door was still green, which means she never locked it. I didn't want to offend her so I didn't say anything. An older girl came walking over and was going for her stall. Before I decided what to say this girl was already opening the door, exposing my new friend. She was in the middle of wiping her very dirty butt, which was facing out the door. She screamed and the other girl ran in embarrassment. I thought it was hilarious.

Stephanie: I'm just wondering if you're okay because it's been a while since you've posted a new story on here. I like your stories very much and hope you can post some more when you have time. Thanks :))


To Outdoor girl

About your churchyard pee: it probably happened a lot more often a lot more recently than that.

Over in the UK most churches are stone-built and pre-date the wide availability of sanitation. Many of them do not have toilets (simply because the cost of fitting one is prohibitively expensive), and a good number do not have a nearby hall with toilets either. So if you have small children, the answer may well be to take them out into the churchyard and have them squat behind a tree...

Hi everyone its John. To Eileen H loved your story about the aftermath of your KFC dinner because that happenr to me too the very few times I eat a KFC here in the UK, must be an intolerence to one of the ingredients used! I often prepare a chilli garlic chicken and i'm very generous with both the amounts of chilli and garlic used and there's never any detrimental effect to either mine or my wife's bowels! To Emma that was a great end of term story and i'm glad you got blessed relief at the motorway services. Its cheered me up no end that you, Leanne, Lizzi and the rest of your "crazy gang" are back in harness in the new academic year and meanwhile you all have a great summer hols! Abbie and how are you and your friends? Well I hope! In conclusion I had a strange poo on Saturday! Did my usual 2 and a bit logs and as always wait about 10 secs or so to make sure i'm finished (does anyone else do this?) satisfied that I was started to wipe my bum and as soon as I made contact with my bum the urge to crap came back and I pushed out a further two 6inch logs! Has anyone here experienced that? I'd be interested to know. Anyway a big X and huggle to all the girls and hi to all the guys! Bye for now.


Matt & Eileen H's questions

As my best friend Just Jerika and I have written about in our previous posts, we are very different in how we handle the public toilet seat questions posed by Matt & Eileen H. By the way, for those of you who are newer to the forum, we both just finished our 8th grade year and none-to-soon, if you ask me. School comes easy for me and I'm easily bored and looking forward to high school.

Since I first remember when I was very young and Mom took me into public bathrooms, she always put the toilet seat covers down for me. She often used two because she said I moved around too much, especially when I was having my stool. I continue to do it almost every time because it just makes me feel better. Therefore, I don't have to directly deal with Eileen H's warm seat-cold seat issue. Otherwise, the urine splashes or pubic hairs on the front of the seat would gross me out. Jerika wrote an account on Page 1925 of the one time when I had no choice but sit directly on the seat. She didn't tell you that after dinner that night I couldn't wait to get into the shower and cleanse my body. Call me a freak, but I'm very clean about myself.

On the other hand, Jerika thinks nothing of seating herself on toilets, whether they are at school, the park, mall, whereever. She's written about how the school toilets are so dirty and uncomfortable for her since she's only 3'5" and her feet don't touch the floor. I do know, however, that she prefers cold seats. Sometimes she has gotten frustrated when we're in a really busy bathroom and there's a line for the toilets. Sometimes she finds it hard to get her urine flow started or her bowels to open. Once we were using a one-stall toilet in the park while we were riding our bikes. I sat down first to urinate and was ready to burst my bladder, and when I got up, I held on to the toilet paper on the seat since it had been the last on the roll. Jerika flipped it into the bowl and seated herself. With her feet off the floor, I realized it wouldn't work for her because she had to push herself backwards onto the seat. But after having a large stool, she realized she needed the toilet paper that was now below her crap in the bowl.


Babysitter stories

When I was six years old, I had a babysitter named Tammy who would watch me in the afternoons. From what I remember, she was probably only fifteen or so and I think she had black curly hair. And one day I was playing at the park and she was watching me. After a while, she wanted to leave and I didn't. We kept going back and forth until finally she took me by the arm and led me to her car. We were almost there when she held her stomach and said quietly, "Oooh I'll never make it" and then told me, "I need to go to the bathroom, come with me"

So off we went to the bathrooms and she went into the ladies side and came back out when I wasn't following. She said, "Come on, it's okay" and then I followed her. There were other girls and women at the sinks and in stalls, but one was open. She led me inside the stall and came in with me. She closed the door, told me to turn around and face the door. I did, and then I guess she sat on the toilet and I heard her peeing for a long time and she farted a few times while she was peeing. After she finished, she farted loudly, then a quieter fart, and another loud one.

There was a splop sound and she farted a few more times and then a sploosh. I heard her grunting softly and I turned around to sneak a peek. She had her eyes closed and appeared to be pushing a lot. I quickly faced the door again to not get caught. She grunted a bit more and then there was a big ploop. She farted quietly again and I heard a sploonk. She rolled off some paper a couple of times and she flushed. We left the stall and she let me go play a little longer.

Another time we were about to go see a movie and she told me "I'm going to use the bathroom and you should go when I'm done." and she went off to the toilet. I waited outside the door for several minutes without hearing any sounds until she flushed. She opened the door and damn did it stink in there! I said, "Ewwww, it smells real bad in there" then she blushed and said, "Fine, but if you have an accident, it's your fault"

Amanda M

Clock tower's fart survey

1.When you have to poop, do you let out pre poop farts?
Usually I do.

2. How loud are the farts?
Usually not loud and pretty small.

3. Do you prefer long poops or the short plop poops?

4. When you fart, what position do you take? (Leaning to the side, leg up, bum up)
No special position

5. Who are you comfortable farting around?
I'm actually kind of shy about it but I'll do it in front of family.

6. Who are you comfortable pooping around?
No one. I'm extremely poop shy.

7 How loud and stinky do your farts get?

Herb T.
Hello everyone - boy this has been a fast weekend. I can hardly wait to get back to another week of number crunching!!! Just kidding.

Eileen - another couple of good and funny stories. Are you teaching summer school, or are you lucky enough to have the summer off? As for your questions... I'm definitely not a fan of warm toilet seats, unless it's at home and it was my wife who just used the toilet. Even then, I'm not really a fan, but it's tolerable. Sometimes, in the mornings, when we're both getting ready for work, she will be taking a dump while I'm brushing my teeth, then I'll sit down for a dump after she's finished. When the seat is warm, I usually joke with her and say "You left the seat nice and warm for me," which usually makes her giggle. But, in public restrooms, I find it repulsive to place my bare ass right where a complete stranger just parked his bare ass. Luckily, I haven't really experienced warm toilet seats too often in public restrooms - like practically never.

Jas - I think what you're referring to is "valve" style toilets. These are mostly in public restrooms, in toilets that are used frequently. These types of toilets use a pressure valve to power the flush, while a "tank" style toilet uses gravity from the water stored in the tank above the toilet bowl. Valve style toilets are typically more expensive and costly to maintain. Most all public restrooms I've used in the USA have valve style toilets. When I lived in Arizona for a little while, there was one restroom in particular that I would use on occasion with three stalls, but had tank style toilets. But these tank toilets had an ultra powerful flush. It was weird - like a hybrid style toilet. Personally, I think valve flush toilets are better - much more resistant to clogs, and you don't have to wait for the tank to fill up after flushing. Just my 2 cents.

Matt - as far as toilet seat covers go, I use them if the toilet seat is dirty, or has piss on the seat. I always wipe down the seat with toilet paper before sitting down. I even do this at home sometimes. If there was piss or water on it previously, I will use a toilet seat cover. The only thing I don't like about toilet seat covers is that they usually stick to my ass when I stand up. I guess I have a sweaty ass sometimes. If there is shit on the seat, I will either use another stall, or use a different restroom entirely. Only in a dire emergency would I use a toilet that has shit on the seat - in which case, I would wipe off the seat and probably use multiple seat covers. That has never happened to me before, and probably never will. Most scientific studies have proven that it's pretty much impossible to catch anything disease-wise from a toilet seat. Only if you have open sores on your buttocks, are you at risk for getting an infection from a toilet seat.

OK - I wanted to do a quick post about a humiliating experience that contributed to my reluctance to taking a dump in my office restrooms. As I have posted before, my office is two stories with a single person men's room and single person's women's room downstairs. I work upstairs. Near the restrooms, four attractive ladies sit - a receptionist and three ladies in our customer relations department. They would definitely know if someone is taking a dump in there, and I would be embarrassed for them to know that I took a dump at work. If I do have to poo during the workday, I either go home at lunch, or use a nearby restroom during lunch.

To the best of my recollection: back when I was in college (late 90's), I would work temp. jobs during the summer. One job in particular, I was working for the on-site property management company who rented out retail space in a shopping center. It was about a week long assignment, and I had the enviable job of getting them caught up on their filing. There were two leasing agents (both women), and a receptionist - also a woman. Very small office. The leasing agents were probably in their 30's, and the receptionist lady was probably about 50. On my first day there, I really had to take a dump early into the workday. The only restroom there was a small single person unisex restroom. Normally, I wouldn't have had a problem going, but I didn't want to stink up the small bathroom that the other three ladies used. I heard one of the ladies go in for a pee, and I could hear everything from where my workstation was (the toilet seat cover being taken out, the pee hitting the water, etc.) Well the leasing agents left the office mid-morning to show some vacant retail space to prospective lessees, so I thought that might be my chance. Suddenly, I realized that there were also restrooms outside the office in the hallway, for the professional tenants leasing office space. Hallelujah! I left our office and went down the hall to the restrooms, ready to evacuate my bowels, but BLASPHEMY, they were locked. That's right, you had to have a key to get in to them. I went back to our office and asked the receptionist if she had a key to the outside restrooms, and she said "Why don't you just use the bathroom in here?" Was this woman totally oblivious? I was trying to imply that I didn't want to take a dump in our office restroom, WTF? Well, the urge was becoming unbearable, I decided to be brave, and went into the tiny single person bathroom in our office. This bathroom was barely bigger than an airplane restroom. So I pulled my pants and boxers down and tried to be as quick and quiet as possible. Normally I like to sit and relax, without pushing or straining, but this was not one of those times. Luckily, no pushing was required, because the logs came out lightning fast. A loud, crackling dump, that floomped into the toilet faster than the speed of sound. At least I didn't have to fart, but the receptionist lady had to have known I was taking a dump. Phew - it stunk too. I began to wipe, and the toilet paper was messy. After three wipes, the paper still wasn't clean. Dammit - I was afraid I would clog the toilet, so I decided to flush. I continued to wipe while the tank filled and after four or so more wipes, I was done. I flushed again, which is a dead giveaway for someone going poo-poo. Absolutely humiliating, although I did feel a lot better - like seriously relieved. It took me a minute or two to tuck my shirt back in and fasten my belt, then I proceeded to wash my hands. As I was washing them, there was a can of air freshener by the sink, but I decided not to use it. I'm not a fan of those sprays - they make me nauseated, plus I'm kind of allergic to to them. So, I came out of the bathroom with my head down, in shame, LOL, and went back to my work area. At least the receptionist didn't look at me or make any comments.

So here's the kicker. Not more than five minutes after I finished my dump, the two leasing agents came back into the office and I heard them saying that the prospective lessees called to reschedule their showing. One of the agents went straight into the restroom. She shut the door, then complete silence, then came back out about 20 seconds later. She went over to the receptionist and said "It really stinks in there - I think the sewer is backed up again - can you please call the plumber?" The receptionist whispered something to her that I couldn't hear - probably something like "The temp. guy just took a shit." I heard both of them kind of snickering, then it turned into full on laughter. The leasing agent lady kind of peeked around the receptionist's desk at me, and they both laughed some more. I wanted to die of embarrassment, but I toughed it out. It was an awkward rest of the week, and I made sure not to poo again in the office restroom. To this day, I do not like shitting around people I know - especially women. The only exception is my wife - I have no problem taking the browns to the super bowl in front of her. But seriously - I took a dump IN THE TOILET. Isn't that what toilets are for? Why are people so ashamed in general of completing a normal bodily function. I know the women here on Toiletstool aren't so ashamed, but most women are. Myself too sometimes. Why are we humans so embarrassed about our bowel movements? OK - sorry for the long post. Take it easy everyone!


Peppermint tea for constipation

I've been constipated for a while as I haven't gone to the pharmacy for my Lactulose Syrup (laxative) that I'm supposed to take every day. I read on a website for some more natural ways to relieve constipation. I didn't like a lot of the ideas (like drinking hot water with sea salt, yuck) but someone suggested peppermint tea. I thought the idea was kind of gross but I went to the grocery store anyway and bought some to give it a try. I had two cups of it yesterday, once in the evening before my nap and once before bed. I thought it was going to be disgusting but it tasted pretty good, just like a candy cane and the tea was mild. The box suggested drinking it after every meal to relieve stomach problems. And the girl on the website said to drink it before bed and you would need to go as soon as you get up.

Well, it wasn't quite as soon as I got up but it was sometime in the afternoon. But boy did it work. It kind of hurt to poop because there was so much hard stuff in there, but a LOT of crap came out. I went twice. The first time was just a couple of hard pieces which made my butt bleed a little. The second time was more successful. There was about 4 logs that came out. It didn't get rid of everything but it did help a lot. Tonight I'm going to take my laxative, drink a lot of water, have another cup of peppermint tea and hopefully I'll be empty by the end of tomorrow :) If you want to give it a try, do. It's very gentle and it tastes nice and has a lot of benefits.

Jessica Lyn
When I m travelling, I always pack a roll of toilet paper in my back pac so that if I ever end up using a public washroom and there is no toilet paper, I need not worry as I can use the one in my back pac. I've had it happen to me too many times when i've needed the washroom and low and behold, there was no paper in the holder.

Frantic Francine, I really sympathize with you. I remember my horror stories from middle school.

Hi everyone! I'm back home now having finished uni. Emma- I have to apologise because I was one of the girls who used up the last of the toilet paper! I woke up with a need for a poo just after you at about 10:15 and I went straight in, dropped four big logs, and then used about half of the tiny amount of paper left! I really enjoyed your story, though, so it's not all bad!

Last night my stomach felt a bit odd when I went to bed and at some point in the night I woke up (or I was still awake, I'm not sure) when it felt like some diarrhea was about to squirt into my pyjamas. I got up as fast as I could and I could have sworn I was about to shit myself, but when I got to the toilet and sat down nothing happened at all no matter how hard I pushed! I went back to bed- but to be honest I don't even know if it really happened or if it was all a dream! Weird!

To Eileen- I love having a warm toilet seat when I go to the loo, especially in winter! There's just something about knowing that another girl has just vacated the seat that I really like.

Clocktower's survey:

1.When you have to poop, do you let out pre poop farts? A lot of the time I do, especially if it's going to be a gassy or runny poo.

2. How loud are the farts? Mostly silent or quiet, but sometimes I let rip with some loud pre-poop farts!

3. Do you prefer long poops or the short plop poops? I love long turds because I don't often have them. My poos are mostly smaller turds, mushy or runny stuff or lots of small pieces.

4. When you fart, what position do you take? I tend to lean forward when I fart.

5. Who are you comfortable farting around? I'm comfortable farting around my housemates because we all do it!

6. Who are you comfortable pooping around? I'm comfortable pooing around my friends and I don't mind doing it around complete strangers.

7 How loud and stinky do your farts get? They can get very loud and very stinky!

I think it's ok to fart around your roommate because there's a very good chance they will fart around you too! Besides you can't go to the toilet and sit down every time you need to fart- some of us would be in there non stop!

I'll post again as soon as I can. Bye everyone!


Buddy dump

I had a lot to eat yesterday & I hadn't had a poo since saturday night, so this morning I woke up with a huge need to go. I got out of bed & went to the toilet & it all came out in one big rush. It was loose & smelly but such a relief. I had to wipe a lot & I took a shower. While I was in the shower, Wendy came into the bathroom in a big hurry. She threw herself on the toilet & had a huge dump. It was even bigger than mine & just as smelly. She gave a sigh of relief & sat for a while untill another wave of mushy poo came out. I felt the urge to go again so I got Wendy to move back on the seat so I could share the toilet with her. The seat was warm & Wendy put her arms around my waist & started kissing the back of my neck as I released the rest of my poo between her legs. It felt wonderfull & when we finished, we wiped each other & went back to bed feeling very relieved. We didn't go to work as we were far too busy in the bedroom he you know what I mean!

The Listening Ear

Part 3

During the university vacation I worked for six weeks at a factory to gain practical experience. This was at the other end of the country, and I stayed in lodgings. The Gents and Ladies toilets at the factory were next to each other, and I noticed that the stall furthest from the door was right by the connecting wall. So when I was in there I pressed my ear to the wall, and what I heard there changed my life.

Lots of posters here write about listening in when other people are using the toilet, but the sounds they describe are nearly all transmitted through the air. What I discovered there was that 'impact' sounds, that is the sounds made by the impact of stiletto heels on floor, door on frame, door-bolt on stop and above all, pee and poo hitting the water in the toilet, can be transmitted through walls, ceilings and plumbing as well. And once the sound is in the wall behind the toilets, it can often get from there into the partitions separating the stalls.

Something else that hasn't been discussed much here is the difference between toilets in different countries. All the ones I've used in America have had quite a high water level, whereas in Britain where I live, the level is much lower, presenting a smaller surface area. This has two effects on the soundscape. The smaller surface area makes it easier for women who don't want to make a lot of noise to pee on the porcelain rather than into the water. My wife has been known to call this 'being clever'. But conversely, anything that does hit the water (solid or liquid), makes a lot more noise, because it has had further to fall, and possibly because the space above the water has a megaphone effect.

Well it was a long time ago and the configuration of the toilets made it impossible for me know who I was listening to. As a result I can't remember any detail this far on, so this is just a scene-setter really. There was a lovely blonde damsel called Jane, who sat by herself in a cabin looking all forlorn. I really fancied the idea of listening to her, but even if I had done, I wouldn't have known.



Pooping Her Pants

RoseMary - liked your post about pooping your pants in 2nd grade. At least ou weren't in your twenties, like my friend TJ...

A few months ago, TJ invited some friends over to play Wii that she recently got. TJ and another girl were playing tennis while the rest of us watched. I was standing up leaning against the door, since all the chaira were taken. All of a sudden, TJ yells, "Oh s***!", drops her controller, and puts one hand over the lower part of her rear. She turns around and starts running toward me (toward the door). Just as our eyes met, her face turned beet red. I stepped aside and as she passed me, I looked down at her rear and saw a bulge starting to form in her jeans. TJ was pooping her pants. She was now just walking, looking like she was attempting to hold as much of her poop in, but unsuccessful in doing so. I watched her until she disappeared at the end of the hall, into the bathroom. We all joked about it later.

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