I have been visiting this site for a while and become very interested. I have to be very careful as I am on a shared computer and have to remember to clear down the cache files and history of any sites that I visit.

Mr Shy: I was very interested in your post yesterday about your shyness about pooping when your wife is around and I know this can be awkward. I was wondering if she is aware of this; do you have to ask her to stay downstairs when you need to go? I am also shy about pooping when my wife is about, I usually wait until she pops out somewhere, or do that job just before having a bath so it is not so obvious with the taps running. I am however still very turned on by the subject, my wife goes into the bathroom and sits on the toilet without closing the door properly and doesn't seem to mind if I see her. I have been married for 10 years and she has never seen me on the toilet, I would shudder at the thought of it.

Jeff A: It must be great to be on the toilet and having a girl spy on you. Before I met my wife, whenever I went out with a new girlfriend I always had a fantasy of needing to sit on the toilet and let her come in and catch me. If I had arranged to go out with a girl in the evening, I would go without pooping during the day so I would need to go when I was with her, but usually lost my nerve and had to abort it. One night I had been out with a girl and returned to her apartment for coffee. When she was in the kitchen, I went into her bathroom with the intention of sitting on the toilet. I noticed there was no lock on the door, and I was still deciding whether to actually do it or not. After thinking about it for a few seconds not knowing whether to abort the idea or not, I lifted the toilet lid, pulled down my trousers and underwear and sat on the toilet seat. After about a minute, the door opened and she was standing there, she told me she had wondered where I had gone as she was talking to me when I wasn't there. I felt both extremely embarrassed and yet excited at the same time. She told me there was no toilet paper, I hadn't actually noticed, so she went off and brought me back a box paper handkerchiefs and then left. I went out with her for about two months and it was the only time I ever did it in front of her.

Monday, June 08, 1998

Does anyone have any experiences of dumping in the tub or shower accidentily or on purpose?

This is my first time posting, and I haven't thought of a good name yet. In response to someone who talked about bed-wetting, I have also wet the bed when I shouldn't have. (When I was too old to wet the bed.) I always have that "peeing in the urinal dream" that someone else (who was anonymous) talked about. When I wake up, I am usually in the process of peeing. I guess now if I ever head toward a bathroom in my dream, I should try very hard to wake up so I don't soak the bed. I live in the US. I have never seen a doorless stall. Isn't that illegal? Does that mean if I were to take a shit, there would be nothing standing in the way from my legs to the wall (outside of the toilet) directly in front of me? Someone could just stand there and look at me taking a dump just like that? They could look in between my legs? Wouldn't that make someone uncomfortable that a guy is looking at another guy going to the bathroom? Would there be anything in between one toilet and the toilet directly to the right or left of it? I am a little confused about these different toilets.

Tom P. (yes my initials are T.P.)
To Some Guy: Yes I recently noticed some of the new urinals in my workplace being extended and deep. My guess is that they are designed to prevent dripping over the edge. Looking at the floor, the desired result is not happening. In response to your question, I guess you could take a dump in one, though that is not the intention of the new urinals. Could a female do a pee in one? Maybe. My wife says it not possible for a female to pee and aim at the same time.

Doug: You mention about standing and wiping. I usually wipe once while sitting and then stand. I find that wiping while hovering makes the back of my thighs ache and that's why I stand. You ask where I have the urge to send waste out of my body? I suppose my lower stomach. To test if I need to go, I can usually push slightly to find out if I need to go before going into the toilet.

Hey this is my first post to the forum, when I shit, it doesn't come out in logs or jobbies... more like... piles just a mass of it, no form.... plus I'm LI and have a colon problem, I also have to hold it alot (School and stuff) most of my teachers only let kids out for a mintue or 2 to piss, no letting them shit, it takes me 8 mintues or so, not enuhg time between classes to do that. Is this normal?

Im greatly amused by the idea of Jeff A (formerly Pooper Snooper) of an international conference of people such as owuselves who write to this website. Personally I'd name it COPREX or INTERJOBEX, but there are plenty of alternative names. As well as myself, Moira, Tony and Donna, just think of Jill doing a whopper in various train toilets of different types, Doorman walking in on various girls on the throne, we would also have Jay and Paige, BMG and Young, Potty Boy as the janitor, and Harry , Steph and Alex arranging a mass "Buddy Dump", Bridget watching the lads doing there motions clad only in their underpants or even naked. For Charlene and Kerri the opportunity to lock a teacher or sports coach in a room with absolutely no access to a toilet and see how THEY would like it. I apologise to anyone I have omitted. And of course the Moderator of this site as Grand Marshall.

Back down to earth from this day dream however I enjoyed Harry's and Craig's stories about his classmates at High School letting them watch them doing a motion and the lovely big log Harry's friend passed. From Primary (Grade) school I did this with like minded friends. Although school and other communal toilets are supposed to have doors on the cubicles (stalls) unlike US ones often the doors either don't bolt or have been vandalised and are missing. This was the case in the schools I went to as a kid and teenager and the Girls' Toilets were likewise (it was the same in Moira's School). To give a bit of privacy and as protection against bullies etc it was common for a pupil having a motion to get a trusted classmate to stand in the doorway while they sat on the toilet pan doing their jobbies. Thus one was treated to your mate's performance and heard all the "OO!s and AH!s" the tinkle of the wee wee and the "plops! and ker-sploonks!" as their jobies plunged into the water, and of course one actually saw the turds lying in the pan when they got up to wipe their bum. As most of the mates I did this with were also into such matters we would comment on each others jobbies, on the size, shape, consistancy, colour etc , whether they sunk or floated and of course if they were too big to flush away, (our school toilets didn't have the powerful jet flush toilet pans that Harry mentions in US schools so often one could see some real whoppers and this was also true for the Girls' Toilets as my two cousins, Nicky and Debbie often told me).Often the watcher would feel the need to go after their friend and would buddy dump on top of their mate's motion. Moira did exactly the same as this with some of her friends at her school. About 12 years ago Moira and I were in Portsmouth in the South of England when the Battleship USS Iowa was on a goodwill visit. We toured the ship and at one point were able to look in the Officers' Mess though a porthole. We both noticed an Enlisted Man standing in front of a door and could just see the bottom of the toilet pan and two feet so I presume there are no doors even on the Toilet Stalls in "Officers' Country" . I wonder if the officer in question was "doing the Captain's Log" Cheers From George.

Mr Shy
Hi. I have been reading this page for some time now, and I thought it was time I said something. I am a British male, married, approaching 40, and I am wondering if there is something wrong with me. My problem is that I am very shy about my toilet habits. I hate having a piss when there is another guy at the urinal, and I avoid shitting in public places at any time. Even at home, I dont like to take a crap if my wife is in, and if I have to go while she is in, I wait until she is downstairs. When I read this page, I find there are people who go "buddy dumping", or watch each other on the toilet, or just even share the experience afterwards, but I have never been able to do that. Dont get me wrong, I am very interested, even turned on by some of the accounts here, which brings me to another problem. I have never produced shit like most of the people here seem to write about. My shit is usually quite runny, and in nothing like the quantity you people would expect. Someone wrote about taking a massive dump outdoors, and suggested that they had always produced huge turds since childhood. I find the dimensions quoted to be almost unbelievable, although I know for fact that my wife sometimes produces big thick turds because I have seen the ones that dont flush! So, my questions are: 1. Is there something wrong with being shy about this, or is it natural? 2. Why is it that everyone seems to shit far more than I do? Thanks.

Silent Spice
Hello!! I graduated yesterday!! Alex: I remember you saying that you wanted to know how the grad was and stuff. My mom didnt come just like I said she wouldnt. Shes a bitch. But who cares about that at least my other family was there and I was graduating with my friends!!

I've noticed that when the poop is real long, and the start is kinda hard, the rest of it is usually soft. Queer huh?

I have a few questions for everyone out there about bed-wetting. How many of you wet the bed and how often do you do it? I wet the bed once or twice a year. Sometimes I'm just soaked when I wake up other times I'll wake up while I'm having an accident or slightly after (usually the "standing in front of the toilet peeing dream"). I'd also be very curious to know if you've been in bed with your spouse or significant other when they've wet the bed? How did they react when they woke up? Is it something they do often, occasionally or just one time? Thanks, (I'm male, 25yo BTW)

Jeff A.
Hi folks, this is going to be a long post, so fasten your seat belts. As some of you know, I had this rather beautiful girlfriend named Kyra who I got to watch on the toilet on many occassions, but this is a story about her friend Patty who liked to watch and be watched. At this point, me and Kyra were no longer a couple, but were still friends. Patty was invited to come over and have a birthday BBQ with us at Kyra's apt. It was late July, and it was my birthday. We started off the festivities with some Wild Turkey, and ice cold beer. It was all fun, the BBQ was great, and we all had a great time talking, eating, and drinking the night away. Around 11 pm, the 2 ladies were getting a little wild, and decided that it was time for a birthday spanking. It was my 30th birthday, so I was in for quite a few licks. Her and Patty cornered me on the deck, and we were laughing and wrestling, and after some work, they both actually got my pants down! I was laughing all the while trying to keep my underwear up. Patty tried to pull my shorts down, but they started to rip and she let me go. After that we settled down,and had a little more Wild Turkey. We decided that Patty should'nt drive home, so we put her up in Kyra's room, and we slept on the sofa bed in the living room. When we went to bed, Kyra crashed right away, and I having had all that food and beer, had to poop really bad. I went into the bathroom and shut the door, but it did'nt latch. (I have a habit of just swinging the door shut,and it usually dosent latch). There was about a 1" gap in the door. I heard Patty's footsteps coming down the hall and before she reached the living room she said "Are you guys decent? can I tiptoe in and get a drink of water?" and I said from the bathroom "Kyra's asleep, and I'm in here." I sat and listened as she got her water, and heard her footsteps padding down the hall. As she got to the bathroom door, she said in low tones "Goodnight birthday boy!" and I returned a "goodnight." I listened for her steps to walk away, but she did'nt. I could also see her shadow from under the door, and realized that she was going to stand there and watch me take a dump through the crack in the door. So I just relaxed and let a large load of crap slide out of me making lots of noise and smell. I flushed the first load immediately because it smelled so bad. After the tank had re-filled itself, and it was quiet, I still saw her shadow under the door, and then she tapped on the door with one finger and said "I need to get some aspirin, can I come in? I promise I wont peek atcha." I said "Sure. the more the merrier." After she'd come in, I squeezed out a couple more turds. One was kind of big, and splatted instead of plopping. She opened the aspirin bottle and said matter-of-factly, "Sounds like you're taking a good dump." I was so turned on by now, that I couldnt think straight. Patty was so gorgeous that I just could'nt stand it. She was ????, and very huggable. She had nice round thighs, and a wide butt with long brown hair and glasses. She reminds me alot of the previous picture in this forum of the girl on the toilet. Only heavier, plus she wore tight jeans and I could see her panty lines beneath. As I've stated before, I prefer heavy women. Kyra had a perfect figure. One that us West Coasters would call a "hard body", and guys were always after her, but still, her HEAVY friend Patty was an absolute turn on for me. Anyway, she turned around and smiled at me when I was going, and having never had this happen to me before I just said "What?" and she said "Nothing. You just look so cute sitting there pooping like that." So, I just laughed as I grunted, pushing out another turd, and said "Uh-Oh, I can feel the baby coming!!!" and with a loud PLOP! she laughed. There were a few numerous plops that followed, and she said "Oooo-Weeee! thou stinketh bad tonight!" and after that, I started to pull off wads of TP to wipe with. She watched me wipe, (4 times), and afterward I flushed and stood up. We kissed in there, and then she went to her bed, and me to mine. I dont think that either of us slept very well that night.

The next morning I heard Patty get up and go into the bathroom. After I heard the toilet seat go down, I got up to listen at the door. She grunted many times with no success, until finally she pushed out what sounded like a huge turd that splashed hard. The door was closed and I wanted to go in there bad. I tried to imagine her on the toilet: Hefty thighs spread out on the seat, leaning forward with her long brown hair hanging in her face. Just then I heard a long slow zipper fart (spltttttttttttt) echoing in the bowl, a couple of grunts, and a long load of poop coming out of her in succession. "Pllup-sllpppp-plop-plup-ploooooop-slllp-plup-plup..." I was so crazy that it was I this time who tapped on the door and said "Whatcha' doin' in there?" There was a pause and she replied "the same thing you were doing last night." I got braver and said "Can I come in?" (She could only say no right?). and she said "If you can stand it, come on in, but it dosent exactly smell like roses in here!).So I went in. She was sitting there, not like I imagined it at all, but more upright, with her arms folded across her stomach, and her knees closer together, with her feet sort of pigeon-toed. She had a pair of white cotton panties pulled up around her knees. Her wonderful "Aroma-therapy" filled the room, but it was worth the stay. Unfortunately, I'd already missed most of the action, but I stayed for the whole duration of her poop, which was about 15 min. We made small talk, and occassionally I'd hear a small turd plop as we were talking. Afterward she began to wipe, (6 times thoroughly),and I watched that as well. She'd go real slow in a circular motion, and dig at her ass. I saw panties being pulled up over those large gorgeous thighs, and a short glimpse of dark brown pubic hair.

No, it dosent stop here! after about two more hours, Kyra wakes up, and heads straight for the bathroom with a cup of coffee and a magazine. I listened at the door again; It was female poop heaven! and Patty was sitting on the sofa bed watching me listen. She said "Is she pooping?" I nodded. I heard a painful sounding grunt-moan, followed by a squishy sounding barrage of poop splashing into the toilet loudly. I knew she had the shits from the sounds. I waited for a second and knocked and said "Can I come in for a sec?" She replied in a painfully strained "nnnnnnot nowhhhh!!. I'm taking a real smelly crap,and I'm sick on top of it!!" So I did'nt go in. (Sorry Doorman.) Kyra flushed a couple of times, but stayed in there for nearly 20 minutes. After her glorious dump, she had to go back in almost an hour later and do it again, which she clogged by the way, and I had to plunge. It was the best damned birthday I've had in a long time, and I'll never forget it!!

Me and Patty became a good team for awhile, because she was the first female that I'd ever met who was interested in watching guys poop, wipe, grunt, fart and whatever. She 'd always spy on me, and me and her together would just explode in our lovemaking!!!! I've asked this question before, but got no answer. I'd really like an answer to it. Are there any females out there who feel / felt like her? I s there any one of you gals who get off on watching us guys? She seemed almost driven by it. I'd like to know if there's other females who like to peek at guys. Love ya' all!-J

Hi everyone... glad to see the site back up and working1! The past 2 weeks have been great for dumping! I have been quite regular. Allow me to share... I wake up about 8am and make breakfast and usually in the middle of breakfast I have to stong urge to dump. So, I walk into the bathroom, sometimes with reading material and drop my boxers to the floor, sometimes taking them all the way off and get comfy on the toilet. I let nature take its course and it usually just slides right out. Most of the sessions I have unloaded pretty large amounts of shit, mostly in power dump format. Its kinda strange. A lot of times I have a second dumping in the afternoon, after work or school. I usually sleep in my boxers and thats it, sometimes nude. Its been hot lately, so I've been sleeping naked a lot. My roommates and I walk around without our shirts on a lot and in the morning especially. this makes me end up sitting nude on the toilet. I kinda like that... its rather free. This morning I was a bit disapointed... no dump! I did end up having a tiny shit this evening when I got home from work, but hardly anything spectacular. I can't wait until I am in France. Hopefully my dorm will have a big bathroom on the hall for us college men to drop our man loads. I can't wait to sit my hairy ass on the toilets and unload my loads with other American and French college students. Oh yea, forgot about this story. Yesterday at work, I work as a tour guide at my university. This family was visiting with a friend and the friend was on tour while the family stayed back. One of the kids in the family, was about 17 or 18 or so. Tall, decently good looking for a guy and he had pretty hairy legs I noticed. He went into the mens room which unfortunately is a 1 persons bathroom. I had this feeling he was going to have a dump, as it was about 4pm and a lot of teens dump in the late afternoon... I know I did when I was in high school. He must have had to dump pretty bad because he sat right down and I could hear the turds dropping into the water from the front desk. He was in there about 10 minutes when the first flush occured. The sweet smell of his load was creeping out from the bathroom into the hallway and I could smell it!! After he flushed a second time (must have left a ton of skid marks and was emabrassed, if it were me I'd a left them... what a turn on!) he left the bathroom and went out into the parking lot to get back into the car where they were waiting. I gave it a few minutes and went in. WOW! It reeked... no skid marks, but this kid must have had a hairy bum as there were a few hirs on the toilet seat. INteresting. Well, I hope that tomorrow brings me a great dump. I had some kung pao chicken today so that ought to get things moving. Until next time...

A couple of memories from when I was at school.
There were no toilets in the gym changing room, just rows of pegs and benches and a communal shower. The gym teacher would often not leave much time at the end of the class to get showered (which was compulsory) and changed before the next class. There was certainly no time to visit the toilets after a gym class. So, it was quite common for at least one boy to pee in the shower after gym class. At the time, and even now, I wondered if girls would do the same. The only girlfriend I ever mentioned this to told me that in her school they had toilets in the changing room, but that she would not have peed in the shower even if there were no toilets in the changing room.

The second is similar, in that when we went to the local municipal swimming pool the standard routine for us boys was to change into our swimming trunk, walk past the entrance to the pool area and into the toilets, then come back and enter the pool area. At least 90% of the boys would always use the toilet between getting changed and enter the pool. However, I noticed that the girls nearly always came straight out of their changing room and into the pool without going via the toilets. Now, I know that the reason is that it is easier for females to use the toilet when wearing "everyday" clothing than when wearing a one-piece bathing costume. So they would have peed before changing.

Sunday, June 07, 1998

Craig Your story about watching a friend taking a dump reminded me of a time when I was in junior high, about 21 years ago, when I had stepped into the guys restroom to take a quick pee...I had just finished up, when another guy came in that I knew, so we talked for a couple minutes, and then he said that he had to take a shit...He went over to the toilet stalls, which, by the way, had no doors on them. He then pulled down his jeans and sat down...After hearing him pee for about 20 seconds, he suddenly bent forwards, (I had a straight on view, as I was about 5 feet from him), took a quick breath of air, and proceeded to pass a huge log...I know, because he was bent far enough forwards that I could see between his legs and light shining thru to the bottom of the bowl...It must have been 15 inches long and about 2 inches in diameter, about same size ones that I have passed from time to time...There was a soft splash as it dropped into the bowl, and at that moment, he let out a loud sigh, like he was very relieved to have gotten rid of the mass...He then wiped, got up, pulled up his pants and asked if I wanted to see it, so I went over and looked...It was about 15 inches long and floating straight like a log, as these were the large jet-flush toilets commonly found in schools...

Today, I had a job interview up in Denver. After I got done, I left and drove off. About 2 minutes away, I had to take a good dump. I then went to another building and walked in carrying my jeans, t-shirt since the interview was done. I walked into the bathroom which was very nice. In the very far back, there was a shower and several lockers and a door to close off to the rest of the bathroom. I got changed into my jeans and t-shirt and put the suit on the hangers and then I went into the stall and took a good dump. Unfortunately, there was no one to share it with. In fact when I decided to look for a building to change in and shit, I could feel it trying to poke throughand that is when I decide to get desparate so I wouldn't shit my pants.

pooping girl
I had a difficilt trip to the toilet the other day, went into the bathroom and pulled my pants and underpants down and sat on the toilet. I started to push and let go with a loud fart,Ipushed some more and let out alot more gas,also very loud. I started to weewee and leaned way forfard on my toes and started to strain and grunt on the third grunt a large jobbie started out of my fanny and spalashed loudly into the toilet. I kept grunting and more jobbies came out. I felt like there was more and it felt like my little fanny hole was still stretched open, after a loud and hard grunt one more large jobbie splashed into the toilet. I had to readjust my underpants and shorts as I was on my toes so much they had fallen off the back of my shoes, as most know I push my pants around my ankles when I do jobbies. I stood up and looked into thwe toilet and saw 5 big round balls of poop. Not long just like large balls. I sat back down on the toilet and did more weewee bafore I wiped ! my vagina and fanny, which was sore after the effort, I used wet wipes whichhelped a little. I pulled up my pants and flushed.

I was called in again to work as a substitute custodian at a local college. I always volunteer to clean all the restrooms, and besides locking doors and gates, that's about all I do when I work at this college. I was in one of the women's restrooms when two girls came in. They didn't see me as I was inside one of the stalls cleaning. I immediately shut off the water (each restroom has a shut off valve behind an access panel in the wall) so I would be able to see what they did after they left. I listened as they tinkled and talked. One of them commented about the nice toilet seats and how comfortable they were. Then they both had a bowel movement. They took their time talking and giggling and dropping turds into the bowls. They tried to flush, but that didn't work!!! After they left the restroom I got to check out their jobs and as I suspected, they were big ones. Not a lot of toilet paper, just big brown turds floating in pissy, yellow water. I took a few whiffs and then turned on the water and flushed them.

Does anyone have any school experiences with needing to pee, having to hold it for a long time, but still making it without having an accident?

Hi, everyone. Alex and Steph, I loved your "Buddy post". You two are so lucky. It's been a while since I've buddy dumped with sombody (last time was with Illy. We used to do it a lot.) I don't have a ton of time today, but I'd like to Hi to Laura. I had no idea how many girls who like girls posted on these forums! Got to go. Hopefuly, I'll be able to post a real story next time. Bye Lisa

TOILET TRAINING Cindy I heard that you stand and wipe. When I was toilet trained I was taught to stand and wipe. When I was a young teen-ager a male friend had me accompany him to the bathroom. When he wiped he did it sitting down. After that, I always wiped sitting down; it was easier. Cindy, where do you feel the urge to send the waste out of your body?

Friday, June 05, 1998

On the topic of laxatives, it is interesting to read Samuel Pepys's Diary. (Pepys was an English civil servant in the 17th century who kept a diary for years and years, and it is an important historic document). Doing your number 2 in those days was not a comfortable experience with cold outside privies, and people got very constipated, because they would avoid going if possible. Consequently every Sunday Pepys had to do something about his constipation. Basically he would take a large dose of whatever they used in those days and then hang around the house until he got the message, when he would sit on a commode and have a good shit. Imagine spending EVERY Sunday in such a boring way!

A while ago, me and my friends stayed up late and watched tv (we were only about 13)and we did our best to get completely whacked up on caffine. We went through liters of pepsi and were eating raw cofee. It mde us pretty hiper. Then, in the days that followed, we all got diaherra (sp?) We chatted at school about how bad incidents at the bowl were at school for a while. My experiance was quite intence, I remember after two huge farts, the crap started to cascade out in liquid. The stream did not stop for a little over 30 seconds....liquid poo. It stained the bowl, a thick multicoloured mess. a beautiful smell though.......

There was a kid in the 2nd grade that always sorta pooped in his pants because he held on and waited until the last possible minute to decide to go the toilet. I'm not sure why he didn't go sooner, because he knew he had to go but for some reason didnt like to or want to until he felt the poop start to come out. So it was always coming out, just poking out into his underwear when he finally went to the toilet. Most times it would only come out a little ways and he would get to the toilet without pooping a great deal in his pants. Sometimes if he couldn't get there fast enough, it would come out a bit more. He was always somewhat soiling his shorts on a regular basis and his mom was always after him to go to the toilet sooner. She never really understood why he kept doing it like that, even after many, many spankings. He didn't actually let the whole load out in his underwear but usually a small amount would get out before he got to the toilet. Everyone in the class knew that something was strange, because he always was slightly smelly every day at around the same time as he would start to do it. Then he would go do his business and not smell as much. The only time it was really bad was when we went on a bus trip and there were no stops. He tried to hold back as usual but this time we knew he did the whole load in his shorts because there was a smell like you wouldn't believe. No one wanted to sit near him and his pants bulged out in back. He wasn't in our school when 3rd grade started so I don't know what became of him. No one else in our class pooped their pants regularly like he did. One time a girl peed in her underwear, but it was an accident and she never did it again as far as we knew.

Jim Bobbob
Hi everybody. Steph,I must confess, it was quite a turn on when donna pooped.She's quite aware of my fetish and I've seen her pee and poop lots of times (almost every day.) An after thought on peeing at the movies.So you're standing there, peeing "like a race horse" (as the saying goes)and sombody else comes. You're still peeing strong and they stand beside you, unzip and pee. it takes them like 20 seconds, they tap, wash their hands and leave, you're still peeing, and they give you that look. you know the one I mean; that "what kind of disease do you have that makes you pee like that and can I catch it?" Sigh. Jimmy

Hi. I am Alex, Steph, and Jodi's friend Laura, an infrequent yet long term poster. I'm just finished my second year (Sophomore) of college.
I posted a long time ago [please see toiletposto] about the one (and I pray only) time I peed in my pants. You can read the archives if you'd like, but I'll give you a brief summary. It was June 1991 and the 7th grade class was on an end of the year day trip. I had a strong urge to pee on the bus ride up and, about 20 minutes before arriving at the lake, I couldn't hold myself any longer. I soiled my panties, shorts, and the bus seat. To make a long story short, although some students made fun of me, a couple of teachers and some friends, including Steph, came to my defense and helped calm me down. This is why I am so *pissed off* [a. pun intended, b. I rarely swear, so I'm very angry!] to read about teachers either punishing students for asking to go to the bathroom and/or going in their pants! Some people do have bladder/bowel problems, and as somebody posted not too long ago, middle (junior high) and high school girls have the added burden of "feminine hygiene" to deal with. I'm sure some students do abuse the privilege to get out of class, but nobody should be forbidden to use the toilet if they *really* have to go. I'm very thankful that it was only a few students (most of them were the "class jerks," anyway) who made negative comments about my accident.
Hi Lisa and Christine. I'm bisexual, but really don't have an interest in watching people of either sex go to the bathroom. That having been said, I hope you and Leanne do have the chance to watch each other, if Leanne consents. My friends Alex and Steph love watching each other go, as you have probably read. They have asked me if I wanted to watch them; I've said "thanks, but no thanks." Two reasons; one, I really don't have an interest. Two, since I'm bi and they're straight, I don't want to put myself into a situation where I become unduly "aroused." Sorry if I've gotten off-subject, but that's how I feel...
I've mentioned before that my habits are very boring. Unlike many of the posters on here, I rarely have extremes in my toilet habits. The last time I had diahrrea was about four months ago (I think that was the last time I posted) after eating Chili in the college cafeteria. Although my poops are sometimes harder than normal, I can't remember the last time I was really constipated. I'll give you a description of my last motion, about two hours ago. Here goes:
I sat down and peed for about 15 seconds. I arched my back slightly and started to push. About a minute after sitting down, I let out a couple of poopies. I sat there for a couple of more minutes and strained to let out more. I farted softly a couple of times, but didn't feel the need to let out any more. There were two 4-5" logs with an *average* bulk. I wiped my vagina and then my bum, three times. There was a slight smell, but not overpowering.
Later, all. Regards, Laura

I started a new job a few weeks ago, and the first time I had to go to the ladies room I was quite shocked. There was a line of ten toilet stalls that had very low doors and dividing partitions. When I walked into a stall I noticed it didn't take much effort to see somebody in the adjacent stall sitting on the toilet. At this time I felt very uncomfortable about using the toilet knowing somebody standing in the next stall could possibly see what I was doing. So I had a quick pee and hurried up out and just hoped that if I needed to poop at any time, it would be later in the day so I wouldn't have to wait too long before going home. After a few days I noticed that other girls and woman didn't seem to mind, and just went in there to poop. Every time I went into a stall after that I had a quick glimpse over the top and got quite fascinated by different girls sitting positions and where they had their clothes. I am 22 and have never been to the toilet with anybody watching, and this just got me curious about the whole thing. I just had the urge to go in there and poop while women were in the next stalls, and give them the opportunity of catching a glimpse of me. I did eventually go in there with the intention of pooping. I sat down and had a pee first before trying to start pooping. I then heard somebody say "Hi Ya", and when I looked up it was the girl that I worked with. I couldn't at that time make out I had just gone in there for a pee because a piece of poop was just starting to come out. She suddenly realised what I was doing and said "sorry, I didn't realise you had come in for one of those". I told her it was alright as I could feel a long poop slowly coming out, and it got to the stage were I had no control to stop it and there was a sound of two large plops. I didn't want to get up and wipe my bum with her watching, so I continued to sit there hoping she would stop looking and get on with her own business. I tore off a strip of paper and I think she realised this and I next heard the toilet lid go down in her stall. At home I normally stand up and wipe my bum, so when I stood up I continued taking to her as I wiped. This is now an event that I look forward to doing regularly.

I don't remember right off who mentioned it, about American trains having holding tanks...Well, believe it or not, I know of at least one AMTRAK train, the "Pacific Coast Starlight", that runs between Los Angeles and Seattle, Washington State, toilet dump directly to the track below...I know from experience, having taken a dump aboard one on several occasions, and being able to see the railroad ties going by while the valve was open to flush the toilet...The only time that a person can't use the toilets on this AMTRAK train is when it is stopped at a railway station, at that time the doors to the restrooms are automatically locked about 10 minutes prior to arrival at the station...There is an announcement made about 30 minutes prior to said stop so that people can use the facilities before the stop...I never did try to sneak into a restroom and stay there until the train arrived in the station, as I had heard that the conductor goes around to every restroom to check and see if there is a person in the restroom...Health Department rules...

I think Jeff (AKA Pooper-Snooper)'s suggestion of an International Toilet Conference is BRILLIANT. The trouble, we would have to have sessions in various parts of the world, each of which might not be adequate to sustain the small number of potty lovers living in those parts. But the idea is still a good one. Maybe we can all fantasize about the ideal features of such a meeting. There would have to be lots of food, and useful activities for the 23-and-a-quarter hours per day when we were not pissing or shitting. Of course if there were enough people there, there would always be something to watch, because NONE of the stalls would have doors, and outdoor pooping (in suitable areas) would also be encouraged.

Hi everyone! long time no see... I beleive that some kind International Toilet confrence is held somewhere in Japan, where toilet expert from all over the world came and discussing about toilet hygenie. There's also one famous Japanesse Professor, Prof. Hideo Nishioka who is well known in Japan as "Toilet Professor" had collected toilet papers from all over the world and he also expertise in Toilet matters. Why didn't anybody from Japan know this site? as long as remembered, there's nothing about Japanesse toilet habit discussed here. I bet I'll be lot more interesting, since most of toilet habit discussed here is western culture. I guess that's why most of the poster here doesn't know squatting toilet like the one on the top, since it's not common in western culture.

to Doorman: Great story and innovative technique! I once asked by my friend's girl friend to hold the door while she's peeing in men room since ladies room out of order. There's nobody else on the bathroom and what I didn't know is she already entred one of the stall. There's four stalls on the men room and I accidentally pushed one of closed door and there she is with her jeans and panties down on her knees. She shout at me and I closed the door immediately. I apologized to her and I told her that I don't know that's she's already inside the stall. She just smile and tell me next time she told me to hold the door, just hold it....

Once I want to use a unisex toilet and the door was locked. So I waited outside, but I heard that the water was running. After a while come out a skinny young woman and she just like after having number two. I believe that she must have runny BM cause the toilet was STANK! and the smell!! but sorry, there's nothing left on the toilet bowl.

Here's one tip to avoid skid marks on the toilet bowl. Before you started number two, flush the bowl until it's wet enough, so the turds won't stuck to the pan. It just dropped straight to the water section.

Kevin L
Hi all, Sorry I have not posted in a few weeks, I was away and very busy.Moria I have a buddy dumping port-o-potty story for you. When I was in my early twenties I had a beautiful girlfriend named Kathy, (whom I posted about before). Kathy would have 2 to 3 BM's per day and was not shy about dumping in front of me, even at the begining of our relationship. One morning we got up early and went 3 hrs north to a real nice state park for a day of hicking and picnicing. Early in the afternoon Kathy said she had to use the bathroom and I told her I did too. As we walked to the area where the port-0-pottys were it started to rain. We both went in together, Kathy quickly pulled down her shorts and panties to just above her knees and started to pee then about 15 seconds later I heard her push a little then a slight crackel sound then a thud as her (jobbie) hit the bottom. There where a few more small turds hitting the bottom, then Kathy wiped herself about 3 times then she pulled her panties a! nd shorts up. To me it was very erotic standing almost right on top of her while she took a dump. In our relationship it took me much longer to start dumping in front of her (approx 9 months to a year) Kathy started about 2 weeks after our first date.Anyway it was now my turn and I pulled my shorts down and sat down and and created quite a pile right on top of Kathys, while she was right on top of me watching. It really jump started our libedos because we quickly went back to the car and made senseous love. I really miss those bathroom days with Kathy, we were togather 6 years and I don't think she knows how turned on I was by her dumping. But that was almost twenty years ago and I have now been married 10 years to a great person but one who does not share in my dumping fasination. I really would have missed this site if it went off for good. Take a big on for me, Kevin L

Glad everyone is back and the site is up and running. Thanks to Nym, Moira and Drew for comments on my postings. I don't use suppositories all of the time although I tend to be constipated. I have had many difficult movements without any chemical assitance, just a lot of pushing, straining and grunting. Diskputer, I liked your comments on pushing vs straining. I read the past stories and noticed that you were constipated when you were young. Do you still get constipated, and if so what do you do for it? Will write more later. Tried for a dump this morning but no luck. I am off to work... maybe things will move there!

Hi folks:-) Glad the site is up and running well again. A while back there was a thread running through the site about adults who enjoy having a dump or motion out of doors. I have enjoyed doing this occasionally since I was a child and still do so from time to time. I first did this when I was about 8 or so. I was walking back through the park near where I lived and felt the need to do a motion. The public toilet in the park was at the other end and although I could have made it there I had a strange urge to do my jobbie where I was . I found an area of shrubs and went behind a bush. There were no others nearby, so I hitched up my skirt and pulled down my white floral patterned briefs and squatted. I did my wee wee then pushed out the long fat turd (I did really big ones even as a kid) onto the grass, wiping my self with some toilet paper I had in my jacket pocket. I looked at the great fat jobbie and felt a thrill and a feeling of pride. Next day I went back and looked at it again and did so a few more times until it had crumbled away perhaps eaten by dung beetles or other creatures. Thereafter from time to time I'd do a motion in some such place , the park, the woods near my home, and other suitable secluded but open air places. When I went to Grammar (High) School the Girls' Toilets were not the cleanest or most welcoming place with some of the bullies and rougher elements hanging about in there to avoid lessons and to smoke. Accordingly, unless I had to go urgently I would often do my motions in the woods nearby as some other girls did and as with my friend Moira did with some of her mates we soon formed a Buddy Dumping Club. As I have always passed really big whoppers my friends looked forward to my performances. Even today, if out on a walk in the countryside I will from time to time enjoy doing a motion in the open and often wonder if others are turned on to see my log. Once recently I did have a really big motion out doors, (the jobbie was about 15 inches long and 2 and a half inches thick) when I went by the same place a few days later I was amused to see that somebody had done their smaller but still quite large jobbie on top of mine. Are there any others who enjoy having an "al fresco" motion? Love Donna.

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