I'm back[yeah!]. Nothing to note that happened at Susquehanna. I have to get on this site at night because my family has this idea I'm going to get on playboy or something. Sorry I wasn't here the past 2 weeks[except for that one night] but we had something come up each night[trip to New York,ballet,ect.]. I hope some of my friends will get a computer soon[only 2 have one] so I can tell them about this site. Here's another story about scouts.

Our troop was assinged to clean the latrines at the mess hall[the ones EVERYONE uses]. This happened to be right after latrine rush hour[right after dinner;we had to wait because of a line]. As we were cleaning our assistant to the assistant scoutmaster[no one likes him;this DOES have something to do with the story;we are lucky he is leaving in a little while] walked into the men's latrine[there is a female one too]. Then a girl asks how the cleaning is coming and we tell her the ladie's is the only one that needs cleaning. She walks in to go to the bathroom. Our assistant to the assistant walks out and walks to the bathroom where this girl[age probably 18]went into. One scout[the one I told about on the hiking trip] tries to tell him the girl is in there,but [remember no one likes him] we tell the scout to go to the campsite. So the assistant to the assistant walks into the ladie's and[the girl dindn't have the door closed;she was standing above the latrine and taking a dump] turns with the bucket of water to the stall she is in and throws it through the window[the hole where the window was]. We hear a scream and the assistant runs back to somewhere. The girl runs from the latrines with her pants down. We got back at the assistant!
This story was probably a little boring to read but was funny to see.


I have actually used many urinals in my lifetime, including some of which were next to other urinals, being used by members of the opposite sex. (thats a mouthful..phew) know, its really funny that men are so shocked to see a 14 year old squatted next to them as they pee.. the look on their faces is part of the reason I do it..but I learned a small lesson while in school last year- females, never use a urinal while the principal is next to you, unless you like detention..

Well I sure had neat experience last night. But before I get to that. Alex, don't worry, I don't think that there is anything wrong with you and Steph. I think it's great that the two of you can talk everything. I know what you mean you when you say this stuff is fascinating!! .... Steph, no you didn't offend me. Actually our company is money management firm. Not even slighlty connected. I think that is really neat about letting Alex watch you go next time. I would like to hear the details from one or both of you after. This kind of leads me into what happened last night. As I said I had a girlfriend over for dinner. We have been friends since high school. Despite beining close we have never seen each go to the bathroom. After dinner we were sitting in my living room chating. My orginal plan was just to try and get her to watch me pee. I had several glasses of wine inside me plus some water. The need on my bladder was getting more urgent. I got up while we talking and started to walk toward the hallway that lead to bathroom. I said in my most causal voice. " come on down here so we can keep talking." Ruth ( thats her name) got up and followed me. I don't think she new were I was going. I went into the bathroom and walked over to the toilet. She came to the door and stoped. I said " come on in, it's nothing to be shy about. Besides were old friends." She said " yea, I guess your right." She came in and sat down on the edge of the bathtub. I pulled down my leggings and sat down on the toilet. Even though I had to pee pretty bad by know it still took me a few secs to go. I'm not used to having someone there with me. When I started going I leaned forward a little bit on the seat. We keep chating while I went. It was a long hard one. The kind when you have been holding it. When I was finished I took some toilet paper and whiped myself. As I was pulling up my leggings Ruth said what was a bonus. " I have to go to." So we traded positions. She had on blue jeans which she pulled down to knees. She sat down on the toilet. She started to pee almost at once. She sits very tall and straight when she is going. ( I know Alex and Steph can relate to that.) When she was finished she wiped and then stood up to pull up her pants. After she fulshed we went back out to living room. I found it to be a very exciting experience. Not in a sexual way. Just watching my friend do something that is usually so private. My orginal goal was just to have her watch me. I thought that I could then get to go at a later date. But she seemed to have no problem with it. I think next time I will try and move on to having a dump. Well I sign off, I'm getting tired. Till tormrrow......

Keep posting, girls, even if it's about ordinary visits to the toilet. I, for one, would like to hear all about your number one stories.
School started this week, and one day I had to go potty as soon as I got there. I went into a restroom, which is kept very clean and there are very comfortable toilet seats, white plastic ones, heavily contoured with a small opening. I pulled my shorts down to my ankles, sat way back and relaxed. I started to tinkle, and then a medium-soft log started its journey out of my butt into the toilet bowl. It emerged slowly at first and then it really started to pile out. This repeated four times and the result was four logs in the bowl, semi floating. I wiped with little squares of toilet paper and pulled up my short shorts. I flushed and the toilet really struggled to swallow up that massive load. I thought it was going to clog for a minute, but it didn't.

Susan, never noticed if I do move my feet closer to the toilet. I'll take notice next time I'm dumpin' and let you know! I also hold my breath when pushing and than breathe out a sigh of relief once my poop hits the toilet. We're much alike, this is sooo cool! Susan, can't wait to hear how you're evening with your girlfriend went!
I've peed numerous times at that job (bearing in mind I've only been there 2 1/2 months; all things are relative), but Thursday was the first time I had to take a dump. On the subject of work, remember my cool friend "Amy?" Our circle is going on a day trip next Wednesday. I asked the other girls if I could invite Amy to come along with us. They all said, "sure." Eric, Alex's brother [someone I love dearly; not in that kind of way- he's just a really special kid], will also be tagging along. Amy accepted my invitation, so it should be interesting to see how things (on and off the toilet) go on Wednesday, specially with a guy joining us! You'll be sure to hear about it :)
My last dump was around 6:00 PM yesterday. I again tried pressing into my abdomen after straining out the first poop. Amazing how it accelerates things. Think I'll be using this as a part of my dumpin' method for now on. Peace, Steph.

P.S., Alex, and YOUR farts smell like Chanel #5?!

Hey Erica,
I reckon its pretty cool using the boys bathrooms too. I've checked out a few of the girls rooms occasionally, and the thing that really hits you is the graffiti. Basically, my observation is that the girls don't have any (or not much). In the guys room, you could spend hours reading it.
By the way, I take multivitamins every day and pee yellow most days.
See Ya, Gary

I witnessed an accident my sister in law had. One saturday afternoon I was asleep on the couch and had my stereo on.I didn't know it but Angie was coming by to see my wife,who had gone shopping.Well that day a Angie had a case of the runs and was desperatley trying to hold it until she got to our house.She made it to the house but I was asleep with the stereo going.I guess she pounded on the door a good 3 or 4 minutes before I finally heard her banging!When I opened the door I noticed she looked angry and was crying and cussing me out!Then I noticed why! I looked down and diarhea was flying out of the legs of her cut offs!She really had to go!I apologized and told her I was asleep and didn't hear her in time.She just stood there on the porch and finished filling her shorts.When she was finished I helped her into the house,she took a shower and I gave her some of my wifes clothes to wear.I thought the whole thing was pretty interesting and we still make jokes about it!

Saturday, August 16, 1997

Hello, my name is Laura. A couple of my friends told me I had to check out this URL. I've been browsing through and it's, well, interesting. Afraid I don't have any "unusual" digestive problems, but I have one story I'll never forget.
My one (and I pray only :-) accident:
It was nearly the end of 7th grade (just over 6 years ago) and several classrooms went on an end of year field trip to a lake for a day of swimming. I should tell you my junior high was very "cliquey," and I was not one of the "popular" girls! Anyhow, the lake's about 90 minutes north of my school. I was on the bus, sitting next to my friend Tammy, when I felt as if I really had to pee. I finally couldn't hold it any longer and peed my pants! It was so embarrassing, not to mention uncomfortable. Tammy saw what happened and offered me the use of her towel to help dry up the seat (my towel was already soaken). I was so humiliated I started to cry. There were several teachers leading the trip. One of them, a phys. ed teacher named Mr. M. (not the stereotypical "macho" gym teachers who love to intimidate teachers, but a very sweet, caring man who made sure girls and boys like myself, the ones who always get picked last at any game, at ease in class) walked by and saw me crying. He asked me what was wrong. I sobbingly told him about wetting my pants, and he reassuringly told me not to worry about it. We finally made it to the lake. Most of the other kids got off the bus before Mr. M and a social studies teacher, Ms. C., let me off. Ms. C. sneakingly led me to the girls room- she didn't want me to get any "attention" from other students. I apologized to her for what I did, and she told me not to worry, "those things happen. I did it a couple of times myself when I was in school, so I understand." I cleaned up myself with toilet paper, and changed into my swimsuit. While on the bus, a couple of kids known for their mean-spirited ways were sitting across from Tammy and me, and must have ratted to the whole class. I came out of the bathroom to a chorus of "Laura wet her pants, Laura's such a baby!" (Mostly boys, but a couple of girls too) This went on for a couple of minutes before a tomboy from another classroom, Stephanie (1), finally yelled to the taunters "Shut up, dorks! The poor kid's gone through enough already." Ms. C finally yelled at the group, saying if "anything else is said to Laura about this, I'll send you to detention for the rest of the year!" (there were still about 10 days left in the year). I walked down to the lake with a boy and a couple of other girls (including Tammy). One kid, Brian, who was a real jerk, came up to me and asked "have any extra Pampers in your gym bag, Laura?" Mr. M overheard Brian, and screamed to the top of his lungs (I never heard Mr. M raise his voice to anyone before. Even during loud ball games, he always kept a civil tone) "BRIAN, I WANT 100 PUSHUPS, ON THE DIRT, RIGHT NOW!!!" Mr. M's hidden "gym-teacher" gene really shone through. I was out swimming with several friends, and Stephanie approached the group. We were hanging out together, when Steph called me aside. (Up until that day, Steph and I never said anything to each other except the casual "hi" in the hallways.) I thanked Steph for sticking up for me. She said "no problem, some kids can be real jerks!" She said she had an extra change of underpants in her bag, and I was welcome to wear them for the ride back. I took her up on her offer, and thanked her afterwards. (1) Yes, this the same Steph with whom I am close friends today. Steph and I never really hung out with each other until 10th grade, united by our love of the outdoors. I'll NEVER forget the way she came to my rescue on what was the most embarrassing and humiliating day of my entire school life!
I was SO lucky to have Mr. M and Ms. C. come to my aid and defense. Therefore, it was upsetting to see the way some kids have been treated by their teachers after soiling themselves. I had a once-in-a-blue moon accident, but what about all the kids with bladder/bowel problems, and teenage girls suffering from heavy menstruation? Kids can be ignorant and mean-spirited (but also helpful, as Tammy and Steph were during my time of need), but teachers should know better! These are college educated professionals, responsible for the well-being of their students. To punish, or worse, instigate peer humiliation, kids who have gone on themselves is UNACCEPTABLE!!!
My regular bladder/bowel movements are so booring compared to some of the stuff I've read on here. I'll tell you more about myself next time. Laura

Hi everyone. My peeing and pooping "routine" is back to "normal." I took my regular shit first thing this morning, 4 medium-brown logs with my usual "smell," not too strong. Wiped my butt 5 times and than flushed. Immediately jumped in the shower and scrubbed my butt some more. Aaah, Alex's morning dump, the way it was meant to be :)

I was on the phone with Steph this morning and I decided to ask her about her head-between-the-legs method of pushing out shit. I had to pick up some clothes I left at her house before going to work [my job is not cool :(]. I got to her house and she told me I could watch her do "it" the next time we were together and had to take a dump. (I've never watched her, and she never watched me, go to the bathroom...) I asked if she could "simulate" taking a shit. She sat down on the couch sitting up; "I'm 'peeing'," said Steph. She then spread out her legs and put her head between her knees and began "straining." She (and this is for real) then ripped out a really smelly fart!!! Pee-yew!!! Steph than said "this is how I sit for most of my dump." I told her I got the idea. She got up and mimed taking toilet paper and wiping her butt. "Steph, I have the idea." I then left for work...

Susan, glad you liked my postings. For the record, I sit upright the whole time I'm on the toilet, peeing and shitting. I hope you all don't think Steph and I are the female equivalents to "Beavis and Butthead;" but this stuff is perversely fascinating. Until next time...
Luv, Alex :)

Hi Steph!! Thanks for your "work" story. I work in a large office so there are always lots of girls in the bathroom. With regards to how I sit when peeing. I do lean forward but not with my head between my legs. That I save for pushing when taking a dump. I can't beleve how much we are alike. I to go up on my tip toes when pushing and straining. I also bring my feet closer into the toilet. Do you do the same?? I also hold my breath when I am pushing. Do you Steph?? I have a girlfriend coming over for dinner tonight. I plan to try something out with regards to "the toilet" with her tonight. I'll let eveyone know tomorrow how I made out. Sorry, no good stories from work today. Take Care eveyone,

Donny 14 yrs old
Hi! Well listen to this. I was sleepingover at my frined Ian's house. Ian had had 6 turkey sausages for dinner and so did I. Well after dinner about an hour after Ian was letting out alot of wet farts but really paid no attention to it.Well I farted three times and then excused myself to the bathroom. His parents were out which was good so I could do whatever I wanted to make this dump very memorible. I had major diarrhea and I estimated I would be in their for an hour. Well 15 minutes later (Since their was only one working bathroom that night. ) Ian knocks on the door.(Don hurry up I really got to go." "Well you have to wait I am taking a major dump here. Well I left the door unlocked stupidly so he barged right in, he didn't even look at me. He just pulled down his pants and squtted his ass overthe tub and letter rip. I never saw so much shit in my life.Well I left 45 min. later but he was still in their shitting. So I went back in and we talked while he shat. Then we took a shower and waited for his parents to come home.

A couple of items here. The first is "my dream toilet" and second is my freshman year in college.
I commented on this with several of my friends. Even though I am a male, I would like to decorate one of the bathrooms in a house that I will build in the future. I would like to go with an "old fashion" theme such as a bathtub with "feet". The toilet, (music please -- ta da !) would be the style where the seat, etc is in its regular place but the part that is the water tank and flusher is up by the ceiling which is connected to the seat part through the pipe. To top it off, have a rabbit's tail connected to flusher. My wife thinks that's sick but it would be cool :).
On the second item, a crapping story. In the dorm that I use to live in, we had a bathroom with 3 stalls with communal showers. There was this guy on the floor name josh. Most of us had classes in the morning but around 2 or 2:30 every afternoon, you can count on Josh having to take a big dump. We be playing games on the computer and Josh would say,"Time for my afternoon dump". We see him back after 20 minutes. Sometimes, he come into my room and borrow one of my Hustler magazines. When he returned it, I made sure the pages weren't sticky .

Steph Hi, yesterday's posting was headed "Seph," not "Steph." Sorry, my typo. I love how you like to listen to others "go." Last year, after one of my classes, I went into a nearby restroom to pee. I heard two girls talking- they were two girls in my class; recognized their voices. I sat in my stall and started to pee. One of the girls was straining and began to poop and said "sorry I have to do this." (meaning take a dump) "That's fine," said the other girl, who only had to pee. I didn't lurk around, but it's amazing how embarrassed some are about having to take a dump. Everyone does it!!!
Don't have anything else to say (how unusual...), talk to ya later. Peace, Steph

I do have a couple of more comments today.
I was hasty in signing off last time because I really had to pee. Went for about 2 minutes. I take a vitamin every day, so my pee is usually a golden amber; on the days I forget [shame on you, Steph :) ], the pee is clearer, but still has a yellowish tint. People on this forum have been quite candid on the color/consistency of their dumps; perhaps we could start describing the color of our "number one" bathroom escapades. Whadd'ya say, guys?

Susan, yesterday I commented to Mike on the advantages of buying name brand TP and threw in a couple of comments assailing large corporations. I meant it somewhat jokingly, but I just remembered one of your posts (the one where you and Cindy dumped together) where you mentioned your company and its marketing dept. I hope I didn't offend you. You're a cool friend and I'm sorry if I offended you. Mea culpa! As always, peace.

Erica, I think it's great that you use boy's restrooms. Have you ever used one of the urinals? Are the toilet seats comfortable and dry?

Friday, August 15, 1997

Hi everyboydy!! Today at work I had to pee around 10:30 in the morning. I went into the bahtroom which was empty. I was hoping to hear someone in there. As I was sitting down two other girls came in and went into the two stalls beside me. I couldn't tell who they were from their voices but they new each other as they were talking back and forth. They both started to pee as soon as they sat down. While they were they were chating I could hear the one girl start straining as she was talking. I knew what what was going to be following. As she kept straining I could hear a piece start to come out of her. It splashed out of her into the toilet. She took anouther breath right away and kept on pushing. She pushed out 4 pieces that all seem to be quite hard. They all made a good splash. All through this she kept on talking to her friend. Her friend and I only had to pee. I wiped myself and came out of the stall. I tried to wait to see who they were. They seemed to be taking there time so I couldn't wait for them. I never notice before how many girls have to have a dump at work. I love all the post's here. Especially from other girls telling about there stories. Keep them coming.


to theo--

yeah, some of us flush toilets with their feet or elbows, anything to keep from getting the hands on them. I usually use the elbow to do the urinal, but once in a while I pretend like I know martial arts and kick the handle. But if I am pissed off (no pun intended) I will use my hand and try to rip the pipes apart...Oh well, emotion over sense sometimes.

Please read my posting in the "Coughed up and Spit out forum." The following is a continuation of that posting. I woke up again around 11am Monday. Regular readers know my bladder is somewhat sensitive. I never knew female bladders were more sensitive than male's until I started reading this page- now I do :) Anyway, I had to pee. Got up and (again) was extremely dizzy. I called Eric (his bedroom is right next to mine). He came in and I told him I was dizzy and I had to pee. He suggested I use the pot (mom left me a clean pot before she left that morning-I hadn't thrown up since then) as a "bedpan." I was really tempted to, but decided instead to crawl, literally crawl into the bathroom. Went in, didn't even bother shutting the door, and sat on the toilet and started peeing. Must have fallen asleep; next thing I heard was Eric's voice "Alex, are you OK in there, you've been in there for almost an hour." I woke up and realized I've been sleeping on the potty, something I've never done. I got off, flushed, and was just able to walk back to my bedroom.

I drank half of the glass of water Eric left by my bedside before falling asleep, again. Woke up around 6 that evening- by that time I wasn't dizzy anymore and went to pee out that glass of water. I stayed awake, although disoriented, until around 10pm. Went back to sleep and woke up around 5am (Tuesday). Went to the toilet and not only peed, but left a couple of little poops (I thought I heaved up every bit of solid matter in my body-I hadn't eaten since noontime Sunday). Around 6, my Mom got up and asked me if I was OK. Told her "a lot better, but not 100 percent." She insisted on taking me to the doctor. I agreed and showered for the first time in two days. Got to the doctor's; she asked me my symptoms- I explained to her about my vomiting Sunday and early Monday, my dizziness, etc. She asked about my bowel movements over the last 3 days. I told her about the "mini-poop" that morning, the larger and smellier than usual shit on Sunday morning, and my "average" crap I took around 4:00 Saturday afternoon (I put on the dog and talked about "evacuation" and "defecation" :) )

Dr. told me she thought I had a stomach virus and said I could possibly have "intestinal upset" before this virus passed. After checking me out, including putting her latex gloved hand up my butt (good thing I showered; my poop that morning wasn't soft, but of course I cleaned my anus before going out), I left and went home. Late that afternoon, Eric and I went over to Jodi's (Eric often hangs out with Jodi and Steph; Steph, an only child, affectionnately considers him "like a little brother.). Steph met us there. We (along with Jodi's older sister) hung around and called out for pizza. Jodi came back with the pizzas- I was HUNGRY, by this point I hadn't had any substantial food for over 48 hours. I could have (and normally do :) ) wolfed down a whole pie, but limited myself to three slices. Jodi asked Steph, Eric, and me if we wanted to sleep over. Eric refused and went home, but Steph and I stayed on.

Went to sleep. Around 4am, I woke up and felt a strong pain in my lower intestines. Ran to the bathroom. I can proudly say (and this is the appropriate place) I took my CRAP OF THE YEAR!!!!!!!! Remember the movie "Dumb and Dumber" where the guy spewed a liquid crap at his date's house after drinking half a bottle of laxative? I made that sound 3 times. It wasn't diahrrea, but very "creamy," and I don't even want to describe the smell :( I flushed before I even started to wipe. Wiped about ten times and flushed again. Went back to the living room (Jodi slept on one couch, Steph and I on the open convertible couch). Next morning, we were talking and Steph casually asked me how I was feeling. The four of us (including Laura, who's still out on the west coast) share almost everything, so I had no hesitation in telling them about my early morning shit. It was then that Jodi confided in me she has "irritable bowel syndrome," and that's how she goes to the bathroom "90% of the time."

Steph and I told her about this web site. We lurked around for a couple of hours. Jodi said a lot of the postings were interesting- she'll consider posting at a future date. I spent nearly two weeks peeking around before posting my first note, and I assume she (Jodi) will do the same, so please don't rush her!

I'd like to make a couple of comments about airplane toilets. I've never had to poop on an airplane, but I've peed on almost every flight. Five summers ago, when I was 14, flying from London back to New York (I don't live in NY, but JFK airport, 75 miles southeast of my house, is the closest to my hometown), I was on the toilet somewhere over the north Atlantic. All of a sudden there was turbulence, and I started bouncing about 1/2 inch off the toilet. Ouch, my aching butt- it was sore for three days afterward. The suction sound of flushing the toilet on a plane is one of the "eeriest" sounds I've heard- it always gives me the chills. Sorry if this post was too long, but a couple of you commented that you liked my "attention to details," and boy, can I give details! Talk to you later.
Love always, Alex :)

I played the flute in my high school band.One particular memory I have is the time I got food poisoning on our trip to play our cross state rival.I was starting to feel feverish as we waited to take the field at halftime,and was getting really strong cramps.Not knowing just how sick I was I followed the others onto the field, figuring I could get through the show.(mistake)5 minutes into our 15 minute presentation,the mother of all cramps hit me and I knew I was in trouble!At first I tried to let some gas out,but this was no gas and I felt some hot shit trickle out.Trying to hold it in and keep marching was simply immpossible.This cramp was relentless so I stopped marching,walked off the field,got as far as the bleachers wich were about 30 yards or so from the restrooms.I was sweating and started crying because I knew what was about to happen.I couldn't walk another step,and simply lost control!I had heard of explosive diarhea,and that night I experienced it!It gushed into my pants like a raging river!It overflowed my panties and ran down my legs,filling my boots!A couple friends seen that I was having a problem and came to help out!It was terrible,and the accident was very obvious with white band pants on.Talk about humiliation,god it was the worst.

to Denise-
After reading so many accident stories about messy liquid poop I was quite turned on about your solid poop accident...until your terrible treatment by your teacher, what is it to her that she should treat you like that.
someone ought to have pooped on her car

I am a new poster here although I've come to read many times. I REALLY LOVE all the honesty written on these pages. I'd like to ask if anyone remembers anything about their toilet training? I sure do! The thing I remember most is that both my Mother and Grandmother insisted on sitting with me in the bathroom while I had a BM. Does anyone remember this and did it bother you at all?

See when I was three and four having a BM was difficult, its not anymore, but back then I really had to strain and push to get stuff out. I would grab the toilet seat between my legs and pull on it while I struggled to go. Lots of times I would have to grunt and strain for what seemed like a long time before the BM came out. The thing was, I hated doing this if my Mother was watching.

I can remember sitting there needing to go really bad and just not trying because I didn't want Mom to see me struggle. I loved it if she got called to the phone or something because then I could get down to business and grunt it out. Lots of times I would go for days because she'd stay with me every time I said I had to go.

Often I wound up getting an enema because I hadn't gone in three or four days. Can anyone relate to this? The thing I don't understand is why I didn't just tell her to leave.

I came across this page several days ago and had one hell of a chuckle. I thought I was the only one that had my mind in the gutter but it is nice to know that I am not the only one. Here in the US of A, we still some of the Victorian ideas on life such as keeping bathroom functions private and this page is a great place to talk about it.

This page is a good place to talk about the enjoyment of taking a dump. I never talk about bathroom functions such as the pleasure of leaving a dump except with one of my buddies I know back in Indiana who I knew since 6th grade (20 yrs). I harldy talk about it with my wife and she is very private when she goes.

Celeste, your posting about peeing in public brought a memory back. A couple of years ago, a couple of friends and I went bar hopping in Henderson KY and Evansville IN and we left the bar. We all had to piss pretty bad and we went into an alley to drain our lizards. While there, the thought of gettin mugged sounded bad or getting arrested for indecent exposure. Luckily, neither happened.

To the person who sponsor this page, keep up the good work, I enjoy stopping here once a day.

About 2 years ago we were helping a man and his wife move while moving a heavy piece of furniture something interesting came up. I heard that people especially women can get urinary tract infections when lifting and carrying heavy objects when they need to urinate. Sense 85% of women will get at least one urinary tract infection in their life, this probably would be something worth considering.
It probably is a good idea to have an empty bladder when doing heavy work.

Denise: about your poop story. Some teachers have the brain of a moron. Don't they know that being laughed at is punishment enough!!!

Theo: I flush a public toilet with my foot. It is easier to use the foot then bend over and use the hand.

Hi I'm Donny. I am so happy. I was just reading the posts and this is a great poop site. I used to be at the daily dump, and now it closed down but i'm happy. that place was infested with sickos. well I will posts some good stories later bye. Hi I am Donny. I am a 14 year old guy. I love telling poop stories about myself and me. I love watching other guys taking a poop and I have some rally good stories.

One time I was over at my friends house. We hadgone out to dinner and had a big meal. Right before dessertcame, I had to take a shit. Not big, just a plain simple dump. I went in to the nathroom and went in to the big complimentry stall.All of a sudden the door opened and a guy came in and sat in the stall with no door. Well when I got up and was all finished I looked in and saw my friend taking a major dump. He told me to come in so I did.I was so lucky no one else came in.We jsut sat there and talked as he took his major dump.

Hi, haven't had much to talk about lately. I guess I'll talk about today again. This time, it was in the morning. I was standing in line at this starbucks, about to pay three times too much money for a cup of coffee. I felt like a had to crap, bad. It was all of a sudden right when I was standing in line. So, not being able to hold it, I ran off to the bathroom and locked the door. There was only one toilet for the entire place. I pulled off one of those wax paper things, which do absolutely nothing. Then, I sat down. There were a few audible farts, which I am sure the people at the nearby tables heard. Then, I pushed out a few logs. I never dump very much. I wiped and left. When I got out, I realized I had lost my place in line and had to go stand behind about 15 people again. Needless to say, I was late for work. More stuff later. Bye.

Hi guys...I always read your stories but I never have time to add my own. But, I was reading today, and something caught my eye, and I figured Id tell my story...
To THEO...yes, I flush the toilet with my foot, in both male and female bathrooms. Im a female, but I try to make a point of using every bathroom in my school, and I find it easier to blame the smell on other people went I take a dump in a male bathroom. (for the record, Im 14) but the reason why I flush with my foot...
A few years ago, I was in a womens room in a gas station, adn I was getting kind of desperate, and didnt really care how nasty the stall was before I used it. But, when I was through urinating, and back in my right mind, I reached to fluch with the little handle, only to find that it was covered in shit...thank goodnness I realized it before I grabbed it! But also, Ive also witnessed men in mens rooms, as well as small boys in womens rooms, who both tend to pee on the, keep it in mind to use your foot...
Hey, and Ill be back to write more, cause this is kinda fun!

Gary, it's no problem. All I do is just ease the jeans down a bit if need be. Some of my jeans are men's anyway, which is easier. Anyone interested in the band "Cat Chaser" will find an article with some pictures in Patches Place Picture Gallery page 6. It's fascinating.

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