Hey Thom, Redneck, and others: My name's Craig. I wrote the Texas rest area story a few weeks back. I mentioned that I had been defecating in public since the eighth grade and I wanted to get into that a little. Thom's story about the double dumping really brought back some great memories. When I was in high school, I decided one afternoon to go have my afternoon dump in one of the men's rooms. The school district had long ago realized that, as men, we didn't need a whole lot of privacy so there were no stall doors. I walked to the third floor and saw a friend of mine standing there and we chatted for a few minutes. I said, "I've got to go to the bathroom. You wanna come talk to me?" He declined so I went on ahead. I sat down on the toilet in the middle stall and begin to experience the involuntary abdominal contractions that naturally occur when a man's trying to go. After a minute or two, my friend, having apparently decided to keep me company, came into the bathroom and stood directly across the stall. We talked pleasantly and, at one point when I strained, he even noticed by saying "So, Mr. _____, are you expelling your feces?" I said "trying could you tell?" He seemed a little embarrassed so I offered "What? You hear the grunt?" He kinda laughed and started talking about how bad he needed to go, how he always went as soon as he got home from school, etc. Then he said, "Maybe I will go to the bathroom." Unfortunately, he didn't. I enjoyed the experience and since I had a car and my friend didn't, I started offering him a ride home everyday after school. The only thing was, of course, that I always had to crap right after school and he would always keep me company--even meeting me in the men's room. One afternoon I had for some reason decided not to dump but I knew I should wait for him in the men's room because that's where he would show up for his ride home. I was just standing there at the sink when he came in and immediately announced, "Craig, today is your lucky day. Today you get to keep me company." Of course, I didn't want to look gay so I barely glanced as he walked into the stall and turned around, undid his belt and pulled his jeans and white briefs down to his ankles. He was wearing a plaid button-down shirt and as he sat down, he comfortably let his legs fall slightly open. Between his legs, he had a fairly long penis which was pointed straight down. His genitalia was covered with dark brown hair--as is mine. I guess he figured that, same as me, he was man enough to not be embarrassed that a fellow man could see his private parts or watch him excrete. Apparently, his bowels started moving quickly because as his feces put pressure on his prostate, he had to pee. I still remember hearing it hit the water and glancing up to see a solid stream of urine coming out of the head of his penis. Right after he finished, he looked toward the floor, leaned forward, and said "Whohhhhhh!" I knew then he was pushing as hard as he could, trying to get his turds out. I never got to see him go again. During the middle of his defecation, I sat down on the pot in the next stall (which I regret. I was so busy trying not to look gay that I didn't watch him finish his movement) and quickly and quietly defectated. I did get through in time to see him pulling up his pants. In the bowl behind him were two long light brown turds sitting right on the bottom. It always impressed me that he was man enought not only to let me watch him defecate and see his sexual organs but to even allow me to see--or at least not freak out about hiding--his turds. Thats it for now. I wish I could do it all over again. For now, I just have to look for doorless stalls--which are getting harder to find. As I've said before, I'm man enough to sit down in front of another man: I have absolutely no problem if somebody wants to chat with me while I'm pushing it out. Kind of--I don't know--male-bonding, I guess.

Thursday, June 04, 1998

Thanks everyone for respondining to my post. I didn't expect such a good turn-out. opening the door "accidently on purpose" is my favorite thing to do, as you all know. Before I tell any favorite stories, let me tell you some trick of the trade. First you should pick a restroom to watch. You can always do this at a party, like I do. Pick a place to hangout that is in the crowd of the party, but is also located near the restroom. I always sit close to the hallway or stairs leading the restroom. Just keep the restroom within eye-shot. How do I deal with a locked door? Some locks I can easily pick using a small screwdiver. Doors that have a switch/knob lock can be pre-locked. What I mean by this is that you can turn the lock but DON'T close the door. When someone else enter the restroom they will close the door and turn the lock, thinking they've locked it but what they've realy done is UNlocked it. My most successful experience at picking the lock happened at college last Spring. I was in a classroom late one night working on a printing project. I was naturally keeping an eye on the coed restroom next door to the classroom. A young female entered the john and I quickly pulled out my screwdriver. I aproached the door and picked the lock. I swung the door open and acted dumb. "Oops. Sorry." She was sitting on the toilet with her jean shorts mid-thigh yelling at me. What the hell's wrong with you? Shut the damn door! Geesh!"Great fun. The door already locked is also a good one. It was New Yer's Eve and my cousin shows up to the party with his new bride. She was nice. Long dark hair, brown eyes- a real looker. She heads towards the restroom with me a good distance behind. She closes the door and only thinks she has locked the door. I open the door and see her, pants around her ankles and shapely rump as it is lowering itself down to sit onto the toilet seat.

I must say I find the cruel treatment by adults, (teachers etc) of children who have wetting or soiling accidents in their underpants very hard to accept. Okey, if the kid is doing it either through laziness or to gain attention then they need a scolding but to refuse pupils the right to use the toilet when they need or to scold a child for having a genuine accident is sadistic to say the least. Its not as if adults dont have accidents, they most surely do! I remember one of our teachers having an accident in her knickers (panties) when I was about 16. Miss Simpson was a ???? woman in her 50s and the Principal of the Physical Education (PE) Dept of our school. On this particular day we were doing PE in the gym as it was a cold wet winter day. When we did exercises indoors like this we didn't wear skirts only a cotton mesh (aertex) blouse, our bra and our navy blue cotton gym knickers. These were deep sided briefs in thick cotton interlock with strong elastics through the leg openings and waist band and will be well known to British readers. I still wear them as I play field hockey and on cold days as they are very comfortable and warm.(George wears these too in preference to male underpants but that's another story). On the day in question we were doing exercises in the gym and Miss Simpson was showing us a particular stretching movement when she let go a loud dry squeaky fart which greatly amused about 30 teenage girls. Now sh! e should have gone to the toilet there and then as it was just next to the gym in the changing (locker) rooms, but I suppose she didnt want to leave the class unsupervised. A few moments later she again did the stretching exercise and again farted but this time stopped dead and went "OH! NO!" We could all see a bulge start to form in the seat of her big pair of navy blue knickers and it was obvious to even the dimmest girl in the class that she was doing a jobbie in her pants. It was a big one and soon a great lumpy bulge drooped down in the seat of her pants. Luckily it was a solid jobbie and the tight elastics in the leg openings of her knickers kept it all in so she didn't have the added shame of poo leaking out down her legs. Red faced and almost in tears she shuffled off to the toilets and showers leaving myself , who was Captain of the Field Hockey team, in charge of the class. Strangely rather than being amused and mocking her, most of the girls felt sorrow and sympathy as Miss Simpson was a kind popular teacher. About ten minutes later she came back after cleaning herself in the shower and wearing a fresh pair of navy blue knickers as she kept several pairs in her locker both to loan to girls who forgot their kit and to be able to change hers a number of times every day as all her exertions and exercise would soon make just one pair sweaty and smelly. Unfortunately the story soon got out and round the school and I even heard two 12 year old boys talking about how "Miss Simpson did a big jobbie in her pants" and some interesting drawings appeared on the walls of both the Girls' and the Boys' Toilets illustrating the incident. I sympathise with cheerleader Charlene as I have had to use some really rank Portaloos as we call Port-o-Potties in the UK. I still play field hockey and netball and while most schools and sports centres have reasonable flush toilets in the changing (locker) rooms many of the smaller teams in the countryside have only a couple of flush toilets or rely on hired Portaloos. These are usable in the winter though cold but are rank and stink of fermenting urine and excrement in the hot weather. Often both myself and other girls and women have sneaked off into the bushes to do our wee wees or jobbies rather than use a stinking Portaloo. One advantage of these bucket style toilets is that you can always see the turds that someone else has done and automatically "buddy dump" on top of the previous users' motions. On a few occasions I have used one of these bucket toilets and other women have done their jobbies in the same "potty" and a large pile of great fat logs has built up. There i! s also something different about hearing a fat turd go "thud" when it drops out rather than the usual "ker-sploonk!". Do other readers have amusing or interesting Port-o-potty or Portaloo stories? Lots of love :-) Moira

Jeff A. (formerly Pooper-Snooper)
Hi everyone, My name is Jeff, but the reason I used the name "Pooper-Snooper" is because when I first tuned into this site there were already 2 Jeff's, and a Geoffrey and I did'nt want to get us confused. Since they have'nt posted for a long time, I'd rather use my own name. It's easier to type. Should they ever return, I'll give them their due senority, and default back to "Pooper-Snooper". I had a really strange experience yesterday morning. First of all, I'm a weight lifter, and I like to lift in the wee morning hours usually 4 or 5 times a week. My muscles are fresh at that time of day. Anyway, after I'm through I shed all of my clothes for my shower and cool down. (I lift at home now.) after about 15 minutes it's time for my morning poo-poo. Lately I've been on a low fat diet, So,with me, eating low fat makes pooping alot harder than normal. I take the morning paper in with me, sit down, and start my pushing until this long, rock hard turd comes out very, very slowly. I'm sitting there, totally nude (which is usual for me anyway),trying to push out another one and another hard turd comes out with this huge "Sploooshh!" I'm done at this point and I reach for the toilet paper, when I look up and our bedroom curtains are open. Now. We have 2 windows in our bedroom at the corner of the house. They face the street, and are tall, vertical windows that are low to the ground. As I'm leaning on the toilet, wiping my ass, the neighbor lady is standing there watching me. I know that her view could'nt have been that great, but she could see enough to know that I was on the toiet, and that I was naked. She was watering her flowers before work, and after I caught her looking in at me she pretended to be busy with her watering. I would look out of the corner of my eye every now and then, and she'd be looking in "without looking in" if you know what I mean. Finally the time came when I had to exit the bathroom so I started to get up. She averted her glance, turned off the hose, and went immediately into the house. Next time I'll check the window before I sit down to poop again. Anyway,it's nice to hear from new folks. I believe that almost losing this site has brought us all closer together. I think it's time we all had a giant get together BBQ at some mutual meeting place in the world. We could have the first ever "Poop-Con '98" international toilet conference. We could have games, a camp-out BBQ, free toilet paper, "Buddy-Dumping" championships for those who wish to participate, and all sorts of fun! As for myself, I'd love to walk around in the midst of a public meeting place, like a park or whatever, wearing an adhesive name tag on my shirt that says "Pooper-Snooper" on it. Anyway, let's all think about it. This coming weekend is not good for me, but I'm free anytime after that. Oh yeah, welcome aboard Lisa, Simon, Jamie, Doorman, and others too numerous to name. Kerri: It's a known fact that teachers like the one that you mentioned never have to go to the bathroom themselves, that's why they're so full of shit. Love ya' all!!!

I am 15 years old To:jamie Was the poo you mensioned in your last post hard to get out? How hard did you have to push?

Moira: You've got it there on the difference between pushing and straining, however, this one's a littlwe off prompt but here it is: Scince you use the same muscles to deliver a baby as you do when having a motion, would the pushing you do to have a baby be considered "straining"?

Steph and Alex
Steph: Hi guys! Although Alex and I normally post separately, at our own computers, we decided, since we just "buddy dumped," to do a "buddy post!" :) Christine, great to hear from you! Hopefully we'll have a chance to meet when you come up to CT to visit Jodi. Ok, on to our story. It's about 6:00 PM on Tuesday evening. I worked today until about 3:00 PM and drove home; it's about a 20 minute drive from the shop to my house. Alex had a job interview in the city, so I picked her up at the train at around 4:30 PM and she came over to my house. Luck would have it we both had to dump! We both offered to let the other go first, and we finally ended up flipping a coin. Alex won. Alex was dressed like a young businesswoman; she dropped her skirt to the ground, pulled down her panties, and then sat down and started to pee. As she was peeing, she told me "I've been waiting to go. I've peed on the Metro-North (our local train system), but didn't want to shit). [my note: I've also peed in the Metro-North's bathrooms, but never dumped. To Jill and other "train poopers," most American trains, to my knowledge, have holding tanks, so no residue ends up on the tracks] Alex than arched her back ever slightly and started to dump. I heard a very faint drop into the toilet, and began to smell what she just did. It wasn't strong, but a smell nonetheless. She peed a little more and then let out another poop. This time, the smell was rippin'. "I'm trying to go as fast as I can, Steph. I know you also have to go." I told her no problem. She let out one more piece and then said she was done. I looked into the bowl- there were two logs about 5-6 inches in diameter and a couple of smaller ones. Alex wiped her vagina and then wiped her bum five times. "I better flush this one, Steph." [we normally wait until both of us go before flushing] I better get off and let Alex tell you about what I did. Peace Alex: Thanks Steph. First, hi Lisa, Bridget, and Christine. Lisa, Connecticut is quite a place, though it can get quite cold in the winter. I live on the coast, but can be in the mountains in about one hour. My father works for a company in New York, and I went there for an "orientation" meeting. I will be working at this firm for seven weeks, beginning next Monday. Ok, I had to shit pretty badly by the time I got to Fairfield County (sorry, I won't tell you the town, but I'll just say it's about an hour from Grand Central). Steph's description about my shit was pretty accurate. After I was done and flushed, Steph pulled down her jeans and panties, and started to pee about 10 seconds after sitting down. After she was done peeing, she got into her position. I tried doing it once, and ended up squishing my breasts; I don't know how she does it. For those of you not familiar, she spreads out her legs and puts her head down so it's almost between her knees. She places her hands either behind her head or under her upper legs. I heard a couple of turds drop within 15-20 seconds of each other, and to quote my pal, the "smell was rippin'." Our dumps do have different "scents," so I knew it was hers. She sat there for another minute or two, peeing off and on, when she got up to wipe. There were two poops, maybe four inches each. She wiped her vagina and then her butt, three times. She then flushed. I washed my hands while she was taking her shit, so I was all clean- Steph and I continued talking as she washed her hands. I hope this isn't too sappy, but it does feel so good to something normally so intimate and private [and smelly :)] in front of a close friend. Bridget, I'm sure my brother Eric will be happy to hear about "When the Party's Over." I agree with you that some of the pooping/peeing sites (yes, I have read them but never posted) are disgusting! I'm glad there's an avenue to express how we feel without hearing about watersports, S&M, and other shit (no pun intended). Love always, Alex :)

For Kerri, Charlene: There are many good people in this world but there are some who are real jerks like teachers who won't let you use the throne and others who are coaches who won't allow you to save face when you have an accident. In Jr. High, I had a teacher who was of the attitude that we are old enough to be responsible for our well being and if you had to go to the john, just go and take care of business and get back. He was well respected by the student as well as the faulty/administration. He was the exception to the rule. When I got to high school, I switched to a private school or more like, college prep. Most of the teachers weren't strict when it came to using the john during class unless you abused the privilege. One day, I got sick for 3 days and I left class 5 minutes before the end and I went to use the shitter. After I dumped a load several times, I suddenly felt miserable to where I couldn't even drive myself home.

Tuesday, June 02, 1998

I am glad to see this site is back up and running again...I had thought that my local internet service supplier had found the site, after looking at the places that I visit and censored it from the list of approved places... Friday, after the usual 5 days between movements, I had the urge to go badly, as I generally cramp up just before the wave hits...I went to the bathroom, unbuttoned my 501's, as I prefer button-fly jeans to ones with zippers after a little incident a few years back, where I was in a hurry, and went to zip my jeans up when it happened...Even though I was wearing underwear, I caught my, you know what, in the zipper...Talk about pain!!! Anyway, Friday, I then sat down on the "throne", and proceeded to pass about 25 marble-sized turds, most all plinking and an occasional plop before passing a job about 10 inches long...After that one, I waited, but didn't feel the advancement of anymore, so I wiped and got up and looked...The marbles made a pile in front of the trap opening, and I thought for certain that the toilet was going to be plugged, especially with the large single turd laying on top, but I flushed and everything went down without a problem...

Some Guy
Wow, I haven't posted in a while. Silent Spice- I know I liked watching women poop ever since I was 7 or 8. Probably earlier, but I definently know I was a scatophile by then. On another note, I've seen urinals in the mens room that are extended out towards the man. They are also deeper. Is this for the emergency dumps or maybe for handicapped people or maybe for really bad aimers. I bet every woman could pee in those, they are so wide!

Nice to see that Young is back and good luck to her. She is very fortunate to be able to eat any type of food and still pass nice big solid turds. To Bridget. Im glad you liked my description of the motion I did recently. As to what I was wearing, I do not wear pyjamas but sleep in the pair of briefs (usually Kalvin Klein slip briefs) I wore that day and change into a fresh clean pair after my shower in the morning I never wear the same underwear or socks or shirts for more than one day). If I do a motion when I get up I will therefore be wearing only my underpants. If I had to do a jobbie as I got into the shower of course I would be totally naked. You may be interested in the motion I have just done this morning, Monday June 1 at 5.45am British Time. I woke up with a feeling of fullness. I had had a lot to eat yesterday but hadn't had a motion. I was wearing a pair of grey briefs which I pulled down to my knees and sat on the pan. I was an easy motion and with a gentle push and an "UH! AH!" on my part I felt the fat logs slide out . I produced 3 long fat curved sausages the largest 12 inches long the smallest 8 which went "Floomp! Flump! Flunk!" as they slid into the pan. This was an easier motion than the last one I reported but I still had an erection when I was finished. For those interested the jobbies were mid brown in colour and smooth and I could see some pieces of the sweetcorn I had eaten on Saturday embedded in them. There wasnt a lot of smell but my stools dont usually stink unless either very loose or I have eaten something with a strong taste or smell.

To Zoob. I too was lucky enough to be able to "buddy dump" with a girl when I was in my early teens. Kathy then aged 14 like myself at the time was the daughter of a next door neighbour and family friend. Once when she and her mum were round at our house she said she needed the toilet and went upstairs to our loo. I did my usual thing of hanging about outside to listen but I guess she must have heard or sensed my presence as she opened the door and actually said "if you want to come in and watch then do so" I took her up on her offer and was besides myself as I saw her lift her skirt revealing her pink panties which she pulled down to the tops of her thighs. She sat down and her pee tinkled then she went "OO! OH! OO!" and there was a resounding "KURPULOONK!" as she dropped a very fat jobbie into the pan. She wiped herself and we both had a good look at her long fat log which wouldn't flush. About an hour later I needed a motion myself and she followed me into the toilet. (Both our mothers were busy in the living room trying on dresses and too occupied). Kathy watched me as I took down my trousers and the white Y-Front briefs I wore in those days and sat on the pan with her turd still lying beneath me. With an "OO! AH!" I passed my jobbie on top of Kathy's with a loud Kersploosh!" Interestingly her turds were fatter than mine but mine were usually an inch or two longer. From then on whenever the opportunity arose if she was round at my house or vice versa we would buddy dump. Unfortunately she moved away with her family down to London when we were both 16 .

Nowadays I still buddy dump with George or Moira when I visit them and I may be able to persuade their ???? friend Donna to let me watch her doing one of her great dumps when she visits them next as she seems to be less shy than she was. Peace and good motions to all!

For Doorman: I remembered one time when I was in the 4th grade when I was over at a friend's house goofing around. He had a younger sister by a year. I had to go use the bathroom and the door was cracked and not shut all the way. I went in and saw his sister on the shitter. She screamed ! Her pants was all the way down to her ankles. I cannot remember much else but I seen her after I graduated from college and she was pretty gorgeous but she is now married.
Another time, I use to belong to a fraternity while in college and the house had a main floor bathroom that had a stall shower and a toilet without a door or anything. During my time there, I remember this good looking girl came into the bathroom as I walked out and I saw her back up to the toilet with her hands on her pants. She was married and then divorced to one of the guys. Another time, I went in to use the john and one of the guys was on the shitter. It was embarassing. In that same house, upstairs in the cold dorm (a floor with beds only), there was a bathroom that had a sink and john. I walked in there one time when there were 2 girls, one on the can and the other standing and chatting. My only regret is too bad I didn't go in through the other door where I could have gotten a view. The bathroom was in the center with 2 doors. One door goes to each wing.

Jamie (m)
I can remember some accidents I witnessed in my childhood.
When I was about 8, a boy from school came back to my house to play on the computer or something. Anyway, we were sitting in my room, and we were watching TV. We were both sitting down. Suddenly, my friend - I'll call him Antony - stood up and said, oh no, I think I've dirtied my pants. I asked him what he meant. He said, it's when you either do a poo in your pants or a wee. What have you done? I asked him. A poo he said. Then he pulled his trousers out from his waist (they were elasticated) and looked down them. Yes, he said, I have. He didn't seem very upset about it, so I told him to go and clean up in the bathroom, which he did, and then he sat down (yes, sat down) for dinner and then went home and he didn't mention it again. But he did smell..!

Another day, I was in the playground at school and this boy said he needed to stop playing and go and use the toilet inside. So, he went over to the assistant who was minding us in the playground and said he had a stomach ache and asked to go inside to the toilet. She said yes, but as she did, this terrible smell wafted into my nostrils and the boy looked very uncomfortable. I remember saying to him, Looks like you were too late. That kid was always shitting his pants. One day, he ran out of school assembly, he was wearing shorts, and shit was running down his leg!

I've had an accident myself too, but I was a lot older - about 14. I was out shopping on my own and I was walking home when I realised I needed to go quite badly. So I walked to the public toilet but they were closed because of vandalism (I live in quite a rough area). But it was only 10 minutes walk to my house, so I thought I'd be ok. But half-way there, I knew it was going to come out in my pants. As the shit came out, I stopped walking and just let it happen. I was wearing briefs, and the mess was solid, so it stayed in ok, but it felt so weird. I got back home and showered Any guys have similar experiences?

Doorman's posting has really started something. Yes, I admit I like to walk in on girls/women too. In the UK offices, shops (stores) and factories have to have WCs designated male or female. But pubs (bars) and restaurants don't always. And trains never do. It's surprising how often a door lock doesn't work. Also at the fairground last week the WCs were not designated and NONE of the locks worked! Some girls/women had friends to guard the door for them, but not all.

For all you constipated souls, here's a remedy and a funny (now, not when it happened!) accident story. Psyllium is a food fiber that will really help out irregular or hard stool problems. After suffering for years, a friend turned me on to this stuff. It works great- take a heaping teaspoon every morning and you'll never grunt and groan again. It will take your system about two weeks to get used to it. You may get gas attacks. When the stuff kicks in, you better be close to the toilet - which leads to my learning about it the hard way.

As part of my routine, I run three or four times a week in the morning. A couple of days after I started the psyllium, I took off down the road. Well, minutes later I had an incredible bowel pressure urge. I had to off load immediately, or I was going to have an accident. Looking around, I see a stand of trees over a fence and jump over. I have no problem shitting outdoors (lots of camping proved to me that the best toilet is the one outdoors- you can't beat the view). Just as I squat down and start to pull down my pants, a huge $^#@& doberman comes out of nowhere, barking, snarling, the whole bit! I jumped the hell out over that fence, but quick-- at the same time I lost control of my sphincter and pooped in my pants. Well, I found a hidden place down the road (no dog this time) and cleaned up as best I could. I still run, but after the psyllium works.

So check this stuff out, it will change your life. And remeber what my girlfriend said when I told her this story- sooner or later everybody shits in their pants, just some people get more embarrased than others. She should know- but that's another story.

My heart goes out to Kerri -- the girl who's teacher wouldn't let her go to the girls' room and then punished her (with a childish punishment, I might add) when she went anyway. At least you had the good sense to know it was truely an emergency and you had the courage just to get up and go anyway. Something like that happened to me when I was a freshman. My English teacher was this mean old woman and she never let me go to bathroom. Actually, this was a particular problem for me because the class was right after lunch and by the middle of the period I was usually in need of a bowel movement. Most of the days I could hold it in witout much effort and go before my next class. Fortunately, that teacher didn't mind so much if I was a minute or two late because I was a good student and she believed me when I told her where I was. Other days, holding it in was pretty uncomfortable and some days it was truely a fight and I barely made it to the girls' room in time. One day near the end of the school year, though, my stomach was hurting me something awful and despite maybe a dozen pleas that it was really an emergency, she would not let me go. Unfortunately, I did not have the courage that Kerri did just to get up and leave class. I just sat there and eventually I did the bowel movemet in my panties. Thankfully, it was a solid movement that stayed in my underwear and didn't stain through to my jeans (though the inside of the jeans was stained a little bit) but the smell on this hot May day was enough to give me away. I could hear everyone else snickering behind me as I sat there in shame. When the bell rang, I just ran out of the room crying and ran all the way to the nurse's office. She let me do the rest of my bowel in her toilet and let me clean up the mess in her bathroom. She was really nice to me. She let me stay in her office for the rest of the day, so I wouldn't have to face anyone. I waited untl half an hour after school when the place had cleared out before walking home with no underwear on and the freshly rinsed out ones in a plastic baggie in my backpack. Unfortunatley, though, enough people in my English class knew what I had done and by the next morning the whole school knew and I got teased mercilessly about it. Though I was too embarrassed to tell my mother about it at first, my guidance counsellor convinced to tell her the whole story. This was about a week later. Together, my mother and the counsellor went to the principal and that teacher got a letter of reprimand and she FINALLY retired at the end of the school year.

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