I was bored one day and I found this site by accident. Nevertheless, the experiances that I have been reading were very interesting and some of them actually turn me on. Here is a story of what happened to me one day: I was attending a retreat in the mountains one morning, and I had the chore of cleaning the girls restroom. It was real early in the morning and most of the girls were still in their cabins gettin their rest. I on the otherhand, had a mop in hand and did my job scrubing the bathroom floor. All of a sudden, Sheila (one of the girls at the retreat) casually walked into the restroom, and asked me if she could use one of the stalls. "I have to pooh, it won't be a problem right?" I said "oh no, good ahead, I'll just mind my own business." She obviously didn't mind my presence. The room was silent for the next few minutes. All I heard at first was the thud of the toilet seat, and the rustle of her PJ's as she pulled them down to her knees. She let out a couple of farts that sounded like little whiffs of air (she peed, for about 10 seconds) Soon enough, I could hear her gruntin and groaning as Sheila's first wave of shit started to come out. I could tell by the sound's that the first one came out slowly, but it was followed by mayhem. It sounded like a symphony as a rush of soft poop started to come out of her slim body. "Oh my god, she said "did you hear that?" The poop was followed by a pause. She grunted again, and then she let out two loud monstrous farts that actually echoed within the bowl. The show concluded with the rolling of toilet paper and a flush. When she came out, her hand was on her stomach. She was blushing (I even noticed goosebumps on her arms)and told me how much better that felt for her. Despite the odor Sheila left behind, I was so turned on by that. The very next morning I offered to clean the bathroom again. She came in to pooh again, and I myself took a dump in the stall right next to where she was sitting at. Hearing her fart and pooh at the same time was music to my ears. To bad that was the last day of the retreat. Sheila and me became good friends afterward, and we love sharing each other's bathroom habits. She actually farts in my presence but she plays it off in a really cute way. It's only to bad there's not many unisex restrooms here in the states. I'll never have to take a dump alone again.

I have been having irregularity problems lately and when a did need a shit, it was a very tiny one, and I still felt full. So, yesterday I picked up a lemon flavored magnesium citrate and drank it down. I could feel it working inside me. Well, for the rest of the night at about hour intervals I went into the bathroom and literally pissed like a freaking race horse out of may ass! I even woke at 330am 630am and 730am to shit again!! I guess I really cleaned myself out as the 730am shit was the last one and it was getting clear. I had kinda hoped it would just get things moving and I would just drop a massive log load into the toilet. Oh well. I had 3 bean burritos with lettuce tomato and salsa tonight for dinner and have been farting all night. I also had a half a cantaloupe for desert... we'll see how the dumpings tgo tomorrow. On Sunday I made homemade lasagna with spicy italian sausage. The rest of the night I was cutting some major SBV's!!! Those were some of the raunchiest farts I have produced, next to beer farts. I was disapointed with my shit Monday morning. Too bad. See ya'll later... 3 weeks until EUROPE!!! Keith

To Mr. Shy: I don't like useing the bathroom (as in BM not Pissing) because kids at school (Does anyone care if I'm 16? I didn't see it on the rules.) will sit there and either try to open the door on you, make fun of you (WHY??) or throw wet paper towels at you. I would let any girl watch me pee/crap if she done the same. About the Teachers not letting you go: I have had that happen to me, and I told the teacher that "Either give me a trash can or let me go" and I left too, it isn't in THEIR rights to hold me back, unless they want to clean it up. I like to see girls despeate for a piss but if they have medical condtions they shouldn't be held back, it could/ and will hurt them, my friend has one. Walking in on people: I haven't done that before, but I have pulled the door open on one of my friends but she is shy so I adverted my eyes quickly and didn't see anything (she was nude, she had a one-peice bathing suit on) I try not to unless they want me to see. Also, I haven't had a good "Jobbie log" in quite a while, I think it because of my diet and my stomach problems. Most of mine come out as balls or just a "MASS".

I find that if I go a very long time (about 7 or 8 hour during the day) without a pee, when I do get to the toilet things are very difficult. First I know that it's going to take ages, so I have to lock myself in a stall. Then at first it is really painful. After two or three minutes of slow peeing, the pain gets less, and the pressure gets higher, I relax and can pee faster. But I can never get rid of it all in one go. I know that within 20 min, I will be back doing another pee. At night. I always drink strong coffee in the evening, and it is very rare that I can last the night out without the need for a pee. They say that comes from advancing age, but I have no other signs of prostate trouble! But when I pee in the night, I ALWAYS sit on the toilet. I have had too many "bad aim" accidents when half asleep, so I like to make sure that the pee ends up in the right place!

Hi I was playing monopoly tonight with my brother and some friends. I was wanting to go to the toilet real bad and I was lying on the carpet on my????. The game was getting real exciting and I did not want to stop playing. I was getting really desperate to go pee pee when it was my turn to throw the dice. As I moved a little some pee came out into my shorts, but it was not to bad so I moved my piece - the dog - and a little more pee came out. I had landed on chance and got 150. My brother's turn was next and he landed on my property and had to pay me 175 which I took off him and noticed that he was holding the front of his shorts and must want to go pee pee. He was sitting cross legged on the floor. Next it was my friend Edward's turn and he threw the dice and moved the battleship. He was starting to wriggle so I thpught he wants to go toilet as well. Just as Jane was about to throw the dice I felt a sudden urge to go pee pee and could not hold it in. I started to go pee and could not stop. The front of my pants went all warm as I wet and I made a big wet onthe carpet. But what the hell it was too late now. As Jane moved her top hat I could see up her short skirt and saw her navy school nicks and saw that they had a little dark wet patch at the front so I knew she wet herself sometimes like me. We played the game and Simon's shorts got wet at the front as he dribbled his pee in them. When Edward was out he got up and rushed to the toilet and I don't know if he made it because there was this smell of poo and I think he must have let it poke out into his pants. Jane won the game and we started clearing away. When she got up there was a wet patch on the carpet where she had been sitting. I went up to her and said I've wet my pants too quitely in her ear and she looked at my wet pants and said "oh yes" but I won't tell and it will be our secret. I agreed and she went home cause it was late and Simon was still wetting himself at the front door as we all said goodbye.

Thursday, June 11, 1998

While I was living in Washington DC I was once caught in major traffic on I-395 (SE/SW FREEWAY). I was on my way home from work so I was in no hurry. I wa ssitting in traffic and could see the Jefferson Monument just off the Freeway. It was a very hot day and I decided to get off the Freeway and head down to the park surrounding the mounment. It was sure to be cooler than sitting in the car. At the reflecting pool/pond there was a paddle boat rental stand and a large parking lot. I got out of the car and took my civilian clothes with me. I saw a group of three porta potties in a grove of trees. I was planing to change out of my uniform and hang out in the shade. There were two regular and one handicapped units. The first one on the right had no lock on it. I wasn't so much worried about privacy but falling out the door if I fell trying to change my pants. The one on the left was the Handicapped one. I wasn't going to deprive a handicapped person a toilet. So iI took the middle one. Once I started to change two women came up to use them. The first woman took the one on the right and one took the HC one. I am extreemly turned on by the sound of a woman peeing. So I stood facjing the urinal. THe vent holes were at my eye level. I could hear her pulling her jeans down. I glanced out the vent and saw that there was a huge hole in the wall of the porta potty. It allowed me to observe the woman next to me completely. I nearly passed out. It was incredible. The woman finshed, wipped, and pulled up her pants. While I was trying to regain my composure a tour bus pulled in and discharged about 50 people.(I saw the group later when I left the porta potty). I group of about ten or so women came up to use the porta potties. I watched 3 young women use the potty. I few of the women were despreate. There were some bushes right behind the porta potties. The real desprate ones squatted behind the porta potties. The women in the HC unit with the hole even passes toilet paper out to the ones outside. Ever since then whenever I use a porta potty I check out for holes and find out what I can see. I will not cut holes in them myself. But if someone else has I will take a few minutes to admire the view.

Hi guys. Silent Spice, I'm sorry your mother's such a jerk and refused to attend your graduation. I am happy to hear you had lots of friends and family around during this special time. Congratulations and godspeed :) I like the idea of a "Coprex" conference; I'd love to meet you all, but don't know if I'd feel comfortable having everyone watch me "bare myself." Bridget, I'm similar to you that, although I love sharing my stories, and reading about others', I wouldn't feel comfortable having a lot of people watching me. I'm very private, except around close friends (Steph). I've never gone to the bathroom in the shower, as far as I can remember. My (daily) morning shower is usually prefaced by a pee and shit, so I'm usually relieved by the time I get into the shower. "Toilet veterans" know that I always scrub my butt and vagina in the shower; I can't stand skid (or pee) marks on my panties! I've completed the third day at my new job. The job's going well; I've had to pee every day, after lunch but before leaving work. I like to "make sure" before the several block walk to Grand Central (train station) and 1 hour train ride home. The ladies' room at this office is enormous; there are 15 stalls, including 3 handicapped ones. [I've been very good about not using handicapped stalls, btw :)] I have no interesting stories about fellow office mates, yet. Love ya! Alex :)

Silent Spice
I really hate those teachers that dont let their students go to the bathroom like what happened with Kerri, Nym and whoever else had accidents because of them. We had a substitute for Math yesterday but I dont know his name because he didnt tell us so Ill call him Wario(the nintendo guy)since he looks like him and he was so stupid. This girl Dani asked if she could go to the bathroom and he said no and then she got all pissed. Shes like "Can I ask you something? Are you sexist? You let the boys talk and go to the bathroom but the girls have to shutup and stay in. Whats up with that?" Wario is like "I dont like your atittude" Dani says "I dont care" Wario: "Would you like to sit down now?" Dani: "No" Wario: "Would you like to go to the office?" Dani: "Okay"and she picked up her books and left. That guy is sexist. She probably would of had an accident in her pants if she wasnt brave enough to YELL at Wario. I kind of got annoyed with him to because he was telling every single person to do their work if they talked or looked at magazines and then there was this unpopular kid name Jason who was reading a novel and Wario didnt do anything to stop him so I was like "If you are going to stop everyone from talking and stuff then you can at least tell THAT guy over there to do HIS work. Hes READING"and Wario listened. Well thats all.

Standfast: by all means, please tell a story or two. Thanks.

Well, today I had to go as it has been about 5 days since my last post, and jobbie...As usual, it started with 7 marble to egg sized turds which took me about 10 minutes to pass all of them, as they were fairly hard and dry, but once they were out, I passed a 12 inched ribbon about an 1 1/2 inches wide and a 1/2 thick with 2 180 degree bends in it as the length was about 4 inches between the bends in the turd, so it was probably about 14 inches total in length for the one jobbie and maybe another 6 inches for the earlier ones...A fairly typical dump for me...

Jeff A.
Duke: glad to see you're back. I really dug the story of the lady with the green pants that you walked in on. I agree with your sentiments about what we all enjoy in this forum and look forward to reading more from you. Coprologist: I can identify with the old pot-o-potty thing at outdoor concerts, but my favorite outdoor shows were the Grateful Dead, because the farther back you go into the hills, there are literally hundreds of girls doing it in the bushes or even out in the open. I could write a novelette on the descriptions of at least 50 girls pooping and peeing at a Dead show. One of them pooped right in front of me under a big tree. It was glorious! Bridget: Thanks for the feedback on the bedroom window event. I always do my #2's in the nude because I'm a morning pooper. As I'd mentioned, I work out in the mornings, shower, and then relax for my morning poop. However, I guess I will have be more careful to not have an audience of peeking neighbor ladies from now on. I'm also a stand of wiper, so I hope she dose'nt know me a little better now than I'd like her to! Bye!

New Guy
I haven't posted in a while, but I was just wondering if anyone heard the woman on Howard Stern the other day with an unusual talent. She could fart on command. I have that set as my clock radio alarm. What a weird way to begin the day hearing a woman fart. I think womens farts sound slightly different than mens farts. I think they have a higher pitch. For me personally if a woman farts in my presence, I take it as a compliment. To me it says that she's really relaxed in my presence and she doesn't have her guard up.

Wednesday, June 10, 1998

Regarding pooping accidentally in the shower, it has occasionally happened to me. Sometimes I poop before going into the shower but sometimes I have trouble getting all of it to come out, so I just stop trying and climb into the shower. A few minutes later, a little turd the size of a pebble might plop in the bathtub. So far, this has happened two or three times. George's idea of starting a conference, grouping all the members of this forum is very interesting. While we are all commonly interested in poop, we nontheless have our individual turn-ons and fantasies which helps to distinguish each of us. Silent Spice, congratulations on your graduation, I'm glad things went well for you. Mr.shy, you're not the only one who has reservations about pooping in public, I am the same way. While other people's pooping habits turn me on, I am very private about my own habits. As for your thinking that your turds are unremarkable as compared to the ones produced by other posters here, I have never found my own turds to be that noteworthy either. There are not as big and measure a lot less than the ones described here. To Jeff, formely Pooper Snooper, I loved the story about your neighbor watching you as you were sitting on the toilet, completely in the buff. I bet she enjoyed the view although she pretended not to show it. Now, I wish I was your next door neighbor. Recently, many people have mentioned their preference for shitting totally naked which is exactly what I enjoy reading about. I prefer it when people are naked rather than just having their pants and underwear pulled down to their knees or ankles. I was wondering if it makes any difference to other posters here if the person they watch poop are clothed or nude.

It seems that everytime I drink over 6 beer, I wet the bed. This becomes quite annoying since often times it happens in places where it is hard to hide. There's even been times when I have fell asleep on the couch and peed it. The worst was over at a friends house when I fell asleep on the floor and peed on myself. I was wearing light colored jeans so it was quite obvious when everyone saw me the following morning and I still get teased about it. Does anyone else have this problem?

I've got another story, not very exciting, about Portapotties. Surely everyone who has ever gone to a tourist area or an open air concert will have experienced them? Well I would have thought so, but I was recently at the Beer Festival (run by the local Lions) in the town where I live. The venue was in an empty building that during the week was a used car sales area. The beer was good, and the toilet provision was some very good Portapotties, with plenty of strong but pleasant smelling disinfectant to mask any odors. They were quite clean because it was the first night of the festival. Sitting opposite me were a couple of lads aged about 19 and 20 (perfectly legal to drink beer at that age in England). The younger one went off to the toilet, but came back at once quite horror-struck and said that he would NEVER use such toilets, and the he and his friend must go on to a place with proper toilets!!! (This despite the fact that they had paid to get into the beer festival). So off they went. What a sheltered life that lad must have led.

Hi guys! I don't know if Alex and I would be willing to do a public performance at a "toilet" conference, but thanks for the vote of confidence. I don't pee in the shower, but I do recall peeing in the bathtub when I was a little girl; this was before I discovered multi-vitamins, so my pee was clear and "blended in" with the bath water. Two quick stories. My friend (and manager) Amelia and I went out for Thai food the other evening after work. I don't like Thai as much as Indian, but it's okay. I woke up at 2:00 AM (the next morning, about 7 hours after dinner) and took a rippin' dump. It wasn't diahrrea, but very soft and my bum-bum required lots of wiping :) I took a pee today at work and it was very "bubbly." I did have a 20 oz diet soda about an hour before this pee; I drink maybe one carbonated soda a day, but I don't recall taking such a "bubbly" pee. Has anyone else had this experience? Peace, Steph

Standfast: I have always been a bit shy about needing to go to the toilet when I was out with other people, and usually had situations where I had to hold it. I know how uncomfortable it can be by not going for long spells. When I did eventually try and go to the toilet I experienced some pain when passing it, and then just sit there for a while and relax to get my breath back. I would be interested to hear of any cases of other peoples experienced of this.

Mr Shy: Don't worry about the size of your motions. A lot depends on diet and lifestyle. My own are always very soft and formless, never turd-shaped. I must confesss to feeling very skeptical about some of the claims to giant turds described on this page, even when there were witnesses. It's easy to exaggerate (just as a lot of guys make exaggerated claims about the size of their tool). As for feeling nervous about doing it in public, I have the problem of starting to pee. If there is another guy standing next to me at the urinal, I cannot get going till he finishes and goes away. but once I've got started, there's no problem, dozens of men can come and go without it affecting me. But I have quite low pressure, and it can sometimes take me 3 minutes to empty my bladder completely. As for #2, that used to be a problem, but now that I have found how many other people make grunts and farting noises, I don't worry and just get on with it. I have never had any problems in going in front of my wife, but she has made it clear that she is not interested in such topics.

I haven't been here since the last time I posted a couple of weeks ago, but now that work has let up I'm getting caught up with everyone's posts and enjoying every minute of it. I must say that prior to finding this site, I sometimes wondered if my interests in bathroom habits were weird or even "wrong" in some way. I incorrectly assumed that I was basiscally alone in my interests. Not any more, and I thank all of you posting here for helping me to take full enjoyment of these feelings and interests. I'm glad that you're out there, and that this site didn't disappear when there seemed to be some trouble with posting. With regard to Doorman's "accidentally on purpose" method, I like it alot in theory but I would be concerned about being caught trying to pry a door with a screwdriver. Doorman, did you ever get caught, and if so, what happened? I once had the pleasure of opening a door at work "accidentally on purpose" but in that case I noticed that the woman who entered the bathroom had failed to lock the door. It was one of those locks with the push button, so when she went in and I didn't hear the putton pushed, I waited a minute or so and then tried the door, and sure enough it was unlocked. It was a small bathroom and she was sitting facing directly at me with green slacks around her knees and her panties pushed down just as far. She looked at me with a surprised expresion but didn't say anything, and I said "excuse me" and I backed out. I could not see what was in the toilet from the position I was in and there was no odor in the bathroom. She wasn't actually passing pee or jobbies when I walked in, which was a major disappointment. I wanted to get a better look at who she was, so I waited in an adjacent conference room, pretending to read a book until she came out. I saw her go by, but she did not seem to notice me. I felt ok about walking in because she had failed to lock the door. Perhaps she was even encouraging someone to look in on her; after all, she didn't say "shut the door" or "get out" when I walked it. I sometimes wonder whether I beat a retreat too fast. After all, Moira didn't have any problem with the man who left his watch behind to see her "accidentally on purpose." Best regards, Duke

I have to agree and I admit to screwing up and missed canning Doorman's "screwdriver" post. I won't yell at him personally after the fact for what followed our mistake, but the motives that lead all the way to"screwdriver" are definately outside the scope of this forum. An unlocked door-oops is one thing it is even a damn good prank, but a screwdriver is something akin to breaking and entering as well as an invasion of privacy. Whatever it is, you can bet it's illegal. With the recent personal security craze on college campuses, picking locks has to be next to murder. None of the replies even come close to crossing the line. We don't and won't go back to ease posts off the spool, but "The practical application and attempted practical application of hand tools towards the calculated manned observation of rest facility use" has gone too far.

Most of the schools I work at are new, but we have some old ones too. We are doing a re-pipe in the restrooms of one old school, installing new copper supplies to the toilets and sinks, new flush valves, a few new toilets and urinals, toilet seats, soap dispensers, and more. We go through a lot for the kids to have a nice place to poop. I hope they appreciate it when they return in the fall.

To Standfast: I have a story for you. Some time ago I had a colleague on visit w ho (I forgot how the subject came up) told about how she once during a seminar i n a hotel, having diarrhea, waited too long to go the toilet. She waited as long as possible to have to excuse herself from the sessions as few times as possibl e. Arriving at the toilets both stalls were occupied and by the time a stall bec ame available she already had soiled herself slightly. She could clean herself u p enough such that you couldn't notice anything from the outside. She had to ret urn to the class though, collect her gear and go home (she could not sit down ag ain). She figured at least some people figured out about her accident. She said she was pretty embarrassed (I have no further details on this one). Anyway, after she left my wife said this was typically something for this spoile d lady. She said any normal person can always wait for some minutes longer. So, I challenged her by saying: "So you are sure this cannot happen to you." (I like my colleague a lot, you see, and was pissed off by wife's reaction) Eventua lly I ended up in talking her into proving this. Here comes the story: I went to a pharmacy and pretended I needed something to d o a bowel cleansing. What I got was something called "Fleet Enema". To make sure my wife would not run to a restroom to save herself we agreed to drive to a pla ce about 30' from our place, along a road where there is no place to go, and sta rt the experiment from there. She let me introduce the whole enema into her and she remained with her her knees on the back seat of the car and her head down fo r a couple of minutes (as described in the instructions). I put a large plastic cover on the passenger's seat (which according to my wife wasn't needed) and we took off. During the 30' minute drive home she squirmed a lot but managed to hold it (when we got out of the car there was no stain whatsoever on her skirt). However, on the 80 yards track from the parking lot to the entrance of our apartment she sto pped twice. She claimed she still had things under control. I was sure, however she was loosing control. While waiting for the elevator (we live on the 6th floo r) I could see her trying to find a position allowing her to keep control, and s uddenly a small splash of brown liquid poop fell on the floor. I said: "Well I t hought this could never happen to you and now you are shitting yourself." She wa s so preoccupied trying to limit the damage she didn't even answer. While in the elevator, she totally lost control. The brown liquid poop literally ran down he r legs. Arrived at our floor I blocked the elevator and cleaned its floor while my wife went to the bathroom to clean herself. She now knows also a non-spoiled lady can shit herself.

To Donna- I read your post about having an "al fresco" motion in the park and wanted to say that I also enjoy having "al fresco" motions or pees outdoors. I do it for the convienence and also because I dislike public toilets in parks. I can't remember the last time I used a park bathroom; I always go behind a bush or some other secluded spot. Same goes while driving or biking.

Tuesday, June 09, 1998

OK, I'm back again - thought I'd describe a few messing accidents had by me and people I've met - I was reminded of the first by a recent thread. I'll describe all these as if they were my point of view, as it makes for quicker typing. All the people involved were boys around my age. I was about six or seven years old, and we were at school doing a play shop over playtime. I'd been having some pains in my stomach earlier in the day, but they'd gone away, and I was feeling better. However, I was starting to need a pooh pretty badly. I asked the teacher straight away if I could go, but she wouldn't let me - she said I had to wait 'til the end of break, when the activity finished (it was supposed to be a privilidge). I thought I could hold on, but I was still fidgeting to go, and I kept getting mild cramps and needing to go more and more. I waited a few minutes, and asked again if I could leave to use the toilet, and again I was told I'd have to wait 'til the activity was over. By now, I was absolutely desperate to go, but I kept trying to hold on. A few more minutes passed, and the urge went away a bit, but then it came back stronger than ever, and I knew I had to go right then. I ran out of the door, ignoring the teacher, and down the corridor to the toilet. However, I was just too desperate, and the sight of the toilets just made me let go involuntarily. I stood in the doorway leading to the toilets with soft pooh running out of my bottom, unable to stop it but just trying to wish it to finish, but it just didn't - it kept on coming and coming for ages, until my pants were absolutely filled. They only held the pooh in by the elasticated leg bits on them. I went to the toilet, but I didn't need it any more - I just had to empty my pants into the toilet. I tried to clean them up as much as I could, but they were still very messy when I got back to class 15 mins later - I think the teacher had worked out something was wrong, as she didn't really tell me off for leaving like I did. Haven't got time to post more - please tell me if you all want to hear more of these stories, as if it's just boring I won't waste your time.

Jeff A.
To Mr. Shy: Welcome! In my opinion, you have no problems whatsoever. It took me a very long time before I was even able to do a #2 in a public restroom. Personally, I think it's very natural to be shy about it, and there are alot of people in here who's posts I've read who would rather have their privacy as well. I've become more of an exhibitionist, but not everyone is. Also, your diet may affect what comes out. The amount is'nt important or unnatural. I'm a big guy and sometimes it comes out huge, and sometimes very small. One summer, I took a job in the daytime as a nude model for college art classes, and worked at night as a male stripper. (Only to get enough money to buy a motorcycle, which I did.) Anyway, these experiences helped me to conquer my shyness, and I have had several opportunities to watch and be watched sitting on the toilet by naked men. I've always had a real hard time doing these things in front of other men, but never women. I remember one instance at the gym where I worked out at, the toilets at the far end of the shower room had low partitions only, and no doors. That always struck me as peculiar. I was sitting on one getting ready to drop my load, when another guy came in who knew me, and after a few seconds he started going for it, while I made no sound whatsoever. He just looked over at me and said jokingly "Yo're not one of those guys who can't are you?" Either way, you sound perfectly normal to me, and don't worry, it dose'nt matter if anyone shits more than you do. We're all different. just enjoy the ride. (See ya at the conference!) Love y'all!

I've really enjoyed some of the stories here, especially the few I've seen about "hold-it" games. I also have a strong interest in Sorority Pledging and Initiation activities -- in fact, until a few months ago I ran a long-standing web site devoted to it, and met a huge number of people with similar interests and experiences. Many visitors to that site had amazing recollections to share. Especially in past decades, a surprising number of sororities had rules and activities involving bathroom privileges, pledges being denied permission to go and so on, and also rituals and challenges involving laxatives. Young women were often made to lose control in embarrassing situations. These stories are major turn-ons for me, and I am always looking for more recollections like the ones that were posted on the site. I don't know if the group here shares this kind of interest, but I'll be happy to re-tell a story or two if asked. Meanwhile, does anyone have stories about games of hold-it, or dares involving bladder/bowel control? Cheers, -Standfast.

Hi folks. I often pee in the shower, and frankly I suppose most people do this as it would be stupid to get out of the shower soaking wet just to sit on the toilet pan and pee especially if the bathroom and toilet are separate. Urine in a healthy person is bacteriologically inert and is quickly washed away by the shower. As to doing a bowel movement in the shower this is NOT recommended though Im sure people who have a sudden attack of diarrhea have done so and again its soon washed away by the flow of water, better that than leaving a brown trail in a mad rush to the toilet. With a solid motion however there is the problem of getting rid of the log or lumps passed. I did do this once when I was having a shower and felt the turd, (it was a nice solid one) start to slide down my back passage. I was going to get out of the shower and sit on the toilet to do it but I felt it start to push out (getting the turtle's head as they say) and I stood in the shower with my legs apart and it dropped into the shower tray with a thud. It was a big fat one about 12 inches long. I picked up the log and dropped it down the pan it was solid so it all held together in the one piece. I have never done one in the bath but my friend Moira has and I think she has posted this story about how she was constipated as a teenager and had had a piece of soap inserted up her rectum by her mother to help her go and was sitting in a warm bath when her jobbie slid out into the bath. Im sure this has happened to others.

To Mr Shy, Im sorry you have problems with your toilet functions. Dont worry about not being able to use a urinal to pee in front of other men. Lots of blokes have this problem and use a cubicle (stall) instead, particularly the UK type with a door. Moira's husband George has this "nervous stricture" as its called yet he has no problem doing the toilet either peeing or doing a motion in front of people of either gender whom he knows such as Moira, Tony , his aunt or cousins and even myself. I wouldn't want to use a urinal if I was a bloke anyway, they are filthy smelly objects usually having a puddle of piss around them. As to Mr Shy's query concerning the size of my jobbies I can assure him they are real whoppers and yes, I have measured them with a tape measure in the past. I am quite a large fat girl,(Moira says I'm a slightly smaller version of the late Mamma Cass so that should give you an idea of my size), I eat a lot and I dont have a bowel movement every day , usually I have two or three good motions a week passing some really large fat logs when I go. If his stools (as with Mike) are loose and formless it is possibly a problem with some item of diet so I suggest seeing a doctor or trying to discover and eliminate the guilty item be it lactose, or gluten or a particular foodstuff. I wish them both well. To Diskputers it is normal for a long stool to be a bit softer at the end than at the start. Most of my jobbies are hard and nobbily as they start to come out but are smooth and easy but still nice and solid at the end when I have finished and it has all come out. Finally, while I do like doing a motion outdoors from time to time I am choosy where I do it, normally a secluded place, and also about who I allow to watch me if I am accompanied either outdoors or on the toilet pan. Friends like Moira and George are okey and a few other close friends and I will let Tony who is also a friend of Moira and George watch the next time I visit the! m if he is also there but sorry, I dont do public performances.

I have been reading the posts to this site for some time and thought I should join in the fun. I am not interested in the male experiences, unless the story involves a girl, but I get turned on by girls and their pooing. My interest in this subject stems from High School where if I fancied a girl I would try and imagine what it would be like watching her do a poo. I had these thoughts for a long time but did not tell anybody, not even my girlfriends, as I thought they would think it a bit wierd. It wasn't until I was 22 that I let my "secret" out to my girlfriend, who was then 18 and is now my wife. I told her during love making that I wanted to watch her on the toilet and she agreed to do it. It was quite difficult as we didn't have our own place so timing was of the essence. I watched her weeing and pooing on many occasions with great sex afterwards. I don't think she was particularly in to the "scene" but just did it to please me. Strangely after we got our own place these sessions fizzled out and since we got married hasn't happened. However I have used the power of the internet to my advantage and I have found a site where you can order videos on the subject, not hard scat stuff, just amateurs doing their thing in front of the camera. I bought a tape of a very nice American girl who got her boyfriend to video her pooing and weeing. I showed this tape to my wife and she was really turned on so maybe I have rekindled the flame, I'll let you know. I have been very turned on by some of the posts her especially those by Alex, Steph, Laura, Donna, Lisa and Jill. Alex and Steph do you get turned on by watching each other poo and have you let any guys watch you. Donna in Scotland I enjoyed your outdoor pooing post how old are you now and do you still poo outside, do you poo in front of a partner? It's nice to see a post from others in the UK as I live in the UK maybe we could start a British buddy dumping club? Jill I think your pooing on the train stories are great, I travelled in to London for a while on the thameslink line maybe we sat opposite each other without knowing our mutual interest in pooing activities!. Lisa do you get turned on when you used to buddy dump and was it only with girls or boys aswell? Well I think I've said enough for my first post I some of you liked it! I'll post again soon

Teachers' Pet
Just read the back writing about girls (and guys?) whose teachers wouldn't let them go to the toilet in class, some of whom ended up either peeing or pooping in their pants. I've always found this both outrageous, but also a turn on, since I find accidents a turn on. I've known a couple of girls who've wet their panties in class, either from being afraid to ask to go pee and thinking they could hold on (mistakenly); or from being told they had to wait. Unfortunately, I've never seen these, but had the girls tell me about them. Well, I've seen them when I was a kid, like 8 or 9, but not since...and I remember liking to watch the couple of girls I saw wet their panties in class. I've never seen a girl or a guy poop in class. But I know a college professor, a very pretty woman about 35 who's always had a problem with holding her pee (and has wet herself a lot) who on a few occasions has wet HER pants or panties in class from not wanting to excuse herself in the middle of class. (She has had lots of big and small peeing accidents at other times, too.) She's told me about these times, most of which have not been large accidents, but nevertheless big enough to soak her panties and if she was wearing pants, soak her crotch and perhaps a few inches down her legs. Most of the time she said, students haven't known about her accidents...she managed to stop the flow and hide the results. But one time she was wearing tan slacks, had been holding it through class, and was totally desperate to run to the toilet just as class ended, something not unusual for her, but she was literally surrounded by students since she had handed back a paper that day. She stood there, legs crossed, trying to excuse herself, and began to wet her pants in at first small and then bigger spurts....She said as she felt her inner thighs getting wet, she literally pushed some students away as she began to run, saying something like, "I'll be right back I've got to find a toilet now!!". By the time she got to the toilet, got her pants and panties down, she had wet her pants perhaps half way to her knees. She had to walk back down the hall with obviously wet pants on into the class room to get her books and coat. I guess lucky for her she had a long coat, but not before a few students saw her. No one said anything, but she said everyone looked at her pants, and she noticed that in the next classes quite a few people kept close watch on her. So, any other stories of teachers having accidents?

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