Sunday, November 09, 1997

Just took a great dump. A little light on the fiber so a little slow to ease out and not smooth and slippery, it prolonged the experience and felt great. Gonna be some great skid marks from that one - another source of macho pride for all the real men on this forum. Had pork and sauerkraut last nite - some truly great ripe farts resulted all evening. Yeah.

My year and a half at the main campus of OSU was an exciting experience. There are so many opprotunities to see women (and men) using the toilet. In H. Hall, there is only one restroom per floor. The mens' room on the second floor was frequented qute often by women desparate for a pee. Many times I have went in to pee and noticed female feet under the stall door. I made it a habit of sitting in a stall and waiting for a young lady to come in and use the stall. While she was peeing, I was next door, with a mirror, checking out her butt. Later, I made it a practice of "walking in" on women who were in the men's room. I'd wait outside and see a lady go in. After she was in, I'd follow and open the stall door. "Sorry", I'd say. None ever got mad, because they were in the mens' room where they shouldn't have been. >From the parking garage, one can see into either restroom of I. Hall because of the smoked glass that is similar to a shower door. I've seen all types of men and women and their bathroom habits. I've actually used the mens' toilet next to the window, so all could see me. R. Lab is another restroom with a window by the toilet, but it is only the womens'. From the building across the street, I have watched for hours as women came in, answered the call of nature, and left. The last place I found was P. Hall. This is a both gendered restroom with one stall. The door outside the restroom has one of those "OCCUPIED" and "VACANT" locks. Either not everyone bothered to lock the door or not everyone was able to lock it correctly, because I was able to walk in while someone was peeing in the stall. Most of the time the stall was closed and locked. Three different times, the stall door was open. The first time, the door was partially open and I could see a female's rump hovering over the bowl. The second time the door was wide open and I could see through the mirror on the wall the whole act of this woman as she hovered and peed, while she got toilet paper and then wiped. The third time, the door was wide open, but she just finished.

I thougt I was the only one who finds this exciting.... I get turned on by hearing/seeing girls crapping, ONLY girls Here is a story of what happened when a cousin (girl), same age as me stayed with us for a month. I was watching television in the morning and we were alone in the house. She had just woken up and passed me on her way to the bathroom, and just when she close the door I sneaked up against the door hoping to catch a few interesting sounds. I was deadly quiet in the house so I could here her sit down, She started peeing and it took about 20 seconds, then it became quiet and after about 10 s I heard a muffled fart followed by the sound of a turd coming out, then there was two splashes. She immidiatly began to wipe herself and when she was done she went into the shower. I found this experience really exciting. My dream for the monent is to smell a goodlooking girl when she farts, (bent forward with panties on) Am I normal???? I don't think so :)

Thanks for the info on the bar site. I am going to try and get in there in the next week or so. If I do I'll let you know what happens. Alex, Steph and Jodie, its nice to hear from you guys. Keep the post's coming!!

Last summer when it was hot and sunny I took my sons aged 11 and 12 out for the day. We had sandwiches and coke for lunch, and played games and had a really good day. There were no toilets in the park of course and we had to get the bus back home later in the day. Miraculously we did not have to wait long for a bus and got on the first one that came along. It was hot and crowded so we went to the back and managedto get two seats between the three of us. Simon the older boy had a seat to himself and Jamie sat on my knee. Soon both boys wriggling and holding their pants. Simon said he had to go toilet real bad and Jamie said the same thing. It was only about another ten minutes to our stop, so I told them to hang on. But we got stuck in some traffic and it seemed to take us ages to move only a few yards. Simon said "Dad I'm real desperate. I can't hold it any longer." I told him we could not get off the bus now as it lurched forward a few more feet. A few minutes later a heard a hissing sound as Simon pissed his pants and wet the seat. Only one boy siting nearby seemed to notice and Simon went so red with embarrassment I thought he was going to catch fire. He tried to cover the wet patch with his hands but that was only partly successful. The next thing I knew was that all of a sudden I felt all warm and then wet. Jamie had just gone to the toilet in his pants as well. "Sory dad." He said "I jusr couldn't hold my wee any longer." There was nothing to be done it was too late. We got off the bus a few minutes later at our stop. Had to go to the local shops on the way back with everybody looking at us and the children laughing and making comments to their friends. By this time I was really desperate and was beginning to dribble a little in my pants. Outside the shop I let go in my pants and made a big puddle on the floor both of my boys saw this and smiled. We could all have accidents. Two boys playing outside saw this and were really interested in an adult pissing himself. Then we walked home and changed.

I was out playing with a friend who had come round this afternoon when he stopped playing and held his bottom. "I have to go poo real bad." he said. I told him that dad locked the door after lunch so he could have a rest for a hour. "But I can't wait." he said. " I told him that he would have to do it in his pants or go in the yard. "I can't do it in my pants my mum will kil me." So I took him back home and the door was locked. "You'll have to go here." I said, and after a bit of a protest as the poo was beginning to poke out, he dropped his shorts and squatted down. A couple of narrow smooth brown logs came out and I passed him a couple of leaves to wipe himself. He pulled his shorts back up and we started playing again. Later he had to go wee and he lifted the leg of his shorts and weed all over the yard floor. Dad cleaned up after us later that afternoon. I really like to see boys having a wee and I had never had a friend poo on the front doorstep before.

I wet the bed every night. I have this dream of going toilet and I have weed in my pants. Sometimes I dream I am swimming and I wake up all wet. One night there was a thunder storm and I was afraid. Dad let me into his bed and I fell asleep. In the morning I was all wet and I had weed all over dad in the bed. He was real good about it really. I don't do it on purpose it just comes when I am asleep. I like to see boys wee. I have never seen a girl wee.

Friday, November 07, 1997

To Vicarious: It is difficult to describe smells, but during my period, my poo has a distinctly different smell to "usual". The poos themselves tend to be softer, which I suppose means more water content - not that I would care to examine too closely. I only have light periods due to the pills I take, so perhaps girls with heavier period might be able to comment further?

I was wondering if anyone has one of those handicapped toilet seats that fit on top of the toilet and make you sit up a few inches higher than a regular seat. I used this girls bathroom once, she had one, but she isn't handicapped. She said that she just likes sitting up higher and that the seat is a lot more comfortable. I sat down on it and it's true. I was wondering if anyone else uses them.

When I was in high school, I wasn't interested in sports of any of the after school clubs. For something to do, I volunteered to help the custodians. Schools have many volunteers helping teachers, setting up projects, but nobody volunteers to clean! The custodians had all sorts of odd jobs for me to do, groundskeeping, taking down posters, moving equipment, and so on, but I said that I would clean all the restrooms. They were very surprised and happy. I started cleaning them right after school, so a lot of kids came in to use the potty while I was cleaning. I had the privelige of listening and somethimes watching them go to the bathroom! The girls rooms were fascinating, some of the girls forgot to flush so I got to see what they did. They use a LOT of toilet paper. Usually I had to replace two rolls in each stall every day. Then of course I had to empty the sanitary disposal containers. The toilet seats got nailed with peepee and poop sometimes, which I had to wipe off. Both the boys and the girls made a habit of using one particular wall to blow snots on. There was like a two month accumulation of snot all over this one wall. I scrubbed that off. In the boys restrooms the urinals were always very clean and nice, but in the stalls there was always peepee everywhere. You could tell that certain boys would stand there and hose everything down. I would wipe everything with a damp cloth and then it was pretty clean. Some of the boys took huge dumps that clogged the toilets. I would have to plunge and then clean all the shit residue out of the bowl. I scrubbed the urinals out with just a sponge and a little cleanser. Other boys came in to peepee and they're like: "How can you do that?" But I've never been afraid of germs, and I've never gotten sick from cleaning a bathroom! I used this acid type cleaner that gave a nice smell to the restrooms especially if it mixed with the soap that was all over the sinks. I would be interested in hearing about other people's school bathrooms, especially if they were nice ones.

I would love to hear some of those stories about guys shitting in the open in a restroom. It kinda turns me on to see a guy on the bowl with his pants around his ankles. There was only one stall in my HS with the door removed but I never got to see anyone on it. I love the department stores and parks that don't have stall doors or partitions

Jason's National Park dormitory observations remind me of some college-graduate school experiences. I bet guys do what they are accustomed to -- and I imagine the guys who were comfortable taking a shit without drawing the curtains for privacy went to high schools without doors on the bathroom stalls. Once, when I was in college, I visitted a friend at another school. I had to pee, and went to use the bathroom in his dorm. I was surprised to see that the toilet stalls lacked doors; that might be OK in high school, but college...??? I asked how the guys in his dorm reacted to it, and he said many were bothered at first, but everyone got used to it after awhile. Two years later when I was in graduate school, a guy who lived on my dorm floor had gone to the same college as the friend I just mentioned. The bathrooms in our (graduate school) dorm had doors on the stalls, but whenever he took a shit, he left the stall door opened. It was kinda neat talking to him as he was taking a dump; and one time when I had to poop while he was using an adjacent stall, I left my stall door open, too -- and was sort of turned on by the process. Once, I asked him why he left the door open, and he said he was just used to doing it that way from college. Has any one else had college lack of privacy experiences?

Thursday, November 06, 1997

I was sitting on the toilet in my favourite stall in the university library, hoping to take a dump as I've been constipated for the last couple of days. The guy in the next stall suddenly let out a loud,juicy fart. I just couldn't resist saying "nice one" and he said "thanks" with a laugh. About a minute later he announced "you're going to love this one" and let out a beauty which lasted for about ten seconds. "That was a good one", I replied and we both chuckled. He then wiped once, flushed and left. I gave up at this point and got ready to leave. I was still in my stall as he left the bathroom and shouted out "take it easy". That incident made up for what would have been a very disappointing trip to the toilet.

story: This is in response to David's post, about going in school with no doors or stalls. Some years ago, I spent the summer working at a National Park out west. We lived in an all male dormitory. The bathroom had two wooden stalls with rods for shower curtains for privacy. For the first two or three weeks, there were no curtains on the stalls, so you had to go to the bathroom with no privacy. It was interesting to observe different reactions. Some guys were completely unbothered by it. Other guys (myslelf included) never used these bathrooms (we'd use the bathrooms in the lodge, which were for the guests). After they finally got around to putting the curtains up, a lot of the guys never drew them. You'd be in the bathroom shaving or whatever, and a guy would come in and sit down and just do his thing as if it were nothing at all. You be talking to him as he was grunting, farting, plopping, commenting on the smell or the consistency of his shit etc. I always found it interesting how some guys were so completely relaxed about taking a shit, while others were uptight (I must admit that I fit into the latter group). I guess in the army, there are no doors or partitions at all. Privacy is non-existent. I'd love to hear from guys who have been in the service and what the bathroom experiences were like.

Khris, Thanks for the note. The only time in adult memory I have of shitting my pants was just a few years ago when I had to prepare for a lower GI exam by taking a pill one day which turned my bowells' contents to liquid. I had no idea that it would take effect with so little warning or I would not have gone to work (!). When I realized what was happening I walked the 40 feet to the men's room but not quickly enough. I had to drive home immediately and I had to call Kelly (the woman whom I drove to work) soas not to strand her; I had to tell her what happened; she did ride home with me.
I hope to hear more from you.
Best wishes,

One day I was sick and out of the 3 hours I was awake in the morning, i was on the toilet for 2 of em if you know what i mean.

What is it that time of the month has to do with bowel habits and odor? Does the process dehydrate leading to constipation, or does it relax the flow? Does lower water content reduce odor, or does it intensify it. My take is that the runnier it is, the more sour/sulfurous it gets, and the drier the more mild/burntish it is. Are there certain types of ethnic foods that generate different odours in women? I know you generally eat more vegetables than we do-how does that impact odour? Also are there other folks turned on by odour-particularly that of women?

David's mention of the toilets out in the open in the school locker room brought back memories of a similar arrangement in my HS. There was one urinal and one toilet along the wall in the locker room: it was completely out in the open, with not even a stall or anything around it. Guys used the urinal a lot but hardly ever took a shit in the toilet (I never had the nerve myself, no matter how bad I had to go, but a few guys did, and didn't seem embarrassed at all by it). This was the first time I ever remember seeing another guy taking a shit, and I remember finding it fascinating (though I didn't dare stare!). Guys didn't generally use the toilet there unless they *really* had to go, so you could usually hear a lot of loose shit dropping, wet farts, etc.

I enjoyed Philippe's report from the gay bar in Toronto as I was there in May for a seminar and spent several fun nights in that very bar. His report was very accurate. I would like to add that the place was quite busy, with lots of female patrons on the weeknights I visited too. I particularly enjoyed the two ladies that I saw using the "stand up" restroom at different times. There was only one stall in there and both ladies used it. One was from Brazil, long jet black hair, quite attractive. I talked with her when she came out of the stall for quite awhile. I used the urinal right next to this stall to pee while both ladies were in there. Both ladies seemed to enjoy taking a glance at the pee coming out of me as they came out of the stalls. I also had a very good time in the "sit down" room. Philippe was right, both about the mirrors and the fact that men and women both freely used this room. I was a lot of fun to listen to the various types of ladies peeing peeing. Some were slow and steady, some in short heavy bursts, some just one solid flood. I tried to always exit my adjoining stall at the same time so I could see their faces and maybe chat with them awhile. Or, it was easy to just stand by the sink and wait for a lady to come in and go into a stall-that way I got to both see her and hear her. Everyone was quite friendly and easy going. I would definitely recommend the place. I have found that cross use of restrooms in gay bars is not uncommon and I have some stories from other locales that some of you might enjoy that I will post another time. I would be glad to exchange information with others who have had similar experiences. Please feel free to e-mail me or post a response hear. I would be particularly interested in hearing from ladies who like to go into such places.

To Alex:
It may seem funny, but I think reading this forum regularly can contribute to having the kind of dreams which you mentioned in your last post. Not in the sense that you dream about what you read, of course. It's rather that you become more involved with your "fetish" (or "obsession", call it what you like). We perform more mental work on it once we start communicating here. And that's what I think could possibly cause your dreams.
As for me, I have had some quite bad dreams about having to take dumps on extremely dirty toilets since I have started to read the posts here. And I assure you, dirty toilets are something that makes me shudder with disgust. The toilets I dreamt about were not only brimming over with shit, piss, and paperwork of all colors, smells, forms and consistencies, but also the floor and the walls of the stalls were smeared and in a general state of waste and decay. One "john" I dreamt about was sure to fall to pieces as soon as I would sit down on it (in the dream I HAD TO sit down, couldn't avoid it!), and its contents would empty out in a pestilent flood and leave me standing in waste up to my bare knees.
I dreamt such scenes about half a dozen times over the last few weeks. Once I woke up sweating and nauseated - but, strangely, without any real need to "go".
I want to add here that I am NOT appalled by shit etc. in general, nor by its smell. Disgust sets in only when the whole scene is real dirty (e. g. touching or even eating).
Question: Do you think my interpretation is correct? And are there others out there who have been inspired to have "shit dreams" by dealing with the communications in this forum?

Ok folks, I've been hanging out here for about a year, never posting 'cause I'm basically not a good story-teller. I read a post about puking and vomiting at the same time and now I'm typing this. Recently, I had an ailment which had me on the pot while holding a basin. While I must say that it was the most strenuous experience I've had, I rather enjoyed the whole experience after it was done. I hope that doesn't make me weird. I mean, perhaps it was because it was over. . . or maybe an adrenalin rush. . .or just good to get it out of my system. I don't know. Now I'm obsessed with the whole experience. . .and I'll shut up now.

Thank you to those who've welcomed my friend, Khris, to this forum. Bryan, interesting point about the correlation between exercising and being interested in bodily functions.
I been very careful about not eating dairy products everyday; I occasionally *treat* myself to a couple of slices of pizza or a small ice cream- I don't *pig out* as I used to. I've noticed when I go without any dairy (lactose), my crap comes out in what I call "tubes." I describe a tube as being an extra wide, extra large log about 1 1/2 feet long and about 1 1/2 inches wide, curling around the rim of the toilet. I still crap a LOT even when I don't consume any dairy- it doesn't smell as much, I use much less TP, and my undies are usually clean for the rest of the day! Blake, are your *regular* dumps similar to mine (meaning when you haven't had any dairy; most of your stories have been about after you've had products containing lactose)? Thanks. Jodi

Short story: 2 years ago my wife & I were tailgating at a College football game when she became sick.She told me that she was going around to the front of the cars to throw up.A couple of minutes later I walked around to see how she was and discovered that while she was heaving,she lost control and messed her pants with diarreah.While we were driving home she had another attack in the car and filled her pants again.She was crying and I felt so sorry for her and helpless.The car smelled for a couple days after that. We suspected food poisoning.

Wednesday, November 05, 1997

I don't know if it's a coincidence, but I've noticed that a lot of the people posting to this forum are runners (male and female). I wonder if there is a connection between taking care of your body through exercising and being obsessed with bodily functions as we all seem to be.

To Philippe:
Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands. It is actually IN the atlantic ocean.

To Vicarious: Since you asked, my poos do vary in odour - mainly depending on what I have been eating, but also according to the time of the month. I have to say I can be rather smelly at times; so much so that my husband has noticed the smell from downstairs! You mention the toilets on trains in England. Well I live in England and use the train toilets quite often, and you are right, they frequently don't flush. Some days they are totally disgusting, but when you have to go....!

Hi. This is a different Chris from the others on this forum. This is a first post recalling a very old (25 years ago) incident at a party at a friends apartment. We were drinking heavily, mostly beer and Sangria which was big back then. So far, so good. Then someone broke out some weed and the synergies of the weed and the booze caused all hell to break loose on peoples intestinal system. Several guests were going at both ends at once if you know what I mean. There is nothing more helpless in the whole world than barfing and shitting at the same time. A bunch of guests were woefully the wiser after that experience!

My school bathroom experiences were like Dan's and Redneck's -- open stalls; no privacy if you had to poop. Most guys tried to hold it in and only used the bathroom if it was a real emergency. The gym bathroom was the worst of all -- 2 toilets and a urinal against one wall of the locker room -- no partitions and no doors. If you had to go you just did it in front of everyone who was changing in the locker room. One time after running I had to crap real bad and had no choice but to use one of the boys' locker room toilets (it was better than doing it in my gym shorts). It was real embarrassing sitting there, farting and dropping logs with everyone else in the class coming over to talk with me. Another kid had to go badly as well and sat on the toilet next me. He didn't seem to mind doing it in front of everyone and it made me feel less embarrassed. Has anyone had similar experiences. I guess that's what it must be like in army boot camp latrines.

Hi. Khris, our mutual friend, Jodi, has told me about you- welcome to the group! Vicarious, my shit doesn't stink that much, except when I have diahrrea or very soft movements. We girls are a lot like you guys, some of us stink, and some of us don't- it's "chemistry," I guess.
I hope this isn't too off-subject, but I've had several dreams lately of going in my pants; I've never had an accident since being toilet-trained (about 16 years ago; I'm only 19, after all). Last night, or should I say early this morning, around 4am, I woke up in a pool of sweat. I just dreamt I was in one of my classes, and took a shit right in my pants. Don't ask me why I've been having these dreams. I walked down the hall to the toilet, sat down, and really took a shit; a couple of turds, a couple of wipes, and then back to bed. Love always, Alex :)

Tuesday, November 04, 1997

Once when I was in a bathroom with my friends, we all had to go so bad. All of the stalls were full, of course. It seemed like everyone in the stalls were taking a very long time. My friend ended up going in the sink. My othe friend went in the garbage, and as for me, I went in my pants. Oops!

Hi. Fluidity, yes, I'm a female. I'll tell you about a couple of "not-so-delicate" moments. I've been involved in high school and college track, and would like to share some stories of the "runs" (drumroll, please)
When I was in 10th grade (4 years ago), I was at a competition in a nearby town. I had some ice cream earlier in the day (a big "no-no" for somebody who's Lactose Intolerant. I was able to participate in the meet, but had serious stomach cramps the whole time. I ended up beating my competitor, but it was a bittersweet victory. I immediately ran into the school and into the bathroom; just as I pulled down my shorts, I lost control of my sphincter. Liquid shit was sprayed all over the stall. There was nobody else in there, so, just as I (temporarily) regained control of my functions, I went into another stall, sat down, and let out waves of soft shit (Blake, I know exactly what you're talking about when you refer to "waves" of diahrrea).
One year later, this time at an after-school practice, I actually shit my pants while running. I was horrified!!! Nobody made fun of me; most of my friends knew I had "bowel problems," but it was embarrassing just the same. It was helpful that my gym teacher/coach has a daughter (much older than I am; I've never met her) who's Lactose Intolerant, so he (the teacher) was sympathetic during all the times I suddenly had to dart in to the bathroom (or into the woods) to relieve myself. Thanks all for welcoming me- I'll share some more stories soon. Khris

I just took a fat piss in the toilet, unfortunately the streams split and the pee went in the toilet and on my pants. I walked back into my dormroom where my girlfriend was waiting. I quickly changed pants without her noticing saying that I needed some more comfortable pants. I was embarrased.

Monday, November 03, 1997

Hi guys! I had another bout of constipation late last week. I didn't dump for almost 3 days. I tried pushing out while peeing one evening (I think it was Thurs.) and nothing came out. I woke up the following morning with terrible stomach pains, figuring my intestines were *full* (this was aggravated by it being my "time of the month," but I won't go there).
I sat down on the toilet, determined to dump at all costs. I started straining really hard, with my head hunched between my knees and my feet on tippy-toes. Nothing happened, so I started *pumping* my abdomen. After doing that, I felt as if the shit was ready to come out. I strained again, and a hard long slowwwwwwly and painfully came out of my butt. I pumped my abdomen again, and more stuff came out. The shit got softer as it moved on; I think the hard log stuck closest to my anus *blocked* everything else above. I ended up spending about 20 minutes in there. No out-of-the-ordinary dorm mate stories to report this time.
Andre, yes, I've seen, and used, the "stage" toilets in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. I've also peed into the "holes in the ground" that pass for toilets in many public bathrooms. Drew, I'm interested in both females and males going to the bathroom. I find that my female friends are more comfortable in talking about their bathroom habits, not to mention going in the presence (meaning using adjacent stalls) than male acquaintances. My boyfriend, Tom, has *zero* interest in this matter; I've talked to him about this, and he told me I have a "fetish" Maybe he's right. Later, all. Peace, Steph

Khris (Chris), please tell us as many of your incidents as you can remember. Since both sexes use the name, Chris, may I assume you are female? Welcome to the site!

Hi , can someone tell me this :
1) Is it good or bad to pis and/or poop in the ocean
2) Do you have any more stories about peeing/pooping in the ocean , pond , stream , or in the woods??

It has always helped me, to hear about others accidents, it makes me feel like I'm not alone! u know? Please post some of your stories! I guess we are a lot a like!

Sunday, November 02, 1997

I was interested in Drew's post. It's true that interest in other people's shitting habits is basically sexual. I agree too that while I enjoy reading the women's description of what goes on the ladies room, I too get much more turned on by men shitting. I'm sure also that Drew is right in saying that it is basically a virility symbol. It is macho to fart loudly and produce huge smelly dumps.

New Guy
There are times when my split stream runs backward along the head and I end up wetting my hand even though it is behind the hole and close to my body. I don't have a good stream after wanking or sex. It takes a while for my valves to switch back over. From time to time I take herbal products for weight loss and I've noticed a significant size increase in my turds. They get really big and I get very crampy beforehand. I have to go, I'll bbl.

To answer UWSP:
Most weekends I go for a swim in the ocean and have observed that when I'm in the water I get the urge to pee. I thought I was the only one to feel like this. I pee in the ocean, which is not a problem since it gets diluted.
You asked how often do you need to pee. During the day I go @ every 5 hours without feeling uncomfortable. I've always prefered to wear briefs.

This is a very interesting site that I just discovered while surfing. The story that I have is about a friend that pooped in his underwear when a group of us were snowmobiling last winter. We are all between 13 and 18 and have snowmobiles that we ride whenever we have good snow. Well, this time we were riding on some good trails thru some fields and wooded areas and had gone a long way from the house when we stopped for a break. He was really squirming and said that he had to go bad. Well, if you know snow suits, there is no easy way to get out of them fast and he also had on long underwear. So he couldn't hold it in any longer and before he could get everything off he had let out a couple of logs into his underwear and pissed a little but he didn't have to piss all that bad so he could hold the rest of it. He decided since it already happened and it was below freezing that he would just keep riding and deal with it when he got back home. So he climbed back on the snowmobile and we rode for awhile more until it started getting dark and we all decided to head back to another friends barn for awhile. When we got there he got completely undressed except for his shirt and stuff and looked at his long underwear. They were messed pretty bad and had poop smashed into the bottom, so he wadded them up and stuck them behind some 55 gallon drums and wiped himself with some rags and put his pants and snow suit back on. He said he needed to get home for dinner and would clean off some more later. We all took a long piss but no one else had to poop then. He took some grief over this for awhile afterwards but it could happen you know.

Dear Ketty
Congratulations and thank you for your stories. I take it you are Italian..Molto bene...I'd love to go to the Fuerteventura beach if I have a chance one day. Could you please tell me where it is located (I presume Spain because you said it was on the Atlantic..)
Thank you.

Hi, my name is Khris (it's really "Chris," but I've noticed many Chrisses on here, so I'll use "Khris" as my code name). My friend Jodi told me all about this site.
I'm an athletic, tall (5ft 11 in), 19 year old college student. As Jodi mentioned, I'm Lactose Intolerant. I've read most of the postings on here. Blake, I literally had tears welling in my eyes as I read your postings; I can't belive how much we're alike!!!! I've never personally known anybody else who has my digestive problem, until I met Jodi.
I would love to share many of my stories with you. I've gone to the bathroom in almost every kind of venue, usually not of my choosing. Please let me know if you're interested. Khris

story: last summer we went out for the day and got the bus back home. I had drunk quite a lot at tea time and the bus was taking simply ages and was very crowded. I had to sit on my dad's knee and I started to need the toilet. Soon I wanted to go real bad and told dad. He said I would have to wait till we got off the bus. I put my hands over the front of my shorts and squezed a little to stop the urge. Then it got really bad and I had to go real fast. Dad said to hold it as we were getting off in a few stops. I tried, but it was starting to come out. I could't hold it any longer and the pee started to make a damp patch on my pants. Then I really started to go and the pee burst out all over my shorts and into dad's lap and made a puddle on the floor of the bus. There was a boy sitting near by and he saw it all and I was so embarassed. We got off the bus and had to walk home with everybody looking at us.

Saturday, November 01, 1997

story: Well hello y'all. I got another interesting dump from the past. When I was in the 6th grade, our family took a trip to Disney World for Spring Break. One day, we went to a place called "River Country" which was basically a water park. Pretty cool place to play and hang out. While I was there, I had to take a good crap and walked into the bathroom/locker room. Most of the stalls were occupied but I saw one stall that looked like it was not in use. I walked in and there was a kid who looked like he was my age was sitting on the john. I said, "Excuse me" and then he said, "I am taking a good hard shit". We started to chat and as soon as the stall next door opened, I took it and we both continued to talk. I got done before he did but I listened to him crap. It sounded nasty with a lot of farting. I finally heard a big plop with a few trialing little plops. We both walked out after he was done and said, "so long".
On another item, when my wife takes a crap, she is very private.
In the bathroom by my office, when the door is closed, I can see through a crack and she usually sits very leaned over position. A funny item, she wlked to the bathroom with a magazine and I made a joke, "Going to do a little sitting ?" and reacts kinda of shy with a fake laugh.

In my experience split streaams come when I am either partially erect or have recently been wanking. But they can be very embarrassing, you can get one of the streams on your clothes.

pooping girl
Had dinner at a fast food restaurant last night and about an hour after I got home I grabbed a magazine and was heading to the toilet. I sat down and started to grunt and passed a loud wet fart. I strained again and a big load of jobbies started . It came out and was making crackling noises out of my fanny. The jobbies were small but solid and there was alot of them. I had alot of gas very loud and smelly, and 2 more waves of poop making the same noises. Of course I tinkled also. About 30 minutes after I finished I had my pants and underpants bunched up around my ankles again with my fanny on the toilet grunting out another load of gas and jobbies very much like the first load. I had one more trip to thetoilet a while later for more of the same. I got alot of my magazine read while I was leaning forward on my toes grunting.

hello love the stories keep 'em comin

I am a freshman in college. When I was at the pool last night, I felt the need to pee. I ran into the lockerroom and unloaded about a quart in 7 seconds. Have any of you ever had to pee in the pool? How often do you need to pee? Guys, do you prefer boxers or briefs? 67% of men wear briefs.

Lots More.

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