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Dear people, here are some other accidents happened to me, as I just tought of them. The first I want to share happened while in my last year of high school. Me and 4 other girls where partying, and we tought of a fart contest, but, as two of us pooped their own panties while farting, in the past (not in a contest, just on the road), we put as a rule that we have not to mess the panties. And to check the rule, we naked ourselves in bra and panties. Straining, all of us farted once, then twice, then the thing got worse:at the third round the first of us pooped. A bit of mushy semiliquid shit oozed in her panties, and she bittered running towards the toilet, loading again her panties. We waited for her to finish and clean, and then we continued the match. (not that we are used to do this farting contests, but we talked among us about guys doing this things, and then decided to try. First time only one could fart, then we thought we had t strain a little) We farted a little, but I felt something inide of me moving. I've been a little constpated in that period, so I kept pushing, trying to move something. In the fourth round two gave up, then it was my turn. I pushed, and felt something big coming, so I pushed harder and KABOOM, I shot a rock-hard turd in my white lace panties, with a big explosive fart. I ran to to toilet, while keeping pushing, and exploded again. I should have had the seat of my panties mid tights, but finally, when I sat down on the loo, I could poop. When I was over, the last girl had to try: she pushed, and then she gave up, then she wanted to retry, pushing again. She made the wettest sounding fart I've ever heard and then started flooding her panties with wet liquid shit, that went through her crotch and runned down her legs. She was over before she reached the toilet, but she was a real mess.
The second accident happened first time I went to Italy, for work. I remember I was wearing a pair of the protective panties I told in my first post. I was driving in a highway, and I remember I thought I'd better have gone to the toilet before driving. Then I rmember only being concentrated in driving on a road I've never done. I realized I must piss when I felt some slight spurt flow in the padded crotch of the panties. Then I looked for a rest, like some stops there used to be in Italian highways. I read the sign and turned on my direction ndicator, preparing to steer in the entrance of the stop, when a car coming from the back hit me. In the same moment the car hi me I relased a big spurt of piss and a small hard turd in my protective panties. I was wearing a miniskirt, so I think nobody could notice. I parked the car, and then got out. So did the man who hit me. I told him to wait for me, while I was going to the bathroom, but he said he is late and he has to leave fatser than possible. I tried to explain, but he took out insurance sheets, and started to write down. I had to stay there, and I felt my bowels moving. At the moment the spurt I let out was enough to relieve my bladder, at least for the moment, but I felt the absorbant crotch of the panties soaked. He was about to finish, when My anus let the grip and I let out a couple of big turds in my panties. In the moment the man signed my copy of the insurance sheet and went to his car, i started to waddle to the restroom, just to finish my work, but I had to took out my panties, rinse them and then got to the car without them. I managed to put another pair on, and went finally to my destination. At the moment I bought many pairs of this protective panties, wich are clothes and are re-usable they say 200 times. I have 6 medium protection, 4 heavy protection, which are slighty bulging, though, and 3 light protection just in case of thight clothes. Otherwise I use panties and pads, or an Attends.
The last accident I can remember well is a very horrendous one, but the one who helped to find my boyfriend. It happened in Italy, and it was my fault. I was constipated, and I tried to drink a new laxative, hot water with some salt, to make it go through the intestines and purge out bowels. But the ting didn't work. At least, It was my tought. I decided to go out for some shopping, when I felt uncomfortable, so I decided to go back to my apartment. I was on the Milan Underground, when the pressure inside of me become unbearable, and a fisrt spurt of wet poop went in my panties. I felt wet, and reached my panties, pretending to adjuste the crotcg. I felt wery wet, it soaked the fabric. I was wearing a skirt and pantyhose. A strong cramp hit me and I lost control, flooding myself and the train I was on with a brown liquid, that flowed from my anus through my panties, and my legs. I run out form the car as the door opened, and I didn't know where I was. I started to run, with the werm liquid still flowing (I drunk at least 5 litres of the thing). I stopped in an alley, rising the back of my skirt. I saw a boy running behind me and entering the same alley, with my bag in his hand. Thank god I forgot it on the train. I was thinking what to do when a strong cramp again hit me, making me force out a load of semi solid poop, which stayed in my panties, and a flood of piss. I started crying, while the boy tried to cuddle me. We met again, and now he is my boyirend.
And so here are some sightings and anecdotes from the naturist zone of the dunes beach of Fuerteventura. I am a naturist, but I don't like to waste or mess nature, just to feel free and in contact with nature, while many people I saw tried to ruin this beautiful space. Most part of the people in this zone was composed by German and Scandinavian girls, aging 20-30, or families with children. Man times I saw young couples made up of a naked girl and a guy with bathsuit. There were just a few naked boys in there. The concerning thing was that I spotted several times a wet sand zone under the butt and between the legs of the girl that was sunbathing, and I didn't realized what It was due to until I saw: those ladies pissed right in the place they were, sometimes just spreading the legs a bit, sometimes squatting and sometimes just letting go. I saw also many girls bleeding for the period without pads or tampons, but this is another story. As I've said in my previous post, many naturist also used the Fortes (oops, I realized that this is Italian spelling, the right spelling is Fuertes), as toilets for going #2, and many shy girls also to pee. I've seen many girls and guys just standing up, legs spread, and letting go.
I was impressed by a girl about 14 in age, with that kind of body which is half woman and half girl, wich had a double accident in the same day. She was at the beach with her family: father, mother, 20 something years old sister and her. Her sister was a gorgeous German girl, with a nice athletic body, shaved crotch and tampax string showing, and acted like she was completely in comfort with the nudist situation, while the girl I was looking at was much more shy. In the late morning I spotted this girl fidgeting and crossing her legs, while sunbathing. her sister and her mother had already pissed in their own place, while she seemed a bit disgusted, or not so keen to do the same. She was fighting with her bladder, I knew this when I saw her hands going to her crotch for moments and wipe her ittle vagina or her inner thights. At one point she asked her mother to go in the sea, maybe for releiving herself without being seen, but her mother nodded because the sea was very rough (and this is Atlantic ocean, at least 4 mt waves) Then she and her sister begun quarrelling on peeing, and the girl was losing drips and spurts every time she loosed a little the grip of her bladder muscles. The girl was now holding herself, doubling, and when she decided to go to a Fuerte, it was just too late: I could see spurts glistening between her fingers, at her crotch, and she finished just squatting and letting her pee go. In the afternoon she had lost her battle even with her bowels. I followed all the scene, because she was laying just in axis with me, with my head pointing her crotch. between her legs, and when i was laying on my belly I could see her whole crotch just rising a bit my head. I heard some farts from her, and that made her other and her sister cry out her, she dirty little girl. She then sitted, hands on her ????, wiping, and then she lay on her stomach, with her legs a bit open. I am quite a voyeur so I fixed my eyes on her behind, knowing that something was happening to her in a short time. A minute later I heard her grunting a little, and then I saw something getting out from her cheeks. She should have also realized, because she lowered her hands on her cheeks, stood up, letting me see a little bit of poop stuck between her cheeks, and run to a Fuerte, where she pooped for about 5 minutes.
I wasn't used to the fact of this public peeing, even if naturist are used to pee in the places they are, but hiding a little, and I even pissed my bathsuit sometimes on purpose, just because I didn't want to go to a toilet or I ha on a one-piece bathsuit wich was difficult to take out. This time I met a german girl who taught me how to piss in tat way, and it was bad, because of my problem: after my potty training, even if I am not physically incontinent, when I am focused on a thing wich involves me in a total way, such as a new task, something straining, something that put pressure on me, I feel my need to empty only when I feel my bladder letting out a spurt, a drip (when I am lucky), or my panties soaking (when I am not). I think this is kind of psycological condithion, but I have o wear at least protective panties or a diaper.
This new kind of naturist potty training led me to some accidents, that I told in my previous post, and some bedwetting, controlled by my remaining pads. (It's not comfortable to seep with a pad on, when you are not on your period, but I had to do that to keep my panties clean.
Back to the naturists, I saw two major solid accidents: the first was a kind of strange accident: A 30ish girl, which had got a cold, (that's strange, but maybe it was due to air conditioning in the hotels and hot out) had a quite embarassing fit of sneeze: at the first sneeze she let out a huge fart, that made her face red, she kept one hand on her mouth and placed the other between her legs, At the second sneeze she pressed her hand on her butt, as she was holding or hiding something, at the third sneeze her anus exploded, letting out a load of semi hard poop, that she let on the place squatting and finishing the work. The second accident I witnessed was embarassing but maybe it could be avoid: a girl maybe same age of the previous, while squatting to pee, let out some litle juicy farts, not intentionally, because she was trying to keep them, but hat to front a flood of diarreah that burts out of her anus, messing her cheeks, her legs and a big part of the sand around her.
The girl who taught me how to pee naturist like had a god exibition of herself the day after the night I met her: laying on the sand she spread her legs, rised a knee and let out a golden arc of pee She also taught me how to piss on the beach without being spotted, just sitting legs crossed, digging a little hole with a toe and then covering up a little. If one is enough skilled she could move her bikiny crotch out of aim and piss without wetting anything.
I've recorded just two pee accidents, because many girls let out floods without making it seem so. The first happened to a drunk girl, laughing for something I couldn't understand (they were speaking German, but full of slang and mumbled for the alcohol), she doubled over while laffing, the second time pressing both hande at her crotch, then she stood, shaking hands and pointing her crotch, that seemed to me a little wet, then still laughing let out some spurts and then a golden stream.
The other accident happened to a runner, in her mid twenties, wich was wearing just a pair of running shoes. I saw her running with another naked girl, slightly younger, and I noticed she was running in a strange way, trying to keep her upper legs tight, sometimes pressing two fingers on her pussy. She passed near me, but She was perspirating, so I wasn't sure if she was holding her pee, until I heard a gasp and a "oh, god!", and I saw a stream of pee running down her legs from her crotch, while she stopped for a moment and then started again her run.
I spotted also a group of young "diaper girls": I saw a girl with a skirt coming from a car, and she seemed looking for someone. She stopped near a fuerte, and started undressing. Under her skist she was wearing a thin Attends like diaper, and she remained there standing, all naked except for the diaper. She was young, about 18-20 years old, I didn't believed she was true incontinent, because she just could wear a bathsuit and wash it, and I didn't believed she had her period, because the diaper was bulky only for blood. A little later there came two girls who greeted her, They went near a fuerte and begun to undress too: they were wearing also diapers, bigger and closed. They take off their diapers also and layed on the sand. I passed there just to control: Only one of the three diapers (wich were showing near the fuerte) had a little yellow spot in fornt, and the three girls were dry. Propably they were only exibitionists
Another thing that impressed me was the way they managed thier own period: Someone just bleeded without pad or tampons, most part used tampons with string showing between their legs, I spotted a girl with a white bikini panty and a thin pad which sticked out the sides of the crotch and bulked on the back, and then, in the afternoon she just pulled down her panties and changed the pad. Once I spotted a girl who went to the beach with thight cycling-like pants, a big bulki maxipad and changed herself to a tampon un the beach.
Hope It was good for you. I maybe have some more anecdotes, if You want!

To Brielle:
I've read of your problems while flying, even if I didn't understood how it happens. My problem is that when I am focused on important activities, I find out that I have to pee when I fill my bladder losing some drops or even spurts. The accidents I had on an airplane were due to turbulence (maybe I was scared), or to activities such as eating or watching the movie. I think if I were a pilot I would pee myself every flight, or even poop (The same happens with my bowels, but I am quite regular, so I can control it). When I am working, in a teamwork or over a project, I should wear a pad or protective panties, in order to prevent laeking. I played volleyball for a long time, but I've never peed myself on court.