Lynn, How fortunate you are to have a bidet. They are very, very rare in the USA. Where, may I ask, do you live? Thanks for the report.

No doors on the two stalls of a Ladiesroom that is also visited by men...They must be doing it purposely...Lucky you. I hope you have a very very good time indeed and that you report your sightings for the benefit of all of us. Thank you for having tried to pinpoint the exact location of The Vampire Bar. I am going to check my City Atlas after my Internet session and check the place out at my first opportunity. It might not be tonight though, for we had our first (and early) wintersorm today and there is 8 inches of white stuff on the street.
Regards and Enjoy Yourself.
To Lynn...Welcome back. Believe me, we are a small community of Cyber-friends enjoying the same things that nobody here would dare say publicly but that we all express freelay here. So, please, be a fearless and regular contributor. Thank you for your precise description of your sitting position. The only thing missing was actually your average sitting time. I kinow that some girls here have clocked themselves not too long ago. Actually, Lynn, I am reacting to something very interesting that you said about the interest of men for women with their pants down. Thankfully, my interest for women is not limited to these very situations when they are sitting on the toilet, but I am sure that a psychoanalysis would reveal that my interest for women bathromm habits is more or less connected with a feeling of superiority that some men enjoy because they do not have to lower themselves to pee (the only girl that I "know" who does not sit or squat is Jilian who has posted something to this effect yesterday). To New Guy... I do not think that you have to fear somebody in a public bathroom looking at your penis while you're sitting on the toilet. When a man is sitting, the penis is below seat level and in the dark, making it absolutely invisible to anyone who would try and who would have to come so close to the crack in the hope of seeing anything that you would notice his presence. To Steph and Jodi: I am soooo..glad to hear from you, because the last time you posted was quite some time ago. I thought that using dorm bathrooms would increase your chances of pooing together with other girls and that we would get good stories here.. Well, just be patient I suppose. Love to all of ya.

Saturday, November 15, 1997

It takes me a lot of courage to put my contribution into here, hence the gap since my last post. Thanks Cory and Susan for your reassurance. I think my interest in others 'going' is because my own performances are so run of the mill. I usually go after breakfast each morning. My mode of operation is much like Cory's friend, I don't push and grunt, just sit there and let it come out naturally. I do fart before hand sometimes and can pee at the same time. I haven't noticed any change in consistency through the monthly cycle. I do occasionally need a second go later in the day, especially if I have been eating fruit or other roughage. I sit with my feet flat to the ground and fairly upright, usually reading a magazine. I find reading helps relax the bowel muscles. It is usually a satisfying experience. When I have had a big one, then I feel really satisfied. I wipe from the side, and since I almost always do this at home, I then use the bidet to thoroughly wash my bottom (! front and rear).
It may be sexual that men are turned on by women sitting with their pants down dropping their waste, perhaps they like the thought of us in a disadvantageous situation. I believe my embarrassment and secrecy over this is probably down to having something happen over which I only have partial control, and I would not want to be seen that way.
Sometimes I get the urge for a mid day BM particularly like now when I have been looking at posts and writing this which I regard as very daring. The feeling is building and a little gas has just escaped so must hurry away to let it all out.
Just finished. If you want to know I was wearing a short skirt and black tights. I lifted my skirt lowered my tights and black lace panties before sitting. The BM's came quite quickly, before the pee started and with little gas. There was not a lot but it was quite soft and deep brown. Odour there but not strong. Five wipes and a wash completed the mission. I feel quite refreshed now.

I've started taking a Beano (anti-gas medicine) pill every morning to see if it helps make me "regular." I had a few slices of pizza the other night- the next morning, when I took a crap, it was soft, but I hardly passed any gas (I've said before that I usually pass a *LOT* of gas when going after consuming Lactose). Some guy, I wouldn't say *most* of us are LI, but then again, I didn't even realize it until a couple of months ago. Steph, my friend, I pull my pants down to my knees before going, regardless of the weather [the bathrooms at my school are not drafty - HA HA :-)]. Jodi

Pooping girl
Steph: In response to your question,I usually pull my pants and underpants down to just past my knees when I just have to tinkle, but they are usually down around my ankles when Im doing jobbies, just more comfortable for me when pushing. When wearing dresses with pantihose I dont push them down as far as it is inconvenient as Im sure you know. When I go to the toilet just wearing underpants under my skirt they always seem to end up on top of my shoes around my ankles whateverI am sitting there doing.

New Guy (L.I.)
Some Guy -- Most asians are lactose intolerant. Something like 80-90% of them.
I was watching TV with my girlfriend. She fell asleep and started to snore. She awoke with a start when she realized she was snoring and she accidentally cut a fart at the same time. It was pretty wicked. I was actually suprised. I wonder if there is a relationship with how pretty a girl is and how bad her farts smell. You would think that a pretty girls farts wouldn't be that bad.
As far as peeing in the trough is concerned, I haven't done that since I was a little kid, but the other day I went into this tourist dive of a restaurant and instead of having a urinal, there was simply a tub and a toilet. Above the tub was a pipe that was draining water to was the pee away. It also had a sign saying that you were supposed to pee in the tub. I looked at the other guys in the restroom and then proceeded into the stall. I really don't care to pee in front of another guy without a partition. I'll pee in the shower, but its my shower and I'm usually by myself.
As far as pulling my pants down, if I'm in a public toilet, I'll keep my pants high enough so that no one can see my penis if they are peering thru the crack in the door. If I'm at home I pull then down past the knee so that my pants don't touch the porcelain of the toilet itself.

To Art: In junior high our boys locker room stalls had no doors since nothing else in the locker room had anything near privacy. I remember seeing guys taking dumps with their gym shorts pulled just below their butt cheeks and their jockstraps still up, but have no clue how they pissed unless they just pulled the jockstrap aside. One other event was on the football team there was this guy named Chuck who was a real good player and who shit himself in his football uniform twice on the practice field. I am pretty sure it was an accident the first and he couldn't stop himself, but he filled his uniform with a big load during practice. You could smell shit but you couldn't tell from looking because the field was so muddy that everyone's uniforms were brown. But when we went back to the locker room to change out after practice, he went into the stalls and pulled his pants down and did a lot of wiping of his butt and wiped the crotch of his uniform before hitting the showers.! I guess he took his uniform home and washed it like the rest of us and got all the shit out. It must have felt wierd to play with a load of shit in his pants but he never let on. His locker was in the same row as mine and his underwear was always brown stained in the rear so I guess he just was real relaxed about shitting and wiping. The second time I think he knew he had to shit because he tried to go before practice but no luck and then when the urge hit out on the practice field in the middle of practice he just let it go and took a shit in his pants like before figuring he could just clean it up later. Everyone smelled his shit this time really bad and I don't think he ever did it again after that.

Mathew, I saw that you have an interest in pinching a loaf at a college or university. I take great pleasure in that as well. Before I left Indianapolis to move to Colorado, about once a week, I went to Butler University's library to look at newspapers and magazines that I couldn't find anywhere else. I usually went downstairs to take a big crap as well. The mens room had two stalls, side by side. There was usually someone in there and it was kinda' fun to joke and make noise with each other.
Another item, the high school I went to had no doors in the bathrooms and I always enjoyed taking a crap there in my H.S. days. The bathrooms were frequently used.

Friday, November 14, 1997

In response to Hank's posting of a few days ago, I have often *had* to use the trough in the boys room. I am the only girl in the family and I learned to pee standing up early on like my brothers. First, I found out with a few simple tricks I can hit any target. (Just spread the legs and spread the lips, tilt, and push, if you must know!) Also I found I can shoot it farther and heavier than my brothers can, though I dont know why. Alex- I find that during my period the smell of my dumps gets a little nastier, is all. Softer, too. Keep posting!

Hi guys! It's gotten very cold in my corner of New England, especially during the mornings. I don't get cold easily, but the bathrooms at my college can be drafty. When using the toilet, I usually pull my pants (I very rarely wear dresses, as you recall) down below my knees before going. Since it's been very cold, I've kept my pants down just far enough so my butt's exposed to the toilet. When taking a dump, I've been pushing into my abdomen more than usual since it's not as easy (for me) to put my head between my knees.
Question for everyone, male (taking a dump) and female: how far down do you pull down your pants before sitting on the toilet? I remember this being a survey question, but I've seen very little actually written on here.
Peace, Steph

Some Guy
I've been reading the posts and I realized that most of the people in this forum are lactose intolerant! A few of you have wrote it in a post but could people who are lactose intolerant just write something like " L.I." at the end of their next post? I'm lactose intolerant and maybe there's some connection between being L.I. and finding the bathroom experience erotic....

jamie (11)
Today after school dad picked us up in the car with a girl who lives a few streets away because her mum was going to be late from work and she was in our class. Near the end of the last lesson she was beginning to figet and cross her legs. When the bell went we rushed over to her and told her to get her bag because dad would be waiting and had to out that night. We rushed to the gate and sure enough dad was there. Simon and me got into the back seats and we let her get into the front. On the way home there were some new road works and the was a big que of traffic. Jannet was beginning to hold her skirt and said to dad that she had to go toilet. Dad said it was not far to go till we got home and it would not be long. We moved forward a few feet and stopped again. This went on for what seemed ages. Jannet was really beginning to wriggle and was going red. "I have to pee now" she said. Dad said she would have to hold it till we got to some toilets because there was nowhere to go here. "I can't she said. "If I wet myself my mum will get real mad and smack me." she said. "Alright dad said, but you will have to pee on the seat, but don't tell amyone or they will all want to do it." Simon and me were watching her real close as she lifted her skirt above her waist showing us the top of her legs. She was not wearing any knickers! (later she told us they were in her school bag because they got a bit dirty after lunch when she went to the toilet for a poo.) She opened her legs wide and sat back in the seat like it was a toilet. Just then we could hear the hiss of her pee and saw a bright yellow stream shoot out and soak the car seat. At first it made a long narrow dark patch then it spread into a big round puddle as she finished and lowered her skirt carefully over her legs but not touching the seat. We promised not to tell and dad cleaned up the seat when we got back home. We both got so excited that both of us peed in our shorts at the same time. We did not change them till we went to bed and it was good feeling the cold wet cloth next to our skin and the smell of the piss as it slowly dried out. Jamie.

Last night my brother and me were having a game of rough and tumble with our dad. My brother is 11 and I am 12. We were getting really excited and my brother was sitting on top of dad. I started to ticke him and he started laughing and wriggling. "Don't" he said, "I want to go wee." But I continued and then he said "Stop it I'm going to go. I mean it." Just after that a little damp patch appeared on his shorts. Between fits of laughter he said "oh no stop its coming." I said I didnt believe him, but then he completely lost control and did a big wee. The front of his shorts now had a really big wet patch on them and he was really pissing them. I stopped tickling him and said "sorry Jamie" but it was too late he could not stop the flood which went all over dad's track suit bottoms. You could smell the wee and he started to cry, but dad said it was okay and didnt really mind. Sometimes he wet himself anyway he said. We finished the game and dad went and got changed. Jamie and me then played schools and it finished with me having to stand in the corner for being naughty. He made me stand still with my hands behind my back. That was the worst part because I now really wanted the toilet. I really needed to wee but what was worse I felt like a poo was beginning to come. I had to stand there in the corner to the end of school which was not for another five minutes. I tried to pull back but my bladder was beginning to go wild and I could not stop the feeling. The pressure built up to much and a little pee came out. I triedto stop it but it just came and I let go. The front of my shorts went all wet and it spread down the font of the legs. As I kept weeingit ran down my thighs as I lowered my head and saw the wee run down both my legs. It was all warm and felt really great. My socks went all warm as I filledmy slippers and made a little puddle in the corner. But worse was to come, just as the wee was stopping. I had to go poo and I just let it come out. What the hell my pants were soaking and would have to be washed so what difference did a little poo make? Only it wasn't a little poo. It was a really big soft poo and we could all smell it. Dad took me into the toilet and cleaned me up. Jamie had got his own back and we were now both in pyjamas and ready for bed.

In our high school, the boy's bathroom next to the locker room had very short partitions between the toilets, so you could see guys sitting there right out in the open. I remember seeing one guy sitting on the toilet taking a shit with his jock strap on. The strange conflict between modesty (not taking his jock down while he was shitting) and lack of modesty (he didn't seem to mind sitting there taking a shit in front of everybody) seemed odd at the time (and still does).

To Philippe: I believe the name of that place was just "The Vampire Bar". I am looking at my map of Toronto and I think I have its location circledd as being at Queen St. and Claremont. This is a storefront building with a regular bar on the first floor facing the street. The Vampire Bar entrance is in the back of the building. You go down a stairway and in a basement entrance. There is no sign and it looks kind of spooky. I found it on the Internet by setting my search engine for Toronto Bars and Nightclubs. Someone asked if there are two Johns here and I believe there are. I will refer to myself as John-Ohio to distinguish which is which. Also, Philippe asked if I still go into the lesbian bar in Ohio and the answer is no as it closed about a year and a half ago. I have recently found another gay bar in a big city that is mostly male but gets a couple of dozen females on Friday nights. It is a dark dance club. The "women's room" is effectively unisex and there are no doors on the two stalls in it. I am going there tomorrow night so should have more to report next week.

Thursday, November 13, 1997

To John: evidently, we share a common interest for unisex bathrooms in gay bars. It is too bad that you cannot recall the location of the place in Toronto that you are describing, because I would chech it out first thing. Do you remember if it was close to a major artera, and if yes, a north-south or east-west ? There is one place that I thought of upon reading your brief description, but it was in the downtown core, by Yonge Street. It was a pretty big dark place, with two unisex bathrooms. Unfortunately, and to my utmost chagrin, the place (That used to be called Comrads), closed 2 years ago. So, it cannot be that one. It could have been a place called "Colby's" on St. Joseph, but the washrooms were downstairs and the place was not really fit for advanced voyeurism, although some girls would occasionally use the boys room. I loved your description of that other place in Ohio. Do you still go there?

not tellin'
It seems like there are two John's in i right? Too chicken to post now maybe later.

New Guy
To Some Guy- I hate trying to pee while sitting down and having morning wood. Usually if the stream splits I lean at a 45 degree angle with my hand against the wall above the toilet. I just had to take a couple dumps. Both while I had guests. I hate that they know that I'm shitting. It must have been all the dairy products in the meal. I'm still crampy. Lots of gas. I don't mind the crampiness and the gas as long as a lengthy fart can pick up a few passengers on the way out so its not a total loss. I still feel like I want to shit, but there's nothing in there for my ass to really grab a hold of to push out. As far as going in a public bathroom, I usually tend to find a public toilet stall that like and stick with it. I'm very faithful that way. There was a hotel where I used to live that had the BEST toilets. It had that commercial seat that really hugs your ass and spreads your cheeks just right for that maximum shitting experience that we all love so much. I would drive out of my way just to shit in that stall. My friends all thought I was crazy. I think they have yet to experience a truly satisfying crap session.

This is in response to Traz's post about going in public restrooms. I too love to go in a public bathroom, especially in a college. If I am within five miles of a college, I detour, go to the student union or the library, and sit in a stall in the mens room. I love to sit there and listen to other dudes come in and drop their loads, smelling the different odors, listening to the farts plops etc. and watching the feet as they wipe. One bathroom has a mirror in front of the stall. If I sit in the middle stall, I can peak out through the crack and actually see the guy as he enters the adjacent stall. Then there is a shiney tile wall in back, and you can watch the guy as he wipes after he finishes. It's very exciting.

Wednesday, November 12, 1997

I'm a 20 y.o. guy and I remember when I was 5-6 y.o. I wanted privacy in the bathroom. When I was 7-8, I didn't really care. I have 2 sisters and a brother. We were always rushed in the morning getting ready for school and got tired waiting for our turn in the bathroom. We decided to all use the bathroom together. So I never had any qualms about going in front of others after that.

This is in response to Traz's post about going in public restrooms. I too love to go in a public bathroom, especially in a college. If I am within five miles of a college, I detour, go to the student union or the library, and sit in a stall in the mens room. I love to sit there and listen to other dudes come in and drop their loads, smelling the different odors, listening to the farts plops etc. and watching the feet as they wipe. One bathroom has a mirror in front of the stall. If I sit in the middle stall, I can peak out through the crack and actually see the guy as he enters the adjacent stall. Then there is a shiney tile wall in back, and you can watch the guy as he wipes after he finishes. It's very exciting.

I remember one time when I went to play in the woods with my girl friend we had been playing hide and seek and she needed to go toilet because she was holding her pants. "What's wrong I said?" "I need to go pee pee real bad." she said "But theres no toilets." "You will have to do it in you pants (she was wearing cycle shorts) then." I said. "But mum will kill me." she replied. "Well do it there then" I said pointing to a bush. "Will you keep guard" she said. "Yes, okay" and I had to stand with my back to her and keep watch, but there was nobody else there in the woods. I heard a hissing sound and wished I could watch her. After a few minutes she got up and we started playing again. A little later we got on our bikes to go home and as I started pedling. I felt I had to poo and wee real bad. I said " I have to go toilet now as well." She said cant you wait till you get home and i said "no I need to go wee wee and poo poo real bad." She pointed over to the bush where she had gone before and said "Go there!" "Okay" I said "but will you watch out for me?" "Yes" she said, so I got off my bike and went over to the bush and looked for the damp grass where she had done her wee. When I found it I pulled down my swim shorts and they dropped to my ankles. As I bent over the poo started to come and I was also doing my wee wee. I couldnt help it and I couldnt stop even if my girlfriend was watching me go toilet. When I had finished she found me some dock leaves and said "Use these" "thanks" I said and pulled up my shorts when I had finished. She looked at the little plops I had just done and smiled. "I have never seen a boy go to the toilet like that before." She said. "Ithought you were real cute." and she gave me a little kiss on my cheek. I blushed and thoght I was going to catch fire. then I said "Ive never seen a girl pee." "I might let you look next time then" she said. We went home for lunch.

I left work in a rush today after a busy day forgetting to go to the toilet. I picked up the kids from school by which time I was needing to pee. As I fought through the traffic the urge to pee was getting real bad, but I managed to hold on. We parked the car as usual just round the corner and hurried home. The pee was just starting to come as I opened the garden gate and a little squirt went into my undies. I fumbled through my pockets to find the key ring. In my eagerness to open the door I dropped the keys on the path and let go a little more pee as I bent down to pick them up. The bladder muscles were really beginning to contract now and I could not hold back. I put the wrong key in the lock and had to find the right key on the ring. By this time I was really peeing my pants and could not stop it. Finally I got the door open as the pee started running down my legs and was making a big puddle on the floor. You could hear the hiss and the splash as the pee made a puddle. My oldest boy 11, said "Dad I think your wetting your pants!", to which I replied "Yes, Simon I know I AM wetting my pants." I stood there for a minute whilst I finished peeing and we went into the house.
As usual I had to change both boys diapers (they wet and poo themselves and need to wear diapers at school). They had both pooed themselves and it had squashed round their legs and made quite a mess. I put them on a baby mat and used baby wipes to clean them up. Their diapers were also very wet as usual. I think they really like being treated like little babies and being cleaned up. By the time I had done this I was needing a poo myself and it was building up. One of their friends had come round by this time and had gone into the toilet so I had to wait and I was getting really desperate by the time he said he'd finished. This meant he had pooed and wanted his bottom wiped. I went in, stood him up and turned him round. As he bent over I felt my poo beginning to poke out. I cleaned his bottom and pulled up his undies and shorts for him. As I stood up I felt the first log in my pants, and by the time I had dressed him I had filled my pants.
There were two short thin logs in the toilet before I started. I dropped my pants and carefully took then off. I slowly lowered my briefs and tipped the mushy poo into the bowl. They were really messy and I must have used half a role of toilet paper in cleaning them and in wiping the worst off my bottom and legs where it had spread. Finally I used some baby wipes to clean off the rest of the poo. I had to flush the toilet twice to get rid of all the mess, and put everything into the washer-dryer.
Does any one else haveaccidents like this and do they have any boys who pee and poo themselves?

Hey John, I read your post about the girl in school who you wanted to use the urinal. It reminded me of a similar time, sort of. I'm 18 and in my first year of college, but a few years ago in high school this girl (a friend, not a girlfriend) of mine had to pee real bad. I'm mean desperately. It was afterschool and the girls' and boys' toilets were being clearned. The boys' was much closer to where we were (rehearsing a school play). She was holding her self through her skirt (sort of short), and I suggested the boys' room. We walked, she actually ran, in, but there was a clearning guy in there washing out the stalls. (Only two of them)
Anyway, she stopped, looked around, and said, "Shit, if guys can use these so can I". She walked to a uninal, pulled up her skirt (God, I was turned on looking at her ass...she had on white tight panties). She pulled her panties to one side and began to pee massively. Her aim wasn't that good, however, and she was peeing in the urinal, down her legs, on her panties, as she tried to get it in the urinal. The cleaning guy and I just stared at her. She finally finished and manged to keep her skirt dry...but her panties were pretty wet.
She laughed about having to practice more. She was great.

To Philippe: I live in Ohio and was just in Toronto in May for a seminar. I enjoy finding gay bars where the restrooms are unofficially unisex so that is how I found the one at 501. I did ch3eck out one other bar in Toronto that loked like it had possibilities. It was a vampire bar on the west side of the downtown area (I don't remember the name but the entrance was at the rear of a storefront type building and it was downstairs). This place was quite large and cavernous. It was painted black and the restrooms were out of the way and looked like they got cross use. The place was quiet the night I was there but they said Saturday night was there busy night. The people who were in there were wearing black.
There used to be a lesbian bar in Ohio that I frequented. It had two tiny restrooms down a short corridor. One said "women" on the door and the second had no label on its door. This one had a sink, toilet and two person urinal trough in it. All were close together and there was no stall. Later on Saturday nights, when the place was crowded and the line for the "women's room" was long, the girls freely used this restroom. I often would just walk in while a girl was squatted over the stool andwatch her stream as she peed. Once I walked in and a girl was on the toilet and a second lady had just finished using the urinal trough. Another time I walked in and a girl was just standing there. When I came in, she pulled down her jeans and peed in front of me. Another time, it was late and I was standing in line and a tall attractive woman was in line in front of me. We started talking and when the restroom opened up she andI went in together still talking. She sat down and peed in front of me. When she was done, I said "I have to take one last pee before I leave". I took it out and peed for about 45 seconds into the trough. This girl stood right next to me and looked down watching me pee the whole time. Since it was almost closing time, we wished each other "a good night" and left.

Hi everyone,it is wonderful to read stories about guys taking dumps together. I love to talk to other guys when they are going. I have a story similar to Redneck. I was watching my friends boys over night for them. They were 8 and 11. They would think nothing of walking into bathroom ,drop pants and go. They did it while I was shaving one morning. I could hear the grunts,splashes and gas. I love to go to places where the stalls have no doors. They are hard to find. Hey guys keep up the great stories. I will relate more stories later.

I was interested in what Jay had to say about the sexual excitement of shitting for men being to do with the proximity of the prostate gland to the rectum. I'm sure he's right. But in general, as far as I can tell, most men seem to have to work much harder when they take a dump than women do. I think that could be due to the muscles in the lower half of the body. Women's muscles must be better adapted to pushing things out of the lower half of their body than men's muscles. Like Jay too, I would love to hear whether women do take advantage of the dump stall to masturbate. It's fairly standard practice with a lot of men (myself included).

Some guy
Here I am again. I wanted to say a few things. First- New Guy, unfortunently, I have split streams about 25% of the time, especially in the mornings when I've got morning wood. If you don't have an erection (or if you do wait till it goes down a little) and sit down on the toilet. I think that for all men it is nearly impossible to pee sitting down with an erection. Another thing I do is kneel before the toilet, making my penis just above the bowl where it's impossible to miss. I've got to try pinching to make the hole circular. I also wanted to share some bathroom stories. A few years ago, one of my friends (a guy) had to poop real bad. We were in my backyard and I went in the house because my mom called me or something. I came back out and my other friends told me he just took a dump in the back yard because he didn't know where my bathroom was.
At my school there are almost no doors on any guys bathrooms. Sometimes I REALLY have to go so I wait for the bathrooms with doors to become empty. Near my science class, there is a girls bathroom and the door is kept open for some reason. You can see about three stalls without going in. I like to look in and I've seen a few girls shoes below the door, but I never stare or look to long in case anyone sees me. There are too many people around that area to hear anything. I wish those girls stalls had no doors. I think the sexiest thing a woman can do is go to the bathroom (both #1 and #2).

Tuesday, November 11, 1997

I read some of the old posts and I was fascinated. I was always overly interested in toilets ever since I was a small child (I'm 16 now). I spend a lot of time sitting on the toilet and enjoying bowel movements. I always get an erection when I shit. I also like using urinals at school. I liked the posts about females using urinals in men's rooms. In my school, girls sometimes come into the boys restroom to be with their boyfriends and watch them go. One chick was interested in the urinals and stood there looking at them, at all the pee in the bottom and I heard her say: "Don't you guys ever flush these things?" I burst out laughing. Two other guys came in and demonstrated the use of the urinal for her. She had to go and we tried to get her to piss in a urinal but she didn't want to, so she used one of our toilets, with the door shut. We got to hear her tinkle though. Maybe some day we will get to see her use one of the urinals. I will keep everyone posted.

I've been reading the posts here for quite awhile and thought it was time I posted my own thoughts. I am a 29 year old male who has had a fascination with the bathroom for as long as I can remember. I knew I liked bathroom experiences before I knew I was gay and used to talk the neighbor girl into letting me watch her.
I have often thought I was the only one turned on by listening to or watching another guy use the bathroom. It's great to know that others are interested in this as well. I particularly liked Drew's memorable experience in the library john. Talking to the guy in the next stall is great!
My high school did not have doors on the stalls either. In fact, many of the johns had the mirror directly in front of the stalls. I would sometimes spend my lunch break waiting for someone to come in and sit down so I could leave, sneak a peak and then spend a lot of time combing my hair. Many times, if we were taking a dump together, they would comment on each splash, either theirs or mine. Something like, "Boom", "That was a big one" or 'What a relief". The more they talked, the more I liked it. Closed doors, don't allow that kind of interaction.
Johns without doors on the stalls are hard to find, usually only in parks, so I don't get to see as many people as I'd like. But I do like to listen and look at their feet to see how far they pulled down their pants. I'd rather take a dump in a public restroom than at home. The only downside is the smell.
I thought I'd tell you about my last three dumps. They have been huge and extremely satisyfing without a lot of wiping. They've all come out very slow which makes it even better. Drew, you would have been impressed with these dumps! I'll try and relay some of my high school memories later. I'd love to hear from Drew, Jeff, David and Paul. Later.

Poop (act. nickname)
lately, everone of my poo's havebeen very soft and consisted of the old ten minute wiping sessions. Sometime's they're alright but man oh man have they been bad. My girlfriend leaves the apartment every time I go to the john. My buddy Squinnie is bad for them too!

Hi guys. Andre, interesting point- I may "dream" about shitting in my pants, but at least I've never done it :) My shits are "normal" (meaning they usually don't look or smell different) when I have my period, although my visits to the bathroom are a little longer during that time of the month (pads, applicators, that sort of thing). I will confirm this during my next menstruation. Love always, Alex :)

And for those of you who have been asking for Cat Chaser info we just got this in:
My band, Cat Chaser cellebrates the WettyGurl ie. females who wet and mess their pants and females who are Adult Babies. We are located in Tacoma WA. We are currently interviewing female musicians who are WettyGurls. We have upcomming tv spots to do, recording of 2 albums and video's. There is no sex, pornography or smut in the stage show or video's. We will accept interviews with guys who meet our criteria.

Monday, November 10, 1997

Jill is correct, there is a direct correlation between water content of one's shit and its softness, girth, and consistency. It's always a good idea to answer the urge as soon as is practical, otherwise, there is uptake of water through the walls of the rectum causing what would otherwise be a highly satisfying turdlog to shrivel into a rather constricted form that is not as esthetically pleasing. And as long as I've gotten back on the subject of the anatomy and physiology of shitting, perhaps it isn't widely known why men can potentially enjoy a good dump better then women. The reason is the anatomic proximity of the prostate gland to the rectal wall. Taking for granted that everyone here accepts taking a shit as creating some magnitude of sexual pleasure for either sex...think of how a man feels when there is a sudden, profound buildup of pressure in his rectum as a fully finished turd arrives to the terminus of the assembly line! The prostate is a sex gland! So naturally, the feeling a man experiences as a large lumen-filling log slides by and compresses the gland is thrilling...enhancing the overall experience. Men, just soap up your anus during a shower and digitally examine your own's only a few inches inward...just make sure your nails are well-trimmed to avoid any chance of mucosal abrasion. You'll detect the bulge of the gland through the wall of the rectum. Girls...please tell us guys how you break down taking a good shit as a sexual experience. And I just wonder if women take the same full advantage of the privacy of sitting on a well-sequestered toilet to combine excretory functions with masturbation. My guess is VERY OFTEN! Why should they be any different than men in this area?

Anyone here go to the bathroom, and after a really painful session, not "close" all the way for a few minutes. That just happened to me and i'm a little worried about it...

Jill, when i have my period, my poop seems to be harder. a LOT harder. i dont take the pill so maybe thats the difference? also mine seem to smell way different too

The September issue of Penthouse should be interesting to this group. In magazines of this sort, the featured lady appaers in the middle of the issue. In this case, the lady is, as you would expect, extremely and attractive. What is different is that she pees into an urn. In fact, the entire set of pictures in the article have to do with her peeing. She is quoted as saying it is taboo to talk about bodily functions, but they seem so natural to her and her husband. She doesn't mention shitting (I doubt Penthouse is ready for that) but from what she said, I would guess that is another bodily function that interests her and her husband.

Another pooping memory. A co-worker of mine had me babysit his kids for several nites while he was off on a business trip. At the time, his kids were 8, 13 and 15. When they went to the bathroom, they never shut the door or sometimes, have it half way shut. When I got up in the morning and after I had my shower, the 13 year old ran in and went and sat on the toilet with the door wide open and proceeded to crap with all sorts of farts and water splashes. All of us were talking. After he got done, then the 15 year old went in and half way shut the door and you could hear some farting and splashes as well. What was funny was I could see his ass on the toilet with him leaning over. I didn't need to crap since I usually crapped in the afternoon. I would have liked to walk right in and drop my drawers and shit just like putting on a show.

pooping girl
Hi folks, Im sitting on my camping toilet right now with my jeans and blue underpants around my ankles getting ready to poop. I also have a roll of toilet paper and wet wipes on my computer desk. The toilet is old and looks like a stool with a toilet seat and a plastic bag is attached to catch everything. Im tinkling now and just let go a fart. Take a deep breath and huuuuungh huuuuungh another fart and a large jobbie is starting out Im pushing again huuuuuungh its coming out now and fell out of my fanny more poop is coming out now as i lean forward to type 2 more jobbies have come out, more gas and pee also. I lifted up a little and looked between my legs and see 4 fairly good size jobbies sitting in my pee, just waiting now for mor to come, just thumbing through some magazines as I sit and wait. I think its time to start grunting again Huuuuuungh wet smelly fart, I pushing out some softer poo right now with alot of gas and Im tinkling a little more. I grunt one more time to make sure Im done, I think I am for now. Im have just wiped my vagina and fanny, pretty messy load this time used alot of paper and 4 wet wipes to get myself clean. I have pulled up my underpants and jeans and looked at my work, I went alot as I look at my jobbies sitting in a puddle of pee with all the paper on top. Time to dispose of my effort in the real toilet and flush it away....see you all later

I forgot to mention time elapsed from pants down to pants up was 16 minutes, for those interested

New Guy
I'm usually happier when I have a big log to pass as long as nothing tears. I've noticed that when I use herbal products that my turds are bigger and drier. Any one else do anything special to affect the size of their turds?

While I cleaned a girl's restroom yesterday I came upon a collection of SEEDS in one of the toilets. This was weird because there were at least THREE different types of SEEDS. One type was definitely WATERMELON seeds although they were YELLOW in color after passing through some girls system. Then, there was, what looked like CANTALOUPE seeds and some other type I couldn't identify. There were individual seeds scattered in the bowl and chunks of shit containing seeds. I counted at least 30 seeds. I wonder if the girl who shit out this collection knew what she was doing. I wonder if any of these seeds will grow once they hit the treatment plant and the sludge is carted off to some landfill. I've heard that tomato seeds sprout after undergoing a trip like this.

HEY I'M BACK!! I was upgrading my PC to WIn95 and my modem didn't work . anyways , i have a story that happened like 9 years ago .
In 5th grade , after school , we had this fort in the woods at our bus stop . And after school , me and a few other ( wish to remain anonymos ) would go back there and wait for all the mothers and kids to clear away from thhe bus stop . of course , this was after schooland we all dranks a lot at lunch , so we would have our daily piss thingy . We all gathered around and organized ourselves . Then we would go to our spots , on the count of 3 , we would unzip our zippers, pull it out , and let loose for about 1 minute. Boy did the woods smell good after that ( steamy urine ) . Once one of them ( he few kids ) waited till we got offf the bus , but couldn't make to the woods so he ran and took a piss in the pond right next to the woods . We were all watching him like he was wierd, but oh well, ( i bet the fish weren't too happy ) .
Then another story I have is once , in that same fort, i was alone . Then i felt it , the urge to crap . I didn't know what to do , so it ran deeper into the woods, pulled down my pants and let loose . Then after leaving this monstrous turd on a tree , i used leaves ( which crinkled up cause it was autumn ) . So until I could Change, I had a scqooshy felling for a while !!

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