I've came to post a message myself, but I don't know exactly if it is all right here. Here it is:
Once this autumn I was coming back home from Milan, (Italy), on a bus, when a girl I know got on the bus hurrying. I was sitting on the last row, and I was kind of lying, so she didn't saw me. She was a cute young girl, (she has to be 18), tall (I know her becuz she plays in the girl vball team of my club), and she probably was going to practice, since she had the bag. I saw her acting a little strange, but I couldn't clearly see her hands, because there was the back of the seats hiding her. The bus left the terminal in half minute after she got on, and I was thrilled by her behaviour. I slipped in a seat behind her two lines, and looked what was going on. The side view of her lab was blocked by the bag, from the aisle, even in there were us 2, and a couple of old people in the front row. When the bus arrived in a long road without stops, she lifted herself a little from the seat and... pulled her panties down to mid thighs, just out of the way, then she pulled up the back of her skirt. She was wearing a wide short skirt that covered till mid thights. Her panties were almost hidden by the front of the skirt. She bent over a little, probably stucking her crotch between the seat and the upright part, and she probably let go. The seats was naugahide, so they are soft but not so muc absorbant. Maybe she tought nobody could spot her. The whole thing happened in 30 seconds, as if she was trained to do it in this way. After that she opened her gymbag, pulled out two maxipads and slipped under her skirt, to absorb the leaking (but under her seat there was a fair puddle. She also wiped herself with a tissue. We had to get off at the same stop, since I live near the gym, and I managed to go next to her, a couple of stops before. She haven't pulled up the panties, nor removed the pads and the tissue from under her. When she saw me her face turn red, But managet to ask me something like "What do you do here?". She tried to hide the panties, but she realized that I have followed the whole scene and said "when I have to go...", and then she asked me not to say anything to her friends or to my friends. She pulled up her panties when she got up, but I didn't saw anything at the time. She removed the soaked pads and put them in a plastic bag. Since then she is a fair friend of me and of Ketty, and she agreed to publish her Accident. I saw her changing in the locker room, sometimes, and I saw another time her pissing outdoor.

Friday, October 31, 1997

Great stories in recent days everyone! Until I started reading this forum, I never really thought too much about females pooping. I guess I just considered it to be too unfeminine to drop a huge, smelly load. I now realize that females have just as much fun as us males when it comes to shitting. The female stories are beginning to turn me on, but even though I am straight I must admit that stories about guys turn me on even more. For some reason I have always equated taking a loud, good sized dump with masculinity and therefore measure my own masculinity by the size and smell of my dump.This boosts my ego because I can dump with the best of them. Any comments on this? I'm still waiting to hear where all these no door stalls are located, as I would love to visit one.

To Susan:
The place with bathroom stalls innocuously equipped with mirrors enabling you to peep into neibouring stalls is called "BAR 501". It is located on the south-west corner of Church and Wellesley. It a place mostly visited by men, although I have never witnessed any typical "gay scenes". There are two bathrooms at the back of the place: one reading "Stand Up" (for men) and the other one reading "Sit down" (for women). Men indifferently use one or the other. Of course, there are a couple of women to. When I go there, either on a Friday or Saturday night, I usually position myself close to the bathroom corridor, so that I may follow any female (preferably attractive) that would open the "Sit down" door. The "Sit down" area has three usable stalls and I would, if possible, go into the next one. By going on my toes and bending forward slightly, I would see the girl's back head as she is pulling her jean down. Then, her bach head would have a downward motion. If the girl is tall enoug! h and sitting straight, I would still see part of her head. The sequence in reverse would then occur when she is done. Most of the time, I would listen to her peeing. The noises made my girls peeing can be very different according to the girl, and is sometimes predictable, as I am starting to be familiar with the peeing sounds of some girls who regularly visit the place. I have not seen any girl poo there yet, but I am perseverent.

Hourra.... Sound the trumpets and beat the drums...I just shared Dora's (my wife) pooping tonight. We just came back from a Halloween party which we were invited to...and she soon sat on the toilet. I did not give it much attention, as I thought she would be peeing. Seating there for anything other would have been very unusual for her, since, as I reported, she is a morning pooper. As she sat longer than she would if she were just peeing, I ask her if she was OK, as I was walking by.."The tip is out" was her answer. I was wearing my underwear, ready to go to bed, and could hardly conceal that I was starting to have a hard-on, which she noticed. "Do you have a hard-on? ". I was really embarrassed, since the last thing I would ever admit beyond the bounds of our circle here is that I have a fetish for women sitting on the toilet. "Is it because you're going to go on the Internet tonight ?" I did as if I did not hear her second question and left the bathroom, but managed to stay nearby and did not shut the door. I then heard her pull her trouser up: I receded from the bathroom and went into the adjacent offifce (we have a home office), pretexting things to sort out. She joined me : "Did you flush" I asked her. "No, just the tip would come out" ( It's true that we was walking bizarre). She collected a couple of newspapers and walked back to the bathroom. Collecting my courage, I decided to go with her, hoping to discuss something of interest to her that she would find in whatever she was reading " It's bizarre for you to go at this hour" I pointed out "'s perhaps the jet-lag" Pfffffffff....Strain on her face...Nothing Pfff..Pffff...Strain on her face...nothing...Sitting on the edge of the bathtub, I was observing her nonchalently..then decided to help her as she was in trouble. Sensuality often helps with women. I rubbed her back gently, going as far down as the exposed upper part of her buttocks...Then, a smell became noticeable. She looked relieved (I did not hear any "blop" and suppose that it must have been a big one). She told me : "Thank you Philippe, you're so wonderful". I would have kissed her a thousand times for saying just that (is this a green light for future "bathroom assistance" ?). Then, I heard a couple of faint crackling noises and blobs..." I am pretty much done..." said she. I left the area at that point. I heard her wipe three or four times and flush. Wonderful. I hope to have more of these...I just hope that I won't have too many erections if she allows me to openly hold her company because, if she notices them, she might make some connections which I would not like her to make.

I accidentally discovered this site while surfing the net. I once believed that my secret passion for watching girls go to the bathroom was a unique perversion. I am over 6 feet tall, blonde and blue-eyed. I used to model and occasionally strip for nightclubs. I have always dated beautiful women. Every so often I have had the incredible luck of being in the bathroom with them at the right moment. They were often shy or afraid that they might offend me by releiving themselves in front of me. I was always too ashamed to admit my secret fetish. I have always been turned on either by the thought, sight, or sounds of a woman going to the bathroom (preferably #2). I am in my late 20's, my last girlfriend was in her late 30's, and somewhat sexually liberal. She went in to the bathroom and left the door open. I came in soon after pretending to brush my hair. My heart was racing as I saw her sitting on the toilet. I could tell that she was about to poo by the way she was leaning forward and on her tip toes. Just then, she looked at me, and instead of showing embarassment, she told me to come over to her. Of course, I did. She pulled me over to her face and started to open mouth kiss me as I heard her poos hitting the water. The smell, sound, and everything aroused me. I had never been so turned on in my life. She really never knew.
This woman went in to a mid-life crisis and has since left me. It has now been at least 3 years since I have dated anyone. One reason is probably because of this hangup I have. I'm afraid that if I start dating someone, they might discover this kinky side of me. I have to admit, I have gotten aroused just reading the graphic, detailed postings of the ladies at this sight. It's nice to know that there are some good women out there who feel similarly. Keep up the great stories, girls!

hi i haven't posted in a few days. Regarding the doors on the stalls question, Dan, i am no expert on the subject but my school has no doors on the stalls but my big brother says they have them in high school.
For an hour before i had to poop today, i kept letting these really bad farts. The pressure kept building up and my ???? growled and rumbled. After a while I couldn't hold it in any more and so I ripped some walking down the hall between classes, they were so hot they burned my butt, and smelled up the whole hall, but nobody knew it was me. I let a teeeny one on the bus ride home and nobody caught on but my best friend and she didn't let on she knew who it was. She is kind of used to me doing that sort of thing, in fact she is a champion farter herself.
Funny thing was that after I got home and pooped i didn't have any more gas. The poop was big around, soft and sticky and dark with some corn in it, it took a long time to come out, and tickled, but i didn't have to fart or anything while i was pooping.
So, does anyone else fart a lot before they poop? and, why does it burn coming out? I can remember doing this a few times before today, the most interesting was one night when i was in bed asleep and woke up a few times with a strong smell of farts in the room, then about the fourth time I got up and took a good poop, and finally went back to bed in peace.

Hey newguy with the split stream - This problem can be solved by lightly pinching the head of your dick, right behind the opening, before you piss. This makes the opening "round" instead of the normal "slit" which caused the split stream. Let me know how it works out for ya!

I have some potpourri to share with the forum. First, I suppose it's appropriate to post, once and for all--and perhaps for "posteriority," the story of my sister in law and her trip to a regional winery some years ago. She is one of those who shits twice a week--rarely more than that. Can you imagine this sensory deprivation? Anyway, she was in the classic situation of having to take one of her two weekly dumps while visiting this place so she went into the bathroom attached to the giftshop--it was a one toilet unisex rest room--spread her heinie cheeks across the old johnseat and extruded a blue ribbon log into the water. Much to her chagrin, the toilet WOULD NOT FLUSH! Not wanting to become immortalized in the Turd Hall of Fame in Schenectady, New York (ha ha), she decided to retrieve her creation, which she translocated from the johnwater to her purse...later to discard it into the first refuse barrel she could spot. Needless to say, it became one of those family legends that gets retold and embellished as the years progress.
And here's a physiological note: You are all WELL aware of the gastrocolic reflex--you may not have known what is was called...that's the body's response to food hitting the stomach, resulting in DUMP CITY. Bye for now!

Hi everyone. Thanks Susan, Philippe, and Blake for the words of encouragement! Blake, Chris and I are on the track team, and we hung out after practice Tuesday afternoon. Chris mentioned her *incident* last Friday; she told me she was so happy to have finally met somebody else who's also "openly" (is that the right word?) Lactose Intolerant. I told her she's also the first person I've met (in person) who's also Lactose Intolerant.
Blake, re your question about me telling Chris about this forum, I plan to do so when the time is right. I was introduced to this forum by my friends, Alex and Steph, so I think it's only fair I tell Chris and let her decide. A lot of people on here talk about their workaday bathroom habits, which is fine, but for people like Blake and me, whos medical condition has caused us embarrassment, this forum has a greater significance. Thanks, you guys are great!!! :-) Jodi

Well, it was one of those days I guess. After lunch which was a pig out overload, another kind of overload was coming on. I got to a stall and took a long and normal thickness shit of huge volume. A real bowl filler. Well after taking a massive dump, I noticed no toilet paper. So, being in a hurry I just pulled em up and went back to work. Once again the underwear will get hit with extra heavy skid marks today. Know this has happened to a lot of you over the years, its just part of the risk of dumping in public stall wherever and whenever. "You can't always get what you want ..." Looking for more good dump stories from Gary and Robby and other excellent dudes

Thursday, October 30, 1997

Sorry, haven't been around for a long time. I guess some people here would like to hear about this, but it's not so interesting for me. I was at my buddy's house last weekend. Alot of my friends were there. It didn't take long for us to get bored. I'm not really sure how we got into the bathroom, but we were just talking and moving around the house. First we were watching TV, then we went to the kitchen for food. There were about five of us. Finally, we just sat around in the bathroom (it was a big bathroom). We were all talking, and I think one person crawled into the bath tub to take a nap. One of my friends said he had to take a crap and just walked over to the toilet and went. It seemed a little unusual, but I guess he was ok with it. It wasn't particularly noisy or anything, and it was about ten minutes. He just wiped, flushed, and everybody kept on talking. Just thought I'd share that

I love your discription of your wife. It is nice to have people that can post with such detail. Keep the stores coming. Yes I would be interested in the name or location of the bar you described in Toronto. I have decided not to use the mirror because of the risk involved in my work. Maybe you could tell us some of the sights you have seen at this bar.
Take Care

To Cory: You definitely told it right. Yesterday, I pooped on 5 seperate occasions! I poop too much. I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips on how to make my bowel movements bigger and less frequent. Thanks.

Happy Camper
To Philippe: That was a great story about your wife pooping and how you casually walk in on her. My wife is the same as your wife. She knows I am into this, but she isn't in to it so it is hard to share it with her. She always leaves the door open when she pees, but she doesn't feel comfortible leaving the door open when she poops, but has recently started to do it alittle just for me. I always leave the door open when I poop, but I don't think she is interested in it. I sure wish she was. If I let loose with a real stinker, she will ask me to close the door. You have to work on your wife. Maybe she can change. I am slowly getting my wife to change. It took her many years before she would even pee in front of me. Now she is very confortible with it. I have more advise to give to some of the readers here, but I will do that with another post in a day or so.

This is my first post. My school restroom experiences were similar to rednecks. Very few boys rooms had doors. But if you had to poop you pooppedI know that in recent years policy has changed -more boys have doors and some girls dont. i have seen some posts earlier on this. Is my impression correct? Are doors being removed in other public restrooms(for example colleges,or public places)? Is there a regional difference? I know this topic recurrs but I am intersed in you experiences. Mine have been mostly in school(K-12) and occasionally college.I did not mind if it kept it cleaner and safer but I liked having someone else shittingfor some reason I was not embarred at all then.

New Guy
I have a split stream when I pee and I'm not really desperate. Sometimes the angle is too great and one of the streams doesn't go into the bowl. I hate to sit when I only have to pee. And I hate to lean on the wall to get my penis closer to the toilet. Anybody else suffer from this? How do you guys deal with it?

Hi guys. Philippe, it's great to see you back! I loved your story about your wife. My shits have been pretty uneventful over the last few days (since the morning I didn't shit and ended up dumping twice as much that afternoon). I have somewhat related, however. I've been ripping out some NASTY farts today; it was a cold, but sunny day here in my neck of the woods, so I was outside a lot and took the liberty of stinking up the autumn air! :) I think I told you I have a very small, private room here at school- I ripped out a fart about an hour ago. I'm glad nobody has dropped by; otherwise, they would have thought I took a dump, right in my room. Well, that's my contribution for the day. Love, Alex :)

Sorry, haven't been around for a long time. I guess some people here would like to hear about this, but it's not so interesting for me. I was at my buddy's house last weekend. Alot of my friends were there. It didn't take long for us to get bored. I'm not really sure how we got into the bathroom, but we were just talking and moving around the house. First we were watching TV, then we went to the kitchen for food. There were about five of us. Finally, we just sat around in the bathroom (it was a big bathroom). We were all talking, and I think one person crawled into the bath tub to take a nap. One of my friends said he had to take a crap and just walked over to the toilet and went. It seemed a little unusual, but I guess he was ok with it. It wasn't particularly noisy or anything, and it was about ten minutes. He just wiped, flushed, and everybody kept on talking. Just thought I'd share that

Hey Everyone, Sorry I haven't posted in so long (I had trouble posting and never enough time). I'd like to thank everyone who gave me advise on my problem with using a public restroom. Visiting this site is really helping me alot and I'm proud to say I did poop in a restroom several weeks ago, so maybe I turned a corner. I wanted to post again but didn't have any experiences to tell about until I started opening up the memories from my younger days.
I had two best friends Christine and Barbara and we were inseperable. We alway went into the bathroom with each other and one time we were being real silly and giggling at everthing. Christine farted and we all laughed harder. As she was laughing more little toots were popping out. Nobody was sitting on the toilet at the time. One of a sudden Christine face looked like she was straining and quickly she hiked her night gown up and sat on the toilet facing the back of the bowl. The tip of a poop was already sticking out of her hole and Barbara starting giggling again saying to me "She's pooping". Christine started to pee a little and then it trickled to a stop as the poo started coming out a little further. When she stopped pushing pee seemed to flow out a little uncontrollably and she started giggling. I don't remember saying anything but Barbara was laughing all the time but was giving Christine a blow by blow description of how her poo looked coming out. She was saying "More came out Chris" "Do more". Christine strained and made a grunting sound and again a small trickle of pee leaked out and then another inch or so of her poo slid out followed by more pee. (I've noticed that is how it happens to me also, I seem to pee and poop at the same time but the poop has the green light and comes out first with peeing in between. I also noticed I poop with my legs crossed, I guess it is my most relaxed position).
Back to the story, Christine's poop was sticking straight out and Barbara told her to scoot up further on the toilet or it was going to touch the toilet seat. When Chris pushed the last time her poop slid out all the way and plopped into the water and her pee went on the back of the toilet seat. We were giggling and Christine stood up and we all looked in the toilet at her poop floating sideways. It was all medium brown and for a little girl, was pretty long but not too big around. It looked like a stick sticking out of her and I remember thinking it was going to break off because of the angle it was sticking out at. But like I said, it didn't it tapered off and dropped into the water making a splash. (I hope I'm not too descriptive.)
I hope this posts. I'll try and post more often I have two friends that share a house and I told them about this site to get their reaction. They seemed receptive and plan on coming over so they can read past posts. Maybe they have some stories of their own. Lynn, all I'll say is I'm older than you, keep in touch. Thanks again Peter and Susan and anyone else who gave me advise. Cory I'm also typing as my husband is asleep and I've been married 25 years. Take care everyone. Annie

Tuesday, October 28, 1997

I visit this site every day and must admit that, as a member (albeit discret) of our community of bathroom enthusiasts, I tremendously enjoy the postings of our young girls (Jodi, the lactose intolerant, Steph, Alex, Susan..) and that I should have posted much more than I did. The matter is just that by the time I read all the postings that are to read, i decide that I no longer have the time to write mine, which provides me with the good excuse of postponing my contribution. Now is probably the time to do it. My wife (Dora), who does not know about my fetish (she however knows that I enjoy watching her pee), is asleep aand I know that if I do not write anything now, I will never do it. What I wanted to write about is her pooping sessions during our honeymoon trip we just came back from. Before I start, there are two things I'd like to do:
1) First, something to Susan : I remember that you were considering about 5 weeks ago using a mirror to observe what was happening in neighbouring stalls, but that you were somewhat hesitant because you worked in an office and you were concerned of the scandal the discovery of your practices might cause. I would not advise it, first because of the possible embarrassment of course, but also because I know of a place in Toronto where a continued mirror is built in on the back wall of a line of 3 stalls. So, if you're standing in a stall as a man would if he were urinating, you can observe the back side of the head of a woman sitting on the toilet in the stall next to yours. have I done it ? Yes, of course...without beeing caught, because the washroom, located in a downtown Toronto bar, is both used by men and women, although it is specifically meant for the latter. I'll give you the name and address of the place if you're interested.

2) A brief description of my wife's pooping habits : She always poops in the morning, either before breakfast (after having just gotten up), or shortly after. She would never say " I have to go..", but just "I have a bowel movement". Her pooping will most certainly start with a long decreasing pitch fart ("Pfffffffff"), followed by small "blops" regularily spaced in time. These "blops", which I would not dare call "turds", are indeed very small. I know it because they do not hit the water heavily, and also because I sometimes had the priviledge of observing what she leaves behind (she sometimes forgets to flush). These "blops" are sometimes accompanied by small discrete farts. Dora does not stay long on the toilet (usually not more than 2 minutes, unless she is talking to someone on the portable phone). To wipe herself, she lifts her right buttock and uses her right hand to wipe her anus from behind. I have never seen her to on her toes to facilitate her business like some ladies do here. Two distinguishing features about Dora : first, we always have a portable phone in the bathroom and she would not hesitate calling a friend or relative while on the potty (this is what I call sharing one's intimate life...). I wonder sometimes whether the person she talks to has any idea of the circumstance of the phone call.... Second, and this is a practice that she inherited from her family, she throws the soiled TP in the waste bin instead of throwing it into the toilet. her younger sister, Anna, does the same. I stated to fight the practice ever since I met Dora, with some success I must say, for I would be embarrassed if a visitor using our bathroom realized what was in the dustbin... Does Dora allow me to observe her while performing her body functions ? For peeing, absolutely. As far as pooping, she pushes the door behing her without closing it, not because she would suddenly require more privacy here. I think it is to keep the smell from pervading into the entire place (also here defecations are not very smelly..) I would sometimes observe her poo if I find a pretext for walking into the bathroom (i.e. I need to shave : in this context, I would reduce the noise of the water running from the faucet to a minimum as to not miss any of her sounds). Sometimes also, she is slightly constipated : she would then light up a cigarette while sitting and I would hold her company. I remember one time she was depressed and I caressed her back while she was on the potty. She enjoyed my action, for the sat for more than the customary two minutes and thanked me afterwards.
I would certainly love sharing all the bathroom activities with my sweetheart, but I see two obstacles. a) She does not share my fetish. My pooping does not interest her, although I tried several times to arouse her by keeping the door conspiciously open. She would ask me to close or would close it herself because of the smell (I smell more than she does) b) For this very reason, I am afraid that my regular visits to the bathroom while she is sitting on the toilet might put to the fore a side of me she would strongly object to. For this reason too, I always visit my sites on the Internet alone. Oopps.. Talking about here, I think she woke up and I'd better stop writing....I'll resume my story a bit later. Regards.

Friend Story. My bud had a big date with a girl he had not known for very long. They went out to eat and he ate a fair share. They left the restaurant and were going to go to some clubs. He suddenly felt the urge to go and stopped at a gas station. He let out a ton of diahrea then before he flushed he stood up to observe his performance. When he stood up and puuled up on his pants, his car keys fell out of his pocket and into the toilet. He had to get them out, so he wrapped his hand in lots of paper and dug in. He couldn't see the keys on account of the poopy water so he just had to feel around. He got them out and tried to rinse them off in the sink, he also washed his hands thoroughly. Finally he came out of the restroom and went over to his car. His car was one of those with an alarm. He pushed the button on his key chain, but because of all the water it didn't work. He was pretty embarrassed. J.

Well I ate at this Mexican food place the other night, bot it was good but I ate too much. Not much later I had a bad case of rather loose stools. I had to go at a friend's house. It burned so bad, I got some paper and wet it, then just pressed it against my hole. Sometimes I do that went wiping just does't get me clean, but this time it was just to cool down my hole. Anyway, I drank a lot of Pepto so I could stay out of the pooper fir the rest of the night. Well that was 3 or 4 days ago and I finally went again for the first time today. Sometimes after taking Pepto my stools turn very dark, but today my turds were a normal color except they had a streak of off-white type stuff that I think was mucus or something. I hope I don't have something seriously wrong. Is mucus normal down there?

What's up with people who don't give you a courtesy flush?

Today has been a bad day. I need to have a clear 15 min minimum for my daily shit, and this morning I was interrupted by the arrival of some workers who are landscaping our garden. I had to stop, half wipe myself and go downstairs to let them into the garage. I returned to the job, but the urge had worn off so I wiped myself, washed my arsehole with soap and flannel and left for work. I am a faculty member at an unnamed university. I had to give a lecture at 10-15 and another at 11-15 with a 10 minute gap in between. I know a lot of students use this gap between lectures for a shit, the toilets are always busy during the brief break bewteen lectures. Well, I had to take another dump in that 10 minute gap which is just NOT LONG ENOUGH! I rushed into a stall, pulled my pants down and started to push. There was a loud splattering noise and I blew about 6 soft turds out of my poop chute. Then I peed, and time was running out, so I just wiped and flushed. Then (being a clean individual), I had to get some TP to wipe away from the walls of the toilet various small shit fragments that had not flushed away. As I came outl, I met a colleague with a student who wanted to introduce her. Sorry I said, I should be giving a lecture RIGHT NOW, and rushed off down the stairs. I still feel as if there are some unvoided turds in my rectum.

Well, I have not been here for a while. Another dumping story. This is from my grade school days. Most of us can recollect especially the males that we wait until we got home to take a crap. The grade school I went to did not believe in privacy. All of the stalls did not have doors except the faculty bathrooms. A few of the neighborhood boys and I were talking about taking a crap at school. One of the kids remarked that he always went to the faculty bathroom to crap. When I was in the 5th grade, I had to shit pretty bad and school was in session for 3 more hours. We were coming from recess and I decided to make a bee line to the crapper. At that point, I did not care about modesty as I cared that I got relief and not to make a mess of things. As I was taking a crap, another friend had to crap as badly came in and took another stall. While we were in the bathroom, we proceeded to dump turds and fart quite a bit. We both got back to class, the teacher asked us where we been and I mentioned that the school food caused us to pay a visit to the john. She did not appreciate my remark about the school food but it got everyone in class to laugh.
Another time, in Jr. High, it was after school. All of us were trying out for weight lifting in the summer. I walked into the locker room. I had a case of constipation but yet, felt the urge to crap. I saw a couple of friends walk to the crapper I mentioned to them I would join them. We all chatted while we crapped and made jokes about the farts and plops of shit into the water. It was fun. The weight lifting coach heard us and yelled that we were weird and we remarked to him that he probably did the same thing when he was our age. He started to laugh and admitted that he did :).

This is my first time submitting, hope it goes OK. Had the wildest experience over the weekend....Went out to dinner with a close friend. Dring the dinner, she started squirming and her face turned red..When I asked if she was OK, she said, "Oh yeah, don't worry, I just had to take a dump, but it's OK, I pushed it back in." Which seemed funny, but I figured, she knows her body... I forgot about it until we got to her place later on..
We were watching a movie when she said, "I gotta go, come with me to the bathroom and we can still talk." I felt kind of uncomfortable and said so, (i'm very private about my bathroom activities) She said, "It comes out a lot easier if I am sitting with someone, so I said OK.
We went in and she pulled her pants down and said, "This is really going to be a big one." I sat on the floor with my back against the tub, facing her. She was leaning slightly forward and had her legs very wide apart. She started to pee a little and I then realized that I could see everything. We were talking and nothing was happening and so I said, "Do you really have to go?" She said "Oh yeah, I don't like to push though, I like to let it come out at its own pace, much more enjoyable." A few minutes later, she was in the middle of a sentance when all of a sudden she grimaced and her face turned bright red. He eyes got very watery and she couldn't even finish her word, she just said, Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! It was then i realized what was happenning. I could see a HUGE log coming down into the toilet. It seemed to go on forever, until it landed with barely a thud. My friend smiled and said "Ahhhhhhhhhh, that felt soooooo good." she then proceeded to describe it to me. She said it was a very hard and long one and those feel the best coming out. She then peed for a long time. I thought she might start to wipe herself, but instead, her face scrunched up again, but this time, I could see another log coming out, but was a little smaller. She grunted, and I could hear "pfffffft" She proceeded to drop * 8 or 9 MORE LOGS!!!! And then said "ahhhhhhhhhhh. This is the best part of the day." I was sure she would be done, but then she drop another very long log and another 6 or 7 medium sized ones. Then she finally wiped herself. When she got up, she showed me the biggest load I had ever seen!!!! 3 15 inch logs and several 8 inch and lots of little snakes. Took 5 flushes.
Went home about an hour later, feeling very very intrigued...Hope I told it right..

Had some cajun marinated grilled pork last nite with a few beers and then had the biggest gas attack all the rest of the night - just as I thought it was tapering off - Ppfft, Braap, all over again. The smell was really strong, I think from all the garlic in the marinade. Gave the old shorts a real brown stain workout too. Took it easy on the spices today though. Anyone else noticed a reaction with garlic or other spices ? Robby and Gary - great stories.

Hi everyone...sorry I haven't been posting these last couple of days, but everyone's posts have been great. I thought I'd tell everyone my big story for today. I work in a home-office type of situation as a secretary. I work for a lady in her thirties who I get along well with. She's pretty good-looking, but not a tremendous turn-on. Today, I arrived at her house ready for work, walked in, and couldn't find anyone home. I yelled out for my boss, whose name is Carolyn. She yelled to me from the bathroom and told me to come closer. As I approached the closed bathroom door, I got excited. I got right outside the door and told her I was there. She yelled out a bunch of instructions regarding things that had to be done and I barked a couple of "Ok"'s through the door. Then I cleverly walked away, making sure she heard my footsteps. I snuck back to the bathroom door silently. I listened and heard Carolyn groaning. She was pushing hard. All of a sudden, a massive explosion of poop flew out of her. I couldn't believe it. She's very petite and she had this massive dump. She had that initial fart which got things moving, and then I heard her having diarhhea. She farted 3 more times, and before she could flush, I snuck away quietly and went to work. I thought about it the whole day. Right after she pooped, I went into the bathroom and smelled the awful stink she had created. I just had to contribute. I pulled my pants and underwear down and sat on the bowl. I farted and a big one flew right out. After pushing, I expelled 4 more and wiped. Keep the great posts coming everyone!

Monday, October 27, 1997

Thanks Jay, for the info. If that is how it works I must have a pretty strange bunch of intestinal flora, not the -sick- smell kind, but it does make you want to get down near the floor and crawl out of the bathroom. Usually nobody minds their own odor but sometimes I cant stand it, probably once or twice a month I have to run out of the room. I have lost a few friends from passing gas at the wrong time, too. Interesting observation you have about the s-shape thing. I have seen it too but only when a little constipated, and usually it comes out black for me. Hmmm...

I suppose I had better explain further about the size of my poos, since some people here are interested. Occasionally - perhaps once a month, I produce one that won't flush - it gets trapped on the bend, either because of its own size or because two poos get jammed together. If I am at home and it won't flush, my gallant husband deals with the problem. He says my poos are like "elephant droppings", probably because they are bigger than his. If I am at work, and I can't get it to flush, I sneak out when there is no-one about!

Did your friend tell you any other stories? Why don't u try to introduce her to this forum?

Went out drinking the other night after work with some friends and co-workers. Needless to say I had a bit to much. The result the next morning was clear in my dump. After I got up I could feel a rumbling starting in stomic and spreading down to by bowls. I went in and sat down on the toilet. After a quick pee I got down into my pushing position ( head between my legs and up on my tip toes.) and started pushing. What came out was a very large amount of soft almost runny poo. This alwas seems to happen to me when I have to much to drink. Alex, Steph, Jodi it's good to hear from you guy's. Keep up the posts. LYNN: I share your interest in hearing other women using the bathroom. I work in a large office building so I am always able to hear lots of different women going in the bathroom. I would like to know more about your habbits though? What things do you do when you are going to the bathroom. ie how do you sit on the toilet, how do you push, wipe yourself ! etc. I have no specific stories from when I was younger. Just that I have always been interested in other people going to the bathroom. A quick update for some of the older poster's. My friend Ruth was over at my place the other night but nothing happened. It's only a matter of time though.
Take Care

Hi Doug, my father is a Canadian of Scottish-French (Acadian) ancestry, while my mother is an American of Irish-Russian ancestry, so yes, I am part Irish. I think my green shit was a result of the mild diahrrea I had that day (it was solid, but very soft). This sounds gross, but I wish I had a camera to photograph that shit- it was quite intense.
I sat down after I woke up Friday morning and only had to pee. I usually shit *almost* every morning, Friday was an exception to the rule. Around 3 that afternoon, I felt the urge to shit. Now, when I shit in the afternoon or evening, it is usually only a couple of light logs, but this shit was like my morning shit plus an afternoon shit... I let out 4 big and 3 small logs, and yes Doug, they were brown :)
Luv, Alex :)

Hello, everyone. Haven't posted in awhile but just remembered another story from camp. This was junior boys camp which was probably 10 to 13 yrs old. We were playing baseball one day when a friend said he just farted real hard and thought he crapped his pants. Then later he said it happened again but we were so far from the bathrooms that he couldn't just walk over to check. He did feel his butt though, and said he was sure that he did crap a little in his pants, because now he really started feeling like he had to go. So at that point he took off running to the bathrooms but I think he let some of his load out in his underwear before he got there because he said he had to throw them out after he got to the bathrooms. He didn't spread this story around though so no one else really knew what happened that day.

Hi guys, Alex, thanks for the info on peeing with your legs crossed. When I tried it, it wasn't my penis that got crushed, - it was my balls - and as any guy will tell you, that is a PAINFULL experience. Jodie, - thanks for the info on using your left hand. A while ago, we were on holidays in Bundaberg Queensland. We were staying at a motel at one end of the main street, and I had to take my car to get serviced to the dealer at the other end of the main street. Whilst walking back to the motel, I felt the need to take a dump. The further I walked, the greater the urge. As I approached the middle of town I found the public loos, and felt a wave of relief. Unfortunately, all of the stalls were occupied, and there were a few guys waiting. This was in the middle of the day, and there were hundreds of people around, otherwise I would have gone into the ladies. Anyway, I thought I might be able to hold off long enough to find another loo, so I kept walking. I could see the motel, and hoped that I would make it. I got within about 200 yards of the motel, and the inevitable happened OH SHIT!!!! It just kept on coming, and filled up my pants (fortunately I was wearing undies, and had on jeans, as quite often I just wear shorts with nothing underneath). Well, when I got back to the motel, I went straight to the bathroom, and cleaned myself up with LOTS of paper (almost clogged up the loo), then got into the shower. When I got under the water in the shower, I found that I had not cleaned myself up as well as I thought, as chunks of shit were being washed off and accumulating around the plug hole. I had to stay in the shower long enough for the water to dissolve it. I was really scared that the drain from the shower would get blocked with shit, and then how would I explain that to the lady who ran the motel? I wrapped up my knickers in newspaper, and deposited them in a rubbish bin in the street as I walked back to pick up my car later in the afternoon. This is not the only time that I have shit myself, but it doesn't happen all that often. I'll save the others for a later time.
See ya,
Gary (from Oz)

Sunday, October 26, 1997

Hi everyone. Gary, I'm a leftie, so I usually wipe myself with my left hand.
I usually jog alone, but I jogged the other day with a friend of mine, Chris (a female). We were about 2 miles away from school when Chris told me she had to go to the bathroom. There is a small business district right outside campus, otherwise, residential areas or woodlands. We happened to be in the woodlands, on a paved path without a porta-potty in sight. About 2 minutes later, Chris said, "Oh no, I think I'm gonna shit my pants!" I jokingly told her to go in the woods, she then said "I think I have no other choice." She asked me to please go into the woods (with her) to stand sentinel. I stood aside while she leaned against a tree; Chris pulled down her sweats and immediately exploded a bunch of liquid diahrrea out of her ass; she also let out some pee.
A half-minute later, she pulled up her pants and told me "that feels much better! I'll clean up (meaning wipe herself) when we get back to campus." We resumed jogging, and Chris told me she's Lactose Intolerant, and often has bouts of diahrrea. I told her I was also Lactose Intolerant. Chris and I spent the rest of our run talking about our condition, and exchanged embarrassing poop stories (I've never shit my pants or had to go outside, but as I've said before, my shits can sound and smell terrible); Chris told me that wasn't the first time she had to go outside. I tried not to probe too much- I volunteered my stories while Chris volunteered hers. Blake, you are not alone, my friend. Talk to you all again, soon. Jodi

Alex I laughed about your green poop! I think that is hunorous! Are you part Irish?
A documentary of King George (the third I believe) of England had purple poop due to a genitic blood disorder inherited through the royal blood line.
As for me my feces are different shades of brown. Now, I do not make a habit of looking at my dropings; I usually wipt then flush without looking down.

A 3 inch diameter poo would not make down if it is solid. I have been houses under sonstruction. Before the toilet is installed there is a sealed off hole about 3 or 4 inches in diameter; that is all the area used by the water and waste when the pot is flushed.
Have any of you passed turds that were so thick they caused a fair amount of pain when they passed. Once in a great while it happens to me; it is a bit unpleasant.
Alex when you peed when your legs were crosses in ladylike fashion, did the pee get on your legs and squirt or dribble in the bowl at a different angle. In other words was the experience different than peeing with your legs uncrossed?

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