I am 15 female very thin with small pointed nipples have no breasts but hard protruding nipples i like to go out in the street and lift and bunch up my dress to my waist spread my legs half standing half sqwatting pee while my boy friend stands guard mostly between cars in broad daylight alleys doorways ect. ect.

Hey, some really good variey on here lately! I was out of town for a day attending a continuing education course and naturally had a chance to visit a variety of both public and private bathrooms en route. Before I relate my brief story, I'd like to address some of the physiological questions that were posed by Jillian and others about smell and color of shit. The odor is a direct function of the type of bacterial flora in the intestine and it's a sign of health when there is a strong smell, within a given range. We're all familiar with that "sick shit" smell that is associated with diarhhea and what I'm talking about is different. Why your brothers don't produce an odor is just must have a different balance of flora populating your large intestines. Regarding color, it is also a function of the manufacturing plant known as your large intestine or bowel and some combination of metabolic events caused the lime green...most likely traceable to what you ate within a 36 hour period before the off-color dump.
Did anyone ever think that at some point some ancient scientist or anatomist took the first dump and realilzed that the terminal end of the intestine was formed in the shape of an "S" hence the name sigmoid colon? This morning I thought of this as I extruded a most satisfying single massive turdlog that ended up in the configuration of a large quesiton mark with the dot of the question mark shaped like a spiral...this could have been the longest log I've ever produced!
And Lynn, don't think you're the oldest on this forum or that people of "un certain age" aren't interested in this topic. It's a pleasure to hear of stories from today AND years gone by from contributors and enthusiasts of ALL ages. After all, there is a certain universality with this subject!
More later...

pooping girl
Was out to dinner the other night with a friend and after we paid our bill and were getting ready to go I said goodbye to her as I had to go to the toilet before I left, she said she had to go to. The ladies room had 5 stalls with one being used by someone pooping as you could tell by the smell, my friend looks at me and says to me quietly that its going to get worse in here in a few minutes, I just smiled and said you got that right. To answer a question. I feel preassure down in my lower abdomeen when I need a pe, seems higher when I need a poop but moves lower and there is preasure on my fanny it seems the more I need to go. We took stalls next to each other and I pulled my jeans and underpants down to my ankles and sat on the toilet and started to tinkle while passing some rather loud gas. I looked under the stall and my friend s pants were bunched but not pushed down all the way and it was quiet in her stall. I took a deep breatha nd grunted and rather large jobbie started out of my fanny and into the toilet. Then more came with lots of gas not to much grunting but more sighs of relief as I had a rather big load. My friend now strained and I could hear the poop starting out of her fanny but it must have been ver long as I heard no splash. I had 3 waves of jobbies and gas with more pee before I wiped and pulled my underpants and jeans up, my friend had a loud blast before she wiped and dressed. Lynn Im bi-sexual and I enjoy seeing and hearing both sexes go to the toilet. Never really had a man or a women hold my hand while on the toilet buthave had both in the bathroom while I have tinkled and or pooped.

Saturday, October 25, 1997

I have an observation directed at the girls. I came home from work bursting for a pee this evening. I dashed to the loo to whiz and realized that my bowels were rumbling. Whether it was just air or not, I had to take care of number one first. So I stood there and whizzed away while pressing my butt cheeks together to prevent any unwanted activity from number two. It dawned on me that women are very unlikely to do that, both because they don't have to (while they are sitting taking a whiz, so what if they start to crap as well), and because they can't press their ass cheeks together while sitting and whizzing. That's all. Just that little observation. ...Fluidity

Perhaps three inches is a bit of exaggeration - did I say that? My poos are usually quite thick, and occasionally block the loo and don't flush. I found only one of the "platform" type toilets, on holiday in France, and I don't really see the point of them. They get a lot smellier than normal loos!

Readers may be wondering why an older woman like me (late thirties) is aroused by other women in the toilet. I have no interest in men, growing up as the only girl in a family of men cured me of any interest there.
I suspect an early experience will have laid the foundations for my emotions on this aspect of life. I was a bit of a bully at school and forced my way into a closet with a younger girl who was obviously in great need. Being in such a state she only mildly protested and accepted that I could prevent others breaking in whilst she was there (no locks on the doors). She was cute with blond hair and blue eyes and when I realised what she was going to do in front of me my heart began to pound and a tremendous sense of arousal built up.
She lifted her school dress and pulled down her navy blue cotton knickers and quickly sat on the seat. Almost immediately poop began to fall out of her, even before she pee'd. I couldn't believe it was all actually happening on front of my eyes. She was so sweet and demure and she was producing this great load. Her delivery was not long, no doubt because I was there. She quickly cleaned up and we left. It was an experience I still remember and particularly when I am in the ladies and another and attractive woman comes in to relieve herself. Depending on the 'sounds' I can get into quite a warm state. Even to having to go and relieve myself.
Do any other women on this site have similar formative experiences which could explain this rather odd interest?

New Guy
How many women enjoy it when a guy hears them pooping? Have any of you ladies been able to persuade a guy to hold your hand as you sat on the toilet and did your business? My current gf is kinda shy, but I think she's curious about this stuff. I haven't had a chance to show her this page yet. And I don't know how to bring it up because whenever we talk about stuff like this, and I begin to get interested she'll go,"that's gross, I'm just kidding" and try to just play off her curiousity. Any suggestions?

question - every time I take a poop the smell is *very* strong, so strong it stinks outside the bathroom and downstairs. it is usually soft and comes out nice and smooth in the middle of my usually long morning pee. none of my brothers smell so bad. ok you experts, what causes this to happen? also when I let a stinker it smells just as bad, even the tiniest little ones?

Hi Doug. I tried peeing today with my legs crossed, as you requested. It didn't hurt or anything; I have nothing to crush- I do understand how a male crossing his legs while on the toilet could hurt his penis. I've really nothing spectacular to report this time, just my regular morning dump and a couple of pees throughout the day. Love, Alex :)

Friday, October 24, 1997

I was interested in the posts about constipation. It never happens to me. My problems tend to be going too frequently. Normally I go once per day like clockwork, but every so often I have spells when I need a shit first thing in the morning. Strangely, I always need to go again after breakfast. I have kept a detailed diary of all my BMs for the last three years, and on average there is just one day a year when I do not have a shit. It's nice to see more women talking frankly about their bodily needs. Many women try to give the impression that they pee lavender water and shit rose petals.

Good to hear from you. I was wondering if you had lost Interest. Did you try to pee with your legs crossed in lady like fashion? I wonder what it would be like for a woman to try to pee that way? I had hear Mothers get down on their daughters when they (the daughters) are not acting slightly out of line. When this happens I think to myself; the Mother wants her daughter to be so ladylike that she (the daughter) would go to the bathroom with her legs crossed in ladylike fashion.

Thanks for the two responses to my posting about the "one-log shit". Jill - are you the same Jill who some time ago posted about her poos approaching 3 inches in diameter without straining? Is that still the case? If so, how do you go about flushing them, since most plumbing cannot accomodate such lumps.

Well, here's another experience. Some of you may be familiar with the type of toilet you may come across in Europe, especially in Germany, which has the water pool very much to the front of the bowl and something like a "stage" (Erica Jong described it that way) behind it where your droppings pile up and remain until flushed away. These "flat flushers" (as opposed to "deep flushers", I suppose) are great for looking and smelling, but not for listening in on someone, since you will overhear only mild thuds, at best, instead of loud plops and splashes. Btw, for those of you who know this particular type of toilet, what do you think of it?

Well, I was working at a place some time ago where the men's room was equipped with such a "flat flusher". One day, I sat down there at poop time, peed, and expelled the typical (for me) single big log. It was a fine specimen, judging from the feeling - long and strong. I was working on pushing out the last few inches, when suddenly I heard a sound I did not expect: a SPLASH! - like in a regular toilet bowl's pool! Since it was a single stall establishment, there was no other possible source. I looked down between my legs and realized that my growing log had travelled straight across the "stage", proceeded over its rim, and broken off at the tip. A hefty piece of about 4 inches was cruising the waves in the water pool.

During the months when I worked at this place, this experience repeated itself due to my long, thick one-piece poos. Then, however, I experimented (sometimes sucessfully) with piling them up spirally by circular movements of my butt. I must say I had quite some fun with this particular john. I missed it somehow when I changed employment. Since those days I have not seen such a toilet again.

To those of you who like to respond: Any experiences with "flat flushers"? What do you think of them?

Good poops to you all, Andre.

Looks like my post got cut off. So here's the rest of my story. When I got back to my apartment, I looked at the dulcolax box and read the instructions carefully. It said use one suppository and hold for 15 minutes if possible. I found out the hard way that it was impossible to hold 2 for 30 minutes.
I later saw my nurse friend and she asked me how I got my constipation taken care of. When I replied I used dulcolax she laughed and said they the really clean you out fast. Before I could answer she told me that they gave one to an ex football player that would not use the bedpan in the hospital. He tried it hold it and had an accident all over the bed.
Shannon, you may want to try dulcolax in your who can hold it the longest contest. Just make sure that your bowels are full and see if anyone can hold two suppositories for more than 30 minutes.

Thursday, October 23, 1997

Hi, I'm writing about something that happened last week; I originally submitted this then, but it didn't post due to browser problems.
I took a shit one evening and it came out softer than usual. I got up and looked into the toilet after I was done (as I always do) and noticed two of the five logs were GREEN! Not the dark, pea-soup green associated with diahrrea, but a bright, pastel green. I wiped my ass and looked at the paper- the paper was also lime green!!! I didn't have anything unusual to eat or drink prior to going, and my later shits (I believe I went again the next morning) were the usual brown. Any ideas, guys? Great to see so many new people on here! Love always, Alex :)


Last summer I found something interesting about me psychologically. I went to the bathroom at the Isabella County Fair last summer. I had a mild urge to dump however when I went into the restroom I saw a black man (the color of the man does not matter, it would be just as bad if it were a white man) sitting on a lawn chair in the bathroom; so, I just peed. It is interesting, I felt he was watching us going without going hinself.
Maybe I am hypocritical, I like watching women while they are entering and leaving the bathroom, then talking to them when they are done. Now, I cut down on that.
Another thought came to me, years ago I was at Alma College to run a road race in their Scottsman festival. While I was using the urinal a transvestite (a man I believe dressed in woman's cloths) showed himself them disappeared. Momentarily I thought he was a woman. Surprisingly I was not affended.
I think there should be woman's restrooms for the protection of women. I have heard stories about jealous men. The Woman's is a temporary refuge from men.
pooping girl: would you describe the sensations you feel when you need to pee and poop?

Does anyone on this forum have or know anyone with IBD? If you do, you know that they often have pooping accidents whenever and wherever. Especially after eating. Some of the earlier posts made references to eating and urgent dumping ( apart from lactose intolerance) and am wondering what foods you think are often involved? Would guess spicy ( Mexican, Thai, Indian) but what are the forum posters' experiences?

hello let's hear more ladies room poop stories

Wednesday, October 22, 1997

Just for you Andre; I usually dump twice a day - at lunchtime and in the evening - I am very regular. Hardly ever does it come out all in one piece thought, and it is normal that I do two or three poos with a gap in between. It only gets hard and knobbly if I have to hang on for a while, and my poos are usually quite smooth. The smell does vary though I am glad that other people have written about the toilets in other countries - anyone else been to France?

i guys! I hope this submission makes it; I have AOL and my college internet ID, both of which run on Microsoft. I had some Indian cuisine on Sunday night (I've been a vegetarian for four years, and Indian food is the closest I get to "fast food"). It was ????, but my intestines have never quite gotten "used to it," if you know what I mean :)

I woke up Monday morning at around 6 AM and hurried down to the toilets in my dorm. I was wearing an extra large, extra long T-shirt with my underpants underneath. I got into the stall, pulled up my shirt, down my panties, and sat down. I immediately exploded a bunch of creamy shit into the bowl, and it STANK. Glad it was so early in the morning (please remember this is a college; a lot of students don't get up until 10-11 AM) and nobody was in there. I was on the toilet for about 15 minutes. The bowl was full and I flushed the toilet before wiping; if this had been at home, I would have had to use the plunger. TG I was at school, where the toilets are "industrial strength." I wiped my butt seven times and then flushed again.

I normally can't smell my own dumps; they're usually (relatively) hard and I can adjust to any smell. My odor still lingered in the air as I washed my hands in the sink nearly 18 feet from the stall I was in. Needless to say, I felt much better afterwards! Lynn, welcome to the group! Even though I'm 19 and you're in your late thirties, we seem to have a lot in common. Please post more of your stories. Paige, I hike and camp a lot, and usually carry a roll of TP; I have started carrying baby wipes along with the TP, originally to wash any poop off my hands after I wipe, but I found the baby wipes are also effective in cleaning my bum.

Jenny, Blake, Susan, you guys are great! Talk to you all later. Peace, Steph.

Here's my story. I was all set to leave for a vacation in Cancun the next day. I had one problem, constipation. Since my last experience with laxatives was "quite moving" as they say, I needed to find something that would act fast and not cause a problem on the airplane the next day. I ask a friend of mine that was a nurse what I should take. She kind of laughed and said that either a Fleet enema or a dulcolax suppository would take care of my problem in 15 minutes. Off I went to the drug store to ponder my fate. I first picked up the Fleet enema box and saw the drawing of the person laying down. The thought of me assuming the position and squeezing this bottle of liquid in my butt did not sound like fun. The suppositories came in a small package and looked much less threatening. I then made my purchase and went home.

I opened the foil wrapper and looked at the white cone of deliverance. It looked too small so I figured I would use two. The moment of truth was here so with a dab of vaseline, up they went. Sure enough, after 10 minutes, my bowels started to rumble. Just when I was getting ready to go to the bathroom, the door bell rang. I looked outside and saw the UPS man. He was holding a package of clothes that I ordered so I decided to hurry down and get them. I signed for the package and made a dash upstairs only to find the door to my apartment was locked and my keys were inside. As a sudden urge to poop came over me, my fate became clear, I had to get to a bathroom ASAP!! My only chance was to run to the club house and use the bathroom at the pool. That was two blocks away. I tried to hold back as I ran and then the unthinkable happened. My body shook and I dropped to the ground and filled my pants. I got up in disbelief as I had a big mass of poop in my panties that squeezed out into my jeans. Before I got to the bathroom, I still could not control myself and pooped again. As I started to clean myself up, the dulcolax still kept working and I had two more bowel movements. By then I was out of breath with shit smeared all over me and the toilet. I cleaned myself up the best I could and changed into one of the dresses I ordered.

When I finally got someone to open my apartment, I picked up the dulcolax package.

For Lynn, I enjoyed your post today, very arousing. I too was nervous about posting, first time the other day. Glad To read that I am not alone about being aroused by pooping sounds when in the restroom at the office or other public places. I am also private about having to go, but will wait if a collegue enters a stall while I am there to hear what might happen. I am 6' 2" about 230lbs and mid-forties. My daily habit is in the morning usually right after arriving at the office. I drop my pants and briefs to just below my knees do not have to push or grunt too much. Typically I'll pee first, then fart immediately followed by several turds. Then there is a pause and I can feel there is more to come. Thats when i push and grunt out a couple more turds a bit to finish the job. I usually wipe 3 to 4 times and am done. This takes about 5 to 8 minutes to accomplish.

New Guy
Lately I've been taking multiple dumps as oppossed to big explosions. The period between dumps can be anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. I walked outta class twice yesterday. Very little on the paper after wiping. Say for those of you who use the paper liners,(this is to the ladies), I like to put one on the seat and put one in the bowl, so the water doesn't splash up my butt. I don't mind when the water splashes up my butt when I'm at home, but in public it grosses me out. Anyone comments?

pooping girl
Hi folks. Nothing to really report on as far as my toilet happenings,but I saw some of the questions people had so I figured Id add my answers. When asked my age I usually said I was closer to 30 than 20,which was true as I am over 30, so Lynn you are not to old or odd for what you enjoy. Paige I too enjoy wiping my fanny with some wet wipes. They sell little plastic cases for your purse, you can just refil them as needed. Duke, I usually go to the toilet and do my jobbies twice a day, unless Im constipated which seems to happen 3 or 4 times a year. I am usually pretty gassy and I am a grunter on my toes when going I also enjoy reading on the toilet and spend 10-15 minutes per sitting.



Tuesday, October 21, 1997

You may have read our post about the new wipes just released by Kimberly-Clark which are flushable. They are fantastic! I carry 'em around in my purse in a ziploc bag and never have to worry about depleted supplies of toilet paper or brown streaks in my panties cause my tush is clean and fresh and I don't have to worry about stopping up anyone's toilet with the wrong thing, like Kleenex, for example. Which reminds me of a really gross story from college. It must have been the first week of my sophomore year and I had just moved into the sorority house as a new resident. Of course, I had to immediately go check out the bathrooms, which were on every floor and not in the rooms. While I was surveying the one I would use, I had the urge to take a shit and went into the far stall next to the wall. My butt hit the seat and I let loose the entire load, much to my relief. Unfortunately, there was NO toilet paper and I judged my crack and bottom hole to be quite a mess. Much to my surprise and disgust, I noticed a women's blouse on the floor of the adjacent stall, already smeared with some other girl's shit. Soon it was smeared with mine--I was right about the messiness--but I was at least nice enough to see to it that it got discarded in a place where it wouldn't stink up the house--in the dumpster out back. (AOL Submission as requested)

Since you all urge visitors to post I will after much thought and delay. I believe I am older than the usual female posting here being late thirties. I have never confessed to being aroused by other women in the toilet until now. Do other women here get a private excitement from hearing their friends or colleagues, or am I odd? For myself I am a very private person about my visits, however, since you are all interested I thought I would contribute since I have over the years 'enjoyed' listening to friends and strangers in their moments of need and perhaps its time for me to reciprocate.
I am small build, light brown hair, slim. I usually make a daily BM in the morning in the office ladies toilet. In the past I used to go with a friend and we would chat whilst performing. These days I go on my own, but occasionally get extra pleasure when a younger colleague comes in when I am there.
Today, I had to go quite quickly since I had had some spicy food yesterday and it usually has that effect. For you men, this is an account of the action, and I hope you like it.
I am wearing a suit with jacket and skirt. I enter the stall, hitch up the skirt and pull down my black tights and white cotton panties. The pants and tights are round my knees as I sit on the seat and lean a little forward. A nice fast pee emerges whilst a small fart heralds the coming arrival of my business. This comes pretty quickly, soft and brown with a medium strength odour. A little more gas and matter emerges. A small gap then a little pee. Another interval and two small pieces. I am finished and ready to clean up when in comes someone else into the next stall. I am cleaning my bottom when I hear this gal straining and straining without any result. A muttered 'come on - come on' precedes a little fart and a tinkle of liquid. I find the whole event strangely arousing, and wait to see if anything develops. Disappointingly it doesn't. She comes out whilst I am washing my hands, a young woman, quite attractive, and looking very cross. I don't know her name but have seen her about the office on occasions. I must watch out for her going in again, just to see if she has more success next time.
There I've posted, and feel very nervous about it, and in need of another visit!
I may pluck up courage again sometime in the future to let you into my private world.

Last Friday we went to see the house that my daughter and her bf have just bought. It is very nice. We then took the dog for a walk and I felt I needed to fart, but did not want to do so. When we got back to the house I realized that I urgently needed a dump, even though I had already done my business once that day. So I went up to their nice new bathroom, and pulled my pants down, and started to pee. I could hear my wife and the two young people talking very clearly downstairs, the sound insulation was very poor. But, I needed to go, so I let fly. The was a lot of very soft turds, blown rather explosively over the inside of the toilet. It stank much worse than ususal. I flushed and did another four or five small turds. Then I pushed out three very loud farts. I'm sure it could all be heard downstairs. After flushing, I had to clean up the sides of the toilet, then I wiped and washed. I shut the lid down on the toilet and went downstairs. Nobody said anything!

I was inteested in Jay's comment about pre-wetting paper to make a moist wipe before going into the stall to take a dump. I do that when I remember, but if you forget, here is a useful tip I learned from the now defunct Daily Dump. If you forget to prewet some TP from the tap/faucet, use spit. Wiping with moist TP is ESSENTIAL to avoid skidmarks in your pants.

To Cesar, From memory, it was the LaFayette, but it was about 20 years ago, and it may have been demolished by now. It was one of those really nice old fashioned grand hotels.

Potty boy, The bowls were not just a few inches bigger, but like a whole foot (12inches) or maybe even more. I have always wondered about these, and fantasised about going together with my wife (if only!!!!). see ya!
Gary (from Oz)

Duke story: Lately, many of the posts from women have mentioned that they are often constipated for several days, followed by sessions on the toilet that invariably include loud farting that preceeds shit blasting out of their butts and lots of grunting with more shitting. How normal is this pattern ? Most males shit normally each day, regular as clockwork and the shit comes easily. Some women have reported not shitting for a week ?? Women, let the forum know if this is a normal pattern.

Monday, October 20, 1997

Happy Camper
I was on a vacation in the Pacific Northwest this summer. While visiting one of the National Parks, we stopped at a visitor's center. While on the top floor of the three story visitor's center admiring the scenic view, I had to pee. I found the third floor bathroom. It had three symbols on the door - male, female, and wheelchair. I figured it was a single bathroom like those in gas stations or convenient stores. As I entered, there was a sink and an enclosed stall that was open on the bottom just like a normal stall in any other bathroom. The door to the bathroom did not lock - only the stall locked. I realized that I was in a unisex bathroom. I don't think I had seen one of these before. There was a sign on the stall that reminded people to "Be sure to lock the door". Posted outside the bathroom was a sign indicating that there were larger bathroom downstairs on the first floor. After I finished my pee, and went out of the bathroom, my attention remained focused on the bathroom door and I lost total interest in the scenic views of the National Park. I figured if I was lucky a foxy woman would go in (in which case I would follow) to take a big dump. I would be able to hear the whole thing, and maybe even see her panties down around her ankles below the stall opening. I wasn't so lucky. If I was alone, I could have spent the whole day there, waiting for the right opportunity, but since I was with my family (my wife knows I'm a little into this stuff, but not to the extreme I am.). Before we left I was able to check out the door only for about 10 minutes. During this time, I saw four women (no men) approach the bathroom. All four opened the door, and after realizing what the setup was, they all aborted their mission. They must have decided to use the regular women's room on the first floor. Oh Shit!! Why can't more people get into this stuff??

To Andre: My poops must be a little like yours. I usually dump one giant log versus a lot of small turds. I usually don't have to strain either. I don't like to rush it since I enjoy the dump so much. I just let is slide out at it's own pace.

Thanks for agreeing to help out the handicapped and accept posts from AOL users by e-mail. I have to relate one of my best "symphony of bathroom noises" stories that originated back during my college days at a major big 10 university in the midwest. One of the largest dorms on campus was all women and shaped like a cross--4 wings with a central bank of elevators--and it became known as the "Sex X." One of the supposedly sought after design features of the living quarters was the absence of the communal bathroom--the dorm was set up with "suites" with two roommates sharing a private bathroom with an adjoining room. This particular school finally allowed open visitiation by members of the opposite sex during my sophomore year which was 1969-1970--still in the era of free love and experimentation. I can remember one particular night in the early 70s when it was -14 and I was with this girl in her room listening to what else, an 8 track tape of Marc Bolan and T-Rex sing "Bang a Gong!!" It was a Saturday night and all throughout the evening we were treated to this symphony of bathroom noises from her dateless suite-mates. In fact, there was a party where there was a lot of eating and drinking going on so we managed to hear dozens of girls peeing, farting, grunting and plopping turds from under the pocket doors which had about an inch recess off the floor, allowing the sounds to bounce off the tile and into our room. There was also a bit of an echo, so the noises were amplified. I secretly enjoyed the hell out of this effect, while feigning a facade of "we all generate bathroom noises so let's be mature adults and ignore them." In reality, I was eating this rare situation up like crazy! I even got to watch my date pee out half a keg of beer she consumed that night. I, of course, drank no alcohol, and bailed out of having sex with her because a) she had horrible cigarette breath b) I didn't have any rubbers and didn't feel like dealing with pregnancy at age 20 c) The lack of privacy precluded us from engaging in the activity she lusted after--spanking! Incidentally, that was some splashy piss she expelled...must have lasted 4 minutes.

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