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Blake, just told me about this page, and I just had to post this story about an accident that happened to me last Thanksgiving! I posted this story at ALori's Pooped Panties Forum, under the name "Totally Embarrassed"

Here is the story:
For Thanksgiving I was invited up to my girlfriend's (co-worker), boyfriend's, parent's cottage. My girlfriend's (I'll call her Tracy) boyfriend (I'll call him John) was going to pick us at work. John got off at 5:00 and was picking us up at 5:30. At about 5:25 we went down to wait for John. A minuet or two later (right on time) John pulled up. We had to stop and pick up John's sister (I'll call her Monica) at her home, which, conveniently is only about ten minutes from were Tracy and I work and was on our way. Fifteen minutes or so of parking and putting her stuff in the car etc. and we were on our way. Monica said that her Dad had called from the cottage and wanted us to stop by his place to pick up some stuff and bring it up. One stop over at "Dad's" later and we were on our way again. It was about 7:30 by the time we found the stuff at "Dad's" and got under way. Around 9:30 we got to the place we were going to stop to eat. (I'd name the place, but if they ever read it hear they could probably sew me or something.) I had a burger, fries, and a chocolate shake (Ya I know, "how original".), and the others hadů whatever. By 10:00 we were on the road again.

As were drove my stomach began to churn and I began to get gas. ( as I think back it was probably the shake) I remarked that it was getting a bit stuffy in the car and would anyone mind if I rolled down my window and got some air. No one minded. (I might mention at this point that John was driving, Tracy was in the other front seat, I was behind John and Monica was beside me.) With my window down I slowly, quietly started letting my gas out. A CD was playing, people were talking, fresh air was swirling through the car, I figured I'd be okay. Every couple of minutes I'd lift my left ass cheek (the one nearest the window) and let out a little more gas. This worked well for a little while but my stomach was dumping more and more "stuff" into my intestines which were producing more and more gas. I started realizing a good poop would be in order when we got to the cottage. As we drove my situation worsened. I started hoping I'd be able to make it to the cottage. I asked John how much longer it would be. About 45 minutes he reported. As time ticked on my situation went from bad to worse to desperate. Then it happened. When I lifted my cheek to let out some more gas I felt a sploob (good word huh?) of poop shoot into my panties. I knew this was it. I wasn't going to make it anywhere near the cottage. In a minute or two I was going to start filling my panties with shit right there in the car and once it started I wouldn't be able to stop. I was getting really nervous. I had to poop, and soon, but we were in the middle of nowhere. I kept hoping a gas station or restaurant or something would come along at the side of the road, but it didn't. My mind was reeling. I was going to have a major poop in my panties, right here in the car! I had to do something. I swallowed my pride and told John (and Tracy and Monica) I had to pee really badly and could he please pull over. He said he would as soon as he got to a suitable spot. I held on as hard as I could while we drove, then another sploosh squirted into my panties and I knew this was it, it was all going to come, right now. "Anywhere is fine John, can you just please pull over," I had to say in desperation. John pulled over where we were. There wasn't much shoulder to stop on and with the traffic whizzing by on my side I had to get out on the passenger side. Monica got out and let me out. There was a guard rail where we had stopped but at this point I didn't care, my poop was coming, I just wanted a little privacy. I was still in my clothes from work; a tight blue mini dress, black suite jacket, black heels, pantyhose, white lycra-spandex skin tight smallish panties and matching bra. I took a quick look over the guard rail before I climbed over. It was a steep embankment of big jagged boulders they had used to build up the bed of the road, there was no way I could go that way. Monica was blocking my path towards the back of the car and traffic on the road would see me. I threw the car door shut and went to go towards the front of the car, then realized John and Tracy would be looking right at me. I was out of time, poop was shooting into my panties and starting to fill them up. I grabbed the hem of my dress and yanked it up to my waist with Monica standing right beside me. As I squatted down right were I was between the guardrail and the car I grabbed the waist of my pantyhose and yanked them down. I tried to grab the waist of my panties (which was lower than my pantyhose) as I pulled but in my desperation I missed it. Thick but runny shit was shooting out of my ass and filling my panties, and I was farting like mad. I grabbed my panties and pulled them down too. When Monica saw and heard that I was having a massive poop right there beside the car she backed up a couple of feet to give me some privacy (sort of). I was dyeing of embarrassment, but there was nothing else I could do. It felt so good, but I was so embarrassed. Monica was right there and there was no way she didn't know what I was doing. And the traffic on the road could no doubt see me, I could see them. I didn't dare look up to see what John and Tracy were doing. I didn't want to know if they were looking at me or not. It was just awful, but I guess it was better than shitting myself in the car. I had to stay there for a couple of minutes to be sure I was totally finished. I didn't look up at Monica but I was sure she was standing there watching me shit. I was so, so embarrassed. When I was sure there was no more to come I moved away from my mess and towards Monica. She started to move out of my way. "Stay there," I said to her, "so the traffic can't see me." I sort of stood up but stayed crouched with my dress up around my waist and my bare ass showing. I kicked my heels off and took my pantyhose off. Then I carefully removed my shit filled panties. I looked at Monica, she gave me a sort of half shrug, half giggle, don't sweat it, it could happen to anyone kind of look, and I tossed my shit filled panties over the guardrail. "Do you want me to get you some Kleenex?" she asked. "Could you?" I crouched down at the side of the car near the back as Monica went to Tracy's window to get me some Kleenex. It was then I realized John may have seen the whole show in the side view mirror. He may be looking at my bare ass right now I thought. I got even more embarrassed. Monica returned with the Kleenex and went back to blocking me from the traffic. I wiped myself as well as I could and tossed the now brown Kleenex away. As I pulled my dress back down (sans panties), threw my pantyhose over the guardrail and fixed myself up, Monica asked me if I was feeling alright. I said I was fine, that the burger had just upset my stomach. "Don't worry about it," she said in reference to my plight. I thought that was really nice of her to try to lessen my embarrassment. We got back in the car and carried on. Everyone seemed to be trying to pretend that nothing had happened, but I was sure that everyone knew exactly what had happened. Monica sure did. It was about 11:30 when we arrived at the cottage. It was nice, but very rustic. I was quite upset to discover there was an outhouse. I didn't mind using an outhouse for the weekend but I had planned on going to the bathroom after we arrived and wash myself properly. While everyone was saying hello and the bags were being put away I was trying to figure out how or where I could wash my ass. I figured the lake was the only place I could do it. But it would seem a little strange if I went outside, by myself, in the dark, with no flash light, down to a lake where I didn't know where I was going and couldn't see where I was walking. I quietly asked Monica if she could take me down to the lake "to rinse out a little". "Sure, no problem," she said, sympathetic to my situation. She lied and told everyone she was going to show me the lake and the stars. I got a washcloth from my bag and we quietly left. Monica waited at the start of the dock and I walked out on it. I had to kneel down to reach the water (it was a high dock). Kneeling on all fours with my ass stuck up in the air I wet my washcloth (the water was freezing) and pulled my dress up to my waist. (I pointed my ass away from Monica and out to sea (so to speak)), and gave myself a good wash. I hadn't been able to sneak a towel out with me. I stood up, with my dress up around my waist and naked from there down. It was dark out so it wasn't too bad, and I told Monica I'd have to "air dry". The water was cold, the air was cold, and my bare ass (yes and vagina) and legs where literally hanging out in the wind. I was freezing, but a least I was clean. It took me a few minutes to dry then I pulled my dress back down, fixed myself up and we went back in. A funny note: When we went back inside "Dad" asked how the starts were and I responded that they were lovely. Later in the weekend Monica told me she had looked while she was waiting for me and it was cloudy. You couldn't see any stars. I hope no one else knew that. After lunch on Sunday Monica and I took a walk to the store. It was farther than I though and on the way back I had to poop again.

(I'd like to take a moment to mention that, despite how it seems here, more often than not I just get some rumblings and take myself off to the bathroom like a normal person and everything is just fine. I am also Lactose in tolerant, but while Blake found out when she was a Junior in High School, that year they decided they should test me too, I was a senior in college at the time, so u can just imagine the amount of accidents I had! If you guys would like, I will try to post some more! I am not as bad as Blake, I don't always have a big messey diarrhea accident, sometimes it happens almost right away, sometimes it takes up to half an hour, but I can usually make it to the toilet in time!. )

This time I wasn't taking any chances. I told Monica I had to go and walked into the woods a little way. The only problem was that I was wearing a jump suite. They're ever so comfy but it was a little inconvenient just now. I had to take off my jacket, undo the snaps on the front of my jump suite, take my arms out of the sleeves and pull it off from the top down, all the way down to my knees. I felt very silly standing in the forest in my bra and panties with my clothes around my knees. (For those who like to know my panties were white lace bikini (the type with just a front and back and the waist band at the sides) and a matching white lace bikini front closing bra.) I felt even sillier when I pulled down my panties and I was practically naked. I squatted down and had a really good poop and a pee. The weekend had started out on a terrible note with the car ride up, but it turned into one of the most, how shall I put this, exciting, adventurous weekends of my life. But that's another story and will have to wait for another time.