One of my most memorable dumps happened a couple of years ago. I was studying late at the university and hadn't had a shit for days. All of a sudden I got the urge and made my way to the bathroom. Another guy walks in just ahead of me and takes the stall on the left, leaving the stall on the right for me. I thought that this was a piece of luck as not only would I get to hear him take a dump, but he would be able to hear me as well. We undid our trousers, pulled down our pants and sat down at precisely the same moment. Then I glanced across at the toilet paper dispenser and you guessed it the thing was empty!. I thought to myself that this wathe perfect opportunity to have a chat with my neighbour. "Excuse me, but there's no toilet paper in this stall. Could I get some off of you, please?' "Sure, no problem" was his reply as he tore off a very long strip of paper and passed it under the partition. "Thanks a lot!" said I and he replied "No problem". I then adde! d"this is the one thing you need when you're taking a shit". "No doubt about that" he replied and gave out a little laugh. Now it was time for both of us to get down to business. I dropped a few small, hard turds which splashed quite noisily into the bowl. Similar plopping sounds could be heard from next door. Then I let out a couple of loud farts, which signalled that more shit was on the way. A couple of large turds then made their way out and splashed into the toilet. To my amazement, the guy next door was taking an almost identical shit to me! He did a couple of large farts and then he unloaded what sounded like a couple of good size logs. I knew I still had more to come out and I had to start grunting to get some movement. The other guy was also into grunting at this point and all of a sudden I heard a real explosion of shit and a massive sigh of relief. It was then my turn and about five or six medium sized logs shot their way out of my ass. Boy, had I ever be en constipated! I thought I was finished and proceeded to wipe myself with the paper I had been given. Naturally, I used it all. It was very quiet in the adjoining stall at this time. Just as I was about to get ready to leave, a fourth wave of shit started to push its way out. I dumped another three or four medium size logs. Now you can see the problem I was in- no toilet paper again. "Excuse me, but Could I get some more toilet paper off you. I thought I was finished, but I've just gone again". "no problem", he replied and gave a big laugh as he passed me another long strip of tissue. Just as he did that, he unloaded his fourth wave of shit into the toilet. This one was pretty explosive. I decided it was time to say something about our experience. "I'm having quite a time of it in here this evening." "So am I, tell me about it", he replied as he grunted and dropped a couple of more logs. I laughed and pushed out one final small turd. I then cleaned up with the! last few pieces of toilet paper I ad left. Surprisingly neither one of us had created much of an odour, if any. Neither of us had even flushed, so both toilets must have been totally full of shit and paper. I finished up, flushed and left the stall. Only one fush was necessary and there weren't even any skid marks left behind. I could hear the guy finishing up in his stall. No way was I going to leave the bathroom before he came out. I took my time washing my hands and he soon emerged. We looked and he said "Whew, that was something else." "I know", i replied. Thanks again for the paper. I never would have made it without you!" "Glad to be os assistance", he said with a huge grin on his face. As we walked out, I glanced into his stall. It too was in pristine condition! . No one would have any idea of what had gone on in there that evening. We had been in there for about 25-30 minutes! As we left the bathroom we wished each other a good evening and went our sepa! rate ways. A most memorable dump indeed!

Does anyone (in adulthood) wet the bed, and if so how frequently? I'm 24 and I wet the bed (a real accident, not related to alcohol or anything) about twice a year. I usually have a dream that I'm peeing and it turns out I really am. I'm always afraid that I'll wet my pants if I fall asleep on a bus or a plane. js

Just read Jenny post about her pans wetting accident on a plane. I think this must be pretty common since I know of at least two girls who this happened to, one of them two times. One girl, a very pretty blond was going to Hawaii, wearing a short dress, had to pee real bad just like Jenny, just a the seat belt sign came on dur to turbulance. She's a girl who's had a lot of peeing accidents in her life, and didn't want to wet her panties on the plane. She got up, and got into an argument with a stewardness, who told her to sit down. She was literally jumping around she had to pee so badly and told the stewardness that she was about to 'wet my pants.' The stewardness said, "that doens't matter, it's not safe'. This argument was pretty load and qutie a few people were listening and watching...a pretty girl, crossing her legs, told to sit down and saying she was about to wet her pants.
At that point she began to spurt and dribble in her panties and just push past the stewardness and went into the toilet, by this time having soaked her panties and feeling her pee run down her legs. She finished peeing in the toilet, quickly pulled up her now very wet panties and went back to her seat, again to the stares of other passengers. Her husband asked her what happened and she told him she wet her panties.
The other girl I know, an attractive girl, tall with black hair, wet her pants once while getting off the plane, after having misjudged how badly she needed to go and the plane having been delayed. She pushed her way past passengers when everyone was standing (not her usual style), and just off the plane began to wet her pants: tan slacks. The women's room was nearby, but by the time she got to it her pants were obviously soaked to her knees. She was unable to stop at all. She was very embarassed as she had to wear her wet pants until she managed to get her suitcase and then go change. She said probably hundreds of people saw her obvoiusly peed in tan pants. The other time she wet her pants was on a tiny commuter plane with no toilet. She had on a dress, and managed to pull it up and totally wet her panties while coming in for landing. She was in the back and no one saw her, but her panties were soaking and left a damp spot on her dress.
Any other airplane stories?

have You ever taken a dump in your pants while skiing? I have. The lifts were closing and we were in in this big hurry to get whwere we had our car. I just had to let it all come out. Later I had to ride in all the way back in thw car with the big dump still splattered out in my pants.

Hi Gary. You asked why American toilets are big. The reason is comfort. Public toilets always were elongated, a few inches longer front to back with a correspondingly larger seat with an open front. The trend is to use elongated toilets in homes, too. I have them in my house, wouldn't be without them. The open front seat provides more room for the genitalia, and makes it easier for women to wipe and change tampons. I have a highly contoured seat made by Kohler, it also has a smaller opening. I sit there for long periods of time taking dumps, reading, etc.

New Guy
Since were discussing urinal and toilet design... I once was at football game in Sun Devil Stadium. A friend and I went to the bathroom and pissed in a sink. The design of the bathroom was so bizarre, I couldn't tell the difference between the urinals and the sinks. We spend a couple of minutes arguing over which ones were the urinals. By a process of elimination, we chose to piss in what most resembled a urinal. I didn't know it was really a sink until I had to go to the bathroom again and when I went in I saw a guy washing his hands in it.
Also I lived in Japan, and we had a toilet in our house which had a flush handle that swung two ways, presumably 1 for number one and 2 for number 2. But the symbol was in japanese. I couldn't tell the differnce, so I picked the symbol that most resembled a spewing butt for no. 2 and the other one for number one. It wasn't till many years later that I found out that I had chosen correctly. In Japan, they have some strange bathrooms. I never took a dump in a public bathroom that wasn't american. There were japanese toilets that were nothing more than holes in the floor with a porcelain splash guard. you could look in the hole and see down about six feet to all the turds and paper. Usually it was pretty nasty.

Sunday, October 19, 1997

A couple of years ago some friends and I flew to Florida to spend March Break on the beach. We arrived early at the airport to get our boarding passes. It was still three and a half hours to flight time, so all of us decided to pass the time sipping on Diet Cokes in the airport restaurant. During the flight, stewardesses came around several times to see if anybody wanted anything to drink. Every time I glanced over my shoulder though, there was a long lineup for the bathrooms. No big deal, I thought, I can wait. I started talking to this really hot looking guy beside me, getting into some good conversation with him.
Before I knew it, the "Fasten your Seatblets" sign went on and they were getting ready to land. I thought I might have time to dash to the bathroom, but as soon as I stood up the stewardess ran up and ordered me back in my seat, saying something about turbulence. The pressure had gotten intense on my bladder, right above my vagina, and the tight seatbelt didn't help matters. I bit my lip and kept rubbing my stomach, telling myself not to think about how I desperately had to pee. I kept crossing and uncrossing my legs, squirming while trying not to show what was going on.
All of a sudden we hit a series of bumps, throwing everybody up and down in their seats. I felt a warm squirt of pee go shooting into my panties, past the elastic waistband and towards my bum. I felt a damp spot spreading over my crotch. The guy beside me heard me gasp and asked if everything was okay. I jammed my knees together and nodded my head. Then came another bump and another squirt of pee spreading over my already moist bum. When I get up he's going to notice, I thought. What am I going to do? I still felt an overwhelming sense of pressure in my bladder and couldn't wait to finish what I had started in the back of my panties. Finally the plane touched down on the runway and I yelled at one of my friends to borrow her coat. "It's Florida, you idiot," she said back. After much pleading she handed over her coat and I tied it around my waist. The guy looked at me strangely as I shoved past him and slammed the bathroom door behind me. I inspected my jeans and peed loudly for a good three or four minutes. The crotch had gotten soaked and the bottom part of my bum was damp as well as a little in front. (One of the girls who was posting here a while back said she was some kind of freight pilot and wore diapers during flights. At first I thought it was a dumb idea but now I can see how it would be a major advantage. Anybody else do that when they know they will have to go a long time without being able to pee? Never any other time and I would die if anybody ever found out, but it could come in handy ...

Great site, especially the ladies' contributions. Also, no scat and other dirty stuff. I prefer the poop-listening stories, since the situation turns me on quite a bit (if I can listen to ladies). I take sort of a dislike in the accident stories. They seem shrink material to me, somehow (no offence intended to the authors!). I also found the questionnaire in one of the "previous post" pages and filled it in - great fun!
But I have a question, too. From my own modest experience, the so-called "one-log" shit is quite common. You hold it a while, and this big lump accumulates. When you drop it, it is all in one piece, starting out hard, knobbly and dark, then getting lighter colored and smoother as it emerges. At the end, its thickness tapers to a tip. Length is between 10 and 14 inches or even more, averaging a foot (at a diameter of up to 2 inches). It can lay straight across the bowl, or it can pile up spirally. Or break into pieces. But stil it is mostly just that one big fat turd.
Question: Is this a common experience to you, dear contributors to this site? Quite a number of people have told me they have the same type of b/m most of the time.
Would appreciate your responses, and, if possible, experiences. Thanks in advance.

Hi guys, Gary from Australia calling in again. I am really intrigued by the kinds of toilets around the world. Here is Oz, we mostly have low flush types. They have a small amount of water in the bottom, which is "strategically placed" so that you drop the poop into it. The flush is usually only 1 gallon, and many toilets are even less. In the remoter areas, it is most common to have septic tanks rather then connected sewerage, and often there is no reticulated water supply, hence the need to conserve water. Anyway, back to the toilets (often referred to as "dunnies"), the silent flush type as used in america are popular in hotels/motels, because they are quieter.
The urinals here are mostly stainless steel "trough type", and vary in the number of people that they can accomodate, from 1 or 2, to up to 20 or more. The porcelane individual bowl type are becoming more popular. Most often they are oval shaped, but I have seen a few square/triangular shaped ones.
It is unusual for the toilets not to have doors on the stalls, but I have used a few (the city sometimes remove them to stop drug use in the stalls). Multi stall unisex toilets are rare, but I have seen (and used) one at University.
In many remote areas, the toilets are often pit toilets (called long drops). They are sometimes a bit smelly in the summer time. I have not seen any sqaut toilets here.
About 20 years ago, I was in the USA, and used some toilets that had a huge bowl (like they were built for 2 people). One was at the bus station in Washington DC, and was (an ex) womens toilet (the men's was under renovation, and they had already built a new one for the ladies). Another was in the hotel I stayed in in Buffalo NY. Do they still have these? Why are they so big? Really appreciate any answers to these.
I'd like to know more about the rest of the world.

See ya,
Gary from Australia.

Saturday, October 18, 1997

Wow. Plenty of posts today. Nice to see more people here. You know, I have to say that in a way I agree with Jill, who thought my recordings went beyond the boundaries of good taste and suggested that I be forthright with women regarding my desire hear them use the bathroom. Americans in general tend to be much more private about their bathroom habits than Europeans, but hey, I can change...and if I can change...and you can change....EVERYBODY CAN CHANGE!!!!!!'s tale goes a little like this...I once was at a party with a friend of mine who told me an amusing story which I will relate to you all as best I can. It was about a female friend of ours named Michelle. This girl, much like my friend Rob, was famous for her ability to clog up a toilet with a massive dump. One time, when she was at a party, she felt the urge. It had been about a week since she had last moved her bowels, and apparently the quantity of beer she was drinking had given her the shits. Michelle slowly made her way to the bathroom and when she got there, she had to wait a few minutes for someone else to finish, all the while her stomach churning with the need to poop. She got into the bathroom and ripped her pants and underwear down and just let it all explode into the toilet. When I asked her about this incident, she told me(to my delight) that she farted immediately and had a violent fit of diarhhea. Then she pooped out a few big logs and basically turned the bowl into a brown mess. She wiped herself and as she was pulling her pants back up, she accidentally knocked her brand-new beeper(which her boyfriend had just given her) off of her belt and into the toilet! She spent 5 minutes fishing it out and had to wash it in the sink, to her utter disgust. True story...bye everyone.

I visited Germany once with my family and they had those "squat" toilets. I didn't like them at all. If you're used to using comfortable American toilets, these things are very inconvenient to use. There's no way to sit for a while and take a leisurely shit. Toilet seats are wonderful.

I am a runner and one of the rules of running especially for a race is to take a dump before the race or take a dump during the race. Recently before a race I signed up for I went to one of the porta-pottys for my pre-race dump. I really had to go, as I left my house with coffee in hand, it took about an hour to get there, and was holding it back most of that time. I went straight for a porta-potty and dropped my shorts. I farted loudly and the poop shot out of me like a cannon and pounded the back of the potty. Acouple more farts and two or three smaller poops and a long hard pee and I am done. Well as I was wiping I noticed an attractive woman approaching through a small crack in the door. She went into the porta-potty next to mine. She dropped her shorts right away. She really had to go as she peed hard for a good minute or so. As she pee trailed off I could hear her relief, a sigh,there was brief pause, then she pooped just like me earlier, loud fart and the poop hit the back of the potty with a thud followed by several smaller farts and poops mixed a few grunts. She wiped six or seven times and was finished. Well I was rather turned on by all this and remained in the potty a bit longer.


I have a 7 year old niece. When she was 10 months old she was amused by us running back and forth. When she was 2 or 3 she walked in my nephew ( not her brother, she has only sisters) while he was about to use the bathroom. She wanted to come into the bathroom when my Mother, her aunt wanted to use the bathroom. My Mother said she needed privacy. When she was 6 she laid on the couch pulled up her legs in a sitting position made fart sounds and said "diarrhea".

Last Christman the subject of my weight came up. I said I lost 5 pounds because I had diarrhea. I noticed my neice breaking out in a laugh. She was in the same room engaged in another activity or conversation.

A bathroom fetish is something I do not want to encourage in my neice.

I was interested to see the description of the girl who was visiting France. I was in a small Italian town (similar type of toilets) with my girlfriend last summer; she had to pee really, really badly before we found a small cafe. I ordered coffee while she asked (in broken Italian) for the key to the toilet.
The single toilet was locked and in the back of the small cafe. Most of the table were filled. I got the coffee as my girlfriend was getting the key, barely able to keep from jumping around she had to pee so badly. She was wearing jeans, quite tight and light blue. I got the coffees from the counter and sat at a table two from the back, near the toilet. A few minutes later my girlfriend emerges, but with her jeans pretty wet...she obviously peed in them. They were wet from her crotch to a few inches above her knees, and her ass was almost soaking.
Apparently what happened was that she made it into the toilet without letting go, but as it was one of those stand up and squat toilets, she was trying to get her jeans down around her legs (and her panties), and began to wet herself she was so desperate. But that only made her panic some and as she pulled her jeans down, peeing all the while, she didn't get them down far enough and kept peeing into backside of her jeans and panties.
It was pretty obvious she had wet her jeans, and the people at the two table near us obviously noticed. My girlfriend was pretty embarassed and sat down quickly, but when we left her jeans were just as wet as when she first sat down, and everybody looked at her as she walked did people on the street. It took quite a while for her pants to dry.
This would probably not have happened with a 'regular' American style toilet, but happened only because she had to try to balance herself, take her pants and panties down, and not pee. That proved totally impossible.
Any other stories like this?

Friday, October 17, 1997

Hello people: this is my very first visit here, as a belated refugee from Bianca. I've had many amusing and delicious poop experiences over the years. My earliest recollection was way back at nursery school aged four. We were all dancing around to lively music, and I noticed some of the girls laughing and pointing at one of the boys. He was leaping around seemingly quite unconcerned as a stream of soft bright yellow poop was sliding down his leg from under his grey short trousers. I couldn't believe my eyes as there was so much of it glopping on to the floor. He was soon hustled away by one of the teachers and we were made to stop while the mess was cleared up. I still recall my shame that this stupid boy had let "Us" down in front of the girls. I'm sure I must have told my mother all about it at the time, but she doesn't remember. After half a century, it's still as vivid to me as yesterday!


The origin of the poop fetish is strongly implied in the bible. In Genesis chapter 3 we read about the fall of mankind.

Genesis 3:6-7 NIV:

When the woman saw the fruit of the tree tree was good for food and pleasing eye, and also desirable for gaining wisdom she took some and ate it. She also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it. Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.

When you are peeing and pooping arn't we especially naked and smelling bad. This reminds us of our sinfulness and wickedness. Does it not?

It's been a while since i've posted anything; anytime I thought of anything, i've been away from the computer. Although I went the entire summer without aking a pee or a poop in a bathroom in any city park or equally smelly place; I always stopped at the side of the road or trail or behind a bush or tree if I needed to take a pee or poop while out biking or walking. Most people where I live don't pee outdoors, instead they hold it until it is convienent for them which is something I refuse to do. I read the posts about making kids hold it; bad idea in my opinion. there are many alternatives to proper bathroom facilities people (bushes, allies, roadside, etc.)

pooping girl
I had a huge poop at work today. I felt the urge to go and headed to the toilet. I got to the ladies room and went into the middle of 3 stalls and pulled my pants and underpants down aroung my ankles, my underpants were yellow with little flowers on them for those that are interested. I sat down on the toilet and leaned forward and started to push, I grunted as a big fart came out followed by the first of alot of jobbies, I started to grunt again as more came out of my fanny. I tinkled and passed alot of gas and then felt the next wave come. I grunted and my fanny seemed to explode with gas and poop. I spent about 10 minutes going to the toilet before I wiped my vagina and fanny pulled my underpants and pants up and looked into the toilet. It was one of those high presure flushers so it flushed it all down. I did flush again because I left some stains in the bowl. While I was on the toilet 2 other women came in, both only tinkled with one little fart before they left.

pee man
My teamates just gave me that nickname. I earned it, this past friday, night on the bus on the way back from a soccer game. After the game ended, I drank a ton of water, but I never went to the bathroom before the 1 hour ride back to my high school. About halfway home, I had to whiz harder then I ever had to in my life. Worse yet, school busses have no bathrooms. Well it was not long before the pressure got so bad, that I was grabbing myself. That is when the guys sitting around me noticed my problem, and of course made a big deal about it. About five minutes later, the pain got worse, to the point where I reached inside my pants and boxers to squeeze the end of my dick. Then the bus rounded a curve to fast, causing me and the dude sitting next to me to have to grab the seat in front of us to keep from falling. Well that was to much. As soon as I took my hand out of my pants to hold onto the seat. I lost all control. The next thing I knew, I was pissing like there was no tomorrow. I soaked my boxers, my jeans, my socks, the seat and made a puddle on the floor. Everybody started laughing and pointing. So now the whole school knows. Hopefully they will forget by the time I am a senior, two years from now. I would hate to have to put that nickname under my highschool senior yearbook picture.

pee man

Thursday, October 16, 1997

I love to sit on the toilet. I'm16 and I've always loved to sit on the toilet. I sit and poop, tinkle, read, think, and other stuff. I share a bathroom with my 2 sisters who are always doing stuff in the bathroom. That means that when I have to go, 95% of the time, they're in there too, so I've never been shy about going in front of them. Some of their friends have seen me go to the bathroom. I think that's cool. One time we were outdoors and I had to pee. I took my dick out and shot a very yellow stream about 15 feet. They could not believe how far I could shoot it. Another time I fired a stream AT them, without getting any ON the, but they had to jump out of the way. That was real funny. There were several times that I saw them on the toilet, but they're not as open about it as I am. Bye for now.

Well, Blake, that's an interesting question on if I have a history of messy diarrhea accidents. A couple of months ago my doctor ran a bunch of tests to see if I was lactose intolerant. It seems worse a couple of days before my period starts. I don't know, I've never actually compared myself to anyone else that way. That's why this forum is good because a couple of times I have had accidents, I felt I was the only one this ever happened to. Back at the mall last weekend with my friend Angela, she was in the bathroom stall right next to mine and was she ever constipated! She rushed into the stall, slammed the door shut and fumbled with her overalls, saying how she really had to go. After peeing in spurts for about two minutes I saw her under the stall go up on her tiptoes, leaning forward. "Oh, Gawd, no," she whispered, making soft whimpering noises to herself. At one point Angela grabbed the toilet paper dispenser at the side and clutched onto it. She kept grunting and straining. Every so often a fart would come out and echo into the toilet bowl with a hollow sound. Finally a short blast of poop exploded into the toilet. Angela gasped and spun the toilet paper a couple of times to get a handful. She must have wiped herself about five more times before we left that day. We must have been in the bathroom for about half an hour.

WHEW! And here I thought the operator of this fascinating forum was a "strict constructionist" when it came to the FAQ and that my posts were simply not making the grade. Fortunately, I now know it has most likely been a glitch with AOL, so here, I hope, is my first post to get through.

I'm amazed and thrilled with the continuous detail provided by young women regarding their bathroom habits, especially their role as "snooping poopers!" Learning about all the various sounds and observed behaviors gleaned from adjacent stalls in public restrooms is a dream come true. It's also nice that there are some of these women who would love to see men in THEIR most private, protected moments!

Now, to repeat a post from last weekend that was generated by receiving the weekly free-standing coupon insert with the Sunday newspaper. Trust me I'm not a shill for this product, but Kimberly-Clark has launched a type of moist wipe under the Cottonelle label and it solves the problem for those girls and guys who insist on having the cleanest tushies following one of those dumps that takes 5 wipes or more to get the paper white. We're talking fresh, here! It could be called "Bidet in a Box!" LOL! And carrying these things around in a ziplock bag helps with those situations where you're not pooping directly next to a sink where it's easy to wet the paper with soothing warm water to create your own wet wipe. Though many of us with these fixations are already prewetting paper in those situations, aren't we?

Regarding the observed positions of some girls' and womens' feet during shitting, I find myself forcing my feet deeper into my shoes at the critical moment when extruding particularly large turdlogs. And finally, which countries in the world are unisex public facilities the norm? Where you can just go in and use a stall adjoining one being used by the opposite sex? I remember hearing somewhere that Japan and perhaps some other Asian and Pacific Rim cultures don't have the hangups of Western society and the sexes share facilities. I don't know how I'd adjust to pissing in a urinal in some bathroom where inches away a pretty young woman is grunting and farting as she is forcing out what used to be last night's triple cheese pizza.


To Dave: Great story. It's such a turn-on to listen to a woman poop. I think all our fascinations with what goes on in the bathroom have to deal with being pampered as children or something. I'm dying to know if there is one thread which unifies the lives of everyone who posts and reads the stories on this site. Has anyone read or heard anything about the origin of our bathroom fetish? Today I was thinking of writing about this girl who is in my brother's grade. He is six years younger than me, and this story took place about 5 years ago when I was 15 and he was 9. I was walking around with my brother, my mom, and a friend of my brother's named Marissa. We were walking by a local shoolyard when Marissa began to squirm and I think she had tears in her eyes as well. My mom asked her what was the matter and she said that she really "had to make" and there was no place to do it. We were far from anyone's house which we could have used, and the school was closed during the summer. Marissa was terribly embarrassed, as anyone would have been in her situation, and did not want to make a big deal of it. We tried to walk towards a parking lot which we knew had a portable toilet, but poor Marissa couln't hold it. She ran over to the side of the school and scurried down a flight of iron stairs which lead to an entrance to the school's basement. We all followed, but I tried to keep a fair distance so as not to make Marissa more nervous than she was by staring at her. It was pretty tempting though. Once she had gotten to the foot of the stairs, she ran underneath the staircase to a small corner where she could have some privacy. My mom was leaning over the side of the stairs trying to console the girl, who was crying. I was listening, and my brother was laughing! She must have pulled her pants and underwear down when she was going down the steps, because the second she got down there, she farted and had diarhhea all over the concrete floor. I could hear the fart from where I was standing, and I strained my ears to hear Marissa as she pooped for about 3 minutes. She came back up the stairs with teary, red eyes and a quasi-relieved look on her face. My mom tried to make her feel better, but the only thing we could do was take her home and explain what had happened to her parents. As my family and Marissa were walking back in the direction of the car, I said to my mother that I'd walk home from the schoolyard and meet them there. As soon as they drove off and were out of sight, I bolted down the iron stairs and underneath, I found 3 mounds of diarrhea stinking like crazy. This little girl had shit an unbelievable amount. While she was pooping, I remember feeling excited, but I also felt bad for her since it was so horribly embarrassing. Now we joke about it! Go figure.... P.S. to everyone who has problems posting from AOL and other browsers which "stall", here's what you do. Write your post, press submit and wait 10 seconds or so, press "stop" to stop the transmission, repeat that once, and then do it again. On the third time, it should work. That's how I've been doing it since my very first post. Later all....

"Some guy" observed that we don't post our stories because we are emberassed. Well, we have total anonymity with these handles we choose. So here goes with my most emberassing pooping story. (Don't expcet much.) Several years ago I was driving a Greek woman to work. This day I was preparing for a lower GI exam the next day and so had to empty out the old tunnel. I was given some pills which were supposed to do the trick. I had no idea how remarkably unexpectedly they did their job. I believe I took the pills around noon at work. My office is only a 30 second walk from the Men's room, and there is always a free stall. Sitting at my computer terminal, I didn't wait very long before I began my brisk walk toward the loo. Before I could get there I simply started squirting poop and could not control it. By the time I got to the loo and into a stall it had run down one of my legs. I was utterly beflummixed, but forced to admit that I had to go home and change. There was no way I could stay at work under those conditions. So I had to call K., the Greek woman, and tell her what happend. When I told her that I didn't make it to the loo in time, she laughed as if she thought I was kidding. I assured her I was not and would be driving home immediately. If she wanted to ride home with me, that would be fine, or she would stay at work and try to get a ride later. She came with me. I was only slightly emberassed; it happened. She took it well, too. That's it. ...fluidity

Well, Blake, that's a good question if I have a history of messy diarrhea accidents. About a month ago, when I went to my doctor she said I might be lactose intolerant. The problem gets worse starting a couple of days before my menstrual period. When I gotta go, I gotta go. That night we all went out drinking and partying it did some awful things to my system. I paid for it the next day especially. And "some guy"? What's this about porno videos? C'mon now. Let's get real. Joe Smoe: I've got some more stories. I'll show you mine if you show me yours, okay? Anyways, back to last weekend at the mall with my friend Angela in the next stall. I glanced underneath and she was standing up on her tiptoes leaning forward. She would take a deep breath and start straining in her high pitched voice, clutching onto the toilet paper dispenser at the side. Suddenly everything would go quiet then I would hear her say "Oh, God, no" and let out a fart then start grunting again. This went on for about fifteen minutes until she gasped, with about five logs splashing into the toilet. Success, I guess.

A friend has suggested that I ought to write a bit in here - so I will. Our main holiday this year was in France - and the public loos there are, well, different! In a lot of places - cafes, rest areas, even market places - the loos are unisex. By that I mean, don't be surprised when you are standing in a queue for the only cubicle, that a man walks in and uses the urinal right next to where you are standing. This must have happened to me at least three times! The French seem to have no hangups at all about that sort of thing! Apart from the urinals (which I wouldn't have been surprised if the French women use when they get desparate) I found three types of toilet. Firstly there was the ordinary type, the same as we have in Britain - but the French don't seem to think they need ventilation. Having used one after a particularly good meal in a restaurant, I felt rather sorry for the young boy who was waiting outside when I had finished! Secondly there is the "footprint" type. You put your feet on a pair of marks, and squat over the basin which just drains down a hole in the middle. You have to be careful not to pee in your pants or on your shoes - but I rather enjoyed the challenge of aiming a poo so it went straight down the hole. Lastly, and I only came across one of these - is the "shelf" type. By that, I mean when you do a poo, it lands on a sort of shelf, out of the water, which makes the place all the more smelly. When you flush, it is supposed to wash the poo away - but when I used it, one of my poos got jammed and just stayed there!

I saw a post in here last week where a guy was making tape recordings of his guests in the loo. I have to say I would find that an unacceptable intrusion into my privacy. If he is really interested in what a woman does in there - why not tell her? One guy said that to me last year - and, just to satisfy his cheek, I left the loo without flushing!

I once over heard a girl tell her boyfriend at an outdoor party one night,that she thought she had Diarhea.There were no toilets around,it was behind a guys house out in a field,about 200 people.I had walked up to this tree to smoke a joint and was standing on the other side when I heard her start to explain her bad cramps to her boyfriend and could tell she was begining to tell him to stand guard while she relieved herself.Quickly I thought, I'll tell them I thought they were someone else, and I jumped out...RArrrrr! Yes I scared the shit out of this girl! She screamed and then she she said,"Oh No! It was dark and I could barely see her cutoff shorts.But I could hear and smell.SPLAT! I heard a fountain rush out of her ass and into her shorts.She stood there a good 45 seconds shitting and pissing her shorts!I told them I was sorry and that I thought they were someone else! I walked away and to this day I wonder how her ride home was,because she filled those shorts bigtime!

New Guy
I remember I had this suitemate with whom me and my roommate and he and his roommate used to share an adjoining bathroom. He played on the football team and he never ever flushed. In the morning we would all be greeted by tremendous logs that were thick and tall and usually were tall enough to be in the water and reach the rim. He was a huge black guy. We were all afraid to say something to him in spite of the fact he clogged the toilet on a regular basis. The custodian plumber guy must have hated us. At times I'd come home and the carpet would be soaked. The only time he flushed was when his girlfriend was visiting. Mike's description of his friends Rob's bowel habits reminded me of this guy. Right now I'm sorta seeing this woman who's very private about her bathroom habits. In fact when she's at my house she refuses to use my bathroom in the master bedroom and instead uses the guest bathroom down the hall. We've only just started going out but, what's up with that? Don't women realize that we like to listen to them? When I was at her house, I told her I had to pee. She asked me if I had to poop as well. This piqued my interest. I grinned and said, "Why do you ask?" I think she chickened out where she was going to go with this and said,"just kidding." I offered to let her hold my dick while I pissed but she declined.

I am feeling quite relieved at the moment as I have just taken a dump in my favourite stall here in the university library. It was an explosive, mushy shit and smelled pretty bad. This shit follows the massive dump I took at home yesterday evening where I unloaded a few good size logs. I have eaten a lot over the last few days as it has been Thanksgiving here in Canada and I've always found that eating turkey results in massive dumps the next day. This evening there was a guy in the next stall but he beat a hasty retreat after I began to stink the place out. I had to use wads of toilet paper to clean myself. There were no skid marks left behind after I flushed because all the turds were floaters. Many people write about taking dumps in stalls with no doors. I have never come across a public bathroom where this exists. It must be awesome to walk into a bathroom and to actually see someone sitting on the toilet taking a shit. It would be just as awesome to take a shit in those circumstances, although I would only have the nerve to do so if there was another guy in there doing the same. Does anyone know of public bathrooms in southern Ontario or western New York state where there are stalls without doors and people crap quite openly?

Wednesday, October 15, 1997

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